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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Volume Number: LXXXVI    Issue Number: 42
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 20/12/1806
Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: LXXXVI    Issue Number: 42
No Pages: 4
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erntrp gr r > 8 Vol. LXXXVI. No. 42. < Ready Money is expected ) I with Advertisements. S SATURDAY, December 20, 1806. PRICE SIXPENCE, \ ^' amp- Duty .; • • I Paper am: Print 3* d. aid. Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. From the LONDON GAZETTE. WHITEHALL, Dee.- iS. THE King iias been pleased to order a Conge d'F. lire to pass the Great Seal, empowering the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Bangor, to eCect a Bishop to that See, void by the translation of the Right Rev. Father in God William, late Bishop thereof, to the See of " St. Asaph; and his Majesty has also been pleased to recommend the Right Rev. Father in God, John, Lord Bishop of Oxford, to be by them elected Bishop of the said S£ e of Bangor. The Gazette also contains an account of thc capture of a Spanish lugger, of six guns and 41 men, by the boats of the Flora, Captain Bland. ,—., • — i LONDON, December 16. Foreign Journals lmve been received, of a date one day later than those, the contents of which we communicated in our last. We find in them a speech of the Arch- Chancellor of the French Empire to the Senate, on thc 2d instant. It con- tains all the topics urged iu the message of Na- poleon, and in the two reports of Talleyrand, viz. the tyranny of the English navy, and the tyranny of the English commerce, and thc necessity under which Napoleon is placed, of keeping possession of his conquests, till England resign her offensive pretensions, and the whole French, Dutch, and Spanish colonies. There are several art icles which would lead us to believe, that the Austrian Councils have'beut to the will of Bonaparte; and that nothing but some decisive advantage gained over him, will give the Austrians courage to make any resistance. Little information is afforded respecting the transactions in Poland; and there is some apparent contradiction in the statements, that the corps of Auger, eau has retrograded, and that Dautzic is in- vested by the French. On Friday Government received accounts from the Continent, which state, that the Emperor of Russia had entered Poland at the head of 140,000 men, that the Iiint of Prussia had joined him with 50,000 of his rallied forces, and that a decisive action might soon be expected to take place between the allied army and the French. These advices add, that the movemeyts of the Austrian army of ncu-. tralitv had' induced Bonaparte to employ a con- siderable corps in observing it, and that this important diversion could not fail to prove highly favourable to the military operations of thc allies. Under the uncertainty and general depression which exists respecting the Prussian army, we have the pleasure of being able to contradict the . state- ment in the French bulletins, that the King of Prussia, General Ksdkreuth, and ten other Officers, were the only persons from the Prussian army who had passed thc Oder after the battle of Auerstadt. We are assured by an Officer who WHS at that time at Berlin, that General Kalkreuth carried with him a body of 18,000 men, and that the garrisons of Berlin and Potsdam, which liken ise effected their retreat across the Oder, consisted of 15,000 mcti. The garrison of Stettin, in like manner, retired behind that river; thus making an aggre- gate of nearly 40,000 men. The garrisons of Poland, and the three Prussias, although doubt- less weakened to reinforce the army in Saxony, comprised upwards of 50,000 men; so that we are justified in the hope that his Prussiau Majesty is still at the head of nearly 100,000 men. According to an otiicial return of the Prussian army on the 1st of May, 1- 806; it then consisted of 233,000 effective men. The most exaggerated of the French accounts does not carry the loss of the Prussians beyond 145,000, which leaves a residue nearly equal to what we have stated it. The Resistance frigate, which sailed from Ports- mouth in October last, had a licence from the Spanish Government to go to Vera Cruz, from whence she has liberty to bring to this country a very large quantity of specie, amounting to nearly halt' a million sterling. However extraordinary this circumstance may appear, it is nevertheless true. It is said, that the money iS for the purpose of carrying on mercantile transactions of great magnitude, and has nothing to do with the Go- vernment. Upwards of ^. 1000 has been subscribed in this kingdom, for the widow and family of the late Mr. Palm, the German bookseller, who was mur- derously shot by order of Bonaparte. The four Prelates who are to sit. in the House of Peers for Ireland, this Session, conformably to the Act of Union, are the Archbishop of Tuam, and the Bishops of Meath, Derry, and Kildare. The net receipts of Drury- lane, for the last sea- son, were .60,000, and the outgoings <£. 57,150. We have heard some of the highest names in contemporary Literature mentioned in connection with the new OXFORD RT. VIEW. From the multitude of commissions which have already poured into London, from different putts of the kingdom, for Tickets and Shares in the present Grand Lottery ( although the Scheme has been but so recently announced), there seems to be struggles, from such early applications, between country and town adventurers, who shall obtain in particular the two £ .30,000 Prizes. This in truth is not to be wondered at; for should cither of these immense Prizes happen to he sold in Shares, even the smallest share will be productive of nearly. Two Thousand Pounds. This alone is a magnet, . that may be said to possess an irresistable power of attraction. Sale of Captain Mellish's Stud.— A greater con- course of sportsmen has seldom been ever wit- nessed at Tattcrsail's, than appeared yesterday, iu consequence of the sale of thc stud belonging to this hero of the turf. At one o'clock, after a few hack horses had been disposed of, the- stud of Mr. Mel list) was brought to the hammer, iu the following order:— Staveley sold for 1800 guineas; Smuggler, ^ 800; Streatham Lass, 950; Sister to Smuggler, 520; Czar Peter, 500; Luck's- All, 401); Harry Long- Legs, 300; Didler, 250; Jerboa, 200; a Grey Horse, 1!> 5; York- . shireman, 160; Eaele, 1211; Mameluke, 100; a Coir, by Expectation, 100; Darling, 100; Miss Ruckle, 100; Beadale, ICO; Companion, 80; Quid, 75. • Of these horses, not more than three or four were sold ; the greater part of them were bought in by the friends of Mr. Mellish, in consequence of the biddings being inadequate to their value, and three or four of the favourites, it was ge- nerally known, were not intended for sale. After the sale of the above, about twenty blood mares wen- e disposed of, from 60 to 1G0 guineas each ; as also were several hacks, so that the sportsman has only merely curtailed the expences of his stable- keeping, See. & c. Murder of Mr. Steele.— Monday, Ilolloway and Hagerty, charged with this atrocious murder, un- derwent examination, at Worship- street- office. Only two gentlemen, beside the prisoners and wit- nesses, were present, llantield ( formerly a postil- lion), who has turned evidence, and was brought from on board the Justitia hulk, at Woolwich, de- posed to the following effect:— That, on the day of the murder, they agreed to go on Ilounslow- heath to rob; that they there met Mr. Steele, and demanded his cionev, & c. which the deceased hesitated to comply with; that on this, Ilolloway, who was behind Mr. S. struck him with a bludgeon on the hack of his head, and brought him to the grouud; that Ilanfield then sat upon the body, while the other two beat him on the head, and were in the act of strangling him. Holloway and Ilagerty, when the deceased ceased groaning, rilled his pockets, and, seeing a coach cross the Heath, they took off his boots, hat, & c. and threw the body into a ditch; they then quitted the main road, and went round, by Sion Fields, to Iiounslow, where they stopped at the Boll public- house for refreshment. Mr. Frogley, surgeon, of Hounslow, described the state in which he found the body; and Mr. Reeves, formerly chief Clerk at Bow- street and Union- hall, and four of the Bow- street officers, proved the fact of thc murder having been perpetrated. They were committed to different prisons for re examination.— Ilolloway is a re- markably stout man; he was very heavily ironed, and seemed not at all affected at his situation. The others are small- made men, particularly Hagerty, an Irishman, who got himself discharged from the Army of Reserve, bv poisoning his leg. After the murder, he went to sea, and was apprehended on board the Shannon frigate. Fire.— Sunday night, about half- past 7 o'clock, a fire broke out in the Elaboratory of Mr. Maud, in Paul's- alley, Hare- court, Aldersgate- street. The conflagration was dreadful. The ilames spread with the greatest rapidity, and the poor unfortu- nate inhabitants who lived adjoining, had scarcely time to save their lives, Their furniture and other effects, are completely destroyed. The whole of Pauls- alley, up to Barbican, in the short space of tlnee quarters of an hour, became a heap of ruins. We are not able accurately to ascertain how it originated. Anecdote of Dean Swift and his Barber.— The Dean, while resident on his liying in the county of Meatb, before his promotion to the Deanry of St. Patrick, was daily shaved by the village barber, who, at length, became a great favourite with him; Bator, while lathering him one morning, said he had a great favour to request of his Re- verence; that his neighbours had advised him to take the little public- house at the corner of the church- yard, which he had done, in the hope, that blending the profession of publican with his own, he might gain a better maintenance for his family : —" Indeed !" said the Demi, " and what can I do to promote this happy unionr"—" And please you,'' replied Razor, " some of my custi . jers have heard inuoh about, your Reverence's poetry, so that if you would condescend to give a smart little touch in that way, to clap under my sign, it might be the making of me and mine for ever." " But what DAVEHTRY, Dec. 18th, 1806. OROTHY GIBBS ( late Partner with THOMAS SMITH, Plumber, Glazier, and House- Painter, deceased, and AVERY SMITH, Widow and Ext- cutrix of the said Thomas Smith, request those Persons who have any Claim upon the Partnership Estate of Gibbs Se Smith, to deliver an Account thereof, in Writing, to Mr. William Litchfield, of Daventry ; and tho » e Persons who are indebted to the said Estate, to pay their respective Debts to Mr. Litchfield, who is* duly authorized to receive the same, and to settle and adjust the Partnership Accounts. JJ'T" DOROTHY G IBBS, having declined the Business in favour of Mrs. SMITH, begs Leave to return Thanks to her Friends for the Favours conferred upon her, and to solicit a Continuance thereof to Mrs. Smith. DECEMBER 10 th, 1806. ABSCONDED from his Parents, at GltEAT- . GIDDING, in the County of Huntingdon, on Friday the 24th of October last, A 1, A D, about eleven Years of Age, deranged and almost in- sensible, is very thin and weakly in Appearance, has black straight Hair, black Eyes, and a'Mol. on his left Cheek ; had on when he went away a Corduroy- Coat, a Pair of Corduroy Breeches, a dark flowered Cotton Waistcoat, a Pair of dark Worsted Stockings, and a Pair of high Shoes; was without his Hat, and had Part of a Whalebone Whip in his Hand. Whoever can give Information of the said Lad, either dead or alive, to his Parents, SAMUEL and SARAH GOODWIN, of Gidding aforesaid, will be handsomely rewarded. I C II E A P C O A L S, OF excellent Quality, from IIAWKESBFRV NEW COLLIERY, are'now selling at NORTFI- : AMP'TON WHARF, at One Shilling per Hundred | Height, and delivered into any Part ot the Town at • Thirteen- fence per Hundred Weight, exclusive ot' the customary Charge for Loadine', Ac. by FRANCIS \ PARRO'l'T, Esq. Se Co. Proprietors of the aforesaid I Colliery. ( P?" The said Coals are particularly recommended j to all great Consumers, and are warranted to be the | best Coals, at the stated Prices, ever offered for Sale to the Inhabitants of the Town and County of Northampton, *** HAWKF. SBURY CoALsdonot take Fire so quick as the best Staffordshire Coals, but when tairly kindled are equal in Heat, and will continue so One- third longer, by tiie Use of w hich will be found a Saving to the Consumer of forty per Cent. For these Coals, Gentlemen are desired to enquire for Mr. JEFFERY, who will officiate for Mr. Dix, Clerk for the Hawkesbury Coals, who constantly attends at the said Northampton Wharf; and for further Par- ticulars, apply to Mr, STEPHEN YATES, Bedworth, near Coventry. To ry 1 do you intend for your sign?" says the Dean. l£ The Jolly Barber, if it please your Reverence, with a razor in one hand, and a full pot in the other."— Well,'' rejoined the Dean, " in that case there can be no great difficulty in supplying you with a suitable inscription:" so taking up his pen, he instantly scratched the following couplet, which was affixed to the sign, and remained so for many years Rove not from Pole to Pole, but step in here, " VVhere nought excels the Shaving but— the Beer!" It has frequently fallen to our lot to notice the wonderful cures effected by Saul's Golden Eye Drops. We consider it is a duty which we owe the public, not to pass over in silence any instance that will tend to raise in the world's opinion a medicine which daily proves conducive to the public good. A child, of the name of Johnston, was nearly blind for many months, and applied to several oculists for re- lief, without receiving the least benefit, but was at length restored to perfect health and sight by using Dr. Saul's Golden Eye Drops and Pills. Thc truth of this may be known- by applying to the child's mother, No. 6, Tottenham- place, or at the Dispen- sary, No. 27, Rathbone place, London; where thp poor are supplied gratis. Upwards of 700 persons have received most extraordinary benefit. CLOPIIILL, Beds, DCC. 2d, 1806. EDWARD & THOMAS HORN beg Leave to acquaint their Friends and the Public in general, that the PARTNERSHIP which lately subsisted between them and JOHN BARRICK, WAS THIS DAY DISSOLVED BY MUTUAL CONSENT. E. Se T. HORN intend to carry on the Business, as. usual, at CLOPHILL; where O refers will be taken and attended to as before. Northamptonshire. FREEHOT. D AND COPYHOLD ESTATES, AT STAN WICK and RAUNDS To be SOLD by AUCT10 N, ( IN LOTS,) Qy Mr. ROBINSON, At the George Inn, in Thrapston, on Tuesday the 23d of December, 1806, between the Hours of Three and Five, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which Notice will be given, Lot 1. A FARM- HOUSE and HOMESTEAD, xV with Barns, Stables, and other Out- buildings, and a small Pightle adjoining, situate in STAN WICK ; together with upwards of FORTY ACRES of rich ARABLE, MEADOW, and CRASS LAND, in the Open Fields of STAN WICK aforesaid, with the Rights of Common thereto be- longing ; in the Occupation of Mr. John Wright, as Tenant at Will.— Part of this Estate is Freehold, and Part Copyhold, and the Fine is certain. ( jdf* Remarkable tine Stone for Building, and fine marbled Wrag- Stone for Chimney- Pieces, may be procured on the above Estate. Lot 2. FORTY- FOUR ACRES ( more or less), Part Freehold and Part Copyhold, of rich ARABLE and MEADOW LAND, divided into eight Closes, with excellent Quick Hedges, and plentifully supplied with Water, in the Parish of RAUNDS, lying in TIP- FIELD, adjoining to thc Lordship of Stanwick, in the Occupation of Mr. John Wright, upon a Lease for nine Years, three Years and a Half of which are unexpired at Lady- Day next.— The above Estates are in a dry healthy Situation, and the Arable Land convertible. Lot 3. FIFTY ACRES of G R A Z I N G and ARABLE LAND, divided into five Closes ( one of which only is Arable), lying in a Field called DF. N- roRD- WouLD- FiF. LD, in the Parish of RAUNDS, with a newly- erected Stone- built Barn and Stable, covered with Sla; e and Tiles, in the Occupation of Mr. Joseph Compton ; lett on a Lease for nine Years, three Years and a Half of which are unexpired at Lady- Day next.— The Land- Tax of the Whole is redeemed. Lot 4. About THREE ROODS of MEADOW LAND, in the Parish of K1NGSTE AD, lett on Lease, three Yeais and a Half of which are un- expired at Lady- Day next. ( pjT Lots 3 and 4 are Freehold. %* For further Particulars, and a Plan of the Estate, apply to Mr. RomNSON, Thrapston, who is authorized to treat for the Whole, or any Part thereof; and for a View of the Land, apply to the TENANTS. NOVEMBER 24th, 1800. ALL Persons who stand indebted to the Estate . of the late Mr. JOHN FRYER, of Dunstable, Draper and Grocer, are required forthwith to pay their respective Debts into the Hands of Mr. John Durham, of Dunstable aforesaid, who is duly au- thorized to receive the same. GEDDINGTON. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. ALL Persons having any Claim or Demand on the Estate and Effects of the late Mr. JOHN R. IPP1N, of GEDDINCTON aforesaid, deceased, are desired to deliver their Accounts, in Writing, imme- diately, to John Rippin, of Newton, Amos Bell, of Geddington, or Edward Bates, of Kettering, the Executors, in order that the same may be examined and discharged.— And all Persons indebted to the said Estate, are desired to pay the same to either of the above- named Executors, on or before the 10th Day of January next, 1807, to prevent Proceedings for Re- covery thereof. Geddington, Dec. btb, 1806. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. THOMAS HAGGER, At the Crown Inn, at St. Ives, in the County of Huntingdon, on Monday the22d Day of this instant December, 1806, between the Hours of Three and Six in the Afternoon ( subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall be then and there produced), A'LL that ALLOTMENT, PIECE, « r PARCEL - of LAND or GROUND, situate, lying, and being in HE MMINGFO RD- ABBOTTS, ih the said County of Huntingdon, lying by the West Side of the Road leading from Hemmingl'ord- Abbotts aforesaid to Littlebury's, and adjoining, on the South Side thereof, to the Land of Mr. Robert Lucas, and containing, by Admeasurement, four Acres, or thereabouts ( be the same more or less), now or late in the Tenuie or Occupation of Mr. Robert Lucas. IfjT The above Allotment is partly inclosed, the Land fertile, useful, and capable of Improvement. *** For further Particulars, apply to Mr. CHAP- MAN, Solicitor, in Biggleswade. To be SO I, D VaU C T IO N, By Mr. ROUS E, On Friday the 26th of this current December, at Ten o'Clock, on the Premises of Mr. James Andrews, at Lubbenbam, in the County of Leicester, AStout Farmer's WAGGON, TWO PLOUGHS, m REE HARROWS, a LAND ROLL, WIN NT) WING- FAN. and a Variety of other useful IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY; also, FOUR RICKS of exceeding good HAY, amounting toge- ther, by Estimation, to about twenty- seven Tons. The Hay may be carried off the Premises, and three Months' Credit given therewith on approved Security. About F* ur in the Afternoon of the said 26th Day of December, is to be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Pub- lic- House in Lubbenham aforesaid, heretofore known by the Name of the Red- Cow, but now and for some Time past called the Shoulder- of- Mutton ( together or in two Lots), TWO CLOSES of rich PASTURE LAND, in the Lordship of LUBBENHAM aforesaid, nearly adjoining the Turnpike- Road, and bounded on the South by the River Welland, containing together about five Statute Acres, in the separate Occupations of Messrs. James Sc John Andrews.— The Closes are well fenced, and there are about fifty thriving Ash, Elm, and other Trees, growing therein.— The Pur- chaser may have Possession at Lady- Day next; and ( if desirous) may extend his Purchase to 30 or 40 Acres more of valuable Land in the same Lordship, at a fair Price. And at the same Time and Place, to be LETT, to the Best Bidder, either from Year to Year, or upon Lease for a Term of seven Years, to commence January 1st, 1807, The above- mentioned well- established PUBLIC- HOUSE ( the SHOULDER- OF- MUTTO/ I), conveniently fitted up for advantageously carrying on Business, for which it is well situated, adjoining the Turnpike- Road from Market- Harborgugh to Coventry, with good Stabling for five Horses, ami other useful Out- buildings ; also, a Malting, with Granary, Store- Rooms, See. adjoining the Dwelling- House and each other, and a pretty Homestead and Garden, about three Roods in Quantity ; the Whole in the Tenure and Occupation of Mr! John Andrews, who will shew the Premises. The in- coming Tenant may be accommodated with a very desirable Close of rich Land, about three Acres, well situated for Occupation, very near the Town of Lubbenham aforesaid; also, an excellent 83- Gallon Copper, a 12- S'trike Mash- Vat, Cooler, with other Brewing- Utensils adapted, and Part of the neat and useful Household- Furniture, & c. at a fair Appraisement. *** For Terms, and further Particulars relative to the Land and Hay, apply to Mr. JAMES ANDREWS. lJouschold- Fiu rniht re, fyc. be SOLD by AUCTION, By IV. WH IT E, On the Premises, on Tuesday the 2.' Jd of December, 1806, at Ten o'Clock, IIE neat HOUSEHOLD - FURNITURE,. _ CHINA, GLASS and other EFFECTS, the Property of Mr. HOWGRAVF, HIGH- STREET, ST. JOHN'S, BEDFORD ( who is leaving th. Town); consisting of Four- post, Tent, and other Packing- bottom Bedsteads, with rich Chintz and other Fur- nitures ; exceeding good Goose and other Feather- Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows; Wool and Hair Mattresses; Blankets, Counterpanes, Sec.; handsome Pier and Swing Glasses ; Bedside Carpets ; Chests of Drawers, in Walnut- Tree and Wainscot; Wardrobes, in Maho- gany and Wainiseot; two Mahogany Night- Chairs; Mahogany Dining, Card, and Pembroke Tables'; Mohogany and . Painted Chamber, Parlour, and Kitchen Chairs; very good Turkey and other Carpets; two Mahogany Bureaus; an excellent Eight- day Tiihepiece; Sets of highly- polished Fire- irons and Fenders; handsome China, Glass, and Earthenware-; Kitchen- Requisites, ill Copper, Brass, and Tin; two Ironing- Boards and Tressels; Iron- bound Pipes, Hogsheads, and Half- Hogsheads, sweet and in good Condition; Drinkstalls, good Water- Tubs, Wash- Trays, Tubs, Pails, and other Effects. 03T Sundry BOOKS, on various Subjects. *** May be viewed the Day preceding the Sale; and Catalogues will be ready fer Delivery on the Sa. turday previous, at the different Inns in the neigh- bouring Towns; the Place of Sale; Mr. Webb's Printing- Office; and at the Auctioneer's, Bedford. For the Benefit of Creditors. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By If. WHITE, On Friday the 26th of December, 1806, at the Cock, at Wootton, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon ( under Conditions to be produced at the ' Time of Sale), ADesirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in the Centre of the VJlage of WOOTTON, in the County of Bedford. Lotl comprises a HO USE, with a Kitchen, Parlour, three Bedchambers, back Kitchen, Cellars, Pantry, & c. ; a convenient Bakehouse, with a Thirteen- bushel Oven; good Flour- Chambers; a Three- baveel Barn, two Stahles, Piggeries. Cart - Hovel, Wood - Barn, capital Granary, with a Malt- Bin over the same; and other Out- Offices; a large Yard, anei a pleasant Garden. gdT An extensive Trade, in the Baking Business, has been carried on by the present Proprietor; and the Premises are in capital Repair. Lot 2. The LEASE of all that PIECE of rich ARABLE LAND, containing 2: i Acres ( more or less), lying in the Parish of KEMP'S TON, near the Wobum Road, adjoining Wootton Field, two Years of which wiil be unexpired at Old Candlemas next; with the Crop, as it is now growing on the Ground. The Purchaser may be accommodated with im- mediate Possession. N, B. For a View of the Estate, apply on the Premises; and for further Particulars, to the Auc- tioneer, Bedford. TURNPIKE- TOLLS TO EE LETT. Market- Harborouph and Welford Turnpike- Roads from Northampton. " VTOTICE is hereby given, That the Trustees xM appointed by Act" of Parliament for more eifectually amending, widening, and keeping in Repair, the Turnpike- Roads leading from the Town of North- ampton to Chain Bridge, near the Town of Market- llarborough, and from the Direction- Post in Kings- thorpe, in the County of Northampton, to Welford Bridge, in the same County, will, on MONDAY the 22d Day of DECEMBER next, between the Hours of Eleven in the Forenoon and Two in the Afternoon, at the SWAN INN, at LAMPORT, in the said County, LETT to FARM, by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the 13tli Year of the Reign of His present Majesty, for regu- lating Turnpike- Roads, the TOLLS of the Gate or Turnpike erected at or near LITTLE- BOWDEN, for the Term of one Year, commencing , the 1st Day o January next; which Tolls were lett the last Year at £. 533, and were put up at that Sum at a Meeting of the said Trustees, held on the 20th Day of No- vember instant; but no Person having made any Bidding or Advance thereupon, the said Tolls will, at the said next Meeting, be put up at such Sum as the Trustees present shall think iit. The Best Bidder is forthwith to pay in Advance, towards the Rent of the said Tolls, the Sum of £ .50, and must produce sufficient Sureties, and enter into Security, for Payment of the Residue of the Rent, either monthly or quarterly, as shall be required by the Trustees. CHARLES MARKHAM, Clerk to the Trustees. Northampton, Nov. lid, 1805. Sale of capiial Timber. To be SO L D by A U C T ION, By R. JARVIS, On Monday the 5th Day of January, 1807, and fol- lowing Days, on the Premises, ALL those noble OAK, ASH, ELM, and BEECH, of extra Dimensions and supeib Quality, fine LARCH FIRS, and other WOOD, with their TOPS, LOP, and. TAN of OAK, now standing in the Park, Pleasure- Ground, and Wood, surrounding WARKWORTH CASTLE, near BAN- BURY,' Oxfordshire; the Whole forming a desirable Collection ; comprising upwards of 4000 Timber and other Trees, which will be lotted in the best Mode to accommodate Purchasers. ( FDR" For a View thereof, apply to RICIIAR. D TAYLOR, on the Premises, five Days previous to the Sale, where Catalogues may be had; also, at the following Inns, viz. the Red- Lion, Brackley;, Crown, Bicester; Swan, Buckingham; Saracen's- Idead, Tow- cester; Griffin, Southam; Woolpack, Warwick; Saracen's- Head, Birmingham; Cr ® wn- and- Cushion, Chipping- Norton ; Bear, Woodstock ; Angel, Oxford ; and at the Auctioneer's, in Banbury aforesaid. *** The Whole of thc above Timber is situated within two Miles of the Oxford Canal and Banbury Wharf. To he SOLD by A U C T I O N,~ By TllACKER & CARTER, Under Conditions that will then be produced, on the Premises of the respective Tenants, at CHIPPING WARDEN, in the County of Northampton, on the 12th Day of January, 1807, and following Days, till all is sold. , NE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED and EIGHTY- ONE TREES, consisting of OAK, ASH, ELM, SYCAMORE. BE ECU, CHESNUT, FIR, LIME, WALNUT, and YEW. CHIPPINC- WARDEN is about three Miles from the Oxford Canal, communicating with the Grand Junction, Warwick, and Coventry Canals. Catalogues to be had in due Time at the Office of Messrs. Waltord, Golby, Se Walford, Banbury; Mr. Philip Hayes, at Wroxton; of the Auctioneer, at Wardington ; and at the Inns in Chipping- Warden. WELLINGBOROUGH. OLNEY, ix ;. h\\ l\, ltT « PAGNF. Li. ORIGINAL POST' COACH, I'd curry only Four Inside. CETS nut from the Hp; D IaK, Wi: i. i. ix. cnonoccir> l ' Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Mornings, at Five o'Clock, and arrives at the Csoss- kE> s, SI. JOHN'S- STREET, LONDON, early the same Afternoons, at which Inn Accorrmiodation to Passengers by this Coach is particularly attended to ; from whence it returns Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Mornings, at rive. Performed bv W. BROWN, ] R. HAWKINS, T. SANDERSON, ! W. SPONG, J. B. TUCK, | J. BROWN, Who earnestly solicit the Patronage of the Inhabi- tants of Wellingborough, . Olney, and their Vicinities, assuring them every Effort shall be exerted to render this Conveyance superior to any on the Road. The Fare from Wellingborough to London is l<) s. Inside, 10s. Outside.— Olney, 14s. and 7s.— Newport I2s. and 6s. N. B. Not accountable for any Article lost or da- maged, above the Value of Five Pounds, unless entered us suc h, and paid for accordingly ; but due Attention paid to the forwarding and immediate Delivery of Parcels intrusted to their Care. C-' T' Passengers and Parcels booked at Mr. SPONG'S, Wellingborough. ROAD MEETING! rpiIE next Meeting of thc Trustees of the JL Turnpike- Road leading from the Town of North- ampton to New port- L'agneH', in the County of Bucks, will beheld at HORTON INN, in the County of North- ampton, on MONDAY the 22< 1 Day of DECEMBER instant, ut Eleven o'Clock in the Torenoon. ROBERT ABBEY, Clerk to the Trustees. Northampton, Dec. 13tb, 1806. I ill WICK IN CLOSURE. ' \/\ 7 E, the Commissioners appointed by " An ' Act for inclosiRg Lands in tiie Parish of FLITW1CK, in the County of Bedford," have set out ind appointed the following public Carriage- Road and Highway, through and over the Lands and Grounds in the said Parish ( that is to say), One public Carriage- Road and Highway, of the Breadth of 40 Feet, leading from Church- F. ml- Green, in Hitwick, in a Noitherly Directi. n, in its present ' lrack, over Town Field to East End And we, the said Commissioners, declare, that the said public Carriage- Road and Highway, so by us set out and appointed, is ( previous to the Publication of this Notice) ascertained by Marks and Bounds; and that we have prepared a Map, in which such Road is accurately laid down and described, and have deposited the same, sig, ed by us, with Mr. DAVIS, Jun. of Ampthiil, our Clerk, for the Inspection of all Persons concerned; and we appoint a Meeting to be held at the WHITE- HART INN, in AMPTHILL aforesaid, on TUESDAY the 20ih Day of JANUARY next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon; when and where all Persons who may be injured or aggrieved by the setting out of the said ROaii, may attenu and make their Objections to us,— Dated this 13' h Day of December, 1806. ' " JOHN FELI. OWES. THOMAS THORP/ E. THOMAS GOSTELOW. Ft eeliold Estates. To be S O I. D by A U C T I O N, IN TWO LOTS, By JOHN XILPIN, On Tuesday the 30th of December, 1805, at the Swan Inn, Bedford, at Six o'Clock in the Evening, under such Conditions as will then be produced, Lot 1. A LL that substantial, well- built, Brick XIL HOUSE, with Sash Windows, and Iron Palisades, in Front, pleasantly situate in ST. PAUL'S- SQUARE; the ce trical Part of the town of BEDFORD; comprising a large Parlour in Front, a large Hall, back Parlour. Kitchen, and Pantry; a Brewhouse, with a Weil of good Water, and a Lead Pump; on the second Floor, a large Dining- Room, and five good Bedchambers, with Closets; three large Rooms on the Attic Story ; large Outbuildings, contaiu- ioga Stable and Coal- House, with a large Drying- Room over the same; large Yard and Garden, with several F ruit Trees, and a Summer- House next to ilie River.— Also, an eligible Family Seat, in St. Paul's Church. The above Premises were formerly used as a Coal Wharf, but lately occupied as a Ladies' Boaiding- School, and are well calculated for a School for young Gentlemen, as there is not one of that Description within several Miles of Bedford. Part of the Purchase Money may remain on Lot 1. Lot 2. TWO DWELLING- HOUSES, situate in WELL - STREET, in the Parish of ST. PAUL'S, BEDFORD; consisting of a Tenement, with a Kitchen, Pantry, Chamber, and Closet, now in the Occupation of Widow Hart; also, a Tenement adjoining, com- prising a Kitchen, Chamber, and Closet, with Out - houses, a large Garden, 100 Feet long and 20 Feet wide, and a Number of valuable Fruit Trees, with a Well of good Water, in the Occupation of Thomas Merrill. ( Pa" Further Particulars may be had of the AUC- TIONEER, Agent to the Norwich Fire- Oificc, Bedford. o u ' To Timber- Merchants, Navy- Contractors, Builders, and others. To he SOLD by AUCTION, Thel4th and 15th of January, 1S07, at Mr. Sheppard's, the Mostyn- Arms Inn, known also by the Name of Swift's- House, in the Parish of Stoke- Line, in the County of Oxford, PWARDS of 5400 exceeding fine OAK, ASH, ELM, BEECH, CHESNUT, fine LIME, and SYCAMORE TIMBER TREES; 2000 of the Oak, and 1500 of the Asli and Elm, are of large Dimensions, from 50 to 120 Feet Meetings and upwards. The Oak and Elm is fine Nayy Timber; consisting of large Compass, Planking, and KeelPieces, superior to any in the Kingdom ; the remaining Timber is very fine, of Meetings, from 20 to 50 Feet. The said Timber Tree, are blazed and numbered with white paint, standing on the Estate of WILLIAM FERMORE, Esq. at TUSMORE, in the said County. fj3" May be viewed, till the Time of the. Sale, by applying at Tusmore- House, where a Person will attend : o shew the same. *** Catalogues will be delivered, in due Time, at Tusmore- Housc; of Messrs. Hopcraft & Son, at Crowton, Northamptonshire; and at Mr. Charles Darrell's, No. 10, Henrietta - Street, Manchester- Square, London. N. B. The said Timber is within five Miles of the Oxford and Coventry Canal, eight Miles from the Grand Junction Canal, and 17 from Oxford, to which Places tiie Roads are very good. To Millers.— A desirable Situation. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. CHENEY, On Friday the2d Day of January next, at the George inn, in Guilsborough, in the County of North- ampton, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, A Substantial, Stone - built DWELLING- xi. HOUSE, together with a most desirable CORN WATER- MI LL adjoining, upon a good Stream, car- rying three Pair of Stones, with two Dressing- Machines, and every other Requisite, now in full Trade; also, necessary Outbuildings, and a Close of rich Pasture, containing two Acres ( more or less), situate and being in the Hamlet of CO'l'ON, in lhe Parish of RAVENSTIIORPF., in the said County, in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Moore, thc Pro prietor, who is going to another Situation. 83* The Premises may be viewed by applying to the Proprietor; and Particulars known, and treated for by Private Contract in the mean l ime, by an Application ( if by Letter, Post- paid,) to Mr. DENNY, Solicitor, Long- ISuCkbv. Propriety of personal Appearance. BEAUTY and HEALTH cannot be- more essentially promoted than by attending to the Preservation of the TEETH. MR. NEWTON's RESTORATIVE TOOTII- POWDER having received the Approbation of the first Nobility, Gentry, and a generous Public, by an extensive Consumption tor a Series of Years, as well as the Attestation of its superior Excellence, ' from the Analysis of its component Parts, by the most distinguished Medical Characters, who have pro- nounced it the most pleasant Vegetable Tooth- Powder known, to increase the Beauty of the Enamel, and promote the Durability ot the Tooth; an « t which has, in Consequence of its experienced Advantages, been honoured with the immediate Patronage of - heir Ma- jesties, and the various illustrious Branches of the Royal Family, Nobility, Gentry, Sec in the United Kingdom.— NEWTON's TOOTH- POWDER is an Astringent and Antiscorbutic - Powder, a delicate Aro- matic, extremely grateful to the Palate, and pleasant ill its Use; in fine, to those who apply it, ii is a certain Preventative to Pain or Decay of the Tooth to the latest Period of Life. Itcontinues tobefaithfully prepared by Mr. Newton ( only), at his Housa, Kennington- Pii. ee, Vauxfiall ( late of Great Russell. Street), London, from the genuine Recipe of the late Sir Richard Jebb, Physician to their Majesties, Sec ; and sold, Whole ale. Retail, and for Exportation, by Messrs. Shaw'& Edwards, No. 66, St. Paul's Church- Yard, whom he lias em- powered to make a liberal Allowance to his Town and Country Venders, Merchants, & c.: also, Retail, by Dicey Sc Co. Edmonds, and Marshall, Northampton; Smith, Bedford ; Merridew, and Rollason, Coventry; Robins, Daventry; Queneborough, Dunstable; Collis Se Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Dawson, and Harrod, Harborough; Ir. wood, Newport- Pagnell; Richardson, Stony - Stratford; and by every Perfumer and Me- dicine- seller in the Kingdom, in Boxes, at 2s. 9d. each. N. B. Please to ask tor Newton's Tooth- Powder ; and see that B. H. Newton is wrote on each Box, with red Ink, as all others sold as Newton's are- Impositions. Wednesday and Thursday's Posts. L O ND 0 N, December 18. MONDAY was distinguished by the opening of the New Parliament; when the Commons proceeded to the choice of their Speaker, and that • choice fell on the Right Hon. Charles Abbot, who had so ably discharged the duties of that, important office in the last Parliament. The selection was - vOy highly honourable to Mr. Abbot, as it was • distinguished by the most perfect unanimity. The • eulosiiums bestowed on him were cordially re- echoed from all parts of the house; and no man who recollects the great and laudable propriety of Mr. Abbot's conduct when he was Speaker— the jealousy with which he watched the honour and " dignity" of the Commons House of Parliament— the correct judgment and extraordinary acuteness • with which he regulated their proceedings— will iiesitate to applaud most sincerely his return to the chair. Nothing could exceed the brutality with which Bonaparte refused the application of the Duke of Brunswick for permission to lay his bones in his own capital. " Tell the Duke of Brunswick, that 1 had rather cede Belgium, had rather renounce the Crown of Italy, than allow him, or any of li'. s The following mclancholy and distressing acci- j dent occurred at Liverpool on Saturday: Between , twelve and one o'clock at noon, as Captain Alex- j ander Grierson was walking arm in arm with a friend in Paradise- street, two carts, going at a quicker rate than usual, in opposite directions, ' came in contact with each other at the corner of the street. Mr. Grierson. who was close to one of them, attempting to spring from it, failed in his effort, and fell, when the cart passed over his head, and he expired in about ten minutes. The owner of one of the carts, riding iii it at the time, was thrown out by the concussion, and the cart passed over liis body. He has survived the acci- dent, but his life is despaired of. DTE D."] On Friday, Joseph Dennison, F. sq. M. P. of St. Mary Axe, banker, & c. This gentleman is a memorable example of what may be accomplished by industry and prudence. in this country. He has often said, that he came to the metropolis with hardly a guinea in his possession, or expectation, and yet he is said to have left about half a million to his family; and all this vast property was acquired by diligence and economy. J. The Lucky Lottery Offices! BRANSCOMB & Co. Proprietors of No. 11, Hoi. BORN, 37, CoRNHILL, AND 88, H AY M AR K ET, where Tickets and Shares are now selling, recommend an immediate Purchase in the present GRAND ... , • ci STATE- LOTTERY, that begins Drawing the 13th sons, ever again to set, toot within tha territory of ] of NEXT MontHj anci which contains more Capital Brunswick; let him take his money and jewels,; Prize;, for 25,000 Tivkets, than were ever known, but let him go to England ! t" j The above Proprietors beg Leave to offer to the public the Spanish ports i Attenlion> 11,0 following great Success that has at- DECEMRER 13th, 1806. MRS. MACKENZIE informs her Friends and the Public, that at Christmas she intends re- moving to HUNTINGDON, where she has taken a House extremely well calculated for the Accommo- dation of a SCHOOL. It has excellent Gardens at- tached to it, and access from thence to an extensive Common. For the kind Patronage with which her Friends have hitherto honoured h « r, Mrs. MACKENZIE offers her grateful Acknowledgments. CAMPION ACADEMY, A'ear SHEFFORD, Bedfordshire, YOUNG Gentlemen are gentee'. y boarded, and carefully instructed in the English, Latin, Greek, and French Languages, Geographv, Writing, Arithmetic, Book- keeping, & c. at 25 Guineas per Annum, without Entrance. By the Rev. G. I. DAVIES, A. M. and able ASSISTANTS, fl^ r" Music, Dancing, and Drawing, by experienced Masters. *** The SCHOOL will open again on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 21st, 1807. NO CURE NO PAY. SMOKY CIIIMNIES effectually CURED by Mr. R. FOOTTIT, Builder and Chimney- Sur- veyor, HUNTINGDON. ( fjT Orders addressed as above ; or to Mr. Roberts, White Hart, Kettering; or Mr. Webb, Printer, Bedford ; will be punctually attended to. *** Mr. F. can produce the most respectable Tes- timonials of his superior Skill in the above Art. KETTERING, December 1- 2, 1306. \ f RS. COBB having declined the GROCERY, i » i OIL, and HOP TRADE, in favour of Messrs. C fl E TT L E- & COLE, returns her best Thanks to her numerous Friends for the liberal Support she lias received, and begs Leave to recom- mend them, as her Successors to this Part of the Trade. ( jrSr Mrs. COBB respectfully solicits the con- tinued Patronage of her Friends in the IRONMONGERY, which she is now selling at reduced Prices. It is said, that the force is destined fo attempt a descent on some quarter • of the British Islands; and that Government is aw are of'the views of the enemy, and that some movements now making among our troops, are with the view of being in a proper state ol pre- paration in every quarter, where it is thought possible the enemy may presume to make such an attempt., Miranda's expedition seems to have been en- tirely abandoned. After returning from Corn, lie proceeded to the little island of Aruba. He left it ill the Seine frigate on the 26th of September, and arrived at Barbarloes on the 31st of October, where he remains. His troops are gone to Trinidad. Letters from Trinidad yesterday reached town, r/ ii) Bnrbadoes, which . mention the arrival, in that i « iand, of 200 Chinese, who are to be employed in the Various occupatisns of the slaves. This ex- periment has long been in contemplation, and it is supposed will be found to supersede the necessity of future importations of slaves from the coast of Africa. They are to receive an annual gratuity, which, should it amount to only ten pounds, is double the amount of tire payments made for labour ib China. A very serious catastrophe happened a few c- vs ago to the Salisbury company of comedians and their manager, Mr. Shatford:— A vessel con- vine; the party from the island of Jersey ( where tended those sold bv them in the Lotteries for 1805 and 1806, which were divided into 267 Shares, viz. T Nos. 3,330 entitled to 17,477 — 24,699 16,801 17,915 4,077 11,871 £. 1,000 1,000 1,000 2,000 2,000 5,000 5,000 Nos. £. 13,717 entitled to 10,000 456 9,219 11,643 7,686 7,757 12,719 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,020 20,022 25,000 Likewise 12 Prizes of £. 500, & c. Sec. And where the first <£. 30,000 Prize ever shared was sold. Of the above Capitals, two Shares of No. 13,747, a Prize of £. 10,000, besides several others, were sold and registered by Mr. W. BIROS A LI, NORTHAMPTON, Where a great Variety of Shares, from the above Offices, are now on Sale. ( jCr* Schemes gratis. LIVE AND DEAD STOCK. For the Benefit of Creditors-. To be SOL T) by A U C TI O N, By W. WHITE, On the Premises, on Tuesday the 30th of December, 1806, and following Dav, LL the LIVE & DEAD FARMING- STOCK, HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, BAKING and BREWING- UTENSILS, HARD- WOOD, FAGGOTS, and sundry EFFECTS, of Mr: Thomas Saiuell, Baker, at Woottcn, near Bedford; consisting of three useful Draught Horses ; one Fat Pig and two Store Ditto; Narrow • wheel Dung Cart; Ditto Baker's Cart, with a Tilt; twa Ditto, with Iron Bedford ani Leicester State- Lntlery- Offices. £. 20,000 for the First- drawn Ticket, First Day, 13th JANUARY, 1807. TICKETS and SHARES' are on Sale by Mr, J. BARNES, Printer, BEDFORD, and Mr. CANT, Post- Office, LEICESTER, for HODGES & Co. Stock- Erokers, on the same liberal Terms as at their Offices, Cornhill, Oxford- Street, and St. James's- Street, London. First- drawn Ticket, 3d Dav, £. 10,000 Ditto 5th Day, 30,000 Ditto 10th Day, 5,000 N. B. This Lottery contains two immense Prizes Of £ .30,000 each, in Addition to the usual Number of Twenty Thousands, Ten Thousands, Five Thousands, See. Sec. ( pt Schemes, with a List of capital Prizes re- cently sold in Shares by HODGES & Co. may be had, gratis, as above. Bedfordshire. To be SOLD, or LETT, In the Parish of LEIGHTON- BUZZARD, AL L that commodious and old- established • INN, known by the Name of the UNICORN INN, situate in the CORN- MARKETO!' LEIGHTON- BUZZARD aforesaid, with convenient Stabling for 30 or 40 Horses, and Lofts over them ; with or with- out a Plot of three Acres of LAMMAS SWEARD in King's- Mead, and an inclosed Close of two Acres and a Half of rich SWEARD at the North End, with a large Barn and convenient Tenement thereon. Also, about thirty- one Acres of COMMON FIELD and LAMMAS LAND, eligibly situated in the Com- t BLUNT's BANKRUPTCY. IIE Commissioners in a Commission of Banlc- _ rupt, bearing Date the 3d Day of September, 1S05, awarded and issued forth against WILLIAM BLUNT, now or late of HARTWFT. L, in the County of Northampton, Farmer, Dealer, and Chapman, intend to meet on the 30th Day of DECEMBER instant, at Ten of the Clock in the Forenoon, at the WHITE- HORSE INN, in TOWCESTIR, in the said Countv of J ' " '""'."•'" J' Northampton, in order to make a first and final Divi- I, I! 1,7 dend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt ; " il ^ when and where the Creditors who have not'fllready proved their Debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the Benefit of the said Dividend; and all Claims not then proved will be disallowed. J. M. KIRBY, Solicitor. Towcester, Dec. 3d, 1806. JOSEPH CIIETTLE returns Thanks for the Favours conferred upon him by his Friends and the Public, and having entered into Partnership with Mr. JAMES COLE, requests the Continuance of their Support. CHETTLE & COLE having taken Mrs. COBB'S Stock of Grocery, Oils, and Hops, solicit the Favours of her Friends, assuring them, that no Endeavour on their Part shall be wanting to merit their^ Approbation. ' MILTON- ERNEST, BEDS. rpiIOMAS RANGER hereby gives Notice, That 2. he will not be accountable for any Debt that his Wife, ABBEY RANGER, may hereafter contract. December Vith, 1806. Absconded from Justice, SAMUEL CLEMENTS, of BRIXWORTH, in the _ County of Northampton, Labourer, five Feet eight Inches high ; Brown Hair, fresh Complexion, ! knock knee'd, and turns his Feet out ; had on when j he went away, a Brown Jacket, Drab Corduroy. ] Breeches, and tied Shoes. Whoever will secure and ! deliver him to the Constables of Brixworth, will be j mon Fields, whereof Part is Sweard and Part Arable; all which Premises and Lands may be entered upon at Lady- Day 1807. ( J3" Persons who may be inclined to treat for the weli rewarded; and all Persons are forewarned from harbouring him after this Public Notice. ~ TWENTY GUINEAS A A1 , , ev bad been'performing some time) to Poole, Arms; long and short Ladders; six Dozen .. f new ..'...' T- Ii, i. ! l . M-. Tidcc fnr tnt/. f » • Rrin fin, , Dorsetshire, foundered at sea, and every one on board perished ! Among the unfortunate suf- ferers, was Mr. John Palmer, late of the Hay- market theatre, sou of the deceased Mr. Palmer, of Drury- lane theatre, and nephew of Mr. R. Palmer. Besides these unfortunate people, there were many other passengers on board. The F. iuds.— It is not uninteresting to compare the state of the Funds at several remarkable . • nods. The highest price during the last fourteen )• « > « was 98J, and the lowest 4fj. The following are the difes of mine of the most remarkable rh. anges, viz. March, 1792, S per Cent. Consols 98} Mav 19, 1797 - - - 47i Mav SI, 1802 - 70| Aplil 8, 76* AprilSl, 78} Feb. 2' i, >$ 03.; 73 March 8, 63 Nov.. JO, 1808 5$ b Tt is said that a pansion of £. i() 00 per annum iias been granted to the Hon. Mrs. Fox, relict of • the Right Hon. Charles James Fox. A Speoial Commission has been issued for trying iome of tiie Threshers in the county of . Sligo; but few bills have l- een found. Murder,, robbery, de- stroying of corn, houghing cattle, & c. are among the " enormities committed by this lawless people. Their numbers are great, and their associations carried on with much secrecy and circumspection. — The counties of Sligo and Mayo, in particular, have been the theatres of these outrages. The Duke of Bedford, it is said, has sent over for in- structions bow to act in this disagreeable business. — Eight regiments are ordered immediately for Ireland. The Special Commission concluded its pro- ceedings at Sligo- 011 the 9th inst. Two of the ringleaders of the Threshers were capitally con victed, and ordered for execution; five others were sentenced to transportation for life, and two to imprisonment for six months, and to be whipped. Smithjield Cattle Shea.— Friday, the Repository- yard in Goswell- street was open for shewing the prize cattle and other stock, exhibited in con- sequence of the premiums offered bv rhe Smithtield Club of noblemen, gentlemen, and farmers, asso- ciated for the purpose, not of encouraging the feeding of wasteful!;/ fat animals, but of encou- raging the introduction, to the great London market, of animals which have been well and sufficiently fatted, with the greatest possible atten- tion to quick and profitable feeding.— In Class I, for Beasts of 160 stone weight, lliat had been worked two years in a team, and since fatted 011 any food except corn, Mr, Western- obtained the first prize, for a Hereford Ox, fed on oil cake.— In Class 2, for Beasts of 140 stone, grass fed, with- « , i't corn or cakes, Mr. Western- also won the first prize, for a Hereford Ox; and in Class 3, for Beasts of 100 to 110 stone, grass fed, without corn or citke, the same geiitlemau obtained the first prize, for a Hereford Ox.— In ClaSs 4, for steers under 4 years old, Mr. Chandler won the first prize, for a steer, cake fed.— 111 Class 5, for fat cows, which have borne three or more calves, fed with- out corn, Mr. Lucas got the first, prize, for a short- hound cow, cake fed.— lu^ Class 6, for one- year- old long- woolled wether sheep, three of one man's breed, fed without corn or cake, Mr. Anthony Leohmere, obtained the first prize, for three sheep. — Prizes wei'e al*> given for a variety of other fine cows, sheep, and pigs. The company was not so is, microtis as at last year's shew. A judicious alteration was announced by Lord Somerville, in ttic conditions of his ensuing Spring shew ( at this pluce 011 the 2d and 3d of March), limiting the prizes for fat wether short- woolled sheep to such as in not weigh above '-' 51b. per quarter, and allowing the grazier as well as breeder of such sheep exhi- bited to be candidates for prizes. Among the extraordinary fat animals that were exhibited at the above Cattle Shew, Mr. Daniel's Alderney Heifer, in Wootton's yard, exceeded all. , » ",( ie was allowed, by the best judges of cattle, to surpass fevery other animal of her kind in the world. It is said, that her height is not more than 4 t'cvt 4 inches, and she WHS supposed to weigh, when J . ml, 130 stone. She was fed at Sauderstead, in the neighbourhood of Croydon. The son of the postmaster of Brandon, Suffolk, a now in Bury gaol, on a charge of taking bank- notes out of several Utters! IIJS fsthcr it a very respectable man. Hurdles; Harness for three Horses; Bridles and Saddles; Chaff- Box, Sieves, and Barn Tackle in general; Forks, Rakes, & c. ; Ploughs and Harrows ; Corn Drags, Hog Tubs, Troughs, Wheelbarrows, & c. ; 28 very useful Ash and Elm Trees, three Stacks of Billets, about 2000 dry Faggots, Ash and Elm Poles, Oak Lop, 250 feet of Feather- edged Elm Boards, a Quantity ol Chips, Stc. ; Corn in ihe Straw, Hovel of Barley, Rick of Seed Clover, Ditto of Beans and Oats, Ditto of Straw, and Ditto of Haum ; and about 50 Loads of good Dung. The HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE consists of Four- post and Half- tester Sacking - bottom Bedsteads, with neat Plaid Furnitures; Stump. Ditto; Feather and Flock- Beds ; Mattresses; Walnut- Tree Chest of Drawers ; Dressing Tables and Glasses; Chamber, Parlour, and Kitchen Chairs; Quilts, Blankets, arid Linen; a Linen Chest; Mahogany, Wainscot, ar. d Deal Dining, Dressing, and Card Tables ; Mahogany Bureau ; Eigh't- dav Clock, in a Wainscot Case ; China, Glass, and Earthenware; Kitchen Requisites, in Copper, Pew- ter, Bra^ s, and Tin; Salting- Tub, lined with Lead; three sweet Iron- bound Puncheons, and six Ditto Flogsheads; Drinkstalls, and four Brewing Tubs; lar^ e Beam and Scales, five561bs. and one 28lbs. Iron Weights, two smaller Scales, and sundry Lead Weights; Flour- Bins, and other Effects. fPT The Straw to be taken off the Premises.— For Conveniencyof the Public, the Wood will be put into small Lots. * « * May he viewed by applying on the Premises, three Days before the Sale, Rugby, Warwickshire. To be SOLD- or LETT, FREEHOLD HOUSE, in RUGBY, with a large Yard, Stable, and convenient Out- buildings, and a spacious Garden.— The House con- tains two Parlours, Kitchen, and Laundry, on the Ground Floor; with roomy Chambers, and Attics in Front; roomy Cellaring, and other usual Conve- niences.— Possession may be had either immediately or at Ladv- Day. Direct or apply to Mr. DUFFKIN, or Mr. CALDECOTT, Attorney at Law, in Rugby. Valuable Farming Utensils, Implements in Hus- bandry, 4' C. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By T HO MAS WO OD, On Fridav the 2Fth of December, 18C6, on the Premises of A R T H U R CLARK E, Esq. in LEIGHTON- BUZZARD, Bedfordshire, who has dispo. ed of his Farm ; CONSISTING of a Narrow - wheel Cart, a Lugg- wh° el Ditto, two Narrow- wheel Waggons, and a Six- inch- wheel Ditto; four Ploughs, a Drill Ditto, Field- Roll, Harrows, Horse- Hoe, and Patent Turnip- Slicer; Patent Chaff- Cutter, and Barn Tackle in general; Cow and Sheep- Troughs and Cribs, and a Quantity of Hurdles; old Iron ; Forks and Rakes ; Harness complete for six Herses; about 25 Tons of prime Meadow Hay, a Quantity of Bean Straw, and upwards of 150 Loads of old Manure ; with sundry other useful Implements in Husbandry. jf3T The Sale will commence at Ten o'Clock precisely. 1 BY THE KING'S PATENT. RYMER's CARDIAC Ann NERVOUS TINCTUREj MiE only safe and effectual Remedy for Dis- orders of the Head, Stomach, and Bowels, viz. First,— Head- Ach, Confusion, and Giddiness. Secondly,— Indigestion, Loss of Appetite, Bilious Crudities and Retchings, Yellowness of the Eyes and Skin, Flatulence, Pain, Spasms, Heart- burn, Hiccup, Gripings, Cholic, and Costiveness. Thirdly,— For the Gout in the Stomach and Head. Fourthly,— For all such Affections of the Nervous System, as are attended with Depression of Spirits, Paralytic and Apoplectic Dispositions, Prostration of Strength, Timidity, Tremors, Sec. Fifthly,— For bracing and strengthening the whole System, in States of Relaxation and Debility. Sixthly,— As a powerful Antiseptic in Cases of Putrid Bile, and for counteracting Infection, or pre- venting and curing Putrid, Malignant, and Pestilential Fevers, Sore Throat, viz. Cynanche Maligna, Sec. prevailing in Prisons, crowded filthy Places, Hos- pitals, Ships, hot and unhealthy Climates, lee. DR RYMER, Cra- uiley, 3d Month 21JR, 1806. Having for five Years past been afflicted with Indi- gestion and Disposition to Jaundice, and having tried almost every Thing recommended in such Cases, I despaired of finding Relief by Medicine; and had not taken a Medicine for almost two Years, and continued in a weak debilitated State, quite unable to attend to my Business at Times, not being able to take any Food but such as the most easy of Digestion. About a Month since I was at Reigate, when my Friend William Charman, Draper, knowing my Ce. se, re- commended thy Medicine, the Cardiac Tincture: I took a Bottle Home with me, and, before I had taken the Whole of it, every Symptom of my Complaint was removed, and 1 enjoy my Health as well as ever I did in my Life. „ Thine, verv respectfully, MATTHEW CAFFIN, Carpenter, Sec. ( j- 3* The frequent Instances of sudden Death from Spasmodic Diseases, induce Mr. Rymer tostate, that the CARDIAC and NERVOUS TINCTURE is used with the greatest Success in all Gouty, Nervous, and Paralytic Spasms in the Stomach, Chest, and Head, generally termed Gout or Cramp in the Stomach ; Spasmodic Asthma, Palpitation of the Heart, Vertigo, Apoplectic Habit, Sec. In all violent Attacks of those Complaints, which by Neglect, or improper Treatment, so often terminate fatally, the above Medicine gives instant Relief. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Dicey & Sutton, Bow Church- Yard, London, and at their Ware- house in Northampton; and Retail by Edge, and Marshall, Northampton; Robins, Bates, and Wil kinson, Daventry; Mather, and Broughton, Welling- borough; Fisher, Higham- Ferrers; Rollason, and Merridew, Coventry ; Sharpe, Warwick ; Roberts, Southam; Gregory, Leicester; Harrod, Harborough; Munn, and Collis & Dash, Kettering; Newcomb, Stamford ; Eaton, Thrapston; York & Summers, Oun- dle ; Jacob, and Horden, Peterborough; Jenkinson, Huntingdon; Hodson, Cambridge; Palgrave, Bedford; Inwood, and Barringer, Newport- Pagnell; Quenebo- rough, Dunstable; Darton, and Tapp, Hitchin ; Inns, and Gallard, Towcester; Seeley, Bucking- ham; Jones, Oxford; Richardson, Stony- Stratford; Hawkes, Lutterworth; Brinkler, Bicester; and by every Vender of Patent Medicines in the United Kingdom; in Bottles of 2s. 9d. 6s. and lis. each; also^ in Pint Bottles, at 22s. by which there is a considerable Saving. Of whom mav likewise he had, RYMER's PECTORAL MEDICINE WITH VITAL AIR, a Preventive of the- Consumption of the Lungs, commonly called a Decline; in Bottles at lis, fgU W' 4 Us. web, Duty included. REWARD. Society for protecting Persons and Property against > Thieves and Robbers. ^^ ITIIEREAS 011 Sunday Night, or earlv 011 ' » Monday Morning last, some Person or Persons ' belonging to Mr. John Chamberlin, near Banbury, in the County of Oxford, ( one of the Members of this Society,) and stole thereout, TWO MARES of the following Descriptions: A BROWN MARE, of the Nag Kind, ( aged) about 14. Hands and a Half high, with a Black Mane and Tail, a Blaze in the Face, and the olf Heel behind White, and is much broken- winded. She had but one Shoe on when missing. A DARK BAY MARE, of the Nag Kind, rising four Years old, about 14 Hands ana a Half high, with a Biaik Mane and Tail, the Mane remarkably short, and the fail thin of Hair, a small White Spot upon the Forehead is the only white about her. Had only three Shoes on when missing. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That whoever will discover the Offender or Offenders, so that he or they may be prosecuted to Conviction, shall, on such Conviction, receive a Reward of TEN GUINEAS of the said John Chamberlin ; and a further Reward of TEN FLULNEAS of the Treasurer of this Society:— But if strayed, all reasonable Ex- pellees will be paid. N. 6. It is supposed they could not be taken far without being fresh shod ; and any Smith having shod Mares of this Description, or either of them, upon giving immediate Information thereof, t ® Mr. Bignell, or to the said Mr. Chamberlin, will be handsomely rewarded. RD. BIGN ELL, Treasurer, j Banbury, 17th December, 1806. The cheapest Folio Edition if the Bible now publishing, that is illiiHrated with Notes and Annotations, and embellished with Engravings, entitled, rrniE Christian's complete FAMILY BIBLE; a or, LIBRARY of DIVINE KNOWLEDGE; con- taining the Whole of the Sacred Texts of the Old and New Testaments, with the Apocrypha at large, illus- trated with Notes and Annotations, Historical, Chro- nological, Biographical, and Explanatory ; being a clear and copious Exposition and Commentary on the HOLY SCRIPTURES, forming a complete Treasury of Divine Revelation ; wherein all the difficult and ob- scure Passages are fully and clearly explained ; the seeming Contradictions reconciled; important Truths confirmed; Mis- translations corrected; the Errors of | BAlLEY's INSOLVENCY. I OUCH of the CREDITORS of JOHN BAILEY, I O of WELLINGBOROUGH, in the County of North- ampton, Baker, as have not yet sent the Amount of their Debts, arc desired forthwith to transmit the same to his Assignees, Mr. Adam Corrie, Sen. Mr. James Beale, or to their Solicitors, Messrs. Hodson, in Wellingborough; or they will be excluded the Benefit of a D1 dend intended to be made 011 or before the 24th '- ay of January next. HEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against THOMAS BAUCUTT, of LONG- BUCKBY, in the County of Northampton, Money- Scrivener, Dealerand Chapman, and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major Part of them, on the 8th, 9th, and 31st Days of JANUARY next, at Ten of the Clock in the Forenoon of each Day, at the WHEAT- SHEAF INN, in DAVENTRY, in the County of Northampton, and make a full Discovery and Disclosure of his Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts, and at the second Sitting to chuse Assignees, and at the last Sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his Examination ; and the Creditors are to assent to, or dissent from, the Allowance of his Cer- former Commentators rectified ; Objections of Deists tific( ttc; TA" Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, and Infidels answered; the Prophecies and Parables i °. r that have any of his Lffects, are not to pay or de- faithfullv elucidated; sublime Passages pointed out; I llver.^ e same but to whom the Commissioners shall and the Whole of Di'vine Revelation ( upon which all aPP01nt' £ ut Slv, f, » °*' ce V^ essrs. Kinderley Lon?, ndl disnlaved in , & Hice, Symond's- Inn, Cnance^ Une^ London^ W. S. DENNY. J. M. WARDLE. our Hopes of eternal Happiness depend) displayed in itsorigina] Purity, and rendered plain and easy to every ; Capacity, both with Respect to Faith and Practise. 1 TheWhole comprising a compendious Body of Christian Bivinity. As a farther Illustration will be given, a general i Index or Concordance, clearly pointing out every ma- terial Transaction recorded in the Sacred Writings Also, a Chronological Index of Transactions from Adam to the Time of our Blessed Saviour; an Ex- planation of the proper Names in the Scriptures, with their Significations, & c.; a Geographical Index of Places mentioned in the Holy Scriptures; an Account of the Apostles and their Successors, who propagated the Christian Religion* the Lives of all the inspiied Writers ; a critical Account of the various Trair- latior. s of the Bible, and of the Connection between the Old and New Testaments; with practical Improvements, and useful Admonitions at the End of each Chapter; and a complete Illustration of the Doctrincs and Duties contained in the various Parts of the Holy Scriptures. Bv the Rev. THOMAS BANKF. S, Of St. Mary- Hall, Oxon, Vicar of Dixton, in Monmouthshire. ( piT This Work is embellished wish 90 Engravings, and is completed in 118 Numbers, Price sixpence each, which may be purchased, separately, by one or more at a Time, or bound in Calf, Lettered, £ .3 10s. elegantly Gilt, £. 3 12s. London: Printed for C. COOKE, No. 17, Pater- noster- Row ; and may be had of all other Booksellers in Great- Britain; ot whom may be had, the following valuable Work :— The Rev. Dr. FLEETWOOD'S LIFE of our BLEbSED I ORD and SAVIOUR J E S U S CHRIS T; containing an History of every Transaction in the LIFE of the GREAT REDEEMER of MANKIND, from his Birth to his Cr « idifixifln, Resurrection from the Dead, and Ascension into Heaven; together with the Lives, Transactions", and Sufferings of his holy EVAN- GELISTS, APOSTLES, Drs- ci PLES, and other PRIMITIVE MARTYRS, who h. vvc sealed the great Truths of Chris- tianity with their Bhod; particularly St. Matthew, St. Mark, St. Luke, St. John, St. Peter, St. Paul, St. Andrew, St. James the Great, St. Philip, St. Bartholomew, St. Thomas, St. J. nnes the Less, St. Simon, St. Jude, St. Matthias, St. Barnabas, St. Stephen, Sec. ; including the Transactions of JOHN the BAPTIST, the great Forerunner of the Messiah; as also the LIFE of the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY, Sec.: To which is added, a full Defence of the CHRISTIAN RELIGION ; in which the Evidences of Christianity are fairly stated; the Ob- jections of Atheists, Deists, and other Infidels com- pletely refuted ; the New Testament proved to be au- thentic, and the Religion inculcated by the GREAT REDEEMER of MANKIND, the true Source of eternal Happiness; the Whole adapted to promote the Know- ledge of our Holy Religion, a firm Faith in the Merits of our Blessed Redeemer, and the Practice of every Christian Virtue. By the Rev. JOHN FLEETWOOD, D. D. Author of the Christian's Dictionary. *** This Wotk is embellished with 30 Engravings, representing the most interesting Subjects related in this Divine History, it is printed in Quarto, and com- pleted in 30 Numbers, Price Sixpence each, which may be purchased separately, or bound in Calf, and Lettered, Price £.\, or elegantly Gilt, £.\ 2s. N. B. To prevent the Intrasion of a more expensive Work of the like Kind, the Public are intreated to give positive Orders for the Quarto Edition of Fleetwood's Life if Christ. Published by C. COOKE, Paternoster- Row, London ; and sold by W. Birdsall, J. Abel, and T. Burnham, Northampton ; and may be had of all other Booksellers in Great- Britain. 1 Freehold Estate, on the Borders of Huntingdonshire and Bedfordshire. To be SOLD ' by AUCTION, On Thursday the 29th Day of January, 1807, at the Cock Inn, in Eaton, 111 the County of Bedford, FREEHOLD ESTATE, in the Parishes of GREAT- STAUGHTON, in the County of Huntingdon, and EATON- SOCON, in the County of Bedford, containing about 60 Acres of Arable and Meadow Land, in the Occupation of Mr. Charles Hanks, who will shew the Premises. ( j5f* Possession may be had at Lady- Day next; and further Particulars at the Offices of Messrs. YORKE SHER. IRO, in Oundle or Thrapston. A A rich Meadow. To be S O L D bv AUCTION, By BENJAMIN MASON £ f SON, In March next, at the George Inn, in Northampton, \ Very rich MEADOW, Tythe- free, containing jt\ two Acres, situate near PETER'S BRIDGE, on the Road from NORTHAMPTON to HOUGHTON, in the Occupation of Mr: Robert Deacon, Tenant at Will.— The Meadow is held of the Master and Co- Brethren, ot St. JOHN'S HOSFITAL, for three Lives ( which are now in high Health), renewable by the Payment of a small Fine. £ 58" For further Particulars, apply to Mr; PERCIVAL, Banker, in Northampton. BI KM fNG UA M FIRE- OFFICE, HIGH. STREET, BIRMINGHAM, Fey insuring Houses, Warehouses, Manufactories, and other Buildings, Farming- Stock, Goods, Wares, Mer- chandised, a'id other Property, from Loss and Damage by Fire. I r jj niE Directors of this Office, impressed with I. a lively Sense of Gratitude for the distinguished Patronage and Support with which they have been honoured, most respectfully return Thanks to their friends and the Public, and beg to inform those Persons whose Insurances become due at Christmas- Day next, that printed Receipts for the Renewal thereof are ready for Delivery by the respective Agents ; of whom Proposals, containing the Rates and Conditions of Insurance, may be had gratis. I ARMING- STOCK, on any Part ofa Farm, or in any Building thereon, may be insured, in one Sum, on the following Terms:— s. d. For One Year, at 2 6 per Cent. Six Months 2 0 Three Months 1 6 exclusive of the Duty, which will be charged in Pro- portion to the Period. Losses from Fire by Lightning made good. No Charge made for Policies where the Premium amounts to Ss.; nor to Persons removing from other Offices. By Order of the Directors, R. I. WITHERIDGE, Secretary. Birmingham, Dec. 10/ i, 1806. AGENTS. Northampton,— F" R ANCIS BIRDSALL. Peterborough,— GEORGE CLIFTON. Thorpe- Malsor, near Kettering,— JOHN MEADOWS. Daventry,— WILLIAM GODRICH. Woburn,— RICHARD CAMPS. Amptliill,— SAMUEL MAY. Buckingham,— JOHN SOUTHAM. Newport- Pagnell,— EDWARD CLEAVEK. Leicester,— THOMAS AIREY. Hinckley,— EDWARD THORNLEY. Lutterworth,— SAMUEL BURDETT. Loughborough,— SAMCSL MAR 1 IN. said Premises and Land, are requested to make an early Application tb Mr. THO. WOOD, Auctioneer, at Leighten- Buzzard, of whom further Particulars may be had. Freehold Estates, Bucks. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, AVery desirable ESTATE, situate in the Parish of 11A NS I. O P E, in the County of Buckingham f consisting of several Farms, in a high State of Cul- tivation, Tythe- free, and Land- Tax redeemed, and containing together 711A. 1R. 20P. in the Tenure of Mr. Joseph Kitelee and others; together with the Advowson of the Vicarage ef Hanslope aforesaid. Also, a very considerable ESTATE, situate in the adjoining Parish of CASTLE- THRU P, in the said County ot Buckingham; consisting ef two Farms, in a high State of Cultivation, Ty the free, and Lnnd- Tax redeemed, and containing together 254A. 3R. IIP. in the Tenure of Mr. Thomas Kitelee and Mr. Thomas Nicholls. ( PF The above Estates are situated within » 5 Miles of1 London, in a pleasant Part of the County of Buckingham, and within four Miles of Stony- Strsttord, six of Newport- Pagnell, ten of North- ampton, and Half a Mile of the Grand Junction Canal, which opens a direct Communication with tts Metropolis. * » '* Printed Particulars may be had at the principal Inns, in Stony- Stratford, Newport - Pagnell, and Northampton; at Messrs. Macdougall & Hunters' Chambers, 9, Lincoln's Inn, London; at Mr. Con grcve's Office, in Stony - Stratfsrd; and at Mr. • Terrewest's Office, Lincoln, where a Plan of the Estates may be seen. N. B. The TENANTS will shew the Estates; aHd for other Particulars, and to treat for the Purchase, apply to Mr. TERREWEST, Attorney, Lincoln. Freehold Estate, at Keyston. To be SOLD by AUCTION, At the White- Hart Inn, in Thrapston, some Time i « January, or the beginning of February next, in such Lots as shall be specified at the Time of Sale { unless previously disposed of by Private Contract), AVery desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at KEYSTON, in the County of Huntingdon, adjoining the Turnpike- Road from Tiirapston to Kim- bolton and Huntingdon ; consisting of 438 Acres of old Pasture Land, conveniently divided into Closes, and now in the Occupation of Messrs. Hurst, Knight, & Baker. 83" For further Particulars, and to treat for the Purchasa by Private Contract, apply to Messrs. YORES Se SHERARD, at Thrapston or Oundle. Turnpike Tolls to Lett. R. WILLIAM HOLT, of BUCKINGHAM, having neglected to fulfil his Engagement with the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road leading from Towcester through Silverstone and Brackley, in the County of Northampton, and Ardley and Middleton- Stoney, to Westou- Gate, in the Parish of Weston. 011- the- Green, in the County of Oxford, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the TOLLS arising at the Toll- Gates upon the said Turnpike- Road, called HOPPER'S FORD GATE, with the CHECK GATE at BIDDLESDF, N- LA NF.- E ND, will again be put up to AUCTION, at the Housa of THOI » ( AS WILKINS, called the Crown Inn, in BRACKLEY, on Monday the 12th Day of January next, between the Hours of Eleven arid Four. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder, must at the same Time pay a Deposit after the Rate of £. 10 per Cent, as a Pledge for the Performance of the Ccntract to be then entered into. J. WESTON, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road. Brackley, 12th December, 1806. The PROPRIETORS of the NEW MAGAZINE, entitled, LF, BEAU MONDE; Or, Literary and Fashionable Magazine; HAVE the Sanction of the most distinguished Literary Men, and of many eminent Masters and Amateurs of the Fine Arts, to say, that the above Work considerably excels eveiy Literary Periodical Publication hitherto submitted for public Taste and Criticism. The THIRD NUMBER will be published January 1st,, 1807, and will he embellished with a correct Likeness of His Royal Highness the DUKE of CLARENCE, from an original Miniature by R. Cosway, Esq. R. A. The other Embellishments will consist of beautifully coloured COURT DRESSES, and MORNING DRESSES for LADIES and GENTLEMEN.— The Embellishments for this Number would not be sold at any Printsellers for less than l eu Shillings and Sixpence. The FIRST NUMBER IS embellished with a correct Likeness of His MAJESTY, from a Painting by Sir Wm. Beechy, two beautifully coloured FASHIONS for GENTLEMEN, and also a beautifully coloured CARRIAGE. The SECOND NUMBER is embellished with a correct Likeness of His Royal Highness the PRINCE of WALES, from a Miniature by Mr. Bull, in the Pos- session of General Oj- msby; two beautifully coloured FASHIONS for GE- NTLEMEN ; and also a beautifully coloured SINGLF.- CRANE BAROUCHE CHARIOT. Pa" The Fashions and Criticisms en LADIES' and GENTLEMEN'S DRESS, will be a Guide for Residents- in the Country, and will enabla them to have their Dresses made after the London Fashions. Printed for J. B. BELL & Co. No. 254, High. Holborn; and may be had of everv Bookseller and Newsman in the United Kingdom. CHURCH'S COUGH DROPS, The cheapest and best Mcdicine for COUGHS, COLDS, and ASTHMAS. A fresh Proof of their astonishing Efficacy. HTHOMAS EDMUNDS, Guard to the Bir- I mingham and Sheffield Mail Coach, declares his Life was preserved to his Wife and Family by the sole Use of CHURCH'S COUGH DROPS. One Bottle of which, purchased at Mr. Swinney's, Bookseller, High- Street, relieved him from a most suffocating Asthmatic Cough; and that by persevering in taking them, to the Number of five Bottles, was enabled to resume his Employment, and is now perfectly re- stored, which he voluntarily certifies under his Hand, at Birmingham, the 16th of March, 1805. THOMAS EDMUNDS. Orf Messrs. SHAW SC EDWARDS, 66, St. Paul's Church- Yard, London, having purchased this and all Mrs. CHURCH'S Medicines, none can possibly be genuine but such as have their Names engraved on the Stamp, " Shaw & Edwards, 66, St. Paul's Church- Yard;" the Imitation ot which is Felony.— Price only 2s. 6d. per Bottle. Sold, Retail, by Dicey Sc Sutton, Edge,, and Marshall, Northampton; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry ; Gallard, fowcester; Collis Sc Dash, Ket- tering; Harrod, Harborough; and by all other Dealers m Medicine) u> tile Uuital Kingdom. 1 1 Friday and Saturday's Posts. LONDON, December 12. WE are extremely sorry to announce, that the Termagant man- of- war is arrived at Portsmouth from the Mediterranean,' with tlie melancholy intelligence of the loss of the. Athenian man- of- war, of 64 guns, which struck 011 a rock 011 the 24th of October, and foundered. The Captain and 346 of her crew perished, amongst which were the principal part of her officers, and several passengers. She had money to a con- siderable amount on board, and dispatches for Malta and Sicily. About 120 of the crew escaped, which had arrived at Malta. General Campbell was a passenger in her for Malta, and was saved. — She was lost on the Quills, in the Channel of Malta. An Aid- de- Camp of the Duke of Brunswick arrived in town a few days ago, with the insignia of the English Order which his Serene Highness wore. Wo do not find, however, that this gen- tleman brings any intelligence,' or even any gene- rally believed reports, respecting, the operations of the armies in Poland. An English, gentleman is arrived in town, who lately travelled through Poland on his way to England. He reports that, near Warsaw, he passed through a Russian army, consisting • of 130,000 men. He was detained for twelve hours, I of his Situation, ' which; a< he is desirous of retiring , ,, , - > v, • ! I'...-— d,...:.,..„ .... ... ........ it,!.. 1... ... in n. v> u and beini suspe the Russians expressed the greatest contempt. j He also states, that the Russians were very indif- IRTLEAP COALS, From the Fit of ALEXANDER DONNATD, Esq. B& J. DRAYTON respectfully inform their . friends and the Public, that they have laid in a QUANTITY of the above COALS, which are of a superior Quality.— Price, ar the Wharf, One Shilling per Ciut ; all oilier Sorts of Coal at the lowest Prices. At the Assembly- Room, George Inn, Northampton, On Monday the 22d of December, at Seven o'Clock in the Evenine. will commence ACOURSE of EIGHT LECTURES on CHEMISTRY, GALVANISM, Se the ARTS, by JOHN STANCLIFF E, M. B. and F. I.. S. Lecturer at Middlesex Hospital, London. LECTURE 1. On Natural Philosophy and Chemical Attraction. 2. Hear, Fire, and Light. 3. Galvanism and Electricity. 4. Gasses. 5. Decomposition of Water, Hydrogen., & c. 6. Muriatic Acid. • 7. Agriculture and the Arts. 3. Metals. - Subscribers Tickets ( for the Course) One Guinea, transferable. Single Lecture, 3s. ( id.— One Ticket, for the whole Course, admits two Ladies. ( J5T Subscribers are requested. to leave their Names, with Mr. Coxc, as above. * » * The Dayson which thesucceedinv. Lectures will be delivered will be named at the Conc'uoion of the first, and will Jje adapted to the Convenience of the Subscribers. A MEDICAL GENTLEMAN, whose ' Con- nexions are respectable, wishes to DISPOSE. to - k D Ft) R 3 FLTLST SUBSCRIPTION ASSEMBLY " V, YTILL. BE at the SWAN INN, on TUESDAY the TV 23d Instant. ( PT Stewards are appointed for the Evening. December 10 tb, 1806. THE THIRD NEWPORT SUBSCRIPTION ASSEMBLY j \ I\ 7TLL be at the SWAN INN, NEWPORT- PAOHfelt, * V Y 011 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 26th, 1806. R. LOWNDES, R. CAUTLEY, P. H. WARD, • Stewards. THE NEXT RUGBY ASSEMBLY WILL be nt the SPREAD - EAGLE INN, 011 FRIDAY the 26th Instant. Rev. J. HEATH, j> c.„ Mr. TOWNS END, S Mewara;" Rugby, Dec,. 17//', 1806. JUjUUU j II. J J. V> l \ J l l." vx, V "" MI. I, j V « 1 - J " '" V..) - V- . . v. , . . . lid was sent to hcad- ouartcrs to be examined. His j from Business as soon as possible, he will part with eincr an Englishman was doubted at first; he was j on very advantageous Terms. _ • ' ,, ,. , ! T i Applv to Mr. JE- MMETT, Sbipston- on- Stour, ispected ot being a runaway Prussian, tor whom < Worcestershire. For the Benefit of Creditors. To be SOLD' hy" A U C I' I- O N, On rpur I. NITURE, ferently provided will! artillery, " relative to which, however, they expressed . no concern,. having deter- mined to rely entirely on the effect of the bayonet. An extraordinary discovery was milde last Sun- day morning by, Mr. Wm. Collins, farrier, in the sufferings of a horse, the property of, Mr. G. Ste- venson, of Maidstone, which died of thestoneon j -• ••-. --• • - - „ . •, ,, .. • „ ,' • . ,„ 1 1 • Feather- Beds: Blante , Coivnterpanes, and Quilts; Saturday night, after having lingered a const- ! Mahof; any I) iniriri ind'HHar ahd Claw Tables ;" Ma- derable time m excruciating agony, Mr. Collins, ! hogany commode Chest of Drawers; Pier and Dressing on opening the animal, extracted' 1,7 stones, the ,' Glasses; Kitchen - Furniture in general; with a largest weighed 26 ounces and a. half— gross weight S Variety of other Effects: of the whole, seven pounds three ounces. j Siile t0 at Elcvcn 6' Clock > » the . . . . 1 ' —— 1 ' ll — To be SOLD ' . by , A U C Tt O N, By ANDRE ir ' GA ' R 13 H ER, CT Fot Partifulare oaquiijE pf I Hat- Manufacturer, George- Row, Northampton. rfTfiE useful DAIRY- S 1 OU\, MAY , KEEPING, " — - — — -'. I .1 sundry IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY* and 174rANTED, in the STRAW BUSINESS, at : other EFFECTS, of the late Mr. JOHN ODJSLL, TV DUNSTABLE, FIVE YOUNG LADIES, of ' J11 : t,' le Premised at HOLCIIT- MOORS, near Cran- reepectable Character, as APPRENTICES. I he o. >" the County of Bedford ; consisting of: Id ...... . ... .. — 1 ... imd I ,, f n. irtl IVI„ jo luin Uorf.'^ o ^ Cl OUC about BUCKINGHAM FIRST SUBSC FTLPTION ASSEMBLY WILL be at the COBHAM- ARMS INN, on MONDAY the 29ih of DECEMBER, '' 1806. Dancing to cqtmnence exactly at Eight o'Clock. OUNDLE !•' llfS T 13 A LL \ X7" ILL Ije on WEDNESDAY the 7th Day of T T JANUARY. 1807. Dancing to begin at Seven o'Clock. " R: SHERARD, Esq. } c. , M'L. KS BERKELEY, S 5TEWARDS- WELLINGBOROUGH. * V HNWORTH ',& DULLEY, WBOIESAT. E J I * » BRANDY a- ld HOP- MF. UCHANTV DEALERS in ' I RUM, SHRUBS, and RKITISH COMPOUNDS,. htfg Leave | to return their sinp re Thanks to their . Friends and the J | Public far their very liberal Support and Eneouraw- 1 inent; and lurtlier beg Leave to inform them, that ' MUSIC; ' jP STERNBERG respectfully begs to return i t his Thanks to the Nobility, Gentry, and his Friends, for the kind Encouragement they have been & leased to favour him vvirh, since his Residence in ORTHAMPTON ; and assures them, it will be his constant Study to prove himself worthy of their Patronage. F. S. has now for Sale, a capital- toned new PIANO- FORTE, warranted to keep in Tune, with a Pedal, and the additional Keys; likewise a good Second- hand PIANO- FORTE; which will be sold reasonable, and may be seen at his House in ST. GYLES'S- STREET, where a Room is kept purposely for the Inspection of NEW MUSIC, with which he is supplied from the first Shops in London. *** The PIANO- FORTE taught, and Scholars punc- tually attended to; aud the best ROMAN STRINGS, for Violins and Violoncellos. St. Gyles'i- smet, Dec. 13tb, 1806. Y NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY EVENISC; Dec. 20. By . ANDREW GARDNER, ' they have laid in a choice STOCK of good old PO RT ! n Wednesday next, December 24' h, 1806, WINE, SH& RRY, MADEIRA, tec. which they j ?, genteel and useful HOUSEHOLD- FUR- : intend selling on the lowest Terms, both Wholesale f ITU RE; BAKING IMPLEMENTS, > n-. d ! and Retail, other EFFECTS, of Mr. SPR1CHLEY, Baker, on W. & D. assure their Friends, that they may the Premises, at WA VENDOR, Bucjcs; consisting j depend on being served with the very best Articles i of neat Four- poM Bedst- ad-: and- Furnitures ; sca:; oned' the above Businesses. WANTED' immediately, A DAY APPREN- TICE to the STRAW & CHIP BUSINESS. ; ( p For. Particulars,' apply to W.. HODGES, Straw- prime In- calf Dairy Cows, two Herfet's and irer, Dunstable, Beds. vearlmg Bull ; four Cocks of weil- got Hay, a .: .. ' ... . . Tn T . ,. IOC A-—.. — i ,,,- rit Hat- Manufacturcr A small Premium will be expected. 70 Tons ; with 126 Acres of good Keeping until the 5th of April, 1S07 ; Ploughs, Harrows, Field- Roll, WANTED immediately, An APPRENTICE ! Malt- Mill, & c. to a SURGEON and APOTHECARY, in | _ N.- B. The Hay njust be spent on the Premises. | rising tlnee. Years old, straight in the Back, Whits LONDON PORTER. IVeliing/ iwMgh, Dec,, 19( b, 1806. ~~ TWENTY GUINEAS REWARD. Society for protecting Persons and Property against Thieves and Robbers. XXTHF. REAS on Saturday Night, or early on j » » Sunday Morning last, some Person or Persons j entered a Ground in the Parish of MIDDLETOM- CHENIY, in the County of Northampton, in the Oc- cupation of Mr. John Williams, of THEN FORD ( one of the . Members of this Society), and, stole thereout, TWO COLTS of the following Descriptions: A BLACK GELDING,- of the Cart. Kind, rising three Years old, plain in. the Head, with a large Star in the Forehead, low in the Back. White hind Heels, and a small Spot of White on one of the tore Feet. A BROWN FILLY, of the Cart Kind, jgood Pract: ee. ( pr* For further Particulars, enquire of Dr. KERR, Northampton. To PARENTS. WANTED immediately, An active YOUTH, of goad Address and respectable Connexions, as an APPRENTICE to. a 1.1NEN and WOOLLEN-' DRAPER, HOSIER, SfC. QTj' Enquire of Messrs. FLETCHER 8e DODD, Northampton. • VIZ ANTED, a steady active YOUTH, of rc- • * respectable Connexions, about 15 Years of Age, as an A Pl'REN'l'ICE to an IRONMONGER and SEEDSMAN. {£ § " Eor further Particulars, enquire by Letter, Post- paid, of Mr. THO. SMITH, Ironmonger, Kettering. . t \ 7ANTED immediately, An APPRENTICE > T to a GROCER, TEA- DEALER, Sec. Sec. Apply, by Letters, Post- paid, to Mrs. JENKINSON, Frinterj Huntingdon. WANTED, in a regular Fan SERVANT, who understands 1 " V, V/" ANTED, in a Gentleman's Family ( which » v is small), a good clcan COOK, where 110 Kitchen- Maid is kept. ( t^* Enquire, for Particulars, of Mr. ABEL, Book- seller, Northampton. " V\/ ANTED, A COOK, in a small Family, where » * two Maid- Servants are kept. The Place an easy one; but she musr know how to send up a Dinner occasionally. A Person between thirty and forty would be preferred; and none less than twenty- six need apply, nor any one who has not lived more than one Year'in her last Place — The Character must be unexceptionable. — No Objection to a Widow. ( JTT Application may be made to Mr. BiRnsALL, Northampton; or to Mrs. HICGINS, at the Swan Inn, Newport- Pagnell. Family, a MAN ; the Business of a FOOTMAN in a Gentleman's Family, and can. take Care of a Horse, Carriage, and Garden. Apply to Mr. Eland, Draper, Thrapsfon ; Mr. Tuck, Grocer, Wellingborough; or to the Printers of this Paper. i'IFIT- FIVE GUINEAS REWARD. ~ Olney, Purvey and Harrold Association. WHEREAS on Friday Evening the 3tb Day of December instant, a RICK of HAUM STRAW, belonging to JOHN HTCGINS, the Younger, Esq. standing in a l'ightle, near the Homestsud of his, in the Village ofTuRVEY, in the County of Bedford, WAS WILFULLY SET ON FIRE, whereby the whole was consumed. Mr. HICCINS hereby offers a Reward of FIFTY GUINEAS to any Person who will give such Infor- mation a; shall lead to the Detection of the Offender or Offenders, to be paid upon his or their Conviction. An I . further Reward of FIVE GUINEAS will be paid out of tile Fund of this Association, to the Person who . shall give th'e above Information, upon Commitment to Prison of the O. Header or Offenders. If more than one was concerned in the above Felon), and eilher will impeach his or her Accomplice or Accomplices, he or she will be paid the above Re- wards, and all proper Means will be used to procure his or her Pardon. JOHN GARRARD, Secretary. Olmy, Dec. 15tb, 1806. SHEEP STOLEN. Olney, Purvey, and Harrold Association. WHEREAS on Thursday Night the jwh of December instant, a'EWE SHEEP with Lamb, the Property of the Executors of rhe late Mr. JOHN PERRY, " deceased, WAS KILLED and SKINNED, in a Field called Cupie I. eys, situate- in OLNEY, in the County of Bucks, the Carcase of whieh was taken away, and the Skin, Head, and En- trails left in the Field. Any Person that will give such Information as may lead to the Discovery of the Offender or Offenders, so rtfat he or they may be committed to Prison for Trial for the abov' Offence, will be entitled to the Sum of FIVE GUINEAS out of the Fund belonging to this Association. Over and above which Sum the said Executors hereby offer a Reward of TWENTY GUINEAS, to be paid upon the Conviction of the Offender or Offenders. JOHN GARRARD, Secretary. Olney, Dec. 19th, 1806. To be SOLD" by AUCTION,- By Mr. B LAB Y, At the Red- Lion Inn, in East- Haddon, in the County of Northampton, on Tuesday the 23d Day ot De- cember instant, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be then produced, Substantial DWELLING- HOUSE, with a .- Workshop, Stable, aud other requisite Out- buildings; Gardens and Orchard, well planted with hoice Frui The Keeping will be put into convenient I. ots for | hind Heels, a Blaze in the Face, and a small Blemish that Purpose, and Credit will b- given for the same j on the near hind Heel ; both have long Tails, if not until th « 3th Day of April, 1807, on approved Security, j altered. Sale to begin at Eleven. o'Clock. j NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, » *** Pome Time before Lady- Day next will be sold, j That whoever will discover the Offender or Offenders, the Live and lVad Farming Stock, Dairv- Utensils, ( so that he or they may be prosecuted to Conviction, and remaining Part of the Implements in Husbandry, 1 shall, on such Conviction, receive a Reward of TEN with Part of the genteel and useful Household- Fur- i GUINEAS ( if stolen) of the Treasurer of this So- niture, and ottter Effects, on the said Premises, of ciety ; and a further Reward of TEN GUINEAS of which due Notice will be given. the said John Williams :— But if strayed, all rea- sonable Expences will be paid. RD. BiGNELL, Treasurer. Banbury, 15th Dec. 1806. TOWC ESTER TURNPIKE- ROAD " " VTOTICE is hereby given, That the next - L ' Meeting of the Trustees appointed for putting into Execution the Act of Parliament for amending, widening, and keeping in Repair, the Road leading from TOWCESTER to the Turnpike- Road in COTTON- END, in the Parish OFLLARDINCSTONE, in the County of Northampton, will be held at the DUKE of GRAFTON'S Aktts, . in BLISWORTH,' in the said County, on WEDNESDAY the 31st Day of DECEMBER instant, at Eleven o'clock in the Fore- noon, for the Purpose of auditing the Treasurer's Account, and for transacting other Business relative to the said Road. By Order of the Trustees, W. T. SMYTH. 20th December, 1806. Bow- Brickhill, Bucks. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY, On Wednesday the 21th of December, 1806, at Mr. John Hill's, the White- Hart Inn, at Dropshort, near l'enny- Stratford, exactly at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, ANew- erected ME." '. JACE or TENEMENT, in Part unfinished, . : t-' ar seir the Church, on the Brow of BRICK Hi 1.1 fllLL, commanding beautiful and extensive Views of the surrounding Country, with a Nursery , adjoining, containing three Acres, be the same more or less, planted with several hundred Fruit Trees, Evergreens, Sec. For Particulars, apply to Mr. EWESDIN, at Cosgrove, near Stony- Stratford ; or the AUCTIONEER, in Stony- Stratford.' Four valuable Boats, Household- Fir) niture, Brewing I'cssels, a Quant iti/ of Linen, Sec. if c. To be S O L D ' by ' AUCTION, By ED WA R D NT. A L St. ( S SON, On Monday the 22d Day. of this instant December, 1806, aud following Dav, 011 the Premises of Mr. WILLIAM WEST, the Sign of the GOLDEN- BALL, at HI LLMORTON WHARF, in the County of Warwick, who is going to decline the Public Business, rpilP, HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, & c. con- J[ sists of Four- post Bedsteads, clothed with yellow Morine and othir Furniture; well - seasoned Feather and Flock Beds; Blankets and Bedquilts; Oak Dining, Dressing, and other Tables; Pier and Swing Glasses; Oak Bureau ; framed Chairs ; Fire- Grate, Smoke- Jack, and Iron Oven; a Quantity of Pewter; Brass Pots and Kettles; a 16- Bushel Mash- Tub, with smaller Ditto to correspond ; some well- seasoned Hogsheads and Pipes; anSO- Gallon Copper, with Iron Work to Ditto ; Deal Cooler; Step- Ladders; with numerous other Articles, ' Sec. Sec. gdj* The Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock each Morning. * » •* The four Boats will. be put up punctually at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, on Tuesday, the second Sale Day. N. B. WILLIAM WFST returns his most sincere Thatjks to his Friends and the Public in general tor the past Favours oonferred upon him, and informs them, that he means : o - carry on the Coal Business as usual; and hopes, by a strict Attention to.; Business, to merit their future Favours. | Neat Cattle, Valuable Sheep, Ac. To be SOL D bv AUG T ION,! Br ED WAR D NEALE & SON, On Tuesday the 30ih Day of December instant, 1806, I and following Day, on the Premises of Mrs. 1 MARTHA and Mr. WM. LUCAS, of GREAT- j CLAYBROOK, in the County of Leicester, who : quit their Farm at Lady- Day, 1S07, at Ten o'Clock each Morning. ripiE LIVE STOCK, & c. comprises 81 Ewes! S andTheaves in- lambed ; 87 Tegs, three Shearling Rams : 11 in- calved Cows, two in- calved Heifers, sever. Barren Cows, fo>< r Stirks, six Yearling Calves; one Draught Horse rising four Yearsold, one Draught Capital Oak, Ash, Elm Timber, &- c. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY, On the Premises, in the Parish of TI- IORPE- MANDE VI LLE, in the County of Northampton, four Miles from Banbury, and about three Miles from the Oxford Canal, on Thursday the 1st Day s ...... „ of January, 1807, and following Day, exactly at Ma e In. foal; a Piece of Turnips ; several Stacks ofTen o'Clock each Day, Hay, to be spent upon the Land, and Keeping until the 5th Day of April, 1807. N. B. The valuable Breed of Sheep have been ' elected with great Care from Rams of Mr. Joseph Hill, of Cottesbach, and Mr. Grundy, of Drayton- in- the- Clay ; and will be found well worth the At- tention of Purchasers. Rugby, Warwickshire. SpORTY- FOUR OAK, 88 ELM, 398 ASH, five I SYCAMORE, 18 BEECH, and 3 POPLAR TREES, the Property of WM. PEARETH, Esq. (" pT Catalogues may be had, five Days before Sale, at the Saracen's- Head, Towcester; Red- Lion, Brackley ; Compasses, Silverstone ; Bull, Weedon- Beck ; Fox, Byfield; Hare- and- Hounds, Wardington; Red- Lion, Banbury ; and at the Three - Conies, in Thorpe- Mandeville. * ' lheTimber will be numbered and marked for who is going to reside at Leicester, RNUI-'. iH- at and genteel UOUSEHOLD- FURNI- I TURF., CHINA, GLASS, BREWING VESSELS, DAIRY UTENSILS, some IMPLE- MENTS of HUSBANDRY, Sec. Sec. The HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURF. comprises neat l our- post Bedsteads, with Mahogany Pillars, upon Castors, clothed with printed Cotton and other Furniture; well- seasoned Goose- Coat, Feather, and Flock Beds; superfine Blankets, Bedquilts, and Counterpanes; Set of Mahogany Dining Tables, with round Ends, and Mahogany Dining, Dressing, Card, and other Tables, fine Wood: Mahogany Chest- upon- Chest; Mahogany and Oak Bureaus; Mahogany Frame Chairs, with loose Horse- Hair Seats, almost new; Pier and Swing Glasses; Brussels and Scotch Carpets ; neat Eight- day Clock, with Compass Plate; Stair- case- Lamp ; China and Glass; Brass Pots and Kettles ; a Quantity of Pewter; Kitchen Requisites; Masb- Tub, with smaller Tubs to correspond ; some well- seaso.-. ed Barrels; Barrel- Churn, Cheete- Press, and other Dairy Utensils, with numerous other Articles. The IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY cansist of one Narrow- wheel Waggon, and one Six- inch- wheel Cart; a Single- wheel Plough, aad two Pair of double Har- rows ; Winnowing - Fan nnd Corn- Tray ; Horses Gearing; a capital Oak Malt Garner; several Lots ot Fleaks, with'other Implements ® f Husbandry, and about one Acre and a Haif of Turnips, a good. Crop, ASubstantial DWELLING- HOUSE, with a and good Lare. , • Workshop, Stable, aud other requisite Out- PT The above Household- Furniture, Implements of Husbandry, S: C. are in high Preservation, and. will be found well worth the Attention of Purchasers.— The Household- Furniture will be sold on Monday and Ti: e dav, the two first Sale Days; and the Imple- ments of Husbandry 011 Wednesday, the third Sale Dav. *',* The Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock each Morning. N. B. Catalogues may be had in due lime at the <£ T Particulars may be known by applying to Spread- Eagle and George Inns; Rugbv; Denbigh- Mr. DENNY, Solicitor, Lonj- Buckby ( it by Lotter, Arms and Hii'. d Inns, AND ot the Auctioneers, Lut- l'ajt- paid). tar worth- 1.0 S O L I) by A U C T I O N, On Monday ftafth Dafof fanuary^ lSO^ a'nd two Inspection, which may be seen by applying to Mr. following Davs, on th'e Premises of Mr. Jeremiah WILL, AM JEFFS, or the respective I » » » • Duff Lit, of RUGBY, in the County of Warwick, Fruit Trees; a Well of excellent soft Water; and two Tenements near; situate and being in the pleasant Village of EAST- HADDON, in the Occu- pation of Mr. James Chapman, and hi? Tenants.— The above Premises are well calculated for carrying • a the Business of a Woolcoinher and Weaver, they having been occupied in that Line, to a considerable Extent, for a great Number of Year*. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By A. BROWNSGRAVE, On Monday December 29rh, 1806, and following Days, at the BLACK BOY INN, in NORTH- AMPTON, removed therefor Conveniency of Sale, PART of the STOCK of an IRONMONGER, who is declining that Business ; consisting of about seven Cwt. of House Nails, No. 6, 8, and 10, and eight Cwt. of Nails, sorted; Copper and Brass Scales and Weights; Brass- mounted and other Fenders; Pit and Hand Saws, with other Iron- mongery Goods. Also, two fine Feather Beds; several Pieces of fine Blue Coating Cloth ; an Eight- day Clock, two Thirty- hour Ditto, Timepiece, & c. ( pg* Sale to begin each Morning at Ten o'Ciock. II O L C O T. Freehold Estate and Household- Furniture, To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By Mr. KIRS HAW, On Thursday the 1st Dav of January, 1807, on the Premises of the late Widow WRIGHT, deceased. HUE FURNITURE consists of Bedsteads and Furnitures, Flock Beds and Bedding ; Straw Mattresses; . Tables and Chairs; Chests of Drawers; Kitchen- Utensils, in Copper, Brass, and Pewter; Grates and Fire Irons; China and Earthenware in general; with a Variety of useful Articles. The House or Tenement consists of a Kitchen, Parlour, Scullery, and Pantry, on the Ground Floor, and two go • I Sleeping Rooms one Pair; Barn, Yard, and Garden', with a Well of good Water. The Whole forming a neat and convenient Situation for a small Family, and may be entered upon immediately. % » The Sale of the Furniture will commence at Ten o'Clock in the Morning, on the Premises; and the House will be sold at Four o'Clock in the After- noon, at Mr. Tho. Cook's, the Chequer Inn, Holcot. For further Particulars, enquire of L. Kirshaw, Surveyor aad Auctioneer, Northampton., V LONDON, Dec. 20. T H E ROYAL S T> E E C H. F. STERDAY the business of the present Session was opened w ith the following Speech of the Lords Commissioners to both Houses of j Parliament:— " My Lords and Gentlemen, " His Majesty litis commanded us to assure ! you, that, in the difficult and arduous circum- j stances under which you are now assembled, it is a great satisfaction to him to recur to the firmness 1 and wisdom of liis Parliament, after- so recent an opportunity of collecting, the sense of his people. " His Majesty has ordered the Papers which have been exchanged in the course of tlie late nego- tiation with France, to be laid before yoti. His Majesty has employed every effort for the resto- ration of general tranquillity, on terms consistent : with the interests and honour of his people, and with that inviolable good faith towards his Allies, by which the conduct of this country has always been distinguished. " The ambition and injustice of the enemy jlisnp- ! pointed these endeavours, and in the same moment 1 kindled affesh. wtir in Europe, the progress of which j lias been attended with the most calamitous events. ; After witnessing the subversion of the ancient | Constitution of Germany, aud the subjugation of ; a large proportion of its most considerable States, j Prussia found herself still more nearly threatened j by that danger which she had vainly hoped to avert ! by so many sacrifices. She was, therefore, at I length compelled to adopt the resolution of openly resisting this unremitted system of aggrandizement i and conquest. But neither this determination, nor the succeeding treasures, were previously con- 1 certed with his Majesty; nop. had any disposition been shewn to offer any adequate satisfaction for those' aggressions, which bad placed the two countries in a state of mutual hostility. " Yet, in this situation, his Majesty did not hesitate to adopt, without delay, such measures as were best calculated to uujte their councils and | interests against the common enemy. The rapid course of the calamities which ensued, opposed insurmountable difficulties to the execution of this purpose. " In the midst of these disastrous events, and under the most trying circumstances, the good faith of his Majesty's Allies has remained unshaken. The conduct of the King of Sweden has been distinguished by the most honourable firmness. Between his Majesty and the Emperor of Russia the happiest union subsists— it has been cemented by reciprocal proofs of good faith and confidence; and his Majesty doubts not, that you will parti- cipate in his anxiety to cultivate and confirm an alliance, which affords the best remaining hope of safety for the Continent of Europe. f Gentlemen of the House of Commons, " His Majesty looks with confidence to your assistance in- those exertions which the honour and independence of ybur country demand. The ne- cessity of adding to the public burthens will be painful to your feelings, and is deeply distressing to his Majesty. In considering the estimates for the various branches of the public service, you will best consult bis Majesty's wishes, by com- bining all practicable economy with those efforts which it is necessary to make against the formi- dable and increasing power of the enemy. " My Lords and Gentlemen, " The long series of misfortune which has af- flicted the Continent of Europe, could not fail to affect, in some degree, many important interests of this country. But under every successive difficulty, his Majesty has had the satisfaction of witnessing an increasing energy and firmness on the part of his people,, whose uniform and deter- mined resistance has been no less advantageous than honourable to themselves, and has exhibited the most striking example to the surrounding nations. " " The unconquerable valour and discipline of his Majesty's fleets and armies, continue to be displayed with undiminished lustre; the great sources of our prosperity and strength are unim- paired; nor has the British nation been at any time more united in sentiment and action, or more determined to maintain inviolate the independence of the Empire, and the dignity of the national character. " With these advantages, and with an humble reliance 011 the protection of the divine Providence, his Majesty is prepared to meet the exigencies of this great crisis; assured of receiving the* fullest i support from the wisdom of your deliberations, ' and from the tried affection, loyalty, and public spirit of his brave people.") JSTo regular mails have been received since out- last. Indeed nil communication with the Con- tinent is at present very much deranged. It is only through Sweden or Denmark that we can at present look for any authentic intelligence. All the Ger- man Journals must henceforth be those of Bona- parte, and speak of course as lie would have them. Gottenburgh is the place where the mails are now- made up, and four of them are become due. American Papers to thq, 14th ult. aud letters to the 17th, have been received. The only article of importance which they contain i « , the certainty of an approaching war between the Americans and Spaniards. The first division of the .8th or King's Own, arrived en Thursday at Paddington, aud embark- ed yesterday morning on board the boats prepared for their reception, to carry them to Liverpool, 011 their way to ireland. The boats amounted to about 16 in number, each capable of accommo- dating 70 men. They expect to rcach Liverpool in eight days. PRICE OF Bank Stock .. 3 per Ct. Red. 3 per Ct. Cons. 4 per Ct. Cons. 5 per Ct. N.„. Imp. 3per Cts. : India Stock .. | India Bonds I Exc.. Bills ... ' Omnium .... ! Cons, for Acc. Sat. ssij shur 77 si ahllt Mon. mi 77UJ 58i ,2s3s p ls3s p ls2s p Upr. lipr. \ nmt Ifioii STOCKS. Wed. I Th. 210 209 59 58J. 59 5S| Tit. 210J} S< M Mil, " i 77 764 77 7GJ 5?; i ! — 2s5s p ls2s p pr3sp Is. p. 2s. d. 14 b ii 60ii ItiOlH ! ii0i4i Fr. ' sm Is. d. 60* The First Number- of the OXFORD REVIEW will make its Appearance on the FIRST of JANUARY, and zoitl then be delivered with the other Magazines and Reviews. The sanguine Expectations which ham been formed in the Literary World of the indepen- dence, Ability, and sound Principles of this Work, occasion Mr. HIUDSALL, Bookseller, NORTHAMPTON, to give Notice to his Friends and the Public at large, that Orders for it will be thankfully exe- cuted by him. PREFERRED.] The Rev. II. Quartley. M. A. Chaplain to the Earl of Rosslyn, to hold, bv dispensation, the rectory of Wicken ( on the pre- sentation of Mrs. I'rowse, of Wifcken- Park, in this county), together with the vicarage of Wolverton, Bucks. MARRIED.] On Wednesday se'nnight, Wm. Henry Ashhurst, eldest son of Sir W. H. Aslihursr. of Waterstock, Oxfordshire, to Miss Moslcv, eldest daughter of the late Oswald Mosley, Esq. of Bolesworth Castle, Cheshire, aud sister' of Sir Oswald Mosley, Bart. M. P. On Saturday last, Lieutenant- Colonel the Hon. S. 11. Lumlev,' to Miss M. l'ahoiirdin, daughter of II. Tahourdin, Esq. of Sydenham, Kent. On Wednesday last, at WillOugMiv, Warwick- shire, the Rev. W. Homer, of Appleby, Leicester- shire, to Miss Townseud, of the former place. A few days ago, Mr. Smith, of Ladbroke, to Miss'Coles, or Sti'ettOH- upon- Duijsiiiore, both in Warwickshire. DIED.] O n Wednesday so'nniglit, after a short illness, i « f the gout in his stomach, while on a visit to Jatnes Bradford, Esq. at Swindon, Wilts, the Rev. John Wm. Aubrey, rector of Hu; dwick, Bucks, and of Little- Hinton, Wilts. v Same day, at Burton- on- the- Wolds, Leicester- shire, the wife of John Noon, Esq. of that place. Oil Saturday last, in the 32d year of his ase, Mr. James Smith Galloway, surgeon, son of the late" Rev. John Cole Galloway, vicar of Hinckley,' and rector of Stoke- Golding, Leicestershire. On- Tuesday la- it, at Marston- Trussel, in this county, Mrs. Bullivanr, relict of the Rev. John Bullivant, rector of that place. Last week, Mr. John Golby Colby, gardener and seedsman, . of Neithrop, near Banbury. On Wednesday. . evening, the 3d instant, the young gentlemen of Campton School, educated under the Rev. G. I. Davies, A. M. delivered their annual speeches to a brilliant and crowded audience. The play of Douglas, and the farce of The Purse, were performed in a very superior manner. Many of the most respectable families in Bedfordshire, and the vicinity, were present at the performance; and nearly 200 persons sat down to an elegant supper. The ball- was kept up with spirit to a late hour, and the company departed highly gratified with their evening's en- tertainment. We have the pleasure to inform the public, that, on Wednesday last, the sum of was paid into the hands of the Treasurer of the Oeneral In- firmary, in ti'. is town, hy Mr. Walter Harding, being a legacy from Mrs. Anna Maria Griffiths, late of Kislingbury, in this county, towards car- rying on the designs of that excellent institution. The Scrutiny granted by the Mayor of the city of Oxford, at the instance of Mr. Lockhart, one of the Candidates for its representation in the ensuing parliament, necessarily terminated on Tuesday last, being the day on which the Mayor was bound to make a return of the Writ. This investigation had continued from day to day from its commencement on the 28th of last month, and on casting up the result, it. appeared, that of 27 of Mr. Wright's votes, objected to by Mr. Lock- hart, 15 had been declared bad, and rejected ; and of 26 disputed votes of Mr. Lockhart's, 17 had been struck off, making a difference of two in favour of Mr. Wright, and increasing his original majority of 45 to 47. The final numbers for each- candidate were formally announced by the Re- turning Officer from the hustings, and Mr. Burton and Mr. Wright declared to be duly elccted. A fine boy, about three years old, son of a labourer, at Sywell, ia this county, was burnt ti » death 011 Sunday last, owing to his clothes catching tire, in the absence of his mother. O11 Monday se'nnight, and two following days, an inquisition was taken at South- Newmgton, Oxfordshire, on the body of G. Harris, who was found 011 Sunday expiring 011 the floor; and, after a minute- investigation of many credible witnesses, together with a - surgeon's testimony, the Jurors were of opinion, that his death was caused bv starvation, and returned their Verdict— Murder, against J. Harris, his father, and S. Stuehburv, to whose care G. Harris was confided; and 011 Thurs- day se'nnight they w ere committed to Oxford gaol. On Sunday se'nnight, an inquisition was taken at Ludgershall, in the eount^ of Bucks, before Jams* Burnham, Gent, one of his Majesty's Coroners for the said cqun; y,. on view of the body of John Bowler, labourer, w ho being lunatic had hanged himself. And the next day, another inquisition vyas taken at Woottqn- Underwood, in the said cuunty, before the same Coroner, 011 view of the body of John Mole, labourer, whose death was occasioned by a fail from a . waggon loaded with coals, some fevr days preceding. Verdict.— Accidental Death. And on Tuesday se'nnight, another inquisition was taken at PitehfeOtt, before the same Coroner, on view of the body of John Guess, labourer, who the Saturday preceding expired suddenly in a barn. Verdict— That lit. died by the Visitation of God. And the following day, another inquisition was taken at Lathbuiy, in the same c < nty, before the . same Coroner, on view of the body of Thomas Cowley, labourer, who the preceding day was found dead in the garden of Mansell Dawkiu Mansell, Esq. of Lathbury aforesaid. VeMict— ' Phut he died by the Visitation if God. PRICE of CORN per Quarter at Northampton, Saturday, Dec. 20. Wheat, 70s. to 78s. Od. Rye, 48-. 0d: to 50s. Barley. 38s. Od. to 40;. Od. Oats, 22s. 0d. to 26s. Od. New Oats,— s. Od. to — s. Beans, 42s. Od. to 45s.-( W. Peas, 3Ss. Od. to 40s. I'd. By the Standard Measure. J. GRAFTON, Inspector. Corn- Exchange, London, Friday, Dec. 1!>. Wheat for to- day's market is in short supplies, with scarce anv fresh- imports. Saks in this trad-; are extremely dull, ar. d interior samplesare rather lower: a few foreign cargoes have arrived.— Barley and Malt are each at more reduction in prices.— Very short supplies of White Peas, which are dearer - Beans vary but little. - Good Oats are in request, and not many at hand.— Flour hardly supports prices. LIST ol" FAIRS, from Dec. 22, to Jan. 3, within the Circuit of this Paper. M. Dec. 22. Newport- Pagnell. „ M. 29. R" gb'. ' Th. Jan. 1. Woburn ai) d Charlbury. PROLOGUE TO THF HISTORICAL TRAGEDY OF KIMG IUCHARD THE THIRD, Pt'knn- J at Aspley School, m Wednesday Evening, 1 December I'd, 1806. rN other climes whilst war's loud elation sounds, 1 And Europe trembles through her utmost bounds; Whilst Prussia's Eagle, rou's'd, alas! too late, Shri iks from the height, where once sublime she sate, To fierce tlsuipcrs yields her wide domain, Drops her poor wing, and waits her galling chain ; The British Lion lifts his giant torm, Stalking superior to the varied storm. The lightning's bolt, the whirlwind's fury mocks, And safe amidst his unpolluted reeks Shakes his fierce mane, and guards with vengeful roar The Ark of Freedom on his hallow'd shore. BRITAIN! first gem in Liberty's rich crown! . Small in tliv circuit, great in thy renown ! Nook, safely fix'd amidst a watery worn ! Thy guardian Hag, by Providence unfurl'd, Shall wave its glories to the favouring breeze, /\ nd shed its lustre, e'en o'er farthest seas. - But still, tho' prompt when danger bids tlice arm, Faithless Ambition has for thee no charm; Ne'er he in needless strife thy valour tn'd. Be War thy safeguard, but, be Peace thy pride 1 E'en now, iho' circumspect, thy zer-'. ous hosts Watch o'er cach inlet of thy threaten'd coasts. Thy prudent rule its fostering aid imparts, To useful Labours and to liberal Arts; Bids Commerce turn her prow to every shore, Seek 111- rich fruit, or gain the tempting ore, Thro' frozen seas or torrid climates roam, To bring at length collected blessings home; Bids Agriculture, on her native soil. Win the sure treasure of most skilful t" 1'— Bids her, his aid whilst generous Russell lends, Russell, still first amidst his country's . riencls, O'er the drain'd quagmire lead her cumb'rous tlocKs, Or clothe with plenteous grain obdurate roc. es; Bids Painting all her living powers make known; And Sculpture animate eternal stone ! Whilst Order tempers Freedom's vestal fires, And Law protects the blessings she inspires. To- night, far different scenes, from Shakespeare s page. In mimic toil, our youthful band engage: Intestine discord, and a tyrant's crimes, _ Form, Heav'n be prais'd, a tale ot other times I But, as our humble efibrts seek to show A despot's cruelty, a people's woe, _ More grateful pleasure Contrast shall impart, And force its blessings home on every heart. The EPILOGUE in our next. STATE - LOTTERY. 2 Prizes of £. 30,000 ' 2 20,000 2 10,000 3 5,000 Sec. Sec. Sec. JAZARD, BUUNK, & Co. No. 93, ROYAI- &. I'XCHANCE, LONDON, are now selling TICK ETSandSHAR ES for the STATE- LOTTERY which begins Drawing the 13th of JANUARY, 1S07; j the Scheme of which contains the above Capitals, j besides the usual Proportion of other Prizes. In the last Lottery, No. 9,550, a Prize of £. SO, 000. , and No. 19,574, a Prize ol £. 10,000, were both sold j in Shares by HAZARD, BURNE, A: CO. ; T Correspondents, accompanying their Orders | with Remittances, will be treated on the same Terms j as if present. Letters ( Post- paid) duly answered. j N. B. Tickets and Shares, for the above Office, are also on Sale bv Mr. AHEL, Bookseller, NORTHAMPTON, By whom a Share of the £ .20,000 in the last Lottery, No. 9,550, was sold. V On January lst, 1807, wilt be commenced, a Monthly Publication, Price l. s. each Number, on a Plan entirely ilew, entitled, > ECORDS of LITERATURE, Domestic and \ j Foreign.— This Undertaking wiij exhibit a com- prehensive Survey of the State of Letters, under the | following Sections: — 1. CORRECT INl-' ORM- | ATION relative to the proposed Object, Size, and | Price of all Works announced at Hume or Abroad, j 2. A succinct Account, of thtir CONTENTS will be j offered on their Publication, with occasional Abstracts or Iixtracts. 3. The PRIZES proposed and dis- i tributed bv learned Societies, will be regularly re- corded. And 4. A brief NECROLOGY of Literary Characters. In Fact, this Work will form an Epitome of the Literature of the World. Published by C. TAYIOS, Km, Hatton - Street, London; and sold by VV. Birdsall, J. Abel, and T. Burnham, Northampton; and by all oiher Booksellers ; where tiie Work may be seen, and the Prospectus be obtained, gratis. ROAD MEETING. Turnpike- Road from Saint Mary's Bridge, in tic Parish if Lit l( c- Botctlcii., in the County of North- ampton, to the West Side of the Toll- Bur at the North End of the Town of Rocking/ mm, in the same Count i/. TV ] OTICE " is hereby given, That the TOLLS .1.^ 1 arising at the WILBARSTON GATE, the DINGLSY GATE and WEIGHING- MACHINE, and the [ This Day is published, handsomely printed in two ' Volumes, Quarto, on a fine Paper, with upwaids of seventy Plates, of which sixty- one are from Paintings alter Nature, by . SYDENHAM EDWARDS, Price- £. 3 10s. or beautifully coloured, £. 6 6s. in i Boards, AComplete DICTIONARY of PRACTICAL GARDENING; comprehending Classifications and Descriptions, as well as the most approved Methods of raising, forcing, and managing different if Purpose, GATE at DINGLEY LANE E ND, upon the above Road, Sorts ot Vegetable Productions, whether of the es- wiU be LETT by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, culent or ornamental Kinds; with correct Engravings of the various Apparatus necessary for the Purpose in Buildings and other Contrivances, from original , Drawings made by Mr. BLUNT, as well as of the more Afternoon, in tile Manner directed by the Act passed , , are and curious Plants employed in the Wav of Or. in the 13th Year of His present Majesty's Reign, for j nanient and Variety in the Pleasu " ' EXCELLENT SCHEME. 3 Prizeso « . 5,000 5 1,000 500 .2 Frizes of £. 3:\ 000 2 ' 20,000 2 10,000 Tiff ORNSBY & Co. beg Leave to observe, that I I thev were the first who sold two Capital Prizes of £. 30,000 each, Nos. 33,979 and 42,569; besides 211 Capital Prizes, from £. 500 to £. 30,000. HORNSBY & Co. respectfully acquaint their Country Correspondents, that they have oil Sale Tickets and Shaies, entitling the Purchasers to those important Prize-, and at the very lowest Prices. The first- drawn Ticket fin the 13th of next Month, will be entitled to £. 20,000: This peculiar Benefit must create a great Demand ; and it is a well- known Fact, that, whenever £. 30,000 Prizes have been introduced into the Scheme, the Tickets have been invariably all disposed of. G5T Orders, by Letter or Carrier, executed exactly on the same liberal Terms as if present, at the old- established State- Lottery- Offices, 26, Comhill, 52, Charing- Cross, and St. Margaret's- Hill, Borough. No. 4, CORNIIILI., and 0, LONDON. CHARING - CROSS, T STATE- LOTTERY Begins Drawing the 13th of JANUARY, 1807. GUANO SCHEME. Prizes of.. £. 30,000 1 3.. Prizes of..£. 5,000 2 20,000 5 l, 0i: 0 J 10,000 | 8 500 And 5,160 others, from £. 100 to £. 20. SWIFT and Co. are selling Tickets and Shares in great Variety, at their Offices, No. 11, POULTRY, and No. 12, CHARING CROSS, LONDON; also by their Agent, Mr. J. WEBB, Printer, BEDFORD. The first- drawn Ticket in tiiis Lottery will receive £.' 20,000. SWIFT and Co.' s Offices have been re- markable for the Sale of first- drawn Tickets entitled to Capital Prizes. The following, all first- drawn Tickets, were sold by Swift ^ Co. in the LAST and late Lotteries: — No. 6,791 £. 20,000 7,157.... £. 10,000 | 9,362....£. 10,000 Sfii 1.... _ 10,000 ! 20,952.-.. 10,000 ' G LOBE I N S U R A N C li, Pull- Mall, and Cornhill. ' FIRE, LIFE, AND ANNUITIES. LL Persons whose Insurances with this Com- _ . panv become due at Christmas next, are requested to take Notice, that Receipts for the Renewal thereof are now ready for Delivery at the Company's Offices., and in the Hands of their respective Agents in the Country, Insurances due at Christmas must be paid oil or before the 9th ot January r. ext. FARMING- STOCK is insured generally. New Rates and Proposals for Insurance on Lives and Survivorships, making Provision for Sons, and securing Marriage Portions for Daughters, on their respectively coining of Age, and other Endowments, and Tables for granting immediate, deferred, and pro- gressive Annuities, will be delivered gratis. No Entrance- Money or Admission- Fees are re quired.— Life Policies allowed gratis. By order of the Board, THOMAS HFATH WILKINSON, Secretary. 1.01 do.-, Dec 20tb, 1P06. . BISII invites the Public to peruse theScheme . « . of the NEW LOTTERY that begins Drawing 011 the 13th of NEXT MONTH:— They will find that it contains more Capital Prizes' than usual; and as the Drawing is fixed for so early a Period, there is no Time to lose. Tickets and Shares, in great Variety, are selling at the above Offices ; where the following | 20 Capital Prizes have beenshared, sold, and registered, | in the present Year, a Circumstance no other Office can boast of; and the fortunate Holders of tjie out- j standing Shares of the following Prizes, may receive their Money on Demand No. 4,700 a Prize of 15,462 *... 7,251 2,697 ...*... 3,456 ...*... 4,677 8,666 17,047 637 24,630 £. 20,000 20,0' 0 10,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 2,000 1,022 1,000 No. 13,643 a Prize ef 1,202 . ..* 1,689 • 7,688 10,391 15,694 16,567 19,063 21,277 17,577 £. 1,000 500 522 500 500 522 500 522 500 500 Voyages and Travels round the World. This Day is published, Price only Sixpence, con- taining a SUPI. RR FRONTISPIECE, representing Atlas supporting the Globe, surrounded by Emblematical Representations of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America; in the front Ground, Time and History recording the memorable Events of Antiquity, engraved in a highly- finished Manner, by Charles Warren, from an original Drawing, by Uwins; Number I. ( the succeeding Numbers to follow Weekly), of a . NEW WORK, entitled, ~^ HE WORLD; or, the present S* ATE of the UNIVERSE; being a general and complete Col- lection of modern foyages and Travels selected, ar- ranged, and digested from the Narratives of the latest and most authentic Travellers and Navigators. By CAVENDISH PELHAM, Esq. The Whole illustrated and embellished with appro- priate Maps, Picturesque Scenes, Striking Repre- sentations of the Persons, Customs, Ceremonies, & c. of the respective Inhabitants, and whatever may lend to elucidate and decorate a Performance so interesting, essential, and universal; consisting of upwards of one hundreda* ui thirty Engravings, by the first Artists, among whom are Charles Warren, Milton, Landseer, I'itler, Watts, Anker, Smith, Ambrose Warren, Hawkins, Taylor, Poole, Sparrow, Cook, Sec. & e. — The Maps and Charts by the celebrated Mr. J. Russell. The' Work shall be completed in or. o hundred and thirty Numbers, making two handsome Volumes, in Quarto, and a Promissory Note given with the first Number, to deliver the Overplus gratis should it exceed that Quantity.— Indexes and a List ot Sub- scribers will be given. To expatiate on the Utility or Entertainment of a Work which has immense Regions for its Object, and all animated Nature for its Speculation, would be manifestly unnecessary. A judicious Collection of m-. dern Voyages and Travels presents the Earth to our astonished Eyes, and displays the Wonders of the Deep. All the inhabitants of the ( f3r Those marked thus * were in the Lottery just finished. *.* And where No. 2,147, the last Prize of £. 30,000 ever drawn, was sold in Shares. THE NEW LOTTERY, regulating Turnpike- Roads'. Whoever happens to be the Highest Bidder, must pay to the Treasurer a Deposit of £. 20, in Part ot such Toll, and enter into such Security, with suf- ficient Surety, to the Satisfaction of the" Trustees, for Payment of the annual Rent agreed upon, at such Times as the Trustees shall direct.— Dated this 25th Day of November, 1806. By Order of the Trustees, GEORGE WARTNABY, Clerk. Market- Harborough, Nov. Ihth, 1806. ALBION FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, or LONDON, Established 1805, For Insurance from FIRE, throughout Great - Britain and Ireland, and in Foreign Countries; for the In- surance of LI VES ; and for the& rantirg of ANNUITI ES. Capital — ONE MILLION. npHE following Persons have been appointed .8. RESIDENTS for the Coippanv, for the under- mentioned Places, and their respective Neighbour- hoods; and have . been authorised to undertake In- surances from Fire and on Lives, on the Company's Behalf, viz. Mr. . SPENCER HF. SK. ETH-; of Northampton, Mr. JOHN WHITE, of Dunstable, Draper. A large Deduction is made on the Premiums of all l ire Insurances', out of London; and a very liberal Commission is allowed on Insurances on Lives. No Charge is made for Policies, or Indorsements; nor is the Person insuring responsible for the Losses of others, as is the Case in all Contributionship Societies, whether for Insurance from Fire or oil Lives. Q3T The Company's Proposals may be had of the said Persons; by which it will be found, that other material Advantages are aflorded. By Order of the Court of Directors, WARNER PHI I'PS, Secretary. Phctnix Fire- Office, Lombard- Street, London. RIPHK firm Support which the PHIENIX- OFUCE a continues to receive from its numerous Friends, demands the Thanks of the Directors. This Office has ever been impressed with an ardent Desire to give Encouragement to the Agricultural Interests of the Kingdom; and the Directors rely, t- hof + Vw* D firnil., 4. i/ M-\<> it, l-, w. L 4- Ur. iT 4".- ^ .' 1' I ... ~ « .. rP! . v. ^ ... re- Grounds, Creen- Houses, and Stoves, engraved by SANSOM ; the Whole IS intended to allbrd a full and complete View of modern practical Horticulture. By ALEXANDER MACDONAI. D, Nurseryman and Gardener. Printed for G. KEARSLEY, Fleet- Street, London; and sold by all other Booksellers. ( pT The Purchasers of this Work, in Parts are requested to complete their Sets without Delay. ' For the Farrier, Farmer, and others. This Day is published, in one very large Volume Quarto, with thirty- nine Copper- Plates', elegantly engraved, Price Two Guineas and a Half, in Boards ADICTIONARY of the V ETF. R IN A ItY ART • containing the latest Improvements and Pre! scriptions recommended bv the College, as well as bv I modern Writers on that Subject, viz Ryding, Feron, Denny, Taplin, White, Sec. Sec. A J NORW'. Cft UNION ITKK- OU- 1CE. 70UR MILLIONS of Pjopej'ty is insured about One. fourth of the usual Expence. Which begins Drawing January Vith, 1807, CONTAINS « 2 Prizes of £. 30,000 are £. 60,000 i 20,000 40,000 2 10,000 20,000 3 5,000 — 15,000 5 1,000 5,000 8 500 4,000 20 100 2,000 40 50 2,000 5,100 20 102,000 25,000 Tickets. £. 250,000 at Nine Years" Ex'perien- e by this Society has proved that the Premium charged by all the Insurance Companies is Two Shillings in 1 lirce more than the Losses amount to, which Surplus in this Office is returned, whereby One Hundred Pounds is here insured tor less than One Shilling, which would cost Three in any other Office. A Saving so considerable must command the Attention of the Public, and accounts for the v< P'd Increase of the Society, which now consists of above six thousand Members; and its Funds ate So^ fast increasing as to leave no Doubt but it will continue henceforward to afford as much Advantage to every Insurer ao it has hitherto done. ( JTf- Printed Proposals, with a List of the Trustees anil Directors, ma> be had, on Application to the following Agents:— Mr. ABEL, Northampton, who is likewise Agent for Weilingborough ( in Lieu of Mr. SPONC, who has declined), with the Assistance of Mr. STAN- TON, Grocer. Mr. Jost PH MEEN, Biggleswade. Mr. W. WKITWORTII, Attorney, Bedford. Mr JOHN RASAS, Olncy. Mr. I'HOMAS GURDEN, Harborough. Mr. JAMES GURDEN, Bicester. Mr. E HANSCOMR, Ampthill. Mr. J. W. MORRIS, Dunstable. Mr. JOSEPH WALLIS, Leicester. This Office makes good Losses occasioned by Lightning.— Policies gratis. SUN FIR ETTLFV IC E7 BANK- BUILDINGS, and CRAlG's COURT, CHARING- CROSS, LONDON, For insuring Houses and other Bull t'.- gs, Goods, Mer- chandize, Ships in Harbour, in D. cK, or Building, and Craft, from Loss and Damage by Fire. \ VrE, whose Natnis arc underwritten, being V Y AGENTS for the SUN FT RE- OFF1CE, have Authority from the Managers to inform the Pub- lic, and all Persons insured in the said Office, that the Premium on the Stock of Corn and Hay, being the Produce of a Farm, also Cattle and Implements of Husbandry thereon, wilt be rated at Two Shillings and Sixpence per Cent. And all Persons insured in this Office, are requested to refer to their Policies, in order that they may receive the Benefit of this Re- duction of the Premium on Farming- Stock, on their respective Renewal; at CIIRISTMAS- DAY next; and that PRINTED RECEIPTS, under our Hands, are ready for Delivery, for the Premium and Duty on Policies, as they become due; and that printed Pro- posals of the Terms of Insurance may be had of us, which will be found AS MODERATE, IN EVERY RESPECT, AS THOSE OF THE OTHER OFFICES. ( PF- FARMING- STOCK may be insured, generally, in Jill Barns and Out- houses, or on a Farm, without the average Clause, which may be seen by applying to us, who will give any further Information which may be required, for the explaining this Mode of In- surance. Northampton,— R. SCRIVEN. Peterborough,— J. ATKINSON. Towcester,— W. INNS. Kettering,-— J. HENNELL. Daventry,— C. TO. MALIN. l. utterworth, —- S. CHAPMAN. - Leicester,— J. PRICE. Banbury,— J. PAIN. Buckingham,— T. STUCHBERY, Jun. Newport- Pagnell,— W. LUCAS. Potton,— J. PEDLEY. Stamford,— T. COOKE. Coventry,— J. CARTER. L.- ighton- Buzzard,— J. SAN DON. B dford,— W. SMITH. ( R" Policies insuring Three Hundred Pounds, are issued free of Expence; and all Payments for Losses by Fire ire made by this Office without Deduction. * » • The . SUN FIRE- O. I FICE have always paid Losses © r Dama v by Fire from Lightning. e , '- Pill, 1806.' Capitals determinable. First- drawn Ticket .. lst Day ....£. 20,000 Ditto 3d Day 10,000 Ditto 5th Day 30,000 Ditto last Day 5,000 PRICE. Ticket £. 19 15s. Half £. 10 2 0 I Eighth £. 2 11 6 Quarter 5 2 0 | Sixteenth 1 6 0 TICKETS AND SHARES Are on Sale al ALL THE LICENSED LOTTERY- OFFICES, And by their AGENTS in the COUNTRY. f^ W The above immense Capital Prizes are the greatest, in a Scheme of so few Tickets, ever pre- sented in the Annals of Lottery Adventure. This Fact is indisputable; but the Votaries of Fortune, to participate of such unprecedented Opulence, must be- on the alert, as the Drawing commences so early as the 13th of January next. MR. EDGE, NORTHAMPTON, HAS received a fresh Supply of Dr. Freeman's . GUTTA'SALUTARIS, for a certain Disorder, under its various Appearance^ and complicated At- tacks, which may be speedily and secretly eradicated from the System by the Use of Dr. FREEMAN'S DROPS ; which'for their saluiary Effects in cleansing the Blood from al! ! mpurities, whether from a certain Disorder or Scorbutic, are termed GVTTA SALUTAIU By persevering iu. the Use of this Remedy, ; he Patient gradually loses all P. in and Inflammation, all foul arid corroding Ulcers, Lumps in the Skin, and other corresponding Symptoms ot this cruel and relentless Disease. Nearly thirty Years' Practice hath proved to Dr. Ficeman that all this is accomplished by the • Drops, without the Aid of surgical Operations, or the usual Application of greasy mercurial Preparations. Sold by Appointment of l! r. Freeman, of Hatton- Gardei;, " by R. Butler, No. 4, Cheapside, Corner of Paternoster- Row, London; Marshall, Northampton; and by most Medicine Venders in every Town, in Bottles at 2s. 9d. each, with ample Directions. To S. SOLOMON, Esq. M. D. Liverpool. DEAR SIR, London, AW. 29/^, 1798. rI" iIIE Disorders with which a Lady of my Ac- 3. quaintance was afflicted, were Nervous Affections, and a very high Inflammation of the Lungs, attended with excessive Coughing, which reduced her to Death's Door. She told me that she ' had the best Medical Advice she could procure, and Dr. Pitcairn's ait'iorig others, but to no Purpose. She continued twelve Months in this diisrdered State; went to Bristol and found no Relief; that, for four Months together, she could not lie down in Bed, without the Hazard of excessive Pain or Suffocation, and, during that Period, could only rest by being propped up with Pillows. Being almost worn out with Suffering, a Friend advised her to bjiy a Bottle of your COBDIAI. BALM of GII. EAD; she purchased two Half- Guinea Bottles, and found much Relief by them; and then bought a £. 5 Box, which perfectly restored her from the debilitated State of her Lungs and Nervous Dis. order. She also added, that many of her Friends, through her Recommendation, had found great Benefit by taking it. 1 am, dear Sir, your very humble Servant, • JAMES MATHEWS, No. 18, Strand. The CORDI A I. HALM of GII. EAD is sold in Bottles, Price Half- a- Guinea each; there are also Family Bottles, Price 33s. containing equal to four Bottles at 10s. 6d. by which the Patient saves 9s. including also the Duty. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by the Printers of this Paper; also, Retail, by Marshall, and Edge, North- ampton ; Collis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Dawson, and Harrod, Harborough; Marriott, Banbury ; Inns, and Gallard, Towcester; Seeley, Buckingham; Richardson, Sto. iy - Stratford; Ed^' e, and Mather, Wellingborough; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Okely, and Palgrave, Bedford; Fox, St. Neots i Barringer, and lnwood, Newport- I'agnell; Swinfen, Leicester; by the Priaters of the Country News- papers ; and by all the reputable Medicine Venders, Booksellers, & c. in every principal Town in England, Ireland, Scotland, and America, who will deliver Pamphlets gratis, with a Variety of authentic Docu- ments noted therein. Dr. Solomon, when consulted, expects his usual Fee of Half- a- Guinea. Such Letters should, for Safety, be thus directed—" Money Letter. Dr. Solomon, Gilead- House, near Liverpool." Civilization, savage ignorance, Superstition, and Ferocity. It exhibits to our View the vegetative Produce of the most distant Climes, and enumerates the sanative and commercial Uses of the innumerable Plants which decoiate ihe fertile Bosom of the Plain, or venerably crown the aspiring Mountains. In this Work, the Essence of numerous Voyages and Travels will be carefully incorporated with such valuable Materials, as we have assiduously procured from other unquestionable Authorities. The almost infinite Variety of Publications, from which we have gathered much of our Information, have all been recently ushered into the World ; and the Reader need ; not be informed, that a Collection of Voyages and Travels is rendered the more interesting and valuable when its Sources are from modern Information. Candour must readily admit, that the nearer such Information ap- proaches the present Period, so much the nearer Per- fection will our Collection arrive than any similar Productions which have preceded it. A larger and very ELEGANT EDITION will be printed on fine Vellum Wove Royal Paper, which will be Hot- pressed, with the Advantage of Proof Impressions of the Engravings, besides appropriate Vignette Tine Pages to each Volume.— The Price ot this Edition will be One Shillingsach Number. Besides the Quality of the I'. iper, and the superior Impressions of the ' Engravings, the Maps, Charts, & c. of this Edition, will be highly coloured, and the Whole will form the most elegant, beautiful, and complete Collection of VOYAGES AND TRAVELS Ever submitted to the Public. The first twenty- five Numbers being already pub- lished, may be had together or separate, and will form a complete Specimen of the Excellence of the whole Work, the Proprietor being determined there shall be no Deviation in Respect to Paper, Printing, or En- gravings, between the first and last Numbers. Indeed, the Accumulation of upwards of THREE THOUSAND Subscribers, in the short Space of six Months, is the most flattering Testimony of Public Approbation; and the Proprietordoubts not, by continuing the same unrivalled Degree of Excellence, that in the same Space of Time an equal Number of new Subscribers will be added to the Work. London : Published by J. PTRATIORD, No. 112, Helborn- Hill; and sold by nil Booksellers and News- carriers in the United Kingdom.' Favour and Patronage. Stock on a Farm maybe insured in One Sum, with- out tiie average Clause. The Receipts for Policies falling due at Christmas are now in the Hands of the several Agents. ( p^" The important Sums annually paid by this Office to Sufferers by Fire, strongly prove the Benefits resulting from Insurance, as well to Noblemen and Gentlemen to secure the Value ot their Mansions ar. d Effects, as to Farmers, Manufacturers, arid all the Commercial Orders. Persons insuring for Three Hundred Pounds, or upwards, will not he pharged for the Policy. Bv Order of the Directors, II. A. HARDY, Sec. of Country Department. 1 This Day is published ( to be continued the 1st of every Month), Price Half- a- Crown, consisting of seven Sheets of Letter- Press, printed in large 8vo. on fine Wove Extra- Royal Paper, very large- Page, with double Columns, so as to contain more Matter than any Literary Publication extant, NUMBER 111. of rr » HE LITERARY PANORAMA; including a .1- Review of Books, Register of Events, and Magazine of Varieties, containing nearly 200 very in- teresting Articles. The former Numbers contain a like Quantity of important and highly- entertaining Subjects;. and in No. I. is given engraved Plans of Cattaro.— Each Number is delivered neatly sewed, which renders it as compact as a bound Book. Sold by C. TAYLOR, 108, Hatton- Garden, London; and by all Booksellers. No. IV. will be published thefirst of January next, and will contain a List of the New Parliament- View of the Finances of the East- India Company, from official Documents— the Whole of de la Harpe's Eulogium of Fenelon— Observations on the Balance of Power, adapted to the present critical Moment— and above 150 other interesting Articles from all Parts of the World. | Prof. Coleman, R. Lawrence, i St. Bell, Freeman, ] J. Lawrence, Clark, , j And including such Parts of Comparative- Anatomy. I I hysiology Pharmacy, Chemistry, Sec. as are con- nected with the Veterinary Art. The Whole illustrated bv numerous and elegant Ert- I savings of the Anatomy and Diseases of the Horse- ; and forming a Work no. less calculated to assi t the , Professional Veterinarian, than the practising Farrier 1 the Farmer, and the private Gentleman, in acquiring a Knowledge of the morbid Affections to which ! Horses Dogs, Cows, Sheep, Pigs, and other Domestic Animals are subject. : By THOMAS ROARDMAN, Veterinary Surgeon to the 3d ( or King's Own) Regiment of Dragoons. " The Work before us, though called a Dictionary, is not confined to the mere Definitions of the Terms, or Words used, but like James's and other Medical Dictionaries, contains full Descriptions of- the several Objects that appear to have a Relation to the Veteri- narian Art:— The Methods of rearing and feeding Horses, and of training them, as Racers, Hunters, or tor Draught, are given under distinct Heads; also, Directions for the Conduct of Grooms and Coachmen, Descriptions of their Harness and Trappings, and In- structions tor Riders, with the whole Art of Hsrse- manship; likewise, the Anatomy of the Horse, and Histories and Descriptions of the Diseases to which that Animal is subject, are also given, with the Method ot treating them, as practised at the Veterinary College, or taken from Gibson, Taplin, and other Writers particularly from Mr. H. Bell, and Mr. John Lawrence." And then having ouoted numerous Passages, the Reviewer continues thus:— " Having given our Opinion of the Parts we have noticed, which in general are exceedingly well executed we will only add, that we hope, and can scarcely doubt, that the Dictionary will be favourable received - and that the Author will obtain Encouragement in some Degree commensurate to the Diligence he'has shewn in forming the Work. „, . British Critic, November, ]. p06. This appears to be a Work tgily scientific; com- bining three of the principal Recommendations to general Acceptance, viz. a requisite Portion of Learning, a good Taste, and a copious Shaie of Information. " From a cursory View, it seems tobeexactlv what its Author intended it, a Kind of Focus for con- centrating all the Light of ancient Invention, H- J modern Improvements, in the Veterinary Science." . . , Sporting Magazine for December, 1805. Printed for G. KIARSLRY, Fleet- Street, London; and sold by all other Booksellers. rp ROYAL- EXCHANGE ASSURANCE. Established by Royal Charter in ihe Reign of Geo* ge I. for assuring Houses, Buildings, Corn, Hay, Goods, { 3' c. and aiso for Assurance of Lives. . DECEMBER 10, 1806. Ml E CORPORATION of the ROYAL- i-. XCHANGE ASSURANCE do hereby give Notice, that they have authorized their respective Agents to receive Proposals for the Assurance of Farming Stock at the Rate sf 2s. 6d. per Cent., vper Annum. Persons whose Annual Premiums fall due on the 25th Instant, are hereby informed, that RECEIPTS are now ready to be delivered by the COMPANY'S respective AGENTS under- mentioned ; and the Parties assured are requested to apply for the Renewal of their Policies, on jor before the 9th Day of January next, as the usual fifteen Days allowed for Payment beyond the Date ot each Policy will then expire. SAMUEL FUNNING, Jun. Secretary. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. Northampton,— FRAS. WM. JEYES. Thrapston,— JA M ES Rom NSON. Twwcester,— JOHN JENKINSON. Wellingborough,— J. N. GOODHALL. Daventry,— R. SHEPPARD. BEDFORDSHIRE. Bedford,— M. PARTRIUGB. Biggleswade,— JOHN LANCASTER. Leighton,— D. WILLIS. Luton,— D. L. WILLIS. BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. Aylesbury,— I. UKF. TURNER.: Beaconsfield,— THOS. WITTS WALFORD. Buckingham,— ROBERT MILLER. Chesham,— CREED & BAY LIE. G reat- M ar low,— THO MAS EM F. S. Newport- Pagnell,— R. COLLISSON. Olney,-— RICHARD FIARROI. D. Stony- Stratford,— J. DAY. Winslow,— R. READING. HUNTINGDONSHIRE. Huntingdon,— ROBERT STAFFORD. St. Neots,— WM. DAY. Stilton,— J. BODGER. LEICESTERSHIRE. Leicester,— JOHN KING. Market- Harborough,— WM. SpRIgo. Melton- Mowbray,— EDW. BRIGHT. WARW ICKSH I RF.. Birmingham,— JAMES KINDON. Coventry,— JESIMIEL SMITH. Kineton,— THOMAS ABBOTTS. Rugby,— RICHARD FOX. N. B. Fire Policies will be allowed, free of Ex- pence, where the Annual Premiums amount to 6s. or upwards. (£- T This Company have invariably made good Losses by Fire, occasioned by Lightning.— Proposals may be had of the different Agents. *„* Assurances on Lives being found to be advan- tageous to Persons having Office^, Employments, Estates, or other Incomes determinable oil the Life or Lives of themselves or others, Tables of the Rates for such Assurances, and for the granting Annuities on Lives, may be had of the said Agents. And for the greater Convenience of the Public, the Company have determined to extend ( by special Agreement) the As- surances on Lives to the Age of 75 Years. From' Mr. Sold by Mr. EDGE, Druggist, Northampton. "< IIE afflicted ivith Scorbutic, Nervous, and Bilious Complaints, Disorders in the Head and Face, or Constitutions injured by Mercury, are cer- tain of meeting a Cure in Dr. SAUL's PILLS, a Medicine that cleanses the Blood from all gross Hu- mours.— Likewise Persons who have weak and dis- ordered Eyes, will find an effectual Remedy in the GOLDEN EYE DROPS, a sovereign and invaluable restorer and preserver of Sight, to tiie latest Period of Life, removing Inflammations, Hloodshcts, Scorbutic Humours, shooting Pains, swelling in the Eye- Lids, Dimness, and all the long List of Diseases incident to the Sight ; gives Beauty and Animation to the most heavy and languid Eye.— The Pills are strenuously re- commended to sickly or delicate Persons. These Medicines are sold at the Dispensary, 27, Ratlibone- Place, London ; and by most Medicine Venders in the Kingdom— References will be given to Persons of the highest Respectability, who have been restored to perfect Health and Sight! liahj ax, Bruder- Street, Camden- Town to the Proprietor of DR. SAUL'S GOLDEN EYE- DROPS So PILLS. IHerewith send you an Account of the astonishing Case and Cure of my Child — She was for a Year and an Half afflicted with a scorbutic humour all over her Body, which occasioned an In- flammation ill her Eyes. She had a Film over both Eyes. I applied to an eminent Oculist, and he per- formed an Operation upon one Eye, and told me her Sight was gone; when I made Trial of your valuable Medicines, which is five Months since; her Eyrs were closed, and her Bod) was covered with Sores. It is with Gratitude 1 add, slie is now restored to Sight ar. d perfect Health, her Flesh is become clear, and her - Strength equal to the most healthv Child. These Medicines are sold at the Dispensary, 27, Rathbone- Place, Ox ford- Street ; also by Mr. Edge, Druggist, Northampton. ; and by most Medicine Ven- ders in every Town in the United Kingdom, Price 2s. 9d. and lis. EASE FROM LAMENESS AND PAIN, IN A FEW HOURS". THE BRITISH OINTMENT for. CORNS, prepared by W. NAYLOR, Chemical Colour- Maker to his Majesty. This most excellent Oint- ment never fails curing hard or soft Corns in a very short Time, and gives Ea^ e in a few Hours. No other Trouble is required in using it, than rubbing a little on the Corn, Night and Morning, with the Finger. The Proprietor begs Leave to observe, the Afflicted may rest assured of a Cure, as this is riot, like many published Things, an Imposition on the Public. By Appointment of the Proprietor, it is sold, Wholesale, by Dicey & Co. No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, London; also by Dicey & Co. Edge, and Marshall, Northampton; Robins, Daventry ; Wilcox, and Gailard, Towcester; Mather, Wellingborough ; Palgrave, Bedford; and by one Medicine Vender in every Marlcet Town, Price 2s. 6d. Duty included. To Dr. SOLOMON, Gilead- House, near Liverpool. SIR, AClergyman, in the Neighbourhood of WEM, experienced the utmost Relief, a few Days ago, by the Use of a single Bottle of your ANTI- IMPE- IIGINES, after suffering a considerable Time under a total Nervous Debility, Loss of Appetite, & c.; and I Barley.. 30s. to 42s. Od. BANKRUPTS required to SURRENDER. John Endall, of Overnorton, Oxfordshire, carrier, Dec. 29, 30, and Jan. 27, at the White- Hart inn Chip ping- Norton. Attomies, Messrs. Matthews & Corgan, Clnpping- Norton. Joseph Wise, of Manchester, cotton- merchant. Edward Roberts, of Bush- lane, London, merchant. Edward Morgan, of Noble- street, London, ware- houseman.- Thomas Steashnan, of Redmire, York- shire, grocer and linen- draper. John Moule, of K ing- street, Covcnt- gard n, Middlesex, vintner. JohnShoolbreadandWm. Williams, of Mark- lane, Lon- don, merchants. Albert Vodei, of Paui's- chain, London, furrier.- - John Simpson, of Gray's- inn- lane, London, victualler.—- John Martin, jun. and John Russell, of Liverpool, merchants.—— Joseph Goodwin, of Manchester, calico- manufacturer. William Heywood, sen. of Marsden, Yorkshire, cot- ton- spinner. James Woodburne, of Lancaster, druggist. John Crocker, of Gosport, ship- chandler. James Milues, jun. of Saddleworth, Yorkshire, clothier. Di vtDEND to be made to Creditors, Feb. 3. Henry Loftus Hodson, of Huntingdon, mer- chant, at the Fountain inn, Huntingdon. MA R K ETS.— UmdM, Dec. 15. With adding the arrivals of to- day to some quantity left over from last week, our supply of Wheat upon the whole was a tolerable good one. Thus fur- nished, prices declined2s. and3s. per quarter; and, instead ot Flour acquiring an advance, i5s. prr sack is with difficulty obtained. Good Red Wheats fetched £. 1 per quarter.— Barley and Malt are like- wise on the decline ; of the former we have large supplies.— White Peas, not coming so plentiful as expected, are getting up again.— In Grey l'eas and Beans the variation ha* riot been material.— Oats continue dear, and of which there were very icvv fresh arrivals this morning. Wheat.. 58s. to 65s. 78s. 1 Fine Do. — s. to 80s. 85s. Rye . .." 40s. to 48s. Od. by persevering in the Use of another Bottle of that invaluable Medicine, he has no Doubt of being restored to his former State of Health. I remain, Sir, your's, & c. T. WOOD. Shrewsbury, March 1\ th, 1806. Sold in 10s. 6d. and 33s. Bottles; the latter contain four of the former, by which the Purchaser saves 9s. Every genuine Bottle has a Stamp, which bears the Proprietor's Name and Address, " Saml. Solomon, Liverpool," to imitate which is Felony. ( pT The Postage of all Letters to the Doctor must be paid, and 10s. 6d. as a Fee, inclosed for Advice. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by the Printers of this Paper; also, Retail, by Marshall, and Edge, North- ampton; Collis & Dash, and Mur. n, Kettering; Dawson, and Harrod, Harborough; Marriott, Ban- bury ; Inns, and Gallard, Towcester; Seelev, Buck- ingham; Richardson, Stony- Stratford; Edge, and Mather, Wellingborough ; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Okely, and Palgrave, Bedford; Fox, St. Neots; Barringer, and Invvood, Newport- Pagnell; Swinfen, Leicester; by the Printers of the Country Newspapers; and by ' all the reputable Medicine Venders, Booksellers, & c. in every principal- Town in England, Ireland, Scotland, and America, who' will deliver Pamphlets gratis, with a Variety of authentic- Documents noted therein. Malt... 60s. to 75s. Od. Oats 25s. to29s. S3s. HorseBeanslOs. to 48s. Od. Tick Ditto 32s. to 38s. Od. White Peas 45s. to 70s. Pd. . Grey Ditto36s. to 18s. Ci. PRICE of FLOUR.— Fine 70s. to 75s. Od. HOPS, per Pocket. — Went, 41. lis. to 51. 12s.— Sussex, 41.14s. to51. 4s.— Farnliam, 81. Os. to 91. 9s. SMITHFIELD, Dec. 15. To sink the offal. OX Beef, 4s. Od. to 6s. Od. Wether Mutton, 4s. Sd. to 5s. 6d. Veal, 4s. fid. to 6s. Od. Pork, 4s. 8d. to 5s. 8d. Sold this day, Beasts, 2700— Sheep and Lambs, 10,500. NEWGATE and LF. ADENHAL- L, Dec. 15. By the carcase. Beef, 3s. Od. to 4s. 8d. Mutton, 4s. Od. to 5s. 0d. Veal, 3s. 6d. to 5s. 6d. Pork, ii. 8d. to 5s. 8d. TALLOW.— Town, 64s. 0d. White Russia,— s. Cd. to57s. Od. ' Soap), — s. 0d. to 56s. 0d„ Melting Stuff, 48s. to 49s. Od. Ditto rough, — s. to 3Cs. Good Dregs, 10s. Od. Graves, Us. Od. LEATHER, per lb. Butts, 50 to 561b. 22^ 1. » o24d. Ditto, 60 to 651b. 26d. to' 27d. Merchants' Backs, 2Hd. to224. Dressing Hides, 17& L to 18Jd. Fine Cpacli- Hides, 18id. to20d. Crop Hides tor cutting., 2Id. to 2- 4.1. Flat ordinary, I7) d. to l8jd. Calf Skins, 30 to 401b. per doz. 2Sd. to 40d. Ditto, 50 to 701b. per doz. 3( M. to 4Id. Ditto, 70 to 80ib. 30d. to S4d. Small Seals, per lb. 3Sd. to 42d. Large Ditto, per doz. 100s. to 140s. Goat Skins, — s. to — s. [ K: doz. Tanned Horse- Hides, 18s. to 35s. p. r Hide. NORTHAMPTON: Printed and Published by and for T. DICEY and JY. SUTTON.
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