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Ipswich Journal


Printer / Publisher: S. Jackson 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3560
No Pages: 4
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Ipswich Journal

Nelson at Copenhagen Page 2 Col 1
Date of Article: 18/04/1801
Printer / Publisher: S. Jackson 
Address: Butter-Market, Ipswich
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3560
No Pages: 4
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Sunday's Post ON the 30th ult. the House of Lords ac- quainted the Commons, that they had agreed to the Bill for the continuing the term of two Acts made in the 2d and 11th years of the present reign, for repairing, & c. the high road from the North- end of Ballingdon- bridge, in Sudbury, Suffolk, to the South- gate, in Bury St. Edmund's, in the said county, and also for re- pairing, & c. the high road from the place where the said South- gate formerly stood, to the place where the North- gate, in Bury St. Edmund's formerly stood. The Gazette contains a letter from Sir E. Hamilton, of the Trent, stating, that the boats of his ship captur- ed a large vessel of 300 tons, under convoy of a cutter and lugger privateer, making sail from the anchorage of Brehat to Plampoul, notwithstanding the enemy made a desperate resistance by a continued fire from 5 batteries on shore, and sent many boats to her assist- ance, which, with the lugger, took her in tow ; but Lieut. Chamberlayne, and Mr. Taite, marine officer, gallantly boarded and carried her, in doing which, the latter lost his leg, and two seamen were killed. Lieut. Irwin, of the Stag cutter, has also captured a French privateer of 14 guns and 55 men ; and the fortunee, Capt. Lord A. Beauclerk, one of 12 guns and 40 men. Count Woronzow, lately Envoy and Mini- ster Plenipotentiary from the Court of Russia to that of Great Britain, now leaves this country. His endeavours to prevent a rupture between the two Courts gave high offence to his impe- rious and capricious master. None could be more zealously faithful than he to the interests of Russia, yet was he basely accused of having conspired, with Count Viosmenil, to detain the Russian fleet in the ports of England. He de- clined, in these circumstances, to return to Russia till the Emperor's caprice should take a turn less unfavourable to the vindication of his inno- cence. But, to consummate the injustice under which he suffered, the Emperor has lately seques- tered all his family estates. In the hope yet to mitigate that Monarch's wrath the Count goes to fix his residence on the Continent. He has obtained passports to proceed from England by the way of Calais. His health too, and that of an amiable daughter, demand the advantages of a milder climate. Leaving this country, he car- ries with him the regret of many of the first cha- racters in it; not that he was ever too partial to its interests, but that with all the feelings of loyalty and patriotism towards his own country and So- vereign, and with a heart and understanding such as have been rarely, excelled, he joins a regard for the British character, which has made him lament that Paul has not us still for his friends. A very numerous and respectable company of the friends and supporters of the Asylum, for the Deaf and Dumb, dined together at the London Tavern on Friday last, the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor in the Chair. After dinner, about 40 children, male and female, at present under tui- tion in this asylum, were introduced ; health glowing on their cheeks, and intelligent satisfac- tion sparkling in their eyes; they exhibited spe- cimens of their penmanship and progress in arith metic, and gave proofs of their acquisitions in written and articulate language by the pertinent answers they returned to questions put to them, and some ot them speaking some lines prepared for the occasion, in so distinct and audible a manner, that all present acknowledged their sur- prise and satisfaction at being able clearly to comprehend words uttered by those who never heard an articulate sound, and who, previous to their admission here, were unable to make one. This pleasing and grateful spectacle being with- drawn, success to the institution was drank with enthusiasm, and in the course of the afternoon many reports of donations and annual subscrip- tions were announced by the Reverend Secretary amounting in all to between 6 and 700,£.; he also communicated the pleasing information that a manufactory is erected at the Asylum, in the Grange Road, Bermondsey ; so that the labour of the hands is combined with the improvement of the head and heart, and this unfortunate class of beings rendered, not merely intelligent, but industrious members of the community. When his Majesty's health was proposed from the chair, there was such an immoderate burst of applause as plainly evinced the warmest af- fection for the best of Kings. Friday evening his Royal Highness Prince William of Gloucester honoured the Jews Syna- gogue in Duke's Place with his presence. He was met at the entrance by the Wardens of the said Synagogue, A Goldsmid, Esq. and Mr. J. Larams, who conducted him to his seat. His Highness seemed pleased with the marks of at- tention paid him, extra prayers being read for him and the Royal Family; and the Ark, contain- ing the Law of Moses opened for his inspection. Bankrupts Thos. Jones and John Harrison, Lud- low, Salop, glovers. Sam. Shore, Manchester, vic- tualler. John Hunter, Rye, Sussex, common carrier. John Green, Manchester, patten maker. John Rowan, Burton upon Trent, licensed hawker. Susanna Scott and John Scott, Mount- street, Grosvenor- square, ha- berdashers. John Houlding, Preston, Lancashire, dealer in liquors. George Bakewell, Birmingham, baker. A. Mead, West Wycombe, Bucks, chair- ma- ker. James Draper, Sherrard- street, cabinet- maker. Patrick Ker, Old Jewry, merchant. Joseph Alder, St. John- street, Clerkenwell, cabinet- maker. ALBION, A GREY HOUSE, a known good HUNTER Of great. Size, Strength and Activity, WILL Cover 25 Mares this Season, at Ono Guinea and Half- a- Crown each. Inquire for William Garthwaite, groom, at Henham, near Wangford, Suf- folk. N. B. Grass for Mares at 5s. per week. EYE Second Subscription Assembly, will be at the White Lion Inn, on Wednesday the 29th instant. J. CORNWALLIS, Esq. j, JNO. WYTHE, Esq Stewards; Eye, April 10, 1801. IPSWICH, April 9, 1801.. GOWING and Co. respectfully inform the Public, that they have LIME ready for delivery at their Kiln in St. Clement's. GROCERY and DRAPERY, WHOLESALE and RETAIL. RICHARD MORE returns sincere Thanks to the Inhabitants of Halesworth, and its vicinity, for their repeated favours, respectfully informs them, he is returned from London with a large assortment of fashionable Prints, Muslins, and Dimities, with various other articles in the above branches, selected from the best markets, which he intends selling upon very low terms. Halesworth, April 11,1801. PELICAN OFFICE, LOMBARD- STREET, LONDON, For GRANTING INSURANCES on LIVES, And Providing Endowments for Children. THE Trustees and Directors of this Institution, have appointed JAMES WENN, attorney at law, Ips- wich, to be their Agent for the town of Ipswich, and parts adjacent; of whom printed tables containing the- mes of Life Insurance, and explaining the terms of Endowments, may be had gratis. 7th April, 1801. THE Commissioners iii a Commission of Bankrupt, awarded and issued forth against EDWARD. JOHNSON, late of Creeting Saint Mary, in the county of Suffolk, paper- maker, dealer and chapman, intend to meet on Monday, the 4th day of May next, at 11 of the clock in the forenoon, at the Bear and Crown Inn, in Ipswich, in the said county, in order to make a final dividend of the estate and effects of the Said bankrupt; when and where the creditors who have not already proved their debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the bene- fit of the said dividend; and all claims not then proved will be disallowed. And the creditors are requested to attend to consider of the bankrupt's allowance. All persons who have demands upon the Assignees of the estate and effects of the above- named Edw. Johnson, are requested to send the same to them immediately. To be SOLD by AUCTION By Mr. ROPER, ' _ On Tuesday, April the 21st, 1801, At the Saracen's Head, Ipswich, About Five o'clock in the Afternoon, TWO Brick Built Sash- fronted Dwelling Houses, pleasantlv situate on St. Margaret's Green, Ips- wich aforesaid, in the occupation of Mr. Minter, and Mr. Tills. For further particulars apply to the auctioneer. : To be SOLD by AUCTION By Mr. ROPER, Some time in the month of May next, At the Crown Inn, Coddenham, Unless sooner disposed of by private contract. IN 3 LOTS. Lot l. A New Brick- built Dwelling House, with a sash front, suitable for the residence of a small genteel family, pleasantly situate in Coddenham aforesaid, in the - occupation of Miss Beck. Lot 2. A Tenement adjoining the above premises, with a small piece of garden ground, in the occupa- tion of Henry Miller. Lot 3. A brick Dwelling House, stable, slaughter- house, and other convenient outbuildings, situate in Coddenham aforesaid, in the occupation of Mr. Robt. Proctor. The above premises are all freehold, and in exceed- ing good repair. The principal part of the pur- chase money may remain upon the premises if required. For further particulars apply to Mr. Masters, or the auctioneer, Ipswich. To be SOLD by AUCTION Bv JOHN BLQMFIELD, On the Premise's of Mr. GEORGE KEER, at Parham, called Parham House Farm, near Framlingham, Suf- I folk, on Tuesday, the 21st of April, 1801, and all the Dairy Utensils; CONSISTING of 18 choice handsome young and well selected milch cows, some of them with calves by their sides, others forward in calf, and the others the calves very lately off; colours, brindled and white, red and white, fallow and blood red ; a very fine year old red and white fancy bull, a cheSnut cart mare, and a very handsome year old chesnut cart mare colt, and 6 spring pigs The dairy utensils comprise a new barrel churn, deal milk trays, cream tubs, butter stand, & c. Particulars will appear in catalogues, to be had in due time at the principal Inns in the neighbourhood, place ofsale, and of the auctioneer, Debenham, who most respectfully assures the public, that Mr. Keer entirely declines his dairy on account of Mrs. Keer's ill state of health, which induces him to give the pre- ference to Grazing. Sale to begin atEleven o'clock. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN BLOMFIELD, On the Premises of JEREMIAM WHITE, sen. dec. At Mendlesham, Suffolk, on Friday the 24th inst. ALL the Houshold Furniture and other Effects of the said Mr. WHITE; consisting of a post- bedstead and hangings, featherbed and beding, dining | and other tables, 6 chairs and arm ditto, chestof drawers, corner cupboard, mash tub and beer casks, small cop- per boilers, saucepans, and sundry useful articles. And between the hours of Four and Six o'clock the same day, will be Sold by Auction, at the Royal Oak Inn, in Mendlesham, A Freehold Messuage, or Dwelling House, contain- ing a kitchen, parlour, cellar, pantry, and 3 chambers over the same; a backhouse and other convenient de- tached offices, and about 22 rods of garden ground thereunto belonging; situate in Mendlesham Back- street, late in the occupation of the said Mr. White; possession whereof may be had immediately. For further particulars apply to Mr. Jere. White, Mendlesham, or the auctioneer, Debenham. SUFFOLK and ESSEX ESTATES. To be SOLD by AUCTION On Monday, the llth day of May, 1801, at Eleven o'clock, at theGolden Lion Inn, Ipswich, In the following Lots: Lot 1. A Valuable and very eligible Freehold Estate \ and Manor, called ALDHAMS, situate at Wiston, in the county of Suffolk, within 8 miles of Colchester, and 6 from Sudbury; consisting of a good farm house, with useful outbuildings for the occupa- tion, and 295A. OR. 24P. of rich meadow, pasture, arable, and wood land, now in the occupation of Mr. Grimwood, as tenant from year to year. The above is pleasantly situated in a fine sporting country, and commands a delightful and exten- sive prospect. Lot 2. An eligible, compact, and desirable Freehold Estate, situate at Burstal, within 4 miles of the capital market town of Ipswich, in the cOunty of Suffolk; comprising the Manor ot Burstal, with the annual quit- retit and fines, two farm houses, suitable outbuild- ings, convenient cottages for labourers, and 337A. 3R. 4P. of rich meadow, pasture, arable, and wood land, now on lease to Wm. Kemball and Robert Lott. Lot 3. A Parcel of Arable Land, situate at Newton, within 3 milps of SudbUry, in the county of Suffolk, containing 17 acres, now on lease to Mr. Lay, which wiii expire Michaelmas 1801. Lot 4. A compact and desirable Freehold Estate, situate at Great Horksley, within 4 miles of Colches ter; consisting of a good farm house, barns, & c. and 76A. 1R. 171P. of rich meadow, pasture, and arable land, on lease to Mr. Keningale, which will enquire at Michaelmas 1805. The above are all freehold, discharged from land- tax, and situated in a fine, healthy, pleasant, sporting country. The tenants will shew the premises, and particulars may be had of Mr. Josselyn and Son, Belstead, near Ipswich. To the ADMIRERS of LANDSCAPE PAINTING. To be DISPOSED OF, APICTURE after Gainsborough, from the Col- lection of the late Rev. Nicholas Bacon, Cod- denham. Size 4 feet 10 inches by 4 feet, in an ele- gant carved and gilt frame. Picture and proposals to be seen at J. Smart's, portrait, landscape and minia- ture painter, Brook Street, Ipswich. April 9, 1801. FRAMLINGHAM, April 9, 1801. JAMES BALDRY, Surgeon and Man Midwife, hav- ing taken the House and Shop, late Mr. MORE's surgeon, presents respectful compliments to all: Mr More's friends, and the public in general, soliciting the favour of their patronage, in the several branches of his profession as a medical man, in all of which Mr. Bal- dry has had opportunities of assisting in very exten- sive practice. GROCERY and DRAPERY, WHOLESALE and RETAIL. Band M. STUDD respectfully inform the Inhabi, • tants of Woodbridge, and the public in general, they arc just returned from London with a large and fashionable assortment of New Prints, Muslins, Di- mities, Irishes, & c. B. and M. STUDD return their best thanks to their friends lor their great encouragement. Woodbridge, April 10, 1801. HALESWORTH, April 9, 1801. JOHN HATCHER. Jun. IMPORTER of FOREIGN WINES, RETURNS his sincere Thanks to his numerous Friends, for their steady support, and he begs to inform them, he shall continue to supply them with Genuine Old Red Port Wine, at 30s. per dozen, or at 12s. per gallon, ( although wines were never so scarce and dear, as they are at this time.) Fine Old Jamaica Rum, full proof, 16s per gallon Genuine Hollands Geneva ditto, 16s. 6d. per do. Real Cognac Brandy, lto 15 overproof, 17s. per do. WILLIAM CHURCHMAN, of Walton, in the county of Suffolk, auctioneer, begs leave res- pectfully to inform the public, that he has engaged Mr. MATTHEW MECKLENBURGH, of East Berg- holt, in the said county, millwright, as a co- partner with him in the auctioneering business. All orders in that line will be thankfully received, punctually at- tended to, and most gratefully acknowledged, by the public's very humble servants, Walton, ^ WM. CHURCHMAN, April 6, 1801 MAT. MECKLENBURGH. INCOME TAX. BURY DISTRICT. Comprising the Hundreds of THINGOE, THEDWAS- TRE, LACKFORD, and BLACKBOURN, and the Borough of BURY ST. EDMUND'S, and that Part of the Borough of THETFORD which is within the Hundred Of LACKFORD. THE Commissioners for the general Purposes of the Income Acts, rcting within and for the above- mentioned Hundreds and Boroughs, are requested to transmit their Statements of Income, for the current year, to Mr. Wm. Dalton, West- gate- street, Bury St. Edmund's, ih order that the Commissioners of Appeal may proceed to make ant Assessment thereoh. Dated this 9th day of April 1801. WILLIAM DALTON, Secretary To the Commissioners of Appeal. MELFORD DISTRICT. Comprising the Hundreds of BABERG, RISBRIDGE and COSFORD, and the Borongh of SUDBURY. THE Commissioners for the general Purposes of the Income Acts, acting within and for the above- mentioned- Hundreds and Borough, are requested to transmit their Statements of income, for the current year, to Mn Wm. Dalton, West- gate- street, Bury St. Edmund's, in order that the Commissioners of Appeal may procced to make an assessment thereon. Dated this 9th day of April 1801. WILLIAM DALTON, Secretary To the Commissioners of Appeal. MADEIRA. JOHN BOYES, at his old- established Commission Wine, Rum, and Brandy Vaults and Warehouse 47, Wellclose Square, London, has now on sale a parcel of fine Old London particular Madeira, at 55s. the dozen, bottles included. Likewise, Old Sherry, at 80o£. the butt, hogsheads and half hogsheads in proportion, and in bottles at 36s. the dozen, or ten dozen for \ 1£. 10s. bottles included. Also, Old Lisbon at78.£. the pipe, 39£. the hogshead, and 19,£. 10s. the half hogshead, and in bottles at 34s. the dozen, or ten dozen for 16,£. 10s. bottles included. Old rich Calcavella, 36s. the dozen, and Red Port 38s. ditto. Fine Cognac Brandy, 16s. to 17s. the gallon ; Old Ja- ! maica Rum, 15s. to 16s. ditto; and Holland's Geneva, 14s. to 15s. ditto; delivered free of expenee to any of the Inns or Wharfs in town. To be SOLD, Pursuant to a Decree of his Majesty':-. Court of Exche- quer, made in a causc JEAFFRESON v. JEAFFRE- SON, before Abel Moysey, Esq. Deputy to his Ma- jesty's Remembrancer ofxhe said Court, at his cham- bers in the Exchequer Office, in the Inner Temple, London, on Thursday, the 7th day of May, 1801, at One of the clock in the afternoon, in One Lot, to the, best bidder, AFreehold and Copyhold ESTATE, late the pro- perty of SAMUEL JEAFFRESON, deceased, si- tuate at Pettistree and Wickham- market, in the coun- ty of Suffolk ; comprising a dwelling- house with suita- ble offices, buildings, garden, and about 88 acresofland. Particulars may be had gratis at the Exchequer Office in the loner Temple ; Mr. Robins, Gray's Inn, London; Mr. Schuldham, Marlesford; the House at Pettistrce, and the White Hart at Wickham- market and the Crown, Woodbridge, Suffolk. TRUE SUFFOLK COWS, CHESNUT CART MARES, and a GELDING, Sfc. To be SOLD bv AUCTION JONATHAN ABBOTT, On Wednesday the 22d of April, 1801, at Mr. THEO- DORE BANYARD's, in Stonham Aspal, near the Angel Inn, on the turnpike road in Earl Stonham, who is under the necessity of quitting his farm at Michaelmas next, 9Young and handsome Milch Cows poll'd, several of which with their calves at foot, the remainder forward in calf; a handsome deep red and white poll'd bull, 2- years old, 4 cart mares and a gelding, all of them chesnuts, with manes and tails, the mares ( two of which are forward in foal by a capital cart horse) arc from 14 hands 2 inches, to 15 hands in height, the gelding 16 hands, arc chiefly young, good moulds, full in bone, fair condition, and much noted in the neighbourhood ; also the dairy utensils, which consist of excellent milk trays, butter stand, and a capital barrel churn, firkin size, almost new, milk, pails, also, a 6 barrel mash tub, new ditto. Sale to begin at Eleven o'clock precisely. Immediately after the sale of the above, an excel- lent piece of old grass, in one piece, containing 7 § acres, with the growing feed thereon, and the feed of another piece containing 4 acres, until Old Michael- may day next, will be disposed of by Auction. The stock, & c. may be viewed by applying on the premises, and catalogues had in due time at the pub- lic houses in the neighbourhood, the place of sale, and at the auctioneer's, at Needham- market. To be SOLD by AUCTION, On Thursday, April 23, at 3 o'clock in theaftetnoon, By WM. OLIVER and SON, On the Premises. ALL that old- accustomed INN, or PUBLIC HOUSE, called the PLOUGH, very pleasantly and advan- tageously situated for trade, near the Water- mill, the parish of St. Gregory, in the Borough of Sudbury, and county of Suffolk, now in the occupation of Mr. Joseph Jones, ( the owner,) who is changing his situa- tion. The premises are all freehold, in excellent re- pair and moderately assessed, and Comprise very capi- tal dry cellars that will contain upwards of 500 hog- sheads of beer; upon the ground floor an excellent spacious tap room, 3 parlours, a bar, with scullery and closets ; on the second floor is a club- room capable of dining 60 persons, also 5 bed chambers with clddets. The detached offices comprehend an exceeding roomy and convenient brewing office, and back kitchen, sta- bling for 6 horses, and a malting, built in a very sub- stantial manner, within a few years, 18 coombs steep, with barley and malt chambers over the sante, toge- ther with a paved yard, back gates, and a pump of good water. The purchaser may have immediate possession, and be accommodated With part of the purchase mo- ney, giving such security as shall be required. The brewing utensils and beer casks, with the fix tures, may be taken at a fair valuatiori. Further particulars with Conditions of sale, may be had at the time and place of sale; or may be known by applying to the auctioneers ; or of Mr. Robt. Frost, attorney at law, Sudbury. Mr. Jones will shew the premises. ESSEX TURNPIKES. FIRST DISTRICT. AGeneral Quarterly Meeting of the Trustees of the said Turnpikes, is appointed to be holden at the White Hart Inn, Colchester, on Wednesday, the 22d day of April next, by Eleven o'clock in the fore- noon; at which Meeting it is the intention of the Trustees to move for an order to erect a Turnpike Gate and Toll House, on some convenient spot be-' tween the Head Gate of the town of Colchester, and the 2 mile- stone on the Turnpike Road leading from Colchester aforesaid, to Chelmsford in the county of Essex. The Annual Accounts will be audited on the above day. Dated this 26th day of March, 1801 Wm. CODD, Clark. CREDITORS. THE Creditors of ROBERT CHAPLIN, late of Worlingworth, in the county of Suffolk, innhol- der, deceased, are ( by the direction of his administra- tor) requested to deliver in their accounts to Mr. Nath. Clubbe, attorney at law at Framlingham, as early as possible; and those indebted to the estate and effects ot the deceased, are desired to pay the same to the said Nath. Clubbe immediately. — — — ^ Including the New Stamp Duty on Bills of Exchange, Promissory Notes and Deeds, the New Duties on Horses, Postage of Letters, Paper, Tea, & c. This Day is published, Price One Shilling, ANew Edition of KEARSLEY's TAX TABLES, for the year 1801. Printed for G. Kearsley, No. 46, Fleet- Street. Of whom man be had, just published, The ENGLISH ENCYCLOPEDIA, Vol. IX. Part I. Price 15s. 6d. in boards. To be' SOLD by AUCT70N~ " By THOMAS DIVER, At the Angel Inn, Halesworth, on Tuesday the 21st day of April inst. between the hours of 4 and 7 o'clock, AVery Desirable Small FARM, consisting of a messuage, barn, stable, outbuildings and 18 acres of good land, situate in Sotherton, in the countv of Suffolk, contiguous to the Moor, whereon there arc three valuable goings, thereto appertaining, now in the occupation of John Mills, whose lease expires at Michaelmas next. For further particulars apply to Mr. Johnson, of Reydon, the auctioneer, or John Cufaude, attorney, at law, Halesworth. be SOLD by AUCTION By WM. SEAMAN, On Thursday, the 23d of April, 1801. At the WRESTLERS INN, Great Yarmouth, THE Good FLEMISH FISHING DOGGERS- JACOB admeasuring 49 Tons WAAKES 50 Tons DEHOOP — 37 Tons. Condemned as Prize to his Majesty's hired armed cutter Cobourg, Lieut. Jas. Watson, Commander. The above vessels were built purposely for the Flemish Fisheries, are very strong fitted with bulk- heads, abundantly found in all kinds of stores, sail remarkably fast, carry a great burthen, and may at a small ex pence be converted into the corn, fruit and coal trades. And immediatsly after will be sold, A quantity of Salt, being the cargo of the fishing dogger Hoop. The doggers, salt and stores may be viewed, and in- ventories had by applying to Mr. Robt. Warmington, at Yarmouth aforesaid; and no allowance will be made for any fault, weight, length or quality, after the sale. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By WILLIAM SEAMAN, At the WRESTLERS INN, Great Yarmouth, On Thursday, April 23d, 1801, At 12 o'clock. The following SHIPS and GOODS: 23 Sail of Cutters, Flemish and Dutch Fishing Ves sels, a Kof and Schooner, ad measuring from 17 to 100 tons each, now lying in Yarmouth Haven. The above vessels are all condemned as prizes to his Majesty's ships of war tinder the command of Ad- miral Dickson, are in good repair, abundantly found in excellent stores, well calculated for any trade their burthens will suit, and may be sent to sea at a trifling expenee. FOR HOME CONSUMPTION. About 900 Quarters of Linseed. Ahout 55 Tons of Dressed Flax, viz. 464 cwt. of Longs, and 635 cwt. of Shorts. About 172 Tons of very excellent Salted Codfish, Ling and Tusk; and 8 Tons of Stock Fish. FUR HOME CONSUMPTION OR EXPORTATION About 1000 Quarters of Hemp Seed 7897 Ells of German Linen 1880 Ells of Checked Linen 117 Yards of Broad Cloth 6 Casks of Nails 20 Ditto of Paint 1 Ditto of Turpentine 1 Ditto of Verdigrease 1 Cwt. of Packthread 44 lbs. ot While Thread 1471 Half Ankers of Geneva 81 Ditto ditto of Brandy 3 Boxes Playing Cards i Bag of Tobacco 1 Box of Black. Crape 1 Case of Haarlem Drops 353 Barrels of Salt 3000- Walking Canes. The cargoes of sundry vessels captured by his Ma- jesty's ships of war under the command of Admiral Dickson. On the following day, On the Quay near the New Hall, 28 Carriage Guns with Ladles, Rammers, Sponges, 41 Muskets, 33 Pistols, 23 Cutlasses, 16 Boarding Pikes, 16 Tomahawks, 17 Prickers, 26 Powder Horns, 68 Cartouch Boxes, a quantity of Gun Powder, Match- ing, Belts", and sundry materials belonging to the above privateers. The Ships and Goods to he viewed, and catalogues had by applying to Mr. A. H. Steward, at Yarmouth aforesaid. By To be SOLD, PRIVATE CONTRACT, AN ESTATE lying in Weybread, in the County- of Suffolk, consisting of a farm house, barns, stables, and other outbuildings, with 154A. 2R. 33P. by survey, of exceeding good arable and pasture land, together with a cottage, and an excellent brick kiln, in full trade, with sheds and necessary buildings for carrying on an extensive trade, there being a great quantity of brick earth on the estate. The premises are in the occupation of Mr. John Hunt, under lease, several years of which are unexpired. For further particulars apply to Mr. Copping, at- torney, at Harleston. To be SOLD by AUCTION In the Month of June next, If not sooner disposed of by Private Contract, ALL. that desirable Situation for Trade, consisting of a good dwelling house, backhouse, wash- house, with a pump adjoining, and a stable for two horses, situated in the centre of the market place at Diss, in Norfolk, now in the occupation of Mr. Jno. Brown, cutler and silversmith, where a considerable trade has been carried on for t0 years, and suitable for any line of business or private family. 200.£. may re- main on mortgage on the estate if required. Posses- sion to be had at Michaelmas next. Enquire of Mr. Zach. Fincham, Diss. To be. PEREMPTORILY SOLD, Pursuant to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery inade in a cause RIGBY, Esq. against M'NAMARA, Esq. and LAW, Esq. against RIGBY, before Wm. Graves, Esq. one of the Masters of the aid Court, in Sixteen distinct Lots or Parcels, on Friday, the 15th day of May next, at the Public Sale Room of the said Court, situate in Southampton Buildings, Chancery- lane, London, SEVERAL MANORS, large and other desirable FARMS, and ESTATES of INHERITANCE, late of the Right Honorable RICHARD RIGBY, deceased, situate in Kirkby; Thorp, Walton le Soken, in Essex, and East Bergholt and Brantham in Suffolk, and Lid- lington in the county of Bedford. Particulars whereof may be had ( gratis) at the said Master's Office, situate in Southampton Buildings aforesaid ; Messrs. Bullock and Arnold, solicitors, Bedford Row; Mr. John Payne, at the Six Clerks Office, Chancery- lane, London, and also of Mr. John Ambrose, jun. of Mistley, near Manningtree, Essex, of whom tickets may be had for viewing the premises. To be SOLD by AUCTION By THOMAS GILES, On Tuesday, the 21st of April inst. - And following days. THE neat and genuine Houshold Furniture, China, glass, books, & c. of Mrs. BACON, at her dwel- ling- house, in Framlingham ; consisting of 4 post and other bedsteads, with morine, damask and other fur- nitures, and exceeding good beding in general, ma- hogany dyed, and kitchen chairs, mahogany dining/ pemb'ro'ke, card, and pillar tables, ditto chest of drawers and bureau, 2 wainscot bureaus and book case, pier and dressing glasses; a variety of curious china, and prints; among which are Hogarth's Rakes, a nd Harlots Progress, in good preservation, and a, general assort- ment bf useful kitchen requisites, and b're. wirig uten- sils. Sale to begin each day at Ten o'clpck. Catalogues to be had 3 days before the sale, at the Crown and Griffin Inns, in Framlingham; Bell, Sax- mundham; Mr. Bacon, Yoxford; and of the auctio- neer, Woodbridge; The goods to be viewed from Ten to Two o'clock on the day next preceding the sale, and not on the ayps of sale. To be SOLD or LET, And entered upon at Michaelmas next, AVery Capital MESSUAGE; new- built with Brick and Tile, in compleat repair, desirably situated in the Earsham- street, at Bungay, in the county of Suf- folk, and now in the occupation of Thomas J. Wood- ward, Esq.; comprising a vestibule, 2 good parlours in front, good kitchen, paritry, butler's pantry, store- room; and laundry on tha ground floor, a tea room, 4 excellent chambers and dressing- room ( fire places in each) on the second floor with 6 garrets over them, good cellars, pump, wash- house, brew- office, coach- house, stable and other detached offices, yard and small garden, commanding a fine prospect of the ad- jacent country. Bungay is ( in the corporate hundred of Wangford, where the poor and other rates are very moderate) surrounded by a fertile pleasant country with ex- cellent roads, 14 miles from the city of Norwich, and 21 from the Port of Great Yarmouth, to the latter there is a navigable river, a good market every Thursday, the mail to and from London every day, and the London, Bury, and Yarmouth coaches three times in the week. For further particulars apply to Mr. Isaac Barnes, merchant, Bungay. LITTLE BADDOW, " ESSEX. DWELLING- HOUSE and LAND With Possession at Michaelmas next, To be SOLD by AUCTION By MEGGY and CHALK, , At the BLACK Boy INN, in CHELmSFORD, On Friday, the 24th instant, Between the hours of 3 and 4 in the afternoon, AMost Desirable Estate called WHITWELL; com- prising a genteel Family House, in a rural and pleasant situation^ at Little Baddow, formerly in tho occupation of Thompson Stoneham, Esq. ahd lately of Mrs. Catherine Stoneham, his widow, deceased. The House contains 6 convenient arid good sized bed- rooms, 3 parlours ( 2 of them in front), a kitchen, scullery, cellar; brewhouse, and suitable Offices; ati extensive pleasure and kitchen garden, partly wallcd- in and stocked with fruit- trees, with a small fish- pond at the extremity, and an orchard adjoining; good barns, stables with granaries over them ; chaise- house, cowhouse, and other requisite outbuildings, all in good repair. Also, About 60 acres of exceeding good arable, pasture, and meadow land, ih a high state of cultiva- tion, lying within ^ ring fence, kept up by the neigh- bouring occupiers; about 4 acres of the land are free- hold, arid the remainder leasehold for a term of 999 years, of which about 780 years are to come. The Chelmer Navigation running by the estate, offers every advantage to the proprietor for landing manure and shipping corn for the London mirket. The house commands most beautiful and extensive views, particularly of Danbury and the adjacent parts of the country; is an agreeable distance from the high road, and Situated between the villages of Great Baddow and Boreham, in a gen-, teel neighbourhood, and within a few miles of three good market towns; viz. Chelmsford, Witham, and Maldon ; a good sporting and fishing country : the whole in every respect an eligible situation, and well calculated for the residence Of a genteel family. There are upwards of 100 thrifty young elm timber trees growing upon the estate, which will be in- cluded in tile purchase. The laud tax has been re- deemed. May be viewed any time previous to the- Sale, by applying on the premises; and further particulars, with conditions, will be ready in due time, at the Inns in the neighbourhood ; the London Coffee- houses; and at Meggy and Chalk's, auctioneers, Chelms- ford, GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY. Admiralty Office, April 15. l CAPTAIN Otway, of his Majesty's Ship the London, arrived in town this morning, with dispatches from Admiral Sir Hyde Parker, Commander in Chief of a squadron of his Ma- jesty's ships employed on a particular service, da- ted on board the London, in Copenhagen Roads, the 6th inst. of which the following are copies : Sir, You will be pleased to acquaint the Lords' Commissioners of the Admiralty, that since my letter of the 23d of March, no opportunity of wind offered for going up the Sound until the 25th, when the wind shifted in a most violent squall from the S. W. to the N. W. and N', and blew with such violence, and with so great a sea, as to ren- der it impossible for any ship to have weighed her" anchor. The wind and sea were even so vio- lent as to oblige many ships to let go a second an- chor to prevent them from driving, notwithstand- ing they were riding with two cables an end ; and, by the morning, the wind veered again to the southward. of the west. On the 30th of last month, the wind having come to the northward, we pas- sed into the Sound with the fleet, but not before 1 had assured myself of the hostile intention of the Danes to oppose our passage, as the papers mark- ed No. 1, 2.3, and 4, will prove: after this inter- course, there could be 110 doubt remaining of their determination to resist. After anchoring about 5 or 6 miles frpm the island of Huin, I reconnoitred with Vice Admiral Lord Nelson and Rear Admi- ral Graves, the formidable line of ships, radeaus, pontoons, galleys, fire ships and gun boats, Hank- ed and supported by extensive batteries on the two islands called the Crowns; the largest of which was mounted with from 50 to 70 pieces of cannon ; these were again commanded by 2 ships of 70 guns, and a large frigate in the inner road of Copenhagen, and two 64 gun ships ( without masts) were moored on the flat, on the starboard side of the entrance into the arsenal. The day after, the wind being southerly, we again examined their position, and came to the resolution of attacking them from the southward. Vice Admiral Lord Nelson, having offered his services for conducting the attack, had, some days before we entered the Sound, shifted his flag to the Elephant; and after having examined and buoyed the outer channel of the middle ground, his Lordship proceeded with 12 ships of the line, named in the margin*, all the fri- gates, bombs, fire ships, and all tbe small vessels, and that evening anchored off Draco Point, to make his disposition for the attack, and wait for the wind to the southward. It was agreed' between us, that the remaining ships with me should weigh at the same moment his Lordship did, and menace the Crown Batteries, and the 4 ships of the line that lay at the entrance of the arsenal; as also to cover our disabled ships as they came out of action. I have now the honour to enclose a copy of Vice- Admiral Lord Nelson's report to me of the action of the 2d. inst. His Lordship has stated so fully the whole of his proceedings on that day, as only to leave me the opportunity to testify my en- fire acquiescence and testimony of the bravery and intrepidity with which the action was supported throughout the line. Was it possible for me to add any thing to the well- earned renown of Lord Nelson, it would be by asserting, that his exer- tions, great as they have heretofore been, never were carried to a higher pitch of zeal for Iiis coun- try's service. I have only to lament that, the sort ot attack, confined within an intricate and narrow passage, excluded the ships particularly under my command from the opportunity of exhibiting their valour; but 1- can with great truth assert, that the same spirit and zeal animated the whole of the fleet; and I trust that the contest in which we are engaged, will, on some future day, afford them an occasion of shewing that the whole were inspired with the same spirit, had the field been sufficiently extensive to have brought it into action. It is with the deepest concern 1 mention the loss of Capts. Mosse and Riou, two very brave and gallant officers, and whose loss I am well informed, will be sensibly felt by the families they have left be- hind them; the former a wife and children, the lat- ter, an aged mother. From the known gallantry of Sir Thomas Thompson on former occasions, the naval service will have to regret the loss of the fu- ture exertions of that brave officer, whose leg was shot off- For all other particulars, I beg leave to refer their Lordships to Capt. Otway, who was with Lord Nelson in the latter part oi the action, and able to answer any questions that may be thought necessary to put to him. A return of the killed and wounded you will receive herewith, i have the honour to be-, & c. H. PARKER. P. S. The promotions and appointments that have taken place on this occasion will be sent by the next opportunity that offers; but I cannot close this without acquainting their Lordships, that Capt. Mosse being killed very early in the action, Lieut. John Yelland continued it with the greatest spirit and good conduct; I must, there- fore, in justice to his merit, beg leave to recom- mend him to their Lordships' favour. ( No. .1.) London, in the Cattegut, March 27. From the hostile transaction of the Court of Denmark, sending away his Britannic Majesty's Charge d'Af- faires, the Commander in Chief of his Majesty's fleet, is anxious to know what the determination of the Da- nish Court is, and whether the Commanding Officer of Cronenberg Castle has received orders to fire upon the British fleet as they pass into the Sound, as he must deem the firing of the first gun a Declaration of War on the part of Denmark. ( Signed) HYDE PARKER. ( Translation, No. 2.) Answer. Cronberg, March, 28. In answer to the Admiral's honoured letter, I have to inform him, that no orders are given to fire on the English fleet; an express is gone to Copenhagen, and should any orders be sent, I shall immediately send an officer on board to inform the Admiral. STRICKER, GOV. ( Translation No. 3.) Cronberg Castle, March 28. In answer to your Excellency's letter, which I did not receive till the following day, at half past 8, I have the honour to inform you, that his Majesty the King of Denmark did not send away the Charge d'Affaires, but that upon his own demand he obtained a passport. As a soldier I cannot meddle with politics, but I am not at liberty to suffer a fleet, whose intentions are not yet known, to approach the guns of the castle which I have the honour to command. In case your Excellency should think proper to make any proposals to his Ma- jesty the King of Denmark, I wish to be informed thereof before the fleet approaches nearer to the castle. An explicit answer is desired. STRICKeR, Governor. ( No. 4.) On board the London, March 29, One A. M. Sir, In answer to your Excellency's Note just now received, the Undersigned has only to reply, that find- ing the intentions of the Court of Denmark to be hos- tile against his Britannic Majesty, he regards the an- swer as a Declaration of War, and, therefore, agree- able to his instructions, can no longer refrain from hostilities, however reluctant they maybe to his feel- ings ; but at the same time will be ready to attend to 1 any proposals of the Court of Denmark for restoring the former amity and friendship, which had for so many years subsisted between the two Courts. H. PARKER. Elephant, off Copenhagen, 3d April, 1801. Sir, In obedience to your directions to report the proceedings of the squadron named in the margin f, which you did me the honour to place * Elephant, Defiance, Monarch, Bellona, Edgar, Russell, Ganges, Glatton, Isis, Agamemnon, Polyphemus and Ardent. f Elephant, Defiance, Monarch, Bellona, Edgar, Russel, Ganges, Glatton, Isis, Agamemnon,- Polyphe- mus, Ardent, Amazon, Desiree, Blanche, Alcmene ; Sloops, Part, Arrow, Cruizer, and Harpy ; Fire- ships. Zephyr and Otter; Bombs, Discovery, Sulphur, Hecla, Explosion, Zebra, and Volcano. under my command, I beg leave to inform you, that having, by the assistance of that able officer Capt. Riou, and the unremitting exertions of Capt. Brisbane; aud the masters of the Amazon and Cruizer, in particular, buoyed the Channel of the Outer Deep, and the position of the Middle Ground, the squadron passed in safety, and an- chored off Draco the evening of the first; and that yesterday, morning I made the signal for the squa- dron to weigh, and to engage the Danish line, consisting of 6 sail of the line, 11 floating batteries, mounting from 26 24- pounders, to 18 13- pounders, and one bomb ship, besides schooner gun- vessels. These were supported by the Crown Islands, mounting 88 cannon, and 4 sail of the line moored in the harbour's mouth, and some batteries on the island of Amak; The bombship and schooner gun- Vessels made their escape, the other 17 sail are sunk, burnt, or taken, being the Whole of the Danish line to the southward of the Crown Islands, after a battle of 4 hours. From the very intricate navigation, the Bellona, and Russel unfortunately grounded, but although not in the situation assign- ed them, yet so placed as to be of great service. The Agamemnon could not weather the shoal of the Middle, and was obliged to anchor; but not the smallest blame can be attached to Capt. Fan- court ; it was an event to which all the ships were liable. These accidents prevented the extension of our line by the three ships before mentioned, who would I am confident, haVe silenced the Crown Islands, the two outer ships in the harbour's mouth, and prevented the heavy loss in the De- fiance and Monarch; and which unhappily threw the gallant and good Capt. Riou ( to whom I had given the command of the frigates and sloops named in the margin -);, to assist in the attack ot the ships at the harbour's mouth) under a very heavy fire; the consequence has been the death of Capt. Riou, and many brave officers and men in the frigates and sloops. The bombs were di- rected and took their stations abreast of the Ele- phant, and threw some shells into the arsenal. Capt. Rose, who volunteered his services to direct the gun brigsx did every thing that was possible to get them forward, but the current was too strOng for them to be of service during the action; but not the less merit is due to Capt. Rose, and, 1 be- lieve, all the officers and crews of the gun brigs for their exertions. The boats of those ships of the fleet, who were not ordered on the attack, afforded us every assistance ; and the officers and men who were in them, merit my warmest appro- bation. The Desiree took her station in raking the Southern most Danish ship of the line, and performed the greatest service. The action began at 5 minutes past 10. The van, led by Capt. George Murray of the Edgar, who set a noble example of- intrepidity, which was as well followed up by every captain, officer, and man in the squadron. It is my duty to state to you the high and distinguished merit and gallantry of Rear- Admiral Graves. To Capt. Foley, who permitted me the honour of hoisting my flag in the Elephant, I feel under the greatest obligations; his advice was necessary on many and important occasions during the battle. I beg leave to ex- press how much I feel indebted to every captain, officer, and man, for their zeal and distinguished bravery on this occasion. The Hon. Col. Stewart did me the favour to be on board the Elephant, and himself, with every other officer and soldier under his orders, shared with pleasure the toils and dangers of the day. The loss in such a battle has naturally been very heavy. Amongst ' many other brave officers and men who were killed, I have, with sorrow, to place the name of Capt. Mosse, of the Monarch, who has left a wife and 6 children to lament his loss; and, among the wounded, that of Capt. Sir Thomas B. Thompson, of the Bel- lona. I am. & c NELSON and BRONTE. List of the Killed and Wounded. Edgar.— 24 seamen, 2 marines, 3 soldiers of the 49th regt. killed; 79 seamen, 17 marines, 8 soldiers .. of the 49th regt. wounded. Total 133. Monarch,—: 35 seamen, 12 marines, 3 soldiers of the 49th regt. killed ; 101 seamen, 34 marines, 20 sol- diers of the 49th regt. wounded. Total 210. Bellona.— 9 seamen, 2 marines. killed ; 48 seamen, 10 marines, 5 soldiery wounded. Total 74. Defiance.— 17 seamen, 3 marines, 2 soldiers, killed 35 seamen, 5 marines, 7 soldiers, wounded. Tot. 69. Isis.— 22 seamen, 4 marines, 2 soldiers of the rifle corps killed; 69 seamen, 13 marines, 2 soldiers of the rifle corps, wounded. Total 112. Amazon.— 10 seamed, 1 marine, killed; 16 seamen, 5 marines, wounded. Total 32. Glatton.'— 17 killed, 34 wounded. Total51. Desiree.— 3 wounded. Blanche.— 6 seamen, 1 marine, killed; 7 seamen, 2 marines, wounded. Total 16. Polyphemus.— 4 seamen, i marine, killed ; 20 sea- men, 4marines, wounded. Total29. Elephant.'— 4 seamen, 3 marines, 1 soldier of the rifle corps, killed; 8seamen, 1 marine, 2soldiers ofthe rifle corps, wounded. Total 19. Alcmene.— 5 seamen, killed ; 12 seamen, 2i marines, wounded. Total 19: Dart— 2 killed, 1 wounded. Total 3. Ganges.— 5 killed, 1 missing. Total 6. Russel.— 5 seamen, 1 marine, wounded. Total 6. Ardent.— 29 seamen and marines, killed; 64 seamen and marines, wounded. Total 93. Officers killed. Edgar.— Edmund Johnson, 1st Lieut.; Lieut. Benj. Spencer, marines. Defiance.'— Geo. Gray, Lieut.; Matthew Cobb, pilot. Elephant.— Capt. Jas. Bawden, of the Cornish miners, Mr. Henry Yaulden, master's mate. Polyphemus.— Mr. James Bell, midshipman Isis.— Mr. Dan. Lamond, master; Mr. H. Long, Lieut, of the marines; Mr. Geo; M'Kinlay, Mr. Tho. Ram; midshipmen; Mr. Grant, Lieut, of the rifle corps. Ganges.— Mr. Robert Stewart, master. Dart.— Mr. Edwin Sandys, Lieutenant. Glatton.'— Mr. Alexander Nicholson, pilot. Monarch.— Captain Robert Mosse. Amazon.— Capt. Edward Riou; Hon. Geo. Tucket, midshipman j Mr. Jos. Rose, captain's clerk. Ardent.— Mr. George Hoare, midshipman. Officers Wounded. Edgar.— Joshua Johnson, 2d Lieut.; Wm. Goldfinch, 5th Lieut.; Mess. Gahagan, Whimper, Ridge, Proc- tor, and Domett, midshipmen, slightly. Defiance.— Mr. Paterson, boatswain; Mr. Gallaway, midshipman ; Mr. Niblet, captain's clerk; Mr. Ste- phenson, pilot. Elephant.— Mr. Robt. Gill, midshipman of the Saint George; Mr. Hugh Mitchel, midshipman. Alcmene.— Mr. Henry Baker, acting 3d Lieut.; Mr. Charles Meredith, Lieut. of the marines: Mr. Chas. Church, boatswain ; Mr. G. A. Spearing, master's mate ; Mr. Pratt, pilot. Polyphemus.— Mr. Edward Burr, boatswain. Desiree.— Mr. King, Lieutenant, slightly. Isis.— Mr. Rich. Cormack, Lieut.; Mess. Ruben Pain, Simon Frazer, Charles Jones, midshipmen. Ganges.— Mr. Isaac Davis, pilot, badly. Glatton.— Mr. Tindall, Lieut.; Mr. Robt. Thompson, master's mate; Mr. John Williams, midshipman. Monarch.— Mr. Wm. Minchin, Lieut.; Mr. James Marrie, Lieut, of marines; Mr. Jas. Dennis, Lieut, of 49th regt.; Mess. Henry Swymmer. W. J. Bowes, Thos. Harlowe, Geo. Morgan, Philip Le Vesconte, midshipmen; Mr. Wm. Joy, boatswain. Bellona.— Sir T. B. Thompson, Bart. Captain, lost his leg; Mr. Thos. Southey, Lieut.; Mr. Thos. Wilks, Lieut, slightly; Capt. Alex. Sharp, of the 49th regt. badly; Mr. James Emmerton, master's mate; Mr. — Anderson, Mr. Edward Daubenny, Mr. Wm. Sit- ford, Mr. Fig, midshipmen. Amazon.— Mr. J. Harry, Mr. P. Horn, master's mates. Officers killed 20 Seamen, marines, and soldiers ... 234— 254 Officers wounded 48 Seamen, marines, and soldiers ... 571— 619 Total killed and wounded 373 Blanche, Alcmene, Dart, Arrow, Zephyr & Otter. The Park and Tower guns were fired at one Tf the above splendid achievement; the Bells in the several churches rung merry peals on the joyous occasion ; and special messengers were sent off with the intelligence to the Prince of Wales', and the Members of Administration. Admiral Nelson sent a boat with a flag of truce on shore with offers to negotiate. His proposals were; 1st. That Denmark should re- cede from its Alliance with Russia. 2d. That he should be permitted to repair his ships in the Danish docks. 3d. That the wounded on board the English fleet should be taken care of in the Danish hospitals. The two first of these articles were positively rejected, with the declaration, that Denmark still possessed courage and strength sufficient to defend her independence. With respect to the third it was answered, that Den- mark would never omit to exercise the duties of humanity even towards an enemy. St. J. Ch. Pending the cessation of arms, obtained by a well- timed appeal to the generosity of the vic- tor, Lord Nelson was invited to Copenhagen, and had an interview with the Crown Prince. On his Lordship's landing, he was warmly cheer- ed by the Danish troops and inhabitants, who, though suffering from the effects of his valour, could not but feel and acknowledge the extent of his forbearance. An elegant entertainment was provided for him by the Prince, and every appearance was favourable to the hope of an im mediate accommodatiou. St. James's Chron. On the arrival, of the English fleet, the Crown Prince issued the following general orders : Parole, God! Countersign, '' The Just Cause." Denmark's honour is now at stake ? We are all Soldiers and Danes. This entitles me to expect every thing from my brave fellow- soldiers. On the 1st instant, the Prussian Minister of State; Count Schulenburgh, arrived at Hanover, to make arrangements for the Prussian troops who are to occupy that Electorate entirely. The Regency of Hanover has received a requisition to submit to all the dispositions of the Prussian Government, in which case the country should be treated friendly; if not, they must expect the Consequences resulting from a contrary conduct. Most of the English merchants at Hamburgh had time to send their effects of value to Leipsic, where they are in safety. The houses of Messrs. Thornton and Power, Blacker, Thompson, Sturtenant, & c. will be the greatest losers. A requisition has been made of shoes, boots, linen, and regimentals for 12,000 Danish troops, who are half naked, and almost famished. Copy of the Proclamation of the new Empe- ror of Russia on his Accession to the Throne : We, by the Grace of God, Alexander the First, Em- peror and Autocrator of all the Russias, Sec. Sec. de- clare to all our faithful subjects,— It has pleased the decrees of the Almighty to shorten the life of our be- loved Parent Sovereign Emperor Paul Petrovitz, who died suddenly by an apoplectic stroke, at night, be- tween the llth and 12th day of this month. We, on receiving the Hereditary Imperial Throne of all the Russias, do receive also at the same time the obliga- tion to govern the people committed unto us by the Almighty, according to the laws and the heart of her who rests in God, our most august Grand- Mother So- vereign Empress Catharine the Great, whose memory will be dear for ever to us, and the whole country. Following the steps of her wise intentions, we hope to arrive at the object of carrying Russia to the sum- mit of glory, and to procure an uninterrupted happi- ness to all our faithful Subjects, whom we do hereby invite to seal their fidelity to us by the oath, before the face of all- seeing God, whose assistance we im- plore to grant us power to support the weight now resting upon us. Given at St. Petersburgh, the 12th March, O. S. 1801. ALEXANDER.. The Emperor Alexander addressed, with his own hand, a letter to his Majesty, received on Monday evening, in which he is said to have ex- pressed his concern at the misunderstanding which had arisen between his deceased father and his Majesty, and his hope that it may now be at an end, he being desirous of renewing the friend- ly connection which had subsisted between this country and Russia, in proof of which he begged leave to reinstate Count Woronzow, in the situa- tion which he had heretofore had the honour of holding at this Court. The letter, we under- stand, is couched in the strongest terms of amity, and does great credit to the feelings and talents of his Imperial Majesty. Adm. Colpoys is appointed a Director of Green- wich Hospital, in the room of T. Astle, Esq. dec, The French Government has restored to the Pope the statue of our Lady of Loretto. His Ho- liness received it with much gratitude and devo- tion, and ordered that it should, for the present, be placed in the chapel on Mount Quirinal. The merchants at Lisbon have received per- mision to send their wines to England without paying the duty, until they are sold. We have the pleasure to announce the arrival of the Oporto fleet, consisting of 120 sail of ships, which have on board 27,000 pipes of wine, the duty on which amounts to 110,000 sterling. It is no trifling proof of the riches of the coun- try, that on Saturday last, before the second pay- ment became due, the sum of 8,700,000£. ofthe last Loan was paid up in full at the Bank. A proof of the spirit and opulence of Liverpool was strikingly exemplified on Saturday last, when the scheme for erecting an extensive and ornamental range of public buildings, and for forming a spacious square, to the northward of the Exchange, was submitted to the public, and the subscription, amounting to 80,000 £ was actually filled up in less than 3 hours, although no person was allowed to subscribe for more than ten shares; and in the course of the afternoon, the shares bore a premium of 10 guineas. The new London Bridge is about to be car- ried into immediate execution : it is to consist of no more than 3 arches, the centre of which is to be capacious enough to admit of vessels of 200 tons burthen to sail under : this bridge is to be of cast iron, erected on a stone base; the cast work is estimated at 53,000 £.; the other plan of two bridges, in order that there might be an alternate drawbridge in each, with an anchorage pool between them was estimated at 1,200,000i.'. but this was not approved of by the Committee. A young sprig of nobility has just launched a travelling curricle, only 17 in. from the ground ! W. Swan, an ensign in the 3d West- India reg. was on Friday taken into custody for forging the name of the Marquis of Downshire to two drafts on Messrs. Drummonds, amounting to 50l. which they have rendered their country by the recent victory obtained over the Danes. The motion being seconded by Lord Grenville, was unanimously agreed to. Same day in the House of Commons, a simi- lar address of thanks was, on the motion of Mr. Addington, unanimously agreed to. After which, it was resolved to address his Majesty, that a monument might be erected to the memory of Capts. Riou and Mosse, in St. Paul's Cathedral. A Message was received from the Lords, that they had agreed to the Millers Indemnity Bill. The general Illumination which was intended to be displayed, did not take place yesterday. A notice having been published by the Lord Mayor. earnestly recommending his Majesty's subjects, to send the money they might expend in Illuminations to Lloyd's Coffee House, in aid of the subscriptions raised there for the relief of the distressed sufferers; near 5000 £. has already- been subscribed at Lloyd's. Incledon's benefit at Covent Garden Theatre, on Tuesday evening last, was 695£ the greatest sum ever remembered at that Theatre. The Sheriff's Jury at Shrewsbury, on Wed- nesday, found a verdict of 80l. against a man who, having received notice to quit an orchard and garden which he held from Mr. Corbett, destroyed most of the fruit- rees. A woman engaged in the late riots at Chorley has been sentenced to seven years transportation: four others are ordered to be imprisoned 2 and 6 months in solitary cells. On Tuesday as a boat at Sheerness, with a midshipman, surgeon, pilot., marine, and 5 sea- men, belonging to the Griper gun- vessel, was going off to her to the Nore, about 12 o'clock, the boat having her sails up, and it blowing a heavy gale of wind, a sudden squall came, and the main sheet being made fast, she overset, and the midshipman, and three seamen were lost. Mark- Lane, April i5. The supply of English wheat at our market on Monday last, was more plentiful than we have seen for many weeks, and the quality of a great proportion very good; the demand quite eager for the finest sorts, and full 5s. per quarter dearer, but all inferior samples lower and in small request; foreign wheat also came to hand in large quantities on Mon- day and again to day, the prices much as last week. We are well supplied at present with most sorts of spring corn; rye has fallen 6s. per quarter, canary seed IOs. white pease 5s. grey pease Is. and barley about Is. since this day se'nnight,— and tiie second rate qua- lities of small and tick beans sell very heavily; other- wise there is no material alteration in the value. American flour, superfine, we have had none brought forward worth mentioning, but there is a sale of about 1100 barrels advertised; linseed is considerably cheaper to- day, in consequence of the last news from the Baltic, but we did not find any tiling else affected by the circumstance this morning. Wheat 60 a 17.0s. Rye' 65 a 94s. W. Pease 62 a 100s. Grey ditto 48 a 73s. H. Beans 42 a 65s. Tick Beans 40 a 60s. Barley 32 a 52s. Malting do> 53a 83s. Oats 22 a 38s. Fine do. 39 a 44s. Saintfoin 72 a 75s. per cwt. Malt 44 a 82s. American Flour 70 a S5s. per barrel, English Flour 115s. a 125s^ per sack. o'clock on Wednesday afternoon, in honour of POSTSCRIPT. Yesterday in the House of Lords, Earl St. Vin- cent moved the Thanks of the House to Admi- ral Sir Hyde Parker, to the Right Hon. Vice Admiral Lord Nelson, to Rear Admiral Graves, the Captains, and other Officers, as well as to the soldiers and sailors on board the fleet, for their gallant conduct, and the eminent services Seeds. Rape 28 a 421. per last. Canary 66 a 35 per quar, Carraway 32 a 47s. Red clover 36 a 125s. Turnip 15 to :} 2s. Brank 18 a 52s. perqr. Coriander 16 to 25s. Trefoil 7s. Od. to 32s. . per cwt. White clover 32 to 115s. Rye- grassl2to52s. Tares 6s. 6d. tol2s. perbush. STOCKS. 3 per cent. cons. 59J a 60. 3 per cent, red. 59|. ex div. 4 per cent. cons. 78. 5 per cent, navy, 96$. Omnium 8JJ premium. Lottery Capitals. 34th and 35th davs. No prize above 50i'.— 36th. No. 26046, 100<£,'— 37th. No. 4420,1000,£ 38th. No. 28054, 41553, 100,£. IPSWICH, April 18. Wednesday last the troops in garrison here, consisting of the Prince of Wales's Dragoon Guards, a detachment of the Royal Artillery, the Leicester, Cambridge, and Warwickshire regiments of militia, were inspected in the Horse Barrack- yard by Gen. Balfour, Commander in Chief of the Eastern District, attended by Lord Charles Fitzroy and other officers, who in high terms complimented the different corps on the very fine appearance they made. On the above occasion the Union Colours were displayed. The bells in this town rang on Thursday last, on account of the glorious news from the Sound ; and likewise at Sudbury, on the above event. Last night in honor of the glorious victory, ob- tained over the Danish fleet, a detachment of ar- tillery fired a Royal salute of 21 guns, the Third, or Prince of Wales's regt. of Dragoon Guards, i the Leicestershire militia, and the Ipswich Loyal Volunteers a feu de joye, in the Horse Barrack Ground ; which was returned in a similar man- ner from Stoke Hills, by 2 pieces of artillery, and the Cambridge and Warwickshire regts. of mili- tia, who were stationed there. Between the fi- ring, God save the King was played by the dif- ferent bands ; after which, the troops gave three huzzas, in which those who were assembled warmly acquiesced. The Foot Barracks and ad- joining public- house were illuminated. The population of Woodbridge amounts to 3020 persons; of, whom there are 1409 males, and 1611 females; being an increase since the last inquisition, taken in 17 81, of 420 persons. The population of Sudbury is 2833 persons; of whom 1821 are females. By the inclosure of Moshold heath, near the city of Norwich, lots of land have been let at the rate of 25s. per acre, which, before would not have fetched so many pence. Sunday Mr. Raw, printer, was married to Mrs. Jermyn, bookseller, of this town. Lately died at Bawdsey, aged 31, after a long and painful affliction, Mrs. Otter, only daughter of Mrs. Sarah Gooding, of that place. Last week died, Mrs. Prentice, widow, of St. Clement's parish, in this town. Saturday last died at Hadleigh, in her 20th year, deeply regretted by her relatives and friends, Miss Toms, only daughter of the Rev. S. Toms, of Framlingham. The deceased had laboured under a very painful affliction for some years, which she bore with exemplary fortitude. Same day last died, aged 85, Mrs. Venn, re- lict of Dr. Venn, formerly an eminent physi- cian of this place. Monday last died at Hadleigh, after a few days illness, Mr. Js. Deeks, upwards of 12 years an able assistant at Mr. Harmer's school here.' Monday, at Beccles Quarter Sessions, Susan Neave, convicted of stealing a dimity petticoat, to be imprisoned in the House of Correction for one month. . Sam. Algate, convicted of a misde- meanor, in obtaining 30 loaves of bread, of the value of 5s. and 50 meal cakes, of the value of 4s. was ordered to pay a fine of 6d. and to be im- prisoned one month. Geo. Howlett, for steal- ing 6 pints of wheat and a hempen sack, to be imprisoned one month, and pay a fine of 6d. Francis King and Durrant King, were indicted for stealing 4 oaken' blocks ; the former to be imprisoned a fortnight, the latter was acquitted. Wednesday, at Woodbridge Quarter Sessions, West Trusson, convicted of stealing 12lb. of hay, to be imprisoned 6 calendar months. Yesterday at the General Quarter Sessions, held at the Shire Hall, in this town, Robt. Knock, for stealing a sack, was sentenced to be impri- soned One year in Botesdale Bridewell. Tuesday and Wednesday last a number of women in this town got together, with the declar- ed intention of reducing the price of flour. The Magistrates, however, were prompt in their in- terference, and kindly admonished them of the danger, as well as the evil tendency of their be- haviour. This happily had the desired effect, and they soon dispersed. Certain it is, the dis- tresses of the poor cannot be removed by tumult, or mitigated by a violation of the laws. Saturday last Payne and Oagles were execut- ed here on the drop in front of the New Gaol. The whole garrison seemed to be present, ex- cept such as were on guard, which, with the town and country people, produced as large an assemblage as ever remembered on a like occa- sion. Payne did not appear prepared to meet such a croud, for, on his coming upon the plat- form, he stopped suddenly, and looked with asto nishment. Oagles, the soldier, then passed him, and did not seem the least dismayed at the cir- cumstance, but came forward with a firm and steady countenance, which had an evident in- fluence on the mind of his unhappy companion, who, before, was so depressed, as to be hardly able to bear up with his melancholy situation. After a short time spent in prayer, they were asked by the Clergyman if they had any thing to say: they answered no, only that they wished their example would be a warning to others. These words Oagles himself repeated, after he had ascended the drop, which soon fell, and they were launched into eternity. CAMBRIDGE, April 17. Wednesday the following gentlemen were admitted to the undermentioned degrees : Mr. Andrew Hutchinson, of Catharine- hall, M. B. Mr. Wm. Andrews, of Benett col. Mr Stephen Stafford, of Christ col. Mr. Robert Broomhead, of St. John's col. and Mr. Robert Bland, of Pembroke- hall, B. A. COLCHESTER, April 17. At the Quarter Sessions holden for this borough on Monday last, James Goddard, a private in the Coldstream regt. of Guards, was found guilty of stealing a cotton gown, and sentenced to transportation for 7 years. The population of the 16 parishes within this borough, is as under : 5012 males, 6510 females. Last Saturday evening, about 8 o'clock, as Mr. Browne, of Layer Breton, was returning from our market, he was stopped about a mile out of town by 5 footpads, who, having previ- ously opened a gate, drove his horse and cart into a field, and robbed him to the amount of 20£ CHELMSFORD, April 17. On Saturday died, at Stockwell- Hall, very sin- cerely lamented, Robert Colegrave, Esq.- Yesterday was married, at Braintree, Mr. T. Rolfe, jun. a respectable miller, to Miss Bennett. Friday last died, at Waltham- Place, Miss Ca- therine Cordelia Chalmers, second daughter of Edmund Alleyne Chalmers, Esq. Same day died Mrs. Lettice Hines, wife ot Mr. Thomas Hines, shoemaker, of Coggeshall. On Monday last Win. Steward, of Dunton, farmer, was committed to our gaol, for striking Wm. Bayliss, his servant, upon the head with the iron end of a plough- staff; in consequence of which, as is supposed, the poor boy died about a fortnight afterwards It is a melancholy fact, that the prisoner is the same person, against whom a bill was found by the Grand Jury, at our Epiphany Sessions, for cruelly misusing another unfortunate boy, ( likewise his servant) who died a most deplorable object in the parish work- house. The officers of the 2 parishes, to which the boys severally belonged, have lauda- bly come forward as prosecutors. The population of Coggeshall is 1095 males, 137 4 females,— total 2.169 ; being a decrease of near 200 persons in little more than 2 years Witham, males 1048, females 1138,— total 2186, YARMOUTH, April 17. Yesterday morning his Royal Highness Prince Adolphus Frederic, arrived in these Roads from the Continent, in his Majesty's ship of war the Shark. His Royal Highness honoured the town with a visit, on which occasion, there were ring- ing of bells, and a beautiful display of colours from the ships at the Quay. Admiral Dickson arrived yesterday, from a cruize off the Dutch coast. Remain in the Road :, Princess of Orange, Zealous, Powerful, Agin-' court, Texel, Madras, Monmouth, Leyden, Assistance, Pomone, Alkmaar, Solebay, Cruizer, Albion, 6 gun brigs, 2 fire ditto, & c. On tbe 9th inst. the Recovery of Shields, John Fairbairn, master, laden with coals, was on Has- bro' Sand; all the men are saved. On the 14th inst. the Froun Helena, Fanson, master, of and from Bremen, for Leith, put into this Port leaky. Yesterday was married at Yarmouth, Philip Lewis Powell, Esq. of Haverfordwest, Pem- brokeshire, to Miss Turner, daughter of the late James Turner, Esq. of this place. WOODBRIDGE Subscription Assembly will be on Monday the 27th inst. Dancing to begin at Eight o'clock. Non- subscribers 5s. each. WALTER RUDING, Esq. ? - , Rev. CHAs. BROOKE, Stewards COLCHESTER ASSEMBLY. THE 5th Assembly will be at the White Hart Inn, o » Monday, April 27. And the Undress Ball, Monday, May 18. BENJAMIN CRAVEN, Esq. Treasurer. DAN. SUTTON, jun. Esq. , JAMES BOGGIS, Esq. stewards. SOUP INSTITUTION, IPSWICH. SECOND SUBSCRIPTIONS. E. Hasell, Esq. 1 1 0 I Mrs. M. & S. Maber 1 1 0 Mrs. Mason 1 1 0 | Mr. Seekamp 1 1 0 It is intended to continue the delivery of Soup on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday next. v Subscrip- tions will continue to be received at both the Banks in this town. April 18, 1801. » To be SOLD by AUCTION^ By BENJAMIN CATT, On Thursday, the 23d of April, THE Houshold Furniture and Other Effects, of Mr. HENRY HOWDELL, staymaker, at his house in Brook- street, Ipswich ; consisting of 3 featherbeds and beding, tent, bureau and stump bedsteads, mahogany chest with drawers, dining and pillar tables, pier glass, 3 small Scotch carpets, chairs and kitchen requisites, a rifle barrel piece, Sec. The goods to be viewed the day before the sale. IPSWICH, April 19, 1801, The SUFFOLK SOCIETY of SURGEONS. THEIR Quarterly Meeting will be at the Golden Lion, on Monday, the 4th of May. JOHN BUCKE, Queen- Street, Sec. POTATOES. TO be SOLD, upwards of 90 Bushels of Potatoes, of an exceeding good stock for planting-. En- quire of John Middleton, Wickham- market. HE Grey~ Horse CLOTHIER will COVER this SEASON, at JOSEPH STAMMERS's, Melton, at One Guinea a Mare, and Half a Crown the Servant. He will be at home during the season. THE Sum of 900„£. ready to be advanced on ap- proved land security. Enquire of the printer. Letters to be post paid. WANTED immediately, A Journeyman to a Gro- cer and Draper. For further particulars apply to H. Brathwaite and Son, Castle Hedingham, Essex. WANTED immediately, A Young Person of re- spectable connections, as an Apprentice in the Millinery. For particulars apply, and letters post paid, to Mrs. Blowers, milliner, Halesworth. WANTED immediately, Two Journeymen Mill- wrights ; good workmen may have constant employment, by applying to Henry Collins, mill- wright, at Melton. WANTED in I Gentleman's Family, A sober, Steady, honest Man, who understands the farm- ing business, and can drive a carriage ; he must have a good character from his last place. For further par- ticulars apply to Mr. Everett, cooper at Manningtree. WANTED ill a Gentleman's Family, A good plain Cook, that understands making of bread, and the management of an oven ; can bring a good charac- ter cf her sobriety, cleanliness, and honesty. Enquire of the Printer. Letters post paid will be answered. This will be advertized no more. WANTED a Lad in the Baking Business. Fur- ther particulars may be known by_ applying to William Holman, No. 76, Lower Thames- Street, Lon- don. Letters post paid, will be attended to. None need apply but such as can have a good character. w ANTED immediately, A Writer in an Attor ney's Office ; one who has been used to justi- ciary business, and have acted as Clerk to the Com missioners of the Land Tax and other Duties, will be preferable ; such a one may have constant employ, by applying to Thos. Wayth, attorney at law, Eye, Suffolk April 15, 1801. THE PARTNERSHIP hitherto subsisting between THO. ROPER and JNO. DOUGHTY, of Ips- wich, in the county of Suffolk, Timber and Deal Merchants, & c. is This DAY DISSOLVED. All debts due to and from the partnership, will be settled by either of the said parties, at their respective compt- ing- houses, at Ipswich aforesaid. March 25, 1801. THOs. ROPER returns his sincere Thanks to his friends and the public in general, for the many favors he has received before and during his late part- nership with Mr. Doughty; and that having now ceas'd, Tho. Roper begs leave to inform them, That he in- tends carrying on the Auctioneering and Appraising Business as usual, and that he will likewise carry on the Timber and Deal- Trade ( independent of the building business) at his yard in St. Nicholas parish, Ipswich; where orders for Memel and Norway Fir Timbers, Deals, Ufirs, Laths, Oak and Fir Scantlings, & c. will be received, and properly attended to TO be Shewn for Sale, at the Pye Inn, Harleston, on Wednesday next, the 22d April, A capital Drove of Galloway Scots, Heif ers, and Fifeshire Runts. By ALEX CAMPBELL. To GRAZIERS. TO be Shewn for Sale at the Pye Inn, Harleston, on Wednesday next, the 22d inst. A capital Drove of Galloway Scots and Heifers. By JAMES CORSON. WOODBRIDGE, 18 April 1801. WM. SIZER returns his best Thanks to the Inha- bitants of Woodbridge, and the public in ge- neral, for their liberal favors; respectfully informs them, he is just returned from London with a large and fa- shionable assortment of Prints, Muslins, Dimities, Irishes, & c. which he intends selling, wholesale and retail, upon very low terms. S. TAYLOR, Watchmaker, Silversmith, Bookseller, & c. respectfully informs his friends and cus- tomers, that he is removed to the house and shop late- ly occupied by Mr. Dickerson, on the Market- Hill, Framlingham ; where he hopes to merit a continuance of those favours, which have been so liberally con- ferred upon him for the past 15 years. HALESWORTH, April 17, 1801. TAYLOR and HABIT- MAKER. HCORBYN begs Leave to inform his Friends and • the Public, he is just returned from London, and has received from the manufactory, a fashionable assortment of Ladies and Gentlemen's Cloths, & c. ; he humbly solicits a continuance of former favours, which it will be his constant study to merit. ELIZABETH WRIGHT, SHAPE STAY- MAKER, Near the WHITE HORSE, Framlingham, BEGS Leave to inform the Ladies and the Public in general, that all parts in the above branch are exe- cuted in the most fashionable manner, and on the lowest terms; all orders will be thankfully received, and immediately attended to She has an assortment of good home made Stays of all sizes made up, which she intends selling on the most reasonable terms. April 15, 1801. LAND SURVEYING. JWRIGHT respectfully informs Gentlemen, Land- , owners and others, That he surveys, maps, and divides land of all descriptions, agreeable to the most approved accurate method of surveying, and on the most reasonable terms. He flatters himself it will be in his power to give every satisfaction to his em- ployers, to whose interest the utmost attention will be paid. Orders to any part of the kingdom will be grate- fully acknowledged, and duly amended to, by their most humble servant, JOHN WRIGHT. Hadleigh, Suffolk, April 16, 1801. . . AFARM, consisting o. f excellent Dwelling- House, large new barn, and other convenient good buildings, and 94 acres of good arable and pasture land, situate at Clare, in Suffolk, of which possession will be given at Michaelmas next. . Also, A Farm adjoining the above, containing 125 acres, let on lease, of which 15 years are unexpired. Enquire of Mr. Cox, Clare, or Mr. Skinner, Bromley, near Co) ehester, Essex. To be SOLD by AUCTlOiN ' By JOHN COX, At the HALF MOON INN, CLARE, SUFFOLK, On Friday, the 1st day of May next, At Eleven o'clock in the forenoon, Lotl. A LL that Freehold Land or Wood Ground, JTTL called CLOPTON WOOD ; containing 10 acres or thereabouts, with the timber and wood there- on growing, situate at Ashen, in Essex, in the occu- pation of Wm. Fitch, who has notice to quit at Michacl mas next. Lot 2. All those lands and grounds, part freehold and part copyhold, with a barn thereon; containing 13 acres or thereabouts, situate at Stansted, in Suffolk, in the occupation of Hannah Fenner, who has notice to quit at Michaelmas next. For further particulars enquire of Mr. Cox, of Clare. CARPENTER'S STOCK and other EFFECTS. To be SOLD by AUCTION By THO. CATCHPOLE, On Monday, April the 20th, 1801, ALL the Stock in Trade ( without reserve) of Mr. ROBERT HINSBY, carpenter and joiner, at Bramfield, near Halesworth, Suffolk, ( who is going to change his residence) ; consisting of a large quantity of oak scantlings, Sec. fit for building, i and inch oak board, ^ inch, | inch, inch, and inch £ deals, dry and fit for use; also 3 joiners benches, pit saws, & c. a quantity of pound and tale nails, brads, screws, & c- " oor locks, till, chest, and cupboard ditto, cross gar- net buts and other joints, brass sash fastnings, cloak pins, coffin, & c. Houshold furniture, comprising a new 4- post bedstead and stump ditto, 6 neat maho- gany chairs,.- with circular bottoms, 1 elbow ditto, 2 Pembroke tables, a neaf pier glass in a gilt frame, oval lea trays, tea boards, & c. and other useful re- quisites. Sale to begin at Nine o'clock. The " early attendance of the company will be esteem- ed a favor, on account of the number of lots. RICHARD GOULDTHROP, Late MAJOR- FARRIER, and SHOEING- SMITH, In the ROYAL HORSE- ARTILLERY, And STUDENT of the VETERINARY- COLLEGE, Under Professor COLEMAN, BEGS Leave to acquaint the Gentlemen of Wood- bridge, and neighbourhood, that he intends tp establish himself in private practice in the above branches of the Profession, upon the true system of the- Veterinary Art. Upon reasonable terms, Gentlemen may be supplied with the different kinds of genuine prepared Horse Medicines, the prices of which, and for journies into the country, will be particularly spe- cified, and annexed to his card of general articles. Woodbridge, April 16, 1801. J. DOUGHTY respectfully begs Leave to return thanks to his friends for the many favours he has met with during his late partnership with Mr. RO- PER ; Which being dissolved, he informs them and the public, in general, that he proposes to continue the Building and Surveying Business, together with the Timber and Deal Trade, at his premises in St. Peter's; where in orders will be attended to with due punc- tuality. Memel Timber and Christiana Deals, at the London prices. Ipswich, 1801. WILLIAM PILKINGTON, Carpenter and Joiner, begs leave to inform his friends and the pub- lic in general, That he has taken that old- established Deal and Carpenters Yard, late Richard Smith's, in St. Nicholas, Ipswich. Where he means to carry on the above business in its various branches, and where or- ders will be gratefully acknowledged and punctually attended to. To DEBTORS and CREDITORS. ALL Persons who have any Claim or Demand upon the estate and effects of JONATHAN TIFFIN, wheelwright, late of Chapple, Essex, dec. are desired to send in their accounts, on or before the 1st ot May next, to Mr W. Farrow, of Mr. James Bland, both of Chapple aforesaid, the cxccutors, or otherwise they will be excluded the benefit arising therefrom. And all those persons who stood indebted to the said Jon. Tiffin, at the time of his decease, are desired to pay their respective debts to the said executors. WHEREAS on Tuesday Night, the 14th of April, 1801, or early on Wednesday morning, the 15th, A FAT CALF, upwards of 10 stone, was stolen and carried away from the calf crib in the neathouse, in the occupation of Mr. NAT. ALLINGTON, of Linstead Magna, leaving the skin, head and pluck. Any person giving information of the offender or offen- ders, so as he or they are brought to justice, and con- victed thereof, shall receive a reward of Twenty Gui- neas, by applying to the said Mr. Allington. Linstead, Suffolk, April 15, 1801. WOOLLEN CLOTHS, Wholesale and Retail, By J. SMITH and SON, WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS from YORKSHIRE, WHO return Thanks for all past Favours, and at the same time respectfully inform their Friends and the Public in general, That they open for SALE at the BULL'S HEAD, Ipswich, on the 18th day of April, A large assortment of Woollen Cloths; consisting of superfine and seconds, milled, doable kerseymeres, hunters, swansdowns, Bath coating, ladies cloths of fashionable colours, & c. which will be sold on the most reasonable terms. Sale to continue Six days and no longer. N. B. He intends opening at The Bull, Woodbridge, April 27, for Three days Saxmundham Bell, April 30, for Three days. Halesworth King's Arms, May 4, for Three days. Southwold New Swan, May 7, for Three days JOHN RAW, Bookseller, Binder, Printer, and Stationer, BUTTER MARKET, IPSWICH, ( LATE JERMYN'S) SELLS Books in all Languages and Sciences; Bibles, Prayer Books, Testaments, School Books, and School Pieces; New Publications, Magazines, Re- views, Sec. as soon as published. Books bound and ruled to any pattern, in elegant or plain bindings. Gentlemen's libraries repaired, and methodically arranged. Books neatly and accurately printed; catalogues, Club articles, handbills, Sec. on the shortest notice. All sorts of STATIONARY of the best manufac- tures, in the greatest variety ; writing and common papers; pens, quills, wafers, wax, & c. portable Writing desks, dressing Cases, and a variety of fancy articles of the best quality; prints, transparencies, & c. A great assortment ef MUSIC and MUSICAL IN- STRUMENTS sold, or lent. All the reputable PATENT MEDICINES, from the Original warehouses in London, warranted genuine. J. and M. Raw beg leave to solicit the friends of the late G. Jermyn, for a continuance of the favours, Which Mrs. Raw has so kindly experienced since the death of her late husband, for which she returns her sin- cerest thanks; and it will ever be their grateful am- bition to retain the favours of all their friends by punc- tuality and attention to their commands, in the various departments of the business. Orders for the ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE OFFICE punctually and strictly attended to. Now on sale, ( from the catalogue) SEVERAL THOUSAND VOLUMES, Amongst which arc many scarce and valuable Books; And speedly will be Published, An APPENDIX to the CATALOGUE, Consisting of a great number of Volumes in VARIOUS BRANCHES of LITERATURE. To COVER this SEASON, At PHILIP HICKS's of Kersey, At 11s. 6d. each Mare, and 1s. the Servant, To be paid at Covering, ABright Chesnut CART HORSE, 5 years old, got by Mr. Blake's Horse, out of a capital chesnut mare; he is full 16 hands high, short leg'd, and full of bone ; he will be at home all the season. Trials free till Midsummer ; and such mares as were not stinted last year, to be covered this season at 6s. 6d. Also to Cover at the same place, that noted Old CHESNUT HORSE, got by Mr. Blake's famous Old Horse, at 10s.' 6d, each mare, and 1s. the servant. Money to be paid at covering; and such mares as were not stinted by him last year, to be covered this season at 6s. eaeh. Kersey, April 16, 0801. LIVE STOCK and other EFFECTS. To be SOLD by AUCTION By THOs. CATCHPOLE, Oil Wednesday the 29th day of April, 1801, At Mr. JAS. MUTIMER's, at Wilby, Near Framlingham, Suffolk. ThE Live and Dead Stock, Backhouse and Dairy utensils and other effects; consisting of 6 truly and valuable milch cows, 4 of them with calves by their sides, 3 one yearling heifers, a bull, 4 useful cart geldings; the quality of the live stock are too Well known to need comment; 3 excellent road waggons, cart, 2 tumbrels and turnip cart to go in the quarter, ploughs, harrows, roll, & c. cart and plough harness, and other implements in husbandly. N. B. Also, 30 acres, more or less, of rich pasture land, in 9 inclosures, to feed, mow, or carry Off, on or before Michaelmas day next, part of a Stack of ex cellent stover, wheat, barley, and oat straw, light muck, & c. in lots. Mr. Mutimer parts with his stock, & c. with the greatest regret, but being under the disagreeable ne cessity to leave his farm at Michaelmas next, obliges him so to do. Commissioners of the River Stour Navigation, will be held at the Queen's Head Inn, in Nayland, in the county of Suffolk, on Wednesday the 6th of May next, at Eleven O'clock in the forenoon : and all per- sons having any business to transact with the said Commissioners, ate desired to give their attendance before Twelve o'clock. WM. STRUTT. Sudbury, 16th April 1801. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By WM. SEAMAN, At the Star Tavern, on the Quay, Great Yarmouth, On Saturday the 25th day of April, 1801; At 12 o'clock. For the Benefit ofthe Underwriters. ABOUT 270 Quarters of WHEAT, being the entire cargo ofthe Sloop DIANA, James Heron, master, from Berwick bound to London, lately stranded near Yarmouth. The wheat may be viewed, and particulars had by applying to Mr. W. D. Palmer, at Yarmouth aforesaid, any day previous to the sale. To BAKERS and OTHERS. Tobe PEREMPTORILY SOLD by AUCTION, By WM. BUNNELL, At the Waggon and Horses, Colchester, On Tuesday the 28th inst. Between the hours of Four and. Six o'clock, AFreehold Brick- fronted DWELLING- HOUSE, and BAKE- OFFICE, situated in the principal street leading to the Barracks, now in the occupation of Mr. W. Spink ; comprising in front, a room 15 feet by 12, a large bake- office, 3 bed- rooms, with conve- nient closets, and extensive garrets; has a small yard, with offices. The situation for trade is truly desirable. The out- goings are about 3 guineas per ann. Possession may be had at Midsummer next, ( This will be advertised no more. To be SOLD by AUCTION By JOHN REYNOLDS, On Tuesday, the 21st of April, 1801, And the Two following days, ( Without reserve for the Benefit of Creditors) ALL the Household Furniture, Platfc, Linen, China, books and other effects of the Rev. R. HOUGH- TON, at his Dwelling House in Bungay: comprising 20 bedsteads with hangings, feather beds and beding, sofa, with cotton cover; various articles of mahogany, pier and dressing glasses, Bath stoves, kitchen range, smoke jack, useful culinary articles, 2 coppers, ex- cellent brewing utensils, and beer casks, plate, linen, china; upwards of 300 volumes of valuable books, and various other effects. Catalogues of which may be had, 2d. each, at the principal Inns in the neighbouring town's, and ai the auctioneer, Bungay. The goods may be viewed on the clay preceding the sale. BLYTHING HUNDRED. . THE Commissioners appointed for carrying into Exe- cution within the said Hundred the general pur- poses of the several Acts for granting certain duties upon Income, Do hereby require the Assessors of the several parishes within the said Hundred, to deliver to Mr. Robt. Crabtree, their clerk, on or Before Tuesday, the 28th day of April instant, all such statements of In- come as shall have been delivered or returned to them respectively by the housholders, occupiers or others within their several parishes, together with lists of the several persons who shall have delivered such states ments, and also of such perspns as shall have neglect- ed to make such returns as aforesaid; And the said Commissioners do also give further no- tice, That they will meet on Tuesday, the 5th day May next, at the Angel Inn, in Halesworth, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon; when and where the several Assessors within the said Hundred are required per- sonally to appear before them, and make oath, that the several notices required to be delivered to house- keepers and occupiers, and also to lodgers and inmates by the said Acts, have been duly served in the manner required thereby; and that general notices to the effect mentioned in the said Acts have been duly affixed in the manner thereby directed; and also that the statements delivered by them respectively to the said clerk, are all the statements which have been delivered to them in pursuance of the said Acts; and also that the lists, delivered by them the said Assessors, contain the name of every person within their respective limits having made default, or whose name ought to be re- turned according to the directions of the said Acts, within the knowledge of the said Assessors. By Order of the Commissioners, ROBERT CRABTREE, Clerk. ' To be SOLD by AUCTION, By THO. CATCHPOLE, On Thursday the 30th day of April, 1801, at the Bell Inn, at Brandish, near Framlingham, Suffolk,- be- tween the hours of 3 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon, unless disposed of by Private Contract. AFreehold Messuage in Two Dwellings, in Bran- dish aforesaid, with 2 gardens, and a wheel- wright's shop, in full trade, and now in the possession of Robert Chapman, and John Pitte, the wheelwright. The above premises is a desirable situation for a wheelwright, or any other trade. For further particulars apply to Mr. Thos. Smith, or the auctioneer, Laxfield. ' To COVER this SEASON, At WILLIAM SPINKE's, EYKE. Bright Cheshut CART HORSE, at 15s. 6d. each Mare. To pay the Man at the time of Cover- ing. He is 16 hands 1 inch high, short leg'd and large boned. He will be at Aldcrton Swan on Tuesday at Beatings Admiral's Head on Wednesday mornings from 9 till 11; at Woodbridge White Horse same day and at home that night; at Saxmundham Bell on Thursdays ; at Bramfield Queen's Head on Fridays at Framlingham Crown on Saturdays .; atParham Ha- chesion Queen's Head that night; and at home on Mondays. Such mares as were not stinted last season may be covered at 8s. 6d. each. To COVEll~ this SEASON, At ANDREW BLAKE's, Letheringham, ABright Chesnut CART COLT, at ' 15s. 6d. each Mare. To pay the Man at Covering. Trials free till Midsummer. He is 3 years old, near 16 hands high, wide and handsome, and very short leg'd. He was the property of Mr. Gleed, of Dickleburgh- hall Mr. Gleed has been famous in Cart stallions for many years; therefore thought proper to purchase a cart stallion of thRt stock, as a cross will be of great ad vantage to our stock in this neighbourhood. He will be at Rushmere Falcoii oil Tuesday morn- ing by 8, on his way toKirkton Greyhound, and stay there all night; at Woodbridge Bull on Wednesdays at Sliottisham Sorrel Horse that night, till 10 on Thurs day mornings, and stop at Butley Oyster on his way home ; atCoddenham Crown on Fridays, by 9 o'clock and stop at Framsden Greyhound in his way home ; at Framlingham Crown on Saturdays ; and at home on Sundays and Mondays. Such mares as were not stinted, may be covered at 8s. 6d. An ENTIRE DAIRY of TRUE SUFFOLK COWS, To be SOLD by AUCTION Ik) JOHN BLOMFIELD, On the Premises of Mr. WM. LIST, of Framsden, Near Debenham, Suffolk, On Friday, the 1st day of May, 1801, And DAIRY UTENSILS ; CONSISTING of 18 very handsome Young Milch Cows, some with calves by their sides, others forward in calf, aiid the remainder the calves very lately off, in very high condition; colours, black and white, brindled and white, red and white, and fallow ; 10 2- ycar old heifers, some of them forward in calf, and the others gast, 3 2- year old steers, and 2 2- year old hulls, 21 year- old sheep, and ,1S ewes and lambs. The whole will be expressed in catalogues, to be had in due time, at the principal Inns in the neigh- bourhood, place of sale, and of the auctioneer, Dcben- iiam ; who most respectfully informs the public, that Mr. List disposes of his cows, prefering Grazing. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By CORNELIUS WELTON, On Friday the 1st day of May, 1801, At the WHITE HORSE, SWEFLING, Between the hours of Three and Five in the afternoon, In TWO LOTS, Unless sooner disposed of by Private Contract, Of which the earliest Notice will be Given, Lot 1. A Very Desirable Situation, in the pleasant jfi. village ofSwefling : consistingofaFreehold ' brick'd Messuage, entirely new but few years since, exceeding well situate for trade, in various branches, or at a small expence may be made fit for the resi dence of a small genteel family, with convenient officcs, arid every suitable outbuilding, good garden, and 1 acre of pasture land, more oi less, noiy in the occupation of Mr. George Seaman, who will quit possession at Michaelmas next. Lot 2. Consists of 2 acres of exceeding good arable land, now in the occupation ofthe said George Sea- man. Possession to be had at Michaelmas next. The above are Freehold. Annual Outgoings, Land Tax 8s. For particulars apply to Mr. Ben j. Frewer, or R. Bush, Great Glemham, or the auctioneer, Yoxford. Mr. Frewer will shew the premises. ' To be SOLD by AUCTION By WM. SHARMAN, Ou Monday, April 27, upon the Farm and Premises of Mr. RICH. ANDREWS, of Weybread, Suffolk, 6Very valuable Milch Cows, 3 of them with Calves by their sides, others off, a 2- year old heifer, a ca- pital brood chesnut cart mare in foal, bay cart ditto, road cart, tumbrel good as new, foot plough, 2- horse roll, 3 double milk trays, and ditto leaded, ver> good salting ditto, cheese press, leaded seat, 2 butter stands, very good J barrel churn, hand ditto, cheese vats and braids, 5 milk keelers, 2 ditto bowls, .2 ditto pails, large brewing copper, very good irons and lids, ditto tub, underback, windup jack and pullies, gun, and other useful requisites; the whole of which will be sold without reserve, as Mr. Andrews quits his farm at Michaelmas next. Also will be sold, 4£ acres of Clover and Kye Grass, and 5^ acres of Upland Mea- dow Hay; may be mown and carried off; to have pos- sesion until . Oct. 10, O. S. Sale begins at Ten o'clock. To be SOLD by AUCTION By REYNOLDS, On Monday the 4th of May next, between the Hours of 2 and 5 in the afternoon, at the Queen's Head Inn, Stradbrook. in the county of Suffolk, subject to such conditions as will then be produced, ACapital and well- conditioned FARM, situate in Horham ; consisting of a good messuage or farm- house, barn, stable, cow- house, and other necessary and convenient out- buildings in good repair; together with 83 acres ( be the same more or less) of exceeding fine upland meadow, pasture and arable land, iu an high state of cultivation, and now in the occupation of Mr. John Botwright, or his assigns, under ail agree- ment that expires at Old Michaelmas next, and who has had notice to quit the same at that time. This estate is well fenced, and in convenient in- closures ; stands by the side of the high road, and the tenant is a very respectable and good farmer. For further particulars enquire of Mr. Catling, Met- field, Suffolk. The tenant will shew the premises. To be SOLD bv AUCTION By JOHN and THOMAS BARBER, On Wednesday, the ' 23d of April, 1801, And following day, THE Houshold Furniture and other valuable Effects, of the late Mr. RICHARD PRIEST, surgeon, de- ceased : which said furniture, & c. are removed to the Great Room at the Crown Inn in Harleston, for con- veniency of sale; consisting of featherbeds and bed- ing, mahogany and other tables, ditto bureau; chest with drawers, very handsome pier glasses in gilt frames, as good as new, 8- day musical clock, napkin press, corner cupboard, easy chair and cover, 2 dres- sing chests with drawers, looking glasses, 2 handsome mahogany washing stands, ditto pillar and claw table, capital tin reflector, a windup jack complete, almost new; earth, stone, and glassware, about 50- gallon copper, irons linen covets, tubs, keelers, pails, beer vessels, boiler, linen horses, a handsome India cabi- net, a whisky and apron, with harness complete, and a great variety of sundry other articles, all without re- serve. Sale begins each morning at Ten o'clock. The above will all be Sold on the first day, if possible. ' I PEBMARSH, WICKHAM ST. PAUL And GESTINGTHORPE, ESSEX. To be SOLD by AUCTION On Tuesday, May 12, 1801, By WM. OLIVER and SON, Between the hours of 2 and 3 o'clock in the Afternoon, At the BELL INN, Castle Hedingham, Essex, ADesirable FARM, called COLLINS and CLOVERS ; consisting of a substantial and exceeding con- venient farm house, 2 barns, stables, cow house, cart lodge, and other suitable out- buildings, in complete repair, with an orchard, garden, and 96 acres, more or less, of arable, pasture and wood land, within a ring fencc, and in a good state of cultivation, in the seve- ral parishes of Pebmarsh, Wickham St. Paul, and Gest- ingthorpe aforesaid, about 26 acres of which are copy- hold, the rest freehold, late in the occupation of Mr. James Pudney, and of which possession will be given at Michaelmas next. For further particulars apply to Mr. Carwardine, Castle Hedingham, Essex, or the auctioneer, Sudbury. A Man on the premises will shew them. To bo SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN and THOMAS BARBER, On Friday, the 24th day of April, 1801, on the Farm and Premises of Mr. JAMES HARVEY, situate at St. Margaret's Ilketshall, near Bungay; Suffolk, ACapital Dairy of 26 prime Milch Cows; 17 of which have calves by their sides, 2 their calves' off, the others forward in calf; a 2- year old bull, and a 3- year old colt. N B. The auctioneer truly informs the public, the reason of the above sale is the ill state of Mrs. Harvey's health, therefore grazing is preferred. Sale begins at Ten o'clock. To bePEREMPTORILY SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN and THOMAS BARBER, On Monday the 27th day of April, 1801, on the pre- mises of Mr. JNo. CUPPER, of Mendham, near Harleston. HIS Dairy , of 8 choice Milch Cows, 4 of which have calves by their sides, 2 their calves off, the other 2. forward in calf; all the backhouse and dairy utensils ih the general fine in good condition. Sale begins at 10 o'clock. VALUABLE HOUSHOLD FURNITURE, CHINA, GLASS, Sec. A fine ton'd Harpsichord, by HITCHERCOCK, In a Mahogany Case and Frame, & c. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JONATHAN ABBOTT, On Monday, 27th April inst. and following day, ( By Order of the ASSIGNEES) On the Premises, THE neat and genteel Houshold Furniture, of Mr. JOHN JACOB, of Eye, in the county of Suffolk, common brewer, a bankrupt; comprising fine bordered and other goose featherbeds, mattrasses, cotton counter- panes, neat mahogany post and other bedsteads, with moreen, white dimity, cheque and china furnitures, blue and white table and tea china, regular assort- ment of glass articles, elegant pier and dressing glasses, a pair of mahogany square dining tables, each 4ft. 4 in. by 6ft. a variety of card, pembroke and other tables, in mahogany and wainscot, neat mahogany settee, 6 ft. 9 in in length, with white dimity cover fring'd, neat mahogany chairs, with covers to match, festoon curtains, & c. mahogany chests with drawers, do. wardrobe, do. bureaus, an exceeding good Wilton carpet, 15 ft. by 15 ft. Scotch do. 13 ft. by 12 ft. fine ton'd harpsichord, by Hitchercock, in mahogany case and frame, 2 fine Mezzotinto Prints, by Morland, 24 in. by 18 in. in burnished frames; Kneller's English Poets, 9 prints fram'd and glaz'd, capital 8- day clock and case, mahogany cellaret, night tables, and dressing stands, kitchen requisites, and other general articles. N. B. An exceeding good narrow wheeled waggon, with iron arms, and a capital gelding, in the 1st day's sale. Goods may be viewed on the Saturday pre- ceding the sale, which will begin each morning pre- cisely at Ten o'clock. Catalogues of which may be had in due time, at the principal Inns in Diss; Scole Inn; Swan, Hoxne; Buck's Head, Thwaite ; Buck's Horns, Debenham ; Oak, Mendlesham; Griffin, Brockford; White Lyon, Eye; place of sale, and of the auctioneer, Needham- market, RESIDENCE and FARMS, In the vicinity cf Sudbury and Needham, Suffolk. To be SOLD bv AUCTION By Mr. PHIPPS, On Thursday the 14th of May, at 12 o'clock, at Gar- raway's Coffee- house, Change Alley, Cornhill, Lon don, by order of the Trustees, in Lots. THE following Desirable and Improveable FREE- HOLD ESTATES, the late property of the REV. DR. PRESTON, deceased, the land- tax of which is re- deemed, viz. A valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of genteel residence, with coach- house, stables, walled gardens, large pleasure garden, orchard, plantations, and upwards of 100 acres of very excellent meadow, pasture, and arable land, with useful farming buildings, plea- santly and advantageously situated at Baburgh Heath in the' parish of Great Waldingfield, a fine sporting country, 3 miles from Sudbury, and Long Melford, 14 from Bury and Colchester, 19 from Ipswich, 30 from Harwich, aiid 59 from London, from whence there are coaches passing through Long Melford to Norwich and Yarmouth daily; part late in the occupation of Dr Preston, and the remainder let to Mr. John Stead, till Michaelmas next. A compact desirable FREEHOLD FARM, situated near theabove, consisting of a farmhouse, useful build ings, and 36 acres of excellent meadow and arable land in the occupation of Mr. Wm. Burroughs, till Michael mas next, A piece of FREEHOLD LAND, called CHRIST MAS FIELD, containing upwards of 5 acres detached at a short- distance, in the occupation of the said Wm Burroughs, till Michaelmas next. A valuable compact FREEHOLD FARM situated at Ringshall, in the county of Suffolk, about 3 miles from Needham, 5 from Stowmarket, and 11 from Ipswich all good market towns, consisting of a farm house with useful buildings, and about 85 acres of excellent arable and pasture land, in the occupation of Mr. Robt. Abbot, till Michaelmas next. To be viewed with leave of the tenants, of whom printed particulars may be shortly had ; also at the Inns in the neighbourhood ; at Garraway's, and of Mr. Phipps, Copthall- Court, Throgmorton- street, where plans of the estates may be seen. COMMERCIAL COMMISSIONERS OFFICE, WOODBRIDGE, the 16th day of April, 1801. THE Commercial Commissioners for the Division of Woodbridge have observed, That many per- sons have mistaken the principle of the Acts for levy- ing a Duty On Income, and particularly the meaning of the Act of last year, and have thereby been subject to great inconvenience, and in many cases been asses- sed in different places ; the Commissioners are there- fore induced to offer and earnestly recommend the following explanations to the attention of the public, as it will be their duty henceforward to enforce the provisions of the several Acts, without regarding the inconvenience to which those who neglect to conform to the law will be liable: The Acts of 39 Geo: 3d. Cap. 13, and of 39 and 40 Geo. 3d. Cap. 49. require, 1st. That every person engaged in trade or manu- facture carried on in any city, town, place or district, where Commercial Commissioners have been ap- pointed ( except in the City of London provided for es- pecially by the said Act), shall deliver in their statements to the Commercial Commissioners of such city, town, place or district, as the Income of every such person is cognizable only by the said Commercial Commis- 9 sioners. 2d. That the whole Income of every person ( whe- ther engaged in trade or not), shall be stated and paid for in one and the same place, and that no persons in- come shall be divided so as to be charged in different districts, except in the case of a person engaged in more than one concern and carried on in a different division ; then the whole Income of each partnership must be stated distinctly and be paid for in the place where each respective business is carried on, and the Assessments must be made on each concern and on all the partners for their interest therein, either jointly for the whole Income of the partnership, or on each separately for his respective proportion, but if the Assessment be made on the partners jointly for their trading concern; the private Income of each must be given in separately, and in case such private Income does not amount to 200£. a year, the proportion of Income derived from trade must be declared in order to ascertain the Rate of Assessment;, yet ill this parti- cular case the parties may choose either to pay on their private Income at either of the places where they are assessed on their trade, but they will be expected to declare in their statements where such private In- comes are to be paid for. 3d. That in case of a trade or manufacture of a joint concern, but Carried on in different districts, the prin- cipal partner may elect in which the statements of all the partners shall be delivered; but they must all go to the same Board where the private Income must also be assessed; 4th. That all persons engaged in trade ot manufac- ture shall specify the district whsre they were asses- sed in the last year, and on what average, or on what years their statements were made out, and in cases of partnership the statements must contain the " name and residence of eVery partner, and whether the statement of the former year contained the joint or separate In- Comes of the partners, and before what Commissioners they were assessed. 5th. That all persons shall distinguish how much of the sums on their statements is payable on account of trade or manufacture, and how much on account of Income derived from other source or sources. 6th. That all persons not . delivering their statements in due time, Or not complying with the several direc- tions prescribed by the Act as to the mode of making them out, or any neglect or refusal to return a Schedule of Income, in consequence of a precept issued bv the Commissioners, will render the defaulter liable to a penalty of 20£. The Commissioners feel It necessary to observe that this Tax is laid on the Income of the current year, not as has been erroneously supposed, on the Income of the preceding year. It therefore becomes necessary to state, that Income is divided into 2 parts, 1st. Certain or fixed Income. 2d. Uncertain or casual Income. 1st. Certain fixed and regular Income arises from the rents of lands and houses, interest of money, from dividends on the public funds and the like ; and it is to be ascertained at the time of delivery of the state- ments, according to the Sum Which it will produce be- tween the 5th of April last, and the 5th of April 1802; and so' on in every subsequent year. 2d. Income to be delivered from trade and other such like revenue, i^ considered as uncertain or casual, and its probable amount is therefore to be estimated from what was the actual produce of the preceding year, or according to an average of the 3 last years, every such year to be considered as completed oh the 31st December, or at such time of the year as the party has been accustomed to make up his accounts, but in no case later than tha day limited for the delivery of the statements, that is to the 30th March. Every person is now bounden to continue, to esti- mate this part of his Income, on one year, or the average of 3 years agreeable to the option he has al- ready made in this respect, All person's becoming entitled to any Income be- tween the 5th of April 1801, and the 5th of April 1802, or within the same period in any subsequent year, are required to return a statement thereof within 20 days after the same shall have been received. And all persons coming into a share of any trade or manufacture, must estimate their Income for the cur- rent year according to the Income which such trade produced in the preceding year, or on an average of 3 years to the parties then in possession thereof. This Tax is laid on Income not on Expenditure. All In- come therefore the property of persons resident iri Great Britain, which becomes in any manner profita- ble to its owner is liable to the Tax, before any appro- priation of it take place in augmentation of capital or otherwise. No statements can be proceeded on which are sent incomplete. The said Commercial Commissioners hereby give Notice to all persons assessable by them, to deliver in their statements to Mr. John Carthew, their Clerk, at Woodbridge, on of before the 29th , of this instant April. Each person delivering his or her statement, shall receive a certificate of the Assessments from this office, which certificate must be exhibited to the Com- missioners for the General Purposes of the Acts. By order of the Commercial Commissioners, JOHN CARTHEW, Clerk. N. B. Such persons who neglected to pay the In- stalments for the year ending the 5th April instant, to the respective Receivers appointed by tiie said Com- missioners, will be proceeded against according to the directions of the Act for the Recovery of the Ar- rears. WeDneSDay's Post, ON Monday the Secret Committee made their Report to the House of Commons. It be- gins by describing the rebellion of Ireland, and the present disturbed state of that country ; it next proceeds to assert, that the principles and proceedings which have involved the Sister King-, dom in calamity, are making great progress in this country, that many persons in different parts of the kingdom have been sworn on the plan of the United Irishmen ; and that the conspiracy makes great progress in the metropolis in parti- cular ; that the persons lately released from pri- son in consequence of the expiration of the act suspending the Habeas Corpus, have been the most active, and the leaders in this conspiracy ; that they have artfully availed themselves of the high price of provisions to sow discontent among the lower orders, and have expressed their wishes that the dearth were still greater, as it would for- ward their views,; and lastly, that they intend calling a General Meeting in London of all the labouring classes, to consider of a redress of griev- ances ; a measure which might be productive of the utmost mischief at this critical time. The Committee, therefore, recommend the Suspensi- on of the Habeas Corpus, and the revival of the act for preventing Seditious Meetings. Tuesday in the House of Commons, Mr. Pelham moved, that the Acts for Suspending the Habeas Corpus Act, and the Revival ot the Laws against Sedition, which had lately expired, should he read: which being done, he stated, off a circular piece of the bark from a branch of a pear tree, causes the fruit of that branch to ripen sooner by a fortnight, as I have more than once observed. The wounds made in apples by in* sects, occasion those apples to ripen sooner ; and I am well informed, that when bunches of grapes in this country have acquired their expected size, that if the stalk of each bunch be cut half thro', they will sooner ripen. One of the largest steam engines in England, which has been erecting for some time in his Ma- jesty's dock- yard at Portsmouth, was on Sunday com pleated and set to work. It will pump 20 tons of water in a minute, with a consumption of only a bushel and a half of coals per hour. Wednesday at Newmarket, a Subscription Plate of 50,£. 2- yr. old C. was won by Sir C. Bunbury's Sorcerer, beating Mr. Perren's, b. c. by John Bull, out of Ariadne, and, 2 others. Mr. Wilson's So- phia, 8st. Sib. beat the D. Grafton's Flambeau, 7st. 7lb. 11. M. 200gs. Mr. W. Thompson's Vi- valdi, beat Mr. Perren's Jack Chance, lOOgs. Thursday. Sweepstakes of SOOgs. each D. I. was won by Mr. Wilson's Champion, beating Mr. Watson's Triumvir. Sweepstakes ot' lOOgs. each, Duke's C. was won by Mr. Turnor's Sir Harry, beating Mr. Rooke's Jack Andrews, and 2 others. A Subscription Handicap Plate of 5Q^. the New Round- about C; was won by Ld. Clermont's b. c. by Meteor, beating Mr. Concannon's Fortitude, and 4 others. Mr. Heathcote's Popinjay, 8st. beat Mr. Rooke's Dick Andrews, 8st 4lb. K. M. lOOgs. Mr. Cox's Pet, beat Mr. Concannon's forti- tude, 8st. each. Ab. M. 50gs. perty: to prevent this, each made her will, in which she bequeathed the interest of her all to the benefit of fhe survivor, at whose death it was to ' be distributed among each one's respective rela- tions. Their last bed of sickness exhibited a scene At GEORGE PAYNE'S, CLOPTON, At 15s. 6d. a Mare, To pay the Man at Covering. ABright Chesnu't CART COLT, rising 4 Years Old, 16 hands 1 inch high, short leg'd and full of bone; he was got by Mr. Blake's famous Old Horse. He will be at the Bull, Woodbridge, on Wednesdays; at Trim- ley Mariners on Fridays, stay there that night; at the Chequers, Ipswich, on Saturdays; and at home the rest of the week. Trials free till Old Midsummer. Such mares as were not stinted last season, wjll be covered at 8s. 6d. each. that his present object was to move for the re- vival of these laws, the necessity for which was sufficiently shown in the Report of the Secret Committee. He then moved for leave to bring in a Bill founded on the above Report, which, after a long debate, was read a first and 2d time. Government have been particularly urgent with gentlemen possessing influence in the coun- try to repair thither; i in order to repress the dispo- sition to tumult which has unhappily prevailed; to militia officer:, the requisition has been peremp- tory. Among others it is mentioned, that Sir C. Bampfylde was desirous of remaining in town, under an impression that his parliamentary at- tendance superseded every other duty, when it was intimated to him from the War Office, that if he did not immediately join his regiment, another Commandant should be found for it. His Majesty having been graciously pleased to deliver the Great Seal to the Right Hon. John lord Eldon, the oath of Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain was by his Majesty's command, ad- ministered to his Lordship on Tuesday, and his Lordship took his place at the board accordingly. We have to announce the very important in telligence of the death of the Emperor Paul I. Autocrat of all the Russias; an event that will af- ford matter of joy to almost all, and surprise to few. This news was brought from Cuxhaven in the Dolphin packet, Capt. Hearne. The particu- lars of the Emperor's death, and its immediate consequences, were brought by a messenger to the Chaplain of the late Russian Legation m this country. The Emperor went to bed on the evening of the 23d ult. in his usual health, and next morning was found dead. To whatever causes, physical or political, the death of Paul maybe attributed, it cannot fail to be attended with a considerable influence on the affairs of Europe. The eldest son of the Emperor, named ' Alexander, was immediately proclaimed, He is now in his 24th year, being born in December 1777, and is married to the daughter of the He- reditary Prince of Baden. It is said that one of the first acts of his reign was, the revocation of those measures of violence which Paul had com- mitted against this country. In particular it is said, that he has given orders for releasing the English sailors who were in confinement. At any fate, whatever line of policy the new Sove- reign may pursue, the obstacles to conciliation, which arose from the personal character of Paul, are now removed, and a favourable opportunity is presented for counteracting the influence of France at the Court of Petersburgh, and bring- ing back that Empire to its former good under- standing with this country. Count Woronzow, the Russian Minister, is now at Southampton, whither the officer who arrived with the above dispatches immediately repaired. He is expected to return to London in a day or two, when he will make a formal communication of his instructions to his Majesty's Ministers. The new Emperor is of tall stature, and commanding aspect. He is of a mild dis- position, and speaks English fluently. Mr. Drummond, our late Negotiator at Co- penhagen, was unfortunate enough to- lose all his baggage on his return from that mission ; the frigate which brought him over, being obliged to clear for action, on the appearance ot an enemy's ship, Mr. D's trunks, that had been improvident- ly. left upon deck, were of . course among the first articles necessarily thrown over- board. The Exchange between Dublin and London, at present amounts to 14 per cent, making a loss of 5£. 13s. + d. on every hundred pounds ster- ling remitted from Ireland to this, country. Tuesday the Lord Mayor ordered the assize of bread to be reduced half an assize, or Id. in the peck loaf: the quartern loaf is now Is. 9d. About 40,000 quarters of wheat, 7000 ol bar- ley, 4000 of rye, 40,000 of oats, and 1500 cwt. of rice, were imported during the last week. The price of rice has fallen considerably in con- sequence of the late extensive importations, the best new Carolina sells at 46s. to 47s. per cwt. Mr. John Kett, butcher, of Norwich, last week purchased in Smithfield market 113 bul- locks, at from 5 to 10£. a head cheaper than they cquld have been bought in the Norfolk markets. The Board of Agriculture has adjudged to Col. Fullarton, M. P. the premium of 200f. for the best essay on the means of converting grass land ihto tillage, without exhausting the soil; and of returning- the same to grass again in an improved state. In the memoirs of the Royal Society of Agricul- ture in Paris, for the years 1790 and 1791, an ac- count is given of the following mode of'prevent- ing the blossoms of fruit trees from being da- maged by early spring frosts: " If an hempen rope be intermixed among the branches of a fruit tree in blossom, and the end of it brought down so as to terminate in a bucket of water, should a slight frost take plate in the night, ttie blos- soms will not be affected by it; but a film of ice, of considerable thickness, will be formed on the surface of the bucket in which the rope end is immersed, al- though another bucket ot water, placed beside it for the sake of experiment, will have no ice at all upon it." On the 7th inst. came on at Lifford, the trial of Napper Tandy, when he addressed the Court in a short but impressive speech, avowing every thing set forth in the indictment, and said his heart disdained a falsehood. Judge Chamber- lain begged he would weigh well the conse- quence of such a declaration; that sentence of death must instantly follow. Mr. T. answered, he was not afraid to meet death in any shape; he knew well the awful sentence of the law— he was ready to receive it " with the resignation of a Christian, and with the fortitude of a man. The Judge then passed sentence, but he has since re- ceived his Majesty's pardon. Saturday Tho. Spence, a bookseller in Oxford- street, was arrested by Townsend and Rivett, two of the Bow- street officers, under authority of a warrant from Mr. Ford, for selling a certain se- ditious and inflammatory publication, called, " The Restorer of Society to its natural State; in a Series of Letters to a Fellow Citizen." Spence, after being examined before Mr. Ford, at White- hall, was committed for trial. Friday at Westminster Sessions, before Wm. Mainwaring, Esq. John Rowe was indicted for defrauding Sarah Hall of the sum of 2s. 6d. It appeared, the prisoner had announced his ce- lebrity in resolving all questions appertaining to future events, in a hand- bill, addressed to the Ladies only, in which he acquainted them lie attended at his Evening Planetarium, No. 5, Exe- ter- street, Strand, at " a Mangler's, the end next Catharine- street, up two pair of stairs, where he answered all lawful questions, calculated nativi- ties, & c. Sarah Hall, a woman about 50, having heard of his marvellous great fame, determined to visit him, and, through the medium of his influence with the stars, acquired the knowledge of her future destinies. She had never submitted to the chains of matrimony, consequently her inquiries chiefly tended to ascertain whether the Fates had ordained her to a life of celibacy. Having de- posited the usual symbol, which was 2s. 6d. the disciple of Zoroaster proceeded to unfold the high behests of Heaven; he faithfully delineated her horoscope, traced the planets through their several houses, and discovered by mystic lore, who was lord of the ascendant at her birth; having systematically arranged their several aspects, he exclaimed, with the inspiration of the Curnaean Sybill, that the Fates were prepitious to her wishes; that Mars and Venus were in conjunction ; Virgo and Gemini, Sextile; and Mercury, lord of the seventh house, the very hour she was born ; and consequently that these appearances denoted mar- riage, and a numerous progeny. Her having hi- therto lived a single life, he said, was attributable to the malign influence of Saturn, but that it would no longer prevail; he therefore desired her to go home, and assure herself of approaching happi- ness; he informed her she would be first courted by a dark man, with broad shoulders, dark hair, large dark eyes, bushy eyebrows, and thin legs, bu he was not the man she was to have ; the hus- band for whom the stars intended her was a fair man, with light hair, and blue eyes, and very wealthy ! she was to see him, for the first time, within a few days. He likewise; informed her she might gain a considerable sum of money if she would insure a certain number in the Lottery. The old Lady was all ecstacy at the idea of her good fortune; she left the mysterious apartment, returned to her house, and communicated her ap- proaching nuptials to all her acquaintance. She waited with the utmost impatience, but neither dark nor fair man made his appearance; she in- sured the number in the Lottery, as she had been directed, but it never came up; and in addition to her other disappointments, she lost her money. Happening to inform a friend, who had more wisdom than herself, of the cause of her expecta- tions, he advised her to apply to a Magistrate, which she did, and the pseudo Prophet was ap- prehended, his magical apparatus and books seized, and himself incarcerated. The prisoner was found Guilty, and sentenced to one month's imprison- ment." The Chairman observed, that however such a cause as this might provoke laughter, it was really an offence which was of the most seri- ous tendency, and might be productive of the worst consequences. Lately died, at Newport, Shropshire, Mrs. Hewitt aged 72, and Mrs. H. Danwell aged 65 ; they were buried in the same grave in Forton church- yard. These two ladies have distinguished themselves ( not as some might suppose) by the singularity and oddity of their lives, but by an almost unpre- cedented example of sincere and affectionate friendship. They were no relations by birth or family alliance, but became acquainted very early in their youth, and their youth was succeeded by a strong and inviolable attachment to each other. When they became possessed of their respective fortunes and settled in the world, they made the same dwelling their common home in the town of Newport; where they lived together in the strictest amity and friendship with each other, charitable to the poor, and much respected by the whole circle of their acquaintance, between 40 and 50 years. During some part of this long period, they experienced a reverse of fortune in the loss of a considerable sum of money which they had placed in the hands of some gentleman who became a bankrupt. Their loss was very unequal, the one having to lament the loss of a great part of her all, while the other experienced but a small reduction ; however, this unequal change in their circum- stances produced no alteration in their dispositions towards each other, but, if possible, was a stronger bond of union. When their fortunes were thus unhappily reduced, they perceived that, in case of the death of either, the survivor would be too truly affecting and interesting to the feelings of every tender heart. She that was first taken ill had the misfortune of breaking her leg, when both were confined: each perceived that the awful exit of one, if not both, was approaching; and, as long as strength would permit, she that was most able went every day into the room of her friend to take a final adieu ! and when her strength was ex- hausted she was carried by the attendants. At these affecting interviews they bathed each other's hands in tears, and expressed an heart- felt wish, that it might please God to permit them soon to meet again in the glorious fields of eternity. Heaven smiled, and heard the pious prayer; and that Angel that snatched away the soul of her that first departed, was a few hours afterwards dispatch- ed to release the struggling soul of her absent friend, and to re- unite them in bonds of love for ever! At Aberdeen on the 6th ult. died, Miss Mary Tait, who for several years presided with dis- tinguished reputation, over one of the principal seminaries of female education in that city. The manner of her death was peculiarly affecting; on the night of the general fast after having at- tended the duties of the day, and when her fami- ly were all retired to rest, she was employed in writing letters of consequence, when by some accident not perfectly ascertained, her clothes took fire, and she was so terribly burnt, as to oc- casion her death in 22 days after. Address of the Stars to the Earth. Sweet be thy slumbers, sister, sweet repose Lull thee on thy cool odour scented bed, Sleep peacefully, beloved, ' till thou wake • All fresh in rosiness : May no wild storms With ruffian fury rend thy beauteous locks', . Nor swell the maddening tide above its banks, Nor with hoarse discord, and tumultuous din, Drown heaving Ocean's peaceful lullabies ! Hecla nor Etna with their thundenngs wake thee ; And on the darksome bosom, of the Alps May the winged lightening! sleep ! The air is hushed : No clouds now interpose to hide from us Thy beauty's loveliness, nor vapours dim Shadowing thy orb, fair planet, intercept The moon's mild cheering beams! The fairy hours Flit by thee on light step, ' till roseate morn Wake thee ! And may thy children all partake Of the calm hour of rest! For those whom care, Whom sorrow chases from the bed of peace, The moon shall sooth tnem with her mild regards; For she can solace the distrest in heart, By her blest influence, and in the breast Of happy, lovers beam a placid joy. Those who are voyaging the faithless deep, We will conduct in their adventurous course Through the dark night, in silver leading strings, That no vexed whirlpool, and no hidden rock, Nor lurking quicksand wound the gliding keel: Then sleep, beloved sister, sweet repose Lull thee on thy cool odoriferous bed, Sleep peacefully, beloved, ' till thou wake Decked by the morn, and gay in rosy smiles ! Bankrupts. Thomas Verstille, Leadenhall- market, butcher. James Dawson, Liverpool, master- mariner. Hen. Stanton, Rainhill, Lancashire, innkeeper. Tho. Price, Walcot- place, Lambeth, money- scrivener. Presented. The Rev. Robert Walker, rector of Sher- ringham, in Norfolk, by the Lord Chancellor to the valuable living of Middleton, near Manchester, in the diocese of Chester. Married. Saturday last in London, Mr. Thos. Fen- nell, to Miss Hannah Apsey, both late of Bury. 1 ues- day Mr. Thomas Dowsett, confectioner, of Bury, to Miss Curry, late of Lakenheath. Wednesday last Mr. Hinsby, to Miss Aldred, both of Beccles. Yesterday se'nnight at St. James's church, London, John Emes, Esq. of Pater- noster- row, London, to Miss Robins, of Itteringham, in Norfolk. Died. Yesterday se'. nnight aged 56, Mr. John Grim- wade, farmer, at Norton. Thursday se'nnight Mrs. Steed, wife of Mr. Steed, of Great Waldingfield. On Wednesday last, after a short illness, in the 11th year of her age, Marianne Gilly, eldest daughter of the Rev. Wm. Gilly, of Hawkedon. Friday last from spasms in the stomach, whilst on a visit to her friends at Fox- earth, Suffolk, Miss Ellis, in the 29th year of her age. » And on Sunday last Mr. Wm. Ellis, her father, late wool- factor, of Sudbury, aged 70, from an apoplectic fit, with which he was seized the preceding Sunday. Friday se'nnight at the Barracks, in Norwich, after a long illness, Richard Sculty, Esq. Lieutenant in the 13th regiment of Light Dragoons. Sunday se'nnight after a short illness, aged 53,' Mrs. Crockett, wife of Mr. Crockett, of St. Augustine's, Norwich. Smithfield, April 13. To sink offal. Beef 5s. Od. to 6s. 4d. Mutton 5s. Sd. to 6s. 4d. Veal 6s. Od. to 8s. Od. Park 7s. Od. to 7s. 8d. Beasts 1800. Sheep and Lambs 10,500. Raw Hides. Best hides, 3s. Od. to 3s. 2d. per stone Middling 2s. 8d. Ordinary 2s. 2d. Heavy calf 10s. 6d. Light calf 7d. per lb. Sheep skins 3s. Od. to 6s. Od. Leather per W. Butts 50 to 601b. 17d. to 19d. Ditto 60 to 901b. 21 to 22d. Merchants Backs 17- Jd. to 18d. Dressing hides 13. Jd. to 15fd. Fine coach ditto 15Jd. a 17d. Crop ditto for cutting 16d. a 18- Jd. Flat ordinary 14d. to 15$ d. Calf skins 30 to 501b. per doz. 20d. a 25d. Ditto 50 to 701b. 22 to 26d. Ditto 70 to 801b. 22d. to 25d. Small seals 30s-. a 34s. Large ditto 110s. to 130s. Tanned horse hides 16s. to 26s. Goatskins 21s. to 63s. per dozen. Bark per load 21.£. Lamb skins 2s. 0d. to 3s. Od. Tallow. Town tallow 80s. Od. Russia ditto candle; 79s. a 0s. Russia ditto soap, 78s. Melting Stuff, 64s. a 68s. Do. rough, 44s. a 49s. Graves, 18s. Good Dregs, I2s. Yellow soap 86s. Mottled 94s. Curd, 98s. Hops in Bags. Kent 10,£. 10s. to 13o£. 0s. Sussex 10£. 0s. to 12£. 12s. Essex 10.£. 10s. to 12.6'. 0s. Hay and Straw. Hay 4£. 10s. to 6£. 8s. Clover 6£ 10s. to 1£. 0s. Od. Straw 2£. 12s. to 3£. 3s. Coals. Best coals 39s. 6d. Sunderland 34s. 6d. By Order of the Honourable Commissioners Of his Majesty's Customs. A REWARD of lOO. f. WHEREAS in the Course of the Night of Thursday last, or early in the following morning, some person or persons broke into the CUSTOM- HOUSE at this Port and carried away a 50£. a 40£. and two 30£. Notes of the Bank of England, and other Notes of the Bank of England and Manningtree, and Cash to the amount of several Hundred Pounds, all of which were secured in the King's Chest. Notice is hereby therefore given, That a Reward of ONE HUNDRED POUNDS, will be paid by the Collector of the Customs at this port, to any person or persons who shall discover and apprehend, or cause to be discovered and apprehend- ed, any one or more of the said offenders. ROBt. WORDSWORTH, Collector. J. FENNINGS, Acting Compt. Custom- House, Harwich, 23d March, 1801. H0USE; & c In RISBYGATE- STBEET, BURY. To be SOLD, By PRIVATE CONTRACT, AConvenient DWELLING HOUSE, pleasantly si- tuated near the lower end of Risbygate- street, sometime in the occupation of Wm. Smith, Esq. and since of Lieutenant Shadwell, late deceased; consist- ing of two parlours, good chambers, kitchen, Sec. A detached building contains a good brcwhouse, and an excellent four- stalled stable, with chambers over the same ; and there is a large garden, walled round, and , planted with the best kind of fruit trees. The premises maybe purchased with or without a paddock, or piece of ground adjoining, in which is a large building for- merly used for malting, and may easily be again adapt- ed for that purpose. Part of the purchase money, if desired, may remain on a mortgage of the Estate. Enquire of Messrs. Dickonson and Borton, Bury. Letters postpaid. CORDIAL BALM of G1LLAD. THE Preserver and Restorer of Health lo the Weak, the sickty and the infirm, is that truly valuable Medicine the CORDIAL BALM of GILEAD. Its warm and renovating quality, indisputably renders it the best medicine for relaxations, debility, lassitude, tremors, sinking of the spirits, and all those nervous affections, which harrass and oppress the weak, seden- tary, and delicate; for in all these cases, it is calcu- lated to warm and steady the cold tremulous nerves ; to sheath and invigorate the muscular system ; to ani- mate the spirits, and renovate the whole man; by which means the chill, watery fluids become rich and balsamic, and the circulation resumes its healthful state. Sold at half- a- guinea a bottle, or the quantity- of 12 in 5£. cases, on which \£. 6s. is saved, by applying to W. Middleditch, chemist. Patent Medicine Office, Brook- street, Ipswich; Dingle, Bury; Loder, Wood- bridge; Dencher, Saxmundham; and by one person in most towns. AGentleman offers the ONLY Drug yet discovered that instantly destroys the Scurvy, heals the gums, makes them and the lips of a beautiful red; fastens, whitens, and preserves the teeth, and makes the breath sweet. It is the produce of a far foreign king- dom, and some of the first gentlemen of the faculty who use it, declare it a fine stomachic and bracer; anil for safety, proper for an infant; it eradicates the foul- ness the mouth is subject to from diet, or afoul stomach, by its healing, purifying, and balsamic qualities. A Lotion ( from tbe drug) that cures and prevents the tooth ach, gum biles, swelled face, pain in the head, & c. which, diluted with port wine, and used as a gargle, will in a few hours cure the most inveterate sore- throat ; it is the greatest antiputrescent in the Materia Medica; and its aromatic qualities entirely remove the offensive smell arising from a decayed tooth; but, from its restringent natuie, would do harm to a foul stomach, and to a weak one more good than the baric. It cures chilblains, and instantly relieves that acute pain, attended with heat, throbbing, and soreness: it braces the sinews, . and repels the cold from af- fecting the parts. Ask for the AMBOYNA MOUTH POWDER, Sold at 2s. per Box. Lotion 5s. the proprietor's prices. The proprietor is a gentleman of fortune, and will ( without a fee) wait on any lady or gentleman, in London, to look at the state of the mouth; then, if they use the drug as he directs, he will forfeit 1000£. if they have the tooth ach, or a tooth decay. To be had of W. MIDDLEDITCH, Chemist, FOREIGN REPOSITORY, BROOK STREET, IPSWICH, Where he receives a regular supply of the Powder and Lotion, as also Brushes particularly adapted lor the teeth. Where may be had, To Dr. BRODUM. A REMARKABLE CASE. MRS. GREW, of No. 2, Crabtree- Row, Bethnel Green, declared, in the presence of an eminent Surgeon, that she was afflicted for upwards of 14 years with a dreadful nervous disorder, excessive low spirits, palpitations of the heart, and pains in. all her limbs, that prevented her from doing her domestic concerns; she applied to several of the faculty without receiving any benefit whatever. In this situation she applied to Dr. Brodurn, who recommended her to take the NER- VOUS CORDIAL, which perfectly cured her by only- taking 4 bottles, at 1 £. 2s. each. ESTHER GREW. Any person desirous of further information, may have every satisfaction, by applying either by letter, or personally, to Mrs. Grew as above. The Botanical Syrup and Nervous Cordial to be had at the Doctor's House, No. 9, Albion- Street, seven doors from the Leverian Museum, Blackfriar's- bridge, in bottles at 22s. lis. 6d. and 5s. 6d. Also of W. Mid- dleditch, Brook- Street, Ipswich; Mr. Dingle, book- seller, & c. Patent Mcdicine Warehouse, Abbeygate- Street, Bury; Mrs. Bowen, Norwich; Mr. Barker, Dereham; and by one bookceller and medicine vender in every town in the three kingdoms. SPRING and AUTUMN. ASWEETENER of the BLOOD, these seasons of the year, has ever been deemed necessary ; that it generally proves a preventative against epidemic and fatal diseases, we have the experience of prece- ding ages, and it is even recommended by the faculty as a wise precautionary custom; the advantages there- fore of DE VELNO's VEGETABLE PILLS, on ac- count of their convenience, safety, pleasantness of ope- ration, and efficacy, must be self- evident to every per- son whose eyes are not blinded with prejudice. They prove the mbst powerful Alterative, Purifier, anil Sweetner of the Blood, ever yet discovered, and may be confidently relied on as the most safe and certain remedy for the Scurvy, Scrofula or King's Evil, Scor- butic Eruptions, Leprosy, and other disorders arising from an impure or impaired state of the blood. A RECENT CURE. JOSEPH HUETSON, at Mr. Guest's, pastry cook. No. 205, Strand, having been many years afflicted with a desperate Scorbutic Leprosy all over his body; en- couraged by the success of Lord Selsey's coachman, who had been cured of a similar complaint by De Velno's Pills, resorted to the same medicine, and is perfectly- cured. ANOTHER. Mrs. WILLIAMS, at Mr. Gayleard's, hatter and ha- bit- maker, No. 82, New Bond- street, was afflicted with the Scurvy to a very violent degree, for three, or four ye » rs, appearing on her hands, arms, and legs, in numerous large florid blotches, some about an inch, others two inches in diameter. Astonishing as it may appear, it is nevertheless true, that after taking only one box of De Velno's Vegetable Pills, large scales dried off from the surface of those eruptions, and after another box, no vestige whatever of her complaint was disccrnable. This surprising cure ( as is always the case with De Velno's Pills) was effected imperceptibly, and A- ithout any confinement or restraint in diet. Prepared, and sold wholesale and retail, by the sole proprietor, J. Pidding, late surgeon in the army, at his. warehouse, No. 76, Oxford- street, London, in boxes, price 5s.- 5d. or the quantity of five boxes in one, at 22s. Sold also wholesale by Mr. B. Shaw, No. 74, High- street, Borough; and retail by W. Middleditch, Ge- nuine Patent Mcdicine Office, Brook- street, Ipswich; Keymev, Colchester; Hallam, Bury; and one vender in every town in the kingdom. Observe, none can possibly be genuine, unless the bill of directions is signed with red ink, by the sole proprietor, Mr. Pid- DING, surgeon, No. 76, Oxford- street, London. LUNACY. " Orandum est, ut sit Mens Sana in Corpore sano." JUVENAL. MR. JOLLYE, Surgeon, Loddon, having had an opportunity of attending for Twenty Years past many INSANE PERSONS in four incorporated Hun- dreds, and having apartments very commodious for the reception of such unfortunate people, wishes to un- dertake the care of as many as he can property accom- modate. Terms, from 52 to 80 guineas per ann according to the accommodations required. BUILDERS PRICES, 1801. This Day was published, Price 3s. sewed, Corrected to the 16th of March. THE BUILDER'S PRICE BOOK ; containing a cor- rect List of the Prices allowed by the most emi- nent- Surveyors in London to the several Artificers concerned in building. Including the Journeymen'; Prices. By an EXPERIENCED SURVEYOR. Printed by J. Taylor, at the Architectural Library No. 59, High Holborn. And may be had of Keyme" Colchester; Rackham, Bury ; Loder, Woodbridgc and the other agents to this paper. Where may be had, lately published, 1. Laing's Hints for Dwellings, Cottages, Farm Houses, Villas, & c. quarto, 34 plates, with Scenery l£. 5s. 2. Plaw's Sketches for Country Houses, Villas, and Rural Dwellings, & c. quarto, 42 plates, lo£. 1 Is. 6d. 3. Plaw's Ferme Ornee, or Rural Improvements for Parks, Plantations, Fenccs, & c. quarto, 38 plates £. lis. 6d. 4. Plaw's Rural Architecture, from the simplest Cot tage to the decorated Villa, quarto, 62 plates 1£. 2s 5. Soane's Sketches for Cottages, Villas, & c. with appropriate Scenery. Aiso six Designs for improving and embellishing of Grounds, folio, 54 plates, 12s 6d. 6. Decorations for Parks and Gardens, octavo, 55 , Appleby's Vegetable Tea Linan's Herb Tea Balsam of Herbs for Con- sumptions, & c. & c. Reeve's and Newman's Gold Size for Gilding. New Olives Rich Sauces Anchovies, Capers, Sec. Vinegars warranted Colours, Chinese Cake Colours, Varnish, & c. A MOST EXTRAORDINARY CASE, EFFECTUALLY RELIEVED BY HALLAM and Co.' s EXTRACT, or ANIMA of QUASSIA. LIEUT.- COLONEL OLIVOR, NO. 18, Wigmore- Strect, Cavendish- Square, ( late of Seringapatam) has obligingly communicated the following particu- lars of his remarkable case, to B. Shaw, No. 74, Bo- rough, with a desire that it might be forwarded to the proprietors, for immediate publication: In the late campaign in India ( which terminated so fortunately for the British Empire) I was exposed du- ring a march through the Mysore to excessive fatigue and a burning sun, that enervated my whole system, which increased rapidly' in the course of the siege ot Seringapatam; during which, from the dampness of the intrenchments, I was attacked with a violent dy sentry, and by further exertion in the carrying by as- sault this important place, was so far reduced as to be rendered . incapable of further service— the whole sys- tem had received a shock that threatened immediate dissolution, no part of it seemed longer capable of per- forming its proper function— the stomach and bowels were unable to retain the small quantity of food taken, whichjpassed off immediately— the nervous system and muscular fibres were equally affected with constant tremor and debility, to such a degree as to render even walking extremely difficult. This affection, with the constant irritation on the stomach and bowels, pro- duced continual pain and fatigue. During my passage to England I had every assistance without the smallest advantage. On my arrival I pro- cured medical aid from every quarter that was thought likely to afford relief, and for several months attended regularly to the medicine and regimen proscribed by my physicians without receiving the least benefit. In October last I called on you to enquire if Hallam and Co's Extract, or Anima of Quassia, was likely to be of service in my hopeless situation. I took it from your recommendation, and have the happiness of feel- ing myself perfectly restored ; and that, by taking a few boxes only. A very few doses produced an case and regularity in the stomach and bowels that bad not been experienced since the first atfack of the disorder. Ill short, the whole train of distressing symptoms were soon effejtualfy relieved, and I have now the happi- ness to enjoy a state of health I had little reason to expect. Feb. 19, 1801. The proprietors particularly request purchasers will be careful to observe each box has a certificate, signed in Red Ink, E. Hallam and Co. as no other can possi- bly be genuine. Sold wholesale only by B. Shaw, No; 74, Borough; and retail by Middleditch, Ipswich; Hallam and Din- gle, Bury; Stevenson, Norwich; Oxley, Sudbury; Keymer, Colchester, Meggy and Chalk, Chelmsford I and by all other reputable venders, of medicine, jn boxes of 5s. and 10s. 6d. each, and large packages, containing five 5s. boxes, 2s. each, duty included. Further Instances of the Efficacy of WELCH'S FEMALE PILLS, AMcdicine long known for its very uncommon virtues in removing obstructions and dther dis- orders more especially incidental to the younger part of the female sex; also what is commonly called the Green Sickness, which is denoted by a yellow or pallid countcnancc ; these pills, however, alter that appear- ance, as weli as create an appetite, correct bad diges- tion, remove giddiness, and arc of distinguished ex- cellence in wmdy disorders, head- achs, pains in the stomach, shortness of breath, and palpitation of the heart. Of their extraordinary efficacy, the following are recent instances. To Mrs. KEARSLEY, Fleet Street, London. Mad. am, I am the unfortunate daughter of an officcr in the army, who fell in his country's cause, by which means his family are left in a situation that it is necessary each should endeavour, to provide for themselves, which, from indisposition, I was entirely incapacitated from, till an intimate friend recomirfended your Pills, which have in a wonderful manner restored me to health, having removed the obstruction complained of, and in consequence, my complection, whichj was exceedingly yellow has resumed its wonted colour, my health is quite recovered, and the pains in my head and stomach with numberless other complaints, too' numerous to mention, which have now all subsided, and I am oncc more in full health and spirits,' able to encounter every difficulty. I beg you will make my case public, as many young women from a sedentary life have similar complaints, which they are unwilling to attribute to the real cause— want of exertion. Permit me to retutn you my most grateful thanks for all favours, through the medium of Mrs. Smith, and believe me. Your much obliged and very humble servant, Exeter, Aug. 4, 1799. CAROLINE WALKER. Madam, Plymouth Dock, Oct 10, 1799. So much benefit I have received from a medicine called Welch's Female Pills, of which, by the bill, I understand you to be the proprietor, that I am induced in gratitude for my recovery, and from a desire of ser- ving those who are similarly afflicted, to state tho par- ticulars of my case, which you are at liberty to make as public as is agreeable to yourself. 1 am nOw near 20 years of age, and for tbe last 3 years havebccnscarcely 3days free from illness, which to describe particularly might be unimportant and impro- per ; but, to speak generally, I was afflicted with a continued shortness of breath, accompanied by palpi- tation of the heart; my appetite was generally very much reduced, bui now and then greedy to excess : my counfcnance, from being rosy, became of a palid lividness, and those periodical discharges to which we are subject, were now trifling and irregular. In this state, a burden to myself and friends, I had recourse to every means prescribed by the faculty, or recommend- ed by my friends, to obtain a restoration of health, but without success. At length Welch's Female Pills were mentioned by a lady who happened to be on a visit to our house, to have been of material service to a relati- on of her's in a similar situation, and wrho then conti- nued to take them with every prospect of a complete restoration of her former health. On this representa- tion, 1 immediately sent for a couple of boxes, and by the time I had takenthem, agreeably to the directions, I found my former symptoms of ill health materially to abate, and I now am taking the fourth box with every prdspect of a complete restoration b the time it is empty. I therefore, with heartfelt satisfaction, ac- knowledge myself, Madam, much your debtor, and am, your most obedient servant, HONORIA WILKINSON, To Mrs. Kearsley, Fleet Street, London. - Welch's Female Pills ( with directions) are sold wholesale and retail, by G. Kearsley, Fleet Street,- London; Dicey and Co. Bow Church- yard, Cheap- side; F. Newbery, No. 45, St. Paul's Church- yard; Jeboult and Co. No. 150, Oxford Street; also at W. Middleditch's, Brook- street, Ipswich; Leatherdale< Hadleigh ; Baron, Brewster and Gilman, Norwich; Buss, Bury; Barker, East Dereham; Whittingham, Lynn. As another medicine is sold under the name of Welch's Female Pills which is spurious, purchasers are requested to remark, as the surest testimony of authenticity, that each bill of directions is signed with the name of C. Kearsley in handwriting; and on the outside, whereby servants cannot be imposed on, the stamp is printed by permission by his Majesty'^ Ho- nourable Commissioners- of Stamp's, thus : C. KEARSLEY, No. 16, FLEET- STREET. None others are genuine. PRINTED and SOLD by S. JACKSON, In the Butter- Market, Ipswich. i
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