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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 18/03/1807
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Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 1
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• Di/ lilleries.] . © N FEES, GRATUITIES, & C. ' 9$ " keepaStill for rectifying or compounding Spirits, unless licensed by the << Commissioners of Excise, under the Penalty of £. 30, and Forfeiture of " the Still. That no Still of a less Content than 80 Gallons shall be li- " censed ; that the Rectifier shall pay a Licence Duty of 50 Shillings ( the " only Duty he is subject to) upon every 10 Gallons Content of his Still, " for a Licence to be in Force one Year; that he shall not distil any Wash " made from Corn or Molasses, or any other Material; and that if any Wash " or other such Material shall be found in any Rectifying Distillery, or any " Wash or Singlings be put into or mixed with Spirits in the Still of any " Rectifier, he shall be subject to severe Penalties." In order however, to render this Prohibition more effectual, it will be requisite to extend the Pe- nalty to the Case of any Worts, Wash, or Singlings, found in the Possession of, or in any House or Place belonging to a Rectifying Distiller, and to ^ prohibit him from carrying on the Trade of a common Brewer. TheRec- 1 ' C" tifier is further required to affix sufficient Locks, Keys, and Fastenings, to be approved of by his Surveyor, to the Discharge Cock and Furnacc Door of every Still, and the Officer of Excise to lock and secure the same. When the Rectifier is desirous to have the Furnace Door opened, he must give No- tice in Writing to the Officer of Excise, inchargeof his Distillery; if within any City or Town where a Surveyor resides, Twelve Hours ; and if in any other- Place, Twenty- four Hours, previous to the Time ( between Six o'clock in the Morning and Nine at Night) at which he intends to have his Still opened. It is the Officer's Duty to attend accordingly ; and to see the Still charged, and not to open the Furnace Door of any Still that is not fully charged, nor until he has examined the Contents thereof, and seen the Head actually put on, and ready to be locked down. The Rectifier is required, under a Penalty of £. 100, to charge his- Still in the Proportion of not less than Seven Parts in Ten of the Still's Content, and to work off each Charge within Eighteen Hours, to becomputed from the Time of the Officer's takynig the Gauge of the Still. The Rectifier is also prohibited from selling or sending out any Brandy, rectified, compound, or other Spirits, of a greater or higher Degree of Strength, than that of one in Five under Hydro- meter Proof; but Spirits of Wine, not exceeding 120 Gallons to any one Person in the same Day, may be sent out of a greater Strength, if thc have been kept as a separate Stock ; and the Rectifier's Stock must, in such Case, be debited for double the Quantity sent out. 1. In Cases where the Strength of any Part of the Rectifier's Stock, in consequence of being compounded, or mixed with Sugar, Syrup, Seeds Fruit, or other Ingredients, cannot be easily ascertained by the Hydro- meter, the Rectifier, on receiving Twelve Hours Notice from the Officer, is required to cause the true Quantity and Strength of the Spirits so mixed, to be legibly marked on the Outside of every Cask or Vessel containing the same ; and if the Strength of such Spirits should be found to be untruly marked on the Outside of any such Cask, or after such Notice be not marked, the Spirits and Casks are forfeited, and the Rectifier, for every such Offence, is liable to a Penalty of £. 50. Rectifiers and Compounders of Spirits, are allowed, for any Increase by the Mixture of Water, Sugar, Syrup, or Fruit, Permits for sending out any Number of Gallons of Irish Brandy, rectified Spirits, or Compounds, not exceeding the Rate or Proportion of 150 Gallons for every 100 Gallons of raw 44* - - G Spirits,
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