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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Volume Number: LXXXV    Issue Number: 29
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 21/09/1805
Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: LXXXV    Issue Number: 29
No Pages: 4
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Vol. LX X XV. No. 29. Ready Monev is expected with Advertisements. SATURDAY, September 21, 1805 PRICE SIXPENCE, \ I Paper and I st - vpr SJd. Print sjjd. Sunday and Tuesday's Posts-. From the LONDON GAZETTE. WHITEHALL, Sept. 14, 1805. THE King has been pleased to grant to his Royal Highness Frederick Duke of York and Albany, ' the office of Keeper of his Majesty's Founts and Warren of Windsor, and the office of lieutenant of the said Forest; also to be Warden itmi Keeper of the New Forest, in the county of Southampton; ' and also of the Manor and Park of J.' uHiuurst, and the Hundred of Rudbergh, in the M of his Royal Highness the Duke of Glou- cester, deceased. 10IV D 0 N,, September 17. " Frvuch and Dutch Papers were received on Sunday, Che former to the ( 5th, and the latter to the Hth inst. These produce to us an important paper, no less than a declaration from Bonaparte, tfuwji his Ambassador at Ratisbon, to the Court of V'wona, in which he states, in other words, that kft had projected the invasion of England, in perfect continence that Austria and the other Con- tiaeiKal Powers would preserve the peace he had compelled, and leave him to follow his grand pro- ject of enslaving'this country— is surprised that Austria, after he had drawn his armies from Italy, the RMue, and Switzerland, to the Coast, should sbsw a disposition to take advantage of this cir- cumstance. He, however, shall defer the confjutst VIf E/ tgknd, until he lias called the Court of Vi- enna to account for thus intervening between his wrath and the " execution of the great enterprise muuesriou;" when, if she should not'be able to satisfy him, " he will march with his whole force t « tlie Rhine, for the purpose of compelling Austria tu preserve the peace of the Continent." ' the above papers also contain further accounts of th « marches and destinations of the Austrian and ftench forces. Both parties approach the lifeline, which the Parisian Editors now plainly call « 3V Theatre of I fur." The main body of tire Austrian army is near Lintz in Upper Austria. T& e Russian army, of whom it is more important to bear, because there was more doubt of its im- juetftate approach, had already reached Gallicia at tine fatter end of August, and was proceeding tiiwwgb Moravia to the other Austrian provinces, lite • i• tips'advance in two columns, and amount, it is said, to 100,000 men. From the route set down fer the greater part of die French forces, It ttiHi* i about the latter end of August before tltuv c- tuld assemble at Mentz. Buaiparte arrived at Malmaison on the 4th inststitt. The gallant Lord Nelson arrived at Portsmouth on Saiwrdav, and immediately hoisted his Hag on ioard the Victory, in which ship his Lordship sailed on Sunday.— Admiral Thomborough is to hoist his on board the Kent, under the command of Ins . Lordlsiup. The following is a list of the regiments which sure actually uinicr orders for foreign service:— CaWyt front England.— Royal Horse Guards, or Blues— In Dragoon J— 1st, 4th, 6th, and 7th Dragoon Guilds— lit, 2d, ;! d, 4ih, 6th, 7 h, 9iii, lOrh, 11th, Xfch, 13. h, 14th, 15th, and 21 st Light Dragoons. fm leland.— The2d, 3d, and5lli Dragoon Guards, suid rite l. ith, 17th. 18th, and 23d Light Dragoons. Ixjantiy tro'" England — Five battalions of the three leciitoents of Foot Guards; first battalion of the 4th, Sw., M. h, 21st. 23d, 31st, 43d. 52d, 88th, 9Ut, 923, and Jst ai d 2.1 battalions of 96th Foot. t'ron Ireland— First battalion of 3d regiment, 9th, eta, 2. V h, 28th, 30th, 36th, 45th, 47th, 5Uth, 63d, lUth, S'id, and 97ih. the » rand total of this force, consisting of eight regiments of heavy cavalry, eighteen regiments of dragoons, and thirty- three battalions of in- fantry, many of which comprise twelve hundred men, amounts to forty- six thousand. Fifty- four persons have been killed by the small- pox within the bills of mortality this last week.— it is greatly to the honour of the most eminent of tin? faculty, that they now refuse absolutely to in- oculate with small- pox matter. On Sunday morning, the 8th instant, the fol- lowing remarkable incident occurred at- Surfleet, near Spalding:— A poor woman, on turning down her bed- clothes, found a large snake, three feet long, which had unwittingly been her bed- mate the preceding night. The reptile was immediately secured, ami is now in the possession of au in- habitant of that place. rpiIE BOARDING- S LADIES, at the VYILEREAS ' ' Grace the V. SEPTEMBER 21sf, 18" 5. SCHOOL for YOUNG Rev. D. GRIFFITHS'*, LONG- BUCK BY, Northamptonshire, will open on MONDAY the 30th Instant. ( f- T Terms, eighteen Guineas per Annum, and one Guinea Entrance. Writing and Arithmetic, French, Drawing, & c. on the usual Terms. G A M E. NOTICE is hereby given, That all Persons who snail hereafter be found shooting, or otherwise destroying the Game, upon such Pari of the FOR EST of » ROCKlNGHAM, in the County of Northamp- ton, as extends ' over Gretton, Little- Weldon, Corn., Little- Oakley, Great- Oakley, Cotfing'tam, Middlc ton, Rockingham, and the Lawn of Hei efielel, without Permis- ion Irom George Finch Haiton, Esq. in Writing, will be proceed- d against accotding to l aw ; as will also all unqualified Persons who shall be found sporting upon his MANOR of GREAT. WELDON; and Geit lemen who are quidified, are requested not to sport on the saul Manor. loth September, 18C5. WOBUR. N, Aug. 27, 1805. the Woods belonging to His Duke of Bedford, in the Parishes of WOBURN, POTSGRAVE, ASPLEY, EVERS- HOLT, MILTON, and AIJLDF. N, have hereto- fore been much broke down and damaged, and the Gaiy. e thereof disturbed m. d destroyed by Persons trespassing and nutting therein: Notice is hereby given, that all Persons hereafter found trespassing in any of th. se Woods will be prosecuted ~ DUsTON MANOR. ~~ r|", IIE Game and Fish on the above Manor 8 having been very much destroyed by Poachers and other unqualified Persons last Season,' I do hereby give Notice, that all such who shall in future be found trespassing thereon will most ccrtainly be pro- secuted as the Law directs. MEI. BOURNE. Whitehall, 31.11 Aug. 1805. 03" The Tenants have received Directions to dis- charge all I'crsons^ of the above Description. To Maltsters. To be L E T T, At WINSLOW, in the County of Bucks, A Very neat and convenient MESSUAGE or XV TENEMENT, and MALTHOUSE adjoining, capable of wetting 12 Quarters of Barley per Week, witn two Barns, a Stable, and all other necessary Out- buildings, and a Yard and Garden wailed in. jty The above is a very eligible Situation for a Person who wishes to carry on the Malting Business, as there is a good Opining for a Maltster in the above Town. %.* The Whole of the Premises are in good Repair, and may be entered on at Michaelmas next. N. B. For further Particulars, apply to LANCELOT WYATT, Attorney at Law, in Winslow aforesaid. To be L E TT, And entered upon at Michaelmas- Dai/ next, \ Convenient DWELLING « HOUSE, with suitable Out- Offices, Homestead, and Garden thereunto adjoining, situate at HUSliANDS- BOS. WORTH, in the County of Leicester. f3f These Premises aie well adapted for the Resi- dence of a small Family, The Tenant may be accommodated with a Close of about seven Acres ot Land, if required. N. B. For further Particulars, apply at the Office of Mr. FREEH, Attorney, Leicester. Capital Country Residence, completely furnished. To be LETT, on LEASE, for seven Years, AMost desirable and pleasantly- situated . COUNTRY RESIDENCE, most completely, handsomely, and abundantly furnished, situate in the eastern Part of Leicestershire, adjoining a good Turn- pike- Road, and in the Vicinity of several capital Hunts, with a Manor, and any Quantity of rich Mea- dow and Pasture Land adjoining tire' Mansion that nay be desirable, to the Extent of 100 Acres. • JdT For further Particulars, apply at the Law- Oltices of Messrs. PARES, MILES, & ALSTON, Lei- cester; if by Letter, Post- paid. To be LETT, or SOLD, And entered upon the 10th of October next, AN exceeding good DWELLING - HOUSE, situate in the pleasant Village of FARTHINC- STONE, in the County of Northampton; consisting of a Cellar, Kitchen, and Parlour, with an old. ac- customed Grocer and Draper's Shop, now in full 1' rade, three excellent Sleeping- Room; on tie first Floor, and three very good Garrets, with detach- d Offices, excellent Garden and Orchard, well planted witn fruit Trees, now in the Occupation of Mrs. Sarah Wills. Also, may be had with the above, and entered upon the 5th of April next, TWO CLOSES of exceeding good Land, containing about thee Acres and a Half; an uninhabited House, large Barn, two Stables, large Lofts, & c. which have been used as Wool- Rooms, now in the Occupation of Mr. William Wait. ( f3T For further Particulars, or to treat for the same, jpp\ y to Mrs. WILLS, on the Premises; or to Mr. THOMAS HORN, Preston- Capes, Norihampton- shiie. SARAH ABBOTT, Widow of rive late THOMAS ABBOTT, T> EGs Leave to inform the Public, that she ( continues til? Business of her late Husband in the WIN E am. LIQUOR TR ADE ; and havng the same Support of Capital a d Connection that h r late Husband had, she assures < hose A ho p. eise to favour her with ill ir Commands, ih. it they ma\ rely on being . supplied with .. nicies of the verv first Qua- lity By having none bur the hest Liquors ( w1 ich she is ( let:: rmiheel to sell a. the iow -, t Pr ce possible), a . unremitting Attention to Business, and trusting to a generous Public, she is in hopes to be abfo to bring up her large Family, notwithstanding the Opposition lately set up against tier. Market- Harborough, Stpl. 12, lf05. OLNEI, Sept. 13th, 1805. ALL Persons who stand indebted to the Estate of HEN ii Y BRIGH I'M AN, deceased, form rly of OI. N F. Y, but lately of N EWPORT- P ACNELL, Bucks, are requested to pay he same immediately to J. H. Talbot, of Ohiey, his Executor, or they will be sued without further Notice ; and all Persons to wiiom the said Esiate stands any Ways indebted, are desired to send their Accounts to his Executor, in order that they may be immediately discharged. PROPERTY TA£ HUNDRED of GUI LX BOROUGH. N'OTICE is hereby given, That the Commis- sioners for the general Purposes of the Property Tax Act acting for the Division of Daventry, in the County of Northampton, will meet at the VVHEAT- SHEAF INN, in DAVENTRY, on THURSDAY the 26th Day of this instant SEPTEMBER, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon, for the Purpose of hearing Appeals from such Persons residing within the Hundred of GUILS- BOROUCH aforesaid, as are dissatisfied with the Charge made upon them under the said Act, for the Year ending the 5th Day of April, 1805. EDWD. LAMB, Clerk to the Commissioners. f} 3T Persons intending to appeal must give Notice to the Collectors. 3RUK. E, BIRMINGHAM MUSICAL FESTIVAL, FOR THF. BENEFIT OF THE GENERAL HOSl'IT. iL. Under the Patronage and Direction of The Right Hon. the EARL of AYLESIORD; And under the Patronage of The MARQUIS of HERTFORD, The FARL of DARTMOUTH, The FARL of WARWICK, The EARL of CRAVEN, LOUD VISCOU\ T DUDLEY and WARD, LORD Wn, Lour. HBi de B LORD MIDDLETO. N, I. ORIS BRADFORD, SIR JOHV MORDAUNT, Part. SIR E. C HARTQ » P, B: 1 rr M. P. DUODALE S DUODALE, Esq. M. P. CHARI. ES MOKDAUKT, Esq. M. P. HENEAGE LE ; GE, Esq. AT ST. PHILIP'S CHURCH, on WENNRSB. NR MORNING the 2d of OCTOBER, A SERMON will be preached hy the Rev. GILBFRT BF. RRISFORO, A. M. Rector of Pedworth, Warwickshire, and of Saxelbv, Leicestershire, and Chaplain to the Right Hon. the Earl of Aylcsford — In til? Course of the Service will be performed, the GRAND TE DEUM, by Purcel; the HUNDREDTH PSALM ; ANTHEM, " Blessed is he"— Koyce ; and the CORONATION ANTHEM. On THURSDAY MORNING. OCIOBER 3, at ST. PHILIP'S CHURCH, The MESSIAH. On FR IDA Y MORNI NG, OCTOBER 4, at ST. PHILIVS CHURCH, A GRAND SELECTION of SACRED MUSIC; consisting of the most beautiful RECITA- TIVES, AIRS, and CHORUSSES. from the Oratorios of HANDEL, and HAYDN'S ' Oratorio of Creation. On WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, and FRIDAY EVE- N- INGS, at the THEATRE, will be GRAND MIS- CELLANEOUS CONCERTS: In which will be introduced the finest Overtures and Symphonies of wl<_ Haydn and Mozart; Concertantes ; Concertos on the ti, e Q „ Violin, Violoncello, Double Ra^ s. Elmo nh„ » I l Bassoon, and French Horns jVJ OTICE is hereby given, That Application is 4 ^ intended to be made ; n the next Sessions < Jf Parliament for an Act to enm|| the Bailiff, Burg sses, and Commonalty of ihe Borough of DAY ENTRY, to PURCHASE and REBUILD the MOO f- HALL, and to make such Regulations, Elections, and Build- ings, as may be thought necessarv for tiie Improvement ot the Market in Daventry, in the County of North- ainptoii; and for Paving, Repairing, " Scavenging, Cleansing, Lighting, and Imp owng the Stive. s and Highways within ihe Town of Davcnfry — Li. ncd tiie 4th Day of September, 1805. By Order ot the Bailiffs and Burgesses, EDM. BUR ION, Town- Clerk. To be S O I, D by A U C T 1 O N, By ANDREW GARDNER, On the Premises, on Wednesday, October the 2d, 1805, rrTIE genteel and modern HOU8EHOLD- FUR- I. NITURE, BREWING UTENSILS, POST- CHAISE and HARNESS, neat GIG, THREE COWS, and other EFFECTS, of Jam* Wlllas, Esq. at EVERSHOLT- CHURCH- END, in the County of Bedford ( who is leaving this Part of the Country); consisting of lofty Four- post, Field, and Half- Tester Bedsteads, with fipe white Dimity, Printed Cotton, and Check Furnitures; seasoned Goose and other Feather Beds, Mattresses, Blankets, and Counter- panes; double and single Mahogany Chest of Draw- ers; Ditto Wardrobe and Bookcase; large Set of Ma- hogany Dining Tables, with circular Ends, 14 Feet long by 4 Feet 8 Inches wide; Ditto Chairs and square Tables ; an elegant Pier Class, in Gold Frame, 4 Feet 2 Inches by 2 Feet 2 Inches; a capital Town- made double- barrelled Gun, by Twigg; Dressing Glasses; P. edside Carpets; Kitchen- Furniture m general; Brass Furnace ; Pots, Kettles, fee. ; Tubs ; Iron- bound Cas" ks ; a large Quantity of Glass Bottles ; a Narrow- wheel Cart, v> ith Iron Arms; Plough; Horse Harness; a 30- Hour Clock and Case; and various other valuable Articles. ( yl' The Sale to begin exactly at Eleven o'Clock in the Morning. May be viewed the Morning before Sale; and Catalogues had on the Premises; at the Swans Inns, Leighton and Newport; King's- Arms, Ampthill; White- Hart, Dunstable; Bull, Hockliffe; Navigation Inn, Fenny- Stratford; and of the Auctioneer, Woourn, Beds. WKEKS'i WHARF, GRAND JUNCTION CANAL, PADDING! ON, LONDON. WEEk. Vs liA ROES ami BOATS, for the Con- veyance of Goods between London, Birming ham, WoiverhamptM, Liverpool; Manchester, & c. load at his VV HA M , at PAUDINGTON, and at TRIG. Wn. ur, UPPER- THAMES- STIST, LONDON, for the foliown£ Places: Birmingham Buckingham Brack ley Bewdley Bolton Bristol Cove.. try Chester Dudljy Daventry Derby G loucester Hereford Halifax Kidderminster Liverpool Rochdale > tielfleld Shrewsbury . tone i ony- Stratford toutbridgc siourport • Vakeiicld Harrington Volverhjinptbn Vorcesier v'ar. vick Vellingborough • Valsall I xbridge <" ork, Sec. Lancaster Leeds Leicester Litchfield Ludlow Leghton- Buzzarti Miadlewich Manchester Macclesfield Namptwich Northwich Newcastle Northampton Newport- Pagnell Oxford r Preston and all intermediate Places ; and also for all Parts of the Nort! i of England, and North and South Wales. From LIVERPOOL, Goods will be forwarded to IRRLAND and SCOTL\ ND.. Goods taken in, daily,' at TRIG- WHARF, UPPER- THAMF. S- STREIT, LONDON, and at his WAREHOUSE on the GRAN. D JUNCTION CANAL, PADDINGTON. WEEKS'S BOATS load daily at his WHARF in BIRMINGHAM, and also at his WHARF in WOLVER- HAMPTON, for London, Liverpool,- Manchester, & c. and the above- mentioned Places. » ,* WEEKS'S BOATS load at LIVERPOOL and MAN- CHESTER, for Wolverhampton, Birmingham, and Lon- don, and all intermediate Places on the Line of the Canal. ~ TURNPIKE- TOLLS TO BE LEFT. JDTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS arising at the Toll- Gates at RUGBY and BROWNS- OVER, situate upon the Turnpike- Road leading from Dunchurch to Lutterworth, with the Profits of the WEIGHING- MACHINE, at Brownsover Wharf, will be LETT by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, at the WHEAT- SHEAF INN, in RUGBY, on TUESDAY the 24th of SEPTEMBER next, between the Houcs of Two and Three in the Afternoon, in the Maimer directed by the Act passed in the 13th Year of the Reign of His Majesty King George the Third, " for regulating the Turnpike- Roads."— Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turn pike- Road, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct. JOHN CALDECOTT, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike. Jioad. Rugby, 29/ i August, ,1804. To Freehold Estate, in Rushden, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN YORK', On Thursday the third Day of October next, 1S05, at the Careen- Dragon Inn, in Higham- 1 triers, m the said County, about Five o'Clock in the Atternoon, subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall be then and there produced ( unless sooner disposed ot by Private Contract, of which timely Notice will be given), rip WO new- erected MESSUAGES or TF. NE- .1- MEN'l'S, lately occupied as one, pleasantly si tuated in the populous Village of KUSHDEN afore- said, with the Gardens, well plained Orchard, and Close of Arable Land adjoining ; containing by Esti- mation two Acres ( more or less), now in . lie Occu- pation of Charles Gill. (£ 3" The above Premises are well adapted for any Business that requires Room, the Buildings com- prising a good Kitchen, two Parlours, and six Sleep- ing- Rooms, with Attics; also a convenient Shop and Room in Front, Stabling for six Horses, and a Barn of three Bays adjoining. %* The Piemises are plentifully supplied with Water by an excellent Well, in which is a Lead Pump. N. B. For further Particulars, or to treat for the same by Private Contract before the twenty- sixth Day of September instant, apply to Mr. THOMAS SHELTON, of llighain- Ferrers aforesaid, Butcher; or to Mr. GOODHALI., Solicitor, Wellingborough. IS! POLEBKOOK, Northamptonshire. ' be SOLO by PRIVATE CONTRACT, AMESSUAGE or I EN EM UN f, with a HOMESTEAD, ORCHARD, and BARN thereto adjoining, situate in POLEB'ROOK, in the Occupation ol l'homas Danner. ALo, A CLOSE of excellent PASTURE LAND; containing oy Estimation tive Acres ( be the sainemoie oi less), in the Occupaiionot William Hunt. Opr 1 he above Premises are I reehoid. * « .* For further Particulars, or to trea. for the P. irchase, apply to Messrs. YORKE & SHERARD, Oundie or iiirapston. & UCMNGHAMSHIR£. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, AStoat desirable FREEHOLD and TYTHE- FKEE ESTATE, situate at PITCHCOTT, about six Miles from Aylesbury, and ten from Buckingham; consisting of 100 Acre,., by Statute Measure, of very rich Grazing Land, well watered, and conveniently divided lor Occupation into five Grounds, with two good Cow- Houses thereon. {^ 3" The Pcemises may be seen with Leave ot Mr. Dover, the Tenant; and further Particulars had, and the Purchase treated for, on Application lo Messrs. Churchill Sc Field, Solicitors, Deddington, Oxford- shire; or Mr. Carter, Staple- Inn, I^ indon. WITH EARLY POSSESSION. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, Convenient FARM- HOUSE, with necessary Bams, Stables, and Outbuildings, and SEVEN CLOSURES of good ARABLE and PASTURE I/ AND, containing about sixtv Acres, situate at WIGGINTON, in the County' of Oxford, distant dbout six Miles from Banbury and Chipping- Norton ; Possession ef which may be had at Michaelmas next. 83" For further Particulars, or to treat for the Purchase, apply to Messrs. C'iiurchill & Field, So- licitors, Deddington, Oxfordshire; and for a View of the Farm, to Mr. Wm. Bloxham, the Tenant. ' ft IRONMONGERS. To bo DISPOSED OF, at a fair Valuation, ri MiE STOCK in TRADE of Mr. John Scaton, .1. near the Market- Hill, DAVENTRY, North- amptonshire; consisting of a well- selected Assort- ment of Ironmongery Goods. — Also, to be LET!', a suitable PART of t| ie DWELLING- HOUSE, now in the Occupation of Mr. Seato-. i, whose bad State of Health is the only Motive for declining Trade. " The Shop, which is a modern roomy'Building, and the Situation undeniable, is fit for the aOove or any other Business, or may be converted into a handsome Parlour for a private I amily. Further Particulars may be known by Appli- cation on the Premises; or of Mr. S. OAKDEN, Soli- citor, or of Mr. WILLIAM MuMf » Ri>, at Davcntr) ; if by Letter, Post- paid, 4 IMC TURN PIKE- TOLLS TO LE IT. AT OTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS a ising for ore whole Year, from the 9th Day of December n xt, at the Gate hereafter- mentioned, upon the Turnpike- Road leading from Towcester, through Silverston and Bracklcv, in the County of Northampton, and Ardlev and Middleton- Stoney, to Weston Gate, in the Parish of Weston- oii- the- Creen, m the County of Oxford, known bv me Name of MIDDLETON- STONEY GATE, will ' be LETT by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, at the House of 1' HO. MAS WILKINS, called tlfc CROWN INN, in BRACKLEY, on TUESDAY the FIRST Day of OCTOBER next, between th Hours of Eleven and Four, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the thirteenth Yearot the Reign of His present MajesJv, " for re- gulating Turnpike- Roads ;•' Which Toil, produced the last \ ear the Sum ot sixty- one Pounds, above the Expence of collecting the same, and will Lie put up at that Sum.— And Notice is her by further given, that the TOLLS arising for onewhoie Year, from the 9th Day of December next, at the Toll- Gate » upon the said Turnpike- Road, knowij by the Name of' BURCOT- WOOD- GATE, with the CHECK- GATE, near the Soap- Office, and HOPPF. RS- FORD- GATE, with Songs, Duetts, Glees, and Chorusses, which have been performed at the King's Concerts, and Vocal Concerts in London. Principal Singers engaged. Mrs. BILLINCTON, Mrs. VAU-. UAN ( lateMissTennant,) FANNY ROSS MELVILLE; Mr. HARRISON, Mr. VAUGHAS, Mr. W. KNYVETT, and Mr. BARTLEMAN. Instrumental Performers. Mr. F. CRAMER, Leader; Mr. Clark, principal Second Violin; Mr. J. Lindley, principal Tenor; Mr. R. Lindley, ditto Violoncello ; Signor Dragonetti, ditto Double Bass; Mr. Ashe, ditto Flute; Mr. Erskine, ditto Oboe; Mr. Mahon, ditto Clarionet; Mr. Holmes, ditto Bassoon ; Messrs. Petrides, French Horns; Mr. Hyde and Mr. Cnntelo, Trumpets; Mr. Flack, Mr. Dressier, and Mr. Zwingham, Trombones; and Mr. Jenkinson, Double Drums; Messrs. Moralt, Boyce, ' 1'. Holmes, Dr. Baker, Evans, Sturee, Marshall, - Wagner, Venur, Rudge, Sanders, Risch, Lefebvre, Fletchers, Simms, Stanley, Webster, & c.— The Whole conducted by Mr. GREATOREX, Who iv!/ l preside at the Organ and Piano- Forte. The Gentlemen of the Private Concerts will give their Assistance; and the other Parts of the Band will be filled by the most approved Performers in the Kingdom. ' To make the . Chorusies grand and full, Chorus Singers arc engaged from the King's Concert, the Lancashire Choral Societies, and the Worcester and Litchfield Choirs. The whole Orchestra will consist of upward; of a hundred and twenty Performers. There will be BALLseach Evening at the Assembly- Room at the Shakespear Tavern. The ORDINARY on the first Dav ( Wednesdav) will be at the Stork Tavern ; on Thursday at the' Royal Hotel; and on Friday at the Shakespear Tavern. fpW The Performers are desired to be at BIRMING- HAM on MpNDAY AFTERNOON, the 30th of SEP- TEMBER. e Bass Flute Oboe" K' 6 Cntc*- CFTE. at Biddlesdon- Lane End, w il then • and the most favomS I VETT by » < Place and tne most favourite | at the Time aboveinentioned, and will be put uo at such Sum as the Trustees may then direct ( the Toils of which said last- mentioned Gates bc; nf now col- WT Capital Leicestershire and Herefordshire Stock. To be SOL D by AUCTIO N, By W. HAND T, On Friday the 27th Day of this instant September, in a Field adjoining the' New Inn, in the Parish of SALFORD, in the County of Warwick, SEVENTEEN capital RAMS, one in a Lot; a about one Hundi " le-', S '. V E S, five ui a and Lot; six Valuable Live Slock, Implements in Husbandry, tyc. To be SOLD by A U C T I O N, By RICHARD SMITH, On the Premises, at 11 ADDON, near Sulton, Hunt- ingdonshire, on Monday the 7th Day ot Octooer, lSOo, and following Day, at Ten o'Clock each Day, rifflli LIVE and DEAD STOCK, and sundry I- other EFFECTS, of Mr. JOHN ROWELi. ! who is leaving his Farm); comprising 180 EWLS 95 ' 1' heaves, 20 fat Sheep, 80 Snearlings, pnd 194 Lambs; six siout Cart Horses, six Years old; two Ditto, five Ye. fr.. old; two Ditto, tour Years old ; two Ditto, three Years old; two Ditto, aged; one Mare six Years old"; one Ditto, aged; two yearling Colts - one Filley Foal; a very stout Nag Horse, six Years oid, steady in Harness, and a good Goer; six milch Cows, six tat Beasts, 12 Three and Two- year- old Steels and spayed Heifers, and tive Yearlings; one Six- inch Wh. el Waggon ( Iron Arms), four stout Nar- row- wheel Waggons, six Six- inch Wheel Carts, two capital Rolls, Ploughs, Harrows, Cribs, two Dress- ing- Machines ( by Rlackwell), capital Harness for 18 Horses, eigln Doien of Sacks, 13 Dozen of Trays, sweet lion- bound Pipes, Churn, Milk- Leads, and oti'. er Effects. OS" Six Months' Credit will be given for all Bar gains of or above £. 5, upon approved joint Security or a legal Discount allowed on prompt Pay. *** Catalogues may be had ieu Days previous to the Sale, on the Premises; at the Bell, Stilton; Golden Lion, Peterborough ; Spread Eagle, aiid at the Printing- office,, Huntingdon; of Mr. Bell, Oun- dle; and of the Auctioneer, at the Swan, Thrapston; who'respectfully informs the Public the above Pro- perty will be sold without Reserve," and is truly worthy ot Attention. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, rj^ HAT the next Meeting of the Trustees for re- 3 pairing and widening the Road from the great Bridge in the Borough of Warwick, through Souiham and Davehtry, to tiie Town of Northampton, will be held at the SARACEN'S- HEAD INN, in DAVENTRY, on TUESDAY the TWENTY- FOURTH Day of SEPTEMBER next, at Eleven o'Clock inthe Forenoon; when and where the TOLLS to arise for one Year, to com- mence from the 29th Day of September next, at the Gates or Turnpikes erected on the said Road, called the SOUTHAM GATE, the FLOORE GATE, and ill.* NORTHAMPTON GATE, will be LETT to FARM by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder or Bidders, according to the Directions of the late Act of Parliament, for regulating Turnpike- Roads.— Whoever happens to be tne Best Bidder must give Secuiity, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees, for Payment of the Rent at such Times as they shall direct. And at the said Meeting the Trustees will nominate and appoint a Surveyor of that Part of the said Road vvhic. i lies between Floore and Northampton. JOHN TOMES, Clerk to the Trustees. . Warwick, 20th August, lgOj, fine incalving HEIFERS, one Four- year- old BULL, and three useful Cart GELDINGS, the Property of Mr. GEORGE PENRICE. The Sheep have been selected with great Care and Expence from the most eminent Breeders in Lei- cestershire, for nearly 20 Years.— G. P. presumes to say they are equal, it not superior, to any ever offered to the Public, having engaged prime Sheep for the last twelve Years without Intermission, from Messrs. Stone, of Quarndon, near Leicester, whose Stock is well known to stand unrivalled in ihe Kingdom. The Shearling Sheep are by. Sheep of Messrs. Stone, their Sire by K.. G. Dam by Dishley R.; the Two- shears Sheep are by Messrs. Stone's K. G. Dam by G. ; the Three- shears Sheep are by Messrs. Stone's K. G. Dam G. and the Four- shears Sheep are by Messrs. Stone's R. by the Dishley R. N. B. The Ewe Sheep are closely bred' by the above Rams. [ dr" The New Inn is situated in the Midway be- tween Alcester and Eversham, being tive Miles from each Place, nine from Stratford- upon- Avon, 17 from Warwick, and 18 from Vv orcester. Leicestershire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. FARMER," On Saturday tne 28th of September. 1805, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the VVhite. Lion Inn, Leicester, The following very desirable Freehold Estates, IN LOTS," AS UNDER: — Lot 1. A CLOSE of very rich FEEDING or JIX PASTURE LAND, near 90 Acre STORE or BREEDING CLOSE, upwards of 25 Acres; and FOUR MEADOWS, together upwards of 28 Acres, all lying within a Ring Fence; situate in the Lordship of KNAPTOFT, and County of Lei- cester, near the Turnpike- Road from Leicester to Wel- tbrd, and distant about ten Miles from Leicester, and about seven Miles from Weltbrd, Lutterworth, and Harborough, in the Occupation of Messrs. Oklacrcs. ( J3* The Land- Tax is redeemed; and all tne other Outgoings, for Levies, Compositions, & c. including a Payment of £. 1 6s. 8d. per Annum as the Pro- portion in Respect of this Estaie towards the Modus or annual Payment of .£. 10 made tor the Tythes of the whole Lordship, which contains upwards of 1000 Acres, have not communibus Annis amounted to £. Id per Annum. Lot2. SEVERAL CLOSES, divided into conve- nient occupancy Plots, containing together upwards of 150 Acres, lying within a Ring Fence; with a new. erected HOUSE, calculated either for a Gentle- man or a Farmer and Grazier, most pleasantly situated near the Centre of the Estate, and commanding ex- tensive Views, with a Barn and Farm- Yard tor the Occupancy of the more remote Part, and ^ several thriving PLANTATIONS, situate in the lordship of OADBY, anil County of Leicester, on the Turn- pike- Road from Leicester to London, and distant from Leicester about- four Miles, in the Occupation of Messrs. Flude & Needhain. Lot 3. A commodious and substantial FARM- HOUSE, with a Ba n. Stable, and other Buildings, a good Farm- Yard and Homestead adjoining, togetner upwards of three Roods, in the Town ot OADBY, inthe Occupation of Messrs. Flude & Ncedham ; and a CLOSE, near the Town, containing about three Acres, in the Occupation of Smalley. gTy" The Estate at Oadby is discharged by Act of Parliament from all Rectorial Tythes, and chargeable only with a very small certain annual Sum in Com- pensation of Vicarial Tythes, and the Land- Tax is redeemed. Oadby is distant about seven Miles from Knaptoft. *** Part of the Purchase Monies may remain on Mortgage, if desirable to the Purchasers. ( r. 5F The Estates are occupied by very respectable and desirable Tenants ; but tiie actual Possession may be had, if required, at Ladv- Day, at which Time the Purchases are proposed to be completed. N. B. For further Particulars, and for Directions for the Estates being shewn, apply at the Law- Oitices ef Messrs, JPAR. ES, MIJ. ES, & ALSTON, Leicester. at the Time aboveinentioned, and will be put uo at ( tl , , , , — — —— " g now col- lected under the Direction of the said Trustees.) Whoever happens , o be the Best Bidder for each re. spective Gate must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Suieues, to the Saiista. t on ot the [ said Trustees, tor th- Payment ot the respective Rtmts agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct.— And Notice is herebv further given, thai new Trustees will then be elected in the Room ot such Trustees as are dead, and whose Vacancies are not dr < ly filled up.— And Notice is hereby further given, that a new Clerk and Treasurer will then be elected ami appointed in the Room of the present Clerk and Treasure;, who will at that Time resign the said Offices — , nd No. ice is hereby further give,,, that a new Survey r w li then be elected and appointed, in tii « Roo u of the iaie Sur- veyor, Samuel Briscoe, deceased — Dated the alst of August, 1805. ROBERT WES TON, Clerk to the Trustees ot tiie said, Turnpike- Road. THURLEIGH INCJLOSU RE~ ' whose Names are hereunder written, being the Commissioners named and ap. pointed in and by an Act passed in the last Seo, on of Parliament, entituled, " An Act for inclosing 1 ands , in the Parish of THURLF IGH, in ihe County of Bedford," do hereby give Notice, that we have vet out and appointed the following as and tor public Carriage. Roads within the said Parish, that is to say: One public Carriage- Road, of the Breadth of 40 Feet, beginning at the Town Street of Thurleigh, near the Church, and leading in Southward anfl South, westerly Directions over Church Field, ^ the South Side ot the Windmill, to and over an ancient Indo- sure, called Round- Leys Close, and from thence in or near the present Track along Langley- Lane, and ( after passing between ancient Inclosures) then over Romp. Hail- Green to the Parish of Milton. E'rness; being the intended Road from Thurleigh towards Milton- Erness. One other public Carriage- Road, of the Breadth of 40 Feet, leading out of the last- described Road, at th « South- East End of Bush- Langley Close, and passing in a Westerly Direction in or near the present Track, into the Parish of Bletsoe, at Copier Green ; being the intended Road from Thurleigh to Bletsoe. One other public Carriage- Road, of the Breadth of 30 Feet, leading out of the first- described Road, at the Beginning thereof, in a North- westerly Direction over Church Field, to a Lane, called New- Close- Lane, and ( after passing between ancient Inclosiwes,) then over and by the West Side of Whiuvick- Green, into the Parish of Bletsoe, and after passing over Part of the Parish of Bletsoe, then over and by the North. West Side of Sapwood- Green, to the Point where the Parishes of Risely, Bletsoe, and Thurleigh meet at Galsey- Lane; being the intended Road from Thur- leigh towards Riselv. O ne other public Carriage- Read, of not less Breadth than 30 Feet, leading from the End of the last- de- scribed Road, over the North- Piist Side of Sapwood. Green, into Sapwood- Lane, in Thurleigh. One other public Carriage- Road over the Lands to be inclosed, of the Breadth of 40 Feet, leading out of the first- described Road near the Windmill, in a Southerly Direction, to and along Scoll- End, and into a Lane which leads into the Parish of Ravensden; being the intended Road from Thurleigh by Scoll- End towards Ravensden. One other public Carriage- Road over the Lands to be inclosed, of the Breadth of 40 Feet, leading from Church- End, in Thurleigh, near the Vicarage Home- stead, ill or near ihe present Track, to a Lane in ' l'hur- ieigh aforesaid, near the Farm Homestead of John Crawley and his Co- Proprietors, at Cross- End; being the intended Road from ' Thurleigh towards Bolniiurst. One o h.- r public Carriage- Road over the Lands to be inclosed, of the Breadth ot 40 Feet, leading out of the last- described Road, at Cross- End Green, in a Southwardly Direction, to Sheepcote- Lane, and from Sheepcotc- Lane aloug Newell brook, and on the West Sid- of Asjipole Meadow and Fweive- Acres Close, into the Road by Scoll- End to Ravensden ; b- ing the intended Road from Cross- End in lliurleigh towaids Ravenstlen.- • One othe- r public Carriage- Road, of the Breadth of 30 Feer, leading from the South- East End of Park- End- Lai. e over Park- End- Green, and through and over an ancient inclosureof Robert Jetferies, called: Green- End Clo> e, over Park- End Field, and along the East Side thereof to a Lane in liie Parish of Ravensden,- being the intended Road leaeling from Thurleigh Park- End towards VVnden And one other publ c Carriage- Road, of Ihe Breadth of 40 Feat, leading out of the Road towards Bom. hurst, at Busoy's Coitage, in a Northerly Direction over Part of the Great Field, by Gamon's Close and Elsom's 1' ighile, and from the Corner of the said Pightle over other Part of the said G reat Field, into and over ancient Inclosures, called the Hadon's, Thirty- Acre Close, and Spinney Close, into Broad, lane; being the intended Road leading bom Thurl. lgh towards Key;- o « . And we tile said Cdmmissloners do hereby give Notice, that we do intend to stop up all other Roads and Tracks, as public Bridie and Carriage. Roads, upon and over any Part of the Lands by the said Act directed to te inclosed; and we also give Notice, that the said public Roads so by us set ou. and appointed, are accurately laid down, delineated, and described in a Map, signed by us, which we have deposited with Mr. WILLIAM DAY, of Saint Neots, in the County of Huntingdon, Solicitor, our Clerk, for the In- spection of all Persons concerned, ar. U which public Roads, previous to the Publication hereof, ate also ascertained by Marks and Hounds. And we the said Commissioners. do hereby give fur. ther Notice of, and appoint, a Meeting, to be held by us the said Commissioners, at the SWAN INN, in the Town of BFDFORD, in the County ot Bedford, on TUESDAY the 22.1 Day of OCTOBER next, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon; when and where all Persons who may be injur, el or aggrieved by the setting out of tiie said Roads, or any of them, or bv' the Omission of setting out any other public Carriage or Bridle- Roads over the said Lands to be inclosed by Virtue of the said Act, are required to attend and state the. r Ob- jections to the said Roads as set out as aforesaid, or to the Omission of setting out other such Roads, in Writing, and deliver the same to the said Commis- sioners.— Given under our Hands this 14th Day ot September, 1805, BENJ. WELSTEAD, JOHN FELLOWES, CHA. BLOODWORTH. Wednesday and Thursday's Posts. I ' • V D 0 N, September 19- T\ TCH Papers to ' lie J5th instant have been „ t receive^ together with Paris Journals to t• 11r' — Bonaparte was expected to be at 8t- n0 . gh on the 15th or 16th instant. ho advance of the Russian armies, and the ' formation of the Austrian camps, continue to be menti'wd in all the articles dated from Germany. "' Mi Batavian State Gazette maintains, that f. 1" ' ria can have armed for no other purpose than that of offensive hostility. It also suggests the • > mation of an armed neutrality by Prussia, Den- irfirk, and some of the Electorates. Reports. are contradictory with regard to Han- oi er. S uite accounts sav, that measures are ar- tus'ty taking for the evacuation of that Elec- tor;: (• hv the French troops. Tn that case, we s'- ould suppose that . Bonaparte was disposed to countenance this neutrality. But according to some other statements, additional troops are even marching from France to be stationed there. If t'.' is he true, the difficulties attending the scheme of neutrality will be very great. A camp of observation is to be formed at St. Omer's, for the purpose of strengthening ( he army of the coast, and protecting the Batavian Re- public against any attack that might) be made upon it. The Vonittur of the 10th inst. contains the Heiuitu* f by which the Gregorian Ca- lendar is ordered to he restored throughout the French empire from the 1st January, 1806.' It is the intention of the Admiralty to have squadrons of frigates, to cruise on different stations, • is in the Inst war. Sir John Warren is to have the ;" id on the coast of Portugal, with seven f- is ttes: he will hoist his flag in a 50- gun ship. The first part of the subsidy ( about half a mil- lion) for our allies on the Continent, was sent from the Bank on Monday in five waggons, con- taining each about fourteen casks of dollars, to Portsmouth, escorted by a detachment of Ilorse- GviHs; and yesterday another convoy of specie left the Bank.' A female, pretending to be a lady of genteel connections. Ins latelv been very troublesome to the city and neighbourhood of Exeter. She has occasionally nssumed the names of Mrs. Wilkinson, Mrs. Hemic'. amp, & o.; but, being at length dis- covered to be an impostor, she was last week ap- prehended ill (.' Imdleigh as a vagrant, and com- mitted to the house of correction for the county. Since her commitment various letters have been received, stating her impositions on the public ill London, Brighton, Bath, ( heltenhain, Gloucester, Bristol, Northampton, & c. & c. under the different characters of daughter to General England, Ge- neral Reauchamp, General Robinson; and as wife of n Mr. Wilkinson, a gentleman in India, who had deserted her, with three and sometimes five children. She had a singular mode of impressing her distress on the minds of the benevolent, by taking a phial of laudanum, or leaping into a river where she knew there was no danger, in the presence of many spectators, and stating herself to have lately escaped from a lunatic asylum. —. • E L E G Y ON THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER, When Partridges are allowed to he killed by Act of Parliament. • y^' HEN the still Night withdrew her sable shroud, And left these climes with steps sedate and slow, While sad Aurora, kerchief'd in a cloud, With drizzly vapours hung the mountain's brow ; The wretched Bird, from hapless Perdix* sprung, With trembling wings forsook the furrow'd plain, And. calling round her all her listening young, in fault'ring accents sung this plaintive strain:— Unwelcome Morn, full well thy low'ring mien foretells the slaughter of th' approaching da^ j Tiie gloomy sky laments with tears tiie scene, Where pale- ey'd Terror re- assumes' her sway. Ah ! luckless train ! ah ! fate- devoted race ! The dreadful tale experience tells, believe! Dark heavy mists obscure the morning's face, But blood and death shall close the dreary eve. Tlvs day, fell man, whose unrelenting hate No priefcan soften, and no tears assuage. Pours dire destruction on the feather'd state, While p. irie and rapine urge his savage rage. I, who so oft have ' scap'd th' impending snare, Etfc night arrives, may feel the fiery wound, In giddy circles quit the realms of air, And stain with steaming gore the dewy ground. Slu> said; when, lo! the pointer winds his prey. The rustling stubble gives the fear'd alarm ; The gunner views the covey fleet awav. And rears th' unerring tube with skilful arm. In vain the mother heaves her whirling flight, The leaden death arrests her as she flies I Her scatter'd offspring skim before her sight, And, bath'd in blood, she flutters, pants, and dies! * Perdix was supposed to be turned into a partridge. « — See Ovid's Metamorphoses. ASSISTANT is A BOARDING- SCHOOL AYOUNG MAN, who writes an excellent Hand, has been accustomed to the Business of a respectable School, and can produce unquestionable Testimonials of a good moral Character, may hei of a Situation on Application ( personally, or by Letter, Post- paid), to the Printers of this Paper. To PARENTS AND" GUARDIANS. WANTED, An APPRENTICE to a SUR- GEON, & c. in a healthy Market- Town. As he will be treated as one of the Family, and every Attention paid to his Professional Education, a hand- some Premium will be expected., ( t^ T Applications to be made to Mr. EDGE, Drug- gist, Northampton.— Letters must be Post- paid. ANTED immediately, An ASSISTANT to a DRAPER.— One who has been used to the Country Trade, will be preferred. Letters addressed ( Post- paid) to Mr. WEBB, Bookseller, Bedford, will be attended to. WANTED immediately, A steady active LAD, as an APPRENTICE to an IRON MONGER.— A Premium will be expected. ( pT Enquire of M. BURRELL, Ironmonger, & c. Oundle, Northamptonshire. w ANTED immediately, Three Journeymen MILLWRIGHTS, who may have constant Employ for six or twelve Months, by applying to J. kelburn, North - Kilworth, near Lutterworth, Leicestershire. To BRICK- MAKERS. [ 7" ANTED immediately, A steady MAN to make Bricks, and get'Clay in the Winter.— Such a Person may'meet with constant Employment. ( pf Enquire of JOHN FENNELL, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. WANTED immediately, A steady middle- aged WOMAN, as COOK, in an INN.— None need apply who cannot have a good Character for Honesty, Sobriety, and Cleanliness. { pr" Enquire at the SARA, CEN'S- HEAD INN, NEW- PORT- PACNELL, Bucks. AUGUST 13, 1805. JOST, or STOLEN, the following BEDFORD A BANK NOTES, viz. No. 5166, Value £. 10; and No. 577- i, Value £. 5. ( p3°" It is requested, that any Person who can give Information respecting them, wilt apply to Mr. RAWLINS, Postmaster, Bedford; or to Mr, DODD, Postmaster, Woburn. IIORTON- INN STATUTE " VVTILL be held on THURSDAY the 26th Instant, ' ' at HORTON INN. ( pf The Constables of Wymersley Hundred are desired to attend to pay their Quarterage- Money. ( pj" Dinner at One o'Clock. TNFC LONDON HOTEL, No. 43, Albemarle- Street, St. JaiHes's. HITCHCOCK & Co, respectfully inform the Nobility and Gentry, that they have neatly and elegantly fitted up ROOMS for the Accommodation of Gentlemen and Families; and hope that their Civility and strict Attention will merit the Support and Approbation ot a liberal and generous Public. ( pf" H. & Co. beg Leave to return their most grate- ful Thanks to all Friends for Favours already conferred. London, 10th Sept. 1805. ARMY CONTRACTS. Commissary- General's- Office, 35, Great George- Street, London, Sept. 6, 1805. NOTICE is hereby given to all Persons desirous of contracting to supply FORAGE, viz. OATS, HAY, and STRAW, to the Cavalry in Barracks in the undermentioned Counties in England and Scotland, and for the Horses kept for His Majesty's Service in the Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, and Alderney. NORTH BRIT A IN. I Lanark, Edinburgh, Haddington, I Perth. SOUTH BRITAIN. Berks, Northampton, Cornwall, Nottingham, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Surry, Essex, Sussex, Hants ( including the Suffolk, Isle of WightJ, Wilts, Kent, Warwick, Lancaster, York, Middlesex, Islands. Norfolk, As also Forage for Horses belonging to Infantry Corps in Quarters, and when matching in North Britain. And further, Straw for filling Soldiers' Paillasses in Barracks in the following Counties and Islands, viz. COMMITTEE. GENERAL INFIRMARY, NORTHAMPTON, SEPTEMBER 21, 1805. THE Death of, the Matron of the General Infirmary at Northampton having taken Place, ! the Governors intend proceeding to the Election of | another Matron on SATURDAY the 5th Day of OCTO- BER next. fjjSr" Applications for the Office of Matron to this Infirmary will continue to be received by Mr. ING- MAN, their Secretary, till SATURDAY the 5th Day of OCTOBER, instead of the 21st of SEPTEMBER, as before advertised. By Order of the Committee, S. ISTED, Chairman. To the GOVERNORS, & C. of the GENERAL INFIRMARY, NORTHAMPTON. LADIES and GENTLEMEN, THE Office of MATRON to the GENERAL IN- FIRMARY in this Town being vacant by the Death of Mrs. J. BROAD, permit me to otter myself as a Candidate, and to solicit your Votes and Interest to succeed her, fully aware that an unremitting At- tention and a faithful and active Zeal in the Perform- ance of the many Duties of that important Station, are the best Recommendation, and the only Means of preserving your future good Opinion and Patronage. I am Your much obliged, And most obedient humble Servant, SARAH MANSFIELD. Northampton, 2Ijr Sept. 1805. ( p/~ The Day of Election is fixed for SATURDAY the FIFTH Day of OCTOBER next. To the GOVERNORS, & C. of the GENERAL INFIRMARY, NORTHAMPTON. LADIES and GENTLEMEN, IPHE Office of ' MATRON to the GENERAL T,\- Northumptonshire Quarterage- Mone/. I'a Northampton, Sept. 21 st, 1805. Northamptonshire Quarter- Sessions. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next GENERAL QUARTER- SESSIONS of the PEACE for this COUNTY, will commence on THURSDAY, the 10th Day of OCTOBER next, at Ten o'Clock in the Morning precisely; and that the Court will immediately impannel the Grand Jury, and transact other formal Business, and at Twelve o'Clock proceed to the Trial of such Appeals as were entered at the last, and respited until the ensuing Sessions. Those Magistrates who have taken Recognizances for the Appearance of Persons at this Sessions, are requested to return them to the Clerk of the Peace on or before Tuesday the 8th. And all Persons who are bound over by Recognizances to prosecute, or to give Evidence on any Bill or Bills of Indictment, are required to at- tend and deliver the proper instructions at the Clerk of the Peace's Office on Wednesday Evening, as the Grand Jury will be discharged as early as the public Business will permit. And it is recommended to the Solicitors and Parish- Officers, who have Appeals to try, to deliver their Briefs to Counsel on the Wed- nesday Evening, and to be ready tc try the same the next Morning, as the Court will be punctual in en. tering on that Business at the Time above- mentioned. By Order of the Court, CHR. SMYTH, Clerk of the Peace. Northampton, September 2\ st, 1S05. Buckinghamshire Quarter- Sessions. " VfOTICE is hereby given, That the next GENERAL QUARTER- SESSIONS of the PEACE COUNTY, TOWCESTER, Sept. 17th, 1805. ALL Persons who are indebted to the Estate of Mr. JOHN SHEPPARD, late of TOWCESTER, Butcher, deceased, aVe hereby required to settle their Accounts with Messrs. John and Francis Sheppard, of Towcester aforesaid, on or before the first Day of January," 1806; and all Persors who have any Demand upon the said Estate, are desired immediately to give Notice, thereof to the Executors, that the same may be discharged. WM. GRANT, Esq. ) JOHN SHEPPARD, 5- Executors. FRANCIS SHEPPARD,) Berks, Chester, Cornwall ( including Scilly), Cumberland, Devon, Dorset, Durham, Essex, Hants, Hunts, Isle of Wight, Kent, Lancaster, Middlesex, Norfolk, Northampton, Northumberland, Nottingham, Somerset, Surry, Sussex, Suffolk, Warwick,' Wilts, York, Patronage, I should nappy to obtain the \' OTICE is hereby given, That Mr. JAMES IX BARNES, Assignee of JOSEPH LUDLAM, late of STOKE WHARF, in the County of Northamp- ton, Victualler, Dealer and Chapman, a Bankrupt, will attend at the WHITE- I- IORSE INN, ill TOWCESTER, on TUESDAY the 8th Day of OCTOBER, at Eleven o'Ciock in the Forenoon, for the Purpose of receiving Debts due to the Estate of the said Bankrupt; where all Persons who are indebted, are desired to attend, to liquidate their Accounts, or they will he proceeded against according to Law; and in order to facilitate the Business, all those who have current Accounts with the Estate, are desired to send a Statement thereof in the mean Time to Messrs. WALFORD, GOLBY, and WALFORD, in Banbury, Solicitors to the Commission. WINSLOW, Stpt. 4, 1805. VT OTICE is hereby given, That the next Half- L ll yearly Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road leading from Wendover to Buckingham, in the County of Bucks, will be held at the BELL INN, in W'INSLOW, in the said County, on FRIDAY the FOURTH Day of OCTOBER next, at Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon. - . • LANCELOT WYATT, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike- Road. A BEDFORD FAIRS. " VTOTICE is hereby given, That the FAIRS for . IX CATTLE usually holden in the Town of BE 1 FORD, will, for the future, be held on the following Davs, viz. the 12rh Day of OCTOBER, the 19th Day of DECEMBER, the first TUESDAY in LENT, the 21st Day of APRIL, the 6th Day of JULY, and the 9 i st Day of AUGUST, in each Year; and that Pens for Sheep will be provided at every Fair. ( Signed) WM. WHITWO'RTH, Town Clerk. " VtrilEREAS the WOODS belonging to the * » Governors of the Charity for the Relief of poor Widows and Children of Clergymen, for the Manor of STOW- NINB- CHURCHES, have hereto- fore been broke down and . damaged by Persons tres- passing and nutting therein: Notice is hereby given, That all Persons hereafter found trespassing in the aforesaid Woods, will be prosecuted; and from the great Damage that has been done bv People trespassing in the said Woods, there will constantly be a Watch. WM. WARWICK, Woodman. To be LETT, to the Best Bidder, At the Guildhall, in the Town of Northampton, on Thursday next, the 3utb of September instant, at Twelve o'Clock. ar Noon, for one, two. or three Years, subject to such Conditions as shall be then and there produced, rpHE GREAT and SMALL TOLLS arising and - L payable within the Town of NORTHAMPTON, now rented by Widdw CouLon, whose Term will expire at Michaelmas next. ( PT For further Particulars, apply to Mr. TIJEO. JEYIS, Town- Clerk, Northampton. PRIORS- MARSTON, 11th Sept. 1805. " VJOTIO'E is hereby given, That Application is . IX intended to be made to Parliament, in the next Session, for Leave to bring in a Bi!! for making a Turnpike- Road from and out of the Turnpike- Road in the Liberties of Woolscott, in the Parish of Grand- borough, in the County of Warwick, leading from the Town of Daventry, in the County of Northamp- ton, towards the City of Coventry, near to a House there heretofore called the Old Swan, to that Part of the Turnpike- Road in the Parish of Bytield, in the said County of Northampton, leading from Daventry aforesaid, towards the Borough of Banbury, in the County of Oxford, which is nearly opposite to Byfield Windmill; which said Road to'be applied for is intended to pass into, through, or over the several Parishes, Liberties, Hamlets, or Places of Woolscott, Wiltoughby, Sawbridge, Flecknoe, Lower- Sljuck- burgh, Napton- upon- tne- Hill, and Priors- Marston, in the said County of Warwick, Byfield aforesaid, and the Westrupp- End of Byfield aforesaid, or some of them, or some Part thereof. ROLLS A SON, Solicitors. Huntingdonshire. To be S O I, D, ( Pursuant toa Decree of the High Court of Chancery, made in a Cause VICKERY against HAWKINS, before Alexander Popham, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court,) at the Public Sale- Room in Southamp- ton- Buildings, Chancery - Lane, London, in No- vember next, in one Lot, LEASEHOLD ESTATE, at GODMANCHESTER, near Huntingdon; consisting of an undivided Moiety of the Rectory and Parsonage of Godman- chester, with the Parsonage- House, a Cottage, and other Buildings, and about 840 Acres of Land, called the Rectory Estate, held of the Dean and Chapter of Westminster, for 21 Years, from Michaelmas 1804 ( by a distinct Lease), who usually renew every seven Years, on a moderate Fine. ( p|" For Particulars, enquire at the said Master's Chambers; of Mr. EADE, Solicitor, Hitchin, Herts; and of Mr. ' 1' OWNSEND, Staple Inn, London. Capital Inn or Public - House, in an excellent Situation. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, AFREEHOLD HOUSE and PREMISES, occu- . pied in the above Line of Business upwards of fifty Years, situate in a Market Town, on the Road from London to West- Chester; comprising a Brick, Tiled, and Sashed House and Premises, a large Kitchen, Bar, Parlours, Dining- Uoom, several ex- cellent Bedchambers, Servants' Rooms, Sec. ; Larder, Dairy, very excellent Cellars, Brewhouse, large Y ard and Garden, well stocked with choice Fruit Trees; also Stabling for 60 Horses, with Lofts over the same, Granary, Straw- Barn, Piggeries, and every necessary Convenience. pr The above- mentioned Premises are in complete Repair, now in full Trade, and are a very desirable Purchase for any Person wishing to engage in the Public Line ot Business. *** The Furniture, Stock in Trade, Sec. may be taken by Appraisement, and Possession will be given at Michaelmas next, old Style. N. B. For further Particulars, apply to JOHN DAY, Auctioneer, in Stony- Stratford, Bucks; if by Letter, Post- paid. Sale of a valuable Stock of Sheep, large Cattle, Horses, SfC. At I. UBBENHAM, in Leicestershire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. R O US E, On Monday the 30th of this current September, 1805, oil the Premises adjoining Lubbenham- Lodge, near Market- Harborough, in Lots, AValuable well- selected STOCK of SHEEP, NEAT CATTLE, HORSES, See. the perty of Mi. BENJAMIN SIMONS; consisting of 136 Ewes, 140 Theaves and Shearhogs; 20 fat York- shire Beasts, 23 Irish Ditto, two excellent Cows, tour thriving Heifers, and a Bull; four promising Foals and four Fillies, a useful Six- year- old bay Mare, of the Nag Kind, a capital Three- year- old Blood Mare, got by Trimmer. Also, a very fertile CROP of AFTERMATH, growing upon one hundred and fifty Acres ot rich Pasture and Meadow Land, from the 30th Day of Sep- tember to the 21st Day of December, 1805, in twelve Lots; the Purchasers of which may be supplied with Hay at 2s. 6d. and Straw at Is. 6d. per Cwt. ( pT R. ROUSE does not undertake to trace the Pedigree of the Sheep from the Quorndon G. and the Dishley Church- Yard Ewe; but this he will say, the Stock is well deserving Attention, the Sheep may em- phatically be called useful, the Neat Cattle are in high Condition, and the Horse Stock is possessed of such good Qualities as will strongly recommend and render it beneficial to the Purchasers. *.* Six Months' Credit will be given on Purchases above £. 5, upon approved jointSecurities. N. B. The Gentlemen who intend to attend the Sale aie earnestly requested to be on the Ground by Half- past Eight,' it being proposed to put up the titst Lot precisely at Nine in the Marning. North Britain, Guernsey, Jersey, and Alderney. That the Deliveries of Forage are to commence on and for the 25th Day of October next ( except in the Islands where the Issues will not commence before the 25th, of November), and those tor Straw for filling Paillasses on the 1st of November next, and those of the latter Article to continue until the 31st of Octo- ber following. Tint Proposals for Forage, sealed up and marked " Tender for Forage," will be received at this Office any Day, Sundays excepted, until the 1st Day of Oc- tober; as also for Straw for filling Paillasses, scaled up and marked " Tender for Barrack Straw," until the 25th Instant, but none will be received after Eleven o'Clock on those Days; and if sent by Post, the Postage must be paid. FORAGE. Separate Proposals must be made for the Supply of Forage for the Whole of the Horses in His Majesty's Service in the Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, and Al- derney ; as also for the Supply of Horses belonging to Infantry Corps in North Britain; and those for the C » valiy in Barracks in England and Scotland must be made for each County, » BARRACK STRAW. Proposals for filling Paillasses must be made sepa- rately tor the Whole of the Barracks in the Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, and Alderney; as also must those for the Barracks in North Britain; snd for the Barracks in England distinct Proposals must be made for each County, and the Names of two good Sureties, with their Places of Residence, must be inserted at the Foot of each Tender. No Tender will be noticed, unless the Prices shall be ex- pressed in Words at Length, and the Party, or their Agent, shall attend at this Office on the Day follow- ing the above Dates, to know the Decision thereon. Particulars of the Contracts may be had upon Application at this Office between the' Hours of Ten and Four; at Mr. Deputy Commissary- General Assi- ott's Office, Edinburgh; and at Mr. Assistant- Com- missary Rawling's Office, Guernsey. Note.— As some material Alterations have been made in the Tenders for Forage, it is requested, that such Persons as may be desirous of tendering to supply the same will send for fresh Particulars. Buckinghamshire Freehold. Soon will be SOLD by AUCTION, if not dis- posed of by Private Contract, ADesirable FARM, situate in BLETCHLEY ( one Mile from Fenny- Stratford and the Grand Junction Canal) ; comprising a substantial Farm- House, Barn, Stables, and other Offices, Farm and Kick- Yards, Garden, & c. ; several'Closes near, called Home Leys.^ Malthouse Close, Two Leys, Hobb's Mitches, Travell's Orchard, and Pope's Close, con- taining eight Acres, more or less, and 61 Acres and 1 Rood, more or less, of rich Arable Land, Ley and Meadow Ground, dispersed in the open Fields of Bletchley aforesaid. To the Farm belong six Cow Commons on that extensive and rich Common, called Bletchley Leys, which, with other Common Ground, contain 400 Acres and upwards, and other Common Rights, and to Pope's Close belong six Sheep Commons. ( pf An Inclosuremay be soon expected, an Attempt having already been made to inclose, by which, with due Caution, the Proprietors of landed Property in this Parish may be much benefited, and on which the Copyholders in the Manor should be very cir. cumspect. The Estate may be viewed by applying to Mr. JOHN INNS, the Tenant. N. B. For further Particulars, and to treat for the Purchase, apply either to Messrs. WILLIS and SON, Solicitors, Leighton- Bussard; or to Mr. CHARMS! WILLIS, Solicitor, Winslow. Muulden, near Ampthill Warren. To be SOLD by AUCTION, Under the Direction and Authority of the Commissioners for the Sale and Redemption of the Land- Tax, By Mr. THOMAS BROOKS, At the White- Hart Inn, in Ampthill, in the County of Bedford, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon of Wednesday, October 2, 1805 ( subject to such Con- ditions as will be then produced,) unless acceptable Offers should be made by Private Contract in the mean Time, \ r ALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATES, Tythe-' free and Land- Tax redeemed, in the Parish of MAULDEN, in the County of Bedford; consisting of 15A. 2R. 3P. ( more or less) of rich inclosed Feed- ing Meadow Land, lying in a Place called the STAN- YARDS, in MAULDEN aforesaid, near Ampthill old Inclosures; and of a Messuage or Tenement, and Garden and Close of rich Arable Land adjoining ( the j said Close containing one Acre and a Half, more or less), at Hall- End, in MAULDEN aforesaid, IN THE NINE FOLLOWING LOTS, VIZ. Lot 1. A Piece of rich feeding inclosed Meadow Land ; containing 1A. 2R. 21P. ( moreor less), adjoin- ing the Road from Flitwick to Maulden, at the East Corner of the Ampthill Bridle- Road. , Lot 2. A Piece of Ditto; containing 1A. 2R. 21P. Pro- 1 ( more or less), at the said East Corner of the Amplhill " Bridle- Road. Lot 3. A Piece of Ditto; containing 1A. 2R. 29P: ( more Or less), adjoining to, and lying South of, Lot 1. Lot 4. A Piece of Ditto; containing 2A. 1R. 16P. ( more or less), adjoining to, and lying South of, Lot 3. Lot 5. A Piece of Ditto; containing 2A. 1R. IP. ( more or less), adjoining to, and lying South of. Lot 4. Lot 6. A Piece ot Ditto; containing 1A. 2R. 37P. ( more or less), on the South Side of the Stanyards Bridle- Road. Lot 7. A Piece of Ditto; containing 1A. 2R. 34P. ( more or less!, adjoining to, and lying South of, Lot G. Lot 8. A Piece ot Ditto; containing 2A. 2R. 4P. ( more or less), adjoining to, and lying Southof, Lot 7. ( plr* The above eight Lots are now in one Piece, are marked out, and are now in the Occupation of Robert Treyru, Esq. who will give up the Possession to the respdfctive Purchasers on the 1st ot January next. Lot 9. A Messuage or Tenement, Garden, and a Close of rich Arable Land adjoining thereto, contain- ing 1A. 2R. ( more or lessi, at Hall- End, in Maulden, in the Occupation of Mr. John Fisher. Further Particulars may be known by applying to Mr. DAVIS, Attorney, at Ampthill; or to Mr. GOSI ELOW, Surveyor there, who will shew the Pre- mises; and the Plans of the Lots and the Fehces t^ ie Situation, I hope I shall, bv an unremitting Assi- duity, and a conscientious Discharge of its various and important Duties, continue to deserve your good Opinion. I am Y'our much obliged. Most obedient humble Servant, ANN ST1MPSON. Northampton, Sept. 1 Vh, 1S05. iff The Day of Election is fixed for SATURDAY the 5th of OCTOBER next. I( he SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, Either together or separately. rpiIREE CLOSES of capital PASTURE LAND, B in the Lordship of GREAT- BOWDEN ; con- taining together seventeen Acres and fourteen Perches, Statute- Measure, adjoining each other and the North Side of the Road ( near the Turnpike) from Marker- Harborough to Lutterworth, two of them ill the Tenure of Mr. William Sheppard. under Lease for an unex- pired Term of four Years from Michaelmas next, and the other in the Tenure of Mrs. Abbott, under Lease for the like unexpired Term. Another C I. OSE of very good G RAZING LAND; in Quantity 3A. 1R. 201'. Statute- Measure, adjoin- ing the South End of Foster's Brickhill Close and the West Side of the Leicester Turnpike- Road, in the Tenure ot Air. Stephen Line, Tenant from Year to Year. C3T For further Particulars, and to treat for the Purchase, apply personally, or by Letters ( Post- paid), to Mr. ADAMS, ot Market- Harborough aforesaid. Household- Furniture and Effects. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY, On the Premises, in CASTLE- STREET, in the Borough of BUCKINGHAM, on Saturday the 23th of Sep- tember, 1805, npHE neat HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, and a _ other EFFECTS, of Mrs. FISHER, who is leaving Buckingham; comprising Four- post and other Bedsteads, with printed Cotton, Check, and other Furnitures; Feather Beds, Mattresses, Counterpanes, Quilts, and Blankets; Mahogany and other Chairs; Dining, Pembroke, and other Tables; Mahogany double Chest of Drawers; Sofa and Cover; Bason- stands; Pier and Swing Glasses; China, Glass, and Earthenware; Clock and Case; Kitchen- Furniture, Sec. Sec. a Brewing Copper that holds 126 Gallons, with two Coolers to correspond; six Beer Pipes, smaller Casks, Tubs, and various other Effects. ffcf The Sale to begin exactly at Eleven o'Clock. Capital Stock of well- bred Sheep, Farming Effects, To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY, On Monday the 30th of this instant September, 1805, on the Premises ot Mr. GEORGE WORLEY, at OVERSTONE, centrically situated between Wel- lingborough and Northampton, riniE valuable STOCK of SHEEP, & c, of the 8. said Mr. WORLEY, who is leaving the Farm ; comprising 153 STORE EWE SHEEP, 69 THEAVES, 42 LAMBS, 134 SHEARHOGS, and 40 FAT SHEEP ; also, three stout black Cart Horses; three Narrow- wheel Waggons, one Six- inch and one Narrow- wheel Cart; Gears for six Cart Horses; two Lead Horse- Troughs ; Field- Roll; large and small Harrows; Ladders; an excellent Dressing- Machine ( by Black- • well), three Wind- Gigs, Wire Corn- Screen, and two Chafl'. Boxes; Malt- Mill; Sieves and Barn- Tackle; with various other Effects. gdT The Sheep are well worth the Attention of those who may wish to become Purchasers, as they are a very capital Stock, have been bred with great Attention, and are equal, if not superior, to any in the Country. The Sheep will be penned for Inspection by Nine o'Clock in the Morning, and the Sale to com- mence with the first Lot of Sheep exactly at Ten. Houses, Buildings, Furniture, 4' f- To be S O L D bv A U C T 1 O N, By J O li'N DAY, BY ORDER OF THE ASSIGNEE, At Stoke Wharf, & c. on Wednesday the 2d Day of October, 1805, and following Day, npiIE EFFECTS, { fee. of Mr. JOSEPH - I. LU DLAM, a Bankrupt; comprising the Dwell- ing- House and Outbuildings, in the Occupation of Mr. Ludlam ; also other Tenements and Outbuildings; Barge and Boats; Horses, Waggons, and various other Articles;— also all the HOUSEHOLD - FU. INITURE ; c ® mpr, isiug Bedsteads, with Cotton and other Furni- tures ; Feather- Beds and Mattresses; Counterpanes, Quilts, and Blankets; Windsor and other Chairs; Mahogany and other Tables; Eight- day Clock, in Oak Case; a three- draught Beer- Engine, in good Repair; Earthenware and Glass ; Kitchen- Furniture, and various other Effects. ffT The Furniture will be sold on the second Day. — The Sale to begin each Morning exactly at Ten o'Clock. commence at Day of orcnoou will pro- - - ited from the last Sessions, and all ouiers which may be entered in due Time. It is proposed that the Grand Jury shall be impannelled as soon as they are assembled; aria all Persons who are bound over by Recognizance to pro- secute, or to give Evidence upon any Bill or bills of Indictment, are required to attend and deliver the pro- per Instructions at my Office on Wednesday Evening, as the Grand Jury will be discharged as early as the public Business will permit. And it is recommei ded to all Solicitors and Paiish Officers who have Appeals to try, to deliver their Brief's to Counsel on the tted- nesday Evening, and to be ready to try the same iHe next Morning, as the Court will be punctual in enter- ing on that Business immediately alter the opening of the Court. ACTON CHAPLIN. Clerk of the Peace's Office, Aylesbury, Sept. V- ith, 1805. To be S O L D A II C T 1 O N, By JOSEPH DUDLEY, On Thursday the 26th Day of September, 1805, and the following Dav, on the Premises of the late Mr. CORBETT, of SHULSWELL, in the County of Oxford, deceased, A LL the valuable LIVE and. DEAD STOCK - TV in the Dairy I. ir. eof Business; comprising up- wards of 30 useful Dairy Cows; three stout Draught Horses, with Harness; Waggons and Carts; Dairy Vessels in general; the Herbage of 180 Acres of Land till the 11th Day of December next, which wi. l Be divided into convenient Lots ; together with the Whole of the neat Household- Furniture, Sec. Sec. ( TS* The Sale will begin each Day exactly at Eleven o'Clock. *** Catalogues, with Particulars and Conditions of Sale, will be given in a few Days. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By T IT E & SON, On Thursday the 26th Day of September instant, on the Premises of Mr. JOHN WADSWORTH, at WELTON- I. ODjGE, in the County of North- ampton, who is leaving that Farm, |"}" PWARDS of 240 well- bred EWES and LAMBS, in Lots; several in - talved HEIFERS, and four STEERS ; together with the KEEPING, EDISH, or AFTERMATH, of up- wards of 120 Acres of sound warm LAND, till Old Lady- Day next; the same to be sold in Lots; and the Purchaser of each Lot may be accommoiiaied with any Quantity of Hay, to be spent upon the Premises. Bedfordshire. Shortly will be SO. LD by AUCTION, By Mr. CHRISTIE, At the Great Room, in Pail- Mall, London, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, IN SEVENTEEN LOTS, A CAPITAL and VALUABLE FREEHOLD, and £ A. greatest Part TYTHE- FREE ESTATE, situate adjoining to the great Turnpike- Road from London la Northampton, about three Miles trom LEIGHTON- BUZZARD and the newly- completetl Branch or the GRAND JUNCTION CANAL, three from DUNSTABLE, seven from WOBURN, and 36 from LONDON, in the COUNTY of BEDFORD; consisting of the MANOR and entire PARiSHof TILSWORTH ( except a few Acres) ; the ADVOWSON of the VICARAGE of TILSWCRTH; TWO WOODS of valuable TIMBER and thriving UN. DERWOOD; EIGHT compact FARMS, with good Farm- Houses, Barns, and all necessary Buildings; the Red- Lion and Bull Inns, and the Blackbirds Public- House; and sundry Farm- Houses, Messuages, Tenements, and Lands, in the adjoining Parishes of CHALGRAVE, HOCKLIFFE, and STANDBRIDGE ; con- taining in the Whole ONETHOUSAND THREE HUNDRED and TWENTY- SEVEN ACRES of productive Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Wood Land, in the Occupation of respectable Tenants, whose Terms will expire at Lady- Day next, and capable of great Improvement. i0T Mr. JOHN W I LLI SON, the Woodman, at Tils- worth, will shew the Estate; and Particulars may be had of Mr. JAMES RILEY, Chicherley, near New port- Pagnell; the Printers of the Northampton Mer- cury; at the Red. Lion, Hockliffe ; Sugar- Loaf, Dun- stable; the Rainbow Coffee- House, Cornhill; and of Mr. CHRISTIE, Pall- Mali, London. • With immediate Possession. by AUCTION, J. BltANSCOMB < 5- Co. Joint Contractors for the two last Lotteries, and Pro- prietors of the lucky Offices, No. 11, lloLtioRN, and 37, CORNHILL, I) EG Leave to return their most grateful Thanks * to the Public for the great Partiality shown them in the last and former Lotteries, and again solicit their Favours in the present Lottery, at either of the above Offices; where the following Capital Prizes have been sold, shared, ar. d registered, prior to the Lottery for 1804, namely, 4 Prizes of ^. 30,000 8 11 15 20 54 20,000 10,000 5,000 2,000 1,000 ever shared. made by the respective Purchasers of thein. In the Vale of Aylesburi/.- To be S O L D By Mr. RA INE, At the Rainbow Coffee- House, in Cornhill, London, on Friday the 18th of October, at Twelve o'clock, in one Lot, by Order of the Trustees under a Noble- man's Will, AValuable FREEHOLD and TYTHE- FREE DAIRY FARM, with a Portion of Land in Tillage; containing altogether 242 Acres, called DUNSTER HILL, situate in CHARNDON, in the Parish of TWYFORD, between the great Reads leading from AYLESBURY to BUCKINGHAM, and AYLESBURY to BICESTER; the principal Part now, and for many Years past, in the Occupation of Mr. William Lambourne. $ 3" The House and Homestead are on a pleasing Eminence, commanding a View of the greater Part of the Lands, which lie to a warm Aspect, and may be still further enriched by the first of all Improve- ments in Agriculture, the Floodings and fine Drain- ings of the Cowhouses, Yards, and Offices, being brought over the Meadows and Pastures of the Estate. *** To be viewed till the Sale, by Leave of Mr. Lambourne, of whom, on the 25th Instant, printed Particulars may be had; also at the Cobhain- Arms, Buckingham; King's- Arms, Bicester; George, Ayles- bury; White- Horse, Uxbridge; Rose, Wattord; of the Printers of the Northampton, Oxford, Se Reading Papers; of G. B. Tyndale, Esq. I. iricoln's- Inn- Fields; and of Mr. Carter, Staple Inn, London; Mr. Hollier, at Thame; Rainbow Coffee- House; and of Mr. Raine, Land- Surveyor, Charlotte- Street, Blooms- ibury, where a Plan may be seen. and the only Prize of £. 3000 No. And in 1804, 9219, shared in 4, }, J, and 2- 16ths £. 20,000 11,643, shared in i, 4, and 6- ltiths 20,000 76SS, shared in 2- 4ths and 8- 16ths 20,000 456, shared in J, and 6- 16ths 20,000 13,747, shared in lli- 16ths 10,000 were all sold at the above lucky Offices, besides several £. 2000, £. 1000, £. 500, & c. & c. and where Tickets and Shares are now selling; and also by Mr. BIRDSALL, LICENSED for NORTHAMPTON, BY WHOM Several Shares of the above Capitals have been sold and registered. { f5T The Lottery begins drawing the 30th of Sep- tember, 1805; and the Blanks drawn for the three first Days will be entitled to £. 10 each, as particularized in the general Scheme; therefore an early Purchase is recommended. JUST PUBLISHED, Price 6d. ( or 5s. per Dozen to those who may pur' cliuse to give them away), N the DUTY of KEEPING HOLY the SABBATH- DAY; and on ihe SAC R AME NTS 5 Wherein is shewn the Necessity of a strict Obscrv- () Gospel. By W. SINGLETON, Minister of Hanslope, Bucks. Northampton : Printed by Dicei & Sutton, and sold by W. Bjrdsall; likewise sold by Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, Paternoster- Row, London; Collisfc Dash, Kettering; Harrod, Harboiough; aul all other Booksellers, pay erly ace. ns. ext the on : xr, the and ock. red > ns. tor ited Fore und ince at- erk the slic the s to | ed- the Cn. cd. re. : xt : he at of on ro- im • ed all all o- of o- « » he ed lis < d- He : r- of id r. Df K t- it K , d le le n if Friday and Saturday's Posts. LONDON:, September 20. ALMOST every day this week French and Dutch Papers have been received, the latest of the former are of the 12th, and of the latter of the 1.5th instant; and the most prominent article they furnish, is, the State Paper delivered by the i French Minister to the Diet of Ratflsbon. In it Bonaparte enumerates his complaints against the j andTaken " in Exchange for new. ROBERT TOM LIN, Uph Lterer, Broker, and Auctioneer, " O E'- PECTFULLY acquaints the Inhabitants of K1GHAM- FERRERS and its Vicinity, that he has OPENED a SHOP on the Premises of Mr. SANDKRS, Grocer, & c. at HIGHAM, where he intends ( every SATURDAY) to sell ALL SORTS of HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, the principal Part of which will be manufactured by himself; lie there- fore assures those Friends who may please to favour him with their Commands, that he will serve them on the very lowest Terms. All Sorts of sccond- liand FURNITURE sold, Emperor of Germany, which, however,. are of such a nature, that he admits he had never before made them the subject even of a remonstrance. He openly accuses Austria of favouring the views of England, and of a hostile intention towards France; he holds out an unqualified threat against that power, whom he menaces with chastisement, in the event of any aggression being committed Wellingborough, Sept. 20th, 1805. \ NOTICE- TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. HEREAS AMBROSE WHITBREAD, of Si LSOE, in the County of Bedford, Butcher, has assigned over alt his Estate and Effects to Henry Pain, of Stanford, in the same County, Farmer, and George Whitbread, of the Parish of Silsoe atoresaid, Grazier, for the Bjnefit of his Creditors in geneial ; by her against any part of the Germanic Body, I ^ r^^ thut, especial I v Bavaria. It remains to be seen what ( ford) tor the signature of his Cr ditors: effect these threats will produce. ; Notice is therefore hereby given, „,, , • , i i . „ „ ,,„„ ' That all Persons who are Creditor, of the said Am- The Austrian Ambassador, it appears, was not . ferose Whitbread( who do not ex , cufe the 8aid Assign. present at an audience lately given by bonaparte to ment 011 OR BETORE THURSDAY the 7th Day of No- the Ambassadors; if he had not actually quitted '. V EMBER, will be excluded the Benefit of the same,— Paris, lie was on the point of quitting it. But, faith- i And Notice is hereby further given, that all Persons ful to his system of arresting Ambassadors and ; who stand indebted to the said Ambrose Whitbread robbing couriers, Bonaparte is said to have endea- , » ^ .^ esS^^ e^ votired to get possession oi the papers ot the j for the Creditors to sign the said Assignment, as a Austrian Embassy. ! Dividend is intended to be made immediately after A large Spanish corvette, which was captured j mh s 1? 05_ by the Amazon, is arrived at Spithead. r Four thousand men are employed on the works j at Dover: when complete, they will mount 150 j pieces of cannon. Parliament, it is said, will meet for the dispatch GENERAL LIBRARY, NORTHAMPTON, j rpiIE Subscribers are respectfully informed, 1 I ," fhat the annual Meeting will be" held at the LIBRARIAN'S, onFaiDAv the 27th, and adjourned to SATURDAY the 28th of SEPTEMBER instant. J. ABEL, Librarian. IMPERIA L INSURANCE COMPANY, SUN- COURT, CORNHILL, and No. 5, ST. JAMES'S- STREFT, LONDON, For insuring Houses and other Buildings, Goods, Wares, and Merchandizes, and Manufacturing Stock; and Ships, Barges, and othtr Vessels, in Fort or in Dock, and Goods on Board the same ; also Ships and other Vessels, building or repairing • also Barges and other Vessels on navigable Rivers. Canals, and other Inland Navigations, and Goyds on Board thereof; from Loss or Damage ny Fire. rruiE IMPERIAL INSURANCE COMPANY 8 having appointed Mr. JAMES ESSEX their AGENT tor NORTHAMPTON and its Vicinity, inform the Public, their Terms of Insurance will be found equal ( if not superior) to any otner Olfice ; ar. d their Moue of insuring Farming Stock in general peculiarly accommodating. ( f2T Policies and Stamps gratis. A of business on the 10th or 12th of November. Yesterday the Court of Directors of the Bank announced their determination to grant another bonus of live per cent, on the capital stock of cf1.11,500,000, which had the immediate effect of raising the price of this stock to 186J per cent. NORTHAMPTON, 21st Sept. 1305. \ LL Persons who bare any Claim or Demand upon the EsMte and Effects of FRANCIS HAYES, late of the Town of Northampton, in the County of Northampton, Paper- Mater, deceased, ton, rape: j requested forthwith to ser. d an Account ot their re- spective Demands to Mr. William Ha. es, of Yardley- Gobion/ Paper- Maker ; Mr. ^ rmfield. Draper, or Mr. Theo. Jeyes, Solicitor, in Northampton, in order that such Accounts may be extunin d and adjusted.— And all Persons who stand indebted to the said ' state, are requested to pay such Debts, without further Notice, to Mrs. Barbara Hayes, tiv Widow and \ d- To be LETT, And may be entered on immediately, GROCEli's and CONFECTIONER'S SHOP, centricaily situated, opposite the Swan Inn, in the HIGH- SIR. ET, NEW PORT- PAGN ELL, Bucks. VCT For '. irticit vs. enquire of Mr. RICKETT, the pre. ent Occupier^ if bv l etter, Post- Paid. P A R A o -. \ ORl HAMPTON, lb he L E T ' 1', And entered- uao t at Michaelmas next, ANeat and commodious HOUSE, now in the Occupation of Mro. Wilson, situate at tile Corner oi' NEWLAMI; consisting of a Parlour, Kitchen, Drawimt- Room, three good Bedchambers, with Cb. sc:", tbiee Garreu, a good Cellar, paved Yard, and other Coaveniencies. Any reasonable Improvement will be made, u , on th' l'enam's agreeing to pay an ad quate Rent. * F. r further Particulars, enquire of Mr. BUTCHER, Attorney, Square, Northampton. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE YEOMANRY CAVALRY. THE ALTHORP, NORTHAMPTON, wRF. L- LINGBOROUGH, DAVfiNTRY, TOW. CESTER, and WY: V1 liRSLEY TROOPS, are • equested to assemble on the MARKET- PLACE, at NORTHAMPTON, in complete marching Order, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon of MONDAY the 30th of SEPTEMBER instant, for the Purpose of being trained and exercised under their own Officers, in i ursuance of the Provisions of the General Volunteer Act. ^ T The above- mentioned Troops will remain in Quarters from Monday the 30th of September to Wednesday the 2d of October, both Days inclusive. Sept. list, 1805. SPENCER, Colonel. ' NORTHAMPTONSHIRE YEOMANRY CAVALRY. R PIE BRACKLEY and GHIPPINGWARDEN S TROOPS are desired to meet at the usual Place of Exercise, near COCKLEY- BRAKE, on WEDNESDAY next, at Ten o'Clock.— A full Attendance is parti- cularly requested. W. R. CARTWRIGHT, Lieutenant- Colonel. Aynhoe, Sept. 20th, 1805. " No'Junt! rentitre, nothing have," said the Abing- ministratrix of the said Deceased, or io the said Mr. don Cooper when he bougiit the Lottery Ticket,' William Hayes. Mr. Armfield, or Mr. Jeycs, who which came up aPrize of Twenty Thousand Pounds. . are duly authorized by the said Administratrix to re- To be ; up a rnze ot I wenty - - To every Lottery does - the cooper's saying apply, but least of all to that which begins drawing this month, in which Twent> Thousand Pounds may be gained with less probability of loss than in any former Lottery. ceive the same. w KIN GST LIT) R P E ST A TU TE, For the Hundred of Speihoe, WILL he held at. the WHITE-- HOB. SE, KINCS- THORPE, on TUESDAY next, the 24th Instant. t£ T Tii • Constables are desired to attend to pay their Quarterage- Money. *,.* Dinner at One o'Clock. BROMHAM SWAN STATUTE- SESSIONS, For Hiring <) f Servants, ILL be held on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1st, 1805.— Dinner at One o'Clock. BELLAMYS' BANKRUPTCY. | HEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against JOHN BEL- 1 j I. AMY and EDWARD BELLAMY, both late of I BRIGSTOCK, in the Parish of Brigstock, in the County ; i of Northampton, Butchers, Grazier , and Chapmen, : i and Partners in Trade, and they being declared Bank- ; I rupts, are hereby required to surrender themselves to j ' the Coram sioners in the s, dd Commission named, or ! the major Part ot them, on the 9th Day of OCTOBER j •. next, at Eight o'Clock in the Aiietoooo, and on the j I 10th Day of the same Month, at Seven o'Clock in the j ! At ernooti, and on the 5th Day of NOVEMBER next, I at Eleven o'clock in the ! r.- noon, at tlie GEORGE 1 INN, in the town of N ORT IAMPTOV, and make a full Discovery and Dis io. ure of their Estates | and Efleets; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove tr. eir Debt's, and at the second Sitting to choose Assignees; and at the last [ Sitting the said Bankrupts are required to finish their ' Examination, and the Creditors are to as- ent to, or the Allowance of their Certificates. A NORTHAMPTON VOLUNTEER CAVALRY. rpHE Gentlemen of the Troop of NOltTH- i. AMPTON VOLUNTEER CAVALRY are requested to assemble, in exercising Order, on the MARKET HILL, in NORTHAMPTON, on MONDAY the 80th Instant, at Haif- past Ten in the Forenoon; the Roll to be called precisely at Eleven. WILLIAM KERR, Captain- Commandant. 1' ith Sept. 1805. Fhe Troop will remain embodied till Wednes- day the 2d of October next. NORTHAMPTON VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. IpHF above Corps is requested to parade for B- Exercise on MONDAY, TUESDAY, and WED- NESDAY, the 2Hd, 24th, and 25; n Instant, at Six o'Clock in the Morning1. HENRY LOCOCK, Major- Commandant. Sept. Ulh, 1305. BEDFORDSHIRE. S O I, D bv AUCTION, By Mr. DURHAM, At the White Hart, in Dunstable, on Wednesday the 25. lt S, ptemh r, 1S05, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, n ONE LOT, valuable and desirable FREEHOLD and 1 V i'H'.- FREE ESTATE, situate in the Parish of HOUGHTON- REGIS, very near to the Townsjf DUNSTABLE, and adjoining the Road leading from Dun lable afotesaid towards Luton, containing by Ad- measurement 25A. dR. 41'. fpT May b. viewed any Time previous to the Sile, and Particulars had at the several Ir. ns in the Neigh- bourhood, and of Mr. Durham, Land. Surveyor, & c. Dunstable. To be SOLD H^ A U CTLON';~ By Mr. BRAMPTON, On the Premises in the Occupation of Mr. JOHN SELE. Y, of DENFORD- LODGE, near Thrap- ston, in the County ot Northampton, on Thursday the 3d Day of October next, PART of the LIVE and DEAD STOCK, KEEPING, & c. of the said Mr. SELBY ( who is leaving his Farm); consisting of upwards of 200 She- p,_ three In- foaled Mares, one Nag Mare, and LACE- MANUFACTORY. rjpHF, Undersigned give Notice, That an ad- " joumed Meeting of the LACE- MANUFAC- TURERS will be held at the SWAN INN, NEWPORT- J Xhe Duke and Duchess, Lord PAGNE, LL, on THURSDAY the 3d Day of OCTOBER ' t » - o iuc3 l his dsath, presonti < w aHiitin; insti'ice if the renrn > us oo. ver of wasps ( w'tisb ar.> representei to he uncommonly numsrons this oason):— Ou Monday the 2.1 instant, one of" these meets stung hi n in a vein on t'i » h ick of' one of his hands, and the poison intermingling with tlu blood, put a period to his existence the next dsv. On Thursday lust, Mr. ff, u. Pilmuir, carpauter ind joiner, of this town. We understand the Oratorio of the Messiah will he performed at the approaching Musical Festival in Birmingham, upon a more extensive scale than at any former meeting, the Committee having pro- cured the additional accompaniments as arranged by the great Mozart for a variety of instruments, which were imperfect and little used in the ti ne of Handel. ' The addition of eight or nine parts to the score for wind instruments, bv such a masterly hand as Mozart's, we think, cannot fail to greatly enrich the effect of the baud, particularly in the sublime chorusses. Oil Sunday the 8th inst. was opened the organ in the Cathedral at Peterborough, after being thoroughly repaired by Mr. Rouse, organ- nuilder, of Oakham, which does him very great credit. On Thursday se'nnighf, the Marquis of Tavi- stock, and his brothers, Lords John and William Russell, Lord Alexander Gordon, and other young Noblemen, being on a visit to the Duke and Duchess of Bedford, at Woburn Abbey, a cricket match was made for their amusement, on the lawn, in front of the Abbey. Ten of his Grace's ser- vants were matched against eleven of the young men of Wobuni. Soon after eleven o'clock in the forenoon, the parties having refreshed themselves with bread and eheese and ale, in a large marquee pitched on the lawn for the purpose, they set to and exhibited much good play. The game con- tinued to be keenly contested until near five o'clock, when victory, which had been hitherto doubtful, declared in favour of his Grace's servants. kville, and se- r A G N E, L L, On I HURSD A Y tit'.' ,' iO Day OI UCTOBtR , .. t . next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon; when the othel Persons °. f d'^ inction, were spectators Attendance of every Manufacturer is particularly re- I during a great part of the time. At the conclusion quested. Sept 2ltl, 1805. J. H. ANDSCO. V1B, . T. H. TALBOT, C. SMITH. STOLEN oa STRAYED, FROM E& STOOTE, in the Parish of Pattishall, , . . - - in the County of Northampton, on Wednesday i InS. 1,1 t,) e utmosr pleasantry and harmony with of the game, the Marquis and Lord Gordon retired for a short time to the Abbey to dress, and, oil their return, sat down with the players to an ex- cellent cold dinner, provided in the marquee: these young Noblemen afterwards spent the even- Evening, the 18rh of September instant, A stout BLACK ROAD MARE, their guests. The novelty of the scene drew a ; great concourse of persons round them after with a cut Tail and short Mane, about 15 Hands high, I dinner, all of whom were regaled plentifully with has a Bar, Shoe on the off tore Foot, and a few white 1 bts Grace's strony ale, cold meat, bread utid Hairs on the near hind Foot. Ic|] eese fiST Whoever will give Information of the said Mare j ' to Thomas Pearcy, Butcher, of Eastcote, shall be1 The general price of cheese at our fair on Thurs- handsomely rewarded, and have all Expences paid. day, was from 50s. to ( iOs. per ewt. Eastcote, Sept. 21, 1805. THOS. PEARCY. V , , , ,, , n .' . , , , ' , j Last week the High- Bailiff, attended bv other To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, | officers, examined the weishts of the ' various A Desirable. FREEHOLD FARM, Tythe- free; 1 tradesmen, and the ale and beer measures of the MX. consisting of a Farm- House, with Barns, Sta- j publicans, in Birmingham: when nearly 500 pewter S^. V?. b! e' measures of various descriotions, ami an almost w • WANTED, ' » a HOY. t STONY STRATFORD ANNUAL STATUTE, For HIRING of SERVANTS, ' ILL be held on FRIDAY the, ELEVENTH of OCTOBER, 1805. IT Toll- free for all Sorts of Cattle. ' A COOK and under GIRL, also a BOY, to assist in the Stable, milk, and do all Descriptions of Work.— Characters will be re- quired from the; r last Places. ( FAR Fnq'ure of W. HARRIS, Esq. Wootton- Hill, near Northampton. BOARDING- SCHOOL, OLNEY, BUCKS. rj' IIADDON respectfully informs the Inha- .1 . bitants in t%? Vic'nity ' of OLNF. Y, that he proposes to take Week Boarders, on the following Terms:— s. d. Cnder 10 Years of Age, fi 0 per Week. From 10 to 12 Ditto, fi 6 12 Years antl upwards, ... 7 0 Entrance, 10s. 6d. Olney, Sept 17th, 1S05. ( d s- ent from, the Allowance of their Certificate:.— twj ' Mjlch Cows; several Lots of Farming Utensils ; All Persons indebted to the said bankrupts, or that one vVaeeon. three Carts. Horse Hjnw « . A,,- • th, i have any of their iifleets, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give Notice to Mr. MARKKAM, Solicitor, North- ampton; ortoMr. HILLY. » RD, Solicitor, Clement's. Inn, London. JOHN BEAUCLERK, ROBERT ABBEY, WM. TR. SMYTH. WYMERSLEY ASSOCIATION. " V* 7" HERE late on Saturday Night or early * • on Sund. iv Mornint; last, some F'erson. or Per- sons did STE A1. and TA K E out OFL- ASTON MEA- DOW, in the Parish of EASTON- MAUDITT, in thi County of Northampton, A F A T S H F, E P, the Property of Mr. WM GAUDERN, a Member of this Association, the Skin and Entrails of which Sheep were thrown int F. astoi » Orchard Brook, near to which Broo't the < aid Sheep was killed: Whoever will apprehend, or cause to b; brought to Justice, the Person or Persons who committed the above Fel ny, so that he or they mav be prosecuted, sha receive a Reward of FIVE GUINEAS of Mr. C MAKKHAM, Attorney, in Northampton, the Trea- surer and Solicitor to this Association; and shall also, on Conviction of the Offender or Offenders, receive a further Reward of FIVE GUINEAS of the said Mr. G - TUD F K N. And if more than one Person was concerned, and either will impeach his Accomplice or Accomplices, he r- Sall be ati'led to the same R- wards, and Interest will be made to procure His Maiesty's Pardon. Northampton, Sett. Vtth, 1805. RILSHTON- LODGE, Northamptonshire. New- milched ASS to he LETT.— Enquire of Mr. K . BLUNSOM, of Rushton- I. odeeaforesaid. NORTHAMPTON NAVIGATION. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next General Quarterly Meeting of the Commis- sioners acting for the Western Division of the Navi- gation of the River Nine or Nen, will be held at the GUILDHALL, in NORTHAMPTON, on FRIDAY the 11th Day of OCTOBER r. ext, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, for transacting the Business relating to the Siiid Navigation ; at which Time new Commissioners " Wl be appointed in the Room of those who are dead since the'last Appointment. J. GARDINER, Treasurer. September 20th, ^ 805^ To be SOLD, ACapital STEAM - ENGINE, of 12- IIorse Power, by BOLTON SC VVATX. one Waggon, three Carts, Horse Harness, & c.; the Keeping of upwards of 100 Acres of Meadow and Pasture Land from Michaelmas till Lady- Day next; also about 80 Tons of excellent Hay, in Lots. fcT Four Months' Credit will be given to Pur- chasers for all Lots purchased above ten Pounds, on approved joint Security, ora Discount will beallowed for ready Money. * « * The Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon, with the Eddish and Hay in Denford Meadow. Freehold Estates, at Wellingborough, Northamp- tonshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, On Tuesday the 8th Day of October next, at the Swan Inn, in Wellingborough aforesaid, between the Hours of Four and Six o'Clock in the Afternoon ( subject to such Conditions of Sale as will be then and there produced), unless sooner disposed of by Private Contract, ot which timely Notice will be given, ALL that FARM- IIOUSE, now occupied as two Tenements, with the Barns, Stable, Cow- house, Woodhouse, Pigsties, Farm- Yard, and Garden Meadow, and Pasture Land, lying in a Ring Fence, containing 170 Acres, or thereabouts, situate in the Parish of SOUTHAM, in tite County of Warwick, in the Occupation of Luke Winkley, Sen. o^ f" For further Particulars, and to treat for the Purchase, apply at the Office of Mr. TOMES, Soli- citor, Southam. Possession may be had at Michaelmas. Southam, \ § th Sept. 1805. In a few Weeks mil be SOLD hv AUCTION, On the Premises, in MARtCET- HARBORO UG H, AConsiderable Parr, of the genteel HOUSE- HOLD- F URNITU RE, and other EFFECTS, of Mrs. WALKER. „ . . . , . to the same belonging; and also the large Orchard or ( f3" For further Particulars, and to treat for . lie i Homeclose to the same adjoining, containing upwards same, apply to THOMAS F ROST, Cotton- Mill, North- ; of thrt. e AcreS( planted with very choice Fruit Trees ampton. ! (' n f"" Growth), and with several thriving Elm and ; Ash Trees, situate in GOLD- STREET, in WELLING- BOROUGH aforesaid, late in the Occupation of A Valuable Freehold Estates unil Mines. To be SOLD by AUCTION, \ By RICHARD CRUMP, At the George Inn, in Walsall, on Monday the 21st I Day of October, 1805, at Three o'Clock in the I Afternoon ( unless sooner disposed of by Private j Contract, of which due Notice will be given,) The following ESTATES, in Lots:— John Beal, the Elder. And also THREE COTTACES ( adjoining to the above Farm- House), now in the Occupation of Major Dykes and others. Also, all that CLOSE of exceeding rich PASTURE GROUND ( adjoining to the said Orchard or Home- close) ; containing by Estimation two Acres, or Elm and Ash Trees Lot 1. A ' N eligible FREEHOLD ESTATE, called ( thereabouts, with 77 thriving X"! L GOSCOTE - LODGE, in the Foreign of growing thereon, late also in the Occupation of the WALSALL, and County of Staltord; consisting of i said John Beal, the Elder. a good House and substantial Outbuildings, and fifty- | tPT The above Estate adjoins the Turnpike- Road three Acres of Land, in a Ring Fence, with Fish- j leading from Wellingborough to Kettering. • • ' ' • ' ably pleasantly situated on an Eminence, a Ponds and Pleasure- Grounds, recently laid out in tile is remark- and is pecu modern Taste.— The Land is principally Meadow and J llarl>' adapted for building upon.— The Premises will Pasture, and about 20 Acres may be watered at Plea- j produce an Abundance of building Materials, sure. There is a considerable Stream of Water runs j *** For further Particulars, or to treat by Private through the Premises, which mav be applied for the Contract, apply to Mr. GOODHALL, Solicitor, Wel- Purposs of turning a Mill; and there is a good Scite ; lmgborough. on the Premises to build on. The Manorial Rights of the Manor of Goscote will be sold with the Estate; and the Situation is well calculated for a Person who is fond of rural Amusements, and who wishes to retire from Business.— Considerable proved Mines of Coal and Iron- Stone arc under the Estate, which is distant from Walsall two Miles, and from Birmingham ten. Lot 2. TWO CLOSES of LAND, adjoining Lot 1, containing nine Acres, in the Parish of RUSHALL, ) and free of Corn Tythes. | Lot 3. A valuable FREEH'; i. n ESTATE, situate at Valuable Live Stock, Implements in Husbandry, and Household- Furniture. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. SMITH, On the Premises, on Monday and Tuesday the 7th and 8th of October, 1805, at Ten o'Clock, ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK, IMPLE- MENTS in HUSBANDRY, and HOUSE- HOLD- FURNITURE, of Mrs. GILEAD, of, I RC'HESTE R, in the County of Northampton, who i Line Slock, Farmitig- U/ ensi/ s, Sfc. To be S O L D bv' • A IIC T I O N, On Wednesday next, the 25th of September, on the i cot j. n vaiuauic tiuuiu caimc. suuatc at i . , , H . - „ . Premises ot Mr. RICHARD BARKER, of GOSCOTE aforesaid, containing about 50 Acres, UOT?, ci'"' i, C° nSlSt" J^ I60 SAPLTAL WELLINGBOROUGH, in the County of North- under 20 0f which the Coal has bem got, and the I !? J'leaVC, S', ^ Storhogs, and 140 Lambhogs; seven ampton ( who is let, vine his Farm); Remainder is unwrought. The Colliery is now in j 8' 0ut useful Car. Horses ; one short- homed in- calved / CONSISTING .50 Eives I full Wrirk; aad the W- yrley and Essington Canal, f^' J^ 1V^ J^ iSSft?' ^ ^ r't1 i r„ u„: I which nnms an « isv Communication thrnitirh the Cnl I .5 0 8° « ! Narrow- wheel Waggons, and three ditto HON LISTING of 50 Ewes and Lambs, three milched Cows, two Stirks, two in- calved Hei- fers, and thr- e vearling Calves; Waggons, Carts, Ploughs, Harrows, a Quantity of Harness, and other Imolements in Husbandry,— The Live Stock js well bred, and the Farming Utensils are in good Condition. — l'he Sheep and Lambs will be sold ten in a Lot. fjfy The Sale to begin at Eleven'. o'Clock in the Forenoon. N. B. Mr. BARKER informs his Friends and the Public in general, that his WAGGONS, to and from LONDON, will gq as usual, and hopes for a Continu- ance of those Favours he has so long been honoured with. ( One Concern.) Wellingborough, 20th Sept. 1805. Work; and tile W'yrley which opens an easy Communication through the Co- I nt u .< « • „ • ,, ,, ventrv, Oxford, and Grand Junction " Canals, to the C « U; Poughs, Harrows, and Rolls; Hurdles, Sheep- Metropolis, passes through the Works, in a Manner Cribs and Troughs, Horse- Harness, Sc. which affords every possible Advantage of Water- Car- i"> Uar: COnS, St! i ° c * 0UT; riage, The Coal Mutes only at present are wrought, 1, K. e^ Ttcel^ Teller''' ITT^ b!!^ Bedding; Mahogany and other Tables, Chairs, Draw- LONDON, Sept. 21. THE information received from the Continent since our last, is of the same general com- plexion as that for some time past. Every where resound the dreadful notes of preparation ; but in no instance has any actual hostility been com- mitted. The general reports, however, respecting the preparations of Austria and Russia, are of the most satisfactory Ifind. Of Austrian roops it is said that 250,000 men are 011 the frontiers from Bohemia to the Venetian territory; and that an army of 100,000 Russians must, by this time, have reached any part of the Austrian dominions, where their services may be considered useful. If this intelligence is to be depended uponj . we have the satisfaction of thinking, that the allies are in a much more forward state of preparation than Bonaparte himself; and it is to belioped, from those symptoms of activity, that they, are resolved to push the contest with that ardour from which the chief prospect of success is derived. If it be true, likewise,, that three Emperors will next cam- paign be seen at the head of their armies, some vigorous proceedings may be expectcd as the con- sequence of so unexampled a circumstance. They will advance to a contest than which the world never witnessed a more important, or one likely to be productive of greater consequences. The opinion of the adherence of the King of Prussia to his scheme of neutrality, in which Den- j mark, and some of the German Electors, arc iu- i eluded, is still maintained. On this subject aspe- I cial mission has been sent from Bonaparte. M. 1 Duroc, the Gra id Marshal of the Imperial Palace, has been dispatched from Boulogne to Berlin. It is stated on the authority of letters from persons of the greatest respectability, that after repeated conferences, the answer wits, that his Prussian Majesty is resolved to observe the strictest neu- trality; and will take measures to make that neu- trality respected. incredible number of weights, from one ounce to 14lb. were seized and condemned, being under the standard. Yesterday se'nnight, an inquisition was taken at Laver. don, in the county of Bucks, before one of the Coroners for that county, on view of the body of Mary Simcoe, who was found dead in a lield adjoining the town. It appeared that the deceased was subject to fits, and happening to be seized with one while alone, she was strangled by a black ribbon, which she wore about ber neck.. Verdict — Died by the visitation of God. A few days since, at Radborne, near Derby, a fire broke out in a cottage upon the common, in w hicli were three children, the eldest only severe years old, who, we are sorry to state, were burned to death.— They were incautiously left alone, and it is supposed when the fire began they went up stairs for safety, and locked themselves in a room, • where they were found burned to ashes. LINCOLN RACES. Wednesday, Sept. 1 Ith, his Majesty's Purse of 100gr. Mr. Smith's br. f. Hebe, by Overton, 4 yrs old 1 1 Mr. Fisher's b. f. Two- Shoes, 4 yrs old Mr. Weatherill's b. f. Haughty, by Pegasus, 4 yrs old .' A Sweepstakes of I0£ J. each, for hunters. Colonel King's g. h. by Delphi'! 1 Mr. R. Warde's b. h. by Achilles 4 Mr. Harnew's b. g. Little Chance, 5 ttfs old 5 Mr. Mainwaring's br. h. Hodge, by Clown. 2 Hon. Mr. Monson's b. m. Laborie, 5 yrs old 3 Thursday the 1 % b, £. 50, for all ages. Mr. White's b. c. Truth, j yrs old 1 2 1 Mr. Hutty's ro. c. Diogenes, 3 yrs old 2 1 2- General Grosvenor's b. c. Skirmisher, 3 yrs 3 3 3 The Welter Stakes of 10,,' x. each ( 9 Subscribers). Sir M. M. Sykes's b. in. by Pegasus 1 1 Colonel King's gr. h. Hesie, 3 2 General Grosvenor's b. g. Glider 2 3 Mr. Monson's b. h. Leonidas 4 4 Friday. the 13th, T'lgs. for all ages. Mr. Andrew's b. c. Fathom, 3 yrs old 1 1 Mr. White's Truth 2 2 Mr. Sitwell's b. f. Goosecap, 3 yrs old 3 3 The Gold Cup, a Subscription of bgs. each, for maiden horses of all ages / TO subscribers). Mr. Bayley's b. f. Miss Fanny Fancy, 3 yrs old 1 1 Mr. Monson's ch. m. Coquette, aged 3 2 Mr. Grant's ch. c. Felix, 3 yrs old 2 3 Mr. Chaplin's ch. h. Spartacus, 5 yrs old 4 4 Lord F. G. Osborne's Elizabeth, 8st. 12lb. against General Grosvenor's Glider, both 5 yrs old, two miles, 50gs. h. ft.— The latter walked over. 2 2 3 dr 2 1 1 2 3 dr 4 dt dr Farming - Stock, Household - Furniture, fyc. For SALE bv AUG T I 0 N, By MASON & SON, On Monday the 30th Day of September, 1805, and i The Premises are at present under" Lea? e, but Terms : h affords every possible Advantage of Water- Car- , * " :. The Coal Mines only at preslnt are wrought, ^ J^^' u^ J buf there are several good Measures of Iron- Stone, of $ « ! s. t.< Mds i. .^ cellent F which Specimens may be seen on the Spot. Excellent Limestone is got within the Distance of two Miles, and tew Situations are so well calculated to establish extensive Iron- Works upon. There are proper En- gines on the Premises to raise the Mine Water, and Winding- Engines for the Purpose of raising the Coal. — The Strata of Coal now getting are 14 Feet 6 inches thick, which may be seen on Inspection of the Mines, and over which is an excellent Rock Roof. The Price of large Coal at the Pits is Hs. per Ton, small Coal 3s. 4d. for which there is great Demand from the extensive Lime- Works in the Neighbourhood. ers, Sc.; China, Glass, and Earthenware; Grates; PRICE or Bank Stock 3 per Ct. Red. 3 per Ct. Cons. following Day, on the Premises, " rpHF. LIVE and DEAD FARMING- STOCK, I and HOUSEHOLD - FURNITURE, of Mr. EDWARD MANNING, of EAST- HADDON, deceased. ( fT Particulars will appear in next Week's Paper. ~~ To be sUiTd by AUCTION, By Mr. THOMSON, At the Fountain Inn, in Wellingborough, in the County of Northampton, on Wednesday the 9th Day of October, 1805, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon ( subject to such Conditions as will be then and there produced), A Large and commodious WINDMILL, with a Rood and a Half of Freehold Land ( more or less), on which it stands, in full Trade and complete Repair; carries two Pair of French Stones, of four Feet and four Feet and a Half Diameter; a full- Size 5- Feet Machine, & c.; standing adjoining the Turnpike- , Road leading from Wellingborough to Thrapston, I ,0 he taken at a Valuation, and to be paid for by such within a Quarter of aMileof the Town of WELLINO- J Instalments as shall be specified in the Conditions of BOROUCH. I Sale. { f- T The greater Part of the Purchase Money may i ( Pf Apply to Mr. FORSTER, Banker, Walsall; remain on Security of the Premises. Mr. PARSON, Rushall- Hall ; or to Mr CURTIS, ££ F For further Particulars, or a View of the! Walsnll, who has Plans of the Estates, and who will same, apply to the Auctioneer; or on the Premises. appoint a Person to shew them. are made with the Lessees for cancelling the Lease upon the Sale of the Estate ; and the Purchase- Money for the Mines will be taken by easy Instalments. Lot 4. About 50 Acres of LAND, with the valu- able Mines of Coal and Iron- Stone under the same, adjoining Lot 3, and also adjoining the Wyrley and Essington Canal; on which there is a good Mine of Clay tor making of Bricks, which have a ready Sale in the Neighbourhood. GST If at the Time of Sale it should be thought more eligible to sell this Lot with Lot S, it will be done. Lot 5. A new and complete IRON FOUNDRY, with proper Air- Furnaces; also, a Boring- Mill and Cupola, worked by an Engine, a Pattern Shop, Smith's Shop, Drying- Stoves, and a great Variety of Iron Boxes and Patterns, with Cranes, and every other useful and convenient Utensil for carrying " on an extensive Trade, situate near to the Canal, and within a hundred Yards of the Colliery.— The Stock ... U. . _ W- L. I .. T.. - II- I , Pewter, Brass, Sc. ; Brewing and Washing Coppers; j 1> e >? ns' sweet Iron- bound Pipes, Hogsheads, and Half- Hogs- ? ', cr " '- Jons' heads; Mash- Vat, Tubs, Sc; Barrel- Churn, Milk- 5P « Ct. Navy 185S- sh. 58J 58 sh. 88- il STOCKS. Imp. 3per Cents. 57J 58 India Stock . sh. India Bonds . 1 2 dis. Exc. Bills 1 dis. 1 pr. Omnium . . sb. Leads, and other Dairy Requisites; with a Variety of other Effects. The Livestock and Implements in Husbandry will be sold on Monday the first Day's Sale. *** The Favour of the Company's Attendance is requested at Ten o'Clock eacli Morning of Sale, as the whole Property is intended to be sold in two Days. t- ft Particulars will be distributed in the Neigh- bourhood, and may be had on the Premises, and of Mr. Smith, at Kimbolton. Valuable Advowson and next 1' resentation, NOATHAMPTONSHTRE. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. SM IT H, At Garraway's Coffee- House, Change- Alley, Corn- hill, London, on Wednesday the 23d of October, at Twelve o'Clock, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, riRIE PERPETUAL ADVOWSON and NEXT I. PRESENTATION to the RECTORY of UPPER- BODD1NGTON, near Banbury, Southam, and Daventry; consisting of a Parsonage- House, Barns, Stables, Gardens, and upwards of 600 Acres of ex- cellent Land, in Lieu of Tythes, of the annual Value of eight hundred Pounds.— The present In- cumbent is near 70 Years of Age. fl'J" Particulars may be had twenty Davs pre- ceding the Sale of Mr. TYNDALE, Solicitor, Lin- coln's. Inn- Fields; of the Printers of the Oxford Journal, Cambridge Chronicle, Northamptdn Mer- cury, Reading Mercury, Coventry Mercury, and Bir- mingham Gazette; at Garraway's; ifnil of Mr. SMITH, No. 62, Broad- Street, near the Royal Ex- lunge, London. i NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY EVENING, Sept. 2I. MARRIED.] On Monday sc'nnight, Mr. John Hand, of Duddington, Lincolnshire, to . Miss Close, of Colly weston, in this county. On Tuesday last, Mr. Jonathan Sanders, farmer, of Newton- Bromsliold, to Miss Mary IliggiHs, of Wollaston, both in this county. DIED.] On the 1st ult. at Widford, Hertford- shire, the Rev. Peter Ashton Hamond, rector of Widford, vicar of South- Minis, Middlesex, and chaplain to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. On Tuesday se'nnight, the Rev. Daniel Gaches, vicar of Wootton- Wawen, and an active Magi- strate for Warwickshire. On Wednesday se'nnight, at Coventry, after a few days illness, Robert Reynolds, jun. Esq. of Wood- street, Cheapside, London. Yesterday se'nnight, Mr. Joshua Crammond, of Huntingdon. On Saturday last, at Castle- Ashby, near this town, in the 20th year of her age, Miss Ann Sea- grave, fourth daughter of the Rev. Edw. Seagrave, rector of that place. A few days since, at Diseworth, in Leicester- shire, Mr. Sperrey, of that place. The cause that The LEICESTER RACES were numerously and most respectably attended. The A'. 50, on Wednesday, was won, after three severe heats, by Lord Stamford's Gayinan, beating Mr. Andrew's Fathom and Mr. Fen- wick's Eunuch.— Lord Stamford's ( layman and Mr. Fisher's Two Shoes started tor the £ .50 on Thursday; Gayman falling lame after the fi st heat, he Was drawn, and the mate walked over for the plate. The swaep- stakes of 60gs. was won by Mr. Morris's Tornado. The Town of Northampton,^ The ASSIZE of BRTAD TO WIT. S set the 21st Day of September, 1805, for the said Town, to take Place on Monday the 23d Day of September, and to bo in force seven Days for the said Town of Northampton. lb. oz. dr. The Sixpenny Loaf Wheaten is to weigh .. f 14 5 Ditto Household is to weigh 2 II The Twelvepenny Loaf Whcaten is to weigh ; t 13 II Ditto Household is to weigh . - . 5 1 t> W. GIBSON, Mayor. P R I C E of CORN per Quarter at Northampton, Saturday, Sept. 21. Wheat, 80s. to 84s. Od. Beans, 4.8On. to Od Rye, 5( U. Od. to ti- is. Barley, - 13s.. Od. to 44, Od: Oats, 32s. Od. to 33s. Od. J. GRAFTON, Inspector. Peas, 50s. 0d. to « ls. i By the Standard Measure. Corn- Exchangc, . Lonam, Friday, Sept. 20. The imports of Wheat since our last t. re not numer- ous. Prime samples arc more in dem . nd, and fuily obtain late prices ; but middling and inferior qua- lities are almost without sale. Fine new samples of seed at more than our currency, and new Rye likewise, though this article is cheaper.— Barley still in short supply ; also White Peas, with Helms of both sorts, which are full 2s. and ' Is. pet quarter dearer.. FAIRS, from Sept. 23 to Oct. bin the Circuit of this l,: n i r LIST of within Paper, M Sept. 23. Rugby, Winslow, and Mycomb, W. 25. Rockingham, Stratford- upon- Avon, Wo. burn, Aylesbury, Chipping- Norton, and Bu rford. S. 28. Che sham. M. 30. Southam and Loughborough. W Oct. 2. Nottingham, Peterborough, Buckingham, and Daventry. Th. 3. Stratford. upon - Avon, Wtndoxer, and Xattrlng, for P. t' MMi— mwmm NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. rrect List, in alphabetical Order, of theCER- i L A'l'hS that have bent issued to Persons ( not as ( Jam keepers), by the Clerk of the Peace • he County. of Northampton, under the Acts ot amct.. of the twenty- fifth and thirty- first Years o Lie Reign of His present Majesty King George tti. Third; me first intituled, " An Act for re- pealing an Act made in the twenty- fourth Year of the Reign of His present Majesty, intituled, ' An Ac tor' granting to His Majesty certain Duties on ( cttificales issued with Respect to the Killing of Game,' and for granting other Duties in Lieu thereof)" md the other intituled, " An Act for f->_.. tiitg to his Majeuty an additional Duty on Cer- » V-. 4. ti issued WHO' Respect to the Killing ot Game;" tctv.- cen, the 12 It and tlie 13th Days ot Sep. ember, 1805, both Days inclusive. Dates of the Nantes, Residence, and Titles « / Certificates*. lit Ptrsont. Sept. 11th. Arnold Thomas, Brackjey, Gent. Brawn John, Greudon, Gent. beck Thos. Weston- by- Weedon, Gent. Cooke Thomas, Paulerspury, Farmer Clarke Wm. Old- Stratford, Innholder 16th. Cook John, Hothorpe, Esq. Uth. Dalbefh Wm. Somerset, Finedon, Esq. 1 tilth. Drage Binyon, Scaldwell, Gent. Druge William, Holcot, Gent. 13th. Edwards William, Blakcsley, Gent. 14th. Eastwick Rev. John, Aldwinckle, Clerk 18th. Everitt Ilenjaniin, Stanwick, Farmer Uth. Fairbrother Giles, Wappenham, Gent. 13th. Garlic*: William, Pisford, Gent. 18th. Gar duet. John, the Younger, Middleton- Clieney, Yooraan 13th. Howes Tkomas, Rothersthorpc, Gent. 14th. Hall John, Northampton, Gent. 16th. Johnson Ebenezer, Moulton- Park, Gent. 13th. Lira Joseph, Foxley, in the Parish of Pattishall, Gent. , 14th. Lcete Rev. John, Kettenng, Clerk 12th. Pea nee Nathaniel, Chapel - Brampton, E » n. v 16th. Rooke Rev. George, Yardley- Hastings, Clerk 17th. Striven John, Lincoln's- 1 im ( Middlescxj, Esq. 13th. Watts John, the Younger, Kislingbury, Gent. 15th. Wilson Samuel, Moreton - Pinckney, Gent. 13th. Wade Thomas, CHpston, Esq. CUR. SMYTH, Clerk of the Peace. By Order of Hie Majesty's Commissioners for managing the Stump Duties, C. E. BERESFORD, Secretary. A unmet List of the Certificates thai hare hern it tW to Gameleeprrs by the Clerk of the Peace fir tlx County of Northampton, between the Vbh and tlx 18 « > Days of September, 1805, both Days ittcluuve, dis/ i'guuiing tie Duties paid an each respective Cer- tifiiaer. OH A JHREE- GUIXEA STAMP. C. Clark Joseph, Crick, Yeoman, gamekeeper of R. ihcrt Andrew, the Younger, Esq. for the manor of Crack. Sept. 14. H. Heasman Tlwmas, Bozeat, Yeoman, gamekeeper of Ear,'. Spencer, tor the manors of jlozeat and Strixtou. Sept. 12. P. Potter ton Thomas, Boughton, Yeoman, pmekeeper of Richard William Howard Vyse, Esq. for the ma- Dors of Boughton and Pisford. Sept. 12. S. Shaw John, of the Town of Northampton, Maltster, gamekeeper of Walter Harding, Esq. for the manor of Siiijt Andrew, in or near the Town of Northamp- ton, and the royalties, right, members, aad aupur- tcriinccs thereto beloBging. Sept. 14. STATE- LOTTERY for 1B05, Begins drawing 30th SEPTEMUER. r( PICKETS and SHARES for the above Lottery a are on Sale at HAZARD, BURN E, & Co.' s State- Lottery- Office, No. 93, under the lint/ a/- Exchange, London. ( PT Letters ( Post- paid) duly answered, and Schemes gratis. Country Orders, accompanied with short- dated Bills on London, Post- Office OTders, or Cash in Par- cel by Coach or Carrier, punctually attended to, and Correspondents may depend on being treated exactly on the same Terms as if personally present. TICKETS ami SHARES ARE A1. SO ON SALE AT Mr. J. ABEL'S, Bookseller, NORTHAMPTON, Licensed Agent for HAZARD, BORNE, & Co. THE ONLY LOH'ERY TO BE^ DRAWN , THIS YEAR Begins 30th SEPTEMBER, 1305. PRESENT MONTH, 30lit September, The STATE- LOTTERY commences DRAWING. RG MCKETS and SHARES are on SALE by S. RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, & Co. Bank Buildings, Cornhill, and facing the Gate of the King's Mews, Charing- Cross, London) Also at the Licensed Office of Mr. JV. RUSHER, Bookseller, BANBURY. SCHEME. 4 Prizes of £. 2,000 6 1,000 10 J 500 & c. SCHEME. 3 Prizes of £. 20,000 are 3 10,000 3 5,000 4 2,000 S 1,000 10 500 30 100 60 50 ——. 4,500 20 _ 3,900 lst- drn. Blanks 10 each are =€. 60,000 30,000 15,000 8,000 6,000 5,000 3,000 3,000 90,000 30,000 7,619 Benefits 17,381 Blanks 25,000 Tickets =£. 250,000 The first- drawn Ticket 5th Day =£. 10,000 Ditto 6th Day 20,000 Ditto 7th Day 5,000 Are Part of the above Caoitals. TICKETS AND SHARES ARE ON SALE AT ALL THE LICENSED LOTTERt- OFFICES. Price of a Ticltet £. 19 13s. Half.. £. 10 0 0 1 Eighth £. 2 11 0 Quarter 5 1 01 Sixteenth 1 5 6 Recommended by many eminent Divines as the most useful Family Bible ever published, to be completed in 12 Parts, at 5s. each, sewed, making two large Volumes, Quarto, rpHE SELF- INTERPRETING BIBLE; cc , I- taining the Old and New Testaments, an exten- sive Introduction, many thousand marginal Refer- ences and Illustrations, copious explanatory Notes, evangelical Reflections upon every Chapter, Para- phrase, Harmony, Chronology, Sec. See. By thela'e Rev. JOHN BROWN, Minister of the Gospel at Haddington. The THIRD EDITION, printed on fine wove Paper, with new Types. ( pr A fc'w Copies are printed on Royal Paper, hot- pressed, Price £- 4 14s. 6d. the two Volumes. The first ten Parts are now ready for Delivery; Parts eleven and twelve ( which complete the Work,) will be published on the 1st of October, and the 1st of November next. Loudon: Printed for David Ogilvy & Son, No. 315, Holborn ; Cuthell Cc Martin ; Vernor & Hood ; Win- chester Se Son; Bvfield Se Co. ; Longman, Hurst, Rees, Sc Orme; J. Walker; Mathews & Leigh ;— and J. Fairbairn, and A. Constable & Co. Edinburgh. 3 Prizes of £ 90,000 3 10,000 3 5,000 Sec. Sec The lowest Prize £. 20; also the three thousand first- drawn Blanks will be entitled to £. 10 each, making 7,619 Benefits. RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, Se Co, recommend an immediate Purchase, there being only twenty- five Thousand Tickets in the present Lottery [ five thousand less than in the last), and from the Scheme being uni- versally approved, and the Demand very great, Tickets will be scarce, and must advance considerably. LONDON: 26, CGRNHIU ; 52, CIIAIUNC- CROSS; and ST. MARGARET'S- IIILL, BOROUGH. ORNSI5Y & Co. respectfully acquaint their Country Correspondents, that they may be supplied with Tickets, Halves, Quarters, Eighths, and Sixteenth Shares, in the pretent State- Lottery, in great Variety of Numbers, and at the lowest Prices, at any of the above State- Lottery Offices. Prizes paid on Demand, whether a £. 20. or a £. 20,000. Orders by Mail- Guard, Carrier, or Post, executed on the same Terms as if present. The Lottery begins Drawing the 30th of this Month. HORN SB Y ik Co. ' Have sold, shared, and registered, two Prizes of THIKTY THOUSAND POUNDS, 3 Prizes of £. 20,000 30 Prizes of £, 2,000 Phoenix Lombard- Street, London. 1,000 500 2 — 15,000 15 — 10,000 19 — 5,000 Sec. Sec. Sec. Cox's grand Prizes and the Pigot grand Diamond, were sold by HORNSBY & Co. London. ON A ONE- GUFNKA STAMP. B. Bttlien Richard, Orlir. gbury, Servant, gamekeeper of Allen Edward Young, Esq. for the manors of Little - Harrow< kn, Orlingbury, and Loddiugton. Sept. 16. F. Farmer Robert. Brockhall, Servant, gamekeeper of the Devisees in Trust under the Will of Thomas Lee Thornton, Esq. deceased, for the manors of Bruckhali Cum Muscot and Harpole. Sept. 14. Farmer Robert, Brockhall, Servant, gamekeeper of Thomas Reeve Thornton, Esq. for the manors of Thrup. otherwise Rothersthorpe, and Newniiam. Sept. 14. M. Moon William. Thingdon, Yeoman, gamekeeper of Sir William Dolben, Bzrt. for the manor ot Xhing- doit. Sept. 14. P. Potter John, tfie Younger, Moreton- Pinckney, Yeoman, gamekeeper of Sir Jonathan Cope, Bart, for the manor of More ton-' Pinckncy. Sept. 11. W. Woolley Thomas, Elton, in the county of Hunt- . insdon, Yeoman, gamekeeper of the Earl of Carys- foft, for the manor of Wannington. Sept. 17. CIIR. SMYTH, Clerk of the Peace- By Order of His Majesty's Commissioners far managing the Stamp I) a tier, C. E. BERESFORD, Secretary. DIXON'S ANTI- BILIOUS PILLS HAVE long obtained a just Celebrity in the private Practice of the Proprietor, Mr. Dixon, Apothecary, and from their great Success in many obitinate Bilious Disorders, on numerous Patient's of Distinction and others, particularly the Duke of Bedford, Sir George Warren, Sir Gregory Page Turner, the Dowager Lady Say and Scle, the Viscountess Uuikeley, Sec. Sec. lie was persuaded to oiler them to the Public, under the Approbation and the Sanction of their Names. They are found to be an incomparable Remedy for restoring the Tone of tlie Stomach, for euiing Indigestion, tor preventing Crudities, and their consequent disagreeable Eructations and Flatulencies; they prevent habitual and temporary Costivencss, sick Head- Achs, and Heart- burn, which are occa- sioned by Pregnancy, and a debilitated Stomach, whether arising from the Acrimony of the redundant Bile, intemperate Diet, or drinking to Excess. Sold Wholesale at Mr. BUTLER'S, No. i, Cheapside, London; and Retail by all Medicine Venders, in Boxes at 2s. 9d. and 6s. each. Dr. WHEATLEY's lazulutible Remedies fur the certain and speedy CURE Oi THE ITCII. AN OINTMENT which cures in four Hours, and does not contain the least Particle of Mer- cury, or any jiernicious Ingredient whatever, and so perfectly innocen.*, that Children at the Breast may be cured* without theleast Hazard. It isof anagreeabl'e Smell, requires no Confinement, and there is 110 Me- dicine of the Kind which cures in so short a Time. Price Is. 9d. a Box, Duty included.. Likewise his CI1YM1CAI. LIQUID, as perfectly tafc as the Ointment, and as certain in its Effeets; it has no Smell, nor does it in the least soil the Linen; a Circumstance which renders it highly va- luable, and to some Persons abundantly preferable to any Ointment whatever. Price 2s. ' 6a. a Bottle, . Duty included. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, bv Diccv Sc Sutton, Bow Church - Yard, and at their Warehouse in Northampton j and Retail by Edge, and Marshall, Northampton; Robins, Bates, and Wilkinson, Daveit- tcy ; Tuck i- Mather, wdBroughton, Wellingborough; Fisher, Higham- Ferrers; Rollason, and Merridew, Coventry; Sharp, Warwick; Roberts, Southam; Gregory, Leicester; Harrod, Harborough; Munn, a.'; d Collis & Dash, Kettering; Newcomb, Stamford; L iton, Thrapston; York, Oundle; Jacob, and Horden, Peterborough ; Jenkinson, Huntingdon ; Hodson, Cambridge'; Smith, Bedford; Inwood, and Bar- ringer, Newport- Pagnell; QuenfBorottgh, Dunstable; Darton and Tapp, Hitchin; Wilcox, and Gallard, Towcester; Set- lev, Buckingham; Jones, Oxford; Richardson, Stony- Stratford; Hawkes, Lutterworth; and by every Vender ot Patent Medicines in the United Kingdom. Fur Ihc Whui, Cholic, Fla res, and other Disorders < f the Bouels. DALBY's CARMINATIVE. CAUTION. MANY counterfeited Preparations of this . Medicine having been offered for Sale, under specious Pretences, all Persons are requested not to take any, unless they observe that the Name, " F. • Newbery, No. 45, St. Paul's," is engraved in the Stamp, and that in the Bill of Directions round each Bottle is an EXTRACT from the WII. L of the late Mr. JOSEPH DALEY, vit. , « Whereas I did many Years since in struct my Daughter Frances, now the Wife of Anthony Gell, of North- Street, Westminster, Gentleman, in the Art of compounding a. certain Medicine, of which I am TL, Esole Inventor, called DAISY'S C VIMIN ATIVE: 1 do hereby constitute and appoint my > a: d Daughter the sole Preparer of this useful Medicine. 1 like- wise give to my said Daughter, Frances Gell, my SOLE Property in the said CARMINATIVE, and all Profits arising from tlie Sale thereof, to her and her Heirs for ever." It is sold only by F. NEWBERY te SONS, NO. 45, St. Paul's Church- Yard, a few Doors from the Corner of Cheapside, London, Price Is. 9d. a Bottle, Duty included. Soldalso, by their Appointment, by Dicey& Sutton, J. Edge, and W. Marshall, Northampton. ~ ROTILTEXCHANGP ASSURANCE^ for assuring Established by Royal Charter the Reign of George I. Fire- Office, > /( s THE firm Support which the PIKES ix OFFICE continues to receive from its numerous Friends, demands, the Thanks of the Directors. This Office has ever been impressed with an ardent Desire to give Encouragement to the Agricultural Interests of the Kingdom; and the Directors rely, that the Regulations which they from Time to Time have introduced for that Purpose, will be satisfactory to the Public, and secure the Continuance of its Favour and Patronage. The Receipts for Policies falling due at Michaelmas, are now in the Hands of the several Agents. & 5T The important Sums annually paid bv this Oil lice to Sulferers by Fire, strongly prove the Benefits resulting from Insurance, as well to Noblemen and Gentlemen to secure the Value of their Mansions and Eitects, as to Farmers, JS. inufacturers, and all the Commercial Orders. Persons insuring for Three Hundred Pounds, or upwards, will not be charged for the Policy. By Order of the Directors, H. A. HARDY, Sec. of Country Department. Grand Natal Victories; With Portraits and Biography of popular Command, ers, and Engravings of CELEBRATED BATTLES which have been fought at Sea from the Reign of Queen Elizabeth to the present Time. This Day is published, a new and popular Work, entitled NPLIF, BRTL'ISH T RI DEN T; or, REGISTER of X NAVAI. ACTIONS; including authentic Ac- counts of all the most remarkable Engagements at Sea in which the British Flag has been eminently distin- guished, from the Period of the Spanish Armada to the present Time; the Whole containing a regular and complete History of the Naval Affairs of England chronologically arranged. By ARCHIBALD DUNCAN, Esq. Late of the Royal Navy, Editor of " The Mariner's Chronicle," Sec. Sec. ftjT This interesting Work is printed in Duode- cimo, in four elegant Volumes, illustrated with up- wards of forty beautiful Engravings of Sea- Fights, and Portraits of celebrated British Admirals.— Price £. 1 8s. in Boards; or in forty Numbers, Price Six- pence each ; one or more of which may be had at a Time, at the Convenience of the Purchaser. London: Published by JAMES CUNDEE, at the Albion Press, in Ivy- l. ane, Paternoster- Row; and sold by W. Bird sail, T. Burnham, and J. Abel, Northampton; and by all other Booksellers in Town and Country.— Of whom also may be had, printed uniform with the above, same Price, the MARINE R's CHRONICLE ; or, complete History of Shipwrecks, with descriptive Engravings. " FACT S. TT is., a Truth well known and attested, that Dr. B kODUM's, NERVOUS CORDIAL and BOTANICAL SYRUP alone are resorted to by the principal Nobility and Gentry, who acknowledge them to be the only certain Remedy in nervous, de- bilitated, and consumptive Complaints. The Virtues of these excellent Medicines have been tried with unexampled Success, and stood the Test of Years, as appears in the Pamphlets delivered gratis. The BOTANICAL SYRUT and RESTORATIVE NER- VOUS CORDIAL to be had at the House, No. 9, Al- bion- Street, Surrey Side of Blackfriars Bridge, in Bottles at £ 1 2s.— lis.— and 6s., Duty included. ( PT A. D. SWINTON, the Proprietor ( Son of Dr. Swiuton, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, I^ mdon,; may be consulted from Ten till Three, or by Letter, containing the usual Fee. * « .* A Five Guinea Bottle contains six at 22s. Sold also by the PRINTERS of this PAPER, and by the following Persons within the Circuit hereof, viz. Marshall "' Houses, Buildings, Corn, Hay, Goods, Sec. and also for lie Assur- ance of ? Lives. SEPTEMBER 21, 1805. rpiIE CORPORATION of the ROYAI- .1 EXCHANGE ASSURANCE do hereby give Notice, that they have authorized their respective Agents to receive Proposals for the Assurance of Farming Stock at the Rate of 2s. 6d. per Cent, per Annum. Persons whose Annual Premiums fall due on the 29th Instant, are hereby informed, that RECEIPTS are now ready to be delivered by the COMPANY'S respective AOE.\ TS under- mentioned ; andtlie Parties assured are requested to apply for the Renewal of their Policies, on or before the 11th Day of October next, as the usual fifteen Days allowed for Payment beyond the Date ot each Policy will then expire. SAMUEL PENNING, Jun. Secretary. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. Northampton,— ERAS. WM. JEYES. Thrapston,— JAMES ROBENSON. Towces. ter,— Jo H N JENKINSON. Wellingborough,— J. N. GOOOHALL. Daventry,— JOHN SEATON. B ED FORDSHI R E. Bedford,— M. PARTRIDCE. Biggleswade,— JOHN LANCASTER. Leighton,— D. WILLIS. Luton,— D. L. WILLIS. BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. Aylesbury,— LUKE TURNER. Bcaconsfield,— THOS. WITTS WALFORD. Buckingham,— ROBERT MILHER. Chesham,— CREED & BAY LIE. Great- Marlow,— THOMAS EMES. Nevyport- Pagnel 1,— R. COLLISSON. Olney,— RICHARD HARROLD. Stony- Stratfoid,— J. DAY. Winslovv,— R. READINO. HUNTINGDONSHIRE. Huntingdon,— ROBERT STAIEORQ. St. Neots,.— WM. DAY. Stilton,— J. BODGER. LEICESTERSHIRE. Leicester,— JOHN KING. . Market- Harborough,— WM. SPRIGO. Mel ton- M o wbray,— E D w. BRIGHT. WA RWI CKS H I R E. Birmingham,— JAMES KINDON, Coventry,— JESIJUIEL SMITH. Kineton,— THOMAS ABBOTTS. Rugby,— RICHARD Fox. N. B. Fire Policies will be allowed, free of Ex- pence, where the Annual Premiums amount to b's. or upwards. ( PT This Company have invariably made good Losses bv Fire, occasioned by Lightning.— Proposals may be had of t) ie different Agents. %* Assurances on Lives being found to be advan- tageous to Persons having Offices, Employments, Estates, or other Incomes determinable on the Lite or Lives of themselves or others, Tables of the Rates for such Assurances, and for the granting Annuities oil Lives, may be had of the said Agents. And for the greater Convenience of the Public, the Company have i determined to extend ( by special Agreement) the As- I sttrances on Lives to the Age of 75 Years. Northampton, and at his Shop in Harbo- rough; Edge, Northampton, and at his Shops in Wellingborough and Towcester; Nixon, Leicester; Smith, Bedford; Jenkinson, Huntingdon; Tookey, Oundle; Beale, Thrapston; Collis & Dash, Se Munn, Kettering; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry ; Tuck & Mather, Wellingborough; Jackson, Peterborough; Newcomb, Printer, Stamford; Wheeler, Aylesbury; Marriott, Banbury; Galiard, Towcester; and by most Booksellers and Medicine Venders in the three Kingdoms. * To THOMAS SIR, LYLOR, Esq. No. £>, New Bridge- Street, London. IConsider it but an Act of Justice due to the Merits of your LEAKE's PATENT PILLS, to communicate to you the following Cure,, which has recently been performed by them:— An Acquaintance of mine, who, by the breaking out of an old Venereal Complaint ( attended by a Complication of Disorders arising therefrom), was reduced almost to a Skeleton, and although he had the best Medical Advice which could be obtained, and tried a Variety of Patent Me- dicines, Nothing could be procured which seemed to suit his Case, or to do him any Service: He remained in a most reduced and pitiable Situation for two Years, unable to follow his Profession, and scarcely able to walk or even to stand on his Legs; in Fact, no one who knew him ever supposed it possible tor hirn to recover. He was advised at last to try your LEAKE'S PILLS ; he did so, adhering strictly to the Directions given with them; he had not taken more than two Boxes before he found an Alteration for the better; this encouraged him to proceed, and by taking a few Boxes more he found his Appetite and Strength gra- dually return, and is now as healthy and stout as any Man I know. You are welcome, Sir, to refer any Person to me for a Confirmation of the above Account if it should be doubted. I am, Sir, your obedient humble Servant, THOS. I'URDAY. Library, Folkstone, July 10, 1805. Prepared and sold by the sole Proprietor, THOMAS TAYLOR, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, in London, at his House, No. 9, New Bridge- Street; where, after a constant Residence of more than forty Years, in a Practice particularly directed to the Cure of Venereal Complaints, and those inci- dental to the Parts of Generation in both Sexes, with that inviolable Secrecy which Men of his Profession should always observe, he Hatters himself the Advice and Assistance he gratuitously administers to Persons taking this Medicine, will be esteemed, by a discern- ing Public, as an Advantage seldom to be obtained, and void of Ambiguity. They are also sold, by his Appointment, for the Convenience of those living at a Distance, by the Printers of this Paper, and Mr. Marshall, Druggist, Northampton; Wilcox, and Gallard, Towcester; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Sharp, Warwick; Rollason, Coventry ; Gregory, Leicester; Harrod, Harborough; Seeley, Buckingham; Loggin, Ayles- bury ; Knight, Collis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Tuck & Mather, Wellingborough ; Marriott, Banbury ; Tookey, Oundle; Billinge, Liverpool; Atkinson, Manchester; and by one Person in every considerable Town in Great- Britain ? nd Ireland, in Boxes of only 2s. 9d. each, sealed up with full and plain Directions, whereby Persons of either Sex may cure themselves with Ease, Speed, Secrecy, and Safety. |[ 5f Every Box sold in Great- Britain is sealed up with a Stamp, on which, by Favour of the Commis- sioners, is printed, at the Stamp- Office— T. Taylor, No. 9, New Bridge- Street— to imitate which is Feiony, and all others are counterfeit. To SPORTSMEN. O PORTING PUBLICATIONS printed forLong- O man, Hurst, Rees, & Orme, Paternoster- Row, London; sold also by Birdsall, T. Burnhain, and J. Abel, Northampton; and C. Jacob, Peterborough. 1. The SHOOTING DIRECTORY. By R. B. THORNHILL, Esq. in 1 Vol. 4to. with Plates, Price £. 1 Us. 6d. in Boards; also a superior Edition, with the Plates coloured after Life, Price £. 3 3s. in Boards. 2. The SPORTSMAN'S CABINET; or a correct Delineation ot the various DOGS USED IN THE SPORTS OF THE FIELD, including the Canine Race in general; consisting of a Series of Engravings by Scott, of every distinct Breed, from original Paintings, taken from Life, by Reinagle; interspersed with heautiftrt Vig- nettes engraved on Wood, by A VETERAN SPORTS- MAN, in 2 Vols. 4to. Price £. 7 7s. in Boards. 3. RURAL SPORTS. By W. B. DANIEL. The second Edition. In 3 Vols. gyo. embellished with 70 Plates, Price £. 4 4s. in Boards. • , in 2 Vols. 4to. Price £. 12 12s. in Boards. IP's" A few Copies of each of the above may be had, with the Plates accurately coloured from Nature. 4. SPORTING ANECDOTES: Original and select; including characteristic Sketches of eminent Persons who have appeared on the Turf. By an AMATEUR SPORTSMAN. In8vo. illustrated by several Engravings, Price 10s. 6d. in Boards. 5. Tha SPORTING DICTIONARY, & RURAL REPOSITORY of general Information, upon every Subject appertaining to the Sport's of the Field. By WILLIAM TAPI. IN, Author of" The Gentleman's Stable Directory." In 2 Vols. 8vo. with Plates, Price £. 1 Is. Boards. 6. The OUTLINESof the VETERINARY ART, or the PRINCIPLES of MEDICINE as applied to a Knowledge of the Structure, Functions, and Eco- nomy of the Horse, the Ox, the Sheep, and the Dog ; and to a mote scientific and successful Manner of treating their various Diseases. By DELABERE BLAINE, Professor of Animal Medicine. In 2 large Vols. 8vo. with anatomical Plates, Price £. 1 5s. Bds. FOR THE TEETH- ~ rpROTTER's POWDER, patronized and used I. by His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent, and Gentlemen in the Navy and Army, who have found the good Effects in long Voyages. Trotter's Oriental Dentifrice, or Asiatic Tooth- Powder, has been tor twenty Years recommended to the Attention of the'r Public. Those who have not tried the Effect of this . excellent Dentifrice Will find a single Box a sufficient' Quantity to ascertain its Efficacy and Virtues, being'* acknowledged by the most respectable Medical Autho-_ rities, used by many, and recommended. The Powder demises and beautifies tlie Teeth, sweetens the Breath, possesses no Acid that can corrode the Enamel, and puts a beautiful Polish on the Teeth. From its Astringency, it strengthens the Gums, eradicates the Scurvy ( which often proves the Destruction of a whole Set ot Teeth), preserves souud Teeth from Decay, se- cures decayed Teeth from becoming worse, fastens those which are loose, and proves the happy Means of preventing their being drawn. But what has en- hanced it in the Estimation of those who have been in the Habit of using it, is, that it prevents the Return of the Tooth- ach ( with which, before that Period, they had been violently afflicted.)— Likewise a Tincture, which possesses the Power of easing the most violent Tooth- ach, and is a Wash with the Powder.— A Caution is necessary against purchasing without " M. Trotter," on the Stamp on the Top of the Box. AU others are Counterfeits.— Powder 2s. 9d. a Box; Tincture Ditto; Brushes Is. each. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by the Proprietor, No. 3, Beaufort- Buildings, Strand; and by Appoint- ment, by Dicey Se Sutton, and Edmonds, Northamp- ton; Buller, Oxford; and Walker, Gloucester. ~ SEYerne's BLOOM OR WHITE CEPHALIC SNUFF. IN all Complaints of the Head, particularly the common Head- Ach, it gives immediate Ease; and at this Season, in particular, should be taken after Dinner, to prevent the ill Consequence of Drow- siness, too often experienced after a full Meal.— The Injury common Snuff does to the Head and Sto- mach, may be prevented by mixing a little of this wholesome Snuff with it. In obstinate Nervous Complaints, Faintness, Lowness of Spirits, Wind in the Stomach, Fits of every Kind, Hysterics, Palsy, Lethargy, and Rheumatic Complaints, not onlv taken as a SnufF, but also mixed in any agreeable Liquor, and taken by the Mouth, its Efficacy has been asto- nishing in many thousand Instances, which cannot be said of any other Snuff extant.— Price 2s. 3d. aPottle. Sold Wholesale by Dicey & Co. Bow Church- Yard, and at their Warehouse in Northampton; and Retail by Edge, Marshall, and Edmonds, Northampton; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Sheppard, and Wilcox, Towcester; Tuck & Mather, Wellingborough; Collis Se Dash, Kettering ; and by every Vender of Patent Medicines in the United Kingdom. STONY- STRATFORD TURNPIKE- ROAD. XJ'O'l'lC'F, is hereby given. That a Meeting of the Trustees for putting in Execution tlte Acts of Parliament for repairing aud widening the Rroi from thf Way- Post in the* Parish of Hardingston, in the County of Northampton, to Old- Stratford, in the said County, will be hidden at the WHIT'- HART, in G R Af TON- REGI s, on THURSDAY the 26th Day'of SEPTEMBER instant, at Eleven o'C * ck in the Forenoon, for the Purpose ( amongst otner Business) of auditing the Treasurer's Accounts. By Order of the Trustees, 14th Sept. 1805. CUR. SMYTH. CARLTON, CHELUNGTON, & STEVENTOJI ENCLOSURE. the undersigned Commissioners, xp- » » pointed to carry into Execution an Act of Parliament passed in the last Session ot Parliament^ entitled, " Ail Act for inclosing Lands in the I'a- ' rishes of CARLTON, CHELLINGTON, an5 " STEVENTON, in the County of Bedford," do hereby give Notice, That we have set out and ap^ pointed the following Public Carriage- Road, and Bridle- Roads, through and over the Lands and Grounds by the said Act directed to be divided and inclosed, which are ascertained and marked out by Posts or Stakes; and that we have caused a Map to be pre- pared, in which such intended Roads are accurately laid down and described, which is signed by us, wA deposited with Mr. JOHN GARRARD, of OLNEY, In the County of Buckingham, one of our Clerks, for the Inspection ot all Persons concerned; and further- that a Meeting will be held by us at the House of ROBERT EYLES, commonly called the TINKER INH^ in ' PURVEY, ill the County of Bedford, on MONDAY the 30th Day of SEPTEMBER instant; at which a'nv Person or Persons, who may be injured or aggrievoi by the setting out of any such Roads, may attt., d au4 be heard. WM, COLLISSON- EDWD. PLA' 1%. JOHN DAVIS. In the Parishes of CARLTON and CHELI. INGZVX, or one of them. PUBLIC CARU IACE- ROAD. The Turvcy Road— Leading from a Street in Carlton, opposite Hollick's Lane, iu its present Direction, across Branchmead Field to Fairy's Green, and Horn thence to Carlton Church, and along the South Side of Church Pieces to Spring Close Gate ( being insteai of the public Road heretofore set out by this Namcj- PUBLIC BRIDLE- ROAD. Grimtscroft Bridle- Road— Branching out of tiff Grimescrolt Road at the Homestead of Thos. Pinkertt, and leading between the Homesteads of Lord Hamp- den, William Steff, and Thomas Alston, Esq. at Rook- End, and proceeding in or near the Direction of the presen, t Road, over the Furlong shooting t4 Hannakin- Lane, to the Pavingham Road ( being instead of the public Bi idle- Road heretofore sot out by this Name). In the Parish of STEVENTON ( in Addition to : ic Roads heretofore set out). PUBLIC BRIDLE- ROAD, and P R i VAT £ CARRIAGE and DRIFT- ROAD. Bromham Bridle- Road— Branching out of an ancient Lane at Park." ' " ' * Side of Park of Bromham. PUBLIC. BRIDLE- ROAD. Tl.'. jty Jl^- J--.- li. ijj. O- nl, r of thi » Tl yVCV Vessels in general; the Herbage of ISO Acre* of LSi, till the 11th Day of December next, which wi. l 0 divided into convenient Lots; together with the Whol of I lie neat Household- Furniture, Sec. Sec. ( j. f The Sale will begin each Day exactly at Elev( i o'clock,— long, and into the Turnpike- Road. nr. IJ < « .* 1.' 1.11 ItlllUj, U". Wl till —, 1— Park- End, and proceeding over tha North Park Field to a Gate leading into the Palish SUN FIRE- OFFICE, BANK- BUILDINGS, and CRAIG's - COURT, CHARING- CROSS, LONDON, For insuring Houses and other Buildings, Goods, Mer. chandi& e, Ships in Harbour, in Dock, or Building, and Craft, from Loss and Damage by Fire. " V\ 7" E, whose Names are underwritten, being > V AGENTS for the SUN FIRE- OFFICE, have Authority from the Managers to inform the Pub- lic, and all Persons insured in the said Office, that the Premium on the Stock of Corn and Hay, being the Produce of a Farm, also Cattle and Implements of Husbandry thereon, will be rated at Two Shillings and Sixpence per Cent. And all Persons insured in this Office, are requested to refer to their Policies, in order that they may receive the Benefit of this Re- duction of the Premium on Farming- Stock, or their respective Renewals at MICHAELMAS next; and that PRINTED RECEIPTS, under our Hands, are ready for Delivery, for the Premium and Duty on Policies, as they become due; and that printed Pro- posals of the Terms of Insurance may be had of us, which will be found AS MODERATE, IN EVERY RESPECT, AS THOSE OF THE OTHER OFFICES, PI" FARKING- SIOCK may be insuied, generally, in all Barns and Out- houses, or on a Farm, without the average Clause, which may be seen by applying to us, who will give any further Information which may be required, for the explaining this Mode of Iiv- surance. Northampton,— R. SCRIVEN. Peterborough,— J. ATKINSON. Towcester,— W. INNS. Kettering,— J. HENNELL. Daventry,— C. TOMALIN. Lutterworth,— S. CHAPMAN. Leicester,— J. PRICE. Banbury,— J. PAIN. Buckingham,— T. STUCHBERY, Jun. Newport- Pagnell,— W. LUCAS. Potton,— J. PEDLEY, Stamford,— T. COOKE. Coventry,— J. CARTER. Leighton- Buzzard,— T. DEVISXELL. Bedford,— W. SMITH. ( f- f Policies insuring Three Hundred Pounds, are issued free of Expenc?; and all Payments for Losses by Fire are made by this Office without Deduction. The SUN FIRE- OFFICE have always paid Losses or Damage by Fire from Lightning. September 21, 1805. Ladies who value their Persons, and wish to obl/ tin a pearly Set of Teeth, and prevent that dreadful Mjf lady the Tooth. Ach, am recommended, the Use of BUTLEll's TOOTH - POWDER, PREPARED from the original Recipe of the late Dr. P. H. DIMSDALE, which possesjes such wonderful Powers in curing the Tooth- Ach, and Scurvy in the Gums, in whitening, cleansing, and preserving the Teeth, and communicating a delightful Fragrance to the Breath.— It is used and recommended by the Queen, the Princesses, the Empress of Rus- sia, the Duchesses of York, Devonshire, St. Albans, Leeds, and Rutland, and most of the Nobility. Sold Wholesale and Retail by Mr. BUTLER, NO. 4, Cheapside, London; and Retail by most Medicine Venders and Perfumers in every Town, in Boxes at 2s. 9d. each. THE CORDIAL BALM OF GILEAD. rjlHE greatest Discovery in the Memory of Man, L is allowed to be the CORDIAL BALM of GILEAD, which is a certain and effectual Remedy for Nervous Disorders, Juvenile Indiscretions, Low- ness of Spirits, Female Complaints, Head- ache, Debility, Loss of Appetite, Relaxations, Indigestion, Coughs and Colds, Bilious Cases, Consumptions, Gout in the Stomach, Impurities of the Blood, an Ill- cured Lues, Gleets, Seminal Weakness, & c. Prepaid only by S. SOLOMON, M. D. F. R. H. S. Author of the Guide to Health," and other valuable Works, at Gilead- House, Liverpool, Price 10s. 6d. a Bottle; Familv Bottles contain four, for 33s.; with the Words " Saml. Solomon, Liverpool," engraved in the Stamp, without which none can be Genuine; and sold by Dicey it Sutton, No. 10, Bow Cnurch- Y ird, at No. 7, Exchange- Court, and by Spilsbuij, Da- , vison, Callwell, and Dugdale, London; also by ttis Printers of this Paper. BANKRUPTS required to SURRENDER. Joseph Driver, late of Kighley, Yorkshire, cotton- spinner. Peter Sutherland, late of Portsmouth, Hampshire, taylor.—- William Ross, late of Great Pulteney- street, Middlesex, carver and gilder.— j James Moore, of Walworth, Surrey, merchant. 1 William Randall, of Tooley- street, Southward, Surrey, r ship- chandler. George Hayes, late of John- Street, Middlesex, merchant. Solomon Harding, late ot" Redcross- street, Cripplegate, London, baker.— Wm. Petlord, late of Birmingham, maltster. James Taylor, of Newton- Moor, Lancashire, cotton- spinner. James Sebastian Willimott, of Stamford, Lin- colnshire, linen- draper.— John Blenkinsop, of New- castle- upon- Tyne, Northumberland, tobacconist.— John Heyes, of Char! ton- row, Lancashire, dyer. William Hodgson, of the Strand, Middlesex, stationer, — James Clark, of Salisbury, Wiltshire, haberdasher. MARKETS.— London, Sept. 16. We neither had, nor expected, any great supply jf English Wheat for this morning's market; amongst the new, for seed, were some samples of exceeding fine, and which commanded prices put of our ge- neral currency; the inferior sorts were heavy in sale, and scarcely obtained last Monday's terms.— Barley has been a rising article since o. ir last, as have boiling Peas.— Beans, both small and ticks, have likewise kept up ; and Oats, from the expec- tation that Government may soon require a large supply, are dearer, with but few on hand. Wheat.. - 44s. to 7 Vs. Od. Oats 2fis. to35s. Od. Fine Do. .75s. to 7Ss. Od. Horselleans 42s. to 48s. Od. Rye 38s. to 42s. Od. Tick Ditto 40s. to 45s. Od. Barley .. 40s. to45s. Od. White Peas 45s. to50s. Od. Malt 76s. to82s. Od. Grey Ditto — s. to— s. Od. PRICE of FLOUR.— fine 65s, to 70s. Od. HOPS, per Pocket. — Kent, 61. 10s. to 71. 7s.— Sussex, 61.10s. to 61. 16s.— Farnham, 61. 0s. to 81. Os. SMITHFIELD, Sept. 16. To sink the offal. Ox Beef, 4s. Od. to 5s. Od. Wether Mutton, 4s. Od. to 5s. Od. Veal, 5s. Od. to 6s. Od. Pork, 5s. Od. to 6s. Od. Lamb, 4s. 8d. to 5s. 8d. Soidthisday, Beasts, 1800— Sheep and I. ambs, 20,009. NEWGATE and LFADENHALL, Sept. 16. Beef, 3s. 4d. to 4s. 4d. Mutton, 3s. Od to 4s. 2d. • Veal, 4s. Od. to 5s. 6d. Poik, 5s. Od to 6s. Od. Lamb, 4s. Od. to 5s. 4d. TALLOW — Town 70s 6d. Russia ( Can.) 69s. Od. to 72s. 0d. ( Soap). 68s. Od. to — s. Od. Melting Stulf — s. to 58s. Od. Ditto rough — s. to 3S) s. Good Dregs 10s. Od. Graves Us. Od. LEATHER, per lb. Butts, 50 to 561b. 23£ d. to25d. Ditto, 60to651b. 25d. to26d. Merchants backs, 23d. to 23Jd. Dressing Hides, 22d. to 24d. Fine Coach. Hides, 23d. to 25d. Crop Hides for cutting, 23d. to 25Jd. Flat ordinary, 21 id. to 22Jd. Calf Skins, 30 to 401b. per doz. 38d. to 43d. Ditto, 50 to 701b. per doz. 38d. to 42d. Ditto, 70 to 80ib. 36d. to 39d. Small Seals, per lb. 40d. to 424. Large Ditto, per doz. 123s. to 180s. Goat Skins, — s. to — s. per doz. Tanned Horse- Hides, 2ls. to 35s. per Hide. NORTHAMPTON: Printed aud Published by and tor T. DICEY and IV. SUTTON.
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