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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 18/03/1807
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No Pages: 1
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No. 26.] . ON FEES, GRATUITIES, & c.—( Exdfe.) H Sometimes the Officers, knowing the Decreafe in the Dealer's Stock, will fell Permits, to the Diftiller for fuch Decreafe, ufing the Dealer's Name in filling up the Permit without his Privity ; and making in his Book the Decreafe of the Dealer's Stock as arifing from his Sales. He has difcovered in Diftilieries Covers of Wood over the Coppers, fecured to Beams underneath by Bolts, Screws and a Variety of Fallenings; and in the Centre of thofe Covers a fmall Hole, capable of receiving the Head of a Still, which when ap- plied renders the Copper completely Steam- tight, and in every rtfpect capable of anfweiing all the Purpofes of a Still. In a Still licenfed for Five hundred and two Gallons, he has detected a private Enlargement of the Body, and on meafuring it found it contained One hundred and thirty Gallons over; he has alfo fometimes difcovered fraudulent Veffels brought by the Diltiller to be ufed in the Admeafurement of the Still. In other Diftilleries, he difcovered Vcffels artfully contrived, placed under the Floor?, capable of containing feveral thoufand Gallons of Pot Ale. He is of Opinion, that very great Frauds are alfo practifed by Diftillers, in obtaining Remuneration forLoffes fu!' ained by burfting of Stills, lofsof Pot Ale, and various other alledged Accidents; Applications for thefe are often made upon fabricated Affidavits, which, from the Collufion of the Officers^ are not really fworn to ; the Application of the Diftiller is ufuallv referred to the Officers immediately over his Still, who generally, through Collufion, report in his Favour to the Collector, and he gives his Report to the Board on the Statement made to him by fuch Officers. Examinant thinks, that Nine- tenths of thoie alledged Ac- cidents never really occur. At his different Infpedtions he has generally found the Work, as entered in the Minute and Stock Books of the refpeftive Diflilleries, to correfpond within very triflirigQuantities, with the Charge theDifliller is fubjedt to by Law; and onInfpe£ ti n of a Diftillery lome Time back, he found in the Officer's Book a loofe Paper, con- taining an Account of the Quantity of Pot Ale, Singl ngs, andSpirits, neceffary to be decreafed, in order to conflitute the Month's Charge. This fo exadt a Coincidence he believes does not arife from the Diiliilcr doing merely the Work for which he is liable to be charged, but from the Dips and Charges entered in thefe Books, being, through Collusion between the Officer and Diftiller, made to agree with the Monthly Charge to which the Difliller is liable ; and he is the more confirmed in this Opinion, from the large Quantities of Pot Ale, Singlings, and Spirits, he has in different Infpections dete& ed in Diflilleries, over and above the Quantities entered in the Officers Books ; and h? alfo thinks, that from the Nature of the Procefs itfelf, this exaft Coincidence could not fo generally appear except through fictitious Entries. Examinant faith, that he has heard and believes that the Officers immediately in Charge of the Diflilleries, all receiveFees irom theDifliller; that the Fee ufually paid by Diitillers in Dublin to Gaugerswho are in Charge of large Stills, isTwenty Guineas per Month. He underftands that the fame Sum is paid monthly to the Surveyor : what is paid to the Infpe& or he cannot fay ; but he has heard, and believes, that they received a Fee of Twenty Guineas each Time they mealure a Still. He does not know what the Sums paid by Diltillers to Surveyors and Gaugers in the Country are, but has Reafcn to believe they mult be very confiderable. Pie believes all thefe Fees operate againft different Officers doing thtir Dutv. He is decidedly of Opinion, that the Frauds praftifed in the Diftilieries could not exifl or be pra& ifed without the Collufion and Neglect of the Officers who are in Charge of them. In his Opinion, thefe Frauds will continue unlefs a better De- fcription of Officers are employed, paid by adequate Salaries, and prohibited, under the molt fevere Penalty, from receiving any Fee, Reward, or Gratuity, of any Kind whatfoever, from the Diftillers ; and further, that all Intercourfe between the Of- ficers and Diltillers, except tor the mere Purpofe of doing their Duty, fhould, if poffible, be prevented. He has been informed by a Dilliller of confiderable Eminence^ that a Five hun- dred Galion Still may be charged with Vv'afh, and run off in a Space of from Fifteen to Twenty two Minutes. He believes that a Five hundred Galion Still charged with Singlings, may be run off in from Forty to Forty- five Minutes. A few Days fince he was prefent in a Diftillery where a Five hundred Gallon Still was at Work, charged with Wafh, which he faw run off, except the Feints, in Twenty- fix Minutes, including the Time of charging ; but he belitves that it could have been done in a fhorter Time, as he obferved Means ufed for the Purpoie, as he conceived of prolonging the Operation. The Rectifying Diftillers pay no Duty, except a Licence Duty of 2I. 10s. 44.. T fur
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