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Lincoln, Rutland, and Stamford Mercury


Printer / Publisher: C. Peat, and R. Newcomb 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3293
No Pages: 4
Lincoln, Rutland, and Stamford Mercury page 1
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Lincoln, Rutland, and Stamford Mercury
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Lincoln, Rutland, and Stamford Mercury

Execution of Camille Desmoulins
Date of Article: 18/04/1794
Printer / Publisher: C. Peat, and R. Newcomb 
Address: Stamford
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3293
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
Additional information:
Refusal to answer .. Execution of Camille Desmoulin

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VOL. LXIII. printed at Sfainfatti, ftp mtt! far C. peat and Jl3eUicomfi, [ No. 3293. F R I D A Y , A p r i l 18, 1 7 9 4 .] f Circulated thro' every Town and populous Village in the Counties of Lincoln, Rutland, Leicefter, 1 I Ifle of Ely, Northampton, Nottingham j Part of Cambridge, Huntingdon, Norfolk,, and York. J [ Price Four- pence. i? tmUap anti C u c t W s pofls. From the LONDON GAZETTE. Whitehall, April 12. A Letter, of which the following is an extraft, . was ye Herd ay received from his Royal Hignriels the Duke of York, by the Right Hon. Henry Dundas his Maielty's Principal Secretary of State for rhe Home Department, dated St. Amand, April 8, T t i a v e received this morning a report from Count Walmoden, that the enemy, having fuc ceeded in furprizing the Heflian polls at Tenbreuil, between Werwick and Ypres, got be hind the Hanoverian pickets, and cut them off. Succour, howevet, having arrived from Menin, the enemy was driven back, and forced to recrofs the Lys, and to defttoy the bridge which they had made. Our lofs was one man killed, one officer and feven men wounded, and three officers and ope hundred and forty three men taken prifoners. A imiraltj- office, April 11. The King has been leafed to appoint the Honourable William " aldegrave, Thomas Pringle, Efq. and Sir Roger Curtis, Knight, to be Colonels in his Majefty's marine forces, in the room of George Murray, Efq. Robert Linzee, Efq< and Sir James Wallace, Knight, appointed flag ftfficers of his Majefty's fleet. This day, in purfuance of the King's pleafure, the following flag officers of his Majefty's fleet were promoted, viz. Sir Peter Parker, Bait. Hon. Samuel Harrington, and Robert Roddam, Efq. Admirals if tlicSlue— to be Admirals of the White. Nicholas Vincent, Efq. Sir Edward Vernon, Km. Richard Edwards, Efq. Thomas Graves, Lfq. Robert Pigby, Efq. Benjamin Marlow, Efq. Sir Alexander Hood, Knight of the Bath, Sir Chaloner Ogle, Knt. Right Hon. Samuel Lord Hood, Vice- AJmrals ef tbe Red—' o be Admirals of tbe Blue. Sir Richard Hughes, Bart. John Elliot, Efq. William Hotham, Efq. Jofeph Peyton, Efq. John Carter Allen, Efq. Sir Charles Middlcton, Bart. Sir John Laforey, Bart, and John Dalrymple, Efq. Vice- Admiralt of the White— to be Vice- A.! mirais of ti e Red. Hrrheit Sawyer, Efq. Sir Richard King, Bart. Jona- " than Faulkner, Efq. Philip Affleck, Efq. Sir John Jtrvis, Knight of the Bath, Adam Duncan, Efq. Richard Brathwaite, ifq. and Philip Cofby, Efq. Vice- Admirals of the Blue— to be Vice- Admirals of the White. Thomas Fitzherbert, Efq. Samuel Cornilh, Efq. John Briflwne, Efq. Charles Wolfeley, Efq. Samuel Granfton Goodall, Efq. Hon. Keith Stewart, and his Royal Highnefs William Henry, Duke of Clarence, Rear- Admirals cf the Red— to be Via- Admirals of the Blue. Richard Onflow, Efq. Robert Kingflnill, Efq. Sir Geo. Collier, Kilt. George Bowyer, iifq. Sir Hyde Pftrktr, Knt. Rowland Cotton, Efq, Benjamin Caldwell, Efq. and Hon. William Cornwallis, Rear- Admirals of the White— to be Rear- Admirals of the Red. , William Allen, Efq. John Macbride, Efq. and George Vandeput, Efq. Rear- Admirals of tbe Blue— to be alfo Rear- Admirals of tbe Red. Charles Buckner, Efq. Jehn Cell, Efq. William Dickfon, Efq. and Alan Gardner, Efq. Rear- Admirals of the Blue— to be Rear- Admirals of the White. The under- inentioned Captains were alfo appointed flag officers of his Majelly's fleet, viz. John Lewis Gidoin, Efq. George Gayton, Efq. George Murray ( lft), Efq. Robert Linzee, Efq. Sir James Wallace, Knt. Wil lam Peere Williams, Efq. and Thomas Pafley, Efq.— lo be Rear- Admirals of the White. John Symont, Efq. *> ir Thomas Rich, Bart. Charles Tnompfon, Efq. Jamos Cumming, Efq. John Ford, Efq. John Colpoys, Efq. Skefflngton Lutwidgc, Efq. Archibald Dickfon, Efq. George Montagu, Efq. Thomas Dumarefq, Efq. and Hon. George Keitli Elp. iinftone— to be Rear- Admirals of the Blue. L O N D O N . H O U S E OF C O M M O N S . Tburjday, April 10. Major Maitland, alter enumerating all the dilafters and calamities that took place in the courfe of the laft campaign, which, without any qualifications, he imputed to the mifconduft of adminiftration, concluded by moving, that the Houle Ihould appoint a committee to enquire into the caufe of the failure of the army before Dunkirk, under the command of his Royal Highnefs the Duke of York ; and alfo into the caufe of the evacuation of Toulon by t h e forces, under the command ol General Dundas and Admiral Lord Hood. This produced a debate of confiderable length, which terminated in a divifion, for the motion 35; againft it 168. Friday, April 11> On the order of the day for the fecond reading of the bill, authorising French fubjefts to enlilt in the Britifh fervice. Mr. Baker oppofed it, and a debate enfued; but on the motion being put, there appeared for t h e motion IOJ ; againft it 20. The Solicitor General moved for leave to bring in a bill to render more effeflual the provisions of the aft which palled laft year for the fecuriry of French property. Leave given, and the bill lead a firft time.— Adjourned. Review of politics for lajl week.— The note of mighty preparation as yet founds in our ears. Skirmilhes have occafiotially taken place upon the Northern frontier, and, in every inftance, very decidedly in favor of the fuperior difcipline and courage of the allies; but the grand' operations of the campaign can fcarcely yet be faid to have commenced. The period ot aftion is not fer d i f t a n t ; and it's commencement we hail, as propitious to the caule of good government, religion, humanity, and every thing that is dear to civilized lociety. An increafe of force, and, we doubt not, an increafe of zeal, in the general caufe, marks the onfet on the part of the allies ; and we truft that decifive viftory will crown the deliberation atrd wildom witli winch, doubtlefs, their plans of future operations are concerted. At home we have little to remark but the zeal w i t h which the people adopt the meafures recommended for the better defence of the country againft invafion and alarm. The feeble and ineffeftual ltruggle of faftioti { o delude the people from their interells, and expafe the country to every infult and danger from a virtdiftive and fanguinary foreign foe, is Icarcely worthy of notice, were it not proper to hold it up to the indignation of all good and confidcrate men. T h e mcafures for internal defence are profecuting with an energy charafterillic of Engliflv men. The rich liberally fupply the means for carrying plans of defence into execution; and the lower claffes of the community, by their aeal, maniieft their attachment to their Sovereign and their country.— Thus united, thus aftive and determined, deluded Frenchmen will iearn ivith terror the holt which Britain can when eecafion ftiall require it, prefent to their aftonifhed view ; and fhould the conteft ever come to luch an iffue, Englifhjnen will prove how fupenor are the fpirit and energy of men fighting for a government and a religion which they lovS, to the utmoft efforts of thofe who, having trammed religion, government and morality tinker foot, refemble the ferocious hordes of lavage banditti, whofe only hope is plunder, and whofe courage is defpair. An order has been iffued for adding all the line of battle fhips of Admiral Macbride's fquadron to Earl Howe* s fleet. Fourteen thoufand Bohemians are to a f t under the command of the Duke of York, whofe army is to comprize 70,000 men, including Pruffian auxiliaries. The Auftrian regiments, which are to aft under the Duke of York, exciufive of the Bohemian grenadiers, are thofe of Efterhazy, Collorendo, Blankenrtcim, Currafors, and fome otheis. It is underftood that the Duke's army is to cover the operations of Prince Cobourg againft Avefne and Landrecy; while General Clairfayt, with a confiderable detachment, will watch Cambray, and keep the enemy quiet towards Lifle. On Sunday we received from Brtiffels, of the ' late date of the 10th inft. by which we learn the Emperor's arrival ar that place on the 9th : and on the 10th his Imperial Majefty fet out for Valenciennes, to take upon himfelf the command of the Aultrian army, in which he will be affilled by a council of war. The Dutch mail of Monday brings intelligence, that the linglilh have been unfortunately repulfed before Baftia, in Corfica, and with the lot's of many men taken priloners, during a fally made by the garrifon. Two Britifh fhips are likewife faid to have been deftroyed by red hot balls. This account, which of courfe comes through France, adds, that Paoli had retired on fhip board, and that one of his nephews was taken prifoner. The Alanfon, belonging to Liverpool, arrived at that port on Thurfday laft from Barbadoes, which iflatid ( lie left 011 the 28th of February. By her we learn, that Fort Bourbsn in Martinique flill held out, but that all the reft of ifhe illaud was in our poffeffioh, and that a Liverpool veffel had gone from Barbadoes to load at Martinique. We have received the news from Paris down to the 6th inft. and it is extremely important. By a Gazette of that date we learn, that Denton, Camille Defmoulins, Herault Seehelles, Phijippeaux, Lacroix, and F'abre D'Fglantine, having refufed to anfwer any queftion propofed to them by the Revolutionary Tribunal, but in the prefence of their accufers, Robefpierre, St. Jult, and Barrere; and having infulteci the Prefitientjand Member: Yjf the Revolutionary Tribunal, the Convention paffed a decree, on the 4th, that in cafe they fhould be condemned without faithcr trial. In purfuance of this decree, the above D p a n t s having perfifted in the fame fentimentsand behaviour, they were all guillotined on the evening of the 5th, except L'Huilleir, who was acquitted. Notwithftanding all the reports which have been in circulation, of the King of Pruffia's troops on the Rhine being ordered back to their own territories, we can now take upon us to announce to the public, that the preliminaries of a Convention have been figned at the Hague by the Britifh, Pruffian, and Dutch Minifters Plenipotentiary, in which his Pruffian Majefty binds himfelf to continue an auxiliary in the prefent war againft France. As foon as the Convention itfelf is figned and received in London, which may be daily expefted, Mr. Pitt will deliver a meffage from his Majefty to the Houfe of Commons on the f u b j e f t. The Chancellor of the Exchequer, i a his new bill refpefting the Crown lands, propofes, among other regulations, to grant immediate leafes of ninety years to all holders of Crown leafes, which is confidered as a liberal boon to them, the utmoft extent of all former leafes being no more than forty. According to ' h e moft moderate calculation, the Crown lands, if brought to market, and funded, would produce an annual income of 400,0001. On the 4th inll. three foldiers of the 14th regiment of foot, were condemned to death at St. Amand, for robbing a houfe and fhootiug the matter of it. A duel has taken place in Flanders between General Fox and Lord Torpichen, of the Cold ltreain guards. The refult we underltand to be, that General Fox has been flightly wounded. A preface to ill news.— A young gentleman at the univerfity was called upon by an old fervant of his father's with compliments from the family _<• Well," raid the ftudent, " how do they all at home ; what news do you bring me ?" " None," faid John, " except that our old raven is d e a d ; fo that is all." " But pray, what did he die ot ?" " How could it be otherwife, when he eat fo much carrion ?" " Carrion ! how could he get at fuch quantities ?" " Why, the four coach horfei are dead too." " Aye 1 pray what kiiled ihem?" " Why, they might have lived long enough, if they had not been overworked in drawing water." Really, pray haw came it about that they had fo much water to draw ?" " Why Sir, it happened, the day our manfion houfe was burnt down, that"—" How ! my father's houle burnt fay you— by what accident 5" " By no accident at all, Sir— it would never have happened, if our people had not been fo cruelly carelefs of their torches !" " Of their torches ! pray, what had they to do with torches ?" " Why, Sir, the torches were made ufe of at your good mother's funeral ?" " How ! my mother dead, and buried without my know ing of her being fick ? This is incomprehenfible !" " Not fo incomprehenfible neither, for ( lie died of no other difeafe than a broken heart." " But for God's fake John, what could oecafun this exceflive grief ?" Oh! as to that matter, flie h » d reafon enough :— Lady ——, who was lo lately your mother's waiting maid, appeared at the lalt birth- day affembly, in a more rich and elegant habit than was ever before feen in our country !" W A N T E D IMMEDIATELY, A J O U R N E Y M A N in the GROCERY, LINEN and WOOLLEN DRAPERY Bufinefs. For Particulars enquire perfonally, or by Letter ( Port paid), to THOMAS CLARK, Spalding. W A N T E D IMMEDIATELY, Or at M A V . D A Y next, A Middle- aged SINGLE WOMAN, as HOUSE- KEEPER to a GRAZIER, not far from Stamford. Enquire of the PRINTERS. Letters ( Port paid) will be anfvvered. L I N C O L N . TO be feen at this Place, on Frjday and Sa? turday in the FAIR Week, in a commodious Caravan, inNiwiANn, T h e P E L I C A N of the WILDERNESS, A Bird which feeds its Young with its own Blood; T h e ROYAL TYGF. R, The fame Kind of Tyger that killed the Son of Sir Heftor Monro; A SILVER PHCENIX, Frequently mentioned by the Antients; T h e H O R N E D OWL, from Hudfon's Bay; With a great Variety of wonderful Curiofities. jCf" The above Colleflion wig be atCAiNSBoao', in the M A R T - Y A R D, Two Days, during the Mart. ' ~ ' L I N C O L N , April 10, 1794. H A Y W A R D AND SON, MARBLE- MASONS in General, BE G Leave to inform their Friends, and the Public, that they have laid in afrefh AlTorttncnt of FOREIGN MARBLES, of various Kinds, in which C H I M N E Y P I E C E S , M O N U M E N T S , & C. of every Defcription, are executed in the neateft Manner, r. nd on moft reafonable Terms. J O H N C R E A S Y , ~ B O O T AND S H O E - M A K E R, BOSTON, RESPECTFULLY BEGS LEAVE TO ACQUAINT the Ladies, Gentlemen, and Public in general, that lie has REMOVED from his Houfe in Church- Street, to that well- known and good- accuftomcd Shop, in ST « AIT- BA « CATE, adjoining Mitre- Lane, late in the Occupation of Mr. W I L L I A M T U R N E R , where he hopes, by his Afliduity and Attention, to merit future Favors. April Zth, 1794. BLACK GOATS, CITY ot LINCOLN. WP E D G E having entered oil the above INN, which has lately bein enlarged, and every Convenience added for the better Accommodation of Cuftomers, begs leave to folicit the Support of his Friends, and the Public, affurifig them, that he will every Way endeavour to make the Entertainment of his Houfe as agreeable as poflible. N. B. ' Ihe Stables are quite new and commodious; and there is awell- fenctd PAS IURE for STOCK.— MARKET DINNERS and HAY not advanced. April zd, 1794. RULED ACCOUNT. BOOK WAREHOUSE. THOMAS VALLANCE, PAPER- MAKER AND S T A T I O N E R, H A T F I E L D , Herts; and No. 120, Cheap/ ide, London-, BEGS Leave to acquaint Merchants, Bankers, and the Public in general, that he continues to make and fell Account- Books of all Sizes, ruled any Number of Lines, in various Binding';, without any Charge whatever for ruling, " f he peculiar Neatnefs of the Books ruled with the new- invenud Machines, and the great Saving to the Public, has been frequently pointed out. It may be neceflary to add, that the Books will be fold on the fame low Terms as ufual. * » * Stationers fupplied with ruled Paper, or Books ready bound. For the cffefiual Prevention of Fergery on Bankers and other Principal Houfes, it has boen fuggefted as a defirable Circumftancc, that all Bill Paper with W A T E R - M A R K S IN THE MOULD fhould go through as few Hands as poflible.— Mr. Vallance begs to renew his Engagement with his Friends, thptall P A P E R WIT H W A T E R - M A R K S , m a d e at his Mills, ( hall be carefully finifhed, and immediately forwarded from his own Hand. a s s » 1 A7 ® TICE is hereby givem J1* That the next GENE L I N C O L N S H I R E , L I N D S E Y . RAL QUARTER SESSIONS of tbe PEACE for the Parts oj LINDSEV, in the County of LINCOLN, will be held at tbe Times and Places following ( viz.) at L O U T H , on F R I D A Y tbe S e c o n d Day of M A Y next-, and at K I R T O N in L I N D S E Y , on TUESDAY tbe Sixth Day of the fame MAY J at Nine o'clock in tbe Forenoon of each of the faid Days; of which all Perfons bound by Recognizance to appear at fuch Seffions refpettmely, and the federal Jurors and other Perfons concerned therein, are required to lalte Notice, and to attend accordingly. BRACKENBURY, Clerk of tbe Peace for the faid Parts, SPILSBY, 12th April, 1794. N . B . The Grand fury at Kirton Seffions will be called over and fworn prtcifely at Eleven o'Clock in tbe Forens on. A N G E L INN, ABOVE ^ HILL, Lincoln. JOHN SPALDING, ( Late TAPSTER at the WHITS- HART) BEGS Leave to inform his Friends, and the Public, that he has entered upon the above Inn, late in the Occupation of Mr. BROWN, Where he folicits a Continuance of the Favors beftovred on it by the former Cuftomers, and the Patronage of the Public in general; affuring thofe who pleafe to honor him with their Support, that every Exertion will be ufed to merit t h e i r E f t e c r n . —— E x c e l l e n t 3 T A B L I 1 » 0. *„* A very handfome GIG, with plsted Harnefs, to be Let or Sold. INDIA MUSLINS. " A. H O R N E R RE S P E C T F U L L Y informs her Friends, and the Public in general, that fhe is juft returned from London, where fhe has been induced, from the extreme low Prices of INDIA MUSLINS, to purchafe » very large Quantity more than fhe generally does, and which fhe is determined to fell at very reduced Prices. The Whole of thefe Goods have been bought at the laft Eaft India Company's Sale, the Quality and Fabric from this Sale are much fuperior to what has been imported from India for many Years. A. H. has bought a large Parcel of p- Sth wide India clear Mulmulls, which fhe meam. to fell by the Piece of 10 Yards each, at a very fmall Advance upon what they colt in the India Houfe, by the whole Bale.— The Price will be from 9d. to loe. 6d. per Yard. India Mulls; Jacconetts; Nainfooks; AUiaballies; Seerliaudcomaes,; Decca Muflins; Book, Decca, and Ballafore Muflin Handkerchiefs; Indiafprigg'd Muflins; and every other Article in tbe Muflin Trade equally cheap. A. H. wifhes particularly to obferve that from the great Confumption of Britifh Muflins, fhe has been induced to open a Correfpondence with One of the firft Manufafturers of that Article in the Kingdom, where fhe can be fupplied upon the very firft Terms, and in future ( he means to keep a regular AfTortment; at prefent ( he has about 100 Pieces of Scotch Books, which was bought in a Bankrupt's Sale, which are to be fold very cheap.— She has finally to obferve, if Ladies will do her the Honour of a Call, and take a Look over, ( he will convince them of the Truth of the above Aflertions. L I N C O L N , April, 1794.1 G R A N T H A M CANAL N A V I G A T I O N. TH E next G E N E R A L ASSEMBLY or MEETING of the Company of Proprietors of this Undertaking, is appointed to be held at the W H I T E L I O N I N N , NOTTINGHAM, on T H U R S D A Y the Firft Day of May next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon. Thofe Proprietors who cannor make it convenient to attend, may have blank Proxies, on Application to the Clerk, or at the Bar of the White Lion, in Nottingham. WM. O S T L E R , Clerk to the Company. G R A N T H A M , <) th April, 1794. H O R N C A S T L E N A V I G A T I O N. TH E feveral Subfcribers to, and Proprietors of, this Navigation, are requefted to pay into the Hands of the Treafurer the further Sum of TEN POUNDS per Cent, of their refpc£ live Subfcriptions, on or before the Sixth Day of May next, towards defraying the Expences of carrying on the Works of the faid Navigation. By Order of the Committee, RD. C L I T H E R O W, Clerk and Treafurer. H o U K C A S T t E , % lfl Mtrcb, 1794. The Nobility, Gentry, Tradefmen, Farmers, and Others, WI S H I N G to purchafe the very belt COGNAC BRANDY, J A M A I C A RUM, HOLLANDS G E N E V A , F O R E I G N W I N E S , and all Sorts of B R I T I SH COMPOUNDS, of the Beft Qualities, and as C H E A P as at any Houfe in all England, may be fupplied by A. STEVENSON, N o . 4 9 , B I S H O P S C A T E - S T R E E T W I T I R O U T, ( Nearly oppojite the London Wori- Houfe) At the following Prices, foi Readj Money only, or good Bills at a fhort Date: 1. d. The very Beft Cognac Brandy, Neatl 6 p e r G a l l o n. as Imported, at 5 Exceeding good Cognac Brandy, 16 6 Very good French ditto, 15 o The very Beft Old Jamaica Rum, 7 Q Neat as Imported, at J Exceeding good Jamaica ditto, 10 6 Very good ditto, 9 6 The very Beft Holland's Geneva, at 10 4, Very good ditto, 9 o ' The very Beft Rum Shrub, 10 0 Red Port, Mountain and Lifboni M 0 D e r Dozen Wines, at S v Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, 7 6 P « r Gallon. Whatever Orders the P U B L I C may think proper to confide to his Care, they may reft atFured, ( hall be punctually executed by himfelf, wi^ h the utmaft Care and I Attention, Battering hitnfelf mu « h to their Advantage. W I L E S , TAYLOR, HABIT ANB STAY- MAKER, OAK- HAM, BEGS Leave to inform Ladies and Gentlemen, that he has juft beenito London for the new and nealeft Fafhions in the above Branches. Ladies who pleafe to honor him with their Commands, may depend i n being ferved with the beft Articles on the loweft Terms. He begs Leave to return his flncere Thanks for Favors which he has already received; and relpeflfally informs the Public, that on all Occafions he will exert his beft Endeavors to give them the fulleft Satisfaction. T CORN MEASURE. AM E E T I N G of the SUBSCRIBERS to the PETITION lately pre fen ted to Parliament, praying a Regulation of the Corn Meafure, and of other Perfons cot » cerned jn felling and buying Corn, is requcfted to be held at the W H E A T S H E A F , on ALCONBURY HILL, in the County of Huntingdon, on W E D N E S D A Y the 2,3d Day of A P R I L Inftant, by Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon; to confider what Evidence will be neceffary to prove the Allegations of. the Petition; to poiut out what fpecific Mode may be though) moft proper for Ufe; and to appoint a Commi tee to conduft the Bufinefs, as it is expefted the Le iflature will take it into Confederation fo . n after the Eafter Recefs. By Order of feveral of theW SMub. fcrMibeOrsR, L E Y . S A W T R T , H u n t s , nth April, 1794. M E A S U R E OF C O R N , WEIGHT OF WOOL. AM E E T I N G of the Proprietors and Occupiers of Lands in the Vicinity of BRIGG, in the County of Lincoln, Subfcribers ro the Refolutions entered into for enforcing the Statutes made againft Perfons felling CORN or Git AIN by any other Meafure than the WINCHESTER BUSHEL, and for abolifhlng the Cuftoni of felling 19th. to the TOD of WOOL, and 151b. to the STONE of LOCKS, will be holden ( by Adjournment) at the A N G E L I N N , in BRIGG, on T H U R S D A Y the Twenty- fourth Day of this Inftant APRIL, at Three o'Clock in the AfternOBn, to audit and fettle the Treafurer and Secretary's Accounts, and tranfaft fuch other Bufinefs as may then appear neceflary to be done. All Perfons who aredefirous of becoming Subfcribers, are requefted to attend the fa: d Meeting; and all Pcrfons who have already fubferibed, arid not paid their Subfcriptions, are requefted to pay the fame to Mr. NICHOLSON, Attorney at Law, in Brigg, on or before the faid 24th Day ol April Inftant. By Order, R D . N I C H O L S O N , Treafurer and Secretary. B R I G S , J; RI> April, 1794. CAISTOR CANAL N A V I G A T I O N. NOTICE is hereby given, "* HAT the A N N U A L G E N E R A L M E E T - ^ ING of the Proprietors of the faid Navigation will be liold « n at the G E O R G E I N N , in CAISTOR, on M O N D A Y the Twelfth Day of M A Y next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, for the Purpofe of confidering the State of the Company's Finances, entering into fuch Refolutions as may be thought neceflary for recovering the Arrears of Calls now due from fomc of the Subfcribers, chuting a Committee, auditing the Treafurer's Accounts, appointing a Treafurer for the enfuing Year, and generally to tranfaft fuch other Bufinefs relating to the faid Navigation as fhall then be thought requifitc. J O H N T U R N E R, 1 lib Atril, 1794. Clerk to the Company. A N C H O L M E D R A I N A C E N A V I G A T I O N. NOTICE is hereby given, THAT A MEETING OF THE COMMISSIONERS appointed in and by Virtue of an Aft of Parliament, intituled, " An Ail for the more cffie- " tual draining the Lands lying in the Level of An- " cholme, in the County of Lincoln, and making the " River Ancholme navigable from the River Humber, " at or near a Place called F « . rraby Sluice, intheCounty " of Lincoln, to tire Town of Glamford Briggs; and " for continuing the faid Navigation up or near to the " faid River, from thence to Bilhop hriggs, in the faid " County of Lincoln;" will be held at the Houfe of THOMAS P A R K I N S O N , t h e A N G E L I N N , i n G L A M F O RD B R I G G S aforefaid, on W E D N E S D A Y the Twenty- third Day of A P R I L Inftant ( when and where the Commiffioners appointed in and by Virtue of the fame Aft, are requefted to attend), for taking into Confideration the Report of the Commiflioners refpefting the Bridges in Redbourn and Hibalftow, and for other Purpofes.— Dated this Second Day of April, 1794. By Order, W I L L M . H E S L E D F . N . R I V E R W I T H A M , Lincoln/ hire. WI L L I AM BONNER, of Bofton, in the faid County of Lincoln, Surveyor, being appointed COLLECTOR of the Acre Tax, payable to the General Commiflioners for Drainage by the ( aid River, hereby informs all Perfons who are liable to Payment of the faid Taxes, that he will attend ar the following Times and Places to receive the fame, for the Year ending Lady- Day laft, and all Arrears due prior to that Day. George Inn, Sleaford, — April l i f t. Nag's Head, Heckington, — « d. Stars, at Metheringlmm, — 23d. Rein Deer, Lincoln, — 24th & 25th. Crown, at Chappel Hill, — 28th. Crofs Keys, Billinghay, — 29th. Bofton, — — 30th. And Ditto, — May 5th. At which Times and Places it is requefted that the faid Taxes and Arrears may be paid. BOSTON, April 71 b, 1794. To tbe SURVEYORS of the H I G H W A Y S in tbe Parities and Hamlets of BARNOA » K, WALCO r , S O U T H O R P F , and WI I ' T E R - I N G , in the County of Northampton. I Do hereby give NOTICE to you, and each of you. That the following ROADS or HIGHWAYS in the aforefaid Parifhes and Hamlets, viz. beginning at the Gate in the North- Eaft Corner of Southorpe Field, along the faid Field by the Side of Walcot Hedges, to the Gate entering Walcot Lane; thence along the faid Lane, to the Gate at the North- Eaft Corner of Walcot Park; and from thence by Walcot Park Wall, on the North Side of the fame, to the North- Weft Corner of the Park; and from thence acrofs the Heath to the Lane in Wittering lnclofures; and up the fame to the Gate opening on the London Road; or the greater Part of the fame, are in a bad, ruinous, and dangerous State. And that unlets they are forthwith put into etfedluat and thorough Repair, I ( hall indidt them at the next General Quarter Stffions of the Peace, to be held at Peterborough, in the County of Nertliampton ; and in the mean Time a View and Admeafurement will be taken of them by proper Perfons, who will g. ve Evidence before the Court of their prefent Sthte. W I L L I A M L E I G H S > Y M E S . , • CITY of LINCOLN, Aprils, J794- L I N C O L N T U R N P I K E T O L L S TO L E T . NOTICE is hereby given, TH A T the T O L L S arifing from the Gate erefled on the TURNPIKE ROAD, callcd or knowrrby the Name of the South- Eaft Diftridl in this City, will be put up to LET by AUCTION, on T U E S - DAY the 13th Day of MAY next, between the Hours of Eleven and Two, at the R E I N - D E E R I N N , in this City, for the Term of Two Years, to commence from the Firft Day of July next, in the Manner diredled by an Aft of Parliament, paired in the Thirteenth Year of the Reign of his prefent Majefty, for regulating Turnpike Roads; which Tolls were let for the laft Year, at the Rent or Sum of 540I. and which Will be put up at that Sum. Whoever happens to he the beft Bidder, muft, at the fame Time, give Security, with fufficient Sureties, to the Truftees of the faid Roads, for payment ofthe Rent agreed for, and at fuch Times as they fhall order and dircfl. By OMer, B U T T E R H U N N I N G S , Clerk to the Trufteea. HUNTINGDON, 28tb March, 1794. ~ AT a M E E T I N G of the Lord Lieutenant, High Sheriff, Noblemen, Gentry, Clergy, find other Inhabitants of the County of HU N T I N G D O N, holdcn this Day at the Shire Hall, convened by the High Sheriff, on the Requifition of the Lord Lieutenant, to take into Confideration, the Mcafures n< cefTary ro be adopted for the Security of the Obuntry ; The folio- wing RESOLUTIONS tvert agreed Hfon, pie. . I. That a voluntary Stibfcription be entered into, to defray ihe Expences of an additional Force lor the internal Defence of this Country, as propofed by a Bill now pending in Parliament, for the Augmentation of the Militia ; and to forward luch other Meafures as may appear beft calculatcd tofupport the Plans recommended by Government. II. That all thofe Who are willing to promote tbe above Plans, be requefled to enter their Names, and Ike Sums they mean to fubferibe, but that the Payment of the Money be deferred till Notice ( hall be given by the Lord Lieutenant of the County for that Purpofe. III. That Books will he opened at the Homes of the Two Bankers, at Huntingdon; antl alfo at Sir J A M ES S A N D E R S O N ' S arid Co. Bankers, Manfion- H. mfc- Street, and Sir J A M E S E S D A I L E ' S and Co. Lombard- Street, London, to receive the Subfcriptions of any Gentlemen not prefent this Day, and that the Amount of the Money ( ubferibed, and the Names of the Subfcribers, be delivered to the Lord Lieutenant on or before Saturday the 12th of April. IV. That the Thanks of the Meeting be given to the High Shcriflf for convening the County, and for his impartial Conduit and polite Attention in the Chair. J O H N R I C H A R D S , S h e r i f f. %* The Subscriptions already amount to upwards of icool. and immediately " after the 12th of April next, Particulars will be publifhed. J^ p The Day after this Meeting, ( bme of the Subcribers, and many other Gentlemen of the County, agreed to provide Horfes and Cloaths at their own Expcnce, and enrol themfelves as Volunteer Cavalry to aflift the Lord Lieutenant or the High Sheriff', ia the Suppreflion of any feditious or other Riots or Tumults, in this or any other neighbouring County only, wherein ^ like, or fome other efficient Body of Cavalry, ftall be raifed and trained, under the Sanction of Government: And in Cafe, of Actual InvaJion, chearfully to obey his Majefty's Commands, and become fubj- dl to Military Law. ipunttngUonCbtre VOLUNTEER CAVALRY. AT a M E E T I N G of the High Sheriff of this County, and his Friends, at the Crown Inn, Huntingdon, on Saturday the 29th of March, I79 « j, and at the fubfequent Adjournments, the following RESOLUTIONS were agreed to: I. That We, whofe Names are hereunto fubferibed, do hereby RESOLVE md AGREE, to enter and enrol ourfelvea as VOLUNTEER CAVALRY, cr provide a fit and proper Subftitute to be approved of by the Corps, to aflift the Lord Lieutenant, or the High Sheriff of tnis County, for the Suppreffion of any feditious or other Riots or Tumults, in this or any neighbouring County eply, wherein alike or fome other efficient Body of Cavalry, ( hall be raifed and trained, under the . Authority and Sanflion of Government. II. That in Cafe of ASual Invafion, We will chearfully obey his Majefty's Commands, and become fubjeft to Military Law in all Refpcfts, within this Kingdom only, during the Continuance of fuch Invafion ; provided that One Fourth of the Corps ( hall eonllantly remain within the County. III. That we will provide Horfes and Cioaths at our own Expence, arid that the LordjLieutcnant be requefted to make immediate Application to Government, to fupply us with Arms, and other neceffary Accoutrements, for Light Dragoons; as alt) with a Serjeant, 6r, other Perfon, properly qualified to teach us the Military Exercife; who ( hall attend weekly, for that Purpofe, at the different Market Towns in the County. IV. That we will fevcrally attend at foch of tliole Places as ( hall be moft convenient, - weekly, or oitner if requelled by the Lord Lieutenant or High Sheriff, for the Purpofe of being trained and excrciftd ; and that the whole Corps fliall alfcmbleoncc a Month W H U N T I N O . DON, for that Purpofe. V. That Copies of thefe RefoUitions ( h- all be printed and difperfed throughout she County ; and that fuch other Volunteers as are difpofed to enrol tliemfelvts, be requefted te fignify their Intentions to the Lord Lieutenant or High Sheriff as foon as poflible. VI. That thefe Refolutions fhall be publifhed in the Sun, the Times, and the General Evening Poft ; ardal , in the Cambridge, Northampton, and Stamford Papi. , By Deputation ,0 the Sheriff, IHINCHINGI JOHN R I C H A R D S , S h e r i ff S I . H A R D Y , U n d e r S h e r i ff JOHN B I D EN R O B E R T BOOTH O R I G I N A L JACKSON R O B E R T Enis JOHN P E R K I N S , J u n. J O H N G R AY W I L L I A M GRAY JOHN G E O R G E O G I L V IE THOMAS POOLEY J A M E S R U ST O W S L E Y ROWLEY THOMAS W H E L D A L I R O B E R T GODBY M A R S H L U M L EY R T NBROOK, R O B E R T W A L L ER J A M E S W A T S ON D A V I D VF. ASEY THOMAS S I S M SV W r L L I A M LADDS W I L L I A M PICK J A M E S H A T F I F . LU J O H N H E N S O N LADDS EDMUND HOWSON C H R I S T O P H E R N E W T OH N E V I L E T O M L I N S ON J A M E S B L O TT C H A R L E S B E A U M O NT JOHN F R Y AR JOHN M A N N . UrroaD, - jtb April, 1794. c . TEN GUINEAS, And a G O O D SILVER W A T C H. AFew Y O U N G M E N wanted to ferve his MAJESTY in a Corps of INFANTRY, to be commanded by Captain NEWTON TREEN. Thofe whom apply early, and can be recommended, will have an Opportunity in being appointed non- commiflioned Officers. Men, 20 Years of Age to 35, Five Feet Five Indus high ; growing Lads, 16 and not exceeding 20, Five Feet Four Inches. Any Perfon bringing 3 Recruit to Capt. TREEN, » t Mr. HAYCOCK'S, Higli- ftreet, cr to Serjeant THOMPSON, at the Wheat- Sheaf, Stamford-, to Serjeant BROWN, at the Unicorn Inn, Uppingham ; to Serjeant C.- VRNILL, at Bourn-, Serjeant M1DOLETON, at the Sign of the Three Tuns, Peterborough j Serjeant BURT, Oundle; Serjeant KA1V, Royal Oak, Newark-, or to Serjeant BROWN, Red Lyon, Oakham; fhall immediately, on the Recruits being attcfled, receive 1 WO GUINEAS Premium. N. B. Wanted to Hire, for the Purpofe of Recruiting only, fevcral Drummers, and Filers : Men and boys, of good Charafter, will meet with liberal Encouragement by applying to Capt. TRbEN, Stamford. A CAUT10 N. (£ 3= Capt. T R E E N will difcharge any Serjeant that attempts to enlift any Man unfairly; and it is his dirt ift Order, that no One recruiting for liirn takes any 3mart Money ( except it is a Man that is troublefome and fpunging 011 the Party.— Capt. T K E E N cautions the Public again!! crediting ar. y of his Parties, as they have their Accounts legulaily fettled weekly. © i & M f t w $ € tniftt> apa fe^ tis. FOREIGN tJElTS. . , . Fatniclmtres, Af> rtlf\ 6. The myfterions veil, . which has hitherto eonceajed the plan laid down . or t h e e n f t i i n g c a i r o a i g n . i s a t i e . i f t t h i j s f a r w i t h - • i r t w n . Our d e lm will con fid in the fiegc of L » t< d. f.<- v. ro he formed by the Dutch army, - commanded bv the A u f t r u n General La Tour. Wider t h e orders of the Hereditary Prince of' K* ftlm Orange i t h e fiege of Cambray to be tin eiertnketi b y the army commanded by General Olalrfayt, tinker the orders of the Duke of York ; i n d the grand army commanded by the Prinee' of Cobourg, covering h th ficgcs, an- Judvu. cing towards Guile L O N D O N . H O U S F. o f P E E R S . Tuefday, April !<;. \ UXSSRS. K U M AND N I > I T > . " FV1 Lauderdale mpved for copies of the retord of the in ' iflment of theabove perfons, and toaddrefshis Majefty in their tehalf. . His motion was negatived without t rtivrfien. The Lord Chancellor then made a motion fflf cenfuring the prorations, hy declaring them unfounded in any faff produced, which was carried with only 3 dilTentient voices.— Adjourned. H O U- S E of C O M M O N S . yon Jay, April 14. A bill to amend the eeneral turnpike ait was prefented, and read a firft time. The bill for relieving the poor from ftstute labour, and the Thornton inclofuri bill, were reported, and ordered lobe engroffed. The Wifbech canal, India bonds, and the lottery bills, were read a third time and palled. The Royalty theatre bill was rejefled without a divi- Jion. mitXcH CORPS BILL. On the order of the day for the commitment of this bill. Col. Ta- leton, Mr. Whitbread, iun and Major Maitland, oppofed the bill's going: into a committee. They nbjefted to the bill, as having a ten ' ency to reftore the ancient defpotifm in France, and to compel foreigners of that country to ferve in our pay, however contrary to their inclinations. They contended that the additional expence which would thereby fall upon this country, mud deflroy our refources-, which were finite in their nature. They confide red the measure as unconftitutlonal, inefficient, and bloody ; as contrary to the bill of rights, the ail of f- ttlement, and every other ftatute which pro vidrd for the fafety and frcurity of the fubjeft; as inexpedient, becaufe no dependence could be placed Upon men who had bp/ raved • heir caufe, and fled their country : and as a fiardihip upon thefe men themfelves, as they would he com pi teiy fubjeft to the arbitrary power tf tic Crown, w: thnut any of the modifications of the mutiny hill, which extended only to Rritifh fubjefts. The conferences of retaliation, fhould vvc aft in the manner Oared hy a Nohle Lord, would be expofing our military roa rifque which humanity rnnft ( hudder a t ; and by the provifions of the bill, the King had the power of having ten thoufand armed Frenchmen in. the midp of LONDON, In iliort, Major Maitland, in broad terms, declared it, in his opinion, li meafure of complicated illegality, abfardity, and wichedntfs. Lord Mulgra'vt, Mr. Montague, and others, were for committing the bill. Mr. Montague faid lie conceived i' ro be grounded in found policy. It went to calling forth into aftion a number of thofe men who have jwoane d under the tvranny for tl* deftruftion of which the warwas undertaken ; and what men would fight fo well, or be fo faithful to the eaufe, as thrtfc who had « vec-' thine at flake in it> He thought tint no arguments eoifld be off. red fo flrcmg in fupport of the - hill at thoft which had been offered againft it, as, fo far from there being any apprefcenlion of defcrtion, they were be » und by every tit to fiehttothc laft drop of their- bloed. On the wbo'e. he thought tlm extent of the advantages likely to arife from this bill were incalculable.— As fuch, he would do much to aceomplifh the objefts of it, but not at the expence of an iota of the Conftitution. The revival of the ancient defpotifm of France was the ftalking- horfe of oppofitioij, and fcrved the gentlemen on that fide for declamation, though not for argument. It was in fa ft utterly impoflihle; for as we'l, he thought, might it be attempted to turn back, thelargeft ri « r, as to eftabliflt overfuch a people fuch a Government. The tyranny of one Ufurper alone was . the Government they could fubmit to. As Miniftry, lie w h convinced, had ortly one objeft, a fafe and honourable peace, tliey fhould therefore have his hearty fupport. On the queftion being loudly called for, the Hotife divided;— for going into the committee, 131} againft it, ti— Majority, 103. The Houfe then refolved itfelf into a committee of the whole Houfe ( Mr. Hobart in the chair). The firft claufe produced a debate of confidcrtblc length. It ftated, that his Majefty fhould be enable to take into Britifh pay " the fuhje& i of Frante." This was applauded by the oppofition, ai being equivalent to a formal recognition of what they call the ucifting Go. vernmen of Francc, wh'mh they conndered the only preliminary to peace. On ( be other band, it was contended, that thofc only wereioeluded, who bad thought proper to avail themfelves of his Majtrty'i invitation to deftroy the exifting anarchy of France. Some Members wilbed to fubftitute late W e f t s of Louis XVI." " fubjefts of Louis XVII." " natives of France," & c. At length the words " fubjefts to his late moft Chriftian MajeOv" Were inferted. Several amendments were made, and two new claufes Introduced. The one reftriftine the number of troops to 5000, and prohibiting them from performing garrifon duty at Portfmouth or Plymouth. The other claufe limited to the duration of th hill Hurini; the prefent war. An amendment was propofed to refirift the operation of the bill to one year. A divifion took place;— for the amendment, 17; againft it, 7' Majority, 61. Ordered thr. t the report of the bill be received tomorrow.—. Adjourned. Tuefday, April 15. The catholic attrrnies bill, Old Malton inclofure, Teent navigation, Tibthorp'e inclofure, and the lottery bill, were read a third time, and palled. Mr. Mainwaring having moved the irrcler of the day, for the Houfe to go into a committee on the bill for the better regulation of the fahbath, " Mr. Speaker put the queftion for leaving the chair, wlir* Mr. Jollifie obje& edto fome parts of this bill. Mr. Courteney declared that lie' would oppofe thi. s bill, becaufe it authorifed a fet of the moft profligate men, common informers, to be paid by Jufticisef the Peace, even for their idlenets; and encouraged them to enter Uoon the moft fcandalous profeflion which could poffibly he praftifed by any men, efptcially Englilhmcn. The bill went to prohibit the buying of bread on Sunday, and the taking of meat, pies, tarts, & c. except from nine o'clock in the morning. till one in the afternoon. After a long defubory convention on this fob/ eft, by Mr. Courten' y, Mr. HolTey, Mr. W . lberforce, Sir James Sanderfcn, Mr. Jolliffe, and Mr.. Mainwaring, the bill pa fled the committee.— Adjourned. Letters from Flar. dcrs, by Monday's mail, fay » that the French armies were forming a general rendezvous at the camp of Caifar, and at Paillen - court, between Bouchain and Cambray. Gen. 1' ichegru had ordered all the troops that were on their march from Piccardie, Artois, the Mofelle, and the Rhire ; together with thofe from the interior provinces, to meet at thofe places, and f. o'd them'elves in readinefs to attack the enemy without lofs of time. On the 7th of this month they v. ere in motion, and meditated an infinitely more formidable attack than the firft 011 all the jjofts towards the centre of the Auilrian army. f he P rince of Saxe Cobourg had concentrated his troops in that quarter, and had fent r e i n - forcements from Valenciennes and Qnefnoy, vvbifh were to be replaced by Englifh troops ufld' r the command of the D'uke of York. r\ hf French are daily ct mmittirtg the mofl extenfive depredations; they laft week plundered Flqrenvillc, Pin, Ifel, le Loup, and many other places. Letters from Treves of the 4th inft. ftate, that the French have again taken pofition on die heights called Hainmelfberg, 011 which they planted 22 pieces of cannon ; and that the Auilrian' had evacuated, on this account, the village of Porl, The Republicans are alfo, laid to have | Letter* from " Genoa of. tl- e i t i l u l t . Rate, that the Freheh Mintfrer. iii that city had received an. cxpt^ fs with < iil'patche5 Trotrt feaftia, fronf Lacombe St Michel, the conjmJfnd^ nf.— ft is faid their co- tents had not tranfpired ; but it was und. erftriod at Genoa, that Lord Hood, the Rritifh Admiral, after having collefted his naval and land forces before Biftia, had given orders to his troops, united with the Corficans under the command of Gen. Paoli, to attack that place at once by fea and land ', but that the enterprize had failed of fuccefs. The French and Corfican garrifon of Baftia not only flood the attack, but in a I'ortie which they male, obliged t l x united Britifh and Corfi can forces to abandon their defign, with the lofs of lome piecesof cannon. The Republicans alfo took feveral prifoners, among whom they number the nephew of General Paoli, who is raid to have been wounded. It is faid that the red hot balls fired from Baftia deftroyed two Britifh men of war j and General Paoli is ftated to have embarked on board the Englifli fleet.— The above is probably exaggerated if not wholly unfounded. T h e BrufTels papers of the 10th inft. announce, that advice was received at Bruges on the 8th nft. that a powder magazine had blown up a few days ago at Dunkirk. Major Semple has been playing his old tricks at Drefden. Mr. Elliot, the ' Britifh Minifter, gave him ten guineas, to induct him to quit the place. With this he fet off a ap Englifh Cqu rier, borrowing money in that charafler as he went along. The Paris papers of the 8th and gth inftant, confirm the account of the: execution of Danton and five others; but no particulars can be given, as fomaof the Gazettes have been in'erctpted. The difficulty of procuring a regular and early cnrrefpondence from Paris encreafes daily. A young gentleman who was on hi « paflageto Oporto in the Jenny, underftandtng the French language, learnt the following particulars from the French crew that were put on board to navigate the prize: That the Thames was taken by a French fri gate of 52 guns, and a floop of war of 18, which fhe fought for three hours and a half before fhe ftruck,; that fince fhe has been in their pofl'ellion, flic has taken upwards of forty prize?, two ot which were captured that morning; ti ere were five frigates in number, and only fcparated in a gale of wind a f ew nights before they took them and that they are ftill to remain at fea near month before they return into harbour. They were fending the Jenny to Breft when ( he was retaken. v Sunday Earl Howe fet off from the Admiralty- office to refume the command ot the grand fleet. By tlie event reported in Saturday's London Gazette, Great Britain will be out of pocket the price of ICJ men. Thefebeing hired troops, are paid for per bead, if killed, wounded, or taken prifoners. T o relieve the diftrefs in which the French now find themfelves tor want of provifions. a plan lias been adopted, which however we thi. uk has very little chance of fucceeding. They have ifTued fifty millions. in affigtiats to a committee of bankers, for t h e p u r p o l t of procuring provifions fronv foreign countries. This committee has deputed ten f r om among its own members, to ^ 0 t o the different nations of Europe where provifions are to be obtained, who are each of them to expend for this purpofe, the fum allotted to him. The families of the bankers fo fent are retained as hoftages for the performance of this commiflion, ot which Perigaux, who is to go into Switzerland, is at t h e head. This meafure proves the difficulty arid dillrefs to which they are reduced, and at the fame time, " we'think, affords but little profpeft of relief. In the year 1784, a calculation was made at Paws far ordre du Roi, of tbe Clergy in the kingdom of France when they were found to be upwards of 169,000 perfons. What a melancholy difparity of numbers between that time and this T h e r e are to be two additional camps this fpring in F. ffex, one at D a n b u r y . ' t he other at Laindon hills; the former is to confifl of three regiments o n l y ; the latter tobecompofed of the licht infantry companies of thefe and the nine other battalions that are to form this year's en Campment at Warley common. T h e Albion and Nonfuch, two 6a gun fhips lately cut down at Chatham, for floating batteries, are fitting up with the greateft avidity on a new plan, projefled by Sir Sidney Smith — On the upper deck they are to carry 68 pounders, and on the lower 32 pounders — Their upper decks are to be provided with furnaces, for the- pttrpOfe of making balls red" hot. The magazines of thefe deftruftive bat teries are to be flored each with 450 barrels of powder, and 2oprounds of cartridges to be filled by the artillery men, a company of which will be ftationed on . board each fhip. They are to be rigged after the manner of frigates, and to carry the fame complement of men. t_ apt. Savage is to have the command of the Albion j and Capt. Douglafs of the Nonufch. T h e carpenters employed on the above fhips, work f r om day- break t o half paft eight at n i g h t; Sunday tells for three days and three tides ; the" reft of the week they work double days and treble tides, which makes each man's wages amount, to about 2;]. a quarter. T h e attention of Europe, which was a t o ne time anxioufly turned towards Poland, is again attrafted thither. . T h e order iflued tor difbanding the army of this unfortunate country, without the neceflary precautions for fat'ufying the claims either of the officers of the men, have been attended with the moft unhappy confequences. With the recent fate of the nation before their eyes, added to their own zeal or imaginary wrongs, the foldiery have every where difplaycd a fpiiit of refiftance, and revolt. Madalinfki, urging the grievances and the infults of the people, calls upon his countrymen to reclaim their independence. He has been already joined by about 4000 re gulars; and the inhabitants have declared in his-' favour.— They ha? tf " ferzed upon Sachazow and Raue, after furprifmg Lieut. € o l . Templing, and a confiderable detachment under his command, at one out- poll, and- Lieut. Sidow, and a fmall corps at another. In the mean time, 15,000 Ruffians have taken poffeffion of War I aw, while acoips of Prufiians ! has jtifl entered the palatinates of Scndorair and Cracovia,... The Polifli Brigade of Waielki, commanded by Brigadier Manget, has been attacked by the Ruffians, near Optatoff, who killed 113 men and took 70 . prifoners. A11 engagement had alfo already taken place in the Polilh woywodfhip of Setjdomiria, between Madalinlki and the Pruffians, in which a great number of men were killed on both fides. T h e King of Poland is now ro be confidered oYily as a prifoner in his own capital. He is f ur rounded by 15,000 Ruffians, and his own army is reduced by Imperial mandate to a handful of | nien the q u a r t e o ending the 5 t h « f April,. 179*,, and the correfponding quarter of t h e pre'ciH year; . l79h - 4' 3***}' 737< 7 ' ' 794. 3.252.146 4 5i", fncreafe t wo hundred, forty- two thoufand, fonr hundred and eight pounds, fixteen ftiillings and ten pence. T h e above is the ftatement alluded to by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, in his fpecch in the. committee of ways and means, a few days ago-. It is a f a f l that fhould be generally known, that many inftirances have been made in this country upon cargoes of com- and other articles dated to be neutral property, and intending to be ( hipped for Portugal from Dantzig, Elbing, Hamburg, & e. but which is in truth French property, and intended to be taken by French crnifers, that our underwriters may pay the fuppofed lofs. T h e excellent meafures, which have been of late adopted by the Swedifh Government, to introduce the Chriftian religion into Lapland, have been fo fuccefsful, that, according to tihe laft; ecclefialf ical returns, not the leaft trace of Paganifm remains in that region. At a public dinner, at which Lord Howe's health was propofed, a gentleman obferved, that he had no objection to the toaft, but tbatheuiould not drink him in Port. d R A N T H A M , C A N A L NAVIGATION. WE, Three of the C O M M I T T E E for managing the Affairs of the Company of Proprietors of this Undertaking, do " hereby appoint a MEETING of the faid Committee, to be held at the W H I T E LION I N N , NOTTINGHAM, on WEDNESDAY the Thirtieth Day of this Inftant A n u t . , at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon. D. LELY. G I L D O N MANTON. M A T T w . PAPE. 16th April, 1794. M O U L T d N COMMON INCLOSURE. ALL Proprietors and other Perfons interefted in this Inclofure, are requefted to attend at the Houfc of EDWARD DIXON, the CHEQUER INN, in HOLBEACH, on WEDNESDAY the Seventh Pay of MAY next, for the Purpofe of forming fome Plan for enabling the Commiffioners to proceed in the. EMRANKMENT of MOUI. TON COMMON SALT M ARS'H. And all fuch Proprietors who have objefted to the Claims that have been publifhed, are hereby required jo attend on theTJay and Place aforefaid, in Orer to fupport their Objeftions ta fuch Claims. By Order of the Commiflioners, T H O s . FOSTER, Clerk SjALDiTee!, x^ tb April, 1774. T o fee L E T. And entered upon immediately, until • LadyDay ( O'i Stile), 1795, EVERAL CLOSES of PASTURE and _ MEADOW LAND, Part of Mr. BELLAS FARM-; • at INGLEBY, near Lincoln. For Particulars enquire of Mr. BELL, upon the Farm; or of JOSEPH STANILAND, of Saxilby, the. Ground- Keeper, April 17, 1794. B O S T O N , 15t b Ap ril, 1794. T o be L E T , And entered upon I M M E D I A T E L Y. Commodious MESSUAGE or D W E L - LING HOUSE, in good Repair, in Church- Lane, OSTON aforefaid, very conveniently lituated for Church and Market, with Two Parlours, Kitchen, anrt other Conveniences. The Premifes may be viewed, and further Particular* known, by applying to the Rev. EDWARD WILBY, or Meflrs. THIRKILL and WATSON, Attorniei, in Bofton aforefaid. D I E I ) . I At Tinker Row, near Ravenfdale, Northum ber'and, F. Bone, aged 104: he retained all his facul t'es till a few hours Kefore his death.— AT Caftle Grant, William Grant, aged S i ; whofe laft requeft was, that it might be mentioned in the newfpapers, his having ferved 60 yeaMef his life in that family, with faithfulnefs and affeftion,— At Roxburgh, near Newton, Andrew Oammels, ^ e- fl 10;. He was a dragoon in Queen Anne's wars.— At , Rromley, near Langholm ( Scotland), James Neil, aged 107 years. He was a native of Banffshire, and was at the battle of Sheriffmuir, in the year 1715, in C'enbucket's regiment of horfe. He was a very healthy man, and retained his faculties nearly to the laft.— On Monday the 7th inft. at hi » Lordfhip's houfe, Kildare- ftreet, Dublin, Mary, Vifcountefs Warhurton, aged 70 ysars.— On Sunday, the Lady of the Hon Mr. Juftice Grofe, at his houfe in Bloonilbury- fqiiare — .11.1. LINC O I . N S H ' R F , "> l\ TOTlCE is hereby given. KESTRVEN. J 1 V That tbe next GENERAI. QUARTER SESSIONS of the PEACE for tbe Part< O/' KESTEVEN, in ibe County GF LINCOLN, IVill he belt at the Times and Places following ( viz.) at F O L K I N G H A M , en TUESDAY the zqth Day o-' APP. IL Infant-, and at EW - L E A F O K D ( by Adjournment) on T H U R S U AY the IJ! Day » f MAY next, by Ten oCbck in tbe Foremen of each Day ; cf which all Perfons bound by Recognizance to appear at fuch Sejfm. s refpectively, and tbe feveral Juror.', and otb r Perfons concerned therein, are required to take Notice, and to attend accordingly. i i . C H E A L E S , Deputy Clerk of the Pmce 15th April, 1794 T U R N P I K E M E E T I N G fir the W AN S F O RD and BOURN Dijlria cf ROADS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIF EN, TH A T the G E N E R A L A N N U A L MEETING of the COMMISSIONERS for the faid R O A D S , will be held at the SWAM AND T A I - S O T INN in STAMFORD, onTntrRSD AT the 15th Day of MAY between the Hours of Ten and Twelve o'Clock in the Forenoon, to pifs the Treafurer's Accounts, and tranfaft other neceflary Butinefs relating to the faid Roads T . B O T T , CLER. K. April l?, 1794. N. B. The Surveyors are ordered to attend. T U R N P I K E T O L L S TO L E T . NOTICE IS HEREBT GIVEN. TH A T A M E E T I N G OF THE T P U S T E E S for the TURNPIKE ROADS leading from Barton Waterflde- Houfe to Rifeham Hedge Corner, antl from Brigg to Caiftor, in ( he County of Lincoln, will he holrlen at the A N G E L I N N , in BRIGIS, on FRIDAY the N'inth Day of MAT next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon; when the Tolls arising at the Toll- Bars called Bigby Bar, and Caiftor Bar, belonging to th fal l Roads, will be LET by AUCTION to the heft Bidder, hetween the Hours of Eleven and Two Qf the fame Hay, for the Term of Three Years, to commence from the Twelfth Day of May nexr, in the Manner direfted bv ' he Aft of Parliament palTecl in the Thirteenth Yeaof his prefent Majefty's Reign.—' The Tolls of the faid Bars were laft I. et for 154I. and will be put up at the fame Sum. Whoever happens to be the beft Bidder, muft at the fame Time give Security, with fufficient Sureties, to the'Satisfaftion of the ( aid Truftees, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, at fuch Times as they fhall direft. At the fame Time, the faid Truftees intent', alfo totrahfaft fuch other Bufinefs relative to the faid Truft, as lhall then be thought nee?( Tary. J O H N T U R N E R, Clerk to the. faid Truftees. ' llth March, 1794. R U T L A N D f A in BO T o be S O L D , AQuantity of P I G E O N DUNG, which has been Three Years collefting in a large Doveote. Enquire of JOHN WATMUFF, Red Lion, Bourn. LINCOLNSHIRE. BLACK STALLIONS TO BE SOLD. T o be SOLD by Private Contrail, TWO capital BLACK. STALLIONS, of the Cart Kind ; One of them is rifing Three, and the other Five Years old.— They are both in excellent Condition. Apply to Mr. ROBINSON, of Litde Hale Fen, in the faid County. FRAMPTON, ith April, t75VT o be S O L D by Private Contract, And entered upon immediately, \ C O T T A G E or T E N E M E N T , with the Barn, Stable, and 51 Acres and upwards of LAND ( Tjthe free), fituate and being in the Parifh of ALGARKIRKE cum fOSDlKE, in the County of Lincoln, in a Place called Langrett Plot, near Chapel Hill R. ad. And alfo Two Acres of Old MARSH L'AND adjoining thereto.— Two- thirds of the Premifes are fown with Oau and Beans, and the Refidence thereof fallowed. Further Particulars may be had of Mr. THOMAS SOOLhY BLACKITH, at Frampton, near Bofton. At the ASSEMBLY- ROOM in ALFORD, On THURSDAY Evening, May 8r<, 1704, will be a • C O N C E RT O f V O C A L a n d I N S T R U M E N T A L M U S I C . The principal Vocal Performer, M i f s A B B O T T ( f r o m ' S H E F F I E L D ) .: Bills of Particula : will be given in flue ' Time. Tickets to be had of Meffrs. BROWN and M I S D A L I , I. outh;, at the W I N D M I L L INN, and of Mrs. STAINBANK, Alford ; at 3s, each. After the CONCERT will be a BALI.. The Doors to be open at Six o'clock, and begin _ . precifely at Seven. W A N T E D. A N APPRENTICE to a MILLE. R, for f \ Five or Seven Years. Enquire of FRANCIS BUCKWORTH, at Stovy Mills, near Falkingham, Lincolnfhire. P A R T N E R S H I P DISSOLVED. NOTICE is hereby given, TH A T fhe Partnerfhip lately fubfifting between BENJAMIN CODD and JOHN H, YDES, Coal- Merchants, atG AINSBRO', in the County of Lincoln, under the Firm of CODD snd HYDES, was DISSOLVED by mutual Confent, on the id Day of this Inftant April. All Debts due toand from the faid Partnerfhip, are to be received and paid by the faid B E N J A M I N COPD, who is. authorized to fettle the faid Partnerfhip Accounts. The Bufinefs will be carried on, in future, at fhe prefect Warehoufe and Coal- Yard at Gainfbro', by the faid B E N J A M I N CODD, who will be thankful to his Cuftomers and the Public in general for a Continuance of their Favors. A ME SPALDING, $ tb April, 1794. ESSRS. CARTER and DANDY, of Spalding, in rhe County of Lincoln, DEALERS in PORTER, CYDER, MALT, and HOPS, having DISSOLVED rhe Partnerlhip lately fubfifting between them m the above Articles, and refigned their faid Bufinefs to Mr RICHARD BENNETT, of Spalding afurefaid : and the . faid Mr. CARTER having alfo refigned his Pflfinefs of a COMMON BREWER, at Spalding aforefaid, ro Ihe faid Mr. BENNETT, beg Leave to Return their grateful Acknowledgements to their Cuftomers, andthe ' ublicin gentT. il, for the many Favors conferred on them, and to Recommend the faid Mr. H* . N F TT to their future Favors. The fa d M e f l l C A R TER and DANDY have eliffolved their faid Partnerfhip, and eleclined the faid Bufincffes, ' cqueft that all t'erfons indebted to them on the faid account", will difcharge their refpeftive Debts as foon, t; it- y conveniently can ; and that all Perfons to whom • y mnd indebted, will fend an Account of their refpeft. vc Demands to the faid Mr. CARTER, that their artnerfhip Accounts may be forthwith fettled. R I C H A R D B E N N E T T , of Spalding, in the County of Lincoln, having taken and entered upon the COMMON BREWERY ind PREMISES in Spalding aforefaid, lately occupied by Meffrs. C A R T E R and DANDY ( wherein he intends carrying on the feveral Trades of a COMMON BRFWER, DEALER in PORTER, CYQFR, MALT, s* ict HOPS), and having taken of the faid Mr. C* « i i t t all his Stock of ALE, and having greatly added thereto, and laid in a large Stock of LONDON PORTE?, ( from Meffrs. Whitbread's), together with a Quantity of the beft HEREFORDSHIRE CYDER, begs Leave to recommend the fame to the late Cnftomers of the faid Meffrs. C A R T E R and Co. his Friends, and the Puhlic in general, and flatters himfelf, that the Quality vyill not only give Satisfaftion, but enfure their future Favors and Recommendation, and which he is determined to fell on the moft reafonable Terms. RICAARD B E N N E T T at the fame Time begs Leave to return his fincere thanks to his Friend*, and the P « bli(, for the very liberal Support he has met with in the LIME, BRICKS, and COAL TRADES; and . begs Leave to inform them, that he ftil) continues to carry on the fame as ufual, and all Orders therein will be. gratefuHy acknowledged and faithlully executed by him. C c n M u t f ' o n a t S l f i M a f t ' o n. T a C O M M I T T E R of EXPENDITURE for the LOYAL RUTLAND VOLUNTEERS, holden at Oakham, on Saturday tl) e Fifth Day of April, 1704, purfuant to a Refolution entered into for that Purpofe at a General Meeiing of the faid County; PRESENT, The F. arl of Winchilfea, Lord Lieutenant; Thomas Forfyth, Efquire, High Sheriff; Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Baronet; Jphn Heathcote, Sen.' Efq. M. P. ( by John Heathcore, Jun. Efq.) George Fludyer, Ffq. M. P. John Heathcote, Jun. Efqaire; John* Wingfield, Efquire; Robert 1 omblin, Efq. ( for Mrs. Elizabeth Wingficld); And Francis Chefelden, Efquire : RtfJwJ, That every Suhfcriher of the Sum of 15!. and upward* Kail he a Member of the Committee of Expenditure5 and fuch Suhfcribers being Ladies, are requefted to appoint Deputies to aft for the< n. . Ordered, That Twenty per Cent, upon the feveral Subiiriptions be paid into the Hands ot Mr. COMBES, the Treafurer, on or before Thurfday the Twenty- fourth Day of April Inftant. Refolved, That the Lord Lieutenant be, and he is. hereby requefted to order the Cloathing for the Corps agreeable to the Color and Pattern of the Uniform produced and approved of at the General Meeting of the County, this Day holden ar the Callle of Oakham. Rcflved, That the Lord Lieutenant be alfo requefted to take fiich Meafurcs as he ( hall think expedient for procuring Saddles and other Accoutrements for the Ufe of the faid Corps, purfuant to the Intimation received by his Lordlhip from Mr. Secretary Dustias. Refchctf, And it is the Intention of this Committee, to affift fiteh Parilhes in this County as may be required to find Suhftitutes in the Militia of the County, out of the General Fund fubferibed by the Members of this. Affociation. Refolved, That the Thanks of the General Meeting be given to the High Sheriff, f i r his very great Concern for thelnterefts f the County in general, and particularly for his ttentiori'to the Bufinef of this At" ciation. Ordered, I hat the above Refolatjons be publifhed in the Stamford Mercury. £• « • d. Subfcriptions already publifned in this Paper 3371 17 o Subfcriptions fnce received. The Reverend Mr. Belgrave, I'refton — 10 o o The Reverend Mr. Twopeny, Little Caftcrton 10 o e LINCOLNSHIRE. T o be SOLD by Private Contrail, ( Together, or in Parcels) AVc- y defirable and compaft F R E E H O L D . ESTATE, called the Rake's Farm; confuting of a good FARM HOUSE, with ncceffary and convenient Barm, Stables, Oot- houfes, ar. d Offices adjoining, and fcveral CLOSE S of old- inclofcdrich ARABLE, . MEADOW, and PASTURE LAND, lying together, and containing One Hundred and Forty A. res, or thereabouts, the greatell Part of which is Extra- parochial, and the Remainder is fituate in the Parifhes of S WINES- . HEAD, GREAT HALE, and HECKINGTON, in tile County of Lincoln, antl the Whole is now in the Occupation o( Mr. John Squire, as Tenant at Will. The above Eftate adjoins to the Turnpike Road from Sleaford to Bofton, and to a navigable Drain immediately communicating with the Forty Feet Navigation ta jhc Port of Bofton. The Tenant will ( hew the Premifes; and further Particulars thereof may be had of Mr. JOSEPH HOLMES, of Rulltington; or of Mr. CHEALES, At- ' turney at Law, at Sleaford. ifl jipril. 1794. T o be S O L D by AUCTION, At the Houfe of Mr. Thomas IValkden, in Market Raifittf in the. County of Lincoln, on TUESDAY tb'e xzd Day of April Injitir. ty betiuixt the Hour's of T10fraud Five in the.. Afternoon, unlefs fuoncr difpoftd of by private Contracf nvbleb timely Noticc 10 ' tll be given j TWO L E A S E H O L D MESSUAGES or DWELLING- HOUSES, and SHOPS, with the Warehoufes, and other Conveniences thereto belonging, tituate in the Market I'late of GLAMFORD BR1GGS, in the faid County of Lincoln, and in the Tenure of Meffrs. Francis and Charles Young, Mercers, Drapers, and Orocers. For further Particulars enquire tf Mr. TENNYSON, at Lincoln; or at his and Mr. MAiN's Office, in Market Raifin aforefaid. L O N G S U T T O N , l. mcolnfbiTI. THE VALUA BLE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE of Mr. HENRY JENKSMS, of i. OtfG SUTTON, will be SOLD by AU'.' TION, without Re*, ferve, on THURSDAY and FRIDAY the -;.-, M and letti Days of A P R I L , 1794, By J . CHAPMAN. ' Catalogues of which may be hid : andav the icth), at the Vine, Wifbech, Ty.- C., t l i ' Hull, Sutton ; Black Lion, Gedney ; Crown, rio,;. . , and of the A U C T I O N E E R, at Spalding. I'o be S O L D by A U , C. ompar1a tive totaI , l- s ' of the. p. r_ o duce of - tLh- e TLe— v- eJ received powerful rc- inforcements in tbe tnvi- J ral branches of public revenue, under the heads ; vns of Saar- Lov. ir. " » of cullotns, exsife, ftamps, and for Mr. James Appleyard, Prefton Thomas Barker, Efquire, Lyndon — William Sharrard, Efquire, Langham — Thomas Fawkner, Efquire, Morcot — Mr. John Bryan, Liddington — Mr. James Bell, Surgeon, Uppingham — Mr. Henry Coleman, Ditto — Mr. William Hubbard, Langham — 3 Mr. Thomas Sbarpe, Ditto — 3 The Reverend Robert Thomlinfon, Hamhleton 5 The Reverend Mr. Plumtree, Reftor of Stretton 5 Mr. Robert Swingier, Langham Mr. Rohert Adcock, Barlythorpe Mr. Henry Baijies, Thorpe by Water Mr. John Woodward, Lyndon Mr. Edward Barnett, Swintley Lodge Mr. John Pullin, Oakham — ( By Mr. SEVERS ) jtead, in Great Grim/ by, 10 to 10 o S. S 3 — x • j 6 % J z — i i . 3 3 5 - o I 1 6 a 3 a Total 3+ 93 6 o Further Subfcriptions will be received by Mr. COMBES, of Oakham, the Treafurer to this Affociation. I f f 3 The Names of tbe Perfons who have inrolled tbtmfelvcs to ferve in this Corp:, will be inferted in tbe next Stamford Mercury At the Granby head, in Great Grimfby, in tbe • * f Lincoln, on FRIDAY tbe tyb of April, betw'. x'.: be Hours of Three and Four in the M/ ternoon, fnhjcSl to p- c> Conditions of Sale as will be there produced ; AMolt definable F R E E H O L D EST f l . lituatc at BARNOLDBY- LE- BECK; conC ag of .1 MESSUAGE, Barn, and Stable, about6iA^ i of ARABLE and PASTURE LAND, Tytlic free, w nn a Ring Fence, and divided into. Eight convenie t Irclofures, now in the Occupation of Nathaniel Potts, Tenant at Will. Al le-', Three Acres of LAND, lying in a Ciofe called the Baffs, in the adjoining Lordflup of 3EELSBY. N. B. llarnoldby- le- Beck is Eight Miles from Caiftor, and Five Miles from Grimfby. l aititulars- may be had ( by Letters, Poft paid) of tl » » AUCTIONEER, in Grantham. G R A N T H A M , March 16, ' 1794. ^ HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, ( f t. MOULTON, lib April, 1794- T o be S O L D by A U C T i O N , ( By THOMAS CLARKE) On WEDNESD AY the loth Day ef tbis Injlant April, and tbe following Day, at-. tbe Houfe of tbe late Mr. JOHN HARDY, in MOULTON AUiilIN- DlKh, in tbe County of Lincoln, diceafed; , AL L the H O U S E H O L D GOODS, F A R M - ING UTENSILS, & c. confiding of Ten Beds and Bedding ; Mahogany, Dining, andother'Tablei) Chairs; Bureau, and Book- Cafe; Cheft ot Drawer.; I'ier, ar. rl other Glaff. s ; an Eight- day Clock; Smoke- jack; fcveral Bath Stoves ; Bariel- Churn, and other Dairy U t e n - fils; Hoglhead Copper, a Wafning Ditto, Tubs Bariels, Thralls, & c.; a neat Polt- Chaife, with Hamcfs ; Three Waggons, broad wheel Cart, Ploughs, Harrows, Gears, Sec. ice. . Four good Cart Mares. T"•' R.". A" V7 E D , from- — B rotrh ertofZt,— o' n T1h hnurrfidoaav) | I Six Months, , „ C. re. dit„ will be given. ,- for the Waggons, ^ the 17th of March, 1794. Three Heder HOG- SHEEP. They had different ( Ruddle Marks upon them, but were all marked in the Face, being brought to Brothertoft the Evening before, in a new- bought Lor. A fuitable Reward will be given for their Recovery, by Mr. AMOS, of Brothertoit. Mares, & c. on approved Security. Catalogues may be had ( after the u d of April Inftar. t) at the Printing- Office, in Spalding; the Dag, Holbeach; the Bull, Long- Sutton; the Granby's- Head, Crowland; the Bull, Market- Deeping; the King s- Head, Kirton ; and of T. CLARKE, the Auctioneer, at Moulton aforefaid. ' . SLEAFORD N A V I G A T I O N. r p H E Committee of the Company of Pro. prietors of the SLEAFORD NAVIGATION, he County of Lincoln, do hereby give NOTICE, That the faid Navigation will be OPEN, from the River Witham to the - Town of Sleaford, for the Paflhge of Boats, Barges, and other Veffels, on the Sixth Day of MAY next. By Order ol the Committee, B. CHEALES, Clerk to the Company SLEATORD, tt, ib April, 1794. SLEAFORD N A V I G A T I O N , • NOTICE is hereby given, TH A T the G E N E R A L A N N U A L . M E ET INC. of the Company of Proprietors of the SLEAFORD NAVIGATION, in the County of Lincoln, will be held at t h e ( J i n t G i Inn, in SLEAFORD| aforefaid, on TUESDAY the Sixth Day of M A Y next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon. By OrBde. r oCf HthEe ACLomEmSi, t tee, ' Clerk to tie Company. - SI « A* OSD, t^ tb April, 1794. GOSBERTON, xyh April, 1794. AL L Perfons indebted to the late G E O R GE MARSHALL, of Gofberton, deceated, Farmer, are defired to pay the fame to Mr. JOHN BUR I ON, of Oofberton aforefaid, on or before the 5th Day of May, being authorized to receive the fame. And whoever have any Claim or Demand upon the Eftate or Effefts of the laid GEO. MARSHALL, are requeued to fend an Account thereof as above. NOTICE to DEBTORS and CREDUORS. WHEREAS WILLIAM CROSS, of Spalding, in the County, of Lincoln, Blackfmith and Farrier, did, on the 10th Day of April lnft. aflign all his Eftate and Effefts unto THOMAS HARPER, of Stamford; THOMAS JENNINGS and WILLIAM PEARSON, of Spalding aforefaid,' IN T R U S T , for the equal Benefit of all his Creditor?". All fuel) Creditors are therefore hereby requeued to deliver an Account of their refpeftive Debts unto the faid THOMAS J E N N I N G S , or t h e ( aid W I L I IAM PEARSON, on or before the Firlt Day of May next. Aftd all Perfons who ftand indebted to the Eftate and Effefts of the faid W I L L I A M CROSS, at the Date of the faid Aflignment, are required to pay their refpeftive Debts to the faid THOMAS J E N N I N G S and W I L L I AM PEARSON, or to Meffrs. ASHLEY and FOSTER, Artornies at Law, at Spalding aforefaid, on or before the faid ift Day of May next. S P A L D I N G , 141b April, 1794. To be S O L D by AUCTION, ( By THOMAS PENNY) At th Angel Inn, in Bourn, Lincoln/ hire, on S liTURD AY the Third Day of May next, betiuecn the Hours of Five and Seven in tbe After neon, j object to fucb Conditions at ( ball be then produced i A PARCEL of F R E E H O L D ARABLE LAND, lying in the NORTH FEN, in the Parilh ot BOURN aforefaid, containing Six Acres, Two Roods, and Twenty- one Perches ( more or lefs), now in the Tenure of Mr. William Smith. For Particulars enquire of MAJOR HART, Attorney at Law, at Bourn atorefaid. 1794. T o 15 tb April, L O U T H , L I N C O L N S H I R E. b e S O L D by A U C T I O N , Or. tTEDNESDA Ytbe Fourteenth Vat of May ntxt, bttWitn the Hours of ' 1 b'rtt and Fii't o'clock in tit After- • mon, at tbe Bridlaytr't Arms, in l. iutb / iforefaid, fuhj ' rtft to fucb Conditions of- Salt 01 will bt then produced, ' unltfi footer difpef, d 1J by frhutr Contract, of wbieb Notice taiil W tivtn in this 1 aptr ; A BRICK and Tiled SWELLING- HOUSE, / \ with a Garden thereunto aajoining, fttuate ill a Street in LOUTH aftrrefaid, called Patadifc Row, now in the Tenure of Mr. Gab. Neve. For further Pa. Oculars apply to WILLIAM W1U> SON, Attorney at Law, in i- outh aforefaitV A COOK MAID t , WATCTF. D in « Gentleman's Family, m a Market Town in { he County of Lincoln, at May- Day next ( O. S.) who thoroughly underftand." made Dilhes, and who will have no ObjefMon to ttje Management of a Dairy; it is not required of her to milk,— Good Wages will be given.— A character from her laft Place is expeftsd. Apply to the PRINTERS. H OLBEACH, nib April, 1794. Tie Manors of G 1 7DNEY ABBOTT W G F . D - NEY P A W L E T T , in the County of Lincoln. NOTICE i' hereby gi- ven, T H A T the G E N E R A L COURTS I. EF. T and GREAT COURTS BARON for the faid Manors, "' ill he held on MONDAY the 18th Day of • APHII Inflant, at the Hoiif, of JOHN BELLAMY, known by the Sign of the REM., in GEDNEY, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon, for tranfafting fuch Bufinefs fit all then be neceffary ; when and where all the Freehold and Copyhold Tenants of the faid Manors are hereby required to attend to do their Suit and Service, and pay their refpeOivt Quit Rents due to- t. he Lord of the faid Manors at MiJchOaHelmNa s lHafUt. N N T N G S , Chief Steward. D BSF. RTF. D, on Thurfday Morning the 17th of April In ft ant, from Capt. TREEN's Recruiting Partv at Stamford, S JOHN JACKSON, Bv Trade a Linen- Weaver; horn at Oundle, in Northamptonrtiire; abouna Years of Age, ; Feet 4} Indies hieb, very dark brown Hair, trrev Eyes, frefh Cpmptexior, rtrut made, a good deal pitted with the Small- Pov.— He went off with a red Slop Jacket, with blue ard white Thread l. ace, Trowfers t. hat. button over tbe Shoes, Flannel Waiflcoit and Drawers, Two new frilled Shirts, One Pair of white nnrrow- rihb'd Cotton Stockings. Ore Pair of ribb'd coloured Ditto, and One Pair of'new Shoes. . . . . . j Whoever apprehends the above JOHN JACKSON, and fwears him in as a Deferter, fhall receive TWO GUINEAS, over and ajhove fhe 2cs. allowed by Government, on applying to Capt. TREEN, Stamford. J f r f f c ap © yprets. L O N D O N , TH U R S D A Y , April 17. H O U S E of C O M M O N S . ttedneiday, April Y6. V O L U N T E E R CORPS. This bill being teturned fr m the Lords, with an amendment, which allowed pay to the troops when embodied in their own counties, was withdrawn, and Mr. Pitt introduced a new bill, containing the neceftary provifioris, which was read a firft time, md ordered to be read a fecond time to- mwow.' F R E N C H CORPS B I L L. The report of this bill having been brought up, to t h r ch- ufe which p'ovides, that the cftablifhment of thefe corps fhall be during the war, Mr. Sheridan objefted as inConfillcnt with the provifi in of the mutiny bill, and not at all Decenary to the purpofes in view. He propofed as an amendment, that the eltablifhment fhould be annual. This produced a conversion of fame length, after which the Houfe divided ;— for the amendment, 29 ; againft it, u8.— Majority, 89. The bill was then ordered to be read a third time to- morrow,— Adjourned. Parliament is e:; peftcd to rife by the 20th of next month. Monday was the 127th day of Mr. Haftings s trial; and, what is very remarkable, irom the commencement t i the prcfentday there has been itift 127 changes in the Peers. The debtor and creditor bill, fo long wilhed for by all ranlts'of people, will certainly come before Parliament this feflion ; and as the Judges have been- feduloufly employed in its formation, 110 doubt can be entertained but jt will fully anfwer t h e porp- jfes of humanity and policy. The prifons, where fo many of our fellowbeings ate at prefent immolated, will be emp tied of fuch as have been unfortunate, but not erimhal; and thole multitudes who, fearful of a hopelefs bondage, have been forced into obfeurity, will be reftored to the world, their families, and their occupations. Accounts \ * r e received in town yefterday morning from Martinico as late as the 16th of March.— At that period Fort Bourbon ftill held Out he recommended that t h e evidenc? fh& uld be admitred. , Mrs. Perry then declared, it washer own will and aft to go off with Mr. Perry ; that fhe contrived it, for fliediked his perfon and addrefs; and . that he had made her a very affeftionate hufhand. After this evidence, the J u r y brought in a verdift oi— Not guilty I Mr. Perry was then condufted to the Bufh inn ; where a very elegant dinner, was prepared. — The mob chaired him, and drew the coach along. - . R A N K- R U F T S. William Throffcll thcelder, of March,. witKin the Iile of Ely, in tbe county of. Cambridge, carpenter, millwright, dealer « and chapman.— Robert Betlon, pf Birmingham, in the county. ot Warwick, fattor, dealer and chapman.— James Belts thfc younger, late of Ipfwich, in the county of Suffolk, [ hip- builder, dealer and chapman.— John Howard,: of Little Hayfield, within the parifti of Gloffop, in the' county of Derby, whitefmith.— James Atkinfon, of Theddlethorpc, in the county of Lincoln, jobber, dealer and' chapman. ( For days of appearance, & c. fee advertifement in the firft page).— John Hanl'on, of Somptihg, in the county of Sulfex, corn- chandler, viftualler, dealer and chapman.— John Robinfonj now or late of Liverpool, in the rminiy of Laneafler, fail- maker, dealer and chapman.-' — John Heald and Richard Turner, of. Manchefter, in the, county of Lancaltcr, ftay- makers, fhop- keepers, dealers, chapmen, and co- partners.— Robei t Allen, now or late of iht- parilh of Wceaon Beck, in the county of Northampton, falefman.— Thomas Shave, of Ipfwicn, in the county of Suffolk, lacking- manufafturer, twine- fpinner, and coach- mailer.— Humphrey Humphreys, late of Liverpool, in the county of Lancaflcr, fiax- dreffer,:. dealer ^ nd chapman.— Thomai Gibbs, of the city of Worcelter, butcher, dealer and chapman.— James Giffard, of Devizes, in" the county' of Wilts, apothecary, dealer and chapman.— Charles Hayward, ot the of Lincoln, babcrdafhcr, dealer- and chapman. To appear April 23", nff/ and May 17, at 11 cach lorcnoon, at the Rein Deer J mi, Lincoln. Attorney, Mr. Baldwin, Lincoln." ' - - - Bankruptcies fuperfeded.. William Baylifs, of New Brcntlord, in the county of Midfilcfrx, innholder, dealer and chapman.— Edward Haivey and John Dye, of St. Martia's- le- Grand, in the liberty of Wrftminftsr, within the city of London, warehoufemen, dealers, chapmen, and co- partners. P R I C E S of S T O C K S . VWiihim White, feveral years clerk tS Samuel Tunnard, Efq. iti Bofton. Wednefday fe'jftjiifeht , died at Corby', aged 82 years, Mr. Robert. Bifh, an opulent and much refpefted farmer of that place. He was thro' life an excellent pattern of induftry, and at length " came to his grave in a full age, like as a fhock of corn cometh in in his feafon. *" * A quotation from Job, 5th c. 26th v. On Sunday laft died at Bofton, ih this county, Mr. Thomas Bycroft, aged 23, foil of Mr. John Bycroft, ironmonger, " of the faid place. His affiiftion was fo violent that from the time of his being taken, to the time of his death, was only ten days. < He was defervedly refpefted by all whri knew him. One of the women overturned in a cart going , . . . L I N C O L K R , A P R I L I F , • S P K . S B U R V ' S A N T I S C O R B U T I C D R O P S. . E. . BROWN, GRIMSBY, refpeftfully acquaints the Public, that he has npw received . a frefh Supply of SPlLSBURY's juftly celebrated A N T I S C O R B U T I C DROPS, prepared by Mrs. SPILSBURY, in Soho Square— Alfo may be had, Smart's T i n f t u r e of Cafcarilla Bark, and all Sorts of Mr. Steers's and Mr. Newbury's Medicines. Lately was married at Market Raifin, in this county, Mr. Day, ftay- maker and tailor, to Mils Weflern, both of that place. . \ Laft week died at Appleby, James Parkin, Efq. aged 79. He comtriertced tne bufinefs of maltller and common'brewcr at the age of t f i 0 1 1 ; April t T ; ' r iMPOR jTS... Kantian, Meardihg, frtim Dahtric, with barley, ftarch, & c. Minerva, Hanion, from l. ongl'cund, wiih deals, timber, & c. , " Kelix, Wegener, . from Stettin, with ftaves, & t. DieJSnge Pieter Kool, Stlpkics, from A- mfterdam. r EXPORTS. Amfterdam, Bergli, fdt. AJnfterdanv with earthenware, & q. Oporto Merchant, Bennett, for Cadiz; with earthen ware, ,& c. Alexander'and Mary, Ray," for Seville, with woollendrapery., - Ac'/' Britantiia, Andftfoni for Hambro', with woollendra'pcl- y, iSfc•• SfaUt Hamburg, - Keife, for Hambro', with wOollcndrapei y, & c, ." ,' VCOASTERS ARRIVED. Free Briton, Bromleys Vine, Clark; Burfall, ; Thtrik, Moody;, Hajifax, Stanilarid; Lnion, Saul;' Deborah, Stariiiand; Polly, Wa- - terland; Nancy, Pindar; Chance, Wright; aid Role, Brown, all - from London. • Argo, Oliver ,. from Wells. Swan, Dewear, and Hopewell, Hafrifoh, both from Ncjv- Mary, Scager, from Lynn. PliiH'' p and'' ReKcca,, Generous Fuends,. Donaldfon, gentleman of the faculty at Spalding. Paper duty.— Wc hear that Mr. Pitt, much to his honour, has introduced a claule into the new paper bill, allowing a certain drawback of duties on all paper to be employed in printing the Bible — a regulation Which will fectfre the free circulation pf the. fcriptures among the lower ranks has filled the- office of Mayor and deputy of t h a t corporation twfefity- fivedifferent times." Lately died i n an advanbed age, theRcv. Mr. Varey, of Stilil'jigto'n, in the north- riding of Yorkftdre. ' •• On Friday laft died, Mrs. Mompeffon, a lady at * cheap p r W a n d feenis in the prefent times I fc^ hil." S v o U v ^ 0 ^ " E a f t g a t e' peculiarly. expedient- and wel- ladyifed. The foi- 1 4me day d S , . Mrs, Gibbon, of this lowing. is t h e regulation of the duties on paper, as fettled by the committee of the H o a f e d f C m - tuons; T h e paper to be nfrarrged under three • claffes; the firft including writing, copperplate, and drawing paper: the . fecorid priming Short ann. 9 ^ India ftock,- 4o4 \ , India Bands, 16s. a 175. New navy,'{' i i dif. Lottery tickets,- ccl. cos, Bank Stock, 165 J ^ per ct. red. 68 § ; per ct. con. 69 \ 4 per ct. con. | 5 per ct. nnn. 102- 2 Long ann. 19 £ C 0 R N - L E T T E R, M A K K- LANE, - Monday, April 14. Cur trariet continues rcafonaldy • well fupplied 10lib lubeat, and the Jlcck cf jkur at tbe different wharfs beiilg Jlill very large-, tbe falcs tl is morning " were heavy, without any Material alteration in the prices from the currency f lajl Monday, Jine while wheat, end fuperfine females cf dry heavy red are tbe moji fab able in proportion, while there is fome quantity of both colours fo rough and light, as fcarcely to exceed the value of the belt black wb: at, which is in good demand. — 4407 quarters were fid. Average 50s. I.— os. o l d . l o w e r t h a n laft w e e k . Beans f both forts, and peafe of both forts, go off flow'y, unlefs for the bejt boilers; and rye is in very little call.— H ' e have fcarcely any barley jrejb up, except feme cargoes of inferior quality from the northern ports, and the covfumers feem quite indifferent as to making any purcbafes, without a farther nduetion in tbe terms. OjiI are rather lower, in confeju. me of a frefh foreign fupply ; malt almojl unfaleable, unlt- Js quite cf a prime quality, clean, flout, ana chfe dried ; rye graft entirely out of call, and red clover feed cheaper agai'i', other articles at benea- h. Current PRICES of GRAIN as under city, aged about 82, wife of Mr. William Gibbon. On Saturday laft'died, Mr. Hadnah Yates, of this city, fen. aged about 59. paper, whi ch is to be divided into S e v e n ela'ffes j t U ° Bry. aa f1taKtenm eln t publifhed Claf^ t wSe ek Sit^ TapSpZe airL • a- d- the third is t o c o m m e n d " whited brown hat " l h c Doncafter dtfpenUry laft year, there cftle- Davis*, from' Yarmouth, from Leith. x - COASTERS SAILED. Rothrrham, Gilderdale, for ltyjaiwich . and London. . Dairy Maid, Citok, for Newcaltle. Bell, Mearns, for Mnntrpl'e. William &• Mary. Patrick, sod Witbcch Packet, Guy, both for Wifb,* h- Aurora, Bouch, and Mercury, Allen, Both for, t,. ynn. Supply, Martin; - Nancy, C'awkwell;' - and Leioeiler, Brook, all for London. ' *• t> d- the tocbmp.- chend'wh'ifed It is propofed fo lay a tax on the f, rlt, which will • amount to - 27 per cent, on the ftcond per cent, and 011 the third id. pet pound weight. A p '. fTeiiger on the ourfide of the Birmingham coach, was laft- week charged j d . ; for a piece of toaft, a. t an ipn not" far from'XJuichurch ; upon objecting to the price, Mr. Scoredouble, theland- Iord, yeiy gravely replied, " Well then, fupgofe we .' fay,- two - pence loafl, and'a pemi ffirel" Rec; pc, fnr taking out the tafte'fo much o" bjefted toitveream and butter," drawn from covvs fed with turnips,- It is equally. fiiftple and efiee tual. r--!'' pat iiito your cream- pot a piece o f f a l t - petre ; put your, cieam upon it daily, as- it is ftimined off your milk, and- flir it as ufual.— Every, time ' ybn clear out your cream pot, to have been admitted 6.81, patients; of whom 488 have been di'fcharged perfectly cured and 60 relieved. ' " ., ' On'Satu'rd'ay laft, the carcafe of an ewe was exhibited af Ca^ or. fai/, which did the greateft credit. to. the county, and the higheft honor to the owner. She was allowed by the beft judges there, to furpafs in fhape and farnefs, any ewe they had ever fcen in any part of England. Her four quarters weighed 154 lb. and the fat upon her loin was 5 inches thick, by perpendicular meafure. She was 10 years old, and was in that time the dam of 14 lambs.— Her breed was a graft from Leicelterfhire, upon Lincolnfhire itock j and was bred and fatted by Mr. Benjamin Codd, of Glentworth. „ i,;, " r i-", .1' f t • 1 Two ewes, belonging to Mr. Dyfon, of TinfcHurn^ l ^ p l y tt witb t h f l i l e quwit. ty pf falt. , Rotherham, laft April, had feven petrc A piece, the fc of a nutmeg, is f u f t - , h ' f u c k l e d H t h ri^ nt feir n nnanritv r, f r r , am fhar r\ rr\ t1\- ire. I . . . ' _ . . . . . . Wheat, ftarch, 35s. to 415. Mealing do. 465. to 51s. od. White 52s. od. Rye 30s. to 33s. cd. Barley 23s. to 27s. od. Malting, 30s. to 34s. od. Malt, 40s. to 44s. fine 45s. Hog peafe - 54s. to 37s. od. i ' T h e firft parallel had been completed by the befiegers. and the fecond was expefted to be finiflied about the 20th inftant. T h e Britifh troops, we are happy to fay, continued healthy :— Their lofs fince their landing, fuftained from the efforts of the enemy, amounted to 72 killed, 193 wounded, and three or four miffing. . We underftand, that the confulion which has happened in the Auftrian army, nearly csufing the d'fmiflion of Prince de Cobourg and Clairf a j r , originated in treacherous orders, with the f . rgetl fignature of the Emperor affixed to them. T h i s fcheme is now completely detcfled, the d.- fign defeated, and the Generals are reftoted to t h e confidence of the Emperor, wilh perfeft honour and fatnhtftion to themfelves. The Paris papers we received yefterday morni n g , bring no important intelligence. T h e printing of the ufual newfpapcrs at_ V i - enna, has been prohibited, becaufe the editors were partial to the Jacobins. T h e 10th, 16th, 3ld, and 49th regiments, are ordered from the Well Indies to Ireland. T h e 79th, 8tft, 84th, and 85th regiments are ordered to be put on the Irifh eftablifhment. Government have contracted with fome merchant? J11 Peterfburgh, for near three million pounds of hemp. • J/ j( funds.— The late rife experienced has been erroncotifly attributed to a prolpeft of PEACE. The. faft,. which is glorious for the country is, that anticipating the periods of ftated payment, SEvfcii MII. LTONS of the loan are already funded. Againft fuch a proof of READY MONEY and coitfdence in the GOVERNMENT, what can avail the wretched CAB ALLERS either within our Senate or without ? • On Monday the 7th inft. a mob collefted at Waterford, in Ireland, under pretext of the high price of provifions, and after plundering feveral ftores of meal, & c. ftripped the fails from two outward bound corn vefl'cls. They were at length quieted, and a fubfeription entered into f o r . t h e relief of the diftreffed clafs of inhabitants. JM>. Perry's trial for running away with, and marrying Mifs Clark, of Brfltl. On Monday laft the trial of Mr. Perry, which has been fo long the fubjeft of converfation, came on before the Recorder of Briftol; he had been fong in cuftody, arrived there on Friday laft, and was committed to Newgate, under the c u f - tody < tf the Sheriff. Mr. Erfkine was down, and appeared as his principal Counfel. After many witneffes were examined on part of the profecution, Mrs. Perry was called, which was oppofed by Mr. Bond, on the part of the profecution, bccaufe on that evidence the whole trial would turn. Mr. Erfkine replied, he would fit in C o u r t ' t i l l the day •/ refurreHian, unlefs they would allow Mrs. Perry-} evidence. This matter of right was at length referred to the Recorder, who in a very fenfiblc fpeech obferved, that under all the circumllancei of the cafe, the parties' having lived three years together, a child born, and another in the womb, White, pcafe 36s. to 44s. od. Fine boilers 50s. to 56s. Small bcar. s 38s. to 40s. od. Ticks 30s. to 34s. od. Fine oos. od. to cos. Oats 20s. to 24s. od. Fine 24s. 6d. to oos. j Poland-, 26s. od. to oos, The total average of priccs of corn, in England and Wales is 1 Wheat, 51s. jd.- JR. ye, 37s. 6d.— Barley, 33s. 4d.— Oats, 22s. 7d.— Beans, 41s. oa. per quarter, Winchefter meafure. Average prices, by which exportation and bounty'are to be regulated for Yorkfhire and Lincolnfhire,' computed from the quantities and prices, for the week ending the eth- of April, 1794, are. Wheat, 47s. jd.— Rye, 33s. 4d. Barley, 32!. od.— Oats, io « . iod.— Beans, 37s. 2d, — Peafc, 44s od. S M I T H F I E L D , April 14, 1794. Ox beef, 2s. Sd. to 3s. 8d. Wea. mutton, 3s. 4d. to 3s. iod. Veal, 3s. 6d. to 4s. 6d. Pork, 3s. 4d. t « 4s. 4d.— Lamb, 4s. od. to 5s. od.— per ft one of 81b. Head of cattle fold this day— Beaft, about 2000.— Sheep, 9000.— Lambs, 700. N E W G A T E and L E A D E N H A L L , Apr. 14. Ox beef, 2S. 4d. to 3s. 5d. Wca. mutton, 3s. od. to 38. 4d. Veal, 3s. od. to 4s. 4d. Pork, 3*. 4d. to 4s. od. — Lamb, 3s. Sd. to 4s. 8d.— per ftonc of 81b. RAW HIDES. , Brft hides, 25. od. to 2s. 4d. Midling and ordinary, > 1. 6 J. to is. 9d. Light calf, 5 § d. per lb. Heavy ditto, 8s. id. a piece. Dutch hides, rood, ptrib. PRICE of TALLOW in LONDON, cient for a quantity pf cream that Syill produce fix pounds of butter ; and fo " m proportion for a larger, or fmalier quantity. ^ BOSTON SHIP NEWS, to the 15th April, 1794. COASTERS INWARD. Witham, j vJy.' cV Gowland, and Hythe, Reed, from Sun- ® derland; Experiment, Taylor; Abigail, Hair; and Jane, Bailey- from Newcaltte ; and Supply, Litter, from ttlyth, all with coals and bottles A£ tive, Stow, from hull, with ftones. Ambler, Farrand, from London, with goods. COASTERS OUTWARD. Nancy, Graves; Three Brothers", Thorleyj Samuel,' Salmon; and Ambler, Farrand, all for London, with oats, & c, Freedom, Afhtoo.. for Liverpool, with wheat. Adelphi, Lake, and Providence, Bradley, both for Hull, with wheat, woad, & c. three of them, which were fold to the butcher for 14s. 6d. each. T h e fame ewes, a few days ago, aropt eight lambs, all" likely for life. Mr. Dyfon, has alio five other ewes, which have had two, three, and four lambs each. We are informed from good authority, that Col. Forbes is going to raife a regiment to confift of 1000 men, under the fanftion of the corporation of Leeds; and a meeting is appointed by the Mayor of that town, to confider of proper means to carry into effeft the railing of a volunteer corps within that. borough. The following melancholy accident happened WISBECH SHIP NEWS, to the 16 h April. on Monday night at Manehefter. A driver be- 1M PORTS- Anna BergeX'Yeder I longing to the Spread- eagle inn in that town. Ellington, and Three Brothers, Carls returned between tep. and eleven .0 clock Wlfh a ,- ndeiion, both from Norway, with chaife, and, according to . a very prevalent, ^' S^ J^ NE^ K- I- TITA n r . f J- though very " dangerous praftice, drove down to tent, Calvert; C X T K G ^ ' R ^ f e < he river to wafh their horfes, & c. T h e night Thetis, Orpin; Friendfhip, Langton; Endeavor, Wray; was rather dark, and the river unufually high. and Endeavor, Todd; and Thomas and Ann, Mcaburn, from rapid, from thelate heavy rain— the place where Midrfletorf'from^ B! ytb^ Grcer 1 wood' M o ^ L ™ ' Newl I t h e . y d r i v e t 0 0 n t h e f e 0 c c a f l 0 r 1 3 i s ? , f o v e i 7 fte'ep, C A M B R I D G E, APRIL 16. The Rev.- Tho. Shield,- M. A , . Meflrs.- John Gould, John Palmer,- and Win. Cooper, B. ' A. are elefted Fellows of St. JohnVcoilege. On Friday the 4th inftant, the Rev. William Nettlelhip, A. M. of Worceller college, Oxford, wasinftitmed to the reftory of Rtickiand, with Farforth and Maidenwell, in this county. The number of determining Bachelors this Lent at Oxford, amounts to one hundred and fixty. . The Rev. Anthhny Collett is inftituted to the vicarage of Cratfield with Laxfield, in Suffolk, on the prefentation of Sir jofhtta Va. rneck, i- art. The Rev. 1 homas Parkinlort, Rcftor tit Kegworth, in Leiceilerfhire, and hue Tutor of Chrift college, is prelented by the Lord Bilhop of Lincoln, to the archdeaconry of Huuiinjidon, The Rev. Mr. Sparhauke, Fellaw of St. John's, is pre tinted by the Walter and Fellows of that fociety, to the vicarage of Great Hortnead, in Hertford ( hire. Robert Naffau Sutton, Efq. of Trinity college ( fon of Sir Richard Sutton, Cart. J is appointed a Lieutenant of the 4th regiment of foot, now in America. Friday laft the univerfity voted ijool. otft of rheir cheft, towards augmenting the militia of this county, for the internal defence of the kingdom . Thurfday fe'rinight Mr. Sanftuary, of SwafTham, was married to Mifs Barton, daughter of thelate Mr. George Bartoii, of Belkwood- park, Nottinghamlhire. On Monday laft died at Brighthelmftoti, after a fhort illnels, aged 38 years, the Rev. John, Moffop, M. A. matter of the academy tner- e, and grand matter of the Royal Clarence lodge of free- mafons, at that place. Saturday laft a footman in the family of Dr. Turner, was committed to prifon,, on fufpicioR.. of robbing the lodge at Pembroke-* hall a few weeks ago. •• caftle; and William and Mary, Patrick, from Hull, all with coals. Betfcy," Pirtchon, with [ » lt, and Wifbech Packet, Guy, with goods, both from Hulk COASTERS OUTWARD. Siltcrj, flatley, and Ot ter, Beatley, both for London, with iftrn olid hemp iced Trial, Reft; Marjr, Parrott; and •. flKve, Stow, all for Hull, withabm. St. JameB's mark. Clare market . Whitechapelmar. ptr ( lone of 81b. 25. Sd. 2s. 8d. 2s. 8 ; d. 81. o^ d. Average price, 2s. 8d. H O POCKETS. Kent, 7I. os. to 10I. os. Sulfex, 61. os. to 9I. 10s. F * r n h a m , 8 1 . o s . to, i 2 l . os. Worcefter, 5I. os. to 7I. os. Town tallow, 4^ 5. to 46s. Ruflia do. ( cand) 40s. Ruflia do. (( bap) 57s. tooo « Stuff, 33s. od. to oos. od. Ditto rough, 23s. to ocs.< Graves, 8s. \ Good dregs 7s. per cwt, P S. ( BAGS. Kent, 61.10s. to 9I. 05. 1 Suftex, 61. OS. to 81. ios. . I Eflex, 9I. os. to u l . o>. and requires every caution in turning a carriage. From thefe circumftances the chaife, horfes, and driver, were fwept away by the rapidity of the it ream, and the driver, and horfes drowned. The chaife was found on Tuelday morning nearly two miles down the river. L Y N N, April I A poor man called Thomas Auftin, at Arm- ARRIVED. Andrews & Elizabeth, ley, near Leeds, was bitten by a dog in t , e up- Pedcrfon, and Emanuel, Ca'terfon, both p e r lip, which a few days after went mad : Oil from Crokery, With raft, d loaded col- 1 Saturday evident fymptoms of canine madaefs- SAILED, . Mary, Seagar, for Hull, appeared, . arid every . medical aSltivnce rendered with corn and woot. William and Nancy, Bradley, for him proved ineffectual, for he. expired on Moiv- Lwtiftnhd coonr, nw. it1h0 c ( ohripns. inC boamllmafet. r ce, Bock, for Portfmouth, | day in the ftrongeft eonvulfions of the hydro- PRICES of CORN per qr. at the following Places, viz* Stanford, Friday April II,. Wheat, jos. od. to 52s. 6J. | Beans, 40s. cd. to 41s. od. Barley, 32s. cd. to 34s. od. Old ditto, oos, Oats, 19s. od.- i2oJ. bd_. | . Stamford, Thurfday April 17. Wheat, 50s. to 51s. .1 O'ats^ tSS. to 23s. Barley, ies. tt> 346. | Beans, 40s. 1042s. Lincoln, Friday April ti. Average. Wheat, 51 tod ' Beans, oos. Barley, 33s. 3d. - Grey Peas, oos, cd; Oats, aos. 6d. Lintels, ops. od. „. • IFfbtcb, Tilefdai April 15. Whe « , 545. 3d. I Of. ts, 19s. j j d .. Parley, 28s. orl. | Beaijs, 35s.' od, "' ppipgSarH, IV. dnefday Aprd 16. ' Oats, 41s. cd. t0 2; s. od. Berns, 43s. od. to 49s. White Peafe, pos. ie? t, 50s. to 53s, R y e , c " s . od. ' i Barliy, ,34;'. od, tp 38s. od. S > t a m f o i U , J r i t f i a j ) , S l p c t l 1 8, fc^ 3 Additional names added to tbe Huntingdon/ hire Volunteer Cavalry, ivbicb came too late to be in/ erted in tbe advertifoment. ( See, the firjl page.) By Deputations tbe high | MAI) CBIST„ JOHN G R I E T I T T » STEPHEN HODGES EDWARD B I L L I N G HAM JOHN SCOTT, Junior GEORGE NEWSAM THOMAS H I P W E LL THOMAS BRADL'EY GEORGE TKORNHILL THOMAS LONGLAND JOSEPH B U T T , Junior JOHN'RANDALI., J u n i or W I L L I AM DAY JOHN MASON C, MARI » N WELSTEAD BENJAMIN WELSTEAD W I L L I AM S T E P IT EN SON STEPHEN MALES Several other Gentlemen have promifed to enrol themfelves, and thofe who do fo on or before MONDAY NEXT, will have their Names inferted in our next Paper. T h e fubferiptions for the internal defence. of the country, goes on with a fpirit truly becoming Britons:— Rutland is increafed to 3493I, ( teethe advertifeme. it)— Leicetlerfhire, 5268I.—- Ditto, High Sheriff and Grand Jury, 2613I.— Northamptonfhire, 3171!.— Norfolk, 55511.— Surry, near 4000I.— Somerfer, near 8000I.— Oxford- ( hire, near 3000I.— Warwickfhire, near 4000I — And thefe turns, except Rutland and Leicefterfliirc, were r. iifed at the firft meetings; of courle much more may be expefted to be added to them. Since our laft, the Lancafhire militia have marched into this place, and Peterboro', where they are to remain ' till further orders. Yefterday fe'nnight was married at Lea, near Gainfborough, Mr. G. Crawfhaw, aged 66, to Widow Keall, aged 65 years, both of the for mer place. This is her fourth time of tripping to the temple of Hymen. Saturday was married at St. George's church, Hanover- fquare, London, Wm. R . Carteret, of Aynho- hall, Northamptonfhire, to the Hon Mifs Maud, daughter of Vilcount Hewerden. On Wednefday was married, Mr. Richard Cook, of Clement's inn, London, to Mifs M A. Neal, youngeft daughter of Mr. Alderman Neal, of LeicefteT. Lately died on fhlp- board, on his return f r om < he Weft Indies, Matter Samuel Foller," fourth fon of the Rev. Mr. Poller, of R'yhall, in the coufiiy of Rutland. Lately died at Uppingham, Mr. R . Gregory taylor, aged 49 ; a very honeft man. Lately died, of the yellow fever, in the Weft Indies ( a few days after he landed), Mr. John wh- it, « Rye, 4 -.. t i os. Barley, " 3 js. to 36s, Oats, .13% to 28s. Beans, 44s. to 46s. / A it K , A P R I L .17 fticel of Corn, Sic, yefterday. •. ,5s. per qr, " Yorkfhire Coal, 32s. per eh Sea ditto, 40s. per ch. Pit ditto, los. od. per ton. S a l t , i l l . 1 0 s . p e r t o n .. Linfeed Cakes, 81. os. 6d. On Sunday was married at Bingham, in this county, Mr. Brewller, currier, to Mifs Hutchinfon, daughter of Mr. John Hutchinfon, both of that place. Sunday morning died, Mr. B. Reynolds, of this place, in the 23d year of his age. On Thurfday night the 10th Inft. the fhop of Mr. William Woods, carpenter and joiner, of Brant Broughton, near this place, was broke into and fundry things felonioufly taken out, conlifting of wearing apparel and carpenters tools, to the amount of betwixt two and three pounds. The robber was the next day apprehended, and made a confeffion, not only of the above, but feveral other thefts. He had on a pair of breeches that was taken out of Mr. Woods's fhop the preceding night. He faid his name was Richard Lirtlfe ; that he was born at Bingham, in this county, and was put out townapprenti. ee to one Richard Little, baker, in Bingham, and that he afterwards lived at feveral other places. On Saturday he was taken before Leonard Brown, Efq. one of his Majefty's futtices of the Peace, and was committed to Falkingham bridewell. ' We learn that a number of articles, f u c h as cloth, iron, See. fufpefted to be ftoleix by this offender, are in the hands of the. Conllable of Brant Broughton. On Monday the following fhocking accident happened near Bingham, which we: hope. will fervc as a caution to fervants how they drive t h e ir horfes in future. As William Reynolds, fervant to M r . Deverill, of Newton, was returning home from Bingham with his matter's cart, he was met by a fmall light cart, loaded with flax, but not taking proper care of his horfes, ( he being in the cart), although he had lines to'them, one of his cart wheels caught upon the nave of the other, and unfortunately overlet it. He fell underneath the cart- fide, and was crulhed to death almoft inftantaneoufly. Since our latt have been imported at I. iver- . - pool, 1600 qrs. of beans, and 500 qfs. of barley, from Rotterdam; 1550 qrs. of wheat, from Hamburgh ; and 1350 qrs. of oats, and qr*. of barley, from Ireland. > phobia.— To heighten- the calamity yet more, he has left' a wife, to whom he had been married but one month, and an aged parent, who is quite, inconfolable for his lols.— Dogs of fome defcriptions, it is allowed, are not without- theirlife, yet if any method could be-, devifed taleffen their number, it would be a great comfort, and a national benefit. The rivers Oufe and Fofs, in confequence of. the late heavy and long continued rains, were unufually fwelled ; fo much fo that the waterran over the road near the Caftle- mills, York, for a canfiderable length :— A fatal accident happened there on Wednefday noon :— Thomas Benfon, Efq. brother to the Rev. Mr. Benfon, of York, attempting to ride through t h e ftrcam, in his way towards Fulford, his mare plunged off the road with him into deep water « they both went over head, and he was not fe. en to rife again.— The mare got fafe to fhore.— Diligent fearch having been made for this unfortunate gentleman's body, it was found on Friday torenoon near the place where the accident happened. Mr. Benfon was greatly and del'ervedly elleemed by his friends and acquaintance, which renders this melancholy accident the more to be lamented ; he was one of the honorable band of gentlemen penfioners. On Monday laft, there was a violent ftonn at Keithley, in Graven, Yorkfhire; the lightning penetrated a cotton- mill in that neighbourhood, and killed a young woman r feveral perfons were ltruck down, and one of them was fo much hurt that his recovery is doubtful The failing of the Lord Mulgrave, armed ( hip, from Hull, with veffels going to join the general foutherri" convoy at Spithead, is again poftponed until the 16th inftant. • T h e Aurora, Nordquift, is arrived at Cadiz from Algiers? « ''"'- •* ' " The Aftivej- Jehney, from Baltimore, for Hull is arrived in t'h'e channel. In the gale on the 9th of this month, a fifhing boat belonging to Staithes;' iii the port of Whit- ^ • IfaacMafon, matter, in making for the har Bour of Hartlepool, overfet, and the crew, cpnfifting of. fix men and a boy, unfortunately perifherd. Abraham Cole, mailer of anothe boat, and one of his people were Wafhed over board and drowned. Out of nine boats, five got into t h e harbour,, the remaining four run on fhore near Hartlepool, and in all probability will be wrecked: Severalbf the men have left large families Extratl of a letter from Hartlepool, dated April 9 i " I am jtifl returned from taking a furvey of the Prince of Wales,, a brig belpnging to a Mr. Rpbinfon, of Sunderland, which came on fhore this morning " on the rOcks a little, to the north of Hartlepool, and which, ih all probability, as'the wind continues to blow very hard from N . N . E will be an entire ivreck before to- morrow ; but I have the happinefs to inform you the crew aro all laved." F E R R Y - From BARTON tt> HTILL. SPREAD' E A G L E T N N , \ LINCOLN. R . C A P P QYS . a peculiar* Happinefs lq returning _ _ moft grateful'Acknowledgments to hi* Caftomers, for Favors received, and begs Leave to affure theiru • and the Public in general, that his utrnoft Endeavours will be exerted, to merit a Continustionof that generous Support he has hitherto been honored with. N. B., A COCKING at the above inn, on WtoKf,. PAY the 30th Inltant.— Ordinary at Two o'Clpck. Cnr ef LINCOLN. ~ ~ . T H O M A S COLTON BEGS- Leave to i n f j rm his f riends," and the- - Public, that he has lately REMOVED from bis eid Shop; to One nearly oppofite the Corn- Hill, where heintends carrying on Bufinefs as ufual, and hopes for " a V Continuance of theft Favors. He'has. now on Hand, of his own curing, FLITCHES* BACON, from Two to Six Stones each : HA,\ i$, v- » om Eight- to Thirty Pounds taeh; the fineft Part of PIG's CHAPS, at jet per Pound; fihail and large- NKA'Ps TOis- CUfo; CHEESE- SK. INS at 8d. eacfi, or 6s. per- Dozen.;. and RUNNET at 3d.~ per Pint. N. B. BEANS, OATS,- MALT, and COAL'S, of, the; beft; Qgality, at reafonib e Prices; :; • . Tb be Sold, A HAND CORN- MILL, With a Pair of. greyStom- s, made- TaSicasyWinrt- Mill. . ,... Atri! io, 1794. P. WTNERMie D m a i fao, • 1 . R L 7 H F , P a r t n e r - i h r p b e t w e e n R O B E R T . F O W ^ - i . LER arid WILLIAM PURRpW*, of- the City . of Lincoln, Gi'ocer>*, Ltnen and Woolieti- Uiapcn, fcarnecton under the Firm of MORRIS, KOWLERI and. BUKROWS, being this Day DISSOLVED hy mutual' Conic nt, all Debts due to the faid Partneilhip, aii-. delired to be paid immediately ta the faid KOBEKT. • I. WLE3, and W i n , 1 A M B U R R O W S . - t \ Likewife all Perfon. who have any Claims upon the fa d Partnerlhip, are dtfired fo fend in their rtfpe; live Accounts, in Order t at they may he difchargeil. ' Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuefday, Watnelday, T h ^ a y ,^ o'clock i* m paft 10 40 . jo 30 . 11 12 14 . 1 -. » • » 2 B O A T S , From HULL ti B ARTSN. o'clock Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuelday, Wednefday, Thurfday, • Friday, - l ^ m paft 30 •'' 54 55v LINCOLN. T o be L li T, TH E O l d B O A R D I N G - S C H O O L , A b o v e. Hilt; a roomy Houfe, fu tabk for a large Family or might eafify be converted into Two Tenements. r p o C OFoVr EPRar tictuhliasr sS eapapfolyn . a s1 7a9bo4v e. a t B'Jfle/ T X on- the- Hill, near Oakiiam, Rutlandlliire, sa Arabian Horfe, called. K I O H A Y L A A N , Of tbe Race diftinguiihed in Arabia by that Name. He is Fourteen Hands Three Inches anil a Half high, He will cover Ma. es that have won r'latts or SvJec- pftakes, Gratis ; a'l ethers at One Guinea a Mare, and Two Shillings and Six- pence the Groom. ' N. fi. Good C, rafs for barren Maies at 3s. a Week ; Mares and Foals, 5s. No Mares to be uken ^ awa; til the Keeping and Covering is paid for. Mr. FKANCIS'S DEBTORS &' cRipiTORs. ALL Perfons who have any Claim pr Demand on the Eftate and Effefts otJWf RlcK. FRANCIS, late of Bi- fton, in the County of Lincoln, Apothecary, deceafed, arc requefted forthwith to fend an Account of their refpeftive Debts which have been incurred prior to the ift of June, 1791 ( tbe Time of the Commencement of the Partnerflup between him and Mr. JOHN WALTER D.- iViS), to JOHN HUTTON COOPER, of Sleatord, in the faid County of Liiiccln, Apoh. cary; and WILLIAM PORTER, of Frtifton, in the faid County of Lincoln, Grazier; and of all fuch Debts which have been incurred fince the faid ( lartnerlhip commenced, to the faid JOHN WALTER DAVIS, of Bofton aforefaid, Apothecary. And alt Perfons who were indebted to the faid PATRICK FRANCIS, prior to the fajd Paitnerlhip, c r to the faid P A T R I C K FRANCIS and JOHN W A L T E R DAVIS fince the Commencement thereof, are requelted forthwith to pay their refpeiSive Debts to the faid JOHN WALTER DAVIS. 16th April, 1794. , ' A ROBBERY, ; At DALBY, near SPILSEY. - f, ( U R I N G the Time of Divine ServFe ( about'T- hree o'Clock) on Sunday the Thirteen,, 1 - Day of April, a Man entered t i f Houfe of Mr. THSi .' « . MAS STA1NTON, at Uflfiy, and forcibly took from k his Daughter, SAt^ vH STAINTON, the Sum o f' Three Guineas, a Half, aniTfome Silver.— He after- " wards robt. e^' ttie Hotife of fevera! Sums of Money. He appeared to be between Thirty and Fgrty Veanof f. A y 5 was- about 5 Feet 7 Inches high s— In a . Ptfjiper I * nd Salt Coat, and an old light- coloured Waiftr. oatand , j' had on One Spur, and a Pair of mixed- coloured Sjtoclr - - ings.— He had been watching the Houfe tiie Sunday be- ' fore;— appeared to have an impediment in his S - p k . — and had Two Brace of Piftolv upon him. Whoever will apprehend, sreaufe to be apprehrndui, the above- meationed Peifim, Ihall rece. ve, upo-' i Ccnviaion, from Tlie faid TH « MAS- STAI- NTON, the S'uoi - of TEN. GUINEAS, above theRawird allpwei<, n l u ll Ocoalionv' , Of. uA. April lyb, v • • A D ' — JTIi— r TV » i r I DECLARATION of the KINO of PRUSSIA. , In the declaration, which is extended to a connderSble length, his Maiefty recounts the various facrificcs which lie lias nude for the fafely of the empire; all which he ftstes to have been t h e refult of hisgetierofity and pure patriotism. He united his arms, he ftates, with tliofe of Jiis Imperial Majefty, to fet bounds to the dcfJ t r u f t i v e enterprises of a delitious nation. The e j o r t s of 1 is Majeftv to fet a boundary to this aiiijhty t r r r e n t , were at fitft proportioned to the danger, but foon exceeded the utmoft of his ability'— 1 he war was not a war with a civilized nation,- and well disciplined armies, but a war with an enthufiailie and never diminifhing fw; ot men, u ith a highly populous nation, provided with every refmtree for war to back them— a fet of i | e n who did not fight merely for viftory, hot « h o fought, by fire, fword, and the poifon ef their pernicious d o f b i t i e ; , to fubvert the whole focial edifice of Germany. T o oppoi'e this alraoft unconquerable enemy tjje King, on his part, brought into the field 70,00 © men, and thofe hischugceft troops; with thefe has his Maicflv combatcfl, even until thii third campaign, under every imagiuabl^ btlaclc, far from theFruflian dominions, amidil already exhaulled lands, excefs of dsartiefs of the neeellariet of life, and almoft infupp irtable c » - rence Befides thefe unparalleled efforts, his Majefty has not hefitated to expofe even his facred per- 1 foil, and the Princes of his family, to every danger by which the repofc and fafety of Germany could be obtained. For this obi e f t alone has fo much Prufiian blood been fpilt— for this, fuch immenle treafures drained from his dominions. Such a war niuft nccefiarily have more exhaufted his relourccs than thofe of fuch powers whofe dominions lay more contiguous to the fcene of hoftility; and thus his Majelly fell into an abfolute impoffibility of taking any longer that aftive part from his own means, without utterly ruining his ojvn dominions, and entirely exhattfting the property of his fubjefts. He then proceeds to Hate the propriety of hi demand;— a ftibfidy from the confederate powers — and the luhfillence of his army to be provifionaily furnifhed by the fix anterior circle .— Alter Hating theobllacles vihicli had been raifed to thefe jull claims— the inefficiency of the meaftire which armed the peai'ants of Germany— and calumnies which had been circulated againft him of his intention ro extend his dominions, to fecuiarize the ecclefiaftical Hates, & c. He concludes by emphatically faying, that every hope of the fubfiftence being acceded to, being now vanifhed, " His Maiefty now renounces the fame, and alfo every relolution of' the empire, and of the circles relative thereto. His Majefty has therefore taken the refolution no longer to grant his protection to the German empire; but to order his army ( excepting twenty thoufand auxiliaries, according to different treaties) inflamly to return to his own dominions I" NOTICE to DEBTORS and CREDITORS. ! LL Perfohs who have any Claim or Demand on the Eftate and Effefts of the late JOEPH PARRISH, of Theddlethorpe, in the County of Lincoln, deceafed, are defired to fend an Account thereof to JOSEPH WOODROFFE, of Cockerington, ih the faid County, Truftee, on or before the 12th Day of May next, 1704, or they v. ill be excluded any Benefit arifing from the fame. nd all Perfons who ftood indebted to the faid JOSEPH I'ARRISH, at the Time of his Dcccafe, are requited immediately to pay their refpeftive Debts to the faid J OFT EI* H WOOIIKUI; r E, who is authorized to receive the faille, or they will be ,- roceeded agaiolt as the Law direfts. WHEREAS a Commiflion of Bankrupt is awarded and ifiueri forth againft JAMES ATKINSON, of Theddlethorpe, in thrCcOnty of Lincoln, Jobber, Dealer and Chapman, and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to fui render himfelf to the Commiflioners in the laid Commlflion named, or the major Part of them, 011 the Twenty- ftcond Day of April Inftant, « nd on the Seventh and Twenty- feventh Days of May next, at Eleven e'CIock in the Forenoon of each Day, i t thcBLvE STONE IKS, ill LOUTH, in the faid County qf Lincoln, and make a full Difcovery and Difdofurc of his Eftate and Effatfts; when and where the Creditors are to come prepar ed to prove their Debts, and at the fecond Sitting to chulc Aflignees, and at the laft Sitting the faid Bankrupt is required to finifh his Examination, and the Creditors are to aflcnt to, or diffent from, the Allowance of hit Certificate. All Perfons indebted to the faid Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effefts, are not to pay or deliver the fame but to whom the Commifiioners ( hall appoint, but give Notice to Mr. CHARLES W1C. ELSWORTH, Attorney at Law, in Louth aforefaid. LINCOLNSHIRE. T o be SOLD by AUCTION, ( Upon the Premifes) By Mr. WILLIAM CROWE, On MONDAY it* 21/ Day of April, 1704, at Two o'Clockin tbe Afternoon of tbe fame Day ffubj; C O N S T I T U T I O N S and CANONS of the CHURCH; the Order of CONFIRMATION ; the V- I. SITATION and COMMUNION of the SICK ; a Companion to the FESTIVALS; Table of KIN DR E D, & c. The Whole Fully Explained and Illuftrated, with NOTES and Praftical ' OBSERVATIONS on every Part of the CHURJH SERVICE: Forming a moft valuable Expofition, Commentary and Paraphrafe, Theological, Critical, and Moral, on opr. Excellent LITURGY. A Work which may properlv he confidered as The CHURCH OF ENGLAND MAN'S Complete Family Library; Wherein our Ejfabli/ hed FORMS cf DEVOTION This Dai < was lullifhtd, Price 3*. 6d. bound, TH E Y O U N G G E O G R A P H E R and ASTRONOMER'S BEST COMPANION. Containing, I. The Elements of Modern Geography, in which, befides many other ufeful Aiticles, the Latitude and Longitude of a great Variety ® f Places, are given from the hteil Obfervation. II. A comprehenfive Syftem of Ancicnt Geography, both facred and profane, particularly adapted to the Illuftration of the Claffic Authors, and of the Hiftorical Parts of the Bible. III. The Defcription and Ufe of the Celeftial and Terrellrial Globes. Alfo the Principles of Dialling, as it is performed and illuftrated by the Globes;— and the Conltruftion and Ufe of the different Kinds of Maps. IV. 1 he Elements of Aftronomy ana Chronology, Tbe Whole illuftrated with the neceflary Engravings ; and, though principally intended for the Ufe of Schools, " may ferve as. a convenient Memorandum- Book for thofe Gentlemen and Ladi « who have been already inftrufted in the Sciences above- mentioned. By E. JONES, Teacher of theClaflics and Geography, at Bromley, In Kent. The Second Edition, Correfted and Improved. Printed for R. Baldwin, No. 47, Paternofter- row; and fold by Newccmb, Stamford; by the Agents to this Paper, and the Newfmen. T h e Rev. Dr. S O U T H W E L L ' s EXPOSITION AND COMMENTARY OF THE HOLY SCRIPTURES, Embellifhed with One Hundred Engravings. Completed in IOO Numbers only. Elegantly printed in large Folio, on a new Letter. The Engravings are taken from the Paintings of the moft capital foreign Mailers. 1 hii Day ispu'j'ilhcd Number I. [ PlUCE ONLY' SIX- PENCE, 5 Containing three Sheets of Letter- prefs, and adtsrncd with a Frontifpiece; alfo a View of Solomon's Temple. Ar. d on Saturday next will be publilhed, Number II. ( The fucceeding Numbers to be continued Weekly, I O F T H E UNIVERSAL - MERCHANTS. T o be DISPOSED OF, And entered upon as foon ars coatrafted for, A N ottenfive and wfcll- eitablifhed T R A DE r \ in the feveral Articles of DEALS, TIMBER, MAHOGANY, COALS, GLASS, LEAD, PITCH TAR, TILES, MALT, HOPS, Sit. which will require 4' Capitalof jocol. The Premrfts are . fituatcd in the Town of SPALDING, in the county of Lincoln, adjoining the River Welland ; andconfiftof a large and commodious Quat fpacious Yard, excellent Saw Pit, Sheds, and Warehoufes, for the Convenience of carrying on the ( aid Bufinefs moft advantageoufly.— As the net annual Profit arifiirg from the above is very confiderable, an adequate Premium will bt expeftcd. The Premifes immediately connefted with the Bufinefs, may be had on Leafe, or purchafed. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. JOHN _ RUNDY THOMPSON, Merchant, or ef Mr. SAMUEL DINHAM, Attorney at Law, both of Spalding aforefaid. SPALDING, 9thApril, 1794. And allPerfons who ftoed indebted unto the faid BARTHOLOMEW WAITE, at the Tune of his Dcceafe, ate dcfirtd forthw. tli to pay theit refpcflivt Debts to tht faid SAMIII. TUWMII, othitwife Aftions will be commcnccd againft them for Recovery thereof, without further Noticc. SPALDING, March 10th, 1704." WHEREAS R O l l K R T C L A R K , of'Spalding, Patten and Heel- Maker, hath afligned <* ver his Eftate and Eftefts to Mr. SAVUEL BOURN, and Mr. THOMAS CAMMACK, of Spalding, for the Benefit of fuch of his Creditors as chufe to accept the ftime. And all Perfons who are indebted to the faid ROBERT CLARK, are required to pay their refpeftive Debts to t h e f a i d SAMUEL BOLKN or THOMAS CAMMACK, on or before the Firft of May next. And any Perfon having any Claim or Demand on the Bflate ami Eflfefts of the ( aid ROBEKT CLAHC, are defired to fend an Account thereof to the faid SAMUEL BOURN o r THCOLMAARSK PCs AMMA CCKR. E DIIORS. A L L Peifons who have any Demands on the j t \ . Eftate and Elfefts of JOHN CLARKE, late » f Kirtan, in the l'arts of Holland, in the County of Lincoln, Butcher, deceafed, are delired forthwith to fend an Account of their refpeftive Claims to WILLIAM CLARKE, . and WJLL1AM TAYLOR, of Kirton aforefaid, Grafters, Adminillrators of the Goods and Chattels of the faid Jon* CLARKE, deceafed; or to Mr. SAMUEL TUNNARD, Attorney at Law, Hofton. And all l'erfons who indebted to the faid JOHN CLARKE, at the Time of his Deieafe, are delired forthwith to pay their refpeftive Debts to tie faid WILLIAM CLARK a n d W I L L I A M TAYLOR, o r t o t h e £ » i d SAMUEL TUNNARO, otherwife Aftions will be commenced ayainft them for the Recovery thereaf, without ftnther Notice. LINCOLNSHIRE. T o be SOLD by Private Contraft, ( In LONG SUTTON, adjoining the High Road leadim; from Wifbech to Sutton), AC A P I T A L MANSION, with Out- homes, Barns, Stables, and Granaries over thtm, a gooit Orchard, and 27 Acresof rich FREEHOLD PASTURE LAND, in Three Pieces, furroun< iing the Houfe, all in excellent Condition, within One Mile of Long outtoo. Six of Holbcach, Fourteen of Spalding, and Seven ot Wiffiech. The Premifes are well calculated for a Merchant, or any Gentleman who likes a retired Situation. Either the Houfe and Buildings, with the Orchard, and Seven Acres of Land, will 0. fold, or the Whole together, as may be mofi agreeable. Enquire oi' Mr. WILLIAM GARLAND, the Owner and Occupier. T o be S O L D by A U C T I O N , On MONDA Y then ft of April Inft. at the Huife of Mr. Pyley, the Si£ r. cf Blactnoor's Head, in Gainjburgb, between the Hours of Five attS Sfvcn o'Cloct in the Afternoon, fub'jeSl to Conditions there to be produced; AL L that F R E E H O L D MESSUAGE or DWELLING HOUSE, fituate upon the Catifeway, in GAINSBOROUGH aforefaid, now in the Occupation of Mr. William Furley ( Wharfinger); con. filling of Four low Rooms, and a Pantry, with Cellars Chambers, and Garrets; alfo an elegant Dining 01 Drawing Room, looking out We ft ward over the River Trent, and tbe beautiful Meadows on the oppofite Side; being an eligible Situation for a Wharf, Warehoufe, or other like purpofe, a Square of 25 Feet being vacant between the prefent Buildings and low Water, and a fur tiler Space of 10 Feet into the River, to bring a Slalom in a Line with the Staiths of Meflrs. Goodger and Furley, and Meffrs. Handley and Co. by which the Premifes are bounded 011 the North and South. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. HEALEY, Attorney at Law, at hit Office, Gainftir*'; or of Mr. WOODHEAD, the Auftioneer. T o be S O L D by A U C T I O N , At tbe Swan, in Scatter, in the County cf Lincoln, on THURSDAY tht of April, 1794; AC O T T A G E , with T w o Crofts adjoining, and Two Cow Gates, in a dinted l'afture, called Northmoor, with Two Common Righls upon a vety extenfive Common. And alfo a very good WINI>- MILL, upon the faid Premifes, in good Repair. For further Particulars enquire of WILLIAM HEWSON, of Scotter aforefaid. The faid Premifes may be eotercA iipun at May- Day next, or fooner, if required. S C O T T E R , ith April, 1794. To TANNERS and FELLMONGERS, and Uthert. T o be S O L D by A U C T I O N , ' C f y Mr. PRESTON) By Order cf the AJfignees, upon the Premifes, on MONDAY fix Fifth vppy ef May next, and the following Days| A L L the H O U S E H O L D F U R N I T U R E, £ \ and EFFECTS of Mr. JOHN COCKLE, Tanner andFcllmonger ( a Bankrupt); confifting of capital Bed fteads and Furniture, Window Curtains, Feather Beds, and Bedding; a fine- toned Piano Forte ; Chairs, Tables, Sofas, Glanes, Linen, and various other Eflfefts.— An irfegant Single- Horfe Chaife. Alfo, on FRIDAY the t) th of May next, W I L L BE S O L D , At the Houfe of Mr. Wood, the Saracen's Head Inn, be tween the Hours of Three and Sevtn^ A Valuable F R E E H O L D ESTA 1' E, with immediate I'ofibflion; confiding of all that very com pleat Brick DWELLING- HOUSE, eligibly fituated in the Parilh of Saint Peter at Goats, in the City of LINCOLN, containing exceeding good Bed- chambers, with convenient Clo( ets, an excellent Dining Room, Parlour, Kitchens, Cellars, Counting- houfe, and other Offices; and Out- houfes, Yard, Garden, & c. Alfo, all the L A N D and Premifes adjoining to the faid Dwelling- Houfe, and running down to the River Withnm; and all the Mills, ' l'an vats, Pits, Sec ufed in the faid Trades of a Fanner and Fellmonger. which have been carried on. upon the Premifes for up. wards of Fifty Years pad, and very extenfively by the faid John Cockle. At the fame Time, All the S T O C K in TRADE, Implements and Utenfils ufed therein, will be appraifed and valued ; at which Valuation, the PurShafer of the Premifes will have the Prefeience in taking the fame. The Premifts are uncommonly well- hui't, finifhed in a Stile ot peculiar Neatnefs, are moft defireahly and advantageouflji ( ituated, and poffefs every requilite Convenience for carrying on a very large and extenfive Trade. Bark is to be procured in great Plenty in the neighbouring Country, and conveyed to ' the Premifes by Means of the River Witham, at a very fmall Expence. It will alfo be an Advantage to the Purchafer, that the Premifes being now in Mortgage for a confiderable Sum, n great Part of the Purchafe Money will be fuffered to remain upon the fame Security. For further Particulars enquire of Meflrs. TYRWHI1 SMITH, THOMAS PORTER, and JOSHUA MORRIS, tiie AflBgnees; or of Mr. J. T. BELL, Attorney at Law, Lincoln. , proved by Scripture, Reafon, and An ifuity to be a moft rational and tmjifttxt Mode of Wcrff. ip. freed from Superfiition and Enti. ujiafm. Bv PAUL W R I G H T , D. D. VICAR of OAKLCY, Ate. in ESSE*,. Late of PEMEROKt- HALL, CAScBaiaor ;— and I AUTHOR of the CHRISTIAN'S NEW and COMPLETE RRITISH FAMILY BIBLE; the LIFE of CHRlS 1, Sec. Printed in FOLIC, now Publifhing with Univorfal Applaufe, and Recommended to all Families. To the PUBLIC. TT is prefumed this Work will be highly acceptable to * all Families, Members of the Church Of England, particularly to fuch Perfons as live in tht Country', at a ureat d- ftance from Church, and can. not attend Public Worfhip. The Explanation being full may be read with jtfoat Profit, Advantage, and Satisfaftion upon all Occasions; the whole beihg particularly calculated to excite Devotion, and enable every one to pray with the Underftanding. St. Peter- s, Oakley, EjTex. PAUL WRIGHT. N. B. The/ r/ f Number is intended as » Specimen of the Work, and may be returned if not approved.— A Lift of the Subfcribers will be printed, and delivered Gratis with the laft Number. In the Firft Number will be given a Promiflory Note from the Puh! i( her to Complete the Publication in the 36 Numbers propofed. This Work being juft printed off and thoroughly completed may be had by One, Two, Three, Four,' or more Numbers at a Time, as may be moft agreeable or convenient to the Purchafer, or the Whole together in Thirty- fix Numbers, Price only 18s. Br elegantly bound in Calf and Lettered, Price £ 1 14: 0. ( j ^ To prevent Miftakes and lmpofition, the Public will pleafe to be particularly carelul to give pofitive Orders for The Rev. Dr. WRIGHT'S New Folio Edition of the Common Prayer- Book, with Notes, & c. F A M I L Y B I B L E; Or, Chriftian's Divine Library. Being a c/ e. ir and copious EXPOSITION AND COMMENTARY On the Holy Scriptures, as contained in the Sacred Texts of the O L D A N D NEW T E S T A M E N TS WITH THE APOCRYPHA COMPLETE. The Whole lllufiratedwith N O T E S A N D ANNOTATIONS, Hiftorical, Chronological, Biographical, Geographical, Explanatory, & c.— Forming a Complete TREASURY OF DIVINE REVELATION. Wherein all the difficult and obfeure Paflates are fully and clearly explained; the feeming Contradiftions reconciled ; important Truths confirmed ; Mif- Traiiflations correfted ; the Errors of former Commentators reftified; ObjeftionS of Deifts and Infidels. anfwercd ; the Prophecies and Parables faithfully elucidated ; fublime Parages pointed out; and the Whole of Divine Rcvtlation ( upon which all < jur Hopes of eternal hap- I pinefs depenos) difplayed in its original Purity, and rendered plain and eafy to every Capacity, both with refpefi to Faith and 1' raflice. Calculated to purify the Heart; to difpel the Mills of Darknefs; to confute the: nfidel; tnlishtrn the Ignorant; encourage the Diffident ; reclaim the Vicious; reconcile the Deubtful lead the vVavering into the Paths ol Truth ; and thereby promote the Cauleof Piety and Virtue, and implant in the Mind of every Chriftian that Divine Knowledge which is eflcntially neceflary to Salvation. T h e Whole forming a Compendious BODY O F C H R I S T I A N D I V I N I T Y. As a farther Illuftration, will be given, a general Index or t encordance, clearly pointing out every materia! Tranfaftion recorded in the Sacred Writings. Alfo a Chronological Index of Tranfaftions from Adam to the Time of Our Blefled Saviour. A11 Explanation of theproper Names in the Scriptures, with their Significations, & c. A Geographical Index of Places mentioned in the Holy Scriptures. An Account of the Apoftles and their Succeflors, who propagated the CHtiftian Religion. The Lives of all the infpired Writers; a critical Account of the various Tranflations of the Bible, and of tbe Conneftion between the Old and New " I>( laments ; with praftical Improvements, and ufefoi Admonitions at the End of each Chapter, and a complete Illuftration of the Doftrines and Duties contained in the various Parts of the Holy Scriptures. By the Rev. H E N R Y S O U T H W E L L , L L . D . Late of Magdalen College, Cambridge; ReStor of Aj} erby% in Lincoln/ hire; ar. d Author of the New Both of Mar- Lcrdon: Printed for the A U T H O R , and fold by ALEX. HOGG, in Patcrncjier- Rcw , R. NEVTCOMB, Stamford, and may be had of all other Bookfellers, Station ers, and Newfmen, in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. MR. John Kimber, No. aged Seventy- two, ' The following Jingular Cafe is a frejh jnjtance ( among the many daily received J cf the futerior Efficacy of THOMAS'S TOLU ESSENCE. ' 9, Chancery- lane. _ having been alHifted with : fevete Cough, attended with much Fever, and a great difficulty of Breathing, which confined him to his Bed for feveral weeks, and reduced him fo low, as to leave him 110 hopes ; of receiving Benefit from Medicine, having taken many things without effe. ft. Whilft he laid in this State, an Acquaintance perfuaded him to make Trial of Thomas's Tolu Elfence, by taking a few Dofes of which, he found great Relief, and by continuing it till he had finifhed two Bottles was perfcftly cured, and now enjoys better Health than he has done lor fome Years pall. It is ( old ( wholefale only) by John^ i'ye ( Late Partner with Dicey and Co.), at his Medicinal Warehoufe, No. 59, Coleman ftreet, where it may be had retail, at 2S. 9d. the Bottle, duty included ; likewife, by his appointment at NEWCOMB'S Medicine Magalin, Stamford; and the Agents to this paper. RATS and MICE EFFECTUALLY DESTROYED, Ky f . IJKERY. NO CYR. E NO P A Y. A Remedy, which r JL failed when a fufficient ( never —, H H H Quantity has been ufed, is in hard I'ills, about the Sizeot a Nut, and One is fufficient to k. i tilt l- lgeft Rat, and broken in Piece* will kill Six Mice, at fo fmall a Price as One Halfpenny the Pill, which they will cat in Preference to all Kind of Food, and never ceafe eatiri< whilft a tingle Rat or Moufe exifts, yet no Ca will touch them uniefs ftarved with Hunger ; and as the Vermin neither eat, drink, nor puke, after takini; the Pills, they m. iy be ufed with Safety in Lardets, Dairies, Granaries, Corn- flacks, & c. The Advertifer will attend any Gentlemen, who will pleafe to fend his Commands direfted ( Poft paid) to the Care of Mr. NEWCOMB, Stamford ; and engage to clear any Place whatever of thofe noxious Vermin in a few Nights; taking only One Halfpenny for every One of his Pills that is Ufed, and Payment for Attendance excluiive. Thofe who chufc to cure their own Places, may have the Pills ready packed up, with proper Directions, 24 Pills is.— 60 Ditto, 2s. 6d.— no, 5s.— and fo in Proportion for any Quantity required. Sold by Mr. N EWCUMB, Stamford; Drury, Lincoln; Ridge, Printer, Newark; Woiley, and Pieftmi, Bollon; Mar( h, and Shta ijown, Louth ; Horden, Peterboro'; Weir, Horncafllt; Taylor, Heekington; Hicks, Oakham; Cooke, Uppingham ; Wright, Wainflect; White, Wilbecli; Altiin, Spalding ; Wlialey, and Allen, Grantham ; Wilbai, Bai tori; and of all the Agents and Newfmen. N. B. If Rats or Mice are found living in any Place where the Vemiin ceafe to eat the Pills, the Proprietor , hereby engages to attend perfonally, and clear it- Gratis. EXTRACT from the YORK COUilANT. To WILLIAM BRODUM, M. D. No. 9, Albion- ftreet, near the Levcrian Mufeum, Blackfriars- Bridge, London. T O T H E P U B L I C. Still greater Proof of the Efficacy of Dr. BRODUM's BOTANICAL SYRUP, which is recommenced by the moft eminent Phyficians for all evils, ( curvy, cancers, leprofy, fcrophulous complaints, and debilitated conftitutions, proceeding from the tOo frequent life of mercury, an^ where fa. ivation lias failed in the moft defperate and dangerous venereal diforders, this invaluable medicine has had the defired efFeft. A refpeftable Lady near the Dock, Hull, that does not wifh to have her Name made public, had a Scorbutic Complaint trom her Infancy, which increafed as ( lie grew up, till it became fo violent, that it broke out in different parts of her Body, and particularly at the back of her Head, which at certain l imes of the Year was an entire Crull of Matter, and fs> intolerably offenfive, that ( he could fcarcely bear herfelf; at length fall. ng into her Legs, which preven ed her from walking for upwards of a Year, in this Situation ( he had Recourfe to Dr. BRODUM'S Medicines, by Which ( he experienced great Benefit, which- encouraged her to perfevere, and is thereby reftored to perfeft Health, by taking Dr. Brodum's Botanical Syrup. This admirable Medicine which is to be had at W11. LIAMBRODUM'S, M. D. NO. 9, Albion- ftreet, near the Leverian Mufeum, Blackfriar's- Bridge; at Bacon's Patent Warehoufc, N E . 150, Oxford- ftreet; Mr. NEWCOMB, Stamford ; Mr. Cock, Uppingham ; Mrs. Worley, Bofton ; Mr. Quanborough, Grantham; Mr. John Drury, and Mrs. Drummond, Lincoln ; Mrs. S. Drury, Grocer, Newark; Mr. Weir, Horncaftle; Mr. Sheardown, and Mr. Marfh, Louth; Mr. White, and Mr. Ground, Wifhech; Mr Albin, Spalding; Mr. Allen, Sleaford; at every Patent Medicinal Warehoufe within the circuit of this Paper; and of the Newfmen ; with proper directions, in bottles, price 5s. 5d. u s . 6d. and il. 2s. duty included. Likewife a lift of remarkable cafes, in which the moll extraordinary cures have been effefted by means of this Medicine, which may be feen in the bills of direftion.— Letters or Parcels, direfted to the Doftor, are expefted poft or carriage fne. Likewife may be had, the NERVOUS RESTORATIVE CORDIAL, for Nervous and Confumptive, efpe- Dcafnefs. tyre, or Complete Chriflian Martyrology. London: Printed forC. COOKE, No. 17, Patemofter- » Row; and fold by R. Newcomb, Stamford; John Drury", Lincoln ; and all the Bookfellers and Newfmcni in Great Britain and Ireland. * 4* As this Work is completed, the Public may be fatisfied that there cannot be any Difappointment hereafter, with Regard to the Largenefs and Uniformity of the Letter, which has been too often the Cafe in other Family Bibles; and can be furth r fatisfied how infinitely more elegant, correft, and clear this Expofition and Commentary is, than any yet offered to the Public. The Whole feeing now ready for Sale, may be had by One or more Numbers at a Time, as may beft fuit the Convenience or Inclination of the Reader; or Complete in One Hundred Numbers, Price 2I. 10s. od. A Lift of the Subfcribers' Names will be printed* and delivered Gratis, in the laft Number. ( fj* To prevent Miftakes, fueh I'erfons as are defirous of polTefling the moft uniform and correft Expofition of the Holy Scriptures, aie requefted to be particularly careful in giving Orders for D r . S O U T H W E L L ' S BIBLE. By Hit Majefly t Royal ' tetterr Patent. ' Granted unto JAMES RYMER, Surgeon, Gerrard- Street. Soho ; Inventor and Preparer of THE CA \ D 1 A C and NERVVUS T I N C - TURE, the only fafe and effeftual Remedy » for Diforders of the Head, Stomach, and Bowels, viz. Headach, Derangement of Thought, Confuf'on, anil Giddinefs; Indigeft. on and Lofs of Appetite, with Bilious Crudities, and Retchings ; Yellownefs ot the Eyes, and Skin; Flatulence, Pair., Spafms, Heartburn, and Hiccup; Gripings, Colic, and Coftivenefs. For the- Gout in the Stomach and Head. For all fuch Affeftions. of the Nervous Syftem as are attended with Depreffion of Spirits, Paralytic and Apopleftic Difpolitions, Prof— tration of Strength, Timidity, Tremors, Startings, Palpitations, and Faintings or Fits. For bracing and llrengthening the whole Syftem, in ftates of Relaxation and Debility. And as a powerful Antifeptic in Cafes of putrid Bile, and for counterafting Infeftion, or preventing and curing putrid, malignant, and pellilental Fevers, prevailing in 1' rifons, crowded filthy Places, Hofpitalsr Ships, hot and unhealthy Climates, & c, . u ,, ' Sold, in bottles at is. 9d. 5s. jd. and 11s. 6d- ani in ftoppcr flints at 3s. 6d. 7S. and 14s. at No. 36, Gerrardflreet, Soho; where Mr. Rymer may be confulted oil Tuefday, Wednefdav, Thurfday, and Friday, from Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon till Two in the Afternoon. N. B. Meflrs. Dicey and Beynon, No. 10, Bow Church- yard, are appointed, by Mr. Rymer, the fole Whokfaie Venders of the above Medicine ( as well as of the Detergent Pills for the Cure of Difeafed Liver, attended with Allhma and Dropfical Legs; for the Discharge of Gall Stones; Deftruftion of Worms, & c. See Traft); of whom, and every Vender of their Medicines in ail the principal Towns; may be had Retail, viz, R. NEWCOMB, T. Hewgrave, and W. Harrod, Stamford ; W. Brooke, J. Drury, and R. Drummond, Lincoln; J. Quanborough, and W. Allen, Grantham; J. Tomlinfon, Newark; T. Ball, Sleaford; W. Ward, Falkingham; M. Calfwell, Rippingale; W. Thorpe, Bourn ; J. Horden, and J. R. Jacob, Peterborough; W. Read, Whittlefea ; W. Gibfon, Oakham; M. Worley, Bofton ; J. Finch, Kirton in Holland; W. Hanley, Sivinelhead ; W. Hunt, Donnington;' G. Medcalf, and T. Hawkes, Spalding; J. Palmer, and D. Wrighr, Wainfleet; R. Greffwell, Burgh; M. Worley, Alfbrd; J. Gibfon, Coningfby; J. Simpfon, and J. Tayton, Tatterlhall; Bromley and Keal, and W. Ellis, Horncaftle ; R. Booth, Caiftor; R. Sheardown, Louth; T. Bradley, Brigi?; J. Taylor, Gainlboro'; j. tylis, Horbling ; J. Baines, Bawtry ; D. Boys, and W. Sheardown, Doncafter; R. Pearfon, Melton- Mowbray ; W. Robir^ fon, WinterinRham and Winterton; J. Taylor, Retfori; Bianchai d, York; Lee, Hull; Yarrington and Bacon, and Croufe and Stevenfon, Norwich; and at moft of the principal Shops throughout England. * Vide the Sixth Edition of Mr. Rymcr's Traft upon thefe Maladies, with various Cafes ano Certificates of Cures, price One Shilling. Alloi'd, Bolton, Earton, Biigg, Uouru, B iv. tty, Miji Worley. ] Cambridge, Mr. Pre/ Ion. Caiftor, Mr. Wilbar. | Coningfby, Mrs, Swalkrw. 1 Crowle, Mr. Wbatmuff. Doningtan, Mr. Ccwper. Mr. Booth. Mr. Kerxlcy, Mr. Lamkirt. 1A11DV V, E R T I* S EME N T S . , A R. T. . I C L__ E .. S of, I N T E L. L. I G.. E• N C, E , & c. are rt aMke n Vin bLy. tAhJ- JDe 1f Mol- l.. o.— wLi- n g PejrSltotln- s—; Jo fV . Awnh. oIm O this Paper mTal/ y'. . b- Je' , ir„ e/' g.- u Il aTr* Lly, N RNhI. aI » d : I Osinfboro', Grantham. i r. „ , „ Mr. Hun. | Horncaftlf, Mrs. bams. 1 Donealttr, Bois i£ Sktorie- mn. \ Hull, I « J Mr. Wretfels. I Mr. Wright. J Mifs Whaley. I Mr. Allen'. Mr. Weir. Mr. Brown. Holbeach, Huntingdon, Heckington, Long Sutton, Leioefter, Lynn Mr. Dixon, Itir. Jenkinfon. Mr. i f . Taylor. Mr. Gregg. M . Gregory. Mr Merit " I , T.' 1- eei XT J trir. ariHtKr, rtiiu LINCOLN, [ Mr_ J, h„' Br u ry. . „„,, J Mr. Gray, Mr. Marjb, U > u t h ' I. and Mr. Sheardown. Mr. Bright. Mr. Cooper, Melton, Market Raifen, Newark, Allin and Ridge. Nottingham, Northampton, Oundie, Oakham, Peterborough, Mr. Burbage. Mr. Sutton. Mr. Ellis. Mrs. Hicks. Mr. Harden. Retford, Spalding, Slcaford, Stilton, Spilfby, { Mr. Taylor, j Mr. Albin. Mr. Fawciit. Mr. Allen. Mrs. King. Mr. Hoi. Thorney, Tuxfcrd, Tatterfall, Uppingham, Wainfleet, Wifbech, Mr. Ground. Mr. B. Clarke. Mr. Cibbitis. Mr. Cooke. Mr. Wright. \ Mr.\ yhitt, Alfo by Mr. K I R K M A N , at No. Jc Eatt Harding Street, Fetter- lane i Mr T A Y L E R , Warwick- Court, St. Paul's, L O N D O N ; and by the Printers ef the different Country Papers.; * ThU Paper is fent, free ef Poft » ge, , to mf Poft Town in England, for E I G H T E E N S H I L L I N G " per Annum.
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