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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Volume Number: LXXXV    Issue Number: 31
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 05/10/1805
Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: LXXXV    Issue Number: 31
No Pages: 4
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errafp. AlrtiV mm Vol. LXXXV. { Ready Money is expected * No. 31. i with Advertisements. S SATURDAY, October 5, 1805. ^ PRICE SIXPENCE,. ^ itV'ntid Print 2* 1. Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. LONDON, October 1. THE Hamburgh Mail of the 29th ult. arrived last night. Of all the letters by this channel, those from Berlin are the most important. A Great Council was held there on the 19th, at which the Duke of Brunswick,- General Mollen- dorff, several other General Officers, and all the Ministers were present. Immediately on its breaking up, orders were issued for placing the a We. Prussian army on the war footing, and for preparing great quantities of artillery and stores. The Russians from Corfu are speedily to join the Austrians in Italy. They await only the arrival of the w hole complement of stores and forces from the Black Sea.— Twelve thousand tons of shipping are, by the care of the British Go- vernment, held in readiness for their transport. The Austrians entered Munich on the 13th ult. and are in full march through Bavaria andSuabia to the Rhine. Passau and Landshut arc occupied by them. The Arch Chancellor of the Empire has declared the city of Ratisbon neutral ground. The army of the allies in Bavaria is already 100, WW strong,— if the forccs of the Elector be comprehended.— It is believed that they have air ready pushed forward into Stishia.— Of the two columns of the Russians of 50,000 men each, which have entered Gallicia, one is expected to act on the Rhine, and the other in Italy.— Uowi- partc is expected daily on the Rhine.— Che French army collecting upon that river is already 120,000. The Electors of Wirtcmberg and Baden will find themselves now in an awkward dilemma. The Head of the Empire will, of course, require a categorical answer from them, whether they mean to fulfil the secret Treaties by which they are to famish Prance with 10,000 men each. What a change has been effected in the situation of affairs within four months!— In the Mmiteur of June 1st, Bonaparte stilted, that he and all Europe' was convinced tlrnt England had no alliance with Russia— that the Emperor Alexander would take part neither with England nor France— that . Austria was determined to continue neutral, per- fectly convinced of the moderation of. France, and that all tbe rumours of a Continental Coalition were absurd, ridiculous, and utterly unfounded! Paris Papers were yesterday received to the 25th, and Dutch Journals to the 28th ult. The l3tter bring nothing of importance.— By the former • we learn that Bonuparte had not left his capital OQ the 23d ult. We have reason to believe, that the projected Expedition against the coasts of France and Spain, has, in part, already wrought its purpose, by di- viding and embarrassing Bonaparte s attention. But, however the appearances of preparations may be, for tbe moment, made somewhat less con- spicuous,— we are assured, that they frill not he discontinued, till some awful blows shall have been struck where Bonaparte the least expects such a thing. A reinforcement is going out to the Medi- terranean, consisting of five regiments, of which the 42d and 78th Highland regiments have arrived at Portsmouth. It manifests no common exertions in the present Board nf Admiralty, to have thoroughly repaired 86 two and three decked ships from vessels found by them in ordinary, in the COUTSC of a single year, aiid to have now in commission no less than one hundred and three sail of the line.' A brother of the brave and unfortunate General Georges, escaping lately from France, in a lugger with some more Officers of the Chouans, were found, we understand, at sea, and detained by the yEolu . frigate. They were carried to Plymouth, where, by some mistake they were sent on board the prison ship Salvador del Mundo. As soon as Government was informed of the circumstance-, orders were scut for the liberation of the loyal band. The merchants who had unsatisfied claims on Spain have had those paid out of the returns from the sales of our first Spanish captures— but without any diminution of the prize- money to our seamen who were the captors. Bread Corn.— The new wheat crops are found ou the average to be the best in weight, as well as quantity, that have been known for many years; the prime samples of several districts weighing from 62 to 64lb. the bushel. Wasps.— Although the venom of a wasp ardent, it rarely produces more than slight inflam- mation; audit" the pipe of a sinatl key be instantly, after the sting, pressed on the oriiice of the wound, it will scarcely be felt at all. This ought to be remembered, for i^ is a remedy always at hand. Man and Wife.— Last week, rit Marlborough- street, a man was ordered to be committed, or find bail for ill- treatment to his wife. Shortly after, the wife came with tears in her eyes to the magistrate, praying that she might be taken as bad, saying, that she was sure he would never do so again! On her request the man was liberated. Mr. Blight.— The murder of this gentleman still remains a mystery, notwithstanding the inde- fatigable exertioiis of the Magistrates to unravel it. The coroner's inquest having found a verdict of wilful murder against some person or persons unknown, and some suspicious circumstances having come out upon the examination of his maid servant, and his successor, Mr. Patch, his late foreman, they were on Fridav evening taken into custody by the Bow- street Officers, and have been privately esumined by Mr. Graham, the Magistrate, the particulars of which have not vet transpired.— Every person who could possibly throw the least light upon the subject has been examined at Bow- street, and their statements taken down in writing; nine of them have been before the Magistrates, and Mr. Graham, and bis principal clerk, have also been down to Greenland Dock, to examine the premises of the deceased, and to take some evidence in that neighbourhood.— A police- officer sleeps in the same bed with Mr. I'atch. In a subsequent investigation, Mary Rack, ser- vant to Mrs. Wright, in Arundel- street, Strand was sent for. We understand the substance of her evidence was, that she lived servant with the deceased thirteen months, and had left his scrvice about five weeks previous to his murder;— she never recollected seeing any tire- anns in the house Afterwards Hester Kitchiner, the servant w ho was in the house at the time of the murder, underwent an examination for two hours. After which, Mr, Patch continued under a long and very close exa- mination. The prisoners were examined upon, we understand, new points, that have come out in consequence of the deposition of several witnesses, < ju Monday qvefiipg, at the deceased's house. To PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. WANTED, An APPRENTICE to a SUR- GEON, & c. in a healthy Market- Town. As he will be treated as one of tlte Family, and every Attention paid to his Professional Education, a hand- some Preipium will be expected. ( J5T Applications to be made to Mr. F. DCE, Drug- gist, Northampton.— Letters must be Post- paid. BAKER.— or further Particulars, enquire of JOHN BAKER, Finedon, Northamptonshire. SHENLEY INN STATUTE YY7 IT. I. he held for HIRING of SERVANTS, » * on MONDAY the 14th Day of OCTOBER "\ 7| 7" ANTED, An Apprentice to a T T For TOWCESTER STATUTE. riMIF, Annual STATUTE FAIR for HIRING I of SERVANTS, will be held oa TUESDAY the 8th of OCTOBER instant, being the Tuesday before Old Michaelmas Dav. To SCHOOLMASTERS. WANTED, for the Parish of RUSIITON, A SCHOOLMASTER, to teach Writing, Read- ing, ind Arithmetic. Apply to Mr. ASHSY, of Rushton aforesaid; if by Letter Post- paid. WANTED, An APPRENTICE to a PRINTER and BOOKBINDER. Q5T Enquire of J. SEELEY, Buckingham. WANTED immediately, A JOURNEYMAN PI. UMBKRand GLAZIER. A steady Man that well understands his Business, may meet with constant Empl » y and good Wages, by applying to CHARLES BENNETT, Plumber and Glazier, Buck- ingham. WANTED immediately,. An ASSISTANT to a DRAPER.— One who has been us « d to the Country Trade, will be preferred. Letters addressed ( Post- paid) to Mr. WEBB, Bookseller, Bedford, will be attended to. WANTED, A COOK, iu a small Family in BEDFORD She must understand her Business thoroughly as Cook, and likewise undertake a small Part ot the Household Work. There is no Washing done at Home. KV For further Particulars, apply at M. W. WILSON'S, Esq. Potter- Street, Bedford. immediately, in a small genteel A steady WOMAN, that perfectly understands her Business as COOK : none needapply that cannot be well recommended from their last Place. tfT Letters, Post- paid, directed B. M. Winslow Post Office, will be properly attended to. NORTHAMPTON PAVING STOCK. NOTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of the Commissioners tor Paving, Cleansing, Lighting, and Watching the Town of Northampton, will be held at the GUII. DHALI. of the said Town, on TUESDAY the FIRSY Day of OCTOBER next, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, when the Treasurer will attend to pay the Interest which will become due to the Proprietorsof Pav ng Stock the 29lli of September instant. CHARLES MARKHAM, Clerk to the Commissioners. Northampton, Sept. 2g/ h, 1805. GRF. AT- BRICKIIII. L, Bucks, Oct. 1st, 1805. NOTICE is hereby given, That all Persons who have any Claims or Demands upon the late F. TURNER, deceased, Blacksmith, of GREAT- BR1CKH1I. L, are desired to send their respective Bills, that the same may be discharged. Likewise, all Persons who stand indebted to the said F. Turner, arc desired to Discharge the same on or before the first of November next, by applying to Mr. Wm. or Mr. John Turner, Executors, of Great- Brickhill: To be L E T T, And entered upon immediately, AHOUSE, eligibly situated upon the PAR in NORTHAMPTON, fronting the Draj WANTED Family, ROAD MEETING. rpiIF, next Meeting of the Trustees of the I Turnpike- Road leading from thoJ'own ot North- ampton to Newport- Pagnell, in the County oi Bucks, will be held at the NEW INN, at HA- CKLETON, in the County of Northampton, on MONDAY the 14th Day of OCTOBER next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon. Dinner at Two o'Clock. ROBT. ABBEY, Clerk to the Trustees. Northampton, Sept. 11th, 1805. ROBERT TOM LIN, " Upholsterer, Broker, and Auctioneer, RESPECTFULLY acquaints the Inhabitants of HI GHAM- FE RRF. RS and its Vicinity, that he has OPENED a SHOP on the Premises of Mr. SANDERS, Grocer, Sec. at HIGHAM, where he intends ( every SATURDAY) to sell ALL SO RTS of HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, the principal Part of which will be manufactured by himself; he there- fore assures those Friends who may please to favour him with their Commands, that be will serve them on the very lowest Terms. ( PIT All Sorts of second- hand FURNITURE sold, and taken in Exchange for new. N. B. An ARPRENTICT to a CABINET- MAKER WANTED. IVelltngberougb, Sept. 20th, 1805. AUGUST 13, 1805. rOST, or STOLEN, the following BEDFORD J BANK NOTES, viz. Aro. 5106, Value £. 10; and No. 5774, Value £. 5. f$ 3T It is requested, that any Person who can give Information respecting them, will apply to Mr. RAWLINS, Postmaster, Bedford; or to Mr. DODD, Postmaster, Wobum. To he SOLD, or LETT, NORTHAMPTON NAVIGATION, given, That the NOTICE is hereby next General Quarterly Meeting of the Commis- sioners acting for the Western Division of the Navi- gation of the River Nine or Nen, will be held at the GUILDHALL, in NORTHAMPTON , on FRIDAY the 11th Day of OCTOBER next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, for transacting the Business relating to the said Navigation; at which Time new Commissioners will be appointed in the Room of those who are dead since the last Appointment. J. GARDINER, Treasurer. September 20f/>, 1805. - STRAYED, OUT of a Close of Mr. JOSEPH IVENS, in Water Eaton, near Fenny Stratford, Bucks, on Sunday Night, or early on Monday Morning, the 16th of September, 1805, An aged Black MARE, of the Cart Kitid; a long Tail, marked with a Fire- brand W on the near Shoulder, W on the off tore loot, and has had a Quittor on the off Foot behind. Whoever will bring the said Mare to Mr. JOSEPH Ivewij of Water Eaton aforesaid, shall be rewarded for their Trouble, and Expences paid. Valuable Advowson and next Presentation, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. To be S O L D bv AUCT10 N, By Mr. S M I T //, At Garraway's Cottee- Hmtse, Change- Alley, Corn hill, London, on Wednesday the 23d of October, at Twelve o'clock, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, riiUE PERPETUAL ADVOWSON and NEXT I PRESENTATION to the RECTORY of UPPER- BODDINGTON, near Banbury, Southam, and Daventry; consisting ot'a Parsona. it'- House, Barns, Stables, Gardens, and upwards of 500 Acres of ex- cellent Land, in Lieu of Tythes, of the anm al Value of eight hundred Pounds.— Ths present In. cumbent is t- ear 70 Years of Age. Ipf Particulars may be had twenty Days pre. ceding the Sale of Mr. TYNDALE, Solicitor. l. in. coln's- Inn- Fiekls; of the Printers of the Oxford Journal, Cambridge Chronicle, Northampton Mer- cury, Reading Mercury, Coventry Mercury, and Bir. minghain Gazette; at Oarraway's; and of Mr. SMITH, NO. 62, Broad- Street, near the Royal Ex- change, London. SALE or LAND- TAX. COUNTY of NORTHAMPTON. rpiIE Commissioners especially appointed for I. the Redemption and Sale of the' Land- Tax arising within the County of Northampton ( exclusive of the Town of Northampton), hereby give , Notice, That they will hold Meetings at the following Places within the said County, on the Days hereafter- mentioned, between the Hours of Eleven in the Forenoon and Two in the Afternoon of each Day, to carry the Act • of Parliament passed in the 42d Year of His present Majesty's Reign, for such Redemption and Sale, into Execution, viz. At the NEW WHITE. HORSE, in TOWCESTER, on TUESDAY the 15th Day of OCTOBER, 1805; At fhe HIND INN, in WELLINGBOROUGH, on WED- NESDAY the lfith Day of OCTOBER, 1805; And at the OFFICE of Mr. WILLIAM TYLER SMYTH, their Clerk, in the Town of NORTHAMPTON, on SA- TURDAY in every Week. T hose Persons who intend to redeem their Land- Tax, either by a transfer of Stock, or by a Payment in Money, to the Receiver- General ot the County, are now allowed two Years from the Date Of the Contract to transfer the Stock, r pay the Money re- quired, as the Consideration for the Sale; or they may transfer or pay the same respectively, imme- diately, or by quarterly Instalments not exceeding eight in Number. Every Person intending to redeem his I- vid- Tax, is, in the first Place, to apply to the Clerk to th- Commissioners of l. and- Tax, in the Division in which such Land- Tax is charged, tor the necessaiy Certificate of the Amount thereof; and on producing the same to the Commissioners at their Meetings, and stating in what Manner the Land- Tax is intended to be re- deemed, the Contract will be procuted, and trans, initted to the Party without Delay. By Order « f the Commissioners, WM. TR. SMYTH, Clerk. Nnhmtton, 2Sept. 181) 5. AN exceeding good MALT- HOUSE, and a | Brick and Tiled DWELLING- HOUSE adjoin- ing, with every Convenience attached thereto, situate in Wmslow, in the County of Bucks. fj2f* For Particulars, apply to JOHN Cox, Plumber and Glazier, in Winslow aforesaid. POLEKROOK, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, AMESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with a HOMESTEAD, ORCHARD, and BARN thereto adjoining, situate in POLEBROOK, in the Occupation of Thomas Danner. Also, A CLOSE of excellent PASTURE LAND; containing by " Estimation five Acres ( be the same more or less), in the Occupation of William Hunt. t£ T The above Premises are Freehold. For furtner Particulars, or to treat for the Purchase, apply to Messrs. YORKE & SHERARD, Oundle or Tnrapston. To Bakers, <$-<-. To he SOLD by AUCTION, At the Bell Inn, Stilton, in the County ot Hunting- don, on Wednesday the 9th Day of October inst. between the Hours of Five and Seven in the After- noon, subject to such Conditions of Sale as will be produced, Lot 1. \ Capital MESSUAGE, with the Bake- IX house, Barns, Stables, and other Out- buildings. Yards, Garden, and Homestead, in the Town ot ST1 L' 1' C> N aforesaid, and adjoining the great Road, now in the Occupation of Bradfield Pitts, Baker.— This is a most desirable Situation for a Baker. Lot 2. TWO COTTAGES, with the Outbuildings, Yards, and Gardens, near the North End of the Town of STILTON, and adjoining the said Road, now in the Occupation of William ( Main and Wm. Johnson. LotS. TWO COTTAGES, in CHURCH- STREET, in STILTON, with the Outbuildings, Yards, and Gar. dens adjoining, now in the Occupation of . J. Bates and W. Frier. Lot 4. DIVERS PIECESorPARCELS of ARA- BLE LAND, LEY, MEADOW, and PASTURE GROUND, by Estimation 11 Acres, more or less; six Leys, near William Odam's, with five Cow Com- mo. is, 25 Sheep Commons, and other Appurtenances I to the aforesaid Premises, dispersed in the Fields of STILTON ; and a Close of two Acres, in the Fen, 1 or tire Allotment or Allotments that may be in Re- spect of the said Open- FUld Property, pursuant to an Act of Parliament for inclosing Stilton, except such small Pieces of Land ( if any) which may be made necessary to be laid near the said Cottages, for the convenient Occupation of the same, and which is intended to be sold or to go with the said Cottages.— The Land is in the Occupation of Mr John Pitts. ( Pr Ail the Estates are Freehold.— Mr. Bradfield Pitts holds Lot 1 under a Lease, which will expire on ths 25th of October inst.; the other Tenants hold at Will. The Tenants will shew the Premises ; and fur- ther Particulars may be known by applying to Mr. MORLEY, Peterborough. BEDFORDSHIRE. To be peremptorily RE- SOLD, Pursuant to an Order of the High Court of Chancery, with the Approbation of John Springett Harvey, Esquire, one of the Masters of the said Court, ( in one Lot) at tbe Sun Inn, in Hitchin, in the County of Hertford, on Tuesday the 22d Day ot October, 1805, between the Hours of Two and Three, AFREEHOLD ESTATE, at SIIARPENHOE, in the County of Bedford, late the Estate of LAURENCE SMYTH, Clerk, deceased; com- prising the Manor of Sharpenhoe, and a Farm called > h upenhoe Bury Farm, containing about 336 Acres, Tithe- free, and tbe Corn Tithe of 360 Acres of Laid, and Sonic valuable Sheep Walks. Particulars may be had ( gratis) at the said Master's Chambers, in Southampton Buildings, or Mr. Clcn- nell. No. 7, Staples Inn, London; of Messrs. Hindley and Roe, Solicitors, Baldock; at the principal Inns at Hitchin, Luton, and Ampthill; and of Mr. Smith, tin Tenant, who will shew the Estate. Bedfordshire. will be SOLD by AUCTION, liy Mr. CHRISTIE, At the Great Room, in Pall- Mali, London, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, IN SEVENTEEN LOTS, CAPIT. IV and VALUABLE FREEHOLD, and greatest Part TYTHE- FREE ESTATE, situate adjoining to the great . Turnpike- RoaA front London to Northampton, about three Miles from LEIGHTON- BUZZARD and the newly- completed Branch ot the GRAND JUNCTION CANAL, three from DUNSTABLE, seven from WOBURN, and 36 from LONDON, in the COUNTY ot BEDFORD; consisting of the MANOR and entire PARISH of TILSWORTH ( except a few Acres); the ADVOWSON of the VICARAOB of TILSWORTH; TWO WOODS of valuable TIMBER and thriving UN- DERWOOD; ^ IGHT compact FARMS, with good Farm- Houses, Barns, and all necessary Buildings} the Red- Lion and Ball Inns, and the Blackbirds Public- House; and sundry Farm- Houses, Messuages, Tenements, and Lands, in the adjoining Parishes of CHALGRAVE, HOCKLI rrE, and STANDBRIDGE ; con- tabling in the Whoie ONETHOUSAND THREE HUNDRED and TWENTY- SEVEN ACRES of productive Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Wood Land, in the Occupation of respectable Tenants, whose Terms will expire at Lady. Day next, and capable ot great Improvement. Mr JOHN W I LHSON, the Woodman, at Tils worth, will shew the Estate; and Particulars may be had of Mr. JAMES RILEY, Chicherley, near New- pon- Pagnell; the Printers of the Northampton Mer cury ; at the Red. Lion, Hocklilte; Sugar- Loaf, Dun- sia ile; the Rainbow Coffee- House, Cornhill; and of Mr. CHUUTIE, Pall- Mall, London. ' ARAnS, Drapery, in the Occupation of Mr. Main, Ironmonger. ( pf The Premises arc well calculated for any Retail Bu, iness; and several Apartmenu in the House ( which have been neatly fitted up), have been lately very pro- fitably lett as Lodgings. *** Enquire of Mr. LOCOCK, Northampton. FARMS to LETT, for a Term of Years. TWO FARMS, situate at RUSHDEN, in the County of Northampton, consisting together of about 300 Acres of Land.— The above f arms are now in the several Occupations of Mr. Charles Lucas and Mr. John Achurch, Jun. Q3T Further Particulars may be known, by ap- plying, personally, to Mr. LU. KENUNNELY, Pitchley Lodge, near Kettering. To be LE'IT, immediately, AVery neat HOUSE, situated near to the Church at EDGCOTT, in the Countv of Northampton; containing two Parlours and a Kitchen, three Bedchambers, and two lighted Closets, with ceiled Garrets.— The Cellars are good, and all requi- site Offices are complete, with a walled Garden. These Premises may be had on reasonable Terms, by Application to the Rev. MOSES HODGES BARTHOLMEW, of Wardington, near Banbury. , To Maltsters. To be LET T, At WINSLOW, in the County of Bucks, AVery neat and convenient MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, and MALTHOUSE adjoining, capable of wetting 12 yttariers ot Barley per Week, witti two Bams, a Stable, and all other necessary Out- buildings, and a Yard and Garden walled in. ( tdT The above is a very eligible Situation for a Pcraon who wishes to carry on the Malting Business, as there is a good Opening for a Maltster in the above Town. The Whole of the Premises are in good Repair, and may be entered on at Michaelmas next. N. B. For further Particulars, apply to LANCELOT WY ATT, Attorney at Law, in WinsloCv aforesaid. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By EDWARD NEALE, On Tuesday the 8th Day of October, 1805, at the House of'Mr Cave, the Sigr. of the Shouldcr- of- Mutton, in Rugby, in the County of Warwick, between the Hours of Three and Six o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions of Sale then to be produced, either in one or more Lots, ri nvo CLOSES of exceeding rich GRAZING S LAND, lying in the Lordship , f Easenhall, in the County aforesaid, now in the Tenure of Mr. Barnes; and a HOMESTEAD, adjoining the said Town of EASENHALL, now in the Tenure of Mr. John Cattle, of Eassnhall. The said Homestead and two Closes contain about 13 Acres, or thereabouts, be the same more or less. OCT For a View ot the said Closes and Homestead, apply to the Tenants; and for further Particulars, to Mr. Fox, Attorney at Law, Rugby. Northumptonsitii i Quurtaagt- Moi^ ei/. rl', IUL Chief Constables are to collect and pay I. in, at the ensuing Sessions, Ten single (, uarterly Payments. CHR. SMYTH, Clerk ot the Peace. Northampton, Sept. 21i/, 1805. Northamptonshire Quarter- Sessions. NOTICE is hereby eiven, That the next - . GENERAL QUARTER- SESSIONS ot the PEACE for this COUNTY, will commence on THURSDAY, the 10th Day of OCTOBER next, at Ten o'Clock in the Morning'prccisely ; and that the Court will immediately impannel tbe Grand Jury, and transact other formal Business, and at Twelve o'Clock proceed to the Trial of such Appeals as were entered at the last, and respited until the ensuing Sessions. Those Magistrates who have taVcn Recognizances lor the Appearanceot Persons at this Sessions, are requested to return them to the Clerk of the Peace on or before Tuesday the Hth. And all Persons who are bound over by Recognizances to prosecute, cr to give Evidence on any Bill or Bills of Indictment, are required to at- tend and deliver the proper Instructions at the Clerk of the Peace's Office on Wedne:, dky Evening, as the Grand Jury will be discharged as surly as the public Business will permit. And it is recommended to the Solicitors and Parish. Officers, vyho have Appeals to try, to deliver their Briefs to Counsel on tlie Wed- nesday Evening, and to be readv to try the same the next Morning, as the Court will be punctual in en- tering on that Business at the Time above- mcniiontd. By Orii.. r of the Court, CHR. SMY I H, Clerk of the Peace. Northampton, September 2Ur, 1805. Buckinghamshire Quarter- Sessions. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next GENERAL Ql ARTER. SESSIONS of the PEACE of this COUNTY, will commence at AYLESBURY, on THURSDAY, the 10th Day of OCTOBER uexi, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon precisely :— That immediately after, the Court will pro. ceed to the Trial of such Appeals as were respited trom the last Sessions, and all others which may be entered in due Time. It is proposed that the Grand Jurv shall be. impa, nelled as soon as they are assembled; and all Persons who are bound over by Recognizance to pro- secute, or to give Evidence upon anv Bill or Bills of Indictment, are required to attend and deliver the pro- per Instructions at my Office on Wednesday Evening, as the Grand Jury will be discharged as c'arly as the public Business will permit. Andit is recommended to all Solicitors and Pa ish Officers who have Appeals to try, to deliver their Briefs to Counsel on the IV, d- nesday Evening, and to be ready to try- the same ihe next Morning, as the Court will be punctual in enter- ing on that Busintss immediately aher the opening of the Court. - ACTON CHAPLIN. Clerk of the Peace's Office, Aylesbury, Sept. Hth, 1805. Neut Cattle, Sheep, 4' C To P be SOLD by AUCTION, Bf EDIVARb NEALE, On Wednesday the 9th Day of October, 1805, on the Premises ot Mr. JOSEPH WA I, LI N, ot Willey, in the County of Warwick ( who leaves his Farm at Michaelmas' next), » ART of the LIVE and DEAD STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, of HUSBANDRY, some DAIRY UTENSILS, kc. & c — The I. IVF and DEAD STOCK consists of elev; n exceeding useful Dairy Cows, and a Stirk Bull, bred by Mr. Rice, of Ashby- de- la- Zouch; 40 Ewes and 37 Shearhogs; two fat Flop's and one strong Pig; one Narrow- wheel Waggon; Double and Single- wheel Ploughs; Ditto Harrows; Horses' Gearing; Pig- Troughs, with numerous other useful Articles. < The above Sheep and Cows are well bred, and will be found well worth theAttention of Purchasers. The Sale to somifience at Ten o'Clock in the Morning. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. JAMES NEALE, On Wednesday the 9th, and Thursday the 10th of October, 1805, in Lutterworth, in the County of Leicester, belonging to the late RICHARD SMITH, ONE CLOSE of rich PASTURE LAND, and TWO MEADOWS adjoiningthesame; contain- ing together about 22 Acres ( more or less), in Lut. teriaortb Field, lying by the Side of the Leicester Road.— Also, a commodious MESSUAGE orTENE- MENT, well cellared, with a large Stable, and other Conveniences suitable for a Tradesman, standing in the Centre of the Town of LUTTERWORTH, aid formerly in the Occupation of Mr. Job Walker, but now in the Occupation ot Messrs. Pares, Paget, and Heygate.— Also, certain other PREMISES, situated in the Beast- Market, in LUTTERWORTH; consist, ingof a Messuage or Tenement, now in the Occupation of Edward Bishop; a large Barn, good Stable, Farm- Yard, and a good Garden, well planted with choice Fruit Trees, & c. LIVE and DEAD STOCK; consisting of a Rick of Hay; one Stack of Barley ; a small Stack of old Wheat and Oats; some Fleakes and Hurdles; a Crop of Turnips, about four Acres; latter Grass, about five Acrcs; latter Keep, about 13 Acres; two Quan- tities of Potatoes, growing ; a Quantity of Manure ; two Milch Cows, and one Feeding Ditto; 32 Shear- hogs; one Draught Horse, and one Hackney Ditto; one Narrow- wheel Waggon, and one Six- inch Cart; one double Plough, one single Ditto, and Pair of Harrows; Winnowing- Fan, with sundry other useful Articles in Husbandry. The Live Stock and Implements in Husbandry- will be sold on tbe Premises, the Sale of which will begin ^. t Ten o'Clock on Wednesday the 9th ot Octo- ber ; and the Land and Houses wilt be sold at the Hind Inn, in Lutterworth, on Thursday the ICth, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon. All Persons who stand indebted to the Estate of the said Richard Smith, are desired to pay the same to Mr. Bunney, of Coventry, or to Mr. Buz- zard, or Mr. B. Smith, of Lutterworth; and all Persons who have any Claim on the said Estate, arc desired to send in their Accounts. Buckinghamshire Freehold. Soon w ill be SOLD by AUCTION, if not dis- posed of bv Private Contract, ADesirable FARM, situate in BLETCIILEY ( one Mile from l-' cnny- Stratford and the Grand Junction Canal); comprising a substantial Farm- House, Barn, Stables, and other Offices, Farm and Rick- Yards, Garden, & c. ; several Closes near, called Home Leys, Malthouse Close, Two Leys, Ilobb's Mitches, Travell's Orchard, and Pope's Close, con- taining eight Acres, more or less, and 61 Acres and 1 Rood, more or less, of rich Arable Land, Ley and Meadow Ground, dispersal in tbe open Fields of Bletchley aforesaid. To the Farm belorg six Cow Commons on that extensive and rich Common, called Bletchley Leys, which, with other Common Ground, contain 400 Acres and upwards, and other Common Rights, and to Pope's Close belong six Sheep Commons. ITf An Inclosure may be soon expected, an Attempt having already been made to inclose, by which, with due Caution, the Proprietors of landed Property in this Parish may be much benefited, and on which the Copyholders in the Manor should be very cir- cumspect. The Estate may be viewed by applying to Mr. JOHN INNS, the Tenant. N. B. For further Particulars, and to treat for the Purchase, apply either to Messrs. WILLIS and SON, Solicitors, Leighton- Bussard; or to Mr. CHARLES WILLIS, Solicitor, Winslow. Valuable Freehold Estates and Mines. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By RICHARD" CRUMP, At the George Inn, in Walsall, on Monday the 21st Day of October, 1805, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon ( unless sooner disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will he given,) The following ESTATES, in Lots.— Lot 1. A N eligible FREEHOLD ESTATE, called GOSCOTE - LODGE, in the Foreign of WALSALL, and County of Stafford; consisting of good House and substantial Outbuildings, and fifty- three Acres of Land, in a Ring Fence, with Fish- Ponds aTid Pleasure- Grounds, recently laid out in the modern Taste.— The Land. is principally Meadow and Pasture, and about 20 Acres may be watered at Plea- sure. There is a considerable Stream of Water runs through the Premises, which may be applied for the Purpose of turning a Mill; and there is a good Scite on the Premises to build on. The Manorial Rights of the Manor of Goscote will be sold with the Estate; and the Situation is well calculated for a Person who is' fond of rural Amusements, and who wishes to retire from Business.— Considerable proved Mines of Coal and Iron- Stone are under the Estate, which is distant from Walsall two Miles, and from Birmingham ten. Lot 2. TWO CLOSES of LAND, adjoining I. otl, containing nine Acres, in the Parish of RUSHALL, and free of Corn Tvthes. Lot 3. A valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at GOSCOTE aforesaid, containing about 50 Acres, under 20 of which the Coal has been got, and tiie Remainder is unwrought. The Colliery is now in full Work; and the Wyrley and Essington Canal, which opeus an easy Communication through the Co- ventry, Oxford, and Grand Junction Canals, to the Metropolis, passes through the Works, in a Manner Shortly • With immediate Possession. by AUCTION, In the Vule of Ai/ lesburi/.- To be SOLD By Mr. RAINE, At the Rainbow Coftee- House, in Cornhill, London, on Friday the 18th of October, at Twelve o'clock, in one Lot, by Order of the Trustees under a Noble- man's Will, AValuable FREEHOLD and TYTHE- FREE DAIRY FARM, with a Portion ot Land in Tillage; containing altogether 242 Acres, called DUNSTER HILL, situate in CHARNDON, in the Parish of TWYFORD, between the great Roads leading from AYLESBURY to BUCKINCHAM, and AYLESBURY to BICESTER; the principal Par< now, and for many Years past, in the Occupation of Mr. William Lambourne. ( PT The House and Flomcstead are on a pleasing Eminence, commanding a View of the greater Part of the Lands, which lie to a warni Aspect, and may be still further enriched by the first ot all Improve- ments in Agriculture, the Floodings and fine Drain- ings of the Cowhouses, Yards, and Offices, being brought over the Meadows and Pastures of the Estate. * » * To be viewed till the Sale, by Leave of Mr. Lambourne, of whom, on the 25th Instant, printed Particulars may be had; also at the Cobham- Anns, Buckingham; King's- Arms, Bicester<- George, Ayles- bury ; White- Horse, Uxbridge; Rose, Watford; of the Printers of the Northampton, Oxford, & Reading Papers; of G. B. Tyndale, Esq. I. incoln's. Inn- Fields; andof Mr. Carter, Staple Inn, London; Mr Hoi her, at Thame; Rainbow Codec- House ; and of Mr. Raine, Land- Surveyor, Charlotte- Street, Blooms' bury, where » Plan may be seen. which riage. affords every possible Advantage of Water- Car- - The Coal Mines only at present are wrought, but there are several good Measures of Iron. Stone, of which Specimens may be seen on the Spot. E \ cc- lient Limestone is got within the Distance of two Miles, and few Situations are so well calculated to establish extensive Iron- Works upon. There are proper En- gines on the Premises to raise the Mine Water, and Winding- Engines tor the Purpose of raising the Coal. — The Strata of Coal now getting are 14 Feet 6 Inches thick, which may be seen on Inspection ot the Mines, and over which is an excellent Rock Roof. The Price of large Coal at tlie Pits is 8s. per Ton, small Coal 3s. 4d. for which there is great Demand from the extensive Lime. Works in the Neighbourhood.— The Premises are at present under Lease, but Terms are made with the Lessees for cancelling the Lease upon the Sale of the Estate; and the Purchase- Money tor the Mines will be taken by easy Instalments. Lot 4. About 50 Acres of LAND, wilh the valu. able Mines of Coal and Iron- Stone under the same, adjoining Lot 3, and also adjoining the Wy rjcv and Essington Canal; on which there is a good Mine of Clay for making of Bricks, which have a ready Sale in the Neighbourhood. ( pT If at the Time of Sale it should be thought more, e. igible to sell this Lot with Lot 3,. it will be done. Lot 5. A new and complete IRON FOUNDRY, with proper Air- Furnaces; also, a Boring- Mill and Cupola, worked- by an Erigine, a Pattern Shop, Smith's Shop, Drving- Stoves, and a great Variety of Iron Boxes and Patterns, with Cranes, and ev , y other useful and convenient Utensil ,1' di Carrying on an extensive Trade, situate near to the Canal, and within a hundred Yards of the Colliery.— The Stoek to be taken at a Valuation, and to be paid for by such Instalments as shall be specified in the Conditions of Sale. (( 5?* Apply to Mr. FORSTF. R, Banker, Walsall; Mr. PARSON, Ru: jhall- Hall ; or to Mr Cruris. Walsall, who lias Plans of the Estaws, uvl who wtU appoint a Per- » > n to s! n » w theui. Wednesday and Thursday's Posts. LONDON, Octobers. 1TTE learn by letters, received yesterday from VV Venice, of the date of the 9th of Septem- ber, that on the ' 20th of August a force of 15,000 Russians landed tit Naples, which were immedi- ately mat ched to assist in the defence of the North- western frontier, threatened by the French, while Oeneral Craig was expected hourly with 5000 men from Malta to ganison the capital, by invitation from liis Sicilian Majesty. An article from Basle of the Uth ult. states, that the Austrian troops were daily expected to occupy several positions in Switzerland; and private letters, which were received yesterday by the Mail from Hamburgh, state that " the Swiss have declared in favour of Austria. The whole Prussian army has been placed on a war looting, and the Cabinet is daily employed in the most important discussions. The Km per or o{ Russians said to have sent a letter to the King of Prussia, written with his own hand, and litis also sent a Russian General to Berlin on a mission of the highest importance. A letter from Paris of the 18th nit. states, that the two Imperial Courts have, in a joint Note ad- dressed to the Court of Berlin, declared, " that they had no objection to the individual Neutrality » r Prussia, hut to a neutral league under the pro- tectioii. of liis Prussian Majesty, as such a league u oil Id be entirely to the advantage of Prance, in permitting her to withdraw her troops from Han- over, Hnl'find and her Northern frontiers, de- fended as thev would be, ill that case, by powers calling themselves neutrals, but rendering, in fact, the services of allies. The neutrality of the North has besides, ever since R103, been violated bv the occupation of Hanov. er by the French, who are now ready to evacuate a country, they, in _ tl eir present circumstances, are Unable to defend I port, Hanging- Houghton, Scaldwell, and Erixworth, a » ninst the united Forces of Russia and England." j otherwise Brickies worth. Sept. 28. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. A Correct I. ist, ir. alphabetical Order, oflhe CER- TIFICATES that have been issued to Persons ( not acting as Gamekeepers), by the Clerk of the Peace for the County of Northampton, under the Acts of Parliament of'the twenty- fifth and thirty- first Years Of" the Reign of His " prdsent Majesty King George the Third; the first intituled, " An Act for re- pealing an Act made in the twenty- fourth Year of the Reign of His present Vlajesty, intituled, ' An Act for granting to His Majesty certain Duties on Certificates issued with Respect to the Killing of Game,' and for granting other Duties in Lieu thereof;" and the other intituled, " An Act tor granting to his Majesty an additional Duty on Cer- tificates issued with' Respect to the Killing of Game;" between the 26 h Day of September, and the 2d Day ot October, 1805, both Days inclusive. Dates of the Names, Residence, and Titles of Certificates. the Persons. Sept. 27th. Carpenter George, Stow- nine- Churchcs, Farmer Oct. 2d. Cleaver Winckles, Greensnorton, Baker Sept. 26th. Hancox Isaac-, Ryton ( Warwickshire), Gent. 27th. Hawkins John, Dallington, Esq. 30th. Whitton John, Sulgrave, Gent. CHR. SMYTH, Clerk of the Peace. By Order of His Majesty's Commissioners fur managing the Stamp Duties, C. E. BERESFORD, Secretary. — A correct List of the Certificates that have been Jssued to Gamekeepers by the Clerk of the Peace for the County of Northampton, between the Vfitb Day of September and the 2d Day of October, 1805, both Days inclusive, distinguishing the Duties paid on each respective Certificate. ON A ONE- GUINEA STAMP. E. Essam John, Pipvvell, gamekeeper of the Right Hon. George Simon Earl Harcourt, for the manor of Pipwcll. Sept. 28. Gammage Henry, Lamport, Laborer, gamekeeper of Sir Justinian Isham, Bart, for the manors of Lam- SRALJROWS- HEIINE- TURNPIKE. j GRAND JUNCTION CANAL COMPANY. •• VTOTICE is hereby given, That the* Trustees ^ T'HE Holders of Notes, Scrip- Sheets, or Mort- ~ JA of this Turnpike- Road will meet by Adjourn- ; - I gages, upon which Interest is payable, are in- n. eht, on TUESDAY the TWENTY- NINTH Day of formed, that the Interest due thereon will begin to OCTOBER, 1805, at the KINO'S- ARMS INN, at BERK- be paid on THURSDAY the 10th Instant, and continue HAMPSJED ST.- PETER, in the County of Hertford, paying every Day ( Sundays excepted), by the COM- ' " ' ... ' ^ rnnnne* I^ nnu'c TfpOCll rprc it fli*. T? ir. If tn( T U/ illcn tV/ f^ cCTC by Ten of the Clock in the Forenoon, when amongst other Business, they will nominate and elect New Trustees of this Turnpike- Road, in the Room of those who are dead, and examine the Treasurer's half- yearly Accounts. Dated this fifth Day of October, 1805. WM. HAYTON, Clerk to the said Trustees. — It is reported, that in consequence of this Note, the King of Prussia gave orders, according to the desire of Duroc, for those military preparations which have since been made. A circumstance is mentioned in a letter lately received from Holland, which, if realized, will add new life to the manufactures of the country. The communication referred to speaks of the proba- bility of a speedy renewal of the commercial in- tercourse between that country and England. The Dutch merchants are, it is stated, already allowed to receive from this country such articles S. Southwell Matthew, Glapthorn, Maltster, game- keeper of George Francis Lynn, Esq. for the manor of Southwick. Sept. 27. • CHR. SMYTH, Clerk of the Peace. By Order of Ilis Majesty's Commissioners for managing the Stamp Dalies, C, E. BERKS FOM), Secretary. — — — . , . . ... i within the said Manor, as are the produce of other States; and it. is said ) Law directs that the manufactured goods of England are hence- • < • forward to be permitted to be imported into the Batavian territories, 011 payment of a duty of seven and a half per cent. Several Dutch mer- chants, it is added, in consequence, sent prders to a very considerable amount to their corres- pondents in Loudon. Madame Jerome Bonaparte, and her infant son. left her uncle last, for Grav to meet her hu her father, in America! It is now expected, daily, that the Earl of Hard- wif ke will return to England. The Lord Lieute- nancy of Ireland will be tilled by commission until ' it shall be decided who shall succeed to the important situation. By the progressive rule of Election, Alderman Shaw, the senior next the Chair, was on Saturday, at Guildhall, chosen Lord Mayor of Loudon for the year ensuing. The thanks of the Livery were at tlie same time voted to the late Sheriffs, Scholey and Pmnyille. Thursday a soldier in the guards, fer a trifling wagei, swam from the barracks at Deal, to Rams- fate, nearly eight miles; although the sea at the time was much agitated by the weather. Wednesday a spermaceti whale, 22 feet long, was caught at Ellcsvnere, port, on the river Mersey: it was purchased for 201. to be exhibited as a show. The Earl of Bristol intends, next spring, to com- mence the completion of the magnificent castle begun several years since by liis father, at lck- worth, in Suffolk. The building stands 130 lect in' height, and covers an acre of'land; it is of an oval form, and when completed, will be one of the most princely mansions in England. Maritime Benevolence.— VVe have a pleasure in recording the following act of humanity and bene- volence in a body of British seamen:— In celebrat- ing his Majesty's birth- day, on the 4th of June last, at the Island of Malta, Samuel Edge, a sea- man on board the Enterprize, had his left arm shot off. To relieve, in some degree, the unfortu- nate sufferer from the misery . likely to be entailed upon him by this accident, 19 masters of trans- ports, then " at the island, subscribed the sum of 2291. 5s. 6d. sterling, which is to be put out to interest, upon certain conditions, for his use ; but m case he dies before the whole sum is advanced to him, then the remainder is to be paid to maim- ed seamen in the merchant service, or to seamehs' widows. Disturbance at Drury- Lune — On Monday even- ing, the gods at this theatre, hurled down a thun- dering clamour of disapprobation upon the con- ductors of the performances, in consequence of a change in the entertainments. At the conclusion of the plav, which was the Merry Wives of Windsor, enriched with the Fcthtafi of Mr. Stephen Kemble, the farce of the Spoil'd Child was announced, as a substitute for the musical farce of The Soldier's Return, which was to be supported by the talents of Mr. Johnstone, who was prevented from attend- ing, by having sprained his knee. This alteration was objected to 1 > v the house ; however the farce commenced, but amidst such a tumult of groans and hisses, that the singe only presented the ap- pearance of a pantomime, for not a word could be heard in any part of the house, and in less than 85 minutes all was over.— When the curtain drop- ped, all the genteel part of the audience withdrew; but the gods and goddesses, privileged by their temporary elevation, amused themselves by hissing and hooting some time alter.— We have the satis- faction to say, no violence was committed. Mount Vesuvius.— Mr. Falconer, a merchant of Naples, has transmitted the following account of nn eruption of Mount Vesuvius, 011 the 12th of August:— " Aug. 13.— Last night there was an abundant erup- tion of Mount Vesuvius. The lava rushed down with Such rapidity as to rim more than a mile in ten minutes, and in a very short time it reached the valley tow ards Torre del Greco. The stream of lava divided itself in three branches, one of which, beyond tlicrTorre del Grcco, surrounded the country- house of the Cardinal Archbishop of Maples, and before morning reached the sea. When it broke out last night, about ten minutes after ten o'clock, until twelve, it was a gfand sight; and as it ran from North to South, and I was West of it, it represented the back scenery of hell at an opera; tteure 10 yoursolf an immense sheet ot flames rising at 1' cast half a mile from the ground, » nd crowned by a black cloud which " vanished by degrees. Many very valuable vineyards and farm- houses have been' destroyed; and as the lava rushed O'. ic with very little noise and Jreat rapidity, 1 am • afraid some habitations 0: 1 the brow of the Iml have he'en surrounded, before the peopif were aware ol their danger, or had time to escape.' It is now eleven o'clock jn the evening, the stre.-. ui of lava continues, !> vt itis. nythirg- u* Mi. nparisan t » last night." MANOR OF CHALGRAVE, BEDS. XTOTICE is hereby given, That all unqualified L\ Persons who shall be found TRESPASSING will be prosecuted as the To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. ROUSE, On Wednesday the 9th of this current October, 1805, on the Premises, in the Lordship of FOXTON, near Great- Bowden New Inn, and adjoining the West Side of the Leicester Turnpike- P. oad, AValuable STOCK of well- bred SHEEP, neat CATTLE, & c. ; HAY and AFTERMATH, the Property of Mr. JOHN CLARK ; consisting of 60 Theaves and Shearhogs, six fat Sheep, 50 Ewes, 30 Lambs; two ln- calved Cows, six fat Cows, two nice Milkiug- Cows, a Heifer and Calf, four Draw- ing- Heifers and two Stirks; a 4- year old stout Cart Mare, In- foal, a 5- year old yery* useful Nag Mare, and a Yearling Colt. Also, the Keep or Aftermath of 60 Acres of rich Land until the 25th of March, 1S06 ; and a Rick of exceeding good Meadow Hay, in Quantity about seven Tons, to be eaten in the Close in which it stands. The Sale will begin at Ten o'clock. To be SOLD by ABC T L( TN, By Mr. CHENEY, Soin£ Time in NOVEMBER next, if not sooner disposed of bv private Contiact; lOUR CLOSES of very good convertible LAND, Tythe- tree, and' Land- Tax redeemed, \ called F LITTEN HI LLS, in the Lordship of Coi D- ASHBY, and adjoining the Welford Turnpike Road, containing 90 Acres, in the Occupation of Mr. Smeeton, Tenant at'Will. Also a CLOSE of very rfch PASTURE, contain- ing 5 Acres, or thereabouts, ( Tax redeemed) lying near the Village of Tliornby, and adjoining the Road from thence to Guilsborougli, in the Occupation of Mr. Cave, Tenant at Will. ( J5T Further Particulars may be had of the AUC- TIONEER, Naseby. pany's Treasurers', at the Banking- House of Messrs. PRAEDS, DIGBY, BOX, BABBACE, and BERNARD, Fleet- Street, London. The Holders of Notes and Scrip- Sheets are also apprised, that such Notes or Scrip- Sheets must be produced when the Receipts for the Interest are signed or delivered. CHAS. HARVEY. Grand Junction Canal Office, 12, Essex- Street, Strand, London, ht Oct. 1805. Live and Dead Stock, Household- Furniture, § c. For SALE bv AUCTION, By MASON & SON, On Monday the 7th of October, and following Day, on the Premises of the late Mr. EDWARD MANNING, of EAST- HArDON, in the County of Northampton, deceased ; CONSISTING of two Waggons, two Carts, two Ploughs, large and small Harrows, Roll, Fan, with other Barn Tackle; Sacks, & c.; five/ SALE POSTPONED. XfOTICfi is hereby given, That the SALE of - LM the HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, and ot has EFFECTS, which was to take Place at the Rec ory- House at CLITTON, near Olney, Bucks, on the 8th and 9th of OCTOBER inst. is unavoidably POST- PONED TO A FUTURE DAY, of which the earliest Notice will be given. BEDFORDSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. At a Meeting if the Committee, held at the SHIKE- IIALL, in the Town of BEDFORD, on THURSDAY the nth Day of SEPTEMBER, 1805, PRESENT, The Right Hon. Lord ONGLEY, President, in the Chair; His GRACE the DUKE of BEDFORD, WILLIAM LEE ANTONIE, Esq. Mr. PLATT, Mr. SHARP, Mr. BARNARD, Mr. T. NEGUS, and Mr. LILBURNE, The following Resolutions were unanimously agreed to: RESOLV ED, RPHAT a Cup of the Value of Ten Guineas shall I be givfn to the Bedfordshire Farmer, who . shall produce a Plough and Team which shall Plough Half an Acre of Land in the best and cheapest Manner ( not Draught Horses, one barren Cow, 23 fat Sheep, 51 ieiS than six Inches deep) within the Space of three Shearhogs and Theaves, Sow, and four Store Pigs; Hours and a Half; to the second, Six Guineas; to the Malt- third. Three Guinea*: to the fourth. Two Guinea,. F Harness for eight Horses; Lead Horse- Trough, Garner, and Corn ditto; Corn- Binns, Cow and Sheep- Cribs, Ladders, Hurdles, and Fire- Wood; Barrel- Chum, Milk- Leads, with other Dairv Utensils; old Iron, & c.; also about 20.1 Lots of HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE consisting of Bedsteads and Bed- ding; Chairs, Tables, and Drawers; Bureau; Bed and Table Linen ; Clock; Kitchen - Furniture,; Brewing and Washing Coppers,; Brewing Vessels and Casks; Class Bottles, with sundry other Articles. ( p?" The Sale to commence each Morning at Ten o'clock ; the Farming- Stock op the first Day, and Furniture'tho second. N. B. ' All Person's who have any Claims or De- mands 011 the Estate and F. ftects of EDWARD third, Three Guineas; to the fourth, Two Guineas. To the Ploughman who holds the hist winning Plough, shall be given a Premium of Two Guineas; to the second. One Guinea and a Half; to the third, One Guinea; to the fourth, Half- a- Guinea. ( No. 1.) Resolved,— That a Premium of Five Guineas be given to the Bedfordshire Labourer in Husbandry, who stall have brought up the greatest number of Children upon the Earnings ( by Labour) of himself and Family only, without Parochial Relief; to the second, Fo:' r Guineas; to the third, Three Guineas; to the fourth, ' Ttvo Guineas. ( No. 2.) Resolved,— That a Premium of Five Guineas shall be given ^ o the Bedfordshire Labourer in Husbandry, MANNING, late of EAST- HADDON," in the County I of Northampton, Grazier, deceased, are requested to | who'haV Worked the " fongest Time in the same Place! transmit rhe same forthwith to his Executors, Mr. j without Interruption; to the second, Four Guinea, 1 John Walker, of Great- Tirington ; and Mr. William DunVley, of Kisiingburv, in the same County; or to Mr Busivell, Solicitor, Northampton ; in order that the same may be discharged.— And all Persons any W.: ys indebted TO ihe Estate of tile said Edward I Manning, are desired immediately to pay their re- spective Debts to his said Executors, cr to the said Mr. fiiiswell. \ fT, It is particularly requested of Gentlemen, that they will not sport upon the Manor at present. THORN BOROUGH, BUCKS. \ BSCONDED from the above Parish, about fV the Year 1791, WILLIAM BOUGHTON, . _ ... ,. . . . .„ ., „, . „ without_ any particular _ Cause. Havineoffcnlta. es ** ^ y » d otolah^ D* w. Valuable Live Slock, Implements in Husbandry, and Household-}: urnit ure. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. SMITH, On the Premises, on Monday and Tuesday the 7th and 8th of October, 1805, at Ten o'clock, ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK, IMPLE- MENTS in HUSBANDRY., and HOUSE- HOLD- FURNITURE, of Mrs. GII. EAQ, of 1RCH ESTER, in the County of Northampton, who is leaving her Farm ; consisting of 1G0 capital Ewes, 70 Theaves. 65 Shearbogs, and 110 Lambhogs; seven stout useful Cart Horses; one short- horned in- calved Cow, eight ir.- calved Heifers, and two Welch Runts; two goal Narrow- wheel Waggons, and three ditto Carts; Ploughs, Harrows, and Rolls; Hurdles, Sheep. Cribs ai. d Troughs, Horse- Harness, & c. The HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE consists of Four- post Bedsteads, with neat Furniture, and Servants' Bedsteads; excellent Feather and Flock Beds, and South- Down Sheep, Jfc. ' To be SOLD by AUCTION, Bv J. MALDEN, On Monday the 7th Day of October, 1805, at Eleven o'Clock, 011 the Premises of rhe Right Hon. Lord ONG LE Y, at the Farm situate near the Church, at OLD. WARDEN, Bedfordshire, ONE hundred and fifty very fine SOUTH- DOWN EWES and'THEAVES, and 150 EWES and WETHER I. AMP. S, in high Condition, and 10 STORE HOGS. { j^ T- Catalogues ot the above may be had six Days to the . third, Three Guineas; to the fourth, Twt Guineas. ( No. 3.) Resolved,.— That a Premium of Five Guineas be given to the Bedfordshire Male Servant, who has continued the greatest Length of Time in Farming Service on the same Farm, or with one Master or Mistress ; to the second. Four Guineas; to the third, ' Three Guineas; to the fourth, Two Guineas. ( No. 4.) Resolved,— That a Premium of Three Guineas be given to ihe Bedfordshire Female Servant, who has continued the greatest Length of Time on the same Farm, or with one Master or Mistress ; to the second, Two Guineas; to the third, One Guinea. ( No. 5.) Resolved,— That a Premium of Ten Guineas be given r to the Fund of the Benefit Club Society, which shall j consist of the greatest Number of Members, being La- 1 bourers in Husbandry, and established in Bedfordshire I between the Months of October 1S04 and I8u5, such before the Sale, at the Red- Lion, Luton • Cock\ I Memters having all been entered upon the Books of the • ••'-- - .. • — 11 Club before . the Date ot this Resoluti lr ine saiu WILLIAM JSOUOHTON MIOUIU UC UVN and will personallj apply to Thomas Holt, ot'Thor borough aforesaid, Farmer; William Painter, Evenley, in the County of Northampton, Farm The said WILLIAM BOUOHTON, " if living, is about 55 Year's of Age, of a dark Complexion, rather long Visage, round- shouldered, defective in his Feet, and his Ankles projecting outwards, is about 5 Feet 4 Inches high, with dark curling Hair. If the said WILLIAM BOUCHTON should be living, of Thorn- Qf Farmer, Executors ot the last ' Will of his Mother, Mary Boughion, late of Thoi nborough aforesaid. Widow, deceased; or to Mr. Baselev, Attorney at Law, Brackley, he will hear of something to his Advan- tage. And in Case of his deceasc, if any Person or Persons will give Information of the Time, Place, and other Particulars of his Death and Burial, to eiilier or the said Executors, or to the said Mr. Baseley, they will be handsomely rewarded, and all reasonable Expences paid. Freehold Estates, at WeMngborwtgk, " Northamp tonshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, On Tuesday the 8th Day of October inst. at the Swan ( iJeds The Livestock and Implements in Husbandry will be sold cn Monday the first Day's Sale. I %* I'he Favour of the Company's Attendance is I- requested at Ten o'Ciock each Morning of Sale, as I the whole Property is intended to be sold in two Days, j Three Months' Credit will be given for the Live stock,^ pn approved Security. N. B. Particulars will be distributed in the Neigh- bourhood, and may be had on the Premises, and of Mr. Smith, at Kimbolton. To be Inn, in Wellingborough aforesaid, ' between the t Hours of Four and Snc o'Ciock in the Afternoon ( subject to such Conditions of Sale as will be then and there produced), unless sooner disposed of by Private Contract, 01 which timely Notice will be given, \ Id. that FARM- HOUSE, now occupied as ./.' a two Tenements, with the Barns, Stable, Cow- house, Woodhouse, Pigsties, Farm- Yard, and Garden to the same belonging; and also the large Orchard or Homeclose to the same adjoining, containing upwards of three Acres, planted with very choice Fruit Trees ( in full Growth), and with several thriving Elm and Ash Trees, situate in GOLD- STREET, in WELLING- BOROUGH aforesaid, late in the Occupation of John Beal, the Elder. And alio THREE COTTAGES ( adjoining to the above Farm- House), now in the Occupation of Major Dykes and others. Also, all that CLOSE of exceeding rich PASTURE GROUND ( adjoining to the said Orchard or Home- close) ; containing by Estimation two Acres, or thereabouts, with 77 thriving Elm and Ash Trees growing thereon, late also in the Occupation of the said John Beal, the Elder. ( J5j- The above Estate adjoins the Turnpike- Road leading from Wellingborough to Kettering, is remark- ably pleasantly situated on an Eminence, and is pecu- liarly adaptcd'for building upon.— The Premises will produce an Abundance of building Materials. For further Particulars, or to treat by Private Contract, apply to Mr. GOODHALL, Solicitor, Wel- lingborough. SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. SMITH, On Wednesday the 9th, and Thursday the 10th of October, 1805, at Ten o'Ciock, 011 the Premises of Mr THOMAS FREER, atthe New Inn, NOR. MAN- CROSS, in the County of Huntingdon ( who is leaving the above Inn), rj llE valuable HOUSEHOLD - FURNITURE, I WINES, LIQUORS, & c. HAY, GRAIN, & c. ; consisting of excellent Four- post Bedsteads, with Di- mity, Calico, and Chintz Furniture; fine seasoned Fcatjier Beds and Bedding; 10 Soldiers' Bedsteads, Beds, and Bedding; Mahogany Dining and other Tables; Sideboard • and- Trays ; Windsor and other Httchin; White- Horse; Baldock; Crown, Royston; , White- Lior, St. Neots; George, Bugden, awl Bed- ford; Kings- Arms, Ampthill; White- Hart, Sliet- ford; 01 Mr. Neal, on the Premises; and of the Auc- tioneer, Biggleswade. Credit will be given for the Sheep until the 11th Day ot December, 1805, on approved Security. ~ BEDFORDSHIRE. " ~ To be SOLD by AUCTION, By J. MALDEN, On Saturday the 19th of October, 1R05, at Mrs. Garner's, the George Inn, F. edlord, at Three o'Ciock in the Afternoon, in two Lots, V ALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATES, situate V in the Parish of CARD1NGTON, a fine sport- ing Part of the Country, within three Miles of the Town of Bedford, and in the Centre of the capital Markets of Biggleswade, Potton, Hitcllin, Ampthill, and St. Neots; comprising two eligible Farms, con- taining by Admeasurement, 356A. 2R. 7P. be the same more or less, of inclosed Arable and Pasture Land; two convenient Farm. Houses, good Gardens, Orchards, and Yards, with excellent Water; compact Homestalls, Large Barns, and other requisite Out- buildings, in the Occupation of Mr. William Skinner and Mrs. Mary Cowland, Tenants at Will, at very old and improvable Rents. May be viewed on Application to the Tenants, of whom printed Particulars and Conditions ot Sale may be had Ten Days before Sale; also, at the Three. Cups Inn, Aldersgate- Street, London; Swan Inns, Hitchin and Newport - Pagnell ; George, Potton; White- Lion, St. Neots; Goat, Wobum; King's- Arms, Ampthill; Printing- Office, Bedford; and of the AUCTIONEER, Biggleswade. To be By SOLD by A U C T I O N, ANDREW GARDNER, Chairs; Carpets; Pier and Dressing Glasses; China On the Premises, 011 Wednesday, OctobcrSth, 1805, and Glass; eight Plated Tankards, and three Ditto and followine Dav. Pints; Pewter, Brass, and Earthenware; 40 Dozen of fine old Port Wine, at per Dozen in Lots ; Brandy, Rum, Shrub, Hollands, common Gin, Bitters, & c.; about 50 Tons of fine Highland Hay and Clover ; two Ricks of Wheat, and one Barn of Ditto; two Ricks of Oats; 12 store Hogs; a light Cart, and various other Effects. Four Months' Credit will be given upon the Hay, Clover, and Grain, on approved joint Security, or Discount for ready Money.— The Grain and Hay may be taken off the Premises. " „.* The Hay and Grain will be sold on Thursday, the second Day's Sale. N. B. Catalogues may be had on the Premises ; at the Inns in Peterborough, Wansford, and Oundle; and of Mr. Smith, at Kimbolton. STATE- LOTTERY NOW DRAWING. Capitals drawn first Day. 1,167 .. a Prize of .. =£. 5000 IS, 830 1000 24,515 500 All sold in Shares. No. nnilE second Day of Drawing will be FRIDAY L tile 4th OCTOBER; the third Day, WEDNESDAY the 9th OCTOBER; and the fourth Day, MONDAY the 14th OCTOBER. « TATE OR JHE WHEEL. 3 Prizes of ..=£. 20,000 3 10,000 2 5,000 4 2,000 5 1, CQ0 9 500 & c. & c. The following Capital Prizes will be given to the first- drawn Tickets on the under mentioned Days,' independent of any other Prize that may happen to be drawn against them :— First- drawn Ticket 5th Day, Oct. 19, = 0.10,000 First- drawn Ticket 6th Day, Oct. 2S, 20,000 First- drawn Ticket 7th Day, Oct. 20, 5,000 ( far The present is the only Opportunity, as there can be no other Lottery drawn this Year. *** Tickets and Shares, warranted undrawn, may be obtained at all the Licensed Offices in Town and Country. BELLAMY'S BANKRUPTCY. THE Creditors of JOHN and EDWARD BELLAMY are hereby informed, that they can make Affidavit of their Debts before any Master in Chancery Extraordinary', at their or his Residence; and that the Solicitor under the Commission- derives no Right or Authority to take such Affidavits, from the Circumstance'of'his being the,. Solicitor. The Creditors heed not confine themselves either to the 7th of October, or to the Duke's- Arms, in Brigstock, for the Putpose of proving tlieir Debts. 5th October, 1805. I" The above is advertised tc, prevent Persons being misled by the Advertisement " dated 28th Sep- tember, inserted by the Solicitor under the Commis- sion, it haying already occasioocd - some Inconvc- i nience. To be SOLD bv AUCTIO N, By RICHARD SMITH, On Monday the 14th Day of October, 1805, on the Premises, at HARGRAVE, Northamptonshire, ALL the valuable LIVE and DEAD STOCK, POULTRY, POINTERS, TIMBER, and sundry EFFECTS, of the Rev. Mr. FONNEREAU ( who is leaving HARCRAVK); consisting of 80 well, ired F. wes and Theaves, 40 Shearhogs, and 50 Lamb- hogs; six young and very useful Cart Geldings and Marcs, and two Hacknies;'. Milch Cow, one short- horn barren Ditto, two Two- year old Stirks, and two Weaning Calves; two in- pigged Sows, thre; rp following Day, HE genteel and useful HOUSEHOLD- FUR- NITURE, BREWING UTENSILS, STOCK in TRADE, and other EFFECTS, of Mr. THOMAS POPE, Joiner and Carpenter, at WOBURN, in the County of Beds ( who is leaving this Part of the Country); consisting ef neat Four- post, Field, and Press Bedsteads, with Mahogany Feet Posts, and white Dimity, Printed Cotton, and Check Furni- tures ; seasoned Feather Beds, Mattresses, Blankets, Quilts, and Counterpanes; Bedside Carpets; Win- dow Curtains; Dressing Tables and Glasses, Chest of Drawers, Bureaus, Night- Tables,& c. in Mahogany and Wainscot; japanned Chairs; neat Desk and Book- case; elegant Chimney and Pier Glasses, in Gold Frames; Mahogany Dining, Card, Pembroke, Pillar, and Claw Tables; Ditto Parlour Chairs, with loose Seats; French Arm Ditto, covered with Horse Hair; a Set of Tea China, complete; fine old China and Glass; Brusselsand Wilton Carpets; a Floor- Cloth, three Yards square; a Bath Kitchen Range, with svvin^ Trevets ; a bright Crane, Smoke- Jack, and Copper and Brass Pottage- Pots and Kettles; Kitchen- Furni- ture in general, Brewing and Washing Copper and Grate, Mash- Vat, Deai Cooler, Tubs, & c. ; Iron- bound Hogshead and Half- Hogshead Casks; Salting- Leads; a large Quantity of old Iron, & c. Tile STOCK consists of a Quantity of clean Deals, F. lm Boards, Oak Scantlings, Oak and Elm Trees, Mahogany P'. ank, and a large Quantity of other useful Stull"; 10 Work- Benches; a neat Tax- Cart and Har- store Hogs, 11 Pigs,' and one " large Hog; ' seven, 1 j ness. 3 Narrow- wheel Cart, Horse Harness, and two Turkeys, Geese, Ducks, and Fowls; a Leash of Saddles and Bridles; a useful Horse; one Rick of capital staunch young Pointers; Narrow- wheel Wag- I H* y' Part 01 a ot old Ha>". w'" h various other gon, four Carts, Ploughs, Harrows, Roll, Horse, Cow, and Sheep Cribs, Hurdles, Trays, Ladders, j Forks, Rakes, good Harness tor six Horses, new ' Dressing- Machine ( by BlackweU), Sacks, capital Fan ,. with new Oak Frame, Riddles, Sieves, and other 1 Implements in Husbandry. Also an Oak Timber Stick, Ash Ditto, Timber complete for a Hovel, 25 Battens, Fire- wood, See. ( Jjf The Auctioneer respectfully informs the Public the above Ellccts will be sold without Reserve, the Sheep will be pejuied for Inspection by half- past Nine, and the Sale will commence on them punctually at ten o'Ciock in the Forenoon N. B. In a short Time will be sold by Auction, tile genteel HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, of the Rev. Mr. FONNEREAU. For Disorders of the Head, Dimness of Sight, Deject of Hearing, 4' C. THE CORDIAL CEPHALIC SNUFF. AS a Proof of its Efficacy, Mr. RICHAUD THORN, of Itchen- Stoke, Hants, writes, in February, 1805, to the Proprietors as follows :— " I am now / 4 Years old, andean see to read with common Glasses, and riiy Memorv is as good as when I was only 18. In July, 17715 ( 29 Years ago), I was seized with a dreadful ' Giddiness in my Head. My Doctor gave me various Medicines: They did me 110 good. He admitted this, and candidly advised the Use of your CEPHALIC SNUFF. I took it, and in a few Weeks was much better. After this I took it more freely, and in six Weeks was as well and hearty as ever, and so have continued to this Day." In Consequence of the increased Expenceof the In- gredients of which this elegant and efficacious Snuff is composed, and the high Duty upon the Bottles, the Proprietors are under the Necessity of raising the Price to Is. per Bottle, Stamp included. It is sold only by F. NEWBERV & Sons, at the Warehouse for Dr. James's Powder, No. 45, in St. Paul's Church- Yard, London; and by B. C." COLLINS, • it Salisbury ; and none is genuine, unless the Words " F. Newbery, No. 45, St. Paul's," be engraved on the Stamp. Sold also, by their Appointment, by Dicey & Sutton, J, Edge,- and W. Marshall, Northampton. Articles ( J- j' Sale to begincach Morning at Eleven o'Ciock. May be viewed the Mornings before Sale; and Catalogues had at the Swan Inns, Leighton- Buzzard and N ewport- Pagnell; King's- Arms, Ampthill; White- Hart, Dunstable; Bull, Hocklifle; Navigation Inn, Fenny- St rat ford; and of the Auctioneer, Woburn, Beds. N. B. All Persons indebted to Mr. POPE, are re- quested to pay their respective Debts immediately to Mr. James Parrot, of Woburn aforesaid, who is duly authorized to receive the same; and all Persons to whom the said Mr. Pope is indebted, are requested to send in their Accounts without Delay to the said Mr. Parrot, in order that they may be discharged. lution. Resolved,— That a Cup of the Value of Ten Guineas be given to the Bedfordshire Farmer, being a Tenant of the Land he occupies, who at his own Expence shall have made the gteatest Improvement by Under- Drainage, between the Months of October 1804 and 1805; the Number of Acres drained, the Length and Depth of the Drains, and the Nature of the'Soil, to be mentioned in the Certificates of the Candidates; to the second, Five Guineas; to the third, Three Guineas. ( pr The Adjudications of the above Prize is to be deferred until the General Meeting of this Society in the Year 1806. Resolved,— That a Premium of Five Guineas be given to the Bedfordshire Farmer, being a Tenant of the Land he occupies, who at his own Exuence shall have made the greatest Improvement in Mailing Sandy or Gra- velly Lands, between the Months of October th04 and 1805; to the second, Three Guineas. tpiT The Adjudication of the above Prize also to be deferred until the General Meeting of this Society in the Year 1806. Resolved,— That the Candidates for the Class of Premiums for No. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, do produce Certificates of their Qualifications, signed by two or more of the principal Inhabitants of the Parish where they reside. Resolved,— That all Subscribers be requested to pay rhe Amount of thfiir respective Subcriptions for the last Year, to Mr. Barnard, of Bedford, Treasu. cr of the Society, before the next General Meeting Resolved,— That the Person or Persons who intend to become Candidates for the Prizes olffered by this Society for Drainage and Marling of Lands, be Tenants of Farms in the County of liedford, and that the Drainage be done on the san e Farm, and that proper Certificates of the above Facts be brought to the Committee appointed to investigate that Business Resolved,— That the Oner of Mr. , William Sharp of a Piece of Clover Ley, in the Parish of St. Paul, in the Town of Bedford, for the Purpose of Ploughing, * at the Meeting, on Friday the 25th Day ef October next, be- accepted, and that the Situation be fixed upon by the Committee appointed to adjudge the Premiums for Ploughing. Resolved,— That all Persons intending to become Candidates for the Prizes for Ploughing, be desired to send in their Names to Mr. Wh: tworth, Secretary to this Society, at Bedford, on or before the 19th Day of October next ensuing. Resolved,— That Mr William Sharp, Mr. George Inskip, and Mr. Emery Palmer, be appointed a Committee to adjudge the Premiums offeied by this j Society for Ploughing. Resolved,— That John Gibbard, Esq. Mr. Piatt, and Mr. Lilbourne, be appointed a Committee ta examine the Certificates directed to be delivered in for the Classes of N' 0,1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, and of the Cer- tificates for, Underdrainage and Marling, a. id also to decide upon the Premium for Underdiainage f' 01 the Year 1804. Resolved,— That the Candidates for the Premiums for Drainage, do send their requisite CerUficattjs at the next General Meeting. Resolved,— That the Labourers and Servant's in Hus- bandry intending . to become Candidates for the Prizes offered by this Society, do attend with their proper 1 Certificates at the$ v, an Inn, Bedford, at Nine o'clock in the Morning, on Friday the 2GthiiDay of October next. Resolved,— That the above Resolutions be published in the Northampton and Cambridge Newspapers, and by Hand- Bills circulated throughout the County. Resolved,— That the Annual Meeting of this Society be held on Friday the 25th Day of October next, at tlsc Swan Inn, Bedford, at Ten o'Ciock in the Morning of that Day. Resolved,— That the Thanks of this Meeting be given to the Chairman. ONGLEY, President, fui" Due Notice will be given of the Piece of Land to be Ploughed, and Forms of the Certificates published. An ORDINARY will be provided at the SWAV as usual. FOR THE TEETH. I RG^ ROTTER'S POWDER, patronized and by His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent, and ri , t*. , .. x,, ... .,. , I Gentlemen in the Navy and Army, who have fo i; d For the Wind, Cholic, Fluxes, and other Disorders the good Effects in Ion| Voyages. Trotter's Orie, al of the Bozvels. Dentifrice, or Asiatic Tooth- Powder, has been for DALBY'S CARMINATIVE. ( twenty Years recommended to the Attention of tie CAUTION. ' Public. Those who have not tried the Eilect of tl s ANY counterfeited Preparations of this 1 excellent Dentifrice will find a single Box a sufficient Medicine having been ottered for Sale, under Quantity to - -' M specious Pretences, all Persons are requested not to take any, unless they observe that the Name, " F. Newbery, No. 45, St. Paul's," is engraved in the Stamp, and that in the Bill of Directions round each Bottle is an EXTRACT from the WILL of the late Mr. JOSEPH DALBY, viz. " Whereas I did many Years since instruct my Daughter Frances, now the Wife of Anthony Cell, of North- Street, Westminster, Gentleman, in the Art of compounding a certain Medicine, of which I am the sole inventor, called DALBY'S C ARM 1 N ATIVE : I do hereby constitute and appoint my said Daughter the sole Preparer of this useful Medicine. I like- wise give to my said Daughter, Frances Cell, my sole Property in the said CARMINATIVE, and all Profits arising from the Sale thereof, to her and her Heirs for ever." It is sold only by , F. NEWBERY & SONS, No. 45, St. Paul's Church- Yard, a few Doors from the Corner of Cheapside, London, Price Is, 9d. a Bottle, Duty included. Sold also, by their Appointment, by Dicey & Sutton, iJ. Edge, and Wt. Marshall, Northampton. certain its Efficacy and Virtues, be lig acknowledged by the most respectable Medical Autho- rities, used by many, and recommended. The Powder Cleanses and beautifies the Teeth, sweetens the Breath, possesses no Acid that can corrode the Enamel, Lnd puts a beautiful Polish on the Teeth. From its Astrir. gency, it strengthens the Gums, eradicates th? Scurvy ( which often proves the Destruction of a whol « Set of Teethj, preserves sound Teeth from Decay, se- cures decayed Teeth from becoming worse, fastens those which are loose, and proves the happy Means of preventing their being drawn. But what has en- hanced it in the Estimation of those who have been in the Habit of using it, is, that it prevents the Return of the Tooth- ach ( with which, before that Period, they had been violently afflicted. Likewise a Tincture, which possesses the Power of easing the most viol nt Tooth- ach, and is a Wash with the 1' owder.— A Caution is necessary against purchasing without " M. Trotier," on the Stamp on the Top of ihe Box. All other.-, are Counterfeits.— Powder 2s. 9d. aBox; Tincture Ditto: Brushes Is. each. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by the Proprietor, No. 3, Beaufort- Buildings, . tr nd; and by Appoint- ment, by Dicey & Sutton,.., d Ec. m- wul,, Northamp- ton j Buller, Oxford; and Wg. kcr, Gfouc^- icr, Friday and Saturday's Posts. LONDON, October 4. PARIS Papers were last night received to the 28th ulr. and Dutch Journals to the 2d inst. Thev com am an Expose of the comparative conduct of France and Austria since the peace of Luneville, which may he considered, in fact, as a Declaration of War against . both Austria and Russia. This document enumerates a few petty encroachments > f territory, stated to have been made by Austria, and employs a great number of words to express the surprize of Bonaparte at. the warlike preparations of that power. The usual nonsense is repeated, of Austria being the instru- ment of England, and the accustomed threats of the vengeance of Bonaparte are fulminated against her. The hopes of England, will, it is said, be vain, and we are told that " the dan is not Jar distant zchen the Rights of Nat ions sliail he avenged.'' NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. IN Pursuance of an Act of Par I infant passed in the 42d Year' of His present Majesty's' Reign,- intitled, " An Act for amending the Lam relating " to the Militia in England, and for augmi- titing " the - MilitiaNotice is hereby given, That a General Meeting of the Lieutenancy of the. said County mil be held at the GEORGE INN, in the Town of NORTH- AMPTON, on TUESDAY the 8Ih Day of OCTOBER next, at Ttcelve o'Clock at Noon. Bi/ Order of the Right Honourable Charles Earl of Northampton, Lord- Lieutenant of the said County, CHARLES MARlvlIAM, Clerk of the General Meetings. Northampton, 25th Sept. 1805. Drug, Chymicut, and Genuine Patent Medicine Warehouse. RPALGRAVK respectfully begs Leave to . return his sincere Thanks to his Friends ami the Public in general, for their kind Patronage, and humbly solicits a Continuance of future Favours — R, P. takes the Libt- r. y of acquainting iheni, he has entered on the STOCK of Mr. SMITH, in the PATENT Bonaparte attended a meeting of the Senate on , ncJ PUBLIC MEDICINE LINE, and flatters the 28d ult. when he addressed that Body in a short speech, in which the tone of the Expose is kept up, and England is loaded with all the odium of the war. . lie announced, at the same time, his intention of quitting the capital to head the army, which intention he carricd into effect o-. i the next day, when he left Paris to take the command of the army assembling on the Rhine. A Decree hns been issued by the French Go- vernment for raising eighty thousand conscripts for the ensuing year. The Russian army approaches Germany with the utmost expedition; the troops halt only one day out of seven. The Russian troops put on the war establishment amount to three hundred thou- sand men. The Archduke Charles loft Vienna on the 17th ult. for Venice, from whence he was to proceed to Padua, the bead- quarters of- the Austrian avmv in Italy. The Archduke Ferdinand was gone to the army in Bavaria. Ibis morning, at five o'clock, their Majesties and the Princesses will leave Weymouth for Kew, where thev are expected to arrive between eight and nine o'clock this evening. At Stirbitch Fair, on Wednesday, new Hops sold at 10gs. per pocket; yearlings at ?!. and upwards. Cheese, Derbyshire 68s. to 70s.; Gloucester 8- is. to 80s.; Cottmgham 63s. per cwt, | .5 EOS to 1) numerous Friends for himself, by having a large ASSORTMENT of DRUGS, CHYMICALS, and genuine PATENT MEDICINES, he shall be enabled to oiler them on Terms equal to any House in the Kingdom. FT. T An APPRENTICE WANTED. BeJ/ rJ, % th S. pi. 18Q5._ W. S M 1 1 11 return his grateful Thanks to his th Favours conferred on him in the PATENT and PUBLIC MEDICINE j LINE, which he has declined in Favour of Mr. I PALORAVF, and respectfully solicits a Continuance 1 of their kind Patronage to hi.. Successor. Bedford, Set'! % tb, 1805. TOWN AND BOROUGH or H RACK LEY, In tie- County of NORTHAMPTON. IN Pursuance of an Act passed in the 40th Year of His present Majesty's Reign,' intituled " An " Act to repeal so much of an Act passed in tlie Sd " Year of King James the First, as prohibits the Use " of Horse Hides, in making boots. and Shoes, and " for better preventing the Damaging of Raw Hides " and Sl-. ins, in the Flaying thereof; 4r. d of a certain " other Act passed in the list Year of His said MJ- " jesty's Reign, to amend the last- mentioned Acf." I, AUGUSTUS HILL BRADSHAW, Esq. Mayor of the Town and Borough of BRACKLEY, in the County of Northampton, have chosen and appointed the MARKET- HILI, and the YARD belonging to the Dwelling- House of W » . RIDGE, in BRACKLSY aforesaid, for the Examination and Inspection cf all RAW HIDES and SKINS specified in the said Acts, flayed, or which shall be found within the said Town and Borough, or within three Miles- thereof. And The term S'rigle Gloucester, which has so tong the following to be the Days and Hours for the In- been acptied to" the present Roval Duke, report } spection of such. Hides and Skins ( that is to say,) I. ' L - h!, ril « rfi « e.. I. tii. i. 1- fl as there WEDNESDAY in every Week, between the Hours of Ten says, bids lair to be shottly dis< outmiiul, theie Forenoon and Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, is every probability of lus being honoured with the fair hand of one of the Princesses, his cousin. After several private examinations during the week, ai d the depositions of several witnesses, Mr. Richard Patch was yesterday committed to the Coldbath- fields prison, on suspicion of the wilful murder of Mr. Blight. Hester Kitchener, the servant, w ho has also been taken up, has un- dergo e several private examinations, and remains in custody. The unfortunate Mr Harding, who now lies under sentence of death, ill Newgate, for forging the Stamp- office marks upon playing cards, is, we understand, the natural son of a nobleman high in his Majestv's favour, through whose bounty he was originally enabled to commence business. He had acquired by his trade a handsome property ; and very recently came to the possession of 7001. a year, in right of his wife. Last week, Mary llalsley, who ' resides near Upton,-" having been deserted by her paramour, happening to meet with him as he was going home intoxicated from ' lVvkesbury races, enticed the man, ( an opulent farmer) into her house, where ho fell asleep; when the woman, in a tit of jealous resentment, cut him with a razor in a dreadful manner, attended w ith circumstances more distres- sing than we can with delicacy describe. There are great hopes that the man will recover. The offender is commuted to Gloucester gaol. Thursdav afternoon an immense concourse of people assembled on I . ondon- bi idge, and on the water," to witness an exhibition of a Life- Preserver, in case of a shipwreck. The machine, or jacket, is composed of water- proof leather, and prepared to contain air; it is inflated in half a minute, and suppoi ts the head, arms, and body nut of the water. Sen- rat persons dropped from the bouts moored off the Old- Sw an, and floated through London- hridse with perfect ease and safety; they then proceeded down the river—- some smoaking their p'pes, others playing the German flute and French horn, with as much ease as on dry land. On Sunday se'nniglit, about seven o'clock ill the evening, an extensive' warehouse • opposite the American Hotel, in Lower Sparling- street, Liver- pool, was discovered to be on fire. The upper rooms in which the ( ire appeared to originate being filled with cotton, corn, < Stc. the flames in a very short time had risen to such a head, that every atti ' npt ro cheek their fury, by means of the fire engines, was found totally unavailing. They con- jSeqnentla railed with unabated violence for several hours, until the whole of the building was destroy- ed, and. nearly all the property contained in it. The daimif. es * sustained, upon this occasion, is estimated at upwards of ao. cool. the greater part ) of which, we understand, was iAsurcd in the [ Phoenix I iiT- olIiee. Happily, no lives were lost,! nor did. li'e lire extend beyond the premises in which it. originated. We do not learn that its origin is accounted for. and on SATURDAY in everv Week, between the same Hours, at the Market- Hill aforesaid, and the Yard be. longing to the Dwelling- House of the said William Ridge, in Brackley aforesaid, for the. Inspection of Hides and Skins. And I have appointed William Ridge, of the said Borough, Currier, to be Inspector of Raw Hides and Skins, within the Town and Borough aforesaid, and the District thereof, for the Term of one Year n? xt ensuing; and who. has this Day taken the Oath pre- scribed by the above- mentioned Acts, duly and faith- fully to execute his said . Office.— Dated'the SOtii of September, 1805. A. H. BRADSHAW, Esq. Mayor. SQI- ARE, NORTHAMPTON, SEPTEMBER SOtb, 1805. QARAII JOHNSON, GROCER and TALLOW- • CHANDLER, having relinquished her Trade to Mr. JOHN INWOOD, her late Servant, returns her most grateful Acknowledgments to her Friends, for the liberal Support she has for so many Years expe- rienced ; and begs Permission to recommend her Suc- cessor to them, and the Public in general. Ail Persons who have any Claims or Demands on Sarah Johnson, ar- desired to send the same imme- diately, that they mav be discharged; and all those who stand indebted to her, are requested to pay the same without further Notice. inw. illplilHHWimB • " J. INWOOD RESPECTFULLY begs Leave to inform the • Gentry of NORTHAMPTON and its Vicinity, and the Public in genera!, that he has succeeded Mrs. JOHNSON in her Busin- ss of GROCER and TALI. OW. CH ^ NDLF. R, and earnestly solicits their Support; assuring them no Assiduity nor Atiention shall be wanting on his Part to merit a Continuance of their Favours. Northampton, Sept. 30th, 1805. To be S O L D, rip HREF, CLOSES of rich PASTURE and ARABLE LAND, in the Parish of COI- LING! REE, in the County of Northampton, ad- joining the Town, containing by Estimation 40A. 3R. ( more or less), now in the Occupation of Mr. John C larks ( J3* Enquire of Mr. W « . DUNKLF. Y, of Kisling- burv ; or Mr. ABBEY, Solicitor, Northampton. Draught Horses and Gears. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY, On Friday next, the 11th of October, 1805, exactly at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the Sign of the Compasses, at MILTON, near Northampton, rilEN very useful, stout DRAUGHT HORSES, I in good Condition, used to work on the North- ampton Rail- Road; also GEARS for the same. Small Freehold House, Great- BrickhUl, Bucks. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By JOHN DAT, Exactly at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, on Monday the 14th of October, 1805, on the Premises, \ HOUSE and PREMISES, with BLACK- SMITH'S SHOP adjoining, large Yard, Barn, Stables, & c. situate in the Centre of the Village of G RE AT - BRICK FULL aforesaid, near Leighton- Buzzard, lately in the Oocupation of Mr. F. Turner, Blacksmith, deceased. ( J3T Immediate Possession will be given. *** For Particulars, apply to the AUCTIONEER, in Stony- Stratford, Bucks. TO WC ESTER, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD by A U C T I O N, By R. M. ' JONES, On Friday the 18th of October, 1805, at Towcester aforesaid, OUSEHOLD - FURNITURE, and other EFFECTS, which for Convenience of Sale will be removed to the WHITE- HART ; consisting of Bedsteads and Furniture; Feather and Flock Beds; Quilts, Blankets, and Sheets; Mahogany Dining and ' other Tables, Chests of Drawers, and Chairs; Pier and other Glasses ; Fire- Irons; Pewter and Brass; Tubs and Barrels, with many other Articles too nu- merous to insert. ( pT The Sale will commence at Ten o'Clock. NORTHAMPTON, Oct. 5th, 1805. MRS. WILKINSON respectfully informs her Friends and the Public, she has just received a large ASSORTMENT of BEAR MUFFS and TIPPETS, kc. of the best Quality. Having pur- chased them so early in the Season, she has it in her Power to otier them upon much lower Terms than what she could possibly have done if delayed till the Season was further advanced. Iff Mrs. W. hopes they will meet the entire Sa- tisfaction of her numerous Friends. H Mrs. STANIFORD, ( LATE Miss COCKERILL), AVING taken the STOCK of Mrs. POPE, her late Partner, she humbly solicits the Fa- vours of her Friends ; and assures them, that she will use her utmost Endcav6irrs to give Satisfaction. ( yST Mrs. STANIFORD respectfully informs her Friends and the Public, that she has been to Town to see the newest Fashions, and select a fresh AS- SORTMENT of MILLINERY GOODS, COR- SETS, SHOES, & c. which are ready for Inspection. . lilt urn, Oct. 3d, 1805. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE ' PRESER VA TIVM HOC IE TY. rjHHB next Quarterly Meeting of the above I Society, will be holden at the House of W. BIRDSALL, on FRIDAY nejit, the 11th of OCTOBER, at Twelve o'Clock. W. BIRDSALL, Secretary. Northampton, Oct. f> t/ j, 1805. N OR III A MPTON SI llilE V LOMANRY CAVALRY. rriIK Gentlemen of the DAVENTRY TROOP $- are requested to assemble, fully armed and equipped, on the MARKET- HILL, in DAVENTRY, on TUESDAY the 8th instant, at a Quarter before Eleven in the Forenoon; and also on FRIDAY the lUh Instant, at a Quarter belorg One in the Afternoon, for the Pur- pose of beiag inspected bv Colonel Corbet. THOS. REEVE THORNTON, Captain. CANAL Admiral Cornwallis has dispatched a squadron in pursuit of the- enemy, and it is yet probable, that both the captured ships, as well as the captor. 4, may be overtaken before they reach a French port. FOTUNA. TE LOTTERY TICKETS. First daw— No. 1167, a Prize of £. 5000.—- No. 18,830, = e: i000.- No. 24,515, =£. 500. Bank Stock 3 per Ct. Red. 3 per Ct. Cons. 4 per Ct. Cons. 5 per Ct. Navy PRICE OF sh sh. 58| » ' 884 89 ST OCT'S. Imp. Sper Cents, I ndia Stock India Bonds Exc. Bills Omnium sh, sh. . 1 2 dis. par 2 1 dis. . . 31 CONVEYANCE. C^ EORGE OSBORN respectfully informs his J Friends and the Public, that GOODS are re- LOHDON, at the CASTLE INN, are re ceived in Lo NDON, INN, WOOD- STREET, GRAND JUNCTION WHARF, WHITEFRIARS, and at Messrs. PICKFORD'S WHARFS, PADDINGTON, for Northampton Kettering Oundle ir 1Wellingborough Thrapston, and Places ad- jacent. And Goods ate received at COTTON- END WHARF, NORTHAMPTON, to and from London, Coventry, Bir- mingham, Newcastle, the Potteries, Derby, Man- chester, Warrington, Chester, and Liverpool; from whence Goods aie regularly forwarded to Ireland, & c. Likewise informs his Friends and the Public, that he intends selling WEDNESBURY COAL?, COKE, ar. d SLATES, at tiie RAIL- ROAD WHARF, in COTTON- END, which is expected to be open next Week. { y 7 Please to b-- particular in directing the Goods by Pickford's Boat. Cotton- End H'barf, Northampton, October 4th, 1805. FIVE GUINEAS REWARD. STOLEN or STRAYED, out of Whktlebury Forest, Aa aged stout BROWN HACKNEY MARE, and FOAL. . The Mare is rather foundered before, about fourteen Hands high, lias a short Tail, and no White about her.— The Foal is a long- legged thin- carcased Horse Colt, rather of a lighter Brown than the Mare, and lias no Wiiite about him. . Whoever will give Information of the said Mare and Foal to Mr. SAMUEL SHEPPARD, of l'owcester, it strayed, shall receive HALF- A- GUIN EA Reward, and have all reasonable Charges paid; but if stolen, a Reward of FIVE GUINEAS will be paid to the Person or Persons through whose Means the Offender or Olienders shall be brought to Justice and convicted of the Offence. FIFTY POUNDS REWARD. WHEREAS between Sunday the 22d and Sunday the 29th of September last, some evil- disposed Person or Persons BROKE INTO the GREENSNORTON, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By R- M. JONES, IXOUSEHOLD - FURNITURE, and other EFFECTS, which for Convenience of Sale will be removed to a large Room near the BUTCBER'S- AR MS. ( jdT Particulars, with the Day of Sale, will ap- pear in a future Paper. - •• . il ii • 01 » 1 Hc Linen uud Woollen- Drapers, Hosiers, <$' C- WAN rfcb, a smart activc YOUTH, of a | liberal Education, as an APPRENTICE to the above Branches. FXX Enquire of Messrs. FLETCHER & DODD, Northampton. N. B. Messrs. F. & D. beg to inform their Friends and the Public, that they have just received a fresh Assor. ment of SHIRTINGS, SHEETINGS, PRINTED CALICOES, WOOLLEN CLOTH, FLANNEL-, BAIAKS and BLANKETS, wiiich are selling 011 the lowest Terms. %* A good Allowance to Country Shops. PARISH. CHURCH of ASINGTON, near North ampton, foiced open a Chest, and stole and carried awav the Whole of the COMMUNION PLATE: Whoever will discover the Olfender or Offenders, so that he, she, or they may be brought to Justice, shall, on ' Conviction of the above Oilenct, receive a Reward of FIFTY POUNDS of RICHARD STANTON, Churchwarden. Aiingto*, Oct. " id, 1805. OCTOBER 5th, 1805. WHEREAS some evil - disposed Person or Persons unknown did, late on Saturday Night the 28th, or eariy on Sunday Morning the 29th of September last, wilfully SET FIRE to a STACK of BARLEY, the Properly ot Mr. SAMUEL WRIGHT, of BURTON- LATT1MER, Northamp- tonshire : Whoever will give Information of the Olfender or Offenders, so th.< t he, she, or they may. b. i brought to Justice, shall, on Conviction, receive a Reward of ONE HUNDRED POUNDS of the Parish ol BCRTON- LATTIMEE, over and above what is allowed by Act ot Parliament. I f more I: ;. n one Person was concerned in the above Offence, ei. iierot them who will impeach his Ac- complice cr Accomplices shall be entitled to the same Rewar. , upon Conviction, and Interest made to pro- cure H Maje ; y's Pardon. WYMLRSLEY ASSOC I A'l'ION. IIEitEAS late on Thursday Night, or early on Friday Morning last,' some Person or Persons did steal and take out of a Close, at E ASTON- MAUD1TT, in the County of Northamp- ton, a FAT SHEEP, the Prop. rty of Mr. URIAH CLAYSON, a Member of this Association. Whoever will apprehend or Cause to be brought to Justice, the Person or Persons who committed the above Felony, so that he or they maybe prosecuted, shall receive a Reward of FIVE GUINEAS, ot Mr. C. MARKHAM, Attorney, in Northampton, ihe Trea- surer and Solicitor ot this Association ; and shall also 011 Conviction of the Olfender or Offenders, receive a further Reward of FIFTEEN GUINEAS, of the said Mr. CI. AYSI N. And if more than one Person was concerned, and either will impeach his Accomp or Accomplices, he shall be entitled to the same Kff ards, and Interest will be made to procure His Majesty's Pardon. Northampton, October $ lh, 1805. To be S OLD by AUCTIO N, By Mr. CU L L / NG IVO RT H, On Saturday next, the 12th Instant, at the FoX- and- Hounds, in Daventry, TWO FREEHOLD CLOSES of rich ARABLE LAND, Tythe- frce and Land- Tax redeemed, situate in HELLIDON, in the County of Nrrth- ampton, containing together between 10 and 11 Acres, now in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Edwards; and also, a small HOMECl. OSE or HOMESTEAD, of anciently inclosed PASTURE LAND, in Htllidon, in the Tenure of Wm. Thornton.— Possession may be had at Lady- Day next. fcsr* For further Particulars, apply to Mr. BURTON, Solicitor, in Daventry. To the NOBILITY, GENTRY, and the PUBLIC of DAVENTRY and its Vicinity. Valuable second- hand ( almost equal to new) Foreign Damask Table, and Bed- Linen, fyc. fyc. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By J. P. CULLING WORTH, On Thursday and Friday the 17th and 13th Days of October, 1805, in a commodious and suitable Room, in the FIICH- STREET, in the Borough of Daventry, in the County of Northampton; AValuable Assortment of FOREIGN DAMASK TABLE- LINEN, NAPKINS,& c. HOLLAND and RUSSIA SHEETS, QUILTS, Sec. the Property of a Foreign NOBLEMAN and FAMILY, who are leaving England tor the Continent. ( pi- r The Auctioneer begs Leave to assure the Nobility, Gentry, and the Public of Daventry and its Environs, the Goods are worth their Attention, and upon Inspection, he flatters himself will be found such as are very seldom or « ver exposed to public Sale by Auction; hc therefore humbly solicits the Honour of their Attendance each Morning by Eleven o'Clock. * « .* Catalogues may be had of the AUCTIONEER, High- Siree't, Daventry. To be LE IT, for the Term of seven Tears, AMost desirable RESIDENCE, situate in a I - beautiful and retired PARK, within fifteen Miles ( of London. i Within the Pales there are upwards of 200 Acrcs of I excellent Grass Land; and, if desired, an Addition of i discipline and duty. 50Aciesof Meadow, and 42 Acres ot Arable Land, | may be occupied with the House and Park. To a Person wanting occasionally to be in or near London, and fond of Agricultural Pursuits, this Residence would be particularly suitable; and the Owner is willing to lett the House either furnished or unfurnished. *** Further Particulars may be known of Messrs. KENT, PEARCE, & KENT, Craig's- Court, Whitehall, London. NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY EVENING, Oct. 5. MARRIED.] At Exhall, Warwickshire, Mr. John Webb, of Alcester, to Mrs. Reynolds, of the former place. DIED.] A few. days since, at Plaistow, in Essex, Alexander Wallis, Esq. lale of White- church, in Oxfordshire. On Saturday last, after a long and afflicting ill- ness, Mrs. Price, wife of Mr. Alderman Price, of Leicester. On Tuesday se'nnight, Mr. Parry, auctioneer, master of the Bell Inn, Shipsion- on- Stour. Oit Wednesday se'nnight, after a few hours illness, Mrs. Crofts, mistress of the Ladies'Board- ing- school, at Biggleswade. On Sunday se'miight, Mary, the only daughter of Mr. Robert Gardner, Grocer, Banbury. Same day, Mrs. Austin, relict of the iate Mr. Austin, cooper, of Banbury. Messrs. Henry Wiles, John Rose, George Prvme, Thomas Coltman, James Henry Monk, Wiiiium Albin Garratt, and Matthew Morris Preston, Bachelors of Arts, were on Tuesday elected Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge. * On Monday, Thomas Armiield, Esq. was sworn into the ofiie'e of Mayor of this Corporation for theensuing year; as were Mr. William Brown, and Mr. Thomas Gibbins, into that of Bailiffs, After which an elegant entertainment wis ... : ven by the Mayor, upon the occasion, at the George Inn. Mrs. Stimpson was this day elected Matron of the General Infirmary, in this town, iu the room of Mrs. Broad, deceased. The Althorp, Northampton, Wellingborough, Towcester, and Wymersley Troops of Yeomanry, and the Northampton Troop of Volunteer Cavalry, assembled here on Monday last, for two days exercise. On Tuesday thev were inspected by Colonel Corbet, from whom they receive I hi ji and deserved encomiums, for their strict attention to FARMING- STOCK, To be SOLD by AUCTION, By A B RO ft'NS G RAV E, On Wednesdav next, October 9th, 1S05, on the Pre- mises of Mr. G. GLOVER, the NEW INN, in the Parish of ROAD, in the County of North- ampton ; CONSISTING of three stout Draught Horses; three barren Cows; 10 Ewes and 14 Lambs; a Sow and Pigs, and three Store Pigs; a stout Narrow- wheel Waggon; Harness for four Horses; four Dozen new Hurdles; 18 Sacks, & c. fpr" Sale to begin in the Morning at Ten o'Clock. To Nurserymen, Gardeners, and others. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. KIRS HA IV, At the Griffin Inn, at BOUGHTON, near Northampton, on Thursday the 10th Day of October, 1805, now growing in a Nursery Ground near the said Inn, A BOUT 150 CHERRY TREES, of various il Sorts, 150 PEAR DITTO, 100 POPLARS, 212 APPLE TREES, and 100 CRAB STOCKS. Also, a QUANTITY of QUICKSETS, three Years old. ( Pa" The Sale to commence at One o'Clock in the Afternoon. To The Northampton Volunteer Infantry have been embodied here for eleven days, and were yesterday inspected by Lieutenant Colonel Delaval, who ex- pressed himself highly gratified by their mil iary appearance, and the precision with which they performed their various evolutions. The different companies practised firing at targets on the two last days, and acquitted themselves with steadi- ness and accuracy. We understand that the branch and iron railway,- which are intended to connect the Grand Junction Canal with the river Nine, at this place, a work which cannot fail of proving of the highest import- ance to the interests of this town and neighbour- hood, will be opened on Monday next.— A large attendance of gentlemen is expected. The parish church of Abington, near this town, was broke open between the 2yd and 29th of September, and the whole of the communion plate stolen— ( see advert.) On Saturday night, or Sunday morning last, some vile incendiary set fire to a stack of barley, on the premises of Mr. Wright, of Burton- Latti'mer, but the flames being timely discovered, little damage was sustained. A reward of 1001. is offered, on the conviction of the olfender—(* see advert.) Yesterday se'nnight, the shop of the Miss Juxons, of Temple- Row, Birmingham, was broken open, and goods to the amount of upwards of 2001. were taken out, by which those industrious ladies have been bereft of great part of that little pro- perty, which their prudence and economy had struggled to obtain. On Monday se'nnight, an inquisition was taken at Milton- Keynes, in the county of Bucks, on view of the body of Thomas Tve, who was that morning found in a dying state,' lying in the high- way. Verdict— Died ly the visitation of God. And on Monday last, another inquisition was taken at North- Marston, in the same county, on view of the body of the Rev. Richard Denctifield, who, on the Saturday morning preceding, was found dead in his ' " visitation of God. ' V w ANTED immediately, in the GROCERY JOURNEYM AN, who is to assist in both Branches, and go out with Goods, & c.— A Character will be expected. ( PR Apply toT. DRAKE, Northampton. To MARBLE- MASONS. THREE or FOUR steady MEN may have constant Employ and good Wages, by applying toS. Cox, Sculptor, Daventry. October 5, 1805. W" ANTED, A PERSON to manage the WO RK H - > US E in the Parish of Rolhtrtlhrrfe, near Northampton.— A Person without a Family would be preferred. ft?" Apply to JOHN HOWES, Overseer of the said Parish. N' LIVE STOCK, & c. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. THOMSON, On the Premises of Mr. BAYES, at LITTLE- HARROWDEN, in the County of Northampton ( leaving his Farm}, on Monday tile 7th of October, 1805, at Ten o'Clock, LL the - LIVE STOCK; consisting of 110 Latnbhogs, 100 Ewes, and 40 Theaves; six Cows, and five Heifers; eight useful Draught Horses, & c. ( J3" The Sheep will be penned, and sold in Lots of ten each; and may be viewed from Nine o'Clock in the Morning. *** Three Months Credit will be given on all Bargains above Five Pounds, on approved Joint Security. A1 be SOLD by A U C 1 1 O N, By DENNIS 6? SON, On Wednesday the 23d Instant, at their Auction Room, NORTHAMPTON, ANUMBER of unredeemed PLEDGES, the Property of Mrs. ELIZABETH COOK, Mr. THOMAS FOX, and Mr. BENJAMIN CLARK, Pawnbrokers, in the said Town; pledged to Mrs. Cook in the Months of April, May, June, and September, 1804; to Mr. Fox 1 n the Months of September, O- tober, November, and December, 180: 1, and February, March, April, May, June, Juiv, August, and September, 1804 ; and to Mr. Clark " in I r ? the Months of March, May, June, and August, LFIOI. ) . The order to discontinue the advertisement inserted On Thursday the 24th Instant will be sold, at the i ' l ","/ ° f ' a" Assistant to a Draper wanted, at above Auction- Room, \ BojJord, ca< M too late. bed. Verdict— Died by t.' it A small LIBRARY of BOOKS ( chicfly Divinity); Particulars of which will appear in a future Paper, To THE NOBILITY AM GENTRY. APerson of near thirty Years Experience in Planting, wishes to engage for a longer or shorter Time the approaching Season, in Plantation and Or- namental Ground- Work, or the Formation of a new private Nursery. . tpr Letters ( Post- paid), particularly descriptive of the Nature and Magnitude of the Concern, • ' dressed toT. HAYNES, Oundle, will receive imn.- tfi . te At- tention.' niRN PIKE- TOLLS TO HE LETT. OTICE is hereby given. That a Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road leading from Wcstwood ( iate, in the Parisn of Knotting, in the County of Bedford, through the Towns of Rushden and Higham- Ferrers, and over Artleborough. Bridge, to the Turnpike- Road in Barton- Seagrave Lane, in the Parish of Barton- Seagrave, in the County of North- ampton, will be held at the GREEN- DRACON INN, in HIGIIAM- FERRERS aforesaid, oii THURSDAY the SEVENTH Day of NOVEMBER next, at Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon, when and where the TOLLS arising at the several Toll- Gates called WESTWOOD GATE, and IRTHLINGBOROUCH BRIDCE GATE, upon the said Turnpike- Road, will be LETT to FARM by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder or Bidders, be- tween the Hours of Eleven and Three, for such Term as shall be then agreed upon, and in Manner directed bv an Act passed in the thirteenth Year of the Reign of His present Majesty King George the Third, for regulating Turnpike- Roads; which Tolls were Lett the last Year at the several Sums following, viz. IVestwood Gate £. 147 Irthlingborough Bridge Gate . . 121 and will be put up at such Sum or Sums as the Trustees shall think fit. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder or Bidders, must at the same Time'give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees, for Payment of the Rents agreed for at such Times as they shall direct. JOHN ALLEN, Clerk to the Trustees. Highnm. Ferrers, October lit, ISO*. Capital Sheep, § c. To he SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. TH'OMSON, On the Premises of Mr. SIMONS, at RUSHDEN, on Tuesday the 8th of October, 1805, at Ten o'Clock ( who is leaving his Farm), CONSISTING of 11B Ewes and Thcaves, 26 > Lambs, and 53 Shearhc>; s. Also the KEEP of about 200 Acres ot LAND, in Lots, until the 21st ot Decemb? r next. ( f- T The Sheep are yvell- bred, and in high Con- dition, will be penned in Lots of ten each, and may • be viewed from Nine o'Clock in the Morning. The Purchasers qf the Keep may be accommo- dated with a Quantity of well- got Hay, to be spent on the Premises. To be SOLI) W A U CTIO N, By Mr. TH'OMSON, At the Fountain Inn, in Wellingborough, in the County of Northampton, on Wednesday the 9th Day of October, 18 » 5, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon ( subject to such Conditions as will be then and there produced), ALarge and commodious WINDMILL, with a Rood and a Halt oi Freehold Land ( more or l? ss), on which it stands, in ful Trade and complete Repair; carries two Pair of Freich Stones, of four Feet and four Feet and a Half Diameter; a full- Size 5- Feet standing LONDON, October AConsiderable sensation was excited in the city, on Thursday, for the safety of a small East India convoy, under the Calcutta man of war. Upon this subject tile following note was yesterday morning sent from the Admiralty to Lloyd's Coffee- house, from which it appears that the account which first produced alarm was much exaggerated: " ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, Oct. 5, 1805. " Extract from the log- book of his Majesty's schooner Haddock, Lieutenant Foly-.— " Lat. 49. 08. long. 9: Wind Variable, E. N. E. Friday the 27th of . September, at half- past two, heard several guns fired ia the N. \ Y. At three observed his Majesty's ship Calcutta haul out of the convoy; at half- past three a heavy cannonading commenced between the Calcutta and a very larwe ship; observed another ship coming up firing her bow- chasers, and two more ships following her; at half- past four observed the large ship to haul from the Calcutta, and heave to; at dark spoke the Indus Ea'st- Indiaman, who informed us that the ship that engaged the Calcutta was a large French frigate, and the ships in chase of her then were line- of- battle ships; at half- past nine heard a very heavy cannonading- in the S. W. supposed to be between the Calcutta and the enemy; at half- past ten firing ceased; at day- light four sail in sight; at noon, fresh breezes and cloudy, three strange sail in sight. " i he Commander of the Haddock states, that T,; e Tow of Northampton,? The ASSISE of BRFAD ro WIT. ^ set the 5tli Day of October, 1805, for the said Town, to take Place on Monday the 7th Day of October, and to be in force seven Days for the said Town of Northampton. lb. oz. dr. The Sixpenny Loaf Wheaten is to weigh.. 1 15 14 Ditto Hous hold is to weigh 2 10 6 The Twslvepenn^ Loaf Win atcn is to weigh 3 lo 12 Ditto Householu is to wei- nh .... 5 4 12 THOS. A'IMFIELD, Mayor. P R I C E of CORN per Quarter Northampton, Saturday, Oct. 5. Machine, Sec.; standiix- adjoining the Turnpike- Road leading from W.- llingborough to Thrapston, it is his opinion, that the Indus, and the greater within a Quarter ot a Mieof the Town of- WELLING- ; part „ f t| le Calcutta's convoy, may have escape! BOROUGH. ( jCT The greater Partof the Purchase Money may remain on Security ot tie Premises. For further Paticuiars, or a View of the same, apply to the Auaieneer; or on the Premises. oy, may have escaped by steering towards Ushant. He does not know the names of the ships which composed the con- voy, excepting the Indus, which was the most valuable," at Wheat, to 62-;. Od < vc. 4i.. Od. to 44;. : iarley. 38s. Od. to 40 .- Od. Oats, 23s. Od. to 32,. Od. J. GRAFTON, Inspector Beans, 48s. Oct. to 52;. Od. Peas, 43s. Od. to 50s. Ud. By the Standard Measure Corn- Exchaiige, Louduu, Friday, Oct. 4. We have to- day several further arrivals of Foreign Wh at, wh; ch, with the number this wee< im- ported, about 50, OOOT quarter.;, and new co.. ling to hand, has the eiiect of lew purchases, th i-, e at less price, and. a reduction i^ expected.— Rye is cheaper. Prime new, for seed, fetches 40s. per quur. e'r.— Barley, with Malt, scarcely ke.- ps its price.— Beans of each sort are nearly a> dcai.— A fe w Grey Peas at high price.— There are a few cargoes of Foreign Oats come in, and tor best sample, last prices are supported.— Flour is in inali request, and a reduction is also looked for in this trade. LIST of FAIIIS, from Oct. 7 to Oct. 19, within the Circuit of this Paper. T. Oct. 8. Tuivcester. W. -— 9. Rrack/ ty and ChippJng- Norton. Th. 10. Kctterb g. Market Uteping, ShefforJ, St. Ives. Thame, IVinsioiu, Lutterworth, Cbarlb uy, and Lc cevte*-. F. 11. Fency. Stratford, Higbam - Ferrers, a d BerKhampstead. • S. 12. Ounile, Solybull, Ifantrich, Aylesbury, Bedford, Deddivglon, and Hitchin. H. 14. South& n. T. 15. Potior.-. w. -— IG. M- v kef Bo-,- worth. Th. 17. Alcester, Banbury, Ivinghoe. F. —- .13, Luton. MarkstiHarbtrough ( lasts ten days). A CilO STIC. 15 Y fate's decree, by fortune's cruel pow'r, !:. ' en it deprive! of ninny a cheerful nour, ' T is thine, alas ! to h.- ave the long- drawn sigh, 5 weet Maid, ai'doft to wish- thy true love nigh; f- Y et hope, for time may with thy wish comply, j GLOBE INSURANCE, VALL- MAT. I., COttNUILI., AND LOM- BAltO- STREET, FIRE, LIFE, AND ANNUITIES. AJ, I, Persons whose Insurances with this Com- . pany become due at Michaelmas, are requested to take Notice, that Receipts tor the Renewal thereof are now ready lor Delivery at the Company's Offices, and in the Hands of their respective Agents in the Country. Farming Stock is insured generally. New Rates and Proposals for Insurance on Lives and Survivorships ; making Provision for Sons, and se- curing Marriage Portions for Daughters, on their re- spectively coming of age, and other Endowments; and Tables for granting Immediate, Deferred, and Pro- gressive Annuities, will be delivered gratis. No Entrance Money or Admission Fees are required, and Policies are allowed gratis. By Order of the Board, T. H. WILKINSON, Secretary. Lo'ndon, 20tb Sept. 1805. BRITISH FIRE- OFFICE, LONDON. INSURANCE granted on Houses, Buildings, Manufactories, Ships, and all other Vessels, Goods, Merchandize, FARMING- STOCK., and other Property, from Loss or Dam- gt by Fire. The unprecedented Preference given to this Office by all Descriptions of Insurers, the Directors flatter themselves has arisen, not only from the Facilities, adopted in their improved Plans and simplified Modes of Fire- insurance, but from their steady and uniform Conduct in the general Concerns of the Business. They are persuaded, that Adherence to Principles and prudent Caution are the best Securities to the Office and to the Public, and that Institutions of this Nature can- only be beneficial when due Attention is paid to reciprocal Advantages. Agricultural Stock insured " at 9s. fid. perCent. The Office grants Insurances for Periods short of a Year; and makes good Loss by Fire from Lightning. Insurances due at Michaelmas must be paid on or before the Jlth Day of October, 1805. Proposals and Rates of Insurance delivered gratis. ROBERT SKELTON, Sec. 83T Messrs. FLETCHER and DODD, Agents at NORTHAMPTON. WESTMINSTER LIFE- INSURANCE AND ANNUITY OFFICE, LONDON. PERSONS desirous of providing for their Fa- milies or Dependants, may, bv an annual Pay- ment, secure to their Widows, Children, or any other Person, either an Annuity for the Remainder of Life, or a gross Sum to be paid at their Decease. Insurances may be made for a Variety of other Pur- poses:— To provide for Renewal of Leases; to secure Sums paid for Places or Employments, or for the Purchase of Life Estates; or in Aid of Arranecmcp' between Ocbtor and Creditor, & c. tec. ;. and VO. LUNTEERS may, for a small Premium, insure against Death from military Accidents. Annuities are granted to commence immediately, or anv future Period. Printed Rates and Conditions of Insurance may bt had gratis, with the List of Directors, as above, o' of the Agents of the BRITISH FIRE OFFICE i. the Country, who are appointed Agents for thi Otftce. ROPER''" SKELTON, Sec. BIRMINGHAM FIRE- OFFICE, • No. 54, HI'GH- STREF. J-, BIRMINGHAM. For Injuring Rouses, Warehouses, Manufactories, and othn liuildingi, Farming- Stack, Goads, Hares, Mer- chandise, and other property, from Lass and Damage by Fiie. ' iMIH Directors of the BIRMINGHAM FTltE- » OFFICE, desirous of rendering the Establish- ment most extensively useful, ha\ c simplified the Mode of Insurance on Farming- Stock, which they particularly recommend to the Attention of Agri- culturists, as one Sunt only is required on Hay, Corn, Cattle, and Implements of Husbandry, at a Premium of 3s. 6d, pel Cent. ; which effectually secures to those Insuring with them the full Amount of the l. oss they may sustain, in any Stack- Yard, or other Part of their Farm, or in any Building thereon not exceeding the Sum insured. Insurance may be made for shorter Periods than a Year, and Losses from Fire by Lightning made good. Persons whose Insurances became due at Michael. mas- day last, may remove to this Office without any Expence for Policies, which are allowed Gratis on removal from other Offices; and on new Insurances where the annual Premium amounts to 6s. ( PT Further Particulars may be obtained by re- ferring to the printed Proposals; which may be had Gratis at the Office, or of the undermentioned Agents to the Company. By Order of the Directors, ROBERT INWOOD WITHERIDGE, Se « retary. ACENTS. Northampton, Wm. WILKINSON. Daventry, Wm. Godrick Thorpe- Malzor ( near Ket- tering), Wm. Meadows Buckingham, J. Southam Newport- Pagnell, Edward Cleaver Woburn, Richard Camp Leicester, Michael Harris Hincklev, Edw.' Thornley Oxford," Wm. Cooke Chipping- Norton, Daniel Hodgkins Warwick, Robert Blick Coventry, T. Dickinson Stratford- on- Avon, Alces- ter, and Shipston - on- Stour, William George Morris Henley- in- Arden, William Hawkes Coleshill, John Dale Solihull, T. Harbone Statford, Joseph Henshaw " enkridge, G. Bennett Litchfield, Wm. Woolley WaWall, Benj. Bioadhurst Tamworth, Wm. Wain Newcastle - under - Line, Charles Chester Wolverhamptou, Thomas MaScal Bilston, Stephen Bassford Burton - on - Trent, John Titterton Shrewsbury, Joseph Enoch Vhitchurc'h, Joseph l. ee Cleobury- Mortimer, John Eaton Maiket- Drayton, William Griffith, Jun. Wem, Arthur Beetenson Newport, Richard I. owe Worcester, Stanley Pum- phrey Kidderminster, G. Hallen Stourporr, Joseph Smith Redditch, Win. BartUct Bromsgrove, R. Wattell Stourbridge, T. R. Alport Evesham, Richard Burling- ham, Jun. Gloucester, T. Davis Tewkesbury, John Allis Stroud, John Saunders Hereford, Win. Paieshall Bristol, John Matthew Gutch Bath, Henry Godwin Exeter, Johr. Ferris Plymouth, Jas. Fox, Jun. Plymouth- Dock, J. Ram- sey Dartmouth, Wm. Giles Falmouth, and Penryn, John Westly Hatfield Bodmin, Thomas Baron Helston, Tobias Roberts Liskeard, Edward Budd Truro, Charles Tippett St. Columb, John Best Aberistwith, D. Griffith Nottingham, Wright Cold- ham Sheffield, Josiah Fairbank Manchester, G. Woollam | Derby, Thomas Symons Chester, Ceorge Walker Lincoln, John Turner Louth, Cornelius Stovin Gainsborough, R. Rollett N. B. Persons of Respectability, resid'ngin Towns in which Agents are not already appointed, who may be desirous of the Appointment, are requested to • pply to the Secretary, who will inform them of the \ llowancc made for transacting the Business. • BEDFORDSHIRE GAME - DUTY. A correct List of the Certificates, on a i Inee- Guinea Stamp, which have been issued by the Cleric of the Peace for the Countv of Bedford to Gamekeepers, between the Xst Day of July and the 18th Day of September, 1805, both Days inclusive. Gamekeepers' Karnes and Residence. Allen John, Egginton Baker Julien, Kingsborn- Green, Harpenden, Herts Brown George, Whipsnade Berry John, Lidlington Checklev Hattil, Brogborough Ctipps William, Cranfieid Dines Edward, Stopsley French Thomas, Maulden HowesThotnas. Edlesborough, Rucks Hate William, Yeomsn, Gra- venhurst Marshall William, L'ttlc- Staughton Putrutt Thomas, Tilsworth Seabrook George, Market- Street Tomson James, Sundon Manors. Egginton, Clipson, Stanbridge, and Bil- lington — •— — East- Hyde — —> Whipsnade — —- — Lidlington — — Brogborough and Lidlington — Cranfieid •— — — Hayes — — — Mauiden — — — Eaton- Bray and Bates Arlsey Pettei. hall and Howbells vingten- Fee — Tilsworth — Tottcrnhoe — Sundon otherwise Co- By whom appointed. George Goodwin, Esq. Arabella Penelope Beitesworth, Widow Thomas Vanx and Dixie Gre- gory, Eaqrs. The Most Noble John Duke of Bedford Lady Frances Ratcliffe The Most Noble John Duke of Bedford John Morris, Gent. The Most Noble John Duke of Bedford Wm. Beckford, Esq. Richard Edwards, Esq. Wm. Bricheno, Gent. Charles Chester, Esq. Examined by nie, — Wm. Beckford, Esq. — Robert Hopkins, Esq. TIIEF. D PEARSE, Clerk of the Peace. BEDFORDSHIRE GAME - DUTY. A correct List of the Certificates, ou a One- Guinea Stamp, which have been issued by the Clerk of the Peace for the County of Bedford to Gamekeepers ( being menial Servants), between the 1st Day of July and the 18th Day of September, 1805, both Days inclusive. Gamekeepers' Nutnes and Residence. Banes John, Old- Warden Brampton Thi'mas, Cople Bamtord William, Cople Butt Robert, Clophill Boiibow Thonr. s, Turvey Burton Edward, Howbury Brooks John, Woburn Baron Charles, Letchworth, Herts Bates John, Hairold Cole John, Moggerhanger Collins William, I. eightnn" Delahav Thomas, Wootton Delahay Thomas, Wootton EmeryEbenezar, Eaton- Socon Fair William, Limbury yield John, Jun. Chiton Flint John. Shitlington Foster James, Oakley Hone Joseph, Everton. Hardy Joseph, Southill Hare James, Lilley- House, Herts. Jolinson John, kempston Long John, Havnes Mann Samuel, Pot ton Perkins William, Melchbourn Perkins William, Melchbourn 1' avne Richard, Sutton Pheasant. Edward, Haynes Perkins John, Luton Payne Richard, Sutton Ridout Ambrose, Bromham Savage William, Odell Scjhropke Olitte, t; Mjtk « - S u cet ../, . . Smart John, Flitwick . Smart John, Flitwick Whitfield Jsnpes^ aiidy' Woodcraft William, Warden Watson Joseph, lckwell Yarrow John, Bedford Manors. Southill, Stamfordbury, and Hill Wyberson, Honeydon, and Begry Cople and Willington — Houghton- Conquest and Beadlow Turvey — — — Howb'urv, Salphobury, Favills in Renhold and Goldington, and Birchlields in Great- Barfnrd — — Eversholt and Priestley — StotfoLl — — — Harrold — — —" Moggerhanger, Chaulton, Southmills, BeCston, Thorncoat, Hatch, and Beeston . with Caldecot — — I. eighton- Buzzard — — Wootton — — — Marston- Moretain and Lidlingtoij, alias Goldiogton — — Eaton, otherwise Eyton — Limbury cum Biscott •— Meppersliall, otherwisp Mepsall Shitlington — — Oakley — ' — — Everton- Mossbury and Everton- Biggin Rowney, Gastlings, and Stamford- Bury Bennetts — — — Kempston- Greys, otherwise Hastingsbury, and Kempston- Hardwick — Wjlshamstead — — Hazells- Girtford and Little- Staughton Melchbourn, Bletsoe, Risely, Upp^- r- Dean, Nether- Dean, Tiibrook, and Radwell Knotting and Souldtop — Sutton — — — Haynes — — '— Lutan _ — — Potton - Regis, Potton - much - manured, Potton- Burdetts, and Potton- Rectoria Eromham, Biddenham, Stagsden, and Chellington — — Odell, I'avenham, Steventon, and Carlton Whipsnade —. — Flitwick — — — Westoning and Wortliend, and Part of Tingrith — — Sandy — — — Warden and Cardington — Ickwell- Bury, College Faim, Hartsholme with Blundells - r- — Elstow — VAJ whom appointed. Right Hon. Lord Ongley Thomas Whetham, Esq. The Most Noble John Duke of Bedford Elizabeth Harvey, Edward Or- lebar Smith, Clerk, and Charlotte his Wife John Higgins, Jun. Esq. Examined by me, John Polhill, Esq. The Most Noble John Duke of • Bedford John Williamson, Gent. Right Hon. Annabella Baroness Lucas Godfrey Thornton, Esq. Hon. Mary Leigh Sir Philip Monox, Bart. Right Hon. George John Earl Spencer John Brickwood, Esq. John Crawley, Esq. Barbara Poynter and Penelope Poynter Joseph Musgrave, Esq. The Most Noble John Duke of Bedford Godfrey Thornton, Esq. Samuel Whitbread, Esq. John Sowerby, Esq. William Long, Esq. Right Hon. Lord Carteret Francis Pym, Esq. The ' Right Hon. Henry Beau- champ Lord St. John The Most Noble John Duke of Bedford Sir Montague Ilurgoyne, Bart. Right Hon. Lord Carteret Most Noble John Marquis of Bute Samuel Whitbread, Esq. Right Hon. Lord Viscount Hampden TItomas Alston, Esq. William Beckford, Esq. George Brooks, Esq. and Ann . his Wife Sir John Everitt, Knight Sir Philip Monox, Bart, j Samuel Whitbread, Esif. John Harvey, Esq. Samuel Whitbread, Esq. THF. ED PEARSE, Clerk of the Peace. SUN FIRE- OFFICE, BANK- BUI LDINGS, and CRAIO's - COURT, CHA RING- CROSS, LONDON, For insuring Houses and other Buildings, Goads, Mer- chandise, Ships in Harbour, in Dock, or Building, and Craft, from Loss and Damage > y Fire. \\ J E, whose Names are underwritten, being " AGENTS for the SUN FIRE- OFFICE, have Authority from the Managers to inform the Pub- lic, and all Persons insured in ihe said Office, that the Premium on the Stock of Corn and Hay, being the Produce of a Farm, also Cattle and Implements of Husbandry thereon, will be rated at Tu- o Shillings and Sixpence per Cent. And all Persons insured in this Office, are requested to refer to their Policies, in order that they may receive the Benefit of this Re- duction of the Premium on Farming- Stock, oiv their respective Renewals at MICHAELMAS next; and that PRINTED RECEIPTS, under our Hands, are ready for Delivery, for the Premium and Duty on Policies, as they become due; and that printed Pro- posals of the Terms of Insurance may be had of us, which will be found AS MODERATE, IN EVERY RESPECT,' AS THOSE OF THE OTHER OFFICES. & 3T FARMING- STOCK may be insured, generally, in all Barns and wat- houses, or on a Fatm, without the average Clause, which may be seen by applying to us, who will give any further Information which may be required, for the explaining this Mode of In- surance. Northampton,— R. SCRIVEN. Peterborough,— J. ATKINSON. Towcester,— W. INNS. Kettering,— J. HENNELL. Daventry,— C. TOMALIN. Lutterworth,— S. CHAPMAN. Leicester,— J. PRICE. Banbury,— J. PAIN. Buckingham,— T. STUCMBERY, Jnn. Newport- Pagnell,— W. LSCAS. Potton,— J. ' PEDLEY. Stamford,— T. COOKE. Coventry,— J. CARTER, Leighton- Buzzard,— T. DEVSHELL. Bedford,— W. SMITH. C- T Policies insuring Three Hundred Pounds, are issued free of Expence; and all Payments for Losses by Fire are made by this Office without Deduction. *** The SUN FIRE- OFFICE have always paid Losses or Damage by Fire from Lightning. September ft, J805. ROYAL- EXCHANGE ASSURANCE. Established by hoyal Charter in the Reign of George I. for assuring Houses, Buildings, Corn, Hay, Goods, & c. and also for the Assurance of Lives. SEPTEMBER 21, 1805. rpilE CORPORATION of the ROYAI.- 8 EXCHANGE ASSURANCE do hereby give Notice, that they have authorized their respective Agents to receive Proposals for the Assurance of Farming Stock at the Rate of 2s. tkl. per Cent, per Annum. Persons whose Annual Premiums fall due on the 29th Instant, are hereby informed, that R FCEIPTS are now ready to be delivered by the COMP ANY'S respective AGENTS under- mentioned; and the Parties assured are requested to apply for the Renewal of their Policies, on or hefore the lith Day of October next, as the usual fifteen Days allowed for Payment beyond the Date of each Policy will then expire. SAMUEL PENNING, Jun. Secretary. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. Northampton,— FRAS. WM. JEYES, Thrapston,— J A M ES ROBINSON. Towcester,— JouN JE NKINSON . Wellingborough,— J. N- CQODHALL. Daventry,— JOHN SEATOM. BEDFORDSHIRE. Bedford,— M. PARTRIDGE. Biggleswade,— JOHN LANCASTER. Leighton,— D. WII. LIS. Luton,— D. L. WILLIS. BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. Aylesbury,— LUKE TURNER. Beaconsfield,— THOS. WITTS WAI. FORD. Buckingham,— ROBERT MI I. LER. Chesham,— CREED & BAYLIE. G reat- Marlow,— THO M AS E M ES. ' Newport- Pagnell,—: R." COLLISSON. Ohtey,— RICHARD HARROLD. Stony- Stratford,— J. DAY. Wmslow,— R. READING. HUNTINGDONSHIRE. Huntingdon,— ROBERT STAFFORD. St. Neots,— WM. DAY. Stilton,—.!. BODGER. LEICESTERSHIRE. Leicester,— JOHN KING. Mark et- Ha r borou gh,— Wa. S p R I C N, Mel ton- Mo wbray,— E D w. B R I c HT . WA RW ICK& H IRE. Birmingham,— JAMES KINDON. Coventry,—- JESIMIEL SMITH. Kineton,— THOMAS ABBOTTS. Rugby,— RICHARD FOX. N. B. Fire Policies will be allowed, free of Ex- pence, where the Annual Premiums amount to 6s. or. upwards. ( p?" This Companv have invariably made good Losses by Fire, occasional by Lightning.— Proposals may be had of the different Agents. " t* Assurances on Lives being found to be advan- tageous to Persons having Offices, Employments, Estates, or other Incomes determinable on the Lite or Lives of themselves or others; Tables of the Rates for such Assurances, and for the granting Annuities on Lives, may be had of the said Agents. And for the greater Convenience of the Public, tlie Company have determined to extend ( by special Agreement) the As- surances on Lives to the Age of 75 Years. To THOMAS TAYLOR, Esq. No. 0, New Bridge- Street, London. SIR, 1 Consider it but. an Act of Justice due to the Merits of your LEAKE's PATENT PILLS, to communicate to you the following Cure, which has recently been performed by them:— An Acquaintance of mine, who, by the breaking out of an old Venereal Complaint [ attended by a Complication of Disorders arising therefrom), was reduced almost to a Skeleton, and although he had the best Medical Advice which could be obtained, and tried a Variety of Patent Me- dicines, Nothing could be procured which seemed to suit his Case, or to do him any Service: He remained in a most reduced and pitiable Situation for two Years, unable to follow his Profession, ami scarcely able to walk or even to stand on his Legs; in Fact, no one who knew him ever supposed it possible for him to recover. He was advised at last to try your LEAKE'S 1' ILLS; he did so, adhering strictly to the Directions given with them; he had not taken more than two Boxes before he found an Alteration for the better; this encouraged him to proceed, and by taking a tew Boxes more he found his Appetite and Straigth gra- dually return, and is now as healthy and stout as any Man 1 know. You are welcome. Sir, to reier any Person to me for a Confirmation of the above Account if it should be doubted. I am, Sir, your obedient humble Servant, THOS. PURDAY. Libraiy, Folhttme, July 10, 1S05. Prepared and sold by the sole Proprietor, THOMAS TAYLOR, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, in London, at his House, No. 9, New Bridge- Street; where, after a constant Residence of more than forty Years, in a Practice particularly directed to the Cure of Venereal Complaints, and those inci- dental to the Parts of Generation in both Sexes, with that inviolable Secrecy which Men of his Profession should always observe, he flatters himself the Advice and Assistance he gratuitously administers to Persons taking this Medicine, will be esteemed, by a discern- ing Public, as an Advantage seldom to be obtained, and void of Ambiguity. They are also sold, by his Appointment, for the Convenience of those living at a Distance, by the Printers of this Paper, and Mr. Marshall, Druggist, Northampton; Wilcox, and Gallard, Towcester; Robins, & Wilkinson, Daventty ; Sharpe, Warwick ; Rollason, Coventry ; Gregorr, Leicester; Harrod, Harborough ; Seeley, Buckirgham; Loggin, Ayles- bury ; Knight, Collis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Tuck & Mather, Wellingborough; Marriott, Banbury ; Tookcy, Oundle; Billinge, Liverpool; Atkinson, Manchester; and bv one Persoi in every considerable Town in Great- Britain and Ireland, in Boxes of only 2s. 9d. each, sealed up with full and plain Directions, whereby Persons > f either Sex may cure themselves with Ease, Speed Secrecy, and Safety. [ fj- Every Box sold in Gear- Britain is sealed up with a Stamp, on which, by Favour of the Commis- sioners, is printed, at the Samp- Office—/', Taylor, Ar". 9. Nrti' Bridge- Street— to mitate which is Felony, and all others are counterfeit. NOTICE TO- DEBTORS AXD CREDITORS, j NORWICH UNION SOCIETY, RYVNIEREAS AMBROSE WIIITBREAD, of- 1 ^ INSURING- AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. * Z V sn. SOE, in the County of Bedford, Butcher, , j rjMIO. SE Members who made their Insurance on has assigned over all his Estate and Effects to Henry | the o « . h nf ,, ,.,. h ,- qT *. 0,1 Pain, of Stanford, in the same Countv, Farmer, and diatelv their P^ oort'on rf ?? T ' '• mme- George Whitbread, of thi Parish of Silsoe aforesaid, ! ^ 75 ,' er'Q " Kdvin^ t tl r 0 " 1.'- alrUn," f fo G; r, r. tor the Benefit of his Creditors^ n ^ ^ c!. l. l, e. A?!' s? 1„ neni.!? deposited with Mr. tagles, wHI be itSularly made every Quarter to those Memberl whose Period ot seven Years is expired. — I he Public- have now an Opportunity of seeing the superior Ad- vantages of this Mode of Insuring; the Premium paid is not more than in other Offices; and, from Expe- rience, it is found, that out of every Pound deposited, fifteen Shillings is returned: This sufficiently proves the Superiority of the Plan, and renders further Com- ments unnecessary. ( PT Printed Proposals, and Abstracts ot the Deed, may be had ' on Application) at the Office, or of the" following Agents :— , _ W. SPONG, Wellingborough. T. GURDEN, Markct- Harborough. J. RABAN, Olney. J. ABEL, Northampton. J. PAUL, St. Ives. E. HANDSCOMB, Ampthill, ' E. M. SMITH, Cambridge. S. MAIN, Peterborough. THO. BIGNOLD, Secretary. Solicitor, in Ampthill, in' the said County of Hed- ford, tor the Signature of his Creditors: Notice is therefore hereby given, That all Persons who are Creditors of the said Am- brose Whitbread; who do not execute the said Assign- ment 011 or before THURSDAY the 7th Day of NO- VEMBER, will be excluded the Benefit of the same.— And Notice is hereby further given, that all Persons who stand indebted to the said Ambrose Whitbread, are desired to pay their respective Debts to the said Assignees, or Mr. Eagles, within the Time limited for the Creditors to sign the said Assignment, as a Dividend is intended to be made immediately after that Time. Ampthill, 20tb Sept. 1805. OCKDLF, October 1st, 1805. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Trustees for repairing and widening the Road leading from Saint- Martin's- Stamford- Baron to Kettering, and from Oundle to Middleton- Lane, in the Parish or Hamlet of Middleton, in the Countv of North- ampton. will meet at the CROWN INN, in DUD- DINGTON, in the said County, for the first Dis. trict of the said Road, oil THURSDAY the THIRTY- FIRST Day of OCTOBER, instant; and at the said Meeting, between the Hours of Eleven in the Fore- noon and One in the Afternoon, the said Trustees will ( in the Manner directed by the Act of Parliament, for regulating Turnpike- Roads), LETT to FARM bi- AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, the Tolls collected at DUDDI NGTON, WF. I. D0N, and GEDDINGTON GATES, tor three Years, commencing from the first Day of December next: which Tolls produced tl. ie last Year the Sums following, viz. at DUDDINGTON GATE, IFI. 82| at WF. LDON GATE, =£. 33; and at CEDDINC- TON GATE, S£. 61, clear of the Exoences of collecting, and will be put up at the same Sums. Whoever hap- pens to be the Best Bidders, must at the same Time give Security with sufficient Sureties, to the Satis- faction of the said Trustees, for Payment of the Rents agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct. And Notice is hereby further given, That the said Trustees will, at their said Meeting, elect new Trus- tees in the Room of ssch as are dead, and will audit the Treasurer's Accounts. JOHN BALDERSTON. To the LADIES of NORTHAMPTON and its Vicinity. Beaut;/, Health, and a jiearly Set of Teeth, May be obtained, and preserved to old Age, by the Use of j^ UTLER's R E SrF O R A TIV E TOOTH- 1 . I OWDER, from the original Recipe of the tate ur. 1. H. DIMSDALE, patronized and used by the Queen and Princesses, the Empress of Russia, and most ot the Nobility. ' This Powder is prepared from Vegetables, and is entirely tree from the Acid, or any Mineral Substance. It destroys the Scurvy, imparts a Firmness and beautiful Redness to the Gums; to the Breath the most delectable Sweetness; and, if used constantly, will render the Teeth of a pearly Whiteness, and pri' vent that dreadful Maladv the Tooth- ach Many Medical Gentlemen who ' use it, declare it a fine liracer, eradicating the Foulness to which the Mouth is subject from Diet or disordered Lungs • and by its healmg purifying, and balsamic Qualities, frees the Mouth from anv unpleasant Taste Sold Wholesale and Retail by Mr. BUTLFR, NO. 4, Cheaps, dc London; and Retail by most Medicine venders and Perfumers in every Town, in Boxes at zs. Hd. each. r. TURNPIKE - TOLLS TO LETT, ON THE BRACKLEY ROAD. N' OTTCF. is hereby given, That the TOLLS to arise at the Toll- Gate at FARTHINGHOK, in the County of Northampton, upon the Turnpike- Road leading from Buckingham through Brackley, to join the Daventry Turnpike- Road near Banhurv, to- gether with such other Tolls as will he collected at the BANBURY BRIDGE- GATE, for ti c Use of Btackley Road, pursuant to the Act for making the said Turn- pike- Road, will be LETT bv AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, on MONDAY the* 21st Day of OCTOBER next, at the RED- LION INN, in BRACKI. EY aforesaid, between the Hours of Eleven and Five in the After- noon, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the nth Year of His present Majesty's Reign, for regu- lating Turnpike- Roads < which Tolls produced last Year ninety Pounds above the Expencs of collecting, and will be put up at that Sum. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder, must at the same Time pay one Month's Rent in ' Advance, and give Securitv for , . . Payment of the Residue at such Times as the Trustees , eir Lives ; but no such Danger will intervene to shall direct. And at such Meeting new Trustees will ! those who substitute Dr. BRODUM's BOTANICAL be elected and chosen in the Room ot those that are t , w'" cl1 1S particularly recommended to h* dead or refuse to act. " —" * ""'— " ' ~ BOTANICAL SYRUP. > a serious Caution to all who, from the Nature of their Complaints, are obliged to have Recourse to that dangerous Preparation Mercury it is certainly, it taken with Discretion, a most noble and effectual Cure for every species of Venerea' I„ fection; but, on the other Hand, there is not an Article in the whole Materia Medica so replete with Danger: For should the Patient take Cold whilst under a Course of this extifiordinury Medicine Vt' frequently leaves behind it the Gout, Rheumatism Numbness in the Limbs, Paralytic Affections,- which' however, may not be felt till after a Lapse of seven* eight, or ten Years. " Many Persons in Business, Servants, and indeed all who, from the Nature of their Employments, are obliged to be out in all Weathers, being liable to catch Cold undera Course ofMercmy, which may terminate GEORGE THOMAS, Clerk. Brackley, 26tb Sept. 1805. From Mrs. ELIZ SIR, ANN JAMES, to Mr. Dixo. v, Apothecary. [ Ilavc the Pleasure to inform you of the great Benefit I have received from taking your ANTI- BILIOUS PILLS; that since I have been at Bath, 1 have had no Occasion to drink the Waters; nor have 1 been so free from my Bilious Complaint as 1 now am, for many Years, which 1 solely attribute to the Pills. Once or twice I had a slight Return of my sick Head- Ach; upon its Approach I always took one or two Pills, which, in the Course of ail Hour, generally carried it off; they seldom operate with me, without there is Bile on the Stomach. I remain, vours, See. Bath, March 19. ELIV-. ANN JAMES. Sold Wholesale at Mr. BUTLER'S, No. 4, Cheapside, London; and Retail by all Medicine Vcndets, in Boxes at 2s. 9d. and Cs. each. THE CORDIAL BALM OF GILEAD I^ NRICIIES the Blood; bi aces the Nervous - A System ; frees and disburdens the Viscera and other important Organs; resolves Obstructions, and throws oft" viscid strong Humours; strengthens the general Habit, and brings back the Muscular Fibres to their natural and healthy Tone ; and it is happily adopted for the Cure of every Species of Decay. Prepared only by S. SOLOMON, M'. D. F. R. H. S. Author of the " Guide to Health," and other valuable Works, at Gilead- House, Liverpool, Price 10s. Bd. a Bottle; Family Bottles contain four, for 33s.; with the Words " Saml. Solomon, Liverpool," engraved in the Statnp, without which none can be Genuine; and sold by Dicey & Sutton, No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, at No. 7, Exchange- Court, and by Spilsbury, Da- vison, Callwell, and Dugdale, London; also by the Printers of this Paper. SCROPIIULA, OR KING's- EVII. Copy of a Letter from W. NUTTAI. L, Calks- Printer, near Ainsivcrth- llall, Lancashire. SIR, A SI am now arrived to that Solidity of Health which renders Life comfortable, and far exceeds my utmost Expectations, I doubt not but a short Account of my Case ( I may add deplorable) will afford you some Degree of Pleasure.— I have tor 18 Years been most grievously afflicted with a scrophulous j used previous to entering into the Matrimonial State, lest the Indiscretion of a Parent prove a Source ot Vexation to him for the Remainder of his Days, by afllicrmg his innocent but unfortunate Offspring witl » the Evil, Eruptions of a most malignant Tendency, and a Variety of other Complaints, that ate most assuredly produced by Neglect and Imprudence. The BOTANICAL SYRUP and RESTORATIVE NEI. vous CORDIAL to be had at the House, No. 9, Al- bion- Street, Surrey Side of Blackfriars Bridge, in Bottles at £. 1 2s.— lis.— and 6s. Duty included. ( PR A. D. SWINTON, the Proprietor ( Son of Dr. Swinton, Fellow of the Roval College of Physicians, London,) may be consulted fnjm Ten till Three, ot by Letter, containing the usual Fee. *** A Five Guinea Bottle contains, six at 22s. Sold also by tbe PRINTERS of this PAPER, and br the following Persons within the Circuit thereof, viz. Marshall, Northampton, arid at his Shop in Harbo- rough; Edge, Northampton," and at his Shops in Wellingborough and Towcester; Nixon, Leicester; Smith, Bedford; Jenkinson, Huntingdon; Tookey, Oundle; Beale, Thrapston ; Collis & Dash, Se Munn, Kettering; Rabins, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Tuck & Mather, Wellingborough; Jackson, Peterborough; Ne. vcomb, Primer, Stamford; Wheeler, Aylesbury; Marriott, Banbury; Gallard, Towcester ; and by most Booksellers and Medicine Venders in the three Kingdoms. >' CsOO « BANKRUPTS required to SI RRENDBR. Christopher Leo, lateof Angel Court, Throgmortori. street, merchant, Oct. 5, i' 2, and Nov. 9, at Guildhall London. Matthew 1' ringle, of Walworth, Surrey! flour- factor, Oct. 4, 19, and Nov. 9, at Guildhall London. Richard Hamer, of Savillc- row, Burlinel ton- Gardens, wine- merchant, Oct. I, 12, and Nov 9 at Guildhall, London. John Bainbrklge, of Wal- singham, Durham, draper, Oct. 17, 18, and Nov. 9 at ^. Turner's, innkeeper, Newcastle- upon- Tyne! ' • VVI I liain TMtrpre on.- l Ioma,< C tr r ? V Lai Ea: of Broad- Chambers, London, merchant, Oct. 5, li and Nov. 12, at Guildhall, London. ' ' 1) 1 VTDF. N'Ds to he made to Creditors. Oct. 22. Michael Duffin and Henry Duffin, ofStrat. ford- upon- Avon, Warwickshire, linen- drapers, at Guildhall, London. MARKETS.- •• London, Sept. SO. Complaint; it first appeared in my Glands, and pro- We had a middling supply of Wheat to- dav At first gressively extended all over my Breast and under my of the morning our millers bought freely', giving 2s. Anns. When 1 first commenced taking your much- esteemed ANTISCORBUTIC DROTS, I hail 17scrophulous Ulcers, which issued a great Quantity of very offensive Ilurnour, and indeed rendered my'Life a Burden to myself, and of Course distressing to my Friends, to see the calamitous State to which my lothsome Ma- lady had brought me; but now, thank God, every one of the Ulcers are, and have been for Months back, completely healed, and I am now healthy,' fleshy, and robust, to which before 1 was a Stranger: Per- sons who formerly knew me are astonished, and wonder at the great Change. I may truly add, to the Virtue of your invaluable Drops I at this Moment owe my Existence; and, for the Good of Mankind, 1 request you to publish my Case in any Way you think proper. Fof* further Particulars ( if required), the Enquirer may be satisfied ( if by Letter, Post- paid,) by applying to, Sir, vour obedient humble Servant, ( Signed) WILLIAM NUTTALL. Attested by R. PARKER, Curate of Cockey. JAMES HALTON, Farmer. RICHARD WALKER, Yeoman. JAMES NUTTALL, Farmer. January 15, 1805.' To Mr. JOHN LIGNUM, Surgeon, No. 57, Bridge- Street, Manchester. ( pT These Drops are sold in moulded square Bot- tles, at lis. and 4s. 6d.— One lis. Bottle is equal in Quantity to ^ hree 4s. 6d. ones. They may be had, Wholesale arid Retail, at Mr. LIGNUM'S, NO. 57, Bridge- Street, Manchester; and, by Appointment, of Howard it Evans, 42, Long- Lane, West- Smithfield; Dicey & Co. Bow Church- Yard ; Barclay & Son, 95, Fleet- Market; Shaw & Edwards, 66, St. Paul's Church- Yard; Butler, 4, Cheapside; ami Newbery & Sons, 45, St. Paul's Church- Yard, London; and Retail of Dicey & Sutton, Northampton; Gree. 11 & Taylor, Ampthill; Gardner, Biggleswade; Palgtave, Bedford; Beeslcy, Banbury; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Ridge, Newark; Inwood, Newport- I'agnell; Tookey, Oundle; Jacob, Peterborough; Wilcox, fow- cester; Paul, St. Ives; Jenkinson, Huntingdon; Collis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering; ' fuck & Mather, Wellingborough; Darton, Hitchin; Simson, Hert- ford: ad of the principal Venders of genuine Mcdi, cines in the United Kingdom. or 3s. per quarter more for fine samples than last Monday. I he$ e prices, however, did not prevail to the close of the market; and tiie sales, at noon, were dull, and effected upon no better terms than those of this day se'nnighf. A few prime samples of new, and for seed, fetched more than we name.— Rve, Barley, and . Malt, are all dull and cheaper. White Pease rest nearly at our last reported cur- rency. Old Horse Beans cannot be named higher than 55s. Ticks as last, with dull sale. Oats that are fresh and good are quite as dear as last Monday. — Fine Flour 7os. per sack; but little sold at that price. Wheat... 54s. to78s. Od. Fine Do. . 80s. to 85s. Od. Rjv 30s. to 31s. ikl. Barley .. 38s. to43s. Otl. Malt 72s. to 78s. Od. HOPS, per Pocket. - Sussex, 71. 7s. to 81.0s.- Oats 25s. to 35s. Od. HorseBeans - JSs. to 52s. Od. Tick Ditto 36s. to lSs. ( id. White Peas 40s. tooOs. 0d. Grey Ditto 40s. to 48s. Od. PRICE of FLOUR.— Fine 70s. to 75s. Od. Kent, 71. 7s. to 91. 0s.— Farnham, 101. 0s. to 111. 0s. SMITH? IELI>, Sept. 30. To sink the offal. Ox Beef, 4s. Od. to 5s. Od. Wether Mutton, 4s. Oil to 5s. Od. Veal, 2s. Sd. to 5s. Od. Pork, 5s. 0d.' to 6s. 4d. Lamb, 4s. 5d. to 5s. Id. Sold this day, Beasts, 2200— Sheep and Lambs, 17,500. NEWGATE and LEADENHALL, Sept. 30. Beef, 3s. Od. to 4s. Od. Mutton, 2s. 8d. to 4s. Od. Veal* 2s. Sd. to 5s. Od. Pork, 5s. Od. to 6s. 4d. I. anib' 3s. 4d. to 4s. 8d. TALLOW — Town 72s. 6d, Russia ( Can.) — s Od to 69s. Od. ( Soap) 72s, Od. to — s. Od. Melting Stutf — s. to 58s. 0d. Ditto rousth — v. to 39s. ' Good | Dregs 10s. Od. Graves lis. Od. I LEATHER, per lb. Butts, 50 to 561b. 23M. to25d. Ditto, ( jOto651b. 26d. to27d. Merchants Bucks, to 24: 1. Dressing Hides, 21Jd. to Fine C,. di- ll ides, 23d. to 25d. Crop Hides for cutting, 22jd. to 25d. Flat ordinary, 21d. to 22d. Calfskins, 30 to 401b. perdoz. 38d. to 42d. Ditto, 50 to 701b. per doz. 38d. to 43d- Ditto, 70 to 80ib. Sod. to ? sid Small Seals, per lb. 40( 1. to 42d. Large Ditlo, -; er doz. 120s. to 180s. Goat Skins, — s. to — s. pei doz. Tanned Horse- Hides, 25s. to 35s. per Hide. • NORTHAMPTON: Printed and Published by and for T. DICEY and IV. SUTTON.
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