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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 18/03/1807
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No Pages: 1
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No. 17, 18.] ON FEES, GRATUITIES, & C.—( Excife.) the Number of Cafks and Gallons permitted. By a late Order of the Board, the Store- keeper is required to return weekly to the Examinator of Excife, an Account of the Spirits warehoufed, of thofe delivered out for Exportation and for Home Confump- tion, during the Week. This Examinant faith, that he has been about Four Years a Clerk in the Stores, during which Time he has never known a Stock Account taken of the Spirits or other Goods in Store, by any Check Officer. No Account of Irifh Spirits warehoufed is kept by the Book- keeper to the Stores. Wilfon Bomford. J. S. Rochfort. FredGeale. Robert Alexander. Charles Sax ton. No. 18. A Sketch of the Mode of furveying the Diftilleries in England, and fecuring the Duty on Spirits. THE Revenue arifing by Home- made Spirits in England, is charged upon the Worts or Wafh from which the Spirits are extracted. The Rate or Duty on Wort or Wafh brewed from Grain, is 1/ 4^ per Gallon, and the Diftiller is allowed a Credit of 20 Gallons of Spirits at the Strength of 1 to 1 0 over Hydrometer Proof, for every 100 Gallons of Wafh brewed or made from Corn or Grain ; and it not having been found poffible to produce a greater Proportion of Spirits at that Strength, without incurring a Lofs in the Value of the Materials more than equal to the Value of any Duty that could be obtained by extracting a greater Quantity, all that has been found necelfary in England is, to afcertain the actual Quantity of Wort or Wafh brewed or made. There is a Variety of Rules, Regulations, and Reftri£ tions provided by different Afts of Parliament, principally of the 26th, 28th, and 30th Years of the King, under which Spirits are made and carried into Confumotion in England; there are, however, feveral fubordinate Regulations contained in other A£ ts of Parliament. The Diftiller for Home Confumption is furveyed in Succeffion by different Officers, at uncertain and unexpected Hours both by Day and Night, and thofe Officers are very frequently, and at Times equally unexpected, followed by Surveyors, Supervifors, and General Surveyors, in fuch a Way, and under fuch Circumftances, that neither the Trader or Officer can be prepared for their Vifits ; and upon this very rapid and uncertain Succeffion of Officers of different Defcription, the Prevention of Fraud or Connivance is confidered to depend. It is the Duty of every Officer of every Defcrip- tion, every Time he vifits the Trader, to note in his Survey Books, while upon the Spot, the Operations depending ; to gauge and afcertain, as far as poffible, the Quan- tity, Quality, and Nature of the Materials preparing or prepared ; the Condition of the Still, and of the Low Wines, Spirits, and Feints run therefrom ; and when the Wafh in the Backs is in fo high a State of Fermentation as not to admit of an accurate Gauge being t ken, it is fhewn in that State by the Officers, who do not on fuch Occafions infest 1 he Gauge or Quanti y, becaufe neither the One nor the other can, as before ob- fervec, be truly afcertained. The Diftiller is not allowed to fend out Spirits in any Quantity leis than an entire Catk of 100 Gallons, nor at a greater Strength than 1 to 10 over Hydrometer Proof, and the Re& ifier, to whom the Spirits are ufually fent, nor being allowed Credit for the Purpofe of lowering, except in the Cafe of Spirits • received at the Strength of 1 to 10 over Hydrometer Proof, the Diftillers are thereby virtually prohibited from felling or fending out at a lower Degree of Strength; they are allowed Permits for no more Spirits than could be made from the Quantity of Wafh charged, computing the Produce thereof at 20 per Cent, of Spirits of the Strength of 1 to 10 over Hydrometer Proof. The Stocks are taken at uncertain Intervals, both by Quantity and Strength. The Corn Diftillers in England are few in Number, and are, in general, Men of high Character and great Refponfibihty : their Profits are in general fair and ample, and it is btlieved that fince the Introduction of the prefent Syftem of Survey, which has prevailed now nearly 20 Yeais, very few Frauds have been attempted at the regular Diftiliers ; and while a fuffirient Number of a& ive and intelligent Officers of every Defcription are employed to fecure the Duty on Spirits, in the Way it is now fecurcd in England, it is. believed very little Evafion will be attempted. Spirits
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