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Returns of the Several Dioceses in Ireland


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Returns of the Several Dioceses in Ireland
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Returns of the Several Dioceses in Ireland

Date of Article: 25/02/1806
Printer / Publisher:  
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 2
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L 6 Z ( Ireland.)—- r> 4 O C - E S A K R E T U R N S: REPORT OF THE REGISTER OF Dignities, & c. Names and Number of Parishes. PofiefTors ; Whether residing or not. Deanry. Perpetual Cure. Carrickfergus, Halloo, Island Magee, Grange of Moblusk, Rev. Thos Graves, dean, and resides Rev. John Dobbs, resides. Archdeaconry. Billy, Ballyclug, Armoy, Donegor, Killbride. Rev. Antony Trail, archdeacon, Resides in the diocese, and the vi- cars in their respective vicarages. Vicarage. Billy. Rev. Thomas Babington, Resides, and is about to build. — D" — Ballyclug. Rev. Rd Babington ; A small vicarage, about/". 15 per annum, contiguous and united to Bal- lymena. - } — D° — Armoy and Loughgeell. Rev. Rd Russell; resides. Episcopally united, both being very small. _ D° — Donegor and Killbride. Rev. Bernard Lyndon; Resides. " Chancellorship. Milltown and St. Johnstown, Ramvan, Culfeiglitron, Loughgeel, Teckmacraven alias Glenarm. Rev. William Trail, L. L. D. Resides part of each year in the diocese, the vicars reside in their respective vicarages. Vicarage. Milltown and St. Johnstown. Rev. Wm Hawkey; Resides in the neighbourhood and does the duty. Vicarage. Ramvan and Culfeightron. Rev. Chas Ilill; Resides. Vicarage. Loughgeel. Rev. Richd Russell; United to Armoy. Vicarage - - - of and Rectory - - - - of Teckmacraven alias Glenarm, Templeaughter. Rev. John Hodges; Resides. 1 _ CONNOR, lG<: THE D I O C E S E or CONNOR. No. oc Churches for Divine Service Four acres of glebe and no| house. Three churches in which di- vine service is performed. Obfervations. No glebe or glebe- house. Churches as underneath in the Twenty acres of glebe, no house. A church. No glebe or house. KING JAMES from Westminster, the 20th of July 1609, founded three cathedrals, and confirmed them to Bishop Todd ; that was, when Dro- mor was united; and to send deans, prebends, and other dignitaries, & c. & c. Not only the benefices an- nexed to their respective dignita- ries, but several land rectories, tythes, wheresoever found by in- quisition or other lawful title, within the counties of Down or Antrim, to be divided between them by dis- creet commissioners in two years fol- lowing the date of said grant. Said deans and chapters then incorpo- rated and made bodies politic, to be ordered and governed by same sta- tutes as St. Patrick's, Dublin. No church. Twenty acres of glebe, and la glebe- house. A church. No glebe or house. A church. No glebe or house. Fifty acres of . glebe and nc house. A church. Twenty- six acres. of glebe,| 110 house. Two churches. King James, 20th July 1609. No glebe or house. A church. Twenty five acres. of glebe, uo house. A church.
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