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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Volume Number: LXXXVI    Issue Number: 45
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 10/01/1807
Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: LXXXVI    Issue Number: 45
No Pages: 4
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Vol. LXXXVI. No. ,45.' S Ready Money is expected ^ { with Advertisements. J SATURDAY, January 10, 1807 PRICE SIXPENCE,! St « np- D^ v ( Paper and Prm t 3Jd. 2£ d. Sunday and Tuesday's Posts, LOND O N, January 6. THE Gotteuburgh Mail of the 26th, received on Saturday afternoon, brought Paris Papers to the 29th ult. containing the 38th and 39th French official Bulletins, which totally do away thc late rumours of the defeat of the French by the Ilus- We do not tind from ( lie German accounts, that the French liave got farther than the suburbs of Praga, and that thc French Emperor had not advanced his head quarters from Poseti. According to the French, bulletins, the Russians have shewn an inclination to " bury themselves in the interior of the country;" that is, they have shewn a pru- dent inclination to avoid fighting, till a fair prospect of success offers. In contradiction to the insinuation of the French Bulletin, thc Emperor Alexander, by a Manifesto, has resolved on the most spirited resistance of the invading enemy. Mr, J. Morier is arrived in town from Gotteu- burgh. He left Constantinople on thc 20th of Oc- tober ; at that time the Russians and Turks are stated to have settled their differences. In his way to Gottenburgh, he passed through the Russian army in Poland, 80,000 strong, apparently fine troops, and in high spirits. The Russians ex- pected daily a reinforcement of 75,000 men, and General Michelson was also coining with 30 or 40,000 from the frontiers of Turkey. General Kaminsky was on his way from St. Petersbprgh, to take the chipf command. A Gentleman who lauded at Hull, and arrived in town un Saturday, left Metnel on the 6th ulr. and passed several days at Koningsberg, whence he sailed on the 20th. He saw the King and Queen of Prussia at a small town near Koningsberg thc day before his departure; their Majesties lodged at a grocer's shop, and the Prime Minister, Haugwitz, occupied a miserable apartment at an apothecary's!!! The King supported thc extraor- dinary reverse of fortune which he has experienced, with composure and fortitude; but tliu Queen ap- peared sensibly afflitted at the woeful change in her condition. There were about 4000 troops in the town, and about 20,000 at Koningsberg and its neighbourhood. The Treaty lately signed by the American Mi- nisters here, is reported to recognize the right assumed by the United States, of carrying to France and Spain the prpduce of their colonies, on its undergoing the forms of entry in America. The Gazette of Saturday contains an account of the capture of a large French privateer, of 14 guns, ami the re- capture of an English trader, her prize, by the Spitfire sloop, Lieut. Parry. The rumour of the re- capture of Buenos Avres, which prevailed at Lisbon'and at Madrid, at the beginning of December, continued to maintain itself towards the middle of that month. The following letters, relating to this supposed event, have been received by the last Lisbon Mail: ", Lisbon, Die. 20. " Buenos Ayres has been re- taken from the English. Their Generals, and part of their troops, were left in the field of battle, the remainder. escaped, or were made prisoners. This intelligence is confirmed by the last letters from La Bahia. Although the news is not official, we entertain no doubt of it. A letter which 1 lately received from the Governor of Santa Martha stated, that an ex- pedition had sailed from Monte Video, against the conquerors of Buenos Ayres, consisting of 1200 men, in schooners, brigs, & c. and 600 in the gnu- boats." Another Extract, same date. " The re- capture of Buenos Ayres appears no longer doubtful. The English who escaped after the battle are hemmed in thc fort, and their strength is daily weakened by desertions. We expect with impatience the first ship from Rio Janeiro; but probably she will only bring those particulars of which you may be already in possession." There is also another account of this re- capture : Letters from Madrid, we understand, mention, » that the Viceroy having collected a force of 8000 men, drove in all our ont- posts, and advanced resolutely to attack our main body, which' did not consist of 1000 of different discriptions. Tiie engagement was hardly contested, but the superi- ority' of the enemy compelled us to retreat, when disorder followed, and the Spanish cavalry breaking in upon the ranks, General Berusfur'd unfortunately fell, and the troops, thus divided, fled in all directions." COMMERCE.— The value of British produce and manufactures exported from the port of London alone to all countries, except the East- Indies - and China, in the three quarters ending the 10th of October, 1805, amounts to - » G. 7,797,( 567 Ditto, in the three quarters, ending the 25th of October, 1808 * 8,691,811 Balance in favour of the present year 891,141 Value of articles of foreign and colonial growth and manufacture exported from the port of London aloue, in the three quarters, ending the 10th of October. 1805, X. 4,156,692 Ditto, ending the 10th of October, 1806 .. 1,176,620 Balance in favour of the present year 19,928 Owing to the encouragement given by tlic Go- vernment to the Newfoundland Fisheries, it ap- pear?, that whereas in the year 1805, 167 ships, 57,997 tons, and 3514 men were employed in the export, of its produce, there have been, in 1806, 571 ships, . of 64,607 tons, and 4336 men, em- ployed ; making an increase to the shipping in- terest of this country, of 110 ships, lltiTO tons, aud 822 men, in this trade alone. The following instance of British fortitude should not pass unnoticed or unrewarded:— The„ brig Friendship, of Poole, the property of Spurrier, Esq. was some time since captured by a Spanish gun- boat, off Oporto, and all the crew were put onshore, except Stephen Butler, a young mariner, of Christchurch, who, on the fifth day after she had been in possession of the enemy, being on the main- top, espied a " vessel at a considerable distance, which he thought to be an English ship, steering directly after them. He instantly considered of means to detain the brig, in order to effect her re- capture; and, though opposed to seven Spa- niards, arikpnet more than ti league from a Spanish port, he determined to risk his life, in the attempt. The vessel, he had the good fortune to observe, , gained fast on them, which the crew, at the time discovering, proposed . to run the brig oil shore; but this Butler prevented, by lowering the top- sails. He then ordered every man below, and taking the helm, put the vessel off to sea; soon after which, the Lord Nelson privateer of Guernsey came along- side and re- captured the brig. The Lieutenant gave the young man every Commendation for his conduct, and acknowledged that, if he had not ob- served the top,- sails struck, and the Spanish colours, ke should have discontinued the chaye. ' 1HEATRE or ANATOMY, Blenheim - Street, Great Marlborough - Sired, London. rpiIE SPRING COURSE of LECTURES, on .1 ANATOMY, PHYSIOLOGY, Sc SURGERY, will commence on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 21st, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, By Mr. BROOKES. Spacious Apartments, thoroughly ventilated, and replete with every Convenience, will be open at Eight o'Clock in the Morning, for the Purposes of Dissecting and Injecting, where Mr. Brookes attends to direct the Students, and demonstrate the various Parts as they appear on Dissection. An extensive Museum, containing Preparations illustrative of every Part of the Human Body, and its Diseases, appertains to this Theatre, to which Stu- dents will have occasional Admittance.— Gentlen\£ n inclined to support this School, by contributing pre- ternatural or morbid Parts, Subjects in Natural His- tory, Sec. ( individually of little Value to thu. Pos- sessors), may have the Pleasure of seeing them pre- served, arranged, and registered, with the Names of the Donors. The Incoaveniencies usually attending Anatomical Investigations, - are counteracted by- an Antiseptic Process, the Result of Experiments made by Mr. Brookes » n Human Subjects, at Paris, in the Year 1782; the Account of winch was delivered to the Royal Society, and read on the 17th of June, 1784. This Method has since been so far improved, that the florid Colour of the Mnsrles is preserved and even WELLINGBOROUGH, OLNEY, & NEWPORT- PAGNELL ORIGINAL POST COACH, To carry only Four Inside. SETS out from the HIND INN, WELI. IKGBOROI'GH, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Mornings, at Five o'Clock, and arrives at the CROJS- KEYS, ST. JOHN'S- STKEET, LONDON, early the SUME Afternoons, at which Inn Accommodation to Passengers by this Coach is particularly attended to; from whence it returns Tbesday, Thursday, and Saturday Mornings, at Five. Performed by W. BROWN, R. HAWKINS, T. SANDERSON, W. SPONG, J. 8. TUCK, J. BROWN, Who earnestly solicit the Patronage ot the Inhabi- tants of Wellingborough, Olney, and their Vicinities, assuring thein every Eflbrt shall be exerted to render this Conveyance superior to any on the Road. The Fare from Wellin ' - - - CHEAP COAL Muscles Is heightened. Pupils may be accommodated in the House. Gen- tlemen established in Practice, desirous of renewing their Anatomical Knowledge, may be accommodated with an Apartment to dissect in, privately. Northamptonshire Quarterage- Money. PVHE Chief Constables tire to colicct and pay at the ensuing Sessions, Eight single Quar- terly Payments. CHR. SMYTH, Clerk of the- Peace. Northampton, Dec. 27th, 1805. T Northamptonshire Quarter- Sessions. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next GENERAL QUARTER- SESSIONS of the PJJACE for this COUNTY, will commence on THURSDAY the 15th Day of JANUARY next, at Ten o'Clock in the Morning precisely; and that the Court will immediately impinnel the Grandlury, and transact other formal Business, and at Twelve o'Clock proceed to the Trial of Such Appeals as were entered at the last, and respited until the ensuing Sessions, Those Magistrates who have taken Recognizances for the A ppcarance of Persons at this Sessions, are requested to return them to the Clerk of the Peace on or before Tuesday the 6th. And all Persons who are bound over by Recognizances to prosecute, or to give Evidence on any Bill or Bills ol Indictment', are required to at- tend and deliver the proper Instructions at the Clerk of the Peace's Office on Wednesday Evening, as the Grand Jury will be discharged as early as the public Business will permit. And it is recommended to the Solicitors and Parish- Officers, who have Appeals to try, to deliver their Briefs to Counsel on the Wed- nesday Evening, and to be ready to try the same the next Morning, as the Court will be punctual in en- tering on that1 Business at the Time above- mentioned. By Order of the Court, CHR. SMYTH, Clerk of tire Peace. Northampton, Dec. Tyth, 1806. Buckinghamshire Quarter- Sessions. XI OTICE is hereby given, That the next JLX GENERAL QUARTER- SESSIONS of the i PEACE for this COUNTY, will commence at AYLESBURY, on THURSDAY the 15th Day of JANUARY next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon precisely :,— That immediately after, the Court will pro- ceed to the Trial of all Appeals that may be entered in due Time. It is proposed that the Grand Jury shall be impannelled as soon as they are assembled; and all Persons who are bound over by Recognizance to pro- secute, or to give Evidence upon any Bill or Bills of Indictment, are required to attend and deliver the pro- per Instructions at my Office on Wednesday Evening, as the Grand Jury will be discharged as early as the public Business will permit. And it is recommended to all Solicitors and Parish- Officers who have Appeals to try, to deliver their Briefs to Counsel on the Wed- nesday Evening, and to be ready to try the same the next Morning, as the Court will he punctual in enter- ing on that Business immediately after the opening of the Court. ACTON CHAPLIN. Clerk of the Peace's Office, Aylesbury, December 31, 1806. Turnpike Tolls to Lett. MR. WILLIAM HOLT, of BUCKINGHAM, having neglected to fulfil his Engagement with the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road leading from Towcester through Silvetstone and Brackley, in the County of Northampton, and Ardley aud Middleton- Stoney, to Weston- Gate, in the Parish of Weston- on- the- Green, in the County of Oxford, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the TOLLS arising at the! Toll- Gates upon the said Turnpike- Road, called HOPPER'S FORD GATE, with the CHECK GATE at BIDDLESDEN- LA'NE- BNDJ will again be put up to AUCTION, at the House of THOMAS WILKINS, called the Crown Inn, ill BKACKLEY, on Monday the 12th Day of January next, between tiie Hours of Eleven arid Four. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder, must at the same Time pay a Deposit alter the Rate of £. 10 per Cent, as a Pledge for the Performance of the Contract' to be then entend into. J. WESTON, Clerk to the'Trustees of the said Turnpike Road. Bracklry, 12//> December, .1806. Chelveston- cmn- Caldecbtt Inclosure. " T^ TOTICE is hereby given, That the Commis- LA sinners, named and appointed in and by an Act of Pafliaoient made and passed in the 41st Year of the Reign of His present Majesty King George the Third, intitled, " An Act for dividing, allotting, and inclosing, the open and common Fields, Meadows, commonable Lands and Waste Grounds, in the Parish of CHEI. STON, otherwise CHELVESTON- CUM- CALDECOTT, in the County of Northampton," will hold a General Meeting at the HIND INN, in WEI.' I INGBOROUGH, in the said County of . North- ampton, on WEDNESDAY the 14th Day of JANUARY instant, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, for the Purpose of reading over their Award, and executing the same, in the Presence of such of the Proprietors who may attend such Meeting. JOHN HODSON, Clerk to the said Commissioners. Wellingborough, January Id, 1807. SPURSUANT to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery, made in a Cause, ERRINGTON against CHAPMAN, the Creditors of THOMAS ERRINGTON, late of, OLD, in the County of Northampton, Apo- hecary, deceased, who died m or about the Month of March, 1803, are to come in and prove their Debts before James Stanley, Esq. one of the Masters orf the said Court, at his Chambers', in Southampton - Buildings, Chancery- Lane, London, on or before" the 12th Day ot February, 1807 ; or, in Default thereof, they will be peremptorily excluded the Benefit of the said Decree. FINAL NOTICE to the DEBTORS of Mr. JOHN WEST SWINGLER, deceased. ALL Persons remaining indebted to the Estate and Effects of Mr. JOHN WEST SWINGLER, late of MARKET- H* RB< » 4OUGH, in the County of Leicester, Yeoman, deceased, by Mortgage, Bond, or Simple Contract, are requested to take Notice, that unless they pay the Amount ot theit several Debts - into the Hands of George Wartn& by, of Market- Harborough aforesaid, on or before Tuesday the 13th Day of January, 1807, legal Measures will be taken immediately afterwards for Recovery thereof. By Order of the Executors, GEORGE WARTNABY, their Solicitor. Marht- Hafhrmgh, Sl « Dec. 1806. ngborough to London is 19s. Inside, 10s. Outside.— Gluey, lis, and 7s.— Newport, 12s. and 6i. N. B. Not accountable for any Article lost or da- maged, above the Value of Five Pounds, unless entered as such, and paid for accordingly ; but due Attention paid to the forwarding and immediate Delivery- of Parcel? intrusted to their Care. $ 3* Passengersand Parcels booked at Mr. SPONO'S, Wellingborough. ~ HOUGHTON- CON QUEST INCLOSURE. ~ \\ j E, the Commissioners appointed by " An t f Act for inclosing Lands in the Parish of HOUGHTON - CONQUEST, in the County of Bedford," have set out and appointed the private Roads and Foot- Ways, through and over the Lands and Grounds in the said Parish ( that is to say), PRIVATE ROADS. One private Road, of the Breadth of twenty Feet, leading from the Turnpike- Road at Gravelly Furlong, in the same Track, over the West Side of the said Furlong, and the North Side of the Nook, to a Gate- way into the Estate of the Earl of Ashbmnham, called Magpye- Hall, in the Parish of Wootton. One private Road, of the Breadth of fifteen Feet, leading from the Houghton Road, opposite the Farm- House in the Occupation of Saraii Gordon, at How- End, in a Northerly Direction, between the old In- cisures and Barley Croft, to the Cottage House and Garden in the Occupation of David Dunkly. One private Road, of the Breadth of twenty- four Feet, leading from the Houghton Road, opposite the Farm- House in the Occupation of Sarah Gordon, at How- End, in a Soutlierly Direction, by Harvest Por. d, into How- End Lane. One private Road, of the Breadth of fifteen Feet, leading from How- End Lane, at the Farm in the Occupation o# Mary Godfrey, in a Southerly Di- rection along other Part of the said l- ane, to the Cot- tage House and Gafden of William Mitchell. One private Road, of the Breadth of twenty Feet, leading from the Houghton Road, at the Corner of Backhouse Piece, in a Northerly Direction to the Cottage House and Garden of William Green, from thence in Northerly and Easterly Directions over Church Corner, to the Pightle belonging to Lord Ossory, in the'Occupation of James Redman. One private Road, of the Breadth of twenty Feet, leaduig tltom the Town- Street of Houghton- Conquest, in a Southerly Direction to the Cottage House and Garden of William Dix, and to the Parsonage House, and from thence along the Lane to King's Wood Pightle. One private Road, of the Breadth of twenty Feet, leading from the Bedford Road, at the Corner of Green- End Close, in an Easterly Direction along Cranket's Lane, to the East find thereof, from thence in a Northerly Direction to the Windmill. One private P. oad, of the Breadth of twenty Feet, leading from the East End of Chapel. End Lane, in a Northerly Direction to the Cottages aud- Gardens of John Seabrook, J,; bn Armstrong, and Yoxon, OF excellent Quality, from HAWKESRIRY NEW COLLIERY, are now selling at NORTH- AMPTON WHARF, at One Shilling per Hundred Weight, and delivered into any Part of the Town at Thirteen- Pence per Hundred Height, exclusive ot the customary Charge for Loading, & c. bv FRANCIS PARROTT, Esq. & Co. Proprietors of the aforesaid Colliery. ( pr i'he said Coals are particularly recommended to all great Consumers, and are warranted to be the best Coals, at the stated Prices, ever offered for Sale to the Inhabitants of the Town and County of Northampton. * » • HAWKK^ BURY COALS do not take Fire so quick as the best Staffordshire Coals, but when fairly kindled are equal in Heat, and will continue so One- third loiter, by the Use of which will be found a Saving to the Consumer of forty per Cent. For these Coals, Gentlemen are desired to enquire for Mr. JEFFERY, who will officiate for Mr. Dix, Clerk for the Ilawkesbury Coals, who constantly attends at the said Northampton Wharf; and for further Par- ticulars, apply to Mr. STEPHEN YATES, Bedwerth, near Coventry. Farms, in Bedfordshire. To be L E T T, on I, ease, And entered upon at Lady- Day next, Capital FARM; consisting of nearly 380 Acres, situate at HAYNES, near Ampthill, now occupied by Mr. Edward Kitchener and Mrs. Mary King. 2d, BEADl. OW FARM, in CI. OPHI LL, near Silsoe; consisting of about 260 Acres, now occupied bv Mr. Robert Butt and Mr. Lawrence Taylor. (£ 3" The, above Farms will be lc- tt for a Term of 16 Years; they are very compact, ar. d the Farm Buildings will be put in complete Repair, N. B. Apply to Messrs. RICHARDSON,, SON, and CORFIELD, Land- Surveyors, Lincoln's- lnii- Fields, London. 1st, A Caj iX 38C Genteel and expeditious Travelling. RUGBY and DUNCHURCH vnew ar. d elegaut LIGHT COACH, called THE A C C 0 M M O D A T10 N, ( To carry four Insides only}, CONTINUES to set out, as usual, from the J GEORCE INN, RUGBY, every Tuesdav, Friday, and Sunday Mornings, at Half- past Five' o'Clock , from the STAR INN, DUNCHURCH, a Quarter befory Six; and arrives at the Goi. DEN- f. ioN, ST. JOHN- STREET, LONUON, at Six o'Clock the same Evening Leaves LONDON every Monday, Thursday, and Satur- day Mornings, at Half- past F'ive o'Clock, and arrives at DUNCHURCH and RUGBY, about Six the same* Evening. DAVENTRY ACCOMMODATION COACH, to and from LONDON every Morning ( Wednesday ex- cepted), at Half- past Five o'Clock. Performed by R. DAVIS Se Co. The Public mav be assured, that no Exertions ot Expence, on the Pait of the Propiis- tors, shall be wanting to work the above Coaches in a Stvle far superior to any Thing yet offered to them on the Co- ventry Road. The Proprietors will not be accountable for any Package or Passenger's Luggage, above the Value of Five Pounds, unless entered as such and paid lor accordingly. To To ( f and to thc Close called Broad Close, belonging to Richard Reynolds, Esq. to the North West Corner thereof, from thence by the North Side of the said Broad Close to Cobb Hall, on the West and North Sides of Cobb Hall old Inclosures, belonging to Mal- colm Macqueen, Esq. to the Allotment to Cross Crooke, Esq. and along the East and South Sides of the Allotment to Malcolm Macqueen, Esq. next the Allotments to the said Cross Crooke, Esq. the Rev. Mr. Hiride, John Parker, Esq, and the Trustees of Wilstead Church. PUBLIC FOOT- WAYS. One public Foot- Way, of the Breadth of four Feet, leading out of Hazlewood Lane, near the South West Corner of Mary Baker's Pightle, in Easterly and North Easterly Directions, in its usual Track, over the Innings and Tippets furlong, into the great Ground towards Houghton- Conquest. On'e other public Foot- Way, of the Breadth of four I... Hi ti i, frrtm tilt. r. rr I, !•' n, 1 / if" Pnj. l's I' In..., In Feet, leading from the North End of Pool's Close, in a North Westerly Direction over the North End of the Innings, into the Bedford and Ampthill Turnpike Road, and along the said Turnpike- Road, and into and along the said private Road towards Magpye Hall. One other public Foot- Way, of the Breadth of four Feet, leading from a Stile in Lord Ossory's Close, called Ten Acres, in the Occupation of Jsseph Bun- nell, in a Northerly Direction, by the Side of Catch- pole Acre, to a Stile into the Parish of Wootton. One other public Foot- Way, of the Breadth of four Feet, leading fro. n the- Turnpike Road, near the Road Close, in an Easterly Direction to the Cottage House and Garden of David Dunkley, and from thence into the Houghton Road. One other public Foot- Way, of the Bread* of four Feet, leading from a Stile in the Baaky Ground, be- longing to the Rector, in a North Easterly Direction over Little Field and Little Meadow, to a Stile in the Close in the Occupation. of James Redman. One other public Foot- Way, oi the Breadth of four Feet, leading from the South West Corner of Day's Piece, in an Easterly Direction over the said Day's Piece and Great Meadow, to a Stile in Berry Leys, belonging to John Armstrong. One other public Foot- Way, of the Breadth of four Feet, leading from a Stile in John Armstrong's Church Close, in a Northerly Direction along the West Side of Church Corner, and along the Joint- Way to Chill Meadow Leys, and across the same, and on the East Side of Chill Meadow and Paddock Pieces, by the Side of the Bedford Road into the said Turnpike Road, and from the said Turnpike Road into and along the East Side of Lord Ossory's Allotment, to a jtile in the Parish of'Kempston. * One other public Foot- Way, of the Breadth of four Feet, leading from a Stile at the North East Corner of Green- End Close, belonging to John Armstrong, ill a North Easterly Direction over the Middle Fur- long and Mill Furlong, to Thick Thorn, and from Thick Thorn, in a Northerly Direction, to the Turn- pike Road, and across the same, and in the same Direction to a Bridle Gate at the North East Comer of Hardwick Spinney, in the Parish of ' Kempston. One other public Foot- Way, of the Breadth of four Feet, leading from Thick Thorn aforesaid, in an Easterly Direction by the Side of the old Inclosur. es, to the Corner of Wood Furlong, and on the South Side thereof to and along the Slaele and Cross Mead, into the Parish of Wilstead. And one other public Foot- Way, of the Breadth of four Feet, leading from a Stile in Redmau's Close, in an Easterly Direction across Chapel- End Green, along Peak's Line, and on the South End of the Peak's Field, to a Stile ill the Meadow, old Inclosure, being Part of thc Foot- Way from Chapel- End towards Wilstead. And we the said Commissioners declare, that the said private Roads and Foot- Ways, so by us set out and appointed, are ( previous to the Publication of this Notice) ascertained by Marks atid Bourfcls, and that we have prepared a Map, in which they are accurately laid down and described, and have depo- sited the same, signed by us, with Mr. DAVIS, Jun. of Ampthill, our Clerk, for the Inspection of all Persons concerned; and we appoint a Meeting to be held at the WHITE- HART INN, in AMM- HILL, on TUESDAY the THIRD Day of MARCH next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon ; when and where all Persons who may be injured or aggrieved by the setting out of the said private Roads and Foot- Ways, or any of them, or the Omission of any other private Road and Foot- Way, may attend and make their Objections to us.— Dated this 5th Dav of January, 1807. JOHN T'EI. LOWES. H. S. FOX, he SOLD by AUOTIO N, By T HACKER & CARTER, Under Conditions that will then be produced, on the Premises of tiic respective Tenants, at CHIPPING WARDEN, ill the County of l^ srthamoton, on the 12th Day of January, 1807, and following Days, till all is sold. NE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED and EIGHTY- ONE TREES, consisting of OAK, ASH, ELM, SYCAMORE, BEECH, CHESNUT, FIR, LIME, WALNUT, and YEW. CHIPPING- WARDEN is about three Miles from the Oxford. Canal, communicating with the Grand Junction, Warwick, and Coventry Canals. Catalogues to be had in due Time at the Office ot Messrs. Waltord, Golby, Se Walford, Banbury; Mr. Philip Hayes, at Wroxton; of the Auctioneer, at Wardington ; and at the Inns in Chipping- Warden. To be SOLD bv AUCTIO N, By THACKER & CARTER, On the Premises ot Mrs. MARY LOVELL, at WBSTON- 3Y- WEEDON, in the County of North- ampton ( who is leaving her Farm), on Monday the 19th Day of January, 1807, I^ IVE Horses and Mares, fourteen Cows, and twenty- five Sheep; three Ricks of Hay, and the Keeping of about 60 Acres till the 5th Day* of April next; one Waggon, three Ploughs, Cern- Roll, Corn- Staddles, Winnowing- Fan, and Barn Tackle in general. Also, a Quantity of HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, fie. Sale to'begin at Eleven o'Clock. Catalogues to be had of the Auctioneers, and at the Place of Sale. To b~ SOLD bv AUTFTJON, By Messrs. THACKER & CARTER, At the Dolphin, in Middleton- Cheney, in the County of Northampton, on Wednesday the 21st Day of January instant, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will then be produced, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given, npiIE following moS desirable FREEHOLD JL E STAT E, situate in MI D D L E TO N- C H E N E Y aforesaid, in Lots : Lot 1 consists of a Messuage or Tenement, plea- santly situated, with a Barn, Stable, and other Outbuildings, Yard, and Garden, thereto belonging, in the Occupation of Mr. John Smith, or his Under- tenants. Also of one other Messuage or Tenement, with a Garden thereto belonging, in the Occupation of the Parish Officers, or their Undertenants. Also of three several Gardens, in the several Occupations of Mr. Jones, Surgeon, of Banbury, John Simmons, and William Penn. And of four Closes of very fertile Land, lying together, and containing about 22 Acres, also in the Occupation of the said Mr. Smith. Lot 2 consists of two Closes of very fertile Land, containing together about ISA. 2R. 5P. with a good Stable standing about the Middle , of them, ill the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Taylor. The Land is well watered and timbered, and in excellent Condition. MIDDLETON- CHENEY is about three Miles from Banbury, and five from Brackley, and the Turnpike- Road leading from and to each of those Farms goes through 1 art of the same. ( jdT7* To see the Estate, apply to the TENANTS; or Mr. PENN, at the Dolphin; and for further Parti. ciJ. irs,.* or to treat for the same, to Mr. G. MOORE, of Biakesley ; or Mr. KIRBY, Attorney at Law, in Towsester. Sale of capital Timber. be SOLD bv AUCTION, By WILLIAM LONG, On Monday the 12th Day of January, 1807,' and f he following Day, on the Farm in the Occupation of B. Preedy, at Middle- Aston, in the Countv of Oxford, r TPWARDS of 1000 fine, large MAIDEN OAK, ELM, ASH, FIR, WALNUT, SPAN1 SH CHESNUT, andotherTIMBER TREES, with the TOPS, LOP, and BARK, all blazed, numbered, and lotted, and now standing on the Farm in the Occupation of the said B. Preedy, at Middle- Aston• aforesaid, and surrounding the late Mansion- House, well calculated for Shipping, Building, Wheel- wrights, and other Purposes; distant, one Mile from the Turnpike- Road leading from Oxford to Hanburv, and two" Miles from the Oxford Canal and Hey ford Wharf, where a Conveyance may be had to any'Part of the Kingdom. CST For a View thereof, apply to RICHARD SMITH, on the Premises, ten Days previous to the Sale, of whom Catalogues may be had, with Con- ditions of Sale annexed; also at the following Inns, viz. Hopcroft's Holt; Bear, Woodstock; Roe- Buck, Oxford; Crown- and- Cushion, Chipping - Norton ; Red- Lion, Banbury; King's- Arms, Bicester; White- Hart, Buckingham; Crown, Brackley; and of the ' Auctioneer, Witney. *** In Addition to the above, will be sold, at the same Time, four Lots of desirable ASH POLES. N. 11. Credit wili be given till Michaelmas, on approved Security. To be SOLD by A U C T I O N, By Messrs. BRAMPTON Sf BATES, WITHOUT RESERVE, On Tuesday the 13th of January- instant, 1S07, and two following- Days, on the Premises of Mr. J. V. ROSE, at KETTERING, in the County of Northampton, who is leaving this Part of the Country, ALL the neat and useful' HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, PARI' of the STOCK in TRADE, and other EFFECTS; consisting of Four- post and Tent Bedsteads, with Chintz and Cotton Furnitures; three good seasoned Feather- Beds, and by Feet nine Inches, nine Drawers; Ditto Night- Table-, Oak Chest of Drawers, and Dressing- Tables; 16 Mahogany Chairs, with Hair Seats; framed Oak Ditto; painted and turned Bedroom Chairs; three Feet nine Inch Mahogany Dining- Table, with two circular Ends to match; Pillar and Claw Ditto; Kidder- minster Carpet, 15 Feet by 11 Feet six Inches; an excellent Eight- day Clock, in a Wainscot Case, inlaid; a complete Set of China, and a Quantity of Glass and Delph Ware; a capital House- Range and Cranes; Bath- Stoves; polished Fenders and Fite- Irons; Kitchen Requisites in general; 54- Gallon Brewing Copper, 10- Gallon Washing Ditto, with Grate, & c.; Mash- Vat, Brewing Tubs, four Iron- bound, well- seasoned Hogsheads, and four Half- Hogsheads Ditto ; Wash- Trays and Tubs; with a Variety of other Articles,— The Whole of the Household- Furniture nearly new. The STOCK in TRADE consists of 400 Doien of Brushes, of various Sorts, which will be sold in con- venient Lots for the Retail Trade, Sec.; a Quantity of Three- quarter and Inch Elm Board; Fite- Wood, Sec. Sec. Sec. The Sale to commence each Day at Ten o'Clock ; the Stock in Trade will be sold on Thursday the 15ih. J. V. ROSE begs Leave respectfully to inform his Friends and the Public in general, that he is removing from Kettering to CAMBRIDGE, where he intends carrying on the WHOLESALE BRUSH MANU- FACTORY, in all its Branches, on the usual Terms ; and humbly solicit.- their future Patronage and Support. Freehold Estate, Bedfordshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By ANDREW GARDNER, On Wednesday, January the 14th, 1807, at the Sign of the Black - Horse Public- House, Wavendon End, Bucks, between the Hours of Two and Four o'Clock in the Afternoon,, subject to such Con- ditions of Sale as will be then produced, A Small, compact ESTATE of three CLOSES' i. I of rich SWEARD LANli, with a large Quan- tity of Oak, Ash, and Elm Timber growing thereon, containing three Acres, be the same more or less, Iving in the Parish of SAL- FORD, Bedfordshire; likewise, THREE substantial TENEMENTS, with a Wood- Barn, and a Piece of Garden Ground to each, and an excellent Orchard, well planted with Fruit Trees, containing one Acre, more or less, now in the Occupations of Thomas Stansey, Thomas Marriott, and Thomas Byway, who will shew the Premises. jJdT The said Parish is to be inclosed, which makes this Estate valuable, being Freehold, as. almost the Whole of the Parish, besides, is Collegehold. Bedfordshire. To he SOL D bv AUCTIO N, Pv ANDREW ' GARDNER, At tjv- Flying- Horse Inn, Clophill, near Ampthill, Oil Wednesday the 21st Day of January, 1807, at Twelve o'Clock, A Very valuable and highly- improvable Freehold 11 ESTATE, situate in the Parish of CLOPHILL, one Mile from the Village; consisting of 28 Acres of Arable Land ( lying together), now in'the Occupation of Mr, Edward Kitchener, who has had Notice to- quit at Lady- Day next. Printed Particulars may fee had of Messrs. Richard- son, Son, Sc Corfield, Land- Purveyors, Lincoln's- Inn Fields, London; of the Auctioneer, Wohurn ; at the Place of Sale; and at the. White- Hart Inn, Arqpthill. Freehold Estate, on the Borders of Huntingdonshire and Bedfordshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, On Thursday the 29th Day of January, 1S07, at the Cock Inn, in Eaton, in the County of Bedford, AFREEHOLD ESTATE, in the Parishes of GREAT- STAUGHTON, in the CotJnKy of Huntingdon, and EATON- SOCON, in the Countv of Bedford, containing about 60 Acres of Arable and Meadow Land, in the Occupation of Mr. Charles Banks, who will shew the Premises. ( t5T Possession may be had at Lady- Day next; and | further Particulars at the Offices of." Messrs. YORK* ' Si SiiERARD, ia Oundle at Thrapston. Freehold Estate, at Keyston. To be -- SOLD by AUCTION, At the White- Hart Inn, inThtapston, some Time in January, or the beginning of February next, in such Lots as shall be specified at the Time of Sale ( unless previously disposed of by Private Contract), AVery desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at KEYSTON, in the County of Huntingdon, adjoining the Turnpike- Road from Thrapston to Kim- bolton and Huntingdon; consisting of 438 Acjes of old Pasture Land, convcn ently divided into Closes, and now in the Occupation of Messrs. Hurst, Knight' Se Baker. 6 C3" For further Particulars, and to treat for the Purchase by Private Contract, apply to Messrs. YORKE Se SHERARD, at Thrapston or Oundie. LIGNUM's PILLS,_ Pricc only 2s. 9d. the Box ( each Box contains sixteen Doses,) T- 70R the Infallible Cure of ail Degrees of a A certain Disorder, prepared bv Mr." LIGNUM, Surgeon, at his Dispensary, No. 57, Bridge- Street', Manchester.— One small Pill is a Dose, anil th- Takir. g of one Box, in a recent Case, will- convince the Patient of his speedy Recovery; Nothing tan l;',.- better contrived, more safe and convenient than th., Remedy, in totally eradicating every Symptom of this destructive Malady, by Sea' or Land, as it needs ri,', Confinement, Restraint ot Diet, or Hindrance ot Business. A Trial of this noble Medicine will soon sound if:, due Praise. With each Box is given i copious < V. rection, and a concise Description o- the Disease, from which the Purchasers will be enabled to jtAlg-'. pWper! V of their own Cases, and to treat them as n:.. V be requisite, without further Medical Assistance, and with the utmost Secrecy and Safety. C5T To prevent Counterfeits, observe these Words— " John Lignum, Bridge- Street, Manchester," c- ni- graved on a black Stamp, by Favour of His Majesty'*;. Commissioners; to imitate which is Felony. These Pills may be had, Wholesale and Retail, at Mr. LIGNUM'S, NO. 57, Bridge- Street, Manchester, and by Appointment are sold, at 2s.. iki. the Box, by Howard & Evans, 42, Long- Lane, West- Smithfield-- Dice*& Co. - 10, Bow Church. Yard ; Barclay ScSoA- 95, Fleet- Market; Shaw & Edwards, 66, St. Paul's Church- Yard; Butler, 4, Cheapiirie; and Newberv & Sons, 45, St. Paul's Church- Yard, London ; and Retail of Diei- j fe Sutton, and Marshall, Northampton ; Green Ar I"* A mutoii t m i-^.- w. f 1/ » i7.-. IV- \ .... Tookey, Oundle; Jacob, Peterborough;* 1 nils, Tow-' cesfcj ; Paul, St. Ives; Jenkinson, Huntingdon; Collis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Mather, Welling- borougii; Darton, Hitchin; Simson, Hertford; aid of the principal Venders of genuine Medicines | in the United Kingdom. Wednesday and Thursday's Posts. L 0 N D 0 N, January 8. ES I'ERDAY some Mails arrived from Den- t mark, bringing German Papers to the 1st Snst. The intelligence from the seat of war in the Noi th of Europe, is very important. It can be no longer disguised, even in the accounts written under tlie French influence, that the climate is • operating more destructively upon the French armies than the sword did upon those of the Prus- sians at the commencement of the campaign; - dysenteries and other infectious disorders have occasioned great mortality among the French troops. Besides the severity of the climate, the dreadful condition of the roads, and the distance from supplies, add prodigiously to their difficulties and espence; and if the Russians keep the enemy in play, without giving them any decisive advan- tage, the present war may contribute essentially to weaken Bonaparte. He is stated to . have left Posen, and to have proceeded forward to Warsaw. This is for the purpose of some important attempt; either to bring 011 a decisive battle, or to execute his declaration relative to the restoration of the Polish independence. A letter from Berlin, dated Dec. 17, gives the following account of the distressing situation of the Trench army :—" The hospitals of this plaee are full of sick " and wounded French, who arrive here nightly by waggon- fulls; and also at Magdeburgh, the doors of the hospitals are closely shut, and no - one allowed to enter or conic out; contagious fevers, hud the white flux prevail to that degree among the French in Germany and Poland, that thousands - of them have already fallen victims, and thousands more will probably share the same fate; their troops in Mecklenburgh, Saxony, and other parts, are all afflicted with similar diseases. From Ham- burgh, Frauconia, & c. & c. a number of physicians have been put in requisition, in order to be sent > to Poland, to attempt to stop the progress of those j diseases which continue to make the most dreadful images. From Russia we learn, that Field- Marshal ! Count Kaminskoi had been invested with the chief ! command of the Russian armies, for which pur- pose he has received the most extensive powers," The King of Prussia appears to be rallying,, and is determined to exert every nerve to retrieve his circumstances. On the 1st of December, a very spirited proclamation was issued by his Majesty. After having stated, bis reasons for rejecting the armistice concluded with D. uroc, he concludes as follows " Whilst the King has thus done every thing in his power to prevent the further effusion of blood, he has, on the other band, been incessantly oc- cupied in preparing the means of resistance with which Providence has supplied him. Though the fortresses of, Stettin, Custrin, and Magdeburg!), notwithstanding their being abundantly supplied witfi provisions, and furnished with sufficient gar- risons, have been unjustifiably surrendered by their Governors and Commanders ; yet the re- maining fortresses of the country, and particularly ! those on the Vistula, have been with the utmost I activity placed in the lust state of defence, and i confided to the cure of resolute and faitlvful Com- | niandcrs. The troops remaining in the provinces mi the Vistula, and the Wartba, will form a junction with the numerous and brave Russian armies; besides which a new army will be col- lected and got in readiness for service. The King, therefore, relies upon the support of the nation, which, in the Seven Years War made a glorious stand against almost the whole of Europe, and w hich gave no signs of despair or irresolution, though then," as now, the capital, and r- If greater ) art of the kingdom bad fallen into the power of the enemy. In that. war Prussia stood alone. In this, she has to rely on the assistance of Alexander, who advances with his whole force to her support. In this contest Prussia will identify her interests with Russia. Both will stand or fall together." The King of Prussia has addressed another Proclamation to the inhabitants of Silesia, in which he feelingly appeals to their loyalty and patriotism, anticipating the approach of the enemy, ftml painting, in strong colours, the depopulating warfare which he wa^ es against the peaceful inha- bitants of every country in which bis armies gain u tooting. His Majesty boasts being still at the '••• id of a powerful army, purged of traitors, and burning . vith zeal in the cause of its country, sup- ported bv a yet more powerful Ally, determined to avenge his Muse.— This Proclamation is dated Brestaw, Dee. 11. Denmark continues arming, with an apparent determination to preserve the free navigation of the Sound. On th?. 1,1th alt. peace was signed at Posen, iietweeu his . Majesty the Emperor of the French, King of Italy, and his Majesty the King of Saxony. From Berlin, we learn that a Council of War has pa- sod sentence on the Commandants of Mag- fkburgl;, Stettin, and Custrin ; the two first have been broke, and the latter condemned to depth. Sir Harford Jones has brought the latest accounts Government from the bead- quarters of the Russian armies. He had a full opportunity of seeing them, and upon his authority it is stated, t hat In- never saw an army in a higher state of discipline, better appointed in every respect, or more eager to meet the enemy a I'. unite blanche.— The two columns of Russians under Generals Ueiiningsen and Buxhovden, amounting in all to 1. > 0,000 men, be says, must have joined on the bill or Otli of December. He brings a confirmation of the account, on authority of letters from Elbing, dated the 8th of December, that the French bad passed the Vistula, and taken possession of Thorn. But they were much reduced by sickness. Above one fourth of their army were down influxes, and other diseases. The season was , open, and the country in which they have to act, is a scries of forests, morasses, and rivers. On the 13th oi' December I. ord Hutchinson and suite, in the Sparrow gun- brig, passed the island of Atholm, or Christiansoe, and expected to land at Pillau on the 16th. The treasure of the King of Prussia was on board vessels at Pillau, ready to put to sea at a moment's notice. The Queen of Prussia arrived at Koningsburgh on the 9th of December, and the King was to be there on the 10th. The Austrians had formed a strong cordon all along the banks of the Pelisza. Their army is in fine order, and their magazines plentifully supplied. . The people of Austrian Poland remained perfectly quiet; and the levins at Pctricban, Plock, Kalisz, Gnesen, and Posmi, in Prussian Poland, had by no means answered the hopes of the French. The Western World, a Kentucky Paper just re- ceived, mentions, in the following terms, the sur- render of Colonel Burr, on the 8th of November. " At one o'clock, after the names of the Grand iTurv were called, Colonel Burr entered, attended pv IL Clay, Esq. as his Counsel; and, after having seated himself, in a few minutes rose, and ad- dressed the Court in concise and impressive term?, lie stated, that he had been on the eve of his de- parture from Lexingtou, when be was informed i In it his name had. been mentioned with reproach in that Court for investigation, with several other - • observations.— The Grand Jury were ordered to xitend on Wednesday morning, at ten o'clock." Tire rumours respecting the j ecapture of Buenos Ayres by the Spaniards, Still continue to agitate the public minib On this subject several ui pleasant reports have lately been industriously cir- culated. On Tuesday morning Government pub- lished the following Bulletin : " Admiralty Office, Jan. 6. " A Spanish packet from Monte Video, but last from Rio Janeiro, has been captured by his Majesty's ship Phoenix, on board of which were found some papers, dated at the former place the 21st of August. No intelligence on the subject of Buenos Ayres has been, obtained." A second Bulletin was yesterday dispatched to Lloyd's, from the Admiralty, of which the fol- lowing is a copy : " Admiralty- Office, Jan. T. " By an examination of the prisoners of the Spanish packet, it appears, that she sailed from Monte Video upwards of three months since, at which time that place was in possession of the Spaniards, and Buenos Ayres of the English." A notice to the following effect has been posted at Lloyd's:—" That the reports received lately from Lisbon, relative to the re- capture of Buenos Ayres, are such, as make it prudent for English ships bound to the River Plata, to obtain previous information, either at Rio Janeiro, or any other part of the coast, before they enter that river." A letter from Plymouth states, that Sir Home Popbam was cruizing off Monte Video on the 27th September, all well. If this intelligence be true, the falsehood of the rumours respecting the recapture of Buenos Ayres, on the 15th of August, becomes more and more evident; for had it been recaptured, Sir Home could not have been cruiz- ing off Monte Video on the 27th September, all well.— It is now generally disbelieved. An officer, lately arrived from Verdun, waited j upon the Committee of the Patriotic Fund yester- j day at Lloyd's, for the. purpose of making the j gentlemen acquainted with the real situation of i our seamen taken as prisoners into France during j the war. This officer affirms, that the scanty pit- i tance afforded each man daily, consisted of a small square piece " of bullock's liver, a slice of black j bread, and a glass of new brandy. Had it not | been for the relief they received from the Patriotic i Fund, forwarded to them through a private chanel, I many of them must have perished for want. The ! object of the French, in treating our seamen with | such inhumanity in this respect, was with the view j of making them dissatisfied with their Govern- ! ment, by inducing a belief that , they were neg- lected by it, and in order to tempt them to enter ! into the French service. Numerous were the j offers made to them for that purpose, which were 1 rejected with contempt and indignation. A few ; renagado Irishmen accepted the proposals of the French, and were accordingly employed in their service. We are happy to find, by the Irish papers re- ceived on Thursday, that there is much exagger- ation with regard to the troubled state pf Ireland. The judges, and the principal law offerers em- ployed in the special commission that had issued for the trial of offences, have all returned to Dublin. The open violation of the law, and all the terrors and misconceptions incident to the visitation of rustic outrage, have subsided; and the public mind, returned to its repose, looks with compassion aud pity upon those deluded victims, which ignorance, poverty, and vice, bad cast before the presence of offended justice. The following truly noble act took place in the neighbourhood of Worcester a few days ago:— A nobleman riding over one of his farms was met by a tenant in mourning; and enquiring into the cause, was informed that he had lost, his eldest son, whose life was in an estate he held under his lordship. The nobleman, after commiserating with his tenant, passed on without further observation; but to the surprize of the latter, on the morrow he was pre- sented with a new lease, substituting the life of his youngest son, only eight years of age, for that of the deceased, without taking any fine for renewal, or raising the rent. Mr. T. Cave Browne last week sold his favourite bay holse Watchman, to his Grace the Duke of Rutland, for 500 guineas, and ha has since sold his famous horse Assassin to General Grosvenor far 400 guineas. He has also refused 5o0guiueas for his black horse Vesper. A stone bridge, of four arches, over the Crae, at Newton Stewart, was on Christmas- day carried away by the floods. Sunday last, about twelve, o'clock, one of the arches of llaydon bridge, Northumberland, 91 feet in span, fell in with a most tremendous crash, at the time that a number of people were going over it to church. One man sunk with the ruins to a depth of 40 feet, by which his thigh was fractured, and he was otherwise much bruised; but he is still alive. The bridge bad long been in a state of decay. Nine dwellings, with numerous out- bouses, corn- stacks, & c. were, on Christmas- day, destroyed by accidental fire, at Acomb, near Hexham. Mr. Cowslade, one of the Proprietors of the Reading Mercury, put a period to his life on Tuesday last, in Andover market- place, by shoot- ing himself with a pistol. He was a man much respected, and it is unknown what were his motives l'or the rash act. A Coroner's Jury has delivered a verdict of Lunacy. Friday, the apprentices of Mr. Slark, a glass- cutter, in Crown- court, F'leet- street, while working in the garret, were alarmed by a smell of fire, and w ere prevented from going further down than the first floor, by the smoke; some neighbours, however, burst in, and discovered Mrs. Slark, near 70 years old, on the parlour floor, suffocated, with her face and breast shockingly burnt, as if she had fell against the grate. The accident is suo- posed to have originated from a snuff of a candle falling into a hamper of straw, which was used for packing glass. On Tuesday J. B. Barriculet, valet to Lord Caledon, was again examined at Marlborough- street Office, llis Lordship stated, that the pri- soner acted as his valet, and to him he left the care of his house whilst he went to Ireland— 32 parcels were packed in a hurry, and sent to an inn for conveyance to Portsmouth, previous to his Lordship leaving town, he having been given to understand that he should embark for the Cape of Good Hope in a few days. In consequence of the confused manner in which the things had been packed, Lord C. could not speak with certainty as to what extent be had been robbed. The only ! property he could particularize was about 20 dozen of wine, chiefly Champagne, Madeira, and Claret, which he had left locked in his wine- cellars, the keys of which were in an unlocked drawer in the house. The prisoner had no command over the wine- cellar. Out of the 32 packages delivered at the inn, nine had been brought back. It was proved by some persons who were left in the house, that the prisoner had frequently taken wine from the cellar, and carried it out of the I house: the whole of which, it appeared, he had , distributed, at different times, amongst about a ! dozen dashing belles, many of whom stood forward at this examination as his accusers. (' ill. Alexander identified part of his property, which had been sold by the prisoner, who was fully commuted for trial. MOUSE of COMMONS, Monday, Jun. 5, I. ord HOWICK, after taking a clear and comprehen- sive review of the late Negociation, in which he fol- lowed, with few variations, Lord Crenville, moved an'Address, verbatim with that carried in the House of Lords last Friday—( for which see our last page. J Mr. WHITEHEAD went at large into the history of the negociation, as it appeared in the documents before the House; and censured in the severest terms, the conduct of Ministers in breaking it off. He con- tended, that, after the death of Mr. fox, they no longer sought Peace in the spirit of Peace. In the terms to which France was ready to assent, the honour of the country was abundantly consulted, because those very points were conceded, on which, in a moment of passion, the Chief of the French Go- vernment had declared his determination never to yield. Her interests would have been secured to a much greater extent than could have been reasoaably expected, considering the uniform success of the arms of France on the Continent. He could not find the basis of the uti possidetis any where admitted by the French Go- vernment. Their rising in their demands after the Treaty with D'Oubril, was perfectly natural, and would have been imitated by this or any other country under similar circumstances. Considering the appre- hensions which France entertained of the designs of Russia against the Porte, it was not to be wondered at that she should not acquiesce in the demands of that povver with regard to Dalmatia. The retention of Sicily, which seemed a sine qua non with us, hau been departed from by Russia, which was willing to sti- pulate a compensation to his Neapolitan Majesty. From the best view which he could take of the whole transaction, we had broke off the discussions for Rus- sian objects, in the contemplation of'a new Coalition. He deprecated the intemperate language which lie heard applied to the conduct of France. He was not one of those who wished for eternal warfare. Let us for a moment place ourselves in the situation of the French Government, and then judge of their dispo- sition for Peace by the terms which they repeatedly offered. After some further observations, the Hon. Member concluded - with proposing an Amendment, to the efteet of professing otfr readiness to embrace the earliest opportunity of renewing a negociation for Peace. Mr. Whitbread's motion was then put, and nega- tived without a division. LADIES' BOARDING- SCHOOL, I SQUARE, NORTHAMPTON, j MRS. & Miss FREAKF. S respectfully inform their Friends, their SEMINARY will re- commence on MONDAY, JANUARY 19th, 11S07. Abington- Sireet, Northampton. MRS. HAGUE begs Leave to inform her! Friends, that her SCHOOL ( and likewise her j Daughter's Preparatory one), will open again on the , 19th Instant. Ladies' Boarding- School, Thrapston. MISS DARNELL respcctfullv informs ber Friends and the Public, lier SCHOOL re- opens, after the Christmas Recess, on MONDAY the 19th Instant. Thrapston, Jan. 6th, 1807. STONY- STKATFORD, Jan. 6th, 1807. MISS HARRISON respectfully informs her Friends and the Public, that" her SCHOOL will open on MONDAY the 19ih Instant. NEWPORT- PAGNELL. MISS } ENSTED takes this Opportunity of returning her most grateful Acknowledgments to her Friends and the Public in geneial, for the liberal Encouragement she has received, and respectfully solicits a Continuance of the same.— The SCHOOL will re- commence on MONDAY the 19th Instant. Ladies' School, Market- Hat borough. MRS. TULLOII respectfully informs her Friends and the Public, that her SEMINARY re- commences on MOND AY the 19th Instant. ( P" Mrs. T. would be happv to accommodate one or two Ladies as Parlour Boarders.— A Vacancy for a Half- Boarder. Boarding- School, at Winslow. RS. CII1FNEY ( from . Mrs. CROSS'S, London), be? s respectfully to inform her Friends and Public, that her fiOA RDINC- SCHOOL, for ... j VOIJNG LADI ES', will open on MONDAY the 26th Mr. CANNING expressed his surprise that a speech j of JANUARY, 1807. WESTON, near M A N KM - H A RS'OROUOBT. nrHE Rev. M. SCOTT informs his Friends and J- the Public, that his SCHOOL will open again | on MONDAY the 19th Instant. January 1th, 1807. TOWCESTER SCHOOL. ~ rF WHITE has the Pleasure. of announ^ - I . his Friends and the Public', the re- oper his SCHOOL will be on MONDAY the 19th IrJ January 9th, 1807. of such distinguished ability as that the House had just heard, should have been passed unnoticed by any of his Majesty's Ministers. Mr. PERCEVAL stated his opinions at great length, denying, almost sentence by s ntence, every point that was advanced by the Members on the other side of the House, and also the most prominent parts of his Majesty's Speech. He maintained that we were the dupes of French artifice, and that we had suHered the dupery to continue for the space of several weeks at the least, after we should have broken off the nego- ciation. Upon thewhole, however, he would concur in the Address, though there were some passages which he could not entiiely approve. Lord HO-. VICK made a. very able reply, in detail, to different parts both of Mr. Whitbread's speech and Mr. Perceval's, saying it was a strong presumption that Ministers had acted right, when one class blamed tliein for not making peace, another for having been too eager to do so. The Address was carried unanimously. Teims.— I- ntrance, One Guinea; eighteen Guineas j per Ann.— Washing, 10s. fid. per Quarter. — Writing, ! French, Music, Dancing, Drawing, & c. charged ; separately. j (,' 3T Coaches to or from London daily. Wednesday, Jan. 7. In a Committee of Supply, Mr. CALCRAFT said, that in moving the Estimates'for the Ordnance of the present year, he had the pleasure to inform them i there was a considerable reduction in the expences ! from those of former > ears, by the sum of £. 606,000 ; and had it not been for some necessary augmentations I in the number of men, the saving would have . amounted to £. 750,000 ; and there was a very pleasing j prospect of . here being a considerable reduction in i the txpences of the next year, because the great works which have been carrying on for the defence of the Southern coast, aud particularly those at Dover, would very soon be finished. He then moved the following resolutions, that there be granted to his Mai estv the following sums, viz. .£. 201,406 9s. 8d. for the Land service of the Ord- nance for Great- Britain, not provided for by Parlia- ment, for the year IfcOi. =£. 262,365 for the same service, not. provided for, for the vear 1R06. =£. 2,278,197 Os. lOd. for the Land service for the year 1807. .£. 479,2- 16 19s. 7d. for the . same service, for Ire- land, for 1807. The resolutions were severally agreed to. DAVEMRY, Jan. 8tb, 1807. MISS COOPER returns her sincere Thanks to the Parents and Guardians of those Ladies who have been entrusted lo the Care of herself and late Sister; and respectfully acquaints them and the Public, that her SEMINARY re- opens on MONDAY the 19th Instant; and ( havingengaged an additional Assistant), hopes, by a strict Attention to her Charge, to merit a Continuance of their Support. LADIES' BOARDING AND DAY- SCHOOL, TO WC ESTER. MRS. HILL begs I. eave to inform her Friends . and the Public, that her SCHOOL re- opens JANUARY l.' Jth, 1807. Terms.— Board an^ Education, Seventeen Guineas per Annum, Tea included. Entrance, One Guinea. Mrs. HILI returns Thanks for past Favours, and solicits a Continuance of the same. Vacat ions, at Midsummer aud Christmas, three Weeks each. WELLINGBOROUGH, Jan. 10th, 1807. RS. and Miss MALLM respectfully an- nounce to their Friends and the Public, that, supported by the most eminent Masters for the French Language, Music, Drawing, and Dancing, the in- tended Re- commencement of their SEMINARY is fixed for MONDAY the 19th Instant. LADIES' BOARDING - SCHOOL^ St. Peter's, Bedford. jVI RS. COPE begs Leave to inform her Friends 13 5L and the Public, that her SEMINARY re- opens en JANUARY, 19th, 1807. Board and Education, £. 20 per Annum ; Writing, Washing, Tea, and fine Works, included. No En- trance expected. Dancing taught by Mr. M'KORKELL.— French, Music, and Drawing, by approved Masters. LADIES' BOARDING- SCHOOL. MRS. TAYLOR'S BOARDING- SCHOOL, AMPTHILL, Beds, opens again ( after the Christmas Recess) on MONDAY, JANUARY 19th.— whether or not it was intended to put into execution : Young Ladies are treated with Care and Affection, the Training Act which had passed last session, or lo i evclv P° Ss'ble Attention is paid to their Morals and substitute any other measure in its stead ? ! Improvement, and no Restrictions with Respect to ] Mr. Secretary WINDHAM answered, that he had no ) . , doubt but his Majesty's Government would be guided : Embroidery taught in a superior Style; plain Work, by circumstances : it was a measure which was subject Reading, and Grammar, particularly attended to.— • always to the discretion of the Executive Government. I T? r. nls> Guineas per Annum, Washing included. It certainly was their intention to carry it still further i Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, Music, Dancing, into execution, after certain regulations had been ™ 4 v'— u "" ' Thursday, Jan. 8. Lord CASTLEREAGH rose, and put a question to the Right Hon. Secretary opposite; he wished to know ; adopted, which wers not likely to take a long time, I and by means of which it might speedily be executed j over all the kingdom. WADENHOE, Northamptonshire, ] JANUARY 7th, 1807. J XT^ ALTER STRETTON ( Sitcccssor to JOHN I * * VORLEY, late of Thrapston, deceased), takes i this Opportunity to inform his Friends and the Pub- j j lie in general, that he has declined tlie JOBBING I BUSINESS, and in future he will employ his Time I as SALESMAN alone. He will regularly call on ; the Public and collect their Stock, and attend the j St. Ives and London Markets; and he trusts, from his j Experience, and the Encouragement he has met wilh I 1 for two Years past, he shall meet with the Appro- j bation of the Public, and every Attention will be ! paid to merit their Suppoit. ^ NORTHAMPTON NAVIGATION. lyrOTICE is hereby given, That an adjourned - iA Meeting of the Commissioners acting for the Western Division of the Navigation of the Ri\ er Nine or Nen, will be held at the GUILDHALL, in NORTHAMPTON, on FRIDAY the 16th Day of JA- NUARY instant, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, i for transacting the Business relating to the sai « l Navi- gation. Northampton, Jan. 9th, 1807. LUTTERWORTH CONCERT AM) BALL. ! | BOTTERILL « F . and Public TION the 16th Instant, at the DENBIOH- ARMS. Rev. T. BURNABY, ) Rev. R. SMITH, [ Stewards. Rev. FI. WOOLLEY,) ACT I. Overture.— lios cut. Coneerto. — COREL LI. Song. — Mr. TIT LOR. O verture. — V A N H A L . ACT 11. Overture to Saul.— HANDEL. Duett. — Violin and Violoncello. Song'.— Mr.. TAYLOR. Concerto on the Grand Piano- Forte. — F. MARSHAL. Grand Finale. Doors open at Half- past Six, and begin at Half- past Seven o'Clock. Tickets, 5s. each, to be had of J. Botterill, and at the Denbigh- Arms and Hind Inns. Lutterworth, Jan. id, 1807. Bedford mid Leicester State- lMttery- Offices. .£. 20,000 for the First- drawn Ticket, First Day, ISth JANUARY, 1807. TICKETS and SHARES are on Sale by Mr. J. BARNES, Printer, BEDFORD, and Mr. CANT, Post- Office, LEICESTER, for HODGES Sc Co. Stock- Brokers, on the same liberal Terms as at their Offices, Cornhill, Oxford- Street, and St. James's- Street, London. First- drawn Ticket, 3d Day, =£. 10,000 Ditto '. 5th Day, 30,000 Ditto 10th Day, 5,000 N. B. This Lottery contains two immense Prizes of £ .30,000 each, in Addition to the usual Number of Twenty Thousands, Ten Thousands, Five Thousands, Sec. & c. gdT" Schemes, with a List of capital Prizes re- cently sold in Shares by HSDGES & Co. may be had, gratis, as above. A A GRAMMAR- SCHOOL, DAVENTRY. THE Rev. WM. FALLOW FIELD respectful! informs his Friends, that his SCFIOOL, for Classical and Commercial Instruction, will re- open on MONDAY the 19th Instant. January 8th, 1807. The ACADEMY, at DAVENTRY, WILL open again, for the Reception of Boarders, on MONDAY the 19th of JANUARY T instant. T. SANDERS begs Leave to inform his Friends and* the Public, that he has removed from his House in the Sheaf- Street, to one larger and more convenient near the CHURCH; where he hopes to merit a Con- tinuance of that Patronage he has so liberally expe- rienced, as he is determined to use every Exertion to cultivate the Fleart and Understanding, and to form the Manners of his Pupils. STONY- STRATFORD SCHOOL. MR. SMITH respectfully acquaints his Friends and the Public, that liis SCHOOL will open again on MONDAY the 19th of JANUARY, 1807. ADDERBURY S( HOOL. " ESSRS. WOOLSTON & SON respectfully inform their Friends and the Public in general", that their SCHOOL will open again on MONDAY, JANUARY 19th. Terms and Particulars of the School at large, will, on Application, be immediately forwarded to any Lady or Gentleman requesting them. Adderbuty, Jan. bth, 1807. Padbury Academy, near Buckingham. " V^ OUNG GENTLEMEN aregenteely boarded, i and carefully instructed, in the English Language, Writing, Arithmetic, Book- keeping, & c. at eighteen Guineas per Annum, and One Guinea Entrance.— The SCHOOL will open again on MONDAY the 19th Instant. January 1th, 1807. Drawing, and French, as usual'. Parlour Boarder's, for Instruction, 30 Guineas a Year. ( JD?"\ Mrs. TAYLOR begs Leave to recommend to the Notice of the Public, her INTERESTING TALES, ill Words of one Syllable, calculated for the rapid Improvement ( as well as the Amusement) of Chil- dren.— Sold by Birdsall, Northampton; Webb, Bed- ford; Gardner, Biggleswade; the Author, Ampthill; and by the principal Booksellers in London. Mrs. MACKENZIE ~~ ~ CQUAINTS her Friends and the Public, that she has taken a commodious HOUSE at HUNTINGDON, particularly adapted for the Ac- commodation of young Ladies; and that her SCHOOL will re- open on MONDAY the 19th of JANUARY. Mrs. MACKENZIE teaches French and Drawing in Schools and private Families. ST. NKOTS, Jan. 7th, 1807. rpHE Miss HAIULF. YS respectfully beg Leave 3 to present their warmest Acknowledgments to their Friends, for the kind Patronage and Support they have experiented, and to inform them, their SCHOOL will open, after the present Recess, on MONDAY the 19th Instant. They hope, by the Su- perintendanse and Assistance of their Mother in the Family Arrangements, arid the strictest Attention to the Health, mental Improvement, and Happiness of the young Ladies entrusted to their Care, to execute, with Satisfaction, the important Duties of their Charge. Terms, 20 Guineas per Annum, including Board, WiNsr. ow, Jan. 5th, 1807. II W. STUBBINGS returns his most grateful " ' . - Thanks to his Friends for past Favours, and bejs Leave most respectfully to inform them and the Public, his SCHOOL opens again on MON DAY th « 19th Instant'. H. W. S. bess Leave to recommend to the Atten- tion of the Public, his interesting Publications, cal- culated to instruct and improve juvenile Minds. Sold by Mr. Seeley, Buckingham; Wheeler, Avlesbury; the Author, Winslow; and by C. Law, Ave- Maria, Lane, London. l i i CAMPION ACADEMY, Near SHEFFORD, Bedfordshire. \ r OUNG Gentlemen are genteely boarded, and X carefully instructed in the English, Latin, Greek, and French Languages, Geographv, Writing, Arithmetic, Book- keeping, Sec. - at 25 Guineas per Annum, withuut Entrance. By the Rev. G. I. DAVIES, A. M. and able ASSISTANTS. fjfS" Music, Dancing, and Drawing, by experienced Masters. *** The SCHOOL will open again on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 2ist, 1807. Emberton, Bucks. To KE1TEIUNG BOAR DIN G- SCIIOOE R. and Mrs. BLACKBURN beg Leave to L acquaint their Frierds and the Public in general, that their SCHOOL will open again on JANUARY 19th. Mr. and Mrs. B. return their most grateful Ac- knowledgments to their numerous Friends for past Favours, and humbly solicit the Support and Encou- ragement of their Friends and the Public, which they w ill ever endeavour to merit, by continuing lo pay the strictest Attention to their Pupils' Health, Morals, and Improvement. Six or eight Ladies may be very reasonably accom- modated as Parlour Boarders. Kettering, Jan. 6th, 1807. Capitul Timber. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By EDWARD NEALE & SON, On Monday the 19th Day of January, 1807, at the House of Thomas Bushell, the Sign of the Crown, in Ilillmorton, in the County of Warwick, between the Hours of Two and Five o'Clock in the After- noon, subject to Conditions of Sale then to be produced, in two Lots, LOT 1 CONTAINS 24 capital ASH and ELM TIMBER TREES, of large Dimensions, now blazed and numbered for Sale, standing in a Close adjoining the Town of HILLMORTON afore- said, called the LEYS. Lot 2 contains 20 ELM TIMBER TREES, now blazed and numbered for Sale, standing in a Homestead adjoining the Town of HILLMORTON, now in the Tenure of Mr. Crofts. The above Timber is now standing near the Oxford Canal, and will be found well worth the Attention of Boat - Builders, Millwrights, Wheelwrights, Car- penters, & c. For a View of the said Timber, apply to THOMAS BUSHCLL, at the Crown, in Hillmorton aforesaid. be S O L D by AUCTION, By ROBERT ANDREWS, At the House of Mr. William Page, known by the Sign of the Bear, in Emberton, in the County of Bucks, on Tuesday next, the 13th of January, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, in two Lots, Lot 1. \ FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, now di- XX vided into two Tenements, situate at EMBERTON aforesaid, occupied by Mr. David Pike and John Pateman, with Gardens aud necessary Out- buildings to each, and an Orchard, containing about three Roods of Ground, full of thriving Timber, and well- bearing choice Fruit Trees. Lot 2. FOUR FREEHOLD COTTAGES, also situateat EMBE RTON, occupied by Charles Pilgrim, Richard Lett, James Wright, and William Sharpe. Further Particulars may be known by Application to Mr. GARRARD, Attorney at Law, Olney. To be SOLD ity AUCTION, By Mr. HATTTYN, On Friday the 16th Day of January, 1807, on the Premises of Mr. GEORGE GRUBB, Limner and Marble- Mason, near the GREEN, in BANBURY, Oxfordshire ( for the Benefit of Creditors), rpiIE entire HOUSEHOLD - FURNITURE, i LINEN, PLATE, CHINA, BOOKS, valuable PAINTINGS, one BLOCK and other MARBLE, WlNCOTT CHIMNEY- PIECES, and other W1N- COTT STONE, WO RKI N G- TOOI. S, and other EFFECTS, as will be inserted in printed Catalogues, which may be had, in due Time, at the Place of Sale; and of the' Auctioneer, in Bar. bury. Grand Junction Canal. PASSAGE, PACKET, & PLEASURE BOATS. To be LETT by AUCTION, By Mr. SCO T T, On Friday the 6fh of February, at Twelve o'Clocks at Garraway's Cofiee- House, ' Change- Alley, Corn- hill, London, in one Lot, rpHE SOLE and EXCLUSIVE PRIVILEGE of the 1 USE of PASSAGE, PACKET, and PLEA- SURE BOATS, for FII RE, on the Grand Junction Canal between Paddington and Uxbridge, and the Head uf the first Lock leading from Bull Bridge towards Brentford. Printed Particulars ami Conditions of Letting may, after the 15th Instant, be had by applying at the Grand Junction Office, NO. 21, Surrey - Street, Strand; at the New Hotel, Birmingham; the White- Horse, Ux- briclge; Three- Pigeons, Brentford; at the several Toll- Bars and Lock- Houses on the Line of the Grand Junction Canal; at Hatchett's Hotel, Piccadilly; at , Garraway's; and of Mr. Scott, 25,' New Bridge- i Street, London. London, Jan. Df, 1807. ITCH, BE it ever so inveterate, perfectly cured in one Hour's Application, by an Ointment called TYCE's OINTMENT, which is agreeable in Smell, docs not contain a Particle of Mercury, or any per- nicious Ingredient, but is so innocent that it may be j used with the greatest Safety on Persons of the most delicate Constitutions, pregnant Ladies, and Children ! at the Breast. The superior Efficacy and Reputation of this Ointment having induced some Persons to counterfeit it, the Proprietor finds it neeessary to caution Purchasers to be particular in asking for TYCE'S OINTMENT.— One Box, Price Is. 9d. will cure one grown- up Person, or two Children. Also, TYCE's infallible CHEMICAL LOTION, for the same; by the Use of which Persons may cure themselves with so much Secrecy, as not to be dis- covered even by a Bedfellow, being without Smell or Stain.- f- Price 2s. 9d. each Bottle. Likewise, TYCE's ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS, which will be found a certain Cure for the Scurvy, pimpled Faces, foul festering Eruptions, Evil, Scro- fula, Leprosy, old Venereal Ulcers ( when Mercury has failed), the Scald Head in Children, and those Eruptions which frequently appear after the Small- Pox, COW- POX, as also after the Measles, in less Time, with greater Safety, and at a smaller Expence, than any Medicine yet discovered. Price 2s. 9d.— One Bottle frequently effects a Cure. SKr None of the above Medicines can be genuine, unless signed by the Proprietor, JOHN TYCE, on the Label; in this Persons cannot be too particular. SotJ, Wholesale and Retail, by the Proprietor, John Tyce, No. 20, Hatton- Garden, IJuidon, removed from Fleet- Market; and Retail, by his Appointment, by Edge, Marshall, and Lambert, Northampton; Gal- lard, Towcester ; Wheeler, and Holland, Aylesbury; Wright, Stony- Stratford; Palgrave, Bedford ; Inwood, Newport- Pagnell; s, tratfold, Woburn; Foster, Luton ; Howard, Watford; Compre, St. Alban's; Rollason, and Collins, Coventry ; Sharpe, and Perry, Warwick ; and by every respectable Vender of Medicines through- out the United Kingdom. Friday and Saturday's Posts. LONDON, January*). THE Criu'ser sloop of war lujs captured La Jena, a French privateer, of 18 guns, and carried her into Yarmouth. It was yesterday reported in the City, that the merchants belonging to the English factory at Hamburgh had been released from their confine- ment, and the rigorous measures instituted against the commerce of this country were, in some respects, relaxed. It is hinted in a popular French Journal, that the three llanse Towns will have to pay a forced loan of thirty millions of franks, out of which Ilam- Jiurgh alone is to contribute fifteen millions. It is worthy of remark, that, in granting supplies for the last year of Mr. Pitt's administration, one of the items'is <£, 50,000 for repairing the fortifica- tions of inralsund, which appears now to be one of our first doors of entrance into Germany. The Persian . Ambassador, who has arrived at Constantinople from Persia, is, it is said, the bearer of very important political dispatches from the Emperor to Napoleon, exclusive of many rich presents. An offensive and defensive alliance, between France and Persia, is said to be the; chief design of this embassy. Many French officers, and other emissaries, have already gone to Persia, by way of Constantinople. The Persian and Turkish languages arc now also taught with great assiduity to a number of French officers at Paris, who are destined to go 011 expeditions to those countries. The brother of Mr. Billings, hosier in the Strand, recently attempted to escape from Verdun, and had actually got 30 miles from that place towards the banks of the Rhine, when he wits apprehended in a cottage, hand- cuffed, conducted to' a prison called ihe Round Castle, at Beach- head, thrown THE FIRST COUNTY ASSEMBLY 1/ ILL be at the GEORGE INK, Noin U. IMI'TCN, 1 on FJUIJAY tH623d of JANUARY, IS07. Lord ALTHORP, Sir WM. WAKE, Stewards. SECOND: SUBSCRIPTION BALL, For the County and Tortn of Bedford, XV'ILL he held at the SWAN INN, on MONDAY * ' the 26th of JANUARY instant.— The Dancing will begin precisely ' at Eight o'Cloek.— To prevent Confusion in the Dance, Ladies, who have 110 Places, will be requested to draw Tickets. £• r » rrvEr'' Esq'? Stewards. H. GREEN, Esq. S Abington- Street. To be L E T T. Furnished, and on moderate Terms, From the 25th of January to the 12th of April next, 1807, \ Small, genteel, and convenient HOUSE, 1 \ pleasantly situated in a most airy Part of A BI NCTON- STRKF. T, NORTHAMPTON; consisting ot a good Parlour and Drawing- Room, which com- municate, by folding Doors; two Bedrooms,' light Closets, with Servant's Apartments, makingup seven Beds ; Coach- House, and Stabling for three Horses ; also, the Use of the Crockery and Glass. For Particulars, enquire of Mr. Cox, George Inn, Northampton, where Tickets lor Admission may be had. To be LETT, : ~ With Possession at Lady- Day next, r I MI A T old- established and good - accustomed I. I NN, know by the Name of the BULL, situate in the HIGH- STREET, in STO N Y- STR AT FO R D, with several Acres of rich Sweard Land adjoining, and the Useof other Land near the same. For Particulars, apply to Mr. JOHN DAY, Auc- tioneer, in Stony- Stratford. To D, A: he S O L By Mr. KM IBB, N old- accustomed PUBLIC- HOUSE, called the RED BULL, in the HIGH- STREET, NEW- PORT- PAGNELL, Bucks, withaFlSHMONGE R's SHOP adjoining. into a damp dungeon under iround, without light, | The Esta, e has be< m ver>' much improved within and xnuh,,,,^ ,!,.„ „;,„„,;„„ •>,„ i-„„ i these two Years, the House well situated for Business, and has been a Public- House for more than a Century past, has good Stabling, Brew house, and every other Convenience to carry on an extensive Business. For- more Particulars, enquire of Mr. KNIBB, Auc- tioneer, in Newport — No Attention will be paid to continued in that situation two months, for breaking his parole; he still continues a close pri- soner. In contrast to the above, we have to state, that several hundred French prisoners were a few- days since marched through Basingstoke, at which town they were halted, and regaled with porter and bread and cheese, nor had any of them either liand- cuff or fetter. By General Lennox's succeeding to the titles and estates of the Duke of Richmond, tho Duchess of Gordon has now to boast that she is mother- in law to three Dukes and one Marquis; having daughters married to the Dukes of Richmond, Bedford, and Manchester, and Marquis Corn- wallis. Letters from Lancashire say, that in Manchester, and the principal manufacturing towns in the county, several thousand persons have been dis- charged, during tho last fortnight, for want of employment. The N orwich coach, which passed through Ips- wich on Christmas- Eve, carried to London 74 turkies, 97 hares, 10* partridges, 59 capons, GO pheasants, 70 wild- ducks, 64 widgeons, 48 dun- birds, 1G0 rabbits, 29 chines, and 128lbs. of sausages. A few day? since, a powder- mill, belonging to Mr. Harvey,, of Battle, accidently took fire, and blew up with a great explosion; and on the next day, the powder in another of the Battle- mills, the property of Mr. Lawrence, also exploded, and did considerable damage to the premises. There were lpekily no inch in either of the mill? at the time of the explosion. , Royal- Exchange Assurance- Office, London, DECEMBER 31st, 1806. FLMIE Corporation of the ROYAL- EXCHANGE J. ASSU RANGE have constituted and appointed Mr. Til EO PHIL US . IE YES, of the Town of NORTHAMPEON, Solicitor, their AGENT and RECEIVER for the said Place and Parts adjacent, for the Assurance of Buildings, Goods, Merchandize, and Farming- Stock, from Loss or Damage by Fire; and also for the Assurance of Lives, and for granting and purchasing Annuities on Lives. By Order of the Court of Directors, SAMUEL FENNING, Jun. Secretary. w WANTED immediately, An APPRENTICE to a PLUMBER. GLAZIER, & PAINTER. ' Apply to VV. C. MARSHAL, Thrapston, North- amntoijsjiire. . J tin. nary 1th, 18Q7. WAMED " immediately, An APPRENTICE V > to a PLUMBER, GLAZIER, and HOUSE- PAINTE R; a young active Lad, of respectable Con- nexions. Letters ( Post- paid], directed to JOHN ODELL, IUIitl^. 1" Xrr. C i \ I r>...|- W. 1 lin^ k.,.", Plumber, Sec. Silver- Street, be duly answered. Wellingborough, will U' ANTED, in the STRAW BUSINESS, at " V DUNSTABLE, FIVE YOUNG LADI ES, of respectable Character, as APPRENTICES. i. *'. For Particulars, apply to W. HODGES, Straw- Hat- Maiiufaeturer, Dunstable, Beds. A small Premium will be expected. To Merchants, Carriers, &- c. WANTS a SITUATION, as Clerk or Book- keeper in any Line, A sober YOUNG MAN, who writes a decent, expeditious Hand, and hath a Knowledge of Accounts; would not object to make imself useful to his Employer in any other Capacity, if required ; conceives that, from the least Instruction, | he could bo enabled to wiite in a Law- Office, en- | grossing excepted.— Salary not so material a LADIES' BOARDING - SCHOOL, ST. PETER'S, BEDFORD, MRS. GRIGG respectfully informs her Friends and the Public, that her SCHOOL opens againonthe 26th of JANUARY, on the usual Terms. DVICES were on Thursday received by Go- nment, that Lord Hutchinson had arrived LONDON, Jan. 10. A DVI 1HL ver perfectly well at Danfzig, and was proceeding to join the King of Prussia wherever he might he. The universal tenor of the letters, brought by the Mail, confirm the report, that the French army in Poland was rapidly thinning by dysentery and fever. A Gentleman of distinction in this country, who has a brother of high military rank in the Prussian service, who commands regiment of cavalry that has not yet been engaged, has lately received a mediate and permanent Employment.— He can give I letter, stating that the King of Prussia is at the Reference to a very respectable Gentleman, his late Employer, as to Character, if requested, under whom the Advertiser has had the sole Management of a heavy mercantile Concern for a considerable Time. Please to direct ( Post paid, stating Terms), to A. Z. head of a fine unbroken army of 56,000 men, and that volunteers are daily flocking' to the Royal Standard. Government, we understand, have come to a shire, which will be instantly attended to. This will not be inserted next Week. any Letters unless Post- paid. To be S O L I) by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY, • j On Monday next, the 12th of January, IP07, exactly at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, in one or two Lots, as most agreeable to the Company thru present, A RICK of excellent CLOVER IIAY, about Oi 13 Tons, standing at THORPE WHARF, r. par STONY- STRATFORD ; to be taken off the Premises. To be SOLD TV~" a UCTION, By JOHN DAY, On Wednesday next, the 14th of January, 1807, at STON Y- STR AT FOR D, Bucks, AQUANTITY of WHEELVVRIGHI'sSTUFF; ; as Waggon- Shafts, Raves, & c. ; Oak Hoards, j Work- Benches, he. See. Also, SUNDRY Lots of' HOUSEHOLD - FURNITURE ; as Bedsteads; ! Feather and Flock Beds; C hairs and Tables; Drawers; | Beer Casks, stout Cooler, and various other Articles, j The sawed Stuff will be sold in the Rising- Sun- Yard, in Stony- Stratford, exactly at Eleven o'Clock ; and the Furniture at One, in a Building, near the Bull Inn Yard. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE PRES E R VA TIV E SOCIE TY. rJ^ HE next Quarterly Meeting of the above * Society will be holden at the House of W. BIRDSALI., on FRIDAY next, the 16th Instant, at Twelve o'C'iock. VV. BIRDSALL, Secretary. Northampton, 10th January, 1807. JANUARY 7th, 1807. " Mil- CREDITORS of RICHARD WRIGHT, of STONY- STRATFORD, in the County of Bucks, Grocer, are requested to meet the Trustees under his Assignment, at the COCK INN, in STONY- STRATFORD aforesaid, on WEDNESDAY the 21st Day of JANUARY instant, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, for the Purpose of investigating their Accounts, and promoting a final Settlement of the Business. UMBER SALE at TUSMORE. THE Public are respectfully informed, that the TIMBE R, advertised to be Sold by Auction, 011 14th and lurh of January inst. at the Mostyn- Arms T I th Inn, in the Parish of Stoke- Line, in Oxfordshire, is DISPOSED of by PRIVATE CONTRACT. GENTEEL APARTMENTS, N a handsome Brick and Sashed House, at the Sourh End of the CHURCH- STREET ( near the Chapel, in MARKET- HARBOROUGH, in the County of Leicester, comprising a Dining- Room, from which is a cheerful Town View, and two neat Bedchambers, are to be LETT, and may be entered upon immediately. For Terms, Sec. apply to Mr. WILLIAM TURNER, who resides 011 the Premises. r Established ROYAL- EXCHANGE ASSURANCE. for assuring Houses, Build- ings, Corn, Hay, Coods, See. and also, for the Assurance of Lives. DECEMBER 31, 1806. RIMIE CORPORATION of the ROYAL S EXCHANGE ASSURANCE do hereby give. Notice, that they have authorized their respective Agents to receive Proposals for the Assurance of Farming Stock at the Rate of 2s. ( id. per Cent, per Annum. Persons whose Annual Premiums fall due on the ' 25th Instant, are hereby informed, that RE. CF. rMs are now ready to be delivered by the COMPANY'S respective AGENTS undermentioned ; and the Parlies assured are requested to apply for the Renewal of their Policies, on or before the 9th Day of January next, as the usual fifteen Days allowed fur Payment . beyond tiie Date of each Policy will then expire. SAMUEL PENNING, Jun. Secretary. No RTHA M PTON SHI RE. Northampton,— THKOPHII. US JEYES. Thrapston,— JAM ES ROBINSON-. Towccsrer,— JOHN J F. NKINSON . Wellingborough,— J. N. COOOHALL. Daventry,— R. SHF. PPARD. BEDFORDSHIRE. Bedford,— M. PARTRIDGE. Biggleswade,— JOHN LANCASTER. I. ei: hton,— D. WILLIS. Luton,— D. L. WILLIS. BUCK 1 NGHA. MSHI RE . Aylesbury,— LUKITUKNE*. Beaconsfield,— THOS. WITT'S WA I. FORD. Buckingham,— ROBKRR M1 LI. ER. Chesham,— CREED & BAYI. IE. Great- Marlow,— THOMAS EMES. Ncyvport- Pagne 11,— R. C o 1.1.1 SSON . Olney,— RICHARD HARROLD, StoOv- Stratloid,— J. DAY. Winslow,— R. READING. HUNTINGDONSHIRE.' Huntingdon,— ROBERT STAFFORD. St. Neots,'— WM. DAY. Stilton,— J. BODCER. LEICESTERSHIRE. Leicester,— JOHN KING. Market- Harborough,— WM. SPRIGG. Melton- Mo wbray,— EDw. B R I GHT . WARW ICKSHIRE. Birmingham,— JAMES KINDON. Coventry,— JESIMIEL SMITH. Kilieton,— THOMAS ABBOTTS. Rugby,— RICHARD FOX. N. B. Fire Policies will be allowed, free of Ex- pence, where the Annual Premiums amount to 6s. or upwards. tfa" This Company have invariably made good Losses by Fire, occasioned by Lightning.— Proposals may be had of the different Agents. Assurances on Lives being found to be advan- tageous - to Persons having OHiccs, Employments, Estates, or other Incomes determinable on the Lite or Lives of themselves ot others, Tables of the R ates for such As* surances, and for the granting Annuities on Lives, may be had of the said Agents. And for the § reater Convenience of the Public, the Company have eternwned to extend ( by special Agreement) tiie As- surances on Lives to the Age of 75 Years. TIMBER. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By Mr. K1RSHAIV, Oil Wednesday the 11th of January, 1807, at DAL- L1NGTON, near Northampton, AQuantity of line large MAIDEN ELMS, together with a few ASH TREES. The Com panv are requested to meet t he Auctioneer at the Public- House, at Dallington, at Ten o'Clock, and proceed to Sale. Ash ' Timber. FOXLEY, near TOWCBSTER. To be SOLD by' AUCTION, By Mr. KIRS HAW, On Wednesday the21st and Thursday the 22d Days of - January, 1807, BOUT 450 ASH TREES, now growing, blazed and numbered, 011 Farms in the Occu- pation of Messrs. Lem, Cooke, & Pittam. The Company are requested to meet the Auctioneer at Ten o'Clock in the Morning of each Day's Sale, at Foxley aforesaid, and proceed to Sale. Ash and Elm Timber. To be SOLD bv AUCTIO N, By Mr. VORES, ' " at the To be SOLD or LETT, And muy be entered upon immediately, ACLOSE of exceeding rich PASTURE LAND, in the Centre of the Town of Y E f. VE RTO FT, ; in the County of Northampton, containing about six Acres and. a Half, late in the Occupation of Mr. Lydali. Apply to Mr. HOWES, Solicitor,, Northampton. A1 JANUARY 7 th, 1807. STRAYED, and supposed to he since stolen, from a Close, at OAK LEY, Beds, on Wednesday- tile 31st of December last, A11 AGED CHESNUT GELDING, about fourteen Hands high, a Blaze down his Face, two white Legs behind, and the off fore Leg white, his fore Legs trimmed close, but not the hind ones, cut Tail, and has the Marks remaining of two br » ken Knees. Whoever will bring or send the said Horse to JAMES FOSTER, of Oakley, shall be handsomely rewarded, and paid all reasonable Expences. at the Past- Office, Wellingborough, Northampton- 1 resolution to prohibit all Neutral Trade whatever, ' between ports, either in the possession of the enemy, or sufficiently under itscontroul to prevent the free exercise of British commerce, or the entry of British ships. An Order to that effect has been issued to all our ships of war. The result of this Order is, to place France and the commercial countries under her influence, in a state of block- ade. The enemy must have calculated upon this act of retaliation. The late decree of Bonaparte, declaring the British Isles in a state of blockade, in its strict sense, could only be a subject of con- tempt and ridicule. It was really meant, and has ' been acted upon, as an order to all French pri- vateers, to detain and bring in ali neutrals engaged in British commerce, wherever met with. It was for this purpose so many privateers have recently issued from Cherbourg!], St. Maloes, and other French ports. Thus Bonaparte, tliis man who lately sought ships, colonies, and commerce, who fancied himself upon the eve of rivalling the navy of England, has condescended to carry on a pira- tical war, and adopt the principles and practice of an Algerine Corsair. A Falmouth letter, received yesterday morning, furnishes an account of a squadron of live sail of the line ( French) and two frigates, having troops on board, being left a few days since off Rochefort, ready for sea, and waiting only a favourable wind. — The outward bound fleets have not yet made their way down the Channel. The Bank on Thursday commenced the payment of Dividends on the 3 per Cent. Consolidated Annuities to the Bankers, and yesterday the pay- ment ( as usual) was made to the Public. This circumstance will bring a large sum of money into the market, in consequence of which, and the improved prospect of affairs on the Continent, a considerable rise in the Funds has taken place. Omnium, which for some time past had been at a premium of about one per cent, rose to 2JJ, all[ l Consols to 01$. The Bill for abolishing the Slave Trade, brought into the House of Lords by Lord Grenville, enacts, that after a day ( to be fixed in the Committee) it shall be unlawful for any subject of this realm to fit out, man, or navigate, any ship or vessel, for the purpose of carrying on the African Slave Trade; or forcibly to carry away as slaves any of the inhabitants of any island, country, & c. not being in the possession or occupation of his Majesty; or to aid and assist in putting on board any ship or vessel any such inhabitants, for the purpose of dealing with them as . slaves. On Thursday the 15th Day of January, 1807, Red- Lion, BOZEAT, Northamptonshire, | JPWARDS of 300 ASH anil ELM TIMBER VJ TREES, to be sold in Lots; also, a Quantity of POLES, in Lots. The Timber may be viewed the Day preceding the Sale ; and Catalogues to be had of Mr. W111. Longland, of Yardley- Hastings; and at the Place of Sale. The Sale to begin at Eleven o'Clock. To be S O I. D bv AUCTIO N, By CHURCHILL & TURNER, At the Fox, at Souldern, near Deddington, Oxford- shire, on Wednesday the 21st of January, 1807, at Three o'Clock in the Afternon, under such Con- ditions as shall then be produced, \ Most'eligible FREEHOLD inclosed ESTATE, situate in the Parish of Souldern ; comprising forty- four Acres, or thereabouts, of excellent Arable j I. and, . divided into four Grounds, with a Barn, lloyej- Yard, Rick- Yard, and other Conveniences for the Occupation of the same; late in the Possession of ! the Rev. John Horseman, deceased. ( J3T The Estate may be seen 011 Application to Mr. JAMES MINN, at Souldern; and further Particulars had at the Office of Messrs. CHURCHILL & FIELD, Solictors, Dcudington; and of the AUCTIONEERS, Woodstock. * » * Immediate Possession may be had. To be" SOLI) byAUCTION, By J. JONES, O11 Thursday, Januai" F 22d, 1807, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, QEVENTY- TWO fin,; grown ELM TREES, k ' now standing in the KILN CLOSE, in GAYTON VILLAGE, Northamptonshire, in the Occupation of the Executois of the late Mrs. ASHBY, Widow, deceased. Gayton is six Miles from Northampton, and six from Towcester. Timber and Poles. To be SOLD by AUCTION, The latter End of the present Month, or the Beginning of February, of which previous Notice will be given in this Paper, / ' T ] PWARDS of 100 ASH, ELM, and WILLOW IJ TREES, together with a QUANTITY of large ASH POLES, in Lots, now standing on THORP- LANDS, in the Parish of MOULTO'N, near North- ampton. For a View of the same, apply to Mr. COLLINS, upon the Premises. Capital Concern. To be SOLD by AUCTION, At the Plough- and- Bell Inn,' in Daventry, on Wed- nesday the 28th Day of January instant, at Ten o'Clock in the Morning, if not before disposed of by Private Contract, of which Notice will be given in this Paper, rpiIE DAVENTRY MARKET WAGGONS, J- with 36 capital HOUSES, in high Condition, These Waggons are now, and for many Years past have been, in full Trade, and are well worthy the At- tention of any Peison inclined to enter into that Line of Business. The Purchaser may be accommodated with the Dwelling.- Housfc, Yards, Stables, Granaries, and Offices, 11) D.-. ventry, ' which have been erected and fitted up for the Purpose, at a great Expence, and form the completest and most advantageous Situation • lor a Carrier in the kingdom. For Particulars, apply to Messrs. THOMAS ADAMS | & JOHN PE. NN, at Daventry. TOWCESTEB, Jan. 9th, 1807. STOLEN or STRAYED, on Wednesday Night, or early 011 Thursday Morning last, from a Close near the. Brick Kiln, in TOWCESTER Parish, A Black Two- year- old NAG COLT', with a small Star of White in the Forehead, about 13 Hands and a Half high, lately docked, and has a long switch Tail, if not altered. Whoever will give Information of the above Colt, so that he may he had again, shall, if stolen, receive a Reward of FIVE GUINEAS; and, if strayed, shall be handsomely rewarded for their Tiouble, by applying to BEN NET SHARP, of Towcester aforesaid.' tJTRAYED, to the White- Hart, at FLOOKE, in O the County of Northampton, A BRACE of POINTERS. Any Gentleman having lost two such Dogs, by describing the Marks and paying the Expences. may have them again by applying at the WHIIE- HART aforesaid. PRICE OF Sat. | Mon. STOCKS. 9H4 1 IMPROVED BOOKS, To teach the Arts of Reading and Elocution. THE IIUST BOOK. MIE LONDON PRIMER, or, FIRST BOOK: Bank Stock .. 3 per Ct. Red. 3 per Ct. Cons 4 per Ct. Cons. > 77i| H per Ct. N — 1 Imp. 3 per Cts. India Stock .. India Bonds .. Exc. Bills ... Omnium Cons, for Acc. ma Tiii 58i prls ,2sls pils o lie m ' 60| i 160 Tu. Wed. FIol. 59 M 59 It k mn 17t> i p prls p - w Is p 60fJ Th. > 11 59 J 60 59H 7745 92i 93 58 s 59 Fr. sbji 59 J 1S4S pi—— ls3s 2H —• 6H6 « 6Hi NO R TIIA MP TO N, SATURDAY EVENING, Jan. 10. Lately, at Bamptoh, Oxfordshire, in his 831 year, Joseph Andrews, Esq. formerly a surgeon and apothecary. Yesterday se'nnight, aged upwards of 60, Mr. Joseph Brooks, many years in the service of tho Duke of Mal'lbofough, but latterly a banker at Woodstock, Oxfordshire. . " * Same day, after a lingering illness, which he bora with becoming fortitude, aged 29, Mr. John Elverson, eldest son of Mr. Elvetson, mealman,. of Leicester. O11 Monday last, in the 80th year of her age, Mrs. Eliz, Peirce, relict of Mr. William Ptirce, of this town. • On Thursday last, Jane, the wife of Clement Winstanlev, Esq. of Braunston- House, Leicester- shire, eldest daughter of Sir Thomas 1' arkyns, Bart, and sister to the late Lord Ranciiffe. Last week, aged 109, Mrs. Mary Ritlgway, of Mursley, Bucks. We have the pleasure to inform the public, that on Monday last the sum of ^. lOO was paid into the hands of the T reasurer of the General Infir- mary in this town, bv the Rev. Thomas Reynolds and Mr. William Goodman, being a legacy from the late Mrs. Elizabeth Crick, of Rowed, in this county; towards carrying on the charitable designs of tljat excellent institution. The Rev. John Wooll, Master of the School at Midliurst, in Sussex, and Fellow of New Collese, Cambridge, has been elected to the Mastership of Rugby School. The Bishop of Ely has presented to the Rev. J. Davis, Chaplain to the Government Chapc- l at Portsmouth, the living of King's- Langley, in Hert- fordshire. The Itev. Frederick Apthorp, M. A. of Jesus College, Cambridge, and vicar of Bicker, Lin- colnshire, is presented, by the Lord Bishop of Lincoln, to the rectory of Gunilev, Leicestershire. Last week, upwards of 3000 poor persons in the neighbourhood of Blenheim, in Oxfordshire, partook, of the annual Christinas bounty of the Duke of Marlborough. The usutil number of fat oxen, and a proportionate quantity of bread, was divided amongst them; and, at the same time, the liberal donation of the Duchess was distributed as usual amongst the poor widows and married women of Woodstock. Current Prices of Canal Shares.-— The following were the average prices of Navigable Canal Shares, at the office of Mr. Scott,, Bridge- street, London, in December, I8O0.— The Trent and . viersey, or Grand Trunk Canal, ci?. 840 to 880 per share, dividing sf. 40 per share per aim. I lie Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal, of. 010 per shai- e, di- viding a£- 30 per share net per annum.- Grand Junction, „£. 87 per share, including a dividend of of. l 10s .— Ashton and Oldham, of. 100.— Wor- cester and Birmingham, „£. 39 per share, including ali new calls paid.— Lancaster, <£. 18 10s. On Friday evening the 26th ult. Mr. Jelbeart, Attorney, of Kegworth, Leicestershire, returning home from Mountsovrel, unfortunately fell off Ins horse in some water, in a lane leading to Wood- thorpe, and was found dead 011 the following morning. On Friday night last, an alarming fire broke out in the workshops of Mr. Alderman Burbid_ of Leicester,, which raged with great furv fo- some time, and threatened the whole neighbourho: i, but by the prompt and active assistance of tile inhabitants, and an early supply of water, was happily got under without extending far beyond the premises where it commenced; it originated with a boy taking a small bit of lighted candle between his fingers into one of the shops to look foratool, which burning him, he let fall, and not being able to find, imagined it was quite out, and left it, without taking further notice; the con- flagration began soon afterwards. On Saturday last, an inquisition was taken at Fenny- Stratford, in the county of Bucks, before James Burnham, Gent, one of his Majesty's Coroners for the said county, on view of the body of William Hammond, labourer, who the pre- ceding Thursday was found dead in his bed. The deceased had for some days previous been very unwell. Verdict—• That he died by the Visitation of God. A Coroner's inquest was taken in Birmingham last week, on the body of a man, who, as he was eating some cold beef, was c. hoaked by a piece sticking in his throat. Verdict— Accidental Death. —=< v:: • -' iauB-- .:;>— S T A N Z A S, Occasioned by the Death of Mrs. Ferry, the- Lad•/ f the Lord Bishop of Dromore. S. containing the Alphabet, the '' simple Sounds, ( BRADLEY, BAT IT, and NOEIIDEN, Kas publislic and a Gradation of easy and intelligible Phrases and ' tm n, e fint j)( n/ 0f Hiis Month; unit Persons < d Lessons;. o" » « ~ » tedI with sixty pleasing Cuts By ^ , ^ it in froln U ii Tim M. PELHAM. The20th Edition, Price Sixpence. THE SECOND BOOK. Dr. MAVOR's SPELLING- BOOK; being an Improvement of all other Spelling- Books, and uni- versally acknowledged to be the most useful, chaste, and practicable Book of this Kind ever published. The 35th Edition, Price Is. 6d. bound. THE THIRD nook. BLAIR'S READING EXERCISES; consisting of easy, familiar, and instructive Tales, Narratives, Fables, Descriptions, and Poems ; to each of which are prefixed, the long and hard Words, divided and accented in the Manner of Brown's Testament, with numerous Cuts; Price Half- a- Crown. THE EOURTII BOOK. BLAIR'S CLASS BOOK, or Lessons for every Day in the Year; combining an elegant Composition with Instruction, on every Subject of Human Knowledge, and calculated in every Page to create good Taste, and, at the same Time, make tile Pupil w'iser and better; Price 5s. bound. THE FIFTH BOOK. CLASSICAL ENGLISH POETRY; consisting of the most admired and popular Pieces of Poetry in the English Language, selected and revised by Dr. MAVOKAUD Mr. PRATT; Price 5s. 6d. bound. Printed for RICHARD PHILLIPS, No. 6, Bridge- Street, Blackfriars; sold by Birdsali, Northampton; Robins, Daventry; Rusher, Banbury; Harrod, Har- borough; Collis & Dash, Kettering; and by all other Booksellers and Stationers; with the largest and fullest Allowance to Schools. ff$"* Mr. PHI L LI PS has also published the following valuable elementary Books, as Exercises in mis- cellaneous Reading, for the Use of Schools and young Persons : — Mavor's British Nepos, 5s. Mavor's Plutarch, 5s. Mavor's Natural History, 6s. Gregory's Polite Education, 5s. Goldsmith's Popular Geography, 12s. Goldsmith's History of England, 3s. 6d. Mavor's History of England, 10s. Mrs. Smith's History of England, three Vols. 15s. Lyttleton's History of England, two Vols. 8s. Burney's British Neptune, 7s. 6d. Burney's Naval Heroes, 7s. 6d. Mavor's Universal History, 25 Vols. £. § . Mavor's Roman History, three Vols. P2s. Mavor's Grecian History, two Vols. 8s. Watkins's Scripture Biography, 5s Mavor's Father's Gift, two Vols. 9s. Elegant Extracts, Prose, 18s. Elegant Extracts, Verse, 18s. Elegant Extracts, Epistles, 15s, Russell's History of Modern' Europe The Books of Trades, Rank: " five Vols. 45s. Games, Bible StorifS, | Tales of the Castle, Aikin's Poctfy, & c. Sec. Stc. Mr. BIRDSALL, Bookseller, NORTHAMPTON, respectfully informs the Gentlemen of the FACULTY, and STUDENTS in MEDICINE, within the circuit of this Paper, that the first Number of a new Volume of that valuable Professional Work," the MEDICAL and PHYSICAL JOURNAL, condudcd by Doctors published h iposed arc requested to give their Orders to him, the A men, or their respective Booksellers, on or before the ' loth instant. —— V3Ct&>-— BIRTH.] Yesterday se'nnight, at Bedford, the Lady of Major Burslem, of a son. MARRIED.] Yesterday se'imight, Iltid Nicholl, Esq. of Doctors' Commons, nephew of Sir John Nicholl, his Majesty's Advocate General, to Miss Sarah Uddie, second daughter of Henry Iloyte Oddie, Esq. of Carey- street, London. A few days since, the Rev. William Hanlyman, B. I). late Fellow of Emmanuel College, and rector of North- Luffeoham, Rutlandshire, to Miss Paget, of Lynn. Last week, Mr. Ilayward, surgeon, of Stow, Gloucestershire, to Miss Bulley, eldest daughter of John Bullev, Esq. of Sarsden, Oxfordshire. On Tuesday se'unight, at Duston, near this town, Mr. James Garrett, of East- Uaddon, in this county, to Miss Ann Blevvi'tt, of the former place. On Thursday se'nnight, Mr. James Eyre, of j Ashton, near Oundle, in this county, to Miss Hale, I of Wo:) iir. ewton. 1. O11 Wednesday la^ t, Mr. Thos. Spokes, cabinet-' I maker, to Miss Alary Dickins,. daughter of Mr. John Dickius, both of Ilolcot, in this county. On Thursday last. Mr. Samuel Goodman* to Miss Warr, both of Everdon, in this county. DIED.] On Tuesday, se'nnight, at Dromore House, Ireland, aged 75 years, Mrs. Percy, wife of the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Drotnore. Same day, at New Mall, in Essex, after a long and painful illness, ill the 35th year of her age, Miss Henrietta Ferahor. She was the second sur- viving daughter of the late Wui. Fertnor, Esq. of Tusmore, Oxfordshire. On Saturday se'nnight, Mrs. Jackson, relict of Mr. Wm. Ja.- kson, apothecary, of Cambridge. Same day, a, t Rugby, in Warwickshire, Mrs. Harris, widow of Thomas Harris, Esq. of that place. On Sunday se'nnight, at Bristol, Mrs. Wingfield, wife of the Rev. Mr. Wingfield, of Bulwick, this county. On Monday se'nnight, Mrs. Maxwell, wife of George Maxwell, Esq. of Fkttan. Hunts. QVVEET is the scene, when vernal Song, O And Love and Beauty reign around, While Pleasure leads Youth's sprightly throng, ' Midst all the charms oi li^ lit ana sound. But soon Spring's blooming joys depart- Soon Youth declines— soon Age and Care, With wint'ry 1' ow'r oppress the heart, And blot the prospect, once so fair ! Alas 1 where true Affitction dwelt, That e'er Misfortune should intrude! That Sorrow's pa-. ig should c'. cr be fell By the accomplisn'd, wise, and good! But woes, in this uncertain span, The best are often doom'd to bear; Stern Fate pursues the path of - Man, Howe'er exalted, good, or fair ! On fleeting life's irrefluent tide, A cloud of peril stilt impends; Thrice happy they, whose virtues guide Their progress, till the voyage ends— Who passports to the realms of Peaee Within their pious bosom b? ar. There to receive, when time shtli cease, Immortal meeds— for merits lair ! All! ye, who mix with yon dark stream The tribute of your grateful tears, And dwell with rapture on the theme, Whose bounty still reliev'd your tea • ! W<- 11 may ye we: n— well may ye pour Your waitings on the wintry air — Well may each Cliiid of Want deplore Their Benefactress kind and fair ! Oh! might the Muse's . feeble lay An opiate, ail assuasive prove. That tender bosom's pang to stay, Reft of the Partner oi its Love I A gleam of joy, while deep regret Bedews her lyre, would check D And prospects ope around her > ct„ Of Comfort pure, serene, and lair pair, g.^" The prisoners in the county gaol ( 33 in number), return thanks to Mrs. Arden, for two guineas, laid out in beef and potatoes. PRICE of COP. N per. Quarter at Northampton, Saturday, Jan. 10 Wheat, 72.. to 80s. Od. RYE, 50s. Od. to 51s. Barley, 38s. Od. to 40s. Od. Oats, 22s. 0.1. to 26s. 6d. J. GRAFTON, Inspector. Beans, 40s. Od. V S2s.- Od. Peas, 38s. Od. to40s. Od. By the Standard Measure. Corn- Exchange, London, Friday, Jan. 9. The supplies of Wheat to- day are rather short, and sales arc made heavily, at small fluctuation in pri- ces; fine samples at' 90s. per quarter.— Barle; 111 plenty ; second inferior is lower. — Malt likewise. — Grey Peas at less price.— In Beans bui little alteration.— Oats are ill large supplies, and rather cheaper,— Flour nearly at last prices. LIST of FAIRS, from Jen. 12, to Jan. 21, within the Circuit of this Paper. I M, Jan. 12. Southam, Buckingham, and Dunchureh. ' F. 16. Nottingham. F. 23. Shtjford and Aylesbury. • • ii'^' W * •••. Mi-^ c^- BMiiManiiejiiii Mmiiwi HOUSE of l. ORDS, Friday, Jan. 2. • SLAVE TRADE. IORD GIIEUVII. LE presented a Bill, entitled " An Act tor tlie Abolition of the Slave Trade," which being read a first time, his Lordship stated that all he proposed at present, was, that the Bill should be printed, and lie on the table a sufficient time to attord mature deliberation, previous to its being discussed. For this purpose, he thought an interval of two or three weeks might be allowed; but in the mean time he would not fix any prccisc day for the second reading. The motion for pi uuinf the Bill was put, and agreed to. THE IIEGOCIATION . Thc Order ol the Day for taking the Correspondence relatihe to thc Ncgociation with France into consi. deration, having been moved and read, Lord GRUNVILLE said, it would not be denied by any one who made the negotiations with foreign powers the " Object of his- attention, that ™ ses may frequently arjsc in which it would oe highly, imprudent and impolitic to tender public all the particulars of a nego- tiation. VVete this country alone concerned, this would perhaps be not so necessary ; but it was a quite ditfereiitca. se when the interests of an Ally were in- volved. Upon twp former occasions ( the treaties of Lisle and Paris) we published the whole of the com- munications, b- cause in these instances we were acting forourselves alone , but on the late occasion we were charged with the interests of an Ally, and were con- sequently precluded from publishing such parts of the treaty as related more partiCularlyvto him. fie should be much surprised if, after having perused these docu- ments, any person in Europe could be of opinion, that it was not entirely owing to the disposition of the enemy that peace was prevented. This was one of the propositions which lie meant to offer to their Lordships concurrence. The next was the assurance, which he was confident no one in the country, who valued the national honour cr interest, would withhold, of giving every assistance to his Majesty tor prosecuting the war with vigour and effect, and for maintaining that pre- ponderance which we had acquired in every quarter of the globe but the continent of Europe. It could not be denied that, however honourable the progress of the war might be to it, peace was extremely desirable. In the unfortunate state of thc world, however, it was almost impossible that the great differences between this country and France could be adjusted in any way com- patible without honour or safety. Notwithstanding the little probability'there was of success, no objec- tion, he trusted, would be entertained to endeavour to discover by amicable communication with the enemy, whether peace syas attainable. After we had satisfied ourselves as to that point, the next consideration would be, whether peace was likely to be durable. And here lie could not avoid observing, that though peace might be obtained, still from the experience of the last six years, he might have said the last fourteen years, the dura- bility of any peace which might have been obtained was much less to be calculated upon than in any former trejly with the same power. What, therefore, would be the policy of any negociatot charged to Heat with sue!) a power on the part of this country, but to en- deavour to obtain such terms as should compensate for thc uncertainty of the treaty. No country, stand- ing in the prs- erninent situation this did, would sacrifice tor a peace uncertain in its durability, such objects, as it would for a peace which was likely to be permanent. ' 1 he only basis, therefore, upon which this country could have treated, and did offer to treat, was that ot actual possession. This principle, how- ever, was not to be rigidly and undeviatinglv adhered to, but it w. is to be made the basis of a principle of. restitution forfair equivalents. There was also another principle which formed thc basis ot the negotiation; namely, that this country, either in treating with France or anv other power, can never treat upon a France or any other po principle of inferiority, lbs next consideration was, what conduct were we to hold with respect to foreign powers? it would be in vain to deny, that the mis- fortunes of the Continent were deeply teir here. Whatever extraordinary doctrines might have been formerly or lately started, it was impossible tliar this country, preserving a due regard for its, o n conse quence or interests, would ever( look with indifference to what was passing on the Continent, when his Majesty thought fit to call thc present Ministers to Ins Councils, tliey found a treaty with Russia, which had been concluded by thc former Administration. By a. i article in that tieaty this country was bound not to make peace with t rance without the consent of Russia. The treaty with Russia was not only wisely made, but it wss such a treaty as it was peculiarly incumbent on : country to make. The line, therefore, of negoti- ation waimarked out forus. li askett to, negotiate, we c.'. ild only negotiate in concert with that { tower wiiose foment was necessary to any peace we might conclude, l'hc mode and form of negotiation were equally pre- ' tiihed to ns bv the principle of this treaty. It was mpo fible we could treat with France, except in con- junct- v.! with that power. We had also other allies • vh";.. interests we were to maintain,; among these we: a Sweden and Portugal. For them we had nothing to ask but that they should retain their possessions. 1' here were two others als- o: he meant the King of Maple* and the Elector of Hanover, the ^. st of whom, notwithlanding his connection withtjii, country, was in this instance to lie considered a foreign power To the first of these we were under no en- gagement that lie should recover the whole of tiis kingdom. He had, however, no hesitation in saying, that if his Sicilian Majesty could be replaced in his former situation, and put in possession of his kingdom of Naples, by the Sacrifice of any conquest we had made iii the course of the war; nay, even by the sa. entice of a considerable portion of British . strength, ot British commerce, and of British interests, it was hi > opinioo, that this country would best consult its true interests, by submitting to sucl Sicily was occupied by us, with the pern King of Naples, and held by an invincible army in tiust for him. Were we, he would ask, under these circumstances, to listen to the proposals of the enemy, and barter it for an equivalent for ourselves? With respect to the Elector of Hanover, it was not the wish qi his Majesty, that the interests of his people should be exposed to the smallest inconvenience upon his account, as the Sovereign of that country ; but if there were a debt of honour due from the country to Sweden and Sicily, it was much more due to his Majesty in his quality of Elector of Hanover. Han- over was attacked solely on account of England. At the time the French took possession of that Electorate, there was no war with any of file power; of the Con- tinent. But the fact was, the negociation was not broken oft' on account of Hanover. J ho enemy had no objection to restore that country. He would take a cursory view of the progress of thc negociation, which obviously resolved itself into four distinct stages. In the first, every ellort was made on the part of France to induce this country to enter into a separate ncgociation. What next was the conduct of the enemy : Why, seeing that you were determined to adhere strictly to your engagements with Russia, he cast about, and next applied to the Minister of Russia to make a peace, in which this country should not be included. In this, partly by menaces, partly by hopes and promises, hesucceeded, and M. D'Oubril was sent to Russia with the most tempting and de- ceitful offers, in order to obtain thc ratification of the treaty. During this interval, the third stage of the negociation commenced, flic powers of the Pleni- potentiaries having been exchanged, the negociation commenced between England and Fi aticft ; and, in the very first conference, it was perceived that the enemy had raised his terms. It was said that peace with Russia was equal to any victory they could have ob- tained. On the next conference, the demands became more extravagant; and we were told by our Pleni- potentiary, that fro* n the day the Russian Minister left Paris, the terms of the French Government con- tinually increased. As soon as a suspicion was en- tertained respecting the ratification of thc treaty,' or more probably when actual intelligence had been ob- jained that it was rejected, the l-' iench negotiators ' then began to lower their tone. When they found you would not separate your interests from those of Russia, they then accepted the terms that had been previously offered, but upon what conditions ? Why, that you should cede Sicily, which did not belong to you, and relinquish those objects on the part of Russia for which she had already contended. What, he would ask, would he thought of us, if, after Russia had re- fused to ratify the treaty, wc had undertaken to con- clude such a treaty for him as France was. willing to impose upon us ? We sheyved that we would not sacrifice . ui Ally who had refused to sacrifice us. The difficulty attending Dalmatia one of the greatest •• Muses of the rupture of the negotiation. The purpose for which the enemy held it was obvious ; it was not for a commercial— it was not fcr a maritime purpose ; it was for a purpose ot offence Dalmatia should be etaCuaYed; not i'or itself, tot it.. had nothing toapprchend from a French army in that i province ; but that it wished to secure barriers for I those two powers against which the views of the j ^ enemy seemed to be more particularly directed, i ^ although he was of opinion the Plenipotentiaries | q acted properly in waiting to see whether the enemy was disposed to offer any terms, yet, in his mind, the fate ot the negociation was decided, as soon as the Chief of the French Government left Paris. Had even peace been made, the German Confederation must have endangered its continuance. That monstrous association contained in itself the seeds and germ of perpetual war. When he saw those extravagant designs not only avowed, but matured and executed, he concluded in his own. mind that it was impossible any peace between France and this country could be permanent. There was one expression in the corres- pondence, to which he thought it necessary to direct their Lordships' attention, on account of its manifest inconsistence. It was stated by the French Minister, that the German" Confederation would not be signed, or at least, no^ published, if England would consent to make peace;; when it must be obvious to any one, who will take the trouble of comparing the dates, that thc arrangement was actually signed before the English Plenipotentiary could, by any possibility, receive thc instructions of his Government on this point. Thc confederation, in fact, was signed before the dispatch relating to it, sent at the pressing instance of the French Minister to this country, was received. His Lordship then read the address, which was in the usual stile 011 such occasions— 11 Thanking his Ma- jesty for his uoinmunication, acknowledging that he had used every effort to obtain peate consistent with the honour ot this country, and fidelity to his Allies, and that the disappointment of his expectations was solely to be attributed to the extravagant ambition of the enemy." Lord HAWKESBURY, though he might not approve of particular parts of the proceedings which had taken place, hail 110 intention of throwing any obstacle in tiie way of an unanimous approval ot the Address.— A. to thc general result of the Negociation, he would fairly own, that Ministers had made out a case for the approbation of Parliament. They were justified in breaking off the Ncgociation, upon the giound of an adherence to the affiance with Russia, and upon the refusal to evat- Jate Istria and Dalmatia. His Lord- ship said, that after the experience which we had ot the temper and dispositions of the enemy, from the time of the peace of Amiens, there was no chance of safety to this country, 110 hope of effecting the de- liverance of the Continent, but in the vigorous pro- secution of hostilities. To prove the ability of the country to sustain theexpences of protracted warfare, lie entered into a statement of its exports and imports in thq years 1798 and 1805, the amount of the war taxes, and the accumulating produce of the sinking fund. The amount of the, latter, for the pre. sent year, lie stated at upwards of eight millions and a half, and that of the war taxes at between eighteen and twenty millions. These circumstances allbrded the consoling prospect, that with an economical management, and a rigorous perseverance in the plans first proposed and steadily acted upon by a late Right Hon. Friend of his ( Mr. Pitt) we should speedily arrive at that point at which we should bff able- to provide tor a large war establishment, without adding to the national debt. A Lord SIDMOUTH justified the conduct of ministers with regard to the restitution of Hanover, the joint negociation with Russia, and thc remaining topics of the negotiation. In reference to the flourishing slate of our finances, he concurred in the sentiments ex- pressed by the preceding Speaker. Lo- d GROSVENOR, delivering his opinion as one v » ! io was connected with no party, approved of the principles exemplified by Ministers throughout the whole course ef the negociation. Every part of their conduct had been maiked with honour, sincerity, dignity, and good faith ; while that of the enemy had been 111 every respect thc reverse. He referred to our late naval and military triumphs as a proof, that, under Providence, we had nothing to fear from the continuance 01 trie war. As a means of drawing down the blessings of Heaven upon our arms, he hailed with satisfaction the prospect which was now opened of the speedy Abolition of the Slave Trade. With the same view lie would recommend a more scrupulous attention to the interests of the Church, which was in danger of being overwhelmed by Sectaries. fU would urge a more rigid observance of the Lord's Day. The penalties attached to the violation of that day were so tritfuig that several trades, particularly that of printing, were as openly exercised 011 that as on any other day. Nay, so far had this practice gone with regard to newspapers, that one was now advertised under the title of " The Sunday Newspaper." Lord Ei. DO. V expressed his most zealous concur- rence in the Address. The conduct of the French Go- vernment in the negotiation was a tissue of the most flagitious perfidy and baseness, both towards Russia and this country. There was . not an Englishman but would shed the last drop of blood in his veins to avert the stigiji'a of concluding a Treaty on such terms as the enemy s- emed alone disposed to grant us; terms which S'l . VfE - LOTTERY Begins Drawing the 13thof JANUARY, 1S07. & KANO 3CIIEWE. . Prizes of.. £. 30,000 I 3 .. Prizes of.. =£. 5,000 1 20,000 5 1,000 10,000 1 8 500 And 5,160 others, from £. 100 to £. 20. SWIFT and Co. are selling Tickets and Shares in great Variety, at tlieii Offices, No. II, POULTRY, and No. 12, C H'ARING- CROSS, LONDON; also by their Agent, Mr. J. WEBB, Printer, BEDFORD. The first- drawn Ticket in this Lottery will receive £. 20,0L> 0. SWIFT and Co.' s Offices have been re- markable for the Sale of first- drawn Tickets entitled to Capital Prizes. 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BALM of GILEAD is sold in Bottle.;, Price Half- a- Guinca each; there are also Family Bottles, Price 33s. containing equal to four Bottles at 10s. 6d. hy which the Patient saves 9s. including also the Duty. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, bv thc Printers of this Paper; also, Retail, by Marshall, and Edge, North- ampton ; Collis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Dawson, and Harrod, Harborough; Marriott, Banbury ; Inns, and Gallard, Towcester; Seeley, Buckingham; Richardson, Stony - Stratford; Edge, and Mather, Wellingborough; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Okely, and Palgrave, Bedford; Fox, St. Neots 1 Barringer, and Inwood, Newport- Pagnell; Swintcn, Leicester; by the Printers of the Country News- papers; and by all the reputable Mcdicine Venders, Booksellers, & c. in every principal Town in England, Ireland, Scotland, and America, who will deliver Pamphlets gratis, with a Variety pf authentic Docu- ments noted therein. Dr. Solomon, when consulted,, expects his usual Fee ot Half a- Guinea. Such Letters should, for Safety, be thus directed—" Money Letter. Dr. Solomon, Gilead- House, near Liverpool." BANKRUPTS requited to SURBEKDEB. Charles Chard, of High Holborn, Middlesex, chy- mist and druggist, Jan. 10, .17, and Feb. 14, at Guild- • hall, l. ondiii. Attorney, Mr. Smith, Hatton- garden. Thomas Goodyer, of Market- street, Herts, grocer, Jan. 6, 22, and Feb. 14, at Guildhall, London.— At- torney, Mr. Fielder, Duke- street, Grosvenor- squafe. JohnTpmner, ot Mary- le- bone, Middlesex, vintner, Jan. 17, 19, and Feb. 14, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Rogers, Manchester. buildings, Westminster. William List, of Cateaton- street, London, ware- houseman, Jan. 17, 24, and Feb. 14, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Fasmore, Waraford- court, Throgmor- ton- street. MS anower ivieaicme is soui una a iw j -- - / Welch's Female Pills, whifh is spurious. Purchasers are I termed Gutta Salutaris. To Dr. SOLOMON, Gilead- House, near Livepool. SIR, Noni'ich, March Sib, 1806. Y Son lias for three Years been afflicted with that distressing Distemper the Leprosy, and h iving consulted many eminent in the Faculty, without any Benefit accruing from their Prescriptions, I at length despaired of his Recovery. Fortunately, f consulted a Friend, who advised me to make Trial of your ANTI- IMPETIGINES, which I accordingly procured at Messrs. Stephenson & Matchett's, the nappy Effects of which I soon discovered; suffice it to say, that he daily grew better, and now his Health is perfectly re- established. By publishing these few Lines, and making known thc Case of my Son, ar. d the Effects of your incom- parable Medicine, you will considerably oblige, Sir, your very humble Servant, E. BERRY. Sold in 10s. 6d. and 33s. Bottles; thulatter contain four ot the former, by which tlm Purchaser saves 9s. Every genuine Bottle has a Stamp, which bears tile Proprietor's Name and Address, " Saml. Solomon, Liverpool," to imitate which is Felony. grj" fhe Postage of all Letters to the Doctor must be paid, and 10s. 6d. as a Fee, inclosed for Advice. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by the Printers of this Paper; also, Retail, by Marshall, and Edge, North- ampton; CoUis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Dawson, and Harrod, Harborough; Marriott, Ban- bury; Inns, and Gallard, Towcester ; Seeley, Buck- ingham; Richardson, Stony- Stratford; Edge, and Mather, Wellingborough; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Okely, and Palgrave, Bedford; Fox, St. Neots; Barringer, and Inwood, Newpart- Pagnell ; Swinfen, Leicester; by the Printers of the Country Newspapers; and by all the reputable Medicine Venders, Booksellers, See. in every principal Town in England, Ireland, Scotland, and America, who will deliver Pamphlets gratis, with a Variety of authentic Douinencts noted therein. For u certain Disorder and all Scorbutic Complaints. DR. FREEMAN'S GUTTA SALUTARIS is by far the most safe and effectual Remedy ever yet discovered for the Cure of that dangerous Disease. Persons unhappily afflicted with a certain Complaint in all its Stages, and under its various Appearances, will find a secure and present Relief by taking these most invaluable Drops; which, for their Excellency during thirty Years' Practice in the most populous Part of London, viz. Hatton- Garden, have been Abraham Mendes Pereira, ot Old Bethlem, London, merchant, Jan. 6, 22, and Feb. 14, at Guildhall.— Attornles, Messrs. Hunter and Rickards, Charlotte- row, Mansion- house. 1 Henry Green, of Southgatc, Middlesex, farmer, Jan. 10, 17, and Feb. 14, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. May, ' lethnal- greer.- road. John Rutter, late of Ormskirk, Lancashire, inn- keeper, Jan. 29, 30, and Heb. 14, at the Crown inn, Liverpool.— Attorney, Mr. Moorcroft, Ormskirk. Joseph Hosketh and William Jones, of Liverpool, grocers, Jan. 28, 29, and Feb. 11, at the Liverpool Arms, Liverpool.— Attorney, Mr. Wiatt, Liverpool. William Branwhite, ef Tobaeco- roll- ceurt, Grace- church- street, Loudon, warehouseman, Jan. 13, 17, and Feb. 14, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Rcardon, Corbet- court, Gracechurch- street. Geo. Potts, of Newcastle- upon- Tyne, linen- draper, Jan. 13, 17, and Feb. 14, at Guildhall, London.— Attornies, Messrs. Berry and James,^ Walbrook, Lon. don. Benjamin Bates, of Sherringham, Norfolk, shop- keeper, Jan. 19, 20, and Feb. 14, at the Bell, Nor- wich.— Attorney, Mr. Harmer, Norwich. John Lewis Topping, of Bishopsgate- street, Lon- don, grocer and tea- dealer, Jan. 6,13, and Feb. 14, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Messfc. Gleadhill and Payne, Token house- yard. William Butt, of Page's- walk, Bermondsey, Surrey, hair- merchant, Jam 7, 21, and Feb. 17, at Guildhall, London.— Attorney, Mr. Ledwich, Baldwin's- court, Cloak- lane. Thomas Shepley, of Selby, Yorkshire, brewer, Jan. 25,24, and Feb. 24, at the George inn, Selby.— Attor- ney, Mi. Swallow, Selby. John Julian, of Bobber's . Mill, Nottinghamshire, miller, Jan. 12, 14, and Feb. 17, at the Punch- Bowl, Nottingham.— Attornies, Messrs. Middlemore and Persy, Nottingham. Charles Newney Langdale, of Tliirsk, Yorkshire, wine- merchant, Jan. 19, 20, and Feb. 17, at thc White Swan inn, Middleham.— Attornies, Messrs. Diimdale and Harle, Middleham. BenjaminHunt, ofBrighthelmstone, Sussex, builder, Jan. 21, 22, and Feb. 17 , at the St. James's Tavern and Hotel, Brighthelmstone.— Attorney, Mr. Hill,' Brigtrt- helfnstone. John Jackson, of Sculcoates, Yorkshire, cabinet- maker, Jan. 16, 17, and Feb. 17, at the White- Hart Tavern, Kingston- upon- Hull.— Attorney, Mr. Cots- worth, Hull. DIVIDENDS to be made to Creditors. Jan. 20. Joshua Hopkins, ot Alcester, Warwickshire, grocer, at the Swan inn, AlcesteT. MARKETS.— London, Jan. 5. The influx of Wheat last week being large, we had son. e left over for this day's market, and which, with the fresh arrivals, rendered the supply a toler- able good one : some briskness prevailed in the sales early in the morning; but, upon the whole, prices were nearly the same as last Monday.— Barley has arrived in great plenty, and, frcin a ready demand, fully maintains last quoted prices.— The same may likewise be remarked of Oats ; they, also, ot good quality, are full as dear as last week.— Malt and New Tick Beans are heavy sale, and rather cheaper; but in White Pease there was a farther advance. — I'eans ( with the exception of New Ticks) remain nearly as last currency. Wheat-. 56s. to 65s. 70s. Fine Do. — s. to 75s. 80s. Rye . .. 40s. to4Ks. Od. Barley.. 30s. to 43s. Od. requested to remark, as the surest Testimony oj Authen- ticity, that each Bill of Directions is signed with the \ Name of C. KEARSLEY, in Hind- Writing; and on j the Outside, whereby Servants cannot be imposed on, the ( Stamp is printed, by Pei mission of his Majesty's Htnour- j able Commissioners of Stamps, thus:— C. KEARSLEY, I No. - 16, FLEET - STREET. None others are genuine. The Secrecy with which most Persons so afflicted find it needful to- conceal their Sufferings, may be safely employed while using these Drops; since they render Confinement unnecessary, as well as all mer- curial Preparations, or any surgical Operation whatever. By Appointment of Dr. Freeman they are sold by R, Butler, No. 4, Cheapside, Corner of Paternoster- Row; Edge, Northampton; and by most yenders of j Small seals, per lb. Medicines • in .. OC HH m^ ii with 1 i^ r.-. moc >. IM. Directions. Oats 23s. to27s. 32s. HorseBeansSSs. to 44s. I'd. Tick Ditto 30s. to 36s. Od. White Peas 46s. to 66s. Od. Malt". .. 65s. to 75s. Od. 1 Grey Ditto 31s. to 47s. 0 « 1. PRI, CF. of FLOUR. — Fine 70s. to 75s. Od. HOPS, per Pocket. — Kent, 51.0s. to 61.10s — Sussex, 41.15s. to51.16s. — Farnham, SI. 0s. to 91. 9;. SMITHFIF. LD, Jan. 5. To sink the ofFal. Ox Beef, 4s. 4d. to 5s. 6d. Wether Mutton, 4s. fid. to 5s. 8d. Veal, Ss. Od. to 6s. 8d. Pork, 4s. Sd. to 5s. 8( 1. Sold this day, Beasts, 1900— Sheep and Lambs, 17,500. NEWGATE jnd LIADINHALL, Jan. 5. By thc carcase. Beef, 3s. 4d. to4s. 6d. Mutton, 3s. lOd. to 5s. Od. Veal, 4s. Od. to 6s. 6d. Pork, 4s. Sd. to 5s. 8d. TA now.- Town, 67s. Od. White Russia,— s. Od. to 57s. Od. ( Soap), — s. Od. to 56s. Od. Melting Stuff, 18s. to 49s. Od. Ditto rough, — s. to 30s. Good^ Dregs, 10s. Od. Graites, lis. Od. LEATHER, per lb. Butts, 50 to 561b. 22d. to23| d. Ditto, 60 to 6plb. 24d. to25d. Merchants' Backs, 21d. to21Jd. Dressing Hides, 17Ad. to 18id. Fir. eCoacn- Hidcs, 19d. to20Jd. Crop Hides for cutting, 21c.. to 24d. Flat ordinary, 17Ad. to 19d. Calf Skins, SO to 401b. per doz. 28cf to 40d. Ditto, 60 to 701b. per doz. 34d. to40d. Ditto, 70 - to 801b. S2d. to S4d. • 12d. to 44d. Large Ditto, per Bottles, at 2s. 9d. each, with ample doz. 100s. to" 140s. Goat Skins, — s. to — 3. pti | doz. Tanned Horse- Hides, i8s. to 34s. per Hide. NORTHAMPTON: Printed and Published by and for T. DICEY and JY. SUTTON.
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