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Leicester Journal


Printer / Publisher: J. Gregory & Co 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2622
No Pages: 4
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Leicester Journal
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Leicester Journal

Date of Article: 04/03/1803
Printer / Publisher: J. Gregory & Co 
Address: Market Place, Leicester
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2622
No Pages: 4
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PRICE 6d.} PRINTED BY J. GREGORY tf CO. Friday, IN THE MARKET- PLACE. March 4, 1803. [ No. 2622. J Sunday & Tuesday's Pofts. LONDON, MONDAY, February 28. A Report of a Commercial Treaty having XJL been nearly settled between this country and France, gains ground. On Saturday a Dutch mail arrived, by which it is said letters have been received, stating that M. Schimmelpennick, the Batavi- an ambassador in this country, is negotiating » Commercial Treaty. Yeiierday were received French papers to the 23d inftant. The Moniteut of that date contains an official view of the present fitua- tii n of the Republic, prepared for the Legis- lative Body, to whom it is to be conveyed by three ol the Members. Tins important and curious paper is figned by Bonaparte—- its substance is as follows: — It begins bv complimeniing the Senate on the in* creasing industry of the Republic, and the union amongst its citizens. It is stated, that in all the Departments which were v sited by the First Consul, lie every where received complete testimonies of a return to those principles which form the strength and happiness of aociety. Aft r some remarks on ihe cession of Elba to France, by which she acquired a mild and industrious people, two beautiful ports, and a valuable mine, it mentions the reasons why that Island should not be subject to the same laws which apply to the Continent, With respect to Piedmont, it contains the following pas- sage : " 1 he abdication of the Sovereign, ths wish ct the people, and existing circumstances, ha'd pla- ced Piedmont in the power of Fiance. Amidst ihe nations with which that kingdom was surrounded, and the different sentiments that prevailed amongst her inhabitants, she could neither support her own inde- pendence, not theexpencesofa Monarchy; but unit- ed to France, she will enjoy both security and gran- deur, while her laborious and enlightened Citizens will extend their talents and industry in the midst of the arts and of peace." A view is now taken of the internal situation of France, the object of which is to praise the vigilance of the Magis. rates for their attention to justice; the military, for their rigid discipline and the Gendar- merie, for their activity in the suppression of popular disorders. With respect to the Agriculture of the Republic, it is stated to have attained a degree of per- fection beyond that of the most boasted systems in Europe. The Veterinary Art has also been encou- raged by premiums, and attempts every where made toimprove the quality of wool by the introduction of foreign flocks. Manufactures of every kind are in a progressive state of increase, and nothing is wantin to a power which seems to waver, but whom it is our i interest to support and consolidate." " Some British troops still remain in Alexandria \ and Malta: of this our government had a right to complain, but it has learned that the ships destined to convey them to Europe are in the Mediter- ranean."' • " The Government secures to the people the peace of the Continent, and it may be permitted to hope for the continuation of a Maritime Peace ; this Peace is required and wished for by all parties; and to preserve it, the government will do whatever is compatible with national honour, and essentially con- nected with the strict execution ot treaties. But in England two parties dispute for power: One has concluded the peace, and is decidedly inclined to maintain it; while the other has sworn an imputa- ble hatred to France; hence arises that fluctuation in opinions, and in the Senate that attitude which is at once pacific and threatening.— As long as this contest qf parties continues, there are certain pru- dential measures necessary on the part of the Re- public. Fire hundred thousand men must and will be ready to defend and avenge it. What a strange necessity is imposed, by miserable passions, upon two nations whose attachment arises from an equal interest and a general inclination. " But whatever may be the success of intrigue in London, the parties will not succeed in forming new alliances with other powers; and our Government tells them, with well- founded pride, that England alone cannot now encounter France! But let us entertain better hopes, and rather believe that in the ) British Cabinet there will in future be heard only the councils of wisdom, and the voice of humanity. * " Yes, without doubt, the peace will be cons li- dated, and the connection between the two govern- ments will assume that character of benevolence so congenial to their mutual interests, A happy repose will cause the long calamities of a disastrous war to be buried in oblivion, and France and England, by contributing to their reciprocal happines, will merit the approbation of the universe. " The First Consul, ( Signed) BONAPARTE. " By order of the First Consul, " The Secretary of State, ' ( Signed) H. B. MARET." actions might more easily be observed by the French agents or spies, who follow him every where; vari- < jjus reports circulated in Italy in consequence; it was, however, soon remarked that the arrival of a British fleet in the Mediterranean, created much uneasiness to the Italian Proconsuls of the Great Nation. t " Two days ago courier arrived from Milan, and since it is whispered in the ministerial circlcs, that the King of Sardinia has voluntarily ceded to England the Island of Sardinia, on receiving for himself and his posterity a pension somewhat more than the pre- sent revenue of that Island. " Should this really be the case, England has only anticipated the intention of France, and Sardinia as a naval station, when Malta is given up, would, as such certainly be a very valuable acquisition ; had France been as powerful by sea as by land, there is no doubt that the Senatus Consultus that incorporated Piedmont with the French Republic, would have added Sardi- nia to its usurpation. " When France surprised and usurped Piedmont a pension was promised its Sovereign, which never has been paid, and indemnities which he never has received ; and since the Continent of Europe, only with unavailing pitv, has seen force and fraud divest this Prince of the most valuable inheritance of his an- cestors, it has no reason to complain, and no right to i nterfere, because he trusts only to British honour and to British generossity for the future support and maintenance of himself and his family." Timber and Bark on Sale. to their success but a more extensive employment of capital, which is, however, rapidly withdrawing from hazardous speculations in the stotks to this more j profitable and patriotic occupation. lastly, it is stat- ! ed that upwards of ^ 0,000 French manufacturers, ! who were dispersed throughout Europe, have by the prot< ction and benevolence of the Government, returned to pursue their respective vocations in the Republic. I he manufacturers of Lyons and Com- piegne, are particularly noticed for their rapid ap- proximat ion to the> r tormer opulence. After taking a survey of various measures of de- fence completed along the coast, the report adverts io the situation of the colonies in the West Indies.— The islands of Martinique, Tobago, and St. Lucia, • are stated to have been surrendered in the height of prosper ty ; Guadaloupe is in a good state of cultiva- tion, and Guiana is rapidly rising from its obscurity. St. Domingo, says the report," had submitted, and the author of its troubles was in the power of France: everything, in short, announced the return prosperity, when by a horrid disease, it was| ip* 0ted n- neived calamity : but the plague that cftsoiated By the last arrived French papers w e have received the constitution which Bonaparte's Ministers have framed for Swisserland. The ancient federal form is made the foundation of this new arrangement, but it wants that tie fry which alone such a government can long sub- lj sist. That spirit of patriotism which formerly < animated the Swiss, was sufficient to give sta- j bility lo the mostloose and incompact of all go- vernments ; but where, instead of this, a spirit ot mutiny and disaffection prevails, it requires some- strong compressive power to keep tight the band* ol an Empire. No such power ap- pears in the present constitution imposed on Swisserland : we must therefore conclude that it is intended to lodge this conpressing power in the hands ot a French army, which cannot thus be dispensed with. It is indeed held out that Swisserland is to be evacuated by the French troops as soon as the new constitution has been completely established.—— But when will this period arrives, il the report of General Ney, with regard to the disposition Ot the Swiss, be well founded ! Holland was once nearly evacuated ; but the French troops soon found their way back again. This is not the first time that the first consul promised to leave the Swiss to themselves. His paternal care of the Gauls is too great long to leave deserted state. the private advices from Paris, it would appear that the First Consul does not yet find matters quite in a train for the assumption of . UUl Ulfc fic*£, uv ' « •'-- - our army has now ceased its ravages, and the forces that remain in the colony, together with those which ivill speedily arrive, cannot tail to restore it to peace and prosperity." The army and the marines are stated to be making the most rapid progress in their respective tactics, • while in consequence of the exposure of the frauds of • contractors, together with an improved system of eco- nomy, the soldier is better fed and cloathed, and the savings which he is enabled to make from his pay, attach him as strongly to his colours as to his family. With respect to the finances, their sources are every where increasing. In the 6th year it was sup- posed that the contributions, & c. amounted to SO,< 100,000, part of which were three or four years in arrear; at present there is not a deficiency of 3,000,000. Every branch of administration becomes more productive. In giving a sketch of the repose and tranquility of • he Continent, the Italian Republic, the report as- • crts, is strengthened by the unanimity of its inhabi- * » nr « _ while the judicious proceedings of its admini- his new title of Emperor of the Gauls. It is however to be expected from his well- known temper, that he will not long defer the execu- tion of the measure if he has once resolved on it. Bonaparte, though he has not yet received the Crown, assumes in ail his official acts, the usual style of Royal, in the invariable use of the plural pronouns, we and Us. A letter from Paris of the date of Tuesday last says: " The ether foreign Nobility and Gentry with men guilty of re- volutionary grown rich by revolutionary plunder ; men, in their own country, they cer- • tration, together with its military force, have already given it the character and appearance of a long- esta- blislied State; and if the same wisdom continues to prevail, its destiny will be still morS^ rosperous, " Liguria, placed under a mixed constitution, be- holds at its head, and in its authority, | h « j$ e citizens who are most distinguished by their tmues, their fortune, and their intellects.' " Batavia is gradually re- gaining possession of the Colonies restored to her by the peace; but she ought never to forget, that France can be to her only the most useful friend, or the most dangerous enemy." " n Germany the last stipulations oi the treaty of Luneville are near their completion." Prussia, Bavaria, and all the secular Princes, who had possessions on the left bank of the Rhine, have obtained on the opposite bank adequate indtra- " The House of Austria, in the Bishoprics of Saltzbourg, Aichstett, Trent, and Brixen, as well as in most parts of Passau, finds an equivalent for what it has lost in Tuscany." " Thus, by the happy concurrence of France and russia, every permanent interest is consulted} and, irom the midst of that storm which appeared to be pregnant with destruction, the Germanic Empire, that Empire so necessary to the equilibrium and the repose of Europe, arises with greater strength, by composed of elements more homogeneous and combined, and adapted to the circumstances of the present age." " A French Ambassador is at Constantinople, tainly would not permit to come witnin tneir noors.— Last toll given by a man now worth millions; a porter to a wine- merchant, and one of the persons who on the 6th of • October 1788, carried from Versailles to Paris, carnage of the Royal Family, the heads of the King's Garde da Corps,) most foreigners of distinction Were present, together with the Regicides Merlin, Fouche, Sieyes, Carnot, & c. and an unusual num- ber of other revolutionary gentry, as the Senator Garat, who signed the death sentence of his King, the Tribune Grouvelle, who read the death sentence to his King, and General Santerre, who with a shocking brutality carried his unfortunate King to the scaffold ! When German and Russian Princes, English Peers, and Spanish Grandees are found in I such company, who dare to deny the too fatal pro- ! gress of Jacobinism in all calsses of society every where. Bonaparte has more than once said that the revolution was at an end— his Prefect of the Police at Paris, is however of a different opinion; he has just renewed all the former revolutionary laws and slavish terrorist regulations to which persons travell- ing in free France are subject; this is particularly di- The Court of Common Council on Thurs- day resolved unanimously to address his Ma- jesty on the discovery and detection of the late diabolical and traiterous designs against his royal person and government. A committee appointed to prepare the address withdrew, and being returned with the same, it was twice read, and unanimously agreed to, and ordered to be presented by the whole court to his Majesty. It seems to be a very general opinion, that M. Peltier will not be brought up to receive jndgment; but that the mighty prosecutor, who cannot send him to Guiana or St. Domin- go, nor probably obtain any very severe pun- ishment against him, will prefer the praise of lenity and pardon. Some persons seem to think, that inconse- quence of the verdict against Mr. Peltier, the Argus will be stopped, and the Moniteur called to order. We confess we are not so sanguine as to expect any compliment of this nature; It is not a week since our Great Henry the Fifth, and his Talbots, Bedford*, and Shrewsburys, have been described by the First Consul of France, as crafty politicians, taking advantage of the simplicity and frank* ness of the French! By accounts from Jersey we find that the government of that island have prohibited the printers of the Jersey Gazette from printing any paragraphs reflecting on Bonaparte, even though they have previously appeared in the London papers. The reason given for this strange prohibition is the danger of offending the First Consul, and re- plunging the two countries in a war ! Tbe good people of Jer- sey, however, may make themselves quite easy on this head. Bonaparte, il he feels himself aggrieved, knows that he can always find re- dress in the Court of King's Bench: and with all deference to the importance of the Jersey Press, we conceive that the First Consul will pay full as much attention to what issues from the press of London. In the Exchequer last week, a cause was tried— Attorney General v. Ockenden.— Mr. At- torney- General statecl. that this information was filed by order of the Commissioners ol Stamps against the defendant, James Ocken- den, a shopkeeper, near Hastings, in Sussex, for selling twelve packs of playing cards with- out the proper stamps being pasted and affixed to the wrappers inclosing each pack of cards, } by which the defendant had forfeited 51. for ' each offence.— The Attorney- General also stated, that the defendant had forfeited two other penalties, one of I0l. for not tying up the cards as directed by ihe Commissioners of Stamps, and a further penalty of 201. for selling the cards as waste cards; but he should confine himself to the penalty first dated. The witness proved the facts as stated in the information, and the jury gave a verdict for the Crown, for 601. being twelve penalties of 5l. for each pack of cards sold. His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, and the Hon. Mr. DillOn, have made a match of a very extraordinary kind; each party is to produce an Arabian horse ( his property), to run four miles, carrying eight stone, for one lundred guineas. The remote period at which any foreign cross has been introduced among our breed ot racers, and the great im- provemennt derived from the Godolphin and Darley Arabians, give great hopes ot similar success from the recent importations from ( Asia. Wortheydowns, near Winchester, is the , course fixed upon for the decision of this match, Newington, ( where they had all been deposit- ed since Tuesday last), and were followed by their different friends to the same place of bu- rial. When the whole of the bodies had reach- ed the Chapel, they were taken into the in- side, the doors fastened, and none of the spec- tators ( who were numerous) allowed to accom- pany them. It was expected after the fune- ral ceremony had taken place, that the coffins would be taken to the ordinary burying place, but this was not the case; and therefore' they must have been deposited in a vault under the Chapel. Several Police Officers attended the processions in case any tumult should arise; the whole passed off quietly. Paddington Canal-— Yesterday afternoon, about three o'clock, part of the bank of the Pad- dington Canal gave way, a little on this side ( he first bridge; the water rushed through the tunnel close to the spot, and the meadows on the other side were immediately inundated ; the lock at the bridge prevented the water flowing from the upper part of the Canal.— The gap is about eight feet wide, a log of timber is placed across, and planks driven to I secure the lower part of the bank. The wa- ' ter in the bason, and to the first bridge, has sunk between two and three leet. Indicati- ons of a similar accident have appeared on the opposite bank, near the second bridge.— N. B. The London Canal scheme is given up. AT Chartley, Calwich, and Okeover, now ready, fallen fome Oak. Timber, and a very large Quantity of the finest Ash and Elm irl the Kingdom, and all Sorts of Wheelwrights Timber, ready converted ; alfo a great Number of Birch, Alder, Wigey Sallow and other Poles, fuitable for Turners uses \ Puncheons, Shovel Etails, Stakes and Bindings, & c. at Delhick, and in the Spring Wood, on the Cromford Canal near to Bull Bridge ; alfo large Quantity of very capital Oak, Ash, Elm, Alder, Sycamore and other Wood on Sale, now growing in Coppice and Hedge Rows at Dethick, within half a Mile of the Canal at Lea Mill. In the Spring Wood, near Bull Bridge, through the Middle of which the Navigation goes, and at Kirk- Ireton, near to Wirksworth, fome very fine Oak, Afh and Alder Trees; alfo the Bark at Kirk- Trcton. For any of the above, apply to GEO. EMERY, Crich, near Wirkfworth, Derbyfhire. Crich, l() th February, 1803. 7 Westminster Life Insurance and Annuity Office, In the STRAND, & in CORNHILL, LONDON. I WANTED, ASteady sober Man, of good Character, as COACHMAN, and occafionally a: POS. T1LLION. Enquire of Mr SURFORD, Attorney, Market Harborough, Leicestershire. % WANTED, APERSON, capable of taking care of the POOR of the Parish of OadBY, Leices- tershire, as Workhouse Master: by applying to the OVERSEERS, on the 9th Day of March, it may be agreed upon. 3 Richardson, Goodluck, and Co rESPECTFULLY acquaint the Public, that TICKETS and SHARES, for the English State Lottery, To commence Drawing on the 4th of April, 1803, Are now 011 Sale, at their Offices, The Corner of BANK BUILDINGS, CORNHII. L; And facing the Gate of the KING'S MEWS, CI1ARING- GROSS, LONDON; Also at their Licensed Office, the House of J GREGORY, PRINTER* LEICESTER. The Prizes all to be drawn from the. Wheel. - SCHEME. THIS Office was established in 1792, and infures the Lives of Perfons defirous of fe ur- ing Independency to their Families, or to provide for them in any Way agreeable to iheir Withes; to cffeA which, an Annual Premium will be received for the Payment of a gross Sum, or of an Annuity, to become due and payable af the Decease of a Person insured, to his Widow, Children, or other Repre- sentative as he may appoint. Insurances may be made for a Variety of other Purpofes: to provide for Renewal of Leases; to se- fure Sums paid for Places or Employments, or lorthe Purchafe of Life Estates;— or in Aid or Arrange- ments between Debtor and Crcd tor, ice. & c. which is " xplained further in the primed Rates and Con- ditions of Infurance, which may be had gratis, with the Lift of Directors, at either of the above Offices, or of the Agents of The BRITISH FIRE OFFICE, in the Country, who are appointed Agents for this Office alfo. Annuities are granted to commence immediately, and are payable at Michaelmas and Lady- day in every Year, or by Agreement, at either of the other Quarter Days. Infurers with this Office are defired to take No. lice, that Payments for Infurances mull be made within Fifteen Days after they become due, or their Policies will be void ' Annuitants, whofe Annuities are due, may receive the fame, any Day, between the Hours of Ten and Three o'Clock, ( Holidays excepted.) ROBERT SKELTON, See. BOOKS, & c. Printed for, and sold by THOMAS OSTELL, No. 3, Ave- Maria- Lane, Paternoster Row, London 44, TOO TICKETS Capital PRIZES, in the Year 1802, fold by RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, & CO. No. 48,752, In Shares, ,£. 20,000 7,105, I if'Shares, 20,000 26,471, In Shares, 5,0 f9 48,318, A Whole Ticket, 20,000 39,471, A Whole Ticket, 5, POO THey are the only Perfons that ever Sold in Sharer, Two PRIZES ot £. 30,000. Nos. 12,807 and 26. S83. Alfo a great Number of Capital Prizes, in various Lotteries, too numerous to particularize. The Great English State Lottery, A To begin Drawing APR 1L 4th, 1803. ^ SCHEME. (£ 20,000 : is : <£ 80,010 ( P of rected against English travellers, as either from ig norance of the numerous formalities required here to make passports valid, or unaccustomed to those de- grading and troublesome inventions in their own country, the'y, more ihan other travellers, neglect or forfeit them-, and nothing is more agreeable to a French Police Agent than to send proud John Bull to prison, and to receive some guineas for setting him again at liberty." The following is an extract of a letter, dat- ed Paris, February 18:— " Last Autumn the unfortunate King of Sardinia received orders from General Murat, to leave Rome - which has caused great speculation in Ihe Sport- ing World, it being the only instance of a ge- nuine Arabian's fiarting, since the abolition of Lord Bollingbrook's Arabian plate at New- market. Yesterday, about half past four o'clock, the remains of Arthur Graham were taken from his house in Kenington- lane, to Harper's Cha- pel, in the London- road, for interment. Eigh- teen couple followed; the men mourners were all furnished with cloaks and hatbands, and the women with hoods and scarfs. The cere- mony was conducted with propriety and de- corum. Shortly afterwards the bodies of Wood, Francis, Wratten, M'Namara, and broughton, were removed from Peacock- lane, This Scheme differs from all others for many Years past, in the Circumstance of not having any Prizes fixed for particular Days. JOS WALLIS, MARKET- PLACE, LEICESTER, is appointed by- Authority ot Government, to fell Tickets and Shares for the Office of SWIFT Co. Poultry, London ; Eftablifhed in the Year 1759, Where a great Proportion of Capital Prizes have been fold, THIRTEEN of which were of the laft and three preceding Lotteries, and lojne of them divided into many Shares. English Stale Lottery. Begins Drawing APRIL ith, 1303. NOTE.— The Capital Prizes in this Lottery are not fixed to be drawn upon any particular Day, and the lowest Prizes are .£ 20 each . SCHEME. Value of each. Total Value. Ate felling on the lowi it Terms, by Mr. NICHOLSON, At his Licensed State Lo. ttry Office, 16, CORN HILL, LONDON. The uncommon Success that the Public experienc- ed during the iatt Year at this Office, ( which is in- serted in the Schemes at targe, whereby more than three Hundred different Perfons had Shares of capi- tal Prizes from 20,000/. to 5001) renders it neceffaiy for every one, who intend to honor this Houfe with thcii Commands, to fee that every Share 1 as the Go- vernment Stamp thereon, and figned by : be Public's most Servant, WM, NICHOLSON. ARITHMETIC, Adapted to different Classes of Learners, but more particularly to the Use of large Schools; in 3 Parts, arranged in a new Manner, and enlivened with nu- meious original Examples, on interefting Subjects ; with an Appendix, containing four Classes of reca- pitulatory Exercises. By ROBERT GOODACRE, Matter of a Seminary, in Nottingham. 12mo Price 3s bound. The principal Object of the Author has been to render the Study of Arithmetic more entertaining to Youth; lo illuftrate in the lullett M. muer thefe Parts which are of indifpenfible Ufe in Commercial Con- cerns ; to treat each Part according to its compar. i • live Utility, and to furn'fh fuch Sub_' i< 5ts as will enable Youth on leaving Schuol, to turn from Mas- ters and Rules to real Practice without Difficulty.— Refpe^ iing the Merits of this Plan, and the Execu- tion of it, it is not Ihe Author's Province to deter- mine, he cheertullv fubmils il to the Opinion of the Public The Work is neatly and correctly print- ed upon good Vellum Paper, which renders it a fit Companion to the valuable Pieces of Lindley Murray. A good Allowance is mode to Schools; iKl any refpeitablc Teacher w ho withes to peruH| the Work, may have a Copy for that Purpofe gratis, by applying at the Publiffcer's. By the fame Author may be had, A Set of Arithmetical Tables, Tbe neatelt and molt correft ever printed, ill Fools- cap, 4to, which contains a good Analyfis of ihe Arithmetic. Pricc 2d. each. MONTHLY EPITOME; Or, Readers their . own Reviewers," On the First of February, was published, > Price One Shilling, ( to be coutinued Mg'Athly,) NUMBER XIII. i' ( Being the firft Number ot Volume II. New Series) THE MONTHLY EPITOME; Or, Readers their own Reviewers; containing, among others, interelting Extracts from the fol- lowing Publications:— Miss Hay's Female Bio- graphy j Annals of Philosophy, lor 1801; New Annual Register, 1801 j Mooriana, or Selections from the Works of Dr. Moore; Guthrie's Tour through Crimea ; Grandpre's Voyage in the Indi- an Ocean; Wilson's Campaign in Egypt; and An- derson's Journal the Secret Expedition, and the Campaigns in Egypt. The rapid Increase in the Sale of the preceding Numbers, ftrongly evinces the Utility of the above Work, which the Proprietors will endeavour to make ftill more ufeful, by giving one of the inolt con- eft Monthly Catalogues of all the New Publica- tions, Foreign and Domeltic, and Jit the End of each Volume will be given an Alphabetical Lilt olall the Books mentioned in the Volume, forming the mult complete Article of the Kind ever publithed. London : printed lor the Proprietors, and fold by T. OSTELL, No 3, Ave- Maria- Lanc, Paternofter Row; W. Clark, New Bond- street; T. Williams, Stationers'Court; and H. D. Symonds, Paternoter Row. Where may be had, Complete Sets, already published in 6 Volumes, neatly Half- bound in Red, for 2/ 13s. This Day is published, in One Volume, 8ro. Wee 7s. 6d. in Boards ELEMENTS OF CHEMISTRY. BY JOSEPH FRANCIS JACQUIN, Professor of Chemistry and Botany at Vienna jFel- low of the Linnean Society at London ; Member of several Academies of Science, Agriculture, Stc. Non sigendum aut excogitandnm, sed i dum quid natura vel laciat. BACO The third Edition. Translated from the German. London: Printed for Thomas Ostell. No- 3, Ave Maria- Lane, Paternoster Row. JF2 Wednesday's Posts.. L 0 N D O N,- March 1. HOUSE of COMMONS— Wednesday, Feb. 23. PRINCE OF WALES. The Chancellor of the Exchequer presented an account of the several sums received by the commissi- oners appointed to liquidate the'debts of his Royai Highness the Prince of Wales, and the manner in which the same have been appropriated.— On the motion of the Right Hon. Gentleman, it was referred to the committee to which his Majesty's most graci- ous message had been referred.— His Majesty's mes- sage, on this subject, being read, and the house hav- ing resolved itself into a committee, the Chancellor ofthe Exchequer, after due amplification, moved, " That it be an instruction to the committee, to grant to his Majesty the yearly sum of 60,0001, out of the Consolidated fund, to take place and be com- puted from the 5th of Jan. 1803, and to continue till the 5th of July, 1806, to be applied to the use of his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, for the support of Ins dignity, & c." After the Solicitor General, Mr. Sheridan, Mr. Fox, & c. & c. had spoken, the motion was put, and carried nan. con. Monday, Feb. 28.. Mr. Tyrwhitt rose, and said, he had it in com- mand from his lloyal Highness the Prince of Wales to make the following communication to the House, which he read in his place: " The Prince of Wales has felt, with the liveliest sense of affection and gratitude, the kind folicitude expressed by hisMajefty for tbe fituation of his affairs, and his Majefty's liberal recommendation thereof to the confideration of Parliament. " Having seen from the note of the proceedings ofthe House of Commons, the liberal measures they liad been pleafed to adopt, relative to him, in con- sequence of bis Majetty's messages, the Prince of Wales leels it incumbent on bitn to express the deep fense of gratitude which lie entertains for the libe- ral and generous conduct of the House towards him ; and to assure the House, their kindness had made upon his mind the most lasting impression. " Hut the Prince, notwithstanding the generosity evinced towards him on this occasion, feels him- self bound to declare, that he is ftill expofed to debts for which no provision has been made, but which lie feels himself bound in honour to difcharge; and therefore, notwithftanding the kind folicitude cx- piessed by the House for his speedy refumption of the ( fate and dignity appertaining to his rank, he obliged to appropriate, to the discharge of those debts a large finking fund out of his annu- al income : and however solicitous he may he to comply with the withes expressed by the House for speedy resumption of the dignities appropriate to his llation, yet lie knows but too well, from dear- bought experience, that it would be impracticable to make such a resumption for some considerable time, without the risk of being involved in new em- barrassments " The Prince, confident of his just claims to the Revenues arising from the Duchy of Cornwall, from 1762, until he came of age, and with such confi- dence, founded upon legal opinions of the first au- thority, he naturally looked to arrears due on that ground as a source of complete extrication. But however strong were life claims upon this ground, he preferred the alternative of a firm reliance on the justicc and generosity of Parliament, and now total- ly relinquishes those claims for ever: to which pur- pose, he had given tbe necessary directions to his law Officer to discontinue all farther proceedings on the subject." Mr. Calcraft then gave notice, that it was his in- tention, on Friday next, if that day would suit the Chancellor of the Exchequer, of submitting to the House a motion, the object whereof would be, to place the Prince of Wales immediately in the posses- sion of his wonted dignity. Mr. Erskine immediately rose and observed that any motion of a tendency similar to that just specified, was certainly without the privity of his Royal High- ness. Mr. Calcraft replied, it certainly was; but he was actuated by his own feelings, and thinking the Prince ought to enjoy his proper dignity, he would certainly submit the motion. A Jamaica Mail which arrived this morning, has brought accounts from St. Domingo down to nearly the middle ol January, at which time though the blacks still remained in great force in the interior, the French, it is said, had begun to entertain more, sanguine hopes of the final issue ot the war than had prevailed for some time. Very little is, however, known at Ja- maica of the real state of affairs in St. Do- mingo. The Jamaica Daily Advertiser of the 11 th of January states the arrival, a few days be- fore, at Cape Francois ot eight sail of the line, having on board 12,000 troops from France. The number ot troops is, we think, exaggerated, but there is little doubt that a considerable reinforcement has arrived at the Cape.— attention is very intent upon the of the Franco- Spaniards at the mouths ot the Mississippi, and the sensation they have caused in the United States. Some persons are of opinion that the violation of the treaty will be declared a just and urgent cause ot war, and that troops will be sent without delay to expel the Spaniards from New Orleans. The enterprize, no doubt, is not very diffi- cult ; but we confess that, in the present state ol American politics and factions, we dare not encourage and hope for any thing so decisive. II appears bv accounts from the Mediterra nean, that the reports concerning the evacua- tion of Egypt and Malta by our troops were premature. We always supposed that this was the case. The Turks and the Neapoli- tans are unfit to hold such trusts in ihe present state of Europe without farther security. The Ottoman Secretary, who is now on his way to this country, is expected in town about the middle ot the present week. He is the bearer of the Insignia of the Imperial Order of the Crescent, which, in its gratitude, the Porte sends to the Chief ( and many ot the su- baltern) heroes ot the army of Egypt. Bonaparte says England can expect no al- lies, and we fear this is true. We trust the moment is distant when the experiment shall be tried; but if the day should come when England, even alone, shall be compelled to maintain her just rights, we have not a doubt, whatever the wishes of a few cowards and traitors may insinuate to the contrary, that England would come out of such a contest glorious and triumphant; France baffled, de- feated, and disgraced. But we trust that though it may be a difficult task to avoid a war, when our rivals display such insolence, ambition, and a spirit of real hostility, the peace will be maintained, and that our efforts will be reserved lor a case of the strictest ne- cessity— a case ol honorable and just defence against the worst enemy that ever scourged . he human race. Mr. Pitt's health continues in so precarious a state, as not to admit of his undergoing the fatigue of a regular parliamentary attendance. We understand that the Committee on the Coventry election have couie to a relolution which goes to annul the election of Mr. Jefferies. At a meeting held yesterday at Lloyd's coffee house, ot the subscribers, amotion was made by Mr. Angerstein, " That on account of the eminent services that Earl Spencer has rendered them and the country at large, dur- ing his late Administration, his Lordship's portrait should be placed in the subscription room, as a testimony of their esteem and re- gard." A very spirited debate took place in consequence, and the sense of the meeting appearing to be against Mr. Angerstein's pro- potition, an adjournment was moved. This motion was over- ruled, and the following re- solution was at length agreed to : " That not- withstanding the high sense the subscribers entertained of Lord Spencer's meritorious ser- NEW PANTOMIME. Grand Olympian Performances, By the POLISH OLYMPIAN. The YORKSHIRE FLYING PHENOMENON' And— The GRIMACER,* % From the Royal Circus, London, with twelve others, "" Will perform this prefent FRIDAY EVENING, motion in question, as it might encourage mo- tions of a fimilar nature in future." During the performance of Hear Both Sides, at the Portsmouth Theatre last Tuesday, a ve- ry serious disturbance took place, caused by a number of Naval Officers, assembled in the upper boxes. After they had repeatedly in- terrupted the performance it was thought pro- per to send for Constables to remove the nui- sance. But their number being great, several of them in liquor, and all with side arms, it was dangerous for the constables to act. One of them snatched a lighted candle and threw it into a box amongst some ladies. A party of the military arriving, some of the gentle- men were taken into custody ; but the person who threw the candle, we are sorry to learn, is not amongst them. When the soldiers ap- peared, some of the riotous party gave an alarm of fire; and, from the confusion this oc- casioned, several of them escaped. What followed wore a most alarming appearance. Many ladies got over the boxes, and upon the stage; some fainted, fome were hurt in climb- ing over the spikes. Captain Martin, and a number of gentlemen greatly exerted them- selves to assist the ladies. It is with pain we add, that a Lieutenant in the Navy, while thus employed, had the misfortune to run one ofthe spikes through his leg, and that his wound is dangerous The young men who were taken into custody are bound over to ap- pear at the next sessions. LOST, Wn Tuesday last, between Melton and Rearsby, A Metal Watch— No Makers' Name. Whoever has found the fame and will bring it to thePrintei of this Paper, Ihall receive TWO GUI- NEAS Reward. Leicester, March 2, 1803. Grand Junction Canal Coinpanv. a SPECIAL ASSEMBLY of the Pro- prietors of the Grand junction Canal, duly convened at the tnllance of his Grace the Duke of Bridgwater and upwards of Twenty other Proprie- tors, and held at the Crown and Anchor Tavern, in the Strand, London, on Tuesday, the 22d Inft. It was Resolved unanimously, That a further Dividend, of One and a Half per Centum, should be made amongst the Proprietors of Shares and Parts of Shares, as foou as the laiue could be conveniently done. GRAY and CHAPLIN, Clerks to the Company. N. B. Due Notice will be given as soon as the Dividend Warrants are ready to be issued; And all Perfons entitled thereto, or to Interest upon Loans, to whom it may be inconvenient to call in Perfon, are defired to employ fomc Friend or Agent in Lon- don, as it is found extremely inconvenient to the Clerks in this Office, to tranfafi: that, or any other private Business; and the Committee requeft, that the Poftage of all Letters on private Occafions, may be paid. EDWARD ADAMS, Committee Clerk. Grand Junction Canal Office, No. 12, Essex- street, Strand, London, Feb. 24, 18o3. Notice to Debtors and Creditors. ALL Persons who have any Claim or De- mand upon the Estate and Effects of Mr. JO- NATHAN LAPWORTH, late of Stapleton, in the County of Leicelter, Farmer and Grazier, deceafed, are defired to fend an Account thereof forthwith to Mr. John Lynes, or Mr. John Brooks, both of Kirk- by Mallory, in the County aforefaid, his Executors : And all Perfons who were indebted to the faid Mr. Jonathan Lapworth, at the Time of his Deceafe, are defired to pay the Amount of their refpedlive Debts to his faid Executors without further Notice. Kirkby Maltory, Feb. 24, 1803. w TURNPIKE. NOTICE is hereby given, that theTOLLS arifing at the feveral Toll Gates ereCted upon the Turnpike Road, leading Irom Lutterworth to' Hinckley, in the County of leicester, known by the feveral Names of the Bittefwell Toll Gate, the High Crofs Toll Gate, and tbe Burbage and Lick eft Lane Side Gates, will be LET by AUCTION to the belt Bidder, at the Houfe of John Harris, known by the Sign of the Plough Inn, in Hinckley alorefaid, on Thurfday the Twenty Fourth Day of March next, between the Hours of Eleven and Five of the Clock, of the fame Day, in the Manner directed by an ACt, paired in the Thirteenth Year of the Reign of his prefent Majerty King GEORGE the Third, " for regulating the Turnpike Roads," which Tolls were let for and produced tbe laft Year the following Sums namely, The Bitteswell Toll Gate for - £ 157 The High Cross Toll Gate for - 132 And the Burbage Side Gate, and the lic- } kett Lane Side Gate ( together by Com- > putation) produced - ) Over and above the Expences of collecting the same, and will he put up at those respective Sums; and the highest Bidders or Takers of tbe same respectively may enter upon the Tolls arising therefrom upon the 21st Day of April next. Whofoever happens to be the best Bidder must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees ot the faid Road, for Payment of the Rents agreed for at fuch Times as they shall appoint, and the Takers respective- ly are requested to bring their Sureties with them to the Meeting, in Order that Bonds may be immedi- ately entered into, otherwise the Tolls will be put up again and re- let. By Order of the Commiflioners. CHARLES JERV1S, their Clerk. Hinckley February 2 iih, 18o3, and to- morrow ( SAtuRD AY) At the THEATRE, leiCESTER, The celebrated JOCKEY DAnCE. lit Jockey, Mr. Port ; 2d. Jockey, Mr. Hitchcn; 3d Jockey, Mr. Larkin ; 4th Jockey, Mr: Hitch- cock; and the principal Jockey, Mr. Collet. Mr. IRELAND Will take many surprising KICKS and LEAPS, Never attempted by any other Man— tbe Explana- tion of which sets Description at Defiance. TIGHT ROPE DANCING, By Mr. WOOLFORD, Where he will leap eight Feet high, perform with Chair, Hoop, Skipping Rope, See. with a Varie- ty of wonderful Exertions, and will also perforin his astonishing Equilibriums on The MOVING LADDER. The FORCE of HERCULES, & e. The Evening's Entertainment to conclude with an entite new Pantomime, called The ENCHANTED CAVE, Or, HARLEQUIN'S ESCAPE. Harlequin, Mr. Port ; Columbine, Mrs. Ireland ; Old Man, Mr. Humphrys; Tinker ( with a Song) Mr. Coghlin ; Lover, Mr, Jones; Servant, Ml. Larkin; Enchanter of tbe Cave, Mr. Coghlin; Banditti, Messrs. Hitchen, Morlcy, Phillips, Hitchcock, Pearl, Larkin, and Frott ; Chief of the Banditti, Mr. Woolford ; and Clown to the Pantomime, Mr. Collet. Doors to be opened at Six o'Clock, and to be- gin at Seven. Tickets to be had at the Printing Office ol Ireland and Son, at the Theatre, and at Mr. Johnfon's Fruit Shop, where Places in the Boxes may be taken.— Boxes 3s. Pitt 2s. Gallery Is. 2 7 Wanted immediately, tHREE JOURNEYMEN MILL- WRIGHTS: sober Men may have Em- ployment for twelve Months, by applying to JOHN KILBURN, North Kilworth, near Lutterworth, Lei- cestershire. March 1, 1803. Workhouse Master. WANTED- a Person to take Care of the Poor of the Pariih of Knighton, Leicester- shire. Apply to the OVERSEERS, or at the Ves- try Meeting, to be held- on Thursday next. Knighton, March 3, J803, A'm Wanted, v* joURMEYMAN BLACKSMITH, that is steady and perfeCt in his Business : En- quire of EDWARD CORBY, of Medbourn, in this County. 5C Substitutes for the Militia. WANTED, Two or Three young single Men, for the Parish of Natborough. A Pre- mium of FOUR GUINEAS will be given if approved ot— Not lefs than Five Feet Seven Inches high. Apply to J. PRATT, Overfeer, of Narborough ; or to the PRINTER of this Paper. A 25 Lubbenham. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, v By Mr. FARMER, At the George tnn, Harborough, on Tuesday the 15th of March Inst. at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, AHOUSE and HOMESTEAD, and 4- CLOSES, in the Lordship of Lubbenham, in the County of Leicelter, within two Miles of Har- horough, ' and adjoining the Turnpike Road trom thence to Lutterworth, late in the Polieffion of Mr. William Smart, deceafed. In Lots as under : A. R. P. L* t I • Houfe and Homeltead, 0 2 24 Lot 2. I. ong Clofe - 4 0 5 Lot 3. Long Close Meadow, - 3 2 21 Lot 4. Lane Close, - - 4 2 32 Lot 5. First Close, - - 6 3 5 Immediate Possession may be had of the several Clofes. For further Particulars apply at the Office of Messrs. PARES, MILES, and ALSTON, Solicitors, Leicester. 63* At the same Time will be sold a Quantity i of GOOD HAY, standing in Lot 2. An- eligible Situation for a Hosier or a woolstapler. yj To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. FARMER, On Wednesday the 23d of March Inft. at five o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the Bull Head Inn, Market Place, Lcicelter, ANew and well- built HOUSE, situate in the Swines' Market Leicester, in the Occupa- tion of Mr. Thomas Miller: consisting of two large Cellars, a good Kitchen, two Parlors, Dining Room, and leven Sleeping Rooms: Alfo, the two adjoin- ing Tenements, which, at a small Expence, may be converted into Waiehoufes and Wool rooms. For Particulars applv to Mr. MILLER, or Mr. FARMER, both of Leicester. be Sold by private Contract, New- built substantial Brick DWEL- LING HOUSE, with Yard, Pump, & c. fitu- ated atthe Corner of Applegate- street, Leicester, now in the Occupation of Weightman Gee, Grocer and Chandler.— The Premises consist of Basement Story, Kitchen and Cellars, Parlour and Shop, with two Fronts ; two good Rooms in the Chamber Story, and two ditto in Attic. The above Situation is suitable for any Retail Trade, or small Manufacturer. To treat for the fame apply to WM. KEiGHTLEY, Builder, Lei- celter. TO BE LET, And entered upon at Lady Day next, Genteel SASH'D HOUSE, with a Coach- house and Stables, Orchard and Gar- den adjoining ; and also Two Closes contiguous thereto j situate at Birstall, in the County of Leices- ter, now in the Occupation of Mrs. Hotchkin, who will shew the Premises. And for Particulars apply to Mr. J. B. OLIVER, Leicester. Leicefter, February 25, 1803. MAPLE HAY near LICHFIELD. TO BE LET, From the 25th of March 1803, lor Five Years certain, and for a longer Term conditionally, ANEW, well- built, handsome VILLA, of Brick and Stone with Westmoreland Slate, containing a considerable Number of convenient Rooms, one of them 25 Feet' 9 Inches, by 18 Feet 3 Inches, and near 16 Feet high; a large walled Garden well planted, Shrubbery adjoining, excellent Stabling, Fold Yard, and ample and convenient Out- Buildings; the Situation dry and beautiful, over- looking the City ol Lichfield distant 1 Mile, and in View of Hynts Hills, Hopwas Hay, Swinsen, Treford, Aldershaw, & c. on the Brow of a hanging Lawn of 28 Acres, skirted all its Length by a River- like Water and Fishery, with Plantations; and all or Part of 100 Acres more of good Pasture and Meadow, chiefly, lying all round the House; with sporting over the extensive surrounding Manor of PIPE. A Person in the House will shew a Plan of the Whole , and any one after a View and not otherwise1, ( De- fcription by Letter giving much Trouble without affording any adequate Idea,) may treat with S. PIPE WOLFERSTAN, Esqr. Statfold, near Tam- worth, about 10 Miles from the Spot, or with Messrs. I. BISHTON, Jun. ie Co. at Kilsale, near Shifnall, Shropshire. £ This Advertisement will not be continued. w of f'qluah 4/ T O To be SOLD by AUCTION," By Mr. hENSHAW, At the Bull's Head Inn, at Loughborough, in the County ol Leicester, on thursday the 17th Day of March, 1803, between the Hours of five and seven in the Afternoon, .' i ANeat DWELLING HOUSE, with Barn, Stable, Cow houfe, and other Buildings adjoining, fituate at Barrow- upon- Soar, near Lough borough, late in the Occupation of Mr. Henshaw; with about one Acre and a Half of rich Land, on which is growing a large Quantity of Elm, Ash, Fir, with other Timber and Fruit Trees. The above Premifes have an extenfive Right of Common on Chamwood Forelt, and are very plea- fantly fituated about one Mile from Lord Sefton's Seat at Quorndon, and three from Loughborough. Mr. Glover, of Quorndon, will ihew the Premifes, and any further Intormation may be had on' Appli- cation to Mr. SAMUEL HARDING, Willoughbridge Wells, near Woore, StafFordshire. hanuchwood and Nuneaton Colliery~. TO BE peremptorily SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. VALE WHITWEi. L, By Order ot the ASSIGNEES, on Tuesday the 29th of March, 1803, between the Hours of Five and Seven o'Clock in the Evening, at the House of Mr. J. Bostock, known by the Sign of the Bull, at Nuneaton, in the County of Warwick, subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced, unless the fame Ihall be previously dispofed of by private Contrail: THE following THREE LEASEHOLD ESTATES in ONE LOT; comprising all that valuable and extenfive COLLIERY, called HAUNCHWOOD and NUNEATON COLLIERY, fituate in the Parifhes of Nuneaton and Chitvers- Coton, in the County of Warwick, and connetfted with the Coventry Canal, by a capital Rail Road from the Pits to the fame. One Leafe commences at Lady Day, 1732, for the Term of 99 Years, fuhjeit to a Mine Rent of Is. for every Stack Load of Coals fold off the Premifes. One other Leafe, commences at Lady Day, 1777, for the Term of Fifty Years, subject to a Mine Rent of 2s. 4d. outof every 20s. received for Coals fold off the Premifes. One other Leafe, commences at Lady Day, 1777, far t of 50 Years, fubje£ t to a Mine Rent of 2s. of every 20s. received for Coals fold off the with the Purchafe of these Leafes, . very capital FIRE ENGINE, complete ; ; the Cylinder 48 Inches Diameter, and the- Working Pump 11$ Inches, lifting 33 Gal- lons dfWater at a ltroke.— Likewise another EN- GINE,- older, of about the fame Power, together with Working Pits, funk at a great Expence, Rail Roads, Blackfmith's Shop, Siore Houfes, Count- ingS Houses, two Dwelling Houfes near the Wharf, Weight Machine, Stabling, Gins, Rail Road Wag- gons, ' wijB a large Quantity of new Bricks, Tim- ber, Sec. There r^' a good subistantial Sough or Aqueduct, driven from* a Place called Wash Lane, near Nunea- ton aforesaid, through Shale and Rocky Stratum, more than 2,000 Yards, which draws off the Bassett Waters from the Colliery about 25 Yards deep, and serves as an Adit or Level for lower Waters to be delivered into by the Engine. The Pits now produce about two or three Hundred Tons of Coals per Week, of the most approved Quality, and in great Demand ; and should the le- gislature admit ( as expected) of Inland Coal being delivered and sold Duty Free in tht Metropolis, ex- traordinary Advantages, to a considerable Degree, may be reasonably anticipated. For any further Particulars, apply to Mr. COL- LINS, Solicitor, Spital Square, Loudon; Mr. KIRBY, of Coton, near Nuneaton aforesaid; or to Mr. VALE WHITWELL, Auctioneer, Priory, Row, Coventry. J/ f Valuable Sheep, Sec. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. BOOTT, On the Premises, on Wednesday the 9th Day March, 1803, at ten o'Clock, THE valuable FLOCK of SHEEP, six Head of neat Cattle, and four Horses, late the Property of Mr. PYWELL, Of Glendon, near Kettering, in the County of North- ampton, deceaaed; Consisting of 418 In- lamb Ewes and Theaves, 60 Shear- Hog Wethers, and 291 Ewe and Wether Hogs; 2 In- calved Scot Cows, 4 Scot Oxen, I three and 1 two- years Old Colts, and 2 two- years Old Fillies. The Sheep are deacended from Rams hired of Mr. Tomalin, Mr. Robinaon, Mr Dainty, and Mr. Ellis; and the Ewes and Theaves are chiefly In- lamb to Sheep hired from Mr. Dainty and Mr. Pickering. Catalogues may be had fix Days before the Sale at the White Hart, Kettering ; the George, Harbo- rough ; the Crowns, Leicetter; on the Premifes ; and of Mr. BOOTT, at Loughborough. iuable Stacks of Hay and Grass Keeping. To be SOLD by AUCTION, BY MR. BOOTT, At the Houfe of Mr. W. Cooper, the Old Spot Inn, in Longhbro', in the County of Leicetter, on Thurfday the 10th Day of March, 1803, at four o'Clock, agreeably to fuch Conditions as will be then produced, LOT I. NE STACK of HAY ( the Produce of feven Acres of Land), and the Grass Keeping ot nine Acres, until the 5th Day of April next. LOT II. One other Stack of Hay ( the Produce of fourteen Acres of Land), and the Grass Keeping of the said fourteen Acres until the said 5th Day of April. The Stacks and Keeping are fituated in Burleigh Fields, in the Parish of Loughbro', and John Heap, at Burleigh House, will shew them. ) A Valuable Neat Cattle, Sheep, Horses, Sfc. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BOOTT, On the Premises, on Friday the 11th Day of March, 1803, at ten o'Clock, THE valuable STOCK of Neat Cattle. Sheep, Horses, Implements of Husbandry, Turneps, & c. late the Property ot Mr. JONES, Of Hoton, near Loughborough, in the County of Leicester, deceafed. Confining of 5 Cows & Calves, 2 lu- calved Cows, 2 In calv> 3 Heifers, 3 Heifer Stirks, 4 Yearling Heifer Calves, I Yearling Bull Calf, and 2 Fat Cows; 66 ' valuable In lamb Ewes and Theaves, 42 Ewe and Wether Hogs,\ nd 2 Rams; 2 In- foal Cart Mares, ^.( Jart Horfes, f\ Cart Fillev, and a Galloway; 2 Stofs^ igs; Part of a Stack ' of Hay; a Quantity of White Tap and Swedish Turneps; 2 Narrow- wheel Waggons; 2 6- Inch Wheel Carts; 3 Ploughs; rows: Gearing for 4 Horses; Roll; about 50 Fleaks; Forks; Rakes; Cow Cribs; Sheep Crib, & c. & c. & c. Catalogues may be had, two Days before the Sale, on tbe Premifes, at the principal Inns in Lougborough, and of Mr. BOOTT. The late Mr. T. Jones was one ofthe oldeft Sheep- Breeders in the County of Leicetter. The and Hogs are hy Sheep bred by Mr. Farrow. Valuable Neat Cattle, Sheep, Sec. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BOOTT, Without Rcserve, on the Premises, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednefday, the 14th, 15th, and 16th Days of March, 1803, at Ten o'Clock, ALL the valuable STOCK of NEAT CATTLE, SHEEP, and PIGS, Lite the Pro- perty ef Mr. JONATHAN LAPWORTH, Of Stapleton, near Hinckley, in the County of Lei- cester, deceased ; Consisting qf 40 ufeful In- calved Dairy Cows, 6. Barren Cows, 20 valuable In- calved Heifers, 19 Heifer Stirks, 25 Yearling Heifer Calves, and G ufeful Bulls ; 217 valuable In- lamb Ewes and Theaves, 168 Ewe and Wether Lamb Hogs, and 44. Eat Sheep; 5 In- pigged Sows, 5 fat Pigs,' and li Store Pigs. The late Mr. LAPWORTH always considered USE in the Selection of his Breeding Stock : and what is now offered to the Public will be found to he well worth Attention in Quality as well as Quantity. N. B. The Neat Cattle, on the Farm at Elms- thorpe, will be fold on Monday the 14th; and the Sheep and Pigs, on Tuesday the ? 5th ; and the Neat Cattle, Sheep, and Pigs, on the Stapleton Farm, will be fold on Wednefday the 16th. Catalogues may be bad 6 Days before the Sale, at the Bull's Head Inn, Hinckley ; the Crowns, Lei- celter; at both Farm houses; and of Mr. BOOTT, in Loughborough! *** The capital Breeding Cart Mares, Cart Horfes, and Implements of Husbandry, and the Houshold Furniture, at both Farms, will be fold by Auction a few Days previous to tbe 5th of April, timely Notice whereot will be given. Leicestershire. A TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MESSRS. SKINNER & DYKE, On Wednesday the 30th of March, at 12 o'Clock, at Garraway's Coffee- house, Change Alley, Corn- lull, London, In one Lot, DESIRABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, fituate at GREAT WIGSTON, four Miles from LEICESTER, on the high Road to NORTHAMPTON, confining of a DWELLING- HOUSE, BARN, Sta- bling, Out- buildings, and sundry Inclosures of very RICH GRAZING Land, containing about TWENTY SIX ACRES, being exceedingly compaCt, on Leafc to Mr. George Irwin and Mr. John Robinson, which expires on St. Thomas, 1803, and Lady Day 1804, at clear net Rents, amounting to SEVENTY POUNDS per Annum. Capable of considerable improvement. To be viewed by applying to the Tenants, of whom printed Particulars may be had ; also, at the Three Crowns Inn, Leicester; of Mr. Heyrick, So- licitor, Leicester; Mr. Blunt, Solicitor, Loughbo- rough ; Messrs, Dicey and Co. Printers, Northamp- ton ; Mr. Finnis, Solicitor, Tavistock- street, Bed- ford- square; at the Place of Sale ; and of Messrs. Skinner, Dyke, and Co, Aldersgate- strect, London, ASHBY WOULDS. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. OWSTON, In feparate LOTS, uinder tbe Powers of the ACt of Parliament passed for inclosinig Ashby Woulds, in the Parish ot Ashby- de- la- Zouch, in the County of Leicester) at the Queen's Head, in Ashby- de- Ia- Zouch, on Monday the Fourteenth Day of March next, between the Hours of Eleven and Five on that Day, SUCH further Part or Parts of the said Common or Waste Ground, as the Commissioners appointed by the said ACt shall deem expedient, each Lot to be of the annual Value of from Two, to Five Pounds, according to the Estimation of tbe said Commissioners; and which will be allotted as con- veniently as may be to the respeCtive Purchasers thereof, as foon as the faid Commissoners shall be able to set out the specific Allotments dircCted by the said Act of Parliament; and to be entered upon immediately alterwards; and fubjeCt to fuch other Conditions as lhall be produced at the Time of Sale. Further Particulars to be had of Mr. SMITH, Land Surveyor, Packington. N. K. The Commissioners will require a Deposit of ,£. 20 per Cent, of the purchase Money to be made at the Time of Sale. Ashby, Feb, 16th, 1803. Ashby- de- la- Zouch Canal. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT. FOUR SHARES in fWt promising Con- cern. Any Person inclined to purchafe the Whole, or any Part thereof, may apply ( Pott paid) to Mr. BOOTT. ' Loughborough, March 3, 1803. , TIMBER. TO BE SOLD, On Wednesday the 30th of March Inft. 1803, in the Lordship of Shangton, A Quantity of capital Ash Timber, ( IN LOTS). Fit for Wheelrights, Carpenters, Coopers, k Farmers. TO BE LET OR SOLD. A Capital House, situate in Gallowtree- Gate, Leicester, in the Occupation of Mr. 8. Clarke ; comprising excellent vaulted Cellars, a Hall,-" two Parlours, Dining Room, and Kitchen - feven Bed Rooms, Clofets, two Attics, with Laun- dry, Brewnoufe, 2 Stables, other Offices, & a Garden Two- thirds of the Purchafe Money may remain on Security of the Premifes. For Particulars enquire of Mr. R. CLARKE. J7 LEICESTERSHIRE. FREEHOLD ESTATE. ( Tythe- Free.) To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, AVery desirable FARM, consisting of One Hundred and Forty- two Acres of ufeful Graz- ing, Arable, and Meadow Land, with a Barn and Stable newly erected thereon, situate in the Lord- ship of Kirby Bellaers, in the faid County, and lyin » - near unto the Turnpike Road, leading from Melton Mowbray to Leicester, and now in the Occupation of Mr. William Willows And Also, Two Closes of Failure or Meadow Land, confift. ing of Twenty- one Acres, or thereabouts, lying in the Lordship of Somerby, in the faid County of Lei. tetter, and now in the Occupation of Mr. John Leadbetter. • N. B. The above Two Clofes are Tythe- Free and redeemed of Land- Tax. ' For a View of the Premifes, apply to the Tenants- and for Particulars, and to treat for Purchafe to WILLIAM SHARRARD, Esq Langham, Rutland- shire; Mr. THOMAS CLARK, Attorney, Melton. Mowbray ; or at the Office of Mr, STOKES, S. BEADSMOORE, PRINTER, BOOKSELLER, and STATIONER r RESPECTFULLY informs his Friends -. hat he has purchased the LIBRARY of BOOKS of the late Rev. S. SHAW, of Hartlhorn, in the County of Derby, which he is now felling ( for ready Money) - at his Shop in the Market place, Alhby- de- la- Zouch. Thursday's Post LONDON, March 2. The following statement is copied from a Morning Paper: — " By a letter from Rouen, dated the 23d ult. we learn, that 011 the 21st of February, a Frenchman, of the name of Bourgais, just returned from England, was with a number of his accomplices, arrested by the Government, in consequence of information that rhey had entered into a plot to assassinate the Chief Consul, and afterwards to seize on the reins of Go- vernment. A number of papers were found upon him, which are said to develope the diabolical scheme, and to implicate : i number of persons in this country, rmigrants from France. M. Bourgais came over to England m the month of July last, with recommen- dations to several respectable families to procure him a situation as a tutor. He did not succeed in this, and the account is, that he was drawn into the conspiracy bv some of those emigrants resident in England, who still cherish the thoughts of a counter revolution by the means of tumult and anarchy. We state this entirely on the authority of the letter from Rouen.— We know of no such conspiracy in England. There are very few emigrants now remaining among us, and those who have settled in England are persons who appear to have given up all thoughts of returning ( o their native land. They think differently in France;— and these suspected persons were, on the 22d ult. sent off from Rouen to Paris in irons, and under a guard of 50 horsemen." Yesterday, at twelve o'clock, the remains ct Col. Despard, were taken from his late lodgings in Mount- street, Lambeth, accom- panied by three mourning coaches, in which were his private friends. The procession, ac- companied by a vast number of spectators, proceeded to St. Paul's. The whole passed off with the greatest order. The body was interred on the north side of the church yard. Lord Somerville's Shew of Cattle.— Monday the second annual shew of cattle, instituted by Lord So- merville, took place at Langhorn's Repository, in Barbican. The object which his Lordship has in view is, to give annual prizes to the first and second best yoke of fat oxen which shall have laboured a given period, to provide corn and other food for man, but shall never once have consumed it; the second, to all breeds of short- woolled sheep ( hitherto so much neglected), giving the preference to those the most productive in food'' and raiment j subject to certain conditions. To be given annually, so long as it shall be thought adviseable, a prize of .£ 30 to the best, and « £ 20 to the second best yoke or pair of oxen which shall have worked together in yoke or harness, for the space of three years previous to their being turned up to graze, aged from 5 to 8 years, weighing from 100 to 160 stone, from 10 to 16 score per quarter, being the size best adapted to labour, and to the ave- rage of the markets. The number of days woik to be certified, and that they had no corn of any descrip- tion. if is Lordship likewise offers another prize of .£ 50 in like proportion, to those who produce, in a fair store state, the best five ewes not in lamb, .£ 30 not exceeding 13 or less then 10 months old. Also the five best fat wethers, four or six tooth sheep ( or three years old) ,£ 20 of any sort or clothing wool breed, whether horned or not. Tuesday, 2d.— The Society, after the shew of cattle, dined together at Freemason's Hall, at which lord Somerville presided— the Duke of Bedford, * Lord Villiers, Marquis of Sligo, Lord Porchester, Mr. Coke, & c- & c. were present, The cloth being removed, his Lordship proceeded to mention the names of those gentlemen entitled to the prizes adjudged by the Society, as follow : The firft a prize of thirty guineas to his Grace the Duke of Bedford, for the best fed Yoke Oxen, The second, a prize of twenty guineas, to Mr. Abrahams, for his second- best pair of Yoke Oxen ; but in case the said oxen should weigh more than 160 stone ( that weight being the standard allowed hy the Society) the said premium should be adjudg- ed to Mr. Martin, his being the nearest, and the best Yoke Oxen in the shew. The first prize for Sheep, thirty guineas, adjudg. cd to Mr. Edm. Smith— Yoke Hog and South Down Wethers. The second, of twenty guineas, was adjudged to * he Duke of Bedford, for his five best South Down Wethers. After which his Lordship, in a handsome speech, earnestly recommended to the Society, to persevere and improve their breed of sheep, by the crossing of the Spanish breed with their South- Down, and also with their Wiltshire & Leicestershire breed. Should this system be followed up, he had no doubt but that in the course of a few years the importation of Spa- nish wool would be totally abolished, and that our markets and woollen manufactories would exceed air other nations for fineness, elegance, durability, and cheapness. MONTHLY AGRICULTURAL REPORT. The mild . » nd gentle manner in which the severe frostsofthebeginningofthepresentmonth, have dis- appeared, has completely dissipated the apprehensions of the farmer, in respect to the danger of the young wheat crops. In the midland and all the more sou thern districts, tne injuries that have been sustained, even in the later sown crops, have in general been but trifling. And in the northern parts of the island they have in very few instances been of a serious na- ture. On the whole it may nowbe stated that for agreat number of years past, there has tcarcely been a sea- son so highly favorable for the various purposes of the farmer, as the present, especially when taken from the begining of August in the preceding year to the conclusion of this month. The prices of grain still continue somewhat on the decline; and from the large quantities on hand it may be reasonably presumed that they must be still more reduced before the conclusion of the next month. Wheat averages, throughout England and wales, 56s. 8d. barley 24s. ! ld. oats, 18s. lid. In most of the Northern parts of the kingdom, the markets continue to be fully supplied, and the sales of grain have been mostly made at reduced prices. Though the frosts during the more early parts of the month, have considerably retarded the operations of the plough, many of the other processes of husban- dry have been performed with great convenience Much manure, in different places, has been carrie d upon the arable, as well as the grass lands. Notwithstanding the abundance of winter keep for cattle, the prices of fat stock continue to keep up, lOST, at Leicester Fair, on Wednesday. A Black Runt. Has a Snip on each Side the Tut, and ruddled acrofs the Loin.— Whoever can give Information, fo that the faid Beast may be restored to the Owner ( G. HEALEY, of Melton Mowbray) shall be hand foniely rewarded. Ashby- de- la- Zouch Assemblies. HE THIRD SUBSCRIPTION ASSEM- BLY will be on Tuesday the 8th of March T next. Mr. LEO. PIDDOCKE, Stewards Mr. CANTRELL, Stewards. Ashby, 24th Feb. 1803. To Manufacturers and others engag- ed in commercial Concerns. TO BE LET BY AUCTION, IN ONE LOT, At the George Inn, in Derby, on the firft Monday in March Inst. ( without the Machinery for throw- ing Silk, and with or without the Water) for the Term of Sixty Years, to commence from Lady- Dav, 1804; THE EXTENSIVE and SUBSTANTIAL BUILDINGS, well known by the Name of THE DERBY SILK MILLS; Situate in the Town of Derby, on the River Der- went, and occupied by Mr. LAMECH SWIFT, as a Silk Manufactory. Alfo, An adjoining Building used by Messrs. BROWN and SON, for Sawing Marble, and Turning Machine- ry, in the Petrefaction Manufactory. The Silk Mills consist of two detached Buildings, in good Repair. The one ( filled with Machinery for throwing Silk, and worked by a Water Wheel, fupplied from the River Derwent) is five Stories in Height; has on the Ground Floor, 26 Windows, and on each of the remaining Floors 28 Windows ; and is 46 Yards in Length, and 13 Yards in Breadth ; the other is 4 Stories in Height; has on each of the Upper Stories 102 Windows; and is 51 Yards in Length and about 8 Yards in Breadth. Messrs. Brown's Manufactory ( worked by Water fupplied from the Derwent) is 3 Stories in Height; 27 Yards in Length, and about 10 Yards in Breadth, and lias a proportionable Number of Windows. Thefe Buildings are convertible to any Manufac- turing Purpofe, anid their great Extent and local Advantages entitle thein to the Notice of the Com- mercial World. They ire fituated on the River Derwent, and ad- join the Derby Canal, which communicates with the Neighbouring Collieries. The Town and Neighbourhood of Derby are po- pulous and abound with Minerals of every Des- cription. The Premifes may be viewed and further Particu- lars had oil Application to Mr. WARD, Town Clerk of Derby. CANAL and DOCK SHARES. Messrs. ShArP and KIRKUP. At Garraway's Coffee House, on Tuefday 8th March, 1803, at Twelve o'Clock, by Order of the Execu- tors of WILLIAM WILLIAMS, Esq. deceased, ( unless prcviously disposed of by private Contract,) sUNDRY SHARES, in the WEST IN- DIA and LONDON DOCKS, the COVENTRY, OXFORD, OAKHAM, MONMOUTH, & GRAND JUNCTION CANALS, and ihe LONDON FLOUR COMPANY. P » ticuiats whereof may be had in due Time at Garraway's Coffee House; and of the Broker's 32, Winchelter Street, near the Royal Exchange, Lon don. REAL WESTPHALIA HAMS, Just Imported. J WALLIS, GROCER, in the Market place, having received a Consignment of REAL WESTPHALIA HAMS of choice Quality, begs Leave refpeitfully to inform the Nobility, Gentry and Others, that they are now felling at Prices deserving Attention. Leicester, Feb. 25, 1803. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. ROUSE, On the Premises, on Thursday the 11th of March, 1803, THE HOUSHOLD FURNITURE of the late Mr. JOHN HARDING, In MARKET HARBOROUgh. Northamptonshire. O BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr, ROUSE, At the Talbot Inn, Welford, in the County of Northampton, on Friday the 25th Day of March Instant, between the Hours of 3 and 6 o'Clock, subject to such Conditions as shall be then and there produced, ( unlets disposed of by private Contract before the 16th Dav of March Instant,) AValuable FREEHOLD and Part Tythe free ESTATE, at Sibbertoft, near Welford, confiding of a capital Messuage, Out Buildings, Garden, and Fish Ponds, Two Home Closes,' and several Closes of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, in the following Lots, viz. LOTS. TENANT'S. QUANTITY 1 Messuage, & c. ' Home Close, Rev. Joseph Sturges, ' Joseph Ashby, Ditto, John Ore, y- S A. R. P. 3 0 0 Another Ditto, Long Close, Fox's Croft, 2 Rednell ( Part Tythe free) Jer. Bates, S' 3fc'Followells ( 3 Closes) Do. Meadow ( Tythe free) West Close, Lutterworth Way, Townsend Close, Do. Meadow, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. DAVIS, On Monday, March 14, 1803, ABOUT 40 Lots of valuable ASH, with some Fir, Willow, and Poplar Poles, in the Parish of Ratcliffe- on- the- Wreak, near Rearsby, Leicestershire. The above Poles are of a superior Quality, and will be found remarkable useful to Farmers for Fleaks or Gates, and may be viewed by applying to Mr. Ben- net, of Ratcliffe. The above Lots Will be sold for ready Money, and to be cleared away in 14 Days from the Sale. The Sale will commence prccifely at ten o'Clock. having an Engagement at Segs hill at three o'Clock the Afternoon. I And entered upon TO BE LET. at Lady- day next, ACompact and very desirable FARM situate at GARTHORPE, near MELTON MOW brAY, containing about Five Hundred and Seventy four Acres, within a Ring Fence, including a large Proportion of BULLOCK FeeDINO LAND. The Rent will be upwards of Seven Hundred Pounds per Annum, and will require a Capital of Five Thousand Pounds tostock and manage it. A Leafe will be granted lor Twenty Years. For further Particulars enquire at the PLOW INN Garthorpe. 53 Growing Wood. Two Nether Closes, Joseph Ashby, Cow Close, Thomas Chown, Grumwell Close, William Hall, Do. Meadow ( Tythe free) Ditto, POSTSCRIPT. LONDON, THURSDAY. March 3. HOUSE of COMMONS— Wednesday. MALT TAX. Sir John Wrottesley wished to know from the Chancellor of the Exchequer, whether or not he in- tended taking any notice of the petitions against the Malt Act. Unless that Right Hon. Gent, did so, he ( Sir John) should make a motion on the subject. Mr. Addington replied, that the tax on Malt had been brought forward by himself last year, and it could not he supposed that he was to bring forward ijny motion for its repeal. Notwithstanding the vari- ous petitions upon the table, he was not inclined to give up his original opinion upon the propriety of the measure. He should, however, be ready to meet any discussion which the Hon. Baronet might feel inclined to agitate, provided he would give eight or ten days notice. Last night were rcccived Paris papers to the ' 27th ult. The civil code of laws has been brought forward in the Legislative Body, and is to un- dergo the discussion of that Assembly on the 8th instant. The laws, when duly sanctioned, are to be effective in consequence of the First Consul's promulgation, and shall be executed in every : part of the Republic from the instant they are known— The French Funds continue to rise. Yesterday the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Council, attended by Ihe Sheriffs and ( lie City Officers, proceeded from Guild- hall, in state, to present an Address lo his Majesty, on the providential discovery and defeat of the treasonable conspiracy against his royal person, which ultimately intended to overthrow our glorious constitution. The Address having been read to his Ma- jesty, he made the following most gracious reply: — " I thank you for this very loyal and dutiful Address, and I accept, with particular satisfaction the affectionate congratulations of my faithful City of London, on the signal protection of Divine Pro- vidence vouchsafed to me, and upon our common deliverance from a desperate and wicked attempt to destroy < iur invaluable Constitution, and therewith the laws, liberties, and happiness of my people." After which his Majesty was pleased to con- fer the honour of Knighthood on Richard Welch and James Alexander, Esqrs. Sheriffs of the City of London aud County of Middle- sex. Omnium 3 § $ J dis. Cons, for Feb. Ac. 71J TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Unicorn and Star, in Thurmalton, on Mon. day the 7th of March, 1805, if not sooner dispos- ed of by private Contrail, either together or fepe- rate, SEVERAL TENEMENTS, in the North End of Thurmalton, together with a Piece or PAR- ecl of Land, pleasantly fituated for Building tipon near the Road. Distant 3 Miles from Leicetler, 12 from Mellon ; and 8 from Loughbro'. For further Particulars apply to Mr E BISHOP, Baker, of Thurmalton. The Purchase Money ( if required) need not be ad- vanced until fome Time in May. 5A TO BE LET BY AUCTION, x FOR THREE YEAR'S. S\\ . By Mr. DAVIS, On Monday March 1,4, 1803, at Mr. Bryan's, at Segs- Hill or Six Hills, ne r Thrussington, Leicester- shire, at 3 o'Clock ' in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will then be produced, NINETY- THREE ACRES ot LAND, called the Wo OLDS, in the Lordship of Thrus- sington, and now in the Occupation Mr. J. Kilby. For a View of the fame, ^ apply to Mr. Draper, Thrussington. Poffeflion may be had at Lady- Day next. The Purchafer taking the prefent Crops at a lair Value, and the Money paid for the same to the present Occupier, before Possession is given. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. DAVIS, On Wednesday and Thursday March 16th and 17th, 1803, ALL ( he Valuable HOUSHOLD FUR- NITURE, Dairy Utenfilt, Brewing Vessels, Barrels, Coppers, & c of Mr. JOHN WARTNABY, Of Great Dalby, near Melton Mowbray, Leicester shire. ( who is going to reside elsewhere) ; Comprising valuable and lofty 4 Post Bedsteads, clothed with rich Crimson, Moreen, and other Fur- niture; very good Feather and Flock Beds, Blan- kets, Coverlets j handsome Pier and Swing Glasses, Mahogany Card and other Tables, handsome Maho- gany Chairs, Horse- Hair Seats; very good Oak Square Dining and other Tables, Oak and other Chairs, Oak Bureau; a very convenient Oak Clothes Press with upper and lower Drawers, handsome 8 Day Clock, Oak Case; Brass Pots and Pans', 30 Gallon Copper, Brace of Pistols, Gun, with a Va- riety of other Articles. The Dairy confrtts of a valuable Assortment of Cheese- Vats, Churns, Cheese- Press, Pails, Tubs, Milk- Lead, Slate, & c. Brewing Vessels are a good 5 Strike Mash Tub, Working Vat, with other Tubs to correspond ; seve- ral well seasoned Barrels, Malt Mill, Bags, & c. Sale to begin each Morning at Ten o'Clock. W. D. allures the Public the above Articles will be found well worth their Notice, and hopes for their early Attendance, on Account of the Number of Lots in each Days' Sale. 3 per Ct. Red. " 72 | 72 I 3 per Cent. Con. 71 Hi \ ¥ i st LINCOLNSHIRE. ' Valuable Freehold and Tythe- free Estate, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. GASKILL, On the Premises, on Wednesday the 9th of March, 1803, precifely at three o'Clock in the Afternoon, Together or in Lots, as fhall he agreed upon at the Time of Sale, HE ESTATE is situated at BILLING- The above Closes are capital Grazing Land, ( ex- cept the Followells in Tillage,) well fenced and watered. ' ' The Tenants will shew the Premises. Sibbertoft is a healthy Village, 2 Miles from Wel- ford, and 5 from Market Harbro', through which Placcs feveral Mail and other Coaches pafs Daily to and from London. For further Particulars, or to treat bv private Contrail, apply to Mr. BURFORD, Solicitor, Mar- ket Harborough. . PERKINS'S ~ METALLic TRACTORS. To the Inhabitants of Leicester, and its Neighbour- hood. Extract of a Case communicated by a Lady to Dr. Charles C. Langworthy, Physician, at Bath, and by him sent to the Patentee, Benjamin Douglas Perkins, M. A. PALSY OF THE AESOPHAGUS. - SIR, N the Beginning of June, 1797, in Addi tion to my usual Afflictions, 1 was seized with a violent Pain in my Side, and some other Complaint; which were supposed to be dangerous. About a Month after this Attack., I was frequently in a State of Insensibility; in this Situation Liquids were often put into my Mouth, which would not pass the Throat, and when 1 became sensible 1 found The POWER Of sWALLOWING WAS TOTALLY LOST At this Time 1 was attended by Mr. Bowle,' a* Surgeon, of Market Lavington, who applied Blis- ters, Electricity, tec. without Effect. After conti- nuing in this State, about Twelve Days, Mr. Bowle thought of the Experiment of supporting me with Liquids, through an elastic Tube, put down the Throat into the Stomach : and this Contrivance, 1 have Reason to believe, was the providential Means of preserving my Life;— but from this ex- traordinary Complaint, I was wonderfully relieved by the Application of the Tractors. Edmund Lam- bert, Efq. of Boyton, a very respectable and well- known Gentleman and Magistrate, purchased a Set of the Tractors, which he recommended me to use; the Rev. Mr. Davies, the Rcitor of Sherrington, w; ho is well skilled in the Theory of Medicine, was fo obliging as to apply them. I submited to the Ope- ration, but with little Expectation or Hope of any Relief:— In the Space of about 15 or 20 Minutes, I felt a great Heat and tingling in my Throat, which was afterwards followed by a gentle Perfpiration.' After this tingling Heat, I found the Action of my Throat so far recovered as to be ahle to swallow the Saliva,— I then called for a Glass Of Water,, which I drank without any great Difficulty In less than a Fortnight, by ihe repeated Use of the Tractors, the Action of my Throat was perfectly restored.' The above is a Statement of Facts, and if you ! think them important, you are at Liberty to publish them. ^ 1 am, Sir, your humble Servant, ELIZABETH GAUNTLETT. Sherrington, near Heytsbury, wilts. It may be necessary to add, that a few Philanthro- pic Characters in the Parish of Sileby, have been so convinced of their superior Utility, at to purchase a Set of Tractors, solely for the Benefit of the Poor; and it is with great Satisfaction it may be said, that above Fifty Persons have been cured there, of va PROPOSALS Forpublishing by Subscription, ' A COURSE OF LECTURES, ON THAT PART OF THEv LITURGY OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND, CONTAINED IN THE MORNING PRAYER, Lately delivered in the Parish Church oj Wakefield. TO WHICH WILL EE ADDED, ONE or TWO OCCASIONAL DISCOURSES. By the Rev. THOMAS ROGERS, M. A. Late of Magdalen College, Cambridge ; M3fler of the Grammar School; Afternoon Leilurer of St. John's, and Sunday Evening Leilurer of the Parifh Church, in Wakefield. 1. The Work shall be handsomely printed in Two Volumes Post Octavo, on good Paper, and with a new Type. 2. The Price to Subscribers, in Boards, Ten Shill- ings and Six- pencc. 3. The Money to be paid on Delivery of the Work. The Names of Subfcribers will be received by the Author, in Wakefield: by Mr. Mathews, in the Strand, London : Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Ireland and Son, Leicester: Mr. Wolflenholme, Minister Gates, York ; Mr Binns, Leeds: Mr. J. Hurst, and Messrs. Wood and Son, Wakefield : Mr. Edwards, Halifax: Mr. Jolie, Carlisle : Mr. Browne, Hull: and other principal Booksellers in the Country Subfcribers are requefted to mention their Place of Refidence. li Leicester, March 4, 1803. Leicester Musical Society. THE SEVENTH SUBSCRIPTION CONCERT, will be at the ASSEMBLY ROOMS, on Thursday next— to commence at Seven o'Clock. , The Managers having not been able to make an ab- folute Engagement with two eminent London Performers, ( in Time for this Advertisement.) obliges them to defer announcing their Names till the Evening's Performance. ACT I. OVERTURE Saul. Ist CONCERTO f— Handel. SONG. VIOLIN CONCERTO. ACT II. SINFON IA Pleyel. GLEE. Vlllth CONCERTO Corelli. SONG. SINFONIA Haydn. Rev. T. BURNABY, j Stew ards. i T BRO', in the County of Lincoln, about three Miles from Folkingham, 10 Miles from Donning- ton, 10 Miles from Bourne, 10 Miles from Sleaford, and 20 Miles from Bolton, confiding of that capi- tal and good accustomed INN, known by the Sign of the GEORGE, fituated on the Turnpike Road leading from Stamford to Bofton; together with about Seventy Acres of rich Meadow and Pafture Land, the greatest :, Part of which adjoins the Pre- mifes, in the Octnj& tion of Mrs. Beedzler. Poffeffion may be had of the Whole on the Fifth Day of April next. The Tenant will fhew the Premifes ; printed Particulars may be had at the principal Inns in the Neighbourhood; and lor further Infoimation apply to Mr. GASKILL, Nottingham; or to Mr. GREEN Lenton Abbey, near Nottingham. Weeks ; and in this Town thete are daily Instance of their extraordinary Powers. The Complaints they are particularly useful for, are " Painful Topical Disorders, such as Acute and Chronic Rheumatism, including Sciatica and Lum- bago; Gout, Sprains, Contusions, Burns, Scalds, in some Cases) total Blindness, Inflammations of the Eyes, alfso of the Skin, as Erysipelas, and Tetters j painful Inflammatory Tumours, violent Spasmodic Dr. W. ARNOLD, After the Concert a BALL. Admittance to Non- Subfcribers 4s. each N. B. Gentlemen who have not paid their ftrtiptions are defired to do it at the. Door. LEICESTER, March 4. MARRIED. On Tuesday last, by the Rev. Robert Markham, Archdeacon of York, Philip Hamond. Esq. second son of Anthony hamond, Esq. of West Acre, in the county of Norfolk, to Miss Anne Packe, young- est daughter of Charles James Packe, Esq. of Prest- would, in this county. Wednesday at Islington, Mr. Holland Goddard, of Market Harborough, to Miss Dowley, of the same place. On Wednesday at Kelham, Nottinghamshire,! Alpheus Thacker, of Shardlow in Derbyshire, Miss Egliston, of the former place. ^ On Tuesday last, Mr. William Cartwright, hosier to Miss Hawksley, both of Nottingham. Thursday Mr. Cosens, hosier, to Miss Ann Parr," both of Nottingham. DIED. On Sunday last at Rothley in this county, in the 42d year of his age, Arthur Carter, Esqr. Lieut. Colonel of his Majesty's 20th regiment of Light Dragoons, and Brigadier General in the West Indies. He was grandson to the late Hon. Sir Thos. Carter, Secretary of State, and to the Hon. Sir Arthur Chayne, nephew to General Johnson ;— he was 29 years in his Majesty's service, highly esteemed by the whole of his regiment, and by all who had the honor of his acquaintance. < > n Monday last, at his house in this town, after several days illness, in the 76th year of his age, William Smart, Gent, the last male branch of an an- cient and respectable family, formerly settled in Lei- cester Forest and at Thurlston in this county : he was a sincere friend, a good landlord, and a kind master: — He used an ample fortune in a manner creditable to himself and beneficial to society, being ever anxious to encourage the industrious, relieve the poor, and succour the distressed; to all of whom he was a true friend and liberal benefactor, and his death will be a loss severely felt and long lamented. A few days ago, at Loughborough in this county, Mr. Fellows; many years Master of the Red Lyon Inn, in that place. ' (' Theatre, Leicester. On Saturday evening, for ihe benefit of Mrs. IRELAND and Mrs. CIMAX, will be exhibited a great variety of new performances, and particularly Mr. Ireland will leap over a tilted waggon, and twenty four soldiers with fixed bayonets; the POLISH OLYMPIAN wilfexert his utmost abili- ties on the TIGHT ROPE and MOVING LADDER, likewise anew DANCE, called JOCKEY and JEN- NY; with a variety of other performances, as will be expressed in the bills of the day. On Monday last the Corporation of this Borough, with a promptitude equally creditable to their loyal- ty and constitutional principles, unanimously voted an Address to his Majesty, on the providential dis- covery of the late diabolical conspiracy against his Royal Person. It is, we understand, to be present- ed during the ensuing week. At our Fair on Wednesday last, there was a large shew of Neat Cattle, for which high prices were asked, and but few sold ; the quantity of Sheep was small; and but very few good Horses, which fetch- ed high prices. On Monday last Robert Pegg, John Dennis, Richard Hincks, and William Broomhall all of Stoke Golding, frame- work- knitters, were committed to our County Goal, for the space of two calender months, by the Magistrates at Hinckley, being con- victed of having entered into a combination to obtain an advance of wages, and of having induced others to attend meetings for that purpose. On the 22d ult. by the Rev. Mr. Greaves, Tho- mas and William Judd, charged on suspicion of stealing a couple of fowls from Richard Marvin, o. Willoughby. On Thursday a man was taken up at Doncaster, and conveyed from thence to Nottingham Gaol, on suspicion of having been concerned in the robbery of Messrs. Walsh, Freeth, and Walsh at Bunwell near Nottingham, on the 2d of January last, of 50pri- ces of printed calico. ' I'he application which the Brewers have prefer- red to Parliament, to prevent any individual from brewing his own beer, or in the event of his continu- ing the practice, to subject him in the inquisition of the Excise Laws, involves matler of very serious and. general consideration; and we trust that no trivial consideration of revenue will be suffered to < perate against an usage which has hitherto materially con- tributed to the enjoyment of a large class of the community. About two o'clock on Saturday morning the cotton spinning factory in Germain Street, in Manchester, belonging to Mr. Jas. Kennedy, was discovered to be on fire, which raged with such violence that in ihe shoi> space of one hour it was reduced to a mere shell. Sub Ti LEICESTER INFIRMARY. HURSDAY the 17th of MARCH, instant, being the QUARTERLY BOARD, tlie GOVERNORS are reqnelted to attend at the INFIRMARY at Eleven o'Clock precisely. All fueh as are concerned in the following Com- modities, are defired to fend their Proposals ( sealed) to the Secretary of the Infirmary, on or before the 15th of Match, specifying at what Rate they are willing to supply the Infirmary, for the ensuing Quarter, with Butchers Meat, Bread, Soap, Candles, rice, Sugar, Hops, Malt, and Oatmeal. The most . reasonable Proposals will be accepted; and if two or more Tradesmen should offer to supply at thesame shot> 6 > Preference, that the utmost Impartiality may be observed, and no Interest made in Favour of any par ticular Person. By Order of the Committee, H. JEFFCUTT, Sec. N. B. The Person who contracls to serve the House : chers Meat, must engage to furnish young nd to fend chiefly . Beds and Rounds of Beef s of Mutton, under the Penalty of forfeiting b. for such Meat as the Committee shall be ed with. - inen Bags would be a very acceptable Pre- lie Couvulsion, as Epileptic Fits, Cramp, and Looked, Jaws; Pleurisy, Stings and Bites of venemous In- sects; Fluor Albus Pains in the Head, Face, Ears, Brealt, Side, B;. ck and Limbs.."— Thofe who are Ac- quainted with the Nature of Diseases must not sup- pose that the Proprietor of the Tractors would leave them regarded as an infallible Specific in all the Diseases above enumerated, as there are oblstinate Cases which will baffle all Human Assistance. They are sold wholesale and retail, at Six Guineas a Set, 20s Stamp included, by F. SMITH, Chymist- in the Haymarket, London, who has appointed CORT, CORT, and BARSTON, Ironmongers, LEICESTER, his Agents. Books containing Accounts ol near 5000 Cures, are given with each Set. N. B. The METALLIC TRACTORS are equally useful in the Complaints of Horses. Linen Rags sent to the Infirmary. tO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. ELLIOiT, At the Houfe of Mr. Samuel Freer, the Bulls Head Inn, in Great Wiglton, in the County of Leicest- er, on Monday the 14th of March, 180?, at Four o'Clock in thd Afternoon, . fiVE Tenements, or Dwelling - Houses, fituate on the North Side of 3 Street opposite the Bull's Head Inn above mentioned, called Ap- ple- pye Corner, now in the several Occupations of Stephen Brown, Benjamin Pain, Thomas Coltman, Ann Smith1 and Thomas Smith. For further Particulars apply t9 Mr. PAYnE, At- torney at Law, leicester. sentto t bti COURT OF KING'S. BENCH, f Guildhall, London. 15,1803 In the important Cause, Cartwrights and others, v. Holliday and Cockshott, of Baildon, in Yorkshire, for an Infringement of sundry Woolcombing Inventi- ons, protected both by Patents and an Act of Parlia- ment, a verdict by admission of the Defendants was entered for the Plaintiffs, with 10,0001. damages, subject to the opinion of Arbitrators as to the quantum of damages to he paid. Complete satisfaction respecting the Patent Comb- ing Machines may be had at Arnold Works, near Nottingham, where any Person who is inclined to a- dopt them, either for his own manufacture or to comb the Wool of others for hire, may, « he please, be present at the working of many of these Machines for a week together; and where also the Proprietors are pa pared to shew, that in addition to the orginal Sav- ing of Wages, such are the other eventual savings of a Spinning- Mill, such the superiority of Sliver, " and such the other advantages, that the total benefit of COMBING BY MACHINERY, is greater than it would be to have all their wool combed in the old way for nothing. HOUSE of COMMONS— Friday. The Secretary at War moved the third reading of the Militia Training Bill. General Tarelton stated, that he did not mean to oppose the motion; on the contrary, no man che- rished a greater esteem for the Militia than he did; and eve- y man who witnessed their gallant services in Ireland must certainly be of the same opinion; but every man who looks at the situation of this county as » he stood with regard to eur neighbour, must be rath" r jealous of that position. France had an im- mense army, well trained, and well appointed; in lhat it might be looked upon a6 the finest in the world. In this country the ballot for 40,000 men, and that soon to follow it for 20,000 more, has had a very great effect upon, and tended much to impede the recruiting for the regular service. This circum- stance was not new to the country, neither was it unknown on the other side of the water, for there were many people, like Sebastiani, ready to report such tidings. He concluded by saying, that in case the recruiting of the regular army did not go on with more success, he should make a motion on the subject befcrejhe termination of the present Session. The Secretary at War admitted that the balloting for the militia did interfere with the recruiting for the aflnv, and regretted that the Hon. General had not frown out his suggestions last year. He was, however, rather surprised to hear him say that the French was the finest army in the world; the British were equally well disciplined and trained, and if tire two armies were front to- front, the issue would rkove that the British army was at least equal. He had the satisfaction to state that the Militia would be ill out by the end of the month. The Bill was then passed. J. Wingfield, jun. of Northallerton, Yorkshire, mer- cer J. Inglis, late of Billiter- square London, but now of Jamaica, merchant T. Stowe, late oi Broadway, Worcestershire, but- cher R. Vickers. of Liverpool, merchant W. Hitchen of Liverpool, merchant T. Harrison, of Bishop- wearmouth, Durham, mer- chant W. Crossley, of Manchester, cotton manufacturer J. Clements, late of Plymouth- dock., vintoer Wonderfui inducement In the GRAND LOTTERY which begins Draw- ing on Monday the 4th of April. S C H £ M E. NAPPER TANDY. The following letters are given in the late Paris papers.— Such are the purposes to which the press is applied in France. General Napper Tandy to Mr. Elliot, Member of the English Parliament. " SIR, " On the 12th of December last I wrote to you by the medium of the post- office. Having had no an- swer, I have resolved to address, you through the channel of the . Though not the favorite news- paper in England, it is, however, a paper publicly read there. I shall begin with copying the letter • which I have already sent you. " SIR, ", Your attack upon me, in your speech in the House of Commons, on the 24th of November last, obilges me thus to address you.— My ignorance and insignnificance, which you paint in colours so dark, ought to be my protection against abuse from any man of good sense. But you have shewn yourself as destitute of good sense a; you are a stranger to po- liteness and good manners. " You cannot but know— you who pretend to so much intelligence and information— that I hold a rank in the army of this great and generous nation, which sets me on an equality with the proudest peer in Great Britain, You know that a soldier's honor is dearer to him than life. Yet, with a know- ledge of these facts, you presume to tarnish my cha- racter, you have attempted to fix stains of infamy on my name which must be washed away in either your blood or mine.— A French Officer is not to be insult- ed with impunity. You, the country which gave me birth, the country into whose bosom I have been adopted, cannot but expect that I am not to betray the honor of die rank to which I have been exalted. 1 I therefore request you to name any city on the Con- tinent, in which you may be willing, in company with some of your friends, to give me a meeting. I shall expect you to allow me time to reach the place ! which you may chuse for our rencounter. 1 " NAPPER TANDY, " General of Division." " Bourdeaux, December 12, 1802." SECOND LeTTeR. " • SIR, " Eight weeks have passed since I wrote to you. My request has been neither accepted nor even ac- knowledged. I now appeal to the public, for my revenge against your attack. Had the condition of my unfortunate country been the subject, of the de- base, there might have been room perhaps for allusi- ons to my name; but that was not the case. The debate was respecting a tax to be imposed on Great Britain, in which I, a citizen of France, could be upon no fair pretence brought in. The baseness of such conduct must be . striking to the whole world. A brave man would nevr attack the defenceless nor the ab- sent. In my letter I scrupulously avoided all retort against yon.— I used no expression that could hurt the feelings of a man of honor, though in so doing, I might have been justified by your example. I simply made that appeal to which every man has a right, when his honor is injured. But, since you take your stsnd behind certain indefinite privileges, behind the extravagant idea, that a member of tiie British Par- liament —. " I am now lorced to declare, after this explana- tion oi your conduct, that Mr. Elliot is — ( The words here made use of, we shall not insert.) ( Signed) " NAPPER TANDY." County of Leicester. HUNDRED of FRAMLAND. ASSIZE of BREAD, for the laid Hun- dred, set the 14th Day of OCtober, 1802. The Penny Loaf Wheaten to weigh Ditto Houlhold Ditto The Two- penny Loaf Wheaten Ditto Ditto Houfhold Ditto The Six- penny Loaf Wheaten Ditto Ditto Houlhold Ditto The Twelvepenny Loaf Wheaten Ditto Ditto Houfhold Ditto The Eighteenpenny Loaf Wheaten Ditto Ditto Houfhold Ditto HUNDRED of WEST GOSCOTE. a. o The Penny Loaf, Wheaten, to weigh Ditto, Houlhold, Ditto The Twopenny Loaf, Wheaten, Ditto Ditto Houlhold, Ditto The Sixpenny Loaf, Wheaten, Ditto Ditto, Houfhold, Ditto The Twelvepenny Loaf, Wheaten, Ditto Ditto, Houfhold, Ditto The Eighteenpenny Loaf, Wheaten, Ditto Ditto, Houfhold, Ditto HUNDRED , of GUTHLAXTON. lb. oz The Penny Loaf Whearen Ditto Houfhold The Two- penny Loaf Wheaten Ditto Houfhold The Six- penny Loaf Wheaten - Ditto Houlhold The Twelve- penny Loaf Wheaten Ditto Houfhold The Eighteea- penny Loaf Wheaten Ditto Houfhold , Every Wheaten Loaf is to be marked with a large Roman W. and every Houfhold Loaf with a large Roman H. on Pain of forfeiting not more than 20s. nor lefs than 5s. for every Loaf. To be continued till another Afiize is let. HORNSBY and Co's. STOCK- BROKERS, At their old eltabliffied STATE LOTTERY OFFICE, No. 26, C RNHILL, Oppofite the Royal Exchange, London, Likewife in every Town in the Kingdom, appoint- ed by Government Authority. Clubs, Societies and individual Purchafers, are re- fpedtfully acquainted that the Tickets, Halves, Quar- ters, Eighths and Sixteenths, are in very great De- mand, and will rife before the Drawing commences. Hornsby and Co. therefore requeft their Friends not to delay Purchafmg— The Tickets and Shafes" SFe now felling on the lowelt poffible Terms, and the Money for the Prizes paid on Demand, whether a 20/. or a 20,000/.— The Capital Prizes are not fixed to be drawn on any particular Day, but are deter- minable as Chance may direCt.— The loweft Prize is 20/ which all Claffes of Adventurers approve of. Letters, Pat eels by Mail Coach or Carrier, execut- ed precifely on the fame Terras as if prefent. Bank, India, and South- Sea Stocks, with their feveral Annuities, and all Kinds of Government Se- curities, bought and fold by Commiffion. /( f The NOBILITY, GENTTY, Are respectfully recommended to the Use of the celebrated QUORNDON and LEICESTERSHIRE Diuretic ftf Alterative HORSE BALLS,* wHICH are composed of the best adapted and most efficacious Ingredients, to form a Medicine truly valuable, in the Cure of Swelled Legs, Cracks in the Heels, Blotches or Eruptions in the Skin, Humours in the Eyes, ObstruCtions ir< the Urinary Passages, and all other Disorders which require Diuretic and Alterative Medicines. 4 They are sold in Boxes at Three Shillings each', containing three full Dofes, with ample Directions for Ufe, by EDMD. SWINFEN, at his Wholefale and Retail, Drug, Medicine and Perfume Warehouse, oppofite the Conduit, Leicefter. Where alfo may be had Aromatic Purging Balls, and Brachen's Improved Cordial Balls lor Horfes, with molt other Articles of the beft Quality in the above Branches of Bufinefs. Alfo an excellent Powder to make a cleanfmg Drink for Cows, and another for the Hide bound, Abatement of Milk and Colds, 2s. each, with primed Directions. With Gangreene Oils, and the much approved Mercurial Ointment to cure the Scab in Sheep. h RHEUMATISMS, PALSY, CHILBLAINS, REMARKABL SPRAINS, BRI'LSES, ^ & c. - elc. INSTANCES By His Majesty's Royal Letters Patent. Rymer's Cardiac Nervous Tincture. THE following is the Copy of a Letter from JOHN BAKER, Esq. Charing Cross, London, to Mr. RYMER. » SIR, " I for a long Time laboured under a Gouty and Billious Difordcr, attended at Times with great, Giddincfs, and almoft Lofs of Sight. I have con- fulted many Phyficians ol Eminence in this Town, but never experienced the leaft Benefit from any Thing they prescribed for me, till I heard of your CARDIAC TINCTURE, and was refoved to try it; after taking two Bottles ( wonderful to fay) I am entirely cured of all my Complaints. This you are at Liberty to make known. " I am, SIR, " Your devoted and obedient Servant, « JOHN BAKER." Charing Crofs, Jan. 22. Sold Wholefale by Messrs. DICEY and SUTTON, No. 10, Bow Church Yard, London; and Retail by J. GREGORY, Swinfen, Leicester; Drewry, Derby Harrod, Ball, and Dawfon, Harborough; Dicey and Sutton, Northampton; Newcomb, Stamford ; Dewes and Twells, Ashby ; Dodsworth, Burton; Pearson, Melton; Watts, Castle Donington; Gamble, Lough- borough; C. and H Smith, Sapcote; Toone, Wool- vey ; Hawkes, Lutterworth; Leigh, Atherstone ; S. and A. Cooper, Nuneaton; Wards, Hinckley; Burbage and Co. Doubleday, and Sutton, Notting- ham ; and by every Vendor of Patent Medicines in the United Kingdom, in Bottles of as. gd. 6s. and 1 is. each; alfo in Pint Bottles, at 22s. by which there is a confiderable Saving. Of whom may be had, . Rymer't Detergent Pills, for the Cure of diseased liver, attended with Asthma and Dropsical Legs; for the Discharge of Gall Stones, Destruction of Worms, See. Price 31. 6d. a Box. Rymer's Cardiac Tonic Pills, for Female Disease. 6s. and us. Rymer'i Pedloral Febrifuge, for dangerous Colds's Declines, other Pulmonary Affections, Asthma, & c, 2s. 9d. 61, and ns. MARLBOROUGH STREET. On Friday night a man went into a public- house, the corner of Quebeck- street, Portman- square, » nd asked for a lodging. He soon entered into conver- sation with a Life Guard's man belonging to Lord Cathcart's regiment. Proposing that they should' drink together he threw out dark hints of belonging to a good society which he intimated would be very desirable to the soldier, at the same time saying, that he might he of the greatest service by joining their so- ciety, and still keeping his situation as a soldier. He took a book from his pocket, and asked the soldier if he could read, being answered in the negative, he read a seditious paragraph, which the soldier told him he did not like. He then read another para- graph out of a different book, which proved to be the Age of Reason; this the soldier told him he did not like either. He then proposed an oath to the soldier, who toid him, that, having taken an oath to be true to his King, he take another. The man said their party would e the strongest, for which rea- son he need be under no apprehension from swearing as . The soldier then collared and took him into custody, and gave him up to a watchman. When being taken away, the man dropped some papers, which the soldier picked up and offered to him; he refused, saying that they did not belong to hint. the soldier affirmed the contrary; and they were car- ried along with him. An examination into the business took place at Marlborough- street last Saturday ; but as the investi- gation was private, we can only state the above par- ticulars of the transaction. He had a hook- stick with him, containing a dirk, and at the end of it a whistle, which, he said, was to call for assistance in case of being attacked by robbers. FOR COUGHS, CONSUMPTIONS, & c. fl Pectoral Essence of Coltsfoot. rT, HE Herb COLTSFOOT, called Tus- silago by the A ucients, was dittinguilhed by them, as its Name fufficiently conveys, for its Ex- ! cellence in the Cure of Coughs and other Pulmona- ry Complaints; and this Effence has, in the Courfe of a long Praiftice, been found the most safe and ef- fectual Remedy for Coughs, Asthmas, Wheezings, Phthisicky Complaints, Confumptious, Hoarfenefs, Defluxions, Catarrhs, Difficulty of Breathing, and all Disorders of the Breast and Lungs It gently opens the Breatt, and immediately gives Liberty of breathing, without any Danger of taking Cold. It admirably allays the Tickling which provokes frequent cough. ing, and takes off the uneasy Sensation of acrimonious Humours, cleanses the small Glands, relates tli'e Fibres, and thereby enlarges the Cavitiet of the Vessels. Thus irregularly and quickly cures tke molt obstinate Consumptions of the longelt ltanding, if taken before the Lungs are ulcerated. It cures all hulky and dry Coughs, dissolves congealed Phleghm in the Thorax, heals rawness and soreness of the Breast, Stomach, and Lungs, and gives immediate Relief to those who, through Age and Infirmity, are deprived of Rest or Sleep, as it generally composes and contributes to make the Remainder of their Days comfortable and eafy. This Essence is prepared only by fames Ryan, Surgeon, iR Briftol; and fold, Wholefale and Retail, by Francis Newbery, at No. 45, the Ealt End of St. Paul's, London, in Bottles, price 3s. 6d. each, Duty included. Als o f/( q Gregory, Leiceiter. iiO Fortune may procure Luxuries, but they cannot rO be etyoyed without GOOD TEETH, GUMS, and a SWEET BREATH. Amboyna Tooth Powder & Lotion. THE Amboyna Mouth Powder is prepared from a Drug the Produce of a far Foreign Country, and imported by a Gentleman of Fortune, who hav- ing experienced its wonderful Effects and balsamic Qualities, introduces it as the only Article that i4- stantly destroys the Scurvy, heals the Gums, removes the fmall Tubercles which surround the Teeth, and are the Cause of an offensive Breath. It fastens, whitens, and preserves the Teeth, makes the Gums and Lips of f beautiful red, instantly Sweetens the Breath, is a fine Stomachic Bracer, and for fafety, proper for an Infant. It removes all Foulnefs the Mouth is subjeCt to from Diet or a disordered Stomach, and by its healing, purifying, and balsamic Qualities, is conducive to Health. The Amboyna Lotion is the greatest Antiputres- cent in the World, removes the Tooth Ach, drawing from the Sockets of the Teeth the acrimonious Water which causes the Pain, removes the fpongy Excre- fcences, and prevents any farther Decay: it also dis- solvea the Tartar and leaves the Enamel perfectly smooth. The Gentleman who imports the Drug and pro- pares thefe Articles, pledges himself to forfeit 10001. if any Lady or Gentleman ufing the Amboyna Pow- der and Lotion, as directed, has the Tooth Ach or a Tooth Decay. The Nobility and Gentry may relt af- furcd ihey will not again experience Difappoint- ment, as since the Peace, Arrangements have been made to ensure a constant Supply from Abroad. Amboyna Powder, 2s. 6d. per Box, New Duty in- cluded. Lotion, 4s 6d. per Bottle, ditto. Mr. elms's professional Duties requiring his en- tire attendance, all Orders from the Country muit be addreffed to Shaw and Edwards, No. 66, St. Paul's Church Yard, London, whose Names mult appeal Engraved on the Stamps, none others are genuine. Sold Wholesale and Retail by Shaw and Edwards, No. 66, St. Paul's Chutch Yard, London ; and may be had, by his Appointment of Coombe, Leicester; Harrod, Harborough; Edmunds, Northampton ; Ind Merridew, Coventry. Of the Efficacy of Whitehead's Essence of Mustard, Selected from some Hundred of others, having re- cently occurred. S I R, GRATlTuDE and the Benefit of others compel me to inform you, I was five Years afflicted with a fevere Rheumatic Complaint, which destroy- ed my Appetite, reduced me to extreme Weakness, and at length deprived me ol the Use of one Arm, and though I had exceeding good advice, my Com- plaints gained ground very fait, when I began with your Essence of Mustard, from which I found imme- diate Benefit.— The Mustard Pills reftored my Ap- petite and Strength in a furpiifmg Degree, and witfl^ f the Application of the Fluid, to the Part affected, my Pains were temoved, and my Arm perfectly re- ft- jred,- and 1 am now as well in Health and Strength as ever I was in my Life Your for ever obliged, humble Servant, J. D GORDON. Corporal in the Royal Artillery. Dated Parsonstown, Ireland, ( where the Regi- ment is now stationed) August 28, 1802, and_ certified by Captain Hawker, and the other Of-" ficers of the Regiment Capt, Horwood of Wellclose- fquare, London, in a Voyage from Russia, by severe Rheumatisms lost the Use of his Limbs, and being very soon restored from this miserable State of Pain and Helplessness, by tak- ing the Mustard Pills and using the Fluid, he strongly recommended it to his diseased and venerable Pa- rent, Mrs Dorothy Smith, a widow Lady, of Dagger Lane Hull, who though a Martyr to Rheumatism io^ the last 3o Years, and had long lost the Use of one Arm, two Bottles and Boxes relieved her Pains and restored her Arm, and she is now another- living Evidence of the singular Efficacy of this very extra- ordinary Medicine, though aged 68. The Fluid is fo remarkably aCtive and penetratiug that Chilblains, Sprains, and Bruifes are removed by two or three Applications. It is prepared and fold at 2s. 9d. each Box or Bot- tle, by R. JOHNSTON; Apothecary, No. I5„ Greek- street, Soho, London; and may be had of T. Gregory and E. Swinfen, Leicester; Watts, Castle Donington; and of every Medicine Vender in England, Ireland, Weft Indies and America. BANKRUPTS. J. A. Peacock, of Broad- street, Ratcliffe, cheese- monger qlE Copy of a Letter, received by Mr. Scott, of' Edin- burgh, and forwarded bit him to the Proprietors Vy the GENUINE SPILSBURY's ANTIS- CORBUTIC DROPS, No. 15, Soho Square. IAm very happy to inform you of the good Effects I have experienced from the Ufe of SPILSBURY's DROPS recently procured from you The following is a ffiort Statement of my Cafe:— About a Year fince I perceived a fmall Pimple on my right Leg, which gradually increafed, difcharg- ing a thin acrid Humour; feveral large Biles then appeared, and both Legs w^ re affeCted, till at laft the fore Part of my right Leg became ulcerated from the Knee to the Foot; the Pain was fo acute that I was reduced to the Necessity of keeping my Bed, not being able to walk; I lay in this Condition near fix Months, during which Time I confulted feveral Me- dical Gentlemen, but with little EffeCt, till fortu- nately I was advised by a Friend to try SPILSBUR^' s DROPS, which I fent for to your Shop; the good EffeCts of which has been molt furprifing, for in ^ fliort Time my Legs were healed, and my Health and Strength reftored, which, under Provence, I can attribute only to the Excellence of the above Me- dicine, and am happy to fay that at the prefent Pe- riod I am in every Kel'peCt as found in my Limbs, and 1 as perfectly well in Health and Strength, as I have ever been at any former Period of mv Life. WILLIAM WILSON. Dean, near Edinburgh, July 5, 1802. We, the underfigned, do certify to the Truth of the above Cafe:— Mrs. MILLER, Grocer, Edinburgh. , ROBERT BROWN, Weaver, Water of Leith. ARCH. FIFFE, Weaver, Dean, near Edinburgh. The above Drops are fold by the General Venders in Town and Country, with a black Stamp affixed to each Bottle, marked " Spillbury and Co. No. 15, Soho Square," alfo the Words, " By the King's Pa- tent," 011 Bottle, Bill, and Wrapper. Sold alfo by the PRINTER of this PAPER. \ J$° A CERTAIN REMEDY For Coughs, Colds, Asthmas, See. BV Sir JOHN HILL, M. D. SIR JOHN HILL'S Balsam of Honey was produced by the Labour of an aClive Life and vigorous understanding, spent in searching into the Stores of the vegetable World, and ex trading their Virtues, which the God of Kindness has so richly provided as Anodynes for human Infir- mity.— This Genuine Balsam of Honey is an Antt - dote for Coughs and Colds, Ticklings in the Throat, Difficulty o! Breathing, Consumptive Affections, Asthmas, Disorders of the Breast U Lungs, Catarrhs, and all Pulmonary Complaints. Au elaborate Defcription of the Powers of this Medicine, is considered unnecessary, its Name be- speaks its Virtues, and the hackneyed Mode of re- commending it by Cases of Cure, which are fre- quently extorted by Bribe, as incompatible with the CharaCter of Sir John Hill, who, as a Phyfician and Botanist, stamps real Value on its intrinsic Worth, and places its Virtues beyond the reach of Detraction. GUSTAVUS the THIRD, KING of SWEDEN, ^ ynoured him with a Letter, ( accompanying it with the Royal Order of Sweden) which he concludes by faying, " No man ever added so much to the Store ol useful Knowledge as Sir John Hill." CAUTIOn. This Medicine being universally Counterfeited, it is neceffary for Purchasers to observe the Names of SHAW and EDWARDS, No. 66, St. Paul's Church Yard, are engraved in the Stamps: all others are Counterfeits. •' Sold Wholesale and Retail by Shaw and Edwards, No. 66, St. Paul's Church Yard, London; and may I be had by their Appointment, of Combe, Leicefter; Harrod, Harborough; Edmonds, Northampton; and Merridew, Coventry. Be particular in asking for Lady Hill's Balsam of Honey. FORD's Balsam Horehound, An effectual CURE for COUGHS, ASTHMAS and . CONSUMPTIONS. having occurred, though taken by more than 30,000 Patients, wherein they have been known to fail, fo fuperioi are their Virtues over every other Medicine, that let the Patient be ever fo emaciated or reduced, after having tried every Medical Assistance, together with ail the Advertifed Nostrums, to no purpose, it will aCt as it were a Charm, and inttantly relieve the molt inveterate Cough, give Ease and Freedom to Refpi- ration, promote gentle Expectoration, ftrengthen the 1 whole debilitated Constitution, procure the refreshing Comfort of Rest and Sleep, aud quickly effects a permanent Cure. Too much cannot be faid in praife of fo valuable a Remedy, as it only requires to be known to meet withuniverfal Preference. Prepared by Mr. FORD Apothecary, and fold Wholefale at Mr. BUTLER's, No. 4, Cheapfide j 1 and Retail only by GREGORY and COOMBE, leicester; and by one Vender in every Town in " Bottles at 2s. 9d. & 13p. each. To the LADIES. < 9 IF the Preservation of Health and Beauty be au Object of Importance to the Fair Sex, Dr. BRODUM, the fole Inventor and Proprietor of thofe invaluable Medicines, the NERVOUS CORDIAL and BOTANICAL SYRUP, from Impulfes at once the most delicate and disinterested, recommends to the loveliest Part of the Creation thofe Specifics, which have never failed, under a Variety of the most critical Cases, to prove a sovereign, if not au infal- lible and the most efficacious Remedy ever yet dis- covered for Nervous Diseases and shattered Coniti- tutions, Confumptions, Weakness of Sight or Me- mory, Hypochondria, Tremblings of the Mind, Sex-; ual Debility, Stomach and Bowel Complaints, and" all other Diseases arising from a relaxed State of the Nervous System; and the various Diforders of the Human Frame, brought on by Diffipation in Youth, and the grofs Violation of thofe Rules which Prudence dictates for the Preservation of Health; and laying a Foundation for a long and happy Life, with a firm and strong Conftitution. As there are Complaints peculiar to the fair Sex, altogether unknown to Men, and of too delicate a Nature to be mentioned through the Medium of public Priuts, and which require, indifferent Peri- ods and Situations, the molt skilful Medical Assist- ance to complete the original Design of the all wise and omnipotent Author of the Universe; to the La- dies, therefore, and efpecially to those in what is understood by the Turn of Life, this Nervous Cordial is moft admirably adapted, and capable of adminis- tering all thofe great and inestimable Benefits which were so long and so generally experienced from those celebrated Doctors De le Cour and Hugh Smith, which, indeed, were folely performed by this molt incomparable Medicine. Mrs. Ludford, of Artillery Street, Bermondfey, was affliited, with a Swelling all o ". T her Body; but taking Dr. Brodum's Nervous Cordial, has found great Relief. Witnesses.— John Harcourt, Spanish Leather- dresser, Artillery Street, Bermondsey; R, Pierce, Coal Merchant, No. 2, Bermondsey New Road.— September 17, 1802. A 22s. Bottle contains equal to 5 fmall ones. Letters, ftating Patients' Cafes, with the Do& or's ufual Fee of a Guinea, will be strictly attended to. The Botanical Syrup and Restorative Nervous Cordial to be had at the Doctor's Houle, No. 9, Al- bion- street, near the Leverian Museum, Surry- fide of Blackfriars Bridge, in Bottles at JS 1 - 2s. lis. and 6s. ( Duty included) and of Gregory, Swinsen, Leicester; burbage Ji Co. and J. Dale, Nottingham ; Taylor, Wirksworth; Pritchard, Derby; Catlow, Chesterfield; Adams, Loughbro'; and one Person in every Town in Great Britain and Ireland. FRENCH REPUBLIC. M. FOurcroy, the Minister and the first Chemisft in Europe, has; given Dr. BRODum a Certificate as to the Excellence of the above Medicines; which Certificate has received the Signature of Mr. MER- RY, the British Minister resident in France. Brodum's Guide to Old Age, Or Advice to both Sexes, To obtain a radical and permanent Cure for thofe secret Infirmities of Nature which Delicacy often forbids to disclofe, even to their Relatives; with a Treatise on Female Diseases, Nervous, Hypochon- driac, and Consumptive Complaints. To which is added, Advice to Bath and Hot- well Bathers, & c. It is particularly recommended to Sea- faring Men. T" HE CORDIAL BALM of GILEAD is now confidered as the greateft Difcoverv that has been made in the Memory of Man; it is potent, fafe, and pleafant. Tbe rapid and increafing Fame bellowed on its Author and Inventor ( Dr. Solumo » of Liverpool) is the true and only Criterion to judge of the Merits of a Medicine, which has been ad- miniftered from the highett to the ioweft Clafs of People with fuch happy and uniform Succefs. The Venders of this Medicine frequently cannot get fupplied fo quick as the Demand is for it; and it is a Fadl, worthy of Remark, that they are fold nearly as foou as they arrive to Hand; molt of the Haiti Guinea Bottles being befpoke before they are ordered. In weak and fhattered Conftitntions, Weaknefsof Sight or Memory, Hypochondria, Tremblings, Horrors of the Mind, Sexual Debility, and all other Difeafes arifing from a relaxed State of the nervous Syftem, and often the Confequence of Intemperance, De- bauchery, Inattention to the neceffary Carespf Health, Luxury; in fedentary, inactive, or itudious Life, this Cordial Balm has univerfally ellablithed its reftorative Efficacy, and may be jultl) enumerated amongft the foremolt of thofe happy Difcoveries which medical Refearch has procured as the Bleffings of the human Race, and greatcft counteradtive| io human Mifcry. Thoufands at this Day in the three Kingdoms, and moft Parts of Europe, Alia, and America, live t ® blefs the Day they firft applied to this admirable Remedy, and enioy the Bleffings | ot Health, who might otherwife have dropped into an untimely Grave, the Vidtims of eaily Impruaence. Copy of a Letter from THOMAS V. CLEN- DEN ING, Esq. datedThomastown, Castlebar, Ireland, 15th August, 1 802, forwarded under Frank by the Right Hon. Denis Brown, M. P. for the County of Mayo, ( Brother to the Marquis of Sligo,) to Dr. SOLOMON, Liverpool. Having been for several Years afflicted With a violent nervous Complaint, accompanied with Pains in my Head and Brtall, fo as to be frequently confined for Days to my Bed, and having had Recourle to the Faculty in feveral Parts of this Kingdom to no Purpole, was at Length recommended to try four CORDIAL BALM OF GILEAD; after taking three Bottles, I am happy in being able to ftate, I find mylelf perfeftly ' recovered, which! entirely attribute, under Gpci, to your invaluable Medicine You are perfeftly at Liberty to publith this Circumftauce, and I fhall make it generally known in this Pait of the Country, I am, Sir, your obedient Servant, THOMAS V. CLENDENING. The ANTI- 1MPETIG1NES, the long fought for Remedy for all Stages of the Venereal Difeafe, when Mercury or Antimony, Nitrous Acid, and other Medicjnes fo falhio. iable of late, prove abor- tive. The Anti- Impetigines being founded onache- mical and philofophical Balis, proves of the higheft Utility in all Cales of " depraved Habit with Affec- tions of the Skin," hence its Efficacy in Cafes of Scur- vy, Scrofula ot Leprofy, as well as in the confirmed Lues, and hence by iu sanative Power it expels the Virus out of theSyflem, and reftores it to a Convale- fcence when impaired by Difeafe or the deleterious Preparations of Mercury, Antimony, or Aquafortis. Likewife for Pimples, Blotches, Freckles, Ring- worms, Blackworms, Carbuncles, See. See. The great ell Clearet and Beautifier of the Face is undoubtedly SOLOMON'S ABSTERGENT LOTION. And re- moves all Diforders of the Skin. Pints 4s. 6d. Halt Pints as. 9d, It is the moft elegant, fragrant, mild,- fafe and valuable Liquid or Wafh for Scorbutic and othet Eruptions on the Face and Skin. It gently rellorea the Skin to a Degree of Fairnefs and Purity, beyond the Powers of Description. Ladies may rely that it renders the Skin fair, delicate, aud removes every Kind of Stain, Tan, Sunburn, and all thofe Frfck le « which long lllnels and Fatigue generally produce 5 i » fhort, it is the only Colmetic a Lady can ufe at her Toilette, with Eafe, Comfort, and Safety, or a Gentle- man have recourfe ta, when Shaving is become a dread- ful Operation by an eruptive Difeale on the Face. Just published, at is. only, An entire new Edition of SOLOMON'S GUIDE TO HEALTH, or Advice to both Sexes; tn Nervoot and Confumptive Complaints, as well as Dilorder* liable to be imprudently contrafted by Youth.— Containing an Effay on the Venereal Difeafe, Gleets, Seminal Weakncfs, and Female Complaints of a pri- vate Nature; an Addiefs to Parents aud Guardians, Tutors, and thole who have the Care and Educatioa of Youth; with a Variety of authentic Fails, never be. foie inferted in any Edition of Solomon's Guide to Health. Sold by J. GREGORY. Swinfen, and Comba Leicefter ; Beadfmoore, Afhby- de- la- Zouch ; Drewry, Derby; Adams, Loughborough; Burbage and Stretton, Dunn, Sutton, Nottingham ; Allen, Hurft, Grar. tham, Jacob, Peteiborough; Harrod, Dawfon, Harborough j Hemfal, Lutterworth; James, Hinckley; Dicey& C » t Marfhall, Edge, Northampton; Rollafon, Luckmsc Suffield, Coventry; Sharp, Warwick ; Baker, Tarn- worth ; Morgan, Lichfield. MARK- LANE MON DAY, Feb. 28. Our supply of Wheat this day being but moderate and the buyers pretty numerous, that article main- tained last week's prices. We have a large quanti- ty of Barley, and which, with Malt, are both cheaper, We have likewise plenty of Oats, but rather a scarci- ty of fine samples; the sales are dull. Pease and Beans remain as before. There is a good supply aE flour in town, and which is rather cheaper. PRICF OF GRAIN. Wheat Fine Rye Bartey Fine Malt Fine 44s to 52i 59s to 60s 32s t » 35 s 20s to 24s — s to — sj 40s to 44; j — s to — s White Peafe Grey Peate Small Beau* Ticks Oats Fine Polands 33 « toS « r 3t) « to 33s 31s to 28sto^ 3 « 14s to IS* — s to 2U « SOs to S'St PRICE OF MEAT. SMITHFIELD.~ MoitnAY— February 23. To fink the offal— per ftone of 8/ 4. Veal 4s 8d to Beef 4s 6d to 6s Od Mutton 5 « Od to 6a 4d | Pork 4s HEAD OF CATTLE THIS DAY. Beafts about 1800— Sheep and Lambs 7,500 ti 8d tc5s fed SEEDS, per Hundred Weight. Red Clover ( new) Ditto, ( old) White Ditto Terfoil Turnip Rib- grafs Rye Grafs Carraway Coriander Canary 82s to 114s 30s to 80s 80s to 147 « 35s to 75s 20s to 24s per bofkef,, 42s to 56s per cwt. 30s to 50s per quartet, 36s to 42s per - cwt. 28s to 30s 80s to 65s Rape Seed £ 34 to £ 38 per Latt. PRICE OF LEATHER Butts, 50 to 561b. each I9f t ® 214 Ditto, 60 to 651b. Merchants Backs ... , . Dreffing Hides, - Fine Coach Hides —— Crop Hides for Cutting ——. Flat Ordinary, Calf Skins, 30to 401b. per doz Ditto, 50 to 701b Ditto, 70 to 801b.- ' 22$ to 2S£ i9f to 20d 19i to « 1< J 8 Id tp 20$ £ 0 2r: J. 18$ to 2 « d 26d to 324 J.„ 27 d to 32df « 26d to 28d 40d to 49.1 Small Seals ( Greenland Large ditto, 100s to 140s per dozen Tanned Horfe Hides 18s to 32s per Hide This Paper is regularly filed in LONDON, at the London, Chapter, and ' Peel's Coffee House: and at Mr. TAYLER'S Warwick Court, St. Paul's Church Yard; where ADVERTISEMENTS are received. the paper may also be seen at the White Lion, Leather Lane, Holborn ; and at Mr. BILLING'S, Crown, Vinegar Yard, Drury Lane. Mr TUPMAN, Mr. DUNN, Mr. RIDGARD sheffield. Mr. ROOME, Derby. Miss WILSON, Rotherham. Mr. BARR0w, Kegworth. Mr. SMITH, Bakewell. Mr. BRADLEY, Chesterfield. Mrs. WALKER, Asbourne, Aduertifemcnrt are received, and the Paper diftributed by t • • >< n < 1 m 1 ntcii A 111 fT! 1 - J- ... II I 1* t » r » Mr. HOLLERINSHAW, Tideswcll. Mr. DODSWORTH, Burton, mr. PARKER, Harborough, Mrs. ELLA, Loughbro' Mr. LESTER, Sheepshead. Messrs, A. WARD, Hinckley • l Mr CLEMENTSON, Melton, Mr. LOSEBY, Billesdon, Oak- ham. & c Mn ROBERT YOUNG, Ashby, ni Vil lages adjacent, Mr. GLOVER, Frisby, Grantham. ( Printed by J. Gregory Co. Market Place Leicester,]
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