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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Volume Number: LXXXVI    Issue Number: 25
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 23/08/1806
Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: LXXXVI    Issue Number: 25
No Pages: 4
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mjrton v. ). I . XXXVI. <, Ready Money is expected f No. 25. I with Advertisements. t SATURDAY,. August 23, 1806. PRICE SIXPENCE, ! IS, t;" nfFr'" ( I'aper atn •• S- Jd. per and Print •- L'id. Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. /. « v />(> A. August 19- ri ' HE Gazette of Saturday contains a letter from » l ieutenant Hughes, of the Eire ISrig Phos- phorus, giving at) account of his having heat off a lar;; e French privateer of 10 guns, and full of men, which he erfgased 45 minutes, in a . small vessel of four guns and only 21 men, including officers. Ihe Gazette also contains an Order of Council for the prorogation of Parliament to the 9th day of Octobcr. Paris Papers to the 10th, and Dutch to the 14 th inst. arrived yesterdav, with accounts from Ham- burgh of a day later date titan those brought by the Mail of Wednesday.— The complexion of this accumulated intelligence is on the whole extremely warlike. The unexpected movements, the rapid marches and countermarches of the French troops indicate no ordinary apprehension on the part of Bonaparte, lie expects that his new plan of a German Constitution will be opposed, and he is preparing to support it. Notwithstanding the compelled silence of most of the Continental Journals, the fact is unquestionable, that formi- dable French armies are advancing to the. Inn on one side, and the frontiers of Saxony and West- phalia on another. The private letters from the North of Germany mention, that Prussia, Saxony, and Yless* f'assel are also arming.— There is every reason to believe, that Hamburgh, Bremen, and Luhec, will fall under the protection of France. Bonaparte has summoned all the Jews resident in Pi tiuee to give an account of themselves, as to their marriages, citizenship, & c. and finally to say whether they consider themselves subjects of France or not. According to private accounts from Hamburgh, some lurtlier changes are meditated in the political relations of Italy. That country, it is confidently state*!, is to he. divided into two kingdoms; one to hi l alle.' J the Southern, and the other the Northern. The capital of the former will be. Home, and that of the latter Milan. The late- march of several division?' of French troops towards Italy is sup- posed to be connected with this object. The Pope is represented as haying given his assent to this arrangement, on condition of en- joying the revenues of the patrimony of St. Peter. Jlis Holiness, however, was. so ill about the middle of last month, that his dissolution was daily ex- pected; an event which, there was no doubt, would make the Ecclesiastical dominions an ap- pendage to France. A new idea is started on the Continent, namely, that the rash ambition of the Ruler of France lias at length provoked the Continental Powers to unite MI a league against their common enemy; and that Prussia, Austria, Sweden, Hesse Cassel, Brunswick, and some other States of the Empire, have embarked in a confederacy to rescue the northern part of Germany from the influence of France.— This, with the assistance of Great- Britain, Russia, & c. reads very well in a news- paper, but we fear no such counterplot will ever be attempted. The successful exertions of the Archduke Charles in recruiting the Austrian army, has excited much jealousy in the mind of Bonaparte, and is supposed to he the cause of his calling out the 50,000 con- scripts As everv circumstance connected with the gallant defence of Gac- ia is of importance, it will gratify curiosity to leai n the particulars of the accident which compelled the Prince of Hesse to retire from that garrison. He was wounded bv a cannon shot in the \ erv act of examining the breach which had been effected by the fire of the enemy. No fatal consequences were apprehended from the accident; but it was so serious as to compel him to give the command to another. This event hastened the fall of the place; for after it oc- curred, the vigour of the besifeged drooped apace. An embarkation of troops is going forward at Plymouth, among which ttfe sonic regiments of cavalry.—- The embarkations continue at Ramsgats and Portsmouth; at the last- mentioned place, the 13th, 2d or Queen's, 14th, and 40th regiments of infantry, arc waiting for orders. By a vessel arrived at; Liverpool the following extract of a letter from Trinidad, dated June 29, 1806, 1ms been received:—- 11 General Miranda has at last arrived here in a ship belonging to himself, with tw » schooners, and about 4r0 men raised in America, lie is to be convoyed to the Spanish Main by a frigate, two sloops of war, two gun- brigs, and about half a dozen armed launches. He will sail about the middle of next week, and e\ - c. ts to be joined immediately, on making goodhis landing, bv the very troops that ate forming against hiin. -> n embargo has been laid upon all Spanish launches. Very tew people from hence join him." It is stated that the three French frigates, which wert. in company with J. a Rhin when she was capti| red( hy the Mars, have effected their escape into ' fluurdeaux. The Caroline armed ship arrived at Plymouth on Saturday, and on her passage fell in with a neutral, from which she obtained the above information. Saturday two Mails arrived from Gottenburgh. They bruig no political intelligence worthy of notire; hut they contain the melancholy inform- ation that the town o. f Uddewola, about 50 miles from Gottenburgh, was, on the 29th ult. entirely eons- umod by fire, together with the arsenal, iron- works, & c. so that not a house remains. Upwards of 4,000 inhabitants have by this calamity been rendered destitute of shelter; ijnd bv the destruc- tion .- if more than 15,000 dozen of deals, they have ( teen deprii ed of the means of erecting even tempi irarv habitations; Circular letters havfc been received by theLord- Ije ii timnts of counties, relative to the training of the I. evyeu- masse. It if stated that the Report of the Commissioners who ivcre appointed by his Majesty to investigate Certuin circumstances relative to the conduct, of the Princess of Wales, was communicated to the P; mcoss on the lltli of this month. It is said to contain an entire and absolute acquittal as to any thing criminal, but at the same time notices some trifling levities. The criminal charge related to a child, which lives under the projection of the Princess. The report and the principal part of the evidence, it is said, will be published by the Princess of Wales, in vindication of the iunocence and purity of her character. The following is a statement of the increased allowances for the out- pensioners in Greenwich hospital, viz. Umjer ten years service at sea, to.... s£. 7) Teni yivr., and under fifteen lot Fifteen years and under twenty 11C p ""' Twrnty and upwards i 18J Accounts hqve been received from the Baptist Missionaries in Bengal, of the date of November 15, Jt805, by which it appeals that the converts had increased since tl beginning of the year, from ii l to 70.- Three of the natives ate preaching the Gospel. The Missionaries are proceeding in | the translation and printing of the Old and New Testament in four or five Eastern languages, and ; they hope to accomplish ihe translation into all the languages of the East. It appears from a late publication that the num- ber of women who submitted to be burned on the funeral pile of their husbands within a fe w miles - round Calcutta, amounted, only in the short space between the loth of April and the lfith of October, 1804, to 110.— Such is the prevalence of this shocking superstition, which it is to he hoped that, the gradual progress Of English laws, manners, and religion, will, in- a great measure, suppress, if not abolish. The crop of Hops promises to he so abundant this year, that the duty is estimated at £. 155,000. A cow belonging to Mr. George Bland, of C'as- terton- Parva, near Stamford, has calved fourteen calves in nine ye. K's. Ill 1804 she had three, in 1805 two, and " in 1800 three calves;— the three last she led for the butcher. It is a very . curious fact, that the parish of St. Andrew, London, formerly paid a scavenger ,,£'. 400 a year for cleaning their streets, which after some time being thought too hutch, the person engaged to do it for j£\ 3W0— then for £. 200— for £. 100— and finally for nothing. The parish afterwards contracted with a - person who gave them <£. 200— then ,£ .40(*— and now they actually receive d .700 a year for the soil of their streets. A Method of obtaining natural Flowers in Winter. — Choose some of the most perfect buds of the flowers you wish to preserve, such as are latest in blowing and ready to open; cut them off with a pair of scissars, leaving to each, if possible, a piece of the stem about three inches long; cover' the end of the stem immediately w ith Spanish wax, and when the buds are a little shrunk, wrap each of them up separately in a piece of paper, per- fectly clean and dry, and lock them up in a dry box or drawer, and they will keep without cor- rupting.— In winter, or any other time, when you would have the flowers blow, take the burls over night, cut off the end of the stem, and put the buds into water, wherein a little nitre or salt has been infused, and the next day you will see the buds open and expand themselves, and the flowers display their most lively colours, and breathe their agreeable odours. Caution to Stage- Coachmen.— Saturday se'nnight Thos Phillips, the coachman of the new Stamford stage- coach, was summoned before Thomas Leach, Esq. at the Public- office, Httton- garden, upon an information ( filed by a gentleman of the first respectability), charging him with furiously driving the Stamford day coach, on the 3d instant, at the parish of Tottenham, and thereby endan- gering the persons and property of the passengers. — Mr. C. Humphreys appeared as'the Solicitor for the prosecution, and stated, that the information w as filed by a gentleman ( not a common informer), not for the sake of the penalty, but solely for the protection of passengers in and upon stage- coaches; and particularly to prevent the said coach gallop- ing against the old Peterborough coach, which it has continually been doing, and to prevent such conduct in future.— The case being fully made out by evidence of equal respectability, the Magis- trates convicted the said Thomas Phillips in the full penalty of At the Suffolk assizes, eight prisoners received sentence of death, and four were left for execution; two of whom, Wheeler and Castle, belonging to a gang of that class denominated Gypsies, broke, at midnight, into the dwelling of Mr. Chapman, of Stradishall, who resided therein alone, cruelly beat and tortured him with a bayonet, in order to extort from him his property, and afterwards attempted to enclose him in a hutch, which not proving of sufficient length, induced them to threaten to shorten him by'cutting off his head ; however, they contented themselves with binding him down in his bed with a table- cloth, still con- tinuing the use of the bayonet, until the Sufferer was nearly exhausted; and before they departed, obliged him to kiss a bible, atld swear he had no property bat what they had taken, and with shocking imprecations, threatened, if he attempted to unbind himself before they returned, to murder him. In this situation he remained about an hour, when one of the villains came back determined to put in practice his horrid intention, had he found him iu any other situation but that in which he had left him.— jane Ellis, who w as an accomplice, was admitted an evidence against them. The expectation of Richard Hemming ( the murderer of the Rev. Air. Parker) having been apprehended at Norwich, proves to be unfounded; but information has since been received, that lie was recently seen and accosted at Manchester by a person who shook hands with liitn, not knowing " of his late atrocious act. To be LETT or SOLI) by PRIVATE CONTRACT, With immediate Possession \ N eligible WATER CORN- MILL, at THORNTON, in the County of Bucks ; situate within a few Yards of the navigable Cut from the 11 rand Junction Canal to the Town of Buckingham, and distant from that Town and Stony- Stratford only a few Miles. ( J3* lor Particulars, apply at the Grand Junction Canal Office, Essex- Street, Strand; London. To be SOL D by AU C T IO N, ( WITHOUT RESERVE), By JAMES CO I. E., Sen. Upon the Premise; of Mr. JOHN HOLL1DGF., at the GEORGE INN. STILTON, Huntingdonshire, on Wednesday the lid, Thursday the 4th, and Friday the 5th of September, 180i>, LL the 1IOUSE1IOLD- F URNTTC RE, a large Quantity of PLATE, LINEN, CHINA, and CLASS, together with the Stock of WINES, I. IQUORS, ALE, PORTER, & c.; consisting of 20 Beds and Bedding, with Four- post and Tent Bedsteads, and. Morine, Harrateen, Cotton, and Check Furniture; Mahogany Wardrobe Bedstead, and Wain- scot Ditto; Window- Curtains ; fine Goose Feather- Beds; Blankets and Quilts; Floor and Bedside Carpets, of different Sorts; Wool Mattresses and Paillasses; double and single Chests of Drawers; n « at Bureau; Eight - Day Clock; Dining, Card, Screen, and Dressing- Tables, in Mahogany and other Wood; Sconce, Pier, and Dressing- Glasses, in Ma- hogany, Gill, and Burnished Frames; Chamber Stoves, Sec. to Ditto; the Whole of the Kitchen Furniture; Brewing Utensils, consisting of a Two- Hogshead Copper, Washing Ditto, and Furnaces to Ditto, Cooler, & c. complete ; 14 Ale Hogsheads and lesser Barrels; a large Quantity of Copper, Brass, and Pewter; Wind- up R... ige ; Smoke- Jack, tec. to Ditto, Sec. Sec. ( C3* The Sale to begin precisely at ten o Clock each Day. „ ,. , * . » Catalogues will he ready for Delivery on the Thursday preceding the Sale; anil may be had on the Premises; of Mr. Cole, Sen. the Auctioneer, Peter- borough; of G. Robertson, Printer; and at the neighbouring Inns. . AUGUST 20th, 1800. 0 GOODMAN, ARIOT: MY AT LAW, begs 1 . Leave respectfully to inform his Friends and the Public, that he has REMOVED from CI. 1P- STON E to MA RK ET- H A RBO ROU C11 ; where iiev continues to practise in his Profession. JUKE 10th, 1800. FANDREWS, of MARKET - HAituoitot oii, . begs Leave to inform the Public, that he is now selling off his DRAPERY GOODS, without Reserve, five per Cent under prime Cost.— Country Shops may be supplied, at a lower Rate than in the ordinary Course of Trade, with all Kinds of Thread, Tape, and Binding ; and with a Variety of Yard- wide Linen Cloths, at lid. 12d. 13d. and 14d. per Yard; good Sheeting Cloths, of all Prices; and Eli- wide and Home- made Ditto. WARWICK, August Mil, 1806. THREE GRAND CONCERTS, UNDER THE DIRECTION OF Mr. Marshall, Mr. C. Ashley, and Mr. W. Marshall. rj^ HE Nobility, Gentry, and Public at large, 1. are respectfully informed, that, on MONDAY the 6th of OCTOBER, will be performed, A GRAND MISCELLANEOUS CONCERT, At Rirony; On WEDNESDAY, the 8th, at STK AT FORD- ON- AVON ; and ori FRIDAY, the 10th. at WARWICK; for which Mr. anil Mrs. VAUGHAN, as Vocai Per. formers, are engaged Principal Instrumental Performers — Messis. Jackson, Hardy, C. Ashley, R. Ashley, Marshall, F. Mar- S1K. 11, Sternberg, & c.— Leader of the Band, Mr. VV. Marshall. tjpf Particulars of the Concerts w ill appear in due Time. A \\ TWENTY GUINEAS RI. WARD. THEREAS some evil - disposed Person or Persons did,' on Saturday tiie 16th, or early on Sunday Morning the l^ tli of August instant, MALICIOUSLY MAlMaR.-' M, in the Parish of V'ISTERTON, near Lutterworth, in the County of I. eicv - e. r, belonging to Mr. HARRY MORRIS: Whoever will give Information of the Offender or Offenders, so that he or they may be brought to Justice, shall, on Conviction, receive the above Reward of me, HARRY MORRIS. Lutterworth, August 1< dth, 1806. MANOR or FOTHERIN GHAY. \\ 7- ILLIAM and THOMAS BEL'JEY, Esrps. ' T Proprietors of Ft) I'HERINGHAY, wishing to preserve the GAME, earnestly request that Gen. tlemen. will not sport upon the above Manor; and hereby give Notice, that ail unqualified Persons tres- passing thereon will be prosecuted according to Law. G~ A M LI. WHEREAS the GAME on the MANOR of BRIXWORTH, in the County of North- ampton, has tor some Years been much D KSTRO YED by unqualified People: This is to give Notice, that all such Persons found on the said Manor, either shooting or otherwise destroying the Game, will be prosecuted, by the Lords of the Manor, to the utmost Extent of ihe Law. ( Signed) JUSTINIAN ISHAM, CHR. SMYTH, WALTER STRICKLAND. August Yith, 1806. ROSE - AND - CROWN INN, I TRING, HERTFORDSHIRE. E( ! RGE CLAY l)( > N returns his most grateful ! Thanks to the Nobility ar. d Gentry travelling i that Road, and also to the' Gentlemen', Travellers, j and the Public in general, for the many Favours he has received from them, and begs Leave to inform them he has D E C LI N E D the P U BL1C BU SI N E S S. Leicestershire Freehold F. state. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, IN I. OTS, AN eligible FREEHOLD ESTATE, Tythe- free and l. and- Tax redeemed, situate at BLABY, in the County of Leicester; consisting of several Closes of rich Grazing, Arable, and Pasture I. and, contain- ing together, by Estimation, 140 Acres, or thereabouts, well watered, and capable of considerable Improve- ment, in the respective Occupations of Mr. James Fludeand Mr. John Freer, who will shew the Premises. A Purchaser may have Possession of nearly the Whole of the Estate at Michaelmas, and the Re- mainder at Ladv- Day next. *** The above Estate will be sold in Lots ; a Plan of which may be seen, and further Particulars known, on Application to GEORGE WARTNAHY, Solicitor, ill Market- Harborough. Jxicestershire Freehold Estate. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, Either together or ill three Lots, AValuable and very desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, Tythe- free, situate at GREAT- BOWDEN, in the County of Leicester; consisting of four Closes of rich Grazing Land, centaining to- gether, by Estimation, 63 Acres, or thereabouts, lying at a convenient Distance from the Town of G reat- Bowden, and adjoining the ' Turnpike - Road leading from Market- Harborough to Leicester, in the Occupation of Mr. Robert Hewitt, Tenant at will, whose Holding will expire on the fifth Day of April next. ( J- r For a View of the Estate, apply to the Tenant; and further Particulars may be known on Application to GEORCE WARTNABY, Solicitor, Market- Harborough. To be SOLlJ by PRIVATE CONTRACT^ AN excellent Stone- built and Sashed HOUSE, at the South End of Market. Harborougbfm the County of Leicester; comprising three Parlours, a Kitchen, two Pantries, Brewhouse, and good Cellars; four Sleeping- Rooms, on the first Floor, and four ill the Attic ; a Three- stalled Siable, with a I. oft over it; and other Convenience's ; together with a Garden, and upwards ® f two Acres of Land, if desirable to the Purchaser; late in the Occupation of Mr. Walker. Also, an'excellent Brick and Sashed. HOUSE, in Sr. MARY'S, MARKET- HARBOROUGH; com- prising two Parlours, Kitchen, Wash - House, and Cellar; with five Bed- Rooms - a Four- stalled Stable, and a l. oft over it; and other Conveniences. (( 3" For Particulars of either of the Houses, apply to JOHN SMITH, of Market- Harborough, the Pro- prietor. BUCK S. Freehold Manor F. state of 1160 Acres, and valuable Church Preferment. To. be SOLD by AUCTION, By tVlNSTANLEY & SON, At Garraway's Coilee- House, ' Change- Alley, Corn- hill, London, on Tuesday the 30th of September next, at Twelve o'Clock, in one Lot, AVery eligible and improvable FREEHOLD ESTATE; consisting ' of the MANOR of HA RDM EAR, extending over the whole Parish, and FOUR valuable DAIRY FARMS, with Farm- Houses and suitable Outbuildings, containing 1159A. 1R. SOP. principally Grazing Land, lying nearly within a Ring Fence, and comprising almost the Whole of the Parish of HARDMEAD, except a small Part, which is in the adjoining Parishes of NORTH - CRAWLEY, CHICHELEY, EMBERTON, and ASTWOOD, in the County of Bucks; about six Miles trom Newport- Pagnell, three from Olnev, 12 from Northampton, and 56 from London; in the several Occupations of Messrs. Win. and Thomas Battams, William Clayton, F. B. Old, and T. Brookes, re- spectable Tenants, on Leases, which expire at Lady- Day next, at old Rents, amounting to only One Thousand and Fourteen Pounds per Annum, capable of considerable Improvement ; besides 5A. 3R. 37P. of Wood Land, in Hand. Also, the perpetual ADVOWSON and next PRE- SENTATION to the RECTORY of HARDMEAD, of about the annual Value of ^. 200; the present Incumbent is 57 Years of Age. ( PF MeSsrs. WILLIAM and THOMAS BAITAMS, the Tenants, will shew the Estate. * » • Printed Particulars may be had at the Swan, at Newport- Pagnell; the George, at Northampton; the Cock, at Stony- Stratford ; the George, at Woburn; the Crown, at Dunstable; the White- Hart, at St. Albans; of Messrs. Woodcock & Batcman, Solicitors, No. 2, Lincoln's- Inn, New- Square;, at thfc Place of Sale ; and of Messrs. Winstanley & Son, Paternoster- Row, London, where a Plan may be seen. DUNCAN BOYD, AVING taken and entered upon the above INN, humbly solicits the Patronage of the Public, and the Continuance of the Favours of Mr. CLAYDON'S Friends to his House; assuring them he will, by his Attention and Accommodation, endeavour to merit them. < S3~ He has laid in a fresh Stock of WINES and SPIRITS, of the first Quality, which he will sell, Wholesale and Retail, on the most reasonable Terms. *„ » Good and roomy Stabling for IIorse- Dealeis travelling that Road. At a numerous and respectable MEETING of THREAD LACE MANUFACTURERS, re- siding in the Counties of BUCKINGHAM, BEDFORD, and NORTH AMP- ION, held at the Swan Inn, iu Newport- Pagnell, on Wednesday the thirteenth Day of August, 1806, ( Mr. JOHN HALE TALBOT in the Chair,) It wet resolved unai. hr. ously ( amongst other Things), '• fllAT the Thank? of the Meeting be given to I Mr. JOHN HALE TALBOT, Mr. ISAAC HENLEY HANDSCOMB, and Mr. CHARLES SMITH, for the in- defatigable Attention they have shewn, to the Interest ot the Lace, Manufacture, and for their Zeal and Ex- ertions in procuring an Act of Parliament " for better encouraging the Manufacture of Thread Lace in Great- Britain," and for their having so completely and suc- cessfully accomplished the Objects for which they were deputed by the Trade. That the above Re olutionbe inserted in the North- ampton Mercury and London Papers. That the Thanks of the Meeting be given to the Ch: irnian, for ihe Assiduity and Attention constantly evinced by him in the Progress of the Business. Mill, Du elling- House, & c. at Wendover, Bucks. To be LETT by PRIVATE CONTRACT, Possession to be had at Michaelmas next, rpIIE valuable WATER- MILL, and the I adjoining comfortable DWELLING- HOUSE and TWO COTTAGES, with the BAKEHOUSE, MAI. THOUSE, BREWHOUSE, GRANARY, BARN, STABLE, and suitable OUTBUII. DI NGS and CONVENIENCES, and upwards of EIGHT ACRES of LAND contiguous thereto. The Whole situate at WENDOVER, in the County ot Bucks, within a small Distance of the Grand Junction Canal, and the Occupation whereof is an Object of great Importance, as the Water is not diverted for the Pur- poses of that Canal; and being peculiarly adapted for making superfine Paper, the Mill may, at a small Expence, be easily converted into a Paper- Mill. (£ 3* The Premises may be viewed by applying to Mr. HOARE, the present Occupier; and Particulars had by enquiring at the Grttnd Junction Canal Office, Essex- Street, Strand, London. To be SOLD by A U C T I O N, By Mr. SMITH, On Tuesday the 26th of August, 1806, at Five o'Clock, at the White- Lion Inn, at Kiinbolton, AVerv compact small FARM, in high Culti- vation; containing 80A. 2R. 38P. of rich STAUGHTON, in the County of Bedford, in the Occupation of Mr. DANIEL PEACOCK, on Lease for nine Y'ears, from October the 10th, 1806, at .-£. 82 per Annum. The above Estate is held by Lease from Corpus- Christi College, Oxford, and there will remain unexpired 18 Years of the said College Lease on the 10th Day of October, 1806, at the annual Rent of £• 3 Os. 8d. in Money, and two Quatters and two Bushels of Wheat, and three Quarters and t^ ree Pecks of Malt.— Land- Tax =£'. 6 8s. Od. per Annum. *** The Tenant will shew the Estate.— For further Particulars, apply to Mr. HENRY HORNE, Solicitor, Staines, Middlesex; or to Mr. SMITH, at Kimbolton. To be SOLD by A U C T 17) N^ By THOMAS MARTIN; On Tuesday the 26th Day of August instant, on the Premises, ANew- built, commodious, and well- established PUBLIC- HOUSE, with suitable Stables and other Outbuildings, called the BISHOP- BLAZE, with about f 1 Acres of very rich Meadow and Pasture Land adjoining, situate in N. AI'TON- U PC) N- TH E- HI LL, in the County of Warwick, in the Occupation of Charles Taylor. Possession may be had at Michaelmas next, or sooner, if required. The House is situated within a few Yards of the Oxford Canal, and well adapted for a Coal- Master, Timber- Merchant, or Cow- Dealer; and is seven Miles from Daventry, 12 from Banbury, and three from Southam. Also, the HOUSEHOLD - FURNITURE and STOCK in TRADE of the said Charles Taylor; consisting of Feather and Flock- Beds, Bedsteads, and Hangings; Blankets; Linen; Mahogany and other Dining- Tables ; Pier and Swing Glasses; a large Quantity of Barrels, of various Sizes; Brewing Utensils, complete; and 420 Gallons of excellent Ale. + 4_ T The above- named CHARLES TAYLOR having conveyed and assigned all his real and personal Estate and Effects to Joshua Green, of Albion- Place, Black- friars- Road, in the County of Surrey, Gentleman; Thomas Footman, of Lutterworth, in the County of Leicester, Liquor- Merchant; and Cressent Daniel, of Napton- upon- the- Hill aforesaid, Butcher; in Trust for the equal Benefit of such of his Creditors who shall execute the said Deed on or before the 10th Day of October next: Notice is hereby given, that the same now lays at the Office of Tomes & Burman, Solicitors, in Southam, in the County of Warwick, for the Signatures of such as ftre desirous of taking the Benefit thereof.— All Persons indebted to the said Charles Taylor, are requested to pay the same to the said Trustees, or Tomes & Burman, without Delay. . N. B. Particulars may be known upon Application at TOMESBURMAN'S Office; to Mr. HENRY DURY, Solicitor, Banbury; or to Messrs. ROLLS & SON, at their Office in Daventry, on Wednesdays. ( pT The Sale of the Freehold Property will begin precisely at Twelve o'Clock. [ One Concern.) Freehold and Ti/ the- free Estate, at Cosby, Leicestershire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By EDWARD NEALE & SON, On Wednesday the 10th Day of September next, at the Dog- and- Gun Inn, in the Parish af Whetstone, in the County < jf Leicester, about Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be then produced, unless sooner disposed of by Private Contract, of which Notice wili be given, A Substantial FARM- HOUSE,' with a good - TV Barn, Stable, and other suitable Outbuildings thereto belonging, in complete Repair, situate at COSBY aforesaid, with SIX ' CLOSES of excellent ARABLE and PASTURE LAND, in a high State of Cultivation, adjoining thereto, containing 61 Acres or thereabouts, now in the Occupation of Richard Ortou, who will shew the Premises. COSBY is situate about six Miles from Lei- cester, about the same Distance from Lutterworth and Hinckley, and the Turnpike- Road from Leicester to Lutterworth adjoins the Lordship.— A more eligible Situation than the above Estate is seldom offered to the Public. The Payments thereon are very low, and Possession may be liad on Payment of the Purchase Money. * » * For further Particulars, and to treat by Private Contract, apply to Mr. WATSON, Lutterworth. ADVANTAGES TO THE TRADE Who may consign their Goots to this CARRYINC CONCERN, from the following Places, namely, Wolverhampton, S/ ireusbuni, Sfahirbridge, liudley, Tipton, Darlustou, West- Bromuich, Walsall, 4 c. ' ON Account of BOATS being sent regularly, twice a Week, from Birmingham to the above Places, to bring those Goods ordered by them, tor I'amivorth, Fazeley, Atherstone, Nuneaton, Coventry, Hinckley, Leicester, Lutterworth, Harborough, Rugby, Braunstou, Daventry, Towcester, Northampton, Wel- lingborough, Thrapston, Cambridge, & c. tec New- port- Pagnell, Bedford, & c. & c. Stony- Stratford, Buck- ingham, Aylesbury, & c. Sec. Fenny- Stratford, Woburn, Dunstable, Hitchln, St. Albans, and all Hertford- shire; also, Leighton- Buzzard, Trii. g, Eerkhamsted. Hemel- Hemsted, Watford, Uxbridge, Brentford Sec , fPf THOMAS SHE KRA'l T returns Thanks to the Public in general, and in particular to the Gentle- men. Tradesmen, and others, of the above Counties, Cities, Towns, Sec. tor past Favours, and hopes, hy Care and Attention, to merit their future Consign- ments; his CARRYING TRADE being ca. ried on tor the Benefit of his Creditors, under the Direction ot the Assignees, whose Names are by them under- written. ( HARI. ES NOR TON. THOMAS COLEMAN, , „ WILLIAM WH1TMORE. Crescent Wharf. Birmingham, Aug. Id, 1806. Receiving. Houses in l. ovdon.— The Blossom Inn, Lawrence - Lane, Cheapsidc; the Rum Inn, Smith- field; Brooks's Wharf, Thame . Street; and Mr. Nicholson's Wharf, at Paddington. LONDON STAGE BOATS, by Way of the Grand Junction Canal, load DAILY, as usual. COVENTRY STAGE BOATS load every TUESDAY. OXFORD, BANBUN. ALAND WARVVICK SLOW BOATS load every TUESDA v. flBSHng. OXFORD, BANBURY", and WARWICK FLY BOATS load every THURSDAY Morning. WOI. VF. RI AMPTON and SHREWSBURY BOATS load every MONDAY and THURSDAY Morning. *„* GOODS forwarded by these Boats are not un loaded, and loaded again, between Birmingham and the respective Wharfs on the Canals they are to he landed at, ' by which Delay and Damage is frequently avoided./ N. B. Letters concerning the above Business to be addressed to THOMAS SHERRATT, as usual. BOW - BR 1CKHI LL, BUCKS. Freehold Farm. be SOL D ' by AUCTIO N, At Garraway's Coffee- House, ' Change- Alley, Corn- hill, London, on Friday the 26th Day of September. 1806, at Twelve o'Clock, AN eligible FREEHOLD ESTATE; consisting of a Farm- HouSc, with Outbuildings, and se- veral Closes of Arable, Mt- adow, or Pasture laud, containing together, by E titration, 1 i() Acres, or thereabouts, now in the Occupation of Win Bocktilv, situate at BOW- BRICKHILL, in the County of Buckingham. ( J- A" Particulars may be had of Messrs. ALLEN, EXLEY, Se STOCKER, FurnivaPsiInn, London. To be S O L D by A [ (:~ l fO > f, By Mr. BERRY, On the Premises, at NEWTON - LONGV1LLE, Bucks, on Wednesday the 27th of August, 1806, at Ten o'Clock, R § TIE HOUSF. IIOLD - FURNITURE, F< iKM- • INC- STOCK, CATTLE, IMPLEMENT' . f HUSBANDRY, and DAIRY UTENSILS, ot r|, e late Mr. JOHN CHILTON, deceased; comprising four Draught Horses, and one Cow, in- calr; a Cotk of Hay, about six Tons, and ten Ridges of Barley, in the Field; Ploughs, Harrows, & c. • two Milk- l eads, an Eight- dozen Chum, and Dairy Utensils; House- hold- Furniture ot the usual Description ; a well- built W heat- Huuse, on Stones ; Com- Stadles, Sec. Sec. ~ Catalogues may be had on the Premises; and of Mr. BERRY, General Agent, Walton - Terrace, Aylesbury. Valuable Building Materials. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By T. PELL, FOR READY MONEY. On Monday the 1st Day of September, 1806, on the Premises, at HA NN I NGTON, in the County of Northampton, the Property of Mr. BUSWELL, A , LL the STONE and TIMBER of a large ±\_ D WE LLING- HOUSE, in small Lots, for the Accommodation ot the Company; comprising several Squares of sound Oak i< oof, Oak Floors, with Oak Beams and Girders; several Window - Frames and Windows; the Stone Side Walls and Gable Ends; with a large Quantity of Harleston Chimney Water- Tabling, Trussers, and Springers; a large Quantity of old Iron; several Lots of Hovel Posts and Hovel * Timber; wifh various other Building Materials. %* The Sale to sominenqe exactly at Two o'Clock' in the Afternoon. Also to be Soi U by- AUCTION or PRIVATE CONTRACT, Two Hundred Thousand of Four- year- old WHITE- THORN QUI. CK. Apply as above. Huntingdonshire. To be S O I. D bv AUCTIO N, By Mr, LOVELL, On Saturday the 30th Day of August, 1806, at the Fountain Inn, in the Town of Huntingdon, be- tween the Honrs of Four and Five o'Clock in the Afternoon ( subject to such Conditions of Sale as will be then produced), AVery eligible ESTATE; comprising all that capital Dwelling- House, with the Orchard, Garden, Dove- House, Barns, Stables, and other Out- buildings to the same belonging, situate at Fenton, in the said County of Huntingdon, with 401 A. 1R. 4 P. ( be the same more or less) of rich Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, in the highest State of Cultivation, and well fenced, now in the Occupation of Mr, Robert Ilempstead. OfST Further Information may be had of Messrs. MAULE & SWEETING, Huntingdon. < *** Printed Particulars may be had at the Crown Inn, St. Ives; Fountain Inn, Huntingdon; and of Mr'. Lovell, at his Office in Huntingdon. CAI'llAl, ftlANORS AND ESTATES, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. To be S () L D by A U C T I ON, By Messrs. SKINNER, DYKE, & Co. On Saturday the 18th of Octobei, punctually at Twelve o'Clock, at the Cock Inn, Stony- Stratford, in twenty- seven Lots, i Vi'isy VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, J.\ advantageously situate in the Parishes of Cal- verton, Beacbampton, Nash, and Wolverton, in and contiguous to the Market Town ot Stony- Stratford, in the County of Bucks, a short Distance from the Grand Junction Canal, and 50 Miles from London, bounded by the high Mail Road to the principal Manufacturing Towns in the North of England; com- prising the MANORS of CALVI- RTON and BEACH', AMPTON, with numerous annual Quit- Rents, Fines at the Will of the Lord, Tolls ot the weekly Maiket and annual Fair at Stony- Stratford; Courts, Royalties, and Immunities, and sundry capital l arm , Lands, Water Corn- Mills, and Tenements, containing aoout Tivo Thousand Three Hundred a d t hirty Statute Acres; • the most considerable Part Tyihe- free, and capable of great lmprovemen ; at pres nt lett to respectable Tenants from Year to Year ( except one Farm on Lease), at Rents amounting to only about T'Vjo Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Pounds per Annum. ( J3* To be viewed, and Particular bad, by appl ing at the Cock Inn, Stony- Stratford; w ere a proper Person, well acquainted with ihe Esta e, will attend to shew the same.— Particulars may also be had of Messrs. Dicey & Sutton, Prinnrs, Northampton; Messrs. Swinney & Co. Piinters, Birmingham; Mr. Rollason, Printer, and at the King's- Head, Coventry; Swan, Newport- Pagnell; George, Woburn; Sugar- l. oat, Dunstable; White- Hart, St. A bans; kid- Lion, Bamet , of Edmund Estcourt, Esq. Lincoln's* Inn ; at the Place of Sale ; and of Messrs. Skinner, Dyke, and Co. London, where Plans may be seen. i Wednesday and Thursday's Posts. LONDON, August 2.1. PARIS Papers to the, 14th instant, Dutch to the 18th, and the Hamburgh Cwrespondenten of the 12th, have been ' received.—' The intelligence contained in the Moniteur, which has at length broken silence on the subject of the negociation, is not a little interesting. It has, we are sorry to say, but too much the appearance of being in- tended to prepare the people of France lor the termination of their hopes of peace. It is dis- tinctly acknowledged that the negociation does not proceed in such a manner as to promise a favourable conclusion. After being brought,, the Momteur says, almost to maturity, " the severe indisposition • of Mr. Fox, and his absence from Council, have rendered every thing uncertain, and have re- pluUUed these important interests in the labyrinth of diplomatic chicane, in abstractions, and ca- suistry."—- Some other articles 6f intelligence m the Moniteur are of great importance. It is distinctly stated that both Austria and Prussia have acknow- ledged the confederation of tlie Rhine, as well as the King of the two Sicilies; that the ratification oftht treaty, of peace between Russia and France will be exchanged at St. Petersburg!! on the 15th instant. The whole of Bonaparte's arrangements therefore, both in Italy and in Germany, will receive no opposition from any of the great Powers on the Continent; and by requiring the acknow- ledgment of Joseph us the King of the Two Sicilies, he makes known hisdete'rinined resolution to obtain possession of the celebrated island of that name. It is stated in one of the min- ir Paris Journals, that the King of Prussia has, in his recognition of the Rhenish Confederacy,. reserved to himself the right of forming a counter- confederation in the North of Germany; and this is the only intimation we find respecting that important measure. A report was current at Hamburgh on the 8th instant, that the French had entered Saxony. It was considered as premature, but by 110 means improbable. The Jewish Assembly at Paris has already an- swered some of the questions proposed to it. The answers contain principally, that the Jewish law, in the strio( est sense, permits polygamy, divorce, and mixed marriages, but that these are limited by practice and usage. To the question which relates to the duties of French citizens, the as- • sembly voluntarily answered in the fullot manner. Military Punishment.-— The Archduke Charles, in his recent orders for the regulation of the army, says, " Every kind of bad treatment, all violence in the instruction of the soldier, are severely pro- hibited ; brutality is usually the proof of ignorance, it annihilates the principle of honour, which is the soul of a soldier, l. aziness, Jiad inclinations, and obstinacy, doubtless merit, punishment; but mild- ness corrects, while brutality revolls. It is ne- cessary that the soldier should know and appreciate the necessity which there is for severity of dis- cipline; but his soul should be elevated; and it is not as a culprit, but with an attitude becoming, firm, and military, that he should appear before his officers." Property Tux.— The circumstance of six months' duty, at the rate of 10 percent, being deducted from dividends due the 5th of July, leads many to suppose that the said duty is charged upon the half ycur ending at that period,, by which means they conceive they are made to pay 10 per cent. Upon the quarter ending the 5th of April last, which quarter was chargeable with a daty of six and a quarter per cent, under the former ant: but the fact is not so. The six months' duty deducted from the Midsummer dividends is 011 account of the year commencing from the 5th of April, 1806, and ending with the Sthof April, 1807; and is in discharge of the duty - for the half year, ending the 10th of October next: in like manner, the remaining half year's duty being deducted from the div idends that, will be due the 5th of January next, the ten per cent, for the year ending the otii of April, 180r, will be discharged. It is estimated that the expence of new buildings in this country, within the last ten years, has amounted to as many millions. Within the last IS years, more than 30 millions sterling has been paid for grain imported. An English gentleman, who has just returned from his travels in the United States of America, observes, that he was much astonished, while there, at seeing the novel mode adopted by the farmers in Pennsylvania, New- York, and the New England Stales, of manuring their land : on seeing them sowing something in their fields which he could not make out what it consisted of, found out on enquiry it was pulverized Gypsum, or, as they call it, plaster, stone, or plastering their lands, and which they apply to all their lands that are cropped with either grass or corn indiscriminately, at the rate of 7 or S bushels to the acre; and they tell you that from the expe- rience of 20 years since its first introduction into that country, they find they can obtain double crops by the use of it, and that it is by far the cheapest manure thev can use. They always sow it on the land as a top- dressing, and in every . month in the year from March to November. At the distance of 60 miles from Philadelphia, he met waggon loads of it which had been brought all the way from that city by land carriage, for manure, and they took in one load sufficient for seven or eight acres of land. There is from 150 to 200 sail ot vessels, it is supposed, that are kept Constantly in the trade going backwards and forwards, carrying the gypsum stone, in its unpre- pared state, from the places where it is obtained, for the supply of the New- York and Philadelphia markets, where it is pulverized, and sent from thence to all parts adjacent. And he is convinced, if this manure was adopted in this country, where it is to be had so plentiful and cheap, its effect on the land would be as beneficial as it is in America; and he conceives it may be used to very great advantage 011 the lands of some of our old settled islands 111 the West Indies, particularly Barbadoes, Antigua, and Jamaica. A melon of extraordinary size, grown by Mr. Thomas Taylor, in his garden at Norton, near Stockton, was cut on Monday se'nniglit: the cir- cumference one way Was 36 inches, the other 28; weight 16lb. Joz. By those who partook of it, it was allowed to be of an excellent flavour; and is supposed to be the largest ever grown in that neighbourhood, or perhaps in England. A tragical accident lately occurred at. Cookham, near Maidenhead. A farmer's son having sold the fruit of a cherry- tree, standing in his father's orchard, to a young man, his friend, the latter went to gather the cherries; he had not, however, been long in the tree before he was surprised by the farmer, who held1 a gun, and threatened to shoot him unless he came down. On the refusal of the young mail to obey, the farmer fired, and missed himj but firing a second time, wounded him, and he died soon after. The farmer is com- mitted to gaol. Profane Wishes. — Joseph Lansdown, in the employ of Mr. Chevirs, of Great- Elm, near Frome, as a lime- burner, from some dispute with his master, " wished . the devil would blow his brains out if he worked at bis kiln again."— He afterwards employed himself in the fields, as a mower; but influenced by his old companions, he returned to his former situation, and 011 the 15th ult. it was his duty, with two others, to blow up a rock. On the match being applied to the train of powder, his companions ran to a place of security, whilst this wretch appeared transfixed to the spot, and on their calling to him to escape, he seemed insensible of the danger. The explosion took place; the rock fell in one solid mass upon his head, * ud caused , his aliuQsl instantaneous death. NORTHAMPTON RACES, 1806. ON WEDNESDAY, the 27th of AuocsT,- THE GENTLEMEN'S SUBSCRIPTION PURSE of FIFTY POUNDS, by Three- year- olds. Colts 8st. 21b. Fillies 8st. Bridle and Saddle, included. Winners of one Plate, Match, or Sweepstakes, since the 25th of March, 1806, to carry 31b. extra, of two 51b. and of three 71b. extra.— The Best of three Heats, about a Mile and a Half each. Any Person meaning to enter a Horse for this Purse, and not having already subscribed to the same, is expected to subscribe Two Guineas towards a Town Purse to be run for in the Year 1807. The Owner of each Horse to pay One Guinea Entrance, or double at the Post; which said Entrance- Money the 0\ vner of the second Horse will be entitled to.. A HUNTERS' STAKES- of FIVE GUINEAS each ( 26 Subscribers), for Horses which have hunted with the Duke of Grafton's, Fiarl !• itzwilliam's, Sir Thos. Mostyn's, Mr. Lee Antonie's, or Mr. Warde's Hounds, in the Season of 1805- 6, and which have never started, paid or received Forfeit, before the Day of Naming, to be bonS Fide the Property of Sub- scribers. Five- year- olds to carry lOst. 71b. Six- year- olds lost. 11 lb. and Aged list.— The Best of three Heats, twice round. Mr. Andrew's b. g. Garland, by. Volunteer, out of Florella, 6 Years old Mr. Williams's ch. g. Motley, by Little Isiac, Aged Mr. Emden's ch. h. Piccadilly, own Brother to Cas- trell, 6 Years old General Gwynn's b. m. Rantipole Mr. Payne's br. h. by Trumpator, out of a Highflyer Mare, 6 Years old Mr. Payne's b. ni. by Fortunis, Aged \ Mr. Hill's " ch. g. Harlequin, by Buzzard, Aged Lord Lowther's ch g. by Cavendish, out of Strap's Dam, 6 Years old Mr. Wentworth Bayly's b. h. Asfordby, by Oberon, 6 Years old Mr, J. Fletcher's b. g. Alonzo, 6 Years old Mr. 1). Faulkner's b. h. by Constitution, out of Stately';, Dam, 6 Years old Lord Northampton, Lord Euston, Lord Althorp, Sir Wm. Wake, Mr. Dicknjs, Mr. Cartwright, MrT Perceval, Mr. Bouverie, Mr. Thursby, Mr. Knightley, Major Grant, Mr. Richard Clarke, Mr. Nethercote, Mr. J. Hanbury, . and Mr. Cook, arc S ubscribers, but did- not- name. Certificates of the Ages and Qualifications of the Horses for the above Stakes, to be produced ( if re- quired) before running. Subscriptions to. be paid to the Clerk of the Course before running. On THURSDAY, the 28th, the TOWN PURSE of FIFTY POUNDS, free for any Horse, Mare, or Gelding, that hath not won a King's Plate this Year. Four- year- olds to carry 7st. Sib. Five- year- olds 8st 41b. Six- year- olds 8st. 121b. and Aged 9st. Bridle and Saddle included. Winners of one Plate this Year to carry 3lb. extra, of two Purses 51b. extra, and of three or more 71b. extra. Maiden Horses and Geldings allowed 3ib. Any Person meaning to- enter a Horse for this Purse, is expected to subscribe Three Guineas towards a Purse to be run for in the Year 1807. The Owner of each Horse to pay Five Shillings Entrance, or'double at the Post; which said Entrance- Money the Owner of the second Horse will be entitled to.— Four- mile Heats. To start each Day at Twelve o'Clock. Subscriptions for 1807 received by Mr. KIRSHAW, any Time before Entrance. Double Subscription will be required to qualify a Person to enter a Horse at the Post, for each respective Purse. To enjer for each Purse at the KING'S- ARMS INN, onSATURD. w the 23d of AUGUST, between the Hours of Four and Eight o'Clock in the Afiornoon ; and to run according to such Articles as shall be produced at the Time of Entrance. Certificates ot their Ages and i Qualifications to be produced at the same Time. - I No less than three reputed running Horses to start for either of the Purses, without Permission of the Stewards. If but one Horse enter for either Purse, the Owner to have Twelve Guineas; if two, Six Guineas each, ami their Entrance- Money again. , All Disputes to be decided by the Stewards, or whom they shall appoint. The Winner each Day is expected to pay Two Guineas to the Clerk of the Course. The Horses, & c. for each of the above Prizes, to stand at such Houses, within the Town of North- ampton, as subscribe 10s. 6d. before the Day of Entrance. No Smith to plate any Horse; nor Booth, Waggon, nor Cart, to stand on the Course, for the Sale of Liquors, unless the Owners pay 10s. fid. each before the Entrance- Day; for each Booth having a Stand over it, to pay 15s. ; and for the Gentlemen's Stand One Guinea, exclusive of 10s. 6d. paid for the Booth under.— No Stand will be permitted within the Circle of the Course. Hon. EDW. BOUVERIE, Hon. SPENCER PERCEVAL,> Stewards. CHAS, KNIGHTLEY, Esq. ) H. WRIGHT, Clerk. T lie re will be an ORDINARY at the GEORGE INN on WEDNESDAY, and at the PEACOCK INN on THURSDAY.— A BALL as usual. GENERAL INFIRMARY, NORTHAMPTON, AUGUST 2d, 1806. AT the General Court of Governors, held here this Day, it was ordered, that the Governors, with the weekly Committee, do draw up the Annual Report of the State and Accounts of this Infirmary, to be read at the next Anniversary Meeting of all the Contributors; and the said Court do hereby give Notice, that tile Anniversary Meeting above- mentioned will this Year be held on THURSDAY the 28th of AUGUST instant, immediately after a Sermon to be preached that Morning, at the usual Hour, by the Rev. ASHTON VADE, Vicar of Hardingstone, in the County of Northampton ; when it is hoped that all Subscribers who can, will, by their Attendance and Concurrence, manifest their Resolution and Zeal to support so great and extensive a Charity, which, at so small an Expcncfi to themselves, enables them to relieve their honest and poor Neighbours, in the most distressing Circumstances, with such Advice, Medicines, and Accommodations, as cannot be procured for them in any other Way. The said Court take this Opportunity of informing and reminding the Public, that, as the voluntary yearly Payments are the only Fund and Revenue of this Infirmary, and consequently as the very Being and Existence of it dep. end upon their being made regular and beforehand, all Subscribers who have not already advanced their Subscriptions for the Year now begun ( commencing the 1st of August instant), are desired to do it as soon as possible to the present Treasurer, Mr. CHARLES SMITH, of Northampton, Lace- Merchant ; or our present Bankers, Messrs. GOSLINGS & SHARP, in Fleet- Street, London; and the rather, as none can, according to the Statutes, have a Right to recommend any Patients till his Sub- sciiption lor the current Year is paid. E. BOUVERIE,. Chairman. ( PS" Gentlemen are desired to meet exactly at ' 1 In inthe Borenoon, at the PEACOCK INN, to walk in pro- cession from thence to the Parish Church of All- Saints, to hear the Sermon; after which a Collection will be made, as usual, at the Church Doors,' that the Inhabitants of this Place and others may, by their Appearance at Church, shew their Approbation, and have an Opportunity, according to their respective. Abilities, of contributing Something towards this noble Charity. There will be an Ordinary on the said Anniver- sary, at Half- past Three o'Clocfe, at the Peacock inn. 1IU N TIN G D O N S H1 RE LIOO LV (.' LIB. M1E SIXTY- FOURTH ANNIVERSARY will . beheld at - the GEORGE INN, in HUNTINGDON, on TUESDAY the 26th Instant. ( pT Dinner at Three o'Clock. The Rev. EDW. MALTBY, D. D. President. D. MACKIE, V. P. . August 20tb, 181-. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED. THE PARTNERSHIP of ZACCHEUS llOW- TON, JOHN ROWTON, and JAMES WILLIAM ROWTON, of the Town of NORTH- AMPTON, LINEN- DRAPERS and LACE- MEN, BEING DISSOLVED BY MUTUAL CONSENT on the 22d Day of July last, all Persons indebted to the said Partnership are requested immediately to pay their Accounts to the said Zaccheus Rowton, who is duly authorized to receive the same; and all Persons to whom the said Partnership is indebted, are desired to send an Account of their Demands to the said Zaccheus Rowton, in order to. their being discharged. — Witness our Hands this 22d Day of July, 1806. ZACCHEUS ROWTON. JOHN ROWTON. JAMES WILLIAM ROWTON. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By DENNIS & SON, On Monday the 25th of August, 1806, and following Day, at their AUCTION- ROOM, NORTHAMPTON, rj- niE STOCK in TRADE of Messrs. ROWTON I Se SONS, LINEN- DRAPERS ( who are dis- solving Partnership); consisting of 2000 Yards of Ell and Yard- wide printed Cottons and Muslins; Furniture Cottons; Chambre Muslins; Silk and Cotton Shawls and Handkerchiefs; Norwich Shawls ; Diaper, Huckaback, and Damask Table- Cloths and Napkins; Doyleys; Cotton and Worsted Hose ; Men and Women's Leather Gloves ; fashionable Waistcoat iicces, Sec. Sec. ( HT The Sale will commence each Day at Ten o'Clock. * » * The above Stock is of the latest Fasbioh, and in good Condition, having been entirely laid in within the last two Years. N. B. Mr. ROWTON, Sen. continues to take in LACE at his House in Sheep- Street, Northampton. Freehold Land mid- Nursery Stock. To be SO T. I) by A U CT I O N, By DENNIS & Stf N, On Tuesday the 2d of September next, at the Swan Inn, Oundle, at Five o'Clock, in four Lots, • ? P O S IT N G. CjMIE Nobility, Gentry, and Public, are respect- t- fully informed that the Road from Leicester to Northampton, through Harborough ( which is the direct London Road), is better and may be travelled in less Time by Three Quarters of an Hour than through Wei ford, and that the Number of Miles through Har- borough are charged the same as through Weltorcl Mrs. THORNTON, Blue- Bell Inn, Leicester. Mr. ALf EN, Swans Inn, Ilarboroueh. Mr. CULLEN, Angel Inn, Northampton. . IpT Good Accommodations at the above Inns. I GEORGE INN, HINCKLEY. I^ DWARD SHORT informs the Nobility and Gentry, as well as Gentlemen Travellers and the Public, that he has much improved the above Inn and commenced the POSTING BUSINESS.— Those who please to honour him with their Favours, may depend upon able Horses, fashionable Chaises, and every Attention that can possibly be rendered for their Accommodation. He considers himself much obliged to his Friends for former Favours, and all future ones will be thankfully received and gratefully acknowledged. The London, Chester, and Holyhead Mail- Coach stops at the above Inn. To be LETT, " or SOLD* And entered upon immediately, ANeat FREEHOLD Sashed HOUSE, with a Shop, completely fitted up, and a decent Garde ad- joining, pleasantly situated at SY RE SHAM, near BRACKLEY, Northamptonshire. ( PA" Enquire of Mr. PAIN, Brackley- Hat'- h • or of Mr. RUSHER. Bookseller, Banbury. ' GEERBAS, . or a similar Name. IT appearing that ANN GEERBAS Ca young Lady who eloped from a Boarding- School with a'Person named Richard Ellis, and was married ai Polebruok, • n the Year 1713, and afterwards settled at Linton, where she died,) was baptized in one of the Parishes near. OUNDLE ; and also that her Family of that Name ABOUT <"> ACHES nf FM? j? HOTl> T \ YI1 ! < rfsided.. ne; r th/. r P'ace; ami thal the Descendants of ' inJ 1 •"> ACJCI. S of 1 IlhEHOLU LAMJ,.| the said Ann Geerbas or Richard FHis Were , elver situate at ELM NGTON, in the Parish of tised for in some ' ' ~ ' OUNDLE. and now occupied as a - Nursery. of the Papers in circulation through those Places, about 30 Years ago, as the H. irs of I of Forest and Fruit Trees ( including 8! 0 Cherry Trees), Evergreens, and Shrub; ; a Million of Crab and White- Thorn Quick: tatoes, Peas, and Turnip Sc- d ; also, 200 old Cherry I very strong , Thing of the above Advertisement, or of any l.' arti- upwards ® t > culars relating to her Family, or can produce the iicksets; Po- I Register of Marriage or Burial of any Part of her 0 I Family; or if any Descendants of such Family are Trees, and 91 Ash and othar Timber Trees; a large now living; and will give Information, by I l'untilprl Vhcri a M I - n- t- - irs/ 1 IJ i v.-, r>. a . e, a, ^ r1 _ . _ . . nr 3 MANOR OF SPRAT ION. NOTICE is hereby given, That all unqualified Persons who shail be found KILLING or DESTROYING the GAME, or otherwise TRES- PASSING in or upon the above MANOR, will be prosecuted as the Law directs; and it is particularly requested that no qualified Persons will sport on the said Manor, without having first obtained Leave from ANDREW FIACKETT, Esq. Sf ration, 2Id Angus!, 1806. BURTON- LAI" IIMER, Northamptonshire. \ XTHEREAS the GAME npon the MANOR of > T BURTON- LATTIMER has of late Years been almost extirpated by Poachers, unqualified Per- sons, and others, sporting thereon: This is to give Notice, that the Lords of the said Manor are deter- j Wood and mined to preserve the Game; and Persons offending after this public Notice, will be prosecuted as wilful Trespassers. JOHN- F1ARPUR, 22i August, 1806. WILLIAM KING. Pantiled Shed, a Market- Cart and Harness, & c. & c" ( p? The Stock to be paid for at the Time of Sale, and cleared away by the 14th of February, 1807. ** » Catalogues may be had of the'Auctioneers, Northampton; and of Mr. Nathaniel Haynes, Oundle. Freehold Laud, Ti/ the- free, WIIITTLEBURY, near TOWCESTER , inthe County of Northampton. To he S 0 I. D by A U C T I O N, By JOHN DAY, On Wednesday the 3d Dav of September, 1806, be- tween the Hours of Three and Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the Fox- and- Hounds, in Whittlebury, under such Conditions of Sale as will be then and there produced, rpWO CLOSES, containing 10A. 3R. 8P. by * Admeasurement, situate in the new Inclosure in WHITT1. EBURY FIELD, between Nicholas the open Fields of Pauierspury, with Right of Common in WHITTLEBURY FOREST. ( PR For Particulars, apply to the AUCTIONEER, in Stony- Stratford, Bucks. Mr.. GEORGE WALKER, Bookseller, Great Portland- Street, Oxford- Street, they shall be most satisfactorily rewarded. 0- 3 As Errors frequently happen in entering Names in Parish Registers, should any Person find a Name which, from its Likeness, may be meant for that of C. eerbas, or know or have heard of any of the above Circumstances, as- having happened to a Family of a similar Name, they are requested to give Information, and should it prove to be the one in Question, they will of Course be entitled to the Rewards. HEAVY WOOL RAMS. R. CROFTS' SHEW of HEAVY WOOL RAMS will commence on TUESDAY the N I NTH of SEPTEMBER next; when the Company of his Friends will be esteemed a Favour, or on any. other Day during the Season. Elton, near Stilton, August 13tb, 1806. A To be SOLD, Staunch POINTER DOG.— Enquire of WILLIAM HOARE, Towcester, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD, A BRACE of POINTERS, and a SETTER, 1. jL two Years old.— They were all shot- to last Season. For Particulars, enquire of WM. DUNCKLEY, Road, near Northampton. To be SOI, D, AGood and well- bred SETTER, and a POINTER.— The Setter has been shot- to one Season, and the Pointer two. ( 13* For further Particulars, enquire of C. WEST, Dallington- Lodge, near Northampton. August 21K, 1806. To PAUI. ERSPURY, Aug. 20th, 1806. " YVTIEREAS a Number of Poachers and un- 7 ' qualified Persons have, for some Time past, made a Practice of KILLING and TAKING the GAME and FISH in the MANOR of PAULERS- PURY, inthe County of Northampton; and divers Persons have trespassed on the said Manor and Estate by BREAKING the GROUND in the said Manor, and TAKING the TURF, SOIL, CLAY, and STONES THEREOUT, and carrying awav the same; and CUTTING, MANGLING, and TAKING AWAY from the Woods and Spinnies, growing on the said Manor, ASH, HAZEL, and SALLOW WOOD : Notice is hereby given, that all such Persons who shall tor the future be found guilty of any of the said Offences, within the Liberties aforesaid, will be pro- secuted to the utmost Severity of the Law. To Wharfingers and others. ' To be LETT, on LEASE, And muu be entered upon immediately, and Newport- Pagnell; of the Auctioneer, at Stony- A„ ,. ..,,„,„ . , . ,, ', , Stratford ; and at the Office- of Mr. Garrard, Solicitor, Commodious HOUSE, with large Yard and Olr. ey, Bucks; where a Plan of the Estate muj Garden, Sheds, Stable, & c. situate in COTTON- ( be. seen END, to the Grand Junction Wharf. The Freehold, Steventon, Bedfordshire. be S () L D by A U CTION, By JOHN DAY, At the Tinker Inn, in Turvey, in the County of Bedford, on Thursday the 4th Day of September, 1806, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, ACompact FREEHOLD and TYTHE - FREE ESTATE, situate at PIXHILL, in . lie Parish of STEVENTON, near Turvey aforesaid; consisting of 108 Acres of Land, or thereabouts, chiefly Arable, conveniently subdivided, and on which is a large well- built Barn, with a Yard and three Pightles adjoining. — This Estate is well worth the Attention of Gentle- men who are desirous of laying out Money inthe Purchase of Land, as it is newly inclosed, highly improvable, and lies near the Turnpike- Road leading from Turyey to Bedford. 05T May be viewed by Application to Mr. - LOM the Tenant, at Steventon. * » *• Printed Particulars may be had at the Place of the" Hind Inn, Wellingbordugh; Swan, Bedford Sale; STRAYED, OUT of a Close adjoining Bri. t- inG- LANE, near Northampton, A BAY GELDING, of the Nag Kind, ith a cut Tail, has been fired on the near fore Leg, is blind of one Eve, has a Blaze in his Face, and a little White in his Legs. Also, one other BAY GELDING, of the Nag Kind', blind of one Eye, has a Star and Snip, and had a Bar Shoe on his near fore Foot when lost. ( FT Whoever has found the said Horses, and will give Information thereof, shall receive O N E GUINEA REWARD of Messrs. JOHN & WILLIAM ODELL, Northampton. FIVE GUINEAS i/' iWARD. OTOLFN or STRAYED, on Sunday Night last, C5 the 17th of August instant, out of a Close near WELTON, Northamptonshire, A BAY HORSE, about thirteen Hands and a Half high, six Years old, lias a small Star in- his Forehead, and black Legs, Mane, and Tail. If stolen, whoever will give Information of the Oflender or Offenders, so that he or they n ay be brought to Justice, shall, upon Conviction, receive a Reward of FIVE GUINEAS; and if straycu, who- ever will bring the said Horse to Mr. WM. DARI; V, ot Welton aforesaid, shall be handsomely rewarded ' or their Trouble, and have all reasonable Exi charged. ITelton, Aug. 20tb, 1806. Expences dis- To be SOLD, rpilRF. E capital SINGLE- BARRELED GUNS, 3 belonging to a Gentleman, who now always shoots with a double Barrel. . One by Mortimer, eight Guineas; one by Twigg, eight Guineas; and one by Wogden, five Guineas. ( PIT To be seen at Mr. ESSEX'S, Grocer, Bridge- Street, Northampton. To SPORTSMEN. Printed for LONGMAN, HURST, REF. S, & ORME, Pa- ternoster- Row, London; and sold by J. Abel, W. Birdsall, and T. Burnham, Northampton; and C. Jacob, Peterborough. ir URAL SPORTS. By W. B. DANIEL. The second Edition. In 3 Vols. 8vo. em- bellished with- 70 beautiful Engravings, by Scott. Price £ A 4s. in Boards. 2. The SPORTSMAN'S CABINET; or, a correct De- lineation of the various Dogs used in the Sports of the Field, including the Canine Race in general; Con- sisting of" a Series of Engravings, by Scott, of every distinct Breed, from original Paintings, taken from Life, by Reinagle; interspersed with beautiful Vig- nettes, engraved on Wood. By a VETERAN SPORTS- MAN. In 2 Vols. 4to. Price = 6.7 7s. in Boards. 3. The SHOOTING DIRECTORY. By R. B. THORN- HILI., Esq. In 1 Vol. 4to. with elegant Engravings by Medland. Price £.\ lis. 6d. in Boards.— Also, a syperior Edition, with the Plates coloured after Life, Price £. 3 3s. in Boards. 4. A COMPENDIUM of the VETERINARY ART; containing an accurate Description of all the Diseases to which the Horse is liable; their Symptoms and Treatment; the Anatomy and Physiology of the Foot; illustrated by Plates; with Observations on Shoeing, and on Stable Management. Dedicated, by Permis- sion, to ,' H. R. H. tlie Duke of York. The sixth Edition, corrected. By JAMES WHITE, Veterinary Surgeon to His Majesty's First or Royal Dragoons. In 2 Vols. 12mo. Price lis. in Boards. ' 5. The OUTLINES of the VETERINARY ART, or the Principles of Medicine, as applied to . a Knowledge of the Structure, Functions, and Economy of the Horse, the Ox, the Sheep, and the Dog; and to a more scientific and successful Manner of treating their various Diseases. By DELABERE BLAINE,, Professor of Animal Medicine. In 2 large Vols. 8vo. with Anatomical Plates. Price £ A 5s-. in Boards. 6. SPORTING ANECDOTES, original and select; in- cluding Characteristic Sketches of eminent Persons who have appeared on the Turf. By an AMATEUR SPORTSMAN-. In 8vo. illustrated by several Engravings, Price 10s. 6d. in Boards. near House consists pf two good Parlours, a J\ itchen. Scullery, and Pantry, with Cellar, on the Ground Floor; four good Sleeping- Rooms and a Closet on the first Floor, with suitable Attics. ipT May be viewed, and further Particulars had, on Application to L. KIRSHAW, Surveyor and Auc- tioneer, Northampton. BEDFORDSHIRE. " Capital Copyhold Estate, Leighton- Buzzard, • To be SOLD by AUG T I' O N, By Mr. WOOD, l. n the Month of October next ( unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given); CONSISTING of a substantia], modern, and well- built DWELLING - HOUSE, bricked, tiled,- and sashed; containing five genteel Sleeping- Rooms, with requisite Dressing- Closets, and" two roomy Attics; a Breakfast- Parlour, Dining- Parlour, and a handsome Drawing- Room ; a convenient Office ot Counting- House; large Kitchen, with a Brew- house attached, and near it is a Well ot fine Water, with a Pump ; dry and cool Beer and Wine Cellarage ; Laundry, Piggeries, Wood - Barn, Stable, and other suitable Outbuildings; with Flower and Kitchen Gardens, Yaid, and Drving- Ground adjoining, all well fenced round with a Brick Wall. This complete Residence is situated in the Centre of the CORN- MARKET, in LEIGHTON- BUZZARD, and in good Repair, well calculated for the Reception of a genteel Family, or Trade of any Description. ( j5T The Possession of the Premises may be had at Saint Thomas next. *** For further Particulars, and to treat for the Purchase, apply to Mr. WILLIS, Solicitor, Winslow, Bucks; Messrs. WILLIS Se SON, Solicitors, or Mr. WOOD, Leighton- Buzzard. FOR TIIE GROWTH OF HAIR. ADIES and Gentlemen who wish the Orna- ment of a FINE HEAD of HAIR, need onlv make Trial of the RUSSIA OIL, which is proved the only Article yet discovered for making the Hair grow thick and long, even on bald Places, Whiskers, Sec. Sec. ; and will, in all Cases, prevent the Hair falling off*. Several Gentlemen, who have been bald for Years, have declared, after using the Russia Oil regularly for three Months, they became nearly covered with Hair. It is recommended to Ladies' Toilets particularly as the Use of Oils are now found so ne- cessary to render Moisture to the Hair when dressing. The Russia Oil, for that Purpose, is now become in Use by Ladies of the first Circles, who allow it to excel any Preparation, as* it nourishes and improves its Growth, and oauses it always to retain its natural Colour. To comment on the many valuable Qualities it possesses is useless : It need only be said, it ought not to be omitted by those who have the Ornament of a fine Head of Hair, and wish fo retain it; also those deficient, who want to profit by its Virtues. Its in- valuable Virtues have been so much approved as to bring it to the Use of the Royal Family, and most of the Nobility in this Kingdom.— Price 7s. per Bottle; or one, containing four small, at a Guinea. To be had of the Proprietor, 333, Oxford- Street; and, by Appointment, Wholesale and Retail, of Dicey & Co. No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, and at their Ware- house in Northampton; of Smith, Perfumer to His Majesty, 11( 1, New Bond- Street; of G. Edmonds, Northampton ; and of most Venders of Medicines in Town and Country. ( pf- ' fhe Russia Oil will be found infinitely ser- viceable in restoring the Loss of Hair on Horses, which often proves a great Disfigurement to those valuable Animals. *** Beware, as none are genuine but those which have the Russian Eagle- on the Outside, and signed in Red Ink by the Proprietors, " MOCHRIKUFSKY Se PRINCE ;" to counterfeit which is Felony. RAUNDS, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. To be SOLD by A U C T 1 O N, In the Month of September, or early in October next, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given, . NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT a Petition will be presented to the Honourable the House of Commons, in the next Sessions of Parliament, for Leave to bring in a Bill to enlarge the Term, and to amend, alter, and make more effectual the Powers of several Acts ol Parlia- ment passed in the 5th and 25th Years of- His Ma- jesty's Reign, for repairing and widening the Road from the Turnpike- Road in Banbury, in the County AVery eligible EST ATE, situate in the Parish, I of Oxford, through Daventry and Cottesbach, to the and Copyhold of the Manor of RAUNDS, and South End of Mill Field, in the Parish of Lutter- :„ . I R\ T R, ' worth, in the County of Leicester; now in the Occupation of Mr. Jonathan Brown, con- taining about 100 Acres. ( PT The Tenant will shew the Premises,— Further Particulars may be had at the Offices of Messrs. YORKE SC SHLRARD, in Thrapston or Oundle, who will treat for the Sale by Private Contract. Cooke's Poclcct Edition of the DESCRIPTION OF GREAT - BRITAIN, Illustrated with Maps of the Counties; forming a COMPLETE BRITISH ATLAS. This Day are published, ( PRICE ONE SHILLING AND SIXPENCE EACH), The following Parts, each of which contains a com- plete History and Description of a County, except Lancashire, which forms two Parts :— Part 6. Hampshire. Part 7. Gloucestershire. Part 8. Lancashire. Part 9. Lancashire. 1 L Situation Extent Towns Roads Rivers Lakes Mines Monuments Curiosities Antiquities Picturesque Scenery Natural History Civil & Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. Part 1. Cornwall. Part 2. Devonshire. Part 3. Dorsetshire. Part 4. Somersetshire. Part 5. Wiltshire. The succeeding Counties will be published on the first Day of every Month, till tile Whole is com- pleted, of " MIE BRITISH TOPOGRAPHY; or TRA- - VELLER'S POCKET DIRECTORY: Being an accurate Description of ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, and WALES, divided into Counties; with a particular Account of their Minerals Fisheries Manufactures Commerce Agriculture Fairs Markets To which is prefixed, a copious Travelling Index, exhibiting at one View the direct and principal Cross- Uoads, Inns, Distance of Stages, Noblemen and Gentlemen's Seats, Markets, Fairs, Sec. forming a complete BRITISH ITINERARY. The Whole interspersed with a Variety of Inform- ation, entertaining to the general Reader; highly beneficial to the Agriculturist, Trader, and Manufac- turer; and particularly interesting to the Traveller, Speculatist, Antiquary,- and to every Inhabitant of Great- Britain. By GEORGE ALEXANDER COOKE, Esq. Editor of the Universal System of Geography. PLAN or THE WORK. 1. The Work will be published in Parts, Price only Is. 6d. each; those Parts which relate to England will contain a complete Description of a County ( and some of the Parts will comprise two), except a few of the principal Counties, which, from their great Extent and Importance, will occupy two Parts. 2. A County will be published on the first Day of every Month, and sometimes two in the Course of the Month; it is intended to comprise the Whole of the Work in fifty Parts. 3. Every County will bo separately paged, by which Means each will form a complete Work independent of the other Counties; the Reader may therefore select any County'he may prefer, without the Neces- sity of purchasingthe General Topography. A SUPERIOR EDITION will be printed on a Medium Wove Vellum Paper, glazed and hot- pressed ; it will contain coloured Maps, and possess many Advantages above the other Edition ; it will therefore be sold at the additional Charge of is. each Part. London:, Printed for C. COOKE, 17, Paternoster- Row; aiid sold by all the Booksellers in the United Kingdom. , in the County of Leicester; which Road passes through the several Parishes of S'anbuiy, in the County of Oxford; the Hamlet ot G onsburv, and •" the Parish of Chalcombe, in the County of North ariipton ; the Hamlet of Wilscott, and the Parish c. f Wardington, in the County of Oxford; and the several Parishes of Chip'penwarden, Aston - le- Walls, Byfield, Charwelton, Fawsjey, Bad by, the Hamlet of Drayton, the Town and Parish of Daventry, Welton, Ledger's - Ashhy, Kilsbv, and Lilbourn, in the County of Northampton; Hillmorton, Clifton, and Newton, in the County of Warwick ; and Catthorp, Cottesbach, Misterton, and Lutterworth, in the County of Leicester,— Dated the 21st Day of August, 1806. By Order of the Trustees, EDM. BURTON. T FOR THE TEETH. Patronis'ed and used by their Royal Highnesses the Dukes of Clarence and Kent. ^ ROTTER's ORIENTAL DENTIFRICE, or ASIATIC TOOTH- PPWDER, has been for twenty Years acknowledged by the most respectable Medical Authorities, used by many, and recommended. The Powder cleanses and bea'uiifies tiie Teeth, sweeiens the Breath, possesses no Acid that can corrode the Enamel, and puts a beautiful Polish on the Teeth. From its Astringency, it strengthens the Gums, era- dicates the Scurvy ( which often proves the Destruction of a whole Set of Teeth), preseives sound Teeth from Decay, secures decaycd Teeth from becoming worse, fastens those which are loose, prevents the Return of the Tooth- ach ( with which, before that Period, they had b: en violently afflicted), and obviates the Necf Mty of that most disagreeable of all Operations, scaling the Teeth. Likewise, a TINCTURE which po- e, es the Power of casing the most violent Tooth- ach, and is a Wash with the Powder. ( pT A Caution against purchasing any Asiatic Tooth- Powder without " M. TROTTER," on the Stamp on the Top of the Box; all others are Counterfeits. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by the Proprietor, No. 3, Beaufort- Buildings, Strand; also, by Edmonds, Northampton; Dance, York; Drewrv, Strafford; Tymbs, Worcester; Cave, Nottingham; andAikinson, Chester. MA RS HALL'S GENUINE UNIVERSAL CERATE. THE following, just come to the Proprietor, is published for the Benefit of the Afflicted. Sore, Ulcerated Legs„& c. of all Descriptions, and of 20 Years' Continuance, have been cured in a speedy and easy Manner, without Confinement. To Mr. JOHN MARSHALL. SIR,— I am happy to inform you the great and good Quality of MARSHAI. L' 6 GENUINE UNIVERSAL CERATE is known in this Town and Neighbourhood. I am authorized to say it has performed mai. y perfect Cures of old Ulcers of many Years' standing, which had been under the Care of the first Medical Gentle, men we have in this County. I can say it lias per- fectly cured ( to my own Knowledge) not - less than SIXTEEN very bad Ulcers, besides a great many more ill a fair Way of Cure. 1 am, Sir,, yours, Sec. Sec. JAMES CROCKER. Frome, Somersetshire, 1806. Sold in Boxes at Is. l£ d. and 2s. 9d. each, by Mr. Marshall, Chemist, Northampton, and at his Shop in Har. borough; and Retail bv the general Venders of Medicines in England, Ireland, and America. I Friday and Saturday's Posts. LONDON, August 22. ALetter from Munich, dated July 31, says, " The ratification of the adherences to the Confederation Treaty of the Rhine League were exchanged in Munich, by the assembled Confe- derates I'rom the 25th instant till yesterday. By this time, the acquisitions and sovereignties of the Confederates are fully occupied by the French troops; ana since that, the act of civil occupation has been committed to Commissaries of the se- veral Courts.— French corps of observation, are assembled on ti e Inn, in the Oberfalz, and on the confines of Saxeny." AlVIessengc v arrived on Tuesday morning from Lord Lauderdale. lie was only charged with in- formation respecting some of the minor particulars of the negociation; and no Cabinet Council was held on the occasion, as was- reported in some of the papers. Ministers continue to use the utmost exertions to procure a thorough knowledge of every branch of the military expenditure, with a view to the estal. K. htm ui'of a complete reform, including, of C'iufso, proper' checks in that department. The discoveries of the Military Commission naturally suggest the necessity of this investigation, and the farther enquiries of that Commission will, no doubt, materially contribute to attain the object in view. The conduct of the Barrack Depart- ment, even to the most minute particulars, has especially attracted the attention of Ministers. It appears from a correct statement of the pro- gress of the woollen manufacture, in the West- Riding of Yorkshire, from the year 1729 to the year 1805, that in the former' year there wel'C 26,071 pieces of broad cloth manufactured; and in the latter 300,537 pieces, making 10,079,256 yards!— Of narrow cloths, in the year 1738, there were 14, pieces manufactured; in the year 1805, 165,847, making 6,193,317 yards. Such is thd flourishing state of this important manufacture. Fraud at theSlock- Exclumge.— A person named Daniels, who litis hitherto been considered as highly respectable, has been guilty of a most villai'ous transaction at the Stock - Exchange. Finding that in consequence of the great fluctu- ation of Omnium, he was- not able to pay for all he had pun based, at an advanced price, he hit upon a scheme whereby he has pocketed an enormous sum of money, with which lie has de- camped, to the rain of several honest men. £. 31,000 Omnium was tendered to him on Wed- nesday, in payment for which he gave drafts on the house of Sir Richard Carr Glynn anil Cu. amounting to £. 16,816 5s. which were paid to the respective- bankers' of those gentlemen who had received them. Having gained possession of the Omnium, he sold it in the house, through the medium of a respectable broker, received drafts for it, which he cleared immediately, and set off with the produce. On his drafts - being presented, payment was refused, he having no effects at the | bankers.— One individual lost by this nefarious ' transaction £. 5000, another <£. 4000, another £\ 2000, and so on.— Hand- bills have been dis- tributed, offering " a reward of 200 guineas for his apprehension, and the Committee at the Stock- Exchange offer an additional 200 guineas.— Police- Officers have been sent to the several seaports. . Mr. Nalder, the City Marshal, has been sent to Liverpool, under the idea that Daniels intends taking shipping for America.— Messrs. GoldsuiicN, we are informed, applied to Lord Howick, to order the circumstance to be communicated, by tele- graph, to the ports within the reach of that con- veyance, with which request his Lordship imme- diately complied. To those afflicted with an Ophthalmia— Moisten some lint, or dip the finger in rum saturated with • camphor, and apply it to the eye, closed so as to admit into the eye little or much, as the patient find& Jie can bear; the larger the doss the speedier the cure; and, though he may suffer for a moment, the smart will be succeeded by the most agreeable and cooling sensations. Such are the virtues of this medicine, that one or two applications, on the first appearance of this disease, are sufficient to remove it in less than six hours.— The rum ought to be of the first quality. About two o'clock on Wednesday morning, a fire broke out on board of his Majesty's ship Dover, of 44 guns, lying in the Thames, off Woolwich, which nt'jcd with unabated fury until five o'clock, when the ship was burnt to the water's edge. The Dover was stationed as the receiving ship for the Royal Marines, and very few people were on board at the time of the accident. Only one man suffered, who had been seen out of the ship, and is supposed to have returned to save something. The quantity of gunpowder on board was very inconsiderable. The fire was occasioned by a candle having been left in an improper situation. AUGUST 23d, 1806. NBRATT, GUN- MAKER, & E. SHEEP- . STREIT, NORTHAMPTON, deeply i pressed with Gratitude for the many Favours already conferred upon him by Gentlemen, Sportsmen, and others, desire's to return his most sincere Thanks and trusts, that bv an unremitting Attention to Business, lie shall still meet their future Patronage " and Support. . All Business in the Gun Line performed with Carefulness and Dispatch. * » * An APPRENTICE WANTED. To the Gl-. NTI. EM1N, HOLDERS, of the AMPTON. * GENTLEMEN, CLERGY, and ether Inn- COUNTY of NOLLTH- IAm far too sensible of the. flailcring Reception I " ' TO the GENTLEMEN, CLERGY, and FREEiioi. DEfo, verinnentj Such syrriptoms of a disposition to mu- > of the COUNTY of NORTHAMPTON. • tiny were manifested among the. scaipen, that it was deemed expedient, to pay them off, and they are now re- entering. This expedient was of course resorted to wit'h a view to exclude the discontented, have met with in the Course of my Canvass to omit, in the strongest Terms of Gratitude, returning you my best Acknowledgments and Thanks; and ulthough, 1 am proud to say, I huve every Reason to expect very general Support, I trust'J shall be excused the Liberty I take in earnestly requesting the active Interference and Assistance of my Friends, so material to my ultimate Success, however confident I feel of the Event; and if I have been any where, supposed remiss in paying'my Respects in Person, 1 trust it will be attributed to the. little. Opportunity of Leisure I have had, and to no intentional Omis- sion or Neglect — 1 think it necessary to repeat, that in the Applications 1 have made, I am, wholly un- connected with any other Candidate, as •< is my full Intention to remain; and be assured, . u long as you think fit to place me in the same honourable Situation 1 now hold, you will ever Jind me steady to the Line I luive hitherto pursued, and the Prin- ciples I first professed. 1 have the Honour to be, Gentlemen, Your obliged and faithful humble Servant, W. R. CART WRIGHT. Aynho, Aug. 15th, 1806. To the GENTLEMEN, CLERGY-, and FREEHOLDERS, of the COUNTY of NORTHAMPTON. GENTLEMEN, I GENTLEMEN, Beg Leave to return you my best Thanks, for the continued and increasing Assurances of Support which I have received since I had the Honour of last addressing you. Under the Circumstances in which the County has been placed, by so early and unexpected a Canvass, such Assurances have been most grateful unciflattering to mc; mid convinced that they have arisen from those, independent Principles alone which have ever i , ,, - /••-•.-.. , - distinguished the County of Northampton, I look " 8 e ^ T' 8 " ^ T 5, ... „ r, > quarter. from some further observations which and to select the pliant. Admiral De Winter is come down as Admiral and Inspecting- General. He has hoisted his flagon board the Brutus, an 80- i gun ship. I am of opinion that these ships have no ; notion of coming out, and that Their only object is to shew those appearances which may suggest to us the necessity of keeping a fleet off the coast, the same Absence of all Information seems to prevail respecting a Dissolution of Parliament, forward with Confidence to the Period when you will be collectively called upon more openly to declare ' yourselves, and to exercise that most invaluable of your Privileges, the Choice of your Representatives ; in Parliament. Should I in arvy Degree have been deficient in ! making proper Applications to yeu, I trust that you , will attribute it solely to the Hurry of a Canvass, which, in so extensive and populous a County, would not in the first Instance allow of any certain or \ complete Arrangement. 1 have the Honour to be, Gentlemen, With great Respect, Your obedient, bumble Servant, WM. LANGHAM. Cottesbrook, Aug. 23d, 1806. To the GENTLEMEN, CLERGY, and FREEHOI, » ERS, I of the COUNTY of NORTHAMPTON. j GENTLEMEN, . ' WHEN I offered myself to your Notice, as a Candidate for the honour of representing and as the natural and usual Period of it. is at some ! you in Parliament., I presumed only to solicit your I » v-/ t e.. t u JM. ... i —-— ~ t „„.„ » „„* ' supp0rt j'or myself) separately; notwithstanding , zchich it hath been reported, that I have united my Interest with that of some or other of the Can- | tlidates: I therefore feel it my Duty distinctly to ' declare, that 1 am not in any Manner connected Distance, 1 feel it unfit farjne avy more at present to weary you with my Addresses. When the proper Moment shall arrive, at which the true Interests and the Independence of the County . will come under your Consideration, I un- doubtedly shall put in my Claim to a Continuance of \ with, nor is my Interest united to, that of either of i your Favours. • ' the other Gentlemen who are Candidates for your appear in this Officer's letter, it seems pretty evi- dent that the conduct of the Dutch seamen, when informed of the total subversion of their Republic, amounted to absolute mutiny. Several of these seamen are stated to have been committed to prison. No further intelligence has been received con- cerning Admiral Cochrane. Mi1. Fox is able to walk in his garden, and. that exercise has greatly contributed to the restoration of his health. He had made arrangements for leaving town, but, we understand, that he has determined to defer his journey until after the arrival- ot' Basilico. This circumstance seems to confirm the opinion, that the dispatches which that Messenger is to bring will be of a decisive nature. PRICE OF STOCKS. Bank Stock . 213 214 3 per Ct. Red. . 3 per Ct. Cons. . 61 Sit 4 per Ct. Cons. . gofi 5 per Ct. Navy . 94* f Imp. 3 per Cents. I'mtia Stock India Bonds Exc, Bills . Omnium . 1 par. sh. 1831 2 dis. 1 dis. 5i NO R THA M P TO N, SATURDAY EVENING, August 23. In the mean Time, Gentlemen, 1 beg Leave to Favour. On this Ground I continue to solicit your asture you, that Nothing can occur to cause me, as Suffrages; and if I should be so fortunate to obtain shire one of your present Representatives, to deviati, in the. Object of my Wishes, I will endeavour to dis- ' ' the smatfrst Degree, from that which I have ever \ charge the Duties of the important Trust with Zeal felt to be the Line of my public Duty; or to relax, ; and Fidelity. I have the Honour to be, Gentlemen, Your faithful and obedient Servant, ALTHORP. Altborp, Aug. 22d, 1806. for one Moment, my Zeal or Anxiety to promote the Welfare and the Prosperity of the County. I huve the Honour to be, With the greatest Respect, Gentlemen, Your most obliged, and most faithful Servant, FRANCIS DICKINS. Wollaston, Aug. 22d, 1806. WANTS who- is all other useful Situation to WE Needle- work i young Ladies. ( jry- Enquire of B. Letter, Post- paid. G. E DMONUS, Hair- Dresser, Perfumer, Jeweller, and Hardware Haberdasher BIRTH.]. Lately, the Lady of J. Blackstone, Esq. of Heiwington- IIouse, Woodstock, Oxford- of a daughter. I MARRIED.] Ot » , Monday last, at Bayle Farm, j near Kingston, Lord Foley,' to Lady Cecilia Fitz- j gerald. | OirThursday last, at Pitsford, in this county, by the Rev. T. C. Pettatt, Richard Clarke, Esq. I of the 3d ( or Prince of Wales's) Dragoon Guards, | to Philippa, only daughter and heiress of the late Rev. G. TymmS) of Dallington, near this town, i On Monday se'nnight, Mr. J. Turner, of Bir- mingham, to Miss Ann White, of Kingsbury, Warwickshire. On Tuesday se'nnight, William Stanbridge, son the Printers'; if by w ANTS a SITUATION, as CLERK to an ASingle, active YOUNG SITUATION as a Clerk on properly qualified, andean produce an unexceptionable Character. fcf Letters ( Post- paid) addressed to R. S. at the Printers', will be duty attended to. MAN, wants a Wharf, Clerk to Merchant, Clerk to a Carrier, or ( where Engrossing would not be required). as' Writer and Accomptant to an Attorney, or as a Book- keeper in any creditable Line of Business.— The Advertiser would endeavour, in every Respect, to render himself useful to his Employer; and a most respectable Reference can be given as to Character, if required. fiCj" I. etters ( Post- paid), directed to A. B. at the Post- Office, Northampton, will be immediately at- tended to. , WOODSTOCK GLOVES, KC. & RC. Northampton, Aug. 23d, 1S06. T WANTED, A steady, single YOUNG MAN, as a TALLOW- CHANDLER, If he has a little Knowledge of the Ironmongery Business the more agreeable. ( PIT Letters addressed to JOSEPH TYLER, Tallow- Chandler and Ironmonger, Aylesbury, Bucks, will be duly attended to. To Parents and Guardians. WANTED, A YOUTH, of a respectable Family, as an APPRENTICE to a WATCH and CLOCK- MAKER, where the finishing Part of the Business may be learnt. Application ( if by Letter, Post- paid,) to Mr. EBB, Printer, Bookseller, & c. Bedford, will meet W due Attention. GENERAL LIBRARY, NORTHAMPTON. " MIE Subscribers are Tespectfully informed, that an APPENDIX to the CATALOGUE, containing a* List of the Books up to the present Time, may be had by applying to J. ABEL, ' the Librarian. ( jig- The Time of subscribing for the ensuing Year commences September the 20th. August 23a1, 1806. ADDERBURY, OXFORDSHIRE. To be L E T T, For a Term of Years, and entered upon at Michaelmas next, AVery neat Sashed HOUSE, situate in the most eligible Part of the pleasant Village of ADDERIiURY, Oxfordshire, consisting of two Parlours, excellent Kitchen, and two good Pantries, on the Ground Floor; five Bedchambers, a Studjf, two Garrets, and two underground Cellars; Brew- house, with Rooms over, two Stables, and other con- venient Offices, with a Garden walled round. {£ 32" The Mail- Coach to Oxford and London passes through the Village every Day. *** For further Particulars, apply to Mr. ROBERT GARDNER, Adderbury ( whowill shew the Premises); or to Mr. WYATT, Banbury. the way; the winner did riot teat his oppofceiii by more than nine inches,— They rati the mile in five minutes and fifteen seconds, and both wfere so exhausted as not to be able to stand. During a thunder storm on Thursday se'nnightj about noon, a very fine cow, belonging to Mr. Clair, of Yardley- Gobion, in this county, was killed by the lightning, in a meadow near the town. Extract of a letter from Dunstable, dated August 20:—" Yesterday evening, about eight o'clock came on at this place tbe'most tremendous storm of thunder and lightning ever remembered, which continued, with little ' intermission, during the night. Between eleven and twelve o'clock the lightning struck a chimney in the town, which it split m twain, descended'thc tunnel into a bed4 room, where it was attracted by an iron cuftuin- rod in the window, thence it struck a stud in the wall, which it shattered, and through the crevices found its way into a stable below, where it set fire to some litter. The smell of sulphur and smoke entered an apartment adjoining, and awoke a person who slept there, who gave the alarm; and, by the timely assistance of several of the inha- bitants, who, were very alert on this alarming occasion, it was p. reveriX> d from spreading. The cry of fire at this dead hour of the night, when scarcely a glimpse of light could be seen,' bur. from the almost incessant flashes of li'ghtiiius-, made more awfully grand by the continual roll of thunder, caused such general' consternation amongst the inhabitants as cannot be expressed, and can only be conceived by those who were witnesses ot this truly awful and . sublime scene.—- At about six o'clock this morning the storm returned in a vio- lent degree, and continued till about ten, when it ceased." By a letter received from Huntingdon, the storm was very violent in that town and the parts adjacent. At Gedinanchester, a fire- ball, after entering the Workhouse and knocking down a woman took its course through the front door, and entered a poor man's house opposite, of the name of Matthew Budge, and instantly struck him dead, whi. e sitting in his chair; it then ex- ploded without further mischief. At Aylesbury the storm was equally tremendous. As Mr. Collins, of the White- Lion, Yastle sti eel, was in company with a gentleman from London, and a " sergeant, going along Cat- street, the parly were struck with the lightning, anil Mr. Col, ins was so much affected by it that it was with great difficulty he was conveyed to ihe I- thick - i Torse in Cat- street. Oil their n- aching the inn, to their great surprise, they found the tap- room in flames, the casement of the window- d< ye our. of its place, the outside frames of the windows much burnt, and the top of the house halt unrooted. Mr. Osborn, the. landlord, w ho was up stairs, was driven from one end of Ins rwom to the other, and was for some time senseless. Se. cral other in ci- dents, . equally serious, happened in that town and neighbourhood. The above storm was felt it) a similar degree in this town and neighbourhood; but,- providentially, was not attended with any calamitous effects that we have heard of. _ On Sunday morning, last, about half- past six o'clock, the Manchester Defiance coach," on its return from London, was overturned at Vlount- sorrell, four miles from Loughborough, bv the axletree breaking, and the hind wheel suddenly flying off.—' Thecoachman was so dr place. On Thursday se'nnight, Mr. Marsball, of Lough- borough, to Miss Coppock, of Stockport. A few days ago, Mr. Sinkins, of Burley, to Miss Winsall, of Oakham, both'in Rutlandshire. A few days since, Mr. Sharman, of Melton- Mowbray, Leicestershire, to Miss Eleanor Laxton, of Grantham, Lincolnshire. DIED.] On Thursday last, at Broughton- Astley, Leicestershire, in the 70th year of his age, the Rev. Mr. Greaves.— He had been an active Magis- trate in that county for many years. flying oft.— Thecoachman was so dreadfully bruised On Saturday last, of a decline, Mrs, Taylor, ab° llt tlie head> that ile survived the accident but wife of Mr. Taylor, of Little- Bowden, in this j1 tc"' ll0urs- A gentleman on the outside also WANTED, An Apprentice to a PLUMBER, GLAZIER, and PAINTER. ( JdT Apply ( if by Letter, Post- paid,) to Mr. CHAPMAN, Glazier, & c. St. Neots, Huntingdonshire. WHITE- HART INN, BUCKINGHAM. TOSBORNE & CO. respectfully inform the Nobility, Gentry, and Public in general, that thev have provided neat POST- CHAISES, with able Horses and careful Drivers; and hope, by strict At tention, to ensure their Patronage and Support. August 21jt, 1805. SCALDWELL, Aug. 23d, 1806. 17LOPED FROM HIS WIFE AND FAMILY/ h early on Monday Morning last, and left them chargeable to the Parish qf SCALDWI- LL, in the Couiity of Northampton, JOSEPH" BARKER, Labourer The said JOSFTH BASKF. R is about twenty- nine Years of Age, five Feet five Inches high, has dark Eyes, a ruddy Complexion, and dark Hair; had on when lie went away an old Smockf'rock, or a dark- coloured Coat, with Corduroy Breeches, striped Waistcoat, a small Hat, and low- tied Shoes. » „* Whoever will apprehend the said JOSEPH BARKER, and bring him to the Parish- Officers of Scaldwell aforesaid, shall receive ONE GUINEA REWARD and all reasonable Expences; and if the said JOSEPH BARKER will return to his Parish on or before the 4th Day of September next, and engage to support his Family, the Parish- Officers will pardon Kim for the Offence he has committed. SHEPHERD. WANTED immediately, A good SHEPHERD, to have the Careot about 400 Sheep in an open Field. He will have a Man under him at his Com- mand, a House to live in, and Thirty Pounds per Year; and if deserving and industrious, other En- couragement will be given him. He must have a good Character for Sobriety and Honesty, and be per- fectly acquainted with his Business. Enquire of Mr. PARRATT, Black - Horse, Woburn, Bedfordshire. ANY Gentleman or Lady who is in Want of a . sober, steady, and active YOUNG MAN, to act as GAMEKEEPER, as well as to assist in any other Capacity wherein he can render himself useful, on sending a Line, Post- paid, directed to X. Z, at the Post- Office, Buckingham, will beduly attended to. STOLEN OR STRAYED, CBut supposed to have been stolen), ON Sunday Night the 17th, or early on Monday Morning the' 18th of August, 1806, out of a Lane in the Parish of WARDINGTON, in the County of Oxford, A LIGHT- BROWN HORSE, between the Nag and the Cart Kind, the Property of Mr. EDWARD LETTS, of WARDINGTON aforesaid. — He is rising four Years old, about fifteen Hands high, has a bald Face and cut Tail, the Inside of his fore Legs white to the Knees, hind Heels white, and white on the Inside above the Hock; rather rank on the Poll, and the Hair rubbed off the near Knee, oc- casioned by a Blemish. — He had a round Steel Lock on the near fore Leg when taken away. Notice is hereby given. That whoever will discover the Offender or Offenders, so that he or they may be prosecuted to conviction, shall, on such Conviction, recsive a Reward of TEN GUINEAS of EDWARD LETTS aforesaid. — If the above- mentioned Horse should be left or turned up in any Ground or Place whatsoever, the Person bringing him back again to the Owner shall receive ONE GUINEA REWARD, and have reasonable Charges paid. MARKET- HARBOROUGH. A capital Situation for a Grocer. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, AVery commodious and substantial Brick- built and Slated DWELLING - HOUSE and GROCER'S SHOP, long established, situate near the Centre of the Town of Market- Harborough, in the County of Leicester, and well calculated for the Wholesale and Retail Business. fief For Particulars, and to treat for the Purchase, apply to Mr. JOHN BERRY, Stationer, or Mr. S. GOODMAN, Solicitor, Market- Harborough. August 1bth, 1806. To SPORTSMEN. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. KIRSHA1V, On Wednesday the 27th Day of August, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, at Mr. Hall's, the King's- Arms Inn, in the HORSI- MARKET, Northampton, WVO BRACE and a HALF of STAUNCH POINTERS and SETTERS, one of them bred by Mr. Daniel Lambert, and the same Age as thote sold of that Gentleman's Property by Mr. TATTERSALL, in London. ( tCf May be seen by applying to Mr. KIRSHAW, Northampton, two Days previous to the Sale. T To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Messrs. BRAMPTON Sf Co. WITHOUT RESERVE, On Thursday the 4th of September next, 1806, on the ' Premises, on the Outside of SHORTWOOD, near FOXHALL, in the County of Northampton, 17IGHTY valuable OAK TIMBER TREES, JLi from 40 to 120 Feet. ( pr The Company are rcquisted to meet on the Premises by Ten o'Clock in the Morning, when the Sale will commence. .... « * » Three Months' Credit will be given to Pur- chasers of above ,£. 10 Value, on giving approved joint Security, and paving a Deposit ot 2s. 61. in the Pound - or a Discount will be allowed tor ready Money. - . N ii For further Particulars, and a View ot the Timber, apply to Mr. SEAMARK, of F » xt0n ; or the AUCTIONEERS, at Kettering. To Grocers, Tallow- Chandlers, and others. To be SOLD by A U C T I O N, By IV. WHITE, On the Premises, on Monday the 15th Day of Sep- tember, 1806, and following Days, A LL the STOCK and UTENSILS in TRADE, XX " Part of the neat HO USE HOLD- FU RN1TU R H, and other EFFECTS, the Property of Mr. JOHN BRADLEY, Grocer and Tallow- Chandler, HIGH- STREET, BEDFORD, who is declining Business. Three Months' Credit will be given to all Pur- chasers above £. 10, on approved Security. *. » * May be viewed Friday and Saturday preceding the Sale, which will begin each Day at Ten o'Clock. - N. U. Catalogues will be ready for Delivery ten Days previous to the Sale, at the principal Inns in the Neighbouring Towns; Mr. Webb's Printing- Office, on the Premises, atid at the Auctioneer's, Bedford. LONDON August 23. IT is now the prevalent opinion, that the force which has, prohably by this time, sailed from Plymouth, is in the first instance destined for the dcfence of Portugal. Afte'- having extracted all he could in the way of contribution, loan, and composition from that kingdom, it is now said, that Bonaparte has transferred it to Spain, as a compensation for his intended first dismemberment of the Spanish Monarchy. The King of Spain, according to rumour, is to surrender Biscay, Na- varre, Catalonia, and the best part of Arragon to France, for which be is to receive in exchange the kingdom of Portugal— if he can take. it.— These fine provinces arc to be consolidated into a kingdom, or grand duchy, or some other cheap and subordinate title, and conferred upon some fa- vourite of the Usurper. Report elevates the Prince of Peace to this high destiny. A rumour has been for some months in cir- culation that Bonaparte meditated some acqui- sitions in the North of Spain, and it receives considerable strength from an admission in one of the Paris papers, that French troops had been on their inarch to the Pyrenees. One of the advan- tages of this arrangement, or extortion rather, would be, to put France ill possession of the harbours of Ferrol and Corunna, and the immense line of coast from Brest to Cape Finisterre. A letter from an Officer of rank in our fleet off the Dutch coast, dated the 19th instant, states, that there are five sail of the - line, one frigate, and two armed brigs, ready for sea in the Maars Diep, and two sail of the line fitting out in the New Diep. The writer adds, " From every in- formation that lias reached me, it appears, that upon the- firsfiiitelligence of a change in the Go- county, and daughter of Mr. Hawkcs, of- Lutter- worth, Leicestershire.' On Thursday last, Mr. Hawkcs, of, Abington- Lodge, near this town. Suddenly, Mr. Thomas Wilkinson, of Kettering, in this county, formerly an Officer of Eifcise. He left_ home on Monday on a journey to Swineshead, Hunts, which he undertook on foot, to inspect a small estate which he had there, but he died befote he reached the place of his destination. The Right Hon. Lord Dundas has appointed the Rev. Roger Barnston Hughes, of Kislingbury, in this county, to be one of his Lordship's Domestic Chaplains. The Right Hon. Hugh Percy ( commonly, called Earl Percy), is returned to serve in Parliament for the borough and parish of Buckinghrtm, in the room of the Right Hon. Lord Viscount Probv. — Gazette. We have the pleasure to inform the public, that the sum of twenty pounds was yesterday paid into the hands of the Treasurer of the General Infirmary. in this town, bv Mr. Nathaniel Jones, being a legacy from Mrs. Ashpole, late of Kings- thorpe, near this town, towards carrying on the charitable designs of that excellent institution. Orders have been issued for returning lists of men liable to serve in the Militia, preparatory to the execution of the Training Act.-— Articled clerks and apprentices, although exempt from the militia, are both to be ballotted under this Act. The fine to entitle a person to his discharge from the ballot is c£. 10 ( unless it shall appear that be is not pos- sessed of any income whatever of the yearly value of ,£. 100, in which case it is to be o£'. 5), but the payment thereof will only exempt him from the training exercise for one year. Persons enrolled in yeomanrv and volunteer corps, and claiming exemption on that account, must produce certi- ficates from their commanding; officers of their being effective members of such corps, or will otherwise become subject to a fine of if. 15. Allowances out of the Assessed Taxes to Persons in respect to the Number of their Children.— By the act, cap. 84, of the last session of Parliament, every person having more than two- children born in lawful wedlock, ana maintained at the expence of such person, shall, for, every child above two, be entitled to an allowance' after the rate of four pounds per cent, on the amount of all the assessments on such person by the acts 43 G. 3. c. 161, and 45 G. 3. c. 13, in case the total amount of ail the said assessments shall be under forty pounds in any one > ear, which allowance shall be made annually out of the duties so charged, at . any time in the year ot assessment, on delivery ot a decla- ration in writing, containing the whole number of such children, and their respective names and places ot residence, ; ind which of. them are of the family, or reside elsewhere. — Every person claiming such al- lowance, shall deliver to the assessor or assessors of the parish or place where such claims shall be made for the present year, on or before the 30r£ of August, a declaration or declarations in writing, to the effect before- mentioned. On Tuesday se'nnight, a match of Cricket was played at Great- Hadham, Herts, between eleven gentlemen of that place, Little - Hadham, and Widford, and eleven gentlemen of Bisliop- Stort- ford, which was won by the latter. Bishop- Stort- ford : 1st innings, 10; 2d ditto, 79— 89.— Hadham and Widford: 1st innings, 49; 2d ditto, 16— 65. — Majority in favour of Stortford, 24. The fineness of tire day attracted most of the beauty and fashion of the neighbourhood. Such variation was there during the play, that at one time the bets were nine to one against Stortford, and they afterwards changed to five to one in favour of them. A well- contested foot- race took plaice a few days since, between two officers at Norman- cross bar- racks, upon the turnpike- road between Peterbo- rough and that place.— The bet was something considerable; they ran a mile. So near were they matched, as to run nearly a- breast the whole of had his leg broke. The remaining outside pas- sengers, about four in number, and one inside, escaped without any material injury. Sabbath- breaking.— On Sunday last, two young men, - servants to a very respectable farmer at Frisby, Leicestershire, went out with a gun during divine service, for the purpose of shooting; ou discharging the piece, the barrel burst, and blew off the hand of the party who fired it. ' On Tuesday last, was committed to the gaol of this county, by J. P. Clarke, Esq. Robert Stafford, charged with haviug mixed poison with some tea and flour, with intent to murder his wife. And on the following tiav, John Cox'was com- mitted to the same gaol, by the Rev. Edward Griffin, Clerk, on suspicion of stealing sugar from the warehouse » f Mr. Samuel Laiiglev, grocer, of Rowell. The following Horses are now in town, and others are expected to arrive this evening, to be entered to run at our Races, which begin on Wednesday:—- WEDNESDAY. For the Gentlemen's Subscription Purse of £. 50. Lord Sackville's br. h. Clermont. Mr. Fisher's b. m. Lady- Bird. For an account of the Horses entered to rjtn for 3 - Hunters' Stakes, and for other particulars, see advertise- ment in the second page. THURSDAY. For tie Toiun Purse of £. 50. Lord Sackville's ch. h. Enchanter. Mr. Andrew's br. h. Zofiova. DERBY RACES ( CONCLUDED). Wednesday, Aug. 13th. £ .50, four- mill heats. Mr. Sitwell'sbr. c. Taurus, by Sir I'eter, Out of Mendoza's dam, 3 yrs old 2 1 Major Wilson's b. h. Vivaldi, aged 1 : Mr. Brooke's b. h. Royal- Oat:, 1 yrs old-. 4 i Mr. T. C. Browne's ch. c. brother to Maid- stone, Syrsold..... _ 5 Sir W. W.' Wynne's b. c. bv Buzzard," i'yrs ' old 3 Thursday, Aug. 14th. = 6.50, three- mile /.' eats. Mr. T. C. Browne's b. Ji. Mountaineer, 4 yrs'- old I 1 Mr. Ackers's gr. c. Atlas,. by Sir Peter, 3 y rs old 2 2 Major Wilson's b. h. Vivaldi, aged ' a ^ . Same day, a Sueepstakes oflOgs, each, ttco- ndh • heats; Mr. Andrew's b. c. Fathom, 4 vrs- old .... Mr. Story's ch. f. Lady - Fair,' by . Volunteer" 3 y/ s old ^ o 2 Lord Scarsdale's b. h.~ Sot,- bv Venture, 4 vrs < » ld dr Mr. T. C. Browne's b. h. Motfntaineer, 4 yts old dr dr. 4 bolt 1 T Mr. Andrew's br. c. Zoffoy- a, 4 yrs old ...... dr PRICE of CORN per Quarter Northampton, Saturday, August. 23. Beans, 43s. Od. to Peas, . Od. n 46s. Od. s. lid. Wheat, 76s. to 80s. Od. Rye, 50s. Od. to 52s. Barley, 36s. Od. to 38s. Od. Oats, 32s. Od. to 33s. 0d,' J. GRAFTON, Inspector. By the Standard Measure. Corn- Exchange, London, Friday, August 22. There are since our last but few further arrivals of Wheat, with but middling supplies at hand; sam- ples of good quality fully keep last price, and second has of late me, re ready sales. — But very short sup- plies of Barley arrived, and few buyers. — Malt likewise.— CIrey Peas, with Beans of both sorts, severally fetch better price-.— There are several arrivals of Oats from the North Country, and this artjele is rather cheaper. — Prices ot" Flour without variation. Fine American 40s. to 41s. per barrel. LIST of FAIRS, from Aug. 25, to Sept. 6, within the Circuit of this Paper. M. Aug 25. Toddingtoh T. F. Til., Sept. F. 26. Northampton and Hinckley. 29. Newport- Pagntll and Coventry. 4. Warwick, BucU- rgham, Chipping- Norfon, and B'igstock. 5. Ashby. de- la- Zouch. • MtaBiimmnMiaimiMu TRF. WOODLAND HALLO. Frcm " Wild Flvntri" ty ROBERT B LOOM FI FID. JN our cottage that peeps from the skirts of the wood, i - Mrt mistress— no mother haw I ; Yet blithe are my days, for my father is good,\ And kind is my lover liard hy; Tte< both work together lieneath the green shade— Both woodmen my father and Joe: Where I've listen'd whole hours to the echo that made • So much of a laugh or— Hallo. Frwn ir. v basket at noon they expect their supply, And tvi^ h joy from my threshold I spring; For the * Voodl; » , tids I love, and the oaks waving high, And echo thai1 sings as I sing. Thoufh deep shades delight me, yet love is my food, As I call the dear name of my Jce; His musical shout is the pride of the wood, And my heart leaps tb hear the— Hallo. Simple floiv'rs of the srove, little birds live at ease, I wish not to wander from you; I'll still dwell beneath the dee'p roar of your trees, For I know thar my Joe will be true. The trill of the rohin, the coo of the dove, Are charms that I'll never forego; But resting through life on the bosom of love, Will remember the Woodland Hallo. To DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. " VTOTK'E is hereby given, That Mr. JAMES i x l. OW, of NORTU- CRAWLF. Y, in the County of Pocks, Farmer, hath assigned ever all his personal Estate and Flilct; to Mr. John I. ow, of Clophill, in the County of Bedford, Butcher; and Mr, Wm. Nash, of North- Crawlev aforesaid. Maltster, two of his Creditors- in Trust for themselves and such others of his Creditors who shall execute the Peed of Assignment on or before the 30th Day of August next: and that the same will remain in the Office of Mr. Tables, Attorney, in Ampthill, Bedfordshire, for their Execution thereof, until that Time.— And Notice is hcrebv also given, th'ct all Persons who have any Demands . on the said James l. ow, are re- quired, to send an Account of the same to the said Assignees, or either of them, or to Mr. Eagles; and to whom all Per- on< wiio stand indehrM < o the said James I. ow, are requ'red to pay their respective Debts forthwith. Ampthill, June 30tb,- 1806. WARWI CKSHI R E. To he SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, AVnluable and very eligible FREEHOLD ESTATE, called OLD I. FV'S MAKOK FARM, Tythe- fr- e, situate in the Parish of BURTON- DASSKTT, in the Countv of Warwick, between the two Turnpike - Roads leading from BANBURY to WARWICK, a sho T Distance from each, only eight Miles from Banbirv, eleven from Warwick, and three ' from Kineton and a Canal Navigation; containing 295 Acres of excellent Meadow, Crazing, and Arable I. and, lying very compact, and within a Ring Fence; a Farm. House and Yard, with Barns, Stabling, Granary, and Outbuildings; of the yearly Value of £. 4: 10, subject to T. and- Tax, and may be entered upon at Michaelmas next. { pf For Particulars, apply to Messrs. MEYRICK & BROURIP, Red. Lion- Square, London; or Messrs. WAI FORD, COLBY, & W. ur? m, Banbury, Ox- fordshire. STAMP- OFFIEE, NORTHAMPTON, A U OUST, 16th, 1806. GAME CERTIFICATES. rgMIE COMMISSIONERS of His MAJESTY'* .1 STAMP DUTIES having directed that strict Attention be given by the respective Distributors acting under them, towards enforcing and rendering ellectual the Acts of the 25th and 3lst Years of His present Majesty's Reign, " for the granting to His i( said Majesty certain Duties on Certificates issued " with Respect to the Killing ot Game;" This Public Nut ice ( by Way of Cunt ion) k given, That under the above- mentioned Act a Penalty of TW EN TY POUN DS will be incurred by ever Person using any Greyhound, Hound, Pointer, Setting. Dog, Spaniel, or other Dog, or any Gun, Net, or other Engine, for the Taking or Destruction of Game, without having obtained a Certificate from the Clerk of the Peace, or his Deputy, for the County, Riding, or Place, where such Person shall reside, upon such Stamp, and in such Form, as the said Acts direct; which Penalty is recoverable by Suit or Information, in any of His Majesty's Courts at Westminster, or by Information betore a Justice or Justices of the Peace. A*.< Notice is also hereby given, That for the more easy Detection of Ollendcrs against the said Acts, Lists will speedily be published in the Newspapers, containing the Names and Places of Abode ot the Persons wiio have duly taken out their Certificates, which Publication- will from Time to Time be continued until the Season for killing Game shall expire. Licences to be taken out. f or Medicines 2d September. 1 or Hats 2d October. Any Person vending Medicines wiihout a Licence, will be subject to a Penalty of £. 20. *„* Any Person selling Hats without a Lictnce, will be liable to forfeit £ 60. By Order of His Majesty's Commissioners for managing the Stamp Duties, J. CLARK. Th7j'ollowing~ NEIV and VALUABLE WORKS are this Day published by JAMES CUNDEE, at tee Albion I're. s, lvy~ l. ane, t atei noster- Row, London; and sold by IV. BirJsalt, Northampton; Robins, Davenlry; tiohis & Dash, • Kettering ; Rusher, Banbury ; HaA od, liar borough ; and by till other Bookseller, .-— THE LATE GEORGE MORLAND. To Artists and Amateurs of the Fine Arts. Elegantly printed in one Volume; Royal Quarto, in- cluding a Portrait ami splendid Engravings, bv Mr. SCOTT and other emiunt Artists, Irom original Paintings by Morland, Priced. 1 Is. in extra Boards, VI EMOlUSof theLH Eof. the late GEORGE i. VL MORLAND; with critical and descriptive Observations on the Whole of his Works hitherto betoie the Public. By J. HASSELL. Illustrated with Engravings. 4t His Art teas Nature," IV) r F. . BUCKINGHAMSHIRE GAME DUTY. J HIS MAJESTY'S COMMISSIONERS of STAMPS having given express Directions for prompt and immediate Payment tor the Stamps pro- vided for the Certificates to be issued with Respect to the Killing of Game; Notice is hereby given, That no such Certificate will in future be issued from the Office of the Clerk of the Peace for this County, without Payment for the same at the Time of the Delivery thereof; and all Letters sent for such Cer- tificates, are required to contain a proper Check for the Amount,' and to be Post- paid. No Deputation of'a Gamekeeper can be re- gistered at the above Office, unless properly executed upon a 30s'. Deed Stamp.— And every Gamekeeper, not being a menial Servant, must take out a Certi- ficate on a Stamp of Three Guineas. . ' LKSS TI CKfeTS ahd MORE PRIZES. 4, Corn/ till, and S>, Charing - Cross, Jamdon. r I ^ BISIJ respectfully acquaints the Public, that i , the present Lottery contains the fewest Tickets ever knoAn - in a Lottery, and the most capital Prizes, , The hist £, 30,000 Prize, the last £. 20,00b Blank, and . the list £ 10,000 Prize, ever shared, were ail sold at tlie above Offices; where Tickets, Shares, and Chances, are selling in great Variety, and where all outstar. ding Prizes are paying in full, without any Deduction. ( j??' Persons in the Country may be supplied, by sending their Orders, Post or Carriage- paid, ac- companied with good Bills, Batik Notes, Cash, or Post- Office Orders. %* The Lottery begins 13th of OCTOBER next. THE STRANGER. This Day is published, elegantly printed in small Octavo, with a Frontispiece, Price 4s. Boards, rplIE STRANGER; or. New MAN of J. KEELING; consisting of interesting Charac- teristic Sketches, and Observations on Men and Man- ners, occasioned by the Perambulations of A SENTIMENTAL TRAVELLER, interspersed with appropriate Poetical Pieces. Printed for JAMES CUNDF. E, Ivy- Lane, and M. Jones, Paternoster- Row, London ; and' sold by W. Bird- all, Northampton; and by all other Booksellefs. SPXIfSBURY's ANTISCORBUTIC DRpPS, JAMES DAWSON, aged 24.- At the Ago of eighteen he was admitted a Patient at the Dis- pensary, No. 13, Soho- Square, after being discharged from St. Bartholomew's and St. Thomas's Hospitals He had two Abscesses, one in the Gland near the Pit of his Neck, and another in the Gland under his Arm, which, together, bowed his Head on his Breast in walking. These it was thought would prove fatal to hiin, and yet all tho other Glands in the Neck were diseased. Two Years of seven ( his Apprenticeship) he was unable to follow his Employment. On first taking SPILSBURY'S PATENT ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS he mended, and in four Years he became well; and though since exposed to cold and wet on Volunteer Duty, he has e- caped a Return of his Disease.— Be careful i ; purchasing this Medicine; that the Words " By the King's Patent," are expressed at Length on the Bottle, Biii of Directions, and outside Wrapper, and that the Stamp ( the King's Duty) is printed in black instead of red Ink. This Medicine is sold, in Bottles of 5s. 6d. 10s. and £. 1 2s. Duty included, at the Dispensary, No, 15, Sofm- Square, London ; also by the Printers of this Paper; Mr. Okely, Bedford; Mather, Wellingbo- rough; Collis Sc Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Corrall, Lutterworth; and by most Venders of Patent Medicines in Town and Country. - THE KING'S PATENT. U 1" M K It' s CARDIAC AMI NERVOUS TINCTURE: rjMfE only safe and effectual Remedy for Dis- - fi orders of the Head, Stomach, and Bowels, viz. First,— Mead- Ach", Confusion, and Giddiness. Secondly,— Indigestion, Loss of Appetite, Bilious Crudities and Retellings, Yellowness of the Eyes and S ::, Flatulence, Pain, Spasms, Heart- burn, Hiccup, Gripings, Cholrc, and Costiveness. Thirdly,---- For the Gout in the Stomit- h and Head. Fourthly,— For all such Affections of the Nervous System, as are" attended with Depression of Spirits, Paralyrv- and Apoplectic Dispositions, Prostration of Strength, Timidity, Tremors, Sic. Fifthly,— For bracing arid strengthening the whole System, in States of Relaxation and Debility. Sixthly,— As a powerful Antiseptic in Cases of Putrid Bile, and for counteracting Infection, or pre- venting and curing Putrid, Malignant, and Pestilential Fevers, Sore Throat, viz. Cynaiiche Maligna, - See, prevailing in Prisons crowded filthy Places, Hos- pitals, Ships, hot and unhealthy Climates, See. Dr. RYMER, Crawley, 3d Month ilst, lSOfi. Having for five Y,,."!: past been afflicted with Indi- gestion and Disposition to Jaundice, and having tried almost every Thing recOmmeuded in such Cases, I despaired of finding Relief by Medicine; and had not taken a Medicine for almost two Years,' and continued in a weak debilitated State, quite unable to attend to my Business at Times, not being able to take any Food but such as the most easy or Digestion. About a Month since I was at Reigate, when my Friend William Charman, Draper, knowing inv Case, re- commended thy Medicine, the Cardiac ' Tincture : I took a Bottle Home with me, and, before I had talcen the Whole of it, every Symptom of my Complaint was removed, and I enjoy my Health as well as ever I did in my Life. Thine, verv respectfully, MATTHEW CAF'ITN, Carpenter, Sec. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Dicey & Sutton, Bow Church- Yard, London, and at thrir Ware- house in Northampton; and Retail by Edge,' and Marshall, Northampton; Robins, Bates, and Wil. kinson,. Daventry ; Mather, and Broughton, Welling- borough; Fisher, Higbatn- Ferrers; Rollason, and Merridew, Coventry ; Sharpe, Warwick.; Roberts, Southam ; Gregory, Leicester; Harrod, Harborough ; Munn, and Collis Sc Dash, Kettering; Ncwcomb, Stamford; Fiaton, Thrapston; York & Summers, Oun- dle; Jacob, and llordcn, Peterborough; Jenkinson, Huntingdon; Hodson, Cambridge; Palgrave, Bedford; Inwood, and Barriuger, Newport- Pagnell; Quenebo- rough, Dunstable; Darton, and Tap$ Hitchin ; luns, and Callard, Towcester; Se icy, Bucking- ham; Jones, OxC- rd ; Richardson, Stony- Stratford; Hawkes, Lutterworth; Brinkler, Bicester; and bv every Vender of Patent Medicines in the l/ riitcd Kingdom; in Bottles of 2s. 9d. 6s. and lis. each; also in Pint Bottles, at 22s. by which there is a considerable Saving. Of whom may likewise he bad, RYMER's PECTORAL MEDICINE WITH " VITAL AI R,. a Preventive of the Consumption ot the I. ungs, commonly called a Decline; i. i Bottles at 2s. 9d. b's. and lis. each, Duty included. Rev. Mr. EVANS'S NEW EDITION (" being the second) of GOLDSMITH'S POEMS. Elegantly printed in small Octavo, enriched with six beautiful Engravings, from original Designs, a cor- rect Portrait of the Author, and explanatory Head- Lines, Price 6s, in extra Boards, III'. POETICAL WORKS of OLIVER GOLD- 1 SMITH, with a Sketch of the Author's Lite, including ORIGINAL ANECDOTES, communi- cated by the Rev. JOHN EVANS, A. M. Author of the " Juvenile Tourist," & c. NEW EDITION OF BRUCE'S TRAVELS, With twelve illustrative Engravings from original Designs. Neatly printed in 12mo. and enriched with twelve beautiful Engravings, Price 6s. 6d. in extra Boards, jj ' RAVELS between the Years 1708 and 1775, .1. through Part of AFRICA, SYRIA, EGYPT, and ARABIA, into ABYSSINIA, to discover the SOURCE of the NILE; comprehending an interesting Narra- tive of the Author's Adventures in Abyssinia, and a circumstantial Account of the Manners, Customs, Government, Religion, History, & c. & c. of that Country. By the late JAMES BRUCE, Esq. CAPTURE of THE CAPE OF GOOD- HOPE. Printed in Demy Octavo, and illustrated by ten highly- finished descriptive Engravings, from original De- signs, Price 10s. tid. in extra Boards, and a Half- Sheet Sea View, / - LEANINGS in AFRICA; exhibiting a faith- vJ ful and correct View of the Manners and Cus- toms of the Inhabitants of the Cape of G » od- Hope and surrounding Country; with a full and compre- hensive Account of the System of Agriculture adopted by the Colonists ; Soil, Climate, Natural Produc- tions, Sec. Sec. Sic. Interspersed with Observations and Rudections on the State of Slavery in the Southern Extremity of the African Continent. In a Series of Letters from an English Officer during the Period in which that Colony was under the Protection of the British Government. Lit T POUDRE a LAVAGE, or WASHING POWDER, For making the Hands exquisitely white and soft. Mlli great Demand for it, by Persons of Fashion, sufficiently evinces its Merit.— A con- stant Use iA this Powder removes ti. . yellow Taint and Roughness from the Skin occasioned by the Use of Soaps, and frees it from every' Deformity, such as Freckles, Sunburn, & c.; makes the roughest or chapped Hands perfectly soft and beautiful.— An early Use of it, even to Infants as soon as they are horn, is recommended; also to young Ladies or. GeMlemen- at Schools, as it gives the Skin a lasting Degree of Deli- cacy.— Price of the small Packet, Is. ljd.— A Saving by purchasing a large Packet, Price 2s. 3d. Messrs. Dicey & Sutton, No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, are appointed the only Wholesale Venders; may be'had Retail of the Printers ot this Paper, W, Birdsall, and G. Edmonds, Northampton; and of every other Vender of Medicines in the Kingdom. " MUSCULAR INVICORATION. riMIE CORDIAL BALM of GI LEAD is uni- - 1 versally acknowledged to. be peculiarly efficacious in all inward Waitings, Loss of Appetite, Indigestion, Depression ot Spirits, trembling or shaking of the Hands or Limbs, obstinate Coughs, shortness of Breath, and Consumptive Habits. — lt thins tile Blood, eases the most violent Pains in the Head and Stomach, promotes gentle Perspiration, anil restores Health even where the Constitution appears to have been irrepa- rably injured. By- the Nobility and Gentry this, . Medicine is much admired, being pleasant to the Taste and Smell, gently astringing the Fibres of the Stomach, and giving that proper Tensity'which a good Digestion requires. No- thing can be better adapted to nourish jbe Constitution after a nocturnal Debauch with Wine, & c. Those who have impaired their Health by a Residence in hot and unhealthy Climates;' the Young of either Sex, whose Infirmities threaten premature old Age, a Life of" Misery, and an early Dissolution; and those more advanced in Years, whose tottering sapless Frames a'p. pear withered and almost worn out; are its inoie immediate Objects. This Coidial' i, highly esteemed in the East and West Indies, for nourishing and invigorating the Nervous System, and acting as a general Restorative on debilitated Constitutions, arising from Bilious Complaints contracted in hot'Cliinates. The cold and tremulous Nerves are warmed and steadied; the re- laxed Fibres or soft ffabby Flesh braced and rendered firm; the Muscles are invigorated ; the Sinews strength- ened ; the emaciated Limbs ars covered with firm ITesh ; and the exhausted Vessels replenished. • Those who have the Care and Education of Females, the studious as well as the sedentary Part of the Community, should never be without the Cordial Balm of Gilead, which removes Diseases in the Head, invigorates the Mind, improves the Memory, and en. livens the Imagination; revives and exhilarates the languid drooping Spirits, promotes Digestion, and braces th.- Nerves. The Virtues of the Cordial Balm of Cilead are daily demonstrated, in eradicating the worst and most dan- gerous Symptoms of Nervous Debility; and Nothijig has tended so much to establish the Fame of this Medi- cine, as its certain Success in those Complaints which strike their Roots so deep in the Constitution, and are so fatal to the Happiness of Mankind. By taking tftis Medicine according to the Directions, all the de- plorable Symptoms of Disease will vanish, and Strength, Ardour, Serenity, and every Evidence of renovated Strength will be the happy Result. There is a Saving of 9s. in purchasing a 33s, Family Bottle, equal to . four Half- guinea ones. The Printer of this Paper has just received a valuable fresh Supply, with which he will be happv to serve his Customers. A few scarce I mpressions of SOLOMON'S G I) 1 DE to HEALTH, 3s. each, may also be had as above. GAME LAWS. This Day is published, in a Pocket Sfze, Price Is. 6d. r | MIE GAME LAWS; being a comprehensive 1 and familiar Treatise upon that Subject, com- prizing all the Statutes and Resolutions of the Courts, relating to Deer, Hares, Rabbits, Pheasants, Par- tridges, Gl'ous , Fish, and other Objects of Sport; together with the Qualifications, by Estate and Cer- tificate, for killing Game, the Appointment and Au- thority of a Gamekeeper, the Mode of recovering Penalties under the Game Laws, the Law concerning Trespass in the Pursuit of Game, and the general Law relating to Dogs. Fifth Edition, corrected aiUt enlarged. London: Printed for W, CLARKE & Soijs, Por- tugal- Street, Lincoln's. Inn. LAVV " OF TYTHEST This Day is published, in 8vo. the third Edition, improved, Price .'} s. sewed, rBMIE LAM S respecting TYTI1ES; comprising I all the Cases and Statutes on the Subject of Tyth « s, whether great or small, personal, predial, or mixed, particularly by and to whom 1' ythes are pay, able, how they are to be set out, and how to be re- covered when withheld; likewise of the Discharge of Tythes by Composition, Modus, and other Means ; and of I. eases and Agreements concerning Tythes; together with all other Matters necessary for the Information of Clergymen, Farmers',' and Country Solicitors. By JAMES BARRY BIRD, Esq. London: Printed for W. CLARKE & SONS, Por- tugal- Street, Lincoln's- Inn. Of whom may be had, the Laws respecting Com- mons and Commoners, Price 3s.; the Laws re- specting Highways and Turnpike- Roads, Price 3s. ; and the Laws of Travellers and Travelling. The above four Publications, forming the second and last. Volume of the LAW SELECTIONS,- may be had, by those who take them together, done up in a conve- nient Volume, Price lis. in Boards, or 12s. 6d. bound. Of whom also may be had, Vol. I. containing the Laws of Landlord and Tenant, the Law ot Wills and Testaments, the Law of Parish Matters, and the Law of Masters and Servants; at the same Price. I) HEUMATISMS, Palsies, and Gouty Atfec- V tions, jjvith their usual Concomitants, Spasm, or living Pains, Flatulency, Indigestion, and general Debility ( originating in whatever Source), are relieved and frequently cured by Whitehead's Es- enee of Mustard Bills, after every other Means have failed, . Th,: Fluid Essence of Mustard ( used with the Pills, in those Complaints where necessary) is perhaps the most active, penetrating, and effectual Remedy in tile World, generally curing the severest SPRAINS AMI BRUISES, in less than Half the Time usually taken by any other Liniment or Embrocation; and if used immediately after any Accident, it prevents the Part turning black. Prepared only, and sold by R. Johnston, Apo- thecary, No. 15, Greek- Street, Soiio, London; at 2s. 9d. each Box or Bottle. They are also sold by every Medicine Vender in the United Kingdom. ( l-' r The Genuine has a black Ink Stamp, with the Name of R. Johnston inserted on it. To Thomas Taylor, Esq. No. 9, New Bridge- Street, London. Edinburgh, March 18, 1801. HONOURED SIR, I Beg Leave to inform you, that ever since the Year 1799, 1 had been afflicted with the Lues Venerea ; which, from its obstinately resisting every Course of Medicine prescribed by tiie most eminent of the Faculty here, and undergoing several severe Courses of Salivation, and twice discharged from the Hospital, with little Relief, would appear to be of th.: most inveterate Nature. In the Spring dt'last Year my Disorder had gut to such a Head, as nearly to put a Period to my Existence.— JL had a large Ulcer on the Crown of my Head, one on each Arm, and my Legs were broke out in a frightful Manner; my Right was dreadfully painful, and had been in a State of Ulceration for the last seven Years, my Left had also two large Nodes on it, was very much discoloured, and gave me such excruciating Pain, particularly when warm in Bed, as nearly to deprive me of Rest. Ill this lamentable State, I was recommended by Mr. J. Thompson ( who received so great a Cure bv them here), to take your Leake's Patent Pills, which I began to do oh the 26th of May :' In the Course of a Fortnight I began to receive Benefit— in little more than a Month, the Ulcers on my Head and Arms were soundly h.' aled— soon after, the Sores on my Legs healed also; leaving, however, considerable Discolouration in the- Skin, and Pain in the Bone of the Lett, which, by the Blessing of God, and a little- longer Perseverance in your invaluable Medicine, subsided ; the Nodes dispersing, tiie Skin regaining its r. V. ural Hue, and the nocturnal Pn'n. gradually going otf — 1 thus became, b> ys ir Advice and Me- dicine, perfectly fre? from all my former Complaints — have recovered my former Spirits and Strength, and am become jolly and fat, in which State having continued manv Months, to the Astonishment of all who knew me, I am at a Loss in what Terms to express my Gratitude; but beg you, for the Good of other suffering Mortals, to make this my Case as public as possible, as 1 shall on every Occasion; in so doing, you will greatly oblige, Sir, your grateful, obedient, very humble Servant, ALEX. MURKER. Swan's. Close, High- Street, Edinburgh. Prepared and sold by the sole Proprietor, THOMAS TAYLOR, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, in London, at his House, No. 9, New Bridge- Street ; where, after a constant Residence of more than forty Years, in a Practice particularly directed to the Cure of Venereal Complaints, and those inci- dental to the Parts of Generation in both Sexes, with that inviolable Secrecy which Men of his Profession should always observe, he Hatters himself the Advice and Assistance he gratuitously administers to Persons taking this Medicine, will be esteemed, by a discern- ing Public, as an Advantage seldom to be obtained, and void of Ambiguity. They are also sold, by his Appointment, for the Convenience of those living at a Distance, by the , Printers of this Paper, and Mr! Marshall, Druggist, ' Northampton; Inns, and Gallard, Towcester; j Robins, & Wilkinson, Daventry ; Sharps, Warwick ; ! Rollason, Coventry ; Gregory, Leicester; Harrod, ! Harbqrough ; Seeley, Buckingham; I. oggin, Ayles- j bury; Knight, Collis & Dash, and Munn, Ket* ' terir. g; Mather, Wellingborough ; Marriott, Banbury ; Tookev, Oundle; Palgrave, Bedford; Atkinson, Manchester; and by one Person in every considerable Town in Great- Britain and Ireland, in Boxes of only 2s. 9d. each, sealed up with full and plain Directions, whereby Persons of either Sex may cure themselves with Ease, Speed, Secrecy, and Safety. Every B x sold in Great- Britain is sealed up with a Stamp, on which, by favour of the Commis- sioners, is printed, at the Stamp- Office— T. Taylor, | No. 9, New Bridge. Street— to imitate which is Felony, | and all others are counterfeit. STATE- LOTTERY for 1806, To begin VritKUig iSth OCTOBF. K next. '" PICKETS and SHAKES for the above Lottery I are on Sale at HAZARD, BU1CWE, & Co.' S OFFICE, N( S. 93, ROYAL- EXCHANGE, LONDON. The Lottery consists of only 20,000 Tickets, and the Scheme contains three Prizes of £. 20,000, three Prizes of £. 10,000, three Prizes of £. 5,000, & c. ire. ( p?" In the late May Lottery, No. 17,086 a Prize of £. 20,000, and No. 2,3- 10 a Prize of £. 5,000, were both sold in Shares by HAZARD, BURNE, & Co. Tickets and Shares for the above Office are also on Sale at Mr. J. ABF. I.' j, NonriiAMi- TOX. THR APSTON TURN PIKE- ROAD. A Meeting of the Trustees of the lluntingrlon- X \ shire Division of the Turnpike- Road leading from Market- Harborongh, in the County of Leicester, to the Pound, in the Parish of Brampton, in the County of Huntingdon, was held at the Council Chamber, in the Town of Huntingdon, on ' Tuesday the 19th Day of August, 1S06, at the Hour of Eleven in the Forenoon ( pursuant to Notice duly given), for the Purpose of considering the Necessity of widening the first Bridge which stands across the said Road on the North Side of Ellington Toll- Bar, and of trans- acting other Business relating to the same Road. At this Meeting, for the better considering the Necessity of widening the said Bridge, a Committee was ap- pointed to inspect the same: And for the Purpose of receiving the Report of the said Committee, of con- sidering the Necessity of widening the said Bridge, and Of transacting other Business relating to the said Road, Ordered, That this Meeting stand adjourned till TUESDAY the 2tl Day of SEPTEMBER next, at the COUNCIL CHAMBER,. in the said Town of HUNTINGDON, at the Hour of Eleven in the Forenoon. WM. MARGE I TS, Clerk to the Trustees. ~ NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, rpiIAT a Petition will he presented to the 1 Honourable the Hou; e of Commons, in the t'i£ xt Sessions of Parliament, fur Leave to bring in a Bill for continuing the Term, and altering, amending, en- larging, and making more effectual, the Powers of four several Acts of Parliament for repairing the Roads therein- mentioned, in the County of Buck- ingham, so far as the said Acts relate to the Road from Wendover to the Town of Buckingham, in the said County of Buckingham ; and which Road passes through the several Parishes of Wendover, Stoke- Mandevillc, Weston- Turvill, Aylesbury, Hardwick, Whitchurch, Creslow, Dunton', Hoggeston, Swan- bourne, Winslow, Addington, Adstock, Padbury, and Buckingham, in the County aforesaid.— Dated tlip 13th Day ot August, 1806. By Order of the Trustees, LANCELOT WYATT. ' I'URN PIKE- TOI. LS TO BE LETT. N'OTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS arising at the ' loll- Cate upon the Turnpike- Road leading from Wendover to Buckingham, in the County of Bucks, called or known by the Name of WALTON GATE, with the WEIGH INC'- E'N c, L N E be- longing to the same, will be LETT to FARM by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, at the KELI. INN, in' WINS LOW, in the said County, on FRIDAY the FIFTH Day of SEPTEMBER next, between the Hours of Twelve and Two of the same Day, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th Year of the Reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, for regulating ' Turnpike- Roads, and will be put up at such Sum of Money as the ' trustees of the said Turnpike- Road present at such Meetingshall think fit. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder, must im- mediately pay down into the Hands of the Treasurer one Month's Rent, in Advance, and at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satis- faction of the said Trustees, for the Payment of tlie Remainder of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct. And it is required that such Bidder do produce the Names of his Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees, at the Time of Bidding. LANCELOT WYATT, Clerk to the said Trustees. Winslow, August 4th, lSOti. ASHLEY IN CLO- SURli. BY Order of the Commissioners appointed in and by an Act passed in the la, t Session of Par- liament, intituled " An Act for inclosing Lands in tiie Parish of ASHLE Y, in the County of North- ampton," Notice is hereby given, that all Persons having or claiming any Common or other Right to or in any of the Lands to be inclosed by Virtue of the said Act, are required to deliver to the said Com- missioners, at their Meeting to be held at the House of JOHN WALKDEN, the Sign of the GEORGE, in MARKET- HARBOROUGH, in the County of Leicester, on TUESDAY the 16th Day of SEPTEMBER next, an Account or Schedule, in Writing, signed by them or their rgspective Agents, of such their Rights or Claims, and therein describe the Lands and Grounds, and the respective Messuages, Lands, ' Tenements, and Hereditaments, in Respect whereof they severally claim to be entitled to any, and which, of such Rights, with the Name or Names of the Person or Persons then in the actual !' » ssession thereof, and the particular computed Quantities of the same respect- ively, and of what Nature and Extent such Rights are, and also in what Rights, and for what Estates and Interests, they claim the same respectively, dis- tinguishing the Freehold from the Copyhold or Lease- hold; after which Day no Claim will be received, except for some special Reason, to be allowed by the said Commissioners. By Order of the Commissioners, GEORGE WARTNABY, Solicitor. Af. irket- Harborougb, Aug. IIth, 1806. T'YCE's ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS \ RE seriously recommended to all Mothers, Guardians, the Faculty, and Public in general, as a certain Cure for foul Humours of the Blood, pimpled Faces, Surfeit, Scurvy, . Scrofula, Scald Head in Children, sore Eyes, sore Legs, Venereal Ulcers ( when Mercury has tailed}, festering and other Eruptions on the Skin, whether from Inoculation of the Small- Pox, - COW - POX, or any Cause whatever ellecting the same, in less Time,' with greater Safety, and, at a smaller Expence, than any other Medicine yet discovered. Price 2s. 9d. or five Bottles, Value ' 2s. 9d. in one, for lis. The following Case is a strong Proof of the superior Efficacy of these Drops:— An Infant, aged four Years, the Son of Mr. BUNUTT, Miller, of WHITCHURCH', had a violent Scorbutic Eruption all over his Body, particularly the Face, insomuch that a Swelling on the Side ot the Nose, the Size of a Pigeon's Egg, entirely closed one Eye, and much affected the other. Having had all Medical Assistance possible tor eighteen M- pnths, but without Relief, he was- induced, through Recom- mendation, to try these Drmps, which, to his great Surprise,, had the desired EHcct, and, in less than three Weeks, the Child was perfectly cured, not only of the Eruption in the Face, and tl-. e whole Body, but the Sight of the Eye restored, and has continued in perfect Health ever since." This Infant had been ino- culated for the Cow- Pox . about three Months prior to tiie Appearance of the Eruption.— Many other- re- markable and well- attested Cures, which are too long for Insertion in an Advertisement, may be sten in the Bill of Directions round each Bottle. ( KIT Be particular in asking for Tyre's Antiscorbutic Drops. Also may be had, T. YCE's PATENT OINTMENT for the ^ 1 T C H, STATE - LOTTERY, To commence Drawing 13th OCTOBER, 1806. ONLY TWENTY THOUSAND TICKETS. THE SCHEME CONTAINS 3 Prizes of £. 20,000 3" 10,0< 0 3 5,000 Sec. See. Sec. And the lowest Prize TWENTY POUNDS. Mil". FxnsT- MIAWN TICKET will be entitled to _ TEN THOUSAND POUNDS, and 110 oilier fixed Capital. TICKETS AND SHARES ARE ON SALE FOR RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, & Co. Stock- Brokers, Cornhill, and Chariirg- Cross, London, By Mr. W. RUSHER, Bookseller, BANBURY. T MORE CAPITAL PRIZES, And Five Thousand less Tickets than last State- Lottery THE FIRST- DRAWN TICKET ENTITLED TO TEN THOUSAND POUNDS; All other Capital Prizes ate ujloat. PJRCHASERS of Tickets and Shares will hava the Opportunity of obtaining all the Capital Prizes, provided they purchase before the Drawing commences, which will be on the 13th of OCTOBER next .— The Scheme contains equal Advantages ot TWENTY THOUSAND POUND PRIZES, TEN THOUSAND POUND PRIZES, FIVE THOUSAND POUND PRIZES, Sec. tec. To former Lotteries of double " the Number of Tickets. SO, 000 Tickets only, and No other State- Lottery to be drawn this Year. SCHEME. No. of Prizes. Value ot each. Total Value. which, be it ever so inveterate, is cured by ONE HOUR'S Application; one Box, Price Is. 9d. will cure one grown- up Person, or two Children. TYCE's INFALLIBLE CHEMICAL LOTION, for the same, by the Use of which Persons may cure themselves with so much Secrecy as not to be dis- covered even by a Bedfellow, Price 2s. 9d. This Lotion is WITHOUT SMELL OR STAIN. * » * None of the above Medicines can be genuine unless " JOHN TYCE" is signed on the Label of each Bottle or liox. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by the Proprietor, John Tyce, No. 20, Hatton- Garden, London, removed from Fleet- Market; and Retail, hy his Appointment, by Edge, Marshall, and Lambert, Northampton ; Gal- lard, Towcester; Wheeler, and Holland, Aylesbury; Wright, Stony- Stratford; Palgrave, Bedford;' Inwood, Newport- Pagnell; Stratfold, Wobum; Foster, Luton ; Howard, Watford; Compre, St. Alban's; Rollason, and Collins, Coventry ; Sharpe, and Perry, Warwick ; and by every respectable Vender of Medicines through- out the United Kingdom. 3 3 3 5 8 20 40 - 4,100 20,000 Tickets. £. 20,000 10,000 5,000 1,000 SOO 10( 1 50 20 £ 60,000 30,000 15,000 5,( KM) 4-, C, 0< J 2,000 2,000 82,000 £. 200,000 TICKETS AKT » SHARES Are on Sale at EVERY LOTTERY - OFFICE. Ticket £. 19 15s. Half £. 10 2 0 I Eighth £. 2 11 6 Quarter 5 2 01 Sixteenth 1 tj 0 Witness, J. M. HOWARD, Gaoler. BEDFORDSHIRE,? WE, JAMES DEW, late of to wit. S BLUNHAM, in the Countv ot Bed- ford, Cordwainer; JOHN EVE Rl'lT, late " of MIL- TON- BRYANT, in the said County of Bedford, Yeo- man; J. J . VIES l- IELD, late of M AI. DFN, in the said County of Bedford, Tailor; FRANCIS SQUIRE, late of BLUNHAM aforesaid, Gardener; MARY" A Y R E S, late of BLUNHAM aforesaid. Widow; WILLIAM BUSBY, late of WOOTTON, in the said County of Bedford, Yeoman; and THOMAS BURT, late of the Town of BEDFORD, in the said County of Bedford, Tailor; now confined in His Majesty's Gaol or Prison for the said County of Bedford, and not being charged in Custody on the first Day of February, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Six, with any Debt or Debts," Sum or Sums ol Money, exceeding in the Whole the Sum of One Thousand Five Hun- dred Pounds, do hereby give this second public Notice, that we intend to take the I enefit of an Act passed in the forty- sixth Year of His present Majesty's Reign, intituled, " AH Act for the Relief of certain Insolvent Debtors;" and we do hereby give Notice, that true and perfect Schedules, containing a Discovery of all our real and personal Estates, hereafter to be sworn to, are now ready to be delivered to any Cre- ditor applying for the same to the Keeper or Gaoler, or his Deputy, of the said Prison. JAMES DEW. JOHN IiVERiTTx his Mark. JAMES FIELD x his Mark. FRANCIS SQUIRE. MARY AYRES. WILLIAM BUSBY. THOMAS BURT. " BANKRUPTS required to SUNREKNR. IT. Thomas Kew, of Nottingham, dealer, Sept. 1, 2, and 30, at the Punch- Bowl, Nottingham. Attornies, Messrs. Jamson S: l. eeson, Nottingham. George Morris, of Dorking, Surrey, upholsterer. Aug. 26, 30, and Sept. 27, at Guildhall, London, Attorney, Mr. Hurle, Cloak- lane, London. William Dowding, jun. of Henstridge, Somerset- shire, dealer and chapman, Aug. 22, 23, and Sept. 27, at the Red- I. ion inn, Shaftesbury. Attorney, Mr. Bird, Henstridge. John Boldron, of the Strand, Middlesex, cheese- monger, Sept. 2, 16, and 27, at Guildhall. Attorney, Mr. Mills, Ely- Place. Alexander Midghall, of Liverpool, joiner and builder, Sept. 18, 19, and 27, at the Liverpool- Arms Hotel, Liverpool. Attorney, Mr. Wiatt, Liverpool. Jacob Lowe, of Liverpool, coach proprietor, Sept. 17, 18, and 27, at the Angel inn, Liverpool. Attorney, Mr. Ascroft, Liverpool. Nathaniel Welsford, of Exeter, haberdasher, Sept. 4, 5, and 27, at. the'Globe inn, Exeter. Attornies, Messrs. Short Se Barnes, Exeter. William Leith, of St. Margaret, next Rochester, Kent, rope- maker, Aug. 20, 30, and Sept. 27, at- Guildhall, London. Attorney, Mr. Nelson, Pals- grave- place, Temple- Bar. . Francis Gideon Osburn, of Pontefract, Yorkshire, liquorrce- merchant, Sept. 10, 11, and 27, at the New Elephant- and- Castle inn, Pontefract. Attorney, Mr. Mitten, Pontefract. . William Ilartill, of Bilston, Staffordshire, japanner, Sept. 5, 6, and 27, at the Littleton- Arms inn, I'enk- ridge, Staffordshire. Attorney, Mr. Smith, Wolver- hampton. Robert Elliot,' of Burnley, Lancashire, cotton- manufacturer, Sept. 4, 5, and 30, at the Bui Land- Mouth inn, Leeds. Attorney, Mr. Lee, Leeds. Thomas Donathan, of Liverpool, block- maker, Sept. 16, 17,"" and 30, at the Globe Tavern, l. iveipool. Attornies, Messrs. Parr& Thompson, 1- enwick- street, Liverpool. DIVIDEND to be made to Creditors. Nov. 15. T. Brown, jun. ot Rickirunsworth, Hert- fordshire, at Guildhall, London. CERTIFICATE to be grunted. Sept. 9. M. and C. RobbUis, of Birmingham, shop- keepers. Wheat.. 50s. to 60s. 63s. Fine Do. 65s. to 75s. Od. Rye . .. 31s. to 42s. Oil. Barley.-. 30s. to 38s'. Od. Malt -.. fifis. to 73, s. Od. PRICE of FLOUR.- MAUKETS.— London, August 1( 5. Harvest having commenced, and the farmers now in tiie midst of their business, we had, as might be expected, rather short supplies of Wheat tor this da;.' s market; hence, fine samples acquired'about 2-' per quarter more than last week, but interior- sons scarcely felt any advance. Good " Red Wheats fetched from 70s. to 72s. per quarter.— We have but few bhyers of Barley, which, of course, is very dull in sale. — White Peas ( boilers) continue at their former prices. Grey Peas the same'.— Small Beans rather brisk, and which, with Oats, are a tritic dearer. Oats 23s. to 32s. 0d. HorseBeans40s. to 46.,. Od. l ick Ditto 30s. to 3Hs. 0d. White Peas 40s. to 55s. Od. Grey Ditto 36s. to 41s. Od. Fine— s. to 70s; Od. HOPS, per Pocket. — r. cnt, 51. 5s. to 61. 10s.— Sussex, 51. 5s. to 61. 6s. — Farnham, 71. 0s. to 81. 0s. SMITHFIEL'D, Aug. IS. To sink the dial. Ox Beef, 4s. Od. to5s. Od. WiMher Mutton, 4s. - Id. to 5s. 4cL Veal, 4s. Sd. to 5s fid. Pork, 4s. iid. to 5s. 8d. Lamb,. 5s. 0d. to 6s. Od. Sold this day, Beasts, 2000— Sheep and Lambs, 20,000. NEWGATE and LEADENHALL, Aug 18. By tlie carcase. Beef, 3s.- Id. to 4s.- Id. Mutton, 4s. Od , o 4s. 8d. Veal, 4s, Od. to 5s. 4d. Pork, 4s. Sd to 5s. 8d. Lamb, Is. ( id. to 5s. 6d. TALLOW.— Town, 65s. Od. White Russia, 63s. Od. to 64s. Od. ( Soap), — s. Od. to 62s, Od. Melting Stuff, — s. to 53s. Od. Ditto rough, — s. to 36s. Good Dregs, 10s. Od. Graves, lis. Od. LEATHER, per lb. Butts, 50 to 561b. 22Jd. to2id. Ditto, 60 to 651b. 97d. to 28d Merchants' Lacks, 21ju. to 22d. Dressing Hides, 19d. to 20d, f ine t oaca- Hides, 2ld. to 22d. Crop Hides for cutting, 214d to 21.1. Flat ordinary, 18Jd. to 19Jd. Calf skins, JO to 40ib. per doz. iOd. to 4Cd. Ditto, 50 to 70ih. per doz. 36d. to 42d. Ditto, 70 to 80lb. 35d. to ; 8u » Small Seals, per lb. 39d. to 42.1. Large Dnu , per doz. 100s. to ,160s. Goat Skins, — s. to —<- per doz. Tanned Horse- Hides, 20s to 36 . p i Hide. NORTHAMPTON: Printed and Published by mid tor T. DICEY and IF. SUlTON.
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