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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 18/03/1807
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No Pages: 1
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No. 9-] ' cn FEE?, GRATUITIES, - 53 ing Vint is generally made between Eight and Nine o'Clock, the Mid- day Vifit between One and Three, and the Evening Vifit between Eight and Nine, except on Saturday, when he ufually attends about Eleven, to . fee that the Still is filent, and Preparations made for drawing the Fire and cjofing the Week's Work ; but the Diftiller has liberty to work till Twelve o'Clock. He never vifits between the Evening and the Morning Vifits ; at his Vifits he always takes Stock, and dips the Backs, when the Si ate of Fen* mentation allows. But Examinant thinks that Backs might be partially renewed in the Interval of his Evening and Morning Vifits, in fuch a Manner as to prevent De- tection by the moft vigilant Officer, either from theTafte or the Dip. He has fome- times known the Fermentation of the Wafh to continue for only Two Days. The tifual Time of its Continuance in the Diftillery which he is in Charge of, is from Three to Four Days. He makes the Perfon who attends en the Part of the Diftiller take the Dips, unlefs " he fufpects Fraud ; in this Cafe he dips himfelf. He generally taftes all the Liquors at every Vint. At his Evening Vifit he dips the Cooler, but this has never given him a Check on the Backs, which he attributes to the Brewing in general not being off the Mafn Kieve, and fometimes to the Undulation of the Worts caufed by the Wind. The Diftiller enters in his Brewing Book the Ouantitv of malted and raw Corn to be mafhed at each Brewing, but this Examinant did not take any Account thereof, becaufe he conceived that it could not operate as any Check on the Wort to be produced, and he never Was inftrufted fo to do. He vifits once on Sunday between the Hours of Eight and Nine in the Evening, to fee that the Still is filent. If he fufpedts that any Alteration in Stock has taken place fince the Surveyor's Morning Vifit, he then dips all the Veffels ; he generally finds, upon taking thefe Dips, that the Stock agrees with the Entry made by the Surveyor* He makes his Charge by the Decreafe of Wafh, or the Increafe of Spirits, whichever he finds to produce the greater Duty. If the Decreafe of Wafh be lefs than one Still Charge, he charges an entire Still Charge. The Still Charge is the grofs Content of the Still, deducting Oile- tWelfth Part for Liberty of the Still to work. If the De- creafe of Wafh amounts to or nearly to one Still Charge and an Half, he charges two Still Charges, but if it fhould exceed one Still Charge and art Half by Sixty Gallons or any further Quantity, he only charges the actual Decreafe of Wafh. Ele adopted this Mode of charging under the Dire& itfn of the Infpc& or General of his Divifion, and feels himfelf warranted in fo doing, as no Alteration in this Refpeft, as far as he knows, has ever been made in his Books by the Surveyor, or any ether Officer whofe Duty it is to examine them. Examinant underftands, that a Diverfity of Opinion on this Subject prevails among the fuperior Officers. Ele never makes his' Charge on the Decreafe of Singlings, ' becaufe he finds their Decreafe is always fhort both of the Wafh and Spirit Charge. No correct Account can be kept of the Singlings from the Dips of the Officer, as they are frequently added to, and dimifiifhed in the Intervals ' of his Vifits. In no Inftance has he made a Charge for the Decreafe of Feints, no accurate Ac- count being kept ofthem, as he has fometimes known them mixed with Wafh in the Pot Ale Charger, and they are fometimes difeofed of in his Abfence'. When the Diftiller requires a Permit, he ufually fends to the Hcufe of this Ekami- nant, by whom it is furnifhed to him ; if he fhould happen to be in the Diftillery > he grants it there, but he docs not in general attend at the Removal of Spirits, nor does he conceive it to be his Duty 1b to do. He does not take Stock until the next Vifit; he fometimes ufes the Diftiller's Ink and fometimes his own, as well in making the Entries in the Minute and Stock Books, as in the filling up of Permits. He receives a Salary of {.. 40. per Annum. He has received from the Diftiller, for the Fifteen Months that he has been in charge of this Diftillery ( during two of which the Still was filent) about Sixty five Guineas, for extra Trouble in granting Permits. He re- ceived, in Addition to this Sum, about Five Gallons of Spirits-: and he has not, either directly or indirectly, received or taken any other Fee, Gratuity, Perquifite, or Emo- lument, of any Nature or Kind whatfoever, cxcept the Fee of One Guinea for each Pupil who is put under his Tuition. Olivtr Daly. J. S. Rocbfort. Fred. Geale. Robert Alexander. Cka. Saxton. 44 » Q •
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