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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Volume Number: LXXXV    Issue Number: 21
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 27/07/1805
Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: LXXXV    Issue Number: 21
No Pages: 4
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- V? \ gl. Vol. LXXXV. No. sari. Ready Money is expected ) with Advertisements. $ SATURDAY, July 27, 1805. PRICE SIXPENCE, \ Stamp- Duty - 3jd. ' J Paper and Print 2Jd. n Sunday and Tuesday's Posts LONDON, July 23. THE Hamburgh Mail clue on Wednesday, arrived on Saturday morning,— In answer to the note of the Genoese Government to the Austrian Mi- nister at Genoa, announcing the incorporation of that territory with France, and that his functions were consequently at an end, the Minister has returned a very spirited note, in which he states, that it is impossible he can consider bis mission as terminated until he receives orders to that effect from the Emperor his master. He demands, that in the mean time his person shall be considered as inviolable, and the rights of the Legation de- fended against any attack. The reply of the Genoese Government merely states, that the official respect due to the Austrian Minister, ac- cording to the law of nations, and agreeably to the sentiments of esteem entertained for him by the Government, shall be carefully observed. M. Novosilzoff bus had his first conference with the Prussian Minister, and has delivered a letter ftoiu his Sovereign. Hq is treated at Berlin with toarktd respect. The Russian Government, though not unwilling, it is said, to treat with Bonaparte, will treat with htm only upon the same fundamental conditions which were stated in the energetic notes of M. DX) ubril, before his departure from Paris. The Russian armies have been of late greatly aug- mented; and there is, on the Polish frontier of that empire, a force uf more than 60,000 men in readiness to march. It is known that M. Schimmelpenninc, the Grand Pensionary of Holland, had consented to lighten some of the restrictions upon English commerce, from a conviction that his countrymen wore the chief sufferers by such restraints. This prudent policy, it is likewise known, gave great offence to General Marmont, and ultimately to the French Emperor; it has therefore been signified to M. Schimmelpenninc, that unless he conforms more strictly to the mandates of his master, he most of necessity be cashiered. Acciants by the Hamburgh mail state, that Jerome Bonaparte has been reconciled to his Im- perial brother, and is appointed Grand Admiral of France. It is reported in letters from Madrid, that im- mediate hostilities are expected to take place be- tween Spain and Portugal, in consequence of the fetter having hitherto declined complying with the unjust demand of France to shut her ports against every description of British shipping. A consider- able French army is said to be now collecting at Petpigaati; and it is expected that a Spanish force will immediately inarch against the frontiers of Portugal. Fift Bey and Seid Mehemet Ali are said to have acquired an ascendency in Egypt, which threatens the entire overthrow of the Turkish power in that country. The new Captain Pacha has been dis- patched thither, by a sudden order of the Divan, with a fleet of three ships of the line, four fri- gates, two corvettes, and a suitable number of transports. The Americans have attacked the piratical States of Barbary with great spirit and succcss.— By letters from Messina, dated June 1, we learn, that Colonel Eaton having landed with a body of marines, & c. from the American squadron in the Mediterranean, advanced into the Tripolftan terri- tory, and after some severe contests, in which lie was wounded ill the arm by a musquet ball, and in which many of his people fell, he carried Derna and Bengasi by assault. The Tripolitans, alarmed at this success, immediately made overtures of peace, proposing to liberate Captain Bainbridge and the people of the Philadelphia, & c.— Colonel Lear is gone to Tripoli in the Essex frigate, to negociate with the Bashaw; and the Constitution and Vixen have been sent to Tunis, to enforce on the Bey a better observance of peace than he has of late seemed disposed to adopt. Yesterday Paris Papers to the 15th inst. were received.— They are somewhat more interesting than usual, dispatches relative to the combined squadrons forming part of their contents. As far as these come down, they confirm what has been stated from other sources, though, of course, they add some falsehood to the truth. On the night of the 9th of April, the Toulon squadron arrived before Cadiz, having sent it frigate a- head, to get the Spanish squadron ready for coming out. The French Admiral informed Admiral Gravina how important it was not to lose a moment; and the Spaniards sailed with him on the 10th. On the 9th of May, in a latitude prescribed, Admiral Gravina, with six Spanish ships, took a different direction from the French, who arrived at . Mar- tinique on the 13th. Admiral Villeneute closes his dispatch on the 17th, on which day he hud done nothing, except beginning to take in water. Marshal Bernadotte litis addressed a letter to the Executive Commission of the Electorate of Hanover, containing a severe prohibition of the clandestine enlistments which he pretends are made for the English service. He denounces severe punishments, not only against all persons who may be directly o" 1 indirectly concerned in this practice, hut even against those who may be suspected to be implicated in it. To aggravate still more this measure of oppression, the unfortunate people of Hanover are not to be trietl by the Tribunals of their own country, but are to be judged by a French Military Commission. The accounts which the French papers give of the gallant achievement of Lieutenant Vu>, in Muros, is quite consistent with their usual ad- herence to truth.— The Loire frigate is converted into a squadron, consisting of a ship of the line, a frigate, a corvette, txc. and the 50 men which Stormed the Spanish fort are magnified into 500. It is now said that the Glorioso blew up in an action which she luid with some English frigates. We stated in our last, that a very heavy firing had been heard on the French coast, inconse- quence of which all the ships of war in the Downs had slipt their criblcs, and stood over towards Boulogne. ^ The following particulars of the action which took place, have since been received:— A considerable division of the enemy's flotilla was observed on Wednesday afternoon standing out from Calais and Dunkirk, for the purpose of reaching the general depot at Boulogne. Our squadron immediately mado tho necessary prepa- rations to intercept thein if possible, or if not, at least to annoy tliein in their progress. In conse- qucncc of the movements made by our squadron, above 100 gun- brigs and luggers came out of Boulogne harbour, and formed tliemsplves in a line within reach of their batteries, for the purpose of protecting the division that was expected. They were immediately attacked by our blockading squadron. The action commenced about eleven ( o'clock on Wednesday night, and a most treimr- I dous firing was continued for several hours. The action was again resumed on Thursday morning, \ and continued with great spirit for some time; at length the enemy, after sustaining considerable loss, effected their retreat into Boulogne. It is impossible to ascertain, with any degree of pre- cision, the extent of the los9 sustained by the enemy, but there is every reason to believe that it was very considerable. Some of their vessels were sunk, five were driven on shore, and two were taken. It was impossible for our cruisers to destroy the vessels that were driven on shore, becauy the whole coast is covered with batteries, in addition to which large detachments of horse- artillery were brought down to the shore, and kept up an incessant fire. In an action of such length, almost the whole of which was fought within the range of the enemy's batteries, it was impossible but that our vessels must have sustained considerable damage. Our loss consists of nine killed and 39 wounded. The former number, we regret to state, includes Lieutenant Marshall, of the Watchful gun- brig, a gallant enterprising offi- cer, who was killed by a shot from the shore while he was in the act of cheering his men. Among the wounded are, one Captain, one Lieutenant, and one Lieutenant of Marines. The principal damage which our squadron sustained was from tfye batteries on shore, and to the incessant and heavy fire which they kept up, it may be attri- buted that the greater part of the flotilla was not captured or destroyed. The King has been pleased to appoint Charles Blair, Esq. to be his Majesty's Consul- General at Naples.— Gazette. His Royal Highness the Commander in Chief has signified his assent that a portion of the regular and militia regiments in the southern district, not exceeding the fourth part of each battalion, and excepting those who may be employed on the public works, may be permitted to assist in getting in the approaching corn harvest. It was some time since stated, that a private soldier in the East Suffolk Militia had the extraor- dinary good fortune to have left to him ^ f. 400,000, ; ind that his two brothers also had left to them ,£. 6000 a year each; we hear that these three fortunate persons prove to be the legal represent- atives of the late W. Jennings, Esq. of Acton, Suffolk, Tuesday, two persons, supposed to be spies from the enemy's coast, were detected in the act of endeavouring to bribe the sentinel to gain ad- mittance into Deal Castle, and were immediately apprehended. Last week a brewer, hitherto deemed of re- spectable character, was fined by the Excise Office, in the penalty of £. 500, for using improper and illegal ingredients in the manufacture of what is called malt liquor. In the Court of King's- Bench, on Thursday last, in a cause before Lord Ellenborough and a Special Jury, Price rersus Andrew Mitchell, the defendant, who is a very respectable inhabitant of Wolver- hampton, and proprietor of the Angel Inn, non- suited the plaintiff, who endeavoured to prove that Mr. M. in the year 179S, bought goods of him in Londoii to the amount of £. 66 2s. Id. The plain- tiff, to substantiate his case, brought forward an evidence to identify Mr. M.' s person, who swore that he lodged with him at Somers- Town ( where the goods were sent to,) for nine months; and on being requested by Mr. Garrow to point out the defendant ( who was in Court), fixed upon a M1". Craig, an evidence i-. i the cause, and swore he was the man; and on Mr. Garrow afterwards pointing out. to him the real Mr. M. and observing, " he should not wonder if he also swore that was the man," the evidence said, " no, that is not at all like him." GRAND JUNCTION CANAL, JULY, 1805. RT, 4IE Public are respectfully informed, that, I- notwithstanding the Death of the late Mr. STUBBS, the Business at BI. ISWORTH WHARF will be continued under the Firm of ROPF. R & STUBffS, who, keeping a good Supply of COALS, COKES, SI. ATES, SALT, Sec. are determined to sell the same on liberal Terms, under adue Obligation to their Friends for Favours conferred. C5" The said Firm has no Connection in Trade with any other Wharf or . Person whatever. LEICESTERSHIRE & NORTHAMPTONSHIRE UNION CANAI, Saracen's- Head Inn, Leicester, July \ 5th, 1805. AT a Meeting of the Committee, pursuant to the last Adjournment, It teas, amongst other Things, resolved, That a Call of £. 5 per Cent, on the Shares of the respective Proprietors, be, and was thereby, made; to be paid into the Hands of the Company's Trea- surers, Mr. Inkersole, of Harborough, and' Messrs. Pares, Paget, Pares, and Heygate, of Leicester, on or before the lst Day of September next j and that the Clerks give the proper Notices, and prepare the ne- cessary Books, on the Occasion. CARTER & WARTNABY, Clerks to the Company. WELLINGBOROUGH WIIARF WEIGHING MACHINE. ANY Person or Persons willing to contract to . erect a WEIGHING MACHINE and HOUSE on Wellingborough Public Wharf, on the North Side of the River Nen, are requested to deliver their Pro- posals to Mr. GARDINER, at Northampton, sealed up, on or before the 31st Day of July instant. A Meeting of the Commissioners of the River Nen Na- vigation will be held at the GUILDHALL, in NORTH- AMPTON, on THURSDAY the 1st Dayof AUCUST next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, for taking such Proposals into Consideration, and contracting for the erecting such Machine and House.— Mr. KEEP, of Wellingborough, will shew the Spot on which the Machine is intended to be erected. Northampton, July 12th, 1805. A DESIRABDE SITUATION. To be LETT, And may le entered• upon immediately, Genteel' DWELLING- HOUSE and PRE- MISES, situate in the MARKET- SQUARE, at STONY- STRATFORD ; consisting of six Sleeping- Rooms, a Parlour, Kitchen, Brewhouse, Cellar, Garden, and Out- Offices. gCf Further Particulars may be had of THOMAS DAY, Ironmonger, Stony- Stratford, Bucks. A To Tanners. To be LETT, And entered on immediately, or at Michaelmas next, ATAN- YARD, in ' full Work, capable of . containing 1500 Hides, with a convenient eligible Dwelling- House, all necessary Outbuildings, and six or seven Acres of Land, situate at BRACKLEY, in the County of Northampton; together with a large Supply of Country Goods.— Also; a MALT- HOUSE adjoining, that will retail 500 Quarters of Malt annu- ally to constant and regular Customers, without any- extra Carriage more than is usual in the Tanning Business. 83" BRACKLEY Is situated in an exceeding good Bark Country, seven Miles from Buckingham and eight from Banbury, both large Market Towns, and from which there are navigable Canals to London and most Parts of the Kingdom. * « .* Enquire of Messrs. ARNOLD & GOODMAN, Brackley; or Mr. FENNER, Tanner and Factor, Long- Lane, Southwark, Surrey. The annual wool fair at Harlow- Bush Was held on Wednesday se'nnight, and was attended by most of the principal wool- growers in the neigh- bourhood.— Some very respectable wool- buyers were present, and a considerable quantity of wool was sold. The best South- Down was not sold, but some of 1111 inferior quality fetched 2s. 2d. per lb. Welch, Is. lOd. and Is" lid. per lb.; and Wilts and Herts, is. Od. Thetford wool fair was held on Saturday se'nnight. Wool was sold from 70s. to 71s. the tod of 23lb. Mr. Coke was in the chair, and the meeting was attended by Lord Bristol; Sirs Peter Parker, Wm. Lowly, R. Harland, and Jacob Aatley; Messrs. Ellinan, Howard, Crow, & c. & c. The beauty of the Circassian women has been the surprise and admiration of all travellers, and they have been particularly praised for the elegant sym- metry and pearly ' Whiteness of their teeth. For pie- serving tliein in this beautiful and healthy state, their- country furnishes a peculiar vegetable production, little known in any other quarter of the world, which they are in the habit of constantly using. It is this production, which the Proprietor was so fortunate to procure, that forms tile- basis ot BUTLER'S Resto- rative Tooth- Powder. To this article it owes its su- perior excellence and efficacy over every other of the kind, in imparting a sweetness to the breath, giving a delicate coral redness to the gums, and removing from the teeth, without injury, all foulness and dis- colouration, that tarnish the enamel. This valuable preparation is sold at Mr. BUTLER'S, No. 4, Cheap- side, corner of Paternoster- row; and may be had of most booksellers and perfumers, in every - country town, in boxes, at 2s. yd. each. —"* WSQ; S » >— CIUNG'S patent Wormrdcstroying Isizenges have for several years proved singularly efficacious at this season, in removing the numerous complaints occasioned by the successive changes of the weather ill our variable climate; and as opening physic on all occasions, it is superior to every other medicine. Sold wholesale and retail at Ching & Butler's, No. 4, Cheapside; and by most medicine venders within the circulation ot this Paper. PINE APPLE. A new Variety of that most delicious Fruit, THE OLIVE PINE. THIS Piant exceeds in Beauty the Whole of the variegated Spccies, as the Fruit does in Flavour; which abounds with exquisitely rich Juice, and may be grown to the Weight of five Pounds ami up- wards; it fruits very kind, and is as easily managed as any other Sort, and being more elegant, necessarily places it in still higher Estimation.— Fine Plants, only two Guineas each, to be had at NORTH'S Nursery Gardens, Lambeth, London. The most choice Variety in Europe of PINE ATFLE PLANTS, many of which have been raised from Seed, and the Sorts in no other Person's Pos- session ; likewise the greatest Collection of the finest Kinds of GRAPE VINES and Fics, in Pots, for the Hot- House, Grapery, Sec. ; a very large new YELLOW Coss LETTUCE, lately obtained from Florence, much superior in Flavour and Delicacy to all others, stands the Winter well from Autumu sowing, which pro- duces Lettuces early in the Summer, of an immense Size. Pockets of Seed 2s. fid. that will produce two or three thousand Plants. RECTORY IN OXFORDSHIRE. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, w. NEXT PRESENTATION to a valuable and very desirable RECTORY, situated about twenty Miles from Oxford. flU" The Parsonage and Premises, in every respect commodious and handsome, are in exceedingly good Condition, and the Land appropriated in Lieu of Tytlies is particularly convenient for Occupation by the Incumbent. .. Particulars may be had at the Chambers of THOMAS GRAHAM, Esq, Lincoln's- lnn, London and of Messrs. CHURCHILLS & FIELD, Solicitors! Deddington, Oxfordshire. Freehold Estates in Bedfordshire. To . be S O L D by AUCTION, By Mr. ABBOTT, At the Swan Inn, in Bedford, on Saturday the 17th Day of August, 1805 ( unless previously disposed ot by Private Contract), in two Lots, Lot 1. A Very eligible FAR M, situate in S\. WILDEN; consisting of an excellent Farm- House, double Dove- House, and everv necessary Outbuilding, and about 250 Acres, by Estimation, of Land, at which upwards of 50 Acres are ancient Ill- closure, now in the Occupation of Francis Mawbey with two Cottages adjoining the Farm Homestead. Lot 2. A very convenient FARM, also situate in WILDEN; consisting of a very good Farm- House and all necessary Outbuildings, and about 155 Acres by Estimation, of Land, of which about 40 Acres are ancient Inclosure, now ii. the Occupation of William Favcll. Note.— The Buildings are in excellent Repair; the Land belonging to each Farm lies near to the Home- stead; the ancient Inclosures are well fenced, and of convenient Sizes; and the Open- Fieid Land in very largePlots.-* The Land- Tax is redeemed. fpf" For further Particulars, anply to Mr. DAY, Solicitor, Saint Neots; and for a* View of the Pre- mises, to the respective Tenants. MRS. COPE respectfully informs h;> r Frien and the Public, that' she . intends, with t B- KDFORD- PRIORY, July 21th, 18W5. nds the Assistance of an able Teacher, to open a SCHOOL for the Reception of YOUNG I. ADI ES, at Michael- mas next, in a very airy Situation, near St. Peter's- Green; and begs to assure those Friends who may entrust their Children to her Care, that the strictest Attention will be paid to their Health and Morals. OSi" TERMS. — For Board and Lodging, 18 Guineas ( English, Geography, and fine Work included].— No Entrance Money expected.— French, Music, Drawing, Dancing, See. on the usual Terms.— Washing, 10s. 6d. per Quarter. Day- Scholars, 10s. 6d. per Quarter. GENERAL INFNTMARY7 NO7NHA MPTON, JULY 20th, 1805. . ^ J llS is to give Notice, That on SATURDAY the L 3d Day of AUCUST next will be held a General Court, at Twelve o'Clock in the Forenoon, to take the Reports of the Committee concerning the present State of this Society. And such Persons as wish to serve the Infirmary, are desired to send their Pro- posals, sealed up, ro the Secretary, on or before Twelve o'Clock on that Day; mentioning at what Rate thev are willing to furnish the following Ar- ticles, viz. BUTCHER'S MEAT, FLOUR, BREAD, made of all good Wheat, in Loaves of 14 Ounces each, MALT, CANDLES, RICE* SUGAR, and SOAP, in order that the most reasonable may be accepted. And it is further requested, that the Kills due by the Infirmary to the 3d of August next, may be then sent in to be examined and discharged. By Order of the Committee, W. INGMAN, Secretary. GENERAL INFIRMARY, NORTHAMPTON, JULY 20th, 1W5. rpilIS is to give Notice, That the ANNUAL 1 STATED COURT of the Governors of this Infirmary will be held here on SATURDAY the 3d of AUGUST next, at Twelve o'Clock in the Forenoon; at which Time and Place all Persons subscribing two Guineas or more per Annum ( being Governors accord- ing to the second Statute), are desired to give their Attendance; that being the Court now appointed for the Examination of the Conduct of the Infirmary for the past, and the Direction of it for the ensuing Year. As the first Saturday in August is the Day now fixed by the Statutes tor the Commencement of our Year, and as all our Annual Accounts are constantly made up to that Time, the Subscribers are earnestly desired to send or pay their Subscriptions for the ensuing Year at this Annual Stated Court. It is taken for granted, that all the Subscribers ( even those whose last Year's Arrears are yet unpaid) will continue their Annual Subscriptions, unless they send the Governors Notice, in Writing, on or before this Annual Stated Court in August, of their Intention to withdraw their Subscriptions. By Order of the Committee, W. INGMAN, Secretary. Q^ T Linen Rags are very much wanted for the poor Patients; if any Ladies or others have any such to dispose of, it would be deemed an acceptable Present to the Charity. To Buckinghamshire. To be SOLD by AUCTIO. V, By Mr. K N IB B, ( If not previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which timely Notice wilt be given,) 011 Mondav the 9th Day of September next, at tlie Swan Inn', Newport- Pagnell, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, rplIE MANOR of SYMPSON, with Court J. Baron Quit- Rents and Royalties thereto belong- ing, late the Estate of Sir W'ALDEN HANMER, Bart, dcceasecl; together with TWO capita! DAIRY FARMS of exceeding rich LAND, one called the WARRENS, usually occupied with the Mansion- House, and the other in the Occupation of Thomas Cumber- land, who at present holds both the Farms as Tenant at Will. One Farm is lett. at aC. 150 per Annum, and the other at ;£. 120 per Annum, clear of all Land- Tax. , Also, in Hand, a WOOD or CJOPPICE of thriving young OAK TIMBER, forming a good Cover for Game; and an ARABLE CLOSE, adjoining the same, called PILGROVE WOOD CLOSE, containing together 32 Acres, more or less; and the whole E state is Tythe- free. And also, a PUBLIC- HOUSE, called the Plough. and a CLOSE of LAND, in the Village of Symptm, adjoining the Grand Junction Canal, belonging to the same. And alsftj late AUSTIN'S HOUSE and PRE. MISES, adjoining the same. The Whole is a desirable Residence for a Gentleman, the same lying in tlie Neighbourhood of Woburn and Whittlebury, Newport- Pagnell and Stony- Stratford. — The Manor adjoins the Chester Road,' and is 45 Miles from London. {£ 3° This Residence is upon rich Land, beautifully wooded, and watered by the River Ouse, which forms a fine Head of Water and a good Fall, with a Cas- cade in Front of the Mansion- House.— The Grand Junction Canal passes through the Parish, by which Means there is Water- Carriage to and from London *** For turther Particulars and Conditions of Sale, enquire ot Mr. DAVIS, Jun. Attorney, of Ampthill, Be Is; of Mr. COWLEY, of Broughton, near Newport- Pagnell ( who will shew. the Premises); and of the AUCTIONEER, at Newport- Pagnell. N. B. This gives tli- i Appointment of Gamekeeper over a Manor well stocked with Game, and an exten- sive Fishery on" the River Ouse, tunning round the same. be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. JAMES NEALE, At the House of Mr. Thomas Morton, the Swan Inn, North- Kihvorth, in the County of Leicester,, on Monday the 19th Day of August next, about Three o'Clock. in the Afternoon, subject to such Con- ditions as shall ' ie then and there produced, in Lots ( unless sooner disposed of by Private Contract, of which Notice wi 11 be given,) ACLOSE of rich PASTURE. LAND, contain- ing 28 Ac- Tes or thereabouts ( more or less); with an excellent Meadow thereto adjoining, containing nine Acres or thereabouts ( more or less); lying in the Lordship ot NORTH- KI LWO RTH aforesaid, called ELVERDALE CLOSE and MEADOW, now in the Occu- pation of the said Thomas Morton. Also, all those THREE MESSUAGES or TENE- MENTS, with the Appurtenances, situate, standing, and being at HUSBANDS- BOSWORTH, in the said County of Leicester; together with the YARD, OUTBUII. DINCS, HOMESTEAD, or ORCHARD, contain- ing Half an Acre or thereabouts ( more or less), and Appurtenances thereto belonging, now in the Occu- pation of John Warren, Hannah Chapman, and Haynes. And also, all that little PLOT of LAND or GROUND, containing Half an Acre or thereabouts, with the Appurtenances, lving in the Lordship ot HUSBANDS- BOSWORTH aforesaid; together with the POLES now growing thereon; now also in the Occupation of the said Thomas Morton. Also, the same Afternoon, will be Sold, upon the Premises, in NO RTH- K1L WORTH aforesaid, A STACK of CLOVER, and the following grow- ing CROPS, viz. about five Acres of Barley, three Acres of Wheat, and three Acres of Oats. For further Particulars, and to treat for the real Estates by Private Contract, apply to tlie said Mr. MORTON, or to Mr. WATSON, ot Lutterworth. Lemington Spit. CAPITAL INN AND SALT WATER BATIIS, At LEMINGTON- PRIORS, near Warwick. To be SOLD by AUCTION, ( ON THE PREMISES,) By J. LOVEDA K, Some Day in the Beginning of the Month of Septem- ber, 1805 ( of which Mention will be made in a future Advertisement), subject to Conditions to be then and there produced, ALL that handsome, commodious, well- accus- tomed, and newly- built INN, called the N E W INN, most delightfully situated in the pleasant and salubrious Village of LEMINGTON PRIORS, in the County of Warwick; with thenewlv- built SALT WATER BATHS, GARDEN, CLOSE of rich MEADOW LAND, and APPURTENANCES there- unto belonging and adjoining, late the Property, and in the Occupation, of the late Mr. William Abbotts, deceased, and now of his Widow, Mrs. Elizabeth Abhotts. These valuable Premises, with the Baths, contain a Front of about 116 Feet in Length, facing the Street besides a Stable and Yard, also in Front; and comprise an excellent Cellar, two exceeding handsome Parlours, one sixteen by fourteen, the other sixteen by eleven, \ with elegant bow Windows in the Front, a large com- modious Kitchen, and a neat Bar adjoining, on the Ground Floor; six excellent Lodging- Rooms on the first Floor; six exceeding neat Attics, ceiled, all retired; and three very good back Lodging- Rooms for Servants; a very good back Kitchen, Larder, Brew- house, Scullery, Coal- House, two excellent newly- built Four- stall Stables, with Lofts over them, Chaise- House, and other suitable and convenient Out- Offices ; a very neat and commodious Garden, and a Close of very fine Meadow Land adjoining, containing together, by Estimation, two Acres, or thereabouts. There are alio TWO COLD and TWO HOT BATHING- ROOMS, with Dressing- Rooms, Pump- Room, and every other suitable and necessary Conve- nience for cold and hot Bathing; there is on the Pre- mises an excellent SPRING of SALT WATER, which amply supplies the said Baths for those Pur- poses, and they may be considered altogether a very- desirable Purchase. LEMINGTON is particularly well attended by the most genteel Company, which increases every Season, and from its Vicinity to the much- rrlmired and flourishing Town and Borough of Warwick, capital Roads, Excellency of the Waters, and salubrious Situ- ation, bids fair to become one of the first Watering Places in the Kingdom. *** The Premises are Freehold, have been built but a very few Years, and ever/ Care has been taken by the late Proprietor to have the Rooms made as retired as possible, and fitted up in a very neat Manner.— May be viewed by Application to Mrs. ABBOTTS, on the Spot; Possession had upon Completion of the Pur- chase; and further Particulars known hv applying to Mr. TIBBITS, Solicitor, or the AUCTIONEER, both of Warwick.— Part of the Purchase Money may remain on Security of the Premir. es, it more ag'rceable to the Purchaser.' N. B The Fixtures ( and also the Furniture, if desired,) may be taken to by the Purchaser, at a fair Valuation. CARLTON, CI11. LLINGTON, & STEVEN TON ENCLOSURE. WE,, the undersigned Commissioners, ap- * * pointed to ca. rrv into Execution an Act of 1 arhament passed in this present Session of Parlia- ment, entitled, " An Act tor inclosing Lands in the " Parishes of CARLTON, CFJELLINGTON, and " STEVENTON, in the Co'untv of Bedford," do hereby give Notice, that we have set out and appointed the fullow- ng public Carriage- Roads, Bridle- Road, and foot- Ways, through and over the Lands and Grounds by the said Act directed to be divided and inclosed, which are ascertained and marked out by Posts or Stakes ; and tljat we have caused a Map to be prepared, in which such intended Roads are accu- rately laid down and described, which is signed bv us, and deposited with Mr. JOHN GARRARD, of Olnev, in the County of Buckingham, Qne of our Clerk's, for the Inspection of all Persons concerned; and further, that a Meeting will be held bv 11s at the House of ROBEJT- EVI. ES, commonly ' called the TINKER INN, in TCRVEY, in the said County of Bedford, 011 TUESDAY the THIRTEENTH Dayof AUGUST next, at which any Person or Persons who may be injured 01 aggrieved hv the setting out of any sftch Roads or Ways, may attend and be heard. WM. COLL1SSON, EDWD. PLATT, Turvry, ith July, 1805. JOHN DAVIS. In the Parishes of CARLTON and CHELI. INGTON. or one of them. PUBLIC CARRI AG E- ROADS. llarrold Road— Leading from the North End of the Street of Carlton, in or near its present Direction, to flarrold Bridge. Fe/ mersham Road~ Leading from the North- East End of Hollick's- Lane, in or near its present Direction, to Chellington Green, and from thence over certain old Inclosures, and Prigmoor Field, into. Felmershaiu Parish. I'avingham Read— Leading from the South- East End of the Parish of Carlton, ov - r Chellington, Church Field, No- Man's Plot, an old Inclosure ( called High- groves), and the North- East Side ot Highgrove's Fur- long, to a Gate in the Parish of Pavineham. Steventon Road— Leading from the End of the last- described Road, by the Parishes of Pavingham and Steventon, in or near its present Direction, to the End of a Lane in the Parish of Steventon. ' Purvey Road— Leading from a Street in Carlton, op- posite Hollick's- Lane, in its present Direction, over Branclimead Field, to Fairy's Green, and from thence to Carlton Church, and along the South Side of Church Pieces, and the West Side ot Church Pasture, to tha East Corner of Sweard Leys. Grimes Croft Road— Branching out of the last- de- scribed Road, at the North- East Corner of Bell- Rope Piece, and leading in its present Direction, by Grimes Croft, to the Parish of Turvev. Carlton. Street Road— Leading frqm the Moor Gate, along the South Side of the Moor, to the End of Carlion- Street. PUBLIC BRIDIE- ROAD. Paving!, am Bridie Road— Branching out of the C rimes Croft Road, at the Homestead of Thomas Pinkefd, and leading by the Homesteads of William Steff Mary Brown, and others, 10 the Pavingham Road, at the Norm- West Corner'of Lower Hill Crof; s furlong. PUBLIC FOOT- WAYS ( all of them as now used.) llarrold Foot- Way— Leading from the South El d of Harrold Bridge, over ancient Inclosures, the Great Moor, and other ancient Inclosures, into Carlton- Street, and again branching out of the same Street, near a Homestead of Thomas Pinkerd, and leading over other ancient Inclosures, the Church Field, and Church Pasture, to the Parish of l'urvcy. Bridge End Fool. Way— Ccmmencingat Crutching's- Lane, and leading over Crutching's Close, along Bridge- End- Street, over Branchmead Field, Fairy's Green, and Gothard's Close, to the Church Causeway. Steventon Foot- Way— Branching out of the last- de- scribed Foot- Wav at FunVes's Corner, and lending over Branch mead Slude, Steff's Close, Pratt's Close, and Pratt's Slade, along Caulcot- Lane, over Caulcot Green, Blackwell Piece, and Ashton's Closes, into the Parish of Stev- nton. Hannater's Foot- Way— Commencing at the East End of Bridge- End- Street, and proceedu g, in the Di- rection of the present Carriage- Road, to Parker's Close, over the same Close, and Piatt's Field, into the same Carriage- Road, and along the same to the Parish of Steventon. Pavingham Foot- Way— Commercing at the Fast End of Bridge- End- Street, aid leading over Chellington Church Field, New Close, and Fox Field, to a Stile in the Parish of Pavingham. Chellington Hill Foot. Way— Commencing at Harrn'd Bridge, and leading over Chellington Meadow, Chd- lington Hill, along Chellington- Street, over anci nt Inclosures, Ruff's Green, and F'ox Field, i. to ha last- described Foot- Way. Odell Foot- Way— Commencing at a Stile in the Parish of Pavinghani, near felmersham Close Furlong, and leading by the Side of the Boundary Fence of he said Parish of Felmersham, to the North- East . Corner of Broad Land Furlong, where it enters tlie Parish of Felmersham. Chellington Church Foot. Way— Leading from Carlton, along the present Causeway, to Chellington Church. In the Parish of STEFENTON. PUBLIC CARRIAGE- ROADS. Pavingham Road— Commencing in the Village at the North Corner of Frost's Orchard, and leading over an old Inclosure ( called the Rookery), Longcroft Fur- long, an old Inclosure ( called Meat Close), to the West- End- Street, and thence in its present Direction to the Extremity of the Parish. Brombam Road— Leading from the East End of the Village, over the Sou( h Side of Park End Grten, in its present Direction, to Bromham- Lane, in the Parish of Bromham. Turvev Road— Leading in its present Direction from the South End of the Village, over the Ei. st Side of Duck- End Green, to Burley's Field, and over the westwardly Corner of the same Field, to the Turn- pike- Road. . FOOT- WAYS ( all of them as now used.) Oakley Foot- Way— Leading from the End of Budd'<- I. ane, over Park- End Green, Gasking's Pightle, and Farm Piece, to an old Inclosure, called Little Park. Bromham Foot- Way— Leading from a St: le out of Little Park, over Park Corner Green, to the Parish of Bromham. Stagsden Foot- Way— Leading from Farley Close, over the Great or South Field, to the Turnpike- Road at the South Side of Gale's Willows. Turvey Foot- Way— Leading from the East End of Hannah's Close, over Bread Croft Furlong, the Com- mon, Pixhill Backside, certain old Inclosures, and the Lower Furlong, to the Parish of Turvey. West E" d Foot- Way— Leading from Hill Close, to 3 Gate at the East Corner of Park Field, in the Parish of Turvey. Carlton Foot- Way'— Leading out of the last- described Way, over Drinking Bush Field, to the Parish of Carlton. Pavingham Foot. Way— Leading from the Lane near the Catherine Wheel, along the Side of Woodcraft and Willow Close, to Fulling- Mill Piece, and by the Side of the Moors, till it enters the Parish of Pa- vingham. Turvey and Pavingham Foot- Way— Leading from the Stile in Blackwell Close, along the Meer, to the public Road from Steventon to Pavingham, and again branching out of the said Road, by the Nor h- West Side of Pavingham Side Furlong, to the Parish of Pavingham. CARLTON, CHELUNGTON, & STEVENTON INCLOSURE. WE, the undersigned Commissioners, appointed to carry into Execution an Act of Parliament passed in this present Session of Parliament, entitled, " An Act for inclosing Lands in the Parishes of " CARLTO. N, CHEL1. I SC TON, and STEVE N- " TON, in the County of Bedfud," do hereby give Notice, that we intend to ascertain, set out, deter- mine, and fix, the Boundaries between the respective Manors and Parishes of Carlton and Che 1 ngton aforesaid, at a Meeting which will be held by us, tor that Purpose, at the House of ROBERT EYI.. S, com- monly called the TINKER IN ., in TURVEY, in the said County of Bedford, on WEDNESDAY the 14th Day ot AUGUST next. WM. COLL1SSON, EDWD. PI. ATT, JOHN DAVIS. Turvey, ith July, lf05. Wednesday and Thursday's Posts, LONDON, July 25. ACCOUNTS fromDresden, by the Gottenburgh Mail, state, that the conduct of Bonaparte, in annexing at this time Genoa to thfe French Empire, has given such offence to Russia, that the Court of St. Petersburg!! lias recalled General Novosilzuff from his mission to Paris. They add, that, as a measure of precaution, the King of Sweden is going to sell, or put under the pro- tection of Russia, all Swedish Pomerania. The last' French papers contain the official details of the annexation of Lucca to the princi- pality of Pioinbino, and its settlement upon the Prince of Piornbino and his heirs by the Princess Eliza, sister of Bonaparte.— On the 12th instant the Emperor returned to Fontaiubleau from Italy; he travelled with great speed, and incog, as Minister of the Interior. A letter from Gibraltar states as follows:—" The' garrison is very healthy, and the strongest hopes are entertained, that" the infectious malady, so long our scourge, has bade us a lasting adieu. Provisions are becoming cheap, from an increased confidence in the traders resorting to the garrison. We have little to apprehend from any attack of the enemy, but much to hope ( should such be at- tempted) on the score of honour, the soldier's idol/' A dispatch from Admiral Villeneuve, dated Fort de France, May 21, says, " The last intelligence which we have received from St. Domingo, is of the 5th of May. Every tiling goes on perfectly well: the bauds of Dess tUnes have been com- pletely beaten and reputs > d from the Spanish part of the island. Dessalin s, obliged to raise the sieae of St. Domijigo, has lost the half of his ai'iiiy. 1 » e Blacks are divided, and in a state of , complete anai'chy. St. Domingo and the Spanish part are completely provisioned, and the Spanish colonies art in a secure state." The Staunch gun- vessel, which was detached ' from the Channel fleet to Jamaica, with the, first news of the sailing of the combined fleets, re- turned to Portsmouth yesterday. At her sailing the island was in an excellent state of defence, and fully prepared to repel a much more powerful attack than the troops oil board those fleets could make. The Staunch brings, however, no news, relative citlfcr to the enemy, or to Lord Nelson. Admiral (.' ovmvallis has returned, with the fleet under his command, to his station off Brest, hav- ing* cruised in vain for the combined squadrons, as far as Cape Finisterre. Government has provided for Lord Nelson's - absence in the Mediterranean. Rear- Admiral Sir R. Bickerton has taken the command in that quar- ter, « ith live sail of the line. It is understood that the blockading system having been found ineffectual to the preventing the enemy from sailing, and also attended with much damage and loss to our navy, will be discon- tinued next winter. Small and light squadrons of observation, or single cruisers, will then be em- ployed to watch the enemy's ports, while the main body of our heavy ships will lie in readiness at the Sunday night last. 1 By the evidence of the master, Mr. I/ dtido, a. . merchant, it appeared that one of i the bfd- rooms had been set fire to, and that the- room had been robbed of several articles, some of which had been found. The prisoner, and a supposed accomplice, were remanded for % rther examination. A very melancholy accident occurred at Brigh- ton a few days since:— A boy, iu alighting from a waggon in motion, to recover something he had dropt, unfortunately fell with his head immedi- ately in the way of the wheels of the vehicle, which unhappily passed over and crushed it to atoms. Fatal Pugilism.— Two journeymen tailors, named Dillon and Lenman, having had a quarrel while at work at their master's house in Carburton- street, Mary- Ie- bone, on Saturday, they agreed to decide their differences by battle, which took place in the Jew's- harp- field early on Sunday morning. They fought in the most obstinate manner an hour and SO minutes, when they closed and fell, Lenman undermost, who expired before he could get home. A melancholy affair took place a few nights ago, at Braintree, in Essex. A party belonging to the 4Sd regiment was then at that place, among whom were several volunteers from the Militia. Of those quartered at the Swan public- house, it being observed by the landlord, at eleven o'clock at night, that one was absent., he desired his comrade to acquaint him, that, unless he came directly to his quarters, the doors would be fastened. Before twelve he knocked at the door, when Mr. Cousins, the landlord, - told him from his chamber window, that lie could not allow it to be opened at that improper time. Soon aftei\ a. very large stone was thrown, which forced the door, and the soldier entered. Hearing him in the kitchen, Mr. Cousins went down, and called upoh a neighbour, a hatter, to assist in securing the soldier, who having surrendered, the landlord, ran for a con- stable, in order to deliver him into his charge. In the mean time a scuffle ensued between him and the hatter; who was so much intimidated by the fear that he would be assisted by his com- rades above stairs, that he took refuge in a retired part of the house. When the landlord returned, the offender had gone to his bed- room; and on the landlord and constable following, with an intent to take him into custody, they were attacked by the soldiers, now five in number, with bludgeons, who forced them precipitately to retreat. In a short time a number of the neighbours, alarmed at the noise, hastened to render assistance in quelling the riot. They, however, no sooner ap- peared, than they were outrageously assaulted, and compelled to retire. Two of the soldiers were now stationed at the door, while the others searched the house for the landlord, the avowed object of their vengeauce: fortunately, how- ever, he had taken the precaution of concealing himself in a neighbour's house. At this juncture, a poor man, named Levitt, passed that way to obtain assistance for his wife, she being in labour; immediately on his being observed by the soldiers, who supposed him the object of their search, par- ticularly as, in the moment of alarm, he endea- voured to avoid them, they ran after him, and pursuing him to his own door, there beat him so PORTRAIT PAINTING. T^ TAKERLEY, PORTRAIT PAINTER, TT DAVENTRY, respectfully informs the Nobility, Centry, and Public ingeneral, of DAV. ENTRY and its Vicinity, he takes striking LIKENESSES, in Oil, Ivory, or Vellum, in a Variety of Style, from one to ten Guineas each.— Miniatures, for Bracelets or Rings, insured Likenesses, five Guineas each. 05T Specimens may be seen at Mr. CULLINC- WOR TH'S Stationary Warehouse, High- Street, Daventry. George and Blue Boar Inn, Holborn, London. WOBURN COACHES REMOVED from the Cross- Keys Inn, St. John- Street, to the above Inn; from whence a POST- COACH, to carry only four Insides, at very cheap Fares, will set out every Morning at Seven * o'Clock, Sundays excepted, and arrive at the GOAT INN, WOBURN, at Two. ( j2T Messrs. GOODMAN & IBBERSON, the Pro- prietors, beg Leave to assure the Public, that Nothing shall be wanting to render this one of the most com- fortable Conveyances on the Road, having provided Carriages upon a Principle entirely new; ; mrt that every Attention will be paid to the early Delivery of Parcels, & c. & c.; but they will hot be accountable for any Article lost above the Value of five Pounds, unless entered and paid for as such. N. B. For the Convenience of those resident in the City, Passengers and Parcels may be booked at the White- Hart Inn, St. John- Street, Smithfield. JOHN CAVINGTQN, Apprentice to FREEMAN, Cordwaiher, of KINGSTIIOR LEFT HIS MASTER'S SERVICE, OMR TIME BACK, THOMAS RPE, near Northampton.— He » s supposed to be in London. Whoever will bring him to the said T. FREEMAN, of Kingsthnrpe aforesaid, shall receive FIVE SHIL- LINGS REWARD. Kingsthorpe, July 27, 1805. ports most convenient for a start; and of these | inhumanly on the head, that his. recovery is much ports, Falmouth, a? lying at the entrance of the Channel, will form the advanced guard. The Young Roscius, according to report, has already realized 15,000. By the Act of 44th Geo. III. cap 98, for con- solidating the Stamp- Duties, gamekeepers, not actually the menial servants of the lords of manors » pi - tinting them, are required to take out a three- Apf. iiintmg guinea certificate. Iu the Court of JCingVBench, last week, a man was sued for a debt contracted by his sister* he having given her a. good character to the person entrusting her; his words,- from the variation of the evidence, were taken in two ways:— 1st. " LTse her well, and your money will I • safe."— 2d. " Use In r well, and your money shall be safe."— Lord EUenborough desired the Jury to say, which of the two expressions they would adopt. The Jury found that the words were, "' your money shall be safe."— Lord Elleuborougti, " That is an under- taking to pay the debts of another, and void by the Statute of Frauds, because it was not in writ- ing."— Plaintiff nonsuited. Note.— The Jury, probably, not apprised of the above statute, meant to strengthen ' the plaintiffs claim, by the v. oid " shall" in preference to " will;" but " shall" proved fatal to the maintenance of th. t cause. A most extraordinary instance of memory in a mastiff is related by M. D'Obsotiville. This dog, which he had brought up in India, from two months oi I, aedbmpanied himself and a friend from Pond cherry to Benglour, a distance of more than three hundrpd leagues. " Our journey ( he says) occupied near three weeks, and we had to traverse pUins and mountains, to ford rivers, and go alo ig several bye- paths, and the animal, which had certainly never been in that country Before, lost us at Benglour, and immediately re- turned to Pondicherry. lie went directly to the house of M. Beylier, then commandant of artil- lery, my friend, and with whom I had generally lived. Now the difficulty is, not so much to know how the dog subsisted on the road, for he was very strong, and able to procure himself food; but how he should so well have found his way, after an interval of more than a month. This was ail effort of memory greatly superior to that which the human race is capable of exerting." At Diss a ' number of labourers in husbandry refused to work for the customary wages, and being out of employment, applied to the magis- trates, who advised the parish officers to put them ( to work, which they accordingly did. Their business was to carry bricks in a hod, on their shoulders, from Palsgrave to Diss, a distance of two miles. This had the desired effect, for. after two days, they returned peaceably to their former employment. Blackmail Canal.— An unlucky accident hap- pened at this place yesterday, which might have been productive of great calamity, but happily no lives were lost. The cut from Blackwall to Lime- house, intended to carry vessels directly through, without going round by Greenwich, had been nearly finished, and was to have been opened with great pomp on the 12th of August next.— Yesterday forenoon, about twelve o'clock, being near high tide, while a number of people were at work at the extremity next the river, they were suddenly alarmed by a hissing noise, and the appearance of water entering from below. Scarcely had they time to make a precipitate retreat, when the out- ward dam burst with astonishing violence, and what a minute before was dry laud, was instantly covered with twelve feet ot water: the second dam, about 50 yards further on, composed of logs doubted. Bui. the consequences of this brutal outrage did iiot end here. The wife of Levitt, hearing her husband calling out " Murder!" and entreating assistance, was so greatly alarmed, that she fell into violent fits, and did not survive the shock her feelings had sustained more than hour. Last week was committed to York Castle, Fran- cis Barcelona, charged upon oath with having murdered Mr. George Plummer, of Beverley, the keeper of the house of correction there, by strik- ing him on the left side of his head with a milk- pot, which occasioned his death. MARRIED.] Saturday evening, by special licence, at Lord Viscount Melbourne's, at' Whitehall, the Right Hon. Earl Cowper, to the Hon. Miss Lambe, youngest daughter of the Noble Viscount. Very soon after the marriage ceremony, the happy pair left town for Earl Cowper's seat, in Hertfordshire.— Same day, at the seat of the Earl of Carhampton, at Co'oham, Su trey, the Right Hon. Lord Grantham, to l. ady Henrietta Frances Cole, sister to tile Earl of Inni- skillcn. NOTICE TO HAWKERS AND PEDLARS. jV'I II. LOWRIE acquaints them, that they may I V. r be supplied with LICENCES at the ' WRLI I. INGBOROUGH BANK, as usual; and that the Com- missioners are determined to prosecute any Person who may be found trading without. Lincoln, loth July, J805. lilLL's -^ iy- HEREAS a HAWKERS AND PEDLARS !> ESIDENT or trading within the Counties of - V BUCKINGHAM, OXFORD, BERKS, HANTS, WILTS, GLOUCESTER, WORCESTER, and SOMERSET, or any or either of them, whose LICENCES will expire on the first of August, 1805, are hereby informed, that the same may be renewed on Application to either of the undermentioned AGENTS, who are authorized to grant Licences to all Persons desirous thereof, who shall produce'the Certificate required by the Act of 29th Geo. 3d. c. 26, viz. Messrs. JAMES & ROSE, Aylesbury. Mr. NEWMAN, Oxford. Mr. FERGUSON, Reading. Mr. GRAHAM, Newbury. Mr. FLEETWOOD, Winchester. Mr. BESANT, Portsmouth. Mr. BROWN, Custom- House, Lymington. Mr. HUMPHREYS, Salisbury. WILLIAM ALLEN, Riding Surveyor. Whitchurch, Hants, Ttth July, 1805. BANKRUPTCY^ Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth ags- inst JOHN HILL, of TOWCESTER, in the County of Northamp- ton, Grocer, Dealer and Chapman, and he being de- clared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major Part of them, on the FIFTEENTH Day of AUGUST next, at Six ot the Clock in the Afternoon; and on the SIXTEENTH Day of the same Month, at Ten of the Clock in the Forenoon; and on the THIRD Day of SEPTEMBER next, at Six of the Clock in the Afternoon, at the WHITE- HORSE INN, in TOWCESTER aforesaid, and make a full Discovery and Disclosure of his Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts, and at the second Sitting to choose As- signees, and at the last Sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his Examination; and the Creditors are to assent to, or dissent from, the Allowance of his Certificate.— All Persons indebted to the said Bank- rupt, or that have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint; but give Notice to Mr. KIRBY, At- torney at Law, in Towcester aforesaid. To be ~ S OLD by AUCTION, At the White- Lion Inn, in' Kimbolton, on Tuesday the 13th Day of August, 1805, about Five o'Clock in the Afternoon, AVery compact and desirable FREEHOLD FARM; consisting of a Farm- House, Barn, Stable, Cow- House, and other Outbuildings, situate at BACKNOE- END, in the Parish of THURLEICH, in the County of Bedford ; with 28 Acres, by Esti- CULWOKTII, July 8th, 1B05. I? LOPED FROM HIS FAMILY, and left them Ji chargeable to the Parish of CUI. WORTH, in the County of Northampton, H EZ l'. KIAII ABBOTT; twenty- seven Years of Age, by Trade a Cordwainer; five Feet eight Inches high; has light brown Hair, a pale Complexion, and gray Eyes; is thin made, and walks very upright. Had on when he went away a Velveteen Jacket, a dark- striped Waistcoat, and dark Breeches. He left Culworth on the 18th of May last; went to Daventry, and took Coach ( in the Daventry Accom- modation Coach) to London, where it is supposed he now is. ( J^ f* If the said HEZEKIAH ABBOTT will immedi- ately return to his. Family, he will be forgiven; if not, whoever will bring him to the PARISH- OFFICERS of CULWORTH aforesaid, shall receive a Reward of FIVE POUNDS and all reasonable Charges. F A R M S, ~~ WI. TH POSSESSION AT LADY- DA Y NEXT. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, AVery desirable FREEHOLD FARM; con- taining 90 Acres, more or less, of particularly useful Land, properly divided, the Fences good, with an excellent Barn, Ox- Stalls, Hovels, See. It is situated in the Parish of I. 1TTLF.- TEW, in the I County of Oxford, and adjoining the Turnpike- Road ) leading from Chippingnorton to Banbury; being f'otir j Miles from the former and eight from the latter, both j Market Towns. The Farm is well watered, andcon- , tains excellent Stone for Building. Also, a very desirable FREEHOLD FARM, called COLTS COM B, separated from the above by the Turnpike- Road abovementioned ; containing 72 Acres, i more or less, of very useful Land, properly divided; and an excellent Barn, Stable, Hovel, & c. It is well watered, and the Fenies are good, and there is a strong Quarry of I. ime- Stone or, the Premises. ( pr* The above Farms are Tythe- free, and Possession may be had at Lady- Day next; and the Tenants may enter at St. Thomas next, to winter- plough such Lands as in the Course of Tillage require it. *** A considerable Part of the Purchase Money mav remain on Mortgage. N. B. For'further PaYticulars, apply to Messrs. CHURCHILL & FIELD, Solicitors, Deddington, Ox- fordshire; or to Mr. TIMOTHY WEST, at Swerford, who will shew the Premises. VALUAB1E AND DESIRABLE FREEIIOLO and LEASEHOLD ESTATES, Advantageously situated in the Town of BEDFORD, To be SOLD by AUCTION, By BROWN & SON, On Friday the 2d Day of August, 1805, at theKing's- Armslnn, St. Mary's, Bedford, at Five o'Clock in the Afternoon ( subject to such Conditions as will be then and there produced), in two Lots : Lot 1 / COMPRISES a genteel FREEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSE, eligibly situ- ated in ST. JOHN'S, BEDFORD; consisting of a con- venient Kitchen and neat Parlour in Front; handsome Garden Parlour, completely fitted up ; a good dry Cellar; threeairy Bedchambers, with Closets, & c. ; and three Garrets'; a neat Garden, with a Passage to the Street, and Pump of excellent Water; good Wash- House and Brewhouse detached, with a Loft over the same; the Whole in good Repair, and now in the Occupation of Miss Partridge, at a low and improv- able Rent, who has Notice to quit at Lady- Day, 1806. Lot 2 C'onsists- of a neat and convenient LEASE- HOLD HOUSE, pleasantly situated opposite the Fountain Inn, ST. MARY'S, BE DFORD ;' comprising a good Kitchen and Parlour, in Front, a back Room HUNTINGDON RACES, 1805. ( T\ N TUESDAY the 6th of AUGUST, FIFTY " ' POUNDS will be run for by Three- year- olds, carrying 7st. Four-> ear- olds 8st. 91b. and Five- year- olds 9st. Sib. Mares and Geldings allowed 31b. The best of three Two- mile Heats.— The Winner of one Plate or Sweepstakes in the Year 1805 to carry 41b. extra; of two, 61b. On WEDNESDAY the 7th of AUCUST, FIFTY POUNDS, free for Four, Five, Six- year- old, and aged Horses, Sec. Two- mile Heats.— Four- year- olds to carry 7st. 91b. Five- year. olds 8st. 51b. Six- year- olds 8st. 121b. and aged 9st. Mares and Geldings al- lowed 31b. Winners of one Plate or Sweepstakes in the year 1805 to carry 41b. extra; of two, 61b.— Those which never won a Plate or Sweepstakes to be al- lowed 41b. On THURSDAY the 8th of AUCUST, FIFTY POUNDS, for Four, Five, Six- year- olds, and aged Horses, Sec. Four- mile Heats.— Four- year- olds to carry 6st. 121b. Five- year- olds 7st. 121b. Six- year- olds 8st. 51b. and aged 8st. gib. Mares and Geldings allowed 31b. and the Winners of a Plate this Week to carry 41b. extra. The Winner of this Plate, with its Engagements, to be sold for 150 Guineas, if demanded within a Quarter of an Hour after the Race; the Owner of the second Horse being first entitled, Sec. Sec. (£ 3" All Horses, Sec. intended to run for an;' of the above Plates, must be shewn and entered before the Clerk ot the Course, on Friday the 2d of August, at the Golden- Lion, Huntingdon,' between the Hours of Four and Nine that; Evening, with proper Certificates as to Age and Qualifications, and that the Race- Horse Duty is paid ; such Entrance- Money to be three Guineas, or double that Sum if entered at the Post. No less than three reputed running Horses will be allowed to start for any of the above Plates.— If only one Horse, & c. enter, the Owner to have Twenty Pounds; if t-. vo, Ten Pounds each; but not to be entitled to either, unless shewn and entered at the Golden- Lion as above; and to prevent Confusion, every Rider is particularly desired to give in his Name and riding Colour at the Time of Entrance. *** No Person to erect a Booth, or sell any Wine, j Liquor, or Beer, on the Race- Course, without first paving the Clerk of the Course 10s. 6d. towards the Race Subscription. I N. ! i. There will b? Ordinaries, Assemblies, Plays, and Cocking, as usual. A: WARWICK RACES. ON WEDNESDAY the 4th of SEPTEMBER, 1801 HIS MAJESTY'S PLATE of ONE HUN' DRED GUINEAS will be run for over WARWICK COURSE, by any Hofsc, Mare, or Gelding, carrying Weight for Age, as follows : — Four- year- olds to carry lOst. 41b. Five- vear- olds list. 61b. Six- year- olds 12st and Agedl2st. 21b. The best of three Four- mile Heat -' — To start at Half- after Eleven o'Clock. The SAME DAY, the NOBLEMEN and G FN TLEMEN's SUBSCRIPTION PURSE of FIFTY POUNDS: Four- year- olds to carry 7st. 101b Five year- olds 8st. 51b. Six- year- olds 8st. 111b. and Aged 9st. The Winner of one Fifty this Year to carry 31b of two 51b. extra. Mares allowed 21b.— Four- mile Heats— To start at Half- after Four o'Clock. The SAME DAY, in the Morning, A SWEFP. STAKES of TEN GUINEAS eachf for any Horse Mare, or Gelding, that never won, and that has been regularly hunted, carrying 12st. each. The best of three Two- mile Heats. To start at the usual Place once round the Course and end at the Stand — Mares and Geldings allowed 21b.— To be rode bv Gentlemen Lord Brooke's ch. g. Spur Lord Villers's ch. g. Sylvanus, by Volunteer, out of Dryad, 6 Years old '^ 6 Years'' old b' BeninEbrou8hi D:> inby Emigrant, Mr. l-' ullerton's ch. g. by Spectre, out of Tick- Taik Mr Andrew's br. h. Norval, by Jupiter, 5 Years Mr. Stubbs's b. br. g. by Toby Mr Lock ley's b. g. Herchell, by Telescope, 5 Years old Mr. Sturges's g. g. by Mr. Villiers's Arabian, 6 Years old Mr. Emden's b. g. Contestor, by Whiskey, Dam bv Conductor, 5 Years old The Earl of Warwick, Sir J. Throckmorton, Bart Edward Sheldon, Esq. G. Townsend, Esq. E M' Gale, Esq. A. Braccbridge, Esq. G. F. Strattonl Esq. and J. P, Jefyoice, Esq. are Subscribers, but did not name. On THURSD'AY the 5th will be run for over the same Course, A MAIDEN PLATE of FIFTY POUNDS, given by the MEMBERS for the BOROUGH, free for any Horse, Mare, or Gelding that never won fifty Pounds at any one Time ( Matches and Sweepstakes excepted!; the best of three Heats- 1 to start at the usual Place, once round the Course and end at the Stand; two Miles and upwards each Heat. Three- year- olds to carry 6st. 41b. Fou'- year olds 7st. 71b Five- year- olds 8st. 31b. Six- year- olds Hst. 91b. and Aged 8st. 111b. Marcs and Geldings allowed 21b — Any Horse named in the Sweepstakes which is qualified, may run for this Plate, entering N OR IHAMl'TON LAMPS. N ir Person desirous of enterins into Contract for LIGHTING the PUBLIC LAMPS in the Town of NORTHAMPTON, are requested to send their Proposals ( Post- paid) to the clerk to the Com. , . . —, - missioners, on or before the 5th Day of AUGUST next, I / Eight o'Clock the Evening before Running, paying in order that the same may be laid before the Com- s'ngle Entrance only.— To Stan at Twelve o'C' ' A3 adjoining; good Cellar, Wash- House, Sec.; two good! near the Turnpike- Road from Banburv to Southam, TX.-. 1-. .. , , S . .. T ... > XT 3 .. 1 ! - A V\/ M 1 F A/ f I 1 4Vatvi V> £* F- At- ivtm. NN/ I , , » • ^ V,-. . » > Chambers and two Garrets; large Garden, Yard, and i Gateway, with a Pump of excellent Water. It is' well situated for- Trade, and now in the Occupation of Mr. Maulden, Shoemaker, at a low and improvable Rent, who has Noticeto quit at Lady- Day, 1806. CDF" May be viewed by applying to the TENANTS; and for further Particulars, apply to Mr. TEEDON, High- Street, St. Mary's, or BROWN & SON, Auc- tioneers, and Agents to the British Fire and West- minster Life- Office, Bedford. Valuable Building Materials and Freehold Estate. To be SOLD by AUCTION, Clock A SWEEPSTAKES of TEN GUINEAS each the best of three Two- mile Heats, for all Ages, tree for any Horse, Zee. Four- year- olds to carry 7st' 7ib Five- year- olds 8st. 41b. Six- year- olds 8st. 101b' and Aged 9st.— To start at the usual Place, once round the Course and end at the Stand. Lord Villers's Enterprise, 4 Years old Mr. Fullerton's ch. g. by Spectre, out of Tick- Tack Mr. Andrew's Norval, by Jupiter, 5Ye? rsoid Mr. Emden's b. c. Latitat, bv Waxy, 4 Years old Mr. Brooke'sb. h. Optician, 4 Years old Mr. Kellermann's Mary, 5 Years old Mr. Cholmondeley's br. c. Green Dragon, by St George, 4 Years old ' Mr. Cholinonddey's br. c. Welch- Rabbit, by Sir Peter, 4 Years old The Earl of Warwick, Sir J. Thrackmorton, Bart. F. Lawley, Esq. 11. Sheldon, Esq. D. S. Dug- dale, Esq. and C. Mills, Esq. are Subscribers, but did not name. The SAME DAY will be run for over the same Course, the TOWN SUBSCRIPTION PtJRSE of FIFTY POUNDS, by any Horse, Sec. thtt has not won above two Fifties since the first of ,' arch last nor above fifty Pounds at any one Time ( M . tches and Sweepstakes excepted). — 1- our - year - old, to carry ist. llib. Five- year- olds t; » t. 3i » . ,-> ix- vear- olds 8st. / lb. and Ajed Sst. 91b. The Winner ot one Piate this Year to carry 31b. of two 51b. extra. Four- mile Heats.— To start at Half- after Four o'Clock. The Winner of one Plate will not be permitted to start tor the other. The Horses, & c. for the Fifty Pound Plates, to be shewn and entered at the WARWICK- ARMS INN, in HIGH STREET, on MONDAY theSd Day of SEPTEMBER, between the Hours of Four and Seven o'Clock in the Afternoon, paying for each Plate One Guinea En- trance ( if a Subscriber), ar. d Ten Shillings and Six- pence to the Clerk ot the Course, or double at the Post; a Non- Subscriber Two Guineas, and Ten Shil- lings and Sixpence to the Clerk of the Course, or double at the Post; which Post- Entrance must be made to the Clerk of the Course by tight o'Clock in the Evening preceding the Day of Running; and to run according to the King's Plate Articles. The Horses, Sec. for the King's Plate, to he shewn and entered at the above Inn, between the Hours of Four and Seven o'Clock in the Evening before Run- ning.— Five Shillings Entrance. For the greater Certainty of distinguishing the Hor ses, and to prevent Disputes, each Rider is par- ticularly requested, at the Time of entering, to de- claie the Colour he will ride in, that it may be in- Also, at the Denbigh Arms, in Lutterworth, in the serted in the printed Papers; and it is hoped that the " Noblemen and Gentlemen will give Directions to their Riders to observe these Instructions. Certificates of the Ages of the Horses, & c. to be produced at the Time of Entrance for the above Plates. Each Rider to pay Two Shillings and Sixpence at the Time of Weighing, for the Use of the Scales and Weights. No less than three reputed running Horses, Sec. to start for either of the Fifties, without the Per- mission of the Stewards.— I f only one Horse enters, missioners, at their Meeting to be held on the fol- lowing Day, at the CutLDMALI., in the said Town, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon. ( fTT The Number of Lamps to be lighted is 321, which art- to continue burning, on an Average, six Hours each Evening, for 126 Nights, at Intervals, between the 14th Day of September next, and the 5th Day of April following. CHAS. MARKHAM, Clerk to the Commissioners. Northampton, July 20th, 1805. By Order of the Assignees of WILLIAM BROWN, of Holcott, in the County of Northampton, Weelcomber and Shopkeeper, a Bankrupt. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By ROBERT" TOMLIN, On the Premises, in HOLCOTT aforesaid, on Thurs- day the first Day of August next, LL the useful HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE and. I MPLEM ENTSof TRADE, PART of the STOCK in TRADE, and other EFFECTS, of the said WILLIAM BROWN; consisting of Four- post and Half- Tester Bedsteads, with Morine and Home- spun Furniture; Feather and Flock Beds and Bedding; Bed and Table Linen; double and single Chests of Drawers; Chamber and Kitchen Chairs; Oak Dining and Tea Tables; a Thirty- hour Clock; Kitchen Grate; a Quantity of Pewter; 30- Gallon Copper and Grate; a Washing Machine, seven Pair of Woolcombs, Combers' Pots, Brass and Iron Furnaces, Oil and Charcoal, Wool in the Fleece, Soap and Candles, and a Variety of other useful Articles. Also, a valuable ROAD MARE, a PONEY, and a light CART and HARNESS complete. fcT The Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock. LEICESTERSHIRE AND WARWICKSHIRE. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. FARMER, At the Bull's- Head Inn, in Hinckley, on Monday the 12th Day of August next, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, IN SEVEN LOTS, VERY desirable ESTATES, late the Property of TIMOTHY BKNTLEY, Esq. deceased, situate at BURBAGE, in the County of Leicester; consisting of two Dwelling- Houses ( one divided into three Tenements), and fourteen Closes, together fifty- four Acres, in the Occupation of Mr. . lolin Adcock and his Undertenants.— BURBAGE is distant about a Mile from Hinckley, on the Turnpike- Road leading from thence to Lutterworth County of Leicester, on Thursday the loth Day of August next, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon', in Lots as under :— Lot 1. A very desirable FREEHOLD FARM, called WILLS PASTURE, HODDON- HALL, in the County of Warwick; consisting of a Dwelling- House, with convenient Outbuildings, and thirteen Closes, in a ring Fence, together 106 Acres, now in the Occupa- tion of Mr. William Fassey, most eligibly situated about ten Miles from the former, and four from the he will be allowed Ten Pounds, and if two, Five Pounds each, and their Entrance- Money returned; except two Horses are permitted to start, when if either refuses, he shall forfeit his Claim to any Part of the Ten Pounds, and the oth? r Horse take it. No Horse, & c. shall be entitled to the Ten Pounds, or Five Pounds aforesaid, unless entered at the WAR- WICK ARMS INN, on MONDAY the 2d of SEPTEMBER. All Disputes respecting Entering, Riding, or Run- ning, to he determined by the Stewards, or w iom tney I shall appoint; and such Determination shall be final. No running Horse to be plated by any Smith that | does not subscribe One Guinea, nor to stand ut any of wood 12 inches thick, besides a strong diagonal mation, of old- inclosed Pasture, and 14 Acres, by . 1 1 - , .,...- ;„ l; l. « — r. 1 1 ' Estimation, of oid- inolosed Arahle Land, in th. « am. log, by way of bar, was in like manner forced by the current. The canal was immediately filled, as far as the second flood- gate next to Limehouse, which being shut, happily resisted the force of the Estimation, of oid- inclosed Arable Land, inthesame Parish, conveniently divided into six Closes, and lying very near to the Homestead; and 26 Acres and a Half, by Estimation, of Land, lying in the Open Fields of THURLEIGH, now in the Occupation of R^ V.^ r*. — .... . current. Considerable injury lias been done to the Carter, as Tenant at Will. tanking and mason- work at th3 extremity, as well as at the first lock, great part of the abutments on each side having been carried away. Incendiary.— Yesterday a young woman was 1 charged at Guildhall, with having set fire to and I iqUbed her, master's hfuse in Basing- lane, OQ Note.— An Act passed in the last Session of Parlia- ment for inclosing the Open Fields of Thurleigh', under which the above Farm will be exonerated from ' l'ythes, and which renders it a very desirable Pur- chase. jti" The Tenant will shew the Premises; and fur- ther Particulars may be known of Mr. D- AY, Solicitor, St. Meets. By BROWN & SON, On the Premises, on Tuesday the 6th Day of August, 1805, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, yy LI. the valuable MATERIALS cupation of Mr. BOND, Surgeon, at PAVINGHAM, near Bedford; consisting of excellent Oak Beams, , • ~ • r T . u , , FOSS aforesaid, callcd PELLETT'S CLOSE, nearly seven Acres, with a small GARDEN, adjoining the Town- Studs, Spars, Girders, Rafters, Tiles, Building Brick, and Stones, very good Oak and Deal Floors, Sash Windows and Frames, Doors, Door Frames and Sills, exceeding good Paved and Brick Floors, Dressers, Partitions, Wainscoting, & c. with the Whole of the Foundations, Coping Stones, Summer- House, & c.; with a large Quantity of other useful Materials. Likewise, at Five o'Clock in the Afternoon, will be , SOLD by AUCTION, at Mr. Ashpole's, at the Sign j latter Place, and within a short Distance of the Ox- ford Canal. Lot 2. A large substantial DWELLING- HOUSE, with all requisite Out- Offices, now occupied bv Mr. Win, Walton; and FOURTEEN CLOSES, in the Lordship of STRETTON- U N D E R- FOSS, and Parish of MONKS- KIRBY, in the County of Warwick, lying together, and containing 109 Acres, in the Oc- cupation of the said Win. Walton and Mr. Samuel Walton; and a COTTAGE and SMITH'S SHOP, occupied by Benjamin Mott. i I.- ot 3. A substantial FARM- HOUSE, andconve- ; . ... nient Outbuildings, in the Lordship of STRETTON- j House that does not subscribe the same. UNDER- FOSS, now occupied by Samuel Walton; ' No Person to erect a Booth or Sh- d, or sell any .. jTuioTti- M m A c L- c o7 « :_' Liquors, upon the Race- Ground, unless he or she subscribes Ten Shillings and Sixpence, towards tlfe Town Plate. Sir J. THROCKMORTON, Bart.? c. , J. FULLERTON, Esq. S S, ewards- RICHARD BEVAN, C. C. FFC3" ORDINARIES, BALLS, PUBLIC BREAKFASTS, and COCKING, as usual. Whereas several Accidents have happened on the Race- Ground, by the Foot People standing within the Cords during the Time the Horses are ruining: and THIRTEEN CI. OSES, together 97 Acres, the Occupations of the said Samuel Walton and of of " that sub- I lVIr- John H° blev. Lot 1. A DWELLING- HOUSE, and Out- Offices, and SEVERAL CLOSES, together nearly 56 Acre:,, in the Lordship of STRETTON- UNDER- FOSS, Street, in the Occupation of Messrs. Walton The above Estates, at STRETTON, lie very compact, and are desirably situated, adjoining the Turnpike- Road from Coventry to Lutterworth, being nine Miles from the former and six from the latter, . u„ " c. w. 1, ... i>.„ ,-„...' , . 1 and within a Quarter of a Mile of the Oxford Canal, ot the Cock, at PAVINGHAM aforesaid, subject ->,, ,- „„ , KI , - a - a T • , ~ . , , , * , J I —[ hp l- ences are remarkahlv vood. and the Land in a such Conditions as^ will be then produced, The Estates may be viewed on applying to the I respective Tenants; and printed Particulars ( with J Plans) may be had, 14 Days before the Sale, of the Printers of the Northampton and Coventry Papers, and Aris's Birmingham Gazette; at the Law- Offices of Messrs. Pares, Miles, & Alston, Solicitors, Lei- cester ; of Messrs. J. & W. Black, Middle- Temple, London; and at Richards's Coffee- House, Temple- Bar, London. ( One Concern. J IMPROVABLE ESTATE, IN THE COUNTIES OF SUCKS AMD BEDFORD, To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. PRICKETT, At Garrawav's Coffee- House, ' Change- Alley, London, on Thursday the 15th of August, 1805, at Twelve o'Clock, in two Lots, - The Fences are remarkably good, and the Land in a to suctl c. nuuii. iuijs as win uc men uruuuccu, . . . . , . All that FREEHOLD GROUND Ita aboveBuild- | VeIy J^ L F'I^ " ing stands on, with the Garden and Appurtenances thereto belonging; being two Roods, be th? same more or less. ( jdr Catalogues may be had ten Days previous to the Sale, at the Cock, Pavingham; the adjacent Towns; and of Brown & Son, Auctioneers, Bedford. A CAPITAL FREEHOLD ESTATE^ Well wooded, and well situated for Markets, in the County of Bedford, To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By BROWN" & SON, At the Swan Inn, Bedford, on Saturday the 10th Day of August, 1805, between the Hours of Four and Six in the Afternoon, according to Conditions of Sale, which will be then and there produced, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice willbe given. riMILS ESTATE, lying in the Parishes of Wootton . L and Kempstone, consists of a MANOR ( called the MANOR ot WOOTTON- BONE END), and two Farms, in the Tenure of Benjamin Bull and John Lineham, within a Ring Fence, containing 577 Acres, free of freat Tythes, and paying a Composition tor smalt ythes not exceeding one Shilling in the Pound, tdf. The Tenants will have Notices to quit at Lady- Day next. * » * Mr. BULL, will shew the Estate; and for further Particulars, or to treat for the same, apply to Mr. HENRY COLE, of Peterborough, the Agent; GEORGE HARDISTY, Esq. Great Marlborough- Street, London; or of BROWN & SON, Bedford. N. B. Particulars of the Estate may be had at the Swan Inn, Bedford; and all the principal Inns at the Market Towns in that County and the adjoining ones.- A AValuable ESTATE, situated in the Parish of 1VINGHOE- ASTON, in the County of Bucks; and a PARCEL of MEADOW LAND, in BIL- LINOTON- MEAD, in the Parish of LEIGHTON- BUSSARD, in the County of Bedford; in the Occu- pation of Mr. Francis Home, who hath had Notice to quit at Michaelmas next, containing together, by Computation, forty- seven Acres of inclosed and open Field Meadow, Arable, and Wood Land. (£ 3* May be viewed, and printed Particulars had, by applying to Mr. Richard M iller; and at the King's- Arms, at lvinghoe; at the Bell, Hemelheinpsted; the Rose - and - Crown, Tring; the King's- Arms, Great- Berkhampstead ; the White- Horse, Uxbridge; the Essex- Arms, Watford; the Woolpack, St. Al- bans; of Mr. Dawes, Angel- Court, Throemorton- Street; at the Baptist- Head Coffee- House, Ctianc-' ry- Lane; at Garraway's; and of Mr. Prickett, High- gate, Middlesex. lining: To prevent the same in future, an additional Number of Course- Keepers are engaged for that Purpose, as no Person whatever will be sufF.- red to be wi iiin the Lines during that Time; and it is hoped every one will peaceably comply with this Regulation. Any Person insulting the'Men upon their Duty will be prosecuted.— All Dogs found upon the Course will be destroyed. To be LETT, And entered on immediately, Very desirable RESIDENCE for a small genteel Family, situate in the pleasant Village of PATT1 SHALL, in the County of Northampton ; only a Quarter of a Mile from Foster's- Booth, and the great Turnpike- Road from London to Chester. ( I- F For Particulars, enquire of Mr. FOLWELI., of Pattishall; or Mr. HOWES, Attorney at Law, in Northampton. NEAT SINGLE- HORSE CHAISE, To be SOLD, AVery neat SINGLE- HORSE CHAISE, upon Curricle Springs, with Lamps, complete; also, a SIDE- BAR, and HARNESS for TWO HORSES. Enquire of the Printers of this Paper. To be SOLD by A U C T I O N, By J. PORES, On Friday the 9th Day of August, 1805, at Five o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the Rose- and- Crown Inn, in the Town of Northampton, ASubstantial and Modern- built FREEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSE, with excellent Stables, Garden, Yard, and suitable Out- Offices, the Resi- dence of the iate Thomas Hillyard, Esq. situat* in - MAKE- FAIR, NORTHAMPTON, forming a com- plete Residence for a genteel Family. " fPT The Premises may be viewed any Morning by applying to the AUCTIONEER, Northampton. %* The genuine HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, on the Piernisas, will be SOLD by AUCTION; Par- ticulars of which will be given in a future Paper. Friday and Saturday's Posts. LONDON, July 26. THE intelligence respecting the recall of M. Novosilzoff appears to be confirmed. Go- vernment, we understand, have received advices from Berlin, which state, that a Courier had ar- rived there from Petersburg!), with orders for M. Novosilzoff not to proceed on bis mission to Bo- naparte. It is said that this resolution was adopted bv the Court of Russia immediately upon the receipt of dispatches, which announced the incor- poration of Genoa with France— The general credit which was given yesterday to the report ot the recall of M. Novosilzoff produced a consider- able sensation in the city. Tile funds rose on the prospect of the Russian Envoy's" proceedings to Paris; but auspicious as are the circiimstauces under which that journey has been prevented, thev destroy anv hopes that may have been enter- tained of the negociation terminating 111 peace, and the Stocks have of course experienced a de- pression. The Three per Cent. Consols fell about three fourths, and the Omniutr. about one per cell'.— Morning Herald. Almost every mail from theContinentbringsfresh accounts of the extension of the dominion and in- fluence of Russia in Asia. The last letters from that some Tartar Chiefs, WANTED immediately, An APPRENTICE to the MILLINERY' and FANCY- DRESS- MAKING BUSINESSES, by Mesdms. M. & S. St. ARK, in Daventry. GRR A DAY- APPRENTICE is also WANTED. ANTED immediately, A steady active I. AD, as an APPRENTICE to an IRON- MONGER.— A Premium will be expected. ' Enquire Of J. F. PALMER, Ironmonger, Olney, Bucks. TANTED, A stout LAD, from 16 to 18 Years of Age, as an APPRENTICE to a BAKER.— Enquire of THOMAS UNDERWOOD, Pisford, Northamptonshire. ANTED immediately, A JOURNEYMAN FRIZER.— A good Hand may ) iave constant 1 Employ and good Wages, by applying to JOHN ABELL, Parchment- maker, Leicester. \ V ANTED, it; an Inn, A COOK ( where a » V Kitchen- Girl is kept), who perfectly under- stands her Business, and can be well recommended.— Also, A YOUNG MAN, as WAITER. He must be clean, active, and diligent; and will be required to bring a good Character from his last Place. ( PT Enquire at the COCK. . INN, Stony- Stratford, Bucks. \ V' ANTED immediately, in a small genteel v V Family, A COOK and HOUSEMAID, who are perfectly acquainted with their Business.— Nope need apply who cannot have an undeniable Character from their last Place. ARMY or RESERVE. __ ANTED, SEVERAL . YOUNG the above Corps MEN, to who will receive ' ' scm ill tin. rtuc'vc o, v nu win ai^ Kt w ,, 1111, u c • i ,. v, the highest Bountv allowed by Act of Parliament, by C;. Hl s. b. m Giggler b Years o applritg to j. AHEL, Northampton. ' Major Grant's b. g. Joe, by Joe Andrew u^ T' Bringers of Recruits handsomely rewarded. " iit s Yea i old MrideaW*' V' b 1 g^ T Lettfers, Post- paid, directed to A. B. Post- Constantinople mention, that some lartar Chiefs, Office, Winslow, Bucks, will be attended to. on the eastern coast of ( be Caspian Sea, having — been guilty of great oppression, the people assem- | ' bled, and deputed a Kalrauc of influence to repre- XXTM sent, their grievances, and demand redress; but ! >' » se instead of his mission being attended to, he was seized and put to death, and several other persons, s > ' Sod to be disaffected, were thrown into pri- s„ n.' The people, exasperated at these, measures, burst iut) active and destructive rebellion; tliey. committed the most horrid massacres and devasta- tion, and in a short period their Camp comprised upwards of 40,000 men. A powerful body of troops, under the command of a Russian General, advanced against them, and defeated them with immense slaughter; and, with a view to prevent the recurrence of such outrages, he assumed to his Court the government of the country. It seems to be imagined that, the permission which our Government has just, by proclamation, panted, for a certain extent of commercial inter- course with France through neutral ships, will induce Bonaparte to relax his system of prohibi- tions against our trade; but it is more than proba- ble that this idea will prove to be quite unfounded. During peace Bonaparte issued, and rigidly en- forced, an interdict against the importation of such articles as are mentioned in Lord Ilawkes- biirv's proclamation; and what can induce him to relax and" suspend that interdict now? The pro- clamation, so far as it mitinaifes " our law of blockade," may have a conciliatory effect with the neutral States; but upon the French Govern- ment, we . do not suppose any such effect at all probable. The small- pox rages with great virulence at pre- sent ill the city of Norwich. " The Mayor and prin- cipal inhabitants held a meeting last week, to To CREDITORS AHD DEBTORS.. " tHE Creditors of Mr. RICE SIBLEY VORLEY, . of TIIRAI'STON, in the County of Northampton, Saddler, are informed, that there will be a Dividend of ten Shillings in the Pound paid 011 the 2d Day of Sep- tember next, to such Persons as already have executed, or who shall 011 or before the said 2d Day of Septem- ber, execute the Deed of Assignment; and a further Dividend 111 a short Time. Such of the Creditors who have not executed tile said Deed, are requested to do so by the Time aforesaid, otherwise they will be ex- cluded the Benefit thereof. All Persons who stand indebted to the said R. S. Vorley, are required to pay their respective Debts into the Hands of Messrs. Yorke & Sh- rard, of Thrapston aforesaid, without Delay, otherwise legal Measures will be resorted to to compel Payment. To be LETT; or SOLD, ~ COTTAGE; consisting of two Sitting- Rooms, Kitchen and Offices, three Bed- Rooms and Attics, and three Acres of Land, beautifully situated at BOW- B RICK HI LL, in the County of Beds, two Miles from Wobttrn, one from Fenny- Stratford, and forty from London. ( pj" For further Particulars, apply ( if by Letter, Post- paid,) to Mr. ABEL, Northampton; or Mr. EWESDIN, Attorney at Law, Stony- Stratford, Bucks. *,. » A HOUSE- MAID WANTK. D.— Apply as above. ( One Concern.) NORTHAMPTON RACES, 1S03. ON TUESDAY the 27tU of Ac OUST, the GENTLEMEN'S SUBSCRIPTION PURSE of FIFTY POUNDS, bv Three- year- olds; Colts fist. 21b. Fillies 8st. Bridle and Saddle included. Winners of one Plate, Match, or Sweepstakes, since the 25th of March, 1805, to carry alb. extra, of two 51b. and of three 71b. extra. The best of three Heats, about a Mile and a Half each. Any Person meaning to enter a Horse fdr this Purse, and not having already subscribed to the fame, is expected to subscribe Two Guineas towards a Town Purse to be run for in the Year 1806. The Owner of each Horse to p; iy One Guinea Entrance, or double at the Post; which said Entrance- Money the Owner of the second Horse will be entitled to. A HUNTERS' STAKES of FIVE GUINEAS each, for Horses which have bunted with the Duke of Grafton's, Earl Fitzwilliam's, Sir Thomas Mostyn's, Mr. Lee Antonie's, or Mr. Warde's Hounds, in the Season ot 1804- 5, and which have never started, paid or received Forfeit, before the Day of Naming, to be bond Fide the Property of the Subscribers. Five- year- olds to carry lOst. 71b. Six- year- olds lOst. 111b. and Aged list.— The best of three Heats, twice round. ' Mr. Andrew's br. h. Norval, by Jupiter, out of Tharcheila, 5 Years old Mr. John Fletcher's b. g. Stir, by Skyscraper, 5 Years old Mr. Morris's ch. h. Tornado, by Whirlwind, Aged Mr. Sturges's g. g. Young Roscius, 6 Years old Mr. Wilson's b. g. GrindletieJd, by Overton, 5 Years old Mr. Cooch's bl. g. Black Prince, by Grasshopper, 6 Years old Mr. Bithrey's ch. g. Little- Fellow, 6 Years old Mr. Einden's b. g. Contestor, 5 Years old Mr". Pell's br. g. Aged Mr. Manning's b. g. Young Nobleman, 5 Years old Mr. Hawkins's b. g. Soldier, by Soldier, Aged Mr. Harrison's ro. g. Mountebank, by Magpye, Aged Id rews, Aged by Count de S. Benton's ch. g. Northampton, 6 Years HAWKERS' LICENCES. T ABEL, Bookseller, & c. NORTHAMPTON, begs • » . to inform HAWKERS and ITINERANT TRADERS, that their LICENCES are now ready for Delivery at his Shop, on the Parade. 83* E'yery Exertion will be made to detect Persons trading vAthaur Licence. LONDON, July 17. WE are at length enabled to lay before our readers some authentic intelligence re- specting Lord Nelson. The Decade frigate ar- rived in tlie Tagus on the 10th instant, with dis- patches from his Lordship. His Lordship's letters, we understand, are dated on the 15th of June; but the Decade did not part from the fleet until the 19th; at which time it was in lat. 27. N. long. CO W. and was under a press of sail. Upon referring to the accounts brought by the Cttrieux, it appears, that the combined" squadron was descried 011 the very day. that Lord Nelson's dispatches are dated, in lat. 33. 12. N. long. 53 \ V. The distance between the two fleets on the 19th was, therefore, in the aggregate, but ISO leagues; or, in plainer terms, the enemy were 120 leagues more to the Northward, and 40 leagues more to the Westward, than the British squadron. Under the circumstances of the two fleets, this difference was very inconsiderable. Steering for Europe, both the latitude and longitude of the respective attempted to drive through the Red- Lion Inn- yard, at Bnxvvtnth, whereby the coach was overturned, and the plaintiff much hurt; and the defendants liaTing suffered judgment by default, a writ ol" enquiry was executed on Wednesday last, when the Jury gave ,£. 100 damages and costs. Chapman v. Mid.— This was an action brought by. the plaintiff, a barr- dresJar, against the defend- ant, i fniller, for criminal conversation with his wife.— Verdict for the plaintiff— Damages jf. SEO. • Taylor v. C/ carer.— This was an action for se- ducing and debauching'the plaintiff's daughter, by which he lost her service; when the plaintiff ob- tained a verdict for £.' 150. By the death nf Sir Arthur Hesilrige, Bart, in India, the title devolves, to his uncle, ThomaS IE Maynard, Esq. of Hoxne- IIall, in Suffolk, now Sir Thomas H. Maynard Hesilrige, Bart. It is necessary to caution the public against the circulation of counterfeit one- pound notes, numbers of which are suspected to have been issued from the vicinity of Newton- lane, in Manchester; and one man is notv in custody 011 a charge of being concerned in this nefarious business. Birmingham Canal Lay.— This important ques- tion was finally determined at the quarter- sessions held at Warwick on Tuesday se'miight, by a com- promise, through the recommendation of " the Earl of Aylesford, Chairman. By this compromise, the proprietors of the canal agree to pay ^£. 100 per levy; thereby, in a great measure, admitting the justice of the tax, and exoner tting the over- seers from the censure which they had unde- servedly incurred, from . their perseverance in ob- squadrons would be decreased every day ; and, as j tabling this fair and equitable contribution. A : cider the best means of stopping the ravages of this fatal disorder. General vaccine inoculation was recomn etjrted, and a committee is to be formed for the further consideration tof the business. Dr. Jenner is engaged in collecting reports from the different states of Europe, and from many Baits of the other quarters of the globe, respect- ing the effects of Vaccine Inoculation on the mor- tality occasioned by the Small- Pox.— From several of the largest, cities of the Continent, be has al- ready received the pleasing intelligence of the small- pox being either nenrly or totally subdued. Among them is Vienna. But hoiv melancholy is the reflection, that while the great and populous city of Vienna, which from time immemorial had been subjected to the incessant ravages of the St tall- pox, exhibited two deaths only by that dis- ease in the year 1804, the city of London should, even at this moment, have to deplore the untimely fate of near fifty persons weekly by this horrid pestilence; a pestilence which, it is obvious, from this and other similar examples, might not only be banished from the metropolis, but from every part of the British empire! Last week, as a corporal of the 45th was es- corting a deserter, the latter, in order to avoid punishment, attempted to escape, 011 the road near Mansfield, and betook to his heels for that purpose. ' The corporal pursued him a short dis- tance, but seeing 110 probability of overtaking him, lie threatened to fire if be did not stop: this, however, had not the effect of intimidating the deserter, who, regardless of danger, continued his flight, and had got upwards of 100 yards a- head, when the corporal levelled his piece, and lodged the ball in his thigh. The man instantly A. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, Desirable compact small Freehold FARM ( Tythe- free), situate at SOUTH AM, in the Couutv of Warwick ; consisting of a Farm- House, with Barns, Subies, Yards, and about 80 Acres of valuable Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land.— Pos- session may be had at Michaelmas next. ( Jdj* For further Particulars, and to treat for the Purchase, apply at the Office of Mr. TOMES, Soli- citor, Soutliam. 2bth duly, 1805. BARLEY. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, AVery fine CROP of BARLEY, nearly ripe, growing upon two Acres and a Half of Land, opposite to St. Gyles's Church- Yard, in NORTH- AMPTON, adjoining the Road leading from the Top of Abington- Streer to the General Infirmary. £"" 3" The usual Credit will be given upon approved Security ; and for further Particulars, apply to Mr. PAINE, at the Stag's- Head, in Abington- Street, Northampton. 26ih July, 1805. To be LET T, On Thursday the 1st of August next ( and may be entered on at Michaelmas next), at the House of Miss Downes, at Staverton, in the County of Northampton, between the Hours of Eleven and Twelve o'Clock in the Forenoon, subject to Con- ditions then to be produced, NE hundred and five Acres and upwards of exceeding rich GRAZING, MEADOW, and ARABLE LAND, situate at ST- AVERTON afore- said, and now in the Tenure of the said MisS Downes. gtjj" For a View of the said Land, apply at Miss DOWNES'S, at Staverton aforesaid. o1 This Day is published, Price Is. ASERMON, preached at the Visitation of the Rev. the Archdeacon of Northampton, in the Parish Church at OUNDJ- E, on Monday, May 27th, 1805. By the Rev. SAMUEL HEYRICK, M. A. Rector of Brampton, in the Deanery of Weldon. London: Printed for F. C. Se 1. RIVINCTON; and fcliraVui^ eiiiga'- itiii secured, was taken'to Mans- sold by BORN HAM, and BIRDSALL, Northampton; field workhouse, where surgical assistance was pro- ! ^°£. HarBorough » *** °" 60Rir' and UELANn' cured, but in vain, as the wound proved mortal, and he died in a fewda\ s afterwards; thus be- coming a melancholy sacrifice to his own rashness. The following is another instance added to the list, shewiii!: how cautious persons ought to be not to leave deleterious drugs 111 the way of the ig r. orant parish found in his lifetime had practised farriery), powder, which she conceived to be cream of tartar: • 011 Saturday se'nnight she tool; a u- a- spoonfuli in a j little trcacle. It was not long before extraordinary I pain and vomiting convinced her of the mistake, j Under great alarm slip hastened to Chepstow to obtain a remedy, where with difficulty she arrived, j and took what was ordered for' her relief, but all This Day is published, Price 7s. 6d. in Boards, 1PRACTICAL REMARKS and PRECEDENTS ot PROCEEDINGS in PARLIAMENT; comprising the standing Orders of both Houses to the lir. d of the last Session of Parliament, relative to the applying for and passing Bills for inclosing or draining Mr. C old Mr. J. B. Story's h. I- ockington, Aged. Lord Northampton, Lord Lilford, Lord Althorp, Sir Win. Wake, Sir Wm. Langham, Mr. Cartwright, Mr. Dickins, Hon. S. Percival, Mr. Bouverie, Mr. Sawbridge, Mr. Hanbury, Jim. Mr. Thursby, Mr. Nethercote, and M. r. Wm. Levi, are Sub- scribers, but did not name. Certificates of the Ages and Qualifications of the Horses . for the above Stakes, to be produced ( if re- quired) before running. Subscriptions to be paid to the Clerk of the Course before running. A HANDICAP SWEEPSTAKES of TEN GUINEAS each will be proposed for the beaten Horses in the above Stakes, to be run for the next Day. On WEDNESDAY the 28th, the TOWN PURSE of FIFTY POUNDS, free for any Horse, Mare, or Gelding, that hath not won a King's Plate this Year. Four- year- olds to'carry 7st. 81b. Five- year - olds 8st. 4ib. Six- year- olds 8st. 121b. and Aged 9st. Bridle and Saddle included. Winners of one Plate this Year to carry 31b. extra, of two Purses 51b. extra, and of three or more 71b. extra. Maiden Horses and Geldings allowed 31b. Any Person meaning to enter a Horse for this Purse, is expected to subscribe Three Guineas towards a Purse to be run tor in the Year 1806. The Owner of each Horse to pay Five Shillings Entrance, or double at the Post; which said Entrance- Money the Owner of the second Horse will be entitled to — Four- mile Heats. A . HUNTERS' STAKES, of TEN GUINEAS each; one Four- mile Heat; 12st. each. Mr. Andrew's br. h. Norval Mr. Wilson's b. g. Madman, by Traveller, out of Palmfiower Mr. Fletcher's b. g. by King Fergus Mr. ' Hawkins's Soldier, by Soldier Mr. Story's Lockington Mr. Richards is . a Subscriber, but did not name. SAME DAY, A CUP, of 50 Guineas Value, to be run for by Horses belonging to Firmers who have hunted with Mr. Warde's Hounds in the Season of 1804- 5; and which have never started, paid or received Forfeit, before tfie Day of Running. To be rode by " the Owners, or Farmers residing in the County of Northampton ; to carry ISst. The best ot three Heats, twice round the Course each. Mr. Drage's br. m. Careless, by Grog Mr. Benton's bay blind Horse Mr. Wilson's ch. h. Hackney Mr. Wm. Odell's br. g. On THURSDAY the 29th, Mr. Andrew's Norval against Mr. Wilson's Madman, 10st. each, twice round the Course, lOOgs. To start each Day at Twelve o'Clock. Subscriptions for 1806 received by Mr. Kirshaw, any Time before Entrance. Double Subscription will be required to qualify a Person to enter a Horse at the Post, tor each respective Purse. To enter for e.. ch Purse at the KINC'S- ARMS INN, on SATURDAY the 21th of AUGUST, between the Hours of Four and Eight o'Clock in the Afternoon; and to run according to such Articles as shall be produced at the Time of Entrance. Certificates ot their Ages and Qualifications to be produced at the same Time. No less than three reputed running Horses to start for either of the Purses, without Permission ot the Stewards. If but one Horse enter for either Purse, the Owner to have Twelve Guineas; if two, six Guineas each, and their Entrance- Money again. All Disputes to b2 decided by the Stewards, or whom they shall appoint, j The Winner each Day is expected to pay Two Guineas to the Clerk of the Course. The Horses, See. for each of the above Prizes, to stand at such H01us. es, within the Town of North- ampton, as subscribe 10s. 6d. before the Day of En- trance. No Smith to plate any Horse; nor Booth, Waggon, nor Cart, to stand on the Course, tor the Sale of Li- quors, unless the Owners pay 10s. 6d. each before the Entrance- Day; for each Booth having a Stand over it, to pay 15s.; and for the Gentlemen's Stand One Guinea, exclusive of 10s. 6d. paid for the Booth under.— No Stand will be permitted within the Circle of the Course. Hon. EDW. BOUVERIE, ) Hon. SPENCER PERCIVAL, £ Stewards. R. ANDREW, Jun. Esq. > H. WRIGHT, Clerk. we have little doubt but that Lord Nelson would sail two, or two knots and a half to one of the enemy, he would in all probability be enabled to come up with them in a very feyv days. It appears that Lord N elson, after landing the troops which he had on board, at Antigua, sailed from that island on the morning of the 13th of June: he had received such intelligence as left him 110 room to doubt that the combined fleet had sailed for Europe; and it was his intention, if he was npt fortunate enough to fall in with them oil his passage, to make Cape St. Vincent, in order to intercept them, in case they should run for Cadiz or the Mediterranean. A letter from Lord Nelson, dated on the 11th of June, at sea, incloses a letter from the Commander of the Nelly schooner, convoy to the merchant ships sent off from Antigua by Lord Lavington, which mentions the capture, of thirteen out of fourteen sail, of which the convoy consisted, by the combined fleets, a day or two after the convoy sailed from Barbuda.— The cap- ture of the convoy is but a temporary misfortune; for there is very little chance that ar. y one of them will ever reach a French or Spanish port. Wb ate disposed to consider it rather as a fortunate inci- dent. It is, in all probability, to that very circum- stance that we shall be indebted for the meeting between the two fleets; for it is not likely that the French would abandon or destroy the ships they had taken. As they bring 110 glory back with them, they would endeavour at least to return with a little plunder; something to cover the disgrace and punishment which will inevitably attend the cowardice and multiplied misconduct, that have pervaded the whole of their operations. If they persist in endeavouring to bring their captures in with them, as we think they will, they must lay by At the quarter- sessions at Huntingdon, Edward liorne, of Winwick, yeoman, was indicted for an assault on Mary Bosworth, a pauper of that parish; and the offence being clearly proved, and aggravated by the circumstance of his being over- seer of the poor, he was sentenced to be impri- soned in the county gaol one month, to pav a fine of five pounds, and be further imprisoned until the said fiije should be paid. The late robbery of the communion plate of Lincoln cathedral is involved in much iliystery, in consequence of the following circumstances:— A convict ill the city gaol ( lately a dragoon soldier) intimated to the gaoler, who, a few weeks ago, conveyed him to the hulks at Woolwich, that " no long time would elapse before a great buildin" ab ovo- hill, and the warehouse of an eminent draper in Lincoln, would be robbed by two per- sons, one of whom was well known, and little suspected to be capable of such a transaction." In consequence of this information, which Mr. Take, the gaoler, divulged on his return to Lin- coln, Mr. Smith ( who was the draper alluded to), fortunately paid to the assertion of the convict more attention than it was generally thought worthy of, and had new locks and bars put upon the doors of his valuable warehouse; and the rob- bery of the cathedral has proved with what well- employed caution. Proper persons have been sent frotn Lincoln, to obtain what further intelligence respecting this mysterious affair it is possible to extort from the convict dragoon. " BIRMINGHAM, July 24. Monday the Earl of Dartmouth, as the representative of'his Majesty, laid the first stone of Christ- Church, in this town. The ceremony was conducted with the greatest splendour, and well calculated to attract and them, and their sailing would consequently be" ex- [ S, rat, T^' j" a ve,' 7 hlgh degree, the public curiosity, cessively retarded. Illls • L" rilsl) 1P, besides the Bishop of the diocese, Immediately on the arrival of the Decade in the ^ by t„ ll^ Eal; ls °< Ayksford and War- Tagus, the Martin sloop of war was dispatched to apprize Admiral Bickerton and Admiral Colling- wood of the return of the combined fleet,' in order that they might keep a good look out for them. The Decade also sailed from the Tagus on the 11th for Cape St. Vincent, for the purpose of meeting with Lord Nelson. Positive information had been received at Lis- bon, that the Carthagena fleet, which had made two or three short cruises, had finally sailed 011 the 25th of June; and that Sir R. Bickerton, who had received an account of their sailing, had passed the Straits in hopes of meeting them. Bank Stock SperCt. Red. 3 perCt. Cons. 4 per Ct. Cons. 5 per Ct. Navy PRICE OF sh. 5S& i • 5S£ m . mi STOCK'S. Imp. Sper Cents. India Stock India Bonds Exc. Bills Omnium sh. sh. 12dis. par. 1 dis, 33 4 pr. Divorces," and Bills, Called Estate Bills; with an in- troductory Chapter, containing practical Directions for soliciting private Bills in general, and with occa- sional References to Acts of Parliament, adjudged Cases, See. By CHARLES THOMAS ELLIS, Of the Inner Temple, Parliamentary Agent. Sold by BROOK, Bell- Yard, Temple- liar; BUTTER- wo'kTH, Fleet- Street; and EGERTO'N, Whitehall, in vain: she languished till about eleven at night, I ondon ; and by all other Booksellers in Town and and then died. Mary Jackson, lately apprehended at Manches- ter, for. murdering Ann Smith, is fully committed to Lancaster Castle.— After perpetrating the foul deed, she went to Preston, near which town she engaged herself as a dairy- maid. She staid there a week, and 011 the 22d of June, while her master was gone to market, she decamped, after robbing him of linen, apparel, six tea- spoons, a £.' l note, and three guineas. She was pursued, and over- taken at Hasiineden, but was suffered to depart 011 giving up the property: justice, however, soon overtook her at another place, for the Sunday fol- lowing she was apprehended for the murder. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By Mr. CHENEY, On Wednesday the 7th Day of August, 1S05, between the Hours of Four and Five o'Clock in the After- noon, at the Talbot Inn, in Welford, in the County of Northampton, Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, TVTHF- FREE; consisting of four Acres and a Half and twelve Poles of rich Arable l. and, in a high State of Cultivation, with a convenient Barn upon the Pre- mises, lying in the Lordship of WE I. FORD, conti- guous to the North Side of the Turnpike- Road leading trorn Portly- Ford to Welford, and in the Occupation of Mr. Samuel Henson, the Owner. Also, will be SOLD by AUCTION, at the same. Tim-, The fine growing Crop of OATS, with a consider- able Quantity of MANURE. ( p § r The Purchaser may have early Possession. *** Further Particulars may be had of the AUC- TIONEER, at Nasebv,— Conditions will be produced at the Time of Sale" Country. A J. BRANSCOM B S,- Co. Joint Contractors tor the two last Lotteries, and Pro- prietors of the lucky Offices, No. 11, lioLttoK!\, and 37, CORNHIT. L, {> EG Leave to return their most grateful Thanks ) to the Public for the great Partiality shown them in the last and former Lotteries, and again solicit their Favours in the present Lottery, at either of the above Offices; where the following Capital Prizes have been sold, shared, and registered, prior to the Lottery for 1801, namely, 4 Prizes of ^ f. 30,000 8 11 15 26 54 20,000 10,000 5,009 2,000 1,000 ever shared. and the only Prize of £. 3000 No And in 1804, . . • 9219, shared in i, i, i, and 2- 16ths .... £. 20,000 11,643, shared in i, i, and 6- 16tbs 20,000 7636, shared in 2- 4ths and 8- 16ths 20,000 456, shared in t, J, and 6- 16ths 20,000 13,747, shared in 16- 16ths -- J 10,000 were all sold at the above lucky Offices, besides several £. 201) 0, £. 1000, £. m, See. Sec. and where Tickets and Shares are now selling; and also by Mr. BIRDSALL, LICENSED for NORTHAMPTON, ! ty whom several Shares of the above Capitals have I been sold and registered. i Thp Lottery begins drawing the 30th of Sep- tember, 1805; and the Blanks drawn for the three first Days will be entitled to £. 10 each, as particularized | in the general Scheme; therefore an early Purchase is > reeammWuWh SPRATTON TURNIP SEED, GROWN BY THE REV. ROBERT CROWTHER. ANY Person may be supplied with RED and WHITE, and WHITE, at 6d. per Pound, by applying, by Letter or otherwise, to JOSIAH HIOCS, of Spratton. It is a known Fact, that many Acres of Turnips are frequently sowed a second Time, because the first Crop does not corne up regular ; the Fault does not lie in the Management of me Land, but in the Qua- lity of the'Seed, which generally is mixed, being one, two, and three Years old.— The'Farmer now has it in his Power ro endeavour to prevent it, by purchasing some of the above Seed, which the Grower pledges to be of tilts Year's Growth only. Moreover, the extravagant Price demanded this Year, should put Farmers 011 their guard agai.-. st the ne) tt Season. Furniture and Effects. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Order of the Executors of the late Mr. THOMAS " DAY, deceased, on the Premises, at FENNY- STRATFORD, in the County of Bucks, LL the neat HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, prime STOCK, in TRADE of LINEN and WOOLLEN- DRAPERY, HOSIERY', and various other Goods. The Days of Sale will be mentioned in next Week's Paper. Freehold Estate in Leicestershire. be SOLD by AUCTION, A1 To A in By Mr. ROUSE, At the Swan Inn, in Market- Harboroitgh, on Tuesday the 13th Day of August next, between the Hours of Three and Five o'Clock in the Afternoon ( unless disposed of by Private Contract in the mean TirneJ, Valuable PIECE of rich PASTURE, inclosed in a Ring Fence; containing 31 Acres ( little more or less), situate in the Parish of FOXTON, close to the high Road ( within three Miles of Harbo- roughj, leading to Leicester, under Lease to John Johnson, Grgzier, which expires at Lady- Day, 1807, at the low Rent of £. 50 a Year, delusive of Land- Tax. ( JCY For further Particulars, ap pi [ either to HENRY COLE, Esq. Peterborough; Mesirs. FRENCH WILLIAMS, ! tre London; or the AL'OHONEER, at Iarborough will treat for the same NO R THA MP TO \\ SATURDAY EVENING, July 27. MARRIED.] On Thursday se'nnight, Mr. Albany Carrington Bond, solicitor, of Billifer- lane, London, to Miss Mary- Ann Dunster, daughter of the late Henry Dunster, Esq. of Hertford. Same day, Mr. Thomas Reeve, to Mrs. Pratt, both of Warwick. On Monday last, John Towle, Esq. of Castle- Donington, Leicestershire, to Miss Craddock, of Nuneaton, Warwickshire. On Tuesday last, Wm. H. Fellows, Esq. M. P. of Pamsey- Abbey, Huntingdonshire, to Miss E. Benyon, fifth daughter of the late Richard Benyon, Esq. Same day, R. J. Chambers, Esq. eldest son of the late Sir Robert Chambers, Chief Judge of Calcutta, to Miss Polhill, of New Bridge- street,- London, only daughter of Nathaniel Polhill, Esq. of Howbury, Beds. DIED.] Lately, at Clifton Hot Wells, in the 20th year of his age, Win. Beevor Finch, Esq. - son of Wm. Finch Finch, Esq. of Shell'ord, m Cambridgeshire. O11 Saturday se'nnight, at Yelvertoft, in this county, in the ( 30th year of his age, Mr. Robert Matthew, grazier, and manufacturer and buyer of tammies. A few days ago, the Rev. Mr. Mew, vicar of Yardley, near Birmingham. On Saturday last, aged 09, Mr. Jasper Palfrey, grazier, of l inham, near Coventry. On Sunday last, aged 28, Mr. Francis Dawes, of Warwick. Lately, Mr. Join; Smith, farmer, of Cubbington, Warwickshire. —— At the assizes for this county, which ended on Wednesday, two prisoners were capitally con- victed, and received sentence of death, but were both reprieved before the Judges left Northamp- ton, viz. Samuel Ba'fs, for feloniously killing a sheep, the property of Win. Bailey, of Barnwell- St.- Andrew; and Francis Deacon, for breaking into the house of George Allen, of Great- Ad- dington, and stealing therefrom of .27 5s. in va- rious cash notes.— John Golson, convicted of grand larceny, and George Cluse, for obtaining goods under false pretences, were each fined Is. and ordered to be imprisoned twelve calendar months. Thomus Haynes, charged with, stealing a curricle and a pair of horses, and William Haynes, charged with the wilful murder of Hilary Haynes, his wife, were delivered by proclamation. At the above assizes the following causes were tried:— j Th. Aug. Brown v. Willan and Levi.— This was . an action 1 • wick, the Dean of Windsor, the Members for the county, Mr. Heneage Legge, and a number of other Noblemen, Gentlemen, and Clergy. His Lordship arrived on the spot a little before twelve o'clock, where he was met by the high and low bailiff, the resident clergy of ths town in their robes, the magistrates, and the trustees of the church. His Lordship was received, on his arrival, by the three battalions of Loyal Birmingham Volunteers, who lined the streets through which he passed, attended by their respective bands.— In order that no one might be disappointed of seeing the foundation- stone of this benevolent structure, the trustees directed, that, after the dig- nified ceremony was finished, and those who had purchased tickets were retired, free admission should be given till seven o'clock in the evening, and durifig the next dav. " On T uesday morning a very heavy storm of rain fell in this town and neighbourhood, ac- companied with lightning and ioud peals of thun- der. In Derilend the lightning struck a timber- shed, in which some sawyers were at work, 011 the premises of Mr. Lambley; it first cut away the letter N. from under the'weather- cock at the top of the building, split the rafters, went through a casement t « .. t was open, of which it melted the lead, and afterwards shot into the ground in a sawpit where some men were at work. One of them was struck upon the foot, and forced out of the pit, where he lay insensible for some time. When he recovered, he found his foot discoloured and a good deal - hurt. " On the same morning the farm- house of Mr. Taylor, near Bt > urn - Brook, Warwickshire, was nearly destroyed by lightning. The chamber and lower windows and frames were driven out, and the chamber floor knocked down. Five women and some children were in the house at the time: the women were all thrown from their feet, but, we are happy to find, that none of them received any injury, except from fright.— An ash tree, on the premises of Mr. 3. W'heeley, in the same neigh- bourhood, was nearly shivered to pieces, and some of tiia bark carried upwards of 40 yards from the sjlot." 85f" The prisoners in the county gaol return thanks to the Gentlemen of the Grand Jury at the Assizes, tor £. 8 3s. 5d. left in the hands of the gaoler The ASSIZE of BREAD set the 27th Day of The Town of Northampton, TO WIT. July, 1805, tor the said Town, to take Place' on Monday the 29th Day of July, and to be in force seven Days for the said Town of Northampton. .. lb. oz. dr. The Sixpenny Loaf Wheaten is to weigh .. 19 2 Ditto Household is to weigh 2 1 6 The Tweivepeuiiy Loaf Wheaten is to weigh 3 2 4 Ditto Household is to weigh 4 2 12 F. HAYES, Mayor. PRICE of CORN per Quarter at Northampton, Saturday, July 27. Wheat, 98s. to 126s. Od. Rye, tiOs. Od. to 68s. Barley, 48s. Od. to 52s. 6d. Oats, 25s. Od. to 31s. Od. J. GRAFTON Beans, 43s. Od. to 45s. 6d. Peas, 00s. Od. to 00s. yd. By the Standard Measure. Inspector. Corn- Exchange, Jjjndun, Friday, July 26. There are, since our last, few further a'rrivals of Wheat; the supply is but middling, chiefly of fo- reign remaining unsold.— Barley continues a very scarce article, full 4s. per quarter dearer.— Malt is higher.— Peas at small difference.— Beans of each sort in short supply, and dearer. LIST of FAIRS, from July 29 to August 10, within the Circuit of this Paper. 9Q C/,. i < ft'L.! ,' in 1. .. W1 LLIAMs, Solicitors, Castle - street, Holbor* ^ defendants, who are proprietors of the ' ~ ' igh, who I S ala > r negligence 111 their coach- ttiaa, who, instead of keeping the regular road, M. July 29. Stratford- upon- Avon. W — 31. Murket- Harb'. rough. ). Weldun and Leicester. 2. StMy- Stratford, Biggleslvjdt, and Lut. terlvorth. S. 3. Daventry. M. — m— 5. Northamptot, Stamford, T/. rafstci, and Bicester. WWW! WBMBaWMWM gasawiiwsBB THE PIGEON. " WHY tarries mv love ? Ah ! where does he rove? Mv love is long absent from me. Come hither, my clove, I'll write to mv love. And send him a letter by thee. " To find him, swift fly ! The letter I'll tie Secure to thy leg with a string." " Ah ! not to my leg, Fair ladv, I beg. But fasten'it under my wing." Her dove she did deck, She drew o'er his neck A hell and a collar so gay; She tied to his wing The scroll with a string. Then kiss'd him and sent him away. It blew, and it rain'd, The pigeon disdain'd To seek shelter,— undaunted he flew j Till wet was his wing, And paintul the string, So heavy the letter it grew. He flew all around, Till Colin he fouijd, Then perch'd on his hand with the prize, Whose heart, while he reads, With tenderness bleeds For the pigeon that flutters and dies. A3 BLIGHT, or MILDEW ix WHEAT. Mr. Marshall, in his Rural Economy of the West of England, attributes the CAUSF. of this DISEASE in WHEAT, in that part of the country in which he had the best opportunity of observing it ( Carmarthenshire, 180- 1), to some COLD RAINS which fell about the middle of August:— " Before that time wheat crops in general looked healthy, and were beginning to change to a bright colour; but presently after a few cold wet days, the malady became obvious to the naked eye: the straw lost its smooth varnished surface, being occupied by innumerable specks; which changed in a few days, in less than a week, to a dark or blackish colour, giving the straw a dusky appearance.— A gentleman of Car- marthenshire, who is attentive to agricultural con- cerns, is of opinion that this destructive disease may be prevented by sowing old seed: namely, wheat of the preceding year's growth, instead of new wheat; agree- ably to the practice of Cotswold Hills, in Gloucester- shire. t am much inclined to think, that bv sowing early, agreeably to that practice, this fata! disease might frequently be avoided; early ripe crops being, from all the observations I have hitherto made, the least subject to its baneful effect. Corn which ripens finder the hot summer sun of July is not so liable to cold chilling rains, as that which remains unmatured until the sun begins to lose its power, and the nights to increase in length and coolness.— A certain PRE- VENTIVE of this disaster would be a discovery worth millions to the country. Until this be made, let the grower of wheat not only endeavour to sow early, but let him look narrowly to his crop during the critical time of the filling of the grain; and whenever he may perceive it to be smitten with the disease, let him lose no time in cutting it; suffering it to lie on thJ stubble until the straw be firm and crisp enough to be set up in sheaves without adhering in the binding place*; allowing it to remain in the field until the gra. in shall have received the nutriment which the straw may be able to impact. Where wheat has been grown on ' Lammas land,' and the ground obliged to be cleared by the first of August, crops have been known to oe cut as' green as grass,' and to be carried off, and spread upon grass- land to dry; yet the grain has been round to mature, and always to alfoid a fine- skinned beau- tiful sample. Rye- grass, that is cut even while in blossom, matures its seeds with the sap that is lodged in the stems. Hence there is nothing to fear from cutting wheat or other corn before the straw be ripe. " APRIL, 1805.— That the operation of this disease is carried on by the fungus tribe, evidently appears from the ingenious and persevering labours ot bota- nists. But fungi, it is equally evident, are an effect, not the cause of the disease. Tllcy are the vermin of • the more perfect vegetables, and fasten on them, whe- ther in a dead or in a diseased state; but seldom, I believe, while they are in full health and vigour. Their minute and volatile seeds may be said to be every where present, ready to produce ' heir kind wherever they may find a genial matrix. Such at least appcjrs to be the' nature of the fungus, or fungi, ot wheat; for it may be liable to the attack of more than one species. In a dry warm summer, which is well known to be favourable to the health, vigour, and pro- ductiveness of the wheat crop, ihc seeds of fungi are harmless, Id long as the fine weather continues. On the contrary, in a cold wet season, which fives languor and weakness to the wheat plants, few crops escape entirely their destructive effects. A standing crop not untre- quently escapes, while plots that are lodged in the same held, especially in pits and hollow places, become liable to their attack. Artd by the facts above stated, we plainly see that even strong healthy crops may in a few days, or perhaps in a few hours, be rendered liable to he assailed: not progressively, as by an in- fectious disease; but at once, as by a blast or blight. In the STATE of the ATMOSPHERE we are to look for the cause of the disease in a standing crop; and nothing is so likely to bring on the fatal predisposition of the plants, as a succession of cold rains while the grain i. s forming. The coolness necessarily gives a check to the rich saccharine juices which are then rising towards the ear; and the moisture may at the same time assist the seeds of the fungi to germinate and take root. Thus reason and facts concur in pointing out the CAUSE i^ id the OPERATION of the disease. The NATURAL EVENT is too well known; and it is the BUSINESS of ART to endeavour to prevent it. If, hy cutting down the crop as soon as it is found to be diseased, the operation can be stopped, as experience in different instances has shewn that it may, the JIIMEDY is easy.* A probable means of PREVENTION i;, that of inducing EARLY RI PEN ESS ( for reasons abive offered), either by sowing early, or by forcing manures : or by selecting and establishing EARLY VARIETIES, of WHEAT more especially [ as early varieties of peas and other esculent plants are raised by gardeners); a work which only requires ordinary attention; and which, it is hoped, will without delay be set about and encouraged by every attentive grower of wheat, and every promoter of rural improvements in the United Kingdom." * The closer the crop is allowed to lie upon the ground, and the sooner it is bound up in sheaves ( provided the natural a « cent of the sap to the ear be not thereby interrupted), the more effectual and com- plete will be the remedy. It may be still further added, that grain which is cut while under- ripe, is less liable to be injured in the field by the moist weather, than that which has stood until it i> e fully or over- ripe. police to the DEBTORS of WIIXIAM SMITH, ] late of PETERBOROUGH, in the County of North- ' « •'< plan, A'. P. deceased. LL Persons now standing indebted to the Estate and Effects of the said WILLIAM SMITH, whether on Mortgage, Bond, or otherwise, • are desired to pay their respective Debts Into the Hands of Mr. Samuel Roberts, of Long- Orton, in the Connty of Huntingdon ; or W. Atkinson, Attorney at Law, Peterborough; on or before the 10th Day of August next, otherwise Actions will be commenced against them for the Recovery thereof immediately after that Time is expired, without further Notice. By Order of the Trustees acting under the last Will and Testament of the said William Smith, deceased. Petrrinorttrfi. ! « / A . Inly, 1805 To the IJ r. li 10 Hi and CREDITORS of Mr. JOHN KING, late of the NEW INN," in the Parish of DODFORDj in the County of North- ampton, deceased. A LL Persons who have any Claim or Demand C\ upon the Estate or Effects of the said JOHN KING, are hereby required to send an Account and Particulars thereof to Mr. Joseph Borman, of Brock- lull, Mr. Robert Blaby, of Floore, or Mr. William King, at the said New Inn, all in the County of | Northampton ( who are authorized to receive the same), in order that they may be investigated and discharged. — And all Persons who stand indebted to the said Estate, are requested to pay their respective Debts to the said Mr. Borman, Mr. Blaby, or Mr. King, on or before the 10th Day of October next, as the Ac- counts of the said Mr. King are intended then to be finally settled. Dodford, July 9th, 1803. BROWN'S BANKRUPTCY. WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt, bear- ing Date at Westminster, the 3d Day of this instant July, ii awarded and issued forth against WILLIAM BROWN, of HOLCOTT. in the County of Northampton, Woolcomber and Shopkeeper, and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or to the major Bart of them, on the NINETEENTH and TWENTIETH Days of JULY instant, and on the TWENTY- FOURTH Day of AUOUST next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon of each of the said Days, at the House of FRANCIS OSBORN, known by the Name of the PEACOCK INN, in the Town ot NORTHAMPTON, in the County of North- ampton, and make a full Discovery and Disclosure of his Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts, and at the second Sitting to choose Assignees, and at the last Sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his Examination, and the Creditors are to assent to, or dissent from, the Allowance of his Certificate.— All Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or who have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint ; but give Notice to Mr. JOHN NEWTON GOODHALL, At- torney at Law, Wellingborough. HENRY BARNE SAWBRIDGE, WM. TR SMYTH, RD. HOWES. ADAMS's DIVIDEND. N'OTICE is herebv given, That the Trustees of Mr. WILLIAM ADAMS, of DAVENTRY, in the County of Northampton, Carrier, do intend to meet at his ACCOUNTING- HOUSE, in DAVENTRY, on TUESDAY the 13th Day of AUOUST next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, for the Purpose of declaring the first Dividend of his Estate amongst such of the Creditors who have executed the Deed of Trust, and ascertained their respective Balances.— And Noticc is further given, that the Claims of all those Creditors who shall not, previous to the thirteenth Day of August next, execute the said Deed, which is left for that Purpose at Mr. Burton's Office, in Davqntrv, and settle aiM ascertain their respective Balances^ will be disallowed. By Order of the Tiustees, Daventry, mi July, 180$. EDM. BURTON. ^ DUTY on DIVIDENDS. BY an Act passed in the present Session, of Parliament, an ADDITIONAL DUTY, after the Rate of One- Fourth Part of tlte former Duty on Property, is granted upon every Assessment to be made for any Year subsequent to the 5th of April, 1805, to be computed upon the net Amount of the Duty charged upon such Assessment, which additional Duty will attach upon the full Amount of all Divi- dends on Shares ot Public Annuities, payable on the oth of July next.— His Majesty's Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes THEREFORE GIVE NOTICE, That all Persons entitled to such Dividends, who are desirous of paying the Amount of the Duty into the Bank of England, must, in order to entitle them to a Discharge from further Assessment, pay into the Bank, in Addition to the former Dutv, at the Rate of £. 5 per Cent, on the Amount of the said Divi- dends, the further Sum of One- Fourth Part of the said Duty, computed upon the full Amount thereof. By Order of the Board, MATTHEW WINTER. Office for Taxes, London, June 29th, 1805. AN ENTIRE NEW WORK. With fifty or tnore elegant Engravings. On Saturday, the 29th of June, was published, Mo. I. Price Is. 6d. to be completed in 56 Num- bers, published weekly, forming two latge hand, some Volumes in Quarto, of ritHE ED lis BURGH MEDICAL AND I PHYSICAL DICTIONARY ; containing not only an Explanation of the Terms of Art used in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Therapeutics, Surg ry, Midwifery, Pharmacy, Materia Medica, Botany, Chemistry, Natural History, & c. & c. as employed in the present improved State of Medical Science; but aiso a copious Account of Diseases, and their Treatment, agreeably to the Doctrines of Cullen, Monro, Hunter, Fordyce, Gregory, Denman, Saun- ders, Home, and other modern Teachers in Edinburgh and London. To which is added, a copious Glossary of obsolete Terms. By ROBERT MORRIS, M. D. JAMES KEN. DR1CK, Surgeon, F. L. S. and Others. Edinburgh: Printed for BELL and PRACFUTE, and MUNDEI. I. and SON ; and sold in London by THOMAS OSTELL, Ave- Maria- Lane, Ludgate- Street; and by W. BIRDSALL, T. BURNHAM, and J. ABEL, North- ampton . THRAPSTON ROAD TOLLS. " XTOTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS - L> l arising at the undernamed Toil- Gates, situate upon the Turnpike- Road leading from Market- Har- borough, in the County of Leicester, to Thrapston, in the County of Northampton, and from thence to the Pound, in the Parish of Brampton, in the County of Huntingdon, which were not disposed of at the last Meeting held for that Purpose, will be LETT by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, at the WHITE- HART INN, in THRAPSTON, on WEDNESDAY the THIRTY- FIRST Day of JULY instant, between tile Hours of Eleven and Twelve in the Forenoon, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the thirteenth Year of the Reign of His present Majesty, " for re- gulating Turnpike- Roads ;" which Tolls produced the last Year, clear of the Salaries for collecting the same, the several Sums of Money following ( vizjl Kettering, with Weighing Machine £. 573 Keyston, with Ditto 270 and will be put up at such Sums respectively as the Trustees then present shall think proper, and subject to such ( Conditions as shall be then and there pro- duced. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder for either of the Bars, will be required to j^ ive Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike- Road, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, at such Time and in such Manner as they shall direct. THOMAS MAR SHALL, ? Clerks to the Trustees WM, MARGETTS, i of the said Road. Dr. WIIEATLEY's Invaluable Remedies for the certain and speedy CURE OP THE ITCH. 4 N OINTMENT which aires in four Hours, JL S. and does not contain the least Particle of Mer- cury, or any pernicious Ingredient whatever, and so perfectly innocent, that Children at the Breast may becured without the least Hazard. It is of an agreeable Smell, requires no Confinement, and there is no Me dicine ot the Kind which cures in so short a Time. Price Is. 9d. a Box, Duty included. Likewise his CHYM1CAI. LIQUID, as perfectly safe as the Ointment, and as certain in its Effects; it has no Smell, nor does it in the least soil the Linen; a Circumstance which renders it highly va- luable, and to some Persons abundantly preferable to any Ointment whatever. Price 2s. 6d, a Bottle, Duty included. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Dicey & Sutton, Bow Church - Yard, and at their Warehouse in Northampton; and Retail by Edge, and Marshall, Northampton; Robins, Bates, and Wilkinson, Daven- try ; Tuck & Mather, and Broughton, Wellingborough; Fisher, Higham- Ferrers; Rollason, and Merridew, Coventry; Sharp, Warwick; Roberts, Southam; Gregory*, Leicester; Harrod, Harborough; Munn, and Collis & Dash, Kettering; Ncwcomb, Stamford; Eaton, Thrapston; York, Oundle; Jacob, and Horden, Peterborough ; Jenkinson, Huntingdon ; Hodson, Cambridge; Smith, Bedford; Inwood, and Bar- ringer, Newport- Pagnell; Queneborough, Dunstable; Darton and Tapp, Hitcliin; Wilcox, and Gallard, Towcester; See. ey, Buckingham; Jones, Oxford; Richardson, Stony- Stratford; Hawkes, Lutterworth; and by every Vender of Patent Medicines in the United Kingdom. ' Si R, To Dr. SOLOMON. SEPTEMBER STATE- LOTTERY. RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, & Co. of ' Bank Buildings, Cornhill, and facing the Gate of the King's Mews, Charing- Cross, London, respect- fully beg Leave to recommend to the Notice of the Public the superior Merits of the present STATE- LOTTERY. The Scheme, consisting of Twenty. five Thousand Tickets only, has 3 Prizes of £. 20,000 3 of .... 10,000 3 of 5,000 with a " great Proportion of other Capitals, Sec. & c.; also the three thousand first- drawn Blanks will be en- titled to £. 10 each, making 7,619 Benefits. Tickets and Shares are now on Sale at the Licensed Offices of • RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, & Co. A fresh Supply just received by the PRINTERS of this Paper. THE TRULY GENUINE DR. NORRTS's DROPS, 0> R FEVERS, COUGHS. C'OLDS, and all X DISORDERS oftheSTOMACH & BOWELS, have " THOMAS NORRIS MOORE." engraved in the Stamp round each Bottle. ( f'f" This most important Caution seriously con- cern; all who value Life and Health, as strange Mix- tures are at this Time hawking over the Empire, in Bottles, and Directions copied from Dr. Norris's, for the base Purposes of Imposition. N. B. All without this Stamp and Name must be counterfeit; and wherever such are offered for Sale, pleaie to send Particulars per Po3t to Dr. Norris's, No. 29, Lower Brook - Street, Grosvenor - Square, London, that the Public may he advertised thereof. A Young Man, a Mercer, of this City, my Ac- ./ * qnaintance, about 30 Years of Age, had been afflicted from his Infancy with a Nervous Complaint, attended with great Debility, Languor, Want of Ap- petite, and Lowuess of Spirits, which increased so much as to render him incapable of attending to Bu- siness tor twelve Months. In this deplorable State he was advised by his Physicians, as the last Re- source, to go into the Country; but he found no Relief from the Change. He then tried the CORDI AL BALM of GILEAD, from the first Bottle of vyhich he obtained immediate Relief, and six Bottles more have restored him to a sound and perfect State of Health. J. FLETCHER, Printer of the Chester Chronicle. Prepared by Dr. SOLOMON, Gilead- House, near Liverpool, in 10s. 6d. and 33s. Bottles; the latter contain four of the former, by which the Purchaser saves nine Shillings. Every genuine Bottle has a Stamp which bears the Proprietor's Name and Address, " Saml. Solomon, Liverpool," to imitate which is Felony. Double Postage of all Letters to Dr. Solomon, Li- verpool, must be paid, and his Fee of 10s. 6d. in- closed for Advice. Sold Wholesale and Retail by the Printers of this Paper, also Retail by Marshall, and Edge, North- ampton; Collis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Dawson, and Harrod, Harborough; Marriott, Ban- bury ; Wilcox, and Gallard, Towcester; Seeley, Buckingham; Richardson, Stony- Stratford; Edge, and Tuck and Mather, Wellingborough; P. obins, and Wilkinson, Daventy; Okely, and Smith, Bed- ford; Fox, St. Neots; Barringer, and Inwood, New- port- Pagnell; Swinfen, Leicester; by the Printers of the Country Newspapers; and by all the reputable Medicine Venders, Booksellers, See. in every principal Town in England, Ireland, Scotland, and America, who will deliver Pamphlets gratis, with a Variety of authentic Documents noted therein. , Of whom may be had, The ANTI- IMPETIGINES, or SOLOMON'S DROPS, for purifying the Blood, and restoring the System when impaired by the imprudent Use of Mer. tury, have been found. the great and only Restorer of Health and Vigour in Disorders where Salivation has repeatedly failed.— Price 10s. 6d,~— Family Bottles 33s. The ABSTERGENT LOTION, for removing Eruptions from the Surface of the Human Body.— Price 4s. fid. a Bottle, Duty included. Also, A new Edition of SOLOMON'S CUIDE to HEALTH.— Price 3s. TURN PIKE- TOLLS TO HE LETT. _ NOTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike . Road lfadirg from Westwood Gate, in the Parish of Knotting, in the County of Bedford, through the Towns of Rush- den and Higharti- Ferrers, and over Irthlingborough Bridge, to the Turnpike- Road in Barton- Seagrave- Lane, in the Parish of Barton- Seigrave, in the County of Northampton, will be heldat the GRF. EN- DRAGON INN, in HIGHAM- FKRRERS aforesaid, on THURSDAY the 29th Day of AUGUST next, at Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon; when and where the TOLLS arising at the several Toll- Gates upon the said Turnpike- Road, will be separately LETT to FARM by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, between the Hours of Eleven and Three, for such Term as shall be then agreed upon, and : n the Maimer directed by an Act passed in the thirteenth Year of the Reigr. ot His present Majesty King George the Third, for regulating Turnpike- Roads ; which Tolls were lett the last Year at the several Sums following, viz. W, stwood Gale £.\\ 1 liigbam. Ferrers Gate 80 Irtolingbor'tugh Bridge Gate . — . - 121 and will be put up at those Sums respectively. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder or Bidders, must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees, for Pay- ment of the Rents agreed for, at such Times as they shall direct. JOHN ALLEN, Clerk to the Trustees. Higham- Ferrers, 19th July, 1805. BARRINGTOVs HISTORY OP NEW SOUTH WALES, including BOTANY BAY, & c. & c. ( DEDICATED TO HIS MAJESTY.) Next Saturday will be published, Price one Shilling, No. I. ( to be continued weekly,) of RPIIE HISTORY of NEW SOUTH WALES; JL including BOTANY BAY, PORT JACK- SON, PAR- RAMATTA, and its Dependencies, from the first Dis. covery down to the present Time; the Customs and Manners of the Natives; Natural History; State of Agriculture; Proceedings of the English Colony, and every interesting Particular of the Convicts and the Country at large. ' By GEORGE BARRINGTON, His Majesty's Officer of the Peace for Parramatta. (£ 9* This interesting Work wili be completed in 26 Numbers, and enriched with elegant coloured Prints, forming the only complete History of the Island ever attempted.— To which is added, the LI EE of BARRINGTON, accompanied with a fine Portrait. Published by M. JONES, NO. 1, Paternoster- Row, and C. CHAPFLE, Pall- Mali, London; and sold by all other- Booksellers in Town and Country. BRODUM's NERVOUS CORDIAL SIR, Durham, June 26, 1801. I Feel infinite Satisfaction in having Permission to communicate to you a most surprising Cure, by your truly invaluable Medicine, the NERVOUS CORDIAL, and which it would be doing an Injustice to Mankind and the Public in general, to withhold the Efficacy of so salutary and sovereign a Medicine. Mrs. SHIRVVOOD, late Housekeeper at Windlestone- Hall, in the Vicinity of Duiham, has been afflicted from the Year 1792, with a long Train of horrid KL . A U—,..' . I • IIOCKI. TFFE ROAD. XTOTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS - l^ f arising at the Toll- Gate upon the Turnpike- Road leading from Hocklifte, in the County of Bed- ford, to Stony- Stratford, in the County of Bucks, called the HOCKLIFPE GATE, will be LETT to FARM by AU CTION, to the Best Bidder, at the WHITE- LION INN, in LITTLE- BRICKHILL, on MONDAY the 12th Day ot AUGUST next, according to the general Turnpike Act; which Gate produced' the last Y; ar, clearof the Charges of collecting, the Sum of .£. 541, and will be put. up at such Sum as the Trustees shall think fit.— Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder must at the same Time pay down a Deposit of £. 50, and give such Security for Payment of the Rent as the Trustees present shall direct. By Order of the Trustees, THOMAS EWESDIN, Clerk. Stony- Stratford, 9th Judy, 1805. CRAXI'ORD- ST.- JOILN ENCLOSURE. BY Virtue of ah Act of Parliament lately 1 passed, entitled, " An Act for inclosing Lands " in the Manor and Parish of CRAN FORD- ST.- " JOHN, in the County of Northampton," I have set out the following public Carriage- Roads and Highways, through and over the Lands and Grounds intended to be divided, allotted, and inclosed, viz-. One public Carriage- Road and Highway, of the Width of forty Feet, leading from the Eastward End of the Village' of Cranford- St.- John, and continuing nearly in the present Track till it enters the Kettering and Thrapston Turnpike- Road ; One Foot- Road and Highway, of the Width of four Feet, beginning at the Eastward End of the Village of Cranford- St.- John, and continuing in a North- East Direction over Part of tile East Field and Meadow, till it enters the Parish of Cranford- St.- Andrew.; One other ^' oot- Road and Highway, of the Width of four Feet, beginning at the End of a Lane near the Red- Lion Public- House, and continuing nearly in the present Track over the Middle Field and Wold, to the Thrapston and Wellingborough Turnpike- Road; And one other Foot- Road and Highway, of the Width of four Feet, beginning at the Westward Side of an old lnclosure, called Laurence Close, and con- tinuing in a Southwardly Direction over Part of the West Field, till it enters the Lordship of Burton7 Lattimer. And I do give Notice, That the said Roads and Highways are ascertained by Marks and Bounds, and that a Map is prepared, and signed by me, in which such Roads and Highways are accurately laid down and described, and have deposited the same with Mr. Thomas Marshall, ths Clerk, for the Inspection of all Persons concerned.— And I do appoint a Meeting to be held at tile House of Mrs. JONES, known by the Sign of the WHITF- HART INN, at THRAPSTON, on SATURDAY the I7th Day of AUGUST next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon; when all Persons who may be injured or aggrieved by the setting out of such Roads or Highways, or by the Omission of any Roads or Highways not being set out, are required to attend. And I do also give Notice, That I have not changed or altered any Turnpike- Road, but have ls. lt the same sixty Feet wide. And I do further give Notice, That the respective Claims of the several Proprietors, delivered in to me pursuant to public Notice given for that Purpose, are left at the Office of the said Mr. Marshall, in Ket- tering, for the Inspection and Perusal of all Parties interested, or claiming to be interested, in the Pre- mises, their respective Agents or Attornies, who may take Copies thereof, or Extracts therefrom, respect- ively. And if any Person or Persons, or Body Politic or Corporate, interested or claiming to be interested in the Premises, shall have any Objection to oiler to any such Claim, the Particulars of such Objection are required to be reduced into Writing, and signed by them, or their respective Husbands, Guardians, Trustees, Committees, or Agents, to be delivered to me on the said 17th Day of AUGUST next, at the WHITE- HART INN, at THRAPSTON aforesaid, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, and no such Ob- jection will afterwards be received, unless for some legal Disability or special Cause to be allowed by me.— Dated this 10th Day joi July, 1805. JOHN BURCHAM. was so impaired, that it was with the greatest Diffi- culty she could walk up and down Stairs, and was often confined to her Room for Weeks together; her Situation was so truly alarming, that she was frequently obliged to be supported, to prevent her from tailing. With the Advice oi Medical Men, she was induced to make Trial of your Nervous Cordial; she first took two small Bottles, which afforded her a little Relief; she then sent to me for a large Bottle, and before she had taken the Whole of it, was able to walk without the least Inconvenience four or five Miles. She is now upwards of sixty Years of Age, happily restored from Pain and Disease, to a better State of Health than she has enjoyed for these ten Years. Any Person desirous of further Information, may have every Satis- faction by applying, either by Letters ( Post paid), or personally, to your much obliged humble Servant, W. A. HENDERSON, Bookseller, Sadler- Street, Durham. To Dr. Brodum, Albion- Street, London. The BOTANICAL SYRUP and RF. STORATIVI NER- VOUS CORDIAL to be had at the House, No. 9, Al- bion- Street, Surrey Side of Blackfriars Bridge, in Bottles at £. 1 2s.— lis.— and 6s. Duty included, A. D. SWINTON, the Proprietor ( Son of Dr. Swinton, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, London,) may be consulted from Ten till Three, or by Letter, containing the usual Fee. * « .* A Five Guinea Bottle contains six at 22s. Sold also by the PRINTERS of this PAPER, and by the following Persons within the Circuit hereof, viz. Marshall, Northampton, and at his Shop in Harbo- rough ; . idge, Northampton, and at his Shops in Wellingborough and Towcester; . Nixon, Leicester; Smith, Bedford; Jenkinson, Huntingdon; Tookey, Oundle; Bealc, Tirapston ; Collis & Dash, & Munn, Kettering; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daveutry ; Tuck & Mather, Wellingborough; Jackson, Peterborough; N'jwcomb, Printer, Stamford; Wheeler, Aylesbury; Marriott, Banburj; Gallard, Towcester; and by most Booksellers aid Medicine Venders in the three Kingdoms. FINE ARTS. This Day was published ( to be continued monthly), No. 1, with beautifully- coloured Plates, Price 3s. or Is. 6d. plain, of RPI- IE CABINET OF THE ARTS; or, the NEW X and UNIVERSAL DRAWING MIRROR; containing the whole Theory and Practice of the fiue Arts in general, from the first Elements to the most finished Principles; displaying, in the most familiar Manner, the whole Rudiments of Imitation, Design, Disposition, Invention, and Deception; illustrated with elegant Engravings, from Drawings by Bartolozzi, Kirk, Cossy, Morland, West, Sec. selected from tile Works of Nature, and most interesting Passages of the first Authors, tiie Page of History, and the Ele- gance of Fancy, which will be presented in the various Shapes of Square, Circle, Oval, Octagon, Medallions, and Vignettes; Sea- Pieces, Birds, Beasts, and every Branch ot Natural History, Emblems, Devices, & c. To which will be added, introductory Lines and Fea- tures, Limbs of the Human Figure in various Atti- tudes, whole Lengths, Groups, the Passions, Dra- pery, Landscapes, See. Th , se coloured will consist of Baskets of 1 ruit, Flowers, Shells, Landscapes, 4cc. from beautiful Fancy Drawings, by Edwards, & c. Sec. The Letter- press by Mr. T. HOUSON, Author of the Accomplished Tutor, & c. Sec. London: Printed for M. JONES, No. 1, Pater- noster- Row; and J. HATCIIARD, Bookseller to Her Majesty, Piccadilly; and sold by all other Booksellers iu Town and Country. To THOMAS TAYLOR, Esq. No. 9, New Bridge- Street, London. SIR, IConsider it but an Act of Justice due to the Merits of your LEAKE's PATENT PILLS, to communicate to you the following Cure, which has recently been performed by them:— An Acquaintance of mine, who, by the breaking out of an old Venereal Complaint ( attended by a Complication of Disorders arising therefrom), was reduced almost to a Skeleton, and although he had the best Medical Advice which could be obtained, and tried a Variety of Patent Me- dicines, Nothing could be procured which seemed to suit his Case, or to do him any Service: He remained in a most reduced and pitiable Situation for two Years, unable to follow his Protession, and scarcely able to walk or even to stand on his Legs; ip Fact, no one who knew him ever supposed it possible for bim to recover. He was advised at last to try your LEAKE'S PILLS ; he did so, adhering strictly to the Directions given with them; he had not taken more than two Boxes before he found an Alteration for the better; this encouraged him to proceed, and by taking a few Boxes more he found his Appetite ana Strength gra- dually return, and is now as healthy and stout as any Man I know. You are welcome, Sir, to refer any Person to me for a Confirmation of the above Account if it should be doubted. 1 am, Sir, your obedient humble Servant, THOS. PURDAY. Library, Folkstone, July 10, 1805. Prepared and sold by the sole Proprietor, THOMAS TAYLOR, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, in London, at his House, No. 9, New Bridge- Street; where, after a constant Residence of more than forty Years, in a Practice particularly directed to the Cure of Venereal Complaints, and those inci. COLLIEtl's DEBTORS asd CREDITORS. ALL Persons having any Claim or Demand on THOMAS HENRY COLLIER, late of OUN- DLE, in the County of Northampton, Ironmonger, are desirtd to send their Accounts, on or before the 10th Day of August next, to Mr. Thomas S. Watson, of Thorney, in the Isle of Ely, Merchant; or to Mr. Atkinson, Attorney at Law, Peterborough; that the same may be immediately discharged.— And ail Per- sons now standing indebted to the said Thomas Henry Collier, are requested to pay their respective Debts to him, at Peterborough, on or before the said iOrti Day of August, otherwise Actions will be commenced against them for the Recovery thereof without further Notice. Peterborough, 18th July, 1805. Spilsbury's Antiscorbutic Drops. JANE TAYLOR, aged thirty- four, broke out, four Y'ears ago, in a large Blotch on her left Leg; it continued spreading till it arrived about the Knee. Its first Appearance was a Redness of nn extreme high Colour; much Heat, and a fermenting Itching, which destroyed her Sleep. At this Time an ichorous Water was discharged, her Legs swelling so as to prevent her moving freely about; Poultices and various Appli- cations were tried with no good Effect. She then, by- Recommendation, resolved to takeSpiLSBUR- Y'sPA'lENf ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS. She persevered for six Months, when she became entirely well. JANK TAYLOR. 16, Upper Cleveland- Street. JAMF. S TAYI. OR. Mr. SPILSBURY is not accountable for any Mixture sold, unless the Words " By the King's Patent" are inserted at Length in the Bill of Directions, Bott. e, and Wrapper; the Stamp also ( the King's Duty) is printed in black Ink instead of red.— Bottles 5s.* lid. 10s. and £. 1 2s. Duty included. Sold at the Dispensary, No. 15, Soho- Square, Lon- don; and may be had of the Printc. s of this Paper; of Mr. Okely, Bedford; Tuck a Mather, Welling- borough; Coilis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry ; and of most Venders of Patent Medicines in Town and Country. For the Wind, Cholic, fluxes, and other Disorders of the Bowels. DALBY's CARMINATIVE. CAUTION. MANY counterfeited Preparations of this . Medicine having been oflered for Sale, under specious Pretences, all Persons aie requested not to , take any, unless they observe that the Name, " F. Newbcry, No. 45, St. Paul's," is engraved in the Stamp, and that in the Bill of Directions round eaeti Bottle is an EXTRACT from the WILL of the lute Mr. JOSEPH DALEY, vis. " Whereas I did many Years since instruct my Daughter Frances, now the Wife ot Anthony Cell, of North- Street, Westminster, Gentleman, in the Art of compounding a certain Medicine, of which I am the sole Inventor, called DALBY'S CARMINATIVE : Ldo hereby constitute and appoint my said Daughter the sole Preparer of this useful Medicine. I like- wise give to my said Daughter, Frances Cell, my sole Property in the said CARMINATIVE, and all Profits arising from the Sale thereof, to her and her Heirs for ever." It is sold only by F. NEWBERY Sc SONs, NO. 45, St. Paul's Church- Yard, a few Doors from the Corner of Chcapside, London, Price Is. 9d. a Bottle, Duty included. Sold also, by their Appointment, by Dicey & Sutton, J. Edge, and W. Marshall, Northampton. BANKRUPTS required to SURRENDER. Richard Lincoln, of Yoxford, Sullolk, brandy- merchant, July 27, August 3, and 31, at Guildhall, ' London. Attorney, Mr. Flashman, Ely- place, Hol- born. John Taylor, the younger, of Framlingham, Suf- folk, miller, August 8, 9, and 31, at the Crown Inn, Framlingham. Attorney, Mr. Clubbe, Framlingham. William Bexon, of Gosport, Hampshire, hawker, July 29, August 3 and 31, at Guildhall, London. Attorney, Mr. Fisher, Furnival's lnn. William Urquhart, of Ratclitt'- cross, Middlesex, cooper, July 27, August 3 and 31, at Guildhall At- tornies, Messrs. Jones and Green, Salisbury- square, Fleet- street. Thomas Boyd, of Buckingham- street, Strand, Mid- dlesex, wine and brandy- mercliant, July 23, 30, and August 31, at Guildhall. Attorney, Mr. Dawson, Warwick- street, Golden- square. William Brett, of Rotherhithe, Surrey, plumber and glazier, July 23, August 3 and 31, at Guildhall, London. Attornies, Messrs. Dove and Mayhew, Elm- court, Temple. William Lowden, lateof Riding- house- lane, Port- , land- street, Middlesex, farrier, July 23, 30, and • August1 31, at Guildhall. Attornies, Messrs. Ed- . munds and Hammond, Hatton- Garden. Richard Mugg Mence, late of Worcester, money- scriventr, August 16, 17, and Sept. 3, at the Talbot Inn, Claines. Attorney, Mr. Price, Worcester. James Richardby, the younger, of Durham, joiner and cabinet. maker, August 15, 16, and Sept. 3, ut the City Tavern, Durham. Attorney, Mr. Maynard, Durham. Peter Goostry, of Rushton, Staffordshire, cotton- spinner, August 7, 8, and Sept. 3, at the Golden Lion, Manchester. Attorney, Mr. Wadswortb, Mac- clesfield. Joseph Wood, now or late of Bromley, Lancashire, cotton- spinner, August 1, 2, and Sept. 3, at the Bay Horse Inn, Blackburn. Attornies, Messrs. Beards- worth andNcvill, Blackburn. Thomas Wardell, of Darlington, Durham, inn- keeper, August 19, 20, and Sept. 3, at Bellas Coffee- house, Newcastle- upon- Tyne. Attornies, Messrs. Clayton and Brumell, Newcastle. Thomas Hall, of Frome- Selwood, Somersetshire, clothier, August 12, 13, and Sept. 3, at the Christo- pher Inn, Bath. Attorney, Mr. Rotton, Fromc. John Hill, of Towcester, Northamptonshire, grocer, August 15, 16, and Sept. 3, at the White Horse Inn, Towcester. Attorney, Mr. Kirby, Towcester. John Starr, of ' Worcester, brandy - merchant, August 9, 10, and Sept. 3, at the Talbot Inn, Bristol. Attorney, Mr. Price, Worcester. DIVIDENDS to be. made to Creditors. August 10. James Preedy, now or lateof Chipping- Norton, Oxfordshire, currier, at the Crown Inn, Evesham. August 17. William Morris, of Coventry, mercer and draper, at the Castle Inn, Coventry. Nov. 2 Samuel Marston, late of St. Alban's, Hert-- fordshire, corn- dealer, at Guildhall, London. CERTIFICATE to be granted. August 10. Samuel Arlidge, late of Preston- Capes, Northamptonshire, brick- maker. M A It K EJuly 22. Our market deriving its chief supply of Wheat from foreign arrivals, and little of our own growth com- ing to hand to- day, high prices were demanded at first of the morning, but, from an expectation of better supplies, the' buj'ers were backward to give what was asked ; hence a heavy day, except tor a very few prime samples of fine Danuic.— Barley continues getting up, and the price to- day is enhanced by a very short supply. Malt likewise is dearer. — Beans of both sorts, with almost every other kind of Grain, are on the advance.— Fine Flour up at 90s. per sack. Wheat. ..— s. to 72s. Od. Fine Do.. 80s. to 85s. Od. Rye 4tis. to 52s. Od. Barley .. 38s. to 14s. 6d, Malt 72s. to77s. Od. dental to the Parts of Generation in both Sexes, with that inviolable Secrecy which Men of his Profession should always observe, he flatters himself the Advice and Assistance he gratuitously administers to Persons taking this Medicine, will be esteemed, by a discern- ing Public, as ail Advantage seldom to be obtained, and void of Ambiguity. They are also sold, by his Appointment, for the Convenience of those living at a Distance, by the Printers of this Paper, and Mr. Marshall, Druggist, Northampton; Wilcox, and Gallard, Towcester; ] 3s. 6d. to 4s. 6d. Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Sharp, Warwick; | 3s. Od. to 4s. ( id. Roliason, Coventry ; Gregory, Leicester; Harrod, Harborough ; Seeley, Buckingham; Knight, Collis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Tuck Sc Mather, Wellingborough; Marriott, Banbury ; Tookey, Oun- dle; Billinge, Liverpool; Atkinson, Manchester; and by one Person iu every considerable Town in Great- Britain and Ireland, m Boxes of only 2s. 9u. each, sealed up with full and plain Directions, whereby Persons of either Sex may cure themselves with Ease, Speed, Secrecy, and Safety. { ZjT Every Box sold in Great- Britain is sealed up with a Stamp, on which, by Favour of the Commis- sioners, is printed, at the Stamp- Office— Taylor, No. 9, New Bridge- Street— to imitate which is Felony, and all others are counterfeit. Oats 26s. to 34s. Od. IlorseReans44s. to 50l. Od. Tick Ditto 41s. to46s. Od. White Peas - 14s. to50s. Od. . Grey Ditto 42s. to 46s. Od. PRICE of FLOUR.— fine 85s. to 90s. Od. HOPS, per Pocket. — Kent, 51. 10s. to 71. 0s.— Sussex, 51. 5s. to 61. 6s.— Farnham, 71.0s. to 81.0s. SMITHFIELD, July 22. To sink the offal. OJC Beef, 4s. » kl. to 5s. Id. Wether Mutton, 4s. Od. to 5s. Od. Veal, 4s. 0d. to 5s. Od. Pork, 4s. Od. to 5s. Od. Lamb, 4s. 8s. to 5s. Sd. Sold this day, Beasts, 1800— Sheep and I. ambs, 18,600. NEWGATE and LIADEHHAI. L, July 22. Beef, Mutton, 3s. 4d. to 4s. 4d. Veal, Pork, 4s. Od. to 5s. Od. I. amb, 4s. Od. to Ss. 4d. TALLOW — Town 3s. lid. to 4s. Od. per Stone. Russia ( Can.) — s. Od. to 70s. 0d. ( Soap) — s. Od. to 67s. Od. Melting Stuff— s. to 58s. Od. Ditto rough — s. to 39s. Good Dregs lus. Od. Graves lis. Od. LEATHER, per lb. Butts, 50 to 561b. 22£ d. to23$ d. Ditto, 60to651b. 25d. to2( jd. Merchants Backs, — d-. to 22d. Dressing Hides, 21d. to 2jd. Fine Coach- Hides, 23d. to 25d. Crop Hides for cutting, 22^ 1. to 234d. Flat ordinary, 21d. to 22d. Calf Skins, 3J to 401b. per doz. 36d. to 42d. Ditto, £ 0 to 701b. per doz. 36J. to 40d. Ditto, 70 to 80lb. 34d. to 38d. Small Seals, per lb. 42d. to 444. Large Ditto, per doz. 190s. to 180s. Goat Skins, 30s. to 65s. per doz. Tanned Horse- Hides, 25s. to 42s. Od. p. r Hide. NORTHAMPTON: Printed and Piulished by and for T. DICEY and IV. SUTTON. «
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