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Evidence and Proceedings on the Bill of Attainder for Cornelius Grogan Esq


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Evidence and Proceedings on the Bill of Attainder for Cornelius Grogan Esq page 1
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Evidence and Proceedings on the Bill of Attainder for Cornelius Grogan Esq
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Evidence and Proceedings on the Bill of Attainder for Cornelius Grogan Esq

Date of Article: 14/05/1805
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No Pages: 1
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i. CORNELIUS GROG A N, E S Q^ a Bill, among other things, is about to be brought into the Houfe for the attainder of. laid Cornelius . Grogan for High Treafon ; and therefore praying that their rights under the will of their fa id father may be fully protected by faid Bill, and that the Petitioners may be heard by Counfel and Evidence againfl the faid Bill of Attainder, fo far as fame may in anywife affect their legal or equitable rights. Ordered, That a Bill for the Attainder of Edward Fitzgerald commonly called Lord Edward Fitzgerald, Cornelius Grogan, and Beauchamp Bagenel Harvey, deceafed, of High Treafon, be printed. . , I V I • .. . • ' Whereas Edward Fitzgerald, Efq. commonly called Lord Edward Fitzgerald, Copy of Bill deceafed, Cornelius Grcgan of Johnstown, in the county of Wexford, deceafed, and Prefented- Beauchamp Bagenal Harvey., of Bargy Castle in the faid county of Wexford, deceafed, did, during the period of their, natural Lives fince the firft day of November 1797, commit and perpetrate feveral Ads of High Treafon, by confpiring together with feveral falfe Traitors to raife and ftir up infurre< 5tion and rebellion within this king- dom, and by endeavouring to perfuade the enemies of our Lord the King to invade this his kingdom of Ireland, and did in purfuance of the faid Treafon:, commit fever. al overt adts, with intent to depofe. and dethrone the King, and fubvert and overturn the Government of this, his kingdom of Ireland : And whereas feveral other falfe Traitors who were concerned with them in the faid Treafons and Rebel- l'ion, have already, received their trials at . law for the fame, and have been con- victed, and by judgment of law thereupon had, do now Hand duly and legally aW? Mh n • f" " < * 811 < - • : •• - :> : ' Be it F. nadted by the Authority of this prefent Parliament, That the faid Edward Fitzgerald commpnly called Lord Edward Fitzgerald, deceafed, and the faid Come-' lius Grogay, deceafec], and the faid Beauchamp . Bagenal Harvey, deceafed, fhall by virtue of this Act be adjudged to be convicted and attainted of High Treafon, to all intents and purpofes, as if they and every of them refpedtively had been attainted during their lives refpedtively; and that all and every the Manors, Mefiuages, Lands, Tenements, R. ents, Reverfions, Remainders, Poffeffions, Rights, Condi- tions, Intereffs, Offices, Fees, Annuities, and all other the Hereditaments, Leafes for Years, Chattels p. eal, and other things of what nature whatfoever they be, of them the faid Eclward Fitzgerald, Cornelius Grogan, and Beauchamp Bagenal' Harvey, which they or any Perlon to their or any of their ulr, or in truft for them or any of them, had on the fiiift day. of November 1797, or at an- v t'me f'nceJ Hialt fland and be forfeited UH59 Mis . Majefly., His Heirs, and Succeffors, and Hi all be deemed, veiled, and adjudged to be: in the actual and real feifin and poOcffion of His Majefly, His Hpirs and Succqffqrs, without any inquificion or office hereafter to be taken or found; a. nj. 1 alfo that all and every other the Goods and Debts, and other the Chattels pei fon. d whatfoever . of them the faid Edward Fitzgerald, Cornelius Grogan, and Beauchamp Bqgenal Harvey, whereof upon the ift Day of March 1798, they Or any of them, or any perfon in truft for them or any of them, ftood poffeffed either in law or equitv, fhall be deemed and adjudged to be forfeited unto and are hereby veued in His Majefty without any inquifition or office to be found hereafter: Provided always, that no conveyance, alTurance, granr, bargain, fale, charge or Itafe, affignment of leafe, eftate, intereft, truft, or limitation of any ufe or ufes, of or out of any Manor, Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments, nor any ftatute, judgment, or recognizance had, made, acknowledged, or fuffered to any perfon or perfons, bodies politic or corporate, before the fiift day of November 1797, by any of the offenders before in ' this Aft named or mentioned, or by any perfon or perfons claiming by, from, or under him, them, or any of them, for Money really and bond Jide to tlnm or any of them paid or lent, or for or in confideration of marriage duly had and fole'mnized fubfequent to the time of the executing, mak- ing, acknowledging, committing, or fuffering any fuch conveyance, afiurance, grant, bargain., fale, charge or leafe, affignment of leafe, efiate, mtereft, trull or limitation, lta'ute, judgment or recognizance, nor any conveyance nor affurance, grant, or tfiate ' made to any of the faid offenders, by any perlon or perfons in truft and for the benefit o. fany other perfon, five for the benefit of Lid offenders or any of them, or the heirs or afligns of faid offenders or any of them, fhall be impeached, de- feated, /
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