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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 18/03/1807
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No Pages: 1
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46 { Ireland.)— FIFTH REPORT or THE COMMISSIONERS [ Appx. deducts the Singlings reduced to Spirits, which appear on H& nd at the Clofe of the current Week ; the Balance is the Walh Charge of the Week. He likewife, at the Clofe of the Week, adds to the Quantity of Spirits then appearing in the Diftillery, the Quantity permitted during the Week; thefe he totals, and then deducts the Quantity in the Diftillery at the Clofe of the preceding Week, the Balance is the Spirit Charge for the current Week : this he compares with the Total of the daily Entries made in the Stock Book of the Increafe of Spirits, with which it ought to agree. The Charge made up againft the Diftiller for the Week, is examined by the Surveyor. The Particulars of the Charge are entered in a printed Form, called a Voucher, which is figned by the Surveyor and Gi'iiger, and returned to the Collector from the grofs Amount of the Duty both in Stock Book and Voucher is dedufted j£. i6. per Cent, which is allowed by Lav/ on a 1500 Gallon Still. In cafe of Spirits being Warehoufed, the Quantity chargeable for the Week is ( hewn in the Stock Book and Voucher, and the Quantity warehoufed being deducted therefrom, the Duty on the Difference is charged in Stock Book and Voucher. He alfo returns Two weekly Vouchers for the Permit Stamp Duty, to the Collector, which are examined and figned by the Infpe& or and Surveyor, and One monthly Voucher to the Permit Office, containing an Account of the Number of each Permit granted by him for that Month, with the Diftiller's Name, the Perfon and Place where lent, and the Number of Cafks and Gallons. He charges the Diftiller each Week for the Work actually done that Week, for the Firft Three Weeks of the Month ; and on the Ciofe of the fourth Week, if he finds the total Work to be lefs than the Number of Charges required by Law, he charges for the Deficiency ; if the Four Weeks Work exceeds the Quantity required, he charges the Excefs. He never locks up the Still. If the Diftiller gives Notice to difcontinue, the Still is taken down and removed, and the Works pulled down, fo as to prevent the Still from being uled. He never tries by the Hydrometer the Strength ofWafh Feints, Singlings, or Spi- rits, nor does he make his Charge againft the Diftiller according to the Strength of any of them ; but he tries the Strength of Feints by the Tafte, and he believes no Hydrometer now in Ufe in . this Kingdom would fhevv the Strength of Feints. He notes the Increafe and Decreafe of rcims, but he does not make any Charge there- from, unlefs they be found mixed with Wafh or Singlings, or charged in the Still. He never has leen the Feints mixed with Wafh or Singlings, or fpilled, or the Still charged folely with Feints ; he believes however, but is by no means certain, that the Feints are in general ufed in the Still with the Pot Ale, but he does not believe that they are ever mixed in the Backs with the Pot Ale. He does not know what Time it would take for the Still to work off a Charge of either Wafh, Singlings, or Feints. He almoft every Day taftes the Liquor returned to him as Spirits, Singlings, Feints, Wafh, or Worts, in the Diftiller's Stock, to fee that they are fuch as are declared. When he finds, the Still at Work, he requires from the Diftiller a Declaration of what the Charge confifts, and examines to fee that the Charge agrees with the De- claration, and notes the Charge in his Minute and Stock Books, (. lorn Wafh muft be diftilled within Six Days, including the Day of brewing and the Day of diftilling. He enters in his Minute and Stock Books, the Day 011 which each brewing commences, and it appears by thefe Books when the Diitiilation of a brewing has been completed. He does not recollect to have ever found a brewing remain beyond the Time limited by law, without charging it. In cafe he commits any Error in his Charge againft the Diftiller, if he difcovers it himfelf, he rectifies it in a fublequent Charge, by adding or deducting the Amount of the Error, as the cafe may be. This he does, as he conceives he is empowered to do, on his own Authority, without any implication to the Board. The Particulars of the Error, and the Correction, are always detailed in his Stock Book. The Diftiller is required to make weekly a Return to the Collector of the Quantity of Spirits made during the Week, which Examinant believes he takes from the De- creases of Wafh or Increafes of Spirits, whichever are moft. Thefe Returns he has found, as often as he has leen them, to agree with his own ; but he has never " feen more than Three or Four of them. No Spirits can legally be removed from the Diftillery, without a Permit from the Gauger, who is fumilhed with a Permit Book and Ticket Book, confiding of printed Forms of a Permit and Duplicate, with Blanks left for the Infertion of the Number of the Permit, the Diftrift Walk, Diftillers Name, the
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