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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Volume Number: LXXXV    Issue Number: 27
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 07/09/1805
Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: LXXXV    Issue Number: 27
No Pages: 4
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ort& airi]) error?. 3 M • x Tr fW .' T'H. y'iur Vol. LXXXV. ( Ready Money is expected ( No. 27. > with Advertisements. S SATURDAY, September 7, 1805. PRICE SIXPENCE, { ; y - : Print SJd. 2Jd. Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. From the LONDON GAZETTE. WHITF. HAII, August 31, 1805. ON the morning of Wednesday next, the 4th of September, the remains, of his late Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester will be removed from Gloucester- House to Windsor, where they will be privately interred in the vault built by order of his Royal Highness, for himself and family, in the choir near the Sovereign's Stall, within the Royal Chapel of St. George; in which vault the remains of her late Highness the Princess Caroline Augusta Maria, youngest daughter of his Royal Highness, were deposited on the 22d of March, 1775. [ The Gazette contains a dispatch from Admiral Cornwallis, announcing the capture of the French frigate Didon, by the Phoenix, Captain Baker.] - w w- .. ill ll » f,.. _ w Oa M. _ LONDON, September 3. The combined fleets of the enemy have taken shelter in the harbour ot Cadiz. The Euryalus frigate has brought dispatches from Admiral Col- lingwood, dated the 21st ult. off Cadiz, which state that the combined fleets, on the preceding day, made their appearance off that harbour. They chased for a short time his small division, consisting of four sail of the line, and afterwards entered the port. Admiral Collingwood then spiritedly resumed his station, and was left off Cadiz, waiting of course for a reinforcement. His expectation on this head could not have been long protracted, as the Euryalus, on the 24th, fell in with Admiral Sir II. Calder's fleet, 20 leagues N. W. of Cape St. Vincent, and informed him of those particulars. The distance in this case being little more than 70 leagues, we are to presume that Cadiz was blockaded in 24 or 36 hours at the furthes", hy the joined squadrons under Sir Robert Calder ajul Admiral Collingwood.—- This intelli- gence was yesterday communicated to the merchants m the rity by the following Bulletin, transmitted to Lloyd's from the Admiralty. 44 ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, Sept. 2. " By a dispatch received this morning from Admi- ral Collingwood, dated the 21st ult. it appears, that on the preceding day the enemy's fleet, consisting of 27 or 2S sail of the line, with several frigates, entered that harbour, after ineilectually chasing the small squadron under the Vice- Admiral's command. " On the 21th the Euryalus, by which the dispatch Was transmitted, fell in with Sir Robert Calder's squadron 20 leazues N. W. of Cape St. Vincent's, to whom . the intelligence was communicated." On the junction which this information leads tts to expect, Sir Robert Calder would be at the head of 24 sail of the line, well appointed, and fully adequate to meet the mere numerical supe- riority of the enemy. Dispatches were this morning received from Admiral Cornwallis, that, on the morning of the 30th ult. his Majesty's frigate Melampus, the Wasp sloop of war, and a gun- brig, cruising off the . Penmarks, were chased by a French squadron, consisting of 10 sail of different descriptions, which steered S. S. E. It is supposed that they pro- ceeded to Rochefort. This squadron is Understood to be the same with that which sailed fru:; i Vigo on the 18th ult. consisting of four line of battle ships, four frigates, and two brigs. Admiral Gravina's official letter to the Prince of Peace, relating to the engagement of the 22d of July, has been published at Madrid. It nearly agrees with the improbable and self- contradictory letters of Villeneuve. But Gravina bestows 110 praises on the French. He mentions, that there were, after the action, more than 1300 persons sick and wounded on board the squadrons, and that most of the French ships had not more than six days water remaining. He promises further accounts, to be sent when he should have received the details from each ship separately. The force now under Admiral Cornwallis, com prehending the ships which he has detached under Sir Robert Calder, and those which are leaving England under orders to join him, amounts to 51 sail of the line Lord Keith, in the Edgar, of 74 guns, arrived on Friday night in the Downs, to resume his com- mand on that station. The whole of the force under his Lordship, cither employed in the blockade of Boulogne and the adjacent line of coast, or ready to put to sea at a moment's notice, consists of more than seventy vessels of all descriptions, with the exception of threc- dcckcrs. We now learn that the interment pf his Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester is not, as hi- therto stated, to take place at Westminster, but in a private manner at Windsor.— See Gazette. John Miles, a youth of eighteen years of age, who was convicted at the last Norfolk assizes of stealing two gold watches, on Tuesday last broke out of Norwich gaol. " The circumstances attend- ing his escape were extraordinary:—- after having, with the assistance of one of his fellow prisoners, contrived to reach the roof of the prison, he let himself down about five yards by the help of blankets tied together, and then, in " order to reach the top of the Shire- Hall, was obliged to drop from a height of nearly 20 feet upon the tiles, which were literally dashed to pieces where he fell. From thence throwing himself down upon the other offices also of considerable height, he finally succeeded in gaining the ground, and, not- withstanding the whole occurrence took place at noon- day, got clear off, and has not since been heard of. A shocking catastrophe occur,' cd after the race at Reading, on Wednesday last:— A young woman, 18 years of age, the only child of a respectable tradesman of that town, was walking with a party of friends near the winning- post, when two sons of Edward Goldhig, Esq. of Early- Court, running a race with their horses, one ot' them rode over and killed her on the spot. I'OTSr. p. ovr, Aug. 24th. 1805. ABSCONDED from his Family, about the 29th of July, 1805, and left them chargeable to the Parish of POTSGROVE, Beds, THOMAS G1LTRO. He is a tall, stout, raw- boned Man, about five Feet nine or ten Inches high, rather thin Visage, of a sal- low or pale Complexion, light brown Hair, inclining to a sandy Beard; his usual Dress a short Smock. Frock ; and lie has served in the Buckinghamshire Militia. Mrs. SMITH'S BOARDING- SCHOOL, BEDFORD. AReport having been circulated, that Mrs. SMITH intended giving up her School, she thinks it her Duty to inform her Friends and the Public, that it is totally unfounded, and earnestly solicits the Con- tinuance of their Favour and Support. August Tub, 1805. _ NINE NAVIGATION. AT a Meeting of the Commissioners holden in the TOWN- HA IX of NORTHAMPTON, this 30th Day of AUGUST, 1805, RESOLVED, That an Agreement be immediately entered into with such Persons as wish to contract with the Commis- sioners of the Western Division of the Navigation of the River Nine or Nen for doing such Repairs to the Bridges, I. ocks, Sluices, Banks, & c. as are at this Time indispensably necessary, and for scouring out' the Cuts where requisite, and for supporting and maintaining the said Works in a good and navigable State between Northampton and Thrapston Bridge till the first Day of May next, at a Sum to be fixed. ( F3* Proposals, sealed up, to be sent to Mr. GARD- NER, at NORTHAMPTON, on or before the 11th Day of SEPTEMEER next, to be laid before a Meeting of the Commissioners, which will be held on the 12th, at the GUILDHALL in the said Town. Northampton, 30tb Aug. 1805. G A M E. GREAT and LITTLE- OXEN DON MANORS NOTICF^ is hereby given, That all unqualified Persons who ^ ha'lLbe found sporting in cither of the above Manors will be prosecuted; and ail qua- lified Persons are requested to sport sparing! , upon them, as the Game has been of late much destmyeci. ~ DUSTON MANOR. rpiIE Game and Fish on the above Manor .1- having been very much destroyed by Poachers and other unqualified Persons last Season, I do hereby give Notice, that all such who shall in future be found trespassing thereon will most certainly be pro- secuted as the Law directs. ME I, BO URN E. Whitehall, 31 st Aug. 1S05. ( Pf" The Tenants have received Directions to dis- charge all Persons of the above Description. ' NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, riTlIAT all unqualified Persons found sporting B upon the MANOR of WAUKWORTH, in the County of Northampton, will be prosecuted. ( pr" The Keeper has Orders to dest oyall Dogs dis- turbing the Game in the Plantations. WOBUIV., Aug. 27, 1805. WHEREAS the Woods belonging to llis Grace the Duke of Bedford, in the Parishes of WOBURN, POTSGRAVE, ASPLEY, EV e RS- HOLT, MILTON, and AULDEN, lv> ve her- fore been much broke down and damaged, and tiie Game thereof disturbed and destroyed by Persons trespassing and nutting therein: Notice is hereby given, that all Persons hereafter found trespassing . n any of these Woods will be prosecuted MANOR oJITESBOROUGH. TVTOTICE is hereby given, That all unqualified AA Persons who shall be found trespassing withir the said Manor, will b" prosecuted a1, the Law directs. ( pf It is particularly requested of Gentlemen, that they will not sport upon the Manor. Biggen, 30th Aug. 1805. NUT - GATHERING. WHEREAS the Woods of WILLIAM SEI. BY, Esquire, situate i » WHADDON CHASE, and in the Parish of SHENLEY, and Hamlet of NASH, in the County of Bucks, have for several Years pasi been much injured bv Per .19s getting Nuts therein: Notice is herebv given, ihat all Persons whomsoever who shall oe guiliy of the like Trespasses hereafter, will be prosecuted with the utmost Rigour; Mr. Selby being tirrnly resolved to perseveie in the Measures adopied in the last Autumn, until the Practice shall be wholly suppressed. Winslopi, i § tb Aug. 1805. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, rl", HAT Application is intended to be made to 1 the Honourable the House of Commons in the next Session ot Parliament for Leave to bring in a Bill in order to obtain an Act for continuing the Term and altering and enlarging the Powsrs of an Act passed, in the twenty- first Year of the Reign of His present Majesty King George the Third, for more eifectually repairing the Road from the Dun- Cow, in the Town of Dunchurch, to the Town of Hillmorton, in the County of Warwick, and from thence to St. James's- End, in the Parish of Duston, in the County of Northampton, and for repealing the several Laws then in Force relating to the said Road; which Road passeth through the several Parishes or Places of Dunchurch, Bilton, and Hillmorton, in the County of Warwick; and Barby, Kilsby, Creek, otherwise Crick, Watford, West- Haddon, Long- Buckbv, East- Haddon, Holdenby, Bringto. i, Althorpe, Harleston, Dallington, and St. James's- End, Duston, ; dl in the County of Northampton.— Daied this twenty- fourth Day of August, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Five. SARACEN'S - HEAD INN, TOWCESTER. "\ 7IRILLIAM INNS begs Leave to inform his v » Friends, Gentlemen Travellers, and the Public in general, that he is removed from the WHEAT- SHEAF to the SARACEN'S- HEAP Inn, where he hopes for the Continuance of their future Favours; and at the same Time returns than his grateful Thanks for every Encouragement received while at the Wheat- Sheaf. jf5T The Saraccn's- Head Inn is commodious, well fitted up with new Beds, and has capital Stabling ; and having laid in a Stock of good WINES, LIQUORS, & c. he hopes to merit the Favours of a generous Pub- lic, whom it will eVer be his Study to accommodate. Toivcester, August 16th, 1805. 27th AUGUST, 1805. rpHE IIETR at LAW of JOHN WRIGHT, late .1 of BRAFIELD- ON- THE- GRF. EN, in the County of Northampton, Cordwainer, deceased, is desired to apply immediately ( by Letter, in the first Instance, stating his Pedigree and Relationship to the Deceased), to Mr. Arrowsniith, Solicitor, Newport- Pagnell, Bucks; or to W. Ager, Esq. 9, FurnivaPs- Inn, Hol- bora; who will thereon inform such Heir of Some- thing to his Advantage. £ The said JOHN WRIGHT died at Brafield afore- said about the Year 1784, and the following are all the Pai titulars which have been discovered relating to him and his Family, viz.— That he was a Native of Londi. n ( Parish unknown,, whence he removed to Brafield, whei - he resided several Years, and until his Death; that he had been mairied, but left no Issue; that the Deceased had a Brother Robert, and Sister Martha, who both died unman led; that his nearest Relat: on was one JAMI. ESDA'. L, who, in the Will of the said John Wrig :, is denominated his deceased Kinsman, was jy P •• es ion a Taylor, lived at Bra. field afore aio, ami u'terv ards in London ! Parish un- ki iwn), and dieci tlvre befciethe said Join Wright; that the said .1 e.. ESI. ul is simposed to have had a young. r Brother John Esdail ( likewise named in the Will of th>- . aid John Wright, his Kinsman), but re- specting whom, a/ id whether now living or dead, no Information whe evcr has been obtained. BEDFORD, 28th Aug. 1805. IX Persons mdeoted t" the Estate of the late I'll" LIP MONO UX, of SANDY- PLACE, in th County of Bedte d, Baronet, deceased, are re- queue,! to , y their respective Debts to Lady Mo- nonx ami -. i Philip Moiioux, at Sandy aforesaid, he person 1 R.- i te- entatives of the said Sir Philip Mc. noux, decea: ed; and all Persons who have any Demands on , he said Estate, are requested forthwith to s a die Particulars of the same to Mr. Kidman, at Bedford. JA be L F. T T, And entered upon at Michaelmas next, AGROV Ell's, HABERDASHER'S, and DRUGGIST'S SHOP, now in full Trade, situated in the Corn Market in Leighton- Bu- z.- z. ard, Beds. ( PF lor Particulars, enquire of WM. MAULTBY, of Leighton- Buzzard aforesaid. To Maltsters. To be L E T T, At WINSLOW, in the County of Bucks, Very neat aud convenient MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, and MALTHOUSE adjoining, capable of wetting 12 Quarters of Barley per Week, wit :, two Barns, a Stable, and all other necessary Out- buildings, and a Yard and Garden walled in. ( pf The above is a very eligible Situation for a Person who wishes to carry on the Malting Business, as there is a good Opening for a Maltster in the above Town. *** The Whoteof the Premises are in good Repair, and may be entered on at Michaelmas next. N. B. For further Particulars, apply to LANCELOT WYATT, Attorney at Law, in Winslow aforesaid. BIRMINGHAM FIRE - OFFICE. fTIIIE Directors of the BIRMINGHAM FIRE- 5. OFFICE being desirous of appointing AGENTS in the CITIES and principal TOWNS in the Kingdom, request Persons of Respectability, who would wish to be appointed, to make Application to the Secretary, who will inform them of the Allowance made for transacting the Business. By Order of the Directors, ROBERT 1NWOOD W1THERIDGE, Sec. Birmingham, 28th Aug. 180S. WILLIAM WILKINSON, AGENT at NORTHAMPTON. AC OUST 13, 1805. F" OST, or STOLEN, the following BEDFORD . A BANK NOTES, viz.' No. 5166, Value <£. 10; and No. 5774, Value £. 5. ( P?" It is requested, that any Person who can give Information respecting them, will apply to Mr. RAWLINS, Postmaster, Bedford; or to Mr. DODD, Postmaster, Woburn. BANK OF ENGLAND BILL LOST. " No. 8,308. TEN POUNDS.— Dated Ma,/, - 1805. WHOEVER may have the Bill answering the above Description, is earnestly intreated to communicate the same by Letter, directed to 7.. Y. at the Post Office, Northampton; and to any Person who may be the Means of discovering how the above- described Bill was stolen, a Reward of TK N GUINEAS will be paid, by applying as above. A1 To be A Desirable Freehold Estate. SOLD by AUCTION, By IV. 110 LT O M, On Monday the 9th Day of September, 1805, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, at Hooknorton- Lodge, in the Parish ot Hooknorton, in the County of Oxford, T? IVE Inclosed GROUNDS; containing about JL 75 Acres of rich Arable and Pasture Land, Tythe- free, lying within a Ring Fence, on that fertile Spot called WiGGiNTON- WiTHEYCoMss, in the Parish of W1GGINTON, in the said County; with a Bam Stable, and Hovel erected thereon, in thorough Re- pair. A perpetual Stream of excellent Water runs through the Yard or Backside, and there is a great Number of young thriving Oak and Ash Trees grow- ing in and near the Mounds; the Whole is in the Oc- cupation of Mr. Richard Hall, sen. whose Term ex- pires at Michaelmas, 1807. ( piT Further Particulars may be known by apply- ing to Mr. JOHN HALL, of Wigginton aforesaid; or the AUCTIONEER, in Chippingnorton, Oxon. To he POI. EBROOK, Northamptonshire. To be SOLO by PRIVATE CONTRACT, AMESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with a HOMESTEAD, ORCHARD, and BARN Ihereto adjoining, situate in POLEBROOK, in the Occupation of Thomas Danner. Also, A CLOSE of excellent PASTURE LAND; containing by Estimation five Acres ( be the samemoie or less), in the Occupation of William Hunt. Ti e above Premises are Freehold. For furtner Particulars, or to treat for the Purchase, apply to Messrs. YORKE & SHERARD, Oundle or Thrapston. G3" Any Person giving Information of the said HOMAS GII. TRO to the Parish. Officers of l'otsgrove « o that he may be had again, and brought to Justice! shall receive TWO GUINEAS Reward, of us EDWD. TAVI. OR, Churchwarden, X, „ ,, AUGUSTUS LINES, Overseer. N. B. If the said THOMAS GILTRO will immedi- ately return to his Family, and take Charge of it as usual, no further Notice will be taken of his past Conduct; but if not, on his Apprehension, he will be prosecuted to the utmost Rigour of the Law, TOWCESTER ROAD MEETING. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road leading from 1' owcester to the Turnpike- Road in Cot- ton- End, in the Parish of Hardingston, in the County of Northampton, will be held by Adjournment at the House ot Mr, STUBB:;, known by the Sign of the DUKE'S ARMS, in BLISWORTH, in the said County, on THURSDAY the 12th Day of SEPTEMBER next, at the Hour of Ehven in ihe Forenoon. By Order of the Trustees, WM. TR. SMYTH, Clerk. Northampton, 31. t< Augu t, 1805. WRNP1KE- TOLL3 TO LEFT. NOTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS a- ising for one whole Year, from the 9th Day of December next, at the Gate hereafter- mentioned, upon the Turnpike. Road leading from Towcester, through Silverston and Brackley, in the County of Northampton, and Ardlcy and Middleton- Stoney, to Weston Gate, in the Parish of Wcston- on- the- Grcen, in the County of Oxford, known by the Name of MIDDLEION- STONR. v GATE, will be LETT by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, at the House of THOMAS WILKINS, called the CROWN INN, in BRACKLEY, on TUESDIY the FIRST Day of OCTOBER next, between the Hours of Eleven and Four, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the thirteenth Year of the Reign of His present Majesty, " for re- gulating Turnpike- Roads j" which Tolls produced the last Year the Sum of sixty- one Pounds, above the Expcnce of collecting the same, and will be put up at that Sum.— And Noticc is hereby further given, that the TOLLS arising for one whole Year, from the 9th Day of December next, at the Toll- Gates upon the said Turnpike- Road, known by the Name of BURCOT- WOOD- GATE, with the CHECK- GATE, near the Soap- Oftice, and HOPPERS- FORD- GATE, with the CHECK- GATE, at Biddlesdon- Lane End, will then be separately LETT by AUCTION, at the Place and at the Time abovementioned, and will be put up at such Sum as the Trustees may then direct ( the Tolls of which said last- mentioned Gates being now col- lected under the Direction of the said Trustees.) Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder for each re- spective Gate must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction ot the said Trustees, for the Payment ot the respective Rents agreed for, ajjd at such Times as they shall direct.— And Notice is hereby further given, that new Trustees will then be elected in the Room of such Trustees as are dead, and whose Vacancies are not already filled up.— And Notice is hereby further given, that a new Clerk and Treasurer will then be elected and appointed in the Room of the present Clerk and Treasurer, who will at that Time resign the said Offices.— And Noticc is hereby further given, tliata new Surveyor will then be elected and appointed, in th « Room of the late Sur- veyor, Samuel Briscoe, deceased.— Dated the 31st of August, 1806. ROBERT WESTON, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike. Road Buckinghamshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. KNIBB, ( If not previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which timely Notice will be given,) ou Monday the 9th Day of September inst. at the Swan Inn, Newport- Pagnell, at Two o'clock in the Afternoon, rpHE MANOR of SYMPSON, with Court I Baron Quit- Rents and Royalties thereto belong- ing, late the Estate of Sir WALDEN HANMER, Bart, deceased; together with TWO capital DAIRY FARMS of exceeding rich LAND, one called the WARRENS, usually occupied with the Mansion- House, and the other in the Occupation of Thomas Cumber- land, who at present holds both the Farms as Tenant at Will. One Farm is iett at £. ISO per Annum, and the other at s£ M20 per Annum, clear of all Land- Tax. Also, in Hand, a WOOD or COPPICE of thriving young OAK TIMBER, forming a good Cover for Game; and an ARABLE CLOSE, adjoining the same, called PILCROVE WOOD CLOSE, containing together 32 Acres, more or less; and the whole Estate is Tythe- free. And also, a PUBLIC- HOUSE, called the Plough, and a CLOSE of LAND, in the Village of Sympson, adjoining the Grand Junction Canal, belonging to the same. And also, late AUSTIN'S HOUSE and PRE- MISES, adjoining the same. The Whole is a desirable Residence for a Gentleman, the same lying in the Neighbourhood of Woburn and Whittlebury, Newport- Pagnell and Stony- Stratford. — The Manor adjoins the Chester Road, and is 45 Miles from London. t-" T This Residence is upon rich Land, beautifully wooded, and watered by the- River Ouse, which forms a fine Head of Water and a good Fall, with a Cas- cade in Front of the Mansion- House.— The Grand Junction Canal passes through the Parish, by which Means there is Water- Carriage to and from London. For further Particulars and Conditions of Sale, enquire of Mr. DAVIS, Jun. Attorney, of Ampthill, Beds; ot Mr. COWLEY, of Broughton, nearNewport- Pagnell ( who will shew the Premises); and of the AUCTIONEER, at Newport- Pagnell. N. B. This gives the Appointment of Gamekeeper over a Manor well stocked with Game, and an exten- sive Fishery on the River Ouse, running round the same. WOBURN, Bedfordshire. To be SOLD by AU C TI O N, By A N D R " E IV GARDNER, On Monday, September the 16th, 1805, at the George Inn, in Woburu aforesaid, at Three o'C' Under a Commission of Bankrupt. To be SOL D by A U C T I O N, By R. M. ' JONES, On the Premises, at TOWCESTER, on Thursday and Friday the 12th and 13th of September inst. ALL the STOCK in TRADE, excellent HOUSE- HOLD- FURNITURE, PLATE, LINEN, and other EFFECTS, lately belonging to Mr. JOHN H1I. L, Grocer, Dealer and Chapman.— The STOCK in TRADE consists of Grocery in general, with Count- ers, Drawers, Scales, Weights, Measures, Mills, Mortars, & c. & c. ; a large Quantity of Candles and Tallow, of the best Quality, in Barrels; Melting Furnace; Dippingand Weighing Machine for making Candles, with every other Apparatus ( complete) for the Chandlery Business; one Four- year- old Hackney; Bridles, Saddle, Pannel, and one Cart- Filler's Har-. ness; a Number ot dry Casks, Wood, Hurdles, & c. & c.— The HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURI consists of Fea- ther and Flock Beds, Bedsteads, with Mahogany Posts, and excellent Cotton and other Furniture; Dimity and other Counterpanes; Blankets, Sheets, and Table Linen; Mahogany Dining, Card, and other Tables; Mahogany Cnest of Drawers, seven Feet high; two smaller Chests of Ditto; one Mahogany Dressing Chest; Bureau; six Mahogany Chairs and two E lbow Ditto, complete; Oak, Dining, and other Tables; Bedside and other Carpets; Clock and Case ; Chim- ney, Pier, and Swing Glasses; Plate; Glasses, China, and Earthenware; Kitchen Range and Kitchen- Fur- niture in general; Salting- Lead; Brewing Copper, Tubs, Beer Casks, with various other Effects. fjrT The Stock, & c. will be sold the first Day, and the Household- Furniture the last Day. Catalogues may be had three Days before the Sale at the Bell Inn, Northampton ; the Bull Inn, Stony- Stratford ; the Plume- of- Feathers, Daventry; the Saracen's- Head Inn, Towcester; and the Auc- tioneer, Greensnorton. N. B. The Sale will commence each Morning at Ten o'Clock. MARKF. T HARHOROUCH, Aug. 30, 1805. Leicestershire Freehold Estatr. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. R'O US E, At the Angel Inn, in Market- Harborough, in the County of Leicester, on Thursday the 19th Day of September inst. at Three o'Clock'in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall be then produced, AFREEHOLD MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with the Stables, Outbuildings, and Appurte- nances, situate in MARKET - HARBOROUGH aforesaid, called the QUE EN's- H E AD INN, now in full Business, and in the Occupation of Mr. David Oswin, who will shew the Premises. ( pf Further Particulars may be known on Appli- cation to GEORCE WARTNABY, in Market- Harborough. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT the next Meeting of the Trustees for re- pairing and widening the Road from the great Bridge in the Borough of Warwick, through Southain and Daventry, to the Town of Northampton, will be held at the SARACEN'S- HEAD INN, in DAVENTRY, on TUESDAY the TWENTY- FOURTH Day of SEPTEMBER next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon; when and where the TOLLS to arise for one Year, to com- mence from the 29th Day of September next, at the Gates or Turnpikes erected on the said Road, called the SOUTHAM GATE, the FLOORE GATE, and the NORTHAMPTON GATE, will be LETT to FARM by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder or Bidders, according to the Directions of the late Act of Parliament, for regulating Turnpike- Roads.— Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder must give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees, for Payment of the Rent at such Times as they shall direct. And at the said Meeting the Trustees will nominate and appoint a Surveyor of that Part of the said Road whk: h lies between Floore and Northampton. JOHN TOMES, Clerk to the Trustees. Warwick, 20tb August, 1805. Huntingdonshire. S O L D by AIJCT10 N, Hy Mr. MOODY, On Monday the 9th Day of September, 1805, at the White- Horse Inn, Foot of St. Ives's Bridge, between the Hours of Six and Eight o'Clock in the Evening, subject to such Conditions of Salens shall be then produced, unless before disposed of by Private Con- tract, of which timely Notice will be given, \ Most desirable FARM, in S'F. IVES; con- X* sisting of a substantial modern- built Brick and Tiled Dwelling- House, with sashed Front, fit for the Residence of a genteel Family, situate on the GREEN, one of the pleasantest Parts of the Parish; with capital Barns, Stables, Hovels, and other convenient Outbuildings; a Dovecote, well stockedi an exten- sive Farm- Yard and Stack- Yards; and a rich and fer- tile Homeclosc of fine old Pasture Land adjoining, containing by Survey 6A. 21t. 0P. ; withan Allotment on the Green in Front of the House, containing by Survey 2R. 5P. ; also of a fine old Inclosure of Pas- ture Land, containing by Survey 5A, OR. 22P. Called Claro Close, abutting upon St. Audry's Way, and not far from the Homestall; and three capital Allot- ments of new inclosed Land, one containing by Survey 16A. OR. 14P. lying in the Meadow next Holywell Fen; one other, containing bv Survey 28A. 2R. 0P, lying on the Heath, next the Somersham Turn- pike- Road; and one other, containing by Survey 84A. 1R. UP. lying in the Field, and adjoining Clare Close: Forming together as complete a Farm as any in the County; the Whole being Tythe- free, and now in the Occupation of Mr. John Brown. ( par ST. IVES is a large Market Town, considered next to Smithfield for fat and lean Cattle; pleasantly situated by the Side of the navigable River Ouze; 12 Miles from Cambridge, five Miles from Hunting- don, and 14 Miles from Potton and St. Neots; all capital Corn Markets. *** For further Particulars, and to treat for this most truly desirable Farm by Private Contract, apply to Mr. WILLIAM CLARK, at Hemingford- Abbots, near Huntingdon; or to Mr. HARRIS, Conveyancer, St. Ives. " ' Valuable Stock of Breeding Sheep. To be SOLD by A'UCTION, ( WITHOUT RESERVE,) By JOHN SANDERS, On Tuesday the 10th Day of September inst. pre. cisely at Ten o'C lock in the Morning, on the Pre- mises, at F1NHAM, near Coventry, rjIHE entire STOCK of valuable BREEDING » SHEEP of Mr. JASPER PALFREY, deceased; consisting of about 140 Ewes, 25 Rams, 80 Theaves, and 140 Lambs; and on the same Day, about 60 Wethers.— The Rams will be sold separate, and the others in Lots. IPT Catalogues will be distributed in due Time; and the Stock may be viewed the Day preceding the Sale, by applying on the Premises. *** An Attendance to the Time appointed is re- quested, as the Whole will be sold in one Day. " CAPITAL FREEHOLD ESTATES. ' In 1VHITMORF. PARK, Within from one to two Miles of the City of Coventry. To be SOLD by A U C TI O N. By H. BUTTER WORTH, At the King's- Head Inn, in the City of Coventry, 011 Friday the 13th Day of September inst. between the Hoursof Four and Eight o'Clock in the After, noon, in such Manner and subject to such Condi- tions as shall be then and there produced, Lot 1. \ LL that substantial FARM- HOUSE, - CY. with the Barns, Stables, Cow- Sheds, and Appurtenances thereunto belonging, now in the Occupation of Mr. Richard Hollick; together with several Pieces ot rrvh ARABLE, MEADOW, and PASTURE LAND, lying in a Ring- Fence, and con- taining by Admeasurement 123A. OR. 2P. be the same more or less. Lot 2. All that complete FARM- VIOUSE, with the Barns, Stables, Cow- Sheds, and Appurtenances thereunto belonging, now in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Smith; together with several Pieces of rich ARABLE, MEADOW, and PASTURE LAND, ying ina Ring Fence, and containing 134A. 1R. 14P. be the same more or less. Lot3. All that desirable FARM. ROUSE, with the Barns, Stables, Cow- Sheds, and Appurtenances thereunto belonging, now in the Occupation of Mr. ' l'heakstone; together with a MESSUAGE or TE- NEMENT, now in the Occupation of Mrs. Sedgley; with several Pieces ot rich ARABLE, MEADOW, and PASTURK LAND, lying ina Ring F nee, con- taining 65A. OR. 12P. be the same more or less. Lot 4. All that substantial and very desirable FARM- HOUSE, with the extensive and complete Bains, Stables, Cow- Sheds, and Appurtenances there- unto belonging, now in the Occupation of Mr. Theak- stone; together with several Pieces of rich ARABLE, MEADOW, and PASTURE LAND, containing 162A. 3R. 26P. be the same more or less. This Lot will be sold either with or without the Manor of Whitmore. Lot 5. All that rich FEEDING PIECE of LAND, now in the Occupation of Mr. Theakstone, situate in the Hamlet of KEARSLEY, divided by a Road from the second and fourth Lots, and known by the Nameot the SCOTCHILI., containing23A, 2R. 1GP. be the same more or less. %* The above- mentioned Estates lie altogether ina Ring Fence, are Tythe- free, and the Land- Tax has been redeemed on Parts ot them.— Possession of the Whole may be had at Lady- Day next. N. B. Descriptive Particulars of the above Estates may be had after the 13th of August, at the Crown- and- Anchor Tavern, London; and at the principal Inns in Coventry, Northampton, Leicester, Tamworth, Litchfield, Birmingham, Warwick, and Stourbridge; and for further Information, apply to Mr. H. BCTTER- WORTH, at his public Timber- Yard, in the High- Street; or to Mr. WESTON, at the Navigation- Office, Coventry; where a Plan of the Estates may be seen, and who will, on Application, shew the same. Afternoon, i'Clock in the AGenteel Modern- built HOUSE and PRE- MISES, in complete Repair, situate in George- Street, WOBURN, held under a Building Lease of his Grace the Duke of Bedford, of which 31 Years are yet unexpired, at a Ground Rent of £. 3 per An- num. The above Premises are well calculated to form a genteel Residence, Woburn being pleasantly situated, and having the Advantage ot Coaches passing to and trom London daily.— Possession may be had at Michaelmas next, 1805. ( pf The House comprises a dry Cellar, good Kitchen, two handsome" Plirlours, three comfortable Sleeping- Rooms, one Dressing- Ditto, and two Gar- rets; Wash- House and BrewhOuse, one large Barn ( which at a little Expence may be made into a Stable and Coach- House), a Garden, well walled round, & c. *** The above may be treated for by Private Con- tract, by applying to Mr. CALLOWAY, Upholsterer, No. 64, New Bond- Street, London; or the AUC- TIONEER, Woburn, Beds. N. B. There are several Fixtures which the Pur- chaser may be accommodated with at a fair Valuation. TURNPIKE- TOLLS TO BI: LEFT. From Bridge ford- Lane, in the County of Nottingham, to the Bowiing- Green at Kettering, in the County of Northampton. NOTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS arising at the several Toll- Gatcs on the South- ern Division of the said Turnpike - Road, called AYSTON TOLL- GATE, ROCKINGHAM TOLL- GATE, and GLEN- LANE TOLL- GATE, Will be put up to be LETT by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, at the FALCON INN, in UPPINGHAM, in the County of Rutland, on WEDNESDAY the SECOND Day of OCTO- BER next, between the Hours of Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon and One o'Ciock in the Afternoon, for the Term of one or three Years, as the Trustees then pre- sent shall think proper, from the 21st Day of October next, at Noon, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the thirteenth Year of His Majesty King George the Third, " for regulating Turnpike- Roads;" wjiic'h Tolls were lett the last three Years at the several Sums hereafter- mentioned, that is to say, Ayslon Toll. Gate J£\ 10S Rockingham Toll- Gate 92 Glen. Lane Toil- Gate 50 at which several Sums the said Tolls will be put up; and whoever happens to be the Best Bidders must at tlie same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the Said Turn- pikc- Road, for the Payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct. SAML. DOUGAL, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike- Road. Glattin, 29( 4 Aug. 1805. To be S O 1.1) by A U C T 1 O N, By T HACKER & CARTER, On the Premises of the Rev. E. LATTER, at the Parsonage- House at BYF1EI. D, in the County of Northampton ( who is leaving that Place), on Tues- day and Wednesday the 17th and 18th Days of Sep- tember, 1805, rpHE HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE of tlie said J. E. LATTER; comprising Bedsteads and Furni- tures ; Beds and Bedding; Mahogany Sofa; Tables and Chairs; Pier and other Glasses; China, Glass, and Stone- ware; square Oak folding Dining Tables ; Wardrobe, Bureaus, and Chests of Drawers ; Clock and Case; several Sets of Fire- Irons ; Copper, Pewter, and Brass; Kitchen Requisites; Tubs, & c. & c. ( pT To be viewed the Mornings of Sale Days till Ten o'Clock, at which Time the Sale will commence. *** Catalogues to be had in due Time at the Auc- tioneers', and Place ot Sale. TURNPIKE- TOLLS TO BF. LETT. " " IVTOTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of i~\ the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road leading from Westwood Gate, in the Parish of Knotting, in the County of Bedford, through the Towns of Rushden and Higham- Ferrers, and over Irthlingborough Bridge to the Turnpike- Road in Barton- Seagrave- Lane, in the Parish of Barton- Seagrave, in the County of North- ampton, Will be held at the GREEN- DRAGON INN, in HIOHAM- FERRERS aforesaid, on THURSDAY the 26th Day of SEPTEMBER next, at Eleven ot the Clock in the Forenoon; when and where the TOLLS arising at the Toll- Gate, called WE^ TWOOD GATE, upon the said Turnpike- Road, will be LETT to FARM by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, between the Hours of Eleven and Three, for such Term as shall be then agreed upon, and in Manner directed by an Act passed in the thirteenth Year of the Reign ot His present Majesty King George the Third, " for regulating Turnpike- Roads ;" which Tolls were lett the la^ t Year at the Sum of ^. 147, and will be put up at such Ssmas the Trustees shall think tit.— Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder must at the same Time give Se- curity, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfac ion of the Trustees, for Payment of the Rents agreed for at such Times as they shall direct. JOHN ALLEN, Clerk to the Trustee*. Higb- im- Ferrers, % tb Aug. 1805, Wednesday and Thursday's Posts. From the" LONDON GAZETTE. . . ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, Sept. 3, 1805. Extract of a letter from Captain Barton, of the Goliath, to Admiral Cornwallis, dated August 18. " I Beg leave to acquaint you, that standing in jL for Cape Prior, on the morning of the 16th. instant, three sail appeared in chace of us; we tacked, and stood towards them, and they proved to be the ships Earned In my letter of the 15th. I have the satisfaction to add, at eight P. M. we captured LaTorche French national corvette, of 18 guns and 19( 1 men, commanded by Monsieur Dehen, having on board 52 of the late Blanche's crew. Had they not separated, and night coming on vary fast, I ' sim confident La Tbpaze would have been in my possession also." The King has been pleased to appoint Sir Samuel Hood to be Colonel of the Woolwich division of the Ebyat Marine Forces. — ,,,"" f,. ayO « o " I.,—, LOND O N, September 5.. Yesterday morning were received. Paris Papers to the 23d tilt.— Bonapa* te wasat Boulogne on the 19th ujt. since which there is no further intelligence of his movements. A Gottenburgh Mail arrived yesterday morning, which brings the following important article, com- municated iira fetter from St. Petersburgh, dated August 15:—" Tli." greatest warlike preparations arc making in all part's of the Russian Empire. A messenger left this city yesterday for England, who, it is reported, is- the bearer of the treaty concluded between Russia, Sweden, and England. It is also said, that the Prussian Minister will leave this capital to- day or to- morrow. M. Novosilzoff is not yet arrived." The transports destined to carry the Russian troops are already assembled . to a considerable number at the Nore, and the whole' will very shortly proceed to their destination, as from the advanced period of the season, 110 time is to be lost in carrying the object into execution. We are happy to state, that the Phoenix frigate has had the good fortune to arrive safe with her prize the Didori. She came into Plymouth on the 3d instant. - We have likewise the satisfaction to announce the arrival of a- part at. least of " the Jamaica fleet. — The whole fleet consisted of 119 sail, and it is stated that 100 sail were seen off Cork; accounts of the remainder may therefore be cxpected in due time. ...... Mr. Thomas Johnson, a member of Colonel Williamson's corps, in Liverpool, was convicted, on Friday se'nnight, before the Mayor of that borough, in the sum of two hundred and seventy- four pounds four shillings, being the amount of his fines for non- attendance on the drills of the corps. Tn no way whatever can a small sum of money be made to produce a very laree one so speedily as in a State Lottery; and this has, no doubt, created the great support that Lotteries have received. The Scheme of the present September Lottery holds out an advantage which has not existed for many years, namely, the money given for Blanks, stnd affords the, adventurer a chance of the great Prizes at much ! e, ss than the usual risk. There have been buried, in the parish of. Holy Trinity, Hull, between- the eighth of June and the eighth of August, 70 children, all of them victims to the smoll- pox. DIE').] Oil Sundav last, in Chelsea College, at the great age of. 105, Robert S'- wifield, a pensioner; and on Mondav, Abraham Mras, aged 105, both of whom retained their faculties to . the last. \ I?" ANTED,- A steadTactive YOUTH, as an » * APPRENTICE to an IRONMONGER and SEEDSMAN. A SHOPMAN isalso WANTED in the above Trades. C3" Enquire of LONCSTAFF & SANDERS, Drapery, Northampton. y HARBOROUGH. OHN & THOMAS GREEN, WHOLESALE B RAN DY- M E RC HANTS, respectfully inform their friends and the Public in general, that they have opened a WAREHOUSE in the above Business, in the LITTLE- STREET, MARKET- HARBOROUGH; where they have now for Sale a large Stock of choice old COCNAC BRANDY, fine old JAMAICA RUM, fine PALE HOLLANDS, excellent RUM SHRUB, and all Sorts of BRITISH COMPOUNDS. ( FJR" J. Se T. GREEN humbly solicit the Favours of their Friends and the Publicin general, and hope, by unremitted Attention and Assiduity, to merit their Countenance and Support. *** Orders executed on the shortest Notice. I Jar borough, Sept. 6tb, 1805. WHITE MILLS WHARF. ESSRS. SCRIVEN respectfully inform their Friends and the Public, that they intend open- ing the above Wharf, for the SALE of COAL and COKE, as soon as the Rail- Way is complete from the Grand Junction Canal to Northampton. Sept. 5th, 1805. BANBURY, 13th August, 1805. NOTICE is hereby given, That, by the parti- cular Desire of several Gentlemen, Farmers, and Graziers, a large MARKET, for the SALE of all SORTS of CATTLE, is appointed to be held annually within this Borough, on the SECOND THURSDAY in SEPTEMBER. G A M E WHEREAS the Game on the Manors, Lands, Woods, and Estates in the Parish of CLIF- TON- REYNES, Bucks, belonging to ALEXANDER SMALL, Esq. and JOHN HIGGINS, KSQ. has of late been greatly DISTURBED and DESTROYED by various unauthorized Persons : This is to give Notice to all Persons found trespassing in Pursuit of Game on the aforesaid Properties, that they will be proceeded against according to Law. , JOHN HIGGINS. ALEX. SMALL. Clifton- Hall, Sept. 5, 1805. GAM E. XXTHEREAS the Game on PETSOE MANOR, ' i and other the Lands, Woods, and Estates in the Parish of EMBERTON, Bucks, the Property of NATHANIEL POMFIIET WILLIAMS, Esq. has of late been DISTURBED, and DESTROYED by unqua- lified and other unaitihorixeJ Persons t Notice is hereby 1 given to all Persons to desist from sporting or trespass- 1 ing on the aforesaid Manor, Wood;, and Estates, with- out Leave first had and obtained from ALEXANDER SMALL, Esq. of Clifton- Reyncs; or those so offend- ing will be prosecuted without further Notice. NATHANIEL POMFRET WILLIAMS. Lletherllcstry.. House, Sept 5th, 1805. WISBECH CANAL & RIVER NENE TRUST. NOTICE is hereby given, That the NAVI- GATION from the WISBECH CANAL to SALTERSLODE SLUICE, will be STOPPED about the Middle of SEPTEMBER instant, for three Weeks or a Month, for the Purpose of scouring out a Part of Well Creek. Further Notice will be given of the Day of stopping the Navigation. BELLAMY and GIRDLESTONE, Wisbech, Sept. 2, 1805. Treasurers to the Trustees. STAMP • OFFICE, NORTHAMPTON. SEPTEMBER 7, 1805. NOTICE is hereby given, that the LICENCES granted in Pursuance of several Acts of Parlia- ment, and under the Management of His Majesty's Commissioners of Stamps, commenced on the fol- lowing Days, viz. Annual Amount. £. s. d. Pawnbroker's Licence Duty, July 6, 1785 5 0 0 Penalty for not taking out a Licence,? p , and renewing the same annually rm" r° un<*. Medicine Licence Duty, September 2, 1802, within any City, Borough, or Town Cor- porate Ditto, Ditto ( in any Village, Sec.) . Penalty for not taking out a Licence,, and renewing the same annuallv . -' Hat Licence Duty, October 2d, 1784. Penalty for not taking out a Licence,, and renewing the same annually ..' £ 3" And whereas many Persons neglect to renew their respective Licences, till Notice of their being expired is tent them; they are hereby informed, that 0 10 0 .".'."."... 0 5 0 Five Pounds. ^ 0 5 0 Fifty Pounds. Valuable Freehold Estates and Mines. To be . SOLD by AUCTION, By RICHARD CRUMP, At the George Inn, in Walsall, in the County of Stafford, on Monday the 30th of September, 1805, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon ( unless sooner disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given,) To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By JOSEPH DUDLEY, On Thursday the 26th Day of September, 1805, and the following Day, on the Premises of the late Mr. CORBETT, of SHULSWELL, in the County of . Oxford, deceased, tj ALL the valuable LIVE and DEAD STOCK in the Dairy Line of Business; comprising, up- wards of SO useful Dairy Cows; three stout Draught Horses, with Harness; Waggons and Carts; Dairy The following ESTATES, in Lots: _ __ ^^ ^ Lotl. A. N eligible FREEHOLD ESTATE, called j Vessel* in generaT-' the Herba^' of 180 Acres'of LL'nS jL\- GOSCOTT - LODGE, in the Foreign of, till the 11th Day of December next, which will be WALSALL, and County of Stafford ; consisting of, divided into convenient Lots ; together with the Whole a good House and substantial Outbuildings, and fifty- : of the neat Household- Furniture. & c. Sec . u.— A ' ' • - t,- r. -. « - T>. .1. ft- S- TU.. C„ t 1,11 ' _ . , r< three Acres of Land, in a Ring Fence, with Fish- Ponds and Pleasure- Grounds, recently laid out in the modern Taste.— The Land is principally Meadow and Pasture, and about 20 Acres may be watered at Plea- sure. There is a considerable Stream of Water runs through the Premises, which may be applied for the Purpose of turning a Mill; and there is a good Scite on the Premises to build on. The Manorial Rights of the Manor of Goscott will be sold with the Estate; and the Situation is well calculated for a Person who is fond of rural Amusements, and who wishes to retire from Business.— Considerable proved Mines of Coal and Iron- Stone are under the Estate, which is distant from Walsall two Miles, and from Birmingham ten. Lot 2. TWO CLOSESof LAND, adjoining Lotl, containing nine Acres, in the Parish of RUSHALL, in the said County of Stafford, and free of Corn Tythes. Lot 3. A valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at GOSCOTT aforesaid, containing about 100 Acres, under 20 of which the Mines have be- m got, and the Remainder is unwrought. The Colliery is - now in full Work; anil- the Wyrley and Essington Canal, which opens an easy Communication through the Co- ventry, Oxforc', " and Grand Junction Canals, to the Metropolis, passes through the Work's, in a M which affords every possible Advantage of Water riage. The Coal Mines only at present are wrought, . ft3" The Sale will begin each Day exactly at Eleven o'Clock. • « * Catalogues, with Particulars and Conditions of^ Sale, will be given in a tevf Days. suih Notices are not. requited by the Act of Parlia- j j1^!!^ Itpn, StOTe,_ of meat; and that all Persons neglecting to take out, or renew their Licences regulatly, will be liable to be MANOR or BLUNIIAM. WHEREAS the Game oil the above Manor has been most shamefully destroyed of late Years: This is to give Notice, that all unqualified Persons found sporting thereon, will be prosecuted with the utmost Severity; and all qualified Persons are hereby requested to desist therefrom. JOHN CAMPBELL. MANOR oi HAMERTON, Huntingdonshire. T^ HE Game on the above Manor being intended - I- to be preserved, all qualified Persons are requested not to sport thereon; and all unqualified Persons found trespassing on the said Manor will be prose- cuted. Hamcrton, Sept. 3, 1805. \, 17 ANTED immediately, A steady active LAD, * * as an APPRENTICE to an 1RON- MONG ER.— A Premium will be expected. ' TEnquire of M. BURRELL, Ironmonger, & c. Ouudle, Northamptonshire. To PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. ' T'i7" ANTED, An APPRENTICE to a SUR- » ' V GEON, Sec. in a healthv Market- Town. As hewill be treated as one of the Family, and every Attention paid to his- Professional Education, a hand- some Premium will be expccted. Applications to be made to Mr. F. DGF,, Drug- gi. t, Northampton.— Letters must be Post- paid. To DRAPERS. AYoung MAN, 18 Years of Age, who has been in a Merchant's Counting- House near two Years, wishes to serve three Years as APPRENTICE to a DRAPER. (£ 3° Any Person whom this may suit, is requested toapplytoMr. SMITH, S'ationer, Bedford. To UPHOLSTERERS 4- CABINET- MAKERS. ASITUATION is WANTED for a LAD in the above Businesses. Further Particulars may be known bv applying to Mrs. JENKINSON, Printer and Bookseller, Huntingdon. ( J5J* Letters, Post- paid, will be duly answered. To MARBLE- MASONS. • VVTANTED, TWO Journeymen MARBLE- ' ' MASONS, who may meet with constant Employ and good Wages, by applying to J. WHITING, Northampton ; or at the ROY AL DF. PST, Weedon- Beck, Northamptonshire. TVTOTICE is hereby given, That Application is J-^ l intended to be made in the rfext Sessions of Parliament tor an Act to enable the Bailiff, Burgesses, and Commonalty of the Borough of DAVENTRY, to PURCHASE and REBUILD the MOOT- HALL, and to make such Regulations, Erections, and Build- ings, as may be thought necessary for the Improvement of the Market in Daventry, in the County of North- ampton ; and for Paving, Repairing, Scavenging, Cleansing, Lighting, and Improving the Streets and Highways within the Town of Daventry.— Dated the " 1th Day of September, 1S05. By Order ot the Bailiffs and Burgesses, EDM. BURTON, Town- Clerk. BEDIORDSIIIRF, AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY." NOTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of the Committee of this Society will be holden, at the SESSIONS- HOUSE, BEDFORD, 011 THURSDAY the 12th Day of SEPTEMRER instant ( being the second Day of the Races), about Four o'Clock in the After- noon, for the Purpose of determining on the Premiums to be oftl'ied by this Society, to the different Classes of Candidates, at'the next General Meeting. ( Signed) WM. WHITWORTH, Secretary. Bedford, ' id. Sept. 1805. To be LETT, And entered upon at Michaelmas next, or at St. Thomas or Lady- Day, as may be agreed upon, ANew- built commodious HOUSE, situated in GOLD- STREET, NORTHAMPTON, standing well for a Draper or any other Trade, late in the Oc- cupation of Richard Stanton, Draper ; containing a good Cellar, Shop, Kitchen, Back- Kitchen, Dining- Room, and other good Lodging- Rooms. For Particulars, enquire of WILLIAM MORGAN-, Gold- Street, Northampton^ or . ot JOHN MORGAN, sen. Daventry; by whom. a JOURNEYMAN SACKINC- WEAVER is WANTED. which Specimens may be seen on the Spot. Excellent Limestone is got within the Distance of two Miles, prosecuted for the Penalties incuired, without further j ^ Situations are so well calculated to establish Notice. J CI ARK j extensive Iron- Works upoiy. There are proper En- j gines on the Premises to raise the Mine Water, and Winding- Engines for the Purpose of raising the Coal. — The Strata of Coal now getting is 14 Feet 6 Inches thick, which may be seen on Inspection of the Mines, and over which is an excellent Rock Roof. The the extensive Lime- Works in the Neighbourhood.— The Premises are at present under Lease, but Terms are made with the Leasees for cancelling the Lease CRANFO RD- ST.- JOIIN LNCLOSU RE. " VTOTICE is hereby given, That Proposals in - L'l Writing will be received at Mr. MARSHALL'S OFFICE, at KETTERING, till the 20th Day of SEP- TEMBER next, from any Person or Persons desirous to contract for the Tythe- fencing the same, to be done with three Rails of a Side of durable Wood, Oak Posts, and two Rows of good White- Thorn Quicks, well planted, with proper Ditches j upon the Sale of the Estate ; and the Purchase. Moncy THO- MARSHALL, Sotoor^ { or th, Mines wiu be taken'bv Instalments. WtNSLOw, S. ept, 4, 1805. Lot i. A new and complete IRON FOUNDRY, NOTICE is hereby given, That the next Half- with proper Air- Furnaces; also, a Boring- Mill and yearly Meeting of the TrusteesoftheTurnpi. ee- I worked by an Engine, a Pattern Shop, Road leading from Wendover to Buckingham, in the ! fmith's Shop, Drying- Stoves, and a great Variety of n........ 1, ...: i, l. u .... 1 - I ran Rnvpc anrl PofMi- no iv,. H e nnpc onrl Bedfordshire. Shortly will be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. CHRISTIE, At the Great Room, in Pall- Mall, London, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, IN SEVENTEEN LOTS, ACAPITAL and VALUABLE FREEHOLD, and greatest Part TYTHI- FREI ESTATE, situate adjoining to the great Turnpike- Road from London to Nirthampton, about three Miles from LEIGHTON- BUZZARD and the newly- completed Branch of the* GRAND JUNCTION CANAL, three from DUNSTABLE, seven from WOBURN, and 36 from LONDON, in the COUNTY of BEDFORD; consisting of the MANOR and entire PARISH of TILSWORTH ( except a few Acres)} the ADVOWSON of the VICAR ACE of TILSWORTH; TWO WOODS of valuable TIMRER and thriving Un. DERWOOD; EIGHT compact FARMS, with good Farm- Houses, Barns, and all necessary Buildings; L. IC I the Red- Lion and Bull Inns, and the Blackoiids a Manner ! Public- House; and sundry Farm- Houses', Messuages, / ater- Car- | Tenements, and Lands, in the adjoining Parishes of CHALGRAVE, HOCKLIFFE, and STANDBRIDGE ; con- taining in the Whole ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED andTWF. NTY- SEVIN ACRES of product ive Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Wood Land, in the Occupation of respectable Tenan. s, whose Terms will expire at Lady- Day next, and capable ot great Improvement. ( PT Mr. JOHN W ILLISON, the Woodman, at Tils- wortn, will shew the Estate; and Particulars may be had of Mr. JAMES RILEY, Chicherlev, near New- port- Pagnell; the Printers of the Northampton Mer- cury; at the Red Lion, Hocklifle; Sugar- Loaf, Dun- stable; the Rainbow Coffee- House, Cornhill; and of Mr. CHRISTIE, Pali- Mall, London. 1 WANTED, TERERS.- TWO JOURNEYMEN PLAIS- - To good Hands 4s. od. per Day will be given. ( PJ" Apply to JOHN STEVENS, Plaisterer, Woburn, Beds.— Letters ( Post- paid) duly. attended to. To TAYLORS. WANTED, immediately, A FOREMAN, to superintend tiie Business.— One who perfectly understands cutting will meet, with constant Employ and a handsome Salary, by applying to DANIEL NICHOLS, Olney, Bucks. WANTED immediately, A sober, steady MAN, to work in a BREWERY. He must well understand the Business of a Cooper, as he will be expected to mend and keep the Casks in complete Order.- A Person answering the above Description may meet with constant Wotk and good Wages, by applying personally to W. SMITH, Little- Bowden Ere-. very, Northamptonshire. (£ S* None need apply except they can be well re. commended from their last Place. To IRONMONGERS. To be DISPOSED OF, at a fair Valuation, ' I1E STOCK in TRADE of Mr. John Seuton, near the Market- Hill, DAVENTRY, North- amptonshire; consisting of a well- selected Assort- ment of Ironmongery Goods— Also, to be LETT, a suitable PART of the DWELLING- HOUSE, now in the Occupation of Mr. Seaton, whose bad State of Health is the only Motive. for declining Trade. ( tSr The Shop, which is a modern roomy Building, and the Situation undeniable, is fit for the above or any other Business, or may be converted into a handsome Parlour for a private Family. *** Further Particulars may be known by Appli- cation on the Premises; or of Mr. S. OAKDEN, Soli- citor, or of Mr. WILLIAM MUMFORD, of Daventry; if by Letter, Post- paid. County of Bucks, will be held at the BELL INN, WINSLOW, in the said County, on FRIDAY the FOURTH Day of OCTOBER next, at Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon, LANCELOT WYATT, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike- Road. TURN PIKE- TOLLS TO HE LET T. " VTOTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS arising at the Toll- Gates at RUGBY and BROWNS- OVER, situate upon the Turnpike- Road I - ailing from Dunchurch to Lutterworth, with the Profits of the WEIGHING- MACHINE, at Brownsover Wharf, will be LETT by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, at the WHEAT- SHEAF INN, in RUGBY, on TUESDAY the 24th of SEPTEMBER next, between the Hours of Two and Three in the Afternoon, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th Year of the Reign of His, Majesty King. George the Third, " for regulating the Turnpike- Roads."— Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the. said Turnpike- Road, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct. JOHN CALDECOTT, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike- Road. Rugby, 29// J August, 1805. Freehold Residence and Land, with Trout Stream, GREAT- BERKHAMPSTEAD, HERTS. To be SOLD b » A U C T I O N, By Mr. ROBINS, At Garraway's ' Coffee- House, ' Change- Alley, C6m- hill, London, 011 Tuesday the first Day of October, at Twelve o'Clock, VSingularly desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, the Land- Tax redeemed; comprising an eligible modern Brick built DWELLING- HOUSE, contain- ing convenient Accommodation for a large Family, with Offices, excellent Cellars, & c. detached Wash- house, Brewhouse, and Landry; good Stabling for 10 Horses, and double Coach- House, with other requi- site Offices; Green- House, Dovecote, Barns, and other Buildings; a spacious Kitchen, in complete Order; Pleasure Grounds, Walks, Shrubberies, with two Fish- Ponds, and a Trout Stream running through the Premises; two excellent Orchards, and four In- Closures of rich Meadow Land; the Whole contain- ing about 14 Acres, well supplied with Water, and the Grand Junction Canal runs through the Premises. ( J3T May be viewed by applying on the Premises, where Particulars may be had; at the Post- Houses, Berkhamostead, and Abbots - Langley ; the Essex- Arms, Waterford; at Garraway's; and of Mr. Robins, Warwick- Street, Golden- Square, London. TEXT" ANTED, in a Gentleman's Family near » ' Northampton, the following Servants, viz. A FOOTMAN, a CQOK, and TWO HOUSE- MAIDS, who can tuash andiron. They must bring food Characters from their last Places, and perfectly understand their Business. £ 3* Enquire of the Printers of this Paper; if by Letter, Post- paid. *\ 7J7" AN'TF, D, in a Gentleman's Family, A stout, > T healthy, young WOMAN, as HOUSEMAID ( where there is but one kept). Cood Wages will be given to any one who has been in that Capacity, and can bring a good Character from her litst Place for Activity and Cleanliness; it is hoped nore other will apply. ' • 1 CT Application to be made to M. ROBFRTS, White- Hart, Kettering; or at the PRrjiT} NO- OJFIOE, NoKTlt AMTTON ; if bv I. CttW, PoSt- ptlid. N. B. A KITCHEN- MAID - is also WANTED. — No Diory.— Apply its above. Leicestershire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. FARMER, On Saturday the 28th of September, 1805, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the White- Lion Inn, Leicester, The following very desirable Freehold Estates, IN LOTS, AS UNDER :— Lot 1. \ CLOSE of very rich FEEDING or xA. PASTURE LAND, near 90 Acres; a STORE or BREEDING CLOSE, upwards of 25 Acres; and FOUR ME AD'OWS, together upwards of 28 Acres, all lying within a Ring Fence; situate in' the Lordship of KNAPTOFT, and County of Lei- cester, near the ' l'urnpike- Road from Leicester to Wel- ford, and distant about ten Miles from Leicester, and about seven Miles from Welfbrd, Lutterworth, and Harborough, in the Occupation of Messrs. Oldacres. gCT The Land- Tax is redeemed; and all the other Outgoings, for Levies, Compositions, & c. including a Payment of £. 1 6sr8d. per Annum as the Pro- portion in Respect of this Estate towards the Modus or annual Payment of =£. 10 made for the Tythes of the whole Lordship, which contains upwards of 1000 Acres, have not communlbus Annis amounted to j£. 18 per A- nnum. Lot2. SEVERAL CLOSES, divided into conve- nient occupancy Plots, containing together upwards of 150 Acres, lying within a Ring Fence; with a new- erected HOUSE, calculated either for a Gentle- man or a Farmer and Grazier, most pleasantly situated near the Centre of the Estate, and commanding ex- tensive Views, with a Barn and Farm- Yard for the Occupancy of the more remote Part, and several thriving PLANTATIONS, situate in the Lordship of OADBY, and County of Leicester, on the Turn- pike- Road from Leicester to London, and distant from Leicester about four Miles, in the Occupation of Messrs. Flude & Needham. Lot 3. A commodious and substantial FARM- HOUSE, with a Barn, Stable, and other Buildings, a good Farm- Yard and Homestead adjoining, together upwards of three Roods, in the Town of OADBY, in the Occupation of Messrs. Flude & Needham ; ahd a CLOSE, near the Town, containing about three Acres, in the Occupation of -—- Smalley. Q^ T The Estate at Oadby is, discharged by; Act- of Parliament from all Rectorial Tythes, and chargeable only with a very small certain annual Sum in. Com- pensation of Vicarial Tythes, and the Land- Tax is redeemed. Oadby is distant about seven Miles from Knaptoft. - • % « Part of the Purchase Monies may remain on Mortgage, if desirable to the Purchasers. The Estates are occupied by very respectable and desirable Tenants; but the. actual Possession may be had, if required, at Lady- Day, at which Time the Purchases are proposed to be completed. N. B. For further Particulars, and for Directions for the Estates being shewn, apply at the Law- Offices of Messrs. PARES, MILES, & ALSTON, Leicester. BEDFORDSHIRE. Great Tythes, Manorial Rights, and Farm, Between BIGCLESWADS and HITCHIN. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. ROBINS, At - arraway's ' Coffee- House, ' Change- Alley, Corn- h'll, London, on Tuesday the first of October, at T. velve o'Clock, in two Lots, Lot 1. rpHE GREAT TYTHES of CORN, J_ GRAIN, and HAY arising from Lands, comprising the whole Parish of LANG FORD ; con- taining upwards of 2000 Acres, 1600 of which are in Cultivation, and Meadow, Part inclosed, the Re- mainder in open Fields, lett in one Sum, with the 43 Acres undermentioned, to Messrs. Norman & Thody, who have Notice to quit at Ladv- Day, 180fi. Also the MANORIAL RIGHTS of the said RECTORY, with Fines, Quit- Rents, & c. lorming a valuable and improvable Property. Lot 2. An ESTATE, Part Freehold, Part Copy- hold, in the Parish of LANG FORD ; comprising a small Farm, by Estimation 43 Acres, of Meadow. and Arable Land. May be viewed by applying to Messrs. Nor- man & Thody, the Tenants, at Broom, near Biggles- wade; William Wilshere, Esq. at Hitchin, of whom Particulars may be had; and of Mr. Thomas Trutuper, Ha'refield, near Uxbridge; also at the Red- I. ion and Green- M<( n, Barr. et; Salisbury- Arms, Hatfield; White- Horse, fialdp. ck; Swan, Stevenage; Cock, Eaton; White- Hart, Biggleswade; Swan, Bedford, George, Northampton; George, Woburn; Sugar- Loaf, Dunstable; at Garraway's; and of Mr. Robins, Warwick- Street, Golden- Square, London. FOR THE TEETH. TROTTER'S POWDER, patronized and used byHis Royal Highness the Duke of Kent, and Gentlemen in the Navy and Army, who have found the good Effects in long Voyages. Trotter's Oriental Dentifrice, or Asiatic Tooth- Powder, has been for twenty Years recommended to the Attention of the Public. Those who have not tried the Etlect of this " excellent Dentifrice will find a single Box a sufficient Quantity to ascertain its - Efficacy' and Virtues, being acknowledged by the mostrespectable Medical Autho- rities, used by many, and recommended. The Powder cleanses and beautifies the Teeth, sweetens the Breath, possesses no Acid that can corrode the Enamel, and puts a beautiful Polish on the Teeth. From its Astringency, it strengthens the Gums, eradicates the Scurvy ( which often proves the Destruction of a whole Set of Teeth), preserves sound Teeth from Decay, se- cures decayed Teeth from becoming worse, fastens those which are loose, and proves the happy Means of preventing their being drawn. But what has en- hanced it in the Estimation of those who have been in the Habit of using it, is, that it prevents the Return of the Tooth- achfwith which, before that Period, they had been violently afflicted, i— Likewise a Tincture, which possesses the Power of easing the most violent Tooth- ach, and is a Wash with the Powder.— A Caution is necessary against purchasing without " M. Trotter,", on the Stamp on the Top of the Box. AU others are Counterfeits.— Powder2s. 9d. aBox; Tincture Ditto; Brushes Is. each. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by the Proprietor, No. 3, Beaufort- Buildings, Strand; and by Appoint- ment, by Dicev & Sutton, and Edmonds, Northamp- ton; Btiller, Oxford; and Walker, Gloucester. Iron Boxes and Patterns, with Cranes, and every other useful and convenient Utensil for carrying on an extensive Trade, situate near to the Canal, and within a hundred Yards of the Colliery.— The Stock to be taken at a Valuation, and to be paid for by such Instalmcnts- as- shall be specified iu the Conditions of Sale. Apply to Mr. FORSTER, Banker, Walsall; Mr. DARSON, Rushall- Hall; or to Mr. CURTIS, Walsall, who has Plans of the Estates, and who will appoint a Person to shew them. CAHLl'ON, CHELLINGTON, & STEVENTON INCLOSURE. WE, the undersigned Commissioners, ap- pointed to carry into Execution an Act of Parliament passed in the last Session of Parliament, entitled, " An Act for inclosing Lands in the Pa- " rishes of CARLTON, CHELLINGTON, and " STEVENTON, in the County of Bedford," do hereby give Notice, That we have set out and ap- pointed the following Public Carriage- Road, and Bridle- Roads, through and over the Lands and Grounds by the said. Act directed to be divided and inclosed, which are ascertained and marked out by Posts or Stakes; and that we have caused a Map to be pre- pared, in which such intended Roads are accurately laid down and described, which is signed by us, and deposited with Mr. JOHN GARRARD, of OLNEY, in the County of Buckingham, one of our Clerks, for the Inspection of all Persons concerned; and further, that a Meeting will be field by us at the House of ROBERT EVLKS, commonly called the TINKER INN, in TURVEY, in the County of Bedford, on MONDAY the 30th Day of SEPTEMBER instant; at which any Person. oicPersons, who may be injured or aggrieved by the setting out of any such Roads, may attend and be heard. WM. COLLISSON, EDWD. PLATT, JOHN DAVIS. In the Parishes of CARLTON and CHELLINGTON, or one of them. PUBLIC CARR 1 ACE- ROAD. The Turvey Road— Leading from a Street in Carlton, opposite Hollick's Lane, in its present Direction, across Branchmead Field to Fairy's Green, and from thence to Carlton Church, and along the South Side of Church Pieces to Spring Close Gate ( being instead of the public Road heretofore set out by this Name). PUBLIC BRIDLE- ROAD. Grimescroft Bridle - Road— Branching out of the Grimescroft Road at the Homestead of Thos. Pinkerd, and leading between the Homesteads of Lord Hamp- den, William Steff, and Thomas Alston, Esq. at Rook- End, and proceeding in or near the Direction of the present Road, over the Furlong shooting to Hannakin- Lane, to the Pavingham Road ( being instead of the public Bridle- Road heretofore set out by this Name). In the Parish of STEFENTON ( in Addition to the Roads heretofore set outJ. PUBLIC BRIDLE- ROAD, and PRIVATE CARRIAGE and DRIFT- ROAD. Bromham Bridle- Road— Branching out of an ancient Lane at Park- End, and proceeding over the North Side of Park Field to a Gate leading into the Parish of Bromham. PUBLIC BRIDLE- ROAD. Turvey Bridle- Road— Branching out of the Turvey Road a; Duek. End- Green, and leading by the South- End of Cotton Furlong, the South Side of Loose- Hill Close, over the Common between Outstds Leys and Broad- Oak Piece, the North Side of Pixhill Backside- Field, and from thence by the Pixhill old Inclosures to a Gate on the South Side of Lawn Fur- long, and into the Turnpike- Road. FRESENT MONTH, 30/ A September, The STATE- LOTTERY commences DRAWING. STATE- LOTTERY for 1305, Begins drawing 30th SEPTEMBER. * TICKETS and SHARES for the above Lottery are on Sale at HAZARD, BURNE, & Co.' s State- Lottery- Office, No. 93, under the Royal- Erchange, London. C" T Letters ( Post- paid)' duly answered, and Schemes gratis. *,* Country Orders, accompanied with short- dated Bills on London, Post- Office Orders, or Cash in Par- cel by Coach or Carrier, punctually attended to, and Correspondents may depend 011 being treated exactly on the same Terms as if personally present. TICKETS AND SHARES ARR ALSO ON SALE AT Mr. J. ABEL'S, Bookseller, NORTHAMPTON, Licensed Agent for HAZARD, BURNE, & Co. LONDON: 26, CORNHILL; 52, CUARING- CROSS; and ST. MARGARET'S- HII. L, BOROUGH. HORNSBY & Co. respectfully acquaint their Country Correspondents, that they mav be supplied with Tickets, Halves, Quarters', Eighths, and Sixteenth Shares, in the pretent State Lottery, in great Variety of Nunjbers, and at the lowest Prices, at any of the above State- Lottery Offices. Prizes paid 011 Demand, whether a =£. 20 or a aC. 20,000. Orders by Mail- Guard, Carrier, or Post, executed on the same Terms as it' present. The Lottery begins Drawing the 30th of this Month, HORNSBY & Co. Have sold, shared, and registered, two Prizes of THIRTY THOUSAND POUNDS, Prizes of •£. 20,000 15,000 10,000 5,000 Prizes of £. 1,001) — 1,000 — 300 Sec. tec. Sec. Cox's grand Prizes and the Pigot grand Diamond, were sold by HORNSBY & Co. London. MCKETS and SHARES are 011 SALE by RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, & Co. ... o Bank Buildings. Cornhill, and facing the Gate of the j the new Scailbkl opposite the Debtor's Door, Newl On Saturday last was published ( adorned with an elegant Frontispiece, designed by Ryley, and en- graved by Jetferies), NUMBER I. accurately printed in Octavo, Price only SIXPENCE ( to be continued Weekly till the Work is completed), of THE new and complete NEWGATE CALEN- DAR; or, MALEFACTOR'S UNIVERSAL REGISTER: Containing new, complete, and au- thentic Accounts of all the Lives, Adventures, Trials, Executions, and last dying Speeches ( as well as Letters to their Relatives, never before published,) of the most notorious Malefactors of all Denomina- tions, who have suffered Death, and other exemplary Punishments, in England, Scotland, and Ireland, from the Year 1700 to the present Year, interspersed with Notes, Reflections, and Remarks, arising from the several Subjects, moral, useful, and entertaining, and properly arranged from the Records of Court. By WILLIAM JACKSON, Esq. Of the Inner Temple, Student at Law. A List of some ( the Whole being too numerous here to mention) of the Copper- Plates which will be given in this Work. The Frontispiece— The new Method ot executing Criminals on the Top of the New Surrey Gaol, South- wark— Governor Wall, in his Cell in Newgate, taking Leave of his Wife— A correct Representation of tiie new House of Correction, Clerkenwsll— A11 exact View of the Execution of the Mutineers at the Nore — Tile Ducking of John Osborn and his Wife at Tring, Herts, on a Charge of Witchcraft— The Smug- glers breaking open the Custom- House at Poole— Jonathan Wild pelted by the Mob on his Way to Tyburn— John Williamson, who starved his Wife to Death— Earl of Ferrers shooting his Steward— Jack Sheppard chained and hand- cuffed in Newgate— George Barrington picking the Pocket of J. Brown, Esq.— Theodore Gardelle burning Mr. King's Body in Lei- cester- Fields— Catherine Hayes cutting 0If her Hus- band's Head, and her being burnt for this Crime- John Hayes's Head exposed to be owned in St. Mar- garet's Church- Yard, Westminster— Ryland cutting his Throat on seeing the Officers of Justice— Repre- sentation of the Manner of executing Criminals on King's Mews, Charing- Cross, London; Also at the Licensed Office of BANBURY. Mr. IT. RUSHER, Booksellei, SCHEME. 3 Prizes of =£ 20,000 3 10,000 3 5,000 4 Prizes of 6 10 =£. 2,000 ... 1,000 ... 500 Sec. & c. tec. The lowest Prize £.' 20; also the three thousand first- drawn Blanks will be entitled to *£. 10 each, making 7,619 Benefits. RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, & Co. recommend an immediate Purchase, there bfcing only twenty- five Thousand Tickets in the present Lottery ( five thousand less than in the last), and from the Scheme being uni- versally approved, and the Demand very great, Tickets will be scarce, and must advance considerably. Bl To the LADIES of NORTHAMPTON and its Vicinity. Beauty, Health, and a pearly Set of ' Teeth, May be obtained, and preserved to old Age, by the Use of UTLER's RESTORATIVE TOOTH- POWDER, from the original Recipe of the late Dr. P. H. DIMSDALS, patronized and used by the Queen and Princesses, the Empress of Russia, and most of the Nobility. This Powder is prepared from Vegetables, and is entirely free from the Acid, or any Mineral Substance. It destroys the- Scurvy, imparts a Firmness and beautiful Redness to the Gums; to the Breath the most delectable Sweetness; and, if used constantly, will render the Teeth of a pearly Whiteness, and pre- vent that dreadful Malady the Tooth- ach. Many Medical Gentlemen who use it, declare it a fine Bracer, eradicating the" Foulness to which the Mouth is subject from Diet or disordered Lungs ; and by its healing, purifying, and balsamic Qualities, frees the Mouth from aiiy unpleasant Taste. Sold Wholesale and Retail by Mr. BUTLER, NO. 4, Cheapside, London; and Retail by most Medicine Venders and Perfumers in every Town, in Boxes at 2s. 9d, each. >.- « -. gate— The Rev. Dr. Dodd at the Place of Execution — An exact. View of the New Prison, Clerke. iwell— William Guest drawn on a Sledge to Tyburn— William Page ( the notorious Highwayman) robbing a Gentle, man near Putney— The Mode ot hanging Pirates at Execution- Dock— John Smith cut down at Tyburn, in Consequence of a Reprieve which came five - Mi- nutes after he had been turned off—' The Manner ot whipping Delinquents in the Sessions- House- Yard, Old Baiiey— Prospect of the New Sessions- House—> Fiyam Lazarus, in Company with Levi Weil, the Jew Doctor, going to shoot Mrs. Hutchins, at Chel sea— The Bellman of St. Sepulchre's speaking the admonitory Words formerly used to the Malefactors going to be executed at Tyburn— Johnson and Stockdale lobbing and shooting the Postman near Edmonton- Hawkins and Simpson robbing the Mail near Coln- brook— Three Copper- Plates relating to the Cruelties perpetrated by that Monster of Iniquity, Elizabeth Brownrigg— Johnson shooting Mr. Spurting, Head Turnkey of Newgate— Different Plates respecting tha bloody and inhuman Practices of the S nugglers, who most cruelly murdered Chater, Galley, Sec.— The Body of a Murderer exposed in Surgeons' Hall- Roach, • EUiotte, and Gould, stealing a leaden Coffin from the Vault of Aldermanbury Church— Jack Ketch arrested and taken into Custody, when attending a Malefactor to Tyburn— Lewis Houssart cutting his Wife's Throat with a Razor, near Shoreditch— Charlej Drew shooting his own Father at Long- Meitbrd, in Suffolk—^" Richardson and Conway murdering Mr. Venables and Mr. Rogers, near Whitechapel, & c. & c„ The first Number being intend - d as a Specimen of. this Performance, may be returned if not approved. %* This useful and entertaining Work being just printed off, and thoroughly completed, in eighty- eight • Numbers, may be had by one, two, or more Num- bers at a Time, Price only Sixpence each, or the Whole together in six Volumes, Octavo, bound and lettered, Price £ 2 16s. ' London: Printed for the Proprietors, by ALEX. Hoc. 0 Se Co. at the. King's-\ rms, in Paternoster. Row-; and may be had of all Booksell- rs and News, men in England, Wales, Scot lend, and Ireland, iSWSfll Friday and Saturday's Posts. LONDON., September 6. YESTERDAY the further intelligence - arrived) that the combined fleets of the enemy re- mained at t adiz on the 23d ult. and that the Car- thagena squadron was in that port on the 15th of the same month. This latter information was brought by the Cameleon sloop of war, which left Gibraltar 011 the 23d of August. A few hours after she sailed, she fell in with the united squa- drons of Admirals Collingwood aud Bickerton,. making a force of eight sail of the line, steering for Cadiz; and on the next day, with Sir R. Calder's squadron, about 25 miles north- west of Cape St. Vincent's, steering direct for C adiz.— ' The junction of these squadrons would constitute a fleet of 26 sail of the line. The . combined . CO MftflTTE- F.. GENERAL INFIRMARY-, NORTHAMPTON, SEPTEMBER 7, 1805. THE Death of the Matron of the General Infirmary at Northampton having taken Place, the Governors intend proceeding to the Election of another Matron on SATURDAY the 5th Day of OCTO- BER next. ( pf* Applications yvill continue to he received by Mr. INGMAN, their Secretary, till SATURDAY the 21st of SEPTEMBER instant, as before advertised. By Order of the Committee, E. BOUVERIE, Chairman. FINAL NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND DEBTORS. A LL Persons who still have any just Claim or mc,- m1!' illll," PM tlle Estate anc> ' Etf « : ts of Mr. JOSEPH BALLS, late of WILLSHAMSTEAD, in the County ol Bedford, Farmer, deceased, are desired to transmit an Account thereof either to his Executor Mr. Aikin, late of Hardwick- Hill. House, in the squadrons in Cadiz amount at most to 32 or 33 I Elstow, in the same County, and now of sail of the line, the greatest part of which are ( A,,£ ' Ihe, Cou"' y of Cambridge, or Mr. Eagles, supposed to be'badly fitted out, and many of them, | » LeWin'ttSS, ' Se^ inconsequence ot the late action, have Occasion j he discharged, or they will be precluded from receiving for repairs. Under these circumstances, no ap- f the same of the Executor, as he intends immediately prehension need lie entertained, in the event of an action takings place. Sir R. Calder most pro- bably joined Admiral Collingwood on thq 25th or 26th; and if the combined fleets did not sail in the interval, the blockade of Cadiz has been resumed, i whicl may be regarded as an instance of no incon- ' siderablc good fortune. Lord Nelson has received his final instructions, and will probably sail in a few, days to take the command of the fleet off Cadiz.; i Although the French papers are ordered. to insert fabriiated letters from different parts of the Con- tinent, stating that Austria is determined to preserve • - J . - !- - . 15 .. after to make a Distribution of the Estate and Effects ef the said Deceased, according to the Directions of the Witi of the said Joseph Balls.— And all Persons who still stand indebted to the said Estate and Effects, are particularly desired to pay the same within the said Time, either to the said Mr. Aikin or Mr. Eagles. Amptbill, September \ tb, 1805. --—- — / It C RA N FI EL D, Be Js, HPHE New- walk HOUSE, lately erected in the I. Gothic Stile; with good Water, ail Orchard, and about two Acres of Sweard Land ; an excellent Situ- ation for one of the Faculty,, arid well adapted for a small genteel Family.— The V illage and Neighbour- — D , ,, , , hood is populous, distant six Miles from Anipthill, her neutrality, yet it is evident, that Bonaparte is , vVoburn, and Newport,, and nine " ^ ithei- commence hostt- | Bedford. SHEW OF RAMS. MR-. THOMAS ROBINSON, late of WFL- I. INOBOROUCH, informs bis Friends, that his SHEW of RAMS will commence on FRIDAY the 13th Instant, at KETTERING, and will continue until the End of the Season. / Catering, Sept. 6th, 1S05. Freehold Estate.— Land- Tax redeemed. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By RICHARD SMITH, At the George Inn, in Kettering, on Friday the 20th Day of September, 1805, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions of Sale as will be then and there produced, ADesirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, at THORPE- MALSOR, near Kettering, North- amptonshire; comprising three rich Closes of Arable and Meadow Land, containing about 15 Acres ( more or less), with a Barn and Stable, and upwards of 40 thriving Oak, Ash, and Elm Trees, standing and growing thereon, now in the Occupation of Mr. George Judkins, of Kettering. ( pT There is a good Road to the same ; and the Meadow Part nearly adjoins the Lordship of Cransley. To Genteel Household- Furniture• and Effects. be SOLD by A U C T I O N, By JOHN DAY, On the Premises, at the Rectory- House, CLIFTON, near Olney, Bucks, THE HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, and various other EFFECTS, of the Hon. and Rev. A. CATHCART, who is leaving Clifton. *** Particulars, with the Day of Sale, will appear in a future Paper. WORSTED- YARN MAN U FACTURE. NOTIC E is hereby given, Thai the Committee appointed according to the Direction of an Act of Parliament passed in the 2oth Year of His present Majesty's Reign, intitled, " An Act for the more LONDON, Sept. 6th, 1805. MRS. HARRISON, late of NORTHAMPTON, returns her best Thanks to those Ladies who have been so kind to honour her with Favours, and begs Leave to inform them, she has REMOVED to LONDON ( No. 72, WHITECHAPEL- ROAD), where she has commenced Business.— All Orders for Articles of Childben Ijnen, < § rc. i$ c. fashionable and plain, WILL, IN FUTURE, BE RECEIVED BY Mrs. WILKINSON, Drupe, y, NORTHAMPTON; and those Ladies who please to favour lier With Com- mands, may depend on the utmost Promptitude and Attention, as it is Mrs. H.' s particular Desire to give the greatest Satisfaction to her Northampton Friends. ( PJ" Mrs. WILKINSON will always have on Hand Patterns for Inspection. A" MILLERS' STATUTE will be held at the SWAN INN, WELLINGBOROUGH, on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10th, 1805. — Dinner at One o'Clock. A STATUTE SESSIONS, for HIRING of SER- VANTS, will be held at the HIND INN, WELLING- BOROUGH, on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19th. BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, AMost desirable FREEHOLD and TYTHE- EREE ESTATE, situate at PITCHCOTT, about six Miles from Aylesbury, and ten from Buckingham; consisting of 100 Acres, by Statute Measure, of very rich Grazing Land, well watered, and conveniently divided for Occupation into five Grounds, with two good Cow- Houses thereon. The Premises may be seen with Leave ol Mr. Dover, the Tenant; and further Particulars had, and the Purchase treated for, on Application to Messrs. Churchill & Field, Solicitors, Deddington, Oxford- shire; or Mr. Carter, Staple- Inn, London. either determined immediately to comme lities, or expects that the Allied Powers will attack • him. We are enabled to state on the most mi- doubted authority, that a very large part of the troops which were encamped at Boulogne and on the roast, luive actually marched into the interior; it is supposed that they are destined for the banks of the Rii lie, where the French force at present is compa- ratively- weak.— San. The troops are disembarking in great numbers upou the Dutch coast, and inarching into the in- terior ; and it is said that the project of invasion is age: n given up for a short time ! We are authorized by his Excellency the Swedish Ambassador to contradict, in the most positive terms, the statement which was copied into the English from the Foreign Journals, that his Sv edish Majesty had ceded or, sold Swedish Pome- rania to Russia, as it is altogether destitute of truth. The report, we have reason to believe, was origi- nally circulated by some French emissaries on the Continent, who have never ceased to invent, and circulate the grossest falsehoods respecting his Swedish Majesty, ever since that high- spirited Sovereign boldly expressed bis disapprobation of the aggressions and usurpations of the Corsican upstart.— San. A recent census of the United States of North- America, makes their population amount to about 6,000,000, merchant- shipping above 100,000 tons, the value of the yearly exports above 70,000,000 dollafs, and their public revenue 15,000,000. Wednesday morning the remains ' of his Grace the Duke of Gloucester vyere removed in grand funeral pomp from Gloucester- House to Windsor,, for interment. His son attended ; is chief mourner.' The hearse was drawn by eight horses, suc- ceeded by six coaches and six; the late Duke's state carriage, empty,- with the servants m their stale liveries; and the Prince of Wales's carriage, with one of each of the Royal Duke's,* cfo$ ed the procession. The whole set off from Gloueester- llouse at eleven o'clock1, and did not reach Windsor until the evening,— Soon after eight, the procession being arranged, it moved slowly from the Castle to St. George's Chapel. The funeral service was delivered in a very solemn und impressive style by the Dean. The whole con- cluded about half past eleven o'clock. Prince William inherits the ducal title of Glou- cester, but will only be styled Highness ( not Royal); if a son of his succecd to the Dukedom, he will enjoy only the title of " His Grace." Remittances to an immense amount have been brought over to our merchants by the Pomona frigate, recently arrived from Lisbon. Sir Francis Baring's house alone has received of. 100,000 in in hard cash. By an advertisement from the Bank, it is inti- mated that all two- pound notes issued from this time, will be in a new form; and that an alteration is also intended to take place in the one- pound notes, of which due notice will be given. We noticed in our last, the resolution of the nobility und gentry of the county of Kent, not to shoot partridges till the 14th instant: the military in thai district have likewise been enjoined to ob- serve tbe like rule. Bedford. ( pf For further Particulars, apply to JOHN MARSHALL, Maltster, Nort- h- Craw ley, near Newport. — Letters fPost- paid) will be attended to. *,.* This is not intended to be inserted more than twice. To I Valuable Drapery'Stock, § c. be SOI. D bv AUCTION, By J. MALDEN, On Monday the 16th Day of September, 1805, and three following Days, at Ten o'Clock each Day, " UiE entire prime STOCK of LINEN and WOOLLEN- DRAPERY, MANCH GOODS, HOSIERY, HABERDASHERY, and some GROCERY; together with all the neat : HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, and other valuable: EFFECTS, of Mr. EDMUND LARK INS, of SHE FFOk D. Beds, a Bankrupt; consisting of 4- 4ths and 7- 8tlis Irish Linens; Sheetings, Towellings, and | Table Linen; a large and fashionable Assortment of j printed Cottons and Ginghams; black Muslins; [ ditto Bombazets; Shawls; Neck and Pocket Hand- kerchiefs; a great Variety of fine Cotton and Worsted Hose; Ditto Gloves; Ribbons, Tapes, Bindings, Ferrets, Silk, Twist, Threads, Worsted, Needles, Pins, and other Haberdashery Articles; a large As- sortment of superfine Broad and Narrow fashionable and black Woollen Cloths; a Variety of Waistcoat Pieces, Corduroys, Thicksets, Velveteens, fine Hats, & c.; plain and striped Dimities; Flannels; Baizes; Bed Ticks; with various other valuable Articles in the Drapery Line; fine Teas, Codec, Spices, To- bacco, Soap, Starch, Blues, Pepper, Mustard, Salt- petre, Powder, Shot, three Casks of Vinegar, a large Assortment of Brushes, thirty new Spades, and sundry Ironmongery; Earthenware; large and imall Scales and Weights, Shop f-' ixtures, a large Quantity of Paper, & c. 4to, 4 Household- Furniture in general; handsome low Hag- Piece; a neat taxed Cart and Harness; ami other. valuable Effects. ( pT Catiiiojjues to be had five Days before Sale, at the King's- Arms Inn, Ampthill; Flying - Horse, Clophi 11; White- Hart, Maulden and Sheftbrd ; Cock, Hitchin; White- Horse, Baldock; New Inn, Southill; Webb's Piinting- Ojfice, Bedford; , and of the Auc- tioneer, Biggleswade, * » * The Auctioneer solicits the Attention of the Trade and Public in g.- neral to this Stock, being of ex- cellent Quality, and in high Preservation, which will be sold without the least Reserve. effectually preventing Frauds and Abuses committed by Persons employed in the Manufactures of combing , ncmi ninpiiim, j Wool, Worsted- Yarn, and Goods made from Worsted, from Olney and | jn the Coun,; es0f Bedford, Huntingdon. Northamp- ton, Leicester, Rutland,' Lincoln, and the Isle ot Ely," will hold their r. e* t Half- Yearly Meeting at the FOUNTAIN INN, in HUNTINGDON; on MONDAY the TWENTY- THIRD Day of Si » » * » * » instant, for tile Purpose of putting the said Act into Execution. Bv Order of ihe Committee, Stamford, Sept. 2, I8H5. HUGH JACKSON. DUNC. 11 URC'H TURN PIKE- ROAD, NOTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of the Trus. tse. i appointed for putting in Execution the Act of Parliament for repairing the Road from J the Dun'Cow, in- the Town of 1) unchurch, in the V I I County of Warwick, to the Town of- Hillmorton, in the County of Warwick, to Saint James's- End, in the Parish of Duston, in the County of Northampton, will be held at the Hpuse of Mr. WALTON, known bv the Sign of t- hp FOX, AND- HOUNDS, in HAHLESTON, oh FRIDAY the 13th Day of SEPTEMBER next, at the Hour of Eleven- in. the Forenoon, for the Pur- pose ( amongst other Business) of passing the Trea- surer's Accounts. By Order of the Trustees, WM. TR: SMYTH, Clerk. Northampton, 3hr Aug.. 1805. CHESTER TURNPIKE- ROAD. nVTOTICE is hereby given, That all Persons jAl having any Claitnsor Demandsupon the Trustees for repairing the Highways from Old- Stratford, in the County of Northampton, to Dunchurch, in the County of Warwick, are desired to deliver their re- spective Bills to Mr. BENJAMIN GURDEN, their Surveyor, previous . to the next Quarterly Meeting of the said Trustees, which, is appointed to be held, by Adjournment, at the . CROWN INN, in FOSTER'S- EOOTH, in the said County of Northampton, on THURSDAY the NINETEENTH Day of SEPTEMBFR instant, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon.— Dated the 5th Day of September, 1805. By Order of the said Trustees, A. MIERES, their Clerk. THIN GOON, otherwise FIN EDON INCLOSURE. E, the undersigned Commissioners, ap- DES1RABLE FARM, WITH EA.& LY POSSESSION. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, AConvenient FARM- HOUSE, with necessary Barns, Stables, and Outbuildings, and SEVEN INCLOSURES of good ARABLE Jnd PASTURE LAND, containing about sixty Acres, situate at ] , "" " lonaay tast, suddenly, IV] WIGGINTON, in the County of Oxford, distant ! tlern, stone- mason, of this town, about six Miles from Banbury and Chipping- Norton ; 1 — » ® < s ® ® ® « — Possession fit wllT.' t, rtvi, I,.. .. t M.-.. 1— 1 NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY EVENING, Sept. 7 MARRIED.] A few days since, W. Payne; Esq. of Kensington- square, to Miss Verrall, only daughter of H. Verrall, Esq. of Potton, Bed- fordshire. On Saturday last, Mr. John Joseph Stoekdalc, son of John Stockdale, Esq. of Piccadilly, Lon don, to Miss Sophia Miilagan, of Buckingham. O11 Tuesday se'nnight, Mr. Simmons, chemist and druggist, of Leicester, to Miss Mary Ford, daughter of Mr. Joseph Ford, of Coventry. Same day, Mr. John Bromley, plumber and glazier, to Miss Ann Stacey, daughter of Mrs. Stacey, plumber aud glazier, all of Banbury. On Tuesday last, Mr. Charles Boswortb, of Brampton, in this county, to Miss Ratiiffe, of Woolvertnn, Bucks. DIED.] On Tuesday last, in this town, aged 67, Mrs. Hankey, i- elict of J. C. Hankey, Esq. for- merly of East- Bergholt, Suffolk. Lately, in Westmorland, Jamaica, Mr. Thomas Neal, sou of Mr. Neal, of CuKvorth, in this county. A few days since, in her 89th year, Mrs. Han- bury, of Nuneaton, Warwickshire. O11 Monday se'nnight, Mr. R. Wise, plumber and glazier, of Banbury. On Tuesday se'nnight, at Long- Buc. kby, in this county, Mr. John Perkins, in the 72d year of his tlgo. On Wednesday se'nnight, Mr. Joseph Hobday, plumber and glazier, of Banbury. Same day, at Peterborough, Miss Katharine Wilkerson, youngest daughter of the late Mr. E. Wilkerson, of that city. On Monday last, suddenly, Mr. Kennedy Gau- fl , . cuiu V. mppillg- l> OTlOn ; Possession ot winch may be had at Michaelmas next. For, further Particulars, or to treat for the Purchase, apply to Messrs. Churchill & Field, So- licitors, Deddington, Oxfordshire; and for a View of the Farm, to Mr. Wm. Blojiham, the Tenant. Freehold1, at Harbury, Warwickshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JAMES LOVEDAY, At the House of Mr. Robert Hollier, the Sign of the Dog, at Harbury aforesaid, 011 Friday the 2Qih Day of September, 1805, precisely at the Hour of Five in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be then and ihere produced, in two Lots, Lot 1. rpHREE CLOSES or PIECES of rich - L ARABLE and MEADOW LAND; con- taining by Estimation 10 Acres, or thereabouts, ex ceedingly well mounded and watered, with the Cow- Hovel and Barn standing thereon, adjoining the Town of HARBURY aforesaid, the Property and in the Occupation of Mr. William Smith. Lot 2. A substantial Stone and Tiled DWELL- ING- HOUSE, formerly a Farm- House, situate in the Town of HARBURY aforesaid; consisting of a Parlour, Kitchen, large Hall, Brewhoase, four good Lodging- Rooms, and two Garrets; Stable, Pigsties, and other Out- Offices; together with a spacious Yard and Garden adjoining; the Property of the said Mr. Smith, and in the respective Occupations of Thomas Harris, Richard Malin, John Bister, and John Kerby. — Also an ORCHARD, planted with Fruit Trees, and a PIECE of rich MEADOW LAND, both ad- joining the above Dwelling- House and Premises; con- taining together by Estimation four Acres, or there- 1 abouta"; also the Property of, and occupied by, the ' said Mr. Smith. jp)" Possession may be had at St. Thomas next; the Tenants will shew the Premises; and further Par- ticular.. may be known by applying to Messrs. TOMES 8c HEYDON, or the AUCTIONEER, all of Warwick. Mautden, near Ampthill Warren. To be SOLD by AUCTION, Under the Direction and Authority of the Commissioners for the Sale and ReJemption of the LanJ- Tax, By Mr. THOMAS BROOKS, At tlie White- Hart Inn, in Ampthill, in the County of Bedford, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon of Wednesday, October 2, 1805 ( subject to such Con- ditions as will be then produced,) unless acceptable Offers should be made by Private Contract in the mean Time, T7AT. UABLP FREEHOLD ESTATES, Tvthe- * free and Land- Tax redeemed, in the Parish of MAU1. DEN, in the CfrUntv - of Bedford; consisting of 15A. 2R. 3P. ( more or les* s)- of rich inclosed Feed-- ing Meadow Land; lying in a Place called the STAN- YARDS, in MAULDEN aforesaid, near Ampthill old Inclosures; and of a Messuage or Tenement, and Garden and Close of rich Arable Land adjoining ( ilie said Close containing one Acre and a Half, more or less), at Hall- End, in M A U I. D^ E N - aforesaid, IN THE NINE V O I. I. OW I N C ' LOTS, VIZ. Lot 1. A Piece of rich feeding inclosed Meadow- Land ; containing 1 A. 2R. 2lB„. faioteor less), adjoin- ing the Road from Flitwick . to Manlden, at the East Corner of the Ampthill Bridls- Road. Lot 2, A Piece of Ditto; containing 1A. 2R. 21P. ( more or less), at the said East Corner of the Ampthill Bridie- Road. Lot 3. A Piece of Ditto; containing 1A. 2R. 29P. ( more or less), adjoining to, and lying South of. Lot 1. Lot 4. A Piece of Ditto; containing 2A. 1R. 16P. ( more or less); adjoining to, aul lying South of, Lot 3. Lot 5. A Piece of Ditto; containing 2A. 1R. IP. ( more or less), adjoining to, and lying South of, Lot 4. Lot 6. A Piece of Ditto; containing 1A. 2R. 37P. imore or less), on the South Side ot the Stanyards Iridle- Road. Lot 7. A Piece of Ditto; containing 1A. 2R. 34P. ( more or less), adjoining to, and lying South of, Lot 6. Lot 8. A Piece ot Ditto; containing 2A. 2R. 4P. ( more or less), adjoining to, and lying Southof, Lot 7. (£ 5" The above eight Lots are now in one Piece, are marked out, and are now in the Occupation - of Robert Trevor, Esq. who will give up the Possession to the respective Purchasers on the 1st Day ot January next. Lot 9. A Messuage or Tenement, Garden, and a Close uf rich Arable L » nd adjoining thereto, contain- ing 1A.£ R. ( moreor less), at Hall- End, in Mauldcn, in the Occupation of Mr. John Fisher. %* Further Particulars may be known by applying above Felony, and either will impeach his Accom- J to Mr. DAVIS, Attorney, at Ampthill; or to Mr. pli'ce or Accomplices, he shall, on their Conviction, ] GOSTELOW, Surveyor there, wtio will shew the Pre- be entitled to the above Rewards, and Interest will j noses; and the Plans of the Lots and the Fences to be be made to procure His Majesty's Pa.' jlos. , I bJMhe cesprctive Purchasers ol them. SHENLEY WOODS. " VSTHEREAS the Woods in the Parish of VV SHENLEY, belonging to. the Rev. Primatt Kna. ip, have been much DAMAGED ; and as many Depredations have been committed therein by Persons gathering NUTS, or pretending to conte there for that Purpose: Notice is hereby given, That all Persons fobnd trespassing therein, will be immediately pro- secuted. _ ______ ON Thursday Morning last, between Eight and Nine o'Clock, 011 the Turnpike- Road from Tlirapston to Wellingborough, between Twywell Bridge and Finedon, A LADY's SINGLE- CASE GQLD.- CHASED GENEVA WATCH, With TWO GOLD SEALS; one of which isa Ring Seal, with a small Head, and the ptlier a Cornelian, with Coat' of Anils engraved thereon; both of which were fattened to the Watch by a black Ribbon. ( pi" Whoever has found the same, and will bring it to Mr. ROBINSON, of Thrapston, shall receive ONE GUINEA REWARD, and have all Expences paid.— It is supposed to be picked up by some Person who followed soon after, and who took the Road to Kettering. N. B. It is earnestly requested, that, whoever is in Possession of the above Watch, they will immediately- return it, as it can be of little Worth to any but the Owner, by whom it is valued on Account ot its being a Family one. Thrapston, 6th Sept. 1805. " TOWCESTER" ASSOCIATION. SEPTEMBER 3d, 1805. WHEREAS some evil- disposed Person or Persons did last Night, or early this Morning, KILL a STORE SHEEP, in the Fold of Mr. JOSEPH GOODMAN, of BRADDEN, North- amptonshire [ a Member of this Association), his Pro- perty, and steal, take, and carry away the hind Quarters of the sam^, together with the Skin thereon, which w., 1 marked 011 the near Rump with a G. in the Middle of a Circle; Whoever will apprehend or give Information of the Offender or Offenders, so that he or they may be prosecuted, shall. 011 Conviction, receive a Reward of FIVE GUINEAS of Mr. KIRBY ( the Treasurer to the said Association); and a further Reward of TWENTY GUINEAS of Mr. GOODMAN, over and 1 above the Reward allowed by Act of Parliament. \ And if more than one Person was concerned in the pointed to carry into Execution an Act of Par- liament passed in the last Session of Parliament, inti- tuled, " An Act for inclosing Lands in the Parish of " THINGDON, otherwise FINEDON, in the " County ot Northampton," do hereby give Notice, that we have set out and appointed the following publU Carfiage- ROad , Bridle- Roads, and Foot- Ways, through and over the Lands and Grounds by the said Act directed to be divided and inclosed, which are as- certained and marked out by Stakes; and that we have caused a Map to be prepared, in which such intended Roads are accurately laid down and described, which is signed by us, and deposited with Mr. JOHN HOB. SON, of WELLINGBOROUGH, in the said County of Northampton, our Clerk, for the Inspection of all Persons concerned; and further, that a Meeting will be held bv us at the House of BENJAMIN CHAPMAN, called or known by the Nameor Sign of theBiLL, in THINGDON, otherwise TINEDON aforesaid, on MON- DAY the SKV ENTH Day of OCTOBER next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon; at which Time any Person or Persons who may be injured or aggrieved by the setting out anv such Roads or Ways, may attend and be heard.— Dated the 30th Day of August, 1805. THOMAS EAGLE, WM. BURDETT, SAML. SHARMAN. PUBLIC CARRIAGE - ROADS, of the Width of thirty Feet. One from New- Road- Lane, on the North Side of the Village of Finedon, in a Northwardly Direction over Avenue Close, into the Track of the present Road, and continuing on the same to the North Side of Lamport- Way Furlong, and from thence in a straight Line over Greensdale- Hill South, to the joint Way which divides the same from Greensdale- Hill North, and from thence in a straight Line to Isham Bridge, called the I sham Bridge Road. One from the last- described Road on the North Side of the Cudgel Pit, in an Eastwardly Direction, and in the Track of the present Road to the Norih End of Tenter- Lane. One from the East End of Back- Lane, on the North Sids of the Village, in the present Track, to the Turnpike- Road leading from Kettering to Higham- Ferrers. One from the East End of Miller's- Lane, in a Southwardly Direction to the Turnpike- Road leading from Wellingborough to Tltrapston. One from the Turnpike- Road leading from Wel- lingborough to Thrapston, in a Northwardly Direction, over an ancient Inclosure and Homestead belonging to Sir William Dolben, Baronet, to the Town Street Eastward of tbe Dwelling- FIguse in the Occupation of John Brown. PUBLIC BR IDLE- R O- ADS, of the Width oj sixteen _ Feet. One from the Turnpike- Road leading from Welling- borough to Thrapston, at the Top of the South Ayenue, in the Track the same now goes, to the En- trance of Irthlinghhrou^ li Field, near Stone- Cross. One from the_,. fs'hiy2.. Btidge Road, at the North Side of Lamport- Way Furlong, in a Westwardly Di- rection over Windmill- tiollow Leys, over an ancient Inclosure called-' Dtfbdale, and over Saby's Leys and Harrowden- Plank Piece, to the Bridge leading into Little- HarrowtLn Inclosure. One out of the last- described Road, on Saby's Leys, to Finedon Mill. One from - York's Townsend, over Neasdale- Hill Field, b » Goose; lord, a_ nd from thence in or near a straight- Line to GreaNllarrowden Mill, at the En- trance into the Lordship of Great- Harrowden. PUBLIC- FOOT- WAYS, of the Width of Jour Feci. One from the Isham Bridge Road, on Windmill Leys, to a Stile at the Entrance into the Lordship of Burton- Lattimer. One from the Turnpike- Road leading from Kettering to Higham- Ferrers, at Willat's- Way Furlong, over the South- East Field, to the Lordship of Little- Ad- dington. One from the South- End of George Whitlark's Stile Close, over Townside and Upper Fields, to the Lordship of Irthlingborough. One from the Isham Bridge Road, near the Vicarage- House; over Well's- Hill Field and Flag Meadow, to Great- Harrowden Mills. One out of the last- described Road, on Blue- Gate Furlong, by Mill Orchard, to an ancient Inclosure called Mill Close, and from the North Side thereof into the Bridle- Road leading to Little- Harrowden. One from the Turnpike- Gate at Finedon Bridge, over Calwell- Hill Field and West Field, to Irthling- borough Meer, and on the same to the Entrance of Irthlingborough, hear Stone- Cross. And we do further give Notice, That we have not changed or altered any Turnpike- Road, but have left the same sixty Feet wide. STOCK AND KEEP. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. KIRS HAW, On Friday the 20th Day ot September, 1805, at LOWER HEYFORD, near Northampton, rpilE STOCK and KEEP upon a small .1 G RAZ1N G FARM; consisting of four splayed Heifers, and two young Cows; fifteen Sheep, and ten Lambs; one Hackney Mare, in- toal to Hue- and. Cry, and one Colt, rising two Years old, by All- Steel; eleven Acres ot Grass ar. d five Acres of Lattcrmath, until Lady- Day next; two Roods ( more or less) of Cow- Cabbages; a Rick of excellent Hay, about ten Tons ; a Narrow- wheeled Cart, nearly new ; the Fruit of an Orchard containing three Acres; also several Elm, Ash, and Willow frees. ( p3* The Company are requested to meet the Auc- tioneer at the Sun Inn, at Hey lord aforesaid, at Ten s'Clock, and proceed- to Sale. WARWICKSHIRE, il lost desirable Freehold Residence. To be SOLD by AUCTION, On the Premises, on Wednesday the 9th Day of October next, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon ( unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which Notice will be given,) ALL that desirable MANSION- HOUSE, late ! - the Residence ot the Rev. THOMAS WELCH, j decer. sed; consisting of two Sitting- Rooms, 18 Feet 1 by 15 Feet; one Sitting- Room, 17 Feet 6 Inches by 15 Feet 6 Inches; a large Kitchen, Dairy, Larder, and Butler's Pantry, on the Ground Floor; five spacious Bed- Rooms, and three small Dressing- Rooms, on the first Floor, over which are five good Servants' Rooms; with excellent Cellars, Coacfi- House, Stabling for four Horses, Wash- House, and other convenient Out- buildings ; a Garden, walled on two Sides, and an Orchard, full of choice Fruit Trees, containing 111 the whole 1A. 3R. 25P. or thcre « bou « , wnie more or less. Surrounding the above Premises are more than 30 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, held for a Term of Years, of which twelve will be unex- pired at Lady- Day next, under St. John's College, j 111 Oxford, in the highest State of Cultivation, and 1 with convenient Outbuildings, in excellent Repair. ( pT The above Premises are delightfully situated in the Parish of WASPE RTON, within about 160 Yards of the River Avon, and nearly the same Distance from a most excellent Turnpike- Road leading from War- wick to Wellesbourne, not quite four Miles frofn Warwick, and about six Miles from Stratford- upon- Avon, in a very genteel Neighbourhood, and in the Centre of Mr. Corbet's Hunt. * » * There are many other Advantages appendant to the above Premises, for the Particulars of which ' apply to Mr. WELCH, Attorney at Law, Birmingham; i or on the Premises. Monday William Walford, Esq. was chosen Mayor of Banbury for the ensuing year. Thursday and Friday marched from this town, o. n their route to Coventry, the two divisions of the German Legion which have been stationed here the three last weeks. Their conduct during their stay in this place, was such as becomes the most orderly and btst- disciplined soldiers, and they carry with them the respect of the inhabitants. A general meeting of the inhabitants of Lei- cester was convened by the Chief Magistrate on Wednesday last, pursuant to public advertisement, when it was resolved, that, in consideration of the lives which have been annually lost in and near that town, by drowning and other causes of sus- pended animation, an institution, on the prin- ciples of the Royal Humane Society in London, should be established in that town and neigh- bourhood. Ijincafster Assizes.— Barrett v. Roberts and others. — This was a case of great importance to the public. The plaintiff is a solicitor in Manchester, and the defendants are proprietors of the Tele- graph coach from Manchester to London. The coach professes to set out from Manchester at half- past five in the afternoon.- On the 3d of June last the plaintiff took a place in this coach to London, and about ten minutes after five by the public clocks of Manchester of that day, sent his servant with his portmanteau, containing law papers and other articles of value, with directions to enquire when the coach would be ready to set out. The coachman received' the portmanteau, and put it into the coach; bat before the plaintiff could arrive at the office, the coach was gone aud out of sight. The plaintiff took a chaise and four, followed the coach, and overtook it at Leicester; and Uiis action mas brought to recover ^£. 14 Is. the expences of the chaise. The defence set up was, that the coach had waited till half- past five by the couch- offw clock; but the plaintiff proving that the office clock was wrong, and that he was at the coach- olfice before half- past five by the public town clocks of Manchester, after a trial of nearly four hours, obtained a verdict, damages ,£. 14 Is. On the 28th ult. a commitment was made out, by R. Abbey, Gent. Coroner, against Ann Coe> charged on suspicion of having wilfully murdered her male child, of which she was delivered on the preceding day at Pieston- Deanry. She was not till yesterday removed to the gaol of this county. Execution a• Warwick.— Yesterday se'nnight, at half- past twelve o'clock, . Tames Pitt, Joseph Fletcher, John Knight, John Hughes, Thomas Reeves, and John Sheriff, alias Slireeves, were executed'pursuant to their several sentences at the late assizes; they ail died very penitent, and con- fessed the facts for which they suffered. Hughes and Reeves declared their innocence till the night LONDON, Sept. 7. before they underwent the sentence of the law. THREE Hamburgh Mails have arrived.— Tliev The crime of counterfeiting the coin Af the realm add little to the intelligence already in our ! bemS constituted high treason, Put and Fletcher possession. The rumour < 5f a revived mediation ; " ere drawn upon a hurdle from the prison to th « , is still kept up, but it' appears to be totally un- j Place of ext'cution. founded. A Russian expedition is spoken of, to - be under the command of General Tolstoy.— Ma- • WARWICK RACKS. gazincs are to be established in Bohemia. A' Wcdiesday, S? pt. his- Majesty's Plate of lOOgr. strong Austrian force is to be assembled in die Mr. Fanner's b. h. Principal, 4 yrs old t 1 I Voraiberg, and the passts towards the Grisons are ?" Newcastle,. 4 yrs old . 5 4 bt . , . .1, f r .- r .- r. Mr. Hgworth s br.' c. En erpnze, 4 yrs old . 3 3 dr to be strengthened with new fortifications.- It Colonel Marriott's b. f. Ma& en, 4yrs old .. 0 br Mr f> H. IVi, » « - • appears by some accounts from Italy, that Bona parte has projected a marriage between young Beauharnois and the daughter of the- Klector of Bavaria.— A small French squadron, consisting of two frigates, one corvette, and two brigs, has put to sea from Genoa, under the command of the Valiant and enterprising Jerome Bonaparte. Desertion is said to prevail to a great degree amongst the French troops in Italy. Tbe Russian troops in Corfu and the neighbour- ing islands, have been augmented to 38,000 men, and. will soon be still further' increased. M. De Novosiizoff returned to St. Petersburg!! on the 4th ult. A private letter from. Dresden states, that in the event of a war between Austria and France' ( which was considered as Unavoidable), the Empe- ror will command the centre of the Austrian army in person, the Archduke Charles the right wing, aud the Archduke. John the left wing.— Two Austrian Generals were, it is stated, gone to meet the Russian troops. Orders were 011 Tupsday last received at the head- quarters in Canterbury, from the Secretary at War, directing thatthe several regiments in the southern district, undfcr- mentioiied, should hold themselves in readiness for immediate embarkation 011 foreign service. Thcaumber of cavalry under orders, amounts, it is said, to 12,000 men; amongst, them arc the following -.— King's Dragoon Guards, 4th Dragoon Guards, 4th or Queen's own Dra- goons, 6th Inniskilling Dragoons, 7th, 10th, 13th, 21st, Light Dragoons, a detachment of the Royal Waggon Train, all the first battalions of the Line, and a large party of Artillery.— Transports, up- wards of 60 in number, are already arrived iiytho Downs, for the purpose, it is said, of receiving them. PRICE OF Bank Stock . . sh 3 pel Ct. Red. . sh. 3. per Ct. Cons. 57J 58J 4 per Ct. Cons, . sh. 5 per Ct. Navy 8S4 39 Mr. Clifton's b. c. Corioianus, 4 yrs old 0 br A S afpStai. es of M) gs. each / 17 Subscribers). Mr. Andrew's br. h. Norv. il, 5 yrs old .. 1 I Mr. Lock lev's b. g. Herchell, 5 yrs old 3 2 Lord Brooke's ch. g. Sylvanuf, 6yrs old 2 3 A Subscription Purse of :£. 50. Mr. Skinner's b. m. Duckling, 5 vrs old. 1 Mr. Cholmondelcy'sbr. c. Welch- Rabbil, 4 yrs 2 Thursday, Sep!. Uh, a Maiden Plate of £. 50. Mr. Kelferinan's b.' c. Heel- Tap, 4 yrs old. .2 1 Mr. W. Sanders's br^. f. Brown Bess, 4 vrs old 3 3 Mr. Lockley's b. g Herchell, 5 yrs old 1 2 A Siveehtakri of }() gr. each fH Subscribers). Mr. Brooke's b. c. Optician, 4 yrs old 1 1 Mr.- Andrew's Nerval, 5 vis old 2 2 Mr. Kellernian's Marv, 5 yrs old , 3 3 Mr. Howorth's Entcrprize, 4 yrs old .... .4 4 TCZTl""-- 1 The Toivn ASSIZE of BREAD s<; t the 7th Day ot r c/ LNovthaihptoiij j The ! TO WIT. S *; t « " « '-" V 01 September, 1805, for the said Town, to take Place on Mondav the 9th Day of September, and to b.- in force seven Days for the said'Town of Northamptcii. .. V.-, lb. 07.. dr. The Sixpenny I. oa- f'wheaten is to weigh .. 1 10 1 Ditto'Household is- to weigh v 2 2 12 TheTwelvepeimy Loaf Wheaten is to weigh S 4 1 Ditto Household'is to weigh 4 5 8 w, GIBSON, Mayor. , . PRICE pf CORN per Quarter at Northampton, Saturday, Sept. 7. Beans, 51s. Od. to 52s Oil Peas, 00s. Od. to 00s. ( Id. By the'Standartl Measure. STOCKS. Imp. 3per Cents. sh. India Stock . 181- India Bonds . • 1 2 dis. • Exc. Bills ldis. l pr. par j Omnium . . 31 Wheat, 96s.- to lOOs.' Od.- Rye, 561. Od. to 62s. -- Barley, 43*.' Od. to 44s. Oil. Oats, 31s. Od. to 33s. 0d. . J1. GRAFTON, Inspector. Corn- Excjiunge, London, - Friday, Sept. 6. To- day" the arrivals of Wheat are few. But large stocks still remain on hand , unsold, as well as a great part of this week's arrival. Sales to- day are mot* ' 4> risk, and support. Wednesday's small advance. LIST of PAIRS, from Sept. 9 to Sept. 2i, within the Circuit of this Paper. • M. S* pt.. 4 Oakbttm. .'.'. " F. " lit. I. eltt/ teK*• '.' M. —— l< k DunchurdrvmA Luttervioftb. • Th. —— 19. Nc thicnipton,-, Atherstont, Waltham, ar. d Anersbam. S. SI. Siltot, Thor -. ey, and Burnham. Dates of the Certificates. Aug. 28th. 29th. 30th. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. A Correct List, in alphabetical Order, of the CER- TI! ICAXES that have been issued to l'etsons ( not ac . g as Cam keepers), bv the Clerk of the Peace for the County of Northampton, under the Acts ot Parliament of'the twenty. fifth and thirty- first Years of the Reign of His present Majesty King George the Third; the first intitled, " An Act for re- pealing a. i Act made in the twenty- fourth Year of the Reign of His present Majesty, intitled, ' An Act tor granting to His Majesty certain Duties on Certificates issued with R- spect to the Killing of Game,' and for granting other Duties in Lieu thereof;" and the other intitled, " An Act for granting to His Majesty an additional Duty on Cer- tificaies issued with Respect to the Killing of Game;" between the 1st Day of July and the 5ih Day of September, 1805, both Days inclusive. Names, Residence, and Titles oj the Persons, Armitt George, Woodford, Gent. Alington Rev. William, Twywell, Clerk Adams William, Towcester, Gent. Adkins John, Helmdon, Gent. Althorp the Right Hon. John Charles Lord Viscount, Althorp Andrew Robert, Harleston, Esq. Andrew Robert, the Younger, Harleston, Esq. 31st. Arnold George, Ledger's- Ashby, Esq. Ashby John, Bugbrook, Gent. Aspinal John, Moulton, Gent. Allen Thomas, Weedon, Gent. Ambrose Rev. John, Blisworth, Clerk Sept. 2d. Adams John Exley, Wellingborough, Gent. 5th. ArmytageJohn, Northampton, Esq. July 21th. Brooke Sir Richard Brooke de Capell, Great- Oakley, Bart. Aug. 7th. Burgherst the'Right Hon. Lord John, Apethorue 14th. Bradshaw John, Dingley lPth. Bates John, Thrapston, Gent. . 80th. Barber William, the Younger, Moulton, Gent. 56th. Bull Joseph, Daventry, Gent. Barber Richard Garlick, Moulton, Gent. 27th. Blencowe'John Jackson, Culworth, Esq. Blencowe Thomas, Marston- Saint- Law rence, Esq. Barrett Thomas, Fartliinghoe, Gent. Booth Richard, Glendon- Hall, Esq. Bliss Thomas, Stow- nine. Churches, Farmer » 28th. Beauclerk the Hon. and Rev. Henry, Whittlebury, Clerk Ruttertield John, Brackley, Gent. Burt William, Field- Burcott, in the Parish of Greensnorton, Farmer Bonney Rev. Henry Key, King's- Cliffe, Clerk 29th. Benton James, Kettering, Gent. 30th. Blencowe Robert Willis, Dallington, Esq. 31st. Boulton Henry, Cottingham, Esq. Brafield John, Tiffield, Farmer Burton Leonard, Ringstead, Esq. Bouverie Edward, Delapre- Abbey, Esq. Builer William, Maidwell, Esq. Bright Rev. John, Grafton- Regis, Clerk Brown William, Northampton, Gent. Bradshaw Augustus, Cosgrove, Esq. Sept. 2d. Benton John, Northampton, Esq. Barrett Thomas, Staverton, Gent. Bradburn Edmund, Northampton, Esq. Benton George Sollers, Northampton, Esq. Clarke John Plomer, Welton- Place, Esq. Cooper Rev. James, Yelvertoft, Clerk Coales Thomas, Alawinckle. St.- Peter's, Gent. Clarke John, East- Haddon, Gent. Cartwright Wm. Ralph, Aynhoe, Esq. Cook John, Whittlebury, Gent. Clarke John, Denshanger, in the Parish of Passenham, Gent. Clark William, Brixworth, Gent. Carysfort John Joshua Earl of, Elton, in the County of Huntingdon Clark Thomas, Kettering, Gent. . Croome Rev. John, Chacombe, Clerk ChinnerJohn, Chacombe, Gent. Chinner Charles, Chacombe, Gent. 23th. Cowley William, Kilsby, Gent. Cole Rev Thomas, Daventry, Clerk Cleaver William, Circcnanorton, Farmer 2Sth. Crawley George, Pitchley, Gent. Corbett Andrew, Pisford, Esq. 30th. Cooke John, Foxley, in the Parish of Pattishall, Farmer Collins John Sandcrsoi^ Woodford, near Thrapston, Gent. 31st. Crawley Rev. John Lloyd, Heytord, Clerk Crowther Rev. Robert, Spratton, Clerk Sept. 2d. 3d. 5th. Aug. 19th. 97th. 28th. 29th. 31st. Houghton Thomas Alderman, Helcot, Gent. Harbert Richard, Grimsbury, in the Pa- rish of Warkworth, Gent. Harpur Richard, Burton. Lattimer, Esq. Jones Rev. Humphry, Little- Houghton, Clerk Jeffs William, the Younger, Marston- St.- Lawrence, Grazier Jones Matthew Easton, Wellingborough, Esq. Isham Rev. Charles, Polebrook, Clerk Isted George, Ecton, Esq. Jones Rev. Pryce, Abthorpe, Clerk Jeyes Philadelphus, Wootton, Gent. Knightley Charles, Preston, Esq. Knightley Henry, Preston, Esq. Kipling John, Overstone, Esq. Keep Joseph, Broughton- Lodge, Gent. Knott Rev. Isaac, Everdon, Clerk Key John, Bugbrook, Yeoman Knight Robert, Jun. Wellingborough. Lodge, Gent. Kilsby Robert, West- Haddon, Gent. Kightley John, Northampton, Gent. Lynn George Francis, Southwick- Hall, Esq. LongstafF John, Castle- Ashby, Gent. Lilford the Right Hon. Thomas Baron ot, Lilford I. ovell William, Cold- Ashby, Gent. Lovell Thomas, Winwick- Warren, Gent. Lovell Wm. Winwick- Warren, Gent. Lamb Rev. Matthew, Culworth, Clerk Lamb Edward, Daventry, Gent. Lovell Randall, Claycoton, Gent. Linnctt John, Blisworth, Coal- Dealer I- ydiatt Thomas, Warkton, Esq. Litchfield Robert, Teeton, Gent. Lambert John, Middleton, Gent. Marsh John, Holcot, Gent. Marsh William, Moulton, Gent. Maunsell Thomas Cecil, Thorpe- Malsor, Esq. Monckton the Hon. John, Fineshade Mastin Rev. John, Naseby, Clerk Maydwell Rev. Wm. Lockwood, Ged- dington, Clerk Marriott Robert, Daventry, Gent. Mansel Henry, Cosgrove, Esq. Marshall Thomas, Kettering, Gent. Morris William, Welton, Gent. Montgomery William, Ledger's- Ashby, Gent. Malim Rev. George Warcup, Higliam- Ferrers, Clerk Manning William Dodington, Little- Houghton, Gent. Mansel John Christopher, Cosgrove, Esq. Mansel George, Cosgrove, Esq. Mercer Thomas, Hackleton, Esq. Sept. 2d. Montgomery Rev. Fras. Milton, Clerk Morton Willi 7th. eist. 2- lth. 30th. 31st. Sept. 3d. July 20th. Aug. 16th. 26th. 28th. 29th. 31st. Sept. 4th. Aug. 17th. 23d. 21th. 27th. 29th. 30 th. 31st. Aug. 25th. Young Rev. Robett, Braybrobk, Doctor of Laws. Yorke William, Brigstock, Gent. Yates John, Brackley, Esq. Young Allen Edward, Orlingbury, Esq. CIIR. SMYTH, Clerk of the Peace. By Order of His Micjestys Commissioners for managing the Stamp Duties, C. E. BERESFORD, Secretary. 29th. 30th. Sept. 2d. T11E ONLY LOTTERY TO BE DRAWN THIS YEAR Begins 30th SEPTEMBER, 1005. SCHEME. 3 Prizes of £. 20,000 3 10,000 5,000 2,000 1,000 500 iro 50 3 4 6 10 30 60 4,500 3,000 Ist- drn. Blanks 20 -— 10 each are £. 60,000 30,000 15,000 8,000 6,000 5,000 3,000 3,000 90,000 30,000 7,619 Benefits 17,381 Blanks =£. 250,000 25,000 Tickets The first- drawn Ticket 5th Day £ .10,000 Ditto 6th Day 20,000 Ditto 7th Day 5,000 Are Part of the above Capitals. TICKETS AND SHARES ARE ON SALE AT ALL THE LICENSED LOTTER Y. OFFICES, Price of a Ticket =£. 19 10s. Half at". 9 19 0 I Eighth =£. 2 10 Quarter 5 0 01 Sixteenth 1 5 For Disorders of the Head, Dimness if Sight, Dcject of Hearing, THE CORDIAL CEPHALIC SNUFF. AS a Proof of its Efficacy, Mr. RICHARD THORN, of Itchen- Stoke, Hants, writes, in February, " ' lows:— andean see to read with 4th. Aug. 12th. 17 th. 21st. 21th. 26th. e7th. Aug. 26th. Drage William, Stanwick, Genf. Dickins Thomas, Passenham, Gent. Dunkley William, Staverton, Farmer Dickins Stephen, Holcot, Gent. 31st. t> e Rippe Abraham, Wakerley, Gent. rir,- H » ., PHw Canon's- Ashby, Bart. 3d. 4th. 5th. Aug. 14th. 20th. 31st. 3d. 24th. 26th. 58 th. 29th. Slst. July 16th. Aug. 22d. 24th. 26th. 28th. 29th. ' 30th. 31st. Sept. 2d. July 6th. 18th. Aug. 10th. 20th. • 26th. I BR AN SCO MB <$• Co. Joint Contractors tor the two last Lotteries, and Pro- prietors of the lucky Offices, No. 11, Hoi. HORN, and 37, CORN HILL, BEG Leave to return their most grateful Thanks to the Public for the great Partiality shown them in the last and former Lotteries, and again solicit their Favours in the present Lottery, at either of the above Offices; where the following Capital Prizes have been sold, shared, and registered, prior to the Lottery for 1804, namely, 4 Prizes of ,£. 30,000 8 11 15 26 54 20,000 10,000 5,000 2,000 1,000 ever shared. Sept. 2d. 3d. Aug. 29th. 30th. 31 st. Sept. 2d. • 4th. 5th. Aug 17th. 26th. 28th. 29th. 31st. Sept. 4th. July 29th. Aug. 9th. 14th. 17th. 21th. 27th. 28th. 49 th. snth. 31st. 10th. 12th. 14th. 17th. 19th. 21th. 16th. 27th. Vest- 53 th S9th. 30th. Slst. Dryden Sir Edw Delaval Colonel Francis, Northampton Edmonds Robert, Boughton- House, Esq. Eaton Stephen, Deene, Gent. Elwes Robert Carey, Great- Billing, Esq. Earl Robert, Dallmgton, Gent. Earl Richard, Dallington, Farmer Emery Thomas, Whilton, Gent. Farrer Henry, Ashley, Gent. Fairbrothcr'l. uke, the Younger, Hclmdon, Gent. Fawcett Rev. Thomas, Bradvvin, Clerk Farrer Richard, Ashley, Esq. Freeman Samuel, Floore, Gent. Fonnereau the Rev. Charles William, Hargrave, Clerk Fletcher Thomas, Rttshden, Esq. Fletcher John, Rushden, Gent. Fowler Robert, the Elder, Papley, Gent. Fowler R. the Younger, Paplc), Gent. Groocock William Austin, Kimbolton, Hunts, Gent. Gibbs Rev. Jas. Wellingborough, Clerk Griffin Rev. Edward, Dingley, Clerk Garlick John, Moulton, Gent. Gibbs William, Hannington, Gent. Gray John, Finedon, Esq. Grant Edward, Litchborough, Esq. Gladwell Henry, Drayton, Gent. Goodman Job, Towcester, Gent. Gunning George, Horton, Esq. Gurden Benjamin, Towcester, Gent. Gibbs Gaffield, Blisworth, Gent. Grant William, Litchborough, Esq. Gulliver William, the Younger, W Haddon, Gent. G< » odliall John Newton, Wellingborough, Esq. Garrett Richard, Thorpe- Malsor, Gent. Hacket Francis, Spratton, Esq. Flooper Rev. Wm. Charwelton, Clerk Hungcrford John Peach, Dingley- Hall, Esq. Hopcraft Thomas, Croughton, Gent. Hill Charles, Knuston- Hall, Esq. Howes Wm. Aynhoe- Grounds, Gent, Head John, Covington, in the County of Huntingdon, Esq. Hickman Henry, Newnham, Gent. Houghton Thos. Whitmale- Park, Gent. Hands Stephen, Newbold. Grounds, in the Parish of Catesby, Grazier Hitchcock George, the Elder, Hinton, in the Parish of Woodford, Gent. Hitchcock G eorge, the Younger, Hinton, in the Parish of Woattford, Gent. Hmhiiry William, Kelrnarsh, Esq. Hanbury George, Kelnlarsh, Esq. Hanbury John, Kelmarsh, Esq. Hitchcock Wm. Chippingwarden, Gent. Hunt Rev. Edward, Stoke- Doyle, Clerk Harri. cn Samuel Wynient, Daventry, Esq. Hughes Samuel, Bugbrook, Esq. Hilly, ird Clark, Northampton, Esq. Humphrey Rev. Nathaniel, Thorpe. Mandeville, Clerk Herbert George, Sibbertoft, Gent. Harris William, Wootton. Hill, Esq. HaiyncsThomas, Long- Buckby, Gent. Harrison Rev. H. B. Bugbrook, Clerk Hewitt Richard, Dodford, Gent. Harris Thomas, Braunston, Gent, Hadden John, Charlton, in the Parish of New bottle, Grrt. Hall John, Braunster., Gent. 27th. 28th. 29th. 30 th. 31st. Sept. 4th. Aug. 7th. 21st. 21th. 26th. 27th. liam, Wellingborough, Esq. Meacock Samuel, Brackley, Gent. Mount William, Brixworth, Gent. Manning William, Harpole, Gent. Northampton the Right Hon. Charles Earl ot, Castle- Ashby Needhain Rev. Theophilus Henry Hast- ings, Harpole, Clerk Norton Richard, Yelvertoft, Gent. Orton John, Welford, Surgeon Orton Thomas, Welford, Surgeon Pell Samuel, Mear's- Ashby, Gent. Powys the Hon. Frederick, Aldwinckle Powys the Hon. and Rev. Littleton, Titchmarsh, Clerk Powys Rev. Littleton, Thorpe- Achurch, Clerk Phillips Thomas, Badby, Farmer l'cll Walton, Clipstone, Gent. Palmer Sir John, Carlton, Bart. Palmer John Henry, Carlton, Esq. Pilkington Robert", Weedon- Beck, Esq. Pell John, Brockhall, Gent. Robinson Rev. Isaac, Culworth, Clerk Russell John, Bugbrook, Esq. Rose John Capel, Crmisley, Esq. Ralphs William, Heliidon, ( lent. Kodick Rev. John Tole, Wellingborough, Clerk • Kodick Archibald, Wellingborough. Gent. Robinson Rev. William, Grafton- Under- ivoud, Clerk Rokcby Rev. Langham, Arthingworth, Clerk Roddiss Samuel, Floore, Gent. Robinson George, Cranford, Esq. Smith Rev. ; nomas, Llaycoton, Clerk Sam well Thomas iamweil Watson, Up- ton, Esq. Sharntan Samuel, Wellingborough, Gent. Scholey Godfrey, aiions- Ashby, ' Esq. Sheldon John, Walgrave, Gent. Sibley John, Harrington, Gent. Salisbury . vmorose, Nonoft, Farmer. Stanley William, Couingham, Gent. Scriven Edward, Harpole, Gent. Sharman Samuel, Hatdwick, Gent. Sibley William, Harrington, Gent. Sanderson Rev. William, Little- Adding- ton, Clerk Sanderson Thomas, Little - Addington, Gent. Smith Thomas, Irthlingborough, Brewer Smith William, Collyweston, Gent. Smith Thomas, lslip, Merchant Southwell John, Warmington, Gent. Smith John, Oundle, Gent. Satterthwaite Rev. William, Doddington, Clerk Stopford the Hon. and Rev. Rich. Bruce, Barton- Seagrave Stephens Richard, Rushden, Gent. Stockdale Rev. Wm. Walgrave, Clerk Spencer the Right Hon. George John Earl, Althorp Sparke Thomas, Higham- Ferrers, Esq. Stratford Francis Paul. Thorpc- Lubenham, Esq. Scriven Thomas, Castle- Ashby, Gent. Smith Thomas, Weedon- Beck, Gent. Smith Wm. the Younger, Isham, Gent. • Slater Rev. Thomas, Wilby, Clerk Sapcote Samuel, Hannington, Gent. Smyth Christopher, Northampton, Gent. Selby Michael, Barnwell- Saint- Andrew, Gent. Tyley Rev. James, Great- Addington Clerk Taylor Thomas, Thorpe . Mandeville, Yeoman Thornton Rev. Robert, Cold. Ashby. Clerk Tibbits James, Braunston, Gent, ' libbits Charles, Barton- Seagrave, Esq. Tomlinson Francis Tenant, Stanwick 1805, to the Proprietors as follows: " I am now i4 Years old, andca common Glasses, and my Memory is as good as when I was only 18. In July, 1776 ( 29 Years ago), 1 was seized with a dreadful Giddiness in my Head. My Doctor gave me various Medicines: They did me no good. He admitted this, and candidly advised the Use of your CEPHALIC SNurr. I took it, and in a few Weeks Was much better. After this I took it more freely, and in six Weeks was as well and hearty as ever, and so have continued to this Day." In Consequence of the increased Expence of the In- gredients of which this elegant and efficacious Snuff is composed, and the high Duty upon the Bottles, the Proprietors are under the Necessity of raising the Price to Is. per Bottle, Stamp included. It is sold only by F. NEWBERY & Sons, at the Warehouse for Dr. James's Powder, No. 45, in St. Paul's Church- Yard, London; and by B. C. COLLINS, at Salisbury; and none is genuine, unless the Words " F. Neu- bery, No. 45, St. Paul's," be engraved on the Stamp. Sold also, bv their Appointment, by Dicey Se Sutton, J. Edge, andW. Marshall, Northampton. LOCKYF. R's Antibilious Antiscorbutic Pills. nPIIESE PILLS were originally discovered and I. many Years prepared by Dr. Lionel Lockyef, who, in the Course of a very extensive Practice, admi- nistered them in a great Variety of Cases both among Rich and Poor, and established their Reputation beyond any other public Medicine of that Time. They resist Bile and all Obstructions of the Spleen and I. iver, which, unremoved, corrupt the Blood, from whence flow numerous Diseases, as Pains in the Head, Trem- blings, Palpitations of the Heart, Swooning, Vertigo, Hysterics, & c. Sec. ; they destroy Worms, cure the Scurvy, Gout, Leprosy, Slack and Yellow Jaundice, Overflowing of the Gall, Gravel, King's Evil, Fis- tulas, Piles, & c Sec. Messrs. Dicey and Co. No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, by Appointment of the Proprietors, are the only Whole- sale Venders; th y arc sold Retail by Dicey Se Co. Edge, and Marshall, Northampton ; Robins, Daven- try; Wilcox, and Gallard, Towcester; Tuck and Mather, Wellingborough; and by every Vender of Medicines in the United Kingdom. Price 2s. 9d. a Box, with full Directions. ( pt" Observe that the Name of " M. WATSON," one of the Proprietors, is signed in the Bills of Di- rections.— All others are Counterfeit. 30th. 31st. Sept. 2d. 3d. Aug. 7th. 10th. 17th. 19th. 26th. 27th. 23 th. 29th. 30 th. 31st. Sept. id. 3d. 4th. Gent. Tryon Thomas, Bulwick, Esq. Thursby John Harvey, Abington, Esq. Tookey Lewis Robt. Thrapston, Surgeon Thomas George, Brackley, Gent. Westmflrland the Right Hon. John Earl of, Apethorpe Williamson James, Wellingborough, Gent Wills Robert, Yelvertoft, Gent. Wartnaby John, Hoothsrpe, Gent. Wills George, Upper- Boddington, Gent White Rev. Samson, Maidford, Clerk Wright Henry, Everdon, Gent. Whitton Corbett, Sulgrave, Farmer Whitton John, Greensnorton, Farmer Whitmell William, Yelvertoft, Gent. Weston Robert, Stutchbury, Yeoman Wright Rev. Win. Cotterstock, Clerk Willes Rev. William Shippen, Astrop. House, Clerk Welch Rev. Thomas, Pattishall, Clerk Webster Daniel, Deene- Park, Gent. Whalley Rev. Thomas, Ecton, Clerk Ward John, the Younger, Husbands- Bos. worth, Leicestershire, Grazier Worley George, Overston, Gent. Williams Rev. Richard, Northampton Clerk Wake Sir William, Courteen- Hall, Bart Whitlark George, Lodduigton, Gent West Charles, Dallington, Gent. Warde Henry, Cransley, Esq. Welstead Rev. Hatty, Thorpe- Mande. ville, Clerk Wakefield Joseph, Potcote, in the Parish of Cold- Hishatn, Gent. Wright Rev. John, Great- Billing, Clerk Walcot Wm. the Younger, Oundle, Esq. RI^ HE LORD HIGH CHANCELLOR having granted an Injunction, addressed to URANIA SIBLY andJ. CHAMBERLAIN, of Portsea, SHAW & EDWARDS, St. Paul's Church- Yard, London, or any of their Agents, to stop their selling or vending a spurious Preparation, in Imitation of Dr. SIBLY's PATENT SOLAR TINCTURE, under a Penalty of One Thou- sand Pounds, all the Bottles issued at this Warehouse, from the 4th of June, 1805, will be signed C. IV. Saffell, written upon the Wrapper and Book of In- structions round each Bottle. The above Tincture will be found, on Trial, the most efficacious Medicine' ever made known to the Public, for Diseases of the Breast and Lungs, Asth- ma, Dropsy, Consumption, Nervous Complaints, Sec. Its Virtues have been too long established to be doubted; therefore, with Confidence, it is pro- moted as a valuable Family Medicine. Sold in Bottles at 7s. 6d. and 14s. each, Wholesale and Retail, at the S » lar Tincture Warehouse, No. 40, New Bridge- Street, Ludgate- Hill, I. ondon; ancl Retail by Mr. Marshall, only Vender at Northampton; Mrs. Elmes, Stony- Stratford; Mr. Inwood, Newport- Pagnell; Mr. Harrod, Harborough; and by ' most Venders in the Kingdom. and the only Prize of £. 3000 No. And in 1804, 9219, shared in i, i, J, and 2- 16ths =£. 20,000 11,643, shared in i, and 6- 16ths 20,000 76S6, shared in 2- 4ths and 8- 16ths 20,000 456, shared in i, J, and 6- 16ths..-. .20,000 13,747, shared in 16- 16ths 10,000 were all sold at the above lucky Offices, besides several =£. 20fl0, £. 1000, =£. 500, Sec. Sec. and where Tickets and Shares are now selling; and also by Mr. BIRDS ALL, LICENSED for NORTHAMPTON, BY WHOM Several Shares of the above Capitals have been sold and registered. ffcT The Lottery begins drawing the 30th of Sep. tember, 1805; and'the Blanks drawn for the three first Days will be entitled to =£. 10 each, as particularized in the general Scheme; therefore an early Purchase js recommended. To the Afflicted is submitted the following Letter:— To Mr. DIXON, Apothecary. SIR, IN Consequence of several Voyages to the East Indies, I had contracted a Bilious Complaint to such an alarming Extent, as to be scarcely able at Times to pay Attention to the Duties of my Ship. Through the Recommendation ot a Friend, I was led to make Trial of your ANTIBILIOUS PILLS; by the Use of which for a short Time, I was, to my Astonishment, immediately relieved ; and have been, for a long while, totally free from any Returns of Nausea, Yellowness of the Skin, Nervous and Sick Head- Achs, Heart- Burns, Giddiness, and other cor- responding Symptoms of the above Complaint. The Success of your Remedy has induced me to recom- mend it generally, and my Brother in particular, third Officer of the Duke of Montrose Indiaman, who laboured under a worse Affliction, if possible, than myself, has been in like Manner completely cured, 1 am, Sir, your obedient Servant, ROBERT LUCAS, Chief Officer ot the Hon. East- India Company's Ship Union. Gravesend, June 29th, 1804. Sold Wholesale at Mr. BUTLER'S, No. 4, Cheap- side, London ; and Retail by all Medicine Venders, n Boxes at 2s. 9d. and 6s. each. EXCESSIVE INDULGENCES. THE CORDIAL BALM of GILEAD, by its softening, healing, and tonic Qualities, as well as by its salutary Efiects, affords a sure Prospect of returning Strength, and a certain Hope of muscular Invigoration, to those who are debilitated by premature or excessive Indulgences: Hence arise Weakness of Sight, Vertigoes, Loss of Appetite, and mental Decay. The CORDIAL BALM of GILEAD most wonderfully cherishes Nature, and will support the Lilt of the Aged and Infirm. In all inward Decays, Debility, Lownessof Spirits, Relaxation in either Sex, whether hereditary or owing to youthful lmprudencies, this Medicine will afford the most wonderful Relief. Prepared by Dr. SOLOMON, Gilead- Htuse, mar Liverpool, in 10s. 6d. and 33s. Bottles; the latter contain four of the former, by - which the Purchaser saves nine Shillings. Every genuine Bottle lias a Stamp which bears the Proprietor's Name and Address, " Saml. Solomon, Liverpool," to imitate which is Felony. Double Postage of all Letters to Dr. Solomon, Li- verpool, must be paid, and his Fee of 10s. 6d. in- closed tor Advice. Sold Wholesale and Retail by the Printers of this Paper, also Retail by Marshall, and Edge, North, ampton; Collis Se Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Dawson, and Harrod, Harborough; Marriott, Ban- bury ; Wilcox, and Gallard, Towcester; Seeley, Buckingham; Richardson, Stony- Stratford; Edge, and Tuck and Mather, Wellingborough; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Okely, and Smith, Bed- ford; Fox, St. Neots; Barringer, and Inwood, New- port- Pagnell; Swinfen, Leicester; by the Printers of the Country Newspapers; and by all the reputable Medicine Venders, Booksellers, Sec. in every principal Town in England, Ireland, Scotland, and America, who will deliver Pamphlets gratis, with a Variety of authentic Documents noted therein. Of - whom may be had, The ANTI. IMPETIG1NES, or SOLOMON's DROPS, for purifying the Blood, and restoring the System when impaired by the imprudent Use of Mer- cury, have been found the great and only Restorer of Health and Vigour in Disorders - where Salivation has repeatedly failed.— Price 10s. 6d.— Family Bottles 33s. The ABSTERGENT LOTION, for removing Eruptions from the Surface of the Human Body.— Price 4s. 6d. a Bottle, Dutv included. Also, A new Edition of'SOLOMON'S GUIDE to HEALTH.— Price 3s. ANTISCORBUTIC MEDICINE, Prepared by Mr. JOHN LIGNUM, Surgeon, at hit Dis- pensary, in Manchester; ~ I^ OR those who value Health of Body, Vigour I. of Mind, and a good Constitution, of all other Blessings the most desirable. If then Nothing is so valuable as Health, of Course Nothing is so absolutely necessary as due and strict Attention being paid to those Indispositions to which the greatest Part of Mankind are subject, namely, scorbutic Complaints, which by too many are considered as trifling, and neglected till they have taken deep Root in the Con- stitution, and brought on a Complication of Maladies too shocking to relate. When a tainted or scorbutic Habit has undermined the Constitution, no longer has the Blood ( which is the Life) a due Circulation, without which no longer can the Body be preserved in Health and Vigour. The great Number ot Persons who have and daily experience the superior Properties of Mr. LIGNUM's ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS, is the best Testimony that can be adduced to their Virtue: These Drops penetrate into the most intimate Parts of the Body, open the Mouths of the minuter Vessels, restore the natural Perspiration, promote all the fluid Secretions in every Stage of this destruc- tive Complaint, and are an absolute Specific; and as a Preventative, an Alterative, and a Purifier of the Blood, they are not to be equalled. Thev may be taken without Confinement, ate pleasant in Taste, and may be safely administered to Children, or People of the most delicate Constitution; they strengthen the Stomach, create a good Appetite, and are an ex- cellent Restorative to decayed Constitutions. From their perfect digestive Quality, they prevent the Ac- cumulation of Wind causing Head- Achs, Vapours, and other Indispositions incident to the Human Frame, ( J3T These Drops are sold in moulded square Bot- tles, at lis. and 4s. 6d.— One lis. Bottle is equal in Quantity to three 4s. 6d. ones. They may be had, Wholesale and Retail, at Mr. LIGNUM'S, No. 57, Bridge- Street, Manchester; and, by Appointment, of Howard Se Evans, 42, Long- Lane, West- Smithfield; Dicey & Co. Bow Church- Yard ; Barclay Se Son, 95, Fleet- Market; Shaw Se Edwards, 66, St. Paul's Church- Yard; Butler, 4, Cheapside; and Newbery & Sons, 45, St. Paul's Church- Yard, London; and Retail of Dicev Se Sutton, Northampton; Green Se Taylor, Ampth'ill; Gardner, Biggleswade; Palgrave, Bedford; Beesley, Banbury; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Ridge", Newark; Inwood, Newport- Pagnell; Tookey, Oundle; Jacob, Peterborough; Wilcox, low. cester; Paul, St. Ives; Jenkinson, Huntingdon; Collis Se Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Tuck Se Mather, Wellingborough; Dafton, Hitchin; Simson, Hert. ford; and of the principal Venders of genuine Medi- cines in the United Kingdom. To THOMAS TAYLOR, Esq. No. 9, New Bridge- Street, Loudon. Si R, IConsider it but an Act of Justice due to the Merits of your I. EAKE's PATENT PILLS, to communicate to you the following Cure, which has recently been performed by them:— An Acquaintance of mine, who, by the breaking out of an old Venereal Complaint ( attended by a Complication of Disorders arising therefrom), was reduced almost to a Skeleton, and although he had the best Medical Advice which could be obtained, and tried a Variety of Patent Me- dicines, Nothing could be procured which seemed to suit his Case, or to do him any Service: He remained in a most reduced and pitiable Situation for two Years, unable to follow his Profession, and scarcely able to walk or even to stand on his Legs; in Fact, no one who knew him ever supposed it ' possible for him to recover. He was advised at last to try your LEAKE'S PILI. S ; he did so, adhering strictly to the Directions given with them; he had not taken more than two Boxes before he found an Alteration for the better; this encouraged him to proceed, and by taking a tew Boxes more he found his Appetite and Strength gra- dually return, and is now as healthy and stout as any Man I know. You are welcome, Sir, to refer any Person to me for a Confirmation of the above Account if it should be doubted. 1 am, Sir, your obedient humble Servant, THOS. PURDAY. Library, Folkstoni, July 10, 1805. Prepared and sold by the sole Proprietor, THOMAS TAYLOR, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, in London, at his House, No. 9, New Bridge- Street; where, after a constant Residence of more than forty Years, in a Practice particularly directed to the Cure of Venereal Corppiaints, and those inci- dental to the Pgrts of Generation in both Sexes, with that inviolable Secrecy which Men of his Profession should always observe, he flatters himself the Advice and Assistance he gratuitously administers to Persons taking this Medicine, will be esteemed, by a discern- ing Public, as an Advantage seldom to be obtained, and void of Ambiguity. They are also sold, by his Appointment, for the Convenience of those living at a Distance, by the Printers of this Paper, and Mr. Marshall, Druggist, Northampton; Wilcox, and Gallard, Towcester; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Sharp, Warwick ; Rollason, Coventry ; Gregory, Leicester ; Harrod, Harborough ; Seeley, Buckingham ; Loggin, Ayles- bury ; Knight, Collis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Tuck & Mather, Wellingborough; Marriott, Banbury ; Tookey, Oundle; Billinge, Liverpool; Atkinson, Manchester; and by one Person in every considerable Town in Great- Britain and Ireland, in Boxes of only 2s. 9d. each, sealed up with full and plain Directions, whereby Persons of either Sex may cure themselves with Ease, Speed, Secrecy, and Safety. ( f3" Every Box sold ir Great- Britain is sealed up with a Stamp, on which, by Favour of the Commis- sioners, is printed, at the Stamp- Office— T. Taylor, No. 9, Ne- W Bridge- Street— 10 imitate which is Felony, and all others are counterfeit. • - • « '' For the Illnd, Chalk, Flutes, and other Disorders of the Boacli. DALBY's CARMINATIVE. CAUTION. MANY counterfeited Preparations of this Medicine having been offered for Sale, under specious Pretences, all Persons are requested not to take any, unless they observe that the Name, " F Newbery, No. 45, St. Paul's," is engraved in the Stamp, and that in the Bill of Directions round each Bottle is an EXTRACT from the WILL of the late Mr. JOSEPH DAI. BY, viz. " Whereas I did many Years since in struct my Daughter Frances, now the Wife of Anthony Gel! ot North- Street, Westminster, Gentleman, in the Art of compounding a certain Medicine, of which I am the sole Inventor, called DAISY'S CARMINATIVE • 1 do hereby constitute and appoint my said Daughter the sole Preparer of this useful Medicine. I like- wise give to my said Daughter, Frances Gell, my sole Property in the said CARMINATIVE, and all 1 rofits arising from the Sale thereof, to her and her ' Heirs for ever." It is sold only by F. NEWBERY Se SONS, No. 45, St. Paul's Church- Yard, a few Doors from the Corner ot Cheapside, London, Price Is. 9d. a Bottle, Dutv included. Sold also, by their Appointment, by Dicey Se Sutton, J. Edge, and W. Marshall, Northampton. BRODUM'S NERVOUFCORDIAL SlI!> Durham, June 26, 1801. IFeel infinite Satisfaction in having Permission to communicate to you a most surprising Cure, by your truly invaluable Medicine, the NERVOUS CORDIAL, and which it would be doing an Injustice to Mankind and the Public in general, to withhold the Efficacy of so salutary and sovereign a Medicine. Mrs. SHIRWOOD, late Housekeeper at Windies'tone- Hall, in the Vicinity of Durham, has been aUUted from the Year 1792, with a long Train of horrid Nervous Affections, attended with excruciating Pains in the Back and Stomach, Giddiness, violent Head, ach, and extreme Sickness; in short, her whole Frame was so impaired, that it was with the greatest Diffi- culty she could walk up and down Stairs, and was often confined to her Room for Weeks together; her Situation was so truly alarming, that she was frequently obliged to be supported, to prevent her from tailing. With the Advice of Medical Men, she was induced to make Trial of your Nervous Cordial; she first took two small Bottles, which afforded her a little Relief- she then sent to me for a large Bottle, and before she had taken the Whole of it, was able to walk without the least Inconvenience four or five Miles. She is now upwards of sixty Years of Age, happily restored from Pain and Disease, to a better State of Health than she has enjoyed for these ten Years. Any Person desirous of further Information, may have e\ ery Satis- faction by applying, either by Letters ( Post- paid), or personally, to your much obliged humble Servant, W. A. HENDERSON, Bookseller, Sadler- Street, Durham. To Dr. Brodum, Albion- Street, London. The BOTANICAL SYRUP and RESTORATIVE NER- VOUS CORDIAL to be had at the House, No. 9, Al- bion. Street, Surrey Side of Blackfrtar, Bridge, in Bottles at £. 1 2s.— lis.— and 6s. Duty included. { MR" A. D. SWINTON, the Proprietor ( Son of Dr. Swinton, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, l^ ndon,) may " be consulted from Ten till Three, or by Letter, containing the usual Fee. * » * A Five Guinea Bottle contains six at 22s. Sold also by the PRINTERS of this PAPER, and by the following Persons within the Circuit hereof, vil. Marshall, Northampton, and at his Shop in Ilarbo- rough; Edge, Northampton, and at his Shops in Wellingborough and Towcesier; Nixon, Leicester; Smith, Bedford; Jenkinson, Huntingdon; Tookey, Oundle; Beale, Thrapston; Collis Se Dash, Munn, Kettering; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Tuck Sc Mather, Wellingborough; Jackson, Peterborough; Newcomb, Printer, Stamford; V\ heeler, Aylesbury; Marriott, Banbury; Gallard, Towcester; and by most Bookseller and Medicine Venders in the three Kingdoms. " aaOOCX^ t'CXiOe'i i BANKRUPTS required to SURRENDER. Wm Headland, of Sw. nsted Mountfitcliet, Essex, farmer, Sept. 20, 21, and Oct. 12, at Guildhall, London. At'. oriues, Messrs. Meredith and Robbins, Grav's- lnn. Thomas Johnson, of Fleet- market, London, cabi- net- maker, Sept. 20, 21, and October 12, at Guild- hall. Attorney, Mr. Fitzgerald, Leman- strcet, Good, man's- fields. William Hall, of Silver- street, Wood- street, Cheap- side, London, Manchester warehouseman, Sept. 17, 21, and Oct. 12, at Guildhall. Attorn y, Mr. At. kinson, Castle- street, Falcon- square. Henry Hutchiugs, late of Blackl'riars'- road, Surrey, tallow- chandler, Sept. 7, 13, and Oct. 12, at Guildhall, London. Attorney, Mr. Charter, Prin- ter's- street, Earle- street, Blackfriars. Richard Etches, of Leek, Staliordshire, wine and liquor- merchant, Sept. 12, 13, and Oct. 12, at the George Inn, Leek. Attornies, Messrs. Mills, Cruso, and Jones, Leek. William Sutclilfe, of Halifax, Yorkshire, merchant, Sept. 26, 27, at the White Lion Inn, HaltfUx, and Oct. 15, at the Angel Inn, Ferrybridge; Attorney, Mr. Wilcock, Halifax. Samuel Hull Wilcocke, of Liverpool, merchant, Oct. 1, 2, and 15, at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool. Attorney, Mr. Orred, Liverpool. William Wetherill, sen. and William WetheriW, jun. of Bristol, merchants, Sept. 11, IS, and Oct. 15, at the White Lion, Bristol. Attornies, Messrs. Strickland and Cornish, Bristol. Richard Walker, now or late of Leicester, dealer, Sept. 16, 17, and Oct. 15, at tl. e Blue Bell Inn, Lei- cester. Attorney, Mr. Lawton, Leicester. Peter Duffy, late of Newman- street, Oxford- road, Middlesex, wine- merchant, Sept. 1), 14, and Oct. 15, at Guildhall. Attorney, Mr. Pasmore, Broad- street- Chambcrs, Old Broad- street. Anthony William Jefferson, of Rathbone - place, Oxford- street, Middlesex, china and glassman, Sept. 7, 17, and Oct. 15, at Guildhall. Attorney, Mr. Tucker, Staple's- Inn, London. CERTIFICATE to be granted. Sept. 21. Thomas Haynes, now or late of Oundle, Northamptonshire » nurseryman. MARKETS.— London, Sept.' 2. Though but little Wheat up this morning from the neighbouring counties on the coast, the mealing trade is further declining, and prices lower, by five and six shillings per quarter, than on Monciay last. This, however, with the exception of a tew fine samples of old, to mix, and some prime new Kentish, fur seed, which fetch somethii. g more than our top price.— The bakers becoming as r ™ . luctant to buy Flour, as the millers Wheat, has brought down that article ( fine Flour) to as low as sixty- eight shillings per sack.— Rye, Barley, ami Malt, are all on the decline, as a comparison of the last and present prices will demonstrate. Peas and Beans have not given way ; but Oats are cheaper, say by one and two shillings per quarter.— Rape- Seed is dearer. Wheat...— s. to 60s. Od. Fine Do. .65s. to 74s. Od. Rye 44s. to 48s. Od. Barley .. 35s. to40s. T) d. Malt 72s. to 7Ms. Od. Oats 21s. to 30s. Od. HorscBeans44s. to 48s. Od. Tick Ditto 38s. to 42s. 0d. White Peas 40s. t « 44s. Od. Grey Ditto 40s. to46s. Od. PRICE of FLOUR.— Fine 60s. to GBs. Od. SMITHEIELD, Sept. 2. To sink the ptial. Ox Beef, 3s. Od. to 4s. Od. Weth- r Mutton, 4s. 6d. to 4s. 8d. Veal, 4s. Od. to 5s. 6d. Pork, 4s. Od. to 5s. 4d. Lamb, 4s. 8d. to 5s. 6d. Sold this day, Beasts, 1900— Sheep and Lambs, 17,500. NEWGATE and LEADINHALL, Sept. 2. Reef, 3s. Od. to 4s. Od. Mutton, 3s. 4d. to 4 » . 2d. Veal, 3s. 4d. to 5s. Od. Tork, 4s. Od to 5s. Id. Lamb, 4s. Od. to 6s. Od. TALLOW — Town 68s 6d. Russia ( Can.) 69s. Od. to 71s. Od. ( Soap) 68s. Od. to — s. Od. Melting Stuff — s. to 58s. 0U. Ditto rough — s. to 40s. Good Dregs 10s. Od. Craves lis. Od. LEATHER, per lb. Butts, 50 to 561b. 22d to2; » } d. Ditto, 60to651b. 25d. to26d Merchants Backs, — d. to 22d. Dressing Hides, 21id. to 23d. F ine Coach. Hides, 23d. to 24Jd. Ciop Hides for cutting, 22i. t to 23Jd. Flat ordinary, 21Jd. to 22Jd. Calf Skins, 3 to 40ib. perdoz. 38d. to 42d. Ditto, 50 to 701b. per doz. 38d. to 42d. Ditio, 70 to 80ib. y6d. t. 38d. Small Seals, per lb. 40< L to 42i. Large Ditu, | er doz. 120s. to 180s. Goat SW., s, — s. to — s. j ei doz. Tanned Horse- Hides, 21 io S . Od. p r Hide, NORTHAMPTON: Printed and Published by and tor T. DICKY and IV. BUTTON.
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