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Returns of the Several Dioceses in Ireland


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Returns of the Several Dioceses in Ireland page 1
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Returns of the Several Dioceses in Ireland
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Returns of the Several Dioceses in Ireland

Date of Article: 25/02/1806
Printer / Publisher:  
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 2
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- 22 ( Ireland'.') D I O C E S A N R E T U R N S: A RETURN OF UNIONS IN THE No. uNIONS. When united. By what Authority. Dift. inces of Parishes from each other. 1. . DEANERY, consists of Saint John's, Cashel, Ballycluahan, and Cockman or'wiso Coleman. Time immemorial. No record. The Register has generally no meant of ascertaining tile distances of parishes from each other, except in the cases in which he can refer to the Instru- ment of Union. 2. 4 TEMPLENEIRY, consist of Kilbrennau, Ballynure, Scanan or'wiscGraystown, Ballygraffny, Derryniflyn, and Doiijllill, Same. Same. Same. N •>• CHANCELLORSHIP, consists of Clogher, Inshyanly or'\ yise Jushyfogarty Duffith or'wise Durifeith or'wise Dovea, and Moycarky. Same. Same. Same. 4- TREASURERSHIP, consists of Eorresieigh, " Boly or'wise Galvoly, Diomsperane or'wise Drorn, Leogh orVLse Leoghmakewoged, chapelry, Boythistown, parcel Borresleigh. Same. S; ime. .. 1 . Same. 5- ARCHDEACONRY, consists of Geal, Demilloge alias Kilmillock alias Rio City Tullamain, Crohane, Kilmore chapelry. Same. Same. Same. 6: KILLAPDRY, consists of Killardry rectory entire, and Clonflnglass chapelry. Same. * Same. Same. 7- KILBRAGH, consists of Kilbragh'rectory entire, Kilnesear or'wise Callibegs, and Ballinshire or'wise Tcmpletouhy, 1781. By Act of Council, The denomina- tion Kilbragh is 15 miles distant ; and Kilnesearand Tem- pletouhy are con- tiguous. CASHEL AND E M I Y. 1 DIOCESES OF CASH EL AND EMLV. Number of Churches. When united. Number of Ditto now. r Number %* V Acres^/ dlebe. , Houses. No record. One. A. R. P. Deans grove 100. o. o. Ballycluahan - - i - 11. o. o. None. Same. f One. Donohill ------ 34.. j. 28. D°. 3- 1. 3. Ballynure ,--_ « . 1.3. 26. Near Sl Pat. Cathe' - - 0. 2. 36. Par. Templeneiry - - 9.1.20. An house. Same. None. Moycarky 18. 0. 0. None. Same. One. Borresleigh ----- 30. 0. 0. An house. Same. None. In Cashel - - - - « • 0. a. 14. • Nouf. Same. None. Killardry 16. 2. 12. None. One. One. Templetouhy ~ ~ - » 13. 3. 0. House building.
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