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Returns of the Several Dioceses in Ireland


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Returns of the Several Dioceses in Ireland page 1
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Returns of the Several Dioceses in Ireland
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Returns of the Several Dioceses in Ireland

Date of Article: 25/02/1806
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No Pages: 2
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144 i4- » S- ' 7- 18. 19. ( Ireland.)— DIOCESAN R E T U R N S: The Prebend of White Church and Kilmakea, the Corps of which is White Church - - a rec. & vicarage, and Kilmakea - - - a rectory. 2 parishes contiguous. United by Act of Council 011 9th Oftober 1723. The Prebend of Crosspatrick and Kilcomon, the Corps of which consists of Crosspatrick - - - a rectory. and Kilcomon - - - a rectory. Braban - - - - an imp. cure. 3 parishes contiguous. The Union of Wexford consists of - a rectory. - the like. - the like. - the like. - . the like. - the like, a rec. & vicarage. St Patricks Wexford Drinah Maudlintown Killelogue Ardcandrish - Kildaven St Mary's Selskar - St Tullogue St Michaels of Feagh Rathaspeck St Iberius - Ballybrenan St Peter's - - - 7 . Carrigg - . - - } Itr'P- CUre3' 1 5 parishes all contiguous, except Ballybrenan which is about c miles distant. = 1 imp. cures. - a reftory. - a rec. imp. - a rec. collat. Braban was episcopally united to Kilcomon in 1784. Crosspatrick and Kilcomon constitute the prebend, All these, by reason of their contiguity and smallness of their value, episcopally united to Wexford in 1795. The Union of New Ross consists of S'Mary's New Ross The parishes of Old Ross Carnagh Tulleraght Ballyane a vie. Erected into one - a rec- - the like. - the like. , , - the like > Pan( l1 by tl: e naRle ' of the parifli of Sf Mary's New Ross. Ballybrazell Clonleigh - a rec. Templendigan, and New Ross - Kilscanlan belongs to the Bishop's Mensals. JO parishes contiguous. The Union of Rossdroit and Templescobin consist of Rossdroit - - - - a rectory. Templescobin - - - a rectory. 2 parishes contiguous. By the Rev. Chas Naylor's titles to this union, dated ,| th June 1767, it is set forth as follows: Whereas, by the records of our diocese of Ferns and other authentic proofs, it appeareth to us, that in pursuance and by virtue of a statute made in this kingdom in the 14th & 15th Chas 2d, ch. 10th, an act or order was made and con- ceived by His Majesty's Privy Council of this kingdom, bearing date the 28th June 1678, whereby the several parishes of Old Ross, Car- nagh, & c. & c. were united in perpetuity to the parish of St Mary's New Ross, and made one pari fli. & c. as aforesaid. N. B. This is the only document now extant. These two parishes were episcopally united only in 1804. It is intended to unite them by act of Council. The Union of Killegny consists of Killegny - - - an entire rectory. Chappell - - - an imp. cure. 2 parishes contiguous. The imp. cure of Chappell was only episco- pally united to Killegny in 1799. A. R, p, Kilmakea glebe - - - 12 o 38 Two indifferent thatched houses thereon. White Church glebe - - - 2 0 0 A church at White Church, divine servicc everv Sunday. 1 No glebe- house as yet, the present incumbent has presented a memorial to build one. 14 0 38 No glebe. A church at Kilcomon, divine service every Sun- day.— No glebe- house. There are several small glebes in the town of Wexford, but very unproductive. Two glebes at Rathaspeck, one near the church, both containing about 800 The parishes of St Patrick's, Wexford, . St Iberius Are 111 " le lO"' n and St Mary's ; Wexford, and Selfkar ' ( are tota% unproductive to St Tullogue, and t0 the St Michael's. Maudlintown, " J Are small parishes con- Killelogue and i- tiguous to the town, from gt To[) S, ' f whence the rector hardly J ' J derives any income. Arcandrish, denomina- St Peter'- tl0ns^ nion Wex- Rathaspeck ford, from whence the rec- Kildaven ' ( t0r ^ erives inc° nie, 1 n, which is believed to be ST"' 3 about £. 400 yearly. There are two churches, One at Wexford. Divine service every day but market days. One at Rathaspeck. Divine service every Sunday bv licensed curate. Both churches in very neat good order. An old glebe- house in Wexford, now under repair. No glebe houfe at Rathafpeck. The glebes of this Union consist of several small tenements in various parts of the town of New Ross. There is a very old church at New Ross, which is condemned, and a new one is intended to be built on another scite. There is alfo a neat small church at Old Ross; divine fervice in both every Sunday. There is no glebe- house A glebe at Rossdroit of about 20 0 0 On which the present incumbent proposes building a glebe- house, A verv neat handsome church lately built at Rossdroit; divine service every Sunday. No glebe. A church at Killegny; divine fervice every Sunday. * 3-
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