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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 18/03/1807
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No Pages: 1
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No. 5.] ON FEES, GRATUITIES, kc.—{ E* ofe.) 47 the Name of the Perfon to whom fent, Ms Place ofRefidence, the Number of Cafks, the Quantity of Spirits, the Name of the Perfon who diftilled them, the Day and Month, the Time for which the Permit is to be in force, and the Time from which it commences, with the Name of the Officer who grants the Permit. The Blanks of the Permit and Duplicate being filled up, the Permit is then cut out, and delivered to the DiRiller. This Permit accompanies the Spirits to the Place of Deftination, where it ought to be delivered to the Officer of that Walk, within 24 or 48 Hours after its Arrival, whofeDuty it is, immediately on Receipt thereof, to examine the Spirits, to lee whether they correfpond with the Permit. This Permit the Officer on receiving it ought to wafer to the Duplicate of his Certificate Book, and then give the Certifi- cate to the Perfon from whom he received the Permit, as a Cover for the Spirits, which it protefts for Three Months, and then to be renewed. This Certificate contains a Copy of the Permit, and certifies that the Officer granting the fame had examined the Spirits, and fworn the Perfon to whom the Spirits were fent as to their Identity, and that none other was conveyed by virtue of that Permit. When the Diftiller requires a Permit for the Removal of Spirits, he gives Notice in Writing to Exarni- nant, ftating the Number of Cafks and the Quantity of Spirits to be removed, the Place whither, and Perfon to whom they are to be fent. Examinant does generally, but not always, attend at the Removal, conceiving that his Duty does not require him fo to do. He uniformly takes Stock at the next Vifit, and he never grants a Permit on any Day either at or after his laft Vifit. The Diftiller, when he intends to Ware- houfe Spirits, applies to him for a Permit, in the fame Manner as for other Permits. The Removal of fuch Spirits generally takes place between the Hours of Ten in the Morning, and Two in the Afternoon. He is more frequently prefent at the Removal of Spirits for warehoufing, than at the Removal of Spirits on other O'ccafions. On the next Vifit after the Removal, he takes Stock after the Spirits have been ftored and gauged by the Proper Officer on the Quay ; a Receipt is given to Exami- nant, figned by the Storekeeper, fpecifving the Name of the Perfon who ftored the Spirits, the Number of Cafks ftored, their Marks and Numbers, the Contents in Gal- lons by Gauge, their Strength, and the Day when received. He does not make any Ufe of the Endorfement on the Back of the Receipt of the Strength of the Spirits, as he does not keep any Account of their Strength, either in Stock or going out of Stock. On getting this Receipt, he dedufts from the Number of Gallons with which the DiRiller has been charged for the Week, the Number of Gallons mentioned in the Receipt to have been warehoufed, and having made Two Copies of this, one for his Stock Book, and One for the Colleftor, he annexes One Copy and the Original to the Vouchers, which he returns to the Colle£ tor. He never tries the Strength of the Spirits which he permits to be warehoufed. In making the Entries in the Minute and Stock Books, and in filling up Permits and Tickets, he generally ufes his own Ink, and fometimes the Diftiller's. Examinant receives from the Diftiller no regular Fees, but about Seventy- two Guineas a Year for Attendance at extra Hours to grant Permits ; this Sum he confiders to be partly a Gratuity, and partly in lieu of Fees. He receives it in uncertain Sums, fometimes from the Diftiller of his own Accord, and fometimes upon the Application of Examinant; he conceives, that he is by law entitled to the Sum of Three Pence for each Permit and Ticket, this he believes would amount to about Thirty Guineas a Year. He thinks he receives annually, in Addition to this, about Twenty Gallons of Spirits, but not more, for his own Confumption ; and he does not receive, either direftly or indireftly, any other Gratuity, Fee, Reward, Perquifite, or Emolument, of any Nature or Kind whatfoever, under any Prctence, or by any Device or Contrivance whatfoever. Hill Clements. J. 5. Rocbfort. Fred< Geale. Cha' Saxton. No 6. The Examination of BE AUCHAMP HILL, Efquire 5 taken on Oath, the 3d, 4th, and 9th Days of September 1806. This Examinant faith, That he has been a Surveyor of Excife for the laft Four Years, having previoufly been a Gauger for nearly Twelve Years. He has been in Charge of his prefent Survey,
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