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The Lancaster Gazette Extraordinary


Printer / Publisher: William Minshull 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 1
The Lancaster Gazette Extraordinary page 1
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The Lancaster Gazette Extraordinary
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The Lancaster Gazette Extraordinary

Date of Article: 25/03/1806
Printer / Publisher: William Minshull 
Address: Great John's-Street, Friarage, Lancaster
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 1
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THE LANCASTER GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY. . ANOTHER NAVAL VICTORY. FROM THE London Gazette ' Extraordinary. Sunday, March 23, 1806. Admiralty- Office, March 23, 180( 5. THE Hon. Capt. Cochrane, late of his Majefty's Hoop Kingsfilher, arrived early this morning > yith di fpatches from Vice Admiral Sir J. T. Duckworth, K. B. dated off the town of St. Domingo, on the 7th and 8th ultimo, giving an accent of his having, on the 6th of that mon^^ dif- covered a fquadron of French Ihips, con- fifling of five fail of the line ( one of them, L'Imperiale, of three decks) two frigates, and one corvette, at anchor in the Gay of St. Domingo, which, with the fquadron under his command, conlifting of feven ihips of the line, two frigates, and two floops, he immediately attacked, and, after an aftion of two hours, he entirely de- feated. TUESDAY; MARCH 25, 1806. - Three fliips of the enemy's line fell i his hands, and two ( including the three^- decker, bearing Rear- Admiral Le Seigle's flag) were driven on Jliore in a difabled ftate, and afterwards taken pofleflion of and burned. The frigate and corvette effe& ed their efcape. The killed and wounded on board the enemy's fliips is fuppofed to exceed twelve hundred men; one fliip loft three hundred. The lofs in his Majefty's fliips in killed and wounded amounted to three hundred and thirty- eight. No Britifh officer was killed. The Hon. Capt. Stopford was'flightly, and Lieut. Seymour, of the Northumberland ( which lhip fuffered the mod in the aftion) feverely wounded; but the latter is lince recovered, and arrived in the Kingsfiflier. The Vice- Admiral had proceeded with his prizes to Jamaica. N. B. The Dijpatches from Vice Admiral Sir John Thomas Duckworth, K. B. - will be publifbed in a Supplementary Gazette Extraor- dinary to- morrow. > 5 Printed and Publilhed by WILLIAM MINSHULL, Great John's- Street, Friarage, fe- m ™ *.^ JLancafter.— Price Sixpence. ft'i^^ tv'^
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