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The World


Printer / Publisher: J. Bostock 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1189
No Pages: 4
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The World
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The World

Bounty Page 3 Col 1
Date of Article: 25/10/1790
Printer / Publisher: J. Bostock 
Address: No 335, Strand, opposite Somerset House
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1189
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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NUMBER 1189. MONDAY, OCTOBER , 25, 1790. PRICE FOUR PENCE. The FIRST TIME this SEASON. DRURY- LANE. THIS EVENING, SHE WOULD AND SHE WOULD NOT. Or, The KIND IMPOSTOR. Don Manuel, Mr. PARSONS ; Don Philip, Mr. BENSLEY ; Octavio, Mr. BARRYMORE ; Trappanti, Mr. KING Soto, Mr. BADDELEY. Hyppolita, Mrs. JORDAN; And Viletta, Miss POPE. To which will be added, JOLLY HONEYCOMBE. Honeycombs, Mr. SUETT ; Ledger, Mr. WILLIAMES; Scribble, Mr. R. PALMER ; Mrs. Honeycombe, Mrs. HOPKINS ; And Polly, Mrs. JORDAN. *„* No Money to be returned. • To- morrow ( 66th Night) The HAUNTED TOWER ; with a Grand Pantomimical Ballet, called DON JUAN; or, The LIBERTINE DESTROYED : with New Scenes, Dresses and Decorations. COVENT- GARDEN.— THIS EVENING, ROMEO AND JULIET. Romeo, Mr. HOLMAN: Capulet, Mr. POWEL ; Benvolio, Mr. DAVIES ; Friar Lawrence, Mr. HULL; Paris, Mr. MACREADY; Tibalt, Mr. CUBITT ; Peter, Mr. C. POWELL; And Mercurie, Mr. LEWIS, Lady Capulet, Mrs. PLATT : Nurse, Mrs. PITT ; And Juliet, Miss BRUNTON. In ACt I. . a Masquerade, Scene incident to the Play. End of Act IV. JULIET'S FUNERAL. PROCESSION. With the SOLEMN DIRGE. After which will be performed, a New Ballet Pantomime called, THE PROVOCATION. With new Scenes, Dresses, and Decorations. The Overture and Music compiled by Mr. BYRN; And the New- Music, by Mr. SHIELD. The Principal Characters by MR. BYRN, Mr. BOYCE, Mr. CUBITT, Mr. FOLLETT, Mr. CROSS, Mr. RAYNER, Mr. EVATT, Mr. LETTENEY; Mrs. GOODWIN, And Miss FRANCIS. On account of some Scenes which are introduced in the Pantomime, from the Entertainment of Nootka Sound, ( performed last Season) HALF PRICE WILL BE- TAKEN. To- morrows ( 1st time this season) The DRAMATIST ; with CYMON. THE LAST NIGHT THIS SEASON. SADLER'S WELLS, THIS Present EVENING, OCTOBER 25, 1790, great Variety of performances, particularly A New Dance, called THE MERRY REAPERS. A new Historical Representation, in two parts, founded on a late interesting nautical event, called ENGLISH HEROISM; In which is correCtly given a Living Picture of the GUARDIAN FRIGATE, Commanded by Lieut. Riou, in her very Perilous Situa- tion in the South Seas, embayed amongst the stupendous FLOATING ISLANDS of ICE. TIGHT- ROPE DANCING, By The LITTLE DEVIL, Master BOLOGNA, and LA BELLE ESPAGNOLE. The favourite laughing Song, by Mr. Dighton ; and the Flowing Cann, in character, by Mrs. HarlOwe. In the course of the Evening's Exhibitions, will be intro- duced an entire new Performance, in two parts, called The CHAMP DE MARS; Or, LOYAL FEDERATION. Descriptive of the Grand National Fete held at Paris on the 14th of July last, which has so universally attracted the attention of all Europe. In the above Piece will be progressively displayed the dif- ferent Operations of the Parisians on the above grand Oc- casion, particularly in their PARADING PARTIES to . the CHAMP de MARS. Also, an original and complete Divertisement, called THE BALLET DE LA COQUARDE. With an entire new Entertainment, called THE CEINTURE, Or, HARLEQUIN IN THE DUMPS. With two favourite Comic Scenes, including the laugha- ble Chinese Trio of CHING CHIT QUAW. The Scenery designed by Mr. Greenwood ; the Music composed and compiled by Mr. Taylor. The doors to be opened at Five, to begin at Six. Servants to keep Places till Seven. Boxes, 3s. 6d. Pit, 2s. Gallery, is. To the PROPRIETORS of INDIA STOCK. Ladies and Gentlemen, THE Death of the late JAMES MOFFATT, Esq. having occasioned a Vacancy in the INDIA DIRECTION, permit me again to solicit the honour of your support. Should I be so fortunate as to meet with your approbation, the interests of the Company shall be the first object of my attention. I have the honour to be, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your most obedient and obliged humble Servant, WALTER EWER. Love- Lane, Oct. 22, 1790. VICTUALLING- OFFICE, October 16, 1790. THE Commissioners for Victualling his Majesty's Navy, do hereby give notice, That on Thursday the 28th inst. their Agent at Portsmouth, will he ready to receive Tenders in writing, ( sealed up ) and treat for 1,000 Quarters of English Wheat, to weigh 59lb per bushel, ( and in case it should weigh above per bushel, the over- weight will be paid for) one half to be shipped in a fortnight, and the remainder in a month, for the service of his Majesty's Victualling Stores at the Port of Plymouth; to be paid for by Bills in Course, with the Discount added thereto. The conditions of the Contract may be seen by applying to Mr. W. S. Cooper, Agent for the Victualling at tbe Port of Ports- mouth. And all persons who may think proper to make Tenders upon the said occasion, are desired to take notice, that no Tender for less than one third of the above quantity will be accepted, nor will regard be had to any in which the price shall not be inserted both in words at length and in figures, or that shall not be deli- vered before Twelve o'Clock on the said 28th inst. nor unless the Person who makes the Tender, or some Person on his behalf, attends to answer for him when called for. On the First of November will be published, In Octavo, price sewed REFLECTIONS ON the REVOLUTION in FRANCE, and on the Proceedings in certain So- cieties in London relative to that event. In a Letter in- tended to have been sent to a Gentleman in Paris. By the Right Hon. EDMUND BURKE. Printed for J. Dodsley, in Pall Mall. Mr. DIBDINS NEW SONGS in the WAGS. This Day is Published, price 1s. APopular Song, Written and Composed by Mr. DIBDIN, called The WATERY GRAVE, As it is performing with the greatest applause, at the Ly- ceum in the Strand, in his Entertainment of the Wags. A DROP of the CREATURE, Will be Published on Thursday next, October 28.— The Pleasures of the Chase, On Monday, November 1.— Nauti- cal Philosophy, on Thursday, Nov. 4.— Sound Argument, on Monday, Nov. 3.—- Patrick O'Row, on Thursday, Nov. xj.— The Irish Italian Song, on Monday, Nov. 15, and some one: of the remaining Songs on every Monday and Thursday till the whole are published. Each of these Songs will be Printed, with a Violin or Flute accompanyment; and wherever it is requisite, pro- per transpositions for Flutes and Guitars. The Fifth Night of the WAGS, will be This Evening. This Day is Published, price 4s. in boards, ( The Second Edition, Corrected and Enlarged) THE PRINCIPLES of MORAL PHILO- SOPHY Investigated, and briefly applied to the Constitution of Civil Society: together with Remarks on the principle assumed by Mr. PALEY, as the basis of all Moral Conclusions, and on other positions of the same Author.. By THOMAS GISBORNE, M. A. Printed for B. White and Son, Horace's Head, Fleet- Street. This Day are Published, in Four Volumes, Crown Octavo Price 16s in boards, MORAL and PHILOSOPHICAL SUG- GESTIONS ori various Subject's, relative to Hu- man Perfection and Happiness. DIDACTIC LECTURES. Printed for B. White and Son, Horace's Head, Fleet- Street. Of whom may be had, by the same Author, in Four Vo- lumes, Price 16s. in boards, Moral and Philosophical Estimates of the State and Fa- culties of Man ; and of the Nature and Sources of Human Happiness. A Series of DidaCtic LeCtureS. NAVY OFFICE, October 21, 1790 TRAVELLING MEDICINE CHESTS. THE Gentlemen of the ARMY and NAVY are informed, that a general assortment of Medicine Chests, from Two Guineas to Thirteen Guineas each ( with directions) are now ready, at F. C. Walsh's, Chemist to His Royal Highness the Duke of York, No. 100, Strand. CITY DEBATES. ( Held Monday and Thursday, Chair taken at Eight, Admittance 6d.) REMOVED to the Great Hall, King's Arms Buildings, No. 28, Cornhill, opposite the Royal Ex- change. This Society ( lately held in Capel- Court) will on Monday, next, by particular desire, debate the following question, viz. " Ought not the Word Obey to be struck out of the Marriage Ceremony ?" It is now two years since the above question was debated in this society. A young Lady and Gentleman, who accidentally met, commenced an acquaintance from that time, and are now upon the tapis of marriage ; the Lady being ever since firmly of opi- nion, that the Word Obey is entirely unnecessary, few of her sex ever pronouncing it at the altar, and still fewer practising it after they become wives, has made a prelimi- nary condition with her lover, that he should, before she gives him her hand, depend on her loving and honouring him as a husband, but publicly renounce a claim's to the slavish system of obedience. In consequence of this, the Managers have ( at his request) appointed it for Debate This Evening, confident that the subject must afford that entertainment to their female auditors which they are ever happy in communicating. CAPITAL HUNTER. TO BE SOLD, AComplete HORSE of this kind, able to carry 13 stone ; he has speed enough for Mr. Coke's or Mr. Panton's Fox- hounds; he can leap standing or fly- ing, as well as any horse in England, and his speed and bottom which have been tried, are undoubted. He is a very beautiful Dark Chesnut, and in shape and make, is perfectly complete. For further particulars, inquire of Mr. G. CATER, Swan Inn, Baythorpe End, near Haverhill and Clare, Essex, where the. Owner may be referred to. N. B. The Horse will be warranted perfectly sound. HENRY'S COPAL VARNISH, PREPARED and Sold, Wholesale and Re- tail, by Thomas Henry, Apothecary, in Manchester ; it sold in London, by J. Johnson, No. 72, St. Paul's Church- yard, in bottles at 4s. each, with directions for the use of it. This Varnish, which has long been used for Prints, stained Drawings, Paintings, Paper Work, and White Furniture, is so pure as not to discolour the purest white grounds; dries without the aid of heat, never chills nor cracks, and bears washing with water without damage. Each bottle is signed by the preparer. Mr. Henry's Calcined Magnesia is also sold as above, in bottles at as. 6d. each. Dr. JOHNSON'S DICTIONARY.. • Genuine Weekly Editions, in One Volume, Folio, and. Two Volumes, Quarto. MANY of the Subscribers to this valuable Work having negleCted to complete their Books, agreeably to public notice given by the Publisher, are re- spectfully acquainted, that to accommodate such persons, the Proprietors have determined to deliver any odd Num bers for that purpose till the 31st of December next; and no longer, which may now be had at the Publisher's, T. Longman, No.. 30, Paternoster- row. Each of these Editions may be had complete, price 3I. 3s. neatly bound; also an Edition, in Two Volumes Folio, elegantly printed on a large Letter and fine Paper, price 4I. 10S. bound; likewise an Abridgement, in One Volume OCtavo, price Ss. bound. MUSIC lately published, And sold by Messrs. THOMPSON, No. 75, St. Paul's Church- yard, For the HARPSICHORD, PIANO FORTE, & c. ASecond Set of Three Sonatas, composed and inscribed to Mrs. Sheridan, by Mr. T. Shaw, 6s. The Caledonian Muse; a collection of scarce and favou- rite Scots Tunes, both Highland and Lowland, viz. Songs, Luinigs, Laments, Reels, Strathspeys, Measures, Jigs, & c. To which is prefixed an Essay on Scots Music, 5s. The Hibernian Muse; a. collection of Irish Airs, includ- ing the most favourite Compositions of Carolan, tbe cele- brated Irish Bard; to which is prefixed, an Essay on Irish Music, with Memoirs of Carolan, 5s. Giardini's Second Set of Violin Solos, with Harpsichord Accompaniment, 7s. Gd. DRAWING ACADEMY. LADIES and GENTLEMEN are expedi- tiously taught the several branches of DRAWING, at Mr. TURNER'S Academy, No. 24, Charing- Cross. Were it necessary to hold out the value of Drawing as an accom- plishment to the polite, or as an advantage to the tradesman and mechanic, the great encouragement given it, by tbe most elevated and learned of ail ages and countries, would have been a sufficient recommendation; but in the present day, when the Arts have made such rapid improvement towards perfection in this our own country, no Lady or Gentleman can be considered as politely accomplished, that cannot form a ready and just judgment of the antient - and modern works of the Arts, nor can the mechanic rea- sonably expeCt to make so much of his time as he that can execute a little Drawing, most trades owing their perfection to their nearer relation to the Arts. To this may be added, the infinite satisfaction the polite receive, in being able to delineate the grand and simple beauties of nature, to pour- tray the heroic and generous acts they have seen or heard, with the enviable happiness of; retaining from their own hands the likeness of their friends. As a Teacher, Mr. Turner abides the decisions of the public on his merits, and rests his claim to future favours to the many proofs from Ladies and Gentlemen who honour him with their attention, In the Press, and in a few Days will be Published, ELEGANT TALES, HISTORIES, AND EPISTLES, on a variety of pleasing subjects, par- ticularly Friendship, Love, Matrimony, Constancy, Mag- nanimity, & c. " Sometimes fair truth in fiction we disguise, " Sometimes present her naked to men's eyes." GAY. Price Four Shillings, sewed. Printed for G. Kearsley, at No. 46, in Fleet Street. Of whom may be had the following Articles : A CONSOLIDATED ABSTRACT Of the Two last ACTS of the 29th and 30th Gee. III. re- lating to TOBACCO and SNUFF. * This Abstract has been very carefully executed, and the Clauses, which in the Acts stand separate and un- connectedly, are here brought into one view, and arrang- ed, according to their import, under proper heads. The Publisher can therefore recommend it with great confi- dence to those who are interested in the importation, ma- nufacturing, or consumption of this extensive branch of Commerce. Price One Shilling. PRACTICAL OBSERVATIONS On Thorn Wounds, PunCtured Tendons, and Ligamentary Lameness in HORSES, with Experimental Instructions, for their Treatment and Cure : Illustrated by a recital of cases, interspersed with a variety of useful remarks. To which is added, A successful method of treating the CANINE SPECIES in that destructive disease called the DISTEMPER ; the whole forming a Supplement to the First Volume of the Gentleman's Stable Directory. By WILLIAM TAPLIN, Surgeon. Price One Shilling. THE NEW ASTROLOGY ; OR, THE ART of Predicting or Foretelling Future Events, Rendered familiar and easy to any Person of ordinary Talents. This Work contains the Art of resolving all sorts of Questions, on any subjeCt, with accuracy and pleasure, and how to give judgment thereon, viz. Whether the parry enquiring shall have Riches or Poverty— Sickness or Health — Prosperous Voyages or Journeys— Goods Stolen, where secreted— Friends or Enemies— Wives or Children— Money lent, or due for Goods sold, & c. & c. Any other Questions of importance are solved by this Science with Celestial Figures; and many curious Ques- tions answered. " How great, how glorious, then appears the Mind of Man, when in it all the Stars and Planets roll." Dr. YouNg. By C. HEYDON, Jun. Astro- Philo. Assisted by a Person of Great Professional Abilities. Price Half- a- Crown. TRIAL FOR A BREACH OF PROMISE or MAR- RIAGE, Miss ELIZABETH CHAPMAN, Plaintiff, and WILLIAM SHAW, Esq. Defendant,. Before the Right Hon. LLOYD, LORD KENYON, in the Court of King's Bench, in which the Defendant ob- tained a VerdiCt. Price One Shilling and Sixpence. LETTERS to the Right Hon. LORD MANSFIELD, from ANDREW STUART, Esq. Price Seven Shillings and Sixpence. This is both an elegant and correct Edition of these Celebrated Letters. The Ninth Edition, very much enlarged, with his Portrait, MEMOIRS of MAJOR SIMPLE, Alias HARROLD, MAXWELL, GRANT, & c. & c. Being a faithful Narrative of the Adventures and Decep tions of JAMES GEORGE SEMPLE. With an Account of his Devices at Lord Salisbury's, Sir Thomas Dundas's, Mr. Pitt's, the Marquis of Lansdown's, Barort Homspech's, Lord Suffield's, Sir Sampson Gideon's, Dr. Prettyman's, & c. & C Also, the various Inventions by which he obtained Goods of different Tradesmen; and the names of the Persons who were the objects of his depredations. To which are annexed, His TRIAL and SENTENCE. Price One Shilling and Sixpence. ESSAYS ON MODERN MANNERS, Addressed to Persons of every Denomination, particularly to PARENTS. And humbly Dedicated to BEILBY, Lord BISHOP of LONDON. By G. NEALE, Curate of St. Margaret Pattens, Rood- lane, and Lecturer of St. Bennet, Gracechurch. Price Two Shillings. A New Edition, corrected and improved, with his Portrait in his various Disguises, MEMOIRES of CHARLES PRICE, otherwise BOLING- BROKE, otherwise JOHNSON, otherwise PARKS, otherwise WIGMORE, otherwise BRANK, other- wise WILMOTT, otherwise WILLIAMS, otherwise SCHUTZ, otherwise TREVORS, otherwise POLTON, otherwise TAYLOR, otherwise POWELL, & c. & c. & c. and commonly called OLD PATCH. Containing an accurate Account of the astonishing Frauds and ingenious Forgeries of that truly GREAT MAN, on the Governor and Company of the Bank of England for a series of Six Years. Including a faithful Detail . of his Devices and Depredations on Society for a period. of Fifty- five years. " Even- handed Justice returns, the Ingredients " Of our poison'd Chalice to pur own lips." SHAKESPEKE Price Three Shillines and Sixpence. THE Principal Officers and Commissioners of his Majesty's Navy, do hereby give Notice, That on Thur- day the 28th inst. at one o'Clock, they will be ready to receive Proposals from the owners of ships in the service of the East India Company, as are not likely to be taken up for the two en- suing seasons. or other persons, for coveying 2, ooo ConviCts, or any part of that number, to tbe settlement at New South Wales, on the conditions, and under the regulations to be seen at the Office. The Court of Directors of the East India Company, have con- sented that the ships which may be engaged for this purpose, may proceed to Bombay, and load home, with Cotton upon private account, under the inspection and direction of the Company's ser- vants at that Settlement, provided such Cottons are sold at the Company's Sale, subject to the usual expenses ( the Company's duty only excepted) and provided the said ships do not interfere with any other part of the Company's exclusive commerce. No Tenders will be noticed, unless the Parties, or Agents for them, attend, nor will any be received after Twelve o'clock. VICTUALLING- OFFICE, ' " October 19, 1790. THE Commissioners for Victualling His Majesty's Navy, do hereby give Notice, That there is Money in the hands of the Treasurer of His Majesty's Navy, to pay the Prin- cipal and Interest of the Bills registered in the Course of the Vic- tualling for the Months of November and December, 1788, and January and February, 1789, in order that the Persons pos- sessed of such Bills, may bring them to this Office to be assigned for payment. And all Persons who hold the said Bills, are desired to sub- scribe their Names, and places of abode, at tbe bottom of each Bill. , ... October 23, 1790. THE Commissioners for Victualling his Majesty's Navy, do hereby give Notice, That on Friday next, the 29th inst. they will be ready to receive Tenders, in writingt ( sealed up) and treat for 5, ooo Gallons of Molasses, to be delivered as demanded into his Majesty's Stores at the Redhouse, Deptford; and to be paid for by Bills in course, with the Discount added thereto. The Conditions of the Contract may be seen at the Secretary's Office And all persons who may think proper to make Tenders upon the said occasion, are desired to take notice, that no regard will be had to any Tender in which the Price shall not be inserted both in Words at length, and in Figures, or that shall not be delivered to the Board before one o'clock on the said 29th instant, nor unless the person who makes the tender, or some person on his behalf, attends to answer for him when called for. *:>•.. itVf? MEMOIRS of ROBERT ADAIR, Esq. Inspector- General of his Majesty's Military Hospitals, " Omnia Vincit Amor." Price Half- a- Crown. RAYNSFORD PARK. A NOVEL. " Let such teach others who themselves excel, " And censure freely who have written well. " Authors are partial to their wit, ' tis true— But are not Critics to their judgment too." ESSAY ON CRITICISM Four Volumes, price Twelve Shillings. VICTUALLING OFFICE, September 29, 1790. THE Commissioners for Victualling his Majesty's Navy, do hereby give Notice That on Monday the 1st of November next, they will be ready to receive Tenders in Writing, sealed up, and treat far Two hundred thousand English Beech Staves, ( or for any quantity not less than one fourth of the said number) to be delivered into his Majesty's Stores at the Redhouse, Deptford. The timber to be felled not sooner then the 15th November next, nor later, than the end of March, 1791, and the Staves to be cut according to a plan, which may be seen at the Secretary's office, as may like- wise the Conditions of the Contract. The Staves to be paid far by Bills in Course, with the discount added thereto. And all persons who may think proper to make tenders upon the said occasion, are desired to take notice, That no regard will be had to any Tender in which the price shall not be inserted' both in words at length, and in figures,, or that shall not be de- livered to the Board before One 0 Clock on the said 1st of No- vember next, nor unless the person who makes the Tender, or some person on his behalf, attends to answer for him when called for. STATE- LOTTERIES. Stamp- Office, Somerset- Place, Oct, 9, 1790. HIS Majesty's Commissioners, for managing the Stamp- Duties, do hereby give Notice, that the following, are the only persons who are duly licensed by then for selling Tickets in the present State Lotteries: When their Licences- expire, William Blake,. Adam- street, Adelphi, March 1, 1791 James Branscomb and Isaac Goodman, Hol- born - Aug. 7, 1791 James Branscomb and Isaac Goodman, Corn- hill - John BruCkshaw, Royal Exchange, Cornhill Aug. 20, 1791. - Henry Woolsey Byfield and Samuel Hawks- worth, Charing- cross - - .. OCt.. 2, 1791 George Carroll, Castle- street, Oxford- market Nov 2, 1790 George Carroll, High- street, Shadwell Nov. 10, 1790 John Cassin, City of Bristol - - Sept. 4, 1791 Robert Clement, City of Bath - Aug. 6, 1791 William Galley and John Beardmore, Picca- dilly - Sept. 17, 1791 John Harley, Pope's Head Alley, Cornhill Feb. 11, 1791 Robert Hazard, Thomas Burne and Edward Warner, Royal Exchange. Cornhill - July 24, 1791 George Harrison, Piccadilly - - Oct. 16, 1791 William Hodges, No. 124, Pall- Mall Feb. 4, 1791 Richard Hodges, No. 149, Oxford- street Sept. 25, 1791 Thomas Hornsby, Cornhill - - - Aug. 20, 1791 John Johnson, Pope's Head Alley, Cornhill Sept. 28, 1791 Henry Lalande, Charing- crosS, - July 27, 1791 George Leslie and William Scott, City of Edinburgh - July 24, 1791 John Maddison; Charing- cross - - July 24, 1791 William Meyler, City of Bath - Sept. 5, 1791 - William Nicholson, Bank- street, Cornhill Sept. 24, 1791 Thomas Northall,. New Bond- street - June 14, 1791 . James Norton, City of Bristol - sSept. 3, 1791 , Daniel O'Hara, Newcastle- street, Strand . Dec. 3, 1790 Peter Richardson, William Goodluck, George > Arnull, and William Lea, Cornhill, and Charing- cross - - - - Sept. 10, 1791 . Frederick Scott, St. James's- street - Feb. 8, 1791 John Shower, New Bond- street - Aug. 26, 1791 Thomas Strong, Holborn - - , Jan. 15, 1791 Myles Swinney, Town of Birmingham Sept. 1, 1791 Thomas Thompson, No. 6, Charing- cross Nov. 20, 1790 James Thomson, John Thomson, and Wil- . liam Fettes, City of Edinburgh and Town of Newcastle- upon- Tyne - May 11, 1791 Henry Webster, Fleet- street - - Aug. 17, 1791 Richard Weller, No. 275, Oxford- street March 1,1791 John Wenham, Poultry - - July 26, 1791 Samuel Wenham, Cornhill - - Nov. 13,1790 William West, Fleet- street - - OCt 29, 1790 John White and Daniel Forrest, City of Edin- burgh , - Sept. 14, 1791 Thomas Wilkie, St. Paul's Church- yard Aug. 26, 1791 Ditto, Town of Liverpool - - Sept. 16, 1791 Ditto, City of Exeter - - - Sept. 25, 1791 Ditto, City of Norwich - - Oct. 19, 1791 Joseph Winpenny, City of Bristol - Sept. 4, 1791 Richard Wiltshire, No. 37, Gresse- street, Rathbone- place - - - Nov. 11, 1790 Stephen Wright, Charing- cross - . June 5, 1791 John Wright, No. 169, Piccadilly - . OCt. 12, 1791 And the Commissioners think it necessary thus publicly to cau- tion all persons against buying or selling any Shares of Tickets, other than such as are legally stamped, the Act having prohi- ' bited, under large penalties, the dealing in CHANCES under any pretence Or device whatsoever, which may depend on the contigency of drawing the said Tickets, and also the publishing proposals for any such purpose. By Order of the Commissioners, JOHN BRETTELL, & c. From the LONDON GAZETTE, Oct. 23. At the Court at St. James's, the 20th of Octo- ber, 1790, PRESENT, Ths King's most excellent Majesty in Council. His Majesty in Council was this day pleased to order, that, in the absence of the Right Hon. Charles Lord Hawkesbury, the Right Hon. Dudley Ryder should be President of the Committee of Privy Council appointed for the consideration of all matters relating to Trade and foreign Plantations. St. James's, Oct. 23. The King has been pleased to appoint Lord. Viscount Wentworth to be one of the Lords of His Majesty's Bedchamber, Whitehall, Oct. 23. The King has been pleased to approve the appointment of Joshua Johnson, Esq. to be the Consul for the United States of America at the Port of London, and the places adjacent. Whitehall, Oct. 23.. The King has been pleased to grant to Tho- mas Beach, of Hals Hall, in the Parish of Cla. rendon, in the Island of Jamaica, Esq. and to John Hynes Beach, of Lincoln's Inn, Esq. ( both sons of Thomas Beach, Esq. late Chief Justice ot the Island of Jamaica), and their Issue, His Royal Licence and Authority to assume and use the surname of De la Beche only ; and also to order, that this His Majesty's Concession and Declaration be registered in His College of Arms . Lord Chamberlain's Office, Oct. 23, 1790. John Heaviside, Esq. is appointed to be one of the Surgeons Extraordinary to His Majesty. Lord Chamberlain's Office, Oct. 23. John Taylor, Esq. is appointed Oculist to His Majesty. Hamburgh, Oct. 12. Upon the news received here last Thursday from Frankfort, that His Apostolic Majesty was elected Emperor of Germany, the Senate in order to manifest their joy on this occasion gave orders for a public thanksgiving, which accordingly took place on the 10th Instant in all the Churches of this City and its suburbs. Te Deum was performed both at the Morning and Evening Service, and a hundred pieces of cannon were discharged from the Ramparts. Hague, Oct. 17. Tuesday the 12th Instant, being the day of the Assiance of the Princess Frederica Louisa Wilhelmina of Orange, with the Hereditary Prince of Brunswick, a Deputation from the States General solemnly congratulated Their Highnesses, and all the Stadtholderian Family upon the occasion ; and presented, at the same time, to the Princess, a magnificent present of jewels from Their High Mightinesses, as a mark of their respect and attachment. On the 14th Instant the Marriage was celebrated in the Great Church of this Residence with the great- est magnificence, and Their Highnesses were attended by a very numerous and splendid pro- cession. Hague, Oct. 19. Monsieur Henry Fagel, Greffier to Their Mightinesses the States General of the United Provinces, died this day, in the 84th year of his age, and the 60th of his Ministry, His death was occasioned by an apoplexy, Which struck him on the 17th Instant. This event has thrown a sudden gloom over the gaieties and festivals of this place ; for the Greffier was generally and greatly beloved and esteemed by all descriptions of people. War Office, Oct. 23. Coldstream Reg. of Foot Guards, Ensign Beaumont Ho tham is appointed to be Lieutenant by purchase, vice Thomas Parker, who retires. Ditto, Hon. Samuel Ongley, Ensign, vice Beaumont Ho- 3d Reg, of Foot Guards, Lieut. George Kay Captain- Lieu- tenant, by purchase, vice Edward Scott, who retires. Ditto, Ensign Robert Mac Murdo, Lieutenant, vice George Kay, 11th Reg. of Foot, Major John Glover, Lieutenant- Colo- nel, vice Henry Shawe, deceased. Ditto, Captain Patrick Hely, Major, vice John Glover. Ditto, Captain- Lieutenant Thomas Rudsdell, Captain of Company, vice Patrick Hely. Ditto, Lieut. Henry Espinasse, Captain- Lieutenant, vice Thomas Rudsdell. Ditto, Ensign John Mutter, Lieutenant, vice Henry Espi- 30th Reg of Foot, Hospital Mate Nathan Ashby, from the Establishment of Barbadoes, Surgeon, vice John Groves, appointed Surgeon to the Forces. 33d Reg. of Foot, Lieut. J. L. Harvey, Captain of a Com- pany, by purchase, vice James Ingram, who retires. Ditto, Ensign James Fielde, Lieutenant, vice J. L. Harvey. 65th Reg. of Foot, Ensign Robert Douglas, Lieutenant, by purchase, vice James M'Cumming, who retires. BRIGADE of FOOT GUARDS, for FOREIGN SERVICE. Captain Lloyd Hill, of the 1st Regiment of Foot Guards to be Major of Brigade. Lieut. William Grant, from the Half- pay of tbe 55th Reg. to be Lieutenant, in Lieutenant- Colonel Robertson's Independent Company. Robertson, late Lieutenant of the Fencibles, to be Ensign in the said Company. Major Charles Martin, from the Half- pay of the late 99th Reg. to be Captain of an Independent Company at Guernsey, vice Lieutenant- Colonel Baillie, removed to North Britain. Lieut. Arthur Fitz Gerald, from the Half- pay of the old 70th Reg. to be Lieutenant, in Lieutenant- Colonel Ro- bert Mason Lewis's Independent Company at Chatham Barracks, vice George Munro, removed to North Bri- tain. EXPOSITION OF FACTIOUS IMBECILITY. No. XV Quarter- Masser George Leslie, frorn the 55th Reg. to be Lieutenant in Captain Williams Stewart's Independent Company at Guernsey, vice Lancelot Hylton, deceased. Commissions signed by His Majesty for the Army in Ireland, dated September 17, 1790. of Foot, Major- General Ralph Abereromby to be Colonel, vice Lieutenant- General—— Sherard, de- BANKRUPTS. David Stephens, late of Llangathen, Carmarthen, Dealer, to surrender Nov. 1, 8, Dec. 4, at eleven, at the Three Salmons, in the Borough of Carmarthen. Attorneys, Mr. John Philipps, of Llandilefowr, Carmarthenshire ; and Messrs. Chilton and Yeates, Symond's Inn, Chan- cery- lane, London. Joseph Coulson, of Upper Thames- street, London, Ham and Cheese Factor, to surrender Nov. 8, at eleven, 10, at six, Dec 4, at eleven, at Guildhall. Attorney, Mr. Wardell, Mount- street, Grosvenor- square. Richard Howard, now or late of Shaugh Mill, Devonshire, Paper- maker, to surrender Oct. 30, Nov. 6, Dec. 4, at ten, at Guildhall. Attorneys, Mr. Bennet, Bull- Head- court, Newgate- street, London. James Shenton, of Cornhill, London, Stationer, to sur- render Nov. 1, 4, Dec. 4, at ten, at Guildhall. Attor- neys, Messrs. W. and E. Allen, Clifford's Inn. DIVIDENDS. Dec. 1. Thomas Popkin, of George- street, near the Mi- nories, London, Coal- Merchant, at ten, at Guildhall. Dec. 4. Joseph Morton, of Lime- street, Fenchurch- street, London, Rum and Brandy- Merchant, at ten, at Guildhall. Nov. 13. James Hilton, of Chamber- Hall, Oldham, Lan- cashire, Cotton- manufacturer, at four, at the Bull's Head, Market Place, Manchester. Dec. 4. James Wenham, of Hastings, in Sussex, Merchant, at ten, at Guildhall. CERTIFICATES. Nov. 13. John Backhouse and Edmund Clark, both of Manchester, Check- manufacturers. Samuel Edgley, of Manchester, Fustian- manufacturer. James Becket, of New Bond- street, St. George, Hanover- square, Middlesex, Trunk- maker. [ This Gazette also contains his Majesty's Proclamation for extending the term of paying bounties to able and ordinary seamen, from the 31st. inst. to the 31st of December next.) To CORRESPONDENTS. THI BARRISTER, NO. II.— is received with the gratitude due to it. It shall appear on Wednesday. AT- ALL, to the ADVISER— most certainly to- morrow. THE WORLD. LONDON, OCTOBER 25, 1790. MEDICAL STAFF. Gregory West, Esq. to be Physician to the Forces. Surgeon John Groves, from the 30th Regiment, to be Sur- geon to the forces. INVALIDS, . Lieutenant- Colonel Aiexander Baillie, from the Invalids at Guernsey, to be Captain of an Independent Company, to be formed by Draughts from the Out- pensioners of Chelsea Hospital, and to he stationed in North Britain. Lieut. George Munro, from Lieutenant- Colonel Robert Mason Lewis's Independent Company - at Chatham Bar- racks, to be Lieutenant, in Lieutenant Colonel Alexan- der Baillie's Company. Serjeant- Major — Stanton, of the 12d Foot, to be En- sign in the said Company Lieutenant- Colonel William Robertson, from the Half- pav of Captain of the 104th Reg. of Foot, to be Captain of an Independent Company, to be formed by Draughts from the Out pensioners of Chelsea Hospital, and to Be stationed in North Britain. Yesterday morning Their MAJESTIES, and the Elder PRINCESSES, attended divine service n St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. This day, being the Accession of His MA- JESTY to the Throne, the Royal Family will receive the compliments of the neighbouring Nobility, privately, at Windsor. To- morrow is the Anniversary of the Procla- mation, which will also be privately observed at Windsor. These are days which have brought such inestimable blessings on the country, in giving to us the best of Sovereigns, that we congratu- late every British subject on the return of them. The public days at St. James's this week, will be Wednesday and Friday next, on which days the KING will have a Levee. His MAJESTY'S days of hunting as usual this week. SPAIN, it is to be expeCted, will keep alive all the force and every armament of which she is mistress, to the last moment she is capable of it. The hope of reinstating FRANCE in her possessions: and the reliance she has on those aids alone to keep her own possessions quiet, will induce her to protract every negociation With ENGLAND as long as she can. There is a rivalship between Russia and Prussia, which, probably, will terminate in a war the most bloody and obstinate— Emulation for wielding the Government of Poland, will lead to this event. From recent appearances it would seem, that Russia is not seriously inclined to make Peace with the Turks, and that there is still too much ground to apprehend a war in the East, as well as the West of Europe. The NAVY of England may now truly be considered as the boast of the world ! What can compare with it ? FRANCE has ships, but with- out any discipline on board. SPAIN has—" a beggarly account of empty boxes !" HOLLAND has bottoms too heavy for sailing, and RUSSIA has no officers who know how to fight. The KING'S Breweries in the different Ports are employed night and day for the supply of the Navy. Some idea of the great consumption may be formed, When it is known, that a hun- dred and forty ton's of beer are barely sufficient for the fleet at Spithead, for one short day. The utmost expedition is required of those who are preparing the necessary cloathing, ac- coutrements, & c for the Guards and other Re- giments appointed for foreign service. That the satisfaction which the Minister pledged himself to obtain, previous to discussion, has been made by the Spanish Court, it requires but little argument to prove. To establish this point in the clearest manner, we have only to recur to the declaration itself, where, if words are not perverted by political prejudice, we shall find the satisfaction complete. The Spanish KING is willing to give satis- faction to his Britannic MAJESTY, for the injury of which he has complained." This settles the point of honour in the amplest manner, and in a manner not inconsistent with the jealous honour ofthe Spanish nation. With all great minds it is an acknowledged axiom, that, under con- sciousness of error, it is more honourable to sub- mit than to vindicate. Swayed, we are to sup- pose, by this moral principle, the KING of Spain assented to the declaration, which he per- mitted his Minister to produce, and the sinceri- ty of his submission we have no right to dis- pute. Nothing, therefore, on this head was left us for complaint. I know that the friends of the Opposition in this country, hostile to the vindication of our national honour, while it could refleCt honour upon the Minister, have upon this occasion adopted all the quibbling evasions of minute and verbal criticism. They have said, that being willing to give satisfaction, is not giving it; and that consequently, the declaration now alluded to, amounted to nothing. Such mean and pal- try misrepresentation, one conscious of the truth or force of his argument, would disdain. I shall delay, for a while, the cogent argu- ments that press upon me, to illustrate this point, in an unanswerable, and by a more familiar mode. Suppose that two Gentlemen of high honour were to have a misunderstanding— sup- pose them to have met for an adjustment of their difference, in the way by which every difference between Gentlemen is generally settled— sup- pose them upon the ground, armed, and with hostile intent. If the one should say that he was willing to give satisfaction— to make an acknow- ledgment for the injury which he had commit- ted, would not the other be bound, by every feeling of honour and humanity, to accept of that declaration as a sufficient atonement ? Or, if he did not, would he not be justly branded with the dreadful imputation of murderous in- tent ? The case is parallel to that of the two con- tending nations. Spain makes a declaration of her willingness to give satisfaction, which is tan- tamount to giving it— and the Willingness to make it, is surely an acknowledgment of having given occasion for that satisfaction. Where no injury had been committed, no reparation could be made. The question of honour thus happily disposed of, and thus disposed of, only in consequence of its separation from the right— that right, of which the Spanish Minister seemed so rigorous- ly tenacious, came next under consideration. The author of the Errors of the Minister, who in his thirteen preceding numbers, had laboured to condemn the principle of the negociation as erroneous and unintelligible, is, in his four- teenth number, surprised into the confession of its being both intelligible and correct—" but," adds he, " the separation ought to have been in all its points complete." If ever the two points proposed by the Minister have been confounded, they have only been so in the shallow brain of this party politician. As chalked out by the comprehensive mind of the British Minister, they admitted a facile adjustment. The point of ho- nour was to be satisfied— the right of Spain was to be done away. These appear at first view, of simple arrangement—" But, interrogates my adversary, how was it then, that no atonement was offered on the first point, until, the end of July?" The reason for that is equally perspi- cuous with the original points of the negocia- tion themselves. The Spanish Minister, as for- mer Ministers of bis Court had done, hoped to over reach the Cabinet of Britain. He wished to offer a general acknowledgment for the insult, thereby artfully evading the discussion of the right ; and a general acknowledgment thus ac- cepted by us, would, he conceived, constitute a voluntary connivance at the unfounded and un- reasonable claims of the Spanish Monarchy. When he saw, however, in what manner the British Minister had stated the question, he was at a loss how to aCt. He found room for an ex- ertion of all that subtlety and diplomatic art, for which some men in this country have given him such ample credit. In place, therefore, of ma- king the required satisfaction at once, he enter- ed into a series of representation, explanation and complex negociation with Mr. FITZHER- BERT, in the hope that, in an unguarded mo- ment, he should surprise him into the accep- tance of the kind of general satisfaction which he was eager to offer. Perceiving, however, that his artifices were vain, the declaration reluc- tantly appeared, expressive of satisfaction on the first proposed point of the negociation. To these deep views of the Spanish Minister alone, are we to impute the delay on this point; for it is an improbable surmise, that the declaration at length appeared at the instigation of the Mini- sters of France. That declaration was in itself taking from France all reasonable pretext for joining her arms to those of her former ally. The claim of right on the part of Spain had been treated in the National Assembly with derision. It had been scouted as untenable and absurd. Could France then, upon any colourable ground, join in the support of a claim that she had pre- viously confessed to be obsolete and unfounded ? At that period of discussion, I may venture to say, that not one member of the National As- sembly entertained the idea of seconding the cause of Spain. It was not staged until Spanish gold had glittered in the eyes of the predomina- ting faction. Then indeed, the necessary re- newal of treaties began to be suggested, and the way was industriously and dearly paved for tbe introduction of this novel and contradictory doc- trine. France, adhering to her former prepos- sessions, might have stepped, forward to save her ally from the mortification of an acknowledg- ment to Britain; but it was evidently too late for such a measure, after that acknowledgment had been made. France has improvidently pla- ced herself in that situation, that she cannot, without a forfeiture of every pretension to jus- tice, consistency or character, assist in the vin- dication of a right, which her legislative body had, with officious promptitude, loudly ridicu- led and condemned. To the frivolous questions in the conclusion of the fourteenth number of the Errors of the British Minister, I have made more than a satis- faCtory reply. The Minister, so far from being, ignorant of what to demand, clearly and expli- citly stated his claims upon the Spanish Court, and he has continued firm in those demands, in defiance of the artifices of the refined FLORIDA de BLANCA. One point he has brought to an honourable issue, and of the other, be the issue what it may, his resolution in maintaining it will equally contribute to the aggrandisement of his own, and of the British name. BRUTUS. The Anti- ministerial Writers, unable tO pick out any, degree of intelligence from the impene- trable secrecy of the Cabinet, have very adroitly sat down to forge, with this disposition, and not having the fear of the gallows before them, as other forgers have, the circulation of BASE reports is incredible— not a pacquet goes, or comes from Madrid, but they state the next day enough of the contents, to arraign the Minister in very in- decent terms— and very gravely ask him, How he could thus arrogantly demand that ? or tamely suffer this ? In the catalogue of those forgeries, they have rung the changes pretty roundly on the word ULTIMATUM. About two months ago, ( ac- cording to them) the dispatches sent to Madrid, contained the Ultimatum of the British Court- peace or war, not being however decided on the return of the Messenger— they affected to sneer at the Minister's next dispatch, and called that a second ultimatum. The little wits of the party, then took up ultimatum as a catch word, and have daily played with it as a rattle ever since. The narrow policy of this abuse, however, must be obvious to the meanest of the public ; for as nobody will give them credit for reading any of the dispatches sent by Government, how can they tell what checks or accelerates the nego- tiation ? Surely the whipper- in of this pack should have the caution to restrain them, till some real documents came out which may give a scope tp their ingenuity. But it is the misfortune of those poetical prase writers, that they must be constantly doing. " Jonathan Wild felt this industry about him so strong, that he cheated his fellow prisoner at cards, though they played for nothing— and Opposition writers, after so great an example, in- vent lies, though they are sure to be. detected, merely for the sake of keeping their hands in. We are told by the Sporting Calendar, that one day last week Mr. Fox's Magpie ran a race at Newmarket, and yet the very same day, Mr. Sheridan wass seen walking down Constitution Hill. For the WORLD SONG, By J. SMITH. BOYS, come push the Flash around, Fill up bumpers to the brim, " Mirth elate shall here abound,. . See her in the goblet swim. Tis WINE thatbanishes despair, And tunes to LOVE the chearful heart; It kills the cank'ring bud of CARE, And eases life of many a smart. Then here's the MAID we each may love, And may she bless our longing arms ; May she no ills of life e'er prove, And may no RIVAL taste her charms. PORTSMOUTH, BENDER, SEPTEMBER 23. EVERY preparation is making here, for speedy operations against the Turks. Part of our troops, under General MULLER, have al ready marched to Kilia and lsmael; and it is expected, the moment Prince POTEMKIN re- turns from Oczakow, that the whole army will advance. BERLIN, OCTOBER 12. NO news here at present, except that our army remains in the full war establishment until the Courier returns from Frankfort with the categorical answer of the Emperor, to the despatches sent from our Ministry last week. VIENNA, OCTOBER 9. LETTERS from Bucharest mention, that no place is yet fixed upon for the meeting of a Congress, to settle a definitive Peace with the Turks. The Porte having proposed it to be at Ruscheck, whilst their opponents want it to be at Krajova. Accounts from Croatia advise, that the Bos- nian Turks, notwithstanding the Armistice, continue to commit hostilities, and threaten to invade our frontiers. WARSAW, OCTOBER 22. This day a Court Martial was held on board the ROYAL WILLIAM, for the trial of Lieut. BLIGH, Master, three midshipmen, boatswain, carpenter, and six seamen, lately belonging to the BOUNTY armed ship, for the loss of said vessel at Otaheite; when they were all honour- ably acquitted. The Carpenter was afterwards tried for inso- lence to Lieutenant BLIGH, and disobedience of orders, and was dismissed with a repri- mand. The Court was composed of the following Officers; Admiral BARRINGTON, President. Admirals Roddam Admirals Cornish Sir John Jervis Goodall Sir Alexander Hood Sawyer Elliot Campbell Hotham Captain Sir Roger Curtis Gower Onslow. This morning arrived at Spithead, the ME- DUSA, of 50 guns, Capt. INGLEFIELD; and NIGER frigate, Capt. FARHHAM. Arrived the MINERVA, NEMESIS, CARYS- FORT, and LIZARD frigates, and DRAKE and TRIMMER sloops, from a cruise. Sailed the JOHANNA MARIA, BOLLE ( Da- nish East Indiaman) for the East Indies. OCTOBER 4. THE Prussian Envoy, M. LUCHESINI, has at last set off for Bucharest. The Turkish Ministry have accepted the offers, of forming an Alliance and Commercial Treaty with this Republic; but on condition that the former is OFFENSIVE. The Diet, on this occasion, debated the subject yesterday with their doors shut, so that AMSTERDAM, PLYMOUTH, OCTOBER 21. Yesterday sailed on a cruize, the ANDROME- DA frigate, Capt. SALISBURY. The BUSY cutter last night sent in a prize with 150 ankers of spirits. The Commissions for the POWERFUL, of 74 guns; DRUID frigate; and CHARON and SEVERN, of 44 guns each, are come down to the Commissioner's office. Orders are received for six Recruiting Par- ties to embark for Ireland, to complete the division of Marines to the War Establishment. One hundred privates embarked on board the CARNATIC this afternoon, for Spithead. Arrived the HERCULES, Fullerton, from JA- MAICA for London, . after a passage of thirteen weeks, in which she received some damage by lightning. FRANCE. OCTOBER 18. THE latest letters from Brabant announce nothing less than a general conflagration in the Belgic army ; the best officers are returning fast, to prevent their reputation being com- promised ; and the soldiers desert by hundreds, with their arms aud baggages, to the Austrians, or to the Hollanders, at Maestricht and Venloo. It is no longer thought on to attack the Aus- trians, but to remain purely on the defensive. Since the unfortunate Crusade, the people begin to think it best to reconcile themselves with the House of Austria ; at least, all those who have had the good luck to return from this crusade, have joined the Royalist party. The ERRORS of the BRITISH MINISTER, as stated by an OPPOSITION PRINT, are to be reprinted, and bound in calf — This is the true meaning of RECIPROCITY. The idea of the SPANISH KING referring his present negociation to his CORTEZ, or Assembly of GRANDEES, is one of those pre tences which he has constantly in petto, for protracting what he wants to delay. SHERIDAN is getting ready a very fine speech, about the SPANISH NEGOCIATION. It is to be divided into ACTS, that it may not tire. At the end of the third Act he is to be ill, and GRAY is to hold a smelling- bottle to his nose The fourth Act is to be comical, and at the conclusion of the fifth there are to be " some ten voices, who are to cry— long live KING RICHARD !" Sir JOHN Rous is on a tour round the Coun- ty of SUFFOLK, to pay his respects to those Gentlemen, and others, who voted for him. Mr. JAMES BOSWELL has given public no tice, that he means to puff his own works. Judging from his evidence in WESTMIN- STER HALL, the new HOUSE of COMMONS will have, in Sir ELIJAH IMPEY, no mean orator He speaks as a man should do, whose cause is right. WESTMINSTER HALL.— It is said the moths are making dreadful havock with the baize. BURKE must make haste, or his friends will be too quick for him. The Beccles Subscription Assemblies prosper well under the auspices of Sir EDMUND BACON, and Mr. W. § AWBRIDGE, the stewards. Early on Friday morning the sloop CLONEY, M'PHARSON, Master, from London for Seville, ran ON shore near Kingsdown, leaky, took fire, and was totally destroyed. The various questions that will agitate the NEW PARLIAMENT at its meeting, will perhaps be as important as any that ever were laid before a HOUSE of COMMONS. The late NEGOCIATION with SPAIN. Tbe CONTINUANCE of the IMPEACHMENT. The SLAVE TRADE. All the CONTESTED ELECTIONS And what NEWTAXES may be necessary for the maintenance of Government. LONDON is beginning to fill gradually in all the Marybone part of the Town. The City part has as much the appearance of business as ever. M. DE CALONNE is gone on a small tour of pleasure for two or three months. His Lady still remains in England. His Grace of NORFOLK and Mr. and Mrs. HOWARD have left Buckenham- House, the seat of Lord PETRE, and are gone on a visit to Sir GERARD VANNECK at his charming seat, HE- veningham- Hall, in Suffolk. The Duke for the first time, on Wednesday last visited Norwich, and went to the Cathedral. He viewed the manufactories, but swore their stuff was not equal to Capt. MORRICE'S. BRUNTON, the Manager, has sent to the Mayor of Cambridge, a benefaction of ten gui- neas, to be distributed among the prisoners con- fined in Cambridge goal. BOWDEN, formerly of Covent- Garden Thea- tre, appeared, for the first time, on the Shrews- bury stage last week, in the character of Mac- heath. His reception was highly flattering. He is engaged for five nights— his second character was Hawthorn. Mrs. BILLINGTON, on Thursday, embarked at Holyhead, for Dublin. , Her return to London will be anxiously looked for by our musical ama- tuers. A NEW PATENT for DRURY LANE, it is said, was granted while Mr. Fox was in power. The two new OPERA HOUSES Are rising with every exertion in their power, Christmas will perhaps see the in both starting against each other. NATIONAL ASSEMBLY, OCTOBER 18. M. CHASSEL, in the name ofthe Ecclesiastical Committee, decreed the following Articles: All Curates established in Cathedrals, Parish Churches, & c. who were suppressed, in order to unite them, shall have a right to the place of Vicars, if they desire it. The Curates, suppressed in towns and vil- lages, which will not accept of that faculty, shall have a pension of retreat, in proportion to that which was suppressed, which pension cannot exceed 2400 livres. Those who would accept of the faculty of Vicar, shall enjoy the whole of their stipulated income, with lodgings and garden. The apartments destined for Curates are those decided by the Decree of Nov. 2, with the use of a horse; but those under the taxes of tenths, not residing in cloisters, are exempt. M. ANTOINE desired the Order of the Day might be stopped, for the hearing a report on the formation of a High National Court: He observed, that it was of the greatest importance, as they threatened a Counter Revolution on all sides. OCTOBER 19. After hearing the Committee of Constitu- tion, the National Assembly decreed as follows: The Municipality shall appoint a Register, and a sufficient number of Clerks, to expedite the Decrees and Arrets of the late Parliament of Paris, who shall take an oath to the principle of the administration of property, in the pre- sence of the Officers of the Municipality, and the right of those Arrets shall be continued to be received according to the former tax- book. 2. The Officers of the Municipality shall, immediately after the taking of the seals, take a recognizance of the minutes of the Decrees passed for the year 1790, and the five former ones. 3. Every depositary of the minutes of De crees shall be inspected by the Municipality within three days of all declaration of Arrets and Decrees in their hands, without the whole body shall constrain them. 4. The Tribunal of Police of Paris shall sig- nify to the Charge of Appeals, all affairs brought before the Chamber— their judgment shall be given in the mean while, on giving se- curity. The contribution of Land Tax was discussed, and the following Articles decreed : All Inclosures shall be estimated by the same rule as Land not inclosed, producing, the same kind. All Land capable of culture, by agree- ment, shall be valued and taxed as best Land- All woods, felled at stated times, shall be va- lued according to the price of those cut yearly ; and the valuation of copse, not cut at state'd times, shall be in comparison of other wood After their valuation, the officers of the Mu- nicipality, as soon as the mandate shall appear from the Director of the district, shall, form a list conformable to the instructions of the Direc- tor of the department, which shall be added to the mandate, and signed within fifteen days from the date of the mandate, and presented to the Directors of the district ; all which shall be regulated by the National Assembly, set forth in Art. 6. After a discussion on the event, which hap- pened at Brest, the Assembly decreed, that the President do represent to the King, that the mis- trust which the Nation conceived against Agents of the executive power, raises great obstacles on the success of the Constitution; that the King will be pleased to name a Commandant that may have the confidence of the seamen; and also that the King be petitioned, to com pleat the forces by sea and land, that are in the power of the Nation. M. ROCHEFOUCAULT informed the Assem- bly of the sale of three houses, belonging here- tofore to the Clergy, for the sum of 156,000 livres. This patriotic news was received with applause by the Assembly. COVENT- GARDEN THEATRE. The CONSCIOUS LOVERS, and the SULTAN. They who decide hastily, must of course often decide unjustly.— Of the new Actress, Mrs. Es- TEN, we have heretofore foreborne to speak generally; confining ourselves closely to the par- ticular performance wherein she exhibited her powers. We have now beheld specimens of her ability in the most various and distinct branches of the Drama.— Our opinion, therefore, may be allowed to proceed, with some degree of autho- rity. Without a shew of hesitation we pronounce, that Mrs. ESTEN must prove a most valuable acquisition to the Stage, This is not only our private sentiment, but it is nightly manifested as the judgment of the public. The Indiana, of Saturday, we know not how to commend sufficiently. She was chaste— she was dignified. There was no affected motion of the head— nO parade of feeling, as if all sorrow were WITHOUT ; but there appeared to be that WITHIN which passed SHEW. She seemed to have made the fictitious distress of the Drama altogether her own, and this she marvellously communicated to her audience. The matchless excellencies of the part were— in the scene wherein she discovers her Birth, and HIM to whom she owed it— her humiliation, and casting off the Bracelet— her exclamation— Oh ! give her to my generous Beville ! '" These were all honorably noticeable. The personification of Steele's deserted orphan was, in a Word, simply NATURAL and TOU- CHANT— it was no CHILD of ART. LEWIS'S Tom, and Mrs. MATTOCKS'S PHILLIS were unusually comic and entertaining. The scene, where the first conception of their mutual passion is described, stands far above the best word that the best- intentioned criticism could afford it. All the Dramatis Persona were ably and re- spectably sustained. INCLEDON should not be made so cheap of, as to be sent on at every occasion, merely to sing his song, and then to make his exitory bow. If the Manager does not shew a proper value for that which he possesses, he may rest assured, that aliens will not— and this performer, in the opera- tical line, stands undoubtedly without a compe- titor. THE SULTAN Mrs, ESTEN'S Roxalana proved a striking con- trast to the character she had just quitted— it was exactly every thing, what- Indiana was not. It was lively, playful, pleasant. We may ven- ture to add, that there is no one at this day ex- tant, who can occupy two such extreme bounda- ries of the stage with a talent so versatile. Her dresses were peculiarly Fanciful and ele- gant; for these DAVIS is principally to be thank- ed, afterwards her own correspondent taste. The House was full and fashionably attended. Amongst the best names, were to be found those of the Dutchess of GORDON, Lady MEXBO- ROUGH, Lady BAYHAM, Lady RIDDLE, Lady W. GORDON, Mrs. CRESPIGNY, Mrs. LUSH- INGTON, Mrs. ELLIOTT, & c. PUBLIC- OFFICE; BOW- STREET. The NATIONAL ASSEMBLY of FRANCE have offered forty ships of the line; but they do not, it seems, find one. They have, however, been forty times more liberal than Lord LONSDALE— in promises. " If BURKE publishes his book against the National Assembly," says a Democratic, " let him take care of the Lantern." " And why so ? " says another—" It may throw the best light on his subject." Captain REYNOLDS and Lieutenant Pow- LETT, both of ESSEX, raise men very fast in that county. Lincoln Theatre closes a prosperous season this week. The Chelmsford Subscription Assemblies pro- mise to be equal to those of former seasons. The Corn Buyers at Colchester have come to a resolution of not purchasing any grain after dinner ; they say it goes against the grain to quit the bottle so soon ; the markets are there- fore in future to be held in the morning. A society of gentlemen is properly formed at Foulsham, for the prosecution of horse- stealers. The number of horses stolen lately in that neighbourhood renders such an association ne- cessary. Before WM. ADDINGTON, Esq. On Saturday the notorious Thomas Tyler un- derwent his final examination. The charge then alledged against him is of a more serious tendency than any heretofore. Indeed, his usual cunning in this transaction seems to have forsaken him. The substance of the charge was, for feloni- ously publishing as true, to Mrs. MARGARET COCKBURN, an acceptance, purporting to be the acceptance of W. FIELDER, of a Bill of Ex- change of JAMES LINDSEY on Mr. W. FIEL- DER, Merchant, No. 25, Gun- street, Spital- fields, for the payment of ten pounds to J. T. PHILLIPS, Esq. or order, seventeen days after sight, dated Bristol, June the 20th, 1790, knowing the acceptance to be false, forged, and counterfeited. The prisoner was fully committed to New- gate, to take his trial— and perhaps no pri- soner ever went into a court with so many- charges against him as have appeared against this prisoner. The Lyceum and Exeter- Change, in the Strand, seem to vie with each other which shall excel in exhibiting the greatest rarities of Natu- ral History this country ever produced; in the former is that renowned animal the Rhinoceros, or real Unicorn of the ancients, and three stu- pendous Ostriches, lately arrived from Barbary, which, from their great rarity, and moderation of admittance, seem much to attract the curious in general; also the Royal Lincolnshire Ox, which is allowed by the best judge's to be the largest and fattest ever seen in this or any other country. At the Managerie over Exeter- Change is the finest collection of Birds and Beasts in all Europe considerable additions have been lately made they now amount to near 500 in number, are much frequented by the first: people in kingdom; in short, Exeter- Change is become quite a fashionable lounge for entertainment SPORTING INTELLIGENCE. NEWMARKET SECOND OCTOBER MEETING. FRIDAY, Oct. 22. Fifty Pounds for 3 year olds, 7st. 4lb. 4 year olds., 8st. 4lb. 5 year olds, 8st. 11b. 6 year olds, 9st. lb. and aged, 9st. 4lb. Two mid- dle miles of B. C. Mr. Wyndham's b. f. Gallipot, 3 years old - i Mr. Serle's bom. Tiffany, 4 yearS old - 2 Mr. Dawson's ch. b. Sulky, ditto - .- - 3 Mr. Bullock's ch. m. by Vertumnus, ditto - 4 Mr. Gelding's b. f. Bessey Brooks, .3 years old Mr. Whiteburn's b. m. Miss Blake, 4 years old Mr. Leesan's b. mi. Leapfrog, ditto Mr. Galwey's gr. h. Grey Pantaloon, ditto • Mr. turner's b. h. Sir Christopher, ditto The Judge could place only the first- four. Five to 1 against Gallipot, and 4 to 1 against Sulky. The first year of a Subscription of 20gs. each, for 3 year old colts, 8st. fillies, 7St. 12lb. B. M. The winner of the 1400gs. to carry 4lb extra. Ld. Grosvenor's AEacus . - - - I. D. of Bedford's Dragon - - - - 2 Ld. Barrymore'S Pallafox - - 3 H. R. H. the P. of Wales's Chamboe 4 Ld. Derby's Cormorant - - - dr Ten to 1 on Dragon. The first year of a Subscription of 5gs. each, for 4 year olds, 7st. 7lb. 5 year olds, 8st. 61b. 6 year olds,' 8st. 13lb and aged, 9st. 2lb H. R. H. the P. of Wales's Bubble, 6 years old D. of Bedford's Grey Diomed, 5, years old Mr. Barton's' b. h. Ruffian, 4 years old Ld. Grosvenor's b. h. Skylark, ditto- Four to 1 on Grey Diomed. EAST INDIA HOUSE.. October 15, 1790. Military Officers in the Service of the East India Company. NOTICE is hereby given to all Military Officers in the service of the " East India Company, who are in Europe in leave of absence, that they are required by the Court of Directors, Co make application forthwith for permission to re- turn to the Establishments in the East India, to which they re- spectively belong, b, y the ships of the ensuing season, and that i » failure thereof, on or before the 31st of December next, they will be considered having resigned the Company's service; and that orders will be sent to strike, their names off the List of Army accordingly. By Order of the said Court, THO. MORTON, Secretary. HORSES now on SALE, Fresh from the Breeders in the different Counties, At WRIGHTs Riding School, Gray's Inn- lane Road, UPWARDS of Forty Clever GELDINGS and MARES that are well bred, have good action, and are masters of high weights; a bay blood Stone- Horse, by Royal Slave; a brown Gelding, by Carbineer; a chesnut Gelding, by Somebody; and a grey ditto, by Greylin ; with. a number of other seasoned Hunters; they are all of good ages, warranted sound and free from vice, and reasonable trials allowed. N. B. A constant supply of fresh Horses for sale from the Breeders in the North. WANTED IMMEDIATELY, AMiddle- aged, steady Woman, as COOK; she must be thorough mistress of her business in. every respest : Also a HOUSE MAID, who can wash well, and understands the care of furniture. None need apply who have not lived a year in their last place, and can have unexceptionable characters. Inquire at No. 40, Theobald's Road, Bedford- row. SALES BY AUCTION. SALES BY AUCTION. Sweepstakes of 50gs. each, h. ft. Colts, 8st. fillies, 7st. 12lb. Two year old course, Mr. Wyndham's Pecker - H. R. H. the P. of Wales's c. by Garrick Ld. Foley's Mongrel 3 Ld. Egremont's f. sister to the Woburn stallion 4 The following paid forfeit. H. R. H. the D. of York's f. by Saltram, out of Myrtle D. of Bedford's f. by Highflyer, out of a sister to Fergus Five to 4 on Pecker, and 3 to 1 against the Prince of Wales's c. Sweepstakes of 50gs. each. Two year old course. Mr. Wyndham's Spendthrift, • x D. of Grafton's Diomed filly, - - 2 H. R. H. the P. of Wales's Adamant, 7st. 7lb. - 3 Sir w. Alton's Peggy Perkins, 1 - pd Five to 1 against Spendthrift, and 6 to' 4 on the Diomed filly. On Friday a woman named VEnTRISS, a bed maker, of Christ's College, Cambridge, was found hanging in her room ; and the same day, a servant of a farmer, near Cambridge, was found in the same situation. The Coroner's Jury sat on the bodies, and gave in their verdict Lunacy. BIRTH. In Dublin, the Lady of Garret Wall, Esq. of the Post- Office, of a son and heir. MARRIED. Saturday morning, Mr. Ellis of Broad- street, to Miss Dan- vers, of the same place. Same day, at Lambeth Church, Mr. Samuel Welch, of the Custom- house, to Miss Chapman, of Kennington- lane. Monday at Richmond, Yorkshire, Anthony Hammond, Esq. of Hutton Bonville, near Northallerton, to Miss jane Close, 2d daughter, of the late John Close, Esq. At Tuam, county of Galway, Stephen M'Donough, Esq. to Miss Bridget Noone, daughter of Mr. Bernard Noone, of that place. At Dublin, Leslie Cossy, Esq. of Clonkeen, in the coun- ty of Westmeath, to Miss Holmes, daughter of Mr. Richard Holmes, attorney. This Day is published, In Three large Volumes, Octavo, The Second Edition, greatly enlarged and corrected, Price One Guinea in Boards, MARY QUEEN of SCOTS Vindicated. By JOHN WHITAKER, B. D. And ReCtor of Ruan- Lanyhorne, Cornwall. London : Printed for J. Murray, No. 32, Fleet- street, W. Creech, P. Hill, and J. Elder, Edinburgh : Where may be had, 1. The Additions and Corrections made in the Second Edition of the above Work, by Mr. Whitaker, in one sepa- rate Volume, large OCtavo, price 7s. in boards.• 2. The History of Manchester, with plates, 2 Vol. 4to. by the same Author, price si. 16s. boards. These Volumes contain the Reman, the Roman- British, and the Saxon periods of our history. - SHAKESPERE. The following Additions to the Analysis of some of Shakespere's Remarkable Characters., Are this Day published, in Foolscap Octavo, Price Two Shillings, sewed : ESSAYS on SHAKESPERE'S Dramatic Character of FALSTAFF; and 0n his Imitation of FEMALE CHARACTERS. To which are added, Some General 6bservations on the Study of Shakespere. By Mr. RICHARDSON, Professor of Humanity in the University of Glasgow. London: Printed for J. Murray, No. 32, Fleet- street; J. Walter, Charing- Cross; J. Sewel, No. 32, Cornhill, and W. Creech, Edinburgh. Where may be had, in the same size, Essays on Macbeth, Hamlet, Jacques, Imogen, Rich- ard 111. Lear, Timon of Athens; and On the Faults of Shakespere. By the same Author, 2 Vol. 5s. sewed. Purchasers of the two first volumes are requested to complete their Sets as early as possible, for the opportunity will be lost when the Work comes to be reprinted. FEE FARM RENtS. By Mr. CHRISTIE, At his Great Room, in Pall Mall, on Thursday the 28th Instant, A- FREEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of SIX FEE FARM. RENTS, issuing and payable out of valuable Freehold Estates, in the Counties of YORK, LINCOLNSHIRE, and SUFFOLK, of the Annual Value of EIGHTY- FOUR POUNDS. Printed particulars of the above may be had of the Prin- ters of the York, Lincoln, and Bury Papers; the Rainbow Coffee House, Cornhill, and in Pall Mall. JERMYN STREET, St. jAMES's. By Mr. CHRISTIE, At his Great Room, in Pall Mall, on Thursday, the 28th Instant, at One o'Clock, ( By Order of the Trustees,) ASUBSTANTIAL LEASEHOLD HOUSE, situate No. 12, in JERMYN- STREET, St. JAMES'S, | now in the occupation of Mr. PECKHAM, On Renewing LEASE, Four Years of which are Unex- pired, at a Low Rent of THIRTY- FIVE GUINEAS. At the Expiration of said Term, the Premises will be capable of considerable Improvement; are held under the Crown, about 45 years unexpired, renewable according to the custom of Crown Leases, subject to a small Ground Rent of 1l. 19s. per annum ; . are four stories high, have two good rooms and two dressing- rooms on each floor, suitable offices, & c. May be viewed with leave of the Tenant, and printed Particulars will be forthwith ready. BERKSHIRE. ~ By Mr. CHRISTIE, At his Great Room, Pall- Mall, on Thursday, the 28th inst. at One o'Clock, ( By ORDER of the ADMINISTRATRIX,) ADESIRABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in the PARISH of INK PEND, within about Four Miles of HUNGERF. ORD, Eight of NEW- BURY, Sixty of LONDON, and Forty- five of BATH, a beautiful and Sporting part of the COUNTY of BERKS, called KIRBY HOUSE, Late the RESIDENCE and PROPERTY of JAMES KIRKBY, Esq. deceased. The Premises consist of a SPACIOUS SUBSTANTIAL MANSION, with excellent ROOMY STABLING, OF- FICES of every description ; GOOD GARDENS, walled, and planted with Choice Fruit Trees, & c- are seated in a rich PADDOCK, of about TWENTY ACRES of MEA- DOW LAND, and sundry INCLOSURES of ARABLE, MEADOW, PASTURE, and WOOD LAND, in the whole NINETY- SEVEN ACRES, Situation Dry, and perfectly Healthy, and the surrounding Country beauti- fully Picturesque, distant from the Turnpike- Road from London to Bath about Four Miles, and at a convenient distance from the Hampshire Downs, well suited to the Gentlemen fond of Field Sport. The Premises may be viewed by applying to Mr. Ring, Attorney at Law, Newbury, and of whom printed par- ticulars may be had ; also at the York House, Bath . Castle, Marlborough; Bear, Hungerford; Pelican, New- bury ; Rainbow, Cornhill; and in Pall- Mall. DIED. At her house in Park- street, Grosvenor- square, in the 80th year of her age, the Right Hon. Dowager Viscountess Wallingford, aunt to the present Earl of Banbury. On the 15th inst. after a short illness, Thomas Little, Esq. of Coventry, Banker, and one of the Receivers- Ge- neral of the county of Warwick. At Bath, aged 83, Mrs. Anne Bennet, sister of the late Philip Bennet, of Widcomb, Esq. Wednesday, the Rev. William Hayes, A. M. Minor Canon of St. Paul's Vicarage at Killingham, Essex, and Lecturer of Allhallows, Barking, London. Thurday, Miss Hall, 2d daughter of the late Richard Hall, Esq. of Hatton Garden. At Meares- court, county of Westmeath, John Mearet, Esq. At Wicklow, Mrs. Sandys, relict of the late Richard Sandys, Esq. Saturday evening, at his house at Vauxhall, Samuel Swabey, Esq. Thursday last, at Bury, county of Suffolk, Miss Amelia Schutz, 3d daughter of the late Francis Matthew Schutz, Esq. of Gillingham, Norfolk. To the Lovers of LITERATURE and the FINE ARTS. This Day are published, Printed on a fine Paper, Crown Octavo, Anti embellished with Seven beautiful Copper- plates, Engraved from Original Designs, BY SHERWIN, SHARP, and CALDWALL, Price Four Shillings and Threepence in Boards. POEMS: By Mr. GRAY To which are prefixed, An Account of the Conduct of Mr. Mason, Author of Elfrida, to the Editor; a Copy of Mr, Gray's Last Will and the Tears of Genius; a Poem to his Memory. N. B. A few Copies of this beautiful Book are printed on large paper, with the first impressions of the plates, price 7s. 6d. in boards. London : Printed for J. Murray, No. 32, Fleet- street. And at the same place may be had, 1. Cartwright's Prince of Peace, and other Poems, with a beautiful Vignette, 4 to. 2s. 6d. 2. Cartwright's Armine and Elvira, a Legendary Tale: 4to. 2S. 1.. Sonnets to Eminent Men, and an Ode to the Earl of Effingham, 4to. 1s. 4. The Injured Islanders; or, The Influence of Art,, upon the Happiness of Nature, with a beautiful Vignette. 4tc. 25. 5. Dr. Langhorne's Fables of Flora, 4to. 3s. MEETING OF CREDITORS THIS DAY AT GUILD- HALL. Meeting. Hour. John Richardson, parish of St. Ann's, Soho, merchant,. GROUND RENTS and HOUSES, Sec. By Mr. CHRISTIE, At his Great Room, Pall- Mall, on THURSDAY, Novem- ber 11, at One o'Clock, in FOUR LOTS, THE following FREEHOLD GROUND RENTS, HOUSES, & c. of the Annual Value of ONE HUNDRED and EIGHTY- EIGHT POUNDS. Lot I. A NEAT FREEHOLD GROUND RENT issuing out of a substantial roomy HOUSE, the corner of Bier- lane, in Great Tower- street, No. 37 ; and three New Built Houses adjoining on the Estate of Bier- lane, of FORTY- SIX POUNDS. Lot II. A NEAT FREEHOLD GROUND RENT, issuing out of two substantial excellent roomy Houses, situate No. 4 and in Windsor- street, Bishopsgate, of . FOURTEEN POUNDS. At the expiration of 40 years the improved Estate will be- come the property of the Purchasers or their representa- tives. Lot. III. A SPACIOUS FREEHOLD BRICK BUILT PUBLIC HOUSE,' situate the corner of St. Dunstan's- alley, and Idol- lane, Great Tower- street, known by the sign of the Crown, an established house of great trade; let on Lease at a net Rent of FIFTY POUNDS. Lot IV. FOUR NEW BUILT FREEHOLD BRICK DWELLING- HOUSES," with bow- fronted Shops, situate on the east . side of Petticoat- lane, near Widegate- street, Bishopsgate, No. 5, 6, 7, and 8, let to unexceptionable Tenants at witllt, at Rents amounting to per annum SEVENTY- EIGHT POUNDS. • Printed Particulars may be had 15 days previous to the Sale, at the Rainbow, Cornhill, and in Pall. LONDON PARTICULAR MADEIRA. By Mr. CHRISTIE, At his Great Roam, Pall Mall, on Monday 8th Nov. next, at One o'Clock, FORTY- FIVE, PIPES, of MOST EXCEL- LENT LONDON PARTICULAR MADEIRA WINE, which has been round to BAZIL. To be tasted at the Vaults three days preceding the sale, with tickets, to be had of Mr. Christie, when Catalogues may be had at the Rainbpw, Cornhill, and in Pall Mall. SHIP NEWS. Deal, October 11 . Remains his Majesty's ship Dictator, of 64 guns, Admiral Sir Richaid King ; Grenville, Dixon, for Jamaica; and Lord Rodney, Gorden, from Maryland, for Rotterdam. Wind, S. E. For GENTLSMEN going to INDIA. BOOKS printed for J. Murray, No. 32, Fleet- street, Lan don, and recommended by the Hon. the Court of Direc tors, to their Governors, Councils, a » d other Servants abroad. This Day is published, Very handsomely printed at the Clarendon Press, Oxford, In Two large Volumes in Folio, Price Ten Guineas Bound, ADICTIONARY; Persian, Arabic, and English; and English, Persian, and Arabic. By JOHN RICHARDSON, Esq. F. S. A. Of the Middle Temple, and of Wadham College, Oxford. Where may be had, 1. A Grammar of the Arabic Language, 4 » . price 13s. bound. By the same. 2. A Grammar of the Persian Language. By Mr. Jones, 4to. price 13s. bound. 3. Letters chiefly from India; containing an account of the Military Transactions on the Coast of Malabar during the late war; together . with a short description of the Reli- gion, Manners, and Customs of the Inhabitants of Indostan, By JOHN LE COUTEUR, Esq. Captain in his Majesty's Hundredth Regiment of Foot, 8vo. 6s. boards. 4. The above Book in French, price 4s. sewed. 5. A Code of Gentoe Laws; or Ordinations of the Pun- dits, from a Persian Translation ; made from the Original, written in the Shanscript Language, Svo. 7s. 6d. bound. 6. Institutes of Timour, improperly called Tamerlane, translated from the Persian, by Major Davy, and Mr. White, with notes and cuts, Persian and English, 4to. 1l. 11s. 6d.- boards. 7. Girdlestone's Essays on the Hepatitis and Spasmodic Affections In India, Svo. price 2s. S. Bontius.' Account of the Diseases which prevail in the East- Indies, 8vo. 5s. bound. 9. Dr. Lind's Essay on Diseases incident to Europeans In Hot Climates, Svo. 5s. 6d. bound. to. Dr. Blane's Observations on the Diseases incident to Seamen, just published, large 8vo. 7s. bound. 11. Campbell's Lives of the British Admirals, with plat; s, brought down to 1779. Four Vols, large Svo. price 1l. 8s; bound. 12. The English Reviews, for October 1790, and all the preceding Numbers, is. each. 13. A short Account of the Naval Actions of the last War; with Observations on the Discipline and Hints for the Improvement of the British Navy, Svo. is. < id. ESSEX. By Mr. CHRISTIE, At his Great Room, Pall Mall, on Thursday, the nth of November, at One o'Clock, ADESIRABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of the Scite of the MANOR of BELDHAM, with its RIGHTS, MEMBERS and APPURTENANCES, & c. with a GOOD HOUSE, OUTHOUSES, BARNS, ORCHARD, GARDENS, & c. by estimation about . SEVENTY ACRES of Rich Land, excepting Two Acres compact within a Ring Fence; Let on Lease to Mr. WILLIAM BAKER, but now in the occupation of Mr. GEORGE ENGLISH, for a Term of 16 Years and a Half, from October, 1778 at the Yearly Rent of SEVENTY POUNDS and upwards. The Premises are situated at Thorpe, in the County of Essex.' May ba viewed with leave of the Tenant. Printed Par- ticulars may be had. PRINCE'S PLACE, SURREY. By Mr. SMITH, At the Rainbow Coffee- house, Cornhill, on Thursday, the 4th of November, at Twelve o'Clock, ADESIRABLE LEASEHOLD ESTATE, comprising three genteel new erected BRICK DWEL- LING HOUSES, NO. 5, 6, and 10, pleasantly situate in PRINCE'S PLACE, LAMBETH, neatly finished, with Gardens; and Fore Courts to each, of the annual value of EIGHTY POUNDS, held on Lease for a Term of 63 years, at a low Ground Rent. To be viewed six days previous to the sale, when parti- culars may be had on the premises; the Horns, Kennington ; the Rainbow Coffee- house, and of Mr. Smith, Auctioneer, Gracechurch- street. LEASEHOLD, SURREY. By. Mr. SMITH, At the Rainbow Coffee- house, Cornhill, on Thursday the 4th of November, at Twelve o'Clock, ACompact Genteel LEASEHOLD VILLA, in excellent repair, with convenient Offices of every description; Stabling for four horses, Coach- house, Kit- chen- gardens well stocked and planted, Greenhouse, ex- tensive Pleasure Grounds, disposed with neat taste, Shrub-, bery, Lawn, and rich Meadow, now in the occupation of Mr. ROBERT SPENCE ; ten years of the Lease unexpired. The premises are delightfully situate near the Bridge, Battersea, with a pleasing view over the Thames, and surrounding country. The Purchaser may be accommodated with the Furni- ture, which is modern and genteel, at a fair valuation. To be viewed with Tickets six days previous to the Sale, when particulars may he had on the Premises, at the Rainbow Coffee- house ; and of Mr. Smith, Auctioneer, Gracechurch- street. To be RE- SOLD, By Mr. SMITH, At the Rainbow Coffee- house, Cornhill, on Thursday the 4th of November, at Twelve o'Clock, THE Valuable LEASE and GOOD- WILL of an Established PUBLIC- HOUSE, known by the Mansfield Arms, King- street, in the Mint, Southwark, with a Tenement adjoining, Let to Messrs. Cleaver and Squires, at Thirty- one Pounds per annum, free from Brewer or Distiller, draught between Five and Six Buts per Month, demand for Spirits, Compounds, Wine, Ale, and Amber, considerably more in proportion. Fifty- two years of the Lease unexpired at Lady- day last,- at a small Ground- rent of Four Pounds per annum. . The Purchaser to take the Goods by. appraisement, and immediate pos- session may be had, upon payment of the same. To be viewed six days previous to the Sale, and Parti- culars had on the Premises; at the Rainbow Coffee- house ; of Mr. Sherrott, No. 44, Ratcliff- highway ; and of Mr. Smith, Auctioneer, Gracechurch- street. To CARPENTERS and WHOLESALE DEALERS By Mr. SMITH, On the. Premises, No; 4, Budge- row, Cannon- street, on Thursday the 11th of November, at Eleven o'Clock, By Order of Mr. THOMAS HARTLEY, AN Assemblage of Valuable FIXTURES, comprising capital Counters, and Presses for whole- sale Goods, enclosed with upwards of Thirty- six Panneled doorS, of different, sizes;. Two large Repositories with large drawers on rollers, Counting- house Desks, the Rails' that enclose a large Counting- house, a Quantity of valua- ble Household Furniture, Pewter, and various effects. To be viewed one day preceding the Sale, when Cata- logues may be had on the Premises, and of Mr. Smith, Auctioneer, Gracechurch- street-. - FREEHOLD, in MIDDLESEX " To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, By Mr. SMITH, ADESIRABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, eligibly situate in the preferable part of Old Fish- street; consisting of a substantial, commodious BRICK DWELLING HOUSE, Counting- house, - and four strong compact Warehouses, with a large dry Wine Vault, Coach- house, and Stabling for four Horses; The premises are near the Thames, convenient for ship, ping, and fit for the reception of a respeCtable merchant One half of the purchase money may remain on Mortgage To be viewed on Wednesdays Only, between the hours of Eleven and One, with Tickets, which, with Particulars may be had of Mr. Smith, Auctioneer, Gracechurch- street. By Messrs. ARM1TAGE and BALL, THIS and following Days, at- Twelve o'CJock, THE GENTEEL HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE. Linen, China, a few choice Prints, a fine toned Harpsichord and Piano Forte, a Mahogany Sideboard Table with Cellerets, a. set of Mahogany Dining Tables to join, an elegant Drawing- room Suit of rich Damask, an Eight Day Clock, a capital Gold Watch, a Shooting Poney, Whiskey, and Town Chariot, a Drawing- room Princes' Metal Stove, and Fire Irons, and a variety of valuable Fur- niture, of Sig. BAPTISMO MAXIMILIAN DORIANO, Retiring to his native country; removed from, his country Seat, near Twickenham, to No. 1, Suffolk- street, Mid- dlesex Hospital. The Furniture comprises lofty Post and Field Bedsteads- Chintz Cotton Furnitures, with deep drapery valens, fine GOoSe and Down Beds, Bedding, Mahogany Secretaire and Book- cases; Chest of Drawers, Dining, Card and Pem- broke- Tables, a large Wilton Carpet, 15 by 12, ' Wilton and Scotch Carpets, large Pier Glasses and Girandoles, and sundry Kitchen requisites. To be viewed till the Sale, when Catalogues may he had at place of sale, and at Mr. Ball's, No. Russell- court Covent Garden. N. B. The Lease of the Country House will be sold in a few days, of which timely notice will be given. TO BE SOLD, Pursuant to a Decree and subsequent Order of the High Court of Chancery, before JOHN EAMES, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court, at his chambers in Sy- monds- lnn, Chancery- lane, London, Some time in the month of December next, in five distinct Lots . PART of the FREEHOLD ESTATES, of GILES STRANGWAYS, Esq. deceased, situate at- Weston Zoyland, in , the County of Somerset and in the Parishes of Shalford, Godalming, Bramley, Thorncombe Street, and Dunsfold; or some or one of them, in the County of Surrey, and the two several Manors of Mark- Wicke and Monkton Hook, in the said County of. Surrey Printed particulars whereof may be had of Mess. Jenkins, James and Abbott, New- Inn, London, Where a Plan may be seen of the Surrey Estate; Mr, Carey Bayley, of New- Inn, aforesaid; Messrs. Pickstone and Hockley, of Guild- ford, Surrey; Mr. Boyce, Bridgewater, Somerset, and of Mr. James Weeks, Corn- street, Bristol. HAMPSTEAD. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, By Messrs. SPURRIER and PHIPPS, And immediate possession given, AN Elegant VILLA, with beautiful Pleasure- Ground, and suitable Offices of every description, upon which several Thousand Pounds have been recently expended, situated upon an eminence near the CHURCH, at HAMPSTEAD, in the occupation of ROBERT SMITH, Esq. The Premises are remarkably well supplied with water.. For further particulars apply to Messrs, Spurrier and Phipps, Copthall- court, Throgmorton- street. ARMY, TO be Sold, an Ensigncy and a Lieutenantcy of an Independant Company; if preferred, the parties may raise their quota of men. A Cornetcy of Dragoons— and one in the Life Guards— An Ensign on full- pay, to exchange to half- pay, without difference. Apply to Mr. Whiting, at the Salopian Coffee- house, Charing- Cross. RICHARD CARTER, Manufacturer of all sorts of Hosiery, No. 185, near Arundel- street, Strand, begs leave to recommend his Elastic Silk Pieces for Breeches, which are wove upon an entire new princi- ple ; they are much stronger and more elegant than any thing hitherto made on a Stocking- frame, and are ap- proved and wore by the first Nobility. Also Elastic Pieces made of real Nankeen Cotton, without any dye, warranted not to change colour in washing ; and Worsted Pieces of all colours, particularly Six- thread Pieces lot Riding. , N. B. Fine Elastic White Cotton very much approved for Drawers, Under Waistcoats, and Linings. To be LET, FURNISHED, ASmall HOUSE, consisting of Two Rooms on each Floor, and a small Garden in front, situate in Winchester- row, Inquire. of A. B. at Mr. Kerby's, Stationer, No. 190, Oxford- street. COALS. The best Newcastle Coal: from 36s. to 38s.' per Chaldron and the best Hambro Wax Candles at 28s. per doz. TIPPER and Co. No. 24, Charles- street, Middlesex Hospital, the first that reduced the prices of the above articles, most respeafully inform the Nobi- lity, Gentry, and Public in general, that they have landed a quantity of the very, best Newcastle Coals, which they deliver to any part of the town, 13 sacks or 39 bushels, measured under the inspection of sworn meters, at the above reduced- prices, and sent in the country at one shil- ling per mile extra; country carts loaded at the wharf from 37s. to 39s. par chaldron. Also some very fine Hambro Wax Candles 28s. per dozen, warranted to burn without guttering or snuffing ; likewise some beautiful transparent Hull Spermaceti Candles at 23s. per dozen. Orders per post, or otherwise, punctually executed. N. B. No less quantity than six pound of Candles sold, which if not approved of, the money returned. London: Printed by R. BOSTOCK and Sold at No. 335, Stand, opposite Somerset- House:- where Advertisements, Orders for the Paper, Letters, & c. to the Conductor, will be received.
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