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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Volume Number: LXXXVI    Issue Number: 50
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 15/02/1806
Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: LXXXVI    Issue Number: 50
No Pages: 4
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ortfiam Vol. LXXXV. \ Ready Money is expected j No. 50. ^ with Advertisements. S SATURDAY, February 15, 1806. PRICE SIXPENCE, \ Stamp- Duty - 3Jd ( Paper and Print 2Ad Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. From the LONDON GAZETTE. QUEER'S PALACE, Feb. 5. Present, the King's Most Excellent Majesty in Council. HIS Majesty having been pleased to deliver the custody of the Privy Seal to Ilenry Viscount Sidtoouth, the oath of Keeper of the Privy Sfal was this day administered to him, and his Lordship took his place at the board accord- ingly. Ibis day the Pight Hon. Francis Earl of Moira; the Right Hon. Richard Chandos Earl Temple; the Eight Hon. ilenry Petty, commonly called Lord Henry Pet; v, Chancellor and Under Treasurer of his Majesty's Exchequer; the Right. IIou. Charles Grey; and the Riaht Hon. Charles James Fox; were, bv his Majesty's command, sworn of his Maj esty's Most Hon. Privy Council, and took their respective places at the board accordingly. Ilis Ma jesty having been pleased to appoint the Right Hon. George John Earl Spencer, K. G. and the Right lion. William Windham, to be two of his Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, they were this day, by his Majesty's command, sworn two of his Majesty's Princwal Secretaries of State accordingly. His Majesty, in Council, was this day pleased to appoint the Right Him. William Lord Auckland, and, in his Lordship's absence, the Right Hon. Richard Chandos Earl Temple, President of the Committee of Council appointed for the consider- ation of all matters relating to trade and foreign plantations. Queen's Palace, Feb. 7. This day the Right Hon. George Viscount Morpeth; the Right Hon. , John Townshend, commonly called Lord Jolm Townshend; the Right Hon. Thomas Lord Erskine; and the Right Hon. Richard Brinsley Sheridan ; were, by his Majesty's command, sworn of his Majesty's Most Hon. Privy Council, and took their respective places at the board accordingly. His Majesty, in Council, was this day graciously pleased to deliv er the Great Seal to the Right Hon. Thomas Lord Erskine; whereupon the oath of Lord High Chancellor of Great- Britain was, by his Majesty s command, administered to his Lordship, ami his Lordship took his place at the board accordingly. His Majesty having been pleased to appoint the Right'Iion. Charles James Fox to be one of his Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, he was this day, by his Majesty's command, sworn one of his Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State accordingly. His Majesty, in Council, was this day pleased to appoint Philip Huddle Ward, of Ticki'oi'd- Abbev, Esq. to be Sheriff of thi county of Bucks, instead of James Backwell Praed, of Tyringhum, Esq.; Sir Henry Mainwaring Mainwarmg, of Over- Teover, Bart, to be Sheriff of the county of Chester, instead of Francis Duckinfield' Aslley, of Duckinfield, Esq.; and John Handbury Beau- foy, of Upton- Gray, Esq. to be Sheriff of the county of Southampton. Whilebal!, Feb. T. The King has been pleased to grant the dignity et a Baton ot the United Kingdom of Great- Britain and Ireland to the Right Hon. Thomas Erskine, and the heirs male of his body lawfully begot ton, by the name, stile, and title of Baron Erskine, of Restoring! Castle, in the county of Cornwall. Whitehall, Feb. ii. The King has been pleased to grant to General Francis Earl of Moira, the office of Master- General of his Majesty's Ordnance of the United Kingdom. ' I he King has also been pleased to constitute and appoint the Right Hon. General Richard Fitz- patrick to be his Majesty's Secretary at War. Downing- street, Feb. 4. The King has been pleased to appoint Sir Henry Russell, K night, to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Judicature at Fort- William, in Bengal. The King has also been pleased to appoint Sir William Burroughes, Bart, to be one of the Puisne Justices of the Supreme Court of Judicature at Fort- William, in Bengal. [' I his Gazette likewise contains the following letters to Admiral Corn . vallis:— One from Lieu- tenant Nesbit, of the Growler, announcing the capture, on the 28th ult. of Le Voltigeur lugger privateer, from St. Maloes, pierced for 11 guns, and having six nine- pounders and 05 men; ano- ther from Lieutenant Swain, of the Attack, states the capture of Le Sorcier, from St. Maloes, of 14 guns and 60 men, after a chase of nine hours.— There is also a return of the vessels captured and detained by the squadron under Lord Collingwood, between the 17th of November and January. They consist of one French,- two Danish, two Portuguese, one Swedish, one Prussian, one Sicilian, one Ragusan, and one Moorish ship, of different burthens.] LONDON, February 11. By advices from ' the Continent, dated the 6th inst. Government have received intelligence, that the Prussian Minister, Count Sehulenimrgh, who had been provisionally appointed Governor of Ilanover, had seized upon the whole of that Elec- torate, in the name and as the property of his master, the King of Prussia! Proclamations were issued by Count ' Schulcn- burgh, under that authority, on the 5th inst. an- nouncing the intention of his Sovereign to appro- priate the Gi rman dominions of his Britannic Majesty to himself: and consequently directing everv constituted authority, aud the body of the people, immediately to take the oaths of alle- giance to the King of Prussia as their Sovereign ! In consequence of the very extraordinary and unprecedented step taken bv Count Schulenburgh, on the part of the King of Prussia, for the ad- ministration of the civil government of the Elec- torate of Hanover, his Britannic Majesty's arms have been taken down from the tribunals and public offices throughout Hanover ; and the several public functionaries are prohibited, under the severest penalties, from maintaining any corres- pondence whatever with ihe King of Great- Britain, or with his English or German Ministers ! • In addition to this outrage, a demand was made from Lord Cathcart, that all German recruits en- listed for that part of the British army called" the German Legion," should be given up. to the Prussian Government. The most serious discussions have taken place in consequence of this requisition, during which, however, Ixird Cathcart embarked those recruits on board the British transports in the Elbe; and, in a few days afterwards, the German troops who sailed from this country were also re- embarked. With this melancholy bulletin < nds the chapter of co- operation with our true, faithful, and mag- nanimous Ally, the King of Prussia! A considerable part of the army which was sent to Hanover, to co- operate with our Allies on the Cpntinent, has returned. Forty transports, with troops, arrived on Saturday in Yarmouth roads. It is generally understood, that the gallantry and presence of mind of Lord Cathcart, the British Commander in Chief in that country; has materially contributed to the carrying home in perfect security, the levies made for the service of the King of Great- Britain in Hanover. During the period which elapsed betvy- een the indecent and I'liprecedentcd demand of Count Schuleu- burgh, a, nd the embarkation of the German Legion and its recruits, Lord Cathcart found that some movements of the Prussian forces in- dicated a system of coercive measures. lie di- rectly and distinctly declared to Count Schulcn- burgh, that if any movement was made to detach the newly- raised levy from him, that it must be over his and every British soldier's body in the empire! In this gallant resolution he was sup- ported by the countenance of the Swedish and Russian force; which formed a strong cordon, toge'her with the British troops, to protect the embarkation of the German Body in his Majesty's service. Paris Journals to the 3d, and Dutch to the 7th iusta. it, have been received.— It will be seen by Napoleon's address to his army, that he has sworn the annihilation of the Neapolitan Dynasty. " From my imperial Camp, at Schuenbrun, Dec. 27. " SOLDfEFS, For ten years I have done all I could to save the King ot Naples: he lias done every thing in his power to destroy himself. Atrcr the battles of Dego, Mor. dovi, and of Lodi, he could give me no effectual opposition. I > iaced confidence in the word of this Prince, and behaved with generosity towards him. " When the second coalition was dissolved at Ma- rengo, the King of Naples, who was the first to com- mence that unjust war, abandoned at Luneville by his allies, remained alone, and without protection. He solicited my pardon, and 1 forgave him a second time. A few weeks y° u were at the gates of Naples. I had sufficient reason to suspect the trea- clvrv which was intended, and to avenge the insults which I had received. Still 1 was generous. I ac- knowledged the neutrality of Naples; I ordered you to evacuate that kingdom, and, for the third time, the house of Naples was confirmed and saved. " . Shall we grant a pardon for a fourth time ? Shall we,, for a fourth time, place any confidence in a Court w ithout . truth, honour, or common sense ? No I No,! The Neapolitan Dynasty has ceasod to reign; its existence is incompatible with the repose of Eu- rope, and the honour of our crown. " Soldiers! March, drive into the sea, if they will wait your attack, those feeble battalions of the tyrants of the sea. siiew to the world the manner in which we punish the perjured. Lose no time in informing me, that the • whole of Italy ! s subject to my laws, or those of my allies; that the finest country of the world is emancipated from the yoke of the most per- fidious of men; that the sacredness of treaties is avenged; and that the mattes of my brave soldiers, massacred in the ports of Sicily, on their return from Egypt, after having escaped from the dangers of the sea, the deserts, and a hundred battles, are at length appeased. " Soldiers! my brother will lead you on: he is acquainted with my plans; he is the depositary of my authority; he is in full possession of my confi- dence; let him have yours. ( Signed) " NAPOLEON." The Neapolitan Ambassador quitted Paris the day after the arrival of the Emperor. New- York Papers to the 29th of December have been received. The public miini in America seems to be iu a state of considerable agitation and ferment. The following is an extract from the New- York Daily Advertiser:—" Both in and out of Congress there seems now to be an un- equivocal aud strongly marked indignation against the authors of the indignities and injuries offered to our commerce, whether by England or others. It is no longer to be doubted that a jealousy has crept into both the American and British Cabinets respecting commercial affairs, and that the two Governments are mutually dissatisfied. Mistress of the seas, England would have every flag. submit to her terms, and every ship subjected to her v ill. If any power should have the dominion of the seas, that power is England; but because she possesses a navltl superiority, her fleets being the most pow- erful on the globe, is she therefore to dictate to all other maritime powers, and lord it over the world?— We hope not— we hope Mr. Jefferson will say it shall not be." On Friday and Saturday the following inform- ation was announced at Lloyd's:— " Admiralty- Office, Feb. 7, 1806. " Letters from Falmouth, of the 4th, mention a report received from the Colpoys schooner, which was cruizing for Admiral Cornwallis, that a French squa- dron had sailed from Biest, and may be presumed to be that seen by the Canada." " Ftbruary 8. " Neither by the Snapper, nor by advices of a later date than she brought, is there any account of a French squadron in the West Indies.— No confirmation of a report of a squadron having lately sailed from Brest has reached the Admiralty." ' Dispatches were yesterday received at the Ad- miralty, stating that the Nile cutter looked iirto the harbour of Rocliefort, a few days since, where she saw the squadron that had lately returned thi- ther from a long cruize, repairing its damages. ' I'lie Nile also saw, at the same nine, another squadron in Rochefort, supposed to be that which lately escaped from Brest; and respecting which Government have received no further'advice. Lord Collingwood has 11 sail of the line with him ( iff Cape St. Mary, after leaving at Cadiz and Carthagena forces adequate to their blockade. It is said that Lord St. Vincent is to have a very extensive naval command, including the whole European seas. An extensive promotion of Post- Captains and Commanders has taken place. Amongst the former, are Captains Ramsay, Vaughan, T.• Camp- bell, Burroughs, Kittoe, Carteret, two Hancocks, Stains, M'Leod, Duff, Crofton, Curtis, Green, Sykes, Garden, Jones, Oinmaney, Worth, Dun- can, Neve, and twenty others, l'hc Lieutenants who have been made Commanders, amount, we understand, to nearly seventy. Some supplementary papers respecting the . war ill GerniMiy were laid before the two Houses of Parliament on Friday. They shew, amongst a va- riety of other matter, that, before the violation of the " territory of Anspach, the Court of Berlin, so far from co- operatiug with the Allies, was inclined to take part with France; and further, that the second Russian army was for a time kept back by the threats of the King of Prussia. The whole of the papers afford the most unequivocal evidence of the want of concert in the Allies: the preparations of Austria were inadequate, and Mack and the Archduke Charles hated each other; on this ac- count the Archduke Charles was unwilling to send, from the Army of Italy, any reinforcements to that in Germany. Under these and other circum- stances, it is not to be wondered at that the Con- tinental campaign terminated so fatally: at the commencement of which it should be recollected, that France had a military establishment of 05 1,901 effective men. The following new Wrjts hate been moved for in tli. House of Commons, in consequence of the Members vacating their seats, to accept of situ- ations m the new Ministry :— For Westminster, in the room of Mr. Fox ; for Buckinghamshire, in I he room of Earl Temple; for Morpeth, ill the room of Lord Morpeth; for Tavistock, in the room of General Fitzpatrick; for Portsmouth, in the room of Admiral Markliani; and for the same place, in the room of Mr. Erskine; for Oak- hamptou, ill the room of- Lord Althorp; for Har- wich; in the room of the Right Hon. John Ililey Aldington; for Newark, in the room of Sir C. M. Pole, Bart.; and for the county of Surrey, in the room of Lord William Russell.— New Writs were also moved for ltyegate, in the room Of the lion. John Somers Coeks, called up to the House of Lords, upon the demise of Lord Soiners; for Tavistock, in the room of Lord 11. Spencer, who has accepted the Gliiltern Hundreds; and for the Borough of Wilton, in the room of Lord Fitz- william, who has likewise accepted of theChiltcrn Hundreds. Yesterday, in the House of Commons, Mr Whitbread gave notice, that the Committee for managing. the impeachment of Lord Melville in- tended, in consequence of the evidence which had come before them, to bring forward another charge against his Lordship.— On the motion of Mr. Van- aittart, an issue of Exchequer Bills, to the amount of five millions, was agreed to. On Saturday morning, the Committee appointed to try the merits of the Middlesex election assem- bled. No opposition was made by Sir Francis Burdett to the petition of Mr. Mainwaring; and tw o of the votes of the former being disqualiliod, the latter was declared duly elected. The remains of Mr. Pitt are to lie in state in the Painted- Chamber on the 20th and 21st instant, and the funeral is to take place the day following. The British prisoners at Vcrdnn lately trans- mitted an Address to the Electress of Wirtemberg, soliciting her interference with Bonaparte for their release; but her Royal Highness, notwithstanding the anxiety she must have felt for the miserable fate of her countrymen, found herself under the necessity of replying, that—" She was . sorry for them, but could not interfere." Two original letters of Shakespeare have been found among the Dorset Papers, which have been deposited by the Duchess of Dorset in the Museum. They are both written in 1605, and are addressed to Thomas Lord Buckhurst, one of bis patrons, and Lord Treasurer to King James. A Coroner's Jury was, on Saturday, held at the King's- Arms, Paddington, on the body of Mr. Sykes, a farmer, residing near Stamford, who, 6ome evenings since, going down the stairs of a house in Paddington, where he had dined, fell over the bannisters, and was killed. Verdict— Accidental Death. FAIR' CITY of REV iVED. COVEN T R Y. \ T OTICE is hereby given, That the FAIRS for the SALE of " CATTLE and all Kinds of MERCHANDIZE, heretofore held in this City on the SECOND I RiD.- vy after Asa WEDNESDAY, and the 26fh and 27th Days of AUGUST, annually, will, at the particular Request of many Gentlemen, Farmers, Graziers, and others, be held on the aforementioned Days in the present and future Years. F. PERKINS, Mayor. BOROUGH or HUNTINGDON LADY- DAY FAIR. AT the Request of many respectable Farmers, Graziers, and others, Ihe above FAIR will be held on TUESDAY the 25th of MARCH, 1805, fcr all Sorts of Cattle ; and all Cattle brought for Sale to the said Fair on that Day, whether solci or not, will be allowed to pass into and through the Town, Toll- free. Bv Order of the MAYOR. On Sunday, the 2Sd of February, 1800, in the Afternoon, ASERMON will be preached, At BANBURY CHURCH, bv- the Rev. Mr. STURT, for the Benefit of the BANBURY CHARITABLE SOCI ETY. fp" By this excellent Institution, upwards of 300 distressed Objects have been privately and liberally relieved during the last Year. CHEW's INSOLVENCY. THE CREDITORS of JAMES CHEW, Plumber and Glazier, late of SAINT NEOTS, in the Csunty of Huntingdon, may receive a final Divi- dend of Five Shillings in the Pound upon all their respective Debts, proved before the first Day of January, 1806, by applying to Mr. Abbott, General Appraiser and Auctioneer, Market- Place, St. Neots, one of the Assignees. St. Neots, Feb. 5tb, 1806. RICHARD SMITH'S INSOLVENCY. rT" MIE CREDITORS of RICHARD SMITH, 1 Butcher, of SAINT N EOTS, in the County of Huntingdon, may receive a final Dividend of Two Shillings and Sixpence in the Pound upon all their respective Debts, proved before the first Day of January, 1806, by applying to Mr. Abbctt, General Appraiser and Auctioneer, St. Neots, before the first Day of March aforesaid; after which Time they will receive no Benefit from the Effects. St. Neots, Feb. bth, 1806. GRINDOX's INSOLVENCY. ' VIIK CREDITORS of THOMAS GRINDON, L Grocer and Druggist, late of SHARNBROOK, in the County of Bedford, may receive a final Dividend of Six Shillings and Eight pence in the Pound upon all their respective Debts, proved before the first Day of March, 1806, by applying to Mr. Abbott, General Appraiser and Auctioneer, St. Neots, before the first Day of March aforesaid; after which Time the Ac- counts will be closed. St. Neots, Feb. 5th, 1806. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, Either in separate Lots or otherwise, AFREEHOLD ESTATE, of good ARABLE . LAND, Tythe- free; consisting of 36 Acres, more or less, situate in the Parish of l'RIOR's- HARDWICK, in the County of Warwick.— In one of the Closes are a Barn, Stable, and Hovels, together with an excellent Pond of Water. ( pr" For a View of the Premises, apply to Mr. ROLLS, Prior's- Marston ; and to treat for tile same, or any Part thereof, apply to Messrs. ROLLS & SON, Solicitors, at their Offices at Prior's- Marston and Southam. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, AVery eligible, new- built, commodious, and well- established PUBLIC- HOUSE, called the COACH- AND- HORSES, situate in the Centre of the MARKET- PLACE, in SOUTHAM, ill the County of Warwick, with Stabling for upwards of 20 Horses, a large Yard, convenient Outbuildings, Bakehouse, and Baker's Shop, adjoining, in the Occupation of the Owner, Mr. Mason. ff3T For a View of the Premises, apply to Mr. MASON ; and to treat for the Purchase, either to him, or Messrs. TOMES & BURMAN, Solicitors, Southam. %* Possession may be had at Midsummer; and the Purchaser may be accommodated with a Lease of a Malt- Housc, in full Business, lying contiguous to the Premises. TURN PIKE- ROAD MEETING. NrOTICE is hereby given, That the Trustees I of the Turnpike- Road, under an Act passed in the 33d Year of the Reign of His present Majesty King George the Third, for repairing and widening the Road from the Foot of a certain Bridge in the Parish of I. ittlc- Bowden, in the County of North- ampton, commonly called Saint Mary's Bridge, Jo the West Side of the Toil- Bar at the North End of the Town ot Rockingham, in the said County, will meet at the House of Mr. JOHN MUNTON, the ANOEL INN, in MARKET- HARBOROUGU, in the County of Leicester, on THURSDAY the 13th Day of MARCH next, at the Hour of Ten in the Forenoon, in order to consult about erecting a TOLL- GATE on the Side of the said Turnpike- Road, at or near a Lane, called Dingley- Wood- Lane, in the Parish of Brampton, in the said County of Northampton, across a certain Highway there, leading from Dingley, in the same County, to the Kettering Turnpike- Road. Bv O rder of the Trustees, ' GEORGE WARTNABY, Clerk. Market- Harborough, Feb. i'lth, 1806. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. A LI. Persons who have any Claims or Demands i V upon the Estate and" Effects of MARY SPRINGWELL, Widow, and JOHN SPRING. WELL, her Son, both of TRINE, in the County of Hertford, Farmers,- upon their joint Accounts, or upon Account of either of them separately, are desired to deliver in such their Accounts thereof forthwith at the Office of Mr. G. V. knibb, Attorney at Law, in Tring aforesaid, in order that the same may be in- spected and taken into Consideration, previous to any Arrangements being entered into for their Discharge; which is intended to be done as soon as possibly may be after such Accounts are delivered and brought in.— And all Parsons who stand any Ways indebted to the Estate and Effects of the said Mary Springwell and John Springwell, upon their joint Accounts, or upon Account of either of them separately, are desired forthwith to pay their respective joint and separate Debts to Mr. Knibb, at his Office in Tring aforesaid. And it is particularly desired that the several Credi- tors of the said Mary Springwell and John Spring- well, and either of them, will not, in the Bills or Accounts to be delivered in by any of such Creditors, connect or blend together their joint with their se- parate Concerns, but make out and deliver in the same distinct and apart from each other. Tring, 14th January, 1806. To be LETT, And entered upon immediately, READY FURNISHED, CHICIIELEY- HOUSE, in the County of Bucks, with a Coach- House, good Stabli'ng, and re- quisite Out- Offices, and large Gardens, well planted, suitable for a Family of Distinction.— The Manor abounds with Game, and is in the Centre of the Duke of Bedford's Hunt. The Tenant may he accom. modated with a Proportion of Arable and Pasture Land, at Lady- Day next, contiguous to the Mansion. The Premises are situate about two Miles and a Half from Newport- Pagnell, a very good Market Town, through which Coaches pass to and from London every Hour in the Day. HPT For further Particulars, apply to Mr. JAMES RILEY, of Chicheley aforesaid. . To b7 LETT, And entered on immediately, AFARM, in NAPTON- UPON- THE- HILL, in the County of Warwick, called ' 1' OMLOW FARM; consisting ot a good Farrq- House, convenient Outbuildings, and 252 Acres, or thereabouts ( be the same more or less), of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, well watered, divided into 20 Closes, and lying in a Ring Fence round the House. ( JCj" For a View of the Farm, apply at the House; and to treat for taking the same, apply to Messrs. ROLLS & SON, at their Offices in Southam and Prior's- Marston. Sale of Ash and Elm Timber Trees, at Neu nliam. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By S. CATT ELL, On Monday the 17th Day of February, 180.6, at the House of Mr. Thomas Cooper, the Sign ot the Baker's- Arms, at Newnham, in the County of Northampton, IMFTY- THREE large ASH and ELM TIMBER TREES, now standing at NEWNHAM, biazed and numbered, iir Lots. For a View of the Timber, apply to JOHN BALDWIN, Carpenter, at Newnham. '*** The Sale to begin at Two of the Clock in the Afternoon, agreeable to the Conditions then to be produced. WILLIAM BEARN, ttt, rand WATCH - MAKER, l- » J'. MJL(' l FULLY acquaints his Friends and eT. 7 ™ e Pub. li<; 111 general, that he will open a « M° KC LHA A" SEL INN. SILVER- STREET, WELLINGBOROUGH, on the 3d of March, 1S0S| w .. e- lntc!' ds on the above Businesses. ^. intends to clier for Sale an Assortment of CLOCKS and WATCHES, which he batters himself will be toutid such as, in Quality and Price, will, atier a fair Trial, procure him that Patronage and Support which it will be his constant Study to merit. ' Clocks ar. d Watches repaired on the verr lowest Terms. ' GENTEEL RESIDENCE. " To be LETT, AConvenient genteel HOUSE, situate in ABINCTON- STREET, NORTHAMPTON • con- sisting ot a handsome Parlour, Kitchen, Wash- house lantry, & c. on the Ground floor; excellent Sleep- ing- Rooms and Attics; spacious Cellars ; Garden and paved Yard; with or without a Two- stall Stable — As0.', in , hc Ga" « y of S. UNT GILES'S CllU K t_ li. G^ T Immediate Possession mav be had * For further Particulars, enquire of Mr. KIR. SHAW, Surveyor and Auctioneer, Northampton. " To"" be L E T T7 " And entered upon immediately, \ FARM, at RUSI1DEN, it, the County of XX Northampton; consisting of a good Farm- House. with convenient Outbuildings, and 247 Acrcs of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, well wati- rcd. and divided into 18 Closes. ( PT To treat for the above, apply to R. WARD, Ihrapston. ' ROWELL, Northamptonshire To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, AFREEHOLD ESTATE, pleasantly situated in the Town of ROWELL aforesaid; comprising a very commodious Stone- built and Slated Dwellinc- House, containing a Parlour, Kitchen, Shop, and Warehouse, with convenient Cellars; four Chambers, with Attics over the same; an emtre Yard, with convenient Entrance for wheeled Carriages; a Wash- House ( in whichis a Pump,) and Warehouse adjoining, with good Chambers over them; large Barn, Stable, and other Out- Oflices ; with a large Garden, walled round, and well stocked with choice Fruit Trees Also, TWO small TENEMENTS, adjoining to the above. ( pr Immediate Possession can be given to the Pur- chaser, if required. For a View of the Premises, and to treat for the same, apply to the Proprietor, Mr. JONATHAN COOPER, of Rowell aforesaid. Roweil, Feb. 1th, 1806. A Spinney of Ash Poles for Sale, at Welton. To be ' S O' I. I) by ADCTIO N, By S. C ATT ELL, On Tuesday the 18th Day of February, 1806, at the House of Thomas Houghton, the Sign of th » Red Lion, at Welton, in the County of Northampton, rpiIIRTY Lots of large ASH MAIDEN POLES, - I- in a Spinney at WELTON, nearly adjoining the Braunston Grand Junction Tunnel, at the Welton End. (£ F The Sale to begin at One of the Clock in the Afternoon, agreeable to the Conditions then to be produced. H A R P O L E! Positively will be SOLD by AUCTION, Without Reserve, to the highest Bidder, By Mr. BRAMPTON, On Wednesday the 19th Day of February instant, 1806, at the House of Mr. Farmer, known by the Sign of the Bull- and- Butcher, in Harpole, in the County of Northampton, at Five o'clock in the Afternoon, ALL that MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, or DWELLING- H O U S E, with the Yard, Garden, and Orchard, with the r ruit ' frees ; also all those 14 thriving Elm Trees, growing round the said Orchard, now in the Occupation of Widow I. oal. N. B. The Purchaser of the above Premises may rely on a good Title being made to the same; and that Mrs. Loal, the Person in Possession, has no lawful Claim or Demand whatever ill the said Premises on Account of Dower or Thirds. To lis SOLD by ADCT1 O N, By J AMES' ROGERS, On Friday the 21st Day of February, 1806, PART of the LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, DAIRY REQUISITES, BREWING VESSELS, and other EFFECTS, be- longing to Mr. Rogers, of GRENDON, near CASTLE- ASHBY, in the County of Northampton; consisting of five young Draught Horses and Mares ( one of which is fn- foal), one Nag Horse, rising four Years old, about 15 Hands high, and well known as a capital Flackney; Harness complete for seven Horses; one Waggon ( lately new), three Carts, six Fallow and Seed Ploughs, one large Harrow, two Pair of small Ditto, and one Pair of Patent Harrows, lately new, with Wrought- iron Tines; seven Oak Cow Cribs; long Ladder; Corn- Screen, Winnowing- Fan, and Barn Tackle in general; one Eight- dozen Churn, one Four- dozen Ditto, 15 large capital Milk - Leads, Cheese- Press, Kimnels, Pails, & c. ; eight sweet Iron- bound Casks, of various Sizes, and other Brew- ing Vessels, Sec. ; Chaff- Box; seven Dozen of stout. Hurdles, Pig- Troughs, Forks, Rakes, Drags, and a Variety of other Eflects. ( pi* Credit will be given for all Bargains abov » =£. 5, on approved joint Security. %* The Sale to commence exactly at Ten o'clock. To be SOLD by AUCTION, At the Red- Lion Inn, in Banbury, in the County of Oxford, on Thursday the 6th Day of March next, unless previously disposed ot by Private Contract, of which Notice will be given, AVerv desirable inclosed Ground of ARABLE . and'PASTURF. LAND; containing by Esti- mation 16 Acres, or thereabouts, situate in the Parish of M1DDLETON- CHF. NEY, in the County of Northampton, and now in the Tenure of Mr. John Evaits. ( j^" For further Particulars, and to treat for the same, apply at the Ofiice of AI'LI. N & SON, Banbury. FREEHOLD, LITTLE- BRICKHILL, BUCKS. IO be SOLD by AUCTION, By ANDRE IV GARDNER, On Wednesday, February 19th, 1806, at the George Inn, in Little- Brlckhill aforesaid, between the Hours ot Three and Five o'Clock in the Afternoon, ANeat and substantial Brick and Tilerl DWELLING- HOUSE and PREMISES situated in the Centre of LITTLE- BRICKHILL in the Occupation of Mr. Richard Fursess, Baker' now in full Trade; consisting of a large Kitchen or Shop, one front and one back Parlour; excellent Bake- house, with a Flour- Chamber over Ditto; three com- fortable Sleeping- Rooms and two good Garrets - large arched Cellar; a Brick and Tiled Barn, with Rack and Manger in Ditto; a Hovel; a Garden, planted with Fruit Trees; and a Pump of excellent Water in the Yard. Likewise, a small CLOSE of rich old SWKARD LAND; containing one Acre ( more or less^ lying in GREAT- BRfCKHILI.- LANE. fl- 3* The said Premises are a desirable Situation, as the Trade may be considerably extended, and Coaches pass through the Town to and from London every Day. *** Possession may be had at Lady- Day next. T> I. B. Mr. RICHARD FURNF. SS will shew the Pre. " uses; and further Particulars may be known by applying to Messrs. WILMS & SON, Solicitors, I. eighton- Buzzard; or of the AUCTIONEER, Woburn, Beds. 110CKLIFFE ROAD!" NOTICE is hereby given, That' the TOLLS arising at the Toil- Gate situate upon the Turn- pike- Road leading from Hocklifle, in the County of Bedford, to Stony- Stratford, in the County of Bucks, called- the TWO- MILE ASH GATE, with the WEIGH- ING- ENGINE at the surne Gate, will be LETT to FARM by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, at the COCK INN, in STONY- SIRATIIORD aforesaid, ot: THURSDAY the 27th Day of FEBRUARY next, be- tween the Hours of Eleven and Three o'Clock, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th Year of His present Majesty's Reign, for regulating the Turnpike- Roads; which Gate and Engine produced the last Year, above the Charges of. collecting, the Sum of s£. 980, and will be put up at such Sum as the Trustees shall think fit. Whoever happens to be the Best Eidder, must a, t the sanif Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Trustees, for Payment of the Rent agreed for ? t sucli limes as they shall direct, and pay down a Deposit of =£. 60, if the Sureties shall be approved of; and in Default thereof, the next Best Bidder to be the Taker of the same Tolls and Engine, upon the Terms above- mentioned. By Order of the Trustees, THOMAS EWESDIN, Clerk. Stony- Stratford, Ttth Jan. 1806. I'. KOllUll's NERVOUS CORDIAL ~ SIR, Durham, June 26, 1801. I Feel infinite Satisfaction in having Permission to communicate to you a most surprising Cure, by your truly invaluable Medicine, the NERVOUS CORDIAL, and which it would he doing an Injustice to Mankind and the Public in general, to withhold the Efficacy of so salutary and sovereign a Medicine. Mrs. SHIRWOOD, late Housekeeper at Windie, tone- Hall, in the Vicinity of Duiham, has b" en afflicted from the Year 1792, with a, long Train oi horrid Nervous Affections, attended with excruciating Pains in the Back and Stomach, Giddiness, violent Head- ach, and extreme Sickness; in short, her wh' le Frame was so impaired, that it was with tlit ga^ te^ t Diffi- culty she could walk up and down Stair*', and was often confined to her Room for Weeks together; h_ r Situation wasso truly alaiming, that she was frequently obliged to be supported, to pievent her from tailing. With the Advice ot Medical Men, she was induced to makeTrial of your Nervous C'oidial; she first took two small Bottles, which afford d iur a Utile Pelief; she then sent to me for a large Bottle, and before she had taken the Whole » f it, was able : o . valk without the least Inconvenience four oi five Miles. She is now upwards of sixty Years o; Age, happily restored from rain and Disease, to a better State of Health than she has enjoyed for these ten Years. Any Person desirous of further Information, may have every Sa1 s- faction by applying, either by Letiers ( Post- paid), or personally, to jour much obliged humble Servant, W. A. HENDERSON, Bookseller, Sadler- Street, Durham. To Dr. Brodtim, Albion- Street, London. The BOTANICAL SYRUP and RESTORATIVE NER- VOUS CORDIAL to be had at the House, No. 9, Al- bion- Street, Surrey Side of Blackfriars Bridge, in Bottles at £ 1 2s.— lis.— and 6s. Duty included. A. D. SWINTON, the Proprietor ( Son of l> r. Swinton, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, London,) may be consulted from Ten till Three, or by Letter, containing the usual Fee. *** A Five Guinea Bottle contains six at 22s. Sold also by the PRINTERS of this PAPER, and by the following 1' ersons within the Circuit thereof, viz. Marshall, Northampton, and at his Shop in II'trbo- rough ; Edge, Northampton, and at his Shops in Wellingborough and Towcester; Nixon, Leicester; Palgrave, Bedford; Jenkinson, Huntingdon; lookcy, Oundle; Beale, Thrapston; Collis & Dash, A Munn, Kettering; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry ; i uck & Mather, Wellingborough; Jackson, Peterborough; Newcomb, Printer, Stamford; Wheeler, and > <>„ ;. t, Aylesbury; Marriott, Banbury ; Gallard, Towc_. r ; and by most Booksellers and Medicine Venders in tiie three Kingdoms. Wednesday and Thursday's Posts. From the LONDON GAZETTE. WHITEHALL, Februaiy 11. THE King has been pleased to constitute and appoint the Right Hon. William Windham Baron Grenville; the Right Hon. Henry Petty ( commonly called Lord Henry Petty); John Charles Spencer, Esq. ( commonly called Lord Viscount Althorp); the Right Hon. William Wickham, and John Gourtenay, Esq.; to be Commissioners for executing the office of Treasurer of his Majesty's Exchequer. The King has been pleased to grant to the Right Hon. Henry Petty ( commonly callcd Lord Henry 1 etty), the " offices of Chancellor and Under- Trea surer of his Majesty's Exchequer. The King has been pleased to constitute and appoint the Right Hon. Charles Grey, Sir Philip Stephens, Bart. John Markham, Esg. Rear- Admiral of the White Squadron of his Majesty's Fleet, Sir Charles Morice . Pole, Bart. Admiral of the Blue Squadrun of his Majesty's Fleet, Sir Harry Neale, Kurt. William Russell, Esq. ( commonly callcd Lord William Russell), and the Right Hon. Wm. Lord Kensington, of that part of the United Kingdom, called Ireland, to be his Majesty's Com- missioners for executing the office of High Admiral of the United Kingdom of Great- Britain and Ireland, and the dominions, islands, and territories thereunto belonging. The King has been pleased to constitute and eppoint the Right Hon. Gilbert Baron Minto, the Right Hon, George John Earl Spencer, Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, the Right Hon. William Windham, the Right, Hon. Charles James Fox, his Majesty's three Principal Secre- taries of State; the Right Hon. Wm. Windham Baron Grenville, First Commissioner of his Ma- jesty's Treasury; the Right Hon. Henry Petty '( commonly called Lord Henry Petty), Chancellor and Under- Treasurer of his Majesty's Exchequer; the Right Hon. George Howard ( commonly called Viscount Morpeth); the Right Hon. John Ililey Addington; and the Right Hon. John Sullivan; to be his Majesty's Commissioners for the manage- ment of the Affairs of India. The King has been pleased to appoint the Right Hon. Henry Earl of Carnarvon to be Master of the Horse to his Majesty. DOWNING- STREET, Feb. 11. The King has been , pleased to appoint James Green, Esq. to be his Majesty's Consul- General in all the dominions of the Emperor of Morocco. GROWK- OFFICE, Feb. 11. Members returned to serve in this present Parliament. Courtly of Bedford.— Francis Pym, Esq. in the jroom of the Hon. St. Andrew St. John ( now Lord St. John), called up to the House of Peers. University of Cambridge.— The Right Hon. H. instant. It appears, that, under the pretence of forming bambouhts, different regiments of slaves had been secretly organized; kings, generals, staff- officers, judges, & c. were appointed; the most horrid oaths taken; and Christmas- Eve fixed for the execution of the plan. They were to have sallied forth at midnight, set fire to all the planta- tions in that neighbourhood, and exterminated all the whites in every part of the island at the same hour. Thank God, their black majesties, with their officers, and nobility, are arrested, and the criminals are to be tried before the Governor and Council, and executed under their sentence. The trials commence to- morrow. We are all on the alert, and sleep with doors and windows barri- caded, pistols loaded, and horses saddled. Guards are posted round the town, and great vigilance ordered." Later advices from that island, of the 19tli of December, contain the following further parti- culars of that dreadful and sanguinary plot, viz. " We had nearly experienced a rebellion of the negroes here, and a general massacre of the whites; which, had it taken place, would have involved all the windward islands in general de vastation. The explosion of such a volcano here, as well as St. Domingo, would have completely overwhelmed not only the British, but all the other colonies.— One of the kings, or emperors, a negro slave of Shftnd's estate, has this day been executed in this town. To- morrow, six others of the Royal dynasty take their leave of this world ; and the severest scrutiny is making into the views and objects of these nefarious conspirators. Co- lonel Gloster discovered the plot, in the valley where he is Commandant, and made immediate communication of it to the Governor, who sent a strong detachment of regulars, in the dead of the night, and took all the conspirators into custody. Their uniforms and standards were found con- cealed. The Council has had a permanent sitting of eight days. Mr. Begorrat has. singularly dis- tinguished himself by his great activity, labour, and talents; and the unwqaried solicitude and precautions of our excellent Governor, General Ileslop, are above all praise. The projects of the villains were, to get possession of all the white men, and grind them in Mr. Shand's new wind- mill, and they were to cast lots for the white ladies: not a child was to have escaped their fury. The plans of these monsters have fortunately been frustrated, and I now apprehend no injurious consequences." Marquis Cornwallis.— The death of this illus- trious character is thus noticed in a letter from a Gentleman in an official situation in Calcutta, to his brother in Edinburgh, dated the 26th of Oc- tober, 1805:—" This melancholy event was not occasioned by any particular disease, lie was far from well when he arrived here, but thinking that the aspect of affairs in the upper provinces de- WANTED immediately, bv a GENTI- EMAN, in extensive MEDICAL Practice; A YOUTH, of good Education and respectable Con- nections, as an APPRENTICE. pr Further Particulars may be known on Appli- cation, either personally or by Letter ( Post- paid), to Dr. KERR, Northampton. Linen and Woollen- Drapery. WANTED immediately, A steadv, sober, middle- aged MAN, as an ASSISTANT : One who has been accustomed to the Retail Business.— A liberal Salary will be given, and the most respect- able References expected. *** Address, with Particulars ( Post- paid), to A. B. at the Printers of this Paper. ANTED immediately, A JOURNEYMAN PARCHMENT- MAKER.— A good Hand may have constant Employ and good Wages, by ap- plying to JOHN ABE, LL, Parchment- Maker, Leicester. ( jdr All frized Goods, a Filler, and 11 Dozen Deal frames. GARDENERS. WANTED, A steady, active YOUNG MAN, as a WORKING GARDENER, who under- stands his Business in all its Branches.— None need apply unless they can be well recommended for Honesty and Sobriety, and have a good Character. K3T Enquire of Messrs. COLLIS & DASH, Bock- sellers, Kettering ( if by Letter, Post- paid). KIBWORTH- BEAUCHAMP. WANTED, A PERSON to undertake the MANAGEMENT and PROVISION of the POOR of the Parish of Kib- worth- Beauchamp, Kib- rworth- Harcourt, and Smeeton- Westerby, in the County of Leicester, with every Convenience of a new- erected, large, commodious Building, with good Gardens to the same. ( O" Those Persons who are desirous of undertaking such a Concern, are requested to attend at a public Meeting at the Parish church, on WEDNESDAY the 26th of FEBRUARY, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon, to give in Proposals for the same. No Person need apply who cannot produce an undeniable Character as to Ability and Sobriety; and the Person treated with will be required to produce a sufficient Surety for the Performance of his Contract. JOHN WESTON, Overseer Kibworth- Beauchamp. February 14 tb, 1S06. HARLESTON ASSOCIATION, For prosecuting Thieves, THE Annual Meeting of this Association will be held at the Sign of the FOX- AND- HOUNDS, in HARLESTON, in the County of Northampton, on THURSDAY the 27th Day of FEBRUARY instant, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, jt ® " Dinner on the Table precisely at Two o'Clock. R. BUSWELL, Treasurer and Solicitor. Northampton, 1 $ tb Fib. 1806. R. COMFIELD BEGS Leave to offer to the LADIES and GENTLEMEN oftheTown of NORTHAMPTON, and its Vicinity, a Course of PHILOSOPHICAL and CHEMICAL LECTURES, accompanied by a great Variety of illustrative and entertaining EXPERIMENTS; and comprehending a Survey of the present Stale of the Science of ELECTRICITY, and some of its singular Modifications exhibited by the GALVANIC BATTERY; the various Kinds and interesting Properties of the GASES, OFT FACTITIOUS AIRS, with their actual and possible Application to the Arts and Comforts of Life; The Theory of Vegetation, and the Agency of Light and Heat; together with an Explanation of the various Pheno- mena of Nature and the Arts which depend upon Chemical Principles: Such are many Operations of AGRICULTURE, GARDENING, BREWING, BLEACHING, DYING, DISTILLING, & C. & C. A leading Object of these Exercises is to render the Discoveries of modern Science accessible to such as may not have Leisure or Inclination for elaborate Research; while some Assistance may, pethaps, be rendered to those whose more extensive Reading may still admit the Aid of ocular Demonstration. * » * The Course will consist of, at least, twelve Lectures; and the Terms of Subscription are One Guinea. N. B. The Lectures will commence as soon as a sufficient Number of Subscriptions are obtained; and the Hour of Meeting will be made convenient to the Subscribers. Petty, commonly called Lord Henry Petty, in the ™ » ded » » » immediate presence iu that quarter, • ,. - , ,, „• r, .. _ j instead of waiting ti l he should recover from the room of the Right Hon. Wm. Pitt, deceased. Borough < f IVendover.—- The Right Hon. Charles Long. ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, Feb. 11. Copy of an inelosure from Admiral the. Right Hon. Lord Gardner, to William Marsden, Esq. MY LORD, Druid, at Sea, Feb. 1. I have the pleasure to inform you, that his Ma- jesty's ship under my command, captured this mot- mug, after a chace of 90 miles, the Prince Murat French ship privateer, of 18 guns, six- • pounderSj and 120 men, commanded by Monsieur Rine Murin, out five days from L'Orient, and had made no captures; she is a copptred ship, aud a Fast sailer. I have sent her to Plymouth; and have the honour to be, & c. P. V. B. BROKE. The Right Hon. Admiral Lord Garti/ ter, Admiral of the White, &? c. — VKftSK'i^ '& MW-— 1 1 LONDON, February 13. Letters from the Continent state, that an ar- rangement has been made between the Courts of Berlin and - St. Cloud, to shut out British commerce from the Prussian ports. We know not what de- free of credit is due to this statement; but it • ecnis not improbable. A Convention, it is stated, was concluded at Berlin, 011 the Sd of January, between Prussia and France, in which the former said to have agreed to the various stipulations in the Treaty of t'res- bure, and to the arrangements connected with it. This Convention, it is added, was ratified by Bonaparte, during his residence at Munich. Letters from Italy state, that General St. Cyr, at the head of 40,000 men, has halted on the frontiers of Naples, waiting the arrival of General Massena, who is on his way, with considerable reinforcements, to take the chief command. The probability, however, is, that the eclut of entering Naples in triumph is reserved for Prince Eugene, who set out from Munich 011 the 21st, 011 his re- turn to Italy, accompanied by his new- married bride, the Princess of Bavaria. The last overland dispatch has brought some further particulars respecting Admiral Linois.— An American ship, which entered the Bay of Bengal in November last, reports her having fallen in with Linois' ship the Marengo, off the Laccadive Islands, ill the preceding month. The Marengo till effect of bis voyage, he set ' out by water to take the personal command of the army, which was in fact undertaking a longer voyage than the one he had just completed. By being confined in a boat, he was prevented from taking his usual exercise; and this circumstance, aided by the great heat of the weather, had the effect of depriving him of his appetite. Tlie consequence was, that he was reduced to extreme debility, which daily increased. He, however, still proceeded forward, but was at last obliged to be put ashore at a place called Ghageapore, about 1000 miles from this, where he expired on the 6th of this month, to the in- finite regret of the whole Indian community. The confident expectations which, from his exertions and tried abilities, we were led to entertain of the speedy restoration of peace and tranquillity to this part of the world, are thus blasted." Miss Long, the eldest daughter of the late Sir James Tilney Long, is sole heiress to the Tilney estate, amounting to *£. 30,000 per annum, and of. 200,000 in the Funds, making her by far the richest female Commoner in England. She has just entered her 17th year. Instance of Generosity and Beneficence.— About 70 years ago, a person of the name of Honk- ins, in the parish of Steventon, Berkshire, by will devised an estate of £. 200 per annum, and his personal property, to a gentleman whom he had not seen for a long series of years, but who for- merly had been his school- fellow; leaving two sisters, one of them living with liitn at the time of his decease, in indigent circumstances. Very lately this estate devolved to a gentleman of Wood- stock, who, on being acquainted with the above circumstances, sought out the descendants of the unfortunate sisters, and on the 4th inst. made over the estate to them, saying, " It was an unjust bequest, and he would have nothing to do with it.'' A few days ago, a large whale, with her young one, came into the bay of Peterhead; on seeing which, the crews of the Greenland ships there immediately manned their boats, and went in pur- suit. They succeeded in catching the young one; To be SOLD, Large Quantity of well- got CLOVER HAY. — For further Particulars, enquire of - Mrs. JONES, Spratton, Northamptonshire. A. To be LETT, on LEASE, for any Term of Years, or to be SOLD, THE HOUSE and PREMISES, including the WORK- SHOPS, late in the Possession of Mr. WILLIAM LESTER, at COTTON- END, near NORTH- AMPTON. (£ 3" The Situation is eligible for a Coal- Wharf, and the Work- Shops convenient for housing Goods to be sent by the Rail- Road to the Grand Junction Canal, for London, & c.— A Brook runs from the River Nen to the Premises, where Barges may unload. * » * For Particulars, enquire of JOHN MABBUT, at Delapre- Abbey, near Northampton. Delapre- Abbey, 14th Feb. 1806. QUEEN's- IIEAD, MARKET- HARBOROUGH. RICHARD FOX having purchased and ' entered on the above INN, respectfully informs the Customers of Mr. 1). OSWIM, his Friends, and the Public in general, that he intends fitting it up in the most convenient Manner, and hopes, by an unre- mitting Attention to promote their Accommodation, he shall be favoured with their cordial Support and Recommendat ion. Harborough, Feb. 5th, 1806. THRAPSTON ASSOCIATION, For the Prosecution of Felons, < § - c. WHEREAS on Saturday Night last, or early on Sunday Morning, some Person or Persons did STEAL and TAKE AWAY, out of a Close, called BRAKE- HILL, ill BRIGSTOCK PARK, the Property of Mr. SAMUEL . STIMPSON, AN EWE SHEEP, leaving the Skin and Entrails behind : Whoever will discover the Offender or Offenders, shall, on his or their Conviction, receive a Reward of TEN GUINEAS from Mr. THOMAS KNIGHT, of Twywell, Treasurer; and a further Reward of TEN GUINEAS from the said SAMUEL STIMPSON.— And if more than one was concerned, and either will impeach his or their Accomplice or Accomplices, shall, on his or their Conviction, be entitled to the above Rewards, and Application will be made for a free Pardon. February llub, 1806. Under a Bill of Sale. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY, On the Premises, at the Bull Inn, in FENNY- STRATFORD, Bucks, on Monday the 17th of February, 1806, nPIIE HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, and other - L EFFECTS, belonging to Mr. WOODWARD; comprising Bedsteads, with Furnitures; Feather and Flock Beds; Blankets, Quilts, See. ; Mahogany and other Chairs; Tables, & c,; Bason- stands; Carpets; Pier and Swing Glasses ; Kitchen Grate; Roa.- ting- Jack ; Deal Seat Screen ; and various other Effects, ( pf The Sale to begin exactly at Eleven o'Clock. N. B. The Debtors of Mr. WOODWARD are desired to pay the several Debts due from them to him to Mr. John Bennett, of Salford Ford, Beds, Common- Brewer ; or to Mr. Arrowsmith, Attorney, Newport- Pagnell, Bucks; or legal Proceedings will be forth- with taken to recover them. Fir Trees, Fire- Wood, SfC. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY, On Wednesday the 19th Day of February, 1806, on the Premises, in the Parish of Great- Brickhill, near Fenny- Stratford, Bucks, G A R D N E R, Auctio> icer, Broker, and Upholsterer, BANBURY, RES.^ pMFU" JTinf0rT, tl'\ NobilitA'„ r; evntJ^ in Lo! s ot ° ne Carriage- Load each, as near as can be and Public at large, of his having OPENED 1 ascertained. IEIGHTEEN HUNDRED FIR TREES, of various Dimensions, very useful for Building, See. ; also, a large QUANTITY of ASH and ELM LOPS and TOPS of TREES.— The Firs will belaid a WAREHOUSE in the GENERAL LINE of BROKERAGE, and that he purposes keeping con- stantly on SALE, an extensive Variety of genteel and modern FURNITURE, offering the'same at Prices worthy of particular Attention. . fl^* Busme ss transacted, by Commission, on the most liberal Terms; and on every Description of Property, committed to him for Sale by Auction, Money will be advanced if required. Credit will be given, on ap- " ~ ' ' " " 0.— The To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, A COTTAGE or TENEMENT, with Half an I V. Acre of GROUND adjoining, well fenced, and planted with Fruit Trees, situate very near the Royal Depfit at UPPER- WEEDON- BECK, in the County of Northampton, For further Particulars, and tg treat for the Purchase, apply to Mr. JOHN CURTIS, West- Haddon, Northamptonshire. Capital fine Ash and other Poles. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. KIRS HAW, On Friday the 21st Dav of February, 1806, on the Premises, at HARDING STONE, near North- ampton, ALarge Quantity of fine ASH and other POLES, which will be sold in Lots. ( p| F* The Company are requested to meet the Auc- tioneer, at Ten o'Clock in the Morning, at Queen's- Cross, in the said Parish of Hardingstoiie, and proceed to Sale. Eligible Silnation. FREEHOLD ESTATE. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. KIRS HAW, At the Peacock Inn, in Northampton, on Monday the 2- lth Day ot February, 1806, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, ALL that FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, most advan- tageously situated on the South Side of the MARKET- SSUARE, NORTHAMPTON, many Years in the Occupation of the late Mr. FISH, Silversmith and Jeweller; consisting of a Shop, Parlour, and Kitchen, on the Ground Floor; a Yard; excellent | Cellars and Brewhouse on the Basement Story ; large . . 1 Dining- Room and Sleeping Ditto on the first Storv; but the large whale escaped with three harpoons | three Chambers on the second Story; and suitable fast in her, and carrying away also one of their Attics^ boats. She was a very large fish, about sixty feet long, and at one time came almost to the mouth of the harbour, rising perpendicularly out of the water to the height of about 40 feet. On opening the vault belonging to the family fired a gun with bail to bring her to, under a Bus- J picion, as they afterwards learnt,' of her lieing an 1 On op English vessel. On heaving up, they were strictly J- Norris, Esq. in the church of St. Peter's - • • ... Mancroft, Norwich, on Monday, a live bat was found therein, of a greyish colour, where it had interrogated respecting their cargo, destination, and whether they had fallen in with Sir Edward Pellew's squadron. They were then compelled to furnish various articles of which Linois stood in preat need. The crew of the Marengo had been informed of the death of the Governor- General, and expressed a hope that war would be rekindled in the southern provinces, in the event of which they should find friends among the natives on the coast.— The, American vessel learned that a serious - mutiny had broken out on board the Marengo, which required all the address of the Admiral to quell. Some of the mutineers had been put in irons ; but, on consulting the general temper of the crew, who began to question the authority of their Commander, they were released, and'cajoled with flattering promises of great booty from the capture of some of the next homeward- boimd Indianien. The Gibraltar paper, of the 28th of December, contains an account of the capture of a convoy, by - it division of the Brest fleet. The convoy had on board the Queen's, 13th, and 51th regiments, and were all taken, except the Sirius and two trans- ports. A transport, on board of which was Capt. Serle, of the 13th, parted iu the night from the French force, and the next day fell in with the Brilliant frigate.— Different accounts are given as to the force of the enemy. A French privateer, of 22 guns and 350 men, has captured, on the coast of Africa, oft' Congou river, four slave ships, viz. the Clarendon, with 268 slaves; Rebecca, 294; Active, 283; and a brig, with 150. T he troops arrived at Yarmouth from the Con- tinent are the brigades of General Wellesley, Sherbroke, Dundas, and Hill. Insurrection at Trinidad.—- A most formidable conspiracy ainohg the negfoes at Trinidad has lately been discovered anil prevented. A letter from that island, of Doc. 18th, gives the following particulars:—" A plot to renew the scenes of St. Domingo has been providentially discovered, the Wtsut- iitl.- htw wab proclaimed again, ou the Htk fiTf Possession may be had at Lady- Day next. For further Particulars, enquire of Mr. WORLEY, Solicitor, Woburn, Beds; or of the AUC TIONEER, Northampton. NORTHAMPTON. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, With Possession on or before Lady- Day, AN excellent FREEHOLD HOUSE, in the best j Part of ABINCTON- STREET, fit for the imme- diate Reception of a genteel Family; containing, on the Ground Floor, a Dining. Parlour, Library, Storc- Room, Man- Servant's - Room, Kitchen, and Wash- House ; on the first Floor, a handsome Drawing- Room, Breakfast- Room, and three Bedchambers ; on the second Floor, three Bedchambers, with numerous Closets, and every requisite Convenience. Paved Yard, with a Pump ot good Water, and a walled Garden.— The whole Premises are good as new, having been finished last Year by the present Possessor tor his own Residence. K3r The Purchaser to take the Fixtures at a fair Valuation, and may also be accommodated with Part of the Furniture particularly adapted to the Rooms, such as Carpets, Curtains, and Glasses. *** For Particulars, enquire of Dr. ARMSTRONG, on the Premises ; which may be viewed any Day between the Houis of Twelve and Three. ( pT" Two Months' i proved Security, to all Purchasers above =£. 20.- J Firs are now lying on Great- Brickhill Hill, on the ; Road from thence to Little- Brickhill, within one I Mile and a Half of the Grand Junction Canal; and the Tops and Lops near the Mansion- House in Great- Brickhill. *** The Sale to commence with the Firs, on Brickhill Hill, exactly at Ten o'Clock. t+ t May be viewed ten Days before the Sale; and Catalogues had at the Swan'lnn, Little- Brickhill; Falcon Inn, Great- Brickhill; Eagle - and - Child, Leighton- Buzzard; Swan, Fenny- Stratford; and of the AUCTIONEER, in Stony- Stratford. LETT, ' in the Parish of iles from Bedford, six To be*. SOLD, ACapital FARM, situate CRANFIELD, eight Mil from Woburn, six from Ampthill, and six from New- port- Pagnell, in the County of Bucks ; consisting of 92A. 3R. 21 P. of inclosed Meadow and Pasture Land ( of which 64A. 2R. 12P. are Tythe- Tree) ; 72A. 3R. 8P. of inclosed Arable Land ( of which 60A. 3R. 14P. are Tythe- free); and 14A. SR. 38P. of Wood Land and Spinnies ( of which 13A. 1R. 2P. are Tythe- free); and also, about 50 Acres ( customary or Field Measure) of Common- Field Land. { pr" The Whole is now in Hand, and may be entered upon as from Michaelmas last. For Particulars, enquire of Mr. BROWN, Land- Surveyor, at Luton, in Bedfordshire; or at No. 16, Clement's- Inn, London. N. B. If not sold or lett by Private Contract ( of which timely Notice will be given), the Whole will be Sold by Auction, by Mr. Hillj on Tuesday the 25th Day of March, 1806, at the Old George Irin, at Cranfield aforesaid; if lett, Mr. Hill will then sell by Auction 232 Oak Timber Trees, growing on the said Farm, now measured and set our in eleven Lots, subject to such Conditions as shall then and there be produced. Capital Sale of Timber. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAT, For the Redemption of Land- Tax, on Wednesday the 5th of March, 1806, at the Tinker Inn, in Turvey, in the County of Bedford, near Olney, Bucks, UPWARDS of 400 MAIDEN OAK, ASH, ELM, POPLAR, and WALNUT TREES, with LOPS, TOPS, and BARK, standing on the Estates of G. S. Farrow, Esq. in the Parishes of LAVENDON, COLD- BRAY FIELD, and NEW. TON- BLOSSO MVl LLE, in the County of Bucks, and HARROI. D, in the County of Bedford. (£ 3" The abovementioned Timber is very fine; the Oak of very large Dimensions, of which there are upwards of 200 Trees fit for Shipwrights, Builder-, Sec. ; the Ash and Elm of excellent Quality, fit for Coachmakers, Coopers, Carpenters, Sec. *** Credit will be given on approved Security.— The Trees will be marked for viewing; and Cata- logues may be had, 12 Days before Sale, at the " following Inns : Barley- Mow, Bedtord; Swan, Wel- lingborough; Bull, Olney; Anchor, Newport; Place of Sale; and of the Auctioneer, in Stonv- Stratford. To Watch- makers, Silversmiths, and others. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. KIRS HAW, On the Premises, S « UARE, NORTHAMPTON, 011 Tuesday the 25th, Thursday the 27th, and Friday the 28th Days of February, 1806, rfMIE entire valuable STOCK in TRADE of the late Mr. FISH, Jeweller and Silversmith, probably lain in a torpid state more than 32 years, the distance of time since the vault was opened. A Female Conjurer.— Jean Maxwell was lately tried before the Steward Depute of Kirkcudbright, and a Jury, for swindling Jeanie Davidson, a simple ( deceased; consisting of upwards of seventy Clocks, „;,.! mn ™ lt « l , ™ nn „ /, » » . a„ n, n„ t ,, f Watches, and timepieces; Gold Finger and Ear- nings, Watch Seals and Keys, Breast- Pins, Buckles, and Brooches; an elegant Set of Silver Castors; Wine- Strainers; Soup and Negus Ladles; Gravy, Table, Dessert, Tea, and Salt Spoons; Salts; Shoe, Knee, and Stock Buckles; Spectacles, Snuff- Boxes, Corals, Fruit- Knives, Clasps, Studs and Sleeve- Buttons, Pencil- Cases, Toothpicks, Cream- Jugs, Thimbles, Sec.; Plated Tankards, Pints, Half- Pints, Sets of Castors, Toast- Racks, Candlesticks, Waiters, Slices, Spoons, Sugar- Tongs, Snuff- Boxes, and Spurs; a good Assemblage of Trinkets, in Necklaces, Watch- Cliains, Seals, and Keys, Ear- Rings and Draps, Smelling - Bottles, Hair - Braids, & c.; Barometers, Thermometers, Telescopes, and Opera- G lasses; a genteel Assortment of Tunbridge - Ware; Morocco Pocket - Books, Housewifes, Purses, and Thread- Cases ( with and without Instruments), Silver- mount- ed; a great Variety of Sheffield Goods, as Pen- Knives, Scissors, Razors, Buckles, Snuffers, Spec- tacles, and Table- Knivcs and Forks; Combs and Brushes; Lead- Pencils; Tea- Trays; Watch- maker's Tools in general; Watch- Glasses; a Quantity of old Gold and Silver; with numerous other Articles, too tedious for an Advertisement. Also, the HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE of the said Mr. FISH; consisting of Four- post and other Bedsteads; Feather- Beds; Blankets and Quilts; Ma- hogany Tables; Chairs and Sofa; Pier and other Glasses; Carpets; Mahogany Chest - upon - Chest Drawers, and Bureaus; Wash- Hand Stands; Kitchen and Scullery Utensils in general; large Brewing- Copper and Washing Ditto; Iron- bound Casks, with various other Articles. Catalogues may be had at the following Places, viz. White - Lion Inn, Banbury; Saracen's- Head, Daventry; Bull, Olney and Stony- Stratford ; Swan, Newport- Pagnell; White- Horse, Towcester; Crown, Brackley; Angel, Market - Harborough; Crowns^ Leicester; George, Kettering and Thrapston; Hind, Wellingborough; of Mr. Worley, Solicitor, Woburn, Beds ; and of the Auctioneer, Northampton. N. B. The Sale will commence each Morning at Half- past Ten o'Clock, and continue till the Whole of the Lots foi that Day are disposed of. girl, who consulted her upon a love story, out of several sums of money, and other articles."— She pretended she was educated at Oxford, and was acquainted with the occult sciences, and that the Devil would appear to her in the shape of a sow or a bull, and money must be given to lay him. Upon these pretences, she nearly turned the poor girl's head ( who was before that time far gone in love), and extorted the sums of money aforesaid. The Jury found her guilty, and the Steward Depute sentenced the prisoner to be imprisoned for twelve months in the gaol of the Burgh, and to stand in the piiiory for an hour oncc every three months during that period. A few days since an inquest was held at Rye, in Hampshire, on the bodies of two soldiers of the 22d light dragoons. It appeared that an Ex- ciseman had seized a puncheon of rum, at Net- tlestone, supposed to be washed from the Isabella West- Indiaman, stranded on the Deal- sands, and that these soldiers, with five others, assisted him, and drank so much as to occasion their deaths. Verdict— Died by excessive drinking. Market- IIarborough and Welford Turnpike- Roads from Northampton. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next Meeting of the Trustees of the said Turnpike- Roads will be held at the House of Mr. CHARLES HILL, the RED- LION INN, in BRIXWORTH, in the County of Northampton, on THURSDAY the 27th Day of FEBRUARY instant, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, when a final Appointment will be made of two Surveyors to undertake the Repairs of the Harborough Road. ( pT New Trustees will also be elected at the above Meeting. CHARLES MARKHAM, Clerk to the Trustees. i\\ rlbatnptta^ Feb. Hjth, 1606. NEWPORT- PAGNELL, BUCKS. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. KNIBB, On the Premises, on Wednesday the 19th Dav of February, 1806, ALI. that desirable FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or INN, in NEWPORT- PXGNELL, Bucks, called the PLOUGH ( an old- established House), situated in the Centre of the CORN- MARKET; with Brewhouse, Granaries, and extensive Stabling; a Right of Common, in Bury Field, for two Head of Cartle; and a Rood of Grass in Bury Meadow. ( PIT The Purchaser may be accommodated with the Fixtures, Household- Furniture, and Stock in Trade, if required, with immediate Possession. . Further Particulars may be had of Mr. COOCH, at Newport- Pagnell. Freehold Water Corn - Mill and Lund, WENDOVER, BUCKS. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Messrs. ROBINS, At the Red- I- ion, Wendover, Bucks, on Thursday the 20th of March, 1806, at Twelve o-' Clock, ACapital FREEHOLD CORN- MILL, with three Pair of Stones, Dressing- Mill, Sec.; and about eight Acres of rich MEADOW, ORCHARD, and ARABLE LAND; also, a comfortable Brick DWELLING- HOUSE, with THREE COTTAGES adjoining.— The Mill is capable of grinding upwards of 100 Quarters per Week, and lias the Advantage of an ample Supply of Water; situate ( Part) within the ancient BOROUGH TOWN of WENDOVER, bordering and upon the Grand Junction Canal, and is the only Mill out of fijteen that has not had the Water diverted from it to the Use of the said Canal; also, a MALT- HOUSE, capable of wetting 18 Public- House, Torceester, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY, O11 the Premises, between the Hours of Three and Five o'Clock in the Afternoon, on Thursday the 6th of March, 1806, ri^ HAT old- established and good- accustomed L PUBLIC- HOUSE, now in full Trade, known by the Name of the WHITE- BEAR, situate at the Entrance of TOWCESTER from London, in the Occupation of the Proprietor, Mr. Robert Pettifer, who has resided there upwards of twenty Years.— The Premises comprise a Kitchen, two Parlours, five Bedchambers, Cellars, Sec. ; Brewhouse, Stable, and Yard, well supplied with excellent Water: The Whole forming a very desirable Purchase for any Person wishing for a Situation in the Public Line ot Business. May be viewed, and further Particulars known, by applying on the Premises. BY THE KING'S PATENT. R YMER's CARDIAC AND NERVOUS TINCTURE. To Mr. JAMES RYMER, Surgeon, REIGATE, Surrey. Leytonstone, Essex, bth December, 1805. SIR, IAm an old Patient of yours: Have taken many of your Pint Bottles oi Cardiac, and Pills, some Years past, when in Gerrard- Street ; and was con- , vinced of their good Effects at that Time, as, soon I after, I voided Gall- Stones, and have since been com- fortably well, until about a Month ago, when I was attacked with a Loathing of all Food, and a sick Stomach ( without reaching), and all the Sensations comprised under the Heads Dyspepsia aud Hypochon- driasis; also, at Times, a Hying Gout, Biiious, a little Scorbutic, and Rheumatic; remarkably troubled with Wind in the Stomach and Bowels; exceedingly Nervous; Palpitation of the Heart; Cramps, and Spasms.— I was once told, by an able Physician, that my Complaints we're all of one Family; if so, it is a large one. I never had a Fit of the Gout; always lived a regular Life; and am now 75 Years of Age, but very active till attacked as above.— Now, Sir, if you advise me to take your Cardiac, Sec. and that it will be of real Service to render Life more com- fortable, 1 shall, immediately, once more commence your Patient. The Favour of a Line will much oblige, Sir, your obedient Servant, JOHN HURST. ftT The general Advice in such Cases, is, to take the Tincture in such daily Doses as shall keep the Body regular; and, when costive, one Detergent Pill at Bed- Time. ( See the Books of Directions and Cures, Scale, Barns, Garden, Sec. Stables, Cart- House, large Kitchen- forming a most desirable, compact, and DERMAN BOYDELL took this Tincture many Years, and found great Benefit and Comfort from it ; also the profitable Concern; distant from the Market Towns J DUKE of QUSENSBURY, and many other Noblemen a-, d of Aylesbury 4 Miles, Tring 5, Chesham 7, Amersham 9, Wycomb 10, Thame 10, and Leighton- Buzzard 13; and only 35 from London. ( pf* May be viewed twenty- one Days prior to Sale. Particulars may be had at the Red- Lion, Wen- dover ; principal Inns at the before- mentioned Towns ; White- Horse, Uxbridge; of Mr. George Clark, Soli- citor, Isleworth ; Mr. James Richardson, New Inn ; at Garraway's, ' Change- Alley; Jack's, Mark- Lane; and of Messrs. Robins, Covent - Garden, London, where a Plan may be seen. N. B. Messrs. Robins are authorized to treat by Private Contract. ~ To be SOLD b^ AUCTION, By R. M. JONES, Some Time in March, 1806, at the Saracen's- Head Inn, in TOWCESTER, ACapital POST- WINDMILL ( to be taken off the Premises), with a Pair of French Stones, and a Pair of Peak Ditto, nearly new. ( pT The Day of Sale will appear in a future Paper; and further Particulars may be known by applying to Mr. THOMAS LUCAS, Foster's- Booth, nejf Towcestcr ; or the AUCTIONEER, Greensnorton, Northamptonshire. N. B. Two or THREE JOURNEYMEN MILLWRIGHTS, who are good Workmen, may meet with - constant Em- ployment and s° od Wages by applying as above. Gentlemen, far advanced in Years, continue its Use, and speak highly in its Praise.— Letters, for Mr. Rymer's Advice, must be Post- paid. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Dicey & Sutton, Bow Church- Yard, London, and at their Ware- house in Northampton ; and Retail by Edge, and Mar- shall, Northampton; Robins, Bates, and Wilkinson, Daventry ; Tuck & Mather, and Broughton, Welling- borough ; Fisher, Higham- Ferrers; Rollason, and Merridew, Coventry ; Sharpe, Warwick ; Roberts, Southam ; Gregory, Leicester; Harrod, Harborough; Munn, and Collis Sc Dash, Kettering; Newcomb, Stamford ; Eaton, Thrapston ; York, Oundle; Jacob, and Horden, Peterborough; Jenkinson, Huntingdon; Hodson, Cambridge; Palgrave, Bedford; Inwood, and Barringer, Newport - Pagnell; Queneborough, Dunstable; Darton and Tapp, Hitchin; Wilcox, and Gallard, Towcester; Seeley, Buckingham; Jones, Oxford; Richardson, Stony - Stratford; Hawkes, Lutterworth ; and by every Vender of Patent Medi- cines in the United Kingdom ; in Bottles of 2s. 9d. 6s. and lis. each; also in Pint Bottles, at 22s. Ity which there is a considerable Saving. Of ivhom may likewise be had, RYMER's PECTORAL MEDICINE WITH VITAL AIR, a Preventive of the Consumption ot the Lungs, commonly called a Decline; in Bottles a{ 2s. 2d. 6s. and lis. each, Duty included. BBPUBBP^ aS Friday and Saturday's Posts. "" LONDON, February 14. WE understand that the new Ministry have it in contemplation to propose an immense augmentation of the regular army: an augmentation of . v> less than 90,000 men. We have not heard the particulars of the plan by which this extra- ordinary force is to he raised, but it is hinted, it will include some very important alterations in the Militia and Volunteer system. The Earl of Moira is to have, besides the ordnance, the command of the whole eastern coast, from the Thames to the Humber. In the Prince of W'ales's establishment, W7illiam Adam, Esq. succeeds Lord Erskine as Chancellor and Keeper of his Royal Highness's Great Seal; and William Garrow, Esq. succeeds William Adam, Esq. as Attorney- General to Ilis Royal Highness. A person taken on board the Impromptu, lately captured by the Bruizer, states, that there are now 25,000 men encamped in the vicinity of Bou- logne ; that the gun- boats ill the harbour are as completely manned as they were when the grand army was on the coast; that there are 12 lugger- privateers belonging to Calais ahd Boulogne, which put to sea every opportunity, and, within these three last months, have taken 50 vessels, English and Swedish. The seamen of the latter vessels are all sent into the interior, where they are treated the same as the English; and their cargoes sold, as well as the ships. By a letter from Barbadoes, dated Dec. 16, we learn, that both in that and in all the other islands, they were expecting and in readiness for another French fleet. The militia were on duty, peal mas brought befoci the Circuit Court of Glasgow. Lord Cullen was decidedly of opinion, that the landlord's right of Hypothec did not ex- tend to the property of Messrs. Spiers; but to give the decision more weight, he took the process to Edinburgh ad avizandum, and has since declared from the Bench, that " the said stocking- frame, being the property of Spiers, Brown, and- Co. could not be arrested for the rent due to the landlord, and therefore reversed the sentence of the Sheriff- Depute of Lanarkshire, ordered the frame to be delivered tip, and found the peti- tioners liable to expences." Lord Melville is considerably recovered from hib indisposition, which is now said not to have been at any time of a dangerous nature. The following is extracted from Reif's American Gazette, dated Dec. 1, 1805: —" We are in- formed that Thomas Paine, having been visited by a second stroke of the palsy, is deeply im pressed with the heinousness of a life spent in reviling all religion, and in contemning divine revelation; and that he is in daily practice of prayer for heavenly grace and reconciliation."— Alas, poor Tom! Couar of KING'S- BENCH, Feb. • 13.— Powell v. Hutch.— The Plaintiff is the driver of the Daven- try stage- coach, and brought this action for defa- matory expressions used by the Defendant of him, to the prejudice of his character and subsistence. It appeared the Defendant ( who is farmer of the toll- gate, South- Mimms,) in October, 1804, sent a parcel, containing money, by the coach, of which the Plaintiff is the driver, consigned to the Col- lector at Stonv- Stratford; but when it was de- livered, it was found deficient in the sum of nine BUCKINGHAMSHIRE COUNTY ELECTION. NO TICE is hereby given, ' Mat the Sheriff of this County has appointed a Special County Court to be holden at the COUNTY- HALL, in AYLES- BURY, in the County of Buckingham, on TUESDAY the EIGHTEENTH Day of FEBRUARY instant, at the Hour of Twelve at Noon of that Day, for the Purpose of proceeding to the Election of a Knight of the Shire, to serve in Parliament for the said County. Sheriffs- Office, Aylesbury, Feb. 8th, 1806. To the GENTLEMEN, CLERGY, and FREE- HOLDERS of the COUNTY of BUCKS. GENTLEMEN, H1 IS Majesty having been graciously pleased to confer upon me the Office of Joint Paymaster of His lorces, my Seat, as your Representative in Parliament, becomes vacant. The Recollection of the many Marks of Favour I have received at your Hands, and of the Confidence you have so long and so kindly placed in my Family, encourages me to hope 1 shall not be supposed to intrude on that Kind- ness, by again offering myself to your Choice. Zeal and Industry in your Service - a cre all 1 had to offer you in Return for your Goodness, when you first elected me, and in Case, you should think it proper to continue that Confidence in me, 1 can venture to engage to you my warmest Gratitude and my unre- mitted Endeavours to merit your Favours. 1 have the Honour to be, Gentlemen, Your very faithful and obliged humble Servant, CHAN DOS TEMPLE. Ttie High- Sheriff has appointed a Special County Court to be held at the COUNTY- HALL, in J AYLESBURY, on TUESDAY the EIGHTEENTH Day of THE FOURTH COUNTY ASSEMBLY WILL be at the GEORGE INN, . NORTHAMPTON, on FRIDAY the 28th of FEBRUARY. J. ARMYTAGE, Esq.? c, , G. PAYNE, ESQ. Stewards. NORTHAMPTON VOLUNTEF. R INFANTRY- rg^ HE above Corps is requested to meet in the I. MARKET- SQUARE, for an Inspection by Lieu- tenant- Colonel Delaval, on MONDAY next, the 17th of FEBRUARY, at Nine o'Clock in the Morning. _ N. B. The Armoury will he open from Seven to Nine o'Clock, where a Serjeant will attend to deliver out the Arms. HENRY LOCOCK, Major- Commandant. Northampton, Feb. \ bth, 1806. NORTHAMPTON, Feb. 15, 1806. MR. M'KORKELL respectfully acquaints the Nobility, Gentry, and his Friends, that his PUPILS' BALL, at WELLINGBOROUGH, is fixed for WEDNESDAY EVENING, the 30th of APRII., at the HIND INN ASSEMBLY- ROOM; and which will consist of the greatest Variety of fashionable Dances. — Particulars will be given in due Time. 03" Mr. M. at the same Time informs them, he has REMOVED from his Apartments in the Square to Mr. KIRISHAW'S, in ABINGTON- STREET; where his Academy for young Gentlemen in future will be held every Thursday Afternoon. WALGRAVE FIRE. £. s. every place putting in a state of defence, and all . hi ' '•„."' , :—. — " 77 r; - r - —• • • uived ! Plaintiff, and beckoned to him to pull up: on guineas. On the 11th of January, 1805, tb_ „ „ fendant was driving a cart on ihr. road towards FEBRUARY instant, at Twelve o'clock, for the Stonv- Stratford, when he met the coach driven bv ; Pun>°*> of such Election. on the alert.— The intelligence was first rerei by General Brereton,- who commands at St. Lucia, and by him it was sent round to all the other islands. It was dated November 26, and the sum of it was, that a French force of three line- of- battle ships, and nine frigates, with 5000 troops on board, were daily expected. This force had been collected at Rochelle, Rochefort, and L'Oricnt; the whole under the command of Ge- neral Regnier. Lower- Grosvenor- Street, Feb. 8th, 1806. I the Plaintiff'complying, lie told him he was going to enquire after the nine guineas, and after a little talk on the subject, called him a thief and rascal;" said lie had lobbed the parcel, and em- bezzled the money, and that he could bring a man I from London who would swear it. On the fol- , lowing day, the Plaintiff and Defendant ayain met \ at Stratford, when the altercation was renewed, and the Defendant again made use of slanderous expressions.— Mr. Garrow addressed the Jury, in mitigation of damages; had summed GEORGE BARNES, WATCH- MAKER and SILVERSMITH, DRAPERY, NORTHAMPTON, Every regiment in the West Indies has lost so many men, and are now losing, that there are the ! ag s0[ m ag jj0rd Ellenbofough most pressing calls for supplies in that quarter. the evidence ths Jur fowlda ver( iict for the The 2d battalion of every regiment, of which the pfainriff d es 4Ps. ' 1st is in the West Indies, has received orders to ; - send out every man and gSiccr who is fit for I general service: 200 men of the 2d battalion 15th ? regiment, are now on their march to Portsmouth; \ for immediate embarkation. bispatchcs have been received at the Admiralty j from Sir Home Popham, stating toe safe arrival j of the sq. uadron under his order, at St. Salvador, j on the 18th of November. j Among the supplementary papers, relative to j treaties, & c. presented last week to Parliament, is the following extract from the answer of the French Government to the declaration of Austria, dated Paris, August 16, 1805:—" England well knows, and has more than once declared, that liusria alone can give her no effectual assistance; and that without the co- operation of Prussia and Austria, no diversion would be of any use. Prussia has declared that she will at no time, nor in any case, enter into any hostile design against France. It is for the interests of Austria herself, and for the glory of her Sovereign, that the Emperor of the French desires that the Emperor of Germany and Austria should avail himself of the oppor- tunity which now offers, lie has now in his hands bot . the destiny of his own dominions and that of Europe. In the one lie holds the troubles and subversion of states; in the other a general peace : impartial neutrality will give him all that he de- sires for himself, . and will enable him to ensue the peace of the world. The most effectual me- diation that Austria can employ for a peace, is, to observe the most perfect neutrality; not to arm, nor oblige France to make any diversion; not to allow to England any hopes of engaging her in an offensive alliance." Letters received from Captain Jones, of the 26th ( or Cameronians), state, at last, an authentic account of the melancholy wreck of the Maria transport, one of the. Leopard's convoy, with 300 troops on board, bound to Einbden. Shistlisaster took place on the morning of the 15th of De- cember last, in a most violent snow storm and hurricane, on the Harrick Sands, near the coast of Holland. When the ship struck she was bilged, and went over. Out of the above number, Captain J. writes, only 14, himself, the Assistant- Surgeon of the 26th, and four sailors, were saved, by- clinging to the rigging, though constantly in fear of being washed off by the breakers running over them.— When the morning dawned, it presented the horrid spectacle of their tlrpwiied comrades' bodies, entangled with those of their wives and children, amidst the wreck of the Maria". At length a Dutch Schuyt put off from the shore, and conveyed them prisoners of war on board the Brutus Dutch prison- ship, with only the clothcs thov had on.— Captain ,1. > » ays lie has lost all his , cash, bills, baggage, papers, & c. and had not a farthing to help himself with at the date of this letter; but hoped to be soon exchanged. National Debt.— The following is an account from the Bank of Englaud, of the expenditure of ^, 7,615,167 7s. 9d. in one year, from Feb. 3, 1805, to Jan. 31, 1806, by tlic Commissioners for the _ Reduction of the National Debt; besides which, the Commissioners have received 1,906,104 17s. lfd. to be applied in J; he quarter between the 1st of February, and the 1st of May, 1806 :— Cash paid for the following Stock :— " " " 6 6,091,000Coil . 3 per Cent. Ann. =£. 3,570,573 5 6,168,492 Red. Ann. Cons 3,804,436 18 .... I ... I / \ L J (> . .. .1. c \ 11/.' K/? C) 1 E 161,400 Old South Sea Ann. 133,000 New South Sea Ann 22,000 3 per Cent. Ann. 1751 -- 92,021 Imperial 3per Cent. Ann. 96,562 15 0 77,374 7 6 12,816 5 0 53,403 16 6 » ( r. l2,67 ® , 913 The interest on which is^. 389,187 7s. 9d. The Chatham Division of Royal Marines, con- sisting of 3 Colonels, 4 Lieutenant- Colonels, 4 Majors, 47 Captains, 94 First and !> 4 Second- Lieutenants, 376 Serjeants, 376 Corporals, 235 Drummers, and 6,580 Privates, is now complete to the full establishment, there being, as it appears by the returns up to the 26th ult. 34 Supernu- meraries. Monday, the plan of a Chapel, to be built in the Dock- yard, for the accommodation of the Officers and Artificers of Chatham- yard, the Royal Ma- rines, and the Ordinary, was received by the Commissioners, which litis been fully approved of, and is to be put in execution immediately; it will be sufficiently large to accommodate 4000 persons. Amongst the exports from the Clyde, of the past year, the cjuantity of linens. and manufactured cottons, of various kinds, is very considerable; of' To tie GENTLEMEN, CLERGY, and FREE- HOI. lESlS of the COUNTY of BEDFORD. CCEpT my warmest Thanks for the very high J Honour which'you have conferred upon me this ) Day, by electing me one of your Representatives in [ Parliament. Believe me, I feel the Importance if • the Trust committed to my Charge; and I shall make j it my constant Endeavour to discharge it in a j Manner the most conducive to the Interests of the Empire at large, and to those of the County of Bedford in particular. 1 have the Honour to remain, With Sentiments of Gratitude und Respect, Gentlemen, Your faithful und devoted humble Servant, FRANCIS PYM. Kf" It is my Intention to wait upon such of the resident Electors, whom I have not hitherto had an Opportunity of seeing. The Haselis, Feb. 5th, 1806. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. ' HIS Majesty's Government having directed a Military Officer to make a Circuit through the County of Northampton, for the Purpose of mteting the I'arisli- Offu ers, and affording to them all necessary Information for the Direction of their Conduct in carrying into effectual Execution the Provisions of the Additional Force Act, and transferring, with Facility, such Recruits us may be raised by them to the Receiving Parties; NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the Lord- Lieutenant of the County of North- ampton has appointed Subdivision Meetings for the said County, to be held at the Places and on the Days and Times following; when the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of the several Parishes and Places in such Subdivisions are required, to attend, and receive such Instructions us the Officer appointed to this Duty has been charged to deliver. to them, that is to say, OUNDLE. At the TALBOT INN, in OUNDLE, on MONDAY the 17th of FEBRUARY instant, at Eleven o'Clock ill the Forenoon. PETERBOROUGH. At the ANGEL INN, in PETERBORORGH, on TUES- DAY tiie 18th of FEBRUARY instant, at tile same Hour. By Order of the Right Hon. Charles Earl of Northampton, Lord- Lieutenant of the County of Northampton, CHAS. MARKHAM, Clerk of the General Meetings. Northampton, Feb. 1st, 1806. To Brick- Makers. be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. BRAMPTON, On Friday the 28th Day of February instant, 1S06, at the White- Hart Inn, in Kettering, in the County of Northampton, if not disposed of by Private Contract, ot which timely Notice will be given, Desirable SITUATION for a BRICK- f \ MAKER, that old- established BRlCK- YARD formerly in the Occupation of the Tomson's Family, and now in the Occupation of Mr. George JUdkin, of Kettering aforesaid; containing about three Acres and a Half of rich Land, adjoining the Turnpike- Road leading to Market- Harboroitgh. ( pa" The Land produces a very excellent Quality of Earth and Clay for Bricks, Tiles, and Chimney- Pots; with Brick Sheds, Sec. on the Premises. Also, FIVE TENEMENTS, a convenient FARM- YARD, and TWO excellent Brick BARNS, STABLE and HOVELS adjoining the same.— The Whole will be sold together or in Lots, For further Particulars, or a View of the Premises, apply to the AUCTIONEER ; or Mr. JUDKIN, on the Premises. N. li. Immediate Possession may be had. rJ^ AKES this Opportunity of soliciting the I Favours of the Friends ot'the late Mr. FISH, Watch- maker, Sec. on the Market- Hill, he having been in the Practice, during the last seven Years, of transacting his Business in that Line; and hopes, by unremitting Attention, to. merit the Satisfaction of for the Defendant, 1 those who may please to favour him with their Com- i niands. — G. B. at the same Time expresses his : Obligations to his numerous Friends and Connections | for the Favours already conferred, assuring them that I no Exertion shall be wanting on his Part to retain the Continuance of the same. CHEAP AND EXPEDITIOUS CANAL CON- VEYANCE, BY FLY BOATS. ' \ MOUNT of former Subscriptions 22? 13 0 .. i^ TL Parish of Earl's- Barton 4 12 5 jDTtto ( 2d Subscription) 2 9 8 Parish ot Weston- Favell 2 16 Sj iff Subscriptions will be received by Mr. MARK- HAM, Northampton; Messrs. HODSON, Welling- borough; and at the BANK, in KETTERING. SA VA KER'sCREDITOItS. npHE CREDITORS of JOHN SAVAKER, late i of HACKLETON, in the County of North- ampton, Yeoman, are desired to send an Account of their respective Debts to Mr. ABBEY, Solicitor, Northampton, on or before the 8th Day of March next; otherwise they will be excluded the Benefit of a Dividend of the said J. Savaker's Effects, which will be triade immediately afterwards, and ho Claim can be allowed after that Day. Northampton, Feb. 14, 1806. OUNDLE ASSOCIATION. TTTTEEKS's BARGES and BOATS, for the Con- ' * veyance of Goods between London, Birming- ham, Wolverhampton, Liverpool, Manchester, Sec. load at his WHARF, at PADDINGTON, and at TRIG- WUAR » , UPPER- THAMES- STREET, LONDON, for the following Places:— Bi rmingham ( Lancaster iRocidale Buckingham Leeds Sheffield Brackiey Leicester Shrewsbury Bewdley Litchfield Stone Bolton Ludlow Stony- Stratford Bristol Leighton- Buzzard Stourbridge Coventry Middlewich Stourport Chester Manchester Wakefield Dudley Macclesfield Warrington Daventry Namptwich Wolverhampton Derby Nortlnvich Worcester Gloucester Newcastle Warwick Hereford Northampton Wellingborough Halifax Newport- Pagnell Walsall Kidderminster Oxtoid Uxbridge Liverpool l'j- eston York, Sec. and all intermediate Places; and also for all Parts of the North of England, and North and South Wales. From LIVERPOOL, Goods will be forwarded to IRELAND and SCOTLAND. Goods taken in, daily, st TRIG- WHARF, UPPER- TIIAMES- STREET, LONDON, and at his WAREHOUSE on the GRAND JUNCTION CANAL, PADDINGTON. 83T WEEKS'S BOATS losd daily at Ins WHARF in BIRMINGHAM, and also at his WHARF in WOLVER HAMPTON, for London, Liverpool, Manchester, Sec. and the above- mentioned Places. *** WEEKS'S BOATS load at LIVERPOOL and MAN- CHESTER, for Wolverhampton, Birmingham, and London, and all intermediate Places on the Line of the CaDal. RAN AWAY, On the 27th of January, 1806, \ 7TTILLIAM EDDLEY, APPRENTICE to Mr. » * W. HAYES, Paper- maker, of YARDLEY- GOBION, Northamptonshire.— He is about five Feet high, has light Hair, and is very much in- kneed and splay- footed; had on when he went away a white Flannel Jacket, Velveret Waistcoat, Leather Breeches, Half- Boots, and a round Hat. Whoever will apprehend the above Apprentice, and lodge him in any of His Majesty's Gaols, shall re- ceive HALF- A- GUINEA REWARD; and who- ever harbours him after this Notice, will be prose- cuted as the Law directs. CAPITAL TIMBER. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By EDIVARD NEALE & SON, On Wednesday the 26th Day of February instant, 1806, at the House of Mr. Samuel Pebody, the Sign of the Cock, in Monks- Kirby, in the County of Warwick, between the Hours of Two and Five o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions of Sale then to be produced, " MM) Hundred and thirteen OAK, ASH, and ELM TIMBER TREES, of large Dimensions; with some fine BEECH TIMBER TREES, and POLES to each Lot; now blazed and numbered for Sale; standing near NEWNHAM- HALL, in the Parish of MONKS- KIRBY. ( ff The above Timber will be found well worth the Attention of Timber- Merchants, Millwrights, Wheelwrights, Carpenters, Sec. N. B. lor a View of the said Timber, apply to RICHARD ARNOLD, Carpenter, at the Hall. To jghbourhood Oundle, in the County of Northampton, will be held at the TALBOT INN, in OUNDLE aforesaid, on MON- DAY the 24th Day of FEBRUARY, 1806. WELLINGBOROUGH ASSOCIATION, ~ For the Prosecution of Horse and Sheep- Steulers. ^ T^ IIE Gentlemen of this Association will hold J[ their Annual Meeting at the HIND INN, in WELLINGBOROUGH, on THURSDAY the 27th Day of FEBRUARY instant. ftzf Dinner at Two o'Clock. JOHN HODSON, Treasurer. To be L E T T, pWO PEWS in ST. SEPULCHRE'S CHURCH, I in the Town of NORTHAMPTON. ffST Enquire of THOMAS AC. ER, Clerk. J Freehold Estates, Eversliolt, Bedfordshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By ANDREW ' GARDNER, On Saturday, March the 22d, 1806, at the Sign of the Green- Man, in Eversholt aforesaid, between the Hours of Three and Five o'Clock in the After- noon ( unless disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given), SIX neat well- built TENEMENTS, with a Wood- Bam, Pigstye, and Garden to each; a Pump of excellent Water, and a Bakehouse, with an Oven, for the Use of the Whole ; situated in, and knownby the Name of, NEW- END, near tothe- Church, in EVERSHOLT aforesaid; all in good Repair, and lett to respectable Tenants at Will; and will be sold in two Lots. Likewise, a small PIGHTLE of old SWEARD LAND, containing one Acre, more or less, well fenced, with a Stable to Ditto; and at HII. L'S- F. ND, in EVERSHOLT aforesaid, THREE substantial TENEMENTS ( which have lately gone through a complete Repair), with a Wood- Barn, and Piece of For the Benefit of Creditors. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By THOMAS WOOD, On Friday the 21st of February, 1806, and following Day, on the Premises, at the BELL INN, ill LE1GHTON, Bedfordshire, rp HE genteel HOUSEHOLD - FURNITURE, 1. STOCK inTRADE, and other EFFECTS, of Mrs. AGNES BIGG, of the above INN; com- prising seasoned Goose Feather- Beds ; Four - post, Tent, and other Bedsteads, with printed Cotton and tvfbrine Furnitures; Blankets, Sheets, and Table- I. inen; Mahogany Dining and Card Tables ; Chairs; Pier und Swing Glasses; capital Eight- day Clock, in Mahogany Case; 60- Gallon Copper and Grate, and 40- Gallon Ditto; large. Kitchen- Range, Bath Stoves, and Smoke- Jacks; Kitchen Requisites, in Pewter. Copper, and Brass; painted Liquor Casks, that will contain from 200 to 350 Gallons each, and a Quantity of smaller Ditto; upwards of 100 Gallons of Spirits, and about 28 Gallons of fine old Red Port; a Colt, by Fidget; a Market- Cart; Hampers, Eottles, Sec. ; with sundry other useful Articles. fff The Liquors and Wine will be put into small Quantities, for the Accommodation of private Fa- milies. May be viewed the Mornings of Sale till Ten o'Clock; at which Time the Sale will commence. + 4+ Catalogues may be had at the Cock Inn, Wo- burn; Printing- Offlce, Dunstable; and of the AUC- TIONEER, in Leighton- Buzzard. Valuable compact Freehold Estate, Beds. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By THOMAS WOOD, On Thursday the 27th of February, 1806, between the Hours of Two and Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the Bull Inn, in Hockliffe, Bedfordshire, SIXTEEN ACRES of rich inclosed and Tythe- free ARABLE and SWEARD LAND, most eligibly situate at BEDWELL, in the Parish of HOUGHTON REGIS, near Dunstable, now in the Tenure of Mr. William Collier. gbr The Land is in high Condition ; immediate Possession of which may be had. For a View of the Estate, apply to Mr. COL- LIER ; and further Particulars may be known by Ap- plication to the AUCTIONEER, Leighton- Buzzard, Beds. the former, 3,219,555, and of the latter, 24,669,760 i Garden Ground to each, pleasantly situated on the yards. A cause of considerable importance to manu- facturers was lately decided in the Court of Session, Edinburgh. A stocking- framc belonging to Spiers, Brown, and Co. Glasgow, rented by R. Stephenson, one of their journeymen, was ar- rested by Stephenson's landlord, for payment of the rent. The Sheriff- Depute of Lanarkshire sus- • tained the landlord's right of Hypothec, An ap- Road leading to Woburn, in the Tenure of Thomas Burgess, Richard Evans, and Mrs. Stapleton.— Also, ONE other TENEMENT, near to the said Premises, with Wood- Barn, Garden, & c. in the Occupation of Isaac Peper.- Likewi. se, adjoining the last- mentioned Tenement, arich PLOTof GARDEN ( J ROUND, fenced round, and planted with Fruit Trees, containing 26 Poles, more or less. ( pf" The Whole will be sold in six Lots. * » *' Kor further Particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to the Auctioneer, Woburn, Beds, LONDON, February 15. LETTERS of recal have been sent, off, by King's Messengers, to nearly all our Ambas- sadors at Foreign Courts. A letter from Stutgard, of the 26th ult. states, that on the accomplishment of M. Ilaugwitz's mission to Paris, the Electorate of Hanover was to be incorporated with the Prussian territories; in return for which, the King of Prussia was to cede a great part of his possessions in Westphalia, which were to be given as indemnities to other Princes. It is added, that no doubt is entertained of a good understanding between Russia and France being speedily re- established, through the mediation of the King of Prussia. The King of Sweden, says the same article, continues to refuse assent, to the arrangements entered into relative to Hanover. According to arrangements between Bonaparte and the new Kings of Bavaria and Wirtemberg, and the Elector of Baden, 15,000 French troops are to remain in Bavaria, and are to bo paid and supported by that Government; 6000 in Wirtem- berg, and 4000 in Baden. The New- York Papers contain an official report of the revenue of the - United States for the year ending September 30, 1805, and the estimates for the year 1306. It appears from this financial statement, that the nett revenue arising from merchandize, in the year ending in September last was equal to that of any preceding year. It at- tributes its increase beyond that of 1802, the only year of European peace since 1792, to the neu- trality of the United States during the continuance of the war in Europe. The revenue arising from the sale of public lands, for the year ending the 30th of September last, it adds, is greater than that of any preceding year, making, with other sources, an aggregate of more than eighteen millions of dollars. The expences of the year 1806, are estimated at 15,450,000 dollars, so that the permanent revenues of the United States will, during the ensuing year, greatly exceed the expenditure. By a letter from York we learn that seven trans- ports with the King's German Legion, and two with the 14th regiment, under Colonel Burnett, have arrived in the Ilumber, from the Continent. Mr. Fox was yesterday returned for Westminster without opposition. Same day, Mr. Joseph Chettlo, procer and druggist, to Miss Roberts, both of Kettering, in this county. On Monday se'nnight, Mr. Smith, of Cubbing- ton, to Mrs. Kimneii, of Hampton- Lucy, War- wickshire. On Tuesday s'e'nnight, Mr. Bruce, coach- pro- prietor, of Leicester', to Miss Wright, of Barrow, in that county. On Wednesday se'nnight, Mr. William So. tchell, draper and tailor, to Miss Roughton, daughter of the late Mr, B. Roughton, both of Kettering, in this county. Lately, at Ipsley, Warwickshire, Mr. J. Stiles, to Miss Eliz. Badger, both of that place. On Thursday se'iinight, Mr. Joseph Phillips, plumber and glazier, to Mrs. Ashmore, both of Warwick. Yesterday se'nnight, in London, Mr. John Whitsed, surgeon, to Miss Goodman, daughter of Mr. F. Goodman, of Peterborough. On Thursday last, at Ncwport- ragnell, Bucks', the Rev. Mr. Marshall, Dissenting Minister, to Miss Fletcher, fancy dress- maker, both of that place. DIED.] On Monday sg'nnight, after a short illness, in the 13th year of her a>; e, Miss Char- lotte- Ann, second daughter of Arthur Anhesley, Esq. of Bietchingdoii- Park; Oxfordshire, v Same day, Mrs. Cole, wife of ill-. Cole, sur- geon and apothecary, of Coventry. On Wednesday sennight, much regretted by his family and friends, Mr.' H. Newark, timber- mer- chant, of Coventry. On Thursday sc'nnight, Mr. N. Boddineton, of Kenilworth, Warwickshire. A few days ago, Airs. Wade, wife of Mr. Wade, butcher, of Uppingham, Rutland. Lately, deservedly regretted, in the 59th year of his age, Mr. W. Lole, a respectable farmer, of Barnacle, Warwickshire. Last week, Mr. John Rymell, baker, of Ban- bury. On Wednesday last, aged 32, Mr. Samuel Pratt, of Weston, Warwickshire. Wre hear the Lord Bishop of Peterborough in- tends to hold an Ordination, in the cathedral church of that city, on Sunday the 16th day of March next, being the fourth Sunday in Lent. On Wednesday se'nnight his Excellency the Earl of Hardwicke was elected into the office of High Steward of the University of Cambridge, without opposition, in the room of the late Right Hon. Mr. Pitt. Oil Tuesday last, at a very numerous mcctii. w of the county of Devon, at Exeter, JV. Moore ' iate of Wellingborough, in this coun; v,) was :,><- ted one of the Physicians to die De- on and -. xcter Hospital, by a very large majoritt The First Regiment of Northamptonshire Vo- lunteers, Eastern district, were inspected, on Thursday, in two divisions, by Lieutenant- Colonel Delaval, who bestowed some well- merited enco- miums on their very orderly conduct, and ex- pressed his satisfaction at the manner in which they went through the business of the day. On Thursday last, the Hon. Spencer Perceval presented to the House of Commons a petition from the insolvent debtors in our county gaol; which, after stating at some length their unfortu- nate, as well as unhappy situation, most humbly implores the House to adopt such measures for their relief as in its wisdom shall appear most expedient. A few days ago, Mr. Wells, coach - master, of Biggleswade, Beds, had three valuable horses drowned, owing to the carelessness of his servant, in washing them in the river during the flood. A fourth horse, which was blind, with the man, nar- rowly escaped with their lives. On Monday se'nnight, soon after ten o'clock in the evening, an alarming fire broke out m a new cottage- house, at Empingham, in the county of Rutland, occupied by John Ellwoqd, labourer, but by the timely assistance and exertions of the inhabitants, and the wind being favourable, it was got under at about halt- past twelve o'clock, and was prevented from doing further damage, than burning the house down. The fire was oc- casioned by the man's wife ( being deranged at times) putting a lighted candle to a small hole in the ceiling of the chamber. Her husband was below stairs, having just come home intoxicated with liquor, but was not able to stop the progress of the flames. Part of the furniture was burnt, though happily no lives were lost. <->— LENT ASSIZES. MIDLAND. — Sir James % Mamfield and Sir Robert Graham, Knights. Derby, March 17 Leicester, 20 Coventry, 24 Warwick, 24 Northampton, .. March 3 Oakham, 7 g Lincoln, .*. 8 Nottingham, 13 | NORFOLK.— Lord Chief Justice Ellenborough and Sir Nash Grose. Aylesbury, March 1 Bedford, 6 Huntingdon, 8 Cambridge March 11 Thetford, 15 Bury St. Edmunds,. . .20 AUCTION, To be SOLD by At Wellingborough, before the 25th Day of March next ( of which timely Notice will be given), unless an acceptable Offer should be made in the mean Time, \ Valuable and most desirable FREEHOLD xV ESTATE, in the Lordship of Irthlingborough, in the County of Northampton; containing nearly 165 Acres of open Field, Meadow, and old- inclosed Lands, with extensive Rights of Common; and with a new- erected Farm- House, Yard, Stables, Barn, and other Out- Houses, near to the Turnpike- Road.— The Land- Tax under £. 8 per Annum. £ 3* For further Particulars, enquire, personally, or by Letter, Post- paid, of SAMUEL SHARMAN, of Hardwick, near Wellingborough. OXFORD.— Sir Soulden Lawrence and Sir T. M. Sutton, Knights. Reading, March 3 Oxford, 5 Worcester, 8 Gloucester 12 WESTERN.— Mr. Baron Monmouth, . .. March 15 Hereford, is Shrewsbury, 22 Stafford, .. 26 Thompson and Mr. Justice Le Blanc. New Sarum,... March 8 Exeter March 17 Dorchester, ... 13 Launceston, 22 Winchester, 14 Taunton, 27 NORTHERN.— Mr. Justice Rooke and Mr. Justice Chambre. York, March 8 | Lancaster, March 19 P R I C E of CORN per Quarter at Northampton, Saturday, Feb. 15. Beans, 46s. Od. to 47s. fd. New Ditto, 32s. to 34s.. Peas, 40s. Od. to 44s. ad. By the Standard Measure. Wheat, 74s. to 80s. Od. Rye, 44s. Od. to 46s. Barley, 30s. Od. to 32s, Od. Oats, 19s. Od. to 26s. Od. PRICE OF Bank Stock 3 per Ct. Red. 3 per Ct. Cons. 4 per Ct. Cons. 5 per Ct. Navy 197I 6Hi 61i mi STOCKS. Imp. 3 per Cents. 60M India Stock . I86i India Bonds . 3 4 pr. EXC. Bills . 3 4 pr. Omnium . . sh. NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY EVENING, Feb._ 15. BIRTHS.] Lately, at Packington- Hall, War- wickshire, the Right Hon. the Countess of Ayles- ford, of a daughter. On Thursday se'nnight, at his seat., at Bnlwick, in this county, the lady of Thomas Tryon, Esq. of a son. MARRIED.] On Sunday se'nnight, Christopher Newton, Esq. of Spaldwick, Hunts, to Miss Brown, of Oundle, in this county. J. GRAFTON, Inspector. Corn Exchange, London, Friday, Feb. 14. In consequence of the continuance of short arrivals of Wheat at this market, and the demand for that of the first quality, causes that article to remain, full as dear.— In Rye but little variation— Barlev this week in very short supply, at an advance in price.— The Malt trade remains with few buyers.— White Peas are in short supply, and rather dearer. — Grey Peas likewise.— There are very few small old Beans, and they are dearer.— New Ticks like- wise, 28s. to 35s. per quarter.— Oats are in short supply, and fine samples rather dearer.— Flour i& very dull, and the general sales at 2s. and 3s. per quarter less. LIST of FAIRS, from Feb. 17, to March 1, within the Circuit of this Paper. M. Feb. 17. Rugby, Stratford- upon- Avon, Litchfield, Berkhamsiead, Lutterworth, and Market- Harborough. T. ' IS. Towcester and Nuneaton. W. 19. Du;, stable. Th. 20. Northampton and Banbury. S. 22. Newport- Pagnell and Warwick. M. -—— 24. Southam T. 25. Oundle, Bedford, and Burnham. F. — 28. Charlbury AND Coventry, R. E. To Miss El S. T. A. fTow oft does friendship faithless prove ! " How frail security from love!" SHF. NSTO. NE. ( ' AN- a heart that is bursting with grief, Fimleafe by relating its woe? Can my bosom e'er hope for relief. Whilst my sorrows continue to now f Alas! though no succour be near, f rom sighing 1 cannot refrain; And tear still enforcing a tear, My eye- lids incessantly strain. O ! could 1 these torments now quit! Cculd 1 chase but her form from my mind! But why should I wish to forget^ That Unce she was gentle and kind ? Oh ! that fate in the play- day of youth, To my nonage should be so severe, To cause me to love her with truth! To cause me, alas ! to despair ! Whence fled are the moments of bliss We spent where the eglantines grow ? Or where the Sweet innocent kiss, Which then she'd so kindly bestow? Gone, gone— I shall see them no more— With my blossoms of hope' are they fled: That hope 1 was wont to adore— Now blasted,, now wither'd, and dead. Had she never permitted my praise, When reclin'd on her bosom 1 hung; Had she never been fond of nry lays; Hail she never applauded my song: O ! then had mv heart been at rest, Which now must for ever endure, An anguish which can't be exprest- An anguish she only can cure. — COURT OF KING's- BENCII, FFRRL- ARY 8. THANKS TO LORD ERSKINE. Afier the Judges had withdrawn, and the Court was cleared of strangers, fllr. Dayrell, as Senior Barrister behind the Bar, rose to call the attention of the Gentlemen present to a motion he was about to propose, and which, from those he had already consulted upon the sub- ject, he was satisfied wo'uld be cheerfully adopted without one dissenting voice. This ( he continued) was an Address of Thanks from the Gentlemen of the Bar of that Court, to Lord Viscount Erskine, for his urbanity, politeness, and uniform good temper, during the many years he had practised in thatCourt. He had had the honour of attending the business of that Court for near 28 years along with that Noble Personage, during the whole of which time these qualities formed the leading features of his character. He purposely avoided touching upon the subject of his splendid talents, or political habits, anxiously wishing that there should be a perfect unanimity of sentiment on this' occasion, lie concluded by reading an address of thanks to Lord Viscount Erskinc, for his great urbanity, politeness, and good temper, during the many years he had been. among them; expressive of their deep regret at losing him ; and congratu- lating his Lordship on the high and important btntion to which he had attained. Mr. Daniel Parker Coke, as next Senior behind the Bar, warmly seconded the motion, nearly in the Same strain of deserved eulogium with the mover. It was then agreed that the Address should be presented by Messrs. Dayrell and Coke, the two Seniors behind the Bar, which was done ac- cordingly. The following is the Reply of Lord Chancellor Erskine to the Address from " the Gentlemen of the Bar of the King's- Bench to him oil Saturday last :— " GENTLEMEN,— I cannot express what I felt upon ' receiving your Address, and what 1 must ever feel upon the recollection of it. " 1 came originally into the profession under great disadvantages. Bred in military life, a total stranger to the whole Bar, and not entitled to expect any favourable reception from similar habiis oi previous friendships. My sudden advancement inio great busi- ness, before I could rank in study or in learning with Others who were my seniors aiso, was calculated to have produced in. common minds nothing but prejudice sr. d disgust. How then can 1 look back without gra- titude upon the unparalleled liberality and kindness, which, for seven and twenty years, I uniformly ex- perienced amongst you; and which I feci a pride, as well as a duty, in acknowledging, alone enabled me to Surmount many painful difficulties, and converted what would otherwise have been a erudition of op- pressive labour into an uninterrupted enjoyment of ea e and satisfaction. " 1 am happy that your partiality has given me the occasion of putting upon record this just tribute to • he character and honour of the ENGLISH BAR. " My only merit has been, that I was not insen- sible to so much goodness; tiie perpetual and irre- sistible impulses of a mind deeply affected by innu- merable obligations, could not but produce that behaviour which you have so kindly and so publicly rewarded. " I shall for ever remain, Gentlemen, " Your aflcctionate and faithful humble servant, " ERSKINE." " Lincoln's- Inn Fields, Feb. 9, 1806." stand uncontradicted by the prosecutors, and con- sidering your extreme youth, we cannot but think the prosecutors have been much to blame. Al- though it is a necessary part of our public duty, in this place, to purf. A delinquents, we cannot, at the same time avoid, censuring the unwarrantable and harsh conduct of those who, conversant with the ways of the, world, first led you, by flattering your slanderous publications, to commit an offcnce against the law s of the country, and then brought you before this Court, to render you amenable to those laws. Attending to every circumstance in your case, to the conduct of the prosecutors, and to the time you have already been confined, we do order and adjudge, that, for the libel against Mr. and Mrs. Bird, you forfeit the sum of ^. 30; for that against Lieutenant- Colonel Dorien, „£'. 10; and that you further pay to his Majesty- of. lO, for the libel against Captain Abney; and that you be imprisoned till the several fines be paid." The defendant immediately discharged the several tines, and retired. 1 BALSAM or LIQUORICE. HUTS excellent Pectoral Medicine is as much superior to common Panegyric as it is to common Competition. Indeed its Character has baen long established as the most efficacious Remedy of any yet presented to the Public in Cases of Colds, Ilooping- Cough, Asthma, and Consumption, See. Dr. ALLEN ( Successor to Mr. James Pidding,) deems it unne- cessary to say more than to respectfully assure the Nobility and Gentry that he hopes to merit their Approbation by a faithful Adherence to the Pre- scription. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by the sole Proprietor, Dr. Allen, at his ( late Pidding's) genuine Patent Medicine Warehouse, No. 76, Oxford- Street, oppo- site the Pantheon, in Bottles, at 2s. 9d. and 4s. 6d. each ; also by Dicey Se Sutton, Bow Church- Yard, and at their Warehouse in Northampton; Shaw Se Edwards, St. Paul's Church- Yard; and, Retail, by the Printers of this Paper and their Newsmen, and by all other Venders of Medicine. Caution.— It cannot be genuine, unless it bears the Signature of R. ALLEN; Fur Coughs, Consumptions, <- fc. PECTORAL ESSENCE OF COLTSFOOT. FEBRUARY 10. THE KINO D. EDWARD GOEBOURNE, ESQ. This person being brought up to receive the sen- tence of the Court, Mr. Justice Grose, in pro- nouncing judgment, addressed the defendant in the following terms:— " You, Edward Golbourne, have bc. cn prose- cuted upon three indictments, charging yon with publishing libels against different persons, which charges, although they might have been contained in one record, yet the parties have chosen severally to prosecute upon the libels against themselves re- spectively, and upon Stich prosecutions you liave been found guilty. This is the only one of the many inconveniencies which must inevitably result from writing the malicious libel complained of; a libel ' against those gentlemen, with whom, from your peculiar situation and connection, rtc should have most naturally supposed you would have cul- tivated friendship and esteem. Upon tlia perusal of the libel, to what can we impute its origin ? I am sorry to say so, but it must have arisen from deep- rooted malice. You have vilified, Mrs. Bird, by terming her a pupil of Satan, and a shameless harridan. Mr. Bird is slandered, by your imputing to him that he purchased unsound horses, and then sold them to ignorant, unwary young men, under a warranty. Besides this, he is ridiculed for his provincial dialect; and lastly, both of them are stiled, wide- wasting pests, and a dajmoniac pair. You represent Lieutenant- Colonel Dorien as affecting a mathematical knowledge, to which he had no pretensions: his dress, and his mode of dancing, are likewise touched upon; and in the conclusion, he is said to be " too old to learn, too obstinate to mend." The libel for which you have been prosecuted by JoTm Anstey Abney, terms him " a numskull, and a rude unpolished bear." The tendency of the libel is too obvipus to admit of a doubt.— In mitigation of your offence, affi- davits have been produced, which cannot fail to receive the attention of the Court. At the tinia you wrote the libel, you had too little foresight to " discover how many enemies such a publication wicht treats, and how few friends your satire would produce, and into what difficulties it might involve you. The libel contains such a picture of inveterate malice, as we could scarcely have thought even men in advanced years, much less boys, would have been able to lay before the world. ' 1 ho lady had not injured you by Selling you un- sound horses, or had encouraged you at the mess- table, by applauding the libels upon the characters • f olhers. On examining your affidavits, which rpHE Herb COLTSFOOT, called Tussilago by JL the Antients, was distinguished by them, as its Name sufficiently conveys, for its Excellence in the Cure of Coughs and other Pulmonary Complaints ; and this Essence has, in the Course ot a long Practice, been found the most sate and effectual Remedy for Coughs, Asthmas, and all Disorders ot the Lungs. It gently opens the Breast, and immediately gives Liberty of Breathing, without any Danger of taking Cold. It admirably allays the Tickling which provokes frequent Coughing, cleanses the small Glands, relaxes the Fibres, and thereby enlarges the Cavities of'the Vessels. Thus it will prevent Consumptions, if taken before the Lungs are ulcerated. It cures also all husky and dry Coughs, heals Rawness and Soreness of the Breast, and gives Relief to those, who, through Age and Infirmity, are deprived of Rest or Sleep. This Essence is prepared by James Ryan, Surgeon, in Bristol; and sold only by F. Newbery and Sons, at No. 45, the East- End of St. Paul's, London, in Bottles, Price 3s. 6d. each. Duty included; sold also by the Prinrers of this Paper, and by those Venders in the Country who have an annual Ap- poinunent under their Signature and Seal. None are genuine but iliose which have the Words, " F. New- bery, No. 45, St. Paul's," engraved in the Stamp. Dr. ALLEYS VEGETABLE ALTERATIVE PILLS. THESE justly- celebrated PILLS, so remarkable for their beneficial Ellects- in the Cure of Scurvy, Scrofula, Rheumatism, Leprosy, ai. d all Diseases of the Skill, continue to be piepared by Dr. ALI. EN ( Successor of Mr. J. Piuding) with the most scru- pulous Exactness. Their decided Power in correcting the ill Effects of Mercury, and their unrivalled Utility as Spring and Autumnal Physic, for 40 Years past", has justified that Confidence which the Public reposes in them, and enables Dr. A. to recommend them as an unparalleled Remedy. CAUTION.— The Pills cannot be genuine, unless the outside Label and Bill of Directions are signed by the sole Proprietor, R. Allen. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Dr Allen, at his ( late Pidding's) genuine Patent Medicine Waiehouse, 76, Oxtord- Street, opposite the Pantheon, in Boxes, at 4s. 6d. each, or six Boxes in one at £. 1 2s. also Family Boxes, containing six of the latter, at £. 5 5s.; sold, likewise, by Picey & Sutton, Bow Church- Yard, and at their Warehouse in Northampton; and, Retail, by the Printers of this Paper and their News- men, and by all othei Venaers of Medicines. Genuine und approved Medicines, Prepared by S. SOLOMON, M. D. GILEAD- HOUSE, near Liverpool. rpiIE celebrated CORDIAL BALM of GILEAD, JL for Debilities, Nervous Disorders, and Weakness peculiar to the Female Sex, Loss of Appetite, Hys- terical and Hypochondriacal Affections, Lowness' of" Spirits, and all Nervous Disorders. Dr. Solomon's Cordial Balm of Gilead is happily calculated for the Weak, the Sickly, and Infirm. In all inward Decays, Debility, Lowness of Spirits, Weakness in either Sex, whether hereditary, acquired, or owing to youthful Imprudencies, this Medicine will afford the most wonderful Relief. ANTI - I MPETIGINES, or SOLOMON'S DROPS, is a Medicine superior to every other Remedy yet dis- covered, in this or any other Age, tor the speedy Removal and radical Cure of tile Scurvy, Leprosy, Rheumatic or Gouty Pains, Scrofula or King's- Evil, Ulcers of every Description, sweliad or inflamed Legs, Sec. In Disorders where Salivation has re- peatedly failed, when no other Remedy could restore the unhappy Suflerer to that Health he unfortunately lost, the ANTI- IMPETIGINES has been found the great and only- Restorer of Health and Vigour. These Drops purify the blood, and restore the System when impajred by the imprudent Use of Mercury. The above Medicines are inclosed in plain Direc- tions, with surprising Cures, authenticated by Persons of Respectability, and are made up in Bottles, Price Hait- a- Guinea each. There are also Family Bottles, at 33s. containing four of the smaller ones', wherein 9s. are saved. The ABSTE RG ENT LOT! ON clears and beautifies the Skin ; removes speedily, without Pain or Trouble, all Kinds of Pimples, Tetters, Ring- Worms, Spots, Redness, Swellings or Carbuncle* of the Nose, Blotches, and every Species of cutaneous Eruption on the Surface of the Human Body. It is. peculiarly pleasant in its Operation, as an agreeable Softness to the Skin immediately succeeds its Use; it sweetens and refreshes the whole Complexion, which resumes, at one and the sam « Time, an enlivened Appearance. The Public have long been convinced of the Certainty of its Success. It is a safe and certain IJemedy for Herpetic Complaints in general — Pints, 4s. ( id. ; Half- Pints, 2s. 9d. Observethat the Words " Saml. Solomon, Liverpool," are engraved on the Stamp; all others are Counterfeits. Sold Wholesale and Retail by the Printers of this Paper; also Retail by Marshall, and Edge, North- ampton; Collis Se Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Dawson, and Harrod, Harborough; Marriott, Ban- bury ; Wilcox, and Gallard, Towcester; Seeley, Buckingham; Richardson, Stony- Stratford; Edge, and Tuck and Mather, Wellingborough; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Okely, and l'algrave, Bed- ford; Fox, St. Neots; Barringer, and InwQod, New- port- Pagnell; Swinfen, Leicester; bv the Printers of the Country Newspapers ; and by ail the reputable Medicinc Venders, Booksellers, Sec. in every principal Town in England, Ireland, Scotland, and America, who will deliver Pamphlets gratis, with a Variety of authentic Documents noted therein.— Of whom may also be had, Dr. SOLOMON'S justly celebrated GUIDE to HEALTH, or ADVICE to both SEXES, Price 3s. Dr. Solomon expects, when consulted, the usual Compliment of a One- Pound Note; but all written Cases, or Letters of Advice, to be answered at his Leisure, are requested to inclose only Half- a- Guinea. Such Letters should, for safety, be thus directed, " Money Letter Dr. Solomon, Gilead- House, near Liverpool. Paid double Postage." — Letters may be ordered to be addressed to X. L. or A. B. at the Post- Office till called for. ( One Property.) For Coughs, Asthmas, Consumptions, and all Disorders of the Breast ami Lungs. * F O R 1) ' s PECTORAL BALSAM or HOREHOUND. OREHOUND is an Herb which has ever been esteemed, by the most able Physicians, for its salubrious Qualities in the Cure of Coughs, Colds, Asthmas, and all Pulmonary Complaints. As the usual Method of using it was attended with considerable Inconvenience, the Proprietor of this Medicine was induced to offer the Public an elegant Preparation, from that universal and well- known Herb ; and the distinguished Approbation it has received from an impartial and generous public, is a sufficient Testimony ot its superior Virtue over every other Medicine, and withal so pleasant, that it is preferable to common white Wine; so innocent, that it may be given to an Infant newly born ; so effica- cious, that Diseases, as it were, fly before its inesti- mable Power. In all Cases, whether recent and slight, or of long- standing and inveterate, its Effects are truly astonishing, and almost incredible: In no one Instance has it ever failed to produce immediate Relief; and if a Cure be within the Reach of Me- dicine, this Balsam will most certainly effect it. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by R. FORD, 61, Barbican, London; also, Retail, by Edge, North- ampton; by the Printers of this Paper, and their Newsmen ; Coombe, G regory, and Swinten, Leicester; Dunn, Nottingham ; and by one or more Medicine Venders in every Town in the United Kingdom, in Bottles, at 2s. 9d. and Is. ljd. each. Venders'wanting a Supply, are requested to send their Orders to the Proprietor as above. Copy of a Letter from T. Bcrnerd, Esq. to the Rev. W. Barclay. Upper- Crescent, Bath, July l& th, 1805. SIR, ON Receipt of this I request you will send me six double Boxes of your BARCLAY'S ANTI- BILIOUS PILLS, and twelve Bottles of SPECIFIC.— Inclosed is a Draft for II', 50, pay yourself for the Medicine, and apply the Remainder'to the Publication of the following Case: — For the last fourteen Years 1 have been afflicted with the Gout; and for the last four Y'ears this is the first Letter 1 have been able to write, which I think ought to be addressed to you, acknowledging my perfect Cure by using your Antibilious Pills and Specific. 1 am, Sir, Your most obliged humble Servant, THOS. BERNERD. The Fair Sex, in particular, will find such Relief in the free Use of " the Pills, as will insure to them, by a Continuance, Comforts which they have not experienced, probably, for Years before. Mr. Barclay has been favoured with Permission to refer, person- ally, to the following distinguished Personages for the Truth of the above Assertion :— The Lord Bishop of liath arid Wells ; The Right Hon. Viscount Dillon ; Sir John Honywood, Bart. M. P. for Honiton ; Sir Stephen Lushington, Bart. M. P. forPenryn; Thomas Anson, Esq. M. P. for Litchfield; James Amyatt, Esq. M. P. for Southampton ; Cecil Forrester, Esq. M. P. for Wenlock; Nicholson Calvert, Esq. M. P. for Hertford; Edmund BoShm, Esq. New- Street, Spring- Gardens; Thomas Hainmersley, Esq. Pall- Mali ; G. W. Dickes, Esq. Private Secretary to the late Archbishop of Canterbury ; The Rev. Mr. Dimock, Librarian to the late Arch- bishop. gdr" OBSERVE, the Rev. W. BARCLAY is engraved on a black Stamp, Tvhicli is affixed on the outside Wrapper of each Bottle and Box.— Sold, Wholesale, at Mr Butler's, No. 4, Cheapside; and Retail, by Edge, Marshall, and Dicey & Sutton, Northampton; Palgrave, Bedford; Inwood, Newport - Pagnell; . Swinten, and Coombe, Leicester; Loggin, Aylesbury; and by most Medicine Venders in every Town. T1 Rheumatism, Ruins in the Limbs, Dr. Bateman's Pectoral Drops. NP HE Public never had a more valuable Me- 8 dici/ ie presented to them, than these inesti- mable Drops, as a certain Cure in Rheumatic and Chronic Complaints, violent Colds, and consequent Pains in the Limbs, giving Relief in the most violent Fits of the' Gout; in short, it lias now been so long established, and its Virtues so well known to the Public in general, that it would be needless to say more in its Praise : But g.- at as the good Effects are from taking the True and Genuine Bateman's Drops, the Consequences resulting from taking the. Counterfeit Sorts, are too frequently as much the Reverse, the ill Edicts of which have been often experienced : It is therefore recommended to every one to take parti- cular Notice, that tile Words " Dicey & Co. No. 10, Bow Church- Yard," are printed in the Stamp affixed to each Bottle, and signed at the Top of each Bill of Directions— All ethers are COUNTERFEIT. ( JIT As a Proof of the Necessity of strictly at- tending to the above Caution, we subjoin the following Letter, as a Froof of the totul Inefficacy of Counterfeits :— " Having been severely afflicted for a long Time with Pains in my Limbs and Joints, from a bad Cofd, I was recommended to try Dr. BATEMAN'S DROPS, and took three Bottles without receiving- the least Benefit; when I began to suspect that the Medicine I had been taking was nor the genuine Sort, and there- fore resolved to procure another Bottle from a different Shop : This 1 found to be the genuine Medicine, with She Words * Dicey is Co.' printed in the Stamp ; and by taking this one Bottle I found Relief from all my Pains, and am now as well as ever I was in my Life. — To prevent th; Afflicted from being thus imposed upon by COUNTERFEITS, you have my lull Permission lo publish this in any Way you please; and, with the utmost G ratitude, 1 remain, Gentlemen, " Vour ever- obliged Servant, " JAMES BIGGS, " Serjeant 11th Light Dragoons." " Rlatchington Barracks, Sussex, July 27, 1804." Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Dicey and Co. Price Is, ljd. per Bottle, Duty included. Also, sold Wholesale and Retail by the Printers ot this Paper ( by whom great Allowance is made to Country Shopkeepers), and Retail by the following Persons, viz. Wilkins, Robins, Bates, & Wilkinson, Daventry; Parker, Merridew, and Rollason, Coventry; Collison, Brackley ; Watson, Aynho; Mrs. Beesley, Banbury; Odell, and E. Pvne, Leighton; Griffin and Co. Tring; Norwood, Amersham; Aynsworth, & Birdsey, Hcmel- hempstead; Edwards, Chesham; Barnes, Inwood, and Barringer, Newport- Pagnell; Osborn, Wobuin ; Good- man, North- Crawley; Queneborough, and Squires, Dunstable; Lancaster, Clophill; Alsop, Crawley, and Mead, Luton; Brown, Morris, and Green Se Co. Ampthill; S. andA. Cooper, and Morris, Nuneaton; Bull, Harrod, and Dawson, Market- Harborougli; Adams, and Gamble, Loughborough; Gregory, and Swinfen, Leicester ; Toone, Woolvey ; Pearson, Mei- ton- Mowbray; BurbageSe Co. Nottingham; Wilcox, and Gallard, Towcester ; Seeley, Buckingham ; Miss Jones, Oxford; Hawkes, Lutterworth; R. Palgrave, J. Okely, B. Bradley, and J. Bradley, Bedford; Hine, Potton; Bunting, Sandy; Gardner, Weston, and Brooks, Biggleswade ; Richardson, E lines, Poulter, and Sheppard, Stony- Stratford; lligham, Old- Stratford; Moxhanj, Fenny- Stratford; Stevens, Bicester; Ma. lin, J. Wheeler, Rickford, F. Wheeler, and F. Loggin, Aylesbury ; Wards, Hinckley; Sanderson Se Co. Broughton, and Chettle, Wel- lingborough; Eaton, Thrapston; York, Oundle; Horden, and Jacob, Peterborough; King, Gilkes, and Matthews, Chipping- Norton; lialy, Wright, and Stevens, High- Wycomb; Collis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Newcomb, and Drakard, Stamford; Bird, Uppingham; Gibson, Oakham ; Churchill, Dedding- ton ; Roberts, Southam ; Sharpe, Warwick; Lucpock, Kimbslton; Bayley, and Paul, St. Ives; Emery, and Fox, St. Neots; Jenkinson, Huntingdon; Darton, and ' I'app, Hitchin; Hovel, Staples, Eaden, Hodson, and Gee, Cambridge; Leigh, Atherstone; Arch, Shettord; Holland, Window; Ward, Stratford- upon- Avon; Mat- thews, Campden; Wallis, Olney; Taylor, Retford; Dexter, Wilbarston; and by the Venders of Dicey and Co's Medicines in every Town throughout the Kingdom ; Of whom may be had, from Dicey & Co's Warehouse as above, s. d. True Daffy's Elixir 2 6 Smaller Bottles - 1 8 Dr. Radclifte's Elixir 1 li Betton's British Oil 19 Squire's Grand Elixir 1 9 Bostock's Elixir - 2 6 I'ike's Ointment - 1 9 Stoughton's Elixir 1 1J Friar's Balsam - 1 IA Bathing Spirits -. 09 Clinton's Snuff, & Oil 1 6 EASE FROM LAMENESS AND PAIN, IN A FEW HOURS. Ill', BRITISH OINTMENT for CORNS, prepared by W. NAYLOR, Chemical Colour- Maker to his Majesty. This most excellent Oint- ment never fails curing hard or soft Corns in a very short Time, and gives Ease in a few Hours. No other Trouble is required in using it, than rubbing a little on Ihe Corn, Night and Morning, with tiie Finger. The Proprietor begs Leave to observe, the Afflicted may rest assured of a Cure, as this is not, like many published Things, an Imposition on the Public. By Appointment of the Proprietor, it is sold, Wholesale, by Dicey & Co. No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, London; also by Dicey Se Co. Edge, and Marshall, Northampton; Robins, Daventry ; Wilcox, and Gallard, Towcester; Tuck & Mather, Welling- borough ; and by one Medicine Vender in every Mar- ket Town, Price 2s. 6d. Duty included, SI'ILSHURY's ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS. " OUIVATE Communications, from Gentlemen .1. and Ladies, coming to No. 15, Soho- Square, re- specting the Benefit they have received from the Ad- ministration of SPILSBURY's PATENT DROPS, in Scorbutic, Eruptive, Scrophulous, and other Com- plaints, Sic. which, through Delicacy, Mr. SPILS- BURY cannot avail himself in a public Way, yet he will not l « t slip the Opportunity of thanking them for their Recommendation in the Circle of their Friends.— The genuine Medicine is sold, as usual, at the Dispensary, No. 15, Soho- Square, in Bottles of 5s. 6d. 10s. and £. 1 2s. Duty included.— To avoid Counterfeits, ask for the Patent Antiscorbutic Drops; and observe the Stamp ( the King's Duty) is printed in black ink instead of red Ink. fjd?" Sold also by the Printers of this Paper; Mr. Okely, Bedford; Tuck & Mather, Wellingborough; Collis & Dash, and Mupn, Kettering; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry ; Corrall, Lutterworth; and by most Venders of Patent Medicines in Town and Country. Mr. EDGE, NORTHAMPTON, has just received a Supply of ROBBEItDS's IMPROVED BALSAMIC ELIXIR; or, COUGH DROPS. Extract of a Letter from'Doctor MICHAEL HEAD, of Halifax, dated April 12. SIR, { Must beg you will forward immediately, by . the first Packet for Halifax, twelve Dozen of RPBBERDS'S BALSAMIC ELIXIR, or COUCH DROPS, which 1 firmly believe to be the very best Remedy ever, invented for Coughs, Colds, Asthmas, and Con- sumptions. At the Time 1 received some from you, I wm afflicted with a dreadful Cough and Inflamma- tion on my Lungs, attended with a great Oppression and Pain on my Breast, so that it was with great Difficulty I could draw my Breath ( which I must candidly confess baffled my own Skill). 1 was in- duced to make an immediate Trial myself, which gave me instant Relief, and in a very short Time perfectly restored me. 1 have since witnessed their good Effects in many obstinate Cases, and therefore shall, for the future, never be without them. A Caution.— His Majesty's Hon. Commissioners have been pleased to order the Name of R. Butler, No. 4, Cheapside, to be engraved on a black Stamp, which Stamp is affixed to each Bottle.— All others are Counterfeits. Sold, Wholesale, at Mr. Butler's, No. 4, Cheap- side; and Retail, by Edge, Marshall, and Dicey Se Sutton, Northampton; Palgrave, Bedford; Inwood, Newport- Pagnell; Swinfen, and Coombe, Leicester; Loggin, Aylesbury; and by most Medicine Venders in every Town, in Bottles, at 2s. 9d. each. MANN's APPROVED MEDICINE. " R. MANN, of Horsham, Sussex, was fa- voured with the following Case the 30th of January, 1804 :— SIR,— We think it our Duty, for the Good of the Public, to inform you of the wonderful Eflects of your APPROVED MEDICINE on MARY DINNEAGE, of the Hamlet of Lower- Reeding, in the County of Sussex, aged thirty- five Years, who, for these'eighteen Months past, has been a heavy Charge to the Parish. The above laboured under every bodily Complaint that could make Life burthensome, and was deemed by the Faculty past Recovery, but by taking five Bottles of your APPROVED MEDICINE, to the Astonishment of all around her, is now quiie recovered, and enjoys every Blessing of Health, and performs the laborious Part of the Household Work. ( Signed) Colonel JOHN WATLING, Sen. late of Carters- Lodge, Beeding. GIORGI WALTERS, Esq. Carters- Lodge. JAMES WALTERS, Esq. JOHN WALTINC, Jun. Esq. late of Carters- Lodge. GEORGE RAILTON, Esq. Newells, near Beeding. JOSEPH WILLARD, Overseer for the Hamlet of Lower- Beeding. WILLIAM CHARMAN, late Overseer for Ditto. Sold, in Bottles, at 2s. 6d. and 4s. 6d. each, Duty included, Wholesale and Retail, by the Pioprietor, at his Warehouse, Horsham; also by Dicey & Sutton, Bow Church- Yard, London, and at their Warehouse in Northampton ; and Retail by Robins, and Wil- kinson, Daventry ; Beesley, and Marriott, Banbury ; Inwood, and Barringer, Newport- Pagnell; Osborn, Woburn; Bull, Harrod, and Dawson, Market- Har- borough ; Gregory, and Swinfen, Leicester; Wilcox, and Gallard, Towcester; Seeley, Buckingham; Pal- grave, Bedford ; Richardson, Stony- Stratford ; Loggin, Aylesbury; Eaton, Thrapston; York, Oundle; Horden, and Jacob, Peterborough; Collis Se Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Emery, and Fox, St. Neots; Jenkinson, Huntingdon; Wallis, Olney; and by all flit principal Venders of Medicines in the United Kingdom. ( JCR The Name of the Proprietor, " THOS. MANN, Horsham, Sussex," is engraved on the Stamp; the counterfeiting ot which is Felony. Extract of a Letter from Rontefruct. SIR, . January Id, 13C6. Chilblains are prevented from breaking, and their tormenting Itching, instantly removed by Whitehead's Essence of Mustard, universally esteemed tor its ex- traordinary Efficacy in Rheumatisms, Palsies, Gouty Affections, and Complaints of the Stomach; hut where this certain Remedy has been unknown, or neg- lected, and the Chilblains kave actually suppurated, or broke, Whitehead's Family Cerate will ease the pain, and very speedily heal them. They are prepared and sold bv R. Johnston, Apo- thecary, No. 15, Greek- Street, Soho, London; the Essence and Pills at 2s. 9d. each; the Cerate at Is. ljd. They are also sold by every Medicine Vender in the United Kingdom. ( ps* The Genuine has a black Ink Stamp, with the Name of R. Johnstone inserted on it. *** The severest Sprains and Bruises are cured by a few Applications of the Fluid Essence of Mustard. s. d. 1 li Dr. Anderson's Scots Pills, 31) in a Box Hooper's Female I ills 1 Godfrey's Cordial 0 9 Golden Se plain Spirits of Scurvy Grass 1 1J Beaume de Vie - 3 6 Rymer's Tincture 2 9 Walker's Jesuits Drops - ... 2 9 Wyman's Pills - 2 9 Shall always consider myscjf obliged to ac- J- knowledge the very great Benefit which two of my Children have received by taking your valuable ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS. My Daughter, who is seven Years of Age, was most grievously afflicted with Glandular Scrofulous Tumours, which threatened to become of the most serious and alarming Consequence; for the'Removal of which, various Medicines had been administered without any good Effect: 1 was, by a Friend, advised to give her your Drops, which, I am happy to say, have answered every wished- tor Pur- pose: In a tew Weeks the Abscesses burst, discharged a great Quantity of offensive Matter, which Discharge gradually diminished till the Ulcers were completely cured, and the Child restored to perfect Health. My Son, who is five Years of Age, was most violently afflicted with a Scorbutic Complaint, which pervaded his whole Body ; the Itching was insufferable: Such was the putrid State of his Body, that all his Toe- Nails and most of his Finger- Nails came entirely off. He also, by the sole Use of your Drops, thauk God, is restored to perfect Health.— The above Facts I, at any Time, am ready to aver upon Oath, and also that four of your small Bottles effected the above Cures : I have no Reason to doubt of their Complaints returning : It is now upwards of twelve Months since they left off taking the Drops. Letters of Enquiry ( if Poet- paid) will be answered. Publish this for the Good of the Afflicted. ( Signed) GEORGE HESEI. TINE. Attested by Miss Ann Osborn, Bookseller, Pon- tefract. To Mr. J. Lignum, Surgeon, Bridge- Street, Manchester. %'* To prevent Counterfeits, observe these Words— " John Lignum, Bridge- Street, Manchester," en- graved on a black Stamp, by Favour of His Majesty's Commissioners; to imitate which is Felony. ( pf* These Drops are sold in moulducf square Bot- tles, at lis. and 4s. 6d.— One- lls. Bottle is equal in Quantity to three 4s. 6d. ones. They may be had, Wholesale and Retail, at Mr. LIGNUM'S, No. 57, Bridge- Street, Manchester; and, by Appointment, of Howard Se Evans, 42, Long- Lane, West- Smithfield; Dicey & Co. Bow Church- Yard ; Barclay & Son, 95, Fleet- Market; Shaw & Edwards, 66, St. Paul's Church- Yard; Butler, 1, Chcapside; and Newbery & Sons, 45, St. Paul's Church- Yard, London; and Retail of Dicey & Sutton, Northampton; Green & Taylor, Ampthill; Gardner, Biggleswade; Palgrave, Bedford; Beesley, Banbury; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Ridge, Newark; Inwood, Newport- Pagnell; Tookey, Oundle ; Jacob, Peterborough; Wilcox, Tow- cester ; Paul, St. I ves ; Jenkinson, Huntingdon ; Collis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Tuck & Mather, Wellingborough; Darton, Hitchin; Simson, Hert- ford ; and of the principal Venders of genuine Medi- cines in the United Kingdom. BANKRUPTS required to SUT. RENDEB. Edward Rowson, of Binbrook, Lincolnshire, car- penter, Feb. 21, 25, and March 25, at the White- Hart inn, Lincoln. Attorney, Mr. Paddison, Lincoln. Daniel Basley, of Oxford, upholder, Feb. 20,21, and March 25, at the Angel inn, Oxford. Attorney, Mr. Robertson, Oxford. Loder Prickett, of Oxford, money, scrivener, Feb. 20, 21, and March 25, at the Angel inn, Oxford. At- torney, Mr. Robertson, Oxford. William Barker, of Newark- upon- Trent, Notting- hamshire, woolstapler, Feb. 24, 25, and March 22, at the Kingston- Arms inn, Newark- upon- Trent. At- tornies, Messrs. Smith Se Fox, Newark- upon- Trent. John Raby, of Narrow- street, Middlesex, ship- chandler, Feb. 10, 15, and March 22, at Guildhall, London. Attorney, Mr. Elstob, Catherine- court, Trinity- square. Edmund Rodd, of London- street, merchant, Feb. 11, 22, and March 22, at Guildhall, London. Attornies, Messrs. Gregson Se Dixon, Angel- court, Throgmorton- street. Richard Sherratt, of Liverpool, master- mariner, March 11, 12, and 22, at the Castle, Liverpool. At- tornies, Messrs. Murrow, Liverpool. Thomas Hunton and William Hunton, of Thornton- le- Moor, York, linen- manufacturers, Feb. 24, 25, and March 22, at the Golden- Lion, Northallerton, York. Attorney, Mr. Hirst, Northallerton. Samuel Raby, of Rotherliam, York, cheesemonger, Feb. 26 and 27, at the Angel inn, Doncaster, an4 March 22, at the Angel inn, Ferrybridge. Attorney, Mr. Benson, Thorne, York. John Pollard and John Thompson, of Preston, Lan- cashire, muslin- manufacturers, Feb. 20, 21, and March 22, at the Red- Lion, Preston. Attorney, Mr. Dewhurst, Preston. William Green, of Manchester, cotton- merchant, Feb. 17, 24, and March 22, at the Bridgewatcr- Arms inn, Manchester. Attorney, Mr. Hewitt, Manchester. John Leedham, of Kingston- upon- Hull, Yorkshire, drysalter, Feb. 21, 22, and March 22, at the Dog- and- Duck Tavern, Kingston- upon- Hull. Attorney, Mr. Sandwith, Hull. William Whatman, of Guildford, Surrey, butcher, Feb. 11, 22, and March 22, at Guildhall, London. Attornies, Messrs. Tebbutt & Shuttleworth, Gray's- inn- square. William Kemp, of Feversham, Kent, grocer, Feb. 15, 22, and March 22, at Guildhall, London. Attornies, Messrs. Joues & Green, Salisbury- square, Fleet- street. Joseph Gardner, late of Horsleydown- lane, South- wufk, lighterman, Feb. 11, 22, and March 22, at Guildhall, London. Attorney, Mr. Pasmore, Old. Broad- street. Abraham Horsfall and John Robinson, jun. Brad- ford, Yorkshire, woolstaplers, Feb. 24, 25, at the Talbot inn, Biadford, and March 25, at the Sun inn, Bradford. Attornies, Messrs. Hailstone Se Bentley, Bradford. John Mountain, late of Goswell- street, straw- hat- manufacturer, Feb. 15, 22, and March 25, at Guild- hall, London. Attorney, Mr. Fitzgerald, Lcman- street, Goodman's- fields. Robert Thomas, of Cowbridge, Glamorganshire, shopkeeper, Feb. 24, 25, and March 25, at the Bush Tavern, Bristol. Attornies, Messrs. Morgan Se Livett, Bristol. John Hickey, of Worcester, carver, gilder, and ca- binet- maker, Feb. 27, 28, and March 25, at the Hure- and- Hounds inn, Bedwardine, Worcestershire. At- torney, Mr. Sanders, Sidbury. Abraham Horstall, of Bradford, Yorkshire, wool- stapler, March 4, 5, and 25, at the Suninn. ASradford. Attorney, Mr. Lambert, Bradford. Charles Evans, of Nantwich, Cheshire, shoemaker, Feb. 24, 25, and March 25, at the Swan, Whitchurch, Salop. Attorney, Mr. Knight, Whitchurch. John Holland, of Gray's- inn- lane, oil and colour- man, Feb. 18, 25, and March 25, at Guildhall, Lon- don. Attornies, Messrs. Biandtord Se Sweet, King's- Bench Walks, Temple. Howard Spicer, of Walden, Essex, maltster, Feb. 19, March 8, and 25, at Guildhall, London. Attornies, Messrs. Westons, Fenchurch- street, London. Margaret Keatch, of Merton, Surrey, calico- printer, Feb. 18, 25, and March 25, at Guildhall, London. Attorney, Mr. Williams, Austin- Friars, London. William Wicks, of Oxford- street, Middlesex, tailor, Feb. 19, March 11, and 25, at Guildhall, London. Attorney, Mr. Meymott, Charlotte- street, Black- friars- road. James Honey, of Sittingbourne, Kent, woollen- draper, Feb. 22, 25, and March 25, at Guildhall, London. Attorney, Mr. Adarlis, 01d-£ ewry, London. Robert Guy, of Swan- yard, Shoreditch, Middle- sex, victualler, Feb. 15, 22, and March 25, at Guild- hall, London. Attorney, Mr. Hughes, King's- Bencli Walks, Temple. James Pepper, of Bishops- Hatfield, Hertfordshire, linen- draper, Feb. 15, 25, and March 25, at Guild- hall, London. Attorney, Mr. Mills, Ely- place. Thomas Satterthwarte, of Manchester, merchant, March 3, 4, and 25, at the Spread- Eagle inn, Man- chester. Attornies, Messrs. Sharpe & Eccles, Man- chester. William Parr, late of Lower- Shadwell, Middlesex, grocer, Feb. 19, 28, and March 25, at Guildhall, London. Attorney, Mr. West, element's. Inn. James Ward, late of Bermoitdsey, Surrey, brewer, Feb. 19, March 8, ai. d 25, at Guildhall, London. Attornies, Messrs. Aplin Se Son, Banbury, Oxon. MARKETS.— London, Feb. 10. We had but a moderate supply of Wheat to- day; fine samples were rather dearer than last Monday, but those of inferior quality did not experience a proportionate amendment in price.— Barley, being likewise a short supply, fine bright Suttolk samples fetched 24s. per quarter; the other sorts fully maintained their last reported value.— White Peas, and the two sorts of Beans are all, ow ing to a short supply, rather dearer. — We have also but tew fresh Oats up, and these sell for a trilie more money than this day se'nnight. Wheat.. 46s. to 58s. 66s. Fine Do. 68s. to 70s. Od. Rye . .. 3Hs. to 42s. Od. Barley.. 27s. to 32s. Od. Malt... 64s. to 69s. Oct. PRICE of FLOUR.- Oats 21s. to 30s. 0d. HorseBeaiis: i2s. to 38s. ( XI. Tick Ditto 26s. to 34s. Od. White Peas 28s. to 34s. Od. i Grey Ditto 30s. to 34s. Od. - Fine 60s. to 65s. Od. Hops, per Pocket.— Kent, 61. 0s. to 71. 15s.— Sussex, 61. 0s. to 71. 7s.— Farnham, 91. 0s. to 121. SEEDS, per Hundred Weight.— Carraway, 75s. Od. to 80s. 0d.— Coriander, 13s. (> d. to 15s. 0d.— Trefoil, 6s. 6d. to 31s. 0d. — Red Clover, 42s. Od. to 72s. Od. — Ditto ( old), — s. Od. to 86s. 0d.— White Ditto, 48s. Od. to 86s. 0d.— Rye- Grass, 13s. Od. to 30s. Od. — Turnip, — s. to— s. per Bushel. — Canary, 36s. Od. to 52s. ud. per Quarter.— Rape Seed, 381. to 421. per Last. SMITHFIELD, Feb. 10. To sink the ofial. Ox Beef, 4s. 6d. to 5s. 6d. Wether Mutton, 5s. Oil. to 5s. 8d. Veal 5s. Od. to 6s. 6d. Pork, 5s. Od. to 5s. 8d. Lamb, 0s. Od. 0s, Od. Sold this day, Beasts, 2200— Sheep and Lambs, 11,500. NEWGATE and LISADENHALL, Feb. 10. By the carcase. Beet', 3s. 6d. to 4s. 6d. Mutton, 4s. Od. to 4s. 8d. Veal, 4s. Od. to 6s. Od. Pork, 5s. Od. to 5s. 8d. Lamb, 0s. Od. to Os. Od. TA LLOW.— Town 72s. Od. White Russia— s. Od. to 68s. Od. ( Soap) — s. Od. to 67s. Od. Melting Stuff — s. to 57s. 6d. Ditto rough — s. to 39s. Good Dregs 10s. Od. Graves lis. 0d.' LEATHER, per lb. Butts, 50 to 561b. 2Id. to 23d. Ditto, 60 to 651b. 25d. to 2tid. Merchants Backs, 22,1. to 23d. Dressing Hides, 20d. to 2IJd. l ine Coach- Hides, 22d. to 23d. Crop Hides for cutting, 22J>. t to 2Id. Flat ordinary, 19£ d. to- 204d. Calf skins, 30 to 401b. per doz. 36d. to 40d. Ditto, 50 to 701b. ner doz. 36d. to 39d. Ditto, 70 to 801b. 34d. to . itjd Small Seals, per lb. 39.1. to 42d. Large Ditto, per do/,. 120s. to 180s. Goat Skins, — s. to — s. per j doz. Tanned Horse- Hides, 25s. to 40s. p. r Hide. NORTHAMPTON: Printed and Publislied by and for T: DICEY and IV. SUTTON.
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