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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Volume Number: LXXXV    Issue Number: 32
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 12/01/1805
Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: LXXXV    Issue Number: 32
No Pages: 4
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ortfmnurton erttirp Vol. LXXXV. No. 32. ' Ready Money is exported with Advertisements: SATURDAY, October 12, 1805, PRICE SIXPENCE, ^ ta, T, P- Uu, tv„ " ' » * « }• I Paper and Print 3Jd. Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. From the LONDON GAZETTE. WHITEHALL, Oct. 5,1805. TIIF King has been pleased to grant the dignity of a Baronet of tbe United Kingdom to thX following Gentlemen, ami their respective lawful mule heirs:— viz. Sir Francis John Hartwcll, of Dale- Hall, in the coantv of Essex, Knight.— Lieutenant- General John Doyle, Colonel of his Majesty's 8? th regiment of foot, and Lieutenant Governor of the Island of Guernsey.— Robert Wigiam, of Walthamstow- llnnsr, in the county of Essex, Esq. Lieutenant- Colonel- Commandant of the 6th regiment of Loyal London Volunteers.— Claude Champion dc Cres- pigny, of Champion- Lodge, Camberwell, in the county of Surrey, Doctor of Laws.— Ma'nassch lopes, of Maristow- House, in the county of Devon, Esq with remainder to his nephew Ralph Franco, Esq, J6hn Geers Cotterell, of Gunibns, in the county of Hereford, Esq— William Hillary, of Dtmbnrv- Place, in the county of Essex, and of Rige- House, in the county of York, Esq.— Alex- ander Muir Mackenzie, of Delvine, in the county of Perth, Esq. His Majesty ha3 hern pleased to appoint her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales to be the Keeper of his Palace at. Greenwich, in Kent. — « LONDON, Octobers. The last accounts from Tonningen and Ham- burgh state, that the French have entirely eva- cuated Hanover and Cuxhaven, and that tbe Hanoverian colours were re- hoisted at Stadt, on the " 3d ult. to the infinite joy of fhe inhabitants. —' I he troops that lately occupied that, country have joined the French army near Frankfort, whose strength is stated to be now very consider- able.—' The first division of the Russian army reached Brunn on the 12th ult. Their junction with the Austrian force has probably ere this taken place; and from the united efforts of these armies the most pleasing hopes may reasonably be enter- tained. The Swedish troops at Carlscron • have embarked, but of their destination no pubiic mention has yet been made. A Gotteuburgh Mail arrived yesterday. The accounts by this conveyance contain the important tact of 15,000 Russian" troops, a part of the force intended to ocenpy Swedish Pomerania, having arrived at the Island of Rugen, opposite Stralsand. This circumstance- is of the highest importance, inasmuch as it cannot fail to develope the hitherto mysterious politics of the- Court of Prussia. The French have withdrawn all their troops from the hanks of the Elbe and the Weser, so that our commerce with the North of Germany will aeain re urn to its accustomed channel. Accounts from St. Dommgo state, that Dessa- lines had made great preparations to storm the city of St. Domingo, and that General Ferrand was preparing to evacuate it. ' lliis intelligence was » e believe, conveyed to the Governor of Jamaica in a flag of truce, which arrived at King- ston early ill August. It was confidently asserted yesterday upon ^ Change, that the American Government, through its Consuls, lias declared, that if the French or Spaniards make any more captures of American merchant ships, it would instantly declare against both nations. It is with the greatest pleasure we announce the arrival of thirty sail of merchantmen, part of the homeward- bound Leeward Island Fleet. An attempt upon the grand depot at Boulogne under the direction of Sir Sidney Smith, will, it is said, be shortly made. The troops to be employe in the enterprise are to consist of the third brigade of Guards, and General Moore's brigade. Their Majesties, and the Princesses Augusta, Elizabeth, and Mary, accompanied by the Countess of Ilchester, returned to Kew Palace on Friday even ins; at. seven o'clock, from Weymouth, es- corted by a party of the 14th light Dragoons, We rejoice to state, that the wholo of the Royal Party ate in most perfect health. More than 40,000 quarters of wheat have within these last eight days, entered the port of London from thr Continent. Mushroom- niav be preserved without deforming them, or materially impairing their flavour, by drying ihem in a stove of sand moderately heated. Ijmg trains are now universally worn by ladies of fashion, and sweep the carpet with much grace and diguitv; few, however, there are, of their fair wearers, who would not cladly exchange their lengthened trains of muslin for a train of admires. We are told that a Member of the Celtic Academy at Paris has discovered a method by which any two people may correspond and converse withuu' understanding each others language ! Such a consummation would totally eclipse O'Keefe's humorous hyperbole of the Soldier " who spends half- a- crown out of sixpence a day." Another Prodigy '— A young lady— or shall we Say a baby V— only seven years of age, has per- formed tlii. p- irtof Douglas at the Belfast Theatre. Before the curtain drew up she spoke yn etddress, written bv a boy only eleven years of age!— This is prematurity with a vengeance!— Miss excels Master Betty in the proportion of seven to two. The rage for young actors and actresses is now so great, that on a fine young man's presenting himself to the Bath manager for an engagement, the first question asked was, " How old are you, Sir?" An infant male child, apparently not more than two days old, was secretly conveyed into the shop of Mr. Silvanus James, of' Redruth, in the evening of Friday se'unight. It was asleep, carefully wrapped in woollen, with the following lottery— ** Friends— Take under your protection this little helpless infant, and shew more humanity to it than its unfortunate parents have been able to do. It may be thought illegitimate: but ' tis not: though its birth must remain a secrct for some time. Its rank is not mean; but it does not signify bow meanly, it is clothed, so that its health ailtt morals are taken carc of. Its mother is a friend, but its father is not. Be kind to this poor infant. Probably you may not be a loser by it when its parent is of age. And let a mother's feeling plead in the breast of a mother." " To Silvanus James." The following quaint epitaph is in Flinsbury church- yard, near Chatham:— " Time was 1 stood, as thou dost now, " And view'd the dead, as thou dost me: " Fre long thou'lt lie as low as I, " And others stand to look on thee." A very shocking accident happened yesterday se'nnight, at Charing, in Kent. As George Gren- ville Marshall, Esq. was out a partridge- shooting, and reaching over the muzzle tit' his gun to gather sotue nuts, the picce unfortunately went off, and lie was killed on the spot.— And on the 27th ult. as Captain Sir James Rivers, Bart, of the 3d Dragoon Guards, was out on a shooting party in the neighbourhood of Enniskillen, in • company with Captain Fancott and Captain Piatt, of the 50th regiment, Sir James's gun unfortunately went off, and killed him almost instantaneously. A disgraceful transaction took place on Friday last, in Smithfield market. A mail exposed his wife for sale, who was a good looking woman, with a halter round her neck. The unfeeling husband at first demanded 501. for the woman, but as she was not warranted quiet and free from vice, no purchaser appeared. At length the man consented to part with her for two guineas, which was given him, and the sale and purchase was regularly entered on the books of the market. On the 1st instant the counting- house of the new powder- mill, at Roslin, near Edinburgh, con taining upwards of 40 barrels of gunpowder, in a state of preparation, blew up with a dreadful ex- plosion. The materials of the roof, the rafters, the immense water- wheels, in line, the thick stone and lime walls of a building 40 feet iu length, were broken into pieces, projected into tbe air, and scattered over the fields to a very great dis- tance ; and the fire- scathed beams in all directions, standing upright, and deeply fixed iu the earth, told the great height from which they had fallen. Two of the workmen perished. One man was thrown across the ESK; the other to the top of a precipice over- hanging the water; no remnant of their clothes covered tlietn— their skulls were torn from their heads— no blood flowed from their acerated bodies— the one black and deformed trunk could be distinguished from the other only by the original size of tho miserable sufferers. They were enveloped in cartridge- paper, like mummies, and carried off by their melancholy fellow- labourers. Both the unfortunate deceased have left helpless widows behind them, one of whom is now the mother of seven young and fatherless children. STONY- STRATFORD ANNUAL STATUTE, For HIRING of SERVANTS, WILL be held on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18th, 1805. Q3" Toll- free for all . Sorts of Cattle. ROAD MEETING. rI^ UE next Meeting of the Trustees of the a. Turnpike- Road leading from the Town of North- ampton to Newport- Pacnell, in the County ot Bucks, will be held at the NEW INN, at HACKLETON, in the County of Northampton, on MONDAY the 14th Day of OCTOBER next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon. Dinner at Two o'Clock. ROBT. ABi. EY, Clerk to the Trustees. Northampton, Sept 11th, 1805. Awful Visitation.— A being ( for such a reptile does not deserve the name of man) who did reside not many miles from Thatcham, iu Berkshire, and who farmed lands to tbe extent of not less than two thousand acres, was one day lately walking through his fields where some barley was cut down gentle shower of rain happening to fall, which prevented him from getting in his crop immedi- ately, he had the singular wickedness to exclaim to some of his servants, that the Almighty did more HARM than GOOD, and that it teas time for some one else to resume the management. The wretch had scarce time to articulate another sentence— he was struck dead. GRAND JUNCTION CANAL. \\ T E, the Undersigned, being five of the Com- * ' missioners appointed by the Act of Parliament passed in the 33d Year ot the Reign of His present Majesty, " f or making and maintaining the Grand Junction Canal," do hereby, in Pursuance of a certain Requisition made by MICHAEL DOVER, of BOURTON- MILI., in the Parish of Buckingham, in the County of Buckingham, Miller, appoint a Meet- ing of Commissioners under the said Act of Parlia- ment, at the House of Mr. SHIM BAXTER, known by the Sign of the LORD COBIIAM'S ARMS, at BUCK- INGHAM aforesaid, on MONDAY the 28th Day of OCTOBER instant, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon, for the Purpose of settling, determining, and adjusting, all Matters, Questions, and Differences, which have arisen between the Company of Proprietors of the Grand Junction Canal and the said Michael Dover, touching and concerning the Quantum or Amount of the Damages sustained by the said Michael Dover, as the Lessee of certain Mills, called Bourton Mills, and Premises, situate in the Parish of Buckingham afore- said, wnich have been affected or prejudiced by the Execution of the Powers given to the said Company of Proprietors, by a certain Act of Parliament made and passed in the 34th Year of the Reign of His pre- sent Majesty, intitlcd, " An Act lor making certain " navigable Cuts from the Towns of Buckingham, " Aylesbury, and WendovCr, in the County of Buck- " ingham, to communicate with the Grand Junction " Navigation, authorized to be made by an Act of " the last Scesion of Parliament; and for amending " the said Act."— Dated this 10th Dav Of October, 1805. GEO. LEE. EDWD. NUGENT. WM. LLOYD. WM. GOODALL. WM. STOCKINS. ROBERT TOviLIN, Upholsterer, Broker, and Aitetioneer, RESPECTFULLY acquaints the Inhabitants of H1GHAM- FERRE RS and its Vicinity, that he has OPENED a SHOP on the Premises of Mr. SANDERS, Grocer, & c. at HIGHAM, where he intends ( everv SATURDAY) to sell ALL SORTS of HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, the principal Part of which will be manufactured by himself; he there- fore assures those Friends who may please to favour him with their Commands, that he will setve them on the very lowest Terms. ftST All Sorts of second- hand FURNITURE sold, and taken in Exchange for new. N. B. An APPRENTICE to a CABINET- MAKER WANTED. ' Wellingborough, Sept. 20th, 1805. To be SOLD, or LETT, AN exceeding srood MALT- HOUSE, and a Brick and Tiled DWE LI. ING- HOUSE adjoin- ing, with every Convenience attached thereto, situate in Winslow, in the County of Bucks. 03" For Particulars, apply to JOHN Cox, Plumber and Glazier, in Winslow aforesaid. 21) MaltstersJ To be LET T, At WINSLOW, in the County of Bucks, AVerv neat and convenient MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, and MALT HOUSE adjoining, capable of wetting 12 Quarters of Barlev per Week, with two Barns, a Stable, and all other necessary Out- buildings, and a Yard and Garden walled in. fpr* The above is a very eligible Situation for a Person who wishes to carry on the Malting Business, as there is a good Opening for a Maltster in the above Town. The Whole of the'Premises are in good Repair, and may be entered on immediately. N. B. For further Particulars, apply to LANCELOT WYATT, Attorney at Law, in Winslow aforesaid. CANAL CONVEYANCE. C1. EOROE OSIiOltN respectfully - n forms his T Friends and the Pubiic, that ( iOOils are re. ceived in LOMDON, at the CASTLE INN, WOOD. STREET, GRAND JUNCTION WHARF, W H ITS FRIARS, and at Messrs. PICKFORD'S WHARFS, PADDINOIO. N, tor Northampton Wellingborough Kettering Thrapston, and Places ad- Oundle jacent. And Goods are received at COTTON- END WHARF, NORTHAMPTON, to and from London, Coventry, Bir- mingham, Newcas le, the Potteries, Derby, Man- chester, Warrington, Chester, and Liverpool ; from whence Goods are regularly forwarded to Ir.-. aud, & c. Likewise informs his Friends and the Public, that he has on Sale, WEDNESBURY COALS, COKE,' and SLATES, at the RAIL- ROAD WHAH. r, in COTTON- END, . T Please to be particular in directing the Goods by Pickford's Boat. Cotton. End Wharf, Northampton, October 4th, 1805. and To MARBLE- MASONS. THREE or FOUR steady MEN may have constant Employ and g<- od" Wages, by applying toS. Cox, SCulptor, Daventry. October 5, 1805/ FIFTY POUNDS REWARD. WHEREAS between Sunday the 22d Sunday the' 29th ot September last, some evil- disposed Person or Persons BROKE INTO the PARISH- CHURCH of ABINGTON, near North- ampton, forced open a Chest, and stole and carried awav the Whole of the COMMUNION PLATE : Whoever will discover the Offender or Offenders, so that he, she, or they may be brought to Justice, shall, on Conviction of the above Offence, receive a Reward of FIFTY POUNDS of RICHARD STANTON, Churchwarden. Abington, Oct. 3d, 1805. MANOR OF C1IALGRAVE, BEDS. X' O TICE is hereby given, That all unqualified JJM Persons who shall be found TRESPASSING within the said Manor, will be prosccuted as the Law directs. (, 3* It is particularly requested of Gentlemen, that they- will no: sport upon the Manor at present. OCTOBER 5th, 1805. TVTOTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting is in'T" ded to be held at the SWAN INN, in BED- FORD, on MONDAY the21st Day of OCTOBER instant, at Twelve o'Cloek at Noon, for taking into Consi- deration tbe Propriety of applying to Parliament for an Act for dividing and incloing the open and com- mon Fields, Meadows, Lands, Commons, and com- monable Places, within the Parish of WOOTI'ON, in tlie County of Bedford. N' BEDFORD, 30th Sept. 1805. ^ T OTICE is hereby given, That the Trustees acting under or by Virtue of several Acts of Parliament made for repairing and widening the Road from the 48th Mile- Stone, in the Parish of Carding- tor, in the present Turn pike- Road between Hitchin and Bedford, to Great- Barford Bridge; and for con- tinuing a Road from thencc to the Great Northern Road hear Tempsford Bruise, in the County of Bed- ford, have appointed a Meeting of the Trustees of the said Roads to be holden at the SWAM INN, in BED- FORD, oil FRIDAY the 1st Day of NOVEMBER next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, for the Purpose of reducing the Tolls taken at the several Turnpikes or Toll- Gates upon the said Roads, and appointing the Proportion of such reduced Tolls which shall be taken at each of the said Turnpikes or Toll- Gates. By Order of tne Trustees THOS. KIDMAN, Clerk NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. WHEREAS AMBROSE WIIITBREAD, of S1LSOE, in the County of Bedford, Butcher, has assigned over all his Estate and Effects to Henry Pain, of Stanford, in the same County, Farmer, and George Whitbread, of the Parish of Silsoc aforesaid, Grazier, for the Benefit of his Creditors in general; and the Assignment is tleposited with Mr. Eagles, Solicitor, in Ampthill, in the s;" id County of Bed- ford, for the Signature of his Creditors: Notice is therefore hereby given, That all Persons who are Creditors of the said Am- brose Whitbread, who do not execute the said Assign- ment on or before THURSDAY the 7th Dav of NO- VEMBER, will be excluded ' he Benefit of the same.— And Notice is hereby further given, that all Persons who stand indebted to the. said Ambrose Whitbread, are desired to pay their respective Debts to the said Assignees, or Mr. Eagles, within the Time limited for the Creditors to sign the said Assignment, as a Dividend is intended to be made immediately after that Time. Ampthill, 20th Sept. 1805. BEDFORDSHIRE. To bo peremptorily 11E- SOLD, Pursuant to an Order of the High Court of Chancery, with the Approbation of John Springett Harvey, Esquire, one of the Masters of the said Court, ( in one Lot) at the Sun Inn, in Hitchin, in th4 County of Hertford, on Tuesday the 22d Day ot October, 1805, between the Hours or Two and Three, AFREEHOLD ESTATE, at SHARPENHOE, in- the County of Bedford, late the Estate of LAURENCE SMYTH, Clerk, deceased; com- prising the Maiior of Sharpenhoj, and a Farm called Sharpenhoe Bury Farm, containing about ;- ij6 Acres, Tithe- free, and the Com Tithe of 360 Acres of Land, and some valuable Sheep Walks. Particulars may be had ( gratis) at the said Master's Chambers, in Southampton Buildings, or Mr. Clen- nell, No. 7, Staples Inn, London; ot, Messrs. Hindley and Roe, Solicitors, Baldock ; at the principal Inns at Hitchin, Luton, and Ampthill; and of Mr. Smith, the Tenant, who will shew the Estate. Valuable Advoicson and next Presentation, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. SMI T H, At Garraway's Coffee- House, Change- Alley, Corn- hill, London, on Wednesday the 23d of October, at Twelve o'Clock, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, rpiIE PERPETUAL ADVOWSON and NEXT - I PRESENTATION to the RECTORY of UPPER- BODDINGTON, near Banbury, Southam, and Daventry ; consisting of a Parsonage- House, Barns, Stables, Gardens, and upwards of 500 Acres of ex- cellent Land, in Lieu of Tythes, of the annual Value of eight hundred Pounds.— The present In. cumbent is near 70 Years of Age. (( 3* Particulars may be had twenty Days pre. ceding the Sale of Mr. TYNDALE, Solicitor, Lin- coln's. Inn- Fields; of the Printers of the Oxford Journal, Cambridge Chronicle, Northampton Mer- cury, Reading Mercury, Coventry Mercury, and Bir- mingham ' Gazette; at Garraway's; and of Mr. SMITH, No. 62, Broad- Street, near the Royal Ex- change, London. OUNDLE, Octobcr 1st, 1805. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Trustees for repairing and widening the Road leading from Sarnt- Martin's- Stamford- Baron to Kettering, aid from Oundle to Middleton- Lane, in the Parish or Hamlet of Middleton, in the County of North ampton, will meet at the CROWN INN, in Du DINGTON, in the said County, for the first Dis trict of the said Road, on THURSDAY the THIRTY FIRST Day of OcroBfcR, instant; and at the said Meeting, between the Hours of Eleven in the Fore noon and One in the Afternoon, the said Trustee: will ( in the Manner directed by the Act of Parliament for regulating Turnpike- Roads), LETT to FARM by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, tbe Tolls collected at DUDDI NGTON, WF. LDON, and GEDDINCTON GATES for three Years, commencing from the tirst Day of December next: which Tolls produced the last Year the Sums following, viz. at DUDDINGTON GATE I£. 82; at WELDON GATE, £. 38; andatGtDDiNC TON GATE, a£, 61, clear of the Expences of collecting, and will be put up at the same Slims. Whoever hap- pens to be the Best Bidders, must at the same Time give Security with sufficient Sureties, to the Satis- faction of the said Trustees, for Payment of the Rents agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct. And Notice is hereby further given, That the said Trustees will, at their said Meeting, elect new Trus- tees in the Room of such as are dead, and will audit the Treasurer's Accounts. JOHN BA1. DERSTON. TURNPIKE - TOLLS TO LETT, ON THE BRACKLEY ROAD. • VTOTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS to A- N arise at the Toll- Gate at FARTHINCHOE, in the County of Northampton, upon the Turnpike- Road leading from Buckingham through Brackley, to join the Davenfty Turnpike- Road near Banbury, to- gether with such other Tolls as will be collected at the BANBURY BRIDGE- GATE, for the Use of Brackley Road, pursuant to the Act for making the said Turn- pike- Road, will be LETT by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, on MONDAY the 21st Day of OCTOBER next, at the RED- LION INN, in BRACKLEY aforesaid, between the Hours of Eleven and Five in the After- noon, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th Year of His present Majesty's Reign, for regu- lating Turnpike- Roads ; which Tolls produced last Year ninety Pounds above the Expcnce of collecting, and will be put up at that Sum. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder, must at the same Time pay one Month's Rent in Advance, and give Security for Payment of the Residue at such Times as the Trustees shall direct. And at such Meeting new Trustees will be elected and chosen in the Room ot those that are dead or refuse to act. GEORGE THOMAS, Clerk. Brackley, % lb Sept. 1U05. THORNBOROUGH, BUCKS. ABSCONDED from the above Parish, about the Year 1791, WILLIAM BOUGHTON, without any particular Cause. Having often Times previously desecjed his Relations for a Month or two, his return was shortly expected; but it is supposed, from the strict Enquiry that has been ineffectually made, he died some Time ago, as unhappily no In formation ot him can be obtained. The said WILLIAM BOUGHTON, if living, is about 55 Years of Age, of a dark Complexion, raiher long Visage, round- shouldered, defective in his Feet, and his Ankles projecting outwards, is about 5 Feet 4 Inches high, with dark curling Hair. If the said WILLI AM BOUGIITON should be living, and will personally apply to Thomas Holt, ofThorn- bnrough aforesaid, Farmer; William Painter, of Evenley, in the County of Northampton, Farmer, Executors of the last Will of his Mother, Mary Boughton, late of Thornborough aforesaid, Widow, deceased; or to Mr. Baseley, Attorney at Law, Brackley, he will hear of something to his Advan- And in Case of his decease, if any Person or Valuable Freehold Estates and Mines. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By RICHARD CRUMP, At the Gecrge Inn, in Walsall, on Monday the 21st Day of October, 1805, at Three o'clock i n the Afternoon ( unless sooner disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given,) The following ESTATES, in Lots:— Lot 1. A N eligible FREEHOLD ESTATE, called • OL GOSCOTE - LODGE, in the Foreign of WALSALL, and County of Stafford; consisting of a good House and substantial Outbuildings, and fifty- three Acres of Land, in a Ring Fence, with Fish- Ponds and Pleasure- Grounds, recently laid out in tbe modern Taste.— The Laud is principally Meadow and Pasture, and abtmt 20 Acres may be watered at Plea- sure. There is a considerable Stream of Water runs through the Premises, which may be applied for the Purpose of turning a Mill; and there is a good Scite on the Premises to build on. The Manorial Rights of the Manor of Goscote will be sold with the Estate; and the Situation is well calculated for a Person who is fond of rural Amusements, and who wishes to retire from Business.— Considerable proved Mines of Coal and Iron- Stone are under the Estate, which is distant from Walsall two Miles, and from Birmingham ten. Lot 2. TWO CLOSES of LAND, adjoining Lot 1 tage. Persons will give Information of the Time, Place, • ... . . . ,, - , . - andother Particulars of his Death and Burial, to eithe; c0" ta< , mn « Acnr? Vn , he l ar, sh ot KUsHALL, - - - ' - „.„!„„ I and free ot Corn Tythes. Lot 3. A valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at SAIIAC EN's - HE AD INN, BULL- STREET, BIRMINGHAM. rpHE ORIGINAL CAMBRIDGE and J- BIRMINGHAM UNIVERSITY COAL H sets out from the above Inn every Tuesday Morning at Seven o'Clock, by Way ot Coventry, Dunchurch, and Daventry, to the Rose- and- CrownInn, Northampton; sleeps there; proceeds the next Morning through Wellingborough, Thrapston, and Huntingdon, to the Blue- Boar Inn, Cambridge, where tt meets the Newmarket, Bury, and Ipswich Coaches — Returns from the above Inn in Cambridge, every Thursday Mo'ning at Six; will arrive in Birmingham on Friday Afternoon, in Time for the Bath, Bristol, and other Coaches. Performed by the Public's humble Servants, WM GIDD1NG, Birmingham, JER. BRIGCS, Northampton. Fares as usual.— Luggage to Cambridge, Id. per Pound. * » * The Proprietors of the above Coach return their most grateful Acknowledgments for Favours al- ready received from a generous Public, and hope for the Continuance pf that Patronage it Will ever be their Study to merit, but cannot be accountable for any Article above 51. Value ( if lost) unless en'ered as such, and paid for accordingly. SUPERB RESIDENCE, HANtS, With capital Manors and Estates, To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT; BEING the desirable, spacious, and modern- built MANSION, called HOOK, situate on an easy Eminence on the East Side of the Southamp- ton Water, commanding most beautiful and picturesque Views of that beautiful Water, as well as the English Channel, the Isle of Wight, and Borders of the New Forest, fit for the Residence of a Person of large For- tune, with a regular F'amily Establishment; together with a Manor, and from about 235 to 1400 Acres of uncommonly rich, healthy, and dry Arable and Pas- ture Land round the House and adjoining the Channel. — If very much desired, the'MA NOR and well- woorted ESTATE of SWANWICK, of about 2000 Acres, near it, may be added. ti- 3 Enquire of Mr. WEBB, Close, Salisbury, where a Map of the Estate and Mansion may be seen, and who is authorized to treat for the Sale; and printed Particulars may be had at the principal Inns on the Western Road; and at the Office of Messrs. RICHARD- SON & Co. No. 7, Lincoln's- Inn- Fields, London, where Maps may also be seen.— To be viewed with a Ticket from Mr. WEBB. *** This Advertisement will be inserted monthly only. SALE OF LAND- TAX. COUNTY of NORTHAMPTON. rjPIIE Commissioners especially appointed for - I. the Redemption and Sale of the Land- l ax arising within the County of Northampton ( exclusive of the Town of Northampton), hereby give Notice, That they will hold Meetings at the following Places within the said County, on the Days hereaiter- mentioned, between the Hours of Eleven in the Forenoon and Two in the Afternoon ot each Day, to cariy the Act of Parliament passed in the 42d Year of His present Majesty's Reign, for such Redemption and Sale, into Execution, viz. At the NEW WHITE- HORSE, in TOWCESTER, on TUESDAY the 15th Day of OCTOBER, 1805; At the HIND INN, in WELLINGBOROUGH, on WED- NESDAY tbe 16th Day of OCTOBER, 1805; And at the OFFICE of Mr. WILLIAM TY LF. R SMYTH, their Clerk, in the Town of NORTHAMPTON, on SA- TURDAY in every Week. Those Persons who intend to redeem their Land- Tax, cither by a transfer of Stock, or by a Payment in Money, to the Receiver- General of the County, are now allowed two Years from the Date of the Contract to transfer the Stock, or pay the Money re- quired, as the Consideration for the Sale; or they may transfer or pay the same respectively, imme- diately, or by quarterly Instalments not exceeding ei^ ht in Number. Every Person intending to redeem his I. and- Tax, is, in the first Place, to apply to the Clerk to the Commissioners of Land- Tax, in the Division in which such Land- l'ax is charged, for the necessary Certificate of the Amount thereof; and on producing the same to the Commissioners at their Meetings, and stating in what Manner the Land- Tax is intended to be re- deemed, the Contract will be procured, and trans- mitted to the Party without Delay. - By Order of the Commissioners, WM. TR. SMYTH, Clerk. Northampton, 28th Sept. 1805. of the said Executors, or to the said Mr. Baseley, they will be handsomely rewarded, and all reasonable Expences paid. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. CHENEY, Some Time in NOVEMBER next, if not sooner disposed of by private Contract; r70UR CLOSES of very good convertible LAND, Tythe- free, and I. and- Tax redeemed, called FLITTENHILLS, in the Lordship of COLD- ASHBY, and adjoining the Welford Turnpike Road, containing. 30 Acres, in the Occupation of Mr. Smeeton, Tenant at Will. Also a CLOSE of very rich PASTURE, contain- ing 5 Acres, or thereabouts, ( Tax redeemed; lying ne. ir the Village of Thornby, and adjoining the Road fr^ im thence to Guilsborough, in the Occupation of Mr. Cave, Tenant at Will. Further Particulars may be had of the AUC- TIONEER, Naseby. ~ BEDFORDSHIRE. To be S O I. D by AUCTION, By J. MALDEN, On Saturday the 19th of Octobcr, 1805, at Mrs. Garner's, the George Inn, Bedford, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, in two Lots, \ 7ALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATES, situate V in the Parish of CARDINGTON, a fine sport- ing Part of the Country, within three Miles of the Town of Bedford, and in the Centre of the capital Markets of Biggleswade, Potton, Hitchin, Ampthill, and St. Neots; comprising two eligible Farms, con- taining by Admeasurement, 356A. 2R. 7P. be the same more or less, of inclosed Arable and Pasture Land; two convenient Farm. Houses, good Gardens, Orchards, and Yards, with excellent Water; compact Homestalls, Large Barns, and other requisite Out- buildings, in the Occupation of Mr. William Skinner and Mrs. Mary Cowland, Tenants at Will, at very old and improvable Rents. ( pT May be viewed on Application to the Tenants, of whom printed Particulars and Conditions ot Sale may be had Ten Days before Sale; also, at the Three- Cups Inn, Aldersgate- Street, London; Swan Inns, Hitchin and Newport - Pagnell; George, Potton; White- Lion, Sr. Neots; Goat, Woburn; King's- Arms, Ampthill; Printing- Office, Bedford; and of the AUCTIONEER, Biggleswade. GOSCOTE aforesaid, containing about 50 Acres, under 20 of which the Coal has been got, and the Remainder is unwrought. The Colliery is now in full Work; and the Wyrley and Essington Canal, which opens an easy Communication through the Co- ventry, Oxford, and Grand Junction Canals, to the Metropolis, passes through the Works, in a Manner which affords every possible Advantage of Water- Car- riage. The Coal Mines only at present are wrought, but there are several good Measures of Iron- Stone, of which Specimens may be seen on the Spot. Excellent Limestone is got within the Distance of two Miles, and few Situations are so well calculated to establish extensive Iron- Works upon. There are proper En- gines on the Premises to raise the Mine Water, and Winding- Engines tor the Purpose of raising the Coal.. — The Strata of Coal now getting are 14 Feet 6 Inches thick, which may be seen on Inspection of the Mines, and over which is an excellent Rock Roof. The Price of large Coal at the Pits is 8s. per Ton, small Coal 3s. 4d. for which there is great Demand from the extensive Lime- Works in the Neighbourhood.— The Premises are at present under Lease, but Terms are made with the Lessees for cancelling the Lease upon the Sale of the Estate ; and the Purchase- Money for the Mines will be taken by easy Instalments. Lot 4. About 50 Acres of LAND, with the valu- able Mines of Coal and Iron- Stone under the same, adjoining Lot 3, and also adjoining the Wyrley and Essington Canal; on which there is a good Mine of Clay for making of Bricks, which have a ready Sale in the Neighbourhood. Q3* If at the Time of Sale it should be thought more eligible to sell this Lot with Lot 3, it will be don* Lot 5. A new and complete IRON FOUNDRY, with proper Air- Furnaces; also, a Boring- Mill and Cupola, worked by an Engine, a Pattern Shop, Smith's Shop, Drying- Stoves, and a great Variety of Iron Boxes and Patterns, with Cranes, and every other useful and convenient Utensil for carrying on an extensive Trade, situate near to tbe Canal, and within a hundred Yards of the Colliery.— The Stock to be taken at a Valuation, and to be paid for by such Instalments as shall be specified in the Conditions of Sale. g3* Apply to Mr. FORSTER, Banker, Walsall; Mr. PARSON, Rushall- Hall ; or to Mr CURTIS, Walsall, who has Plans of the Estates, and who will appoint a Person to shew them. Letter from Deal, on the Subject of Deafness. To the Proprietor of Dr. TAYLOR's REMEDY. SIR, Deal, May I, 1805. HAVING seen the Names of several Persons puhlished in the Sun, who hav- receiyed Benefit from the invaluable REMEDY for DEAFNESS, I beg Leave to inform you, that I have lately received a complete Cure, after having been deprived of my Hearing for the last five Years.—\ have used one Bottle. I remain, Sir, Your most obliged, humble Servant, JOHN A1KIN. P. S. You are at Liberty to make what Use you please of this. To Mrs. MATHEWS, IS, Strand, London. MADAM, I beg to inform you, that I have been very deaf, so as only to hear with Difficulty, for near three Years. 1 used about Haifa Bottle of Dr. TAYLOR'S RE- MEDY for DEAFNESS last September, which in a tew Weeks gave me Relief, so that I could hear as well as People in general, and through the Lord's Good- ness have continued ini. der. uely well ever since. I am, Madam, your humble Servant, DOROTHY GREEN. Bessel's. Green, near Sevenoais, July 10, 1805. 03* The original Letters may be seen at Mrs. Mathews', Bookseller. 18, Strand, London; where the Med cine mav be had. The above invaluable Remedy is sold in small Bot- tles, PriceSs 6d. each. Duty included, by J Drewry, Stafford, aid Dic- y & Sutton, No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, London, the Wholesale Agents. It may also be had genuine of Barc lay No. 95, Fleet- Market, London; Rollaon, Coven ry; Sh rpe, Warwick; Leigh, Atherstone; Hul> e, and Wirds, Huckley; Gregory, Leicest- r; Morris, S raifo'd'upon- Avon; Baker, Tamworth ; Dale, Col sh'tl; Hemming, Al- cester ; Dicey Sc Sutton, and Marshall, Northampton ; Marriott, Banbury; Palgrave, BeihO'd ; Jacob, Peter- borough; Wilcox. Tooceter; T< o > y, Oundle; Collis & Da-. h, Kettering; H'rrxl, Harboroui'h; Robins, Dav. ntry ; Jenkin o:, Huntingdon; Wallis, Olney; Eaton. Thrapston; Seelev, Buckingham; Barringer, and Inwood, Newoort - Pagnell; Osborn, Woburn; Queneborough, Dunstable; Mrs. J. es, Oxford; Darton, Hitchin; ai. dot one or morer- pu- table Venders of Medicines in every Town in the Uruled Kingdom. Wednesday and Thursday's Posts LONDON, October 10. THE Gazette of Tuesday night contains official documents from the Calcutta Gazette Extra- ordinary, received by an overland dispatch at the India House, of the most important and interesting description. By them we are informed, that a Treaty of Peace has been concluded between the Rajah of Bhurtpore'and General Lord Lake, which, with some modifications, has been ratified by our Government in India. Several actions had taken place previous to the peace, in one of which General Lord Lake commanded in person with Colonel Don, against a body of troops of the ' enemy, about eight coss from Bhurtpore, in which several stands of colours, with ammunition, & c. had been taken, and nearly 1000 of the enemy killed and wounded. A detachment under Captain Royie had been very successful in defeating several^ bodies of the enemy.— Holkar, in consequence of ' the defeats which he had experienced, and the desertion of his troops, was left with only a few followers, scarcely sufficient, it is said, to serve fyiin as a guard. What asylum he can hope for, or what course he has taken, were unknown when the dispatches came away. Ameer Khan had been defeated by General Smith. By the agreement, which was ratified on the 10th of April, the Raj all cedes to the Company the for- tress of 1 ) eeg, and restores all the districts which were conferred upon him by the British Govern- ment, after the conclusion ol" peace with Dowlut Rao Sciiidia; he also engages to pay the sum of 20 lacks of Rupees to the Company; three imme- diately, and the remainder by instalments. The son of Runjeet Sing was delivered up to Lord Lake, oil the 11th of April, as an hostage for the due performance of these engagements.— The Prime Minister of Scindia had arrived at bhurt- pore, to act in concert with General Lake. This morning arrived a mail from Lisbon, brought by the Lord Ilobart packet. A frigate arrived at Lisbon on the 30th ult. which left our fleet off Cadiz, consisting of 26 sail of the line, four days before, all well, and in daily expectation of being joined by Lord Nelson. — Admiral Louis commands the ill- shore squadron of five sail. Our force is now so considerable, that there is little chance of the enemy coming out: when Lord Nelson arrives it will be entirely hopeless, unless they are compelled by famine, for it seems that they are in little better than a starving state. Bonaparte has " demanded a contribution of ten millions of crusades from Portugal, as the price of the neutrality with which it has hitherto been indulged. This demand, it is thought, will be resisted. The scarcity occasioned by the arrival of the combined fleets at Cadiz was severely felt; re- course was had to Seville, and a supply of corn, wine,'& c. demanded; even the fountains at Pucrta Santa Maria had been put in requisition for the use of the fleets. » Between the sailors of the combined Erench and Spanish fleets, animosities had arisen to the highest pitch, and scarce a night passed but the dead bodies of assassinated Frenchmen were found in the streets of Cadiz. Sir Sidney Smith made an attempt, on Monday se'nnightT at night, to burn the French flotilla in the outer- harbour of Boulogne. The night being very dark, two machines called carcasses, filled vyith combustible matter, were sent in with the tide. They exploded sufficiently near to set some j of the boats on tire; but the mischief done does I not appear to have been considerable. We had ' one man badly wounded.— Forty gun- boats arc ' firing out for Sir Sidney at Woolwich. They carry I two guns, one in the bow, and the other in the ! stern, are very light, and draw very little water.— I It is reported, that in this excursion, he entered and, being in pos- We can scarcely mention any probable event, I Boulogne harbour, landed, upon which the nation should ' be more rejoiced j session of the pass- word, surveyed the state ot than upon this of the honourable restoration of the place, and returned without being discovered. Peace in India. Considering what the East Indies supply towards the means of that immense expen- diture, which our home defence now unfortunately requires anil is likely to require, it may also be said, that the safetv of England itself has been m some measure fougiit for on the plains of llnidostan. | The danger of the invasion, that lately threatened j this island, never appeared to us half so formidable | as the probability, that, during that threat, some j present loss, or some cause of future humiliation I might occur in India. Most sincerely, therefore, du we congratulate our country upon this intelli- j gence, as it relates to the continuance of an. I important means of national power and to the preservation of a vast source of commercial em- ployment. v Paris journals to the 2d, and Dutch Gazettes have been received to the 6th instant. The hostile French and Austrian armies have not yet met, but acts of hostility continue to be almost daily committed, and the Emperor of Ger- many, who passed through Munich on the 22d instant, is probably by this time placed at ths head of his army. The two armies continue to advance, though both seem to be taking circuitous routes. A • strong division of French dragoons, on foot, passed the Rhine at liehl on the night of the 25th. The division of grenadiers, under Gen. Oudinot, had proceeded on the same night as far as Rastadt. The Austrians continue jo advance into Stiabia, in different directions. The Commander of the di- vision which remains at Munich has sequestrated the Electoral chest, but little was found in it beyond what was necessary for the maintenance of the Civil Administration. The act, however, is in itself decisively hostile.— The Russians have hv this time, no doubt, joined the Austrian Army. They were expected in the camp at Wcltz by the 2d or 4th inst. Their progress, it appears, has been retarded by the badness of the roads. Bonaparte continued at Strasburgh on the 27th, receiving the adulatory homage of the* Magistrates and the Constituted Authorities. Massena has taken the- chief command of the Army of Italy, and issued a Proclamation on the occasion to the troops under his orders. All is activity in that as well as in every other quarter. The . great part of the Austrian troops in the. Duchy of Venice are rapidly approaching the Adige, and hostilities will probably commence on the arrival of the Archduke Charles. Government have received advice, that Bona- parte, in consequence of the disappointment he has experienced in the primary object of Duroc's mission to the Court of Berlin, has been induced to make new propositions to the Emperor of Ger- many, which, though not likely to interrupt the operations of the war, have nevertheless been deemed worthy of some consideration. The Hanoverian colours were re- hoisted at Stadt, on the 23d ult. to the great joy of the inhabitants. The German Legion, which has been formed in this country, and consists chiefly of Hanoverians, is expected" to sail for Hanover in the course of this week, under the command of General Don. A general levy of two out of 500 is ordered throughout the territories of Russia by the 1st of January, 11506. This levy, supposing the popu- lation " of that vast empire to he but 30,000,000, will add 120,000 men to the mass of men that compose the present army of that great empire. The differences between Admirals Gravina and Villeneuve have extended throughout the two fleets. Upon their arrival at Cadiz, Admiral Gravina ap- plied for a court- ir irtial, that he might account for the loss of the two ships that were captured by the English. This was refused; but as a proof that the Court approved of his conduct, he was appointed Commander iu Chief of all the Spanish ships in Cadiz. A v. erv serious tumult has taken place at Madrid in consequence of the Prince of Peace wishing to enforce the circulation of the paper of the bank, oil paiu of death; but he was obliged to recal his order and abandon his object. Government have received dispatches from Malta, dated the 16th August. At that time the troops were all in the highest health and spirits.— The most friendly and intimate correspondence subsisted between General Craig and the Russian Commander at Corfu. Dispatches were yesterday received at Lord Mulgrave's office from Petersburgh and Stock- holm. The messenger who was the bearer of these dispntchcs, is said to have brought an account of 30,000 Russian and Swedish troops having actually arrived in Pomerania, which force is to be aug- mented until it shall be Sufficiently strong to give the Allies an ascendency in the North, which no ai med neutral alliance can be able to controul. The calamities with which China has lately been afflicted, have exceeded the first report of them ; it appears that the rains in the upper provinces of Cochin- China have been so heavy as to raise the rivers considerably above their banks, and to destroy all the neighbouring crops even of rice and paddy; while the torrents from the mountains swept away whole villages. A famine ensued, to which several thousand persons have fallen victims. Sir Sydney Smith arrived at Dover yesterday I evening, and was expected to sail immediately upon an enterprise against the flotilla on the French I coast. The change of weather has affected the King's I eyes, and rendered his sight somewhat worse than | it has lately been; but his Majesty is in every other j respect in perfect health. i The Vicerovalty of Ireland, if not altogether ' the most lucrative, is. the most dignified alid ex- ! I alted office under the crown. The salary is now i o£. 24,000 per annum, which is deemed adequate . to the support of the station with appropriate dig- j nity and splendour. At the commencement of his I Majesty's reign the salary was but ,£. 16,000, I which was advanced to ,£. 20,000 at the instance and during the Viceroyalty of Lord Halifax; which ] addition, however, his Lordship declined accept- I ing- Not long before the Union, the salary was advanced to its present amount; but the annual ] douceur of a service of plate to each Lord Lieu- i tenant was discontinued. The patronage of the office i;> verv considerable: but this, temporarily, has been greatly diminished, most of the valuable places and reversions being forestalled by the great Parliamentary leaders in that country, by whose assistance the Union was effected. Yesterday, Hester Kitchener, the servant of the late Mr. Blight, was brought to the office, from the Brown Bear public- house, and underwent a long private examination. After which, she was discharged, on her promise to appear whenever called upon, and to give notice where she is to be found, till the perpetrator of this horrid deed is brought to condign punishment. Two respectable surgeons having communicated to the Commissioners of Sewers, that many acci- dents have come under their care arising from short posts in and about the metropolis, which occasion ruptures, and other lamentable misfortunes, to persons stumbling on them in the dark, the Com- missioners have recommended that no jiosts be permitted to remain shorter than four feet above ground, and that the tops may be painted white. Similar precautions are highly necessary in country- towns and road- sides, which arc not properly lighted. A mechanist of Leicester has constructed a very simple apparatus, which, on being attached to stocking frames for all descriptions of plain work, wholly supersedes the necessity for manual labour; and a weaver of Preston has obtained a patent for a loom for weaving cottons, woollens, & c. wholly by mechanical power. Eight thousand geese were sold in London on Saturday se'nnight. One goosejfeeder at Stratford consumes 100 quarters of oats and 50 quarters of pollard per week— his general stock at this season is 3000 geese and 600 dozen ducks! A woman of Anderston, near Glasgow, afflicted with a dropsical complaint since the month of June, has received great relict', and is in a fair way of cure, from eating the leaves of Bohea tea. . The murder of Mr. William Stables, of Ilors- forth, near Leeds, must be fresh in the recollection of all. On Tuesday se'nnight, Mr. John Stables, also of Horsforth, his brother, hung himself on a high beam in his own barn. At the time of the murder strong suspicions generally attached on his brother ( who was also heir'to his property), as being accessary to the foul deed. Whether these suspicious were well grounded we will not pretend to determine. Never since, however, has he seemed to enjoy one moment's peace of mind: his own house he dared not inhabit, and such strong symptoms of fear perpetually agitated him that he would seldom be left alone. About 11 o'clock on Tuesday morning he said he was setting off to Leeds; but not returning at the time expected, search was made for him, and he was found as above- mentioned. Singular Discovery.— A waiter, who lived at Mrs. Partridge's house ( the Windmill, at Salt- hill), at the time of the sudden death of several gentle- men who dined there about 30 years since, has recently paid the debt of nature himself. The day preceding his death, he sent for the clergyman of the parish, and, after informing him that he could not die in peace without disclosing what he knew of that calamitous event, made the following recital:—" That it was not occasioned, as had " been generally supposed, by any preparation in " the wine, to tine it, as it arose from thecircum- " stance of some carp having been stewed for a " family expected the day before; but from their " being prevented coming, the fish were set by in " the copper stew- pan in which they had been " dressed, where, from its long standing, the cor- " rosive acid in the sauce extracted from the " stew- pan that quantity of copperas, which " proved destructive to most of the gentlemen " who partook of this dish, so fatally served up " the next day. The fact," he said, " was dis- " covered, and known only by the cook and him- " self; and on imparting it to their afflicted " mistress, she enjoined them to secrecy as long " as they lived; but that he now found himself in " his last moments unable to conceal the mystery " any longer!"— Mrs. Partridge, and the cook, have both been dead many years. A stork was lately killed in the township of Clifton, Lancashire, by Mr. Richard Johnson, of I ea.— The size of the bird was of the following dimensions:— From the point of its beak to its feet, four feet six inches; the extreme breadth, with wings extended, six feet four inches; length of the beak, eight inches and a half. There has not been one of the kind killed for twenty- five years past in that neighbourhood. We are happy in being enabled to state, that the experience of several years has made us proud of having been among the first to recommend to public notice Dr. Taylor's justly esteemed Remedy for Deafness.— It would be impossible to insert all the cures which are sent voluntarily to the proprietor. One or two appear, however, in ano- ther part of this paper.— We are desired to state, in contradiction to a prevalent report, that the preparer of this Remedy has no concern whatever with any other advertised medicine. DIED.] J. Rooke, Esq. of Bigswear House, Glou- cestershire, a General ot his Majesty's forces, Colonel ( of the 3Sth Foot, and M. P. for the county of Mon- mouth. The circumstances attending his dissolution atl'ord an awful lesson of the uncertainty of all human enjoyments. He was sporting on the Trelick' Hills, on Friday last, and had just tired at a bird, when ha fell dead from his horse in an apoplexy. CRANFIELD, Beds, Oct. 10th, 1805. ALL Persons who stand indebted to the late . E. PINCORD, of CRANFIELD aforesaid, Gentleman, deceased, are requested to pay their re- spective Debts to Mr. James Osbom, or Mr. John Roe, both of Cranfield, Executors named In the Will of the said E. Pincord ; and all Persons having any Demands on the Deceased, are requested to deliver in their Accounts to either of the above- named Trusts, in order that they may be discharged. MAIN's BANKRUPTCY. WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against JOSEPH MAIN, of the Town of NORTHAMPTON, in the County of. Northampton, Ironmonger, Dealer and Chapman, and he being declared a bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major Part of them, on the TENTH Day of OCTOBER inst. at Seven of the. Clock in the Evening; on the FIFTH Day ot NOVEMBER next, and on the NINETEENTH Day of llaber• HUNTINGDON. Linen and Woollen- Drapery, Mercery, dashery, Hosiery, Hats, fyc. JOHNSON & WILTSHIRE, beg Leave respect"' tf fully to inform their Friends, the Nobility, Gentry, and the Public in general, that they have taken the HOUSE, and STOCK in TRADE, late Messrs. BENNETTS, formerly in the Occupation of Mr. Charles Martin, and originally of Mr. Lawrence. JOHNSON & WILTSHIRE solicit the Patronage of the Friends of those Gentlemen, as well- as the Public at large, and invite them to inspect the present capital Assortment of Goods; consisting of every Article in the above Branches, and which they are determined to dispose of at the Valuation of the Appraisers; and are confident they will be found at least Twenty- five to Thirty per Cent, under the re- gular Prices.— This is an Advantage which rarely oc- curs, and is now done only for the Purpose of its being replaced by an entire new and fashionable As- sortment, of which J. & W. will give their Friends and the Public due Notice. ( jdr" The Goods will be ready for Inspection on Saturday next the 12th October. *** The Trade will find their Advantage in attending to this, as well as Individuals. N. B. FUNERALS compleatly Furnished. October 9th, 1805. To" he~ SOLD, or LETT, And may be entered on immediately, Large and commodious HOUSE, with all convenient attached and detached Offices, two Gardens, Couft Yard, large Barn, and Stable for four or more Hors. s; and an Orchard well planted with choice Fruit Trees, containing an Acre or more of cxvcllent l. and. i situate in that pleasant and populous Village of I I. OORE, in the County of Northamp- ton, and within half a Mile of the Royal Depot, and the Grand Junction Canal, at Wcedon- Beck. The above is well calculated for Trade or Business of any Kind. fjdT Enquire at the WHITE- HART, Floore. *** A Quantity of seasoned Oak Barn- Floor Planks to be sold. A To A rUBLIC- HOUSE. To be L E T T, And entered upon immediate!!/, \ IX that MESSUAGE or PUBLIC- HOUSE called the OI. D GEORGE, situate and ad joining the HIGH- STREET, in the Parish of St. Paul the Town of BEDFORD; consisting of two To CURRIERS. TO BE DISPOSED OF, And may be entered upon immediately, rpiIE GOOD WILL of an extensive Business - I. in the above- mentioned Branch, carried on at WELFORD, in the County of Northampton, by the late ELIZABETH BENNETT, Widow, deceased.— The Stock in Trade and Tools may be taken at a fair Valuation; and the Dwelling- House, Shop, and Pre- mises, will be lett on a Lease for nine Years. ( f3" For Particulars, apply to Mr. JOHN BIGGS, of Welford aforesaid, Grazier. POLEBROOK, Northamptonshire. be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with a HOMESTEAD, ORCHARD, and BARN thereto adjoining, situate in POLEBROOK, in the Occupation of Thomas Danner. Also, A CLOSE of excellent PASTURE LAND; containing by Estimation five Acres ( be the same more or less), in the Occupation of William Hunt. ( pT The above Premises are Freehold. *** For further Particulars, or to treat for the Purchase, apply to Messrs. YORKE & SHERARD, Oundle or Thrapston. To be SOLD by AUG TI OnT By THACKER & CARTER, On Friday the 18th Day of October instant, at the Hare- and- Hounds, in Wardington, in the County of Oxford, between the Hours of Two and Five in the Afternoon ( unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which Notice will be given), AFREEHOLD MESSUAGE or TENEMENT; comprising a Hall, Dwelling- House, good arched Cellar, three Lodging- Rooms, with Garrets over the same, large Bakehouse and Meal- Chamber, Barn, and other Outbuildings, together with a Garden and Yard, containing upwards of a Quarter of an Acre, situate in iVARDINGTON aforesaid, and in the Occupation ot William Cross and Thomas Bonham. f£ 1 For Particulars, apply at the Office of Messrs. Aplin, Banbury ; or to the Auctioneers, Wardington. Buckinghamshire' Freehold. Soon will be SOLD by AUCTION, if not dis- posed of by Private Contract, \ Desirable FARM, situate in BLF. TCHLEY . ( one Mile from Fenny- Stratford and the Grand Junction Canal); comprising a substantial Farm- House, Barn, Stables, and other Offices, Farm and NOVEMBER next, at Nine o'Clock in the Morning, very good and extensive arched Cellar;, a Brewhouse, .. . k„ n i.... - i... t_ « . i Stables, Yard, and other Conveniencies, and in the at the GEORGE INN, in the Town of NORTHAI. II*- j TON, in the County of Northampton, and make a I full Discovery and Disclosure ot his Estate and j Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come j prepared to prove their Debts, and at the second Sit- ' ting to choose Assignees; and at the last Sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his Examination, and the Creditors are to assent to, or dissent from, the Allowance of his Certificate.— All Persons in Parlour.,, a Kitchen, Bar, and four Bedchambers ; two j Kick- Yards, Garden, & c. ; several Closes near, called " " ' ' Home Leys, Malthouse Close, Two Leys, Hobb's Mitches, Travell's Orchard, and Pope's Close, con debted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his | Attorney at l. aw, Bedford Occupation of Mr William White, who has had Notice to quit, and is leaving the same. The Tenant will have Liberty to brew his own Beer, and the Coming- in will be easy.— This will suit any Person wanting such a Situation, and will brew good Beer, as most of the Public- Houses in Bedford, are in the Hands of common Brewers. For Particulars, apply to Mr. BLACKWELL, Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give Notice to Messrs. KINDERLEY, LONG, and INCE, Attornies, Symond's- Inn, Chancery- Lane, London; or to Mr. HOWES, Attorney, Northampton. J. BEA1JCLERK, R. BUSWEI. L, THEOPH. JEYES. AUGUST 13, 18O5. rOST, or STOLEN, the following BEDFORD - i BANK NOTES, viz. No. 5160, Value £. 10; and No. 5774, Value ,£. 5. [ psT It is requested, that any Person who can give Information respecting them, will apply to Mr. RAWLINS, Postmaster, Bedford; or to Mr. Dour, Postmaster, Woburn. Octobei To 9th, 1805. taming eight Acres, more or less, arid til Acres and 1 Rood, more or less, of rich Arable Land, Ley and Meadow Ground, dispersed in the open Fields of Bletchley aforesaid. To the Farm belong six Cow Commons on that extensive and riclvCommon, called Bletchley Leys, which, with other Common Ground, contain 400 Acres and upwards, and other Common Rights, and to Pope's Close belong r Commons. Sheep O1 S T O L E N, , UT of a Close in the Borough of Buckingham, on Tuesday Night the 8th of October, 1805, An aged DARK- BAY HORSE, of the Nag Kind, ( the Property of Mr. JOHN SEELEY);' about fourteen Hands and a Half, or fifteen Hands high, with some white in the Face, a few saddle Spots, one white Heel behind, thick black Mane, and cut Tail. The Horse is a Riugil, and some slight Marks on the Chest remain, occasioned by a Kick, but have long been healed; and a small Defect on the near hind Hoof, occasioned by a Tread. A SADDLE ( nearly new, Maker's name, Roberts, London), and a BRIDLE, were also Stolen at the same Time, from an Outhouse, the Lock on which was broken to Pieces. Whoever will give such Intelligence of the above, as may be the Means of recovering them, to Mr. SEEI. EY, of Buckingham aforesaid, shall, on Con- viction of the Offender or Offenders, receive a Reward of TEN GUINEAS. Buckingham, October 9th, 1805. To Plumbers and Glaziers. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, Arid may be entered upon immediately, \ LL that substantial DWELLING- HOUSE, 1. V with the Plumbers' and Glaziers' Shops, and a spacious Yard and Garden adjoining the same, plea- santly situate in the EALY- LANE, in Lutterworth, in the County of Leicester, now in extensive Business in the Plumbing and Glazing Line, and will be found a very beneficial Undertaking tor any Person in those Businesses.— The Stock in Trade, Tools, See. may be taken at a fair Valuation. ($ 5* For further Particulars, or to treat for the same, apply to Mr. HENRY THORNTON, of Lutter- worth aforesaid, A JOURNEYMAN is WANTED to assist in the above Businesses, he SOLD by AUCTION, By A. B RO Pf'NS GRA VE, On Wednesday next, October l( i, 1805, on the Pre- mises of Mr. JOHN FAULKNER, at Houghton, near Northampton, removed there for Convenience of Sale, QF. VERAL LOTS of IIOUSEHOLD- FURNI- KJ TURK and BREWING UTENSILS ; consisting of Bedsteads, Beds, and Bedding; Tables and Chairs; G- lasses ; a Hogshead Brewing- Copper; Mash- Vat and Tubs ; Iron- bound Pipes and Puncheons; a stout tilted Cart; a small Barrel- Churn ; five Store Pigs, Sec. Sec. ( pr" Sal? to begin in the Morning at Ten o'Clock. Small Freehold Hmtse, Grcal- Brickhill, Bucks. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAT, Exactly at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, on Monday the 14th of October, 1805, on the {' remises, A HOUSE and PREMISES, in complete Repair, j l with BLACKSMITH'S SHOP adjoining, large Yard, Barns, Stables, & c. situate in the Centre of the Village of GREAT- BRICKHILL aforesaid, near Leighton- Buzzard, Beds, late in the Occupation of Francis Turner, Blacksmith, deceased. ( PT Immediate Possession will be given. Also, at Eleven o'Clock in the Morning of the same Day, will be SOLD by AUCTION, on the said Premises, A stout Hogshead Brewing- Copper, lately new, and one smaller Ditto; one Four- Hogshead Beer Cask, one Two- Hogshead Ditto, Pipes, Puncheons, Flogs- head, and other Casks; 16- Bushel Mash- Vat; Cooler, Brewing- Tubs, and other Effects. * » * For further Particulars, apply to the AUC- TIONEER, in Stony- Stratford, Bucks. Furniture and other Effects, To be S O L D by A U C T I O N, By JOHN DAY, On Thursday next, the 17th of October, 1805, at the Sign of the Rein- Deer, at PURRY, near Stony- Stratford, Bucks, removal there for the Convenience of Sale; CM) UPRISING Bedsteads and Beds; Blankets, > Tables and Chairs; Wardrobe; Clock and Case; two Kitchen- Grates; Beer Casks, Sec. Sec.-,— also, several Lots of Linen and Woollen- Drapery, Stock- ings, Shoes, Hats, Sec. ; small Counter and Canisters; a new Tradesman's Cart; six Dozen new Hurdles, and various other Effects. { jdf The Sale to begin exactly at Eleven o'Clock. Stoke Wharf, on the Grand Junction Canal, near Btisuiorth. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DA Y, On Friday the 25th of October, 1805, by Order of the Assignees of JOSEPH LUDLAM, a Bank- On,, N E stout BARGE, FOUR very stout CANAL BOATS, in complete Repair, with Cabins, Stoves, Sec. and a large QUANTITY of old IRON, in Lots.— Also, the DWELLING- HOUSE in the fi„ . , ...-. u r; i •„.. ; Occupation of the said Mr. I. udlam, with aTENE- of excellent Water, well supplied with Fish; over > .. T- VIt r • • .,- T N- U a T, • RICK- BR^ GE, sufficient for the ! ^ o. nmg TheDwdh^ House and Tenement PASTURE AND MEADOW LAND, TVVYFORD, BUCKS. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, \ N exceedingly fertile Inclosure of PASTURE _ f\. LAND, containing 27A. 3R. 35P. ; and a very substantial COW- HOUSE lately built thereon, with Stalls for 13 Cows.— Also, one other old Inclosure ot very rich MEADOW LAND, containing 15A. 2R. 39P. separated from the above by a very tine Stream of excellent Water, '' " which is a new B Passage of a Waggon. On the Banks of the Stream are about 160 full- grown thriving Willows. The Fences arc all in most excellent Order, and the Land in the highest State of Cultivation. The whole is FREEHOLD and TYTHE- - . . , M„ , N" I I FREE, situated near TwvroRD. MiL,, in the County ! exactly at Eleven o Clock of Bucks, and in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Hughes, at the very loiv Rent of ^. 70 per Annum.— Mr. Hughes will quit at Old Lady- Day next, or not, at the Option of the Purchaser. ( pJT For further Particulars, and to treat for the Purchase, apply to Mr. JAMES ARIS, of Twyford- Mill, who will shew the Land; or to Mr. JOHN KING, Solicitor, at his Office, in Buckingham; or at the CROWN INN, Bicester, where he attends every Friday. ( Pf An Inclosure may be soon expected, an Attempt having already been . made to inclose, by which, with due Caution, the Proprietors ® f landed Property in this Parish may be much benefited, and on which the Copyholders in the Manor should be very cir- cumspect. * » * The Estate may be viewed by applying to Mr. JOHN INNS, the Tenant, N. B. For further Particulars, and to treat for the Purchase, apply either to Messrs. WII, I. IS and SON, Solicitors, Leighton- Bussard; or to Mr. CHARLES WILLIS, Solicitor, Winslow. To be SOLD by A U C T I O N, By RICHARD SMITH, On Monday the 14th Dav of October, 1805, on the Premises, at HARGRAVE, Northamptonshire, will be sold in Lots, without Reserve ; consisting of Slates, Bricks, Doors, Windows, Floors, Lead, Beams, Joists, Sec. ; Garden Fencing, as Posts, Rails, & c. a Quantity of Boards, and various other Effects. ( fST The Sale to begin with the Building Materials To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. HA WT Y N, On Thursday the 24th of October, 1805, at the Red- Lion Inn, in Banbury, Oxfordshire, at Four in the Afternoon, Lot 1. A FIELD of rich MEADOW and A PASTURE LAND, in the Parish of BLOXHAM, near the Village of Broughton, and adjoining the Turnpike- Road from Banbury to Sliip- ston, containing nine Acres two Roods, be the same more or less. Lot 2. A prime RICK of HAY, about nine Tons. Lot 3. A CLOSE of GRASS LAND, about one Acre, adjoining the Village of BLOXHAM, sur- rounded by a substantial Stone Wall, having a new Gate, and well supplied with a Spring of Water. Lot i. All that FREEHOLD, substantial, new- erected RANGE of double WAREHOUSES, four Stories high, Brick, Stone, and Slated, with conve- vient Deal Binns, under Part of which is a large Stable, united to a long Range of Buildings, adjoining a pleasant DWELLING- HOUSE, Stone and Slated, and very eligibly situated in the broad Part of SHEEP- STREET, in BANBURY; comprising a good Parlour and Kitchen in Front, and a Parlour back- wards ; three good Bed- Rooms, and large Garret over; roomy Piece of Ground, as Yard or Garden, and other Conveniencies. fpf Lots 1, 3, and 4, may be entered upon imme- diately ; Lot 2 may be taken from the Premises; and Lot 1 Mr. Edward VIoarby, of Broughton, will shew. * » * For further Pariiculars, apply to Mr. Dury, Solicitor, or to the Auctioneer ( who will shew tile last Lot), both of Banbury. To be 1 SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. KNIBB, On the Premises, in CRANF1 EI. D- EAST END, Beds, on Wednesday the 16th of October, 1805, I^ IIE genteel HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, and . sundry FREEHOLD and COPYHOLD ESTATES, late t) ie Property of EDWARD PINCORD, Geat. deceased, situate in CR AN FIE LD aforesaid.— The HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE comprises Four- post Bed- i steads and Bedding; Drawers, Chairs, and Tables; Glasses; Clock and Case; Kitchen Utensils, in Brass, Pewter, Copper, Sec. ; one Brass Furnace; Beer Casks; Boards and Quarters; two Oak Pieces of Timber; one Hay Cart; two Cocks of prime Flay, well ended, the Growth of some of the best Land in the Parish, and may be taken off'the Premises. ( p?" The Sale to begin exactly at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon. In the Afternoon of the same Day, between the Hours of Three and Six o'Clock, will be SOLD, at Mr. Ambridge's, the Old George Inn, Cranfield, THE FOLLOWING ESTATES:— FREEHOLD. Lot 1. A newly- erected WINDMILL, on BROAD- GREEN, in the Parish of CRAN HELD, carries two Pair of Stones, has a Dressing- Mill and Mill Tackle, in full Practice; with about an Acre of Ground, and a newly - erected Building thereon, intended for Stabling.— Also, a neat COPYHOLD COTTAGE or TENEMENT, with Paddock and Garden thereto belonging, within a few Steps of the Mill, in good Repair, held under his Grace the Duke of Bedford; the Fines small and certain. COPYHOLD. Lot 2. A well- built TENEMENT, with a Butcher's Shop, Barns, Stable, and other convenient Out- Offices, and two Gardens in Front of the House, late in the Occupation of the Deceased, at EAST- END; together with a small CLOSE of rich PASTURE LAND, adjoining the same, well watered, held under his Grace the Duke of Bedford. [ pT Immediate Possession may be had of either Lot. ( who is leaving HARGRAVE ; consisting of 80 well, bred Ewes and Theaves, 40 Shearhogs, and 50 Lamb- hogs; six young and very useful Cart Codings and Mares, and two Hacknies; Milch Cow, one short- horn barren Ditto, two Two- year old Stirks, and two Weaning Calves; two in- pigged Sows, three store Hogs, 11 Pigs, and one large Hog; several Turkeys, Geese, Ducks, and Fowls; a Leash of capital staunch young Pointers ; Narrow- wheel Wag- gon, four Carts, Ploughs, Harrows, Roll, Horse, Cow, and Sheep Cribs, Hurdles, Travs, Ladders, Forks, Rakes, good Harness for six Horses, new Dressing- Machine ( by Blucktiel/), Sinks, capital tan with new Oak Frame, Riddles, Sieves, and other Implements in Husbandry. Also an Oak Timber Stick, Ash Ditto, Timber complete for a Hovel, 25 Battens, Fire- wood, Sec. , The Auctioneer respectfully informs the Public the above Effects will be sold without Reserve, tne Sheep will be penned for Inspection by half- past Nine, and the Sale will commence on them punctually at 1' en o'Clock in the Forenoon N. B. In a short Time will be sold by Auction, the genteel HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, of the Rev. Mr. FONNEREAU. In the Vale of Aylesbury.— With immediate Possession. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By Mr. RAINE, At the Rainbow Coffee- House, in Cornhill, London, on Friday the 18th of October, at Twelve o'Clock, in one Lot, by Order of the Trustees under a Noble- man's Will, \ Valuable FREEHOLD and TYTHB- FREE DAIRY FARM, with a Portion ot Land in Tillage; containing altogether 242 Acres, called DUNSTER HILL, situate in CHARNDON, in the Parish of Twv FORD, between the great Roads leading from AYLESBURY to BUCKINGHAM, and AYLESBURY to BICESTER; the principal Part now, ami for many Years past, in the Occupation of Mr. William Lambourne. The House and Homestead are on a pleasing Eminence, commanding a View of the grea'er Part of the Lands, which lie to a warm Aspec', and may be still further enrichcd by the first of all Improve- ments in Agriculture, the Floodings and fine Draw- ings of the Cowhouses, Yards, and Offices, being brought over the Meadows and Pastures of the Estate, *** To he viewed till the Sale, by Leave of Mr. Lambourne, of whom, on the 25th Instant, primed Particulars may be had; also at the Cobham- Arms, Buckingham; King's- Arms, Bicester; George, Ayles- bury; White- Horse, Uxbridge; Rose, Watford; of the Printers ot the Northampton, Oxford, Se Reading Papers; of G. B. Tyndale, Esq. Lincoln's- Inn- Fields J and of Mr. Carter, Staple Inn, London; Mr. Hollier, at Thame; Rainbow Coffee- House; and of Mr. Raine, Land- Surveyor, Charlotte- Street, Bloi. ms- bury, where a Plan may be seen. Bedfordshire. Shortly will be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. CHRISTIE, At the Great Room, in Pail- Mall, London, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, IN SEVENTEEN LOTS, CAITTAL and VALUABLE FF) IF. it OLD, and iV greatest Part TYTHF.- FREE ESTATE, situate adjoining to the great Turnpike- Road fioni London to Northampton, about three Miles from LEIGHTON- BUZZARD and the newly- completed Branch '- f the GRAND JUNCTION CANAL, three from DUNSTABLE, seven from WOBURN, and 36 from LONDON, in the COUNTY of BEDFORD; consisting of the MANOR and entire PARISH of TILSWORTH ( except a few' Acres); the ADVOWSON of the VICARAGE of TILSWORTH; TWO WOODS of valuable TIMBER and thriving UN- DERWOOD; EIGHT compact FARMS, with good Farm- Houses, Barns, and all necessary Buildings; the Red- Lion and Bull Inns, and the Blackbirds Public- House; and sundry Farm- Houses, Messuages, Tenements, and Lands, in the adjoining, Parishes of CHALGRAVE, HOCKLIFFE, and STANDBRIDGE ; con » taining in the Whole ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED andTWENTY- SEVIM ACRES of productive Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Wood Lund, in the Occupation of respectable Tenants, whose Terms will expire at Lady- Day next, anil capable ot great Improvement. 0Mr. JOHN WILLISON, the Woodman, at Tils- worth, will shew the Estate; and Particulars may be had of Mr. JAMES RILEY, Chicherley, near New- port- Pagnell; the Printers of the Northampton Mer. cury j at the Red Lion, Hocklift'e; Sugar- Loaf, Dun- stable; the Rainbow Coffee- House, Comhill; and of Mr. CHRISTIE, Pall- Mall, London. A V \ i Friday and Saturday's Posts. LONDON, October 11. Assortment of SHIRIINOS, SHSETINOS, PRINTED CALICOES, WOOLLEN CLOTHS, FLANNELS, BAIZES and BLANKETS, which are selling on the lowest Terms. *** A good Allowance to Country Shops. /" ANTED immediately, in ihe GROCERY and CHANDLERY BUSINESS, A JOU RN E YMAN, who is to assist in both Branches, and go out with Goods, & c.— A Character will be expected. (£ 3H Apply to J. DRAKE, Northampton. linen and Woollen- Drapers, Hosiers, IfC. WANTED, a smart active YOUTH, of a ' * iberal Education, as an APPRENTICE to the above Branches. ft3T Enquire of Messrs. FLETCHIR & DopD, WE are happy to state, that the whole of the ! « tlRn, CJ°"' v , n K . • , • r • - , ,. ., , „ N. JJ. Messrs. F. Sc D. beg to inform their Friends convoy, under the charge ot the Calcutta , and , he Public, that they have just received a fresh manor war, has escaped the pursuit of the enemy. " " This fortunate circumstance is principally owing to the gallant resistance of Captain Wood ride and his crew, who kept the whole fleet of the enemy at hay, while his convoy dispersed. The French Fleet is no doubt from Rochefort, and as there are no fewer than two detachments of the British Navy sent in quest of it, it is not a very presumptuous hope to expect that we may hear of • it and its captures in a British port. Its present i object is most probably our Leeward Island Fleet, ; some of the straggling ships of which, it is likely, j " VflTT ANTED, A single MAN, as SHEPHERD, are among its prizes, and of which it would obtain ! T ' None need apply who do not perfectly under- intelligence from these captures. The great stand their Business. chance of its being intercepted, even if it should j (£ 3° APP'> t0 MR- HARRISON, at the Ram Inn, make any prizes, will probably prevent any parti- j or ''""" l-"""- cular apprehensions. " j To SCHOOLMASTERS. Lieutenant- Colonel Layard, of the 51th regiment i " V\ TANTED, A PERSON, of good Character, is arrived from Naples, charged with important * » to teach Reading and Writing in the Parish of dispatchesto Government. lie came from Lisbon, 1 KISLINGBURY, near Northampton. and the packet on its arrival at Falmouth being I Pe, rsonall/> t0 the Rev- R- B. HUGHES, . , . r .: ot Kislingbury aforesntd. put under quarantine, orders were given tor its release that he might come to town. It is supposed j * A7" ANTED, iu a Clergyman's Family, where that he brings the agreement upon which the King v T a Housemaid and Footman are kent," A SE R- of Naples consents to the admission of a body of ,; VANT, as COOK and KITCHEN- MAID. She English and Russian troops to occupy both Naples must have lived long in her former Places, and have and Messina as a protection against the common undeniable Character as to Diligence, Neatness, enemy. Ministers also received letters from Sir James Craig, at Malta, dated the lfith ult. but it is believed not of so late a date as those which they received by the last Hamburgh Mail, which stated that the troops were ready to embark for Naples. Letters from Paris mention, that the English prisoners, detained oil the breaking out of the pre- sent war, had been lately ordered from Verdun to Valenciennes. Government, we understand, announced to the foreign Ministers, yesterday, that the Elbe and the Wtser are no longer blockaded. At the Council held at the Queen's House yes- B1 t and good Temper. J3T For Particulars,' apply to the Printers. not MEN SERVANTS. W" ANTES), An UPPER SERVANT, under 30 Years of Age, well acquainted with his Business; also a COACHMAN, to ride and drive, a light Weight, who will make himself useful in otlierTFnngs, and not under 26 Years of Age.-— None need apply without good Characters. Enquire of Mr. RICHARDSON, Hair- Dresser, Stony- Strattord. TAT" ANTS A SITUATION, A YOUNG MAN • ' of unexceptionable Character, to superintend the Business of a' Grazier or Dairy- Mail, being well acquainted with rhose Businesses in all their Blanches; terday, Parliament was further prorogued until the ] or to take the active Part as an Assistant to an elderly 28th of November. i Pers° n.— As Money is not his Object so much as a .' comfortable Situation, any one wishing to engage Yesterday their Majesties and the Princesses iwith a Person tor either of the above Employments, for the first time since their return j will please to direct a Line to Mr. G. GRITFIN, of ; Ivinghoe, Bucks, which will be duly attended to, ! and Reference given immediately as to Character. came to town, from Weymouth.— Her Majesty ami the Princesses arrived at Lady Charlotte Finch's appartments, in St. James's Palace, and honoured her Ladyship with a visit till three o'clock, when they returned to Kew. 10 Mr. Long is gone to Ireland to fulfil his appoint- ment of Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant. Earl St. Vincent paid a visit to Lord Sidmouth, on Wednesday, at his Lordship's house at Richmond Park. ' We hear that the Noble Viscount is consi- derably amended in his health. It appears the killed and wounded on board the combined fleets, in the action with Sir Robert Caldcr, amounted to 2030. On the 20t'i, there was not more than one case of the yellow fever in New York, or its neigh- bourhood. The antient Hospital of Bethlem will shortly be no more. Its site will go towards the formation of a superb place, which, it is said, will, from its form, be denominated the Loudon Amphitheatre, and will hecome the residence of the opulent Merchants and Citizens of London. It is proposed to build a new Hospital on a spot of ground a little to the sbuth of Islington Workhouse, in an ex- tremely airy situation. There is a poor blind soldier, near the Round Church, Cambridge, whose eyes were almost burnt out by the sun and sands of Egypt, and who braved the heat of the action when Abercrombie fell, who has just received, through the medium of the clergyman of the parish, a seasonable supply of 201. for himself and family, from the fund for the sick and wounded on that memorable day.— Were all cases of this kind made public, we trust it would appear that Britain is not unmindful of the orphan and the widow, nor ungrateful to the memory of the brave. A Jew and travelling tinker were apprehended on Thursday se'nnight, at Woodberry- hill fair, for passing base coin, and in the kettle of the latter fellow near one hundred weight of base guineas, half guineas, seven shilling pieces, dollars, shillings, and sixpences, were found. ,/ A poor woman died last week, at Warrington, at the great age of 116 ; she retained her faculties to the last. ROAD STATUTE, For HIRING of SERVANTS, WILL be held at NEW INK, in the Parish of ROAD, on THURSDAY the 17th Instant. £ 3T Dinner on the Table precisely at One o'Ciock. NORTHAMPTON, Oct. 5th, 1805* | MRS. WILKINSON respectfully informs her | Friends and the Public, she has just received ' a large ASSORTMENT of BEAR MUFFS and I TIPPETS, fee. of the best Quality. Having pur- chased them so early in the Season, she lias it in her Power to offer them upon much lower Terms than' | what she could possibly have done if delayed till the Season was further advanced. ft3T Mrs W. hopes they will meet the entire Sa- tisfaction of her numerous Friends. NORTHAMPTON, October 9th, 1805. ENJAMIN and JOHN DRAYTON return Thanks to their Friends, for the many Favours already conferred, and beg Leave respectfully to inform them and the Public in general, that they have now removed their whole Concern from BLISWORTH, to the new GRAND JUNCTION WHARF, near this Town; at which Place they may depend on being served by them with the best of the various Sorts of COALS, COAKS, SLATES, & c. ; and at the lowest Prices. ( pf* The present ready Money Price of the best WEIJNESBURY COALS, at the Wharf, is 14d. per Cwt. ; delivered in Northampton 14J. d. per Cwt. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. KIRS HAW, On Wednesday next the 16th Day of October instant, at Five o'Ciock in the Afternoon, at the Sara- I cen's- Head Inn, in Northampton. \ LL that CLOSE or GARDEN GROUND, j _ LJL situate and being at the Upper- End of SAINT j GILES'S- STREET, in the Town of Northampton; con- .' trailing one Acre ( more or less), and well planted with ; the choicest Wall, and other Fruit Trees. For a View of the Premises, and further Par- ticulars, enquire of Mr. HOWES, Attorney; or the Auctioneer, in Northampton. and NORTHAMPTONSHIRE YEOMANRY CAVALRY. rpHE Gentlemen of the BRACKLEY JL CHIPPINGWARDEN TROOPS are requested to meet at Ten o'Ciock on SATURDAY the 19th Instant, at the usual Place of Exercise, near COCK- LEY- BRAKE. W. R. CART WRIGHT, Lieutenant- Colonel. October 11th, 1805. WELLINGBOROUGH VOLUNTEER CAVALRY. THE Gentlemen of the WELLINGBOROUGH VOLUNTEER CAVALRY are requested to meet on the PARADE, in WELLINCBOKOUCH, on MONDAY the 14th Day of OCTOBER instant, at Eleven o'Ciock in the Forenoon, properly armed and equipped, to be inspected by Colonel Corbet.— Forfeit tor Non- Attendance. JOHN NEWTON GOODHAI. L, Captain- Commandant. Wellingborough, Oct. 11, 1805. GEORGE WRIGHT, SCHOOLMASTER, oj KISLINGBURY, BEGS Leave to inform his Friends and the Public, that he is appointed ( bv the Trustees) to the FREE- SCHOOLotNETHER'- HEYFORD, a pleasant and healthy Village, about six Miles from Northampton, Towcester, and Daventry; where he intends to take a limited Number of Boarders and Day- Scholars, as usual. ( t= T School opens on MONDAY the 21st Instant. Ki'slingbury, Oct. Iith, 1805. To the NOBILITY, GENTRY, and the PUBLIC of DAVENTRY and its Vicinity. Valuable second- hand ( almost equal to new) Foreign Damask 1' able, and Bed- l. incn, § c. fyc. To be SOLD by A U C T I O N, By J. P. CULLING WORTH, On Thursday and Friday the 17th and 18th Days of October, 1805, in a commodious and suitable Room, in the HIGH- STREET, in the Borough oi' Daventry, in the County of Northampton; AValuable Assortment, of FOREIGN DAMASK TABLE- LINEN, NAPKIN'S,* c. HOLLAND and RUSSIA SHEETS, QUILTS, & c. the Property ofa Foreign NOBLEMAN and FAMILY, who are leaving England for the Continent. ( plT The Auctioneer begs Leave to assure the Nobility, Gentry, and the Public of Davintry and its Environs, the Goods are worth their Attention, and upon Inspection, he Hatters himself will be found such as are very seldom or « ver exposed to public- Sale by Auction; he therefore humbly solicits the Honour of their Attendance each Morning by Eleven o'clock. *** Catalogues may be had of the AUCTIONEER, High- Street, Daventry. To QUICKERS. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, . . \ BOUT Two Hundred Thousand WHITE- | Pe" Y Mr' Hem'y Cockerill> of Wappenham. THORN SETS, of three Years Growth. I On Tuesday se'nnight, Mrs. Beaumont, relict of the late Mr. W. Beaumont, chandler, of Barrow" upon- Soar, Leicestershirej Same day, at Loughborough, Mrs. Barrs, wife of Mr. Walter Barrs. Same day, aged 44, Mr. Win. Hanwell Book- seller, of Oxford. Same day, at the Parsonage- House, the Rev. Edmund Mapletoft, M. A. rector of Aiistye, Hertfordshire, late Fellow of Christ College, Cambridge. Last neck, at Plaistow, Essex, Alexander Walli s Esq. late of Whitechurch, in Oxfordshire. A few days ago, aged 73, Mrs. Tiptaft, a maiden lady, of Braunston, in Rutland. Lately, at Ambrosden, in Oxfordshire, in the 57th year of his age, Mr. J. King. The Rev. J. Roberts, A. M. rector of Wolver" ton, in the county of Warwick, is instituted by the Bishop of Lincoln, to the rectory of Wither- ley, in Leicestershire. William Mallory, Esq. is nominated Mayor of Warwick, for the year ensuing. At tlte Town Sessions, on Monday last, William Stafford was found guilty of stealing rabbits, the property of Mrs. Hague, and sentenced to be im- prisoned one month and twice publicly whipped. At the Quarter Sessions for this county, on Thursday last, Mary Lawrence was sentenced to be confined for one year in solitary imprisonment, ill the county gaol, and ke, it So hard labour, for stealing four sheets and a gallon of peas, the pro* iS^ r For Particulars. Olney, Bucks. apply to ROBERT ANDREWS, JUST PUBL ISIIED, Handsomely printed on fine Paper, Price 2s. Bound, INTERESTING TALES, in Words of one - Syllable, for the Instruction and Amusement of Children. By Mrs. TAYLOR, AMPTHILL. Printed for the Author; and sold by W. Birdsall, Northampton; Mrs. Gardner, Biggleswade; Tabart & Co. New, Bond- Street; C. Law, Ave- Maria- Lane, Paternoster- Row; J. Harris ( Successor to E. New- bery), St. Paul's Church- Yard; and maybe had of Mr'. Burrard, No. 109, High- Holborn, London. GRAMMAR- SCHOOL, DAVENTRY. THE Rev. Mr. I'ALLOWITELD respectfully informs his Friends, and the Inhabitants of Daventry, that he intends increasing his School to the Number it' TWELVE BOARDERS; and having engaged an able Assistant, he purposes to receive DAY- SCHOLARS for ENGLISH GRAMMAR, WRITING, ACCOUNTS, GEOGRAPHY, the USE of'the GLOBES, Sec. as well as for LATIN. ( tf* Particulars of the Terms may be known oil Application. Octobet 10 th, 1805. A1 NORTHAMPTON, October 12th, 1805. LL Persons who stood indebted to SAMUEL YOXON, late of the Town of Northampton, Hair- Dresser, at the Time of his decease, are requested ' ul pay the same within fourteen Days f rom the Date hereof, to Jane Yoxon, the Widow and Admini- stratrix. And all Persons who have any Demands against the said Samuel Yoxon, are desired to send their Accounts to the said Jane Yoxon, in order that the same may be adjusted and settled. Notice to DEBTORS and CREDITORS. ALL Persons who stand indebted to the late SAMUEL EARL, Butcher, of WEEDON- BECK, in the County of Northampton, are desired to pay the same to Mr'. John Loo, of Dodford, in the said County, or Mr. John Daniel, of Upper Weedon- Beck aforesaid. And all Persons to whom tile late SAMUEL EARL is indebted, are desired to deliver the same to the aforesaid John Loe and John Daniel. ANN EARL, Administratrix. Weedon. Beck, October 11 th, 1805. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next Meet- ing Of the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road, leading from Banbury, in the County of Oxford, to the South- End of Mill- Field, in the Parish of Lut- terworth, in the County of Leicester, will be held at the RED LION INN, in BANBURY, on SATURDAY the SECOND Day of NOVEMBER, 1805, at Eleven o'Ciock in the Forenoon; at which Meeting the TOLLS to arise for one Year, at BANBURY BRIDGE TOLL- GATE, will be LETT by AUCTION, in Man- ner directed by the Statute made in the lath Year of His present Majesty, " for regulating Turnpike- Roads ;" which Tolls produced in the last Year the Sum ol ;£.! I02, over and above the Charges of col- lecting the same, and will be put up at such Sum as the Trustees shall think fit. Whoever happens to be the Best Biddjr, must at the same Time enter into Bond, with sufficient Sureties, for Payment of the Rent at such Times and in such Manner as the Trus- tees shall direct. By Order of the Trustees, EDM. BURTON. TI1RAPSTON TURNPIKE- ROAD. WE, five of the Trustees of the Northamp- tonshire Division of the Turnpike- Road leading from Market- Harborough, in the County of Leicester, to the Pound, in the Parish of Brampton, in the County ot Huntingdon, hereby give Notice, that an extraordinary Meeting of the Trustees of the said Di- vision of the said Road, will be held at the WHITE- HART INN, in KETTERING, on MONDAY the 28th Day of OCTOBER instant, at Eleven o'Ciock in the Forenoon, for the Purpose of viewing the new- erected Toll- House near the Thorpe Inclosure, and for appointing a proper Person to collect the Tolls thereat, and to transact other Business.— Given under our Hands this 3d Day of October, 1805, T. C. MAUNSELL, L. ROKEBY, JOS. KNIGHT, JAS. KEMPSTON, E. GRIFFIN. THO. MARSHALL, Clerk to the said Trustees. TOWCESTER, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By R. M. JONES, On Friday the 18th of October, 1805, at Towcester aforesaid, HOUSEHOLD - FURNITURE, AND other EFFECTS, which for Convenience of Sale will be removed to the WHITE- HART ; consisting of Bedsteads and Furniture; Feather and Fleck Beds; Quilts, Blankets, and Sheets; Mahogany Dining and other Tables, Chests of Drawers, and Chairs; Pier and other Glasses ; Fire- irons; Pewter and Brass; Tubs and Barrels, with many other Articles too nu- merous to insert. • fldT The Sale will commence at Ten o'Cclok. LONDON, October 12. PARIS Papers were this morning received to the 4th instant. These Journals boast, that the French troops have been before- hand with the Austrians, in ob- taining possession of the Black Forest, and that the corps from Hanover under Bernadotte, lias been joined by the Bavarian army, 26,000 strong. Much is also said respecting the hostility of Ba- varia to the Austrians. We are at a loss to account for these assertions, but whatever may be i as ri the" most excellent performers; and the fac , we repeat that a Treaty ot Alliance was | exertfons and assiduit haFve been most concluded between the Emperor of Germany and j , iwlv rewal. ded. The gross receipts amounted the Elector ot Bavana. Ihe latter might perhaps | tQ 6s 4d when\ he expe^ ces Bre paid be induced to keep a show of hostility towards , ( which from t,) e ior alK, n£ merous tafents Austria until his son, who was m France had got , ve l ed must anl( fUMt t0 a , } „ safely out ot that country. Uiere are, however, I i . .. - - - •>• so many evident marks of fabrication in these papers, that we shall suspend our belief respecting The Northamptonshire regiment of militia, which has been quartered at Dover for some time past, marched suddenly from thence, last week, to Bray- bourne Lees barracks, near Ashford, in Kent; their departure from Dover was much regretted by the inhabitants, wdiose esteem they had conciliated by the propriety of their behaviour. On Tuesday, the first division of the West Mid- dlesex militia marched into this town, on their route from Hull to Bristol; and on the two succeed- ing days the second and third divisions of the same regiment arrived here, and have since followed the first detachment. The musical performances for the benefit of the General Hospital, at Birmingham, commenced on Wednesday, and continued the two succeeding days. This meeting was attended by a number of the nobility and gentry of that and the adjoining counties. The Committee and Manager spared neither expence nor attention to accomplish this great undertaking, as w ell in the selection of i To be SOLD by. AUCTION, By I'. WE S T O N, At the King's- Head, Syresham, Northamptonshire, on Monday the 21st Day of October, 1805, between the Hours of Four and Five in the Afternoon,, under such Conditions as will be then produced, AMESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with about Half an Acre of LAND ( more or less), used as a Garden, in a high State of Cultivation, and well planted with choice Fruit Trees, situate at Syresham aforesaid, and in the Occupation of Mr. Win. Brown. — The above is well adapted for Trade, or the Resi- dence of a small Family. Also will be SOLD, The HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE; consisting ' of Bedsteads and Furniture ; two Flock Beds ; Sheets j and Blankets ; Tables and Chairs; Clock and Case ; i large Brewing- Kettle, small Ditto, and Ditto and ; Pot; a Quantity of Faggots, and various other Effects. The Sale of the Household Goods to commence i exactly at Two o'clock of the same Day. ! * » * For Particulars, apply to Mr. Stilgoe, Falcut; ! or Mr. Coats, Astwell. For the Benefit of Creditors. To be S O L D ' by' A U C T I O N, By Mr. THOMAS BROOKS, On Monday the 21st Day of October instant, on the Premises of Mrs. MARY COLYER, at PUL- To the CREDITORS of JOHN JAKEMAN, of j LOXH1LL, in the County of Bedford, jpHE entire STOCK in TRADE of the said 8 MARY COLYER, in the Grocery, Haberdashery, and Linen- Drapery Businesses, & c, together with all her genteel HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, PLATE, LINEN, CHINA, and sundry EFFECTS; and also, the I. IFEHOLD ESTATE and INTEREST of the said MARY COLYER, of and in a certain MESSUAGE, COTTAGE, or TENEMENT, with the Appurtenances, in PULLOXHILL aforesaid.— The Sale to begin precisely at Eleven o'Ciock. Iff The said Mary Colyer having made an Assign- ment of all her Estate and Effects to Mr. Samuel May, Draper, & c. of Ampthill, and Mr. William Green, Baker, of Sheflord, both in the said County of Bedford, in Trust for themselves and such other of the Creditors of the said Mary Colycr, who shall ( execute the said Assignment on or before the 10th i Day of November next, Notice is hereby given, that \ V 2u of AUGUST last, did procure a Warrant to I the said Assignment now lies for Execution at the search the Cart, Goods, See. of Mr. ROBERT j Office of Mr. Greene, Solicitor, in Ampthill afore- SHARPE, of COLD- ASHBY, Draper, & c. on a Sua- ! said; and as a Dividend is intended to be made as picion of his having stolen and taken away, a COLD | soon as possible, all Persons indebted to the said Mary WATCH, my Property ( which was afterwards found ' Colyer are desired to pay their respective Debts with- to have been mislaid): I do therefore hereby declare, out fail to her Assignees, the said Mr. May or Mr, that I have no Reason whatever to impeach the Ho- ^ " " J ^ = nesty and Integrity of Mr. Sharpe, and think it my L- V ... .. - •... -„.„„ • . .1,;,,' .. 1,1:.. FI. OORE MILL, in the County of Northampton, Miller. ALL Persons who have any Claim or'Demand upon the above- named JOHN JAKEMAN, are desired to attend at the WHITS- HART, in FLOORE, oil MONDAY next, the 14th Day of OCTOBER instant, at Three o'Ciock in the Afternoon, and to bring their Accounts with them; when a Statement of his Af- fairs, and a Proposal for settling the same, will be j laid before them; and the Attendance of each Cre- ditor is particularly requested. SIMON OAKDEN, RICHARD HOWES. October 12 th, 1805. OCTOBER 12th, 1805. •\ 7i7" IIEREAS I KATII. STOCKDALE, on the Duty to signify the SMXje in this public Manner. KATH. STOCK DALE Green, or the said Mr. Greene, Solicitor, on or before the said 10th Day of November next, or they will be sued for the same. 11( 4 October, 1805. ( Out Concern.) GREENSNORTON, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By R. M. JONES, On Thursday the 21th Day of October, 1S05, HOUSEHOLD - FURNITURE, AND other EFFECTS, which for Convenience of Sale will be removed to a large Room near t ie BUTCHER'S- ARMS; consisting of Bedsteads and Furniture; Fea- ther and Flock Beds; Quilts, Blankets, and Sheets; Dining and other Tables ; Mahogany and other Chairs; Bureau ; Chests of Drawers; Pier and other Glasses; Fire- irons; Pewter and Brass; Tubs and Barrels; with many other Articles too numerous to insert. ff3T The Sale will commence at Ten o'Ciock in the Forenoon. Capital Live Stock, § c. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. ROGERS, On Friday the 25th Day of October instant, on the Premises, exactly at Two o'Ciock in the Afternoon, rpiIE capital LIVE STOCK, & c. of Mr. W. M. L COE, of GRENDON, near Castle- Ashby,_ in the County of Northampton; consisting of 40 capital breeding Ewes, 20 Shejrhogs, and 20 Lambs; two fat Cows and four Bullocks; one capital Horse Foal ( by Mr. Freestone's Black Horse) ; also, the Keeping ot nearly 50 Acres of excellent Sweard Land till the 21st of December next. Capital Live Stock, Sfc. To be S O I, D by AUCTION, By Mr. ROGERS, On Friday the 25th of October, 1805, on the Premises of Messrs. JOHN & ABRAHAM BRAWN, at GRENDON, near Castle- Ashby, in the County of Northampton ( who are leaving one of their Fauns), ALL the capital LIVE STOCK, & c. on the said Farm; consisting of 40 capital breeding Ewes, 22 very fresh Shearhogs, 22 Theaves, and 16 Lambs; nine very useful Dairy Cows, six splayed Heifers, four fat Beasts, three Stirks, and two Calves; one capital Bay Horse, rising three Years old, one Black Filly, rising three Years old ( by Mr. Higgins's best Black Horse, Dam by Mr. Bakewell's London Horse), one Black Yearling Colt, and one Mare and Foal; about 30 Tons of excellent old Hay, to be taken off the Premises ; also the Grass and Keep ot nearly 200 Acres of Sweard and Stubble Land, till the 21st of December next, in Lots. Q3T The Sheep will be penned by Nine o'Ciock in the Morning, for the Inspection of the Public ; and the Sale will commence exactly at Ten. Vahiable Live and Dead Slock, Household- Furni- ture, 4' C. To he SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. BRA MP T O N, BY ORDER OF THE ASSIGNEES. On Monday the 21st Day of October instant, and fol- lowing Days, on the Premises, at ISRIGSTOCK, in rhe County of Northampton, late the Property of JOHN BELLAMY and EDWARD BELLAMY, Bankrupts, \ LL the LIVE and DEAD STOCK, IMPLE- ( J\ MENTS in HUSBANDRY, and HOUSE- HOLD- FURNITURE. late the Property of the said JOHN BELLAMY and EDWARD BELLAMY ; con- sisting of 106 Ewes, 77 Lambs and Theaves, and six fat Sheep ; 15 Milched Cows, . two HeiJ'ers, one dry Cow, and eight Calves; six useful Cart Horses and Mares; two Sows and Pigs, one Yelt, one fat Hog, and one Boar Hog; Ricks and Hovels of Wheat, Barley, Oats, Beans, Peas, Clover, and Hay. Also, Horse Harness in general, Farming Utensils, two N arrow- wheel'd Waggons ( nearly new), two Dung Carts, and two Butchers Carts, a Gig with Harness; Ploughs, Harrows, Field- Roll, and Implements of Husbandry in general. TheHousEHoLD- FuRNiTURE consists of Four- post Bedsteads and Furniture; Feather and Flock Beds and Bedding; Tables, Chairs, Drawers, & c. ; Linen; China and Earthenware; Pewter, Brass, & c; Brew- ing and Washing- Coppers; Iron- bound Hogsheads, Half- Hogsheads, Tubs, & c.; Dairy Requisites, with a Variety ot other Effects. 83* The Household- Furniture will be sold on Monday and Tuesday; the Farming Utensils, Wheat, Barley, Oats, Beans, Peas, Clover, Sec. on Wednesday ; and the Live Stock, Eddish, and Hay, on the Farm, on Thursday and Friday.— The Sale to commence each Day at Ten o'Ciock in the Forenoon. Three Months' Credit will be given to Pur- chasers of the Live Stock, Corn, Hay, and Eddish, on approved Security, or a Discount allowed for prompt Pay. + 4+ For a View of the Live Stock, apply to Mr. JOHN PLUMB, at Erigstock aforesaid. their assertions relative to the conduct of Bavaria until we have more authentic intelligence.—- Sun. These Papers likewise contain the following [ PROCLAMATION of the EMPEROR of the FRENCH to the ARMY:— " Soldiers, the war of the third coalition is commenced. The Austrian army has passed the Inn, violated all treaties, attacked and drove our Ally from his capital. You, yourselves, have been obliged, by forced marches, to fly to the defence of our frontiers ; but you have already passed the Rhine; and we will not stop, till we have secured the independence of the Germanic Body, relieved our allies, and confounded the pride of unjust assailants. Our politics shall not again suffer by our generosity; for we will no more make peacc, without a guaranty for its execution. " Soldiers, your Emperor is in the midst of you. You are but the vanguard of the great nation; if it be necessary, it will in a moment rise at my voice, to dissolve and confound this new league, which British gold and hatred have woven. . " But, soldiers, we shall have - forced marches to repeat, privations and hardships of every de- scription to endure; whatever obstacles oppose us, we will conquer them, and we will not rest until we Have planted our eagles on the territories of our enemies. NAPOLEON. By order of his Majesty, Field- Marshal Berthier, Major of the General army. The French and Austrian armies, in Germany,, . - - , . . y y had nearly approached each other, according J0 j can hi a rable- yard, mHolborn, as described; the balance of upwards of of .2,200 will remain for tliQ use of the charity. At the sale of the breeding Leicestershire stock of George Penrice, Esq. of Salford, Warwickshire, in June and September last, five theaves sold for lOOgs. five ewes for lOOgs. and rams from^ f. 40 to „£'. 70, and upwards each. The average price for the number sold was the greatest ever obtained. Two children died suddenly at King's- Clifte last week. They had been in a field where they ate a large quantity of blackberries, which is supposed to have occasioncd their deaths. Last week Deakin's warehouse, at Aston wharf, near Birmingham, was broke open and robbed of Manchester goods to the amount of about d'. 800. On Tuesday night last, as the driver of a post- chaise, belonging to the Bull's- IIead at Meriden, was returning with it empty from Birmingham, it was unfortunately overturned in Elmdon, and the, driver, who had been riding on the dickey, was killed on the spot. Late on Friday night, or early on Saturday morn- ing, the shop of Mr. Clark, haberdasher, of St. Alban's, was broke open, and robbed ot lace and other property to the amount of between 3 and 4001. The robbery being generally known in the town, an innkeeper informed Mr. Clark, that three suspicious characters had been drinking at his house on Friday night. They came in a chaise- cart, and lie had been induced, from curiosity, to take the name and direction upon the cart, which he gave to Mr. C'ark, who set otf immediately in a chaise to London, and applied to llivett and Hop- wood, belonging to Bow- street. They found the these papers, on the confines of the Black Forest; we may therefore expect very soon to hear of an action having taken place between them. By the last mail from Lisbon we are informed, that a very serious disturbance had broken out at Madrid, in consequence of some bills on the trea- sury being dishonoured, which were payable at sight. The holders of the bills remonstrated with the Prince of Peace, who ordered them into custody of the body guard. The populace took part against the minister, and it is saiu some lives had been lost by the firing of the military to disperse thein. PRICE OF STOCKS. Bank Stock . sh. I Imp. 3 per Cents, sh. 3 per Ct. Red. . sh. 1 India Stock . 183 3 per Ct. Cons. 58^ S I India Bonds . 1 2 dis. 4 per Ct. Cons. . sh. i Exc. Bills 1 dis. 1 pr. 5 per Ct. Navy . 89 i Omnium . . 3i NORTHAMPTON\ SATURDAY EVENING, Oct 12.' MARRIED.] Rev. Wm. Ward, rector of Mile- End, near Colchester, to Miss Hammersley, eldest daughter of Thomas Hammersley, Esq. of Pall- Mall. A few days since, at Fingall, Yorkshire, the' Rev. Kingsman Baskett, Master of the Charter- House, Hull, and rector of Laughton, in Buck- inghamshire, to Miss Bourne, of Hull, daughter of the late Master of the Charter- House. Lately, at Padbury, Bucks, Mr. John King, attorncy- at- law, of Buckingham, to Miss Maria Porter, daughter of R. Porter, gentleman, of the former place. On Monday, the Rev. Charles Botterell Hawkins, LL. B. Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, and Vicar of Lewknor, Oxfordshire, to Miss Maria Bratt, of Grove House, Staffordshire. DIED.] On Friday se'nnight, in the thirteenth year of her age, Miss Wateriidld, the only daugh- ter of Mr. Waterfield, surgeon, Daventry. On the 2d instant, on his way to Bampton, in Oxfordshire, in consequence of a fall from his horse, which fractured his skull, and terminated his life in a few hours afterwards, Joseph Vines, Esq. attorney- at- law, of Thaives Inn, London. On Monday se'nnight, suddenly, Mr. Scotney Thorpe, an eminent farmer and grazier, of Edith, Weston, Rutland. On Tuesday se'nnight, at Huntingdon, after a lingering illness, Mr. Wm. Baxter, plumber and glazier. The same day, at Huntingdon, after a short illness, Samuel Roe, gentleman, formerly of Wild- Goose Leys. master of the yard said, he had lett the cart to three men on Friday, to go into the country, and they had only returned it that morning, and apo- logized for keeping it all night, by saying, one of them had the misfortune to break one of his legs, but M'O of them had engaged the cart for that day, and lie expected them shortly. The officers deter- mined upon waiting, and about two o'clock two men came for the cart; the officers, upon seeing them, knew them to be bad characters, and took them into custody. They were taken before Mr. • Graham, and committed for further examination* . To the Dealers in Medicines.— The Distributor of Stamps for Northamptonshire, having had it represented to him, by several dealers in medicines, that many persons in that business were selling without licences or stamps, has, by the direction of the honourable Commissioners, lately laid inform- ations in the Thrapston division, against three persons, from two of whom he received the miti- gated penalty of 101. each, and from the other 51. one half of which, ( after deducting the expences,) he has paid to the treasurer of the General Infir- mary in this town;— the'other moiety is a for- feiture to the Crown. 03" The prisoners in the county gaol return thanks to the gentlemen of the Grand Jury, at the Quarter Sessions, for 12s. fid. left in the hands of the gaoler. P R I C E of CORN per Quarter Northampton, Saturday, Oct. 12. at Wheat, 75s. to 80s'. Od. Rye, 42s. Od. to 44s. Barley, 35s. Od. to 39s. Od, Oats, 26s. Od. to 30s. Od. J. GRAFTON Beans, 48s. Od. to 50s. Od. Peas, 46s. Od. to 43s. Od, By the Standard Measure. Inspector. Corn- Exch . n^ e, London, Friday, Oct. 11. There are a few fresh arrivals of new Wheat to- day, and that of good quality the early part of the week went off readily, but to- day lias little sale at less price; interior without sale, and a further reduction is expected. There is an enormous quantity of Foreign, of second and inferior quality, still on hand, which continues, as of late, unsaleable. Most part of last week's Foreign, from the late reduction, is now intended for exportation.— Rve, Barle., and Malt incline lower.— Beans keep their price.— A few ordinary Gr? y Pease, and few in price, new expected.— Some fresh arrivals ot Oats from Lin- colnshire, and are1 a trifle lower.— Flour without fluctuation. LIST of FAIRS, from Oct. 14 to Oct. within the Circuit of this Paper. M. Oct. 14. Southam. T. - W. . Th. - F. - S. - M. • T. - Th. - 26, 15. Potton. — 16. MarKet- Bostuorth. - ' — 17. Alcester, Banbury, Ivinghoe. — 18. Luton. — 19. Mar let- liar borough ( lasts ten days). — 21. Rugby and Soul ham. — 22. Newport- Pagnell and Pet ton. — 24. Leighton - Bu zzard and Stoiu . on . the- nould. SONNET. DESCRIPTION OF A LATE FINE HARVEST NIGHT. THE silver crescent on the belt of night 1 Slunes beautiful: and oft the passing gale Pauses amid the half, illumin'd vale, _ As if ' twere conscious of the charming sight, An:! felt, like me, ine, table delight. Mea while the mist expands its mantle pale O'er the bright bosom of the slumb'nng stream; And ihe brown wood, beneath the mellow beam, Grotesquely tow' ing, curious shapes assumes. The starry host above but faintly gleam, Like distant lamps beheld thro' denser glooms; And now the gossamer, in airv looms Prepares the filmv wonder, to adorn The forest's rugged rice, the briar and the thorn. —— Theatrical Misfortunes. — Mrs. Jordan lately sprained her ancle; Jack . Tohnstone lately sprained his knee; Airs. Mountain lately sprained her foot ; and on Saturday, the play at Drury- lane was changed from The Constant Couple to Site Sloops to Conquer, in consequence of Mr. Elliston having met with an accident. Notwithstanding this alteration in the perform- ances, an arbiter of theatrical merit, who was not present, nor lucky enough to be informed of the change, caused the following liberal critique to appear in some of the papers of the subsequent day:— ' " THEATRE ROYAL, DRURY- LANE. " Last night, Farquhar's sprightly Comedy of the " Constant Couple, was most laboriously murthered " - at this Theatre. Elliston tamed the gaiety ot Sir " Harry Wildair, with a felicity which they who " admire such doii. gs can never sufficiently extol. " The sprightly knight was, by'T'. liston's care, re- " ducfd to a figure of as little fantastic vivacitv as " could be shewn by Tom Errand m Beau Clincher s " clothes. Beau Clincher himself was quite lost m " Jack Bannister: it was Bannister, not ths Clincher " of Farquhar, that the representation continually " suggested to the audience. Miss Mellon was not " an unpleasing representative of Angelica. But cri- " ticism fas not language severe enough to mark, as " it deserves, the impertinence of Barrvmore's pre- " suming to put himself forward in the part of " Colonel Standard We were less offended, thoug. i " it was impossible to be much pleased with Dow- " ton's attempt to enact Alderman Smuggler.— But tile " acting was altogether very sorry." !!! This is criticism with a vengeance! An Actor deceased.— On Friday died, at Brighton, in her 41th year, Mrs. Crouch, of Drury- Lane Theatre.— This lady was one of the best acting singers that the stage has boasted for a very long period. If She had cultivated her theatrical talents she would indeed have been an ornament to the stage in characters of an interesting and pathetic kind. She was certainly one of the most beautiful women of her time. Her private character was distinguished by many amiable qualities. Her manners were pleasing, and she had a truly bene- volent heart. In the height of her fame ami amidst all the gaieties of a theatrical life, she never lost sight of filial duty anil affection, but made an ample provision for her father, who had once been a solicitor in good practice, but who had been reduced by misfortune. A declining slate of health had ' for some time deprived the public of Mrs. Crouch's exertions, but her merit will long be remembered, and her loss will be sincerely re- gretted by all who knew her real disposition, and who can value an amiable and benevolent mind. NEWMARKET FIRST OCTOBER MEETING. MONDAY, Sept. 30. First vear of a renewal of a Subscription of 5gs. each, 23 subscribers. Duke of Grafton's b. m. Parasol, 5 yrs. walked over. Lord Foley's Hippocampus, 8st. 81b. beat the Duke of Grafton's Pelisse, 8st. Across the Flat, SOOgs. h. ft.— 7 to 4 against Hippocampus. Lord Foley's Captain A'bsoluie, 8st. alb. beat Lord Sackville's Enchanter, Sst. B. C. 200gs. h. ft.— 11 to 8 against Caprain Absolute. Mr Wilson's Marianne, Xst. 61b. beat Lord Foley's Watery, 8st. Across the Flat, l60gs. h. ft.— 5 to 2 on Marianne. Mr. Watson's Dreadnought, Sst. 91b. beat Lord Foley's LittV Peter, Sst. Tv/ o- year- oid course, lOOgs, — 5 to 4 against Dreadnought. TUESBAY, October 1. ( First year.) One third of a Subscription of 25gs. each," for 4- yr- old colts, carrying Sst. 71b. fillies Sst. 41b. D. I.— 16 subscribers. Mr. Mellish'sb. f. Lady Brough 1 Lord Foley's br. c. Czar Peter 2 Duke of Grafton's br. f. Pelisse 3 Mr. Ladbroke's br. c. Bustard I Lord Grosvenor's b. c. Agincourt - - 5 Five to 1 against Lady Brough— 6 to 4 against Czar Peter— 2 to 1 against Pelisse. Sweepstakes of iOOgs. each, h. ft. for 3- yr- old fillies, carrying 8st. 21b. each. R. M. Sir C. Bunbury's b. f. Lydla, by Whiskey I Sir F. Standish's sister to Duxbury 2 Duke of Grafton's b. f. Dodona, by Waxy 3 Lord Grosvenor's b. f. by Sir Peter, out ot Isabella 4 Four paid — 2 to 1 against Lydia— 6 to 1 against sister to Duxbury— 6 to 4 against Dodona. Sweepstakes of lOOgs. each, h. ft. D. I. Mr. Lake's c. I. ynceus, by Buzzard, out of Rose, Sst. Sib. 1 Mr. Wyndham's Tallboy, 7st. 61b 2 Mr. Howorth's Pimlico, 7st. 61b pd 6 to 4 on I. ynceus. Lord Grosvenor's Agincourt bea: Mr. Ladbroke's Bustard, Sst. each. R. M. lOOgs. h. ft.— 11 to 5 on Agincourt. Mr R. Boyce's Brainworm, 7st. lllb. received forfeit from Mr. Mellish's Diddler, 8st. 71b. Two- • yr- old course, lOOgs. h. ft. WEDNESDAY, October 2. One third of a Subscription of 2. r> gs. each, for 3- yr- old colts, carrying Sst. 6ib. and fillies 8st. 31b. D. I — 16 subscribers. Lord Grosvenor's b. f. Meteora 1 SirC. Bunbury's b. f. Lydia 2 Mr. D. Radchfle's br. c. Pedestrian, by Pipator . 3 Mr. Ladbroke's ch. c. Rubbish, by Volunteer .... 4 6 to 4 against Meteora— 3 to 1 against Lydia— 2 to 1 against Pedestrian. Fifty Guineas, free for any horse, See. 4- yr- olds car- rying 7st. 41b. 5- yr- olds Sst. 51b. 6- yr- oIds 8st. lllb. and aged 9st. B. C. Duke of Grafton's b. m. Parasol, walked over. Sweepstakes of 50gs. each, Ab. M. Mr. Wilson's Marianne, 9st. lib 1 Duke of Grafton's Farce, 6st. 81b 2 Sir J. Shelley's Currycomb, 7st. 21b pd 3 to I on Marianne. Lord F. G. Osborne's ch. c. Superstition, by Buz- zard, out of Vixen, brat General Grosvenor's Have, at-' em, by Hambletonian, dam by Sir Peter, out of Windlestone's Jam, 8st. each. Two- yr- old course, lOOgs. h. ft.— 2 to 1 on Superstition. Mr Mellish's Sancho, 8st. 91b. beat Mr. R. Boyce's Sir David, 7st. 131b. R. M. 500gs.— II to S against Sancho. _ ,, , THURSDAY, Octobers. The King's Plate of lOOgs. for 4- yr- olds carrying lOst. 41b 5- vr- olds list. 61b. 6- yr- olds 12st. and aged 12st. 21b. R. C. Duke of Grafton's b. m. Parasol, walked over. ' The Town Plate of =£. 50, for 3- yr- old colts Sst. 71b. and fillies 8st. 31b. U. I.— N. B". To this Plate are added 30gs. left by the will of the late Mr. Perram. Lord Grosvenor's b. f., Violante 1 Mr. Moorhouse's br. c. brotherto Whiskerandos... 2 Sir C. Bunbury's b. f. Lydia 3 Even betting on Violanrc against the field. Mr. Andrews's Norval, 5- yrs- old, Sst. 121b. beat Mr Perren's ch. £. by Guildford, out of Louisa, 3- yr- old, 7it. . olb. R. M. lOOgs. h. ft.— 2 to 1 on Norval. „ - , Sir C. B- unbury's Eleanor, 9st. / lb. beat Lord Foley's Czar 4' eter, Sst. D. I. lOOgs.— 6 to 5 on Eleanor. SECOND EDITION OF THOMSON'S SEASONS, With Notes by the Rev. John Evans, A. M. rjPllE Public are respectfully informed, that the a second Edition of the above valuable Work is this Day published, considerably improved by the Addition of eight emblematic Wood- Engravings, to- gether with eight elegant Plates illustrative of the Seasons; and a Portrait and Life of the Author, by the Rev. JOHN EVANS, A. M. f£ F It is elegantly printed in one Volume, small Octavo, on a new and elegant Type, Price 6s. Boards. —, There is another Edition, in 18mo. or Pocket Size, 4s. 6d. Boards. Published by JAMES CUNDEE, at the Albion- Press, in Ivy- Lane, Paternoster- Row, London; and sold by W. Birdsall, T. Burnham, and J. Abel, North- ampton ; and by all other Booksellers in Town and Country. LOCKYER's AntibUious Antiscorbutic Pills. rJ^ IIESE PILLS were originally discovered and I. many Years prepared by Dr.' Lionel Lockyer, who, in the Course of a very extensive Practice, admi- nistered them in a great Variety of Cases both among Rich and Poor, and established their Reputation beyond any other public Medicine of that Time. They resist Bile and all Obstructions of the Spleen and Liver, which, unremoved, corrupt the Blood, from whence flow numerous Diseases, as Pains in the Head, Trem- blings, Palpitations of the Heart, Swooning, Vertigo, Hysterics, & c. Sec. ; they destroy Worms, cure the Scurvy, Gout, Leprosy, Black and Yellow Jaundice, Overflowing of the Call, Gravel, King's Evil, Fis- tulas, Piles, & c. tec. Messrs. Dicey and Co. No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, by Appointment of the Proprietors, are theonly Whole- sale Venders; they are sold Retail by Dicey & Co. Edge, and Marshall, Northampton ; Robins, Daven- trv; Wilcox, and Gallard, Towcester; Tuck and Mather, Wellingborough; Palgrave, Bedford; and by every Vender of Medicines in the United Kingdom. Price 2s. Pd. a Box, with full Directions. ( PR Observe that the Name ot " M. WATSON," one of the Proprietors, is signed in the Bills of Di- rections.— All others are Counterfeit. MISSIONARY VOYACES TO THE SOUTH- • SEA ISLANDS. This Day is published, printed in one Volume, Duo- decimo, and embellished with eleven fine Engrav- ings, Price 5s. 6d. Boards, ra TIE MISSIONARY VOYAGES to the SOUTII- H SEA ISLANDS, performed in the Years 1796, 1797, and 1798, in the Ship DUFE, commanded by Captain JAMES WILSON. Under the Direction of the Missionary Society. 05T This interesting Work forms the first Volume of the UNIVERSAL NAVIGATOR and MODERN TOURIST; and may either be had complete, or in ten Numbers at 6d. each— Number XI. commencing with the Travels of Mr. Bruce into Abyssinia, is this Day published, enriched with a beautiful Engraving, Price 6d.— This Work will be completed in the twelve succeeding Numbers. Published bv JAMES CUNDEE, at the Albion- Press, in Ivy- Lane, Paternoster- Row, London; and sold by W. Birdsall, T. Burnham, and J. Abel, North- ampton ; and by all other Booksellers in Town and Country. For RHEUMATISMS, RHEUMATIC GOUT, LUMBAGO, NUMBNESS, PALSY, CHIL- BLAINS, SPRAINS, BRUISES, & c. rpHE following recent Instances of the Efficacv 1 of WHITEHEAD'S ESSENCE of MUSTARD are published at the Request of the Parties, for the Benefit of others: — SIR,— Before I had Recourse to your celebrated Essence of Mustard, for two Months, 1 was under the Necessity of using Crutches; but 1 hereby certify ( tor the Benefit of others) I was perfectly cured by taking a few Boxes of the Mustard Pills, aod applying a few Bottles of the fluid Essence, which I purchased ot W. Ferrand, Chemist, Stockton. Yours, W. GARBUTT. Hambleton Hills, near Stockton, Yorkshire, January 3, 1805. Mr. Garbutt is a very respectable Farmer, universally known in the Neighbourhood ot Stockton. SIR,— 1 have much Pleasure in acquainting you, that your Pills and Essence of Mustard have relieved Numbers of Rheumatic Persons in our Neighbourhood this Winter; among the Rest a Mr. Brooks, Baker, ot Pinchbeck, who was unable to follow his Business, or even use his Arms; but on taking the Mustard Piils, and applying the fluid Essence, ne was very soon re- stored to'his usual Health and Strength. These Cir- cumstances have necessarily increased the Demand for it; I request, therefore, that you will send me an immed. aie Supply, by the first Conveyance; and am, Sir, yours, Sec. Spalding, Jan. 27, 1805. T. ALBIN. It is prepared and sold, at 2s. 9d. each Bottle or Box, by R. Johnston, Apothecary, No. 15, Greek- Street, Solio, London) and may be had of Dicey & Sutton, Northampton ; Robins. Daventry ; Tuck Se Mather, Wellingborough ; Palgrave, Bedford; and of every other Medicine Vender in the United Kingdom. The Genuine is distinguished, by the Govern- ment Stamp being printed black, and the Name ot R. Johnston engraved in it. By the KING'S PATENT. PIKE's OINTMENT, For effectual!;/ CORING the ITCH, without Con- linenn or ihe least o,' tensive Smelt. WYMAN's ANTI- BILIOUS PILLS. AS a safe and efficacious Remedy for Bilious Complaints, Indigestion, Loss of Appetite, Sick Head - Ach, sour or bitter Taste in the Mouth, for Jaundice, Obstructions in the Liver, and Gouty Habits, where- the Head and Stomach are af- fected, Mr. WYMAN begs ' Leave to recommend his ANTI- BILIOUS PILLS, their Efficacy being esta- blished on the Testimony of many Persons of Respect- ability, who hate experienced their salutary Effects. ( pf They are an excellent Medicine preparatory to Sea- bathing; for Persons who have impaired their Constitutions by free Living; and for the Bowel Complaints, which'generally prevail in hot Weather. Prepared and sold by W. WYMAN, Surgeon, Ket- tering. Sold, Wholesale, by Dicey and Sutton, No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, London; and Retail by Dicey & Sutton, Edge, and Marshall, Northampton ; Sanderson & Beal, and Tuck & Mather, Wellingbo- rough; Robins, Wilkinson, and Bates, Daventry; Reeve, Higham- Ferrers; York, Oundle ; Beesley, Ban- bury ; Barringer, & Inwood, Newport- Pagnell; Quene- borough, Dunstable; Alsbp, Luton; Harrod, and Bull, Market - Harborough ; Wilcox, and Gallard, Towcester; Seeley, Buckingham ; Hawkes, Lutter- worth ; Palgrave,' Bedford ; Gardner, Biggleswade; Richardson, Stony- Stratford; Loggin, Aylesbury; Wards, Hinckley; Eaton, Thrapston; Jacob, Peter- borough; Roberts, Southam; Sharpe, Warwick; Luccock, Kimbolton; Emery, St. Neots; Jenkinson, Huntingdon; Tapp, and Darton, Hitchin; Wallis, Olpey; Rowell, Rugby ; Ward, Stratford- upon- Avon; Rollason, and Merridew, Coventry; and by all other Venders of Medicines. Price" 2s". 9d. a Box, Duty included. BIRD'S LANDLORD AKD TENANT. The following Work will be found a perfect Guide to all Persons concerned in Houses, • whether as Landlord or Tenant;— This Day was published, in Octavo, Price 3s. sewed, j THE EIGHTH EDITION OF rpiE LAWS of LANDI. OHD, TENANT, and j * LODGERS, with practical Directions concern- i ing Leases, Assignments, Surrenders, Agreements, Covenants, Repairs, Waste, Rent, Distress, Eject- ment, Notices to quit, & c.; also, Treatises on Estates, for Life, for Yea's, and Copyhold Estates; with an Appendix of Precedents. By JAMES BARRY BIRD, Esq. In 8vo. 3s. sewed, the fourth Edition of the Laws of Parish Matters. In 8vo. 3s. sewed, the fourth Edition of the Laws respecting Wills, Executors, Administrators, and Guardians. In 8vo. 3s. sewed, the fourth Edition of the Laws respecting Masters and Servants, and the Laws re- specting Combinations. The above four Publications may be had, if taken together, done up in one convenient Volume, under the Title of Law Selections, Price lis. Boards, or 12s. 6d. Bound. Printed for W. CLARKE & SONS, Portugal- Street, Lincoln's- Inn, London; of whom may be had, the second and last Volume, containing the Law of Tythes, Turnpikes, and Highways, Commons, Travelling, & c. at the same Price. rpiIIS Preparation is a sovereign and efficacious J Remedy ( n vet known to fail) for all Eruptions and Cutaneous Disorders, of ever so long Standing, without Confinement, Hindrance of Business, or tne least offensive Smell. It entirely eradicates, Roo; and Branch, all the redundant and peccant Humours by insensible Perspiration, and is the most infallible Remedy ever yet offered to the Public for the above Disorders.— Its Virtues are many; and the Applica- tion is easy, gentle, and uncommon, giving the Pttient an Opportunity jf effecting a Cure without the Knowledge of any one, and of performing his daily Business as usual, being always clean and comfort- able ; whereas mostly in the Cure of this Disorder an Ointment for the whole Body is applied, which, it may be justly said, is making the Remedy nearly as bad as the Disease. £ 3* Be careful to ask for Pike's Ointment. By Appointment of the Patentee, it is sold, Whole- sale' and Retail, by DICEY & Co. No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, London, in Boxes, Price Is. 9d. each, Duty included. Also, sold Wholesale and Retail by the Printers ot this Paper ( by whom great Allowance is made to Country Shopkeepers J, and Retail by the following Persons, viz. Wilkins, Robins, Bates, & Wilkinson, Daventry; Parker, Merridew, and Rollason, Coventry; Collison, Brackley ; Watson, Aynho; Mrs. Beesley, Banbury; Odell, and F.. Pyne, Leighton; Griffin and Co. Tring; Norwood, Amersham; Aynsworth, & Birdsey, Hetnel- hempstead; Edwards, Chesham; Barnes, Inwocd, and Barringer, Newport- Pagnell; Osborn, Wobuin ; Good- man, North- Crawley; Qucneborough, and Squires, Dunstable; Lancaster, Clophill; Alsop, Crawley, and Mead, Luton; Brown, Morris, and Green & Co. Ampthili; S. and A. Cooper, and Morris, Nuneaton; Bull, Flarrod, and Dawson, Market- Harborough; Adams, and Gamble, Loughborough; Gregory, and Swinfen, Leicester; Toone, Woolvey ; Pearson. Mel- ton-. Vlowbray ; Burbage Sc Co. Nottingham; Wilcox, and Gallard, Towcester ; Seeley, Buckingham; Miss Jones, Oxford ; Hawkes, Lutterworth ; R. Palgrave, B. Bradley, and J. Bradley, Bedford; Hine, Potton; Bunting, Sandy; Gardner, Weston, and Brooks, Biggleswade ; Richardson, Elmes, Poulter, and Sheppard, Stony- Stratford; Higham, Old- Stratford; Moxham, Fenny- Stratford; Stevens, Bicester; Marlin, J. Wheeler, R'ickford, F. Wheeler, and F. Loggin, Aylesbury ; Wards, Hinckley; Sanderson & Co. Broughton, and Chettle, Wei. lingborough; Eaton, Thrapston; York, Oundle; Horden, and Jacob, Peterborough; King, Gilkes, and Matthews, Chipping- Norton; Baly, Wright, and Stevens, High- Wycomb; Collis& Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Newcomb, and Drakard, Stamford; Bird, Uppingham ; Gibson, Oakham ; Churchill, Dedding- ron; Roberts, Southam; Sharpe, Warwick; Luccock, Kimboltou; Bayley, and Paul, St. Ives; Emery, and - Fox, St. Neots; Je'nkinson, Huntingdon; Darton, and Tapp, Hitchin ; Hovel, Staples, Eaden, Hodson, and Gee, Cambridge; Leigh, Atherstone; Arch, Shelford; Holland, Window; Ward, Stratford upon- Avon ; Mat- thews, Campden; Wallis, Olney; Taylor, Retford; Dexter, Wilbarston; and by the Venders of Dicey and Co's Medicines in every Town throughout the Kingdom ; Of whom may be had, from Dicey Se Co's Warehouse as above, Dr. RADCLIFFE's ELIXIR the most salutary Medicine that can be made Use of at the Spring and Fall of the Year, as a general Sweetener of the Blood, and for all Eruptions, whether contracted by too tree Living, Surfeits, or proceeding from Scurvy, or from Humours after the Measles, Small- Pox, Sec. Price Is. ljd. a Bottle. s. d. s. d. FROM the Nobleman to the Peasant, Intoxica- tion is the Cause of many of the Disorders which how afflict Mankind. When Reason is thrown oil' her Guard by the potent Force of drinking to Excess, it too often happens that this Imprudence produces another, or, iu plain Terms, a Connection with a disordered or unclean Person; and frequently those who are guilty of these Indiscretions are on the Point of entering into the sacred Band'of Wedlock, with a discreet and virtuous Companion. What is the Con- sequence of these repeated Improprieties ? The in- fectious Poison which has lurked in the Body of the Husband is communicated to the Wife, and entailed upon tiie Otfspring, who comes into the World a disgusting Spectacle to all Beholders, and subject to the Evil, Eruptions of the most inveterate Tendency, & c. A Mechanic, who uses Metal in the Completion of any Performance, that has not been properly refined, will find his Workmanship break, crack, and display a Variety of Imperfections, in Defiance of all Pains and Diligence: It is exactly the same with those who enter into the State of Wedlock without having their Blood properly purified from the contagious Dis- tempers it receives through these Errors; than which Nothing is more eilicacious than Dr.' BRODUM's BOTANICAL SYRUP, being an admirable Diu- retic, and acting by Perspiration, never failing tocuje Complaints ot this Nature, after they have lain dormant in the Blood for seven, eight, or ten Years. Although it is so ed'ectual, it is at the same Time so innocent, that a Child, or a lying- in Woman might tate it with the greatest Safety; nor is there the least Danger of taking Cold even in the most inclement Season, which it is scarcely possible to escape during the Administration of a Course of Mercury. The BOTANICAL SYRUP and RESTORATIVE NER- VOUS CORDIAL to be hail at the House, No. 9, Al- bion- Street, Surrey Side of Blackfriars Bridge, in Bottles at £\ 2s.— lis.— and; 6s. Duty included. A. 1). SWINTON, the Proprietor ( Son of Dr. Swinton, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, London,) may be consulted from Ten till Three, or by Letter, containing the usual Fee. *** A Five Guinea Bottle contains six at 22s. Sold also by the PRINTERS of this PAPER, and by the following Persons within the Circuit thereof, viz. ' Marshall, Northampton, and at his Shop in Harbo- rough ; Edge, Northampton, and at his Shops in Wellingborough and Towcester; Nixon, Leicester; Palgrave, Bedford ; Jenkinson, Huntingdon; ' I'ookey, Oundle; Beale, Thrapston ; Collis & Dash, & Munn, Kettering; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Tuck & Mather, Wellingborough ; Jackson, Peterborough ; Newcomb, Printer, Stamford; Wheeler, Aylesbury ; Marriott, Bafibury; Gallard, Towcester; and by most Booksellers and Medicine Venders in the three Kingdoms. SOLOMON's GUIDE TO HEALTH, Or Advice to both Sexes iji a Variety of Complaints. I Price 3s. T7ULLY explains in a Manner adapted to every Capacity, the most simple Methods of Treat'- ment, and Efficacious Remedies for the following, among the great Number of Diseases, which are Treated of under their respective Heads, viz, Abortion or Miscarriage, Asthmas, Appetite ( Loss of), Bar- renness, Bilious Complaints, Chlorosis or Green Sickness, Child- bearing, Consumptions, Female Dis- eases, Fits, Fluor Albus or Whites, Flatulence or Wind, Gleets, Gout, Gonnorhxa, Hypochondria or Melancholy Complaints, Indispositions attendant on Pregnancy, Indigestion, Juvenile Indiscretions, bane- ful Effects thereof, Lowness of Spirits, Nervous Dis- eases, Pregnancy, Phthisis or Cough, Rheumatism, Seminal Weaknesses, Scurvy, Turn of Life, & c. Sec. SPILSBURY's ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS. , O ARAH ECKFORD, aged 35 Year?.— When i O first this Case of Scrophula made its Appearance it was in the absorbent Glands of the Neck, which became rather thickened, and then advanced to a hard Tumor; she applied to a medical Gentleman who brought it to Suppuration, lie then opened it, and the Neck became ulcerated from the Ear to the Shoulder; Tumors soon formed in the salivary Glands, under the Chin, in the Parotid, by the Side of the Ear, and the absorbent Glands on the other Side. She was admitted an Out- patient of St. Bartholomew's Hospital for eight Months, without receiving any Relief. At this Time, bv the Advice of Mary Esdaile, who had experienced Relief at the Dispen- sary, Soho- Square, she began taking the Drops, and continued them for the Space of a Twelvemonth, when the Ulcers healed, and sh « became perfectly well. SARAH ECKFORD.' Crown. Court, Fleet. Street. Be careful to ask for SPILSBURY'S PATENT ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS, having the Words " By the King's Patent" expressed at Length on the Bottle, Bill of Directions, and outside Wrapper; the Stamp also, the King's Duty, is printed in Black Ink instead of red. Battles Price 5s. 6d. 10s. and .£. 1 2s, Duty included. Dispensary, No. 15, Soho- Square, Sold at the Dispensary, No. 15, Soho- Square, Lo'n- don ; and may be had of the Printers of this Paper; of Mr. Okely, Bedford; Tuck & Mather, Welling- borough ; Coll is 6e Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry; and of most Venders of Patent Medicines in Town and Country. COMPANY OF STATIONERS, LONDOtt. On ' Tuesday, November 19/ i, will be published, rpilE F O L L O W I N G A L M A N A C K S, J- For the Year 1806. Printed for the Company of Stationers ; and sold by George Greenhiil, Treasurer to the Company, at their Hail, in Ludgate- Street; and may be had of all the Booksellers in Town and Country :— Wing's and Cambridge Sheet. Raven or London Sheet, on a Copper- Plate. Goldsmith's Almanack, on a fine Paper, for the Pocket. Gentlemen and Ladies' Diarv, Moore, Partridge, Poor Robin, Season, White's ' Ceelestial Atlas, and Rider's British Merlin. A new Loudon Sheet, with Court and City Re- gister. Free- Mason's Calendar. Willi's Complete Clerical Almanack, on a Sue Paper, adapted for the Pocket, neatly sewed. M oore's Almanack improved, or Wills's Farmer and Countryman's Calendar, containing much useful Knowledge and Information, neatlv sewed. A Calendar, to bind wit! the Pocket- Books. COUNTY ALMANACKS. With Lists of Members of Parliament, Officers of Militia, and various useful Tables, particularly adapted to each County, viz. 1. Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent, Surrey, and Sussex. * 2. Cornwall, Devonshire, Somersetshire, and Dor- setshire. 3. Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Monmouthshire, and South Wales. 4. Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Ely, Hunt, ingdotwhire, and Bedfordshire. 5. Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Rutlandshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, and Derbyshire. 6. Cheshire, Lancashire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, and North Wales. 7. Wiltshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, and Buckinghamshire. 8. Yorkshire, Durham, Northumberland, West- morland, and Cumberland. In Consequence of the recent Additional Duty on Almanacks, the Company have been under the Neces- sity of raising the Prices accordingly. N. B. Country Shopkeepers, Hawkers, and Re. tailers, may be supplied at Stationers'- Hall, at the same Price as the London Booksellers, for ready Money, or good Bills at a Month. No Orders exe- cuted under Ten Pounds; and no bound Almanacks or Pocket Books will be sent. { jST In order to prevent the many Complaints of not receiving the Almanacks immediately after Pub- lication, it is requested that Orders be sent on or before the 10th of November. Almanacks unsold must be returned by the 16th of February, Carriage paid; after which Time the Price of the Stamps only can be allowed for. *** Hints for future Improvement in any of the above Almanacks will be thankfully received. To THOMAS SI S ,' AYLOR, Esq. No. 9, New Bridge- Street, London. True Daffy's Elixir 2 6 Smaller Bottles - 18 Dr. Bateman's Drops 1 1J Dr, Radclilfe's F. lixirl 1£ Squire's Grand Elixir 1 9 Bostock's Elixir - 2 6 Stoughton's Elixir - I 1J Friar's Balsam - 1 li Bathing Spirits - 0 9 Clinton's Snuff, & Oil 1 9 Dr.. Lockyer's Pills 2 9 Liquid Shell - 1 ii Dr. Anderson's Scots Pills, 30 in a Box 1 1£ Hooper's Female Pills .1 Godfrey's Cordial - 0 9 Golden & plain Spirits of Scurvy- Grass - 1 Beaume de Vie - 3 6 Bet ton's British Oil - 1 6 Rymer's Tincture - i 9 Walker's Jesuit's Drops - - - - 2 9 Wyman's Pills - 2 9 IConsider it but an Act of Justice due to the Merits of your LEAKE's PATENT PILLS, to communicate to you the following Cure, which has recently been performed by them:— An Acquaintance of mine, who, by the breaking out of an old Venereal Complaint ( attended by a Complication of Disorders arising therefrom), was reduced almost to a Skeleton, and although he had the best Medical Advice which could be obtained, and tried a Variety of Patent Me- dicines, Nothing could be procured which seemed to suit his Case, or to do him any Service: He remained in a most reduced and pitiable Situation for two Years, unable to. follow his Profession, and scarcely able to walk or even to stand on his Legs; in Fact, no one who knew him ever supposed it possible for him to recover. He was advised at last to try your LEAKE'S PILLS; he did SO, adhering strictly to the . Directions given with them; he had not taken more than two Boxes before he found an Alteration for the better; this encouraged him to proceed, and by taking a few Boxes more he found his Appetite and Strength gra- dually return, and is now as healthy and stoutasany Man I know. You are welcome, Sir, to refer any Person to me for a Confirmation of the above Account if it should be doubted. 1 am, Sir, your obedient humble Servant, THOS. PURDAY. Library, Folkstone, July 10, 1805. Prepared and sold by the sole Proprietor, THOMAS TAYLOR, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, in London, at his House, No. 9, New Bridge- Street; where, after a constant Residence of more than forty Years, in a Practice particularly directed to the Cure of Venereal Complaints, and those inci- dental to the Part § of Generation in both Sexes, with that inviolable Secrecy which Men of his Profession should always observe, he flatters himself the Advice and Assistance he gratuitously administers to Persons taking this Medicine, will fce esteemed, by a discern- ing Public, as an Advantage seldom to be obtained, and void of Ambiguity. They are also sold, by his Appointment, for the Convenience of those living at a Distance, by the Printers of this Paper, and Mr. Marshall, Druggist, Northampton; Wilcox, and Gallard, Towcester; Robins, & Wilkinson, Daventry; Sharpe, Warwick ; Rollason, Coventry ; Gregory, Leicester ; Harrod, Harborough ; Seeley, Buckingham; Loggin, Ayles- bury ; Knight, Collis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Tuck Se Mather, Wellingborough ; Marriott, Banbury ; Tookey, Oundie; Palgrave, Bedford; Atkinson, Manchester; and by one Person in every considerable Town in Great- Britain and Ireland, in Boxes of only 2s. 9d. each, sealed up win full and plain Directions, whereby Persons of either Sex may cure themselves with Ease, Speed, Secrecy, and Safety. ( KT Every B: ix sold in Great- Britain is sealed up with a Stamp, on which, by Favour ot the Commis- sioners, is printed,, at the Stamp- Office— T. Taylor, No. 9, Ne- u- Bridge- Street— to imitate which is Felony, and all others ate counterfeit. The REAL JAPAN BLACKING, made DAY and MARTIN, LONDON. THIS invaluable Composition, with Half the usual Labour, produces the most brilliant jet- Black ever beheld, affords peculiar Nourishment to the Leather, will not soil the finest Linen, is per- fectly tree from any unpleasant Smell, and will retain its Virtues in any Climate.— Sold Wholesale, by DAY. and MARTIN, NO. 7, Tavistock- Street, London; and Retail by their Agents, Birdsall, Bookseller, North- ampton; Norris, Perfumer, Bedford; Inwood, Sta- tioner, Newport - Pagnell; Richardson, Perfumer, Stony- Stratford; Page, Perfumer, Oundle; Folwell, Grocer, Towcester; Merridew, Coventry; Harrod, Market- Harborough; Jenkinson, Huntingdon; and Oregory, Leicester, in Stone Bottles, Price Is. 6d. each. The following efficacious and long - established MEDICINES are strongly recommended to the Attention of the afflicted Part of the Com- munity :— 1st. PULLIN's ANTISCORBUTIC PILLS HAVE the Sanction of more than eighty Years' extensive Practice, as the best Antiscor- butic and Purifier of the Blood ever yet discovered. They have cured the Scurvy, Leprosy, King's Evil, ulcerated sore Legs, pimpled Faces, and every other Disorder arising from an Impurity in the Blood, when Salivation, salt Water, and the most celebrated Nos- trums and Private Medicines, have been tried without any Relief to the Patient. 2d. SWINFEN's OINTMENT; A pleasant, safe, and infallible Cure for the Itch and bther Eruptions, without having a Particle of Mer- cury, or any other dangerous Article in its Compo- sition. Price only Thirteen - Pence Halfpenny the Box, with printed Directions; which. is a Cure for a grown Person, 3d. PULLIN's FEMALE PILts Are a sovereign Remedy for removing Palpitations of the Heart, Giddiness in the Head, bad Digestion, low Spirits, dejected Countenance, and many other Com- plaints Females are subject to, as is fully expressed in tiie Directions ( under Cover) given with each Box. Price Thirteen- Pence Halfpenny, and Two Shillings and Nine- Pence, tjie Box. 4th. SWINFEN's ANTI- ACID LOZENGES Arc a pleasant and speedy Remedy for the Heart- burn, Indigestion, Sourness in the Stomach, See. and re- move the disagreeable Effects of bad Wine and Spirits; and also those unpleasant Sensations in the Stomach, which frequently attend pregnant Women. 5th. PULLIN's PURGING PILLS, Found extremely necessary to be taken by Persons afflicted with Scorbutic Humours, and Inflamma- tions in the Eyes; and are the best Purgative that can be taken before or after the Small- Pox or Mea- sles, or any other Disorder that requires Physic.— Each Box contains three or four Doses for a grown Person, with Directions to proportion the Doses for ditterent Ages. Price Thirteen- pence Halfpenny each Box. The above Medicines are prepared and sold by EDM. SWINFEN, Apothecary, in Leicester; and, by his Appointment, sold by Messrs. Dicev and Co. Bow Church- Yard, London, and at their Warehouse in Northampton; Watts, Hinckley; Marshall, and Edge, Northampton; Morris, Nuneaton; Cookes, Uppingham ; Wood, Lutterworth; Merridew, Co- ventry ; . Robins, Daventry; Beesley, Banbury; In- wood, Newport; Harrod, Harborough ; ' Perry, Warwick; Palgrave, Bedford; and by a Vender in most Market Towns in the United Kingdom. LIGNUM's PILLS, Price only 2s. 9d. the Box ( each Box contains 16 Doses,) I^ OR the infallible Cure of all Degrees of a certain Disorder, prepared by Mr. LIGNUM, Surgeon, at his Dispensary, No. 57, Bridge- Street, Manchester.— One small Pill is a Dose, and the Taking of one Box, in a recent Case, will convince the Patient of his speedy Recovery; Nothing can be better contrived, more safe and convenient than this Remedy, in totally eradicating every Symptom of this destructive Malady, by Sea or Land, as it needs no Confinement, Restraint ot Diet, or Hindrance of Business. A Trial of this noble Medicine will soon sound its due Praise. With each Box is given a copious Di- rection, and a concise Description of the Disease, from which the Purchasers will be enabled to judge properly of their own Cases, and to treat them as may he requisite, without further Medical Assistance, and with the utmost Secrecy and Safety. These Pills may be had, Wholesale and Retail, at Mr. LIGNCM'S, NO. 57, Bridge- Street, Manchester, and by Appointment are sold, at 2s. 9d. the Box, by Hosvard Se Evans, 42, Long- Lane, West- Smithfield ; Dicey & Co. Bow Church- Yard ; Barclay & Son, 95, Fleet- Market; Shaw & Edwards, 66, St. Paul's Church- Yard; Butler, 4, Cheapside; and Newbery Se Sons, 45, St. Paul's Church- Yard, London; and Retail of Dicey & Sutton, Northampton ; Green Se Taylor, Ampthill; Gardner, Biggleswade; Palgrave, Bedford; Bee, ley, Banbury; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Ridge, Newark; Inwood, Newport- Pagnell; Tookey, Oundie ; Jacob, Peterborough'; Wilcox, Tow cester; Paul, St. Ives ; Jenkinson, Huntingdon; Collis Se Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Tuck & Mather, Wellingborough; Darton, Hitchin; Simson, Hert- ford; and of the principal Venders of genuine Medi- cines in the United Kingdom. IF there could be any further evidence needful to demonstrate the unrivalled excellence of CHING'S PATENT WORM LOZENGES, it would be unquestionably established by a late calculation, which ascertains, that above halt a million of persons have been re- stored to good health by the use of this invaluable medicine, where the most eminent physicians and apothecaries have attended without success, . is open- ing physic St this season, thev are superior to every other medicine.— Sold by all the country medicine BANKRUPTS required to SURRENDER. Joseph Main of Northampton, ironmonger, Oct. 10, Nov. 5, and 19, at the George Inn, Northampton. Attorney, Mr. Howes, Northampton. James Napier Watred, of Birmingham, woollen- draper, Oct. 25, 26, and Nov. 19, at the Swan tavern, in Bull- street, Birmingham. Attorney, Mr. Whatelv. Birmingham. John Blackstone, lateof Kingston- upon- Hull, grocer, Oct. 1/, 18. and Nov. 16, at the Dog and Duck tavern. Kingston- upon- Hull. A" " ~ - - field, Yorkshire. Francis F Attorney, Mr. Conyers, Dnf. Lord, late of Somers- Town, Middlesex, tallow, chandler, Oct 19, 22, and Nov. 16, at Guild- hall London. Attornies, Messrs. Millsand Robinson, Parliament- street, Westminster. James Doyle, of St. Paul, Covent Garden, Middle- sex, _ china and glass- man, Oct. 12, 22, and Nov. 19, at Guildhall, London. Attornies, Messrs. Thomas and Samuel Nayler, Great Newport- street. John Badcock, of Paternoster- row, London, book- seller, Oct. 12, 22, and Nov. 19, at Guildhall. Attor- ney, Mr. Joseph Bugby, Middle Temple- lane. DIVIDENDS to be made to Creditors. Dec. 17. William Wilherforce Bird, of Coventry, silk- manufacturer, at Guildhall, London. Nov. 2. William Batson, of Oxford, glass and cliina- rnaif, at the Angel Inn, Oxford. CTRTRRICATE to be granted. Oct. 26. William Jackson Parrott, of Leighton- Buz- zard, Bedfordshire, wine and brandy- merchant. Oct. 29. James Brown aud James ' Tregent, of Bir- mingham, factors. MARKET S.— London, Oct. 7. Our supply of Wheat for this day's market was a very considerable one, and the predictions of last week that prices would be lower, were so fully verified! that our Millers refused to purchase, unless at an abatement of from six to ten shillings per quarter on the fine, and more on the ordinary and inferior sorts. This has likewise brought down the price of fine Flour to seventy shillings per sack.— Rye, Barley, Malt, and new Tick Beans, all partake of the pre- vailing decline of the market; but small Old Beans, with White and Grey Pease, have not given way, nor have Oats, which, from a short supply and a brisk demand, fully sustain last Monday's prices. Wheat-. 42s. to 60s. 70s. Fine Do. ,74s. to77s. Od. Rye 30s. to 36s. Od. Barley .. S2s. toSSs. Od. Malt 72s. to 76s. Od. PRICE of FLOUR.— HOPS, per Pocket. — Kent, 61. 17s. to 81. 10s — Sussex, 61.17s. to 71. 18s.— Faruliam, 91. 10s. to 101. SMITKFIII. D, Oct. T. To sink the ofTal. Ox Beet, 4s. Od. to 4s. 8d. Wether Mutton, 4s. Od to 5s. Od. Veal, 4s. Od. to 5s. 4d. Pork, 5s. Od. to 6s. 0d. Lamb, 4s. Od. to 5s. 4d. Sold this day, Beasts, 2400— Sheep and Lambs, 18,500. NEWGATE and LEADF. NHALL, Oct. 7. Beef 3s. Od. to 4s. Od. Mutton, 4s. Od to 5s. Od. Veal,' 3s. Od. to 5s. Od. Pork, 5s. Od to 6s. 0d. I. amb 3s. 4d. to 4s. 8d. ' TALLOW — Town 71s. 6d. Russia ( Can.) — s 0d to 72s. 01. ( Soap) 69s. Od. to — s. Od. Melting Stuff — s. to 58s. Od. Ditto rough — s, to 39s. Good. Dregs 10s. Od. Graves lis. Od. LEATHER, per lb. Butts, 50 to 561b. 2% 1. to25d Ditto, 60to651b. 26d. to27d. Merchants Lacks, — d" to 24d. Dressing Hides, 2Id. to 2Jd. Fine Coach. Hides, 2Jd. to 25d. Crop Hides tor cuttine, 22d to 24d. Flat ordinary, 204d. to 22d. Calfskins, 31 to 401b. per doz. 38d. to 42d. Ditto, 50 to 701b. per doz. S8d. to 42d. Ditto, 70 to 801b. S6d. t 38d. Small Seals, per lb. 40d. to 421. Large Ditto, per doz. 120s. to 180s. Goat Skins, SOs. to fit's, pel doz. Tanned Horse- Hides, 21s. to S6-. p r Hide. Oats 25s. to 34s. Od. HorseBeans 48s. to 52s. Od. Tick Ditto 38s. to 45s. Od. White I'ea. s 46s. to52s. Od. Grey Ditto - 16s. to 50s. Od. Fine 65s. to 70s. Od. NORTHAMPTON: Printed au< J Published by and for T. DiCEY aud SUTTON.
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