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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 18/03/1807
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No Pages: 1
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4S { Ireland.)—. FIFTH REPORT OF THE COMMISSIONERS [ Appx. Survey, in which there are Two Diftilleries, fince the Month of June 1805. In each Concern there is but one Still of 500 Gallons Content. It is his Duty to vifit each of thefc Diftilleries once every Day, to fee that the Officers under him do their Duty in taking the Diftiller's Stock, and bringing the fame to charge. By a late Order from the Infpe& or General, Surveyors are required to vifit before One in the Afternoon ; previous to that Order, Examinant vifited at uncertain Hours during the Day ; he now vifits at uncertain l imes of the Morning: he is not required to, nor does he vifit at Night. At his Vifits he takes an Account of all Worts, Wafh, Singlings, Feints, and Spirits, by dipping the different Velfels which contain Liquor ; in dipping them, he generally ufes the Rule himfelf, and fometiines he permits the Perfon who attends on the Part of the Diftiller to ufe it, at the fame Time taking care to fee that the Dip is correctly taken, hetaftes the feveral Liquors in Procefs of Diftillation. The Diftiller is obliged to give Notice of the Time of each brewing or mafhing, and of the Quantity of Corn which he intends to ufe in each mafhing, but the Officer is* not required to, and does not take any Account thereof. He is of Opinion, that the taking an Account of the Quantity of Corn ufed under fuch Notice,, could form no Check upon the Quantity of Worts to be produced, as the Diftiller is not reff rifted from drawing them off in any Quantity, or of any Strength, or at any Time he pleafes; and as in the Abfence of the Officer frefh Corn might be added, which he could have no means to deteft. The Diftiller generally makes two mafhings of ever)' brew- ing, exclufive of the fmall Worts. The Dips the Officer takes of the Worts in the Cooler, cannot enable him to keep any accuratc Account of the entire Quantity that may be drawn from a whole brewing, or be any efficient Check on the Quantity found in the Backs; becaufe the Worts produced from the mafhings may be fre- quently put on and difcharged from the Coolers, in the Intervals of the Officers Vifits, which on fome Occafions he has known to be the Cafe with an entire brew- ing. He has reafoh to fuppofe that the Wort is frequently run off in the Abfence of the Officer, becaufe the Quantities appearing from the Dips of the Coolers rarely equal- thofe appearing on the Dips of the Backs. After the Worts have been run off into the Coolers they are let down into the Backs, there to undergo the neceffary Fermentation previoufly to their Diftillation. When he finds Worts in the Backs, he dips them to try the Quantity which they contain, and taffes the Liquors to afcertain that they are Worts. He alfo dips the Backs at each Vifit during theProcefs of Fermentation, and when going down. While theBacks are in a State of high Fermentation, he docs not conceive that it is poffible to afcertain the exaft Quantity of the Liquor in them by means of the Rule, which Examinant believes is the only Inflrument now ufed for that Purpofe in Dublin. In thefe cafes, as he is not able to rely upon the Dip, he enters the Contents the fame as thelaftDip before Fermentation. When theFermentation is down he takes a correct Dip, and if he finds any Increafe he brings it to Charge. When on Duty in the Country, he ufed an Inftrument called a Top, which he is of Opinion was well calculated to enable the Officer to afcertain the true Dip of the Backs while in a State of Fermenta- tion. The next Stage of the Procefs produces Singlings ; he dips the Singlings Cafks, and enters in the Minute and Stock Books their Contents at each Vifit: from Sing- lings the Spirits are produced, which are run into the Spirit Cafks ; thefe he alfo dips. No Hydrometer is ufed to afcertain the Strength of the Spirits, bccaufe no Charge is made therefrom after the Spirits are run off. Feints come from the Still, which are alfo dipped, and tafted in like Manner as the Worts, Singlings, and Spirits, but no Charge is drawn from them, provided they be below the Strength limited by Law, which he has never found them to exceed. The Charge is made on the Diftiller either from the Decreafe of Wafh, the De- creafe of Singlings, or the Increafe of Spirits, or the Spirit Charge of the Still, whichever fhall produce the moft Duty. The Charge from the Wafh is made by charging One Gallon of Spirits for every Nine Gallons of Wafh decreafed. From Singlings, by charging One Gallon of Spirits for every Three Gallons of Singlings decreafed. The Charge from the Increafe of Spirits, is the Increafe found in the Stock fince the laft Account. The Still Spirit charge is made from the grofs Content of the Still, deducting One- twelfth for liberty to work, and dividing the remaining Content by Three, the Quotient ^ s the Still Spirit Charge. In making up the Wafh Charge, if the Decreafe exceed by- Forty or Fifty Gallons or upwards One and an Half of the Still, he feels himfelf juftified in charging for Twice the Still Content. In every other cafe, where the Decreafe exceeds Two Still Charges, he charges no more than the adtual Decreafe. Thefe Charges are daily drawn out by the Gauger in his Stock Book, and at the Clofeofthe Week
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