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Extract of a Letter from Major General Johnson to Lieutenant General Lake, [at Ross - Return of the Killed, wounded, and missing ..]


Printer / Publisher: Dublin Castle George Grierson
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No Pages: 2
Extract of a Letter from Major General Johnson to Lieutenant General Lake, [at Ross - Return of the Killed, wounded, and missing ..] page 1
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Extract of a Letter from Major General Johnson to Lieutenant General Lake, [at Ross - Return of the Killed, wounded, and missing ..]

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Extract of a Letter from Major General Johnson to Lieutenant General Lake, [at Ross - Return of the Killed, wounded, and missing ..]

Date of Article: 09/06/1798
Printer / Publisher: Dublin Castle George Grierson
Address: Printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty, Dublin
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 2
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DUBLIN CASTLE, 9th June, 1798. Extract of a Letter from Major General Johnson to Lieutenant General Lake, dated at Ross, 7th June, 1798. " I SEND you a Return of the killed, wounded, and missing of the Troops " engaged on the 5th instant. Their Numbers you will, I trust, find not great, " when you take into Consideration the Numbers they were oppofed to. This - " must be imputed to their Gallantry. " I likewise send a Return of the Ordnance, Ammunition and Standards " taken from the Rebels. The Numbers killed cannot be ascertained. We " are busy in burying those killed in the Town : Those in the Country will be " attended to when we are more at Leisure. In my former Letter I was " prevented, by a Pressure of Business, doing Justice to the Merits of several " Officers to whom I am highly indebted for their extraordinary Exertions. " My Brother General, Eustace, Colonel Crawford, Assistant Quarter Master " General, Lieutenant Colonels Stewart, 89th Regiment, commanding Light " Infantry, and Maxwell, Donegal Militia; Majors Vandeleur, Clare Militia ; " Vesey, County of Dublin Militia; and Mellifont, my Aid- de- Camp ; and " Major of Brigade Sandford, are entitled to my fullest Praise. I should not " omit Lieutenant Eustace, the General's Aid- de- Camp, who is a very pro- " mising young Man. To Lieutenant Colonel James Foulis, commanding Mid- " Lothian Cavalry, and Captain Irvine, commanding the Detachment of the " 5th and 9th Dragoons, I am no less indebted. I cannot say too much in " Favour of Captain Bloomfield, B. H. Artillery, and Captain Thornhill, com- " manding the R. I. Flying Artillery, whose great Exertions contributed very " effentially to our Success. We had a great Loss in Colonel Lord Mountjoy.— " Captain Tottenham, Yeoman Cavalry, and Captain Boyd, with the Debris of " his Corps, have rendered me every possible Assistance. In making Mention of " those Particulars, I would not wish you to suppose I do not feel myself much * " indebted to every Individual, a very few excepted." Return of the killed, wounded, and missing, of the Troops engaged at Ross, on the 5th of June, 1798. Regiments. 5th Dragoons 9th Do. Mid- Lothian Do. British Horse Artillery Irish Flying Do. North Mayo Antrim Kilkenny Queen's County Clare Meath Clare Dublin County Donegal Total Killed. Wounded. Missing. N. B. Officers killed. Colonel Lord Mountjoy, of the County of Dublin Militia. Cornet Ladwell, of 5th Dragoons. Wounded. Captain Sinclair, of the Donegal. Missing. Captain Warburton, and Lieutenant Flinter, of Queen's County. Lieutenant Harford, of the Kilkenny. Lieutenants Blake and Butler, of the 89th, attached to Lt. Battalion. Quarter Master Hay, of Mid. Lothian, killed. HENRY JOHNSON, Major- General. [ 2 ] Return of Ordnance Stores, & c. taken from the REBELS in the Action of the 5tb of June, 1798. Gun. 5 1/ 2 Inch Howitzer 1 Ship Carriage. Iron Four Pounder 1 ditto. Swivels 14 Iron Three Pounder 1 Iron Two ditto , 1 Total 18 Shot of different Sizes - - 14 An Immensity of Pikes, which were broken as soon as taken. Also Muskets, likewise destroyed. A Variety of Standards and Colours. From the best private Accounts which have been received, the Number of the REBELS killed is stated to be upwards of two Thousand. Their wounded must have been very considerable, but the Number cannot be ascertained, as they were carried off by the REBELS; DUBLIN CASTLE, 9th June, 1798. ACCOUNTS have been this Day received from Major General Nugent, which state, that having received Intelligence of an Insurrection intended in the County of Antrim, and of a Design to seize the Magistrates who were to assem- ble at the Town of Antrim on the 7th instant, he ordered a Body of Troops to march thither. Their Arrival was not early enough to prevent the REBELS possessing themselves of the Town, and our advanced Detachment, which consist- ed of Cavalry, were repulsed in their first Attack, with the Loss of three Offi- cers, and twenty Rank and File killed and wounded. Colonel Durham, how- ever, soon arrived, and after a well directed Fire on the Town, drove the REBELS out of it, without any further Loss, retook two Curricle Guns which had fallen into their Hands, and took a six Pounder from the REBELS, who were pursued to Shane's Castle and Randalstown, with much Slaughter. Another Body of Rebels attacked the Town of Larne, where a Subaltern's De- tachment of the Tay Fencibles maintained their Post in the Barrack, with great Gallantry. Major General Nugent speaks in the highest Terms of the Zeal and Spirit of the Troops and Yeomanry, and states, that the Offers of Service from the loyal Inhabitants throughout the North, are very numerous. Lieutenant Colonel Lumley, of the 22d Dragoons, is wounded, Cornet Dunn killed, and Lieutenant Murphy slightly wounded. The Major General adds, with extreme Concern, that Lord O'Neill has re- ceived a dangerous Wound. The Hydra Frigate has driven on Shore, off Havre- de- Grace, a French Frigate of thirty- six Guns, and a Corvette, after a smart Engagement. DUBLIN: Printed by GEORGE GRIERSON, Printer to the KING'S Most Excellent Majesty.
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