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The Lancaster Gazette And General Advertiser For Lancashire, Westmoreland, &c.


Printer / Publisher: William Minshull 
Volume Number: V    Issue Number: 233
No Pages: 4
The Lancaster Gazette page 1
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The Lancaster Gazette And General Advertiser For Lancashire, Westmoreland, &c.
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The Lancaster Gazette And General Advertiser For Lancashire, Westmoreland, &c.

Date of Article: 30/11/1805
Printer / Publisher: William Minshull 
Address: Great John's-Street, Friarage, Lancaster
Volume Number: V    Issue Number: 233
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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THE No. > 33.— Vol. Y. AND GENERAL ADVERTISER FOR LANCASHIRE, WESTMORLAND, & c. Printed and Published by WILLIAM MINSHULL, Great Johns- Street, Friarage.—— SA TUR DAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1805 u;! « .-,••' jfitr [ No. 12 of the Quartet, LANCASHIRE GAME- DUTY. AN Alphabetical List of th « CERTIFICATES granteJ by the Clerk of the Peace for the county af Lancaster, between the 1Ith ( lay of July ami the 20 th day of Novem- ber, 1805, both days inclusive : the sum of three guineas hating been paid for each Certificate, in pursuance of an Act of Parliament passed in the 25th year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled " An Act for re- pealing an Act made in the 24th yeai of the reign of his present Majesty, intit » led " An Act for granting to his Majesty certain Duties on Certificates issued with respect to the killing of Game, ami for granting other Duties in lieu thereofand in pursuance of an Act of Parliament passed in the 31st year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled " An Act for grant- ing to his Majesty an Additional Duty on Certificates issued with- respect to the killing of Game." Atkinson tlia Rev. John, Over Kellet, clerk Atkinson Thos. Furness Abbey, esq Alker Edward, Samlesbury, gent Am, worth David, Preston, do Assheton William, Downham, esq Aspinal John, Standen, esq. Ashwoflh George, Carr, gent Atkinson Richard, Lancaster, esq Anderton William, lnce, do Anderton Thomas, dodo Ainsworth Richard, Blackourn, merch Ashworth Edmund, Turton, gent Appleton Edward, Cheetham, gent Ainsworth Henry, Anderton, tanner Aspinal Benjamin, London, gent Ainsworth Richatd, Halliwell; esq Ashworth John, Booth Fold, gent Astley Charles, Heaton Norris, tim- ber merchant Assheton Wrfi, jun. Downham, esq. Ashti. n John, Heap, tanner Ashton Joseph, Woolton, esq. Atherton James, Liverpool, mcr Aspinall Wi| liam, do do Atherton John, West DCrby, gent. Atherton Thomas, Piton, yeoman Atherton Edward, Liverpool* M. D. Andcrton John, Wrightington, gent Allanson F. dward, Ormskirk, do Ashworth Thomas, Balderstone, yeo Atkinson Marmaduke, Manchester, mer Ashton William A. Elton, farmer Alty Daniel, Knowsley, gent Atkinson John, Broughton, do Abraham John, Thornton, yeoman Alison Richard, jun. Liverpool, mer Ashe J. R. Ormskirk, gent Alston William, Longridge, do Askew Thomas, Cartmel, esq Atkinson John, Broughton, gent Austin John, Manchester, do Ashburner George, Holin Bank, do Ashton John, Oldham, do Antrobus Nathaniel, Manchester, do Ainsworth John, Leyland, esq Athlon George, Sale, Cheshire, do B Bradshaw Rt. Haldane, Worsley, esq Bradshaw John, Lancaster, do Bateson Gilbert, Over Wyersdale, gent Bainbridge Edmund, Carnforth, do Benson Geo. Hawkshead, do Bradshaw Rt. Lancaster, do Bradshaw James, do do Barrow F. dw. Allithwaite Lodge, esq Bond John, Lancaster, gent Briggs Francis, do do Bell Thomas, Garstanjf, esq Blanchard James, Preston, gent Barnes Kev. James, Samlesbury, clerk Bonny James, I. ytham, yeoman Berry Miles, Hoghton, gent Blackledge William, Wheelton, yeo Boardman Edward, Leyland, gent Brocklehurst John, Colthurst, do Blissitt David, Blackburn, do fjnotle Edward Wilbraham, Lathom HouSC, CS< J Bourne Cornelius, Wavertree, mer Bourne Peter, Liverpool, do Baldwin Richard, Clithero, Surgeon Buckley William, Rochdale, wool- stapler * Berthaw Paul Wm. Broughton, gent Burgess Henry, Salford, do Booth John, Gieenacres, do. Brandreth Will' « m, Rhrscongh. do . Brownbill Nehemiah, Little Wool- ton, do Bisphara John, do do Blundell Henry, lnce, e « q Blundell Bryan, Liverpool, gent Bentley William> lloughton Hall, esq Bibby William, Ormskirk, M D Beever William, Chorlton Row, mer Beever Wm. jun. Manchester, do Buxton Kt. Preston, gent Brandreth Edward, do do Brade Thomas, do do Bam ford James, HundersfieW, gent Blackburne John, Orford, esq Blackburne John J. do do Blomeley James, Chorlton, gent Brayshay Richard, Clone, do Bardsley Edmund, Crompton, manuf Baldwin John, Lancaster, gent Bradshaw Wm. Bradshaw, Ilalton Hall, esq Birch William, Manchester, gent Burton William, do. cotton- factor Ball Edward, Rochdale, gent Birch Seholes, Cartmel, do Brooks Joseph, Ulverston, esq Booth James, Manchester, g - nt Brockholes Wm. Fitzlierbert. Claugh- ton, esq Baines Thomas, do. gent Brighimore Edw. Slayley Bridge, esq Bonrdman Tiros. Manchester, gent Birchall James, Brindle, do Bradshaw ' Christopher, Lancaster, do Buckley Edward, Beaumont Hall, esq Bateson Giles, Park House, gent Burrow Edward, Ashton, Bolton, do Bondman Rt. Witton, do Booth George, Oldham, do Birch John, Broughtoti Lodge, esq Bevan Joseph, Wigan, do Briggs Rowland, Ulverston, geot Baron Samuel, Ainsworth, do Brown James, Wigan, do Bower Samuel, Blackburn, esq Butterwoith Jonathan, Lower Shore, gent Bradley John, Ashton under Line, esq Butler Ah, grander, Kirkland, do BrandWodfl James, Woodplumptorr, gent UlUby Jatnes, Bolton le Sa » ds, do Brandreth Thomas, Ormskirk, gent Barton Thomas, Aughton, do Bernard Wm. Henry, Liverpool, mer Bigland Geo. Bigland- hall, esq Boddingham Charles, Ulverstin, do Baldwin John, Aldingham, do Blois Ralph, Liverpool, gent Bullen Hugh, Much Woolton, mcr Birley William, Kirkham, do Birley Thomas, jun. do Blundell the Rev. Ths. Liverpool, clerk Beever Jonathan, Manchester, mer Brown Thomas, Formby, gent Bury Thomas, Everton, do Barlow James, Westleigh, esq Bainbridge George, Liverpool, mer Birnes the Rev. John, Huyton, clerk Builen James, Rainhill, gent 1 Bullen Thomas, do do Barker Thomas, Astley, esq. Bankes Meyrick, Winstanley, do Byrom Valentine, Liverpool, mcr Barker Jno. Garmstou, Tyldesley, esq Barlow James, Blackburn, surgeon Butler John Francis, Pleasirigton, esq Bickcrstatfe John, Penworthain, yeo Blackhurst Samuel, Much Iloole, esq Bateson Richard, Clayton, yeoman Bosworth William, Liverpool, mer Berry Samuel, Edge lane, gent Brown John, Liverpool, do Blair John, Manchester, merchant Briggs William, Barton, farmer Bonny John, Blackpool, gent Beck Peter, Salford, do Bradshaw John, Farnworth, do Blundell William, Little Crosby, esq Brooks the Rev. Jonathan, Liverpool, clerk Bowker John, Prestwich, gent Birch Joseph. Redhazles, esq Bury John, jun. Salfi » rd, gent Barton Jno. Swrrrti'n, esq. Hevan James, Lowton, do Borron John Arthur, Warrington, do Birchall John, Knowsley, gent Bankes John, do do Blundell Edward, Downholland, veo Bennett Henry L. West Derby, gent Bateson Richard, Lancaster, do Bispham William, Prescot, do Brandreth Thomas, Preston, do Birley James, Kirkham, esq Batty Richard, Dent, Yorkshire, inik Burrow Christopher, Burrow- hall, esq Bourne James, Stalmine, do Byrom Ashton, Toxteth Park, mer Ball Samuel, Roby, gent Barton James, Aldingham, esq Birley John, jnn. Bhckbum, do Birley Joseph, do do Brooke James, Liverpool, merchant Bridge James Oakes, do do Ball Robert, Dolphinglee, gent Brundrett Samuel, Manchester, do Bagshaw Richard, do do Baker J G. dodo Benson Arthur, Reading, esq Barnsley Joshua, Manchester, mer Bevan George, Liverpool, esq Biandwood John, Totting. on, gent Baldwin Richard, Toxteth Park, do Bradshaw John, Darcy Lever, esq Baron Daniel, Tarleton, maltster Bates Joshua, Halifax, merchant Booth man Thomas, Manchester, do Barton Henry, jun. do gent Cowburlie John, Manchester, hunts- man Coulston Joshua, Stonyburst, yeoman roinpton Thomas, Preston, gent Clayton William, Wigan, esq D Dowbiggin Thomas, Over Keltet, gt Dawson William, Hutton, do Dewhurst Robert, Blackburn, do Dock ray William, Hareholme, e^ q Dearden James, Rochdale, do Dewhurst George, Clayton, ljianuta Dalton John, jun. Thurnham Hall, esq Dearden Edwd. jun. Cawksholme, manufacturer Dease Gerald, Ulverston, e « q Dixon Henry, Liverpool, mer Dickin Job, Manchester, innkeeper Dobson Thomas, Caton, esq Dowbiggin | ohn, Lancaster, do Dearden Edward, Watty Mills, corn dealer Dearden George, do do Dewhurst Hugh, Preston, gent Dobson Thomas, Croston, yeoman Derbyshire Richd. Scarisbrick, gent Dickenson Jona. Pendlc Forest, do Dixon Jeremiah, Fell Foot, esq Dugdale Thomas, Kirkdale, gent Dix'bn James, Liverpool, esq. Drinkwater John, Jrwell House, do Dawson Pudsey, jfln. Liverpool, do Davies John Moore, Heskayne, gent Dunkerley John, fit Bank, esq. Davies Edward, Warrington, gent Duckworth Hugh, jun. Liverpool, do Dobson John, do do Dodson Robert, Lancaster, do Durning Robert, Edge Lane, do Dixon Joseph, Liverpool, mer Dickson Richard, Poulton, gent Dawson Henry, Preston, do Dixon Robett, Pilling, do Dak in William, Salford, innkeeper Davies John, Penketh, gent Dennison Thos. W. Liverpool, mer Dickson Edward, do do Dickson Richard, Grimsargh, gent Dempsey Jaincs, Liverpool, do Ednfundson Richd. Lancaster, gent Eccles John, Gootnargh, do Eckroyd Richard, Vlarsden, do Entwisle | ohn, Fox- Holes, esq Entwisle John, jun. do do Ellill William, Pendleton, gent Eccles George, liarnacre, yeoman Edwards John, Blakeley, gent Edleston Nathaniel, Livesey, yedman Ellingthorp RiclurdrBlackburn, mer- chant Ellison Henry, Yate Bank, yeoman Eastwood Henry, Burnley, gent Eccles Richard, Birks, do Edmondson Thomas, Grass Yard Hall, esq Eaton Evan, Scarisbrick, gent Ellison Arthur, Liverpool, surgeon Eagles Samuel, ditto gent Eccleston Thomas, Scarisbrick, esq Kardley John, Hulme, gent Edmonds John, Bolton- le- Sands, esq Eaton Isaac, West Derby, gent Edmondson John, Middleton, do Elietson Daniel, Parrox Hall, esq Earle William, Everton, do Entwisle Thomas, Pendlebury, do Clarkson Jlie Rev. Thomas, Heysham, clerk Chew James, Dutton, gent Critchley James, C'laughton, yeoman Critchley John, do do Chamley John, Grimsargh, do Cross William, Gdosnargh, do Clifton John, Lytham, esq Chew James, Blackburn, M. D. Cowburn James, Preston, merchant Clayton Ralph, Walton, do Carr Robert, Wavertree, gent Crossley John, Scaitliffe, esq Crosse Richard, Shaw- hill, do Crossley Anth. Todmorden- liall, do Carter Francis; jun. Lancaster, gent Claughton David, Sankey- bridge, do Calrow Richard, Bury, do Carter William, Manchester, do Crompton John, Crompton, do Card well Henry, Manchester, do Cottam Adam, Whallev, do Carter Thomas, Kirkby Ireleth, do Carter William, Lancaster, yeoman Chappell Geo. Royle, Chorlton, gent Clayton Thomas, Little Harwood, esq Cocker John, Roy ton, gent Croft James, Higher West End, do Cawthome J. Fenton, Wyersidj, esq Caton Richard, Heysham, do Caton Richard, Middleton, gent Clegg Arthur, Oldham, do Cotton William, Rivington, do Crook John, Huritroid, yeoman Crompton John, Farnworth, gent Chorley John, BlacklehurSt, do Chorhon Edmund, Hulme, do Chorley John Duckenfield, Halliwell, manufacturer Clegg John T. Oldham, merchant Collier John, Altringham, gent Collier Peter, Worsley, do Court Miles, Garstang, do Carter James, Lancaster, do Crossfield Thomas, Horton, do Caton Thomas, Middleton Brows, esq Crompton Peter, Eton, M. D. Case Thomas, Liverpool, merchant Case John Ashton, do do Coupland Richard, Bretherton, yeom Clifton Thomas, Wlversion, esq Cooper Thomas, Bickerstaffe, gent Crossfield Edward Mason, Liverpool, merchant Carmichael John, do do Cheshyre Samuel, do gent Chippendall William, do do Carruthers , esq. Captain Royal Marines Clare John, Sankey, gent Culshaw James, Aughton, do Clements Charles, jun. Liverpool, do Critchlow William, do merchant Clowes Thomas, Eccles, gent Crooke Samuel, Crook, esq Culshaw Ralph, Wrightington, gent Cukit John, Liverpool, do Clegg James, Martholme, farmer Colquitt Samuel Maj- tin, esq. Captain Royal N » » y Chippendale Rev. Giles, Winwick, clerk Crump John G. Liverpool, gent Caistor Thomas, Ardwick, brewer Colquitt Scrope, Liverpool, esq Cardwell John, Blackburn, do Carruthers John, Lancaster, druggist Clerke the Rev. Sir Wm Henry, bart. clerk. Bury Cardwell Thomas, Warrington, gent Cuckit James Thompson, Liverpool, merchant Cotter John, do do Cross James, Bolton, gent Ford John, Lancaster, esq Fielding Joseph, Catterall Hall, esq Fielding Henry, Catterall, do Fletcher John, Walton, yeoman Fisher William, Westby, gent Formby the Rev. Richard, Formby, clerk Foster John, Broughton, gent Fogg John, Manchester, esq Fletcher Thomas, Carnforth, do Freme | ames, Liverpool, mer Freme Thomas, do do FarrinRton William, Shaw Hall, esq Farrar Joseph, Liverpool, iner Fletcher Ellis, Clifton, gent Faithwaite Henry, Pott Yates, do Fisher Charles, Rivington, do Flemtning William, Pennington, do Fisher John, Wigan, do Forshaw Edward, Preston, do Ferreday William, West Derby, mer Fanshiw the Rev. John, Mycrscough, fclerk FgnshaWr Henry, do esq Ford the Rev. Gilbert, Ormskirk, clerk Farrington Richard, Kirkham, gent Fletcher Robert, Preston, esq Fowler George, Childwall, gent Finch Henry, Ulmes Walton, gent Faulkner Saml. Manchester, manu- facturer Forshaw John, Blackpool, gent Fitchett James, Warrington, do Forshaw Richard, Lathonl. do Frith Paul, Fazakerley, do Foulkes Edward, Manchester, do Forrest John, Liverpool, mer Finch John, Bretherton, yeoman Fletcher Ralph, Haulgh, esq Fell Thomas, Walncy, gent Finch Richard, Rufford, do Fletcher Matthew, Breightmet, esq Forshaw James, Preston, gent Gillow Rohert, Lancaster, gent Gardner Henry, do mer Gibson Richard, do gent Grcgson Alex. Samlesbury, do Gorst Septimus, Preston, dt> Garnett Jeremiah, Clithero, cotton spinner Green Thos. jun. Liverpool, watch maker Garrside John, Ashton- under- line, cotton spinner Glendiniug John, Manchester, do Greenwood John, Burnley, esq Gorrell William, Elton, yeoman Graham Launcelot, Liverpool, mer Gale General R. H. Bards'ea Hall Gardner Wm. Woodacre Hall, gent Gibbon John, Ashton- under- line, do Gaskell Lieut. Wm. 3d R. L. M. Garnett Robert, Manchester, gent Garnett William, do do Gerard Sir William, Ashton, baronet Gerard Evan Richaid, Aighton, esq Glover Isaac, Blackburn, gent Gillibrand Thomas, l'restori, gent Gibson Charles, Quermore Park, esq Gartside Gabriel, Wrightington, gent Greaves Joseph, Liverpool, mer Gregory Samuel, Pendleton, gent Gardner John, Dendron, do Gibbon james, l. avvton, Cheshire, yeoman Crimshaw John, jun. Preston, esq Giles Thomas, Lancaster, nier Gascoyne liatnber, Childwall, esq Gregson James, Liverpool, do Cregson Richard, do gent Gwillym Richard, Bcwsey, esq Gosncll John, Preston, esq Gaskell Peter, Liverpool, gent Greenall Peter, Windle, brewer Gaskell George, Upholland, gent Grundy Edmund, Seedfield, manu- facturer Glover Joseph, Sutton, gent Gardner Richard, Liverpool, do Gleave William, Rusholme, do Goodier Thomas, Stretford, do Greenway Charles, Blackburn, do Gratrix Charles, Manchester, do Gregory John, Urmston, farmer Gillow John, Elswick, yeortian H Hornby Edmund, Winwick, esq Hornby Geotl'rey, do do Hamilton and Brandon the Most No- ble the Duke of Hall Isaac, Cartmel, gent Horner Luke, Lancaster, esq Hinde Joshua, do do Hodgson ( ames, jun. Borwick, gent Hathornthwaite David, Forton, do Heskin William, Salisbury, do Hoghton Sir Hen Philip, Walton, bart Hoyle John, Hasiingden, melcht Hoghton Richard, Brindle, yeoman Hargreates the Rev. John, Bank Top, clerk Hargreaves John, Orinrod Hotise, esq Ho. le Thomas, Padiam, manufac Heatley William, Barton Lodge, esq Hough William, Chorley, gent Hacking James, Blackburn, do Housman William, Lancaster, esq Hall William, Chadderton, gent Hopwood Robert Cregge, Hopwood, esq Haworjh James, Shuttleworth, yeo Hxrrop John, Ashton - under - line, cotton spinner Higginbottom James, do do Halstead Lawrence, Burnley, esq Hargreaves James, do do Hinde William, Ellel Hall, do Hill Alexander, Heap, gent Hanson Samuel, Todmorden, inn- keeper Holt Robert, Lower Place, mercht Holt John, Cross Field, do Holt Robert, do do Holt Francis, Decplishill, do Hurst John, Manchester, gent Hughes John, Redcvales, manufac Haworth Thomas, jun. Oldham, gt Holt Arthur, Manchester, do Hardy Richard, Whalley, surgeon Harrison Thomas, Warrington, gent Hudson J. E. Gawksholme, manu- facturer Hoyle John, Colne, gent Hand Charles, Heywood, do Haworth George, Bacup, do Haworth George, Shawclough, do Haworth George, jun. do do Hughes [ oseph, Liverpool, mercht Hawkshead William, Heskin, esq Hawkshead Thomas, do do Hadwen Robert, Caton, gent Harrison Thos. Stayley Bridge, esq Hardman James, Summerville, gent Heaton Atherton, Rivington, do Hollingshead Wm. Hen. Blundcll, Liverpool, esq Hey James, Failinge, gent Heaton the Rev. Thomas, Clithero, clerk Hesketh Robt. Wennington Hall, esq Hodgson John, Hornby, gent Hall William, Lancaster, do Hartley Doctor, Oswaldtwisslc, inn- keeper Hutchinson Thos. Manchester, gent Haigh John, do do Hargreaves John, Fir Trees, do Hilton Matthew, Worsley, yeoman Hargrfaves James, Blakeley, gent Hobson Thomas, Haulgh, do Horrocks Christ. Rivington, farmer Horton the Rev. W. Rochdale, clerk Hutton William, I. ancaster, esq Holliday Robert, Woodplumpton, gt Hulton Henry, Preston, esq Houghton Edward, Liverpool, do Halewood Peter, sen. Nerherion, gt Halewood Peter, jun. do do Harrison Edward, Orrell, do Hartley Peter, Whittle, do Hargreaves H. Manchester, druggist Hunt Thomas, Aintrec, gent Hoskins Richard, Manchester, do Higson John, do do Hornby John, Newton with Scales, do Hesketh Sir Thomas Dalrymplt, Rufford Hall, bart Hull Edward, Poulton, gent Hornby William, Kirkham, mercht Hornby the Rev. H. St. Michael's, clerk Hilton Samuel C. Pennington, esq Horsfall Charles, Everton, inercht Hewitt Charles, Liverpool, do Ilardey George Newman, do gent Hargreaves Robert, Higham, do " Hunt James, Barton, do Holland John, Toxteth Park, do Haydock James, Atherton, do Heywood Francis, Liverpool, mer Higginson Ralph, Eccleston, yeo Hill Wm. Denton's Green, brewer Heaton John, Scarisbrick, gent Hawett Joseph, Upholland, do HoaretheRev. Edward Ilcnry, War- rington, clerk Hall John, Warrington, gent Heartly Richard, Preston, do Hall Richard, Liverpool, mer Houghton Wm. Newton Parks, esq Houghton Thomas, do do Hoklen James, Royton, yeoman Hesketh Bold Fleetwood, Rossall. esq Hughes Michael, Sutton Lodge, do Hunt William, Liverpool, gent Higson William, do mer Haydock John, Howick, gent Ilendrick Robert, Garstang, do Harrison Paul, Poulton, do Hathornthwaite Richard, Lower Lee, esq llatton William, Woolston, gent Higson Thomas, Halsall, do Hinde Samuul, Liverpool, mer Hunt Heniy( Much Hoole, yeoman llelme Richard, Goosnargh, gent Hull Thomas, jun. Poulton, do Holt John, Bispham Hall, esq Halstead Thomas, Manchester, do Haworth Adam, Lostock Park, yeo man Hutchinson the Rev. John, Allith- waite, clerk Hurst William, Warrington, esq Horrocks Joseph, Chamber Hall, do Hctnkinson Thomas, Woodplumpton, yeoman Holland William, Toxteth Paik, do Harrison John, Landing, esq Hull James, Poulton, gent Hamer James, Blackburn, do E. GORST, Deputy Clerk of the Peace for the said county. ( To be contimed.) GRAND LOTTERY Begins Drawing FEBRUARY 3d, 1906. SCHEME. 3 of. £ 10,000 .. are.. -£ 60,000 3 io 000 ... 30,000 3 5,000 15,000 3 2,000 .... - 6,000 8 : : 1,0.- 0 8,000 xo _*..:- 500 ........ 10,000 50 too 5, oro 120 50 6,000 5,000 First- drawn Tickets 21 110,000 25,000 Tickets £ 150,000 Purt of the above Capitals. First- drawn Ticket ist Day ....£ 40,006 Ditto 4th Day 20,000 Ditto 6th Day .... 20,000 Ditto 8th Day 5,000 Ditto .... 10th Day 2,000 TICKETS AND SCARES Are selling at every LICENSED LOTTERY OFFICE. PRESENT PRICE. Ticket..:. £\ y 15 o Half -£$ 19 o I Eighth o Quarter 5 i o | Sixteenth 1 5 6 * » * An early purchase is advised, as the first 5,000 tickets will be entitled to 211, each, besides their chance of the capitals. JAMES CARTER'S DIVIDEND." THE Creditors of JAMES CARTER, of Garstang, who have executed the trust deed, bearing dale the 8th day of May last, and those who are willing to execute the deed aforesaid, may receive a FIRST DIVIDEND, from Mr. JOHN GHADWEIL, Lord- street, Preston, any day after the 1st ot January, 180G. PRESTON, NOV. 12, 1805. DUTY ON PROPERTY. Exemptions and Allowances in respect of Col- leges, Friendly Societies, and Charitable In- stitutions, and Dividends belonging to Fo- reigners. THE Commissioners appointed for special purposes tinder certain Acts of the 43d and 4hth Yean of Ins present Majesty for granting a Contribu- tion 011 Property, '<£<•. hereby give hOl'ICK, that Persons may claim Exemptions from the said Duty : 1 ft, For the Duties charged on any College or Hall in any of the. Universities of Great Britain, and Offices belonging thereto, or for the money eipended in the necessary repairs thereof. 2d, For the Duties charged on the Scite of any Ihtpital, or Public School, or Almshouse, or Offices belonging thereto, or for the money expended in the necessary repairs the tof. 3d, For the Duties charged on the ft cuts of Lands, Messuages and Tenements, belonging to any Hospital, public School, or Almshouse, or vested in Trustees for charitable purposes. 4th, For the Dividends payable out of the public revenue and arising from the stock of any Friendly Society established under an A t of the 33d Year of his preseht Majesty. 5th, For the Dividends belonging to any Corporation, Fraternity or Society of Persons, established for cho* ritable purposes only, or appli aide by them to cha- ritable purposes only, pursuant to any Act of Parlia- ment, Charter, Decree, Deed of Trust, or Witl, in so jar as the Dividends before mentioned shall have been applied to charitable purposes. 6th, For the Dividends, bonil fide, belonging to any person not being a subject oj' his Majesty, tend not re- silient in Chi'at Britain. And that all Persons claiming such Exemptions are required to make their claims before the said special Commissioners in writing, to be delivered at the Office for Taxes, Somerstt Place, undtr cover to the Secretary for the Affairs oj' Taxes, and the forms for such claims are to be had at the said Office, and « t the Office of the Inspector for the Duty on Dividends at the Old Stock Exchange, of the Clerks to the Commissioners J'or executing the Property Act in the severul Districts, and of any Inspector or Surveyor of Taxes. liy Order of the Commissioners, MATTHEW WINTER. Office for Taxes, London, Nov. 22, 1805. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At Mr. JOHN WORTHINGTON'S, the Sun Inn, Ul- verston, Lancashire, on SATUBDAV the 11th January, tSOfl, the sale to begin at six o'clock in the evening ; rpHE following PROPERTY, belonging JL to WARHUHST, PROCTER, SANDYS, and CO. of Ulverston aforesaid, viz Lot 1. The REMAINDER of a LEASE, of which eight years will be unexpired on the 13th day of February, 1806, of a well- built COTTON MILL, situate at Lun Becks, near Ulver stonafore said ; containing, by admeasurement, about 30 yards in length, and 11 yards in width, with a wing 20 feet square, all four stories high ; in which lease there is a clause, that the lessee may have the whole premises any time previous to the expiration of the term, by the payment of 10001 together with a good Water Wheel, supplied with a fine stream of water, with the. valuable convenience of a lar^ e Reservoir; the Upright and Laying Shafts, and all the Going Geers ; WITH OR WITHOUT the MA- CHINERY therein, consisting of eleven carding engines, two drawing, two roving, arid one skeleton frame ; one stretching frame, of 102 spindles, and two of 72 spindles each ; two mules of 256, three of 240, two of 228, five of 224, and seven of 180 spindles each ; one of 168, one of 156, and one of. 150 spindles each ; all driven by water. Nine reels, twelve batting frames, a large number of skips, roving bobbins, smith, joiner, and turner's tools ; brass, iron, See. Lot 2. All that new erected MILL, called THE EL I. Kit MILL, situate in the Ellers, Ulverston aforesaid ; containing, by admeasurement, 22 yards in front, and 10 yards wide, with a wing 14 yards by 8 yards, three stories high ; with a Drying Stove near the same, 12 yards long, by 4 wide ; together with a good Water Wheel, 16 feet high, by 3 feet wide, with a good stream of water laid upon the top; the Uprignt and Laying Shafts, and all the Going Geer, as they are now at work; WITH OR WITHOUT the MACHINERY, consisting of four double caiding engines, four billies, two pickers, a willow, twenty- seven spinning jennies of 106 to 126 spindles each; a large number of skips, nine reels, joiner's tools, & c. Lot 3. The REMAINING PART of a LEASE, two years of which will be unexpired 011 the 1st July next, in the MILL, called THE LITTLE MILL, in the Ellers, Ulverston aforesaid ; with all the MACHINERY, consisting of four double card- ing engines, four billies,' two pickers, all driven by water; seven reels, thirteen jennies, of 104 to 106 spindles each ; a large number of skips, turner's tools, brass, iron, & c. In case the buildings are sold without the ma- chinery, it will be put up separately. It is all in good repair and going, and will continue so until the day of sale. For further particulars apply to Mr. WM. WARHORST, of Ulverston, who will shew the pre- mises. N. B. A part of the purchase- money miy remain at interest, if required. MONDAY'S MAIL. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. St. James's, Nov. 21, 1805. HIS M » jefty in Council was this cky pleafed to declare the Right Hon. Edward Earl of Powis, Lieutenant General and General Governor of that part of the United Kingdom called Ireland. ••>••<" LONDON, SATURDAY, Nov. 23. No intelligence from France of a later date than the 10th, or from Holland than the 14th inlt. have been received ill this oountry fince Sunday laft. It was yelterday rumoured on ' Change, that an csprefs had been received in town from Holland, which brought accounts of a very late date from Paris. It was fiated, on the aulhdrityof this information, that a great number of failures had taken place in the 1' renclj capital, and that the people were thrown into the greateft confternatton, by the con- fequent flagnation of trade, and the deep impreffion which the victory obtained over the combined fleets had produced upon the inhabitants of Paris. A private letter from Paris of the gth, is faid to have been received in town, which fiates, that the fecond furgebn of the Temple lately blew out his brains; buc previoully fent to three foreign Arhbafl'a- dors at Paris, an account of the fufferings and death of Captain Wright, for whom he had the greateft attachment. According to this ftatement, Capt. Wright had twice ftiffered tortures on the rack, after refilling Bonaparte's offer of being made an Admiral in France, if he betrayed the confidence of his own Government ; and when Talley- rand promifed to fend him back to England, he was then mutilated, and under the care of this furgeon. His death is faid to have been the fame as that of General Pichegru, by the tiring of a Mameluke, after having endured with h'eroifm all the tortures his inhuman perfecutors could inflift. A letter has been received from Lifbon, dated the 4th inftant, which contains lome additional particulars of the glorious vifitory of Trafalgar, and the events that fucccrded it.— It informs 11s, that Lord Robert Fitz- gerald, our Ambaflador at Lifljon, had received difpatches from Lord Collinf wood, of the 31ft ult. [ lis Lordfhip, after ftaiino' that he had been forced to deftroy all the prizes, adds, that he has on board his fleet 16,000 French and Spanifh prifoners. The, account of the viQory reached Lifb m jnft time enough to prevent the French from illuminating for their victories in Germany. A Swedilh vellel is arrived in the river, which left Vigo fome time in the beginning of the prefent month. We are happy to learn from her, that the Bellona man of war, about which fome gnxiety was enter- tained, was cruifing off that port when Ihe failed from it. The mailer ftates, that it was by no means underltood at Cadiz, that Lord Nelfon had affumed the command of the Btitilh fquadron at the time the com- bined fleet left that port. When the rem- nant of the fleet returned and gave intelli- gence of the capture of the reft, the whole place was in a ftate of the utmoli confter- nation, and even thofe ( hat announced the difaller l'eemed equally aftonifhed. It was admitted both at Cadiz and Vigo, that the lots fuftained by the combined fleets was ill all twenty- two fail of the line. The Ruffians and Swedes have paffed the Elbe on the 10th, llih, and 12th, and are now in co- operation with the Pruifians in Hanover; and the Ruffian troops landed at Venice from Corfu, have joined the Arch- Duke Charles on the Brenta, Difpatches were yefterday received at the Admiralty from our fleet off Breft. The enemy had not for lome time made any movement which called for increafed activity 011 the part of Admiral Cornwallis. The fecond expedition deflined for the Continent is expeded to fail in the courfe of a fortnight. The gth, 28th, 36th, and Sgth regiments are to form a part of it. Orders are reported to have been iffued from the War Office, to prepare camp equipage for 40,000 infantry, and 10,000 cavalry, for fervice on the Continent. The Duke of York, it is moll confidently afferted, has received his commiffion Commander in Chief of all our forces on the Continent. The Duke of Cambridge, it is likewife afferted, has received his commifiion as Commander in Chief of all the cavalry to be employed on the Continent, under the orders, of courle, of the Commander in Chief. Lord Cathcart will fet off in a few days on his embaffy to St Peterlburgh. The Earl of Powis, whom his Majefty has been pieafed to appoint fucceffor to the Earl of Hardwicke, as Lord lieutenant of Ireland, is fon to the late Lord Clive, who added the greater part of Bengal to the Britilh poffellions in India. The prefent Earl was alfo, for a few years, Governor of Fort George. The family of Clive affumed the name trom the manor of Clive, in Salop, in which county they have been l'eated fince the reign of Henry the Seventh. The. grandfather of the prefent Earl of Powis was member of Parliament for Mont- gomery ( hire. The celebrated Mrs. Lee, who has fo much occupied in the attention of the pnblic, is at length quietly fettled in a Clergyman's family near Gloucefter. She pays 3001. per ann. for herfelf a id fefrvant; and doubtlefs the fair runaway fi: ds at length her dreams of happinefs completely real- zed. FRIDAY'S MAIL. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY. Admiralty- Office, Nov. T]. Copy of a lettei received last night by the Hon. Captain Blackwood, from Vice- Admiral Lord Collingwood, Commander in Chief of his Ma- jesty's ships and vessels in the Mediterranean, to William Marsden, Esq. dated on board his Ma- jesty's ship the Queen, off Cape Trafalgar, Nov. 4, 1805. SIR, ON the 2Sth ultimo, I informed you of the proceedings of the fquadron to that time. The weather continuing very bad, the wind blowing from the S. W. the fquadron not in a fituation of fafety, and feeing little profpeit of getting the cap tured fliips off the land, and great rifk of fome them getting into port, 1 determined no longer to delay the deftroying them, and to get the fquadron out of the deep bay. ' Ihe extraordinary exertion of Captain Capel, however, faved the French Swift- fure ; and his thip the Phcebe, together with the Donegal, Capt. Malcolm, afterwards brought out the Bahama. Indeed, nothing can exceed the peifeverance of all the Officers employed in this fervice. Captain . Hope rigged and fncceeded in bringing out the lldefonfo, all of which, will, I hope, have arrived fafe at Gibraltar. For the reft, Sir, I enclofe you a lift of all the enemy's fleet, which were in the action, and how they are difpofed of, which, I believe, is perfe& ly corredt. j I informed you, in my letter of the 28th, that the remnant of the enemy's fleet came out a I'econd time to endeavour, in the bad weather, to cut off fome pf the hulks, when the Rayo was difmafled, and fell into our bands; the afterwards parted her cable, went on fhore, and was wrecked. The In- domptable, one of the fame fquadron, was alfo driven on fhore, wrecked, and her crew peri thed. The Santa Ana and Algeziras being driven near the ( liore of Cadiz, got fnch afliltance as has enabled them to get in ; but the ruin of their fleet is as complete as could be expe& ed, under the circutnftances of fighting them clofe to their own fliore. Had the battle been in the ocean, ftill fewer would have efcaped. Twenty fail of the line are taken or deftroyed ; and of thole which got in, not more than three are in a repairable fiate for a length of time. Hear Admiral Louis, in the Canopus, who had been detached with the Queen, Spencer, and Tigre, to complete the water, Hcc.. of thefe fhips, and to fee the convoy in fafety a certain diftance up the Mediter- ranean, joined me on the 30th. In clearing the captured fhips of prifoners, I found fo many wounded men, that to al- Jeviate human mifery as much as was in my power, 1 lent to the Marquis de Solana, Governor- General of Andahifia, to offer him the wounded to the care of their country, on receipts being given : a propofal which was received with the greatelt thankfulnefs, not only bv the Governor, but the whole country refounds w ith expreflions of grati- tude. Two French frigates were fent out to receive them, with a proper Officer to give receipts, bringing with them all the Jinglilh who had been wrecked in feveral of the fhips, and an offer from the Marquis de Solana of the ufe of their hofpitals for our wounded, pledging the honour of Spaki lor their being carefully attended. I have ordered rnoft ofi the Spanifh pri- foners to be releafed; the Officers on pa- role; the men for receipts given, and a condition that they do not ferve in war, by fea or land, until exchanged. By my correfpondence with the Mar- quis, 1 found that Vice Admiral D'Alava was not dead, but dangeroufly wounded, and I wrote to him a letter, claiming him as a prifor. er of war : a copy of which I enclofe, together with a ftate of the Mag Officers of the combined fleet. I am, & c. C. COLLINGWOOD. A list of the Combined Fleets of France and Spain in the action of 21st October, 1805, off Cape Irajut- gai, shewing how they are disposed of. L Spanish ship San lldefonso, of 74 guns, Briga- dier Don Joseph de Vargas ; sent to Gibraltar. 2. S[) » nish ship San Juan Nepomuceno, of 74 guns, Brigadier Don Cosme Churruca; sent to Gibral- tar. S. Spanish ship Bahama, of 74 guns, Brigadier Don A. D. G& liano, sent to Gibraltar. 4. French ship Swiftsure, of 74 guns, Monsieur V'llemadrin ; sent to Gibraltar. 5. Span sh ship Monarca, of 74 guns, Don Jeodoro Argiimosa ; wrecked off San Lucar. 6. EVfench ship Fougeux, of 74 guns, Monsieur Beaudouiu ; wrecked off Trafalgar, all perished, and thirty of the Temeraire's men. 7 French ship ludompt& ble, of 84 guns, Monsieur Hubert; wrecked off Rota, all perished. 8 French ship Bucentaur, of 80 gut:', Admiral Vilieneuve, Commander in Chief; Captains l'rigny, and Magendie ; wrecked on the Porques, some of the crew saved. 9. Spanish ship San Francisco de Asis, of 74 guns, Don Luis de Flores ; wrecked near Rota. 10. Spanish ship El Rayo, of 100 guns, Brigadier Don Henrique Macdonel ; wrecked near San Lucar. II Spanish ship Neptuno, of 84 guns. Brigadier Don Cavetano Valdes ; wrocked between Rota and Catolina. 12. French ship Argonaute, of 74 guns, Monsieur Epron ; on shore in the port of Cadiz. 13 French ship Berwick, of 74 guns, Monsieur Camas ; wrecked to the Northward of San Lucar. 14. French ship Aigle,^ of 74 guns, Monsieur Courrege ; wrecked near Rota. 15. French ' hip Achille, of 74 guns, Monsieur D'Nieuport ; burnt during the action. 16 French ship Intrepide, of 74 guns, Monsieur Iiifnrnet; burnt by the Britannia. > 7 Spanish ship San AugBstm, of 74 guns, Bri- gadier Don Felipe X. Cagigal ; burnt by the Le- viathan, 18. Spanish ship San'issima Trinidid, of 140 guns, Rear- Admiral Don BalthazarH. Cisneros ; Briea- dier Don F. U. fiaite ; sunk by'the I'rince, Nep- tune, Ac. ' " ' * 19. French ship Redoubtable, nfj- k guns, Mon- sieur Lucas; sunk astern of the Kwiftsure; Te- meraire lost thirteen, and Swiftsuremen. SO. Spanish ship Argonauts, of 80 g'uA, Don An- tonio Parejo ; sunk by the Ajax. 21. Spani- ll ship Santa Ana, of 112 gun?, Vice- Adoiiral Don Ignacio D'Alava ; Captain Don Joseph de Gardoqui, taken, but got into Cadiz in the gale, dismasted. 22. French ship Algeziras, of 7* guns, Rear- Ad: miral Magon ( killed) Captain MonVieur Bruaro ; taken, but got into Cadiz in the gale, dismasted. 23 French ship Pluton, of 74 guns, Monsieur CosmaVi; returned to Cadiz in a sinking state. 24. Spanish ship San Juste, of 7f| uns, Don Mi- guel Gaston; returned to CadiSS; has a foremast only. 23. Spanish ship San Leandro, of 64 guns, Don Joseph de Qpevedo; returned to Cadiz, dismasted. 26. French ship Neptune, of 84 guns, Monsieur Maistrial, returned to Cadiz, and perfect. 27. French ship Heros, of 74 guns, Monsieur Poulain; returned to Cadiz, lower masts in, and Admiral Rossillie's flag on board. 28. Spanish ship Principe de Austrias, of 112 guns, Admiral Don F. Gravina, Don Antonio Escano, & c. returned to Cadiz, dishiasted. 29. Spanish ship Montartez, of 74 guns, Don Francisco Alcedo ; returned to Cadiz. 30. French ship Formidable, of 80 guns, Rear- Ad miral Dumanbir; hauled to the Southward and escaped. 31. French ship Mont Blanc, of 74 guns, Mon- sieur Le Villegries ;' hauled to the Southward, and escaped. 32. French ship Scipion, of 74 guns, Monsieur Berenger; hauled to the Southward, and escaped. 33. French ship Duguay Trouin, of 74 guns, Monsieur Touffet; hauled to the Southward, and escaped. N. B. These four ships were captured by Sir Richard Strachan on the 4th instant. ABSTRACT. At Gibraltar Destroyed - In Cadiz, Wrecks In Cadiz, serviceable Escaped to th* Southward 4 16 6) 3$ 9 - - 4 Total 33 A list of the names and rank of the flag office's oj the Combined Flett of France and Spain in th, action of the 21s( of October, 1805. Admiral Villeneuve, Commander in Chief; Bu- centaur— Taken. Admiral Don Frederico Gravina ; Principe de Asturias— Escaped, in Cadiz, wounded in the arm. Vice- Admiral Don Ignatio Maria D'Alava ; Santa Ana — Wounded severely in the head, taken, but was driven into Cadiz in the Santa Ana Rear- Admiral Don Balthazar Hidalgo Cisneros ; Santissima Trinidad— Taken. Rear- Admiral Magon ; Algeziras— Killed. Rear- Admiral Dumanoir; Formidable— Escaped. Euryalus, off Cadii, October 27, 1805. MY LOHD MARQUIS, A great number of Spaniffi fubjeits hav- ing been wounded in the late a6tion, between the Britifh and the Combined Fleets of Spain and France, on the 21 ft inft. huma- nity, and my defire to alleviate - the fuffer- ings of thtfe wounded men, di& ate to me to offer to your Excellency their enlarge- ment, that they may be taken proper care of in the hofpitals on fhore, provided your Excellency will fend boats to convey them with a proper officer, to give receipts for the number, and acknowledge them in your Excellency's anfwer to this letter to be pri- foners of war, to be exchanged before they ferve again. I beg to affure your Excellency ef my high confederation, and that I am, & c. ( Signed) C. COLLINGWOOD. To his F. xceUency the Marquis de Solatia, Captain General of Andulusia, Gover- nor, < Jc. ( j- c. Cadii. Conditions on which the Spanifh wounded pri- foners were rcleajed, and fent on fhore to ihe bofpilal. i Guilleme Valverde, having been autho- rized, and empowered, by the Marquis de Solana, Governor- General of Andalufia and of Cadiz, to receive from the Englifli fqua- dron tire wounded prifoners, and l'uch perfons as may be neceflary to their care, which releale arid enlargement of the wounded, & c. is agreed to, on the part of the Commander in Chief of the Britith fquadron, on the pofitive condition, that none of the (" aid prifoners fliall be employed again, in any public fervice of the Crown of Spain, either by fea or land, until they are regularly exchanged. Signed on board his Britannic Majefty's fliip Euryalus, at fea, Oflober 30, 1805. ( Signed) GUI£ L DE VALVERDE, Edecan de S. E. StR, Fury a I its, off Cadiz, Oct. 30, 1805, It is with great pleafure that I have heard, the wound you received in the aSion is in a hopeful way of recovery, and that your country may ftill have the benefit of your future fervice But, Sir, you lurrendered yourfelf to me, and it was in confideration only of the ftate of. your wound, that you were not removed into my ( hip.— I could not diflurb the repofe of a man fnppofed to be in his laft moments; but your fword, the emblem of your fervice, was delivered to me by your Captain, and I expedt that you con- fider yourfelf a prifoner of war, until you fliall lie regularly exchanged by cartel. I have the honour to be, & c. C. COLI. INGWOOB. To Vice- Admiral Don Ignatio Maria D'Alava. Sent under cover to Admiral Gravina. An abstract of the billed and wounded on board the respective ships composing the hritish squadron, under the command of the Right Honourable Vice- Admiral Lord Viscount Nelson, in the action of the 2Ut of October, 1805, off Cape Trafalgar, with the combined fleets of France and Spain. Victory— 4 officers, 3 petty officers, 32 seamen, and 18 marines, killed ; 4 officers, 3 petty offi- cers, 69 seamen, and 9 marines, wounded.— Total 132. Royal Sovereign— 3 officers, 2 petty officers, 29 sea- men, and IS marines, killed; 3 officers, !> petty officers, 70 seamen, and 16 marinas, wounded.— Total 141. Britannia— 1 officer, 8 seamen, and 1 maiine, kil- led ; 1 officer, 1 petty officer, 33 seamen, and 7 marines, wounded.— Total 52. Temerairt— 3 officers, 1 petty officer, 55 seamen, and 8 marines, killed ; 3 ufficers, 2 petty- officers, 59 seamen, & 12 marines, wounded.— Total 123. Prince— None. Neptune— 10 seamen, killed; 1 petty officer, 30 seamen, and 3 marines, wounded.— Totr. l 44. Drradnotight— 6 seamen, and 1 marine, killed ; 1 officer, 2 petty officers, 19 seamen, and 4 marinas, wounded — Total 33. Tonnant— Not received. Mors— 1 officer, 3. petty officers, 17 seamen, and 8 marines, killed ; * officers, 5 petty officers, 44 seamen, and 16 maiines, wounded.— Total 98. Betlerophov'— 2 officers, 1 petty officer, 20 seamen, and 4 marines, killed ; 2 officers, 4 petty officers, 97 seamen, & 20 marines, wounded.— Total 150. Minotaur•— 3 seamen killed ; 1 officer, 1 petty offi- cer, 17 seamen, and 3 marines, wounded.— Total 25- • Revenge— 2 petty officers, 18 seamen, and 8 maiines, killed ; 4 officers, 38 sesmen, ' and 9 marines, wounded — Total 79. Conqueror— 2 officers, 1 seaman, killed ; 2 officers, 7 seamen, wounded.— Total 12. Leviuthan~ 2 seamen, and 2 marines, killed; 1 petty officer, 17 seamen, 4 marines, wounded.— Total 26. Ajai-°- 2 seamen, killed; 9 seamen, wounded.— * Total 11. Orion— 1 seaman, killed; 2 petty officers, 17 sea- men, and 4 marines, wounded.— Total 24. Agamemnon— 2 seamen, killed; 7 seamen, wound- ed.— Total 9. Spa'tiate— 3 seamen, killed; 1 officer, 2 petty officers, 16 seamen, and 1 maiine, wounded.— Total 23. Africa— 12 seamen, and 6 marines, killed ; 2 offi- cers, 5 petty officers, 30 seamen, and 7 marines, wounded.— Total 62. BeI'. eisle— 2 officers, 1 petty officer, 22 seamen, and 8 marines, killed ; 3 officers, 3 petty officers, 68 seamen, and 19 marines, wounded.- r- Total 126. Colossus— 1 officer, 31 seamen, and 8 marines, kil- led ; 5 officers, 9 petty officers, 115 seamen, and 31 marines, wounded — Total 200. Achille— 1 petty officer, 6 seamen, and 6 marines, killed; 4 officejs, 4 petty officers, .37 seamen, and 14 marines, wounded— Total 72. Polyphemus— 2 seamen, killed; 4- seamen WOUnded. — Total 6. Swifts aft— 7 seamen, and 2 marines, killed ; 1 petty officer, 6 seamen, and 1 marine, wounded. — Total 17. Defence— 4 seamen, and 3 marines, killed ; 23 sea- men, and 6 marines, wounded.— Total 36. Thunderer— 2 seamen, and 2 marines, killed; 2 petty officers, 9 seamen, and 1 marine, Wounded. — Total 16. Defiance— 2 officers, 1 petty officer, 8 seameti, and 6 marines, killed; 1 officer, 4 petty officers, 39 seamen, and 9 marines, woundui.— Total 70. Total.— 21 officers, 15 petty officers, 283 sea- men, and 104 marines, killed; 41 officers, 57 petty officers, 870 seamen, and 196 marines, wounded — Total 1587. ( Signed) C. COLLINGWOOD. Return of the names of the Officers and Petty Officers killed and wounded on board the Jhift ( f / be Rritijb Squadron in the afflion witb its Combined Fleets of France and Spain, Cape Trafalgar, on the 2\ Jl October, 1805." KILLED. ViBory— The Right Hon. Lord Vifcount Neifon, K. B. Vice- Admiral of the White, Commander in Chief, & c. & c. & c. John Scott, Efq Secretary ; Charles W. Adair, Captain, Royal Marines; William Ram, Lieutenant; Robert Smith and Alexander Palmer, Midshipmen ; Thomas Whipple, Captain's Clerk. Royal Sovereign— Brice Gilliland, Lieutenant; Win. Chalmers, Mafter; Robert Green, Second Lieutenant of Royal Marines; John Aikenhead and Thomas Braund, Midfhipmen. Britannia— Francis Rofkruge, Lieutenant. Temeraire— Simeon Bufigny, Captain of Royal Marines; John Kingfton, Lieu- tenant of Itoyal Marines; Lewis Oades, Carpenter; William Pitts, Midfhipman. Prince, Neptune, Dreadnought, Minotaur, Le- viathan, Ajax, Orion, Agamemnon, Spar- tiate, Africa, Polyphemus, Swftfure, De- fence, and Thunderer— None. Tonnant— No Return. Mars— George Duff, Captain ; Alexander Duff, Maftei's Mate; Edmund Corlyn and Henry Morgan, Midfhipmen. Relleropbon— John Cooke, Firtl Captain ; Edward Overton, Mafter; John Simmeni, Midfliipman. Revenge— Thomas Grier and Edward F. Brooks, Midlliipmen. Conqueror-*- Robert Lloyd and Win, M. St. George. Lieutenants. BeV. eifle— Ebenezer Geall and John Woodin, Lieutenants; George Nind, Midfliipman. Colojfus— Thomas Scriven, Mafter. Acbille— Francis John Mugg, Midfliipman. Defiance— Thomas Simeons, Lieutenant; W. Forfter, Boatfwain; James Williamfon, Midfhipman. WOUNDED. V. ftory— John Pafco and G. Miller Bligh, Lieutenants ; Lewis B. Reeves and .1. G. Peake, Lieutenants of Royal Marines; William Rivers (( lightly) G. A. Wefi- phall, and Richard Bulkeley, Midfliip- men John Geoghehan, Agent Vic- tualler's Clerk. Riyal Sovereign— John Clavell and James Bafhford, Lieutenants; James Le Aef- conte, Second Lieutenant of Royal Ma- rines ; William Watfon, Matter's Mate; Gilbert Kennicott, Grenville Thompfon, John Campbell, and John Farrant, Mid- fhipmen ; Ifaac Wilkinfon, Boatfwflin. Britannia— Stephen Trounce, Mafter ; Wm. Grint, Midthipman. Temeraire— James Mould, Lieutenant j S. J. Payne, Lieutenant of Royal Marines; John Brooks, Boatfwain; T. S. Prioe, Matter's Mate ; John Eaftman, Midthip- man. Neptune Hurrell, Captain's Clerk. Dreadnought— Jas. L. Lloyd ( flightly) Lieu- tenant ; Andrew M'CuIlock and James Saffin, Midftiipmen. Tonnant— No return. Mars— Edw. Garrett and James Black, Liea- tenar. ts ; Thomas Cook, Msfter; Tho- mas Norman, Sccond Captain of Royal Marines; JoJin Yonge, George Guiren, William John Cook, John Jenkins, and Alfred Luckraft, Midfliipmen. Belleropbon— James Wemys, Captain of the Royal Marines ; Thomas Robinfon, Boat- fwain ; Edward Hartley, Mailer's Mate; William N. Jewell, James Stone, Thomas B. int, and George Pearfon, Midlliipmen. Minriaur — James Robinfon, Boatfwain; John Samuel Smith, Midlhipman. Revenge— Robert Moorfom, Capt. ( llightly); Luke Brokenlliaw, Matter ; John Berry, Lieutenant; Peter Lily ( flightly), Capt. of Royal Marines. Conqueror— Thomas Wearing, Lieutenant of Royal Marines; Philip Mendel, Lieute- nant of his Imperial Majefty's Navy ( both flightly). Leviathan— J. W. Watfon, Midlhipman, ( flightly). Orion Saufe, C. P. Cable, Midfhip- men ; ( both ilightly). Spartiate— John Clarke, Boatfwain ; Bellairs, and Knapman, Midfliip- men. Africa— Matthew Hay, Ailing Lieutenant ; James Tynmore, Captain of Royal. Ma- rines; Henry Weft and Abraham Turner, Maimer's Mates; Fred: White ( flightly), Philip J. Elmhurfl, and Jbhn P. Bailey, Mid tliipmen. Belleifle— William Terrie, Lieutenant; John Owen, Firft Lieutenant ol Royal Marines; Andrew Gibfon, Boatfwain J William H. Pearfon, and William Culfield, Matter's Mates; Samuel Jago, Midlhipmanj J. T. Hodge, Volunteer, Firft Clafs. Coloffus— James N. Morris, Captain ; Geo. Bully, Lieutenant ; William Forfter, Ading Lieutenant; John Benfon, Lieu- tenant of Royal Marines ; Henry Mil- banke, Matter's Mate; William Her- ringham, Fred. Thiftlewayte ( flightly), Thomas Geo. Reece, Henry Snellgrove, Rawden M'Lean, George Wharrie, Tim. Renou, and Geo. Denton, Midlhipmen ; \> illiam Adamfon, Boatfwain. Achille— Parkins Prynn ( flightly), and jofias Bray, Lieuienants; Praltns Weftroppe, Captain of Royal Marines, Wm. I. eddon, Lieutenant of Royal Marines; George Pegge, Matter's Mate; Wm. H. Slaines, and Wm. J. Snow, Midfliipmen; W. Smith Warren, Volunteer, Firft Clafs. Swiftfure— Alex. Bell Hancock, Midfliip- man. Thunderer— John Snell. Matter's Mate; Alexander Galloway, Midlhipman. Dcfiance—- P. C. Durham ( flightly), Captain ; Jas. Spratt, atid Robt. Browne, Matter's Mates; John Hodge, and Edmund An- drew Chapman, Midlhipmen. Prince, Ajax, Agamemnon, Polyphemus, and Difencc— None. ( Signed) C. COLLINGWOOD. LONDOti, WEDNESDAY, NOV. 27. The long expected difpatches from Lord Collingwood are at length arrived, and it is with the greateft pleafure we announce to our readers, that, contrary to the general expeftation, his Lordfliip has riot been under the neceffity of deftroying the whole of the prizes— four have been faved, three Spanilli and one French, and carried iuto Gibraltar — fixteen have been deftroyed, after the crews had been taken out and brought cfn board our fhips. To complete our fatisfac- tion, not one of our fliips has been loft, nor has any accident happened to any of the fleet fince the glorious vi& ory. The difpatches were brought to the Ad- miralty laft night by the Hon. Capt. Black- wood, of the Euryalus, on board of which are the French Admiral Villeneuve, and his Firft Captain Captain Blackwood left his fhip ill the Channel, proceeding with a fair wind for Spithead— he landed in his boat at Falmouth. The Euryalus has brought home a great quantity of letters to the relatives and friends of our gallant tars. His Majefty's fliips Vidory ( with the remains of the late Lord Neifon on board) and Belieille, left the fleet on the 5th inft. on their way to England. STOCKS— 3 per Ct. Con 6CJ Omnium 6J pr. OOaeOOOOO 0503i5f30e83089e00 TO BE SOLD, BY TICKET, At the house; of THOMAS WILLIAMSON, his Graces- Arms, in Cabus, on MONOAV the 2d of December, 1805, the sale to begin at twelve o'clock at noon ; THE following LOTS OL Q\ K, ASM, ALDER, and P L A N E TIMBER TREES, now growing within the township of Cabus : Lot 1. One Hundred and Sixty- nine OAK, Seventv- « ight ASH, ALDEB, and PLANE TREi. B, gr,.. » . R 011 William Gardner, James Wilkinson, and Robert S* arbreck's farms J'ames Wilkinson will shew this lot. Also, OAK, ASH, and ALDER TIMBER TREES, now growing within the township of Clevely. Loi' 2. Sixty- six OAK, One Hundred and Fifty- two ASH and ALDER TREES, growing on John Gonial, John Cooper, David Kathornthwaiie, and Johrr Thornton's farms. Lot 3. Eighty OAK, One Hundred and Ninety ASH, ALDER, and PLANE TREES, growing on James Varley, Thomas Richmond, William Harrison, Johii Thornton, and Robert Swarbreck's farms. John Cooper will shew the two last lots. N. B. The oak wood in lots 1 and 2, is par- ticularly large, and suitable for quartering, ship building, mill wrights, & c. Jrc. n't)* For further particulars apply to Mr. THOMAS LAMB, his Grace the Duke of HAMILTON and BRANDON'S agent. NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND DEBTOR3. WHEREAS WILLIAM ARMIT- STEAD, of Ridley, in Tatham, in the county of Lancaster, husbandman, hath, by deed of assignment, duly executed arid attested, assigned and set over all his estate, goods, and effects, what- soever and wheresoever, unto JOHN PAKKSR, of Stouvin, in Roberindale, in the said county, hus- bandman. and JOHN HARLING, of Smearhaw, in the said county, banksman, IN TRUST for the benefit of his creditors. All persons to whom the said William Armitstead stands indebted, are requested to delivem a n ac- count of their respective demands against him, to the said assignees, or one of them, or t » Mr. PARKSR, solicitor, in Lancaster. And all those who are indebted to the « aid Wil- liam Armitstead, are requested to pay what they owe to him or his estate, to the said assignees, or one of them, or to the said Mr. PASKER, without delay. LANCASTER, Nov. 18, 1805. For Coughs, Asthmas, Consumptions, CUNDELL'S IMPROVED BALSAM OF HONEY. NO medicine has arrived at greater cele- brity than CUNDKL L'S BALSAM OF HO NIY :— Its peculiar safety and superior efficacy being attested by the great number of persons who have been cured of the most obstinate disorders of the lungs. Irritating coughs, and distressing asthmas, are- tp^ edily soothed away by its detergent and strengthening powers, and the most tender INFANTS in the HooriNc- CoccM are relieved by its healing and salutary effects, CUNDELL'S IMPROVED BALSAM of HO- NEY is sold wholesale by Messrs. Howard and Evans, No. 42, Long- lane, West- Smiihtield, I. on- don, sole agents for the supply of the country, in bottles at : 2s. 6d.— 5s. 6d. and 2s. gd. each, and retail, by W. Minshull, Printer of this Paper, and Turner, Lancaster; Bannister, Blackbuin; Bell, Garstang; Croft, Preston; Staines, Manchester; Langdale, Northallerton; Lyon, Wigan; Bran- thwaite, Kendal; and Foster, Kirkby Lonsdalf ; and by every vender of medicine tltroufchout the kingdam. ' NEW FOLIO EDITION OF MATTHEW HENRY'S Exposition on the.: Old and New Testament, Taken verbatim from rhe best I. ondon Edition, without any abridgement whatever. This Day is published, PRICE ONLY HIGHT-' PENCK, Containing Three Whole Sheets of Large Demy Letter press, and embellished with an elegant PORTRAIT of the Rev. MATTHEW HENRY, beautifully engraved by C. W A- RRF. N", NUMBER I. ( To be continued Weekly) of an ' EXPOSITION ' ON T H I OLD AND NEW TESTAM£ NT, Wheiein each Chapter is summed up in its Con- tents ; the SACRED TEXT inserted at large in distinct Paragraphs; each Paragraph reduced to its proper heads; the sense given, and largely illus- trattd with PRACTICAL REMARKS and OB- SERVATIONS, forming ihe most complete FAMILY BIBLE Ever published. Illustrated with upwards of ONE HUNDRED ELEGANT ENCRAVINCS, des- criptive of the most material TRANSACTIONS- lecorded in the SACRED SCRIP TURE. BY MATTHEW HENRY, Late Minister of the Gospel. TheRrv. MATTHEW HE N R Y's annotations on the Bible, have been so long and so universally approved, that all encomiums on that excellent performance would appear highly impertinent. From that valuable source of practical divinity, all the modern commentators have extracted their jest materials ; but by their injudicious interpola- tions and abridgements, they have greatly impaired the general spirit of Christianity which breathes through every page of that evangelic work, and in sdme instances have grossly mjsrcpresenieJ the author's meaning. For many years ihe circulation of this valuable work was impeded, from the in- ability of many persons to purchase so voluminous a library of Christianity at once ; but, to remove this obstacle, the proprietor of the present edition has published it in Weekly Numbers ; and having provided paper of a large size, and completely filled the capacious pages with the inestimable contents, he is enabled to comprize the whole iu only Throe Volumes instead of Five, as it was origi- nally published. In addition to the g> cat superiority with which the publisher has brought forward this work, he has at a very great expence, and by the assistance of several respectable Ministers, published ths Life of the Rev. Matthew Henry. With an account of his other numerous works* from which copious extracts are given. This biographical account likewise contains the analysis of several courses of sermons preached by Mr. HENRY on particular subjects, and these, with a number of other hints and materials, ari} intended for, and will be found to be exceedingly usetul, not only to private Christians, but to those who are students in divinity, or who are educating ior the work of the Ministry. This work is embellished with upwards of one hundred beautiful engravings which are selected from such passages of holy writ, as not only to represent a complete HJSTOR v of the LIFE and SUFFERINGSof OUR BLESS ED REDEEMER, but the most remarkable miracles and transactions ofthe Patriarchs, Prophets, Evangelists, Apostles, & c. These engravings are superior to any given in works of double the price. Upwards of ten years having elapsed since the proprietor printed his first impression of this work* precludes the necessity of his expatiating on 119 merits, as he has in that space of time experienced the most distinguished encouragement from public favour; the very large impression which has aU ready been sold, and the daily acquisition of fresh subscribers, sufficiently demonstrate the public approbation. He therefore thinks it his duly toi assure his readers, that the same attention which insured him past success, shall not be relaxed in future. The public are assured, that this edition is printed literally from the best London tdition which was printed from the author's manuscript, anj not in the least abridged. The whole of this work being printed off, may be had by gradation weekly or in any quantity of number* at a time, as may suit the convenience of the purcha- ser. Or elegantly bound in three volumes, culfr lettered. London: Printed and published by J. STRAT-. FORD, No. 112, Holborn hill And sold by alt other booksellers and newscarriers in the uaited kingdom. TIMBER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, A' the house of Mr. STEPHEN WINDER, the sig » of the Royal- Oak, in Garstang, on TUESDAY the 3d day of December, 1805>, the sale to begin at four o'clock in the afternoon ; THE following LOTS of capital and well- grown TIMBER and other WOOD, suitable for CHAIR - MAKERS, HOOFERS, and other person*, now growing upon Ilayshaw Estate, in Over Wyersdile, u the Siine are now marked, num- bered, and cyphered, and be- longing to the Rev. John Fanshaw, of Mverscoueh Hall Lot t Five Hundred and Twenty OAK TREES, and One Thousand One Hundred and. Eighteen CYPHERS, with their BARK. Lot 2. One Hundred and Sixtv - F've ASH TREES, and Five Hundred and Thirty- light CY- PHERS. Lot 8 Seventy- Six ALDER TREES, and One Hundred and Five CYPHERS. Lot 4 Eighteen SYCAMORE TREES, ani Twenty- five CYPHERS. Time for payment of the purchase- money, and taking away the wood, will be appointed at the time of sale, when a deposit of ten per cent, in part of payment, will be requited. Mr. THOMAS RICHMOND, or any of the tenants, of Hayshaw afoiesaid, will shew the above timber ; and for other information apply at the office of Mr. TOMLINSON, solicitor, in Gat- stang. CAKSTANO, NOV. 14, 1805. TIMBER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At KIEBLSTON BOWLING GIIEEN, near Pre » ton, on TuETDAY the 10th of December, 5805, at six o'clock in ( he evening ; ( subject to such co » - ditions as will be then produced.) Lot 1. /^ v N E Hundred \_ J Eighty- four OAK TREES, and One Hundred Sixty- six CYPHERS. Lot 2. One Hundred Twenty- two ASH TREES, and Forty- eight CYPHERS. Lot 3 Sixtv ALDER TREES, and Nineteen CY- PHERS. Lot 4. Twenty- five PLANE TREES, and Eight CYPHERS. ' Lot 5. Thirty- seven APPLE, CRAB, THORN, and CHERRY TREES. The above timber is growing about two miles from Broughton - four - lane - ends, upon faims in Haighton, in the possession of Richard Duckworth, Joseph Dickinson, John Mather, and Richard Rigby. *^* HENRY GREEN, of Fearnyhalgh, will shew the same, and further particulars may be had of Mr GERARD, or at the office of BLANC* ARD andCARR, rn Preston, TO BE LET, FOR A TEEM OF SEVEN YEARS, From Candlemas and May- day neat; At the house of Mr. JOHN CARR, the sign of the Queen's- Head, in Lancaster, on SATURDAY the 7th day of December, 1805, at three o'clock in the afternoon : ALL that ESTATE or FARM, situate and being at Lindeth, in the parish of Warton, in the said county, called DYKE- HOl'fiE ; consist- ing of a convenient dwelling- house, barn, stable, and other outhousing, and of eighteen acres of j land, customary measure, or thereabouts, now in the possession of Mr. William Hutton, as tenant. * § * The tenant will shew ihe premises ; for oilier particulars apply to Mr. WILLIS, attorney, Lancaster. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the house of Mr. EDWARD CLOUGH, the sign of tbe Red- Lion, within Preston, on MONDAY the 9th day of December, 1805, at six o'clock in the evening ( subject to such conditions as will be then produced) ... ALL that convenient and modern- built DWELLING- HOUSE; consisting of an ex- cellent dining- room, breakfast- parlour, study, house- keeper's- room, butler's- pantry, servants- hall, with good kitchens and cellaring ; a handsome, com- modious drawing- room, and a number of con- venient bed- rooms, dressing- rooms, Ac. together with stabling for six horsbs, two coach- houses, and other premises behind the same ; being the centre house upon the Terrace, within Preston, now in the possession of John Dalton, Esq the owner. Arid also, all that CLOSE of LAND, situate and being on the South side of Fishergate- lane, within Preston, between the houses of Dr. St. Clare, and Mr. Walton, now used as a garden, and in the possession of Mr. Thomas Glover. This piece of land is in a most desirable situation for building upon, and will be sold in lots, either upon ground rents or otherwise ; a plan of which may be seen at the counting- house of Messrs. Wren, Corry, and Woodcock, comprising the intended new street through the same close, and extending up to Gibson's Summer- house. Further information maybe had from Mr. WM. CORRY; or Messrs. BLANCHARD and CARR, in Preston. On A1 COPPICE WOOD. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, UPON THE PREMISES, TUESDAY the 10th day of December, 1805, precisely at two o'clock in the afternoon ; BOUT EIGHT ACRES and a HALF of COPPICE WOOD, of sixteen years growth, now growing upon lands at Summerskill, In Botton, in the parish of Mel- ling, in the occupation of Wil- liam Garnett, who will shew tile wood N. B. The trees leserved at the last fall, and such as are marked with re 1 paint, will not be disposed TO BE LET, IN PUBLIC, FOR A TERM OF NINE YEARS, At GRASS YARD HALL, in Caton, in the county of X, ancaster, on MONDAY the 16th day of Decem- ber, 1805, at four o'clock in the afternoon ; And to be cntereil upon at Candlema) and May- day next, 0. S. ALL that DESIRABLE and COMPACT FARM, situate in Caton aforesaid, called the BAWGii I Xl>, consisting of a dwelling- house, barn, stable, shippon, and other outbuildings, aud 45a 2r. 13; » customary measure, of good arable, pasture, and meadow land, now in the possession of James King, as tenant thereof, who will shew the same And at Ihe same time and place, will be LET, for the term of three yearl, from Old Candlemat seat; Two good FIELDS for pasture, called CHEESE B. 4A AA, lying near to Grass Yard Hall afuresaid, and containing together about nine customary acres. Also, at ihe same time and place, will be SOLD BY AUCTION, One Hundred and Four valuable TIMBER TREES and a quantity of UNDERWOOD, now growing upon Grass Yard Hall Estate, in Caton and Quermoor. The wood may be viewed, and further par- ticulars known, by applying to Mr. WILLIAM TOWNSON, of Caton aforesaid. FEE- SIMPLE. TO BE SOLD, Br PRIVATE CONTRACT, TOGETHER OR IN THE FOLLOWING LOTS: Lot 1. r- pEN UNDIVIDED TWELFTH- JL PARTS or SHARES of and in all that MESSUAGE or DWELLING HOUSE, situate in Gorton, in the county of Lancaster ( now in three dwellings) in the tenure of Mr. James Smith, and his undertenants ; and also of and in the Gar- dens, Barn, Cow- houses, and other outbuildings thereto belonging and adjoining ; and also of and in all those Four Pieces of Land, near to or adjoining the said messuage or dwelling- house, called or known by the names of The Little Meadow, Big Meadow, The Bank, and Salternook ; all which pre- mises contain, by admeasurement, 12a. 2r. lip. Lancashire measure,. or thereabouts, be tbe same more or less. The above lot will be sold subject to a lease ( with the two following lots and other premises) to the * aid Mr James Smith, four years of which are un- expired next Spring ; and the clear reserved rent which the purchaser of this lot will have to receive, during that period, is 351. 10s. The tenant is bound to all repairs, and the lease contains ether usual covenants Lot 2. TEN UNDIVIDED TWELFTH- FA RTS of and in all that MESSUAGE or DWEL- LING- HOUSE, situate In Gorton aforesaid, now in the possession of , as tenant to the said James Smith ; and also of and in the Work- shops, Barn, Cow- house, and Garden, to the same belonging and adjoining; also of and in all those Four Pieces or Parcels of Land near or ad- joining the said last- mentioned messuage or dwel- ling- house, now in the possession of the said James Smith, or his undertenants, called or distinguished by the names of The First or flouse Croft, The Se- cond Croft, The Lower Field, and The Higher Field; all which said premises contain, by admeasurement, Ga. 2r. 5p. Lancashire measure, or thereabouts, be the same more or less. This lot will be sold subject to the before- men- tioned lease. The clear rent which the purchaser will receive, during the term, for this lot, is 161. St. 4( 1. Lot 3 TEN UNDIVIDED TWELFTH- PARTS of and in all that PIECE of LAND ( formerly two) lying in Gorton aforesaid, held by the said James Sniith, under the said lease, dis- tinguished by the name of i. ime- K'Uii Field; con- taining, by admeasurement, 2a. 3r. lip. be the same more or less. The rent the purchaser will rcceive, during the term, for this lot, is 51. The above property is situate within about three miles of the town of Manchester; and some part is supposed to contain coal and limestone. Further particulars may be had at the office of Mr. KNIGHT, solicitor, Whitchurch, Shrop- shire; Mr. WILLIAM CROSS, auctioneer, Crescent, Salfoid, Manchester ( who will appoint a person to jjhew the premises) and of Mr. JOSEPH FENNA, land- surveyor, Blackhurst, near Nr.' itwich, Cheshire; all of whom have plans of the estate, and Mr. KNIGHT is authorized to treat for the sale. NOVEMBER 22, 1805. ON SALE, One Thousand Bushels of excellent MALT. *<)* Apply to B. EUSTACE, Nicholas- street. Lancaster, 29th of lith Month, 1805. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT the PARTNERSHIP lately sub- sisting and carried on by us, the undersigned THOMAS ESKR1GGE and JAMES BARNES, ' of Lancaster, in the county of Lancaster, brush- lnanufacturers, under Ihe firm of. " THOMAS ESK- RIGGE and Co." was DISSOLVED, by mutual consent, on the 2d day of September last — As witness our hands, the 28th day of November, 1805. THOMAS ESKRIGGE. JAMES BARNES. Witness; E. ATKINSON. CUMMING'S BANKRUPTCY. WHEREAS a commission of bankrupt is awarded and issued against THOMAS CUM MINGS, of Kirkby Lonsdale, in the county of Westmorland, spirit- merchant, and he being de- clared bankiupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the 6aid commis- sion named, or the major part of them, on the 4th day of December next, at five o'clock in tlie after- noon, on the 5th day of December next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, and on the 7th day of January next, at five o'clock in the afternoon, at the house of JOHN WILSON, the Commercial Inn, in Lancaster, in the county of Lancaster, and make a full discovery and disclosure of his estate and effects ; when and where the creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts, and at the second sitting to chuse assignees, and at the last sitting the said bankrupt is required to finish his examination ; and the creditors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of his certificate. All persons that are indebted to the said bankrupt, or that have any of his effects, are not to pay or deliver the sajne but to whom the said Commissioners shall appoint, but give notice to Messrs PICAP. D and PALMER, of Kit kby Lonsdale, Westmorland ; or to Mr. SWALE, New Boswell- court, Carey- street, London. KIRKBY LONSDALE, Nov. 21, 1805 WHEREAS a commission of bankrupt is awarded and i'sued against THOMAS CROUDSON, of Wigan, in the county of Lan- caster, innkeeper, and he being declared a bank- rupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners ia the said commission named, or the major part of them, on the 13th day of Decem- ber next, at four o'clock in the afternoon, and 14th day of December next, and on the 4th day of Ja- nuary next following, at ten o'clock in the foregoou of each of those days, at the house of Mr. WM. ROPER, the Minorca Inn, in Wigan aforesaid, and make a full discovery and disclosure of his estate and effects; when and where the creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts, and at the second sitting to chuse assignees, and at the last sitting the said bankrupt is required to finish his examination ; and the creditors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of his certificate.— All persons indebted to the said bankrupt, or that have any of his effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give notice to Mr. J. BRETHERTON, solicitor, Wigan aforesaid; or Mr. T BLACKSTOCK, solicitor, Saint Mildred's- iiourt, Poultry, London. SEWELL'S ASSIGNMENT. WHEREAS ROBERT SEWELL, of Olverston, in the county of Lancaster, clieck- mauufacturer, hath, by indenture, bearing date the 20th day of November, 1805, assigned over all his estate and effects, unto WILLI AM REDHEAD, of Ulverston aforesaid, grocer, and WILLIAM NEWBY, of the same place, tallow- chandlet, IN TRUST for the equal benefit of the creditors of the said Robert Sewcll, who shall, within thr « months from the day of the date of the said indenture, execute and take the benefit of the said assignment: Notice is hereby given, That the said indenture is now lodged at the office of Mr. W. ATKIS FELL, attorney at law, in Ul- verston aforesaid, for the inspection aud signatures of the creditors. N. B. All persons who stand indebted to the said Robert Seweil, are requested to pay their debts to the said assignees, or Mr. FELL, without delay. DIVIDEND. THE Creditors of WILLIAM HOOLE, late of Dolphinholme, in the county of Lan- caster, butcher, are requested to take NOTICE, that a DIVIDEND of the monies raised and re- ceived from his estate and effects, will be made by his assignees, at the office of Mr. CLARK, solicitor, in Lancaster, on FRIDAY the 20th day of Decem- ber next, at two o'clock in the afternoon, amongst such of the creditors of the said William Hoole, as already have, or who shall, on or before the 19th day of December next, deliver in accounts of their respective demands against him, at Mr. CLARK'S office. All persons refusing or neglecting to deliver in their accounts against the said William Hoole, on or before the said 19th day of December j will be ex- cluded the benefit of the dividend. NOVEMBER 13, 1805. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the house of Mr.- RICHARD LEACH, the sign of the Black- Bull, in Friargate, within Preston, on MOSDAY the 2d day of December, 1805, at « ix o'clock in the evening ( subject to, such terms aud conditions as will be then produced) Lot l. A MESSUAGE or DWELLING- ir HOUSE, SHOP, and PREMISES, with the appurtenances, situate oil the South side of Friargate aforesaid, being the West corner of the new street leading out of Friargate to the Canal Warehouse^ containing ninety- eight square yards of land, oi thereabouts, in the possession of Mrs. Taylor. Lot 2. A MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, SHOP, and PREMISES, with the ap- purtenances, s. tuate in Friargate aforesaid, adjoin- ing to the West side of the above lot, containing ninety- six square yards of land, or thereabouts, ill the possession of Henrv Kitching. Lot. 3. A MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HORSE, and BACK BUILDINGS, with the ap purtenances, situate on the South side of lot 1, and framing the said new street, containing seventy- six square yards of land, or thereabouts, in ' die pos- session of Mary Lees. Lot 4 A MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, and BACK BUILDINGS, with the ap- purtenances, situate on the South side of the last- mentioned lot, fronting the said new s'reet, and containing eighty- five square yards, or thereabouts, in the possession of John Hodgson Lots 5 and 0. A DWELLING- HOUSE, STABLE, and BACK BUILDINGS, next adjoin- ing to the South of the last lot, fronting the said new street, containing one hundred and eighty seven square yards of land, or thereabouts, in the possession of Richard Duckworth and Geoffrey Waddington. Also, several LOTS of BUILDING LAND, situate on the North side of New hall- lane, within Preston aforesaid, between New Preston and a dwel- ling- house in the possession of Mr. John Williams. And also, several other LOTS of BUILDING LAND, situate at the South end of the New Theatre, within Preston, fronting the new street leading out of Fishergate. lane to Messrs. Wren and Co.' s timber- yard. * § * Plans of all the property may be seen at the counting- house of Messrs. WREN, CORRY, and WOOSCOCKJ ofwhom, orof Messrs. BLANCHARD and CARR, further information may be bad. THE CARD ASSEMBLIES for the WINTER, commence on TUESDAY the 10th of December. « LA'NCASTER, Nov. 29, 1805. ~ MUSIC- WAREHOUSE, PRESTON. GREEN AND YANIEWICZ, EMBRACE this early opportunity of re- turning their grateful acknowledgments to the public, for the highly flatterihg patronage, and very liberal encouragement, they have received since they opened their Music- Warehouse, which has been an inducement for them to REMOVE to a more eligible situation, in CHURCH- STREET, nearly op- posite the Town Hall; where their endeavours shall not be wanting to merit a continuance Of that sup- port they have already experienced. Their FIRST SUBSCRIPTION CONCERT is fixed for THURSDAY the 12th December, at the Assembly- Room.— Strangers tickets, 4s. Od. each, to be had at the Music- Warehouse. NOVEMBER 28, 1805. THE REV. JOHN WOODROW'S PRIVATE CLASSICAL SEMINARY, AT ASHTON, NEAR WARRINGTON. THE CHRISTMAS VACATION will commence on FRIDAY the 20th of Decem- ber.— With the most gratifying sensations does the conductor acknowledge the continued support he meets with from the kindness of his friends ; and he Halters himself, that his future exertions will not fail to increase a confidence so liberally bestowed. ASHTON- PARSONAGE, Nov. 28, 1805. DRAB UPPER COAT. WHEREAS on Thursday the 18th day of July last, a NEW DRAB UPPER COAT, with Velvet Facing and Collar, was left by mistake; ' in Cooper's Coach, from Manchester, which left the Commercial Inn, in this toWil, on the above evening, for Kendal, and notwithstand- ing every inquiry, has not since been heard of; if the person who took the same will restore it to the owner, he will have his own restored, which is much smaller than the one lost, with all reasonable expences, by applying to the Printer of this Paper. There Were a pair of nankeen panlaioons, and a • White pocket handkerchief, with the initials J. B. in the pocket of a small upper drab coat, which was taken instead of the above. A person of the name of Mr Benton, was the only one booked from Man- chester to Kendal on the above day ; and any per- son giving information as above, so as the coat may be recovered, shall receive half- a- guinea reward. AGENT WANTED, THE Committee for managing the affairs of the MERSEY and 1RWELL NAVI- GATION, give NOTICE, that in consequence of the resignation of their principal Agent, Mr. WOR- THY, they are in want of a person of known abili- ties, experience, and integrity, lo take the General Management and Superintendance of the Navi- gation. * § * None need apply but such as are fully com- petent to the situation, and can biing forward an adequate security for the faithful dischaige of it, if required.— A liberal salary will be allowed to a per- son of this description.— Application may be made personally, or by letter, to SHARP and ECCLES, attornies, in Manchester; or at any of the Monthly Meetings of the Committee, which are held on the first Wednesday in every month, at the Old Quay Counting- house, in Manchester. TO BE PEREMPTORILY SOLD, BY AUCTION, ( By the Assignees of Mr. JOHN BENSON) On TUESDAY the 10th of December, 1805, at the Merchants Coffee- room, in Lancaster, precisely at eleven o'clock in the forenoon ; TWO SEATS or PEWS in SAINT ANN'S CHAPEL, in Lancaster, distinguished by Nos. 55 and 72, situate in the South aisle. * § * JOHN MIDDLETON, the clerk to the said chapel, will shew the peWs ; and further particulars may be had by application to Mr. THOMAS BURROW, or Messrs. MASON, WILSON, and JENKINSON, Lancaster. TO BE LET, IN PUBLIC, FOR A TERM OF YEARS, At Mrs. STARKIE'S, the Bull's- Head, in Lancaster, on WEDNESDAY the 18th day of December, 1805, the letting to commence at seven o'clock in the evening; ALL that CLOSE of LAND, situate in Lancaster aforesaid, called GREAT HAVER- BRECKS, adjoining Ashton- lane; containing, by estimation, two acres, customary measure, and late in the occupation dr~ Mr. Wm. Rawsthorne. Also, all that other CLOSE of LAND, situate in Lancaster aforesaid, called GREAT FDEN- BRECK, near the Meeting- house- lane •, containing, by estimation, 3a. Ir. customary measure. Further particulars may be had of Messrs. MASON, WILSON, and JENKINSON, folicitors, in Lancaster. NOVENBER 29, 1805. THE GRAND LOTTERY, Wbicb begins drawing February 3 d, 1806. TICKETS and SHARES are now on Sale, at the Lucky Offices of BRANSCOMB AND CO. No. 11, Holborn,—> 37, Cornhill,— and 38, . Hay- market, facing Piccadilly, London ;— also at W. MINSHULL's, PRINTER OF THIS PAPF. ft, Licensed for LANCASTER and the neighbourhood : Where, in 1804 and 1805, the following Capital Prizes were sold in eighty- seven shares, namely, No. 10,801 £ 2,000 No. 9,219 £ 20,000 17,015 2,000 11,043 20,000 13,747 10,000 456 20,000 No 7,686, £ 20,020, Besides several of l, 000f. 500/. & c. & c. and where, prior to 1804, the following Capital Prizes were sold, shared, and registered, namely, fo » r of 30,000/. eight of 20,000/ eleven of 10,000/. fifteen of 5,000/. twenty- six of 2,000/. fifty- four of 1,000/, likewise the only 3,000/. psize ever shared, besides a great number " of 500/. 2001. 100/. Ac. LANCASTER, NOVEMBER 30. ( JdT The Wedding- day is again ( however unwillingly) obliged to be deferred till our next. •••• fljw- MARRIED, On Monday se'nnight, the Rev. Mr. Richardson, of Cartmel, to Miss Emma Machell, of Ayftsome. Lately, Mr. Joseph HarrfSon, of Frith, in Cart- mel, to Miss Rawlinson, of Greenbank. On Saturday, Mr. John Bouskell, shoemaker, to Miss Hannah Braithwaite, of Urswick, near Ulver- ston. On Monday last, Mr. Marsh, of Liverpool, tim- ber merchant, to Miss Houghton, of Preston. On Saturday last, Mr Robert Parker, printer and bookseller, to Miss Huntington, both of Black- burn, On Sunday last, at Ribchester, Mr. Mc Kersiker, of Preston, to Miss Dewhutst, of Dewhurst Houses, near the former place. On the 7th inst Mr W. Hargreaves, ofHigham, near Padiham, to Miss Holgate, only daughter of Mr.. Holgate, of Burnley, liquor- merchant. Lately; at Chester, Mr. George Lyon, linen-. merchant., Wigan, to Miss Jane Par^ e, of Wrexham. On Monday, bv special licence*, at'Kimbolton Castle, Chas. Palmer, Esq. of Luckley Park, Berk- shire, to the Right Hon. Lady Madelina Sinclair.— The Duke and Duchess of Manchester, Duke and Duchess of Bedford, the Maiquis of Tavistock, and Lady Charlotte Lenox, were present. On Tuesday se'nnight, at Edinburgh, the Hon. Edward Stewart, son of the Earl of Galloway, to the Hon. Catharine Cliarieris, daughter of the Right Hon. Lord Elcho. Mondy se'nnight, at Wrexham, by the Rev. the Dean of St. Asaph, Lieut. Col. Knight, lo Miss Harriet Warrington, youngest daughter of the Rev. George Warrington. On Tuesday se'nnight, James Suttell Wood, of Bolton Castle, Esq. to Miss Darvall, only daughter of Roger Darvallj Esq. of Green Hamcrton. DIED. On Monday last, Mrs- Tomlinson, relict of Mr. Robert Tomlinson, of this town, ironmonger ; whose goodness of heart, and benevolent disposi- tion, will long be remembered by all Who knew her. Same d'iy, Mr. Tlio. Graham, of Corider Green; near this town, formerly Captain of a West- lndiaman belonging to this port. OB the 22d inst. at Kendal, much lamented, MisS Alice Mounsey, aged 14, daughter of the late Mr. W. Mounsey, of Swarthmoor Hall, near tJlverston. On the 18th inst. in the prime cf life, Mr. Goorge Brockbank, of Ulverston. On Monday evening, at her hcsu. se in Manchester- street, Manchester- square, London, the Right Hon. Lady Charlotte Hornby, only daughter of the Earl of Derby, by Lady Elizabeth Hamilton, only daughter of James the sixth Duke of Hamilton and Brandon, and wife of Edmund Hornby, Esq. whose sister is married to Lord Stanley. Her Ladyship had been ill for some weeks. At two o'clock on Monday, her brother, Lord Stanley; arrived at her house, from the Oaks, the soat of his father, the Earl of Derby. Soon after eight o'clock her Lady- ship expired. Thursday se'nnight, at Appleby, in the prime of life, Mr. Thompson, surgeon. On Thursday se'nnight, at Wigan, Mr. George Bird, of the Eagle and Child inn. On Saturday last, at Wigan, Mr. William Roper. On Tuesday last, Mrs. Clement, wife of Mr. Thomas Clement, silver- smith, Castle- street, Li- verpool. On the 22d inst. Mr. Jonathan Lupton, of Green- hall, near Sheffield, one of tile people called Quakers. On Wednesday se'nnight, Mr. Freer, nearly twenty years one of the coachmen to his Majesty.— On the same " day, at the King's Mews, Charing- cross, Mr. William Poiter, head postillion to his Majesty. What is remarkable, these persons weie appointed on Ihe same day, and died within a few hours of each other. . On the 23d instant, at his seat, fit Sidmonton, in Hampshire, Admiral Sir Robert Kingsmill, Bart, in the 75tli year of his age, On the 16th instant; at Wigton, in Cumberland, Major Wm. Browne, late of the Hon. East India Company's Bombay Native Infantry. On Tuesday se'nnight, Charles Hall, M. D. of Nantwich, Cheshire, aged 76. On the20th of August, at Savannah, ( America) Mr. Timothy Wilson, in tbe 26th year of bis age. — Mr Wifson was a native of Yorkshire, but last from Manchester, and for the last two years a resi- dent of Savannah. -.< lf>.- We have been favoured, by our esteemed corres- pondent in London, with a copy of the London Ga- zette Extraordinary of Wednesday last, containing Admiral Lord Collingwood's dispatches; for which, see the preceding page. His Royal Highness the. Duke of Gloucester ar- rived at Anfield House, hear Liverpool, on Thurs- day evening, to resume the command of this district. Colonel Stanley has conferred the surgeoncy of the Royal Lancashire Militia, vacant by the resig- nation of Dr. Barker, upon Mr. Stepnensofi, of Nenthead, in Cumberland, who has accordingly joinod the regiment at Plymouth. Royal Cheviot legion—- On the 6th instant, the Royal Cheviot Legion Cavalry were assembled at Powburn, when a letter from his Grace the Duke of Northumberland was read to them, containing his Majesty's orders that the Royal Cheviot Legion Cavalry should be disbanded ; and they were dis- banded accordingly. The Duke of York has given orders, that on the ensuing fast- day, every officer and private in the different volunteer corps shall wear a scarf round his left arm, as a small tribute of respect to the memory of the gallant Lord Nelson — 7' yne Mercury. The account of one of Captain Duff's sons hav- ing been killed, and another losing both his legs, in the late action, in which their gallant father was slain, is, we understand, untrue. The officers, non- commissioned officers, and privates of tke Royal Cumberland Militia, now quartered in Newcastle, have voluntarily subscribed one day's pay for the relief of the wounded, & c. in the late naval engagement. Thursday next is the day appointed for a General Thanksgiving to Almighty God, for the late im- portant naval victories ; and we have no doubt it will be celebrated with that devotion which is suitable to so solemn an occasion. By the public prints we are informed, that the inhabitants of several towns intend to appear in mourning, for our departed hero, on that day ; and in many places, collections are intended to be made in the places of divine worship, on that day, for the relief of the wounded, and the wives and families of those who were killed, in the late riaval engagements The Keeper of Lancaster Castle has received an anonymous letter from some benevolent person in this town, containing a two pound Bank note, which will be expended, agreeably to the wish of the donor, on the day of General Thanksgiving. Colonel Thomas Leighton, with his family, ar- rived at the Talbot Inn, Shrewsbury, last week, after an absence of nearly thirty- six years, in the East Indies, from his native town. Cambridge, Nov. 16 — Viscount Merton, son of Earl Nelson, is admitted of Christ College, under the care of the Rev. Mr. Hopkins and the Rev. Mr. Brown. Parliament meet on the 7th of January. During the last week the alarm of Fire was un- commonly frequent in Leeds.— Early on Monday evening, the house of Mr. Baines, printer, in Park- square, was discovered to be in flames, which threatened extensive mischief, but the timely assist- ance of the inhabitants rendered it much less serious than might have bten expected.— The two houses adjoining were somewhat damaged ; happily, how- ever, no person received any material injury.— This fire was occasioned bv a female servant incautiously letting a lighted candle fall on some muslins'. The same evening, Mr. Tinker's shop, ifl Brig- gate, took fire, in consequence of a stove pipe com- municating with some timber ; but tlie flames were discovered in their first stage, and were fortunately got under immediately. On Wednesday evening, about half past ten o'clock, the extensive cloth mill at Artnley, near Leeds, the property of Benjamin Gott, Esq. was also found to be on fire, and the building and ma- chinery were entirely destroyed. Bv the exertions of the volunteers and inhabitants of Leeds and the neighbourhood, the corn mill and buildings ad- jacent were preserved. We hear that the whole of the property was insured in the Sun and Royal Exchange Offices. About seven o'clock on Tuesday evening, the 19th inst. the warehouse and workshops of Messrs. Kemp & Co. of Wakefield, wool- staplers and yarn manufacturers, were discovered to be on fire; and notwithstanding every assistance was immediately reneered, were in two hours entirely consumed.— The timely exertions of the military and inhabitants, aided by the stillness of the evening, prevented the fire from communicating to the adjoining premises, and we are happy to hear that the property was lis u led. On Sunday etching se'nuight, a tiofsS hirer tii the Grass- market, Edinburgh, and his wife, were burn: to death. It is supposed eliher the candle or the fire had taken hold of tile clothes of the wife, which set hfer in a blaze; and her husband, who appears to have beon in bed, had gone to her assist' anee, and was so severely se'orched, that he tell a. victim to his humanity, tin Monday morning they were found, the wife dead, and the husband nearly so, as he survived but t short time, and he wrS unable to give any acconnt of the melancholy catastrophe. Four largo stacks of corn were lately consumed by fire, at Biggas, near Caldbeck, Cumberland, be » longing to Mr. John Smithy of that place— From the distance of the stacks from any habitation,' and the circumstance of an earthen jug having beeri found near the spot ( supposed to have contained combustible materials) little doubt is entertained but it has been the wilful deed of sortie incendiary. Early on Monday evening, the 18th inst. as Geo. Calvert) . of Selby, carrier, was coming from thence to Leeds, he was assaulted by two men, one- of whom, without any previous notice; fired a fowling-" piece at him, the contents of which almost shattered his left arm to pieces. In a terribly wounded state he ran off, and with difficulty reached the first house ( above a mile distant ;) the occupier immediately dispatched servants in pursuit of the villains, but ta no purpose. The unfortunate man was brought to Leeds infirihary, and the next morning his arm was obliged to be taken off. He had a considerable sum of money in his possession, which in all probability induced the villains to attack him.- J- We hear that two men are now in custody at Lcdshanij charged • With committing the above outrage. The paragraph in our last, concerning the body Of a young woman, found at Muncaster- steps, & c. was erroneous in severai particulars.— We have in- disputable authority for saying, that after the mosK. minute examination by Mr. Bensdn ( the coroner) two surgeons, and a respectable jury, there did not appear a single circumstance to warrant an opinion of any violence or cruelty having been committed upon the body ; but there Were strong reasons for suspecting that the death of the unfortunate girl had been her own rash act.— Tbe jury returned a verdict — Found drowned. A singular and awful visitation occurred a few days ago at Hebden- bridge, near Halifax.— As the corpse of the wife of a labouring man lay in the coffin, previous to interment, the afflicted husband drew near to take bis last farewell ; when he sud- denly dropt down, and before medical assistance could be procured, expired. Two ladies of Birmingham, in order to be at the top of the thinly- clad damsels of that town, wore their muslin vests so damp, in order to fit closer to their shapes, that one of them died a short time since with a violent rheumatic fever, and the other is in a fair Way to follow, in a galloping coiisumptim I Curious circumstance — On the evening of Wed- nesday the 20th inst. one William Jackson, an in- firm out- pensioner, who resides at Lindale, near Cartmel, went out to gather some sticks, and not returning, search was made for him on the succeed, ing days, without effect, till last Monday afternoon, when he was discovered, by a person who was court, ing, in a field, lying under the hedge. The Vital spark was fortunately not extinguished : he was taken to Mr. James Beck's, of Newton, where every as- sistance Was given, and hopes are entertained of his recovery.-*- What is very extraordinary, the same person was found in the cleft of a limestone rock, on the 9th of February, 1804, having been there two days and nights, unable to extricate himself; as mentioned in this paper of the 25th of that month. The euriosoe of Norfolk are exceedingly puzzled by the following extraordinary fact, which tbe most knowing of the sex find past t'neir inquisitive philo- sophy to account foi -.— A respectable farmer of that county, who is a Quaker, having been married only nine yeais, has had eighteen children born within that time in lawful wedlock— all of whom are now living, and all bays I His wife has annually pro duced him doublets; but this year the Quaker has jocosely remarked, that, from the thriving appear- ance of his prolific rib, he expects the coming pro- duce to be triplets at least ! The new Lottery scheme seems to gain admirers the more it is read, for in all former Lotteries, the lowest prize being only £ 20, it did not oover the cost of the ticket or share ; but in the present, the first 5,000 tickets drawn out of the wheel being en- titled to £ 22 each; ( besides the usual chance for capitals) there is nota doubt but those who purchase early stand the best chance, and adventure with a chance to win, and a certainty of not losing. MARKETS. LANCASTER, on SATURDAY last. Average price of Wheat, by tile load, 4J Winches- ter bushels to the load, 47s. 5Jd.— 84s. 2£ d. per quarter.— 10s. 5d. per bushel. Oatmeal, 39s lOd per load of 2401b. Beans, 29s Od. Oats, 26s Id per load KENDAL. Oats per load ( 7J Winchester bushels) 26s Od. BestFloUr,' 4s 4d. Seconds, 3s lOd. Oatmeal, 2s 8d. Beef 6d. Mutton, 5d. Veal, 5d. Lamb,. 5d. Butter, 10Jd per lb ( 16oz) Potatoes, 3Jd per stone. Eggs, lOd per doz. Goose, 5d per lb. ULVERSTON, on THUSSDAY last. Wheat, 44s od to 55s 6d per load. Oats, 9s jd to 10s 6d per 3 W. bush. Beef, 41I to 6d Mutton, jd to 6d per pound Veal, 4d to 5jd. Butter, io^ d to i2d At Chester market, oil Saturday last, the average price of wheat, per bushel ( 571b) was 9s. GJD; bar- ley, 6s 6| d; and oats, 3s 5jd. The average price of Sugar, for tbe week ending on Wednesday se'nnight, was 47s 5jd per cwt. ex- clusive of duty. Current Prices of Cotton Twist and Weft at Blach- burn.—' Twist ( No' 20) 2s 6d to 2s 8d per lb .. Ditto- ( 30) i3s 4d to3s6d.. Weft ( 18) Is 10dto2s0d... Do. ( 30) 2s 7d to 2s 10d-- Ditto ( 40) 3s Od to 3s 2d. to SHIP NEWS. LANCASTER, Nov. 30. The Westbury, Nicholson, from Dominica Liverpool, at Cork. ENTERET). Nov. 2b — Betty, Johnson, from Poultoh. 28.— Lovely Nancy, Mc lntyre, from Oban. 29-" Lark, Cleminson, and Providence, Leem- ing, from Liverpool. CHARED. 25.-^ Isabella, Newby, and Hope, Herbert, for Liverpool. LIVERPOOL, Nov. 28. L'Africaine, Brew, from hence at Africa. The Hampshire, Talbot, from hence at New- Orleans. ARRIVED. AFRICA, & C. Aope, W Stanton, from Africa and Teneriffe, with 70 tons gum 1 box ostrich feathers Rathbone, Hugh « s & Duncan. WEST INDIES. Favourite, J Watson, from St. Thomas's, with 30 casks cocoa 159 casks 12 bis 29 bags Coffee 131 bales cotton T & J Ritchie & co. 3l£ tons fustic Danson & Walmsley Five vessels from America ; two from Newfound- land; three from Prussia, and four from Russia. [ For more arrivals, see our lust A TIDE- TABLE. High- water. Begin to cross. Holidays. & c. Advent S Days. morn eoeu. Height, morn. even. Nov, h. m h. m. . fv. in. b. m. h. m. Sat. 30 5 10 5 43 1* . .5 10 11 Su. Dec. l 6 17 6 53 12 5 11 18 Mond. 2 7 18 7 44 13 3 — — 12 20 Tues. 3 8 16 S 48 14 £ •— — 1 20 Wed. 4 9 13 9 37 15 7 — — 2 19 Thur. 5 9 59; i0 21 16 11 ;— — 3 9 Frid. 6.10 44; 11 7 18 1 — — 3 56 S. r. 8.13. POETRY. FOR THE LANCASTER GAZETTE. ' NEVER LESS ALONE, THAN WHEN ALONE." AT that most sweetly soothing hour, When placid ev'mng softly sigh » ; * Tis then 1 seek my fav'rite bow'r, And all my thoughts to Heav'n atise. In this dear, sequester'd spot, W hat cheering raptures swell my heart ! 1 know and feel tlie happy lot, Content and Peace alone impart. fcow pleasing to my pensive mind, To look in calm Reflection's glass ! No worldly pleasures, there 1 find, Can true Keligiun's joys surpass. The hours of life ar « quickly gone. And thus 1 mark their rapid flight For soon an awful call will come, To shroud me in the shades of night. In Fail) i, through Christ, 1 humbly pray, That no vain tears oppress my soul, When on death's bed I sick'ning lay, And my last awful knell shall tuli. Enlivening rays now brighter shine, From h'. av'nly Hope's refulgent eye : That t might share in love- ditine, The Son of God was born— to die. Charity too, the source of peace, And purest virtues of the mind. Now bids me evermore increase In kindred love for all mankind. That all With joy their race may run, To Heav'n I lift my tearful eyes; 0 may we find God's will we've done, When from the silent grave we rise ! Mad 1 a friend to share with me Those sweetest pleasures here below, Whose heart was touch'd with sympathy, And could with heav'nly ardour glow ! No greater bliss this side the grave. Could kind Heaven itself confer : No more should sighs my bosom heave, Might I but live and die with her. Thus soul to soul, by Heav'n's decree, In sacred union join'd in one ; Still should my fav'rite motto be— " iVe'er leu alone, than ieheii atom.'' S— kh-~ e, Nov. 25, 1805. R C. LORD NELSON. A moft curious circumftance, rrfpefling the ever- to be lamented Lord Nelfon, hap- pened on the 18th infl. at Plymouth :— As Colonel Tyrwhitt, Vice Warden of the Stannaries, Cornwall and Devon, was, with Other Gentlemen, looking through a telef- cope at the French prizes going up the har- bour, he obferved a fine little boy, of an open countenance, cheering with his play- fellows, and heard him feveral times called Nelfon. This raifed ( on being often re- peated) his curiofity to know who the boy was. Colonel Tyrwhitt went to his father's cottage, who was a quarryman, and lived at Rully Anchor, under the Weft Hoe.— By this ti'** the boy was returned, firft ap- pearing ( hy, but, on ? little conyerfation, this wore off, and he faid, Lord Nelfon was his god- father, but he was ( hot and killed the other day in a great battle. The Colonel then entered the hut, and found the father, who had loft a limb in the Mino- taur, in the battle of the Nile, and his wife and four children, clean, though poorly dreffed— Colonel Tyrwhitt then afked if the oircumftance were ( rue, of Lord Nelfon's being god- father to this little boy, and was anfwered, yes; the mother then produced a certificate of his baptifm, at the Britilh Fa& ory Chapel, Leghorn, July, 1800, at- tetted by the Clergyman, Rev. Mr. Cum- mins— and ( igned EMMA HAMILTON, WILLIAM HAMILTON, NELSON and BRONTE. The child was named Horati* Nelfon.— His mother was walher- woman on board the Minotaur, of 74 guns, Captain Louis. When the child was born, in the Bay of Leghorn, his Lordfliip, and Sir Wm. and Lady Hamilton, faid they would ftand fpon- fors. He had promifed, when the boy grew Up; to put him to fea, and give him a nautical education. But after the peace of Amiens, thefe poor people, from ignorance, neglected ( though defired by his Lordlhip • when he failed for England) to write him where they were fettled. The Minotaur was paid off at Plymouth, and the father of the boy, with his frnall penlion, and by hard labour, has contrived to maintain his family ever fince. After talking over the circumftance of the intended kindnefs of Lord Nelfon to this poor little boy, if h? had known their fituation and place of abode, Colonel Tyrwhitt, determined to follow up his Lordlliip's good willies, took the boy as his protege, and with his ufual humanity, had him direiStly clothed, ami put to fchool, and means to give him a regular nautical education, to fit him fot the naval fervice of his country. A little purfe, by way of 1' ubfcription, for prefent purpofci, has jull been opened, undet the patronage of Mrs. Admiral Sutton, which will, no doubt, be foon filled, out of refpect to the memory of a hero, beloved, admired, and almoll adored; aad whofe memory will be cheriflied and entwined round the heart of every lover of Britilh naVal virtue And heroifm. SHIP NEWS. LIVERPOOL, Nov 25. The Allison, Roberts, frpm TobagoLady Cathcart. Oshyrn. from Grenada, and Harriet, Coffin, from South Seas, of and for London, at Cork. ARRIVED. WEST INCIit. Tridenr, W Kneale, from Dominica, with i+ i ^ askscoflie Harper ii Ascroft, 16 do Drinkwatcr tc Syers, 6i do i; hhds to tcs sugar a pipes Ma- deira wine W & J Bradc, 78 bales cotton T Si Js Litiledale, 36 do 20 casks 33 bis collcc order. AMI « IC. L. Devonshire, J Cameron, from Charleston, with 338 bales cotton 25 tons fustic 245 logs pine 20c to deals 10c 8q 10 staves Ritchie, Rickirby, it to. 1 lin Madeira wine or er. WESTMORLAND GAME- DUTY, 1805. THE NAMES and PLACES of ABODE of PERSONS to whom GAME and GAME- KEEPERS CERTIFICATES have been granted, for the present year, pursuant to the statute, AT THREE GUINEAS EACH: A Atkinson Matthew, of Temple Sowerby, esq. Atkinson Matthew, sen. of Temple SoWerby, esq. Atkinson George, of Temple Sowerby, esq. Atkinson William Waltham, of Burton, esq. Atkinson John, of Baysbrown, gent. Alderson Richard, of Wharton, gent. Briggs Thomas, of Appleby, genti Bird Isaac, of Penrith, Cumberland, gent. Bmme Edward, of Town Mailing, in Kent, now or late of Penrith, Cumberland, esq. BushHy John, of Great Strickland, gent. Biick William, of Kendal, gent. Blades the Rev. Thomas, of Kendal, clerk, bland George, of Kirkland, gent. Brown Francis, of Kendal, gent. Bidden John, of Heversham, esq. Bowman John, of Kendal, gent Braithwaite William, of Ambleside, gent. Beaty Edward, of Ambleside, esq. Benson John, of Tail End « gent. Bowman Richard, of Fiibank, gent. Btoome C. of Hilbeck Hall, esq. Bromfield Benjamin, of Button, esq. Braithwaite John, jun. of Orrest Head, gent. Byron the Key. Henry, of titer Water, clerk. C Carmalt John, of Penrith, Cumberland, gent. Carmatt Robert, of Penrith, Cumberland, gent. Cotlpits John, late of Bowes, Yorkshire, gent. Cooke John Hunter, of Killington, gent. Cleasby John, of Guisgill, gent. D Dickinson Joseph, jun. of Dufton Hall, esq. Dickinson John, of Kaber, gent. Dent Nicholas, of Appleby, gent. Docker Matthew, of Newby, gent. Dawson John, of Milthorp, gent. E Ellison William, of Siiergh, gent. F Fawcett Thomas, of Kendal, gent. Fothergill Anthony, of Kendal, gent. Farrer William, of Lambrigg, gent. Fisher William, of Howlett Ash, esq. 0 Garneft Anthony, of High Mill, gent. Grisedale John, of Kendal, gent. Gregg George, of Lupton, gent. H Harrison Daniel, of Kendal, gerit. Hodson William, of Orton Hall, esq. Hunter the Ret. Richard, of Kirkby Stephen, clerk. Hodgson Edmund, of Ravenstonedale, gent. Harrison John, of Coat Gill, gent. Harrison the Rev. John, of Kendal, clerk. Harrison Thomas, of Kirkby Stephen, gent. Harrison the Rev. Thomas, of Kendal, B. A. Hartley John, of Kendal, gent. Hoggarth John, of Kendal, esq. 1 Jameson Richard, of Moorhouies, gent. Jackson Robert, of Burton, gent. K King Thomas, of Grasjmere, esq. Kendal John, of Milbum, gent. Kirkbride Philip, of Rave. nstohedale, gent. L Lowther the Right Hon. William Lord Viscount. Lowther the Hon. William. Leech the Rev. J. Langton, Vicar of Askhitn. Low is Thomas, of Brampton Croft End, gertf. Lee John, of Penrith, Cumberland, gent. Lislie R. W. of Belmont, Esq. Long Thomas, of Mint House, gent. Lawson the Rev. George, of Heverslnm, M. D. M Middleton William, of Norton Grange, Yorkshire, now or late of Temple Sowerby, Esq. Mounsey John, of Patterdale Hall, esq. Middleton John, of Low Gill, gent. MorlsndJohn, of Hill Top, gent. Moore William, of Grimes Hill, esq. Moore John, of Grimes Hill, esq. Maude Thomas Holme, of Kendal, « •{. N Nicholson John, of Yanwath, gent. Noble Thomas, of High How, genl. 0 Orde Brigadier General. Orton William, of Eden Place, esq. P Phillips the Rev William, of Appleby, M. A. Pearson Isaac, of Pool Bank, gent. Preston Achilles, of Kirkby Lonsdale, esq. Pearson John, of Kirkland, gent. Park George, of Warcop, gent. Preston Wil iam, of Warcop Hall, esq. Parkur John, of Milthorp, esq. R Richardson William, of Kendal, esq. Robinson Thomas, of Ormside, gent. Richardson J of Little Ormside, gent. Rippon the Rev. John, Vicar of Loiigmarlon, M. A. Reed William, of Sawbridge, gent. Rimmington George, of Penrith, Cumberland, gent. Robinson Christopher, of Penrith, Cumberland, esq Rowlandson Robert, of Lambrigg, gent Rauthmell Henry, of Bridge End, esq. Robinson Matthew, of Skelisis, gent. Robinson Richard, of Croiby Garrett, gent. S StephenSon R. S. of Appleby, gertl. Sinkinson James, of Kendal, gent. Simpson Thomas, of Wattsfield, gent. Sharp Anthony, of Kendal, gent. Shepherd Arthur, of Shaw End, esq. Scott John, of Charlton Hall, esq. Sleddale William, of Itawhead, esq. Slcddale Thomas, of Hartlev, geiit. T Thompson Joseph, of Boiigate, gent. Thompson Richard, of Kirkby Stephen, gent. Thompson John, juti. of Kendal, gent. Taylor Christopher, of Sedbergh, gent. V Vearty Thomas, of Brough, gent. W Wakefield Ja^ ob, of Kendal, gent. Wordsworth John, of Broughton Hall, esq. Wilson W. Wilson Carus, of Casterton Hall, esq. Wilson Daniel, of Dallam Tower, esq. Wilson Richard, of , esq. Wilson Nicholas, of Kendal, gent. Wilson Robert, of High Scales, in the parish ot Crosbyravenswqrth, gent. Waitt James, of Kendal, gent. GAMEKEEPERS. AT ONE GUINEA EACH. ni . m B Blopr Edward, of Dallam Tower, gamekeeper to Daniel Wilson, of Dallam Tower, esq. for the manors of Heversham and Holme. Bloor Edward, of Dallarn Tower, gamekeeper to the Right Hon. Edward Earl of Derby, for the manors of Beetham and Whherslack. Betliam John, of Toucet, gent, gamekeeper to the Right Hon. William l. otd Viscount Lowther, for the manor of Newby Stones, otherwise Newby Staines. Brown Richard, of Temple Sowerby, innkeeper, gamekeeper to Mrs. Anne Edmondson, of Acron Bmk, widow, for the manor of'femple Sowerby. Bowman Thomas, of Dufton, yeoman, gamekeeper to the Right Hon. Sackville Earl of Thanet, for the manors of Dufton, Knock, Milburn, Mil- burn Grange, Brampton, and East Staininoor. D Dairies William, of Rigmaiden, servant, gamekeeper to John Satterthwaite, esq. for the manors of Lupten and Mansergh. ;• E Eglin William, of Size gh, servant,- gamekeeper to Thomas Strickland, esq. and others, for the manor of Grisedale, in the county of York. H Hodgson Peter, menial scivant, gamekeeper to Sir Michael le Fleming, of Rydal Hall, bart. for the manor of Rydal, with its members in Longhrigg, Grjssmere, and Langdale, in the county of West- morland, and the manor of Old Hutton, in the said county, and of the manor of Conistone, in the county palatine of Lancaster, and also of the manor of Braithmire, in the county of Cumber- land. Heelis the Rev. John, of Dufton, M. A. gam » - keeper to the Right Hon. Sackville Earl of Thanet, for the forest of Oglebird and Whinfell, with the free chace and free warren thereunto belonging, and for the manors or lordship of Kingsmeaburn, Appleby, Bongate, Scattergate with Burrels, Great Ormside, Little Asby, Dry beck, Hoff Row, and Nether Hoff. M Metcalfe Anthony, of Brownber in Ravenstondale, menial servant, gamekeeper to the Right Hon. William Lord Viscount Lowther, for the manors of Kirkby Stephen, Nateby, Brough, Ravenston- dale, I. angdale, Tebay, and Wharton. Mounsey George, of Patterdale Hall, gent, game- keeper to Joinl Mounsey, esq. for the manor of Glin ridding. Mounsey John, of Patterdale Uull, esq. gamekeeper to the Right Hon. William Lord Viscount Low- ther, for the manor of Hartsop, in Patterdale. R Rippon the Rev. John, rector of Longmarton, M. A. gamekeeper to the Right Hon. William Lord Vis- count Lowth'er, for the manor of Longmarton. Rippon the Rev. John, rector of Longmarton, M. A gamekeeper to John Wharton, esq. for the manor of Kirh$ thore. Robinson Arthur, of Baibonfell House, gamekeeper to Robert Shuttleworth, esq. for the manor of Barbon. t S Si » » pson John, of Newbiggin, in the county of Westmorland, gamekeeper to Charlotte Crackan- thorpe, of Newbiggin aforesaid, widow; Wil- Bleayniire, and Edward Grave, both of Penrith, in the county of Cumberland, devisees in trust during the minority of William Crackanthorpe, an infent under twenty- one years of age, for the manors of Ouseby, and Bank, in the county of Cumberland, and Hale Grange, Hardendale, and Wassdale- head, in the county of Westmorland. , Y Yarker Thomas, the elder, of Lowther, menial ser- vant, gamekeeper to the Right Hon. William Lord Viscount Lowther, foi the manors of Great Strickland, Thrimby, Clifton, Sockbridge, Bampton Cundal, Knipe, Murton, Thornthwaite, otherwise Bampton Patrick, Crosbyravensworth, Reagill, Crackeiltborpe, and Sliap, with Wass- dale- foot. Yarker Thomas, the younger, of Lowther, menial servant, gamekeeper to the Right Hon. William Lord Viscount Lowther, for the manors of Mel- kin thorpe, Little Strickland, Cliburn, Yanwath, Eamont Bridge, Askham, Helton Flecket, Bamp- ton Carhullan, Hilton, Rosgill, Wet Sleddale, Mauldsmeaburn, Bretherdale, Sleogill, Lowther, Hackthorpe, and Whale, with Wassdale- head. WILLIAM YEOWARD, Deputy Clerk of the Peace for the county of Westmorland. By older of the Commissioners for management of his Majesty's Stamp Duties, C. E. BERESFORD, Secretary. GAME. FOREST OF BOWLAND. WHEREAS the Most Noble HENRY Duke of BUCCLEUGH, and ELIZA- BETH Dutchess of BUCCLEUGH, his wife, Lord and Lady of the Forest and Royalty of BOW- LAND, in the counties of York and Lancaster, and of the Manors of SLA1DBURN, NEWTON, BRADFORD, and GRINDLETON, in the said county of York, have appointed THOMAS LISTER PARKER, of Browsholme, in the county of York, Esq. to be Bowbearer of the said Forest and Royalties ; and FRANCIS SHAW, of Little Bowland with Legram, in the said county of Lan- caster, yeoman, to be their gamekeeper of and within the said forest and manors, wherein the Game of late have been much destroyed : Notice is therefore hereby given, That all qualified persons are desired to desist from HUNTING, COURSING, SHOOTING, or FISHING, within the said forest, royalties, and manors, without leave, in writing, under the hand of the said THOMAS LISTER PiRti. n, Esq. the Bowbearer; and all unqualified persons who shall be found TRESPASSING therein, will be prosecuted to the utmost severity, under the several Acts of Pailiament, made for the preservation of game. BROWSIIOLME, Nov. 18, 1805. LINCOLNSHIRE. TO BE SOLD, BY PRIVATE, CONTRACT, AVery valuable ESTATE, situate in the parishes of Whaplode and Holbeach ( in a ring fence) consisting of the Manor or reputed Manor of I. ITTLEBURY, and sundry FARMS, containing l3< J8a lr. ? 7p of very rich feeding land; three hundred acres of which are at present ander the plough, and the remainder principally old swarth. The buildings are in compleat repair, and some of them hewlv- etected within these two years. The land- tax is redeemed. The estate is let to respectable tenants, at easy rents, on leases, of which three years are unexpired, when a very considerable improvement may he made; and is situated near a navigable river, eight miles from Spalding, twelve from Boston, fear from Holbeach, and twelve from Wisbeach, all good market towns, and the roads good, and one huiidred miles from London. Further particulars may be had on appli cation to Messrs. FOSTER and BONNEH, in Spalding, who will shew the estate; at Messrs. NICHOLSON and UTTON'S office, and Mr. JONATHAN TXALE, surveyor, both in Leeds;. and Messrs. FOSTER, COOKE, and Fit ERE, Lincoln's- inn- fields, London, where the plans of the estate may be seen. NEVER- FAILING CURE FOR THE ITCH, IK ONE HOUR'S APPLICATION. X) those afflicted with the above dis- X order, BARCLAY'S ORIGINAL OINT- MENT is recommended as a lofe, tjieedy, and ef- fectual remedy. This ointment lias been in general use for upwards of eighty years, without a single instance of its having failed to cure the most in- veterate cases. It does not contain the smallest particle of mercury, or any other dangerous in- gredient, and may be safely used by persons of the most delicate constitution. Tlie public are requested to observe, that none can pos* ibly be genuine unless signed hy the proprietors, BARCLAY and Soti, and great daager may arse from the neglect of this caution. Sold, wholesale and retail, by Barclay and Son, ( the ouly sucoessors to Jackson and Co.) No. 95, Fleet- market, London, price is. 9d. duty included; and, by theirappointment, by Minshull, Walinslcy, Clark, and Carruthers, Lancaster; Bell, Gar- stang ; Croft, Addison, and Walker, Preston ; Simcock, Wigan ; Bannister, Blackburn ; Robin- son, Haslingden ; Hartley, Bury ; Hartley, Roch- dale; Gardner, Bolton; Branthwaite, Kendaji ; Soulby, Penrith; Jollie, Carlisle; Soulby, In- version ; and Foster, Kirkby Lonsdale. Of whom may he had, Barclay's Asthmatic Candy. . 1 ' i Tincture for the Rheumatism. COOKE'S \ , POCKET EDITIONS, Of the most Esteemed and Poyu'ar Works in the English Language, including Translations ; the whole SUPERBLY EMBELLISHED. To accommodate the virtuoso in embellishments, and the admirers of beautiful printing, arc pub- lished, SUPERIOR EDITIONS, Printed on wove vellum paper, and containing portraits of the respective authors, vignettes, froh- ti « piece » to every volume, additional scene repre- sentations, and the first impressions of the platoe. These editions are double the price of the CHEAP EDITIONS, which are sold at only sixpence each number; every one of which contains an engraving, an4 from the quantity of letter- press comprised in each, the works are rendeicd less expensive than tlie most common and unadorned, as is exempli- fied by the following prices: SELEfT NOVELS. Aluienao 6 Devil on Two Sticks 1 Solyman and Nourjalud o Almoran and Hamet o Zadig 1 Sentimental Journey 1 Castle of Otranto 1 Rasselas 1 Theodosius & Con- stants I Bclisarius 1 Journey to the next World 1 Pompey the Littl* 1 Candid 1 Jonathan Wild 1 Peruvian Princiss 1 Louisa Mildmay i Advent of an Atoih I Vicar of Wakefield 1 Chinese Tales i Tali of a Tub 2 Launcelot Greaves a S\ CRED CLASSICS. Gulliver's Tiavcls Sisters Henrietta Joseph Andrews Female Quixote Telemachus Humphrey Clinker Moral Tales Count Fathom Tales of the Genii Roderic Randoni Tristram S" handy Amelia Robinson Crusoe Advent, of a Guinea 5 Gil Bias $ Tom Jones 6 Peregrine Pickle f Arabian Nights 7 Don Quixote 8 Pamela 10 Economy of Human Life I o Death of Abet" 1 o Dodd on Death 1 0 Dodd's Prison Tho'ts 1 o Rowe's Devout Ex- CKiset 1 BRTTISH CLASSICS. Coldsmith's Essays i OtCitizen of the World Shenstonc'e EMays 1 6| Advcnturcr Young's Centaur 1 Addison on Christian Religion 1 Pilgrim's Progress i Rowe's Letters 1 Harvey's Meditations Idler Gray Collins Otway Rochester Walsh Sheffield Armstrong Smollett Johnson Garth Pomfret Dodsley Lyttleton Goldsmith Warton 3 o| Rambler SELECT POETS. o 6 Falconer o Savage o 6 Congreve 1 0 Parnel O 6 Fenton 1 0 Sbenstonc o 6 Rowe I o Akensidb o 6 M'ckle J o Watts 0 6 Broome 1 o Glover o 6 Mallett 1 o Somervih o 6 Moo- re 1 o Thomson o 6 Tickclf 1 o Milton o 6 Cunningham i 0 Prior o A Lansdowne 1 o Butler 0 6 Addison 1 6 Gay r o Shakeepeare r 6 Young 1 o Waller 1 4 Pope 1 o Langhorne 1 6 Dryden 71M ubote H'orhi mat/ lie hiid hound, er in separate Numbers. MISCELLANEOUS WORKS. Fcnelon's Dialogues 1 Watts's Logic 1 Watts's Essays 1 Watts's Improvement of the Mind 2 New Bath Guide o 6 Stevens's Lcctureson Heads o 6 Fenelon's Pious Re- flections o 6 Lifeof Col. Gafdiner 1 6 PRINTS sold separate from the WORKS. Proof Impressions, on large paper, price sixpence each. COOKE't Cheap and Elegant Pocket Edition of HUME'S HISTORY OF ENGLAND, With Continuations, by Smollett, and ethers, common edition, price two shillings and sixpence per volume; superior edition, live shillings per volume. Hume 12 Volumes, Price JTi 10 o Smolldtt 7 Volumes, o 17 6 Continuation 6 Volumes, o ij o Index 1 Voluipe, 026 Additional Volumes are printing, which will bring down the History to the present time. BELL'S BRITISH THEATRE, Price sixpence each Drama, common; one shilling, fine. The price of hiniHng the ubove works, in calf, is sixteen- pencc per volume; and, in sheep, nine- pence per volume. London: Printed for C. Coon, No. 17, P » ter- nnster- row; sold by W. Sxiaaow, Market- street, Lancaster; and by all the booksellers in the united kingdom. DEAFNESS. TO those afflicted with this disorder, W. MINSHULL, Printer of this Paper, with confidence recommends the use of Dr. Taylor's Remedy, which, when applied agreeably to the printed directions, seldom fails of restoring the hearing. Many persons in this town and neigh- bourhood, who have received benefit, have given W. Minshull permission to refer inquirers to them. He respectfully submits the following extract of a letter, which he sent to the proprietor, on the 8th ult. " An elderly gentlemah, of this town, called upon me * tew days ago, and said, that he pur- chased a bottle at my medicine warehouse, two yeari ago, which Completely cured him; but hav- ing lately caught cold, a trifling deafness had fol- lowed, which he had no doubt a part of a bottle he then bought would entirely eradicate." The above esteemed Remedy may be had, price 8s. 6d. a bottle, with plain directions, of W. MINSHUEL, Printer of this Paper, A. Fos- tet, Kirkby Lonsdale ; and W. Addison, Preston. rpo the valetudinarian by birth, who has A received from his parents the inheritance of a diseased and unprolific frame; to the delicate female, whom an immured and inactive life, to- gether with the immoderate use of tea and other weak and watery aliments, has, without any fault of hers, brought on all the calamitous symptome of a consumptive habit, the Cordial Balm of Gilead will aflord the most permanent relief, and restore them to the enjoyment of the greatest comfort of life— health. A few doses of this medicine will a0ord imme- diate assurance of returning health and strength, by giving tcne to the muscular system and organs of digestion, ind by renovating the constitution. It gives strength and spirits, in place Of lassitude and debility ; and it will gently and rafely invigo- rate the system. Nervous disorders of every kind, and from whatever eause arising, and all that train of sink- ings, anxieties, and tremors, which so dreadfully aUcct the weak, the sedentary, aad the delicate, will in a short time be succeeded by cheerfulness, and every presage of health. Soldathilf- a- guinoi a bottle, andin33s, bottles, containing the quantity of four small bottles, whereby there is a saving of nine shillings. To be had of VV. MistsirUi Printer of this Paper, Mr. WoOdburne, Mr. Clark, and Mr. Car- ruthers, in Lancaster; Mr. Addison, and Mr. Croft, Preston; Mr. Lyon, and Mr. Simcosk, Wigan; Mr. Ware, and Mr. Crosthwaite, White- haven; Mr. Jollie, and Mr. Scott, Carlisle; Mr. Lynch, Mr. Staines, Mr. Atkinson, Mr. Thomp- son, and Messrs. Hargreaves, Manchester; Mr. Foster, Kirkby Lonsdale; Mr. Branthwaite, Ken- dal; and of all the reputable medicine venders, booksellers, tc. in every principal town in Eng- land, Ireland, Scotland, and America, who will deliver pamphlets gratis, with a variety ef au- thentic documents ifiserteil therein. BENJAMIN MORRIS'S DIVIDEND. THE Creditors of BENJAMIN MORRIS, late of the White- Hart, in Lancaster, innkeeper, are requested to take NO- TICE, that a DIVIDEND of the monies received from hit real and personal estate and effects, will be made amongst them, by his assignees, at the SUAKTSPEAR TAVERN, in Saint Leonard- gate, Lan- caster, 011 WEDNESDAY the 18th day of December next, at two o'clock in the afternoon ; before which day, the creditors who have not already sent in their accoaits, are desired to ser. d a particular st dement thereof, with the nature of their securities ( if any) to Mr. E.. ATKINSON, solicitor, in Lancaster, or they will be excluded the benefit of said dividend. And all persons indebted to said' Benjamin Morris, are to pay their respective debts to the said Mr. ATKINSON, without delay. November 22, 1805 STAMP- OFFICE, SOMERSET- PLACE, November 19, ! 80i. WE, his Majesty s Commissioners for ma- naging the Hamp Hutui, duly autlioristd by the Lords Commissioners of his Majesty's Treasury, pursuant to Act of Parliament, to let to farm the Duties granted by " An Act of the twenty JiJ'th if his " present Majesty, ou Horses U t to Hire for traceltiiig " Post, and by Time," do hereby give notice, that we intend to let, at our office in Somerset- place, the said duties to farm, ou Saturday the 21st of Decem- ber next, between the hours of ten and twelve in the forenoon, according to the districts in the statement under mentioned, for the term if three years, from the 1st day of February next, to such persons nj may be willing to contract for the lame. All persons intend- ing to firm the said duties, are to deliver in their pro- posals to us, at the Stamp office, in Somerset- place, at least three days previous to the said 21st day of De- cember next, signed with thtir namts, stating the pluccs of their abodes and specifying the district for which they intend to bid, or their proposals cannot be proceeded on, at directed hy the said act. No persons licensed to let horses for the purpose of travelling post, nor any persons for their use, cau be admitted to contract for the said duties. A Statement of Districts for farming out the Post- Horse, £ c. Duties. The sums at which the , several districts are No. DISTRICTS. to be put up. 1 North Britain . _ £. 10,000 2 Northumberland - S Cumberland Westmorland i Durham * S Yorkshire - 4 Lancashire Cheshire Derbyshire Staffordshire - i 5 Lincolnshire Nottinghamshire - Leicestershire - - 6 Northamptonshire Rutlandshire - Warwickshire - Oxfordshire • 1 Wiltshire * Worcestershire Gloucestershire - 8 Norfolk Suffolk Essex - Cambridgeshire » 9 Bedfordshire Buckinghamshire 10 Huntingdonshire Hertfordshire 11 Surrey ... 12 Middlesex, incSiiding London and Westmirntor 13 Kent ... Sussex 14 Hampshire - • Berkshire 15 Devonshire Dorsetshire Cornwall Somersetshire 16 NORTH WALES, via. Anglesea Carnarvonshire Denbighshire Flintshire Merionethshire Montgomeryshire, with • Shropshire 17 SoutH WALES, vi » . Brecknockshiie Carmarthenshire Cardiganshire Glamorganshire Radnorshire and Pembrokeshire, with Herefordshire and Monmouthshire J All persons intending to bid for these Districts are desired to take NOTICE, that, in pursuance of tht particular instructions of their Lordshipis, each Dis- trict will be put up at the sum specified in the margin hereof, which will be gradually abated, until a bidding shall be made for the District ; and, upon such bidding, any person may advance, and the highest bidder will be declared ( he farmer, and vrfift be required to pay down immediately, in Bank xtt) f « » one eighth part of the annual rent thereof as a deposit. But in case any District shall not be ac- cepted at a price which shall be deemed the proper ' value thereof, that District will be withdrawn and otherwise disposed of. J. BINDLEY. L. jfcNKlNS. W. R. SPENCER. W. LAKE. KD. F. HATTON. N. B. AH persons intending to hid for any ° f these Districts are desired to take NOTICE, that they will not be put up to sale according to the numerical arrangement ill wliich they stand above, but that the order of selling - wilt be » . ried as circumstances shall direct, and not declared previously to the day of sale, for the purpose of encouraging a fair com- petition, and of defeating the combinations hereto- fore experienced at the tune of bidding, to the gtaet prejudice of the Revenue. rpHE astonishing success that has at- X tended the sale of those justly celebrated preparations of Dr. Brodum, the Botanical Syrup and Nervous Cordial, is the most convincing proof of their cfficacy when applied in cases of the greatest danger. Since the first discovery of medi- cine, no recipes have been found to tend so ge- nerally to the restoration of health, it not being only a few complaints which they actually remove, but most of those that are incidental to the human system. These arc not the unfounded speculative remarks of a casual obeerver, but the sentiments of a person who has beheld with astonishment, rot ortly the cures that have appeared in the publi* papers, but received the facts from several of the- parties themselves, who have acknowledged their release lYom a state of the most acute pain, to the complete enjoyment of health, and consequently to peace. The Medicines to be had at the House, No. 9, Albion- street, Blackfriars Road, in bottles, ll. as.— us. and 6s. ( duty included) and of W. Min- shull, Printer of this Paper, in Lancaster; Sumnw, Clithero ; Walker, Pruston; Branthwaite, Kendal; Shackleton, Skipton; Foster, Kirkbjr Lonsdale ; Soulby, Ulverston ; and of all niedi* cine venders in the united kingdom. N. B.— A. D. Swinton, the proprietor ( Son of Dr. SWiNTON, Fellow of the Royal College ot Physicians, London) may be consulted from tea till three, or by letter, containing the usual tee. A Five Guinea Bottle contains sis at Me. 11,000 16,000 16,500 11,000 14,000 15,008 16,000 7,500 12,000 14,000 £ 8,000 20,000 15,000 17,000 6,00 ® y 5,000 j£
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