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The Edinburgh Advertiser


Printer / Publisher: James Donaldson 
Volume Number: LXXIX    Issue Number: 4092
No Pages: 8
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The Edinburgh Advertiser
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The Edinburgh Advertiser

Death of the Duke of Bridgewater Page 174  Col 3
Date of Article: 18/03/1803
Printer / Publisher: James Donaldson 
Address: Castle-Hill, Edinburgh
Volume Number: LXXIX    Issue Number: 4092
No Pages: 8
Sourced from Dealer? No
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VOL. LXXIX. THE No. 4092. EDINBURGH ADVERTISER. From TUESDAY MARCH 15, to FRIDAY MARCH 18, 1803. THURSDAY'S POST. From the LOnDON PAPERS, March 14. LO N D O N. DISPATCHES were yesterday received from LORD WHIT- WORTH at Paris. Mr. MORRI- SON also arrived from MALTA, with dispatches of importance. ... . The utmost activity prevails in the Dock- yards. The Artificers work double tide's, and were likewise at work all yesterday in that of Portsmouth. The New York Papers contain the Act of the Cabinet of Madrid, by which the Province of LOUISIANA is ordered to he ceded to FRANCE, The closing of the port of New Orleans against the Americans has produced a spirited Address to the Government of the United States, which is circulated for the sig- natures of the inhabitants of the Western Country. It, asserts their right, to obtain speedy and effectual redress from the Government, and threatens, unless relief be afforded, to resort to measures which shall protect their trade, though they may terminate in consequences unfavourable to the harmony of the Union. _ The manner in which the order for the im- press was executed at Portsmouth deserves to be known. The garrison beat to arms, and the alarm became general. Every one crowded to the place, inquiring the reason of the movement, and among- the rest, the seamen. The troops then quietly drew a circle round the multitude, and got a great number of seamen. We have the pleasure to state the safe arrival at Calcutta, on the 16th of July, of the Ho- nourable East India Company's ships the Lady Burges. Captain Sainton, and the Baring,, Capt. Meadow. These ships left England in the Spring. They touched at Madeira for wine, and have been to Madras. All the pas- sengers, which were numerous, landed in good health, We have to announce the safe arrival at Madras, on the 15th June, of the East India Company's ships the Perseverance, Captain Tweedale ; the Cirencester, Capt. Robertson ; and the Alnwick Castle, Capt. Prescott, from England. A meeting of the Noblemen, Gentlemen, and Freeholders of the County of Middlesex, was yesterday held at the Mermaid, at Hack- ney, for the purpose of preparing an Address to his MAJESTY, on the fortunate detection of the recent conspiracy against his Royal Person. Sir FRANCIS BURDETT was among the earliest in his attendance to support the motion. The late DUNCAN CAMPBELL, Esq; is suc- ceeded as Governor and Overseer of the Hulks at Woolwich, by his Deputy, Mr. STEWART ERSKINE. CHARLES M'DONNELL,_ Esq; is elected Member of Parliament for Yarmouth, in room of PATRICK MURRAY, Efq; who has accept- ed the Chiltern Hundreds. On the 8th inst. Colonel DALRYMPLE, of York- place, gave his anniversary grand dinner to the Officers of the First Battalion of the Third Regiment of Guards, whom he com- manded in Egypt. Sir EYRE COOTE, Major- Gen. MILnER, the Hon. Capt. COCHRANE, and other Naval Officers attached to the Ex- pedition, were all present. About seven the company sat down to a very elegant and hos pitable repast; after dinner many Loyal Toasts were given, among which, The 8th of March, The Memory of their COMMaNDER in Chief, and the other Heroes which the chance of war had left on the field of battle, were not for- gotten. INFLUENZA— A Correspondent wishes to make the following simple recipe known : A handful of the roots of Angelica, boiled in a pint of water three hours gently ; drain it off, and make a balsam or rich syrup, with liquid Narbonne honey, and take two or three tea- spoonfuls daily, and particulatly two at night and morning. If attended with fore throat, add a few nitre drops. EXCHEQUER, CHAMBERS, EDINBURGH, 1st March, 1803. NOTICE is hereby given to ail concerned, that LACHLAN M'INTOSH, Excise Officer, lately at Callander, now at Borrowstounosss, has ap- plied to the Right Hon. the Barons for a GIFT of BASTARDY of the Estate and Effects of CATHA- RINE M'INTOSH, deceased, late housekeeper to Alexander Don, Bart. Lately Published, BY ARCHIBALD CONSTABLE, In One very thick Volume, 8vo. price 11. 9=. boards, THE COMPLAYNT OF SCOTLAND, ( written m 1548), With a Preliminary Dissertation and Glossary, By J. LEYDEN The entire impreflion dots not exceed One Hun- dred and Fifty Copies, of which a few are printed on large paper, price 2l. as. boards. *„* The text of this uncommonly curious book has been accurately reprinted, from two Of the four copies known to be extant, occasionally collated wirh a third. It is almost the first known spccimen of clas- sical Scottish Prose, and perhaps one of the most va- luable works of our ancient Literature. In the dis sertation, various points of Scottish Antiquity are il- lustrated from scarce traces and MSS, as— the antient ( late of naval affairs ; the history of romantic fiction, and popular songs ; and various unedited poems and fragments art likewise exhibited, among which is a poem of Chaucer- The Glossary contains much e- tymological and antiquarian investigation, and is likewise illustrated by extract of curious MSS. Edinburgh, printed for ARCH. CONSTABLE, Edin- burgh, and T. CADELL and W. DAVIES, London. of whom may be had, 1. An Account of the Preservation of King Charles II • after the Battle of Worcester, drawn up by him- self; to which are added, his Letters to sundry per- sons.— A New Edition, with a Por trait of General Dalyell, Commander in Chief of his Majesty's forces, 8vo. 4s. boards. 2. Fragments of Scottish History, containing De- sultory Reflections upon tire state of Ancient Scot- land— Diarey of Robert Birrel, burgess of Edinburgh, from 1532 to 1608— An Account of the Expedition into Scotland, under the Earl of Hertford, 1544— Patten's Account of the Expedition into . Scotland, under the Duke of Somerset, 1547, illustrated with three plans of the Battle of Pinkie; handsomely printed in 4to, price il. is. boards. 3. Tracts relative, to the History and Antiquities of Scotland, by Sir David Dalrymple, Lord Haisle-: viz. A Catalogue of the Lords of Session, from the institution of tlie College of Justice; to the year 1799, with Historical Remarks t To which is added, a Ca talogue of the Faculty of Advocates to the year 1688 — Private Correspondence of Bishop Atterbury and the Clans— Canons of the Church of Scotland, A. D. 1242, and A. D. 1569— Historical Memorials of the Provincial Councils of the Scottish Clergy from the earlieft accounts to the Reformation— An Examina- tion of the high Antiquity of the Regiam Majesta- tem, and Leges Malcolmi. One vol. 4to, Ijs. neatly half hound. 4. Memorials and Letters relating to the History of Britain in the reigns of King James I. and Charles If— Published from the originals, by Lord Hailes, 2 vols, ianro. 6s. boards. 5. Huberti Langueti Epistolce ad Philippum Syd- neium Eq. Anglum. Accurante D. Dalrymple de Hades, 8vo. 5s. boards. 6. An Introduction to the History of Poetry in Scotland, from the beginning of the sixteenth centu- ry down to the present time, together with a con- versation on Scottish Song, by Alexander Campbell. — To which i- Subjoined, Sangs of the Lowlands of Scotland, with characteristic designs, engraved by the late David Allan, 4'. o. jl. is. boards. 7. Observaiions on Roman Antiquities, discovered between the Forth and Clyde. By the late Professort John Anderson— 4' o. w ith plates, 5s. id. stitched. 8. Lives of Scottish Authors, viz. Ferguson, Falco- ner, and Russell. By David Irving, A. M. with a portrait of Dr. Russell— I into, boards, 3s. ,6. d. NEW TENEMENT IN LEITH FOR SALE, ATENEMENT ot LAND, lately Built in BINNY's CLOSE, adjoining to the Vinegar Closet in the Lees Quarter of Leith. Apply to John Patison, . Town Clerk of Leith, FOREIGN AND BRITISH SPIRIT WARE- HOUSE, COWGATE Head. EDinburgh ; JAMES DALRYMPLE, respectfully begs leave to inform his Friends and'the Public, that he has Opened, a large and commodious Wholesale and Retail Ware- house, with Cellars, filled with a Stock of Genuine WINES, FOREIGN and BRITISH SPIRITS, PORTER and ALE; which he'would recommend, being of the first qua- lity, and selling upon the most moderate terms. His PORTER and ALE is from the. first Houses in the line in London and Edinburgh, and flatters himself, any share the Public is kind enough as be- llow upon him, will give such satisfaction, as merit a continuance of their favours. Country commissions carefully attended to, and every allowance made to Dealers. ON WEDNESDAY NEXT. The 23d current, at Eleven o'clock, MR. SCOTT intends to commence A COURSE of GEOGRAPHY for YOUNG LADIES ENGLISH CLASSES as usual. GABRIEL'S COUPT, West Register Street. Just Published, GENERAL ZOOLOGY; SYSTEMATIC NATURAL HISTORY. BY GEOKGK SHAW, M. D. F. R. S, viz. 1. The History of Quadrupeds, in Four Parts, with between two and thrte hundred Engravings from the first authorities, on the most select speci- mens in the British, Leverian, and other Museums ; principally executed by Mr. Heath; price four Gui- neas, or on large paper six guineas in boards. 1. l'he History of Oviparous or Amphibious Quadrupeds; including Frogs, Tortoises, Lizards, and Serpents. In Two Parts; with upwards ot one hundred and forty Engravings; likewise from the beat authoritiea principally executed by Mr. Heath; price two guineas and a half,, or on large paper 3I. i6s- in boards. The Monthly Reviewers, after having spoken of the want of such a work as the present, proceed to state their opinion OF its merits as follows: " Fortunately for the public, this task has devolv- ed on a Gentleman, whose talents and opportunities eminently qualify him for discharging it with fide- lity and reputation. The high expectations with which we sat down to his book have not been disap- pointed ; and we are enabled to, commend equally the propriety of the plan and the diligence of the execution. Accuracy of painting, and perspicuity of expression, distinguish the present descriptions from those of many of the Author's predecessors. The candour, judgment, and discrimination with which he has selected his materials; the diffidence with which he records doubtful allegations; the temper with which he prosecutes his inquiries, removed a- like from scepticism and credulity ; his apparent free- dom from pre conceived opinions; his uniform and respectful intimations of the sources whence he de- rives his materials; and the singular felicity with which he has - adapted the tenor of his writings to the disciple of Linne, and the common reader, all intitle him to very singular praise. With regard to the typography and engravings of this work, we arc happy in informing or readers that they are execut- ed in a manner which is suitable to its solid merits.*' Vide Monthly Review for Sept. and 0ct. 1802 For other characters ol this work, the reaj'r . requested to refer to the British Critic and Critical Reviewers. Printed for G. KEARSLEY, Fleet- street, l. on- don; BELL and BRADFUTE, Edinburgh ; Brash and Reid, Glasgow: and Archer and Colbert, Dublin. The NATURAL HISTORY, of FISHES, by the same Author, will be published in the ensu ing spring. EDUCATION. ACLERGYMAN of long practice in the Tuition of Youth, and of the Established Church, iu a retired and healthy situation about twenty miles from Edinburgh, having been urged try some of his Friends to undertake the Education of a few YOUNG GEN- TLEMEN in his Family, wiil in May next, have ac- commodation for ' Two or ' Three more; the number will not exceed Eight-— and every attention will be paid to health and morals, as well as to Education.— Age from Six to Twelve. Further information may be had by applying at the ADVERTISER OFFICE, Cross PRINTERS WANTED. WANTED, TWO COMPOSITORS, who can bring certificates of their sobriety, and dili- gence. Those who have been accustomed to set Latin or Greek, will be preferred.— Also TWO PRESS- MEN, who can bring simlar certificates. Wanted likewise as APPRENTICES, a BOY from T2 to 15 years of age, who has had a tolerable educa tion, and if acquainted with Latin and Greek, some advantages will be given him; and a Stout LAD to serve as a Pressman. Apply to C. Stewart and Co. Forrester's Wynd. TO PRINTERS. WANTED immediately, AGOOD and Steady PRESSMAN, who may depend on constant employment and good encouragement For further particulars, apply to G. Millar, Dunbar DUNBAR, March 14,1803. PORTER AND ALES,. Reduccd in Price, and Superior in Quality. PETER GRANT, Niddry Street, Edinburgh, re- spectfully iniorms his Friends and the Public, that he has got to hand, in addition to his form r Stock, a large quantity of ENGLISH and SCOTS PORTER and ALES, of a superior kind to anv he has had for some years paft. and, owing to the cheap- nel's of Grain, is enabled, for Ready Cash to sell it Sixpence per Dozen, lower than his usual prices; and to these taking Eighteen Dozen, he will send it, free of expences, three miles distant from l. is cellars. The Porter and Ales that were 3s. 6d. are now 3s. and lb in proportion, of any quality, to 6s. per Dozen. " SPIRITS, Wholesale and Retail. L. 1000 WANTED immediately on the security of Road Trustees, who bind personally, and jointly and severally. The interest regularly paid in Edin- burgh. Apply to R. and N. Hill, W. S. Duke Street. EXPEDITION TO EGYPT. This Day is Published, In one volume I2mo. price. 5s. boards, Embellished with an exact Representation of BONA- PARTE'S INVINCIBLE STANDARD, finely coloured, THE BRITISH EXPEDITION TO EGYPT, By SIR ROBERT THOMAS WILSON, Lieutenant Colonel of Cavalry in his Britannic Majesty's Service. CARefULlY- ABRIDGED, In which the various Engagements, Marches, Dif- ficulties, Discoveries, and the final Triumph of the British Army are impartially Hated, and the false ac- counts of General Regnier, Denon, and other French Writers, exposed and corrected. Together with a retrospective view of the political importance and the present state of EGYPT ; and the - proceedings of the FRENCH previous to the arrival of the BRITISH. Including a genetal account of the ANTIquITIES. CoNQUEST, MONUMENTS, MAN- NERs, PECULIARITIES, and PRODUCTIONS, of that COUNTRY. Nothing can give the reader so just an idea of the value of this work, as the following Criticism from the British Critic, December 1802. " It is with the truest patriotic pride and heart- felt satisfaction, that we undertake the pleating labour of giving an account of a work, which erects fo noble a MONUMENT to BRITISH GLORY." The Laurels won by our gallant Soldiers in EGYPT must FLOURISH, as long as it is in the power of hu- man ability to perpetuate the efforts o; human Va- lour; this Narrative is given to the World by an Offi- cer of great reputation, who was present at all the fcenes he so forcibly describes. See also Anti- Jacobin Review, December 1802. London : Printed for W. CHALK, Broad Street, Bloomsbury; sold by ail Booksellers in Town and Country. ~ AUCTION of BOOKS. YESTERDAY began the SALE 0f the STOCK of a BOOKSELLER in Edinburgh retiring from Business, and which will occupy for twenty- four days. ELLIOTs ROOMS AT THE CROSS. CHARLES HAY, CLOTH MERCHANT- No. 41, WEST SIDE, NORTH BRIDGE, BEGS leave to inform his Friends and the Public, that he lias got to hand a FASHIONABLE ASSORTMENT of READY MADE ARTICLES, conhiling of Great Coats, Pantaloons, Veils, Undcr- velis. Breeches, Drawers, & c.& c.. which Gentlemen, upon trial, will find to be equally good, and at least ic per cent, lower taan can be procured in any otlur fhop jn the fame line. in town. EDINBURGH, 16th. March, 1803. EARLY SEED POTATOES, The Second Year from LIVErpoOL, THESE POTATOES are- remarkable fine Eaters • grew very large, and produced a great crop lair year upon a very poor soil. They are recommended both for Seed Potatoes and for the Table; and- for tlie encouragement - of thofe who may order a quantity, they will be deli- vered at Eightpencc per Peck at Stockbridgc. Orders lent to Wm. Pearman, the proprietor, at Stockbridge, or left at Mr. Guthrie's shop, No. South- Bridge, will be. duly attended to. . DUNG. To be- SOLD by public roup, at the GROVE, Fountain- bridge, 011 Wednesday the 23d curt, at one o'clock, ALARGE DUNGHILL, the Compound Horse and Cow Dung. EDINR. 18th March, 1803 - TO BE SOLD, ACAPITAL 12 feet London Made BILLIARD TABLE, never used, with its Complement of Cues, Maces, Balls, & c. Apply to. Young and Trotters. CLOVER AND RYE GRASS SEED On SALE at DUDGEON & BRODIE's Granaries, Bernard Street, Leith, CONSIDERABLE Quantity of New ENG- LISH and DUTCH CLOVER SEED; also some very good SCOTS RYE- GRASS. TO BE SOLD, ' " At M'GhIE'S Stables, Register Street, TWO handsome Brown FLANDERS MARES. Would make capital Brood Mares, being well shap'd, and having plenty of bone. " S. UNDRUM, MARCH 15,1803. THE Noblemen, Gentlemen, Justices of Peace, Freeholders, and Commissioners of Supply of the shire of Ayr, are requested to meet at Ayr, on Friday the twenty- fifth current, in order to consider of a congratulatory address to his Majesty, on the discovery and disappointment of the late treacherous conspiracy against his sacred life. JOHN HAMILTON, Convener. NOTICE TO THE HERITORS OF the PARISH or St. CUTHBERT's or WEST KIRK. ON the loth of March current, Lord Glerdee, Ordinary in the Locality of the Augmented Stipends te the Two Minifters of this Parifh, t.- i- dai. ied the whole Heritors to lodge their Decreets of Valuation and Rights to their Teinds in the Clerk's hands, on or before- the 13th day of April next, with certification— Of which order nodes is hereby given to all concerned, by WILLIAM MACEARLANE, W. S. Common Agent. CHEAP SALE Of FOREIGN AND BRI TISH SPIRITS, & c ROBERT SHEPPARD, South- Bridge. Street, being to movet from his present Spirit Shop at Whitsunday first, has commenced a SALE his whole STOCK of SPIRIT'S at very reduced prices for Ready Money Old Jamaica Rum, full proof, only us per Gallon. Glass proof ditto, oniy 9s. 6d. di: to. Charente Brandy, import ftrcngth, 18s. ditto. Coniac ditto, fall proof, only Its — Glass do. Bourdeaux ditto, full. proof, 13s.— Glass do. 10s. fii. Holland Gin, import strength, .13s. 6d— Ditto full Proof, us.— Glass ditto, 103. to 8s. Rum Shrub, only 11s.— Cinnamon Water only 9s. Two Thousand to Three Thousand GallonsOld Malt Whisky, from 4s. to 5s. per Gallon. Very superior ditto, 5s. 6d. to 6s. to 6s. 6d. the very best BLACK BEER in cags, only 9s. CYDER, in pipes, 2s. per Gallon. Wine and Pickling VINEGARS, Fine FOREIGN HONEY, in Tare, only « ea- h ri- it PORTER and ALES, 4s. pf r Dozen OLD PORT and SHERRY WINFS, vcrv cheap GRASS PARKS. THF. GRASS PARKs of BALGONE, are to be Let, by Roup, at Balgone, on Tuesday the, 29th of March, at twelve o'clock forenoon,- contain- ing upwards of 200 Acres. TO BE SOLD A DARK BROWN GELDING seven Years ; \ Old, an excellent hunter, and fully matter of Thirteen Stone. ALSO, a remarkably handfome BAY CARRIAGE. HORSE, Five Yea:- Old, and fit for immediate ue. Both warranted found, and free from vice. To be seen at the stable behind, No. 8?, Prince's Street. TO BE SOLD, A HANDSOME BLOOD BAY MARE, Six \ Years Old, warranted perfecty sound, about- fifteen hands high. The Mare has never been in the hands of a Dealer, is quite gentle, free of fault, and would answer well for a lady. Apply to Mr. Burke, Royal - Academy., Edin 17th March, 1803. PREMIUMS ON THE FISHERIES. CURED EITHER fOR EXPORTATION OR HOME COMSUMPTION. Trustees- Office, Edinburgh, March 16, 1803. , THE Commissioners and Trustees fur fisheries, Manufactures, Improvements in Scotland,; do hereby give notice, that they are to give the un- der- mentioned Premiums in the year 1803, for pro-'; noting the Fisheries of Cod, Ling, and Tusk, Sun or. Sail Fish, and Dog Fish, on the coasts of Scotland,' viz. To the person or company who, with a vessel of 16 tons burden or upwards, fitted out either from the Mainland, or any one of the Isles of Scotland, shall take and cure the greatest quantity of Cod, Ling, or Tusk, either for exportation or home consum- tion, the vessel being the real propcrty of such person or company, of freighted from owners who are re- sident in . Scotland,— a Premium ot 2l. per. ( on of dri- ed fish, not exceeding in all L. 40 o o For the second greatest quantity, the same rate of premium, not exceeding 30 o 0 For the third greatest quantity, ditto, not exceeding For the fourth greatest quantity, ditto, not exceeding at o 0 For the fifth greateft quantity, ditto, not exceeding 16 0 o For the sixth greateft quantity, ditto, not exceeding 14 o o Fsr the feventh greateft quantity, ditto, not exceeding 19 It is to be utidcrftood, that if any of the competitors shall cure the Cod, Ling, and Tusk, as Mud Fish, two tons thereof in that state will be held equal to one ton dried. And in cafe any of the competi- tors cure their cargoes with the Heads on, . Jhat one- fifth of the total weight will be deducted on account of the Heads, before adjudging the Premiums. To the person or company who, with a veffcl or boat of any burden, fitted out either from the Mainland, or any one of the Isles - of Scotland, shall, from the Sun or Sail Fish caught, have the greatest quantity of Oil, such vessel or boat be- ing property, or freighted, as above, a Premium at the rate of is. per gallon, not exceeding * 4 0 0 For the second greatest quantity, the same, not exceeding 90 0 for the third greateft quantity, the same, not exceeding 700 ," For the fourth greatest quantity, the same, not exceeding 600 For the fifth greatest quantity the same, not exceeding 500 . For the sixth greatest quantity, the same, not exceeding 400 For the feventh greatest quantity, the same, not exceeding 2 to o To the person or company who, with a vessel or boat of any burden fitted out from the Main- land, or any one of the isles, shall, from the Dog Fish caught, have the greatest quantity, of Oil, such vesselor boat being property, or freighted, as above, a Premium at the rate of 1s. per gallon, not exceeding 1400 For the second greatest quantity, the same, not exceeding 9 ° For the third greatest quantity, the same, not exceeding 70 Far the fourth greatest quantity, the same, not exceeding 600 For the fifth greatest quantity, the same, not exceeding 50 0 For the sixth greatest quantity, the same, not exceeding 4 0 0 For the seventh greatest quantity, the same, not exceeding s 10 o THE EDINBURGH " the number of gallons of Oil, English wine measure, " made therefrom, and that the OIL was clear and' " free of any putrid smell*." And as ' it is of materi- al consequence that these particulars be ascertained- and certified with accuracy, it is recommended to those concerned to be attentive thereto. Every Competitor, who fails to lodge his Journal and Af- fidavit, and the Custom- house Certificate here, on or before the end of March next year, will be debarred from the Premium. On account of the great distance of the Isles, Inti- nations are not expressly required from the masters or outfitters of vessels or boats for the Sun 0r Sail and Dog Fishery: and an Affidavit by the master, to- gether with a Certificate under the hand of the Minis- ter of the parish to which he belongs, or the Collec- tor or Comptroller of any Custom- house, lodged here before the end of March next year, will he held as evidence of the quantity of Oil, ( provided the number of gallons, English wine measure, are speci- fied, as well as that the Oil was clear, and without any putrid smell,) made from the Sun or Sail Fish, or Dog Fish, taken by each vessel or boat. And , in cafe of any fraud being attempted, befides a for- feiture of the Premium, the fraud will be exposed in the Newspapers, and the persons rigorously prose- cuted. It will be observed, that any one person or com- pany is at liberty to fit out as many vessels as they think proper, to compete for each of the above Pre miums. By Order of the Trustees, ROBT. & WM. ARBUTHNOT, Secs. * In order to have good Oil, and to free it of dreg and any putrid smell, the liver of the fish should be melted the day the fifh is caught. The quantity of salt to be put into the kettle along with the liver, Should be in the proportion of half a pound to ten gallons of Oil English. And how soon the Oil comes to be boiling, it should then be taken off the fire, and allowed to cool. ADVERTISER for 1803. ALIENS. ! Bv ORDER OF THE RIGHT HON. THE LORD PROVOST AND MAGISTRATES OF EDINBURGH, ALL ALIENS who have arrived in this Coun- try fince the month of August. 1801, and who are now resident within the City of EDINBURGH, LEITH, CANONGATE, and all other Liberties thereof, are, at their peril, required, within fourteen days from this date, to appear at the Council Cham- ber, and to make the declarations required by Act of Parliament. All Householders, with whom any Aliens are lodged, are also, at their peril, required ro give in- formation at the Council Chamber of their Lodgers, being Aliens, within tie time above- mentioned. Aliens, or Householders, ' neglecting to comply with these orders, will be prosecuted as the lav/ di- rects. Council Chamber, Edinburgh," 14th March, 1803. SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, By Auction, upon Tuesday the 22( 1 dav of March inst. in that Lodging, No. 83, Princes Street, pos- sessed by JOHN MACGOUN, Esq; deceased, AN Extensive Assortment of Dining and Draw- ing- room, Bed- chamber, Cupboard, and Kit- chen Articles. Silver Plate and Linens, all in the belt order, and first quality. The Plate Fashionable. Several Dozen Spoons. Several Dozen Silver Forks. Two large Library Presses. Several handsome Re- gister and Batt Stove Grates, & c. & c The Silver Plate, China, & c. will be exposed the 2d day, at one o'clock. The Linens at the end of the Sale. Sale to begin each day at 11 o'clock. DALGLEISH & FORREST. SALE OF OUTSTANDING DEBTS ADJOURNED. THE SALE of the OUTSTANDING DEBTS owing to the late Copartnery of DAVID STEUART & CO. Merchants in Leith, is AD- JOURNED till Thursday the 24th of March curt, on which day, at two o'clock P. M. the same will take place in the Royal Exchange Coffee- house, Edinburgh. The Debts, as formerly advertsfed, amount to a- bout L. 3,700, and along with these, will be put up, sundry Additional Debts to a very considerable a- mount. Lists of the whole, may be seen in the hands of Robert Allan, accountant in Edinburgh. Every person or company, intending to compete for the first mentioned Premiums, ( viz. 011 Cod, Ling, and Tusk), must lodge ui this Office, on or " before the 20th of June next, an intimation of his or their intention so to do, specifying the name and bur- den of the vessel; and, alter lodging such intimation, a printed form of the Journal or Report to be made by the master of the vessel. will be delivered, along with a copy of this advertisment, to any person that shall call for the same at this office. When the fishing season is over, or before the end of March next year, these reports must be returned to this office, properly filled up, with an Affidavit be- fore a Magistrate or Justice of the Peace, subjoined to each by the owner or master of the vessel, in the following form: " I , owner or master " the vessel called the , do " hereby solemnly swear, that, in the month of " last, I proceeded with the said vessel from " the port of to the Cod, Ling, or " Tusk Fishing, at ( here specifying in general terms " what part of the coast he chiefly fished upon) for " behoof of ( here mentioning the adventurers or " outfitters:) that the foregoing is a true Journal or " Report of the procedure of the said vessel during the fishing : that the number of men and boys, em- ' » ployed m the said fishing, was , exclusive " of the master; that the fish caught were landed at " tbe port of , and weighted precisely , » < tons cwt. and qrs. the same " having been completely curcd before, weighing." ( Here the mode ot curing is to be specified, that is, whether tfie fish was cured in the vessel's hold as Mud fish, or if they were dried on shore, and whe- ther with the heads on or off; the competitors being at liberty to prepare them for market either way:) " I do further swear, that the foresaid vcssel is the property of" ( here specifying the proprietor's name and place of abode, and likewise that ot. the outfitter, if the vess'el was only freighted ) " And this is truth as I shall answer to God "— Sworn before me, { The Justice or Magistrate shall subscribe here,) ( The deponent here.) And along with the said Journal and Affidavit, ( and in corroboration thereof) there must be trans- rnltted a certificate under the hand of the Collector or Comptroller of the Customs at the port to which the vessel returns, specifying all the particulars requir- ed in tbe Affidavit, as before mentioned. And, in case of the Competitors on the Cod, Ling, and Tusk Fish- ing, having caught any Sun or Sail fish, the affidavit, 13 well as the Custom- house certificate, must specify HOUSE FOR. SALE. To be SOLD by public voluntary roup, within the Royal Exchange Coffee- house, Edinburgh, on Wednesday the 30th of March curt, at two o'clock afternoon, if not previously disposed of by private bargiin, THAT LODGING or DWELLING- HOUSE No. 10, BUCCLEUGH PLACE, being the third storey from the ground, and consisting of din- ning- room 24 feet by 16, handsome drawing- room, tbree. excellent bed- rooms, dressing closet, study; and kitchen, with a cellar fitted up with catacombs, washing- house, and share of the back green, besides the exclusive property of a water- pipe. Apply to Mr. MacLean residing in the house, or to H. M Buchanan, W. S, HOUSe IN FREDERICK STREET FOR SALE. To be SOLD by public roup, within the Royal Ex- change Coffee- house of Edinburgh, on Wednefday the 23d of March curt, at two o'clock afternoon, if not previously disposed of by private bargain, HAT Commodious HOUSE, No. 21, SOUTH _ FREDERICK STREET, consisting of a sunk storey and two upper storeys. and containing a kitch- en and eight restrooms, pantry, and three light closets, besides a variety of conveniencies, being at least equal, in point of accommodation and comfort, to any house in Edinburgh of its dimensions. The house to be seen 011 Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, from 12 to 3 o'clock. For particulars apply to Walter Cook, writer to the signet. No 29, George Street. COUNTRY HOUSE AND GROUND IN THE VICINITY OF EDINBURGH. To LET, ROSEMOUNT HOUSE, possessed by Lady Bel haven, confiding of three flories, with Coach- houfe. Stable for four horses, Cow- house, Milk- houfe, Gardener's House of two stories, and other Offices; Pigeon- house, and about eight acres of ground, divided into parks. The Garden contains about an acre, and is well laid out with gravel and srafs walks, and stocked with fruit trees of the beft kinds. There is a shrubbery and fine walks round most of the grounds, all well fenced. The place is about 15 minutes walk from the Crofs. of Edinburgh, on the Corstorphine road, and commu- nicates by good roads with the Old and New Town. A more complete pleasant villa is seldom to be seen, and may be entered to at Whitsunday next. Apply to Mr. George Tod, North Hanover Street; or Mr. Morilon, No. 3, Nicholfon Street. March 18. A CAPITAL TAVERN TO SELL OR LET. Household Furniture, Silver Plate, & c. to Sell. To SELL or LET, and may be entered toby the be- ginning of May, THAT TAVERN, belonging to and occupied by FRaNCIS METCALF, in Sellars's Close, Lawn Market, Edinburgh, being well lighted, aiid of easy access; consisting of 7 rooms, a Hall and Bar on the first floor; and below, are 4 rooms, kitchen, scullery, & c. in which are two water pipes, with cit- terns, befides excellent cellars fitted up with cata- combs. Offers will be received by Mr. Metcalf, until Wednesday the 13 th April; which, if not accepted of, the same will be exposed to sale on said day, with- in the Royal Exchange Coffee- house, at a o'clock af- ternoon. And on Monday the 2d of May, will be Sold by Wm. BRUCE, in the Premisses, the whole Furni- ture, Silver Plate, Linens, fome excellent Old Rum, & c. From the improvements going on, by removing the Old Buildings on the opposite side of the Street; and the removal of the Luckenbooths, which is ex- pected soon to take place ; such a centrical situation is seldom to be met with. The Premises may be seen every lawful day from eleven to one o'clock. WHITBURN INN IN LINLITHGOWSHIRE. To be LET for such number of years as can be agreed upon, THE INN in the Village of Whitburn, with commodious Office- houses and Garden, and with or without Land. Whitburn is the second stage from Edinburgh, on the Old Glasgow road, and on the nearest and most direct road to Hamilton and Ayr- shire, and as there is reason to expect that a Mail Coach will speedily be established between Edin- burgh and Glasgow, on this line of road, and posting will of course be renewed, the proprietor is willing to make such repairs on the house and offices as may be agreed on, and to give every encouragement to a respectable tenant. The entry to be at Whitsunday first. Thomas Gourlie, innkeeper at Whitburn, will shew the premises; and offers may be made to Archibald Thomson, tenant at Clapperton Hall, near Mid Calder, 0r to Thomas Gordon, writer to the signet, No. 3, George Street, Edinburgh, either of whom will give what farther information may be wanted. T TO BE SOLD OR LET, THAT DWELLING HOUSE and SHOP with Garden, Pigeon- house, Loft and Cellars, situated opposite the Town House of CRAIL, for many years possessed by Mrs. Duddingston and late- ly by Robert Chiene, Esq;— Also a HOUSE, Cel- lar and Stable, with Barn and Barn Yard, adjoining the above, presently possessed by George Duncan ; together with a Garden, in the Nethergate of Crail, presently possessed by James Kay. Entry to the premises lately possessed by Mr. Chiene,, at Whitsunday first, and to the others at Martinmas 1804. Charles Cowan, & Co. merchants, Leith, will in- form is to further particulars; and Mr. David Cow- an, or Wm. Rofs, cooper in Crail, will shew the premises. HOUSE IN PRINCE'S STREET TO BE SOLD. To be SOLD by public roup, within the Royal Ex- change Coffee- house, Edinburgh, upon Wednesday ihe 30th March curt at one o'clock afternoon ( if not previously disposed of by private bargain.) THAT DWELLING HOUSE in Prince's Street, No. 41, being the Third House well from Han- over Street, with Coach houfe and Stable at the back of Rose Lane. The House is substantially built, in good repair, and free from smoke and damp. If purchasers incline, the, Coach- house and Stable will be sold separately— Entry at Whitsunday next. The title- deeds and articles of roup are to be seen in the hands of David Balfour and Robert Moir, writers to the signet, to whom application may be made for further particulars. FARMS TO BE LET IN THE COUNTY OF CLACKMANNAN. To he LET, and entered to at Martinmas 1803, for 19 vears, or fuch a term as can be agreed on, THE following Farms on the Estate of FOR- 1. REST, belonging to John Thomas Erskine, Efq; lying in the parish of Clackmannan. Present tenants. Acres. TO LET, IN ARGYLESHIRE, ' And Entered to at Whitsunday next, THE MANSION HOUSE of ARDCHAT- TAN, ( with the Furniture thereof,) pleasant- ly situated on the side of Lochtive, and within two miles' of Bunaw, to which there is good roads. This is a most desirable residence for Sea- bathing, or to any person fond of the amusement of the Coun- try. The Garden, which is a good one, will be set with the House; or, if more agreeable, the tenant may be supplied with such articles as may be wanted therefrom, at a moderate rate. For farther particulars application may be made to Francis and John Andersons, writers to the fignet, Edinburgh; or Duncan Campbell, writer in Inverary / COUNTY OF FIFE. HOUSE OF LESLIE TO BE LET, FURNISHED. To be LET, for such a number of years as can be agreed on, and entered to either immediately or at Whitfunday next, THE MANSION HOUSE of LESLIE, and Garden and Offices. This house is well known to be one of the best and most elegant in the country, and is fit lor the accommodation of any Gentleman or Nobleman's family. The house is in the highest order, and the stables, coach houses, and other offices, and the garden walls were lately thoroughly repaired. The house is situated on a rising ground, between the rivers of Leven and Lothrie. The situation is particularly dry and healthy, and commands a very extensive view of the woods of Leslie and surround- ing country, and of the Frith of Forth. Leslie House is about 12 miles distant from King- horn. A tenant it he chuses, may be accommodated with several Fields of very fine Old Grass, lying round the house. For further particulars application may be made to Crauford Tait, W. S. Park Place, Edinburgh. Farms, 1. Forrest Mill and Mill James Mill, Lands, 2. Faster Gartknowie, 3. Meek's Park, 4. Woodside 5. Meadowhill, 6. Cairnmoor, 7. Wester Gartknowie, 8. South Forrest, at present in two farms,") containing about J Total William Paterson, John Ramsay, James Scotland Mrs. Rae, James Ramsay, Robert Stein, SUBJECTS IN KINGHORN EOR SALE, At the Reduced Upset Price of L. 800. To be SOLD hy public roup, within the Royal Ex- change. Coffee- house, in Edinburgh, upon Wed- nefday the 6th day of April, 1803, between two and three o'clock in the afternoon, ( if not prevl only disposed of hy private bargain), THE TENEMENT of LAND, Back Area, and Pertinents, " which have for several years been possessed by Mr. William Skinner, vintner. The Tenement includes 14 fire- rooms, cellars, and other conveniencies ; and in the back area, there are Stables for about 40 horses. These subjects may be advantageously converted to various purposes, and, in particular, seem to be well calculated for afford- ing accommodation to an extensive manufacturer. For particulars application may be made to Mr Daniel Monro, at Summerfield, near Leith Links : or to Charles Bremner, writer to the signet, who will fliow the title- deeds. These farms are situated within four miles of the seaport towns of Alloa and Kincardine, and within a fhorter dillance' of lime and coal, and the new turnpike road from Alloa to Kinross goes through the centre of the property. Offers will be received by the proprietor, at Alloa; or by William Inglis, W, S. No. 49, Queen Street, and such as are not accepted of will be kept fecret, if desired. N. B. John Sharp, baron officer at Forrest Mill, will shew the farms. LANDS . IN ARGYLLSHIRE. To be SOLD by- Public Roup, by Warrant, of the Court of Session, for the purpose of Redeeming the Land Tax, within the Royal Exchange Cof fee- house, Edinburgh, upon Wednesday the 8rh June next, at 1 o'clock afternoon, THE FOUR Merk Land of ARDINTRIVE in the Island of Kerrera, and District of Lorn as presently possessed by Capt. Duncan M'Dougall on a lease which expires at Whitsunday 1805. Ardintrive is in the immediate vicinity of tbe po- pulous village of Oban, forming one fide of the Bay in which the Harbour ia situated. And is known to be one of the best Farms m the Island of Kerrera. ar. d capable of great improvement. The farm mostly surrounded with the sea, and the lhores pro- duce confiderable quantities of ware. There is a good Modern House and Offices on the premises, fit to accommodate a large family. The Tenant or Ground Officer. will shew the Lands. And for further particulars apply to John Campbell, writer in Inveraray, or John Campbell W. S. St. James's Square, Edinburgh, in whose hands the title- deeds and articles of roup, are to be seen. HOUSE AND FARMS IN ROSS- SHIRE. To be LET for three years, and entered to at Mar- tinmas next, THE MANSION- HOUSE of TARRADALE, with the OFFICES, and MAINS thereof, ly- ing in the parish of Urray and Kilchriest, and shire of Ross, as at present possessed by Alexander M'- kenzie; Esq; younger of Ord. The house is commo- dious. and fit to accommodate a genteel family.— The office houfes are very complete, and there is a good Garden and Orchard. The Mains consist of 118 acres of arable land of excellent soil, completely inclosed and subdivided into six parks, and sheltered with belts of planting, with ten acres of a salt marsh. The premises are delightfully situated on the Beauly Frith, and are in tbe immediate vicinity of Beauly, a post town, and are at no great distance from, the towns of Inverness and Fortrose. In a former advertisement, these premises were stated by mistake, to be in the immediate vilinsty of Fortrose instead of Beauly. ALSO TO BE LET, For three years, and entered to at Whitsunday next, The WHOLE FARMS upon the Estate of TAR- RADALE, consisting of upwards of 400 acres of a- rable land, and more than 200 acres green pasture, with 700 acres of muir. These Farms will be let separately as possessed by the present tenants, or se- veral possessions may be thrown into one, as offerers incline. Offers in writing, for the house and mains, may be addressed to Robert Graham, W. S. No. 19, North Castle Street, Edinburgh; or James Grant, writer, Inverness; and offers tor the farms to be made to Mr. Grant, who will give directions for shewing the grounds. LANDS IN FORFARSHIRE To be Let for Nineteen years, and entered to at Martinmas 1803, THE FARMS of COCKHILL and BREAKIE MILL, part of the estate of East Breakie, in the parish or Vinnell, situated about three miles from the sea, and within six miles of the burghs of Ar- broath, Brechin, and Montrose, all good market towns, to which there is easy acccss by excellent roads. Cockhill, occupied by David Ellis, consists of l07 acres or thereby, and Breakie Mill, possessed by George Mill and Andrew Duncan, consists of 92 acres, besides about 10 acres of marshy ground Both Farms are inclosed, and on the Lands of Breakie Mill, arc a corn mill and a lint mill, which may be employed to considerable advantage, there being a fine fall, and in general a great command of water The Lands will be shown by the above tenants; and offers for leases, may be tranfmitted to Robert Baird, Esq; the Proprietor, Newbyth, by Preston- kirk; or to Wiiliam Robertson, writer, Forfar - or Bain Whyt, W. S. Edinburgh, and such as are ' not accepted, will be concealed. March 18. CUPAR FIFE BLEACHFlELD, 1803, JAMES HILL, bleaches in the best manner, at the following prices:— All plain linen, yard wide and under, not exceed- ing 8co warp, at 2- Jd. per yard. All cloths above yard wide in proportion to their breadth ; 900 at 3d.; icoo and'IIoo'at 3$ d. j 12 and 1300 4d.; 14 and 1500 5d.; 1600 and all upwards 6d.; . cambties 41k; damalk arid tweelings, 5d.; diapers, 3 d. .-- Cloth for this Field is taken in by Mr John Lau- rie, grocer, Cross, Edinburgh; Mr. Thomas Ba- chelor, druggist, Crosscauseway, Edinburgh;: Mr John Brown, merchant, St. Andrew's; Mr. John Gourlay, manufacturer, St. Andrew's; Mr. David Wood, merchant, Dundee; Mr. William Tod, mer- chant, Newburgh ; Mr. Andrew Rodger, St. Mo- nance; Mr. David Brown, Pittenweem; Mr. Alex- ander Tennant, Anstruther; Mr. John Rodger, An- struther ; Mr. John Lyall, Celler Dyke ; Mrs Ro- bertson, Crail; Mr. James Thomson, Kings barns; Mr. William Bruce, weaver, Ely ; Mr. John White, manufacturer, Lundie- mill; Mr. Alexr. Paxton, weaver, Colinsburgh; Mr. William Matheson, Kil- conquhar; Mr. Robert Wallace, manufacturer,. Ceres; Mr. Humphrey Cunningham, Leuchars; and at the Bleachfield. At all which places, receipts will be given, and the cloth soon returned. THE EDINBURGH ADVERTISER for 1803. AT THE EARL OF ELGIN'S LIME WORKS, AT CHARLESTOWN, NEAR NORTH QUEENSFERRY. THE BURNING of LIME has commenced for the Stafon, and will continue as late as the weather will permit. Prices hy Sea Carriage. LIMESHELLS, is. per Boll; Linlithgow peafe measure, of 85 Scots pints. SLACKED LIME. 8s. per Chalder of 18 Bolls. LIMESTONE, 2s. 9d. per Ton, or 11d. per Cart. All put free on Board. Orders will be executed with a. s much punctuali- ty, as the nature of the Trade will admit of, and the usual Credit will be given. It is requested that Gentlemen who wish to be pointedly servcd, will forward rheir orders as early in the Season as possible, mentioning their Address by Post, to insure a safe transmission of their invoices. Letters and Commissions, may he addressed to " The Manager of Charlestown Limeworks, by North Queensferry." Charlestown, 21st Feb. 1803. . SOUTH WALES. CAPlTAL ESTATES, CARDIGANSHIRE, To be SOLD by Auction by Messrs, Skinner, Dyke, and Co. on Thursday the 28th, and Friday 29th April, at n o'clock, at Garraway's Coffee house, Change Alley, Cornhill, London, in Twenty one Lots, . ' ' ' CAPITAL and very Extensive FREEHOLD ESTATES, consisting of TEN THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED ACRES of Meadow, Pas--' ture, and Arable Land, with about FOUR THOU SAND ACRES of fine Sheep Walk, divided into capital and very eligible Dairy, Corn, and Sheep Farms of various descriptions, Water, Corn Mills, Lands, and Tenements, and Lead Works, together with THE MANOR OF KELLAN, Royalties, and immunities, eligibly situate in the pa- rishes of Llanfair, Llanddervybrefi, Carron, Kellan, Llangvby, Llanbadare, Odyn, Llangeitho, Bettws, Bledrws, Ciliennen, Llanthysted, and Aberystwith, within 6 miles of Llampeter, and 30 of Cardigan, Aberystwth, Llandilo, Llandovery, and Carmar- then, the whole excepting a small part, is Let to te- nants at will; at rents amounting to THREE THOUSAND and EIGHTY POUNDS per annum. It is presumed by judicious and different arrange- ments, as to the Letting of the Farms and Lands, the present rents may be increased to FOUR THOUSAND POUNDS per annum. To be viewed, by applying to Mr. Lewes, Black Lion, Llampeter, or to William Rees, jun. at Tre- garron, of whom printed particulars may be had, alfo of Mr. Williams, Attorney at Law, Aberystwith; at the Angel, Cardigan ; King's Arms, Carmarthen ; Bear, Llandilo; Castle, Llandovery; Longfellows, Brecon; Bush, Swansea ; Bear, Cowbridge; Angel, Cardiff; of Mr. Donaldson, printer, Edinburgh; Mr. Tait, printer, Glasgow; Mr. Peacock, printer, York ; Mr. Billinge, printer, Liverpool; Mr. Wheel- er, printer, Manchester ; Mr. Rudhall, printer, Bris- tol; Mr. Walker, printer, Glocester ; Mr. Wright,; printer, Hereford; Mr. Tymbs, printer, Worcester; Mr. Wood, printer, Shrewsbury ; Mr. Seton, Solici- toe, Adelphi; at the place of Sale, and of Messrs. Skinner, Dyke, and Co. Aldersgate. Street, London, where Plans may be seen. HOUSE ATTEMPTED TO BE BROKE INTO AND REWARD OK FIFTY GUINEAS FOR A DISCOVERY. WHEREAS, within these six weeks last past, several attempts have been made, under night, by some person or persons, to Break into the DWELLING HOUSE of Mr. LINDSAY at COLTBRIDGE-: - Whoever will, within three months from this date, give such information to William, Scot, Procurator Fiscal of the county of Edinburgh, as may be the means of leading to a discovery in the premises, shall, upon conviction of the offender or offenders, receive a Reward of FIFTY GUINEAS. EdiNr. March 8,1803. . ~~ TO BE FEUED FOR BUILDING, Within the Toll Bar, adjoining to CHARLOTTE SQUARE, and nearly in a Line with GEORGE STREET, MELVILLE STREET, of about 1600 feet in length running across the Queensferry Road, in a South- west direction, through the Lands of Coats, ( which are very level,) conform to a plan and eleva- tion of the Buildings. There is plenty of Free stone in the grounds, and the Founds may be taken out at very little expence. There is a common sewer, about 30 feet below the ground storey, to be carried forward to the centre of this street. Offers will be received by the Proprietor at Coats who will shew the plan and elevation, : DUMFRIES- SHIRE. LIME QUARRY, NEAR SANQUHAR, TO BE LET. To be LET, for fuch a number of years as can be agreed upon, and entered to' cither immediately or at Whitfunday next, THAT newly discovered LIME QUARRY at AUCHINGRUITH, within three miles of Sanquhar. The lime is of . excellent quality, and there will be a great demand for it in all the fur- rounding country. The quarry is situated within a . quarter of a mile of the turnpike road from Lead hills to Sanquhar. A Kiln has lately been erected at : the quarry, and a new road made from it to the turnpike road. Mr. John M'Call, tenant of Auchingruith, will ihow the quarry. For further particulars application may be made to Mr. Yorstoun, as Drumlanrig Castle, or Craufurd Tait, W. S. Park Place, Edinburgh ; with either of whom offers may be lodged any day before the 20th of April next. SET OF LOCHTON, FOR PASTURE AND HAY. THE LANDS of LOCHTOM, lying in the pa- rish of Kingsbarns, east of Fifeshire,, will be Let for the Crop 1803, by public roap, upon the grounds, on Monday the 4th of April, at eleven o'- clock forenoon. They consist of about 160 acres, divided into four- teen fields, completelyl inclosed with new done dykes, thirteen of which are for pasture, and one for a crop of hay. There will be Sold at same time, about 700 Stones or GOOD HAY, some COWS with Calves, and Queys for the Grass. Inquire- at Mr. Cowan, at Kippo, by Craill. The Rents for last year will be uplifted at same time. SALE OF SUBJECTS IN FIFE. . To be SOLD by roup, within the house of James M'Laren, Innkeeper in Cupar, upon Thursday the 28th April next, at four o'clock afternoon THE SUBJECTS after- mentioned, in the, fol- lowing Lots: Lor. I. The FISHINGS in the Water of EDEN, which belonged to the late Earl of Southesk, and now to David Marline, Esq; of Edenside.. These Fishings are situated near to the Guard Bridge, and as they are presently out of- lease, the purchaser may enter to them immediately after the sale. LOT II. The LANDS of DENBRAE, consisting of about 69 acrcs, lying in the pariih of St. Andrews, and county of Fife, with the Coal under them.— These lands are under lease, but as the tenant ha assigned, though assignees are secluded, the tack may on that ground be let aside. LOT III. The LANDS nf MIDDLE DENHEAD, consisting of about 26 acres, with Houses and Big Kings thereon, lying in the said parish of St. Andrews, and county aforesaid, but under the reservation of . the Coal. These lands are out of lease, and may be entered to at Martinmas first. LOT IV. The whole COAL and COAL SEAMS in Craigtown Common, on Prior Muir, and under the lands of Middle Denhead, lying in the parish and county aforesaid. LOT V. The TACK of the LANDS of MILL- TOWN of BLEBO, with the Mills and other Build ings ereCted thereon, lying in the parish of Kem- back, and county aforesaid. There are 38 years of the lease to run. LOT VI. The FEU- DUTY of two Small Pieces of Property, in the Village of Kincaple. originally feued out to David Goodfellow and David Turbane. For further particulars, apply to Mr. Martine, che proprietor, at Edenside, or to James Carstairs, clerk of Cupar. DUNG TO BE LET, IN SOUTH LEITH. THE DISTRICT No 3, of that Town, which J_ comprehends the Kirkgate, from the Colvin Gutter to the Foot of Leith Walk the New Road or Street from the Foot of the Walk to Charlotte Street and all the Lanes contiguous betwixt, these two streets. The streets of St. Anthons and Yard- heads, St. Giles's Street, and the Lanes betwixt that street and Yard- heads, on the one band, and the Kirkgate on the other, and betwixt St Andrew's Street and Sr. Giles's Street, Cable's Wynd, King's Street, and - Sherriff- brae, as marked off on the plan of she Town Of Leith. The Town of Leith is to sweep and clean these streets and lanes, and the tacksman to be bound to carry off the Dung and Fulzie. Offers to be lodged before the 40th of March inst • with the Town clerk of Leith, at his Office, where the conditions of the let, and the bounds, will be more particularly explained. The highest offer will be preferred. LEITH, March 1, 1803, - [ SALE OF THE ESTATE OF BARRAS, IN KINCARDINESHIRE. A N D FARMS TO BE LET. To be SOLD by private bargain, and either in whole or in separate Lots, THE Lands and Estate of EASTER and WES- TER BARRAS, with the Mansion House, Garden, and Pertinents, situated in the Parishes of Dunnottar and Kinneff, and within about 3 miles of the sea port town of Stonehaven, to which there is access by excellent roads. These Lands consist of 1560 acres, whereof I109 are at present arable. They hold of the Crown, and the valued rent is I.. 1030 Scots. A great- part of the Estate is out of lease, so that the present rental cannot well be stated ; but on the supposition of there being no leases, it has been valu- ed by very competent Judges, at nearly L. 1100 a year; but if a few Thousand Pounds were to be ju- diciously laid out on improvements, the means of which are at hand, it is difficult to say to what value this Estate might soon be brought. If not sold in one parcel, the Estate will be divid- ed into such Lots as purchasers incline, or as circum- stances may require. The I. ots presently in view, are the following three, viz. LOT 1st. to consist of the EAST MAINS, with the Mansion house and Garden, and the Parks pos sessed by John Walker and William Nicol, measur- ing in whole 194 acres. LOT 2d. to consist of the MILL and MILL LANDS, EAST TOWN, MIDTOWN, DRUIDS- DALE, and HOGHILLOCK, measuring 559 a- cres.— And LOT 3d. to consist of WEST MAINS, MITTON, BARCLAYSIDE, WEST TOWN, and FERNIE- - BRAE, consisting of 806 acres. Each of the last two Lots, affords a Freehold Qualification, and part of the lands in each of the three Lots is out of lease, Those concerned in the sale of this estate, intend- ed to Let no Farms till a sale took place; but as se- veral of the leases have now dropt, they are ready to receive proposals in writing for the following Farms on leases of 19 years, viz. 1. EAST MAINS, consisting of about 127 acres arable, and about lb acres pasture. 2- WEST MAINS, consisting. of about 143- acres arable, and about 23 acres pasture, beside muir. 3. BARCLAYSIDE and FERNYBRAE, con- sisting of about 121 acres arable, and 18 acres pas- ture, beside muir. ... 4. WEST TOWN ( North Farm), consisting of 94 acres arable, " and 90 acres pasture. 5. DRUIDSDALE and HOGHILLOCK, con- sisting of- about 88 acres arable; and 55 acres pasture. The particular advantages of this Estate were formerly advertised and need not be repeated. For further' particulars, both in regard to the sale of the Estate, and the letting of the farms, application may be made to George Robertson Scott, Esq; of Benholme by Bervie; 40 George Watson, writer in Edinburgh; or to John Burnett, writer in Stone- haven. . Mr. Thomas Johnston, Land Surveyor at Edin- burgh, has been over the Lands, and will also he ready to communicate any- information which may be required of himi MINES AND MINERALS. To be LET in Lease, in Whole or in Divisions, THE MINES and MINERALS, lying in the ISLAND of ISLAY, and county of Argyle, consisting of IRON STONE of the best quality, LEAD ORE, containing a large proportion of SIL- VER, COPPER, COBALT, MANGANISE, and IMRY. These Metals are in general found in beds of Pri- mitive, or Secondary Lime Stone, and are easily, wrought. During the period when the Hebrides- were attached to the Crown of Denmark, these Mines were wrought to a very great extent, and formed an article of Commerce with the neighbour-; irtg countries. They were also wrought in the time of JAMES the V. of Scotland, when Buchanan de- scribes them as paying annually to the King, a consi-; derable quantity of Silver. Since that period, they: have successively been held in lease, and wrought first by the Glasgow Company, afterwards by Messrs. Crawfurd and Freebairn, and latterly by the Angle- sea Company, ' In- the immediate vicinity of the Mines, there is an inexhaustible supply of water, with a descent suffici- ent for any Machinery, which may be wanted. The; Island is also interested in all directions, by excel- lent carriage, roads, and two commodious Harbours, with stone quays, afford convenient outlets for tran- sporting the Ores to the different parts of the world. As the proprietor is more anxious to promote the em- ployment of the inhabitants of the Island, then to reap any immediate profit to himself, the most advantage- ous terms, and every accommodation and conveni- ence towards promoting the working of them may. be relied upon. ; Persons wishing to enter into, terms, or to make any inquiries, are requested to apply to Alex. Grant, W. S. Argyle's Square, Edinburgh ; or to John Spot-; tiswood, Esq; Solicitor-, Sackville Street, Piccadilly, London. FARM IN THE CARSE OF FALKIRK TO BE LET. To be LET for such a number of years as may be a- - greed 0n, and entered to at Martinmas first, ABOUT 38 Scots Acres of the FARM of MAUKINLEYS, at present possessed by Ro- bert Grosart, lying in the carfe and parish of Falkirk. The lands are of a very rich carse soil, and produce heavy crops of every description of grain. The situation of the farm is extremely advanta- geous, being adjacent to the village of Polmont, a- bout a mile from Grangemouth and Laurieston, a- bout two miles and a half from the town of Falkirk, and within a few miles of Linlithgow and Borrow- stounness. The road from Grangemouth to Pol- mont runs through the lands. The farm has a ready communication with the Glasgow market by means of the great canal, which is within a mile of the property. Coal and lime are in the neighbourhood of the lands. The tenant will shew the farm. The lands will be let either for a money or for a victual rent, as offerers may incline. Farther information will be given, and offers re- ceived, by James Greig, writer, Milne's Court, Edin- burgh ; or James Aitken, writer in Falkirk. FOR COUGHS, ASTHMAS,- THE BALSAM OF LIQUORICE, an elegant, concentrated liquid preparation from the root, whence it derives its name, stands. unrivalled for the relief of Coughs, Colds,, Catarrhs, Wheezings, Hoarsenese, Asthmas, and other Pulmonary Com- plaints. The superiority of this Medicine consists not only in the success which accompanies it, but also in the simplicity of its composition ; for children, it posses- ses the double advantage of being administered with perfect safety, and when other Medicines from their taste are rejected, this is taken With avidity. It speedily allays irritations or tickling Coughs, softens acrimonious humours in the throat, promotes ex- pectoration of viscid phlegm, and soothes the inflam- ed membranes; in short, for pleasantness. safety, and efficacy, it can never be excelled. . The late EArL OF ABINGdON had so repeatedly witnessed the good effects of this concentrated li- quid preparation- from Liquorice Root,- that he was in ' IN habit of recommending it to many of the No- bility ; and it is a tribute due to the memory of so worthy and humane a character, to state also, that he purchased large quantities annually to give away to the afflicted poor. Invented, prepared and sold, by J. PIdDING, a regular bred Surgeon ( formerly in the Army) at his Warehouse No. 76, Oxford- street, London ; in small bottles, price 2s. 6d. or double the' quantity, only. 4s. each. ' Sold also wholesale and retail by Barclay & SON, No. Fleet- Market; and J. BAXTER, & C0. Italian Warehouses, Edinburgh and Glasgow ; R. SCOTT, Druggist, Edinburgh; and by every Vender of Medicines in the . kingdom, but none are genuine, unless sign.' d with red ink by the Proprietor, J. Pidding Surgeon, - No 76, Ox- ford- street, London. - 17 T FOR JAMAICA, To deliver Goods at all the Ports In TRELAWNE and ST. JAMES'S; THE SHIP EMERALD, WILLIAM WOOD, Master. Will be ready to take on board at Greenock by the 27th inst. and clear to sail by the 15th March. The Eme- rald is a fine vessel, copper sheathed and sails well. Rates of Passage. In the First Cabin, Thirty- two Guineas. In the Second Do. Twenty four ditto. In the Steerage, Sixteen ditto. Apply to Robert Bogle, junior, Glasgow, or to ROBERTSONS & WOOD; GREeNOCK, Feb. 17,1803... Wanted to go out in the above vessel, a FEW YOUNG MEN as PLANTERS, a MASON, a BRICKLAYER, a MILL WRIGHT, a HOUSE CARPENTER, and BLACKSMITH, to which li- beral encouragement will be given. None need apply but such as can be properly recommended. AT LEITH, FOR LISBON, THE JENNYS, Capt. MUCKLE, Is now loading for Lisbon, and will sail in about 14 days hence. For freight 0r passage, apply to JAMES SMITH, LEITH, March II, 1803. TO BE SOLD, By public roup, in William Watchman's house, at Clackmannan Pow, ( if not previously sold by pri- : vate bargain,) on Tuesday the 22d March, at 12 o'clock noon, THE SLOOP . ELIZA OF KINCARDINE, Burden per register 50 l 3d tons, with carry . about 70 tons, with all her ma- terials, boat, & c. as she presently lies at Clackmannan Pow; she was built at Kincardine in- the year 1786, all of oak, is of easy draft of water, and remarkably well sound. For further particulars, inquire at Mr. Landers; Craigrie, Alloa. FARM IN TWEEDALE TO BE LET. ' l'o be Let and entered to at Whitsunday first, in One or Two Lots as offerers may incline. THE FARM of GRIESTON, as possessed by John Boyd, lying in the- parish of Traquair, and county of Peebles. The Farm consists of 415 English acres or thereby, is mostly- arable, is well adapted to the Turnip husbandry, and a considerable- part of it is inclosed with stone dykes. The boun- daries of the farm will be pointed out by John Thom- son, at Traquair House, and offers for a Nineteen Years lease may be lodged with Geo. Steuart, writer to the signet, betwixt and the first of April next LEAD AND COBALT MINEs lN SCOTLAND! To BE LEASED, For such a- number of years as may be agreed upon, and entered to immediately, THE LEAD MINES of TYNDROM, belong- ing to the Earl of Breadalbane. These Mines have been wrought for 30 years- by the Scots Mining Company, and formerly by Sir Robert Clifton, and others. This Lead is reckoned the purest probably in- the world, and the fittest for making into white paint. - Sometimes the principal Lead Vein at Tyndrom Is intersected by a Vein ot Clay, as white as snow, in which is an Ore of Cobalt, perfectly free from bismuth and nickel, and of course proper for the fin- est China and Enamel Paint. A FARM will be LET along with the Mines, end there is proper accommodaion for the people em - ployed in the works; which, may be increased at a moderate expence. There are also very promising appearances of Lead at Drishaig, on the side of Loch- Awe, ! 2 miles weft from Tyndrom, and in some other places of the neighbourhood. Tyndrom is situated in Perthshire, ten miles ftotn the head of Loch Lomond, from whence the Least has been generally carried by water to Glasgow and Greenock. The mines will shewn by the innkeeper at Tyn- drom ; and proposals for a lease may be given in' to John Campbell, writer to the signet, Edinburgh, or to James Chalmers, Abingdon Street, London, who will shew a section of the mines, and give further information. FOR RHEUMATISMS, RHEUMATIC GOUT. Scatica, Lumbago, Head- Ach, Numbness, Palsy, In- degestion. Flatulent, Spasmodic, or Flying Pains, general Debility, and Relaxation of the system, Bruises. and CHILBLAINS. EXPERIENCE has proved the mild stimulating , powers of WHITEHEAD's ESSENCE of MU- STARD PILLS, the most effectual remedy ever made Known to the world, having succeeded in cases of six, eight, ten, twenty and even of forty- years standing, after every other means had failed, and it has absolutely cured more patients of the above com- plaints than all the Medicines ever before made pub- lic. For Chilblains Sprains, and Bruises, the fluid Essence, if used according to the direction; has never failed in a single instance and so singularly penetrat- ing is its nature, and speedy in its operation, as ge-. nerally to effect the cure of CHILBLAINS by a, single literal application: • Mustard is prepared and sold at 2s. 9d each box or bottle; by R. Johnston apothecary, No. 15, Greek Street, Soho, London.- - Its reputation is so general, that it may be had of almost every Medicine Vender in England, the West Indies, and America, rSit- To prevent counterfeit imposition requested to observe the Genuine the King's Patent, and the signature STON, the Patentee's own hand bottle and box. .' Sold, by appointment Mr. ANDREW SMIITH No. 38, North Husband, Elder, and Co Baxter, and T. Spence Edinburgh. wick; Allan, Dundee; Inglis and Macintosh & Co. Inverness Caw, Banff; Mitchell, Aberdeen. • Macdonald, Glasgow FRIDAY'S POST. Frem the LONDON GAZETTE, March 15. PROMOTIONS. WAR- OFFICE, March 15.' MAJOR. GENERAL Miles Stavely, from half- pay of the late 18th Light Dragoons, to be Colonel of the- 4th Regiment of Dragoon Guards, vice General Warde, deceased. STAFF.— Major- General Robert Brownrigg to be Quarter- Master- General to the Forces, vice General Dundas, who is placed on the Staff as a General, and resigns his office of Quarter- Master- General. From the LONDON PAPERS, March 15 LONDON. IMPERIAL PARLIAMENT. HOUSE OF COMMONS. Monday, March 14. The LORD ADVOCATE of Scotland took the oaths and his seat. On the motion of LORD EUSTON, Mr. HEARN, Messenger to the Serjeant at Arms, WAS ordered to --- State at the bar the Steps he had taken to apprehend James Trotter, one of the witnesses summoned, to give evidence before • the Committee on the Dunfermline. Election, and who had not obeyed the warrant of the House. MR. HEARN stated, that he had proceed- ed to the residence of James Trotter, near Edinburgh, but did not find him there. His wife gave evasive answers to the question the messenger put to her respecting her husband,. she asserted however, that he had never seen the warrant of the House, and that he had gone away from home before the warrants had ar- rived, and that she had not seen him since.— The messenger asked Mrs. Trotter to sign a memorandum of what the had stated, but she told him she had neither pen nor ink in the house ; at last he prevailed upon her to Sign a memorandum to the above effect, which he wrote with a pencil. The Serjeant at Arms was ordered to take farther Steps for the execution of the warrant of fhe House, by apprehending the said James Trotter. MR. HOBHOUSE moved, that there be laid before the House the quantity of cotton wool and cotton twist exported from this country in the years 1790 and 1802, specifying the quali- ty of the same in each year.— Ordered. THE SECRETARY AT WAR got leave to bring in a bill for consolidating the Militia Laws, relating to the provision to be made for the families of Militia men when called on ac- tual service. EAST INDIA BUDGET. LORD CASTLEREACH opened the EAST IN- DIA BUDGET in a very able speech. He enter- ed into a very minute detail of our different . Settlements in INDIA, replete with Financial Calculations and Figures. The produce of the Revenue had in no in- stance, but that of the Presidency of Bombay, proved less than it was supposed in the previous estimates. The expences of the expedition to Egypt had, indeed, made an addition to the expenditure : but, the increase in the produce of the different branches of revenue, and in our new Acquisitions, had been nearly Sufficient for the discharge of that aug- mented expence. In the trade to China, there had been no diminution, nor bad the profits on that trade been lessened. If a mode could be found of transferring to Europe, at such inte- rest as was paid here,; those debts for which the Company now paid nine per cent, in India, a fund might be provided for the speedy dis- charge of all the Company's debts. On the whole of the Estimates he conceived himself warranted to the House in concluding, that the Company would be able to apply two millions a year to the liquidation of their debt in time of peace, and one million in case we should again unhappily be involved in a war.— The Company might also derive a further aid, if that Should be necessary, by increasing its ca- pital, as it was empowered to do by Act of Parliament, and by a fresh issue of bonds, which taken together would afford an aid of 6, ooo, oool. He thought it material to state, that none of the arrangements adverted to by him went to crip- ple the trade of the Company ; and to Shew that if peace should continue, which would be the greatest blessing for India as well as for Eu- rope, the happiest result would arise in the Company's affairs. But it was still more ma- terial to be known, that if unhappily we Should - be involved in a new Struggle in defence of our honour and interests, no portion of the EMPIRE would be better able to bear its share of the common charge than India. MR. JOHNSTONE, though he differed with the Noble Lord as to the confidence which Should be given to the prospect held out, bore testimony of the clearness and accuracy of the accounts. Though he could not agree that an actual increase of debt of 3,500, oool. was a good ground 011 which to build a expectation of an increase of applicable funds of 2,500,000!.; yet he was ready to allow that the accounts on the table were made up with as much accuracy as the affairs of a vast Empire would; admit, cr as there had been an instance of in the ad ministration of any great country. With re- spect to the Noble Lord's Statement, of the " THE EDINBURGH new of territory and revenue in i India, he would ask - what was the nature of those acquisitions, for which so much credit was attributed to the India Company? They were acquisitions, in his mind, much less in titled to credit than to disgrace ; acquisition? wrested by violence and injustice from those Powers whom the India Company termed friends and allies, but whom they plundered without mercy, as the worst of enemies THE CHANCELLOR OF THE EXCHEQUER observed, with some warmth, that there was something which had fallen from the Hon. Member who spoke last, which it was im- possible for him to let pass without notice.—^ The Hon Gentleman had declared, that our late acquisitions in India had been obtained by the most flagitious and criminal violations of every principle of justice and national faith.— He was sorry that the Hon. Gentleman could think himself Warranted in forming for one moment an opinion at once so injurious and so unfounded ; and that he should have chosen a moment for expressing that opinion, when these was not an opportunity of taking the whole of the subject into a full and fair dis- cussion, and this too in the absence of those highly honourable and meritorious charters, whose conduct was thus implicated upon a sub- ject, wherein their proceedings, when every- thing came to be investigated, would Stand honourably vindicated in the eyes of Europe. SIR HUGH INGLIS stated the profits of the India trade to have been last year nearly equal to those of the China trade. The China trade had produced 3, ooo, oool. and the India trade 2,700,000l. The Hon. Gentleman could not therefore say, that this did not afford a ground of confidence. MR. FRANCIS regarded estimates as of official promises, on which little was to be placed, and as predictions verified by events. MR. WILLIAM DUNDAS replied to Mr. FRANCIS, and stated that the accounts were perfectly accurate. The resolutions were agreed to UNANI- MOUSLY. THE CHANCELLOR OF THE EXCHEQUER gave notice that he would, on Wednesday next, move for a Committee to take into con- sideration the charges on the Civil List, and the most effectual means of preventing the ac- cumulation of debt.— Adjourned. ADVERTISER for 1803 y, • a kind reliance Seldom PORTSMOUTH, March 13. " The Decade, Topaze, Seahorse, Galatea, Andromeda, and Success Frigates, are ordered to be immediately fitted for Commission. The Dock- yard at this Port is put upon double tides, and to use every exertion in completing the Ships under repair. The Artificers work this day ( Sunday), which they have not done Since the Peace," LONDON. Sir SIDNEY SMITH attended yesterday at the Admiralty, and received an appointment to the Antelope, of 50 guns, a new ship recent- ly launched at, Sheerness.— Sir SIDNEY • will command a Squadron of Observation. On Saturday afternoon an express was re- ceived at Portsmouth from the Admiralty, con- taining directions for the Neptune, of 98 guns Capt. W. DRURY, to be immediately got ready for receiving the flag of Lord GARDNER, who will have the Command on the Cork Station. The Sceptre, 6f 74 guns, is commissioned at Woolwich, and Capt. DICKSON is appointed to command her. Capt. WM. BEDFORD is appointed to the command of the Thunderer. Capt. E. BULLER is appointed to the Malta and Capt. G. MURRAY to the Spartiate, the last two ships captured at the battle of the Nile, by Lord NELSON, and are supposed to' be the finest Ships that were taken from the French during the late war. War Policies were opened in the City, on Saturday, offering seventy- five guineas to re- ceive one hundred, if hostilities take place by the first of May. Our preparations have occasioned the utmost surprise at Boulogne, Calais, Havre, and along the whole line of the French coast. The in- habitants are perfectly ignorant of the causes that have induced us to assume an attitude of Such formidable vigour. Among the numerous reports which are cir- culated daily, we heard that the FIRST CON- SUL had written a very insolent letter to the KING, of which the following is the substance : " Brother, in disputes between nations of such importance as England and France, a question must necessarily arise of considerable moment, viz. " which is the greater ?" We of course, reciprocally must be partial ; and I have no hesitation in declaring, that if BRITAIN do not submit to my claims, the ENGLISH EMPIRE muit be ecrase " ( destroyed.)"—( LONDON COURIER.) To this rumour we do not give the Slightest credit, for if such a letter had really been re- ceived, all explanation with BONAPARTE would have been in the highest degree criminal. We should have declared war. Two other reports stand on a less loose foundation, but we have not been able to ascertain that they deserve cre- dit. They are, first, that an insult has been of- fered on the subject of Malta, and of such a nature as not to be Suffered; and, 2d, that French troops, under the disguise of Dutchmen, have taken possession of the Cape, and thus committed an infraction of a treaty, the prin- ciples of which have already been Several times violated.—[ lb.) Extract of a LETTER from PARIS, March J. " During the epidemic, which lately reigned at Paris, the indefatigable attention of BONA- PARTE to public affairs, proved a source of great affliction to his Ministers. TALLEYRAND, with a Swelled face, an ulcerated throat, and inflamed eyes, was sent for to one of his night- ly conferences. After having remained an hour, he felt himself so ill, that he begged per- mission to return home, in order to go to bed. This was granted him : but he was not an hour in bed, when a messenger again came to desire his immediate attendance. The Minister of External Relations took off the bandages with which he had enveloped his head and face, and shewed the messenger his deplorable situation, adding, that he could not go, unless it was something which deeply concerned the good of the State. The messenger carried this re- port to St. Cloud; but he soon came back with an order of that decisive kind, which left no room for hesitation ; and the unfortunate Mi- nister did not think it prudent to disobey. In the same unseasonable weather, MENOU, who had received his appointment to Piedmont, was sent for at one o'clock in the morning, to a con- ference at St. Cloud, which lasted till two. At his return, there were several Ministers waiting in the anti- chamber. " At a late levee of Madame BONAPARTE, the Prince de NASSAU having addressed some observations to that Lady, ( he looked sternly at him, and turned away her head without, making any reply. One of the Maids of Ho- nour soon afterwards came up to the Prince, and informed him, that it was the etiquette there, that no one spoke first to Madame BONAPARTE, but only made replies to such questions as she might ask." The best answer which can be given to the late pompous expose of the flourishing State of the Revenue and Finance of the French Repub- lic, is conveyed in the following Extract from the Proceedings of the Tribunate on the 3d instant : " A Petition was read from several holders of Government Annuities, Stating that some of them had not been paid for the last half year of 1797, and the first half year of 1798, for which they had received debentures upon the produce of the taxes ; that some of them had not even received the fourth part of specie which they were to have had in the first half year of 1797." The only redress which the Petitioners received, was to have their repre- sentation referred to the Government. MARCH 18. YORK ASSIZES, March 10. SEDITION. WILLIAM LEE and WILLIAM RONXLEY were indicted for feloniously administering a certain oath, contrary to the Statute of the 37th year of his present Majesty's reign, in- titled, " An act for more effectually preventing the administering or taking of unlawful oaths." William Simnet was the first witness, who said that he was brother- in- law to William Rowley. In October 1801, Ronxley asked him to make one with them in their Society, and said it would be better to join them than to do otherwise, for if any fell in the engage- ment when it came to a battle, there would be a maintenance for their wives and families af terwards,; Ronxley said the battle was to be with any who might come against them ; ad- ding, there were more than 1000 of the So- ciety in Sheffield. In OCtober 1802, Ronxley asked the witness to go with him to Lee's, and become one of the Society ; witness went with Ronxley to Lee's, and told Lee they were come to join the Society ; Lee produced a pa- per and read it over ; it was to make them members, and to keep secrets with the Socie- ty ; Lee and Ronxley told him to repeat after Lee, which he did, and then bade him kiss the paper, which he did ; Ronxley told the wit- nefs, that the Society intended to make this a Free Nation if possible, and they were to rule themselves ; that it Was to be done by fighting; that they were to destroy the Parliament, to take the Parliament House, and to rule them- selves. Ronxley Said he was a Conductor, Lee was a Chief in the Society, and witness was a Member ; Ronxley said there were Five Chiefs in Sheffield, but did not say how many Con- ductors ; Ronxley, in the latter end of August last, said that orders were come from the Chiefs to prepare arms for themselves, and he should prepare arms for himself and his men, such men as he had attested as a Conductor.— Witness said, he heard Ronxley give orders to one Ramscar, a whitesmith in Sheffield, For some Pikes. Ronxley asked the witness to go to Ramscar's to see if the spears were done ; witness went and got three or four at Ram- scar's ; could not get more, as Ramscar said JERSEY.— M. Shippey, who for several months has resided in Jersey, in the assumed capacity of Commercial Consul from the French Government, and who has hitherto been extremely noxious to the inhabitants, has within these few days been, by order of Gen. GORDON, the Governor, confined to the town of St. Helier, with the indulgence of walking in an an adjoining rope- walk for the benefit of the air. It is to be feared this gen- tleman has lost no time in obtaining every in- formation which may ultimately prove inimi- cal to that country. There is not a bay, a fortified place, nor in short a road, the know- ledge of which might be serviceable to an e- nemy, which he has not, by his diurnal visits, made himself perfectly master of. We could wish his observations in that island had been prevented by an earlier restriction. A circumstance has lately come to light, that is no less matter of surprise than of concern to us. It appears, by the papers of an officer in the British service, who died a few days since, that he has maintained a correspondence with BONAPARTE, which was brought down nearly to the time of his death. What the exact na- ture of this correspondence was, we have not been able to learn. The discovery was conse- quent to the death of the person alluded to.— His papers have been put into the hands of Government.—( PORTSMOUTH GAZETTE.) Colonel PERRIN, first Aid- de- Camp to the late General LECLERC, arrived on Sunday at Jaequier's hotel, Leicester Square, last from New York. This officer was quite aft , nished to find, on resorting to the file of French Journals, that General ROCHAMBEAU was ef- fecting wonders in St. Domingo, and that there was every appearance of the speedy restoration of order and good government in that colony. So great, indeed, was his surprise, that he ex- claimed, " Tout ceci, ma foi, est bien neuf pour moi"— or in other words—" this is the first time I have heard of it." no more were yet done, for he had not had time to do more ; they were blades, sharp at each edge, and a sharp point; brought them to Ronxley's. Ronxley said they would do very well with Shafts. Witness went with his brother to a wood to get Shafts; heard Lee say to Ronxley, after the spears were got, that a letter had come by the post; it was found out and opened, and that it was proper, there- fore, all the pikes should be hid as Soon as pos- sible. After this witness and Ronxley took a box and buried it ; Ronxley said there were pikes in it. That in the evening he went with Ronxley, Thomas Frere, and witness's bro- ther, to a wood, about a mile from Sheffield, called Cook's Wood; witness made a hole, and put the box in the ground ; Ronxley said there was lime put in the box with the pikes to pre- serve them. ^ Witness was afterwards taken up and went with the Constable to the wood, to the place where the box was buried. . They took it up, and it was the same box ; he saw it opened, and there were pikes or spears in it, and three or four files, with some lime and a hook. Witness said he came to Sheffield in October last, and saw Ronxley, who told him there were orders come for a meeting that e- vening; that Ronxley went to the meeting, and when be came back, told the witness he had had very good news, and should want the things again very soon, and would let them know when they were wanted ; he did not say where the orders came from. The evidence of William Simnet was con- firmed in the Several particulars by his brother, Edward Simnet, with this addition, that Ronx- ley told the witness that they Should take the Barracks at Sheffield, make the soldiers priso- ners, and take their arms, and then go into the town, and take the town And that Ronx- ley also said, he had provided pikes and spears, and had hid them in a garden, and that the plan was to overturn the Government and rule themselves. Thomas Ramscar, a whitesmith at Shef- field, proved, that Ronxley came to his shop to order tools some time last summer, and chalked out what he wanted, but did not say what they were, and witness could not under- stand the pattern chalked out, on which Ronx- ley fetched him one : it was like a long blade of a knife, with two edges. Ronxley also brought about eight or nine files to be made into spears, about eight or nine inches long.— Ronxley paid for making them, and witness made about ten or a dozen. Simnet was fur- ther confirmed by the evidence of Thomas Frere, and Fletcher the Constable, who iden- tified the box dug up to be the box produced. Each of the prisoners called a witness to his character, who spoke of them as honest in- dustrious men. The Learned Judge, Mr. JUSTICE ROOKE, summed up the evidence. And the Jury, on MARCH 18. three minutes deliberation, found them both GUILTY. The Judge then addressed the pri- soners, expatiated at large on the enormity of their conduct, and the sad consequences to be apprehended to this happy country, if men of their, description should accomplish their a- vowed objects, or being convicted, should escape the punishment the Legislature had thought fit to inflict on such offenders ; he ex- horted them to acknowledge the justice of their sentence, and moderation . of the punishment the laws had, inflicted on such offences. His Lordship then, proceeded to pass sentence of transportation for seven years on each of the prisoners. ________ PHILIP SAMUEL MAISTER, Esq; of Salt- coats, in the East Riding, committed the 4th of February last, was tried for the wilful mur- der of Margaret Maister, his daughter. The prisoner was found Guilty ; but as it appeared upon his trial, upon the evidence of two phy- sicians, and One of his own servants, that, he had for some time been in a state of infinity, he did not receive- sentence of death. At Sarum Assizes, Thomas Hilliker, a shear- man, of Trowbridge, was capitally convicted of being concerned with others, armed and disguised, in setting fire to a mill and premises belonging to Mr. Naish, near Trowbridge, in July last. It is hoped the conviction of this man will have a proper effect on the misguid- ed workmen, who of late, in defiance of the laws, have been guilty of so many alarming outrages. DREADFUL DUEL.— Friday morning a most extraordinary Duel took place in Hyde Park, between Lieut. W. of the Navy, and Captain J. of the Army. Some dispute arose respecting the distance, which the friends of Lieutenant W. insisted should not exceed six paces, while the Second of Captain J. urged strongly the rashness of so decisive a distance, and insisted on its being extended. At length the proposal of Lieutenant W.' s friends was agreed to, and the Parties fired per signal, when Lieutenant W. received the shot of his Adversary on the guard of his pistol, which tore away the third and fourth finger of his right hand. The Seconds then interfered to no purpose ; the Son of Nep- tune, apparently callous to pain, wrapped his handkerchief round his hand, and swore he had another which never failed him. Captain J. called his friend aside, and told him it was in vain to urge a reconciliation. They again took their ground. On Lieutenant W. receiving the pistol in his left hand, he looked stedfastly at Captain J. for some time, then cast his eyes to heaven, and said in a low voice, " Forgive me." The parties fired as before, and both fell. Captain J. received the shot through his head, and instantly expired ! Lieut. W. received the ball in his left breast, and immediately inquir- ed of his friend if Captain J.' s wound was mor- tal ? Being answered in the affirmative, he thanked Heaven he had lived thus long ; re- quested a mourning ring on his finger might be given to his sister, and that she might be assured, it was the happiest moment he ever knew.— He had scarcely finished the words when a quantity of blood burst from his wound, and he expired almost without a struggle. The unfor- tunate young man was on the eve of being mar- ried to a Lady in Hampshire, to whom for some time he had paid his addresses. We are concerned to state, that one of the packets from Harwich to Hamburgh has been lost off Heligoland. She had not long been appointed to this station ; she foundered at sea in the dreadful gales in January last, and every person perished. There were several officers and passengers on board. INTELLIGENCE FROM LLOYD'S LIST. " Arrived, 2 French, 2 Dutch, and 10 Irish Mails.— Due, 6 Hamburgh, and 2 Irish. " The Nancy of Baltimore, Stebbs, bound to Rotterdam, is on shore at Sheerness, with the loss of an anchor and cable, windlass and rudder ; but expected to be got off without further damage. " The Speculation, Coysh, from Ipswich to Li verpool, is on shore on the Longland ; crew landed at Margate. " The Flora, Williams, from Barnstable to Li- verpool, is stranded in Fishguard harbour; the car- go is expected to be saved. " The City of Amsterdam is lost at Curacoa, five men drowned. " The Jason, from Lynn to Grangemouth, be- ing very leaky, was deserted by the crew on the 38th ult. who landed at Scarborough. The Hopewell, Cockfield, of Shields, bound to London, is on shore on the Herd Sand, and k is feared will be lost. " The Union, Destrais, from Bourdeaux to Rou en, was lost 21st Feb. on Isle Dieu. " The Felicity, Simpson, from Newcastle to Hamburgh, pot into the Humber on the 9th inst. after being got off Helegoland, and not able to get into the Elbe on account of the ice. " Winds at Deal, March 11, NNE. blows hard ; 12, ditto; 13, SW.) I4. WNW." BANKRUPTS. William Simpson, of Clements- Lane, London, * merchant. Daniel Harker, late of Winchcomb, soap- boiler. William Morphew, of Rotherfield, dealer in corn. EDINBURGH From the LONDON GAZETTE, Mar. 15. TO OFFICERS ON HALF PAY. WAR OFFICE, 12th March, 1803. All Officers on the Half- pay of the Land Forces resident in Great Britain and Ireland, who are not serving in the Militia, or who do not hold Offices under Government, are here- by required immediately to transmit to the In- specting Field Officers of the Recruiting Dis- tricts, within which they reside, an account in writing of their age, past services, and present place of abode, in order that their services may be called for as circumstances shall render it expedient: and such as think themselves, from age or infirmities, unfit for further ser- vice, even in this country, are to accompany their reports with sufficient vouchers of their inability, and the causes thereof. Such Officers on Half- pay as are serving in the Militia, or are otherwise employed under Government, (. Officers of the Yeomanry and Volunteer Corps excepted, whose reports are to be made to the Inspecting Field Officers of Districts as above- mentioned,) are to transmit similar accounts to the Secretary at War, specifying also the na- ture of the public situations they possess. The Inspecting Field Officers of Districts will make returns to the Secretary at War of the names of the Officers who shall report themselves in pursuance of the above notice. And every Of- ficer who shall neglect to make his report, either to a District Field Officer, or to the Se- cretary at War, according to the circumstances of his situation, within one month from the date hereof, will be considered as otherwise provided for, or dead, and his name will be struck off the Half- pay List accordingly. By his Majesty's Command. C. YORKE. EDINBURGH ADVERTISER fyf jfjej. and of ingratitude for the Peace which he had granted. Lord WHITWORth in answer, is said to have enumerated the various instances of bad faith on the part of France, since the Treaty of Amiens, particularly with regard to Switzerland. The latter point BONAPARTE called a bagatelle, and then threatened to Come over to England himself with three or four hundred thousand men, to enforce his claims. The reply of Lord WHITWORTH, was both dignified and firm ; and, on his Lordship's re- tiring, he immediately sent off a Courier with what had passed. The next morning the First Consul expressed a wish that what had hap- pened might be buried in oblivion : but our Ambassador informed him his request came too late, as he had already acquainted his Court with the affair. If this be a true representation of the cause of our vigorous preparations, it is probable that a proper explanation on the part of the FIRST CONSUL might prevent hostilities. But we confess we doubt the truth of the rumour. It may be that the FIRST CONSUL may have said something haughty and insulting with respect to this country j but he is not a man that speaks lightly or loosely— nor do we think it probable that he would easily be brought to confess him- self in an error, or to acknowledge that he had behaved improperly. Besides his charges a- gainst this country, if he made any to LORD wHITWORTH, cannot be viewed as the hasty ebulitions of an impetuous temper, or the effect of sudden irritation and anger. They have been repeated day after day for months— and the tone of his Official paper, in speaking of this country, has never changed. It is probable, that a day or two will decide the question of war or peace, unless BONA- PARTE wish to keep us in a state of anxiety, to lower our funds, and to put us to a great expence. If that be his object, he will delay giving any immediate explanation, and will make the differences between us the subject of a Negociation. Ministers, however, we should suppose, will not permit such delay, but will demand an immediate and categorical answer. It is again reported, that when Lord WHIT- WORTH inquired the occasion of the armaments making along the coasts of France and Hol- land, he received for answer, that " they were designed for the amusement of the CHIEF CONSUL, and for the exercise and occupation of the troops ;" and on his Lordship pressing for a more consistent answer, he was inform- ed, that " he might ascribe to them such fur- ther objects as he thought proper." Lord NELSON attends the Board of Admi- ralty every day. The following Ships of the Line were put into commission on Saturday, viz.: DREADNOUGHT 98 MArS Orders have been received by the Lords Lieutenants of the different counties in SCOT- LAND, for immediately calling out and embo- dying the MILITIA. Several of the VOLUNTEER ASSOCIATIONS MALTA To N N A N T SPARTIATE PLANTAGENET The Tonnant, a 80 80 80 74 MINOTAUR THUNDERER CONQUEROR SCEPTRE 74 74 74 74 74 very fine ship, is to be fitted for that gallant Officer, Capt. Sir E. PELLEW. In all probability - fleets of obsrvation will inftantly be sent out. Lord NELSON, of course, will have the command of one of them. . It is a fortunate circumstance that various causes have delayed the failing of the French squa- drons in tne ports of Helvoetsluys and Dunkirk occasion require their service, the patriotic corps which lately did honour to every part of the Empire, will again stand forward in its de- fence. The Moniteur, and other Paris Papers of Saturday• last, are received. They are totally silent respecting our preparations, though his MAJESTY'S Message must have been received at Paris on the Thursday before, and the dis- cussions in Parliament thereupon, on Friday. The French Five Per Cents, have fallen from 66^ to 61- J. On Tuesday, a Messenger arrived with dis- patches from Lord WHITWORTH, and a Cabi- net Council immediately met, to take them into consideration. It is believed they contain no- thing decisive. In the mean time, there is no relaxation in the vigour or activity of our preparations.— Two frigates have been sent to Cork for im- pressed seamen. The Dreadnought, of 98 guns,- is commissioned, and Lord GARDNER was expected at Portsmouth on Tuesday M. DUCLOS and M. LE COMPTE, two French Messengers, arrived on Monday with dispatches, at the French Ambassador's. They made the journey with the greatest speed, and are supposed to have brought over the answe, of the CHIEF CONSUL to his MAJESTY'S Message. Immediately after the receipt- of these dispatches, General ANDREOSSI had an interview with Lord HAWKESBURY. The following circumstances attending an interview between Lord WHITWORTH and BONAPARTE, are accredited in some of the first political circles, and are asserted to have produced the present warlike preparations : I is stated that on their meeting, the First Consul broke out into a most violent passion, accusing- England of perfidy in not surrendering Malta, first, by the failure of a House at Paris, which had the contract for supplying it with necessa- ries; and secondly, by the frost, which set in with great severity in Holland. Sir SIDNEY SMITH attended on Monday at the Admiralty, and took leave, previous to his repairing to Sheerness to join the ANTE- LOPE, on board of which he will hoist a broad pendant, as Commodore. PORTSMOUTH, March 14—" The whole of this day cannon have been mounting on the ramparts round the Garrison. The prepay tions to repel any hostile attacks that may be meditating against this Country, or for carry- ing the thunder of Britain to our enemies' coasts, are going forward here with a degree of promptitude and celerity altogether unex- ampled." On the 17th ult. the Dragon, of 74 guns, the Renown, of 74, and the monmouth, of 64 guns, sailed from Gibraltar for Malta to join the fleet there. Three French line of- battle ships were then at the back of the Rock, wait- ing for an easterly wind to pass the Gut. They were crowded with troops, and their destina- tion was announced to be for St. Domingo. The time is at length arrived for convincing the FIRST CONSUL that his arts and tricks, as well as his threats and boastings, are unavail- ing; that while our moderation is undoubted, we are ready, under the painful alternative of war. to resume hostilities with alacrity and vi- gour ; and we trust, should war be unavoidable, that we shall convince not only BONAPARTE, but all Europe, that our fleets can again meet and triumph over those of France and of all her allies and dependents. A London Jacobin Paper contains the fol- lowing insidious paragraph :—" What can be expected between such a man as the FIRST CONSUL, a man bred in camps and nursed amidst civil arms, to whom danger is habitual and war pastime, and those' who have been* dandled into politicians, and who have become Ministers by accident— the creatures of intrigue, the butterflies of a Court! Can any body think that any ' thing short of a miracle can save us from utter ruin if we go forth to battle under such auspices!" We will venture to assert, that, when our Ho- nour, our Security, and Independence areatftaks, the Country will be saved from" ruin, without a miracle, under this or under any Ministry. It will be saved under PROVIDenCe:, by its determined spirit, by its active vigour, by its proved valour, by its ample resources. It will be saved by those BRITISH feelings and prin- ciples that have raised us to a state of Prospe- rity and Pre- eminence, of Freedom, and of Wealth, which iu; rounding Nations envy, but which none of them have yet been able to equal. On Saturday evening last, a banditti, to the amount of twenty- one, composed of coal- heav- ers, & c. formed themselves into two parties, with a view to plunder; and under pretence of being authorised press- gangs, seized between forty and fifty labourers coming from their pay tables, in tiie neighbourhood of Wapping, from whom they extorted about 20I. for their libera' tion. But in the high career of their success, two real press- gangs coming up, demanded their warrants: for want of which, every one of those non- commissioned plunderers were sent off to the discharge of more honourable duties in his Majesty's service. Some produced pro- tections, but the Regulating Captain very just- ly concluded, that nothing could or ought to protect such audacious impostors. The PARIS PAPERS contain the following intelligence : " Office of the Minister for Naval Affairs. " The frigate La Fraternite sailed from St. Domingo on the 7th of August last. No news has been since received of her arrival in any port of Europe. It is therefore much feared that this frigate may have perished at sea." The importation of Refined Sugar into France is prohibited. A Squadron of one Ship of the Line, four Frigates, and a Transport, is about to sail from Brest for the East Indies. General DECAN is arrived at Brest, and is going out with the Expedition preparing for . the East Indies, as Captain General of the French Settlements in that quarter. The events that have occurred within these few days, will, in all probability, prevent this and the other Expeditions in the Dutch and French ports from sailing quite so soon as was expected. DUTCH MAIL. Letters from Constantinople state, that twelve French Commercial Commissioners, destined for different parts of the Turkish Empire, had arrived there, in the Squadron which brought thither General BRUNE and his Suite. These Commissioners, it is added, have been already acknowledged by the PORTE, and will imme diately set out for the several places of their destination. LORD ELGIN sailed from Constantinople in the night of the 16th of January. The same accounts state, that though an of- ficial notice had been, given by LORD ELGIN, ot the intended evacuation of Egypt by the British Troops, yet it was not expected to take place, for three or four months, that is to say, not until the Convention with the Beys has been carried into effect. Several Corps of French Troops in Italy are stated to be in motion, and about 10 march for different Ports on the Mediterranean.— Troops from the Italian Republic are embark- ing at Genoa for St. Domingo. The KING of SARDINIA IS still reported to have ceded that Island to GREAT BRITAIN, for twenty millions of Florins. The Trial of two men at York Assizes, for conspiring; to overturn the Government, mak- ing Pikes, & c. is published in page 172. ' This seems to be connected with, and a ramifica- tion of Col. DESPARD'S PLOT, who declared that many persons were ready to join them at Sheffield, and when it is considered that Col. DESPARD said he expected money from France, there is little doubt, but that the French were the instigators of this horrid business. At Lincoln Assizes, Miss SOPHIA MAR- SHALL, aged 24, charged by B. Scott, of Horncastle, linen draper, with stealing a piece of white lace, two remnants of printed cali- co, three pieces of muslin handkerchiefs, and a small roll of Irish linen from his shop— was found GUILTY, DEATH.— Miss Sophia Mar- shall, is a striking example of human frailty.— She was supported by friends, and supported in plenty 1 There were two other indictments for theft against her, which were not proceed, ed upon. Her sentence has, however, been commuted for one more lenient. are again assembling, and we doubt not, should The LOUISIANA expedition has been delayed. : f74 . On Tuesday Mr. VANSITTART moved that the SPEAKER of the House of Commons do issue his Writ to the SHERIFF of AYRSHIRE, in Scotland, for the Eledtion of a Knight of the Shire, instead of WILLIAM FULLARTON, Esq; one of the Commissioners for the Settling the Island of Trinidad .— Ordered. DUBLIN, March is. On Thursday se'ennight, General PAYNE, having received information that there was to be a meeting of the deluded Combinators who have lately disgraced the county of Limerick, at Rossbrian- Wood, he, with that spirit and celerity which has marked his character on all occasions, gave directions immediately to the different Piquets to put themselves under the orders of the City Peace Officers, himself be- ing with one of them. On their march to the Wood, they came up with several parties of the " Combinators— four of whom were appre- hended by the division under the orders of the General: on one of them was found a case of pistols that were stolen from a private of the 5th Light Dragoons. " This day the Barrack Board decided upon he proposals for building Barracks at the dif- ferent stations in the County of Wicklow Moun- ains, ascertained by Colonel STEWARt and Captain TAYLOR, of the Engineers, after the Colonel had cleared the country of the armed Rebels by whom it was inverted. At the Glen of Imael there is to be a Barrack, for a Field Officer, and two hundred men.— At Glancree a Captain and one hundred.-- Laragh, ( the Se- ven Churches) a Captain and one hundred.— Glen Muraar, the same.— At Aughavana the same, and a station at Lissey Head. Thus will all the mountain tract be surrounded and com- manded by those strong stations, which will be complete by Michaelmas next. In the mean, time, two hundred armed Yeomanry are em- ployed in making the great Military Road of communication; and every possible encourage- ment will be given to Loyal men to inhabit the villages to be built near each Barrack. '". Monday last the Hon. BARON SMITH and the Hon. JUSTICE OSBORNE, arrived Limerick, and opened the Assizes. Denis Cof- fee, Timothy Coffee, Edward Banks, and Pa- trick Hogan, were found guilty of breaking into the house of Francis Callaghan, of Tory- Hill, and. flogging him ; and On Friday, Wil- liam Regan and William Shearman were found guilty . of breaking into the house of T. Con- nor, of Patrick's- well, and flogging him. Sen- tence of death was passed on the above 6 men.' THE EDINBURGH MARKETS, & c. MARK- LANE, LONDON, March 14.—" Our market was particularly thin supplied with Cora to- day.— Wheat has fetched 4s. more than Friday, and Barley 1s. and the fides were very brisk.— Oats have little variation.— Fine Beans are a little dearer ; and boiling Peafe are fel- ling at 48s. to 50s. Rye is dearer. BREAD.— On Tuelday the LORD MayOr of London ordered the price of Bread to re- main the same as lift week. The prices of Oats on Wednesday in Edin- burgh market, were from 14s. to 17s. per boll. Hemp has risen fro 1 58 to 63. By the Brig William, Captain Combs, arriv- ed at New York from Cape Francois, on the 31st of January, it appears the. town was close- Arrived at- Port- Glasgow, the 14th inst. the William, Campbell, from Trinidad, in 52 days. The island was healthy while Captain Campbell lay there, and had received a great increase of population since the arrival of Co- lonel FULLARTON. The Betty, Evans, from Cork, for Belfast and Greenock, was driven on shore on the 27th ult. about six miles west of the Ross of Kirk- cudbright, in a violent gale of wind. The car- go, consisting chiefly of porter and bacon, is Linded there, in order to have the vessel repair- ed, the hull being considerably damaged. KINGHORN, March 15.—" We are con- cerned to state that a pinnace belonging to this place, on her return froni Leith on Friday morning last, with two men and one woman passengers, is supposed to have been upset in a. sudden squall of wind. The unfortunate acci- dent was not observed from the shore, but as the oars and: rudder of the boat have since been picked up, and no tidings of those on board, there is too much reason to fear that the pas- sengers and crew, consisting of four men, Archibald Duncan, David Thompson, B. Steedman, and William Brown, have all pe- rished. No passage boat has been lost at this Ferry for a great many years, notwithstanding the number that daily pass." A. Kinghorn passage boat, in crossing on Sun- day to Leith was suddenly overtaken by a squall and was nearly lost. The mast and rig- ging in a moment fell down on the deck. Pro- videntially only one man- was hurt. They im- mediately returned to Kinghorn, and the pas- sengers- got all safe over in another boat. During tbe dreadful gale of the 26th and 47th ult. a ship came to anchor off the island of Iona. The moment the gale abated, boats put off, but, melancholy to relate, not a living creature was found on board, nor could any papers be found to trace what the fhip is, It is supposed that the crew, thinking the ship would founder, had- taken to the boat and all perished. She is a large vessel, and her cargo, as far as could be seen, consists of hemp, iron and deals. A letter, dated Loch Bay, 6th March, receiv- ed- in town, says, " The Uist Packet, reported to' be lost, it too true as the mast, with the let- ters,.- was- found ashore in Lord Rae's country. To add to the misfortune, the next packet, employed to bring home the same mail, was also lost, and the letter bags found on the shores of Rona Every person perished in both. In the last were Hugh M'Donald and a brother, Mr. Finlay, merchant in Carnish, & c'." besieged by the Insurgents, who had em- bodied, in immense numbers, for the purpose of making a general attack. To describe the dis- tress of the miserable inhabitants of that devot- ed place, is impossible ; all the stores were shut up, and business was entirely suspended— no person was suffered to walk the streetsf and every man. compelled to bear arms. About 350 French troops arrived at the Cape the latter- end of November, in a very emaciated condition ; number died before they reached the barracks. On Thursday se'ennight the Associate Con- gregation in Skinners Close of this city, una- nimously made choice of the Rev Mr. TAYLOR, minister of Renton, to be their minister ; the Rev. Mr. G. HILL, preached and presided. Early on Tuesday morning a gentleman was attacked in North Hanover Street, by two men in concert with a woman ; he was struck at se- veral times, and at last knocked down, and robbed of all the money he had on him ; one of them swore he had a knife in his pocket with which he would stab him to the heart, unless he delivered up his watch, & c. but while they were in the act of taking off his great coat, he got so clear as to be able to ring at a street door, on which they made off with their booty. Wednesday, three respectable farmers from Cathcart parish, were brought before the Ma gistrates of Glasgow, on the complaint of the Fiscal, for riding in a violent and furious man ner through the streets of that city, to the great danger of the inhabitants. They ac- knowledged their fault, and immediately paid a suitable fine, with the expences. James Taylor, from Linlithgow, accused of stealing butter and cheese, and having pleaded GUILTY before the High Court of Justiciary,' was sentenced to be banished Scotland for life. On Wednesday, Betty Alexander, was drum med through the streets of this city, pursuant to a Sentence of the Magistrates, for stealing goods from shops. On the 1oth February, thirty publicans were, at the instance of the Society for the Suppres- sion of Vice, convicted by the Magistrates of Union Hall, in the Borough, London, in the penalty of 10s, each, and costs, for having suf fered tippling in their houses on the LORD' DAY, notwithstanding the previous notice sent them by the Society to desist. On Monday, the Magistrates of Glasgow, had under consideration the case of Mrs. Kil- patrick, changekeeper in the Bridgegate, and Widow Henderson, residing in the Stockwell, accused at the instance of the Fiscal, of having shut their doors against Mary Brounlie, a poor unfortunate girt who used to haunt about their houses, when very ill of a flow fever, in conse- quence of which she died at Mrs. Henderson's door in the open streets upon a cart, upon which some passengers laid her. The prisoners' did not deny the facts, but pleaded that they were in no way related to the deceased, and had given her lodging merely for charity, but perceiving that she would not live long they determined to get quit of her, as the expence of her funeral was what they could ill afford. The Magistrates sentenced Mrs. Kilpatrick to be imprisoned one month, and to pay a fine of two guineas, and banished Mrs. Henderson from the city and liberties for three years. On Monday morning, at half past nine o'- clock, a most alarming fire broke out in the cotton works at Woodside. Just as the city firemen arrived with their engines on the spot, the flames were extinguished by the workmen. A dreadful fire happened at Cork on the 3d inst. in the house of Mr. Murphy, pawnbroker in Hoare's Lane, and from the narrowness of the place, the conflagration was so menacing, that nothing but the most extraordinary exer- tions could check its progress. No efforts were able to save the house where it broke out, and all its contents, amounting to about 30,000!. being the property of many poor persons, Were consumed to allies. Mr. Mur- phy's, losses are considerable, but the unfortu- nate people who crowded round the ruins ol the house, the proprietors of the pledged ar- ticles- which had been destroyed, exhibited a melancholy scene of misery and lamentation. Above 1500 watches have been consumed, and a vast quantity of plate. The fire is attributed to some foot, which fell down blazing and set fire" to the floor. Mr. Pike's Bank, near the place, was with difficulty saved; ADVERTISER for 1803. BIRTHS. At his houfe, in Great Cumberland place, Lon- don, the Lady of WILLIAM BuSHBY, Esq; of a son. At Edinburgh, on Thursday, the Lady of Captain OGILVY, of the Royal Navy, of a son. MARRIAGE. At Lambeth, T. RICHINGS, Esq; of Tha- vies- Inn, Holborn, to Miss C. PATTERSON, daughter of Colonel Patterson. DEATHS. At London, after a short illness, in the 67th year of his age, his Grace FRANCIS EGERTON, DUKE of BRIDGEWATER. Of those illustrious characters who have done honour, not only to the British Peerage, but to the name of English- men, the DUKE of BRIDGEWATER deserves to be placed in the first rank.— That time and for- tune which too many others, especially in the' higher ranks, have, devoted to purposes, if not injurious to society, at least useless, his Grace spent in pursuits that intitle him to be consider- ed as a Benefactor to his Country, and a pro- ' moter of her Commercial Interest. The DUKE of BRIDGEWATER projected and executed the first Canal ever made in England, which has been followed by so many Canals, and which has so. greatly improved the Commerce, Trade, and Convenience, of the Country. He at first met with great opposition in both Houses of Par- liament, but by perseverance, carried through his great objects. These great and stu- pendous works, known by the name of the Duke of Bridgewater's Canals, so lau- dably and patriotically undertaken, and brought to perfection by his Grace, to the great tem- porary detriment of his private fortune, are no well and generally known to be here de- scribed, In all that part of the country their great and growing utility is most sensibly ex- perienced, and to these the Port of LIVERPOOL is in a great degree indebted for its present o- pulence and prosperity. Of late years, those works have been exceedingly productive, and are understood to have afforded immense re- turns to their illustrious Projector. . His Grace has left a will, by which he bequeaths his im- mense property in a very clear manner. His Canals are left to EARL GOWER, with rever- fion to his second son, and a strict entail upon his heirs, in failure of whom they go to the heirs male of the LORD CHIEF BARON, and failing them, to the children of the Bishop of CARLISLE. His pictures worth 150,000l are entailed in the same line. To General EGERTON, now EARL of BRIDGEWATER, he bequeaths estates, to the amount of 30,000!. per annum. The Duke's return on the Income Tax, was 1 io. oool. per annum,. He was very liberal in supporting Public, institutions. He subscribed L. 100,000 to the Loyalty Loan, which he paid all in ready money. He had. 600, oool, in the Funds when he died. His Grace fell into a slumber at twelve on Monday se'ennight, and slept apparently composed till three, when he spoke to his at- tendants. He fell again into a slumber, and at four his servants found him quite dead. He expired without a struggle or a groan. At his house in Glocester- place, Sir JAMES WALLACE, Knt. He was made a Post Cap- tain January 10, 1771, a Rear- Admiral April 12, 1794, a Vice- Admiral June 1, 1795, and Admiral of the Blue January 1, 1801. He had distinguished himself in many actions; and a few years ago was Admiral and Governor of Newfoundland. On Friday, in the 78th year of his age, the Right Hon. General WARDE, Colonel of the 4th Regiment of Dragoon Guards. On the 4th inst. at Baltinglass, Ireland, Lieut.- Colonel BORTHWICK, 71st Regiment, who served 25 years in the corps. On the 4th inst. in Paris, after a short illness, cf the infectious fever prevailing there, Capt.. KEARNEY, late of the 38th regiment. At Pitlour, Fifeshire, on the 13th inst. Miss JANE MONCRIEFF, eldest daughter of the late Colonel George Moncrieff, of the 26th Regi- ment of Foot. At Lude, on the 12th inft. JAMES ROBERT- SON, Esq; of Lude At Edinburgh, on the 11th curt. ANDREW PITCAIRN of Hilltown, Writer in Edinburgh. At Ross- hall, on the 10th current, Mrs. COCKBURN, sister of the late George Ross, Esq; of Staffold, in her 87th year. At Pentonville, near London, in the 83d year- of her age, Mrs. MORTHLAND, Relict of the late Matthew Morthland, Esq; of Rind- muir. At Islington, W. YOUNG, Esq; Brewer.— His death so deeply affected his father, J. YOUNG, Esq; of Clapton, that he survived him only three days. At Aberdeen, Mrs. LEYS, Relict of the late. Francis Leys, Esq; of Glasgow forest, At Aberdeen, on the nth inst. Mrs. CUMINe widow of the Rev. Mr. Cumine, Minister at Rathen. At Glasgow, on the 15th inst. Mrs. GRA- HAM, wife of Capt. Graham, late of the iSth Dragoons. At Holloway Down, DAVID MITCHELL, Esq aged 71 years. MARCH I8 » At Harwood , on the 7th inst. Mrs. JANET ELLIOT, in the 90th year of her age. Extract of a letter from KINGSTON, JAMAI- CA, Dec. 1803. " Of the numberless victims who fell a sacri- fice to the scourge. of our island, the Yellow Fever, few wept to an untimely grave with more generat regret, than your young friend Capt. ALLAN M'LEAN, of the 6th Batt. 6oth Regiment, who notwithstanding the best medi- cal advice, paid the great debt of nature her- j on Saturday the 13th ult. at the early age ot 19 years and 5 months. You know he was the only son of Mr. M'LEAN, Inverscadle, and grandson of the late Sir ALLAN M'LEAN, of Argyleshire. Perhaps no young man, ever' possessed qualities more calculated to conciliate general good will and esteem ; to a lovely face and stout perfon ( nearly six feet high,) he ad- ded a suavity of manner, and address so en- gaging, as secured him friends wherever he went; and the sincere affection of his brother Officers was strongly depicted in their coun- tenances, when paying the last mournful duty to his remains." At Tipperary, on the 25th ult. Miss COR- BET ; while in the humane act of applying a bandage to the broken arm of a young gen- tleman, a visitor, incautiously let her clothes communicate with the fire at which she was sitting, and notwithstanding the most prompt assistance, she was burned in so dreadful a manner, as to survive that night only. On the 4th instant, at Green, in the parish of Dornock, Mr. GEORGE WISHART, aged 64 years. His father Thomas Wishart, was born in 1639 ; was 100 years old when George was born; and died at the very great age of 125 years. In consequence of a fall from one of the arches of the Bridge at Kelso, SIMON RO- MANES, Blacksmith, an industrious man. The Magistrates of Dumfries have present- ed an elegant Sword to Lieut.- Colonel JAMES STEWART of the 42d regiment. The follow- ing correspondence between the PROVOST and Colonel STEWART took place on the occasion : SIR, I HAVE the honour to be delegated by the Magis- trates and Council of Dumfries, to wait upon you in this manner, and in their name to present you with this Sword, as a testimony of sincere esteem for you as their Townsman, and of high respect for your mi- litary services to your King and - Country. Having discharged this very agreeable duty, it only remains for me to assure you of the sincere satisfaction I feel, in cordially uniting with the Magistrates and Coun- cil in these sentiments, : and in this public testimony of regard. I am, with much respect, & c. GABRIEL RICHARDSON, Provost. DUMFRIES, March I, 1803. Lieut.- Col. JAMES STEWART of the 42d R. H. Reg. S I R, -- To the fortune- whlch cast my lot with that of the 42d regiment, I muft ascribe the honour conferred upon me by the Magistrates and Council of Dunn- fries. That my conduct, has been known to most of them, during the long period of my services with: that corps, is a source of satisfaction which greatly enhances, in my estimation, this testimony OF their maried approbation. This Sword shall be devoted to the service of the Standard to which it is now at- tached; and to deserve this flattering expression of their esteem, shall be the ambition of my life. Con- vey to them, Sir, the assurance of my warmest gra- titude; and accept of my best thanks for the polite and obliging manner, in which you have fulfilled their commission. I have the honour to be, & c. J. STEWART, Lt. Col. 42D R. H. Reg. EDINR. March % 1803. GABRIEL RICHArDSON, Esq; Provost of Dumfries. The Justices of Peace of the County of Inverness, have given judgment about the GLENELG ROAD, which had been for some time partly interrupted, and which is of consequence to be known to Drovers, who have dealings with the ISlE of SKyE, and neighbouring Countries.— It is as follows : " INVERNESS, 13d October, 1802. PRESENT, Simon Fraser, Esq; of Farraline, Edward Satchwell Fraser, Esq; of Reelig, Thomas Gilzean, Esq; Sheriff. Substitute of the county of Inverness— And Thomas Young, Esq; Eldest Bailie Of Inverness. The said Simon Fraser, Esq; of Farraline, chosen Preses. ' The Justices having considered the petition for the Right Honourable Lord MACDoNALD I and others, answers, replies, duplies and haill process, in respect, it is not disputed, that the road in question has been the ordinary road of com- munication betwixt Shealhouse, and the ferry of Kylerea, leading to the Island of Skye: That it has been used as such for time immemorial by horses and carts : That it is a part of the Military Road, which was formed between Fort Augustus, to the Barracks' of Barnera, by Shealhouse aforesaid, and that it has been frequently repaired by the authori- ty of the Justices of the District, as a Public Road, in virtue of the powers vested ill them by the A6s of Parliament, authorising Statute Labour and Com- mutation Money. Find, that the said Road in dispute, must be considered as a Public High Way, open to his Majesty's Lieges, and that any partial interruptions such as founded on in defence, cannot intitle the Respondents, to hinder the Petitioner ot public at large; to lead or drive horses and cattle a- Long the said high- road, reserving to the Respon- dents, their fight of preserving and protecting their Corns and Grass, by every legal mode,- ordain ihe Respondents to remove any encroachment made by them, On the said road betwixt and the first day of April next, and d-. ci. ru." " March iS. STATE of the THERmOMETer since our last. Tuesday, March 15, 8 o'clock Even. 37. Greatest degree of Cold in the night, 30. Wednesday, 1 1 16, 8 o'clock Morn. 31. 8 o'clock Even. 37. Greatest degree of Cold in the night, 37. Thursday, 17, 8 o'clock Morn. 44. 8 o'clock Even. 48. Greatest degree of Cold in the night, 46'. Friday, 18, 8 o'clock Morn. 49. MOON'S AGE and High WATER a; LEIth. Moon'i Age. Morn. Even. Sat. 19, 16, 10 47 II IJ Sund. 20, 17, II 43 Mond. 21, 28, o II o 35 Tucf. 22, 19, 13 I 3c IMPORTS AND EXPORTS AT THE PORT Or LEITH, For the week ending the 14th March, 1S03. IMPORTS from OPORTO. Portugal Red Wine, 31 pipes BOURDEAUX. French Red Wine, 78 hhd. Vinegar, 2 tierces Brandy, 51 puncheons Cork, I bag and 440 cwt. Prunes, 70.2.7 cwt. Reed Canes, 2CO Sallad Oil, 3 gallons Olives, 3gallons Apples, 1 bulhels Walnuts, 2 bulhcls Turpentine, 1.2.0 wt. Rosin, 9.3.0 BAY OF SALON. Brandy, 7 pipes LEGHORN. Cheese, 19 cwt. Honey, 19 jars Anchovies, 2 barrels Brimstone, 100 cwt. EXPORTS to JAMAICA Plain Linen, & c. 66 trunks & 10 boxes Boots and Shoes, 6 boxes Tallow Candles, 13 boxes Pictures, 2 cases HAMBURGH. British Refined Sugar, 76. I. i wt. PALAMOS. Cork, 610 cwt. NEW YORK. Flour, 251 cwt. Rice, 4 cwt. Lintseed, 1195 bulhels Tar, IJ5 barrels Turpentine, 460 cwt. Barrel Staves, 9000 Pearl Ashes, 156 cwt. Pot Ashes, 12 cwt. Cotton, 21 boles Young Trees, 7. bundles Apples, 4^ bushels Indian Corn, 9 qrs. Garden Seeds, 1. bo's Wheat, 1.4.0 wt. Nuts, 6 bushels IviCA. Salt, 1760 bushels Mats of Russia, 100 WAREHOUSE, Geneva, 1 piece* THE EDINBURGH A NOTICE To th Pupils of the late Mr. WOODS, Teacher of English and Elocution. IT is requested that thofe Ladies and Gentlemen who had not an opportunity of finishing their Tickets with Mr. WOODS will have the goodness to fend in their names, with the number of remain- ing Tickets, to Mrs. WOODS, NO, 14, Terrace, that she may account for them. Any person having claims, on Mr. Woods is desir- ed to call on Mr. Small, W. S. Carrubber's Close, for payment ; and all who have been indebted to Mr. Woods at the time of his death will please pay in the money to Mr. Small, who is empowered to discharge.. the same. MASONRY, MASTER MEETING THISTLE LODGE. THE RIGHT WORSHIPFUL MASTER, OF the LODGE THISTLE, begs leave to in form thofe who have arrived at the SUBLIME DE- GREE OF MASTER MASON, that he will hold a LODGE Of MASTERS, on Tuesday first, at 8 o'clock, and requests the Brethren will be punctual to the hour. v* Apprentices may be PASSED and RAISED, on Saturday and Monday Evenings, from Six to nine o'clock. Thistle Lodge, Carrubers Close,\ 17th March, 1803. J" ADVERTISER for 1803 THIRD STATE LOTTERY, ANNO1802, Begins Drawing on Monday 4TH April, 1803 THE ORIGINAL TICKETS AND SHAKES WANTED IMMEDIATELY, SHOPMAN and an APPRENTICE, in the . _ IRONMONGERY Line. Apply at the Edinburgh Advertiser Office, Cross. Letters post paid. THOMSONS & CO. At their Old Licensed Stare Lottery Office, No. 8, South Bridge Street, Edinburgh. PRESENT PRICES OF SHARES— Feb. Half, Fourth, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE. ALEX. DAVIDSON, at the sign of the SHIP, HIGH STREET, offers his sincere thanks tp his Friends, for the very liberal share he has receiv- ed of their favours, and willies to insure a continu- ance, by providing fuch articles as will please, as well as selling at his USUAL LOW PRICES; therefore takes the liberty of acquainting them, that he has on hand a large stock of the following goods, viz. FOREIGN SPIRITS. Cotton Goods, 1 bale, 210 boxes, 12 trueks Handkerchiefs, 2 boxes Ryegrass Seed, 24 bolls Muslin and Printed Cot- tons, 6 boxes ROTTERDAM. Worsted Stockings , J 1 bales Cotton Goods, 9 boxes ^ SEQUESTRATIONS, & c. ALEXANDER GIBSON, merchant in Glasgow.— Creditors to meet in Miss Thornton's, there, on the 23d inst. at 12 o'clock, to chuse a factor, and 011 the 20th April, to chuse a trustee. Mr. James Smith, merchant i » Leith, will, on the 25th April, pay to the Creditors of RICHMOND & FREEBAIrN Insurance Brokers in Edinburgh, A further dividend of 5$. a- pound. States of the affairs of JOHN HEUgH, merchant in Dundee, lie with William Small, writer there, till the 3d April, when he will pay the dividends. SHIP NEWS. The Jessies, Campbell, is arrived at Barcelona, from Clyde; Duchess of Buccleugh, , from Leith; Gibraltar, Craig, from the Firth of Forth, both at Gibraltar; Livingston, Sibbald, and Salis- bury, Wright, at Helvoet, from Leith. ARRIVED IN CLYDE— William, Campbell, from Trinidad, with sugar, cotton, coffee, indigo, fustick, hides, & c.; Crow Isle, Campbell, from Charlestown, with cotton; Margaret, Bog, and Jean, Allan, both from Dublin, with linen, beef, butter, & c.; Mary, Crawford, from Belfast, with oatmeal, linen, See. ARRIVED AT GRANGEMOUTH— Glasgow Packet, Robertson, from Newcastle, With goods. ARRIVED AT ABERDEEN— Aberdeen Packet, Ro- bertson, and Perseverance, Gordon, from London; Jean & Bell, Low, from Hull, all with goods. LEITH, March 18.— ARRIVED, Jean, M'Intyre, from Glasgow; Mally- Lighton, Mairns, from Mon- trofe; Eliza, Ord ; Fifeshire Packet, Scott; Com- mercial Packet, Hall; Tweed Packet, Ward, and King George Packet, Ramsay, from London, all with goods; Venus, Stewart, from' Dunbar, and Fortune, Tuffs, from Lynn, both with grain. CREARED OUT, Earl of Cassills, Brown, for Dun- dee; Lady Charlotte, Robbie, for Aberdeen; Earl of Dalkeith, Thomson, for Hull; Margaret & Iso- bell, Guthrie, for Arbroath ; Dispatch, Primrose, for Alloa; Eliza, Ord, for London ; Lively, Oliphant, for Bremen, all with goods. Per Gall. Capital Old Jamaica Rum, full proof only I2s. D » , do. proof us. Do. do. 10s. Per Gall. Best Hollands Geneva, only 13s. Do. full proof i2s. Do. glass proof Us. Do. 10s. SHRUB. JAMAICA Real Jamaica Lime Shrub, made in the island of Jamaica, of particular rich flavour, only 12s. per gal Ion. CAPITAL PORT & SHERRY WINES, Notwithstanding the present high price of Port Wine, and every appcarance of its being fully higher, he is selling the very Best Port Wine at 30s. and Fine Old Sherry at 32s. per dozen, bottles returned. OLD MALT WHISKY. Best Malt Whisky, distillers strength, only 5s. 6d. per gallon.— Glass proof, 5s. 4d.— Good do. 5s. and 4s. A few hundred gallons of fine Malt Whisky up- wards of twelve months old, made by one of the best West Country Distillers, only 6s. 6d. per gallon. BLACK AND GREEN TEAS, '', Of a very superior flavour and quality. He would particularly recommend, as well drawing ufeful Teas. Fine Congou, at 5s. 4d.' to 5s. 6d.~ v Do. Souchong, at 6s. to 7s. 6d. { Fine Hyson, 6s. to 8s. f Very fine do. at 9s. J RAW SUGARS, from 6d. to 9d: per lb.; beauti ful POWDER' LOAVES, at 1s. and 1s. 1d. and all other kinds equally low. Best London Brown Stout, and Common POR- TER, either in Bottles or Hoglheads; Double Ales, & c. Excellent Table BUTTER, at 14d. per lb. of 22 ounces, or 18s. 6d. per stone, wholesale and retail. A few chests of BITTER ORANGES daily ex- pected. Commissions from the country punctually an- swered. Registering 6d. each Number. CLUBS, SOCIETIES, and others, will find it their intereft to purchafe early as the Prices will rise as the Drawing approaches; and at present they may have numbers in very great variety. , At this Office, in the last and late State Lot- teries, the following CAPITAL PRIZES were sold, viz. 1- 4th of 10,000l. to 6 Ladies, New Town, Edinr. 1- 8th — 10,000l.— a Lady near Stockbridge, Edinr. 1- l6th — 10,000.— a Lady near Ditto l- 16th — 10,000l.— a Writer Prince's- street, Edinr. 1- l6th — 10,0001.— a Lady in Chapel street, Edinr, 1- 16th — 10,000l.— a Writer in Bristo- street, Edinr. 1- 8th — 10 000l.— a Gentleman in Leith 1- 16th — 10,000l.— a Club of 13 persons in Edinr. 1- l6th — 10,000l.— a Club of six Servants 1- l6th — 10,000l,— a Lady near Edinburgh l- 4th — 10,000l.— a Merchant in Dunbar 1- 16th — 10000l.— a Gentleman in Dunbar 1- l6th — 10,000l.— the same Gentleman 1- l6th — 10,000l.— a Lady in Linlithgow 1- l6th — 10,000l.— a Gentleman in Dumfries 1- l6th — 10,000l — the same Gentleman 1- l6th — 10,000l.— a Mason near Kinross 1- l6th — 10,000l.— a Shoemaker in Dundee 1- l6th — 1O, OO01.— a Grocer in Dundee 1- 8th — 10,000l.— a Gentleman in- Perth 1- I6th — 10,000L— a Gentleman in Perth I- 8th — io. oool.— a Molecatcher, North Country I- I6th — lo. ooof— a Gentleman in Aberdeen r- i6th — io. oqol. — two Indies in Peterhead i- I. 6th — 10,0001. — a club 18 persons, Peterhead Whole— Ic, cool. — a Gentleman in Frazerburgh I- i6th — lo. oool. — a Merchant in Inverness i- i6th — io, dool. — a Writer in Inverness I- i6th — io, oool. — a Gentleman in Kels'o I- tOth — 10,0091.— a Lady near Kelso i- l6th — lo. oool. — a Lady near Kirkintilloch I 8th ' 1 8th l- l6th — i- 4th — i- 4th — r- l6th — j- 4th — 1- 16th — I- l6th — 116th — I16. I1 — ' I- 4th — I- l6rh — I. 16th THIRD STATE LOTTERY. Anno .1802j Begim Drawing on Monday, April 4, 1803, THE TICKETS. ArE SOLD And DIVIDED INTO HALF,. FOURTH, EIGHTH, & SIXTEENTH SHARES. BY , JOHN WHITE & CO. AT THEIR STATE LOTTERY OFFICE, . LICENSED by GOVERNMENT, Oppofite to the Tron Church, EBINBURgh, ( And no where esle on their Account-.) At this- Office, in the late STATE LOTTERIES, the' following CAPITAL PRIZES were Sold, viz.- Nq. 19 982, ( a First- drawn Ticket) L. ledo In Ope Fourth, Two Eighth, and Eight Sixteeurhis, , No, ,39 471 ( fn a Whole Ticket) L. Jtieo No 19496 L. 10,000 In One Fourth, One Eighth, and Ten Sixteenths.' No, 11,307 ( In 16 Sixteenth Shares.) 1.. 20 0 No, 4"., 850 L. icoa Iri One Folirth, One Eighth, and Ten Sixteenths*, No. 37,939 ( In 16 Siiceenth Shares) L. iooc No. 24: 648 1 L. 1000 In One Fourth, Two Eighth, and Eighth Sixteenths, And in lotteries, fince the Year 1780, CAPITAL PRIZES. TO A LARGE AMOUNT. PRESENT PRICES. Ticket - L. 18 o 0 Half Quarter 9 3 4 12 Eighth Sixteenth Registering 6d. per Number, Commissions, with eaih or bills at a short date, executed on the same terms as if personally present.-— Scheme.- gratis.— Letters ( post paid) duly- answered. N EW CABINET & UPHOLSTER- Y WARE- HOUSE, To BE OPENED On MONDAY the 18tb April. ALEX. GILES has the honour of acquainting his Friends and the Public, that he this Morning returned from LONDON; and in order to make fome further arrangement, lie will delay Opening his NEW WARE- HOUSE, No. 35, SOUTH BRIDGE STREET, TILL MONdAy THE 18th APRIL, When He will exhibit A SUPERB ASSORTMENT OF EVERY ARTICLE IN THE CABINET & UPHOLSTERY LINE. Which, being all collected and made from the pre- sent most prevailing FASHIONS of LONDON & PARIS, He can with confidence recommend. In the mean- time, He will be happy to wait on those Ladies and Gentlemen who may wish to honour him with their orders for Furnishing Houses previous to the ensuing Term. NORTH COLLEGE STREET, 1 Edinburgh, 17th March, 1803. J A CLERK Wanted; one who has been bred in the Line, will be preferred. N0TICE TO Persons who are indebted to the late JAMES DICKSON, Bookseller in Edinburgh. Per- fons who are indebted to the late Mr. JAMES DICK- SON, Bookseller in Edinburgh, are requested to make payment of the accounts due by them to S. C. Somerville. W. S. No. 12 South Frederick Street, who has orders from Mr. Dicksons Representatives to commence profecutions immediately against out. standing Debtors. VERY BEST SEA ISLAND COTTON. To be SOLD by public roup, for behoof of the Un- derwriters, at FRANCIS BLAIKIE & Co.' s Ware- houses here, beginning at 12 o'clock noon, 011 Mon- day the 21 ft curt, and Continuing daily till the whole be fold off, BE TWEEN 700 and 800 Bags of COTTON, being a part of the Cargo of the Montezuma, from Charlestown to Greenock, wrecked in the bay of Ayr. The greatest part of the Cotton is knoWn to be of the very best Sea Island, superior to any other cargo imported this season, and the sale is well worthy the attention of Dealers as well as Consumers. GLASGOW, March 15,1803. 5, oooli — a Student, Drummond street, Ed, 5, oool.— a, Gent. James's Square, Edinr. 5, cool. — a Gent. Nicholson's. street, Ed. 5, oool. — a Gent, near Haddington 5, oool. — a Gent, in West Lothian 5, oool. — a Lady near Dunkeid 2, ocol. — a Gent. James's Square, Edin. 2, oool. — a Gent. Buccleugh place, Edin, 2, oo= l. — a Gent, in the Abbey, Edin. 2, cool. — a Gent. Richmond street, Edin 2, oool. —; a Lady in Hanover street, Edrn. 2,0001. — a Merchant in Glasgow 2, ocol. — a Manufacturer in Glasgow 2, cool. — a Lady, in Dumfries Half — 10,0000L. — a Gentleman in Musselburgh The same Gentleman had like- wise at this Office a share of a 500I. prize . 5,000l. — a Gent, George- street, Edin. The same Gentleman had part of a 1000I. and 500I. prizes in former Lotteries 2,000l. — the same_ Gentleman in Dum- fries, who got two 16ths of 10,000l. prizes, mentioned above the same Gentleman in Dunbar who got 2 16ths of 10,000l. prizes, mentioned above & c, & c. & c. At the above Office also, THE LARGEST PRIZE THAT EVER CAME TO SCOTLAND, WAS SOLD, No. 13,831— A Prize of TWENTY- FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS, And many other CAPITAL PRIZES, too numerous to insert in an Advertisement, THIS OFFICE, being Licensed on their own ac- count, the whole of their Prizes have, been Sold end Paid by them to People in Scotland. BEEF AND BISCUIT. ADJUTANT- GENERAL'S OFFICE, EdiNr. March 17, 1803. LIEUT- GENERAL VYSE, commanding his Majesty's Forces in North Britain, hereby gives Notice, that he is ready to receive Proposals trom any person or persons, willing to Supply, for the use of his Majesty's Forces, a large quantity of : good IRISH MESS BEEF in Tierces, and a large quantity of good SEA BISCUIT, such as is used in the Navy, in Bags of One Hundred Weight each — The Beef to be delivered into the Stores at Edin- burgh Castle, Stirling Castle, Dumbarton Castle, Leith Fort, Fort George, Fort AUgustus, Fort Wil- liam, and Fort Charlotte in Shetland; and the Bis- cuit to be delivered into the. Stores at Edinburgh Cattle,.- Stirling . Castle, Dumbarton Castle, and Leith Fort, at the expence of the Contractors. Sealed proposals, addresed to Mr. John Geddes, to be received at- this Office till the ill ot April next. I- 8th - ANNUAL MEETING Of TRUSTEEs— EAST LOTHIAN. THE General Annual Meeting of Trustees of the turnpike roads in the County of East Lo- thian, possessing lands north of the pest- road, is to be* held its' the house of William Robson, Innkeeper in Prestonpans, upon Saturday the twenty aixth day of March curt, at twelve o'clock noon, to receive the reports of the application of the Allocations for last year, and to allocate the Funds for Repair of the roads for the year now ensuing; and also to take under consideration, the other affairs Of said dis- trict— Whereof notice is given to all concerned by HENRY DAVIDSON Clk, EAST LOTHIAN INTIMATION is hereby given, That a Meeting of the Noblemen, Justices of Peace, and Heri- tors of the County of Eaft Lothian, is to be'helit'- within the Town- house of Haddington, upon Thurs- day the 24th day. of March' curt, at twelve o'clock;- noon, to take into confideration the late Additional, Duty imposed on. MALT, by the Act of the 42d' year of his present Majesty's reign,' cap. 38. and sun. dry papers relative thereto. Whereof notice is given by . , HENRY DAVIDSON, Clk,'; N. B. A General Meeting of Lieutenantey of the" said County, wtli be held the same day and place, at 11 o'clock forenoon ; and a Meeting of Trustees u- pon the Turnpke Roads, at 12 o'clock noon. ' NOTICE TO CREDITORS. THE Creditors of the late LADY HENRIETTA GIBSONE of Pentland, are requested to meet in John's Coffee- house on Thursday the 24th day of March curt, at one o'clock afternoon, to give direc- tions regarding the disposal of her property. CARGO OF THE GOVERNOR PICTON, For Behoof of the Underwriters. To be SOLD by auction, at FRANCIS BLAIKIE and Co's Warehouses, South Albion Street, begin- ning at 11 o'clock, on Friday the 1st of April next, and to adjourn from time to time till the whole be sold off, CONSIDERABLE PART of the CARGO of A' the SHIP GOVERNOR PICTON, wrecked on her voyage to Trinidad, consisting of Muslins of various kinds, French Pulicates, Printed Calicos, Prussianas, Jeans, Quiltings, and Handkerchiefs, Muslinets, Jeans, Quiltings, Dimities, Ginghams, Table Cloths, Britannias, Platillas, aed Kentings, Linen and Cotton Checks, Russia Sheetings, Canvas, Broad Cloths, Cassimeres, Flannels, and Bomba- zetts, Cotton Hosiery, White Ounce Threads, Silk Umbrellas. and Parasols. A great part of these Goods have not been wet with salt water, and all the others have been so speedily cleared and well taken up anew, that they are in as good condition as before they were origi- ginally shipped. They are good Goods, well chosen for the market, and worthy the attention of mer- chants and manufacturer « , and particularly of ship- pers to the West Indies. GLASGOW, March 17,1803. NOTICE. IT is requested, that those to whom the late Mr. JOSEPH COOPER, of Leith Walk, or Mr. SAMUEL PAUL COOPER, his Son, are indebted, will immediately lodge notes of their debts with John More, Accountant in Edinburgh. 16th March, 1803. Not to be repeated. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. ANY who have claims on JOHN FORBES, Te- nant in Longlees, in the parish of Biggar, mid have not yet given them in, are desired to lodge them with James Scott, watchmaker in Biggar, betwixt and., the 10th of April next, otherwife they will' be cut off from any dividend of his effects. TO THE CREDITORS OF JOHN NAIRNE and COMPANY, Merchants in Leith. The Creditors of John Nairne and Company, Merchants in Leith, or their agents, are requefted to meet in John's Coffee- house, Edinburgh, 011 Thursday the 24th March inft. at one o'clock after- noon, when matters of importance to the creditors will be communicated to the Meeting. Carpet Factory Street, Leith. March 16,1803. NOTICE TO THE CREDITORS OF JOHN TURNER, late of Great Portland Street, London, thereafter residing at Newbottle, County of Edinburgh. The Creditors of the said John Turner, are re- quefted to lodge their claims or instructions of debt, with affidavits on the verity of the same, in the hands of Messrs. William Scott Moncrieff, accountant, or Alexander Walker, writer in Edinburgh, within six months from this date, otherways they will receive no dividend from the trust funds, in terms of the trust deed. Edinr. March 16,1803. A COW STOLEN. There was stolen from Park of Juay, in the parish' of Logie, and county of Perth, in the night betwixt' Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th days of; March- instant, , ABLACK COW, with Black Crum'd Horns,,' Brucked or Spotted in the face, Grey Ears, a White Belly, and a long White Bushy Tall, with Calf, and worth about Nine Pounds. The Cow wili weigh about, Twenty Stones, Amsterdam weight. It is requested of tanners to pay attention to the! above description, on being offered Skins for sale and any person giving such information as may lead ' o a discovery will be handsomely Rewarded, by ap- plying to Andrew Rob, at Mains of Menstry, by-' Stirling; or John Rob, writer, in Dunblane. - HONEYCOMB WILL COVER MARES this Season, at DUN- CAN KENNEDY'S, Mellerstain, Berwick- shire, at ONE GUINEA the Mare, and HALF- A- CROWN to the Groom. HONEYCOMB was got by Drone, out of Miss West, by Matchem- is fifteen hands three inches, high, perfectly sound and free from all blemishes' was a good racer, and is likely, from his bone, strength, and action. to get capital Stock. Out of the very great number of Mares covered b jt him last season, there are very few that are not in Foal.* Good Grass, and every accommodation tor Mares, at Seven Shillings a- week. No Mare to be covercd or taken away till paid for. FARM TO LET. To be LET, for such a number at years as shall be- agreed on, entry at Whitsunday next, as to the Houses, Yards, and Grass; and the separation of the ensuing crop from the ground as to the Ara- ble Lands, " THE Farms of EASTER- CAKEMUIR and' BLACKCASTLE, lying contiguous in the pa- rishes of Crichton and Cranston, and county of. Edinburgh, in the near neighbourhood of coal and lime, containing 690 acres or thereby, partly arable, : but chiefly pasture, including five small inclosures on the fouth of the mansion- house of Cakemuir; all as now possessed by Mr Robert Paterson, who will show the boundaries of the said farms ; a plan and measurement of which may be seen in the hands of Mr. Macewan, No. 27, George Street, who has power to let the same, and will give every necessary information. ! 76 FAIR ISLE. To be LeT for Three, OR such other number of years as shall be agreed upon, THE Land-. and Island of FAIR ISLE, situated 1. between Orkney and Shetland, with the rights ot FISHiNG, and the other rights and privileges, as lately possessed by the Proprietor. Further particulars will be specified in a future advertisement. Apply to David Balfour and Robert Moir, wri- ters to the signet, or to Patrick Fotheringhame, wri- ter in Kirkwall. FARMS TO BE LET IN THE COUNTY Or FORFAR. ' THE BARONY of LUNAN, in the parish of Lunan, containing 6co acres arable, is propo- sed to be Let in one Farm, or divided into three Farms of nearly equal sizes. as may be agreed upon. The entry at Martinmas 1803. These grounds lie within two miles of Montrose, and in the vicinity of lime. Offers hi writing may be given in to James Dun- das, C. S Edinburgh, between and the 1st March 1803, those not accepted will be concealed. The boundaries will be shewn by Alex. Hamilton, at fouth mains of Ethie, to whom application may be made for any further information wanted. CAPITAL THE EDINBURGH LEITH MILLS. UPSET PRICE, L. 12,000. There will be exposed to SALE, by| public roup, within the Royal Exchange Coffee - house, on Wed nesday the 30th March inst, at. 2 o'clock, THE MILLS at the mouth of the Water of Leith with the property thereto belonging. These Mills are situated contiguous to the town, and have two falls of water, each of which has the command of the whole river. A considerable part of the price may remain in the hands of the purchaser. on securty. For particulars apply to Mr. Boyd, No. 17, North Castle Street. ESTATE IN THE COUNTY OF ROXBURGH, FOR SALE. To be SOLD by public Auction, within the Royal Exchange Coffee- house, Edinburgh, on Thursday the 12th of May 1803, at 2 o'clock afternoon, if not previously disposed of by private bargain, THE Lands and Barony of EDNAM, lying in the Parish of Ednam, in the County of Rox- burgh. This Estate contains about 1080 acres of good ara- ble land, a great part of the richest soil, capable ot pro- ducing the best crops of every kind of grain, and par- ticularly well adapted to the turnip husbandry. It commands extensive and beautiful prospects, ar. d has many delightful situations for building on. It lies upon the Banks of the Water of Eden, ( which abounds with fine red trout) about half a mile from the Tweed, in a rich well cultivated Country, and de- sirable neighbourhood. It is situated about two miles from Kelso, six from Coldstream, and about twenty from Berwick, to all which towns there are good Turnpike Roads. The Lands are almost wholly in- closed by hedge and ditch, and well sheltered with belts of Planting. The Farm Houses and fences are in general is compleat repair, and the tenants opu- lent and respectable. The present rent of the Estate, after deducting Ministers Stipend and School Salary, amounts to L. 1710 : 15 1 3d. Sterling, entirely payable in money. The rental may be further increased immediately by a Let, for a term of years, of the Corn- mill, the Waulk- mill, and of these parts of the lands which are at. present out of lease; and in three years the principal farm- on the Estate will be open, when a very great rise upon it may be depended on. These Mills, being both out of lease, give a command of two valuable falls of water, capable of driving extcii sive machinery. The Estate holds of the Crown, and being rated in the valuation Books of the County at I.. 3,280, cots,, affords eight votes or freehold qualifications The teinds. are valued, and within a trifle of being exhausted. There is a large and valuable bed of shell marle in the Lands, which was drained at a considerable ex- pence, and is capable not only of supplying tlie te cants on the Estate amply, but affords an extensive sale to the surrounding Country, where this species of manure is in great request . This Estate will be exposed altogether tn one Lot, or in the three following lots, as offerers may incline. LOT. 1. To contain the Village of EDNAM, the Brewary and Farm possessed by Samuel Robertson, and the Wanlk- mill. Bleaching Green, and Lower ' Haugh of Ednam, being that part of the situte lying on the north fide of the road leading from Ednam' to Eccles, bounded on the eaft by the road leading to Kaimfleet. This Lot contains about 294 acres, ex- clusive of roads, and pays L. 904 : n : id. of yearly lent. Valuation equal to three freehold qualifica- tions will be attached to it. Lor II. To contain the FARM of HOWEN- RIDGE, lying on both sides of the road leading from Ednam to' Eecles, with the Inclosures lying west of it, on the fouth fide of the said road, comprehend- ing the small Plantation, and the brick Dwelling- houfe and offices near the village. The whole con- tains about 258 acres, exclusive of roads. The prt- sent yearly rent isL. 27i : iStgdi; and valuation c- qual to Two Freehold Qualifications, will go along with this lot. LOT III. To comprehend the FARMS of CLIF- TONHALL and NEW EDMONSTONE, possessed bv John Stuart, the Mill and Mill Lands, occupied by Robert Walker, the small Pendicle called Carter- side. possessed by William Lockie, ar. d Cot- houses arid Yards at Bridge- end. This Lot contains the south and south- east parts of the eState,. is bounded en the north and west chiefly by l ot 2d. and partly by the road leading from Ednam to Kelso. It con tains aljout acres The mill and mill lands are at present out of lease. William Lockie's pendicle is burdened with his life rent, but he is an old man ; and Mr. Stuart's farm, which contains about 500 acres, will be out of lease in three years. The pre- sent rent of this lot is L. 611: 16: 8- J.— Three Free- hold Qualifications will be attached to it. The public and parish burdens will be divided a- mongst the three lots, according to the Valued rent attached to each. Persons intending to view the premisses, may ap- ply to Mr. William Smith, writer in Kelso.— Such as incline to treat by private bargain, may cor- respond with Mr. Richard Wilson of Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, or with Messrs Innes and Han- dyside, writers, to the signet, Edinburgh, with the latter of whom,, the articles of roup, plan, rectal, leases, and title- deeds, may be seen. Copies of the plan, articles, and rental, will also be shewn by Mr. Wilson and Mr. Smith. OAK WOOD UPON THE ESTATE OF PERTH. There is to be exposed to SALE, by public roup, in the house of James Stewart, vintner in Comrie, upon Monday the 4th day of April next, at 12 o'- clock noon. AHAG of the GROWING WOOD of ARD- VEICH, which is of considerable extent, and consists principally of Oak, 23 years old. It is situate. upon the north bank of Lochearn, about 18 miles west from Crieff, and 16 miles from Callander in Monteath, to both of which places there are good public roads leading through the wood. Peter Drommond, forrester at Glentarkin, in the neighbourhood of the wood, will shew the bounda- ries of the Hag. DrOmMOnD cASTLE, March 9, 1803. ADVERTISER for 1803. FARM IN ANGUS- SHIRE TO LET. To be LET for 19 years, and entered to at reparation of crop 1803 from the ground, THE FARM of BROOMFIELD, as presently possessed by Mrs. Black, consisting of 176 acres of rich arable land, 30 acres of excellent meadow, and 40 acres of improveable outfield, besides a loch and ground contiguous, ( mostly dry in summer) of about 25 acres. The farm is in high order, and most- ly inclosed with good stone fences ; the Farm- house near and commodious, which, with a substantial steading of offices have been built within these few years, and beautifully situated on a sloping bank of fouthern expolure, within a mile and a half of the market town of Brechin, and less than 10 miles of the sea port of Montrose. There is both a stone and a lime quarry on the farm, which havi, been wrought to considerable advantage by the late Mr. Black. In short, a more desirable farm than Broomfield, as to natural situation and local advantages, is seldom to be met with in the shire of Angus. William Ander- son, the grieve, will show the lands, and application may be made to Mr. James Smith, sen. merchant in Brechin, for further particulars, to whom offers may- he made, and kept secret if desired. GRASS PARKS. To be LET for th ensuing Season, by roup at Mor- TON, on Monday the 28th day of March 1803, at twelve o'clock noon, THE GRASS INCLOSURES of the Estate of MORTON, four miles South of Edinburgh. GRASS PARKS OF CULROSS. & c. To be LET by public roup, at CULROSS, on Monday the 28th March inst. at 12 o'clock mid- day, at the Abbey- house, THE PASTURE for the SEASON of the Abbey Park, Easter Park, Engine Park and Braes, the Abbey Garden, Orchard and Fens, with the Fruit of the Garden and Orchard. As also, the Pas- ture of the Parks called the Crofts of Culross, and Chapel Lands. To be Let at same time, the Salt Pans of Culross, with the two Houses on the shore side, sometime possessed by Alex. Muir, and the late Mrs. Chalmers, with other Subjects. LANDS IN PERTHSHIRE FOR SALE. To be SOLD by public roup, within the George Inn, Perth, on Tuesday the 3d day of May 1803, at 12 o'clock noon, THE FARM of LOCHBANK, in Grange of Aberbothrie, lying within the parish of Ben- dochie, and county of Perth. Lochbank, which will be out of lease at Martin- mas 1805, is a compact farm, of excellent soil, with a beautiful south exposure. It consists of upwards of- 70 acres, whereof about 40 are rich haugh land; and of the remaining quantity there are about 20 acres; of such a quality, as that a surveyor of character and experience, and very much employed throughout the county, has reported them to be of the best soil he ever examined. So much is the general opinion in favours of the produce of this farm, that the grain of it. and of some of the adjoining farms, is very much run upon for feed victual, and always brings a superior price, ' l'he farm steading is centrically placed. The property is well situated with respect to roads of access, being a very short distance south of the great road from Alyth to Blairgowrie, and only a few miles distant from these populous villages, and from the market town of Cupar Angus; and the lime- works at Clunie are at a moderate distance. Besides the other advantages which this property possesses, it is situated along the banks of a river, in a delightful country, where the sportsman may find a- musement with the gun or fishing rod, and the pro- perty has upon itself a most agreeable situation for building; so that, upon the whole, a more desirable purchase is seldom to be met with. The articles of roup, and title- deeds, are in the hands of Charles Husband, writer in Perth, who will inform as to further particulars. LANDS IN ARGYLESHIRE. Upset Price Fixed. To be SOLD, by warrant of the Court of Session, with- in the Royal Exchange Coffee- house, Edinburgh, on Thursday the 31st day of March 1803, either to- gether or in two lots, and to he entered to at Whit- sunday next, lor the purpose of discharging the Entailer's debts, LOT 1. THE Farms of PENNYGOWN and LEITER, with the Islands called GLASH- ELLAN, in the Sound of Mull, opposite to and belonging to Pen- nygown, with the Fishing thereto belonging; the Farm of CORACHY, and the extensivc Farm of ROHILL, including DIRRINANINGLE, and that. Lot of BENVARNACH joining thereto, and bound- ing with the lands of Torasay. The present rental of this lot is 200I. and the upset price is to be 5,8001. LOT II. The FARM of FISHINISH, with the Half of BALEMAENACH, the FARM of CORINA- HENACH including the Mill and Croft thereto belonging. The present rent of this lot is 78I. and the upset price is to be 2,5001. The whole of these lands are out of lease, and a considerable rise may be depended on at the next fet. — The teinds are valued. The lands lie in the island of Mull, pleasantly situated along the Sound of Mull, they extend to upwards of 7000 acres, partly arable, and the rest good pasture, very much adapted for sheep walks.— These lands abound with muir- game. On the Farm of Pennygown there is a good flar- ed modern house, fit to accommodate a large family. There are 15 acres of natural wood on the lands, and the shores produce sea ware for kelp and manure. For further particulars, application may be made to Colonel MacLaine, of Lochbuy, by Achnacraig, or'to Mr John Campbell, St. James's Square, Edin- burgh, who will shew the plans and surveys of the lands. LANDS IN SELKIRKSHIRE. To be SOLD by public roup, within the Royal Ex- change Coffee- house, Edinburgh, on Wednesday the 1st June 1803, between the hours of one and two afternoon, THE Lands and Estate of BROADMEADOWS, lying in the lordship of Ettrick Forest and county of Selkirk. This estate which is beautifully situated on the banks of the river Yarrow, 4 miler above Selkirk, contains between 700 and acres, partly excellent Iheep palture, and partly good arable ground, of which last about 88 acres are inclosed and subdivided. Th present: rental is only about L. 198, but all the leases expire at Whitsunday 1805, when a very, great rise may be depended on. The proprietor has a right to a part of . the teinds, and holds part of them in tack. The whole are valued and exhausted by the present stipend paid to the minister of Selkirk. The estate holds of the Crown, pays cess according to a valu- ation of L. 470 13s. 4d. Scots, and so affords a Free- hold Qualification.— There is a considerable quanti- rv Of valuable wood upon the estate. The Man- sion house is old, but the variety of beautiful situation for building is such as is seldom to be met with, hav- ing the most romantic views both up and down the course of the river Yarrow, the banks of which as well as the hills on each side, are finely wooded, and highly picturesque — The Yarrow is an excel- lent trouting stream, and the hill part of the estate a- bounds with muir game. A considerable part of the price will be allowed to remain in the hands of the purchaser on proper secu- rity. For further particulars application may be made to Messrs. Gibson and Oliphant, W. S, march i8 SALMON FISHING IN ROSS- SHIRE. To be LET, for such a number of years as the parties may agree upon, and entered upon at Whitsunday next, THAT FISHING GROUND in the Bay of Cro- marty, called the ARDROY. For the Fishing there is a special grant from the Crown. This Fish- ing ground extends from North to South, from the Coatts of Inchcoulter Estate, to nearly midway over the Frith; and from East to West, from the Auld- gradt, to the river Skeoch, about half a mile.— The accommodation of a house for boiling the Salmon can be furnished by the proprietor. For particulars apply to Mr. Kenneth Mackenzie, Millbank, Dingwall, who will show the premisses, and to Messrs. A. and C. Mackenzie, W S. Princes Street, Edinburgh, who will receive proposals till the 1st of May next. VALUABLE ESTATE IN AYRSHIRE WITH A FREEHOLD QUALIFICATION. ' To he SOLD by public voluntary roup, within the Royal Exchange Coffee- house, Edinburgh, in the course of the ensuing summer, unless previously dis- posed of by private bargain, ' THE Valuable and Extensive Estate of ARD- MILLAN, lying in the parish of Girvan, and district of Carrick, in Ayrshire , with the teinds there- of, and superiority of some of the adjacent lands. This estate holds of the Crown, and is delightfully situated 0n the sea coast, about three miles beyond the post town of Girvan, on the road to Ballantrae. It has hitherto been chiefly possessed in pasture, for the excellence and richness of which, it is so much distinguished, rhat a considerable tract of the low- lands are let annually at the rate of six and seven gui- neas an acre for grazing, and have rapidly increafed in value and request tor many years past. There is a large and commodious mansion- house admirably situated for all country amusements and conveniencics, surrounded by fine old wood, and fit to accommodate a numerous family, commanding a most extensive and beautiful view of the Frith of Clyde, the Island of Arran, Rock of Ailsea, & e. & c. and there are suitable offices, with a capital wall gar- den, and orchard, at present under the care of the proprietor's' servants. The rental is only L. 810, payable half yearly, and the house and gardens would. Ice for 1.. 50 more.— The whole estate will be out. of lease in about six years, when it is expected that the present rent will be at least doubled.— A purchaser might get posses- sion of about 30 acres of the rich pasture and mea- dow ground near the house at Martinmas next.-— And on the whole, few estates form so complete and eligible a property in every respect. A survey and measurement of the lands, and esti- mate ot the wood, & c. & c. is now preparing by a gentleman ot skill and experience in that line, the re- sult of which, with the day of sale, and other parti- culars, will be afterwards advertised; and, in the meantime, application may be made to Archibald Craufurd, jun. writer to the signet, No. 19. Elder Street, who will receive offers for the lands, commu- nicate such information as may be required, and shew the title- deeds, leases, and relative writings to intending purchasers. SALE OF LANDS IN THE COUNFY OF INVERNESS. To be Sold by public roup, in the course of the en- suing summer, if not previously disposed of by private bargain, THE LANDS and ESTATE of FLEEMING- TON, lying within the united parishes of Breachlie and Petty, and county of Inverness. This property is situated in the heart of a plentiful and thriving country, being about nine miles from Ih- verness. five from Nairn, and two from Fort- George, to all which places there are good roads, and ealy access. From its vicinity to them, it has every ac- commodation of markets, and a ready sale for the produce. A considerable part of the lands are at present in the occupation of the gentlemen ol the garrison. There are different very'eligible situations on the property for Building. These lands are well known to be capable of the highest improvement, containing some hundred acres ol a rich and fertile moss, a great part of it presently under crop, and the whole of which might be com- pletely drained, at an inconsiderable expence. and rendered rich arable fields. From its vicinity to Fort- George and the village of Campbelltown, the moss is also of great value in the view of calling peat, which have been found to be or an excellent quality. From trials made, there is good reason to believe that there is a considerable quantity of marle contained in these mosses. The present rent is L. 408: 11s. sterling, but upon the expiry of the present leases, Which takes place in the course of nine or ten years from Whitsunday next, it is pretty certain that they will rise at least . 200 a year. The proprietor has right to the teinds. The stipend payable to the minister of Petty is L. 4: 9 : 2d. of money, and bolls 5, 1, 3, 3 of victual. The other public burdens are trifling. It is proposed to sell this estate either altogether or In Lots as may suit the views and dispositions of in- tending purchasers. If in Lots, the whole will be di- vided into tht three following, viz. LOT I. To consist of the Lands of MUCKLE FLEEMINGTON, and GLACKTOWN, contain- ing a surface of 421 acres and upwards, and present- ly rented at L. 1 54. Lor II. The Lands of LITTLE FLEEMING- TON, BROOMTOWN, and BALINTORE, con- taining 286 acres, and presently rented at I.. 102. 1 . or 111. The Lands of BALLENRIECH, POOL- TOWN, arid LAMBHILL, containing 224 acres, and presently rented at 1.. 152. The different lots shall be correctly marked off and divided on a plan, previous to the day of sale. A considerable part of the price may remain in the purchaser's hands, for as many years as may be a- greed on. The title- deeds, a plan of the estate, and rental, are in the hands of Archibald Dunbar, W. S. Edin- burgh, who will inform as to other particulars. UPSET PRICES FURTHER REDUCED. JUDICIAL SALE OF FOUR LOTS OF THE FOREST AND FOREST LANDS OF CUL- ROSS, IN THE SHIRE or PERTH. To be SOLD by Public Auction, within the Parlia- ment or New Session House of Edinburgh, on Weunelday the 18th day of May next, betwixt the hours of five and seven afternoon, by auihority of the Lords of Council and Session, THE Following LOTS of the FOREST LANDS of CULROSS, with the WOOD on Lot 101b, at further reduced Upset Prices, viz. Yearly Rent LOTS of each Lot, per valuation. L. J. Re faced Upfet Pri.; of each Lot. L. J. V. Being Ground north of Turnpike Road, and on both fides ot Kirkton Dam, mea- suring 42 acres, VI. Ground fouth of wa- ter- run from Kirkton Dam and North of Culross Muir, measuring acre « , VII. Ground east of Visto and Cairn, and north of wa- ter- run from Kirkton Dam. measuring 125- I acres, X. Rantray Ground, north ot Clackmannan road and fouth of Carnock road, and Ground of Clump, next Bor- win, measuring 125 acres— Together with Rantray Belts and Young Wood, north of Clackmannan road, & south of Carnock road, valued at L. 1249: : The lands hold feu of th.. Burgh of Culross, for payment of a small feu duty. The entry of the pur- chasers will be as at Whitsunday next, but the pur- chasers of lots 5til, 6th, and 7th, cannot get posses- sion of these lots, until the wood thereon, ( which has been sold separately) shall he cut down and car- ried away, a great part of which is already cleared, and will be wholly cut and carried away in the course of about four years; in the mean time, the purchasers will be intitled to enter Into possession of such parts of the lands as are cleared. The whole lie within a mile and a half of the town of Culross, near the Frith of Forth, and may be easily converted into neat farms. A new turnpike road runs through the premises. The articles of roup, and a plan of the grounds, are in- the office of Mr. Bruce, Depute Clerk of Ses- lion. The forester will shew the premises; and Ro- bert Watson, writer, Park Street, agent in the sale, will furnish intending offerers with copies of the measurement and valuation of the different lots, and give any other necessary information. : Printed JAMES DonALDSON, and Sold at the Printing- OfficE, Castle- hill, Edinburgh, where and at the ADVERTISER OFFICE,. at the Cross, Orders and Advertisments are taken in — This. Paper is regularly published every TUESDAY and FRIDAY.— The price of a Single Paper if Sixpence :— L. 2 : 12s. per Annum, when- Called for:— L. 3 : 14s. when Delivered at any house in Edinburgh, the Suburbs, or in Leith ; L. 1 : l6s, when Seat, by post ( free of Postage) to any Town in Scotland or England and L. 3 : is. when sent to Ireland. Advertisements and Orders taken in by mr. wiiuaw tayler, no 5, Warwick Squarej London where this Paper is regularly Filed.
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