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The Morning Chronicle


Printer / Publisher: John Lambert John Lambert
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 11598
No Pages: 4
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The Morning Chronicle

Nelson's Will
Date of Article: 14/07/1806
Printer / Publisher: John Lambert John Lambert
Address: Morning Chronicle Office, No.142, Strand
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 11598
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
Additional information:
Extract from Horatio Nelson's Will - mentioning Lady Emma Hamilton and Horatia (Page 3 Col 2)

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ymmz'. • ' j NUMBER 11,598 LONDON; MONDAY, jfrZT 14, 1806. { PRICE SIXPENCE. LEV. SRI. XN MUSEUM.— By Messrs. 1 KING sai LOCHER, ori tha Premises, Surrey side of Bbcfc- irurs Grille. THIS DAY, the last day's sale of this noble; and • cei'- brsi. ed Museum; consisting of some of. tbe most choice aiie- cijjcus in every branch, particularly th » vabiablejiioiie^ well known* as tile I'everjan Chalcedony, tht Ware, and the beautifully carved Cup. Cjtulfl& uee Jrad. Xrfwas " of H aphael's May be viewed and " EHJROP. EAN MUSEIJM.— PAVL VERONESE'S HI fam'bus PRESENTATION, ia the . TEMPLR, withi, c6o Orignal Pictures, by all the most distinguished Masters of the Ancient and Modern Schools, will be upon SALE every day, this week, at the abo, ve National Gallery, from Tv.- dve till Fo$ r o'clock.— dmittariceis. 1. WILSON, Manafrjr. ^ OBT. E FRENCII PLATE GL^ SS.' pi inches IN by 6a Tills Day, Monday, the 14th July, at Three o'clock, a GLASS of the above dimensions, will be Sold af the Le\ erian Mdsctmt. It is esteemed one. of the finest- tn- E » gland, ^ lively the last Weekf> rHARLi § UIN and^ Tll" WATER IKELPE— AQUATIC THEATRE, SADLER'S WELLS. Under the Patronage of. his" B- oyr, l'Highness. Duke of Clarence. THIS present MONDAY, July the 14th, 1806, and feve'following Evanlfigs, iV. ll - he prfeseijtad, a new Dance, composed by Mr. Hartlar. d, the Music by Mr. Reeve, juii, called GRIST and PUFF, or tbe. HIOKI. AND FLING : prin- cipal dancers, Mr. Hatfland, Mr., Norman, - Mr- Lewis, and Mss Taylor. After which, rnconsequence - ofL the very great demand - for places, the adtjnirtd C<- mic Pantomime. called HARLEQUIN., and the WATER Kiaya, for a few Nights longeroniy. ' The Entertain merits to conclude with, a new grand nvlo- dramatic Romance, with new Mime, Scenery, Dresses isB Decorations called the INVISIBLE RING.' orthe WATER MOKVTK R aiyl Fife SriCTRe. Principal Ch » raCters— Mesw*. I- Urtlatid, Smith, Slader, Norman and Grtmaldi; Mrs. C. Dib- < iin, M'i-. s.' s Blaroq'uen, Taylor, and Mad. LoilU. In. tbe . last see tie will be prcstnteiacoralut. uuili jdje Water Monster and a Fitr. y^ Dragon,; the aseension of a good Spirit, the appearance anie arid fate of the Fire SpeCtre, with the Ubetwbo of a good Gqpitt* f? om the Volcano. The whole, of this scene performed ' 011 reaj water. FOR A FEW NIGHTS LONGER. ASTLEY'A, raider the Patronage of their Royal Highnesses the Prince of WALES; and Duke of YORK. THIS and ever y EVENING this Week, EXTRAORDINARY EXERCISES. At half past six precisely ROPE VAUL TING, by Mr, Link. And. fir the ; st time, uncommon performances 011 the SLACK WIRE, bySig- nara tiossa, lately arrived from the Continent, After which, various Feats of HORSEMANSHIP. Particularly, for the ist time, the Antipodian KqueStrfeti. A Boy, only nine years old, Vill . exhibit his* surprising Mamccuvres on a single Horse. In the course of the evening, Battute Vaulting, by Messrs. JeTF- » ia, J. and T. Southby, link, Lawrence, Bryson, and Taylor,- the Cknun. Preceding which, the popular Spectacle, with ex-' tensive Scenery, Machinery, Decorations, uncommon Equestri- an Evolutions, Combats, 2nd Processions, called The FAIR SLAVE;. introducing extraordinary Processions on Camels and real Horses;' the principal charter by Mrs. Astley. Th- wbole of the Music by Mr. Sanderson. And the whole to con- clude with a Ne> v Comic Pantomime, taken, from the well- known Story of " Beauty ind the Beast," with a variety of met chi'. nical Changes, invented by Mr. Bradwell, called The TA- LK MAN; or, Harlequin's Oracle. Introducing twenty liev* Scenes, . through the rr. edium of which the usual Characters of. Harlequinade ate progressively led into a variety of novel, es- cunric, and ludicrous situations. Principal Characters: Mqr-. ligan,' a Magician, Mr. Thorpe; Paribanou, a Fairy, Mrs. fcafratt; Harlequin, Mr. Taylor; Pantaloon, Mr. Dubois.; Grotesque Lover, Mr. Cooke; Columbine, Mrs. filwott; and and Clown, Mr. Laurent. Ill the course of tbe Pantomime, the celebrated Shawl Oince, by Miss Giroux. , The whole of the Scenery designed and executed by Mr. Grieve, and nume- rous Assistants, and the Music by Mr. Sanderson- The NEW GRAND SPECTACLE of the CLOUD KING having been received by ctouded audiences with th* most an-, bounded applause, be reheated ev^ ry evening till fuKhtf nfetice." NEW ROYAL SIRCUS. n ' HIS Present EVENING, will be a eaand dis- X play of HORSEMANSHIP, by that inimitable Equts- trian, Mr. Mikeenj after which, Mr. Miller, from the Ttoalre Royal Weymouth, will by desire, ring tbe popular caoi* Jong of " Bound ' Prentice to a Waterman. In the coarse af the evening several favourite airs wfll > e » ung by tho Pandean Min- strels. And, tor the 7th time, with entire new music, new anel and terrestrial scenery, machinery, dresses and decorations, \ vi} l be performed, a new grand splendid melo dramatic tale of enchantment, called the CLOUD KING; or Magic Rose.— Principally founded on the grand and superb Ballet of Zemire aud Azor. As performed with the most unbounded applause at the principal Theatres on the Continent, blended with tbe poptical episode of the Cloud King, written by M. C. Lewis, Elq. ,-. 1;;! published in his Tales of Wonder. In the course of • the Spectacle will be exhibited the following display of new and splendid scenery-.— Grand Persian Antichambcr, which opens ton splendid Eastern Saloon; Interior of Zemirc's Cottage; View of her Flower Garden; the Cloud King's Palace; Magic Labarfnth ; and Storm- wrecked Forest; the avenue of Echo; Pnchanted Festal Apartment; Semite's Alcove and Illusive Mirror: Rocky Promontory, obscured by the descent of the ClfHid King in elemental glory. The whale to conclude with a superb representation of the Tchiragan, or Feast of Tulips.— Trie principal Characters by Mr. Bradbury, Master Wallack, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Slade, Mr. Miller, Mr. Sync, Mr. Parsons, and Mr. Bologna, jun. Mrs, Roffey, Mrs. Macartney, Mrs. Herbert. Mrs. St. John, and Mrs. Wybrow. In the course of the evening, IMITATIONS of the Principal Performers of the Theatres Royal Drnry Lane and Covent Garden, by Mr, READ.— After which, with entire new Music, Scenery, Ma- chinery, Dresses and Decorations, a superb comic Pantomime, < aHed MOMUS AND MERCURY ; or, Harlequin's Hey- Day.— Harlequin, Mr. Bologna, jun.;- Columbine, Mrs. Wy- briiw. Books of the Songs to be had at the Circus. tfiie- PuMle- are- rcspeCt fully informed, that in order to add to the variety and novelty ef the Performances, the celebrated Mr. C^ rtwright is engaged. for a few nights, and will exhibit his wonderful skill on the Musical Glasses, on Wednesday evening next. The time of- his Performance will be 7 o'clock precisely, which will be immediately succeeded by the favourite grand spectacle of the Cloud King. TS 7" A NT ED, in a Gentleman's family., a young - Man V V to insjxudt twq young. Gentlemen in . the Rudir. i8n. ts of XAtiif and English. • A yomhjrom 16 to 20 will be preferred.— Inquire on the 14th,' trHiand 16th of this . Month, from 10 till jip'clock, at No. l^/ Elect- Strett. , PREMISES WASTED.— Wanted to RENT on ' iiEASU, in or near, Clef ken well, : i° ottenh! im- court- road, or some part of Westminster, a large WAREHOUSE, or simi- lar Premises, to open a ManufaiStory, either with » r without a House attached, and upon which there is no restriction to pre- vent the Melting of Tallow.~ A line. addressed for R. S. to be left at Mr- Ball's, No. ; 6,' Ne\ v Bond- street, will be attended to. OARU and LODGING Wanted.— A Y^ th wishes to be accommodated with Board and Lodging in a Family- Ifsituated near the Exchange the better. To sav, e, trouble, not more than from ( o to 6J1. will be'given per an- num Letters- addressed' to Y. Z. No. 65, Queen- street, will be properly attended to. PPRENTICE.— Wanted, a Yputh of respeiftabie Parents, as^ n APPRENTICE to an ENGRAVER, his Friends to find him in Cloaths, Washing, Sic. & c. A pre'nium will be expedtcd.— For further, particulars apply to Mr. B; Law rence, No, ia, fihoe- laiie, Fleet- street. AYOUTH, of a'liberal education, about 18 yean; s of i^ e, who writes. agood and expeditious hand, and has some knowledge of Book- keeping and Merchant's' Accounts, wants a CLERK's Situation in a lespedtable Merchant's or In- stiraitce Broker's Coijiiting- house. Presefit emwlument is not so much the object of this advertisement as a respectable and improving situation. " Every reference that can be required as . to character, & c. will be given.— Diredl to X. Y. at Millit. gton's Hotel, Holb'orn. APerson who has some years conduced a Manufac- tory in one of the first towns in this kingdom, an'd at his leisure hours has made Mechanics his particular study, and who iv determined never to engage ag; tiu as a principal, offers his services in conducting any Concern where genius is required, or as CKerk where - entire confidence is reposed. SatijifaCtory references will be giveir, either in town or country.— Letters ([ postpaid) addressed to W. M. at Peeie's Coffee- house, will be immediately attended to. 1' FOREIGN GELD1NG. S knd MARES. By AUCTION by Mr, ALP RIDGE, at his Repository, in St. . Martin's- Lme, TO- MORROW, at la, T70IITY GELDINGS and MARES, ( positively | 1 the last lot,) from his Majesty's Third German Legion. \ frin- i Hanover, about 1,; hands high, most pfthem young, light"! forehands, small head, shew a great delil of blood, with beau- tiful adtion, light in hand, some of which are equil to carry, sixteen or seventeen stone, in Sisie conditiop,' calculated for J. adies, Riding , Schools, arid various " purposes of .' iJraiJght' Work, & c.— The whole may, be viewed tfee'day before'tliel sale, and are tobe sold without reserve. T^ HREITHORSES to be Sold, the property of: L. a Gentleman gone abroad, a pair of seasoned B'. ood C UR- | RICLE GELDINGS, just from constant woj- k, and in fine . con- dition, lit for any'journey, as being full of hard nlest, mafch ex'- ! rro be LET, a lafge convenient HOUSE, ready X furnished, with tour rooms on a floor, with good kitchen, butler's iuntry and cellars, and garden, most tieautifully situ- ated, b;' the water- side, Chelsea, with a view over the Surrey hills,— E or particulars apply, to Mr. Hughes, butcher, I. awrence- Strew, Chelsea' ' ' S4INT GEORGE'S PAVEMENT. n^ HE Commissioners will meet on Wednesday, the 1 i6; h day of this instant lulv, at Saint George's Church, at Twelve o'clock at N0O11, to treat with any person who is willing to advance the sum of 200I. for an Annuity on their Life.— Further particulars may be known by applying at No. Well- close. square. ' . M- WRIGHT, Jun. Clerk. GLEANING SEWERS.— The Committee for Goncral Purposes will meet at^- GuildhaM, in the City of London, on Wednesday, the 16th Inst. at IS o'clock at noon precisely, to receive Proposals ( sealed up^ from persons willing, to contract for cleaning out the Sewers Under Fleet- market.— A Particular and Specification, with a Plan, may be seen, and further information had at the Office of Works, Guildhall. WOODTHQRPE. To BRICKLAYERS, MASONS and BUILpERS. rPflE Committee for carrying into Execution the X ACts of . Parliament for rendering more commodious and for better regulating the Port of Loudon, do hereby give notice, that the .- have consicferable Quantities of fine sharp Sand, lit tor Builder; and osiers, daily raised by the barges employed removing :!., Rock at Black wall, in tl> e River Thames; and that 0: 1 application to; their Surveyor, at the Canal Office, BJack- • tfajl, win is empoweVed to sell and disposeof the same, further patti-.- id iv may l> e had and terfns known. Guad! uUr- L.. i.. toc, Julv. 4,1H06. WOOD! HORFE. GROCERS' COMPANY. r f ' HE Liverymen of the Grocers' Company are de- X sired fo attend, af Guildhall, on Monday, the 14th day of July instant, at Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon, for the Election Of a. fit and able Person to be one ' of the Sheriffs of this City for the year ensuing, in the room of Thomas Bish, Es't}. who hath been discharged from serving the said Office, by the- Court of Common Council, on paying aline to be excused therefrom* Grocer's Hall, wttt July, iS^ fi. JOHN NOYES, Beadle. ~ JAMES JOHNS'I'ON'S BANKRUPTCY " ' I,' HE Creditors, who have proved their Debts under X the Commission of Bankrupt awarded and Itsued against JAMES JOKKSTON, of the parish ef Waint James, within the Liberty of Westminster, in. the County of Middlesex, brewer, dealer and chapman, may receive a further Dividend of his • Estate and Eife'Cts, by applying to Mr. John llounsom ( one of the A » ignees) No. 167, Efaot- street, 0- 1 Thursday, the aift aild Taesday, the sfith dap of August- ntxt. or any succeeding Thursday or Tnesday, u- itil the last T « e day in September next inclusive, hcWmi'thV Jinnri of TO arid lion each of these, dafs. SoKsitor, E'six- str . e:. THE Public are respedltully informed, all Debts due to and from the Estate of the late Firm of ATKINSON and CLARANC- E ( as inserted in the Gazette of Saturday;- 5th July), will be paid and received by Robert Atkinson, at his Irish Linen arid Bed Furniture Warehouse, 89, Minories, Corner Towcr- liill, now under theFifm of Atkinson, Burn and Weston. N. fi. Window Shade Canvass of every width. HPHE CRED- ITORS- wfeo h'ave. proved their Debts X under a Commission ' bf'Bankrupt issued against WM. SIEAD, heretofore of I. ittle Tower- hill, ' in the county of Middlesex, but late of Mortimer- street, in the . county of Mid- dlesex, Merchant, may receive a further Dividend of the Es- tate and Effects of the said Bankrupt, at our Office in Tencburc'i- street, on Wednesday next, between the hours of 11 and 2, or on any other subsequent Wednesday, between the. same hours. A. and J. WES TON, Solicitors to the Assignees. BRIGHTON ORIGINAL IIQT BATHS fo: SEA . W4TER.--. Tha Baths, which hitve beijn shut for the purpose of repairs, & c. are now. oppn, . and it is Hoped that the additional number of Baths arid. the other conveniences that • have been added, for better accommodation, will give theia a dcciqedsuperiority. TI\ e P^ itjlic. may dtp'end " on the greatest care and artentiqntif the servants to accommodate those Ladies and Gentlemen who ' may favbijr the Proprietors with thfelr'pa- troijage. ' N. B. A comaiodious carriage- way ii made to and frem the Baths. , v .* • 1 ,; - TO Governesses of Laciies. Schoo! s, & c.— A Gentle- man, who keeps an Ac wletay .1 sipaU distance from town, has a uauglbter he wishes to place at a reipeCtable Seminary, not exceeding ten 11 iles west of London. Thi Advertiser" is a Pro- fessional- Teacher of Wrltlngj Aiithmetiif, arid liook- keepihg in alllts brooekes, Geography, iVstronosoy. and the Mathematics. Shpuld thisapply to any Lady in an. eligible tstaWishment, who may now have a vacancy in tbe above aepartmerft, that he can attend regularly twice a week, it may pr< jv, e a reHi> rocal advan- tage to both parties— Letters { post paid) addressed for" W. M. at Mr. Campbell's, 6t^: ioiier, Castle- street, Leicester- fields, will be duly attended to. piANO- FORTES extraordinary cheap.— At No. JL Long- acre, by timely application, may be._ had, un- commonly cheap, a fine brilliant- toned secondhand GRAND PIANO- FORTE, with the Additional Keys ; or an excellent square new or secend- band Piano- forte, with Additional Keys, remarkahly djeiip. Exchanges made if required. A Gentleman-, well acquainted ^ vitb business generally, ii. and the manufaCbiriBg, towns, ffitends, in a short time, to travel through most of the considerable towns in England, wishes to aft as AGENT, to form Connexions, take Orders, colIeCl Cash, settle Accounts, fitc, for any respectable manufac- turing or commercial concern. Any establishment wishing to meet with such a person, may be waited upon, and the most sa- tisfactory reference given, by directing ( post paid) to Mr. O. No. 57, Cornhill O MERCHANTS^' Rcspeftable TRADEsT- MEN and OTHERS.— A HOUSE in. the Mercantile Line from unforeseen events have met with disappointments in remittances, for the moment- feels thf necessity of having re- cnuse t « Paper Accommodation, and to any House of respecta- bility, whe would accept to the amount of a few hundreds at long dates, the advertiser has an offer to Wake that will no doubt appear highly eligible and advantageous, the channels for the ne- gociatien of respedable Acceptances with him is certain ; . but as little can be said through this. medium, it is requested those who feel disposed to reply, will address for Mr. barren, No. I, Clerkenwell Green, ijhen an interview shall be immediately ap- pointed. CARTONY's Highest Flavoured COWSLIP CON- GO TEA.— SoldexclusivelyatHAiirKK'sOld Established Ware- house, No. 334, Strand, late CARTONT, BOYS and HAHPEII, it is particularly recommended and patronised by the Nobility and Gentry, for its peculiar richness, and its great addition to the flavour of other Teas. He also begs to recommend his l'int- st Teas of all other Sorts, Coffee, Chocolate, and Cocoas, of the very best quality, and 011 tbe most reasonable Terms.— All Orders from the Country punctually attended to. BEST MOTTLED SOAP, & C. & c.— Families and the Trade supplied with all kinds of SOAP of the very best quality ( and which will not lose in weight by keeping) at the Candle and Soap Company's Warehouse, No. i! jz, Fleet- street, two doors from Fetter lane. A discount is allowed in proportion to the Quantity taken at once, and i/ bt less than 281b. will be delivered. Mould Candles with waxed wicks— Com- mon Candles and Spermaceti Oil sold prop rtionaMy cheap. SEA BATHING, Ramsgate.— A Gentleman who is going to send his Daughter, about ten years old, under the « are of an elderly Lady, of great respectability, and amiable manners, to Ramsgate, to bathe and enjoy the benetit pf the Sea Air for a few months', for the recovery of her health, wishes, for the sake of society and by way of lessening the expences, to meet with arty Person of lespeiftabirity who might be desirous of obtaining the advantage of sending a Child to the Sea Coast under such circumstances.— Letters addressed, post paid, to A. Z. at the British Neptune Office, Ele-- t- street, will be duly attended to. ' rT' 0 Noblemen and Gentlemea of Landed - Property. X A Solicitor, who from experience in Country Offices, added to a general knowledge of Agricultural Affairs, is conversant in Stewardship Concerns both in the Law. and Land Departments, and whose character and circumstances render him an eligible person for juih a situation, wishes to undertake it for any Gen- tleman of extensive estates. The Advertiser can give high and satisfactory references as to character and responsibility, which be can strengthen by sureties to a considerable amount, should it be required; and if a sum of money on mortgage would- be an. accommodation to his employer, it might be in his power to advance it- Letter.? Irotn Principals to X. Y. Z. Mr. Heraud's, Stationer, Lincoln's Inn Gateway, Serle- street, will have im- mediate dttention. T^ HAT grand and celebrated Discover/, HUBERT'S X ROSEATE POWOER, from its very superior efficacy, safe- ty, and mode of using, has become the most fashionable and elegant article for removing superduous hairs, /, s. The Prussia Oil, ( the excellence of which is so fully known) for making hair grow thick and loug, preserving the colour, and giving an admirable gloss and beauty to the hair, js.— Hubert's Tooth Powder ( s a fragrant Restorative that contains no add, 2s. gd.; aad also his Powder for' taking stains and spots out of silver plate, & c. 13.— Gold by Overtoil, Bond- street; Davison, 59, Fleet- street; CN- er, Cornhill and Ludgate- street; Grosvenor, 30.?, Hc! Jborn; Tii- vn, 45, Oxford- street; Cruichshank, Hay- market ; and Dtkvaux, Windsor. sound and. Steady, in harness. Also the BAY HACIvNKY that the servaiit used to ride;. he is a strorig usefulgeldi, i|, T4 hands 2 inches high, and master of { 3 or 14 stone on the: road ; he makea joo3 journey li6rsei of is very' lit for any' getltlenVan go- ing the circuit, as he will gp iu harness if required,— For particu- lars inquire at G-, Hart's Lively Stables, Bull and1 Gate Yard, F^ Olbdrn, where'the horses how stand. rPO be SOLD, a handsome new LAS DAD, elegantly X fitted up, with red Morocco squabs & c. built for a No- blentan— Also, a good Coach and Barouciie,' the. property of a " Gentleman having no- fV. r± her occasion for - theni-— To beseen at the maker's, Mr. Holmes', No. 109, t. ong- acr'e. L~ ANDAULET.— To. be SOLD, a neat Landau- tet,- i » excellent conditibn, and upon a'sirrrple construction, with a cane- back driving seat.— Inquire at Mrs. Lloyd's, wheel- wright, Swallow- Street, near the top of Oxford- Street, where it is to be seen. - npo be SOLD or LET, a convenient HOUSE, - L delightfully situated on the Terrace, . Gravesend, qam- mariding ah extensive view of the river Thames in front, anil of the adjacent country from the South front. Conveyances to and from London, by water, by the packets and by coaches, fre- quently in the course of the day.—. Inquire of Messrs. Johnson and Son, auctioneers, Gravesend ( post paid). . \ 7TCINITFof RUSSELL- SQUARE.— To be V SOLD, by Mt. DENEW, the LEASE of a very conve- nient . HO USE, in perfect repair; together with- the elegant Household Furrtiture, nearly new.— To be viewed by tickets, which, witli particulars, may bft had at the. AuCtion. P. oom, Charles- street, Berkeley- square. Tl; OCK INSURANCE COMPANY.— To be IV Soft, l" en Shares, of aol. each at a { small Premium.— For particulars inquire of Mr.^ Muaro, Na' 137," iT). eobald's- roa( I| Holboi- n. ' '""..'-.'. LE'ASE to be SOLD of a HOUSE, in the Cottage Stile,, containing six room t, with ^ oud garden, chaise house, & c.' very pleasantly situated within four miles of the City, stages pass to and fro twice 2 day. Lease fifty years to run firoit) last Ladyrday, at a. rent of 14I. per annum- Price 180I. including Fixtures.— Inquire " at the Plough, Duv- l's- llne, near Holloway, l's) ington. T OWER"" GROSVENOR STREET.— To ' be - Li Sold by Private contract, the LEASE for 28 years of a desirably and convenient HOUSED, with. three rooms on each floor, coach- house, four- stall stable, loft, and servants" rooms . over.— For particulars., apply to Mr. Key, Upholder, No. 74, ih the, same street. . ' ' M" ERCANTILE RESIDENCES— To be'dis- posed of by Private- CoutraCt, the LEASES of several excellent DWELLING HOUSES, suitable to the accommoda- tion of Merchants of the first respectability, situate in Old Broad- street, - Colman- street, South- s. treet, Einsbury- square, and Finsbu^- p'. ace.— For particulars ayply to Messrs.' E. andS. Pav. nter, Surveyors, Coleman- street, GOUNTRY BilEWERY to be SOLD, which brews annually more than 3,030 Barrels of Ale and Por- ter. The distance from town is 18 miles, the situation highly beautiful.— Apply to Mr. Comrie, No. 42, Fleet- street. EST HANNINGFIELD, ESSEX?- To be Sold by Private ContraCt, a Valuable and very desir- able FREEHOLD ESTATE, called SLOUGH HOUSE, or RAMELL'S FARM, situate in the par. ish of West Hanning- field, about eight miles from Chelmsford, Ingatestone and Bille- ricay, and about for from Battles Bridge, to which the river Crouch is navigable; consisting of a farm house, offices, garden, barn, stabling, out- buildings, yard and sundry i. nclosures of meadow, pasture and arable land, containing upwards of 160 acres, in the occupation Of Mr. Edmund Bush, tenant at will.— For further particulars apply fo Mr. Wall, soliciter, Bread- stieet- hill," London. r TERESA TERRACE, . Hammersmith.— The X LEASE to be Disposed of of an excellent HOUSE, in per- fect repair, with a walled garden well stocked with fruit trees, containing six airy chambers, drawing room, two parlours, store room, two kitchens, and ample, cellarage for wine, coals, & c. Held for thirteen years unexpired, at a moderate rent, with immediate possession.— Apply to Messrs. Scott and Holt, No. IJ, Carey- street, J., incoln's- inir. w '" PO be SOLD, the improved LEASE of a HOUSE, X suitable for the residence of a Single Gentleman of respect- ability, or a small family. It ia situated in Surrey, about ten miles from town. The premises are in part bounded by an ex- cellent trout sttcam. Trieiiouseisin the midst of the pleasure grounds, which are uncommonly beautiful, laid out in great taste, and'are in complete order. There is a good kitchen garden, well stocked with excellent friiit- treenandyplentifully crapped, roomy coach- house, curricle- house and capital four- stall stable, coachman and gardener's rooms and liujidry detached, cow- house, and every convenience for keeping all kinds of poultry. The land, in all, is about eleven acres'.. The Furniture, which is suited to the house, to be taken by appraisement, and- imme- diate possession may be had. It cannot be viewed but by an order from the proprietor, whose address may be known at Mr. Henry Watson's, upholsterer, Bridge- street, Wesminster. TO be peremptorily SOLS, pursuant to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery, before John Sp. ringett Har- vey, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court, in the Public. Sale Room of the Court, in. Southampton- buildings, Cha- n- cery- lane, London, on Tuesday, the 29th da. y of July instant, between the hours of Five and Six o'clock in the afternoon, a LEASEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of several HOUSES, si- tuate in and near to' Calthorpe- pU. ce, Chelsea, in the county of Middlesex ; and several GROUND RENTS, issuing out of Houses in Paradise- street and Calthorpe- place aforesaid, late the Estate- of James Beattie, of York- street, Covent garden, jocket- book- maker, deceased.— Particulars may be bad ( gratis) at the said Master's Chambers, in Southampton- buildings afore- said ; of Messrs. Shephard rm'd Adlington, tji Bedford- row ; and of Messrs.' Debary and Cop « , in the Temple. MOST capital GRAND PIANO FORTES.— To be SOLD, a GRAND PIANO FORTE, by Messrs. Sto- dart, with Additional Keys iu the Treble and Bass— A Grand Piano Forte, with Additional Keys in the Treble, by Broad- wood. These instruments have been made only two years, and are therefore superior to new. They were the property of a lady lately deceased, and m- ry be heard at No. I, Lower Brook- street, Grosvenor- square. Price 50 guineas each, which is lit- tle more than half their original cost. . WALTHAMSTOW, Essex.— The Vestry of this Parish hereby give Noticer that they will receive Proposals from awy persons inclined to advance the said Parish, " the Sum of 1,2? ol for the purpose of repairing the Church of the said Parish, to be secured by way of annuity, for the life or lives of an Annuitant or Annuitants. Seale. i pro posals, with the Terms on which the Annuitants are disposed to offer the same, to be addressed to Mr. RfcharABank;, . Vestry Clerk, Clay- street, Walthamstow. rTX3 S- troAK- REFiMERs and Others.— To be LET, X a TWO- PAN SUGAR- HOUSE, with a Scuni- p: m- « od Mill. The Fixtures, Utensils, arifl every requisite fit fvijnht?— ' diats work, with Dwelling- house contiguous, in otre- of ttre- feest situations in London', arid immediate possession tHay b^ had.— Apply to Mr. Tliomas Kuffin; back- maker, Nightingale- lane, Ehk sVithfield. '' '•.'/., ' , v DAL- STON.— To be LET, T~^ atT convenient HO USEyih excellent repair, containing four" chamber*, two dressing roOms, two parlours," kit'clien, wash house, cellar- ing, stable, coach lror. se, and a' large walled garden well stocked. • Particular*! By application, to Messrs. Burton aridVennor- 6a, ( jornhiU. ' - - • 1 - • • - • • SURREY.— To be LET, Furnished, four miles from Hydji Park Corner arid - from the, three Bridges, a HOUSE, consisting of two sitting- rooms, three best bed- rooms, and three servants1, bed- rooms, with coach- house, stabling for 1 four horses, garden and paddock, and the use of a cow.— Apply to Mr: Roberts, sadlfir, N0.174, Strand. HfiKTS.^ Tofefc LET;. Finished, for Years, ii'- mile* from T> » 1) urn, a Cbl- TAGE, with Coaoh- house, Stabling for 3 horses, Garden taid Paddock.— Apply to Mr. Roberts, sqdlerjf No. 174; Strand. ; T7 R E E HOLD"" E ST A T E, Sur. sex.—' To be LET X or SOLD, acomp- a FREE HOLD. EST ATE, consisting ot a modern- built' HpUSE, coritaioing three, rooms on a floor, Barn, Stable, and Cart l^ dge, with a young Orchard, Garden, See. and. about 161 Acres of Freehold Land, paft of which is tythe- free. The House commands, the most extensive ancf ro- mantic prosprCts, and is within a morning's ride of Brighton.' The purchaser maybe accommodated with the genteel and ele- gant Household Furniture. Part of the purchase- money may remain on mortgage of the premises.— Appiy to Mr. Lewellin, solicitor, 14, Great College- street, Westminster. N' OBLE RESIDENCE," Noi- tli' side of Grosve- nor- iiqiiare.— To be Let or Sold, a Spacipus Capital FA- MILY MANSION, containing suites of elegant apartments, of large dimensions, nymerous convenient attached aud de- tached offices of'every description, large open, airy, garden, standing for 6 carriages, stabling for 11 horses, and every re- quisite for the establishment ef a Nobleman, or Family of the brst distinftign. The whole in complete repair, and immedi- ate, possession may be had.—, To be viewed by tickets; Particu- lars of Mr. Robin?, Warwick- street, Goldfcn- square, where tickets for viewing may behad. U LEG ANT RESIDENCE, at_ Richmond, to Let JL- i Fnrnisbed. for six months or longer.— I'o be Let, hand- somely FBrnished, a noble mansion, situate at Richmond; com- manding beautiful and extensive views of the luxuriant sur- rounding Country; comprising spacious drawing room, eating room, morning room, study, & c. numerous bed chambers, ex- cellent attached and detached offices of every description, extensive lawns, gardens, pleasure grounds, arid meadow land; the whole in the most complete order, and fit for the recep- tion of a nobleman or gentleman's family.— To be viewed by tickets; particulars of Mr. Robins, Warwick- street, Golden- square, where tickets for view- ins" may ly bad. THE List Private Lottery winch is nK.; y to take place in this Country for the Disposal of Works of Art.— Mr. BO WYE R, of the Historic . Gallery, begs to remind those who intend purchasing TICKETS in his Lottery, that the splendid Works which form the Prizes in his Scheme can never be had pn any terms wheti the Lottery is over ; and that the Lottery will ' positively be drawn in September. MONEY— The Nobility," Clergy, Gentry, and Others, may be accomm idated with any Sum, by t'ie grant of an Annuity adequately secured, either upon Freehold, Copyhold, I. easeEdld,- or Funded Property, or upon any assign- able security whatever.— A considerable sum rea ly to be ad- vancediipon personal security only. Tiie A.-. nuities in all cases redeemable at the option of the borrower.— Personal applica- tions received at the Office of Messrs. Carlos and Co. No. 17, Air- street, Piccadilly, everyday. Letters, post pa. d, duly at- tended to. ONEYi— MESSRS. LUCAS and Co. beg leave to inform those that may be. in want and desirous of borrowing temporary or permanent Sums of Money, and possessed of any assignable Property, that they may be sup- plied with any sum on fair and equitable terms, by paying an adequate annuity interest for the same. As also Money will be advanced to those of known, property, 011 their, personal, security. Personal applications are dally ri ceived by Meaiir*. Lucas and Co. at No. 2, James- street, Acielphi, S'trand ; and tetters, post paid, answered without delay. ANNUi'i+ ES REDEEMABLE. TEN Year? Purchase will be immediately given for Annuities undeniably . secured upon . Freehold, Copyhold, or long Leasehold Estates, where the parties Jiave an absolute interest, and 011 whifch tVy reaso* iof the pressure of the times), Money cannot be obtained upon mortgage. And eight y£ ars purchase wll likewise be given for Annuities for young lives, se- cured on the like'property, or pn money in the funds, wiferc the parties have only a life interest. Ih . either case, the Grantor* will have the po tver of redeeming the same.— Apply personally, or by letter, to Mr. King, at his Iiouse, John-- trcet, Adelphu MONE Y LEN 1" and FOR f'tjNES KNCREASED " MONEY in two hour? to Merchants, Noblerfien, asd Others, for Bills or Ntftes of Hand,, or on Annuity, or oi* any kind of- security real of personal, for any length of time/ The Advertisers never procrastinate, they either dccline the business when it is impracticable, or when it is otherwise, do it out of Hand, and always with profound secrecy. Those who hav6 money may lay it out to great advantage, by applying or ad- dressing ( post paid) to the Discount, Office, No. 14, Clipstone- street, Portland- street; or. to the Agent, ( at, the private, door) " No. 17, Ludgate- hill. " MONEY READY to ADVANCE. ' ~ " VXTHEREAS/ nany Ladies' arid " Gentlemen experi- v V rience very great pecuniary, inconvenience, for want of knowing some. respeC\ able channel througlrwho'se riiedium they may be accommodated- withtemporary 01- permanent SUMS of MONEY. Messrs. HARRIS and Co. at the Annuity Bank No. 5, Suffolk- street, Charing Cross, respectfully inform the No- bility and Gentry, ill possession of incomes arising from .. Free- hold, Copyhold, or Leasehold Estates, in Land or House*, Money in the Funds, Rent Charges, Marriage Settlements, Wi- dows' Jointures, Annuities, Patent Places, Church Livings, or any certain Income for Life, may be supplied with Sums of Mo- ney to any amount, by paying an adequate Annuity Interest for the same, redeemable any time, at their own option. Personal applications will be received every day . till Three o'cloi^ c ; and letters from Correspondents, in Town or. Country, post- paid immediately answered PARTICULARLY adapted to Persons ot weak and tender habits. An elegant and desirable Residence, iti the warmest and finest part of tie Mount's Bay, near Penzance,' Cornwall, and confessedly the mildest ' situation in England.— To be LET, and entered upon iriimecliately, a modern and hand- some DWELLING HOUSE, completely furnished, having three regular fronts, a basement story, first and second floors, and hmdsomeattics, a very good six- stalled stable, double coach house, shrubbery, walled garden, and all cbnveniencies. " I" he taker may be accommodated, with fields very near the house, for grazing cows and hurses. The situation of the house ia BREWERY AND WINE AND SPIRIT TRADE, ISLE of WIGHT, i'o be SOLD by" Auction, on Satur- day, the 2, d day of Augustm- xt, at the Bugle- inn, Newport, at Eleven o'clock precisely, " iW Order of the Assignees of John Steane, a Bankrupt, a LKASEH. OLD BREWERY, at New- port, an. tlic Batiks of the navigajiieriver Medina, 111 full trade, with several Freehold and Leasehold Public- houses attached thereto; and a very considerable ' Trade in the Wine and Spirit X, itie. Also several other Lots' of Freehold and Leasehold Pubiic- houses in the Island, and at Portsmouth, Goroor. t and I VyrriinRton ; with a considerable . Stock of Wine and Spirits.— | Particulars may tie had by application 10 Messrs. Clarke and I Sewed, Newport; Mr.. Steane, Newport; Messrs, Wright and ' Bovill, N. ov39, Chancery- lane, London ; Mr. Aubrgy, Tooke's- ! court, Cursifur- stieet; and at the flugle, Newport; the Blue Posts, Portsmouth ; the Blue Pons, ( iosport; . the Angel l. y- minsrtou ; the Dolpuuis, Soist'uampton; ani . tht George, Win- . ch « st? r. to be the war/ nest situation in the b.-. y, and through which the post passes daily, aud is within three miles of Penzance.— For further particulars apply to Messrs. Cardal-, . Hallward and Spear, IioIbt) rn- court,_ Gray's Inn ; or to Mr. Hambleton, ar- chitect, Penzance, by letters, post paid. TOY and TUNBRIDGE WARE REPOSITORY, ' No. 3, Cheapside ^ Cornerof Paternoster- row. MDUNNETTmost respectfully acquaints the No- • bility, Gentry, and Public, that lie has for sate a most complete collection pt new and fashionable articles, in real Tun- bridge Ware, such as are not to be equalled for taste and real utility; th'ey are richly inlaid, and ornamented with fine me- dallions and paintings, a great variety finished in the mosaic stile, they consist of Work - and Tea Tablet, Chess and'Back- gammon " Tables, Work Baskets and Boxes, containing all the apparatus for Writing, Drawing, Painting, and Dressing; Card Iio% es, Card Racks, Cabinets and Jewel Cases, Tea Chests and Caddi- s, Tambour Frames, a great variety of neat Turnery and'white wood Articles, prepared for Ladies' own painting; Cdtton ol . all sorts with Lobb and Co's. real Patent Cot t4nThread*. Merchants, Captains of Ships, and Shop Keepers suppliedjivith any quantity- on the shertest notice, and lowest terms.— N. B. Old Tanbridge Ware repaired and new varnished. VICTUALLING OFFICE, July 9, lSo « . THE Commissioners far Yitlualling his Majesty's Navy, do hereby give Notice, that on Thursday the TL" Jth instant, Mr. Reeks, their Agent at Portsmouth, - wilt be ready to receive Tenders in • writing ( slated cpj tmi treat for One Thousand Five Hundred Q jirter » Of K& GUSH WHEAT, for the service of thatPert. to Weigh- ? 7$ tt>. per bushel ( and in case it should weigh above 57- Jlb, • per bushel, the. overweight will be paid for) to be delivered in one month; and to be paid for by bills payable with interest ninety days after date. Tie Conditions of the Contract may be seen atthcJffjicc of the Age/' t aforesaid. • . ,."'-. No regard • will be hai lo any Tender in ivhich the Price shalt. no' be inserted in - words at lougth, or that shall fiot ' ie. delivered to Mct P. e'eks' 4efore t- welve o'clock on tbe said Thursday the IJtb instant, nor unless ibe' Person - ivho mates the Tender, or some Person on his be- half , attends, to ansivcr- when called for. - J, '-•/. VlpTUALtiNG i^ FFlCE, July i8ct£ l Commissioners for . Vifjualliiig his ffiaje'styfs X Naby do hereby give Notice,* Th... t m Monday , the I, j/ Ze inctvntcthcy - will be ready to receive- Tender- s in - witting ( sealed up) fir Six " I'Sotisand- Bags of BISKE-' Ii, made/ rorm t- ltple Meal,' iii. be delivered . in three weeks,- by weekly proportions, into bis MajiatyVVkSuaUing Stores at De^ tford-; and- to be paid for_ b'y: t) iiIs piVal) le, wii. h interest, ninety. days after date. .. . -<- ' N.. fir. No\ Tjender. for a less)( fUan. tity than threehundred- bags_ wiil be admitted. . JP& r titedrtrtfrf? Vftbr fsnrt. ratH.- ay be- sem- ttt- the- Secreta- ry's Off. ce. regard • wilrlbc tjitd'tifcany ' in ; ivj} itif * he price shall not hc UisYrud inrlcor. ds cat length, rfv4bji'xk& lt:. nottbt delivered to, the Hoard, biftr'e! W « I iklvtkym-'. tie nad - Monday • iitxtfilMrlttb. ilisfant, riixr. ii> itlisji4llt & B* s< jh ,> J. ha. 7: i. ies . the- iTer. de*:, ir'Some. t. Persfin on. .—^- PEFJCILJUR : JIIITAIJALAA. PF. TAX] KS:, : R ?. i.::. . lit.•,,„.:. . SoJnsi" 5' i; tJIouse, 1. ipth June, 1806. f J-" HE GimntiisiaftrS , fbt :: 3pecialffrutpg* cs- • under lb, jL'\ • X- sJiiupei- JjpMt, give Nit'iai • ' i That on Payment of. the Uividefidsta become due'on the ftJ » , JpTy next," out" . « f The- Pnhti- c « .< « siyi. c. at thejjank of England,. the South Sea_ Hmi jey^ rielsewh'ei'e, within tfceir Jurisdiction,, they ' wiIFbe' 1' eady ' grant - Ihe Allowances'for Exemptions to ForeiM'ers, £ nd" A) tlfer. piu. rpbses . diredted; by the' said A'. » , with as • rfi « h'expedtflfa'. fis"* tlit nature of the'procif will- allow ; and for the jireventWn. ' of delay, - they recommend Attomies and- Agents? hiavihi - etelrfh for Exemptions to forward the- Particuv- hrs'required that the Depositions may be prepared,, which will beYeturned'td them for'verification, as- Won- after the Acw. unts. cdirt> echet[ u£ d With'-' the Divi'de'nd* Books of- thai several Compa- r: nies:! Vy \ vhmvpaymetit h- made. as is- practicable. AH A'ttocnies: or Agents who have- otpUted. to- cl. aiai their Ex- eihpticms-. oJi.- Di- vii\ Kii? sT « r'VKe' "?? ir; 180* 3, 1804and" l- 8o';, are- required W trans- mit the necessary'!) ncumer. ts. ffr that purpose Witbovl delay. • " By order of the Board; Mc-- WINTER. .'••'" EXCHEQUER BILL OFFICE,, JULY 8,, I8O6.. * "' All ExcheqnerBills dated in the month of August, 1805, . • • - TO BE PAID OFF. . ; T • ••• .. THE Lords Commissioners of his Majesty's Treasury . f. ruing given ' directions for paying off the Principal of the abovS- rienClor. fi Exchequer Bills - with ike" Interest thereon, at the Excluder Bill 6fie'in the Receipt" of Exchequer; Ne- w Palace Yard, Westminster,. on ' l.' iursd. iy the^ lst jay- of July, 1806. 4t- teldance. it/ ill be given- daily ( Sundays and ffolidays excepted) until Truirsday -. tie 24lb instant^. inclusive, fr. qni t# n o'clock in the morning till one in, the . afternoon, for tbe purpose of receiving, the. same. And forfthe, greater- dispatch, thc bcarpix of tbe'safd bills are desired to . bring separate- lists of each description, of'bills, containing. the numbers in numerical order, according to the value of the said bills and times of ponSmencement. of interest, • with the principal sums an. i interest due thdroon, computed froni the dqys on ivhish. t- jsy sirs respectively dated, exclusive, to the sdidi^ Ist day of fr- ly, 1806, inclusive, - when the Interest luill cease; ar. d they Jirc desired " to write, their name's and places of abode or. su. chlists, and indorse ibeir names on the said hills.' If any of ihe Holders of t' e aforesaid bills should be desirous of res* i- jing payment- effhe principal and interest, previous to the said ixif day of July, l8o5, they' maybe accommodated on ;, cpmp) iting fhe ' latere- t to the day cm ' which they % uisb io ' bepaid, and leaving the said bills for examination day. prior thereto. . , - Such. Persons as may he- desirous of having ne- u> Exchequer Bills in psrrt payment, Upon mentioning the amount at the bottom of their lists delivered on or before the Scifih instant, may lie accommodated - with, ne- w bills carrying an interest pf Three- pence halfpenny by the day on ivory one hundredpounds, - which, s.-- id new bills - will bear date the said 71st day fjuly, 1806, and - wilt bs delivered on Saturday the id August, and the'following d- iys. N. B. All Exchequer Bills dated prior to August, 1805, have been advertised to be paid oir, andth(' interestthere'ori iiasceased. i. . London, eth July; , r$ o6. SOCIETY for the RELIEF of the RUPTURED POOR, . INSTITUTED 179.6. WE, the undersigned Governors and Snbscribers- of the Society for the Relief of the Raptured Poor, do, bv authority of our" Bye Laws, heceb- y convene a SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING of the said GOVERNORS ini SUB- SCRIBERS, to be held at the George and Vulture Tavern, ' Cornhill, on Wednesday, the 16th day of July, at iz o'clock, to . receive a Ft eport of tin- Resignation of the late President and 07hf' rs*' mct to appoint an early day to fill up stich vacancies. {". Jo ' n Pnhiri, re- isurir ;' W. L- eightbri;. Richard' Lea; Sa- rrp- iel orratton ; Janies'Newsoiiii'-; lolin Means.; J. - I'homas; P. tntri'e; t'hos. A'tjtirsiin''; ' Matliew Edis j H. Campbell, M. I).; ^ I'hos. BoO'sey.; John ' BumsteH.'; f liOs - SedgevsHck ; W. Spears-; Joseph Gough; Thos. i-' t- nn- tt ; R. oT) t. S'tevVhsort ; W. Sampson; Th is. Morris; Johji Weston; W, Morris; Daniel Bumsted; J_ Tui « t: y; John. Bacpn, < kc: , ... Sub- erii) tions are re- cejve'd for" this ueefu'l Institution by Sir jAhn. Ihnli rn,*' treasurer; Bprougli Sank; ; Robarts, Curtis and Co.- Fuller, Chatteris aiid . Co. ;'- Vere, Lucadou" and Co. - I, om- birt'- street. ' '•'.. '. - '• ' 7". -.-. . 1. .. EAsfjliaiA* H" Q^ SE, Ju) V9vI8O67" ' T'HE Court' of -- l) irmore- Bf thi- United Company of I - irS-. r-:. .. ' feist Indies,' do hereby AMICABLE SOCIETY'S OFFICE, SERJEANT" I! WN, FLEET STREET, J- JLV 9, 18: 6. npHE . DIRECTORS of the AMICABLE S0- I ClETY for a PERPETUAL ASSURANC OFFICE, do hereby'give Notice, that attendance will be given at the So- ciety's House, in Serjeant's Inn, " Fleet- street, on Wednesday, the i£ th,.- txislay, the 15th, and Thursday, the 31st days of Ju- ly instant and on Tuesday tne i- Jth day oi August next, from II o'clock in , the Forenoon, until 1 on the Afternoon on each of the said days', to. pay claims arising by Deaths of Members of the * B':- J Society in the year 1805 ( Old Stile) viz, THOMAS' SIMCKIN, late of ArUndel- street, Strand, wine- mer- chahr. • ' ' ' EDV? ARI> FATKINGHAM, late of Great Charlotte- street, Blaek- fria'r's- road, Esq. HIR/ M- CAS'IPDEH., late of Craven- row, Hoxton, Gent. Jo; « k - purrrs'. iite of Great Mirlo-. v, Bucks, Attorney at Law. ' i'he'Rey.. CirAKLES-' STURc! Es,' late of Chelsea,' Middlesex, Vi- car orSY.' Is lary'. s, Reading, Berks. The Rev. ISAAC Wun. tr, late ReiftCr of Witherly, Leieester- • shire. . JosEPii BRYAN, late of Little Guil'dford- street, Russel- square, . rnuacTniaSfer. ISA^' C HARM AN! late of Clarence- row, Camberwell, Surrey, Genf., . RjV. TO. HN SKYNNER; late of Eastoh, Northamptonshire, B. D. i'H. ojtA. s ECL^, late of St. Margaret's Hill, Southwark, Surrey, fi^ p ami seed merchant. G- oRGE^ RAMsnAW, late ofE'dmonton, Middlesex, Gent. Jptfi « . V'- EM'ENTSON; " late'of Abingdotl- street, Eeq. MA.; iriiw gu'i, i., lateof. Sioke Newington, Middlesex, brewer. Ro^ iiir J sti'NifJi^ s, [ its of the Office of Receipt of his Majes* tyls'E^ siiequer, at'Westhdnster, Esq. . . The' RIVI' ROE'KRV * HOLMES, D. U. lUte Dean of Winphester, and Reiloi otStanton. ot'. John, Oxford. WiLi/ WM MA- TjoiEwsj, late of Royal, near Upton, Worces- tershirs, Gent. . ' - The Res. Uzc. i; AtD WILLIAMS,.' late Vicar, of Oakham, ?. ut- tap^. shire. THOMAS'SILK, ) ate, of Hatton- gardftrt, Middlesex, Gent. JAMES- LINDSAY", late of Fore- street, Moorfields, London, j9r.- Mry-. cr. ok- Gsoiini: - H- SJURY WITSE- RBY, late- of Birchiii- lane, London, stationen ^ . Gi; owce CcRutNOiiv;, ! at « of. Mile End, Middlesex, floor- oloth manufacturer. SA « r* L CVEAVE- R-.- IATE of Gats- street, Lincolri's- inn- fields, soai- V- joiier. " - - W- ttEiA- M •-< icBARBso « , T » . te of Oxford- street, sadler. THOMAS FYLER, late of Crovs lane, St. Mary at Hill, London, ' salesman. J OHM o MY T a i late of the Transport Office, Gent.. JOHN CaEiHevi- lateof the Custom house,. London, Gent. EDWARD WILLS rT, late of- the Charter- house, London, At- toffl'ay af LaW." . * RIOI/ AKD " PE'HRY, late of Hitton- garden, Middlesex, Under- takbr. • - .••-.•- WITTIAM REDDALL Devis, Iate of Upper Thames- street, Lon- don, GiW ,-.- • •• - Wa'LIJ- AM DONALDSON, late of Sonthampton street, Blooms- 1 his Day Is published, ACATALOGUE of BOOKS, in virious Latr% guages, and different Branches of Literature; among" which are many curious Specimens ol early Typography, and sc arce l'racfts— now on sale ( for ready money only) by Benja- min Uphill, bookseller, No. z, Great May's- buildings, St. Mar- tin's- lane, London. Catalogues, price is. may be had of Mr. Deighton, Cam- bridge; Messrs. Hanwell and Parker, Oxford ;' Mr. Ross, Edinburgh; and at the Place of Sale. MARQUIS WELLESLEY.— This Day is published, price 5s. THE AFFAIRS of ASIA considered in their effects on the LIBERTIES of BRITAIN, in a-, Series of Letters ad- dressed to the Marquis Wellesley, late Oovernor General of In- dia ; including a Correspondence vsith the Government of Ben- gal, under that Nobleman, and a Narrative of Transactions, in- volving the Annihilation of the Personal Freedom of the Subject, and the Extinction of the Liberty of the Press in India, with the Marquis's Edi<£ t for the Regulation of the Press. By CHARLES MACLEAN M. D. Author of a View of the Science of Life, and an excursion in France, from the Cessation of Hostilities in 1801, to December 1803, & c. Printed by C. Maclean, Cross- court, Drtiry- lane ; and sold by J. Quick, 393, Strand: and all Booksellers. From the LONDON GAZETTE, JULY 12. BANKRUPTCY SUPERSEDED. Henry Watters, of Fenchurch- street, merchant. BANKRUPTS. Meredith Swancott, of Foster- lane, CJieapsidc, warehouse- man;. July 15, 7,6, and Aug. 13, at ten, at Guildhall. Attor- ney, Mr. Smith, Hatton Garden. George Creswell, lateof Droitwich, coal merchant; luly 30, 31, and Aug. 23, at eleven, at the Holt Fleet Inn, Worcester. Attornies. Messrs, fttay'and Gale, DroitWich. Aubone Surtees, John Surt'ees, Rowland Burton, John Brandling, and John Erabletpn, of Berwick- upor.- I'woed, bank, ers; Aug. 7, 8, and .13, at eleven, at the Tur, k* s Head, New- castle- upon- Tyne. Attorney, Mr. Balcbridge, Newcastle- upon- Tyne. ' William M ison, of Huntingdon, grocer ; July n, 15,- and Aug. 23, at nine, at the Fountain Inn, Huntingdon. Attonjies, Messrs. Maule and Sweeting, Huntingdon ; iMessrs. Cooper and Lowe, Southampton- buildings Chancery- lane, London. Thomas Doriqn Thomas, of Portsea, Southampton, sta- tioner; July 22, at one, 23, at eleven, and Aug. 23. at one, at the Ship and Castle, Portsea. Attorney, Mr. iviessuiii; St. Jame- s's- street, Portsea. James l. ytiigoe, of Liverpool, timber merchant j Aug- 13, t/ f, and 26, at ten, at the Star an-'. Garter. Tav:- rn, Liverpool. Attor- nies, Mr. Blackstoclt, St.. Mildred's- co- art, poultry, London.; Messrs. Bardswell and Stephenson, Drury- lane, Liverpool. Henry Edwin Southwell, late qf Saxmundham, Sntfjlk, mo- ney scrivener; July 28, 29, and Aug. 23, at ten, at the Bell Inn, Saxmundham. Attornies, Messrs. Deb tr. y and Cope, Inner Tem- ple, London; Mr. Flatt, Saxmundham. Francis Ronksley, late of Sheffield, edge tool mak!: r; July 30, and Aug. 23, at two, at the Hotel Tin, S'.-. ffii- ld- Attor- nies, Mr. Bigg, HattonGarden, London; MT. Roilgafs; Shef- field. Richard Wilton, late of Guernsey, merchant; July 2.6, at one, Aug. 2, and 23, at ten, at Guildhall, , Lond. 111- Attornies, Messrs. Allen. Exley, and Stocker. Furnival's INE, IJplhorn. Ely Lawrence,- late of Huddprsgeld, Yor'i,,. druggi- t; Aug. 7, 8, and43, at ten.- at the Pack Hors. e Itin, HuddeHSeld.'. At- tornies, Mr. Stephenson, Holniftrth. near. ftudjlersiieldi Mr. Battye, Chancery- Ian^, London;.,. .. ' , Jesse Shani. rrt--- Ph « iiix- stre^ t-,- I> Deras, gaper hanger; July 10. 26, and Ai& 4*. at t- welveCat'GtiHilhliU. Auornu- a, Messrs Kibblev; hir « and Rowland; Ian-. pUca,; Gray'a Inn. • • DIVIDENDS, ' t Aug.. 43. Edward Whitehe- id.-' of t^ tfNtw ' R'flad, Tottenhatn- - court, mercttant— Aug.^'.- J^ hn-' BickfielE bf- Little Msddox- • street, Hiiiaver- squVrii/' d^ fer- iif irtftieial fl i vers.— Au ;. 16. . Henry ' Prizer," « > f-' fcrtghfl? ijftle4ifoe,' groceA^ Aflg -- 9 William Wilson, of Co^ fnerce- r'oV,-'- BJae'Itfriar's- roarf, 1^ druy iSfN— i ul y .26. John Pierce; bf- Bf^ MWreAf,' - wiAfiotf^ mitu;— Aug.. % i. Francis. Beesley_ iand Thiimiri- Oiven, lite of RSafl- iane,. v^ ifie mgrch^ St's..— Aug.' » . T'n~ e's, Wiwe., J9^. \ V. atts,^ ti"' John Bod- dy,,. of Upper'TliariijCs- sffei.' ft gfbteK.— Nflv:'- iS"^ 6Tin Cox and Fefderfck HasicTt,' #' Ne\ v- c& rt, CrutcherfFfiars,'' merchants. — Auc- 4. mvin HillA^, la'te ' if l. lver^ ofjfrSeef'i- Aiig ^ ctitfitSS^ sifcrorW!^^ 9An'- Whi » e- head,-- Hf< rdtiRochdale*." ilj!; fere# r.. ii< Ai5g. S*>' J. Snf= Pickui> • fMetJPiqpi^ f mamlfac- tUfers.— 1 » W tffffixtcnrj UerBy, draper. . .; : "" William lv4y.. Jaa;'.. of; EittlifisU- street,. MarWSSooete. tai'or. The - Warehousing Godds BiU was reporte « artC Ofderefl re- committed on Monday. t „• The Report of the Committee of Supply was brought op ana aSThf Volunteer Officers Rank Bill was read a third time and PaAMessat; efron the Lords stated their Lordships'assent to thfl^ l aa Baftoig 1 fst? Bill, the Training Bill, the " sh Roads Bill, the Irish Butlerage Biil, the Irisli Costonis Regulation Bill the' Scotch Distillery Bill, th'e Commissioners of Asses ed Taxes Name Mistake Bill, the T^ tage ^^ m^ A^ ^ Bill, the Westminster Hall and Parliament House New Aj Bill, and the London and Westminster Mand Navigation Ordered, on the motion of Mr, Percevaf, that the Militia. Officers Bill should'be printed. BARRACK?. Wednes- Mr. RossoN. gave notice of his intention to . move, o •. ve day next, that the. House should take into Cr> psidera. wu Papers on the. table relative to the Barrack Department. ... Sir c. Pole gave notice that he should on Monday move for leave to Bring in a Bill- to prevent the eredllon of any eilibank ment in a public harbour without permission from the Ad- miralty. The other Orders of the Day were postponed, and the Housfr adjourned till Munday. ' jHTmRNING CHRONICLE. ' ' L O NDON: MONDAY, JULT 14, 1806. At four o'clock on Saturday afternoon, Mr. BASI- LICO, the Messsngei'j arrived in town with dispatches from France, He. arrived at Deal in the Bruiser gno brig. The nature of the dispatches, like all the preced- ing part of the negociation, remains a profound Secret. A Council, it tfas understood, sat yesterday forenoon, and Mr. BASILICO was again in readiness yesterday t » return to Fi ance. Merchant's vff. r$ a> id trading to No'tfce, '- 1" ' 1 * r& ai. thi^ WfU^' be reidy" th receive Proposals in writing on Aughst, for the hire, for a fur- ther niyaiitfi;, of ^ foyagesj. of such SHIPS, of the burthen of 1100 Tons. and wpvva(- UV, iVjileh have ne'rformed their contracted nuTriber'o. f..^ T6yjjge » ni\ th'e. Cont^ iny;.. s Service.' - The Tel d* r si-. Alps' the' ' fender on'the cover, to he's eve. rath sealed up and trfifbith tbfS- crctary, at'or before t- wehe o'tltich at. noon , on the above Hah', beyond - which hour no Tender - tvill be received. Tlje psrticula's of " the te ms- and conditions under ^ which the Ships ar? rejnired. to be / n/ rlrsdjor the Chnrparrfs servke, m y be seen upon implication' to M . fsn-. cs Coggan,- Clerk to- the Committee of Ship- ping. on or after Ailndtlv the 14th instant. The Court'do hereby fszfarf- ye. notice, that if any ' Letter or ' Me- tno- randam sbonld i) s., i l explanation of or in addition to any Tender, such Tender will be rejected by the Court, , . " ; ;• IV. RAMSAY, Sec, IMPERIAL INSURANCE OFFICE, Sun- court, Cornhill, July 14,1806. -: . M^ H^ H IVTOTIGE is herebygi- veli, that the Tjttlf- yearjy Genera. JI N Court of Proprietory- Will be held, at their tleuss, in Sim- court > j -:'. . ., -.. N.. '. ral 011 Wednesday the' lCib ' ir. ltctjit, at ane o clock precisely. By order of fhe'Board," '' " "" ''' fftr— J. DAY, Sec. bury, hliddlesex, Esq. RICHAKO ' Oui'seTlateTof BTinafortl- pIaei?, Pall- mall, Middle- sex, Master of thg. Choristers" of the Collegiate Church of St. Petej-, Westminster.. : ROBER'T DYNELET-, ia'te of Bloomsbury- square, Middlesex, Attorney at Law. JOHN TOVVZEY,- late' of Coal- yard, Drury- lane,' Coach Tire Smith THOMAL FRANCIS, late of the Dank of England, Gent. EMA UEL ROE, late ot " Stanhope- stteet, Clare- market, Mid- dlesex, Peruke- miaker." ' ' WILLIAM PINXIER, late of Aldersg ite- street, London, mason. THOMAS'BROOKE, late of South Lambeth; Surrey, Gent." JOHN ALLEN, late or Clement's- inn, Middlesex, Esq. RICHARD FITEN. D, late of Glass- house- yard,. Blackfriaf's, Gent. THOMAS TILH. N'GHAST, late of Saunder's- gardens, ICingsland- road, Middlesex. JAJHES'BUNN^ late of Prince's- court, Story's- gate, Westmin- ster, Gent.' ^ *• WILLIAM HARRIS, late of Graveseiid, Kent, Surgeon. T. HOMA, S AYLIJ- I'E, late ofSurbiton Lodge, Kingston, Surrey, Esq. ' ' " . ; ADAM SEWELL, late. ofPe'arJ.^ treet, New York, in America, merchant. .. -.-.. WILLIAM BARTON, lata of Tocley- street, Sourhwark, Cheese- nion'ger.. ' THOMAS DAIVSON, late of Wych.- stree, t, Drury lane, Middle- sex, woollen- draper. *. . '.. '. THOMAS SKINNER, Ijte of Aldersgatc- street, Esq. and Alder- man. - . . .•• .. . ' '" , JAMES HICKS, lateof Whitechapel High- street, watchmaker. JAMES LOCK, late of St. Jame's- sueet, iiatter. When will .' be paid t- o the respective Nom-! Rees.. P, xecutors, Ad-., ministrators, or Assigns of the persons above named, the sUm of i6oi.- for each number o'rithtfir- respecliLivt- Sv . - Abstracts of the Charters and Ey- i. a- y » , and the; Terpis and Methods of making Insurances may be is. i at the Office, where, attendance is given fro n Nine w'Cloek in- the- IVloraing- tdl Two, Holidays excepted. - JO. KN PENSAiVi, Regisvar jni> ASSICAL and COMMgRCU^ SgMn^ T- V^. RY, No. 5, Cadogan- pla" tfe,. Sloaive- strtet,-— The Nsbility and Gentry are respectfully acquainted Ltiai this Seminary, con- ducted by R. 11 Pollard, A, E. of St. John's College, Cambridge, will Open on Monday next, for. the- reception of pupils. EC TORY HOUSE SEMINARY," Parson's Green, for the Instruction. of Y'anng Gentlemen, from the age ol three years to ten, by Mr. and Mrs, Stock, la'e, and pro- per Assistants 5 Successors to Miss Bettsswor. h,— The flittering encouragement Mr. and Mrs. S. have met with from the public, and the general satisfaction expressed, . by. the p. irents and guardians of those chitireo hitherto entrusts. I- to. their care , . . and tuition, induce . them to exert every care aud attention- to U- ugg'stS- June 24, 18= 0, . t ,„ i„„ i„ th » ;, I hornas Haydoeh and Mark Wardle,- of Manchester, letter HjuEw& ii, spi- rit dealers — William Howell, of Neath,,- GJanffirgaji, shop- keep^ fti— Wllram- Harritieistt- I'itii . ot. - t^, v^. i'; 1r.""- inercliat, i.— Joto ' 0roe't% ldC " latr. Hf". At< te « ianb$ i;>', Harvie, of ffircrhighwv. fa^ ar.— Htnryv• of .. Liver- pool, mercha » o* Jobi » We iiutftoeper. —' Charles Espener, of- Kings » ) RsUpw,- Htill, v> igSHen. - tir^ per,— Richard Milts;,, of : Birmingham; m4|. ter.-~ rhQiias. Moat, of Halifax, manufatSturer.— George Pant. er; oj Northpurawij. YciJc, manufaiftucer. - . PARTNF. RS/ rtPS'TUSSOi-. VKD. .. r • " Thomas Parker and rDa^ Ul Briar, of Halifax, York-,- cotton card makers.— July: 7, 1806. , > Charles Pe. vtfiil'd and Peter. Berry, of Whltefield; I. ancaster, nankeen matiul'eClurers.— June 25, r8oS; Thom'a* Fisher and Robert Gibson; of York; seed- merchants. June 12, tX 6. * • . ' Francis Reynolds and John Fisher, of Manchester, e& tt'on dealers.— Aug. IT. 1804. . William Hornby and J. Gilbert Burks, of Fenehurch- street, J. : -.- . CONTRACT.— ROYAL MILITARY e. OI, LEGE, " TTHE Cpltegiate^ Jioard of the Royal Military College Jt- " * - gives No'tire, -'' ""• Jfhat such/ Persons Vho are desirous of suyiplying the Gen- tlemen Cailefs of the Junior'' DqWtmeftts, et Great. Marlow; in tii eoonty of. liucks, with MEA T,- may send sealed Proposals, fpgjfc paid) to the Governor, at High Wycombe, < 111 or before • the tth cl"- iy. of,/. ugust nexti OX EEEF--- Rouiiiis and the best Bailing Pie£ trS ; the best ' Roa's'. i'- ig. T eces. • . " .... WE'i'Hi R- MU'JTON-- Legs and Shoulders. ' The daily crnsnmpii'sn- from^ e to 3ooro. at per lb. High Wycombe, jth J-. lv, - CHEAP HOSIERY, Gi; GVl- S, I/ MHES- INVISIIU. E ' PETFICOATS, DRAWERS and- WAISTCOAT WAREHOUSE, at- G. > Mi Til's, real ManSfadturer, 146", ft'fatid, nearly opposite'Ga- therhT-'- street,. View but the follbwiirg prices':- Men's Brbwn Cotton, is.. 6< L is. 8: 1. and 2s. t_ o ( Hie finest qualifies. Women's Rt'out Cotton, IS. Ad. ' is. 91L . is. arid isi' 6tl. Fine, 4s. 9d. ' Super- - Sne'a'nd Extra Supnr'Qne, 3S. 35. to 33. 9d. • X large quanri- ty- Oft hlklrens' Stoel'tings ednally cheap. Men's fine Spun Silk, only 4' s." 6d. and'es. '. Chira bilk, 8is. and 8s. 6d: Womw'i Silk, upth ' ottoit Fer t',' 6s. rod alt. 17s. Greaechoice of Gloves, from CO. pfr p.- iir. All aVtieles'ofthe firsFmakes.: • Families from the fWl'tyi StagKW^ P- ind allowed a . large" discount on takiijg- a qualififyV f. r' ready " rtiijney only.— 146, Strand." BARGAIN'S IN . BOND STREET I— Under a 1 Deed brf rust, " fof Two" Months only.— Four Thousand pTecCs'ciY fcidist and British M, tislins, of different Descriptions, ••' to. be spiel :. o" pyt sent less fh- an - cfist- price, for Ready Money I— Jjffills ( viarranted India), at i8d."- per yard; 200 Cambric ^ Tuslihs very fine, at i8d.; iiearly iobo pieces of curious Jacco- jiqts, AllLbailies, Naaisooks, Ternndams, Serahaud Cosmas, jtaok Sierbetties, Tambour and Satin Work ; with / o beautiful worked Dresses, plain Lenoes, plain and'worked Piquets; Paris Nets, 201 Japan Muslins; ioo Hamburgh and Scotch Cambrics, it in, 14 • 16*- and one guinea, sufficientfor 10 Pncltft Hand- Jlte. chiefs.~— J5 : tra'ordlnary Bargains loco yards of'" Very line C Banahrays at is: per'yard; and 1500 yards qf yard- Wide Ging- fejims, at 6d per yard'!'! I "• - » - -.*•'• ili Zfy, New BondrStreet^ nfar Oxford- streefc. the duties of their situation, have served oiily to incite their constant exertions for the improvement- and well being of those committed to- their care. Assiduous. perseverance in this line of coodudl Mr. and Mrs. S. conceives to be the most gtateful and satisfactory return they can offer to the csnfidenee reposed . in them, by which, alone, they can venture to hope for a con- tinuance of favour and encouragement. This. beminary having been lately enlarged at a considerable expence, leaves nothing to. be d/ sired with regard to air and convenience— There are at present a lew vacancies; cards of particulars to be bad at 3, Coventry- street; or at 34, Vine- street, Piccadilly. SIMPSON, Master of the Naval and Commer- cial Academy, Wilderness- row, near Ranelagh, - Chelsea, takes this opportunity of expressing his grateful acknowledg- ments to his Friends and the Public in General, for the very fl uttering encouragement he has- received for a series of year . Emboldened by. this general Approbation received from the Parents and Guardians of those intrusted to his care and tuition, he ventures to solicit their farther good offices and recommendation with their Friends or Acquaintance whose Ticiiuation or. prospects may lead them to have their children ed- ucated- for the Naval Line,' exclusively, whether for the Roy- • ai- Navy, or the Easv India Company's Service, flee. Mr. Simpson, by arrangements lately made, now proposes tor qualify Youth for that particular . pursuit, by c^ retully in- structing them in all the various brandies ofthe Mathematics, requisite to form able and expert Navigators. ' i'o this resolution he is induced from the recent extinction of the Naval Academy, in his Neighbourhood ( late Mr. - Bettes- worth) it having occurred from this circumstance,- that many may lie at a toss where to find- a convenient situation adapted to the peculiar purpose of forming Young Gentlearen for th « Naval Department. • JFCONOMICAL FEMALE EDUCATION.— JLJ Whether we respect instruction, moral.;, diet, tender treat- ment, or healthiness of situation, the CHEAPEST. SCHOOL NEAR LONDON is one of the best, as can be proved hy most respectable references ' The instruction is solid and complete, the provisions of the best quality, and there is no limitation at any meal. The distance is scarcely seven miles from. town. Every branch - if useful education, and every polite. accomplish- ment is taught. The attending masters are of the lirst eminence. The fries " is one- guinea, to be paid- at entrance, and for chil- dren under twelve, only 16 guineas for a year. ' The Governess will respectfully attend to every address left for L. K. G. at Mr. Cooke's, Hosier, Middle- row, Holborn. • T Mr. WIFFIN's Academy, Long Mt- lford",. S « f- ilL folk, a most delightful : raation,: Youth are carefully in- structed in English, Writing,- Mathematics, Navigation, and Drawing,' at 4el. per annum, washing included.— I.^ tin, French, & C.& C. 23I.— Dancing 15s. and'Music, il. is. per Quarter each. — Mr7W." ackho\ Vfl- 3ges with " gratitude favrjm- s received.'- and assures his Friends arid . the Public in general, it will be his greatest ambition to merit their future fie/ ours*. References to Mr. Taylor, 146, High- street, Boreiugh ; Mr. Smith, in, Mi- nories'; VVnr.- Stanley, E- q. 4.',, l. inie- sfreet:, Leatienhall- street; or at the Blue Boar, White Chapel,- ifvill be' duly attended to.— Mr. Wiffiij has a carriage which will c6iwey' 4<)^ pupils to - and froqj London, in, 9 hours.— Leaves tovvn on site 19th inst. ; A- LADY, residing'in the G%,. wishes., for- two OR more PUPILS, whom she might attend dail y at home, or receive at- her own house. She is capable, of teaching the En- press printers -^ Peb. 16, 1806. Jukes • Coul", on, William Harryman,. Benjamin Bates, and James Wilson, of Upper Thames- Street, iron merchants — Hkne 30, I8" 6. Juk^ s t'oulson, John Henry Pelly, and Paul Malinj of Up- per Thanies- street. iro 1 merchants.— June30, 1806. James Irving, John ' I'odhunter, Robert, Irving, and Richard Byers, of Preston, Lane- ister, woollen drapers.—, Dec. 28,1805- Nathaniel AiSekl. William Mien, and Samuel Pepper, of ps- wich, mercha. its— J n 24, .1806. Alice Flete'hcr a " 1 Esther ^ oston' of Liverpool, Confec- tioners— tune 5, 1806. Thomas Davis and Thomas Bath), of . Manchester, flour dealers— June 23, i3 5, Cath. G todson injl Robt. Goodson, of Le. ile; ih.-.! l- street, sadlers.— July 9, 1806.- Joseph Bid'will and John cole, of Ex? ter.- r- J. aly i, l8o5, John Shackleton and William Shackleton, of Wakefield, York, grocers..— April 14. 1806. Edward Adams and Thomas Bond, of Loniofy Wall, brijle bit makers.— July 10, IFIAD. '..''..',. Joseph Marder, Thomas Burley Rouse, Thomas Heather and Sam. Marder, of Portsmouth, coal merchant.— July 1. iio6. The average price of Brown or Muscovado Sug. tr, computed I from the returns made in the week ending Jul/ y, - 1J0S, is 405 Ijd. perewt. The Hamburgh, mail arrived on Saturday, and soon after a sensible depression of the Funds to-) k place, on » report that the Court of St. Petersburg h id made ft separate peace with the French ; that all the Northern rowel's, indeed,, wire reconciled to this step, and that the French funis hid come over two and a half per cent, better, in consequence of these events. Som? trifling sales of O. nnium at tUe tim', by a considerable Broker, favoured the report, and for a sha t time it was b lieved that all chance of an early pacification was dame away. This apprehension, however, lasted oply for a time, and the funds b- gan to recover towards the cl jse of the da jr. On Saturday two Hamburgh Mails arriv- d with the; Hamburgh'Papers to the id. It is Stated in the Let. ters from Vienna, that a Russian Couii r had brought t e intelligence that Cattaro had been put into the por « sessjo'n of the French. Letters from Bavaria state that th; French troops appear now - to be - going home, at least . they are about to give up Brannau to the Aus « ti'ians, and to relieve'their friends the Bavarians from the « . xpence bf their support. Whether the Northern parts of Offrmapy are also to be evacuated is not men* tipped. Terhaps an array may remain till the new • Constitution of the" Germanic Empire is established. * H? e letteft front ^ ienrta of. the 2 2d of June say, thstf M". D'O'uBRit hsd not - then . feft that capital. It was reponed that , he meant first'fp visit th'e'Baths of Badrr, whither he ' was to fee followed by ( he French and Eng. lish Ministers, and other- diplomatic charafters. It h Si bee- o • reported also, not on the authority of the- Public Journals, that a Congress for a general P- aco was to be hak3 at Baden, but the absurdity of such % stqry is too flagrant to require ob'serva'tion. . It is. said that some progress is made in the adjustment of the differences between Prussia and Sweden. In Italy nothing new. has occurred. Gaeta still de* fics the attacks of the French. Sicily is considered quite secure from any attempt the French can make upott it, particularly \ vhen the British naval farce continues to prbtc'ft the coasts against any embarkation the eneniy may be able to fit out. The; Mail from the Leeward Islands, brought to Falmouth by the Dujce of Montrose packet; brings in- tei% enc6, that,. on the 4th of June, the . French ship Regulus, of 80 guns, arrived at Fort Royal, Marti- nique. This is the ship/ that did so mudi mischief some time aijo, to our tra le. on the African coast, whence she has'now gone to tbe West ladies. The Regu] us is now block; ide- d in Fort Royal, by Ad- ' "' OCURANE, in- the iNqithumbeiland, who a; rived - IMPERIAL PARLIAMENT or GREAT BRITAIN A \' D IRELA ND. HOtTSF. OF LORDS, JULY 12. The Royal Assent was given by commission to the Assessed Taxes Allowance Bill, the Irish Spirits Duty Collection Ull, the Irish Revenue BillAhe Customs I; ce. s Bill, the iJo? t Office Regulation Bill, the Thread Lace Bid, the East- ladia Shipping Bill, and 46 Private Bills.. The Commissioners were the Loi'. o CHA^ LCELLOR, the Earl of AYLKSFOUD, and Lord WALSING.* A. M. The Training Bill, and the Militia Ballot Bill, were read a third time and passed. ^ The Nabob of the Carnatic's Creditors Bill, and sqme" Pri- vate Bills were brought up from tlie House of- Commons, by Mr. Hobhoise and others,, and read a first time. ' The Greenwich C% st Bd) and the Oteemvic,: Hospital Bill passed through Cunim'ittee's'i'ahd . were reported. ; The other Kills oil the'. fable were forwarded in their respec- tive stages.^ / . . . V-."* Adjourned t, il| Monday." HOUSE Ot".. COMMONS. ..' Agreeably to a Message from the l. occi- by the Deputy Gen- tleman Usher of. the Black Rpd, the Speaker, attended hy seve- ral'Members, proceeded fo. the. Ho- USe of Peers, and on his return he stated tHat the Royal.. Assent: had bee i given, by commission, to several Public and tfjivate Bills.. The Consolidated Fund Bill was reada second time, and som- mitted for'Wediiesday. . .' The. Seimian.' s- Allotnjetlt- Bill,. Rodney's Annuity- Bill, the Irish Reve. nHe, Cqnt| nuanee Bill, the Ordtynce Landj Bill, and the BeH Rock. i. ight^- house BUlx severally went through a Com- mittee, and the Reports ordered to be brought up 011" Wonday. .. The Sugar Baunty Bill/ the'' frish " Militia Services Bill, the British Silk Bounty- Bill, the Gibraltar an, d Malta Trade Bill, giish; French and Italian languages grammatically, History, Geo- j the Innkeepers; Allowance Bill, the Stamp Laws Amendment - . , , „ . _ 1- . l . „, 1 — _ , ..., _ r b:„ - t. I I.... , —... I :,„..„. C. I., lilTI , t, n el,,, ' I ' i >, il-, i,— lm. gr'aphy, and the Use of the' Globes, - on aiv improyed-- systenYof the Abbig Gaultier's method, Writing and Arithmvti. e, with, the Rudiments of Music and Drawing. Very respeilablCreU'- reaces will be given and required.— Apply hytletter" ( post paid) addressed to A.- B. at Mr. Chipps, No, - 6, Wa. rdrobe>: t& race, St. Aiih's. Cbuceh- y, attl, BFaqkfri0rs, Bill, the. London- Legal Quays Sale Bill, the Ship Timber Im- • portation Bill, the Irish Gunpowder and Ammunition Impor- tation Bill, the Currant and Raisins - Exportation Bill, the lribh trench- Wines Bill, the Scotch Exchequer Chamber Bill, and the ^ cDtch.- Foi- teited Estates^ Bil^ Werv reported^ K. ad bcd^ ired to j » e'rea' 4 a Hiir^ M^^ syr" off that h,, rb.) ur on the d.; y ufter she entered it. His Majesty's ship Agamemnon, Captain Sir E ® » WARD BERRY, and the Ca17sfo. 1t . frigate and Dehihif* armed ship, were expe/ fled to leave Torto a on the 20th. juncwith the c. onvoy for England. NO', less than 37 s.., l of French, privateers left Gua- deloupe and Martinique in the months of May and June, to cru'ze to the northward, in ho[ C3 ot intercepting the homeward- bound convoy. The packet w. 15 so fortunate as to capture, off Domi- nica, after an aflion of an hour and three quarters, the French National schooner Imperial, which she carried into one of our ports. In lat 23. 25. long. she wasch^ ed by three French privateers, but escaped by superior sailing. Letters from the West- Indies speak of some discon- . tents ot rather a formidable description, which prevail in the islands of Guadaloupe and Martinique. Several officers have been apprehended, who had distinguished themselves in the affair, who have been, or are to be, sent home to France. This morning, at five o'clock, a detachment of be- tween 3 and 400 men from the tst Regiment pf Foot Gi » i ds set off to join the body that is going on the ex » pedition up the Streights. The following are the officers who compose the staff of the expedition on the point of embarking for Sicily ; General WYNYARD, Commander- in- chief; General CAMPBELL, Adjutant- general ; Lord Viscount PROBY, ( eldest son of the Earl of CARYSFORT) ' Deputy Adiu. tant- general; and General OAKES, Quarter- master Ge- neral. The Marquis of HUNTLEY also goes out upon the Staff. We are led to believe that the long meditates! attach on the Isle of France, was to be undertaken by Sir EDWARD PELLEW some time during the hist month. It s thought that the expedition from the Cape, un- der General BERESFORD and Sir H. POPH^ M, w. s in. fended to co- operate in this enterprise. WILLIAM FLETCHER, Esq, is appointed one of the Judges in the Court of Common I'iem^ ia JJubfan, itj tf* 4> t Jtwtge Joitstkyp, resided. FOREIQy.. INTELLIGENCE. ViE. NNA,. JuNE'i. i. T- C) n the iSthinij.- tlv^ En^ libk Envoy . Jjere", TSir . Artl'iur Paget, hid', his % ixAlinic. of leave of lire Imperial Majesty, and tire. new. Envoy,. Miv Adair,' deljyered his credentials. • To- day.' the Fi'eiich Ambassador, Rochefbircau'it,. again received a Courier?- from Paris, aftsp * who$ e. arrival, he had a long conference with tbe Minister af • State Count Stadion, and the next day ao, audience; ofhis Jra » perial- Majesty. It is believed that theGevraan Cotfctk tution was thesubjeift of these Conference^- - . The Councillor " of $ tate^ M. ' D.' p. ubrtl^ is'kill' here." . Advice has been received'from tSt. Petersburg!), that. IVlnce . Kurakin will come, to Vienna, in ' August, . tyit. whether as Ambassador, or'on a particular mission, is not known, as the present Ambassador, Caunt Rasu- mousky, has notyet received any forma! " fecal. A Russian courier has passed thrown ' this city for Sf. Petersburgh, with advice of the occupation of Cataro by the Trench.."-. " . . '' *'*"• Ra « usa was not yet. occupied ; by . Foreign ' Tr. iOps. The Rigtfsan soldiers mount guard with the French military. . LANDSBERG, ON THE LECH, JUNE 19.— The day before yesterday the last column of i 400 Austrian, pri- soners, who have. been here fof two months past, broke up for Ulm and GuntzburgK, where they will embark on the Danube for their own country. • MADRID, JUN.; 3.— A ship from the coast of Carac- as, laden with' cocoa, coffee, and indigo, has arrived at Vigo in 52 days. We are assured- that the expedition of General Miranda, agamst our colonies in Sauth America, has taken a serious turn, though it is not true that he. has already taken Santa Fee, in the new- king- dom of Granada. BREMEN, JUNE 29.— On the 21st inst. our city was entirely evacuated by the Prussian troefps, which had been quartered here four months. A letter from Rome, of the ythult. states, that Sir S. SMITH had carried a reinforcement of British troops to GaeU, and that they,. in three columns, joined in the sortie Of the i< 5th May. One division, comprising about. 500 British, . took the Fort of St. Andrew, on the road to Naples, put mast of the French garrison to tbe bayonet, and spiked the cannon. Their retreat was intercepted. byva. French corps of greatly superior force, attd in the engagement which etisiie. J' 20 English and 80 Neapolitans were made prisoners: The Allied- troops afterwards retired to the mountains, , and it is supposed that their return to Gaeta is cut- off.. T- he two other di visions, under tlie immediate orders - of the Prince of HESSE PHILIPSTHAL, dire& EA their Stack against the enemy's trenches, and retreated " in safety, ,' ajter accom- plishing their obje< S. Sir S.' SM- ITH, with the boats of his squadron, contributed greatly to the. success ' of fjie eilterprize. '• . , . ' The Queen of F. TRURIA TTas nbt only shut . her ports against British, vessels and ' merchandize, fevtt has ; ordered. the confiscation' of all Britlsli property in, her dominions. . ',' Intelligence from Tritstj ^ of-' fhe^^ tfe of- June} men- tions that on. the precediagday, ^ Hussiin siij. ps wftre attacked between Cape - DT strea'atuiPisarKyby a great itfniber of Italian gun- boats,' which had been fitted out at Venice ; but, after an -, i\ ftio" n. qF some'hours, the flo- tilla was dispersed, and'a great number'of the boats were, sunk or destroyed. ' The' Russian force in tbe Gtilpli, composed- four, sail of die line,. one. frigatn,''' and a. great Bumber. of small armed, vessels. His Swedish Majesty has dissolved tbe Gpvernment 6f Swedish Po'meraijia, for disobedience in regard to the measures Which he had ordered for organizing the ' Itvee ai'matfe. , Baron Von Essen ' is- to be the - future Governor. The marauding enterprise of MIRANDA, which has excited it) this country infinitely morfc Consideration than • it was entitled to, has entirely failed. Miranda, in the Leander, arrived at Gffirtada on the 4th of June, and proposed in a few days to proceed to Barbadoes. Dr. BEATTY, who was with Lord NELSON, is ap- pointed Physician to the Channel Fleet. On Tuesday last the Court of Session in Scotland, unanimously decided the cause, concerning the Duke of ROXBURGH'S unentailed freehold property, in fa- vour of his. Grace's two sisters, Lady Essex, and Lady Mary Ker. . . . His-' Majesty has been most gracieusly pleased to ap- point Eardley Wilmot, Esq. to be a Commissioner of Appeals in the Excise Causes, in the room of Charles Agar, Esq. resigned, Yesterday morning the Duke of YORK, arrived at Windsor, and • trifisa& ed business with' his MAJESTY. Afterwards fob; attended1 the parade; in the- Court- yard,' of the Blues and. the ' Stafford Regiments", wi'th his MAJESTY, accompanied by Generals C. IRTWRTQHT, DE BUDE,, and FiTz. ROV,. aud Col. TA^ LOR. After which, his MAJESTY, Princesses AUGUSTA and A ME- ,1,14, walked to Church, accompanied by the Dukes of Yost it and CAMBRI- DQE, who returned tq the.. Palace, • rfttfehded by L°'' d WINCHELSEA^ . Lady . AL'BANA : CUMBERLAND, Generals. DE Bubc and GaRTf)," and Col. TAYLOR, where . a sermon was preached by Dr. CHAMPNEYS. iVfter the Service, the Aa. CHBis. HOP of CANTERBURY ( who arrived yesterday morning)- waited iri'the church, and' held Some conversation with his MA- JESTY. His MAJESTY and the PRINCESSES went in a carriage to Frogmore, where the QUE EN and the other PRINCESSES went some time before. They returned to the Paiacc about'tw'O o'clock. • The Duke of YORK left Windsor for Qatlands,' after attending his MAJESTY and the PRINCESSES to church.; and the Duke of CAMBRIDGE left Windsorfor- London. • His. Royal HighnesS the. PRINCE QF. WALE'S'yester- day honoured Lord Viscount MELBOURNE with his company to dinner. - "' Yesterday His Royal Highness the Duke " of CUM- BERLAND, Lord . CASTLEREAGH, Lord, MELVILLE^ & c. dined with the Marquis of ABERCOI^ N.- To- morrow the Marquis aa'd- Marchioness of STAF- FORD, will leave town for Wo< t> lmers,, ih Hertfordshire, The Earl of CARLISLE. hid yesteVdtry a small seleft party of friends to dinner, at his house in . Grosvehor- place, Pimlico. • * - Earl SPF. N. CER yesterday entertained Loid GREN- VILLE, and a few- Other friends, to dinner, at his country house, Wimbledon Common. " Yesterday the Honourable WELLESLEY POLE, and a small party, dined with General Sir ARTHUR. WEL- L- ESLEY, in Clifford- street, Bond- street. Yesterday morning, at ri o'clock, Sir JOHN and" Lady NEWPOP. T left town for that Right Honourable Gentleman's country seat near tbe City of Waterfordi, Ireland. LAW INTELLIGENCE. COURT « F '^ OMMOtsT PLEA^'^' VjfrtXHi. K".?^ -- . '...- . ' JEKYLL V. S1H. JOHN MUORE,' K. S. ' . .- V. VY V Thts was an atAidrt" trfe'd before Sir, J- ajites '" iMfcatfie^ Vtife question and decision'Upon Wliich'- is. i^'^ oTiaderaiilfeini^ Qj to the discipline" ( if tiiearmy. *•} *--_*- t ?. Tr.' SeVjeaiit BEsr^ stat^ d t'va't ' Pl^ i- WtifP w* as formerly a Captain in' the : Re. gi'rtient of , Foto,' s£ a- tlisti « le1 aCtitai Wits . brought_ aga1nA the defendant ( » B;\ rht> j\;-- d" i| trn" gUish « d cha- • raster, Sotli jnTtts military aftpprivaW le^, he" comnlelited at' some iengtS) for a ltbel- agaiiist the PtaintOtVandWMch libet he. considered" as hatliig produced- n^ ufiocti^ cfji) set} ueitres" r'o*' tKe Statement ot the quantity of Ale brewed in the Lon- don district by fire ; six principal houses, between July 5, lifoj, and Jply 5, 1806:—- .. . ..... - BiVRKKLS- BARRELS. • Stretfiin , - . .- 1^, 207 . Sharp - - 9,101 - .17,9: 16 Godiug - - 9,- 60 - lxotg Hale - - 7,505 Cfiarruigton ' Webb.. " MHElWctot VJ U U. i^. i.- xl J.. LORD NELSON. PlUSuyff'fcjii urmiortion to. the \ v. e « ht oT^ atthority'fr'otn. WWtfh' it proceeded. Itlippeared from t'WsSi'emint'ffcit Cii^ t, Jeli'yll had been sent on a recruiting party', from rCKrenje^ y tafSttitSf, and had returned ivitKout leavej inj jpusSijuehce Vnherfof. he had been'pnt Under an arresrhy , hij.. Cotoi| Kl ( Colo, r\ el Stewart). That Captain Jekyll conceiving that TTe'viftis justified from what had passed, on the subject of tseingtetlt bo Jersey", in returning, exhibited charges against Colonel Sttwart, 011 which Colonel Stewart was brought to a Ceoeral Court. Martial, whereof Sir John Moure was President.- Tfiat Colonel Stewa- t v.- as.' honour- ably acquitted, and at the coh'clusiofi of- the'judgment of the Court Martial, they stated as part of. the juilgment the'ir bpihibii of the prosecution, the result of which was, that the prosecu- tion against Colonel Stewart waS groundless. ' It was contended that tht! Court Martial could- only give judgment as lo the Condnft of Colonel Stewart, and that this opinion, with respeCt to the conduct of Captain, lekyll, was extrajudicial, illegal, and therefore a libel. That it Was doiiig in this case what in ordinary cases in the law courts could only be done by an action for malicious prosecution, in which the falsehood and malice were to be proved, and in which the De- feftdanfwould have the Opportunity of . rebutting - such proof, which he had not hepe, ,. It appeared, to a questioh asked by Sir James Mansfield, that Captain JekyllJiadbeen. sworn'and given evidence as a WitneSs oil the prosecution, and at the, conclusion of the statement of Plaintiff's case, the Learned Judge asked what was the. publication of this as a libel. It'was. stated to be the transmission of it to Sir Charles Morgan, the ludge ' Adv'o- cate^ to be'liiidbt- fore the. King for his private judgment as noon as the statement was njade. The l. ord. Clii. ef Justice said, " Has such an aCtion ever been hejrd of? '. Are the Courts bf im s. ntPnt- BCnf C^ utr^ s AAart- i-. i! ? Sir CREDITORS Ai TO- MORROVVT E. Drake, Plymouth Dock - W-. MoSP. itt, C^ iieen- street, Long- acre, Ironmonger - vV. Barfoot; Walt& uto Abbey, Grocer J. Bark\ vith, K; itig- air'- et, Ha'mmersa> ith, Butcher - M. Svvancott, Fbstn - lane, Cheapside, Warehouseman 11. M. .1 ' o - .3 1 Z 2 13 1 10 MARRIED. Benjamin Kttv.-., rd Hail, Ksq. to Miss BraitKwate, daughter ot the late Riiihard. iii'uithwatjt, Jisq. Admiral of the White. .. Saturday, J » St. l'aucras Church, Mr. Joseph Down, of King- street, Coveiit- gatdi- ii^ to Miss Rowles, of Hampstead- road. • "" DIED. ^ ~ On the 5th iastatt, at Elgin, in North Britain, Alexander Brodie, M. D. On l-' hursday, July 10, at the ReClory, Blithfield, in tfeeKtfc' year of his age, the Rev. Walter Bagot. On Saturday, at Crayford. Kent,' in his 79th year, the- Rev. Philip Waite 1, forty- seven years Reitor of that parish. ~~~ s'focK EXCHANGE'. ~ Bank Stock J13 Imperial 3 per Cent. 61.1 3 per Cent. Red. 6* ff jj Imperial Annuities 8] 9- 16 3perCent. Con. 61 f ij i| j Omnium 6i ii 54 6 4 per Cent. 8o| Sijv $ " India Bonds is. as. is. dis. 5 per Ct.' Navy 94 § i Iixdieq. Bills par 3s. 2s. pr. LongAnn. 17 13- ift - J Consols for 63J f 2 J ^ _£• Bisn, Stock Broker, 4, CohihiH, and 0'." Charing Cross.. HIGH WATER THIS DAY AT LONDON BRIDGE. Moriiinpr 40 min. after i Rvenlns 8 mi" after % -•'.'• - WANTS A. PLACE. AS WET NURSE, a young Woman, very fit for it.— A line addressed to E. C. at No. - 21, Brooli- street, Hol- bdrn, will be attended to. MIRROR OVfaSHIOH. TO SHEW THE VERV AGE AND BODY'OT' T11E IIME,. 1T8 FORM AND I'RESSUHE. -— KING'S THBAT'RE. • . 1 To- morrow F. veiling ^ will be represented, ( for the last , time' this season) the grand serious Opera of GL ORAZZI E CURIAZZI. . The' Principal Characters by NfeSaiwe/ Gramini, and Mr, Braham.; and the last ' night of Madame Qrassihi's_ Perforni- anees. ' " End of the first » a, tlie. 13ivertisemept'J. ES' JARDINIERS. After the Opera, will be performed the gtand. Ballct bf . ' ARMtDE'ET . REN AUD. . ,. . Composed by MttnSeur Rossi. . ' < THEATRE ROYAL, HAYMARKET. •• - This Evenitjg, will be produced. FIVE AI'. l. ES OFF ; or, The Finger Pus'. Previous to the Comedy, the, - Musical EntettaifiiiieM bf The HUNTER of the ALPS.. After the'Cotnedy the Burlesque Tragedy of TBM THUMB. • To- morrow, The Purse,' with Five Miles. Off, and Ways and Means. 1 ,"'."' VAUXHALL. Under the Patronage of his Royal Highness the Prince OF Wn! c J, • This Evening will be a Grand GALA and brilliant display ot ORKS— Admissi « n 3s. • 0,7 .."'. iturday moi'fiirtg, his MAJESTY, Dukes of CUM- and KENT, Princesses AMELIA, SOPHIA and v- accompanied by Lord WINCUELSEA, Ge- CAETWR. OHT, and FITZEOY, rode i'u Windsor Grsst Park until one o'clock. Hi's MVJ EST Y and the PRINCESSES walked on the Terrace in die evening, after which they had a concert. •\ s the Rev, MI". MORRIS, Chaplain to their MA- JESTIES, was going tft the Royal Chapel to perform his duty, he slipped down in the Court- yard and disfocated his leg, which prevented divine service oeuig. performeu that mottling. Wo, are happy to state he is in a fair j* ay of recovery. *" . ' tQn Thursday morning a large stone, fell on one ol the 1^' feurers in the Castle, which smashed his leg to pieces.- ' Her MAJESTY did not quit the Palace the whoie of The following Codicil to the Will of this illustrious Hero was • not proved till. the 4th inst. It - sheWs that public spirit and a stropg sentiment of justice and' gene- rosity mingled with his last feelings, while it beaisam- ple testimony to the eminent services which Lady Ha- milton rendered to this Country ; it will also account for the rancorous antipathy of Bonaparte ' towards the Queen of Naples, by whose aftive intervention these Ser- vices were so happily carried into effeft :— *'" ' CODICIL. ."'• " October the Twenty- first, One Thousand Eight Hiin- *'** ' rfred and Five, then in sight of the Combined Fleets of ' Eraiice and Spain,' distant about ten miles. . Af Wheleas ' the emirtent. services of ErYima Hamilton, '. widow ofthe, Right . Honourable Sir WRA.. Hamilton, •' have b « eri of fhe very greatest service to our King and C^ tiiitry, . t. 9 my k* Qwjedge, without her receiving any reward from either our ICingor Country is't, that she .'.' obtiinef the Kirig- of Spain's Letter,- in .1796, to his brother, fh'e King of Naples, acquainting him of. his .. intention'to declare war against, England'; from which • Lettec the Ministry, sent out orders to then Sir J. Jervis, • to strike- a stroke, - if - opportunity offered, against either the arsenals of - Spain or her fleets: that neither of these wis done is not. the fault of Lady Hamilton ; the opportunity might have been offered. Secondly, the British fleet under my command could never have returned the'second time to Egypt had not Lady Hamilton's influence with the Queen of Naples, caused letters to be wrote to the Governor. of Syracuse, that he jyas tOA'bcourage. the ' Fleet . being supplied with every thing, should they put into any port.- in Sicily.; . we put into Syracuse and received every supply ; went to Egypt and destroyed the French Fleet 1 ' Could. I have re- warded these - services .1 would not now Callupon my Country ; but as that has not been in my power, I leave Emma- Lady Hamilton, therefore, a legacy tomy ' King and Country, that they will give her an ample provision to maintain her rank in life. I also leave to the benefi- cence of my Country my. adopted daughter, Horatia Nelson Thompson, andT desire she will - use in future the name of Nelson only. Thesd are tlje only favours I ask of my King and Country at . this moment, when I am going to fight theirbattle. May God bless my King and. Country, and all those I hold dear; my relations it is needless to mention; they will of course, be anYply provided for. ' " NELSON AND BRONTE." Witness, Henry Blackwood. T. M, Hardy. ' THE LATE STORM. The damage done by the tremendous storm of Fri- day last is greater than has been remembered for many years. Seyeral houses in and near the metropolis were struck by the lightning, bat we do not learn that any serious injury has . resulted to individuals. Amongst other accidents, four Powder- mills at Hounslow were' . struck by . the lightning, and all blown up. Providen- tially no lives were lost, as the explssion took place at the time when the worka- m we^ e all at breakfast. 1 In'offler quarters more melancholy accidents have oc- curred? we Iiave received the following letters upon this ffcbiia:— STAN MORE, JULY 12,- 1806. . « - On Friday, the I ith instant, at eight o'clock a. M. a violent storm of rain came on at this place, from the iS. W. accompanied with thunder aad lightning, and continued to rage with unabated violence. for the space ' of two hours in the neighbourhood of this place. On the north east side of Harrow Weald Common, a thatched hovel where persons of both sexes, to, the number of thirteen, had taken shelter from the storm, was set on fire, by a flash of lightning, by which a wo- man; having a child at the breast, was killed, whilst the infant miraculously escaped, and a boy was so much scorched by the flash, that he now lies without hopes bf recovery. DEAL, JULY 12. - Yesterday, in the afternoon, was experienced at this place a most tremendous thunder storm, with hail- and rain; tbe lightning was very vivid and quick ; it struck the maintop; gallant- mast of his Majesty's bomb Prospe- vo, shivered to pieces' the topmast', and damaged the mainmast; one man was killed, named Joseph, Perkins, and several other of the people were knocked. down, but- are recovered without any injury. laying1 the prpeeedings. before his Majesty, ailtl subject to an aCtion. . The Court Marfial heard all the evidence Capt. Jekyll could produce, and- thought in their judgment that th'e charges were groundless. Hfid they. not a nght to state'that'to his Majesty?. It'. would be strange if. this Court Martial were appealed from, and the report they niajte' to . its Majesty were to be examined befqre a Juijge ao'd' jyry,. this opinion of the Court is part " of the sentence, an3' of the procfceS- , ings before the Court " Martial. When a prosedutfon ' turns ou't to be urrconsclentibtts,'- groundless; and, maticiope,' lujtv often is it that a Judge So ' States-— it ?'• Another., case Jias been alluded, tp « £ Lieutenant Colonel Moore, Ig^ fh^ li- litia, and Colonel Bastard, . tried before me, a » 4 i-> which " tire Plaintiif recovered 300!. but jt his'- l^ o resenjblauc. e. • , Tjie Presi- dent of th'eCagrf MaTtiaJ liid. iD. that » caS5 assumed' ?'. P _ tssumed' ?". P, ower^) f committing'- a - man updi; r ci^ cunStan'ies; wjUjpS di'j. n<' ft* Jtrsufy;' rt.; ' They iiad.' iir that ewe, n'oTSiffh. pgjJtfJ ai « f'ii5 Jj^ t^ e'h iSe - I- it. W'VT for the' impfis9n( fi? ii£ th, ii vyis. ntr'Tllr* IV ftf'trttllH tt ifF^ i rt b* V'f A,-, V ? * , HOUSES," SEE. JSY~ AUC'L' 1 UIV To Coach Masters, farmers, Carriers, and Gentlemen in want of Horses to draw in the Harvest. Ey Mr.- R. DIXON, at the City Repository, Barbican, ( late Mr. H. Langhorn's,) TO- MORROW, at ii o'clock preciselv, ONE- Hundred and Fifty. BAGGAGE HOUSES, from, the army, ciculated for the. following purpe » . s: gig anil jburney.' hol" se's, to match - for coach ur chariot, mail, stage- coach, post, orJi » cknSy- coach work"; many of them will suit particularly jyeirfor farmers, to draw in the harvest or put to- jSlough dr teitai » ' i; hey are mostly, young, sound, good- sized Uorses,_ solyon actbuiit of tlie'rediuftion that has taken , place in ' that part 01 the military establishment: of the country ; have betai employed by, Govtrtiment to draw the Roval Waggon • l* stt£ af& G<* rtrnmet) t horses, aod will be sold without reserve. l'o^ e.'. vitwed. t! fe morning of sale; J .. law- Mt. was for the lmprispnifiEtit, th. il ? ctioil wh] dir5' toUjly_ d> i0' erfE; n^' frofn I'bi^'^ p^ issff TrStljuUeC^ 4 • "•' • •'•\- sji7i\- rffjks, • ' •' •- . DEAT,* JU LV TI.^ JA^' S S."^. .^.^ IFSD'YEST^ JFTJVRFFEP^, th? - Clyde frig^ t^' Comfnodore^ O^ pna hrig, from tlie. grerich. JC5a^ b^* F^ m tli^' Jat- ttr wajs liihded Basil'icb, the/ iffes^ ehg^ r,. Avidi4isgiitdieSj wiio immediately S6t off'for London.' . t - ' ' r" Arrived the Devastation ^ d'Ze8raT> oWfo; fri5' Ci, iVvj> mo, lath; Meteor bomhi'and " Tiirbiil& c - guitbrij,' ff< gi5 a cfyize. dame down from the river; iSisiriSjephen 1 . trshingtqn, Gray, fijr In- dia.— Put- back, the Apollo, £ raveraiid J5Sdfcr( l raen « f war, for Africa. " .• ' ' . . • •- - -- • • PORTSMOUTH, JI/ CY 11.--- Arrived tliis morning, the Fury bomb, Capt. Searle, with" a'cQlivoy irq, m- the. Dowais.. Sailed the Sprightly cutter, Lieutenant Gordon, on a cruize. The transports which arrived from " the^ Cape . of Good Ho. pe are ordered tc be fitted to take 9000 troopsto the Mediterranean. A considerable number of troops are expe& ed to embark soon. . - .'. SALES BY- AUCTION. Cheglful FAMILY HOUSE, Southeate.— By Messrs. BDR- TGN and VENNOR, TO- MORRO W, at 12, at GarrawSv's, .; A Desirable . LEASEHOLD ESTATE ; cort.- / T prising a spacious Dwelling- house, entirely new- built, commanding delightful prospects, 9 miles from London, near the. Chase,. in the pleasant village of Southj- ate. with coach- _ house, stabling, aud extensive pleasure and kitchen garden stofcked with numerous fruit trees. , The premises contain S chambers, • 1 dccssing roohw, drawing room, dining room, . honujjsteppr Aroom,- and convenient domestic arrangements.— These premises are.. held 011 lease for. ail unexpired term'of 4 y< ars; from Lady Day, 1804, . at the low groimd.- rent of 81. 8s. perandum; land tax redeemed.— To. be. viewed, and particu- lars Hj* a on the premises; at Garraway's ; and of Messrs. Eur- ttiu and Vennor, 62, Cornhill. , • . the '^ y ' l* fcjr MAJESTIES have declined all thoughts of an A caaip, princi- exeu.^ on 16 Weymouth this Summer. pally c ' omposed of cavalry, is immediately to be formed sn the » .' cig)) hourhocd of Windsor, Notwithstanding the views of the . Battle of Trafal- gar which have lately been offeced- for public.. inspeiftion, the battle of Trafalgar, exhibiting at the. New Marine Panorama, in the, Haymarket, still attra< 5fs the ' eyes of all judges of true merit. The testimonies . which, are daily received of its excellcn'cy, afford a most gratify- ing proof to the Proprietors, that their exertions are daly estimated by all enlightened men of taste.,, . The rfepovt of a new massacre in St. Domingo,-, vhich stands on the authority of CapL Dodge, of, an Ame- rican schooner, arrived at New York, is apparently un* worthy of Credit. Captain Dodge's account is pot in- serted in a Newspaper of- the Port at Whifh. he; ar- rived, but is mentioned only in a " Boston Paper, - a cir- cuity that weakens'even tbe bad credit of an American shipmaster. But from whence came tha great numbers of white Frenchmen now represented as men of pro- perty, resident in May last, in* the territories of DeSsa- iines ? After the chief part of them had been sent prisoners from tbe Cape, no less than 150, as we are to| d, remain to be massacred in t) iat single town.— What then must have been the number in the whole Island who had chosen or adhered to that dangerous Council.?— If this account is true, . the- accounts of the masscacres in 1804 must have been gross exaggerations at least; for the white French, with the exceptien of a few Priests, and a few who eScafed to other Countries, were represented, as having been totally e^ tgrrmnated ; and by a Proclamation, ascribed to Dessalines,- death was denounced against every. JFrehd^ nian who should afterwards kind on his c& ast... ,.-. . " . By a late Order of the Council of-^ brtugal,' the pre- scriptions of Physicians are ordeffiil'td be \? Sit6n! ih the Portuguese language, an aft highly deserving. imitatiCm in England. ' - On Tuesday, af Shawfield, hjarDuihfikS; two hives of bees swarmed : a't. one time, and lighted upOn^. tree, where they cordially remaipsdi several hapr- s, aind thi^ n went off together for about the- d. rstan. de .. of'a jmife,'; atld being- followed, were found on an 6ldthL^,.' iittjn. g on opposite sides, in separate- commu » itieS.'-' Fbey. were' then put into two hives, but'tiotse'eMirig torik& ffie sis-.' paration they again joined, and now.. liVe. tb^{ Fier.. yt,' one '• hive', in - great harmony. — . * • -.•"> v-. : The Honourable Brigadier Geite'al,^ te. Wartj fen; his,' ceasing the commatid bf the Vpluriteers/ fifjiiebounty of Cambridge and Huntingdon, tire Isle of Ely and Pe- terborough Battalions', had . the, foliQwi'ng unanimous Vote of- Thanks : tra'nsmitted- to him :—..... The Officers, Non- Commissioned Officers and. Private's, com- posing the above Corps of '. Volunteers, return- their sincere ' l'hanks to. the Honourable Brigadier General Stewart, for the good opinioi^ he- has been pleased to express of their Military Duty whilst, under his « jnunand; andvat the same time, that they express' their regret at the* departure of a General whose exertions have always tended to . promote g04d order and disci- pUne, they beg leave thus publicly to assure Tiim, that the fame, spirit shall continue to- aninjate tliem"? 0 long as the Safety , and' honour of their King and Country shijll, require them. Another week of superlative advantage is likely to ensue to Vauxhall Gardens, the foliage of which has been completely renovated by the late refreshing show- ers. It has been observed, that when the trees are im- pregnated by moisture to a certain degree, the effeft of the " concord of sweet sounds", is considerably heightened ; but the fashionable world do not require philosophical illustrations to draw them to a spot so tru- ly enchanting. When Mr. Bowyer's Lottery Bill was in its progress through Parliament, there were many very handsome things said in both Houses respefting the claims which this Gentleman had upon the liberality, of his fellow- countrymen in having been tmremittingly employed for nearly 16 years ( in times the' most . unfavourable for the arts) in producing . a splendidly embellished History of the British Empire at an expence of more than 70,000!. siln full confirmation of what was, said upon those occa- ons, tMe Lord Chancellor and hisGrace theDuke of Nor- folk the other evening, in the House of Peers, observed, " that whenever the speculation of ah individual . was blended with, what had a tendency to distinguish and il- lustrate, by the splendour : of" its execution; the history of a great and opulent nation, it highly, merited public, encouragement, of which description ( added- these esi' alted " charaiters) is the Lottery of Mr: Bowy? r." Heat" House and Shop Borough Road.— By Messrs. BtJRTO, N ' and VENNOR, TO- MORROW, at 12, - it Garraway's nri'IE LEASE of a neat DWELLING HOUSE, i with Shop, well situate for business, No 9,' Bo'rough- rbad, near, the Obelisk, Black- friars. The Premises are in good ' re- pair, and " contain four good chambers, . shop, parlour; wash- ' M .... Burton and Vennor, 62, Cornhill. Annuity of Sixty Pounds per amium.— By Messrs. BUR'l ON and VENNOR-, TO- MORROW, at u, at Garmvay's, A N ANNUITY of SIXTY POUNDS per An- J- - V num, held for and during the joint aud separate live.^ of two persons, each about 39 years of age, arising firom a sum o" 20C3L vested in the 5 per Ccht. Navy Stoek; particulars gf which may be had at Garrawsy's; and of Messrs. " Burton " and Vennor, 62," Cornhill. Neat Brick Dwelling House and Shop, NeWratt- s'treet." By. Messrs. BURTON and VENNOR, TO- MORROW, at Garraway's, at 12, "'..•• * ' « .- THE LEASE, with immediate possession! of a substantial brick- built DWELLING HoUsfi,- and SHOP, in the most preferable part of Newgate- street, being " N'o^ in. The Premises are well adapted foi" a genteel retail trade,, and contain two servants' sleeping rooms, four excellent. bed chain- ben with convenient closets, commodiotis diaing rootti, kitchen, large parlour, roomy shop with commanding bow. front, and good cellaring. Held on lease for an unexpired term of ten years, at " a low rent. To be viewed, and particulars had till the, sale on the Premises; at Garraway's; and of Messrs. Burfon and Veiiiior, 63, Cornhill. Valuable Modern " Building Materials, Bedfordshire. By Messrs. BURTON and VENN OR, 011 Friday, 2jth instant, at Jt, on the Premises, Goldington, - near Bedford, in Lots, ', if the whole is not disposed of by Private Contract, 111 one j" Lt) t ; on or before 18th instant, fraE rery valuable MATERIALS oF that com- • A plete JV'fansion intended as the residSnce of the late JosephAddington,' Esq » |( fceased.. The whole will be found of the very best quality, penecftly modern, and deserving the par- ticular attention of, gentlemen desirous of similar property, With * very easy access to water, carriage, ' t he Materials, many oS which are not httyJ^ inclBde several rods of sound brick work, slating, seasoned oak arid fir timbers, joists, flooring boards, fnouldings, stone cills, Steps, paving, and stringing sashes and frames, jjamielled doijrs, quantity of new lead", and miscellaneous articles. . To be Viewed " Wednesday and Thursday previous to the sale; Whim catalogues may be had 011 the premises, and of . Messrs. Buftbu, and Vennor, 64, Cornhill. •" FREEHOLD MANSION, near. Blllerirav. aiid South End. By Messrsi. BURTONtmd VENNOR, at. Garraway-' s, on Wed- ' ; nssday,- the 33th instant, at 12 o'clock, THE valuable and truly desirable FREEHOLD HOUSE and ESTATE, known by the name of HAC- ' CEIOU HALL, niost eligibly ' sitiiate near the turnpike- road lead- ing from Londoii through Billericay to South End, about 36 miles from Town, in a'healthy, beau- tiful, and sporting-- pari: of .' the County of Essex, consisting of a new- built House, display- ing an elegant elevation, aqd finished in a superior s lie, with requisite- attached and detached offices tastefully, and coinmodi- ously disposed, good garden, pleasure ground,' and lawn, and about. J.; acres of rlc)} freehold Meadow- Land.— To be'viewed • withtickets only, by leavet> f the Tenant, which, Withprinted •- particulars, ma:*- be had 011 the respective Premises; at the Crown, Biliericay; New Ship, Rochford; Crown, Ingare- stone; Crown, Brentwood,; Black Boy, Chelmsfovd; ' and of . Messrs.- Burtcn and Vennor, 62, Cornhill. EPPING FORES I'.- De1 ightfiil VILLA and PleasureCiourtds, with 10 Acres of rjch Meadow Land, only five miles from • London.— To be DISPOSED OF, by PRIVATIT CONTRACT, • by Messrs, BURTON and VENNOR, A Very desirable COPYHOLD VILLA", con- il taining a drawing roorii. spacious dining parlour, motning room, gentleman's l^ oom, six airy bed- chambers, dressing and servants' rooms, water closet, and suitable domestic offices, double coach house, roomy stabling for six horses, pleasure grounds'tastefully designed and abundantly planted with a choice collection of trees and flowering shrubs," gardens well stocked. The whole, occupying two acres, a paddock in front, and immediately contiguous are four meadows containing about ten acres of Leasehold Land.— To be viewed with tickets only, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, between the hours of eleven and two, Which, with printed particulars, may be had by application to Burton and Vennor, 62, Cornhill. Tobe SOLD by PRIVATE Ct> N 1 RAC 1', By A. essrs. liUR- TON and VENNOR, ' 3 ' HE LE ASE of a commodious, modern, well- X built DWELLING- HOUSE, situate on Stanford- hill, suitable for the immediate reception of a genteel family, and contains nine excellent chambers fitted up with closets, itore room, spacious entrance hall, with light staircase,' commodious dining room. opening with folding doors into a handsome draw- ing room, breakfast parlour, kitchen, scullery , foa£ iuafi's pantry, china closet, wash house, excellent wine and beer cellaring, farm yard, piggery, cow bouse, fowl and wood ditto, three- still stable, double ooaclvhousew. ith loft over, and coachman's room, large garden well stocked aoil cropped, lawn, and. an adjoining field of-. tticrct fouracri- s, dn lease. for an unexpired term o£ 60 years, at a ground'rent.- » Fi » rther particulars by application to Messrs. barton and Vennor, 62s- Cornhili., " SALE'S ABYUCTION. Efegant Modern Furniture, brilliant Plate, Pier and Chimney Ol.' sses'of large dimensions, Convex Mirrors, choiCi stock of Wines, 8co ounces of Plate, Linen, Books, a valuable and complete set of Handel's Music, elegantly bound, Boydell's Shakespeare, a scarc? arid valuable- Painting of the Deluge, by P. L De Loutherbourg, Prints,' China, Glass, an elegant town- built Barouche Landau on. its first wheels, & c. l. in- coln's- inn- fields. By Messrs. HOGGART, and PHILLIPS ( Successors to Mr. Snlith,) on the Premises,. No. 46, Portugal- row,- Lincoln'^- imi- fields, 011 Wednesday next, and 2 following days, at II, by Order of the Assignees ' 6f Mr. Robert Bent, Merchant, HTHE genuine HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, jL . about 3oo ounces' of Plate, an elegant towu- bu, ilt Barouche Landau on its first wheels, and EffeCts ; comprising carved ma- hogany pillared bedsteads, with rich chintz furnitures, prime goose beds and bedding, mahogany and japanned, chairs, ca- pital set of dining tables on pillars and claws, an excellent ma- hogany cellaret sideboard, 9. feet long, with dftub. le brass rod an'd lamps on top, wardrobes, drawers, a library table, Turkey, Wilton, and Brussels carpets, brilliant plate, pier and chimney glasses of the follovving dimensions, go inches by 46 inches, 74 » y 37, by 42, 64 by 36, convex Mirrors, a suite of drawing room furniture complete, with japanned and gold chairs, cur- tains to match, elegant inlaid satin wood, card, pier and sofa tables, an elegant assortmenfflf china and glass, plated articles, kitchen requs'ites,. copper, pewter, and numerous effects. . N. 13, The choice stock of Wines will be sold on Thursday next.— May be viewed one day previous to the sale, and. cata- logues had op the premises ; of Messrs. Leigh and Mason, Solicitors, New Bridge- street, Blackfriars ; a « d of Messrs. Hog- gart and Phillips; No. < 62, Broad- street. . A Valuable and Choice STOCK of Genuine WINES, Lin- coln's- 1 mi Fields. Ey Messrs. HOGGART and PHILLIPS ( Successors to Mr. Smith) by order of the Assignees of Mr. Robert Bent, Mer- chant, on the Premises, No. ' 46, Portugal- row, Lincoln's Inn'fields, on Thursday next, at 11, AVery choice STOCK of WINES, consisting of 365 dozen of prime Old Port, 220 dozen of particular Hast India Madeira, < 8 dozen of Claret, Js dozen of red and white Champai'gne, i? dozen of old Hock ( 17* 6) and about 9 dAzeri bf Burgundy. The above stock of Wines are particular- ly recommended to the public, and are of the finest qualities, imported by Mr. Bent, and will be sold without any reserve— To be tasted, and Catalogues, had one day previous to the sale, on the Premises; Morland's Coffee- house, Dean- street, Soho ; Bedferd Coffee- house, Covtflt- garden; Messrs. Lejgh and Ma- son. Solicitors, New Bridge- street; and of Messrs. Hoggart and • Phillips, 02, Broad- street, Royal Exchange. PILTON. HOy SE, near Barnstaple, Devonshire. By Messrs. HOGGART and PHILLIPS ( Successors to Mr. SMITH), by order of the Assignees of Messrs. Cooke and ' Herbert, at Garraway's, on Friday next, at li, A - Very desirable FREEHOLD RESIDENCE, 11 called Pilton House, delightfully situate on an eminence, ' in- the centre of a rich pa'ddoek, surrounded by choice planta- ' tiotis of shrubs " and forest trees in full perfection, about one niile from Barnstaple, near the rural village- of Pilton, in the county of Devon. The house forms a handsome elevation, and contains numerous bedchambers, dining, drawing, and morn- ing rooms, breakfast parlour, dressing room, and closets, with offices of every description; double coachhouse, stabling for IS horses, coach yard, and out- buildings, several kitchen gardens, 10fty south walls, and numerous choice fruit , trees, extensive plantations and shrubbery walks; commanding 111 every direc- tion, views of great extent and beauty, offering's most desira- ble retreat for a family of respectability; the land adjoins the " house, part leasehold and the remainder freehold, containing, altogether, about 50 acres, of which immediate possession may be had. Particulars at Garraway's; and , of Messrs. lloijgas andPhillips, 62, Broad- street. , ' . - SALES BY AUCTION. PAVEMENT BONDS,— El' Messrs. HOGGART and PHIL- LIPS ( Successors to Mr. Smith), at Garraway's, 011 Friday, the, 24til instant, at 12, T^ WELVE P AVEMENT BONDS of tool. each, JL bearing interest at 4I. per Cent, per annunt, regularly paid half yearly. Secured by an Ait of Parliament for paying, cleansing, and lighting the road from Clarges^ stireet to Hyde- Park- Corner, and from the south end of Park- lane to the north side of Hertford- street.— Particulars May be had six days pre- vious to the sale, at Garraway's; and of Messrs. Hoggart and Phillips, No. fa, Broad- street. . FREEHOLD FARM, near Tunbridge, Relit. By Messrs. HOGGART and PHILLIPS, ( Successors to Mr. SMI I'H,) at Garraway's, on Thursday, the 24thinstant, at 12, ADesirable FREEHOLD FARM, in the Parishes of Chapel and Tudely, six miles from Tunbridge, 36 from London, and about half a mile from the turnpike road it Maidstone, containing forty- nine acres of arable, pas- ture, water meadow, and hop land, the greatest part in a ring fence, with a Farm- house, Cottage, barn, stabling, aiid out- buildings, lately repaired, in the occupation of Mr. James Nor- t6n, tenant at will.— To be viewed with leave of the Tenant, and particulars had at the Sussex Tavern, Tunbridge Wells,; Rose and Crown, Tunbridge; Chequers, Lamterhurst; Bull, Maidstone; Bull, Wrotham; Crown, Sevenths; Black Lion, Farniugham ; Bull and George, Dartfprd; White Haft, Brom ley ; at Garraway's; and of Messrs, Hoggart arid Phillips, No. 62, Broad- street, near the Royal Exchange. Singularly eligible FREEHOLD LAND and - DWELLING- HOUSES, Holioway.— By Messrs. HOGGART and PHIL- LIPS, ( Successors to Mr. SMITH,) at Garraway's, 011 Friday next, at 12, AValuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, comprising 12 acres of excellent Meadow Land, extending about 280 feet in front of the high road, in a, most, delightful situation for building, at Holloway, about three mile's from the Royal Ex- change, with a carcase roofed and timbered. Tlie Estate con- tains a valuable quantity of brick earth, and the land- tax is re- deemed. Also, Two genteel Dwelling- houses at the west end Of Cornwall place, containing each two rooms on a floor, - with aspace'f or a garden.— To be viewed, and particulars had at Gar- rrrray's ; and of Messrs. Hog'art and Phillips, 62, Broad- street CHTGWF. l. L- ROW. Eppiiig- Forest— 8y Messrs. HOGGART .1Sd PrtTCLSPS, at Garraway's, oh Friday next, at 12, A , COPYHOLD ESTATE, comprising a cheer- JT\ ful Dwelling. House, with extensive prospers in every direction, suitable for a genteel family, situate at Chigwell- roiv, a'nottt one mile from Chigwell, near Woodford- bridge, in the County bf Essex. The House contains si* good bedrooms, three parlou- fs, krtehen, with water laid on, pantry, offices, chaise- Souse, stable, eotv- house, piggeries, productive orchard and gar- den, held under the Manorof Barritlgton, at a small fine. Ouit tent- 4s. fid. per anrium.— To be viewed every day previous to the sate, alia particulars had at the King's Head, Chigwell; Bald- faced Stag, Epping Forest; White. Hart, Woodford; of Mr. Edisort, Solicitor, Basinghall- street ;-. at Garraway's; and of Messrs. Hoggsirt and Phillips, No. 62, Broad- street, near the Royal Exchange. ' . •' Oil- the- Verge of NORl'HAW COMMON, Herts. Messrs. HOGGART and PHILLIPS, at Garraway's, on Friday next, at 12, ' A Remarkable. pleasant new- built LEASEHOLD JTI- COITAGE, containing four bed- rooms, two parlours, < S,- tssingi' 9om, and. kitchen, unfinished in the interior, situate jat Castle- gate, on the Chace, near Southgate and Northaw, With a neW- planted orchard, and land adjoining, containing to- gether about three acres,- of which alea> e will be granted for 21 years, at a gfouhd rent of iol. pef annum— May be view- ed aftd particulars had at the Cherry- tree, Southgate; Grey- hound, Enfield; Green Man, Barnet; ar. d of Messrs, Hoggart and'Phillips; No'.' fiii'Old Broad- street. Valuable Estate, at Purleigh, near Maiden, Essex, with posses- sion at Michaelmas next.— By Messrs. HOGGART and PHILLIPS ( Successors to Mr. Smith) at Garraway's, on Thursday, the 24th instant, at 12, unless an acceptable offer shall be made in the mean time, AVery desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, com- prising Sparl'owswick, and Flanderswick, containing upwards of » 50 acres of excellent land, well watered, and in high cultivation, at Purleigh, bounded by twe high roads; 39 miles ffom London, 3 Miles from Maiden, and 13 from Chelms- ford, with a substantial Brick House, suitable for a large family, commanding beautiful Views over the adjacent country, garden, offices, large farm yard, barn, stabling, and out buildings, en- tirely new, built in 1793; late in the occupation of the Widow Ingledew, but now in hand; Land- tux redeemed.— To be view- ed, by applying to John Wallis, on the premises; and particu- lars had at the Cock and Bell, Romford; White Hart, Brent- wood; Spread E3gle, Ingatestotle; Black Boy, Chelmsford; King's Head and Blue Boar, Maiden ; of Messrs. Hutchinson and Emniott, Solicitors, Brewer's- hall, Addle- street; at Garra- way's; an 1 of Messrs. Hoggart and Phillips, 62, Broad- street, where apian of the estate may be seen. Hill House, Bookham, Surrey.— By Messrs. HOGGART and PHILLIPS ( Successors of Mr. Smith), at Garraway's, on Thursday; the 14th inst. at 12, unless an acceptable offer is in the mean time made by Private Contract, ASeleft convenient FAMILY COTTAGE, in excellent repair, near the Fox Hounds and Harriers, in a fine sporting country, 011 tbe verge of ( Bookham Com.- rlon, three miles from Cobham and Leatherbead; and twenty miles from Hyde- park Corner. The House is situated on, a pleasing emi- nence, commanding views of great extent and b'c. auty, and eon- tains seven bed chambers, drawing, dmirtsf, an- i morning rooms, two water closets, suitable fsfliees, and cellaring with' a cheerful lawn and shrubbery, coach and farm yards,. coadli house, sta- bling, bafti, numerous outbuildings, large" kitcjjen garden, ara- ble » nd meadow land, containing together twenty- five acres, part freehold ami the remainder copyhold. Also four Inclosurts of i^ ejsehold Land, near, the above, containing about fourteen aer£ s. May be viewed si* days previous to the sale, and parti- culars had at the Swan, at LeatherE » ad; White Lion Cobham; White Hart, Guildford; Red Lion, Dorking; Spread Eagle, Epsom; Griffin, Kingston; at Garraway's; and of Messrs. Hoggart and Phillips, 62, Broad- street. Peckham Rye.— By Mrl" SAMUEL CLOiSti, at Gsuraway's, on Thursday next, at 12, A Very desirable and genteel COTTAGE FIOUSE, XX and about seven Acres o£ excellent Meadow Land; . situ- ate at Peckliam Ryt>, in " the county of Surrey. The premises comprise a substantial well built cottage house, and contains < 5 good sleeping rooms, handsome drawing room, a near parlour, 2 kitchens, excellent water, a lawn with handsome shrubbery, and a large kitchen garden, well stocked With choice fruit and other trees, three- stall stable, cow- house, fowl house, barn and yard; the whole of the premises are fitted up in a genteel stile, in good repair, and are held for all unexpired term of 17 years, at a very low ground rent. Mr. George will givt early posses- sion, the Purchaser taking a few useful fixtures.— May be viewed to the time of sale, and printed particulars had on the premises; and of Mr. S. Cloes, No. 1, London Bridge. Leasehold Estate, Percival- street. — By Mr. SAMUEL CLOSS^ at Garraway's, on Thursday next, at 12, by order of th* Proprietor, AVery desirable and genteel DWELLING HOUSE, situated8, Percival- street Goswell- s'treet.—' The premises comprise asubstantialbrickD\ Velling- house, and contain 3 good bed chambers with closets, handsome lofty drawing room fitted up, statuary marble chimney piece and hearth, stone bal- cony along the front, with iron railing and iron - brackets ; a handsome entrance, a dining room and parlour, fitted up with statuary marble chimney piece and hearth, & c. neatly papered ; two kitchens, water laid on; a garden; wine, beer, and coal cellars. The above Premises are remarkable convenient, and a desirable residence for a respeitable family. Are held for an unexpired term of 73' years from i. ady- day last, at a very low ground rent; land tax redeemed. May be viewed by application to Mr. Hughes, on the Premises; and printed particulars had at Garraway's; and ol Mr. S. Gloss, Au& ioneer, No. I, London Bridge. . - Lease of a capital Circulating I- lbra- e, China, Linen, & c. SALES BY AUCTION. • » Substantial LEASEHOLD RESIDENCE, with targe Garden,' near the '/- mile Stone, llford, Essex.— Bv Messrs. ELLIS . and FLETCHER, at Garraway's, TO- MORROW, at 12, ACommodious and Substantial fecently- ercCted Brick- built DWELLING- HOUSE, containing eight airy, and cheerful bed- chitlnbeis,- drawing and dining rooms, and two parlours neatly papered anil finished in a modern manner, kitchen, wash house, and good cellaring, a large garden in- closed with brick walls, and a garden in. front, with dvtsirf walls and pallisadoes. Held for a term wf 78^ years, at a gfcound- rent of only 51. per annum.— Maybe viewed t111 the sale, and particulars had on the Premises; the George, Barking; Swhn, Stratford ; and of Messrs. Ellis and Fletcher, 126, Fenchurcfa- s't. Commodious and desirable Premises, London Field, Hackney, with Coach- house, Stabling, and a- good Garden.— Bv Messrs. ELLIS tad FLETCHER, at Garraway's TO- MORROW, at 12, THE valuable LEASE, 16 years unexpired, of a commodious and substantial FAMILY RESIDENCE, eligibly situate in London Field, Hackney ; containing nine cheerful and aify sleeping rooms, light dressing closets, drawing and dining rooms, ancl three parlours, an eritrancd hall, excellait kitchen, laundry, wash- house, and good cellarage.— The whole replete with every domestic convenience, and the different apartments lofty, and ot good dimensions, a fore court enclosed with iron palisadoes, a private entrance, coach-!: ouse, and stabling for 5 horses, and an excellent garden, inclosed with lofty brick walls, immediate possession may be had. Maybe viewed between the hours of 2 and 7 ; and particulars had on the premises, and of Messrs. Ellis and Flctcher, 11( 1, Fenchurch- street. SALES BY AUCTION. • - DUl. WICH COMMON. • ftjESMS. WIN STANLEY' and SON respeft- Geiiie& I Residence, Great Prescot- street, with Coach- house and 3- stalt Stable.— By Messrs. ELLIS and FLETCHER, at Garraway's, TO- MORROW, at 12, npHE unexpired TERM of a desirable. LEASE- 1 HOLD substantial Brick- built DWELLING HOUSE, eligibly situate, No. 54, Great Pfescot- street, Goodman's- fields, with coach- house and three- stall stable, opening into the Tenter- ground. The premises are desirably situate for persons connected with the - Docks, likewise, merchants or professional men ; immediate possession niay be had. May be viewed and particulars had of Messrs. Ellis and Fletcher, EenchUrelf- street. Valuable Leasehold Fa:' trt, Essex, witlt. immediate possession. — By Messrs. I5I/ LISand~ FTETC'HIiR, at Garrawu. y's, TO- MORROW, at 12, THE truly valuable and desirable LEASEHOLD FARM, called Great Goose's, eligibly situate 3 miles from Rumford, 3 from Brentwood, in the county of fi& sex, and 14 from London, comprising 28; acres, more or less, of arable, pasture, and wood land, in good cultivation, and an unlimited right of pasture in Hanold's- wood and Noaks's- hill Commons. On the Estate is an excellent brick Dwelling House . replete with every convenience, and suitable for the reception of a gentleman or farmer, together with all necessary out- buildings in an excellent state of repair, 15 years unexpired at Michael- mas next, subjetS to the low rent of 230I. per annum.— May be viewed till the sale," by applying on the premises, when printed particulars may be had at the Crown Ongtic; New Inn, In- gatestone; Lion and Lamb, Brentwood; Fleece, Brook- street; Unicorn, Hare- street; Angel, llford; of Mr. Hayward, Auc- tioneer, Rumford; & of Messrs. Ellis & Fletcher, l'enchurch- st. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Paintings, Prints, China, Glass, & c.— By Mr. WELLS, at his spacious Rooms, No. 130, Long Acre, on Friday next, at il o'clock, by order of the Proprietor, retiring from i'tnvn, AGenteel and Genuine Assortment of useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, valuable Paintings, Prints framed and glazed, and loose ditto, China, Glass, & c. The Furniture comprises an assemblage of cabinet and uphol- stery work, in four- post, field, press, and iron bedsteads, with chintz cotton and other furnitures, ditto window curtains, prime goose feather beds and good bedding, mahogany ttauhle and single chests of drawers, pier glasses, carpets, pier, card, Pem- broke, and dining tables, hearth rugs, roahoganyand japanned chairs, sophas, mahogany wardrobes, counting- house desk, numerous other effects, including sundry stoves, culinary articl- cles, ( te. & c. To be viewed 011 Thursday, when Catalogues will be delivered at the Rooms. ' f^ BlflLD'ERS and Otto's.'- Very Valuable LEASEHOLD ESTATE, together with several Thousand good ar. d sound Bricks and Building Materials, in Lots, Lambeth, Surrey.— By Messrs. ADAMSON and FIELD, on the Premises, on Wednesday next, at 1 o'clock precisely, by direction of the Proprietor, Mr. North, Nurseryman, retiring from bu- siness, in One Lot, ^ A Valuableand truly desirable PlECEof GROUND, /" V. containing three acres and upwards, centrically and desi- rably situated at Lambeth, Surrey, well known as North's N ur- sery Grounds, particularly eligible for building upon, possessing the advantage of four fronts, together with four Dwelling- Houses, coach- house, stabling, sheds, and numerous Cut- biiild- ings ereiied on the Estate, and capable of considerable improve- ment, estimated at near 700I. per annum. Held for a long terns, at a trifling ground- rent. Also, in Thirteen I; ots, seven: Thou- sand good sound Bricks, Yorkshire Coping and Paving, Slates, Tiles, & c.— To be viewed till the sale, when particulars may be had of Mr. Elsam, Architedl and Surveyor, 21, Church- row, Newington Butts; on the Premises; and of Messrs. Adamson and Field, 63, Fenchurch- street, where Plans may be seen. Particulars also at Garraway's; and the Corn Exchange Caf- fee- kouse, Mark- lane. r- pj X NEWGATE- STREET, North Side.— By Messrs. HOGGART and PHILLIPS, ( Successors to Mr. SMITH,) at Garraway's, Friday next, at tt o'clock, , AN eligible LEASEHOLD DWELLING- n HQt'SE,, and Front SHOP, with two entrances, in an excellent situation for^ trade, No." 100,' Newgate- street, nearly- opposite the'Market. . The house contains a garret, six bed- rooms, parlour, kitchen, closets, and cellaring; held of the City of London, for Upwards of eight years. Rent only 3SI—- • To be viewed, ahd particulars had till the sale, St Garraway's; 31, dof Messrs. Hoggart and Phillips, No. 62, Broad- street, near the Royal F'Xchange. Substantial LEASEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE, Kingsland « Road, ana compact Houses, Hackney Fields. . By Messrs. HOGG ART and PHILLIPS, ( Successors to Mr. Smith,) at Garrawav's. on Friday next, at 12, in'TwoLots, A Compact LEASEHOLD- DWELLING iOL HOUSE, cheerfully s'ituate No. 5, Warwiclc^ place, Kings- Tand- roady containing two rooms on each floor, neatly papered atfdnciwly finished, kitchens and garden, iu theoccupation of Air. Donald, at 2,01. per annum, held for a long term, at. a low ground lent; and a Leasehold Estate, comprising Two neat Brick Dwel- Twg Houses, No. 1, Hay- street, in the occupation of Mr. Catch- iieidfand No'l, Margaret- street, adjoining, let to Mr. John NoVris. To be viewed.' Particulars had of Messrs. Hoggart and Phillips, No. 62, Broad- street. Capital Breed of Milch Cows, 3 Clresnut Draught Horses, Sheep, WaggonSjHay and Effects, Freehands, near Bromlev, Kent.— By Me'ssrs. HOGGART and PHI LI. IPS, f Successors ; tp My. Smith} on the Premises, in the Farm Yard, at Free- lands, on Saturday next, at IX o'clock, " f ^ excellent MILCH COWS, three yotirtg Chesnut NEW BOND STREET. ry, Household Furniture, Plate, By Messrs. GIBBONS and JACKSON, on the Premises, No. loo, New Bond- street, 011 Tuesday, the 21d inst. at 12, by Direction of the Assignees, HE valuable LEASE of the capital, capacious, roomy PREMISES, with Bookseller's Shop, and one of the'Crst circiilating libraries in the Kingdom, having upwards of 700 annual Subscribers of the first distinction. Held for 13 years at a low rent. On the same and following day, at 11, will be: sold all the neat and geitteel Household Furniture^ Plate, China, Linen, an 8- Day- C'leek, & c. of Mr. Jordan Hookham, Bookseller, a. bankrupt; comprising handsome 4- post bedsteads with chintz cotton furnitures,' tent and wardrobe bedsteads, beds and bedding, general assortment of Veil manufa& ured cabinet and upholstery furniture, and culiiftry artieles.— The premises may be viewed fi days preceding. the sale, by tickets, which may' be had on application at N6, 3, Bucklersbury; and the Furniture Monday previous to the sale, when catalogues and particulars may be had of Messrs. Parker, Young and Hughes, Solicitors, Essex- street, Strand: and of Messrs. Gib- bons and Xackjon, Bucklersbury. s Draught Horses, ssventeen South Down Sheet), seventeen Lambs, a Grey Poney, about twenty Loads of fine old Meadow Hay, tour Acres of fine Barley, fourteen Melon Frames, Garden T\> r; ii, a Caravan, Waggon, Hay and Dung Carts,, about sixty Lo uis ot" Manure, a capital Oak Roller,; numerous glazed ar. d Window Lights,. paniielled Doors, useful jyiaterials, Car; ilarne « s and EfiVct>.<— be vtevyed one day previous to tiie side, andcatalogues had on the premises; BeU. 13ro; nley , Bull's Chislehurst; Tiber's Head", St. Mary Cray ; X, ion • audi I.. aixS5^ LewUliat » ;. and of Messrs. Hoggart and Phillips, 62, Broad- stroet,' ne^ r^ he Royal l/ CJiifable LKA^ El-^ I . VILLA-, fronting the Thames, Fur- mturev Bronxe^ Egyptian Vasts, Ivory Busts, valuable Paint- iijgi, Pier Glasses, and Kffe6ts, under the'Hill, Richmond, , Surrey .-- Ky Messrs. HOGG ART and PHILLIPS, ( Suc- cessors to , Mr.' Smhh), on ihe Premises, on Monday next,. *] PHE H9USEHOLD F. URNITUPw?, - Scaree JL Paintings in excellent preservation, . antique Egyptian V .'. ses, original Ivory Busts, and various Effedts, comprising is- p- ist . bedsteads, beds af. d bedding, pier glasses, chairs, drawers, mahogany dining caaM, and Pembroke tables, library table, Tur- Eey Mid other cr. rpets, a harpsichord,- kitchen requisites, 5cc.— . May. be viewed, tt-. s Premises with tickets only, which, with particulars and catttlo'g'ues, may be'b » d of Messrs. Koggjrt and P ' illipi, No. 6a,, Broad- strcct, cev the Royal Exchange; and of Messrs. Tilbury and Bedford. Solicitors; Bedford- row. Par- tieuSgwi aUw at the Talbot Im, Richanead j AJiil * t- Gferraw » y's. FirRNl CURE and EFFECTS.— By Mr. PAXON, at his Auc- tion Room, Hampstead, THIS and following JJpy, at 12, AHandsome Set of 12 Drawing- room CHAIRS, Cushions, and Cases; and a Sofa en suite, handsome car- pets, 25 feather beds and bedding, with bedsteads, many of them well calculated for hoarding- schools, a few pidtures and prints, a small iron chest, a ditto garden roller, t^ ld a variety of elfect}.— To be viewed; catalogues the Room's; and at No. lofcHigh Holbora. Houses, Clerkenwell.— By Mr. WVBBOTT, at Garraway's. TO- MORROW, 3t t2, in 2 Lots, ALEASEHOLD ESTATE for 43 years, the Annual Profit, Thirtysfive Posmds, comprising two sub- stantial Houses, formerly the Freeholders' Mansion, Nos. 3 and 4, in Great Warner- street, Clerkenwell; leased to Mr. Thomp- son for 20 years, anxl a Yard with buildings adjeining, of which Mr. Dance is tenant for the whole term. Particulars are de- livered on the premises; at Gurraway's; by Mr. Hawkes, 106, Long- acre; and by Mr. William Abbott, 23, Shepherd's- market, Piccadilly.. Dulse- street, St. James's- square.— Leasehold Family Residence, and Household Furniture.— ByPETER COXE, on the Pre- mises. TO- MORROW, at. 12, A Spacious LEASEHOLD FAMILY RE- XX StDENCE, sittlftte No, 4, Duke- street, a few doors from . King- street, St. James's- souare; containing a handsome entrance hall, gentleman's room, aud dining parlour, noble lofty front drawing room 29 feet by 20 feet, 6 inches, back drawing room, interior room or bed chamber, four family bed chambers, with closets and water closet, four servants'apartments, large laundry, kit. chen, housekeeper's room, butler's room, and other domestic offices of every, necess ry description, front and back stairs, excellent wine and beer cellars, and vaults for coals ; held for tt term Of nearly ten years unexpired at Midsummer last, at the very moderate rent of rool. per annum.— May be viewed eight days preceding the sale, hy tickets- only, ® h application to Mr. Peter Coze. 33, Thrujunortoa- street, of whom particulars may be then hat'.; also of Mr, Walpole Flyre, Solicitor, Gray's lnr,- square; and at Lloyd's and Garraway's.— On the same Day will be Sold,- the excellent Household Furniture, consisting of four- post, French canopy, and « iher bedsteads and furnitures, goose feather beds and bedding, mahogany wardrobes and book- cases, drawing room chairs and window curtains, parlour chairs, a capital set of mahogany dining tables, card and Pembroke do. mahojany cellaret sideboard, Turkey and Wilton carpets, kitchen requisites, Jfcc. fee.; whiih may- he viewed till the sale, Sod catalogues had en the premises, and af Mr. Peter Coze-, at 33, ThrogmortoK- ttrect. By LEIGH and S. SOTHF. BY, Booksellers, at'thefr House, 145, ' Strand, opposite Catharine- street, TO- MORROW and four follawing days,, at 12, THE entire and valuable Mathematical and Philoso- phical LIBRARY ' of the late Alexander Aubert, Esq. F. R. S. andF. A. S. of Highbury; including also a very good Collection of English History, Voyages, Travels, Belles Let tres, and Miscellanies. likewise his Prints, and Books of Prints, removed from his House at Islington. To be viewed and catalogues had to the time of sale." By" LHTGH and S. SOTHEBY, on the- Premises, - on Monday next, and three following days, punctually at 12, ' i ' HE very valuable and extensive Colleftion of Astro- JL nomical and Mathematical Instruments of the late Alex- ander Aubert, Esq. of Highbury House, Islington. Among which are a Very large and complete Equatorial Circle, by Rams- den ; a very complete four- feet Mural Quadrant., by Bird; a very capital four feet Transit Instrument, by Bird, Doilond, and Blunt; Reflecting and Refracting Telescopes, by Short, Doilond, Ramsden, and others ; very fine Chronometers, by Arnold, & c.; Sextants, Transit Instruments and Quadrants, by most approved Makers; Barometers and Thermometers, by Bird, Dollond, Nairne, afid Blunt; with a number of other - Instruments, both useful and recreative. ' Likewise his Collec- tion of curious Fools, Turning Lathe, capital Fire Arms, &. c. To be viewed ( with catalogues only), from Nine till Six o'clock, on Thursday next to' the time of sale, when catalogues, may be had of Mr. Blunt, Cornhill; Mr. Jones, Holborn; Mr. Adams, Fleet- street; Mr. Watkins, Charing Cross; Mr. Burge, Piccadilly; Messrs. Leigh and S. Sothebv, No; 145, Strand; and at the place of sale. ' ' ' By Mr. DAWSON, at^ his Auction- rooms, Great Marlborough- street, THIS and following day, at 12, HPHE genuine and genteel HOUSEHOLD FUR- 1 N1TURE, a, Chime Clock, an 8- dav Clock in a mahogany case, a pair of subscription Prints of the lloyne at( d La Hogue, fine coloured- Prints framed and glazed, a Piano Forte, some old China, and numerous valuable Effects, removed from the ( Sty; comprising 4- post, field, and pro. s bedsteads and hand- some cotton furnitura*, good goose feather beds, mattfasses, and blankets, mahogany double and single chests of drawers, wardrobes, cellaret sideboard, dining, card, and Pembroke tables, French sofas, chairs and Window curtains, parlor chairs, a library table, a counting- house desk, Brussels and Kidder- minster carpets, register and Rumford stov es, and good kitchen articles. May be viewed, and catalogues may be had of Mr. Dawson, Great Marlborough- strett. _ TITHES of CORN and GRAIN, Leigh, Kent By Mr. l'RICKETT, at the sign of the Leicester Arms, at Pens- hurst, in the County of Kent, oa Thursday, the 24th instant, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, in Lots, THE GREAT TITHES of CORN and. GRAIN in the Parish of- Leigh aforesaid.— Printed particulars may be had at. the Place of Sale; at. the Porcupine, at Leigh; the Rose and Crown, Tunbridge; the Angel, Tunbridge Wells; the Royal Oak, Sevenoaks ;" at Garraway's; and of Mr, Prick- ett, Highgate. i- VX fully acquaint the Pobiic, that tbe very desiratil* LEASEHOLD RESIDENCE, with coech house, stabling, out buildings, yards, garden lawn, shrubbery, and 24 acres ot n: dow land, known as Hall Place, situate at DttUrich Commit'!', advertised to be Sold by AnStion, at Garraway's, on Tuesday Kent, is unavoidably vosTrONfjs till Monday, the aSthinsunt BUILDING GROUND, STAMFOHI>' lill- i.. ' MESSRS. WINSTANLEY AND SON REM- AFUI- ly acquaint the Public, that the PLOT of BUUjDiNQ GROUND, containing about five acres, situated on. the Fas. side of Stamford- hill, advertised by them to be Let by Au& lutlt at Garraway's, To- morrow the 15th instant, at 12 o'clock, in two lots, is DISPOSED or.— l'aternaster- row, July M,. lfo6. By MessrsT w" lNsfANLEY~ iind SON, 4tGstfrawayV^ C* MORROW, at 12, AN eligible LEASEHOLD brick DWEL- xi LING HOUSE, and Carpenter's " Workshop, originally built for a public house, for which it is particularly well CH1CU « lated, Being the third hduse from Wajcot-' piace, irt Chester- street, otherwise Market- stieet, Lambeth, contains 8 bed- chambers, 3 parlours, large shop, 2 kitchens, washbouse, The Workshop is let to Mr, James White, as tenant at will, af. I^ l. per annuni. Thewhole held for 48" years, at a ground rent of ,51.— To be be yiewed by applying on the Premises, where printed particulars may be had. Particulars also at Garra- way's ; and of Messrs. Winstanley and Son. Paternoster- row. Woodford Green, Eppiug Forest, Nine IVliles from l. oiidot.*— Commodious FREEHOLD RESIDENCE, Offices, Garden & e.— Xy Messrs. WiNSTANLEY and SON, at Garraway's, TO- MORROW, at 12 © ' clock, pursuant, to a Decree of tae Court of Chancery, UROSPECT ' HOUSE, a very commodious and X convenient Residence, with double Ci, r, ch- hoyse, six- stall stable, brewhouse, wash- house, laamdry, and other suitable de- tached oflices, large productive walled garden, and p! e;,.^ ure- grouuds, yards, fore court, & c. beautifully situated on that ad- mired spot, Wroodford Green, Essex, distinguished for its re- spectable neighbourhood, excellent. rtVHls, and delightful rides-, and affording prospects of great extent and beatl( y ovef the rich surrouifd'tng. country, intersected with t! ie rlVer Thames arid Shipping in various directions. The Mansion is a very hand- some uniform structure, eroCted in a most substantial manner, and finished in a superior stiie, by that eminent architect the late Mr. Gorham, comprising tell bedchambers, handsome drawing room, dining and breakfast partborS", tea room, library, hall, & e. The principal apa.' Uutcts nre ot spacious dimtirsions, andsuited to the accommodation of a large family. The at- tached offices are well ctoatieCfcd, and there are very valuable and extensive common rights.— To he ylewed by applying on the Premises, where descriptive particulars may be had; also at the Castle, Woodford Green; Che Whfce Hart, at Wood- ford ; the Eagle, at. Snaresbrook; the Cock, at Eppiug; at Gar- raway's ;• and- of Messrs. WinStanley and Son, Paternoster- row Lymington, Ham,.— Elegant FteeUold Mamie Vtlta, Oliices, Gardens, and Twelve Acres of Land.— By Messrs. WIN- STANLEY and SON, at Gjrrawr. y's. TO - MORROY , -. t 12, AN ekgant, convenient, and very substantial Fk E- HOLD VILLA, tailed the Grove ' Hduse, with suita c attached and detached offices, lawns, shrubberies, productive gardens, coach house, stabling, and grove, desirably' situated at Lymington, in the county ef Hants, eighteen miles from toutfemptofc, and ninety- live from London. The Villa standi detached from any other house; is an uniform and very hand- some structure, recently built in an unusual substantial manner, with Suffolk brick and portico frofit; the interior part fitted up! in a very stiperior style, on a plan replete with every comfort and convenience requisite tor a family of the- first respectabili- ty, with an abundant supply of f. ae spri g and soft water.— The principal apartments are lofty, and" of admirable propor- tions, the offices conveniently arranged, the gardens productive, the lawns and grounds tastefully laid out, and the situation is, perhaps, as beautiful a3 any part of thai much admired county, commanding views of gretu, extent and beality over the Isle ef Wight, and of the Sea, & c- an easy distance from the New Baths. There are aho two Leasehold Meadows adjoining, con- taining about 12 acres, which are held for 14 years, at a low rent. The modern and excellent Household Eurnihire and Fixtures are to be taken on eligible terms.— The premises may be viewed on application to'Mr. King, Solicitor, at Lysur. gtan, or to Messrs. Winstanley and Son, Paternoster- rfcw, London, of whom printed particulars may " be had; also of Mr. Collins, Printer, Salisbury ; the Dolphin,- Southampton; tbe Fountain, at Portsmouth; Mr. Weller, Chichester; the George, at Win- chester ; ami at the Place of Sale. Eligible Building Ground, at Aiton,- Middlesex.— by Messrs. YOUNG and SON, . at Garraway's, on Tuesday, 29th inst. at 12, in 4 Lots, QEVEltAL INCLOSURES of most valuable O and very desirable ' FREEHOLD LAND for building Villas upon, occupied by . Thomas. Wiilan, and Stephen. Brings, Esrtrs. and of which possession may be hid at' Michaeltnat next.— Lot 1,41 a.— Lot. 2,4a a. 2 r. 1- 7 p.— Lot 3, 37 a. 3 r. 17 p. Lot 4, 44 a. 3 r. 27 p.— These Ld^ s'-. contain fine gravel, brick earth and good- water, and adjoin to two very good roads or* the North side of ACton. Printed particulars may be had mt the 14th" of July of Messrs. Young and Son, 58, Chancery- hme. EULlTT'HEAD,' UPPER THAMES- STREET— A new- built Free Public House, in the City- with immediate pos- session.— By EDWARD LVIBER, at Garraway's, on Moil- day, the 21st instant., if an acceptable offer is not previously made, THAT substantial- built roomy PUBLIC HOUSE, the BULL'S HEAD, advantageously situate the corner of Dyers'- hall Yard, nearly opposite Lawrence Pountney kue, in Upper Thames- street. The premises possess every wished- far convenience for conducting a capital trade in all its branches. The returns aveiage upwards ot 40I. per month for Porter, and other things in proportion.— The books- may be inspected and the premises viewed till the/ sale, and particulars hjd at Garra- way's ; and' at the General Commission Office and Sale Rooms, 92, Hat'ton Garden. Established respectable COf FEE- HOUSE,' in the- City, with immediate Possession.— By EDWARD i& UJER, at Garra- way's, 011 Monday, 21st instant, at 12, by Order of the Pro- prietor, quitting the Business ( if an acceptable offer is not previously made by Private CoiitfaCt), BROWN'S COFFEE- HOUSE, desirably situate in Mitre- court, the direCl thoroughfare from Fleet- street to the Temple, now in fall trade, and frequented by company of the first respe< Stability, to accommodate which the premises are well appropriated and in good repair; held on lease for a long term, at a" low rent,— May be viewed till the sale, and par- ticulars had at Garraway's; and at the General Commission Office and Sale Room,. 92, Hatton- garden. LEASEHOLD CORNER HOUSE and SHOP, with immie- diate possession, presumed eligible for a Pawnbroker, 1 - incn draper, Baker, Corn- chandler,& c.— By EDWARD IMBf- R, at Garraway's, on Monday, tbe sttst it, slant, at twelve, with- out reserve, THE valuable LEASE of a roomy well- built HOUSE, situated at the commanding corner of Great Russell- street, Tottenham- court Road, a very eligible oppor- tunity for either of the above businesses, or any other requiring room to display good ® to advantage in a public situation.— May be viewed, and particulars had at Garraway's; and at the Ge- neral Commission Office and Sale Rooms, 92, Hatton Garden. May be seen from ten till one a'id from two till Six every day. Holborn.— Desirable PREMISES for any Business requiring Room in a Public Situation, with immediate Possession. By EDWARD IMBER, at Garraway's, oh Monday, Met inst. at 12 ( if an acceptable offer is not previously made by Private Contract), AModern- fronted HOUSE and SHOP, No. 35, eligibly situated near Red Lien- street, on the North side of Holborn. The premises are five stories high, two and three roomson a floor, spacious light shop and parlour, near 50 feet in depth ; held 011 lease for 17 years, at a moderate rent.— Max be viewed till the sale, and particulars had at Garraway's.; at the General Commission Office and Sale Room, 92, Hatton- garde - Freeholdand Copyhold Estates, Illford, and Epping Forest.— By Mr. MUNNT, at Garraway's, on Friday next, at is, in Lots, npWO capital HOUSES, with suitable Offices,. JL and' large walled Gardens stocked with choice fruit trees, situate in the pleasant village of llford, with seventy arcres of rich Pasture and Arable Land adjoining, a part of which is pe- culiarly eligible for building on, and a farm of about 67 acres of excellent Meadow and Arable Land, watered by a stream which runs through the Meadows, situate on the verge of Epping Forest, about two miles distance from the villages of Waltham- stow and llford, with a Brick Kiln, and capital Head of Brick Earth, together with two neat Cottages, early possession may be had, as great part of the property is ill hand, and in the occupation of yearly tenants.— May be viewed with leave of the tenants, and particulars hat! of Mr. J. H. Gibson, Solicitor, No. 9, Lombard- street; at the Red Lian, liford ; Cock and Bell, . Romford; George, Wanstead; Red House, Barking; Swan, at Stratford Side; at TJarraway's; and of Mr. Munn, Waibrook, near the Royal Excbasige. By Mr. WHITE, by Order of the Assignees and ' Mortgrgee, before the major part of the Commissioners named iu a Go ad- mission of Bankrupt issued against HENRI ATKINSON, late of Bread- street- hill in the City of Londos, ironnrong; r, at Garraway's, 011 Tuesday, the22diSst. at 12, THE LEASE of a commodious DWELLING- HOUSE and spacious Warehouse, situate No. 5, on Bread, street- hill aforesaid, Sate. in. the occupation of the said Bankrupt; held for an unexpired term of 29$ y^ ars at Mtdsutnmerlast, at a low rent.— Further particulars may tehad by applying to M - Jackson, No. 2, Garden- court, Temple, solicitor to the Com- mission; and of Mr. King, No. Castle- street„ Holbbtn. ~ \ MPROVED: RENT, of < ol.' PERANUM By Mr. WHITE, at Garraway's » Coffee- hoiase, on Tuesday, the 22d instant, at Twelve o'clock, CIXTY POUNDS PER ANNUM,. a beneficial O RENT, arising out of, and secured by, the Leave of a capi- tal House, in one of the l'ir* t situations in the Metropolis, being No.- , in Oxford- street, tire corner of'Old ' Cavendish- street. The premises are in excellent repair, and are beldfor. an unex- pired term of fifteen years from Midsummer, 1406, and lqt for the whole term.— PrintedgjtrLicr. iais wbl be delivered ten day* prcvioustothe sale, at Garraway's ; and of Mr. White, Storey* Gate, Westminster. ' 1 " i LONDON : Pritucd aua puuusifc- n, Juhtt ' « Mk » T,' ofte Strand, at the Morning Chronicle Office, No- 143, Strand.
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