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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Volume Number: LXXXVI    Issue Number: 26
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 30/08/1806
Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: LXXXVI    Issue Number: 26
No Pages: 4
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Vol. I \:- XVI. No. 20. \ Ready Money is expected ^ with Advertisements? SATURDAY, August 30, 18( 36. . mpfeBNitv 3-| d "^ jgSt^ f^ S1'' aT"' '' r'nt " - NVI - IE- Sunday and Tuesday's Posts, J. > V 1) U iV, August 26. Mil. J.; fle, the Messenger, arrived on Saturday inorm. ia, at the Foreign Office, with dis- patches ( Yum the Karl ot' Laudendali, at Paris. Mr. (" ourviiisier, another Messenger, also arrived ill the cout se of Saturday morning, with dispatches from Mr. Adair* our Minister at Vienna. Jio'th dispatches were taken into consideration by a Cabinet ounril, » hich met at the Foreign Office. ' Hie Earl of Yarmouth left . Paris on Thursday ntuht, tin 1 at rived in London on Saturday night. The nolde Lord had ail interview with Mr. Fox in tin forenoon of yesterday.— His Lordship, we un- derstand, does not return *< V Paris. l'aris Papers have been received to the l? th inst. which tqual, if they do not exceed, in importance, th. ise which announced tin; recognition of the Rhenish Confederacy by Prussia and Austria. The Emperor of Germany is no more; not that the Illustrious Personage has departed this life, but that he has abdicated the title and office of Emperor of Geimany, in a solemn Proclamation, published at \ ienna 011 the7th inst. and lias absolved all the Elec'ors, Princes, and States, from their duty and till'esiiauee to Ritn as head of the l. inpiie..— This event, though it will not create much surprise— though it was a consequence which the ( onvention of the German Princes who threw off their a'- legiauce to the House of Austria, and placed themselves under the protection of the House of Napoleon, prepared us to expect, will not fail to be contemplated with emotions of sorrow and regret. Ii is something like the death of the lust of an ancient aud beloved family— we may have long expected it; but we are still grieved and afflicted when those expectations are realized. ' Flic Im- perial Power has been vested in the House of Austria, with few exceptions,' upwards of 500 yetu s. Saturday, the two Hamburgh Mails which were due arrived. The chief article which the first contains, is mi abstract of the terms of the Treaty, between France and Russia. Terms more fa- vourable to France, more disgraceful to Russia, it is hardly possible to conceive. The latter gives up her possesions in the Mediterranean, abandons the King of Naples, acknowledges. Bonaparte and his two brothers as Emperor of France and Kings/ of Naples. and Holland, and, in short, concedes every point for which she originally . commenced the war. li these terms are correctly stated, we cannot bring ourselves to believe that the Emperor of Russia will ratify thern.— The second of these brings the important advice, that the King of Prussia has put. all his army on tire war establish- ment, and that lie has evacuated Cuxhaven. Adiices from Holland were received yesterday, of so late a date as Wednesday last. They mention a general belief, that, the points at present in dis- cussion between England and France relate prin- cipally to Portugal and Spain. It is added, that in Holland the hopes of peace were no longer indulged in, and that the military and naval' pre- parations in that country were about to become more active and extensive than ever. On Saturday the following intelligence was transmitted from the Admiralty to the Lord- Mayor:— " ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, August 23. " By dispatches received this morning; from Sir John Warren, by his Majesty's ship Saracen, arrived • at Portsmouth, it appears thai the Vice- Admiral reach d liarbarfoes on the 12th of July, and was off St. Bartho. omew's on the 14th, when he expressed his irtention of pursuing the enemy, according to the intelligence he should obtain of their movements. The atest authentic account states them to have been elf M. John's, I otto Rico; previously to which they aie - aid to have been reinforced by a . snip of the line anu two frigates. " Intelligence has been received from Admiral Sir A. Cochra e, dated < it'St. Kitt's, 15th of July, in which no mention is made of his having iallurt in. Willi Sir John War'cn. « • ( A t. uecopy.)" ( Signed) ". T. SHAW." " . Qpnsioit. Houtc, half fust one o'clock." By fttcounts received by a ship arrived at Li- verpool from the West Indies, it pretty clearly appears that Jerome lionaparte is endeavouring to make good his return to Europe. In this attempt il is hijilv probable he may fall in with Sir R. Strachai., or Admiral Harvey. Should he, how- ever, contrive to elude those gallant officers, he will hud it difficult to pass the Rochefort, Brest, and Cadiz squadrons. It is generally thought too, that Lord St.. Vincent left his station off Brest to aid in cutting off Jerome's retreat. The Expedition for the Cape of Good- Hope has been compelled, by contrary winds, to put back to Plymouth. Sundav, between two and three hundred soldiers, prisoners in Holland ever sineo November last, were loaded at Harwich, They consist of. part of the il, 4th, 5th, 8th, and 9th regiments, which v ere wreckcd on the Dutch coast. As a striking and exalted contrast to the luxury of the times, we give the following account of the daily mode of life invariably adhered to by our gracious and beloved Sovereign, viz. At one, the King's dinner is always served. In the summer, this sometimes consists merely, for several days together, of fish, a cold sirloin of beef, or neck of mutton, with a sallad and a pudding. In winter, a boiled leg of mutton with turnips is often the Chief dish. The King eals very heartily, drinks one or two glasses of wine, but no limit liquor. At three, his Majesty goes to the Queen's dessert, and it is here alone that he tastes any higher luxuries than his subjects, the fruit being always in great variety and perfection. After coffee with the Queen, the King sometimes plays at chess with General Fjtzroy, but he usually passes the whole of the evening with his family, aud between nine and ten retires to rest. The following is the price of provisions at pre- sent at Paris:— The loaf of four pounds, sixpence halfpenny; butcher's meat 7d. to 7Jd., per pound, pork 9d. bacon ham Kid. eggs 7d. per dozen, butter Is. 2d. per pound. The wages of a day labourer are 2s. ( id. and the number of poor 100,000, of whom 3000 old men, above seventy, arc petitioning to be received into the hospital of Bic^ tre ( the Bethlehem Hospital of Paris) in consequence of a decree which gives them a title to it. A pamphlet has just made its appearance, con- taining some important documents respecting Dr. TAYLOR'S REMEDY for DEAFNESS, fully proving its efficacy in the Cure of that complaint, and the perfect safety with which it may be applied.— See advertisement. The fatal effects of the late storm, on Tuesday evening, have been severely felt in the Welt of England, and particularly in the Vale of Berkshire. The lightning set ( ire to a wheat- rick, in the yard of Mr. Chase, an opulent farmer at Burghfield, Berks, which was destroyed, with many others. . Afier the flames had spread devastation in the rick- yard, a barn t « ok fire, and the whola of a spacious farm- yard was in one blaze. A waggoner, driving a team of horses, near to the above place, was struck dead, as was also one of the horses. ' The lightning also communicated to a rick of wheat, near Baldock, IJerts, and one hundred and thirty-! wo loads of wheat, were consumed. A few days since, a most distressing circum- stance happened at the house of J. Turcin, Esq. at Taunton; the son, a young gentleman about If, had fired off one of the barrels of a double- barrel gnn; after which he returned to the house, and, thoughtless of the other being loaded, it accidentally went off, and the contents lodged in the arm and side of an affectionate sister, a young lady about 19. ' The most able assistance was immediately procured, and great hopes were en- tertained that the wounds were not mortal, but in a few hours they were thought dangerous, it being apprehended part of the contents had reached the liver; she languished about 24 hours, when she expired. She is universally lamented. Wonderful Interposition of Providence.— On Sa- turday se'nnight, a child amusing itself near the Crim es at Gordon's mills, near Aberdeen, fell into the head of the meal mill, and was carried by'the current under the water wheel. The child. w, as not missed for some little time; but on the alarm being given, its father ran out, and found his infant floating down the stream a considerable way below the mill. The child was taken out, and what is wonderful to relate, not eten a scratch was found on it, aud were it supposed that the child had actually been packed into the bucket of the wheel it could not have escaped win less injury, as there is not room to pass even the thickness of a penny- piece under the wheel. At the assizes for Somerset, John Docke Romney RouveJlet w as found guilty of forging the accept- ance of Messrs. Child and Co. to a bill of ex- change for i'. 4 20, by which he defrauded Madame Simeon, lace- dealer, of Bath. He was convicted, principally, on the evidence of Elizabeth Barnct, who at that time lived with him as his wife, aud saw hiiri commit the forgery. ' The trial lasted twelve hours. BEDFORD RACES, lspti. IF"| N, TUESDAY, the 9th Day of SEJTEMUEK, will V S be run for, on COW- MEADOW, near BEDFORD, the WOBURN STAKES of TEN GUINEAS EACH, with TWENTY GUINEAS added from the Race Fund, for Three- year- olds carrying 7st. Four- year- olds 8st. 21b. Five- year- olds 9st. Six year- olds and Aged 9st. 51b. Mares allowed 31b. The best of three Two- mile Heats.— The Winner to be sold for 200 Guineas, if demanded within a Quarter of an Hour after the Race; the Owner of the second Horse being first entitled, & c. & c. — fo be named on Thurs- day preceding the Rate, and the Stakes to be paid into the Hands, of Mr. V,. BROWN, Clerk of the Course, at the Time of Naming. On the SAME DAY, a PURSE of FI FTY POUNDS, given by His Grace the Duke of Bedford, for Three- year- old Colts and Fillies. Colts to carry 8st. ; Fillies I St. 121b. The best of three Heats, once round the Course. On WEBNESDAY, the 10th Day of SEPTEMBER, the TOWN PLATE of FIFTY POUNDS, free for all Horses, Sec. The best of three Four- mile Heats. Four- year- olds carrying 7st. 71b. Five- year- olds 8st. 51b. Six- year- olds 8st. 91b. and Aged 8st. i 11 b. Horses that have won one Plate or Sweepstakes in 1806 to carry 31b. extra, of two Plates or Sweep- stakes 51b. and of three or more 71b. extra. Every Hoise that runs for either of the above, must be shewn and entered, on Thursday before the Races, at the RED - LION INN, BEDFORD, between the Hours o:' Four and Seven in the Afternoon, and must th n produce proper Certificates of Age and Qua- lifications, and at the same Time must pay Two Guineas Entrance, and l ive Shillings each to the Cierk of the Course. Horses entering at the Post, to pay double Entrance, See. No less than three reputed Horses to start for either, without Permission of the Steward. If but one Horse enters for either, the Owner to be allowed twenty Guineas; if two, Ten Guineas each. If any Dispute shall arise, either in Entering, Running, ike. the same to be decided by the Steward, or whom he shall appoint. For the greater Certainty of distinguishing the Horses, and to prevent Disputes, each Rider is desired to declare, at the Time of Entering, the Colours he intends to ride in. It is particularly requested, that all Persons stand without the Cords during the Time of Running. The Men who are employed have particular Directions to sec'this Request complied with, in order to prevent Accidents. Persons obstructing the Men in doing their Duty, will be prosecuted. ( f3* T ® start precisely at Twelve o'Clock. RICHARD ORLEBAR, Esq. Steward. WM. BROWN, Clerk. *** ORDINARIES as usual.— An ASSEMBLY on the Evening of the second Diiy's Race. LEICESTER. To be I. E T T, And may he entered upon immediately, or at Michaelmas next, ALL that capital PUBLIC- HOUSE, known by the Sign of the NAG's- HEAD, situate in GRANIIY- STREET, LEICESTER, with the Stables, Out- Olfices, Yard, Garden, and Premises, to the same adjoining, now in the Occupation of Miss Elizabeth Freer. (( 3" The Household- Furniture and Brewing- Uten- sils may be taken at a fair Appraisement. *** For further Particulars, and ta treat for the same, apply to Miss 1- REER. To be LETT, And entered upon at Old Michaelmas next, '" EMI AT old- established and well - accustomed 1 INN or PUBLIC- HOUSE, situate in TiNGEWICK, in the County of Bucks, known by the Sign of the WHITE- HART, with commodious Yard, Garden, and Outbuildings, and two Closes ot Pasture. Land to the same belonging. ( fST TINGEWICK is a populous Village, situate on the Turnpike- Road leading from Banbury, through Buckingham, to London, and at the Distance from Buckingham of about three Miles. *„* For further Particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to Mr. THOMAS FLOWERS, at Barton- Hartshorne, near Tingewick aforesaid; or to Mr. HEARN, Solicitor, Buckingham. To be SOLD by A U C T I O N~ By Mr. ROUSE, On Tuesday the 9th of September, .1806, about Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the Talbot Inn, in Market- Harborough, A Compact, convenient, Brick- built and Slated MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, situate at the East End of the Ki NO'S- HE AD YARD, in MARKET- IIARBOROUGH aforesaid, in the Tenure of Wm. Tailby and others; comprising a useful Kitchen, Pantry, two Chambers, See. and a Warehouse, with two Lofts or Granaries over it; also a roomy Build- ing, extending Southward, heretofore used as a Plumber's Casting Shop and Glass Warehouse, and convertible, at an easy Expence, to any Purpose which requires Room and good Conveniencies. There is a good Lead Pump on the Premises, supplied from a never- failing Source of excellent Water; and in the little Yard, with Part of the adjoining Garden, a Range of very useful and convenient Stables may be erected. ( pW For any further Particulars which may be desired, or to treat for the Purchase of the above, described Premises by Private Contract, apply to Mr. THOMAS BULL, of Market- Harborough; or to Mr. THOMAS BLOUNT, in Great- Bowden Suburbs. HEAVY WOOL RAMS. MR. CROFTS' SHEW of HEAVY WOOL RAMS will commence on TU I sn AY the NINTH of SEPTEMBER next, when the Company of his Friends will be esteemed a Favour, or on any other Day during the Season. Elton, near Stilton, August 13th, 1S06. ADDERBURY, OXFORDSHIRE. To be L E T T, For a Term of Years, and entered upon at Michaelmas next, AVery neat Sashed HOUSE, situate in the most eligible Part of the pleasant Village of ADDER1SURY, Oxfordshire; consisting of two Parlours, excellent Kitchen, and two good Pantries, on. the Ground Floor; five Bedchambers, a Study, two Garrets, and two underground Cellars; Brew- house, with Rooms oyer, wo Stables, and other con; veriient Offices, with a C-. trden walled rcund. ( J3" The Mail- Coach to Oxford and London passes tb rough the Village every Day. %* For further Particulars, apply to Mr. ROBERT GARDNER, Adderbuty ( who will shew the Premises)- or to Mr WYATT, Banbury. MA R KET- HARJJOROUGH. A capital Situation for a Grocer. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, ,4 Verv commodious and substantial Brick- built f'\ and' Slated D W li L L I N G - HOUSE and GROCER's SHOP, long established, situate near the Centre of the Town of Market- Harhorough, in the County of Leicester, and well calculated lor the Wholesale and Retail Business. ( pf* For Particulars, and to treat for the Purchase, apply to Air. JOHN 11 . RRY, Stationer, or Mr. S. GOODMAN, Solicitor, Market- Haiborjiugh. August 20th, .1805. Leicestershire. . To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, ACompact and highly - improvable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in the Parish of TI LTON- 0~ N. THE- HI1. L; comprising a Farm - House, and Outbuildings necessary for the Occupation of the I arm, and 280 Acres of Land, chietiy Meadow and Pasture, and a small Part Arable.— Also, the capital WOODLANDS, known by the Name of TILTON WOODS ( celebrated for the Covers), containing upwards of 80 Acres, and the Timber and Underyvood standing and growing thereon.— The Farm is held at Will, at an old Rent, whichwill admit of being advanced very considerably. The Woods are capable of great Im- provement, and of being rendered very productive both of Timber and Underwood, to the Growth of which the Soil is perfectly congenial. To a Gentleman fond of Field Sports ( particularly those of the Chase), this Estate is peculiarly adapted, being centrally situate in the Midst of several highly- celebrated Hunts, which frequently visit the Covets of Tilton.— The piescnt Farni- House, situate in the Village of Tilton, may, at a small Expence, be con- verted into a Hunting- Box; and a new Farm- House may, with Convenience and Advantage, be erected on the farm. FT3R TH. TON is distant from Leicester about ten Miles, and one Mile and a Half from the Turnpike- Road leading from Leicester to Uppingham. %* Printed Particulars may be had at the Bell Inn, at Leicester; of Mr. JOIIN WILDBORE, Tilton, who will direct a Person to shew the Estate; and of Messrs. RICHARDSON, SON, and CORFIELD, Land- Surveyors, Lincoln's- Inn- Fields, London, who are duly authorized to contract for the Sale. Valuable Building Materials. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By T. l'ELL, FOR READY MONEY, On Monday the 1st Day of September, 1806, on the Premises, at HANNINGTON, in the County of Northampton, the Property of Mr. BUSWELL, ALL the STONE and TIMBER of a large DWELLING- HOUSE, in small Lots, for the Accommodation of the Company ; comprising several Squares of sound Oak Roof, Oak Floors, with Oak Beams and Girders; several Window - Frames and Windows; the Stone Side Walls and Gable Ends; with a large Quantity of Harleston Chimney Water- Tabling, Irussers, and Springers; a large Quantity of old Iron; several Lots of Hovel Posts and Hovel Timber; with various other Building Materials. *** The Sale to commence exactly at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon. Also to be SOLD by AUCTION or PRIVATE CONTRACT, Two Hundred Thousand of Four- year- old WHITE- THORN QUICK. (( 3° Apply as above. Itich Feeding Land. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Messrs. LONDON ( S SON, On Tuesday the 23d Day of September next, at the Spread- Eagle Inn, Rugby, in the County of War- wick, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon ( subject to such Conditions as will be then produced), ALL those CLOSES and IXCLO " JRES of rich MEADOW and PASTURE LAND, situate at LI LBOURN, near Rugby, in the County of North- ampton, in the Tenure of Mr. Henry Trustlove, Tenant at Will, at the annual Rent of £. 140, called by the Names following:— A. R. P. 1. Great Colmore Meadow ( McadoW) 12 2 6 2. Middle Close ( Meadow) -. i 4 124 3. Little Meadow ( Meadow)". 2 3 35 4. Nether Close ( Pasture! 28 0 16 5. Upper Close and Road ( Pasture) .. J. 22 2 17 Total 70 2 18 Q3" This Estate is Tythe- free, within a Ring Fence, in a most fertile District ot rich feeding Land, whence the Smithiield Market is supplied with its finest Cattle, and is well deserving the Attention of the opulent Grazier and Farmer. * » * For further Particulars, apply to Mr. JAMES, Land Agent, Warwick; or to the AUCTIONEERS, at Hfenley- in- Arden. BEDFORDSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY- ; NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CUEDHOHS. jVT OTICE js hereby given, That a Meeting of - 1- 1 the Committee of this Society will be hotden at the SESSIONS- HOUSE, BEDFORD, on WEDNESDAY the TENTH Day of SEPTEMBER ncxr ( being the second Day of the Races), about Four o'Clotk in the After- noon, for the Purpose of determining on the Pre- miums to be offered by this Society to the different Classes of Candidates at tlie next General Meeting. ( Signed) WM. WHITWORTH, Secretary. Bedford, rub Aug. 1806. CAPITAL MANORS and ESTATES, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By Messrs. SKINNER, DYKE, S! Co. On Saturday the 18th of October, punctually at Twelve o'Clock, at the Cock Inn, Stony- Stratford, in twenty- seven Lots, \ VERY VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, advantageously situate in the Parishes of Cal- verton, Beacbampton, Nash, and Wolverton, in and contiguous to the Market Town of Stony- Stratford, in the County of Bucks, a short Distance from the Grand Junction Canal, and 50 Miles from London, bounded by the high Mail Road to the principal Manufacturing Towns in the North of England ; com- prising the MANORS of CALVERTON and BEACH- AMPTON, with numerous annual Quit- Rents, Fines at the Will of the Lord, Tolls ot the weekly Market and annual Fair at Stony- Stratford, Courts, Royalties, and Immunities, and sundry capital Farms, Lands, Water Corn- Mills, and Tenements, containing about Two Thousand Three Hundred and Thirty Statute Acres ; the most considerable Part Tythe- free, and capable of freat lmprovemen ; at present lett to raspectable enants from Year to Year ( except one Farm on Lease), at Rents amounting to only about Two Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Pounds per Annum. ( J3" To be viewed, and Particulars had, by applying at the Cock Inn, Stony- Stratford; where a proper Person, well acquainted with the Estate, will attend to shew the same.— Particulars may also be had of Messrs. Dicey & Sutton, Printers, Northampton; Messrs. Swinney Se Co. Printers, Birmingham; Mr. Rollason, Printer, and at the King's- Head, Coventry; Swan, Newport- Pagnell; George, Woburn; Sugar- Loaf, Dunstable; White- Hart, St. Albans; Red- I. ion, Barnet ; of Edmund Estcourt, Esq. Lincoln's- Inn; at the Place of Sale; and of Messrs. Skinner, Dyke, and Co, London, where Plans may be seen. To be LETT or SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, With immediate Possession, AN eligible WATER CORN- MILL, at THO BNTON, in the Cou. it> of Bucks ; situate with; . a few Yard.! of the navigable Cut from the Grand Junction Canal to the Town , of Buckingham, and distant from that Town and Stony- Stratford only a few Miles. For Particulars, apply at the Grand Junction Canal Office, Essex- Street, Strand, London. Mill, Duelling- House, Sfc. ut Wcndover, Bucks. To be LETT by PRIVATE CONTRACT, Possession to be had at Michaelmas next, rpHE valuable WATER- MILL, and the I adjoining comfortable DWELLING- HOUSE and TWO COTTAGES, with the BAKEHOUSE, MA Li HO USE, BREWHOUSE, GRANARY, BARN, STABLE, and suitable OUTBUILDINGS and CONVENIENCIES, and upwards of EIGHT ACRES of LAND contiguous thereto. The Whole situate at WENDOVER, in the County ot Bucks, Within a Small Distance of the Grand Junction Canal, aud the Occupation whereof is an Object of great Importance, the Water is not diverted for the Pur- poses of that Canal; and being peculiarly adapted for making superfine Paper, the Mill may, at a small Expence, be easily converted into a Paper- Mill. t3T The Premises may be viewed by applying to Mr. Ho A RE, the present Occupier; and Particulars had by enquiring at the Grand Junction Canal Office, Essex- Street, Strand, London. WARWICKSHIRE. ' To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, \ Valuable and very eligible FREEHOLD I.\. ESTATE, called OLD LEY'S MANOR FARM, Tythe- free, situate in the l'aiish of BURTON- DASSETT, in the County of Warwick, between the two Turnpike - Roads leading from BANBURY to WARWICK, a short Distance from each, only eight Miles from Banbury, eleven from Warwick, and three from Kineton and a Canal Navigation; containing 295 Acres of excellent Meadow, Grazing, and Arable Land, lying very compact, and within a Ring Fence; a Farm- House and Yard, with Barns., Stabling, Granaiy, and Outbuildings; of the yearly Value of ;£. 430, subject to Land- Tax, and may be entered upon at Michaelmas next. (( 3" For Particulars, apply to Messrs. MEYRZCK Se BRODRIP, Red- Lion- Square, London; or Messrs. WALFORD, GOLBY, Se WALFORD, Banbury, Ox- fordshire. Freehold Land, Tythe- free, WHITTLEBURY, near TOWCESTER, in the County of Northampton. To be S O L D by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY, On Wednesday the 3d Day of September, 1806, be. tvyeen the Hours of Three and Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the Fox- and- Hsunds, in Whittlebury, under such Conditions of Sale as will be then and there produced, rinvo CLOSES of ARABLE LAND, containing J- 10A. 3R. 8P. bv Admeasurement, situate in the new Inclosure in WHITf LEBUR Y FI E l. D, between Nicholas Wood and the open Fields of Paulerspury, with Right of Common in WHITTLEBURY FOREST. ( f3j~ For Particulars, apply to the AUCTIONEER, in Stony- Stratford, Bucks. Freehold, Sieventon, Bedfordshire. To be SOLD bv A U C T I O N, by JOHN DAY, At the Tinker Inn, in Turvey, i » the County of Bedford, on Thursday the 4th Day of September, 18C6, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, ACompact FREEHOLD and TYTHE - FREE ESTATE, situate at PIXHILI,, in the Parish of STEVENTON, near Turvey aforesaid; consisting of 108 Acres of Land, or thereabouts, chiefly Arable, conveniently subdivided, and on which is a large well- built Barn, with a Yard and three Piglnles adjoining. — This Estate is well worth the Attention of Gentle- men who are desirous of laying out Money in the Purchase of Land, as it is newly inclosed, highly improvable, and lies near the Turnpike- Road leading from Turvey to Bedford. (£ 3" May be viewed by Application to Mr. LOMES, the Tenant, at Steventon. *** Printed Particulars may be had at the Place of Sale; the Hind Inn, Wellingborough; Swan, Bedford and Newport- Pagnell; of the Auctioneer, at Stony- Stratford ; and at the Office of Mr. Garrard, Solicitor, Olney, Bucks; where a Plan of the Estate may- be seen. To Carpenters, Wheelwrights, fyc. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY, On Thursday the lltli of September, 1R06, on the Premises, at G REENSNORTON, near TOWCESTER, in the County of Northampton, rpHE STOCK in TRADE, , Vc. of Mr. JOHN JL WILLIAMS, Carpenter, Sec. who is leaving Norton ; comprising several Hundred Feet of 3- Inch, 2- Inch, and other Oak Planks, for Barn Floors, Sec.-, upwards of 1001) Feet of Ash Planks, of various Scantlings; 3000 Feet of Elm Boards; Six- inch Tel- lies, Hubs, Axletrees, Spokes, and various other Articles. ( pf The above- mentioned Stuff is very prime and well- seasoned, will be laid into convenient Lots, and sold without'Resetve. *** Tlie Sale to begin exactly at Eleven o'Clock. BUCK S. Freehold Manor Estate of 1160 Acres, and valuable Church Preferment. To be S O T. D by AUCTIO N, By IF INS TA NL E Y & SON, At Garraway's Colfee- House, ' Change- Alley, Corn- hill, London, on Tuesday the 30( h of September next, at Twelve o'Clock, in one Lot, Very eligible and improvable FREEHOLD ESTATE; consisting ' of the MANOR of HARDMEAD, extending over the whole Parish, and FOUR valuable DAIRY FARMS, with Farm- FIouses and suitable Outbuildings, containing 1159A. 1R. 30P. principally Grazing Land, lying nearly within a Ring Fence, and comprising almost the Whole of the Parish of HA R DM K AD, except a small Part, which is in the adjoining Parishes of NORTH - CRAWLEY, CHICHELEY, EMBERTON, and ASTWOBD, in the County of Bucks; about six Miles from Newport- Pagnell, three from Olney, 12 from Northampton, and 56' from London; ill the several Occupations of Messrs. Wm. and Thomas Battams, William Clayton, F. B. Old, and T. Brookes, re- spectable Tenants, on Leases, which expire at Lady- Day next, at old Rents, amounting to only . One Thousand and Fourteen Pounds pur Annum, capable of considerable Improvement ; besides 5A. 3R. 37P. of Wood Land, in Hand. Also, the perpetual ADVOWSON and next PRE- SENTATION to the RECTORY of HARDMEAD, of about the annual Value of .£. 200; the present Incumbent is 57 Years of Age. ({ 3" Messrs. WILLIAM and THOMAS BATTAMS, the Tenants, will shew the Estate. *.* Printed Particulars may be had at the Swan, at Newport- PagneU; the George, at Northampton ; the Cock, at Stony- Stratford ; t.. e George, at Wobprn; the Crown, at Dunstable ; the White- Hart, at St. Albans ; of Messrs. Woodcock Se Bateman,- Solicitors, No. 2, Lincoln's. Inn, New- Square; at the Place of Sale; and of Messrs. Winstanley & Son, Paternoster- Row, L. ndon, where a Plan may be seen. A. \ LL Persons who have any Claim or Demand on the Estate and Effects of JOHN HELL,, late of SUDBOSOUCH, in the County of Northamp- ton, Baker, deceased, are reqre ted to deliver the same to Mr. William Bell, or Mr. Thomas B'U » both of Stanion, in the raid County, on or bctoie ihe 27th Pay of October next, in order that the fame may be investigated, so that a final Settlement may be made ot his the said John Bell's Affairs on the 26th Day of November next; and all Persons wno stood indebted to the said John Bell at the Time ot his Dei- ease, are desired to settle the same with the said William Bell or Thomas Bell on or before the said 27th Day of October. 27th Augutt, 1806. MARTHA KEMSHEAD's INS( ( LVENCY. MAR 1 HA KEMSHF. AD, of WOI. LASTON, in - the County of Northampton, Widow, having' assigned all her Estate and Effects o John Sanders and Jo- eph Walker, both of Wellaston aforesaid. Farmers, in Trust for the equal Benefit of all her Cieditors: Notice- is hereby given, that the Deed of Assignment is ; odge; i at the Office of Messrs. Hodson, Solicitors, Wellingborough, where the Creditors of the said Martha Kemshead are reque* t u forthwith to call ai d sign the ame, or they will be excluded the Benefit of the Dividend.— All Persons indebted to the said Martha Kemshead, are desired to pay their Debts to Messrs. Hodson, or the si- hl John Sanders and Jo. eph Walker, immediately, or they will be sued for the same witlrout further Notice. To be SOLD by PRIVAT CONTRACT, AVery neat and convenient Brick- built and - Sashed DWEI. 1.1NG- H USE, situate in the pleasant Town of KIMBOLTON, in the County of Huntingdon; comprising two Parlours iu Fronf„ coi. » venient Kitchen, Pantries, and Cellar; a detached Brewhouse, Stable, Chaise- House, Warehouse. S ore- Rooms, and other Out- Offices; late in tile Occu- pation of Mr. John Smith, Ai ctioneer. The Whole in complete Repair, and may be entered upon imme- diately. A1 so a C OTT A G E or T F. N E M K NT and G A R D E N, in STONEI. Y, in the Parish of Kimbolton, also late in the Occupation of Mr. Smith. ( j^ T May be viewed by applying to Mr. JOHN COSTIN, of kimbolton; and to treat tbrthe Purchase, apply to Mr DAY, Solicitor, Saint Neots, or on Fridays at Kimbolton. Leicestershire. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CON TRACT, T C. E- II1ER OR SEPARATELY, rj'WO GRAZING FARMS, at LODDINGTON, I in the County of Leicester; one containing up- wards of 100 Acres, adjoining the Lordships of fast- Norton and Belton, comprising ^ ome as good feeding Land as any in the County ; and the other containing nearly 140 Acres, lying contiguous to the above, ai d alsi> adjacent to Belton Lordship. Th-. re is no House on either, but both aliortl eligible Situa ions tor Building; and more desirable I'urcha es seldom uifer. For Particulars, apply at the Law- Offices of Messrs. PARES, MILES, & ALSTON, Leicester; or to Mr. PALMER, of Uppingham To Grocers, Taltoio- Chundlers, ami omen. To be s O I, D by A U C 1 ION, By IV. WHITE, On the Premises, on Monday the 15th Day of Sep- tember, 1806, and following Davs, A I- I. the STOCK and UTEN. SIL- in TRADE, 11 Part of the neat HOUSE HOLD- 1 URN] I ( J !< E, and other EFFECTS, the Property of v. r. Ji. llN BRADLEY, Grocer and Talknv- Chai d'er, HIIJH STRF. F. T, BEDFORD, who is declining Business. ({ 3" Three Months' Credit will be given lo all t ur- cliasers above =£. 10, on approved Security. *** May be viewed Friday and Saturday preceding the Sale, which will begin each Day at I'tn O'Clock. N, B. Catalogues will be ready for Delivery ten Days previous to the Sale, at the principal Inns in ig Towns; Mr. vV Office, on the Premises, and at the Auctioneer's, the Neighbouring Webb's Printing- office, oi ' Bedford. * BEDFORDSHIRE. Capital Copyhold Estate, Leighton- Buzzard, To be SOLD bv AUCTIO NT, By Mr. IVO O D, At the Eagle- and- Child Inn, in Leighton- Buzzard, on Wednesday the 10th Day of September, 1806, between the Hours of Four and Six in the After- noon ; CONSISTING of a substantial, modern, and well- built DWELLING - HOUSE, bricked, tiled, and sashed; containing five genteel Sleeping- Rooms, with requisite Dressing- Closets, and two roomy Attics; a Breakfast- Parlour, Dining- Parlour, and a handsome Drawing- Room ; a convenient Office or Counting- House ; large Kitchen, with a Brew, house attached, and near it is a Well of fine Water, with a Pump ; dry and cool Beer and Wine Cellarage; Laundry, Piggeries, Wood - Barn, Stable, and other suitable Outbuildings; with Flower and Kitchen Gardens, Yard, and Drying- Ground adjoining, all well fenced round with a Brick Wall. This complete Residence is situated in the Centre of the CORN- MARKET, in LEIGHTON- BUZZARD, and in good Repair, well calculated for the Reception of a genteel Family, or Trade of any Description. ( pr The Possession of the Premises may be had at Saint Thomas next. *** For further Particulars, and to- treat for the Purchase, apply to Mr. WILLIS, Solicitor, Winslow, Bucks; Messrs. WILLIS & SON, Solicitors, or Mr. WOOD, Leighton- Buzzard. Freehold and Tuthe- free Estate, at Cosby, Lt iLCstt: rshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By EDWARD NEALE & SON, On Wednesday the 10th Day of September next, at the Dog- and- Gun- lnn, in the Parish of Whetstone, in the County of Leicester, about Three o'Clcxk in tlie Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be then produced, unless sooner disposed of by Private Contract, of which Notice will be given, ASubstantial FARM- HOUSE, with a good . Barn, Stable, and other suitable Outbuildings thereto belonging, in complete Repair, situate at COSBY aforesaid, with SIX CLOSES of excellent ARABLE and PASTURE LAND, in a hi^ h State of Cultivation, adjoining thereto, containing 61 Acres or thereabouts, now in the Occupation of Richard Orton, who will shew the Premises. 83* COSBY is situate about six Miles from Lei- cester, about ihe same Distance from Lutterworth and Hinckley, and the Turnpike- Road front Leicester to Lutterworth adjoins the Lordship.— A more eligible Situation than the above Estate is seldom offered to the Public. The Payments thereon are very low, and Possession may be had on Payment of the Purchase Money. *** For further Particulars, and to treat by Private Contract, apply to Mr, WATSON, Lutterworth. — — > Freehold Estate, Bi untingtJiorpe. To be S O I, D by AUCTIO N, By EDWARD NEALE & SON, At the Old- Ciown Inn, in Lutterworth, in the County of Leicester, on Thursday the 18th Day of September next, about Three o'Clock in the After- noon, subject to such Conditions as will be then produced, if not disposed of in the mean Time by Private Contract, of which Notice will be given, Valuable ami very desirable FREEHOLD A ESTATE, free from Tvthe and Land - Tax, situate at BRUNTING 1 HORPF.,, in the County of I. eicestei ; consisting of a good substantial farm- House, Barns, Stables, and other suitable Outbuildings thereto belonging, and about 70 Acres of rich Arable, Meadow, and Grazing Land, divided in, u convenient Inclosures, adjoining thereto, now in the Occupation of Mr. William L. undon, who will shew the Premi es. (!: 3)~ BRUNTINC. THORPE is situate about five M. ieS from Lutterworth, and about nine from Market- Harborough and Leicester. *** For further Particulars, and to treat for the Purchase, apply to Mr. WATSON, Lutterworth. Wednesday and Thursday's Posts. LONDON, August 28. DUTCH Papers to the 2< 2d inst. have been received.— These are' not Of particular in- terest in respect to the feelingg - of this country, but may, notwithstandin^. faffmsh matter of cu- lio- us speculation. King LmitR. tSe First lias issued a decree, the object of tvhicli is to silence all • editors of newspapers who presume to . publish any free remarks upon the conduct of any Go- verntuent- with whom his Majesty may be at peace. Upon this principle) we suppose, it is intended to reform the press of every nation on the Continent , and elsewhere, should it Ire acknmvledged. King Louis was expected at the Hague, from Wis- b'aden, on the 25th hist, the waters of that place having afforded him no relief. His life- guards are to be immediately increased from 1500 to 3000 men! . The insurrection in Calabria, it appears, lias at length beeome so formidable, that. it is necessary to put the whole force of Massena in motion against it. . • The indefatigable Emperor of the French is about to issue a new catechism for the use of all the good Christians of his Empire-! Tt is asserted, that in consequence of the treaty between France and Russiq, the Grand Duke l.' onstantine is to be made King of Poland; and the Austrian, Prussian, aiid Russian ^ dismembered shares of that kingdom are te be given up by., theii present possessors. The Grand'DaVe Constantino is to marry the Etectbral' Princess of Saxony, - and the Elector is to resign his dominions-. - The German Journals announce the death of the Prince of Ilesse Philipsthall on his passage to Sicily. Domiciliary visits are threatened in Naples; and persons not belonging to the national guard liavs been enjoined to deliver up, in three days, all kinds of arms and weapons,' as well as all gun- powder, in their possession. In addition to the <: ,:! v arrests of suspected persons, these are so many unquestionable proofs of King . Toe's hound- less confidence in the zeal, attachment, and fide- lity, of his new subjects ! New- York Papers to the 20th of July have been received ; but they do not furnish a single article of news. The trial of the persons implicated with Miranda commenced at New- York, before the Circuit Court of the United States, on the 15th of July. Several of the principal officers of the American Government had been subpoenaed as witnesses on behalf of the defendants, Messrs. Ogdcn and Smith; but had refused to attend the Court. The trial cxcited much interest, and was expected to last several weeks. Part of the homeward- bound Quebec fleet, we regret to state, has been captured. This disaster happened on the 10th inst. in the latitude of the Western Islands. The Campion, of 24 guns, under whose convoy they sailed, arrived at Portsmouth on Tuesday. The fleet got sight of the enemy, a French 80- gun ship, on the 14th, at which time. she was becalmed. The wind, however, afterwards favoured her, and on the morning of the 16th she was close upon the body of the convoy, before she was perceived. The fleet, we understand, con- sisted of about 10 or 20 sail. The following bulletins, transmitted yesterday to Lloyd's; give us reason to hope that the damage sustained is not very considerable. " Admiralty- Office, 1" lth Aug. 2 P. M. " Message by Telegraph from Portsmouth:— " Masters of four of the Champion's Convoy ar- rived in an American; only six are captured by the Veteran." N. B. The Veteran is Jetome Bonaparte's ship. " Mmirulty- OJfice, 17th Aug. 20 minutes to Four. " \ d> iHion to the Telegraph Message from Ports- mouth " Names of the ships burnt are, Lydia, Jamas, Join"; and Isabella, Alexander, Silver Eel, and Hester." This news made a sensible impression on the. public for a time; not so much from the value of the ships lost, as from the idea that a French force could in any way, by any acci'dent, and in any sea, surprise any part of the trade of Great- l. tritni- n. T his commendable feeling of superiority is not to be suppressed; but undoubtedly it is vaiii to think that we can at all times guard the crowded seas from occasional molestation. With the trade pf- the orld in our hands, we must occasionally nold forth temptation to the enemy. But in the present instance the loss does not turn out to be material. Parliament, it is now said, will be assembled for a short session, previous to the dissolution. Tuesday, October 28th, is mentioned as the day of meeting. Yesterday the Prince of Wales dined with the Earl of Guildford, at his seat in Oxfordshire.— His Royal Highness is expected to proceed on his tour to- day for the Marquis of Hertford's, in Warwickshire. The annual sale of Merino sheep from his Majesty's Hock of the pure Merino breed, so re- markable for the silky fineness of their wool, took place near the Pagoda at Kew, oil the 19th instant; when 20 shearling or two- toothed rams, S four- toothed rams, 2 full- monthed rams, and 20 full- mouthed or aged ewes, were sold. The company was not so numerous as on former occasions, nor were the bidders so eager as befoie, although the sheep were in general unexceptional in point of wool, and better in carcase than at the former Sales. The highest shearling rain sold for SSJgs. and the 20 averaged £. 1$. lis. each ; last year the best shearling ram sold for 50 guineas, and they averaged more than 34gs. Last year a son of ijnegs fetched 64gs. while his famous sire now s ild for lBJgs.— The gracious intentions of his Majesty in distributing these valuable sheep among practical breeders will be thus far better an- swered, than by the excessive prices which it seemed probable, last year, that the sheep at these sales were to fetch, from the competition of ama- teurs.— 1 he purchasers were Mr. Houlman, Col. ^ Fullarton, Mr. Essens, Mr. Eden, Mr. Cook, Mr. Wansey, Mr. Whitaker, and Mr. Aiton. Thq wheat harvest in most of the Southern and many of the Midland counties of Englakd is • finished; and the same may be observed of the Southern aspects of the Northern districts. The wheat is a good'average crop, aud the bushel of it <. will contain not only better flour than for many years past, but will produce more of it by some pounds, as the wheat has not come to such a state of maturity for many previous seasons; so that where a given quantity of land may not have pro- duced so much wheat this year as the last, yet, from the above reasons, the quantity of flour will be the same. Some of the wheat has been thrashed for seed; it is of a very superior quality. Barley and Oats in many parts have been cut, and amucb better crop is now expected, owing to the July rains. The seed clovers look well and promising. The gentle showers have fully realized the prospect of an abundance of Hops; it is expected they will begin picking in about ten days. The late showers have much improved the seed on the uplands and downy countries; and the Turnips never planted better. Of Potatoes there will be a large crop, aud much, reduced in price. Lord Henry Petty, and the other Lords of the Treasury, on Monday commenced a Visitation to the different public offices, for the purpose of taiued in the bills which tfurc passed last session are attended to. The Judges have lately determined that a persoa ( who keeps only one horse for riding, which he enters and pays for as such, and who has no car- riage chargeable with any duty.) having one parish apprentice imposed on him by virtue of the power given to magistrates, wearing no livery, and who alone takes care of his master's horse, is not liable to be charged to the duty for a male servant. Lieutenant Fairman, it is said, has accepted Captain Barclay's Ja, te challenge against all ling- land, to walk 100 miles. I'com the tried bottom of both gentlemen, the contest will doubtless be a very . sharp one. The terms of the match are not yet decided upon. It is intended to take place sbWe' time in October, and at a great distance from London. A man of the name of Pegg lately undertook, for the trifling wager of 5s. to run eight mileswithin the hour, on the road from Hindolveston to Fouls- ham, in Norfolk, which he accomplished with apparent ease in 58 minutes. The public are particularly cautioned to examine the one and two- po » iid Bank- notes now in circu- lation, as there are many forgeries to those amounts daily taken in the shops. The signature to the notes is for the most . part, " W. Caulier i the forged notes are attempted with various degrees of similitude, but some of them are executed in j a manner well calculated to deceive an incautious or inaxperienced eye. •-.-'.• | Board - of Health.— The last- Report of the Board | of Health - in Manchester, contains the following i important paragraph out to the other five.—- it appeared on the trials of Hitchin, Stockton, Fox, Holland, and Powell, that they regularly assembled at the house of Hitchin, on Monday and Friday evenings; and that they called one another brother.— The Judge very properly ordered that no notes should be taken of these trials.— Five of the persons charged with unnatural offences were admitted as evidence for the Crown. Horrid Murders.— Between eleven o'clock on Thursday night and day- light on Friday morning, a most barbarous murder was committed on the body of Ann Winterflood, an unfortunate girl, of uncommon beauty, in St. George's - fields, Southwark.— The deceased had lodgings at No. 3, Mansfield- street, at a Mrs. Bryan's, together with another female. This street is at the top ot the Borough- road, and not a hundred yards ffom the Circus Gate; she was entrusted with a key of the street- door, to enter the house at any hour ot the night she pleased. The people of the house were not accustomed to sit up tor her. On the night of the murder she left her lodging, with the key in her pocket, about half- past eight o'clock, elegantly dressed: she wore a white muslin gown/ deeply flounced, a valuable lace tucker, a smart hat, and black or blue velvet shoes. After eleven o'clock on the same evening, she came to the top of the street where she lodged, and was in conversation, for a long time, with a man and his wife ; when she left them she did hot go home.— At day- light, or rather a little before, on Friday morning, as a watchman of the name of Todman was going his rounds, he observed the body of a woman, lying with the head against a cart which had been set over- end, at the entrance of Mr. Gibbs's coal- slied, in Higgler's - street, commonly called Higgler's- lane, leading from nearly the top of Blackfriars- road to the North end of the King's- Bench prison. On approaching the body, he discovered she was dead, and instantly called up Mr. Gibbs. They, removed the body from where it lay, and found the To thv Cttfgy. MR; BUGBY begs to acquaint tire Clergy pos- sessed of Livings under =£. 150 clear annual Value, that he will be happy to transact the Business of KXON E RATING their BENEFICES from the LAND- TAX, which can now be done under the Act of Parliament lately passed, without the Payment of any Consideration by the Incumbent.— As a limited Time for receiving Statements is mentioned in the Act, an early Application is therefore necessary. No. 8, Symond' s- lnn, Chancery . Lane, London. T, B. Si O N E AVtNG declined Business in Tavour f M. DOLAN, returns his sincere Thanks to f'S Friends and the Public for their past favours, and solicits a Conti nuance ot the same to his Successor. Am I thill j August 1% tb, 1806. H H A - - p. n:~\ ...... back part of the head severely bruised, the neck ap- So completely have the ends originally proposed ; parently as if violence had been used, her breasts ' * ilfh hi'i'ii anwered hv thp nrespnt , 1- . • i ... , bv the Board of Health been answered by the present institution, that ever since the new building has been opened, the number of patients requiring admission has been short" of what was expected: the average has indeed borne a small proportion to the number the house was capable of accommodating. A more convincing argument of the efficacy of the plans adopted for the extinction of contagion could hardly b- adduced. To expect that the building might ever become totally useless, would be to indulge, perhaps, too sanguine a hope; for as long as the poor remain so regardless of their real interests, as to lavish the produce of their industry in the purchase of baneful and enervating luxuries, and, by living in confined and crowded be aten in a most shocking manner, and other parts of her body cut and mangled in such a manner, that a large portion of flesh fell on the ground, and was picked up by Todman, as they were carrying the body to lay it under cover. As soon as this was done, Todman called Mr. Price, a surgeon, in Black- friars- road ; but as life had entirely departed, he could only be a witness of the shocking state the body was in before it had stiffened, she then beiox quite warm. — On the spot where this unfortunate young woman was found, there was not any blood to be observed, any traces of footsteps, nor any appearance indicating a struggle, neither were the clothes she wore much disordered. It is, therefore, presumed, whoever was ' .| 1" .. , UIJUIUV.. VU, IJ, LLIUBIUI. I [' IV JIIUIW, " 1IUIIW ,, MS habitations, are willing to forego the ; thc perpetmor of lhis most diabolical murder, must eanlmess, pure air, and wholesome diet, have committc( i it elsewhere.. It is ascertained the comforts of cleanliness for the temporary gratifications of' perverted appetite —' so long will dangerous fevers arise ameng them; so long will their abodes be fruitful sources ol infection; and so long will their constitutions readily receive and quickly generate the poisonous exhalations of typhus." At the late Stafford assizes, Mr. D. in cross- ( examining a simple country lad, asked him, if he I ditl not know how much money such a person had | in his pocket when he went from home? " No, Sir," said the lad. " Look at me, Sir," said the J Counsel, " you are upon your oath; will- you- say- that- you- did- not- kiiow?" " Yes, Sir." " Now," ' said the hid, " look at we, Sir; can you tell how much money I've got ia my pocket?" We stated last week that the French frigates which were in company with Le Rliin, when she was captured by the Mars, had effeeted their escape into port. ThO Master of a Danish vessel, last from Bourdeaux, which arrived at Plymouth on Friday, states, that 011 the ar- rival of these three frigates, they were fired on by the batteries, being mistaken for'English ships; — Considerable mischief would have ensued if a boat had not been sent from one of them. BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. NOTICE is hereby given, That a SPECIAL GENERAL SESSIONS of the PEACE of this COUNTY will be'holdenat the COUNTV- HALL, in AYLESBURY, on SATURDAT the SIXTH Day of SEPTEMBER next, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon, for the Purpose of executing the Powers and Authorities of an Act of Parliament passed in the last Sessions, intitled " An Act for the Relief of certain Insolvent Debtors." By Order of two of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the said County, , . ACTON CHAPLIN, Clerk of the Peace for the said County. Aylesbury, Tub Aug. 1806. To Wharfingers and others. To be LETT, on LEASE, And may be entered upon immediately, Commodious HOUSE, with large Yard and Garden, Sheds, Stable, & c. situate in COTTON- EN D, near to the Grand Junction Wharf. The House consists of two good Parlours, a Kitchen, Scullery, and Pantry, with Cellar, on the Ground Floor; four good Sleeping- Rooms and a Closet on the first Floor, with suitable Attics. ff5r" May be viewed, and further Particulars had, on Application to L. KIRSHAW, Surveyor and Auc- tioneer, Northampton. Valuable Freehold Land. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By, DENNIS & SON, On Tuesday the 2d of September next, at Five o'Clock, at the Swan Inn, Oundle, in four Lots, ABOUT 23 Acres of rich ARABLE and PASTURE LAND ( late in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Haynes, Nurseryman, a Bankrupt), most advantageously situated at ELM1NGTON, in thc Parish of OUNDLE, adjoining the Turnpike- Road to Stamford and Peterborough, and within a few Fur- longs of the navigable River Nen. Particulars may be had of the Auctioneers, Northampton ; and at the Place of Sale. M. D O L A N ^ AVING taken the SHOP ai£ l STOCK of Mr. STONE, begs Leave to inform her Friends and the Public, that the Stock will be sold at very reduced Prices, and a good Assortment of prime LINEN and WOOLLEN - DRAPERY, HOSIERY, HAI , & c. of the very best Qualities, ottered on such lern. s as will insure a Continuance of tfte Favours that may be conferred 011 her. Amp thill, August 28 tb, 1806. No. 26, Corn/ till, 52, Charing - Cross, and tit. ^ Margaret's- Hill, berouth. ORNSBY & Co. respectfully acquaint the Public, that the present Lottery contains more capital Prizes and fewer Tickets than any preceding Lottery,.— A great Variety of Tickets and Sharts aie on Sale at the lowest Prices at the above Ma « e- Lottery- Oflices, where all Shares of Prizes aie pay ing in full. C3T Orders, by Letter or Carrier, executed 011 the same Terms as if present. *** The Lottery begins Drawing the 13th of OCTOBER. instant,. By the Betsey, Snowden, arrived in the Clyde, Quebec papers are received to thc 10th ult. which state, that the transport ship Naias, bound for Quebec, with three companies of the 100th regi- ment, - Major Bertram, and thirty women and children, was wrecked on a small island to the eastward of Cape Ray, on the 33d of October last. Thirty- four men crossed over on a raft made from fragments of the wreck to Newfoundland ; 27 of whom, it is believed, perished in the woods. The total number of persons on board was 247; the names of those known to be saved, are, Edw. Cornwall, corporal; James M'Garnie, John Crosier, John M'Dermod, and James M'Kennah, privates of the 100th regiment; and Daniel Dunavan and Thomas Robertson, sailors.— The following are the name's of the officers who were on board:— Major Bertram; Captains Enright and Sharrard; Lieutenant Dawson; Ensigns Falkner, Cooper, and Orrnshy; and Assistant- Surgeon W. llendrick; all of the. iooth regiment. Last week Anthony Daffy Swinton, of Salisbury square, was committed to Newgate Ijy the Com- missioners of Bankrupts at Guildhall, for deli- vering in forged books, and refusing to account - for his property, Mr. Nalder, the City Marshal, who went to Chester in quest of Daniels, the perpetrator of the late extraordinary fraud ill the money- market, has written to the Committee of the Stock- Exchange, that he has received information which may probably lead to the apprehension of the culprit. He states that a woman, who had arrived at Chester from London in the Mail, gave a description of a fellow- traveller which exactly corresponded with the person of Daniels. It was supposed he had embarked for Ireland, and thither Mr. Nalder intended to follow him. Saturday night a fatal accident happened at Kippax, near Leeds:— Mr. Simpson having had his garden robbed, took his gun and went out with his servant- man at midnight to search the grounds; on entering the garden, they each went separate ways, and when nearly meeting again, from some cause yet unknown, the gun in the master's hand went off, and lodged its contents in the servant's breast, which caused his instant death. On Tuesday se'nnight, in the evening, the True Briton coach, going from the White- Lion inn, Nottingham, for London, was overturned at the bottom of Barkergate, owing to one of the axle- trees breaking. There were a great number of outside passengers, some of whom were materially injured : a minister in the Methodist connexion recttived a severe fracture on his skull, his wife had an arm broken and her shoulder dislocated, and several others received contusions more or less severe; we are happy to learn, however, that they are all in a fair way pf recovery. At Lancaster assizes, which closed on Monday last, thirteen prisoners were capitally convicted, and received sentence of death, viz. John Barlow, for stealing six pieces of calico, in the bleaching ground of S. Nash, 1'. Jackson, and A. Lloyd, of Failsworth; Luke Lockard and Peter Higgins, for . having been concerned in forging and uttering a Bill of Exchange for ,£. 29 10s. with intent to defraud G. Gardner, J. Hudswell, and J. Thorp, of Salford; James Sidebottom, for stealing a waistcoat,& c. the property of Z. Fletcher; Ralph Bolton, for a burglary in thg house of W. Horrocks, and stealing therein a desk containing a quantity of gold coin; Charles Johnson and Robert Thomas, for forging a Bill of Exchange of .£. 30, with intent to defraud J. and J. Irwin, of Manchester; James Yates, for wounding and ravishing Mary Hoyle, of Spolland; Isaac Hitchin, aged 62, for an assault, with an intent to commit an unnatural crime on John Knight; Samuel Stockton, Thomas Fox, and Joseph Holland, for a similar offence on Thomas Taylor; aud John Powell, for an unnatural crime with John Knight.— The Judge ( Baron Graham), in the most impressive manner, advised the eight last- pientioned malefactors to prepare to meet the ; fate which the laws of their country had affixed on body was not lying where it was found at two o'clock that morning, as one of Mr. Gibbs's coal- carts was j yoked exactly on the spot at that hour, and drove off. | Todman, the watchman, was also close by the place ; about the same hour, and thinks he must have seen any thing, of that size lying, especially as the deceased was dressed in white.— A report gained ground on Friday, that a marine was concerned in this murder, having been heard to say the night before, that " he would be the death of her." He was taken to Union- Hall, and underwent an examination ; but it clearly appeared, although he did make use of the words before- mentioned, that he at the time did not allude to her, but to another woman, who appeared with a soldier, and accounted for where he was from eleven o'clock on Thursday night until thc next morning: he was therefore discharged. The vigilance of the South- wark Police is now exerted to the utmost to find out the murderer.— In every quarter of the neighbourhood where this unfortunate woman lived, she bore a very humane character, and conducted herself in such a manner that few of the inhabitants knew of her being a woman of the town. She appeared about twenty^ four years of age, remarkably well made, with very light flaxen hair, and a round pretty face. Her ge- neral dress was black silk.— The spot in Higgler's- lane, where she was found, and her lodging, are not farther distant than from St. Paul's church to Fleet- market. She had in her pocket, when found, half- a- guinea, two or three seven- shilling pieces, and the key of the door.— Saturday, a Coroner's inquest was held on the body, and a verdict of nuiljul murder returned against some person or persons unknown. A most horrid murder was committed early in the last month, at the town of Augusta ( Massachusets), in America, by Captain James Purrington, who mur- dered his wife and six of his children, and lastly de- stroyed himself. One of his sons, who escaped from the house, having alarmed the neighbourhood, two persons hastened to the spot, aad witnessed cne of the most dreadful scenes ever recorded : the wife and six of the children, some of them nearly grown to matu- rity, were found inhumanly butchered, and the father with his throat cut in the most shocking manner, and a bloody razor lying by his side. The greater part of this barbarous work seemed to have been effected by an axe, which Capt. P. had been observed to sharpen 011 the preceding day ; two of the younger children appeared to have had their throats cut with a razor. One of his sons escaped, as above related, and one ot his daughters survived the wounds inflicted by her father, but was not expected to recover. No evidence appeared before the inquest, which could satisfactorily account for the motives of this barbarous deed, Capt. P. was a man of steady, correct, and industrious habits, and appeared to be strongly attached to his family. He had a large farm, and was supposed to be in goixl circumstances. For a short time previous to this dreadful act he seemed to be in a desponding state of mind, but his whole conduct on the day preceding was marked by the greatest coolness and deliberation. The Jury of Inquest returned a verdict of— Guilty of Wilful Murder 011 his wife and six children, and that, as a felon, he did- kill and murder himself. Nursery Stock. To be S O 1, D by AUCTION, By DENNIS & SON, On Wednesday and Thursday the 3d and 4th Days of September, on the Premises, at ELMINGTON NURSERY, near OUNDLE, ri^ HE remaining NURSERY STOCK and J- EFFECTS of Mr. THOMAS HAYNES; con- sisting of Forest and Fruit Trees ( including 800 very strong Cherry Trees), Evergreens, and Shrubs; up- wards of a Million of Crab and White- Thorn Quick- sets; 200 old Cherry Trees; and 91 Ash and other Timber Trees, for felling; also, a Stack of Oats, sundry Peas, Potatoes, and Turnip Seed; a large Pantiled Shed, a Market- Cart and Harness, & c. & c. N. B. The Sale will begin each Day at Ten o'Clock ; and the Quicksets will be sold on the second Day's Sale. ( pf The Stock to be paid for at the Time of Sale, and cleared away by the 14th of February, 1807. * » * Catalogues may be had of the Auctioneers, Northampton ; and of Mr. Nathaniel Haynes, Oundle. To O N, MARRIED.} Lately, at Gretna- Green, Thomas Wallace, aged 78,' to Elizabeth Jobling, jged 59. They are both paupers in Tanfield workhouse, and being refused the marriage ceremony there, they begged their way'to Gretna- Green. DIED.] Lately, Mrs. Poet, of Edwalton, Lin- colnshire. She was returning from Nottingham mar- ket the preceding evening, and lost her life hy a drunken monster riding furiously along the road, who literally rode his horse over her, by which her head was crushed in such a dreadful manner as to occasion her death the next day. be SOLD by A Uf T 1 By Missrs. BRAMPTON & Co. WITHOUT RESERVE, On Thursday the 4th of September next, 1806, on the Premises, on the Outside of SHORTWOOD, near FOXHALL, in the County of Northampton, I^ IGHTY valuable OAK TIMBER TREES, - l from 40 to 120 Feet. Cpf The Company are requested to meet on the Premises by Ten o'Clock in the Morning, when the Sale will commence. Three Months' Credit will be given to Pur- chasers of above £. 10 Value, on giving approved joint Security, and paying a Deposit of 2s. 6d. in the Pound; or a Discount will be allowed" for ready Money. N. B. For further Particulars, and a View of the Timber, apply to Mr. SEAMARK, of Faxton ; or the AUCTIONEERS, at Kettering. G A M E. GREAT AND LITTLE- OXENDON. NOTICE is hereby given, That all unqualified Persons who shall be found sporting within the M ANOi< Sof GR1JAT and LITTLE- OXENDON, in the County of Northampton, will be prosecuted; and all qualified Persons are requested to sport sparingly on the above Manors, « s the Game has been of late much destroyed. A ascertaining whether or not the regulations con- I their heinous offences. Hopes of mercy were held NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT all unqualified Persons found SPORTING on the MANOR of BLUNH in the County of Bedford, will be prosecuted; and it is also requested, that qualified Persons will desist from the same. Blunham, August IZth, 1806. To be SOLD, ; BRACE of POINTER DOGS. Each of them has been shot- to two Seasons. > ( P3T Enquire of STEPHEN HURLBUJ-, at the Dog- and- Duck Inn, Wellingborough. Eligible Estate, in Wellingborough. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. S MIT H, Unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given, at the Hind Inn, in Wellingborough, in the County of Northampton, on Tuesday the 9th Day of September, 1806, at Five in the Afternoon, AVery valuable ESTATE, situate in WEL- LINGBOROUGH aforesaid, in three Lots. Lot 1. The KING's- ARMS PUBLIC- HOUSE, in full Trade, situate near the Centre of the Town, jn the Tenure of Mr. James Sibley, Tenant from Year to Year. Lot 2. THREE TENEMENTS, with Barns and Gardens, and a Close of extremely rich Pasture Land adjoining, containing together - 3A. OR. 16P. well watered, and planted with choice Fruit Tiees.— This is a most desirable Lot, being within the Verge of the Town. Lot 3. A valuable CLOSE of ARABLE and PASTURE LAND, Tythe- free, fituate'in the W » s. i FIELD, containing 48A. 3R. 38P. • , ( jdT The last two Lots are in the Tenure of Mr! Joseph Robinson, or his Undertenants,- from Year to Year. %* For Particulars, apply to Messrs. HO- SSON, Solicitors, in Wellingborough. To be SOLD by ADCll O N, By Mr. BLABY, On Thursday the 11th Day of September next, on the Premises, at Gayton, in the County of North- ampton, at Threeo'Clock in the Afternoon, in such Lots as shall be then agreed upon, ALL that old- established PUBLIC - HOUSE, called the SQUIRREL, with the extensive and convenient Outbuildings, Barns, Stables, Yards, Gardens, and a large Orchard thereunto adjoining and belonging, situate and being in GAYTON aforesaid, and now in the Occupation of Mr. Isaac Bedford. ( f5r The Tenant will shew the Premises ; and further Particulars may be known of the Auctioneer. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By IV M. WHITE, On Friday the 19th Day of September, 1806, at the Sign of the Barley- Mow, in the Town of Bedford, AVery desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, in three Lots.— The first Lot comprises a HOUSE, extremely well adapted to the Residence of a private Family or a Tradesman, being situated about the Centre of the HICH- STKEET, BEDFORD; con- taining excellent Cellars, two Parlours, a Shop, Kitchen, four Bed- Rooms on the first Floor, and four good Garrets; a large Garden, having a Seven- foot Wall on the North Side, well planted with choice Fruit Trees, and a Gate opening into Castle- Lane; a paved Yard, Stable, and Hay, Straw, and Corn- jlofts ; a Cart- Way into Castle- Lane; a Brewhouse, two back Shops, with Lofts above them, and all other suitable Offices; a Faculty Pew in St. Paul's Church, Bedford, belonging to the above Lot. The second Lot consists of a very excellent Three- stalled STABLE, with two Rooms adjoining, well adapted for a Flay and Straw Loft; a paved Yard, and Pigstye. The third Lot isaTENEMENT, with a Garden in Front, having a Right to the Use of a Pump. ( PU" The two last Lots are situated in CASTLE- LANE, BEDFORD.— The Land- Tax of the Whole Estate has been redeemed. Its present Possessors are the Family of the late Mr. Pulley, Surgeon, by whom the Premises will be shewn to any Persons who may wish to view them. To be By V SOLD by AUCTION, ANDREW GARDNER, In September next, 1806, HE genteel and useful HOUSEHOLD- FUR- NITURE, CHINA, GLASS, and other EFFECTS, of the GOAT INN, in WOBURN, in the County of Bedford ( the said Inn being shut up). ( pf* Further Particulars will appear in next Week's Paper, with the Days of Sale, & c. RAUNDS, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. To be S O L D by AUCTION, In the Month of September, or early in October next, unless previously disposed of by- Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given", ' AVery eligible ESTATE, situate, in the Parish, and" Copyhold of tfiff Manor of RAUNDS, and now in the Occupation of Mr. Jonathan Brown, con- taining about 100 Acres. . " ( pT The Tenant will shew the Premises.— Further Particulars may be had at the Offices of Messrs. YORKE & SHERARD, in Thrapston or Oundle,: who will treat for the Sale hy Private Contract. I. O S T, ON Friday Night, the_ 29th of August i from NUM MILL, near NORTHAMPTON, An AGED BLACK HORSE, of the fart Kind ; about 15 Hands high, has a little white on the flf Heel, and a T. on each Siueot his iiack on tUe Swh. i* Place. Whoever can give Intelligence of the r. bove'H.' ise, so that he may be hau afeaui, shall Revive •• - E GUINEA REWARD, and all reasonable Cnarg.,, of Mr. TAYLOR, Leather- Dresser, Noif. iamptpn. STOLEN oa~ STRAYED ™ ~ FROM a Close in CHALCOMBE, in the' County' of Northampton, on Wednesday Nigh;, the iiih of August, 1806, • R. I A DARK- BAY BLOOD MAKE, about fifteen Hands high, five Years old, high in the Shoulder, with black Legs, a very small Stai in the Forehead, a short Foretop, and has litely been sore in the Back, from which she is nearly recovered. If stolen, a Reward of TEN GUINEAS will be paid by Mr. BURLING, of the George li, n, in. Chalcombe, to any Person who will give inf mixtion of the Offender or Offenders, so that he or the. n ay be convicted; and, if strayed, all reasonable I'X- pences, and a handsome Reward, will be paid to me Person who will deliver her to the said Mr. Butli. ig. ~ WYMERSLEY AS.^ CIAl lu. v STOLEN or STRAYED ( but supposed to be stolen), on Tuesday Night the 26th, or early 011 Wednesday Morning the 27th of August instant,' out of a Close in YARDLET PAJTURE, in the Parish of Yardley- Hastings, in the County of Northampton, TWO HEIFERS, rising two Years old; one of them of the Herefordshire Breed, of a d rk red Colour, with white Face, Back, and Legs; and tj, e other of a red Colour, with white Back and bald Face; the Property of Mr. BENJAMIN UNDERWOOD, of Yardley- Hastings aforesaid, a Member of tins As- sociation. ( j^* If strayed, any Person or Persons giving In- formation of them to the said Mr. UNDERWOOD, so that they may be had again, shall be handsomely re. warded for his or their Trouble, and have ali rea on. able Expences paid; and if stolen, whoever will ap- prehend, or cause to be brought to Justice, the I er- son or Persons who committed the Hdoivv, so tna he or thevmav be prosecuted, shall receive a Re - i. ru f FIVE'GUINEAS of Mr. C. MARKHAM, At . r - , in Northampton, the Treasurer and > olicitoi 01 , 3 Association; and shall also, on Conviction M tl. e Offender or Offenders, receive a further Ke » -;< rd f TEN GUINEAS of the said Mr. UND- RWOOD.— And if more than one Person was concerned in 1- ing the said Heifers, and cither will impeach li A., complice or Accomplices, he shall be entitled m 1 e same Rewards, and Interest will be made to puc^ re His Majesty's Pardon. Northampton, Ai, g. 30tb, 1806. BY ~ THE KING'S PATENT. it YMKR's ' CARDIAC A%' D NERVOUS TINCTURET RPHE only safe and effectual Remedy for l) is-' I orders of the H.- ad, Stomach, and llnvsls, viz. First,— Head- Ach, Confus ion, and Giildi'ie s. Secondly,— Indigestion, i. oss of App- n e, B; hous Crudities and Retchings, Yellownes.- of lh: E\ cs ai d Skin, Flatulence, Pain, Spasm , Heart- burn, Hiccup, Gripings, Cholic, and Costiveitess. Thirdly,— Vot the Gout in the - stomach and Head Fourthly,— For alf such Atficiions of the Nervous System, as are attended with'Depression ot Spirits, Paralytic and Apoplectic Dispositions, Prostration of Strength, Timidity, Tremors, & c. Fifthly,—' For bracing and strengthening the whole System, in States of Relaxation and Debii. iy. Sixthly,— As a powerful Antiseptic in Cases of Putrid Bile, and for counteracting luiection, o1 pre- venting and curing Putrid, M.. lignant, ana Pe tile.-. ial Fevers, Sore Throat, viz. Cvnanche Maligna, See. prevailing in Prisons, crowded filmy Places, Hos- pitals, Ships, hpt and un ileal thy Climates, & c. Dr. RYMER, Crawley, 3d M-. nth 2br. 1S06. Having for five Years past been affi'cteii with Indi- gestion and- Disposition to Jaundice, and Having tried almost every Thing recommen eel in such Ca es, I despaired of* finding Relief" by Medicine; and had not taken a Medicine for almost tw.> Year-,, and continued in a weak debilitated S'ate, qu'te unable to attend to my Business at Times, not being able to take any Food but such as the most easy of Digesiion. About a Monfh since I was at Reigate, when my Friend William Charman, Draper, knowing mv Cas., re- commended thy Medicine, the Caidiac Tinciure: I took a Bottle Home with ntie, and, before I luo aken the Whole of it, every Symptom of my Complaint was removed, and I enjoy my Health as well as ever I did in my Life. Thine, verv respectfully, MATTHEW CAF1IN, Carpenter, & c. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Dicey ic Sutton, Bow Church- Yard, London, and at their Ware- house in Northampton ; and Retail hy Kd? e, and Marshall, Northampton; Robins, Bales, ant Wil- kinson, Daventry ; Mather, and Bryugluon, . Welling- borough; Fisher, Higham- Ferr is; Kollawn, and Merridew, Coventry; Sharpe, Warwick; Ro. iers, Southam; Gregory, Leicester; Harrod, Hn bo rough ; Munn, and Coilis & Dash, Kettering; Newcemb, Stamford; Eaton, Thrapston; York & Smnihers, Ouii- dle • Jacob, and Horden, Peterborough; Je'xkT. ison, Huntingdon; Hodson, Cambridge; Pal. crjve, Bedford; Inwood, and- Barringer, Newport- Pagnfcll; yuen bo- rough, Dunstable; Darton, and Tapp^ - HirchtiV j Inns, and Gallard, Towccst^ r; Se lev. Bucking. ham(; Jones, Oxford; Richardson, Stonv- Str 11 f wd ; Hawkes, Lutterworth; Brinkl r, Bicester; i id r> y every Vender of Patent Medicines 111 tile Uni ed Kingdom; in Bottles of 2s. 9d. 6s. and IK. ea. h; also in Pint Bottles, at 22i. by winch there is a considerable Saving. Of % uhom may lliru- ise be had, RYMER's PECTORAL MEDICINE " VITH VITAL AIR, a Preventive of the Consumptio . ot the Lungs, commonly called a Decline; n Bottl s at 2s. 9d. 6s. and lis. each, Duty included. DUNCHURCH TURNPIKE- ROAD. NOTICE is hereby given, That the first Meeting of the Trustees appointed for putting into exe- cution the Act of Parliament lately passed for more effectually repairing the Road from Dunchurch _ to_ Hillmorton, in the County of Warwick,~ anT TroVi thence to Saint James's End, in the Parish of Duston, in the County of Hofthampton', will be holden, pur- suant to the Directions of tjie said Act, at-. tl. ie House called the FOX- AND- HOUNDS, in HA- IILESTON, on FRIDAY the TWELFTH Dav of SEPTEMBER next, at Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon. By Order of the Trustees, WM. TR, SMYTH, Clerk. Augmt SO tb, 1806. . MR. EDGE, NORTHAMPTON, HAS received a fresh Supply of Dr. Freeman's GUTTA SALUTA RIS, for a certain Disorder, under its various Appearances and complicated At. tacks, vyhich-' may be speedily and secretly eradicated from the System Tjy the Use of Dr. IHOMAH'I DROPS; which for their salu'ary Effects in cleansing the Rlogd fjorn all Impurities, whether trcm a certain Disorder or Scorbutic, are tcrn; ed GUTTA ^ AIUTARIS. By persevering in the Use of liiis Remedy, the Patient gradually losfcs all Pain and I nffanin ation, all foul and corroding Ulcers, Lumps in the Skin, and other . corresponding Symptoms of this cruel and relentl ss Disease. Nearly, thirty Years' Practice hath proved to Dr. Freeman that all this is accomplished by the Drops, willwxji thp Aid of surgical Operations, or the usual Application of greasy mercurial Prepara- tions. Sold by Appointment of Dr Freeman, of Hatton- Garden," by R. Butler, No. 4, Clwapsidc, Corner of Paternoster- Row, ; London, and b\ ino. t Med'cine Venders in every Town, in Bottles at 2s, 9d. each, with ample Directions. Friday ami Saturday's Post3. 1,0 \! DON, August < 29. rT" t! K •'*•'. weeks have elapsed last Tuesday since JL JU » " i->. ifJ'dale arrived at Paris. The con- fen- ir . s began, < jr at least an interview took pluce, next day' with Talleyrand. If the whole of the time since lias been consumed in discussions, or in repetitions of references to the Government of this country, we may safely infer, that the obstacles in the way of peace are neither- few nor easiiv tn he surmounted. The Moniteii- r, of the 13th instant, states, " that the negociations were al ' ost mature;" the same paper mentions, on the following day, " that the negociations were finished;" and yet we find that a fortnighti has since elapsed, during which time three Messengers has 1 arrived from Paris, and that the treaty, for any thing the public know, is as remote from con- clusion- now as it was at the latter end of March, or beginning of May. It would be an act of pre- sumption in us to offer any opinion as to what the specific points in dispute are; but that some great impediments exist is obvious. The ambition of Bonaparte is so vast and extravagant, that its Cange is not easily ascertained. Letters, we understand, have been received from certain Jew Bankers at Bayonne; which throw some light on the views of the Emperor of the 1 rench, with respect to their nation. He pro- posts to re- establish the Jewish Church, at Jeru- salem, in it- ancient splendour, at the expense of the French Government. To take possession of the Holy Land, and sell it to sjie rich Jesvs< 6f France, who are to force the itinerant Jews and pedlars to retire there, on an allotment of laud being given them. To appoint a Viceroy from among their nation, and the ancient- Jew titles of Prince, & c. & c. are to' be revived among tlie. se rich bankers,— This is the substance of what is to take place very soon ; it has met with the approbation of a great many of the Jewish As- sembly, now sitting at Paris, who are flattering themselves with the high titles they are to possess, and indulging themselves with the pleasant prospect of having their temples restored, while others of the Assembly have protested against it, as im- practicable and delusive. In addition to what appears respecting the at- tack of ihe Quebec convoy, in the preceding page, the following statement has been received, dated Portsmouth, August 27 :— " The French . ship which fell in with the Quebec convoy, vas the Veteran, of 74 jjuns, commanded by Jerome Bonaparte, who has, before this, I fear, ar- rived in France. The Captains of six of the ships, which are all that were taken, arrived here this morning; they report, that a little to the northward of the Western Islands, on the 16th instant, the ships To the GIMTI. F. MEX, CLERGY, and FRTSEUM ntr. s, 01 . he COUNTY of NORTHAMPTON. GEN RI. EMF. N, WllF. N I offered myself to your Notice, us- a Candidate for the Honour of representing you in Parliament, I presumed only to solicit your Support for myself, separately 1 notwithstanding which it hath been reported, that I have united my Interest with that of some or other if the Can- didates-: I therefore feel it my Duty distinctly to declare, that 1 am not in any Manner connected with, nor is my Interest united to, that of either of the other Gentlemen who are Candidates for your. iFavour. On t'lis Ground I continue to solicit your Suffrages; and if I should be to fortunate to obtain the Object of my Wishes, I will endeavour to dis- charge the Duties of the important Trust mth Zeal and Fidelity. 1 have the Honour to be, Gentlemen, Your faithful and obedient Servant, ALTHORP. Althorp, Aug. 22d, 1806. Tr> the GnKtLEMirif, CI. ERGV, Shrf FnEF. 1rft1. DF. aSj arid fortune* 1, with tiie Echo sloop of with Gti the 10th of July,' being to windward of the Iia- ; vaunah, they fell in with a Spanish fleet of 25 sail [• of vessels, ladeh with sugar, under convoy of a line- of- battle ship and two guii- brigs, all of which were destroyed by the British ships of war, assisted by the merchantmen, except the line- of- battle ship, which escaped by getting under the Moro Castle, at the entrance of the Havannah. Most of the Spanish crews escaped by swimming ashore. Some sugar, and a valuable cargo of quicksilver, were taken out before the ships were destroyed." It was yesterday reported in the city, that great part of the town of Gottenburgh had been set on fire by lightning, and many of the houses reduced to ashes. To th* GENTLEMSK, CLERGY, and FREEHOLDERS, of the COUNTY of NORTHAMPTON. GENTI. F. MEN', IBeg Leave to return you my best Thanks, for the continued and increasing Assurances of Support which 1 have received since 1 had the Honour of last addressing you. Under the Circumstances in which the County has been placed, by so early and unexpected a Canvass, such Assurances have been most grateful and flattering to me; and convinced that they have arisen from those independent Principles alone which have ever distinguished the " County of Northampton, 1 look forward with Confidence to the Period when you will be . collectively called upon more openly to declare yourselves, and to exercise that most invaluable of your " Privileges, the Choice of your Representatives in Parliament. Should I in any Degree have been deficient in \ of the COUNTY of NORTHAMPTON. GENTI EMEU, AS the stone Absence of all Information semis to t prevail respecting u Dissolution of Parliament, and us the naturut and usual Period of it is at some Distance, I feel it'unfit for me any mors at present to weary you with my Addr esses. When the proper Moment shall arrive, at which the true Interests c4.1l the Independence if the County will come under your Consideration, I un- doubtedly shall put in my Claim to a Continuance of your Favours. Jn the mean lime, Gentlemen, 1 beg Leave to assure you, that Nothing can occur to cause me, as one of your present Representatives, to deviate, in the smallest Degree, from that which I have ever felt to be the Line of' my public Duty; or to relax, for one Moment, my Zeal or Anxiety to promote the Welfare and the Prosperity of the County. I have ihe Honour to be, With the greutest Iiespect, Gentlemen, Your most obliged, und most faithful Servant, FRANCIS DICKINS. Wollaston, Aug. 22( 1, 1806. PRICE OF STOCKS. Bank Stock . 218 219 3 per Ct. Red. 633 64 63J 3 per Ct. Cons. 63^ 3^ 3 2} 4 per Ct. Cons. . 81| f 6 per Ct. Navy . 9oii Imp. 3 per Cents. sh. India Stock . 188J India Bonds . 1 2 dis. F. xc. Bills . 1 dis. lor. Omnium . 7Ji Si 7 To the GENTLEMEN; CLERGY, and other FREE- HOLDERS, of the COUNTY of NORTH- AMPTON. GENTLEMEN, IAm far too sensible of the flattering Reception I have met icith m the Course of my Canvass to omit, in the strongest Verms of Gratitude, returning you my best Acknowledgments and Thanks; and although, I am proud to say, I have every Reason to expect very general Support, I trust I shall be excused the Liberty I talce in earnestly requesting the active lnterfei ence und Assistance of my Friends, so material to my ultimate Success, htm e'Jer confident 1 feel of the Event; und if I have been any where supposed remiss in paying my Respects in Person, 1 trust it will be attributed to the little Opportunity to Peterborough giioi.— A col- onel'S iiiijufeat lias 011 the body, and returned a verdict of Wilful' Murder against hiim A man of the name of Fosk'- t, charged with horse- steuling, in Cambridge, Warwick, and North- amptonshire, and almost every county in England, • was apprehended, a few days since, at Wisbeach, but escaped from the constable who had him iu charge. He left a stolen horse behind him when he made off. On Saturday last was committed to the gaol of this county, by the Rev. Edw. Buy ley, D. I). John Curtwrieht, charged with stealing a quantity of lead, of the value of 20s. from an ox- hovel in the parish of Great- Houghtou, the property of John Iliggins, Esq. of 1 urvey- House, Beds. On Monday was committed to the same gaol; by J. P. Clarke, Esq. Hannah Seuton, charged with aiding and abetting Robert Stafford ( now in prison), in mixing poison with tea, and flour, with intent to murder Mary the wife of the said Robert Stafford. And on Wednesday, Charles Bliss was com- mitted to the same gaol, by the Rev. II. R. Kiiapp, Clerk, charged on suspicion of stealing a marc, the property of John Brewce, of St. Al ban's, Herts. The inhabitants of Coventry have petitioned his Majesty for mitigation of the punishment of death, to which Joseph 1- rayde was sentenced at the last assizes for that city for a rape. The convict is a native of Africa, and had, at the time of his trial, been only seven weeks in England. Thomas Kirton, drover, was executed at Lincoln on Friday the 8th inst. for sheep- stealing. He appeared to be very penitent, and was taken to the place of execution in a cart, a poor iejccied NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY EVENING, August 30. MARRIED.] On Monday last, at Simpson, Bucks, by the Rev. G. Tumor, A. M. Wiiliam Lowndes, Esq. of Whaddon- Hall, eldest, son of William Selbv, Esq. to Miss Hanraer, daughter of i the Rev. Graham Ilamner, of Simpson. , Lately, the Rev. Charles Chauncey, of Ayott ! St. Peter's, to the eldest daughter of T. Crawley,. ] Esq. of Welwyn, Herts. I On Saturday last, at Edinburgh, by the Rev. David Ritchie, Minister of St. Andrew's Church, ! Mr. James Haliowell, to Miss Mary Pulley, both j mortal, partly insensible when brought out of the ^ firl torrt — . . If'! * " I _ 1- . 1 making proper Applications to you, I trust that you I „ f Leisure I have had, and to no intentional Omis- will attribute it solely to the Hurry of a Canvass, 1 ii( m or Neglect- I think it necessary to repeat, that rnni. rh_ in sn prtpnii- n*> rind i\ nn, ilti, m n t'. irtimfn mnn. lrt I / / . 4... /• . • . T /. 7 T /.../'/ they commanded were taken and burnt by the Veteran Captain Jerome Bonaparte, who left his squadron in the Gulphof Florida, and was making his passage to France, alone, to be made a King!! Jerome ordered the s ; ips to be destroyed, after the persons who were sent to execute that , service had supplied themselves with a few necessaries. The Veteran was in a very bad conditidn, and the crew shewed much disposition to mutiny; their officers looked upon them with great jeal UiV, and the fellows who were sent to burn the Lydia, ottere. i to run away with the ship, they were so dissatisfied Their mutinous spirit made the Trench officers behave very civilly to the prisoners, whom tliey seemed to look to for support, in the event of any disturbance. Jerome Bonaparte is re. ported to be a gentlemanly- behaved man, but of a meagre appearance, and wears a great many ornaments j the Captains of the merchantmen represented to him the great difference there was in tbe quality of the provisions they wer. supplied with, with what they had been accustomed to, and the unenmfortabieness of their situation, in being ordered to mess with the cn nm'in men, on the dirty decks; this was done through ttie second Captain of the ship, and Jerome requested him to wait a little, and he would give him a answer. Soon after which they were ordered on bo^ rd an American ship, which landed them here .- she was previou ly supplied with a track to steer by, to a. oid giving information loour cruisers, which she unfortunately did not see one of. Jerome ordered the apprentices to bj liberated with the Captains, and the seamen onl> f> be detained, of which there were 120 en boaid, tak^ n in different prizes.— Bonaparte's birtn day was celebrated whilst they were on board, to which Jerome invited the English prisoners, and gave Uiem an extra allowance — From the short distance Jerome was tro. n Brest, 200 miles, and the favourable- ness ot the wind, there is too much reason to suppose thai he has got into some port. The officers ot Jerome's ship told the Captains that it was intended by the English to nke the Prince Regent of Portugal to the Braa'ls, where a new kingdom is to be formed." Mr. M'Creadv has taken the new Theatre Royal now erecting in Manchester, which is to open in the autumn of 1807, at the annual rent of £. 1600. A fetv days . ago, as the Bishop of Durham's coachman and a visitor's footman were bathing in the Wear, opposite Jockfrow bridge, they both got out of their depths: the coachman with diffi- culty regained the shore: the other was seen in a drowning state by a number of spectators, who were afraid to venture to his assistance, the place was so extremely dangerous. A youth not fifteen, belonging to Mr. J. Graham, innkeeper, of Bishop- Auckland, boldly plunged in, and succeeded in bringing up the dying man; when the latter, by a convulsive grasp, seized the poor boy round the neck with his arms, and both went to the bottom. Their fate now seemed inevitable. Fortunately, Mr. Wilkinson,, of Binchester, came up, and by the offer of a reward, prevailed on a yowng man named Henderson, who could swim, to try to save the lives of the two. He first brought the boy on shore, and afterwards the man, without any ap- parent signs of life— but by proper medical assist- ance, they were both re- animated. The young man was very liberally rewarded by Mr. W. and the Bishop. which, in so extensive and populous a County, would not in the first Instance allow of any certain or complete Arrungement. I have the Honour to be, Gentlemen, With great Respect, Your obedient, humble Servant, ' • WM. LAN GI1AM. Cottesbrook, Aug. 23d, 1806. ANTS a SITUATION, A middle - aged MARRIED MAN, a* Clerk in an Office, or as Superintendent or Over looker ifi some Mercantile Business. He has a Knowledge of Accounts, writes a good Hand, and has been used to active Employment. ( j3T Satisfactory References can be given tor Cha- racter and Connexions, by applying, by Letter, Post- prod, addressed to J. J. Post- Office, Bedford. in the Applications I have made, I am wholly un- connected with any other Candidate, as it is my full Intention to remain; and be assured, so long as you think fit to place me in the same honourable Situation 1 now hold, you will ever find me steady to the Line I have hitherto pursued, und the Prin- ciples I first professed. 1 have the Honour to be, Gentlemen, Your obliged and faithful humble Servant, W. R. CARTWR1GHT. Aynho, Aug. loth, 1806. VYANTED, A YOUNG MAN, as CLERK, ' » T who is well acquainted with Accounts.— He must he steady and sober, as he will be required to attend all Office. . fjl F- nquirc Of Mrs. JENKINSON, Huntingdon.— None need apply whose- Character - from their last Place will not Dear the strictest EnqUi? y. \ V' AN I Ki. i immediately, A JOURNEYMAN » » CHANDLER', one who perfectly understands his Business and can occasionally assist in the Croccry. He nipst produce an unexceptionable Character for Honesty and Sobriety. ( P3T Apply to THOMAJ SANDIRS, Grocer, & c. Highain- Ferrers, Northamptonshire; if by Letter, Post- paid. WANTED immediately, An APPRENTICE to a PRINTER and BOOKBINDER. 33" For Particulars, enquire of Mr, ROWBOTHAM, Printer and Bookseller, Loughborough. — Letters ( Post- paid) will be duly answered. * » * A Premium will be expectcd. Loughborough, August Ultb, 1806. I To Parents and Guardians. WANTED, A YOUTH, of a respectable Family, as an APPRENTICE toa WATCH and CLOCK- MAKER, where the finishing Part of the Business may be learnt. ( jdT Application ( if by Letter, Post- paid, j to Mr. WEBB. Printer, Bookseller, & c. Bedford, will meet due Attention. \\ TANTED, An Apprentice to a PLUMBER, ' » GLAZIER, and PAINTER. TKAFM Apply ( if by Letter, Post- paid,) to Mr. IAN, Glazier, & c. St. Neots, Huntingdonshire Y\ TANTED, A steady and active YOUNG » T MAN, of 18 or 20 Yearsof Age, as COACH- MAN, and occasionally to ride as POSTILLION in a Gentleman's Family, resident SO Miles North of London.— He must be of light Weight, good Appear- ance, and be well acquainted with his Business.— He will be expected to wait at Table; and as he will be assisted in the Care ot his Horses, he must be willing te fill up his Tims under the Direction of the Head Gardener. fcf The strictest Enquiry will be made as to Honesty, Sobriety, and Temper. * » * Address, B. L. at Mr. Aspray's, Stationer, Olney, near Newport- Pagnell, Bucks. A WANTED TO PURCHASE, GRAZING FARM, in the Neighbourhood of NORTHAMPTON, or in any pleasant Part of the County, not exceeding 65 Miles from London. The Estate must be Freehold, with from 130 to 180 Acres of good Grazing Land, or about one- fourth Arable; with a substantial modern- built Dwelling- House, of handsome Elevation, suitable domestic Offices, Stabling for five or six Horses, and convenient Farming Buildings. The House being small would not be objected to, provided the Situation is in every Respect eligible. ( pj* Letters, Post- paid, containing a full and de- scriptive Account of the Estate, with all Outgoings, and the lowest Terms of the Purchase, will receive early Attention, addressed to A. B. at Mr. Black- burn's, Stationer, Knightsbridge, Middlesex. N ORTIIAMPTONSHIRE. N Pursuance of an Act of Parliament passed in the last Sessiim of Parliament, intitled An Act for the Return of correct Lists of Persons- " liable to serve in the Militia, under an Act passed " in the 42rf Year of His present Majesty, and to " suspend the Ballot for the Militia in England for " two vYears;"- Notice is hereby given, That His Majesty's Lieutenant for the County of Nortlutmpton hath issued Precepts to the Chief Constables of the several Hundreds if the saidCounty, requiring them to cause Lists to be returned of Persons between the Ages of 18 and 45 liable to serve in the Militia; and hath appointed Subdivision Meetings to be held at the Places and at the Times under- mentioned, when the Con. stn. bles, Headboroughs, or other Peace- Officers, arc to produce such. Lists, and verify the same upon Oath respectively ( that is to say), For the Division of BRACKLEY. At the THREE- CONISS, in THORPF.- MANDEVILLE, on WEDNESDAY the 10th Day of SEFTEMBER next, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon. DAVKNTRY. At the WHF. AT- SHEAF INN, DAVENTRY, on WED- NESDAY the 10th Day of SEPTEMBER next, at the same Hour. KETTERING. At the WHITE- HART INN, KETTIRINC, on FRI- DAY the 12th Day ol SEFTEMBMR next, at the same Hour. NORTHAMPTON. At the RECORD- ROOM, adjoining the County- Hall, in the Town of NORTHAMPTON, on SATURDAY the 13th Day of SEPTEMBER next, at the same Hour. OtJNDLE. At the TALBOT INN, in OUNDLE, on THURSDAY the 11th Day of SEPTEMBER next, at the same Hour. PETERBOROUGH. At the ANCEL IXN, in PETERBOROUGH, on SATUR- DAY the 13th Day of SEPTEMBER next, at the same Hour. TOWCESTER. At the NEW WHITE- HORSE INN, TOWCESTER, on WEDNESDAY the 10th Day of SEPTEMBER next, at the same Hour. WELLINGBOROUGH. At the HINB INN,, WELLINGBOROUGH, on WED- NESDAY the 10th Day of SEPTEMBER next, at the same Hour. And Notice is hereby further given, That all Per- sons who may think themselves aggrieved by having their Names inserted in the said Lists, or by any others being omitted, are to attend the Meetings so to be held as tforesaid and make their Appeal, and that no Appeal or Claim of Exemption will be aj'ter- wards received. By Order of the Right Honourable Charles Earl of Northampton, Lord- Lieutenant of the County of Northampton, CHARLES MARKHAM, Clerk of the General Meetings, Northampton, Aug. 30th, 1806. j of Bedford. On Sunday last, Mr. Thomas Hall, of Ravens- thorpe, to Miss Edmonds, daughter of Mr. Ed- j monds, of West- IIaddou Lodge, both in this county. DIED.] On Sunday se'nnight, at Tunbridge Wells, Sophia Countess of Mount Edgcumbe, third daughter and co- heiress of John Earl of Buckinghamshire. Her Ladyship was born the 26th of March, 17p8; and married, on the 2oth of February, 1789^ Richard Earl of Mount F. dg- cuinbe, who, with five amiable children ( three sons and two daughters), have suffered by her death an irreparable loss. Last week, suddenly, of an apoplectic seizure, nt Worthing, the Hon. William Henry Bouverie, of Betchworth- House, Surrey, brother to tile present Earl of Radnor. On Saturday ae'nnight, Mr. Lawrence Hull, farmer and grazier, of Banbury. On Monday se'nnight, Mr. James Riley, eldest son of Mr. Riley, silk- dyer, of Coventry. Same day, Mrs. Caless, wife of Mr. Caless, fishmonger, of Banbury. On Wednesday se'nnight, the Rev, J. Weddred, Vicar of St. John Baptist, Peterborough, ami Minor Canon of that Cathedral.— Mr. Weddred was also a Magistrate for the soke of Peter- borough. Lately, a » Coombe- Lodge, Oxfordshire, Mrs. Neale, wife of the Rev. E. Neale, Rector of Taplow, Backs. A few days ago, Mrs. Saver, relict of Mr. John Sayer, of Buckingham: a woman in whose life and practice was blended every virtue that could adorn and constitute the Christian character. On Thursday se'nnight, Mrs. Dark, wife of Mr. Thomas Dark, of Warwick. On Saturday last, Mr. Hugh Jones, formerly a respectable tea- dealer and grocer of Coventry. On Monday last, after a long illness, in his 47th year, Mr. John Gregory, many years printer and editor of the Leicester Journal.— From a close and unremitting attention to business and great diffidence of manners, he had acquired the habits of a recluse; but few men possessed more general information or mental acquirements: he dis- charged the several relations of life with the strictest integrity and honour, and departed de- servedly lamented by his friends and relatives, and regretted by ail who knew him. A MILLERS' STATUTE WILL be held at the SWAN INN, WELLING- BOROUGH, on TUESDAY the 9th Day of SEPTEMBER, 1806. ( F^* Dinner on the Table at One o'Clock. To be LETT, And entered upon at Michaelmas next, AN old - established and good - accustomed PUBLIC- HOUSE, known by tlie Sign of the MAIL- COACH, situate in the MARKET- PLACE, NORTHAMPTON. f} dr For a View of the Premises, apply to the TENANT; and for Particulars, to THOMAS SMITH, Common- Brewer, Irthlingborough, in the County of Northampton. Malting und Malt.— Freehold Esttte. To be SOLD by A U C T 1 O N, By Mr. X/ RSHAPT, On Tuesday the 9th Day of September, 1806, at the Old Sun Inn, in the Parish of Hardingstone, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, ALL that convenient and spacious MALTING, situate and being in the Centre of the Village of HARUINGiJTONE, near Northampton, with Malt and Barley Granaries, fitted up complete, and capable of wetting twenty Quarters per Week; toge- ther with THREE convenient COTTAGES adjoining the same, now in the Occupation of Samuel Howes, Judkin Ekin, and Widow Harrold. ( fj § r The Malting may be entered upon at Michael- mas next. At the same Time will be SOLD by AUCTION, up- wards of TWO HUNDRED QUARTERS of ex. eel lent MA LT; which, for the Convenience of Pur- chasers, will be sold in Lots of five Quarters 4ach, and Credit given upon approved joint Security. For a View of the Premises, apply to WILLIAM FKF. I- MAN, at Hardingstone; and for further Parti- culars, t.) Mr, JOHN KIGHTLEY, ot the AucrionitR, Northampton. DAVENTKY, 29th Aug. 18Q6. rpHF, Assignees of the Estate of FRANCIS J. MONTGOMERY, late of MORETON- PINKNEY, in the County of Northampton, purpose, immediately after the 15th of September next, paying a first Divi- dend of Eight Shillings in the Pound to such of his Creditors who have already executed the Deed of Assignment, or who shall execute the same upon the Receipt of their Dividend; and those of his Creditors who nave not delivered their Accounts, are desired to transmit a Statement of the same, before the 12th of September next, either to Mr. William Mumford, or Mr. John Hall, of Daventry, the Assignees, other- wise they will be excluded the Benefit of the said Dividend; and those who still remain indebted to the Estate of the said Francis Montgomery, are desired to pay the same to the said Assignees, or Actions will be commenced to recover the same. To bo LETT, And entered upon immediately, ASmall comfortable TENEMENT, situate in . the Centre of the Village of LONG- BUCKBY, in the County of Northampton, comprising two Sleeping Rooms, and two Rooms on the Ground Floor. ( pT" Enquire of Mr. JOHN ROBINSON, of Long- Ruckby aforesaid. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, AFREEHOLD FARM; consisting of a Farm- House, and 121 Acres of Arabic and Pasture Land, in the Parishes of PYTCHLEY and ORLINOBURY, in the County of Northampton. fjpT Apply to Mr. BURTON, Attorney, In Da- • entry. VALUABLE RAMS. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. FOX, On Friday the 5th of September, 1806, on the Pre mises belonging to. Mr. NICHOLS, at Buckiuorth, in Huntingdonshire, who is declining Business, TWENTY- FIVE RAMS, one, two, and three Shear, which will be sold without Reserve, ihe Sale to begin at Three o'Clock precisely. 1 LONDON, THE Hamburgh Mails continue due; but letters from Gottenburgh state, that great military movement? have again taken place in Sweden, in consequence of a threatened attack on Pomerania by Prussia. It is also reported, that Russia is again arming. The last dispatches received by our Ministers from St. Petersburg!), . are said to contain the Strongest assurances of the Eiilpfiroi- Alexander's resolute determination to preserre his friendship and maintain his co- operation with this country M. D'Oubril haii not arrived when these dispatches left St. Petersburgh. One of the first mercantile houses in the city received letters from Petersburgh by the last Mail, which tend to throw some doubt on the assertions in the Moniteur, respecting the good understanding which that paper would have us believe subsists between the Emperor Alexander and Bonaparte Nothing at that time was regarded at Petersburgh as less probable, than that A treaty of peace should be signed by M. D'Oubril: and if the terms have been accurately described, there is much reason to presume that they will not be ratified. It appears that a part of the expedition at Plymouth has been countermanded. It is that part which was under the command of Admiral Louis. The Cork paper of the 23d i - sr. contains the following article:—" This mornifs; the Speedwell, of this port, John Raynes, Maste , arrived in our harbour from Jamaica. CaptainiRavnes reports, that he sailed from Jamaica on the 24th of June, in company with 158 sail of merchantmen, under i convoy of his Majesty's ships Surveillaute, Hercule, FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. Commissions in the Warwickshire Regiment of Militia, signed by the Lord- Lieutenant. Robert Willoughby, Esq. and William Withering, Esq. to be Captains of Companies; Adjutant Richard Francis Freeman, Captain by Brevet; and John Gem, Henry Hammond, and Charles Palmer, Gents. Ensigns. _____ Saturday se'nnight, John Cheetham Mortlock, Esq. was chosen Mayor of Cambridge, for the year ensuing. The Rev. II. Quartley, M. A. lately nominated to the perpetual curacy of Stony- Stratford, by tl » e Lord Bishop of Lincoln, is appointed Surrogate for that town and neighbourhood. Thursday last being the Anniversary Meeting of the General Infirmary in this town, for the relief of the sick and laine poor of all counties, there w as a great appearance of Governors and Subscribers at the Peacock Inn ( Francis Dickins, Esq. M. P. in the chair); where the report of its present state, of the patients admitted and dis- charged, and of the monies received and paid, within the last year, was read and laid before them; when they expressed, great satisfaction in the management of this noble charity, by which 38,897 persons have been cured, and 5510 re- lieved, since the foundation of the old County Hospital in 1744. After which the Governors and Subscribers walked in procession to the parish- church of All- Saints, where a most excellent sermon was preached on the occasion, by the Rev. Ashton Vade, vicar of Hardingstone, near this town, from the following text:— St, Matthew, 25th chapter, and 35th and 3Gth verses, FOR I was un hungred, and ye gave me meat; I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink; 1 was a stranger, and ye. took me ini naked, and yc clothed me; I was sick, and ye visited me: and a collection was made . at the church doors, as usual, amounting to the sum of cf. 99 13s. 6d. This day the sum of 12S. was paid into the hands of the Treasurer of the General In- firmary in this town, by John Plomer Clarke, Esq. at the requestof H. Jackson, Esq. of Uaslebeech; being a penalty paid by a person for drawing a cart with more horses than the law. a| lows, on the' public road in the parish of Cottesbrook. During the storm on Tuesday se'nnight, two men and a boy, who were dressing wheat in a barn at Harrington- Tiger,. near Huntijigdon/ were killed by the lightning, and the barn burnt dojvn. On Friday the 15th instant, in the evening, as Mr. John Sisson, of Pjlsgate, near Stamford, farmer, was assisting, his reapers, and urging them to cut as much corn that night as the light would permit, some of them . refused to work longer, and one of them by his insolence so incensed MR Sisson as to induce him to strike him; upon which the son of the man ( who was also employed in the field) immediately struck Mr. Sisson a violent blow on the side of the head with a wneat- hook, and although he had on a strong hat, the weapon penetrated the skull, and he died in consequence on the Wednesday following, leaving a widow ( who is pregnant) and five small children to bewail the loss of an excellent husband and father.— The. offender ( John Ward, of Bainton), is committed prison. Wjitm arrived at the gallows lie seemed to be mure collected, and walked up the steps steadier than could lmv « been expected; whence he was soon fuint- d off— an awful example to a multitude of spectators. Yesterday se'nnight, William Robathan and Isaac Caddick were executed in front of the county gaol in Warwick, for coining at Erdington, near Birmingham, pursuant to their sentences at the late assizes. The unfortunate men ( as usual for the crime of coining) were placed upon a sledge at the door of the county- halt, and drawn to the place of execution. Soon afier they wscended the platform they were joined by the Hi v Mr. Laugharne, to whose disco. LFSC tht- y lutenc I with the most fervent atieuiiou, and from whose pious instructions they appeared to derive a l the consolation which, in their unhappy situation,, they were capable of receiving, Kohathau, in particular, was most devoutly penitent. When every thing was ready, the sutferers took an affec- tionate farewel of each other, the clergyman, and the gaoler, and about half- past seven o'clock the drop fell, and they were launched into eternity. Robathan was 35 years of age, and Catldick 66. The same morning Philip lVl. ttsell, otherwise - Drake, was conveyed from Warwick gaol to Birmingham, iu a mourning coach, in order to undergo the sentence of the law at the ahove assizes, for shooting Robert Twy ford, a watchman. — About half- past eight o'clock in the morning, Mr. Tatnall, the keeper of the county gaol, se- t out of Warwick with the criminal, accompanied by the Under- Shc- riff, and escorted by the proper officers and the javelin- men. At Knowle they halted, and Matsell took something to eat anil drank a few glasses of wine. When the malefac- tor and the cavalcade arrived within two miles of Birmingham, they were met by the Constables, Ileadborough, and Police Officers of the town, accompanied by a troop of dragoons from the barracks. Here Matsell again partook of re- freshment, was pinioned, and removed from the coach into a cart covered with black cloth, wherein was his coffin, and he was seated upon a board fixed across the carriage. Soon after eleven o'clock, the solemn procession, accompanied by a great number of spectators, moved slowly on towards the town, and afterwards passed through Deriteud, Digbeth, High- street, Bull- street, and arrived at Snowhill, the place of execution, about half- past j twelve. An elevated scaffold had been erected in the morning, iu that part of Snowbill where the road is joined by the ends of Great Charles- street and Bath- street, which Matsell ascended, accom- panied by the Re » . Mr. Laugharnc, of Warwick, who prayed by him, and took every pains to impress upon the mind of the convict the necessity of repentance. About twenty minutes after one, the executioner proceeded to perform his office, by fastening the fatal cord around his neck, and binding a handkerchief over his eyes, and then being asked to give the signal, when he was ready, the criminal immediately exclaimed, " Here goes. 1" at the same time endeavouring to throw up a pocket handkerchief, he held in his hand, into the air, and was immediately launched into eternity amidst the lamentations and within the sight of about forty thousand spectators ! After hanging the usual time, the body was cut down, put into the coffin, and conveyed to the dungeon, and iu the course of the night was interred in St. Philip's church- yard.—; Matsell was only 30 years of age, was born at Yarmouth, and apprenticed to a sur- geon in London, from whom, it is said, he ran away and went to sea, when only fifteen. "-<•;;> a6ti.-<:>— NORTHAMPTON RACES. Wednesday, Aug. Illb, the Gentlemen's Subscription Purse oj ( for three- year- olds)-. Mr. Fisher's b. f. Lady- Bird 1 1 Mr. Emden's b. g. Pantaloon 3 9 Lord S- ackville's br. c. Clermont 2 dr Same day, a Subscription of bgs. each, for hunters, fib,, Subscribers.) Mr. Faulkner's" b. . h Doubtful, 6 vrs old . Mr. Bayly's ft.-' ft. Asrordby, 6 yrsold Mr. Payne's'; br.. Jj..; » by Trumpator; 6yrsold .. 4 .. 1 5 1 ...... __ ... 3 Mr. Andrew's. b, • Gafland, 6 vrs old 2dis Mr. Emdeh, s'cb> h..^ iccadili. y, 6 yrs old .... 3bd Thursday, Aug. % th, the Tcrwn Purse of £.*), / ee for any. bo, rse^' mure, or gelding. MajorWilson,' s'Sr. Ir. Vivaldi,, aged Mr. Andrew's- br. '- c. Zofloya, 4 \ rs old Lord Satkville'j- Ch. h. Enchanter, aged .. 1 1 -. 3 2 .. 2 dr PRICE of CORN per Quarter " fifortSnnipioit, Saturday, Augu t ; i0. Wheat, 74s. to 83s. 0d'. . Rye, 50.: 0d! to 52s. Barley, 38s Oil to42 . Od. Oats, 32s. Od. to 33s 0d • J. GRAFTON Beans, 43s. Od. to4fis. Od. Peas, — s < M. M — s. . d. By the Standard Measure. Inspector. Corn- Exchange,' London, Friday, August 29. The fresh- supplies of Wheat since our last i e very short; the btst samples full) Uj, ported Mo. nnv'i pttces ; second, Wkn interior, are heavy in ales. — Barley in, short supply, and, with Malt, at si; all fluctuation.— New White Peas art rather hiffhc —- • Both Tick and small Beans are abnu 3 pn qu - ter dearer.— Oats are : con iderab quamitie. ; those of best quality are rath dearer.— Flour ft y keeps- its price,' waiting - further supplies.— Few sal'es are made of grain in general LIST of FAIRS, from Sept. 1, to Sept. 13, within the Circuit of this Paper. . Th. Sept.. 4. War- wick, Buckingham, Chif^ ing- Ntrtox, . and Brigstock. F. Ashy- de- la- Zoucb. T. - 9. Oaktam. S. 13. Leicester. [ From MOORE'S POEMS.] " A Beam of tranquillity smil'd in the west, x The storms of tlie morning ptirsu'd us 110 more, Ami the wave, ivhile. it welcom'd the moment ot rest, Still heay'd, as remembering ills that were o'er! " Serenely my heart took the hue of the hour, Its parsing were sleeping, were mute as the dead, An. l til" spirit becalm'dbut remember'd their pow'r, As the billow the forte of the gale that was fled ! •' 1 nought of the days, when to pleasure alone ;.. v heart ever granted a wish or a sigh; Wle'n the saddest emotion my bosom had kndwn, Was pity for those who were wiser than I! " I felt how the pure intellectual fire - In luxury loses its heavenly ray j H w soon, in the lavishing cup of desire, The pearl of the soul may be melted away 1 " And 1 praV'd of that Spirit who lighted the flame, That pleasure no more might its purity dim; And that sullied but little, or brightly the same, 1 might give back the gem I had borrow'd from him ! " The thought was extaiicl T felt as if Heaven Had already the wreath of eternity shown; As if, oassion all chasten'd and error forgiv'n, My heart" had begun to be purely its own ! " I look'd to the west, and the beautiful sky Which morning had clouded, was clouded no more— ' Oh! thus,' I exclaim'd, ' can a heavenly eye ' Shed light on the soul that was darken'd before !"' The MANOR of 1IAMERTON, in the, County of Huntingdon. rpiIF. GAME on the above MANOR being iii- J tended to be preserved, all qualified Persons are requested not to spori thereon; and all unqualified Persons found trespassing on the said Manor will be prosecuted. Augit'st iSlb, 1806. C, A M E. " XTtTHEREAS the GAM Eon PETSOE MANOR, * ' and other the WOODS and ESTATES ot N\ TH< VNIKl, POM FRET WILLIAMS, Esq. at EMBERTON, in the County of Buck's, has been much ANNOYED by unauthorized Persons: This is to assure, that ad Trespassers on the said Estates, without Leave first obtained of ALEX. SMALL, Esq. of CI. IFTON- RP. VMS, will in future be prosecuted to the Extent* law^ poMFRET WILLIAMS. August l£ 06. — - — --- S711EREAS the GAME on the distinct V MANORS, WOODS, and ESTATES of JOHN HIGGINS, Esq. and ALEX. SMALL, Esq. at CI. ITTON- RF. VNES, in the County of Bucks, has suffered much by the unauthorized Intrusion ot various Persons: This is to give Notice, that all Trespassers on the said Estates will hereafter be pro- ceeded against agreeable to Law. A L F. X. SMJ'. LL, JOHN HICGINS. Ctijlan+ Hattj loth August, 1806. TilANORITK I'<> TI 1£ IUNGII AY. •\ 757ILr. iAM and THOMAS BELSEY, Esqrs. > T Proprietors of. FOTHERINGHAY, wishing to preserve the GAME, earnestly request that Gen- tlemen will not sport upon the above Manor; and hereby give Notice, that all unqualified Persons tres- passing thereon will be prosecuted according to Law. MANOR of SPRATi'ON. TVTOTICE is hereby given, That all unqualified Persons wHo shall he found KILLING or DESTROYING the GAME, or otherwise TRES- PASSING in or upon the above MANOR, will be prosecuted as the Law directs; and it is particularly requested- that no qualified Persons will sport on the said Manor, without having first obtained Leave from ANDREW HACKETT, Esq. Spratton, lid August, 1806. BURTON- LATI'IMER., Northamptonshire. "\ 767TIEREAS the GAME upon the MANOR of * T BU RTON- LATTI M E R has of late Year- been almost extirpated bv Poachers, unqualified Per- sons, and others, sporting thereon : This is to give Notice, that the Lords of the said Manor are deter- Hied to preserve the Game; and Persons offending ter this public Notice, will be prosecuted a , wilful afte Trespassers. 22d August* 180S. JOHN HARPUR, WILLIAM KING. AKCI'ST Sfitli, 1806. | IOST, supposed to be stolen, in Ltj rmii.' wottni I - J or LEICESTER, on Monday the 25th Instant, A SEAT BOX, from a One- llorse Chaise, I containing some white Muslin Frocks, and other Ar- f tides « f a Child's Wearing Apparel, marked in patent Ink with the Letters H. A. ( j^ T Whoever will give Information of the Offender or ((( fenders, shall, on Conviction, receive a Reward of FIVE G- U1NEAS ; or if lost, the same Reward, on restoring tha Box, with its Contents, to the Printer'of the Leicester Journal. PETEHBOROVGU, Julv 22d, 1306. QTOLEN or STRAYED, from ' the BULI. INN, O on Friday Night the 29th of June last, or early j on Saturday Morning the 21st, A BROWN NAG MARE, about fourteen Hands high, rather lame before, and • had a short cut fail. ( p9* Whoever will give Information of the said 1 Mare, shall, if stoleij, on Conviction of the Offender I or offenders, receive TWO GUINEAS REWARD, \ by applyingto Mr. HOMOS, Bull Inn, Peterborough ; I or to Mr. T. WAYMAN, Ortbrd, Hunts, the Owner. And if strayed, H Al. F- A- GU1N E A and all reason- able Expences. S- mlEtToB STRAYED, " (' Hut supposed to have been stolen), / IN Sunday Night the 17th, or early on Monday \ J Morning the' 18th of August, 1806, out of a Lane in fhe Parish of WARDINOTON, in the County of Oxford, A LIGHT- BROWN HORSE, between the Nag and the Cart Kind, the Property of Mr. EDWARD LETTS, of WARUINCTON aforesaid. — He is rising four Years old, about fifteen Hands high, has a baid Face and cut Tail, the Inside of his fore Legs white to the Knees, hind Heels white, and white on the Inside above the Hock; rather rank on the Poll, and the Hair rubbed off'the near Knee, oc- casioned by a Blemish.— He had a round Steel Lock on the near fore Leg when taken away. , Notice is herely given. That whoever will discover the Offender or Offenders, so that lie or they may be prosecuted to conviction, shall, on such Conviction, receive a Reward of TEN GUINEAS of EDWARD LETTS aforesaid. — If the above- mentioned llors.- should be left or turned up in any Ground or Place whatsoever, the Person bringing lii. n back again to the Owner shall receive ONE GUINEA REWARD, and have reasonable Charges paid. . TICKETS, SHARES, and CHANCES, in the first " LOTTERY for 1806, Are no- w selling by FBRANSCOMB and Co. Joint Contractors . for the present Lottery, and Proprietors of the Lucky Lottery- Offices, No. 11, HOLBORN, No. 37, CORN HILL, and No. 38, HAYMARKF. T, PICCADILLY; where the first £. 30,01: 0 Prize ever sold, likewise No. 12,719, the last = 6.25,000, were both divided into Shares; and in the- Lotteries for 180-> and 1805, the following Capitals wete sold in 257 different Shares, namely, Nos. 3,3.' I0 entitled to 1,000 17,477 24,699 16,801 17,915 4, U77 1,000 1,000 2,000 2,000 5,000 Nos. £. 13,747 entitled to 10,000 456 9,219 11,643. 7,686 7,757 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,020 20,022 And No. 12,719, -£. 25,000; With 13 Prizes of £. 500, and a great Number of = fi. l00, i'. 50, & c. & c. Likewise, in several former Lotteries, the above Proprietors have shared and registered as follows, namely, 4 Prizes of £. 30,000 15 Prizes of £. 5,000 20,000 26 ' 2,000 10,000 54 1,000 11 TICKETS AND SHARES Are likewise selling, in great Variety of Numbers, by Mr. W. BIRDSALL, Bookseller, NORTHAMPTON. Begins Drawing the 13th of OCTOBER. * « * Please to observe, there are more Capital Prizes in the present Lottery than ever were in any former one, with only 20,000 Tickets, and the Price of Shares not so high as has b? en in several past Lotteries; therefore, an early Purchase is recommended. PAULSitSPURY, Aug. 20th, 1806. •\ A7TIEREAS a Number of Poachers and un- T 1 qualified Persons have, for some Time past, made a Practice of KILLING and TAKING the CAME and FISH in the MANOR of l'AULERS- P U k Y, in the County of Northampton; and divers Persons have trespassed on the said Manor and Estate bv BREAKING the GROUND in the said Manor, and TARING the TURF, SOIL, CLAY, and STO N ES TH EREOUT, and carrying away the same; and CUTTING, MANGLING, and TAKING AWAY from the Woods and Spinnies, growing on the said Manor, ASH, HAZEL, and SALLOW WOOD: Notice is hereby given, that all such Persons who shall for the future be found guilty of any of the said Offences, within the Liberties aforesaid, will be pro.- sccuted to the utmost Severity of the Law. THRAL'STON TURNP1KK- ROAD. AMeeting of the Trustees of the Huntingdon- shire Division of the Turnpike- Road leading from Market- Hai borough, in the County of Leicester, 10 the Pound, in the Parish of Brampton, in the County of Huntingdon, was held at the Council Chamber, in the Town of Huntingdon, on Tuesday the 19th Dav of August, 1806, at the Hour of Eleven in the Forenoon ( pursuant to Notice duly given), for the Purpose of considering the Necessity of widening the first Bridge which stands across the said Road on the North Side of Ellington Toll- Bar, and of trails- acting other Business relating to the same Road. At this Meeting, for the better considering the Necessity of widening the said Bridge, a Committee was ap- pointed to inspect the same: And for the Purpose of receiving the Report, of the said Committee, of con- sidering the Necessity of widening the said Bridge, and of transacting other Business relating to the said Road, Ordered, That this Meeting Stand adjourned till TUESDAY the 2d Day of SEPTEMBER next, at the COUNCIL CHAMBER, in the said Town of HUNTINGDON, at the Hour of Eleven in the Forenoon. WM. MARGETTS, Clerk to the Trustees. The greatest Clearer and Purifier at' the Face. SOLOMON'S ABSTERGENT LOTION is an effectual Cure for ERUPTIONS on the FACE and SKIN, particularly Pimples, Blotches, Tetters, Ringworms, Tan, Sunburn, Freckles, Shingles, prickly Heat, Redness of the Nose, Neck, Arms, Sec. & c.; also for Scorbutic and Cutaneous Eruptions ot every Description. By the simple Application of this Fluid Night and Morning, or occasionally thrice a Day, it will remove the most rancourous and alarming Scurvy in the Face. It is perfectly safe, and possesses all the good Qua- lities of the celebrated Cosmetics, without any of their doubtful and sometimes dangerous Effects; it is an almost indispensable Appendage to the Toilet. A rough and uneven Skin, its shining Appearance, and yellow and sickly Paleness, are by this Lotion ef- fectually removed. 11 has been administered to many Thousands, without even a single Complaint of its inefricacy.; a single Bottle will be sufficient to prove its Value. Price 4s. 6d. a Bottle, Duty included, with which is given proper Directions; and on the Stamp of every genuine Bottle the Words S- aml. Solomon, Liver- fool, are engraved, to imitate which is Felony. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by the Printers of this Paper; also, Retail, by Marshall, and Edge, North- ampton; Collis Se Dash, and' Munn, Kettering; Dawson, and Harrod, Harborough; Marriott, Banbury ; Inns, and Gallard, Towcester; Seeley, Buckingham; Richardson, Stony - Stratford ;. Edge, and Mather, Wellingborough; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry ; O. kely, and Palgrave, BedfordFox, St. Neots; Earringer, and Inwood, Newport- Pagnell; Swinfcn, Leicester; by the Printers of the Country News- papers; and by all the reputable Medicine Venders, Booksellers, & c. in every principal Town in England, Ireland, Scotland, and America, who will deliver Pamphlets gratis, with a Variety of authentic Docu- ments noted therein. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, fBMIAT a Petition will be presented to the I Honourable the House of Commons, in the next Sessions of Parliament, tor Leave to bring in a Bill for continuing the Term, and altering, amending, en- larging, and making more effectual, the Powers of. four several Acts of Parliament for repairing the Roads theiein- mentioned, in the County of Buck- ingham, so far as the said Acts relate to the Road from Wendover to the Town of Buckingham, in the said County of Buckingham; and which Road passes through the several Parishes of Wendover, Stoke- Mandevillc, Weston- Turvill, Aylesbury, fiardwick, Whitchurch, Creslow, Dunton, Hoggeston, Swan- bourne, Winslo'. v, Addington, Adstock, Padbury, and Buckingham, in the County aforesaid.— Dated the 13th Day of August, 1806. By Oruer of the Trustees, LANCELOT WYATT. TURNPIKE- TOLLS TO I. E LETT. VJOTiCli is hereby given, That the TOLLS i > 1 arising at the ' foil- Gate upon the Turnpike- Road leading from Wendover lo Buckingham, in the County of Bucks, called or known by the Name of WALTON GATE, with the WE I O II INC- ENCI NE be- longing to the sime, will be LET1' to FARM by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, at the BELL INN, in WINSLOW, in the said County, on FRIDAY the FIFTH Day of SEPTEMBER next, between the Hours of Twelve and Two of the same Day, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the I3th Year of the Reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, for regulating Turnpike- Roads, and will be put up at such Sum of Money as the Trustees of the said Turnpike- Road present at such Meeting shall think fit. Whoever" happens to be the Best Bidder, must im- mediately pay down into the Hands of the Treasurer one Month's Rent, in Advance, and at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satis- faction of the said Trustees, for the Payment of the Remainder of the Rent agreed . for, and a't such Times as they shall direct. And it is required that such Bidder do produce the Names of his Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees, at. the Time of Bidding. LANCELOT WYAl'T, Clerk to the said Trustees. IVinslo- w, August 4th, 1803. Family Residence and rich Pasture Land, in Warwickshire. To be L E T T, And entered upon immediately, ALL that new- erected capital MANSION- HOUSE, called SPRINGFIELD, lately oc- cupied by Francis Parrotr, Esq. situate within five Miles of the City of Coventry, and at an agreeable Distance from the Turnpike- Road between that City anil Nuneaton, Hinckley, and Atherstone.— The House is finished in the b- st style, t « • attached and detached Offices are particularly convenient, and the whole Premises are in complete Repair.— Two laige Par- lours, with elegant circular Wiidows to the Garden Front, two other K- oms of 14 Feet by 12 Feet, one of which lias also been used as a Parlour, and the other is well adapted for a Study or Library, connected by a handsome Vestibule, constitute the principal Siory.' Th. attached Offices consist of a Butlei's Pantry, Kitchen, common Pantry, Scullery, and Brewhouse, with the necessary Appendages, all spa- cious and arranged, and fitted up' in the most convenient Manner. The first Floor consists of six handsome and airy Bedchambers, and in the Attic are several Lodging- Rooms for Servants. The Cellarage is arched, dry, and complete. A very convenient Coach- House, an excellent . tailed Stable, and a Saddle- House, con- stitute the detached Offices. The Garden is large, and the Walls will be well supplied with Fruit i rei » where necessary, agreeable to the Choice of any Gen- tleman who may rent the Premises, at the Expence of the Proprietors.— The Premises will be lett for a short Term of Years, or for a longer Term, as may be most convenient to the Occupier; and the Tenant may be accommodated, for a reasonable Compensation, with tlie Use of the Kitchen Range, the Coppers in the ' Brewhouse, the Fire Grates, and various other useful Fixtures, unuecessary to be specified in an Adver- tisement. With the Mansion- House and Premises may also be lett, if desired, about twenty Acres of fine rich Land adjoining thereto, or any lesser Quantity; and any Gentleman who becomes the Occupier thereof may likewise purchase the extensive Manor of Bedworth, with its Court Leet and Court Baron, Privileges, and Appurtenances. *** For a View, apply to Mr. STEPHEN YATES, of Redworth aforesaid. To treat for the Purchase of the Manor of Bedworth, apply to the said FRANCIS PARROTT, Esq. at Flawkesbury- Ilall, near Coventry ; and to rent the said Mansion- House; Land, and Pre- mises, apply to the said Mr. YATES; or to Mr. DICKEMS, Attorney at Law, High- Street, Coventry, at whose Office a Ground Plan of the House may be inspected; or otherwise at the Office of Mr. E. D. DICKENS, Attorney at Law, Hay- Lane, Coventry. August 25th, 1806. STAMP- OFFICE, NORTHAMPTON, AUGUST, 16th, lb06. GAME CERTIFICATES. THE COMMISSIONER^ of His MAJESTY'S STAMP DUTIES having directed that strict Attention be given by the respective Distributors acting under tliem, towards enforcing and rendering effectual the Acts of the 25th and 31st Years of His present Majesty's Reign, " for the granting to His " said Majesty certain Duties on Certificates issued " with Respect to the Killing of Game;" This Public Notice ( by Way of Caution) is given, That under the bnve- mentioned Act a Penalty of TWEN'l Y POUNDS ' will be incurred by ever Person using any Greyhoui !, Hound, Pointer, Setting- Dog, Spaniel, or other Dog, or any Gun, Net, or. other Engine, for the Taking or Destruction of Game, without having obtained a Certificate from the Clerk of the Peace, or his Deputy, for the County, Riding, or Place, where such Person shall reside, upon such Stamp, and in s- uch Form, as the said Acts direct; which Penalty is recoverable by Suitor Information, in any of His Majesty's. Coyr'ts at Westminster, or by Information before a Justice or Justices of the Peace. And Notice is also hereby given, That for the more easy Detection of'Offenders against the said Acts, Lists will speedily be published in the Newspapers, containing the Names and Places of Abode ot the Persons who have duly taken out their Certificates, which Publication will from Time to Time be continued until the Season for killing Game shall expire. Licences to be taken out. For Medicines - 2d September. For Hats i 2d October. { jlf Any Person vending Medicines without a Licence, will be subject to a Penalty of s£. 20. •%* Any Person selling Hats without a Licence, will be liable to forfeit =£. 50. By Order of His Majesty's Commissioners for managing the Stamp Duties, J. CLARK. EASE UIOM LAMENESS AND PAIN. IN A FEW HOURS. rpiIE BRITISH OINTMENT for CORNS, i. prepared by W. NAYLOR, Chemical Colour- Maker to his Majesty. This most excellent Oint- ment never foils curing hard or soft Corns in a very short Time, and gives Ease in a few Hours. No other Trouble is required in using it, than rubbing a little on the Corn, Night and Morning, with the Finger. The Proprietor begs Leave to observe, the Afflicted may rest assured of a Cure, as this is not, like many published Things, an Imposition on the Public. By Appointment of the Proprietor, it is sold, Wholesale, by Dicey ,& Co. No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, London; also by Dicey & Co. Edge, and Marshall, Northampton; Robins, Daventry ; Wilcox, and Gallard, Towcester; Mather, Wellingborough; and by one Medicine Vender in every Market Town, Price 2s. 6d. Duty included. STATE- LOTTERY for 1800, To begin Drawing 13 f was afflicted with seven bad Sores in my Leg, painful and offensive, some of which were as large as a Crown Piece. Two Years I uselessly tried recom- mended Applications. At Length, advised by a Neigh- bour, 1 bought of Mr. John Drury, Printer, three small Bottles of SPILSBURY's PATENT ANTI- SCORBUTIC DROPS, from the Administration of which I became entirely well, as also unexpectedly relieved from a painful A flection of my Stomach and Breast.— Witness my Hand, SAMUEL BRISTOW. Signed before me, JOHN DRURY, Lincoln. The genuine Medicine, in Bottles of 5s. 6d. 10s. and £. 1 2s. Duty included, sold at the Dispensary, No. 15, Soho- Square, London, has the King's Duty ( the Stamp) printed in black Ink, instead of red Ink. 03" Sold also by the Printers ot this Paper; Mr. Okely, Bedford; Mather, Wellingborough; Collis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Robins, and Wil- kinson, Daventry; Corrall, Lutterworth; and by most Venders of Patent Medicines in Town and Country. Witness, J. M. HOWARD, Gaoler. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT a Petition will be presented to Honourable the House of Commons, in the next Sessions of Parliament, for Leave to bring in a Bill to enlarge the Term, and to amend, alter, and make more effectual the Powers of several Acts of Parlia- ment passed in the 5th and 25th Years of Flis Ma- jesty's Reign, for repairing and widening the Road from the Turnpike- Road in Banbury, in the County of Oxford, through Daventry and Cottesbach, to the South End of Mill Field, in the Parish of Lutter- worth, in the County of Leicester; which Road passes through the several Parishes of Banbury, in the County of Oxford; the Hamlet of Grimsbury, and tile Parish of Chalcombe, in the County of 5forth ampton ; the Hamlet of Wilscott, and the Parish of Wardin^ ton, in the County of Oxford; and the several Parishes of Chippenwarden, Aston - le- Walls, Byfield, Charwelton, Fawsley, Badby, the Hamlet of Drayton, the Town and Parish of Daventry, Welton, Ledger's - Ashby, Kilsby, and Lilbourn, in the County of Northampton ; ITillmorton, Clifton, and Newton, in the County of Warwick ; and Catthorp, Cottesbach, Misterton, and Lutterworth, in the County of Leicester. — Dated the 21st Day of August, 1806. By Order of the Trustees, EDM. BURTON. For Disorders of the Head, Dimness of Sight, Defect of Hearing, &- e. THE CORDIAL CEPHALIC SNUFF. AS a Proof of its Efficacy, Mr. RECIIAE THORN, of Itchen- Stoke, Hants, writes, in February, 1805, to the Proprietors as follows:— " I am now 74 Years old, andean see to read with common Glasses, and my Memory is as good as when I was only 18. In July, 1776 ( 29 Years ago), I was seized with a dreadful. Giddiness in my Head. My Doctor gave me various Medicines ; they did me no Good. He admitted this, and candidly advised the Use of your CF. PHALICSNUFF. I took it, an in a few Weeks was much better. After this I took it more f reely, and in six Weeks was as well and hearty as ever, and so have continued to this Day, by con- stantly using your invaluable Remedy." ' It is sold by F. Newbery & Sons, at the Warehouse for Dr. James's Powder, No. 45, in St. Paul's Church- Yard, London; and B. C. Collins, at Salisbury ; and none is genuine unless the Words " F. Newbery, No. 45, St. Paul's," be engraved on the Stamp. Sold also by Dicey & Sutton, Marshall, and Edge, Northampton'; Seeley, Buckingham; Barringer, and Inwood, Newport- Pagnell; Purser, Bedford; Green & Co. Ampthill; and Collis & Dash, Kettering; all of whom have Appointments under their Hands and Seal. DICEY & Co.' sTrue Daffy's Elixir. rp HIS most excellent Medicine has been JL faithfully prepared for upwards of 80 Years, from the purest Drugs and Spirits'that can be procured, by Dicey & Co. No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, London; and has been attended with the happiest Success in the Cure of tlie Gravel, Stone, Fluxes, Spitting of Blood, Pains in the Breast, Sec. ; but in the most excru- ciating Fits of the Cliolic, and in all Complaints of the Stomach and Bowels, the Genuine Daffy's Elixir is unquestionably superior to every other Medicine in the World:— Spurious Sorts, of a very inferior Quality, are, however, ollered for Sale in almost every Town, and some ot them even with the Names of Dicey & Co. in the Bills of Directions, and on the Bottles ( which are also made in Imitation of theirs :) The surest Way therefore to prevent Deception, is, to ask particularly for DICEY's DAFFY'S EI. IXIR, and to observe not only that the Words Dicey & Co. No. 10, Bom Church- Yard, are printed in the Stamp affixed to each Bottle, and signed in the Bills of Directions; but also, as a further Mark of Distinction, that the Words Dicey & Ce.' s True Daffy's Elixir are printed, in large Characters, at the Top of each Bill of Directions. It is sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Dicey & Co. No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, in- Bottles, at Is. 8d. and 2s. 6d. each, Duty included. Also, sold Wholesale and Retail by the Printers ot this Paper ( by - whom great Allowance is made to Country Shopkeepers), and Retail by the following Persons, viz. Wilkins, Robins, Bates, & Wilkinson, Daventry; Parker, Merridew, and Rollason, Coventry; Collison, B rack ley ; Watson, Aynho; Mrs. Beesley, Banbury; Odell, and E. Pyne, Leighton ; Griffin and Co. ' l'ring ; Norwood, Amer'sham; Avnsworth, & Birdsey, Heme!- j . „ hempstead; Edwards, Cliesham; Barnes, In'wood, and ! P i>- Barringer, Newport- Pagnell; Osborn, Wobutn ; Good- man, North- Crawley; Queneborough, and Squires, Dunstable; Lancaster, Clophill; Alsop, Crawley, and Mead, Luton; Brown, Morris, and Green 8c Co. Ampthill; S. and A. Cooper, anil Morris, Nuneaton; Bull, Harrod, and Dawson, Market- Harborough; Adains, and Gamble, Loughborough; Gregory, and Swinftn, Leicester ; Toone, Woolvey ; Pearson, Mel- ton- Mowbrayj Burbage & Co. Nottingham; Inns, and Gallard, Towcester ; Seeley, Buckingham ; Miss Jones, Oxford; Hawkes, Lutterworth ; R. Palgrave, J. Okely, B. Bradley, and J. Bradley," Bedford; Hine, I'otton; Bunting, Sandy; Gardner, Weston, and Brooks, Biggleswade ; Richardson, Elines, Poulter, and Sheppard, Stony- Stratford; Higham, Old- Stratford; Moxham, Fenny- Stratford; Stevens, Bicester; Marlin, J. Wheeler, Rickford, F. Wheeler, Sc F. Loggin, Aylesbury ; Wards, Hinckley; Sanderson & Co. Broughton, Chettle, and Mather, Wellingbo- rough ; Eaton, Thrapston; York & Summers,. Oundle ; Horden, and Jacob, Peterborough; Ring, Gilkes, and Matthews, Chipping- Norton; Baly, Wright, and Stevens, Fligh- Wycoinb; Collis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Newcomb, and Drakard, Stamford; Bird, Uppingham; Gibson, Oakham ; Ch.. rchill, Dedding- ton; Roberts, Southam; Sharpe, Warwick; I. uccock, Kimbolton; Bavley, and Paul, St. Ives; Emery, and Fox, St. Neots; Jenkinson, Huntingdon ; Darton, and ' I'app, Hitchin; Hovel, Staples, Eaden, Hodson, and Gee, Cambridge; Leigh, Atherstone; Arch, Shetfbrd; Holland, Winslow ; Ward, Stratford- upon- Avon ; Mat- thews, Campden; Wallis, Olney; Taylor, Retford; Dexte., Wilbarston; Brinkler, Bicester; and by the Venders of Dicey & Co.' s Medicines in every Town throughput the Kingdom'; Of - whom may be hud, from Dicey & Co.' s Warehouse as above, s. d. s. d. Dr. Bateman'sDrops 1 U, Bathing Spirits - - ' 0 9 This Day is published, and may be had gratis ot Messrs. MATHEWS & I. EICH, No. IS, Strand, London, A Few satisl'actorv Testimonies of the Efficacy ii of Dr. TAYLOR'S celebrated REMEDY for DEAFN KSS, and of the Ease and Safety with which it may be . used at all Seasons. The Cases are from the most respectable Sources. An Application, in Person, or by Litter, Post- paid, will convince the most Sceptical of the ' lruth of the important Statements contained therein ; ai d it ought to be remarked, that the Cases were forwarded to line Proprietor unsought for and unsolicited, and wens consequently dictated by the Best of Motives, Gra- titude, for the Benefit the Writers had received. The Remedy is sold by Messrs. Mathews Se Leigh, No. 18, Strand, London, Price 8s. 6d. a Bottle ( Duty included). One Bottle is a complete Resto- rative. Sold, Wholesale, by J„ Drewry, Stafford ; Oicejr & Sutton, Bow Church- Yard, and at their W areliouse in Northamp'in; Barclay & Son, Fleet- Market { Butler, 4, Cneapside; and Shaw & Edwards, St. Paul's, London. Sold Retail by the Printers ot this Paper, and may be had of their Newsmen, and most Venders of Medicines in the United Kingdom. A writer of great knowledge and experience observes " that at the spring and fall of the leaf, the mortality is generally greater than in the other seasons of the year," and with gre- at truth ; but mar. y aic sent to their long home by early ijidi cietions which materially affect them at these seasons, eitlcr from injudicious treatment, or by not having recourse in due time to medicine. It is, however, a pleas:!.* consolation tu tfie afflicted, to rcfJect that a medicine of the first character is now extant, and which, if applied, will effectually reiieva them, and restore them to the blissful enjoyment of health and happiness* This medicine is the Cordial halm of C'Jead, which has cured thousands in the last stage ot a consumption, brought on by this destructive habit, and the pro- prietor, Dr. Solomon, of Liverpool, is rendering tie rising generation a service of the first magnitude. BEDFORDSHIRE,? WE, JAMES DEW, late of to wit. S BLUNHAM, in the County ot l. t I- ford, Cordwainer; JOHN EVERITT, late ot Mif.- TON- BRYANT, in the said County of Bedford, Yeo- man; JAMES FIELD, late of MALDIN, inines, jU County of Bedford, Tailor; FRANCIS S^ UIKE, late of BLUNHAM aforesaid, Gardener;' MARY A Y R E S, late of BLUNHAM aforesaid, Widow; WILLIAM BUSliY, late of WOOTTON, in the ei- ij County of Bedford, Yeoman; and THOMAS BURT, late of the Town of BEDFORD, in the said County of Bedford, Tailor; now eonfined in His Majesty's Gaol or Prison for the said County of Bedford, and nut being charged in Custody on the first Daj ot February, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Six, with any Debt or Debts, Sum or Sums ot Money, exceeding in the Whole the Sum of One Thousand l ive Hun- dred Pounds, do hereby give this third public Notice, that we intend to take the Benefit of an Act passed in the forty- sixth Year of His present Majfst>' s Reign, intituled, " An Act for the Relief ot certain Insolvent Debtors^" and we do hereby give Notice, that true and ncrfect Schedules, containing a Discovery of all our real and personal Esiates, hereafter lo trs sworn to, are now ready to be delivered to any Cre- ditor applying for the same to the Keeper or Gaoler, or his Deputy, of the said Prison. JAMES DEW. JOHN EVERITT X his Mark. JAMES FIELD X his Mark. FRANCIS SQUIRE. MARY AYRES WILLIAM BUSBY. THOMAS BURT BANKRUPTS required to SURRENDER. Robert Sheardown, jun. of Louth, Lincolnshire, stationer, Sept. 6, 8, and 9, at the New King's- Head, Louth. Attornies, Messrs. Leigh & Mason, New Bridge- Street, London. James Dudds, of Crown- street, Newington Butts, Surrey, jeweller, Sept. 12, 20, and Oct. 4, atCudd- hall, London. Attorney, Mr. Patten, Cross- street, Hatton- street. William Hart ami Samuel Turner, jun. of Loth- bury, London, warehousemen, Aug. 27, 2H, and October 4, at Guildhall. Attorney, Mr. Hill} aid, Copthall- court, Throgmorton- street. Richard Cole, late of I. ambeth- road, Surrey, ha- berdasher, Aug. £ 0,' Sept. IK, and Oct. 4, at Guild- hall, London. Attornies, Messrs. Meddowcrou Sc Stanley, Gray's- Inn. James Noble, of Coggershall, Essex, worsted- ma- nufacturer, Aug. 27, 28, and Oct. 4, at Guiluhail, London. Attorney, Mr. Field, Friday- stieet, Cheap- side. Henry Fell, of Basinghall- street, London, ware- houseman, Aug. 30, Sept. 9, and Oct. 4, ai Guild- hall. Attorney, Mr. Atkinson, Castle- street, 1 ai- con- square. Moses Elliott, of Chatham, Kent, shopkeeper, Aug. 26, 30, and Oct. 4, at Guildhall, Loudon. Attorney, Mr. Broad, Union- street, borough. George Perrott Macculloch, of Eastcheap, London, merchant, Aug. 26, 30, and Oct. 4. at Gunuliali. Attorney, Mr. Mills, Fly- Place, Holboin. William Bullen, of Bow- lane, Cheapside, ware- houseman, Sept. 8, 9, and Oct. 7, at Guildhall, London. Attorney, Mr. Williams, Austin- friars. ^ Isaac Bull, of Tooting, Surrey, baker, Sept. IS, 17, and Oct. 7, at Guildhall, London. Attornies, Messrs. Alcock & Cornet, York- street, Southwark. George Smith, of Sweeting's- alley, London, in- surance- broker and underwriter, Sept. 8, 9. ana Oct. 7, at Guildhall. Attorney, Mr. Williams, Austin- triars. John Bridge and Henry Keale, of Liverpool, mer- chants, Oct. J and 2, at the Crown- and- Anchor Ta- vern, Liverpool, and 7, at the gaol of Newgate, London. Attornies, Mr. Keightley and Messrs. Luea & Stanistreet, Liverpool. DIVIDENDS fo be made to Creditors. Sept. 13. Arthur Lewis, of Banbury, Oxfordshire, mercer, at the White- Lion inn, Banbury. Sept. 1ft. Joseph Ludlam, of Stoke- hruem, North- the White- Lion inn. amptonshire, victualler, Banbury. Sept. 22. C. Bernccker, of Birmingham, merchant, at the Johnson's- Head, Birmingham. CERTIFICATE to be grunted. J. Aspinall, of Birmingham, merchant. MARKETS.— London, August ' 25. Owing to short arrivals of Wheat, and which is ge- nerally the case at this timS of the year, prices' were higher by 3s. and - Is. per quarter than last Monday; on which day a very few select samples rather exceeded the terms of our then specified cur- rency.— We had no accession of- Barley mis morn- ing; very little sale, and but a trifling amendment in price.— Malt is a trifle dearer, as are Grey t eas; Boiling Peas are still scarce, and full as" high as of late.— Beans, of both, softs, with prime Oats, sell for rather more money than last week ; tlieie are no fresh arrivals of this last- mentioned article. — 1- lour remains at 70s. per sack. Wheat.. 50s. to 60s. 70s. Hooper's Female Pills 1 1$ Dr. Anderson's Scots Pills, 30 in a Box 1 1J Dr. Radclitlfc's Elixir 1 1J Bostock's Elixir - 2 6 Stoughton's Elixir - 1 l'J Friar's Balsam -- 11* Pike's Ointment - 1 .9 Clinton's Snull,& Oil 1 6 Dr. Lockyer's Pills 2 9 Squire's Grand F. lixir 1 9 Godfrey's Cordial - 0 9 Golden & Plain Spirits of Scurvy- Grass - 1 1J Beaume de Vie - - 3 6 bet ton's British Oil 1 9 Rvmer's Tincture - H 9 Walker's Jesuits Drops - - - - 2 9 Wyman's Pills - 2 9 Oats 2!) s. to27s. 31s. l'inc Do. — s. to 75s. SOs. HorseBeans42s. lo 48 » . ( ei. Rye . .. 36s. to 42s. Od. Tick Ditto 34s. tolUs. 0- 1. Barley.. 30s. to 33s. Od. White Peas 40s. to 56-. Od. Ivlalt. . - 67s. to 7Js. Od. | Grey Ditto 3(> s. to 42s. 0d. PRICE of FLOUR. — Fine— s. to 70s. Od. HOPS, per Pocket. — Kent, 51.0s. to 61.10s.— Sussex, 51. 0s. to 61. 6s.— Farnham, 71. 0s. to 81. 0s. SMITHFIELD, Aug. 25. To sink the offal. Ox Beef, 4s. Od. to5s. Od. We. her Mutton, 4s. 4d. to 5s. 2d. Veal, 4s. fid, to- 5s. 6d. Pork, 4s. 8d. to 5s. 4d. Lamb, 5s. 0d. to 6s. Od. Sold this day, Beasts, 1900— Sheep and Lambs, 19,000. NEWGATE and LEADENHALL, Aug. 25. By the carcase. Beef, 3s. Od. to4s. 4d. Mutton, 3s. lOd. to 4s. 4.1. Veal, 3s. 6d. to 5s. 4d. Pork, 4s. Sd, to 5s. 4d. Lamb, 4s. 4d. to 5s. 4d. TALLOW.— Town, 64s. 6d. White Russia,— s. Od. to 63s. Od. ( Soap), — s. Od. to 62s. Od. Melting Stuff, SSs. to 54s. Od. Ditto rough, — s. to 36s. Goo « i Dregs, 10s. Od. Graves, lis. ikl. LEATHER, per lb. Butts, 50 to 561b. 22Jd. to24d. Ditto, 60 to 651b. 26d. to28d Mere hants' Lacks, — d. to 22d. Dressing Hides, 19d. to 20d. 1 me Coach- Hides, 21d. to 22d. t rop Hides for cutting, 2fjd. to 24d. Flat ordinary, IBid. to 194( 1. Calf Skills, 30 to 401b. per doz. 30( 1. to 40d. Ditto, 50 to 701b. pet doz. 36d. to 42d. Ditto, 70 to 801b. 35d. to 3Sd.. Small Seals, per lb. 39cl. to 42d. Laige Ditto, per doz. 100s. to 160s. Goat Skins, s. to — s. per doz. Tanned Horse- Hides, 20s. to 36s. per liiue. NORTHAMPTON: Printed and Published by and for T. DICEY and JY. SUTTON.
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