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The Star


Printer / Publisher: J. Mayne 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1468
No Pages: 4
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The Star

Page 2 Col 2 Trial of Louis
Date of Article: 22/01/1793
Printer / Publisher: J. Mayne 
Address: Receiving and Publishing Office, Temple-Bar, London
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1468
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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- Number 1,468 TUESDAy, JANUARY 22 1793 A HAPPINESS and RIGHTS. This Day was published, Price 3s. . , DISSERTATION upon several SUB- JECTS relative to the Rights of Man and his hap- piness. Rights are Means: Happiness the End. By RICHARD HEY, Of the Middle Temple, Esq. Sold by R. Baldwin, Paternoster- row; J. Stockdale, Pic- cadilly; and J. Todd, York. Where may be had, price 6d. An abridgment of the above, by the Author; wherein the Substance of the Originals given in Language adapted to the Meanest Capacity: and rendered tin « cheap, as an in- ducement for Gentlemen to distribute this Pamphlet amongst such of their poor Neighbours whose Minds have been misled by recent inflammatory Publications. NEW D'OYLEY's WAREHOUSE^ No. 26 King- street Covent- Garden. GENTLEMEN are respectfully informed that they may see a variety of Great Coats for the present Season, worthy their notice, being well and fashionably cut, and made up by the best Workmen. The following Articles are always. kept ready made : Ladies and Gentlemen's Powdering Gowns. Water- proof Cloth driving Coats. Warm Bath Wrapping Coats and Cloaks. Roquelaure, Suitanos, and box Cloaks: Morning Dresses, and. Fancy Under- waistcoatS,. Children's and Boy's Great Coats. Servant's Duffel Jackets, and Stable Waistcoats. Livery Surtout, and Box Coats. Green Cloth table Covers, all size's. Sheets and Pillow Cases. Table linen and Napkins, Counterpanes, and Marseilles Loom Quilts. D'Oyleys, Glass Cloths, Hand- towels & c. I. adies' Habits, Gentlemen's Cloths, Liveries, & c. made after the first fashion, at a short notice, HAZARD's LIBRARY, BATH. T thE Public are most respeCtfully informed, that Mr. Hazard, in Cheap- street, Bath, Is supplied with Dr. WAITE's celebrated WOrM MEDICINE, in the form of Gingerbread Nuts, faithfully prepared from the original Receipt, ( purchased at a public Auction) by W. Howard, of Reading, Berks, and J. Evans, Long- Lane, West- Smithfield, I. ondon; and that all other compositions, pretended to be imitations or improvements of Dr. Waite's, are spurious aud dangerous. Mr. Hazard was supplied with this very popular and ines- timable Medicine in consequence of a letter written by him to Mr. Taplin surgeon, of Reading, of which the following is an extract :— " I have been deceived: with a spurious Worm Medicine, In the form of gingerbread nuts. I see Howards name of Reading, on the stamp : I wish yon would desire him to send me two or three dozen immediately; as I never will, know- ingly, sell a spurious medicine." Take Notice, that the genuine Nuts have Dr. Waite's name, as Well as those of the present proprietors, engraved on the stamps by favour of his Majesty's Commissioners, to preVent imposition. Dr. Waite's Nuts are likewise sold at Bath, by Mr. PUd- dock, printer, and Mr. Hire, grocer; and by n0 other person or persons in that city. They are sold, wholesale and retail, at Bristol, by John Rose, printer, No. 21, Broad Meads; and retail by at least person in most towns throughout Great- Britain'; among whom are the following: Sodbury, Mr. White Stroud, Mr. Jenner Glocester, Mr. Rakes Taunton, Mrs. Toulmin Wells, Mr. Newman Bridgwater, Mr. Tazewell Wariminster, Mrs. Davis And by Mr. J. White, Bookseller, Wisbeach. N. B. The Nuts sold by Mr. Palmer, and Mr. Grownds, Wisbeach, are not the Genuine Medicine of the late Dr. Wait, but a spurious imitation, THE MEDICATED VEGETABLE WATER- AspECifiC MEDICINE, for the Cure of the King's evil, or Scrophula, Leprosy, and Scurvy— Never as yet prescribed in practice, or offered to the Public, and contains no mercurial preparation. Prepared and sold by the proprietor, Daniel Roberts, Painswick, Gloucester, and by his appointment sold by the following persons : Frederick Smith, Chymist and Druggist to the prince of Wales and Duke of York, No. 29, Hay- market, London ; William Richardson, Bookseller, Piazzas, Royal Exchange, London; R Raikes, Gloucester; Pear- son, Birmingham; jeffries, Salisbury; Jenner, Stroud; Wilton, Tetbury ; Brown, Tolsey, bristol; Cruttwell, Bath ; Tymbs, Worcester; and may be had of reputable persons in the chief towns in the country, in bottles, containing half a pint, at 105. each, duty included, with full directions. Of whom may be had, price, is. Remarks On the Scrophula, which includes a catalogue of simples, for the purpose 0f diet drinks. the reputation of this Medicine has been fully established In various cases; but without enlarging 011 its. . virtues, it is submitted with confidence to the Pubtie, and the unequivo- cal test of the Invalid, who may receive benefit thereby.— If any family or individual is desirous of particular information respecting its specific quality, in cases of scropbula, for which it is justly celebrated, four bottles having effected a cure in several malignant instances. Letters post paid to the pro- prietor will be answered, and every delicacy observed. [ PRICE FOURPENCE Chippenham, Mr. Angel Calne, Mr. Bailey Marlborough Mr. Harold Devizes, Mr. Smith Bradford., Mr Budgett Shepton, Mr. Stone MEDICINE ACT. MR. NEWBERY, at the East End of St. Paul's, No. 45, a few Doors from Cheapside, Proprie- tor of Dr. James's and many other Valuable Medicines, in- forms the Public, that though by the late Act a considerable Duty is imposed upon them, yet no additional Charge has been made upon Dr. James's Powder; but it has been con- tinued at the original Price of fctl. per Packet. It is also sold at II. 4s. per dozen ; or the quantity of 3 dozen Packets may be had in one Bottle for il. 2s. Od. Duty included j so that the Public are no sufferers. But in order to facilitate the operation, and to lessen the burthen of this Act, which would in great measure have proved a tax upon benevolence, Mr. NEWBERY has from the time it commenced, sold all other Medicines to any Per- sons pUrchasing half a dozen or more, free from the expence of the Stamps; and his Example has bceh followed by other Wholesale Dealers. The following are the Retail Prices of his Medicines, in- cluding the Duty; which wilt be allowed as usual to those Who buy quantities: Dr. James's Powder Analeptic Pills —-— Cattle powder Dr. Steer; s, Opodeldoc FreaKe's Tincture of Bark . — Huxham's ditto — Ormskirk Medicines Dalby's Carminative, Tickell's - Aethereal Spirit — Greenough's Tinctures Tolu Lozenges Mr. Spence's Dentifrice Solander's Sanative Tea 2 < 1 Essence of Coltsfoot 3 0 English Coffee — i 9 Glass's Magnesia — 3 6 Dr. Hooper's Pills I 1.7 Hemet's Essence, & c. 29 Mrs. Norton's Drops 60 Essence of Peppermint 1 it Inglish's Scots Pills I o" Grants Drops — t li Cephalic snuff — o 7-,: Spilsbury's Drops — 5 o Medicamentum Anodin 3 6 Speediman's Pills - o Also may be had most of the other Proprietary Medicines in repute; and orders for exportation arc supplied. without Stamps as before tho passing of this Act. N. B. As many Persons have mistaken Mr. NEWBERY's House, to which he has lately made a considerable addition, it is necessary to point out. that it is a large White House at the end of St. Paul's nearest to Cheapside, on the coachway, and has a bust of Dr. JAMES, and these: Words against the front, viz. the only WARehOuSE FOr DR. James's POWdeRS. YORKSHIRE. MR J. Todd York Mr. BINNS, LEEDS ; Mr. Hurst, Wakefield; Mr. GALES, Sheffield; Mrs. BRASS, Hull; Mr. SHEARDOWN and Mr. Boys, Don- caster sell by aPPOINTMEnt the Celebrated WORM- ME- DICINE, IN the form of giNgerbreAD Nuts; the on- ly true and safe, by Virtue of letterS Patent, beating date the 15th May 1792, prepared by ROBERT MASON, Sur- geon, Sodburv, Gloucestershire, late AssistANT and Suc- CESSOR to DOCTOR WAITe, deceased ; whose house and business in SuRgery and Physic, he now occupies, which was assigned to him in the life- time of Dr WAITE. THERE are COUNTERFEITS, to avoid which observe all Boxes containing the gENUINE. have a label thereon, with these words: "' Its Celebrated WORM MediciNe in the form of " GINGERBREAD NOTE. Prepared bv ROBERT MASON, Surgeon, Chipping, Sodbury, GLoucestershire, ASsitan, " and Successor to the late Dr. WAITE. Price Is. I^ d. " stamp included. by the King's Royal letters Patent, " bearing date tf\ h May 1792. JOHN SCOTT, No 417, " Strand, London, Sole General Agent." Edinburgh, Mr. KELTIE, St Andrew; s street. AND Mr. Scott, druggist. on the South Bridge, sell the true Patent Worm Nut genuine, and no none else in that city. AYR. •'."*:./ \ January 5, 1793. AT a Meeting of the Landholders of the County of Ayr, in consequence of an Advertisement from the Convener: PRESENT, the Right Honourable the Earl of Eglintonne ; Cassillis i— Dumfries — Lord Kennedy The Honourable Capt. Robert Hamilton Lindsay, of Bourtree Hill ' ST John Whiteford of Whiteford, Baronet Sir Adam Fergusson of Kilkerran, Baronet Sir Andrew Catheart of Charleton Baronet Colonel William Fullarton of Fullerton Thomas Kennedy, Esq. of Dunure William M'Dowall, Esq. of Garthland Richard Alexander Oswald, Esq. of Auchencruive John Hamilton, esq of. sundrum Colonel Montgomery of COilsfield Alexander Fairlie Esq. of fairlie William Campbell, Esq; of Fairfield John Boyle, Esq. younger of Shewalton John Hunter Esq. of Bounitown William Kelso, esq. of Dankleth John M'Kerrel, esq. of Hillhouse james Whiteford, Esq. of Dinduff Robert Reid Cunningham, Esq. of Auchinharvie Capt. Primrose Kennedy, of Drumidan Mungo Smith, Esq. of Drongan William M'Creadle, Esq, of Pearceton Alexander Hamilton, esq. of Grange Robert Morris, Esq, of Craig Hugh Hamilton, Esq. of Pinmore Hugh Logan, Esq of Logan Authur Campbell, Esq. of Auchmannoch Thomas Crawford. Esq. of Ardmillan Patrick Douglas, esq. of Garrailand William Bowie, Esq. of Cambsisean John Bailantine. eSq. Ayr Richard Campbell Esq. of Balgray Bruce Campbell, of; of Milnrigs Thomas Wallace, Esq of Cairnhill Robert Davidson, Esq of Drumley: Alexander Alison Esq, of Glassnock George Douglas, esq of Roadinghead James Hume, esq Fallford Robert Moore, Esq. of Biairstone Archibald Alexander, Esq. of Boydstone John Farquhar Grey. esq of Gilmiluscroft John London, M'Adam, esq. of Sauchrie William Crawford, Esq. of Doonside Moses Crawford, esq,. of Newfield John Cunningham, Esq. of Thornton John M'Micken, esq. of Killsaintninian Claud Alexander, Esq. of Ballaroyle Hugh Campbell. Esq. younger of Mayfield George Dunlop, Esq. of M'Nairntone Patrick M'Knight, Esq. of Barns Joint Murdoch. Esq. Provost Charles Shaw, Esq. Baillie ( of Ayr. George Charles, Esq. Baillie I' Hugh Stevenson, Esq: Dean of Guild The Earl of Eglintoune chosen Preses. . The Convener of the County produced to the Meeting a draft of resolutions. which, being read, were unanimously approved of, and subscribed by all the members of the Meeting. Copy of which Resolutions follows : We the Noblemen, Gentlemen, Freeholders, Justices of the Peace, Commissioners of Supply. and Proprietors of Lands in the shire of Ayr, assembled in consequence of pub- lic advertisement,: to consider the propriety of expressing our sentiments and resolutions, 011 the present. crisis— having observed, for some time past with the greatest concern, that doctrine's not only the most seditious and treasonable, but which tend to the subversion of all law and government, have been openly published, circulated and propagated, by factions and designing persons in this country, who have not even scrupled to call to their aid the profligate anarChy of France; whilst at the same time, under the specious pretext of Reform they have been endeavouring to insinuate them- selves into the confidence of the people— Do esteem it a duty incumbent upon us, to declare this our firm and decided opinion. That the British Constitution is the most perfect system of Government, and the best adapted to humane happiness and the posperity of a state, of any that has ever appeared upon earth. That by the successful combination of its mixed Powers we believe, ait that humane wisdom can do is already done, to guard against human imperfection the principle alone being declared unalterable; the mode left to the judgement of the legislature to vary as circumstances require. we therefore be- hold with astonishment and horror. the attempts which have been made to undermine and overturn our beloved Consti- tution, at a period too, when its singular blessings ought to have been most peculiarly felt by all— and we most thank- fully applaud the wise and vigorous measures of Govern- ment which we trust have given an effectual check to the designs of the flagatious, and the and of the unwary. Impressed with these sentiments we Unanimously Resolve-: I. That at the hazard of our lives and fortunes, we will support our King and Constitution, against all foreign or domestic foes. II. That in our several capacties we will exerr ourselves in suppressing the seditious, and ut- ireclaiming the misled. lil'. that we conceive, if any errors exist in the detail or Government, the legislative possesses sufficient power to rectify them. IV. That the present unparalleled. prosperity of the king- dom demonstrates that no evils of such magnitude, as to call for an immediate reform, do exist And, lastly, V that in the momentuous and alarming progress of a neighbouring nation, the avowed enemy of the Monarchy, any discussion of the kind could only tend to embarrass verment, at a time when all hearts and all hands ought to unite in its support. ' The thanks of the meeting were then voted to the Earl of Eglintoun, their PRese ANd to Mr, hamilton of Sundrum, the convener of the County, for his attention in calling the meeting and preparing the Resolutions. ( signed) EGLiNGTOUNE, preses: Extracted from the Minutes of the Meeting by John Boswell, Clerk. NEWFOUNDLAND TRADE AND FISHERY. THE Committee of Merchants trading and carrying on the Fishery to the island of Newfoundland, from Gnat Britain, take this public method of informing those who are concerned, in the trade, and whose particular address they are unacquainted with, of their having received from the chief employers in that valuable Fishery, ( residents for the summer season in the island of Newfoundland) a letter in reply to the general one addressed to them by the Ccnunittee, of which the following are the copies. To the MERCHANTS . and EMPLOYERS in the FISHERY, at the Island of Newfoundland. GeNTLEMeN, I am ordered by tbe Committee of Newfoundland trade, to inform you that the bills which were before Parliament at the time you left England, the one entitled " an Act for tbe regulating the Fishery in the Island of Newfoundland," the other the Judicature bill, the former imposing a du- ty of three pence per Gallon upon all Spirits Imported into the island, and obliging every employer to give a list of all his servants to a certain receiver who was to be appointed by the Chief Justice, and to pay to the said Receiver forty shillings for each servant,' and the receiver to provide Vessels for bringing them home, for which trouble he was to receive five percent; and what remained of the forty shillings after the passage was paid to go towards tke ex- pence incurred by this Act, with seVeral other oppressive Classes. — And the latter to give authority to a Chief Justice and assessors to try all causes whatever without a Jury; and a POwer to the said Chief Justice to appoint Assignees to the estates of all Insolvents, with several other alterations in the old and estabished mode of administering Justice : are the first not passed into law, and the Judicature bill modified as not to be so very injurous as was designed, and to continue but for one year. And the trade and fishery of the island of Newfoundland to; be taken into considerarion early in the next Sessions of Parliament by a Committee of the honourable house, and such clauses in the Act of Parliament . ( which now regulates the Fishery) as are found oppressive and destructive to Its welfare, will be repealed; and such future regulations made as will receive the trade an Fishery, which hath been sinking to ruin for many years past. I am, Gentlemen, with great respeCt, Your most obedient, humble Servant, JOHN TEED, Secretary to the Newfoundland Committee. Dartmouth, June 8th, 1792. To the Committee of Merchants of Great Britain, appoint- ed by the Merchants and Employers, carrying on Fisheries and trading to Newfoundland, GeNTLEMEN, WE the principal residents in the district of St. John's, have pleasure to address you, acknowledging the great obli- gations we and all others concerned in this Fishery and trade are under to you, for your unwearied attention in endeavouring to get the oppressive Laws now in force, re- pealed; for your application to, and for the influence of your friends in the honourable house of Commons, in pre- venting the two Bills brought in the last Session; before Par- liament from being passed, and obtaining the alterations and additional clauses in the Judicature Bill, for in the' state they were, Ruin would very soon have followed. : previous to the Laws nnde of late years, the greatest hanmony prevailed between all classes of people here, mutual confidence and intercourse subsisted between the respective Officers of Go- vernment ( and among the different degrees of people was great conviviality) The employers and their servants were in basis of industry and attention together, each exerting their utmost abilities for their mutual security and advantage, enjoyed reciprocal benefit. we fully trust and assure our- selves, that this important trade and fishery will be relieved from its burthen, when the honourable House of Commons shall he informed how the effects of the Laws complained of have operated contrary to the increase of this fishery, the interest of those immediately concerned and of the British Empire at large; and therefore request the Mer- chants and Traders in Great Britain will continue their attention to its welfare, we being with very sensible. obliga- tions their most obedient humble Servants, J. Roope Mdke. Hart John Codner Alex. Cormack W. I I - ley David Rennil Hugh Rowe and Son Rd. Reed Nich. Wilking and Co. Michael Fouhan Stephen Cumming Rod. Robertson William Whiteway John Jobe and Co. James Wells William Warren David Power George Hutchings Michael Mara James Stokes George Squarea John Rendell Robert West John Bulley and Co. John Livingston Edward Beard and Co. George Wadland James Winter James Vinnicombe W. Field and Co. W. and Robert Boden Chs. Tapper and Co. William Underhay Jun. John Durrian Henry dashper Abm. Hingston and Co. Oates and S. Bailey Philip Milman and Co. George Darey Richd. Geaves John Benson Geo. Hutchings Junr. Thomas Gotham W. Sharland and Co. John Mare Tim. Fogart W. Farley and Co. W. Payne. BRISTOL. TONTINE SCHEME. White- Lion, Wednesday, December 26, 1782. AT a Meeting for the purpose of taking into consideration a PLAN, proposed by Mr. JAMES LocKier. of Bristol, for building A CReSCENt, call- ed The Royal York Crescent, consisting of FORTY- SIX HOUSES, now erecting by him at Clifton, in the County of Glocester, upon A TONTINE SCHEME, and to be called, " THE ROYAL YORK CRESCENT TONTINE" It was proposed and agreed, That a Subscription be immediately 0pened for such - scheme, to be subscribed for in SEVEN HUNDRED SHARES OF ONE HUNDRED POUNDS each; for the benefit and advantage of such of the subscribers who shall be intitled to any Share or Shares, in virtue of the sur- viving lives on which such Share or Shares, shall be holden, at the end or expiration of the term of Twenty- one years, to commence 0n the 25th day of March, 1794 ' That at the end of the said terrn, the Trustees after named be ( under the direction of the subscribers then intitled, or the majority of them empowered to sell the said Forty- six Houses by public Auction, in so many separate Lots in trust for the Subscribers ; and that the following Gentle- men be named as Trustees, to whom the said Houses shall be conveyed or assigned in such manner as Counsel shall advise or direct, in trust for the Subscribers to this undertaking, viz. JOHN CAVE, Esq. Bristol JOSEPH HARFORD, Esq. Ditto WILLIAM FRY, Esq. Ditto WILLIAM GIBBONS, Esq. Ditto GEORGE DAUBENY, Esq. Ditto RICHARD VAUGHAN, Esq. Diito That the committee shall call a General- Meeting of the Subscribers, whenever the said Trustees shall require them so t0 do, on giving the said Committee seven days previous notice, in writing, for that purpose. that seven Books be immediately opened for the Subscrip. tions of those persons present, and for such others who may hereafter before the whole number of Shares be subscribed for; chuse to subscribe to this scheme; and that so soon as One Hundred Shares shall be subscribed in each Book, the same be thereupon closed, That when Four Hundred be subscribed for, a meeting of the Subscribers be called for the purpose of elect- ing a Committee to carry this Scheme into effect such Com mittee to Consist of fifteen GentLemen, and that any five or them be empowered to act: tbe Chairman of the said Com- mittee having the casting voice If the numbers be equal; and the at such meeting as Treasurer or Treasurers be chosen to receive the said Subscriptions and disburse the money, under the direction of the Committee. That each Subscriber be intitled to a Vote at all General Meetings of the Subscribers, for each and every Share he shall have subscribed fr. . , That Ten Pounds per Centum of the Subscriptlon Money be paid at the time of subscribing, to the Treasurer, to be hereafter chosen. which money is hereby directed to be im- mediately paid Over to Mr. Lockier, in order partly to reim- burse him the monies he has already expended in the said buildings, and. that the Commitee be empowered to employ one or more Surveyor or Surveyors. to survey and ascertain the sum already expended and to be expended and laid out on the said building, up to the 25th day of March next.. That such Surveyor or Surveyors do make his or their re- port to the Committee, in writing under his or their hands, of the then amount of such expenditures. And that there- upon the Committee be empowered to make calls on the Sub- scribers, according to their respective Subscriptions for such sum of money as shall then appear to have been expended by the said Reports, save as after mentioned, which sum is here by also directed to be paid to the said Mr. Lockier, for fur ther reimbursing himthe monies expended and to be ex pended up to that time, on the said buildings : provided that for the security of the Subscribers there be T l. per cent. on tbe whole Subscriptions always expended on the said buildings, and that the same remain thereon, over and above . such calls of the Committee, until all the Houses be finiShed and fit for habitation in manner after mentioned That the plan and elevation of the said BUILDINg, together with the instractions or particulars of the manner and form In which the same is to be finished and completed, now pro- duced be approved and adopted. That Mr. lockier do proceed with as much speed as pos- sible in going on with completing and finishing the said houses and buildings, according to, and in pursuance of such plan, elevation, instructions, or particulars, and nir;; » and lay out the roads, terrace, and pleasure grounds, in front and be- hind the said houses, so as to have them in every respect fit for habitation on or before the said 25th day of March, 1794, without calling on the subscribers to this scheme, or under- taking for any further sums of money than are hereby agreed to be paid by thcm, in respect to the share or shares they shall subscribe. for. That Mr. Lockier being possessed of the field or piece of ground, situate below and in front of the said Crescent, be restricted from building any edifice or erection thereon, of a greater heighth than the terrace intended to be formed and made in front Of the laid Crescent.— And that all buildings to be thereon erected, shall be covered with Cornish Tile or Lead, and no obnoxious trade carried on therein, in order to prevent any impediment to, or interception of the present prospect of the said Crescent, or any desight thereto, or ob noxious to the inhabitants who shall reside therein And that n0 chimnies or flues shall be built or made in any such building". That the said Mr. Lockier do enter into sufficiert penalties with the said trustees, either by deed of covenant or by bond, that he, his heirs, executors. or administrators, shall finish and complete the said Crescent, Roads, Terrace, Pleasure- Grounds. See. in the manner and by the time heretobefore: appointed for that purpose And also restricting himself, his heirs or assigns, from making any such buildings on the said ground, situate below and in front of the said Crescent ( save as aforesaid., That the Committee be empowered to make calls from time to time on the subscribers, for so much of their sub- scription as shall be necessary for the purpose of prosecuting and carrying on with effect the said buildings : always mak- ing a reserve of the said I'. l- per cent, on the said premises in manner aforesaid. And that such subscriptions shall be paid over to the said Mr Lockier for that purpose, when, and so often. as such surveyor or surveyors shall, under their hands, certify to the committee that the same be necessary bursed and expended in, upon. and about the said building, under the inspection and direction of such surveyor or sur- veyors, for the satisfaction of the subscribers to this scheme, That the ground or yearly fee- farm rent reserved or made payable to the said Mr. I. ockier, from or out of the several plots, pieces or parcels of ground, whereon the said several houses ar. building, do not commence or begin to grow pay- able till the said twenty- fifth day of March, 1794. That when the whole subscriptions be paid, each subscri- ber shall nominate the life or lives on which he or she will hold his or her share. or respective shares, in the said ton- tine. That each subscriber, after nominating the different lives to the different shares he hath subscribed to, shall, when called upon by the Treasurer then bring, prove the different lives so nominated to the several shares to be then living ; and if the accourt given of such life to the Treasurer shall appear any way disputable, then three years shall be allowed, from the day when called 011 to prove the life or lives of such' person or persons so nominated 10 be then surviving and- to be attested by a magistrate and minister, < r minister and churchwaiden of the parish where such person or persons;' so nominated, fl: dl reside; and such subscriber, whose life or lives are disputable, shall leave his profits arising from, the different shares, from the day called on in the Treasurer's hand) until he can prove his life or lives so nominated to be surviving; and if such person cannot make good his claim in seven years, such life or lives shall be deemed and consi- dered extinct, and the Committee then being shall be em- powered fo divide the disputable monies equally between the then surviving subcribers, according to their several shares. That the Committee shall be authorised to call a meeting of the subscribers whenever they may think it necessary, on giving seven days previous notice thereof in the several Bristol papers. And that they shall also call a general meeting of the subscribers on the first Monday in the month of May, in each and every year, during the said term of twenty- one years, for the purpose of auditing the secreta ry's accounts, clearing a dividend, and directing public notice to be given of the same in the several Bristol papers. That a draft, of the conveyances be laid before the mn
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