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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 18/03/1807
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No Pages: 1
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( Ireland.) — FIFTH REPORT OF THE COMMISSIONERS [ Appx. he means by charging the Contents of the Still is, that when he finds neither the Decreafe of Wafh or Singlings, nor the Increafe of Spirits, to equal one Still Charge, he charges a Still Content. The Spirits chargeable on the Decreafe of Wafh, of Singlings, and the In- creafe or Decreafe of Spirit Stock, are calculated daily, and noted in the Stock Book. For every Nine Gallons of Wafh Decreared, One Gallon of Spirits is charged, and for every Three Gallons of Singlings decreafed, One Gallon of Spirits is charged. He has, however, never made his Charge on the Decreafe of Singlings, becaufe no accurate Account can be kept of them, as Singlings are frequently both made and worked oft" in the Intervals of his Vifits. At the Clofe of the Week, he totals the Quantity of Spirits that have been charged on the Wafh Decreafes, from which he dedufts the Spirits chargeable on the Quantity of Singlings then remaining on Hand ; the Balance is the Quantityof Spirits chargeable on the Decreafe of Wafh, andis termed the Wafh Charge. In like Manner he totals his Spirit Increafes, and if he finds them to exceed the Quan- tity of Spirits chargeable on the Decreafes of Wafh, he makes hi's Charge on the Spirit Incrcafe. The Charge is then entered in a printed Form called a Voucher, containing the Number of Gallons and Amount of the Duty with which the Diftiller is charge- able for that Week, which is examined bv the Surveyor, and being fignedby Exami- nant and the Surveyor is returned to the Collector. On Two late Occafions, he found the weekly Increafe of Spirits to exceed the Wafh Charge between Six and Seven hundred Gallons of Spirits in each Week. Thefe Difcoveries were made foon after the Diftiller, by an Alteration of the Law, became chargeable with an additional Number of Workings. The Increafe in thefe Inftances was fhewn by the Diftiller on his Stock, and made up the Quantity with which the Diftiller would have been char- geable for deficient Work, had not fuch Increafe been fhewn. This Examinant did not tafte the Liquors produced as the increafed Spirits, but believes that they were Spirits. He cannot accurately ftate how the Increafe was effected, but thinks it muft have been by the Introduction of Materials of which he had no previous Account. On other Occafions, he has generally found the Spirit Increafe to agree with the Wafh Charge for the Week, within Two or Three Gallons. Examinant fays, that the Strength of the Wafh is materially influenced by the Quantity of the Grain, as is the Produce of the Spirits there- from. 4 Examinant never ufed an Hydrometer to try the Strength of the Spirits. He hao never kept any Account of the Decreafes or Increafes of Feints, nor has he ever attended to fee them fpilled or mixed with the Pot Ale. He generally attends at the Removal of Spirits for the Purpofe of being warehoufed. He does not attend at the Removal of Spirits on other Occafions. He does not take Stock on what remains in the Premifes till the next Vifit. He does not recoiled to have ever granted a Permit at a later Hour of the Evening than Six in Summer and Five in Winter. He attends for the Diftiller at extra Hours to grant Permits ; he alfo attends to take up his Receipts from the Storekeeper when Spirits are warehoufed. When he gets thefe Receipts, he deducts the Quantity of Spirits ftored from the Week's Charge. He does not receive any ftipulated Sum, but a Gratuity at the Difcretion of the Diftiller. During the Eight Months, for which he has had charge of this Still, he has received about Thirty Pounds in Money and Value, and about Ten Gallons of Spirits; in Addition to this, the Diftiller gives him Grazing for a Cow, and an Horfe. Examinant faith, that he does not, either directly or indirectly, receive or take any other Fee, Gratuity, Perquifite, or Emolument, of any Nature or Kind whatfoever. Francis Galnfort. J. S. Rochfori. Fred. Geale. Chas. Saxton. No. 9. The Examination of Mr. OLIVER DALY; taken on Oath, the 8th, 9th, nth, 15th, and 24th Days of September 1806. This Examinant faith, That he was appointed a Supernumerary Gauger in the Month of July 1787. That he is at prefent a full Gauger, and in charge of a Diftillery, on which he was placed in the Month of June 1805. In this Diftillery there is but One Still, which is of 500 Gallons Content. He vifits the Diftillery Three Times each Week Day; the Mom- 6 ing
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