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The Daily Advertiser, Oracle, and True Briton


Printer / Publisher: P. Stuart 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 29/09/1980 00:00:00
No Pages: 4
The Daily Advertiser, Oracle, and True Briton page 1
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The Daily Advertiser, Oracle, and True Briton
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The Daily Advertiser, Oracle, and True Briton

Date of Article: 10/04/1805
Printer / Publisher: P. Stuart 
Address: No.35, Fleet-street, London
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 29/09/1980 00:00:00
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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b / Oracle, and true briton. No. ' 29493 fPEDjVESDJl, APRIL 1S05. MR. ALLEN'S ANNUAL BALL will he at the New London tavern, Cheapside, on THursDAY, Mav ad. Tickets, Half a Guinea each, to he had at Mr. Al- len's Private dancing Academies. No. 19, Sherrard- streeT, Gol- den- square; No. 16, Bouverie- street, Fleet- street; and No. 10, Great Alie- street, Goodman's fields. N. b. This is not a Ball lor Children. The Subscription Evenings will continue as usual. Ladies and Gentlemen, of any age, who haw never learnt the accomplishment of Dancing, or not in its improved modern stile, are taught bv Mr. Allen, on plans expressly formed for those to whom it is an object to acquire it expeditiously , pri- vately, and in the. most elegant fashionable stile. Foreigners, Officers, and Country Residents, who wish to learn in a few days, may board and lodge privately in the h0use, and receive constant instruction. CHRIST'S HOSPITAL- fIFTY GUINEAS will be. given to any Person who will procure the Advertiser a PRESENTATION for a NON- FREEMAN'S CHILD the ensuing Easter. The most inviolable secrecy will he observed.— Letters addressed to I. T. B. Langbourn Coffee- house, Fenchurch- street, will attended to. to LETT, a PUBLIC HOUSE, situated close 1. to the Water- side, Pickle Herring Stairs, Stoney- lane, Tooley- street, Borough. Coming- in will be from / 150 to Draft of Beer 6 Butts per months, and Liquors ill proportion ; at the low rent of.£ ' 30 per annum. N. li. Yearly Lodgers, 52 guineas per annum, for_ Lodging onlv. t Inquire at the 1' ap- huuse, Stoney- lane ; or the sign of the Rose, Stoney- lane, Tooley street, Borough. " TO BE LETT AT SHEPPERTON IN MIDDLESEX~ AREMARKABLY CONVENIENT FAMILY HOUSE, genteelly furnished, comprising in front a hall, two parlours, a kitchen, and hack kitchen ; first floor, a drawing room, and three bed chambers, and oil the attic story, arul over the kitchen, rooms tor five beds, with all attached anil detached offices, pleasure grounds, a capital kitchen garden, choice col- lection of fruit trees, arc. coach- house and stabling for three horses, with the use of an orchard comprising about three acres, for turning liorse or cow into. The above premises are pleasantly situated on the banks of the Thames, entertaining a delightful view of Oatlands, and Surry- hills. Coaches to and from London pass the house four times a day. For particulars, enquire at the house, or of Mr. Philipps, at Shepperton. tHE riDiNG- SCHOOL, Established by Cap- tain CARTER, Equerry to his late Royal Highness Wil- liam Duke of Cumberland, in Chapel- street, near the Chapel, South Audley- street, Grosvenor- square, is open for the Season. ladies, Gentlemen, Officers, and young Ladies and Gentlemen from School, are expeditiously taught to ride, and their horses broke. No entrance charged.' The terms, and the list of 4000 scholars, consisting of the first personages, Nobility, Gentry, Officers, and Foreigners- of the first distinction, to be seen as above. ___ GENUINE BLACK LEAD PENCIL. N. MIDDLETON, Black Lead Pencil- maker to . the King and Prince of Wales, No. 162, Strand, the Owner of Strand- lane, opposite Newcastle- street, respectfully informs the Public, that at his Manufactory, established more than fifty years, they may be supplied with Pencils of the first quality. . . In order to guard against imposition, the mark, which was formerly only Middleton, is now altered, and the full Address, middleton, No. 162, Strand, London, is stamped on each Pencil. N. H. A liberal allowance to the Trade, to Artists, and those wiio take a quantity. I TO AUCTIONEERS. A GENERAL MEETING of AUCTIONEERS il is requested at the Crown and Anchor Tavern, in the Strand, TO- MORROW; the 11th inst. at six o'clock, to take into consideration measures necessary to be adopted,, in conse- quence of the additional duty intended to be laid on the Sale of Property by Auction. PUBLIC OfFICe, GREAT MARlboroUGh- StREeT. wHEREAS a Person, describing himself a Gen- tleman's Servant; did apply to this Office, about three weeks ago, stating that he had been defrauded oi his watch and money, by two men called Duffers: if he will call at the Said Office, he, will hear of his property, by applying to Richard lovett, Constable.—- April 8,1805, ' " iF the NEXT of KIN of NEIL M'INNES, late a Seaman belonging to His Majesty's ships San Y'sidro and Seahorse, deceased, will apply at the Office of the Inspector of Seamans' Wills, at the navy Pay Office, London, they may hear of something to their advantage. IF the PErSON who left the pIeCE GOOdS at Mr. Solomon's jun. in Wooburn- street, Drury- lane theatre about the middle of March, do s not fetch them away within 1- 1 day's of the date hereof, they will be, sold without delay. April 6; 1805. . LEtTER- COpyING AND WRITING MACHINES. N. MIDDlETON begs to inform Merchants and the Public in general, that he has the greatest As- sortment in London of the above Articles, for counting- house and private use. On the utility of the letter- copying machines, it is not necessary to dwell, as it is well known that il will not take more, time to copy twenty long letters than to write one ol a middling length. " The copy is a perfect fac- simile, without the possibility of error ; the writing- machine is a new invention, and is made to write with two or more pens. A great variety of writing and dressing desks and boxes, in mahogany, satin wood, . Morocco leather, & c. for the use of Gentlemen or Ladies. Pocket com- mode, made to contain every necessary for shaving and dres- ling, particularly us- eful for Gentlonien'in the Army. Pocket books, thread cases, and a large assortment of fancy articles, tteiug the real manufacturer, he is enabled to sell on the lowest terms, and to warrant them; an advantage which retailers do not always possess. The Original Manufactory for Black Lead Pencils. N. Middleton. No. 162, Strand, opposite Newcastle- strect, the cqruer of Strand- lane. . - MUSIC. This day is published, No. 1. price 3s. 6d. FESTIVE HARMONY,— A Collection of the most favourite Madrigals, Elegies, Odes, and Glees.— Com- posed hy Doctors Cooke, Callcott, and William Hayes; Messrs. Atterburyv, Attwood, Battishill, Dauby, Denman, ferretti, Mor- ley, Paxton, Russell, Spofforth, Webbe, T. Weelkes, the Hon. John Spenccr, and Lord Mornington.— Peformed at the Catch Club, Glee Club, Harmonists, and Madrigal Societies. Dedi- caicd by permission to the President, Vice- President, and ( he rest of the Members of the Glee Club. Selected by J. PAGE, Vicar Choral of St. Paul's Cathedral. The whole arranged for the. Piano- Forte, elegantly engraved, and printed on fine paper. To be completed in Twelve Num. tiers, cacti containing fourteen paues. The Second Number will be. published on Saturday next, the remainder every week until completed, which will be regularly sent to each Subscriber. Those Ladies and Gentlemen who please to honour the Edi- tor with their names, will direct to his house, No. 19, Warwick- square, Paternoster- row ; and at any of the Music or Booksel- lers' Shops in the United Kingdom. _ N. 15. In the above Collection will he printed two favourite Glees, for three Voices, with an Accompaniment tor two Per- formers on the Piano- Forte, Rise to the Battle— Attwood. The Shrill Ton'd Lark— Young and Whitakcr. ye Visions, wild Hope's Fairy Train— four Voices, with an Accompaniment for the Harp and piano- Forte— Attwood. GRAND SprIng LOTTERY. 1JIE following is the SCHEME of the present SPRING LOTTERY :— 2 ,+ 50,000 .£ 60,000 2 ' 20,000 - 10,000 3 ) • 10,000 50,000 • j 5,( 100 15,000 ,, ' ' .... 2,000 10,000 '"'.... 1,000 11,000 54 500 7.1100 V, .... 100 5,000 W0 .''.'.... 50 5,000 WXX) ' 120.000 WANTS - a SITUATION a middle aged Woman as HOUSEKEEPER to a single Gentleman, to look after a Town- hou- e, or p plain Cook in a small family reference to character will be given. Apply to a A. 1). No. io, in Fear- street, Horsley down. WANTS a Situation as PORTEr, a middle- aged man; wishes to engage in a weekly situation, where very heavy weights are not required to be carried. The advertiser writes a good hand, and can he undeniably recom- mended ; has been many years as a servant in a respectable situation. Being a married man, wishes to be more with his family than servitude affords. No objection to a job for a few months to attend a single gentleman. Please to direct, post paid, to A. L. No. 18, Great Quebec- street. New- road, M. Mary- le- bone. WANTEI), mi APPREN'IICE to the LAW WRITING BUSINESS, Apply to Mr. Mills, 4, Great Shire- lane, Carey- street. A premium is expected. WANTED an Apprentice tn a Shoe and Boot Maker, a smart active Lad of Creditable Parents, who w ill be required to find him in clothes and washing. Inquire at No. 7, Little Russel- street. Covent Garden, 33, East Smithfield, or 37" in the Minories. ANNUITY. WANTED immediately £ 1500, by way of an- nuity, on undeniable security. Particulars may lie known, or the parties waited upon, by ' applying by letter," post paid, addressed to Mr. Potts, Symond's Inn Coffee House, Chancery- lane. TO be SOLD, tHE LEASE, FIXTURES, & c. of a hOUsE in one oi the best situations near St. Pauls. The house has been several ears ill Shoe trade, and is in good repair. Apply to C. G. 47, Little Britain. ~ tO BE DISPOSED OF, : ARespectable GROCER'S SHOP, in- a public street, with a good retail trade, together with the lease of the house. The fixtures, lease, 4tc- will require about , and immediate possession may be had. Enquire at No. 29, Bairk Lane, Spitalfelds, tO BE SOLD at Scambler's Livery Stables, Bi- shopsgate street, the property of a gentleman, a remark- ably handsome GREY GELDING," rising seven years old, able to carry 16 stone. Very temperate and quick, lias been occa- sionally used in single harness, warranted sound. To prevent trouble, lowest price 45 guineas. CLOSE TO PORTLAND- PLACE. tO be DISPOSED OF by Private Contract, the unexpired term of six years and a half's LEASE of a HOUSE, in complete, repair, very recently fitted up, and handsomely furnished in the present stile. ' The fixtures and furniture to be taken at a fixed price. For particulars inquire at Messrs. Baylis and Brooks's, No. 28, Old Bond- street ; and at Mr. M'Lellan's, Upholsterer, No. 114, Great Russell- street, Bedford- square. EPPING FOREST. be SOLD by Private Contract, a BRICK- BUILT GENTEEL COTTAGE, adapted for a sporting box, with coach- house, large garden, orchard, and about two acres of land, copyhold, in a situation remarkably heaithv, and ou the most elevated and romantic part of the Forest, only 13 miles from town. Also, a Freehold roomy House, in good repair, coach- house, 6cc. and large garden, tit. for the immediate reception ofa family. Inquire, ( if by letter, post paid,) at No. 11. Albion- street, Blackfriars, Surry. PURSUANT to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery made in a Cause DALTON against PARRY and OTHERS," the CREDITORS of JANE JUD. BURKE, late of the City of Bath, in the County ofSomerset, widow, de- ceased, are forthwith to come in and' prove their debts before Alexander Popham, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court at his Chambers in Southampton Buildings, Chancery- lane, or in default thereof they will be excluded the benefit of the said Decrce. PURSUANT to a Dccree of the High Court of Chancerv, made in a cause PROUDFOOT against OR- TON and others, the CREDITORS arul LEGATEES of ROBERT SPARKES, late of Basing- lane, in the City of Loudon, Bricklayer, deceased, are forthwith to come in and London, or in default thereof they will be excluded the benefit of the said Decree. pURSUANT to a Decree of the High' Court of i Chancery, made in a cause, DALTON against PARRY and OTHERS, the NEXT of KIN of JANE JUDITH BURKE, late of the city of Bath, in the county of Somerset, widow, deceased, who were living at the time of her death, which happened in the month of April 1802, or the representa- tive or representative.- of any of such next of kin, who arc since dead, are forthwith to eoise'in before Alexander Popham, Esq. one of tlx Masters of the said Court, at his chambers ill South- ampton- buildings, Chancery- lane, London, and make cut his, her, or their kindred, to the said testatrix, or their representa- tion to any such kindred who are since dead, or in default thereof they will be. excluded the benefit of the said Decree. \. B. The said Jane Judith Burke was burn at Bally- Martin, in the county of Limerick, in Ireland, in the year 1723. tO be SOLD, pursuant to a Decree of the High A Court of Chancery, made in a cause PILBROW against MELANSCHEG, before John Campbell, Esq one of the'Mas- ters of the said Court, at the public sale room of the said Court, situate in Southampton- buildings, Chancery- lane, London, about the middle of . May next, in several distinct lots, sev eral LEASEHOLD ESTATES, situate in Pentonville, Swan- yard in the Strand, and SomersUmn, in the county of Middlesex, and in Gibraltar- row, St. George's Fields, in the county of Surry, late the estates of Alexander Gardiner, of Swan- yard in the Strand, carpenter, deceased. Particulars whereof may be had ( gratis) at the said Master's office, in Southampton- build- ings, aforesaid; ot' Messrs. Jennings and Collier, solicitors in Shire- lane, Carey- street; and of mr. Truwhitt, solicitor, No. 4, Lyon's Inn. FLEET- STREET. tO be SOLD by Private Contract, on Tuesday, A the 30th Instant, at Eleven o'Clock precisely, by a Com- mittee of the Governors of St. Bartholomew's Hospital, the ma- jor part of a dividable FREEHOLD HOUSE, most desirably situate at the corner of Fleet- street, and Fleet- Market, iii the City of Loudon, am) in the occupation of Mr. William Wright, Vintner, tenant at will, under notice, to uuit at Christmas- day next. The property to be sold contains a space, of about thirteen feet eight inches in front, next Fleet- street, by a depth of about sixty- six feet, and has for inanv years been used a retail li- 2uorshop, for which its immediate vicinity ta the Market, ren- ers it most eligible. Proposals, sealed up, to be sent in the mean time to the Clerk at the Counting- house of the said Hospital. April 3,1803 JOHN WOOD, Clerk. TO THE PROPRIETORS OF EAST INDIA STOCK. LAdiES AKD GENTLEMEN, thE Election of Six Directors for, the East India j A Company, being appointed for Wednesday, the 10th of April next, the favour of your Vote and Interest" is requested lor the following Gentlemen. J. BoSaNQUeT, ESQ. T. REID, Esq. J. COTTON, ESQ. J. ROBARTS; ESQ. . F, PARRY, ESQ. R. THORNTON, ESQ Which will very inuch oblige, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your most obedient Servants, W. F. ELPHINSTONe, J. MaNship, T. METCALFE, C. MILLS, T. PARRY, r. C. PLOWDEN, a. ROBARTS, g. SMITH, G. W. THELLUSSGN, W. THORNTON, S. TOONe, J. TRaVERS, East India House, March 27. C. GRANT, f• barINg, J. beBB, W. BeNsley, W. DEVAYNES, S. FraSEr, h.. INGliS, J. iNGliS, P. Le MesuRIER, S. LushingTON. TO THE PROPRIETORS OF EASt inD1A STOCK. LadiES AND GENTLEMKN; HAVING the honour of being recommended to you by the Directors of the East India Company as ( Candidates lor tlu: Direction to be chosen this year, the liberty of requesting the favour of your votos on the day, of ejection— Wednesday the 1.0th April next. We are. Ladies and Gentlemen, Your most obedient and very bumble Servants, JACob boSANQUET, JOSEPH COTTON, East India- House, EDWARD PARRY, 27ih March. ThOMAAS REID, JOHN ROBERTS, ROBERT THORNTON. NOTICE FOR LKTITNO TOLLS. NrOTlCE is hereto iriven. that the TRUSTEES of the TURNPIKE nOAJ) leading from SHORft- IHTCH to BEl'HX- U, GREEN, will, on MONDAY the 6th il. ty of Alav U » 05, al the Camden's- lieadi ill the said Tor^ l, at Twelve o'clock at noon, let by auction fur three, years from Midsummer next, the Tolls of the turnpike i » ates, as increased by the Act of tile present Session of Parliament. Whoever happens to be the best bidder, must give security for payment of the rout agreed for. particulars maybe known on inquiry of Joseph Mcrccron, Esq. ttelhiial- sfecu ( the Measurer) or of the Clerk to the. said trustees.. CHYRLES LUSH, Clerk, fOUNDLlNG HOSPITAL, 9th April, 1805. FRIDAY NEXT, ( being GOOD FRIDAY) there will be. Divine Service in the Chapel of this Hospital, when two Sermons will he preached': in the Morning, by the Rev. John Hewlett. B. D. Morning Preacher to this Charity, and LeCturer of the United Parishes of St. Vedast Forster, and St. Michael le Quern -;, 3nd.. in the Evening by the Rev. Sydney Smith, A. m: late Fellow of New College, Oxford, and alternate Evening Preacher to this Charity. On Easter Sunday, both . Morning and Everting, Hymns and Anthems', suitabte to the occasion, will be sung. By Order, MoRRIS LIEVESLEY, Sec. T SMALL- POX AND INOCULATION HOSPITALS. PANCRAS. HE COMMITTEE do hereby notify, that the _ Office of Physician to this Institution is become vacant by the recent death of Dr. William Woodville, and that they will meet on Tuesday, the 23d day of April instant, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon precisely, at Batson's Coffee- house, in order to examine the qualifications of Candidates ; and such Candidates arc referred lor any previous information to mr. Wachsell, the Resident Surgeon at the Hospitals, or to the Se- cretary, at his own house. The Committee have appointed Dr. Robert Willan to supply die vacancy until a successor be duly elected.— Dated 4th April, 1805. By Order of the Committee. A. HIGHMORE, Secretary, No. 40, Haydon- square. PARISH OF ST. CLEMENT DAN ES. NOTICE is hereby given, that the Committee for better Paving, Cleansing and lighting the said Parish, will meet in the Vestry- Room, near the said Church, on FRIDAY, the 19th instant, precisely at Six o'Clock in the Afternoon, to receive Proposals ( sealed up),- and Con- tract with ally Person for the Scavengers Work to be done in the said Parish. Also tor finding and Lighting about eight hundred globular lamps, with two spout burners to each ; and also for repairs of the foot and carriage ways within the saidCotn- mittee's- jurisdiction, not exceeding three years from Michael- mas next ( but at the option of the Committee to determine such Contracts at the end of the first or second years). Secu- rity for performance of the several Contracts must bo given, and further Particulars may he known, by applying at the jClerk's Office, No. 40, Norfolk- street, in the Strand, any morn- iig, at Ten o'Clock.— By Order of the Committee. " M. CHESSALL, Clerk, THE GOVERNORS of CHRIST's HOSPI- TAL, London, give Notice, that a Committee will sit in the Counting House of the, said Hospital, on WEDNESDAY, the 15th day of May, 1805, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon precisely, to receive " Proposals, for taking oil Building Leases the following Ground and Premises, at clear yearly rents: On SNOW- HILL, near Skinner- street. Lotl. For 61 years from . Midsummer, 1805, a PIECE of VACANT GROUND, containing in front about 98 feet, op- posite to, and formerly the garden ground of. the Hand- in- hand Fire Office, in Angcl- court, Snow- hill. Lot 2. For. 61 years from Lady Day, 1806, a PIECE of GROUND, opposite to Lot 1, and nearly of tile same contents, on part of which stands the late Hand- in- hand Fire Office, now occupied bv . Mr. Charles Spilsbury, Printer. Note.— Possession may be immediately had of Lot 1; hut that part of .1 , ot 2, which" is occupied by Mr. Spilsbury, will not be given possession of till Lady Day, 1806. HOUSES in FRONT of BlSHOPSGATE- STREET, and others ill ROSE- ALLEY", behind, contiguous to tliem. Lot 3. for 6! years from Lady Day, 1806, GROUND in FRONT of BISHOPSGATE- STREET, containing about 51 feet, whereon are at present three Houses, Nos. 37, 58, and 59, in the rcspeotive occupations of Mr. Viven, Bookseller and taisterer ; Mr. Allen, Perfumer and Jeweller; and Mr hud- derforth, Child- bed. and Ready- made Linen Warehouse'- keeper, with a private door as an entrance to No. - 10. Note.— - If two houses are built hereon, according to the plan hereafter referred to, this may lie taken in two lots. Lot 4. For 61 years from Lady, Day, - 1806, GROUND be- hind Lot 3, iu rose- alley, at present used as a timber yard, and other purposes, ( whereon are sundry sheds), containing about 139 lectin length, from West to East. The Surveyor of the Hospital has prepared Plans for Build- ing upon the aforesaid Lots Houses, as under: Upon Lots 1 and 2, six Houses each; upon Lot 3, two Houses, reserving an arched Passage to Lot 4, whereon - it is proposed lo erect nine small houses; and such Plans with Elevations may be in- spected at the Counting House of the Hospital, where thi- ther particulars may be known. Any Person proposing to cover the ground with Buildings or Houses dilferently, must submit their Plans and Elevations, specifying the amount to he expended, seven days before the Meeting of the Committee, that the propriety ot such Plans may he considered before the 15lh May, when all Perseus bidding must attend to answer to their Proposals. The old materials are reserved by the Hospital, and the first year of the term will be at a pepper corn rent. Christ's Hospital, 4th April, 18i) i. RICH. CORP, Clerk. MR. BREE begs to state, that the sedulous at- tention of a practice, exclusively directed to certain complaints, entitles him to the claim of' superior acquirement. As a Member of the Royal College: of Surge- on', he oilers- a speedy and permanent Cure for every stage of that disorder which" is contracted in a moment of intoxication, und for every class of the debility which is the consequence of juvenile indis- cretions. For the result of his experience in this peculiar branch, he refers to Publications on the subject, and to that re- putation. which, he flatters himself, he has acquired. Without offence to the most fastidious delicacy, he challenges the appro- bation of the Moralist, in rendering to individuals a removal of those Deficiencies or Diseases, which solitary vice, or prevalent gaieties, have unfortunately induced. mr. BREE may be con- sulted with secresy, by either sex, at his house, .'-.', Arundel- street. Strand, near Temple- bar. Letters front , the country ex- spected to inclose a. small note DROPSY: ~~~ mR. LUXMORE, of Southampton Buildings, Holborn, London, ( late Surgeon at Uxbridge,) thinks it necessary lo acquaint the Public that he continues to attend Patients in the DIFFERENT SPECIES of this Disord r, which includes dropsy of the chest, both in town end country, and that he may be consulted at home every Monday morning before twelve o'clock, and in general every other morning be- fore Eleven. . No Letters, unless post- paid, will he received.— See his Address to hydropic patients third edition, sold by Highly, fleet street .- v.,. , JOOl oi ? T . ... i. ivi i a.- i-^ iar-: : riv on j. nj „,, rJ v Messrs. Ellis AND Fletcher, No. L jci, H- B- IIUI •.-! » ;!(. nAVY- 0FFICE, March 30,1805. tHE PRINCIPAL OFFicErS and COMMIS- SiONERS if UK MAJESTY'S NAVY do hereto give Notice, that on SATURDAY, the iSth of April next, at One o'Clock, they will be ready to treat with such Persons as may be wil- ling to Contract for Building in Merchants' yards, riot in the river Thames, or River Medway, SIX SHIPS to crry 22 tluns eacli, agreeable to the Draughts' which : my be seen al this Ollicc. No Tender wilt he received after Twelve' of Clock on tht itaq of ' Treaty, nor any noticed, unless the Party, or an Agent for him at- tends. NAVY- OFFICE, March 28,1805. PRINCIPAL OFFICERS ' and COMMIS- , SIOnERS of HIS MAJESTY'S NAVY ,10 hereto, sir* notice, that on the undermentioned days, at Twelve o'clock, the a will'be ready to treat with such Persons as ,.: atr be willing to Con- tract for • supplying his Majesty's several Yards with the follow- ing Articlev rJz. Oxi WEDNESDAY, the 10th April next, TAR, PITCH, ROziN TURpEntiNE, RUSSIA TALLOW. On ThurSDAy, the Uth April- next, PONTOP or ADAIR'S MaIN COALS ; ami lor mppi, line; the Navu- OHiec with WALK- ER, WILLIngTON, hEATON, or PERCY MAIN COALS; oho tor supplying ti, c several Yards with PETERSBURGh and RIGA HEMP. , Samples of th. Pitch, Rozin, and Tallow, with Forms if the Ten- ders for supplying the whole if the Articles, and distributions of the same, may be seen at this Office. No Tender rill be received after Twelve o'Clock, OH the day of Treaty, nor any noticed, unless the Party, or an Agent for him, attends. VICTUALLING- OFFICE, . March , 1805.:- rrUIE COMMISSIONERS for VICTUALLING I HIS MAJESTY'S NAVY do hereby give notice, that on TUESDAY the 9th April next, iltey will tie ready io receive Tenders in writing ( sailed up), mid'trcat for THREE HUN- DRED CHALDRONS of PITT'S TANFIelD MOOR COALS, full pay, lobe delivered, in a whole Cargoe or Cargoes, frei: of all charge and risque to H is Majesty, alongside Hit Mu- iesty's Victualling Premises at Deptford, in the Spaci of Six IVcel. t al farthest from, the date of the contract, and to be paid for by bilis payable with interest 90 days after date. The Conditions of the Con- tract may he seen at the Secretary's Office. No regard will ic had to any Tender in which the Price shall not be inserted m words at length, or that shall not he delivered lo the board bc/ orc Oite u Clack on the said Tuesday the 9th of April net, nor unless the Person, - who makes the Tender, or some Person on his behalf attends to answer when culled for. EXCHEQUER BILL OFFICE. April 8,1805. ALL EXCHEQUER BILLS, dated in the Month of November 03, to be paid off The lOrds Commissioners of his Majesty's Treasury having given directions for paying off the Principal of ' the above- mentioncd Ex- chequer, Bills with the interest thereon, at the Exchequer hill Of- fice in St. Margaret's- street, between the Two Palace Yards, H'est- minster, on Friday, the'/ tith day of " April, 1803, attendance wW be given daily ( Sundays and Holidays excepted) until Saturday the 201 h, f this instant April, inclusive, f rom Ten o'Clock in the Morn- ing till One in the Afternoon, for the purpose of receiving the same. And for the greater dispatch, the hearers of the s li i bills are desired to bring lists thereof, containing thenumbersin numerical order, ac- cording to the value of the said bills, and times if commencement of interest, with the principal sums and interest due thereon, computei from the days on which they are respectively dated, exclusive to ihe said ' 26th day of April, 1803, inclusive, when the interest w II cease ; and they arc desired to zvrite their names and places of abode on such lists, and indorse their names on the said bills. If any of the holders if the aforesaid bills should be desirous of re- ceiving payment of the principal and interest, previous to the said US th day if April, 180.5, they may be accommodated on computing theintcrest to the day on which they wish to be paid, and leaviu* the said bills for examination one day prior thereto. Such persons us may be desirous if having new Excheauer Rills in pent payment upon mentioning the anion it at the. bottom of their lists delivered on or before Saturday the ' 20th of this instant April, may be accommodated with new bills carrying an interest of three- pence halfpenny hy the day on every one hand red pounds, which said new bills will bear date the said. ' 26t:, day of April, 1805, an i will be delivered on Monday the 2 9th April, and the following days. The holders of the above- mentioned Exchequer Hitisarc requested, to make separate lists of eueh description of bills. N. B. A! l Exchequer Rills dated prior io November 1803, have been'advertised to be paid off, and the interest thereir AMICABLE SOCIETY'S OFFICE, SERJEANT'S 1A\, FLEET- STREET, 9th April, 1B03. thE CORPORATION of the AMICABLE SOCIETY/ or a PERPETUAL ASSURANC E- oFFiCE, JOhN PENSAM, Register. BRITISH FIRE- OFFICE, STRAND AND CORN III LI,. INSURANCE is granted by this Office on Houses, Buildings, Manufactures, Ships, and all other Vessels, Goods, Merchandize. Farming Stock, and other Property, from Loss or Damage hy fire. The Directors return their thanks lo the Public for the unpre- cedented preference given by thru: to this Office ; they are happy to find that the plans they have adopted for the improvement of Eire Insurances have given such general satisfaction, and that t- rough their exertions the business is better understood, and i: s adrantages rendered more generally beneficial-, they beg to recommend, tluir mode of insurance on Agricultural Stoci., he Premium upon which is 2s. ( ill. per cent. only. The Office grants insurances for Periods short if a year, and makes good loss by Eire from Lightning. Receipts for Insurances becoming due at Ladij- daii, art-. i- i the hands of their Agents, in the princip. il Cities anil Vow, is, who will deliver Proposals wiihilic Rates of Insurances, gratis. :' 7" The tifteen days allowed tor payment beyond the date of each Policy will expire on the 9th dnv of Apr! nest. ROBERT SkEltON, Sec. WESTMINSTER LIFE INSURANCE AND ANUitY OFFICE, STRand And CORN HILL, LONDON. PERSONS dessrous of providing for their Families or Dependants may, by an Annual Payment, see arc to their IVidows, Children, or any other Person, either an Annuity for the remainder if life, or u gross sum to bepuid at their decease. Insurances may he mode for a - variety of other purposes;— to pro- vide for Renewal of Erases;— to secure Sums paid for Places or Employments, or for the purchase if Lfe Estates ; — or in Aid of Arrangements between debtor and creditor, et, c. Ci- c. VOLUNTEERS. robERT SkELtON, Sec. IMPERIAL PARLIAMENT. hOusE OF LORDS. \ MONDAY, AprIl, 9- Their Lordships proceeded further in the appeal Blane, Esq. Trustee for Sir Andrew Catheart, against the Earl of Cassillis. mr. h. erskine was heard in continuation in behalf of the re- after which the further consideration was postponed till . thc Irish Militia Reduction Bill passed through a Committee, and was reported. Mr. NOWLAN from Ireland presented certain Papers in an Appeal, Cox, Esq. against Osborne Bart, from the Court of . Exchequer in Ireland. • The Duke of ATHOl presented A Petition from Elizabeth Atheston, praying for a bill lo Divorce her from Frederick touche her present Husband for Adultery. The necessary documents from the Ecclesiastical Court hav- ing been presented, The LORD ChANCellOR read the Bill, and afterwards ob- served. that a similar case, which occurred in 1801, seeuied to have established the point, that a woman, petitioning for that purpose, might have a divorce from her husband-; yet he thought it Bill of this nature deserving of their Lordship's serious consi- deration in its subsequent stage. The Puke ot ATHOL expressed wish that their Lordships would not discuss the ! Si! l until lb,-. whole case on which it was ' founded came fully and fairly before them. The Bill was then read a first time. Adjourned till to- morrow ( this day}. count can or ought to be given of tnftni hns acted in a maimer inconsi. sietit wit'i Irs ftu ' y , and incoih atiblo wall t'lose L : . lies which the Ijeuislalure im> ptovidc t lor the proper applica- tion oi the public money." CONTINUATION OF MOnDAyS DeBaTE. ADVERTISER, oracle, and true Briton. MR. WHITEHEAD'S RESOLUTIONS. • ard the Paymaster General of his Majesty's Land Forces, the Treasurer ijf the Navy, for the time being, shall not v any sum or sums of money iraprested to them, or either III yesterday's Paper, we gave a mere Abstract ; wc are now induced, for the sake of Historical Truth, to give a faithful Copy, of the Original Resolu- tions, which are as follow :-— " 1. That it appears to this Committee, that on the 18th of June, 1782, the House of Commons," in a Committee of the whole House cainc, amongst others, to the following Resolu- tions :— ' " That it is tite opinion of this Committee, that some regula- tions ought lo be adopted for the purpose ot lessening and keeping down the balances of public money . which appear to have usually been ill the hands of the Treasurer ' of the Navy, audit would be beneficial to t he public if the first and other Clerks in the different branches belonging to the said Oflice were paid by fixed and permanent salaries, in lieu of all fees, gratuities, and other perquisites whatsoever. " That it is the opinion of this Committee, that from hrncc- forn * nfl anply stuns imprested of them, to any purpose of advantage or interest to themselves either directly or indirectly. " That it appears to this Committee, that the Commissioners appointed to examine, take, and stare, the public accounts of the kingdom, have, so far as ap|> ears from the Reports which they bave hitherto made, discharged the duty intrusted to them with great diligence, accuracy, and ability; and if Par- liament sholl carry into execution those plans of reform and r, ^ illation hioii are suggested by the matter contained in rhe R.- jons ot'the said Commissioners, il cannot but be attended wi a tbe most beneficial consequences to the future welfare and prosperity of this kingdom." i. " 1' tiat in furtherance of the intention of the. House of C, ninions expressed in such Resolutions, His Majesty, by his warrant, dated June 26, 1782, directed that the salary of the Treasurer ofthe Navy should be increased to the sum o'f per annum, in full satisfaction of all wages anil fees, and ot her profits and emoluments heretofore enjoyed by former Trea- surers. 3. " That it appears to this Committee, that during the Trea- surership of the Right Honourable Isaac Barre, the conditions of the aforesaid warrant were strictly complied with ; that the whole of the money issued from the Exchequer to Mr. Barre, for naval services was lodged in the Bank ; that it was never drawn from thence previously to its being advanced to the sub- accountants to be applied to the public service; that during the time Mr. Barre acted as Treasurer and Ex- Treasurer, he had not in his possession or custody any of the public money, and that neither he nor the Paymaster of tbe Navy did derive any profit or advanta . e from the use or employment, thereof. 4. " That the Right Hon. Henry Dundas, now Lord Viscount Melville, succeeded to the office of Treasurer o! the Navy on the 19th of, August, 1782, when a further addition was mane to the salary ofthe said Office, in order to produce a net annual income of £ 4000, afterthe payment ot all taxes and charges on the same ;' and that this additional salary wa « considered by the said Lord Viscount Melville as granted lo him in li- u of all w ages, fees, profits, and other emoluments enjoyed by former Treasurers. 5. " That the said Lord Viscount Melville continued in tbe • aid Office till the 10th of April, 1783: that being asked, whe- ther he derived any advantage from the use of tbe public money dnring that period! he, in his examination before the Commis- sioners of Naval Inquiry, declined answering any question on that bead ; but that: he lias, in a letter since written to the said Commissioners, and dated the 28th ol March last, declared, that, previous to 1786, " he did not derive any advantage from the use or employ- bent of any monies issued for carrying on the services of the . Navy." But Mr. Douglas, who was Paymaster, being dead, and his Lordship having refused to answer any question on this head as aforesaid, no evidence has been ob- tained as to the application of monies issued for the service of the Navy, or the mods of drawing the same from the Bank ( lur- ing this period. 6. " ' I hat the Hon. C. Townshend, now Lord Bayning, held the office of Treasurer of the Navy from the 11th April 378:! lo the 4lh of January 1784; and that from the examination of lus Lordship, it appears that, during his Treasurership, no part of th". money issued for the service of the Navy was applied to his private, use or advantage; and that he does" not believe that Mr. troaglas, who acted under him as Paymaster, derived any profit or advantage from the use or employment of the public money except the money issued for the payment of Exchequer Fees. 7. " That the Right Hon. Henry Dundas was re- appointed Treasurer of the Navy on the 5th or January 1784, and continu- ed in tbe said office until the 1st » f June 1800. 8. f That in the, year 1785, an Act of Parliament was passed, ( 25 Geo. III. cap. 3l), intituled " An Act for better regelating the Office ot Treasurer of His Majesty ' s Navy ;" whereby it is directed that i* o money shall be issued from ti; c Treasury to the Treasurers of the Navy; but that all monies issued for naval services shall be paid to the Bank on account of naval services, and placed to the account of tbe Treasurer ofthe Navy, and sh- iil not be paid out of the Rank unless for naval services, and ' pur- uanoc of drafts signed bv tbe Treasurer, or some person or ta- re, illations under the said Act shall take place from the 31st of July, 1785. _ } 9*. tbe execution of tbe said Act was postponed till the i munrh of J- nuarv l? 8; i, and from that time till the month of i J, w 1800, when Lord Melville left the office of Treasurer, con- ! tr/- v to tbe practice established in the Treasurership of tiie Bight Hon. Isaac Baric, contrary to the lies- out- ops pf tire. House of Commons, of 18th Tune, 1782, and in defiance of tbe provisions of the above- mentioned Act of the 25th Geo. III. c. 31, large, sums of money were, under pretence of Naval Ser- vices, and bv a scandalous evasion ofthe Act, at Various times, drawn from the Bank, and invested in Exchequer and Navy B lis, lent upon security of Stock, employed in discounting private Bills, in purchasing Bank and East India Stock, and used in various ways for the purposes of private emolument. 10. " That Alexander Trotter, Esq. Paymaster of the Navy, w-' s th? person by whom, or in whose name, the public mo- ney was thus employed ; and that in so doing he acted with the knowledge an,! consent of Lord Viscount Melville, to whom he was at the s; e, pc time Private agent, and tor whose us- or ben'- St he occasionally laid out from .,£ 10 to ,£ 20,000, without co if*' ering whether he was previously in advance to his Lordship, and whether such advances were made from his public or private balances. 11. " That the Right Hon Lord Viscount Melville having been privy to and connived at withdrawing from the Bank of England,' for purposes- of private interest or emolument, sums issued to him as Treasurer of the Navy, and placed to his ac- count iitrbe Bank, according to the provisions of the 25th Geo. lit. c. 31, has been guilty of a gross violation of the taw, and a high breach ofdutv. 12. It further appears, that subsequent to the appoint- ed nt of Lord Melville as Treasurer of the Navy, in 17o4, and during the time he had field thai office, large sums of , issued for the. service of'tln- Navy, were applied to criicr* services; and that the. said Lord Melville, in a letter answer to a precept issued by the Commissioners of requiring an account of money received by person on his account, or by his order, from of the Navy, and also of the time when, and the whom, the same were returned to tlie Bank or Pay- declared, that he has no materials by which he uo such an account, and that, if be had materials, it without disclosing delicate and confidential of Government, which his duty to the public must from 13. " That Lord Melville, in applying monies issued for the service of th.' Navy to oilier services, staled to have been of so delicate and confidential u nature, that, in his opinion, 110 ac- pcrsons authorised by him', which drafts shall specify ti, e j nils ot service to which sums are to be applied, and that tie That part of our Report which was necessarily omitted yesterday from, want of room, we have thought it incumbent upon us. jor the information of our readers, to insert in this day s Paper. Lord CAStLEREAGh who followed Mr. Fox, opposed the motion, arguing that the very severe animadversions which had fallen iium Mr. Fox, were not iully justified by. the nature of the charges against Lord Melville, " llis Lordship expressed bis own sincere wish that Ihe atfair might be thoroughly silled to the bottom by Parliament; but he also wished, thai the House would not be induced by party clamour aud vociferation to forget indi- vidual justice. His Lordship, therefore, deprecated entering fully into the business at present, uillcss it were intended to move fur- ther for the Dismissal of Lord Melville from His Majesty's ser- vice. lie considered, he observed, Mr. Trotter in the light of a deputy of Lord Melville's; and that, tliereiore, the manner iu which the public money entrusted to his care had been em- ployed, demanded the particular attention of Parliament ; but his Lordship was against treating lord Melville with the severity intended; and deprecated their being hurried by their sensa- tions of strict rectitude into a premature decision upon a sub- ject which involved objects of such magnitude. His Lordship also staled, that a strict examirta fion ot the accounts was very necessary to know to what length the supposed abuse bad been carried. Lord ANDOVeR supported the motion, and censured with much acrimony the conduct of . Lord Melville. He enlarged particularly upon tbe answer the Noble Lord had made when I fie plain questions whether lie had connived at Mr. Trotter's practices, or- received any emolument from them, were put to him by the Commissioners. An answer, his Lordship ob- served, very dissimilar to that of the. Roman Statesman, who, scorning any other justification, appealed boldly to Ihe opinion his country at large entertained ot his honour and in- tegrity. Such was not Lord Melville's character: his sensibility, his integrity,' was not of that nature which " seeks tbe light, and courts the Hay." His Lordship concluded rather abruptly. Mr. WILbERFORCE expressed himself in decisive terms in favour ot the motion. Though it was not fully evident to the House that Lord Melville had any direct gain from the transactions which ye re alluded to, yet he could not say that his Lordship had not received accommodation from them. It was, however, very clearly in evidence, that Mr. Trotter had acted on a very large and extensive scale. If the House was once to suffer a Minister to say, that he had connived at tbe breach of a law, by his deputy, a con- fidential servant, constantly for a number of years, and that the superior was to be allowed to pass uncensured, because no personal corruption had been proved against himself: if that was once, to be admitted as a principle by which the con- duct of the House of Commons was to be directed, there was no security remaining for the faithful discharge of any public trust. Such was the, opinion which he entertained of the conse- quences of the loss ot confidence and honour, fhat it was be- yond the value of any thing else which could be set in balance against it. M'ich as tbe people of England disliked the conduct of Charles I. in levying ship money without the consent of Par- liament, they thought it ten'times worse that the Judges gave their opinion in favour . of the measure. When the body that they looked to for protection had declared against them, they saw no resource to which they could then lawfully turn, and the consequences were too well known for him to think it neces- sary to repeat them. The House was now applied to as tlie Constitutional Guardians of the People's Rights, and he should discharge his duty to the people fo the best of his judgment as an upright Member of that House, and as a conscientious man, ill giving llis vote, this night. He thought that the case was broarl, plain, and palpable before them, and gave the motion his most sincere support. Sir C. PRICE observed, that, as a magistrate and a man, he felt himself most fully justified in declaring that if Lord Melville had been cptirely free from any criminality, he would have an- swered more fully and unequivocally than be had done. He therefore supporte'd the original motion. Mr. WALLACE defended Lord Melville. Lord ARCHIBALD HAMILTON rose, he said, at that late hour, only to remark, that no one Scots Member had spoken against the nefarious proceedings of the two Scotsmen, whose conduct had been the subject ol the debate. He rose therelore to declare that he should vote for the original Motion. The House then divided on the original Motion. For the previous Question, 216 Against it, 216 The SPEAKER then, as usual on a parity of Votes, gave his casting Voice ill favour of Opposition, consequently against the Previous Question, which made'the Majority, .... 1 The other Motions were then put seriatim, and carried in the affirmative, without interruption, till they came to the lltli, containing the censure on Lord Melville. Mr. PITT here moved an Amendment to leave out the last words, gross violation ofthe law, and a high breach of duty," aud to insert the words—" contrary to the intention of the law." on this a debate rook place. Mr. GREY said, that it would be scandalous dereliction of' their own duty, not to say, that the Connivance of Lord Lord Melville in the conduct of Mr. Trotter, was not a gross violation of law, and a high breach of duly. Mr. PitT said, he would withdraw that amendment, and only move to insert after the words " f'r purposes of private interest or emolument," the words " to Mr. Trotter," because he said there was no proof or confession that he connived at the drawing out ofthe money for his own interest or emolument. Nay, he had in his letter denied it. Sir WILLIAM PULtENeY said, he thought this would be reasonable, provided the words " as acknowledged by Lord Melville," were inserted. Mr. WhITBrEAD said, be had no particular objection to this amendment. Tlie words iu his motion had been left ge- neral, because it was confessed that the sums were drawn out for private interest and emolument, hut not specified directly whether for Lord Melville as well as Mr, Trotter. In this way the motion was read by the Chair. It then stood thus: " That the Right Honourable Lord Viscount Melville having been privy to and connived at the withdrawing from the Bank of England ( as acknowledged by Lord Melville). purposes of private interest or Mr. WINDHAM contended that after the clear elucidation of the cn-: e I hat the Treasurer of the Navy could answer whe- ther iic had not derived advantage from the' public money, Ihe words in the'Resolution ought to be left ambiguous. Mr. FOX said that tiie attempt to screen Lord Melville from the remit of the, previous resolutions by so trilling an amend- ment, would do the N oble Lord no good, but would put that House in very aukward point ot view. mr. wilBeRfORCe said, that not to brand the transaction by the epithets of gross violation of the law, and a high breach oi duty, after the confession of Lord Melville, would be igno- minious to tiie House. Mr, SHERIDAN said, that the amendment made the motion almost nonsense. To say, in the first instance, that Lord Mel- ville connived for sixteen years, ami then to fritter away the conclusion, was a most extraordinary way of acquitting his colleague. Mr BASTARD said it was imposible for any Gentleman to support such art amendment. weDnesSDAy, APRIL 10. t. GRENVILLE spoke to the same effect. Mr. pitT persisting iu his declaration that he would take the sense of the House, the gallery was cleared; but on the question being put on the motion as it " originally stood, the Speaker de- clared that the Ayes had it, and Sir. Pitt did not divide. The two other motions weie then put and carried. Mr. WhitBREAD then gave nonce, that on Wednesday he should submit to the House a motion for the Dismissal of Lord MELVILlE from His Majesty's Service. The motion lor the adjournment of the House till Wednesday having been proposed, as we understood, on our return lo the Gallery, Mr. FOX said, he had no objection personally to the pro- posed adjournment It, however, the House were, of a diffe- rent opinion, lie would readily consent to the farther and im- mediate investigation of the conduct of a disgraced Ministry. Adjourned to Wednesday. HIGH WATER AT LONDON- BRIDGE THIS DAY' PRICE OF STOCKS YESTERDAY. After nil that lias been urged against the character and conduct of l. ord MELVILLE, it has not yet been clearly proved that he was a. participator of the pro- fits derived from the use of the Public Money by his Deputy Mr. TROTTER. That he sanctioned or con- nived at the improper exercise of Mr. TROTTER'S official power and authority cannot be denied; but that liis Lordship could hazard his fair fame by a base participation of Mr. TROTTER'S pecuniary advantages in the temporary application of the public money, we cannot for a moment believe. With ail . our partiality, however, for his Lordship, who is known to possess the private virtues and social qualities in an eminent degree, his unchecked sufferance of Mr. TROTTER'S- improper and illegal conduct . affords strong cause of suspicion. llis enemies have eagerly embraced that opportunity when public suspicion and public indignation were aroused to national resentment; and their 1 success has been equally precipitate with the fury of their rancour, and the madness of their an- tipathies. Although many well meaning Members of the House of Commons may have been prema- turely hurried to a vole, yet the decision of so great and so raipectable a body as the Commons of our United Kingdoms in Parliament numerously assembled, cannot fail of commanding our greatest esteem and highest veneration. Although" we are of opinion that Mr. PITT'S proposition for a Select Com- mittee of Inquiry woulil have been more solemn and more dignified, and afforded the distinguished person criminated an opportunity of explaining or exculpat- ing himself, yet we freely confess, that, after the the Roman maxim, a Minister of our Country ought not even to be suspected. We were always taught to believe, that some strong and irresistible proofs of exculpation would have been ottered on Monday evening; and wc are still- induced te think, that if the appointment of the Select Committe had been agreed to, some explanation would have been made so as, to have proved, that by the lending of money from one branch of government to another, and thus vio- lating a positive act of Parliament, the deviation was justifiable by State Necessity. But Lord MEL- VILLE'S Enemies, furiously bent on his ruin, and fearful of losing the golden ascendency which fortune had given them, would listen to no com- promise, would consent to no inquiry. We bow with the most profound respect to the Voice of I'ur Iiament; we know that to adventure a contrajy opinion at the present moment is to endanger that flattering share of popularity which our Paper has acquired; but we cannot help expressing a wish, that his Lordship had been put on his trial before con- demnation. His gre. it services to his country demanded such an act of justice. It was what Mr. PITT, Mr. CANNING, Lord CASTLeREAGH, and other Friends, earnestly recommended; and, we believe such a process, upon reflection, would have been more satisfactory to the minds .. of many respectable Gentlemen, who have been misled by the heat of debate, whose understanding has been hurried forward to a premature decision. If, however, an eminent and a confidential Servant of the Public has been guilty of the malversations laid to his charge— of which we are still taught to entertain a hope he is innocent— no punishment' can be too heavy, no disgrace too severe. But sup- posing that the majority of the Commons have been misguided Ijy wrong impressions in refusing a fair trial to an accused individual, we highly respect the motives of their conduct. It was the triumph of the Country over the supposed corruption of a Minister— it was the Genius ofthe Constitution pro- tecting the British Empire. But every impartial man will sincerely deplore if an old aud an able Servant of the Public lias fallen a victim to party rancour and to popular clamour. Our Squadron off Boulogne discovered, on tbe 6th inst. fifteen of the Enemy's Flotilla high and dry, and completely wrecked, On the coast near the en- trance into Boulogne. These vessels are supposed to be the greater part of a Squadron that left Dieppe for the general rendezvous of Boulogne. On the ^ yth Feb. the whole of the BREST FLEET left the Goulet, and returned to Port, consisting of twenty- one sail of the line, and four frigates ; yet we are told that the Pallas frigate was chaced on the 27th February by two of the Brest Fleet that had escaped through the Passage du Raz. Another ac- count says, they were two of the Rochefort Squadron returning from the West Indies. A third will probably make them two of the Toulon Squadron. We, however, can assure our Readers, as we stated last Monday, that the ships alluded to were the Immor- tality and the Melpomene frigates, which the fog, and the apprehension for the safety of a few hundred thousand dollars, which the Pallas had on board, magnified into line of battle ships. ditional advice? can be expected fro. n the West In- dies. To those who may si ill i e disposed to cherish apprehensions for the safety of our Colonies there it may afford at least; a renovation of hope, that al- though the Enemy were in possession of Roseau on Che 21st. of February, they had made no attack on the garrison of Prince Rupert's thirteen days subse- quent to that period, viz. on the Oth of March. The distance from Roseau to Prince Rupert's is only 8 leagues, or 24 miles; we may, therefore, conclude that the Enemy were not in a condition to make any serious impression on the latter, and that Ge- neral PreVOST was fully competent to the defence of Prince Rupert's until the arrival of the expected succours from Barbadoes. Indeed some accounts state, that reinforcements had actually arrived. As to the confidence expressed by General PrE- VOST in the assistance he expected to. derive from the Militia of Dominica, it appears to Lave been founded . upon the surest criterion, a perfect experience of then singular gallantry, not only at Roseau, but at Point Michael, where they suffered themselves to be cut to pieces, rather than yield to their invaders. We have been favoured with a Letter from Antigua which contains some particulars on this subject^ not hitherto made public. It is as follows : ' .. r, • • T, " Feb. 26, 180<> It is with infinite sorrow I have to communicate the umnhU intelligence of the Invasion of Dominica b the hands off he French. a fallen into " The most lively apprehensions prevail throughout the I^ p ward Islands, as the greater part ot the British Naval Force ti now under repair : the Centaur has not a mast in " The fire at Roseau, 1 understand, has not comm to the North part of the town ; but has been the range leading from the Gaol to the Bay entirely consumed, as are those surrounding the Market " The Point Michael Militia; after having twice Enemy at that place, were, to use the expression of my Com pondent, literally cut to pieces ' " ^ orre- the town' n0t understand lhat there has been any plunder in " WILLIAM ANDERSON is severely wounded. We have received PARIS PAPERS to the 31st ulf. and DUTCH JOURN ALS to the 4th instant. The. Moniteur of the 27th gives a tedious account ot the baptism of Prince NAPOLEON LOUIS The ceremony was performed with great pomp " by the , POPE, in the Grand Gallery Qf St. Cloud, which was richly decorated on the occasion. The Young Prince was held over the Baptismal Font hy tl e Emperor and Madame his mother. A splendid entertainment was afterwards provided, of which the POPE, the Cardinals, Archbishops, and Bishops, partook ' This festive scene was followed by a dramatic representa- tion, performed by the principal Actors of the Parisian theatres, and at which their Imperial Majesties to- gether with the Mother of the Emperor, the Princes and Princesses, all the Court, & c. & c. were present In the evening some brilliant fireworks were disl played, and an illumination took place, to the great joy ot the public. The Senate have decreed their high satisfaction at the assumption of the Crown of Italy by their Im- perial Master. Rear Admiral LACROSSE is appointed to the com- mand ot the Boulogne Flotilla, in the room of Adm, BRUIX, deceased. A Letter from Genoa, of the 10th ult. after men- tioning the capture of our vessels by L'Incorruptible • and La Hortense, French Frigates, states, that the latter vessel was chased by an English ship of the line and a frigate, until she took shelter under the batteries of the Gulf of St. Juan. Lord MElVILle, it was last night believed in consequence of the - Vote of the House of Commons had resigned his official situation. Yesterday Earls CHATHAM, CAMDEN, Lord Sn>- MOUTH, and others, transacted business at Mr. PITT'S house. Mr. SPENCER SMITH transacted business at Lord MULGRAVE'S Office from three till four o'clock. The RUSSIAN AMBASSADOR transacted business at Lord MULGRAve's Office from two till three. Yesterday morning Sir JOSEPH BANKS had an in- terview with Earl CAMDEN at his Oflice. A Convoy for the . Trade bound to Archangel has been appointed to sail from Leith Roads 20th instant. 011 the Private letters from Canton, dated 20th Novem- ber, received by an American ship, which arrived at Portsmouth, on Friday evening, contains intel- ligence, that our homeward- bound ChiNA FI. EF. T were nearly all loaded, and were expected to sail the beginning of January last, consisting of the follow- ing undermentioned ships',, viz. Glatton, Capt. Drummond; Cirencester, Capt. Robertson- winchelsea, Capt. Campbell; Walmer Castle, Capt. Bond ' thames, Capt. Skottowe ; Brunswick, Capt. Grant; marquis of Ely, Capt. Hannay; and Canton, Capt. Lushington, with a Botany Bay ship. ° yesterday a Court of Directors was held at the East India House, when the ship Union, of 6' 0Q tons ( for four voyages), and the northumberland, of 6' 00 tons ( for six voyages), was taken up m ' the Company's service. the lollowing ships were stationed as follows : Sir William Pulteney, Bombay and Bengal ; Union, Madras aud Bengal; Sarah Christiana Madras and Bengal; Northum- berland, St. Helena and Bengal; and Euphrates, Madras aud The following is a List of the Officers 0n the Staff of the Expedition about to sail from Portsmouth General Sir James craig, k. B. Commander in Chief • Lieut Col. Banes, Captains Thornton and Dalrymple, and Lieut James, Aides- de- Camp ; Brigadier- General Campbell, Deputy Adjutant- General ; Lieut. taylor, Assistant Adjutant- General; Lieut Col, Bunbury, Deputy Quart,,- Master- General , Cap- tains Ryves and tomlyn, Assistant Quarter- Master- generals Capt. Hepburn, Brigade Major of the forces: Major- General Sir J, Stuart, Captains De Sade aud Buckley, Aides de Camp Brigadier- Generals tiLson, Hon. Cole and Acland • Mr A fernandez Deputy Commissary General: Mr Sommer- ville, Deputy Inspector General of Hospital's; mrHugo P > veyor General or Hospitals; . mr. Pinckard, Deputy Purveyor the Oracle of fashion. THE ROYAL FAMILY Yesterday morning His MAJESTY and the DUKE of CAMBRIDGE, accompanied BY Generals FITZ- ROy, GWYNNE, & C. tools the diversion of stag- . hunting; the deer was started at Stoke Common. PRINCESS AMELIA, accompanied by Count MITJT- STEH, and Hon. Mrs. eGERTON took an airing ' on horseback, in Windsor Great Park. HER MAJESTY and the PRINCESSES took an air- ing to Frogmore. We are sorry to say that PRINCESS SOPHIA is in- disposed at the Castle. LORD CHAMBERLAIN'S OFFICE, April 9. Orders for the Court to change the mourning on Sunday the 21st inst. for the late Queen Dowager of Prussia, viz. The ladies tp wear black silk, fringed or plain linen, ' white gloves, necklaces, and ear- rings, black or white shoes, fans, and tippets. Undress -' white or grey lutestrings, tabbies, or damasks. The gentlemen to wear black full- trimmed, fringed, or plain linen, black swords, and buckles. Undress— grey frocks. The Court to change the mourning further on Sunday the S8thinst. via. The ladies to wear black silk or velvet, coloured ribbons, fans, aud tippets, or plain white, or white and gold, or white and sil- ver stuff's, with black ribbons. The gentlemen to wear black coats, and black or plain whi te, or white and gold, or white and silve stuff waistcoats full trim- med, coloured swords, and buckles. And on Sunday the oth of May the Court to go out of mourning- LANCASTER ASSIZES. The Duke of YORK entertained the Marquis of CORNWALLIS, and several other distinguished Offi- cers, at dinner, on Monday, at his house in Port- man- square. The Public Days at Lambeth Palace will com- mence on Saturday the 27th instant. The Duke of PORTLAND is still confined to his room through indisposition. The LORD CHANCELLOR gave a dinner on Sun- day at his house in Bedford- square, to the Duke of MONTROSE, Earls CAMDEN, CHATHAM, WEST- MORLAND, and BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, Viscounts SIDMOUTH, CASTLEREAGh, and MELVILLE,. Lords HAWKESBURY and MULGRAVE, and the CHAN- CELLOR of the EXCHEQUER. The Marquis and Marchioness of AbERCORN , ac- companied by Lady CASTLEREAGH, leave town. this day for Bentley Priory, where they intend to remain until after the Easter holidays. Earl FITZWILLIAM gave a grand dinner on Sun- day to the Prince of WALES, Duke of CLARENCE, Duke of BEDFORD, Marquis of DOUGLAS, Earls of BESBOUOUGII, STAIR, FORTESCUE, DARNLEY, CAERNARVON, CARYSEORT, and SPENCER; Lords DUNDAS, HUTCHINSON, G. CAVENDISH, and MIN- TO; Messrs. Fox, GRENVILLE, SHERIDAN, CAL- CRAFT, ELLIOT, G. PONSONBY, and Dr. LAW- RENCE. The Earl of DERBY had a select dinner party on Sunday at his house in Grosvenor- square, among whom were Lord ARCHIBALD HAMILTON, General FITZPATRICK, Mr. and Mrs. GREY, Mr. and Mrs. CREEVEY, Mr. ROBERT ADAIR, Mr. and Mrs PoNSONBY, Miss ORD, & C. The Earl and Countess of MOUNTNORRIS were expected in town yesterday from Ealing Grove. The Countess STANHOPE gives a Grand Concert of Vocal and Instrumental Music to- morrow evening, at her house in Stratford- place. Lord CASTLEREAGH goes to his new residence in St. James's Square the latter end of next week. Lord and Lady AUCKLAND, ' and the. Miss EDENS, left town yesterday evening for Eden Farm. Lord and Lady CARRINGTON with their usual hos- pitality, gave, on Wednesday and Friday evenings last, two of the most elegant Suppers the Beau monde have witnessed this season. The tables were covered with the choicest viands and the richest wines Europe and Africa were capable, of producing. The frames most luxuriantly set out, were supplied by Mr. Lamlet of Wigmore- street. the Duke of York's Confectioner, and in justice. to him, we confess • we never saw any thing more tasteful or more splen- did. Among the company we noticed the bonny Duchess and her lovely Daughters, who never looked more divinely. Upwards of 200 of the first fashion- ables in town graced each night the Festive Board. Mrs. MONTAGU BURGOYNE gave her second llout on Monday evening, at her house in Baker- street, and, notwithstanding its being Passion Week, it was attended by about 200 fashionables. There are very grand preparations making at the Mansion- house, for the LORD MAYOR'S grand din- ner on Easter Monday. The Queen's Royal Volunteers are to be reviewed along with some other regiments, on Monday next, in hyde Park, by the Earl of BANBURY. The Rumour we noticed a few days since, respecting ' the separation of Master BETTY from his Tutor, Mr. HOUGH, we find is unfortunately ( we fear) for the for- • mer confirmed. The Boy, great as his genius and talents confessedly are, we are convinced is not suf- ficiently mature " to be left as yet to his own judg- ment; and Iiis Parents, perhaps, have acted rather precipitately, in kicking away the bidder that has raised them to their present eminence. A Morning Paper of some davs ago mentions, that Mr. HOUGH actually received the enormous salary of 30s per week, for enabling Master BETTY to get 100 guineas per ni" ht. 30s per week produces exactly £ 78 per annum ! And can it be possible that Mr. HOUGH did not re- ceive for his labours so much in one. year as his pupil did in one single night ? If this statement be correct, we know too well the generosity of a British Public to have a doubt as to the temper in which they will hear of it. For ourselves, we can scarcely repress our Indignation, while we mention the circumstance, but conceiving that the statement must he. errone- ous, we hope soon for further particulars, which, it is said, will shortly be laid before the Public The trials on the Crown side concluded last Wed- nesday, when five prisoners received sentence of Death. James Richardson, aged 21, for forging an indorse- ment upon a bill value <£ 14 8d. which bill had been taken out of a letter, put into the Post- office, at Li- verpool, directed to a person in Winchester. He made an eloquent address to the Jury, stating his services in his Majesty's Navy as a Midshipman, in which he had been wounded. The Jury recommend- ed him to mercy. Thomas Corky, aged 23, for having forged a check for £ 13. on Heywood's Bank at Liverpool. After his conviction, it appeared that the person, whose name this unhappy youth had forged, was surviving trustee under his father's will, and had property of his in bis possession at that time. Joha Birkett, for forging three bills of exchange at Preston, with an intent to defraud Messrs. Ather- ton, Greaves, and Denison, was found guilty; but his case reserved for the opinion of the Judges. Jane Warthington, for the murder of her female bastard child at Liverpool— Acquitted, but for hav- ing concealed its birth two years imprisonment. THE KING v. FEARNS. This was an indictment preferred by the same person as the last, against John Fearns, press- master, and Lieut. Otley, also on the impress ser- vice, for similar offences, and of which they were also acquitted. It was successfully contended that an Officer and press- gang have a right to break into a house, having previously demanded admittance, if they have information of sailors being therein, and having a lawful press- warrant. THE KING 11. BROMWICK. This was an indictment on the prosecution of Richard Ryan, of Liverpool, cabinet- maker, against Lieutenant Bromwick, and two Midshipmen, of the names of Sheridan and Burns, on the impress ser- vice, for riotously assembling before, entering his house, and assaulting him. The defendants were all acquitted. , The following is the House List for Governors and Directors of the Bank of Eng. for the year ensuing: For GOVERNORS, Benjamin Winthrop, Esq.. Governor. Beeston Long, Esq. Deputy Governor. FOR DIRECTORS, Sir Richard Neave, Bart. Jeremiah Olive, Esq. Alexander Baring, Esq. samuel Bosanquet, Esq. alexander Champion, Esq. George Dorrien, Esq. Nath. Bogle French. Esq. Jeremiah Harman, Esq. John Josiah Holford, Esq. Thomas Langley, Esq, Thomas Lewis, Esq. William Manning, Esq. Ebenezer Maitland, Esq. Wm. Mellish, Esq. John pearse, Esq. John Puget, Esq. Thomas Raikes, esq. John Baker Richards, Esq. Edward Simeon, Esq. Henry Smith. Esq. Peter Isaac Thellusson, Esq. Samuel Thornton, E-. u. Sir Brook Watson, Bt."& Aid. John Whitmore, Esq. FALMOUTH, APRIL 6.—- Arrived the ship hero, ——, from Greenock, bound to the West Indies.' Sailed the Humber armed ship, oil a cruize; and the American ship, Magistrate, Cobb, for Cadiz.— Wind N. W. PORTSMOUTH, APRIL 8.— Arrived about forty sail of trans ports, from Southampton, ai} d a large fleet of outward- bound vessels, from the Downs.— Wind S. W. dEAl APRIL 8.— Came down from Sheerness, and sailed through the Downs to the Westward, the. Isis man of war; also tlie Exeter East Iudiaftian, from the River for India.— Arrived the Galgo sloop of war from a cruize, and remains in the Downs with the Monarch and Utrecht men of war; Diomede, Hebe, Castor, and Jamaica frigates; Orestes sloop of war; Explosion, Zebra, Lucifer, Prospero, Hecla, Devastation, Dis- covery, and the Zebra bombs; a large fleet of Defence ships, and several gun- brigs ; and the Sarah, Lightly, for Antigua. I The election for GOVERNOR and DEPUTY GOVER- NOR took place yesterday, and that for DIRECTORS will be held this day from ten in the forenoon, till four in the afternoon. The - fire at Bermondsey- street, which consumed the three Jolly Hatters there,. and the adjoining house, was very nigh being attended with dreadful consequences, for the fire raged so rapidly, that with the utmost pains and difficulty the inhabitants made their escape, even in their shirts and shifts only. The First Surrey . and Bermondsey corps, on the alarm drum being beat) turned out, and preserved the unfortunate sufferers and their affrighted neigh- bours from being plundered. No lives were lost, and but one man lamed. MANSION HOUSE.— Yesterday Edward Evans, a boy of sixteen, was brought before the LORD MAY- OR, charged with defrauding his master, Mr. Mit- cham, a tobacconist, of different sums received in the shop for the sale of various articles. This ju- venile depredator appeared to have purloined money to a considerable amount, during a short residence in his master's service, and was at last detected in secreting three shillings paid for a pound of tobacco by a person named Boroman, who had been previ- ously instructed to mark the money. The LORD MAYOR noticed the necessity there was for snatch- ing so young an offender from destruction, and after bestowing proper admonition, ordered him to be sent on board the Tender, observing, he might become a good member of society in the service of his King and Country. HATTON GARDEN OFFICE.— Yesterday Andrew Thompson who was apprehended by Trott, the officer, a few days isgo, underwent an examination on a swindling charge, and the office was thronged with tradesmen who had suffered by the impositions of the prisoner, who, with others, carried on swind- ling practices by calling themselves - the Institutors of a Patriotic Establishment for the Relief of Poor Families, whose Husbands,. Fathers, & c. were serving in the Army and Navy. The prisoner re- sided at No. (), Gloucester- street, Queen- square, Bloomsbury, at which place a shain office was open- ed for subscriptions, & c. by which the philanthro- pist, as well as the tradesman who furnished the house, was duped. The Public were also imposed on by being led to suppose that this undertaking was to supply the families, above stated, with bread at 6d. the quartern loaf, and a baker's shop was opened in Dyot- street to give plausibility to this supposed plan ; but the bread was procured from a baker in Seven Dials, by the man who opened the shop, who stated that his oven was not ready. . The baker who supplied the bread, was one of those who suffered. The prisoner kept a black servant at the supposed office in Gloucester- street, who had been innocently trepanned in this business, and who developed the whole of the transactions of his master. It appear- ed by the statement of this man, that goods were sent in daily, by different tradesmen, and on their calling for the amount of them, the prisoner used to hide himself in a cupboard, so that the trades- men had not the smallest chance of recovering their property, which was usually taken away soon after its delivery„ This servant also stated that he fre- quently took letters to different Noblemen, some of FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, April 9. BANKRUPTS. Elizabeth Brettell, of Birmingham, hosier, to surrender April 19, 20, and May 21, at one,' at tile Hen and Chickens Hotel, in New- street, Birmingham. Attornies, Messrs. Swain and Stevens, Old Jewry, London ; aud Mr. Whately, in Bir- mingham. Henry Birkley, of Monkwearmouth Shore, Durham, black- smith, to surrender April 26, 27, and May 21, at eleven, ' at the house of Thomas Jowsey, innkeeper, in Sunderland. Attar- nies, Mr. Meggison, Hatton- garden, London ; and Mr. Hudson, Monk Wearmouth Shore. Thomas Froggatt, of Matlock Bath, Derbyshire, innkeeper, to surrender April 27, al four, 28, at ten, and May 21, at eleven, at the Kedleston Inn, in Derbyshire. Attormes, Mr. Brittlebank, Winster, Derbyshire ; aud Messrs. Owen and hicks, Bartlett's- buildings, Holborn, London. Wm. Bryon, of St. Mary at Hill, London, brandy- merchant, to surrender April 13,18, at ten, and May 21, at oue, at Guild- hall. Attornies, Messrs. Palmer and Tomlinsons, Waruford- court, Throgmorton- street. John Moorhouse, of John- street, Adelphi; wine- merchant, to surrender April 18, 83, and May 21, at ten, at Guildhall. Attornies, Messrs. Clayton aud Scott, Lincoln's- Inn New- square. . Searles Wade, late of Ipswich, Suffolk, to surrender April 13, May 4, and 21, at one, at Guildhall. Attornies; . Messrs. Swain aud Stevens, Old Jewry, London. Wm. Gurden the younger, of Stony Stratford, Buckingham- shire, lace- merchant, to surrender April 11, 18, and May 21, at eleven, at the White- Horse Inn, iu Stony- Stratford. Attor- nies, Mr. Wm. TOwnsend, of'Staple- Inn, London; and Mr. Cooch, of Newport Pagnell, Bucks. CERTIFICATES— APRIL 30. Thomas Gyblett, of New Compton- street, Soho, goldbeater. Thomas Bevan Farmer, oi Rotherhithe, carpenter. Wm. Log- gin and Robert Slater, of Newgate- street, linen- drapers. Hen- ry Hutchings the younger, of High Holborn, baker. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Elizabeth Harvey and Elizabeth Castle, coach- masters, Ro- chester, Kent, January 6,1805. Oliver Burke Smyth and Jasper Richards, surgeons, Jermyn- street, Westminster, April 5,1805. Edward Longdon Mackmurdo, Francis Hickes and William Vowler, merchants, London, Feb. 18,1805. Richard Marriott and Samuel Stanton, drapers, Northampton, March 22,1805. Thomas Newberry and Edward Jones, linen- drapers, Fleet- Street, March 30,1805. Reuben Rendle and William Johns, pawnbrokers, Plymouth Dock, April 1,1805. Thomas Foxton and William Cass, spirit- merchants, Thirsk, Yorkshire, Feb. 8,1805. William Franklin, John Bourne, and Thomas Adams Franklin, bankers, Spilsby and Horncastle, Lincolnshire, April 5,1805. Charles Hitchcock, and Edward Holmes. Baldock, chinamen, Hanway- street, Oxford- street, March 5,1805. , Nicholas Higginbotham , and Richard Johnson, cotton- spinners, Newton, Cheshire, Jan. 1, 1805. John Shakeshaft, Seth German, and Joseph Robinson, brick- makers, Preston, Lancashire, April 1,1805. Samuel Woolley, and Joseph Hall, hosiers, Nottingham, March 25, 1805. Joseph Garnett, and Thomas Laycock, maltsters, Wakefield, Yorkshire, July 31,1804. John Bulman, and Joseph Hickman, cotton- manufacturers, Great- Pearl- street, Spittal- fields, April 5,1805. BIRTHS. Thursday, at Calk- park, Derby, the Lady of Sir H. H'irpur, Bart, of a son. Tuesday, the Lady of H. C. Bowles, Esq. St. Paul's Church- yard, ol' a daughter. Lately, in William- street, Dublin, the Lady of R. N. Bennett, Esq. Counsellor at Law, of a son and heir. MARRIAGE. Saturday, at St. George's, Hanover- square, Capt. Bishoppe, of tire Guards, and son of Sir Cecil Bishoppe, to Lady Charlotte Townshend, daughter to the Earl of Leicester, and grand- daughter to the venerable Marquis Townsliead, iu the presence of Sir Cecil and Lady Bishoppe. ^ Saturday, at St. George's, Hanover- square, Lady Charlotte Townshend, the daughter of the Earl of Leicester, to tiie eldest son of Sir Cecil Bishop. CLEar RENT CHARGE OF £ 20 PEr ANNUM. By Mr. BATES, at the Yorkshire stingo, New, road, THIS DAY, ai One o'Clock, iSSUING out of TwO HOUSES situated in Ox- ford- street, No. 281 aud 282, in the possession of Messrs; Edwards and Enoch, for an unexpired term of 17 years from Lady- day,- 1805. Particulars may be had at the Platte of Sale ; and of Mr. Bates. No. 5. Welbeck- street; and No. 28, Orch- ard- street, Portman- square. FREEHOLD nEAr The CanAL PADDINGtoN. By Mr. BATES, at tlie Yorkshire Stingo, New- road, THIS DAY, ASINGULAR FREEHOLD COTTAGE with Land, near the Church, Paddington, finished in the Gothic Stile, comprising four cheerful airy bed- chambers and dressing closets, witir servants- rooms, drawing- room, largo parlour, kitchen, wash- house, coach- house, aud stabling, with a pleasure garden, large kitchen garden, and small pajdock, inclosed by high oak paling, extending iu front ( next ground abutting on the canal) near 500 feet, The. garden is very abundantly cropt and stocked wi. th espalier and standard fruit trees, vines, & c. A very small part of' the premises are copv- hoid, held on three lives, subject to a quit- rent of Is. 4d. per annum, and renewable for ever at a small ' hne'cerUun. To ' be " viewed by- tickets only, which, with particulars, may be had of Mr. Bates, Welbevk, street, aud No'. 2o, Orchard- street, Port- man- square. YORkshire sTINGO, NEW ROAD. Bv Mr. BATES, oil the Premises, THIS DAY, at One o'Clock, tHOSE Well- known LEASEHOLD PRE- MISESy so much frequented, and very advantageously situated to carry on trade in the line it ha's been lor many years used, and now capable of improving in. every . branch for which it is so well adapted, and from its- focal'. ad vantages and improving neighbourhood to those.- dis. tiiiguisite^ - premises, ren- der them worthy of notice. The above are capable of carrying on, to a great extent, the low following public branches united, a coffee- house and tavern* with every oilice sufficient for ac » commodating the first dinner company, with a bowling green, aud other amusements suitable for - large- parties. A part of tbe premises are used as a public- bouse, and very improveable both in the porter and ale trade, as well, as in wine and spirits, and also a mo. Ht capital ale brewery, with the plant belonging there- to ; the whole standing on a very large plot of ground, iteming the before- mentioned accommodations as also'skittle grounds, large kitchen garden, and every other adv-^ itagc that can at- tach to sucli a public concern, t " The principal room is* sufficient to dine two hundred persons, and various others lor small par- ties, and so well known as to need no comment. Held for an unexpired term of twenty years from Lady- Day, 1805. N. B. The above situation is'presumed to stand unequalled for the wine and spirit trade. To be viewed till the sale, and particu- lars had on the premises ; of Messrs.. Fielder and Burgoyne, duke- street, Grosvenor- square; and of Mr. Bates, Welbeek- treet and Orchard- street, Portman- square. By- PluMEr and SON, at- the Anchor- Inn, m Horsham, bus- sex, TO- MORROW, between the . hours of live and seven o'Ulock in the afternoon, ' A Neat, genteel FREEHOLD BRICK MESSU- AGE TEneMENt, suitable lor a Small family: com- prising, in front one kitchen and parlour, with a chamber over each ; in the back part, one brewhouse, pantry and cellar, one chamber and garret;- one coach- house, stable, outhouse, and half an acre of garden ground adjoining, more or less; situate near the Dog and Bacon, on Horsham Common,• and near the turnpike road, leading from Horsham to Loudon, iate in the oc- cupation of James Ridge. Immediate possession may be ha4i. For further particulars, apply to the auctioneers, at Horsham,- who will shew the premises. N. B. Horsham is 36 miles from London, 21 from Brighton, 20 from Worthing. ' TO BLACKWELL- HALL FACTORS, AND OTHERS. Freehold Premisses, Mason's- alley, Basinghall- street. By Messrs. ELLIS and FLETCHER, at Garraway's, on MONDAY, the 15th Inst. at Twelve o'Clock. AVERY eligible and improvable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in Mason's- alley, Basinghall- street, comprising two brick and timber dwelling- houses, three stories in height, with yards and cellars, Let to Mr. John Salmon, and Mr. Charles Mitcham, tenants at will. From the centrical situa- tion of the above, they are rendered very desirable for ware- houses or counting- houses, being within a few minutes walk of the Royal Exchange. May be viewed six days previous to the sale, by leave of the tenants, and particulars had of Messrs. Lister and Blaksley, Basinghall- street, and of Messrs. Ell; s and Fletcher, Fenchurch- street. ELIGIBLE AND EXTENSIVE LEASEHOLD- PREMiSES* Bearbinder- lane, near the Mansion- house, with immediate Possession. By Messrs. ELLIS and FLETCHER, at Garraway's, on Mon- day the' 15th inst. at Twelve o'Clock,_ tHE unexpired Term of very desirable substan- tial, and ROOMY PREMISES, being No; 5 and &, Bear- binder- lane, near the Mansion- house. The premises. No. 5, are in the possession of Mr. Arnett who retiring into the country, a. nd will give immediate possession; and contain nu- merous bed- chambers, dining- room, and convenient domestic offices; a very roomy shop, arid excellent dry cellarage. The whole very improvable, well adapted for any wholesale or re- tail- concern, and from their centrical situation, rendered very desirable. The dwelling- house, No. 6, is in the occupation of Mr. Samuel Gale, tenant at will. The whole subject to a very low rent. To be view'd till the sale, between the lionrs of eie- eveu and four; and particulars may be had on the premises; at Garraway's; and of Messrs. Ellis and Fletcher, Fenchurch- street. DEATH. Lately, in Mecklinburgh street, Dublin, at the advanced age of 104, James Solas Dudd, formerly Surgeon in His Ma- jesty's Navy, and a Member of the College of Surgeons of Loudon. auction. MIDDLESEX FREEHOLDS. FREEHOLD GROUND RENTS, WESTMINSTER. By Mr. WILLOCK, at Garraway's Coffee- house, in Change- alley, Cornhill, on WEDNESDAY", the 24th instant, at 12 o'Ciock, in Thirteen Lots, VALUABLE FREEHOLD GROuND RENTS, issuing out of a compact estate, consisting of thirty- one dwelling- houses, in Milbank- street, Vine- street, Market- street, Grub- street, and York- buildings, Westminster, in the County of Middlesex, amounting together lo near One Hundred and Fifty Pounds per annum, together with the reversion in tee of all the said houses. To be viewed till the sale, and particulars may be had at the Brown Bear, and at the Jolly Miller public- houses, in Milbank- street; at the Baptist Coffee- house, in Chanccry- lane; at Garraway's; and of Mr. Willock, Ko, 25, Golden- square, where a plan may be seen. A1 Since her Royal Highness the PRINCESS of whom, lie believed, had been led from the purest WALES has patronized the celebrated Musical DI vertisement, intituled " The Quarrel," it has been in continual demand, and we sincerely wish the inge- nious Composer amply rewarded ing, interesting, ant a more charm- delightful Musical Composi- tion has not been offered to the public for years, among the polite circles it is become a regular even- ing's amusement, the subject and airs being so va- rious and diverting, causes a fund of entertainment. motives to countenance the supposed undertaking. He at one time was sent with one of these letters to His Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland, whom the prisoner afterwards waited on. The charges from different tradesmen were numerous, and the prisoner was remanded till Saturday. He is a short, mean looking fellow, an 1 must have laboured un- der great disadvantage in acting the part of a gen- ' tleman. TO BRICKLAYERS, CARPENTERS, MASONS, PLUMBERS, AND BUILDeRS IN GENERAL. By Mr. ELLIS, of Whitschapel, iu Lots, on the Premises, Sunbury- house, Middlesex, near the Church, t* o miies from Hampton- court, four from Kingston, and one from Walton, on WEDNESDAY, the 17th Inst. and t. vo following Days,' at Twelve o'Clock each day, on account of the number of, Lots. aLL the CARCASE of a capital LARGE, MANSION, arid all the materials of the extensive offices and stables, to be pulled down, consisting of about 00 square of slating, 150 rod of sound brick- work, 10 tons of lead, large quantities of oak aud fir timber, in girders, joists, rafters, quar- tering, & c. straight joint and folding floors, stairs with rails and ballusters, ( green- houses and rooms wainscoted to the top,) moulded doors of various sorts, sash frames, wainscot sasii'es, glass, shutters, racks, mangers, and stalls, a veined marble bath completely fitted up, Portland frontispieces, cornice, windo-. v stools, a large quantity of Purbeck, Portland, Clinker, and Pebble paving, Portland coping, steps, and landing, iron bars and casements, all the lead to the gutters, pipes, pnntps, lead flats, & c. & c. A brewing copper aud. J'onr outers', with a com- plete set of brewing utensils, a capital kitchen fauu'e ' with two wrought iron ovens, crane, and smoke jack, nearly new. To be' viewed two days prior to the sale; catalogues may be had at the principal inus on the road; at the Swan, tiie'corner of Down- street, Piccadilly ; the . King's Arms, Kingston- upon Thames; the Castle, Windsor; the King's Arms, Hampton- court; the Castle, Sunbury ; the Pigeons, Brentford ; the Pack Horse, ( Devol's,) Tumham- green;, and of the auctioneer, No. 12, Whitechapel, Loudon. to waREHOUSEMEN, builders VALUABLE AND VERY IMPROVABLE ESTATE, GREAT DISTAFF LANe, FRIDAY- STREET. By Messrs. ELLIS & FLETCHES, at Garraway's,- on TUES- ' DAY, the SOth instant, at Twelve, by order of the Executrix of Mr. George Taylor, Carpenter, deceased, AN eligible and very improveable LEASEHOLD ESTATE, situate in Great Distaff- lane, Friday- street, comprising two substantial commodious brick- built dwelling- houses, with warehouses, shops, sheds, and yard, situate Nos. 10 and 11, Great Distaff- lane, near Friday- street. The pre- mises are three and four stories in height, are very roomy and truly convenient, substantially erected, and in excellent repair, contain numerous sleeping- rooms, vfrith large light closets, din- ing and breakfast- rooms, ware- rooms, comitine- house, yvork- nements and gardens, which are let to good tenants." The°' pre- soops, and shed, with a private entrance into Little Distaff- lane, nrises are held on lease, ten years and an half unexpired, at a Tt is presumed the above is worthy tlfe attention oi any nj tin; ' wholesale linen- trade, as the promises might atari easy expence be converted into a very capital and extensive print warehouse. Possession will be given of the whole at Midsummer, or if the purchaser should wish for the dwelling- house and shops, lately m the occupation of Mr. Taylor,' immediate possession may be had. The whole is held ior'an unexpired term of 23 years at Christmas last, at the very low rent of ,£ 54 per annum. The respective premises tnav be viewed six days preceding the sale, and particulars had ii: a few days of Messrs. Ellis and Fletcher, Fenchurch- street; and at Garraway's. LEASE ANd GOOD wILL Olf AN OLD EstAbLlSheD TRADE IN THE BAKINg LiNe. By Messrs. ELLIS and FLETCHER, by Private Contract, tHE UNEXPIRED TERM of a Commodious and Excellent DWElLING- HOUSE, eligibly sit, ~ in Great Shire- lane, near Temple Bar, late the occupation of Mr. james Falkner, Baker, deceased, together with the Good- will of the Trade, well deserving toe attention, of any wishing to engage in the baking busing;;. The Premises are commodious and truly convenient, situate. in- an improving and populous neighbourhood, are held for an uTv.- v. rir " 1 term of 16 years, at a bo known by, -' Messrs. Ellis and Fletcher, No. 126, Fea-.- hur.:' „ GEORGE AND VULTURE INN AND TAVERN, TOTTENHAM, MIDDLESEX, With immediate Possession. By Mr. WILLOCK, at Garraway's Coffee- house, in Change, alley, Cornhill, on WEDNESDAY, the 24th instant, a Twelve o'Clock, THE VALUABLE LEASE of that long Esta- blished and well- known Inn and Tavern, the GEORGE aud VULTURE, situate in the cheerful and. populous Village of Tottenham, four miles and an half from London; containing numerous chambers and sitting rooms, for the accommodation of company ; a spacious assembly- room, that will comfortably din* the largest parties; good kitchen and offices, with capital cellaring, stabling for sixteen horses, extensive kitchen gardens, well planted, trap- ball grounds, large canal, and close of rich meadow land, together with tbe tap, and several adjoining te- very low rent. The Tavern and oflices have just been put into thorough repair, and being now untenanted, immediate pos- session may be had. To be viewed till the sale, and printed particulars may be had on the premises ; at the Baptist Coffee- house, in Chancery- lane ; at Garraway's; and of Mr. willock, No. 25, Golden- square. By GEORGE SMART, at the Ordnance Tavern, Surrey- side of Westminster Bridge, on SATURDAY NEXT, at Twelve, UPWARDS of 600 CAPITAL OAK TREES, with Top and Bark, in Six Lots, as they now stand, on the Estate of Durham Park, near Barnet. Lot 1. In Plantation 21 Trees. 2. In the Wood 192 3. Mr. Acasons Farm - 103 4. Widow Acasons Farm - - 203 5. Enclosed land in hand - 32 6. In the Park, more or less, all mark- > r. ed with white paint ) The Bailiff on the Estate will shew the Timber; catalogues, with particulars, maybe hadafter Tuesday, on the Estate : at the Green Man, Barnet; and at the Counting- house of Mr. Smart, Pedlar's Acre, foot of Westminster- Bridge. LONDON: Printed and Published |) v P. STuart no. 33. Fleet- Street. ORIGINAL DRAWINGS BY THE YOUNGER COZENS. Bv Mr. CHRISTIE, at the Great Room in Fall- Mail, THIS D \ Y. at Twelve o'Cloek, A CAPITAL and TRULY VALUABLE COL- ZA LECTION Of ORIGINAL HIGH FINISHED DRAWINGS, the whole executed by that eminent Artist the Younger Cozens, during a tour through the Tyrol and Italy, in company with an Amateur of distinguished taste, from whole • ubinut they are now first brought forward to public inspection. The rarity of this most ingenious artists works, and the high estimation in which they are de. orvedlv " Tield. render it unnecessary to enlarge upon the ineril of the Drawings in this collection, farther than to observe, that for accuracy of outline, spirit in the execution, and grandeur of effect, they may he d.-- cirfedly pronounced the happiest efforts of his pencil.- ' Maybe viewed preceding the sale, when. descriptive cata ogues hail. CAPITAL COLLECTION OF ANCIENT DRAWINGS. JBv Mr. CHRISTIE, at the Great Room in Pall- Mall, TO- MORROW, at Twelve o'Clock, AVALUABLE COLLECTION of DR AWINGS, part framed arid glazed, by the most renowned Masters of the Italian, Flemish, and Dutch Schools, together with O^ e reserved part of Original Drawings aipi Sketches by the late in- genious Artist Mr. DE BRUYN, deceased ; Comprising a Select- and Valuable Assemblage* in fine preserv- ation. and a few plyasing Drawings fc> y Myers. To be . viewed, arid Catalogues had at the Rainbow, Cornhill; and in Pall Mall. MANOR OF AShFORD, MIDDLesex Bv Mr. CHRISTIE; at the Great Room in Pall- Mall, on THURSDAY, the 2d of May, at One o'Clock. MOST DESIRABLE and truly VALUABLE frEEHOLD. ESTATE, ( J and- tax redeemed,) consisting ot'^ thc Manor of Ashford, co- extensive with the parish, abound- ing with game, with court- leet, rights, royalties, fisheries, qiiit- refiis, fines, and heriots in hand.., Also Ashford . Manor House, with suitable offices garden, barns, granary, stables, farm- yard, and about eKi4 A..' » K. 2 P. of arable meadow ahd pasture; aud the Great Tythes of .' jl8 . V. 1 R. 6 P. withiji the parish of Ashford, let to a'respectable te- n ant, Mr. James Carter, on lease, four years unexpired, at a low reRt of <^ 322, but of considerably greater value. The Common Field contains about ( 300 acre;-, of which near 100 acres of the best land may be obtained, in lieu of great tythes, upon an in- closure, which, with the allotment to the Lord upon the inclo- sure of that valuable tract, Ashford. Common, will much more than double, this estate. The village of Ashford is remarkable for ils healthiness, neatness, and picturesque appearance, and highly respectable inhabitants, and is situated two miles from Staines ,7 from Windsor, and 11 from Hyde- park Corner. The tenant will shew the estate, and printed particulars inay b'c shortly had at the Castle autl White Hart Inn, Windsor; Rush, Staines, and Harvey's, Bedfont; of mr. G. buck, soli- citor, Upper Berkeley- street, Portman- square ; Rainbow, Corn- hill and in Pall- mall, where a map of the estate may be seen. NEar ALDBOROUGH, SUFFOLK. By Mr. CHRIStiE, at the Gn at Room, in Pall- Mall, on ThuRSdAY, May 16, at One o'Clock, in One or Two Lots, K CAPITAL and most DESIRABLE ESTATE, . V consisting of TWO COMPACT FAR MS, lying conti- guous called Knaddishall Hall, and Leiston House Farms, with substantial hoiises, barns, stabling, and all necessary buildings, in good - repair, containing together 495 acres and up ward s° of excellent arable, meadow, pasture, and wood land ( of which f? roods and 16 perches only are copyhold), in the occupation or' Mr. George Whiting. and Mrs. M. Holding, for an unexpired t< tin of five, years from Michaelmas next, at easy rents. The above Estate is situate 3 miles from Saxmuiidham, on the great load from London to Yarmouth, within lour miles of the ' fa- shionable and much frequented bathing place of Afdborough, and 6 from. Yoxford ; the roads good, the neighbourhood respec- table. The whole forms to the sportsman a most valuable ac- quisition, the farms and woods being richly stocked with game, aiid from the. proximity of the covers of the neighbouring Gen- try, the expence of preservation is rendered almost unnecessary, ffie Farms m; fv be viewed by applying « o the tenants, of whom printed particulars may be had in a* lew days ; as also of Messrs. Wenn and Dunningham, Solicitors, at Ipswich ; of the Printers of the Ipswich and Bury Papers; at the Red Lion, at Aldbo-. rough: the Bell, at Saxmundham ; the Tuns, at Yoxford; Crown, ai Yarmouth; of J. Humphries, E* q. Clement's Inn; ar the Rainbow Coffee- house, Cornhill: and in Pall- Mall, where a Map of the Estate may be seen. TWO MILeS FROm EXETER. DEVON. B\ Mr. CilH I ST IE, at the Great Room, in Pall- Mall, on THURSDAY, May It), at One o'Clock, in One Lot, \ Capital and truly Desirable FREEHOLD i l ESTATE, called New- COURT, in th- e parish of Top- ham, about two mil ' s from Exeter, on the road Exmouth, Devon, consisting of a convenient brick and stucced dwelling," with offices, coach- houses and stabling for fourteen horses, plea- sure grounds, kitchen- garden, eve.. See. approached by a stately avenue, and seated in a paddock of about J8 acres, from the ele- vated ridge of'which is a command of view of a finely wooded vnle, an't to the south- west, over a picturesque range . Of hills, and ilie lawns and woods of Powderham, enlivened by the water of the river Exe. Also Upper New- Court Farm, com- prising 80 acres, 1 rood, ' JH perches of arable meadow, pas ture, and marsh land, which will expire at Michadmas next; and flower New Court Farm, with Farm- house, and acres, 3- roods, and . U perches, on lease for eight years unexpired, at a rent of in the whole, three hundred aud thirty- seven acres aud upwards, of productive land, within a ring fence, ca- pable of great improvement, and of forming one of the most, de- sirable Estates, in point of beauty, in that much- admired part of Devon. Immediate possession of the dwelling can be given. Mr. Payne, near the turnpike at Topsham, will shejv the Estate, of whom Printed Particulars jnay bo had; as also of tliet Printers of the Exeter, Sherborn. and Crutwell's Bath Papers; a Land's Yew London inn, Exeter; of Messrs. Hurley and Moore, Lincoln's- inn ; Rainbow Coffee- house, Cornhill; and in Pall- Mall, where a map of the Estate may be seen. STAFFORDSHIRE. Mr. CHRISTIE, positively and peremptorilv, at the " Great Room, in Pall- mall on THuRSDAY, May i?: M, at One o'Ciock. A CAPITAL FREEHOLD ESTATE called SUG- nALL- HAlL, consisting of a stone- built modern Man- sion, with numerous attached and detached otiices adapted to the villa, and elegant farm ornee, capital walled kitchen gar- den, hot- house; green- house, & c. & c.- and two hundred and three acres of land of the first, quality, in a ring fence, diver- sified with hill, dale, wood, and water, in the happiest stile of nature. The mansion seated on a bold eminence, backed and sheltered b v full grown plantations, and rising grounds from the north, ahd* commanding prospects over the park like home grounds, and thirty miles in extent, over a fertile, populous, Healthy, and finely broken woody country, abounding with game, fine roads, field sports, and gentlemen's , seats. The estate subdivided by sunken fences, into convenient inclosures, and interspersed with luxuriant clumps and plantations of large spreading forest trees. The pleasure grounds contiuned through the demesne woods in all the variety of English landscape gar- dening, and terminated by Copmeer, a natural lake, fed In an abundant stream, and skirted by hanging oak woods, which, are reflected on its pelluced surface of 100 acres, apd contrasted by ihe most enchanting open views. Taste, genius, and me- chanism have been most happily exerted in decorating this charming spot. Situated two miles from the market town of Eccleshall, adjoining to the Chester and mail coach road from London, nine miles from iJtafFord, eight from Stone, ( and a na- vigation) nine from Newport and' Market Drayton, eleven from Newcastle, twenty- seven from. Shrewsbury, thirty- eight from Chester, and 140 from London. The household furniture, live and dead stock, may be taken at a valuation, with imme- diate possession. May be viewed on application at the Mansion, and printed particulars to be had of trie Printers of the Staf- ford, Birmingham, " Shrewsbury, Manchester, Gore's Liverpool, and woolmer's Exeter Papers ; at the Rainbow, Cornhill; and a map of the estate may l » e seen at Mr. Crutwell's, Printer, Bath ; Mr. J. Forster, Architect, Liverpool; and in Pall- mall. LEASE, FURNITURE, CAPITAL COLLECTION OF PAINTINGS, < 2cc. TAViSTOCK- ROW, COVENT- GAr- By Mr. ROWLEY, '( by order of the Proprietor,) on the Pre- mises, Tavistock- row, Covent- garden, THIS and following Day, at Twelve o'Clock. A LL the genuine excellent HOUSEHOLD iJL fURNITURE, Paintings, Prints, Linen, China, Glass, and other Effects, of Mr. Robert Low, Surgeon, comprising elegant mahogany four- post and tent bedsteads, with chintz hangings, capital leather beds and bedding; excellent mabogany articles, in chests of drawers, dining," card and Pembroke tables, a wardrobe, a sideboard, a drawing- room suit of chairs, sofa and window curtains, bed chamber and parlour chairs, carpets, glasses, and various useful domestic articles. Also a SMALL COLLECTION" OF PAINTINGS, by' Morland, Pether, Rathbone, Anderson, Ferg, Caravagio, Bar- rett, and other esteemed masters. May be viewed, and cata- logues had on the- premises, aud of Air. Rowley, auctioneer, sworn appraiser, and house agent, No. ' brydges- street, covent- garden. FREEHOLD, LOVE- LANE, EAST CHEAP. By Messrs. WINSTANLEY and SOn, at Garraway's, THIS DAY, at Twelve o'Ciock, tWO FREEHOLD HOUSES, being Nqs. 4, A and 5, in Love- lane, East Cheap, - near to Thames street, water- side, and Custom- house, lett to Mr. Geo. White aijd Mr. Robert Cooke, tenants at will, at rents, Thirty- five Pounds Fourteen Shillings per annum. To be viewed by applying to the Tenants. Printed particulars at Garraway's, and of Messrs. Winstanley and SCMI, I'aternoiter- row. PROPERTY. By Messrs. wINSTAN LEY and SON, at ' Garra way's, THIS- PAY, at Twelve, in Four Lots,, by order of the Assig- nees of mr. George Beaver, a bankrupt, VERY eligible LEASehOLd ESTATES; con- si- sting pf a capital well- finished House, No. 8, in Tavi- stock place, apd three ditto, NO. ll » , and in Woburn- pl'uce, of which immediate possession may be had ; the annual vaiuK about 4.301. Held under the lessees of his Grace the Duke of Bedford, for terms, of which upwards of 90 years are unex- pired, at low ground rents. To be viewed on application on the several premises. Printed particulars to be had at the Guild- ford Arms guildford- street; at the place Of sale; and of Messrs. Winstanley and Son, Paternoster- row ELIGIBLE LEASEHOLD ESTATE* FREE FROM GROud RENT By Messrs. WINSTAnLEy and| S0N, at Garrawav's, THIS ' DAY, at Twelve o'Clock, in One Lot, fOUr Substantial brick- built HOUSES, with yards thereto, situated in Red Lion- street, Clerkenwell, three of them lett ; on repairing leases, to very respectable te- nants for the whole term, aud one other for about two years and a half, when the rent may be considerably improved*; the present rent i* £ 178 per anmVitr, of w hich is held for twenty years, and for nine years and three , free from ground rent. To be viewe « l daily preceding ihe sale, ( Sunday excepted ) by permission of the respective tenants, when printed particulars be had of Messrs-. Winstanley a- nd Son, . LONG LEASEHOLD ESTATES AND CArCASE By Messrs.. WINSTANlEY and SON, at Garra way's, THIS DAY, at Twelve, in Three Lots, ELIGIBLE LEASEHOLD ESTATES; CONSIST- ing of sundry messuages, tenements, coach- houses, sta- bling, & c. premises at the South- end of Southampton- row, of the yearly value of £ 110. Also the carcase of a large house. No. 40, on the west- side of Southampton- row, held under leases from the Governors and Trustees of the Foundling Hospital, and the lessees of hi^ Grace the Duke of Bedford, for terms of which upwards of 90 years are to come, at low ground rents. To be viewed by applying on the respective premises. Printed par- ticulars may be had ; « the Guild lord arms; Guildford- street; at Garraway's:, and of Messrs. Winstanley and Son, Pater- noster- row. RESIDENCE, BROAD- STREET BUILDINGS, By Messrs. WINStAnl. EY and SON, at Garraway's Colfee- house, THIS DAY, at Twelve •' Clock, by order of the Executrix of Roger Mawdsley, Esq, deceased, BENEFICIAL lEASE of a compact and JL convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, containing four bed- chambers^ a drawing- room, break fast- room, good dining- parlor, two kitchens, store- room, numerous closets, pantry- cellars,' yard erea, of w hich early possession may bv had. The premises are eligibly situated, No. Broad- streel buildings, near the Royal Exchange, in substantial repair, held of the Corporation of London, for a term, whereof near 14 years are unexpired, sub- ject to the low rent of only Jd per annum. To be viewed tilj the : sidej between ttie hours of eleven ant? four, by tickets only, which, with printed particulars, may be had of Messrs; winstanley and Son, Paternoster- row ; and at Garra- wav's. LEASEHOLD RESIDeNCE, With Coach- house, and three stall Stable, hunter- street, Brunswick- square. By Messrs. WINSTANLEY and SON, at Garraway's, THIS DAY; at Twelve o'Clock, A VERY convenient and comfortable new built LEASEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSE, with coach- house and three stall stable, most, eligibly situated, No. Hunter- street, Brunswick- square ; containing six bed- chambers with closets, and a light dressing- room, two good drawing- rooms, dining- narlour, breakfast- room, two kitchens, cellarage, garden, and detached watch- house; held for a term, whereof 94 years are unexpired, at a low ground- rent. The land- tax is redeemed, and immediate possession may be had.— To be. viewed by applying on the premises. Printed particulars may b{ i had of Alessrs. Norris and Addis, solicitors, New Boswell- court, Carey- street; at the Greyhouud, Hunter- street; at garraway's; and of Mess. Winstanley & Son, Paternoster- row. FREEHOLDOUSES, LEADENhALL- SRTEeT. By Messrs. WINSTANLEY aud SON, at Garraway's, THIS DAY, at Twelve, in one Lot, hy order of the Assignees of M# ssrs. Castell and Powell, Bankers, AN eligible and very improvable FREEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of a substantial convenient house and shop, No. 5$, on the south- side of leadenhall- street, oppo- site Cree church, on lease, which expires in 1817, and now in possession of Mr. halsey. A Ditto, : Vo. o7, with very exten- sive warehouses and back premise*, in possession of Air. Pen- oyrc, oil lease, which expires at Lady- dav 1807. A Ditto, No. 56, in possession of messrs. trenchard and Co. on lease, which expires in 1815. Two Ditto, Nos. 54 and 55, in possession of mr. Perrin, baker, and Mr. Smith, taylor, on lease, which ex- pires in 1816. The whole let at old and low rents, amounting to t^ 196 per annum, but on the termination of the leases may be very considerably improved. ' To be viewed by. permission of the respective tenants. Printed particulars of Messrs. Han- son aud Birch, Chancery- lane ; at the place of sale; atid of Messrs. Winstanley aud Son, Paternoster- row, where a plan of the estate may be seen. COACH AND WAGGON WAREHOUSE, OLD WHITE HORSE CELLAR, PICCADILLY, AND LEASE- HOLD HOUSE. AT KNIGHtSBRIDGE. By Messrs. WINSTANLEY and SON, at Garraway's THIS DAY, at Twelve. o'Clock, in Two Lots, by order of the Ad- ministratrix of Mr. Richard Harrison, deceased, r thE beneficial LEASE, whereof about Ten JL years are to come, together with the valuable good will of the Coach and Waggon warehouse, known by the Old White Horse Cellar, on the south side of Piccadilly, near Ar- lington- street, established a great number of years in the pro- fitable concern of booking, receiving, and delivering of parcels, to and from the western coaches, waggons, tec. the annual pro- fits whereof have been very considerable, and the premises were in the possession of the late mr. Richard Harrison 40 years Also a convenient Leasehold Dwelling- house, situate No. (], opposite the Carmon Brew house, at Knightsbridge, held foe about 10 years, at a low rent of onjy per ann. To be viewed bv applying on the respective premises, where printed particulars may be had, also of messrs. Callett, Wimburn, ami Collett, Chancery- lane at Garraway's, and of Messrs. Will- Stanley and Son, Paternoster- row. ELEGANT COTTAGE, NEAR ROEhAMPTOn, SURRy, FIVE MILES FROM HYDE- PARK, AND SEVEN FROM THE ThREE BRIDGES, By . Messrs. WINSTANLEY and SON, at Garraway's Coflee- hoiw, ou THURSDAY, the 18ih inst. at Twehe o'CMock, Very Desirable- Compact and Elegant GOThiC _ COTTAGE, with attached and detached offices, capital ne< v. bunt brick coach- house, and lour stall stable, handsome dairy, hot- house an4 green- house, and out- buildings, coach- yard, poultry- yard, productive garden and melon- ground, shrub- bery- grove, plantations and pleasure- ground, tastefully laid out, pleasantly situate on the verge of Putney Common, * near that much admired village, Roehampton, containing every requisite convenience and accommodation for a small genteel family, particularly desirable lor a gentleman attached to field- sports : every partis fitted up with peculiar neatness, and in perfect re- pair ; amply supplied with excellent water. Immediate pos- session may be had, held K> r a term of near fifty years, at a small ground rent. The neat and modern household furniture, fixtures and other effects, particularly adapted to the premises; to be taken by the purchaser at a fair valuation. To be viewed by tickets only, which may be had of Messrs. Winstanley and Son, Paternoster- row. Particular* may also be had on the pre- mises, and at Garraway's. Bv Mr. CHAPMAN, THIS DAY, at Twelve, at Garrawav's Coffee- house, ' Change- alley, Cornhill, in six Lots. By order of the Assignees of William humfrys the elder, and William humfrys the younger, bankrupts, tHE Lifa ESTATE and INTEREST of Mr, wiLLIAM HUMFRYS the younger, of and in a house, and ten acres of lands, situate at: Kingsbury - green: Likewise two copyhold closes of rich meadow land, in the same parish ; - also in six freehold houses,, situate nt Hendon; also of and- in the capital sum of ^ 2000 three per cent, consolidated Bank annuities, payable half yearly during Mr. Humfrys's life. Th « estates may lie viewed By leave of the respective tenants Par- ticulars may be. had at Messrs Ross and Hall, solicitors to the commission, Boswell- court,. Carey- street; at the place of sale ; and of mr. Chapman, auctioneer, No 13, Coleman- street, cor • ^ PRIME ASSORTMENT OF FORFEITED ARTICLES. By Messrs. ROBINS, at their Spacious Rooms, Piazza, Covent- Garden, THIS DAY, at Twelve, VPrime aud very capital Assemblage of FOR- FEITED ARTICLES: consisting of valuable gold re- peating, plain, enamelled and pearl watches, some of them horizontal, capped and jewelled, by eminent makers, brilliant diamond rings, ear- rings, lockets, " jewels and trinkets, 500 ounces of modem plate, in a great variety of articles ; capital town- made double and single barrelled guns and pistols, by the first Makers; an assortment of all kinds of wearing apparel, in excellent condition, a quantity of beautiful black aud white lace, Irish linen, superfine cloths, carpets, bed furniture, cur- tains, and other valuable articles, from Mr. W. Gordon, St. Maitin's- lane, late of Sherrard- street, pledged in months to March 1805 inclusive. May be viewed, and Catalogues had. FREEHOLD ESTATE, EDMONTON, MIDDLESEX. Bv Messrs. ROBINS, at Garraway's Coffee- house, Chaiige- utlev, on tuESDAY NEXT. in one lot/ twO Substantial BRICK HOUSES, with GAR- DENS, tec. situate in Silver- street, Edmonton, much un- der let to Mr. Winwood and mr. Hicks, at an old rent of per ann. each. May be vie wed daily prior to the sale, by leave of the respective tenants; and particulars may be h; id of Mr. Coleman, Carpenter, Edmonton; of Desse and Dendy, Solici- tors, Breams- buildings, Chancery - lane ;. of Messrs. . Robins, Coveut Garden ; and at Garraway's. vALUABLE LEASEHOLD ESTATE, HIGh HolBORN Bv messrs. ROBINS, at Garrawav's Coffee- house, Change- Alley. on TUESDAY NEXT, at Twelve o'C'lock, VALUABLE and improvable' LEASEHOLD ESTATE, those extensive premises, the l, which have lately heen repaired at a verv expense, and comprises a substantial convenient brick house, with numerous and capacious work- shops, large yard ami other conveniences, let upon lease to Mr. Marcelis, engine- maker, at a net rent ol' One Hundred Guineas prr aim. clear of land tav. and, who is bound to insure the premises ; and also a very substantial brick House, contiguous to the above, being So. High Holborn, in the occupation of Mr. John- ston, refiner, for an unexpired term ot" gour years grom lady- next, at an old rent ot - ttl. per annum. The whole held under one. lease tor years from Michaelmas If st, at a reserved rent of ^ 7tt, out of which land tax is allowed. May be viewed, with leave of the tenants, daily prior to the sale; of whom parti- culars ina\ he had-; also at Garraway's, and in Covent- garden. LIFE InTErEST in TEN THOuSAnd SEVEN hun- DREd POuNDS, fuNdEd PROPERTy ; and ThiRTeeN ThOuSAnD SEVEN1 HUNDRED POUNDS, most amply secured upon LARGE ESTATES in the WEST RIDING of yORkShiRe. , DIVIDENDS upon TEN THOUSAND 1 SEVEN HUNDRED POUNDS STOCK in the Three per Cent. Bank Annuities, for and during the Life of a healthy Gentleman, sued 44. and whose Lite is Insured ; also in three distinct Lots, the INTEREST upon THIRTEEN" THOU- SAND SEVEN HUNDRED POUNDS at Five per Cenl- lecured upon VALUABLE ESTATES in the WEST RIDING, of YORKSHIRE, producing together a clear income ot ONE, THOUSAND and TWENTY POUNDS PER ANNUM, tor, and during the I. ife of the aforesaid healthy GENTLEMAN, whose Life is Insured. Printed particulars may be had every day- prior to the sale, of Messrs. Desse and Dendy, Solicitors, Bream's Buildings, Chancery- laine Mr. Fairless, Staples Inn, Holborn ; a I Garraway's, aud'of Messrs. Robins, Covent Garden. BrAdfiEld ESSEx.— A CAPITAL ANd VERY DESIR- ABLE FREEHOLD FARM, IN A FINE SPORTING PART OF HIE COUNTY, WITH POSSESSION. Bv Messrs. ROBINS, at Garraway's Cotfee- house, Change- alley, on TueSDAY NEXT, at Twelve o'Clock, in one Lot. " COMPACT and highly DIStlNGUISIIEp A FREEHOLD ESI ATE, called BRADFiELD LODGE, most desirably situate at Bradlield, Essex, within three uiiles of the PORT, of MISTLEY and MANINGTREE ; the latter a good Market Town, 10 miles from HARWICH and ColCHESTER, and CO from LONDON ; consisting of a Substantial Brick FAMILY HOUSE, with BARNS, STABLES, and every suitable Out- Bnilding.— The whole in thorough repair; aud 133 Acres of reMARKAbLY FINE land, in a of CulTIVAtiON. " The whole within a ring fence. Also » BRICK COTTAGE, and two TENEMENTS ; a large BRICK KilN, COAL HOUSE, TILE SHEDS, ( cc. recently erected. THIS ESTATE is particularly eligible for a GENTLEMAN or FARMER tbnd of FIELD SporT, as it abounds with GAME, and a PACK of FOX HOUNDS are kept in the neighbourhood. N. B. The Purchaser may have immediate possession, and be aceommodated w ith ihe whole Stock, Crop, etc. in the usual way. May be viewed every day prior to the Sale, when Parti- culars'may be had at the White Hart, Brentwood; Spread Eagle, Ingatestone; Whit* Horse, Maiden; Blue Post, Whitham. ' Three Cups, Colchester; White horse, Ipswich; Crown, Wood- bridge ; at Garrawav's; and of Messrs. Robins, Covent- Garden, where a Plan of the Estate may he seen. STOCKWELL, NEAR THE GREEN. A retired Genteel Residence, with Land. By Mr. YOUNG, on THURSDAY, the lfltli inst. precisely at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, at his Repository Room, No <>, High- street, Newington- butts, in two Lots, by order of the proprietor, removing to Brixton- hill, thE whole UNEXPIRED TERM of Years 1 at midsummer- day next, the VALUABLE LEASE, with immediate possession, subject to covenants thereof, and exempt from land- tax and fire, are situate near the Plough- tavern, Stock well- green, in a rural and pleasant part of the vil- lage, commanding an extensive prospect of town and country : comprising Lot I.— A rOomy front court, garden, side and back ditto, with side entrance ; two roomy kitchens, cellars and offices.—• Ground- floor, an entrance- hall, dining- parlour, and drawing- room ; store- rooUi and closets.*— One- pair, two roomy bed- rooms, with dressing- room and closets ; two attics, aud a store- room. At bottom of garden a two- stall stable and chaise- house. Considerable sums have been recently laid out, and the pre- mises are in substantial repair; are held on the lease at the an- nual rent Of £' 21. Adjoining the stable- yard is the meadow, about I* acres, with a Jut chen- garden at tiie side of ditto, fenced in, which is held at the yearly" rent of £.*>. The premises are occupied by Mr. Williams are computed at least ^£ 60 per an- num. A few fixtures by valuation. Lot II. — A roomy convenient house, adjoining Lot I, held on lease Vy Mr. Stubs at the yearly rent of j^ L Improved rent os. for lH years, exempt as before from land- tax and fire. The whole of the premises may be viewed, with tickets, on Monday, ' Tuesday, and Wednesday before the sale, and parti- culars had on the premises, and at the Plough- tavern, Swan ditlo, Greyhound ditto, and of mir. Young, auctioneer and House- agent, No. (>, High- street, , Nrewington- butts; also at the time of sale at his Repository- room, fitted up for sales of free- holds and leaseholds as above, free of any expenee for room, to those friends and the. public whose favors have be. en so long con- ferred on him. either by private or public sale, at the usual commission. I NEWINGTON BUTTS.— TO STATIONERS, BOOKSEL- lERS, AND OTHERS, WANTING A COMPLETE AND GEN TEEL BUSINESS. By Mr. YOUNg on THURSDAY', the 18th instant, precisely ' at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, at his Repository Room, No. 6, 1,' igh- street, Newington Butts, in One Lots without reserve ( by order o. f the Proprietor, retiring from the above Business, and settling in Bedfordshire ), r tHE UNEXPIRED TERM of Years at Lady- day, 1805, of the VALUABLE LEASE, subject to Covenants thereof, and exempt from Fire; comprising an elegant shop front for the stationary business, and a complete library that will contain 4000 volumes Of books;. a convenient sitting- parlour commanding the. shops, and a small garden neatlv laid out ; convenient kitchen and offices,, with a side entrance thereto ; ou the first and second floor, a dining- room and three bed- rooms, with closets, & e. ' The Premises are situ- ate near the Church, Newington Butts, London, in front of the high road from London to Clapham, & c. now in full trade, in the occupation of Messrs. Potts and Biddulph ; commanding by extent the circulation of Walworth, Camber well, Newington, Lambeth, Stockwell, Clapham, & e. & c. The premises are roomy, with every convenience, well calculated and laid ont for tlie stationary, bookselling, bookbinding, &. c. in which line ® f business it lias been established upwards of 13 years. Its situation, on account of the very increasing genteel neighbour- hood, is not to be equalled within the vicinity of the metropolis, being on the great Surrey road, and equal distance from the three bridges ; together with all. the stock of stationary of every description, and also the genuine stock in the library, contain- ing above 3000 volumes on various subjects, variety of fancy and coloured paper and ornaments, varnishes, with numer- ous other articles, consisting of the stock in trade as per inven- tory, to be produced at the time of sale. The fixtures in the shop and house to be taken by valuation, as per inventory. Further particulars will be explained at the time of sale. ' The wholeof the premises may be viewed, with tickets, on . Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before the sale. For the accommo- dation of the Trade, an inventory of the stock ma v be had on the premises, and ot Mr. Young, Auctioneer and flou^ e Agent, No. 6, High- street, Newington Butts; and printed particulars delivered at the time of sale, at his large Repository Room, fitted up for and made convenient for . sales as above, free of " any ex- perice for room', to those friends ahd the, public whose favours have been so long conferred . on him, either for private or pub- lic sale, at the usual Commission, HENDOn, MIDDLESEX.— TO BUILDERS, CARPEN- TERS, BRICKLAYERS, ,\ c. By Mr. ROBINS, on the Premises, late John Cornwall's, Esq. Hendon, on SATURDAY NEXT, at Eleven o'Clock, twO MILCH COWS, a tilted cart, and a chaise cart, a large quantity of plain and pan tiles, bricks, a quantity of Portland and other stone, Oak and fir, jbists, raf- ters, posts, sashes, casements, and frames, copper, iron and lead, bookcases with glass doors, sundry household furniture, grates and stoves, garden lights, and various articles. To be viewed on the morning of sale. Catalogues at the Bell, Hen- don ; George, Ilampstead ; and of Mr. Robins, Warwick- street, Golden- square. GREEN PARK, ST. JAMES'S PLACE - CAPITAL MAN- SION AND PLEASURE GROUND. Bv Mr. ROBIN'S, at Garraway's Coffee- house, in ' Change- alley, Cornhill, on THURSDAY, May lo. at twelve o'Clock. unless an acceptable otter is made by Private Contract, before the tith of Mav, NOBLE, SPACIOUS, ELEGANT, MAN- SION, substantially built, and judiciously planned, for the accommodation ot a large family";" pleasure ground tastefully laid out and planted with treys and shrubs, with im- mediate. access to the Green Park, situate in St. James's Place, the residence and properly of - The Right hIon. EARL of ESSEX. The. Mansion contains suites of elegant apartmtmts on the.' two principal stories, with bed chambers, dressing- rooms, and . water closets, principal, aud secondary stone stair- cases. On the second story are six excellent bed- chambers aud dressing- rooms, and seven attics over. On the basement are rooms and otliccs of every denomination, well planned and fitted up with every convenience for a family. The whole in substantia! and good" repair, and forming a residence of the first consequence in .' London, are held under the Crown, at a low ground- rent.. To he viewed with tickets only. Particulars ar Garraway's, and of Mr. Robins, Warwick- street, Golden- square, where'tickets for \ iewing may be had. The Purchaser may be accommodated w ith the elegant Household Furniture, at a valuation. A double coach- house, and an eight- stall stable may be had 011 lease, near . the mansion. YORKSHIRE, NEAR BEDAlE AND RICHMOND, CA- PITAL FREEHOLD. AND TYTHE FREE ESTATE, MA NOR, & c. LAND- TAX REDEEMED. Bv Mr. ROBINS, at Garraway's Coffee- House, in Exchange Alley, Cornhill, on MONDAy, the y » il inst. at 1" o'Clock, in one Lot, unless an acceptable offer is made by April It), Valuable and compact truly desirable fREE- HOLD ESTATE ' TITHE- FREE, situate in the Parish ot' bedale, and in the neighbourhood of Richmond and Northaller- ton, comprising the extensive manor of Cowling hall, with Court Leet, and. Court Baron, Cowling Mansion house, excellent 1' arm" Houses, Barns, Stables, Out- buildings, and upwards of six hun- dred and eighty- four acres of rich old Meadow- Pasture; and ar- able Land, and sundry Cottages, all lett to respectable Tenants, at rents amounting lo upwards of nine hundred and thirty pounds per annum, capablfcol incrca. se. This Estate forms a desirable Property for a gentleman w ishing to invest money in land. The Buildings are part new, and the w hole in good repair. The si- tuation commands rich ami extensi\ e prospects over tie- country: — Particulars of Mr. Matthew Holmes, Cowling- HAll House, who will shew the Estate, at the black Swan, Bedale; London- Hotel, York ; Angel, Doncaster; Post Houses, Scarborough Harrowgate; Angel, Grantham -, George, Stamford ; Bell, Stil- ton, at Garraway's ; and of . Mr. Robins, Warwick- street, Gol- den- square, London, where a plan of the Estate may be seen. BOROUGH OF EVESHAM, WORCESTERSHIRE., . By Mr. ROBIN'S, at Garraway's'Coffee- house,- in Exchange alley, Cornhill, London, 011 MONDAY, the i » '.' d instant, at Twelve o'Clock, in LOTS. 4 TRULY ELIGIBLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, A Tytlie Free, most desirably sitiintc iti the beautiful Vale, and within the Borough of EVEshAM Separated by the turn pike road from London to Worcester, and. on tlie luiuks of tin: miieh admired navigable river Avon : comprising ti'> 0 acres ol rich garden tiround, arable, pasture, aud meadow land, conve- niently subdivided into several farms, and garden grounds, wilt; convenient dwelling- houses,' barns, and out- buildings; left tc most resectable tenants; the rents and . estimated value up- wards of livOO per annum. The desirable situation, with the BOROUGH INTEREST, and excellent neighbourhood, make this a truly valuable Estate tor a uentleman wishing to realize property in one ol' the ac. knowledged finest counties in the kingdom. Particulars may be had at the Hop- pole, Worcester; Hen and Chickens, Birmingham ; Messrs. Blaney and Phelps, Solicitors, Evesham, who will shew the estate -, " at Chapple- house, ne. li Chipping Norton; Star, Oxford; White Hart, Bath; Bush Tavern, Bristol Bell, Gloucester; George, Northampton ; Red Lion, High Wycombe ; White Horse, uxbridge; Castle, Salt- hill; Crown, Reading; of Messrs. Barrow, forbes and Han- cock, solicitors, Basinghall- street; at Garraway's; and ol Mr. Robins, Warwick- street, Golden- square, where a plan of- tU estate way be seen. VALUABLE UNREDEEMED PROPERTY. By Mr. JOB, at his Rooms, No. 11, Cloaklane, Quern- street, Cheapside, THIS and tollowing dav, at Twelve, Extensive Collection of FORfEiTEd pLED. GeS, comprising gold repeating and plain \ iatches, nu- ; merous silver and metal watches, brilliant diamond and pearl rings, pins, ear- rings, and bracelets, and numerous other jewellery, UO ounces ot' plate, a large assortment of woollen and linen drapery, Manchester mercery and haberdashery goods, rich laces, silk, cotton,.. and worsted hoie, an abundance of ap- parel, bed- hauuings, curtains, table and bed linen, lire arm. s. books knife cases, a variety- of cutlery, and a diversity of other article.- pledged in months to April ttit.' l inclusive, with the fol- lowing Pawnbrokers, namely, . Messrs. Cameron, Strand; Ed- wards, Portpool Lane ; Fleming, Newgate- street, Fleet- market, and Fetter Lane; Lacey, Chelsea ; Penkin, Bishopsgate- street j Perryman, Long Lane, West Smith- field; Paul, Mary- le- bonne; Street, Golden Square ; A. Purse, London Wall; Parker, fleet Street; Stafford, Bermondsey- street; Wordmore, Tottenham Court Road; Mr Windsor, White Chapel; and Mr. Watson, Watling Street.— May be viewed aud catalogues had at the rooms, and at 336, opposite Somerset house. Strand. . By Messrs. YOUNG and SON, at Garraway's, on MONDAY, the 29th instant, at Twelve o'Clock, in two Lots, by; order of the executors of Mr. Greenway. deceased, FREEHOLD HOUSES, situate in the Old. Bailey, being Nos. ill and S*?, with a large yard, tlie whole comprising a front of 36 feet, and in depth about 77, feet, and is a desirable situation for a manufacturer, or any trade or business requiring room. The whole i- let ou a repairing lease for 61 years, ending Midsummer, 1833, at a net rent ot .£ 40' to Mr." Mullins, Broker, who occupies : relets No. 22 and the yard to Messrs. Yates and Dalton. May be viewed by leave of' the tenant, and printed particulars had of Messrs. Baxters and Martin, Furnival's- inn; at Garraway's; and ot" Messrs. Young and Son, No. , Chancery- lane. FREEHOLD GROUND RENTS, MIDDLESEX. By . Messrs. YOUNG and SON, ar Garraway's, oil MONDAY. the 29th of April, at Twelve o'clock, in four Lots, IN GRAY'S IN LANE, lOT. A FREEHOLD NET GROUND RENT, J, of £ 15 10s, payable for a new- built house let to mr. G. Newport for 82 years. Lot One of ^ lo, payable for five new houses adjoining, let for same term to Mr. J. Hedges. Lot 3. One of ,£ lr>, payable for two new houses and stables at Mount Pleasant, let for same term to Mrs. Ashton. Lot 4. A Large Freehold Brick House; several small shops, and a warehouse, in Sheffield- street, Clare Market, in the occu- pation of messrs. Chisholme, Brookes, Mitchell, Pilcher, Stokes, and Pavey, let on a repairing lease for years, ending in 1818, at a net rent of ^£' 51- • .- The tenants- will shew tlie estates, arid printed particulars may be had at garraway's, and ol Messrs. Young and Son, No. 5U, Chancery- lane. BUrNHam, NORFOLK. Bv Messrs. YOUNG and SON, at Garraway's Coffee- house Change- alley, SATURDAY, the liith of May, at o'Clock, in several lots, unless the whole should be dispos( of private contract, in one lot, on or before the ist of Ma; of which due notice will be ^ i voir, valuable and very expensive MANORS i BURNHAM LexHam, and BURNHAm POl STEAD HALL, with the fines, quit rents, and royalties, capital . Mansion, called Burnham hall, with all suitable offices, a paddock of 100 acres. Also several very capital Farms, an other- Lands, the whole containing acres of very rich ar. ble, meadow, pasture, and woodland, let to responsible ten an from year to year, except one lease ending at Michaelmas I8O1 at very improvable old rents amounting- to. -^' 1809. Also tr Perpetual Advowsons of the two Rectories of Burnham west gate, and Burnham Deepdale, of tiie annual values of ,£ i- 6i and .£ 130. Mr. Dixon, the Bailiff, will shew the Mansion an Farms, and printed particulars in; iy be had early in April, ( Richard Wilson, Esq. Lincolns- inn- fields; James Lambert, Esc hatton Garden ; and of Messrs. Dunn and Co, Lincoln's- inn r Garraway's; and of Messrs. Young and Son, N't;. 58, Chancery lane, who are empowered to treat for the whole in one, lot b private contract.
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