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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 18/03/1807
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No Pages: 1
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No. 5 9 .] ON FEES GRATUITIES, & C.-{ Excife.) The Military to be paid for the Seizure of 109 Serjeant. A Still, Head, and Worm - Still and Head - Still and Worm - Stiil - Head and Worm - Head or Worm d. 44 14- s. 11 8 8 4 lOj 6 3 6 3 Corporal. Private. s. d. s. d. 8 * 4 • 5 5 5 • 3 94 5 ' 3 94 3 9i - 3 3 4 4 • 3 3 2 2 - 1 7 4 And as a further Encouragement, for every Service performed in the Day a fimilar bounty Will be paid, with a Subfiftence of is. id. to each of the Infantry and Ca- valry when on foot, and u. y^ d. to each of the Cavalry when mounted, who may be called on fuch Expeditions. And as it is not fuppofed that the Officers always have a fufficient Command of Money to fubfifl the Military, and lie out of it until their Quarter Bills are paid, you may advance to each Officer what you fhall deem fufficient for Subfiftence to the Military callcd out; which Sum or Sums you are to repay yourfelf, out of the Amount of each Officer's Quarterly Bill, when ordered. And you are to inform all your Officers, that' the Board command them, on pain of their extreme Difpleafure, to pay the Military the Subfiftence hereby allowed them in Money ; that they may procure Refreflnnents in the Manner moft pleafmp to themfelves. It appearing that the Revenue Officers have frequently taken out a greater Number of Affiftants than neceffary, and kept them out a Number of D. iys together, without pofitive Informations, thereby incurring a heavy Expence to the Crown without an adequate Advantage: — In order therefore to prevent fuch Practices in future, The Revenue Officer taking out the Party, as a Reward for his Services, and in lieu of all Expence for Refrefhment, Hjrfe Hire, Car Hire, & c. is hereafter to be paid For feizmg a Still, Head, and Worm. - x a Still and Head - a Still and Worm - a Still - ... a Head and Worm ... a Head or Worm ... o o o o o s. 2 16 16 11 11 5 d. 9 3 3 4i 44 5 And when a Conftable is with a Party, he is to be paid the fame Subfiftence and Bounty as the Military. None of the afcrefaid Bounties to be paid but for Articles which, at the Time of Seizure, are deemed by y~ u as Serviceable, nor until the Revenue Officer, Serjeant, or Corporal commanding the Party, and the Conflable, make Oath before you, or other proper Officer for taking Affidavits in the Revenue, that all the Veflels, which upon diligent Search could be found, were effe& ually difcharged, and the Pot Ale fpilled in fuch a Manner as to be irrecoverable; which Affidavit is to be annexed to the Return of the Service and Expence as delivered in to you, and you are to annex vour Certificate of : he Articles feized being ferviceable or otherwife, and of their havinr been in your Prefence effectually broken up and rendered ufelefs for diftilling -, which Returns are to be exactly conformable to Specimen herewith fent you. And it having been obferved, that the Revenue Officers frequently demand a larger Party of the Army than neceffary, and particularly that they take out the Cavalry mounted, at Times when, fivm the Situation of the Country, they cannot be ufef ully employed on Horftback. . , You are to caution your Officers againft fuch Improprieties, and inform them, that in anv In fiance where fimilar MiicondncT: fhall be difcovered, the Board wilt not only make them defray the Expence, but will lay on them other Marks of their ereat Difpleafure ; and you are to c arge them at the fame Time, not to quit the Military on any Account or Pretence whatever, from the Moment they receive them in charge, until they return them back to Quarters. And> e Board having been informed, that 111 many Inftances the Soldiery were defrauded by the Revenue Officers, who, taking Advantage oftheirlgnorace of the J v - Proportion, 44. e
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