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Returns of the Several Dioceses in Ireland


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Returns of the Several Dioceses in Ireland page 1
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Returns of the Several Dioceses in Ireland
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Returns of the Several Dioceses in Ireland

Date of Article: 25/02/1806
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15A •( Ireland.)— DIOCESAN R E T U R N S : No. Names of Dignities. Names of Clergy. i Refluent. t 8. The Prebend of Feathard. A church at Feathard. The Rev. John Kennedy, prebendary. Refident. 9- The Prebend of Ederinine. A church at Edermine. The Rev. Gustavus Hume, prebendary ; had a licensed curate. Excused from ill health by the bishop ; died April 1805. — His successor began resi- dence Sept. 1805. 10. The Prebend of Taghmon. The Rev. Robt Hawshaw, prebendary. Resident. A church at Taghmon. II. The Prebend of Kilrush. A church at Kilrush. The Rev. John Davis, pre- bendary. He resigned in May 1805. His successor excused as yet by the permission of the bishop, to settle his affairs before he resides. I 2. I " The Prebend of Tomb. A church at Carmolin par. of Tomb. The Rev. Roger Owen, pre- bendary. Resident. The Rectory of Killinell. A church at Killinell. Said Rev. Roger Owen, rector. Resides on the Prebend of Tomb in the same diocese. The Prebend of Clone. The Rev. Mark Chartres, Resides in the Union. ! A church at Ferns, in the Union. prebendary. H- The Prebend of White Church and Kilmakea. A church at White Church. The Rev. Thos Handcock, prebendary. Resides at New Ross in the next paritli.— No glebe- house yet. ' 5- The Prebend of Crosspatrick and Kilcomon. A church at Kilcomon, The Rev. Richd Henry Symes, prebendary. Resident. 16. The Union of Wexford. Two churches ; One at Wexford, The other at Rathaspeck. • The Rev. John Elgee, rector. Resident. > 7- « The Union of New Ross. Two Churches; One at New Ross, The other at Old Ross. The Rev. Chas Nalor, reftor. > Excused from infirmity by the bishop; he died August 1804.— His Successor the Rev. James Dunn, began residence before Jan. 1805.
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