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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and Co 
Volume Number: LXX!V    Issue Number: 49
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 15/02/1794
Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and Co 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: LXX!V    Issue Number: 49
No Pages: 4
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No. 49.] Vol. LXKIV. tttnx Ready Money with Advertifements.] WARY 15,' 1794. [ Price Four- pence, " IVISPAPER, for upwardsof Seventy- three Yeats part, hasbeen, and continues to be, circulated in all the Market- Towns and populous Villages in the Counties of NORTHAMPTON, LEICESTER, NOTTINGHAM, LINCOLN, RUTLAND, HUNTINGDON, CAM- BP. IIIGE, and Ille of E LV R ESSEX, BEDFORD, HERTFORD, BUCKINGHAM, BERKS, OXFORD, WARWICK, to BIRMINGHAM, " STAFFORD, & c. and by the Port to all the chief Towns in the Kingdom.— It is alfoconftantly fent to the Chapter, Rowley's, and Peele's Coffee- Houfes, London. - • m- --- -"- r._ 7 y-— . , ^^- i""' - m— r— ,. , ; - ; - - --•; -; Sunday and Tuesday's Pofts. From the LONDON GAZETTE, of Feb. 8. Whitehall, February 8. ALetter, of which the following is a copy, was this day received from the moft noble the Marquis Cornwallis, K. G. by the Right Hon. Henry Dun- das, his Majesty's principal Secretary of State for the Home- Department. SIR, Fort St. George, Sept. 16, 1793. Advice of the war with France arrived at Fort St. George on the 2d, and at Fort William on the nth of June, from Mr. Baldwin, his Majefty's Consul at Alexandria ; and this gentleman was fo anxiouj to promote the public fervice, and fo de- firous to enable the company's governments to de- rive every possible advantage from his communi- cation, tnat he declared himfelf refpcmlible in his public character for the truth of the information, and assured them that they might aft uport- it with confidence ; addihg, that all the British and • Dutch vessels in the ports of France had been seized. Upon the receipt of this intelligence, all the small factories belonging to the French on the Continent of India, as well as their ships in Our ports, were taken possession of; and the govern- ment of Fort St. George proceeded immediately to make preparations for the attack of the impor- tant fortress of Pondicherry, which place was in full as good a state of defence, as when it was at- tacked at the breaking out of the last war. It was reported at Pondicherry that considerable reinforcements were expefted from the Isle of France, under the convoy of the Sybille of forty guns, and three smaller frigates: and we were in some doubt whether Admiral Cornwallis, who blocked up the place by. sea with the Minerya frigate, and three Indiamen, would have been able to' prevent the succours from being landed ; but the Sybille,- which was the only ship of the enemy's that appeared during the siege, went off immediately, upon being chaced by Admiral Cornwallis, and has not fince been heard of on this coast. t was very desirous of giving my personal as- sistance in. carrying tin the last piece of service that was likely to occur during my stay in India, and embarked on board a small French vessel that liad been fei^ ed and armed in Bengal, as foon as I could avail myself of the convoy of the Wood- cote Indiaman, which had been taking in new • masts at Calcutta, and without which I did not- think I could with prudence " hazard the voyage, at least while I held the office of Governor- Ge- neral. The Triton Indiaman, which Admiral Cornwallis and Sir Charles Oakley sent, at my requeft, on . account of the difficulty and uncer- tainty in equipping the Woodcote, arrived a few ilavs befort we sailed, and returned with us. By the great and meritorious exertions of the government of Fort St. George, in transporting the ordnance, stores, & c, fo f fo considerable an undertaking, and those of Colonel Braithwaite, and of the troops under his command, in carrying on the attack, our batteries were opened against the place fooner than I expected; and the muti- nous and dastardly conduct of the garrison obliged the governor to Surrender the forts several days before my arrival, and before the arrival of five companies " of . Bengal artillery, and twelve com- panies of Lascars, which I had embarked on board of the Woodcote, and three other vessels, which were . likewise employed in bringing. rice, on government's account, to this presidency. I shall beg leave to refer you, for the particulars of the operations againft Pondicherry, to the letter, and the accompanying papers, which I have received from Colonel Braithwaite, and to his aid- du- camp, Cnpt. Braithwaite, of the 72d regiment, whwwill have the honour of delivering to you my difpatches; and who Hketfife carries to England the colours that were taken from the enemy. I have the honour to be, 8cc. CORNWALLIS. Right Hon. Henry Dundas, cJfc. [ Colonel Braithwaite's letter to his Lordship, detailing the operations of the^ iege, is in fub- ftance the fame as his letter to the governor and council of Madras, inferred in our paper of the 2^ th ult. The Colonel fpeaks in high'terms of the zeal with which he was assisted by the Nabob of Arcot, apd Rajah of Tanjore, who held out every encouragement to their respective countries to furnish supplies to the army, and as no tax or imposition of any kind was allowed of in camp, the forces had abundance of provisions. The military establishment at Pondicherry, was--- EUROPEANS. 0( Fivers, 4 Colonels, 7 Lieutenant Colonels, Captains,- 31 Lieutenants, .35 Secoiut Lieutenants. ( fNavy. Officers - Soldiers, 22 Sergeant Majors and Quarter Matters, 45- Sergeants of Brigade, St Corporals, 457 Grenadiers and Gunners, 7 Mufici- alls, 49 Sailors. Total, 64,-. SEPOYS. Officers 29. Non- commifhojied Officers and Privates, 9S5. Total, 1014. The ordnance found in the garrison consisted of 4- brass guns of from 3 to 26 pounders, one of one poun- der, and one fwivc! ; of 12 howitzers; 19 mortars of Si iron guns of from 3 to 26 pounders.; of an im meiife quantity of lh ® t and fhell ;; 37X2 niui'qftets with fiavonets, 492 horfe carbines, 668p! ltols, J274 troopers and grenadiers' fwords, and numbers of tumhrills, carriages, & c. The return of the killed and wounded before Pondi- cherry, was—- EUROPEANS. 1 Lieutenant Colonel ( Colonel Maule, Chief Engineer) 1 Capain Galpine; 3 Lieutenants ( Lane, M'Gregor, Cawthorne Ensign ( Todd) I Sergeant, 30 rank and tile, killed; 2 Lieu- tenants, 2 Sergeants, 46 rank and tile, wounded; rank and tile milling. - Total 88 NATIVES, ij medar, 2 Drummers and Kifers, 53 rank :>. nd tile, kil- led; 2 Jemedars, 1 Havildar, 94 rank an^ i tile, woua ded ; ; rank and file missing.--- Total 159. The GAZETTE likewife contains his Majefty's order for a Conge d'Elire to issue- for electing a Bi- ( hop of Peterborough, and his recommendation of Dr. Madan, Bishop of Briftol, to be chosen to that See; the appointment of the Bishop of Norwich to the deanry of Wind for and Wolver- hampton, and regiltry of the orderof thegarter; of the Bilhop of Litchfield and Coventry to the ileanry of Durham : and of John Hunter, Eft], to be Captain General and Governor in Chief of the territory of New South Wales, in the room of Arthur Phillips, Efq. refigned.] HOUSE of COMMON'S, Monday, Feb. 10. HESSIAN TROOPS. ' Mr. Grey prefaced his motion, relative to the recent disembarkation of these troops, with a specch of foihc ' length. He observed, that notwithllanding what might ' he said by certain perfons, it was obvious that the Con- stitution had- of late suffered more by the inroads of prerogative, than by the encroachments of Democracy. » - TIit meafu're in question, he said, was a striking in- stance of the former ; according to the principles of the Constitution, as wvll as by law, his Majesty could not . introduce a body of foreign troops into the king- dom, without the confent of Parliament; by the con- duit of Minjllers in the prefent Jnftn'nce, the reverie was praftically afl'crtbd. liis Willi was to bring the matter to ifliie, and i, ( ho. uld be finally afl'ertecl by. the Houle whether or not the King had a power lo to do. He contended that lie had not; and in this a'flertion, the maxims eftablilhed at the Revolution, the Bill of Rights, and Ail of Settlement, by. ali which, the K ing could not eve. iv maintain an. army of natives, in this kingdom without the concurrence,' of Parliament,,, which, together with all the precedents that hail taken " place 011 fimilar occafions, he- laid, would bear hifri out. — Having touched upon each of thefe topics, and par- ticularly the hiftories of the different precedents ot in- troducing foreign troops into the kingdom lince the re- volution, in fome detail, he concluded with moving to the following eft'eft, " That ' the employ eft t of fo- reigners ' in. leryices of military. truft, or bringingfo- , reign troopl into the kingdom,' without the, confent'of Parliament, iscontrarv to law." Mr. Powys perfectly agreed with the Hon. Gentle- man, that it wits the undoubted duty of every Member of Parliament to watch over the conduct of Ministers ; but at the lame time. it could not be denied,. that Members had another duty, equally important, which if,' to'watch over and to prevent great aaogyr. s, coming >, from another; quaner— he meant, from- tl'ole whq, un- der pretence of. prefevving Freedom, may propofe rriea- • lures which have a tendency to deltruy all regular Go- vernment, and to introduce anarchy and confulion.-- He. felt 110 fliame in confessing himself to be one of thofe perfons, upon whom fo much abul'e and. ridicule had been thrown, viz. an' Alarmist j and he confeli'ed he was much 11101 e afraid of two or three fcore of led bbn- nets, than of all theCrowiis andSteptres in Europe. The Hon. Gentleman had called upon all thofe who had opposed the Administration- in the year 1775- rela- tive to the employing of foreign troops, to stand for- ward and fupport his motion.—- He was one of thofe • who voted agaipft the Ministers in the year 17.7s j and Tie did 1b beeaule he th'oUght the measure Illegal 5 . but' ne thought he could point out very material distinctions between the principle of the two cases. In 1^ 75, t'he foreign troops were sent into garrison in two ' very, im- portant" places, and the English troops were sent to' America; this he thought unconstitutional, and there- fore voted againlt it— But What was t he fieiYhrthe pre-- fent uiltance ? A body of Hessians . had been brought over for a particular purpofe ; they were- dircmbarkc:!,' it - was true— but it was for the purpofc of'p: .- fcVvihg their health, which would have been affected by- re- maining so long on board the transports. -- The Hon. Gentleman had relied much on . precedents --- There was one precedent which, he thought pre- Cisely in point.; that was, the cafe b'f 1784. In'- that cafe, the foreign troops, 011 their return from America, were obliged to be landed in England, from the circumstance of the river Weizer being frozen up," \ vhich rendered it impolQble lor them to return- h. ome immediately; he lliould be very glad to heaj< a d » f- tihaion between the two cafes. It was further to be Observed, that in the year 1784, when this meafure Was ' adopted, the Opposition of that day took no no- tice of it, though, about that time, they had carried fome motions againft the Minilters ; the Oppqlition at that time did not want talent or energy, but unfortu- nately the Hon. Gentleman was not prcfebt to point out their dutv to them; The Hon. Gentleman might derive much popularity from his motion among a certain set of men ; and he ( Mr. powys) among the same perfons, would probably be abused; but that Was a circumstance he was ,' pre- pared to meet. 1 It \ yas undoubtedly th'e/ luty of every. Member 10 oppofe : t1) e encroachments of Prerogative againlt Vultus instantis Tyranni, but at t'he faille time, they . Mr. Whitbread demanded, that whenever gentlemen made inlinuatifans upon iltc patriotism of gentlemen leafed 011 that bench, they would fallow it with a direil" and pofitive ciiarge. Let them be impeached, if im peachment could be grounded. He could answer id the virtue of his Hon.. friend who had propossed the motion. He contended that all which the Constitution had. suffered of late, or that there was any apprehen- in time of war, might be eventually injurious to the Constitution ; for a badly- inclined Sovereign, availing himrbU'of- the numerous pretence's furnished by war, might introduce such a foreign force as ft- ould make him matter of his subjects. ' The Attorney. General, in a fpceeh of fome length, nfidered the - original queftion in a legal juid confti- tutional - point of view'; he animadverted 011 the Bill of Rights,' the Afts of Settlement, and the other diilerent Ads wliic. h any t. av referred to the fubjeft- in debate, in fuch a manner-, " as evinced him not only, the tho- roughly informed, but the real conftitutional lawyer. Then alluding tothe different precedents which had been cited, he Contended for the ftriitnefi of their ap- plication, and- on . the whole manifefted, feemingly, much to the fafisfaftipn of the Houfe, that the meii- fure, independent qf it's political expediency,.. was founded on ' the inoft constitutional and legal principles. Mr. Fox supported his Hon. Friend ( Mr. Greyf and fpoke. againlt the previous queftion,- with his accui- tomed energy, lie then adverted to Mr. Powys's mention of doubts', which he treated and felt with " juft indignation ; arid laid, that tire bill of Indemnity '•'•'. as thrown out, becaufe that Word Was in the preamble: He paid many compliments to Members of the lipper Houfe, particularly . to the late Marquis of Rocking- 1HR1V who Was the chief inlfigator of the reje'ftion of that'bill. He had heard'fome fay, that t'hoy were. ) i ry " the queftion was agitated ; lie could riot for one agree; and, he thought itai- aahighly praife: worthy to, bring forward a motion tccoppnfe adoitriive'fo- fireaSf'ul. He then combated the precedents which were adduced, and having anfwered with great'ability to^ ll the argu- ments, he gave his negative to the previous ' queftion. Mr. Pitt and Mr. swift spoke in explanation; and ' Mr. Martin having said a few words, the question as loudly called forj and a division look place; - when there appeared, for the previous queftion, 184— Againft 35' Majority, 149. - lion of it's fullering, w as by the encroachments o, i'the Prerogative; going into details on this fubjetl, arid cftinglome iriltances in which certain deejfions of the Courts of Judicature were arbitrarV and oppreilive, he gave'it as his opinion, that Lord George Gordon had fallen a martyr to the coriduft of the Court of King's Bench, in holding huii to fuch exceffive. bail. Mr. wyndham', in arguing on the oppofite lide of the queftion, dii'ptaycd fhis' ufiial pliilological aciftenets/' He was of opinion, that it Would be much better to cbnfider the meafure with a view to- tlic, exigency of the moment, and the abl'olute nqeellity of the occalioli, than 011 the abstract ground of a legal qiujltior.. . That a great partof the Democracy of the kingdom were of late in perpetual habits of afl'ailing the Conttitutiop, he faicl was of public notoriety ; and it were much' better if certain gentlemen in that Houfe had not countenanced fome of thofe alleviations. ' Lord G. Cavendish condemned the measure of intro- ducing the Hessian troops into. the kingdom, in a con- stitutional point of view : he was of opinio:-.," that the best thing Ministers could do on the occasion, would be to apply for an Act of Indemnity. Major Maitland replied to Mr. Wyndham.. He af firnfed, that no objection had been made to the argu nients of his Hon.' friend who propofed ihe motion and that the Right Hon. Gentleman had appeared to. . tally ignorant of the Mutiny Bill, to which he had given his vote but an hour before. He then expounded tile Mutiny Bill, and informed the Right Hon. Gen- tlemen, that no British army could be maintained, in this kingdom but hy a vote of Parliament; that the Hessians, since tl, ieir* landing, were subject to no con- troul but the civil law, and were in ^ othing more than. a band of tebefs," or an ariu'ed banditti; that the 8th of George the . Third, Chap. 1.?, only applied to the quartering a « d billeting of them, and that as rile whole was unconstitutional and iileg J, he should object to tile disembarkation. Mr Grey spoke iii explanation. Mr. w, Smith Supported the originaL motion. ' Mr. Adair was sorry that such a qusftion had been agitated, it could do no possible good, nor- could it strengthen, the law, even were it carried as the Hon Gentleman ( Mr. Grey) desired, and it may do an in. jury to it, the Bill of Rights, he contended, should be ,' most liberally conflrufted, as a great part of our ex- . cellent Constitution, as asserted at trie Revolution was involved in it; and to the standard of that Coil stitution it was belt to rally, in order to repel the en croachments either of defpotifm or anarchy ; were he reduced to the alternative, he would certainly vote for the motion ; but to avoid the delicacy of fuch a fitu- ation, he would move the previous queltion, which he accordingly did. Mr. York seconded this nnjtion, and said a feW words in disapprobation of the original proportion. Mr. Pitt, in a speech of considerable length, which he displayed his usual ability and eloquence, took a comprehensive view of the entire subject. Hi let out by declaring himself a responsible adviser of tile meafure in question; and that lie certainly could not look for indemnification in an instance, where th law and the general usage of the country would uni formly bear him out. In collating the different pre cedents for. the measure, he displayed the most exten sive historical information; and on legal points lie Commented with considerable knowledge, and thereby manifested the expediency,* legality, and conftitutiona'l propriety of the meafure.-— Alluding to the particular ineal'urcon which the inotion was founded, he. obferved that to limply look at his Majefty's communication of the affair, would be fufficient to fatisfy almoft any man;' it was therein ftated, that a body of Hellian troops, Intended for foreign fervice,' had been for eonlulerable time at their place of . rendezvous off the ,111c; of Wight; and with a view tb the health ofjthefe troops, his Majesty had. thought proper . to order a dif- embarkation ; the caules for landing- the troops', - and the objects for which they were intended, were of Course clearly and fully set forth: ; ii was'his intention, he laid, to fupport the Learned Serjeant's motion for' the previous question. . Mr. Francis deprocated the illiberal construction which had been put on that part in question, of tile Bill of Rights.. Would any Gentleman seriously de .. clare iiis opinion,. that becaufe - Foreign troops- were riot expressly mentioned in that bill, that they, were not included in the spirit of the restricttion : such a doctrine had never been held. Some Gentlemen seemed to think that the power of the Crown to vail in Foreign troops was restricted only in time of peace; this was a dangerous idea; for allowing the power unlimitedly LONDoN, February 1 x. The interruption of military operations on the continent has continued for another week, and,, at.' length, an interval is apparent between the campaigns pf .179.3 and 1794. In'the North, nothing has been distinguishable for forhe weeks all hut the preparations of both armies to com- m'ente the next campaign with extenfive and powerful movements > On the Rhine, the French are.- It- ill occupied in plundering the country, which! they obtained by the battles of the 23d « ncL46th of December, and the allies in prepar- ing for the defence of manheim, Treves, Mentz, and Franckfort, as well as of all the Country on the. eaflem bank of the Rhine; fo that the eager-' ness.' of the former army for booty, and the rea- diness of the latter for defence, will probably prevent any important contetts on that frontier till the allies are sufficiently Enforced to commence them,. In Savoy, an entire cefl'ation of arms has taken, place since November; and the Spanifh troops in Rousillon having taken meafures for the blockade of Perpignan, appear to rely upon, that mode of reducing the place without entering upon" the operations of a llege. Previous to their quitting Worms, the ( when • widitd 10 carry off a large bell from the ' cluirch of Etienne. The belli as they took it down, fell en a vault, which it broke through, hnd in the vault the Republicans found' a quaufity of plate and church ornaments which were hid there. The french army on the Rhine ic gone into cantonments; that of- theMoselle is ftill in aftual fervice. The papers from Flanders have the following article, dated Brussels, Feb. 6:—" A letter from Duretal", dated Jan. 24, mcntidns, that a most. bloody battle had taken place between the Roy- alists under M. Charette and the Republicans, in which 24,000 are faid to have fallen, and that, the Royalists remained masters of the field; and that a number of prisoners were taken, who were ( by way of reprisal) ( hot upon the spot. A letter from blois of the fame date fays", that the Re- public puts every thing in a state of requifition to send succours to Tours, which feems threa tened by the Royal and christian army." The instruftions delivered to the Tiers- Etat, in France, in 1789, were exprefsly and solely to make fome necessary reforms in the Government, and relieve the mafs- of the people. But the Com- munes foon went beyond their powers, feized the Royal Demefnes,. dragged. their King- a captive to Paris, abolifhed the nobility, plundered and'per- fecuted the Clergy. The second National Assem- bly treated the virtuous Louis, XVI. with all sorts of contuma'cy, ' and at laft the nefarious Conven- tion brought him to an ignominious death. The fubfequent events, the flight of the emigrants to fave their lives, the murder of thoufands with the forms of juftice, and the atrocities of all . kind committed fince, rani be a dreadful leflbn - tb all. Europe; and teach nations with what cau. tfoii they ought to approach the. sanctuary of their fundamental laws, left by pullilrg it down rafhly, the whole country fhould become a prey to wild beads, in human fhape, as is now the cafe in France. _ On the' 27th of January, a deputation of Ame- ricans appeared at the bar of the Convention to demand, the freedom of Thomas Paine, who, they said, came to France at their own invitation, to take a seat among them ; they represent him as the apostle of liberty, a profound and valuable philosopher, and- pledge themselves as securlty for his conduct, when released, during the short time he will remain in France; and they obferve, that by, his confinement the French are affording complete gratification to tire King of the neigh- bouring ifles, who has expelled him his domi- nions. The president replied, that their petition should be taken into consideration, but of fortune, who had given her hand to a journey- man hair- dresser, lately came on'to be heard. It was' proved, that the ' lady was under seventeen years of age, and first became acquainted with the knight of the comb at Margate, where he assumed the character of a young gentleman 6f fortune. They were soon afterwards married in, London by licence, totally without the knowledge and consent of the lady's parents and friends. The marriage was declared illegal, and of course fet afrde. . _ Yesterday Messrs. Muir, Margarot,- and Skir- ving,, under sentence. of transportation, • were conveyed from Newgate to the place of their em- barkation to New South Wales. Mr. Palmer was fent off fome days fince. Between ten and eleven o'clock about 60 female convicts were put on board a vessel at Black- friars- Bridge, destined to the same voyage. _ Mr. Purefoy who was outlawed, on a prosecu- tion for the " murder of Col. Roper, has been brought before the court Of King's- Bench, who have reversed his outlawry, and committed him' to be tried for the murder at the next Kent assizes. yesterdAy se'nnight the Hon. Richard Power, LL. D. fecond Baron of his Majesty's Court of Exchequer in Ireland, was unfortunately drown- ed near the Pigeon- house, Dublin. The jury fat upon the body,— verdict, accidental death. The baron's fortune in the English funds was estimated » t upwards of 6o, oool. [ For the remainder of this Poft— jiei the lajl fURNIVAl'SiNN' COFFEE HOUSE & HOTEL,' HOLBORN, London. jOHN DENNER begs Leave to'return J ' his moft sincere Thanks to ' ills'Friends, and tlje Public in general, for their Favours," and to ' inform them that he has lately made corilidefable Improve- ments in the Houfe, and has l iken the adjoining Houfe behind it, which he has- fitted up for the Accommo- dation of private- Famine's, without interfering with the Coffee- room, Those who will ple'afe to" honour him with their Commands, shall be served with the utmost Care and Attention. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By GEORGE KNIBB, On Wednefday the 19th- of February, 1794, cm the. ™ ™ fes late in trie Occupation of Mr." John Wilfon, of Newport, Bucks, deceafed, ONE RICK of HAY, A. COCK of CLOVER,. Pah: of:^ COCK., of OLD HAV, and a fmall COCK of Ditto, now ftanding in the Pa", h of CHICHLEY and NEWPORT aforefaid. 1 he Company are requefted to meet the Auttioneer, at . iill Common Gate, at Eleven- o'Cloclt in th » Forenoon," when the Sale commences. -.-..•. CAPITAL To be SOLD by. AUCTIOK, By BENJAMIN SHELTON, BANBURY, February 6/ 1794. NOTICE is hereby given, That the. Part- nertliip between Messrs BARKER, ARNOLD, and BARTLETT, of BANBURY, in the Countv of Oxford, MErcers it s and. DrAprers, under tile Firm ot C. W. Barker and Co. is this Day diffclved; and that the laid Trades will in future be carried 011 by the laid ARNOLD aild- bA R T L E T T . C. W. BARKER. H. ARNOLD. T. BARTI. ETT: Afternoon, ( upon fuch Conditions as will be then • and there produced), . . , NINETY- SEVEN OAK AND FIFTEEN ASH and ELM TREES, as tile fame. are marlc'd. • and number'd, and growing upon HOLT- FARM, in' tile Fanih of KINGSBURY, in the County of War- wick ; ill the Holding of Mrs. Orton j— in Two Lots. Lot 1. Containing 97 Oak Trees, as the fame are mark'd and number'd. ' Lot 2 Containing 15 Ash & Elm Trees, as the fame are mark'd and number'd. , For a View of the. Tiees, enquire of Mrs. Orton, ot Holt atoifefaid. - fpr The Oak Trees are very capital strong Timber, and-( it for. Ship and Boat Building, making Locks for canals, and many- other important Purposes, and are withm two Miles, of the Birmingham- and Fazeley Canal. ' In the Matter of Thomas Roukin, a Bankrupt. XHE Commissfioners in aCommiflion of Bank- , nipt awarded and i'llued forth againft THOMAS IKlM, of WE 1. £ 1 NO'BO Ko'il'ciij in the' county of Northampton, Baiter, Dealer and Chapman, intend fo meet 011 the 18th ol. February inft. at Ten o'CIock in the Forenoon, at the Swan Inn, in Wellingborough aforefaid, in Order to make. a Dividend of the Eftate and. Effects of the laid Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors Who have not already proved their Debts, are to Come prepared to prove the fanre, or they will be excluded the Benefit o£ the faicl Dividend:— And all Claims » iot then fubi'tar.- i w ll be Jifiii , wed JOHN NEWTON GOODHALL, • Solicitor. Further Advance on Gin and Compounds. AT a numerous Meeting of Reftifying Distillers, held on Wednesday the ^ th iiiftant, at the London Tavern, Bifhoplgate- Street, - in Confe- quence of another large Advance of iol. per Ton having been niade on them by the Malt Diftillers, in the Price of Spirits, without any previous Notice, and from the Situation of- the Trade, being prevented by the Excife Lav/ s from making any Reduction in the Quality of their Goods, .' It was unahimoutly refoived, Immediately to raife the FricS of Gin k Compounds agreeable to the faid Advance of iol. per Ton, and for ' thfeJRetailers 10 be informed, that no Gin can be made ill future to be retailed at lefs than Two- pence Batf- pej.' vy per Quartern, abd that a like Advance will take place on all - other Compbunds, 111 Proportion to the Prices they have hitherto borne. Bv Order of the Meeting, MALACHI- FOOT, Chairman. To be SOLD by A U CT ION On Monday fhe - io'tli Day of March, 1794, at\ heSign ot the Barley- Mow, on" Bayard's - Green, near Brackley, 111 the County of Northampton, at Two o'clock in the Afterrpon, ( unless sooner- disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will in- that Case- be given,) ' AWell - conditioned, Inclosed and Tithe--! free, and FReeHold ESTAte, situate on . the North and South Sides of the Turnfiike- Roads leailing trpar Banbury to Buckingham, and from Northampton ' to Oxford,.. and near to the BARLEy- MOW, in the • Panih of EVENLEY, and County of Northampton - Conlilting of a. New- built farm- House, Barn, anil St a. ' ble, s'lneomplete Repair; andgjA, oR. i5. P, of Arable-, and FaftureLand, divided into five Allotments, ( and with a Coppice of fine., tl » iving voung Trees) lett to i retponlible Tenant, on' a Leal'e ' of which n-- Years are unexpired, a; St. Thpmas ne^ t; at 93I. per, Annum: iri'; wlucn I. eale there is a. Refej- vation to the Landlord of four Acres of Land lying next the Road, fon'an Al- lowance to tile Tenant) Which Would be a very eligible Spat « or an Inn, or other public Buildings,' in Regard of it's lying near two coniiderable Turnpike- Roads. I lie Eftate is iituatcd 20 Miles from Oxford AnJ" Nortiiamptan, 9 from Banbury, S f'roin'. B'iickin ghiin & Bicafter, 14 from Woodltock and Towcefter, f6 front Chipprng- Norton, and .2 fi- qj^ i Brackiev, an( t; in the . they would remember that Paine was a native Of Eng- land, and that all measures of safety prescribed by the revolutionary laws must be rigidly attended to. Lord Fielding has obtained' permission from government to raise a regiment of dragoons. The six new. Scotch regiments are finally de- termined-' pij.— The Duke of Gordon is to raife one for the Marquis of Huntley : The Duke of Argyle for Colonel Campbell: Seaforth, a second battalion : Colonel Graeme is. tq raife one : Lieu- tenant General Stuart DouglaS - of the late 104th regiment ; and Sir James Grant of Grant, is to raife the fixth. They are to confift of 1000 men each. The officers who raife them have the no- mination of all the officers. The new tax upon Attornies is perhaps the bed that ever was devifqd. _ Tl^ liberal part- of the profeffion will applaud it, . as putting a bar to the' admiffion of thofe low_ mifcreants < yho have be- come the bane of fociety, and have ten^ ed- to bring the profession most unjustly into disrepute ; and 110 man of humanity but tvill refttioe- in it, as vthe best means o£, putting an end to the oppressions to which the poorer orders of the community have beenexpofed from this unfeeling herd. On Friday a suit, commenced in Doctor's Com- mons to set aside the marriage of a young lady NOTICE to DEBTORS. ALL Perfons indebted'to Mr. GEORGE DERMOTT, late of WELLINGBOROUGH, in the County of Northampton, Surgeon & Apothecary, are de'iired to pay tlie fame- to Mr. Goodhall, Attorney nt Law, Wellingborough, 011 or before the 8th Dayof . March next, , or they will be fued for the fame without furtljer Notic*. To ike Debtors ' of Mr. William Etches, late of Northampton, Grocer and Wine - Merchant, a , Bankrupt. • " t 7" ERY few of the Debtors to the Eftate of V the faid Bankrupt having paid their Debts to his AHi^ nees, in Confequehce of the former Advertife- rrient^, and many oivt- ftanding Debts to a sonliderab'le Amountftill remaining due 10 the Bankrupt's Eltate.- This, is W inform the prefent Debtors of the faid Rauk- rupt,^ hat unlefs they pay their rel'pee-* ve Debts to his Assignes, Mr Thomas hall, Mr. John Drayton and Mr. Christopher Smyth, of Northampton, fome or one of tnein, 011 or. before tile 22d Day of March next; they, the laid remaining Debtors will be fued tor the Debts' refpectively due from them without further Notice. Bv Order of the Aflignees, SMYTH, BUTCHER, and SMYTH, February7th, 1794. Solicitors. To be LETT, at lady Day next, sYMPSON- PLACE- HOUSE, in the County Of. Bucks, and GROUNDS adjoining', containing about 50 Acres of rich Pasture- Land, Tithe - tree; within a ring- Fence,' and is- lituated about 45 } 4ileS from London. . .. The' House and Premises will be put into tenantable Repair. For Particulars, enquire' 0f H. W. Cowley, of Broughton, near Newport- Pagnell, Bucks. HOCKLIFFE ROAD. NOTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS, with the Weighing, Engine, at the Two- Mile- Alh, Toll- Gate, fnu. ite on the'Road leading from Hocklifte, in the County of Bedford, to Stony Stratford, in the Coupty- of Bucks,' will' be LETT to FARM by . AUCTION, to the bEST BIDDER, at the Bull Infty'i. n Stony- Stratford aforefaid, on- Monday the 14th'. Day of . February next, between tile Hours of Eleven and Two, o'Clpck, in the Manner djrefted by . the'fltl palled in the Thirteenth Year of - tfi; s . Re.: gn of, 1MS prefent Majejly, for- regulating the Turnpike- Roads; which. Gate arid Engire produced the laft Year-{ aliove the Charges o;' collecting) the Su- ni of s55i iir, d will be put up at fueli Sum as the Trustees - Ihal] think fit. .. . :, Whoever happens to be the heft Bidder rauft, at the fame Time, give'Security", with funjcrettt Sureties, to - the Satisfaction of the Truftees, for Payment of tlie Rent agreed lor, atJ'nch Times as they ( hall dire£ t; aiid. it is required that fuch Bidder do produce ( in Writing) the'. Names of his Sureties, to the Sitisfaftiori of the Truftees', at the Time of Bidding; & in Default thereof tWs next Wilder to > ie the Taker" of the Tolls", on. ' pro- ducing futisfa& orily the Names of his Sureties. New Truftees will be appointed at the above Meet ine, in the Room of thofe who have refigned. THOMAS EWeSdIN, Clerk, Stony- Stratford, Jan. 17^ 4. lor further P, aarculars, atKl io treat for the same, app. lv to mr. Thomas Hopcraft, at Astwick. near T » the Barley- Mow), who Will shew the PremiseS; or to Mr. Hearn, Attorney at Law, in Buckingham. - v • There " is great Reason to believe that Coals maf- be found on this Estate by Digging, ( for which a Power" is reserved by the Lease) a small Trial having been made. TURNPiKE- ROAD From ST. MaRy's- BRidgE to ROCKINGhAM. THE Subscribers to the above Road are defired to pay a . further Call'of " loi. par - Cent, ( making in the Whole 80L per Cent. T'to Mr. How, th* 1 realurer, on or before the 28th of Febr^ iary inllant, agreeable to a Resolution made and palled at the Meet- ing Ot the Truftces of the laid - Road, held 011 Wednef- day the 29th of January laft. By Order of the Truitees, ,, n , , J° HN BURFORD, Clerk. Market- Harborough, Feb. 6, 1794. Variety . of Numbers, and on the ENGLISH STATE- LOTTERY,. ' Will begin' Drawing on the 17th inftanti THE TICKETS and . SHARES are. now Selling in a loweft Jerms, by THOMAS WILKIE, STOCK- Broker.^ ".. At his Four Licensed State- Lottery Offices, No. 71, ST. PAUL'S CHURCH- YARD, - London: At theHouse of Mr. Billings, Printer, . liverpool . Mellrs. tRewMAn and SON, Printer^, Exeter' And Mr. BEATNIFfE, Bookseller, Norwich 1 he Tickets have been . advancing in Price for l'everal Weeks part, and are r. ow felling as follows. Thomas Wilkie begs Leave toallure his Friends,-. that- all Orders'- for Tickets and Shares which he may be favoured with, fhall be executed on the moft reafonable Terms, and at the Pi iqe of the Day on which the Order is received. " of T 1 CKETS and SHARES, Eighth Sixteenth - £ 2 1 3 6. PR. I C 1 Whole Halt- Fourth 4 6 „ Government Securities feought and fold by Commiffion. Country Correfpondents may have Tickets or Share* lent them, by remitting good Bills at Sight, br 01 a fhort Date. ENGLISH STATE- LOTTERY, i1q3. wriGHT's Old State- Lottery Offices, No. 57, Charing- Cross, and No. 3, Cornhill, HW'I o Wednesday and Thurfday's Pofts. Frmt the LONDON GAZBTTH, Feb. u, 1794. Whitehall, Feb. II. L N Sunday the 9th inftant the Right Hon. Henry Dundas, one of his Majefty's principal Secretaries of State, received Difpatches from the Lieutenant- Gover- nor of Jamaica, dated the 15th of December, J79.?, containing intelligence, that Major Grant, Commandant at Cape Nichola Mole, had ac- cepted the Surrender of the Parifhes of St. Marc and Genaivcs, in St.- Dotnineo, to his Majefty, upon the fame terms and conditions which have been granted to Cape Nichola Mole and the Quarter of Jeremie; and that the English Flag was, in confequence, flying on all the Forts and Batteries in the above- mentioned parifhes. Admiralty. Office, Feb: 11. On Sunday the 9th itift. a letter was received from Commodore Ford, Commander in Chief of his Majefty's ( hips at Jamaica, addrelfed to Mr. Stephens, dated the 7th of December, 1793, of which the following isanextfafl; with copy of the letter to which it refers : I. request you will be pleafed to inform the Lords'. Commissioners of the Admiralty, that fince my letter of the 24th o£ November last, by the Antelope Packet, nothing material has hap- pened to the fquadron under my command, ex- cept the capture of the Inconstant French frigate, by the Penelope and Iphigenia, the particulars whereof are stated in Captain Rowley's Letter, to me, herein inclofed ; and to which I ( hall add, { in juftice to the commendable zeal, activity and enterprize of thofe officers on all occasions, & the high condition and discipline of their ( hips) that in my opinion, either o'f them alone would have accomplished what fell to their united efforts. Penelope, Port Royal Harbour, Jamaica, SIR, November 30, 1793. i beg leave to acquaint you, that I failed from Mole St. Nicholas on the 20th inftant, having received, intelligence that the Inconftant frigate was expected to leave Port au Prince, to convoy a large armed Merchantman. On the day fol- lowing I foil in with his Majesty's ship Iphigenia, Captain Sinclair, to whom I gave orders to keep . company, and was proceeding to Port au Prince, • vi'hen I was informed from Leoganne, that the ' Inconstant had sailed with two fmall veflels for Petit Trou, but was daily expected back. I immediately made fail, with intention of trying to take or deftroy her in the Harbour: but 011 tlie night of the 24th we had the good fortune to fail in with her, and, after exchanging a few broadfides, fhe struck; her colours to the Frigates. The Penelope had one man killed and feven wounded ; amongft the latter is Mr. John Allen, MidshiPman. The Inconstant at six killed, amongst whom was the Firft Lieutenant; and the Captain and twenty wounded, three of whom are since dead. From the gallant behaviour of Lieut. Malcolm, the Officers. And Ship's Company, I have every reason to flatter myself, that had either of his Majesty's Frigates been single, they would have been equally fortunate in capturing her. I beg leave td add, that Captain Sinclair's very favourable report of the conduct of his Officers * nd Ship's Company is fuch as does them the greateft honour. I remain, Sir, Your moft obedient humble Servant, B. S. ROWLEY John Ford, Esq. Commodore and commander in Chief, & c. & c. Admiralty- Office Feb. 10. Rear Admiral Mac bride, in his letter to Mr. Stephens, dated the 31st ult. mentions, that Sir John Borlalt: Warren, Captain of his Majesty's fhip Flora, being on a cruize on the coast of France, had captured and sent to Portsmouth, a French Republican Brig, named La Vipere, of sixteen fix- pcundcr guns and i^ o men, quite new, coppered, and only four days from Havre. Whitehall, Feb. it. The King has been pleased to appoint George Poyntz Rickets, Efq. to lie Captain General and Governor in Chief of his Majesty's island of Barbadoesin America, in the room of David Parry, Efq. deceafed. LONDON, February 6. Our private letters from Flanders accord with the report in the French Convention, of a pro- pofal having been made by the Allies to ac- knowledge the Republic of France provisionally, till the form of Government ( hould be fettled by negociation; and for this purpofe a further propofal was made of a. truce or fufpenfion of arms., for two years. This offer was refufed by the French Government.— Gen. Evening, The French Convention, adopting every mea- fure to stimulate their Naval Officers against their enemies, have passed the subsequent extraordinary refolutions:— " On the report of the same Committee it was decreed, that every Captain or other Officer of the Navy, who shall strike, and surrender a ship of the line to the enemy, without having fought a force at least double her own, shall be declared guilty of treason against their country. " The Convention wishing to be just as well as severe, decree at the same time, that the sea- men who sall capture an enemy's ship of one third greater force than their own, shall get pro- motion, and also be otherwise rewarded." Ninety- five thousand horse are to be raised in France! and thefe employed in war, without contributing in any degree to the cultivation of land. Such a number of horses taken from agri- culture mult necessarily slacken the operations of the plough, and famine be the ultimate confe- quence to the people. The prosecution of the war being refolved on, we may expect a very early opening of the cam- paign ; and preparations are accordingly making on both sides. In Flanders the troops are all moving to the frontiers, and will foon commence their operations. The heavy cavalry are to be reinforced by one corporal, one fergeant, and 24 privates to each troop of dragoons, to take place from the 24th of January laft. The expences are to be de- frayed by the appointment of the fecond lieu- tenant colonel and fecond major of each regiment. Government, we understand, have purchased the Hessan horfes brought over to reinforce the Earl of Moira, and agree to give 12I. a head for 900, They are small, in wretched condition, and have already cost this country little lefs than 60l. a horfe. General O'Hara writes from Paris, that he is not confined in a prison, and may walk about the town : but it is painful to him not to be able to go abroad without Wearing a red cap. This badge of anarchy and confusion must, no doubt, fit extremely heavy on the head of a loyal officer, and a man of honour. Fargeon, perfumer to the late Queen of France, has been put under an arrest at Paris, charged with having sent gold out of the kingdom in pots filled with pomatum. When Pondicherry was besieged, the French, it is said, applied to Tippoo Saib for assistance, who told them he did not know who they were, or in what capacity they applied to him, and asked them where was their King ? The Kings of France have constantly, for seve- ral ages, undermined the privileges and immu- nities of- the Nobility. This may perhaps be reckoned as one of the many causes which have at last overset the throne, with circumstances of atrocity unparalleled in hiftory. A well consti- tuted Monarchy must reft upon the fundamental bale of intermediate powers, from wTiich it de- rives all it's strength and support.— Without an HOuSF. of COMMONS, Tuefday, Jan. 11. TRIAL OF MR. Hastings. Mr. wigley, after a few preparatory observations, defcripiivc or the nature of his motion, and withes to avoid all retrospect whanver of what had hitherto pal- fed relative to the Impeachment, moved, " That a meftige he lent to the Lords, acquainting their Lord- fhino, that the Houfe of Commons, under tlie nrefent oireturfliances of the Impeachment of Mr. Hastings, is anxious ( o faring the prolecution thereof, on tlie part of the Houfe, to as fpeedy a conclufion as poffiblc; and that, in confequence, it was ready and ttefirous to at- tend it's profecution from day to day, and to fit as manv liotirs each day as might be convenient to their Lnrd- Ihips." - The question was put, and palled nem. con. AliEN Bill. Mr. Dundas prefaced his motion for tlie renewal of this Bill, with observing, that any doubts which might have been entertained as to the extent of it'.! powers, plight he explained When the new hill was introduced. He then moved for leave to bring in a bill, for the IC- gulation of Aliens arriving in this kingdom, or refident therein, 4. x. which was ordered accordingly. The Houfe in a Committee, Serjeant Watson in the chair, passed the French Property Bill, with a few amendments : which being agreed to, the report was re- ceived, & the bill tc amendments, ordered to be printed. Wednesday, Feb. 12. R OCHDALE CANAL. rin the question for the fecond reading of this Canal hill being put, Colonel Stanley, after stating his reasons for opposing the bill, moved as an amendment, that instead ot the word ',' Son'," ' this day six months,' should be in- ferred.--- On which a convocation Of some length en- sued between several gentlemen. The question being called for, a division took place — when their appeared in favour of the bill going to a Committee 105, against it 51,— Majority U was ordered on the motion of Mr. Bastard, that trie petition received from certain woolcombers, re- specting a machine for combing of wool, should be re- ferred to the consideration of a committee, above flairs. The House, in a Committee of Sunply, voted 4651. us. ipdj. for accommodations in the 1 foufe of Peers, and for warming and ventilating it,--- 27,0921. 4s. M, 1,. for the french Refugee Clergy and Laity.— 3? 761. 8S. for works at the Fleet PRison.— 92551. 6s. gd. i'or works at somerset- Place.— 1H14I. its.- +< 1. on ac- count ot Land- Tax paid for Salaries of Commissioncrs for auditing Public Accounts.— 211 il. is. for debts contracted by Mr. Tilly, Agent and Consul Ceneral at Tripoli.— 1084!. 15s. for trouble of perfons enquiring mto losses sustained jn evacuating the Musquito Shore in 17SC.—- 260I. 9s. 1 id. for Surveys at Cape- Breton.-— < 504.1. tos. 6( 1. for Monies illued to the Bishop of . que- beck ; for Stationary for Upper Canada; and for Ex- pences of Administration of Juft ice in Newfoundland. — 557I. 12s. 6d. to Commissioners for inquiring into the I. aws, tec. Of Jerfev. — 19,500!. for American Civil Officers.— 248I. iXs." for lofVes fuftained by Mr. Staer- hruck, hv his removal from Nova- Scotia 14,5851. 10s. 6< l. for his Majestv's service abroad, between Jan. 5, 1- 95, and Jan. 5, 1794.--- 46,619!. i; s, 7d. for monies ^ fleed purfuantto Addrell'cs.— 204.5I. for CommiflioiK ej., of W( Hids and t'oretts.— 211,295!. 6s. for Ame- rican Sullerers, purfuant to an Adt ot 28 Geo. Ill — < 6,- 961. 7s. 6( 1. far ditto, purfuant to an Adl of 30 Ceo. Prosecuting Mr. Hastings.— 19. S201.8s. lod. for fending Provifions, fee. to, and Expcnces of Conviflsat New South- Wales.— 8d. for expences of Convicts on the Thames. .... i|, 5- 61 lis. 8d$. for Convicts in Langstone and Portsmouth Harbours.— ex- traordinary sixpenccs of the Mint — African ports and SettlementS.— ^ order Of Nobles, poffeffed of sufficient authority and prerogatives, the State must in the end fall into the despotism of one, or the monstrous anar- chy of many. _ ln short, this is a maxim, confe- cratcdby the dire catastrophe of the throne, and the Nobles in France— No Nobility, no King. Jt has been, the custom for thofe doubtful cha- rarters which come under the provisions of the Alien Bill, to get theiufelves arrested for debt, in order to prevent the operation of that Bill.— It certainly requires the interference of the Legisla- ture to introduce some clause in the Alien Bill to prevent Jacobin Emigrants from eluding the orders of Government to quit this kingdom, by throwing themselves into prison. This has been , done by two very notorious characters within the last ten days; particularly by one Deveaux. Their predileftion to this country is however evi- dent, as they prefer a prifon in London, to Liberty in France! Information was on Monday received at the Sierra- Leone- House, of the progress of the co- lony at Sierra- Leone to the 20th of December laft. The natives continued perfectly friendly; the neighbouring Chiefs shewed every desire of being connected with the company; some had fent their children to be educated at Sierra Leone, and many others proposed to fend them in the enfuing dry season. The rainy season had passed over without any considerable mortality ; and the Nova- Scotia colonists had maintained their health, and appeared to have become well inured to the climate. The trade was become much more brisk ; the cultivation was advancing both in the colony and parts adjacent; and there ap- pears to have been 110 difficulty in procuring the native labourers.— The rice, cotton, and other articles in the company's plantation, thrive ex- ceedingly, the fugar- cane excepted, which had been hurt by the white ants. The schools of the company contained between 5 and 400 children, chiefly Nova- Scotians, who appeared to have made full as much improvement as is common in European fchools under similar circumstances. The colony had gradually improved in order, and appeared to be advancing in every respect— An unfortunate fire, however, had accidentally hap- pened 011 board the company's storefhip York, by which ( lie was entirely confumed, together with all fuch articles as happened to be then 011 board, of which the value, if eftimated at prime coft, might be 8 or 9000I.; feveral thoufand pounds thereof being African produce, which was on the point of being fent to England. The whole lofs, including the value of the ( hip and the eftimated profits and charges to be added to the prime coft of the goods, is computed by the gwernor and council, on a rough calculation, to amount to between 14 and 1 $, oool. The St. Eustatia prize cause, has, at length, reached it's termination, and the agents are about to diftribute 64,0001. of the produce. The Com- manders, by fea and land, take something more than 5,000b each ; and the common men some- thing more than il. Rise of Land.— It is a singular circumstance, but correftiv true, that what the anceftors ot the pre- sent Duke of Portland gave but qoool. for, in the parish of Marybone, and around the New Road, now lets at 30,0001. a year"! What the family of Mr. Berners, the proprietor of Berners- street, purchased for 600I. now nets 3000I. an- nually ! The late storm of snow and wind has done a great deal of damage in the fields in different parts of the kingdom ; numbers of trees have been torn from tbeir roots, and fheds thrown down.— At Pickering, a man, a woman, and a boy, perilhed through the feverity of the wea- ther.— y\ t Ludlow, the houfe of Mr. Izzard was blown down; but though feveral perfons were in it, no lives were loft.— A farmer at Totteridge, and his servant, were lost in the storm, at Great Whittington. — Another unfortunate man was found dead near St. John Lec.— A pcrfon of the name of Carter, ia going from Whitby to Steaths, perished on the road.— Mr. John Da- vison, farmer, of Billilaw, near Berwick, on returning home from the market of that town, in that inclement fnowy night, missed his way upon Tweedmouth Moor, and he and his horse were next morning found dead in an inclosed coal- pit, with which that common abounds.— The Rev. Mr. Oliphant, minister of Largo in Fife, in returning home; a gentleman on his way between Dalkeith and Musselburgh ; a taylor and his journeyman, in returning from their work at Pennywick; all perished in the snow.— In the neighbourhood of Dumfries, a great number of sheep have been destroyed, and several shepherds, in their laudable endeavours to save their flocks, perifhed. Four of these unfortunate men were buried last week in Moffat, and about eleven are still missing.— The storm at Douglass- mill was the severest that has been fince the year 1745, and a great loss of sheep. Scarce a farmer but has lost fome, and fome farms four, five, of fix fcores. Several lives are faid to be loft.— By the fudden thaw, the Water of Endrick role to a great height, and fwept away part of the new bridge 011 the turnpike road to Calcreuch, and part of the bridge at Ballindalloch.— At Aberdeen, an old man at Leask, who had gone out to fee if his cows were safe, unfortunately perished . his wife, in looking for him, some time after, also pe- rished in the snow.— A barn belonging to the Earl of Winchilsea, at Burley, in Rutlandshire, was blown down, and feveral trees in the park blown up by the roots'. Two Dukes of Somerset, two Earls of Guild- ford, two Viscounts Montague, two Bishops of St. Aspah, have died fince the trial of Mr. hastings commenced. M. de Loyante, a French officer, who served with great diftinftion in the royal corps of artil- lery, made on Monday in Marlborough- gar- dens, in the presence of the Duke of Gloucester, Prince William, Generals Henry Clinton and Pattifon, Sir Sydney Smith, and many other of- ficers of distinction, a trial of his new- invented machine for throwing shells with greater precision and velocity than can possibly be done out of any picce of ordnance now tn use. The ma- chine threw 12 bombs in a minute, and it's ve- locity can still be increased. A remarkable circumstance occurred a few evenings since at a card party at Yarmouth. Four ladies met, whose combined age made 335 years, and who all enjoy perfect health and intellect. Tuesday night about ten o'clock, a fire broke out at the floor- cloth manufactory, Knightsbridge, which entirely confumed the fame, notwithstand- ing every effort to extinguish it. No lefs than 20, ocol. worth of property, with the buildings, was deftroyed, and not a farthing of either in- fured. Among other articles were all the new fcenes intended for Drury- lane play- house.— The above fire, it is faid, was occasioned by the negleft of a boy, who, in heating fome colour, suffered it to boil over, which immediately fet the whole premifes in a blare. A gentleman, brother to Captain Gambolt, of Sloane- street, was run over by an engine, and is since dead ; and a poor labouring man had his thigh broke by the fall of a piece of timber.— Great apprehen- fions were entertained for the barracks oppofite ; but the timely assistance the engines laved them, and alfo the houfe of mr. Harris, Manager of Covent- Garden, Theatre.— Mr. Harris had his stables burnt by the above fire. His houfc is im- mediately Contiguous to the floor- cloth manufac- tory. The crowd, round the Courts on Tuesday, of Attornies, wanting to be admitted, in order to avoid the new Tax, was the most singuiar thing ever known. It was the greatest legal mob that has been feen for years. Some Attornies loft their tails, others tneir fails, and hundreds crowded round the doors that could not get in. A bailiff's follower was indicted at the Man- chester sessions for brutally assaulting a poor man whilst in the aft of distraining upon his goods for one shilling rent of a cellar!— The court much to it's credit sentenced him to one year's imprison- mcnt. By the Court of King's- Bench in Ireland, it has ' been decided that Mr. A. H. Rohan shall not have a new trial ; aud judgment has been pronounced that he shall be imprisoned for two years, pay a fine of 500I. and find security to keep the peace for seven years, himself in 2000I. and two sureties in ioool. each. After sentence Mr. Rohan rose, and in a short speech justified his principles and his conduct.— He was then re- manded to Newgate, and conduced there by a back way.— He was attended in his carriage by Mr. Sheriff Jenkins,— Battalions of infantry and fqttadrons of cavalry lined the ftreets, and thus the whole moved to Newgate.— The Caftle yard had been filled during the day by a very large guard of horfe and foot, ready to be called forth ( hould any ftgns of riot or turbulence appear among the crowd. A curious matter was heard on Monday before the borough police, respecting the wife of a gen- tleman at Sheerness, who had eloped with a black fervant. They were pursued to the Nag's Head in the Borough on Sunday, where blackey fired - pistol at his pursuers, for which he was taken brought to this place, ancHnterred in St. Andre- Vs church, in the fame grave with thofe of his bro- ther, who died a few weeks ago. _ The family of Capt. Cook the celebrated na- vigator has been remarkably unfortunate. The father, moft of our readers will recolleft, loft his life at the ifland of Owhyhee; one ion was drowned in the Thunderer man of war ; two daughters were married to naval officers, and both drowned ; the youngeft fon lately died at Chrift's college of a fever, in the 18th year of his age ; and the eldeft fon loft his life as above- mentioned. BATH, Fei. 12. Monday fe'nnight the pack of fox- hounds belonging to the Duke of Beaufort unkennelled a fox at Chalkeley wood, which maintained a fevere chace of upwards of four hours, in which time he ran over a fpace of fifty miles of very hilly country, and was killed in the neighbourhood of Uley.— Thurfday morning following the fame hounds found a brace of foxes; the pack divided, and killed both after a fevere chace.— Saturday, the pack unkennelled a fox at Stanton- park, which they ran fo fharp, that Reynard was obliged to take refuge in a fmall cottage at Caftle- Coombs where he entered and jumped into a cradle, ( out of which an old wo- man had but a few moments before taken a young infant) his clamorous foes foon rulhed in and feized their viftim; the old wQman, not a little affrighted at thefe unexpected guefts, began to vent her fears ( or thefafety of her earthern ware, but flic feeined quite fatisned when the huntfman fhook hands with her with a piece of money for all that was broke. His Grace's pack has killed almoft 40 brace of foxes this feafon already. A ficfh fupply of the PATENT DROPS from Soho- fmuie, London, is now received by the PRINTERS of this Paper, in bottles of 5s. each, with folio- bills of directions, and near 60 cates noted therein, attefted by refpectable Perfonages, alluding to the Scurvy, Guilt, Rheumatifm, Evjl, IJlcers, and other Difor- ders, anting from Impurities of the Blood, Indigcltion, & c. & c. WANTED immediately, An adive YOUTH, from thi- teen- to fiftefn Years of Age, as an APPRENTICE to a LEATHER- CLOG and SHOE MAKER. Apply to], Pettefcr, Northampton. WANTED, An APPRENTICE to a GROCER and IRONMONGER ; alfo, A SHOPMAN who has been ufed to the Ironmongery Branch. - • ' For further Particulars, enquire of" J. Saver, Buck- ingham. N R. The Apprentice will be confidsrcd as one of the Kitrnly, and a Premium will be expected. WANTED immediately, or at Lady- Day next, ^ n APPREN 1' ICE to a MJLLER and BAKER, he mult be a f;, ber Bov of good Charaaer.. lie will Imve an Opportunity of learning both Buli- neiles, as now in full Trade. Enquire of Mr. Richard Dodd, Miller and Baker, Braunftcn, Nanhamptor. fhire. WANTED, ONE HUNDRED JOUR- . XK-.- MRN- SHOE- MAKERS, who, by apply- ing to John Flude, Shoe- maker, Lutterworth, may have constant Employ and gocl Wages,-- Men or women's Woik. w / ANTED, An APPRENTICE to up and committed. The lady had two children by her husband. The matter, we understand, is since settled in the following manner:— The husband took her two children and all the pro- perty he found in the coach ; desired his wife to go where she pleafed, after she said she'd live with no one but the black j and Mungo was taken by a press- gang, and put on board the tender. Yesterday a man was committed from the Pub- lic Office in Bow- street, charged on suspicion with being guilty of the murder of Mr. Slaughter, of Clifford's Inn. Monday was fought, within a ring inclosed by a rope, on Sydenham Common, in Kent, a bat- tle between William Hooper, the tin- man, and George Mattocks, both well known in the science of pugilism. The fight lasted for an hour, in | Hhe courfe of which time there were a number of very hard fought rounds, and much skill was dis- played by both the combatants. At first victory appeared to incline to the fide of Mattocks, but Dame Fortune, ever fickle, at length favoured the Tin- man, who in the language of the fchools, " did his man." Mattocks was very much cut and bruifed. He appeared to do every thing in his power to win the battle; and, on the whole, it was a fair fight.— The Duke ot Hamilton, and feveral other patrons of the art, were prefent, COUNTRY NEWS. EXETER, Feb, 5. On the night of the 18th of Dec. laft, a respectable captain of a trading veffel, being off Exmouth Bar, observed a very Angular light 5n the S. E. diredtion, the awful appearance of which caused such an impression 011 his mind, that he instantly made a minute of it, expefiing at the fame time that at a future day he ( hould hear further concerning this phaenome- nori, which has fince been the cafe; as the Cap- tain is now convinced it was the effect of the tre- mendous cxplofion at Toulon, which took place ' at the identical time, the immense conflagration of gun- powder occasioning the light thereof to be perceived in the night at fuch a vast diftance. CAMBRIDGE, Feb. 7. On Wednesday the re- mains of Capt. Cook, of his Majesty's ship Spitfire, who was drowned in Pool harbour, ( as mentioned in this paper o the 1st inst.) were Enquire of Nathaniel Nixon, Lutterworth, Leiccf- terfhire. JuURNETMEN 7J TL ORS. T'WO or THREE fteady MEN, if good Hands', may Ime immediate Emploviriyrif, by applying dirediy at Doggett's, Leighton, Beds. ELLESMERE CANAL NAVIGATION. TH£ Proprietors of this Undertaking are informed that, ' c th. tir Accu'nunodat on, iCvtfrs. BOULTBfiE, M \ NSFIELD, and BOUI. TBEE, Bankers, In UncctVSrj & MeiTrs. LLOYDS, Bankers, in Birmingh un, have been appointed to receive the Call of Two and a Half per Cent. 011 the Subfciiprions of fuch of the Proprietors who refute i; i thofe Towns, or the adjacent Country; and the Proprietors in gene- ral are requefted to pav the faid Call immediately into the above Banks; of to Mell'rs. EYTON, REY/ NOLOS, and WILKINSON, the Treafurers to tMs Concern, at Shrewsbury; or Mell'rs. KOBAKTS and. Co. Bankers, London. LEICESTERSHIRE and NORTHAMPTONSHIRE UNION CANAL. AParagraph having appeared in the Lei- celter Herald, intimating that the Works on the Union Canal would be difcontinued— And an Advef- tifement having been inl'erted in the laft Leicelter Journal, and alfo in the Leicefter Herald, without the Concurrence of any Committee; appointing a Meeting of the Proprietors to conlider on the Propriety of im- pending tne ". Vorks of the f'aid Canal as foon as they lhould have been completed to a Diltance then to be propofed or determined upon— NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the Committees appointed by the Company are proceeding 011 the Works with all poflibie Expedition, purfuant io the Refoiution of the lalt General Meeting, and purpofe continuing the lame, without any Sufpon- Con or Interruption whatfoevcr. By Order of the Genetal Committee, 1. E. CARTER, ) Clerks ] HEYRICK, jun. £ to the G. WARTNABY, ) Company. Marhet- Harboroitghy Jjri. 17, 1794. L 0 ST, A Scuffler & Turnip Traniplanter. rf"* HE above two Implements in Hufhandry SMITH, at Tichirarjh, BrjJJhaiSi- Lexe, NORTHAMPTON, Feb. It,' ijit J. CHAMBERLAIN, PLASTERER, SLATER & HOUSE- PAINTER, TAKES this Opportunity of returning his fincere Thanks to the Public in general, and his Friends in particular, for the many Favours re- ceived in the above Branches, and hopes by a ftric. t Attention to merit a Continuance of thetn; lie alfo begs Leave to inform them, he l'elk LIME, TILES, tec. of tjie beft Quality, and in anv Quantity; like- wife PREPARE!) PLASTER, particularly recom- mended for Floors of M A L T- HO U SES, G R AN A K I 1 s, tec. and all other Purpofes in the Trade. Thofe who pleafe to favour him with their Com- mands, may depend on their being diligently attended to, * By their very humble Servant, JAMES CHAMBERLAIN. N R. COMPOSITION ORNAMENTS, or CHIMNEY- PIECES complete. ~ TD U C A T 1 0 N. THE Minirter of a confiderable Town In the County of Northampton, induced by the re- peated Suggeftions of many reCpe& able Characters reflecting on the Benefits ariling from a liberal and limited Planof Education, begs Lcavetoinform Parents and Guardians he is prepared for the Reception of any Number of YOUNG GENTLEMEN, not exceeding twelve, to inftruft them in thofe Branches of Literature requifite to qualify them for the Learned Profeffions, and the higher Situations of Life. Confcious that Youths in general may be taught more by Kindnefs than Compulfion, the Advertifer pledges his Honour, thofe entiufted to his Care will be confidered as his own Children, & treated with the utniofl Tenderncfs. N, B. The Clergyman's Addrefs may be known from the Printers of this Paper. INOCULATION. PAMP1LION- HALL, near LUBENHAM, Lcicejlerfhire. RB. HEYG ATE, having taken the above • Houfe, begs refpeftfully to inform his Friends and the Public, that it Is now Open for the Reception of Patients. For Particulars, apply to Mr. Hcvgate, Surgeon, in Market- Harborough. fibinary I2// 5, 1794. To be SOL I), At LAUNDON- GRANGE, near Olncy, Bucks, ACORE of about 15 Ton of exceedingly good OLD HAY, of the Year 1791. LikeWife, A RICK of the Year 1793. To / M be B E O R. L D, f. were directed to Mr. SMITH, at Tichn: a N*> thamptonlhire; and left at the Crowns, in Leicefter, about the Middleoflaft September— The Porter of the Bell Inn forwarded them to Harborough by a Waggon which he has forgot, and, as they have not yet been received, it isprefumed the Direction mult have been erafed, and that they were carried to fome other Place by Miltake.——— Mr. SMITH will therefore conlider lumfelf obliged to the Proprietor of any Waggon, or Warehoufe in which they may be lodged, for a Line of Information— or if they have been delivered to any Gentleman, by Miltake, he will be very thankful for fuch Information. ~~ L O S T~ ABOUT three Weeks fince, fomevvherc in Lutterworth, in the County of Likelier, A SILVER WATCH, Rather bigger than tlie common Size— Maker's Name, H'm. Auberey, Londtn, No. 3651. Whoever will bring the faid Watch to Mr. Edward Hallam, Clock and Watch Maker, or \ lr. Robinfon, at the Geooge Inn, Lutterworth, lhall receive ONE GUINEA for a Reward. f$ r? r The Works of the Watch appear to be old, but the Cafes are almoft new; it had a plain Steel Chain, a common Hat Steel Seal, and a Steel jointed Key, affixed to it. At KELMARSH, in the County of Northampton, on Monday the 24th, and Wednefday tiie 26th of Fe- bruary, 1794, ANumber of large ELM and ASH, with all the TOPS; likewife fome large ASH POLES— in Lots. To bi viewed on Friday the 21ft, and Saturday the 2id, preceding the Sal". Information to be had at the Golden - I/ ton, in Kelmanh, where a Pcrfon attends to ( hew the Lots. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JAMES NEALE, At the Old Crow. i, in Lutterworth, in the County of Lek'Uter, 011 TImrfday the 201 li of February inflantj at Three o'Clock in the Aftei noon, A LL that convenient HOUSE & HOME- il STEAD, at W \ i. GOT, in the County cefter, occupied by Widow Speed.— The Homcftea lies remarkaoly well for an Ouj- Going, in Cafe of a Inclofure. For further Particulars, enquire of tiie Auctioneer, in Lutterworth. cl- ad art To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mejfrs. QlUIdM and HARVEY, At GREAT- BRICKH1LL, in the Countv of Bucks, on Monday the 24th of February, 1794, IVE HAY, now itan- hrg 1 to DUNCOMBE PLACE. The Salyto begin at Two o'Clock.— Particulars at the Place ot/ Sale. I^ IVE STACKS- of exceeding good OLD HAY, now Uan. lirg in the MIADOW belonging Farming- Stock, Dairy- Uterifils, c. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By JOHN DAT and SON, On the Premilis at F1LGRAVH, near NEWPORT." PACKEI. t and OI. NKY, In the County ot Buck-, 011 Tuefday the iStli of this iiUtant February, "" pHE Valuable LIVE and DEAD STOCK, J. with fundry other E V F E C T S, belonging t ® Meffis. JOSEPH and WILLIAM PEAKS, who arc leaving the Bargain; Confuting of three Stumps of Hay, eleven young ul'eful Dairy Cows, moft « f which are'heavy in Calf, one Bull, forty- two Ewes & Lambs, thirty- lix Tegs, four young Cart Horfes, un » Ditto Male in Foil, one Hackney, two Store Pigs ; two Carts, five Ploughs, two Pair of Harrows, one Field Roll, Gears for teven Horfes, foven Hovel Frames, Cow and Sheep Cribs, Ladders, tec Dairy VeffelS, as a Seven- dozen Churn, Milk Leads, Buckets and Tubs; two Coppers, Beer Calks, a Cucumber Frame and Light, with furidry other E tie its. The Sale to begin exactly at Ten o'Clock. To CREDITORS. - y^ HEREAS JOHN MILLS, of KIRWORTH- HARCQURT, in the County of Leicefter, Miller, has made an Affignmcnt of all his hitate and Elicits, to Mr. Eohvaul Berry, cfAfn- Iey, in the County of Northampton, Farmer", and Mr. ........ the County efit of all his ley, 111 tiie Lounty ct Farmc David Ofwin, of Market- Harborough, in 1 of Leicefter, Vi& ualler, for the Benefit Creditors, IS HEREBY GIVEN, Creditors of the faid John il'ebv the Sale Mills NOTICE That fuch of til. as are willing to accept the Divideodttarilt , . of his Eflate and Effects, by Virtue of the laid Align- ment, in full of their refpeftive Demands, may exe- cute the fame, at Mr. Biuford's Oftice, in Market- Ilarboraugh; and that thofe who do not execute l'jch Deed, 011 or before the 29th Day of April next, will be excluded from the Benefit thereof. It is requefted that fuch Perfcns to whom the faid John Mills is indebted, will immediately tranfmit to Mr. Burford an Account of their Denianift: and that fuch Perfons a , are indebted to tiie laid jshn Mills will forthwith dil'charge the fame. Mfiriei- tiarhrou^ h, Fit., 13, Tbrci Freehold Dweiling- Hoti/ ei in Bedford. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By T. BROOK S, On Monday the 24th ot February, 1794, at the King'S- Anns, in Bedford, at Twoo'Clock in the Afternoon, in One Lot, AGood FREEHOLD Roomy DWELLING I- IOUSE, wit 1 two fpacious Rooms on the Ground Floor; three Bed- Cham h « rs; and two good Rooms in the Attic Story ; with a hrge dry Cellar,- niofl eligibly lituated in the'Hi OH- 51 a t. • r, in the IVifli of Saint Paul, in the Town of Bl- DMlKDj late in the Occu- pation of Mrs. Veal and Mr. Kilpin ;— Alfo, adjoining the above aie TWO fubliantial i convenient D WEL- LING- HOUSES, which open iuto the Street leading to - Saint Paul's Church; now in the Occupation of Mr. Hine and Mr. Lindford;— all at very improvable old Rents, amounting to only ill. los.' per Annum, which at a fmall Expencc is ca'pable of making zjL per Annum. N. B. The above Premifes are worthy the Attention of a Tradefman in any Line of Bufinels, or any other Pcrfon; who may now have an Opportunity of pur- chaling in the Centre of the respectable Borough of Bedford. May be viewed until the Sale, by applying to Mr. Linlord, the Tenant; and Particulars known of Mr. Brooks, Sworn- Appraifer and Auctioneer, Clophilt, Bedfordlhire. BEDFORDSHIRE. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By McJJrs, JA^ UES and SON, On Saturday the 15th of March, 1794, at Three in til* Afternoon,' atthu Swan Inn, Bedlord, in four Lots,' AVALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE; confuting of NINETY- VIVE ACRF. S of re- markable RICH INCLOSED MEADOW and ARA- BLE, and ONE HUNDRED and FOUR ACRES of Opcn- Field LAND, alfo a commodious Biick- built FARM- HOUSE, with Yard, Garden, large Barns and Stabling, a well- ltock'd Dove- Cot, reqnilite Build- ings; advar. tageouflylinia. te at WOOTTON, 111 tlw Centre of the capital Markets of Olncy, Newport- Kignell, Wcburn, and Ampthill, and within three Miles « f the County Town of BEDFORD— in the Occupation of Mr. B'erterani. Lor 1. The Farm- Houfe arvd Buildings, and 34 Acres of adjoining Inclofed Meadow, and 104 Acres of Arable Land, inWoottonand Keinpton Open Fields. Lo ; 2. Two Ineiofure* called Nlai'lton- Hoos, con- taining 30 Acres. Lo r 3. fwo iRclofuves called Woad - Grounds, containing 28 Acres of line Meadow- Land. L04C. 4. Wood- End Ciofc, containing three Acres of good Meadow. ( CT* WOOTTON- FIILD Inclofure might eafily lake Place, which, from the Goodnels of soil, and Neighbourhood of goad Mar! being in few Hands, an from the „ Markets, muft be to verv great Advantage. To be viewiu 20 Days preceding the Sale; when printed Particulars may be had of the Tenant t alfoat the Swan, Bedford f Sun, Hitchin; Saliil. ury- Arms, Hatfield ; Woolpack, St. Alban's; Siigar- L-> af, Dun- ILibie; George, Woburn; Swan, Newport- Pagneli r of Mr. Hodlon, Attorncv at Law, Wcilinghoiough; at Garraway's, ' Change- Alley; and of Mell'rs. Jaqucs and Son, I.'* ii( l- Surveyors, H* tton- Uiirieii, Loudon, Friday and Saturday's Ports. . TRIAL OF WARREN HASTINGSt Efq. THURSDAY, FEB. 13 -^ HIS day ( be seventh year of this Gen- tleman's trial commenced j and we trust it will be the last; for let men's opinions of Mr. Hastings be what they may, all feem tq agree that the length of his prosecution has exceeded the limits of strict and impartial justice. Since the beginning of this impeach- ment there have been no fewer than 149 changes in the chamber of Peers. They are as follow : Total Peers dead, or Scots Peers hi the laft, but not in this Parliament - 76 Total Creations, new Billions, and new Scots Peers 43 Total Poors lucceeding by defcent - - 4° After the uGjal ceremony, and Mr. Hastings being at the Bar, Mr. Law in a short speech stated that the evidence of Marquis Cornwallis, lately arrived, was of much importances Mr. Hastings, and therefore he prayed that their Lord& ips would permit that noble Lord to be examined on the part of Mr. Hastings. Mr. Grey said the Managers had no sort of ob- jection to the examination of the Marquis, and he trusted their Lordships & Mr. Hastings's Counsel would agree that Mr. Larkins should likewise be examined, although the Managers hsd closed their evidence. The points were agreed upon. but Lord Corn- . eallis not having taken his feat as Marquis, the Lords returned to their own Chamber, and fent a Message to the Commons, that they would further proceed 011 the trial on Wednesday next. LONDON, February 15. The two mails due this day from the Continent, have not yet arrived— in confequence, we have little new'to advance either from the borders of the Rhine, or from the interior of France.— As in all former wars, the prefent ( eafon of the year affords an account of few military movements^ of importance hevond what may be considered as in- dicative of foinething about to be done fo foon as practicable.— Seldom a day paffes without fome reports from the feat of war in Flanders— they arc, however, of that nature, to create no alarm refpefting immediate confeqnences— all parties at prefent repofe upon their arms.— In this dearth of aftual news, rumour takes it's place; for theSe two or three days we have been aflured, even in the inidft of the moll vigorous preparations for war, that peace has been folicited on the part of the allies, and rclufed on that of the French.— Left this ( hould be taker up more ferioufiy than it deti rves, we are called upon to ilate to our readers how moft likely it originated. Such an idea has been circulated among the deluded populace of France, by the defnerate rulers of that country, and it Serves to flatter the public opinion into a belief that France is on the eve of giving laws to europe; a belief that at all times was, and ever will lie, Sufficient to make a French- Irian happy under the preffure of the wortl of despotism.— Hence has arifen the above report in England, and it even extended to Vienna ; but that anv kind of terms it was ever in agitation to o! fl- r, or even accept, while the prefent ruling faftioi) of France Hi all exift, we are inclined to difpute altogether. We do not know through what channel any intelligence can have come from France, but it is reported this day, that in confequence of the late arbitrary decree respecting the confiscation of property in the foreign funds, a general clamour of difaffeftion has broken out, which has extend- ed itfulf to the army of the North, where a moll alarming miiriny has been the confequence. ' Hie Manheim gazette dates, that the Duke of brunswick, Generals Mollendorff, Brown, and kalkreuth, met at Franckfort, on the 30th, to concert the future operations of the combined ar- rauss, aitJ that the Duke afterwards retired in di thicknefs to pfftte& the men at the gans from grape- fhot or mufqurtry. Sir Sydney Smith, who has been honoured with knighthood by the court of Sweden, for his fervices in the Baltic, was the only officer who made a tender of his fervices ift tlie hazardous enterprize of burning the French flew at Toulon. Only one Jailor turned out as a volunteer for that bufinefs— the danger was held fo imminent. Private letters mention, that in the hafte of eva- cuating Toulon, Sir Gilbert Elliot was obliged to leave his plate behind him, valued at 2600I. to- gether with the created part of his wearing ap- parel, and that of his fuite. The King of Spain has contented to the con- dition propofed by Sir Tames Marriott, with re- gard to the St, Jago prize ; and that all Britifh fhipsre- taken by ( hips of war, or others, belong- ing to Spain, ( hall be reliored on the fame foot- ing. He only defires that the cargo of the St. Jago may l; e given up, a bail- bond being given for the value, which may be awarded by the King in council, to whom the captors have ap- pealed. Tax'on Attornies.— In the Houfe of Commons on Thurfday.— Mr. Rofe faid, it haying been erroneoufly conceived, that thefumof one hun- dred pounds ( hould be. paid for every admiffion into the Several court* in which an attorney fhould praftice, he thought it proper to ( late, that it was ther intention of the bill, that the futn of one hundred pounds only ( hould be paid upon the In- dentures, or one hundred pounds upon the ad- mijjion. Letters from Whitby, and other parts of the coaft, give melancholy accounts of the damage done to the ( hipping in thofe parts ' oy the tlorm on Saturday Se'nnight. The finds were ftrewed with wrecks, and the whole coaft prefented a dif- mal difplay of the havock it had cauted.— Four fifhing cobbles were over- fet at. Flambro'- Head, and all the people on board, amounting to 16, were drowned ; 13 of whom had families, and have left 33 children in great diitrefs. On Thurfday an account was received in town of the death of Genera! Lambton, at his feat in the county of Durham. By his death, an eftatVof 25,000!. a year devolves to his ( on, \ V. K. Lamb- ton, Efq. one of the Members for Durham. brepery, NORTHAMPTON, Feb. 14, 1794. W. T 0 M P S 0 N, WITH Heart- felt Satisfadion, returns bis ( metre thanks to his numerous Friends for the very generous Support he has experienced during upwards of 20 H ears' Rcfidcnce in the Drapery, and rei'pe& fully informs them, and the Public " in general, that he intends Opening SHOP, at liis Houle m SHEEP- STREET, ( late in the Occupation of Mr. ETCHES,) 011 THURSDAY the 20th inltant< where he hopes to hieet with that Countenance which he has fo long experienced, and which it will be his Study to deferve. W. T. cannot omit this Opportunity of gratefully returning his iincere Thanks to the rnatiy Friends o'f Mr. ETCHES, who have honoured him with their Sup- port fince Mr. E.' s leaving Bulhiefs. ( t3~ All Orders in the On oc E it, CHANDLERY, or L 1 < i_ U O R BUSINESS will be thankfully re- ceived, and duly executed. To LOTTERY ADVENTURERS. TAGER takes the Liberty of informing • the Public, that he continues to receive the PATENT LIST from London, where all Perfons may- have their Numbers Examined;—- he hopes to meet with Encouragement, having in the laft five Years, recovered Prizes for fcveral Perfons which'they had been informed from the different Offices had been drawn Blanks, and the Money has been paid them. Any Perfon fending a Letter, Carriage paid, with their Number, ( hall have an immediate Anl'wer returned, for Two- pence a Number. Ladies or Gentlemen in Northampton, who choofe to examine their Numbers at Home, may have the I. ift fent them, and their Favours will be gratefully received, by Their obedient, humble Servant, Bridge- Street, Northampton. T. AGE R. N. B. lie ha's the Lift, by liim for thefe five Years pad. Northampton Subfc'ription Affembly. THE Laft Meeting for this Seafon will be at the PEACOCK LFIN, on Thurfday the 20th .. ii • , . inftant. o'Clock. DIED.] in Derbyfh On Monday fe'nnight. at Foremark, ire, Francis Burdctt, Efq. only fon of Sir Robert Burdett, Bart.— On Saturday morning Mrs. Mary Rofe, aged & 4 years, in Hoxton workhoufe, where fhe has lived thefe laft 15 years, although Mr. Rofe left her and her daughter 50,000!. Mifs Elizabeth '! ofe married a young Hibernian, who got poffeffion of the money, fpent it, broke the daughter's heart, and obliged the worthy mother to feek refuge, in a workhoule. MARKET SLondon, Feb. 10. 1 Our fupply of Wheat being ( mall, fine fan, pies fold brifkty at is. advance.— Barleys were pretty plenti- ful dn Friday, but having few arrivals to- day, tine picked Malting famplcs fetched 36s. - and fine Malts met with buyers, though lew fhtp famples at more than 45s. 6d.— White Pcafe cheaper, but Grey Peaf'e were fcarce and dearer, tine famples being wanted for feed.— Good Horfe Beans rather fcarce, and fmall advance.— Fine frelh Oats fold rather better, having but few arrivals. Dancing to commence precifely at Seven Dr. OK ELY, ? c, ,, , Rev. G. WATK1N, { Stewards. February 15, 1794. NElfPORTPAGNELL, Feb. 14, 1794. L L Perfous w> ho ftand any Ways in- debted to Mr. JAMES AD KINS,' late of NE WPORT- PAG NF. I. I. aforefaid, Grocer and Tallow- Chandler, are requefted to pay their rel'peftive Debts immediately, to Mr. Coocli, Attorney at Law, of Newport- Pagnell, who. is duly authorized to receive and give Discharges for the fame; or, in Default thereof, they will be fued without further Notice. Mrs, A L t E Ar, O/ ECTON, five Miles fror* NORTH A. MPTON, HAVING been entrufted with the Care of fome YOUNG GENTLEMEN fi - m the Age of betwixt Three and Four to Seven ot Eight, Who have now bam removed to a Grammar Sthboi, the has a Vacancy, and would be happy to take the Charge of Four; whirl) Number lhe would- Bever exceed, as Ihe attends entirelv to their IrdtruttWa, icu. herfelf. Her Tei m-:; are Twenty Poumis a Year, in which arc included Wafhing, & Mend'u. gtlie Young Gentlemen's Linen.— Vacation only orti Mont4i, at Chriitoaf. Farming- Stocky Houfeheld- Furniture, fe'e. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN CORfi, On the Premifes at Bozeat, in the County of North- ampton, on Friday the 21ft of this inftanr February, THE Valuable LIVE & DEAD STOCK, and HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, of the late Mr. COALES, of BOZEAT aforefaid : Conliftingof three Mares in Foal, two Two- year- old Colts, two Fillies, and two ( tout Cart- Horfes; Gears for four Horfes, one Waggon, two Carts, one Butcher's ditto, Ploughs, Harrows, Caw- Cribs, Ladders, See. The Hou SE 110 L o- Fu R N 1 T U R E conlifts of Feather and Wool Beds, Bedfteads and Furniture, Pewter and Bralf, Ere wing Copper and Grate, Tables, Chairs, and Kitchen- 1' urniture in general. The Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock. All Perlbas who have any Claim or Dcmandon the Eftate and Eiiefts of the faid Mr. COALES, are detjred to fend an Account thereof to Mr. T. Davinlbn, of Clifton, Bucks;— and all l'crl'ons who are indebted to the faid Mr. Coales, are defiled to pay the fame to the faid Mr. Davinfon, on or before the 13th of Match, ' 794- w1 HEREAS on Friday Night, or early on Saturday Morning, the 14th or 15th of' February inftaht, ' A WETHER SHEEP, Belonging to Mrs. SFIAW, of HUNTSBURY- HII. L, near Northampton, WAS KILLED, and THE CAR- CASE STOLEN. Whoever can give Intelligence of the Offender or Offenders fo that he or they may be brought to Juftice, ( hall on his or their Conviftion, receive a Reward of TEN GUINEAS, of tile faid Mrs. Shaw. A1 Wheat Rye - Barley Malt - Oats 36s. to 49s. - 30s. to 35s. 27s. to 35s. - 42s. to 45s. 20S, tO 20! Horf'e- Beans Tick Ditto - White Peafe Grey Ditto 36s. to 39s. 34s. to 37s. 3bs. to 42s. 39s. to 40s. Ten Guineas Rcivard. WHEREAS feveral YODNG TREES, in the SHRUBBERY at DALL1NGT0N, near Northampton, HAVE BEEN DESTROYED by fome evil- difpofed Perfon or Perfons :— Whoever will give Intelligence of the Offender or Offenders, fo that he or they may be brought to Juftice, ( hail, 011 his or their Convi& ion, receive a Reward of TEN GUINEAS, fronOohn- Chaiies Girardot, Efq ot Dailington aforefaid. Tile average price of Grain throughout England, Feb. 1, was. Wheat, 50s. Oats, 7d. ' Rye, 37s. 9d. ' id. Bean's, ' 41s. 8d. Barley, Peafe, disgust. The French, having given up all idea of conquest towards the Rhine, have determined to retard the proi; refs of the allies towards France in that quarter, bv desolating the whole country which they had taken possession Of in the Pala- tinate, Treves, and the neighbourhood of Man- heim. They have carried off, in an immense number of waggons, all the moveables of every kind, and have demolished all the castles and houses that could favour the operations of the enemy. Bv' a letter from an officer belonging to the troops under Sir Charles Grey, dated frotn on board his Majesty's ship Veteran, at sea. Jan. 2, we learn, { hat from the time of their sailing they had had verv favourable weather. Their naval force confided of three ships of the line, 3 ( hips of 44 guns with troops, a frigate, a bomb- ketch, and 2,4 tranfports with ( tore:., Src. They had not fallen in with anv enemy. On the 17th of December, Sir John Jervis, in the Boyne of 98 guns, came off fenchal road, in the Island of Madeira, when he made the signal for the Quebec frigate and two transports, then in the road, to join him, which they immediately did ; and the Admiral proceeded on his voyage, leaving behind him a supply of wine for his squadron, which he did not choose to wait for. The Quebec frigate and Zebra sloop of war, having under their convoy fome transports, had arrived at Madeira on the 16th of December. The Ouebec had carried into Madeira, where the cargo~ will be fold, a Swedish vessel, loaded with about ? Soo bushels of wheat, on account Of the Republic of Genoa. A long confutation was held the other day be- tween Mr. Pitt, the Marquis Cornwallis, and Earl Moira, at the former's house in Downing- street, when the subject of the war, and the plan laid down for the invasion of the coast of France, were again fully discussed. This meeting is fup- pofed to have been held, purposely to take the opinion of the Marquis, 011 some points of mo- ment which have been called in question. The Camps are intended to be formed in this country next month unless the weather is un- commonly fevers, in which cafe the troops will go into cantonments in the neighbourhood of their respective camps, till the feafon permits their taking the field. The grand measure of a descent on the coast of England, the conduct of which the leading Ja- cobins of Paris say, must be kept a profound secret — Politicians on this fide of the water pretend to have found out will take place early in March. There are many people who confidcr an inva- fton ot this country by the French as a very f ro table attempt. The probability, however, is no more than this; that they will lend upon this ex- pedition forty or fifty thoufand Sans Culottes of the loweft order, and whofe lives they do not value at a farthing each. By this means they may expedt to create fome confufion here, while they carry on their operations quietly elfewhere. But as to real caufe for alarm in this country we can fee none. An invafion was always deemed impracticable, even when we had half of the powers of europe leagued againft us. A number of large gun- boats arc fitting out in the different dock- yards, the command of which is to be given to Sir Sydney Smith; fome of them are large Dutch Doggers, of upwards of 100 tons, which carry two heavy guns in their bow, beftdes several carronades 011 their deck, with a breast- work raif » d upon thei r deck, of a fufficient 34s- 41s. jd. F1. OUR..— Fine, 37s to 38s. Seconds, 34s. to 35s. Thirds, 27s. to 32s. per fack.. Middlings, 39s. to 50s. Pollard ( fine) 24s. to 26s. Common Ditto, 14s. to 16s. HOPS Per Pocket: — Kent, 81. 8s. to 10I. 10s. Sufl'ex, 81. os. to ldl. oi. Earnham, tol. 00s. to 19I. os. Worcefter, 71. 7s. to gU 10s. StEus.- vlU- d Clover, 37s. to 78s. . perewt. White Clover, 40s. to 84s. Trefoil, 105.10295. Rve- Grafs, 20s. to jis. per quarter. Cinqtiefoil, 35s. to' 45s. SMIT H f 1 £ LD, Feb. 10. To ( ink the oflal. Ox Beef, 2s. Sd. to 3s. 6ii. Wether Mutton, 3s. od. to 3s. Sd. Vesl,. 3' s, od. to 4s. od. Pork, 3s. od. to 4a. od. per ( tone of 81b, Sold this day, 1,800 Seafts. 9,000 Sheep. LEATHER, per lb. Butts, wtofolb. 13d. to 14c!. Ditto, 60 to 70lh. i2d. to i4d. Merchants' Backs, 13d. to ydf. Drilling Hides, 13d. to i3d^. Fine Coach- Hides, I3jd. to I4d. Crop Hides ( or cutting, 13 jd. to ijd. Flat ordinary, ndj. to I2d. Calf Skins 40 to 501b. per doz, 2od! to 22d. Ditto, 100 to i2olb. i7d. to 19a. Small Seals per doz. 66s. to 80s. Large Ditto, tios. to 126s. Tann'd Horfe- Hides, 14s. od. to 26s. od. per hide. RAW Hints.— Beft, 2S. od. to 2s. 8d. Middling and Ordinary, is. 4d. to is. gd. Light Calf, 51!. to jjd. per lb". Heavv Ditto, Ss. 6d. a- piece. Dutch Hides 3d|. per lb. Hainbro' Hides, 2dj. to 3d. Agricultural Report for January. The Lent feed feafon lias already commenced well in tlie liiuthetn and cafttrn counties; the early ploughed lays, and the fallows laid up dry, worked well for beans, peafe, barlev, and oats, as loon as thefnow was off'the ground. — Lincolnfhire, and the diftritt ltill more northward, not being fo well drained, are likely to he backward in their fpring fowing; nor are the far- thers in the weft fo early this l'eafou as might have been esuefted. The late froft, though of no long continuance, has been of general fervlce to the young wheats, not only in deftroying the ( lug and worm, but in checking thole plants in rich foils which began to run too proudly. The turnips have ftood the winter, and produced much more leed than was looked for.—- The coleleeds were cut by the ( harp weather; but from the abundance of luxuriant tares and rye through all parts of the kingdom, there is but little danger now ot any fcarcity of fpring feed. Hay is falling in price, but continues dearer in moft parts of the country than in the metropolis. Our ac- counts from the Hock matters, in different parts of the kingdom, fpeak of a general good fall ot lambs this feafon. The weftern Hocks however, are much tainted with the fcab; and the fouth downs have had more unfoiind dock this winter than they have known for many years before. Wool keeps it's laft month's prices. The long forts have had a frilling advance, from the preffing demand for various military articles of woollen. Horfes are reduced in price at lead 20 per cent, with- in thefe fix months. Sinithfield has been well fupplied with fat ftock through the winter. The Leicefterfhire and Bucking- hamfhire grafs oxen never came off better; and tin Eflex, Norfolk, and Suffolk turnip bealt never died in higher condition ; in confequence, prime beef has been more rcafonable than is generally the cafe at this time of the year. Veil is high priced; but lamb, mutton and pork, are fa:: from dear. Only two or three droves of lean cattle arc vet come up, the few lots expol'ed to fale 011 Epping Forclt are almolt out of price. - JUUOJLI | | IT II HHP A muftcal piece, called the Purfe, or the Generous Tar, ivas performed on Saturday night at the Hay- market Theatre, forthejirH time.— The following ftanzas, foppofed to be fung by a galley flame, ivill furnijh no ttnfavourable fpccimen of the Poetry. A I R. ' f\ H ! think on my fate; once I freedom enjoy'd, Was as happy as happy could he; But pleal'ure is ( town ! even hope is deltroy'd! A captive, alas! on the lea! I was ta'en by the foe—' twas the fiat of fate, To tear me from her I adore; When thought brings to mind my OTCC happy eftate, I ligh— while I tug at the oar. Hard, hard is my fare; 0I1 how galling my chain ! My life's fteer'd by mifery's chart; And, though ' gainftmy tyriaws 1 I'corn to complain, Tears guih forth to cafe my poor heart: I difdain e'en to fhrink, tho' I feel thelharplafli, Yet my bread bleeds for her 1 adore; While around me the unfeeling billows will dafh, I ligh— and ftill tug at the oar. How fortune deceives !— I had pleafure in tow, The port where fhe dwelt we'd in view; But the wilh'd nuptial morn waso'ercloudcd with woe, And, dear Anne ! I was hurried from you; Our thai lop was batrded, and I borne away, To behold mv dear Anna 110 more! But defpair waftes my f'pirits— my fornj fecjs dewy,— He figh'd— and ex'pii ' d * t tin; oar. ELOPEMENT. WHEREAS AN^ f, the Wife of HENRY MAL1NG, of DAVENTRY, in the County of Northampton, did, on Wednefday the 29th Day of January, elope from her Huiband, and is fuppofed to be gone to London, in Company with Edward Bathe, ( and not George Bathe, as inferred laft Week.) Now I do discharge ali Perl'ons from crediting the faid Ann, 011 any Account— and I do give Notice that I will not be anf'werable tor any Debts ihe may hereafter contradt. Witnefs my Hand, the 8th of February, 1794- HENRY MA LING.* To be SOLD by AUCTION, ( WIT( TOUT » I » I » VI) •••.'• By O H N COBB, On Monday thejdof- March, and two following, Days, 011 the Premifes of JOHN SHARP, of LUTON, Beds, DRAPER, a Bankrupt, LL the STOCK in TRADE, & c. Con- fining of a great Variety of Drapery Goods, printed Cottons, Tambour and Plain Muffins, Muffin Handkerchiefs and Cravats, Irifhes, Sheeting Loom DowlafTes, Checks and Shalloons, Black Modes, plain Black and figured Ribbons, Hoiicry, Baize, Flannels, and Scarlet Cardinals; Threads, Tapes, and many other Articles in the Drapery and Haberdalher Line.— The HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, whicl wiji be Sold on the laft Day, comprizes Feather and Flock Beds, with printed Cotton and other Hangings, Callico Window Curtains, Table's, Chairs," and Drawers, Pewter and Brals, a Kitchen Range, Thirty- hour Clock, Brewing Copper, Tubs, See. with many other Articles.— Likewilc a HORSE and good CHAISE CART. The Whole to be viewed on the Saturday preceeding the Sale. The Company are defiled to attend as early as poffible, as the' Sale will begin each Day at Ten V Clock. To Coach- Mafters, Inn- Keepers, life. To ba SOLD by A U C TIE O N, - By GEORGE KNIBB, On Friday the 21ft of FehrVwrv, r- 04, at the Plough Inn, in NEVVPORT- PAGNELL, Bucks, THE NORTHAMPTON, and NEWPORT- PAGNELL Light COACH, called STRINGER'S FLY; With ten Capital Seafon'd HORSES, ufed to the Road, full of Hard Meat, and in high Condition r— alfo, TEN complete SUITS of HARNESS to cor- refpond.— The Sale to begin at. Ten o'Clock. [ Ct* The Coach & Harnefs lately from the Maker's. To be SOLD, ABOUT FOURTEEN ACRES OF TURNIPS, either by the Week 01 the Lump, with good I. ayer, lying between THORNBY and WF. LFORD. Enquire of Sam. Herbert, Welford, the Owner. To be SO L D, ACLOSE of good PASTURE- LAND, fituated in the P;, ri( h cf CL AY- COTON, in the County of Northampton, containing 63 A. 2 R.— alfo, A MEADOW adjoining, containing 9 A. 17 Is.; now in the Occupation of George Cee, Tenant at Will. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. Geo. Jackfon, at Winwick. BUCK S. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, [ Together or feparately,) And Entered on immediatelv ( if defired), At BOW- BRICK. HILL, near Fenny- Stratfird, AComplete DWELLING - HOUSE and BAKE- HOUSE, in full Trade, and a PIECE of OLD SWEARD GROUND adjoining;— alfo a POST- WINDMILL, at a fmall Diftance, in thorougli Repair and couftant Work ; with all the Gearings belonging to the Mill, & the Utenlils beloirgingto the Bakeh'oufe — the Proprietor and Occupier going into a Farm at a Diftance. Fpr more Particulars, apply to- Mr. Simon Cleaver, at Bow- Brickhill ; or Mr. John Day, fen. at Fenny- Stratford, Bucks. For SALE by AUCTIO N, By BENJAMIN MASON, On Tuefdav the 18th of February, 1794, on the Pre- mil'es of'URIAH GAYTON, of BRAFIELD- ON- THE- GREEN, in the County of Northampton, AQuantity of HOUSEHOLD - FURNI- . TURE, confiding of Bedfteads, Feather and Flock Beds, Single Chelts of Drawers, Tables, Chairs, an Eight- day Clock, Kitclien- Furniture, Calks, and fundry other Articles. The Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock. CAPITAL SHEEP. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. B O OTT, ( Without Referve) on the Premifes, on Monday the 2} th Day of February, 1794, at Ten o'Clock, THE Entire and Valuable STOCK of BREEDING EWES, RAMS, LAMBS, and FAT WETHERS, the Property of Meflrs. JOSEPH and THOMAS WILKES, of MEASHAM, in the County of Derby. This capital Flock, which num- bers nearly Four Hundred, has many Years been clofe bred from the New Leicefterfhire Sort. Mefl'rs. Wilkes' are Members of the Society of Ram Breeders ; and have always been among the Foremolt in the Choice of Rams at Difhley. %* EIGHT FAT BULLOCKS will be SOLD by AUCTION, on the fame Day. Catalogues will be ready for Delivery on Friday the 2i( t of February, at the Principal Inns, in Leicefter, Poftfcript. LONDON, February 1 YESTERDAY gave birth to a great variety of reports; the moll prominent of which was that of an invafton. This apprehenfion had an evident effeft on the funds, which fell about 3- 4ths per cent. It vtfas Rated that certain news had been received that the French expedition fit- ting out at Havre de Grace, was on the point of failing. We are extremely doubtful of the truth of this report; at the fame time we know that the French have collefted a very large torce along their fea- coaft on the Channel, which merits, as we have no doubt it has, the ferious attention of Govern- ment. Certain it is, that the Cabinet has c^ eifts of theutmoft importance now under confideration ; and on this account the bufinefs in both Houfes of Parliament, which ftood for yefterday, was poft- poned, at the requeft of his Mnjefty's Mintfters. But whether theobjeft of deliberation is the news of any particular event from abroad ; or, what is more probable, the confideration of the plans of operation for the enfuing campaign, for which purpofe feveral diftinguiftied officers have been fummoncd, and for which the Auftrian Colonel Mack iscometotown, is not for us to determine. — In the mean time, it is neceffary for us to obferve that on ThurClay laft Government bought up jo flat- bottomed boats, each of which is to carry two guns; and two old men of war, of 74 guns, were ordered to be cut down, and toferve as floating batteries.— Times. Yefterday, in the Houfe of Commons, Sir Eranci Baff'et ftated the manner and quantity of tolls now taken, and pointed out fome abufes in the praflices of millers, which he faid the_ poor were obliged to fubmit to, as they were unable to gain redrefs by law, by reafoli of the expence beinj too heavy in the pi'efent mode of proceeding, which was by indictment. To remedy that defect, he propofed'to introduce in his Bill " a claufe, giving fumniary juril'diition to the judices of the peace in thefe points. He moved for leave to bring in a Bill to regulate the price taken by millers for grinding of corn, which was agreed to. SHERIFFS appointed by His Majejly in Council, for the Year 1794. Bedfordfhire. Edward Nicoll, of Studbam, Efq. Bucks. Charles Clowes, of Ivcr, Elq. Cambridvefbire and Huntlitgdujifbire. Poftponed. DerbyJ/ jire. Sir Henry Harpur, of Caulk, Bart. Ej] ex. Richard Ncave, of Dagnams, Efq. Ctiouceflerfbire. Ifaac Elton, of Stapleton, Efq. Hcrtfordfhire. Samuel I. eightonhoufe, of Orford Houfe, Efq. NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY EVENING, Feb. if. Thurfday was in'tirnred, on the prefentation of his Majcftj-, the Rev. James R; Dears, of Chrift's . college, Cambridge, " and chaplain to the Earl of Bute, tp the vicarage of Litton, in Bedford- fhire, vacant bv the promotion of the Hon. and Rev. Wm. Staa'rt, D, D. to the lee of St, David. The Rev. Win. Farilh, M. A. fellow of Mag- dalen college, is elefted profeffot of chcniilhy in the Univerfity of Cambridgej in the room of - Dr. Pennington* On the 6th uln a rtilinificeht donation of QCK3 6- peflny loave3, was given indifcrimihatelv to the poor of Olney, by Meffrs. flotham and Harrold, bankers, of that place. On Sunday niglit, the 2d iiift. the followiv7 robbery « vas Committed lipon Mr, Gamble, of Walcot, in Dunton- lane, on the road from Lei- cefter to Luttsrworth. The villains were three in number, _ and armed with cutlafles, They took from him two ten, and orte twenty pound bank of England notes, and eighteen guineas in ca( h. They afterwards cut the bridle reins of his horfe, and made feveral ftrokes at his body, which, fortunately, only penetrated his cloaths; dragged him from his horfe, rifled his pockets, and almoft ftrangled him with his heck hand- kerchief! On Wednefday laft were committed to our County Gaol, by H. O'Brien, Efq. and the Rev. H. Key Bonney; Charles Robins and Richard iVor- rall, charged with leloniottfly entering the liable of Thomas Dowthat, of Collywefton, with in- tent to ( leal two horfes, the property of the faid Thomas Dowthat. It appears that they had driven the horfes into theftable, in order the more readily to fecure them, but fortunately for the owner, they were obferved by a fervaut who had been out with his fweetheart, who went un- noticed, ( hut the ftable- door, and kept it faff, while the girl alarmed the family, by which means the men were both fecured. MARRIED.] On Monday laft, George Gun- ing, Efq. fon. of Sir Robert Gunning, Bart, of H; rton, in this county, to Mifs Bridgeman, younfieft daughter of Sir Henry Bridgeman, of Wefton, in Staffordftiirei— Same day, Mr. Corr, ironmonger, to Mifs Read, grocer, bothofl^ i- cefter.— Tuefday, Mr. John Toorie, uf Lough- borough, to Mifs Blunt, daughter of Mr. Blunt, attorney at law, of that place.— A few days ago, fc_ E. Carter, Efq. attorney at law, Leiceftet, to ifs Margaret Lutwidge, daughter of Henry Lutwidge, Efq. of Whitehaven. DIED.] On Thurfday. fe'nnight, Mr. Chavaffe, an eminent forgeon, of Burford, Qxfordfhire.— Saturday evening, after a long and fe- vere illnefs, Mr. Briggs, matter of the Puueh- Hotife, in this town.—- Sameday, at Coventry, greatly regretted by his friends and a numerous acquaintance, James Soden, Efq. who had ferved the office of Mayor for that city five times, and had been an AJder- man upwards of 25; veats.— Sunday, Mr. Robert Johnfon, of Lekeller, bricklaver, aged 84.— Tuefday, at Lutterworth, in his z8th year, Mr. Thomas Healey, attorney at law.— Thurfday, fuddenly, Mr. Loveday, Qilrnan, Smithfield- bars, London.— Lately, at Oundle, Mr. Biddle- comb, formerly an officer of eSicife, from which fituation he had fome time retired.— A few week* ago, , at Rothwell, in this county, of a droply, Mrs. Cogan, who, in the. fp^ ce of 1 years aijd 1 month, was tapped 14 times, and had Sr gallors and 3 quarts of water taken from her; alkvljich ( lie bore with great pati^ ice and chriftian fprti- tude; her death is feverely felt by her relations and friends, and all vvho knew her inuft ( arpent the lofs of fo good and amiable a woman.— And on Tuefday evening, the 4th inft. at the " feme lace, of a mortification in his legs, Mr, Cogan, iiufbandof the above lady, who had praftitea as - • etp Derby, Nottingham, Alhby- de- la- Zouch, Burton - upon- Trent, Tamworth, Atherdone, and Hinckle- Athb herdone, Hinckley; 011 the Premifes, and at Mr. Boott's, in Loughborougn. Small Freehold Ejiate. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By J. DAY and SON, At Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, on Saturday the id of March, 17^ 4, at the Anchor Inn, inNewport- Pagnell, Bucks, LL thofe TW © COTTAGES or TE- NEMENTS, with a Barn and Gardens thereto adjoining and belonging; with feveral thriving Trees thereon; ( ituate in the I'arifh of LITTLE- W A' STON, in the County of Bucks, fcveral Occupations of Wm. Henfon and T WOOL and now in the Matthews. And a! fo a CLOSE or PIECE of new inclofed ARABLE LAND, lituate and lying inthe Parilh of LITTLE - WOOLSTON aforefaid, containing bv Eftimation five Acres; and now in the Occupation of Daniel Markhani. The Whole now Lett at ihe low Rent of 81. per Annum. For further Particulars, enquire of Mr, Hurft, toruey, Nswport- l'atfftell, Bucki,. At- flerefn jfbire. John Miles, of Ledbury, Efq. Kent. Richard Carew, ot Orpington,' Efq. Leiajltrjkire. George Moore, of Appleby, Efq. IAneolnJhire. Poftponed. Northampton fire. Richard Booth, of Glendon, Efq. Norfolk. John- Richard Dalhwood, of Cockley- Clay, Elq. Nottinghamfljire. John- Bridgman Simpfon, of Bab- wortn, Efq. Oxfortfhire. Samuel Gardner, of Hardwick, Efq. Rutlaxdfhire. Thomas Foriy. th, of Empingham, Efq. Shropfjii c. William- Yel veil ton Davenport, of Daven- port- Houfe, Efq. Sonterfftjhire. Cha. Knatchbull, of Babington, Efq. Stafordji'ire. Matthew Boulron, of Soho, El'q. • Southampton. Harry Portal, of Free folk, E. l'q. Hurry. Charles Bowles, of Eaft- Shetn, Ei'q. SuJ/ ex. Samuel Twvford, of Trotton, El'q: fPuriukhfhire. Richard Hill, of Kineton, Efq. IVorceJIerJfcire. Thomas Fatlev, of Hilton, Efq. YorkJ. hire. Tho. Lifter, of Guilbourn- Park, Elq. NORFOLK CIRCUIT. Lord Chief Juftice Eyre, and Jstflici AfjhurJl. March 1, Ayleibury March 11, Cambridge 6, Bedford 14, Thetford 8, Huntingdon 19, Bury St. Edm. OXFORD. Mr. Jt'Jlioe Grofe, and Mr. Juflice Rdoke. March 3, Reading March 15, Monmouth j, Oxford 18, Hereford 8, Worcefter . 22, Shrewsbury 12, Glouceiter Staiiord. H O M E. Mr. y « fiice Gould, and Mr. Biron Hotham. March iq, Hertford March 14, Ead Grinftead 12, Chelrnsford » t), Kingfton. 17, Maiddone PRICES of STOCKS Yclterd. iV:- Bank Stock I^ S. — t per Cent. Red. 67 J A Jj. —? per Cent. Conf. 67 a 66A. — 4 per Cent. $ 31 a a 83 a. Si|.— j per Cent, ioi £ J.— India Stock j.--- Lotl « ry 1 i « k « tf 16I. 14s. - Navy Bills 6 j aj^ dtK fi a furgeon, apothecary, and njian- jnidvyife for near forty years with great fuccefsand reputation; and is truly deferving the belt of charafters— that of an honeft and upright man. On Monday iaft, aged 54, after a lingering'ill- - nefs,_ fuppofed to have been occaftoned intenfe application to the different department- in which he was engaged, Mr. Cullingwort':, land- fur- veyor, bookfeller and ftationer, . 1 d one of the burgeffes of Daventry. whoft amiablenefs of manners, benevolence of iiear't, and rcftit^ de of intention, through his whole transitions in life, rendered him relpeflable to all who knew him, and by whom his death will bo deeply felt, and fincerely regretted.— His cliaraflar, ' as a man of fcience, was eminenf; and altho'from 3 diffidence peculiar to delicate minds, his philofop'hical, ma- thematical, and agricultural researches, were con- fined within a private fpherej yet his improve- ments in thefe branches of knowledge, particu- larly in agriculture, had he lived, would . unques- tionably have been an acquifttion to the learned world.— Few men poflfcffed a more mechanical genius, or exceeded him in accurate calculations, nor perhaps were better acquainted with the fyf- tem of hulbandry; but the excellent, apparatus, which, by his own ingenious labours, has been invented, will be a more durable and indisputable proof of his abilities, than any which might be attempted to be given,— He may truly be ( aid to have been a noble benefa& or, to the induftrious, a great number of which clafs of people, expe- rienced his liberality, and even when indulging the natural bent of his own Scientific inind^ by new difcoveries, which were hisftud. y and delight, he was alfo gratifying a principle of philanthropy: for the primary objeft he had in view, appeared to be the promotion' of the comfort of thole he conflantly employed.— He was an affectionate hufband, a tender parent, and a fteady. friend. — Among the various characters, which, by their diftinguifhed qualities, may have excited admi- ration, the lols of a more valuable, ufeful,. of worthy member. of Society, cannot be lamented. — He has left to mourn his departure, a . widow, two fqns, and five daughters. .-.". •*' To the PRINTERS. P- Y inferting the following,' in aufvver to the. lines JJ which appeared in your lad Mercur- y, you will oblige A' CONSTANT READER, Neu'port- l'agnell. • THE GENERALS. ON Gen'ral F. iji our hope doth much depend, Till GOD be pleas'd, what Man can ftand our friend > Yet Britnfwick, Cohturg, Wurmfey, and brave York, Have all prov'd Gen'rals, worthy df the work: They've fought Use men, tscheck therr country's foes, To guard our Rights, Religion, and juit Laws*. . PRICES Of CORN, at Northampton and leicejitK NORTHAMPTON* FeS.. t- j. r- Wbeati; d. — Rye, 4s. od, to 5s. pci- r- B, « -| ey, js. 6it'to4s. aokl. — Oats, is. od. toss. 6d.—, Beans, 4e: yd. to cs. yd. per bufiiel. .• LEICESTER, Fib. Wheat,- al. iU. to si. as — Barley, il, 195.102}. 4s. r~ 0' atj, 2 » . s.- t « f i^ i. l- Beans, 2l. to 2I. 8s. per quarter. — Oaiiiical, fo.- 64. a buihel. £ 3* The F Idn- Prifonrrs in the County' Gail, dl - fire . to return Thanks to M/. Mltmm ' H arts, CtutjlUble of Colytvefton, for Half a Guinea, left in the ' Lands of Mr. Seofield. LIST of FAIRS, from Feb. 15, toMarch t, within the Circuit of this Paper. Harborovgti, Lutterworth, and Rughy, — tor Cattle,- Sec. 18. Nuneaton,— i'or Ditto. 20. Northampton,— 6r Ditto. 22. Newport- Pagnell,—; or Ditto. 25, Burnham, and Ound- ej— for - Ditto, .> 61 Bratkiey.—. for Ditto. M. Feb.. T. - Th.- S. - T. - W, . Sunday and Tuesday's Pofts. ( Continued from the \ fl Page.) Extra ft of a Letter from Falmouth Fed. " The. Antelope sailed from Port Royal Nov. 27.— On the first of December, on the coaft of Cuba, not far from Cumberland harbour, .( he fell 311 with two schooners, apparently of some force; the Matter We up for jamaica ; , the Atlanta, one of the privateers, out failed her consort, left her, and continued' the chace all ' day, and. till, about four P. M. when the wind failing, she rowed up with the packet, and having exchanged feveral shots, sheered off" again. During the night i e frequently bore down & shot were fired on both sides. At five on Monday'morning, it being calm, she rowed up and grappled the Antelope on the starboard side, pouring in a broadlside, and made an attempt to board, which was repulsed with great slaughter; by this brOadside,'- unfor- tunately the Master, Curtis, who commanded, fell, as did the ship's iteward and a French gen- tleman, aid- de- camp to Monsieur Loppenos, a passenger, and the first mste was shot through the body ; the command. then devolved on the boats- wain, for tilt fecond mate had died of the fever after their sailing from Port Royal,- who, with the few brave men left, assisted by the passengers, repulsed repealed attempts to board, during a considerable time the vessels were along- side. The boatswain at last observing that they had cut their grapplings, and were attempting to sheer off, nn aloft himself, and lashed the privateer's square sail yard to the Antelope's fore fhrouds, and immediately proceeded to pour in a few vol- lies of small arms, which did great execution, the survivors of the schooner's. crew called for quarter, which was immediately granted them. The prize was taken possession of, and carried Into Annota Bay about 11 next morning. " The Antelope failed from Portugal with 27 hands, but had four lost before the action by the fever, and then two unfit for service, fo that reckoning four dead, two ill, and the Doctor, who must necessarly go to his quarters in the Cock- pit, they entered the engagement, with only 20 men, besides passengers. " j'he Atlanta was fitted out at Charleston, mounted eight j- pounders, and carried56 men. " Mr. Rodm, formerly in the Navy, a pas- senger, signalized himfclf. *' Rnurii of the- killed and * xo « n led.— Atlanta— Killed during the action 30; since dead 3 ; frrft and fecond Captain wounded defperately, the iirft Captjiin fince dead ; wounded but living, 14-, * — Total 40.—— Antelope— Curtis the Master, and the ship's Steward, killed; one fin. ee dead; Mitchell the First Mate, & c two others, wounded* " This appears to be the most gallant action during the war " The House of Representatives at Jamaica have acted nobly ; they have voted 1oo guineas as a reward, 200 to be paid to curtis's widow, 100 to Mitchell, the Firat Mate, 100 to the Boatswain, and 100 among the rest of the crew." LINCOLN, Feb. 6. Yesterday morning died, in the city gaol, Samuel Marshall, alias Samuel Smith, agefi 21. He. made his escape from the said gaol, in November, 1792, being under fen- tence of transportation, and was brought from Liverpool, in a poor state of health, a short time ago. He was born at Tamworth, in Stafford- shire. At the last meeting, of the gentlemen who are. members of the book club, held at the Spread CERTIFICATIS to ^ GRANTED. March 1. Edw. Eaton, late ofKclmarfh, Northamp- tonfhire, horfe- dealer. March 1. Robert Fielding, of Reading, Eerklhire, merchant. An Extract from the, Lewis. Sfciurr. at, Dec. 23, 1793. . Mr. NEWNHAM, a capital far( per'anil timber- merchant, of Weft- hill, An3ingly, in Sufl'ex, was. con- fined to his houi'e, and rendered irsca^ fsfc'e of bufinefs, by a virulent Scorbutic Eruption breaking, out in varjous ^ jarts of his bpdjf; one of his- Jegs was fatiled to double' it's Ordinary fize, aind. Ill's lungs were'; fa- affefted, that refphation was difficult - and painful to" a nioft'alarniing degree. In this fituation, Mri Ni- applied to a Gentle- man of the faculty, whofe ( kill is well known, and after continuing under his cafe near twelve itionths without receiving any benefit, he refolved, wittt the approbation of his midical friend^ to try theefteih o£ SPlLSIiURY's A'NTTSCOKBUT. IC JjRdrs-.;, in takm5. iully one bottle, he found great relief in his breathing, Src. . and by con- tinuing themVfew month's, his complaints were entirely removed, and his health p. erfeftly reftored. From a principle of benevolente towards, l) is fellow- fUfferers, as- well as julYice to the prop- ietor of the medicine; lie thinks it his duty to communicate thiscafeto tlte- piibhc — lor tlie authenticity of which, a further application may . be made to Mr. Williatn Lee.^ . printer, tewfs, where the Drops fnay be hid'genuilie ; and . at the Pjo- proprietor's, D. SPII.' SBURY, Soho-. fquare, London; in bottles of il. 2S. and 5s. each ; as alio of the Printers of tliis l'aper, W. Birdfall, and W. Marfhall and Son, ' Northampton; and likewife of the Newfmen. PETER PINDAR's . WORKS COMPLETE, Elegantly printed in Oftav. o and Hot- preffed, On Saturday February 22d, will be publ'tfied, ,. No. I. PS'fe O'M Shilling, . ' To be continued Weekly till the VVhole is complete. In THIRTY NUMBERS, \ CorreGed and Enlarged by the Author. THE above Work will be printed in an elegant Stile, on a beautiful Superfine V/ ove Paper; and with the laft Number wij! be given an eie- - gant engraved Head of the Author, by the ingenious Mr. Heath, with engraved Title- Pages, and a complete Index to the Whole. ( T^ This is the onlv correft Edition of P; TEJ PIN- nAR's Works, in which will be found a Number of Improvementsas well as Additions by the Author. The Public , is- therefore defied to beware of the fpurious Editions of Peter Pindar's Works, as they are in general not only miferably incorreft, but at the fame Time are difgracedby Pieces which this- Author never wrote. London: Printed for John Walker, No. 44., Pater- nofter- Row; and fold by T. Dicey and Co. W. Birdfall, and T. BHrnham, Northampton; arid by all other Bookfetlers. Where may be had, juft publirt'. ed, Price 2s. fid. Pa- thetic Odes to the Duke of Richmond, by Peter Pindar: Alfo, Pindar's Works, in Two large Volumes, Quarto, Price il. 12s. 6d. in Boards. • ANTI- BILIOUS PILLS. ; THESE Pilis are well known in the private Praflice of the Proprietor; and, at the Requell of ( everal Perfotls of DidinGion and others, ( whofe " Names the Proprietor lias thSjI- iberty to mention.) who are accufteimed to take themj' are now nrft offered to the Pubfre. . Uf-. v-' l- jj, .,, .. - . Tl. ey ate foond- tolie a'n'eyceillent Remedy for Indi- geftioh, CruditiSs fn'tfie Stomach, L'ofs of- Appetite^. Qof- tivenefs, fick Head- Achs, Flatulencies in the Stomach and Bowtls. ' ar'rting from Bilious Humours; they are particularly recommended to. all Perfons vvhofe Stomach and Hea'd are difurdsred aftfr hard Drinking, which Symptoms they fejdbm fail to iemove. They are a. good Aperitive,- and a Cieanferof fallow Complexions from. Obrtruftions in Hie Liver, and other Caufes ; and will prove a valuable Addition. tp a Medi- cine Chef^ in long Voyages, as, by their frequent Ufe, they will prevent that Change of Habit which generally occurs in hot Climates. Their ' Operation depends, on the State nf the Stoinach; and floes not require any Con- finement or particular Diet. 1. ' , Prepared and Sold only by CEPRKE . DMON, .( Iate.- of Wobu'rn) now of No. 4, Cheapftde, London ^- and lrits Succeflbc, Mr. Green, of Woburn, Bedford/ hire.— Priire 2s. 9ti. a Box, Duty included, with printed Direfiiotts. Eagle, in tins rtfy. Life and T:' ' Dr. LAMERT's SCHV/ E. ITZ'ER's - ' NERVOUS & RHEUMATIC BALS AM. A >.(] h Supply of this invaluable Medicine is juft re- ceived by Mr. EDGE, Druggift, of NORTHAMPTON. To Dr. L" A MZRT, No. 10, Lburcb- Street, Spit- jhl'it/< fc; StR, tendon. , . • PERMIT n\ e to pour forth the Fuil( iefs. of my Gratitude for the extri6t-, d| i) a;.' y and ' jfurprifing Cure you have performed on my Daughter, by talcjhg your Balfam; after having tinfuccefsfuljy tried afl Means tor Relief, by the. Eacuity in Town arid Coun- try, and undergene an Age of Mifery and V/ oe; whereby fhe was fo reduced as to be' unable to move; and yyhen my Hopes . were cxh. mlied, and not any Probability of finding the leaft' Afflifanee, to be fo ui; expe>^ ed! y re- lieved by your unequalled SkiJl and. excellent BaKsrri, To be continued WEEKLY till completed, In One Large Quarto Volume, This Day tvas Eublijbed, Price 6d. NUMBER I. Of AN Accurate,. Impartial, and Intercfting HISTORY, of- the FRENCH REVOLUTION. ( Embellilhed with an elegant Sheet Map of France.) Commencing with the Reign ol Louis XVI gradually tracing the A pproaches of this aftonifhing Political Phce- nomenon wliieli af prefent agitates all Europe. < . The moft fcrutinous Refearches have been made to elucidaje and difpel that Cloud of Myflery which has hitherto obfeured the following, among other important, Fails. . ' Efcape of the King and Queen— their Capture at Va- rennes, MaiTacres of the. ioth of Auguft, and the 2d of Sep- tember. . . .... .. v * : :.- Dethronement of the King, and his Imprifonment. Evafion of Monf. La Fayette, his Imprifonment at Madgeburg. Precipitate Retreat of the Duke of Brunfwick. Pjpgrefs and Viftories of Dumourier— his Defertion. Culiine's SuccefTes in Germany— his Difgrace and '- Execution. Trial and Execution of the King. ',-• Afiaflination of Marat. . Triumph of the Mountain over the Brifibtines. • Trial and Execution of the Chiefs of that Party. _ Civil War and MafTacres at St. Domingo and Mar- tinico. - TlveWarand Mafiacres in La Vendee. Trial and Execution of the Queen— of M. Egalite. Siege of. Lyons, and Mafiacre of the Inhabitants. Surrender and Evacuation of Toulon. Executions of the Rpyalifts. Progrefs of the French Arms on the Rhine. With Notes, Critical and Explanatory. By JOHN G I F F O R D, Efq. This Woik will be piiMilhed on the fame Plan as Mr. GIFFORP'S intefefling HISTORY or FRANCE, juft completed in Four Volumes, which has already received the Commendation of 5II thediftinguiflitrl Britiili Critics; added to the moft flattering TeftiaionieS of public Ap- probation. ' . London •• P. ublilhed by C." Lowndes, No. 66, Drury- Larie; and fold by T. Dicey and Co. W. Birdfall, and T: Burnllam, Northampton; and by all other Book- ffel lers ao< J Newfcarriers. P 0 RT- L 0 CiK'- i • • NEW VOYAGES and TRAVELS To Botany- Bay, Port Jack/ on, Ne- tu South• Wales, Norfolk IJlartd, the Pelew Iflands., A R. eal'Original, A" th: ritic, Elegant,' Ac Superb Work. Dedicated by Permiffioii to the King. To be completed'in- 90 Weekly Numbers, making one Large, Grand, and Beautiful Volume. io Folio. Printed on an Elegant New Type caft on Purpofe for the- Work, and on a fine Paper, every Number of which will be enriched and embflliih> d vs'th one or more Grand and Mafhrly Copper Plates, confiding of Whole Sheet Maps, Plans, Charts, Views, Antiquities, Birds, Beafts, Fifiies, Reptiles, Vegetables, Men, Wo- men, Manners, Ceremonies, & e. & c. all executed by the. firft A'rtifts in the Kingdom. On Saturday Feb. 22, r7Q4, tvill be publijjied) ( Price only SIX- PENCE) [ Elegantly Printed with New TypeS, on Superfine Paper, fupplied by Magnay, Pickering, and Hughes, and Em. belliflied with a moft beautiful Frontifpiece, defigned by Hamilton, and engraved by Scott. Alfo, A Large Whole Sheet Chart of the World, engraved by Cpnder, in which are laid down the Trafts of all the moft eminent Navigators and Travellers] NUMBER I. ( to be continued Weekly till completed) Of A NEW, COMPLETE, and UNIVERSAL COLLECTION of Authentic and Entertaining VOYAGES and TRAVELS To all the various Parts of the World. Containing ( among- many other Voyages and Travels undertaken for Difcovery, Conqueft, Settlement, or the opening of Trade) the following Important Journals, viz. New Hiftotical Joufnals of the moft valuable and im- portant Voyages of Captains Phillip, King, Ball, White, & Hunter, in the Ships, Sirius, . Supply Tender, Juliana Trarifport, & o. to Botany- Bay, Port Jackfon, New South Wales, Norfolk Iflaud, & c. in the Southern Ocean, giving a circumftancal, ufeful, and entertain- ing Account of their Difcoverles there, and of tile prefent Tranfa^ Hons at thofe Partsof the World, where Colonies and Settlements have been formed by the En^ lifli Government Tor the Pifniflimcnt of Convifls condemned to Tranfportation. Captain Wilfon's Voyages from Macoa to the Pelew Iflands, in the Weftcrn Part of the Pacific Ocean, where they where ( hipwrecked in the Ante'ope, a l!< scket be- longing . to the Eaft- Iridia Company. Portlock and Dixon's Voyages to the North Weft Coaft of America and Round the Wotld, in* the. King Oeorgc and Queen Charlotte— the Refult of which are New Difcoveries of the utmoft Importance to flic Cnglifli Nation. a pamphlet, entitled, the rrjfd or the late Queen of France," was unanimously ordered fo. be. burned, as being libel, not 04;!}' upon the late unfortunate Marie Antoinette, but even upon the whole human species, A Caution to Servants.— On Sunday se'nnight-, at Low Risby, near Brigg, 113 this county, afer vant of Mrs. Richardson, through- carelessness, left the barn door open, by which neglect six young horses got- in, and ate. such a quantity, of wheat, that four of them died on the TuefJay morning following. BATH, Feb. 7. On Tuesday last, as a boy of 1 j years of age was oiling the wheels of a .{ team en- gine, at one of the coal- works of Timsbury, by imprudently venturing too near, he was caught by his trowaers 011 one of the cpgs of' the wheels, • which, by the violence of it's motion, inastantly tore off one of his legs ' just below the calf, and at the next revolution of the wheel, the other leg was broke to pieces, and his thigh, quite to the groin, lacerated in a most shocking manner. Three eminent surgeons in the neighbourhood at- tended about two hours after the accident, but finding all hopes of his recovery vaniftied, they declined putting him to the further pain of ampu- tation. Their opinion was fully justified by the erent, for in a few hours after the poor boy was released from his mifery. OXFORD, Feb. 8. On Tuesday Mr. Richard Ward, a considerable farmer ot St. Giles's in the suburbs of this City, 011 his way to London, fell from the box of one of the Oxford stages, at the door of the horse shoe alehouse, on the top of . Henley Hill, in an apoplectic fit, and instantly expired. He had breakfasted with the passengers at Henley iu perfect health, and having walked up the hill, as is customary with the outside pas- sengers, and just placed himself upon the coach box, wus instantly seized & fell before the coach- man had. mounted.- On Saturday laft an inquisition was taken in the pa'rith of St, Aldat'e, in' this city, on the, body of a new- born female infant discovered the night preceding in the bed of Jane Hale, a girl about feventeen years of age, the fervant of a bedmaket1; when, after a. very minute investigation, the jury found a verdid of Wilful Murder against the said line Hale, the mother, who was put under proper care till she shall be in a capacity of being removed to prilonTor trial. bANKrUPT S. Robert Thorn of beverley, commoii- brewer.--- R. Pinner, i. outh, I Incolufbire, cabinet- maker. . " john Evans, late of Mansfield- street, St. George's fields, Surry, carpenter.--- Thomas Tant,, late erf Little James - street, Middl. efe. v, vintner. r—- Hugh Fraser, of Basinghall- itra; t » tondoii, . merchant Henry Potter, late of breckenham, Suffolk, dealer and chapman.-— Thomas evans, of Wardour- street, Westminster, Middlesex, haberdasher— John Bradley of Stockport, Cheshire, music- instrument- maker. — Samuel Berridge, of High Holbom, Middlesex, man's mercer.-— Henry Prior Hunt . m « l Edw. Hunt, of Stratford, essex, coachmakers.— thomas Hoade late ot Chertsey, Surry, dealer and chapman.--- John Coleman Hearle, of Plymouth, Devonshire, linen- draper. john Lawrence and Thomas Yates, both of Mauchester lancashire, merchants.-— Jonas Fox, of of Hampstead, M'lddlel'ex, vintner.— Thomas- Smith, of Lower Thames- street, London, victualler— Tho. robinson, of elm- court, Middle Temple, London, money- scrivener.— Thomas palin, ot Gloucester, brewer.— Samuel Haslehurst, of Liverpool, Lanta- lhire, chair- maker. DIVIDEND to be made to CREDITORS, March t. John Davenport, late of Oakham", Rut- ' UnUftiwi grocer, at the Crown inn, in Oakham. dreadful Complaint Convulfions in her. Hiy. d, and a Gathering, ivhich is commonly c. iHe'd a Jjflo in the Stomach.— Witnefs my Hand, MARY WALBtJT, at Fittteworth, i^ Siiflex-, Witnefs alfo Wit, KIEKE, Arundel Coarjunan, wlio paid for the Balfam. . For- CHILBLAINS, RHEUMATISMS, DR. STEERS'S OPODELDOC. CAUTION. THE innumerable Counterfeits and Imita- tions of this Medicine fender k. abfoiutely necef- ' Tai y to guard the Public againlt. the Impofitions that are daily praflifed, .... Various Druggifts, and. other delignir. g Perfons ( forne taking the Advantage of being of the Name of STEESS, • and others venturing to ufe both Mr. NEWF. r RV'S and , MR. STIERS'S Name in riteir Bills) have diifeniinated, throughout the Town & Country, many fpuribus Sorts of Opodeldoc, infinitely. Inferior in Quality to the real Preparation. All Purchafers, therefore, who wpuld wifli to avail themfelvesof the Vii tueVof Or. Steers's Genuine Opo- 1{ IC Lcdgge's*, Wind for; at M. n,' N" orb" ury's Printing-. d'ildpc, are requefted t, o^ erve very particularly, and as Offwc. New Brentford; at Mefjrs. Renham and Co's th= only Means to prevenctheir being deceived, that the Printlnc M.- f. K ; n » !> nn- nn. Thjtrtps • rjf Mpffl- s. Smarr I Nam? pt F. Aeiupcry is engraved on the Stamps which are parted round the Direflions on the. Outfide of each Bottle ; and as this Diftinilion has been made by Order Any Perfon,. doubtful of the above Cure, may have full SatisfacUon by calling at tht'White- Horfe,- Kttter- Laije,, Loildon. ' This Medicine is to be had, at. Dr.. Lamert's, No. 10, Church- Street, Spital- Fiefdi,' London;' and alio fold by Mr. Humphreys, Pferfumer to his Royal . Highnefc the Duke of York, No. 18, Oxford Street; at No. 11, Cock- fpur- Sn- eet, near the Hayniarket; at Mr. Tutt's ( late Randall) under the Royal- Exchange; at Mr. Btiefl- iyls,- Druggift, Baribiity. i at Mr. Lake's, printer, ITx'bridge; Printing- Offi:: e, K inglton- nn- ThSmes; at Meflrs.' Smart and Co's Printing- Olfice, Reading ;' Mr. Palgravej flrug- gill, Bedford; M- r.. Barringer, Newport- I'agnell; Mr. Edge, DruggifV," Northampton; Mr. Swinfen, Oruggilt, Leicefler; Mr. Stone, Druggift, Hinckley; Mr. Dewy. s;, Druggifl, Afliby- de- la- Zouch; Mr. Burbage, Printer, Nottingham; Mr. Drewry, Pliriter, Derby; at j's, sd. ros. 6d. and ii. is. nerBottleJ ( Duty included). M' Captains Meares, Tippinc;, and T) ou. glas'S Voyages, in the Ships N ootka. Sea Otter, ftiice, and Iphigtnia, from Bengal and China To the Narth Wert Coaft of America— lor the further Improvement of Navigation, and to extend the Commerce of the. Brlti. lt Empire'. BrilTon and Saqgnier's- Voyages to the Coaft of Africa containing an iriterefling Account of their Shipwreck on Board various Vefl* el § , and of their Slavery ; with an A- ccoun. t- of the Manners and Cuftoms of'tile Arabs of the Defert, and of the Slave Trade, as carried on at Senega! and Gala131. - Tranftated. from the fiench. Rochon's Voyages to Madagafcafa- nd the EAFT Indies^ including among a great I-' und of general fhforifi. iti. Lady M— SH to Dr. BRODUM. Extract of a Letter fiom Lady M• Jl>, lite if - P. ort- lavd- VUce. to Dr. BK. ODUM, No., g, A! iHn- St> uti BhckfrLirs- Bridge, Londoit. S. 1R, MAaz. Boao. DGH, Jan. 27, 1794. Y Situation was nearly as follows:. Fr. oin _ . __ being ovfr- heated at a Ball,' 1 got a difagreeable Rafh all over myTrame, efpecially in my1 Face, which deprived me of feeing Company. ' I always entertained great Efteem for the Skill of my Phyficians, being both' Men of Eminence. My Diforder, however, inftead of diminifhing, increafed upon me, and, perhaps through theconftant Agitation of Mind, threw me into Fits. > By the extra Advice of the late Dr. H unter, I under took a Voyage to Bengal, to my Brother,' Major. M'G r, but to no Purpofe^ for the Fitjs'eeafed, and brought on another Complairit. Tlj" Humour fell in my Legs and tormented rhe with large Sores".— I came back to England, and went to Weym'ciuth, where I. found but little Relief. I was theit'folicited by oiir Friend Pr. Johnfonto try Bath; when Dr. H. candidly told me his Endeavours were fruitlefs.- ; ... In the. Courfe 0/ my being in the two laft Places, 1 was frequently- told of many artomQiingCu:' S- peiformed by Dr. BRODUM's BOTANICAL SYRUP, but 1 always looked upon it as erroneous. My Friends per- fuadedjne, lince the Faculty had pronounced me in-, curable, there could he no Danger in trying your Medi- iines. I cohfulted my Phyficians on the Occafion, arid they undertook to analyze the Syrup, which they did, and declared they could not difcover any' Thing dif-' cordant in their chemical. Operation lo my Complaint. I fent accordingly to Mr. Bacon, of Oxford- Street,'.. for: your Medicines, and. am, after a fhort Courfe of Appli- cation," as well as ever I w as in my Life. • I am now on a Tour to Ireland, for my Friends to partake in my Happinefs of being reftored to Health again: On my Return I will do myfelf the Pleafure- of waiting on. you at your Houfe. The Original may be feen at the Doflor's Houfe as above. This admirable Medicine, which is to fie had at Win. Brorfum's, M. D. No. 9, Albion- Street, near the Le- verian Mufeuni, Blackfriars- Bridge, London, is fold by the Printers uf this Paper; and by the following Perfons, as Venders of Patent M'edicineSj. within tfie Circuit of this Paper, viz. Smith, Bedford; Jenkinfo'n, Huntirig- don; Tookey, Ouodle;" Scale, Thfapfton; Collis and Daft, Kettering; Jackfon, Peterborough; Newcomb and Peat," Stamford ; and may " be . had of" the Newfijien, with proper Direftions, in- Botttes, Price js-. td. us. 6d. and 11, is. Duty included ; apd of,. Jiis Agents in the priheipai Market I'owns in fhe Three Kingdoms. Likewife may be had as above, the Nervous and Re- florative Cordial, for the Nervous and Confumptive, and efpecially D. eafnefs, Price il. is. il. t is. ed. and ss. sd. It wittb'e. riecefT'ary the Doftor fliould fee fuch Patients as are afflr& ed with Deafnefs, or Lofs of Sight. N. B. Letters or Parcels direfted to the Dodlor are ex- pefled l'oft or Carriage free. Advice as ufual. Where alfo may be had, Dr. Hunter's Powder, for Wens'or Swelled Necks, of fhe Glandular Parts, Pre- pared only by Dr. Brodum, and Sold at his Houfe in Packets 11S. 6d. and il. is. . of the. Commiflioners of the Stamp- Office, no Plrfopcan imitate it without. being guilty ot Felony. The Efficajy ofthis Medicineisfo univeVfally acknow- ledged in. Chilblains, Riieumatifms/'- BrUifes, Sprains," and other external Complaints, tliat'any particular Spe- cification of it's Virtues is unneceffary. Sold jn London, only at Mr. Newbery's ( the only Wirehoufe for Dr. James's Powder,) No. 45, in St. Paul's Church- Yard ; & at Mr. Steers's Medicine Ware- „ . iamptbn; and b^" ders of Mr. Newbery's Medicines in other. Country1- Towns _ w> n, authentic Memoirs 01 theChinefe Trade and Merclian- dize. TranHated from the Abbe Rochpld, Member ol, the Academy of Sciences of - Karjs arid Peter/ burgh,' Aftronbmer of. the Marine^ Keegerot tlie 1' hiloiophical Cabinet, & c. tic. . . The Journal of Lieutenant Bligh's Voyage, in his Majefty's Ship . Bounty, for , tJie,. Purpofe of . conveying the Bread Fruit Tree from the South Sea I Hands to the Weft Indies, including a Narrative of the Mutin/ on Board the Bounty— and of Lieutenant Bligh's fubfe- quent Voyage with Pait of the Crew in the Ship's Boat, frnm'Tofoa, one of the Frien. ily Iflands, to Timor, a Dutch Settlement in the Eaft Indies. Hamilton's Voyage Round the World in the Pandora Frigate, in purfuit of the Mutineers, who piratically carried off the Bounty* . ' ' . . '. Bruce's molt celebrated Trave's int< 5" Ab>< imia,.. r' difedver the Sourcc oi' the River Mile', in ligipt. -.•:.—" Hodge's Curious Travels, 01 Tours,, in India, iritliid ing entire New Defcriptions of the Manners,'>- CcHp? n$; and Prefent Stated' the Coaft. of Cofomandel, Madras,. Bengal, Calcutta, Benares, Bidjegur, Ahlahabad, Luck- now, Fyzabad, Oud,. Dowlah, Agra^& c. * Hiftoryof Four Travels or JoLpreys into the Country o. f the Hottentots and Ortlffapit by Lieutenant Patetton^ W5I10 having hi thr Codrfe'of his Travel's vifujcV tainy; Parts in that Quarter, not, hitherto explored^-? Hjffr.- peans, has by this Puhg'c& idS ' added lisapy Fa'dfs wul New Difcoveries- to the ' Gerft'ral'Stock' gt". Nautical; Hiltorical, and Ge'ograpnical Knowledge, -' . .< .' — Dr. ANB F. R/ S OK's; Or, the TRUE SCOTS PILLS. THESE Pills have been prepared, and given the greatcft Satisfaifion for upwards of fe- venty Years by DICEY and Co. at their Original Me- dicine Warehoufe, No. 10, Bow Church- Yard", London. They. are fipgularly efficacious in bilious and dropfical Complaints, and all Dil'oritersof the Stomach & Bowels. They generally operate purgatively, but in certain Cafes by L'rine. They promote Oiggrtion, and create an Ap- r- iti,< K. They remove Obftruflions in the Kidneys, and confeqiiently are Antidotes to the Stone and Gravel, but for the Expulfion of Worms either in Children or grown Perfons, the Materia Medica has no Equal. InIllnefs in- cident to the Fair Sex, thefe Pills are incomparable ; and Travellers, who are too oftefi obliged to drink all Kinds ol Liquors, as well as Sea- faring People, fhould never be unprovided with them, as by frequently taking- one or two of them, they are kept from Ooftfvenefs," Scurvies, Fevers and- moft malignant Diftem'pers. They may ba taken at any Seafon, and are fo innocent and eafy in Ope ratiotu- that they may be fafely ufed from Infancy to old Age. The Scot- S Pills prepared by Diciy and Co. retain their Virtue for any Period of Time, arid , ri all Climates ; and from the Peculiarity of the- Compofition, they nevei* run together, an Advanrage/ 10 other Scots Pills poflefs: And therefore, for Exportation, or the Ufe of Gentlemen in the Maritime Line, they have a manifeft Superiority. There being many People who vend a fpurious Sort for the true and genuine Scots Pills; in Order to prevent any Harm ariling'to the Public from fuch bale Counterfeits, it is particularly recommended to examine the ftamped Label, wherein is printed the Name of DICEY . and Co No. 10, HOW CHURCH- YARD, LONDON, and parted on each Box, to imitate which is felonious; and as onr Bills ofDireftion havelately been cl'ofely imitated, it is nefceffary to caution the Public to examine oarticu- I . rly'whetlftr the Name of " ' T6eJ Dieey andCo. No. 10. B. 010 Church Yard," is figned in the Margin of each Bill cf Direftions5\ v i! hour which they will impofedon They are fold, Wholefale and Retail. By the Preparers, TlVurry'P? H and H- i" P- tK; c"^ r'containing N. B. Great Allowance to fuch as fell again, or export. Alio fold Wholefale and Retail by the Prii ttrs of this Paper, and Retail. by the following. Perfons,' viz. Luck- • man, Rollafon, Hioin, and Liercy, Coventry ; Carlefs. Cope, Pearfotl and Co. anil P. ercy ant! Co. Birmingham ; Odcll, and Pyne, I. eighton ; Butcher, Tring ; Tregoe, Anie'rfhSm ; Bate, Beri; hart: ifttad; Edwards; Clielham j Cu'thbertion. and Barnes, Newporr- Pagneir; Qiiene* borough, Dun l iable ; Brown, Amptiiill-; '• Cooper, Nyneatcm ; Ifori and Smith, Baldock ; Bullaiid Harrod, Market- Harhorough; Gregory, & Ixdiroke, Leicefter; TpsVers. Mitchell, and- AtfaiiVs; Loughborough"; Prid- more, Melton- Mowbray ; Burbage, Burfoir, Wilton, Tupman, and Broadhutft, Nortinghani ; Wilcox, Towcefter; Seeley, Buckingham ; Jackfon and Swift, . Ojtlqrd ; Steevens, Bicefter ; Havvkes, Lutterworth ; Palmer, Bedford Sh'enlfon, Stony- Stratford; Potter and Rickford, Aylefbury; Ward, Hinckley; Deveral, WinflOW; Friday, and P;-, tiing and Co. Thame 5 Wilfon, Wellingborough; Eaton, Thrapfton ; Hor- den, Tayler, and Jacob, Peterborough; Tho. Beefley, Druggift, Banbury; King and Wagftaff, Chippim;- Norton ; Leak and Co. High Wycombe; Ivett and Murtn Kettering; Wr. ite, Corby ;' Harrod and'How- grave, Stamford; Cook, Uppingham ; Gibfon;' Oak- ham ; Churchill, Deddingtqn ; Cullingworth, Daventry j Makepeace, Southam ; Sharpe & Saunders, Warwick; Luccock-, Kimbolton; Clay, Allen, and Thomas,. St. Ivds;, ASbo(: and Sharp, St. Nedts ; Jenkinfon, Hun- tingdon; Steevens, and Meeres, Hitchin; Hovel), Cambridge ;- Leigh, Atherftone ; and bv ( at leafti one reputable Shopkeeper, in. evpry Town in'Great- Britain. ^ s a'uBve- may alfo be had, - Bateman'spriginals. d". i) r, Radc!; fi't's • Dr. Pefforal'Drop ; , 1 , Dr. Hooper's Female ' Tills .... - ' 1 > i Di. Boftock's Purging Elixir,.;. - - ' 16 Squire'^. Crand El'ixii " i 6 Dr. Godffey's General • Cordial -.. - o Stdu^ hton's Stc- machic_£ Uxir - - 1 Liquid - Shell, for the. . Stone'& Gravel. j .. tt-' his Co'Ert Filler 0 - anrf .; , > Be5itrrtJ.'< 4J,.\ Te . 3 Dr. Stfii^ s Worm- ... Cakes - . • 1 Dr. Anderfcn's, or the , TruffScots Pills" I New Travels through Arabia and oU » Sr C& imtrieir in e Eaft. Tranll ued from tlie'original of iVht- Neibuhi, • kf,;" " f the Service ofihe'King'of LEAKE's PATENT PILLS. To THOMAS TAYLOR, Surgeon, No. 9, New Bridge- Street, London. SI R, _ Dublin, March 10, 1795. IThink it but doing Juftice to the Memory of Mr. LEAKE, to communicate the following very extraordinary Cure performed by his P1LULA S ALU- T A XI A. . A Man who has lived with me fome Years., in the Ca- pacity of a' Gardener, was about a Twelvemonth ago infefled- with die Venereal Difeafe, the Confequende" of which was a violent Gonorrhoea; upon this he immedi- ately a- pplyed to'one of' thofe, who, without any real Knowledge of^ heDifeafe, firomifed an immediate Cure; the improper Treatment of this Man brought on a Gleet, Buboes in the"" Groin, and at Length, what was at firft a flight Clap, degenerated into a confirmed Lues, corroding Ulcers gradually began to coyer his Eody and had crept to the Cartilage of his Nofe, which they were deftroying very faft, when the poor Fellow, finding dif- guife no longer pofiible, with Tears in his Eyes, con- feftl- d to me the whole Affair, As lie had been to me a moft valuable Servant, I procured him all the Affiftance I was able. After a Week's Attendance, the Faculty declared his Cafe defperate. 1 have heard much ot yourPiLetA SAt. UTAai » — in this Cafe I knew their Effefls might be beneficial, and could not be dangerous— I therefore fent for fome,— and it is no lefs true than furprizing, th3t they aftually, in lefs than a Month, eft" e£ led a perredf Cure. I write this at the Indication of JOHN CORDON ( that is the Man's Name) NvhofeGratitnde is unbounded. As a Friend of mine is coming to London, I defired him to leave this at. your Houfe. I remain, S I R, Your humble Servant, THOMAS BISHOP. P. S. If, through the Medium of the public Prints, you clloofe to communicate this Inftance of the Efficacy of LEAKE's PILLS, you arq at Liberty to do fo. The above Medicine is prepared and fold by the fole Proprietor,' THOMAS TAYLOR, Member of the Corporation of Surgeons, London, at his Houfe, No. 9, New Bridge- Street, where he wilLgive Advice, without a Fee, to Perfons taking thefe Pills, and will, anfwer Patients'- Letters, if Poft- paid, on the fame Terms, ob ferving in all Cafes the moft inviolable Secrecy. They are alfo fold, by his Appointment, for the Con venience of thofe living at a Diftance, by the Printers of this Paper, and Mr. Marfhall, Druggift, Northampton: Wilcox, Towcefter; CuHipgworth," Daventry; Sharp, Warwick; Rollafon, Coventry; Gregory, Leiceftet; Harrot'i, Harborough ; " Knight, Kettering; and may be had of the Newfnien, in Boxes of 2s. grl. each, fealed up, with copious Directions; whereby Perfons of either Sex, may cure themfelves with Eafe and Secrecy. ' sFamou& s, d. _ Purging Sliyjr 1 i § Daffy's Elixir - 1 • 6 and - - 1 ti. White's Fever Tinc- ture - 2, ft Fraurces's Strength- tiling Elixir - . i tj Dr. Bat rutin's Gtflijjn " ac'd r lain Spirifeof '• ' ' - K-.-'. lfv. y- Grafs j ij< Pike'sOintiv.- Uitfof- the' : , l- cli;' 5iidCma » < 30u « , Eruption*-- j ij Hvar's'I . UOuii - 1 ij. . li| y; i, ng SpitiM - " Tp. rft! » n> TTOe jnd. Oe." V ^ ' NU? NC. BCTI( B OIL. 1 I I Ditto Refined - , 9 CeplKuic Sntii'f - o , the Captain of Engineers in Denmark New Travels in the United States of America! Tranf lated ft'o'm the French of M. Briffot de Warviile, who lately fuffered unfoi'tpnately by. tlid Guillotine In- France. - .'. v-'... ' : .-'-' . . Likewife. a e'trcumftantial Recital of all'theiemark- able Voyages and DifcOveries performed by t'irc- fe great and experienced Navigators, Sir Francis Drake, Lord Anfon, Cook, Byron, Carteret, Wallis, Furneau*. Miilgrave, Clerke, Banks, & c. & c. . . ' Alfo, New Tours, and Travels . through France, An ( Irian Netherlands, Holland, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Poland, &£. & c together with a Mew Tour or Survey of thi' Rufiian Empire according to it's prefent Newly regulated State divided into different Governments.- 1- Alfo the Subftance ofall. otber I ininent Navigators aii. d' Travellers, fuchas Morfe, Parkinfon, Lutwich, Moore, Hanway, Howard, Drunimond, Pocock, Shaw, Carver, Dalrymple, Burnet, Baretti, Thicknefs, Twifs, Bridone, Wraxhall, Johnfon, Pennant, Smollet,' Forfter, Fur- neaux, Solander, Bouganvtlle, Keate, RofSj. Anbury, & c. & c. Together . with,' many otlier Voyages'' and Travels too numerdus" to mention in this Adveftife- n-. ent. >" '"'"•.' The Whole defcribing, irt the moft accurate Manner, ( upon an entire New " Plan) every Place worthy of Notice in EUROPE, ASIA,. AFRIQ/ kv& r AMERICA- Being Compiled from the original Journals of . the" re- fpeaive Voyagers'& Trav61Iersi.— Aqd Ne> vly,\ vritteiv, By WlI, LIAIvi HENRY PO- RTLOGK,- El^ j.. Aflifted by many'Oftics'ra ti Gtiulsmen erfgaged, in the . Various UndSrtaking'sJ of- whicli this Work'will be compofed. 1 . - .. ' 53° Near twenty Yijars have elapfed, finde any Col- ledtion of Voyages and Travels hpsjieen publi( Ired, arid during that Space of Tiiyie fo. Jmany detached Voyages- as well as Travels have been prefented to the Public, that a Work upon the prefent Plat* ( including a complete Colleflion of all the . Modern Voyages and Travels) is now abfolutely necefiiiry and- much wanted by Readers of every Clafs and Denomination. As the Public Curiofity is fo much engaged refpeCiing the .. lateft Voyages. to^. New South Wales, this Work will commence with a Complete Hiftory of the lateft Voyages to Botany- Bay, Port Jackfon, New South Wales, Norfolk lfiand, & c. tlldfe. Places which have at traQed Public Attention'on Account of new Colonies and Settlements being formed for the Reception of Convifls condtmned to Tranf^ ortation. A Lift of theSubfcribers to this Work fliall be printed, and delivered gratis in the laft Number. In Nurijber I. will be given a prpmiiTory Note of Hand from the Publisher, to deliver the Overplus gratis, if it fhould exceed the 50 Numbers propqfed. Particulars at Large of the Contents are given with : Number I. which is a Specimen of the Work, and may be perufed gratis by any Perfons giving Orders to the Bookfellers or- Newfcarriers, and the Money will be im- mediately returned if not appro ved. To prevent Miftakes, be careful to Order PORT- LOCK's NEW Cohesion of VOYAGES a. ad TRAVELS, which commences with the laft New Voyages to Botany- Bay, Port . Jackfon, New South Wales, Norfolk Ifland, the Pelew Iflands, & c. & c. London: Printed for Alex.- Hogg, in Paternofte'r. Row, and Said by T. Dicey and Co. W.: Birdiall, and T. Burnham, Northampton ; and all other fiookfellerS and Nev^ fcarri^ s in England, Wales, Scdtland; and Ireland, LYING- IN, •• Mrt- find_ Mrs. WHITF/ s Addw- i's ^ q- tlie GOBI- " . ihh. fiity, jefpefting- concealed Pfegnanoy. LEGITIM ATE Pregnancy, though cbun- teriariced with the AppVobMi. iii'JsPPaf'entS, Ke- ' lafion^ s, and Friends; though- the'utmoft Afliftafioe be ? Contributed to. alleyiate the numerous Complaints pecu-. liar to that. State, and though certain of an agreeable' i. PteVifton for the Infant, when boin, is yet a Condition Homgnity coinn) jfeiates. ' ..'', S< ich being tvl, s Cafe tinder the'moft favourable Cir- .^ cujuftsnces, what muft that be of concealed Pregnancy, . WhSre' Phidence. 011 the < yte Hapd copipulfively " didlates the Acknowledgment of a previous ^ Marriage and Fear of the implacable Rfcferitrfi^ nf of oftsnd^ J i'arent, on the' >. Mhtr motf powerfully forbids it ?"^ 2< Srt. « nly this State of! SyfpeiiEe, . Dj! lra « ion,. ohd'Defpair of- Minil, mh'lt ex-* cite Compaflioni- i tile Bieatf of humane CUriftiSn.. Tliis is oonl'eire'dly a iniferable .. Situation: yet bow Guardians^ and the confequent Shame attendftig fu<: h a'mifaiatfle Misfortune,' ^- Friend, to pkee a Confi- dence in.'. to procure the le » ft.. n'ecet6ii>. Affirtajce:; on Retreat'Y. or,- Peace of Mind, ' but. Grief and DefpaiCtlie 9"! y Brp, fpe< 3 in Vjew, nr . ring to the fatal Confluences jpf, an nrejrievabferafh Reiohuion. ''- - . , Upon c'ool, deliberate Ref^ iiion, what a • Sotjeiflf.- cif forrowful eoqtemt> l. uion muft- thihojftimely Period of, . - an.. unj'orturtate VVoman be, wlio might have exi « ed and • rqw'ted'of- part MiCcondud^ b. een a Comfort to- hcr Kindred, and a ufeful Monitor to lier Sex, had more . Lenity been obfen'ed, ancklie'r' Charaffer feti/ red IM'ime . Irooi the malxious' Reproa" ches oi bafe Ccnfure! What c. ari be mOrfebarbarons- than'tj. triumph over Bjft Honour and - Reputation, which to delicate Sentiments.: Self-, fcdnyiaitm alone is a . lufficient Reproof, inflicting % >' Puni( hment lnfapportS% fevere. ReBeif,' thereforti* bupa- Moment Upon our Imperfeflion ; we flia'l . theii' • not only be'afhamed of having exulted over the Dif-, ytrelTed,' out truly condole the Misfortunes refuitirig from fth'e Prailty of human Nature., ,' "' HariVaifit^ and Chriftiahity commifera'te" the Frailty of • our degenerate Nature; upon tills ( ol d. Foundation, ie-. gardlers Of illiberal IriVe^ ives p^. Ailtar to tlif narrow Notions of. prefumplive peffeftrftctpyS, my Etidfei- ffur* - continue invincibly- fixed^ o ptetrye nor ojily Rtputa- i tjon, but the little Babes fcomftUiiwjf Saiaftce. totdic uncharitable Cenfure and Derition of ignorant, bafe. de--, famatory Perfons, and to piefgnt tfietiv) full! EtfeEts of ' Defpain, uhderfo roanv uifitvWB » ^ ly'nielaheholy'" Ro" « f4 of Refleaion, by accofmncirfatiSt^;' J'. Jdhs' VWi fepar'ate Lying- in Ap. artments., agresab! i; to. lhejr. tefpeflive Cif, cumftances. .' . . Thofe- regarillefs of Repiitafiin, will not upon any- Terms, be treated with.' ''. Apply to Mr. White, Surgeon - MTd^ ift- f . or Mrs. White, Midwife, No i, London- Houfe- Yardj- North- Side of St'Paul's ChurdwY>. rd, - . Whefff may be had the Reftorative Saitj Pjlls, at il. ss. per Box; an efiedlua'l Re. nedy to remove H! ( jbftiuc tibns or Irregularities'' Alfft the A'd'drSfs more at. large, wefl worth the" Attenfiofi of p'rSgnarft Ladies'in every Situation of life, Price is. Lttiers'Poif'palri attended to.- The Confolation-- refulting from thii • Undertaking to . many of the. mc'ft reputable am$ fefpe&, tbl » Families in this Kingdom,' by fecuring. Peace arid Concord among Relations and Fjier. ds, is'fufficiently coofpicuous to be countenanced by the humane ' ftnfiMe Par.£ of'Mankind ; Care, Tsndirnel's, Humanity, Honoiir, and - Secrecy, havjng- been the Bafis o." this. Concern for many Years, may be relied upon. The. Addiefs to the Community,' and the S'alo Pills, may be lia iof rhe Printer?. oT this' Pape'r. - " An' eligible Couritry- Tjcore Within a few Miles ' of LOnd. cm, where Ladies may be • accomm'idated with Apartments adequate to their JDiilinQion. is- ' — NORTHAMPTON: PRINTKD BY T, DIGET and Co. . CM" wTiom may he had all Kinds of BLANK PRECEDENTS, & c.— And by whom LETTER- P'RESS and COPPER- PLATE PRINTING is executed with... Accuracy and Ex'pedFtitfri. i » • ADVERTISEMENTS are taken ir by Mr. TAYLER, Warwfh, Stftmre;( tvbere this Paper- is'Yfgi/ larly filed)-, alfo'at ' No, 10, 8m\ Church- Turd • the Chapter, Rowley's, and PtJe's Cofee- Hoafes,' London ' ijy'the Printers ofal^ the Country- Papers Mr. JENKINSON „ Huntingdon:; SHARP, St. Nats ; JACOB, Peterborough-, SHARP, Warwick; KEATING, Stratford- upon- Avon, W EST;^ Perfumer, Beffpnt; Too, KEY., Ournile J CaoK," J> rU'g$ ft, U^ ing- ham.;, - R'OSUKK, Buykmy JPATERNOSTER,' Hiub'm . Market- Harboreugb; MARSHALL, and by theCountry- Diftributors;— of whom- all BOOKS, MEDICINES, £ C. ad^ ITI^ Jjefdin may hie-' had..' ARTICLES of Intelligence, Marriages, Deaths, & c. fent to " the Printers, properly authenticated, and Poft paid, will bp inserted gratis^."' atjd: our'. Cori; efpondcnt$- are particularly d « fued to cqpmunicats- nithing but- - FACT?*- • i- . " To ' prn< esit Dijappointment*, our AdVertising Freinds win. tatfj- tbe Week as pojibk,
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