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Lincoln Gazetter; or Public Advertiser


Printer / Publisher: Rose and Drury 
Volume Number: 1    Issue Number: 47
No Pages: 4
Lincoln Gazetter; or Public Advertiser page 1
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Lincoln Gazetter; or Public Advertiser
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Lincoln Gazetter; or Public Advertiser

Date of Article: 20/05/1785
Printer / Publisher: Rose and Drury 
Address: Opposite the Bank near the Stone-Bow, Lincoln
Volume Number: 1    Issue Number: 47
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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May t, 1785. | LINCOLNSHIRE. Wintringham, Toft with Newton, Hackthorne, Theddlethorpe, and Newball, To be Sold as under- mentioned, The Manor of Wintringham, and a Freehold Estate there, CONSISTING of 2422 Acres and 36 Perches of well inclosed Land, in a high State of Culti- vation, with suitable Farm- Houses, and Outbuildings, in good Repair, and several Cottages, let to Seventy- five Tenants from Year to Year, and includes Twenty capital Farms, and well Tenanted. N. B. The above Estate will be Sold in Lots, by Private Contract, at the House of George Bell, in Wintringham, unless previously disposed of Entire, of which timely Notice will be given. The Side to begin on Monday the 27th of June, at Nine o'Clock ia the Morning. Printed Particulars of the Lots will he ready to be delivered on Monday the 13th Day of June next, by Mr. Bassett at Glentworth : Mr. George Tennyson at Raisin or, Matthew Peacock at Wintringham, the latter of whom will shew the Premises. To describe the very desirable Situation of Win- tringham, and the numerous and valuable Rights be- longing to the Manor, would exceed the Bounds of a common Advertisement, therefore they will be attend- ed to in the printed Particulars above- mentioned. The Manor of Toft with Newton, Within Ten Miles of Lincoln, and Four of Raisin j and a Capital Freehold Estate in Toft and Newton; consisting of 1968 Acres 1 Rood 1 Perch of old inclosed Arable, Meadow, and rich Pasture Ground, with suit- able Farm- Houses and Outbuildings, and Six Cottages, let to Sixteen Tenants from Year to Year, and includes Ten convenient Farms, and well Tenanted. This Estate will be Sold in Lots, by Private Con- tract, at the White Hart, in Raisin, unless previously disposed of Entire, of which Notice will be given as aforefaid. The Sale to begin on Monday the nth of July next, at Nine o'Clock in the Morning. Printed Particulars of the Lots will be ready to be delivered on Monday the 20th Day of June next, by the said Mr. Bassett and Mr. Tennyson ; and Mr. William Hodgson, or Mr. James Sawyer of Toft, will shew the Premises. Hackthorne Freehold and Leasehold Estates, Lately advertised to be Sold Entire, Consisting of Two Farm- houses, with convenient Buildings, Two Cottages, and 1080 Acres 2 Roods 25 Perches of Land ; may be now treated for and bought in two or more Lots, by Private Contract. Theddlethorpe Estate, by Private Contract, A House and Outbuildings, and several Closes and Parcels of Pasture and Meadow Ground, in the Occu- pation of Robert Sands, containing by Admeasure- ment 48 Acres, I Rood, and 37 Perches. Robert Sands will shew the Premises. newball, near Lincoln, by Auction, At the Rein- Deer in Lincoln, on Friday the 17th Day of Jane next, between the Hours of Two and Five, a FREEHOLD ESTATE, confiding of 75 Acres 1 Rood and 7 Perches of Woodland. Thomas Emmitt, of Stainton, near the Wood, will shew the Premises. Any Person desirous of treating by Private Con- tract for Wintringham ENTIRE, and Toft with Newton ENTIRE, the Hackthorne Estate ENTIRE or in LOTS, and the Theddlethorpe Estate, mav for Price and other Particulars enquire of Mr. Bassett, or Mr. Tennyson. To be SOLD by Auction By Mr. PRESTON, Oa Monday the 30th Day of May, 1785, and the following Day, At the Dwelling- House of the late Mr. Joseph Tonge, of Stapleford, in the County of Lincoln, All the HOUSHOLD FURNITURE, & c. Consisting of Bedsteads with Harrateen, Cheney, Check and other Furniture ; excellent Goose Feather Beds and Bedding; Mahogany and other Chests of Drawers; Dining, Card, Tea, and other Tables ; Chairs, Look- ing Glasses.& c.— Also a romplets Assortment of good Kitchen Furniture, and other useful Articles, together with Glass, China, and Earthen Ware. The Sale to begin at Eleven o'Clock. May 1, 1785. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, The Manors of Waltham and Barnoldly- le- Beck, in the County of Lincoln, adjoining each other, with A Freehold Estate at WALTHAM; CONSISTING OF ACapital Mansion- House, and suitable Out- buildings ; also Two exceeding good Farm- Houses and convenient Buildings, and 797 Acres, 3 Roods, 15 Perches of well inclosed Land, Tythe free, and which is now occupied in Three Farms, by the Names of Hall- Farm, Middle- Farm, and Peak- Farm. N. B. To suit Purchasers the two following Lots, Part of the above, may be Sold separate. LOT 1. The Middle- Farm, consisting of a good Brick and Tiled House, and 218 Acrtts » 1 Rood,. 12 Perches of Land, in a Ring Fence, 73 Acres whereof are Meadow and Pasture ; the Rest Arable and an ex- cellent Corn Soil. LOT 2. The Peak- Farm, consisting of 3,50 Acres, in a Ring Fence, a good Turnip Soil, and will grow any Kind of Corn and Flax ; and the House bricked, tiled, and sashed, in the Centre of the Ground. Also, in Waltham aforesaid, in the following Lots, LOT 1. A Farm- House, Homestead, and Cottage, with Five Acres of rich old Inclosure, in the Possession of Mr. Raisbeck. LOT 2. Two Closes of old Pasture, called Skeene Closes, adjoining Holton Lordship, containing 12 Acres, 2 Roods, in the Possession of Luke Rayner. LOT 3. A Cottage and Garth, in the possession of John Walker. LOT 4. A Close, used as a Skin- Yard, in the Pos- session of Mr. Healey. LOT ,5. A House, Garth, and Close, in the Pos- session of Robert Farmery. Lot 6. A House and Garden, in the Possession of William Markham. N. B. Waltham is conveniently situated for Mar- ket Towns; Eight Miles from Caistor, Ten from Louth, and Four from the Port of Grimsby : A very good Turnpike Road to the latter, where Corn may be shipped off to any Part of the Kingdom, and Coals and Lime very reasonable. Both the Manors abound with Game, and Fox Hounds and Harriers in the Neighbourhood. The Situation is pleasant, in a hilly Country, com- manding a very extensive Prospect of the Entrance of the River Humber, and the Yorkshire Side of that River for many Miles. For further Particulars enquire at the Hall- Farm in Waltham, where a Person will ' be ready to shew the Premises; of Mr. Marshal of Killinghome ; Mr. Hurneis of Laceby ; Mr. George Tennyson of Market- Raisin, all in the said County of Lincoln ; or of Mr. Dyson of Bawtry in Yorkshire. SKIDBROKE, LINCOLNSHIRE. To be Sold by Auction, AT the House of Mr. John Sewel in Saltfleet, on Friday the 17th Day of June next, between the Hours of Two and Four of the Clock in the After- noon, subject to such Conditions as shall be then pro- duced, if not sooner disposed of by Private Contract, of which timely Notice will be given : A Messuage in Skidbroke, with the Homestead, Garden, and a Close of Padure Ground, containing together by Estimation, about Five Acres, and in the Tenure of Henry Woodford. And one other Messuage in Skidbroke, with the Homestead, Garden, and a Clofe of Pasture Ground, containing together by Edimation, about Eight Acres, in the Tenure of Matthew Parish. The respective Tenants will shew the Premises. N. B. Each House is entitled to Right of Common for Twenty- four Sheep, a Mare, and a yearling Foal, on the extensive commonable Lands of Skidbroke and Saltfleet. For Price and other Particulars apply to Mr. Phillips, Attorney at Law, in Louth. And to be Sold by PRIVATE CONTRACT, Four Assignments for/~ ioo each, of theTolls arising on the Lincoln Turnpike Road, called the North East Di- strict ; and two othar Assignments for each, of the Tolls arising on the Turnpike Road from Donington High Bridge to Langret Ferry, in the County of Lincoln. For Treaty apply to Mr. Chapman. Attorney, in Spilsby; Mr. Lely, Attorney, in Lincoln, or the said Mr. Phillips in Louth. April 12, 1785. A Very elegant SINGLE HORSE CHAISE, almost new, and in good Preservation, with Harness complete ; well worth the Notice of a Purchaser, be- ing very little used. Enquire of T. PRESTON. Lincoln, April 25, 1785. To be Sold by AUCTION, At the House of JOHN DENT, at Martin, near Timberland, in the County of Lincoln, On Saturday the 21st Day of May next, between the Hours of Twelve and Three, Subject to such Conditions as will be then produced, ( if not before disposed of by Private Contract;) AVery desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, con- sisting of a new Brick and Tiled Messuage or Tenement, with the Barns, Stables, Outbuildings and other Conveniencies, entirely new and adjoining thereto: And also divers Pieces or Parcels of old and new inclosed Land, containing together ( by Estimation) 32 Acres: Also Six Cow Gates on the High Moor and Common Right on the extensive Com- mon Fenn of Martin aforesaid. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Thomas Fulalove at Martin, who will shew the Premises or of Mess. RUTTER and BELL in Lincoln. Boston, May 9, 1785. tHIRTEEN healthy Children, Seven Boys and A Six Girls, from Thirteen to Seventeen Years of Age, to be put out Apprentices. A Premium will be given. For Particulars enquire of the Overseers of the Poor of Boston, aforesaid. Letters, Post paid, will be duly answered. BOSTON, LINCOLNSHIRE. For READY MONEY only, AWAREHOUSE is opened for the Sale of good and approved Spirituous Liquors, where the Public may be advantageously supplied with any quan- tity not less than two gallons. r. d. Brandy - - - 6 6 per Gallon Gin 4s. 6 d. to 6 6 ditto Wiskey - - - 56 ditto Peppermint - - 56 ditto Anniseed - - - 5 t> ditto And other Compounds; By JOHN LANE, DEALER and IMPORTER. • These Liquors are so capital in their smell and taste, that some nice Judges have not been able to distinguish them from the best Brandy and Gin that are imported : The Brandy and Wiskey also make excellent Punch. N. B. JAMAICA RUM, FRENCH BRANDY and HOLLANDS GENEVA, ne « as imported. LINCOLNSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, THREE Clofes of rich Pasture Land, in North Coates, near Saltfleet,— One called Sleights Close, A. R. P. Containing - -- -- -- - 7 2 8 An
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