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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 18/03/1807
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No Pages: 1
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6o ( Ireland.) r-$\ VTH REPORT ot - 6 © M^ SI0N^ H$ [\ m- and Barley; the Wafh ufedfor making private Spirits, was produced from the Backs, which were renewed in the Abfence of the Officer's Vifits: if the Officer yvas gspefted to be particular, the Back, out of. which a Quantity of- Wafh had been taken, was re- newed from the next Back mpft forward in Fermentation, lb as to preferve the fame Appeaarnces as at the Officer's laft Vifit. If the ' Officer w^ s not particular, or that the Time permitted it, an entire Back, in which the Fermentation had fubfided, was ufed and renewed with Worts. The Wafh had frequently been made ready for the Still in 30 Hours, and by renewing the Backs, the Fermentation was apparently kept up for the Time rgqtfired by Law, which is Six Days, including the Days of Brewing and of DiftiUation. Examinant is of Opinion, that more Spirit woyld bje extra& ed from the Grain, if the Time of Fermentation was unlimited. Ic has not been the Practice of this Examinant to heat the Wafh, but he has heard that other Diftillers have done fo, and have thereby accelerated the Procefs of Diftillation. Ex> aminant generally ran off a Charge of Wafh in Fifty Minutes ; he ufually putfrom 1,000 to 1,10 © Gallons of Wafh into the Still, and from 13 to 1,400 Gallons of Singlings for a Still Charge of each. Since the 29th of September laft, the Law has required every Appendage to the Still to be mealured in as Part of the Still, and the Commiffioners have refyfed to licence any Still with a Line- Pipe. Flis Still, as now meafured, is of the Content of 1,575 Gallons, which is 15 Gallons more than it was rated at previous to the 29 c/ September, exclufive of the Line- Pipe afore- mentioned, which was not then meafured in. He now charges the Still ufually with 1000 or 1100 Gallons of Wafh, which is as much as he can ufe confiftently with the Expedition of working that is neceffary for the Purpofe of making out the Number of Doublings required by L^. w. The Wafh charge on his Still, agreeably to the Regulations of the Ait, is 1,418 Gallons. If the Law was ftri& Iv enforced, he would be liable to be charged for every Still Charge, Double Duty on 3 or 400 Gallons of Wafh. If he charged the Still with the Quantity of Wafh now denominated a Still Charge by the Law, he could not do the Number of Doublings required in the Month ; befides the Delay to the Work that would be oc- fcafioned by charging the Still with the Quantity of Wafh, denominated by Law a* Still Charge, it would, in Addition, expofe the Diftiller to great Rifk of Lofs from the Wafh boiling over, in confequence of the Still being charged with fo great a Quantity. Examinant thinks, that the Diftiller fhould only be charged either on the Decreafe ftf Wafh, or on the Increafe of Spirits, and that no Charge fhould be made according to the Still Charge either of Wafh or Singlings. This Examinant underftands, that the Pradtice of private Diftillation in the North of Ireland, has become much more extenfive and prevalcnc of late than it was fome Years ago. Nicholas Roe. J. S. Rochfort. Fredk Geale. Robert Alexander. No. 15. The Examination of JOHN STEIN, Efq.; taken on Oath, the 21ft and " 25th of November 1806. * * This Examinant faith, That he is a Diftiller in the City of Dublin j previoufly to the 29th September laft, he worked a Still of t, ooo Gallons Content; fince that Time he has worked One of 500 Gallons only, exclufive of the Head, which has been meafured at 33 or 34 Gal- lons. Prior to the Month of June laft, he was chargeable by Lay? with 3,500 Gal- Ions per Week, but he made on an Average about 6,500 Gallons; he does not think that he ever made more than 7,000. The State of the Houfe was fo managed by this' Examinant, with the Connivance of the Officer in charge, as to appear correct at any occafional Vifit of Infpeftion, and very large Sums were paid to the Officers on that Account, whilft in other refpetts this Examinant did in general as he thought proper; he begs to decline entering into further Particulars. The principal Mode of getting rid of the extra Spirits, was by fending out a Double Turn upon Permits. Whilft he worked a r} ooo Gallon Still under theformer Acts; he was enabled to filf the
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