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Returns of the Several Dioceses in Ireland


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Returns of the Several Dioceses in Ireland page 1
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Returns of the Several Dioceses in Ireland
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Returns of the Several Dioceses in Ireland

Date of Article: 25/02/1806
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- 22 ( Ireland'.') D I O C E S A N R E T U R N S: No. Names of Benefices. Names of Ndn- refidcnt Incumbents. Remarks. 17- Rectory of Killkeedy. ib'. Vicarage of St. John Rev. Henry Johnson Refidns by permiflion in adjoining pariih. 19. Vicarage of Bruree; rec- 1 tory of St. Lawrence J Rev. Thos Shepherd By permission. No church in either parish. Resides in Limcrick, where he attends an important cure, and in the suburbs of which, rectory of St. Lawrence is. 20. Vicarage of Mungret Rev. Hugh Parker - By permission. No church. Serves the cure of another parish. 21. Vicarage of Crecorah R. ev. Jos. Jones - D° - - D° - - B° 22. Vicarages of Fedamore 7 and Glanogra - - j Rev. Thos Westropp D° - But lately collated. Is to reside immediately. 23. Vicarage of Killfentinan - Rev. Michl Fitzgerald - D° - No Church. 24. Redtory of Killeely. 25. Redtory of Killbreedy 1 Minor, and vicarage > of Bruff. " } 26. Vicarage of Killmoylan, 1 and rectory of Tank- ardstown - - - Rev. Wm Hoare - By permission. No church in either pariih ; serves a church and curacy in Limerick. 27. Rectory of Croom. Vi- carage of Adare. 28. Rectories of Dromin and 7 Athlacca - - - J Rev. Richd Croker - By permission : being resident on N° 27, of which he is also incumbent. 29. Vicarages of Dunmoylan 1 and Ballingarry. Rec- i- tory of Robertstown. J 30. Vicarages of Killfinnane 1 and Daragh - Rev. John Graves - By permiflion ; being refident on N° 29, of which he is alfo incumbent. 3i- Rectory of Killflyn - Rev. Wm Rose D° - - No Church. 32 Rectory of Kiilcornan. 33- Vicarages of Corcomo- hide, Clonelty, and Cloncah. Rev. Henry Dundass 1 D° - - Resides on his benefice in another diocese. 34' Rectories of New Castle, 1 Monegay & Mahou- nagh. 3 35- Rectory of Rathronan. 36. Vicarage of Killaliathan - Rev. Wm Butler Odell - By permission. No church.
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