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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 18/03/1807
Printer / Publisher:  
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 1
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CONTENTS. p. 42 ibid 44 47 49 5* 52 No. 17 No. 18.' No. 19. No. 20. No. 21. No. 22. No. 23- No. 24- - The Examination of John Croker, Efq. Surveyor General of the Port and Dif- trict of Dublin - - - - p. 41 — Table of Charges on Stills impofed by the Diftillery A£ t, 46 Geo. III. Chap. 88. - — Scheme of Charges on Stills - — Examination of Nicholas Fanning, Esq. Inspector General of Excife - - of Mr. Hill Clements, extra supernumerary Gauger - of Beauchamp Hill, Esq. Surveyor of Excise - of Mr. Adam Leich, Surveyor - - ot Mr. Francis Gainfort, supernumerary Gauger - of Mr. Oliver Daly, supernumerary Gauger - of Mr. Pat. Fitzgerald, supernumerary Gauger - of Mr. Andrew Holton, Gauger - of James Forbes, Esq. Distiller - of M. Robert Haig, gross Distiller - of Nicholas Roe, Esq. Distiller in Dublin - of John Stein, Esq. Do. - - of Mr. William Knipe, Examiner of Surveyors and Gaugers Books - - - - p. 61 - of Mr. William Bomford, Clerk of Deliveries - p. 62 A Sketch of the Mode of surveying the Distilleries in England, and fecuring the P- 63 p. 64 P• 54 ibid- p. 58 P- 59 — Do. - Duty on Spirits - Examination of Mr. Malcolm Brown, Distiller at Dundalk — Do. - - of Mr. George Birch, Distiller in Roscrea - p. 65 - Do. - f of Mr. John Cassidy, Distiller in Monastereven - ibid. — Account of the Number of Stills licensed, their Content in Gallons, & c.; from September 1791 to September 1806 - - p. 66 - Account of Distillers who have taken out Licences for the current Year p. 68 - Examination of Mr. George Waller, First Clerk in the Office of the Secretary of Excise - - - p. 70 r— Do. - No. 25 No. 26.— Do. of the Right Honourable Earl Annesley, First Commissioner of Ex- cife - - ibid. of Wm. B. Swan, Esq. Inspector General of Excise and Licences in Ireland - - - - p. 72 No. 27.— Extratt from a Scotch Distillery Book, shewing the elapsed Days before Attenua- tion was brought to its lowest Point . - - P « 75 No. 28.— Examination of Mr. Peter Humphrys, a Brazier in Dublin - p. 78 No. 29.— Do. - - of Mr. John Nowlan, Brazier — - ibid. No. 30.— Table of Charges on Irish Distillers, calculated Weekly, according to A£ t 46 Geo. III. - - - - ~ P- 79 No. 31.— Scheme of Charges on Irifli Diftillers, & c. - - ibid. No. 32.— Scheme on Charges on Stills, & c. - - p. 8a No. 33.— Another Scheme of Charges on Stills, & c. - - ibid. No. 34.— Amount of Difcount allowed on Stills, for the Year ending 29th September p. 81
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