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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Volume Number: LXXXV    Issue Number: 9
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 04/05/1805
Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: LXXXV    Issue Number: 9
No Pages: 4
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ortfmm$ tott it tut p Vol. LXXXV. No. 9. S Ready Money is expected ) ( with Advertisements. J SATURDAY, May 4, 1805. PRICE StXPENi Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. From the LONDON GAZETTE. WHITEHALL, April 27. THE King has been pleased to grant the dignity of a Baron of the United Kingdom of Great- Britain and Ireland to Sir Charles Middleton, Bart. Admiral of the White Squadron of his Majesty's Fleet, and the heirs male of his body lawfully be- gotten, by the name, stile, and title of Baron Barham, of Barham- Court and Teston, in the county of Kent; and in default of issue male, the dignity of a Baroness to Diana Noel, wife of Gerard Noel Noel, of Exton Park, in the county of Rutland, Esq. only daughter of the said Sir Charles Middleton, Bart, and the dignity of a Baron to the heirs male of her body lawfully begotten. [ This Gazette contains dispatches from Lord Keith, giving an account of the capture of nine large armed schuyts belonging to the enemy, off Cape Grisue7, by the Gallant, Leda, and Archer. This Gazette also declares the ports of Cadiz and St. Lucar iu a state of blockade.] ^ sCSis^ sc- LONDON GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY. SATURDAY ( NIGHT), April 27. The first article is a letter from Major of Bri- gade J. Menzies, to the Governoi- General's Mi- litary Secretary, dated near Deeg, November 13, 1804. It states, that the army under General Frazer, had, on the preceding day, encamped near the enemy's lines, and began the attack on the 18th. It contains other particulars, which are more fully and satisfactorily detailed in Co- lonel Monson's letter, which is as follows :— Cffgy */ a fetter from Brigadier- General Monson, to his Exttllntj tbt Most Noble Marquis IVellesley, dated Gump, Wiar Deeg, Nov. 14, 181) 4. Ml LOUD, Iwwever proud and happy I may feel in communi- cating to yonr Excellency some particulars respecting tte bcIlBat prid decided victory which, through the fuonrof ProvkleDce, we have obtained over the whole of the inSmtry and guhs of Juswunt Rao Holkar, commanded by his Chief Sirdar, Hernaut Dada, at the same time I cannot sufficiently lament the event which fns made it fall to my lot, in consequence of M » pr- G « » : rai Frazer having received a severe wound, which obliged him to quit the field. I attribute our decide! and glorious victory over the enemy, entirely to the arrangements made for the attack by Major- General Fnzer, and to the confidence and enthusiasm with which he inspired the whole army, heading his Majesty's Ittth regiment with the most undaunted galLmtrv. Your Excellency has already heard from Major- Central Frazer the particulars respecting the commencement of the action. Alter we had carried the village, we descended the bill and charged the enemy's advanced party under a mast tremendous discharge of round, grape, and chain, from their guns, which they abandoned as we came up to litem, retiring to fresh batteries, the whole of which we carried for upwards of two miles, they flying before us in every direction, numbers of them perishing in the swamp which encompasses that angle of the fort of Deeg, and even in the ditch of the fort itself, being pursued by us up to the walls. After having carried the different ranges of guns, which extended from the village on their right Hank to the S. E. angle of the fort, we returned to attack a Urge hotly of the enemy, drawn up to the eastward of the tower end of the lake, and who kept annoying ns with a most destructive fire, from 18 and 12- poandere, which, until now, we had no opportu- nity of dispersing. These, however, were kept in chcck by Major Hammond, with the 1st battalion 2d regiciie. it, and three six- pounders, who maintained his position with the utmost steadiness and gallantry. I ordered some more six- pounders to be brought up, and, under cover of their fire, 1 moved round upon the enemy's left flank, who, as we advanced, made a precipitate retreat into the lake, where numbers perished, amongst whom were, Mahummud Shan Ki » n and Adill Khan, two ot the principal Sirdars of the Ally- Coles. After this, the enemy quitted the field, dying in all directions. Lieutenant- Colonel Browne, with the 2d regiment and 3d regiment of Natire Cavalry, and Galloppers, continued to watch the motions of a considerable body of horse during the action, and afterwards moved down to the field of engagement, to protect the removal of the captured guns, and our wounded, who were unavoidably left there. Lieutenant- Colonel Ball at the same time moved down with the 3d brigade to support the cavalry. I find it impossible to express my gratitude and obligation for the support I received from every officer and soldier engaged. Were I allowed to offer my individual thanks to Lieutenant- Colonel Horsford, commanding the artillery, and to Lieutenant- Colonel Browne, commanding the 2d brigade of infantry, they are particularly due. From Brigade- Major Menzies, Captains Frazer and M'Night, the Officers of Major- General Frazer's Staff, I received the most active assistance, for which 1 feel myself highly indebted. My sincere thanks are also due to my Brigade- Major, Captain Carr, and to Ensign Bowver, of the 12th regiment Native Infantry, who acted as my Aide- de- Camp on this occasion. I should not be doing justice to my feelings were I not to mention, in the most pointed manner, the undaunted bravery and steadiness of his Majesty's 76th regiment, which was never more conspicuously displayed than on this day. I have equal satisfaction in mentioning the conduct of the 1st European regiment, under the command of Lieutenant- Colonel Burnet, who shewed themselves in every way worthy of the name of British troops. From the most accurate accounts I can obtain, the enemy's force consisted of twenty- four battalions, a considerable body of horse, and one hundred and sixty pieces of cannon, tlie greater part of which is already Drought to camp. The enemy's loss, as far as I can ascertain, has been very great, and it is supposed near two thousand have been killed and drowned in their efforts to escape. At the same time, glorious as has been the result of this day, I have to lament the death of many a gallant soldier. The remains of the enemy's army, which took shelter in the fort of Deeg, are in the greatest consternation, and are deserting in vast numbers — 1 have the honour to inclose a general return of killed, wounded, and missing, of the corps engaged, and a return of ordnance, & c. captured and brought into camp: more guns are hourly discovered. I have the satisfaction to add, that among the captured guns, are eleven six- pounders, and two twelve- pound- ers, lost by the detachment under my command. I have the honour to be, & c. ( Signed) W. MONSON, Brigadier. Total Return of Europeans, killed, wounded, and missing. 1 General Officer, 3 Captains, 17 Lieutenants, 1 Ensign, 14 Serjeants, 22 Corporals, 1 Gunner, 3 Drummers, 818 Privates. Natives ditto.—- 5 Subidars, 6 Jemidars, 22- Havildars, II Naicks, 1 Drummer, 265 Privates, 1 Serang, 1 Tindal, 20 Lascars, 4 Bheefties, 6 Baldars, and 31 Bullock- drivers. Return of Ordnance taken.— Brass cannon of different sites 53, and 2 howitzers; Iron ditto, 32.— Total 87. N. B. General Frazer's leg had been amputated near the ancle, and that gallant officer was doing well. [ This Gazette contains another letter from Lord Lake, dated head- quarters, Futtvghur, Nov. 13, 1801, wherein he extols the good conduct and intrepidity of the army under his command, their patience and per- severance under uncommon fatigue, having marched 58 miles during the day and night previous to the action; the zeal and resolution with which they attacked the enemy; and concludes by saying, " I have not yet ascertained completely where the enemy have fled to, but all accounts lead me to believe, that they are scattered over the country, and no where col- lected in any considerable numbers."] BANKRUPTS required to SURRENDER. Benj. Bunn, of London- wall, London, pawnbroker. — James Redpath, late of Depttord- bridge, Kent, upholder.—— Francis Hurry and Thomas llurrv, of Howdon- Dock, in the parish of Wall's- End, North- umberland, ship- builders,— Moses Woolf and Lewis Moses, of Fishmonger- alley, Southwark, Surrey, salesmen. James Collins, of Gough- squarc, Fleet- street, London, engraver. Henry Hitchcock, late of Avebury, Wiltshire, maltster.—- Thomas Newbury, of Great Coiam- strcet, Brunswick- square, Middle- sex, builder.— William King, of Birmingham, factor. Joseph Spencer, of St. Paul's, Deptford, Kent, rope- maker. ' l'homas Hodgkiss, of Tabernacle- walk, Middlesex, grocer. James Sutherland, of Little Tower- hill, London, brandy- merchant.— Thos. Russell Farlly, of Steyning, Sussex, linen- draper.— George Paine, of Brom'pton, Kent, butcher. John Rhodes and John Justainond, of Manchester, cotton- manufacturers. Joseph Derbyshire, the younger, noworlateof Matlock, Derbyshire, slater. Thos. Kempshall. of Higler's- lane, Blackfriar's- road, Surrey, groccr.—- Alexander Cassano, of Pall- Mail, Middle- sex, auctioneer. CERTIFICATE to he granted. Richard Baker, of Coventry, common- May 21. carrrier. MARKETSt— London, April 29. Since our last of this day se'nnight, our market for all sorts of Grain has been on the decline. With the Wheats from our own coast, the remaining over from last week, and with some arrivals of foreign, we have a good supply, but unfortunately with very few buyers. Wheat, it may be noted, is 10s. per quarter cheaper.— Barley and Malt are materially on the decline.— Other articles according to our cur- rency below. Wheat. .. 57s. to 78s. Od. Fine Do.- 80s. to84s. 0d. Rye 48s. to 53s. Od. Barley .. 32s. to37s. Od. Malt.... 68s. to74s. Od. PRICE of FLOUR Oats 21s. to 2gs. Od. HorseBeans38s. to ;•>,. 0d. Tick Ditto 34s. to 38s. Od. White Peas 38s. to44s. Od. Crey Ditto 37s. to 41s. Od. Fine 75s. to 80s. Od. HOPS per Pocket. — Kent, 41. 4s. to 51. 12s.— Sussex, 41. 0s. to 51. 0s.— Farnham, 71. 0s. to 81. 8s. SIIDS, p. cwt.— RedClover, 46s. to88s.— White Do. 52s. to96s.— Trefoil, 6s. to26s.( id.— C'arraway, 122s. to 130s.— Coriander, 10s. to 13s. Od.— Canary, 7s. to8s. pei bushel.— Turnip, 18s. to 24s. per bushel.— Rye Crass, 10s. to 26s. per qr.— Rape Seed, — 1. to — i. per last. SMITHrtiLn, April 29. To sink the offal. Ox Beef, 4s. 6d. to 5s. 8d. Wether Mutton, 5I. Od. to 6s. 0d. Veal, 5s. Od. to 6s. 4d. Pork, 4s. 8d. to 5s. 4d. Lamb, 6s. 0s. to 8s. Od. Sold this day, Beasts, 2000— Sheep and Lambs, 8500. NEWGATC and LEADENHALL, April 29. Beef, 3s. 4d. to 4s. 8d. Mutton, 3s. Sd. to 4s. 8d. Veal, 4s. Od. to 6s. Od. Pork, 4s. 8d. to 5s. 4d. I. amb, 4s. 8d. to 7s. 4d. LEATHER, per lb. Butts, 50 to 561b. 23d. to 24d. Ditto, 60 to651b. 25d. to26d. Merchants Backs, 23d to 23id. Dressing Hides, 22d. to 23d. Fine Coach- Hides, 23d. to 26d. Crop Hides for cutting, 22£ d. to 2:! Jd. Flat ordinary, Slid, to 2% 1. Calfskins, 3J to 40lb. perdoz. 35d. to 39d. Ditto, 50 to 701h. pel doz. 35d. to 39d. Ditto, 70 to 801b. 34d. to 38d. Small Seals, per lb. 42d. to 48<(. Large Ditto, per doz. 120s. to 180s. Goat Skins, — s. to — s. per doz. Tanned Horse- Hides, 25s. to 42s. Od. p- r Hide MILLINERY AND DRESS- MAKING. TttTANTED immediately, Two Apprentices to v T the above Businesses" Apply to Mesdms. E. andP. MEADOWS, Newport- Pagncll, Bucks. To PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. WANTED, An APPRENTICE to a- LINEN and WOOLLEN- DRAPER.— A Premium will be expected. Letters ( Post- paid) addressed to C D. at the Printers of this Paper, will be duly attended to. OK ELY & BROWN, Dealers in Foreign B ines arid Spirituous Liqnor British Spirits, Cordials, and Compounds, mild and rial Brotcn Stout London Porter, SfC. S ) ESPECTFULLY acquaint their Friends and It the Public, their Vaults in the HIGH- STREET, BEDFORD, are open for the SALE of the above ARTICLES; and that it is their Intention to oiler to Notice the very best Articles they can procure, on the hiost reasonable Terms possible.— They solicit the Favour of Orders, which shall meet with strict At- tention, and be executed with Care and Dispatch. March 7, 1805. NOTICE to the Parishes of HANSLOP, HARTWELI, ASHTON, QUINTON, 1' IDDINGTON, and IIACKLE- TON. I70R the Benefit of Occupiers of Lands in the said Parishes, having a RIGHT of COMMON inSALCEY FOREST, Days will be fixed, as often as may be found necessary in the ensuing Summer, for driving the Forest, in order that the Cattle belonging to each Parish may be ascertained and marked, and that all stray or other Cattle having no right to be upon the Forest, may be impounded. By Order of the Ranger, Aprils'), 1805. T. MEADOWS, Keeper. GEDDINGTON ASSOCIATION, For the more effectually protecting the Persons and Property of the several Subscribers from HORSE and SHEEP - STEALERS, FELONS, and THIEVES of every Denomination, and for ulti- mately prosecuting to Conviction such Offenders. rpHE Annual Meeting of this Association will .1 be held at the DUKE'S- ARMS INN, UIGEDOING- TON, in the County of Northampton, on MONDAY the 6th Day of MAY next, at Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon; when and where the Members are re- quested to attend and pass the Treasurer's Accounts, and to transa? t the other Business of this Society. Dinner on the Table precisely,-, t Two o'Clock. THOMAS MARSHALL, April yd, 1805. Treasurer and Solicitor. LOS T, FROM out of one of Weeks's Boats, on the Canal, between Birmingham and Blisworth, in the Month of November, or early in December last, A LARGE PAPER PARCEL, directed for H. WEEKS; containing, amongst other Things, Books and Papers relative to Taxes. ( Jflr Whoever has found the same, and will either bring or send it, or give Information thereof to him, at Paddington, London, shall receive TEN GUINEAS REWARD for their Trouble. A STEWARDSHIP WANTED. APERSON who is now disengaged, would be glad to undertake the Management and Superin- tendence of any Nobleman or Gentleman's Estate and Farm, having been long engaged in such an Employ, and he is well acquainted with all the recent Improve- ments in Husbandry, Stock, & c. Being also con- versant in Accompts, he would willingly assist in the Business of a Canal, or any other Concern in the Country.— The Advertiser being a married Man, his Wife would ( if wanted) undertake the Care of a Fa- mily, to which she is equal, having been long so en- gaged.— They can be both well recommended. £ C3* Letters addressed to Mr. BARTON, Post- Office, Bedford, will meet with due Attention. ~ NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. ALL Persons having any Claim or Demand upon the Estate and Effects of Mr. WILLIAM CROSON, late of EVERSHOIT, in the County of Bedford, Maltster and Farmer, deceased, are requested to transmit an Account of the same to his Executor, Mr. Richard Croson, of Evershoit aforesaid; or Mr. Eagles, Solicitor, of Ampthill; in order that the s » ine may be immediately discharged.— And all Per- sons indebted to the said Estate, are desired forthwith to pay their respective Debts to the said Mr. Richard Croson. Ampthill, Hid April, 1805. 12th FE- BRUARY, 1805. PURSUANT to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery, made in a Cause PIERSON against BI. OOME, the Creditors of THOMAS BLOOME, formerly of ABBSKFOHD, in the County of York, and late of DAVEN- IRY, in the County of Northampton, Land- Surveyor, deceased ( who died on or abput the 4th of June, 1798), are to come in and prove their Debts before James Stanley, Esq. one ot the Masters of the said Court, at his Chambers, in Southampton- Buildings, Chancerv- Lane, London, on or before the twentieth Day of May, 1805 ; or in Default thereof they will be peremptorily excluded the Benefit of the said Decree. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. ALL Persons having any Cliim or Demand on the Efleets of the late Mrs. PENELOPE LANCASTER, Draper, Grocer, and Undertaker, at CLOPHILL, in Bedfordshire, deceased, are desired to give in their Accounts immediately to Mr. James Carvill, No. 3, Russell- Court, Drury- Lane, London; or to Mr. George Whitbread, at Silsoe- l'aik, in the County of Bedford.— And all Persons standing any Ways indebted to the said Mrs. Penelope Lancaster, are desired to pay their respective Debts to the said Mr. James Carvill, or to Mr. George Whitbread, without further Notice. RUSH ION ASSOCIATION, For prosecuting ROBBERS, THIEVES, & c. T11HE Annual Meeting of the Members of the - 1. above Association will be held at the CULLEN- ARMS, at RUSHTON, in the County of Northampton, OB MONDAY the 6th of MAY next. HE UGH i'ARRY, Solicitor and Treasurer to the said Association. Market- liarborough, 2Id April, 1805. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, HPHAT the Annual Meeting of the Trustees of 1. the Turnpike- Road leading from Banbury, in the County of Oxford, to the South End of Mill Field, in the Parish of Lutterworth, in the County of Lei- cester, will be held at the WHEAT- SHEAF INN, in DAVENTRY, on THURSDAY the 9th Day ot MAY, 1805, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon; at which Meeting the TOLLS to arise for one Year, from the 25th Day of June next, at the several Toll- Gates hereunder- mentioned, will be LETT to FARM by AUCTION, in Manner directed by the Statute made in the 13th Year of His Majesty's Reign, " for regu- lating Turnpike- Roads;" which Tolls produced in the last Year the several Sums hereunder set forth, and will be respectively put up at those Sums ( that is to say), £. s. d. Badby Toll- Gate 81 0 0 IVelton Toll- Gate 41 0 0 Dove Bridge Toil- Gate 17 0 0 Whoever happen to be the Best Bidders must at the same Time give sufficient Surety for Payment of the Rents at such Times as the Trustees shall appoint.— And Notice is further given, that those Persons who, for the Purposes of Occupation of their Farms, are entitled to compound for their Tolls at any or either of the said Gates, may compound with the Trustees for such Tolls immediately before the Gates are put up.— Dated the 10th of April, 1805. By Order of theTrustees, EDM. BURTON. To In a few Weeks will be SOLD by AUCTION, AVery substantial Stone- built, Slated, and Sashed DWELLING- HOUSE, at the South End of MARKET- HARBOROUGH; with Chaise- House, Stables, and other convenient Offices, and a spacious Garden, agreeably laid out for the Purposes of Pleasure and Convenience; the Whole well adapted for the Residence of a small genteel Family. Also, THREE CLOSES of excellent MF. ADOW and GRAZING LAND, adjoining the above- de- scribed Premises, containing togather about six Acres and three Quarters, Chain- Measure, bounded 011 the North by the Turnpike- Road from Harborough to Kettering, and on the South by the River Welland. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. ROUSE, of Harborough. Leicestershire Freehold Estate. To be SOLD by AUCTION, - By Mr. ROUSE. At the House of Mrs. Ashton, the George Inn, in • Market- Harborough, in the County of Leicester, on Wednesday the 8th Day of May ' inst. precisely at Three o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions of Sale shall be then produced, ACapital MESSUAGE, or valuable Brick- built and sashed RESIDENCE, si uatc in MARKET- HARBOROUGH, in the County of Leicester; consisting of a Family House, in sub- stantial Repair, handsome Hall, two Parlours, and Dining- Room; six Bedchambers, Servants' Rooms; a good Kitchen, Pantry, Scullery, and other con- venient Offices; an excellent Laundry and Brewhouse; Coach. House, Wood- House, with Stabling adjoining for four Horses, and other Out- Offices and Appur- tenances; together also with a spacious Yard, two Gardens and Pleasure Ground, containing about one Acre ( planted with Fruit Trees and Shrubs). *** This Estate is exonerated from the Land- Tax, and ill the Tenure of Mr. Shuttleworth, Surgeon, whose Lease expires at Old Lady- Day next, when a Purchaser may have Possession. ( pT Apply to GEORGE WARTNABY, in Market- Harborough. ' K tw SOLD ty AUCTION," By Mr. O IPS TON, At the Royal Oak Inn, in Leicester, on Tuesday the 7th Day of May, 1805, at Five o'Clock in the Af- ternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be then produced, AVALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY, in LEICESTER, in the following Lots:— Lot 1. A substantial- built HOUSE, with the Workshops, Yard, Garden, and other Appurtenances thereto belonging, adjoining the West Bridge, and in the Occupation of Mr. Robert Bates, Dyer and Trimmer.— The above is situate at the Extremity of the Leicester Navigation, and joining the Union Canal, is well calculated for Wharfs, Warehouses, or a Brewery on an extensive Scale, containing 5650 square Yards of rich Land, the principal Part of which is planted with choice and valuable Fruit Trees. The Whole opens to a wide and public Street leading to Hinckley and Birmingham, forming a Front of 97 Feet. Lot 2. TWO MESSUAGES or TENEMENTS, with a Garden, Barn, and Stable adjoining the same, 47 Feet in Front, and contain 385 square Yards, in the Occupation of Mr. Bunney and Mr. l'awjty. Lot 3. THREE new- erected MESSUAGES or TENEMENTS, situate near the Halt- Moon Wharf, in the Occupation of Mrs. Ann Foard and others. Lot 4. A RANGE of BUILDINGS, well calcu- lated for Malt- Offices or Warehouses, bordering on the Union Canal, fronting 40 Feet to the North, and 74 Feet to the East, in the Occupation of Vinter and others. Lot 5. A complete MESSUAGE, in RED- CROSS- STREET, late in the Occupation of Mr. Hind, with Garden, Rain- Water Cistern, and other Appurtenances; also, FOUR new- built TENEMENTS at the Back thereof, and fronting ST. MARY'S CHURCH. Lot 6. A HOUSE, in CANS- STREET, with an old and well accustomed BAKEHOUSE, in the Occu- pation of Mr. Sheldon; also, TWO TENEMENTS adjoining the same, in the Occupation of Barratt and Mason. For a View ot the Whole, apply to the re- spective Tenants; and for further Particulars, to Mr. KEIGHTLEY, Shambles- Lane, Leicester. STATE- LOTTERY for 1804, Begins Drawing Monday, iSth May, 1805. THE Tickets are sold and divided into Halves, Quarters, Eighths, and Sixteenths, by HAZARD, BVRNE, 4- Co. Stock- Brokers, at their State- Lottery- Office, No. 93, under the Royal- Exchange, London, and no where else on their Account. ( PIT Letters ( Post- paid) duly answered, and Schemes gratis. THE SCHEME CONTAINS 2 Prizes of =£. 30,000 2 of 20,000 3 ot 10,000 3 of 5,000 5 of 2,000 8 of ; 1,000 14 of 500 & c. And the lowest Prize £. 20. 63" In the late Lottery, No. 8,035, a Prize of £ .25,020, was sold and registered at the above Office; where No. 19,338, £. 5,000, and 20,742 and 20,787 Prizes of £. 1000, were sold in Shares. *„* Country Orders, accompanied with short- dated Bills 011 London, Post- Office Orders, or Cash, in Parcel by Coach or Carrier, punctually attended to ; and Correspondents may depend on being treated ex- actly on the same Terms as if personally present. VELLUM AND OTHER PARCHMENT. HENRY DAWKES, FELMONGER, & C. returns Thanks to the Gentlemen who have honoured him with their Custom in the above Branches; and begs Leave to inform the Public in general, he has entered upon the VELLUM and OTHER PARCH- MENT BUSINESS. ( PIT Gentlemen, Lace- Buyers, Pattern- Makers, or others in Want of such Articles, may rely on being served with any of the above Goods, of the best Quality, either in Dozens or in Skins, as may suit best, on rea- sonable Terms, with Punctuality and Dispatch, by applying ( either personally or by Letter) to the said Henry Dawkes, Ravenstone, nearOlney, Bucks. FARRIERY. AN eligible and extensive Business, in the above Branch, being vacant by the Death of Mr, R. RUSHWORTH, Persons wishing to apply for the same, may be informed ot Particulars by Appli- cation, or addressing Letters ( Post- paid), to Mrs. RusnwokTii, Great- Berkhampsted, Herts. H3T A FORCE, with every Article in the Black- smith's Line, are likewise to T) e procured. GROCERY AND DRUG BUSINESS TO HE DISPOSED OF. A NY Person who may be desirous to treat by - t\ PRIVATE CONTRACT for a verv eligible FREEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSE, with a iarge commodious SHOP, now iu full Trade, situated in the NEW- STREET, OUNEtLEJ in the County of Northampton, may receive every Information respect- ing the same, by applying at the OUNDLE BANK. 83" Letters ( Post- paid) duly answered. N. B_. The Stock may be paid for by Instalments, if required,' and any reasonable Accommodation af- forded to a Person of Character and Respectability. ELIGIBLE RESIDENCE, THING, Hertfordshire. BE SOLD by AUCTION, IN TWO LOTS, By Mr. BERRY, At the Rose- and- Crown Inn, Tring, on Friday the 10th Day of May, 1805, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, rpWO large convenient COPYHOLD HOUSES I. ( exonerated from Land- Tax), situate at TRING, in a very healthy Situation, with good Roads, thirty- one Miles from London, to which Stage- Coaches pass every Day. Lot 1 Comprises a large, convenient, new- built Dwelling- House, late in the Occupation of Mr. John Stubbe, Solicitor, desirably situated for the Residence of an independent or professional Gentleman, and ad- mirably calculated for- a. Boarding- School ON a large Scale, or for the Establishment of a Brewery ; con- sisting of an Entrance- Passage, Lobby, and light Staircase; Dining- Parlour, Sitting- Room, and Study ; three principal Sleeping- Rooms, Drawing- Roomj three Bedchambers, apd a Store- Room, on the upper Floor; several Closets, large Kitchen, Cellaring, Brewhouse, Stables, and requisite Offices; Yard, Garden, and productive Orchard; the Whole walled in, and laid out with singular Neatness and Taste.— Immediate Possession may be had. The Fixtures ( of which an Inventory will be produced at the Time of Sale) to be taken by the Purchaser, at a fair Valuation. Lot 2 Comprises a large convenient Dwelling- House, late in the Occupation of Mr. Bartholomew Rolls, situate adjoining Lot 1; consisting of two Parlours in Front, Drawing- Room, and six Sleeping- Rooms; Kitchen, Cellars, Brewhouse, Wood- House, with an excellent Granary over it; good Stabling, Chaise- House, and requisite Buildings; and a Yard and Garden walled in.— Immediate Possession may be had. S""?*" The Fence, to divide the Yard, to be made of Brick, or Oak Paling, at the joint Expence of the Purchasers, and not to exceed five Feet eight Inches in Height, unless by mutual Agreement. *„* Conditions will be produced at the Time of Sale. N. B. Maybe viewed till the Sale; and printed Particulars had at the Kose- and- Crown, Tring; the Inns iu the Neighbouihood; the King's Arms, Ox ford- Street, London; and of Mr. Berry, General Agent, Walton- Terrace, Aylesbury. Leasehold Residence and Land, near Northampton. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. S M I T H, At Garraway's Coffee- House, ' Change- Alley, Corn- hill, London, on Friday the 24th ot May, at Twelve o'Clock, AN excellent RESIDENCE, in complete Re- pair, seated on a cheerful Paddock, commanding extensive Prospects, at 1' ITSFORD, a fine sporting Part of the County, near the Fox Hounds, six Miles from Northampton, twelve from Harborough, and seventy- one from London, in the Occupation of Colonel CORBET. The House contains eight Bed- chambers, Dressing- Rooms, and Closets; Dining, Drawing, and Morning- Rooms; Offices of every De- scription, Standing tor two Carriages, Stabling for eight Horses, Granary, Dovehouse, a Cottage, and Outbuildings; spacious walled Garden, stocked and planted with choice Fruit Trees, Shrubbery Walks, and flourishing Plantation of Forest Trees; with ninety- Jive Acres of rich Meadow and Arable Land, lying com- pact, well fenced, supplied with fine Water, and Tythe- free; also a Farm- House, Barns, Stables, Out- buildings, and two Cottages in the Village of Pitsford. ( JDF" TO be viewed, with Tickets only, which, with Particulars, may be had, six days previous to the Sale, of Mr. Smith, No. 62, Broad- Street, near the Royal- Exchange, London, where a Plan of the Estate may be seen ; Particulars also of Mr. Howes, Solicitor, Northampton ; at the Angel, Harborough; Swan, Newport- Pagnell; George, Woburn; of Mr. Wilkins, Surveyor, Rowd, near Devizes; and at Garraway's. BRODUM's NERVOUS CORDIAL. SIR, Durham, June 26, 1801. I Feel infinite Satisfaction in having Permission to communicate to you a most surprising Cure, by your truly invaluable Medicine, the NERVOUS CORDIAL, andwhichit would be doing an Injustice to Mankind and the Public in general, to withhold the Efiicacy of so. salutary and sovereign a Medicine. Mrs. SHIRWOOD, late Housekeeper at Windlestone- Hall, in the Vicinitv of Duiham, has been afflicted from the Year 1792, with a long Train of horrid Nervous Affections, attended with excruciating Pains in the Back and Stomach, Giddiness, violent Head- ach, and extreme Sickness; in short, her whole Frame was so impaired, that it was with the greatest Diffi- culty she could walk up and down Stairs, and was often confincd to her Room for Weeks together; her Situation was so truly alarming, that she was frequently obliged to be supported, to prevent her from tailing. With the Advice of Medical Men, she was induced to make Trial of your Nervous Cordial; she first took two small Bottles, which aflorded her a little Relief; she then sent to me for a large Bottle, and before she had taken the Whole of it, was able to walk without the least Inconvenience four or five Miles. She is now upwards of sixty Years of Age, happily restored from Pain and Disease, to a bstter State of Health than she has enjoyed for these ten Years. Any Person desirous of further Information, may have every Satis- faction by applying, either by Letters ( Post- paid), or persanally, to your much obliged humble Servant, W. A. HENDERSON, Bookseller, Sadler- Street, Durham. To Dr. Brodum, Albion- Street, London. The BOTANICAL SYRUP and RESTORATIVE NER- VOUS CORDIAL to be had at the House, No. 9, Al- bion- Street, Surrey Side of Blackfriars Bridge, in Bottles at £.\ 2s.— lis.— and 6s. Duty included. (£ 3" A. D. SWINTON, the Proprietor ( Son of Dr. Swinton, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians London,) may be consulted from Ten till Three, or by Letter, containing the usual Fee. A Five Guinea Bottle contains six at 22s. Sold also by the PRINTERS of this PAPER, and by the following Persons within the Circuit hereof, viz. Marshall, Northampton, and at his Shop in Harbo- rough ; Edge, Northampton, and at his Sfiops ir Wellingborough and Towcester; Nixon, Leicester Smith, Bedford; Jenkiuson, Huntingdon; ' l'ookey Oundle; Beale, Thrapston; Collis & Dash, Ketter- ing; Robins, DaventVv ; Tuck & Mather, Wellingbo- rough ; Jackson, Peterborough; Newcomb, Printer, Stamford; Wheeler, Aylesbury ; Marriott, Banbury Gall& rd, Towcester; and by most Booksellers and Medic, ine Venders in the three Kingdoms. No. 26, CORnB£ S~-^ MS^ N. npiCKETS, Halves, Quarters, Eighths, and Six- M teenths of the following Capital Prizes maybe purchased of HORNSBY & Co. for the ensuing Lot- tery, which begins Drawing on the 13th of the present Month, and the Cash for the same paid immediately. £. 10,000— First- drawn. 2.... of. 2 of. 3 of... .£. 30,000 20,000 10,000 3 of £. 5,000 5 of 2,000 8 of 1,000. Besides £. 500, £. 100, £. 50, See. Clubs, Societies, and individual Purchasers, are requested to notice, that so many grand Prizes were never before introduced in any Lottery whatever, which has caused a very great Demand at Hornsby & Co.' s Offices in Town and Country. Orders by Letter or Carrier executed exactly on the same Terms as if present. iff Only a few Days, and the Drawing begins. HAMPSHIRE, MR. IIOLLIS, of Romsey, writes under Dates of the 13th December, 1804, and 13th January, 1805, that a young Man of his Acquaintance has re- ceived a remarkable Cure by the CORDIAL BALM of GILEAD, having been troubled with Fits of lone standing, attended by a NervoiB, Complaint. He is now as well as any Person in th., t Town, as Mr. H. can vouch, by Reference to the ( erson himself. Prepared by Dr. SOLOMON, Gilead. House, near Liverpool, in 10s. 6d. and 33s. Bottles; the'latter contair^ four of the former, bj which the Purchaser saves tune Shillings. Every genuine Bottle has a Stamu which bears, the Propr. etor's Name and Address " Saml. Solomon, Liverpool," tofniitateivhichis Felony* Double Postage of all Letters to Dr. Solomon, I il verpool. must be paid, and his Fee of 10s. 6d in closed for Advice. Sold Wholesale and Retail bv the Printers of this Paper, also Retail by Marshall, and Edge, North- ampton ; Dawson, and Harrod, Harborough • Marriott Banbury; Wilcox, & Callard, Towcestcr- Seelev' Buckingham; Richardson, Stony- Stratford • Edge' and Tuck and Mather, Wellingborough; Robins! Daventy; Okely, and Smith, Bedfbrd; Fox St Neots; Barrmger, Newport- Pagneil; Swinftn, ' i. ei- cester; by the Printers of the Count ly Newspapers- and by all the reputable Medicine Venders, Booksellers', & c in every principal Town in England, inland, Scot- land, and America, who will deliver Pamphlets gratis with a Variety of authentic Documents noted therein. „, Qf ivhom may be had. npoP^ J1" 14115" 101^ 5' OR SOLOMON'S DROPS, for purifying the Blood, and restoring the System when impaired by the imprudent Us, of Mtr. cury have been found the great and onl) Restorei of Heal h and Vigour n Disorders where Salivation repeated^/^-- Pnce 10s 6d.- Familv Bottles 33s. ABSTERGENT LOTION, for The Jhe H um'aiir Body!— rnce 4s. fin a l'..,-]^ r\... y j SOLOMON'S GUIDE Price 4s. 6d. a Bottle, Duty " included Also, A new Edition of to HEALTH— Price 3s. ~ " LIGNUM's PILLS^ Price only 2s. 9d. the Box ( each Box contains 16 Doses,) T^ OR the infallible Cure of all Degrees of a - L certain Disorder, prepared bv Mr LIGNUM. Surgeon, at his Dispensary, No. 57, Bridge- Street, Manchester— One small Pill is a Dose, and The " ° n? uB0X' ln a recent Case, will convince the Patient , of " s speedy Recovery; Nothmg can be better contrived, more safe and convenient than this Remedy, 111 totally eradicating every Symptom of this destructive Malady, by Sea or Land afitWls no Busninessraent' ReStraint of Diet> or Hindrance of A Trial of this no'ole Medicine will soon sound its due Praise With each Box is given a copious Di. rection, and a concise Description of the Disease, from which the Purchasers will be enabled to judge properly of their own Cases, and to treat them as may be requisite, without further Medical Assistance, and with the utmost Secrecy and Safety. These Pills may be had, Wholesale and Retail, at Mr. I. ICNUM'S, No. 57, Bridge- Street, Manchester, and by Appointment are sold, at 2s. 9d. the Box, bv Howard & Evans, 42, Long- Lane, We. t- Smithfield; Dicey & Co. Bow Church- Yard; Barclay & Son, 95 Fleet- Market; Shaw & Edwards, 66, St. Paul's Church- Yard; Butler, 4, Cheapside; and Newbery & Sons, 45, St. Paul's Church- Yard, London; and Retail of Dicey & Sutton, Northampton; Green & laylor, Ampthill; Gardner, Biggleswade; Palgrave, Bedford; Beesley, Banbury; Robins, Daventry Ridge, Newark ; Inwood, Newport- 1' agnell; Tookey Oundle; Jacob, Peterborough; Wilcox, Towcester; Paul, St. Ives; Jenkinson, Huntingdon ; Collis & Dash Kettering; Tuck & Mather, Wellingborough; Darton, Hitchin; Simson, Hertford; and of the principal Venders of genuine Medicines in the Uni'ed - gdom. ridge- r To Thomas Taylor, Esq. No. y, Str est, London. Edinburgh, March 18, 1801. HONOURED SIR, Beg Leave to inform you, that ever since the Year 1799, 1 had been afflicted with the Lues Venerea; which, from its obstinately resisting every Course of Medicine prescribed by the most eminent of the Faculty here, and undergoing several severe Courses of Salivation, and twice discharged from the Hospital, with little Relief, would appear to be of the most inveterate Nature. In the Spring of last Year my Disorder h. d got to such a Head, as nearly to put a Period to my Existence.— I had a large Ulcer on the Crown of my Head, one on each Arm, and my Legs were broke out in a frightful Manner; my Right was dreadfully painful, and had been in a State of Ulceration tor the last seven Years; my Left had also two large Nodes on it, was very much discoloured, and gave me such excruciating ' Pain, particularly when warm in Bed, as nearly to deprive me of Rest. In this lamentable State, I was recommended by Mr. J. Thompson ( who received so great a Cure by them here), to take your Leake's Patent Pills, which 1 began to do on the 26th of May: In the Course of a Fortnight I began to receive Benefit— in little more than a Month, the Ulcers on my Head and Arms were soundly healed— soon after, the Sores 011 my Legs healed also; leaving, however, considerable Discolouration in the Skin, and Pain in the Bone of the Left, which, by the Blessing of God, and a little longer Perseverance in your invaluable Medicine, subsided; the Nodes dispersing, the Skin regaining its natural Hue, and the nocturnal Pains gradually foing off.— I thus became, by your Advice and Me- icine, perfectly free from all my former Complaints — have recovered my former Spirits and Strength, and am become jolly and fat, in which State having continued many Months, to the Astonishment of all who knew me, I am at a loss in what Terms to express my Gratitude, but beg you, for the Good of other suffering Mortals, to make this my Case as public as possible, as 1 shall on every Occasion; in so doing, you will greatly oblige, Sir, your grateful, obedient, very humble Servant, ALEX. MURKER. Swan's- Close, High- street, Edinburgh. Prepared and sold by the sole Proprietor, THOMAS TAYLOR, Member of the P^ oyal College of Surgeons, in London, at his House, No. 9, New Bridge- Street; Where, after a constant Residence of more than thirty- six Years, in a Practice particularly directed to the Cure of Venereal Complaints, and those inci- dental to the Parts of Generation in'both Sexes, with that inviolable Secrecy which Men of his Profession should always observe, he flatters himself the Advice and Assistance he gratuitously administers to Persons taking this Medicine, will be esteemed, by a discern- ing Public, as an Advantage seldom to be obtained, and void of Ambiguity. They are also sold, by his Appointment, for the Convenience of those living at a Distance, by the Printers of this Paper, and Mr. Marshall, Druggist, Northampton; Wilcox, and Gallard, Towce^ ter; Robins, Daventry; Sharp, Warwick ; Rollason, Coven- try; Gregory, Leicester; Harrod. Harborough; Knight, Kettering; Tuck & Mather, Wellingborough; Mar- riott, Banbury; To'okey, Oundle; Billinge, Liver- pool; Atkinson, Manchester; and by one Person in every considerable Town in Great- Britain and lie- land, in Boxes of only 2s. 9d, each, sealed up with full and plain Directions, whereby Persons of either Sex may cure themselves with Ease, ' Speed, Secticy, and Safety. ji^ ST Every Box sold in Great- Britain is sealed up with a Stamp, on which, by Favour ot the Comnusp. sioners, is printed, at the Stamp- Otiice— T. Taylor, No. 9, New Bridge- Street— to imitate which is Felony, and all others arc counterfeit. Wednesday and Thursday's Posts LONDON, May 2. PARIS Papers to the 24th, and Dutch Journals to the 28th ult. have arrived.— The Spanish squadrons at Cadiz, Ferrol, and Corunna, are said to be all ready for sea, and the Spaniards entertain hopes that they will be joined by those of Brest and Toulon.- No serious operations against Gibraltar have yet taken place, the naval preparations not being in complete readiness, and the French reinforcement not having yet arrived. — Bonaparte set out from Lyons for Milan on the 16th of April. The French army in Hanover is about to be re- inforced by nineteen regiments of infantry; an event which, considering the exhausted state of that Electorate, is regarded as a certain indication of war with the Northern Powers. Lord Gardner, off Brest, has 23 sail of the line, 12 of which, for a fortnight past, have been kept in constant readiness for detaching on foreign service. The Asia, a Spanish prize, taken a few days since, has onboard 280,000 dollars, and as much Peruvian bark as would be Worth £. 100,000, at the present price of that article. The Mayflower privateer, of Guernsey, has taken and carried into that island the Spanish ship La, Perla Perayra, laden with 24,000 hides, 200 serons of tallow, and 10 boxes containing 30,000 dollars. The Lucifer bomb has captured a valuable Dutch East- Indiaman, going from Amsterdam for Batavia, tad brought. her into the Downs. C. BCRDETiT, Surgeon, ' Apothecary, and ' Man - Midwife, INFORMS his Friends and the. Public, that he has entered into Business in CHURCH- STRF. F. T, LUTTERWORTH. Having completed his Studies in the different Branches of his Profession, he flatters himself, that' he is" able to" give Satisfaction t3 fhose' who may please to employ him ; and at the same Time assures them, that neither Care nor Attention shall be wanting on his Part to ensure their Patronage. . T. 1 SALE OF THE LAND- TAX. COUNTY of NORTHAMPTON. THE Commissioners especially appointed for the REDEMPTION and SAl.' E of the LAND- TAX arising within the COUNTY of NORTH- AMPTON ( exclusive of the Town of Northampton), hereby give Notice, that they will hold Meetings at the following Places within the said County, on the several Days hereafter- mentioned, between the Hours of Eleven in the Forenoon and Two in the Afternoon of each Day, to carry the Act ot Parliament passed in the forty- second Year of His present Majesty's Reign for such Redemption and Sale, into Execution, viz. At the HIND INN, in WELLINGBOROUGH, on MON- DAY the 13th Day of MAY, 1805; At the TALBOT INN, in OUNDLE, on TUESDAY the 14th Day of M. v, 1805; At the NEW- WHITE- HORSE, in TOWCESTER, on FRI- DAY the 17th Day ot MAY, 1805; And at the OFFICE ot Mr. WILLIAM TYLER SMYTH, their Clerk, in the Town of NORTHAMPTON, on SATURDAY* in EVERY WEEK. ( jr= f Those Person's who intend to redeem their Land- Tax, either by a Transfer ot Stock, or by a Pay- ment in Money, to the Receiver- General of the County, are now allowed two Years from the Date of the Con- tract to transfer the Stock, or pay the Money required, as the Consideration for the Sate ; or they may trans- fer or pay the same respectively immediately, or by quarterly Instalments, not exceeding eight in Number. * * Every Person intending to redeem his Land- REAL LONDON PORTER, AS TO HEREFORD- SHIRE CYDER. DONNE; WINE& BRANDY- MERCHANT . and HOP- FACTOR, NEWLANIT, NORTH- AMPTON, takes this Opportunity of returning his sincere Thanks to his numerous Friends and Cus- tomers, for the many Favours received, and begs Leave to inform them, and the Public in general, that he has laid in his usual Stock of real BROWN STOUT and MILD PORTER ( Meux's Intirei, and fine HEREFORD CYDER, in Casks and Bottles, which he sells at the lowest Prices. ( PR CYDER, SS. per Dozen, Bottles returned. *** J. D. would thank his Friends to return the Casks as soon as empty. Northampton, April Kith, 1805. COSGROVE, 4 th May, 1805.. - VROTICE is hereby aiven, that a STRAYED - d- N HORSE, Black, with a cut Tail, aged, and very lean, has been impounded in the Parish of Cos- grove ; and that the same will be sold, to defray Da- mages and Expences, unless claimed by the Owner within three Days from the Date hereof. EDWARD JONES, Hayward. Br. iswoitTH WHARF, May 2D, 1805. ROPER, BARNES, & Co. desirous of settling 1 their late Partnership Concern, request the Favour of their Friends, whose Accounts remain un- settled, to take anearly Opportunity of settling them, by Application at the above Wharf, or to either of the Firm; and those whose distant Situation may render it inconvenient, are informed, that RICHARD COOPER, their Clerk, will wait upon them in a short Time; in the Interim, they are requested not to settle any of their Bills with THOMAS NICHOLLS, late collecting Clerk to the said Firm, who has now no legal Authority to give any Discharge. TL ,4 Capital i~\ bourhooc , . • Tax is, in the first Place, to appiv to the Clerk of the The King has been pleased to appoint. die Kight i Comm'issioners of Land. TaSt & the Division in which Hon. Charles'Lord Barham, Admiral of the White Sir Philip Stephens, Bart. James Gambier, and I Philip Patton, Esqrs. Vice- Aduiirals of die Red, . Wm. Dickinson, jtin. Esq. Sir Evan Nepean, Bart, and George Stewart, Esq. ( commonly called Vis- count (! arlies), to be Commissioners for executing the office of High- Admiral of Great- Britain and Ireland.— Gazette. In the House of Lords on Monday, the Bishop of Oxford moved the order for the commitment of the Bill for repealing the clause of the Mort- main Act, which restrains the Colleges in the Universities from purchasing livings— Lord Sid- niojith objected to the Bili, and moved that it he committed on tkat day three months; which was negatived, and the House went into the Com- mittee, and having gone through the Bill, adjourned. On Mondav a very interesting debate took place in the lluuso of Commons, upon the production such Land- Tax is charged, for the necessary Certificate of the Amount thereof; and on producing the same to the Commissioners at their Meetings, and stating in what Manner the Land- Tax is intended to be redeemed, the Contract will be procured and transmitted to the Party without Delay. By Order of the Commissioners, WILLIAM TYLER SMYTH, Clerk. Northampton, Tlth April, 1805. ~ FARM IN GTSTOCK.. To bo S O L D bv AUCTIO N, By Mr. THOMSON, On Monday the 6th of Mav, 1805, on the Premises of Mrs. CURTIES, at RUSHDEN, near Higham- Ferrers, in the County of Northampton ( leaving- her f arm), " SHE LIVE and DEAD STOCK; consisting of five useful Draught Horses; two in- calved Cows ; thirty- three Couples, and fifty- three Lambhogs and Theaves; one prime Narrow- wheel Waggon, and three Carts; Harness complete for five Horses; Ploughs and Harrows; Gears; Winnowing- Fan and Barn 1 LEICESTERSHIRE. To be SOLD, GRAZING FARM, in the Neigh- £\ bourhood of MELTON- MOWBRAY ; con. sisting ot upwards of two Hundred and eighteen Acres of old Sweard Land, in a Ring Fence, with a Shep- herd's Cottage, and other Conveniences, being in all Respects as eligible a Farm as any of its Size in Leicestershire. Possession may be had at Michaelmas next; and a considerable Part of the Purchase- Money may lie on Mortgage, if wished. ( pj" For Particulars, apply at Messrs. Pares, Miles, and Alston's Law- Offices, Leicester; or to Mr. Caldecot, in Melton- Mowbray. Farming- Stock, Ktepina, § c. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY, On Tuesday next, the 7th of May, 1805, on the Pre- mises, at LOUGHTON, near Stony- Stratford ( the Day of Sale before advertised for the 29th of April being postponed, owing to the Inclemency of the Weather), Ml I', following EFFECTS, the Property of Mr. L Edward Bovingdon, who is leaving his Farm; comprising one stout Cart Mare ( In- foal), and three other Cart Horses and Mares; Gears for eight Horses; one stout Waggon, four Six- inch- wheel Carts, and one Narrow- wheel Ditto ( one of which is quite rtew, and the others are in excellent Condition); Field- Roll, Ploughs, Harrows, Hurdles, & c. ; 40 Sacks, Wind- Fan, and Barn Tackle; three stout Hovel- Frames, with Stone Posts and Caps; a capital Cream- Cistern, with a Brass Cock; several Milk- l. eads, Tubs, and Buckets; with various other Eflects. Also, will be SOLD by AUCTION, in Lots, the KEEP of 130 Acres of rich Sweard Land, well watered and fenced, to the 29th of September next. ( PT The Sale to begin with the Stock exactly at Ten o'Clock, and the Keep immediately after. Leads and Dairy Utensils; a 33- Gallon Brewing Copper; Mash- Vat; sweet Iron- bound Casks; a large Lead Horse- Trough, Cow, Horse, and Sheep- Cribs, Hurdles, & c. i a Steel Malt- Mill; a large Hair Cloth ; Beds and Bedding, with several Lots of Household- Furniture; and various other Articles. Also, 24 ACRES of prime GRAZING LAND, till St. Thomas next. (£ f The Auctioneer requests the Company to meet him on the Premises by Ten o'Olock, as the Sale will positively commence at that Time with the Live Stock.— The Whole will be sold in one Day. Carrier's Waggons and Horses, Farming- Stock, 4' c. To be. SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. THOMSON, On the Premises of the Common- Carrier, near the HIND INN, WE LI. LNGBOROUG H, in the County of Northampton, on Wednesday the 8tli of May, 1R05. "' HE said Common- Carrier's Waggons, viz. two 1. Broad- wheel, one Six- inch, and one Narrow- wheel Waggons, with Tilts ; four Carts; ten Draught Horses, and one Hackney; Harness complete ; four milch Cows, two Stirks, two Steers, one Bull, and four Yearling Calves; about five Score Couples and barren Ewes, upwards of three Score Tegs, and eight Theaves; two Sows and Pigs; Ploughs, Harrows, Implements of Husbandry, and various other useful Articles. Q^ f" The Sheep will be penned in proper Lots, on the Premises, by Nine o'Clock in the Morning, the Sale will commence at Ten precisely, and the Whole to be sold in one Day. SALE POSTPONED^ "' HE Public are respectfully informed, that there will be NO SALE' of CARRIER'S WAGGONS or STOCK, on the Premises of the undersigned RICHARD BARKER, at WELLING BOROUGH, on WEDNESDAY next, as he is determined to resist any Sale by Dr. MOORE, or am other Person what- soever. ( Signed) RICHARD BARKER. Wellingborough, May 3d, 1805. 1 1 • a v » 1 • IdJivi uuiiuuo i uwi o, " iiiuurr iuj- i « n aim uuiu of the papers moved for by Sir A. S. Hamond, in | tackle; a Quantity of Sacks ; a Barrel- Churn ; Milk- consequence of the reflections thrown upon his ' conduct in the Eleventh Report of the Commis- sioners of Naval Enquiry; with respect to whom, it was admitted on all sides, that the papers pro- duced had removed every possible suspicion from his conduct.— Mr. Spencer Stanhope afterwards, in pursuance of his motion, moved—" That the Attorney- General be directed to take such steps as to him shall seem by'law the best, for the purpose of recovering such sums of the public money as might be due to the public by Viscount Melville and Mr. Trotter, particularly those sub- sequent to the 1st of January, 1786."— Mr. Banks moved, that instead of instituting a civil process, the Attorney- General should be directed to make the prosecution criminal. The original motion, which was supported by Mr. Pitt, was carried by 223 to 128— leaving a majority of 95. The enquiry proposed with respect to the Mili- tary Expenditure, will be directed chiefly to the Barrack Department, the Ordnance, the Com- missariat, and the Department of the Quarter- Master- General. These are branches which have each of them u distinct administration, in a great measure independent of the Commander in Chief. At Newmarket there was more betting con- cerning the Lottery than on die running horses.— The betting embraced a variety of objects, amongst which, what Office should sell the ^ .30,000 Prizes — two to one was in favour of HOBNSBY. In the Palace Court, oil Saturday, it was deter- mined, that a check on a banker which had been lost, could not be sued for ns money, unless it ap- peared that the party giving it had actually re- ceived cash for it. Yesterday John Blacklan was capitally con- victed at the Old- Bailey, for counterfeiting the stamp of the ace of spades. The trial lasted five hours and a ha'.:'. Two boys indicted with^ iim were acquitted, having acted under his controul. LSacklan is supposed to have gained <£. 8000 a- vear by this practice. Two trials for the most unprecedented cruelty took place on Monday at the Middlesex Session. The first was. that of James Bunby, for thrusting the'fingers of his child into the lire, and after- wards throwing hot cinders on its bare flesh. He was sentenced to two years imprisonment in the house of correction. In the second, Stephen Holsworth and his wife were sentenced to six months' imprisonment in the. same gaol, for cruelly treating, and almost starving two girls, children by a former wife of Holsworth. Yesterday the Recorder made a report to his Majesty of the convicts under sentence of death in Nevvgate, when John Roger Turner, for forging and uttering a receipt for payment of £ 4,077 10s. with, inljent to defraud William Waltham and John Lightfoot, was ordered for execution on Wednes- day next. Tuesday se'nnight, as a little girl, daughter of Mr. Basset, shoemaker, was at play in a public walk in Frankwell, Shrewsbury, she was killed by a musket- ball, which passed through her head. It was immediately discovered, that the accident had arisen from a few members, of the Shrewsbury Volunteers having imprudently met in the adjacent fields to exercise themselves in firing ball.—• Coroner's verdict, Accidental death.— In cons « - quence of this fatal accident, the commanding officer has given out > 11 orders, that whoever fires off his inusket otherwise than in his military duty in the field, shall be immediately dismissed the corps • with every mark of disgrace. A few days ago, while the men were at work at the Hurlet Coal- work, near Paisley, the inflam- mable air took fire. Four men were blown from the bottom of the pit into the air; their bodies were torn in pieces, aud the mangled parts scat- tered about in all directions. One of them was found at the distance of 800 yards from the mouth of the pit. There is every reason to fear that 13 others, who were below, have all been killed. The father of one of the sufferers went down in the hope of saving them, but was instantly killed by the foul air. A horse, at the mouth of the pit, was killed; and the whole of the machinery was blown to atoms. BIRTH.] On Friday se'nnight, Mary Barge, wife of the master taylor of the Dorset militia, of two » ons and a daughter, who, with theit mother, are likely to do well. This woman has had twice twin6, and once before three at a birth. DIED.] On Thursday se'nnight, T. Witington, Esq. of Manchester: being at Buxton, while taking a ride out, his horse fell down with him, by which accident he was so much crushed that he never spoke afterwards, and expired in a few hours. In his pocket vyas found a written paper, with these words, " If I dieat Buxton, bury meat Fairfield." He was44 years if age, and had witnessed a funeral at the latter place tne Jay before his d « » th. I White Thread Lace, Edgings, 4' C- To be SOLD by A U'C TI O N, By JOHN DAY, Oo Wednesday the 15thof May, 1805, at the Saracen's- Head Inn, in NEWPORT- PAGNE LL, Bucks, removed there for Conveniency of Sale, by Order of the Assignees of Mr. WILLIAM GURDEN, jan. Lace- Merchant, a Bankrupt, rjMIE STOCK in TRADE of the said Bankrupt; I- comprising several thousand Yards of the above- mentioned Articles, in prime Condition, which will be laid in convenient Lots for the Trade, & c. & c. ( pr May be viewed on the Morning of Sale till Eleven o'Clock, when the Sale wiU'commence. *** Catalogues may be had four Days before tlie Sale at the said Inn • and of the Auctioneer, in Stony- Stratford. Household- Furniture, SfC. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By J O HN' DAY, On Friday the 17th of May, 1805, on the Premises, at Stony- Stratford, Bucks ( by Order of the Assignees,) rpHE neat HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, and J. other EF. FECTS, of Mr. William Gurden, jun. a Bankrupt; comprising Four- post and other Bed- steads, wilh Dimity and Morine Furnitures; Goose and other Feather Beds; Mattresses, Counterpanes, Quilts, and Blankets; Mahogany Bason- Stands; dou- ble and single Chests of Drawers; Pier and swing Glasses; Dining, Tea, and other Tables; Parlour and Chamber Chairs; Bed and Table Linen; Table and Tea- Spoons; Eight- day Clock, in an Oak Case; China, Glass, and Earthenware; Kitchen- Furniture; Beer Casks, Brewing Tubs, and various other Effects, pf" The Sale to begin exactly at Ten o'Clock. To be SOLD bv PRIVATE CONTRACT, AFREEHOLD' DWELLING- HOUSE, situate - near the Church, on the West Side of STONY- STRATFORD, Bucks. ( pf" Enquire of Mr. THOMAS WORLEY, Attorney, or Mr. ROBERT DAY, Carpenter, Stony- Stratford, Bucks. Stony. Stratford, May 3d, 1805. GRENDON ESTATE, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. Tythe- free, and the Land- Tax redeemed. To be SOLD by A U C T I O N, By Messrs. SKINNER, DYKE, & Co. On Monday the 13th of May, at Twelve o'Clock, at Garraway's Coffee- House, Change- Alley, Cornhill, London, IN TEN LOTS, \ 7 ALU ABLE FREEHOLD and ELIGIBLE ^ COLLEGE- HOLD ESTATES, situate near CASTLE- ASHBY, a short Distance from the high Road, only five Mnes from the Market Town of WELLINGBOROUGH, nine from NORTHAMPTON, and twelve from NEWPORT- PAGNELL, in a fine high, healthy, sporting Part of the County.— The ESTATE comprises the greatest Part of the LORDSHIP OF GRENDON, and consists of near TWELVE HUNDRED AC& ES of very good Inclosed Grazing, Meadow, and fertile Arable Land, divided into eligible Farms, with Farm- Houses, suitable Buildings for. Husbandry, and an ancient MANSION- HOUSE, called GRENDON - HALL, with Offices and extensive Gardens; the Whole lying very iompaet ( Tythe- free and exonerated from the Land- Tax), in the Occupation of Messrs. Sanderson, Frere, Law- tan, Coe, Brown, Rogers, Bletsoe, and others, Tenants at Will, at Rents amounting to One ' Thousand Seven Hundred and Twenty- seven Pounds per Annum, Capable of Improvement. ( pT Part of the Estate, about two hundred and fifty Acres, is held under Trinity College, Cambridge, for twenty Years, renewable every seven Years. *#* May be viewed twenty- eight Days preceding the Sale, by applying to Mr. Lawrence Sanderson, the principal Tenant, of whom printed Particulars may be had; also at the: Hind, Wellingborough; Swan, Newport - Pagnell; George, Northampton; Ceorge, Thrapston; Crown, Huntingdon; George, Woburn ; of Messrs. Dicey & Sutton, Printers. North- ampton ; Mr. Gregory, Printer, Leicester; Mr. Rol- lason, Printer, Coventry; Mr. George Wartnabv, Solicitor, Market- Harborough; Messrs. Kinderley, Long, & Ince, Solicitors, Symond's- Inn, Chancery- Lane; at the Place of Sale; and of Messrs. Skinner, Dyke, & Co. Aldersgate- Street, London. AT xi- A1 LACE - MANUFACTORY. HE Undersigned have been requested, bv several respectable Lace- Manufacturers, to call MEETING of the TRADE, on MONDAY next, at the BULL INN, OLNEY, at Twelve o'Clock, to take into Consideration the Necessity of an immediate Ap- plication to Parliament for a Repeal of the present ad Valorem Duty, and in Lieu thereof to substitute a protecting Duty per Yard; as it is universally felt, that the existing Regulations are most injurious to the Trade, and, if continued, must ultimately prove its Ruin. J. HANDSCOMB, Saturday, ith May, 1805. C. SMITH. To COVER, this Season, 1805, Mr. WIHIAM ODELL'S, Horse - Dealer, Abington- Street, NORTHAMPTON, at OneGuinea and a Half each Mare, and Two Shillings and Sixpence the Groom, YOUNG HUE- AND- CRY. He is rising six Years old, perfectly sound, stands fifteen Hands two Inches high, and is of particular good Action. He was got by that well- known Horse Pretender ( who trotted sixteen Miles within the Hour, late the Property of Mr. C. Wroot, of Long- Sutton), his Dam by Old Hue- and- Cry; her Dam was bred by Mr. Parker, of Thorney, out of a Mare got by the Duke of Bolton's Mogul, and is own Brother to Dash and Enchanter. ( PT YOUNG HUF- AND- CRY will beat Home every Morning, except Friday Morning; at Towcester, every Tuesday; Daventry, every Wednesday; Swan Inn, Wellingborough, every Thursday Night; George Inn, Kettering, every Friday ; Lamport, every Friday Night ; and at Northampton the Rest of the Time. *** All barren Mares, covered by him last Year, at Half- a- Guinea each. To COVER, this Season, 1805, At the GRIFFIN INN, SOUTHAM, ^ FIAT noted Horse, KIRBY; bred by Mr. ARIJAH HII. L, of Offchurch Grounds, ' in the County of Warwick, at One Guinea a Mare, and Half- a- Crown the Man. ( PA" KIRBY is nine Years old, got bv Mr. John Moore's Horse, Packington ; his Grand- r> am by Mr. Hood's old blind Horse, of Packington, in Leicester- shire, which covered at three Guineas each Mare, till he was twenty- two Years old; Kirbv's Darn was got by the old Kirby Horse; the old Kirby Horse was got by Mr. Hood'sold blind Horse, which got Pack, ington's Grand- Dam.— Kirby is a sure Foal- getter, and no Horse gets better Stock. ( PT The Mares barren last Year to be covered at half Price.— Kirby will always stand at Home. *** The Money to be paid at Midsummer next. 1 Capital Freehold and Tythe- free Farm, In the VALE of AYLESBURY, BUCKS. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. WiLLOCK, At Garraway's Coffee- House, in ' Change- Alley, Corn- hill, on Wednesday the 15th of May inst. at Twelve o'clock, ACOMPACT and VALUABLE l-' REEHOLD and TYTHE- FREE MANOR FARM, situate at WING RAVE, five Miles from the capital Market Town of Aylesbury, in the County of Buckingham: consisting of an EXCELLENT FARM- HOUSE, with all suitable Outbuildings; atwo hundred and eight Acres of rich, chiefly CRAZING LAND; in the Occupation ot Mr. William Paine, Tenant at Will, at a very low Rent of only two hundred and ninety- two Pounds per Annum. ( pr Wingrave is situate in the rich and fertile Vale of Aylesbury, and is distant from Leighton- Buzzard six Miles, from Tring eight, and from London about forty Miles. *** To be viewed till the Sale; and Particulars may be had of the Tenant; also at the George, at Aylesbury; Swan, Leighton- Buzzard; Rose and Crown, fring; King's Arms, Uerl^ hampstead; Essex Arms, Watford; at the Baptist Coffee- House, in Chancery- Lane; at Garraway's; and of Mr. Willock, No. 25, Golden- Square, London. Freehvld and Tythe - free Estate and Manor, Near TRING and AYLESBURY, BUCKS. To be SOLD by A U C T I O N, By Mr. WILLOCK, At Garraway's Coffee- House, in ' Change- Alley, Corn- hill, London, on Wednesday the 15th of May inst. at Twelve o'Clock, in TWO LOTS, A VALUABLE FREEHOLD and TYTHE- FREE J » ESTATE, situate near the Church, in the Parish of MENTMORE, eleven Miles from Berkhampstead, six from Tring, four from Leighton- Buzzard, and six from Aylesbury, in the County of Buckingham ; con- sisting ot a CAPITAL MANOR- HOUSE, called BERRY- STEAD ; with Bams, Stables, and all necessary Out- buildings ; and one hundred and thirty Acres of rich, chiefly GRAZING LAND; in the Occupation of Mr. John Graingeand Mr. Symons, Tenants from Year to Year, at old low Rents. To be viewed till the Sale; and Particulars may be had at Berrystead- House; at the Essex Arms, at Wat- ford ; King's Arms, Berkhampstead; Rose and Crown, Tring; George, Aylesbury ; Swan, Leighton- Buzzard; at the Baptist Coffee- House, in Chancery- Lane; at Garraway's; and of Mr. Willock, No. 25, Golden- Square, London. By Order of the Committee of the Grand Junction Canal Company. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DA Y, IN LOTS, 1 On Wednesday the 22d of May, 1805, and following : Day, on BLISWORTH and STOKE PLAINS, on the said Canal, near Towcester, in the County of of Northampton, The under- mentioned EFFECTS, viz. LJPWARDS of 150 Tons of new and old J WROUGHT IRON, in Bars, Sec. ( amongst the old Iron will be found many very useful Articles.) Two hundred Tons of CAST IRON, for Rail- Roads, Tunnel Work, and other Purposes. Six Wrought- 1 ron Rail- Road WAGGONS. Five Cast- iron MILLS, for grinding Lime, Clay for Bricks, Sit.; also well adapted for grinding Bones for Manure, Sec. Thirty PIT - ROPES, for Gins, & c. from 25 to 100 Yards in Length, and from two to three Inches in Diameter. Twenty PIT- CHAINS, from 30 to £ 0 Yards in Length. Fourteen PIT- GINS, with Iron Work, Pullies, Skips, Buckets, & c. complete. Upwards of 200,001 new Building BRICKS. A large Quantity of WOOD, of different Scantlings. Eighty Dozen of good F I. F. AK HURDLES. A great Number of BRICK TABLES, MOULDS, and BARROWS. Two Pair of SMITH'S BELLOWS, two ANVILS, VICES, and TOOLS. WAGGON HORSES and HARNESS; CORN- BINNS, RACKS, and MANGERS. A Quantity of MANURE. LESTER'S PATENT CHAFF- ENGINE, with two Knives. One large ALARM- BELL, with various other EFFECTS. ( PT The Sale will commence exactly at Ten o'Clock, at the Blisworth Tunnel End. *** The above are the Property of the Grand Junction Canal Company, and will be sold without Reserve. N. B. May be viewed to the Sale, bv Application to Mr. STANDISHSTREET, or Mr. CARTLIDGE, on the said Plains; and for further Particulars, apply to the AUCTIONEER, in Stony- Stratford. TOWCESTER ROAD. TURNPIKE- TOLLS 10 BE LETT. " VTOTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS arising at the several Toll- Gates upon the Turn- pike- Road leading from Towcester, in the County of Northampton, to the'Turnpike- Road in Cotton- End, in the Parish of Hardingston, in the said County, called or known by the several Names of TIFFIELW GATE, with the WEIGHING- MACHINE and SIDE- GATE, DUSTHILI.- LANE SIDE- GATE, BLISWORTH GATE, with the WEIGHING- MACHINE, FAR- COT- TON GATE, with the SIDE- GATE across Hardingstone Mcer- Way ( which was not lett with Far- Cotton Gate the last Year), will be LETT by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, at the House of SIMON STUBBS, known by the Sign of the DUKE of GRAFTON'S ARMS, at BLISWORTH aforesaid, on THURSDAY the 16th Day of MAY next, between the Hours of Twelve and Two o'Clock, in the Manner prescribed by the Act passed in the 13th Year ot the Reign of His Majesty King George the Third, for regulating the Turnpike- Roads; which several Tolls produced the last Year the re- spective Sums following, viz. at Tiffield Gate, the Sum of i£. 120; Dusthill- Lane Side- Gate, the Sum ot.- e. 43; Blisworth Gate, =£. 170;. and Far- Cotton Gate ( exclusive of the Hardingstone Meer- Way Side, which was not lett last Year), the Sum of =£. 232; above tl> e Expences of tollecting them, and will be put up at those respective Sums.— Whoever happen to be the Best Bidders must immediately pay down into the Hands of the Treasurer a Deposit of £. b on the Bidding made, which will be allowed on Payment of the first Month's Rent; and at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfactipn of the Trustees of the said Turnpike- Road, for Pay- ment of the respective Rents agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct. By Order of the said Trustees, WM. TR. SMYTH, Clerk. OVERSEERS, CHURCHWARDENS, & c. The following Publication will be found a complete Guide to all Persons any Way concerned in the Management of Parish Affairs. npHIS Day is published, in 8vo. 3s. sewed, the - 1- 5th Edition, much enlarged, of BIRD'S LAWS respecting PARISH MATTE RS ; ^ containing the Offices and Duties of Churchwardens, Overseers of the Poor, Constables, the Laws of Raus and Assess- ments, Settlements and Removals of the Poor, and of the Poor in general, laid down in a plain and easy Manner; with Forms of all such Instruments as occur in Parish Affairs. By JAMES BARKY BIRD, Esq. Also, in 8vo. Price 3s. sewed, the K; h Edition ot The LAWS respecting LANDLORDS, TENANTS, and LODCERS. In 8vo. Price 3s. sewed, the 4th Edition of The LAWS respecting WILLS, EXECUTORS, ADMINI- STRATORS, and GUARDIANS. In 8vo. Price 3s. sewed, the 4th Edition of The LAWS respecting MASTERS and SERVANTS, APPREN- TICES, MANUFACTURERS, and JOURNEYMEN, with the LAWS respecting COMBINATIONS. ( p?" The above four Publications may be had, if taken together, done up in on^ convenient Volume, under the Title of LAW SELECTIONS, Price lis. Boards, or I2s. 6d. bound. London: Printed for W. CLARKF. & Sox.-, Portu- gal- Street, Lincoln's- Inn ; and may be had of all other Booksellers in Town and Country. N1 TURNPIKE- TOLLS TO BE LETT. TOTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS arising at the several Toil- Gates upon the Turn- pike- Road leading from Wendover to Buckingham, in the County of Bucks, called or known by the several Namesof WALTON GATE, with the WEIGHINC- ENGINE, HOLMAN'S BRIDGE GATE, and BUCKING- HAM GATE, will be LETT by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, at the Houseof WILLIAM KING, known by the Sign of the BELL INN, in WINSLOW, in the said County of Bucks, on TUESDAY the 28th Day of MAY next, between the Hours of Twelve and Two, in the Manner prescribed by the Act passed in the 13th Year of the Reign of His Majesty King George the Third, for regulating Turnpike- Roads; which several Tolls'produced the last Year the respective Sums following, viz. at VValton ( late, with the Weighing- Engine, the Sum of .£. 709; Holman's Bridge Gate, =£'. 219; and Buckingham Gate, =£. 203; over and above the Expences of collecting the same; and will be put up at those respective Sums.— Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder, must immediately pay i down into the Hands of the Treasurer one Month's Rent in Advance, and at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees ot the said Turnpike- Road, for'the Payment of the Remainder of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct; and it is required that such Bidder or Bidders do produce the Names of his Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees, at the Time of Bidding. LANCELOT WYATT, Clerk to the said Trustees. Winslow, > 31 st April, 1805. "' FEN THOUSAND POUNDS For the first- drawn Ticket 13th if next Month. SCHEME. A the laat RECTORY of FLEET- MARS TON, Near AYLESBURY, BUCKS. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. WILLOCK, At Garraway's Coffee- House, in ' Change- Alley, Corn- hill London, on Wednesday the 15th of May inst. at Twelve o'Clock, THE NEXT PRESENTATION to the RECTORY of FLEET- MARSTON, situate in the rich and fertile Vale of Aylesbury; with a moderate Parsonage- House, Garden," and the TYTHES of the wHOLE PARISH, estimated worth about Two hundred and twenty Pounds per Annum. The present Incumbent is about sixty Years of Age. ( pr Descriptive Particulars of the Living may be had at the Angel Inn, at Oxford; Rose, Cambridge; George, Aylesbury; Swan, Leighton- Buzzard; Rose & Crown, Tring; King's Arms, Berkhampstead; Essex Arms, Watford; at the Baptist Coftee- Hous. e, in Chancery- Lane; at Garraway's; and of Mr. Willock, No. 25, Golden. Square, London. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. BRAMPTON, On Tuesday the 14th Day of May instant, 1805, at the Wliite- Hart Inn, in Kettering, in the County of Northampton, about Five o'Clock in the After- noon, subject to such Conditions as shall be then and there produced, ACompact COPYHOLD ESTATE, situate in HIGH- STREET, in KETTERING aforesaid; consisting of a substantial- built Brick- fronted, Sashed, and Slated Dwelling- House, containing a Brick- arched Cellar, Kitchen and Back- Kitchen, Hall and Parlour in Front, three good Sleeping- Rooms, and Garrets over the same, a compact Yard and Garden, and Out- Offices, late in the Occupation of Mrs. Cotton. N. B. The above is a very desirable Situation for a private Family; and immediate Possession may be had. ( pT For further Particulars, apply to Mr. THOMAS MARSHALL, Solicitor, or the AUCTIONEER, in Ket- tering aforesaid. Also, will be SOLD by AUCTION, on Wednesday the following Day, All the neat and useful HOUSEHOLD- FURNI- TURE, and other EFFECTS, of" Mrs. A. COTTON, who is leaving KETTERING; consisting of Four- post and Tent Bedsteads, with Dimity and other Hangings ; three Feather and two Flock Beds; Blankets, Bed- quilts, and Counterpanes ; Mahogany Chests of Draw- ers ; Pier and swing Glasses, in Mahogany and Gilt Frames; eight neat Mahogany Chairs, with Hair Seats; Mahogany Dressing, Pembroke, and Dining Tables ; an excellent good Clock; polished Fenders, Fire- irons, three Bath- Stoves, Kitchen Requisites in general, and a Variety of other useful Articles, in- cluding all- Gallon Copper, and some Brewing Vessels. of Prizes. Value of each. Total Value, 2 of £. 30,000 are £. 60,000 2 20,000 40,000 30,000 3 10,000 . 3 5,000 15,000 5 2,000 10,000 S 1,000 8,000 14 500 7,000 50 100 5,000 100 50 5,000 6000 20 120,000 30,000 Tickets =£. 300,000 Part of the Capitals will be determined as follows First- drawn, 1st Day =£. 10,000 Ditto 2d Day 1,000 Ditto, 3d Day 1,000 Ditto, 4th Day 5,000 Ditto, 5th Day 1,000 Ditto, 6th Day 20,000 Ditto, 7th Day 2,000 Ditto, 8th Day 30,000 Ditto, 9th Day 1,000 Ditto, 10th Day 2,000 The Days of Drawing will be, 1st Day, Monday, May 2d Day, Saturday, May 3d Day, Wednesday, May 4th Day, Saturday, May 13 18 22 25 29 4 6 11 l; i 15 5th Day, Wednesday May 6th Day Tuesday, June 7th Day Thursday June 8th Day, Tuesday, June 9th Day, Thursday, June lOth Day Saturday, June PRESENT PRICE. Tickets 0s. Half =£. 9 15 0 1 Eighth £. 1 9 6 Quarter 4 18 01 Sixteenth 1 5 0 ( f3* Tickets will rise considerably before the Drawing begins— last Lottery they rose £. 3 per Ticket in the Week before the Drawing began. HUGHSON's DESCRIPTION or LONDON, And a Circumference of thirty Miles, Embellished with a beautiful SE RIES of ENG RAV- INGS, from ORIGINAL DRAWINGS, deline- ating exact Representations of the most celebrated PUBLIC BUILDINGS, SEATS of the Nobility and Gentry, VIEWS of Towns, Churches, Anti- quities, Sec.: An entire new Work, from ACTUAL SURVEY, DEDICATED TO HIS MAJESTV. April 27, 1805, was published, in %- uc. ( PRICE ONLY SIXPENCE), NUMBER I. ( Containing thirty- two Pages of Letter- Press, ard embellished with an elegant emblematical FRONI. ISP I ECE, from an Original Drawing, by Corbould, en- graved in the first Stile by C. Warren, and astrikine PORTRAIT OF HIS . MAJESTY, engraved by Chapman), the succeeding Numbers to be printed weeklv, of NEW WORK, denominated LONDON; being an accurate and faithful HISTORY and DESCRIPTION of the BRITISH METRO- POLIS and its NEIGHBOURHOOD, to the Extent of THIRTY MILES, from an ACTUAL PERAMBULATION; which will form a Body of Information respecting this vast CITY and its ENVIRONS, at once interesting and instructive, without the Incumbrance of Prolix- ity, or irrelevant Detail. By DAVID HUGHSON, LL. D. A comparative Deduction of the Manners of the Citizens, the Improvement in Arts, Commerce, and the Police of this essential Part of the British Empire, will form a pleasing Analogy ; and every Class of Readers must lcel interested in acquiring the important Knowledge of the peculiar Grada. ions of LONDON — from Rudeness to Refinement— from a Plantation of thatched Cottages to a Metropolis . of stately Struc- tures, the first and most celebrated Emporium of the World! ( pr The first Number- will be a faithful Specimen of the Whole, should it not meet the entire Satis- faction of the Purchaser, it may be returned. This Work shall be completed in One Hundred and Fifty Numbers, and a promissory Note given in the first Number to deliver the Overplus gratis. A List of Subscribers will be given in Number. Our Materials will consist of such Documents as can be procured from the be » t Sources of Information and personal Enquiry; no Violation shall, however, be offered to just Probability, considering that Illus- tration should be compendious without being prolix. The Charters and Privileges of the LIVERY and FREE- MEN of LONDON ; the Origin and present State of : he various Corporate Bodies, their Immunities, Sec. where they can be obtained, will, in this Work, be most particularly attended to. After exhibiting such a Claim to Approbation, we disclaim and reject improper or invasive Competition. We consider, that " there are few Roads, however beaten, which will not furnish some Supply to a judicious Gleaner;" and should our Endeavours attract the Attention we solicit, no Doubt will follow, ihat due Credit and Encouragement will compensaie the Assiduity of our Efforts, the Extent of our Pursuits, and the Difficulties we have strove to surmount, in amusing and instructing that Public by whom we trust to be patronized and supported. In fine, this faithful and accurate DESCRIPTION or LONDON, And its Vicinity, to the Extent of thirty Miles, shall embrace every Medium of local Knowledge; whilst the History shall deduce a Comparison ot the Manners of the Citizens, and the Improvement in Arts, Commerce, and the Police of this essential Part of the British Empire. * » * The Embellishments to this Work will be no inconsiderable Recommendation, being executed in a Stile far superior to those which usually accompany Works at the same Price. They will be engraved from original Drawings or Paintings of the most celebrated Artists. Exclusive of the elegant Copper- Plate En- gravings, will be given correct Representations of all the Churches and other public Buildings, neatly en- fraved on Wood, which will be printed with the . etter- Press. A FINE EDITION will be printed on Vellum Wove Paper, hot- pressed, with Proof Impressions of the Plates, and elegantly engraved Vignette Title- Pages, Price one Shilling each Number. N. B. In this Edition, the Plans of public Build- ings, Maps, Sec. will be finely coloured; which, with the superb Engravings, and the Elegance of the Types, blended with the superior Quality of the Paper, will make it tne most splendid Work on this Subject ever submitted to public Approbation. London: Printed and published by J. STRATFORD, No. 112, Holborn- Hill; and sold by all other Book- sellers and Ncwscarriers in the United Kingdom. Our Readers are requested to be particular in ordering . DESCRIPTION OF LONDON. HUGHSON's Friday and Saturday's Posts. LONDON, May 3. INTELLIGENCE was received in town this morning, by a ship arrived at Liverpool, that the Roohfort squadron, after leaving Dominica, had gone to Nevis; plundered, burnt, and de- stroyed all the shipping, property, & c. and then exacted .£'. 16,000, for the ransom of the island; it then proceeded to St. Kitt's, did the same, and exacted <£. 5,000: 14 sail of shipping escaped from St. Kitt's; the French squadron, however, burnt Basse- terre town. It was understood to be next ' going to Antigua. Last night a very interesting debate took place in the House of Commons, on the motion of Mr. Sheridan for giving the thanks of the House to the Commissioners of Naval Enquiry. Mr. I'itt said, lie should not oppose the motion of the Hon. Gentleman, at the same time he thought it neces- sary to observe, that there were some parts of the conduct of the Commissioners of which he could not approve. Mr. Wilberforce objected to the words of the motion for thanking the Commis- sioners for the " whole" of their conduct, but wished them to be thanked generally. Mr. Sheridan withdrew his original motion, and then moved the thanks in conformity to the suggestion of Mr. Wilberforce. The motion was agreed to without a division. Yesterdav, in consequence of a requisition sent to the Sheriff* of Middlesex, signed by the Dukes PARADE, NORTHAMPTON. HP DAINTY respectfully begs Leave to inform 8 , the Inhabitants bf NORTHAMPTON and its Vicinity, and the Public in general, that he has taken and entered " upon the House and Premises late in the Occupation of Mrs. Hill, where he lias OPENED a SHOP, and sells every Article in the GROCERY BUSINESS; and trusts that, by an Attention to the Favours with which he may l, ie honoured, and a Deter- mination that his Goods shall be of the best Quality, and sold on the most reasonable Terms, he shall merit their Patronage and Support. iTowrON, & SONS, Linen- Drapers, Mercers, Hosiers, Hatters, and Haberdashers, RETURN then- most, grateful Acknowledg- ' ments to their numerous Friends, and the In- habitants of NORTHAMPTON and its Vicinity, for the very liberal Encouragement they have met with since their Commencement in Business; and beg Leave to inform them, and the Public in general, that they have laid in, from the best Markets, a fresh ASSORTMENT of the most FASHIONABLE ARTICLES in Demand for the present and approaching Seasons, which they trust, on Inspection, will merit them a Continuance of the distinguished Favours they have already so liberally experienced, and which it will be their utmost Endeavour to deserve. [ CS* WINTER PRINTS sold at very reduced Prices. LUTTERWORTH, MAY 1st, 1805. R. TRESLOVE, SURGEON, APOTIIFCARY, and MAN- MID WIFE, begs Leave to offer his Ser- vices to the Inhabitants of the abovementioned Place and its Neighbourhood. Having attended the different Lecturers and Hospitals in London, and acted as Assistant to His Majesty's Apothecary several Years, he trusts he is fully qualified for the important Duties of his Profession, and that he shall merit the Appro- bation of those who may honour him with their Confidence. KINGSTI10RPE BOWLING- GREEN THURSDAY, MAY 9th, 15. Dinner at Three o'Clock as usual. OAK TIMBER. To be SOLD, On Wednesday next the 8th of Mav, 1805, NINETY - six OAK TREES, ' BLAZED AND numbered, some of them of large Dimensions, now standing in the Parish of BUGBROOK, in the County of Northampton. WM. BUTCHER requests the Company to meet him at Mr. T. Walker's, Bugbrook- Wharf, on Wed- nesday Morning, at Nineo'Clock, as the Timber will be sold at the Tree Root. *** For a View of the Timber, apply to Mr. JOSEPH WRIGHT, Bugbrook. WILL be opened on 1805. NORTHAMPTON, May 4th, 1805. ALL Persons who have any Claim or Demand j on the Estate or Eilects of Francis Bedford Old, of Hardmtad, in the County of Bucks, are desired to send an Account of their respective Demands imme- diately to Mr. Austin Johnson, of the Parish of Courteenhall, in the County of Northampton, or Mr. Francis Evans, ot the Town of Northampton ( to whom the said Francis Bedford Old hath made an -„:,: ••;:••• . , , , v • •, Assignment of all his E fleet's), or to Mr. Howes, of Norfolk, Bedford, Northumberland, ~^ vonsniie, j Solicitor, in Northampton.- And all Persons who and a number of the first Characters in the county, a numerous and most respectable meeting of the freeholders of Middlesex was held at the Mermaid Tavern, Hackney, for the purpose of taking into consideration the abuses brought to light by the Tenth Report, and to vote a loyal address to his Majesty thereon; whan it was unanimously agreed that a petition should be presented to his Majesty, praying him to dismiss Lord Melville from his councils; to be signed by the Sheriffs, and pre- sented by them, accompanied by the Members for the county. At a meeting, on Tuesday, of the Common Council of the city of London, it was resolved, by a large majority, to present a petition to Parlia- ment against the petition/ presented on behalf of the Roman Catholics of Ireland. The example thus set by the city of London, will most probably be followed in various parts oT the kingdom. We understand that the Magistrates of Wor- cester are determined to prevent the publicans of that city from selling, either in or out of doors, any ale in less than full Winchester measure ; and that after the 15th instant, every publican not conforming thereto, will be subject to the penalty of 40s. for each offence. J. Varl » y, aged 16, has been committed to Lancaster castle, for killing his sister, a fine young woman of 21, at Marsden. it appeared from the evidence of his own brother and another sister, that the deceased, for a wanton act of mischief 111 the prisoner, had beaten him with a stick, on which he. plunged a large sharp- pointed knife into her side, which caused her death in about eight hours. - 1* 7ANTED immediately, A single PERSON, • v well qualified to teach Writing and Arith- metic.— No one need apply who is not an excellent Penman and ready Accomptant, and whose moral Character will not bear the strictest Enquiry. jj5T For further Particulars, apply personally, or by Letter Post- paid, to the Rev. Mr. FALLOWFIELD, Grammar- School, Daventry. stand indebted to the said Francis Bedford Old, are required to pay their respective Debts to the said Mr. Johnson, Mr. Evans, or Mr. Howes, within one Month from the Date hereof, or they wili be sued for the same without further Notice. AXjTHEllEAS f HEN RY GODDARD, of » T CHURCHOVER, in the County of War- wick, Labourer, did falsely, ^ tna without any just - Foundation, raise a scandalous Report, injurious to the Character of JOHN GREEN, of LUTTERWORTH, in tiie County of Leicester, Ragman; and whereas the said John Green has forgiven me fcr the said false Capital Sheep, Horses, Sf- c. To be S O L D by AUCTION, By Mr. SMITH, On Tuesday the 7th of May, 1805, at Eleven o'Clock, on the Premises of Mr. WILLIAM CROPLEY, at GAINS- LODGE FARM, in the Parishof GREAT- STAUGHTON, in the County of Huntingdon ( who is leaving the Farm,) ONE hundred capital COUPLES, forty- four I. AMHHOGS, and one RAM; four useful CART MARES; CRIBS, HURDLES, and other IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY. ( dT The above Stock is well bred, and in good Condition. %* Six Months' Credit will be given on approved joint Security, or Discount for Money. N. B. Catalogues may be had on the Premises, at Huntingdon, St. Neots, St. Ives, Bedford, and of Mr. Smith, at Kimbolton. Estate in Huntingdonshire. To be SOL I) bv AUCTIO N, By Mr. SMITH, Report therefore herebv publicly ask his Pardon, acinow- j ol G REAT- STAUGHTON : — A Farm- House, Barns, ledging his Lenity in stopping allProsecutions against < Stable, and other Out- Offices, good Farm- Yard, me.— Dated Lutterworth, this 29th Dav of April, j Garden, and Orchard, planted with particularly fine MILLINERY, FANCY- DRESS, and MANTUA- MAKING BUSINESSES. MRS. POPE ( late Partner with Miss COCKERILI.,) fully impressed with a due Sense of Gratitude for the many Favours she has received in the above Businesses ( both during, and subsequent to, her late Partnership,) begs Leave to assure those Ladies who may be pleased to honour her with their Commands, no Pains shall be spared to insure their future Patronage, which will be ever gratefully ac- knowledged by their obedient, humble Servant, Woburr., May 3d, 1805. E. POPE. To be SO L D by AUCTIO N, By Mr. FREEMAN, At the late Shop of Mr. Goodman, Saddler, Wood- Hill, near the Market- Place, NORTHAMPTON, on Mondav next, tlie 6th of May, AN elegant Assortment of HISTORICAL - PRINTS, and other PRINTS and PAINT- INGS, framed and glazed, bv the first Artists in the Kingdom.- Gentlemen's DRESSING- CASES, SKETCH- BOOKS, COLOUR- BOXES, & c.; also a PROOF PRINT of GENERAL WOLFE. Gentlemen Connoisseurs have now an Oppor- tunity of furnishing themselves with Prints such as may never be offered again in this Place. Freehold Estate, in the Town of Bedford. To be SOLD by AUC TIO N, By B ROWN & SON, On Tuesday, the 7th Day of Mav, 1805, at Mr. Garner's, the George Inn, Bedford, at Six o'Clock in the Evening ( subject to Conditions which will be produced at the Time of Sale), in one Lot, ALL those TWO new- built HOUSES, situate in that pleasant and improved Part of the Town, called ST. LLOYD'S, in the Parish rf St. Paul, BEDFORD; consisting of a neat and convenient Dwelling - House, with Kitchen, Parlour, and three Bed- Chambers, with Yard and Ram adjoining, now in the Occupation ot Mr. John Long; also, one other neat Dwelling - House, adjoining, in the Occupation of Mr. William Tomlin, consisting of a convenient Kitchen, Parlour, and Two Chambers, with Yard and Barn thereto. ( pf The above are in excellent Repair, being lately built. *** For a View of the Premises, apply to the Tenants, and for further Particulars to Brown & Son, Auctioneers, Bedford. Buckinghamshire. be SOLD" by AUCTION, By Mr. CHAPMAN, At Garraway's Coffee- Housei Chanee- Allev. Corn. 1805, party of Dessalines1 Brigands, which had booh sent to summon Porto- Plato to surrender, were all put to death by the Spaniards.— The Americans continue to complain of the conduct of our Naval Commanders, in forcing American subjects into the British service. PRICE, OF STOCKS. Bank Stock SperCt. Red. 3 per Ct. Cons. 4 per Ct. Cons. 5 per Ct. Ann. sh. Mil mi 73J 74* • 89H Imp. 3per Cents. sh. India Stock . sh. India Bonds . 12dis. F. xcheq. Bills 1 par. 2 pr. Omnium . 2 2 § 3 pr. 1805. HENRY GODDARD. Witnesses to the above, CHAS. WARD, Yeoman, and WM. NEWCOMBK, Woolcomber, Lutterworth. SACRILEGE. • VftHEREAS the PARISH CHURCH of t T COGENHOE, in the County of North- ampton, was, in the Night of Tuesday the 23d of April, 1805, ROBBED by Means of picking the Lock of the South Door, and a Chest therein was forced open by breaking the Joints, from which a SURPLICE WAS TAKEN: Whoever will give Information of the Offender or Offenders, sd that he or they may be convicted, shall receive of the Churchwardens of the said Parish a Reward of TEN GUINEAS. BENJAMIN ^ JONES,\ Churchwardens. To " l^ rANTED, as an APPRENTICE, for five or Tt six Yors, in the WHOLESALE DRAPERY and MANCHESTER LINE, An active LAD, of an industrious Disposition, who can write a good Hand. He will be treated as one of the Family; will be prepared for, and, if required at the End of the En- gagement, a lucrative Situation feund him, according to Merit. { KT Applv to Mr. MUMFORD, Daventry. A To PLUMBERS AND GLAZIERS. Steady Man, capable of conducting the L above" Businesses, ' may have a good Situation immediately, by applying to Mrs. A. UNDERWOOD ( Widow of the late Mr. Richard Underwood), Oundle. A. UNDERWOOD, thankful for Favours re- ceived, humbly solicits a Continuance of the same, which will be gratefully acknowledged. -\ jsjrANTED immediately, A JOURNEYMAN * » WHEELWRIGHT.-— Apply to G. BULL, Wheelwright, Leckhampstead, near Buckingham. at MOUI. TON, near Northampton. . V ( PF Enquire of the OVERSEERS. , « RANTED, A proper PERSON to undertake thcM ANAGKME NT of the WORKHOUSE MAY 1st, 1805. STOLEN or STRAYED ( but supposed to be stolen,) on Thursday or Friday the 25th or 26th of April last, from a Ground in the Parish of Milton- Bryant, near Woburn, Beds, THIRTEEN SHEEP and SIX LAMJ3S, viz. four polled Ewes, with Lambs, and one barren Ditto ( two of which are reddled between the Shoulders); <& ne horned barren Ewe ( reddled between the Shoulders); two polled Tegs, with L^ mbs, and rive Ditto, with- out Lambs.— None of the Marks are visible, except on the three above described. Whoever can give any Intelligence of the said Sheep and Lambs, so that they may be had again, to Mr. STEPHEN INNS, of Milton- Bryant aforesaid; or Mr. AARON, of Wollington; shall be liberally rewarded for their Trouble, and have all reasonable Expences paid. Eo7 S A L E bv AUCTION. By MASON SF SON, On Thursday the ISth Day of May, 1805, at the Plume - of- Feathers, in Northampton, at Five o'Clock in the Afternoon,, . ALL those FREEHOLD MESSUAGES or - TENEMENTS, situated in the SWAN- YAKD, DRAPERY, NORTHAMPTON, in the Occupation of Reeve and Rubra; consisting of Parlours, Kitchens, and Cellars, with a Spring of Water therein ; com- modious Cliambers'and Attics, andotherConvenieucies thereunto belonging.— The above have lately under- gone considerable Repair, and are very convenient for any Person who is desirous of entering into tlie Pledge Line of Business, or any other requiring Room, being capable of" further Improvement. Any Person wishing to treat by Private Con- tract, may apply to the Auctioneers; and for a View of the Premises, to the respective Tenants. thriving Fruit Trees ; with a Close of Pasture Land adjoining, with Trees and Timber growing thereon, and a Moat of fine Water, containing together 3A. 1R. 17P. also 26A. 1R. 17P. of Arable and Ley Giound, with Common Rights thereto belonging. ( f3~ The Land- Tax is exonerated. *** Foi a View of the Estate, and for further Par- ticulars, apply to Mr. SAMUEL SHERMAN, the Pro- prietor, at Perry; or to Mr. SMITH, at Kimbolton. Farming - Stock. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. KIRS HAW, On Thursday the 9th of May instant, on the Premises of Mr. F. B. Old, at Hardmead, near Newport- Pagnell, 3uck » , " IJ'ORTY SHEARHOGS, _ L' 40 WETHER and EWE TEGS, 40 EWES and LAMBS, 3 CART HORSES, 3 COLTS, 3 FILLIES, 10 capital DAIRY COWS. fJdT The Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By THOMAS HOLDOM, On Thursday the 9th of May, 1805, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, on the Premises, under such Conditions of Sale as will be then produced, rpilE old- established well- accustomed CROWN JL INN, in STEEPLE- CLAYDON, near Buck- ingham, in full Trade; comprising large Kitchen, Parlour, Brewhouse, Wash- House, and other useful Offices; foul large Chamber; a goo''. Cellar; large Earn and Stable, with Garden and Close adjoining, containing one Acre and a Half, well planted . with Fruit and Timber Trees.— The Situation of the Crown Inn, which is in good Repair, is most eligible, both for the Town and a Pig- Market every1 Week. ffST The above Premises are £ reehold, subject to the Life of the Occupier, an infirm Person, upwards of 66 Years of Age. *„* For further Particulars, enquire of Thomas Holdom, Auctioneer, Buckingham. t Garraway's Coffee- Housei Change- Alley, ( hill, London, on Friday the 7th Day of June, at Twelve o'Clock, AVery desirable FREEHOLD and TYTHE- FREE ESTATE, situate at PITCHCOTT, in the County of Bucks, about six Miles from Aylesbury, and ten from Buckingham ; consisting of one hundred Acres, or thereabouts, of exceedingly rich Pasture Land, well watered, and conveniently divided for Occupation, with two Cow- Houses thereon. ( j- jT ' i * e Premises mav be seen with Leave of Mr. DOVER, the Tenant; an'd further Particulars had of Messrs. CHURCHILLS & FIELD, Solicitors, Dedding- ton, Oxfordshire ; or Mr. C ARTF. H, Staple Inn, London. By On Monday the WANTED, in a Gentleman's Family, as GROOM and COACHMAN, A YOUNG MAN, of light Weight, Who can drive both with Reins and on the Saddle.— A FOOTMAN is also WANTED in the same Family. ( j5T Apply* at Mr. MARCH'S, Bookseller, Welling- boiough; if by Letter, Post- paid. BEDFORD. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Messrs. G RA HA M, At the Baptist Coffee- House, in Chancery- Lane, London, on Tuesday the 28th of May, at Twelve , „ , o'Clock, unless an acceptable Ofier should in the Volumes of Books, on Religion, and other Subjects, mean Time be made by Private Contract, by the most eminent Authors; Kitchen Furniture in ^ Capital FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, desirably j general, as large Range complete, patent Oven, BUCKS. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By THOMAS WOOD, On the Premises, on Friday the 10th of May, 1805, ALL the genteel HQUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, LINEN, CHINA, a well- selected LIBRARY of BOOKS, and various other EFFECTS, of the late Rev. ROBERT BLUCKE, deceased, at the VICARAGE- HOUSE, EDDLESBOROUGH, in the County of Buckingham ; comprising Four- post Sacking- bottom Bedsteads and Furniture; seasoned Goose Feather Beds, Blankets, Quilts, and Counter- panes; Sheets and Table- Linen; Mahogany Dining Pillar- and- Claw Tables; Chairs; Pier arid swing Glasses; Book- case, with folding Glass Doors; Bureaus; capital Eight- day Clock, in Wainscot Case; Fowling- Piece; upwards of three hundred OAK TIMBER. To be SOLD by AUCTION, Mr. CHENEY, 13th of May instant, at Eleven o'Clock, ^ ' or clear Feet, and from 19" to 25 Inches square, now standing in the Lordship of THORNBY, in the County of Northampton. 03T" The Company is requested to meet at the Sign of the LION, by Ten o'Clock. NO R TIIA MP TO N, SATURDAY EVENING, May 4. MARRIED.] On Saturday se'nnight, Mr. John Brinkler, of Bicester, to Mrs. Stevens, of the same place. Last week, Mr. Wm. Ilurst, hosier, to Miss Stevenson, both of Leicester. On Thursday last, Mr. John Lomas, jun. wool- stapler, of Leicester, to Miss Lintiey, of Melton- Mowbray. DIED.] On Sunday last, in the 23d year of her age, to the inexpressible grief of tier family and friends, Miss Emma Dicey, daughter of T. Dicey, Esq. of Claybrook- Hall, Leicestershire. On the 18th of November last, in the East- Indies, aged 21, Lieutenant Benjamin Burgess, of the 4th regiment of Bengal Native infantry, eldest son of Mr. Francis Burgess, of Leicester." On Saturday se'nnight, aged 24, Miss Katharine Rogers, daughter of Mr. Rogers, of Potton, Bed- fordshire. On Tuesday se'nnight, in London, after a few- weeks illness, in his 27th year, Mr. John Hunt, merchant, of Birmingham, youngest sou of the late Harry Hunt, Esq. of Lady Wood. On Wednesday se'nnight, at Clifton, after a most lingering illness, Mrs. Meynell, wife of Godfrey Meynell, eldest son of Hugo Meyncll, Esq. of Quorndou, Leicestershire. Same day, at an advanced age, Mr. Wm. Street, of Coventry. ' The Rev. William Talbot, M. A. Is instituted, by the Lord Bishop of Lincoln, to the rectpry of Clifton- Reynes, Bucks, void by the resignation of the Hon. and Rev. Archibald Hamilton Cathcart. Mr. William Safferv, attorney at law, Howard- street, London; has been chosen Registrar to the Honourable Corporation of Bedford Level, vacant by the death of Charles Nalson Cole, Esq. The following are the^ iead- quarters of the dif- ferent regiments* into which the quota of men allowed to enlist from the Northamptonshire Mi- litia have volunteered: — Royal Artificers, j > Canterbury. A BOUT FIFTEEN CAPITAL TREES ( with . FX. without the Top Wood), including some cle Butts, from 20 to f" - J " • 1 N TURNPIKE MEETING. OTICE is hereby given, That the next - L^ Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road leading from Saint Mary's Bridge, in the Parish of Little- Bowden, in the County of Northampton, to the West Side of the Toll- Bar at tile North End of the Town of Rockingham, in the same County, will be held at the House of RICHARD ALLEN, the SWANS INN, in MARKET- HARBOROUGH, in the County of Leicester, on WEDNESDAY the EIGHTH Day of MAY next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, for the Purpose of passing the Treasurer's and Surveyor's Accounts, and transacting other Business relative to the said Road. By Order of the said Trustees, GEORGE WARTNABY, their Clerk. Market. Harborough, April < 2Ath, 1805. Bedfordshire Freehold Estate. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. ABBOTT, At the Swan Inn, at Biggleswade, on. Wednesday the 15th Day of Mae, 1805, at Three o'Clock ill the Afternoon, AMost desirable and truly valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, Inclosed and Tythe- free, together or in Lots, situate at LOWE R- CAI. DE COT, in a beautiful Vale ot incomparably rich Land, suitable for Gardens, with excellent Water, separated by the Great North Road, and lying by the navigable River near Biggleswade, from which Place it is only one Mile distant, ten from Bedford, the same from St. Neots, and four from Poltpn, in a fine, healthy, and sporting Part of the Country, within three Miles of a Pack of Fox- Hounds; comprising a substantial Brick Dwelling- House, now a Public- House, and capable of such Improvements, at a small Expence, as to render it a desirable Residence for a small genteel Family, containing five airy Bedchambers and Attics, Dining- Room, Kitchen, and spacious and dry Cellars, with other domestic Conveniences.; Barns, Stables, and necessary Offices in the Yard; with 45 Acres, more or less, of rich Arable, Pasture, and Garden Land, adjoining, laid out in convenient Pieces, from two to three Acres each, surrounded with a fine thriv- ing quick Fence;— also two Cottages, with Gardens and Orchards to the same. ( p|" Possession of the above Estate may be had on completing the Purchase.— The growing Crops may be taken at a Valuation in the usual Way. For a View of the Estate, apply on the Pre- mises, at the Sign of the King's Head, at Caldecot, near Biggleswade; and further Particulars may be known by Application to Mr. Abbott, General'Ap- praiser, Market- Place, St. Neots, Huntingdonshire. Freehold Estate, Huntingdonshire. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. ABBOTT, Atthe White- Lion Inn, St. Neots, in the County of Huntingdon, on Thursday the 6th Day of June, 1805, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, ADesirable and very valuable FREEHOLD . ESTATE, of rich Arable Land, inclosed and Tythe- free, with two convenient Dwclling- Houses, a Farm - Yard, with necessary Buildings, and good Water, pleasantly situate in a fertile Vale, in the Parish of ORKORD. CLUNEY, in the said County; containing 20 Acres, more or less, of useful and very convertible Arable I. and, inclosed and Tythe- free, surrounded with a fine thriving quick Fence, and good Water in the same; a very pleasant Dwelling- House, with Barns, Stables, and other detached Con- veniencies, Garden, Orchard, Sec.; also, a Freehold Messuage, with a Bakehouse, Shop, large Bam, and Garden adjoining, in the several Occupations of Messrs. Gaunt, Pain, and others. ( J5T Further Particulars may be known of Mr. AIBOTT, Market- Place, St. Nests. -/.-%- situate in Sr. PAUL'S- SQUAKE, in the most pre- ferable Part of the Town of BEDFORD, the Pro- perty, and now in the Possession of J. T. DAWSON, Esq. removing to his Estate in Yorkshire.— The Pre- mises are built of Brick, iii a very handsome and sub- stantial Manner; the principal Rooms about 23 Feet in Length, and 11 Fe- t high ; with adequate Apart- ments, Coach- Houses, Stabling, Brewhouse, Granary, and other requisite Outbuildings, in perfect Order; large Garden, & c.; suitable for the immediate Re- ception of a respectable f amily. ( pf To be viewed", and Particulars had on the Premises; at the Sun, Biggleswade; Cock, at Eaton; George, Northampton; the Inns at Royston, Hertford, and Ware; - of W. Dawson, Esq. Islington- Green; and of Messrs. Graham, Red- Lion- Square, London. WEc wind- up Jack, Pewter and Brass, washing Copper and Grate, Pottage- Pots, Sauce and Stew- Pans, Earthenware, Iron- bound Casks and Tubs, & c. ; a Quantity of Glass Bottles, with numerous other useful Articles. * » * Catalogues may be had five Days previous to the Sale, at the Printing- office, Dunstable; Place of Sale; and of the Auctioneer, Leightori, Beds. 25T The Sale will begin precisely at Ten o'Clock, as the Whole is intended to b? sold m one Day. Royal Artillery, 95tli Foot, 1st Foot- Guards, 4th Foot,... To THLITLEIGH IN CLOSURE. - whoso Names are hereuiider- writteii, Commissioners named and appointed in and by an Act passed in the present Session of Parliament, entituled, An Act for inclosing Lands in the Parish " of THURLEIGH, in the County of Bedford," do hereby give Notice to and require all Persons and Bodies Corporate and Politic, who have or claim to have any of the Lands or Grounds by the said Act directed to be divided and inclosed, or any Common or other Rights in, to, upon, or over trie same, or any Part thereof, to deliver or cause to be delivered in to us ( or such of the Commissioners in ar. d by the said Act named and appointed, as shall attend at a Meeting which we do hereby fix to be holden at the . WHITE- LION INN, in KIMBOLTON, in the County of Huntingdon, on MONDAY the 20ih Day of MAY next, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon,) an Account or Schedule in Writing, signed by them the said Pro- prietors, or their respective Husbands, Guardians, Trustees, Committees, or Agents, of siich their Rights or Claims, and therein to describe the Lands and Grounds, and the respective Messuages, Lands, Tene- ments, and Hereditaments, in Respect whereof they shall respectively claim to be entitled to any and which ot such Common and other Rights, in and upon the same, or any Part thereof, with the Name or Names of the Person or Persons then in the actual Possession thereof, and the particular computed Quan- tities of the same respectively, and of what Nature and Extent such Right is, and'also what Rights, and for what Estates and Interests, they claim the same respectively, distinguishing the Freehold from the Copyhold or Leasehold; or on Non- compliance there- with, every of them making Default therein, will, as far as respects any Claim so neglected to be delivered, be totally barred and excluded of and from all Right and Tythe in or upon the said Lands so to be divided as aforesaid, and of and from all Benefit and Advan- tage in or to any Share or Allotment thereof, unless for some special Reason, to be allowed by the said Commissioners.— Given under our Hands this 27th Day of April, 1805, BENJ. WELSTEAD, JOHN FELLOWF. S, CHA. BLOODWORTH. DAY, Clerk t9 the Commissioners. A. 1 BARBY, Northam . onshire. be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. CULLING IFORTH, On Thursday the 16th Day of May instant, at the House of Mr. Wm. Odey, the Crown, in Barby, in the County of Northampton, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon ( unless disposed of in the mean Time by Private Contract, of which Notice will be given,) in one or two Lots, as shall bs agreed on at the Time of Sale, t LL that CLOSE, or inclosed GROUND, of exceeding rich LAND, situate, - lying, and being in the Parish of BARBY aforesaid, called Hoptharn Hill, containing eight Acres ( more or less), and in the Tenure or Occupation of Mr. Moses Cowley. And also, all that other CLOSE, or inclosed GROUND, of very good LAND, situate, lying', and being in the Parish of BARBY aforesaid, called' Hop- thorn Furlong, containing nine Acres ( more or less), I and in the Tenure or Occupation of Mr. Bartholomew Clarke. ipr" The above Closes lie contiguous to each other, and adjoin the Road leadingfrom Barby to Willoughby. %* l or further Particulars, enquire of Mr. Hick- man, of Daventry; Mr. Howes, Solicitor, in North- ampton; or Mr. Townsend, Solicitor, in Rugby. OXFORDSHIRE. ' A DESIRABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By P. WE S T O N, On Friday the 17t'n of May instant, at the King's- Arms Inn, Bicester, between the Hours of Three and Five in the Afternoon, in one Lot, subject to such Conditions as will be then and there produced, AFREEHOLD MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, situated in CHARLTO N UPON- OTTMOtt R, in the Occupation of Goom, with Right of Com- mon ( without Stint) in, over, and upon the extensive Commons called the OTTMOORS, computed to contain from 3 to 4000 Acres. A CLOSE of excellent PASTURE LAND ( for- merly divided into three Closes), situate in Charlton aforesaid, called MANSMOOR or the WOODSIDE CLOSES, containing twelve Acres, more or less, with about 70 young thriving Trees standing thereon, lateljMn the Occupation of Mr. Jones. ( I mmediate Possession of the Land may be had, which lias been some Time hained for mowing. *** For a View of the Estate, enquire of Mr. JONES, the Tenant; and for further Particulars, apply to Mr. BASELEY, Solicitor, Brackley, Northamptonshire. LONDO N, May 4. DISPATCHES have been received at the Ad- miralty from Vice- Admiral Sir John Orde: which were brought to Plymouth by the Beagle cutter. They state that the Toulon squadron, which arrived off Cadiz on the 9th ult. departed from thence on the following day, having been joined by several ships from that port; and that on the 11th and 12th, five sail of the line, supposed to be Spanish, were seen steering a western course. Sir John, on his raising the blockade of Cadiz, left a few small vessels to watch the mo- tions of the enemy. At the date of these dis- patches the Vice- Admiral was on his way, with his squadron, to join the Channel fleet, " off Brest, which, with this reinforcement, would be prepared for all events.— Whether the combined squadrons, after they sailed, from Cadiz, shaped a northerly course, for the purpose of relieving the Ferrcil squadron, or whether, as is supposed bv some, they proceeded immediately to tlie West Indies, is yet a matter of conjecture. The former opinion appears the most probable of the two, because, whatever might be their ultimate, destination, the liberation of that squadron must be a most desirable object; and there is no doubt, but. that with the superiority they obtained by the junction of the two squadrons, it would he perfectly practi- cable. But here we think their progress to the northward would Stop ; for we cannot suppose that they would venture to attempt to raise thg blockade of Brest; or if they did attempt it, we have no doubt they would sustain a complete de- feat. The fleet off Brest, under Lord Gardner, is in admirable condition, and is composed of some of the largest and finest ships in the British navy; most probably ere this his Lordship has also been joined by the squadron under the command of Sir John Orde; and the reinforcements which, if neces- sary, he could receive from home, would make him more than a match for the whole combined fleets of France and Spain. Sir John Orde's squadron, of five sail of the line, & c. WJIS at anchor off Cadiz when the enemv made their appearance, but notwithstanding their supe- rior strength, and the advantage of the weather- gage, they shewed no inclination to • come to action. It was yesterday reported, that Lord Nelson had receiv ed intimation of the route of the Toulon, fleet, and had sailed from the Mediterranean in pursuit of it; while other reports, founded on private letters, stated that his Lordship had bent his course towards Egypt, supposing. the enemy to have gone thither. But, we believe, we may state with confidence, that neither of these accounts is sanctioned by any official advice. American Papers to the 25th of March, have arrived.— Letters from New- York, of the same date, state, that certain advice had been received there of the French force having evacuated Do- minica, and proceeded to Antigua.— These papers contain accounts of the preparations making by the Emperor of Hayti to attack the city of St. Domingo, the garrison of which is said to have received some reinforcements from France. A .... Deal Barracks. Horsham Ditto, Sussex. 9th Foot, West- Indies. 14th Foot,. Winchelsea, Sussex. 43d Foot, Hvthe, Kent. 52d Foot, Shorn- Cliff, Kent. 56th Foot, Farnham, Surrey. 59th Foot, Dover. —[ For the names of the men, and other particulars, see the last page. ] The Boughton Volunteer Infantry, under the command of Major Lockwood Maydwell, have been for a fortnight on permanent duty at Thrapston, and were reviewed on Wednesday by Brigadier- General Warde, who complimented them on the extraordinary exertions they had made during the time they had been in quarters; and, assured them, that the steadiness and precision with which they executed their manoeuvres, would not disgrace the oldest regiment of the line, and could not he exceeded by any Volunteer Corps.— This is the first time they have been on permanent, duty; and an inhabitant of the town, who is wholly unconnected with the corps, is desirous of testifying, that during the whole time they were embodied, not a single complaint was- made to the officers; and their whole deportment was that of neighbours, citizens, and subjects, associated, like, the earlier Swiss confederacies, not for offence, but dcfence, and impressed with the sacredness of the cause which involves the preservation of all that gives comfort and value to human existence. We are happy to perceive that the great reduc- tion in the prices of grain in London, has already affected those of the country markets. In Bir- mingham, on Thursday se'nnight, Wheat declined full 8s. per quarter; and in Warwick, on Saturday last, we find it declined still more. At the Quarter- Sessions held at Peterborough, on Wednesday se'nnight, John Bellamy, a waterman, received sentence of death, for a rape on the person of Ann Phillips, a young woman aged 18, servant to Wm. Hopkinson, Esq. of Sutton, near Peter- borough. To the Printers of the Northampton Mercury. GENTLEMEN, A paragraph which first appeared in the Stamford Paper, and afterwards in yours of last week, states, that a box had been discovered in Kettering field, in which were bones of a human form: It is true that a coffin, with human bones in it, was discovered; but the insinuation of the writer of the above paragraph, that they were the bones of " a young^ man, an ap- " prentice to a liair- diesser at Kettering, who was " suddenly missed about that period, and has never '' since been heard of," is unfounded, wanton, and malicious; the fact being, that the above mentioned young man has been since re|> eatedly heard of. 1 f an opinion might be hazarded from the appearance of the bones, they had lain there upwards of a cen- tury. We are, Gentlemen, your bumble servants, .!. KNIGHT, Rector, WX'ROSEJ Constables. Kettering, May lr/, 1805. Corn- Exchange, Ijyndon, Friday, May 3. The fresh arrivals of Wheat to- day are not numerous,- but a few foreign, with large supplies on hand; fine keeps its price; other qualities are heavy ot SEjle, and at less. Some few thousand quarters of foreign, being out of condition, have been S' ld by auction, at from 63s. to t> 9s. per quarter.— Rye is cheaper.— Grey Peas dearer.— the Malt Trade dull. Barley at less, excepting tor that of fine quality.— Beans at little variation.— Rape Seed scarce.— Not having many Oats arrived, the demand for public service causes advanced prices.— Flour expetted cheaper. PRICE of CORN pet Quarter Northampton, Saturday, May 4. at Wheat, 96s. to 102s. 6d. Rye, 60s. Od. to 76s. Barley, 45s. Od. to 46s. pd. Oats, 24s. Od. to 25s. 6d. J. GRAFTON, Clerk of the Market. Beans, 43s. Od. to 45s. Od. Peas, 42.. Od. to 52s. Od. By the Standard Measure. — A-> ® - X- E<=— LIST of FAIRS, from May 6 to May 13, within the Circuit of this Paper. Buckingham, Ivtnghoe, and Chipp:>: g- Norton. Thrapston and Harrold. Aylesbury and Market- Bosivorth. Higham - Ferrers. Store- on- the- Would, Warwick, Towccstcr, Silsoe, Wendover, Leicester, Litchfield » and Little- Brickbill. M. May 6. T. 7. W. 8. Th 9. M. 13. " T. 14. W. 15. S. — 13. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, TO WIT. id PRIVATES if the MILITIA, of thc suiji County, commandt His Majesty's Regular Forces, Under the Provisions pt an Act passed in the present Session of Parliament, intitled, " An Act for allowing a certain Proportion of the Militia in Great- Britain, voluntarily to enlist into His Majesty's Regular Forces and Royal Marines."— Dated 23d April, 1805. Tie following is a LIST of the Whole of the NON- COMMISSIONED OFFICERS and MILITIA of the suijl commanded by Colontl Sir Richard Brooke de Capcll Brooke, Baronet, who hare volunteered to serve in • ° ' ' ' Names. John Hatton Moses Loveman William Knight John Nelson Richard Rickets Robert Addington John Hopkins James Morris Robert Bradley Thomas Ward' Edmund Sabin Charles Westley Edward Clarke William Clements Thomas Carvill William Butlin James Ball Thomas Jackson George Flezlewood James Adams John West Joseph Braggins John Baker William Wagstaff Hercules Smith Joseph Timms Joseph Bannister Joseph Miles Samuel Eyles William Palmer John Summers John Hobley Joseph Boulstridge Thomas Moult Aaron Loveman ltichard Anthisle Samuel Brotherton William Williams Matthew Wise William Brothers Richard Miles William Walker Benjamin Holland Joseph Grundey William Ball Thomas Hall James Amos George Addison John Tolton Martin Humphries George Bree William Cumberpatch John Mills John Lewis James Whale John Blackwell Gliomas Boyson Robert E. Burton Samuel Kelham John Brown Charles Jennings Joseph Peers Joseph Bell John Eltington Thomas Suffolk Francis Grim James Littlefield William Roberts Thomas Stains John Wynn William Stanger William Slymm Aaron Cox Smith Joseph Tallin James Boswell John Cattle Edward Boulter James Bland Isaac Worcester Joseph Furley Lewis Evre Matthias' Burton William Prestidge John Sturges James Young Daniel Dunkley John Lee Isaac Freer William Joice Samuel Palmer George Sedgley Thomas Glover John Rowkins - George Bradwell Thomas Cooper Thomas Robinson Samuel Plowright Samuel Tew Charles Manning Joseph Monk Samuel Towuley Thomas Abbott William Wells Amos Quenby William Lilley John Woriidge William Fisher Richard North Samuel Sudborough John Hadland William Wheeler Alexander Garratt George Botterill John Walford Serve for Thomas Bleake Valentine Higham William South Robert Hodges William Cleaver Thomas Hunt John Hughes James Hillier John Howes Edward Barlow William Willifer William Edwards Joseph Taylor John Horne William Scott Richard Buckby John Fox William Chester Thomas HandcoX John Ward Charles Fox John Pipkin Richard Parish Edward Hawkes John Penn Samuel Lord Richard Harris Henry Penn William Claridge John Coy William Butlin William Mobbs John Durrant William Potts John Leigh Matthew Hartwell William Dumbleton Henry Meadows John Gardner Abram Smallbones Edward Leetch Thomas Barratt Richard Fathers Richard Palmer William Hands Charles Johnson Timothy Whitlock Thomas Mountford Henry Bull Thomas Butler Thomas Bazeley William Pettifer Charles Gurdsn Joseph Middleton John Tomlin James Overton * John Rutledge In Person John Clarke William Hinks Thomas Vann Samuel Perkins William Fields Joseph Olliver John Bland William Vernon John Gibbons In Person William Lee Thomas Lovell Samuel Gardner Thomas Gee William Percy Samuel Sharp Thomas Garlick William Gardner Thomas Gregory Thomas Watson John Adams Thomas Jellis Daniel Cook Thomas Turner Thomas Cook Humphrey Jayes Thomas Smith John Horner John Skenipton William Wright William Bates In Person John Gill Joseph Hill John Rawson Job Swingler Thomas Smith John Tebbutt William Neal Joseph Townley Samuel Askew William Clow William Bilby George Worley James Williamson John Judkin Volunteer John Horsley Thomas Hodges William Cave John Gibbs John Hedge Richard Dunkley Wrston - and. Weedon Culworth Croughton Newlwttlc G rcensnorton Halse Middleton. Cheney Greensnorton E ydon Chippingwarden Asron- le- Walls liyfield Evenley Sv res ham Whittlebury Brack ley St. James Greensnorton l. ower- Boddington Chippingwarden Culworth Helmdon Newbottle Plumpton Kingsutton Middleton- Cheney Ditto Brackley St. James Aynhbe Woodford Weston- and- Wecdon Bradvv'in Hinton Middleton- Cheney Chalcombe Upper- Boddington farthinghoe Woodend Kingsutton Radstone U pper- Boddington A ynhoe Greensnorton Kingsutton Aston- le- Walls Chalcombe Aston- le- Walls Silverstone Woodford Brack ley St. Pettrs , Chalcombe Morton- Pinkney Helmdon Daventry Ditto Braunston Long- Buckby Litchborough Daventry Hellidon Litchborough Badby Lilbottrn Hollowell Crick Stow Barby Daventry Newnham Kilsby Daventry Long- Buckby Winwick Kilsby Thornby .. Litchborough Guilsbo rough Newnham Daventry Dodford Hellidon Daventry Kilsby Ledgers- Ashby Daventry Badby Daventry Guilsborottgh I rthlingborough Ditto Twy well Weston- by- We! land Deenthorp Addington Lowick Woodford Bridgestock Braybrook Rushton Finedon Little- Bowden Arthingworth Crantord Cottingham Great- Addington Cranford Kelmarsh Kettering Burton- Lattimer Corby Floote Quinton Blisworth West Ward East Ward Into what Regiment volunteered. • Brackley > Daventry - ' Kettering S Northampton 4 Jd Regiment Ditto 14th 95th Ditto 14th Ditto 59d Ditto 14th Ditto 56th 95th Artillery Ditto Ditto 56th Regiment 95th Artillery 14th Regiment 95th 1st Foot- Guards 52d Regiment Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto 56th 14th Ditto Ditto Ditto 52d Ditto 43d 52d Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto 56th 14th Ditto Ditto Ditto 4th 14th S2d 43d Ditto Ditto Artificers 95th Regiment Artillery 56th Regiment Ditto 14th 95th 14th Ditto 95th Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto 52d 56th Artillery Ditto Artificers 59th Regiment 13d 59th 52d 95th 14th 95th 56th 14th A rtificers 95th Regiment Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto 52d Ditto 43d 52d 43d 56th Ditto 95th Ditto 14th Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto 56th Ditto 52d Ditto Ditto 9th Ditto 52d 14th 95th 56th Artillery 14th Regiment 95th 5Gth Thomas Chapman Michael Dodd William Knowles William Cuffley Thomas Baxter William Marriott Thomas Goode Thomas Welch William Plant Thomas Addington Thomas Palmer Richard Burt Joseph Sergeant William Smith William Lee John Johnson William Crick Edward Tite William Jaques John Walker William Fanton William Tomlin John Cox William Cook James Dean John Smith Coles Bayes James Martin John Braybrook John Stapleford John Forster James Kennell James Smith William Broughtoft Robert Bowker Benjamin Jelley Thomas paers Thomas timpson William Renew James Smith William Boardman Clement Adams John Dennis Samuel" Hackett Francis Harwood John Bottomley James Judson Richard Clarke William Freeman Benjamin Roughtort Benjamin Law Francis Moxon William Eagjes Thomas Ridgway William Bills Thomas Fix Henry Brooks Mark Jackson John Pridrnore John Smith Thomas. Calvert George Higginbottom John Agutter Timothy Arden Thomas Dickifts Charles Howon Thomas Taylor William Fennell Thomas Hall Joseph Emery Charles Divett Job Tompkins Ambrose Upton Samuel Woodland Thomas Billing John Cook Samuel Darlison Richard Ratclitf" Thomas Swan William Hicks Robert Drage Jonathan Childs John Pointer William Sutton William Kent William Cliff William Patrick Thomas Lea John Reynolds William Rowe William Perkins Thomas Watts John Allen James Hervey Joseph Britchford Serve for Whom. Richard Scriven Thomas Capell William Chandler John Hill William Martin William Dawkins John Irons John Stanton Thomas Henman Thomas Howes John Emery William Sutton William Cave William Danes William plackett William Webb In Person Richard Jeffery John Chambers John Grose John Cook In Person Joseph Treadgold Richard Smith John Gold Abraham Roberts Frederick Fleet John Magor Robert Mieres John Baxter William Williamson Thomas Boon John Barnes William Ball Samuel Danna John Clarke John Dean William Garfott William Smart George Parsons Peter Foucart John Cartwright John Frisby William Banister Robert Vines Edward Lloyd Francis Shaw Samuel Smith John Dobbs John Woolley John Hill In Person Edward Stokes Henry Le Pywell Thomas Hement William Morbey John Harrison William Speechley George Gaskell In Person Edward Curtain Richard Gee Lazarus Lamburn Anthony Webb Thomas Archbold Joseph Kendall Thomas Mills John Turvey John Rastall Job Johnson In Person Ditto Job Gardner Volunteer Thomas Cockerill Richard Campion William York Thomas Barker What Parish. What Division. Harpole Brockhall Brington North Ward Spratton West Ward Harlestone East Ward Nether- Heyford Rothersthorpe Ditto Whilton Weston- Favell Harlestone Kingsthorpe Cogenhoe Floore Kingsthorpe Yardley- Hastings West Ward East Ward Duston Spratton Brington Hardingstone Great- Billing Chequer Wari Blisvvortn Thrapston C lift- Regis Collyweston S Charles H. hodsOn O Thomas French O Samuel Linnett O Robert Wiggins O Samuel Roughton O Joseph Pack O Robert Toseland O John Eady S*- Charles Cornish S "" Charles Leech S William Elliott O Thomas Stevens S Thomas Williamson O Samuel Poole S Chason George O Peter Tolley • Northampton Benefield Ditto Cliff- Regis and Collyweston Benefield Easton and Yarwell Clapton, & c. Helpstone Peterborough Northborough Castor, cum Milton Borough Fen Northborough Peterborough Helpstone, with Ashton Peterborough Ditto Ditto Ditto Peak irk Eye Ditto Wansford Peterborough Ditto Ditto Dogsthorp Peterborough Ditto Paulerspury Stoke- Bruerne Paulerspury Tiffield Wickin" Cold- Higham Abthorp Ashton Alderton Pattishall Towcester Abthorp Ashton Yardley- Gobion Cosgrove Pattishall Paulerspury Ditto Roai Wellingborough Raunds Walgrave Brixworth Rincstead Higham- Ferrers Hannington Harrow den Earls- Barton Hanging- Houghton Raunds Woollastoft Wellingborough Ditto ' Irchester Ecton Oundle Peterborough Into what Regiment volunteered. • Towcestet > Wellingborough NON - COMMISSIONED orricms. Serjeant James Real O Serjeant Benjamin Hopper O Serjeant George Cluse O Serjeant William Garner O Serjeant Robert Whitton 0 Corporal James Gent O Corporal Rich. Brooksbank j O Corporal Samuel Silverwood O Corporal Thomas Gardner Corporal Thomas Flolman Corporal Samuel Robinson Corporal William Newit Corporal Benjamin Thomas Corporal James Southorn Corporal John Walford 52d Regiment Artillery 14th Regiment 52< i 14th 95th 14th 95th 52d 14th Ditto 52d 14th Ditto Ditto 95th 52d Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto 59th 52d 95th Attiiicere 56th Regiment 4' id 14th Ditto Ditto 52d 69th Ditto 14th Ditto 52d Artificers 14th Regiment Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto 56tl » Ditto 52d Ditto 14th 9th 14th Ditto 59th 95th 14th Ditto 52d 14th 95th 59th 14th Artillery Ditto 14th Regiment 56th 14th Ditto Ditto * 43d 14th 69th 14th 95th 14th 95th 14th - m 14th 52d 43d 95th Ditto Ditto 14th 56th Ditto 95th 14th 56th Ditto Artillery 14th Regiment Ditto 95th 43d 59d Light Infantry 14th Regiment 56th 14th 56th 52d Light Infantry 14th Regiment 59th Ditto Ditto 95th 14th 52( 1 Light Infantry 56th Regiment Ditto 1 J By Order of the Right Honourable CHARLES EARL of NORTHAMPTON, Lord- Lieutenant of the said County, CHARLES MARKHAM, Clerk of the General Meetings. This Day is published, Jn one very large Volume, Quarto, with thirty- nine Copper- Plates, Price Two Guineas and a Half in A^ DICTIONARY of thc VETERINARY ART; containing the latest Improvements and Pre- scriptions recommended by the COLLEGE, as well as by modem Writers on that Subject: And including such Parts of Comparative Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Sec. as are connected with the Veterinary Art.— The whole illustrated by numerous and elegant Engravings of the Anatomy and Diseases of the Horse; and forming a Work no less calculated to assist the professional Veterinarian, than the practising Farrier, the Farmer, and the private Gen- tleman, in acquiring a Knowledge of the morbid A Sections to which Horses, Dogs, Cows, Sheep, Pigs, and other domestic Animals are subject. Bv THOMAS BOARDMAN, Veterinary Surgeon to the 3d for King's Own) Regiment of Dragoons. London: Printed for G. KEARSLEY, Fleet- Street; and may be had of all Booksellers in Town and Country. TV. WHEAT 1.1. Y's Invaluable Remedies for thc certain and speedy CURE OF THE ITCH. AN OINTMENT which cures in four Hours, and does not contain the least Particle of Mer- cury, or any pernicious Ingredient whatever, and so perfectly innocent, that Children at the Breast may becurcd without the least Hazard. It is of an agreeable Smell, requires no Confinement, and there is no Me- dicine of the Kind which cures in so short a Time. Price Is. 9d. a Box, Duty included. Likewise his CHYMlt Al. LIQUID, as perfectly sate as the Ointment, and as certain in its Ellects; it li- s no Smell, nor docs it in the least soil thc Linen; a Circumstance which renders it highly va- luable, and to some Persons abundantly preferable to any Ointment whatever. Price 2s. 6u. a Bottle, Dutv included. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Dicey Se Sutton, Bow Church- Yard, and at their Warehouse in North- ampton; and Retail by Edge, and Marshall, North- ampton ; Robins, Daventry ; Tuck & Mather, Welling- borough ; Fisher, Highani- Ferrers; Rollason, and Merridew, Coventry ; Sharp, Warwick ; Roberts, Southam; Gregory, Leicester; Harrod, Harborough; Munn, Kettering ;' Nevvcomb, Stamford; Eaton, Thrap- ston ; York, Oundle; Jacob and Horden, Peterborough ; Jcukinson, Huntingdon; Hodson, Cambridge; Smith, Bedford-; Inwood and Barringer, Newport- Pagnell; Darton and Tapp, Hitchin; Wilcox, and Gallard, Towcester; Seeley, Buckingham; Jones, Oxford; Richardson, Stony- Stratford ; Hawkes, Lutterworth; and by every Vender of Patent Medicines in the United To COVER, this Season, 1805, At THOMAS ODELL'S, Dealer in Horses, WOBURN, Bedfordshire, (" 1 ALLOPER, late the Property of Mr. Thomas J Coleman, of Billington, at ( Jne Guinea each Mare, and llalf- a- Crown the Groom.— GALLOPER was got bv that noted Horse Fidget, which was pur- chased by the late Duke of Bedford of Richard Vernon, Esq. for 2600 Guineas ; when three Years old he won upwards of 8000 Guineas: His Dam by Young Mor- wick Ball.— Galloper is a remarkably healthy Horse, and Master of fourteen Stone, is an excellent Hunter, very temperate, and a good Leaper. He will attend the following Markets:— Leighton, every Tuesday ; Dunstable, every Wednesday ; Hemel- hempstead, every Thursday ; Newport, every Satur- day ; and at Home the Remainder of the Week during the Season.— The Money to be paid at the Time of Covering, or at Midsummer next. His Stock is very promising, now rising three and four Years old. STATE- LOTTERY To begin Drawing the Vilh of MA Y. THE SCHEME CONTAINS 3 Prizes of £. 5,000 5 2,000 8 1,000 by Kingdom. STATE - LOTTERY To commence Drawing on the 13th of MAY. ERY few former Lotteries, although they have consisted of double thc Number of Tickets, contained Capital Prizes ot such Magnitude as the present, viz. 2 Prizes of =£. 30,000 I 3 Prizes of =£. 10,000 2 20,000 | Sec. Sec. Sec. ( fj* In the Whole of those Lotteries there have been but four Prizes of =£. 30,000 divided and sold in Shares. Two out of the Four were sold by RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, & Co. No. 26,883, in 1 Half, 1 Fourth, and 2 Eighth Shares, . A'. 30,018; No. 12,807, in 16 Sixteenths, ,£'. 30,000. IVho have also sold in the last and late Lotteries the following CAPITAL PRIZES:— 21,417 A Whole Ticket ...=£, 10,000 5,000 18,625.".. In 1 Half and 8 Sixteenth Shares .". 5,000 39,471 . A Whole Ticket 5,000 „„ ,-, ( In 1 Half, 1 Quarter, 1 Eighth, aud> , „,„ 36-' 1' 1 i 1 Sixteenth Shares i J'UIil re K ESPECTFUILY acquaints his Customers and . LV the Public in general, that he makes and sells WATER - CLOSETS, upon a very simple Con struction, which act without Valves, Plug, Slide, or Cock, and hold a certain Quantity of Water in the Basons, warranted to keep sweet and clean, and not liable to be out of Order from Paper, which is so common in VVater- Closets. N. B. He manufactures GARDF. N- ENCINES, made to hold twenty Gallons of Water in the Cistern. TURN PIKE- TOLLS TO LETT. NOTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of the Trustees appointed by Act of PaHiament for repairing the Highways from Old- Stratford, in the County of Northampton, to Dunchurch, in the County of Warwick, will be held, by Adjournment, at the SARACEN'S HEAD INN, in TOWCESTER, in the said County of Northampton, on THURSDAY the SIXTEENTH ' Day of MAY next, at Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon of the same Day, for trans- acting such Matters as shall be then thought necessary for repairing the said Highways ; at which Time and Place the TOLLS arising at the four several Toll- Gates on the same Highways, called OLD- STRATFORD GATE, TOWCESTER GATE, STOW. HII, L GATE, and DRAYTON- LANE GATE, will be LETT to FARM by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder or Bidders, between the Hours of Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon and Three of the Clock in the Afternoon of the same Day, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the thirteenth Year of the Reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, for regulating Turnpike- Roads. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder or Bidders must forthwith pay Fifty Pounds in Advance for each Gate, and produce sufficient Sureties, and give Security, tor Payment of the Residue of th » Rents at such Time or Times as shall be then agreed oil between them and the said Trustees. By Order of the said Trustees, Daventry, Apriltf, 1805. A. MIERES, theirClerk. By his Majesty's Royal Letters Patent. R O C H E ' s ROYAL HERBAL EMBROCATION, An effectual CURF. for the HOOPING COUGH without Medicine. TH E unrivalled Reputation this Embro- cation has gained, has induced the Inventor, TURNPIKE- TOLLS TO LETT. NOTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS arising at the several Gates upon the Road leading from the East End of Bromham Bridge, in the County of Bedford, to the Turnpike- Road leading from Wellingborough to Olney, in the County of Bucks, and on the Road leading'from the South F. Rd of the Town of Olney aforesaid, to the Road leading from Northampton to New port- Pagnell, in the same County, will be separately LETT by AUCTION, for ONE YEAR, from the 13th Day of MAY next, at the BULL INN, in OLNEY aforesaid, on MONDAY the 6th Day of MAY next, between the Hours ol Twelve and Two o'Clock, in the Manner directed by an Act of Parliament passed in the 13th Year of the Reign of His present Majesty King George the Third, " for regulating the Turnpike- Roads;" which Tolls produced the last Year, over and above the Expences of collecting them, the following Sums, viz. Bromham Gate .£. 90 1 0 l. avendon Ditto 100 2 0 Ravenstone Ditto 70 1 0 and will be put up at those Sums respectively. Whoever happen to be the Best Bidders, must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, for the Payment of the Rents agreed for, at such Time and in such Proportions as the said Trustees shall 1 direct. JOHN Olney, April 19th, 1805. GARRARD, Clerk to the Trustees. anxious to secure it genuine to the Public, and pre- vent the Impositions daily practised, by unprincipled Persons vending spurious Compositions, to obtain His Majesty's Royal I. etters Patent, appointing him the sole and exclusive Benefit of his most invaluable Discovery. The Public and Families may therefore be supplied. TOLLS TO LETT. NOTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of t the Trustees appointed by an Act of Parliament made and passed in the thirty- second Year of the t Reign of His present Majesty King George the Third, intituled, " An Act for Amending, Widening, and " Keeping in Repair the Road leading from the Bull " Inn, in Dunstable, to thc King's- Arms Inn, in " Hocklilfe, in the County of Bedford," will be held at the House of Mr. THOMAS COATS, known by the Sign of theSUC. AR- LOA t, in DUNSTABLE aforesaid, onTuisDAY the 21st Day of MAY next; when the TOLLS arising at the Toll- Gate known by the Name ot CHALK- HII. L GATE, will be LETT to FARM 1 by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, between tic I Hours of Eleven and T wo o'Clock of the same Day, un„ I , Vi„ ,„,! L,-. ": i u-'. r " it I in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th Wholesa e and Retail, as his House, No 19, King- j Year of the Reign of His present IVlaiesty, for regu- Street, Holborn; and are requested to observe, that ' ''' : I. » D ... I. . .. A.:.. I. T- H. J..: M'S.- each Stamp is signed " J. Roche;" and with each Bottle is given a full Direction, at the Top of which are His Majesty's Arms. * » * ALL OTHERS ARE COU NTE R F £ ITS. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Appointment of the Proprietor, by Dicey Sc Sutton, Bow Church- Yard, London, and at their Warehouse in North- ampton; and by the Venders of their Medicines in most Towns in the Kingdom. Price 3s. 6d. per Bottle, with full Directions. — im— mm lating Turnpike- Roads ; which Tolls will be put up at the Sum of =£. 1540-, being the Sum they were last lett for. Whoever shall become the Best Bidder, must imme- diately pay a Deposit of £. 100, and giye Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Truste.- s, tor the Payment of the Rent, at such Times as they shall direct. JOHN GRIFFITHS, Clerk to the said- Trustees. Luton, 19r. i April, 1805. NOUTII AM I ' T O N : Printed and Published by and for T DICKY and // r. SUTTON.
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