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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and Co 
Volume Number: LXX!V    Issue Number: 52
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 08/03/1794
Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and Co 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: LXX!V    Issue Number: 52
No Pages: 4
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No. 52.] Ready Money with Advertisements. ] SATURDAY, Vol. LXXIV. M A R fc H 8, 1794. [ Price Four- pence. TII'ISPAFER, for upwards of Seventy- three Year? pall, Ins been, and continue* to he, c. rculattd in all the Market- Towns and populous Villages in the Counties of NOTTHAMJTOJI, LEICESTER, NOTTINGHAM, LINCOLN, RUTLAND, HUNTINGDON, CAMBRIDGE, and lfle of ELY, Essvx BEDFORD, HcRTro » i>, BUCKINGHAM, BERKS, Oxroitn, WARWICK, to BIRMINGHAM, STAF'FORO, tec, and by the Poft to ail the chief Towns in the Kingdom.— It is alfo conftantly fent to the Chapter, Rowley's, and Peele's Coffce- Houfes, London. Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. hundsrucken, Feb. 9. HE accounts of die Republicans hav- T ing abandoned the neighbourhood of . Lautern, DeuX Ponts, St. Wendel, & c. are confirmed ; they retired chiefly towards the - Saar. They committed the greatest excesses at Sr. Wendel, and their plan seems to have been to pillage all the inferior envi- rons of the Moselle; but the good dispositions made by Capt. Schulz, who commands at Bir- kenfield, and the accounts that the forest of Hoch was furnished with a number of German peasants in arms, made the enemy give. up their plan, and retire with precipitation ; between Widerkirchcn aud Verschweiler, they left a num- ber of- waggons laden with baggage, which they returned afterwards to set fire to, but the peasants liad carried them away. German troops at pre- sent occupy St. Wendel; a corps' of Prussians, under Major- General Kohler, is on the march to cover the heights ot K. irchbourg, Kaftellauw, and Simmern. The city of Deux- Ponts, en- tirely exhausted by different contributions and pillages, suffered again in the most cruel manner, • when the French entered it on the 4th ; the inha- bitants were ordered to pay 50,000 livres, to de- liver up all their arms of every description, powder, salt- petre, & c. all their gold, silver, iron, steel, copper, lead, pewter, & c. all their linen and flax; all the cloth in the warehouses and shops; all the horses, with their harness, cat-: tie, hides, saddles, and bridles; all clothes of every fort, and all the provisions; the inhabitants only to keep what was absolutely necessary for their own consumption. nantes, Ieb. 1Vielaris has been shot at Noirmoutier; the guillotine continues to be oc- cupied, and the commission ad hoc dispatches, by 4 or $ co at a time, the wretched banditti which they bring us from all parts; they shoot or drown them, and bury them 40 and 50 in a grave, which' occasions such a stench that we are in fear of some contagious disorder breaking out; frefsh. graves arc digging, and the others covering with earth. This will purify the air, but the victims are llill Tery numerous, particularly towards the quarter of Chefne. Paris, Feb. 23.—- Thomas Paine has written to the society of the Cordeliers, from his prison, to request their interference ; but the only anfwer he received was his own discourse in favour of the King. — LONDON, March 4 Advice has been received thrft foon after the evacuation of Toulon, Lord Hood was ordered to land his troops in Corsica, and fecond the ef- forts of the brave inhabitants of that island to shake off the French yoke. Thefe orders have been executed. Lord Hood fent a party of his fleet with a good body of land forces againft Fort Mi rtella, which, after a fpirited attack both by fet and land for two days, and as refolute a de- fence, was forced at laft to fubmit to the Englifh. The following intelligence to the above eff. ft had been received at Leghorn on the 12th ult. by , perfons arrived there in thips from Capo Cori'o and Centuri: Several English men of war entered the gulph . of St, Florenzo; and after having directed their fire upon fome adjacent heights, they effected a landing of the troops whom they brought with tneni, at a place called Pirallo, at the diftance of four Italian miles from fort Mortella. This lat- ter fort being immediately after attacked by land and fe: t, furrendered, after a resistance of two days. Soon after, the British troops, joined by fome of the Corsicans, went to attack another fort called- Fornali, the issue of which expedition has not yet transpired. At the fame time a most violent cannonade was heard at Capo Corso. Other pessengers, arrived from Capo Corfo at Leghorn, bring intelligence, that several British frigates having appeared before Centuri, they dispatched a boat with an officer thither, to sum- mon the commandant to declare himself; the lat . ter immediately hoisted the tri- coloured flag, and fired upon the English. The latter'then directed so violent a cannonade against the place, that all the inhabitants fled The British commander sent six cutters into the harbour, which fct fire to all the Corsican ships, and part of the crew went on shore, and plun- dered all the store- houses and magazines of mer- chandize, at and contiguous to Centuri; after which they went on board the cutters, and re turned to the squadron, which immediately set sail The official confirmation of all these particulars was hourly expected at Leghorn when thefe ac- counts came away. It is faid, but with what degree of truth we cannot pretend to fay, that our Cabinet, not wish ing to push Genoa to extremities, had refolved to raife the blockade of that port; that orders were transmitted to Lord Hood to that effect and that the blockade was actually raised on the 8th of February, and that as a confe quiince of this measure a great number of mer chantmen had actually arrived at Leghorn from Genoa. Yefterday an officer arrived at Lord Grenville' office with letters from Francis Grose, Efq. his Majesty's Lieutenant Governor of Botany Bay and from Captain Gridley King, Lieutenant Go vernor of Norfolk Island, which mention that the colonies were in a fiourishing situation through the industry of the convicts, See. Letters from the West- Indies, of a posterior date to thofe which were received a few days ago, ftate, that Sir John Jervis and Sir Charles Grey were gone to attack Martinique. We are informed that Admiral Gardner's ex- pedition to the Mauritius is entirely laid afide . and that the stores embarked for that purpofe arc re- landed. The French are fortifying Maubeuge and the entrenched camp of Rousies more and more, and have opened the fluices to lay part of the ground between that fortress and the river Sambre under . • water. The Commandant of Douay, though it be dif- ficult to approach that place, fituate among marfhes, finding that the number of the Auftrians increased daily in thofe environs, has pierced '- dvke to encompafs that place alfo with water. The allies have put West- Flanders in an ex ccllent state of defence, and the British army Is now at Courtray and Menin, and the Hanoverians have marched to Fumes and Nieuport, which are both tinder water. Skirmishes happen almost daily between the ad- vanced posts; and a few days ago a detachment of French dragoons was defeated by the Austrians near Baifeux. — Colonel Maclk has vifited the whole cordon of the allied army, and given orders to . reinforce all those posts which were most ex- posed. By a gentleman who has lately at great personal hazard visited the French army of the North, we re a flu red, that it is in a state of great. distress, from the want of every necessary of life. The common allowance is one pound of bread per day fora man, aiid half a pound for a woman, which they are obliged to steep in water. Letters from Brussels of the z8rh ult. announce, that the inhabitants of Douay arc reduced to three quarters of a pound of bread per diem. The beer, wine, and brandy, are in requisition or thearny At Lisle the magazines for the garrison are well provided; but the inhabitants have neither can- dles nor oil, and are kept upon half allowance. If the French have received , by means of their Indiamen, 10, coo tons of saltpetre, their con-' fumpt'on for the ensuing campaign is already more than provided for. Ten thousand tons of faltpefre will make 14,000 tons of the strongest gun- powder, and the quantity which the Com- mittee of Public Safety stated would probably be expended, was 23,000,0001b. oriels than 12,000 tons. This report however seems to be greatly exaggerated. The tonnage of East- India ships in general lies between 8 and 1200 tons per fhip ; let us then fay, that on average they are each of the burden of 1000 tons. In this cale, the ten Eaft Indiamen arrived at I'Orient, could not pof- fibly have furnished a supply of 10,000 tons of falt- petre, unlefs each ship was exclusively freigh- ted with ( to- article : and as it is to be prefumed that this was not the cafe, but that each veffel had an assortment of goods, - the real fupply of faltpetre carried into France by the above fleet, cannot, upon any fair eftimate, he fuppofed to extend to more than a fifth of the c?. fgo, & therefore ought not'tobe rated at more than 2,000 tons; a quantity " greatly- fhort of the 12,000 tons faid to lie abfolutely . necessary for the service of the ensuing campaign The government of Florence have published an cdifl, ordering all Frenchmen, of what tie-, scription soever, who cannot prove their residence in that Grand Dutchy since January 15, 1793, to quit the Tuscan territories in the space of a month from the publication ot the edict. Saturday the Royal assent was given by Com- missioners to the Mutiny Act, the Act to preserve French property, the Aits to repeal the Glove Tax; Act, and the duties on Births, & c. and the Aft to indemnify such perfons as have omitted to qualify for offices and employments. •- Saturday morning, the soldiers ordered for fo- reign service, marched from the Parade in St. James's- park to Greenwich, where they em- barked for Ostend, under the command of- Sir James Murray. Sir James Murray is appointed to the Com- mand of the 18th Regiment of Infantry, vacant by the death of Sir John Sebright,- The addition ot cavalry about to be; made to the different regiments of Militia, is to be in pro* portion to the number of companies in each re- giment ; to the Yorkshire regiments ten troops of cavalry are to_ be attached ; to the Cornwall two, making an increase of one fifth. Monday Mr. Justice Addington attended the War office, and passed upwards of fifty' wounded soldiers from St. Margaret's parish to Chelsea hos- pital.— One of these brave fellows experienced an escape very little fhort of a miracle. He re- ceived a bullet in the pit of his stomach, which missed his heart, and other vital parts, and was cut out of his back. Some of the others were desperately wounded. Preparations are making for throwing several thousand additional acres of the Mendip Hills in Somersetshire into cultivation. It is understood, that several extensive tracks of thofc lands will be employed inthe culture of buck or French wheat. This is an article exceedingly profitable to the farmer, as it thrives well in fandy or any other kind of poor land ; rolled and ploughed in, when green, it makes a very good manure, that will last for three years; reaped and threshed, the produce is very great, and ihe grain is an excellent food for swine and alt kinds of poultry. One third of buck wheat, given with oats to horfes, serves to purify their blood, and smooth their coats. Perhaps there is no article of culture fo profitable on poor land. As a proof of the forwardness of the season, green peafe have already made their appearance in Cavent- Garden market, where they are re- tailed to the curious in vegetables at the moderate price of two guineas a quart I A decree of divorce was last week given out from the Commissary ( Or Ecclesiastical) Court in Scotland, at the instance of her Grace the Dutch- efs of Hamilton, against the Duke of Hamil- ton, for crim. con. by which the marriage is dif- folved, and either of the parties may marry again, with certain restrictions asto the after- marriage of the Duke, laid down in the laws of Scotland, following the Roman law in this re- fpeft, which is different to the laws of England. We underltand that thefe rcftriftions prohibit the pe'rfon who is divorced from marrying the pcrfon with whom he or fhe had, by the judgment of the Commiffaiies, been found to have cohabited. In the Court of King's Bench, at Guildhall, on Saturday, caineona caufe of importance to all journeymen mechanics, artificers, & c. Theaftion was brought to recover the fum of 3!. 1^ s. which the plaintiff had advanced to the defendant, a journeyman copper- plate printer, to complete a piece of work he was employed on, while in the plaintiff's fervice,— It wasproved by the w. itneffes, that the defendant did not finifh the work, but quitted the plaintiff's fervice and went to work with another mafter.— Lord Kenyou faid, it was of great importance to the public, that journey- men mechanics, & c. fhould be compelled to per- form their engagements with their mafters; and the prefent trial might operate as an example. The jury found a verdict for the pjaintiff. On Saturday as two soldier's wives and a Child were going in a boat to see their husbands embark, in passing through London Bridge the boat un- fortunately overset, by which accident the water- man, women, and child perished. The number of vessels lost on the coaff of Lin- colnshire, Yorkshire, and Durham, during the late high, winds, are computed at t> f the crews perished. On Saturday died, at Eardley House, Arling- ton- street, the Right. Hon. Maria, Lady of Lord Eardley. H USE of LOrDS, Monday, March 3. Lord Auckland defired that Lord Radnor's Protest might be read-— It was accordingly read. as follows: PROTEST—- againft the rejection of tlie Indemnity Bill, for the Landing of Troops in this Country, with- out Consent of Parliament: DissentiENT, lit. Becaufe as, °. vith the exception of only one Noble Lord { not one of his Majesty's Ministers it was ill the debate unanimously admitted, that the keeping in this country; troops, whether native or foreign, in time either of War or peace, without the consent of Parlia- ment, is unconstitutional ; and as it was also admitted unanimously and unequivocally, that the troops in queltion are here upon grounds'of fitness and expedi- ency ; and as the consideration of fitness Sc expediency, tHo' they may render, & in fadt, in the prefent inftance, do render the meafure not only justifiable, but highly meritorious, do in 110 degree Co change it's nature as to make it more or less constitutional, ailly. This bill, though of a sort to be very sparingly adopted, yet was of a particular propriety ; for, in a matte- of great moment, it declared the law, saved the Constitiuion, aud did justice to tile motives of tile Executive Government. 3' lly. Becaufe the stopping of this Bill leaves the troops here, without any consent of Parliament. 4thly. because the effect of the declarations, by which the right of the Crown fo to keep troops her'e was disclaimed, however Itroug, general, and unequi- vocal, is yet tranfi- ory and fugiti ' e ; but the fait tnat . troops, are so here, is notorious and recorded ; anc] when the motives which justified, and the declarations that reconciled, to the House the- meafure.,. a- e for- gotten, may be doiie into precedent. . RADNOR. February 27, 1 Lord Auckland then moved, that the words- in italics . be. expunged. * . , . , Lord stanhope said it was known, that that noble Lord who how made the motion was. the.£ erfon alluded to in the . Protest; and he was glad . to find ihere was " lie; or, j Member founid in the house of Peers. audacious enough to give the doctrine alluded. to. the least support. ' I. ord- Auckland'replied, that he was sorry to be oblige ! to saying emi the subject than he at first in- tended : 1: 1 the debate in question, he had said, " that he was hot prepared to'fay it was illegal for tile K iug to land foreign troops in this country, in time of war, on some particular occasions.'' But he found 110' dif- ficulty in declaring, that ' the King could not maintain an army of either Foreign or Native troops in- this country,' either in peace or war; without the Consent of Parliament; these sentiments Were not contrary, to those uttered hy him in ' me debate alluded to. The motion was carried, and the House adjourned. WANTED, On or before Lady - Day next; TwO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED i. POUNDS, at FIVE per CENT, upon an ample and good Security of a Real Estate ift the Neighbour- hood of Northampton. Particulars may he had, on Application by Letter Poft paid) addreffed to A. B. at tile Printers of this Paper. , BRICKMAKERS. WANTED immediately, THREE BRICKMAKERS, and a PERSON that un- derllands BURNING a KILN. Enquire of Mr. Shaw, Woburn, Beds. PERTENHALL. A \\ 7 ANTED at Lady- Day, or Eafter next, V V A middle- aged MAN and his WIFE, without a Family, to contrail for the Maintenance of the POOR at PERTENHALL, Beds.' Any- Perlbn inclined to undertake that Bufinefs, may receivc further Information by applying to the Over- leers, Wm. Britcheno and H. Walker. To be L E T T, And Entered upon at Lady - . Day next, Good Snbftantial MESSUAGE,, with cottv- nii- n. t Cffic'es and Garden to- tiie fame be- longing, pleasantly situated in AYNHOE, in the Countyol Northampton, on the Side of the Turnpike- Road leading from Banbury. to Buckingham, and now in- t'he Occupation of John Nelson, who will lhew the Premifes. ' - For Particulars, enquire of tile faid John Nelfon, or of John Southam, Surgeon,. Buckingham. To be LETT, and Entered on immediately, " or at Lady- Day next, AHOUSE, YARD," GARDEN, and OFFICES, fiteate in the pltafart Village of ORLlNGBtTRY, three Miles', from Wellingborough, & U ur from Kettering; The Houfe contilts of four Rooms 011 a >' ioof, a Well" of exceeding good Water, pl- eafaiu Garden, well planted with * iuil—; he Whole in good Repair- rwill be found a very allocable Situa- tion for a lmall Private i amily. For Particulars, or to treat for the fame, apply to Wm. Thompson, Draper, Wellingborough; and to view the. ipremifes; to Wm. Butlin, of Orlingbury. Wellingborough, March I, 1794; '. Sheep- Scree/, NORTHAMPTON, . reb. 2S, 1784. W. TOMPSON. WITH Heart- felt Satisfaction, returns his sincere Thanks to his . numerous i-' r. rnds for- the vsry generous Support he has experienced during upwards of 20 Years' Residence in the draperyx and respectfullv informs. them, and the public in ' ge- ucrat how SHOP, in Sheep- . Street ( late in the Occupation of ',) where he hopes to meet with that Countenance which tie has fo long cxperieiieed-, and which if will ~ be'his Study to deferve. . » ' ; , .. W. T. cannot omit, this Opportunity of gratefully returning, his Thanks to the many Friends of . Mr. eTCheS, who have honoured Sup- port since Mr. E.' s leaving Business; ' ' To the NOBILITY, GENTRY, and OTHERS, - ' CURIOUS in GARDENING. ' WM. NORTH, NURSERY and SEEDS- MAN, near fhe .7 « / « ;>.•, LAW- R*' F- - F-, oilers to the Public his NEW PULCHER TARTA- i RIAN PYRUS UNIQUE, which " grows singularly handsome, the Blossom being of a fine deep Crimson, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. To be" SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, AN ESTATE, situate AT BRAUNSTON, within three Miles of. Coventry,, lying compactly within a Ring fence, and consisting of . about 92 Acres of Prime Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, in high Condition and the Fencses in Perfection, having been inclosed about eighteen Years.. • .. On a cental and elevated Partoftiie Premifes, was pdt about fifteen Years ago, a EricJ;, Slated, and To be SOLD by AUCTION, At the Houfe of Mr. Thos. Clayton, being the Sign of the Barley- Mow, in the Town of Bedford, 011 Satur- day the 15th Diy of March, 1794, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, FREEHOLD CLOSE OF excellent PASTURE Tithe free, containing (> y Estimation 2b Acres, together with all the Timber' and other Trees growing thereof!, lituate at NEWNHAM, within one M tic of th^ Town of Bedford, and lately in the Occupation of Mr. Odell, the Proprietor. N.. B. Half or ' more'of the Puieiiafe Mor. ev ( if re- quired) may lie on Mortgage of the Close at A. 10s. per Cent, and the Purchaser may have iinmcdia'e Possession. For further Particulars, apply to mr.' Lovesey, of Bedford. To be SOLD , by AUCTION, By J. DUDLEY, On Saturday the ,15th. Day. of March, 1794," at Two o'Clock in the. Afternoon, at the George Inn,- at Aylesbury, in the County of Buck's, ' unless, disposed ot before by Private Contract, • oi which timely Notice will be given;) ACompact and Desirable COPYHOlD FARM, in Value nearly equal to I reM. old, fub- jedt to the Manor of WlNSLOW, in the faid County : Comprizing .101 Acrcs of fertile inclosed and Open- field Meadow, Pasture and'Arable Land, ( bp the fame more or lel'sj; 21 Large Common ar. d 158 Sheep Ditto » a Freehold - Clofe and - Orchard : a good Farm- House, and Out- Buildings of suitable'Descriptions; alfo a ne^ t COTTAGE, with a Garden and Orchard adjoining— lituate. nine. Miles from Aylesbury, . eight, from Buck- ingham, and one from Window. . The late Tenant occupied the same 40 Years, and the prefent 2f. at the. Expiration of his Lease on Lady- Day, 1796, at tlie low Rent of 60I, per Annum. printed Particulars with Conditions. of Sale may be had at the. Place of Sale,; and for further Particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to the Auctioneer, at To HERTF0RDsHIRE. be S- OI. D by AUCTION, ' , By Mr. HILL, On Saturdiu1 tlie 15th of March, 1794, at the Woolpack Inn, St. Albans, at Two in the Afternoon, ACompact CoPYHOLD FARM, ( Tithe- free) tailed NORINToN- end FARM, molt delightfully situated in the Parish ' of RedbuRne., 6 • Miles, from Hempstead,- 6 rt'o'm Dunstable, 5 from Luton, from st. Albans, and 27 from London, and Sfnoco fli. il- i'fettcr Cornices r there is a!. o a Back Srair- Cafe of Stone. A- very exte ifive-' and beautiful Profpeit is cominaiided- ti'om the HpCue, which is inejteied by P^ mtayor. s, novi aaout ' 17, Years old, of. all Kinds Oi Fofeft T: « f » , ex'. ending'near Haifa • Mil" in Lenjtii, - and ' forriir.. g near two thirds of a Circle rqijn .1 the L Jildwtgs. Tnrough the' Plantation rui, f a Set pontine Gravel- V/ alk, . H'oi tm<, Shade, and Snelter at . ul Ti. nes, andasait, It every Wind. The Pttrchafer ot'jlie above, if. ie ciiodfes; may Rei.; on lea'e for 21 Ve3rs,' about an equal Quantity Of tne i_ ame Kind oP L'Sra.'. The " g- eM Charter - Road, ..\ nd the Grfflittajunflion Ca_ naiTiinthrough the Parifh. . •* » •"' For further Paiticnlars, apply to Dr. Hall, on the Premifes, or to Mr. Lamb,' Attorney at Law, iii Daventry: , • planted with choice fruit it lees, and convenient Ponds to Ditto i together with 107 Acres more or less ot rich Arable and Wood Land, in a high State/ pf Culti- vition, inclosed with'a Ring- Fence, and lying for tine Aspects,; with a Quantity ol'tine Oak arid - Oilier Tim- ber growing- in the Springs and Hedges,- aitd; a Right of extenfije Commonage ; now im iie occupation of Mr. Seabrook, on a Lease, of which seven Years will be unexpired at Michaelmas next, at an 6fd and low- Rent Of 80l: per Annum,' subject to a quit- Rent of i Redburne; . Woolpack,. Sr. AlbanS. ; at the Three- Cups, Aldersgate- Street, London; and of Mr. Hill, Luton. beds.' . exquifite rei ve or Tart; this Plant, from it's peculiar Excellence, is justly entitled to a Place in the'fi: ft pleasure or Fruit Gardens, as it muft appear a great Oi nament to eitfier, being very hardy, and will grow in any Soil or Situ- ation. Standard Fruit- bearing Trees, lo's'.' M. Dwarfs, 7S. fid.— Likewife- liis NEW ROYAL GOLD- LAC'D SCARLET FLESH MELON, which for Beauty ex- cels all others, and for Richnefs of Flavour it is a per- feft Sweetmeat; this- Melon will grow to seven Pounds and upward;, it's Skin is very thin, and has but little' Pulp— His VALANGO CUCUMBER, which, w, ien in Perfection for the Table, is particularly handsome, and may be . grown to the Length, of .23 Inches and up- wards, is very folid and. infinitely fuperiorin Flavour to any. other Sort. known, it's Skin is of a tight Pea- green, arid as. thin as Writing- Paper ^ both are remark- ably good, Bearers ; the Seed of each is is. fid. a Parcel: — I lis . NEW DEEP CRIMSON FLOWERING VA- LERIAN, a moft elegant herbacious Plant, and Jii- s SPOTTED NEAPOLITAN - BRANCHED LARK- SPUR, one of the greatest Beauties of an Annual ever feen ; both are very hardy, and will flower in any Soil or Situation; the, Secii of each . is 2$. 4d. a Parcel:— Likewise may be had," the largeft Collection in the World of tlie most choice New Sorts of PINE- APPLE PLANTS auu GRaPE- VINES, in Pots, fortlreHot- houle i « a Grapery, which he has been colleftirfg up- wards of eight Years from many Foreign Parts; with all other Articles in the NURSERY and Seed LINE 011 the moft reasonable Terms'. N- B. Mr. JOSEPH FORD, Nursery- Man, of Exeter, has now for Sale, at Mr. NORTH'S, his large Curious PuRPLe. AND RED ANTWERP RASPBERRY, most excellent ill, Flavour, very prolific, and is quite a new Variety, railed by him from Seed, the Pluijts of which are the firft ever offered to. tile Public. Price 2S. 6d. pef Plant. ( tS* Letters'( Post- paid) - tual Attention given them. SCAVENGiNG. - NOTICE is. hcreby given, that the Com- niiffioher's for Paving, Cleanfin", Litrlitin^ anr' Watching the Town, of NORTHAMPTON," will meet 011 Tuesday the iith. Dav of". Match next at the . Hour of Four in tile Afternoon, at tlie guildhall of the faid Town, tyr the purpose of receiving, Proposals from, & Contracting with aiiy Perfon for SCAVENG- ING the several STREeTS, LANES, PASSAGES, and PLACES in the laid Town, for one Year, from Lady- Day next, in Manner tollowiog, viz. The Market- Hill and Drapery every' Week, • the South- Quarter once in a Month, from lady- day to Michael- mas, and from Michaelmas to Lady- Day once .1 Fort- night, & the residue oft. be Town once ia every Mouth, from Lady- Day to Michaelmas, anil every Three. Weeks from thence to " Lady- Day. By Order ot the Commissioners, J. MARKhaM. northampton^ 28tb Feb. 1,794. To the Debtors of Mr. William Etches, late of Northampton, Grocer and wine - Merchant, a Bankrupt, VeRY few of the Debtorss the Eftate of the faid Bankrupt having paid'tlu^ r Debts to his Assignees, in Confequence of the former Advertise- mentS, and many- out- standing Debts toa considerable Amount ttill remaining due. to the Bankrupt's Eftate. This is to inform the present Debtors of the said Bank- rupt, that unless they pav their refpective Debts to his Assignees, Mr. Thomas hall, Mr. John Drayton and Mr. Christopher Smyth, of Northampton, " " SMYTh, BUTCHER, and SMYTH, Solicitor.. A BUCKS. To be S O L D, , Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, called JRV w A. TM; R - H A L L; Confiding of a ManfioA- Houfe, Ou't- Buildirigs, Dove-. • hcAvfe,, Stabling - for 1- 2 ' Hones,- Canals, Fifh- Ponds, Vards and. Garden thereto belonging, fituate inthe Parifh of JJLETCHLJY," in the Counrv of Bucks. Alfo a Melfuage or Tenement and 3KA. 21 P. of Arable, Meadow, ' and Paltufe Land, noiV in the feveral Occupations of the Rev. Mr. Smi- tll, Thomas Lane, John Wood, and Thomas Cooke. Alio a. FREE HO 1. D FARM, . lituate in the Parifh of Bletchley aforefaid, and'Fenny- Stratford, confiding of divers Pieces ai. d- Pa ceis at Arable',. Meadow, and Pafture Land, containing together 150 A. 3 R. 22 P.. now ill the Occupations of John Wood, Wm. Wood, Thomas Lane, Thomas . Esmonds, and Matthew- Goodman. The abort Premifes are pleafantly fituated 46 ' Miles from London, about 10 Miles from tile Town of Buck- ingham, fix from Newport- Pagnell, five from Wo- burn, one from. Fenny- Stratford, and within Reach of three excellent Packs of 1 o\ Hounds. Fora View'of the Preiiiii'es, apply to Mr. Thomas Cdoke, at Water- Eaton ; and for further Particulars, to Mr. Hearn, Attorney- . it Law, . Buckingham; Mr. Johnfon, No. 3, Hare- Court Temple, • London ; 01- Mr; Warner, Attornev, Romfe'y, Hamp'fhire. I'o As be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. H A IV T Y N," At the Red- Lion Inn,' in Banbury, Oxon, on Thurs- day the 2): th Day of Maxell, 17^ 4, at five ia tne Afternoon, iligible - FREEHOLD ESTATE, frtu- iit PLU. MPTOM, in ti » e. County - of- North- ampton, confiding of upward of. 80 Acres, modSy Meadow » nd Paftnrc Land, having a fnbfta. itial and convenient Farm- Hot:" e thereon; now in tne Tenure of Mr. Will. Edmonds, Tenant at- Will. - For Particulars, apply to Mr. Bignell,' Attorney, or the Auctioneer, in Banbury.; wnerp a Plan ot the Elt'atc inay be feen. TIM B E R. : . To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. T I T E, At the Bull, in' Lilburn, in the Countv of North- ampton, at Teno'Clock in the Forenoon", on Monday the lot it of- March, 1794, ( in' Lots, lubjett to fucn Conditions as lhajl be. ttien produced,' " TPW. ARDS of 150 ASH and ELM it. EES, ftanSing'ui die P. ui! h of Lit.,'. CRN'- hERTfORDS HIRE. To be SOLD bv A U C TiO N, By messrs. BAILEY & bUrlingHAM, On. the Premises,' ( by Order of the Executors) on Monday the 17th Day of March; 1791, and the fol- iowiiig. Day, tHE LIVE and DEAD STOCK, in husbANDRY, AND NE T HOUSeHOLD- FURNITuRE, PLATE, LINEN, & c. ' of the late Mr. JOHN HOLLiDAY,- of NORTH- CHURCH, near great- BeRKhAMSTEd. deceased : Consisting of seven stout seasoned, Cart- Horfes, arid a Nag Mare four fine Milch Cow's,' six Score remarkable due bred Sheep; one Store Sow, nine Store Pigs,' Howards of 70 Cocks and Hen's ;' DuAg- Ca; ts, • Nan ow- wheel Wag- gon, Ploughs,. Harrows, a'nd- a- Quantity of Hurdles. — Tile HOUSEHOld- FuRnITURE Comprizes Four- poft and other Bedstead's, with Ci union, Murine, and other Furniture, Goofe and'other feather beds, blan- kets, ' Quilts, & c. - lingle and double C heft of Drawers and Bureaus- Mahogany Ptning, Tea,-- Curd, and other Tables; Mahognny bason Stand; Tea and Or- namenfal China ; Pier Glasses In painted Frames; a. Quantity of useful Kitchen Furniture a large Quan- ttty of Pewter, a Cheft of Carpenter's Tools'; Copper and Brass Pottage Pots';; Old! Iron with a large Quan- - tity ot. other very useful Articles. . the Whole may be viewed the - Saturday preceding and Morning of Sale, which will begin each Day preeilely'at Eleven o'Clock. Catalogues nmy be had, in due Time, at the George, North- Church ; the Rose- and- Crown, Tring- the Bell, Aston- Clinton ; White- Hart, Great- Missenden ; Crown,' Amersham; George, Chesham; rose- and- Crown, King's - Langley j white - Hart, : Watford ; the . prince's Arms, & half moon, Hemel- Hempsted ; Robin Hood, Little Gaddesden; Greyhound,' Aid- • u1?; 1 w wc , t^ wc . c. i i: 1 ui^ ana rat .11.1 , y pr;- ceding the Sale; and Information to be had at tue B'lll, in Lilburn, where a Perfon will atienu toYhew the Lots.' • For furthevrarticulars, apply to; the Auitionecr, in Daventry. -,.. , • To be . SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr, TITE-, At the Cock- and- Brceehes, at Hellitl m, in the County of Northampton, o. ti Thurfdav , i. e ijtii of March inftHiit, between the Hours of Three and Five in the Afternoon, fubject .0 fuch Conditions ot Sale as will be then and there produced, i . ALL thofe TWO COTTAGES 01- TE- NEMENTS, with the- Gardens, Shop, and Apt p. uctenances tliereto. belonging,- fituate in HELLIOON aiorcfaid; and late; in the Occupation of John Letts, - and -—— but now untenanted. . For turther Partlculivs, atiplv tj Mr, Tite, Atc- tioucer, ui Da, vcutry. J r * " >; v' SOLD by AUCTION, By SAMUel storr On Friday the March,- at- the Houfe of Thomas Ellington, known by the' Sign of the boAT, in PETERBOROUGH, 1ft . the County of '" Northampton AGANG, cOnsisting of Nine lighTERS, one of which is quite new, and seven more in most excellent-' Condition'; together wihh a new of ROPE and with SAILS two ANCHORS, for : thereof. ' will be sold, FIVE capital, all of which have been trained to the Water- business. the Purchasers, each Lighter, and each Horse, will be sold separately; and the Rope, lines, & C. Will be disposed of in such a Manner, as cannot tail proving agreeable to every Purchaser of the same. ,,-.,- Six Monthsi will be allotted " for Pavment of each Lot, , on approved Security being given. , WAtRORD, Northamptonshire - To be SOLD bv AUCTION, Mr. YOUNG, - At Garraway's Coffee- House, Change- Alley, Cornhill, ' London, on Friday t o'Clock, in Four Lots, ( unless. Lot oy Private Contact, fOUR VALUABLE . freehold estate near' DAVENTRY; cbntlfti and TWELVE ACRES'of to Messrs. Brookes, Baker, mostly on short leases, - at J, wednesday and Thursday's Posts. fOReIGN AFFAIRS. Copenhagen, Jan, 4. INTELLIGENCE lias been received here, that a cutter belonging to the Danish navy, mounting iS puns, having met in the Bay of Biscay with the French ship the lmperieuse, of 80 guns, the Captain and crew of the - latter Boarded the Danish ship, and notwith- standing that the Danish officer produced the King of Denmark's commission, his ship was searched in every part; nil the Captain's chests and even his private papers were examined, and lie and his crew, after haying been subjected to every species of insult, were" confined, and the vessel taken possession of in the name of the Con- vention. Port I'Orient, Feb. 10. The ships which left the Isle de France under the escort of two frigates, are arrived in this harbour. Their cargo is esti- mated at upwards of 30,000,000 livres. One of those ships, coming from Bengal, is loaded with fait pet re, ready prepared. The rest of the ships brought cotton, muslin, coffee, pepper, and in- digo. They brought 86, too, certain intelligence respecting our situation in tin; east- Indies. I, O N D O N, March 6. Advice " is juft received, that the French Go- vernor of Martinique has sent a flag of truce to Sir Charles Grey, with . an offer of surrendering that island on certain conditions. Letters have been received within these two days from Leghorn, of date the 14th UIt. TWO days later than the intelligence which has been ' already communicated of Lord Hood's descent upon Corsica. By thefe letters we learn, that Captain Nelson, in the Agamemnon of 64 guns, had intercepted a convoy of 14 vessels, botind from Genoa to Corsica, laden with provisions and military stores We likewise learn, that the Fortitude had been placed against the battery of St. Florenza, which she cannonaded for several hours. She was on fire three different times, from having been Struck by red- hot shot; but the fire was each time very- easily extinguished. She had six men killed, and about wounded. The effect of her fire upon the battery was not ascertained when the account came away. From tlhe interception of the fleet of victuallers defined for the supply of the French forces on the Island of Corsica, and the powerful force which Lord Hood is enabled to direct against those places still in their possession, there is reason < 0 hope that we may soon hear of the total re- duction of that island, and of it's being under the protection of the British Crown. It is the wish of the Italian States that Corsica should be separated fcom the French dominion, and annexed to the British Crown, as it would then be a station for a British squadron, which could effectually protect Italy, and keep in check ihe operations of the naval armaments at Toulon. Whatever may be determined with respect to Cor- sica by the next treaty of peace, we believe we may venture to say that it Is at this moment in the interest, and a considerable part of it's coast in the effectual possesion of England. Could we retain the island with the confcm and good- will of the inhabitant?, it would be a most valuable acquisition, affording, as it does, great quantities of excellent timber for ship- building. Our ministers have resolved w maintain a con- siderable Ibody of land forces in tl/ Mediter- ranean, to co- operate with the navy and with the armies of the allies, in such expeditionsas it may lie thought advisable to undertake for the com- mon good.— It is for this reafon that all the Bri- tish troops which were employed at Toulon, are to continue attached to Lord Hood's fleet, and to act in conjunction with him, either in defence of our allies » n Italy, or in invading the possessions France, wherever the same may be assailable. In consequnce of this resolution of the cabinet, th; detachments from the nth, 30th, and 69th regiments, which have for fome time past served as marines 011 board the ships of lord Howe's fleet, are to be embarked in transports, and sent to join the main bodies of their respective corps :; t present with Lord Hood. These detachments consist of 6co effective men, and are under orders to fail on the lytli Lift, to join the regiments to which they belong. There are French papers in town of the 27th tilt. By thefe it appears that the Royalists have, since die former accounts in the Convention, gained some considerable advantages ov « r the Republican forces. There is reason to believe, that discon-, tent and despair are the general sensations of the people of Paris. letters received yesterday from France by the way of Flanders, corroborate the above; and give farther information respecting some recent advantages gained by the Royalists in La Vendee not vet generally known. The Royalists in la Vendee, who have been fo often extirpated by the National Conventionists, and have as often risen from the dead, are at this mo- ment in as great force as they have been at any- period of the last year; and it now appears that the Chiefs of that party have been actively, though with secrecy, employing all the winter months to collect a very formidable force against the opening of the campaign ; and such as will induce our Government to fend them succours. The Royalists are now attempting to gain some port, where our troops may land with safety ; and Lord Moria is arrived at Jersey. in order to be on the spot to receive the speediest intelligence from them. Government has, there is reafon to believe, the most certain information of the flrengtb of their force, which promises the moll important advantage,. The whole country of the limosin is in arms against the Convention; and private letters state, that M. de Percy, who commanded the Royalists'at Lyons, and retired to Rovergue after the evacuation of that city, is now in the has Limosin country, at the head of 6000 men, and is making the belt of his way tcv join the insurgents of La Vendee. Letters from Paris, which have escaped the vi- gilance of the committees, state, that the diffi- culty of procuring provisions in that metropolis has given rise to much uneasiness. The people demand a KING and BrEAD ; and the Deputies dare 110 longer shew themselves in public, unlefs is. repairing to the Convention, where they daily hear very unpleasant complaints. The two com- missioners wno havri been represented as sick at Angers, were taken & killed by the Royalists in the action of St. Folgent. Thefe letters further { late, what we have already mentioned, that Gen. Moulin did not, as his party have repre- sented, kill himself as a stanch Republican, but was dispatched with a pistol. by la Roche Jaquelin; and that the infection which broke out at Nantes, • Jn the putrid exhalations of the dead bodies of <) 0oo of the Royalists, who had been either guil lotined or shot there, has occasfioned in that city iS an epedemic disorder which carries off a great number of . the inhabitants. Skirmishes between the allies and French out- posts in ' Flanders, begin already- to be frequent. One, which took place on the i8th ult. caused a ' very great alarm. About a quarter past eight „. .' clock" flat morning the alarm guns were fired from Menin. and repeated along the whole line Of posts. Of course the regiments of and infantry immediately assembled, and eveory disposition was made to repel the enemy. Our brave countrymen at Courtray were under arms in a few minutes, and proceeded to Menin, when they received orders to return.— The alarm was occafioned by a party of the French, amounting to about 500 men, 200 of whom were cavalry, who having advanced with two field pieces from Commines to Werwick, drove in our picquet, consisting of 50 men, killed a Major of Hessian infantry, ( we have not yet learnt his name,) cros- sed the Lys, plundered the town, and burnt the church, which had been employed bv the British as a look out. Having effected their design, ( some of our people appearing in force, at the fame time to oppose them) they immediately re- treated, and the post was re- occupied by pur forces. A terrible plot to deliver the important fortress of luxembourgh to the French, is faid to have lately been discovered, just in time to prevent it's execution. Part of the fortifications were to lie blown up, in order to facilitate the entry of the French. General Schroeder, the governor, was the principal in the conspiracy. On it's detection he blew out his own brains, according to some ; according to others, he has escaped into France, with several officers & cannoneers. AH strangers are sent out of the town of Luxembourg, and se- veral arrestations have been made. It has been asserted, with circumstances of pro- bability that entitle it to our notice, that a part of the peojefted campaign will be the defence of Weil Flanders by means of inundation, by which the offensive force of the allies will be augmented at once with the whole army attach'd to it's pro- teftion. We consider this dreadful resource, fo painful ro resort to, as more prafticable in the actual circumstances, than in former wars, the ills of which were softened in some meafure by many of the principles of humanity , and some of the refinements of honour. The desolating sands of the ocean, which choak the principle of vegeta- tion, and overwhelm the hope of successive years, will be welcomed by the moral peasantry of Flan- ders, if it protect the hoary head of age from wrong and insult; if it shield the husband from cruelty and murder; or the wife and child from violation. A memorial has been presented by the Imperial Minister at Genoa, the chief purport of which is: " That the Emperor, at the present change of the circumstances of the war, was convinced that the Republic of Genoa, faithful to her de- claration of neutrality, would require her inha- bitants to take up arms, in order to resist any at- tack which might be made upon her territory; and that the Emperor would still farther confirm her neutrality of 1792, by sending troops to Ge- noa, if there fhould he any necessity for them." When thefe accounts came away, the Senate, who met the day '- efore, had not come to any reso- lution respecting this Memorial. It was ex- pected, that on their Meeting, which took place 011 Monday following, a decisive answer would be returned. The States of Holland and West Friesland, have published a placard, in exact conformity to the Bill introduced into our Parliament, relative to bills of exchange, and drawn by or in favour of persons resident in France, since Jan. 1, 1794. Notwithstanding the great diminution of his territory, Tippoo Saib is said to possess a more formidable military force than ever. An inun- dation of French emigrants has greatly in created his European troops, which from the fame fource is likely to derive still greater augmentation. This circumstance wilt probably render it advisable for the East- India Company to maintain their present great and expensive establishments. When the president of the Bloody Tribunal askeed the late Queen _ of France whether fhe had any thing more to say in her defence, fhe anfwered, Nothing— I was a Queen, and you dethroned me~ I was a Wife, and you murdered my Hus- band— I was a Mother, and you tore me from my Children. Nothing now is left me but my blood — Frenchmen, drink it— Glut yourselves with it! All I ask is, that you will not keep me long in pain, but put a speedy end to my sufFerings."— Vet though there were so many witnesses of this fact, there was not in all Paris one single Paper that dared to state it. Such is the Liberty of the Press in France! We understand that the Duke of Buccleugh, the Earl of Winchilsea, Lord Hawke, and Lord Sheffield, have l> een chosen Vice- Presidents of the Board of Agriculture, and that the Dukes of Beaufort and Northumberland, the Marquisses of Buckingham- ami Blandford, have been ad- mitted honorary members. the Prince of Wales visited the Margrave of Anspach's Masquerade, at Brandenburgh- house, in the dress of a sailor _ An Action at the same entertainment brandishing a large pair of antlers ran full butt against a French looking glass of three hundred guineas value, and smashed it to pieces.— The Margrave being neat, endeavoured to give the accident a pleasant turn, by remarking in German, that there could be no jollity where they let the glass stand." A numerous meeting of the tradesmen of New- castle, interfiled in the propofed tax 011 paper, was held on Wednesday last, when it was unani- mously resolved to send requisitions to the Mem- bers for the counties of Northumberland, Dur- ham, and Newcaltle, to oppose the bill in it's prefent form. A statement of the existing and propofed duties was fent tp each member, in which it was ( hewn, that fume of the finest kinds of paper would, if the proposed duties were enacted, pay a less tax than at prefent, while the common forts would be inereaftd to four times the fum now paid for them! By the new regulation of the [ Two] Penny Post, there are to be six deliveries daily in all parts of London, three deliveries within the pre- sent limits, and two posts daily from all parts within Yen miles of London. " Jlie Governors and Guardians of the Found ling Hospital have benevolently resolved, to admit to the full benefit of the Hospital, as far as their funds will allow, the infant children of the Sol diers and Seamen employed in the service of their country, during the present war; and in order that this protection may be extended as univer- sally as possible to these poor infants, the Society at the Crown and Anchor have opened a book for separate subscriptions, for the express purpose of " maintaining and educating the orphans, fatherless, and exposed and necessitous children of our brave seamen & soldiers. by sending them to that excellent charity the Foundling Hospital" Tuesday advice was received in town that the transport on board of which are Messrs. Muir, Palmer. Skirving, and Margarott, was arrived at Portsmouth, on her way to Botany- Bay. Another new gaol for the County of Suffolk is immediately to TO erected at Bury', on a plan similar to that of Ipfwich. Two men have been taken at Beaumaris, one. of whom has turned King's evidence; they are committed for robbing the Chester mail. A singular and melancholy instance of fatality.— A gentleman lately resident in Weftminlter had six children, the eldest of which was a young lady of twenty- two, the youngest a girl of seven. The eldest was suddenty seized with a large tumour in her throat, which gangrened and she died in three days ; the rwo sisters who were next to her in age took the infection, and died within the week The brothers, one of whom was almost the se- nior of Westminster school, and a youth of about eighteen, next sickened, and died within a flew days: Thus of six children, all in the bloom and vigour of youth and health, five died in somewhat less than a fortnight. One only escaped, by- being at a distance. But what is very singular, none of the servants, nurses, or any of the me- dical attendants, were at all affected by the ma- lady, which seems to have exerted it's peculiar and dreadful influence on the family alone. MARRIED.] On Monday, bv special licence, the Right Hon. Edward Earl of Oxford, to Miss Scott, daughter of the Rev. James Scott, of Itchin, near Southampton. In consequence of a trip from York to Gretna Green, Capt. Stack pole, of the Guards, to Miss Wentworth, daugh- ter of the late Sir T. Blackett, Bart. she is possessed- of io, oool. in calh, 8c an estate of 3000I. per ann. DIED.] Lately at Bristol, aged 91, Mrs. Priscilla Stevens; she was the last survivor of twelve children, who all lived to very advanced ages, and all died unmarried. A few days ago, Mrs. Calvert, relict of Peter Calvert, late of Hadham. in Hertfordshire, Esq. Wednefday, in Lincoln's Inn Fields, aged 84, the Hon. Sir Henry Gould, Knt. one of his Majesty's justices of the Court of Common Pleas, which distin- guished office he held upwards of 30 years, with great honour. Last week, in childbed, Lady Catherine Rodney, wife of the second son of the late Lord Rodney, and sister of the prefent Earl of Westmeath, of the kingdom of Ireland. HOUSE of COMMONS, Wednesday, March <;. The Houfc having refolved into a Committee of VVaj s and Means, Mr. Pitt ftated to the Committee the particulars of His plan for meeting a part of the Navy Debt; tic pvo- poletl that, the amount of all bills payable on or before March 1, 1793, Ihonld be funded iii the 5 per cent. Stock, 011 a plan nearly tiinitar to what had obtained in the year 1784 and 1785, and which he was happy to fee a]> j) eared to give general I'atisladion to the parties intcretted; the price of the 5 per cents, at the time of forming the calculations, was a little abov » ipav, and the arrangement was fuch as would give about 101I. for cach 100I. in navy Bills.— He Hated that none of thofe bills were made payable at a longer date than 15 months; that the mtterence in favour of prompt pay- ment would be between an half and 3- quariers per CC1U. aud obtcrved that fuch holders its did not take the prefent advantage of fubferibing, would have no politivc certainty as to tire particular time of their be- ing paid. v. He also stated, that it was propofed, that all Navy Bills to be itfued in future, Ihoitld bear inlerclt 4 percent.) from the moment they were iii'ued ; and that they thould tot be current far a longer period than months. He then moved a refblution to the aboveefifcift, which was unanimoiilly agreed to by the Committee. Mr. Pitt then informed the'C'ommittee of thealtera- ion which he propofed Ihould take piace in the new duties impofed 011 ilatcs, andltone; which, inttead of what was intended, would apply to the vilm', and not to the quantity.—- What he propofed wa>, that on every hundred pounds worth o: thofe articles tranf- ported in the manner lie particularized at tlie time of opening the Budget, there ihould be laid a \ Jutv ot 20I. and that tile tike articles imported from the itlands of Gueriiliey, ] er. l'ey, Alderrvy, and Sarke, Ihould be liable to the lame ditty. Alfo, " That a duty of 20I. be- « han; eanleon every tool, of the true and real value of all Slate, Stone, anil Marble, carried by lea from any one port in this king- dom to any other port of the kingdom. Ordered. He then moved three resolutions to this elteet, which were accedcd to by the Committee. Another refolntion was palled, that certain expellees attending tlie Militia, Ihould be defrayed out of the produce of the ). and- T « x. Tlie House then reftmied, and ordered the report to he received to- n'. orrow. BRIGGS's PUNCH- HOUSE. M. bRIGG S, Takes this earliest Op- • portunity of returning her sincere Thanks to the numerous Friends of her late Husband, JAMeS BRiGGS, for the many Favours already received, and begs leave to inform them, and the Public in general, that she intends carrying on the Business as usual; and hopes, by Diligence and Attention, to merit that Patronage wliich her Exertions shall be earneftly ulcd to obtain. *** All Persons that have any Claim or Demand on the Estate or effects of the faid JAMeS BRIggS, tie forthwith desired to fend in the fame :— And all Perfons indebted to the faid Eftate, are defired to pay the fame to Mrs. Briggs, Mr. John Percival, or Mr. Wm, Tompson, ( who are . d. uly authorized- to receive the same) 011 or before the 25th Day of March, 1794, or they will be fued without further Notice. Northampton, M. irch 8, 1794. DAVENTRY, March 7V 1794. INOCULATION. GRISTOCK's HOUSES at CHAR- ior the Reception of Patients. Particulars may be known by applying to Miss King- stone, at the White Horse Inn, Towcester ; Mr. John Pearson, senh. at Banbury ; or Mr. Gristock, Surgeon, at Daventry. OAKLEy, near Be. dford. T. PAYNE rESPECTFULLY begs Leave to return his most sincere Thank,- u> his Friends, and the Public in general, for tlieir part Favours, and hunibly solicits a Continuance of their Support, assuring them every Attention will be paid to merit their future Approbation. 1. P. is possessed of several valuable RECeIPTS, from the late Mr. Chambers, of Doddington, for all DISORDERS incident to the HUMAN BODY, and which he intends to execute with the grt'atefl Care and Fidelity. B. Patients are requested to send their MORN- ING URINE, and inform him their Symptoms, that they may have Information of their Disorders, and a speedy Cure. WANTED, ( where a Kitchen- Maid is kept' A COOK, who well understands her Eufinefs, and the Management of a Dairy. Apply to the Printers of this Paper. WANTED, A MAN and his WIFE ( without a Familv) to undrrtttl e'thc C • •• • nd Management of" the POOR of STOKE- GoldINg- TON, Buck:;. Apply to Win. Hayward, Overseer of the Poor of the said Parish. WANTED, for an Old- established Pack of Fox Hounds, A WHIPPER- IN, where only one is kept. A Young Man, who has acted fuf nciently as Whipper- in, to be handy, would be pre- ferred.— As the Place is a very good one, 110 one need apply, whole. Character for ' Sobriety, Honesty, and good Temper is doubtful.— It would tre desirable, on both Sides, to have the Trial of a Month with the Hounds, in Order to fee whether it will be suitable to both. For further Particulars, enquire of Mr. Tattersall, jun. Hyde- Park- Corner, London ; or of Mr. John Roper, at Potterspury, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD, ACapital HUNTER, rifing fix Years old, cf a beautiful Figure, leaps cool, and is vtiy fleet— fleet enough for any Hounds in the Kingdom ; the Owner having no further Ufe for him is the lole Realon of his being parted with. Price 50 Guineas, warranted found. Enquire of the Oilier; at the Black- Boy Inn, North- ampton ; ot whom a Reference to the Gentleman may be had. ' To be SOLD by AUCTION, By J. HUMPHREYS, B. y Order of the Assignees, of jOHN rOBINSOn of THrAPSTON, in the County of Northampton Joiner, Builder, and Cabinet- Maker, oil Weill, JiiUv the 12th of March, and following Day, ' ALL the HOUSEHOlD,- FURNITURE STOCK in TRADE, late the Property of the said JOHN " ROBINSON - Conssting ot a Tent Bedstead with White C . Furniture, good feather Bed and Bedding, Ma and Wainscot Sets of Drawers, a Mahogany Dining, Pembroke, Card, Dressing and Claw tables, a Month Time- Piece, Walnut Tree- Chairs, with horse Hair Seats, stain'd Beech Chamber a Variety of Pier & Dressing Glasses., of gilt Mouldings, for Picture Frames, a Beditead . with Mahogany feet Posts on Castors. Deal Stump Ditto, with Sackings complete, a hand- some Wainscot Corner- Cupboard, a neat Mahogany Inlaid knife Case; a good Bath Stove, kite lei. Ra rye and Ironing Stove ; one Iron- bound H.- gihead, . '?,> Ditto Half- Hogsheads, and smaller Cask,; a K if Hogshead Copper and Grate, Washing ' 1 uos Trays lour Pair of i- inch and half Wainscot Sashes & Frames 6 Feet by 4 Feet, glazed with bell London Cr<. vn Gb. ls, double hung with Brass Pullies and Architraves to Ditto; one Pair of Circular Saihes - ml Frames • fc Feet by 4 Feet glazed with best London Crown Glass with Cornice, Wainscot, and Shutters complete • a Quantity of Second- hand Sallies and glazed Lead Lights ; a Quantity of White Lead and other Paint,, Oils, Varnishes, Pitch, Tar, Ac. :- A useful H- ack- ney Mare; a very good One- horse Cart, wit., Han- els complete; a Quantity of Mahogany, Waii. lc,;:, Deal and Elm Boams and Scantlings ; ri ,- c \- 01k Benches, and a Variety of other Articles. The principal Part of the above Goods are quite nder in good Condition. of IRONMONGERY GOODS, CROWN and COMMON GLASS, & c to be F;" POSED OF, by PRIVATE CONTRACT, by attl plying to the Auctioneer, in Thrapston. * ' 1 he Sale to begin preeifely at Teh o'clock each Dav Cheap Conveyance of Goods from Birmingham to Northampton, Wellingborough, Newport. and Olney. tHOMAS SHERRATT begs Leave to indorm the Public, that bis REGULAR STAGE BOATS set out from his Warehouse, near the. Crescent, BiRminghAM, every Thursday, and arrive at Bit Au N 11 o,.\' on the Monday following; all Goods for NORTHAMPTON will arrive at JAMES DUR- HAM'S, IH Mercers- Row on the Tuesday— and Goods for W, & C. & C. will be forwarded from No t- fa AM pros by the different Carriers.-—- Thofe Perfuns who pleafe to favour him with their Goods may depend upon the greareft Care and Attention being paid to the fafe Conveyance of the fame; and alt Favours will be gratefully acknowledged, by Their molt humble Servant, THOMAS SHERRATT. Terms, from Birmingham to Northampton, 2s. per Cwt. and in Cafe of Fruit, or other Stoppages by Water, the Goods will be forwarded by land Carriage at the usual Price of is- per Cwt. from Birmingham to Northampton, Goods, from. Northampton to Birmingham, will be conyeyed at is. 6d. per Cwt.— All Orders left witii JAMeS DURHAM, in Mercers- Row, Northampton, will be duly attended to. LEICESTERSHIRE and NORTHAMPTONSHIRE UNION CANAL. THE Subscribers to this Canal are hereby required to pay a further Call of ? 1. per Cent, on their respective Shares, to the Treasurers, Messrs. Bosworth and Inkersole, in Market- harborough; or Messrs bentlev and Buxton, Bankers, in Leicester, 011 or before the 5th Day of April next— And all per- sons in Arrear from former Calls, are hereby required to take Notice, that unless such Arrears are paid into the Hands of the above Treasurers, on or before Tues- day the liitli Day of March inltant, they will be im- mediately proceeded against, by Action at Law, for the Recovery of the fame, purfuant to tilt directions of the Act ef Parliament This Day were published, In y e A R T o, Price 3s. 6d. ODES, Moral and Descriptive. By the Rev. JOHN WHITEHOUSE, Of ST. JOHN'S college, Cambridge. London: Printed for T. Cadell, in tile Strand ; and tor J. and J. Merrill, at Cambridge:— Of whominay be had, lately published, bv the same Author, An Elegiac Ode, to the Memory of Sir Joshua Reynolds, late President of the Royal Academy. OUNDLE ASSOCIATION. AT a General Meeting of the Subfcribers to a FunD for tlie most effectually PREVENT- ING FELONIES, and other MISDEMEANORS, within the Town and Neighbourhood of OUNDLE, til the County of Northampton, held at the Talbot, in Oundle atorefaid, on tlie i; th Day of February, 1794 ' That the Subscribers shall be requested to pav into the Hands of the Treasurer, on or before the ; lit Day of March next, the Sum of 5s. each for their Sub- scription for the Year ensuing ; and the Subscribers to this Fund, who did not make good their Subscriptions last Year, are to pay up their Arrears, otherwise the prefent Year's Subscription cannot be received. AMPTHiLL - PARk. DORIMANT WILL Cover, this Year, at Ampthill- park, at Three Guineas a Mare, and Half- a- Guinea the Gioom, Several Colts and Fillies, got by Dorimant, to be Sold at Ampthill- Park. Enquire of Thomas Allen, Stud- Groom. Leicester, March 5, E. CARTER, " HEYRiCK, jun. WARTNABY, ; 1794- Clerks to the Company. HOUSE and FURNITURE. To be LETT, ( ready furnished,) THE VIEWS, AHOUSE, pleasantly situatcd just out of the Town of HUNTINGDON ; confuting three good fized Parlours, eight or nine Bed- Rooms, .. large Kitchen, Back kitchen, and various Oliices ad- joining, good Cellars, two Coach- Houlcs, Sc Stabling tor nine I lories. Enquire of Messrs. Maule and Sweeting, Hunting- don ; or of Mr. Dax, Cook's- Court, Carey- Street, London. ^ f The Tenant mav be accommodated with 20 Acres of Pasture- Land ( if required). £. 800, £. 600, or ^. 200 To LANd- OWNERS in Bedfordshire, Herts, and Bucks, WANTED to Purchase, FREEHOLD or CopyHOLd LANDS of INHERITANCE, of the Value of Soot. 600I. or MOL situate within the Distance of 20 Miles from LUTON, DUNSTABLE, or WOBURN. Further Particulars mav be known, bv applying to Mr. Bramwell, Old Palace- Yard, Westminster. FiFTy GUINEAS REWARD. wHEREAS, on Monday the 24th Day of February laft, an INCENDIARY LETTER, direned to Mr. CooKE, was found in ft Mortise- Hole, in one of the Posts of the New Fences, in the Parish of MILTON- BRYANT, in the County of Bedford, THREATENING to SET FIRE to Mr. COOKE s FARM, in that Parish THIS is THerefore to gIVF. NOTICE, That if any Person will discover and apprehend, or cause to be discovered ind apprehended, the Author of the said Ineendiary Letter, the Person making such Discovery shall receive a Reward of FIFTY GUI- NEAS. to be paid by Mr. Parker, Attorney at Law, at Steppingley, in the County of Bedford, on Convic- tion ot the Offender or Offenders, By Order of the Proprietors of the New In- ck> fures of Milton- Bryant aforesaid. JOHN PARKER. Steppingley, tjh March. 1794. ELOPEMENT. WHEREAS ELIZABETH MARCH. Wife of SAMUEl MARCH, of Northampton, has eloped from her said Husband— This is to caution all ami every Person or Persons from harbouring the faid Elizabeth March, or contracting. any Debts with her; and also from buying or concealing any of his SAMUEl MARCH To WHEELERS and Others. To be SOLD, At HAIL- WESTON, near Sr. NEOTS, APARCEL of WHEELERS' STUFF, confiding of Fellies, Cart Draughts, Hand Stuff, and other Materials, & c. Alio, TWO LARGE ASH TREES, and fome OAk TIMBER, POSTS, & c. Enquire of Mr. George Page, at Hail- Weston. To be S O L D by A U C T I J N, By Mr. ROUSE, On Thurfday the 27th Day of Mavch, 1- 94, almut Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, at t. ic George Ii. a, 111 Market- Harborough, by Order of the Executor, A N UNDIVIDED MOIETY ol, and in- I . L a very desirable, Valuable Fr k t •>• » EVr VFE » lituate at HASLEBEACH, in tile Countv of North- ampton : Comprizing nine doles of Failure and Mea- dow Ground, containing together about ONE HUNDRED AND THREE ACRES; Hcrtofore the Property of James Holmes, late oi Little- Bowden, in the iaid County ot'Northampton., Gentleman, deceased ; and now irfl the Occupation of Mr. George Cowdell, as Tenant from Year to Year. 1 oe Fences are 111 good Condition, and the Eitate is well watered. Further Particulars maybe obtained, by applying to Mr. How, the Executor; or to Mr. Adam., Attorney at Law, both of Market- Harborough ;— and Mr. Cow- dell, ot Naseby, will shew the Estate. To be SOLD by AUCTiON, By JOHN CHURCHILL and SON, On Monday the 31ft of March, and Tuefday the jft of April, 1794, THE LIVE and DEAD STO. CK, FARM- ING- IMPLEMENTS, & DAIRY- UTENSOLS. of Mrs. DOLLEY, at SOULDERN, near Deddington, 111 the County ot Oxford, who is leaving the Fanning Bufinefs : Comprizing 48 Miich'd, In- calf, & Barrel? Cows, 20 Ewes and Lambs, am, one Rain; two Draught Mares, and two Yearling Colts ; lix fat Hogs, a Sow and Pigs; upwards of fo Tons of exceeding good Hay, ot the lalt Year's Produce ; three Narrow- wheel'd Waggons, three Carts, with Ploughs, Har- rows, and farming- Implements; a large Barret- Churn, 12 Milk- Leads, a Copper, and other Brewing The Sale to begin each Day precifely at Eleven Catalogues may be had at the Inns in the Neigh, bourflood ; Place of Sale; and of the Auaioneers, in woodstock, Oxon. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By EDWARD COX, On Thurfday next the 13th of March' inflatit, in CrAcK - BOwl - LANe, NORThAMPTON, EVERAL LOTS of BUILDING MA- TEIUALS belonging to a MALTING, late in the Occupation of Mr. Hopkins -. Consisting of several Thousand Tiles; a Quantity - of Plaster of Paris; about thirty Lots of old Timber, of various Scantlings, Boards, and Fire- Wood; alio a large Quantity of Highway Stones. The Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock. likewise will be Sold by Private C'jntraR. TWO MENAGERIES. May be viewed, by applying'to the Auctioneer. To CREDITORS. WHEREAS JOHN MILLS, of KIbWoRTH - HARCOURT, in the County of Leicester, Miller, hss made an Alignment of all kis Estate and Eftefts, to Mr. Edward Berry, of Ash- I ley, in the County of Northampton, Farmer, and Mr. David Oswin, of Market- Harborough, in the County of Leicester, Victualler, for the Benefit of all his Creditors, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That fuch of" the Creditors of the faid John Mills as are willingto accept the Dividend to aril'e by the Sale of his Eft. vc and Eife& s, by Virtue of the faid AlFign- tnent, in full of their respestive Demands, may exe- cute the fame, at Mr. Burford's Oiiise, in Market- Harborough ; and that thole who do not execute fuch Deed, on or before the 29th Day of April next, will be excluded from the Benefit thereof. It is requested that such persons to whom the said John Mills is indebted, will immediately transmit to Mr. Burford an Account of their Demands; and that such Persons as are indebted to the faid John Mills will forthwith discharge the same. To be SOLD bv A U C T L O N, By GEORGE KNIBB, On Wednesday the ad Day of April next enfuine, between the Hours of Three and Seven o'Clock' in the Afternoon, at the Swan Inn, in Newport- Pag- nell, in the County of Bucks, 1 if not before disposed of by Private Contract, of which timely Notice will be given,) ACOPYHOLD and FREEHOLD ESTATE, fitnute in CRANFIELD a d MILBROOK,. in the County of Bedford, in the followirg Lots, \ iz. LOT lit. A Substantial Copyhold Messuage or Farm- Houle, with convenient Out- Houses, Barns, Stable, Covv- Houle, Yard, Garden, and Orchard thereto ad- joining, situate in Wood- End, in the Parish of Cran- t-. eld aforesaid. And alio a Copyhold Toft, whereon sometime since stood a Messuage ; and alio fever d Copyhold Clol'es 6f Arable Laud, Ley, Meadow, and Palture Ground, with several Spinnies of thriving Timber thereon, containing together- by- Estimation, 50 Acres, lying 111 Wood- End aforesaid, and seven Acres by Estimation of Arable Land and Grass Ground, lying in the Common Fiold of Cranfield aforefaid, all in the Occupation of William Paine. IoT2d. Fwo Freehold closes ' of pasture Ground, lying m Bone- End, in the Paiilh of Cranfield afoie- laid, called Thick- Bushes. containing together by In- timation, ten Acres, in the Occupation of John Taylor LOT 3d, A Copyhold Close of pasture Ground, fituate 111 Bone- end atorefaid, containing bv Estima- tiou fix Acres, now alfo in the Occupation of the faid John taylor. ' I- Ot ath. A Freehold Cottage or Tenement, situate' m Milbrook atorefaid, witn a Close or Pightle of. Palture thereto belonging, contaimng by Estimation one Acre. And also another Close or Pasture Ground., in Milbrook five' Acres, all in thb " Occupation of Joseph Bunker. N. B. The Timber and Pollard Trees to be takeni at a Valuation. For further Particulars, apply t. o Mr. Hurst, Newport- Pagnell aforesaid ; and for a View of the Premises to the respective Tenants. 6ih March, 1794. • NORTHAMPTON NAVIGATION. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next General Quarterly Meeting tf the Commissioners ading for the Navigation of the River Nine or N> n, will be held at the Town- Hall, in Northammc, 1 thursday the 27th of March instant, at Ten o'C'lo- in the Forenoon ; at which Time the Proprietors - ' V receive their Interest due at Ladv- Dav. J. GArDiN'R, Treasurer Friday and Saturday s Posts.- LONDON, March 8. eArL Howe will hoist his flag on board the Queen Charlotte, at Portsmouth, in — i the course of the enfuiug week-. Commodore elphinstone, who was appointed Commandant at Toulon, on it's being first pos- sessed by the English. is on his way to England, with two very fine Clips of. the line, taken in that port ;- ra'n:' of them is the Commerce de Marseilles, of 120 suns. The grand camp is to be at Ashmore, in Kent, instead of Coxheath, as was at first intended. Jt is computed that not less than 40,000 work- ing miners are daily employed ( under ground) in the mines of Cornwall ; aui it is supposed there are a still greater number in other works of lead, coal, and copper, 111 different parts of Great Britain. Militia.— Respecting the augmentation of the militia, the proposal we understand to be the same as was adopted in the last war, by increasing the militia volunteer companies. In addition to this, in towns upon the sea- coast in particular, encouragement is alfo to be given for railing corps for their own defence. Cavalry are also to be raised— Government to pay for the horses, arms, cloathing, & c. and tem- porary rank to be given to those who raise them, according to the number of men they procure. Jt is likewise proposed to form troops of horse in some places, to consist of the Gentleman and Yeomanry of counties, the officers of which are to have temporary commissions.— Thefe bodies of cavalry to be attached to the particular county in which thev are raised, unless called out by in- vasion, or the appearance of invafion, or for the suppression of riots in neighbouring counties. While on service, they are to receive pay. Companies of infantry, for the batteries on the coast, are likwise proposed. Each company is to consist of a Captain, two Lieutenants, and 60 6r 70 men, fome of whom are to aft as pioneers when necessary. The officers are to have com- missions; they are to assemble every week to ex- ercise, and to be paid on the day of exercise; qud to have arms and accoutrements furnished at the - expence of Government; and not to be re- moved from the places, for the particular safety of which they are intended, unless upon any- great emergency. Plans, of which the above, we understand, are the heads, have been sent to the Lords Lieu- tenants and principal Gentlemen of several coun- ties, for their approbation. The Taylor versus the Mouse.— An unlucky mouse having, a few days ago, made free with a cheese of a taylor in Stockport ( for mice in these cases do not discriminate)— a trap was set — the culprit caught— and vengeance threatened. This taylor y one of a society of liberty- men called jacobins, and with a spirit auiting the fraternity, he reaolved to guillotine the mouae. Still more to enrich the tteai lie dignified it with the appellation of a cer- tain Royal Duke— made it a red jacket— and him- felf was to be the executioner. A meeting night was appointed tor the deed— the hour of fix the time— and the raylor was ready with his fhrouded viftim, trembling beneath his fingers, and a large lenife in his right hand for the bloody purpofe. Eagerly watching the clock for the fignal, at the appointed moment he gave the fatal ftroke— but fo incautiouflv, that the animal darting it's little heat! aside, left the hand of the taylor exposed, ami he fairly chopped off his fore- finger and thumb! His victim, profiting by the circumstance, made a fudden dart, and efcaped from it's manly enemy.-— This we are assured is a fact—' Tis hard to fay, whether the folly, or the intention of the action is most remarkable.— Chester Courant. Dublin, Fet. 25. A very uncommon circuin- fta. xe happened yefterdav " to the child of one rorke, of Thomas- Street.— A boy about seven years of age, who had charge of au infant, went to iiih in the refer voir that fupplies the town with water. just as the pipes were opened, in conse- quence of a fire that broke out in Bridge flreet, he happened to let his sister fall, who was preci- pitated through the pipes, and was actually car- ried into the arms of one of the firemen where the water had venr. The infant was apparently dead; but no marks having appeared of it's receiv- in; any injury, except suffocation, & a surgeon in the street having treated it accordingly, the child was restored to life by the means recommended to recover drowned perions by the Humane Society. From the resorvoir to Bridge- street is more than an Eng'ilh mile. _____ HOUSE of COMMONS, Thursday, March 6. Mr. Mainwaring, after stating several improprieties which liad obtained respecting a due observation of the Sabbath, owing to the relaxation or inadequacy of the laws rtL- mng thereto, particularly in the in fiance of journeymen Bakers, which part of his propofed mea- lure would go to rejtrain from baking on a Sunday except from the hours of ten till one inclulivc, moved tor leave to hrinj? in a Rill to explain and amend an Act passed in the twenty- ninth year of the reign of King Charles. The motion, after a few- words from Mr. Joliffe, and xome observations from Sir James Sanderson, ' the late lord Mavor,) in fupyort of what fell from Mr. Mainwaring, was agreed to, and Mr. Mainwaring and Sir james Sanderson ordered to prepare and bring in tile Bill accordingly, . . Mr. Pitt, pursuant to his notice, rofe to move for a Bill to augment this part of the national force. He observed, that in the prefent fit nation of the nation, it was evident that every potiible exertion was ne- cetl'ary, as wetl to a vigorous, external profecution of the war, as to the more important concern ol home preservati'ton ; it was therefore deemed ad v liable- to take the sperdiedt steps to augment the Militia forces : I nch a meafure obtained in the coutl'e of the late war, in the year 1779, but 011 the present occasion it was mean, to an ply tor rather a greater latitude, in as much a.; at the former period, the augmentation confuted ot adding a number of privates to each company; whereas, at prulent, it was propol'ed to give the option to his Maielty, citlu- itto augment the regiments as above, or to do it bv adding the- entire companies to each corps. He. likewise stated, that it was in contemplation to rail'e Volunteer Companies for the purpofe ot local de- fence, particularly in the maritime parts; and which, a., thev probably would confift of the gentry and yeo- manry ot'tlie different counties, were not to be marched from their respective counties, except in cafes of ab- solute necessity; a considerable portion of thel'ej it was intended, should he cavalry; such a measure was deemed necessary, in order to render it almoft impoflible tlmt any desperate attempt of the enemy, to harrafs or • lilt! el's thrs country, either in a temporary or partial point of view, by throwing in a body of troops on the coast, should be at tended with the desired effect. The measure which was intended immediately to be put into execution, related solely to the Militia; he would move for the 13ill simply to that elicit, in the fame manner as had been done in the late war. He then moved for leave to bring in a bill to augment the militia. Mr. M. a. Taylor observed, that as he saw no ne- cessity for such an increase of our internal land force, and as such a proceeding must not only incrcafe the national expences, but take away a number of hands from the cultivation of the land, he would give the meafure, when it came regularly before the Iloul'c, his decided negative. Mr. J. S. Cocks spokc in supportof themeasure, as did , . Mr. Vansittartx who stated, that the subscriptions in the country towards railing the Volunteer Com panies were very conlUlerable ; that of the Grand Jury at Reading amounted to near 1500!. Mr. fox lamented that it should be found expedient * to Call for such an extensive and unprecedented aug- mentation of the internal force, and 111 a much greater degree than when, during the late war, the great . powers of Europe were combined againxt us, and their hension and danger of invasion was now considered to be proportionable greater than at that period tlie na- tion, notwithstanding all it'S alliances and advantages in the prefent, mutt he reduced to a very alarming crilis indeed ; fuch proceedings, he observed, did not forbode well as to tut success of the war.— However, as other opportunities would otter for giving his senti- ments at large upon the measure, lie would refer hiiu- felf till then. Mr. Ryder Observed, that the measure was princi- pally intended effectually to counteract any desperate exertion . which the enemy might attempt for a tem- porary distress of this kingdom ; at the same time it would be attended with another good effect, namely, to give 11s an opportunity Of making greater external exertions. Mr Grey said a few words in support of what fell from gentlemen oil his liik- of the Houl'e; after which the question was put and carried, and the bill ordered to be brought in accordingly. Mr. whitbread rose to make his promised motion on this fiibjeit, which he prefaced with a speech of con- fuierabli; length. He obferved, that a great niajority of the numerous and complicated treaties before that Houfe were of fuch a nature, as to be incompatible with the real honour of the Crown, and injurious to the iuterests; of the country. In animadverting on thefe topics, lie found it necessary to take a compre- lieniive view, not only of the diiterent treaties made during, and for a certain time previous to the war, but to the origin and principles of the war itfelf. The facts alluded to, and the arguments adduced on the occasion, being such as have been often repeated by the Hon.. Gentleman himself, and by others oil former occasions, we deem it unnecessary to detail them. He observrd, that according to tile declaration of Ministers, their objects were indemnity and security, those. were very indefinite terms, as almost any con- struction might be put upon them; a-, he considered that in every point of view the war mult be, even if succcssful, prejudicial to this country ; in which case, the destruction of our liberties Would ensue, and we should be involved in endless Continental wars on ac- count of the partition of France, as little else seemed the real views of Austria and Prussia He considered that the best steps which could be taken for the prefer- vation of every thing dear to us, would be to withdraw from our alliances, for which favourable opportunities prefented themselves;— he alluded principally to the report, which was confidently a Iter ted, that his Prussian Maiesty had declared nis inability to go 011 with the War without pecuniary aid, and had de- manded a subsidy of 703, ocol. from this country; and the other instance. to the Empress of Russia's neglect- ing to fulfil her engagements; of those lie raeommended, that every advantage thould be taken, and to treat im- mediately for a feparate peace. He concluded by moving an Address to his Majesty,- praying that he- would'be pleased to take the above circumstances into his consideration, and recommending a specdy negocia- tion for peace.— On the question being put, mr jenkinson rofe, and in a speech of fome length, opposed the Motion, as recommending a measure equally disgraceful and impolitic: the tenor of the Hon. Gentleman's arguments were such as have been before fo successfully opposed to propositions of t he above nature. Sir G. P. Turner was against the Motion, but la- mented that the burdens of the poor were necessarily encreased by the burdens of the war. He recom- mended a tax upon all the rich, in proportion to their respective properties. mr. Fox, in a speech of considerable length, sup- ported the Motion. He recapitulated, commented on, and enforced the different arguments of his Hon. Friend. Mr. Pitt, in a speech of great length, displayed his accustomed eloquence and ability against the motion; lie observed, that the far greater part of the Hon. Gentleman's specch was totally irrelative to the professed subject of it, namely, the consideration of certain treaties. As to w hat had been laid againlt the war, he had the less difficulty in refuting it, as it had been so ably clone before; and the House having decided accordingly. After which the House divided, when thercappeared in favour of the Motion i&, againlt it 138, majority 112. • For SALE by AUCTION, By BENJAMIN MASON, On Thurfday tile 13th of March infl. on the Premifes, ALL the HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, J\ Sec. of THOMAS CORNISH, Woolcomber and Weaver, it GREAT- CREATON, in the Comity of Northampton : Coi. fifting of Bedflcads with Har- ratcen and outer Furniture ; Flock Beds and Bedding; Oak Bureau, Chelt of Drawers, Tables and Chairs; a Thirty- liour Clock ; Kitchen- Furniture;— Iron Fur- nace, Wool Rings, Warping- Mill, Loom, Wool- Combs andfuiviry other Articles.-- Alfo aufeful Road Horl'e. The Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By ARTHUR BROWNSGRAVE, On Tuefday the tilth iflflant, at the Ram- Inn, North- ampton, unlei's difpol'ed of in the mean Time by Private Contrail, ARoomy FREEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSE, fit for a Genteel Family, is upwards of ; o Feet in Front, fituatcd in N t; w 1. A N n, in NORTHAMPTON, late in the Occupation of Mrs. Ecciet: Confifting pf 4 ceiled Garrets, four Chambers in Front, with a Projecting. W'indow near the Centre; one Back Lodging Room, with a Clofet; two Parlours in Front, a Kitchen, Brewhoufe, with a Stole Room over the fame; two good Cellars, a Pantry and other Out- Olfices; a fmali Court Yard and Garden, with a Pump and good Water. The Sale to commence at Five in the Afternoon. For a View of the Premiles, and further Particulars, apply 10 the Auctioneer, in Sheep- Street, North- ampton. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By JiibKEiVS ami < COBBi At the Be 1.1. INN; in OLKEY, in the County of Bucks, 011 Wednel'day the 19th of March inftant; ( Bv OKDF. R OF THE AS S I C N i: KS) HTHE STOCK in TRADE » f JAM. S - IL MARRIOTT, ( a Bankrupt).. Confuting of near, 10,000 Yards of Lace, ( principally Edgings), upwards of fro Dozen of Cap Piece's, Threads, i. e. The Goods to be viewed the Morning of Sale, and to begin at Ten o'Clock. Harborouoh and IVelfotd Turnpike- Roads. N l'urfuance of the Order of Nathaniel Penrce, & [ ames Wcltden Roberts, Ffqrs. the Rtv. John Sandford, William Stanton, Charles Marfhall, Geotge Kpulton, and Robert Wright, Clerks, and Mr. John Chapman :—'- NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the Trultees of the Turnpike- Road leading from the Town of Northampton, to Chain Bridge, near Market Harboro', and from the Direftiou- Poft in Kinglthorpe, in the County of Northampton, toWel- ford Bridge, in the laid County, have appointed their next Meetingto be held at the Houl'e of Mr. Richard- fon, known bv the Name of the George Inn,- in Rrix- wartb, in the'laid County, 011 Thurfday the 20th Day of this iliftant March, at the Hour of Ten in the Fore- noon. J. MARKHAM, Clerk to the Truftees. Northampton, 8th March, 1794. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By ARTHUR BROWNSGRAVE, On Thurfday the loth inftant, and following Dav, T'lE Genteel HOUSEHOLD - FURNI- TURE of Mr. JOSHUA RAINES,' sdk- Dyer, in the SOUTH YE A R T U, NORTHAMPTON: Con- fitting of Betlfteads, with Check and other Furniture; Feather- Beds hnd Bedding; a large Mahogany Beaufet with Folding filals Doors; Mahogany Cht^ t on Cheft Bureau; Card and Claw Tables; eight '. liklioganv Chairs with Flair Seats, pui- chafed New within the- laft two Years ; Pier and DrefTing Glail'es; fome capital glazed Prints; China and Glafs; neat Bath Grate and Fire- Irons; good Kitchen- Grate and Wind- up Jack; Brafs and Copper; two Brewing- Coppers, Walhing- Furnace, Tubs, Calks, & c. ; a Hot- l'refs with Papers ard Boards complete; ail Alfortment of Dye Stuffs, anu a Silk Frame. N. B. Any Perfon of the above Bufmefs, who withes to take the Houfe- and Premilcs, wi. ich arc well fit 11- ate. l, being near the River, may be accommodated with the Utenlils for the Bulineff, at a fair Appraife- .. . :. ... Ill u 1 /-, .....-..- .1- A ...... WANTED, A JOURNEYMAN BLACK SMITH— A good Workman may hear of con- sant Employ, by applying to Mr. Briggs, at the Rose- and- Crown inn, Northampton; or to Mr. Bruce, in Leicester. To WHITESMITHS. AFine Opportunity now offers itself for a Clever Workman— \ bHOP, ( only built three Years) with TWO FORGES, and a complete Afl'ort- ment of TOOLS, with a large WHEEL LATHE, tor turning Iron, & c. complete, late the Property of WM. RISELEY, of NOrtHAMTON, who is going to leave the Country, having adigned over all his Effexts, to Mr. John Bridges, Coal- Merchant, of Northamp- ton, for the Benefit of his Creditors, who are deli red to give in their Accounts, 011 or before the si ft Day of March, to the said Mr. Bridges: And all Persons in- debted to the aforesaid Wm. Risely, are also desired to pay the same to Mr. Bridges. The Dwell in g- Houfe ( annexed to the Shop) maybe had at Lady- Day, at a low Rent, without Taxes. For Particulars, apply to Mr. Benjamin Mason, Auctioneer, in Northampton; who will shww the Tools, ice. ( p>- The Shop may be had without the Houae. IRONMONGERY, CUTLERY, is'c. THOMAS TITE, ( SUCCESSOR to the late Mr. MARSHALL,) BEGS Leave to inform his Friends and the Public in general, That he has laid in < 1 large Assortment of Goods in the above Branches, which he is now felling, on the mod reasonable Terms, at his Shop, in the HIGH- STREET, Daventry. T. TITE wishes also to express his Gratitude, in the strongest Terms, for the great Encouragement he lias hitherto received, and hopes, by a diligent and regular Attention to Busines, to fecurc the continued Appro- bation of his Cuftomers. Daventry, March 8, 1794. BREWERY. APerson, who is perfectly Master of every Part of the above Business, and has a general Knowledge of Trade, offers himself as a BREWER and MANAGER. Letters directed Post- paid) to Mr. Parks, Brewer, Baldwin- Garden, London, will be immediately at- tended to. Appralle- ment, as it will be a good Opportunity, Mr. BA I F. S being about to leave this Country. The Sale to begin each Morning at Ten o'Clock. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By GEORGE KNIBB, On Thurfday the 20th of March inftant, THE LIVE . and DEAD STOCK, and fundry Ei'FF. CTS, of a GENTLEMAN, leaving the Neighbourhood, at the MANOR - HOUSE, in BROUGHTON, near NE W RONT- PA R. NE I. I., Bucks: Comprizing a few Draught Horfes, fome ufetul Dairy- Cows, Dairy Utenfils, fomb Implements of Hufban- drv, & a genteel Allortmen* of HonfehoUl- Furn'rlure , Confiding of Four- poll Bedfteads in Morinc and otlier Furnitures, Feather Beds. Blankets. Counterpanes, and MattreHes ; a Suit of Mahogany Cabriole Dming- RoonvChairs; a well- ton'd Harphchord, in a Maho- gany Cafe ; Mahogany Dining and Card Tables ; Pier and Drolling dalles ; an Eight- day Clock in a Gre noble Cafe ; a tew Lots of Glafs anil China ; Bed and Table Linen ; with ali the Brewing Utenlils, Iron- bound Beer Calks, and fundry other Eftedts. ' l'he Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock. Valuable Live Stock, & c. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY and SON, On Wednefday the 19th Day of March, on the Prcmifes at HOliTON - LNN, near Northampton, THE LIVE STOCK, & C. belonging to Mr. SHREWSBURY, wtlo is leaving the Bargain: Confiftiilg of upwards of too fine Ewes and Lambs, 40 Tegs, 30 Sheatliogs, three Rams; two very ufeful Draught Mares, one of which is In- foal by a capital Horfe, two Draught Horfes, one Two^ year- old Filly, two Yearling Colts ; five Milch Cow's, line In- calf Heifers ; one ftaut Waggon, two Six- inch- wheel Carts, one Narrowvwiieel- Ditto; Harnefs for four HotleS, & c. & c. The above Stock is Wsll worth the Notice of the Public, who with to become P « rchalcrs,- » - The Siiecp in particular, being romarkably Healthv and Sound. The Sheep will be properly allotted and penned, and the firlt Lot be put upcxaftlyat Ten o'Clock. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By EDWARD LEES, On the Premifes of Mr. ISAAC WELLS, of SHEL- FORD, in the Parifh - of Li T T 1 r.- Bu 11 TO\, in the County of Warwick, 011 Tuel'day and Wcdnef clay, the istli and 19th of March, 1794, LL the neat, ufefal, and good LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, and DAIRY UTENSILS,: Confiding of fix Waggon Horfes, one Nag Mare; ( even Cows and Calves, five In- calv'. i Ditto, four In- calv'd Heifers, fix Stirks one Bull; 10B Ewes, In- lamb'd, 33 fat Sheep Hoggrils; two Store Pigs; Tackling for Six Horfes; two Narrow- wheel Waggons, one Six- inch Cart, one Narrow- wheel Ditto, one Double Plough, two Single Ditto, two Ditto Harrows, Roll, Stadle, 100 Fleaks, and every other neceiiary Article for Dairying & Huf bandry. ' The Sheep to be Sold on Wednelilay. The Sale to begin at Ten 6' Cloek each Morning. N. B. The Farm is adjoining Woolvev- Hearh; feven Miles from Coventry ; iix from Hinckley ; & five from Nuneaton. Catalogues to be had in due Time, at the Greyhound, Lutterworth ; George, Hinckley ; Swan, Atherftone ; Bull ami Anchor, Coventry ; and at the Auctioneer's, Nuneaton. Pollfcript. HOUSE of COMMONS, Friday, March 7. UPON the motion for committing the Bill for regulating the Toll to be taken by Millers, Mr. Smith rofe to exprefs his difapprobation of the meafure. It went, to alter a long ufed and eltablifhed law, without ftifiicient reafon being ftated of the neceffity of fuch a procedure. He was of opinion that the law as it now ftood was quite fufiicient to correft any abufes in the mal- praftices of millers. . iir Francis- Baffet was much fur prized that any objeftion fhould be brought againft the prefrnt B'll. He entered into a detail of the abufes praftifed by millers ; and maintained that a poor perfon, as the law now itood, could gain no red refs; inafmuch as the cofts of an indiftment would be at leaft 14I. in order to recover ftxpence. T he Attorney General obferved that mills were a fpecics of property as much as any efiate held in fee Cmple, and the prefent Bill went to fubjeft the whole of this property to the difcretion of two juftices; this was a point fo very important, that he felt it his duty to oppofe it's even going into a Committee. The Mafter of the Rolls alfo oppofed the Bill. After fome other converfation upon the ftibjeft, the Hotife divided,— for committing the bill, 30, - againft it 59,— Majority 29. The Paper Duty Bill was read a fceond time, and committed for Monday. ~ L O N 8. A1 By the Flanders Mail of yefterdaj;, letters were received from Ottend of * he date of Wednefday, which announce the fafe arrival of the Guards at that place, as alfo of his Royal Highnels the Duke of York, in good health. At that time nothing more than fkirmifhes had taken place on the Frontiers, though every day frefh intelligence was brought of the preparations making by the enemy; thefe, however, were ac- companied by affurances, that the French army was in a dreadful ftate of diforganization. What tended more than any thing to confirm this infor- mation, was it's being brought acrofs the Frontiers by deferrers,. who found means to pafs daily in conliderable numbers, both officers and privates. The Mail brings little important intelligence from the neighbourhood of the Rhine.— Skir- mifhes continue, and each party retain nearly the fame pofitions they have occupied for thefe three months. The enfuing campaign, it is is faid, will be opened by another Proclamation addrefied to the French Nation, publifhed in the name of all the Combined Powers. All the vigilance of the French Committees cannot now check intelligence from the interior of France, which fpe'aks of an increaiing fpirit of hoftllity' rifing upagainft the Conve- ntion.-- It's agents in eve^ v quarter exercife their authority by fuch fanguinarv means, that the public voice is no longer fmothered.— At Lyons, it is faid, not lefs than FI VE THOUSAND haveperiihed un- der the Revolutionary Axe, which when the laft accounts came away was again in motion ! FORTUNATE LOTTERY- TICKETS. Eleventh day. No. 48,- 4;, 2000I. No. 21,419, locfol. Nos. 29,660, 31,550, and 39/ 51, 100I. each. Nos.' 11,039, 18,568, 21,749, and 36,. 94, 50I. each. Tivttfth day. No. 47,693, loooi. No. 2 ® , 335, 500!. NoS. 7976, 10,677, iS, 970,' 19,860, 25,224, anti 3", 215, 10OI. each. Nos. 42S7, 5129, 19,370, and 46,524, 501. each. Thirteenth day. No. 7S34, 5C0I. Nos. 4418, - 435, 100I. each. Nos. 5S5, 6071, 6140, 38,054, 40,489, and 4-,- O6, 50I. BURGLARY.. WHEREAS some evil- dispofed Person or persons did, on Thursday Night the 6th, or early 011 Friday Morning the 7th inftant, FORCE OPEN A MILL,' belonging to Mr. WM. WATsON, of KILSBY, in the County ot Northampton* and TAKE THEREOUT a large Quantity of SACK FLOUR, and TWO SACKS— the one marked J. Lovett, and tile other william watson, Kilsby- Mill, No. 11. Any Person or Persons who will give Information of the Offender or Ollenders, fo that he or they may be brought to Justice, shall, 011 Conviction, receive a Reward of TEN GUINEAS, of the laid Mr. Watson ; and if more than one were concerned therein, 011 dis- covering hisor their Accomplice or Accomplices, he or tliev shall be entitled to the like Reward, and Interest made for his or their FREE PARDON. Kilsby, March 8, 1794. LEFT, AT the Half- Moon Inn, in AyLESBURY, Bucks, on the 14th Day of June, 1793, An Aged BLACK MARE, About 14J hands high, with a few Grey Hairs about her, a Bald Face, four White Legs and a-' Cut Tail and the same not having since been fetched away, THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That unless tile Owner of the said Mare shall think proper to apply or fend for her, before Saturday the 29th Day ot March inlt. and fatisfy me for the reafon- able Expences of her Keep, 1 It- all, on that Day, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, catife her to be So 1. D bv PubliC AUCTION, at the said Inn, towards Payment thereof.— Dated the 8th Day of March, 1794. JOHN HOW. Half- Moon Inn, Aylesbury. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. TITE, On Tuesdav the 6th inftant, at the House of Mr. Edward CIarke, at Four o'Clock, TENEMENT, with the Garden and Appurtenances, fituate in YELVeRtOFT, in the Occupation of Robert Weston. For further , enquire of the Auctioneer, in Daventry. A AUCTION SALE, at BRACKLEY. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By W. COLLI S S O N, On Wednefday the 19th of this inflaht March, on the Pit- miles of the late Mrs. GRE Y, of BR AC K. LE Y, deeeafed, ALL the HOUSEHOLD- GOODS and FURNITURE: Confuting of Sundry Featli r Beds, Bedfteads and Furniture, Dtefting arid. other ' Fables, Chairs, Glades, China and Earthen- ware; Kitchen Furniture; Brewir< and Walhing Utenfils; an Jight- day Clock, and I'uridry othdr Articles; like- wile a Mahogany Armed Chair, on two high Wheels and & Caflor for Lame Perfons to V, heel tlurmfelves. The Sale to begin exa& ly at Ten o'clock, as the W'hole is intended to he Sold in one Day. Catalogues may be had by applying to'the Auctioneer, the Day before the Sale,. at liis Houl'e ift Brackley aforefaid. N. 15. The Houfe and Premifes to be Lett, Con- fifting of a Dwelling Houfe arid Out- Buildings, lituate ill the High- Street, Brackley, with an exceeding good Garden and Orchard adjoining. To be SOLD by AUCTION, At the White- Hart Inn, in Buckingham, on Monday the ? th Day of April, 1794, between tile Hours of Two and tour in the Afternoon ( if not looser dif- pofedof by Private Contrail, of which, ifitthould happen, diie Notice will be given in this Paper,} Very Defirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, . fituate at ' 1 HORN BOR OUCH, in the County of Bucks, three Miles from the Town of Buckingham, five from Window, and five from Stony- Stratford, it> the faid County -. Confifting of a fub'ltantinl Farm- lloufe, with convenient Out- Offices ; and a Clofe of rich failure- Ground adjoining, containing three Acres or thereabouts; with feveral Pieces and Parcels of Arable, Meadow, Pajture, and Sweard Land, lying- and beingdil'perl'edly in the Open anu Common Fields, Parilh, and Prefintts of Thornborqngli afo.' elaid; con- taining together ( by EflimationJ five Yartf- i- ands; with a Very estenfive Right of Common for Sheep and great Cattle thereto belonging;-— now in the Occu- pation of Thomas - Cranwell, Tenant at Will, at the very low Rent of 63I. per Annum. Kit further Particulars, and to treat for the Purchafe, apply to Jamej Butnliam, Attorney at i aw, Winflow, Bucks; l" d tor a View of- the Premies, apply to the Tenant. N. It. If deli red, Part of the . Purthrafc- Monev may' remain upon Sti'writjr of flie 1' jcunl'as. at lawful imetcft. 19,9^ 9, and 47,9.69, iool. 585, 60^ 1, 744°> each. Fourteenth day. No. 4393, 5000I. Nos. 18,200, and 36,724, 100I. each. Nos. 7953, 47,661, and 48,056, 50I. each. Fifteenth day. No. 36,814, 30,0001. Nos. 7833, arid 10,396, tool. each. Nos. 7585, 10,942, 24,657, 30,453, 39,426, 311143,490, ; ol. each. The above prize of Thirty Thoufand Pounds, has fallen to the lot of 25 ped'ons molt of them Clerks in the Bank. We underftand the ' Picket was part of fifty taken out of the Bank by the party, and not bought a't any office; the iti lt 45 of the ; o the)' ltood themlelves, and the lalt to be drawn 25, they fold; a cultom very common, which reduces the price of the firji drawn moiety very confiderably. PRIC ES of STOC KS ( Yelterd" ay): - Bank Stock fhiit. — 3 perCeht. Red. ' Unit.— 3 per Cent. Conf. bo^^.— 4 per Cent.— 5 per Cent. 100 A 4 i.— India Stock—:—. - Navy Bills 5 i i i dif. , N O R T H A M P T O N, SATURDAV EVENING, March 8. jj J- Lots, z and 3 in the ad- vcrttfcmcnt of • I fates to be foUlat Cranficld and Millbrook ( inferred in the preceding f age) are dilpofed of by Private Contra^: The Lqrd- Chancellor has been plea fed to ap- point Mr. Henry Walford, of Riceftcr, in the County of Oxford, a Mafter Extraordinary in the High Court of Chancery. The preferments of the' Rev. Mr. Tyfon, whofe death was announced in this paper lalt week, we underftand are thus difpoted of— Rev. Mr. R. Lucas- of Cafterton, to the Deanry of Stamford— Rev. Mr. Bonney of. KingVCbffi, to tlie living of - Gretford— and the Rev. Mr. T. Hurft of Stamford, to that of Wittering. Tuefday came on the eleftion for a member of Parliament to fervefor the Borough of Banbury, in the room of F. North, Efq. who accepted the office of comptroller of the Cuftoms; when Holbech, of Farnborotigh, in the county of Warwick, Efq. wasduK eledfed, in oppourion to the intereft of the Guildford family, who had long commanded that Borough, The Buckinghamfhire militia have left Win- ebefter, and are gone to Andover, Whitchurch, and Bafingftoke. On Tharfday laft came on at Guildhall, Lon- don, Ixfore Lord Kenyon and a moft refpcflable fpccial Jury 1 the lotlg depending caufe between Mt- fl'rs. Inge and Carter, of Coventry, and Mr. Mdfon, Attornev. This was a Caufe in the Nature ot a- Warranto, ifl'ued in the name of the King, upon the relation of Mr. John Carter* calling upon Mr4 Mnfan to faevv by what Au thoriju fee exercifed the Office of one of the Common Council. After a trial of four hours, the Jury gave a verdidt for the Defendant. It is faid that the innkeepers and victuallers in different parts of the kingdom, are abont con- vening meetings, for the purpofe confuldng on the propriety of petitioning Parliament this feffion, for the better payment of foldiers'quar- ters, by an addition of per day more to each man, and per day more for each horfe, to lie paid out of their re( pef* ive countv- rates ; which mode, if adopted, will be the means of towns and villages lying in theremoteft part of • the counties, paying a part, though not a pro- portionate one, to thofe who now bear the bur- ' den by refiding on the public roads. At our affixes, - which ended on Thurfday, four prifoners were capitally convicted, « nd received ' fentence of death, viz. Tbomns Rrauur, for fop- ping Wra. Bamford, of Cottingham, upon the highway, and robbing him of ten guineas and - fome filver;— Benjamin Pearce, for breaking into the ( hop of John Battams, of Stoke- Rruerne, cordwainer, and dealing thereout a number of lafts, women's lhoes and flippers, together with a quantity of leather and fimdry other articles, the property of the faid John Battams; and fome working tools, & c. the propertv of Tho. Jonesj • his journeyman;— and John Higglns and Mary James, for horfe- ftealing :— the latter ( VI. James:) was reprieved before the judge left the town : but the three former are left for execution. Tho* , Gleeds, alias Leeds, charged with the ir, urder of a child, about five years old, in theparifh of St* . Sepulchre, in this town, was ordered to remain in prifon, till due order made concerning him by two juftices, as a dangerous lunatic. Upon his trial, he acknowledged the truth of every ciruimftance concerning the " murder alledged agaird't him. It- was, however, proved upon the oath of a fergeant in the marines, into which corps he inliited in the year 1790, and remained therein for about eight months, that he was generally cortfidered ' as non compos mentis, and on that account'dif- charged from' the ( aid regiment; which alfo his difcharge, produced in court, fully fated ; and his unhappy weaknefs of intellect being like wife corroborated by other circumftances, he was (; ho* every charge in, the inHiftmcnt" was fuITv proved) acquitted of the murder in the eye of the law ; — R. ichard Bird ( a lad only 15- years of age} - con- victed of grand larcenj-, in ftcaling- a filver watch, • was, on ^ iount of his youth, and the excellent charadtcr he bore previous to the offence, only ! fined is. and difcharged ;— Martha Beaumont, charged with dealing old iron ; and Robert Uii- * derwood, with having entered the houfe of Eliza. Bofworth, of . Braybrook, in the night- time, with intent to rob ths fame— were delivered bv proclamation;— and Char'es Robins, Richard War- rail, and Ediv. Wadfworth ; the two forrher charged with entering the ftableof Tho. Dow that, of Collywefton, with intent to ftjal a bay geld* ing, and a bay mare; and the latter indicted far a burglary at Newnham, were acquitted. Laft Sunday fe'nnight about two o'clock iti the afternoon, while, the family were attending di- vine fervjee, the houfe of Mr. Cap'ron, maltfter, of Hitchin, wasentered and robbea of 80 guineas. Sufpicion falling on George Taylor, a farmer's fervant in the neighbourhood, from the citcuni- ftance of his having, fhewn a number of guineas to a boy who drove his team, he was taken into cuf- tody on the Wednefday following, and upon be, ing fearched, 98 guineas were found in his pock- ets ; when he immediately confeffed the fait, and alfo another robbery. He was that night com- mitted to Hitchin Bridewell for re- examination the next day; but in the morning was' found dead, having put a period to iiis life by hanging himfelf with, the firings' belonging to'his high- topp'd lltoes. The Coroner's ju ry fat on the body, and brought in their verdict Self. Murder. Tuefday John Manning. was taken'. up St Bir. minghnm, charged with coining halfpence, lie was btifil. y employed when the officers of the police made him a very unexpected frillfj' and found in his poffeffion a number of dies; - nnd up- wards of a- hu'ndredTbs. weight'of counferfeit1 halfpence. The bbdy qf a poor old. man, \ yjio had been buriedi the day . before, was. hilt Thurfday morn- ing found in the yard of St. Bartholomew's Chapel, Birmingham, nearly naked— fuppofed to be taken up by fome reforreBibtl men for the younger branches of the diffi- tting knife,, who were difpofed to make experiments On the dead for the benefit of the living, but were didurbed before they could get the body- off' On Saturday evening, a woman who lives in a room at the fign of the Flaming Sword, Not- tingham, having left her infant whilft fhe went downftairs, thechild, bv fome mea. rts, wrtsfeton fire, and burnt in fo terrible a manner before hec return, that it expired the next day. BIRTH.] Early on Wedhefdav morning, the Lady of Sir Wp.' Wnke, Bart, of Courteenhall, in this county , was fafely delivered ol a daughter. MARRIED.] . On Th urfday fe'ttriight, at. [ iel- lidon, in this county, ' Mr. \ Vebb, of London, wholefale grocer, to Mifs Pickfley, daughter of the late T. Pickfley, Gent. of- Hellidan.— Same day, Mr. Rich ard Wakefield, farmer and grazier, of Fawfley, to Mifs Linnell, of Stow, both in this county. Monday, Mr. John Coocb, far- mer and grazier, of Harlcllon," to Mifs M, CaL lis, daughter of the late Mr. GalHs, baker ' of this town,—— A few days ago, in ' Lor. do^' Mr. Boultofi. of Charing- cro/ s, coach- naher/ tc> Mifs Wilfon, daughter of Mr. Wi'lfon, late* of. Lad- lane, but now of FinfbiTy- fqiiarc :— p); iy thfl. j harnefs of matrimony titeajy,' and Mr. B. and his ' fair one travel the ftaget of iifc. with- feiifity.. - , DIED.] On Saturday laft, at Lufter. vorth, in the year qfhis sge. Mr. Belgrave, dra^ r. n- 1 ately, afNortljlcigh, OxfordiTiire. Mr, ( jollier* formerly a confiderable blanket- maker in Witrtey. — Laft week, of the gout in her ftomach, aged 5.3. Mrs. Orme, \ yidpw of the. late . Wnlden'Orrri?* Efq. of Peterb6rour.' h. Yefte'rdav fe'tVnjcht* afteriffliort iHnefs.' Mrs. Boon, wife ofJM- rl Booh* hair- drt'lT': r, this town. Same dav^ after a flioft illnefs, - Mr, John Brown, eldtil ft> n of Mr, Brown, hp. Ccr, ,' pf leicefter.—- laft week, r. t the advanced age of 89, Mr. Jofci ! i AlhwHl, of Church - flreet, Lirmingham. This . vcrk- ruble man Could boaft of having 16 childre t, 71 granct* children, Se C3 great grand- children, being' at the time ot his death the parrht- ftock of I Jo foul;. & S" "- he prifsrters in o: tr County Qaol, defin to re. turn, thank? for ql. 12s. 6d. Irft in the hands of Mr. Scoficld, by the Gentlemen'of the Grand Jury '. *** The rifotu'rs iu Ayltfi urv g/ iol, return thanks to the Ren. Mr. Hopkins, for One Guinea, -. jack's fidelity. FROm DIBbIN'S " CASTLES IN THE AIR." if ever a sailor - was fond of good sport ' Mongst the girls, why that sailor was I; Of all sizes and sorts' I'd a wife at each port; But, when that I saw Polly Ply. I hail'd her my lovely, and gov'd her a kiss, And swore to bring up once for all; And from that time Black Barnaby splic'd us till this, I've been constant and true to my Poll. And yet now all sorts of temptations I've stood; for I afterwards sail'd round the world, And a queer set we law, of'tile devil's own brood, Wherever our sails were unfurl'd ; Some with faces like charcoal, and others like chalk, All ready one's heart to o'erhaul; " Don't ye go to love me, my good girls; said i walk— I've sworn to be constant to Poll." I met with a squaw, out at India beyond, All in glass and tobacco- pipes dress'd: ' What a dear pretty monster; so kind and so fond, That I ne'er was a moment at rest. With her bobs at her nose, & her quaw, quaw, quaw. All the world like a Bartlemy doll: Says 1—" " You Miss Copperskin, just hold your jaw, for I shall be constant to Poll." then one near Sumatra, just under the line, As fond as a witch'in a play-: " I loves you," says she, " and just only be mine, Or by poison I'll take you away." » » Curse your kindness," says 1,—" but you can't frighten me; • . You don't catch a gudgeon this haul; If I do take your rats- bane, why then, do you. see-, I shall die true and constant to' Poll." lily, and black, This Day was publiJIxJ, Price 5s, ( Sold by BirdsAll, Northampton; Jacob, Peterborough ; Merridew, Coventy; and Terry, Warwick,) The eleventh Edition, corrected, with Additions. The Rule of Life, in Select Sentences: Collected from the greatest Authors, Ancient and Modern. The Precepts, Maxims, and Reflexions contained in this Rook, exhibit a Picture of Human Life, wherein the Passions, Follies, and Foibles of Mankind, are de- feated and expressed in their proper Colours : Virtue is fet forth in the moft amiable Light, and Vice expofed in it's natural Deformity.— And as there are feveral fpurious Editions which do not contain the New Im- provements. the Public are requefted to obferve that the above genuine Edition is London : Printed for W. Bent, Paternoster- Row. Where may be had, A'Short SyfUm of Polite Learn- ing ; being a concife Introduction to the Arts and Sci- ences, & other Branches of ufeful Knowledge. Price zs. This little Book contains fome definitions, and an ex- planation of a few general Principles in the different Arts and Sciences, and is a refpe£ table Compilation among that Class of Books to which it belongs. Analy- tical Review. TO COVER, this Seafon, 1794, at EASTON- NESTON, near TOWCESTER, North- amptonlhire, at One Guinea a Mare, and One Shilling the Groom, ECLIPSe, Lately the Property of Lord Sherrard, He was got bv Eclipl'e, his Dam by Match'em— He is full fifteen Hands and a Half high, and the Colour of his Sire, remarkably full of Bone, and true Shape, either for getting Huniers or Hacks. Tbofe Mares Covered' 6y him laft. Year which did not prove ln- foal will be Covered at Half Price. but I ' scap'd from ' em all, tawney, 1 And merrily'Weather'd each storm ; And my neighbours to please, full of wonders came back, But, what's better, I'm grown pretty warm. And to now to sea I shall venture n0 more,, For you know, being rich, I've n0 call; ' 11 bring up young tars, do my duty a- shore, And live and die constant to Poll. BANKRUPTS. Jolin Smith, of Birmingham, Warwickfhire, mill- wright, victualler, dealer and chapman : To appear March 14, 15, and April 12, at the Shakespear tavern, in Birmingham. Attorney, Mr. Thomas Webb, Bir- mingham. edw. Thompson the younger, late of Cambridge, Cabinet- maker, upholsterer, dealer and chapman: To ain> ear March 17, 24, and April 15, at the Greyhound inn, in Cambridge. Attorney, Mr. Robert White, Cambridge. Tho. Chamhre, late of Abergavenny, Monmouth Thin-, money- scrivener— Steph. Carter, now- or lateof White Horse yard, Drury- lane, Middlesex, woollen- draper James Bell the younger, of Th< u. iton, it Yorkshires dealer and chapman.'— John Conrad Trei- by, of Great Russel - street, Covent - Garden, Mid- dletox, haberdasher.— wm. Gillett, of Bristol, brewer. •.- James Fletcher, late of Hattersley, Cheshire, cot- ton- manufacturer.— Richard Bentley, of Manchester, Lancashire, cotton- manufacturer.— Joseph Boardman Orme, of Manchester, Lancashire, harewareman.--- Wm. Whittaker, of Manchester, Lancashire, mer- chant.— Wm. Line, of Hayfield, Derbyshirc, cotton- spinner John Carrington, of Manchester, Lancashire, maltster.— James Hulley, of Hurst- Brook, Lancashire, cotton- manufacturer,— Thomas James, of Oswestry, Shropshire, groccr Edw. Jones, of Bridgend, Gla- riorganshire, sadler.— Edw. Harvey and John Dye, ot f, t. Martin's- le- Grand, London, warehousemen.— Thomas Holgate, of Rochdale, Lancalhire, sadler.— John Kayley, late of Grindleton, Yorkshire, maltster. --- Thomas Lloyd, late of Broseley, Shropshire, dealer in coals.-— John Tarrant, late of Rambury, Wilt- shire, innholder.— Wm. Burge, of Bath, Somerset. shire, money- scrivener. DIVIDEND to be made to CREDITORS. March 24. John Wand, lateof Henlow, Bedfordshire, CQallWk, at the Brewhouse inn, in Henlow. MARKet'S,— London, March 3. We hid a pretty large fupply of Wheat this morning, but having many buyers, the beft runs were told oil arfixpence advance, early in the morning, but they were dull of fale towards noon.— Barley was plen- tiful from Norfolk and Suffolk, but many famples Verv coarl'e, and the bell were taken by flic Maltsers and' Distillers, with little or 110 variation 111 prices; a few picked Sutiblks reached 36s. 6d. Fine Malt metwnith buyers.- but coarse Samples hardly saleable. boiling Pease father dearer, and Hog Peale were • wanted.— Our supply of Oats was - pretty large this morning, and prices were about 6d. lower, but moft were fold oil', having many buyers. This Day was published, Price 7?. 6d. Sold by BIRDSALL, Northampton ; Jacob, Peterborough ; Merridew, Coventry ; and Terry, Warwick. The Eighth Edition, with confiderable Additions and Improvements, and illuiirated with Maps. The GENERAL GAZETTEER: O R, Compendious Geographical Dictionary. CONTAINING a Description of ail the Empires, Kingdoms, States, Provinces, Cities, Towns, Forts, Seas, Harbours. Rivers, Lakes, Moun- tains, & Capes in the knewn World ; with tlie Govern- ment, Customs, Manners, and Religion of the Inhabi- tants ; the Extent, Boundaries, and Natural Production of each Country'; and the . Trade. Manufactures, and Curiosities of the Cities and Tow> ns ; their Longitude, ' Latitude, Bearings and Distances in English Mltes from . remarkable Places; and the various Events by which they have been distinguished. Including an Account of the Counties, Cities, Boroughs, Market- Towns, and principal Villages in Great Britain and Ireland. By R. B R O O K E S, M. D. London : Printed for B. Law and Son, C. Dilly, J. Johnfon, G. G. and J. Robinson, W. Richardson, Ogilvy and Speare, F. and C. Rivington, W. Gold- smith, R. Baldwin, S. Hayes, W. Lowndes, Scatcherd and Whitaker, W. Bent, G. and T. Wilkie. W. Miller, Vernor and Hood, and H. Murray. In this. Work are introduced all the recent Acquisitions in Geography, many of the Articles newly wntten, and nbove a tlioufand new ones inferted; the Revolutions, Battles, Sitges, and other great Events by which each place is dillinguifhed, are brought down to the prefrnt Time: and no Pains aie fpared in ( lici t, to render this eftablifhed Work worthy ot the Reputation it has ac- quired, and fuperior to every Attempt of the Kind, not only in Extent and Vanety, but in Authenticity and Accuracy of Information. A LL Persons who stand indebted to the Estate of - JOHN ROGERS and THOMAS ROGERS, late of NEWPORT - PAgNelL, in the County of Bucks,. Carriers, ( Bankrupts), are'defiretl to pay their respeitive Debts to Mell'rs. Robert Jce & George Osborn, of Newport pagnell aforefaid ; Mr. John Palmer, of Olney ;. " Mr. Wm. Hilliker, ot Saint- John's- Street, London, the Affignecs of the laid Filiate; or to- Mr. Lucas, Attorney at Law, of Newport- Pagnell aforefaid, on or before the 25th Day of March next; and - in Default thereof, they will'immediately after that Time be fued for the fame. TURKISH AMBASSADOR. This Day " Mas published, Price only 6d. ( To be continued Monthly.) Embellished witlr- j. An elegant whole- length Portrait of his Excellency Jussuf Adjiah Effendi, Ambassador from Turkey, engraved by an eminent Artifl. 1 A View " of Stonehenge, in Wiltlhire. 3. A new Pattern tor working an Apron or Handkerchief. And 4. A Song in the occafional Oratorio, Mufic by Mr. Handel.) The LADY's MAGAZINE For FEBRUARY, 1794. Containing befides the ufual Variety of interefting, entertaining, and initruftive Articles,— an Essay on Matrimony— a Description of Stonehenge— Grassville Abbey, a Romance— On the Dress of the Ancient Greek and Roman Ladies— The Capricious Hulband— Ani- mated Portrait of African Servitude— Lifeof Dr. Frank- lin— Gonzalo de Cordova, an Heroic Romance— Euge- nius and Selima, a Moral Story— The Univerfal Monitor No. V.— The Happy Cottager, a Tale— Account of a remarkable Trial by Combat— An EfTay on Female Education— Enigmatical Lifts— Poeiical Eflays, Sec. & c. London; Printed for G. G. and J. Robinson, No. 25, Paternofter- Row ; and fold by T. Burnham, North- ampton.— Of whom may be had, complete Sets, in Twenty- four Volumes, Price 7s. 6d. each, Half- bound, or any fingle Number, Price 6d. This Day ' was pttbliJIjcd, Price. 7s: ( SoldbyBiRdSALl., Northampton -, Jacob, Peterborough) Merridew, Coventry, and Terry, Warwick,) The Seventh Edition, confiderably improved, NEW GENERAL ENGLISH D1C TIONARY; peculiarly calculated for the Ufe and Improvement of fuch as are unacquainted with the Learned Languages. In which the Words are explained in their different Meanings, and accented on their proper Syllables, to prevent a vicious Pronunciation. Including the feveral Counties, Cities, Boroughs,, and Market- Towns in England and Wales ; giving a general Descrip tion of the Places, their Situations, Market- Days, Go vernment, Manufactures, Number of Reprefentatives. fent to Parliament, Dillance from London, & c. T which is prefixed, a Compendious English Grammar with general Rules lor the ready Formation of one Part of Speech from another. Together with a Supplement of the proper Names of the moft noted Kingdoms, Pro vinces, Cities, Towns, Rivers, & c. throughout the known World. As alfo of the moft celebrated Empe rots, Kings, Queens, Priests, Poets, Philosophers, Ge nerals, fee. espscially such as are mentioned either in the Old or New Testament. By the Rev. THOMAS DYCHE. London : Printed lor T. Longman, B. Law and Son, H. S. Woodsall, J. Johnfsn, G. G. and J. Robinson, F. and C. Rivington, W. goldsmith, R- Baldwin, W. Lowndes, W. Lane, C. D. Piguenit, Scatcherd and Whitaker, W. Bent, G. and f. Wilkie, J Walker, Darton and Harvey, W. Miller, and E.. Newbery. Of whom may be had, by thefame Author, Price is. A Guide to the Englilh Tongue, commonly called Dyche's Spelling - Book, the genuine and improved Edition cf which is printed only tor W. Bent, Pater- nofter- Row, London. This Day tuas publtjhed, In Two Vols. Octavo, Price 12s. in Bwards, AN IMPARTIAL HISTORY of the late REVOLUTION in ERANCE, From it's Commencement to the Death of the Queen, and the Execution of the Deputies of the GIRONDE PARTY. London 1 Printed for G. G. and J. Robinson, Paternoster - Row ; and fold by T. Burnham, North- ampton ; and all other Bookfellers. '• We have certainly derived much Pleafure, and ac- quired much Information from the Ferufal of thefe Volumes 4 and we think them, hoth for Matter and Style, worthy the Attention of oil who intercft themfelves in Events, which have to juftly excited the Curiofityand Aftonifhment of Mankind." Critical Review for Jan. 1794. " Before the Publication of thefe Volumes, we had not in the Engiifli Language fo much as one that could be called a Hiftory of the Revolution ; and from the general Complexion and Tenour of this Work, we are warranted to fay, that the Writer or Writers have been happy enough to catch the just Tone of Historical Com A1 ' Just published, in One volume 03alv, ( Price < s. 6d.) ATOUR through VARIOUS PARTS ol" SCOTLAND, in the Year 1792. By J. LETTICE, B. D. London : Printed for T. Cadell, in the Strand ; and fold by T. Dicey and Co, W. Birdsall, and T. Burnham, Northampton; and by all other Bookfellers. An Extract from the Lewes Journal, Dec. 13, 1793 Mr. NewNHAM, a capital farmer and timber merchant, of West- hill, Ardingly, in Sussex, was con fined to his lioufe, and rendered incapable of business i, y a virulent Scorbutic Eruption breaking out in various parts of hi J body ; one of his legs was swelled to double it's ordinary size, and his lungs were to affexted, that recitation wai difficult and painful to a moft alarming degree, in this situation, Mr. N. applied to a Gentle- man of the faculty, whose skill is well known, and after Y , ., . •„ _ " under his care near twelve months without^ Anjma. edy , « „ o. A; A receiving any benefit, he refolved, with the approbation cf his medical friend, to try thetffeftsof SPlLSBURY's ANTISCORBUTIC Drops; in taking only one bottle, he found great relief in his breathing, Sec. and by con- tinuing them a few months, Ins complaints wcie entirely removed, and his health perfectly restored. From a principle of benevolence towards his fellow- sufferers, as well as justice to the proprietor of the medicine, lie tliinks it his duty to communicate this cafe to the public KJ- toi the authenticity of which, a further application way he made to Mr. William Lee, printer, Lewes, Where the Drops may be Iiad genuine ; and at the Pro- proprietor's, , Soho- square, Loudon, in bottles of- i 1. is and 5s. each ; as alto of the Printers of this Paper, W. Birdsall, and W. Marshall and Son, Northampton; and likcwife of the Newsmen. ^ ACKSON's ASTHMATIC CANDY. f- pHE fuperior Efficacy of jackfon's Afth- niatit Candy, in Complaints of the Stomach and Luhes, ai- ifing from Indigeftion and Flatulency, has U- en ascertained by the Experience of feveral Years. It's ptculiai1 Succefs in Coughs and Culds, aid in alleviating tiie s 110II alarming Complaint* incident to Perfons of a Gouty, Relaxed, or Aftlmiatic Habit ( which Com- p'aints are more particularly iirevalent in the Foggy and Damp Seafon ot tlie Winter Months) is now univer- sally acknowledged j and confidenng it is a Medicine in ventral L'fe, it would have been unnecelfary for the Proprietor to have repeated Itis Advertifements fo often, had not tome Perfons lately obtruded upon the Public a fpurious Medicine under the fame Name, it becomes, therefore, necelfary toott'er this Caution, by refpedtfully informing the Public, that the Genuine Medicine is figned 011 the Stamp by J. Barclay, the Sole Proprietor, and may be iiad ai ufual at No. 95, Fleet- Market, Lon- don, " five Doors from Fleet- Street, in Boxes at is. 6d. ah A is. Ijd. Stamp Duty included. It may alfo he had by Appointment of the Proprietor, of J. Edge, North ampton; W. Cullingworth, and J. Robins, Daventrjr R Wilcox, ' I'owcefter; J. K. ett, Kettering ; N. Rol lafon, Coventry ; W. Howfe, Banbury j J. Read and 1. Small, Bedford. Alfo may be had as above, Jackfon s Patent Oint- w tor the Itch, an infallible Cure in 56 Hours.— yfon's Patent Tinfture for the Rheumatifm, Gravel e, ISruilcs, Sprains, & c— Jackfon's Britilh Tooth, ' er.— Jackfon's celebrated Corn Salve— Waite'i ie Worm Nuts, by Howard and Evans, & c. & c Violent; Natural and Eafy, yet Dignified and " full of Reflection, and thefe not introduced in a formal and diftatorial Manner, but involved in the Stream of the Narrative. An air of Candour too runs through this Work, andjuftifies and maintains it's Pretenfions to the Cfiarailer of Impartiality." Englifh Review for Jan. 1794, The fame Bookfellers have lately publiftied, 1. Doctor Moore's Journal, during a Residence in France, from the Beginning of August, to the Middle of Dec. 1792. To which is added, An Account of the moft remark- able Events that happened at Paris, from that Time to the Death. of the late Queen of France. In two Large Volumes Odlavo, Price 15s. « d. in Boards, llluftrated with a Map of General Bumourier's Campaign on the Aleufe in 1792, neatly coloured. N. B. Either Volume may be had separate. t. A Short Hiftory of the British Empire, for the laft twenty Months; viz. Irom May 1792, to the Close of th « Year 179;. By FRANCIS PLOWDEN, L L. D. Author of the Native Rights of British Subjects, Jura Anglorum, & c. Ne quid falsi dicere audeat, ne quid, veri non audeat. CLCERO. One Volume O& avo for 5s. fewjed. JUST IMPORTED, TIm Norway Rat and Mice Powder, THAT destroys thofe Vermin let them be ever fo numerous, which Preparation the Cats will not meddle with.— This never- failing Powder is re- commended to all who are troubled with thofe voracious Vetmin. Farms and Houfes, which at this particular Time of the Year, when the Rats and Mice leave the Fields, and get to Dove- Houses, Barns, Stacks, Stables and Houfes^ and committing great Havock among the Corn, Seed*, and every Thing ^ hey can get at.— It is recommended to Captain of Shipi, on their Voyages, to take with them. This wonderful Preparation will prove to have it's great Effext in the Course of a few Nights, by alluring them to eat of t, and destroy them in the Course of an Hour. Sold Wholefale, for the Importer, by F. Mackie, London ; and Retail by the Printers of this Paper, and W. Birdsall, Bookfeller, Northampton ; and may be had of the Newfmen.— Price is. ft3 » Further Particulars, with proper Directions how to ufe them, will be had with the above Rat- Powder. Ibis Day luas published Price only Js. Bound, A Kew Edition, being the Twelfth, CoTrefled, greatly Enlarged, 3c wholly new improved, EVERY MAN HIS OWN GARDENER ; Being a New, and much more Complete GAR- l.' INER's ( CALENDAR than any one hitherto pub lulled. Containing, not only an Account of what Work is necetlary to be done in the Kitchen and Fruit Garden, Pleasure Ground, Flower Garden, and Shrub- bery, Nurtery, Green House, and Hot- House, foV every Month in the Year, but alio ample Directions for per forming the Work, according to the moft approved Methods now in Practice. With complete Pradical Directions for forcing all Kinds of cho ce Plant's, Flowers, and Fruits to earlv Perfection, in Hot- Beds, Hot- houses, Hot- Walls', Forcing Frames, Forcing- Houses, Vineries, & c. Alfo particular Dii'eSions relative to Soil & Situation adapted to the different Sorts of Plants and Trees, & c. And to tlie Whole are added, complete and ufetul Lifts of Kitchen Garden Plants, Fruit- Trees, Foreft- Trees, Flowering Shrubs, Evergreens, Annual, Biennial and Perenninl Fibrous- rooted Flowers, Bulbous and Tuberous- rooted Flowers, Green- House Sc Hot- House Plants,, proper for Cultivation in the EngLlli Gardens and Plantations. By THOMAS MAWE, ( Gardener to his Grace the Duke of Leeds) JOHN ABERCROMBiE, AND OTHF. R GARDENERS, London: Printed foi T. Longman, B., Law and Son, G. G. and J. Robinson, T. Cadell, J. Johnfon, F. and C. Rivington, W. Goldsmith, R. Baldwin, M. Murray, W. I. owudes, and E. Newbery ; and Sold by T. Burnham, Northampton, and all other Booksellers. The Rev. T; PRIESTLEy's New history of the Life of Christ, An Entire New Work, grimed in Quarto. The Cheapest cf the Kind ever published. And en. bellilhsd with near 30 Elegant Copper Plates, engraved by Melfrs. Leweli, Page," Goldar, and other eminent Art. fts. The Whole to be comprized in 2; Numbers only. On SATURDAY LAST was PUBLISHED, Price only SIX- PENCE, ' [ Elegantly " printed in Quarto, on large New Types, and on Superfine Demy Wove Paper, adorned with, an ele- gant Frontifpiece, containing general Reprefentations of thrift's Nativity, his Preaching to the Multitude, Last Supper, Crucifixion, Burial, Resurrection, and Ascension ; alfo another beautiful Plate of Christ and the Woman of Samaria in Conversation at Jacob's Well, J NUMBER I. ( Tobe continued Weekly till the Whole is completed) Of THE New Evangelical HISTORY of the LIFE of Our Blcded Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST. Containing a Full and Complete Account of our Glorious Redeemer; particularly his Nativity, Genealogy, Preservation, Circumcifion, Baptifm, Falt- ing. Temptation, Miniflry, Doflrine, Calling of the Apoftles, Miracles, Parables, Travels, ' I'ranfiguration, Paflion, lnftitution of the Sacrament, Crucifixion, Bu- rial, Refurreftion, Appearance, Afcenfion, & c. Sec. To which will he added the LIVES and SUFFER- INGS of his Holy APOStLES, EVANGELISTS, Sec. thofe early Minifters of the Gofpel ; and a brief Account of their Succeflors for 300 Years after the Cru- cifixion. Including the Lives and Tranfailions of John the Baptift, the Forerunner of the Meffiah, the Virgin Mary, & c. & c. To which will alfo be fubj: inedr A DEFENCE of CHRISTIANITY againft the OBJECTIONS of Arians, Materialifts, Atheifts, De- lfts, and lnfirtels of the p'refent Age ; who have endea- voured to place Mankind on a Level with the Beafls that p'erilh. The Whole carefully colledled from the Four Hiftories of the Gofpel, as written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; and from Jofeplius's Works, and other authentic Records, and fo digefted and arranged as to form a re- gular and uniform Narrative and HARMONY of the GOSPELS. Jntetfperfed with a great Variety of curi- ous Particulars 011 the Subjeit, which are barely alluded to in Scripture, but explained at large by co- temporary Authors who wrote on thefame Tranfaflions, and cor- roborated the great Truths of CHRISTIANITY. By the Rev. T. PRIESTLEY, Author of the Evangelical Expofition of the Bible, & c. 1o the CHRISTIAN WORLD. Although there has ever been a great Demand for Publi- cations of this Kind, yet. the Rev. T. PRIESTLEY has never Jeen any Hifiory of the Life of Chrijl written agree- able to the Genuine Principles of the Go/ pel; He prtjumes therefore the above Work will be particularly acceptable to ORTHODOX DISSENTERS cf ever] Denomination, as well as to all Memben of the ESTABLISHED CHURCH, being conformable to the Dolrinet contained in the THIRTY- NINE ARTICLES of RELIGION. III the firft Number will be given the Author's PromifTory Note of Hand to deliver the Overplus Gratis, if the Publication lhall exceed 15 Numbers ; and in the laft Number a Lift of fuch Suhfcribers as choofe to have their Names inferted fliall be printed and delivered Gratis. ,* Every Number will contain an unufual Quantity of Matter, embellifhed with one or more elegant En- gravings. t^ t This Work beinj juft printed off in Twenty- five Numbers, may be had by one or more Numbers at a Time, Price only fid. each, or the Whole in a handforv Volumo, Price 16s. neatly bourn) in Calf and Lettered. The Public are requefted to give particular Or- ders to the Bookfcllers or Newfcarriers for the Rev. T. PRIESTLEY'S New Evangelical L1F£ cf CHRIST, w London : Printed under the Infpedtion of the Au- thor j fold Wholefale by Alex, Hogg, in Paternofter- Row; fold alfo by T. Dicey and Co. W. Birdfall, and T. Burnham, Northampton; and may be had of all the Bookfrilers and Newfmen in England, Scotland, and Ireland. Of whom may he had, ( a New Editisn) No. I. of Mr. PRIESTLEY'* NEW EXPOSITION of the BIBLE, • which may he taker, in by One, Two, Three, Four * r more Number! at a Time, Price 6d, each, or the Whole Ninety Numbers bound in a large Folio Volume, Qalf and Lettered, Price A/. 14.1. 1 • Ditto, ( tzitb the Apocrypha Complete, printed in Ten Numbers .' c accommodate many of tie Svbfcriben) Price, Sound, 3/. with large Copper- Plates. It is neceflary to obferve tlwt Do& or PrieJIley has no Concern whatever with t( ie - above Works. This Day ivaj pttbiifhed. In One large Volume Twelves, Price Two Shillings and Six- pence, bound, The TWENTY- SIXTH EDITION, Corre « ed and Improved, tHE IN STRUCTOR; Or, YOUNG MAN'S REST COMPANION. Containing Spelling, Reading, Writing, and Arith- metic, in an ealier Way than any yet publifhed; and how to qualify any Perfon for Bufinefs, without the Help of a Mafter. lnftruftions to write a Variety of Hands, with Copies both in Profe and Verfe. How to write Letti r " on Bufi- nefs or Friendship. Forms of Indentures, Bor. ds, Bills of Sale, Receipts, Wills, Leafes, Rclenfes, & c. Alfo Merchants' Accounts, and a fliort and eafy Me- thod of Shop ani Book- Keeping; with a Defcriptihn of the Produft, Counties, and Matket Towns ifi England and Wales; with a Lift of Fairs, according to the New Stile. Together with the Method of Measuring Carpenters, Joiners, Sawyers,- Bricklayers, Plafterers, Plumbers, Mafons, Glaziers, and Painters' Woik. How to'under- take each Work, and at what Price ; the Rates of each Commodity, and the common Wages of Journeymen ; with the Defcription of Gunter's'L'ine, and Coggei( hall's Sliding Rule. Likewise the PRACTICAL GAUGER made Eafy. The Art of Dialing, and how to ere£ f and fix Dials; with lnftrudtions. for Dying, Colouring, and making Colours; and fome general Obfervations on Gardening every Month in the Year. . To which is added, The FAMILY'S BEST COMPANION; With lnstructions for- marking. on Lir. en. How to Pickle and Preserve. To make divers Sorts of Wines ; and many excellent Plafters and Medicines, necelfary in all Families. And a CoMPeNdiuM of the SCIENCES of GEOGRAPHY and ASTRONOMY, CONTAIN IN G A brief Defcription of different Part's of the Earth, and a Survey of the Celcftial'Bodies. Alfo fome ufeful INTER EST'TABLES, By GEORGE FISHER, Accomptant. London : Printed lor T. Longman ; B. Law Sc Son ; .1. Johnson ; G, G. and j. Robinson ; R. Baldwin ; W. Woodsall; F. and C. Rivington ; W. Goldsmith ; Ver- nor and Hood; G. and T. Wilkie; Mathews and W. Miller; and fold by T, Burnham, Northampton. Dr. LAMERT's SCHWEITZER's NERVOUS & RHEUMATIC BALSAM. A frefil Supply of this invaluable Mcdicine is juft re- ceived by Mr. EDGE, Druggift, qf NORTHAMPTON. To Dr. LAMERT, No. 10, Church. Street, Spiral- Fields, SIR, London. for d with a Nervous Complaint, and the Rheumatifm in my Head, for upwaidsof two Years. I applied to many of the Faculty, but obtained no Relief; till by taking jour valuable Balsam, was cured in one Month. Witnefs my Hand, JOSEPH ViNGR0VE. woodburn, litar Higk- wycomb. Witnefs also D. dEAN, Woodburn. This Medicine is to be had at Dr. Lamett's, No. to, Church- Street, Spital Fields; Londori 5 and alfo fold by Mr. Humphreys, Perfumer to his Royal Highness the Duke of York, No. 18,. Oxford.. Street; at No. 11, Cock- spur- Street, near the Haymarket; at Mr. Tutt's ( late Randall) under the Royal- Exchange; at Mr. Beefley's, Druggist, Banbury; at Mr. Lake's, Printer, Uxbi irige ; at R. Ledgge's, Windsor; at Mr. Norbury's Printing- Office, New Brentford; at Meffrs. Benhain and Cols Printing- Office, Kingston- on- Thames; at Melfrs. Smart and Co's Printing- Office, Reading; Mr. Palgrave, Drug- gill, Bedford; Mr. Barringer, Newport- Pagnell ; Mr. Edge, Druggist, Northampton; Mr. Swinsen, Druggist, Leicester;' Mr. Stone, Druggist, Hinckley; Mr; Dewis, Druggift, Ashby- de- la- Zouch; Mr. Burbage, Printer, Nottingham; Mr. Drewry, Printer, Derby; at js. sd. ios. 6d. and il. is. per Bottle, ( Duty includc- d). OJK, _ ^ iVTiUUTl. __ IAm anxious to acquaint the Public, the Benefit of the Afflicted, that 1 was- troubled \ Second Volume of TAPLIN's FARRIERY. This Day - was publifhcd, The Third Edition, Price 6s. in Boards, THE GENTLEMAN'S STABLE DI- RECTORY ; or MODERN SYSTEM of F AR- RiERY. Volume the Second. Containing experi- mental Remarks upon Bleeding, Breaking, Shoeing, Stabling, Exercife, and Rowelling. . To which are added, Particular Inftrufiions for the general Management of Hunters and Road Horfes ; with concluding " Obferva- tions upon the prefent State of the Turf. By WILLIAM TAPLIN. London : Printed for G. G. and J. Robinion, Patcr- nofter- Row, and C. and G. Kearsley, Fleet- Str » et; and fold by T. Burnham, Northampton. Of whom may be had, The Twelfth Edition of the Fit ft Volume, confidcr. ably enlarged, and carefully corrected, Price- As. 6d. in Boards. Comprehending all tlie mo'ft valuable Prescrip- tions and approved Remedies, accurately p'opoitiortd, and properly adapted to eveiy known Difeafe to which the Horfe is incident; interfperftd with cccafional Re- ferences to the dangerous and ainioft obfolete Praflice of Gibfon, Bracken, Bartlet, Ofnier, and others; alfo particular Diredlions for buying, felling, feedine, bleed- ing, purging, and petting into Condition for the Chace: with experimental Remarks upon the Management ot Draught Horses', their blemishes and Defects. Practical Observations upon Thorn Wounds, punflured Ten- dons, and ligajnentary Lamentfs. With ample Ir,/ trac- tions lor their Treatment and Cuie ; illullrated bv a Recital of Cases, including a Variety of ufeful Remarks. With a successful Method cf treating the canine'Species, in That destrustive Diseafe t ailed the Distemper. For Coughs, Consumptions, C3V. PECTORAL ESSENCE of COLTSFOOT. THE Herb Coltsfoot, called Tussibgo by the Antiehts, was dlftii. guilhed by them, as it's Name fufiiciently conveys, lor it's Excellent in the Cu'ie of Coughs and other pulmonary Complaints ; ar. d this F. ffcnce has, in the Courfe'of a long Prii£ tice, been found the moft fafe and effcdtual Remedy for Coughs, Afthmas, Wheezings. PHthiticky Complaints Confuinp- tions, Hoarfeneff, Deftsxions, Catarrhs, Difficulty of Breathing, and ail Difoie-. rs of the Dre., ft and Lungs. It gently opens the Breait, and imn> ediatelv gives Liberty of Breathing, without any Danger of taking Cold, it admirably allays the Tickling, which provokes frequent Coughing, and takes off the tinealy . Senfaiion of act in o- mous Humours, cleanfes the fmall Glands, reliXes rl « Fibres, . and thereby enlarges the Cavities of the Ycff- ls. Thus it regularly and quickly cure, the ftioft obftin- nc Afthmas, and Confumptions of the longeft Handing, if taken before the Lungs are ulcerated, ft cures al! hufty and dry Coughs, dilfolvcs congealed Phlegm in ' iiif Thorax, heals Rawnefs and Sorenefs of the i:> eaft, Sto- mach and Lungs, and gives immediate Reiiet to thofe who, through Age and Infirmity are dtprixe i or Reft or Sleep, as it generally compotes, and eonti i1 utev to make the Remainder of their Days comfortable a; < tvl> This F. fienceis pre pared only by JamesR J in, Surgeon, Briftol; and fold Wholefale and Retail, by F' jncia Newbery, at No. 45, the East End of. St. Pan ' s, l. oncion, m Bottles, Prise 3s. fid. each, Duty inclcded. Sold alfo by T. Dicey and Co. Wm. Birdsall, and Messrs. Marshall and Son, Northampton; an I by the appointed Venders of Mr. Newbery's Medicines ino ' ier Country Towns. TRUE DAFFY's ELIXIR. THIS moft excellent and well- known gene- ral Medicjie lias been faithfully prepared tor up wards of Sixty Years, by Dicey and Co. No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, I. ondon^' and attended with the hsp- pieft Succefs, in the Ctlre of the Stone, Gravel, ulce- rated Kidneys, the Gout, Rheumatifm, Choli'c,' Phthific, Dropfy, Scurvy, Surfeits, Convu'fions, Diford- rs pecu- liar to Women and Children, Confumptions, the Piles, Fevers, Agues, Fluxes, Spitting of Blood, Pains in the Breaft, Limbs, Joints, & c. The well- known Efficacy of this celebrated Medicine in the above and other dangerous Cafes, and the Prefer ence always given to it, have encouraged feveral Perfons to fell a fpuriousCompofition for the True Daffy's Elixir, and induced fome others to procure Moulds, and have Bottles made in Imitation, and even with the Names of Dicey and Co. on them. The Public are therefore humbly requefted to obferve, as a Security againft Counterfeits, that the Name of DICEY and Co. No. 10, BOW CHURCH- YARD, is on each Bottle, and Printed on the Stamp Labels, by Favour of the Commiffioners of the Stamp- Office ; and as our Bottles and Direftions have lately bean clofely imitated, itis neceffary to caution the Public to examine- particularly whether the Name of " Thos. Dicey and Co. No. IC. bow Church Yard, 11 is figned in the Margin of each Bill of Direitions, without which they will begrofsly impofed upon. This Elixir is fold Wholefale and Retail by Dicey and Co. in Bottles of Eight Ounces, for cne Shilling and Six- pence, and Six Ounces, for One Shilling and Three Halfpence, Duty included. N. B. Great Allowance to fuch as fell again, or export. N. B. Great Allowance to fuch as fell again, or export. Alfo fold Wholefale and Retail by the Printers ot this Paper, and Retail by the following Perfons, viz. Luck- man, Rollason, Hiorn, and Piercy, Coventry ; Carless, Cope, Pearson and Co. and Piercy andt Co. Birmingham ; Odell, and Pyne, Leighton ; Butcher, Tring ; Tregoe, Amersham; Bate, Berkhampstead; Edwards, Chesham ; Cuthbertson and Barnes, Newport- Pagnell Quene- borough, Dunstable ; Brown, Ampthili; Cooper, Nuneaton; lion and Smith, Baldock ; Bull and Hatred, Market- Harborough; Gregory, & Ledbroke, Leieeller; Towers, Mitchell, and Adams, Loughborough ; Prld- more, Melton- Mowbray ; Burbage, Burton, Wilfon, Tupman, and Broadhurst, Nottingham ; Wilcox, Towcester; Seeley, Buckingham ; Jackson and Swift, Oxford; Steevens, Bicester ; Hawkes, Lutterworth ; Palmer, Bedford ; Shenfton, Stony- Stratford; Potter and rickford, Aylesbury; Ward, Hinckley; Deveral, Winflow; Friday, and Palling and Co. Thame; . Wilson, Wellingborough; Eaton, Thrapston; Hor- den, Tayler, ana Jacob, Peterborough; Tho. Beesley, Druggist, Banbury; King and Wagstaff, Chipping- Norton; Leak and Co. High- Wycombe; Kett and Munn, Kettering; White, Corby; Harrod and How- grave, Stamford; Cook, Uppingham; Gibson, Oak- ham; Churchill, Deddington ; CullingWorth, Daventry ; Makepeace, Soeitham ; Sharpe & Saunders, Warwick ; Luccock, Kimbolton ; Clay, Allen, and Thomas, St. Ives; Abbot and Sharp, St. Neots ; Jenkinson, Hun- tingdon ; Steevens, and Meeres, Hitchin; Hovell, Cambridge; Leigh, Atherftone ; and, by ( at leaft) one reputable Shopkeeper in every Town in Great- Britain, As above may alfo be had, Dr. Bateman'soriginals. d. Pefloral Drops 1 i j Dr. Hooper's Female Pills • - - x li Dr. Bollock's Purging Elixir - - 1 6 Squire's Grand Elixir 1 6 Dr. Godfrey's General Cordial - o 7J Dr. Stoughton's Sto- machic Elixir - t Liquid Shell, for the Stone & Gravel 1 i| Ladies Court Flatter o 6 and - - i o Beaume de Vie - 36 Dr. Story's Worm- Cakes- - - 1 1} Dr. Anderfon's, or the True Scots Pills 1 ij Dr. Radcliffe'sFampuss. d. Purging Elixir 1 ij Daffy's Elixir - 16 and - - 1 ij White's Fever Tinc- ture - 26 Fraunces's Strength- ening Eiixir - t 5 Dr. Bateman's Golden and Plain Spirits of Scurvy- Grafs 1 Pike'sOinimentforthe Itch, and Cutaneous Eruptions- - 1 Fryar's Balfam - 1 Bathing Spirits - o Betton'sTrue and Ge- nuine Britifh Oil 1 Ditto Refined - 1 Cephalic Snuff - o The folloiuing are recent Cases in Addition to tii many received, of the Efficacy cf - Mr. Dixon's ANTI- BILIOUS PILLS. Sir, t CAS E XLtl. A. VING been troubled neat" three Years with a Bilious Head- Ac. 1 and Vomitings, which at Times was fo diftreffine, that it prevented my Ap- plication to Bufmets ; having had the left Advice, without any permanent Relief, I was advifed to try your Anti bilious Pills, the firft two 1 took difoharged an immenfe Quantity of Bilious Matter from my Buw'eis. I ftr. medntely found myfe! f fo light, and felt , vch .1 comfortable Senfation in my Bowels as I had not expe- rienced for along Time- my Belly generally being as hard as a Drum. Since( tliat Time I have taken two Brtxes, have had no- Return of my Complaints, a id can fafely f. iy, 1 have not enjoyed fui. h He- ilth ior Seven Years. 1 • have fince recommended them to feveral of my Sea- faring Friends, who are very Pi lions. Sc who tare informed me they never found fo much Benefit irom any Medicine whatever. 1 find they only operate when there is Bile in the Stomach. I remain yours. Sec. WILLIAM TURNER. Jerusalem Coffee House, Feb. 14 NORWICH, Feb. SIR, CASE XL1II. I lliall be obliged to you to f Dozen Boxes of your Anti bilious I' my Friends, as 1 think a Medic. ne dillributed by thofe who can afford it. I am quite another Man fince I took Body is now regularly Clear, and have had no return of my I remain your obliged, humble Servant, GEORGe HUNT. SIR, CASE XL] V". I am fo much relieved from my Bilious Con, plaint by- taking your Pills, that if-. it is any e Ex- tenlion of their good my Name among your Lilt ol Cafes. 1 remain, S: c. Cheapside, Feb. 11 th. ELiZ. WINGFIElD. To he- bad only No. 4, Cheapeide, and of Mr. Dixon't Succesor, Mr. Green, Surgeon, Woburn, Beds; . nd of the Printers of this Paper, Price is. yd. a Box. Mr. RYMER, SURGEON, Gerrard- Street, Soho, London, BEGS to Hate,. that in that Species of DvC pepfy, and broken Con, attended s anasarcous or dropfical Symptoms, . in general, fatal, the CARDIAC TINCtuRE, the tol Pills are eminently The DETERGENT PILLS, For evacuating bilious Crudities, Hardened Faeces, and all noxious Accumulations in the Bowels, whether pro- ceeding from habitual Indigestion and Costiveness, or occafional Indulgence a: a Fe.'- ft, Sec. when lieteio- geneous and refractory Foods have been coagulated in the Stomach by Excesses in Wine, and mixed discordant Liquors, and have passed into the Intestines, and are beyond the Reach of Emetics. For Casesstrictly Bilious, attended with Pains in the Stomach and Bowels, Hic- cups, four Belchings, Heartburn, Fullness of the Belly, and Cofliv'enefs; and in ObstructionS, Call- Stones, and other morbid Affetfions 0.' the Liver, attended with fwelled Feet and Ancles, fallow Skin, yellow Eyes naufeous Taftt, and foul Mouth, tbefe I'ills are efftaual and fafe. In all Cases of Worms in the Stomach and Intestines, they are used with Success and Safety; and effectually desftroy ar. d discharge those small white Worms of the Rectum and Anus, which are fo teatinj arnl dangerous, and occafien a voracious Appetite, Paleness, Leanness, Fever, Thirst, Restlessness, horrid Dreams, Convulsions, fainting Fits, and a ' I'rain of Nervous Diforders, efpecially in Women, which Con- plaints are too frequently fuppofed to arife from different Caufes. Sold in Boxes at 3s. 6d. at No. 36, Gerrard- Street, Soho, where Mr. Rymer may be confiilted from Eleven till Two, on Tuefdays, Wednefdays, Thurfdays, and Fridays. * » ,* Meffrs. Dicey and Beynon, No. ic. Bow Church. Yard, are appointed the foie Wholesale Venders of thefa Pills ( as well as ot the Cardiac Tincture, for Complaints of the Head, Stomach, and Bowels; gouty, bilious, and nervous Disorders, Are.—- fee Trait), of whom, and of the Venders of their Medicincs in all principal Towns, and of the following Persons in London they may be had Retail, viz, Mr. Thomas Evans, Bookseller, No. 46, Paternoster- Row; Armitage and Moore, Stationers, No. 6;, Bishopsgate- Street Within; Frederick Smith, Chemist, No. 29. Haymarket ; and Tutt, Royal- Exchange. Sold alfo by the Printers ol this Paper, and may be had of the Newfmen. ( E> Vide the Sixth F. dition of Mr. Rymers Trust upon thefe Maladies, with various Cases and Certificates of Cures, Price is. NORTHAMPTON: PRINTED BY T. DICET and Co. Articles of Intelligence, Marriages, Deaths, & c. fent to the Printers properly authenticated, and Poft paid, will. be inferted gratis; and our Correfpondents are particularly del". red to communicate nothing bid FACT*
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