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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Volume Number: 87    Issue Number: 2
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 14/03/1807
Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: 87    Issue Number: 2
No Pages: 4
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ivtuxp Vol. 87. SATURDAY, March 14, 1807. Ready Money is expected 1 with Advertisements. S J Circulated through every Town and populous Village in the Cuunties of Northampton, Leicester, Huntingdon, } I Bedford, Buckingham, Hertford, Oxford, Warwick; Part of Cambridge, Nottingham, Lincoln, and Rutland., f PRICE SIXPENCE, ! Stamp- Duty ' I Paper and P Print Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. LONDONi March 10. DEFEAT OF THE FRENCH. ON Sunday, Mr. Vlick, a Messenger, arrived in town from St. Petersburg!), which place he left on the 18th of February, with the Russian official accounts of the late engagements between the Russians and French, at Eylau, as mentioned hi our last; the particulars of which were com- municated to the public in the following LONDON GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY. , Sunday, March 8. DOWN I S C- ST MET, March 8, 1807. A dispatch, dated St. Petersburg!), Feb. 17th, 1807, of which the following is an extract, was this day received from the Marquis of Douglas and Clydesdale, his Majesty's Ambassador Extra- ordinary and Plenipotentiary at the Court of St. Petersburg!), hy Lord Viscount Ilowick, his Ma- jesty's Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs:— 1 have the pleasure of inclosing, for your Lordship's information, two papers, giving an ac- count of a signal victory gained by the Russians over the French. Translation of a Letter from General de Budberg, lus Imperial Majesty's Minister for Foreign Affairs, to his Excellency the Marquis of Douglas and Clydesdale, 3d ( 15th) Feb. 1807. General Budberg, Minister far Foreign Affairs, hastens to communicate to his Excellency the Ambassador of bis Britannic Majesty, the following intelligence, which arrived last night from the army. General Bennigsen, sifter having fallen back for the purpose of choosing a position which he judged better adapted for manoeuvring the troops under his command, took up u position at Prcussicli- Eylau. During four days successively, his rear- guard, commanded by Major- General Bark lay dc Tolly, had to withstand several vigorous attacks, and on the 26th of January ( 7 th of February), at three o'clock in the afternoon, the battle became general throughout tile whole line of the main army. The contest was destructive, and the night came on without the enemy having been able to gain ground. On the 27th of January ( 8th of February), early in the morning, the French renewed the attack, and the action was contested with great obstinacy on both sides; but towards the evening, the enemy was repulsed on all sides, and General Bennigsen remained in possession of the field of battle. Bonaparte commanded in person, and under him, Marshals Augereau, D'Avoust, Soult, Ney, and Bessieres, at the head of the Guards, who suffered the most. Our loss is from six to eight thousand men, while that of the enemy is estimated at from twelve to fifteen thousand. We have taken twelve stands of colours, and about fifteen hundred pri- soners, among whom there are thirty officers. l lle courier who brought the dispatches having been sent off immediately after the battle, tire Ministers of his Imperial Majesty do not yet know all the details of the above- mentioned day. General Budberg has the honour, & c. Translation if a Letter from General the liar oil de ' ISannigsen to his Majesty the Emperor of llvssia, delivered hy I. icutcHunt- Coloncl Stuvitzki, Aid- du- Camp to Its Imperial Majesty. On the field of Battle, Preussich- Eylau, SIRE, Jan. 27 ( Feb,. ?], iM. I am truly happy to have it in my power, to infor cn your Imperial Majesty, that the army, the ooiriuiaud of which your Miyerty has deigned to confide to me, has been again victorious. The batthi which has just taken place has been bloody and destructive. It began on the 26th of January ( 7th ( if February), at three o'clock iu the afternoon, and Hasted until six o'clock in the evening of the 87tli ' Of January ( 3th of February). 1 The enemy was completely defeated ; 1000 pri- soner's, and 12 stands of colours, which I have the honour herewith to transmit to your Majesty, 1' ell iuito the hands of the conquerors. This day, Bonaparte attacked me with his best troops on my centre, and on both wings, but he was repulsed aud l » eaten on all sides. His Guards repeatedly attached my centre without the sturdiest success. After a very brisk fire, they were repulsed at all poin t* by the- bayonet, aud by charges of the cava Iry. Several columns of infantry, and picked regiments of cuirassiers, were destroyed. I shall not fail to transmit to your Majesty, as soon as possible, a detailed account of the memo- rable battle of Preussich- Eylau.— I think our loss may perhaps exceed 6000 men, and I certainly do not exaggerate, when I state the loss of the enemy at considerably more than 12,000 men. In the present state of affairs on the Continent, If Austria would act boldly, and by a decisive • movtunent on his rear, interpose between Bona- parte and France, he would be utterly ruined. The Russians in his front, arc a mate!) for him; the ilustrians on his rear, with 80 or 100,000 men, would render bis escape impossible. Any other mode of proceeding will not succeed. Against him every effort should be directed; and from bis defeat every thing the allies could desire might afterwards be easily obtained. If Austria does not seize this opportunity, she will deserve the fate which has overtaken Prussia, as the punish- ment of similar cowardice and indecision. I The Austrian army in Gallicia comprises upwards of 100,000 men, and the frontiers of Moravia and Bohemia are crqwdcd with troops, who have cut off all communication with Saxony, Silesia, Ike. The export of provisions to the French army in Poland has been discontinued, and some Jewish merchants and others, by whom it was carried on, have been arrested and sent for trial. This mea- sure is said to have been adopted on a remoustrauce from the Russian Minister. The Russians continue to advance in Turkey almost without opposition. It appears by letters from Panscova, of the 28th of January, that the advanced corps of the ltussiau army had pene- trated into Albania, and that the Mountaineers of Raseia, Podrina, & c. had joined them in immense - numbers. The Islands of Curzuolo, Brassa, and Lissa, luive fallen into the hands of the Imperialists, and Lyssitm has been invested. Bulgaria, Serviu, aud Albania, as well as Moldavia and VVnllachia, are now in the virtual occupation of the Russians. The Turks are not capable of opposing any seriou3 obstacles to the progress of the Russians; their srmy is an undisciplined insurgent mob, mo. re dang erous to the Generals appointed to conduct it, t'aan te the enemy to whom it is to be opposed. K . ussia has explicitly declared, that in entering the Turkish provinces, she is not influenced by the de lire of conquest, but morely by the necessity of ob. viatiug that facility of attack to which, her southern dominions were exposed from the de- fenceless state of Wallauhia, Moldavia, & c. Saturday's Gazette contains an Order in Council to allow his Majesty's subjects to trade to and from the Island of Curacoa, subject to the same duties as those imposed on the West- India Islands. — Also, the investiture of Admiral Sir Richard Strachan, and Major - General Sir John Stuart, with the ribbands of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath. The amount of the force about to sail for the River La Plata does not exceed 2000 men, and consists of one troop of horse artillery, one com- pany of foot artillery, the 89th regiment, and detachments and recruits for all the regiments in South America. The number of horses for which duty is paid in Great- Britain, is 1,178,000; their annual con- sumption is stated, in the agricultural reports, to bctlie produce of 7,000,000 acres. The following paragraph is copied from the Morning Post:—" We stated some time since, that in consequence of an application made, to his Majesty from a certain high quarter, the Report of the Commissioners of State Enquiry had been sub- mitted to the revisal of the Prince's State Council. We have now to add, that this Council made its report upon the suljject a few days since; on re- ceiving which his Majesty immediately referred it to his Cabinet Ministers, who have finally pro- nounced a decision, declaratory of their perfect convictio. n of the innocence of the Illustrious object of the charge, and of the foulness of the calumny with which her fair character was so infamously assailed." A Parisian Artist lias obtained a patent for a new invention of a machine for joining the sides of all flexible matter. It is called the Devil among the Tailors; as he asserts, it will he particularly- ser- viceable in preparing clothing for the armv or navy, as a man can do as niur. h, in. a given time, with the machine, as one hundred knights ( f the ihimhle. with a needle. BEDFORD COUNTY INFIRMARY. NOTICE is hereby given, That a General Meeting of the Governors of this Institution will be held at the INFIRMARY, BEDFORD, on THURSDAY the NINTH of APRIL next, at Two o'Clock, on special Business. The Anniversary Sermon will be preached on the Occasion at the Parish Church of St. Paul. — The Service to begin at Twelve o'Clock; and a Collection made at the Church Doors for the Benefit of the Institution. An ORDINARY Will be provided at the SWAN INN, at Four o'Clock ; and those Gentlemen who purpose Dining, will please to signify the same at the Swan, on or before the Morning of tlie Day appointed. J. BUTL1N, Secretary. Infirmary, Bedford, March 10th, 1807.. NFAVPORT- PAGNELL, March 5th, 1807. ALL Persons indebted to the . Estate of Mr. ABRAHAM BARRATT, late of HARTWELL, deceased, are requested to pay their respective Debts t ® Mr Cooch, of Newport- Pagnell, who is duly authorized to receive the same.— And all Persons having any Claim upon the said Estate, are requested imme- diately to deliver an Account thereof to Mr. Cooch, that the same may be discharged. WELDON, March 9th, 1807. ALL Persons who have any Claims or Demands upon the Estates or Effects of Mr. ADAM YORKE, late of GRF. AT- WELDON, in the County of Northampton, Grazier, deceased, are desired forth- with lo send an Account thereof to Mrs. Yorke, or Mr. Yorke the Elder, the Executors; or Mr. John Yorke, ot Liveden- Lodge, or Mr. Win. Bellamy, of Great- Weldon aforesaid; in order that the same'may be discharged.— And all Persons who stand indebted to the said Estates or Effects are hereby required to pay I heir respective Debts - to the said Mr. John Yorkc, of Liveden- Lodge, or Mr. Wm. Bellamy, of Great- Wclden, whonre duly authorized to receive the same, on or betore the 6th Day of April next, other- wise Proceedings will be commenced to recover the same. False Character.— Nelson, tlie partner of Dud- ding, in Bond- street, successors to Oakley & Co. was applied to by Turner h Co. wholesale lincu- drapers in the city, for the character of one Dai ey, then a linen- draper in Russell- court. Nelson gave such a charactcr of Davey, as induced Turner & Co. to entrust him to the amount of ,£. 400 and upwards. Davey, soon after, clandestinely sold off his stock, and ran away. Turner& Cp. brought ail action arainst Nelson for the amount of the loss they had sustained by his giving a fnlse cha- racter of Ilavey; and, in the Court of King's- Bench, oil Friday, obtained a verdict for the full value of the goods supplied. It came out in evi- dence, that Davev, while shopman to a linen- draper in Tavistock- street, contrived to rob his master to a very considerable amount, and on being triftd at the Old Bailey, was sentenced to be hanged. He was afterwards pardoned, on con- dition of being transported to New South Wales, whither he went, and. returned from thence only in the last year. All these circumstances were known to Dudding &' Nelson, who came from the same place in Lincolnshire, asDavpy.— Davey's real name is Stephenson.— Nelson's plea was, that he understood Davev had acquired a considerable sum of money since his return from Botany Bay. About five o'clock, on Friday morning, a fire broke out at thp sign of the Globe, in St. Saviour's Church- yard, Southwark, which totally destroyed the same. Shocking to relate, five if not seven lodgers iu the house, fell a prey to the fury of the flames. Mr. Sims, the landlord, with his wife ( the latter in the last stage of a consumption), nar- rowly escaped. Andrew Nardi, who was tried at the Old Bailey in last December ." sessions, for the murder of VVilliapi Broad, iu Long- Awe, has received his Majesty's pardon, on condition of his quitting the kingdom within seven days, and not being found therein during the term of his natural life, A miserable old man died lately in an obscure lane iu the Liberty, Dublin, who for a great number of years had been the victim of disease and the most deplorable poverty. On taking off an old wig, which he constantly wore under his night- cap during his illness,, some papers were found sewed up in the caul, which, on inspection, proved to be bank- notes to the amount of jf. 975, and in various parts of his tattered apparel seventy- one half- guineas were found sewed up. It w as a fortunate circumstancc that his only son, a private in the marines, arrived- from Plymouth but four hours before his death to visit him, and into whose hands the property fell. A man of the name of Madden was tried on a capital indictment, at the assizes for Berkshire, held at Reading, during the last week, for shooting at another man, wiSi intent to kill him.— The cir- cumstances attending the case were singular: the prisoner had sold the production of a cherry orchard, at Cookham; but he afterwards repented of the contract, and wished to cancel the bargain. The purchaser repaired to the orchard, when the fruit was fit to gather; and when in the act of plucking from the tree, the prisoner appeared with a gun and flashed the pan at him. The man re- mained dn the tree, and the prisoner put iu fresh prime, discharged the piece, and lodged th? con- tents in the body of the purchaser, who, after a long illness from the effects of the rash act of the prisoner, recovered.— The prisoner was found guilty, and ordered for execution. , At Hertford assizes, J. Harris was indicted for the wilful murder of Benjamin Stapps, on the 24th of September, by giving him several violent blows on the head, of which lie died.— It appeared from tlie evidence, that the deceased and the prisoner were brothers- in- law, and lived together in a small cot- tagc near HemeMIempsted. The former was sup- posed to have fallen into a well, and the body was buried; hut suspicion arising, the body was taken up and examined, when it was found that his death had not been occasioned by drowning, but by a violent blow on the head with some blunt instru- ment. The deceased had previously made a will, leaving all his property ( about .£, 150) to the pri- soner. A great number of circumstances were given in evidence, tending to prove that the pri- soner had committed the murder. Amongst others, Elizabeth Grovcr, who washed for tlie deceased and the prisoner, proved that the former wore but one shirt a week; but when the body was drawn from the well it had a clean shirt on ; and on the Monday following, the prisoner, when he sent his own linen to wash, sent a piece of a shirt, which she knew the deceased had put on the Sunday pre- vious to his, death. The fore part was torn away; but it so happened that there was one spot of blood 011 the piece which remained. Site knew old Stapps had but three shirts, one was found clean in bis drawer, one on the body, and the piece produced made up the third.— The prisoner, in bis defence, only said he was innocent. The Jury found him guilty.— He was ordered for execution on Monday morning. To the DEBTORS and CREDITORS of JOHN PAYNE. \ V HEREAS JOHN PAYNE, lateofllr. LMnoN, ' in the County of Northampton, Victualler, has made an Assignment of all his real and personal Estate to Nathaniel Stilgoe, of Fauscott, in the Parish of Wappenhani, in the County afore aid, and William Cole, ot Gritworth, in the same County, two of his Creditors, for the Benefit of themselves, and such other of his Creditors as shall execute the said Assignment: N'tice is hereby given, That the Creditois ot the said John Payne are re- quested to meet the said Trustees, at the House of iliesaid John Payne, on Monday the 16th Day of this ii stant March, to execute th- said Deed of Assignment, if they think proper, and give theii Opinions as to the best Mode of managing the. Affairs of the said John Payne, for the Benefit of his Creditors. . All Persons, who have any Claims on the Estaite of the said John Payne, - ire requested to transmit a par- ticular Account thereof to the said Trustees; to ivnom all Persons who are'indebted to the said John Payne, are requested to pay their respective Debts forthwith. March 5th, 1807. To l, adies and Gentlemen. LADIES' RIDINE- HABITS, AX~ D FASHIONABLE DRESS FOK GENTLEMEN. DIETIUCHSEN, LADIES' HABIT- MAKER, at his old - established Warehouse, No. 12, RATHBONE- PLACE, OXFORD- STREET, LONDON, begs Leave to return his sincere Acknowledgments to the Nobility and Gentry for their repeated Favours during a Series of Years, and particularly for the very numerous additional Customers, and increased Number ot Orders, for LADIES' RIDING - DRESSES, with which he has been favoured during the last Season in particular; to merit a Continuance of which, the Utmost Attention to Fashion and Fitting will always be observed. F. D. requests Permission to add, that, in the Spring of last Year, he commenced also executing Orders for GENTLEMEN'S CLOTHES, in Partner- ship with S. CLARK, TAILOR ( late Foreman to Mr. Allen). DIETRICHSEN & CI. ARK, TAILORS, having had the Happiness to experience unprecedented Success and Patronage from MEN OF F A S III O N, since their Commencement, thev beg Leave to solicit the further Orders ofthe Nobility and Gentry in lown and Country, to whose Commands ' addressed as above) the strictest Attention will be paid ; and where a large Stock of fashionable C LOTHS, KERSEY- MERES, See. Sec. is always kept for Inspection. LEATHER BREECHES. REGIMENTALS, YOUNC GENTLEMEN'S DRESSES, LIVERIES, & c. elegantly made. £ PT Bankers, Merchants, Manufacturers, and Country Residents in general, mav have an Order executed as above, at a very short Notice after their Arrival in London, or may be informed by Letter how to send up their Measure. NO CURE GMORY CHIMNIES O Mr. R. NO PAY. effectually CURED h » Whhe as ahov? • or to Mr. Roberts. Printer, Northamptonshire. COUNTRY RESIDENCE to be LETT. Q P RA T ION - PL AC E, on the Manchester, Nottingham, and Chester Roads, seven Miles from Northampton, seven from Welford, in a fine Sporting Country, and the Vicinity of several Fox- Hunts of the first Celebrity; together with the attjiehed and detached Offices, spacious and productive Gardens, Pleasure- Grounds, Sec. and from 20 to 30 Acres of excellent Land contiguous to the Mansion- House, more or less, at the Option of the Tenant. To be viewed on Tuesd. ty or Thursday Mornings.— Particulars may be had at Highgate- Housc, in the Parish of Spratton ; and th? Terms by Application to Mr. Rosworth, Holdenby ; or by Letter lo J. W. Roberts, Esq Thornby- Grange, near Northampton. Little- Gransden, Cambridgeshire. To be LETT, AFARM, with a good Farm- House, excellent Barns, Stable, and Out- buildings; 229. Acres of open- field Arable Land, by Estimation; 41 Acres of old- inclosed Arable, and. 19 Acres of old- inclosed Pas- ture; in all, 289 Acres, The Farm, with the Fallows and Pasture, to be entered on at Lady- Day next, April fi, 1.807. Also to be Lett, and entered upon at Lady- Day next, that old- inclosed FARM, called GR ANSDF. N- LODGE, in the same Parish ; with HI Acres of Arable and Pasture Land, lying round, the House and Premises; with a Rigli, t of an'extensive Cow- Com- mon,. to which the F^ rin- Yard opens.— The Tenant may be accommodated with 76 Acres moje of old- inciosed Arable Land, lying contiguous. For further Particulars, apply toMr. J » HN S* RINC, Great- Gran^ len, Huntingdonshire. Post- paid Letters only, attended to. TURN PIKE- TOLLS TO LETT. . IVTOTICE is hereby given,, That the TOLLS - L*! arising at the Turnpike- Gate leading from Royston, in the County of Hertford, to Wansford Bridge, in the County of Huntingdon, called or known by the Name of the GODMANCHESTER TURN- PIKE- GATE, will be LETT by AUCTION, for Three Years, to the Best Bidder, at the COURT- HALL, in rhe Town of HUNTINODON, on FRIDAY the 20th Day of MARCH inst. between the Hours of Eleven and Twelve in the Forenoon, in the Manner directed j by au Act of Parliament passed in the 13th Year of the Reign of His present Majesty King George the Third, " for regulating the Turnpike- Roads;" which Tolls were lett the last three Years at the Rent of £ .62J per Annum, and will be put up at that Sum. Whoever happens to be the highest Bidder, must at the same Time give Security' to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Road, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct, • » G. MAULE, Clerk to the Trustees. STATE - LOTTERY. " OICIIARDSON, GOODLUCK, & Co. Stock- i- t Brokers, Corner of Bank- Buildings, Cornhill, and facing the Gate of the King's. Mews, Charing- Cross, LONDON; the only Office that ever sold in Shares, Two Prizes of Thirty Thousand Pounds: No. 26,883 A Half, a Quarter, and two Eighths SO, 018 12,807 Sixteen Sixteenths 30,000 CAPITAL PRI Z- ES Recently sold at the above Offices. 14,783 and 20,000 7,105 Ditto 20,000 40 759 5 fwo Quarters, two Eighths, and four; an ,. nn • ( Sixteenths \ 20> 000 18,825 A Quarter, an Eighth, and ten Sixteenths 20,000 48,318 Ticket 20 000 And a very large Amount of Capital Prizes in the late and former Lotteries, too numerous to particularize. Tickets and Shares for the State- Lottery to com- mence Drawing on the 14th of next Month ( APRIL), are on Sale at their Licensed State- Lottery- Offices, LONDON ; and bv their Agent, Mr. IF. RUSUER, Bookseller, BANBURY. RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, & Co. recommend the Scheme of the present Lottery to the Attention of the Public, as it contains a greater Number of Capital and ofher Prizes than any former Lottery with so small a Number of Tickets; and the Drawing of the Capitals, & c. is so arranged, that it is peculiarly advantageous to those who purchase early. N. B. Schemes at large to be had gratis at all the Offices. To be SOLD by A U C T I O N,~ By RICHARD SMITH, Oil Thursday and Friday the 19th and 20th Days of March, 1807, on the Premises, at WELDON, in the County of Northampton, rpilESTOCEin TRADE, genteel FURNITURE, - I- and EFFEC TS,- of Mr WM. FRET. MAN ; consisting of Woollen Cloths, Irish Linen, Lancashire Sheeting and Shirting, a great Variety of Yard- wide printed Cottons, Muslins, Handkerchiefs, Cotton and Worsted Stockings, Men's and Boys' Hats, Iron mongery Goods, Beams, Scales, Weights, and i Va- riety ot other Articles in his respective Trades; neat Bedsteads, with white Dimity, and other Furnitures; l'eather- Beds; Mattresses, Blankets, and Counter- panes ; handsome Mahogany double Chest of Drawers; handsome Oak single Ditto; Bureau; Mahogany Dining and other Tables; 12 Arm Windsor Chairs ( nearly new); and ether Effects. The Stock in Trade wilibesold the first Day ; and the Sale will begin each Morning at Ten o'Clock. To accommodate the Public, the Stock in Trade will be put in suitable Xots for Families. 11 If . Hi, rt> Kettering; or Mr. Webb * * ni. • punctually attended to. ,-.„* • , ft'- ca" l> r? duce the most respectable Tes- timomals of his superior Skill in the above Art. CHEAP COALS] /\ F excellent Quality, from Il. uvtF « t; jtY AMP TOW wl, L'uV' ARE NQW SEUI" 8 at NORTH. AMI TON WHARI, at One Shilling frr Hundred I'nght, and delivered into any Part ofthe Town at Thirteen. Pence per Hundred Height, exclusive of the PARR0rrThprSe Loading, & e. by FRANCIS Colliery q' & Co- 1 mpnetors of the aforesaid Fhe said Coals are particularly recommended to all great Consumers, and are warranted to be the best Coals, at the stated Prices, ever oflered for Sale Northainptom" an, S T° W" a" d ° f *** HAWKESBUSY CoALsdo not take Firesoquick as 1 he best Staffordshire Coals, but when lairlv kindled arc equal in Heat, and will continue so One- third longer, by the Use of which will be found a Saving to the Consumer ot forty per Cent. For these Coals, Gentlemen are desired to enquire for Mr JEFFERY, Clerk for the Hawkesburv Coals, who constantly attends - t the said Northampton Wharf; and for further Particulars, apply to Mr. STIPHFN YATES, Bedworth, near Coventry. BOROUGH of HUNTINGDON LADY- DAY FAIR. A T the. Request of many respectable Farmers, J. X Graziers, and Others, the above FAIR will be held on WEDNESDAY the 25th of MARCH, 1807 for all Sorts of CATTLE ; and all Cattle brought f » r Sale 10 the said Fair, 011 that Day, whether sold or Town TOLL- FREE ' nI° and throl'Eh the By Order of the MAYOR. HEIR AT ' LAW WANTED: ' TyilF. RF. AS upon the Death of GEOKOE ,\ T HARRISON, late of FISKERTON, in the County ot Lincoln, Esquire, it is presumed that the Heir at Law ot SUSANNA his Wife, who dieu in his Life- time aud who was the only Child of Richaid Deighton, formerly of Waddington, in the County of the City ol Lincoln, also deceased, became entitled, under the Trusts of Mr. Harrison's Marriage Settle- ment, to a FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at Waddington aforesaid: If, therefoie, any Person or Persons can make out a Title to the said Estate, by Descent from the said Susanna Harrison, every requisite Informa- tion will be afforded on the Part of ( he Trustees of her Settlement, tor the Establishment of the Title of such Person or Persons thereto, upon Application to Messrs. Hanuley & Pearson, Attornies at Law, Slea- ford, Lincolnshire. The above- named Richard Deighton formerly lived the Seivice ot the Right Hon. Lord Sondes, and afterwards resided at Uppingham, in the County of Rutland, tor some Years before his Removal to Waddington, where he died. HARLESTON ASSOCIATION, For Prosecuting Thieves. Upc. THE General Annual Meeting of this Associa- tion will be held at the Sign of the Fox- AN u- HOUNDS, in HARI. FSTON, in the County of North- ampton, on THURSDAY the 19th Day of MARCH instant, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon. Dinner on Table precisely at Two o'clock. R. BUSWELL, Treasurer and Solicitor. Noithampton, 1thMarch, 1807. To NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, rpHAT the General Annual Meeting of the .1. Trustees appointed by Act of Parliament for re- pairing the Highways from Old- Stratford, in the County of Northampton, to Dunchurcii, in the County of Warwick, will be held at the NEW WHITE- HORSF. INN, in TOWC'ESTER, in the said County of Northampton, on THURSDAY the 26th Day of MARCH next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon of the same Day, for transacting such Matters as shall be then thought necessary for repairing the said Highways; at which Time and Place the respective TOLLS arising at the four several Toll- Gates on the said Highways will be LETT to FARM, by AUCTION, to the Best Bidders, between the Hours of EJeven of the Clock in the Forenoon and Tluee of the Clock in the Afternoon of the same Day, in Manner directed by the Act passed in the JSth Year of the Reign of His present Majesty King George the Third, for re- gulating Turnpike. Roads ; which said several Tolls were lett forduring the. last' Year ( clear of the Salaries for collecting the same), the respective Sums herein- after- mentioned ( that is to say), The Toll- Gate at Old. Stratford.,..£. 600 The Toll. Gate at Towcester 612 The Toll- Gate at Stiiv- Hill 59( 1 The Toll- Gate in Drayton. Lane 607 and will be respectively put up at those respective Stuns, under such Conditions as shall be then and there produced. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder or Bidders, must forthwith pay Fifty Pounds in Advance for each Gate, and produce sufficient Sureties, and give Se- curity, for the Payment of the Residue of the Rents at such Time or Times as shall be then agreed on between them and the said Trustees; and at the same Time and Place new Trustees will be elected and chosen in the several Places and Steads of such Trustees as shall be then Dead.— Dated the 19th Day of February, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seven. By Order of the said Trustees, A. MIERES, their Clerk. Valuable Live Stock, Ipe. be SOLD by AUCTION, By RICHARD SMITH, On Monday the 6th Dav of April, 1807, on the 1' iemises, at POTHERING HAY', in the County of Northampton, rPHE valuable LIVE and DEAD STOCK, and B- other EFFECTS, of Mr. H. WHITWE LL, who is leaving his Farm; comprising 140 lambed and in- lambed Ewes, and 140 Lambhogs; six very useful Cart Horses and Mares, one In- foal Ditto, br Mr. Ilatfieid's best Horse, one Three- year- old Cart Mare, two Yearlings, one Coach Colt, five Years old, one Hackney Mare, and one Pony; three In- calf Cows, eight fresli Shropshire Beast, two Three- year- old home- bred Ditto, seven Two- year- old Heifers and Steers, eleven Yearling, and one Calf; two Waggons, and four Carts,- Harness for five Hordes; Horse, Cow, and Sheep- Cribs; Troughs, Ladders, Trays, Hurdles, and other Implements in Husbandry; also, some Household - Furniture, viz. Bedstead, Feather and Flock - Beds, Bureau, Chest of Drawers, Tables, Fire- Irons, Pewter, Brass, and other Articles. Nine Months' Credit will be given for all Bargains above £. 5, Upon approved joint Security, or a legal Discount allowed on prompt Pay, except for the Sheep, which will be sold for Ready Money. The Auctioneer respectfully informs the Public, the Sheep are worthy their Attention, being carefully bred from the Flock of Mr. Smith, of Stoke- Doyle; and the Ewes, In- lamb, by two capital Tups, be- longing to Mr. Crofts, of Elton. The Sale to commence on the Sheep punctually at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT the next Meeting of the Trustees ap- pointed by an Act of Parliament made and passed in the thirty- seventh Year of the Reign of His present Majesty King George the Third, intituled, " An Act for amending, widening, altering, and keeping in Rcpnir, the Road leading from a Place called Morton's Corner, in the Town of Welling- borough, in the County of Northampton, to the East End of Abington- Street in the Town of Northampton;" willbe held at the HIND INN, in- WELLINGBOROUGH aforesaid, on MONDAY theTHiRTiETH Day of MARCH next; at which Time and Place the respective TOLLS arising at the several Toll- Gates on the same Road will be LETTto FARM, separately, by AUCTION for two Years, to the Best Bidders, between the Hours of Eleven and Four of the same Day,- in- the Manner directed in the Act passed in the thirteenth Year of the Reign of His said present Majesty, for regulating Turnpike- Roads; which said several Tolls were lett in the preceding Year ( clear of all Salaries for collecting the same) for the respective Sums hereinatter- inen- - tioned ( that is to say), £: s. d.' The Wellingborough Gate • 188 0 6 The Abington- Gate- 199 1 0 and which Tolls will be respectively put up at these, respective Sums. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder or Bidders, must forthwith give Security, with sufficient Sureties, for Payment of the respective Rents, at such Time or Times as shall be agreed on between them and the said Trustees.— Dated this twenty- sixth Day of February, 3807. JOHN HODSON, Clerk to the said Trustees. CHESTER TURNPIKE- ROAD. ~ V] OTICE is hereby given, That all Persons X^ having any Chtims or Demands upwi the Trustees tor repairing the Hignways from Old- Stratford, in the County of Northampton, to Dun- church, in the County ol Warwick, are de, ired to dehver their respective Bill, to Mr Benjamin Gtirden, tlieir Surveyor, prt- viouj to the next Quarterly Meeting 01 the said Trustees, which is appointed to be held, by Adjournment, at the CROWN INN, in FOSTER'S BOOTH, in the said County of Northampton, on THURSDAY the 19th Day of MARCH instant, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon.— Dated the 5th Dav of March, 1807. By Order of the said Trustees, A. MIERES, their Clerk. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, " rPHAT 11 Meeting of the Trustees of the 1 Turnpike- Road leading from Banbury, in the County ot Oxford, to the South End of Mill Ficid, in the Parish of Lutterworth, in the County of Lei. cester, will be held at the RED- LION, in BANBURY, on FRIDAY the 20th Day of MARCH next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon; at which Meeting the Trustees will take into Consideration, and determine upon the . Propriety of electing a Side- Gate upon the said Road, at or near a Place called Grimsbury Green. — Dated the 26th Day ot February, 1807. By Order of the Trustees, EDM. BURTON. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, rpiIAT the next Half- yearly Meeting of the JL Trustees of ihe Turnpike- Road leading from Wendover to Buckingham, in the County ot Bucks, will be held at the " BELL INN, in WINSL'OW, in the & aid County, on FRIDAY the THIRD Day of'ARRIL next, at Eleven of the Clock in- the Forenoon. LANCELOT WYATT, Clerk to the Trustees ofthe » aid Turnpike- Road. Wins low, March bth, 1807. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT the next Half- yearly Meeiine of the Trustees ot the Turnpike- Road leading from Buckingham, in the County ot Bucks, toAynhoe, in the County of Northampton, will be held at the WHITE- HART INN, in BUCKINGHAM, on TUESDAY the SEVENTH Day of APRIL next, at Twelve o'Clocjc at Noon. ROBERT MILLER, Clerk to the Trustees. Buckingham, 10th March, 1807. Coughs, Colils, Asthmas, and Consumptions. THOUSANDS of Persons have been cured by ROBBERDS's BALSAMIC ELIXIR, or COUCH DROPS, when reduced to the Brink ofthe Grave.— The following Letter is a further Proof of its Efficacy :— From a respectable Druggist to Mr. BUTLER. SIR,—, 1 have lately received from the Use of your ROBBERDS'S BALSAMIC ELIXIR, or COUGH DROPS, the greatest Benefit Which any Human Preparation can be the Means- of conveying to Distress: 1 was violently afflicted with a Cough, Cold( and Fever; they continued so long, and shattered my Frame so excessively, that at every Fit it was thought 1 could scarce survive another; my Food gave me no Nourish- ment, the Flesh was wasted" from my Bones, and I was for many Days delirious ; all' the Medical Assistance around Okehampton failed. A Lady of our Town now suggested to Mrs. Bazley, that remarkable Cures had been effected by Robbcrds's celebrated Balsamic- Elixir, or Cough Drops; a Trial was ma/ de ot it, and , the first Dose, by the Blessing of God, gave me very considerable Relief. From that Time I became every Day sensibly better; a single. . Bottle restored me to my former perfect Health,- a Recovery'altogether above the Expectation of mv Faqriily and Friends. I think it my Duty to make' these Facts as public as possible. I am, Sir, vour liiimble Servant, AARON BA- ZLEY, Druggist. OkelMntpton, June'lid, 1806. - (£ 3* A CAUTION.— Observe that R. Butler, No. 4, Cheapside, is engraved 011 a black JitamPr' which is affixed to each., Bottle ; all others are Counterfeits Sold, Wholesale and Retail, at Mr. BUTLER'S, NO. 4, Cheapside, London; and, Retail, by Dicey Sc Co. Edge, and Marshall, Northampton; and by most Medicine Venders in every Town; in Bottles at 2j. Sd. eath. V Wednesday and Thursday's Posts. IONDON, March 12. TRIAL OP SIR HOME POPHAM. THE trial of Sir Home Popliam commenced on Friday morning, on board the Gladiator, at Portsmouth, and did not terminate until yes- !•:. klaZLKY, D. RESS - MAKER and MILLINER, j •> ETURNS her most grateful Acknowledgments . iA to the I. adiesof DUNSTABLE and . ts Vicinity for the many Favours she has received, anil assures her Friends, every possible Attention shall be paid to their Commands. An APPRENTICE WANTED IMMEDIATELY to the above Business. Pumtable, March itf>, 1807. . . terday. etemng. The charges against Sir Home were, leav- ] iug the Cape aud trade of Good Hope exposed to danger, at a time when he knew several of the enemy's squadrons were at sea; neglecting the opportunity of seizing any enemy's ships that might put'into the bays there; and, 111 contempt of orders, undertaking a hazardous enterprise, ami diverting the application of the force entrusted tu him for an especial service. Mr. Jarvis was appointed to conduct the pro- secution, which oonsisted of 18 documents, which were tendered ill evidence, and proved after the manner of documentary testimony, in order to Substantiate the above charges. The several letters were afterw ards read, when the prosecution i was stated to be closed, no witnesses being called | by Mr. Jams. _ ] " Sir Home l'opham then' entered upon his de- j fence, and addressed tho Court at considerable i length. He afterwards called Lord Melville, . Mr. Iluskisson, and Mr. Sturges Bourne, to prove, j . that his proceeding to South America was in con- i sc- jiience of several personal communications RUGBY FAIR. rOTICE is hereby given, That the FAIR _ « usually held on the . Slst of MARCH, will ( owing to Daventry Fair falling on that Day) be. held on the 1st Day of APRIL next. N' T Northamptonshire Quarterage- Money. HE Chief Constables are to collect and pay- in, at the ensuing Sessions, Six single Quar- terly Payments. ' CHR. SMYTH, Clerk of the Peace. Northampton, March 14th, 1807. " TTTR A P ST O N AS SO C 1 A 1 I O N, For prosecuting THIEVES, CSc. & c. MIR General Annual Meeting of this Associ- 1 ation will be held at the Sign of the SWAN, in THUAPSTON, in the County of Northampton, on WEDNESDAY the 18th Day of MARCH instant. Dinner on the Table at Half- past One o'Clock. THOMAS KNIGHT, Treasurer. Twywell, March llrA, 1807. HARI. INGTON, March 12th, 1807. 1,1. Persons who have any Claims or Demand* upon Mr. LETCH, late ot HARLINOTON WOOD I END, in the County of Bedford ( who has lately retired | from Business), are requested to deliver to him an | . I UtVfcfi KIM? m Mti KAVIOA'iipN, VJ O'I'ICE is hereby given; That ft Meeting of - i. ^ the Commissioners of the Western Divisien of the above Navigation will be bolden at theGuiuj- HALL, in the Town of NORTHAMPTON, on FRIDAY the TENTH Day of APRIL next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, to'consider the Bye- Lava made, and now in Force, relating to the Western Division of the sahl Navigation, and to rescind or alter the same, and to make such new ones as may appear proper and necessary; and also to transact other Business concern- ing the said Navigation. By Order of the Commissioners, SAM. HOI. T, Clerk and Treasurer. Northampton, ith March, 1807. Rich Feeding Lund to Lett. VPerson will attend at the Wheat- Sheaf Inn, Daventry, in the County of Northampton, at Two o'Cloek on Thursday the 19th Day of March instant, to lett that new- erected MESSUAG E and FARM BUILDINGS, with the twelve CLOSES of rich ARABLE, MEADOW, and PASTURE LAND, situateat CATESBY, near Staverton, in the said County of Northampton, now in the Tenure of Mr. Thomas Janes, containing 232 Acres or there- abouts. And also all those CLOSES ot rich MEADOW and PASTURE LAND, lying at CHARWELTON, otherwise CFIARLTON, adjoining to Catesby. now in the Tenure of Mrs. Brown, containing MOAcres or thereabouts. Possession to be given at I. ady- Day next. Staverton, Id March, 1807. AJ i i i K-,, 1 « .; th Mr" Pitt and other Members 1 Account thereof; that the same may be discharged— I * Si Inch he had with Mr. 1 itt, and other Members . ^ ^ peJionJ who stalui indebted to the said Mr. , J\ BAKEHOUJ*,>_ full Trade MAitcit 3, ISO?. At a Meeting holden at the Cobwi- Y- HAjx, AYLESBURY, Bucks, Sir WM. CLAYTON, Bart, in thd Chair, A Plan being proposed for the Establishment of a GENERAL COUNTY FIRE INSURANCE, By an Association of the Noblemen and Gentlemen or the Counties of BUCKS, HUNTINGDON, BEDFORD, MIDDLESEX, BERKS, NORTHAMPTON, ESSEX, OXFORD, and HERTFORD, WARWICK; To which the following Noblemen have obligingly consented to become Trustees—- The Most Noble the Marquis of BUCKINGHAM, K. G. The Most Noble the Marquis of SALISBURY, K. G. The Right Honourable Lord BRAYBKOOKE; It ' was resolved, 1st, That it appears to this Meeting on the Plan new proposed, the Object of Fire Insurance Kiay be obtained by Country Residents mure advantageously than heretofore. 2d, That whatever Profits arise on these Transac- tions, will hence remain in the Counties trom whence they originated. Signed, WM. CLAYTON. The Prospectus of this Institution may be had gratis, of the Provincial Bankers throughout theabove Counties; of Messrs. Praeife, Digby, Box. Bernard, and Newcombe, 189, Fleet- Street; and at the Provi- dent Life Insurance Office, Southampton- Street, Strand, London; at all which Places Subscriptions for Shares will bf received at the ensuing Quarter- Sessions : The first Payment thereon will not take Place, in all Probability, for some Months, of which due Notice will be given; and until when, those subscribing will be at Liberty to withdraw their Names without incurring any Expence. of the late Administration; and to shew, that i however necessary it might be to restrain military j naval commanders from undefined operations j Letch, ate requested to pay their respective Debts either tohiin, or to Mr. Eagles, Solicitor, Ampthill, Bedfordshire) on or before the 12th Day of May next; of honilitv, it v; as as perfectly certain, that with- in Deliult thereof, they will be sued for the same out a liberal construction of those discretionary without further Notice. To powers with which they must be entrusted, all enterprise, zeal, and activity, would be infallibly destroyed. Sir Home having, finished his defence, he ad- ' dressed the- Court as follows;—" 1 here close my defence, and throw. myself entirely upon the justice and wisdom of this honourable Court ; I have suf- fered much in my feelings and character; but 1 do trust and hope your judgment will relieve the one Marsiori- Mortaine : WORSTED YARN MANUFACTURE.' OTICE is hereby given, That the Committee ^ . i.% appointed According to the Direction of ail Act ; Regis; or Mr. EAGLES, Att I of Parliament passed in the 25lh Year ot His present ' Ampt. hill, Feb. 13th, 1807. I Majesty's Reign, intitled, " An Act lor the more I effectually preventing Frauds and Abuses commuted j i by Persons employed in the Manufactures ot Combing Wool, Worsted Yarn, and Goods mace trom Worsted, , of Bedford, Huntingdon, Northampton To Tiakers. To be SOLD or LETT, nd may be entered upon immediately,. ' | Substantial DWELLING- HOUSE and with convenient O'ut- Offices, ill good Repair, Yard, and Garden, pleasantly situate in the Market Town of Amfi . HI, in the County of Bedford, in the Possession of tin- Proprietor; together with an ALLOTMENT of GROUND, lying lit a short Distance from the Pre- mises, and containing about an Acre. ! EFFECTS, on the Premises Apply for further Particulars to Mr. T. ft ET.- HEK, 1 TAYLOR, of POTSGROVE, in 1 • • - - - ! .. i... • , ...-. _ I.-. r STATE^ LOTTERY, Begins Drawing 14th APRIL, 1807. . PICKETS and SHARES are now selling 5b; J. BRANSCOMB & Co. joint Comractois'trf the present Lottery) and Proprietors of the Luckr Lottery- Offices, No. 11, IIOLHORN, 37, CORNHIEC, and 38, HAYMARKET, PICCADILLY; where the, firs .£. 30,000 Prize ever sold, likewise No. 12,719, tin last ^. 25,000, were both divided into Shares; aid, in the two last Years' Lotteries, the following- CX- l PITALS were sold by them in 267 diftirent Shaics, namely, Nos. £ t 3,330 entitled to 1,000 17,477 1,000 24,699 1,000 16,801 2,000 17,915 2,000 4,077 5,000 11,871 5,000 With 16 Prizes of £. 500, and a great Number " of Nos. £. 13,747 entitled to 10,000 4oS — 20,000 9,219 20,000 11,643 20,000 7,6* 6 20,020 7,757 20,022 12,719 — 25,000 T Mr. JOHN ANSTEE, Houghnm- ttoruey at Law, Anipihill. DEAD DAIRY STOCK, ! pa rate), five In- ca in. HUSB. AN DRY, and other ! Heifers ( Ditto), and [} Sturks, four Yearli I, one Nag Horse, one , .... , ,[ five Draught Horses; one Sow and seven Pigs, seven S( : Store Pigs, three fat Pigs, and a good Brawn, in the Counties ,. — „ , . ,, . , Leicester, Rutland, Lincoln, and the lSle of Ely, and rescue the other! If',' in my zeal for the service, | will holdtheir next Half- yearly Meeting at the W. IIIIE- I have exceeded the limits of due discretion, I I HART I SN. HI. THRXP. TON, on MONDAY the I « « NR .1 nave EXC- CCI. C THIRD Day of MARCH instant, tor the Purpose of putting the sajd Act into Execution. By Older of the Committee, HUGH JACKSON. Stamford, March 9th, 3807. trtst it will appear, that I was solely actuated by ] an anxious desire to promote the interests, the : honour, and the glory of illy country. Aided by inv brave followers, ami under the protection of Divine Providence, 1 was put into the possession of two Capital cities, in two different quarters of the " lobe. Upon an examination of my defence, I trust it will be found, that ' the head and front of toy offending,' is this— no more. I retire, trusting in your wisdom and justice, for my honourable acquittal." Sir Home having then, with his friends, with- drawn,- the Court was cleared, and after four hours' deliberation, and Sir Home having returned into the Court, the Judge- Advocate read the fol- lowing sentence:— " This Court having maturely considered the nature of the charges— heard all the evidence, and fully deliberated upon the whole of this case, are of opinion, that the charges have bee n proved against the said Captain Sir Home Popham ; that the with- drawing, without oVders so to do, the whole of unv naval force from the place where it is directed to. be employed, and the employing it in distant ope- rations against the enemy, more especially if the success of such operations should be likely to prevent its speedy return, may be attended with the most serious inconvenience to the public service, as the success of any plan formed by his Majesty's Ministers, for operations against the enemy, In which such naval force might he included, may, by- such removal, be entirely prevented; and the Court is further of opinion, that the conduct of the said Captain Sir llome popham, in the with- drawing the whole of tlte naval force, under his command, from the Cape of Good Hope, and th* ( i: oceeding with ll to the Rio de'la Plata, was highly t ensurabic - but in consideration of circumstances, the Court doth adjudge him TO BE ONLY sr. vEuti. v iti i RiMAxpt I)— And he is accordingly hereby stvrrtly reprimanded." Upon Sir Home 1' opham's getting out of the ship into the boat, he was cheered by acclamations from a vast number of boats which waited the issue of the trial, and also from an immense mul- titude assembled upon th* beach. As soon as Sir I Home had landed, the acclamations were repeated,, end the horses were taken from the carriage tW. i wailed to convey him to his lodgings, which - Sir i Home perceiving, he declined to enter the car- I riage ; and, after thanking the people for their j attention, exhorted them to disperse, in order llmt no improper imputation should be attached to their conduct. General Bennigsen has refused the incorpora- tion of the Silewan Levy with his own army. The Emperor Alexander hod left every thing to his discretion; and we understand that the Prussian Generals complain of him much. General Ben- uigspn, however, had vindicated himself to his Prussian Majesty, with whom he is honoured with the priritege of immediate correspondence. The result is said to be, that the King is better satisfied with him than his Ministry are. The smallness of the number of prisoners tnkeu « n the battle of Eyhtu, compared with such a loss in killed, is thus accounted for: A French bul- letin, in which the Russian soldiers had beeii branded with many opprobious epithets, had been translated into their own language, and read at the head of every division of the army. '. I diers indignant at the cahiuniy, resolved neither to ( jive nor take quarter with such a foe; and had not ! their General humanely promised a reward of a rouble for every Frenchman taken alive, not a prisoner would have been taken. Some private letters are said to have been re- ceived from the Continent, which represent the success of the Russians as much more decisive, in tb> batt- le of Eylau, than it is stated to have been in the official accounts. General Bennigsen, who so ablv commanded the Russian uriuius in Prussia and Poland, was for- merly in the British service. ft I* said that the French have lost near 100,000 Itien in Poland, by disease and the sword. ' fhr: f'jill for the Abolition pf the Slayi; Trade passed through a Cohimittee in the House of Com- mons, on Friday. Sir Charles Pole proposed, by way of amendment, that the abolition, instead of being immediate, should take place in the year 1312. A division tool; place, when there appeared for the immediate abolition a majority of 175 to 17. We cAngratulate the country on the consis- tency of the House in, a measure which is. so essential to sound policy, as well as tojustice and humanity. Remorse of Conscience.—- As two police officers of London were on their return from Hertford assizes to Cbwii, they fell into company with a strange man, '. vho confessed himself to have been one of a party iVho had murdered Doctor Bailey, about- 12 years jince, near Long- Sutton, Lincolnshire. They To Postmasters anil others. Y ORDER OF THE ASSIGNEES Will be by AUCTION, PREMISES). SOLD ( ON TIL By Mr. IVM. H A 11, K Y, On Wednesday the 18th of March instant, 1807, 1.1. the LIVE and DEADSTOCK, & c. & c. late the Property of Mr. THOMAS WI l. KINS, at the ANGEL INN, ST. ALBAN'S, in the County J of Herts ( a Bankrupt). ' Tusmore, Oxfordshire, Near BRACKLEY, Northamptonshire. To be SOLI) bv PRIVATE CONTRACT, ! | TpWARDSof IBuOcapital fineOAKTLMBER • V TREES, now standing, with the Top, Lop, | and Bark ; also, upwards of 1200 ENDS of fine ASH i 1' IMB'KR, and I000 ENDS. of ELM ; also i! H) ELM j T1 Mil 1" R FREES, standing, with Top and I. op; with I BEECH, SYCAMORE, and other TIMBER! TREES. [ The Oak and Flm are of large Meetings* and ex- I ceeding fine Navy Timber; the Oak superior lo anv in the Kingdom, the gieatest Part very large. If the above Timber is not sold by Private Contract ! MFNYS' by tile26th Hay of March insiaiit, the same will be and nsehi be S O L 1) by A U C T I O N. By ANDREW GARDNER, On Monday the Ifith Day of March, 1807, " MIK LIVE and IMPLEMENTS of Mr. EDWARD the County of Bedford, who is leaving his Farm; consisting of 22 useful Dairy Cows; 50 fat Wether Sheep, eight Couples 13 Sheep, With Lambs and to Lamb, and five Rams; 14 Milk- Leads and Stands, a large Lead Cream- Cistern, three Pair of Milk- Buckets, and an Eight- dozen strong Barrel- Churn and Stand; about 2000 Faggots, in Lots; one. stout Waggon, and a Six- inch. wheel Cart ; two Hoy-' f roughs ; two Hovel- Frames ; a small Washing- Copper; and various other Effects. The Sale to begin precisely at Eleven o'Clock in the Morning. To i'. loo, > C. 50, Itc. Scc. Please to observe, there are more Capital Prizes in the present Lottery than ever were in any former one, with only 25,000 Tickets, therefore, an early Purchase is recommended, as the first- drawn on the four first Days will be entitled to =£. 20,000each, over and above the Chance of all the floatin* Capitals. TICKETS and SHARES are likewise selling by Mr. W. BIRDS A LI., AGENT, NORTHAMPTON. Capital Stock if Sharp, Cotes, S, c. To be S O L O by A U C T 1 O N, By DANIEL FROST, ' On Monday the 23d and Tuesday the 24th Days of March, 1807, on the Premises, at the STRING FARM, at KENILWORTH, in the County of Warwick, in the Occupation of Mr. THOMAS HANDI. EY, who is leaving his Farm. TIE LIVESTOCK consists of 107 Ewes and . Theaves, In. lamb ( in Lots), 7S fat Shearhogs ( ill LotS), 120 Ewe and Wether Tegs fin Ditto), and live Rams ( in Ditto); two Cows antf Calves ( se- ,- calf Cows ( Ditto), six ln- calf ten barren Cows ( Ditto); four Sturks, four Yearlings, and one Bull, well- bred; one Nag Horse, one F.- ur- year- old Blood Mare, and 1 iT ' of the LIVE and DEAD j AIRY STOCK, 1 MPI. E- j A1 be. S O I, 1) by A U C T 1 O N, By ANDREW GARDNER, On Wednesday the 18th Day of March, 1807 M1E remaining PART FARMING and DA HUSBANDRY, PART of the genteel „,,„,,. same W| U b0 ; and useful HO USE HO I. D- FU RN ITURf., and other | put up to Sale by Public Auction, on the 8Ui Day ot 1 ].; v f IU.' TS, on the Premises of Mrs. 01) E LL, of : 1 " caves and Tegs are trom Rams hired from Mr. | APril » > « * » • „ . , , . , | HOLC'UT- MOORS, in the County of Bedford, who is U ™ bcrs-, - , I For further Particulars, and to treat for the same, | leaving her Farm • consisting of four strong useful , Jllc above Stock are very " seffil, have been well J apply to Messrs. HOPCR » FT & SON, Crowtou, near; Draught Horses, and one good Road Mare; one ' AND bred with great Attention and Care for j B^ J6* i and ior a View ot the " n"-'. at Tusinore , Waggon, one Six- inch- wneel Cart, with a Timber- " Carriage to fit to Ditto Wheels, one Narrow- wheel well- bred. The IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY and HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE consist of One Six- inch- wheel Waggon, two Narrow- wheel Ditto, two Six- inch wheel Carts, one Narrow- wheel Ditto, and one light tilted Market- Cart; two Rolls, double and single Ploughs, Harrows, and Scuffle; Gearing for five Horses," andodd Ditto; Plough- Bends and Traces ; Fans, Sieves, Riddles, tivi- good Staddles, & c. ; with a Variety of other Implements in the Farming Business ; Four- post and other Bedsteads and Bedding; Chairs and Tables; Chest of Drawers ; Feather and Flock- Beds; with all the Kitchen, Brewing, and Dairy Utensils. The Live Stock « nd Implements of Husbandry will be sold the first Day. The Sheep are of the Leicestershire Breed, from Rams hired of Mr. Russell and Mr. Harris; the House. The above Timber is only six Miles from the Oxford and Coventry Canal, eight Miles from the Grand The SIOCK comprises 18 useful Post Horses, in good ! jullctiml Canal, and eighteen Miles front the Thames Condition; five Post- Chatses; eight Pair ot Wheel I Wharf Oxford. Harness, in good Condition, two Pair of long Ditto, and sundry odd Ditto; two Saddles and" Bridles, three Corn- Bins, with sundry Implements; which will be particularized in the Catalogues, which will be pre- pared, and may be had, indue Time, at the Post Inns on the different Roads ; also at the Woolpack and Angel Inns, St. Aiban's; and of the Auctioneer, at Grcat- Kcr: tvinisted, . Herts. The Sale will commence at Eleven o'Clock. Whittlewood Fortsl. To bo SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY, At the Rein- Deer, in POTTE RSPU RY, on Monday the 16th of March, 1807, A Large QUANTIT Y of OAK SLABS, in Lots, the Property of His MAJESTY. Catalogues will be ready in due . Time, and may be had of Mr. Thorn, Purveyor, in the said Forest; at the Fox- and- Hounds, Whittlebury; the Place of Sale; aud of the Auctioneer, in Stony- Stratford. ' l'lie Sale to begin exactly at Eleven o'Clock. Household- Furniture, Ifc. To be SOI, D by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY, Oil Saturday, the 21st of March, 1807, on Hie Pre- mises, at the WOOLPACK, near the BRIDGE, in F ENNY- STRATFORD, Bucks, rS" lli; HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, and other j EFFECTS, ot Mr. WRIGHT, who is leaving the said House; comprising Four- post and other Bedsteads, wilh printed Cotton and other Furnitures ; I leather aud Flock - Beds; Quilts and Blankets; j. Dining, Tea, and other Tables; Chairs, & c. ; Bed ; and Table Linen ; Beer Casks, Brewing- Copper, Tubs, and various other Articles. lhe Sale to begin cxactly at Eleven o'Clock. To be " TO L D bv A U C^ TTcTn, By JOHN DA Y, On Tuesday the 24tli of March, 1807, at the Sign of the Plough, at WOOLV E R EON - END, near STONY- STRATFORD, in one tot, between tke Hours of Six and Seven o'Clock in the Evening, ' pWO FREEHOLD MESSUAGES or TENF- i M E NTS, Stone and Tile- built, in complete Repair, with a Stable, Yard, and Garden, in the Occupations of Thomas Brown and John Griffin — Also, ONE other TENEMENT adjoining, in the Yard, iu the Occupation of William Bambroks. For further Particulars, enquire of the Auctioneer, in Stony- Stratford aforesaid. Capital Sheep and other Stock. To be SOL D by A U C T I O N, By JOHN DAY, On Wednesday the 1st Day of April, 1807, on the Premises, at GAYHURST, near Newport- Pagnell, Bucks ( without Reserve), rsMIE valuable STOCK, kc. the Property of 0 Miss WRIGHTE, having lett the Land in her own Occupation; comprising 51 Western Ewes, 29 South- Down Ditto, 18 Leicester Ditto, and 21 Welch reao at j Dittu ( the Whole with Lambs and to Lamb), and two he sol- J South- Downandone Western Tup; four Dairy Cows, I vo Heifers, one Two- year- old and one yearling Bull, and ten Welch Runts; two stout Cart Horses; one Waggon, and one Nine- inch and one Narrow- wheel Cart; one Draining- Plough, and two others ; one large stout Drag- Harrow ( new), Field- Roll, Horse Harness, aiid various other Effects. The above Stock is well worth the Notice of the Public, great Attention having been paid in selecting the same by competent Judges. The Sale will commence at the Farm. adjoining the Road from Northampton to Newport- Pagnell, exactly at Ten o'Clock. Tu COVER, this Season, 1807", /~< ANTERBURY, the Property of WUUM HIGGINJ, of Higham- Park, at'TwoGuiheasand Half- a- Crown each Mare. CANTERBURY was got by PotSos, his Bam by Alfred, an own Sister to Tickle Toby ; his Grand- dam by King Herod, ilis Great- grand- dam an own Sister to Eclipse. * In 1799, Canterbury won a Sweepstakes at Stamford, beating Vandal, Duplicity, and Tankersly, late Sir Solomon, and Sir F. Standish'sb. c. by Sir Peter, out of Storace. In LBOO, he also won the Claret Stakes at New- market, boating Vivaldi and Sir F. Stamlish's Brother lo Spread Eagle; he also won the Petworth Stakes at Brighton, beating Bobtail, Cadet, and His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales's Speculator; he also won the King's Plate at Canterbury, beating Ratifa; likewise won .=£. 50 the next Day, beating Tuneful and Sophia. In 1801, he won £. 50 at Stamford, beating truss and Cockboat; he won a Sweepstakes the same Day, beating Fanny, Georgina, Mr. VVatson's c. by Delphini; he received ft. from Mr. F. Nettle's Humbug, first 3 M. of B. C. - In 1802, he won £. 50 at Newmarket,, beating brought him to town at his own request to Stand: pencil- horn, Whirligig c. by Toby, and Mr. Sitwell's • •• <• • -• • "(- tr..! Li '. yrvn ; he also won two Fifties at Huntingdon, and examination, and he gave directions to the oil' where to find his associates iu the country, wlier ftuV » r » g iiic- ui sjusM of them. ran a good Race at Lincoln, with Sir Solomon. N B Good Grass ftr Mires, with Care, at 4s. pit Week. 6d. March 3d, 1807. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By J. P. CVLLINGWORTH, On Monday, the lfith Day of March, 1K07, and fol- lowing Day, on the Premises of the late Mr. JO H N HICKMAN, deceased, at NEWNHAM, near Da- ventry, in the County of Northampton, All, the LIVE and DEAD FARMING- STOCK of the said late Mr. HICKMAN ; con- sisting ot four Oxen, two In- calf Milch Cows, and one barren Cow; 24 Ewes In- lamb, and 30 Tegs; 60 Fleeces of good Wool, at per Tod; one Aged Hackney Horse; one Waggon, Saddle and Bridle, one Thiller Horse's Clearing, arid sundry Implements in Husbandry, Also, the neat and useful HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, ( SEE.; comprising Bedsteads, Beds and Bedding, Tables and Chairs, and Household Goods in general; together with sundry Dairy and Brewing Utensils; the Whole divided into convenient Lots. The Sale to commence with the Farming- Stock precisely at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon of the first Day, and the Sale of Part of the Household- Furniture, 5 c. immediately after the Sale of the Farming- Stock; and the Remainder on the Day following. '"' 0 Parlours, Catalogues may be had of the Auctioneer, Daventrv, Sleepin.- Rooms, on Wednesday naxt. ' 1 r" mm", lm, K r' To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. CHENEY, On Wednesday next the 18th ot March, upon the Premises at NORTH- KILWORTH, in the County of Leicester, A LI, the LIVE and DEAD STOCK of Mr. li THOMAS MORTON, who is leaving his Farm: Consisting of 67 very capital In- Umb Ewes, 51 I. ambhogs, two in- calvcd Cows, one Cow and Calf, three barren Cows, two stout Diaught Horses, one Nag Mare, two good Waggons, two (.' arts, Wheel and common Ploughs, double and single Harrows, Corn- Screen, Winnowing- Fan and Barn- Tackle in general, Gearing complete for four Horses, three Sets of Thillei's Tackling, tw » Corn- Hovels with Stone Pillars, about 25 Tons of fine gevv and old Hay, and sundry other Articles. N. li. The Sheep will be penned by Nine o'Clock in the Morning, for the Inspection of the Company ; and the Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock exactly. The Auctioneer requests the Company to mei- t at the Swan Inn, Notth- Kilworth aforesaid, early in the Morning, and from ther. ee proceed lo the Place of Sale. Cart, a Timber- Gin, and a Taxed Cart ; Harness for three Horses; six Dozen of Hurdles, anil a Number of strong Oak Gate Flurdles; Cow and Sheep- Cribs; a Roll, Draining- Plough, two Wheelbarrows, Forks, j Rakes, fee.; 13 Milk- Leads, six Milk- Pails, six Milk- Kivers, Cream- Tubs, & c. The HOUSEHOLD- F URNITUR E, & c. consists of Four- post and Tent Bedsteads, with printed Cotton aud Check Furnitures; Feather and Flock- Beds; Mattresses, Blank ts. Counterpanes, and Quilts; many Years. The Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock each Day. To be SOLD by A I! C T 1 ON, By RICHARD SMITH, On Thursday the 26th Day of March, 1807, at the Sign of the Crown, in Great- Gidding, in the County ot Huntingdon, between the Hours » f Three and , Four tfi the At'ternpon ( unless previously disposei of by Private Contract), A BOUT 14 ACRES of ARABLE and LEY LAND, with the CO W and SHE E P COM. Bedside - Carpets'; Pier and Dressing- Glasses; Parlour MONS to the same belonging, lying in the open and Claw ' co » imon Fields of GREAT- G1 DDINf" " To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. CIIEi\£ Y, On Thursday next the 19th of March, upon the Pre- mises at' SCAl. DWELL, in the C# unty o Noithamoton, PARI' ' of the LIVE and DEAD STOCK of Mr. STEPHEN COX, who is going to another Situation : Consisting of four fine fat Hogs, two in- pig'd Yells, two Sows and Pigs, two in- foaled Mares, a capital four- year- old Road Horse, a stout Milter s Cart, about 20 Loads of good Manure, chine with three Cylinders, a Brush bunty Wheat, and several lots of " ture and Dairy- Utensils, Tubs, Barrels, Buckets, and sundry other Articles. The Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock. Ti. be~ SOLD by AUCT10 n7 By Mr. CHENEY, On Monday the 2 Id and Tuesday the 24th Days of March, 1807, upon the Premises, at Hatelbeecb, in Northamptonshire, ALL the useful and genteel HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, and other EFFECTS, late the Property of Mr. JOHN SLATER, deceased; con- sisting of Oak Four- post and Stump Bedsteads, with Check and Cotton Furniture; Father and Flock- Beds, Quilts, Blankets, See.; Mahogany Dining, Tea, Dressing, and Card Tables; several Sets of Mahogany and Common Chairs; Night- Stools and Bason- Stands; Pendant and Swing Looking- Glasses; Glass Bottles and Earthenware; Culinary Articles, in Tin, Brass, Copper, Sec. with most of the Requi- sites for the Kitchen and Pantry; Barrel and Hand- Churns, Cheese- Press, Milk- Leads, and Dairy Uten- sils in general; seasoned Iron- bound Hogsheads, Half- Hogsheads, and lesser Casks; Mash- Vat, Buck and VVort Tubs, Sec. ; a good Eight- day Clock, in Wainscot japanned Case; a handsome Gig, with Plated Harness; a stout Waggon ; a tine fat Hog, and two Flitches of good Bacon; about 4 or 5 Cwt. of capital Cheese, and sundry other Articles. The Sale to begin each Morning at Ten o'Clock. The fat Hog, Bacon, Cheese, Waggon, and Gig, will be sold on the first Day's Sale. Chairs, with Horse- Hair Seats; Pillai aud Tables; Dining Tables; Pewter and Brass; sweet Iron- bound Casks; a Quantity of'Carpenter's Tools; a Quantity of Cooper's Ditto; a Melon- Frame, with three Lights; two Turner's Lathes and Tools; three Fowling - Picces; and a great Variety of useful Articles. The Sale to begin exactly at Ten o'Clock in the Morning, on Account of the Number of Lots, as the Whole is intended to be sold in one Day, if possible. To be S O I. I) by A U G TT(>~ N~ By Mr. BERRY, At the Bell Inn, Winslow, Bucks, on Thursday the 26th of March, 1807, at Two o'Clock, under Con- ditions of Sale to be then and there produced, A N Eligible CorruoLii ESTATE; situate in / V the MARKET- PI. ACE, WINSLOW, Bucks, viz. a convenient new- built Dwelling- House, comprising Hall, Kitchen, three comfortable Cellar, Brewhouse, large Yard, - a commodious Carpenter's Shop, back Buildings, | Stables, and large Garden; forming together a very ! desirable Residence for Trade; the Flouse is occupied i as a Ladies' Boarding- School, by Mrs. Chiffney, and | the Shop and Out- buildings by the Proprietor, Mr. | William Ward, Carpenter, who will shew the Pre. | mises. Quit- Rent, per Annum, 2d.; Land- Tax, | ditto, £. 1 2s. ; and anHerioton Death, according to ! the Custom of the Manor. Also will be sold, in the Morning of the same Day, a Quantity of Deals, Boards, Scantlings, and odd Timbers, a Lathe complete, two Carpenter's Benches, i six new f. adders, and various other Articles; Cata- ! logues of which will be delivered at the Bell Inn, : Winslow; the Cock, Whitchurch; and by Mr. Berry, ; General Agent, Walton Terrace, Aylesbury. For further Particulars respecting the Estate, apply to Mr. WILI. IS, Solicitor, Winslow. I To be SO L D by AUCTIO N, liy Mr. BROOKS, . On the Premises, on Tuesday the 21th of March, 1807, and following Day, ' \ RT of the genteel ItOUSEHOLD- FURNT- ' t. TURE, FARMING UTENSILS, and sundry valuable EFFECTS, of Mr. LETCH, at HARI ING- | ION WOOD END, in the County of Bedford, who is retiring from Business; consisting of neat Four. post at ADDERBURY- HOUSE, the genuine Property of J. C. FIELD, Esq. ( whois retiring to a distant j Bedsteads, with Dimity and other Furnitures; hand- Part of the Country;; comprising Drawing- Room j some Walnut- tree Bureau and Book- Case, w ith Plate I Suits, of the most distinguished Splendour ar, d Taste; e- ! Glass Doors; Dressing and other Chests of Drawers; I excellent Cabinet Furniture, in Mahogany and Satin G aforesaid. Mr, BECTON, the Tenant, will slitw the Lands; and for further Particulars, apply to Mr. BALDERSTON, Solicitor, Oundle. White- Lion Inn, London Colney, near St. Aiban's, with the valuable Right of immediate Possession. To be S OLD by AUCTIO N, By Mr. PRICKETT, At Garraway's Cofl'ee- House, ' Clunge- Alley, Corn- hill, London, on Thursday the 26th of March inst. at Twelve o'clock, pursuant to the Will of Mrs. Howard, deceased, unless disposed of by Private Contract before the 23d, r| ' HE valuable FREEHOLD and COPYHOLD L ESTATE, comprising the old- established, well- known INN, called the WHITE- LION ; containing numerous Chambers, Dining- Raoms aud Offices, Stabling for 100 Horses, large Yards and Garden, and upwards of 13 Acres and a Half of rich Meadow Land; advantageously situated on the high North Road, at LONDON COLNEY, about three Miles from St. Aiban's. May be viewed, and printed Particulars had on the Premises; at the Woolpaek, St. Aiban's; Sugar- Loaf, Dunstable; Essex- Arms, Watford; Salisbury- Arms, Hatfield; White- Flart, Mimms; Green- Man, Hadley; Cross- Keys, St. John'a- Street, London; Garraway's Cofiee- House; and of Mr. Prickett, High- gate, Middlesex. Splendid Drawing- Ro » m Suits, elegant Cabinet Fur- niture, sumptuous Bedding, Turkey * W other Carpets, Marble Slabs, brilliant Mirrors, Pier and Ciimney Glasses of great Magnitude and Perfection, Ir. dU Cabinets, rare sld China, valua'le Paintings, Philo- s'. phical Instruments, Merlin s HygeUn Chair, Post- Chaise, rwo Gigs, Pleasure- Boat, aud other valuable Effects, ADDERBURY- HOUSE, OXFORDSHIRE. To be- S O L D bv AUCTION, By Mr. GARDNER, On the Premises, on Monday the 30th Day of March, 1807, and following Days, MIAT very extensive and magnificent As- semblage of superb and costly FURNITURE, T Dining, Sec.; bronzed Scotch Carpets Dressing, and Claw Tables, in Mahogany, tized Tea- Urns, and a bronzed Colfre- Ditto; Set of fine India China, and three a Variety noble India China Punch- Bowls; Chairs; j of good Kitchen- Furniture, in Copper, Brass, and i Pewter; Copper- Still and Worm- Tub ; 12 gi bound Hogsheads and Puncheons; a good Iro anure, a Flour Ma- ; M- Bushel Mash- Vat, and smaller Ditto; t] sh- Mill for cleaning i Garden Seats; two good Fowling- Pieces, TV f Household- Purni of Pistols, & c. ; capital Narrow- wheel Wag; Mahogany i Wood; Pier Tables and large Marble Slabs; brilliant Pier and Chimney Glasses, Mirrors, See. of very large Dimensions; Turkey, Wilton, Kiussels, and Kidderminster Carpets; India Cabinets; curious old China ; a fine large Painting of the Lion and Lioness, Tub'; good Iron-! by Trcsham ; another valuable old Painting ( Dure Puncheons ; Iron- bound I Scotus), by Spanniolet; and two others, by Back- three neat TXvo Brace Waggon, two Dung Carts, aud a Water Cart; Ploughs and Harrows; a good Suffolk Plough ; a capital Two- year- old l illy, hv Darter; Shaft- Roll; 15 Dozen of Hurdles; two Stone Malt - Mills; two large Corn- Bins; Horse Harness ; and sundry other Ffleets. The Waggon, Carts, lie. will be sold the first Day ; and the Sale to begin at Eleven o'Clock each Day. Elegant Household- Furniture. To be SOLD by AUCT'tO N, By Mr. BROOKS, On the Prr- mises, at CLOPIIILL, Beds, on Saturday the 28th of March, 1807, and two following Days ( Sunday excepted), A LL the genteel HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, l\ and sundry valuable EFFECTS, of the late JOHN DILLY. Esq.; consisting of lofty Four post Bedsteads, with Mahogany Feet Pillars ; Morine and other Furnitures; festoon Window - Curtains; Cranky Mattresses ; fine seasoned Goose and other Feather- Beds ; Quilts, Counterpanes, and fine large Blankets; elegant Mahogany Chest of Drawers, with Secretary Drawer and Book- Case, with glazed Doors; Mahogany double, single, and Dressing Chests of Drawers; a good Rose- Wocyd Linen Chest; Dining, Dressing, Card, and Claw Tables, in Mai lOgany ; noble Pier Glasses, with Borders and Gilt Frames; Girandoles; good Eight- day Clock, and a 30- Hour Ditto; Wilton and other Carpets; commode Fenders and Fire- Irons; Mahogany and Cottage stained Chairs; Sofas; Night- Tables, Sideboards, Bureaus, and Bason- Stands ; Wine Celleret ; China, Glass, and cream- tpT All Persons who stand indebted to the Estate coloured Ware; a good Iron Chest; Kitchen- Furni- d Efiects of Mr. John Slater, deceased, are re- ture in general; Iron- bound Vessels, Sec. ; also, a Half- past Ten and quested to pay their respective Debts to Mr. Robert Buswell,- ol Arthingworth, or they will he sued for ( lie same without further Notice; and all Persons who have any Claims or Demands op the said Estate, are desired forthwith to deliver an Account thereof, ( to Mr. Robert Buswell, in order that they may be dischtrjed'. neat One- horse Chaise and Harness. The Sale to begin precisely at o'Clock each Day. May be viewed on the Mornings of Sale. Catalogues may be had at the Plac? of Sale; and of Mr. Brooks, Sworn Appraiser and Auctioneer, Clpphill, Beds. hausen; a Camera Obscura, Electrical Machine, Air Pump, Pair of 12- Inch Globes, Telescope, kc.; Merlin's Chair for the Infirm, and his Hygeian Swing Chair;, a Bedstead and Furniture of extra- ordinary Magnificence, the Canopy about six Feet deep, arrayed in rich Crimson Silk Damask; a Va- riety of Four- poit and other Bedsteads and Furniture; all the Feather Beds, which are remarkably clean and well seasoned; Wool and curlfd Hair Mattresses; Blankets, Sec.; a long printed Table Service; Glass; Plated Articles ; and the usual Description of Culi- nary and. Kitchen Requisites ; all the lierr Casks ( in excellent Preservation), 100 Dozen of Glass Bottles, and many other Efiects, too numerous for Insertion. Also, a PLEASURE- BOAT, with four Oars; a POST- CHAISE, two GIGS, Sec. The Goods may be viewed four Days previous to the Sale, between the Hours of Eleven and Three, but not on the Mornings ot Sale. Catalogues will be ready tor Delivery on the 19th Instant, at 6d. each ( to be returned to Purchasers), and ma) be had at the Printers' of the Northampton, Warwick, and Oxford Papers; at the principal Inns in the Neighbourhood; Place of Sale; - and of ihe Auctioneer, Banbury. Warwickshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, TN SEVERAL LOTS, At the Spread- Eagle, in Rugby, on Saturday the 4th Day of April next, at Four o'Clock in the After- noon, unless before disposed of by Private Contract, ACapital and very improvable FREEHOLD ESTATE ; consisting of the Manors of Grand- borough and Woolscott, of two Farm- Houses, ana 349 Acres and upwards of very rich Arable and oltf Pasture and Meadow Land, situate in the Hamlet of WOOLSCOTT, in the Parish of GRANDBORO. UCH„ in the County of Warwick,' adjoining the Chester Turnpike- Road. The Land- Tax and Poor's Rates are remarkably low. Apply, for further Particulars, to Mr. BURTON. Attorney, Daveutry; or Mr. JOHN' Cownt, * T Welton. ' ft Friday ami Saturday's Posts. LONDON, March 13. TllE Liberty, Smith, arrived at Hull, on Wed- nesday morning, from Tonningen, which place she left on the 5th inst. states, that on the preceding dayy at a merchant's house, he heard a letter rctid, dated Koifigsburgh, Feb. 26, in which it was stated that the Russians had completely de- feated the French, with the loss of from 20,000 to 30,000 men, and driven them across the Vistula. A letter had also been received at Tonningen, from Frankfort, but the date of which he did not bear, in which it was announced, that the Austrians had declared against the French. A merchant from Hamburgh, who bad left that place on the first, stated, that at that date, only 500 French troops were left in Hamburgh, and that the Burgher guard bad heen resumed ; the Freiich had enforced a con- scription of one in six, of the youth at Hamburgh, from 16 to a certain age, unless they could redeem themselves bv a line proportioned to their situation in life; and 600 of them, this gentleman said, had been marched off to the army. Captain Smith has brought no Danish Papers. Lord Grenv. ille, last night, intimated in the House of Lords, thai, the state of tint public business af- forded the strongest expectation that Parliament ' might rise at a much curlier period than for many preceding Sessions. A large oak- tree, in the deer- park of T. Whit- more, Esq. M. Pi for Bridgnorth, was last, week sold. for . i. 12( 3. m Mr. M' K 0 R K E L L ESPECTFULLY acquaints the Nobility, !' TL entry, and his Friends, that he will give a * ' BALL to his PUPILS in NORTHAMPTON and its Vicinity, early in MAY ; and tor which, Cards of Invitation will be sent iii due- Time. . The BAND of Music will consist of the best Per- formers ( as engaged at his Annual Ball); the Harp by Mr. WICLCOX. Parade, Northampton, March 1th, 1807. • Stewards. Messrs. WILLAN 4 LEVI RESPECTFULLY. inform the Public, that from MONDAY the 9th Instant, their NORTHAMPTON LIGHT COACH, ( To carry four Insides onlyJ, will leave LONDON and NORTHAMPTON at Seven o'Clock every Morning, and continue to set out daily from each Place, at the Same Hour; altd will ajrivt in London and Northampton every Afternoon at Half, past Four. The NORTHAMPTON OLD COACH, at re- duced Fares, leaves London and Northampton at Five o'Clock every Morning. Inside Fare 12s. Outside Dit; o 7s. Inside front Newport-- 10s. Outside from Ditto 5s. Passengers by this Coach will Breakfast at the Swan Imi » Newport- Pagnell, every Morning, in their Way to Town, at Seven o'Clock. Places secured, and Parcels booked, at their Coach- Oitice, Ram Inn, Newport- Pagnell. It. WF. BBE & J. tSOTTERILL • » ESPECTFULLY inform the Ladies and Gen- ii- tlcmen of LUTTERWORTH and RUGBY, and adjacent Villages that ( by particular Desire] they intend to have a CONCE RT and BALL, on TUESDAY the 31st of MARCH, at the DENKI GH- ARMS, LUTTER- WORTH; and at the SPREAD- EAGLE, RUGBY, on the THIRD of APRIL, 1807. R6v. T. BURNABY,-} Rev. H. WOOL1. EY, Rev. J. SLEATH, Mr... W. BUTLIN, ) Particulars in a future Paper. " " THITEAD- LACE MA NUFACTORYR" A T the last Meeting held at the Swan Inn, in J \ Newport- 1' agnell, the 18th of February, 1807, an adjourned Meeting was appointed to be held at the BULL INN, in OLNEY, on WEDNESDAY the v'e i 18th Instant, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon. J. H. TALBOT. J. H. HANDSCOMB. March Uth, 1807. CHARLES'SMITH. THE THIRD COUNTY ASSEMBLY WILL be at the GEORGE INS, NORTSAMPTOK, on FRIDAY the 20t. h of MARO- H. GEORGE PA. YNE, Esq. ) „ T. S. VY_. SAM WE 1.1., - Esq. $ Stewards- sftJt. BUCK ISO IIAM FOURTH SUBSCRIPTION BALI, TJV7 ILL be held at the COBUAM- AKMS INN, on v T THURSDAY, MARCH 19th, 1807. Dancing to commence at Eight o'Clock. BA N B URY THIRD & LAST SUBSCRIPTION ASSEMBLY VV/ U. L be held at the WHITE- LION, 011 FRIDAY T the 20tl » of MARCH instant. The HARPER will attend. BEDFORD FOURTH ASSEMBLY " YY ILL be at the SWAN INN, on TUESDAY N' ESSEX'S PATENT WOOL RUGS. " J AMES ESSEX wishes to return his most • r grateful Acknowledgements to the Nbbility, j co'ncerned at Gentry, and others, tor the numerous Favours con- ferred upon him, and the high and very liberal Patronage with which he has long been honoured, for manufacturing WOO L M ATS or " R U G S of COTTE D WOOL: he has now the Pleasure to inform rhe Public in general, that he is manufacturing eleglint WOOL RUGS, of various Colours, Figures, lat- terns and Sizes, suitable for Carriages, Halls, Parlottrj, Hearths, Bedsides, See. for which he has obtained IIIS MAJESTY'S ROYAL PATENT, and which may be had at his House in - Bridge- Street, Northampton. N B. White Wool Rugs, as usual, of a superior Quality. Howell Hundred and Manor Courts. JfOTlCE is hereby given, That the Views of the FRANK PLEDGE, with the'COURTS LEET and COURTS BARON of GEORGE HILL, Esquire, his Majesty's Serjeant at Law, for his HUNDRED of K (> W E L L, and also for his MANOR of ROWELf, in the County of Northampton be held ar'theusual Place, OUTHURS- DAY the SECOND |. Day © f APRIL next, at fen o'Clock in the Forenoon; when and where rhe respective Tenants ami Persons concerned ate required to make their personal Appear- j ance, do their respective Suit ' and Service, and pay \ their respective Quit- Rents and other Rents, due to i the said Lord for the said Hundred and Manor; and the . Constables tor the last Year, within tile said Hundred, are requited 10 attend with their Suit and i Service and Fealty Rolls ; and ( he ilew Constables, Thirdboroughs, and Parish- Officers, to be sworn into ! Office, and the old ones' to he discharged, on Pain of the Penalty to be incurred bv Default. JOHN NEWTON GOODHALL, Steward. March l'Jth, IH07. T To CREDITORS. IIE CREDITORS of Mr. RICHARD MAYO JONES, late of GREENSNORTON , in the County of Northampton, Laud- Surveyor, Schoolmaster, and Auctioneer, deceased, are requested to meet his Exe- cutor at the Office of Mr. KTRBY, Attorney at Law, in TOWCESTF. R, oh WEDNESDAY next, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon precisely, to consult on special Affairs relative to the Estate and Effects of the Deceased. Towcester, March lith, 1807. the 31st of MARCH. OH1 WM. JOHN GREEN, Esq. 5 c> . WATKINS, Esq. 5 Stewards- CUUR( : N PREFERMENT. • yyANTED to exchange, A LIVING in a rp NEWPORT - I'AONELL ASSOCIATION, For prosecuting Felons and Robbets HE'General Annual Sleeting of the Subscribers to this Association will be held at the SWAN J ,, I* N, in N EWPORT- PACK ELL, on TUESDAY the 17th destrable Part of the County of Leicester, ot ; Dav 0f March instant, at the Hour of Twelve at | the annual Value ot £. 500, tor one in any other ; Nooll> for the purpo$ cof examining and passing the County— or Wanted to Purchase, a LIVING tenable . Treasurer's Accounts, renewing their Subscriptions, with the above, for which a liberal Price will be ana appointing a Committee lor the Year ensuing, given. .. I WM. LUCAS, Treasurer and Solicitor. For Particulars, apply to Mr. TYNDALE, Solicitor, , Newport- Pjgne/ J, March 10th, 1807. Lincoln's- Inn- Fields, London. ' — GEN'IREI. RESIDENCE. To be LETT, And may be entered upon at Lady- Day next, A Conveu'ient HOUSE, situate in the airy and | r\ pleasant Village of HA RDINGSTO N, ad- will I joining Northampton; consisting of a handsome Par- j lour, Hall, Kitchen, Brewhouse, and Pantries, on i the Ground Floor; tour good Sleeping- Rooms, one | Fair; with suitable Attics; good Cellar and Out- | Offices; Yard, Orchard, Gardens, & c. ; fit for the Reception of a genieel Family. For further Particulars, enquire of Mr. KIRSHAW, Survevor and Auctioneer, Northampton. March Vith, 1807. To be LETT, ~ " And entered upon at Lady- Day next, \ Pleasant and convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, situate in DEN FORD, in the County of Northampton; consisting of four Rooms, on the first Floor, with Cellar, & c.; also, four Bedrooms, exclusive of Garrets; with a Barn, Stable, Granarv, atld other O utbulldings, and large Yard and Garden, weil planted with choice Fruit Trees, with a Pump, well supplied with Water. DENFORD is a dry and pleasant Village, one Mile from Thrapston. l or further Particulars, enquireof G. GASCOVEN, i Little- Addington. March lltt," 181) 1 NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY EVENING, March 11. MARRIED.] Lately, Captain Harries, of the Royal Pembroke. Ruailcers, to Miss Mary Powell, of Peterborough. ^ On Monday sennight, Mr. J. Eagleton, of Coventry, to Miss E. Mountford, of Birmingham. On Tuesday sennight, air. Richard Ward, to" Missi Mary Pitt,, both of Dunchurch, Warwick- shire. •'- . •' On Wednesday se'nnight, the Rev. Mr. Davi.=, Minister of tlieBaptist Congregation at Middli- ton- Cheney, to Miss Counccr, of Thenford, both iri this county. O11 Monday last, Mr. Henry Linnell, to Miss Hannah Adams, both of Floore, in this county , and on the same, day, Mr. Spicer, of St. Albati's, Herts, to Miss Mary* dams, of the former place. On Thursday last, at KenSworth, Herts, .1. Guille, Esq. brewer, of Dunstable, Beds, to Mi>& Furness, of the former place. DIED.] On the 16th nit. at Bath, in his 57th year, much lamented by an extensive acquaintance, John Williams, of Buckingham, M. D. who, in bis professional capacity, united singular skill with strict integrity.. And, 011 the 24- th ult. at the age of 6 f,. Mrs. Frances Williams, his sister.— Dr. Williams was formerly house- surgeon to the' General Infirmary in this town. Oil Sunday se' 11 night, Stephen Cbarlesworth, Gent, of North- Witliam, Lincolnshire. On Tuesday se'nnight, aged 86, Mr. J. Newman, of Easton,' hear Stamford. Same day, suddenly, most " sincerely lamented by all wilo knew liei-, Mrs. Peck, wife of Mr. Peck, surgeon, of Kimbokon, Huntingdonshire. Same day, Mrs. Jane Noble, relict of the Rev. II. L. Noble, rector of Prolesworth, Leicestershire. on the Premises; and to'tVeat'fo'r the " same,' at the I w^' lP ' i""** !" M ® ^ ^ r"* ttt Office of Messrs. WALFOSD, GOLBY, & WALFORD ! « elhngborough, Mrs-. Jones, relict- of Mr. Thos. 1 * L ' ( LNT- RT - V 1. ,'•)... 1 .-. - 1.1- 1.- NORTHAMPTONSHIRE YEOMANRY CAVALRY. rPIlE Gentlemen of the DAYENTRY TROOP * are requested to meet, for Exercise, on the MARKET- HILL, in DAV » NT* Y, on THURSDAY next the l!) tli Instant, at Ten o'. Clock in the Forenoon. T. R. THORNTON, Captain'. Brockh. il!, March 13th, J 807. CULWORTH, Northamptonshire. To " be LETT, And eulertd upon, immediately, A Neat ready- furnished COTTAGE, fit for a small genteel,; Family ; consisting of two Par- lours, a Butler's Pantrv, a Kitchen and back K itchen, a good Cell. tr, I'dtir Bed- rooms, and Garrets for Ser- vants ; a Coach- house and other Offices,' a good Garden, and thiit. yi. twa Acres of excellent Grass Land; with Cow- House and Hovels. . CULWOI. TH is distant from Banbury, eight Miles', Towcester eleven, Northampton eighteen, and Da- ventry twelve. To view the House and Land, apply to JOHN P Banbury. " A 17 ANTED, A COOK and HOUSEKEEPER. I ' » — No one need apply who is not in every [ Respect calculated for that Situation. Enquire of Mr. TEAR, Tailor, Northampton ; or 1 of Mr. ROBERTS, White- Hart, Kettering. i SHEPHERD WANTED? ~•" ' ASteady Single Man, with a good Character, will meet with very great Encouragement,' and ^ oc. d Wages, by applying to Mr. W. SMITH, of Stoke- Doyle, Northamptonshire. ' 1 GARDENER AND SHEPHERD. j " V\ 7" ANTED, A sober, steady, honest, indus- i v » trious SINGLE MAN, who perfectly under- ' stands his Business as a GARDENER, and is willing j to superintend the Barns ami Premises of a G ent lehian who occupies a considerable Farm. He is to live in ' the Family, who reside in a retired Village. '" Such a \ Man s<> qualified, and who can have an unexception- able Character from Persons of Respectability, will j meet with good Encouragement, and a comfortable j Situation. Also, at the same Place, A SHEPHERD, to look 1 after Sheep in an Open- Field Farm ; he will have a j Cottage to live in, and if a married Man without ' Children, no Objection, so that his Character is such ) as may be approved. Dinner at Two o'Clock as usual. ~ WELFOR1.)- ASSOC' IATION. OTOLEN or STRAYED, on Wednesday the O 4th of March, 1807, out of a Close in COLD- ASHBY Lordship, • A BLACK HORSE, of the Nag Kind, '] The Property of Mr. SAMUEL SMEETON, of \ SIBBER TO P T , Northamptonshire ; rising five Years ; old', about 14 Hands 1 I nch high, has a Blaze on the Face,- cut Tail rather thin Af Hair, the Hair chafed off tlie Side and the oil Shoulder, a Saddle- Spot, and ' marked with the Letter B on the tore Shoes if not altered, and- has two white Heels behind. ' Whoever will bring the said Horse ( if stolen) to ' Mr. Samuel Snieeton aforesaid: or Mr. Buswell, I Attorney, at Northampton ; - or to Mr. Sttirgis, at the i'liacock, Islington; shall receive a Reward of I FIVE GUINEAS, and FIVE GUINEAS more of '. the said Mr. 5mretoli, and reasonable Charges, if strayed; shall btf handsomely rewarded. To F. Mr nquire of Mr. Parrott, Black- Horse, Woburn ; or Grimshaw, White- Hart, HocMifle, Beds. WANTED, IN, THE CORPS OV ROYAL MILITARY ARTIFICERS, Commanded by the Karl of illoita, A NUMBER OP SAWYERS, CARPENTERS, MASONS, SMITHS, MINERS, SLATERS, COOPERS, BRICKLAYERS, WHEELERS, PLASTERERS., TI LF. RS, COLLAK- MAKERS. \ Men, of good Character, bred to any of the above Trades, not being more than 30 Years of Age, nor under 5 Feet 5 Inches high, ill receive A Bounty < f Eleven Guineas, if found, on Trial, to be good Workmen. The Advantages and Pay in the above Corps are very great, and worthy the Attention of YOUNG MEN of ABILITIES, as they may look for immediate Advancement, there being FIFTEEN CORPORALS TO EVERY COMPANY. BRINGERS of such RECRUITS as shall be ap- proved of, will receive A REWARD of THREE GUINEAS. ATPL. Y TO The CoMM A ND! NC- O FFICER OF ROYAL I. .\ C 1 - EF. RS, Roval- Depot, WEFDON, Freehold Estate, in Thfapstoh. To be S O L D bv A U C T I O N, By Mr. ROBINSON. At the White- Hart Inn, in Thrapston, on Tuesday the 2- ltli Day of March next, ISU7, between, the Hours of Three and vx in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions, and in such l ots, as shall be specified at the Time of Sale, A Valuable EREKHOI O & TYTIIE- PREE ESTATE, J. V situate near the MAKKF. T- PI. ACF, in ' Thrapston aforesaid; consisting of a Dwelling- House, an Apo- thecary's Simp and Stable, newly fitted up, a Basket- Makers Shop and Barn, and another large Barn, with the Yards, Ac. to the same belonging, containing, in Statute Measure, 2R. 30P.; a Close of excellent Pasture Land adjoining, containing 1A. 3R. 61'. Statute Measure ; and a Close of excellent Meadow or Pasture Land, lying on the North Side, and adjoining the last - mentioned Close, containing 4A . I K. I P. Statute Measurei all which Premises now are, or late were, in the Occupation of Widow Scales and others. For further Particulars, apply to Messrs. SHERARD, Solicitors, Thrapston or Oundle; or to Mr. IIABE, at Castor, near Peterborough. be SOL D by A U C T I O N, • Jiy THOMAS PELL, On Wednesday and Thursday the 18th and l! hh of March, on' the Premises, at BR1GSTOCK, in Northamptonshire, A 1.1. the genteel and ' useful. HOUSEIIOLD- ±\ FURNITURE ofMr. THOMAS BELLAMY, and PART of the EFFECTS of Mr. JAMES BELLAMY, deceased; comprising a lofty Bedstead, with Dimity Furniture, full Valance, and Cornice complete; four Bedsteads,' with Check and other Furnitures; five seasoned Feathef- Bcds; Blankets and Counterpanes"; two Servants' Beds and Bedding; 13 Mahogany Chairs, modern Pattern; Mahogany Chest of Drawers; Mahogany Dining and other Tables; an Eight- day Clock, in Mahogany Case, and Thirty- hour Ditto; Pier Glasses, in Mahogany anil Gilt Frames; an Assortment of Oak Chairs and Tables, an Oak Bureau, Brass and. Pewter, Kitchen Requisites and Brewing Utensils in general, with a | Variety' of other Articles too numerous to par- ! ticularize. Sale to commence each Day at Ten. j The ajove Furniture will be found worthy the ( Attention of a respectable Company, as most of it I has been new within a few Years. TOWCESTER. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, Very desirable FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or To be S O L I), rpiHRTY QUARTERS of prime SXAILIIORN KIDNEY POTATOES, either together or in Lots. Enquire of JOSEPH SHARP, Milton, near North- ampton. A rich Meadow. To be SOL D bv A U C T I O N, By BENJAMIN MASON & SOW, On Monday the 16th of March instant, at the George Inn, in Northampton, between the Hours of Four and Six in the Afternoon Jones, late of. Abington, near this town. A few days ago, Mr. John Worlidge, farmer and grazier, of Wdby, near Wellingborough, in this county. Lately, at Banbury, in an at respected, Mrs. Councer, wide advanced age, much dow of L. Councer, Esq. of Bloxham, Oxfordshire. She will be long regretted by the nuinerous poor to whom she was a constant and liberal benefactress. A few days ago, Mrs. Eglingtoii, wife of Mr. Eglington, of the New Inn, Kineton, Warwick- shire. Yesterday se'nnisbt, Mrs. Jones, many years A Very rich MEADOW, Ty. he- froe, containing ' fi^' f White- Uart In » ' ThroPs*> » > « XV two Acres, situate near PETER'S BRIDGE, on I V , 7 , "' i , , . \ erv flwiDie 1- RFEIIOID Mfssii XI- K nr « he Road from NO RTHAM PTON to HOUGI1TON, ; <, u. putrid fever, Mr. JohtV N^^ T^'^ S I ^- deceased, and now untenanted, with convenient Outbuildings, Yard, and Garden adjoining. The above Premises are very desirable for a small Family ; and immediate Possession may be had. Enquire of Mr. VISRNON, ot Towcjester; Mr. BROWN, of Maidford ; or Mr. HOWES, Solicitor, at his Offices in' Northampton or Tovvcester. T o be SOLD by AU CT I ON, By Mr. VORES, At the Sign of the Artichoke, in Moulton, in the County of Northampton, on Friday the 20th Day of March instant; at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, are now in high Health), renewable by the j Payment ot a small Fine. If3" For further Particulars, apply to Mr. PERCIVAI., Sanker, in Northampton. 7 th M.„ ch, 1807. To be SOLD by A U C TI O N, ITH 1. MMFDIATF. POSSESSION, R ^ . _ .. II, . . I ' At Mrs. Williams's, at Wootton- House, on Friday the 20th Day of March next, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon ( unless before disposed of by Private Contiact', 1 hands of the Treasurer of the General Infirmary in A tllPliCIt. lftL' .... IUVI.- 1 1 tvo T^ mLIi ' 1 .1 • 1 : I . .- maturity) have di'ed'of the same disorder, in the short space of seveii weeks. On Wednesday last, at Sprattoo, in this County, ajed 83, Mrs. Martha Ilodson, formerly of this town. We have the pleasure to inform the public, that yesterday the sum of £. 100 was paid into the To be Carlton, Bedfordshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, Uy JOHN TANDY, At the Wheat- Sheaf, in Harrold, in the County ot Bedford, yn Thursday rhe 26th Day of March inst. at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon," rpHE following desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, J. in two Lots:— Lot 1. A Messuage or Dwelling- House, situate at CARLTON aforesaid, lately occupied by Mr. Win. Bithrey, deceased; containing a Hall, Parlour, Kit- chen, and Pantry, and four Bedchambers, with a , detached Dairy, Barns, Stabling for eight Horses, and iother eonvenient Outbuildings, all in exceeding good A Repair; together with the Yards, Garden, and the Home- Close of rich Pasture Land, of about two Acres, belonging theieto. Lot 2. A Cio » e of rich Pasture Land, called Fowkes's, containing two Acres and a Half or there- abouts, situate on CARLTON MOOR, also occupied by the late Mr. Bithrey. Possession may be had on the first Day of June next. The Timber on the Estate to be paid tor exclusive vf what the Lots may respectively sell for. Further Particulars may be known by Application to Mr. THOMAS BiTHREv, of Carlton ; Mr, RICHARD CLAPHAM, of Harrold; or Mr. Giutis, Attorney at Law, Olney, Bucks. March Uth, 1807. A SOL D by ADC T 1 O N, IT ILL! AM BEESLEY, At the Red- Lion, in Blakesley, in the County of Northampton, on Friday next the 20th Distant, at lour o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall then be produced, ANew- built arid capital HOUSE, with a DRAPER'S SHOP & new- erected BUILDING adjoining thereto, Consisting of four Bay ; and also a iu.- w. erei ted Stable thereunto belonging, and a Yard and Garden, situate in Bf. AKESl. EY aforesaid, now | in the Occupation of Miss Mary Aris. i These Premises are Well worth the Attention of any Person in the Drapery or other Business requiring Room, are Freehold, and pleasantly situated. To see the same, apply ro the TENANT, or Mr. G. MOORF., in lllakeslcy ; and for further Particulars, to Mr. KIR, BY, Attorney at Law, in Towcester. To Butchen and others. To be S O L D by A U C T I O N, Hy WILLIAM BEESLEY, At the Talb > t Inn, in Towcester, on Thursday the 26th Instant, at Six o'clock, ill ihe Evening, sub- ject to such Conditions as shall then be produced, FR'KHOI. D MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with a Butcher's Shop, Slaughter - House, Stable, l asting- l'ens, Pigsties,- and a Yard, thereto adjoining and belonging, situate in the HICH- STR EET of TOWCESTER aforesaid, now in the Occupation of Mr. Richard Crow, Butcher, who is about to remow from the Town. These I'remises are w'ell calculated, for a Butcher, or other Tradesman, , For further Particulars, apply to Mr. CROW; or Mr. KIRBV, Attorney at Law, in Towcester. Tile's Kutilcnwtci/. TH be SOLD by " AUCTION, By T HO MA S M- AR TIN, ( Bv Order of the Assignees) on the Premises at DAVENTRY, in the Count) of Northampton, on Tuesday the 31st of March instant, and the two following Days, ALL the Personal ESTATE and EFFECTS of THOMAS T1TE, of Daventry aforesaid, Auctioneer and Liquor- Merchant, a Bankrupt; and all the neat HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE and STOCK in TRADE of the said Bankrupt: Consist- ing of beautiful Four- post and other Bedsteads arid Furniture; fine seasoned Feather- Reds ; Mahogany Wardrobe and Chest of Drawers, Cliairs, Pier and Swing Glasses; Floor and Bedside Carpets; Mahogany Dining, Dressing, Card, and Pillar and Claw Tables; an Eight- Day Clock in a neat Oak Case; Brewing Utensils, & c. Ironmongery Goods; consisting of Hand- Saws, Tenant and Dovetail ditto; Trying, Jack, Smoothing and Moulding Planes; Hollows and Rounds; Nails and Screws; Brass Furniture; Spades, Shovels, Locks and Hinges of different Descriptions, and va- rious other Articles of Ironmongery Goods. Ail ex- tensive Stock of Liquors and Sweet Wines, Liquor Casks, Cocks, and Liquor Measures, all complete ; also 3 Horse, Gig, and Harness. The Sale to begin on ea; h Day at Ten o'Clock in the Morning precisely.— Catalogues will be distributed in due Time. For further Particulars, enquire of Mr. ROLLS, Solicitor to the Assignees; or the AUCTION ana, both ol Souths ® , inths Cauijty of Warwick. I r. the Yard, Garden, Well of good Water, and Barn of two Bays to the same belonging; in the Tenure or Occupation of John Haddon. For further Particulars, apply toMr. C. MARK HAM, Solicitor, in Northampton. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. VORES, At the Stag's- Hcad Inn, in the Town of Northampton, on Thursday the 26tll Day of March, 1807, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, r| THE following FREEHOLD ESTATES:— I. Lot 1. A substantial Stone- built Messuage or Tenement, situate in COCK- LANE, in the Town of NORTHAMPTON, some Time since in the Occu- pation of John Cole, Gentleman, and now of Mr. John Harris; consisting of very good Cellars, a Kitchen, and two good Parlours, on the Ground Floor; three very good Bed- Chambers, with Attifcs, Brew- house with Rooms over. Stable, Yard, and neat Garden adjoining. Immediate Possession may be had. Lot 2. A Close or Garden of rich Land, in SAINT JAMES'S- END, in the Parish of DUS'l'ON, in the Cottuty of Northampton ; containing 3 Roods and 25 Perches, now in the Occupation of William Watts. This is a very desirable Purchase, being situate only about 200 Yards from the Town of Northampton; ahd Possession may be had at Michaelmas next. For further Particulars, apply to the AUCTIONEER, or Mr. HOWES, Solicitor, at his Offices in North- ampton or Towcester. Dead Farming- Stock, and Furniture. To be S O I. D by A U C T I O N, By Mr. K IRS HAW, On Friday next the 20th Day of March, on the Pre- mises of Mr. JOHN CLARK, ot WOOTTON, near Northampton, ( who is leaving his Farm,) HE remaining Part of the DEAD STOCK: Consisting of Thirty Dosun of Hurdles, two Hovel Frames with Stone Posts and Cappings, one ditto with Wood Posts, pig- Troughs, Colour- Stone and Mullar, Pick- Axes, Iron Bars-, Waggon- Jack, Winnowing- Kan, Corn- Screen, Sieves and Barn Tackle in general, with various other Articles. Also, Part of the HO USE HOLD- FURNITURE : Consisting of Bedsteads, Tables, Chairs, Grates, a Thirty- hour Clock, Washing- Copper, Smoke- Jack, Pewter and Brass, Src. & c. The Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock. ~ To be SOLD by AUCTION, ~ By Mr. KIRS HAW, At the White- Horse Inn, in Silston, otherwise Sil- verstune, in the County of Northampton, on Friday the 27th Day of March, 1807, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, \ LI. those several PIECES and PARCELS of rl ARABLE LAND, LEY, MEADOW, and PASTURE GROUND, containing ten Aores, or thereabouts, w'ith the Commons and Appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate, lying, and being in the open and common Fields of SILSTON, otherwise SILVERSTONF. aforesaid; now in the Occupation of Mr. John Botterill; together with the extensive Right of Common thereto belonging, in Whittlebury Forest. The above Premises are Copyhold of Inheritance, but the " Fine on Admission being certain, and very small, th-- y are equal in Value to Freehold^ and the Purchaser may have immediate Possession. The TENANT will shew the Premises; and for further Particulars, apply to Mr. HOWES, Solicitor, at his Offices in Northampton or Towcester. Capital Inn and Lund. To be S O L 1) bv A U G Ti O N, In the Month of April next ( if not previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given,) ALL that capital MESSUAGE or INN, called the ANGEL, situate in the Parish of BUGBROOK, ill the County of Northampton, ad- joining the great West Chester Turnpike- Road, with extensive Stabling, Barns, and other necessary Out- buildings, and several Closes of very rich Land con- tiguous thereto, containing 40 Acres, or thereabouts, in which is a Lime Rock, of the best Quality; now in the Occupation of Mr. Edward Lovell. The above Premises are most conveniently situated about six Miles from Northampton, six from Da- ventry, six from Towcester, within two Miles of the Royal Depfit, at Weedon, and one Mile from the Grand Junction Canal, and will be foundjl very de- sirable Purchase, as immediate Possession may be had, if required. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. RICHARD I. ovELL, of Bugbrook ; Mr. EDWARD LOVELL, on the Premises; Mr.* GEORGE I. OVFLL, of Weedon; or to Mr. HOWES, Solicitor, at his Offices ill Nortli- ampjan » r Towsester. AMESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, now ! this town, being a'benefaction from a person who divided into two Tenements, with the Yard, ; desires to be unknown, the interest thereof to be ; present purposes of the Charity, aiid ! ' eserved ( if approved of by the Go- A MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, m complete i ? nd Appurtenances, situate, in COLLING- i applied to the pi Repair, situate in MOULTON aforesaid, with j W5,^ the . Nortl « '!> l » ° n, and now in | [• princiPal re v.,„ i r:- i,, i-„ w,„ M„ f„„„ HW ..- J u r the Occupation of William Winwave and Marv ! P ' L P •. Occupation of William Wingrave and Mary Wingrave. For further Part iculars, < t by Private Contract, apply Daventry.' LONDON. March 1- 1. FRENCH Papers to the 7th, and Dutch to tlie 10th inst. have been received. The Moniteur contains the 59th, 60th, aud 61st bulletins of the ' Grand Army ; the two former dated Eylau, to the | 17th, the latter Landsberg, the 18th of February. , lhe French head- quarters, however, had been 1 removed to Liebstudt oil the 20tb, from which I they were expected { o be carried farther back to ' Osterode, and from thence to Thorn. ' The Russian j vernors) towards carrying on a design of making a to treat for the Purchase ; provision for persons disordered in their minds, when a suitable opportunity, oilers. Robert Stafford, now under sentence of death in our. county gaol; for administering poison with intent to murder bis wife, is expected to suffer on Friday next. At Bedford assizes, John Beck, for stealing tw » one- pound Batik of. England Notes, out, of the dwelling- hause of Isaac Jackson, of Biggleswade; Wm. Elderkin, for breaking open the dwelling- bouse of John Darringtan, at Chawston; ainit Mark Noble, for stealing a Ilitcliin bank- note, of the value of „£\ 10, the property of Wm. Smith, ot Bedford ; severally received sentence of death, but were reprieved before the Judge left the town. And George Stapleton, for stealing eight bottle » of port wine, was sentenced to one year's impri- sonment iu the house of correction, and fined one shilling. AtOsfurd, Richard Spittle, for . stealing sundry army had previously crossed the Pregel on the 9th, j artic] es „,• wearing- apparel, the property of J. W. Bishop; of Diamond- House, near Oxford, received . senteu. ee of death, but has been, since reprieved Mary Lamb, for stealing a watch, sheets, and other articles, out of the house of David Thorlcy, of Witney; and Elizabeth Swayne, alias § triugcr, for and fallen back upon Konk » burgli. It thus appears that no action had taken place between the Grand i Armies, subsequent to that on the 8th, at Eylau,! and that the French are retreating to the Vistula, i j The 00th bulletin states, that they were going into ; ' cantonments, with their, left wing in a line from j stea) iny , Volu Thomas Smith, of Woou- Esuni, a Elbing, Liebstadt, and Osterode. The 59th bul- | .. naet-' book, containing six £. b Oxford bank- letin is indignant at the Russian report of the battle of Evlau claiming a victory, and asserts that the pocket- book, containing notes, were sentenced to be transported for seven Edward Edinburg, for rohbin » Robert alledged capture of twelve French Eagles, is false. | bakf- i, of Chadlington, of a quantity of It is now fully ascertained that the French, on siher, was fined Is. and ordered to be confined in. the 8th ult. so far from driving the conquered Rus- '; the bouse of correction for two years; Edward sians one. hundred leagues from the Vistula, left them " in possession of the field of battle!"— see Gazette Extraordinary, in our first page.-—' 1 Iris undoubtedly constitutes a' decisive victory on the part of the Russians; and that important fact being esta- blished, from indubitable authority, it now remains to be seen what will be the next step of the en- Mat thews, convicted of manslaughter, was fined I ^'. 10, and discharged. j Last week was. committed to Lincoln Castle, • John Hall, jun. clock and watch- maker, of Great- : Grimsbv, charged by the coroner's inquest on view » f the body of John Edwards, then lying dead at Gleethorpe, with having feloniously killed raged and disappointed Desp,;. t of Fiance, or , the said johll Edwards. It appeared that the pri- whetherBcnnigsen will permit bun quietly to go into j - xointer- quurtas/— We. think the Rusfian Chief is | too weli acquainted with the situation of the enmiiy, i ^ ^ ^ not to follow up the advantages lie has so gallantly « 7s'dreadVully nmngled'alid obtained, especially as lie lias been re- entorced • bv a corps of - 10,000 men, since the battle of the 8th, which gives him a decidcd superiority over Bonaparte. ' The Swiss are threatened with the dissolution of the alliance between them ami Iriuice, it' they do not raise l6,000 mqj| fur the scrvice of the latter. The intelligence from the Turkish provinces vagus and indefinite. Michelson, at the head of soner and the deceased having had some words in a public- house at Grimsby, were put out into the street, where they boxed for three quarters of ail lgled a had scarcely power to stand. Being taken' to his home at Gleethorpe he lingered until the. evening of the day after the encounter aud then died. . ' On Sunday se'nnight, owing to. a gang of gipsies i having lighted a great fire on the road side near Ilaldock, the horses in the stage- Waggtm belonging to Mr, Hunt, of Stamford, tookrfright, and with a • tremendous crash overturned a very valuable the main Russian army', is said to be marching ! loading, consisting principally of spirituous liquors, upon Constantinople. " Another corps is stated to , Although the damage occasioned by such an acci- liave crossed the Danube at Widdin; that unlortu- dent might, not improbably, have amounted to. many hundred pounds, tlie. loss has been compara-, tively trifling. On Monday se'iuiight^ at Witney, Oxfordshire, Phtebe Douglass, u child, two years ami a half old, was so miserably burnt by its clothes'catching fire, that she survived the accident but a faxv hours r and on Wednesday, a Coroner's inquest was taken,., when the Jury returned a verdict of— Accidental Death. Yesterday se'nnight, a coroner's inquest was taken at Barst'on, Warwickshire, on a boy, about 14 years of age, who was found hanging to a plym- j tree, in a rick- yard there. It. appeared that ii is j master, a few hours before the. body was found, had threatened him With a severe punishment, nate rebel Passwan Oglou is reported to be dead. PRICE or STOCKS. Sat. shut Bank Stock .. SperCt. Red. 3 per Ct. Cons. [ Gilil : 62f' 8i " 62si Mon. t Tu. i Wed.| Th. 4 per Ct . Cons. 5 per Ct. N... imp. 3 per Cts. India Stock .. India Bonds .. Exc. Bills ... shut | 96JI Hti | S6M 62J ti2! — I— I — - 4s p, 4s5sp pals Omnium ' 2s. p. t- j~ , Cons, for Acc. : 63H ! 6 » MisGStt < 52|*| 1624J 9SiU 96H 4s.% p d palsd pa2s d. 2sd palpals d ,. 3 4 14 | — Fr. shut 624J 96ii s4sp pa2sd 14 Pr Corn- Exchange, London, Friday, March 13. The supply of Wheat sales extremely ' lower.— Barley. are in plenty," and vary but little in price. ige, umaon, itrtaay, Mar, a 10. | operatc( l s„ mhch 0I1 hi, njSnd us to induce Wheat to- day is considerable, and the, hiin lit is supposed) tocotmnitAe rash act. VerdicJ v heavv, at reduced prices— Rye is r .„ . y, Malt, Peas, Beans, Oats, and flour, " m._ j.. j- i • r. A T- s i, f 1 ittio i n nri.'>*> ....... ,. - . .. • „.-. P « ICE of CORN per Quarter at Northampton, Saturday, March 14. Wheat. 72s. to 78s. Od. Rye, 50<. Od. to 53s. Barley. 34s. Od. to 37s. Od. Oats, 2K 0d, to 26s. 6d. XJGRAFTON, Inspector fteans, 35s. Od. to 42s Od. Peas, 40s. Od. to 0s. Od. By the Standard Measure. LIST of FAIRS, from March 16, to March 8?, - witliin the Circuit of this Paper. M. Mar. In. Oakham. Th. 19. Banbury. F. 20. Winsiow. M. 23. Woburn and Dunchvrch. T——— 24. A/ cester and Loughborough. WT •' 25. Huntingdon. Th. — 26. Kettering and Nottingham. REMONSTRANCE TO WINTER. AH I why; unfeeling WINTER ! why Still Hags thy torpid wing! Flv, melancholy Season, fly', And yield the year to SPRINO. STRING,— the young cherubim of love, An exile in disgrace,— Flits o'er the scene, like NOAH'S dove, Nor finds a resting- place. When on the mountain's azure peak, Alights her fairy form, Cold blow the winds,— and dark and bleak, Around her rolls the storm. If to the valley she repair For shelter and defence, Thy wrath pursues ihe mourner there, And drives her, weeping, thence. She seeks the brook— the faithless brook, Of her unmindful grown, Feels the chill magic of thy look, And lingers into stone. She wooes her embryo- flowers in vain, To rear their infant heads;— Deaf to her voice, her flowers remain Enchanted in their beds. In vain she bids the trees expand Their green luxuriant charms;— Bare in the wilderness they stand, And stretch their withering arms. Her favourite birds, in feeble notes, Lament thy long delay: And strain their little stammering throats, To charm thy blasts away. Ah, WINTER! calm thy cruel rage, Release the struggling year; Thy power is past, decrepid Sage ! Arise and disappear. The stars that grae'd thy splendid night Are lost in warmer rays; The Sun, rejoicing in his might, Unrolls celestial days. Then why, usurping WINTER, why Still flags thy frozen wing . » Fly, unrelenting tyrant, fly— And yield the year to SI- RING ! —. ——~— ABSTRACT ojs- THE TRAINING ACT. All persons between the ages of 18 and 45, liable to serve in the Militia, are liable to be trained and exercised under this Act. And in addition to all those liable to serve in the militia, the following are subjected to service, yiz. articled clerks and apprentices, poor men though having two or more children, and persons serving by substitute in the militia or army of reserve. The number fixed for any parish to be balloted for at Subdivision Meetings to be appointed by the Lieutenant. Townships may prevent the ballot altogether, by finding a number of men equal to their quota, to come forwards and enrol themselves as volunteers under this act ( aud it is expected that many town- ships will avail themselves of this measure). Times and places of exercise are to be appointed by the Deputy Lieutenants of each subdivision; and notice thereof to be given in church during service, and to be affixed 011 the church door, and in the market- place. No person to be called to exercise to any greater distance from his usual residence than five miles. Constables to attend the training, and be allowed HAZARD, BURKE, & Co. No. 93, Iloyal- Ecclmnge, RE selling TICKETS and SHAKES for the ensuing STATE - LOTTERY, which will begin Drawing the 14th of APRII. next. Tlte first- drawn Tickets on the four first Days of Drawing will be entitled to ' l'W E NTY THOUSAND POUNDS each, and the first- drawn on the fifth and sixth Days to TEN THOUSAND POUNDS each; and the first- drawn 3000 Tickets, in Addition to any other Benefit that may fall to them, will be entitled to Ten Pounds each. In the last Lottery, every fixed Capital Prize was sold at this Office, comprised in the following, viz. a salary not exceeding Jf. 5 Persons trained in any year to be exempt from ballot for the two years succeeding. Balloted men going into volunteer corps to be exempt from training under this act, so long as they shall be certified t. o be effective members. Ray to be allowed for taenty- four days at Is. pGr day— volunteers under the act, 10s. extra. Fines for non- attendance.— Forfeiture of pay, and 10s. for. every day short of every eiglit days in each four mouths, if days be so appointed; and for each day short of twenty- four, if days be so ap- pointecfyearly. Persons not worth . i .150 a year to forfeit only os. Persons not worth £. 50, vs. For misconduct.— Forfeit of the day's pay and any sum not exceeding 10s.; and ill case of non- payment, imprisonment, Persons coming after roll- call net entitled to be inserted in muster, Serjeants or constables taking bribes, forfeit £. 10, and treble the bribe; and are to be imprisoned not exceeding two months. Persons balloted, being worth more than .£. 150 a year, may be excused serving ( for one year) by paying £. 1( 1 ; and if not having such income, by paying £. 5. Such persons, nevertheless, to be subject to ballot m all subsequent years, Persons removing during the year from their place of residence, to have a certificate up to the time of removal from the officer, Serjeant., or con- Stable.— Oil production of such certificate in the parish to which such person shall remove, to be entered as if balloted there, and to be there trained and exercised, and to have credit for the days of exercise contained in his certificate. Persons prevented by illness, Certified by medical man, clergyman, or constable, to forfeit only pay, Persons abSent on business, and making good days at any succeeding period, to have fines re- turned for such days. Fines to he collected by constable, and to be paid to overseers of the poor, and the account kept by them of amount, subject to distribution according to orders under the act. Deputy Lieutenants may establish rewards for skill in firing at target with hall, under any rela- tion to be approved of by General Officer of district and Lieutenant, to be defrayed out of the fines. I T C 11, BE it ever so inveterate, perfectly cured iii one Hour's Application, by all Ointment called TYCE's OINTMENT, which is agreeable in Smell, does not contain a Particle of Mercury, or any per- nicious Ingredient, but is so innocent that' it may be used with the greatest Safety on Persons of the most delicate Constitutions, pregnant Ladies, and Children at the Breast.- The superior Efficacy and Reputation of this Ointment having induced some Persons to counterfeit it, the Proprietor finds it necessary to caution Purchasers to be particular in asking for TYCE'S OINIMVNT.— One Box, Price ' is. 9d. will cure one grtewn- up Person, or two Children. Also, ' tYCE's infallible CFIE- MICAL LOTION, for the same; by the Use of which. Perwjys^ ay cure . themselves with s^ much Secrecy, as not to be dis- covered even by a Bedfellow, being without Smell or Stain.— Price 2s, 9d. each Bottle. Likewise, TYCE's ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS, which will be found a certain Cure for the Scurvy, pimpled Faces; foul festering Eruptions, Evil, Scro- fula, Leprosy, old Venereal Ulcers ( when Mercury has failed), the Scald Head in Children, and those Eruptions which frequently appear after the Small- Pox,- COW- POX, as also after the Measles, in less Time, with greater Safety, and at a smaller Expence, than any Medicine yet discovered. Price 2s. 9d.— One Bottle frequently effects a Cure. None of the above Medicines can be genuine, unless- signed by the Proprietor, JOHN TYCE, oil the Label; in this fetsons cannot be too particular. ( Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by the Proprietor, John l yce, No. 20, Hatton- Carden,. London, removed from Fleet- Market; and Retail, by his Appointment, by Edge, Marshall, and Lambert, iNorthampton ; Gal- lard, Towcester ; Wheeler, and Holland, Aylesbury ; Wright, Stony- Stratford; Palgrave, Bedford.; Inwood, Newport- Pagnell ; - Stratfold-, Wotuun ; Foster, Luton ; Howard, Watford; Compere, St. Alban's ; Rollason, and Collins, Coventry ; Sharpe, and Perry, Warwick ; and by every respectable Vender of Medicines through- out the United Kingdom. 1 .. of .. = 6.30,000 1 -. of .. £. 5000 1 - - of .. 20,000 2 - - of .. 1000 1 .. of .. 10,000 All in Shares, And 1 of £. 5000 in a whole Ticket. Orders from the Country, with Remittance, at- tended to on the same Terms as if present. Tickets and Shares for the above Office are also on Sale by Mr. JBEL, Bookseller, NORTHAMPTON. George Inn, Market- Harborough, . Feb. 98/ A, 1807. ASHLEY INCLOSURE. VVrE, the undersigned Commissioners, named V V and appointed in and by an Act of Parliament made and passed in the last Session, intituled, " An " Act for inclosing Lands in the Parish of ASHLEY, " in the County of Northampton;" in Pursuance and by Virtue of the Powers contained in a certain Act of Parliament made and passed iu the forty- first Year . of the Reign ot His present Majesty, intituled, " An " Act for consolidating in one Act certain Provisions " usually inserted in Acts of Inclosure, aud for faci- " litating the Mode of proving the several Facts " usually required on the passing of such Acts ;" do hereby give Notice, that we have ( in Addition to the former Roads already advertised) set out and ap- pointed the following public Foot- Road and Private- Roads through and over the Lands intended by the said first recited Act to be inclosed ( that is to say), One public Foot- Road, of the Width of four Feet, from tile West End of the Town- Street of Ashley, over the Allotment to Francis Berry, in the Course or Track, now used to the public Carriage- Road, leading from Medburn to Stoke- Albany. PRIVATE ROADS. One Bridle and Foot- Road, of the Width of twelve Feet, from Stoke- Albany and Medburne, over the North Side of an Allotment set out to Wm. Munton, to Ashley Meeting- House. One private Carriage and Drift- Road, of the Width ot twelve Feet, from the said Stoke- Albany and Medburne Road, in an Eastward!)- Direction over an Allotment to the Rev. Richard Farrer, to the North- west Corner of the Allotment to John Hobill. One other private Carriage and Drift- Road, of the Width of sixteen Feet, from the said Stoke- Albany and Medburne Road, in a Westwardly Direction oyer the South Side of an Allotment to Mrs. Mason and others, to an Allotment of the Rev. Richard Farrer. One other private Carriage and Drift- Road, of the Width of twelve F. eet, from the Market- Flarborough Bridle- Road, in a South- Eastwardly Direction by- Mrs. l'eriain's Wood Close, ta Sir John Palmer's Wood Close, One rtther private Carriage and Drift- Road, of the Width of twelve Feet, from the said Stoke- Albany and Medburne public- Road, in a Westwardly Di- rection over the Allotment to Richard Gregory and Elizabeth his Wife, to the Allotment of Thomas Wade. One other private. Carriage and Drift- Road, of the Width of twenty Feet, from Gullet- Lane, iu a Southward Direction over the Freehold Allotment to the Rev. Richard Farrer, to the Allotment set out to him for Glebe Lands. One private Carriage- Road, of theWidthof twenty Feet, from Stoke Upper Gate, by the Lordships ot Brampton and Sutton- Bassett, to'Sutton Leys Gate, for the sole Use of William Ashby, for the Purpose of conveying Grain and Flour to and from his Wind- Mill, standing in the Lordship of Weston- by- Welland, and for no other Purpose whatsoever. And one private Carriage and Drift- Road, of the Width of twelve Feet, from the Gate at the South End of the Rev. Richard Farrer's Rectory Orchard, up the ancient Lane, to the North- West Corner ot the said Richard Farrer's Glebe Allotment, by the Corner of the Gullet Close. Which said public and private Roads and Foot- Ways are set out in such Directions as upon the Whole appear to us most commodious to the Public, and are marked and ascertained by Marks and Bounds; and the same are accurately laid down and described. in a Map, signed by us, and deposited with Mr. George Wartnaby, at his Office, in Market- Harborough, in the County of Leicester, for the Inspection of all Persons concerned; and we, the said Commissioners, in further Pursuance of the said recited Act of the forty- first of the King, do hereby appoint a Meeting to be held by us at the GEORGE INN, in M. UKEI- HAITBOROUOH aforesaid, on MONDAY the 30th Day of MARCH next, at the Hour of Ten in the Fore- noon ; at which Meeting, all Persons who may think themselves injured or aggrieved by the setting out of such public and private Roads and Foot- Ways, or discontinuing any Roads heretofore made use of^ may- attend and make such their Objections, in Writing. WILLIAM BVIRDETT,} THOMAS EAGLE, f- Commissioners. THOMAS I. ILBUR. NE,) GEORGE WARTNABY, Solicitor. PROVIDENT INSTITUTION, For LIFE INSURANCE and ANNUITIES, SOUTHAMPTON- STREET, STRAND, LONDON. President, The Most Noble the Marquis of BUCKINGHAM, K . G. Vice- Presidents, The Most Noble the Marquis of SALISBURY, K. G. The Right Hon. Viscount BULKELEY. The Right Hon. Viscount CHF. TWYND. - The Right Hon. Viscount DUNCANNON. The Right Hon. Lord BRAYBROOKF.. Trustees, The Most Noble the Marquis of BUCKINGHAM. The Right Hon. Lord ERAYBROOKE. WILLIAM PRAED, Esq. M. P. R J^ IIE Object of this Institution is to encourage ft. the truly laudable Design of Life Insurance, and Provision for old Age, by reducing those Transactions to Principles of the utmost possible public Benefit. With this View, an extensive Society of Noblemen and Gentlemen have entered into a Subscription of .£,. 250,000, to constitute an original Capital; and taking upon themselves the sole Responsibility of the Establishment, they enlitle the Insured and An- nuitants to participate in Profits after the Expences of an economical Management are defrayed, in which the Presidents, Directors, Trustees, and Auditors, act gratuitously. Thus, by the specific Sums in- sured, and the Division of contingent Profits, every Member has the fullest Value possible for his Pay- ments, without beingsubject to Calls upon any Losses whatever.— This important and unprecedented Ad- vantage is peculiar to the Provident Institution. Military Men, insured at this Office, are not charged with any additional Premium, unless called into actual Service. No Admission Fees are required; nor is any Charge made for Policies. Insurance and Annuities may be effected any Day within Office Hours, which are from Ten till Four o' Clock. A Pamphlet, which fully explains the Principles and Terms of the Institution, may be had of the Agents, and at the Booksellers, Price Sixpence. AGENTS. Northampton,— Mr. BURNHAM. Aylesbury,— Mr. LUKE TURNER, Town- Clerk. No. 21' 47, and No. 6G3S? the two last floating Capitals'of £. 30,000 each, WERE BOTH SHARED AND SOL. D RY NIL BISII, No. - 1, CORNHILI., and 9, CHARINC- 3 . CROSS, LONDON; who, in tile last and present Year, shared and sold TWENTY- ONE CAPITAL PRIZES. The present Lottery Scheme is evidently calculated in favour of those who purchase early, for there are four Prizes of £. 20,000 for the first four Days, and the first 3000 Ticketsdrawn are sure of receiving .£, 10 each, over and above whatever Prize, may be drawn against them; therefore those who purchase soon can lose but little, and if their Tickets are drawn early, may gain an immense Sum. Tickets and Shares are selling at the above Offices; and Persons in the Country may be supplied the same as if present, by sending ( Post or Carriage- paid) Bank Notes, Cash, l'ost- Office Orders, or good Bills at short Dates, to either 4, Cornhill, or 9, Charing- Cross, London. Spilsbury's Antiscorbutic Drops. THE Return of Eruptive Complaints at this Season, when the cold Weathei prevents the Perspiration from acting as a Corrective, is shewn in many Habits by itching, and much Irritation under the Skin. It is now ascertained, that the Action of SPILSBURY'S PATENT ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS gives instant Relief, by removing all Obstructions in the secretory Vessels, even when under the Action of Scrofula. Its good Effects as a Medicine in giving Appetite, pleasant. to take, and requiring no Cessation of Business or Recreation, and its Existince as a Re- medy in various Complaints for more than thirty Years in Repute, ?, re Facts that deny Deception. Mr. SPILSBURY is not accountable for any Mixture sold, unless the Words " By the King's Patent" are inserted at Length on the Bill of Directions, Bottle, and Wrapper; the Stamp also ( the King's Duty) is printed in black Ink instead of red Ink. Sold at the I Dispensary, No. 15, Soho- Square, London, in Bot- | tics of 5s. fid. 10s. and £. 1 2s. Duty included.— Compound Essence 8s. 835" Sold also by the Printers of this Paper; Mr. Okclv, and Mr Palgrave, Bedford; Mather, Wel- lingborough; Coliis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Robins, and' Wilkinson, Daventry; Corrall, Lutter- worth ; and by most Venders of Patent Medicines in Town anil Country. This Day is published, Price One Shilling, containing nearly 200 Articles of Literary Information, No. 3, of RECORDS of LITERATURE, Domestic and Foreign.— This Publication is the most com- plete Literary Register extant, and is indispensibly Necessary for every one who wishes to be informed of the Progress of Literature. It exhibits a compre- hensive Survey of the State of Letters, under the fol- lowing Sections:— 1 Correct Information, relative to Works announced. 2. A clear and concise Account of Works published, with occasional Abstracts or Extracts. 3. The P'rizes proposed and distributed by learned Societies. 4 A Literary Necrology. In Fact, this Work forms an Epitome of the Literature of the World. Published by C. TAYI. OR, 10S, Hatton - Street, London; and sold by all Booksellers and Venders of Magazines, Sec. This Day is published, Containing seven Sheets of Letter- Press, extra Royal Paper, large. Page, with double Columns, con-' taining more Matter than any Literary Publication extant, No fi, Price 2s. 6d. and a Supplement, Price is. of rg HE LITERARY PANORAMA ; a new £ Monthly Publication; including a Review of Books, Re^ isterof Events, and Magazine of Varieties. The Supplement, now published ( illustrated by a Woodicut, of the Mode of conducting Conscripts to join the French Army, drawn by an Eyewitness), completes the first Y'olumeof this Work ; containing upwards- of 1000 Articles, Political, Literary, and Miscellaneous, and interesting Intelligence relative to Literature, Arts, Sciences, Belles. Lettres, See. not only from Great- BritaJ- , but North and South America, Denmark. China, France, Germany, Hol- land, Flungary, Italy, Poland, Prussia^ Russia, Tartary, Turkey, Iceland, Lapland, Spain,' Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, West and East Indies, Sec. & c Sec. ; with a View of Europe in the public Re- lations of its Nations during 1806, deduced from their principal Events, Chronologically arranged ; Retrospect of the State of Science for the'Year; Parliamentary History; a complete Statement of the new Plan of Finance, with the Tables and- Calculations laid before the House of Commons; Gazettes; Army and Uni- versity- Promotions; Theatrical Reports; Prices of Stocks and Merchandize; Meteorological Tahl. s; Obituary, & c ; forming the most complete Annual Register published in the United Kingdom. The second Edition of No. 2, will be delivered in a few Days; the second Edition of No. 3, with all possible Speed; and No. 7, will - be publislBd on Wednesday, April 1. Price of the Volume, handsomely Half- bound, with Russia Backs and Corners, 18s. London: Published by C. TAYLOR, 108, Hatton- Garden, Holborn ; and may be had of all Booksellers in the United Kingdom. EASE FROM LAMENESS AND PAIN, IN A FEW HOURS. NPIIF. BRITISH OINTMENT for CORNS, 8 prepared by W. NAY LOR, Chemical Colour- Maker to his Majesty. This most excellent Oint- meiit rtever tails curing hard or soft Corns in a very shott Time, and givs Ea: e in a^ few Hours. No other Trouble is required in using it, than rubbing a little on the Cam, Night and. Morning, with the Finger. The Proprietor begs Leave to observe, the Afflicted may rest assured of a Cure, as this is not, like many published Things, an Imposition on the Public SHARED by IIORNSBY & Co. IN THE LAST LOTTERY : No. 19,544, Prize of £. 20,000, in fifteen Shares, 8,716, Prize of £. 6000, in five Shares, 1,350, Prize of =£. 500, in nine Shares, 44, Prize of =£. 500, in sixteen Shares. IKEWISE in former Lotteries, No. 33,970, Ji and No. .42,569, both Prizes of £. 30,000, and two hundred and thirteen Prizes, from £. 500 to £. 30,000, have been shared and sold by Hornsby & Co. The Tickets, Halves, Quarters, Eighths, and Six- teenths, are now selling at the lowest Piices ; and the Money for the Prizes paid on Demand. The Scheme contains much Novelty, and is highly approved of. The Drawing begins on the 14th of Next Month, with a £. 20,000 for the first- drawn Ticket, on the first Day; £. 20,000 second Day; £. 20,000 third Day; £. 20,000 fourth Day ; £. 10,000 fifth Day ; £. 10.000 sixth Day. Orders, by Letter or Carrier, executed exactlv on the same Terms as if present, at either ef their' Li- censed State. Lottery Offices, 26, Coraliill, 52, Charing Cross, and St. Margaret's Hill, Borough. GOVERNMENT STATE - LOTTERY, To begin Drawing 14th APRIL. SCHEME. Prizes of £. 20,000 10,000 — 5,000 1,000 —— 500 -—- 100 50 20 4 4 4 10 10 30 40 3,000 3,000 first- clrn. Tickets 10 each 25,000 Tickets. £. 80,000 40,000 20,000 10,000 5,000 3,000 2,000 60,000 30,000 £. 250,000" Capitals determinable. First- drawn Ticket .. 1st Day £. 20,000 Ditto 2d Day 20,000 Ditto 3d Day 20,000 Ditto 4th Day 20,000 Ditto 5th Day 10,000 Ditto 6th Day 10,000 TICKETS AND SHARES Are on Sale at EVERY LICENSED LOTTERY- OFFICE. CRANFORD- SAINT-. TOIIN INCLOSURE. " VfOTICE is hereby given, That the Comniis- A- A missioner named and appointed in and by an Act of Parliament passed in the 45ili Year of His present Majesty, intituled, " An Act for inclosing Lands within the Manor and Parish of C RA N FO RD- SAINT- JOHN, in the County of Northampton," will hold a Special General Meeting at the House of WII. LIAM SMITH, known by the Sign of the STAG, in CR A N FORD- SAI NT- JOHN aforesaid, on SATURDAY the 21st Day of MARCH next, at Two of the Clock in the Afternoon, for the Purpose of reading over and executing his Award, m the Presence of such of the Proprietors who may attend such Meeting.— Dated this 27th Day of February, 1807. By Order, THOMAS MARSHALL, Solicitor and Clerk to the Commissioner. HOCKLIFFE ROAD. NOTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS arising at the Toll- Gate situate upon the Turn- pike- Road leading from Hocklifie, in tlie County of Bedford, to Stony- Stratford, in the County of Bucks, called the TWO- MILE ASH GATE, with the WEIGH- ING- ENGINE at the same Gate, will be LETT to FARM, by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, at the COCK INN, in STONY - STRATFORD aforesaid, on THURSDAY the 19th Day of MARCH next, between the Hours of Eleven and Three o'Clock, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th Year of His present Majesty's Reign, for regulating the Turnpike- Roads; which Gate and Engine produced the last Year, above the Charges of t- ollecting, and will be put up at, the Sum of £. 655. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder, must at the same Time'give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Trustees, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, at such Times as they shall direct, and pay down a Deposit of £. 60, if the Sureties shall be approved of { and in Default thereof, the next Best Bidder to be the Taker ot the same Tolls and Engine upon the Terms above- mentioned. By Order of the Trustees, THOMAS EWESDIN, Clerk. Stony- Stratford, Feb. Yith, 1807. PRESENT Ticket MUCK. ... £. 19 16s. Eighth £. 2 12 Sixteenth 1 6 Half £. 10 Quarter ... ' 5 The above Scheme will point out the Necessity of ' an early Purchase, as four Prizes of £. 20,000 each will be sure to be drawn in the first four Days, ex- clusive of other Capital Prizes. by By Appointment of the Proprietor, it is sold, Wholesale, by Dicey Se Co. No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, London; also by Dicey & Co. Edge, and IViursnall, Northampton ; Robins, Daventry ; Wilcox, and Gallard, Towcester; Mather, Wellingborough; Pafgrave, Bedford ; and by one Medicine Vender in every Market Town, Price 2s, fid. Duty included. The Great Restorative to Health is MANN '. s APPROVED MEDICINE, RECOMM. F. NDET* BY THE FACULTY, And patronized by Ladies and Gentlemen vj the first Distinction, NO Medicine, in so short a Time, has been so singularly blessed in restoring such Multitudes, when all Hopes of Recovery had been given over, in violent Coughs, Colds, Convulsion Fits, Hooping- Cougli, Consumptions, Influenza, long - standing Asthmas, Relaxed Habits, and Debilitated Consti- tutions. Ladies, in a pregnant State, afflicted with Coughs, Sec. may thke Doses of 15 Drops with the greatest Advantage ; and from the Infant in the first Week, to the Aged in any State. The few' remarkable Cases, wrapped round each Bottle. thereof, present not the hundredth Part of the Cures performed by this very superior and established Remedy, it is hoped, will be sufficient for the The REAL JAPAN BLACKING; made DAY and MARTIN, LONDON, npms, invaluable Composition, with Half the * usual Labour, produces the most brilliant Jet- black ever beheld, affords peculiar Nourishment to the Leather, will not soil the finest Linen, is per- fectly free from any unpleasant Smell, and will retain its Virtues in any Climate.— Sold Wholesale, by DAY & MARTIN, removed to No. 97, Higlj- Holborn, Lon- don'; and Retail by their Agents, Birdsall, North- ampton; Norris, Perfumer, Bedfordinwood, Sta- tioner, Newport- Paghell; Dodd, Woburn; Richard- son, Perfumer, Stony- Stratford; Page, Perfumer, Oundle; Folwell, Grocer, Towcester; Merridew, Coventry; Harrod, Market- Harborough ; Jenkihson, Huntingdon ; and Gregory, Leicester; in Stone Bottles, Price Is. 6d. each. Propriety of personal Appearance. BEAUTY and HEALTH cannot be more essentially promoted than by attending to the Preservation of the TEETH. Y|' R. NEWTON's RESTORATIVE TOOTH i- V- L PO WDE R having received the Approbation of the first Nobility, Gentry, and a generous Public,, by an extensive Consumption for a Series of Years, as well as the Attestation of its superior Excellence, from the Analysis of its component Parts, by tlie most distinguished Medical Characters, who have pro- nounced it the most pleasant Vegetable Tooth- Powder known, to increase the Beauty of the Enamel, anil promote the Durability of the Tooth ; and which has, in ' Consequence of its experienced Advantages, been honoured with the immediate Patronage of their Mar jesties, and the various illustrious Branches of the Royal Family, Nobility, Gentrv, Sec. in the United Kingdom.— NEWTON'S TOOTH- POWDER is an Astringent and Antiscorbutic Powder, a delicate Aro- matic, extremely grateful to the Palate, and pleasant in its Use; in fine, to those who apply it, it is a certain Preventative to Pain or Decay of the Tooth to the latest Period of Life. It continues to be me, that he could not in Justice to you and the Public withhold his Testimony of the Benefit he had derived from four Bottles of your CORDIAL BALM of GILEAD, which completely restored him to Health. His Complaint was, as he thought, the first Stage of a Consumption, Want of Appetite, great Head- Ach, general Debility, & c. To Dr. Solomon, Gilead llouse. The CORDIAL BALM of GILEAD is sold in Bottles, Price Half- a- Guinea each; there are also Family Bottles, Price 33s. containing equal to four Bottles at 10s. fid. by which the Patient saves 9sl including also the Duty. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, bv the Printers of this Paper; also, Retail, by Marshall, and Edge, North- ampton; Collis & Dash, and. Munn, Kettering; Dawson, and Harrod, Harborough; Marriott, Banbury ; Inns, and Gallard,. Towcester; Seeley, Buckingham; Richardson, Stony - Stratford; Edge, and Mather, Wellingborough; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Okely, and l'algrave, Bedford; Fox, St. Neots s Barringer, and Inwood, Newport- Pagnell; Swinfen, Leicester; bv the Printers of the Country News- papers ; and by all the reputable Medicine Venders, Booksellers, Sec. in every principal Town in England, Ireland, Scotland, and America, who will deliver Pamphlets gratis, with a Variety of authentic Docu- ments noted therein. pf Dr. Solomon, when consulted, expects his ' usual Fee ot Flalt'- a- Guinea. Such Letters should, for Safety, be thus directed—" Money Letter. Dr. Solomon, Gilead- House, near Liverpool." CORDIAL BALM OF GILEAD. Extract of a letter from Mr. M'Donald, Glusgozii. AYoung Gentleman camc to me, whom I never i Afflicted' to' give " it a" Trial, and especially so where j saw before, to my Knowledge, and informed | the Faculty and other Means have not succeeded. i. . j — t- t — — j - « -- Eacts ate Facts,, on such alone Mr. Mann relies ; and feeling that his Discovery is entitled topublic Confidence, . s. Q iie. boldly and candidly asks it. He cannot give LengtK of Days where " Days are num- bered,-"- nor does he profess Infallibility; but ample Experience has taught, and constantly teaches him, that this great Medicine will reach and remove deep- seated Maladies, where the healing Art in general has net only failed, but also consigned the decaying Suf- I fererto an untimely Grave. ! As the Character of this Remedy has given Rise to j many Counterfeits, si) Persons should be very cautious I of whom and where they purchase, and observe, I . that " Thomas Mann, Horsham, Sussex," is engraved I on the Stamp ; all others are Counterfeits. | Sold, in Bottles, at 2s. 6d. and 4s. 6d. each, Duty i included, Wholesale and Retail, by the Proprietor, i at his Warehouse, Horsham; and by Dicey Se Sutton, i Bow Church - Yard, London, and at their Ware- i house in Northampton ; and Retail by Robins, 1 Daventry ; Beesley, Se Marriott, Banbury ; Inwood, & ' Barringer, Newport- Pagnell; Osborn, Woburn ; Bull, I Harrod, and Dawson, Market- Harborough; Gregory, I and Swinfen, Leicester; Wilcox, and Gallard, Tow- cester; Seeley, Buckingham; Palgrave, Bedford; Richardson, Stony- Stratford; Loggin, Aylesbury; Sanderson, Thrapston; York & Summers, Oundle; Horden, and Jacob, Peterborough; Munn, Kettering; Emery, and Fox, St. Nfiots; Jenkinson, Huntingdon; Wallis, Olney; Mather, Wellingborough; and by all the principal Venders of Medicines in the United Kingdom. faithfully prepared by Mr. Newton ( only), at lus House, Kennington- Place, Vauxhall ( late of Great Russell- Street), London, from the genuine Recipe of the late Sir Richard Jebb, Physician to their Majesties, & c.; and sold, Wholesale, Retail, and for Exportation, bv Messrs. Shaw & Edwards, No. 66, St. Paul's Clytrch- Yard, whom he has em- powered to make a liberal Allowance to his Town and Country Venders, Merchants, & c.; also, Retail, by Dicey & Co. Edmonds, and Marshall, Northampton; Smith, Bedford; Merridew, and Rollason, Coventry; Robins, Daventry ; ' Queneborough, Dunstabie; Collis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Dawson, and Harrod, Harborough; Inwood, Newport- Pagnell; Richardson, Stony - Stratford ; Mather, Wellingborough; and'by every Perfumer and Medicine- seller in the Kingdom", in Boxes, at 2s. 9d. each. N. B. Please to ask for Newton's Tooth- Powder ; and see that B. H. Newton is wrote on eacli Box, with red Ink, as all others sold as Newton's are Impositions. BANKRUPTS required to SURRENDER. William Cox, of Leicester, cotton- spinner, March ,19, 20, and April 21, at the Blue Bell inn, Leicester. Attorney, Mr. LawtOn, Leicester. Richard Rottou, of Fligh- Wycombe, Buck?, cotton- mercliant, April 3, 4, and 21, at the Palace inn, Man- chester.— Attorney, Mr. Edge, Manchester. Lyon Aaron, of Gosport, slopseller, March 10, 21, and April 18, at Guildhall, London.— Attorney, Mr. Isaacs, Mitre- court, Aldi » ate. William Leonard, otherwise William Randall, of Coppice- row, Clerkenwell, London, tailor, March 18, 28, and April 18, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Hunt, Surrey- street, Strand. ] ohn Harkness, of Addle- street, Wood- street, Lon- don, merchant, March 14, 21, aud April Is, at Guild- hall.— Attornies, Messrs. Gregson and Dixon, Angel- court, Throgmorton - street. Christian Augustus Eschke, of Sherborne- lane, London, merchant, March 14, 24, and April 21, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Robinson, Charter- hom> e- square. John Godfrey Henry Rresenbeck, of Sherborne- lane) London, merchant, March 14,. 24j and April 21, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Robinson, Charter- house- square. Thomas Watkins, of Brewer- street, Golden- square, London, auctioneer, March 17, 24, and April 21, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Kernot, Thavies- Inn. Samuel Leonard, of. St. George's, Gloucestershire, victualler, March 17, 18, and April 18, at the Rum- mer tavern, Bristol.— Attorney, Mr. Jacobs, Bristol. William Heath, of Rugeley, Staffordshire, shop- keeper, March 20, 21, and April 18, at the George inn, Stafford.— Attornies, Messrs. Hickin and Landor, Rugeley. John Vose, of Preston, Lancashire, cotton- manu- facturer, April 1, 2, and 18, at the George inn, Presion. Attorney, Mr. Staitifant, Preston. John Easterbrooke, of Exeter, hatter, March 23, 24, and April 18, at the Office of Messrs. Short and Barnes, Exeter.— Attornies, Messrs. Short and Barnes, Exeter. George Vaughan, sen. and Richard Mackilwain, of Sr. atchwood, Monmouthshire, coal- merchants, March 20, 21, and April 18, at the Beaufort Arms, Chepstow. Attorney, Mr. Stokes, Chepstow. William Hepworth, of Manchester, C9tton- mer- chant, April !, 2, and 18, at the Dog tavern, . Man- chester.— Attorney, Mr. Wharton, Manchester. • George Evans, of West- Houghton, Lancashire, coal- merchant, April 6, 7, and 18, at the Bay- Horse, West- Houghton,— Attorney, Mr. Gaskell, Wigan. James Hyde and John Chadwick, of Manchester, dyers, March 30, 31, and April 18, at the Bridgevvater Arms, Manchester.— Attorney, Mr. Barrett, Man- chester. William Young, of Manchester, victualler, March 16, April 3 and 18, at the Star inn, Manchester.— Attornies, Messrs. Johnson Se Bailey, Manchester. John Pritty, of Hadleigh, Suffolk, grocer, March 24, 25, and April 18, at the White- Lion, Fladleigh;— Attornies, Messrs. Leake Se O'fFord, Hadleigh. Francis Tadman, of Beverley, Yorkshire, scrivener, March 14, 21, and April 18, at the Tiger inn, Bever- ley.— Attorney, Mr. iientley, Beverley. Thomas Steynor, of Walsall, Staffordshire, baker, April 1, 2., and IS, at the Littleton Arms inn, l'enk- ridge.— Attorney, Mr. Heiley, Walsall. Samuel Procter, of Leeds, oilman, March 25, 2S, at the Bay- Horse inn, Knaresborough, ar. d April 21, at the Star- and- Garter inn, Leeds.— Attorney, Mr. Fairbank, Knaresborough. . Luke Horner, of Lancaster, common- brewer, April 3, 4, and 21, at the King's- Arms inn, Lancaster.— Attorney, Mr. Webster, Lancaster. John Standerwick, of Bourton, Dorsetshire, tike manufacturer, April 6, 7, and 21, at the Mermaid inn, Yeovil.— Attornies, Messrs. Batten, Yeovil. Samuel Hollowell and Charles Hollowell. of Cheadle Bulkeley, Cheshire, joiners, March 31, April 9 and 21, at the Red- Lion inn, Heaton- Norris.— Attornies, Messrs. Lingard and Dale, Stockport. Thomas Gillam and William Weaver, of Sit. Michael Bedwardine, Worcestershire, drapers, March 25, 26, ' and April 21, at the Crown inn, Worcester.— Attor- ney, Mr. Giiiam, Worcester. DIVIDEND to be made to Creditors. March 28. John Lewis Pasteur, late of Stony- Strat- ford, Bucks, grocer, at Guidnall, London. To Dr. SOLOMON, CILEAD- HOUSE, Sir, ARGARET, wife of RICHARD LYON, of Bold, between Prescot and Warrington, was afflicted for fifteen Months with a great Swelling in her fore Finger, which contracted the Sinews so much that she had no Manner of Use thereof for the Whole of the above Time; by apply ing to Dr. Solomon she was perfectly cured in one Month. I testify this to be the Truth, and that my Wife's Finger was restored to its proper Use; as Witness my Hand, RICHARD LYON. Sold in 10s. 6d. and 33s. Bottles; the latter contain four of the former, by which the Purchaser saves 9s. Every genuine Bottle has a Stamp, which bears the Proprietor's Name and Address, " Saml, Solomon, Liverpool," to imitate which is Felony. ( pj* The Postage of all Letters to the Doctor must be paid, and 10s. 6d. as a Fee, inclosed for Advice. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by the Printers of this Paper; also, Retail, by Marshall, and Edge, North- ampton; Collis Se Dash, ami Munn, Kettering; Dawson, and Flarrod, Harborough ; Marriott, Ban- bury ; Inns, and Gallard,- Towcester; Seeiey, Buck- ingham; Richardson, Stony- Stratford; Edge, and Mather, Wellingborough; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Okely, and Palgrave, Bedford; Fox, St/ Neots; Barringer, and Inwood, Newport- Pagnell; Swinfen, Leicester; by the Printers of tfte Country Newspapers; and by all the reputable Medicine Venders, Booksellers, & c. in every principal Town in England, Ireland, Scotland, and America, who will deliver Pamphlets gratis, with a Variety of authentic Doumencts noted therein. MARKETS.— London, March 9. Our arrivals of Wheat to- day were pretty large; in the sales an evident dullness prevailed, fine samples were about 2s. per quarter cheaper, and those ot inferior quality could not find buyers but upon terms still more disadvantageous. — Barley has likewise given way a little ; the supply very ample.— Malt remains without any change.— White Peas partake ot the general dullness of the market, and are cheaper.— Thy two sorts of Beans, particularly new Ticks, ( a lafge supply) had a corresponding heavi- ness, with a decline in price.— Oats fetched last Monday's currency; of this article we have not many fresh up ;; the quantity on hand was neverthe- less considerable. Wheat.. 48s. to 60s. 65s. Fine D^. — s. to 74s. 78s. Rye ... 35s. to46s. Od. Barley.. 30s. to 38s. Od. Malt. .. 64s. to 73s. Od. Oats 22s. to2Ss. 31s. HorseBeans36s. to 4ls. Od. Tick Ditto 30s. to 36s. Od. White Peas 48s. to 66s. Od. . Grey Ditto 40s. to 48s. Od. PRICE of FLOUR.— Fine 0s. to 70s. Od. HOPS, per Pocket. — Kent, 51. 10s. to 61. 10s.— Sussex, 51. 5s. to61. 0s. — Farnham, 91. 0s. to 101.0s. SMITHFIELD, March 9. To sink the oftal. Ox Beef, 4s. 4d. to 5s. 4d. Wether Mutton, 4s. 8d. to 5s. 8d. Veal, 5s. Od. to 6s. 6d. Pork, 5s. Od. t » 6s, Od. Sold this day, Beasts, 1700— Sheep and Lambs, 16,500. NEWGATE and LEADENJIAI. L, March 9. By the earcase. Beef, 3s;. 4d. to- ls. 4d. Mutton, 4s. Od. to 4s. 8d. Veal, 4s. Od. to 6s. Od. Pork, 5s. Od. to- 6s. Od. TALLOW.— Town, 6Qs. 6d. White Russia, 53s. Od. to— s. Od. ( Soap), — s. Od. to— s. Od. Melting Stuff, — s. to 44s. Od. Ditto rough, — s. to 30s. Good Dregs, 10s. Od. Graves, lis. Od. LEATHER, per lb. Butts, 50 to 561b. 22d. to 23d. Ditto, 60 to 651b. 21d. to26d. Merchants" Backs, 21d. to 22d. Dressing Hides, 17d. to 18£ d. Fine Coach- Hides, 18£ d. to20d. Crop Hides for cutting, 21d. to 23id. Flat ordinary, 17d. to 18Jd. Calf S'kins, 30 to 401b. per do?,. .26d, to 36d. Ditto, 50 to 701b. per doz. 333. to 39d. Ditto, 70 to 801b. 32d. to 34d. Small Seals, per lb. 42d. to 45d. Large Ditto, per doz, 100s. to 140s. Goat Skins, — s. to — s. pet doz. Tanned Horse- Hides, 20s. to 33s. per Hide. NORTHAMPTON: Printed and Published by and for T. DICEY and IV. SUTTON.
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