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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Volume Number: LXXXVI    Issue Number: 14
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 06/07/1806
Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: LXXXVI    Issue Number: 14
No Pages: 4
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Vol. I. XXXVI. No. 14. Heady- Money is, expected ) ( willi Advertisements. S SATURDAY, June 7, 1806. , • i ' PRICE SIXPENCE, \ I la per and I Print • S| d. Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. LONDON, June 3. THE Hamburgh Mail due on Wednesday has arrived.— It appears a correspondence has taken place between the King of Sweden and the King of Prussia. Nothing is positively known as to the contents of the letters which have passed between these Sovereign*; but the orders which were issued to the garrisons of Berlin and Potz- datn, to hold themselves in readiness to march, have been countermanded.— The Commander of the English troops in Sicilv made an offer to the brave Prince of Hesse Philipsthal, who defends Oaeta, to support him with English troops; but this Prince has declined, declaring that his garrison is sufficient. The plan of the new Germanic Con titution, drawn up by Bonaparte, is shortly to be presented to the Diet of Ratisbon. Dutch Papers of the OOtli iilr. have arrived in town. They do not contain any particulars of the revolution which is about to take place in the Government and Constitution of Holland. Cou- riers Were passing and repassing between Paris 4nd the Hague; but the contents of the corres pondence between the Grand Pensionary and the Dutch Commissioners, which no doubt rehtes to the projected changes, were kept a secret from the public. ^ By a Philadelphia paper, of the 21st of April, we have received the agreeable intelligence, tjjat James Munroe and William Pinckney have been appointed Commissioners Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary for settling all differences with Great- Britain. In answer to the resolution . of . the House of Representatives, requesting " that the- Secretary of the Treasury would communicate information relative to an application said to have been made to draw money from the Treasury for the purchase of tbe Floridas, before an appropriation made by law for that purpose," the Secretary has written' a letter to the Speaker of the House, in which he Slhrms, that no such application . had been made. Of the main fact, that the money has been appro- priated by law, and shipped for France, no doubt seems to be entertained. Ou Friday, the House of Lords resumed the consideration of the evidence on Lord Melville's trial. There was a division, we understand, on some questions respecting the first, charge. As the remaining charges are nine in number, it is pro- bable that a consi lerable time will elapse before t. ie decision is pronounced. In the House of Commons on Friday, the order of the day for going into a Committee ou the Mutiny Bill was read, in which Mr. Windham's plan for enlisting men for certain periods, granting bounties, & c. at the expiration of their term of service, was again discussed. The only al- terations in his previously- detailed plan of limited service were, " tiiat the first enlistment for seven years should be extended to ten years in time ot war, or to six months after the conclusion of the peace— that whatever may be the inferior age of the recruit, his term of service should not com- mence until he arrived at eighteen years of age- arid that those serving abroad should return free of expeuce, and receive marching money to the place where they were originally attested." The Right Hon, Secretary went over much of the ground which he had formerly traversed, lie was answered by Si. James Pult- ney and Mr. Vorke, and sup- ported by Colonel Craufurd. After a prolonged discussion, in which Mr. Windham's clause was carried, by 254 against 125, no less than seven divisions took place, and the House continued sitting till near six o'clock in the morning.— Mr. Fox, in the course of his speech upon the above questions, alluded to the present situation of the country, and of Europe, which imposed the necessity of our having a larger army than wo ever had before, and larger than that we now have. He considered it as essential to maintain some connexion on the Continent, and dangerous to make peace as an insulated power. However de- sirous, therefore, he was of peace, it should be a peace that should sacrifice no point of honour, and preserve to ourselves some degree of Con- tinental connexions. Last night the discussion on the Mutiny Bill was resumed. Mr. Windham's clause was carried, after a warm debate, by a majority of two to one. — Lord Henry Petty gave notice of his" intention to bring in a Bill to amend the Income Duty Act, by providing the necessary exemptions in favour of low incomes and large families. His Lordship also declared his intention to move, in the Com- mittee of Ways and Means, - ou Friday, that the tax on private breweries should be charged as the a:> sesstd taxes are, and not come under the care of the excise. Letters from Lisbon, of the 18th tilt, state, that a treaty, guaranteeing the neutrality of Portugal, was signed at Madrid, On the 19th of April, by the Plenipotentiaries of France and Portugal. General Moore is appointed to the command of the troops in Sicily, vice General Craig. Colonel Frazer accompanies General Moore. The recall of Sir George Barlow has been finally decided. His Majesty's warrant tinder the sign manual has been issued for this purpose agreeable to the restrictive Act of 17M3; and the Earl of Lauderdale will, in consequence, immediately proceed to India to assume the office of Governor- General. The Munitcur of the 22d nit. has, in an article dated from Aleppo, brought forward a charge against Mr. Barker, the English Consul, of having instigated aTurkish Aga to procure the assassination of M. Romieu, the French Envoy at Tehran. A gallant resistance has been made by a Tender, with only ten men, against two Spanish armed boats, with thirty soldiers in each, besides seamen. One of the boats was sunk, and every person in her was killed or drowned, and the other sheered off, having six of her men shot. This action took place off liilboa, where a Spanish schooner, laden with hides, and bound to St. Andero, was cutout by the boats of his Majesty's brig Surinam, of 1G guns. Salaries have been fixed for the Commissioners auditing public accounts, at the rate of ./'. 1500 to the first Commissioner, and <£. 1000 to each of the inferior, exclusive of their travelling expetices, which are not to exceed jEJtQO a year each, with allowances besides for Clerks. In the Court of King's- Bench, on Wednesday, Lynch, Esq, brought an action ugainst - r— Thompson, Esq. and other officers, for causing him to resign his commission in the Life- Guards. The plaintiff had refused to accept a challenge from a Captain Macnamara, in consequence of which his brother officers sent him to Col- entry, and he was forced to sell his commission. The Jury gave ^. lOOf) damages. G. STKVENJ?, Tea- Dealer, Grocer, and Tallou- Chandler, HIGH- STREET, BEDFORD, RETURNS his sincere Thanks to his Friends and the Public, for the very great Encouragement and Support he has met with during his Continuance in the GROCERY and CHANDLERY LINK, and at the same Time informs them he has now DECLINED BUSINESS in Favour of his SON,, who, he trusts, will continue to receive their Support. G. STEVENS, Jun. truly grateful to his Friends for the many Favours he has received during the Part- nership with his Father, having now succeeded him as TEA- DEALER, GROCER, and CALLOW- CHANDLER, earnestly solicits a Continuance of their Support. His Friends and the Public may depend on being sup- plied with Articles of the very best Quality, on the lowest Terms; and he trusts, by a strict Attention to Business, and invariably making it his Study to give Satisfaction to those who may honour him with their Notice, to gain that Support which it ever will be his Ambition to merit. All Persons having any Demand on Mr. G. STEVENS, or STEVENS & SON, are desired to send in their Accounts; and those who stand indebted to the same, are requested to pay their respective Debts immediately. WOBULIN SHEEP- SHEARIN G, JUNE 16th, 1806. A S the DUKE of BEDFORD'S Absence prevents / I the Reception of Company at the Abbey, the SHEW, SALES, and LETTINGS will take Place, and the PREMIUMS be adjudged and distributed, at the PARK FARM. The Business will be conducted as follows:— • Mowings. . Evenings. Shew of Leicester"] f and South- Down „ Sale of Leicester MONDAY,^ AND SOUTH_ UOWN BEDFORD, May Soth, 1806. I^ VANS & JONES ( Successors ' to the late Mr. . Jt Haupman), BOOT and SHOEMAKERS, LEATHKR- CU- ITSSB, St. Peier's, BEDFORD, respect- fully inform their Friends and. the Public, that the PARTNERSHIP subsisting between them IS DIS- SOLVE,!) BY MUTUAL CONSENT, and that the said Business will in future be carried on, in all its Branches, by CHARLES EVANS; by whom all Claims and Demands on the late Partnershi p Concern will be paid, and who is duly authorized to receive all Debts. FF- T C. EVANS doth, for himself, acknowledge, with Gratitude, the numerous Favours received from his. Friends and the Public, and earnestly solicits a Continuance of the same. To Paper- Makers-, Millers, ironmongers, Sfc. | AMES BUTLER, WIRE- WEAVER and SIEVE- *' MAKER, NO. 2,- Saffron - Street, near Great Saffron- Hill, LONDON, makes and sells all Sorts of BRASS and IRON WIRE- SIEVES, for Tobacconists, Seedsmen, Bakers, Corn - Chandlers, Colourmen, Founders, Bricklayers, Stone- Masons, Grocers, Drug- gi.-. rs, Tallow-' Melters, Glass- Grinders, Farmers, Emery and Plaister- of- Paris- Makers, Turpentine- Ma- nufacturers, and Glass - Houses; also all Sorts of WIRE WORK for Gunpowder and Paper- Mills; Wholesale, Retail, and tor Exportation. Tups,' > Prize Wethers, ! Sheep- Shearers. J Shew of Hereford) & Devon Cattle, l'rjzc Wethers, dead, Prize Theaves, Ploughing, | Trial of Imple- | mcnts. J Second Shew of"] Leicester and i Sooth - Down Tups, Second Shew of Hereford and Devon Cattle. 16th. Ewes. Leicester and South- Down Tups lett, TUESDAY, j Sale of Hereford and 17th. J Devon Cattle, ' Sale of South- Down Ewes, ' Leicester JsSouth- I Down Tups lett, v „ r I Sale of Sduth- [-^ WEDNESDAY,^ Uown E, v « , 1St"- ' Sale of Hereford & Devon Cattle. Excellent Timber a> id Building Materials, nearly new ; capital Steam. Engine ( by Bolton Watt) ; Machinery, in Brass, Ion, aid Lead; desirable Freehold Land, and several Dwelling- Houses; RETFORD, Nottinghamshire, To bo S O L D by A U C T I O N, By Messrs. HOGGART £? PHILLIPS, ( Successors to Mr. SMITH,) On the Premise's,' on Monday the 9th of June, and following Days, at F^ leven o'Clock, RPIIE valuable BUILDING MATERIALS of JL the REVOLUTION MILL; comprising an immense Quantity of sound Brick- Work ; ' l imbers, of large Dimensions, in sawcr and bolted Girders, Joists, Rafters, Floors, and Staircases; numerous ; lazed Sashes and Stone Sills; Slates and Tiling; a arge Reservoir and a Quantity of Lead ; Brass and Iron Wheels; Shafts and Machinery, of various De- scriptions; a capital 32- Horse Steam - Engine, and a Fire- Engine; CountingiHouse Desks, Fixtures, and Utensils,. selected at a very considerable Expence, and offoripg most eligible Lots to Builders and Manu- facturers; lying convenient for Land and Water Car- riage near the Gainsborough Canaland the Great North Road.— At the same Time will be sold, the valuable FREEHOLD SITE of the BUILDINGS, NINETEEN DWELLING- HOUSES, YARDS, GARDEN, COACH- HOUSE, STABLING, and rich MEAD O W LAND, near the Town of RETFORD. ( cf To be viewed three Days previous to the Sale; and Catalogue, and Particulars then had on the Pre- mises; at the White- Hart, Retford; Kingeton- Arins, Newark; Angel, Grantham; Black's - Head, Not- tingham ; Angel, Doncaster; Hotel, York ; Derby- Arms, Preston; Hotel, Manchester; White- Hart, Gainsborough; - Rein- Deer, Lincoln; Bell, Derby; Red- l. ion, Boston; Angel, Peterborough; George, Stamford; Duke.' s- Head, Lvnn; Rose- and- Crown, Wisbech; Neptune, Hull; of Messrs. Jones & Green, Solicilars, Salisbury - Square, Fleet - Street; and of Messrs. Hoggart & Phillips, 62, Broad- Street, near the Royal- Exchange, London. Hcmel- Hempstetid, Herts. FREEHOLD AND COPYHOLD ESTATES, LAND- TAX REDEEMED, And extensive Common Rights. To be S O L D by A U C T I 0 N, By Mr. ROBINS, At Garraway's Coffee - House, in Exchange- Alley, Cornell, on Thursday the 19th of June, at Twelve o'Clock, in nine Lots, \ / ALUABLE FREEHOLD and COPYHOLD V ESTATES, situated at TWO- WATERS, by the Turnpike- Road Side, between Watford and Berk- hampstead, and 22 Miles from London, a beautiful Part of the County of Herts ; comprising upwards of 77 Acres of rich Meadow, Pasture, and Arable Land, with sundry Farm - Houses, Barns, Stables, Out- buildings, Gardens, Orchards, well planted, and unlimited Right of extensive Common. The Lots are compact, and form desirable Property for Building; a Trout Stream, and the Grand Junction Canal passes in front of the Estate. C3T May be viewed by applying to Mr. WOODEN, at the Bell, Two- Waters; or to Mr. WILLIS, the Bailiff, at Hemel- Hempstead, of whom Particulars may be had; also, at the George, Aylesbury< Star, Oxford; principal Inns, Berkhainpstead; Red- Lion, Wycombe; White- Horse, Uxbridge; Essex - Arms, Watford; White- Hart, Edgeware and St. Alhan's ; at Garraway's ; and of Mr. Robins, Warwick- Street, Golden- Square, London. RAUNDS, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, On Tuesday the 24th Day of June instant, at the White- Hart Inn, in Thrapston, in the said County, between the Hours of Three and Five in the Afternoon, unless sooner disposed of by Private Contract, of which Notice will be given. Very desirable FARM; consisting of 12A. 1R. of Arable Land ( divided into four Closes), and 6A. 1R. of Meadow Land, with a good Barn, Stable, ami other Conveniences thereon, situate in the Parish of RAUNDS, in the County of Northampton, four Miles from Thrapston, the same Distance from Higham- Ferrers, seven Miles from Kimbolton, and 15 Miles from Huntingdon, all excellent Market Towns.— The Estate is Copyhold of the Manor of Raunds, line certain, and now in the Occupation of Mr. John Partridge, who will shew tlte Premises, and who is under Notice to quit at Michaelmas next. 8-^* For Price, and further Particulars, apply to Mr. MORI. EY, at his Office in Peterborough; or to Mr. ROBLNSON, at his Office, above Hill, Lincoln. FALSE WASHING AND WINDING OF WOOL. A T a numerous and respectable MEETING jTjl of the Woolstaplers, Factors, Mill- Owners, Manufacturers, and others, connected in the Worsted and Woollen Manufactures of Bradford, Wakefield, Keighley, Dewsbury, and Places adjacent, held pur- suant to public Advertisement, in the Piece- Hall, for the Purpose ot putting a Stop to the false Washing and Winding of Wool, Mr. RICHARD FAWCETT, Jun. in the Chair, ' Resolved, That the fraudulent Practices made Use of tor some Time past in the Washing and Winding of Wool, have increased to such an alarming Height,' as to materially injure the Buyers and Consumers, so that they feel themselves under the Necessity of enforcing the existing Lawsfor prohibiting such Practices. . Resolved, That it is the Opinion ot this Meeting, that it is incumbent on every Buyer or Consumer, not to screen in future any . Farmer whose Wool is unfairly washed or wound, and the Buyers at this Meeting pledge themselves to prosecute' every Farmer who shall sell his Wool deceitfully washed or wound ; and that in order further to deier others from such unfair Practices, the Names of such Offender or Offenders, after such Conviction, shall be advertised in the public Newspapers. Resolved, That the following Gentlemen, v. iz. Mr. John Preston, Mr. Samuel Broadley, and Mr. John Rarid, of Bradford; Mr. Harper Soulby, Mr. Samuel Thompson, and Mr. George Craven, of Wakefield; Mr. John Hallifey, of Dewsbury; Mr. Clapham, Mr. Spencer, and Mr. Dawson,' of Keigliley ; Mr. Benj. Goodttian, and Mr. 11. Hall, ot Leeds; be ap- pointed a Committee to assist in the Prosecutions, if necessary, and to whom. all Applications on this Subject shall be made. . Resolved, That the above Resolutions be printed in the Leeds, Wakefield, York, Hull, Newcastle, White- haven, Doncaster, Stamford, Salisbury., Worcester, Bristol, Southampton, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Northampton,. Cambridge, Stafford, Birmingham, Edinburgh, the Traveller, the Courier, and Star Papers, to be twice inserted; and that the Editor be requested to print them in a large Type, on some conspicuous Part of his Paper. Signed, on Behaif of this Meeting, RICHARD FAWCETT, Jun. Chairman. Resolved, That the Thanks of this Meeting be given to Mr. Fa v/ cett, for his able and impartial Conduct in the Chair. Bradford, Yorkshire, May 29, 1806. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, ' Either together or in Parcels, AVery desirable ESTATE, situate at RAUNDS, in the County of Northampton ; comprising a mient House, in good Repair, and near the Centre of the Village of Raunds, with a Farm- Yard, substantial Barn,. two Sfables, and other Outbuildings, a Garden and Orchard ( fppo-^ te thereto, and a Close of very rjcli ancient. incfoseil Pasture Ground, adjoining to the said House, containing together about two Acres ( more. or. less); also, about 18J Acres ( more or less), of rich newly- inclosed Land or Ground, adjoining to the said Home Close, and extending from thence and over the Mill Road to the Roads leading from Raunds and Chelveston towards Thrapston, conveniently divided by thriving Quickset Fences into three Closes, with a convenient Road to each of them separately ; the Whole now in the Tenure or Occupation of John Arnsby, who will shew the same. Part of the above is Freehold, and Part Copyhold ; but the Copyhold Fines being certain and very low, the same is equal in Value to Freehold. *** For further Particulars, and to treat for the Purchase, apply to Mr. DAY, Solicitor, St. Neots, ® r on Fridays, at Kimbolton. Leicestershire. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, ACompact and highly- improvable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in the Parish of TILTON- ON- TH L- HILL; comprising a Farm- House, and Outbuildings necessary for the Occupation of the Farm, and 280 Acres of Land, chiefly Meadow and Pasture, and a small Part Arable.— Also, the capital WOODLANDS, known by the Name of TII. TO. N WOODS ( celebrated for the Covers), containing upwards of 80 Acres, and the Timber and Underwood stand; A" stand^ ig and growing thereon.— The Farm is held at Will, at an old Rent, which will admit of being advanced very considerably. The Woods are capable of great Im- provement, and ot being rendered very productive Both of Timber and Underwood, to the Giowth of which the Soil is perfectly congenial. To a Gentleman fond'of Field Sports ( particularly' those of the Chase;, this Estate is peculiarly adapted, being centrally situate in the Midst of several highly- celebrated Hunts,, which frequently'visit the Covers of Tilton.— The present Barm- House, situate in the Village of Til ton, may, at a small Expence, be con- verted intp a Hunting- Box ; and a new Farm- House may, with Convenience and Advantage, be erected on the Farm. td* TILTON is distant from Leicester about ten Miles, and one Mile and a Half from the Turnpike- Road leading from Leicester to Uppingham. * V* Printed Particulars may be had at the Bell Inn, at Leicester; of Mr. JOHN WILDBORE, Tilton, who will direct a Person to shew the Estate; and of Messrs. RICHARDSON, SON, Sc COR. FI ELD, Land- Surveyors, Lincoln's- Inn- Fields, London, who are duly authorized to contract for the Sale. DISTRESSES IN GERMANY. LOWDON, Ajiiil IGth, 1B06. fpHE astonishing Transactions which took Place fi- on the Continent towards the Close of the last Year, mtist have been familiar to all who bestow the slightest Regard upon the passing Occurrences; nor can the unparalleled Velocity with which the French Troops over- ran various Parts of Germany be easily forgotten; but the Requisitions, Extortions, and Excesses of every Kind, which were systematically carried on towards the hapless Inhabitants, and the awful Distresses thereby occasioned, have not been sufficiently known in Great- Britain, to excite that general Commiseration which such imperious Ne- cessity demands. . In Consequence of the accumulated Miseries pro- duced by the War, and of the scanty Supply of Pro- visions, arising from two successive Years of Scarcity, the Inhabitants of many German Provinces have been overwhelmed with such a Pressure of Distress, that, without foreign Relief, great Numbers must have perished. To augment the Catalogue of their Woes, almost all Trade, Manufactures, and Commerce, have been suspended; for Want of Fuel whole Villages have been destroyed by the hostile Armies, in order to keep up IVatch- Jtres; so that Numbers of the wretched Inhabitants were exposed, stripped qf their Clothes and destitute of Shelter, to all the Inclemency of the Winter; and a malignant pestilential Disorder has swept away MANY THOUSANDS ( in Moravia alone upwards of twelve Thousand,) which the Sword and Famine had spared. WitWa-' Vievv to afford some Alleviation to these Calamities; a Subscription was opened in Loudon, and a Committee formed, as early as last November; who have, by the liberal Donations and Benefactions afforded them, been enabled to make Remittances to those Places which most urgently stood in Need of Help; by which Means the poor' Inhabitants have procured Supplies of Provisions from distant Parts of the Continent. The Committee have received a con- siderable Number ot very interesting Letters, acknow ledging the safe Arrival of the Remittances in Terms of the most attecting Gratitude; and further specifying in what Manner and Proportions they had been applied. The Committee regret, that the necessary Limits of this Address unavoidably prevent them from intro- ducing any of the very interesting, but melancholy Details of Misery, contained in their respective Re- ports already published: But as the Fund hitherto ap- propriated to tfiis Purpose is now almost exhausted, tile Committee have no Resource left them to recruit it, but bv an Appeal to the Sympathy and Generosity • of an enlightened and benevolent BRITISH PUBLIC. Of the Extent of the Misery that exists, some Idea may be formed, when it is observed, that the Stores ot Grain, both public and private, were speedily con- s- umed or destroyed by the numerous Armies, which were successively poured into Germany, destitute of Clothes, Provisions, and every other Necessary. No Place or Country, though not the immediate Theatre ot W ar, has suffered more from long- continued Ex- actions, than Hanover; whence official Accounts have been received, containing the most affecting Statements ot systematic Extortion and Devastation ;— W many have been literally starved to Death ! Never has the Benevolence of a BRITISH PUBLIC been entreated in vain on Behalf of suffering Hu- manity ; and, since this highly- favoured Nation has been preserved from the destroying Sword and the de- vouring Pestilence, the Committee implore their kind Assistance, in Behalf of the hapless Victims of such united Horrors. The Committee would further observe, that not- withstanding the extraordinary Change in the political Aspect of Continental Affairs, they will be still enabled from the Security of their extensive and con- fidential Correspondence, to convey the apportioned Remittances with Safety to their Destination. And it should be remembered that the poor sullering Inha- bitants have no Part in Public Affairs, but are still the worthy Objects of British Generosity. The Com- mittee would be amply justified in employing on this Occasion the strongest Expressions the Mind can con- ceive, or Language alrbrd, in order to give an adequate View of the diversified Miseries now afflicting the In- habitants of many Parts of Germany; but they prefer '• ailing the Attention cf the Compassionate to the NTERESTiN(. FACTS contained in the RETORJS of their Proceedings published from Time to Time; and which may be had on Application to any ot the Committee in London, by whom Donations will be gratefully received, viz. George Wolff, Esq. America- Square. Joseph Hardcastle, Esq. Old Swan Stairs. Joseph Reyner, Esq. Old Swan Stairs. Richard Lea, Esq. Alderman, Old- Jewry. Alexander Maitiaud, Esq. Peckham. Robert Steven, Esq. 129, Upper Thames- Street. Thomas Wilson, Esq. Artillery- Place. George Hammond, Esq. 115, Whitechapel. Wilson Birkbeck, Esq, Stamford- Hill. Robert Howard, Esq. Stamford- Hill. Richard Chester, Esq. Stoke- Newington. George Meyer, Esq. Salvador- House, Bishopsgate- Street. Christopher Sundlus, Esq. Fen- Court. Alexander Shir reft, Esq. 58, Fenchurch- Street. Herman Schroeder, Esq. College. Hill. John D. Hose, Esq. Ludgate- Flill. The Rev. Ch. F. A. Steinkopff, Savoy. Mr. Joseph Butterworth, 43, Fleet- Street. Mr. Robert Middleton, 192, Fleet. Street. Samuel Mills, Esq. 16, Finsbury- PIace. Joseph Smith, Esq. 60, Broad- Street. Amb. Martin, Esq. Charlotte- Street, Bloomsbury. The Rev. C. Schwabe, Goodman's- Fields. William Alers, F^ sq. 7, Fenchurch- Street. The Rev. W. Kueper, 19, Stafford- Place, Pimlico. The Rev. George Segelken, 25, Brompton- Crescent Henry Silfken, Esq. 11, Scots'- Yard, Bush- Lane 0 m- Glasgow Subscriptions, by Mr. John Ro- £. s. bcrtson '....' 306. 7 Alexander Knox, EVq. Dublin 5 0 Mrs. Hooper, Wsiworth 20 0 Bristol Subscriptions, by the Rer. ' 1'. T. Biddulph 61 16 Collection by the late Rev. Abraham Booth, l'rescot- Street 158 0 Many other Subscriptions, too numerous to b: serted here ( including several of One Guinea each, as well as smaller Sums), have lately been received; which will be printed, and circulated with the Reports of the Committee. The Reports may be had of Ambrose Martin, Esq. No. 24, Charlotte'- Str et, Bloomsbury. Square; Mr. Joseph Butterworth, No. 43| Fleet- Street; Messrs. Hardcastle & Reyner, Treasurers, Old Swan stairs; and of the other Members of the Committee, in London. Also, of Messrs. Rivingtons, St. Paul's Church- Yard; Messrs. Cadell & Davies, Strand; and of Mr. J. Hatchard, Piccadilly. CONTRACTS FOR COALS AND CANDLES. Commissary- GenerdTs- Office, Great George. Street, London, Uth May, 1806. \,\ 7" ANTED, for the Barracks in the onder- ' T mentioned Counties in South- Britain, for the Barracks ill North- Britain, and in the Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, and Alderney, such Quantities of COALS and CANDLES as may, from Time to Time, be required by the respective Barrack- Masters for the Time being. The Deliveries to commencc as soon after the 25th of June next ; s the respective Barrack- Masters shall require, and to continue till the 24th of June fol- lowing. / Proposals for supplying Coals, made separately for each County in South- Britain, the Whole of the Barracks in Noitli- Britain, and likewise for those in the Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, and Alderney, sealed up, and maiked Tender for Coals, will be re- ceived at this OHice until Eleven o'Clock on Tuesday the 10th of June; as will also those for Candles, sealed up, and marked Tender for Candles, untii the same Hour on Wednesday the 11th of June.— If sent by Post, the Postage must be paid. Particulars of the Contracts may be had on Appli- cation at this Office, between the Hours of Ten and Four; to Mr. Deputy- Commissar\ - General ASSIOTTI, Edinburgh; and Mr. Assistant- Commissary RAW- LINOS, Guernsey. It is to be observed, that everv Contractor may make a general Offer for the Whole of the Supply ot Coals; and if such Offer shall appear more advan- tageous to the Public, than the Aggregate of the lowest Proposals for supplying that Article by Counties, the same will be accepted. COUNTIES. To O N, be SOLD by A U C T 1 Bv RICHARD SMITH, At the Talbot Inn, G indle, on Wednesday the 25th of June, 180.6, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions of Sale as will be then ar. d there produced, AValuable FREEHOLD & TYTHE- FREE ESTATE, on a navigable River; with a good Fall of Water, Situate- at; FOTHERINGHAY, in the County of Northampton; consisting of a good Dwelling- House and Paper- Mill, with a Yard, Garden, and 27A. OR. 5P. of rich Meadow, pasture, and Osier Ground, situate in Southwick, and 16A. 1R. 37P. of Meadow Land, situate in Perrihaw- Hern; also, the Eddish or l. attermath of the Whole of Perrihaw- Hern, containing 34 A. 1R. 10P. exclusive of theabove 16A. 1R. 37P.; also, the Tytbes of two Acres and a Half of Meadow Land. The Tenant is under an Agreement to quit at Michaelmas next. (|" V Particulars may be had of Mr. WILLIAM A Warehouse in Chester was lately robbed ni » BO./> DSN AW, atl'kttiecHi^ hsy ; andof the AucrteMER « lace, & c. to the value ot jpw^ rdj tjf ) at IhMpsMn, MAHOGANY. To be SOLO by A U C T I O N, By Mr. OtVSTON, On Mondsy the 9th Day of June, 1806, precisely at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the Public Wharf, LEICESTER, ALarac QUANTITY of HONDURAS - MAHOGANY, in Logs, Planks, and Boards, and of excellent Quality; also, a Quantity of modern M A H O G A N Y carved h E U- 1' IL I. A R S.— The Whote will be sold in Lots, for the Accommodation of the Trade. ( Jd?" Further Particulars may be known on Appli- cation to Mr. BRADLEY, Public Wharf, Leicester. To be SOLD by AUCTION, At the New Jnij, in Hsckleton, in the County of Northampton, on Monday the 9th Day of June. 1806, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, in one or more Lot or Lots, as shaH be then agreed on ( unles: sold in the mean Time), riWG MESSUAGES or TENEMENTS, with a - L MALTING, BARN, STABLE, GARDENS and THREE several CLOSES of rich LAND ad joining, containing together about swell Acres and Half, situate in P1DD1NGTON, in the County of Northampton aforesaid, now in the Occupation of Robert Pearson, Wright, Barringer, and others. Also, to be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, TWO several EXHIBITIONS of = C. 20 each, payable half, yearly, at Lady- Day and Michaelmas, from New College, in Oiford, during the respective Lives of two Gentlemen, one aged 511, and the other 39. ( Mf Enquits of Mr. Asatv, Solicitor, in North ajppton. ( On- Concern.) Berks - Chester Cornwall, including Scilly Cumberland Devon Dorset Durham Essex G loucester Hants Hunts Isle of Wight Kent Lancaster Middlesex Norfolk Northampton Northumberland Nottingham Somerset Suffolk Surrey Sussex Warwick Wilts York. North- Britain. Guernsey, Jersey, and Alderney. Thong's Farm Seven Miles from Cltal teris, Cambridgeshire, St. Ives, and one Mile from Somersham. To be SOLD by AUCTION, Bv Mr. JAQUES, On Tuesday the 10th of June, at Twelve o'Clock, at Garraway's Collee- House, London, THAT well- known excellent FARM, adjoining the Turnpike- Road from ST. IVES to WISBECH, containing two hundred and thirty- six Acres of capital and highly- productive LAND, with FARM- HOUSI and BUILDINGS. Also, FOUR PIECES of remark- ably rich LAND, convenient thereto, in SUTTON, containing twenty- four Acres. The Whole occupied b » a Tenant at Will, and in most excellent Condition for Occupation or Letting. To be viewed by applying to the TENANT; and printed Particulars may be had of him fourteen Days preceding the Sale; also of HENRY SWEETINC, Esq. Huntingdon; Mr. AUHELL, Somersham Free- School; at the Crown Inn, St. Ives; at Garraway's; and of Mr. J. VQUES, Hatton- Garden, London, where a Plan may be seen. Messrs. Hardcastle & Reyner, Treasurers, Old Swan Stairi Subscriptions will also be received at tie following Bankers in London :— Messrs. Hankey & Co. Fenchurch- Street. Messrs. Hoares, Fleet- Street. Messrs. Smith & Holt, Old Broad- Street. M.' ssrs. Jones, I. oyd, Hulme, & Co. Lothbury. SUBSCRIMIONS LATELY RECEIVED. £. s. d. His Grace the Archbishop of Cashel 20 0 0 The Right Hon. the Earl of Hardwicke .. 30 0 The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of London 20 0 The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Elphin 20 0 Lady Carbery 50 0 The Right Hon. David La Touche & Co... 50 0 William Wilberforce, Esq. M. 1' 21) 0 Ely Bates, Esq. Blackheath 10 10 Charles Grant, Esq. M. P 10 10 Edw. Simeon, Esq. & Co. Salvador- House 100 0 Thomson Bonar, Esq 21 0 Thomson Bonar, Jun. Esq 10 10 John Thomson, Esq 21 0 John Maitland, Esq. M. P 20 0 Sir R. B. Johnstone 25 0 Lady Johnstone - 25 0 Christo, by Messrs. Hankey & Co 20 0 Dublin Subscriptions, by Henry Hutton, Esq. Alderman 200 0 Admiral Gambier 5 0 Rev. Thomas Gisbome, Yoxall- Lodge 25 0 E. Goodhart, Esq. Ilford 8 0 Hanoverians, at Cumberland- Lodge, Wind- sor Park 12 Anthony Home, Esq. Bankside 20 Manchester Friends, by Mr. Isaac Crewdson 100 Mrs. Hannah Afoore's second Donation .... 5 Mr. Edward Ridsdale, Wakefield 20 Mr. John Ridstlale, Wakefield 20 Henry Thornton, Esq. M. P. second Donation 100 Bridge- Street, Northampton. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By A. BROIVNSGRA VE, At the Bell Inn, in the Town of Northampton, on Thursday the 12th Day of June instant, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, rrHE several FREEHOLD MESSUAGES or J- TENEMENTS, situate and being on the West Side of BRIDHK- STREET, in the said Town of NORTHAMPTON, in Lots, as hereafter- mentioned-. Lor 1. A Messuage, with the Appurtenances, in the Occupation of Anthony Crawford, l ot 2. A Ditto, iu the Occupation of James Long. Lot 3. A Ditto, in the Occupation of John Tomalin. Lot 4. A Ditto, in the Occupation of Samuel Campion. Lot 5. A Ditto, in the Occupation of Lawrence Cooke. C3* The above Houses are Stone- built and Slated, in good Repair, and will be found a very desirable Purchase. "„* For further Particulars, apply to Mr. HOWES, Attorney, or the AUCTIONEER, in Northampton. A Friend, by Ditto".. 25 Dr. Ludlow, Bristol - 5 T. W. Smith, Esq. & Co. Great St. Helen's, third Donation 50 0 The Rev. B. N. Turner, Denton, Lincoln- shire 5 5 Thomas Were, Esq. by Messrs. Were, Bruce, & Co 10 0 VI. D. bv Messrs. Hoares 20 0 Francis Gosling, Esq. Fleet- Street 21 0 Messrs. William Storrs Fry St Sons, Mildted- Court SO 0 Arthur Young, Esq. by Messrs. Hoares .. 5 5 Joseph Foster Birham, Esq. M. P 10 10 Richard Reynolds, Esq. Bristol 20 0 Thomas Bonville, Esq. Bristol .... 10 10 Chobham Friends, by the Rev. Charles Jerram 29 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ' 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Freehold Estates, Bedford. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By BROWN 6- f SON, On Tuesday " the 10th Day of June, 1806, at Mr. Warden's, the Peacock Inn, St. Peter's, Bedford, at Six o'Clock, subject to such Conditions as Will be then produced, ANew- built TENEMENT, pleasantly situate, near PARKER'S ROW, St. Peter's, BEDFORD, and a PIECE of GARDEN GROUND adjoining. Also, an excellent PIECE of GROUND, well adapted for building on ( contiguous to the above), 42 Feet in Front and upwards of 60 Feet in Depth, with a Pump of fine Water. ( J3" Immediate Possession may be had. *** For a View of the Premises, and for further Particulars, apply to B.-. OWN & SON, Auctioneers, Bedford. Excellent Freehold Pasture, vith early Possession. ST. PAUL'S, BEDFORD, Exonerated from the Land - Tax. To be SOL D by A U C T I O N, By BROWN Sf SON, On Thursday the 12th Dtty of June, 1806, at Mrs. Garner's, the George Inn, Bedford, at Six o'Clock, subject to such Conditions as will be then produced, AVery valuable FREEHOLD and TYTUE- FREB ESTATE; comprising all that inclosed Piece of rich old Pasture, containing six Acres two Roods ( be the same more or less), called CORN CLOSE, most advantageously situated contiguous to the Town of BEDFORD, now in the Occupation of Mr. Richard Lane, who has Notice to quit the same at Michaelmas next.— The Timber to be taken at a fair Valuation, down to 2s. 6d. per Stick. For a View of the Estate, and further Parti- culars, apply to BROWN & SON, Auctioneers, Bedford. Rich Grazing Lund, at Milton. To be SOLD by A U C T ION, By IS R OWN & SON, On Friday the 20th of June, 1806, at Four in th « Afternoon, at the Bell Inn, Bridge- Street, North- ampton, ri - ililiEE CLOSES of rich Freehold GRAZING L LAND, Tytht- free, situaie at MILTON, other- wise M1DDLETON- MALSOR, near Northampton; containing about fifty- eight Acres, in the Occupation of Mr. Britain, Tenant from Year to Year.— The Fences are extremely good; there are several thriving Ash and Elm Trees; the Whole well watered; and is most conveniently situated to occupy fro i trie Town ofNortfumpton. The Poor » ' Rates ai every low. ( fly* Apply to Messrs. HODSON, solicitors, vV « l- lingbcrouglu Wednesday and Thursday's Posts. From TUESDAY'S LONDON GAZETTE. THE King has caused it to be signified, by the 14. Ptiarloa Tomps Vfiv. to the Mi- X Right Hon. Charles James Fox, to the Mi- nisters of Friendly and Neutral Powers residing at this Court, that, in consequence of subsequent advices, the blockade announced to the said Mi- nisters on the 8th of April last shall not extend to the. river Trave. - The Gazette contains two letters from Captain Lord Cochrane:— The following extract forms the material part of the first, which is dated Pallas, St. Martin's Road, Isle R6e, May 10:— " The trench trade having been kept in port ot late, in a great measure bv their knowledge of the exact situation of his Majesty's cruisers, constantly announced at the signal- posts, it appeared to me to be some object, as there was nothing better in view, to endeavour to stop this practice. Accordingly, the two posts at La Pointe de la Roche were demolished ; next that of Calioli; then two in L'Ance de Repos, 4me of which Lieutenant Haswell, and Mr. Hillier, the gunner, took in a neat style trom upwards ot 100 militia. The marines and boats' crews behaved ex- ceedingly well; all the flags have been brought off, and the houses built by government burnt to the ground.— Yesterday too, the zeal of Lieut. Norton, of- the Frisk cutter, and Lieutenant Gregory, of the Contest gun- brig, induced them to volunteer to flank the battery on Point d'Equillon, while we Should attack it by land in the rear; but it was carried at once, and one of 50 men, who were stationed to the ihree 36- pounderS, was made prisoner, the rest escaped. The battery is laid in ruins, guns spiked carriages burnt, barrack and magazine blown up, and all the shells thrown in the sea. The signal- post of L'E qui lion, together with the house, shared the fate of the gun- carriages; the convoy got into a river beyond our reach." in the second letter, dated May 14th, off the Island of Oleron, Lord Cochrane savs, " This morning, when close to L'lsled'Aix, re- connoitering the French squadron, it gave me great joy to find our late opponent the Black frigate, and her companions the three brigs, getting under sail; we ' formed high expectation that the long- wished- for opportunity was at last arrived. The Pallas remained under top- sails by the wind to await them ; at half- past eleven, a smart point- blank firing commenced on both sides, which was severely felt by the enemy: the main- topsail- yard of one of the brigs was cut through, and the frigate lost her after sails. The batteries on L'Isle D'Aix opened on the Pallas, and a cannonade continued, interrupted on our part only by the necessity we were under to make various tacks to avoid the shoals, till one o'clock, when our en- deavour to gain the wind of the enemy, and get be- tween him and the batteries, proved successful; an effectual distance was now chosen— a few broadsides were poured in— the enemy's fire slackened;— I ordered our's to cease, and directed Mr. Sutherland, the master, to run the frigate on board, with intention effectually to prevent her retreat by boarding. The enemv's side thrust our guns back into the ports, the whole were then discharged, the effect and crash were it is confidently stated, in Cobbel's Political Register, " that Mr. Greenwood is agent to 174 battalions of the line; 21 battalions of militia; to the royal artillery; royal engineers; the veterans; and to the waggon train: by which army agency, on the very lowest calculation, he clears ( or he and others, clear . amongst them3 « ' o£" mf, 0G0 a year, ex- clusive of the advantage derived from the sums of money constantly in his hands, and of all the pur- CU.. SDLL SCHOOL. THE Rev. T. H. BULLF. Vs VACATION commences on FxiaAY, JUKI 20th. June 4th, 1806. Most desirable and advantageous Situation. To be LETT, And may It entered upon at Midsummer next ( or sooner if required), RUGBY SCHOOL, M/ SHTON ASSOCIATION, chase money of commissions placed in his hands by an express order of the Commander in Chief!'' Last Sunday there was a most dreadful riot in the Spanish prison at Plymouth, owing to a mis- conception of the Spaniards, that ijiey were going to be trepanned into our service. It happened just at relieving guard, the prisoners were very riotous, and tore their beds and bedsteads to pieces. Blank cartridges were fired first without effect, when the guard loaded with hall, and fired in amongst them, by which four were desperately wounded. They were at length quelled. BATH, June 4. A melancholy accident happened on the 10th ult. at Bere- liegis. A lad, of the name of Phillips, was left in the care of a young horse, which was fastened to a sull; the horse taking fright trod the poor boy in the face, and, shocking to relate, by a sudden spring, the sull tore him from the bottom of his belly to the upper part of his head, a- nd occasioned his death. The unfortunate lad having the halter wound round Lis hand, could not disengage himself.— This sad accident should operate as a caution to others. HIS MAJESTY'S BIRTH- DAY. The return of the celebration of our beloved Monarch's Birth- Day is orie of those occa^ ons, upon which, however often repeated,, the public joy never suffers any diminution. His Majesty yesterday completed his 68th year, and we are extremely happy to sly, even at this advanced age, he enjoys perfect health, and as great vigour of mind and body as he has done for many years; the only falling off we have to lament, is the com- plaint in his eyes, which prevents him from taking the exercise and enjoying those recreations he has been accustomed to for a number of years past. The day was kept in the Metropolis with every de- monstration of joy: the bells of the different steeples continued to ring a merry peal from morn- ing till night; and the flags and standards of the United Kingdom were displayed at the different churches and public buildings throughout London. At one o'clock, as many guns as his Majesty has attained years, were discharged in the Park, and the 61 guns on the Tower wharf were also dis- charged. The Royal Dukes, with the addition of his Highness of Gloucester, breakfasted with their ACapital MESSUAGE or HOUSE, situate on the PARADE, in the MARKF. T- SIJUARE, NORTHAMPTON; consisting, on the Ground Floor, of a handsome Shop and Parlour in Front, with a private Passage, spacious Dining - Parlour, two Kitchens, Larder, Brewhouse, and Wash- House, with suitable Offices; Stable, Yard, and Garden; on the first Floor, a commodious Drawing- Room, Bedchamber, arid Dressing- Room ; two good Cham- bers on the second Floor; suitable Attics; with ex- cellent Cellars and roomy Warehouses. ( j5r" The above Premises are well adapted for Trade or private Occupation. A considerable Rent may be made by letting Apartments; the local Situation and Conveniences being such as to render them pre- eminent. *** For further Particulars, enquire of Mr, L. KIRSHAW, Surveyor and Auctioneer, Northampton. May lid, 1806. rim ANNIVERSARY MEETING at RUGBY j ft "" HE Members of this Association a, e respect- - S SCHOOL will be holdeA on TUESDAY next, I •„ tJ « > . v.. ., » » —:... :, i . the 10th IrKtant. ( PT The Ladies and Gentlemen who intend to favour the Meeting with their Company, are requested to be at the School- House before Twelve o'Clock, if they wish to hear the Speeches. ORDINARIES and BALIS as usual, in the NEW ASSEMBLY- ROOM, at the SPREAD. EACLE. SMITH, Esq. ) c. , The Rev. M. H. MATTHEWS,$ btewaWs- To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. KIRS IIA IV, On Wednesday the 11th Day of June, 180G, on the Premises, the RECTORY - HOUSE, at cOTTES- BROOKE, in the County of Northampton, SUNDRY LOTS of genteel HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, See.; consisting of a Four- post Bedstead, with Chintz Furniture, and Window- Cur- tains and Chair Covers to match ; Mahogany Chest of Drawers and Dressing- Table, Pair of Card- Tables, Sideboard, Tables and Chairs, Sofa, with worked Seat, and Chairs to correspond, with a Variety of other Articles; Kitchen and Scullery Utensils, in Copper, Pewter, and Tin; Brewing Utensils in general, viz. an 80- Gallon Copper, one smaller Ditto, Mash- Vat, Working- Stands, & c. also five sweet Half- Hogshead Casks; Dairy Requisites, as Churn, Milk- Pails, Butter- Scales, Kivers, Sieves, he. ; a Clothes- Horse, and wind- up Jack and Pullies, complete. ( jdf The Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock. dreadful; their decks weie deserted, three pistol- shots Majesties and paid their respects Of congratulation, were the unequal return. Wnh confidence 1 say, i J • » . , f . , - f . , that the frigate was lost to France, had not the I About half- past twelve oclock, her_ Majesty and unequal collision tore away our fore- topmast, jib- boom, fore and main- topsail- yards, spritsail - yard, bumpkin, cathead, chain- plates, fore- rigging, foresail, and bower anchor, with which last I intended to hook on, but all'proved insufficient. She was yet lost to France, had not the French Admiral, seeing his frigate's fore- yard gone, her rigging ruined, and the danger she was in, sent two ofliers to her assistance. The Pallas being a wreck, we came out with what little sail could be set, and his Majesty's sloop, the Kir. gsfisher, afterwards took us in'tow. " The Officers and ship's company behaved as usual; to the names. of Lieutenants Hasweil and Mappletoti, wljom I have mentioned on other occasions, 1 have to add that of Lieutenant Robins, who has just jellied. " Killed, one marine.— Wounded, Mr. Andrews, midshipman, very badly; and four seamen, slightly." Yelvertoft, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. KIRS HA IV, At the Sign of the Panniers, in Yelvertoft, in the County of Northampton, on Friday the 13th Day of June instant, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, ALL that CLOSE of exceeding rich PASTURE LAND, situate, lying, and being in the Centre of the pleasant Village of YELVERTOFT, in the County of Northampton, containing six Acres, or thereabouts ( be the Same more or less), and now in the Tenure or Occupation of Mr. William Lydell, Tenant from Year to Year. 03T For further Particulars, apply to Mr. HOWES, Attorney, or the AUCTION EIR, in Northampton. LONDON, June 5. The Leyden Gazette of the 30th ult. has bi'fcn received, which brings Paris news down to the 25th. ft" states the capture in the West Indies of an English ship, the Fame, of 500 tons, bound to Ja- maica, by I. e Pandour French brig, and wishes to intimate, that many more results of a similar nnture may be expected.— There is no intelligence ot any greater importance from Paris. American Papers to the SOth of April are re- ceived. The French party are indefatigable in their efforts to produce a rupture between Great- Britain and America; and a circumstance has r,- ently occurred which afforded them an oppor- tunity of making a successful appeal to the passions of the lower orders of the people. It appears tha t his Majesty's ship Leander, which was cruising at the latter end of April off Sandy- Hook, having in vain endeavoured to bring to an American sloop that was entering the harbour, fired a shot into her, and killed a man. As soon as the circumstance was known at New- York, it produced a very con siderable ferment, which was increased by every possible artifice. The body of the man who was tilled was exposed to public view for two days; the Corporation, and the whole of the anti- British party, attended the funeral, which was conducted with every solemnity that was calculated to make an impression upon the minds of the people. The consequence was, that all intercourse with the British ships was interdicted, the provisions which had been purchased for their use were seized and given to the poor, and to complete the whole, a bill of indictment for murder was found by the grand jury of New- York against Captain Whitby, of the Leander. Oispa'tches have been received from Rear- Ad- nilral Cochrane, of the Leeward- Island station, announcing that General Miranda had taken pos- session of the island of La Marguerita, in the Caribbean sea, on the coast of South- America, with 3000 men, and was preparing to make a de- scent on the Caraccas, with an intent, it is sup- posed, to revolutionise the Spanish settlements in that quarter, A few days ago, the boats of the Quebec frigate boarded and captured three vessels in the port of Norden, belonging to Prussia. The frigate after- wards silenced a fort, drove the meti from their batteries, landed some of her crew, and brought away three of the guns from the fort, with her three priy. es, which have since arrived at Yarmouth. This was done without a single individual belonging to the Quebec being killed or wounded. Properly Tax.— Lord Henry Petty rose on Tues- day night in the House of Commons, in order to correct a mistatement which had gone abroad respecting the exemptions under the above tax. His Lordship said that persons of small incomes and large families were to be entitled to exemptions from their Assessed Taxes, but not under the Pro- perty Tax. W? understand that in the change which it is in contemplation to propose in the constitution of the Judicial Courts in Scotland, the object is to assimilate them as much as possible to the forms of administrative justice in England. At present, in Scotland, there are no juries in civil cases, and no circuits for the administration of civil Justice. It is proposed, we hear, that in future . the same forms are to be adopted in the decision of civil questions, which already exist in criminii prosecutions} and that the Judges are to be em- powered, on their circuits, to preside in causes between individuals, as well as in those which lye between the crown and the subject. This alter- ation, we believe, will be extremely popular in Scotland; and, in a general view, it is Certainly very desirable that all the subjects living under one Government should enjoy the same advantages, civil as A- ell as political. the Princesses left the Queen's Palace for St. James's, escorted by a party of the Life- Guards. After her Majesty and the Princesses had partaken of some refreshment, the Archbishop of Canterbury was introduced to her Majesty's private apartments,, and delivered a congratulatory oration on the happy return of the day. Her Majesty and the Princesses proceeded towards the Grand Council Chamber a few minutes after two o'clock; the concourse of visitors, who were then assembled in the ad- joining rooms, was so great, that her Majesty's attendants had great difficulty in making a clear passage. filer Majesty entered the Grand Council Cham- ber at a quarter past two; and soon after the Birth- Day Ode was performed. Her Majesty continued to receive the company till twenty minutes before five o'clock, when her Majesty found herself so fatigued that she was obliged to retire^ to the dis- appointment of great numbers who had been pre- vented approaching her from the immense crowd. The Court was extremely splendid. There were present the Princesses Augusta, Elizabeth, Mary, Sophia, and Amelia; the Duchess of York; the Prince of Wales; Dukes of York, Clarence, Cumberland, Kent, Sussex, Cambridge, and Glou- cester; the great Officers of State, Foreign Am- bassadors, the Lord- Mayor and Sheriff's, and a vast concourse of other Nobility and Gentry, of both sexes, too numerous for us to enumerate. The Princess of Wales was not at Court; nor was Princess Sophia of Gloucester, she being yet in mourning, for her father. The following were amongst the most conspi- cuous dresses upon the occasion :— HER MAJESTY.— Petticoat of silver tissue, with rich silver embroidery ; bottom drapery of silver royal Mecklenburgh net, superbly ornamented with chains, bows, and tassels of diamonds and rubies. The mantle of tissue, ornamented with net and rings, to corres- pond. PRINCESS AUGUSTA— Petticoat of white crape, superbly embroidered with silver draperies, richly ornamented with silver wheat- sheaves and shaded flowers; body and train, rich silver tissue; sleeves, royal Meckienburgh net, ornamented with silver flowers and rings. PRINCESS ELIZABETH.— An elegant dress of blue crape, superbly embroidered with silver; on the right side of the petticoat three large draperies, richly spangled in wreaths of flowers, tastefully tied toge- ther, and finished with massy borders of Egyptian net- work, suspended loosely, and alternately relieving each other; on the left side a long full drapery, em- broidered all over, and bordered with a chain of silver rings, fastened together in waves of silver bouillon; the ground - work in stripes, the cross - way, of silver chains; the bottom, a rich border of foil, in cheques, and ornamented with silver bouillon; the whole finished with superb cords and tassels. The train of blue and silver tissue, trimmed with point lace, silver fringe, and diamonds. PRINCESS MARY.— A dress of pink crape, magni- ficently embroidered in silver, over pink satin; pointed draperies on the right side, elegantly em- broidered in bouquets of carnations and fancy floweis, and bordered with the Tamerlane chain of silver beads and spangles; left side, a large marking drapery, embroidered in festoons of silver corn floweis, in wreaths and bunches, tied up with brilliant bows of silver; ground- work, large branches of carnations, corn flowers. See.; bottom, the same as her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth. Train, pink and silver tissue, trimmed with point lace and silver fringe. PRINCESS SOPHIA.— An apple- blossom coloured satin petticoat, with two draperies of beautiful black lace, divided with a scarf of apple- bloom net, upon which was embroidered a magnificent wreath of un- commonly fine lilies and leaves, all real embossed work; the r » be was apple- bloom coloured satin, with a rich trimming of silver leaves. The whole dress was universally admired. PRINCESS AMELIA.— The petticoat of blue satin, entirely covered with silver net, and tucked up with silver butterflies; the tassels were likewise du papil. Ions; robe, blue and silver tissue. DUCHESS of YORK. — A lilac satin petticoat, covcred with Brussels lace draperies, two large wreaths of embroidery, in real silver Oriental lame, inlaid with Brussels lace, and ornamented with silver cords and tassels. Train, lilac satin, richly spangled and trimmed, with silver. Head- dress, diamonds and feathers. PRINCESS BARIATINSKI.— Petticoat, white crape, with deep silver Etruscan border; draperies, richly worked in real silver Oriental lame, with a beau- tiful border of the same. Train, white crape, spangled, and border of rich silver embroidery. Head- dress, diamonds and feathers. This lady wore an immense quantity of beautiful diamonds. The Court was one of the most crowded remem- bered for the last twenty years; and although the rain rendered it inconvenient," it was particularly distinguished for fashion and beauty. ' The Duke and Duchess of York came in state, with two . carriages tilled with attendants; at a quarter before four o'clock, escorted by a party of Life- Guards. The, diamonds worn by her Majesty were worth .£. 150,000. . BOATS. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. KIRS HA IV, On Monday the 16; h of June, 1S06, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the Haif- Moon, at Blisworth, near Northampton, rpwo exceeding good TRADING BOATS X ( clothed), with Cabins, complete; also, TWO exceeding good COAL BOATS, with Cabins. fidf The above are lying on the Grand Junction Canal, at Blisworth, and may be seen by Application to Mr. ADNEIT, at Bliswortli. To be Whittlemod Forest. SOLD by AUCTION, S I f L, LI A U I By JOHN DAY, On Monday the 9th, and Wednesday the 11th of June, 1806, at the Fox- anrt- Hounds, Whittleburv, ONF Hundred and N inety- three of His Majesty's OAK and ASH TREES, lying in BONK and IRONYARD COPPICES, in the said- Forest; also, the TOPS of 230 Maiden and 26 Browsed OAK TREES, felled for the Use of the Navy, in the said Coppices; also, the TOPS of 15 OAK TREES, felled for Re- pairs, in IRONYARD COPPICE. The Sale will begin at Eleven o'ClocJ^ *** Catalogues" may be had, six Days before the Sale, at the Green- Man, Syresham- Hatch; White- Horse, Silverstone; Place of Sale; and of the Auc- TIONEER, Stony- Stratford. NORTHAMPTON, 10th May, 1806. " VITHEREAS a Number of Poachers and un- V T qualified Persons have lately made a Practice of Dragging, casting Nets, and otherwise Taking and Destroying the FISH in the RIVER NINE or NEN, within the Manor of GOBI ON and the Manor of NORTHAMPTON, in the Liberties of the said Town of Northampton: Notice is hereby given, that all such Persons who in future shall be found trespassing in any Part of the said River, within the Liberties afore- said, will be prosecuted to the utmost Severity of the Law. NOTICE. -\ ttTHEREAS the FISHERY, belonging to me, in the River NINE or NEN, has, for some Time past, been UNLAWFULLY POACHED by various Persons, with NETS of several Descriptions, and other ENGINES for the DESTRUCTION- of FISH, without my Permission, to the great Injury of the said Fishery; and being determined to put a Stop to such illegal Proceedings, I do hereby give this public Notice, That whoever is found trespassing in future, may depend upon being prosecuted. T. S. W. SAMWELL, Upton. Hall, 3lM May, 1806. To BAKERS. ~ To be LET T, And entered npon immediately, AN old- established BAKEHOUSE and DWELLING- HOUSE, STABLE, BARNS, and other Conveniencies adjoining the same, with or without 20 Acres of SWEARD and COMMON FIELD LAND, in the Parish of BLEACHLEY, Bucks, in the Occupation of Wm. Bonest, who will shew the Premises. (£ T For further Particulars, apply to WILLIAM SBORN, Woburn, Beds. To Drapers, Grocers, Talimc- Chandlers, and others. CAPITAL FREEHOLD ESTATE, DUNSTABLE, Beds, To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. DURHAM, In the Month of July next ( unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given), in two tots. Lot 1. A Substantial and well- built Brick and Xi. Tiled FREEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSE, and other BUILDINGS, exonerated from Land- Tax, very desirably situate on the East Side of the principal Street of the Town of DUNSTABLE ; comprising a large and convenient Shop, in full Trade, in the Linen and Woollen- Drapery, Hosiery, Grocery, and Tallow- Chandlery Businesses; a Warehouse ad- joining to Ditto; two Parlours, large Kitchen, Scullery, Laundry, Brewhouse, and other Conve- niencies, on the Ground Floor; five very good and comfortable Sleeping- Rooms, on the first Floor; and five Servants' Rooms, on the Attic Story; three large Ware- Rooms, Cheese- Rooms, Bacon- Cellar, Candle- House, Barns, Two- stall Stable, and Loft; a Yard, with a capital Well of Water therein, together with another Tenement adjoining. Lot 2 comprises a substantial and well- built Brick and Tiled DWELLING- HOUSE, adjoining the North Side of Lot 1; consisting of a Parlour, Shop, Kitchen, Wash- House, Closets, & c. on the Ground Floor; extensive Cellaring; three good Bed. Rooms, on the first Floor; three Garrets: two Yards, Stable, I. oft, and other Offices. (£ 3* May be viewed, and further Particulars known, by applying to Mr. JOHN DURHAM, Land- Surveyor, Auctioneer, Sec. Dunstable. Whittleuiood Forest. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Jt> Ht* DAY, On Thursday the 12th of pine, 1806, at the House of Mr. Thomas Benson, at | Jj|> tlcy, TWO Hundred and Thirty- eight of His Ma- jesty's OAK and ASH TREES, lying in SCASI COPPICE, STAI. LEDCE COPPICE, and PHEASANTRY ; also, the TOPS of 200 Maiden and 33 Browsed OAK TREES, felled for the Use of the Navy, in the said Coppices; also, the TOPS of 14 OAK TREES felled for Repairs, in the said Coppices. ( P § " The Sale will begin at Eleven o'Clock. Catalogues may be had, six Days before the Sale, at the Barley- Mow, Paulerspury; Rein- Deer, Pottersppry ; Coffee- pot, Yardley; and of the AUC- TIONEER, Stony- Stratford. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY, At the Rein- Deer, in Potterspury, in the County of Northampton, on Saturday the 14th Day of June instant, at Six o'Clock in the Evening, subject to such Conditions as shall then be produced, rilllE following FREEHOLD ESTATES, late . L the Property of Mr. STEPHEN MORRIS; deceased, in the Lots hereander mentioned, or such other as shall be agreed upon at the Time of Sale:— Lot 1 consists of a MESSUAGE orTENEMENT, situate in POTTERSPURY aforesaid, now in the Occupation of Mark Morris, and adjoining to the Chester Turnpike- Road, used as a Public- House, and called or known by the Name or Sign of the BLSCK HORSE; and of one other MESSUAGE or TENE ME NT, adjoining the same, in the Occupation of William Onan, together with convenient Outbuildings^ Yards, Gardens, and other Appurtenances thereto belonging. g5T The Premises comprised in this Lot are well worth the Attention of a Publican, or any other Person who requires a pleasant Situation. itd plenty of Room Lot2 consists of a BARN and CLOSE, called Twc Acres, of most excellent PASTURE LAND, thereto adjoining, situate in POTTERSPURY aforesaid, and near to the Premises comprised in Lot 1, now or late in the Occupation of Henry Onan. Lot 3 consists of a MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, situate in POTTERSPURY aforesaid, with the Out buildings, Yard, Garden, and other Appurtenances thereto belonging, cow in the Occupation of Thomas Fancott. Lot 4 consists of a CLOSE of exceeding good LAND of about five Acres, adjoining to the Chester Turnpike- Road, situate in the Parish of COSGRAVE, in the said County of Northampton, at a convenient Distance between Potterspury and Stony- Stratford, late in the Occupation of the said Stephen Morris. %* To see the Estate, apply to Mr. STEPHEN or Mr MARK. MORRIS, of Potterspury; and for further Par- ticulars, to Mr. KIRBY, Attorney at Law, in Tow cester; or the AUCTIONEER, in Stony- Stratford. Leicestershire Manors and Freehold Estate. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. ROUSE, • At the Three- Crowns Inn, in Leicester, on Saturday the 5th of July next, at Three o'Clqck in the After noon, in such Lots and subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall be agreed upon, AValuable and very desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, Tythe- free and Land- Tax redeemedl situate at BLABY and LITTLE- GLENN, in the County of Leicester; comprising the. Manors Blaby and Little- Glenn aforesaid, with the Rights Royalties, Privileges, and Appurtenances thereunto belonging; the capital Manor or Mansion- House, at Blaby; O ut- Offices and Buildings, Paddock, Gardens, and Orchard, together with a Messuage or Farm. House, Homestead, and several Closes of rich Land situate in Blaby, and a small Part in Little- Glenn, containing together, by Estimation, 276 Acres, or thereabouts, in the respective Occupations of Mr James Flude, Mr. John Freer, and Mr. Daniel Burgess A Purchaser may have Possession of the greater Part of the Estate at Michaelmas, and the Remainder at Lady- Day next. *** Blaby is situate on the Tumpike. Road leading from Leicester to Lutterworth, about four Miles from the former and eight from the latter Place. N. B. The Tenants will, shew the - Estate; and further Particulars, may be known on- Application to G EOXC i W ARI^- ABV, Attorney, in Market- Harborough I fully infotmed, that a Meeting will be held on THURSDAY the 12th Day of JUN I next, at the LORD C'ULLEN'S- ARMS INN, in RUSHTON, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon ; when the Treasurer's Accounts will be submitted for their Inyigijicijj. and on other Business. Dinner on the Table precisely at Two o'Clock. By Order, THOMAS MARSHALL. May 29th, 1S06. GEDDINGTON ASSOCIATION. AT the Request of the Members, and on Account of Leicester Fair, the Meeting of this Association is further unavoidably postponed, from Monday the 12th Day of May instant, to MONDAY the 16th Day of JuNE next, then to be holden at the DUKE'S- ARMS INN, in GEDDINCION, at Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon. tf3T" Dinner on the Table precisely at Two o'Clock. THOMAS MARSHALL, May bib, 18Q6. Treasurer ahd Solicitor. SINGLE. HORSE CHAISE. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, AGenteel, neat, and substantial SINGLE- HORSE CHAISE, on Curricle Springs, with Plated Harness, nearly new. ( PT Enquire of L. KIRSHAW, Northampton. To be SOLD by AUCTION, • By Mr. J. VORES, On Monday and Tuesday the 9th and 10th Days of June, 1806, on the Premises, in GOLD- STREET, NORTHAMPTON, RPHE genuine and valuable HOUSEHOLD- X FURNITURE of the late Thomas Hillyara, Esq.; consisting of Mahogany Four post Bedsteads and Tent Ditto, with Morine, printed Cotton, and Dimity Furnitures; fine Goose Feather- Beds; Wool Mat* trusses; Counterpanes and Blankets; Mahogany double Chest of Drawers; Commode and Dressing Chests; inclosed Pier Tables; Drawing- Room Set of Mano- guriy Chairs, and two_ Sets of Parlour Ditto; handsome Sideboard Table; Dining, circular Card, Pembroke, and Work Tables ; Dumb Waiter ; Wine Cisterns ; Pier Glasses, 40 Inches by 20, and 36 Inches by 18; Dressing Glasses; japanned Chamber Chairs; Turkey and Wilton Carpets; N ight- Tables and Bason- Stands; Eight- day Clock, in japanned Case ; China, Glass, and Table Sets of blue- and- white Ware; Kitchen- Requisites, in Copper and Brass; Hogshead Copper and Brewing Utensils, with numerous other Articles.- ( j3T The Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock each Morning. M To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. J. VORES, On Thursday the 19th Day of June, 1806, on the Premises, in ABINOTON- STREET, in the Town of NORTHAMPTON, PART of the HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE of the Rev. Mr. CLOUTT; consisting of Mano- gany Four- post Bedsteads and Tent Ditto, with Di- mity and Printed Furnitures; Half- tester Bedsteads and Furnitures ; seasoned Feather- Beds, Mattressfcs, and Paillasses; Blankets, Counterpanes, Sec. ; Set of Mahogany Dining Tables, with circular En„ s; Sets of japanned Chairs, and Chamber Ditto; Pier and Dressing Glasses, Carpets, See. Also, a new PIANO- FORTE, with additional Keys and Pedal, by Broad- wood; and sunary Lots of BOOKS, in good Condition. C- T Further Particulars will be given in next Week's Paper. Rheumatism, Fains in the Limbs, tyc. D. r. Batemaii's Pectoral Drops. ARY FORTUNE, Wife of JOHN FORTUNE, of MIDDLETON ST. GEOROE, rtear Darlington, in the County of Durham, Cartwright, after lingering in great Misery for fifteen Weeks with violent Pains of the Rheumatism, occasioned from taking Cold, and having tried the first Medical Advice in that Part of the Country to no Effect, was recommended to try Da. BATEMAN'S PICTORAL DROPS, prepared by Dicey & Co. She accordingly purchased a Bottle at Messrs. Christopher & Jennett's, Booksellers, Stockton- upon- Tees: The first Doge afforded her Relief; and, not- withstanding she was confined to her Bed, and had lost the Use of her right Side, by persevering in the Use of the Medicine for a short Time, she was per- ^ SlflSOS. MARY FORTUNE. Witness, WM. DAVIS, Stainton. Such has been the Estimation in which the above Medicine has been held by the Public for more than eighty Years, that any further Comment upon its Merits would be superfluous z suffice it to say, that in Rheumatic and Chronic Complaints, in violent Pains in the Limbs, and in all Cases where Colds are the Origin, no Medicine has been used with equal Success to the genuine Bateman's Drops.— It is, however, neces- sary to caution the Public against Counterfeits, which are offered for Sale in almost every Town, and some of them even with the Names of Dicey & Co. in the Bills of Directions, & c. The surest Way to guard against Imposition is to be particular in asking for DICEY'S BATEMAN'S DROPS, and to observe, not only that the Words Dicey iS Co. No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, are printed in the Stamp Labels, but also, as a fur- ther Mark of Distinction, that the Words Dicey & Co.' s Bateman's Drops, prepared by Thus. Dicey G? Co. No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, are printed at the Top of each Bill of Direction.— Price Is. ljd. a Bottle. i^ T All others are COUNTF. RFF. IT. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Dicey and Co. Price Is. ljd. per Bottle, Duty included. Also, soM Wholesale and Retail by the Prifiters ot this Paper ( by whom great Allowance is made to Country Shopkeeper* and Retail by the following Persons, viz. Wilkins, Robins, Bates, & Wilkinson, Daventry; Parker, Merridew, and Rollason, Coventry; CcTTison, Brackley; Watson, Aynho; Mrs. Beesley, Banbury; Odell, andE. Pyne, Leighton; Griffin and Co. Tring; Norwood, Amersham; Aynsworth, & Birdsey, Hemel- hempstead; Edwards, Chesham; Barnes, Inwood, and Barringer, Newport- Pagnell; Osborn, Wobuin; Good- man, North- Crawley; Queneborough, and Squires, Dunstable; Lancaster, Clophill; Alsop, Crawley, and Mead, Luton; Brown, Morris, and Green & Co. Ampthill; S. and A. Cooper, and Morris, Nuneaton; Bull, Harrod, and Dawson, Market- Harborough; Adams, and Gamble, Loughborough; Gregory, and Swinfen, Leicester ; Toont, Woolvey; Pearson, Mel- ton- Mowbray; Burbage& Co. Nottingham; Wilcox, and Gallard, Towcester ; Seeley, Buckingham ; Miss Jones, Oxford; Hawkes, Lutterworth; R. Palgrave, J. Okely, B. Bradley, and J. Bradley, Bedford; Hine, Potton; Bunting, Sandy; Gardner, Weston, and Brooks, Biggleswade ; Richardson, Elmes, Poulter, and Sheppard, Stony- Stratford; Higham, Old- Stratford; Moxham, Fenny- Stratford; Stevens, Bicester; Marlin, J. Wheeler, Rickford, F. Wheeler, & F. Loggin, Aylesbury ; Wards, Hinckley; Sanderson & Co. Broughton, Chettle, and Mather, Wellingbo- rough ; Eaton, Thrapston; York & Summers, Oundle; Horden, and Jacob, Peterborough; King, Gilkes, and Matthews, Chipping- Norton; Baly, Wright, and Stevens, High- Wycomb; Collis& Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Newcomb, and Drakard, Stamford; Bird, Uppingham; Gibson, Oakham; Churchill, Dedding- tph; Roberts, Southam; Sharpe, Warwick; Luccock, Kinibslton ; Bayley, and Paul, St. Ives; Emery, and Fox, St. Neots; Jenkinson, Huntingdon; Darton, and Tapp, Hitchin; Hovel, Staples, Eaden, Hodson, and Gee, Cambridge; Leigh, Atherstone; Arch, Shefford; Holland, Winslow; Ward, Stratford- upon- Avon ; Mat- thews, Campden; Wallis, Olney; Taylor, Retford; Dexter, Wilbarston; and by the Venders of Dicey and Co.' s Medicines in every Town throughout the Kingdom ; Of whom may be had, from Dicey & Co.' s Warehouse as above, CHESTER TURNPIKE- ROAD. NOTICE is hereby given, That all Persons having any Claims or Demands upon the Trus- tees for repairing the Highways from Old. Stratford, in the County of Northampton, to Dimchurch, in the County of Warwick, are desired to deliver their respective Bills to Mr. Benjamin Gurden, their Sur- veyor, previous to the next Quarterly Meeting of the said Trustees, which is appointed to - be held, by Adjournment, at the CROWN INN, in FOSTER'S- BOOTH, in the said County of Northampton, on THURSDAY tne 19th f) ay of JUNE instant," at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon.— Dated the 5th Day of June, 1806. By Order of the said Trustees, A. MIERES, their. Clerk, Agricultural Concern.— To breeders and others. EDGE'S SHEEP- POWDER, For annoying and preventing the FLY from striking either SHEEP or LAMBS in the hot Months. nTHE invariable Success attending the Use of L this Powder the last four Years for the abovo Purpose, and the Approbation of it expressed • » , y nu- merous Gentlemen; Graziers, Breeders, Shepherds, Sec. at the Termination- of each Summer, establish, beyond all Doubt, its general Service— not omy in preventing the Fly from striking, but thereby saving much Time and Trouble to the Shepherd, preserving the Wool, and preventing fat Meat from sinking, through Pain and Agony, When struck. It is observed also by these Gentlemen, that this Powder does not in any Respect injure the Staple ot the Wool, or leave any Impression thereon, but what will yield to simple Washing, which 1- act has been fully ascertained and acknowledged by various Ma- nufacturers, Sec. It is advisable always to be early enough in the Season in using it; once done, no more Trouble ensues during the Summer. It is sold in Parcels of 2s. and 4s. each, thd smallest ot which is sufficient to dress forty, and the largest eighty, Sheep or Lambs ( an Expence of but little more rhan one Halfpenny per Head], by Mr.' Jos. Edge, Chemist, Northampton, and at his Shop in Wellingborough on Maiket- Davs ; and by Appoint, ment by Mr. Thomas White, Bookseller, Wisbech; Mr. John Cheney, Naseby; Mr. Richard Tandy, Sherrington; Mr. Robert Rowell, Rugby; Mrr Barringer, and Mr. Inwood, Newport- Pagnell; Mr; Bates, Huntingdon; Mrs. Cobb, Kettering; Mr. S. Eaton, Grocer, Thrapston; and Mr. E. Hurdlings, Stony- Stratford; with full Directions for using it. pj" Observe to enquire for EDGE'S SHEEP- POWDER, which does not stain the Wool; and that his Name, in his own Hand, is written on the Direction— none else being genuine. s. d. True Daffy's Elixir 2 6 Smaller Bottles - 18 Dr. Radcliffe's Elixir 1 1J Betton's British Oil 1 9 Squire's Grand Elixir 1 9 Bostock's Elixir - 2 6 Pike's Ointment - 1 9 Stoughton's Elixir 1 li Friar's Balsam - 1 14 Bathing Spirits - 0 9 Clinton'i Snuff, & Oil 1 6 s. d: Dr. Anderson's Scots Pills, 30 in a Box 114 Hooper's Female Pills 1 l| Godfrey's Cordial 0 9 Golden & plain Spirits of Scurvy Grass Beaume de Vie - Rymer.' s. Tincture Walker's- Jesuits. Drops— i - - • Wyman's Pills • 1 lj 3 6 2 9 2 9. 2 9. EDGE's UNIVERSAL CERATE. " PURTHER Testimony of the remarkable Effects JL Of EDGE'S UNPARALLELED UNIVERSAL CERATE, in Addition to the late extraordinary Case of Mrs. S. CANNELL, of Wellingborough, of twenty- two Years' standing:— ELIZABETH TIPLER, Widow, of ECTON, in the County of Northampton, had been afflicted w: th a sore Leg for a long Time, attended with a most violent Inflammation; the Pain of which almost distracted her: Her Leg was swelled from Knee to loot most amazingly, and many Holes were seated therein, which discharged sanious and virulently- acrimonious Matter. She had tried various Applications which had been recommended to her, and had been twenty Weeks under Medical Care, without Effect; at length she purchased one Box of Edge's unparalleled Cerate, and from twice dressing only with it she began to find Relief; the Pain and Inflammation subsided, the Bulk of her Leg became reduced, and a healthy Appearance taken Place; and before she had finished one Box a perfect Cure was made, and she has remained for some Months perfectly comfortable, in Health, and tree from any Inconvenience from the diseased Leg. She is now in her sixty- sixth Year; notwithstanding which, the Progress of the Cerate was equally speedv in bringing the Sore to a good Cicatrix, as though she had been in the Prime of Life. What is very remark- able, this is a second Instance in the same Subject of a perfect Cure having been made by this unparalleled Cerate; she having used it about twelve Years ago, and experienced the like salutary Effect; the Marks of the old Sores remaining visible and sound to the Eresent Moment, as a true Testimony of its solid ealing Powers. It is sold, Wholesale and Retail, hy Mr. JOSEPH EDGE, Chemist, Northampton; and, by his Appoint- ment, Wholesale, in London, by Messrs. Barclay & Son, Fleet- Market; and may be had of the fol- lowing Venders of his wonder - working Chronic Embrocation, viz. Mr. Jacob, Peterborough; Whitet„ Wisbech; Eaton, Thrapston; Collis Se Dash, Ket," tering; Jenkinson, Huntingdon; Bird, Uppingham; Emery, St. Neots; Osborne, Woburn; Morris, Ampthill; Luccock, Kimbolton; Harrod, Harbo- rough; Barringer Se Son, and Inwood, Newport- Pagnell; Richardson, Stony - Stratfbid; Wiicox, Towcester; Robins, Daventry; Marriott, Banbuj- y; Hodgkinson, Warwick; Palgratie, Bedford; Brown, Spratton'; Mrs. Grjgory, Hanslope; Swinfen, Lei- cester ; and by one or more Venders in every principal Town throughout the Kingdom; Price Is. ljd. per Box, Duty included. ( pr Be careful to ask for EDOP.' S UNIVERSAL DERATE, and observe that his Name is signed to thq Direction in his own Hand. writing. Friday and Saturday's Posts. LONDON, June 6. r|~, T « E four frigates which escaped from Cadiz .'?. have arrived at Guadeloupe, where they are now blockaded. Another division of ilie ships of war fhow many of the line is not said) was lying at Manilla. Sir E. P. ellew had notice of the arrival of the latter squadron, and we have no doubt will strongly influence its ulterior destination. Yesterday, his Majesty held a Chapter of the Order of the Bath, at which Admiral Earl Northesk was elected a Knight of the Noble Order, and invested with a Ked Uibband. ' 1 he Bill for better encouraging the manufacture of Thread Lace, in Great- Britain, has been printed. The following are its enacting clauses:— The duties of customs on importation of thread lace to cease, and new duties to be substituted. Duties to- be managed as former duties. Foreign thread lace, to be mark- d. Foreign thread lace unmarked may he seized. Such unmarked lace to be forfeited, and the party fined upon conviction. Persons cou'itTtV'tiiH' marks, to be punished, on con- viction, by fine. Proof of lace not being foreign to be on the person in possession. Lace entered ar less than real value to be forfeited. Foreign tiuv. ad tace to- be imported into the port of London c, . . . Duties on stamps to be under the care of C unmissioners of Stamps. Dealers in thread lace t i ike out licences. The forgery of stamps to be felony. Unlicensed persons not to sell thread lace. Dealers exposing thread lace to sale, to place words over their doors, stating themselves, " Dealer- in Foreign Lace, or Dealers in British Lace," as the case may be. An appeal to lay to the quarter- sessions.— The remaining clauses relate to trie amount, recovery, and application of the penalties. Dreadful Fire.— About three o'clock ' yesterday morning, an alarming fire broke out at an Hotel of a certain description, called the Key, in Chandos- street, Covent- Garden There were about sixty persons in the house at the time the flames were discovered ; and fortunately the whole escaped unhurt, except a Mili- tary Gentlemar. He came in late with a female com- panion, in a very intoxicated state. It was in his room that the fire originated, and which is supposed to 1. ' ve been occasioned by him. The parties had re. tired to rest, when the fire awoke the girl, who instantly jumped out of bed. She tried to awaken the gentleman wiihr. jt effect, and was at length obliged to leave him to his fate. When she quitted the room she screamed for assistance, and was soon joined by the domestics and some of the temporary lodgers, who rushed to the door without having time to put on a single garment. Concealment, however, being the object of several of the parties, though the danger was very imminent, manv doors were forced before the trembling fair ones could be preva led upon to attempt an escape.— The fla'- ies by this time were making rapid progress through- out the house. Although the engines arrived as soon as po sible, and the firemen played with their accus- tor . d .-'. ertness, in the course of one hour the inside of tue house was entirely destroyed. The engines, however, saved the houses' to the right and left from being involved in this terrible conflagration. The house was said to contain ma. iy valuable articles, and to have beep furnished in the most elegant manner. The neigh- bours behaved with the most laudable humanity in accommodating the h; Nudes with covering and shelter.— As soon as the ruins were in a state to admit of the search, workmen were employed to discover the remains of the unfortunate gentleman who perished in the flames. Only the back- bone and a piece of the back attached to it could be found. There are various reports respecting his . identity. Some say he was a Colonel T. of the CoW- str-. am Guards, and that lie has left a wife and four children.— It appears that he came to the house in his own carriage, and that he ordered his coachman to return in the morning; when the man arrived, and could learn nothing of his master, further than that some gentleman had been burnt to death.— What an awfull.- sson ! May it be duly and attentively contem- plated.; and may tlie dreadful visitation prove a salu- tary warning to all mankind ! The house was kept by a Mrs. Clarke, and was in- sured to the amount of £. 8000. The plate, which was of very considerable value, has been fortunately, for the most part, preserved. Miss Clarke, however, ias lost upwards of £. 500 worth of jewels! Yesterday, the. Recorder made his report to his Majesty of the prisoners under sentence of death in Newgate, when the following were ordered for execution on Wednesday next, viz. G. Calder, for personating Archibald M'Gowan, a seaman, and obtaining prize- money due to the said M'Gowan; G. Be- an, and C. Ilerrimings, for assaulting the Rev. II. C. Ord, on the highway, and taking from him a purse, containing a 7s. piece and a bill of exchange for <£. 18; and G. R. Walker and C. Dodds, for publishing a forged will of Major Hawkins. LA- DIES' BOAR DTNG SCIJOY^ - S « OARS, NORTHAMPTON. •'-• 1/ FRS. and Miss FREALOCS respectfully inforfc L. V. A- th-: ir Friends, their Vacation commences JUNE 17th ; and the School will re- comnience JULY 21st, 1806. . . . . ' - iViTl? THEATRE, NORTHAMPTON. THE. L^ GR WEL'. K. A PLAY on MONDAY, JUNE 9th. On WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11th, for the BENEFIT of Mr. and Mrs. ADAMSON, the Comedy of THE SOLDIER'S DAUGHTER; After which, a Pantomiinical Sketch, called THE SLEEPING BEAUTY, Or, HARLEQUIN ill NORTHAMPTON; With the Musical Farce of The PURSE, or BENEVOLENT TAR. In the Course of the Evening, Mr. ADAMSON will give his I mirations ( as given by him at the Theatre- Royal, Haymarket,) of the following London Per- formers:— LateMr. Suett, Eawcett, Kemble, Munden, Cooke, Knight, Emery, and Johnstone. On THURSDAY, JUNE 12th, Shakespeare's Tragedy of ROMEO AND JULIET, With the new popular Farce of THE HUNTER OF THE ALPS. On FRIDAY, JUNE 13th, the Comedy of THE PROVOKED HUSBAND, Or, A JOURNEY TO LONDON, With the new Musical Farce of SPANISH DOLLARS, Or, THE PRIEST OR THE PARISH. SATURDAY, JUNE 14th, the new Comedy of WHO WANTS A GUINEA? Or, THE IRISH YORKSHIREMAN. On MONDAY, JUNE 16th, for the BENEFIT of Mrs. ROBE RTSOtV, the new Comedy of A HINT TO HUSBANDS, ( Written by Richard Cumberland, Esq. Author of The West Indian, Jew, & c.) And a new Pantomime Entertainment, called THE MAGIC OAK, Or, HARLEQUIN'S TRIUMPH; • With new Scenery, Machinery, Deceptions, Sec. Being the last Night this Season. Q3" Mr. ROBERTSON most respectfully presents his grateful Acknowledgments to the Town of North- ampton and its Vicinity, for . the favours conferred on him this Season, and begs Leave to add, that it will be his unremitting' Study on every Occasion to merit their Patronage. On kmritiNO, 5th June, ISOfi. 1VTOTTCE is hereby giveV, That the PART- LY NERSH1P lately subsisting between Mrs. COBB and Mr. JAMES BENTON, of this Place, IRONMONGERS and GROCERS, being DISSOLVED, the Business will be continued by Mrs. COBB; who returns Thanks for the long and distinguished Support the House has received, and respectfully solicits a Continuance of the Favours of her Friends and the Public. fc-^ f A PARTNER WANTED in the above old- esta- blished and beneficial Concern.— Apply ( if by Letter, Post- paid,) to Mr. J. GOTCH, Kettering; Mr. Hsw- SON, Ouiidle; or Mr. TIMOTHY COBB, Banbury. To Gentlemen, Tradesmen, and others. VYILUAM CHAPMAN, CARPENTER and TIMBER- MERCHANT, of DENTON, North- amptonshire, will have a large Quantity of TIMBER for SALE at Boughton- Green Fair, viz. Barn- Floor | Planks, from 12 Feet to 16 Feet long; also Oak Boards, Oak Gates, Gate- Posts, Sheep- Pen- Posta, and Pale- Posts ; square Stuff, and every other Sort of Scant- ling; which may be had at a reasonable Rate, by applying as above ; NO- TIC E.; THAT such Persons as might wish to be present at the PLOUGH COMPETITION, at ASH RIDGE, may not be disappointed, Lord BRI DOE- WATER informs them, that it will take Place on THURSDAY the 19th Instant, at Ten o'Ciock. in the Forenoon precisely, at his COLD HAIIBOUR FARM, adjoining to Berkhampstead Common. Ashridge, June 6th, 1808. W'CESTER ASSOCIATION, For PROSECUTING FELONS, & c. THE General Annual Meeting of this Asso- ciation will be held at the WHITE- HORSE INN, in TOWCESTER, on THURSDAY next, the Pith of JUNE instant; when the Treasurer's Accounts will be exa- mined and audited, and other special Business trans- acted ; and at which every Member is requested to attend. 83* Dinner will he on the Table at Three o'Ciock behaved with the most laudaMe humanity in precisely ; and each Member who intends to dine, is motlating the half- dressed Gallants and shivering requested to give Notice thereof at the Bar of the Inn * '*" ' - — • on or ttefore Tuesday next. _/' J. M. K1RBY, Treasurer and Solicitor. Towcester, June 6ti, 180S. WHITE TURNIP SEED, RAISED by SAMCEL SHARMAN, of HARDWICR, in the County- of Northampton, of as good a Quality, and in as good a State for growing, as at any former Season, will be retailed by him at 6d. per lb.; and sold, Wholesale, at One Guinea per Bushel of 501b. and delivered within 10 or 12 Miles of Hard- wick free of any Expence, on Condition the Sacks are returned, or paid tor with the Seed, in or near the Month of October next. 7th June, 1806. SWEDISH AND NOUFOLK TURNIP SEEDS, 1306. TROPER having been unfortunate in his . Supply of SWEDISH TURNIP SEED last Year, has been partici » irly attentive to procure some for this Season, direct of the Grower, from trans- planted Turnips, and which he is enabled to warrant to be of the true yellow Stpck;' and may be had at his own House in Potterspury; and is sold for him by Mr. Kightley, Grocer, Northampton; Mr. Richard Sheppard, Davaitry; Mr. Wilsher, Towcester; Mr. Francis Goode, Buckingham; and Mr. Cave, Brackley. At which Places J. Roper's'NORFOLK TURNIP SEED, of the true round white, from transplanted Turnips, of last Year's Growth, in that County, may be had; and likewise of Mr. Gibbins, Seedsman, Northampton; and of Mr. William Grimes, Eydon. { pT Some NORFOLK TANKARD TURNIP SEED, for early Use, may be had of Mr. Kightley, Mr. Wilsher, and Mr. Sheppard, as above. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE YEOSLAN RY CAVALRY. THE ALTIIORP, NORTHAMPTON, AND WYMERSLEY TROOPS, are requested to assemble on the MARKET- PLACE, at NORTHAMPTON, at Ten o'Ciock in the Motning of WEDNESDAY the 11th of JUKE instant, in exercising Order, for the Purpose of being trained and exercised, under their own Officers, in Pursuance of the Provisions of tire General Volunteer Act. The abeve- menrioned Troops will remain in Quarters from Wednesday the 11th to Friday the 13th Instant, both Days inclusive. June 1th, 1806. SPENCER, Colonel. NORTHAMPTON VOLUNTEER CAVALRY. THE Gentlemen of the Troop of NORTH- AMPTON VOLUNTEER CAVALRY are requested to assemble, in exercising Order, on the MARKET - HILL, NORTHAMPTON, on WEDNESDAY next, the 11th Instant, at Half- past Nine in the Morning.— The Troop will remain embodied till the 13th Instant inclusive. WILLIAM KERR, Captain- Commandant. Northampton, 6th June, 1806. £ 9" The Roll will be called precisely at Ten. ROWELL, June 5th, LDOO. LOST, from ROWELL FAJR, on Monday last, June 2d, supposed to have been taken away witli a Drove, A Brindled NORTH- WALES RUNT, with a white Back, marked with a T. on the right Hip, and a Flesh Mark on the Rump, near the Hip, on the other Side. Whoever will bring it to Mr. TURNER, Butcher, of Rowell, Northamptonshire, shall be handsomely rewarded, and have all reasonable Charges paid. ' STONY- STRATFORD ASSOCIATION. NOTICE is hereby given, That the General . Annual Meeting of the Members of the Stony- Stratford Association, for the PROSECUTION of FELONS, will be holden at the House of Mr. JOHN MALPAS, the Sign of the COCK, in STONY- STRATFORD, on WEDNESDAY the 18th Day of JUNE instant, at Twelve o'Clock in the Forenoon; where the several Members are requested to attend. By Order, JOHN FREER CONGREVE. Stony- Stratford, 6th June, 1806. - To be LETT, or SOLD, And entered upon immediately, AMESSUAGE or TENEMENT, situated at EYDON, in the County of Northampton; consisting of a Parlour, Kitchen, and two Ceila rs ; two Bedchambers, and Garrets over them; Brewhouse, with two Coppers ; large Barn, and Garden, walled round, well planted with Fruit Trees; and all other Conveniencies. ( pj" For further Particulars, apply to Mr. COATS, at Wood- End, in the Parish of Blakesley, in the said County of Northampton. A LUNATIC. NOTICE is hereby given to the Public, That DINAH FANCY, a Lunatic, has lately escaped from the Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of MEPPKRSHALL, in the County of Bedford, and that a Reward of ONE GUINEA will be given, and also all reasonable Expences, to any one who will bring the said DINAH FANCY to the Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of Meppershall aforesaid. 83" The said Dinah Fancy is about 60 Years of Age, and went away without a Bonnet. HAYNES's BANKRUPTCY. TJ^ HE Commissioners in a Commission of Bank- I- rupt bearing Date the 29th Day of February, 1804, awarded and issued forth against THOMAS HAYNES, now or late of OUNDLI, in the County ot Northampton, Nurseryman, Seedsman, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on WEDNESDAY the 18th Day of JUNK next, at Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon, at the GEORGE INN, in the Town of NORTHAMPTON, in order to make a Dividend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their Debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the Benefit of the said Dividend and all Claims not then proved will be disallowed. By Ordet of the Commissioners, R. BUSWELL, Solicitor. Northampton, 80th May, 1806. ( pr The Dividend will not be paid at the above Meeting, but Notice will be given of the Day of Payment. * To Parents and Guardians. WANTED, A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, of liberal Education, as an ARTICLED CLERK in an Attorney's Office, in the Country. ( J- F Enquire of Mr. DENNY, Solicitor, Long- Buckby, Northamptonshire. WANTED immediately, A steady, active YOUTH, as an APPRENTICE to a SADDLER.— He will be treated as one of the Family, therefore a Premium will b expected. ( Pf Apply ( if by Letter, Post- paid,) to Mr. SHELTON, Newland, Northampton; or to Mr. ISAAC, Saddler, Banbury. v* A JOURNEYMAN in the above Trade may hear of a constant Situation, by applying to Mr. ISAAC. * To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, ABOUT 32 Acres, more or less, of rich inclosed PASTURE LAND, situate on the South Side of the Road between WELLINGBOROUGH andWn, BY, near the Turnpike- Gate, now in the Occupation of Thomas Partridge, tiie Elder, the Proprietor. ( fJST For Particulars, enquire of T. ANCRAVE, of Irchester; or BENJAMIN MIDDLETON, of Wel- lingborough. SOL'TH- KII. WORTH, MAY 26th, 1806. SUPPOSED to be stolen, and now in the Hands of WM. MAWBY, Pinner, of SQUTH- KILWORTH, in the County of Leicester, A DARK- BROWN MARE PONY, About thirteen Hands high. The Owner may have her again, on Proof of her being his Property, and paying the Expences in- curred in detaining and advertising her. HARLESTON ASSOCIATION. C70LEN or STRAYED, on Friday Night, the kl? 30th ot May last, out of a Close i'n the Occu- pation of Mr. ROBERT BLEWITT, situate in the Lordship of DUSTON, near Northampton, A handsome, small BAY GELDING PONY, five Years old, with a Star in his Forehead, sharp Ears, and a long Tail, the Property of Mr. Alderman BR1GGS, of NORTHAMPTON, a Member of this Association. If strayed, any Person taking thesame to Mr. BRIGCS, or giving Information where it may be found, will be well rewarded for his Trouble, and have all reasonable Charges paid; but if stolen, FIVE GUINEAS REWARD will be paid, on Conviction of the Of- fender or Offenders, by Mr. BUSWELL, Attorney, Northampton, the Treasurer and Solicitor to this Association. Northampton, 1th June, 1806. To be LETT, Most completely and elegantly furnished, SKEFFLNGTON - HALL, in the County of Leicester, with all necessary and desirable Offices, situated in a Paddock of about 18 Acres, adjoining the Turnpike- Road from LEICESTER to UPPINGHAM. 83" The Tenant may have immediate P j. session, and may be accommodated with a Deputation for the Manor, and 18 Acres moreof Land, separated from the Paddock only by the Turnpike- Road, if desirable. *** Apply at the Law- Offices of Messrs. PARES, MILES, and ALSTON, Leicester. fORfUNATE I. tiTTERY TlCfcET>\ Fifth day.—'- No. 4700 - t. rst- draWn), a Piize of £ 20,000.— No. 4077, £. 5000.— Nos. 5034, 5031', and 11,- 192, £. 100 each. PRICE Bank Stock SpcrCt. Red. , i per Ct. Cons. 4 per Ct. Cons. 5 per , Ct. Navy OF sh. 59i 60 . sh. . iw sh. STOCKS. Imp. 3 per Cents. sh. India Stock . 182J India Bonds . 1 1 diV. Exc. Bills . par 2 di>. Omnium . . HAYNES's BANKRUPTCY. rpHE Creditors who have proved their Debts - L under a Commission of Bankrupt awarded and issued forth against THOMAS HAYNES, now or late of OUNDLE, in the County of Korthampton, Nurseryman, Seedsman, Dealer and Chapman, aie desired to meet the Assignees of the said Bankrupt's Estate and Effects, on WEDNESDAY the 18th Day of JUNE next, at FHeven of the Clock in the Forenoon, at the GEORGE INN, in the Town of Northampton, to assent to, or dissent from, the said Assignees com- mencing, prosecuting, or defending any Suit or Suits at Law, or in Equity, or otherwise, for Recovery of any Part of the said Bankrupt's Estate and Effects ; or to the compounding, submitting to Arbitration, or otherwise agreeing any Matter or Thing relating thereto, and on other special Affairs. By Order of the Assignees, R. BUSWELL, Solicitor. Northampton, SOt/ j May, 1806. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. BRAMPTON, On Monday the 16th Day of June instant, 1806, on the Premises, in BURTON LORDSHIP, near CRANFOHD FIELD, in the County of Northampton, ABOUT SIXTEEN ACRES of exceeding good COLESEED, growing in the said Close, the Property of Mr. THOMAS BODDINCTON, of Finedon. The Company are requested to meet on the Premises, by Two o'Ciock in the Afternoon, when the Sale will commence. *' » * For further Particulars, apply to the said Mr. BODDINGTON. To PAINTERS. 8F. VERAL GOOD HANDS may have constant^ Emplov and good Wages, by applying to Mr/ GODSON, Weedori- Royal, Northamptonshire. ANTED, TWO Journeymen PLUMBERS and GLAZIERS, and TWO HOUSE- PAINTERS.— Good Workmen may meet with good Wages and constant Employment, by applying to RUTLIDGE Se BROWN, Weedo'n, Northamptonshire. PI. AISTERERS. WANTED, A NUMBER of P1. AISTERERS. Good Hands may have constant Employ, by applying to J. CHAMBERLAIN, College - Lane, Northampton. ( ji?" A good SLATER is also wanted. ANTED immediately, A JOURN EYMAN WHEELWRIGHT.'— A good Workman may meet with constant Employ and good Wages, by ap- plying to WILLIAM SEWELL, Wheeler, Syresham, Northamptonshire. £ f9" No one need apply who is not Master of his Business. To be by AUCTION, KNIBB, SOLD By Mr. On Thursday the 19th of June instant, on the Pre- mises of Mr. CHARLES WARD ( who is leaving the Country), at N E WPORT- PAGN E LL, Bucks, rI AH E genteel HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, a .1 ROAD HACKNfY MARE, four Years old, and sundry EFFECTS; comprising lofty Four- post Bedsteads and Furnitures, one Mahogany Wardrobe Ditto, one Bureau Ditto, and Servants' Ditto ; Fea- ther and Flock- Beds, Quilts, Blankets, Sec.; Drawers and Chairs; Mahogany Dining, Breakfast, and other Tables; Pier and Swing Glasses; Mahogany and other Cupboards; one Buffet; some valuable old China; Eight- day Clock, in a japanned Case; Bath- Stove, highly- finished Kitchen- Range, Ash Grate, Fender, Poker, Shovel, Tongs, & c. ; one Copper and Grate; several Brass and Iron cased Door- Locks ; and sundry other Articles. ( j3T The Sale to begin at Ten o'Ciock in the Forenoon. WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against ANN MARRIOTT, of OLNEY, in the County of Bucks, Milliner and Haberdasher, and she being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender herself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major Part of them, on the SECOND and THI RD, and TWENTY- SECOND Days of JULY next, at Eleven o'Ciock in the Forenoon of each Day, at the BULL INN, in STONV- STRATFORD, in the said County of Bucks, and make a full Discovery and Disclosure of her Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts, and at the second Sitting to choose Assignees, and at the last Sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish her Examination; and the Creditors are to assent to, or dissent from, the Allowance of her Certificate.— All Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of her Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give Notice to Mr. GARRARD, Solicitor, in Olney or to Mr. TAYLOR, No. 37, Southampton- Buildings; London. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By P. WESTON, On Wednesday the 11th Day of June, 1806, ALL the HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, and other EFFECTS, of Mr. Thomas Brookes, of MORTON- PINKNEY, Northamptonshire ( who is leaving the Place); consisting of Feather and Flock- Beds, Bedding, Bedsteads, and Hangings; Tables and Chairs; Pier and Swing Glasses; a Copper and other Brewing Utensils, & c. Sec. Also, a capital MARE, with a COLT, by Espersykes. ( Pa" The Sale to commence at Ten o'Ciock. ** Catalogues to be had in due Time, at the Place of Sale, and of the Auctioneer, at Hinton. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By BROWN & SON, On the Premises, on Friday the 13th Day of June, 1806, ALL the HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, STOCK in TRADE, and other EFFECTS, of Mr. FRANCIS HARDWICK, Shoemaker, ANGEL- STREET, ST. PAUL'S, BEDFORD; consisting of neat Four- post Mahogany and other Bedsteads, with neat Plaid and other Furnitures; good Feather and Flock- Beds, Quilts, Blankets, Sheets, Stc.; Chests : of Drawersj Tables and Chairs.; neat Pier Glass, in a Mahogany Frame; a Dressing Ditto; Kitchen Tables and Chairs; a 12- Galion Copper and Iron Work; Tubs, Trays, Pails, and various other Articles. The STOCK in TRADE consists of 53 Pair of Men's Shoes, and several Pair cut out, 16 Pair of Men's Upper- Leathers, Women's Spanish Ditto, Boots cut out, Bindings, Sec.; 12 prime Calf Skins, one Neat's Hide, 21 prime Greenland's, one Grain Calf Skin, 29 Calf Skins, for binding, 48 Spanish Skins, yellow Roans, and seven Basil Skins; 13 Yards of Irish Cloth; six Boot- top Skins, Long- top Calves, and Cordevans; Boot Feet and Back- Straps, Pieccs of prime Skins and Boot Tops, Spanish Offal, Patches and Welts, prime Crop- Pieces; 200 of In- soaling, and 12 Dozen of Lasts; Scales and Weights, Cutting- Board, Cutting- Knives, and sundry other Effects. ItT Sale to begin at Ten o'clock, and the Whole to be sold without Reserve. NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY EVENING, June 7. MARRIED.] On Thureday last, atMary- le- bone church, Lieutenant- Colonel Rudsdell ( late of the 61st regiment), Lieutenant- Governor of Sheerness, to Mrs. Biscoe, of Limpsiield, widow of EdmunJ Biscoe, Esq. On the 15th ult. Captain John Travers, of the Leicestershire Regiment of Militia, to Miss Adams, daughter of William Adams, Esq. of Suug- Lodge, Cork. On Monday se'nnight, Mr. W. Winkley, to Miss Mary Edge, both of Soutliam, Warwickshire. Same day, at Knowle, Mr. Nathan Bushel!, to Miss Elizabeth Dadley, youngest daughter of the late Rev. Mr. Dadley, Rector of Budbrook, War- wickshire. On Tuesday se'nnight, atSherbourn, near War- wick, Mr. Edward Cattell, of the New Mill, to Miss Freeman, late of Kenilwortli. DIED.] On the 23d ult. at Broughton, Oxford- shire, in the 79th year of his age, the Rev. John Marcy, Rector of that parish, Vicar of Hi- lliduri, in this county, and Chaplain to the Right Hon. Lord Saye and Sele. Lately, in the 28th year of his age, sincerely regretted, Mr. Henry Reynolds, attorney at law, of Thame, Oxfordshire, and a Captain in the Thame Volunteers. Lately, Mrs. Peck, relict of Mr, R. Peck, of Knawston, Leicestershire. On Saturday se'nnight, at Cokethorpe Park, near Witney, Oxfordshire, Edward Shirley, Esq. Same day, at Peterborough, aged 00, Mr. Benjamin Denny, cooper. On Sunday se'nnight, after a lingering illness, aged 24, Miss Brown, eldest daughter of Mr. Brown, of Northleigh, Oxfordshire." On Wednesday se'nnight, at Blackheath, Miss Heydon, eldest daughter of Richard Heydon, Esq. of Banbury. Same day, at Stoke, Mrs. Stewart, relict of Mr. John Stewart, of Coventry. On Thursday se'nnight, aged 63, Mrs. Palmer, a maiden lady, of Napton, Warwickshire. Same day, Mr. William Page, bookseller, of Cambridge. He was apparently in perfect health, when he complained of a' pain near his heart, dropped down, and expired, A few days ago, Mr. Joseph Ward, farmer, of Aldwinkle, in tiiis county. On Sunday last, at Oundie, in this county, Mr. Robert Adson. On Tuesday last, Mr. F. Gillins, of the Lion- and- Lamb public- house, in this town. On Wednesday last, in the 13th year of her age, Miss Emma Jackson, second daughter of Henry Jackson, Esq. of Haselbeech- Hall, in this county. FROM THI LONDON GAZETTE. Commission in the Warwickshire Regiment of Militia, signed by his Majesty. ' Richard Francis Freeman, Gent, to be Adjutant, vice Smith, resigned. On Wednesday, the Anniversary of his Ma- jesty's Birth- Day was observed here with every mark of loyalty and respect. The bells rung at intervals throughout the day, and at noon the Althorp, Northampton, and Wymersley troops of Yeomanry, the Northampton Volunteer Cavalry, and the Northampton Volunteer Infantry, were drawn up in the square, when the troops fired three feux- de- joie, which were followed by a like number of vollies from a party of Yeomanry dis- mounted upon the occasion, and the Volunteer Infantry, in succession. In the afternoon the Yeomanry and Volunteer Ofticers, and several of the privates, dmed at the different inns in the town, where many loyal and. constitutional toasts were given, and the day passed away with every demon- stration of attachment to our beloved Sovereign. On Wednesday was committed to the gaol of this county, by the Rev. W. L. Maydwell, Clerk, William Basset I., late of Yaxley,- Hunts, horse- dealer, on suspicion of stealing a chesnut horse. The sentence of John Startin, condemned at. Warwick assizes for uttering a forged five- guinea note, purporting to be a promissory note of Messrs. Rufford and Biggs, of Stourbridge, has, by an order received from the office of the Secretary of State, been commuted, anu he is to be transported for life. To Journeymen Braziers and Tin- Plate- Workers. WANTED immediately, A JOURNEYMAN TIN- PLATE - WORKER. One who can go through the Business in a Workmanlike Manner, may meet with a good Run of Work, and constant Employ.— A BRAZIER, who can work both Brass and Copper, may also meet with the same Encou- ragement, by applying to G. BRADLEY, Cross- Cheaping, Coventry. < ijf- Letters, Post- paid, will be attended to; and if, Upon Trial, the Men prove good Workmen, reason- able travelling Expences will be paid. ANTED, A E . and fcOACHMAN. ight, active MAN, as GROOM COACHMAN. 63T Applyat Mr. MARCH'S, Bookseller, Welling- VV • i ljprough ( if by Letter, Post- paid). J T RECRUIT WANTED. WANTED immediately, to serve in His Majesty's 14th REGIMENT of FOOT, lying at ASHFORD BARRACKS, Kent, A YOUNG MAN, five Feet seven Inches high and upwards, and under 25 Years of Age. . fHr Any young Man willing to engage in tfif above Service, may meet with the Encouragement of TWENTY- FIVE POUNDS Bounty, and F1VF POUNDS the Bringer, by applying at the PIACOCIC BEDFORD.— No one NEED apply who is not sc-'. nd yid fit. Sale of Estates at Oxford, Banbury, and liorley. r B Ml E Public are hereby informed,- that, in the JL Course of the Month of July, the following eligible ESTATES will bs offered to SALE by AUCTION, and the Time and some further Parti- culars advertised in this Paper: — A substantial and spacious DWELLING- HOUSE, YARD, and GARDEN, and several TENEMENTS adjoining, very pleasantly situated in the HORSE FAIR, an open Part of the Town of BANBURY, fit for the Residence of a genteel Family, or capable of being converted into a Manufactory or an Inn, and calcu- lated for any Business which requires Room. ACLOSE, of about four Acres, of rich PASTURE LAND, called the VINEYARDS, lying near to the Town of BANBURY, and a PEW in the Parish Church of Banbury. < rf The Premises are Freehold, and were late in the Occupation of Mrs. Lane, and since of Miss Freeman, and their Undertenants. A FREEHOLD ESTATE, atHORLEY, Oxfordshire; consisting of a Dwelling- House, and about 15 Acres of very rich Pasture Land, in the Occupation of MA LITAS « ' HOLD DWELLING - HOUSE, in the HIOH- STKHHT, in OXFORD, in the Occupation of Mrs. Jones, or her Undertenants. A well- accustomed PUBLIC- HOUSE, called the BLACK- HORSE, with a CLOSE belonging to it, situate in the Parish of SAINI CLIMINTS, OXFORD, in the Occupation of Mr. Nix. « » • Further Information may be obtained at the Office of Messrs, Biswru. fc WYXUAM, in£ » nbury. To be LETT, And may be entered upon at Michaelmas next, ACompact and convenient FARM, situate at DARLSCOT, in the Parish of PATTISHAI. L, in the County of Northampton; consisting of 62 Acres of ' good Arable and Pasture Land, now in the Occupation of Mr. William Faulkner.— A Lease may be had if desired. ffdt" For Particulars, apply to Mr. PFRCIVAL, Banker, at Northampton; or to the Rev. Dr. LUCAS, at Ripple, n£ ar Tewkesbury. To be DISPOSED OF, ASITUATION in the LINEN and WOOLLEN- DRAPERY, HABERDASHERY, HAT, and HOSIERY BUSINESSES. ( frf The Stock, with the fixtures, to be taken at a fair Valuation. **'" Apply to THOMAS HILLIARD, Draper, Sec. Kettering, Northamptonshire ( Letters Post- paid). N. B. The Stock is now selling off at Prime Cost and under, for Ready Money only. Kettering, June 5th, 1806. LONDON, June 7. PAJRIS Papers to the 29th ult. and letters and papers from Holland to the 2d inst. have been . eceived.— The accounts respecting the movements of the French armies in Germany are contradictory. Some held out an expectation, that the French troops would speedily evacuate the Austrian ter- ritory, while others announce proceedings which indicate an intention to remain in their old quarters. The Paris papers contain intelligence from Naples to the 10th ult. They are silent respecting the progress which has been made in the siege of Gaeta. King Joseph was to make his triumphal entry into Naples on that day. - Some hundreds of disaffected Neapolitans were sent off to Pied- mont; no very convincing proof of that general and enthusiastic joy with which the new Monarch was said to be every where received.— According to the private letters from Holland of the 2d, I. ouis Bonaparte, the destined Sovereign of Ba- tavia, is expected at the Hague on the 12th. The Vestal frigate, Captain Digby, has taken a French lugger, of 14 guns and 47 men, off Calais, and carried her into the Downs. The lugger was in company with two others, which effected their escape into Calais. Yesterday, in the House of Commons, Lord Henry Petty gave notice of his intention to lav ten per cent, on the Assessed Taxes, in lieu of the proposed tax on Private Brewing. A Cartel arrived, on Wednesday, at Deal, with the Earl of Elgin, Lord Yarmouth, Mr. Eard- ley, and several other persons of distinction, who have been detained captives in France. The cartel is said to have also brought over dispatches for. Mr. Fox.— It is ah extraordinary circumstance, in the Occupation of Elizabeth Swan. the J'arl EISm » « ived in England upon 83- The Sale to begin at Three o'Ciock in the the very day three years on which he ttas made Afternoon. captive m France. V .1'. ' Fox Inn, 1' hrapSton, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By RICHARD SMITH, On Tuesday the 17th of June, 1806, at Five o'Ciock in the Afternoon, on the Premises, ALL that old- established and well- accustomed INN, called the FOX, with the Stables and Appurtenances to the same belonging, situate in the Centre of THRAPSTON aforesaid, and now in the Occupation of Elizabeth Wright. ( fT For further Particulars, apply to Messrs. YORKI Se SHERARD, Attornies, Thrapston. For SATE bv AUCTION, By MASON & SON, On Thursday the 19th Day of Tune instant, at the House of Mr. Bray, the Red- Lion, at Sibbertoft, in the County ot Northampton, ANeat, Brick FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with two Rooms on theGround Floor, Pantry, Sec. and two Bed- Rooms; Court- Yard, and Barn; all in good Repair, and pleasantly situated ' i the best Part of the Town of SIBBERTOFT, late LINCOLN, May 29. On Wednesday se'nnight, a quantity of bacon was found hid in a hay- stack at Little- Steeping, in this county, by Mr. ,' f. Turner, who set some men to watch it during the following night, when about twelve o'clock two fellows came for their booty, put the bacon into two sacks, and walked away with it. They had not proceeded many yards before one of thein, William Day, of East - Iieal, cordwainer, was seized by Mr. Simpson, the constable ;. tlie other escaped. A man, named Blanchard, bavingabsconded from East- Keal the next day, his premises were searched bv his landlord, Mr. Robinson, who discovered 17 cheeses in a vault, together with a quantity of boots, shoes, leather, & c. The bacon proves to be the property of Mr. Thomas Webster, of Wainfleet, butcher; the cheeses belong to Mr. Hobson, of SpilsLiy; and the leather is said to have been stolen from Mr. Linton's shop in Ilorncastle.— A gang of thieves have for several years infested the neighbourhood of Keal, and they have become so hardened as to write upon the finger- posts, " There are nine of us in a gang, catch us who can." On Saturday last, a young woman, about 22 years of age, servant to a professional gentleman in Leicester, hung herself upon a meat- hook in the passage. Inattention on the part of her suitor, it is said, preyed " upon, her spirits, and ultimately produced the fatal catastrophe. Verdict-^ Lunacy. PRICE of CORN per Quarter • Northampton, Saturday, June 7. at Wheat, 76s. to 80s. Od. Rye, 52s. Od. to 53s. Barley, 30s. Od. to 34s. Od. Oats, 21s. Od. to 26s. 6d. J. GRAFTON, Inspector. Beans, 38s. fid. to43 » . Cd. Peas, — s. Od, to— s". Dd.- By the Standard Measure. Corn- Exchange, London,' Friday, June 6. To- day the Market is well supplied wtih Wheat, but without samples of first quality, which continue much in request, and would fetch an advance; but second and inferior quality scarcely have buyers, and at less— Barley still continues very dull in sales, and, as latterly, at further declining prices.— Malt • hardly maintains its price.— White Peas arc dearer. * — Beans at little alteration.— Oats are in tolerable plenty ; this trade is dull, at small variation.— Flour still remains at the late prices. LIST - of FAIRS, from- June 9, to June 21, within the Circuit of this Paper. • M. June 9. Stamford and Belton. S. 14*. Aylesbury. Th, 19. Northampton. H M FWGJP O D • ton HIS MAJtSTVs BLFTTK- DAY, 1806... Bv H. J. PTE, }'. L. ' I. r or- G did chill Winter's dreary reign Usurp the promisd hour; of Spring; Zovf Euirus o'er the niSset plain Mnlitmant wav'd his noi. some Wing: O'er April's' variegated day The frolic zephyrs fear'd to play; • JV alternate chafig- af siSas and showers CalTd not to life her silken flowers; But arm'd with whirlwind, frost, and hail, - Winter's uugenial blasts prevail. And check her vernal powers. II. But o'er- the renovated plain See Maia lead her smiling train Of halcyon hours along ; While burst from everv echoing grose I. oud strains of harmony and love, Preluding to the choral song Which opening June shall votive pour To hail with proud acclaim our Monarch S natal hour. III. Still must that day, to Britain dear, To Britons jov impart: Cloudy or bright, that day shall wear The sunshine of the heart. And as before the fervid ray That genial glows in summer skies. Each cloud that veil'd the beam of day far from the azure welkin tiics: So may each cheerless mist that seems Awhile to cloud our prospects fair, Dispelled by hope's enliv'ning beams, Our brightening ether fly, and melt away in air. IV. Awhiv though Fortune adverse frown- By timid friends their cause betray d, With bosom firm and undismay'd, On force depending all their own, . A living rampire round their parent I. ord, The British warriors grasp th' avenging sword; While youths of royal hope demand the tight, To assert a Monarch and a Father's i% ht. United in one patriot baud. From Albion's,' Erin's, Caledonia's land, Elate in arms, indignant shine The kindred heroes of the Briton line, To whelm invasion ' neath our circling flood. Or stain our verdant fields'with Gallia's hostile, blood. OI. M V, May 2FI, 3806. rilHF, Commissioners in a Commission of Buuk- j ' nipt awarded and issued forth against RI CHA R13 pfi- tfEN, late of OI. NEY, in the County of Bucks, Lace- Mercliant, intend « .. meet on the " 5rh Day of just next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, at thd A" Nc: 10R INN, ' in NEWPORT- PAGNELL, in the j said Coutitv of Bucks,- in order to make a fir. ai Divi- dend of- the Estate and Effects of the ' said Bankrupt; when- and whorl' the Creditors who nave not. already proved their Debts, are required to come prepared to prove the same, or they will he excluded the Benefit ot the said Dividend; and'all'Claims not then pioved will be disallowed. JOHN GARRARD, Solicitor to the Assignees. Just publisfcd, Price One Shilling, [ BEDFORD, June 4th, 1806. [ A SERMON", pieached at the Visitation of the ! CTRAYED to the IV.- INI^ s of Mrs. GARNER, J\ Archdeacon of Bucks, held at STONY-$ TRAT, j O fep"° r\ nr ; FORD, on FRIDAY, MAY ' id, 1806, by the Rev. | . A \ OUNG POIN 1ER DOG, _ I THO MAS I. F. MESURIER, M. A. Rector of; with a brown Head and Back, and marked in the Newton. Loneville 1 Form of a Saddle. He has a lirtle White at the End Sold by Messrs. J. Cooke and J. Parker, Oxford; j of his Tail, and the other Part is spotted and white. Messrs, Rivington, London; Marlin, Aylesbury ; and | — He has been Inwood, Newport- Pagncil. 1 NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. MiOMAS DAWRES, late of SIIKHRINGTON, in the County of Bucks, Horse- Dealer,_ having made an Assignment of his Estate and Enters, in Trust for the Benefit of such ot his Creditors who shall execute the same on or before the first Day of August next; Notice is hereby given, That all Persons having any Claim on the Estate of the said Thomas Dawkes, and who intehd. to take the Benefit of the said Assignment, are desired forthwith to send an Account thereof to Mr. Wiliiam Lucas, Attorney at Law, of Newport'PagneU, at whose Office the Deed is left for Signature ; and all Persons who stand in- debted to the said Thomas Dawkes, are required im- mediate!!' to pay their respective Debts to the said Mr. Lucas, who is duly authorized by the Assignees to receive the same. Neiupprt. Pagnell, SB( A May, 1806. To the DEBTORS of SAMUEL JONES, deceased. LL Persons who stand indebted to the Estate nd Effects of SAMUEL JONES, late of MiDDLKTON- CmNEY. in the County of Northampton, Flax- dresser, & c. deceased, are desired to pay their respective Debts to Messrs. Belcher & Penn, of Middleton aforesaid, Executors of the last Will of the said Samuel Jones; or to Mr. Baselev, Solicitor, Brackley, who isduiy authorized by the said Executors to receive the same.— And all Persons who have any Claims or Demand upon the Estate and Ellects of the said Deceased, are requested to send an Account thereof to the s^ id Executors, or to the said Mr. Baseley, forthwith, in order that the same may be inspected, Brackley, 21- f May, 1S06. A1 TOLLS TO LET t'. ' OTICE is hereby ( liven, That a Meeting of the Trustees appointed by an Act of Parliament passed in the Jtid Year of the Reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, entitled " An Act lor amending, widening, and keepaig m Repair, the ' Road leading from the Bull Inn, in Dunstable, to the King's- Arms Inn, in Hockliffe, in the County of Bedford," will be held at the House of Mr. THOMAS COATES, known by the Sign of the SUCAK- LOAF, in DUNSTABLE aforesaid, on WEDNESDAY the ELEVENTH Day of JUNE next; when the TOLLS arising at the ' foil- Gate, known by the Name ot CHAI K'- HILI. GATE, will I e'LETT to FARM by AUCTION to the Best Biddder, between the Hours of Eleven and One of the same Day, in the Manner directed bv the Act passed in the 13th Year of the Reirn of his present Majesty, for regulating Turnpike- Roads ; which Tolls will be put up at the Sum of ,£. 1550, being the Sum they were last lettfor. Whoever shall become the Best Bidder, must imme- diately pav the Sum of £. 100, and give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction ot the Trustees, for the Payment of the Rent at such Times e-- they shall direct. JOHN GRIFFITHS, Clerk to the Trustees. Luton, May " ttb, 1806. ' NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, rfHAT a Meeting of the Trustees of the Turn- 1 pike- Road leading from Banbury, in the County of Oxford, to the South End of Mill- Field, iu the Parish of Lutterworth, in the County of Leicester, will be held at the WHEAT- SHEAF INN, in DAVENTRY, O: I THURSDAY the 19th Day of JUNE, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon; at which Meeting the TOLLS to arise fur one Year at BADLEV TOLL- GATE. w'il be LETT by AUCTION, in Manner directed by the Statute made in the 13th Yeir of Hi: present Majesty's Reign, " for regulating Tumpike- Ro » ds;" which Tolls produced in the la., t \ ear the Sum of £ 97, over and above the Charges of cnl'ecting t. ie same, and will be put up at such Sum as the Trustees think iit. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder, must at the same Time enter into Bond, with sufficient Sureties', for the Payment of the Rents at such limes Slid in such Manner as the Trustees shall direct. By Order of the Trustees, EDM. BURTON. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, ryMlAT a Special Meeting of theTrustees named 1 in or elected in Pursuance of the several Acts of Parliament for repairing and widening the Road leading from the Toll- Gate in the Parish ot Kettering, in the County of Northampton, to Newport. Pagnefl, M the County of Bucks, will be held at the BULL INN, in OLNEY, in the said County of Bucks, on TUESDAY the EICHTH Day of JULY next, at Eleven O'clock in the Forenoon, ' for the Purpose of con- sidering and determining the Propriety ot taking down the, Toll- Gate or Turnpike upon the said Road, called iior. EAT- WOI. B GATE, and of removing'the same lo such other Situation upon the same Road as the said Trustees shall think proper; and also for the Purpose of taking into Consideration the Propriety of erecting a WEIGHI NO- MACHINF. or E N G I N E at SHERRINGTON BRIDGE GATE, upon the said Road.— Given under mv Hand this fourth Day of June, One Thousand tight Hundred and Six. > JOHN HODSON, Clerk to the said Trustees. To the CREDI TORS of JOHN PARKER, tale of GREAT- CLAY BROOK, in the County of I, cicester, Innholder. WHEREAS the said JOHN PARKER has assigned all his Estate and Effects to William Simons and Thomas Sawbridge, of Ullesthorpe, in the said County, Maltsters; and Edward Neale, of Lutterworth, in the said vountv, Auctioneer; in Trust to sell and to divide the Money arising from the Sale equally amongst all his Creditors who should execute the Deed of Assignment before the 23d Day of June instant: Notice is therefore hereby given, That the said Deed is left at the Office of Mr. Watson, in Lutterworth aforesaid ; and such of the Creditors who do not execute the same, and deliver an Account of their respective Debts to the said Mr. Watson, on or before the said 23d Day of June instant, will be excluded the Benefit of the said Dividend; which Dividend' will be paid at Mr. Edward Neale's, on the 21th Day of July next. REIiS's CYCLOPEDIA. SECOND EDITION. This Day are published, in Quarto, Price 18s. each, in Boards, Parts I. to XII. which may be had either periodically, or together, and the succeeding Parts will be published, with an accelerated Expedition, till the whole Work be completed, of riMIK NEW CYCLOPEDIA; or, UNIVERSAL I Die IONARY of ARTS, SCIENCES, and LITERATURE ; formed upon a more enlarged Plan of Arrangement than the Dictionary of Mr. Chambers; comprehending the various Articles of that Work,, with Additions and Improvements; together with the new Subjects of Biography,' Geography, and His- tory ; and adapted lo the present State of Literature and Science. By ABRAHAM REES, D. D. F. R. S. Editor of the last Edition t> f Mr. Chambers's Dic- tionary, with the Assistance of eminent professional Gentlemen. Illustrated with elegant Engravings by Lowry, Milton, Scotr, Sec, Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, & Orme, Pa- ternoster- Row ; and the principal Booksellers of Lon- don. Srtld also by J. Abel, W. Hirdsall, and T. Burnham, Northampton ; and C. Jacob, Peterborough. A few Copies are printed off on Royal Paper, with Proof Impressions of the Plates, Price£ l 16s. each Pan. NATURAL HISTORY OF MAN. This L> ay is published, Number I. ( to be continued every Fortnight), Price One Shilling plain, or Two Shillings coloured, of NPHE ZOOLOGICAL MAGAZINE, and elegant I- MUSSUM of the CURIOSITIES and RARITIES in NATURE : Forming an universal and complete'System of Natural History. Adorned with magnificent En- gravings, beautifully coloured from Nature.— The first Volume contains the HISTORY ot MAN in all Ages and Parts of the World. Among the Engravings which decorate this Volume, are given the following Portraitures at full Length, in the Costume of their respective Country, coloured from Life, viz. SPARROWS- HERNE TURNPIKE. " jVf OTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of , LS the Trustees of the turnpike- Road leading from Sparrows - Heme on Bushiev - Heath, through the Market Towns of Watford, Berk lumps ted- St. - Peters, and Triiig, in the County of Hertford, by Pcttipher's Elms, to the Turnpike - Road at W'alton, near Aylesbury, in the County of Bucks, will be held at the KING'S- ARMS INN, af BF. RXHA^ PSTEII- SAINT- 1' ETERS aforesaid, on WEDNESDAY the SEC of JULY, 1(^ 06, and the Chair Twelve o'Clock ; when and where and to be collected at the several the said Road, known hv the Names of the WATFORD and RIDGE- LANE GATES, with the DOUBLE TOLL that mav arise on every Sundav throughout the Year, will be'LETT by AUCTION, for one Year, from the 29th Day of July, 1806; and also the Gates known by the Names of NEW- GROUND GATE, and the VEECHES GATE, from the same Time; to the Best Bidder or Bidders, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the Lfth Year of the Reign of His present Majesty, " for regulating Turnpike- Roads;" which Tolls arising fiqrn the Watford and Ridge- Lane Gates, were leit for one Year, ending the 29th Day of July, 1806, at A'. 1000, clear of all Expences; and the said Tolls arising from Ncw- G round and tiie Veeches Gates, produced the last Year, ending the 25th Day of May, 1806, above the Expences of collecting the same, £. i\ 7, and will be put up at those Sums respectively. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder or Bidders, must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees, lor Payment of the Rents agreed ' Kir, and at such Times as thev shall direct.— Dated this rhirtv- first Day of May, 1806. HARRY GROVER, Clerk to the said Trustees. The greatest Clearer and Purifier of the Face. QOLOMON's ABSTERGENT LOTION is an IO effectual Cure for ERUPTIONS on the FACE and SKIN, particularly I'imples, Blotches, Tetters, Ringworms, Tan, Sunburn, Freckles, Shingles, prickly Heat, Redness of the Nose, Neck, Arms, Sec. & c.; also for Scorbutic and Cutaneous Eruptions ot every Description. By the simple Application of this Fluid Night and Morning, or occasionally thrice a Day, it will remove the most rancourous and alarming Scurvy in the Face. It is perfectly safe, and possesses all the good Qua- lities of the celebrated Cosmetics, without any ot their doubtful and sometimes dangerous Effects; it is an almost indispensable Appendage to the Toilet. A rough and uneven Skin, its shining Appearance, and yellow and sickly Paleness, are by this Lotion ef- fectually removed.- It has been administered to many Thousands, without even a single Complaint of its inefficacy ; a single Bottle will be sufficient to prove its Value. Price 4s. 6d. a Bottle, Duty included, with which is given proper Directions; and on the Stamp of every genuine Bottle the Words Sam/. Solomon, Liver- pool, are engraved, to imitate which is Felony. NEWPORT. PAGNELL. To be LETT, And entered upon immediately, A Convenient DWELLING - HOUSE, in tha ./* Centre of the HIGH- STREET, in NEWPORT- PAGNFLI., facing the London Road, and cah-. dated j fur any Tudc or Business requiring Room ; consisting I of a Shop in Front; Hall, Parlour, Kitchen, and Back- | Kitchen; four good Bed- Rooms, and Garrets over Any Person having lost a Dog of the above Descrip- ; thorn ; a Stable, Wood- Barn, and other convenient tion, inay have him again by paying the Expences of Out- Houses ; together with a Yard and Garden, con- Keep, Sec.; and if nut owned within fourteen j nected with the Back- Lane, witli Commons tor two the the said Inn 26 Weeks. Possession of the Hostler at hi Days after this public Notice, he will be sold to defray the same. BEDFORD. , To be LETT, And entered upon immediately, HPflAT old- accustomed INN, now in full Trade, D- SAINT- j I called the CROWN, advantageously situate in OND Day , T)] E (; CIURE OT- ( HE HIGH- STREET, in the Town of '\ ke1 J', re, O • " ! BED FORD, with good Stabling, Corn- Chambers, : the lOLLS arising , Brewhouse, excellent vaulted Cellars, See. ; the pre- lurnpike- Gates oil sem ' I'enant having engaged in another Line of Business. tflf' For a View oi the Premise's, apply to the TENANT; and for Particulars, lo Mr. EDWARD CHAPMAN, B ed fo rd. %* The above is well worth the Attention of any Person desirous of entering into the above Business, who wishes to brew his own Beer. Amptliill, Bedfordshire. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, APut:! HOLD ESLA'l'E, pleasantly situated in - the Centre of the MARKET-,!' LACE ; comprising a large Dwelling- House, excellent Draper's Shop, and extensive Premises, with every Convenience for the Drapery and Wcolstaplery, or any other Business; it . is likewise well adapted for a Boarding- school and Boarding- House; now in the Occupation of Mrs. Taylor, who has for some Years established a good Boarding- School, & c. from which she is going to retire. ( pj" For Particulars, enquire of Air. BUZZARD, No. 109, High- Holborn, London ; or on the Premises. %* Letrers ( Post- paid) will be duly answered. N. B. The Draper's Shop is large, and very neatly fitted up. ~ b7" 5<) Li> by PRIVATE CONTRACT, Very good, substantial, and convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, situate near the Centre of the Town of O U N D L E, Northamptonshire; com- prising four Rooms on the Ground Floor, four Ditto on the second, and five on the third Floor, with Attics over the same; two good Cellars; with con- venient Out- Houses, a Two- stall Stable, lofted over, Well, supplied with excellent Water, large Yard, and a Garden and Orchard, containing near Half an Acre, planted with choice Fruit Trees ; together with a convenient- back Way to the Premises. OuKDi. it is a good Market Town, situate near the Centre of Northamptonshire, near the River Nine or Neu, anu is 11 Miles trom Stamford, VI from Peter- borough, and 8 from Thrapotoji.— A Coach three Days in a Week to and from London. ( HT* TO treat for tile same, apply to Mr. CROFTS, of Elton, Huntingdonshire; or Mr. ROBINSON, of Thrapston. May 1\ tb, 1806. Plead of Cattle in that valuable Pasture, called Bury Field, and a Rood of Grass yearly in Bury Meadow. (£ 3" For further Particulars, enquire of Mr. COOCH, Newport- Pagnell. On Saturday, May 31st, 1808, teas published, Price Sii] teneet TO BE CONTINUED WEEKLY, HP HE OXFORD UNIVERSITY AND CITY 1 HERALD, and MIDLAND COUNTY CHRONICLE, printed a* d published by Messrs. SLATTER & MONDAY, High- Street, OXFORD. This Newspaper being divided into numerous Shares, and many ot ihe Proprietors residing in different Parts of the Country, it will have a most extensive Circulation. Agents are established in every Market ' Town in the Miuiaiid Counties, who have engaged to Send regularly to the Publishers an Account of all interesting Occurrences in their several Districts. It is also patronized by the University of Oxford, and will be read by most of its Members. It must there- To A Health anil Longevity. DR. 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Gd. 10s. and £. 1 2s. Duty included. ( j3T Sold also by the Printers of this Pitper; Mr. Okely, Bedford; Mather, Wellingborough; Collis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Robins, and Wil. Irinson, Daventry ; Corrall, Lutterworth ; and by most Venders of Patent Medicines in Town and Country. Natives of Egypt, Chinese Prince & Princess, " The proper Study of Mankind is Man."— POPE. London: Sold by Champante & Whitlow, Jewry- Street. Aldgate; at the British Directory- Office, Ave- Maria- Laue, St. Paul's; and by all Booksellers and Stationers. ( PF Subscribers to tiie BRITANNIC MAGAZINE are hereby informed, that in about four Months the Whole will be entirely completed, with Directions for binding up the different Parts of the Work, and for placing the elegant Engravings: Subscribers in Arrear are therefore requested to complete their Sets. T BEAUTY AND CLEANLINESS. To sweeten the Breathy cleanse the Mouth, preserve and whiten the Teetb> cure . Gum- Biles, ami remove all ojf'ensive Ulcer at ions. Is recommended the AMBOYNA LOTION. rjfMfE Drug from which the I/ ition is prepared, is peculiarly adapted for all Disorders of the Mouth, Teeth, and Gums; it was first imported by a Gentleman of known Character and Fortune, who, having experienced its wonderful Etiects, introduced it for the Benefit of others.— While it cleanses the Mouth of all impure and foetid Particles, it whitens the Teeth, heals the Gums, and instantly SWEETENS THE BREATH. Nothing is so great a Drawback to Beauty as bad Teeth: Nothing more offensive than a feet id Breath. The AMBOYNA LOTION, on the first Application, improves the former and removes the latter; while by its atitiputrescent and balsamic Qualities, it re- moves all Excrescences and prevents Decay. Sold, Wholesaleand Retail, by SHAW &' EDWANNS, 6G, St. Paul's Church- Yard, London, Price 4s. ( id. per Bottle; and, Retail, by Mr. Edge, and Mr. Marshall, Northampton ; and Robins,' Daventry. • EAJiE KjtoM LAMENESS AND PAIN, IN A FEW HOURS. TII'E BRITISH OINTMENT for CORNS, prepared by W. NAYI. OR, Chemical Colour- Maker to his Majesty. This most excellent Oint- ment never fails curing hard or soft Corns in a very- short Time, and gives . Ea_ e in a few Hours. No other Trouble is required in using it, than rubbing a little oil the Corn, Night and Morning, with the Finger. The Proprietor begs Leave to observe, the Afflicted may rest assured of a Cure, as this is not, like many published Things, an Imposition on the Public. Bv Appointment of the Proprietor, it is sold, Wholesale, by Dicey k Co. No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, London; also by Dicey & Co. Edge, • and Marshall, Northampton ;' Robins, Daveatry ; Wilcox, and Oallard, Towcester; Mather, Wellingborough; and by one Medicine Vender in every Market Town, Price 2s. fid. Duty included. le found no Benefit from any Thing ! in which those of the grcaics H'S FEMALE PILLS, and that made i ticularized. in oldrestahlished, well - accustomed Public - House, on a m eat Road. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, And may he entered upon at Michaelmas nest, rpur. strong Brick- built and Slated PUBLIC- 1 HOUSE, called the AXE- AND. CLEAVER, with the adjoining Premises, very eligibly situated in the principal Street in MARKET- HARBOROUGH, in the County of Leicester, and in the Occupation of Mr. John freshwater; comprising a good Kitchen and Parlour; a Market Dining- Room and two Chambers on the second, and three comfortable Sleeping Apartments on the third Story;' also, a roomy Back- Kitchen and Pantry, with three useful Chambers over them; a Brewhouse, and three Cellars.— In the extensive Yard ( which is about 60 Yards in Length), is gocd Stabling for more than 30 Horses, with Lofts, Sec. a new Pmnp, plentifully supplied with excellent Water, and a compact useful Tenement for a small Family. IPS" The Axe- and- Cleaver Public- House lias been recently improved by substantial Repairs and con- venient Alterations. For Particulars, apply to Mr. J. FRESHWATER, the Proprietor; or to Mr. ROUSE, in Market- Har- borough aforesaid. Veiyages and Travels round the World, Handsomely printed on fine Demy Paper, and new l. etter, illustrated with upwards of ONE HUNDRED and THIRTY elegant ENGRAVINGS. OnS . iturday, May 3d, 1806, ' was published. Price only Sixpence, Containing a SUPERB FRONTISPIECE, representing ATLAS supporting the GLOBE, surrounded by em- blematical Representations of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America; in the front Ground, Time and History recording the memorable Events of Antiquity, en- graved ill a highly- finished Manner by Charles Warren, from an original Drawing by Ewms, NUMBER 1. ( the succeeding Numbers to follow WeeklvJ, of a NEW Work, entitled, rplIE WORLD; or, The present STATE of i. the UNIVERSE; being a general and complete Collection of modern VOYAGES and TRAVELS. By CAVENDISH PELHAM, Esq. Selected, arranged, and digested, trom the Narratives of the latest and most authentic Travellers and Navi- gators. The Whole illustrated and embellished with appropriate Maps, picturesque Scenes, striking Re- presentations of the Persons, Customs, Ceremonies, A. C. of the respective Inhabitants, and whatever may- tend to elucidate and decorate a Performance so inte- resting, essential, and universal; consisting of upwards of One hundred and thiriy Engravings, executed by the first Artists, among whom we enu- merate. Charles Warren, Ambrose Warren, Hawkins, Taylor, Poole, Sparrow, Cooke, Sec. Sec.— The Maps and Charts by the celebrated Mr. C. Russell. The Work shall be completed in 13t) Numbers, making two handsome Volumes, in Quarto, and ^ Promissory Note given with the first Number,, to deliver the Overplus gratis, should it exceed that Quantity.-- Indexes, and a List of Subscribers, will be given in the last Number. The Limits of an Advertisement not allowing Room for Insertion ofthe Authors whose Voyages and Travels will be comprised in this Work, we refer the Reader to theVrospsctHs flow delivering at all the Booksellers, est Celebrity are par- fore be highly conducivc to the Interest ot Advertisers of the Sale of Estates, of Lottery Shares, of Works of Literature, & c. Sec. who wish for the Publicity of their Concerns in the Midland Counties of Eng. land, to favour the Publishers ot the OXFORD HERALD with their Advertisements; to the Cor. redness and Display of which, and to the earlv and regular Delivery of this Paper, they will pay the utmost Attention. 0- 3" A correct File will constantly be kept at Messrs. TAYLER & NEWTON'S, Agents, Warwick. Square, London, by whom Advertisements, Com- munications, and Orders, will be thankfully received; and by Mr. RUSHER, Bookseller, Banbury. SWINFEN's OlUGlN^ rSHEiTl^ m^ E^ ( Prepared and sold al his Warehouse in Leicester], HAS been in general Use, by many of the most respectable Sheep- Breeders and Graziers ill the Kingdom, for nearly twentv Years, and has always been found ( when used according to the ample Directions given with each Parcel,) to be the most in- fallible and safe Prevention against the FLY STRIKING SFIEEP or LAMBS. It improves the Quality and good Appearance of the Wool, and the Cclour immediately washes out when scoured. It may be had genuine, in Parcels at Four or Two Shillings each, or six of the large Parcels for One Guinea, at the Proprietor's; and, by his Appoint- ment, of Messrs. Dicey i: Sutton, Marshall, and Edge, Northampton; Robins, and Wilkinson, Da- ventry; Beesley, Banburv ; Goddards, Harborougli; Dunn, Nottingham; Ad. nns, Sen. Loughborough; Leigh, Atherstone; Hcllaby, Boston; Mciridew, Coventry; Hulse, Hinckley; Wood, Lutterworth; Simpson, Wolverhampton ; Morris, Nuneaton ; Munn, Kettering ; ' Inwood, Newport - Pagnell; Loggins, Aylesbury; Hawkins, Buckingham; Knott 6c Lloyd, Birmingham; Jacksons, Oakham ; Newcomb, Stam- ford; Cass, Tliirsk; and of a reputable Vender in most Market Towns, where the Country is noted for breeding of Sheep. ( FT Be pleased to ask for SWIN FEN'S SHEEE. POWDER, there being many Preparations for tiie same Purpose. — That many persons have found great benefit who have unfortunately pursued a dangerous practice in their youth, in unguardedly giving way to that crime which brought on tfie divine vengeance, is incontest- ibly illustrated by the matchless and unprecedented sale of Solomon's Guide to Health; a book which, of all others in the medical line, is so universally neces- sary to be used and treasured up by young and old in every family, that the increasing demand for it cannot be wondered at, when it is considered that, as a faith- ful Guide either to male or female, it has not its equal in the whole world.— Price .' Js. only. ' cJOOOCXB'COOa.. BANKRUPTS required to SIRRF. NDER. Alexander Durham, of Birmingham, grocer, June 3, 11, and July 12, at Guildhall, London. Attorney, Mr. Lowe, Birmingham. John Weston, of Lane- End, Staffordshire, potter. Richard Hardman and Peter Wright, of Liver- pool, merchants. John Collis, of Houndsditch, London, plumber. M. Westwood, of Crooked- lane, Fish- street Hill, St. Magnus, London, cabinet, maker. George Browne, of the Old City Cham- bers, Bishopsgate- street, London, merchant. Wjn. Kent and Ferdinand Ihtrlton, ot Sheerness, Kent, slopsellers. William Farmery, of Leeds, white- smith, spindle- roller, and machine- maker. Henry Fishe'r, of Gracechurch- street, London, grocer.- Robert Naylor, of Chigwell, Essex, late comman of the West- India ship Fortitude, merchant. WELCH'S FEMALE PILLS, For the Green Sickness and other Disorders incident to young Females. ""• IIE following Instance of their uncommon Efficacy, is worthy the Attention of the Af. flicted :—- MADAM, I have been four pwards of three Years afflicted with a violent Pain in my Head and Side, and a Complaint in my Stomach, so that at Tunes it quite deprived me of taking Nourishment; and continual Heaviness, so that I could not keep myself awake in the Day. I have been under two Gentlemen ot the Faculty ; the first thought I had Worms, owing to the Pain in my Stomach and Side ,- 1 took many Medicines, but to no Eflect. The latter supposed me going into a Decline. About seven Weeks back I caught a little Cold, which occasioned me to have a violent Cough ; Nothing I took was of . any Service; every Body that saw me thought I was in a rapid Decline, till, luckily, a Friend of my Mother's sent her Nurse to enquire how I was, who said she knew a young Person in the same Way, and she • till she took WELC.. _ a speedy Cure. My Mother immediately purchased Io expatiate on the Utility or Entertainment of a a Box, which I found the greatest Benefit from, when I Work which has immense Regions tor its Object, and 1 had taken them three Times. The Dav after I took I aU animated Nature tor its Speculation, would be the first Pill 1 was seized with a violent Vomiting; | manifestly unnecessary. I brought up an uncommon Quantity of Something very disagreeable, after that my Appetite came, and I have ever since mended ; but, through Misfortunes, it is not in my Mother's Power to purchase them, therefore, if you should have the Goodness to think my Case worthy your Charity, as I am now in my sixteenth Year, and not capable of doing any Thing towards getting ray own Livelihood, it will ever be acknowledged by rour most grateful Servant, SARAH COLLIER. St. Ann's- Coitrl, No. 21, Dcan. Street. I'. S. I shall ever think it my Duty to give any Information to any Person who would wish to enquire of me. WELCH'S FEMALE PILLS ( with Directions), Price 2s. 9d. a Box, are sold, Wholesale, by G. Kearsley, Fleet- Street, London; Dicey & Co. No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, Cheapside; F. Newbery, No. .15, St. Paul's Church- Yard; Bacon & Co. No. 150, Oxford- Street; Butler, Cheapside; and Barclay and Soil, Fleet- Market; and, Retaii, by Dicey & Sutton, Edge, and Marshall, Northampton; Parker, and Rollason, Coventry; Swinfen, Combe, andCockshaw, Leicester; Seelev, Buckingham; Bloxhf. m, and Marriott, Bjn- bury; Wilcox, Towcester; Barringer, and Inwood, New port- Pagnell; N ewcomb, and Drakard, Stamford; Harrod, Harborough; Wheeler, Ay lesbury ; Drakard, Uppingham; Mather, Wellingborough ; Collis Sc Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Robins, and Wilkinson, Da- i will be printed on fine Vellum Wove Royal Paper, ventry. ^ : which will be hut- pressed, with the Advantage of *** As another Medicine is fold under the Name of °~- r 1 ' r . r. r: •— L -' 1— Welch's Female Pills, ivhich is spurious, Purchasers are A judicious Collection of modern Feyages and Travels presents the Earth to our astonished Eyes, and dis- plays the Wonders of the Deep. All tlie Inhabitants of the various intermediate Regions, from the Torrid to the Frigid /. one, pass in Review before us, and we distinctly behold them in their genuine. Characters of Civilization, savage Ignorance, Superstition, and Fe- rocity. It exhibits to'our View the vegetative Pro- duce of the most distant Climes, and enumerates the sanative and commercial Uses of the innumerable Plants which decorate the fertile Bosom of the Plain, or venerably crown the aspiring Mountain. In this Work the Essence of numerous Voyages and Travels will ty carefully incorporated with such va- luable Materials, as we have assiduously procured from other unquestionable Authorities. The almost infinite Variety of Publications from which wis have gathered much of our Information, have all been re- cently ushered into the World; and the Reader need not be informed, that a Collection of Voyages and Travels is rendered the more interesting and valuable, when its Sources arc from modern Information. Can- dour must readily admit, that the nearer such Infor- mation approaches the present Periods, so much the nearer Perfection will our Collection arrive than any similar Productions which have preceded it. A LARGER AND VERY ELEGANT EDITION requested to remark, as the surest Testimony of Authen- ticity, that each Bill of Directions is signed ivith the biame of C. K E A R s L E Y ,"" in Hand- Writing ,- and on the Outside, luhcreby Servants cannot be imposed on, ihe Stamp is printed, by Permission of his Majesty's Honour- able Commissioners of Stamps, thus:— C. KEARSLEY, No. 46, FLEET - STREET. None others are genuine. „ of Proof Impressions of the Engravings, besides appropriate Vig -. ctte Title- Pages to each Volume. The Price of th' » Edition will be One Shilling each Number. Besides the Quality of the Paper, and tjio superior Impressions of the Engravings, the Maps, Charts, tec. of this Edition will be highly coloured, and tiie Whole wi. l form the most elegant, leauiiful, and com• piete Collection of VOYAGES and TRAVELS ever sub- mitted to the Public. London: Published by J. STRATFORD, NO. 112, Holboin- ilill; and sold by all Booksellers and N'cws- carriers in the United Kingdom. commander , F. Drake, of Plymouth Dock, baker.— W. Fiddeman, of Wacton, Norfolk, merchant.—— J. Baker, late of Bridgewater, Somersetshire, iohber of cattle.—— J. Tweddell, of Liverpool, saddler. A. Woodward, of Liverpool, porter- merchant. W. Molfatt, of Queen- street, Long- Acre, ironmonger. W. Barfoot, of Waltham- Abbey, Essex, grocer. DIVIDENDS to he made to Creditors, June 25. R. Green, late of Olney, Buckinghamshire, lace- merchant, at the Anchor inn, Newport- Pagnell. June 26. Henry Dobson, late of GoUmanchester, Huntingdonshire, and Edward Dobson, ot Bramp- ton, in the said county, millers, at the Fountain inn, Huntingdon. June 26. James Bennett and Thomas Bennett, late of Huntingdon, . drapers, at the Fountain inn, Hunt- ingdon. June 27. J. Swami, late of Hinckley, Leicestershire, currier, at the George, Hinckley. June 30. George Hammond, ot Stamford, Lincoln- shire, mercer and draper, at the George inn, Saint Martin's Stamford- Baron, Northamptonshire. July 1. J. Marriott, late of Olney, Buckingham- shire, lace- merchant, at the Saracen's- Head inn, Newport- Pagnell. Ci. ITTIFLCATT to he granted. June 24. John Gee, of Peterborough, horse- dealer. MARKETS.— Loudon, Save ' i. Our supply of Wheat to- day was inconsiderable, and the want of fine samples still enhances the valueot the little up of that quality, hence high prices arc named tor such and no other; the second and infe- rior sorts being dull, with few bu\ ers, at last re- prted prices.— Barley is in plenty, and rather lower.— Malt is likewise a trifle cheaper, with a general heaviness in the sale of both.— Boiling Peas continue a short supply, with advance in price. In Grey. Peas, and lie- ins of both soits, we have litt le alteration.— Good Oats, like fine Wheats, are scarce, and nearly maintain their former value, but the common are almost unsaleable. Wheat.. 60s. to 65s. 75s. Oats 21s. to2
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