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Lincoln, Rutland, and Stamford Mercury


Printer / Publisher: C. Peat, and R. Newcomb 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3046
No Pages: 4
Lincoln, Rutland, and Stamford Mercury page 1
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Lincoln, Rutland, and Stamford Mercury
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Lincoln, Rutland, and Stamford Mercury

Storming of the Bastille
Date of Article: 24/07/1789
Printer / Publisher: C. Peat, and R. Newcomb 
Address: High-street, Stamford
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3046
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
Additional information:
Extract from storming the Bastille (Page 2)

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t f r . k NCOLN, P r i n t e d by And f o r C. P E A T a n d R . N E W C O M R , 4 t h e H i G r i - S f R f i f e f , S T A M F O R D . V O L U M E L V I I I. F R I D A Y , J U L ? 24, 1 7 8 9. NUMBER 3046. 1 fi - IjMwiiii S a t u r d a y a n d S u n d a y ' s P o l t s. Front the LONDON GAZETTE. _ Whitehall, July 17. C i H E King has been pleafed to grant to Sir Sampfon Gideon, Bart, and his iffue, his Royal Licence and authority to affume rfnd take the furname and bear the arms of Eardley only. Whitehall, July 18. The King has been pleafed to confer on Morton Eden, Efq. his Majefty's Envoy Extraordinary to the court of Drefden, the additional ch, trafter of his " Majefty's Minifter Plenipotentiary at that court. The King has been pleafed to appoint Charles Henry • Frafer, Efq. to be his Majefty's Secretary of Embaffy at the court of Madrid, and alfo to confer on him the character of Miniiter Plenipotentiary at that court during the abfcnce of his Majelly's Ambaffador. T h e King has alfo been pleafed to appoint Alexander Straton, Efq. to be his majefty's Secretary of Legation at the court of Vienna. " William Lindfay, Efq. to be his Majefty's Secretary of Legation at the court of Peter ( burgh; and Francis James Jackfon, Efq. to be his Majefty's Secretary of Legation at the court of Berlin. Dublin Cajlle, July 6. Letters patent have been paffed under the great feal of this kingdom, containing . a grant unto the Right Hon. John Fitzgibbon, Chancellot Of his Majeity's kingdom of Ireland, and the heirs male bf his body, of the dignity of a Baron, by the name, ilile and title of baron fc'itzgibbon, of Lower Connello, in the county of Limerick. L O N D O N . H O U S E of P E E Tkttrfda. y, July ,6. R S. Another Demmjlratlon of that peculiar Efficacy which is daily evidenced by refpeBdble CfiaraBers concerning thofe invaluable Mr. 1' ltimer fuggefled, with regard to importation, that we eught y to be allowed to import com not only in flour ( which was at preteht | permitted) but alfo in its manufactured ftate. _ ^ I rfnltjcerbutic Drops, prepared by Mr. Spifbury, Chymijl, at ' beam I kis Difpenfary, Soho Square, London, ir. fliiuted 1773- erfons THE Wife of Mr. Golden Wallace, of Bumham, ip The fiat dntl cctton bill, the legacy tax bill, the American inter, tourfebill, and fonit others, were reported by Lord Bathurlt. When they had patted, a nielTage was fcut to the Commons, that they had been agreed to without any amendments. The queltion was then put, that they Ihould be read a third time, which was immediately done.— Adjourned. H O U S E of C O M M O N S . Thitrfday, July 16. The Weftminfter annuity bill, the cocket and bond bill, and the bill for appointing commifiioners to inquire into the emoluments of the tuftom- lloufe officers, were read a third time and paffed Th* bill for enabling the Eaft India company to borrow a million ( tertyng for the purpufes of their . trade, v,- as brBught i: i by Mr. Duildas, and read a lirft tune. Mr. Grenville preffcnted a bill for regulating the importation and exportation of coin ; which was read a firft time. Mr. Rofe moved the following relblution* vie. that the fame drawb a c k be allowed On all tea exported lo Africa that is now allowed oil tea exported to his Majeftles colonies ill North America. This refoiution Was affented to, and added by way of rider to the Vitl lately brought in for allowing a fimilar drawback on tea exported to Jerfey, Caernfey, and Gibraltar. THi « bitt, thus augmented, was read » third time; and received the fin It atfent Of the Hmife. Mr. Rofe informed the Houfe that there Were fome American toy* alifts who had been prevented from making out their claims by the time of the lift fettlement, fo that they had not been indu- led in the compcnfation then ordered to be given. He would therefore move that leave be grafted to bring in a bill for appointing commillionerS to enquire into further claims of Ajncrican loyalifts. This motion was agreed to.— Adjourned. Friday, July I j. Tht Houfe refolvcd itfelf into a committee of fupply, and voted 30,31* 1. towards the charges of Mr. Haftings'j trial. Major Scott rofe, andobferved that the explanation given yefter. day by an Hon. Baronet ( Sir Gilbert Elliot) had fo fatisfied his mind, that he ( hould decline riioving for the particulars of the account. He now found that a corifiderable part of the fum now voted belonged to the charge of the laft year, whereas he had before thought that it was wholly confined to the prefent year ; in which cafe, the expences of the trial for this year Wbuld have been much greater, yvith far lefs bufinefs, than in the preeceding year. Mr. Rofe called the attention of the Houfe to that claufc in the tobacco bill, which orders 6d. per week to be charged for every hoglhead of tobacco kept above lS months in the royal waietioufes. If the Houfe Ihould be inclined to contider this as a tax, it was requifite that it Ihould pafs through a previous committee before it was attached to the bill. Sir Grey Cooper was doubtful whether it ought to be confijered as an abfolute tax, or as an optional penalty. A committee was formed, Mr. Gilbert in the chair. A refolution to the purport of the claufe above- mentioned was now moved, and agreed to. This refolution was added to the tobacco bill by way of rider ; and the queftion was put, that this bill do pafs. Mr. Alderman Watl'on oppofed the palling of a bill of fo pernicious and oppreflive a nature. He read a paper ligned by fome tobacco manufacturers, expreiTive of their diffatisfaEtion at feveral daufes of the bill, notwithftanding the alterations which had been made in it for the relief of the trade. It was his opinion, that it would greatly lurrrafs the tobacco dealers, without being of fuch benefit to the revenue as to make any fort of compeufation for the injury it would occafion to the trade. Sir Grey Cooper faid the excifc laws here were utterly inapplicable to the complex manufacture of tobacco. This was not a turnpike at which the toll could eafily be taken. He had converted with fome mauufatturers of knowledge and integrity, from whom, as well as from his own reflections, he had derive! an averlion to this bill. > The late tail of Chatham hid once, while a Member of this Iloufe, exprefiVd himfelf decidedly hoftile to the laws of excife, as inconfiftent with the freedom of our conftitu, tion. Mr. Pclham had conceived the defign of fubjefling tobace » , lq_ th£ S fyftem of revenife- ColleCtion ; but on eonfultiirg the itianfufturers, he had been induced to defift from his intention, from the confideration of the probability that fuch a mcafure would not increafe the revenue. He hoped the Houfe Would reflect on this circumftance ; for if the prefent bill fhould not ( and he really thought it would not) augment the revenue, all the feverilies and oppreffion contained in the claufes would be exercifed to no clFeit; and nothing could jultify a bill of this kind but much ftroiige. r proofs of the neceflity of it than now exifted, and much more probable grounds for fuppofing that the fcheme would benefit the revenue. On this ground, he Ihould certainly withhold his affent from the bilL The Marquis of Graham propofed a claufe to be added to the bill which, he faid,. would operate as fome relief to the trade. This was to allow the manufacturers toftove their tobacco or fuvff at the mill!. The Houfe waited fome time for this clatife, which was at length brought in by Mr. Rofe, and added hy way of rider to the bill. Sir James Johnftone and Sir Watkin Lewes faid a few words in eppofition to the bill. It was then patfed, ami orterid to be carried to the Lords by Mr. Kefc. Mr. Bnrgeft moved, that the Sheriffs of the different counties be ordered to prepare, by ihe next feffion, particular accounts of the volts ufu* 1ly charged in the county- courts. Thii motion, he faid, wis preparatory to his bringing forward in the following year, a proportion for reforming the abufes too prevalent iil thofe courts. The motion was put, and agreed to. The bill for regulating the importation and exportation of corn was read a fecond time, and committed for Monday. In anfwer to a qileltion from Sir fames'Johnftonc, Mr. Crenvillt replied, that this bill had been altered from the lait aft on the fame I fnbjettj but not in a - material degree. One alteration was, to all » w the exportation of corn from'the Wed ImtieV for a limited'time, to the province of Quebec, as weil as to the bay of Honduras. By this bill likewife, the exporia ion of corn from Great- Britain waS lo be prohibited till the 29th of September. Mr. Gafcoyne obferved, that flour made from ptafe and might now be exported by law. This being the cafe, many perfons would pack up wheat flour, and thus elude the law that prohibits the exportation of wheat flour. He hoped this would be noticed in the committee on the bill. This conversion terminated with ttft eider for committing the bill, 011 Monday next. The amendments made in the revolution Sill by the cMRmittet were read ; and it was further amended by directing tint the clergy ( liould be obliged, on the anniverfary appointed by this bill, ta ufe fet forms of prayer appropriated for the oocafioii, a ad authorifed by his Majefty in council.— Adjourned till Monday. There is a report that a new magnificent edifice is to be built for the houfes of Lords and Commons, and the courts of juftice now held in Weftminfter- Hall. The prefent buildings, on a furvey, appear not to promife further continuance equal to the time already elapfed ftnee their ereftion. In the laft of the public accounts lately delivered into parliament, the pod- office appears to havea progreffional enervate of income each year under the prefent plan , it was zo. oool. more in the year 1788 than it was in 1787, and z6, oool. in 1789 more than 1788. The prefent eXpences are 186,6651. JS. 8Jd. for manage' meut, and 45,654!. 19I. tod. for pacquet boats; making in the whole 232,3101. is. 6di The waters of Bath have almoft entirely reftored the health and fpirits of the Marquis of Buckingham, who, after a fhort vifit paid to Stowe, will immediately return to Dublin. ' Mr. Neckar has publifhed an exculpation of his conduCI, relative to the precautions he ufed to prevent the prefent fcarcity of corp. A fire has lately happened in the town of Seneftere, in the province of Auvergne, by which the whole place, excepting 12 houfes, has been burnt to the ground, and a prodigious number of the inhabitants deftroyed. The proprietors of the ftlver mine lately difcovered in the province of Maffachufetts- Bay, in North- America, have petitioned the executive government to grant leave to one of the convifts at Caftle William, who is acquainted with mineralogy, to affift in refining* and extracting the filver from the ofe. A fpecimen of the virgin filver, the produCt of the mine which this mineralift refined in the caftle, in prefence of the commiffary. general, and fome other perfons, was exhibited to the council. It is faid, that one hundred weight of the crude ore, will produce fixteen ounces of pure filver. Wednefday was tried at Weftminfter an aCtion brought by a trftdefman againft: a Lady for goods fold to one Churchill, on her recommendation.— This Churchill is a foil of the Poet, but does not inherit his father's deteftation of the vices and follies of the times; being, as it was proved, of a character notOrioufly infamous. It not appearing, however, that the defendant knew this, each" party withdrew a juror, by which they pay their own cofts. A gentleman in Dublin, who has been rendered remarkable by the eccentricity of his wagers, within thefe few days won two thoufand pounds by leaping f t om the window of a fecond floor on the toof of a hackney coach. By this hazardous entferprize ( which might have proved a very fatal one) both his ankles were fprained: Happily, no other injury was received. 1 Friday fe'nnight as Mr. Deakin, filverfmith and auctioneer, of Halftead, was returning from Hedingham ir. his cart, the horfe took fright by a dog jumping over a hedge, and ran away; when the cart was overturned) whereby his neck was diflocated, and he died inftantly. Happily a child that was with him did not receive the leaft injury. Thurfday night, about feveil o'clock, a fhocking murder was committed on the body of Mi. Wiikinfon, a young man who kept a broker's fhop in Ratelift- Highway, and was a runner at Juftlee Smith's office; he was in the King's Arms public- hotife, where a coal- heaver was in cuftody upon a warrant, and behaving himfeif very riotoufly, the officer infilled upSn locking him up in a back place, when the coal- heaver pulled a knife out of his pocket, and fwrtre he would run it into fhe firft man's body that offered to moleft him. The officers, however, were proceeding to conduCt him to this place of confinement, when he fuddenly turned round ( and plunged his knife into the body of the deceafed, who expired in about half an hour. Mr. Angus M'Donald, Mr. Hayman's Agent at Glafgow, lome time fince informed him, that the following peifon had begun a courfe of his Maredant's Drops; and, that if it was poffib'e to eradicate fo deplorable a dilorder, it could ft'ot fail adding greatly to the fame of that Medicine, notwithflanding it's almofl univetfal celebrity. C A S E AND C U R E . " T o MR. H A Y M A N , P R O P R I E T O R o r MARF-- D A N T ' s D R O P S , G O L D E N - S S U A B E , LONDON. " SIR, " It is now 18 years lince T was firO afllifted with the Scurvy in my right leg, for which in 1773 I was t6 weeks in the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh;— when, nothing benefited, I gave up the ufe of Medicine for fome years; hut my diforder increaiing to 16 running fores, I had again recourfe to the Faculty; and about five years paft, they all dried up, except one in the infide of my leg, but which afllifled me more than all the others, being funk fo deep in the flefh, as nearly to lay the boue bare; attended with a loathfomejand profufe running, fo virulent as to exceed del'cription, and fo painful, that during this long period, I fcarce ever knew a found fleep; my finews were alfo contracted, and prevented my walking without a flick. " Now, Sir, fiom my great defire of rendering benefit to " others, 1 wifh you to publifh/ that I made trial of your excellent Maredant's Drops in April lad, feeing your frequent cures in the news- papers; and proceeding through a regular courfe, by the bleffing of God, am recovered, to tbe amazement of all who know me; — in confirmation of which, you herewith have alfo the certificate of our Miniftei. " I am, Sir, ' " Your mod humble fen- ant, Eflex, who had long been afflifled with ulcerated Sores on both her Legs, is cured by taking Seven Five Shilling Bottles of Mr. S f i t s a o R Y ' t D k o t s . , Witnefs Mr. W I L L I AM W k l T A K E R , Bookteller, in Burnhart, Eflex. March 12, 1789. N. B. Mr. Spilfbury'i Drops are vended in Bottles of 5s. -, M4 . LL. ES. Alfo his Treatil'e on the Scurvy, Gout, Diet, * cc. Fourth Edition, Price ss. with a Hundred Cures relative 10 thofe Diforders, as the RH EUMAT ISM, and other irritating painful Maladies, arifing frorii Imparities of the Blood, Indigeflion, & c. & cc. To be had of Mr. NEWCOMB, Sumford, and of the Venders of Medicine in Great Britain and Ireland. 6th July, T E D . .789- M O N f e Y W AN AN Y Perfon willing. to fink 400L for an Annuity for Life, to lie focured on Bond from the Warden and Corporation of Louth, and to be regularly paid Half, yearly as it becomes liue, i. i defired to fend Propofals, with the Name and Age of the Peifon advancing the Money, to Mr. THOMAS PHILLIPS, Town- Clerk of Louth, who is authorized to treat for the fame. New B O A R D I N G - S C H O O L for Y O U N G LADIES At DONCASTER. • \ y f RS. G R E E N returns her grateful t h a n k s to all i- VA her Friends who have been fo obliging as to favour her with the I re ji their Children; and takes this Method of informing them, and the Public, that ( lie is removed to the HALL. CROSS HOUSE, in DONCASTERS which it fitted tip in an elegant Mawier for the Reception of young Ladies. Parents and Guirdians favouring her with the Care of their Children, may be allured of her utmolt Exertions for their Improvement, and the greatell Attention paid to their Health, Morals, & c. LINCOLNSHIRE,> T\ TOTICE is hereby given, That KBSTEVEN. S l y the MIDSUMMER GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS of the PEACE for the Parts of KESTEVEN, in the County o/ LtNCOLN, are adjourned to the Greyhound Inn, in Folkingham, in the faid Parts and Count j , to Tuefday tht Fourth Day of AuguJi next, at Eleven 0' Cleci in the Forenoon, to be then and there held for the Pur. pole of receiving Propofals, and to contrail. for the ereBing and making the feveral new Buildings, Alterations, and Additions propofed to. be built and made in ar. d about the Hcufe of CorrcClion at Folkingham aforefaid, agreeable to the Plan deliver,- d at the General Quarter Sejions held at Bourn on tht Fifteenth Infant. B. CHE ALES, Deputy Clerk of the Peate. Soth July, 1789. pTo" r I C E is hereby given, crttAT a MEETING of the PROPRIETORS of LANDS M in the NORTH I TV El. and PORTSAND, and of the COMMITTEE of COMMISSIONERS for the faid NORTH LEVEL and PORTSAND, will be held at the Role and Crown Inn, in W1S4ECH SAINT PETERS, in the Ifieof Ely, and County of Cambridge, on Wednefday the Fifth Day of AuguJi next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, to take into Confderation the State of the Revenues of the North Level, Part of the Great Level of the Fens called Bedford Levrf the Debt owing on thofe Revenues, the Meaw for dif. fuch Debt, and. for providing a fu j] ic> ent Fund for the future Support of the outward Banks and IVorks which preferve the faid Level, and the Report of the North Level Committee of the 14th of May lajl relative to the fame; when and where all Perfons interejled therein are defired to attend by themfelves or Agents. I WING. J O H N GIRDLESTONE. DANIEL SWIFT. July 13th, 1789. __ Vv'M. HEMMENT. W I N E L I C I N T E I Stamp- Office, Somerlet- Place, London, July 13, 1789. T- JIS MajeJly's Commi/ Jtoners for managing the Stamp- Duties J- 1 do hereby give Notice, that there is daily Attendance at this Office ( Holidays excepted) from Half an Hour after Eight o'Clock in the Morning till One in the Afternoon, for granting Wine Licences: And whereas the faid Commiffioners have received Information that divers Perfons fell Wine by Retail without Licence, contrary to Law, further Notice is hereby f iveti, that unlefs they do forthwith take out Licences thty will e pfofecuted as the Att of Parliament direCls. By Order of the Commifjioncrs, JOHN BKETTELL, Secretary. Note, Every tPerfon felling Air. and Spirituous Liquors is to produce thofe Licences when he appliesfor his Wine Licence. W R I G H T ' S OLD STATE- LOTTERY OFFICE, Charing. Crafi. ALL SHARES of P R I Z E S fold at this Q f t i c t in the laft ST ATE- LOTT E R Y, are now paying off in FT'I. L, N. IF. TICKETS and SCARES in the prefent IRISH LOTt t i i v are now felling 011 the loweft Terms. V N I S O N. PARK, FOREST, AND C H A C E DEER. X X T R I G H T ' a V E N I S O N W A R E H O U S E , CHAVV RTNG- CROSS, which has been cltabliflied in this Branch of Bufinefs for near Thirty Years ; during which l ime Opportunity has offered for the Selection of the choicelt VEN'l. SON, highly approved of by Gentlemen of diftingifithed Palates for it's Richntfs of Flavor. It wilt be fent ( warranted fweet ar. d r. e'l) to die moft diftant Parts of the Kingdom, and ' 011 prepe: Norice) ; o f'. in* or Edinburgh— Genjtlemen are defirea to be particular in their Orders, by Letter, direfled as ABOVE, or to the Printers of this Paper, refpefling the Day when wanted for urefiing, where all dus Alien.- tioa Will be paid in Order to comoleat their Withes. I f . B. LIVE DEER Bought and Sold. N O T I C E T < T CTR Y ~ 0 I T O R $. ALL Perfons who have anv Claim or Demand upon the Eftateand Effefts of JOHN BROTHERTGN, late- of Alg. ukuke, in the County of Lincoln, Grazier; deceafed, ate defired to fend an Account theieof to Mr. SAMOEI, TUNNARD, Attorney at Law, in Bofton, in the fame County, on or before the Firlt Day of Auguft next, preparatory to a Dividend being made c£ the Monies anting from the Sale of the real and perfeal ElHteS under the Will of the faid JOHN FSOTRERTON. And all Pcrfons neglefling to fend in their Accounts by the Time aforefaid, will be excluded the Benefit of fuch Dividend. E S E R T E D , fiom a - Recruiting Party of hi* Majefty's 53d; or Shropihire Regiment of Foot, now lyh j at Stamford, W i l l i A M f R Y, E R, Tiventy- five Years of Age, Five Feet Eight Inches h. i- h, Brown Complexion, dark Brown Hair, Grey Eyes, by Trade a Crbourer, and born atSeaton, in Rutland. Whoever will deliver up the- faid WILLIAM FRYER to Sereant SUTTON, of the jjd Regiment at Stamford, ( half rec- iyr _ TWENTY SHILLINGS, over and a'ocve the Reward allowed by ' A£ t of Parliament. N. 8. Any One who brings a proper Recruit, fhall rece: v » HALF- A- GUINEA for his Trouble. Original Cheap Tea IVareho". ' tU The Grafshepper, tit>. 9, Bifhopfgate- Street, oppoiSie the . I.- n-' oa Tavern, by Cornhill; No. 42, Cheapfide, oppop. te < VooJ- Sfreet, London; and No. 12, Rampant- Horfe- Street, near the Market City of Norwich. EDWARD EAGLETON and Co. fin, r , r r e ?% Money, on or bsfer< delivery, 01 good Bills at fliort Dates, inclofed with Orders, " Klrkholm, siear Stranrauer, ^ fi„ f " WM. M'CUBBIN.', Galaway, 13th April, 1789. > C E R T I F I C A T E . « ' I do hereby certify, that I have been intimately acquainted with Wm. M'Cubbin, mentioned above, for many years; that I am perfeftly fenfible of the truth of the account he gives of hisdiforder, and of his recovery, by the bleffing of God, upon the Medicine tntntioned, and can freely attcft the fatne, as I now do. " JAMES M'CULLOCH, Minifter of Kiikholm." Ptirchafers of thefe Drops, which are retailed in bottles of JJ. 6d. each, bv the general venders of Medicine, and forwarded to them from the original Houfe, No. j i , in Golden- Squatt. will obfefte, that the words, " J . HAYMAP, GOI. DEN- SQVA. RE," ARE esgrave4in th'd SlJttip. BI. ACK TEAS, f er lb. s. d. | Com. Bohea Tea is. 9d. to 1 t o] Congou Leaf — 20 Good Common Congou 3 S Very good Congou, or Souchong « -- 48 Fine Ditto — 58 Very fine Ditto — 6 8 Belt imported Souchong 7 8 Superfine Padra Ditto and Pekoe . — 8 8 Cutious Caper Ditto 9 8 GREfeN TEAS. Com. Green Singlo 3:. ' z 3 a Good curled and fpeckled X 9 4 « 5 8 6 7 — 8 Leaf, or Bloom Very fine Ditto Good plain Green Hyfon Very good Ditto Fine Ditto Very fine Ditto — 8 8 BelV imported Ditto 5 8 Superfine Gunpowder afid Cowllip Ditto — It 8 OuchainNTea, frnaller than Gunpowder — 8 8 In SPICES, & c. & c. as under ( to Families) 100I. per Cent. ftr lb. OX. Beft Scotch Barley per lb. a COFFFSS, f t r t i . i. Good nafted Weft India i. Fiije Ditto and 3 Beit Bourbon Ditto a. BJft genuine Turkey or Mocoa Ditto .. 5 IW Patent Cocoa, Shells, & c. at the loweft Prices. CHOCOLATES. Good plain Chocolate 3s. to 3 Beft Ditto — rineft Vanilla, Sir Hans Sloan's Milk, :.,-.! Churchman's Patent Chocolates, each 4 4 o . REFINED SUGARS. Lumo c- gar, — 7d. to Good Ditto, or Single Loaves — 7jd. to r | Fine Ditto — fid. to Fine Powder Ditto to i i£ Fine. Double Ditto lod. to i pj Fineft Treble Ditto lid. t o n* Saving of aol.' to 9s- ' 9 34 8d. o 7* i jd O 2; d p 2S 3d per lb, o 10 I Royal- Exchange Afl'urance, R. NEWCOMB, Agent for Stamford, and its vicinity ; Alfo for The County of Rutland. ( Eflablifhed by Royal Charter in the Reign of King Georg, the Firfl) ° 0 For Affuring lionfet, Buildings, Goods, Corn, Hay, and alfo for the Affnrance of Lives. ej- HF. CORPORATION of the ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE, have appointed the following Perfons to be their AGENTS for the fevcral Places hereafter - mentioned. Mr. J O H N WILBAR, BARTON, Meffrs. J O H N and W I L L I AM 1 „ P A R K E R M A R T I N D A L E , J " 0 A l S s B 0 ! t 0 U G H ' M r . J A M E S C A T L E T T , GRANTHAM, M r . J O H N H A L L , LINCOLN, M r . O W E N S C O T N E Y , SPALDING, M r . R I C H A R D N E W C O M B , S T A M F O R D, ' M r . J . H U D D I . E S T O N E , NEWARK, M r . J A M E S T A Y L O R , EAST- RET FORD, M r . A B R A H A M H A R D Y , W I S B E C H, M r . J O H N G A M B L E , LYNN, M r . J O H N W R A Y , HULL. Perfons Affured by this CORPORATION, do not depend upon an Uncertain Fund or Contribution, nor are they FubjeH to any Covenants or Calls to. make good Loffes which may happen ro Themfelves or Others; the Capital Stock of this CORPOR- ATI6 N being. ait unqueftionable Security to the Afureds, in Cafe of Lofs or Damage by Tire. And in Cafe of ' ute, the Affureds have a more ready and effeBual Method. •— Pearl Ditto — Jordan A'moodS Bitter Ditto Salt Petre, India Salt Prunella Fineft D u r h am Muftatd V e r m i c e l l i —-— Maccnroni Truffles _ j Moreils — 1 Superfine Indigo, or Stone Blue —. — — — Smalts, ot Powder Blue — Poland 4 6 6 Fineft Cloves Cinnamon Nutmegs Mace Ginger Allfpice —- Black Pepper India White Cam way Seeds Coriander Ditto Sagoe — Millet — Spanifh Juice Rice, 26s. per Cwt. or 3d. per lb. ' Ground Ditto, 309. or 3| d. Ditto. • N. B. All the above Prices are tlie Market. Comm'fTions for all Articles u'ed in Families, executed and procured ( Of the beft) in every Branch, and under the ulual Charges. ' — In Wholefale Quantities, Dealers who will be content with a' fmall Profit, are enabled to fell on the fame eligible I'eruis. - Orders for Town or Country, Wholefale or Retail, per Penny Poft, General Poft, or Carrier, fent to any Place, inn, Wharf, & c. in London or Norwich. ( by the 1' apef) Beft C o m m o n Ditto Starch, 7 i - t> i fubjeCt to the Rife and Fall qi bt oj Recovery than can be had agdifJl any Societies who do not a£ l under a COMMON SEAL. *** This CORPORATION will, in Cafes of Fire, allow all reafonable Charges attending the Removal of Goods, and pay the Sufferer's Lofs,, whether the Goods are defrayed, loft, < Sr damaged_ by fuch Removal. And as an Encouragement to Perfons Ajuring, all Cities and great Towns may receive AffiK ance for pmhafwg Engines and proper Implements, to prevent the Progrefs of Fires, in Proportion to the Number of A durances made HPfrch Places. M N. B, All Payments for Liffes or Damages by Fjre, ai- e made . by this Corporation without Dtduhicn. Printed FropofUs may bt hid by applying to the faid Agents; By His Majeftv's Roval Letrtrs Paicnt L E A K E ' s ' G e n u i n e Pills, So Juftiy Famous for their fuperior Efficacy in curing every Degree and Symptom of the Vcnere. il Difeafe, the Scurvy,' & c. Without Confinement or Reftraint of Diet, in an eafy, expeditious, fafe, and fecret Manner. One fmall taftelefs Pill is a Dole, its . Operation imperceptible, and requiring no particular Attention. T N fifteen days if generally cures thofe cruel diforders;' • L and where it fails in that time of ptrfeCtly reftoi ing be. iHh, the patient has the happy a. Turance that. he V fhe is at the eve' of being fa reftored, let the degree of malignancy t e ever to gre^ t. It is an excellency peculiar to thefe Pills, to make tiiretlly to the copiplaining part, and enter into conteft with thS offending matter,' which they fuildenly difloJge and expel. They are declared by experience to be a preferverof health, as well as a rcftorer, by takin" only eight fingle PILLS fpringand fall in every year : In Ihort, the patentee has this extraordinary obligation to the*, that whateverlie prcmifed himfelf from them, they were fine to fulfil and exceed, as tho' impatient of immortal and univerfal fame. . Thefe Pills tire molt worthy a place in the cabinets of mafters and ciptains of Ihips; the more fo, for that they will keep good in all clitlates any length time, and that they have now borne the teft dfntvar fixty years with encreafing credit to themfelves, and honor : f> their author, ihfomuch that during the laft eight years, tliey h^^ riswUicured Upwards of forty thoufand perfons ( as may be papers) many of whom had been difcharged ' falivation had been frequently repeated, and ufe of withoCtt e| FeCl. Prepared and fold f< y, the fole proprietc member of the corporation of furgeons, Lor 9, New Biidge- ftreet, in boxes of oilly 2s, gd Alfo by his appointment, they are fold, ( whereby patients of. either fex may judge cure), by Mr. NF. w C O M B , - bookfeller, Stimford; Mr. Brooke, printer, in Line- Huntingdon; Mifs Whale. y, Mr. Quanborou! Grantham; Mr. Prefton, and Mrs. CVoiley, Louth.; Meltrs. Allinand Ridge, Newark M Mil's VVorley, Alford; Mr. Taylor, Retford ; Mr ' 1 Pefborough; by one perfon in ev- rv confident town SrgUnd, and may bt had of the ntwfir. tn. l u e . c i a v a n a W e d n e s d a y ' s F o i l s. Frm tie L O N D O N G A Z E T T E . - , Vitam, Jufy.%, Somt f y m p t o w j o f amendment have appeared in the Emperor's health. His Imperial Majefty is n o t yet entirely free from fever, which has intermitted, and from - the obfervation of the laft fix weeks, it has been found tq return regularly every eighth day, and to Continue - tor about thirty- fix hoars. He has however refumedhis walks in the gardens ; tt Laxeinbourgj and paffes a great part i f the day in the open air. Paris, July 17. On Sunday laft, on receiving the t e w s of the dif. niflion of M. Necker, and a body of troops entering this city, the populace began to atm thertfelves, and were immediately joined by the French jjOards. In the evening a flight flurmifh happened in the Place de Louis X V . in wnich two dragoons of the Due de Choifeul's regiment were killed, and two wounded. After which all the troops left the capital. Very early on Monday morning the populace forced the convent of St. Lazare, in which, befldesa confider- Shle quantity of corn, were found arms and ammunition, fuppofed to have been conveyed thither, as a place of fecurity, at different time?, from the Arfenal. The Bourgeoifie came to the refolution of raifing a militia of forty- eight thoufand men. A general confternation prevailed throughout the town. All the ( hops were f h u t; all public and private employments at a fland, and f r j r c e l y a perfon to be fecn in the ftreets, except the armed Burghers, who afied as a temporary police for the protection of private property, to replace the eftablifhed one, which had no longer a n y influence. On Tuefdav morning the hofpital of Invalids was fummoned to furrender, and was taken poffeffion o f, after a flight' refinance. All the cannon,' fmall arms and ammunition were immediately feized upon, and every one who chofe t o arm himfelf was fupplied with what was pecelfary. The cannon was diftributed in different t j a a j t e r s of the town. In the evening a detachment with t w o pieces of cannon went to the Baftile, to demand the ammunition depofited there. A flag of truce had been fent before them, yyhich was anfwercd from, within : But nevertheless, the Governor ( tho Marquis de Launay) ordered the guard to fire, and feveral were killed. The populace, entaged at this proceeding, rufhed forward to tile affault, when the Governor agreed to admit a certain number, on condition that they fhould not commit any violence. A detachment of about forty accordingly palled the drawbridge, which was inftantly drawn up, and the whble part) Imaffacred, This breach of f a i t h , aggravated by fo glaring an inftanceof inhumanity, naturally excited a fpirit of revenge and tumult not to be a p pea fed. . A breach was foon made in the gate, and thefortrefs furrendeicd. The Governor, the principal gunner, the jailer, and two old Invalids, who had been noticcd as being more aftive than the reft, wer feized, and cariied before the council affemMed at the Hotel de Vilie, by Vvhom the Marquis de Launay was fentenced to be beheaded, which was accordingly put in execution at the Place de Greve, and the other prifoners wete alfo put to death. The Prevot des Marchands met with a fimilar fate, being fufpefted of betraying the citizens; and the heads of thefe perfous were fixed on pikes, and carried round the city. In the courfe of the fame evening, the whole of the Gardes Francoifes joined the Bourgeoifie, with all their cannon, arms and ammunition. Not more than four or five prifoners were found in the Baftile. On Wednefday laft the King repaired t o the affembly of the ( bites general at Vcrfailles, accompanied only by Monficur, and the Count d'Artois, and addreffed the flutes in a fpecch, in which his Majefty exhorted them t o provide the means of reftoring order and tranquility, and to affift him in fectiring the welfare of the ftate ; and his Majefty acquainted them that, relying on the affeftion and fidelity of his fubjefts, he had ordered the troops to retire to a certain diftance from Paris and Verfailles. This fpeech \ Vas received with univerfal applaufe, and ' • " ~ ' •' — — — J- J u.. „ ll At! the corn rtiigsr. ines fceWgirtg ta G el Paris have been broken open and ft ripped, and large fupplies Coming from differefttparts of the corn? for the ttfe of the. King's , army have been ftoppeH. What adds therefore to the bono? of the fcine is, that in the roidtl of this licentioufnefs, while large quantities of corn- itnd provifioiis are deftroyed, Kveralhtnidrcd thbufands are perilling for want. Among!! the prifetfers releafed f r om the - Baflile was Lord Mazarine, an Irifh Nobleman, wlio has been confined for debt near 30 years. The prifoners ift the other goals were freed in like manner, excepting fuch as fvefe under fentence of death, whom « they hung up within the prifons. This feemed to argue a premeditated defign, as well as great caution.' Lord Mazarine, who was freed from the Baftile, had nearly been flopped at Calais on Friday on his way to town. He was with two other gentlemen, his companions in misfortune, and, being all extremely mean and fhabbily dreffed, were fufpecled for bail perfons, and no one feemed defirous to embark in the packet with them. He was at length obliged to declare himfelf. On landing at Dover, his Lordfhip was the firft to jump out of the boat, and in the fullnefs of his j o y , and in gratitude to heaven for his deliverance, immediately fell on his knees, and killing the ground thiice, exc l a i m e d , ' " G O D BLESS T H I S LAND OF L I B E R T Y ." The city of Paris is entirely furrounded With a guard, and not a foul fuffered to go out who has any appearance of opulence., Thofe who have efcaped, have done it under a difguife, with no other cloaths on them but what they wore. The town H| s been f* it under contrib u t i o n , and a tax levied 011 everv perfon according tp tlieir circumftances, both'in men and money, * art— Hmrftjrt Mtemfcf. M i m i f . at # a » aS? 6tisii £ » ftte, ( where he » 5 i i i a vifit to the A r r M t w i » f NorthumfcerVmd) the Rev. John .. RothjislvjTjj A*. M. tc& nt df HodgHtS-. i- le'- feprmg, anj one of Loid ' Ci& ke'i truftees.-— f. » ft week, Captain'Elite PreftM, ot sjieato- n, near Whitby, aged 44- year;.—- At Thomoud Gate, Limerick, tlie wife of Brjari O'l. ougbin, aged ie8 - years; ( heretamed her faculties entire, id the day previous to hrer dnl'olution On the I4th " mft » fit( at Paris, the Marquis de M ir. tbeau. P R I C E S of S T O C K S , Bank ftock, 1E3 J 5 per cent. aon. 115 $ ^ 4. per ct. ct> u. 98 & a 99 3 ? » g ; c o n - l l i * i 3 per ct. red. 78 | a $ I pern. 1726, ^ •- Long ann. 23 a 22 1 j- i 6ihs Ditto ( hort, 1777, Short Ditto, 1778, 1779, - 1— South Sea ftock', —— Old ann. 78 Ditto new ann. 3 per ct. ann. 1751, ( hut India ftock, India ann. 75s. India Bonds 90s. a 91s. pr. Navy bills —— Exchequer bills _ _ Lottery Tickets, Scrip, ; Irilti Lottery Tickets 7! ts. Tontine 10; W A N T E D I M M E D I A T B L Y, A Journeyman Tanner and Fellmonger. Any One who is Matter of the above BufitielTcs, may meet with conftant Employ, by applying to IONATHAN RICHARD WATSON, Market K- aifm, Lincoinlhire. , T O PARENTS OR GUARDIANS. W A N T E D I M M E D I A T E L Y, AN A P P R E N T I C E in t h e H A B E R D A S H E RY and DRAPERY Bufinefs. For further Particulars enquire of CHARLES ItAYWARD, Lincoln. *** At the Expiration of his Time, he may be entitled to his Freedom of the Cities of London and Lincoln, M E r II E R I N G H A Ms T. S H E A R S M I T - H , : ir ctrcumitances, Dotn in ana money. a n d MAN- MIDWI F E How ought Britons to congratulate themfelves. that SURGEON, APOTHECARY, and MAN- MIDV while in a neiglibourine country, a hitherto defpotic ^ AffitUnt to Mr. P M » U I , LINCOLN) Monarch has been in vain intrenching himfelf in guards, B ' t 0 m f ° r r a h l s i R I E N ' DS a n d t he t o protedl himfelf from the f u r y of the people, the be- ' I IC'- loved fovereign of this free Ifland looks t o l a s people as: his only guard, as he has ever made their lmppinef% h; s only ft udy. The number of French families, whom th « prefent commotions in their own country have forced t o take refuge in this, is almoft incredible. that he has entered upon the Houfe late in the Occti' pation'of Mr. BAILEY, Surgeon,, in METHERINGHAM ; and to, aiuir « al. ltho, fc Who may do him the Honour, to call for his Aflift ance, that he will pay the moft alTiduous Attention to the Duties of his Profcffion. Mr. TSy his- L O N D O N . H O U S E of P E E R S . Monday, July BO. .. The bill for fubjefting tobacco to the laws of excife,' was received ftom the commons, and was ordered to be printed for the infpeftion of their iordlhips. Lord Stormont prefented a - petition, figned by a confiderable number of tobacco manufacturers, complaining of the provilions of this bill as injurious and oppreflive, and praying to be heard by counfel againft tha bill. The petition was ordered to lie on the table. H O U S E of C O M M O N S . • Monday, July 20. In a commiltce of ways and means, Mr. Steele moved, th « t thefura of 398,769!.! be applied to the ways and means of the year, out of the balance of a former account. This motion received tlie alient of the houfe. The Irifh parliament, whofc laft prorogation expires on the 27th inftant, is further prorogued to the 29th of September next. An eftablifhment has been attempted by Spain, on that part of the Mufquito ihore, which we have evacuated.— Early in the lafl year, about Soo people were landed there, many of whom had been enticed from d i f - ferent parts of North America, by the promife of having a town built, and plantations cleared for them. Some miferable hoiifes have indeed been built, but no tool** or neceffaries provided for clearing the ground. No progrefs has been yet made in cultivating one of the fineft foils in the world, and from the want of ftores and neceffaries, the fettlers are already reduced to 200 halfftarved, naked wretches. The fame ncgleft on the part of the Sp. mifh government rendered abortive the fcheme of eftablifhing a German colony in the Sierra in Old Spain, fome J> ears ago. 8 This Day is pul( ij7led, Price ids. f d. By L O N G M A N and B R O U E R I P, London, ? I X S O N A T A S o f C O R E L L I , OS- EXA i f t , a d a p t ed for ( he Or ear., and proper as Voluntaries; and SIX SONATAS, OI- ERA 2d, adapted oi the Harpfithord. liy^ KDWARD MILLER, MtiS al DcJlor. ; Alfo, an ANTHEM for Voices and .. Inft uipenrs, with the Chorus, Voices, and Inftrumental Parts' feparately printed, for immediate Ufe. To which* i<" added,' an II YM5J~ for the Life of Sunday Schools, to be fung by the Children;' Price 7s. 6d. Compofed by EDWARD'MHJ. ER, Mufic'il Doctor. N, H. Hie Anthem and Hymn is. adapted alfo for a fin : lt V< jice and Harplichord ; and may be had of " Mr. GOSI. l , Sramf d. T o be S O L D by A U C T I O N, By WILLIAM LEAK, of St. James, On Monday the Tlver. ty- feventh of this Infiart July, irjorr tie Pre- M/? I of the late Mr. William Be/ Jars, of Hilpjlon, Northampton, fhire, deeeafed\ ' ALL the L I V E S T O C K and F A R M I N G U T E N - SILS; Confiftingof 7 Draught Horfes and Mares," 2 Marea and Foals, 1 Four Year old R. iding Mare ; 3 Milch Cows, 1, Cow and Calf, 4 Heifers and Calves, 14TWO and Three Year old Beafts, 8 Burliiigs ; 150 Sheep, of differrht" Kinds: 3 narrow- Wheel Waggons; a Six- Inch Waggon, with double Shafts, good as new; 3 Carts, Ploughs, Harrows, Gears, a Roll, and all Sorts of Implements of Hufbandry. And oft Tuefday the 28th will be fold, in fmall I ots, 40 Acres of Wheat, aod upwards of j o Acres of Beans and Barley.. And On Wednefday the lyih, All the entire Houfhold Furniture ; confiftinj of Beds and B dding, Dining and Tea Tables, very good Eight- day Clock, a Hugfhead Copper, withfoitable Oteriiils, feveral Iron- bound Calks, 3' Barrel Churn, Milk Leads, & c. Six Months Credit will be given for alt Bargains above 40s. npon approved Security. To begin each Daypreclfely at Ten o'Clock, as all rnfift be fold without Refexvc. All Perl'ofts indebted to the Eftate . and F. fieftsof. tlie . a- bme Deceafed, are defired to pay their refpetfive Debts to. Kft. RICHARD ARNOLD,' Clinton ; or Mr. I'HOMAS BEL1. ARS, of Mexey, on or before ihe ift. of September next. And all Perfons * o whom rh. e. above D « eafed ftands indebted, are dclired. to bring, in their Demands before the ift of September next, to " the trfcove Mr. AN NOLO, or Mr. I l l T). A a s. Morena, i i i M i | M , v a . . . . , — ,, Avery bloody action took place near Czeltin, bebis Majefty returned to his apartments, attended by all tween a body of Turks and part of the Auftrian corps the deputies of the nation, amidft titu acclamations of of freebooters, under the command of CoL de an innumerable concourfe of people. The national Wukaffovich. The battle was kept up for a confideraaifembly immediately fent a deputation to the general ble time with fire- arms ; but throwing thefe away, aflembly of the elecbirs at the Hotel de Ville, to acquaint ' them with the above- mentioned proceedings FO* THE BENEFIT OF B U T L E R , and Mr. B E L L . M A J E S T Y ' S S E R V A N T S . T H E t A T R E , STAMFORD. THIS prefent F R I D A Y E V E N I N G , July 24th 1789, will be prefented, a favorite COMEDY ( turitten by Sb. ilfprre) ilot petform'diicre for many Yejrs, calt'd, A S Y O U L I K E I T; Or, Tonchftone's Humours in the Foreft of Arden. [ While any- Tafte for tnoftexcellent Poetry, aud Comedy- faithfully copied from Nature reitiains, As You LIKE IT mult continue' a public Favorite.]—— A Critic in Stuart's Star, Feb. 21. . Touchftone ( the Cltnon) Mr.. K i r n . 1 NO. Jaques, Mr. VENA i n s . Banilh'd Duke, Mr. SIDNEY. Duke Frederick, Mr, . WHEELER. Oliver, Mr. [ AMES. Amiens ( tultk Songf) Mr B E L I . . Sylvius, Mr. K I N O . Adam, Mr. PERO. Le Beau Mr. PETERS. William, Mr. O'Ba I EN. Corin, Mr. D u N U Charles, Mr. MASON. Orlando, Mr. BUTLER.— Celia, Mrs. SISSON. Audrey, Mrs. PERO. Phtebe, Mifs PIR . f t . j^ afalind, Mrs. MASON. In the Courfe of the Evening, the following Entertainments: End of AH Third, MARY'S DREAM, by_ Mr. BUL. End of the Play, A M I N U E T , by Mr. BELL. and Mifs P s a o . ' Bettieen ihe Acls of the Force, A T R A N S P A R E N C Y O F B R I T A N N I A , SUPPORTING - A MEDALLION OF Our mod gracious Sovereign, G E O R G E T H E THIRD, As ( hewn at the Bank every Night of the Illuminations ift London. During the Exhibition, " G O D SAVE T H E KING" will be fung By Meffrs. BELL and KING, With a full Chorus of all the Voices in the Theatre. To vihich - will be added, a favorite Mufical Entertainment, call'd, The P O O R S O L D I E R. ( Written by JOHN O'KEEFEE, Efq; Author of The Highland Reel, Son in Law, & c.) [ The characters of the Farce are expreffed in the Bills.'] IPS' To begin at Seven o* Clock. BOXES, 2s. 6d.- PIT, GALLERY, IS. Places for the Boxes to he taken at Mr. NE\ VCOMB'S. Tickets to be had at the Printing- Offices ; of Mr. BELL, at Mrs. Baxter's, next Do » r to the Theatre ; of Mr. BOTLER, at Mr. Wilcox's, in St. ] ohn's Street; and at the principal Inns, . The army, in pui f i a n c e to the King's orders, retired t o Seve early on W. ednefday morning, leaving, their camp equipage behind them. The Marquis de- la Fayette has been appointed Commander in Chief of th? Paris militia, and M. Bailly Prcvot ' de Marchands. This afternoon, at abcuuhalf an hour after two o'clock, his Majefty entered Paris in a coach drawn by eight horfes, attended by the Due de Villory, Captain of the Lite Guards, the Due de Villequior, Firft Gentleman of the Bedchamber, the Marfbal de Beauvau, the Count D'Eftaing, and two equerries, followed by another coach, in which were four other attendants, and efcorted only by the city militia, the commandant of which rode a little before the King's coach, accompanied by feveral of the principal tradefmen of Paris. The whole way from the entrance at the barrier at Paffy to the Hotel de Villc was lined on each fide with armed citizens, and the moft perfect tranquility was obferved. After his Majefty had entered the Hotel de Ville, he declared that he appeared there to gratify the wiihes of the citizens of Parts, and to aflure them of his readinefs to do every thins; in his power to quiet their minds, and rcftore tran- ' quility to the city. On his Majefty's return he received every teftimony of loyalty and atfefiion fro'm a moft numerous and orderly populace ; and it is computed that this day there were not lefs than 150,000 men bearing arms in Paris. His Majefty has difmilf- d all his new confidential fer- Vants, excepting M. delaGalliffiere. and has fent to recall M. Neckar, who is expefted t o arrive to- morrow, if he is not already at Verfailles. Further particulars, from other papers. The difputes which have for fome time paft convulfed • this neighbouring kingdom, have at length been brought t o a crifts, which no man could have forefeen or fup- > ofed. The relation of what Paris have been during aft week, fills the mind with horror ; and although we have all fecn and felt the fad effedts• of a n - Vu n. l. iJc enfeJ d I ave all feen auu . v.. populace in our own country, at the time of that dreadful conflagration 111 London during the riots in 1780, yet even that melancholy event was far fhort of the gejral diftrefs which not only is felt in Paris, but in the ighbourhood for many leagues around i t. The Queen and the Count d'Artois are the principal ne ; ne The Qneenand the Count d'Ar pirfons of the public, deteftation. Large rewards have been offered for both, and playcards or hand- bills are p r i ed at everv avenue of the ftreets, offering 500,000 1 for the Queen's head. This has been done to in- : --- the fpirit of liccntioufnefs, as no one has prsfumed fid forth to pay fuch a fum, the reward of courfe . tory ; it however { hews the temper o f the times. | both parties advanced aeainft each other, fwordinhand. The fword foon decided the fate o f the day ; the Auftrians, having had one cffiiccr and 50 men killed, forced the T u r k s to fly. The latter left dead upon the field full 300 men. The Emperor lias expreffed intentions of a very different nature towards the States of Luxemburg, from thofe he has lately manifefted with regard to Brahant. By a defpatch read in their affembly, the 2d of this month, his Majefty announced not only the prefervation of their old rights and privileges, but adds new ones to them. The cftates - of that province, in return to the gracious difpofition 0/ their Monarch, have decteed that thefubfidies and impofts, which it has been cuftomary for the Sovereign to demand every fix months, fhali be granted as a perpetuity. The deftt uftive influence of the climate, in the provinces where the war is carried on between the T u r ks and the Emperor, is a circumftance which probably did not enter into calculation in its commencement. We may judge of, the havock it makes among the foldiery, by the effeft it has on the Generals and Field Officers. Field Marfhal Prince Lichtenftein, and Gen. Fabris have already fallen viftims t o it. Moft of the other Generals have been dangeroufly ill. General War. tenfleben . and De Vins are in fo enfeebled a ftate, that it is feared they will not be able to return to the army : And the Emperor himfelf contrafted the malady which threatens his life in the fame fervice. Finally, Field- Marfhal Haddick is at prefent fo i l l , as to quit his command in the Bannat and Syrmia, to Count Co'laredo. T o fill u p the frightful void that death, in the form of ficknefs, is every day making in the armies, recruits are continually demanded by the Generals, and many regiments are now on the march for that purpofe. By a Jewifh merchant, arrived in town on Sunday from Conftantinople, we learn that Sultan Selim has put himfelf at the head of a numerous army, who, proud of their commander, and animated by a religious and patristic fervour, unknown for many years'to the Muffulman armies, are preparing to pour on. the Ruffians with a fury which they will not eafily refift. M A R I E S ] Wednefday fe'nnight, at Stockton, Mr. Higgins, aged 43, to Mrs. Mary Brown, of the fame place ; a maiden lady, of large fortune, in the 75th year of her age— At Caftle Drifcol, in the county of Tipperary, Ireland, Mr, Timothy Egan, aged, on the weddingrday, 98 years, 10 months, and 14 days, to Mifs Difcol, aged thirteen.— Friday the 10th inftant, George Douglas, l'. fq. of Cavers, to Lady Grace Stewart, daughter of the Right Hon. the Earl of Moiay. DIED.] A few days fince, Mr. Coward, of Arnfide Caftle, in Weftmorland. He was 116 years old, and able to read without fpdftacles. He has lived in feven reigns, Charles the fecond's, lames the fecond's, William's, Anne's and the three Georges',— On Tuefday night, at Durham, aged 83 " • —>- i the late Thomas Liddell, Efq. TO CONSUMERS AND DEALERS IN TEA. G E O R G E E M E R S O N, T E A - D E A L E R, Fi NSBU a Y- PL A CE, Corner of Chifwetl, Street, London, THE Eaft- India Company's Tea Sale being now ended, and having, with great Care and Accuracy, compared the Prices of the vaft Number of AlTortments, fold at the prefent Time, with thofe of the laft March Sale, and finding'in the. fevcral Averages a material as well as interefting Difference to the Public at large, GEORGE EMERSON cannot pafs over fo favourable a Circumftance, without fairly ftating fuch Savins as will- appear in the following correfl Arrangements," the Cuftom Duties included.- T o be S O L D by A U C T I O N - By Mr. M A R R . I O T T , - V At the Crolun Inn, at Oalham, on the Eighth f . Augufi next, it Three o'clock in the afternoon; • - - - SE V E R A L ' C L O S E S of ARABLE and P A S T U RE LAND, containing 50 Acres, in the l. ordfhipcf GADDESHY, '.' I. eicefteffhire, called thS Dale'Clofes, in the Occupation of VVilLaat j Walton, at a very eafy Rent of 42I. . ' . . •' l- nquire of NECHAM. CHESEI, DEW, Efq-; at \? anton> or the AUCTION EER, at Uppingham, Rutla.'. d. ' ' - — ~ ALCAR!: F^ KE and I'OSDYKE. " T o be S O L D by A U C T I O N, 4 IN SEVERAL LOTS, Th latter End of Augujl, unlrfs previovfly difp'frd of by private > v - • » i - • ': ' ' LXnlrai? j . . " ; * ' . AValuable and defirable F R E E H O L D E S T A T E, eligibly fituate near the Sea, in the Parilhes of ALGARKIRKEand FOSDYKE, in- the County of Lincoln, containing near Six Hundred Acres of rich PASTURp, MEADOW, and » fmall Portion of ARABLE LAND, and tompriiiilg fome of the completeft Grazing Farms' in the County ; of the net Annual Value of 7001. and upwards; « — the - Land particularly fertile " and rich in Quality, and the Ruildings good: The Lots will be. varied fo as to fuit any - Purchafer; on- which ^ Account, and as it will be ft, Id to pay a net 4 per Cent, ft may be an Object to fuch of the Clergy as want Augmentations to tmall Livings, cr where . Securities are Wanted for particular Sums. The Whole Eftatemavbe bought together on advantageous Terms. Printed Particulars will be ( hoitly ready, and to be had at the principal Inns in the Neighbourhood; ( or further apply to Mr FRANCIS OTTER, Lincoln, where a Plan 01 the Eftate majr be feeffT IT? A L C A R X t R K t is diftant about Eight Miles from Boftoa and Spalding. co ^ sr « < r t (: O N po m H * > • O* v> ^ oc> 0 M J ^ " O o- ^ S rr » c- a. ir<* ooo* o c » o - « S'= IF » T O O » — 2 2 n ^ < » f> n- ci. — O E o - O ; 01 £{ 5 3 3 - j et* d-- 1"* ^ ^ K 00 0 SR- F. , v, f csw « o » 5 O » » H OO O ' - .. D- » 3 Mrs. Liddell, relift of and mother to Sir H, C. Liddell, CEQRGE. EMERSON doe? not enumerate the above Prices, without alluring thofe who may honour hrm with their Favours, that he is compleatly prepared to ferve each Kind mentioned, felefted with every poflible Attention, and ( hall not be exceeded by any Dealer in Town. The great Encouragement already received, demanda his grateful Acknowledgments; his future Endeavours ( hall be exerted to deferve the Support of a generous Public, Orders from any Part of the Town or Cfluntry executed wit!) Care ind Expedition,-— Bills at a fljort Date- taken in Payment.*— Coffee, Chocolate, Cocoa- Nuts, and every Article of Grocery, as chaa, S a t any H > ul'e in London. • V*' t « f> ( Poll paid) duly a taadci le Rll T L A N D. 1 " T o be Peremptorily SOLD bv A U C T I O N, By Mr. T A T A M, On Monday, Augnji 10, 1789, at tbe Exlier's Aitnr, at Ba- ronu. den, in the County of • Rutland, a! Five o'Cl. cb in the AJur. [ 7toon\ AF R E E H O L D ESTATE, fituate at BARROW- ' DEN, in the County of Rutland, the Retidcnce of the lat* Mf. Samuel Wells. . T h e Eftate confifts of a Homeftcad, Stable, Wool Chambers, drying Sheds, Lime and Wafhing Pits, Working Shops, and every other Convenience for carrying on the Bufinefs qf a Fellmonger end Parchment Maker. The'above Prtmifes are in good Repair,' a- nd fit for the immediate Reception of a Peifon in the above Bufinefs, or a Whifawer, Breeches Maker, or GloSer, in each ol wh ch Bufwefe there is a good Opening for the incoming Tenant. With the above will be LET, an excellent DVVELLLNG HOUSE, newly fitted up, and adjoiningtjiefaia Premi/ es. Mr. Cox, of Bariowden, wil] ( hew the Premifes. The Purchafer may be accommodated with Fifteen Acres ( by Eftimation) of ARABLE and MEADOW GROUND. Further Particulars mav be h id by enquiring of Mr. ATTON BUSS WELL, of Brace- borough,' near Stamford ; or 01 Mr-. TATAM, Stamford. ' - U- y The Reafon of fhe above Eftate being, again offered for Sale is, the. Perfon who had agreed ( or theTurchafe, did - noclind it CONVENIENT to fulfil his Agreement. " M T H T L L ^ T O R M S K I R K M E D I C I NE Is, by the Proprietors, appointed to be fold in Stamford, by W. HARROD, only; and at Lincoln, by Mrs. Drummond, only. THE Medicine prepared by Meff. H I L L and BEPRY, for the cure of the bile of a Mad Dog, is fold at Mr. Berry's, in Mount- ftreet, Berkeley. fquire; and at Mr. I-' rancia Newbery's, No. 45, St. Paul's Church- yard, near Chcapfide, and no where elfe in London. MeU". Hill and Berry think it a duty incumbent upon them to apprize the public of attempts being daily made to counterfeit tl. e medicine by various perfons in different parts of the kingdom, and beg leave to obferve, that as the accident for which this medicine is adminiftered is of the moft alarming natuie, and ferious in its confequences, the importance of obtaining it auihentic muft be obvious; and there fore every pejfon having occafion for lliis remedy, isreqwfttd to be particular in obferving that each dofe is fealed with Mr. HiVt'a coat of arms, and figned by J. Berry, as the furell means to avoid being impofed on by J'purioui preparationsj B E A L J M E D E V I E , THIS celebrated and long- elhblifhed Medicine f o r t i - fies the Stomach and Bowels, purities the Blood and Juries, and gives to the Whole Syftem its nnur. il Equilibrium. To thefe Qualities we attribute its having proved fo eminently ferviceable ir. Gouty, Rheumatic,: Bilious, and Scorbutic Habits; from ihe fame Principle; and has. never failed to relieve in Languid, Nervous, and Hypochondriac. Cafesand in Female Diforders it has been fou. d particularly beneficial. ' The Public are rtquefted to take Notice, thjt by Favour of of the Commiftioners of Stamps, the Names. of - T. BICK^ I , and Meflts. DICSY and Co. are engraved on the Labels, and affixed if every Bottle ; and that oh the Paper pafted on the S de oi each Boule, the Hand- Writing of T. BEC KE r ( a Proprietor) is continued 1? ufual. I f Obfervc— The counterfeiting either the Stamp- Office engraving, or the Hand- Writing, is a capital Offence: Sold VVholelale by DICEY and Co., Bow- Church- Yaid, London; and Retail by T. BECK'ET, Pall- Mali; aod maybe had of all Dealers in Medicine in Town and Country, Price 3s. per Bottle, Duty 6d. Alio fold by R. NEWCOMB, T. Ilowgrave, and W. Harrod, Stamford; W. Biooke, John Drury, and R. Drummond, Lincoln; J. Qoanborough, and W. Allen, Grantham; |. Tomlinfon, Newark; T. | Ball, Sleafard; W. Ward, Falkingham; M. Cafwell, Rippeni; ale ; W. Thorpe, Bourn; H. Butler, Deeping; |. Horden, ani j. R. Jtcob, Peterborough ; W. Read, Whiulefea ; W. Oibfon, Oakh. vn ; M. Worley, Bofton ; J. Finch, Kirton' in Holland; W. IJanl,-/, Swineftead; ]. Harvey, Donington ; G. Medcalf, and T . Htwlcss, SpaUing; I. Palmer, and D. Wright, Wainfieft; R. Crtfwell, Buigh ; M. Worley, Alford; J. Gibfon, Conniriglby; J. Simpfon, and J. Tavton, Tatterfhall; Bromley and Keal, and W. Ellis, Ilorncaftie f R. Booth, Calftor; R. Sheardown, Louth ; T. Bradley, Brigs; ]. Tayler, Gjinlborougli; J. Bains, Bawtty ; C. Plummer, tnr. 9iftsr; and at molt of the prm. ipal Shops throughout England. L I N C O L N R A C E S , 1785. ON WEDNESDAY the oth of S » T T i s ? m * . H i s, MAJESTY'S PURSE of ONE HUNDRED GUINEAS. • "•• in be rar, for, ovetthe Courfe rear the CITY of LINCOLN, ; by Four or Five Year old MIITS, that never v: on a Royal Plate ; Four Year oids carrying 71!. 1 lib. Five Year olds, rib. the left ' of '( luceTwo- Mite Heats. » 1f any Difpute arife, the fame to lie determined by His Grace ihe DUK E cf aWCASTER, ot whom he. Hull appoint, according to fach His Majefty's Orders'. aud Rules, asfli .11 be produced. To be entered by B. H e x i l i s c s , Clerk of the Courfe, er his Deputy, at the Rein- Deer. Inn, in the City of : Iincolii- on Monday the 7th Day of September. Go THURSDAY the . oth, a PURSE of FIFTY POUNDS, Bi. euby the C1TV of LINCOLN, for Horfes or Mares, tlie beft of Three Four- Mile Heats; Four Year olds carrying 7ft. Five Year olds, Sfl. Six Year olds, 8ft. 71b. and Aged, 8ft., iolb. A Winner of One 50I. Plate this Year, to carry 31b. extra, of Two Plates jib. extra, of Three or more, 71b. extra. A Winner of a King's Plate this Year, at Lincoln, Newhiarket, York, or Nottingham, and not having won Three or more Plates this Year, to carry 71b extra. l> ut, if having won" Three or more Plates this Year, with either of the a W e Royal Plates, ( hen to carry 91b. extra. Any Horfe, Marc, or Gelding, having ftarted for a Plate this Year, and not won, to be allowed jib. if Two or more, 51b Mares and Geldings to be . allowed Jib— If any Difpute arife, relative to this Plate, the fame to be determined by the Stewards of the Race. . On FRl DAY the 1 ith, the NOBLEMEN and GENTLEMEN'S SUBSCRIPTION' PURSE of SEVENTY GUINEAS, for all Ages, Ihe beft of Three Two- Mile Heats; Three Year olds carrying 611. 6! b. Four Year olds 8ft. Five year olds, 80. ^ lb. Six Year old' , 9ft. and Aged, 9ft. zlb. Maiden Horfe's allowed 31b. and the Winner of a King's Plate to carry 41b. extra. To pay Three Guineas Entrance, which is to be paid to the Second- heft Horfe; and if any Difpiite arife, relative fo this Plate, the fame to be determined by the Stewards of the Race. To enter for Thurfday and Friday's Plates, at the ahpvi- mentioned Place, with the aforefaid Cleifc of the Courfe,, or his Deputy, on Monday the 7th of September, between the Houri of Three and Seven in the Afiernoon, paying for the City Plate 5s. Entrance, or double at the Poll. Certificate. of the Age add Quali& ationj- of each Horfei- lcC. muft heproduced at ihe ' l ime Tit entering, ami to prevent Difputes concerning Bets, ihe Horfe that wins the Firft and Second Heats, fhall have the Plate, and the II01 fe that is Second the Second Heat, lhall lie deemed the Second- beft Horfe. The Subfcription Plate, and the Pla'e given by the City, are to be ran for according to His Majefty's Articles; and no'lefs' than Two jrtputcd Running Hortes, Arc. to ft. irt for the City Plate, nor any Hor e, & c. which tfeall appear to be hired to qualify, to be allowed to be allowed to ftart; and if only One Horfe enter for the City Plate, the Owner to receive Twnty Guineas. Sir PETER BURR ELL,' \ C,.„,„„ U The Hon. CHAMPION DYMOKF, J M e a r a s' Tlie Courfe will be found in exceeding good Order, and open for the Horfcs to hke their Exercife. Xo Gaming Tables of any Kind will be allowed, during the Races. Ordinaries,, Affemblies, Plays, and Cocking, asjifual. And to prevent the Ladies, Noblemen and .' Gentlemen, waiting fo long at the Affemhly- Room Door, they are eavneftly requefted to i* end to the Lobby, to enter their Names, and receive their Tickets, where a i'erfdn will attend eaih Day td deliver the fame. Thursday's Polt. L O N D O N. H O U S E of C O M M .0 N S. Tuefday, July 21. A new writ was moved to ele£ t ailew member for Beeralfton, Devonfinre, in the room of John Mitford, Ffq; appointed one of his Majefty's ( uftices forth* countiesof Caerinai then, Cardigan, Sc. On the motion tot the third reading of the bill to comrrtemorate the glorious revolution. Sir Jofeph Mawbey obje& ed to the bill; but if it ( liould be read ; a third time, lie faid he would propofe a claufe for allowing 20s to the curate for reading the ailion of thank/ giving. Mr. Pyefpoke a few words againftthe bill; after which the Houfe divided, when the numbers were— Ayes, 23 ; noes, 14. Majority. 9- Sir Jofeph Mawbey then propofed his claufe for allowing 20s. to the curate for reading the prayer of tliaukfgiviag— Negatived without a divifion. - The bill was then paffet}, and ordered to be carried to the Houfe of Lords.— Adjourned. Law intelligence,— Holbrooke verfus Bolton. This was an aftion of the cafe for cottfiderable damages' brought by Mrs. Holbrooke, the houfekeeper to Meffrs1 Merryck and Walford, for an injury ( he received, by being overturned in the Cheller heavy ftage coach, in going down Chalk Hill, h y which accident, the foot of the plaintiff was fo much bruifed that a mortification enfued, which COft 50 guineas to cure, and had nearly coll ( the plaintiff licr life.— The defendant wa^ the managing proprietor of the coach. The jury found a verdict for the plaintiff, under t h e direftion of the court on the point of law, and gave her the money ( he had expended in the cure, for damages. On Monday Lord Kenyon laid down the law upon the f u b j e f t of dillrefs. His Lordfhip faid, if goods are fent to a warchoufe merely for fafe cuftody. they are liable to be feized ; but if ' hey are fent to be repaired, they cannot be dellrained. It would be pregnant with infinite mifchief and injullice, if the public, who were obliged to entruft their property in theconrfe of trade in the h^ nds of tradefmen, were to lofe it by diftrefs made by landlords for rent. I n a caufe tried in the court of Exchequer laft week, it was determined that paving bricks were liable to the two and fixpenny duty per thoufand 011 brickfi, and not to the tile duty. Formerly the btifmefs of picking pockets was carried on in London by little petty thieves, individually, and that with great caution and fome fear, left ducking iu a horfe pond fliould enfue, it is not fo now : half a dozen fellows, in broad day, and the ftreets full of peo pie will mark their man. huftlehim, take watch, money, & c. and if lie offers to refill, or make a noife, knock him down, and match off in triumph. Slocks.—. Tuefday the opening of the confsls was. a fettling day at the Stock Exchange.— The flufluations were not confiderable;— the prices rather 011 the decline thun Tife ;— from 79 t- half to 79. trSflfjuSrty was tefloned. iiafty tpeepie who l a d fled fcrtei fuge in the ticinh- t of Ac calamitous diloi 3ers, were returning home. The King was tbeti in Paris, Tsit the Queen, with her Court and the young Dauphin, continued at Versailles. A Prince of the Blood, obnoxious to the people, was miffing. Oil the i6tl> of lafl month, another aStou took place between the Ruffians and the Swedes in Finland, in which the latter were defeated, with the lofs of 600 men killed, and 400 wounded. St. Michael fell into the hands of the Ruffians. The lols of this fort will be ihe morefenfibly felt fcy the Swedes, as it was ihe depot of all the. provifions^ nd ( lores for their array in the Province of Savolox, and which we now in the p. offeffion of the Ruffians. To complete the misfortune of the Swedifh army, thirteen tranfports, laden with provifions and Bores for the ufe of that army, have been loft on the rocks near Norkoping, One of thefe veffels had on board the medicine chefts deftined for the ore of all the Clips coropofiiig the loyal fleet at Carlfcrone. An important diftovery has been lately made, and informations filed againft the parties concerned in fending flour to the amount of 130,000 quarters clandeftinely to France, by which the markets are raifed. This, and the grain being in fetv hands, » nd not to any real'fcarcity, is fhe prefent high pi ici# of bread attributed. On Sunday n ight, Mr, Duke, filverfmith, of Quaker's Buildings, neat Smithfield,- expired fuddenly while at flipper with , his family. It is remarkable, that he had engaged but the preceding evening for the bufinefs of a tradefmanin the city, who had been given over by his phyficiah, and fup- ( pored to be at the point of death ; but who, from the hour1 of Mr. Drake's deceafc, has expciitniTcd a recovery not lefs rapid than aflonilhing. It is a ( a a , that a woman for fome time paft has obtained - ndt lefs than 200I. per ann. for getting pardons under falfe • pretences, for prifoners under fentence of death, & c. io Newgate!!— She is now indifted lor the offences. r H O P S , Kent and fry flex pltntaflonj get - worfe. The body grounds at F^ rphail) are now infefted with vermin, and of courfe the hope* formed of their prbduce, are much lowered. The appearance at Worcefter not in general fo favouiable as for fome time pn'ft, but yet not giveriover as unable to'yield a good crop. The duty 70,000!, with coals. jiOSTON' s M i P N E W s ; t o t h e t i f f joiy. Foreign etft tear J. Autumn, Staotonj for Dunkirk, witb oats. folly, Dale, for Rbnerdam, ^ csaj with rapefeed. " Confers inward. Barbara's I ncreafe, Dewef; BtotherlyL ove, Tihdal; Providence, Reward ' 5 John and Thonlas, Cockeriil ;; Zephyr, Addilon ; Mayflower., Wilfon ; Hannah, Turner ; and Good defign, Ha'iwood, all from Sunderland, with coals. Nancy, Caitwright; . Goodintent, Robfnfon; . Nautilus, Thompfon and Haiard, Hilton, all from London, with . groceries, & c. Mai- y Ann, Raper, jfrom. Hull,' with groceries. Confer outward. Rachel, ScottUnd, for Colchefter,' with oati. WISBECH SHIP NEWS to the 2 i d of July. . CcjJiei- s inward. Flora, Hart; Lark, Theaker; Beaver, Dee; Aclive, Reynolds ; Commerce, Ij< ey ; Mary, Bywaters; George,' Pobinfon ; and Friends goodwill, ThompfoH, all from Sunderland, with coals. John and Betfey, Wilton, from Dlyth, Frienjftitp, Stewart, from Newcaftle, with coals. Hope, Beatley, from London, with groceiies. Difpajch, Groves, from Blackney, with paving ftones. Defiance, Forbes, from Lynn, with Iinfeedcakes, & c. Young Nancy, Jewitt, from Hull, with coals and pan tiles. - Cleared cutward. Frieudfliip, Green, for London, with oats and muftard feed. Wilbech, Ward/ for Lynn, with rape. feed. Rodney, Baker, for Hull. Six Ihips in ballalt for Memel, Shields, and Blyth. G A I N S B R O ' . Confers arrived- and failed. Arrived. London, Crabtree, from London. Nancy, Cooke, from Newcaftle. Sailed. Gaiinlbro', Glew; Eleanor, Wyalt; Nottingham, Wilkinfbn j and Hawk, Stott, all for London. Tradegoodhope, Waolfey, for Colchefter. William and Ann, Johnfon, for Weymouth. L Y N N , July 20. Arrived; Twenty- four fhips with coals. Sailed. Philadelphia, Fox, for Dunkirk, with barley, Succefs, Brown, for St. Vallery, with ditto. Sixteen fhips in ballaft. The A S S I Z E of B R E A D as f e t by ihe M A Y O R and A L D E R M E N of the Borough of S T A M F O R D, The price of wheatfeven ( hillings and three. pence a bulhel, allowing one fhilling and fix- pence a. bulhel for baking. To be in force feven days, or until a new affize be fet. WHITS. Penny loaf, 5oz. 3dr. Friday's I'olt, by Ex pre i s . ' L O N D O N , THURSDAY E V E N I N O. H O U S E of C O M M O N S . IVcdntfday, July 2S. Mr. Sheridan, movrd, that there be laid. before the Houfe, by the proper officers, an account of the refpedtive revenues of the feveral royal boroughs in Scotland. Ordered. The bill for enabling the Eaft- India Company to add one million to their capital ftock by loan, was read a third time, and paffed COR N BILL.. Mr. Wyndham called upon the Houfe to re- con( ider whether it might not be notv fafe to comply with the demand of a fupply of corn Jfor France, . the neceflity for fuch a fupply having intreafei every day. - Mr. Secretary Crenv'ille thought there was no reafon for varying from ihe decifion of the Committee that had already confideredoflt. Mr. Wyndham made no motion. The bill then went through the committee.— Adjourned. The daily accounts from Weymouth ftate, lhat his Ma. j. edy was never in more full enjoyment of health and fpirits than at prefent.— The Queen and Princclfes are alfo equally well. The Duke of Cumberland has been attacked with the mealies; but is now in a good way. Mr. Pitt, who has had a vifit from the gout, is much better, snd veflcrday gave a dinner to fcvetal members of the Houfe of Cotnm ns. The Houfe of Lords this day. hear counftl at their bar agauill if' tobacco bill. .. ••. . . ' Yefle'tday evet- sg a ge; it| rtrian atriv- ed- iji town frowj'arn, Sthich city he left oti Jjunday night. At that time public S T A M F O R D , J U L Y £ 4. W In the Hawker's Licence Advertifanent in laft wref.' s Mercury read, at Meffrs. Rodd ick and Son's, Wellingborough, bifteti of Meflrs. Curries and Morten. The additional duty on Ntwffapci- s and Advert'ftmeftts taking place fo early as the iJ1 cf Auguft next, and a claufe being inf rted in the new aft to prevent the receiving back at the Stamp- cfice any unfold papers, fucb tf our cujhmers as may be induced, f » r fo tripling 11 cmjideration as one hafpeimy, to decline taking this paper hircaflir, are reejvejied to ghie a fortnight's notice of fuch t- bcir intention to the Printers, or the refpeflive agents at the different flacs where this paper is circulated, to prevent the printing off a greater number than they have an adml demand for. And as no returns can - be . taken from any agent after the \ fl of next month, ihey cannot rljk the chance fale of A fugle paper ; for which re fon the Printers rfiir. tfully Leg leave to recommend, that th. ir friend* would order the fame for at leaft a quarter of a year, as the expence of poftage for, and to contradict the fame, by perfons remotely fituated, wouldbe more than equivalent to the prof! fir a left term. • Thofe, therefore, who wifh to be regularly fe- ved with The Lincoln, Rutland, and Stamford Mercury, are defrei to give early notice to the iiftritutor's, to prevent difappointment. Vttqf the. advertifer may receive every poffible ^ vantage arijingfrm \ n extenfive circulation and fale, the price of the paper will be Advanced no more than the additional Jlamp- duty of one halfpenny, ittrpofed by this new ad, iu which alfo a penalty of i. ol. is levied on all perfons " lending out mwfpapers to hire." Many people having an idea that only a fingle perfon edh taic d Newffapcr, withcutincurring the above penalty, we think proper lo inform them, that ii dees not extend to prevent perfons uniting togethe1 in the put chafe, whereby it becomes joint property, His Royal Highnefs the Prince of Wales has been pleafed to accept of Mr. Alderpian Bluitt's lioufe at York, for the refidenc< of him and his Royal brother the Duke of York the enfuing taw- week. A houfe near the above is alio engaged for the reception of their Royal Highuelfes the Dukes. of Claience and Cumberland. George Fludyer, Eft}, of Thiflleton, and John Wingfield, Efq. of Tickencote, have each taken out dedimus pcrteflatcm to aft as Juftices of the peacc for the county of Rutland. _ i Yellerday morning died', after being ill only a few hoars, Mr. FoRer, formerly an attorney of extenfive praflice in thispla'ce. On Tuefday morning died, at Louth, in this cOuntjr, in the fifty- eight year of her age, of a complication of diforders, which ' file bore with chriftian fortitude, moll juftly, Gncerely and generally lamented by all who had the happinefs of knowing her, Mrs. Elizabeth L'Ofte, widow of the late Rev. Jofeph L'Ofte, reftor of South Cockerington, and upwards of fifty years one of the Mailers of the Free Grammar School of the above place. On Monday died, Mrs. Bulfey, widow, of Little Callerton, near this place. Tuefday died, fuddcnly, Mr. Sumner, an opulent farmer of Grimflhorpe, in this county. A new peal of five bells, call by Mr. Arnold, of Leicefter, were on Sunday lttft opened at Wing, in Rutland; and from judges met with mucn commendation. Monday laft an inn- keeper was Convifled before the Rev. Mr. Johnfon, Clerk, of Spalding, one of his Majefty'i Juftices of the peace for the parts of Elloe, in the penalty of 10s. for fuffering tipling on the Lord's day. On Friday laft a battle was fought at Wllapload, near Spalding, byWilliamClark, a blackfmith, and James Wood, beehive maker, both of that place, for three guineas a fide ; when after a llwrp engagement for twenty minutes, the hattie was decidcd in favour of the former. Saturday evening laft, a young man was. bathing in the river in Spalding, when he got out of his depth and was drowned. The poor man was never feen after he went down till next morning, when he was taken up in a net, within a few yards from the fpot where he firft funk.— It is remarkable, and not lels melancholy, that this is more than the fifth accident of the like kind of perfons being dropped in exa& ly the fame place. , The famous Linc'olnfhire Ox, now grafirig at I. uttpr, in this county, is fuppofed at the prefent time, to weigh 180ft.' 141b. to the ftone 1! The price of wheat at Warminfler, on Sunday fe'nnight, rofe from 27s. to 37s. per fack ; and in Sali fbury • market laft Tuefdayj it advanced from 3311. to 39s. per faqk. . In a wheat rick lately taken in at Wexcombe, near Marl borough, one hundred and fifty dozen, or one thoufatid eight hundred mice were taken and deftroyed. The Hazard, Captain Huntrel's, from Boflon to Sunderland, was, on Sunday fe'nnight, run foul of by a loaden collier off Hiinchliff Foot; by which accident ( he was greatly diTabled, and with much difficulty towed into Whitby. A few days ago, as Mr. Thomas Collins, and Thomas Rulfcll Dobbins, of Littleton- upon- Sevem, in Glouceflerfhire, were drinking . together, fome words arofe between them, ->. nd they proceeded to blows ; when the latter, finding hic/ ilf ioo weak for the other, took up a flone, and threw it with fuch violmce at Mr. Collins, that ( hiking him on the fide of the head, it fraftuied his fkull, and he is fince dead. The coroner's imjiieft fat on the body, and brought | in the verdift toilful murder. The deceafed has left a wife and five fmall children. Meteorological Journal cf the weather in Stitufcrd. BY MR. & AYMENT. Thermometer WHEAT EN. lb. ox. dr. One- penny loaf Two- penny loaf Six- penny loaf TwclvJ- p- nny loaf Eighteen. penny loaf o 615 O 13 4 2 - 911 5 3 7 7 1 3 2 HOUSHOLD. lb. ox. dr. One- penny loaf 0 94 Two- penny loaf t 2 9 Six- penny loaf 3 7 10 Twelve- penny loaf , 6 13 4. Eighteen- pennVloaf 16 t 13 N. B. No otherfort of bread, ' or- loaves of any other price, art allowed to be made or fold within this Borough. PRICES of CORN at the following Places, vis. Stamford, Friday, July 17. Wheat, 58s od to 6is7> 3 per qr. I Oats, 15s. od. to 15s. 6d. per . jr. Barley, 33s. od. to 34s. od. j Beans, 24s. od. to 00s. od. Lincoln, Friday, July 17. Wheat, Jos. to j i s . per quarter. | Rye, ,32s. to 34s. Gainfborough, Tuefday, July ,21. . Wheat, $ 48. to 56s. od'. per qr. I Oats, 135, toiss. per quarter. Rye, 32s. to 34s. | Beans, 2£ s. to 24s. Uppingham, Wednefday, July 22. Wheat, 5 8s od to 60s od per qr | Oats, 18s. to 00s. per quarter. Barley, 38s. to" 40s. ^ Beans, 25s od. to 28s. N E W A R KJ J U L Y 23. Prices of Corn yefterday: ftiilow: " f i i ^ . i i j i i e aB dKtiiuiig t o j j e t t e Br fome tithr at i public- houic in tfsfferHM aforeiaid, and, at ( he ( etllerneiii of their reckoning, a tiilptite siofc refpefltng^ the jiayrnent at Izuo. pen'ce-,— they however left the haute Without any leemii. jj animofity to each other, but Brooks Had not prpceeded f i t ere he was joined by Mai fon, who I wore rf he wmlld not pay the two- pence, he would cut bis jrra oft >; the. dece. i! ed contended in his. juftification ol not paying, it, . and' the vile -( I'atTm immediately Hrew out » l. arg? kiiile, and, Sabred hiiti 11 the body—' Ihe poor man., oi) le'ctivuig the^ wousdi ex « claimed, " Tboti hdfl dbne for me!" and immediately ran lowaids the public- houfe; but. before he* reaclied- the place he dropped tfowri. dead. Themurdeicr wasprelcritly'lecured; William • Gambwell, the butcher, Of Thofrte,- w&> attempted to cut the throat of a young woman ( a's'mcntioned in our lad) is committed to York calile, to tike> his trial fot the fame at thle next aflizes. ' • ' H U L L, July at. • Imports. Janus, Davifon, from Gefle.' with iron and deals. ' Miriam, Rudd, from-' Beterfborf, with iron and deals. Flanders, • Wood, ' t'roin Oftend, with indigoj & c. Miiierva, Watkin,' from Riga, with hemp, flax, ,& c. BufSngtoii, Robinfdn, from Pernau; with fir timber, deals, & c. infegrity, Rickinfon, from Riga, with wainfcot logs, lathwood, fee.' Northumberland, ' Ihrift; Roberts Adventure, Royal; Amity, plitidge,' and William and John, Dunn, ali from Peterlbtirg, withiron'j de. i] i(. & e.' Good Intent, Kelloek, from. Stockholm, with iron, deals, & c. Elizabeth, Hubberr, from Dunkirk, withvcotton. wool, f 4rc, Exports. Humber, Wright, for Dantzic, with lead, 1.4ithof, earthenware, & c. Tiber, Leake, lor Salerso and Naples, with lead, woollendrapery, earthenware, fee, ' Oak, Bennet, for Duokirk, with woollendrapefy, caitlrenware, cotton ftu0s, & c. lloee, Maxwell, ( dt Konninglberg, with lead, wosllendrapery, ale, ice. Commerce, Stan'mor^ for Hamburg, with cotton fluffs; ironnsongeit"' ware, & c. Olive Tree, Thompfon, for Libau and Riga, xvitti le » i ( hot, lead,, woollendrapery, & c. Polly, Wiltimnfon, fi! r Phila « delphia, with coals, woollendrapefy, lead, t c. Co. ifte: sarrh- ed. Four Brothers, Mafterman; Newark, Wharam^ Barnevtlt, Wright; Ripon, Davis; Experiment, Stairtiarid; Pro* vidence, Poppltwell; Martin, | ohnfon; [ upiter, BJanch) and Sally, Staniland; all from London. Manninj, Pafbby, from YacJ mouth. . Robert and Mary, Franks, from Gnmfby. Succefs',: t'eni yard, from Sunderland. Owen, Furnifli, from Newcaftli. Helentf Cairns, from Leith and preftonpans. Coajlerrfailed. Unity, Staniland; Endeavour, Blanch, j Juno, Pearpnint; Abigail, Stuthard ; Amity, Harrow ; free'IJiiSou, , Feato*.; Young, Wakefie d ; James, Dc^ lpbin Hope, StteT: arid Mary, Meggitt, all'for London. Bilhop Mate, Hare, tor Ipfwiclj. Friendfliip, Hall, fay Poole. Bndeavour, - Woodcock, and / Jurara, Seager, both for Ljpn. Murtip, K ® | ai dfon, for , Leith.' bauy, Fnglilh, for Whitby. -. William and Ann, [ ohnfon, for < ii) tnoutli.' Mary and Ann, Raper, for Bofton and Spalding. Yoi^ rig Nancy, Jewitt, for vVilbech. Philip and Rebecca, Wilier,- aidPraVidcr,^' Hepworth, for Yarmouth. • Wheat, 609. to 62s. 6d. per qr. Rye, 34s. od. to 40s. od. Barley, 30s. od. to 35s. od. Oats'forhorfes, i j s 6d to 17s ol Seed Oats, 17s. od. to 18s. 6i. Beans, 2$ s. to 26s. od. Pit Coal, ios. od. per ton..— Yorkihire ditto, 24s, per chaldron. Salt, n l . 10s. per ton. Linfeed Cakes, 61. lis. per < pn. Laft week, was married, at Cotham, in this neighbourhood, Geo. Bentlev, Efq. of Brigg, Lincolnftiire, to Mifs Ann Milnes, of Nonh Collingham. A few days ago died at Matterfev, near Retford, in Nottinghamftiire, Mr. Dickenfon. He h ^ > y will given to his tenants the fee- fimple of their fevcral farms, upon their paying to the executors one- half the value of each, for the benefit of his heir, who is a minor. 1789 July > 7 Barom. lnchec 29.70 » 8j 29.6? 19; 29^ 70. • 20! 29.80 s i ' 29.90 22' 29- T3U- SI 2J a? 7S1 ii 8 2 10J A. M.?. M. 7. M. 59 65 5?, 67 5V-. 66 60 65 60 64 • 60 € t J7 $ - 55 W iSW ! SE ! NE . r INW fair m. flioveer; aft. . Fair all day. Fair m. rsanaft. Fair all day. ' frain Fair w". thu'irje^ & lhow. aft, Fait m.' ftiowers aft. Cioady m.' lhowers^ ft. L I N C O L N , J U L Y 2 3. Yefterday was married, at St. Martin's church in this city, Mr. Richard Bullen, to Mils Richardfon. Saturday laft died at Hull, Mrs. Bine, relict of Francis Bine, Efq; late merchant. A few days ago a horfe above . fifteen hands. high, belong ing to James Bromhead, Efq. of this city, fell intoawell 40 feet deep, in a dole in which he was grazing, Snd after he had remained in it two ho\ jrs, was taken up without having received the fmalleft injury. It is fuppofed he had been fighting with another horfe in the fame dole, and in the conflift thrufling zfide the frame from the mouth of the well, fell inn, rump forernoft. His prefcrvation may be afefibed to the great width of the well at the bottom, ( which tho' of the ulual lize at the mouth, is defcribcd as being large enough to turn a horfe and cart in) and to about 3 feet of water, which broke his fall ; but ultimately to the ingenuity of Mr. Langley, under whole" direSion, by meansof ropes and pullies, the poor animal was fafuly extrafted from his perilous fituatipti. The aflizes here begin on Saturday next, at which the. following prifoners are to take their trials, viz. John George, for horl'e- flealing; William Cade, and Mary ' Stephens, for perjury; Frank Wright, for houfe- breaking ; Hindley, for highway- robbery ; John Boothby, for flealing flieep fkins; and Frank Williams, for fheep- flealing. Monday fe'nnight, between the hours of three and five in the afternoon, at Monkfilver, in Somerletlhire, antl thf adjacent neighbourhood for about two miles, fell the moft heavy rain, attended with many awful claps of thunder, that the inhabitants of that country ever experienced; the Barton or lands on Coombe Sydenham farm, fuffered prodigioufly ; the moR excellent meadows not mown were covered feveral feet deep by the Corn and foil of the Cleeveland ground above, and what meadows were mown, were entirely fwept away.— A houfe belonging to Mrs. Con « beer was entirely thrown down, and partly fwept away, and a number of children under her tuition, had nearly been buried in the ruins or carried off, as they had but a few minutes been dragged out before the habitation was no more. A ftone wall of confiderable length, belonging to Sir John Trevelyan, Bart, was fwept away. The ( table, with part of the public- houfe at Yordmills, were thrown down. It is impoffible to defcribe the damage done in that neighbourhood. Several other barn's,'( tables, walls, & c. have alfo been wafhed away, and the toads in fome places impaffable.—- We are happy 10 hear no lives were loft. There is r. ow living at Watergrafs Hill, near Cork, one Owen Martin, aged 110 years, who retains all his faculties, and walked two miles lately, to and from mafs. A remarkable occurrence happened at Beverley laft week — The well- known horfe Euryalus, twenty years of age, the property of Mr. Jonah Thompfon, of that place, leap'd thro' a window twt) feet nine inches in height, one foot eight inches broad, and about four feet fix inches from the ground, in a liable belonging to Mr- John Fletcher, of the Rofe and Crown inn, without receiving any injury; and though the frame of the window was very ( lightly put up, it was not in the leaft damaged. The window was not glazed. A mare in the ftable yard was the occafioil of the horfe taking this extraordinary leap. Several correfpondents informs us, that they faw a curious circumftance in Natural Hiftory one day laft week, in a fmall gaiden adjoining to the Rabbit Warren, upon Bl'ackbill, in the neighbourhood of Leeds: A rabbit had ftrayed into the garden, in which were feveral hives of bees, one of which fuiarmed upon the rabbit— and were in that fituation taken proper care of;— the rabbit was afterwards fuffered to make its efcape unhurt".— Leeds Intelligencer. Sunday evening a moft horiid murder was committed by one Francis Marfon ( a perfon who has for fome time travelled the country with a flallion) on the body of Thomas Brooks, of Nafferton, near Great- DrifReld, Yorkfliire.— The circumflances whioh J ed to this inhuman crime were nearly as C A M B R I D - G E, J v i . t . z i . \ > The King has been pleafed to prefent the Rev;' William Bingham, Mafter of Arts, to the Archdefttt> nrj? oFEtmdeD, void by the promotion of the Right Rqv." DjJlor Richa. d . Beadori to the fee of Gloucfcfter. ''. • Alfo to prevent the Rev. John Wilfon, Mailer ot Arts, to the vicarage, of Catterick, in the county of Yorje, and diocefe of Chcftcr, void by ihe death of the Rev. DoBor , Ifcnry Clayton. . Alto to appoint DoQor T. C. Hone folbe. afiftitjf a hi fucceffor to Dofior Alexander Stevenlon, profellor of Medicine in the univerfity of Glafgow.— Gazl • • ' The Rev. Stephfin Allen is licenced' to { KeleOuVeflSp of St. Margaret and St. Nicholas, in Lynn, on the a'flpbintiiKnS of the corporation, " The fame gentleman is alio inftittited t » the vicars- re of Dunton cum Doughton, in Norfolk,' on the prefentaiion of Thomas William Coke, Elq. Charles Yorke, Efq. of LincoIn* » - inn, Batrifter, is' appointed to the office of Chief Jultice of the llie 0} Ely on ihe refignatian of Henry Partridge, Efq. The Rev. Mr. Wefley, who is verging towards Ju » a'otfc year, is at prefent on his fummer circiSt. Mr. Warion is on a vifit here, for the purpole of obtaining complete and correfl iranferipts of thofe very ctfriot:* manufcripts iti Trinity college libray, . which oon<*( M » b « ( ketches of Milton's intended TiSg d es. Thole are to accompany the Laureat's new edition ot the Sanjpfon Agoriiftei. Monday died, iu tlie 56th year of his age, in May Fair, London, the Rev. James Ramfay, M. A. vitar of Tefton, in Kent. Yefterday fs'nnight, at the quarter- f- ffiotss at Lvnn, William Wells was arraigned at the bar, for breaking into the counting- houfe of Meffrs. Everard and Co. forcing open an irotl chert, arid dealing thereout about 81 light guineas'; he pleaded guilty, and was fcriten'ced'to be tranl'poried lor ( even years. At Bury feffions, a bill of indiftment was" preferred. againft a perfon at Sudbury, by the . landlord of an inn at toat place, for dealing a turkey off the ( pit, whichibe grand jury rtyeitrd' as no true bill'; fo that the profecutqr returned home much difappointed, branded by the oppofite party witli the appAa* tion of a gotfe. ' A Angular inftance of obllinaty occuVred at NTorwic'. i fef- • fions laft week.— When the perfon, whole province it was tar conduft the prifoners from the city gaol to the feffions- houfe, went for one Kerrifon, who was commuted for afl'aulu, he was found, with only his breeches and Ihoes. on, andpofitively refufed to go to the feffions- houfe ; and in ordpr, as he thought,' to prevent their taking him brforce, he had befmeared himf If with a certain vaufeous perfume-, but alas! he Waj deceived, for in defiance of the cofneiic, and his Rate of nudity, he was carried into court, " a ghafliy fpeaacle," where he ohftinatcly refufe. d to' plead to two' indi^ mints preferred againR him for affaults, for which reful'al he was again committed to prifon, where, it is hoped, he will regal nil is proper fenfes. Mr. S— 1— eloped from Ipfwich on Sunday evening fall - with Mrs. P , the beautiful lady of Capt. P , of* the King's own regiment of dragoons epiartered at that pface.— This piece of gallantry was effe- aeS by the lade's taking an airing with the gentleman in his phteton, in w h i c h they If t'riff for Stowmarket, where a poft- chaife and four was ordcied to follow them on the road to Haughley, at which placcthcv left the pbxton to the charge of a I'c'rvanr; and putfued their rout by a more fpee- dy conveyance. Her htilbiiid had not even milTed the lady, when he received the . •! ' ajn. ee of her elopement. She is faid to be a very actomplilhed wpinau, and has one child by Captain F . ' 0 tempore I 0 niqftsl A gentleman innkeeperin Hampftiire ihe other day hid the mortification to be vifited by a wife be had reported in the country to have been dead ; with this report and the affiftance of a coiifiderable edate, fie about ten years ago, mfinuated himfelf ( though 70 years of age) into the good graces of a young damfel, who he aftually married, and by whom he has feveral fine children, whofd, with the mother's frtnation ii truly pitiable, her and her friends, who are people of repute, being entirely ftrangers to the bufinefs, though in fact, be ha » always, ' till within thefe few weeks allowed thij'unwticomj vifitor a tolerable maintenance. On Wednefday lad Mr. Shadbolr ( known as well by the name of Goliath) a reputable publican at Ware, remarkable for his great mul'cular ftrength, undertook, for a o6nfiderable wager, to run or pu! h his cart from Ware to' Shoreditoh church ( the difiance of twenty^ one miles) in 10 hours; which he ealily performed within the fpace cf fix hours and a few feconds, without the leaft appearance of fatigue. Great fums were won and loft on the occafion. ° Sunday laft a private foldierin the regiment of Li" ht I5orf » , quartered at Lynn, ( hot himfelf. 0 Oxford, July 18. The number of regents this aft is i » foil OWS J Six Do& ors in IDivinityj two Doftors In F* HY fie * three in Law; and ninety- feven MaOers of Arts^ On Saturday lad Maurice Swabey, Efq; of Pembroke College, was admitted to the degree of Doclor in Civil I^ w for which he went out Grand Compouuricr. And on Tuefday Charles Coote, Efq; of the Tame Col- Uge, vAi alfo admitted to the degree of Doitor in Civil i. JW On Tuefday laft died aged 81, the Re v . To i i n Edwards* - D " „ r - , a ° r Brannflon, in Noithamptan'aiife, and formcrly Fellow uf Jefus College, Q g g j Av Epitaph, tahrr, from a/{ olte in the Church- yard at Letrg- Whalt on, in Leietfcrfiire.-. To t/ te memory of William Allt, a Baptifl Mir, if ir, f e t upwards of 30 years at Hegworth,— ccmpcfed by hitilflf before his death, J J E R E lies the body of William Allt> Some fay he f/ as without a fault ; And others fay there's none had Wore, Hut he fays, Jefus paid my fcore : So be they many or be they few, They're all forgiv'n, and this ii true. An Epitaph taken from a Jtone in the Church-) ard at Lmvdham, Nottinghamfhire, wrote by a Lady before her death. ^ [ Y prime is fperrt, my ftrengtb decay j I My youth is fpent, my head grows grey ; j My eyes are dim and waxeu oid ; My blood is dry, my tody's cold ; My ears are deaf, my joints are weak ; My teeth are gone, I fcarce can (" peak } My knees are weak 1 fcarce can go ; All out of joint from top to tee ; Mv fun are many, mates me weep. And ligh and fob when I ihouid fltep : My gtafs near run J cannot ftay, 1 kr. ee to the grave I muft away ; But where my foul muft placed be, Alas! it is unknown to me : A faithful friend I hope to find, 1\> e » fe my poor diftrtfied mind. O N THE LATE DUELS. \ CHIEF— of high mettle— mankind to convince, Call'd out to fierce combat an Author and Prince. wits and Authors, indeed, are but poor'harmlefs cattle, And Princes now ihew themfelves feldom in battle ; Hut the Prince, ftrange to tell! bad 110 panics of fight. Nor the Bard, ftranger ftill! to wilh C1.1 o good night, The Hero bad prowefs ( but could not well fhew it) In defying a Prince— or in daring a Poet; SutCol'nei, niethinks, ' twas 110 proof of a HEART, To level your fh » t at each foe's " weakeft part." for in fome philofophical ftriCtures I've read, hat a " Prince's weak part" is moft often his " head." fnd great- hearted Warrior, permit me to rell ye, liat a poor hungry Author's " weak part" is his " belly." A L N W I C K R A C E S. ! Meni » y, July 13, the 50I. for 3 and 4 years olds, was won by Mr. Weatherell's grey filly, 3 years old - - Mr. Fhrfter's cliefnut colt, " ' "' both fell - after . Introduction, ditto Mr. Gregfon's bjy filly, Bambroughlhire Lafs, ditto MriMichotfnn's bay colt, Tom Tring, 4 years old Before ftartiug, even betting Tom ' l'ring againft the field the firft heat, 2 to 1 in favour of Mr. Weatlierell— alter the fecond heat, Mr. Weatherell ftill the favourite. Tuefday, 50I. weight for age, was won by Mr. Hamilton's grey horfe, Sir Andrew, 5 years old 2 1 1 M* Baud's bay horfe, Rattler, ditto 1 % 2 Mr. Colby's bay mare, Molly's Fancy — 3 3 dr Mr. Grey's bay mare _ _ _ _ _ . 4 dr i to 1 in favour of Rattler before ftarling— after the firft heat, 4 to 1 he won— after the fccond heat, even betting and 2 to 1 in favour ef Sir Andrew. Wednefday, a match for jogs, was won by Mr. Wilfon's grey filly, Amaton I 1 Mr. Daglifli's grey policy, Hotfpur 2 2 t e n different matches were alfo run this day for Various fums, t h e horfes rode by gentlemen.— Thefe matches afforded excellent fjport, many of thein being very nearly run. C O R N . L E T T E R. M i t t - U K I , Monday, July 20. Our market was exceeding thin of grain in general to- day, and whists again advanced near 25. per quarter ; but if the weather ftreuld continue fine as at prefent, it is expected prices will not get liighrr. Barleys very ready fale, and rather dearer, and .1 few fine Suffolk malts fold at 33s. 6d. and 34s. but the demand is very fntall at piefent. Good beans fold readily, and rye, peafe, and oats rather dearer. Current prices of all grain per quarter, as under. Starch wheat 50s. a 57b! ' Fine * b oilers 2— 7s . — to 30s. Small beans 20s. t » 26s. Old to 00s. od. Ticks 19s. to 21s. od. Old 00s. od. Oats 14s. M 17s. od. Fine flour, 4js. to 48s. Seconds 42s. to 44s. Thirds, 28s. to 34s. od. od. per fack oo Mealing do. 58s. 10 62s. od. Fine to 65s. oa. ftVe 2S| s. to 31s. od. Barley 2ts. to 25s. od. ElTex £ alt Malt 27s. to 32s. od. Amber do. 27s. to 32s. sd. Finedo. to 33s. 6d. Hog peafe 2cs. to 24s. od. tylrite do. 23s. to 26s. S M I T H F 1 E L D , July 20, 1789. fceef 3s. cd. Mutton 3s. 2d. Lamb 3s. 8d. Veal 3s. 6d. Pork 2s. 6d— per ftone of 81b. NEWGATE and LEADENHALL, Monday, July 20. By the carcafe.— Beef 2s. 6d. Mutton 2s. ted. Vy| js. od. Pork 2s. 6d. Lamb 3s. 4d.— per ftone of 81b. Beft town- made bacrtu 3s. 8d. to 3s. aod. Wiltfhire 4s. per ltone. I'ALLOW.— Average price per ftone of 81b. 2s. 7d. Town Tallow 43s. ftd. per cwt.— RulGan ditto ( candle) 41s. to 43s Ruflia tallow ( foap) 39s— Stuff^ s. od— Ditto rough, 24s. od.— Graves 7s. to cd.— Good dregs 6s. per cwt. " Yellow Soap 44s.— Mottle do. 60s.— Curd 64s. LEATHER, per lb. HuitS40to 501b u j d . toi2$ d. Ditto 50 « o6olb. i2| d. toi4d Merchants backs u d . t o n j d Crop Hide tit cutting 12- JJ. to 1344,— Fine coach hides 15U. to 15^. Dref- Iing hides 13 ii. to I4d. to I4jd— Flat ordinary u j d . to ia^ d. Calf fkins 40 to 6olb. per doz. 2td. to 13d.— Ditto, 60 to 8oib. Jicr doz. 19J. to 21 d.— Ditto, i2olb. ijd. to i8d.— Small fea! s> $ 2*. to 63s. per doz.— Large ditto, 90s. to 126s.— Tann'd Horfes Hides, 14s. to 28s. per hide.— Price of bark per load, 12I. 12s. and 14I Fine whin bark, 13I. 13s. H O P S in the BOROUGH Pockets, p » r cwt, Kent, - Suffer, - Farnham, Worcefter, 61. ; 2s. to 7I. 8s. 61. 12s. to 7I. os. - 7I. os. to 81. os. 5I. 15s, to 61. 1 js. Monday, July 20. Bags, per cwt. Kent, - 61. ios. to 7I. 4s' Suffex, - 61. 8s. to 61. 18s. Effex, - 61. 6s. to 61. 18s. North Clay 61. 10s. to 7I, 10s. AVERAGE PRICE OF WOOL. Middlsfex, 22s. to 23s. per tod. Berks, 22s. to 23s. Beds, 19s. to 2is. Bucks, 2is. to 23s. Cambridge 20s. to 2is. Hants, 2 IS. 6d. to 23s. Oxon, 19s. to 20s. Suffolk, 00s. per tod. Sufl'ex, Weald lojd. to l i j d. Down, 12J to i4d. perlb. F- ffeit, common, 9$ d. to lod. Welch, lo^ d. to 1 id. per lb. Herts, 2 is. 6d. ( 023s. per tod. Kent, Marfh to 8d. Wefterns, 9jd. lo iod. Downiih, nd. to I2d. per lb. Surrey, common and Wefterns, tod. to lojd. Downiftl, 1 id. to 1 i | d . ptr lb. N. 1). Buyers in general loft money by Wools laft year, which fnakes them cautious, and the farmers ftick out for laft year's prices, consequently very little has been bought yet, except a few prime growths. B A N K R U P T S . Thomas Evaos, of Lanthewy Hall, in the county of Radnor, dealer and chapman. Daniel Richardfon, now or late of Chatham, in the county of Kent, victualler, dealer and chapman. Benjamin Nankivell, of Bafvigo, in the parilh of Kenwyn, in the county of Cornwall, merchant. James Patrick, late of Kendal, in the county of Weftmoreland, linen- draper, dealer and chapman. George Spurr, now or late of Doncafter, in the county of York, mercer, draper, dealer and chapman. William Cox, of Birmingham, in the county of Warwick, toyjnaker, dealer and chapman. Marfh N. ipleton, of Alderfgate- ftreet, in the city of London, Imiholder, dealer and chapman, ( copartner with John Molt and Thomas Harris, of the fame place, innholders), I . U t T O N , fteir L o s ft Swfce'ok, t u t * L T o be S O L I), or L E T, And entered or* immediately, AHOUSE, and BAKEHOUSE, with a very good Square Oven, and other good Conveniencies, deferiMy fituaied for Trade, in LlTtTON aforefaid, which is now carrying on by the Proprietor. The aboVe is Freehold, and has a Right on Long Sutton Common ( tthich is now mclofing). For Particulars apjly to the OWNER, on the Premifcs. JulyN . i dh, . 1T78h9e . Ufenfils to be taken at a fair Appraifement. To be S O L D bv Private Contraft, AF R E E H O L D E S T A T E , fituate at W R A N G L E , in the County of Lincoln; confifting of a FARM HOUSE, with a Barn, Stable, and other Outbuildings thereto belonging ; and feveral CLOSES or PARCELS of LAND, containing in the Whole ( by Eftimation) 56 A. 3 R. 22P. in the Occupation of Jofeph Plant, or his Under- tenanfs; together with an unlimited Right of Common upon the Ejft and Weft Fens. The Tenant will fhew the Eftate; and for further Particulars enquire of Mr JOHNSON, Attorney, at Lincoln; or of Mr. HANDLEY, Attorney, atSlcaford. . T o be S O L D by Private Contract" AF R E E H O L D E S T A T E , fituate at D 0 R R 1 N G - TON, in the County of Lincoln ; confifting cf a FARM HOUSE, with Two Barns, and other convenient Offices artd Homeftead adjoining, containing ( by Eftimation) Two Acres; feveral PARCELS of new indofed LAND, containing ( by Admeafurement) 109 A. 1 R. 22 P. in ihe Occupation of John Raftall and his Under- tenants; and of a PARCEL of LAND, divided into Two doles, containing 24 Acres, in the Occupation of Mr. Philip Parrott. Mr. John Foreman, of Dorrington, will fhew the Premifes; and for further Particulars enquire of Mr. HANDI. EY, Attorney, at Sleaford, Lincolnfhire. SPALDING, Lincolnfhire, 21^ July, 1789. T o be S O L D by Private Contrafl, I N T H R E E LOTS, L O T I f t . < - P W O M E S S U A G E S or C O T T A G E S , JL One Toftftead, and t A. 3 R. 20 P. ( by Computation) of rich HEMP LAND, in Three Pieces, lying under and adjoining to the fame, fituate and being in COVVBi P, near Spalding aforefaid, and now in the Tenure of William Burwetl. LOT 2d. A MESSUAGE or C O T T A G E , and 2 A. and 3 R. ( by Computation) of rich PASTURE and HEMP LAND, lying under and adjoining to the fame, fituate and being in COW BIT aforefaid, and now in the Tenure of William Haines. The above Premifes are Freehold, and the feveral Meffuages have Rights on Cowbit, Spalding, and Pinchbeck Comrifons. LOT 3d. A Brickebuilt MESSUAGE ( in very good Repair), and One Acre ( by Computation) of rich HEMP I. AND, lying under and adjoining to the fame, fituate and being in MOULTON, in the faid County of Lincoln, and now in the Tenure of Georre Bland. The laft- mentioned Tremifes are Freehold, and the MefTuage has an unlimited Right on Moulton Common and Salt Marfh. Foi further Particulars enquire of Mr. D1NHAM, Attorney at Law, at Spalding aforefaid. I I N C O L N S H I R E. To be SOLD by A U C T I O N, At the Houfe of Tbom, is Burnes, known by the Tiamt or Sign cf tht Crofs Keys Inn, in Ged'tey Hill, in the County of Lincoln, on Monday the ijth Day of this Infant July, 1789, irtween the Hours of Five and Seven in the Evening, and to be entered upon immediately ; TH A T good and well- accuftomed W I N D M I L L, fituate in GEDNEY HILL aforefaid; with an exceeding good new BOLTING MILf., goes by the Wind, and ftanding over a very good Round- Houfe; alfo a BA HE- HOC s t , with a large Oven, and all other Articles convenient for Baking, with a Grainery over the fame, all in good Repairs: Together with a DWELLINGHOUSE, a Shop for Giocery Goods, and Flower Bings, Stables, and other convenient Out- buildings.; with a FREEHOLD MES. SUAGE, and One Rood of LAND ( more or lefs) late the Property of Mr. William Proftor, deccafed; alfo Four Acresof LAND adjoining will be let to the fame, if defired. For further Particulars enquire of CHARLES KINGSTON, JOHN HARBER, or EDWARD DIGGLE, all of Sutton St. Edmund's, in the County of Lincoln. L I N C O L N S H I R E . T o be S O L D by A U C T I O N , At the Red Cou>, in Donwgtony in the County of Lincoln, on Saturday the Firft Day of Auguft nexty between Five and Seven in the Evening; THE M A T E R I A L S of a fmall HOUSE, and of a BARN, confifting of Six Bays of Building, Seventy Feet in Length; in One or Two Lots, as fhall be agreed on at the Sale; now ftanding upon th » Intake, in the Fen of GOSBERTON, in the Afalifdo Ctohuen tRy. e mainder of a Leafe for Nine ty- nine Years ( whereof Forty- feven will be unexpired at l. ady- Dav next) of Fif. teen Acrcs of LAND ( by Computation) in GOSBERTON aforefaid, by Weftliorp Mill, in the Tenure of John Burton and Simon Naylor. George Garwell, of Gofberton Fen aforefaid, will ( hew the Houfe and Barn ; and further Particulars may be known by applying to Mr'. WARD, of Donington aforefaid. L I N C O L N . ' T o be S O L D by A U C T I O N , Bv Mr. P R E S T O N. At tbe Houfe of Mr. Rohittjtn, at the Rein- Deer, in the City of Lin. coin, on Saturday the Firft Day of Auguji, 1789, between tbe Hourt of Four and Seven o'Clock in the Afternoon ( fubjell to fuch' Conditions at fhall be then produced-,) AGenteel modem well- built D W E L L I N G - H O U S E, a good Stable, Garden, and other Conveniences, with a Ground Ciltern to hold Sixty Hoglheads of Water, plcafantly fituate at the Top of the High- Street, in the City of LINCOLN; commanding a beautiful Profpeft as far as the Corn Market; late in the Occupation of G. Gibfon, ^ Efq^ deceafed ; together with Three Tenements adjoining theteto, now in the Tenure of Mrs. Peacock, and Jofeph Veal. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. BELL, Attorney at Law, Lincoln. And 011 Monday and Tuefday following will be Sold by Auftion, all the Houlhold Furniture, Glafs, China, & c. The Sale to begin at Eleven o'Clock. SOLD W H O L E S A L E AND R E T A I L AT N E W C O M B ' S Medicinal and Perfumery Warehoufe. HICH- STKEET, STAMFORD. By Mr. JOHN DRURY, Lincoln-, Mr. SH E A RDO V K , Louth- And may be had of all the New ( men, D U T C H PA S T E, FOR D E S T R O Y I N G RATS AND MICE. THOSE offenftve Animals not only infedl the very Food we eat, and fpsil our Goods, but undermine our Houfes, and are become an univerfal Nuifance.— This valuable Compofition being of fo pleafing and enticing a Nature, draws them from different Parts of Houfe, Ware- Houfe, Farmer's Picmifes, Out- Building, or a Ship, which inftantly kills them.-- To authenticate the Fa£ t, the Proprietor refers the Public to the Author of a Letter which he ha^ re" cSeivIeRd ,: " My Kitchen snd Cellar being infefted with Rats, I ufed your DUTCH P A S T E , which has entirely cleared my Houfe of them, and given me great Satisfaction. " I am, Sir, your humble Servant, • « T H O M A S C O R N E L L, " Stationer to His R. H. the Prince of Wales, " No. 4, Brutot: Street." Price 30s. a Dozen, or 2s. 6d. per Pot. CORNELL, and as above. Sold in London by Mr. feafkervtlles Celebrated Bible. 1' HE numerous SUBSCRIBERS to thisWoik are refpeflfully informed, that it is now finally compleated, ar. d within Ttvo Numbers t. E s s than tbk Publifher; originally propofed. They are therefore enabled to offer the Public at the fame, Time One of the cbeafeji, and alfo One of the moft complete Editions of the Sacred Writings. The Price of the Bible in One Volume large Quarto, in Boards, M One < Po'und Four vShilling. 1; But for the Benefit of thofe whofe Circumftances will not admit of their at once advancing that Sum, the Work will continue to be [ mblilhcd in FOSTV- EICHT NUMBERS, at oitljSix- Pence each, and now may be had; N U M B E R I. Or any. pf the fubfe^ qent Numbers, of B A S K E R H O L Y B I L L E ' s I B L E. Containing t h t SACRED T E X T of the . OLD and N EW TESTAMENTS; w i t h THE A P O C R Y P H A AT L A R G E , illuilrated with NOTES, Theological, Praflical, Critical, and Explanatory. ADOHNED WITH ALL THE Elegant Plates of the former Edition, AND UPWARDS OF IftlRTT NEW ONES, Of thofcgreat Mailers RAPHAEL, MICHAL ANCELO, ANNIBAL and L o u i s CARRACHE, P I T T E R I , VERDIER, CARLO MARRATI, RUBENS, LUD CHERON, BASSAN, T I T I A N , DOMINIQUE, VELASQUEZ, BAROCHE, VANLOO, SCHIAVONE, and P I E T R O DE CORTONE, taken from the OR IG 1 N A 1 PA 1 NT 1 N cs in Foreign Countries, « nd which have never appeared in this Kingdom ; and enriched with other Plates from NEW DESIGNS, by an EMINENT MODERN A R T I S T. B I R M I N G H A M , Printed by PEARSON and ROLLASON, in the High- ftreet; fold alfo by R. Baldwin, Pater- nofler- Row, London; may be had of the Newfmen who diftribute this Paper, of R. NEWCOMB, Stamford; \ V. Brooke, John Drury, and Jofhua Drewry, Lincoln; Piefton, Bofton; Booth, Caiftor; Cooke, Uppingham ; Horden, Peterboro'; Ellis, Horncaftlc ; Allin and Ridge, Newark; Sheatdown, and Marlh, Louth; Whalcy, an Allen, Grantham; Albin, Spalding; Worlev, Alford; Hicks, Oakham ; Allen, Melton; and by all the Bookfellers in the Kingdom. To the P U B L I C. The very high Price of the late Ml. BASKF. RVII. LE's CELEBRATED BIBLE, and its great Scarcity precluding all but the moft Opulent from being Poffeffors of it; the L'ublifhers of the prefent Edition, in Order to render the I'urchafc of a Book fo valuable, ani fo much fought after, EASY TO A H RANKS AND STATIONS, have determined to reprint it, and in a Size by far the moft CONVENIENT and DESIRABLE. And though the Expence, the Weight, and the Cumberfoinenefs of a large Folio are avoided, yet the Type with which it is printed will be as CLEAR, AS r u n . , AND NEARLY AS LARGE, as t h a t of the ORIGINAL EDITION; whereby it is equally calculated lor the Sight of Readers the MOST AGED, as well as for younger Perfons. Hut what will principally recommend this Work to The Pious and Learned, are the lingular Advantages which it derives from the Labour and Learning of the Editors. Moft of the Notes which were in Mr. Bafkerville's Edition are reprinted with confiderable Additions; but their chief ObjeCt has been to avail themfelves of the Collations that have lately been made of different Manufcripts of the Hebrew Text, by Dr. KENNICOT, in this Country, and Mr. Rossi, in Italy ; and alfo of the Conjeftures of many learned Men for reftoring l'affages, with RefpeCt to which all Manufcripts and Ancient Verlions fail us. They alfo note the principal Variations from the common Tranftation by Bi SHOP LOWTH and others, who have given new Verfionsof particular Books of Scripture. NOTHING 0 1 THIS K I N D HAS V E I BEEN A- TTEMPTED I N ANY E B I - TtON OF THE BLFTLZ. But what they flatter themfelves will ftill more recommend this Edition to thofe who wifh to read the Five Books of Mofes as they came from the Hands of the Author, is that they infert in the Text ( though diftinguifhed by inverted Commas) many Additions which are preferved in the SAMARITAN Copy of the Pentateuch, and which no Man of Learning" now doubts to be much more compleat than that of the Jews; fince, to fave themfelves the Trouble of Franfcribing, they have omitted many Claufes, and efpecially Repetitions of the fame Thing in different Connexions, which are fo frequent in the Scriptures, and fo agreeable to ancient Simplicity. In many Cafes this has been done with fo little Judgment, as Dr. KENNICOTT and others have ( hewn, that Claufes abfslutely neeeffary to the Senfe have been left out. Mere Variations from the SAMAMTAN CorY are inferted in the Notes. The additional Notes, for the illuftration of difficult Paffages, are collected from all Writers without DiftinCtion, and many ingenious Ones from Poreign Publications, as may be feen from the following refpeCtableLiftof t h e learned AUTHORS and C K I T I CA L WORKS employed, viz. Dr. HUNT, Dr. K E N N I C O T T, Bilhop LOWTH, M A R T I N , the BenediCtine, MARKLAND, in Bowyer, Mr. ME R R I C K , Bilhop NEWCOME, Dr. OWEN, in Bowyer, P I L K I N G T O N , Bifliop PEARCE, T h e THEOI. OUICAL REPOBilhopBAR RI NCTON, in Bowyer's ConjeCtures, Mr. BL AT N EY, Mr. BOWYER, COMMENTARIES and ESSAYS, by a Society for promoting the Knowledge of the Scriptures, Dr. CHANDLER, Mr. DAWSON, Dr. D u s t i i n Dr. G R E E N , Mr. HALLS. T, Mr. HEATH, HOUBIGANT, This Bible ( after the prefent Edition has appeared) not being likely to be again reprinted, at leaft for Numbers of Years, and as many may wilh to have a Work fo highly reputed, with every Advantage, a few Copies are printed on F I N E PAPER, at ON E S H I L - L I N G each, with firft lmpreflions of the Plates. Tile Copierfet afide for thofe Subfcribers who wilhed not to have the Work until it was compleated, ace now ready for Delivery 1 N BOARDS ; but they may be had bound in ftrong rough or fmooth Calf, or magnificently bound in Turkey, or Morocco, as moft agreeable to the l'urchafers. • SITORY, D r . WALL, WHISTON, & C. BY HIS MAJESTY'S ROYAL AUTHORITY, ~ GODBOLD' S VEGETABLE BALSAM. Sold tvholtfalt and retale ly R. Newcomb, Stamford. The importance of the following fads being of the greateft conference to the Public, we think it is the beft excufe for the leneth - r .1 ™ - .: r b of this advertifemenr. j dangerous fituation. that the Faculty declared he could not live and the people about him believed iie was dying of a gallopin g ccr. fumption, at ihe fime Mr. Godbold was lent for, who, by apply ing his excellent Medicine, in a llwrt time reftortd him, to the great furprife of all that faw him ; as he did the other four, by his care and attention, whofe refidence will be pointed out by applying to the fird- mcntioned patient ; and from the long knowledge I have had of its efficacy, and feveral other cures he has performed in the moft defperate cafes, within my obfervation, 1 am convinced of tha fuperior virtues of his Medicine in all confumptive cafes, to any others ever yet difcovered. March 12,1789. DUDLEY AND WARD. The following Letter to Mr. Godbold, from a Gentleman in the country, deferves particular attention; and the original, with* great many others, may be feen at his houfe : — " My Friend, " I do not remember whether I ever informed thee thatmy wife, before the knew of thy Vegetable Balfam, had the advice of feveral of the beft Phyficians this country affords, and had attended Bath, Briftol, and Matlock, all which afforded her little or no relief j her diforder continued to gain ground upon her, and her DoClorj feemed at a lofs what further to do. She therefore rel'olved to try thy Medicine, and hath taken it fome time, and now enjoys the beft ftate of health flic has had for many years. It hath, during the time of her taking it, diffolved and brought away many abfceffen and ulcers, which we believe were out of the reach of any other Medicine. Since fhe hath experienced its good effcCts we have recommended ittofeveral, particularly to a Phyfician's fou, aeknoW ledged by his father to be in the laft ftage of a deep confumptiOn^ and out of his power to do more for him. By taking thy Medicine lie was, in the firft week, fa far recovered as to be out of danger, and by continuing it a few weeks was entirely cured, and fent t ® fchool perfectly well. " A woman that had been affliCted with an afthma 30 years, fo that fhe was not able to lay down in her bed, attended wilh a violent head- ach, was, in a fhort time, fo far relieved by thy Medicine, as to enjoy life comfoitablv, and entirely cured of the hcad- ach, and ( he and herhufband fay fhe could r i t have lived over laft winter but for thy Medicine. And feveral Others, that I cannot now particularly defcribe, have been cured by thy Medicine, that was believed to be out of the rtarli of all others. " I am, refpeftfuHy., thv . Friend, * " HENRY RICHARDSON." Siocktm- tipcn- Tcet, Durham. The Lady of the Chief Magiftrate of Helfaft, in Ireland, ha » been recently cured of a violent confumption therf, 111 conlequcnee of which a Gentleman lately arrived from that place, vix. ( Charles Talbot, Efq;' of Southampton- ftreet, Bloom( bary) has conveyed t9 Mr. Godbold tne following letter. The fame Gentleman alfo in forms me, that the Medicine is held in univeifal eftcem in that part, and that it has pioduced wonderful effects in the cure and relief of confumptive and'afthmatic complaints. The following Cures deferve particular attention : The letter communicated to Mr. Godbold by the above Lady, ( by favour of Mr. Talbot) is . tsfollows, which file defired might be made public for the benefit of fociety, her cafe being fo extraordinary : " I fhould feel ungrateful to you, and unjuft to the world, if I " did not acknowledge the wonderful benefit I have received by " your valuable Vegetable Balfam. When I firft took thisMedi- " cine, I had every fymptom of a galloping confamption, four. d my " health and ftiength hourly declining ; and two pint bottles, " with the attendant Medicines, have rcftoied me to better health " and fpirits than 1 have experienced for many years-. Believe me, SIR, Your very humble fervant, Belfaft, Auguft 13, 1788. ROSE B R J S T O W E ." The very furprizing cures performed by this Medicine, on nine Gentlemen out of ten, belonging to his Majefty's Firft Troop of Horfe Guatds; and what is necellary to obferve, the only perfoiu ir. that Royal corps Mr. Godbold ever undertook to cure, or hail under his care, are authenticated by the moft Noble the Marquis of Lothian, and Major General Drouly, as under- mentioned : " Thefe are to certify, that the before. mentioned Certificates " are authentic— that we have particularly examined the parlies, " and have great reafon to think, not only from their own con. " viCtion, but from the confirmation of others, and the circumftancej " of their different cafes, that the above- mentioned Medicine, " called Godbold's Vegetable Balfam, has proved extremely " efficacious." LOTHIAN, Commander of t h t Firft Troop of Horfe Guards. JOHN DROUI- Y, Lieut- Col. of ihe fame. From. his fucctfs'in the above cafes, the noble Marquis » nd the Colonel have recommended feveral patients of rank to Mr. G. who have alfo been happily reftored. The many defperate cures that have been performed by this Medicine ( fuch as were never experienced by any other) many where tht bones have come through the fkin, as may be feen in the fifth edition of the Treatife lately publifhed. The following Certificate is publifhed at the requeft of the undermentioned Nobility, & C. who have honoured the Proprietor « iih their Certificates, for the benefit of mankind : So truly efficacious in t he cure of Confumptions and Afthmaj, ought not to be held in high eftimation only, but its reputation ever preferved , for which purpofe, in juftice to Mr. Godbold, fole Patentee of the Vegetable Balfam, ( and as a tribute due to him for the ' many years ftudy and infinite cxyence he has been at, in difcovering and bringing to perfection a medicincof fuch utility and importance), We do heieby certify and declare, that this medicine, the fuperior efficacy of which we have experienced in eur own families, as a fovereign remedy in confumptions, afthams, colds, coughs, and fcorbutic complaints, and we recommend it as highly neteft'ary to be kept in all families ; and it is our earned wifh, that a trial may be made, by which means the health of thoulands in this metropolis may be preferved and reftored.; Moft Noble the Marquis of Xothian, Right Honourable Lord Fortcfcue, Right Hon. Lady Dowager Vifcountcfs Falmouth, Right Honourable Lady Dowager Fortefcue, » Right Honourable Lady Vifcountefs Dudley and Ward, Right Honourable Lord Macdonald, Lady Apprecce, Right Hon. Lord Dudley and Ward. Let it not be fuppofed that Mr. Godbold does arrogate to himfdf m » re than is juftly due, he is only proud to conlidei this difcovcry is crowned with fuccefs, and that he is the fortunate inftrument in the hands of Divine Providence, for dilpeiifing fuch unlimited bicfliii^ s to mankind. The above is fold by Mr. NEW co VS, Stamford; Mrs. Drummond, Mr. Brookt, and Mr. John Drury, Lincoln ; Mr. Horden, and Mr. Jacob, Peteiborough; Mr. Gray, Falkingham; Mr. Prefton, Bofton; Mr. Ellis, Homcaftle : Meffrs. Allin and Ridge, Newark; Mr. Marlh, I. outh; Mifs Whalcy, Grantham; Mr. Albin, Spalding; Mr. Harrod, Harboroiigh, and Stamford; ar. d. Mr. Gregory, Leicefter. , ' onfumptions.— It is the gift of God to the Proprietor whofe indefatigable ftudy is crowned with fuccefs. He begs leave to appeal to the candid World, whether they fee fuch extraordinary cures as have appeared in this and other papers, fo well authenticated by people of noble families. The following certificates of recent Cures performed by, this Medicine, in the laft ftages of exiftence, authenticated by fome of the firft perfons of rank ; particularly that figned by Lord Dudley and Ward, muft give the utmoft fatisfaCtion, as nothing can exceed it but railing the dead ; which, with thofe of the Marquis of Lothian and Colonel Drouly, fo frequently inferted, contain the cures of fourteen out of fifteen which were all under my care at two different times, and it was always deemed a very great thing to fave one out of twenty. The following C E R T I F I C A T E of the Right Honourable Lord DUDLEY and WARD, muft have great weight. T o THE PUBLIC. Where the Life and Health of Mankind are concerned, it is of the moft ferious confcqueace to the community, and I therefore cannot help acknowledging, that Lady Dudley and Ward, and myfelf, have lately recommended five perfons, in deep confumptions, to the care of Mr.• Godbold; particularly Mr. William Hughes, at No. 25, North Audley- ftrcet, Grofvenor- fquare, who was in fuch 6d. is. and 2s. each, with proper Directions.— 1 Jd. the Bottle. Families once ufing this Article will never be without it. Prepared and fold, Wholefale and Retail, and for Exportation, by the fnventor, J. SCOTT, Superfine Water Colour Preparer to her Majefty and Royal Family, at his Manufactory, No. 417, oppofite the Adelphi, in the Strand, London. Note. A fmall Bottle, is fufficient for Six Dozen Pair of Silk Stockings, or a proportionate Quantity of fine and Family Linen. SCOTT'SSUPF. R F I N E WATER COLOURS, in Cakes, which with plain Water only produce a Beauty of Colour unequalled, adapted for Painting in Miniature, or on Silk for Landfcapp, Flower Drawing, & c. compleat, fct in neat Boxes; wilh Indian Ink, Camel- Ilalr Pencils, and all Neceffaries for Drawing afcd Colouring; fold by Mr. NEWCOMB, as above; Mr. John Drury, Bookfeller, Lincoln; Mr. Taylor, Retford; Mr. Albln, Spalding; Mrs. Worley, Bofton; Mr. Sheardown, Louth; Mrs. Jenkinfon, Huntingdon. Of the above R. Newcomb may be had. All Sorts of P E R F U M E R Y , from the firft Warehoufes in London. AROMATIC SPIRIT OF VINEGAR. S T A M F O R D : Printed by C. P E A T and R. NEWCOMB, at their Officein the H i g h - f t r e e t ; where Letter- prefs and Copper- plate PRINTING is executed with I I ~ — A D V E R T I S E M E N T S , A R T I C L E S of I N T E L L I G E N C E , * c are taken in by tbe following Perfons, of whom tWs Paper ^ Z ! ^ l ' he moft reafonable terms; I Caiftor, Mr. Booth, Bookfeller. j Oainfbro', Mr. Wreffels. Lincoln, S Mr. Brookt and Melton thMein » ^ be regularly bad: | Coningfby, Mr. Rowley. | Grantham, M f i Maley, Mr. An. Mr. John Drury, Primers Market RaifinT' Mr H e f t ^ ^ ' * Mr. Brown, Bookfeller. Louth, Mr. Cray, Mr. Marfb, and | Nottingham, Mr. Wilfin, Bwkftller" Mr. Sheardown.! N « " wark, Allm and Ridge, Kookfellers Leicefter, Mr. Gregory, Printer. 1 Northampton, Mr. EUYnhem, Bookfeller Leng Sutton, Mr. Gregg. Oundle, Lynn, Mr. Marfhall, Bookfeller. ( Oakham, Alford, Bo lion, Barton, Brtgg, Bourn, Bawtfv. Mifs Worley, Bookfeller, Mr. Preflon, Bookfeller. Mr. Wilbar, Bookfeller. Mrs. Swallow, Bookfeller. Mr. Wyer. Mr. Bains, Bookfeller. Cambridge, Mr. Co « //> rr, Bookfeller. Crowle, Dooington] Doncafter, Epworth, Falkingham, Mr. Lambert. I Hull, Air. Hunt. I Horncaftle, Mr. Plummet1 Bookfellcr,! Holbech, Mr. Ifle. j Huntingdon, Mr. Gray. IKirton, Mr. Ellis. Mr. Dixon. M). Jenkinjor.. Mr. Peel. Mr. Ellis. A t e « t h e CHAPTERCOFFEE- HOUSE, Pateritofter- Row, the LONDON COFFEE- HOUSE, Ludgate- Hill, PEELE's'CoVril- HOl'SFrFk^ Stfeef, and GARrXway' IT. — niilA— IMM trlb^- N R,„ I . T . , , . r ^ . 0 . -..„ . 1.. n .- .. , « n _ < . * - < . . ~ [ jRetl'ord, Sheffield, Sleaf'ord, Spilfby, Spalding, Tatierfall, igh, Mr. Horden, Bookfeller. Mr. laytor, Bookfeller. Mr. Gaits, Printer. Mr. Fawcitt, Bookfeller. Mrs. Ward, Bookfeller. Mr. A/ bin, Bookfeller. Mr, Gibbons. Uppingham, Mr. Furnif, Wainflcet, Mr. Wright. Wifbech, Mr. Nicholfon, Bookfeller, Wragby, _ Mr. Weften, Perfumer. By Mr. Kirkman, Red Lion Paffage, Fleet Street; and Mr. Tajler, No. 5, Warwick Court,. St. Paul's, London. K* « « { tm fic m ton thi, raysr fern by Pofr ( free » f E W ) . r lift , f any Pf*, „
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