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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 18/03/1807
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No Pages: 1
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# 4 ( JreLu, J. y~ FIFTH REPORT OR THE COMMISSIONERS |_ APPX « Surveyor, of the Time at which the Still is required to be unlocked; the Gauger of the Walk generally attended, but as he was frequently engaged in other Parts of his • Duty, the Key was often fent to the ReCtifier, when it was intended that the Still ' fhould continue nlent •; for fomeBays the Key was frequently in Fxaminant's Polfelfion, but while the Still was at work, the Key ufually remained in the Poffeflion of the ' ReCtifier; it was however fometimes taken up on Saturdays, to prevent his working : on Sundays. It was impoffible forEvaminant to attend at every Charge and Discharge of the Still as latterly ; befides attending on the Walk, he executed the Duty ofPro- • furveyor of Rectifiers and Licences, and if the Key had been retained in his Cuftody, the ReCtifier would have been interrupted in his Bufinefs, and his Still ( while at Work) endangered; when Spirits were permitted out, he endorfed on the Permit of what Sort the Spirits were, but in the Minute andStock Books he entered only the Quantity permitted. He made no Difference in taking Stock, between fuch Part of a ReCtifier" s : Stock as had been declared to be Spirits of Wine, and the other rectified Spirits. At the Clofe of the Month, he took an Account of the Stock then remaining on hand, to which he added the Quantity permitted out during the Month ; and if thefe fhould be found to exceed the Stock handed over from the preceding Month, and the Spirits received in the Current Month, more than 50 per Cent, on the Decreafe of grofs Spirits during that Month, he would feize the Excefs. If the Stock found remaining added to the Quantity permitted out, fhould be lefs than as above- mentioned, the Dif- ference would be deduCted from the ReCtifier's Credit, fo as to leave him entitled to the Allowance only on the Stock of grofs Spirits remaining. The ReCtifiers are allowed by Law 50 per Cent, on the grofs Spirits they compound, for the fuppofed Mixture of Water and other Ingredients; but he thinks they do not, of this Allowance, ufe more than from 15 to 20 per Cent, on an Average in the Courfe of the Year, though he has fometimes known it to amount to better than 40 per Cent, in a Month. When the ReCtifier intends to compound, he generally gives Notice of his Intention to the Officer who ought to attend. Examinant ufually attended whenever he had ^ Notice of large Quantities to be compounded ; but he did not generally give his Attendance, when the Quantity to be mixed was not greater than from 2 to 300 Gallons; in thofe Inftances, he has generally contented himfelf with feeing the Pre- parations made for mixing theSpirit andlngredients, and afterwards that theDecreafe of grofs or rectified Spirits was correfpondent to the Increafe of Compounds, and that they were Compounds he frequently afcertained by theTafte. When in charge of rectifying Diflillcries, Examinant received from each ReCtifier in his Walk, the Sum of Two Guineas per Month, and infome Inftances Three Gui- neas, for his Trouble and Attendance in granting Permits ; he alio received, during the Time that he aCted as Pro- furveyor, one Half of the accuilomed Fees to the Surveyor x upon every Charge of the Still; his Share of which was at the Rate ofjf. i6o. per An- num. He does not at prefent receive any Fee, Gratuity, Perquifite, or Emolument < jf any Nature or Kind whatfoever, eitherdireCtly orindirectly, except hisSalary of ^. 40. per Annum, fubjeCt to the ufual Deduction for the Charity Fund. Edwd wilson. Fred. Geale. Robert Alexander. Cha. Saxton. No. 78. i.' The Examination of Mr. GEORGE SALLARY, Gauger; taken on. Oath, the 7th, 8th, 10th, and 14th Days of October 1806. This Examinant faith. That he came into the Revenue about Four Years ago ; at which Time he was ap- pointed Supernumerary Gauger, having been previoufly, for one Month, put under the InJlruCtionof Gaugers in theDiftilling, Tobacco, Malt, Tanning, and Paper- making Line; it was the Duty of thefe Officers to inftruCt him in their feveral Duties, and to certify his being duly qualified. His Certificate of Qualification for the Di ( tilling Branch, was likewife Ilgned by an InfpeCtor General ofExcife for the City of Dublin, and for the Tobacco Branch, by the Surveyor of Tobacco ; to the Infpector General,
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