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Returns of the Several Dioceses in Ireland


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Returns of the Several Dioceses in Ireland page 1
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Returns of the Several Dioceses in Ireland
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Returns of the Several Dioceses in Ireland

Date of Article: 25/02/1806
Printer / Publisher:  
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 2
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3\ l )— DIOCESAN RHTUUNS: / Union of Farifhes. Benefices. 4 Names of Clergy. Two parishes in the} union of Kilbrin, by > Act of Council - - J Cooliney prebend Liscarrol Kilbrin - vie. - vicr- Rev. Francis Clement. Lackeen prebend - Kilcoleman - - rec. & vie. For ever united to a great part of Aghabullogue, under the name of the parish of Magourney. Rev. Richd Townsend. Clondwhid rec. & vie. Edwd Synge Townsend. / Bregogue - vie. Kilbrowney - vie. Perpetual Curacy of Caher- duggan, and Perpetual Curacy of Bothon. Rev. James Hamilton. Clonfert, o'rwise Trinity 1 Christ Church, Newmar- ;> vie. ket - - - - j Kanturk - - v. Andrew McClintoch. Union of Ballyclough ami Drumdowney Ballyclough Drumdowney - - vie. - vie. Rev. John McCormich. Ballyvourney - rec. & vie. Rev. Robt Kirchhoffer. Castlemagner - vie. Rev. Sacville Hamilton. Two parishes in the union 1 of Ganycloyne - j Grenagh - Ganycloyne rec.&• vie. rec. 8c vie. Rev. William Stopford. Killeagh - - rec. Rev. Doctor Rogers. Clonpriest - rec. Rev. John Lyster. Ardagh - - rec. Rev. Brinfley Nixon. Rathcormick - rec. Honblc & Rev. John Blackwood Castle Legane, or'wise Castle Lyons | - vie. Rev. Gustavus Wybrants. CLOVNE, 33 Refidence. Churches. Glebe. When and how united. Dlftance of Pirilhes in each Union, from each other. No glebe- house. A church at Kil- brin. None. Cooliney prebend, episcopally united with the Union of Kilbrin many years. Contiguous. Glebe- house. t * A church. A. K. P. 69 2 20 Lacheen prebend, united espiscopally with the parish of Magourney many years. Situated at different parts of the dio- cele. No glebe- house; resides in England by leave from diocesan. A church. N CO J ^ — — No glebe- house, but resides. A church. None. United for ever un- der the name of the parish of Buttesant, by Act of Council. Contiguous. No glebe- house; resides in England by leave from diocesan. No glebe- house. A church. Chapel of ease 900 None. United for cverunder the name of the pa- ri( h of Newmarket, by Act of Council. Adjoining. No glebe house, but resides A church at Bally- clough. None. United episcopally many years. — No house. No church. None — — No house. A church. 0 212 — — At glebe- houfe. A church. 312 0 For ever by Act of Privy Council. Contiguous At glebe house. A church. 16 0 0 — — Refides in Dublin. A church. 32 1 3+ — — Resides in Dublin. A church. 5 3 25 / — At glebe- house. A church. 3i i 34 — — No house. A church a 3 12 -— — K
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