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Returns of the Several Dioceses in Ireland


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Returns of the Several Dioceses in Ireland page 1
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Returns of the Several Dioceses in Ireland
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Returns of the Several Dioceses in Ireland

Date of Article: 25/02/1806
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No Pages: 2
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20 ( Ireland.)— n I O C E S A N R E T U R N S, A RETURN of the Names and Number of Parches comprized in each Union of Parishes Authority under which such Union was effected ; the Number of Acres Glebe which appertains respective Parish so united lies from each other, when fuch Parishes are not contiguous; and severally thereon, or were at the time when such Parishea were united ; so far as the same Names of Parifties. Time of Union. Authority. The D E A N E R Y of the Cathedral Church oP St. Finbarry's, Cork, confifts of Temblebready vie. rec. imp. - Cullen rec. intire - - - - Templemartin rec. - _ - _ . J The rec. and vicarage of Brinny » - j Knockaville rec. intire - - - - i Not known. Epifcopally, 1795. Not known. Epifcopally. The CHANTORSHIP consists of Carrigrohane rec. intire - - - - \ Currikippane rec. ------ Kenneigh, one rec. vie. end - One rec. belongs to vie. cho\ i Unknown. Unknown, The CHANCELLORSHIP confifts of " S* Nicholas rec. ------ The corps of the Chancellorship - St Bridget, St John of Jerusalem - - - t St Stephen, St Mary De Narde S' Dominick r - « rectories_ 25th Geo. a. « — — — By Act of 25th Geo. 2 The TREASURSHIP consists of Ballinadee rec. intire - Kilgoban and Rathdowton rec. int. - Macloneigh, one rec. vie. end -] " J > Unknown. Unknown. The ARCHDEACONRY consists of St Peters rec. intire - - - - - f Nohoval rec. intire - - - - - 1 Dunbullog, Kilmonoge, and Dunilky rec. intire ) Unknown. Unknown. The Prebend of Kilbrogan, consists of i Aglifli rec. end, one rec. imp. Kenneigh ----,. — — Conway, one rec. vic. end - Intire rectories of Kilcoan Templeufque - Ballydiloher or'wise Kilroan - Unknown. Unknown. C O R K A N D ROSS. Jiff 4 1 within the Dioceses of CORK and Ross; the Period of time when fuch Parifnes were united, and the to each Parifli; whether any Glebe- houfe is erected thereon ; and the Diftance at which fuch whether any and « hat Number of Churches, in which Divine Service is performed, are now can be made out by Hen. Jose. Heard, Regr Cork and Ross. N° Acres Glebe. A. i'. 6. 18. 8. 3 R. O- o- o. o. o. o. p. o. o. 8. o. o. o. 16. 5- 0. o. 1. 18 2. 12. Garden. 2. z. 4. 34- 3- o. 47. 1. J. ic. 3. 13. Houf:. A houfe. - ) - 5 Diftance, & c. Contiguous. Contiguous. Houfe. House at St. Finbarry's. Offices. Contiguous. St. Peter's in Cork. The other Parishes from six to ten miles from thence. Contiguous. Church. Church. Church. Church. Church. Church. Church. Church. Church. Church. Church. J3-
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