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Lincoln Gazetter; or Public Advertiser


Printer / Publisher: Rose and Drury 
Volume Number: 1    Issue Number: 30
No Pages: 4
Lincoln Gazetter; or Public Advertiser page 1
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Lincoln Gazetter; or Public Advertiser
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Lincoln Gazetter; or Public Advertiser

Blanchard and Jefferies Balloon across the Channel
Date of Article: 21/01/1785
Printer / Publisher: Rose and Drury 
Address: Opposite the Bank near the Stone-Bow, Lincoln
Volume Number: 1    Issue Number: 30
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
Additional information:
The Earliest Intelligence
Jefferies crossing the Channel by Balloon

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NGOLN The only Newfpaper WLolumt u printed at LINCOLN. JSumfeer 30, L I N C Q L W 8 PMUED TA YLQR> PRI[> TER< £ AST RETFQTZ——--, « 1 ' — - NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. Advent no, Twenry Uncs^ e inle„ ed „ .^. p ind , s,, pclK, a„ d r D-: nri -> ~ „ _ . ' ^ ~" ' • .'• . ., 1 ' • — r— r—;—•—— : : - 2/, 1785. [ Price Three- pence. ] F R I D A Y, SATURDAY'S POST. LONDON, Thursday, JANUA « Y if. ExtraS efa Letter from Brujels, Dec. 17. " Rver^ uew day a new viifion— every thing wore the appearance of peace two days ago; now the afpe& « - of war preSent! itSelf on all fides. The letrtrs from Paris inform us, that M- de Maillebois fets out for Holland 111 a few days, and that feveral general officers will accompany him as volunteers. The States- of Holland'give that General an appointment « ef foo. oop crowns a year, and allow him a fimilar fum for his equipages before he taku the field. To this they add an annuity of 100,000 Iivres, whether there be peace or war. On the other hand we fearn, that a general difcontent prevails among the Dutch officers ; moft of whom, it is affured, intend to quit: the Service ! but M. de Maillebois will find enough to replace them. " We dtfpair the more of the fuccefs of the nego- ciiftion 1> egun, as the Dutch hare pofitively refuSed to confent to the opening of the Efcaut, as a pre- liminary during the holding of the Congrefs. If this firft point is r. ot determined, no negociatien is pra& icable." Cenfdntincple, Dec. J. The Sublime Porte has re- lieved to fend a Minifter of the Second rank to Ma- drid, to compliment his Catholic Majeffy in the name ef the Grand Signior. The Spanifh Minifter holds conferences with the Divan on the fubje£ t of the differences fubliftirig be- tween the King his maftcr and the Regency of Al- giers. Acapgi- Bachi is difpatchcd to Algieri, with* propofitions relative to the difagrcemcntsbetwcen Spam * nd that Regency, • Celogne, Dec. 31. Our letter* from Venice men- tion, that the Republic has come to the determination of putting all her fhips ofvar into imrficdSate cim- Rpflion, and that great exertions are making for the increafe of her maritime ftrengfb. Thefe preparations are faid to be in confequeqce of the rejefition of the propofition. made to the States General, relative to the affair of the merchants Chomel and Jordan. Hague, Jan 7. M. de Waffemar de Staremberg, ArnbafTidor Extraordinary from the Statei General to the Court of Peterfburgh is recalled. We are told from Frankfort, that the Imperial troops fuffer prodigioufly fiom the inclemency of the feal'on, and that the defertion on their march increaSet daily. It is confidently reported here fince yeftcrday, that feveral Auftrian regiments have received orders to re- turn back. * A report is likewiSe current, that Some SwiSs offi- cers in the Service of the Republic, and Some re- sults, have been made prisoners of war by the troops of the Emperor. ExtraS of a Letter from Brtjltl, Jan. 8. " Some labourers belonging to Abraham Rizdall, • f Portifhead, in the county of Somerfet, were laft week preparing fome clay for making bricks, on his farm at Barnham, in the Same neighbourhood, where they found two human fteletona three feet deep; one of them was laid with his face downwards, and the two arm bones were over the back, fuppofed to have been tied behind him when buried." Yefterday the two Qoodridgci and Evans were re- moved from New- Prifon to Newgate, in order for trial, for forging and publifhing a writing, purporting tojbe the will of the late Mr. Sawfell, of Saffron- hill. Thefe offenders are people of property 1 the brother! were in extenfive bufinef* as carpenters ; and Evans had retired, fome months before he was apprehended, into Wales, upon a fortune acquired by keeping a public- houfe upon Saffron- thill. Sunday morning, at . two o'clock, the Duchefs of - Portland was delivered of a dead child at Burlingtan- houfe. The Dutchefa had arrived in town but on Saturday evening about fire o'clock, with the Duke, from Lord Fitzwiiliam's, at Milton, in Northampton- shire r and as they came peft, it it fuppofed the jour- ney precipitated tbe accident. Laft week the., following'melancholy accident hap- pened in Cheapfide:— A gentleman and hit wife be- ing without a fervant, re. quefted an acquaintance to let. their daughter, about fix teen years of age, rcfide With them until they could provide themfclves with one. The gentleman being out one evening, the girf was left up for him, who unfortunately falling aileep, fome part of her apparel took fire ; awakened by'thS fcorching flames, fhe endeavoured to put them • ut, but in vain ; upon Which fhe ran up to the chamber of the lady, v. ho, alarmed by her cries, opened the door, but, thirujh - fright; feeing the" poor creature, fhur it again immedhtefy. The. firt ( fill raging, her fiiriuiu afaimed Some oiher- pebpfa > the houSe, who came to her alfiilancc, and by throw- ing Something ^ ovcr her, they put out tbe flame* The fkm was entirely Scorched off her arrm and Uit, and the fire having penetrated through hei ftuvs, Burnt one of her breads in a terrible- manner; She . hail' great preStnce of mind during- the whole rime, and would moft probably have received but little hurt, had the lady", untler whofe piotedtion lhe was, ren- dered her any tfliftance. The poor creature, after lying about five days . in the utmoft agony, was re- lieved from her miSery by the frie'ndjy hand of death. The Swindler's clerk, now under fentence- of deatlv for forgery, has made fome difcoveriesThat wfll btinjf to light, and perhaps to juftice, the moft notjimui fet of plunderers that ever dilgraced ' any civilized country. He has undergone Several examination* in ihe cells. Monday morning was married, at St. George't church, Hjnover- fquare, Thomas Nevill, Elq; ot New Norfolk- ftreet, Giolvenor- Square, to Mil's Draper, only daughter of Daniel Diaper, Efq; lately returned from the End- Indies. SUNDAY'S POST. LONDON, Friday, JANUARV > 4. Peru, Dec. 31. The introduction of the Englifh news- papers is juft prohibited here. For fome time paft, for want of political matter, th- Mi papers were Ailed with, nothing but ibluid and ridiculous ftoriei and fa'tirica) pictures of the prin. cipal, and even uf the mo(| auguft pti fonagei' in Europe. Ai* Jkrdam « Jai$. $. In fheequrfe of lafty » » r c'ry^ j veflcls enteud the port' of the Texel, and I389fhipt have entered the port of Oftcnd. ZxtraCief a Letter from Barbaioes, OS. eo. " You would not foigive me if I did not give you fome account of an extraordinary phenomenon that happened here about eight days fince, in the neigh- bourhood of that part of the ifland called Scotland, about twelve miles from town. At an ( ftate there callcd Walcots, without any fymptoms of an eaith- quake, the Manfion- houfe, with five or fix other buildings; and laftly, the Sugar mill, of considerable value, Sunk gradually into the earth ; not Suddenly and altogether, but alternately and by flow degrees. No perfon was killed or hurt, nor any other damage, except to a few huts, wa » fufiained in the neigliboui. hood ; the tops of thohoufes and the mill are juft diScernnble. Part of the land is travelling towards the Sea very flswly, from which the tftate ii at aliout half - mile." ixtrecl ef a Letter from DuHin, Dee. go. We are allured, from the moft indifputable au- thority, that the Hon. Mr, Fitzmauiice has pre- vailed upon his brother, the Marquis of Lanfdown, and. fome ether of the abScntces, to take their rent iu linen cloth from this kingdom ; and it | s fincerely to be w. ifhed that the reft of the abfentees will follow an example, the end of which is to retain that quan- tity of fpecie in this diftreffed country, which is fo much wanted to promote the manufactures." Mr. Crofbie has conflrutted a balloon in Dublin, and fubferiptions are received there to enable hijn to crofs the Channel to England. The balloon is con- fiderably larger than any ever made in this kingdom, and is Said to be able to contain four peifons. EjrtR of a Letter from Tuam, Dec. 30. " On Wednefday the 15th inftant, as Eleanor Hop- kins of this neighbourhood, was returning home in company with her father, fhe was attacked about a mile from this town, in a moft inhuman manner by fome fellows ; in order to Satisfy their biutal defigns with a greater degree of fecurity, theyljsd her father, having exurcifed upon both a varjety of the moft; un- precedented cruelties, they ravifhed hqr. We are happy to inform the public that, informations have been lddged againft the wretches, and that every ftep is taking to bring them to the fate they fo juftly dtferve." ExtraS of a Utter from Cert, Oct. 30. ' " This day, tlie freedom of the city was voted in Common Council to his" Grace the Duke " of Rutland, Lord' Lieutenant General1 and. General Governor of Ireland, in a gold box ; and to Sir Alexander Schom- berg',_ Bart. in a Silver box." C Heady Money for Advertiilmentu ] The following lingular affair happened, a Few'daya fince, near Pifh- ftneet- hilf: The matters of two ta- verns being in company, and joking each other on who would be the longeft liver, agreed it was' but a tofs up 5 and up ihey^ ffcd who fhould die fi ft. The tols being won by the landlord of a hmift in Leaden- haii- ftreet, the other went home, was taken fick, and died in about three hours. Yefterday Mr. Wtfton, jurt. plumber, in Bermond- Sey- ftieer, fell from a- ladder in the fame ftieet, and" was killed on the Spot; A gentleman carried bis little boy to Court on New Year's Day, where the child Seeing Lord S—— v « ' th a white- wand in his hand, faid, " Papa, is that there gentleman a- conjuter I" THE FOLLIES OF THE DAY. Any newt ? Nothing, pofitively— all as dull as tragedv. To be Sure, there can be no calamity fo diftieffing as a dearth of news, ' Yet, the papers- Ay, the papers do what the can— they kill, mur- der, and marry for our amuSement.— They take away from one man's charafter and add to that of another— they make minifters, and change the caft of plays— and what is more abfurd, they rail againft ftatej" m- n, and yet pity Old Bailey c'onvifts. 7o fay the truth, they do all they can to drive away ennui, which, never- thelefs,' would be infupportabfe without the afliftance of Chriftmas dinners, and Dr. Johnfon. Have we not done with Dr. Johnfbn yet) O no ; not above one third— his body muft not rtfi in peacc yet... He is now in the ft, ite of purgatory, where he is to be clcanftd from til poffible impurities.' There arc but few virtuei now remaining to be attri- buted;^ him, and when they are added to hi* cha- racter, Avhich in a few weeks they will be, he will be proclaimed the moft upright, nay, the only truly » ir « uous, all- perfeft, and alUwife man, that ever grated the earth. Nay, broad hints have been thrown out that he may be proved to be a very polite and graceful man. The Stone Coffin ftory is over. The war of the boxes in the Opera. houSe is ended in a general Silence. The abuSe of Mrs. Siddons appears now and then, only like the Scattered drops of venoni, which the fn ike left behind. tr. Pope has rifen the favourite of the town— lifen like Holman, amidft the plaudits of critics, and crouded audiences. Pray Heaven they may not find that they have only been ballooning it with the gax of ijl- founded entjiufiafm. To the credit of the improving age, l « t it be men- tioned, that the ladies' dreSi paffej now in an inverSe ratio frorh" Virtue to Proftitution, and not as before,' from Proftitution to Virtue. The Charlotte, bonnet now adorns the head of cheap beauty— and the poppy ribbon decorates the fobs of the gentlemen whofe names reSemble it, the numerous tribe of puppies, twho, difdaining chains and filings ( too apt to put them in mind of fetters and halters) content tbemfelves \ yith the moderate luxury of a ninepenny ribbon. Concerning the Emperor and the Dutch, there are more wife men differing than honeft men agreeing. In the city, indeed, the Emperor's forcet have been almoft brought into aftion— and ftiong alliances form- ed againft them by the Dutch brckcrc of Thteadnee- dle- ftreet. LO ND ON,. Saturday, JANUARY 14. lxtra& eftl Letter from Offend, Dec. S3. " At this place, where I'ftaid about fix weeks, I contra'fted an acquaintance with a very genteel young feiltw. I learnt from the maftcr of the houfe ( one of the moft capital hotels in the place) that he had been there about two years and a half, having always kept the fiift company . He feemed to have a good education, and remarkably eafy in his manner and addrefs, and had all the appearance of a young man of fortune. Being much together during my ftay here, we became very intimate ; and oa my re- turn hither ( after an abfence of about a year and a quarter) I was informed that, in about three montht after my depaitur « r he had ( hot himfelf through the head with a piftoi. He was of a remarkable lively difpofition, and, the evening before committing the f^ tal dted feemed to be more than ufually fo. On breaking info his Mom, he was found on the bed, and on his table, a letter, purporting that he was an Englifcman, born at Froome in Somerlctfliire; that hit father died about four years ago, leaving him about 7 or 800 I.- 400 1: of which he had ( pent is London in about a year after his father's decenTe} tbat thinking to hufband the remainder better, he re- tired to Ollend j but that, not being bn u rht up to any profeffion, hts whole ftock was now reduced te> 501, which, ai he could not long iubfift orf, he had ended his ex; fterice, to the milvrrcs of future want. He dtfiicd part of the above fum mi^ hr be; la; d out on his funeral ; that fhould the Undloii} find him in arreaiaj which he believed wit not the cafe, he would litufy htmfelf, and divide the ie- mainder among his dumuftict. They ne\ « r knew hit name : but a Srrviut Says, he th nks a gentle^ man, who cat led'on- him about a year ago, called him Mr. Fairfax." ExtraS of € Letter from PeUrfturgh, Dec. 14. " Among the great and ufrful undeitaking during the reign of our Sovereign, ma/ luon be reckoned a comploat Survey and deicription of ihc Rulfian em- pire. The Senate have appointed commiiiiqneis, the piefident of whoth'is' Prince Walimfkoy, foi carry, ing thit elaborate- Woik into execution. The Punce condufts the undertaking, in which a gieat number of perfons are employed, with the utmoft perStvetance ahd a& ivity, and the Surveys % » d delcriptioMS of four- teen governments are alread) fi. 11 filed. Several aitifta are bufily employed in engraving the typogiaph. kat chart!, lome of which will- be printed very ftiortlv ; and when the plate! of the 41 governments cf the empire are compeared, they will forni a woik equally valuable for the extenfive variety of objc£ U mat ic embraces, and the nice prtcifion and uncommon mge<= nuity of the performance." Letter! from Norway inform, that a pfeat Scarcity of grain pievaill in feveial ot tlie dill. 16I1 of that countty. The roads from Briftol were fo exceedingly bad on Tuefdav, that the poft coach, wh chbungt the mail frvm itvt W'y^. was half an honf r . beforejf ariiVvV at the General Poft- Oifice, whieli i » ' fire hours longer than it.* vei was befoi*. In icveial places they were forced to have i guide to conduft them througli' the water. Hit Royal HighneSi the Prince of Wales hai been * pleaSed to appoint Sir Harry 1Vl0n. cn. ff Weihvood, Bart, to bt one of his domettic Chaplains for Scot, land; Mr. David Maitin, bn Ro) aJ, tligimeli'ji painter in SeotUi. d ; and Janie! Jaffeiy, M. A. to t^ ferricr. ExtraS ef a Letter from. Kilkenny. " On St. John's day two 6f the villain! that are known to aflbciate ( with tcveral others) in whits ihirti, at Jtheir tirtgleadeis, went info the houie of Michael Lonnergan, an honeft indffji five man, broke open hit door, and with bo,' rid imprecations dragged him fiom his bed, in which his unhappy wife lay, ( a poor helplefi woman of 70 years of age, that about eighteen months Since received a ttioke of the pally ;)' they bioiight Lonuergan nearly two mihs fiom hie Jboulc, and told him", that as he wai conucftcd with fcthe proftort, he Should be buried, and his cai! foxed like a hoife. They were ptoceeding to put tlieir threat! into execution, when an alarm came that the military were ordeied in purluit of tlicm ; tbe confe- rence wat, the villains fled with gieat precipita- tion, but not before they had greatly abul'ed Lon- nergan." ExtraQ . ef a letter from Dublin, Jan. 6. " On Sunday laft a perfon'of the name of Foye, wat apprehended near Cabinteely, in the county ot Dublin, on fufpicion of murdering hit wife. It ap « pears by the teftimony of the neighbour!, that the pri2 Toner ( who kept a public houfe) ran out and alarmed - them with an account of his wife's death ; but on their examining the liody, thiy diloivered the woman • was murdered, and feveral circumftancet led to fup « poSe he wai the murderer; he wail in conSequence Seiztd, and condufted U Kilmainham gad.'" Yefterday Edward Wheelei p. tffed under a long ex- amination before the fitting Aldeimen, being taken by Mr. Pariett, one of the Lord Mayor'! marfltaf- raen, charged with fe'veral forgeries, in ordei to re. ceive different peWorit prize money. He had received three perfont prite money, and wai taken attempting to receive the fourth.— He wai committed to the Poultry Coihpter, until lome other perfon! come from Plymouth to give evidence againft' him. , Rumours, were abroad yefterday, that a certain law [ Lord had refigned, that the fcals were in the poffeio fion ef Mr. Lloyd Kenyon, and that the prefej Chancellor wat to be Chief Jgftiee ; but we h; been able to learn'that t& s report hat the I caft dation. % » This PAPER fent weekly to any Part of GREAT- BRITAIN ( F R E F n p P n g T- A r^ V V i- ' Bofton, Mr. Booth, Caiftor, Mr tills, Mr. Weir, HorncLc " il Tito J - to Mejfrs. Drury. Ne, WEDNESDAY'S POST. TOFF DON, Monday, JANWARV ijr. Extras of 4 Litter from Gibraltar, Dee. 6. " The Tuiki are now Wy in fitting out ( ereral ftont armed veffeli at Algiers, & e. fr* m ti to 16 guni each, and well manned with renegadoet of all aationi, to cruife in the Weftern Ocean, for the American ( hips that will fail from Europe next fpring ; as the recent inftances of two ( hips being taken and condemned, and the'prizes turning out rery vilu » bl « , bat encouraged thtm to cruife farther ia the Weftern Ocean. This will be u unexpe& ed ftrake to th* Americans, and hurt their { hipping mucb. Many American reffeli have been waiting fire and fix mojiths ia port* of the Mediterranean, fearful of being taken, ( t the Turks examine ercry veffel very ftriftly, and if they find no pafi, they immediately make prizes of them." Though all the reafonable part of thij country ap- prove the conduft obferred towards the Emperor and the Dutch, by ( hofe who direft our Council*, yet it ii impoflible an Englilhman ( ho* Id view, without re- gret, the prefent ftate of the Auftrian Low Countries, Tht inutility of that noble river the Scheldt, fpreadi an appearance of defolation and ruin over fome of the fineft prorincei of Europe ; and to cover the effefts of a barbarous polity, however warranted by treatiei, the Butch have laid many parti of the country under water. Thii is a dreadful and inhuman method of making war, for it it overwhelming and tarring the inoffenfire and ufeful part of the com- munity for the crimei of tbe ambitious and " warlike. The ( pi ric of the hoUfe of Auftria muft b « much abated, if the Emperor does not retaliate thtfe in- juries. His manner of difmant| ing the barrier towns, and difmiding the Dutch garrifont, ( hewt what acom- mentator of treatiei he ii j and how he diftinguifliet between the letter and fpirit of them. ->• IiHrtlt » f M Letter frvn Dr. Jefiriu, iatU CaUu, Jan. S, 1784. « ' Heaven has crowned my utmoft wifcel with fue- eefi; I cannot deferibe the magnifctnee and beauty of our voyage. When about Mid- channel, and at 0 high elevation, we had filth a profptfl of tbe country at furpaffes my defcriptirt faeultiei; when two- thirdi over, we had expended the whole of o « f ballad. About five or fix milei from tbe French coaft, *: t • ere again falling rapidly towards die fe « , on which eccaion my noble little Captain gave ordcrt, and fet the example, by beginning to ftrip onr aerial car, firft of our filk and finery j thii not giving a! fufficieut rt- leafe, we ctft one wing, then the other, after which I Vat obliged to Mfercw and throw away our metiinet ; yet ( lill approaching the fea very fafi, and the boat* being much alarmed for us, we, though unwillingly, eaft away fitft one anchor, thert the other, after which my little hero ( tripped, and threw away hii coat, [ great coat.] On this I wu compelled » o follow the example. Then ht ftripped and cad away hii trowfert. We put on our cork jacketi, and were, Cod knowa, bow, but at merry as ( trip, to think how w « ( hould fplatttr in the water. Wc had a fixed cord, Stc. to mount into our upper ftory, and I believe both of JM. as though infpired, felt ourfelves confident of fuicefi in the erent.— Luckily at thii indant, we found tbe mercury beginning to fall in the barometer, and we ( oon afcended much higher than ever before, and Blade a moft beautiful and lofty entry into France e<- afily at three o'clock. We enticed riling, and to fueh a height, that tbe arch we dcfcribed brought ui jult twelve miles into the country, when we defeended mod tranquilly into tht midd of the fortftDe Felmores, alsioft at naked ai tbe treei, not a* inch " of cord or tope left, no anchor, or any thing elfe. io belp uij nor a being witbin fereral miles. My good little. Captaim btgged for all my exertion to ftop at the topof the firi tree 1 could reach,\ 1 fucceeded beyond my compre-- henfion, and you would have laughed to fee us, each without a coat of any fort, Mr. Blanchard altfting at the valve, and I holding tht top of a lofty tree, and. the balloon playing to and fro over us, holding elmoft • oo fevere a conteft for my arms. It took exaftly twenty- eight minutes to let out air enough, to relieve the balloon without injury. We foon found the wood'furrounded with footmen, horfemen, 8tc. and received evtry poflible affiftance from them. I wa » foan well mounted, and had a fine gallop of feven tnilcsi W « were invited to tbe chateau, or feat of Monlieur dc Sandrouin, where we received erery po- lite attention, and were led through a noble fuit of apartments to partake of an elegant refrefhtnent, See. and at nine o'clock lent away in an elegant chariot and Crx borftJ, but ander a promife ttat wc would call at .. the chateau of Mr. Brounoi, of Ardingham, where we taid about,. an hs « r, and then fet off again at btfore towards Calais, where we arrired between on « and two o'clock this ma^ fig, I was fnrpmed to find the difficulties of accefs; fire very ftrong gates, bridges, ttc. the guards very vigilant, but bad all ord- rt to tet utpafs, the Commandant having fet up for at. We yifited him, and were very politely received ; but the attentions of Mr. Mouroa and his family ex- ceeded all dcfcription. This morning tbe Mayor, , Governor, Commandant, tht Officers in a body, tht King's Attorney Ceneral, flee, hare been to pay at a congratulatory rifit, and wc bare been complimented, as they compliment the King alone, by feeding us tho vine of the city. A patent ii now making out to make my Captain a citixen of Calais. Wa art re- ceiving honours and attentions much above our mo- To the above accaunt, we bavt authority to add, thai the corporation of Calais bare come to a rcfolu- liunof creQing a monutneht, to perpetuitethe me- mory of tbe ' two intrepid Aeronauts. The letters from Cork continue to bo filled with diftoal account!) of tht didrefi among tbe people, owing to the decri- afe of the ptovifion trade. We are, how- aver, of opinion, that the provifion and grazing trade in that kingdom muft gradually declinc, for many reafom, particularly from the rapid increafe of lire ftock in tht North American provinces,' fr « m whence in sftayeari the, Wefl- Inditt will Vt tbnsdtntl'y fup- plicd, witbovt recurring to* urope. The'prefenlft » t « of our provifion trade, with the feeding or grazing, may j be conceived from a companion of annfcat exportation uken from an arerage of fcreh years, ending thu 31ft of December, 17I1, compared with, one year, .. taken fromaaaverige of the feyen prcccding opcr, namely, ending die gift of December, 1776. There was exported in twelve montht, ,776 Of the produce of.) oxen and the value 1 Dittp of ( beep, Ditto of - bogs, iduce d cows, > = of - S Annual dtcreafe £ l, llS,< j31 100,413 1^ 0,6- yi 1,569,946 1,414,830 » ; $, 116 — 17S3. / . 1,067,310 « 15 , oao a j i, 5 to « , 414,330 It has been mentioned lately in the papers, as one of thereafoiu for the decline of the prorifion trade in Ireland, the great fupply that the Weft India idands receive of late from South Carolina; if this be the eaft, a* we believe il is, Carolina may,- in a few rear,, fully riflual all our idands ; for there is not a province in the wide extent of North America, in fo rapid a progreffion of profperity, as Carolina; for notwith- ', ftanding the interruption of . the war," of which Caro- lina was the theatre, iu trade ajultoinmcrce ia already in at much fofwardnefs as. it was beforte - the Ame- rican troubles, and what it tbtss'Wa^ v'tlfW^ ll- as . • rapid cncrcafu, it may be a falwftaiowfor our rcrSkdet^ ' f to know:— ' / In the year 1.76A, tht value, of the c^ poru frpm • outh Carolina were computed at 394,66& U But in 17ft, they bad encrcaftd 10 Ac amazingfum of 75<, ooo I.— Aud to tht town of Charlellown there did then belong 506 rtflcls. The inhabitants ofSouib Carolina at prefent confift of about 40,000^ whites,' and 90,000 aegroes. .,- 5 ' The Atalanta ( loop « f war, of 16 gunsj Capt. Foley, i> arrived at Portfmoutb from Quebec, with- di( pa « ches for Government from the Gorernor of Canada.'- Sht left tha rirer St. Laurence the t9tb of Noydnbc'r, lad, at whirb time all was well. The ( hips which did not intend to winter at Quebcc, were prepwihg to get away befaat tht winter fet ia. The regulation* in refpeft to trading with tht Indian nations, and to avoid any difpute with the American States, were preptring to be carried mto execution, according to the inftru& ions fent out from England. At prafenl J thert was rio caufe of complaini, the fubjcQs of Atue- rica, at well as thofe of Great Britain, baring ftriclly confined themfelvit to their refpeftire limits accord- ing to tretty. The Americans hare feveral reHels on the lakes, bat they are chiefly unarmed, and built particularly for the pnrpofes of trade. A new colony was forikiag on the South bank of Ontario, ntar Etkonfplaidi, a ( ituatioa wbicb feemed to promifc fucccfs for an early trade with the Indians fo'r furs. A nambtr of familiea bare arrived and built huts ;' but it will depend an the difpofition " of the faragt tribes, whether it will be a place of fscurity. Wedncfdar the Selfions began at the Old' Bailey, _ whta fcreateea pnToneti weia tritd, four of whom were capitally coariAed, rix. Edward Payat,' for felonioufly' ftealiag a great quantity fitrer'dollaVs, tbe property of Joel God- dard, matter of the ( hip Elbe, lying on the navigable river Thames. Jofeph Fittpatrick, for burglariouSy breaking open the direliing- houfe of David KichaVdftn; and dealing fertn handkerchiefs. John Btice, for burclanouflybreaking and ente'ribg the dvvelling- houft of John' Scot Whiting, at. Lime- houfe, and dealing a quantity of plate. Thomas BnVwn, for fclunioufly aflfaulting Mr. James Cook, on the highway, near Croudi End, and robbing him of a metal watch, a gold ftal, and fi* guin « r. '' Brown, tbe highwayman, wko was apprehended oa Friday eVenirtg at Ifii » j; ton, rode a gelding at tht time of commitring the faft of which he Sands ten- vifttfd', that wis lately the property of Sir John Lade. In confequente of the aiiimal falling with his tmfter , on bit back. Sir John refdved never to ride him again, and made him a pie fent to his coachman, who, about three - weeks ago, di( po( eJ of " him to Brown, receiving in exchange a mare, which the lit- ter liad been for Tome time accuftomed tit ride;* and- a few guinens. Brown ktpt a Ii » u/ e in 1 ftrtet in the" ' . ntighbo.( j, rhoad- of Oxfotd- ftrect, mrtd - foHb\ v « J tint bufmedind a. tobaewnift but - he wai brought - dp to t the bufineft of a ( hoe- maker : his indftnture* of tp- prentict( hip: Vtrt found- in hif - pxreket,- whtn ht ,' fearched in Mr. Blackborow's officti' <> J • --- : 1 - Ac9r « fpondent mfprmtilsj tKata^ eatltniaa wtio had a feat at one of the- pul& e bdards,' his lately'been difmij& d. lt » m « , ja • onleqiteircc of ttr affidavit made by him tefptdmg. the- k'i^ q^ At^ frflMfWiii aitmriMatfe tfitir I ' hefwtvtjdifet ( o « ud « lf, tbatb4rt » ' fid « ' t « aidbot bt right.' '"-' - - - • Early oa Tuefday mora leg the ftiop of Mr. E'oott, Maberdafhor, King- ftrcet, Corcat- Gardcn, was. broke open aisd robbed of ercry thing moreable; . ths dock . is- faid to aiViount to abort loool. The lame ins- iag, by tht rigilance tad aftirity of MlSVi. Carp"- ' meal and Jealous, officers belonging to Sir Sampfcn . Wright, fire ntta and two Women wtre apprehe. nd'td in a houfe in " Hopkin't- flieet, Kaart's- acre, and brought to the Fublic- ofiice in Bow- ftreet. , Wjicu ' difcorered by the above officers this defpeme gang were burning a large quantity of cards with Mr. Euyi't maik oa them, ni11rsr. 11 had i> eeit tbe valuable lace belonging to that unfortunate gentleman. 16. their p- sffefhon were found piftolt, cutlaiTcs, and various • tlkrodialive wttpons and tnfliuments ulcd by bou( « -' bieaktrt. ..." ' ..,, A beautiful boy, abavt four ytari old, baring « mt Wedacfday afternoon rambled from tbt ( ervaM who had the care of him in St. James's Paik, loft himfetf ia Fall- mall, where bis diftrtfs * ttra& cd the antic* ef a- great number of people. His Royal Highnefs tbe Fiinct nf Wales, wb<>," at that time was at diuwr ip Carlton- h irfe, 1' u. ving the jafa^' t- fauawon, wiOt great humanity ordcriftf'fottie of" his domcdics to take".' him ifito the ftewarS t rooi « , vvhtre he continued tili late that niglit, when he was difcorertd by and reftored, to hrs parents, who are people of fortune in Queen's- fquare, Weftmindcr. ' On Wtdnefy. iy evening, Mr. Fifher, Mailer of the Blue Pdft E. iting- houfe, in Lcadenhall- market, who l. ad bceu confintd foine time pall on account of iofa- niir, found means to tlude the vigilance of his ' keeper, and haugtd himfelf in his'wiiit- ccllar; when found, the body Was quite cold ; nsrerthclefi, the Various meittods leconinitnded by the Humane So- ciety wcit tried, but without etfeft, and on Friday evtaing, the Coroner's Inqueft fat on the body, and . t brought in their rerdift Lunacy. ': i THURSDAY'S POST. TONBON, Tucrday, JANUARY 18. -• . j- v • • ij. ' E » trait sf a litter fu* i Fran\ f » rt, Dk. JO. " A laige colomn of infantry palled Lutftrine, whfeh itfive miJes onfy to the S. W. of this city, the'afth iaftant, they ctnfift of li, ooo men, of which * 13oOwi dilmounted culraffiert, all bound to'the Lt> w -' Coffhtfitj, where we expeft t » hear of fome operations tti't weatht^ pcirlt » ffaT the Sfniiet to take tht field in • thole parts," v , } ^ jPM » it de ltel- jir'W^^'^ J'h. H Court, has de- clared pj Lpr^ X^ HOgtwij that . one of, the firft tilings jtht EmptrtM- intends doing after his arrival ia the Low . Countries, will be t'} CtilL upon, hij Lordihip to - gire^ definitive anfwer to a que& iun l8ng, fince put tQ bir » , and tranfmifted . by biitt. Ja St. Jamts's, " Whe- ', ther, in c » f* of w « r, be mar look foi thje affijUtnt of •? England againft^ Hollarvd t Qr, luppofmg ilic would not gire him any - liitt. uire, wbe^ er die might exf, oft fh » would obferre a drift neutrality.!" The Comtt therefore rcqutfted his Lordfiiip would take fuch fcsps • JM would enable him to gire bit Majefty a fiual aa- '/ wer* on his ai rival. He ieplied, . lhat he axptfted inftruitioas op that head from his Couil by the very • B » Xtpoft. ' . - i ixtratl of a Letter frtm Mr. Duff, tti- Cenful U tk< i Stttes tf Btrbary, Mud Bert Mai cm, from tht lit* - to tke I£ f/ i of December, 1784. il "' I hare been prerented continuing my letter, br tbe mi> ft- « rucl and dtfagreeable alarm which could ; haft! occurred, to cerapleat tht uaplaafantatf's of our.' j rorage. Fifteen or twenty fail of Baibary'corfaltt- clofe to the iflan^ and trcry inftaat expend to hod ' to pillage, aiurtlan, arid makt as many darts as tht) cantht whole town has been, during theft fire days, and ftill continue in tht unnoft coafuioA ; they hare neither arms nor ariunuiiitiou to- defend themftlret, nor have they any place to fly for ( icurity ; tht Go- vernor, howerer, it rery dUi| ent, and has feni to the CeMieerrt for a'fupply. ' They aie already'bufily em ployed ia ert& ng batteries, and an 6rder is girta to fertti 11,000 fafcihcs. God know't what *- « hart to expett, ( hould the" y land while we are hert, efpeciiiiy ia tht itight time, as if i » not to be fuppnfed, that ia the « onf « fion - which their horrid depredation! would* render general, tliey ( hould diftinguilh, or wc could inform- them of our being ' Eagllfii. The Englidi who are here claim my prettftion, thinking that be- iagmidioatd to the Statti of Baibary, I might com- mand fome attention from the Algerinet. Tht iaha- bitantt hare judfy defer retf the chaftifemenr the* are* now threatened with |- ihey ait ever difcoiittated, and areas pufillanimout at difTatulkd ; they were triitort to tbe'Englidi, and wormed them from the place,- by encouraging fecretly the Spaniards to befitge if ; now that thty have loft our pr# teftion, tbcy fetl the chaage , and bitterly lament it. They have enriched them- { elret by the trade which they hare cartied on with ,\ tli « Algtrintt, and th » y took the firtl opportunity ef { hewing - tiieir ingratitude, by a general petition t* the, , Spapifc- gorernment of Joii^ voluateert againft thatf' kiriptarn in tht Ittt txpeditior.— What bar* they at prcfent, or ought they to elpeft from that uncivilized nuioa, who, from the knowledge of their unfriendly intentions towards them; are fo judlr irritated, aud who, from ihat motire'alor. e, are rtfolrcd to invade thtm, armed with rengtance and power to infllft it ; ' Bid indeed I think thtre svill be at bloody a fctnt at imagination can paint: nine baittriet will bt ert& cd in left than. a week ; one may admire their expedi- tion, but what arails that, . when thty hare r » t a gun to mount them, nor- ammunition to lupply them. [ It it obferred in the former part of the letter, when Fort Philip capitulated, tht Spaniards deftroyed it, to pre- rent In future^ any jealoufy for ( he iflsnd ; and there art- 9nfy twp nr three batteriet remaining, to com* mind the mouth of the htrbour. J Tiie Minorquiat art. more thin. difeoiiiented with tht Spaniards, they cry ouvbptftly agaisft them ; when they fee an En-" gliflifha*, ' they folloiV hiia, demanding if their dear Johnt ( by which epithet thty formerly^ were ; pteaf « d Conttmptuoudy to. diftinguifb our nation) will j - trtr rtturn. Tbty piay for the- RutTnns to bccome maders, of it; and Ante I have been here, I havt fre- quently heard them fay, that thiy wifced the Turkt to- take the place, ia preference to its remaining ia pofteflion of Spain. Don Barcik), with two ( hips of the line and fix frigates, it daily expt^ ed from CK- thagena, at lead fuch it the report; ercry . perfon in tit idand has been ordered to their arms, and they are now formed in bodies ; thty alfo have directions to lay in fix monthr prorifions for- each family. An embargo ir laid » n atl tbe perfons and rtffels in tlie plait, without diftinftion, and there it a triple bomb chain.' laid acrol's tht_ port. There are thisee Englllb refftls in_ the port juft now ; and it is my intention to prefent. an oScial memorial for one of them; being on government fcrricc, I do not know the General can icfufc it mc. o- My friends, Mr. and Mrs. R. are eonlequently detaintd alfo 1 and this will proceed with tbe General's difpatclies to Barctloaa. Several harttries ate compltattd about tht town, and { too labourer! and mafent ait continually employed to ac- celerate the conciuCe'n of the reft." finJcjHcnd. Nov. 43, : By late accountt from tbe ' \ Kaft « 6- cotfirti) r, \ V » " letter that iht Itdinna » rt ( is I eufperated ' tt the f rocetdiags U feme of tbe from North Carolina, wbaj had in'croached upoa \ beir. territoiy, that they wert making evtry preparation to go to war; feveral parties'aie already out,* and hare done conCderablt tpifebief. Tbe Weftern Indian! had been, informed by fome ill- difpofed perfons, that their whole country was to be taken from them, but on being affured to the contrary, they were fome- wluf pacified ; and, it is fkid. ' had determined to addicts Congrcfs on the fubjtft. That the Indians about the fall* of Niagara, had declared war, and were expeftcd to break out every day. That the Spaniards had made offci s to fcveral of the nations, and were- endearourtng to incite them againft tht Americans. That a large srmy of Northern Indians weie on'- their way againft the inhabitants of the Ohio ; and that l'ome rery dreadful confequences weie apprt- htndcrt, if fome mode wat not fpeedily adopted foe- their releafe. We aie credibly informed, that bt fides fome other hoftlluies, the Indians hare lately killed fifteen men and one woman, in the wilderncfi, on the Eentucky- roitd ; took near 50 hoifei, and a good deal of » , ther plunder.— When the accounts came in, about 150 ? S our men, on horfeback, were in purfuit of- die In- dians, who, after having perpetrated their faragt barbtrity, were ftecring their couife towards Ohio Rirer. Earl Wycombt, tided fun of tht Marquis of Lanfdown, bis nearly coaiplcated tlxt tonr * f Earapr. Hit Lorddiip's plan hat bttn to inform hiinfelf of the. politick! of tht fereral Courts, ai » d to gain a thorough knowledge * f the commercial intereft of each coun- try. A noblemin fo qualified' will be a valuable ac- quififion to the Biitifh Senate, ia which it ii expefted ht wifl bare a feat immediately * n hii return, being now in tht ttft ytar of hii agt. May not a hint be taken from the puaHbment which Capt. M'Eenzie in ( lifted on the culprit, and he " beneficial confequtnces it produced to the gar* rifon I Should not fomething' of the terrible, iu our punifhmens of conrifts, I* tried I Where execution* are attended with dreadful folemnity, we find thtm lefs frequent, thaa wbere they art performed in the Englifla manner. [ London Packet.\ A lady, t'other day, pa Sag a Slop in Holborn, the • nc half * f which it a watchmaker's and the othtr an nndcifakei's office, obfetred, that the owner of thai place muft be a veiy religious Kan, for bt provided beth for time and eternity . Afnong the many extraordinary wants of the prt- ftat* age, one appeared in a morning papci of Friday, - tof a mod uncommen kind indeed. Wanted a young miu of the ftrifteft hontfty, as a Clcik to an Attornev f - f I Tht following txtriordinary affair ii given to tbe public on the authoiily of a very rcfpc& able corre- spondent, who vouches for the truth of it : A lady in the neighbourhood of London, a ( hert time tact went to the Bank to rectirc a dividend, amounting w a cautiderablc funi, which ( he took in Bank Bills, pat t'nem loc- fe ia her pocket, and dirt& td bar coachman to drive to 1 tiadefman't ia tbe city, where ibc bought fomt goodt, and took tht opportunity ef exa- mining her hills, and putting them ia her pocket- book ; after which At got into her coaeb, and erdti- td tht Coaihmari to drive home. A few mi let from' tewn the carriagt w » t ftopt by a finglc highwayman,' with a crape ^ ref hi! fa? e, who demanded the lady'* money and watch, which lhe gave him. •• Madam, fayt lie,- y « u lutvc more property, about yea : gire me your pucktt- Vok." Thii wat complied With, and the highway maa rode off. After a few miaurt* tonfidtration, tht lady calltd to her eotchmaa to turn . about, and drive immediately to the tradtfmanS where ht had taken her up. On her arrival there, ( be required for tht mater of the ftop, and wit ia- iformed that he was goae out * f town ; that hii return wai unceitain, it might bean hour or two, or per- haps not for two or three days. This aafwtr in- creating her fufpicion, ( he declared that her bufuie6 was of a rtry particular auurt) and that IK would • wait till ihe faw him. About an hour afterward! tht tiadcfiTlan made' his appearance, whta the lady de- fied to fpeak with him in- prirate, aad* tbt moment they were'alone, ( he told him { ht had been robbed by a fingle highwayman that afternoon, and he was tbe mm.' The tradefman began to florm, protiftiag bis innocence ; but the lady replied very coolly, that die was pofitire as to hit peifun end roice, though. bin face was corered ; that if he would. qujetly. rtftor* her pr* ptrty, ( he wonld never difcovtf him, from n, rtgard to bis family-; but if he did not inftantly comply with ibis requed, ( he would order him to b* . taken into cuftody. Upoa this, the tradtfmait burft iato tttrs, and acknowledging bis guilt, rtftored the property; and the lady hat fo ftriftly kept bet pro- mife, that ber moft intimate fiiendt cannot obtain trea - a diftant hiat by which tha penitent robber may Ue difcerered* . . < , The ft ( to* I it the Old Bailey it ended, aad t'Mve have thit moraiag tcctivtd- fcntcnct of dtatlt. Thit • added t* tbe number now ia prifoa, maktt capttll coarifts ! a melancholy item of tht growing dopr*. rity of tbe lower claffes, and tht ( hocking aeceffitiae which thtir penny createt. Thii rcfieftion ii tWe- Ttiore melancholy, that we perctirt n* beneficial con.-, fequencet from repeated cxecntiont. On the coa- trary, tlie aambtr whodeferre dtath increafci in pro. portion to the number who havt fufftred death. Oat penal laws ought tatngagt the attention of our greaV' and learntd ( aget- af the- ltgiflaturt. St. Jamtt't, XV. si. Tht King bat betn pleafed to appoiat Ralpbi Woodford, Efq; l* te hii Majtfty'i Envoy Ettyawdi. ' nary to ihe Court of Denmark, t* be bit Majefty'*' Commiffary to treat with the Commiflary of the Ca » tholic King, concerning new arrangtmsats * f com- merce, purl'uaat to the deftniyve treaty of petcc and friendlbip, concluded bttweea the two crq » n » at Vtt- feillei, ihe » d of SejHeinber, tf8j. . Tbe pod- bcy that came on Monday « i; h . the' Weftern Mail & y> . llut tbt rotdt areio much ortr-" ftowtd- with water, in maay . part! of the Wtft if ; tnglaad, that the Wail wat obliged t* wait fotre houri for th* wat* n w fubft^ e, btfote he cniUd get threugh tbeim. 0 « $* urday evtmg, Wilh'am jahnfou wu tppre- htnded in this town, and carried to the guard- houfe Oaptain Bartlctt having had information that hit bag* gagewai carried away Port-- Royal on. the fame morning, immediately went with a ptrty of the Town- guard, and brought it up to thii town, on the knowledge of which the villain cbnfeffed the feveral murderi that tie add his accomplice! had committed, and the next horning gave a circumftantial account thereof to the Magiftrate, after which he wai ordered to clofe con- finement in gaol. It appears by Jobnfon'i confcffion, that only Jofeph Twentymaa and himfelf arrived with the ytflel aad cargo at this ifland. ., Real Antciote.— When the Prince of Walti wsi lately confined by indifpofition, one of the Pbyliciam who attended him recommended for hit Royal High- ncfi't pcrufal a volume of Br. Armftrong'* works, containing hi* poems on Health, Tide, Benevolence, Jkc. The Priaee wai fo charmed with the clafGcal etc. gancc, harmoniout verfification, and liberality of fenti- ment contained in thefe poemi, that he made particular • enquirioi concerning the Author, and faid. h « fliould be happy to be acquainted with. a man whs appeared to poffefi fo much real . geniui, tafle, learning, and phi- lanthropy ; that he wifhedto Ihcw him every mark of, attention and • regard due to, fuch diftinguifygl merit. On due enquiry, the Prince wai informed, that tbf Author of tbtCoepi was n< o p<£ celViHij Rpj^ l jHjgji- j otfs neat enquired . if be had lefj atjjr childfep, and In whatcircumftanees they Z, Jle waa told that. Dr. Armftrong had died unmarried,. leaving j& he fittja, pro- perty he podeffed to Mr. Whiteford, in truft, for h! « only brother George Armftrong, a mtnof great worth, butWho vcis far from being in opulent circumflanc**. Tha Prince faid, that he hi pifelf wai not rich, yet ha would cheerfully give what he cpuld fpare, to relieve a worthy man in diftrels; and accordingly ordered foi. ta be paid into the hands of Mr. W. the DoQor* i truftee. This fum hat been applied, agreeable to the princely donor ; and bat been the meant of relieving tbe wanu, and Toothing the diftrefi, of a refpqftable man bending under- the weight of age and infirmity. Ext'aR of a Utter firm Cinmell, /* » . g. " About three o'clock on Friday morning the 14th . alt. fix men, armed, broke iotothc houle of John Mil- let, Elq; ef I'rofpeft- hill, near Drangan, in this coun- ty. Mr. Millet ii an old infirm man, about 70 year* • f age,, but upon hearing the crafli, occasioned by the breaking in ofone of the lower window! with a fledge, he immediately jumped out of bed, and placed himfelf at the head of the ( lain, determined to oppofc. ihe villains; accordingly, when they came to the bottom • f the { lairs, he fired on them ;, thev then called out to him to furrtnder, alfe they would ufe him ai Power had been ufed, ( meaning the late Ambrofe Power, of Barretftown, Efq ; who had been inhumanly murdered by ttfc White Boys'm the year 1774) j he told thpm he would not fuhmit, anfl fired a fecond time.— They then thought of an expedient whichhtd. the defired effefl : one of them held a griddle before hint as a fcield, and made a fervant boy of Mr. Millet's go before him, and then'called out to Mr. Millet to ad hit hell;" Mr. Millet, perceiving that he nuM not fire again WithBut endangering the life of the boy, told, ij them'he woirld not murder an inapceat perlpn, au4 1 therefore would furrendrc. • , , " They treated the poor old gentleman with great barbarity, and frequently threatened, to murder .. him , however, 4hey deSftad upon hit informing them , wb^ re hit money was. Thfy robbed the houfe of calhK two fatchei, and fire- arms, to the amount in the whole of ,4ll. Mr. Millet had fold his wool and fat tattle a iiori time before, and wis prevented by thi feverity • f the weather from lodging it in a place of fafety. - From fome circumftances, there is reafon to fuppale, . that thafe. villain! came from tba country towards Fethard j and it. ii hoped., that every honeft man will, exert himfelf to difcover and apprehend the perpetra- tors of fac'h an oatrage. 41 In confequenct, of the abpve horrid tranfaftion, Mr. Millet died laft Saturday, aad wai interred the dav following. 1* '"* '' P O S T S C R I P T. LOUD O )*, Wcdncfdty, JAXVA* T 19. Tho affair! an the Continent are Sill obfeure. The mediating powers do nee appear ta have effe& ed any reconciliation, as advances toward! it have been as yet made by neither party, while the preparation! for war are as vigoroufly earricd on ai the ( calun can pof- ( ibly permit. * '• • .• At home our poofpefli - brighten in a confiderable- degree. The- plan formed for' the dcftruCVton cf fmuggling fuceetdi more and mare every time any « . part of it ii carried into execution. The attention of Mihiftry has been unremitting on this head ; the- ( hock given'to their popularity by the clamour! of . oppOffctM concerning the window tax is ft It no' longer— it6r can it,' when the public know to a - certain- • ty, that at thii moment then* is more * raon^ y in the Trcafury, than hai been drawn for maay year:/ fo yroduAiva ha* each tax been, end the revenue in every refpefk ii oa the road wiaiprovementv < . tj .. . There arc aew two mfllioa! » the Exchequer, be- fidei ( he two mfllioni fent in laft week, at the Bank; ro anfwerthe dividend! an the diferenc ftockt now paying off; the latt pan » f which . will again rttutn-. into the market. , • r- . fkiUitlpUa, Saw. ay. The Confal General of France has received official information, refpeding the trade between the United States and the iflands of Franca and Bourbon, etherwife called Mauritius. The American veRicli ( hall enjoy full liberty to • import into tho faid iflandi—- cargoe « , the produce of thii ODnrinent, and to fell it for money, or barter or ex change it for the produce of lb* iflands, or of India • r of China. Thii regulation is a material addition to At former, by which Americ^ vcffels were admitted ( D take rcfreflunenti, and afterward* proceed on their voyage to China or India. Now they Will have their option, and a* they ind the market in the iflands, they may continue their route to the continent of Ada, they may return to the iflands, may fell their cargoes there, • r'procced farther, and thorten confidently their voy- age. ' It is eapeSod this liberal arrangement will be very beneficial to tb « African India trade and to the rflands. ' * : ' '-' ' ' » *' A geneVal tmnefly orpardoa hai'hfttl^ been publifli- nd by the King of France to all deftrten from Kii li arniics, wio< Mi return to tiiat kingdom iti f. xmflnths; and that term is to be prolonged in favour of thofc who by the 1( 1 of next July will not have it in their pbwer to reach France, " they will not be obliged Kj eriUfli again, or joirt'iny regiment. Thofe who have dpiertfd from one regiment into another, arid thofc who are in cuflody, or under the different fenteriCM of the Court Martial, are to hire' th; benefit af this pardon ; fo that it is a kind of military jubilee; l** rit, Jan. 16. They write fr. otn Mantes, that a French ( hip having lately failed Up the river Senegal at fir as the cataraffs, tlie crew travell^ dnn foot up its bank!, till they came to a kingdom to tlie Ji iflward of Benin. The King gave thesn a very friendly reCcpiioii, and furnifhed them with 600 picked Negroes. ( Jreat advantage! are expetled from opening a trade w't'a theft people. . The African Prince who refides at'Paris, receive! from Government 34,009 livres, or 1000 louis d'on per annum. - Vienna, J* n. t. fhe Nubility of both fcxes, and the Foreign Minifters, Kail the honour of paying their Court thii motning to the Emperor, * h ® afterwards dined in public. Thi Emperor ha'i certainly palled frntence tii} the Dutch, but at the intCrceltion of the Fictich C^ ttrV hehas'been gracioufly pleafed tp grant them a refftilf.^ Shoal'd the French Court not renew ^ hjjr^ efltrcatiejj Oie Mynheers will. afTuredly bctjuhiff & i. L » * 4 Aavt men) on tkeirditcXtt I ' 1, Xinrflm, Sov. 3. A topAil fehoon.- r, called the. FrienaQiip, William^ it& fHtr';'- after" tikirijj.' irt her cifrgo'at'POftfniSilth;* Virgthtif, if July! 178- 4; proceed to fe'a from Hampton- road,* fn the faid Sate, bound to the illaiid of St. Thoma « ' s j" and on the » Jth, on the high feas, Morris ICe'aton, Wi% j liam Jwhnfon, atid Jtififyh Twenty man, rofe ori' the crew, arid barbarbufly murdered Capt. William Lewis, Mr. Cadwick,' mate; Mr. Jofeph Wilkirifon, mer- , chant an8 faffenger ; » nd a negro fellow named Jack, who belonged to the fai'd veffel. After perpetrating r ihefc horrid inurdefi, and being in poSeffion of the Vef- fel, proceeded to fhe Weft Indiei, paffed the Ifland • fAniigua, and made Point- Peter, ( iiland of Gau- Siloupe) when one of the piretei, named Morrii Kea- ton, went en fliore as fupercargo, and fold the vtffel * nd ctrgo ; but on account of one of the failors, whom they had fpare d tp work the vefltl, and towhomj we are indebted for this information, jumping over- board in the night, near to Point- Peter, they altered' theif courfe. Ki* gJlow, 1. tj, Thurfdar morning, Jofeph Twcntyman the pirate wai . brought to this town by Mr. Aflou, the Head Conflable; and after undergoing ., a long examination before i'everal Magiftraiei at the. Coirt- h » ufe, is, which be made a full and ample con- feiCon of, the piracy and murder* with which he VM charged, WH committed to prifoj to take hi* trial for thele offences, when it may be convenient to call a . Courtof Vise Admiralty for that, purpofe. • - ..... Twcntymati wac apprehended on Saturday - lafi,- by . oSceri ofjuftice, at Montega Bay, onbpardof the.,, ( loop Olive Branch, in confequence of dlreQiona. left there the preceding day, by Mr. Afton, who pro- ceeded, to Green lfland in quell of the ( loop, at flk: had • not reached Mvtego- Bay fhep he arrived there. t Upoin hji: return, tp. the latter place, after mifling jbe . veffel ajt Green Ifland, the prifjncr war delivered t*.. him. i •; FromT'ifeofyman't c « afaflion, it incontroterribljrap-' pears, that' two Jof the bbody piratet » re ( till unde- tected.— William Price, who wai put albere, with" a, • fum of money to Teal up hit lip*,, at the ifland of St. * Martin,. where • the fchooner- touched— and Morri* keaton landed at Aux Ciyet, a p « ri on the Eallern fide of the ifland of HifpatiioU,' from whence he never Returned to . the fchooner.- Prepsrationi are miking for the trial of the two anurderari' aad pirates, now io' our gaol, which event.' is to take place . befire the fitting of the. next Grand Coart, that it may not inter-- • fere with the bufitiefs of that high and tefpeflable tribu. - » a!.- r- The, confeflipn of JphnCon and. Twentyman, which have been legally taken, it feems,. will be fully." foficient. to conviit. the mifcreanti without having. - Jtcoarle so the tardy expedient of fending far evidence to tht continent of America, 1 •• • •••• « •, ExtraR tf a Letter from a- Mercian* lit OJiend.'- '<>- " Let what will. be ( he appearance of- xar kctwetn" - the Emperor, and the. Dutch, depend' upon* this; ' thai*' the Jchcldt is to be opened, and, that peace in i- mirr- ' ner itfeuled, though- tb<^ condition! are not at- peefcn » T: » publicly known.'.!". , • - •• tf- Hag* t,' Jatt. 12V Xfcti^ ithQanding Vhftt we are'fUr* fome plan- « faecoinmodatiOirbetween the Republic and- - the ' Emperor is on fpot^ y. ctav hi* Majeflv uill iafeftt upon the opening, of the Scheldt a! a prefnninary Cep, it iivqry doubtful whe. ther the aegociation yiil fttc— « Oced ; ' particularly asit is how become . doubly difficult for their High Migfitihelfcs to Sale'the required cori. eefCdit.' In the filfl place', thi bpefniiig of tb'e'Scheldt would be a fatal Broke to' tbi trade of t'ni* R* publi « ';: and in tha< econ4: pVe, a* this Government bat fo - warmhr opppfe^ hej) ip< aii « g ,^/ jiyfjr. « he. ho « i<> ur ;; j » f thele PrpvvjiCe^. c^ riajlt fuffer them « • g> » * . ft itiit^ i> V » rhrnruck advife, " thaVf on the ijthnf Ia^ rt5jhth » cWpt Ot'IAper'nl'trob( fi arrived there ih th'cir *- ay! to the'Low Countriet. Her 1 Royal Highnefi the. Archdutchefs Eliiaheth, aceottipat j niedjbv many perfons of the- fir ft diftinftion, went to-. meet there troops, and tp fea them file off towards .. Telfs; after which the, principle officershadthe honour.; to be admitted tp the table of her Rpyal Highnefi, who ordered a day'i pay to be diftrihuted to each fub-'* altern officer and foldier of that corpr, and the ® next' day - they . continued their march tp the placet appoint-" cd, . i, • ,• - •• '" • BxtraS Letter from Hortakk Jan. i » . -' " Laft i< eek. a defperate. plan was formed for th*> efcape of the'felpni io. the Cattle but- their Cchtrne • being difcivered In time, an expreft wa* immediately fefit ti the War Olfiee from Sir Tho. Durant, Bafx. , High- Sheriff, On Friday night, fot thrsfCfiance pf the' dragoons quartered in this citv/— A' ftrong' guard do duty all- night in she Cattle.- A. great maay filet, See. Have been firice found in the. prifon,,. • i . " , A few day! Rnee a child Pf Mr. Rsbcrt Browne, > of Tailburgh.^ near Norwich, being at . play i » the.. houfe, aeeidently ' fell iuto a cooler pf boiling water, and was Tcalded to death." On Tuefday fe'nnight, as a eoontryaftn who hat^ jutt received a bill of n'inoteert pQundi value, at Mah-" chefler,: . was - pervtfiirg it i » tbe ftreet,- h- attracted- » He notic& of^ i Sharper thy wa » tportt1| e watd) j Whp/ aa » - coding hi n, fcrajied an acquaintance, and thef agreed, to. go and drink a pot of ale togeth< K Th'C'y went into a rqom where two men were drinking, ( ac- complice!} and they were all prefently the beft friend* in the world. The countryman lamented the irieanr yenierice of his bill, aird wiftled he hadcafh for it.—' This was an eafy- matter— his ffiend would not fuffer him to he diftretJcd, immedistely offered his iiliftanc'e and produced what cafh he had; but at it wit nrft enough, he hid an acquaintance who would do the bu- finefs immediately, arid he would go to him, and bring back the money in a few minutes. The countrycdarij who literally had rrtore. rhoney thah wit, lifffered him to take the tllll wirti him to get the cafh, and the cotifcqdeslce wa « i they left him to refleft upon the folly pf Hulling hit property with a ftranger he had never before fee 11, and whofc offi- ioas kiad- tefti. c ought te . have- lufpejled. LINCOLN, FRIDAY, jarftiary it. HOMAS LIDGARD has in hit Caw A B O X; with tlit' Dircftion deifaced. The Ownct « iec! ann « j the Content*, and paying th « Charge, may receive the fame. Letters, poll paid, duly anfwered; 1 A'few dsyt ago were brought to our Cattle,, the fol- \ luwingYrJfootrt,! ras.'-' Mie***! Hafrifori, charged wi A jobbing a. man . nlwed- Jwing, a. waggoner/ « pon the Sighway, of eight { hillings and thret- halfpenee.. Alfo charged, - with ftealing a mare from Mr.. ( iadltf Hofrtattle.' He had'only rot to A'lhby, two itfile* from Horncaflle, when he' flopped at a publie- hottfe to drink/ bot not having any; money to pay for what be called, the landlord detained- the mare until Har- . rilon ( hould difcharge the reckonin^-^ Xhia iftan » It old offender,. and fufpitted pf tnrtiijg committed feve> " ral rebberiet, very lately, in the neighbourhood pf tcuth, Horncattle, & c. ' He kaoefced the waggoner idown three t- imei,' and wai g « ng to repeat'the bltAr, when the poor man called out- for mercy, and deliver- ed. his money. , He » * as jtaken. up for defertion from apsny, but fooner than go tp his regiment, be con- fcrtcd to flealing Mr. Hadler'i mare. Georgj^ Becket, charged with robbing a man of LODJJ Bennington, in Nottinghainfhire, by trade a collar- maker, upon the road near Grantham, Qf two guineas. They had been playing at cardi together,, the fame evening, at a public- houCc, from which the collar- maker had go^ but a few miles with bis. cart, when Becket overtook him, knocked him down, with a large ( lick, fevcral timci, in his cart, and after- ward! tumbled, him put apparently dead. , Tb= p Pr £ ian, finding, Becket had an. intention to . murder im, lsy upon the ground a* if dead, and received Seve. ral ^ blow* without ( luring. Thi* feint faved hii ifc; for the prifoner, to make fure he h^ d killed him, lifted up. an arsn, >- hicb falling again to the ground, lu if without life, he gave him another blovn, exclaiin. ing, *' There, damn ye, you are done for— Dead men tell no talei." . He then took hi* money and., departed. The wounded span, though te'ry much hurt, foon after got up, and with great difficulty walked to hi* tart. It wa* only drawn by onefadrfc, .' which 8vo< f ( till fo foon at if loft it* driver. Having 2 jgot into tht'eart, the horfc travelled on,. and flopped at Dentod turnpike, where tbe unfortunate man was Jpro^ crly taken cue of, and ii BOW in a fair way of. recovery. ' John Hunt, for Sealing one calf-( kia and fome fole- '' leather^' prdered at the Quarter Scfhon b? ld at CaiOor, ' to be tranfperted for the term of feven yeari. There arc now no left a number than iwenty- five felon prifoneri in our Caftle to takt their trial* al ihe •^ nfuTng alfizei. .• | Married, on Saturday laft, Mr. John Straw, Mer- cer and Draper, one of the Sheriffs of this City,, to Mils Brothcrton, daughter of the late Mr. Brothcrton pf Bolton, Met chant ; a vcrv amiable and engaging young lady, with a genteel fortune. On Wednefnay fe'nnight was married, William Carr, Efq; tp Mr!. Fermer, bo, th of York. The fame day was married at Leeds, Monfieur Surat, of Pari*, to Mifi Emfley, formerly of Wake- JSeld, in York'fhire. ® , The fame day was married, the Rev.- Mr. Oldham, pf Ilam in Staffordfbire, lp Mifs Oldham, of Man- cheflar. . .. % - . , • . l* ft week wai married at Bath, the Rev. Mr. Ro- b'. tfon, to Mifi Hopwood, both of - York-. Laft week wa* married, Mr. Jamei Gilbertfon, mer- chant and draper at Stockton, to Mii* Walker, of Mar- lon in Yorklhire. . Qn Wednefday fe'nnight died, Mr. Jofeph Holt, merchant, in Halifax. Weivfday fc'ncight died, aged t « » r Margaret ^ Rogers, of Maindu, near Chefter. • — - ;' J„ he fame day died fuddenly, in a fit, Mr*; Bradford, [ Wifeftf Mr. Bradford, pin. maker, iij Ltfe'di; ^ * I The dkd at Wbickhamj nr the 30th- year 1, of. her age, Mn. Wte « wto^ widOwofMr.' WrtWWtk; ; jlate of Newcaftle ; and fitter to, Richard Hethcrington, ? Efq ; of Burton, Yorkfliire. ' fv A few day 1 ago died,. Mr- . John Upton, formerly j i very c'onGderable manufafturtr atManoheftcr. • A frtr daji ago died, in a deep decline, much, la> mented; Mr. Tho. Heggiribottom, of Stockport. ' Lately died at Philadelphia, Mr. Tbomat Lyon of Liverpool. > - f Lately died ^ t Poppleton, near York, greatly re- I| fpclei, Wj) l. iatrv Flight, Efq. • , « '. " Qn Tuefday the t tth inft. died at Pontefnft, in the j 4 jd year of her age, of a glandular oonfumption, after ; albng and tedioui illnefi, which ( he bore with unpa- • raHiled patience, and imjblicit refignation to the will ' of God, the Hen. Mrs. Rildd, ' daughter of the late RightMon^ Eric LordDuffui, arid' wife; of the Rev. J » lju* Rudd, Reftor- of Newton Kyme, nearTadcatter. Her deep fenfe of religion, and. her virtuous- amiable condufl, rendered . her laft mptnepu, what every chrif- tian " luftlv muft with, calm, tnnquil, comfortable, happy 1 To fum up her charafltr in a few wordi, ( he wasTcmffrkable farther filial affeftion,' ( he was a faith- fuls- tender, amiable wife; a moft affcQionateparent, a- fincere fympathixing friend, benevolent to all, and as far as it wai in ; her power, . beneficent to the poor and affyfUd, and of gentle and engaging manners. Such a cliarader mutt' infallibly gain, through the merits of the Redeinjif, an imtnarcefTible erown of glory; which iffordr'tht hightft tonfolstioa to her ( atyivfog and deploring cooneftiopi. fhe loan of the prefent year will not extteti fivtf million! fterlingj and it will not be negotiated ' till April! Naur taxes muft be laid on td p'tf the iit » terell ot thefe five millions ; alfp, to make up tke defi « fiencet, of thefottner taxes. Tht principal new taxea will be antHi^ li dogs, and at tdtal alidlitio'n df frank- ifcg ( except newspapers.)— TheTe iri irtoitedupon aa . among the leaf! unpopular tatcs that can be deviled. •' " fhe prefent VeatHer is very linfavotintbie to tha • tribe of beaux, who ate vefy impatient to exhibit tho flken rofe-, inftead of the ( hoe buckle; . It ii fupppfei this fafniori will become general in the fummer. | In proportion as gentlemen become effeminate tha ladies become mafcilline ; while the former are fportir?' rofes in their ftioes, the latter are exhibiting the half hot and the Bath furttut I 1 The fpllowin^ ris ^ fail': — On Thursday the fixtUr ' jinftant, one" MicSfel Robihfon, a fhoe- maker, and ft ^ psrifhioner of St. Margaret's, Leicefter, about twd ^ o'clock in tSie middle of the day, placed himfelf upon [ a ftone near to the ' door of a gentleman in that town i .* he wat apparently, very ill, and a number of people ' - got about him. Upon enquiry it Was fpon found that . :; he wai really 111, and the gentleman whofe hcrufe he ' was near, With great humanity, ordered him a glafs oE gin, which he drank with difficulty; and afterwards ( ome warm ale; attempting to drink the laft, he tit ii piece out of the mug in which it was brought him* . A workhoufe ttiatter Wha W « fent for. to take care o£ him, pronounced him , drunk ; to which He replyed* . |" That he wai not drunk;— that b'eing dcflitute of employ, and unwilling to afk relief of a parilh, foe the' latl fortnight he ' Ttad lifred Upon the hedget, , without viftualt or drink of any fort, but what they- ' affptded, in hipi and hawt; till finding himfelf ready: f [ Kilo perilh, he. had crawled into the town, that he might I die there." A confultation foon ardfe among the parithiorieri whether he fliould be permitted to die in their p'arifli, which wai determined in the negative f arid tne poor man war immediately taken away irf> ' chair for St. Margaret*!, and we learn that he died aft they were conveying bim to the workhoufe.—— This is » the fecond perfon this winter who hai died of abfolut* yant within the limit! of thai Borough — and yet t jt remtinl urged ai a rcafon, that becaule the Hofitrf 1, Trade ii good, there wai no teal diflrefi during th « i late fevere feafon ; and of coarfe 110 necefflty even 10 feem to look at the wanu of othert. Lately died at Stretton- le- fields, Leicefterlhire, of ft lingering and moft painful illnefs, the Rev. Jameft Chambers, jun. M A. of Oriel College Oxford, * young man who will long live in the efteem of kift acquaintance. On Tuefday fe'tinight died at his houfe in Leicefter, Mr. Cooper, Apothecary, aged , 84 yeari.— He waft a very houett worthy man, and much refpeCted by hift friend » and acquaintance. Wednefday fe'nntaht died, at the New Hofpital in Leicefter, Eliz. Ware, aged 1P4 : ( he has left children, graad- childrcn, and great grand- children*; 45. *.* A few days ago died at her houfe in Nonh- Audley tract, Mr*. Elizabeth Edgley Hewer,. relia of the latft Edgley Hew. er, Efq ; of Fotheringay- caftle, in North* amptonfliire ; fifter to the late, arid aunt to' thft prefent Sir Simeon Stewart, bart; of Hartly- Maudy* in Hampfhire ; to whom ( he hat left the whole of hex eftatc, with a fepaiate fortune to Mifi Stewart bet neice. --...- On The 6th inflant was married at Edith Wtttow, in the county of Rutland, the Rev. Thomai Wintour, A. M- Reftor of Wtftwell in the county and diocefft of Oxford, and ( Indent of Chrift Church in that Uni « verfity, to Mr*. Hall, relia of the late Re*. I>. Charles Hall. Lsft Fridty. a boy felt into she river near the Old - Mill* in Leeds, and wai carried by the current among the wheeli of the mill, and dafhed to pieces. HULL, January 16. Cottiers arrived. Neptune, Stanu land, from Sandwich. Philip and - Rebecca, Wilfon ; Induftry, Pelli j from Yarmouth. Jafon, Hopperf Peggy^ Coggin ; and John and Mary, Bradley, frorta Lynn. Bctlcy, Lonfdale ; Friendthip, Blanch ; Da- king,' Antome ; Yo: k, Hall i ACtive, Wright; Twe . Brother!, Ellorthorp ; Gainlbro', Forbei ; Knare( bro', Waflin ; Blandinah, Wilkinfon ; York Union, Smea- ton ; Martin, Curtii; Whalefifher, Maworay ; Elira- beth, Hubbert j Favorite, Mufgravc, from London. Trade! Gapdhope, Wall, from Colchefler. Peggy, Bennett, from Aberdeen. Rodney, Baker, frona - Wilbech. ".. Coafters failed. John and Rofamond, Brown-; Sup- y. Hickfpn; Eiijjeavour, Blanch; Barnevelt, Wrights ' ancy, Richirdfon, for London. Good Intent, Parn- land, for Scarbro' and Sunderland. Nelly, Primrofe, for Leith. Friendlhip, Sinkler, and Swallow, Guy, for NewCafWe. Free Briton, Featon, for Sunderland. Rofie in June Wrightfon, for Bofton and Spalding. BANKRUP TS. .*, Edward Greenfill, of the Strand, filverfmith andjew eller. Johii Handeock, late of Codford, in Wihfliire, Ihopkeeper, but now of Warminfter, maltfler, John Clark and Peter Byrne, lata of Bovd- firect, Weaver!. Tbomai Steveiu of Carey- lane, Cheapfide, Glover. . William Crofdile,. of Liverpool; and Thomas Grundy, of Bolton a le Moori, in Laneafhire, futtiaft- manufa ® urers. , . . . John Mills', of Briflol, Vintner. Chridophcr Broughton, of Devues,' in WHtfhirt!, Cbvraift and Drnggift. r ' f " Ralph Siglwortb, of. JCirig- ftrtrt,< Hanenrer- fquare, , ^ Taylor.-- - f, • • 1 JP R I C ES OF STOCKS. a per cent. Reduced SS t- htlf a 5 Sths.— Ditto • Confol 54 7- Sth* ex. , div.— 4 per cent. New 1777* 7i3- 8thta j- half. rr- BankLong Annuitiei 16 1 l- ieth^. Ditto 1778 11 7- 8th « .— New Navy 15 3- 81hi difc* Scri^ y'per cent. Prices of Corn by the Quarter. Wheat R. ye Barley Oats BetnJ. r - - • - & Ltnden Lincoln, C34 o) » 5 o( 8' » ) « 4 °( » 5 •> 1, 2 to > to i to V to it V ( 34 6 ) " 7 01 * 4 0 ) • > f 36 0) 16 o( » * til! ef n al \ 10 f " 1 f " ^ " t ( 4T O ) 30 o ( 84 O ) 16 O ( 17 O > 2i o ) 14 o c * 5 ® > to S to ^ i* > 83 o) > 8 0( 30 ft) S „ ^ Gatnjio- • C rough. ( 43 L E E D S, ... Wheat per Load ( 3 BuUels) t js. od. to tos. od. ^- Rve per Load, its. od . to 131. fid— Been* po* Load, 111. 6d. to tgs. od. Oati per Quarter, ( 8 Buflielt) 16s. od. to aos. od. Hors fold, on Wednefday, in the Borough, M follow: Bags from 4I. 01. to jl. tSs. New Bt( » from 3I. 18s. to 4I. 41, Pocktu from < 1. ot. 19 61. os. per Cwt. C. C. at the Harlequin, en Tiurfdajr, February f, , at 6 e'Ctui. The following i, a trwfaion cf t Unlet, ukich, it , s ft id, the Emprtfs , f all the Ruffia, hath written to his Pruffien Majefly. " My advantage*-, i fenfimenti refpeRing the Houfe of PrufTu, fentimenti of which I hare given efficacious proofs, permit me to hope for the fame on their part. I expeft it the more, as I have ever been convinced Of their reciprocal affeaion. Ths war which is pre- paring between the Emperor of the Romans ind the Hollanders, excites the immediate attention of the Cabinet of Berlin, of which the Dutch endeavour by all forts of intriguei, to fecure the acceffion. Your wifdom acknowledges that the pretention! of the Em peror are equally juft and moderate. Nature herfelf hath granted the Auftrian Low Countries the ufe and advantage of the river in difputc ; Auflria alone, by virtue of the law of nature and nations, it entitled to an exclufive right to the ufe of the river in queflion. So that tht equity and difitereftedncft of Jofeph the Second, can only impart thi » right to other people, it belonging exclufively to his States. The fentimentt of Auftria merit efteem and attention, but the avidity of the Dutch, and the judgement which they permit thcmfelvei to alfume, on account of the treaty of Munfterj over the Houfe of Auflria, are notorious and blameable irt < very refpefh " Nothing can be alledged witli foundation in favour of Holland, therefore fbe merits not the iffiftancc of any foreign power. The confequenct which thefe republicans are drawing upon themfelvej by their obfti- nacy, muft be fubmitted to the moderation of the Em- peror alone. I am firmly refolved to affift his preten- tions with all my land and fea forces, with at much efficacy ai if the welfare of my own empire wai in agitation. " I hope that this declaration of my fentimtnts will meet with the fuccefs which our reciprocal friendlhip defervet, and which hath never been interrupted. , / " CATHERINI." A morning paper fayi, much has been faid in the jublic papers refpefting the execution of George Owen, who wai hanged after his refpite expired. The ( late of the caufe ii thus :— There it about New- gate, a fet of wretches whs fubfift by the art of making the unhappy believe they fhall, through their meant,, be pardoned, and who make application for this pur- pofc to the condemned. The gleam of hope ii eagerly caught, and money given with pleafu- » . It was evi- dently foin Owen's affair. He wanflattercd with an ilmoft certainty, that if he obtained one refpite, he Ihouid of ceurfe have another. A ftrong affidavit was made before a Magiftnte, that if the Royal Mercy was extended to him but for a few days, he fhould make fuch difcoveriei as fhould tend to ferve the community, moft effentially, and be the meant of convicting i moft dingerout neft of villains. Thit affidavit wa » fent to Lord Sydney's p « "; su « to the day of intended execu- tion, and fo late ,' iat Loti Sydney was obliged to rife fror. and have s refpite prepared, barely time enough toe the culprit from dsath, ai 14 did not arrive at Newgate until the halter was about his neck. Lord Sydney, who it aj humane a man as ever drew the breath of life, waited with impatience for thefe difeoveries which were to be made ; but he waited in vain, day after day— they never appeared. He at laft fent to Newgate, and wai told they were preparing. But ai difcovery was an inftantaneeus mat. ter, eafilv made, he began to imagine the whole to be a trick, and therefore defired that, at lead fome little infight might be given to warrant a further refpite. No fuch thing could be done, for, in fa£ l, there was ne difcovery to make, but that life wai expefled after a frjl reprieve by a fecond. The law, therefore, took its courfe, and left the unhappy wretch to recon- cile it to hit own bofom, in the awful moments of death, whether perjury is warrantable in the eyet of Gt d to prolong the exiftence of « life forfeited by for- gery to the offended lawi of the realm. Such it the real ftate of an affair about which there hat been fo much publifhed in. the papers for this week paft ; ind we hope it willbs a lcITon to thofe unhappy wretches under fentence, that impofitiont on the Sovereign's xlercy ein only imbitfer the hour of death, as a lie in fuch a fituation muft alwiyi meet difcovery snd detec- tion. The fwindltr's clerk, now under fentence of death, for a forgery, has mtde tome difcoveriet that will bring to light, and perhaps to juftice, the moft noto- rious fet of plunderers that ever difgraced any civilized country. He has undergone feveral examinations in ^ he cells. ' A curitus Anecdote " of Louis XV. of France.— A native of Dauphiny, by name Dupre, wh » had fpenthii life in cultivating the fcience of chemiftry, invented a kind of fire fo rapid and fo devsuring, that it could neither be avoided n « r extinguifhed. Water, inftead of deftroying it, only gave it additional violence and power. Various experiments were tryed with it on the canal of Verfaillet, in prefense of the King ; which were repeated in the arfenal at Paris, and in feveral of the fea porti. The moft intrepid foldien trembled at the effefti or execution of fo diabolical an invention, and eonfidered it with the fame horror that the antient Knighti felt on the diftovery of gunpow- der. Being convinced that one man, affiled by fuch an art, could deftroy a fleet, or burn i city, hitChriftian Majefty, to hit immortal honour, commanded the Philofopher never to communicate his fecret, and imply rewarded him for hit filence. Thit inftance of magnanimity wai the more illuftriout and meritorioui, m Louis was at that time engaged is i ruinous war. The Englifh braved him in hit harbours, and every day he fsffcrad new lplfet and difgrac*. He could Oafily have deftroyed hit enemies; but he prtfercd to fuffer, rather than to augment the evils of humanity. Dupre is fince dead, / and hit dangerout fecret ligs juried with him. Anecdote of tit EMPEROR.— Tht Emperor fome time fince travelling before his retinue, as ij his UTURI way, attended only by a fingle aid- de- camp, arrived very late at the houfe of an Englifhrnan, who kept a public houfe femewhere in the Auftrian Netherlands. The man having his houfe pretty full, it being fair ' time, and not knowing who his guefts were, appointed them to deep in anouthoufe, which they very readily complied with, after drinking a bottle of indifferent wine, and sating a few flices of ham and bifcuit. In tbe morning they paid their bill, which amounted only to " three fhillingt and fixpence," Englifh, and rode off. A few hours after, feveral of hit fuit came to tnquire after him, when the publican undeiftanding who he had for hit guctt, feemed very uneafv..—" Pfha man! never mind thit affair ( faid one of the attendants) Jofeph is ufed to fuch adventures— he'll think no more on't." " Aye, that may be ( replyed the landlord) j kit by G I ( hall never, forget the cirtumftince of having an Emperor is my houfe, amd letting him off for three and fixpente." A gentleman in London hai received a letter from Philadelphia, which hat the following article :— " I doubt not but before this reachet you, that you will bsre beard of the diffcntions that fubfift here; and there is no probability of there ever being an end to them, for we ftill live without a regular form of govern- ment, which it dellruftive to trade and commerce ; for we expert no credit from England, or any other parti, fo long at we ire in fuch confufion. The unhappy people who came over here in hopei of making their fortunei, ire all made fiavei, and therefore I hope not to fee any more of my countrymen on this fide of ths water. The French are watching to take advanttge of sur diffentioni, in order that they may feize on this country, and bring it under their government. The loyaliftt are ftill perfecuted, and daily removing to fome other parti; and I fliill return to England 11 foon as I can fettle my affain." Few lstteri arrive from Amcrica without inform- ing ut » f the mifery and poverty of the people. Their ports filled witb goodt, which the vendors are obliged to fell at « low price, or bring them back to Europe > the price of living exceeding dear, and eonfiderable difcententt prevailing— yet the wifs h^ idi who perfide, ire publilhing to the world the extreme hsppinefs which the Usited Stitei hive enjoyed finec their fe pr- ration from Great Britain, and tbeir union with their Mod (. hrijlian Ally. The Saints of Bofton, in parti- culir, rejoice at an alliance with fo ftvenuoui a defender ef the Prottjlemt faith. The nexi fummer promifes to be eminently diftin- guilhedn the Augufan age of balloons, many of tht nobility and gentry being now preparing balloons, in which feleft partiet mean to afeend. It it to be hoped the public will profit, in fome degree, from fo many expenfivs experiments, and fome teal utility be found in the difcovtry of bdloont. Mr. Blanchard receives 1000 Levis d'Ort in confe- rence of bit accomplifhing hit attempt to crofs the Channel in his balloon ; this wit the prosiifed re- ward from the French King ; whs, to fay tht truth, it never flow to reward ingenuity, although he is cau- tioui inidmitting ihetlaimi of every pretender, Mrs. Yearfly ( the extraordinary poetical genius) wit extricated from extreme diftrefi in a vpry lingular Banner.— Mr. V. of Briftol, was dining, about this time lift year, at Clifton, where in the courfe of con- verfation, tht lady of the houfe mentioned, thit her milk- womin wit frequently writing verfct upon the fervanti; and a day or two ago, added fhe, the poor creature wrote an acroftic on one of my daughters.— The compiny, after dinner, expreffing a defire to fee this produftion, it wit read.— A turn ef thought and poetical imagery thit appeared in fome of tht - lines, ftruck Mr. V. as far above the level of i perfon in the fituition of a milk- woman.— He afked where ( he lived; and when the reft of the company fat down to cards, hiscuriofity led him to feck out this female poet.— He found her in a poor hut, deftitute of furniture, for that had- been fold to give bread to her family as long as it laftcd.— Her mother and four little children were fitting on ' be floor around her; every means of further fupport hiving failed, thit melancholy groupe were affemblcd to die together.— When Mr. V. opened ths door, they were almoft lenfelefs with cold and hunger, having neither fire nor food for two or three days.— The humane heart of Mr. V. was quite overcome with a fpeftacle fo truly alfcfling. He wentViome and fent a horfe and pmnieri loaded with every nccefl'aiy that could give comfort is iKeir melancholy fituation. The mother wai fo far exbauftcd that fhe foon died. Her weak ftatc of body ancj mind could not fupport the excels of joy at feeing fucK a providential deliverince of her family. The gratitude which Mr. V.' s benevo- lence cxcited wis expreffed in language which aftonifh- ed every one to whom Mrs. Ycirftv'j letters were Cicwn. There are agents now iaXonflon employed in buving horfes for the . ufe of the imperial army, to be attached to the artillery. This is found cheaper than fending for them to Hungary, the diftarice being immence : feveral having already been embarked it Dover, ind landed at Oflend : every horfe it it computed will toft the Emperor above jol. before he arrives at hit diftina » tion; however, this is but trifling," for every horfe that landed in Aincricalift wir coli this country no left than 4ool. a horfe, cOnlideiing the number that died upon the pillage. A few days ago thfc Coroner's inqiiefl fet on the boiy of i young woman, leed « t, J fervant in " a family, io the neighbourhood of St. Paul's church yard, who wit accidentilly poifoned by about half* a wine glaft of laudinum, given inftead of tinfture of jalap, for a fors throat. The fatal dofe was taken about lo at night, when Ihe wat in bed. Her fellow fervant, who lay with her, did not so to bed till one, it which time flis silly complained ef her throit, md puffed a quiet night till between five and £ x o'clock in the morning, whem Ihe betame ftupid, and unable to lucak. She conti- nued in that ftifte till near ten ; the girl thinking fhe w. is in a nilural lleep— at which time, upon iin at- tempt being made to give henfome tea, fhe was found unable to fsvallow ; upon this the miilrri's of the hoal'e went to her, but fhe died in a few minutes after- wards. The accident wit riot dilcovered, till fome bouri after her death ; at which time, Dr. Sims and Dr. Hawet were lent for, and tried the ufual remedies, but in vain. The body was afterwsrds opened by Mr. Whately, in the Old Jewry, and a quantity of iauda- numwai found in her flomach. The Jury brought in their verdi£ t accidental death. The Gower party are, to a man, agaift any parlia- me tary innovation ; and Lord Thurlow being alked by Mr. Pitt the other day, what he thought of the reformation bufinefs ? laconically replycd, " beware of the Yorhfhire bites ! " Several of the Minifter's friends declare, that if he is not feriout in his reform bill they willnolonger vote - with an hypocrite; and many of a contrary opinion declare, that if. he is ferious they will divide againfl him, from a convi£ tion thit apy alteration in the conflitutiou will be dangerous. It it not a little fingular, tho' we hear fo much of reform and reform, that no two men in the country, either in the Houfe or out of it, have yet appeared to have one and the fame idei of it. In fhort, there it hardly any clear fpeci^ ic notion on this head to be met with. As to the Duke of Richmond's opinion of every man's voting, Heaven forbid that fo much confufion fhould ever be introduced, to the deftru£ tion of the prefent lyftem, which, with all its imperfefli- oni, hsi fomethiug like harinony to recommend it. Blackmoor's- Head Inn, NOTTINGHAM. nn 1 lI. OMAS PREST tales this Opportunity of returning Thanks to his Friends for Fsvors confer^ d on him it the above Ini) ; and as he has rtfigned in Favor of Mr. John Simpfbn, vvifhes to recommend him to their Patronage and. Supp'jrt. JOHN SIMPSON, Hiving entered upon the fiid Inn, and purchafctl a very valuable Stock of old Wines, L'quors, & c, wifhet to acquaint bis Friends and the Publick that nothing fliall be wanting on his part to render their Accommodation perfectly agreeable, by their moll obtdicnt Servant, JOHN SIMPSON. This Day was Publifhed, Price Six Shillings neatly Bound, Embellifhed with a Head of the Author, Drawn by Mr. Miller, and Engraved k by Mr. Angus ; and alfo Twelve beau- tiful Copper- Plate* of Bills of Fare for every Month in the Year, THE LONDON ART of COOK- ERY, and HOUSEKEEPER'S Complete ASSISTANT, made plain and eafy to the Underftanding of eve. y Houfc- kceper, Cook, and Servant in the King- dom. Containing proper Diraftions for the Choice of all Kinds of Provifions. Roafting and Boiling all Sorts of Butcher's Meat, Poultry, Game, and Filh. Sauces for every Occafion. Soups, Broths, Stews, and Halhes. Made Difhes, Ragoos, and Fricaffces. AH Sorts of Pies and Puddings. Proper Inftruftions for drefling Fruits and Vegetables. Pickling, Potting, and Pre- ferving. The Preparation of Hams, Tongues, and BacoR. The whole Art of Confeftionary. Tarts, Puffs, and Pafties. Cakes, Cuftards, Jams, and Jellies. Drying, Candying, and Preferving Fruits, kc. Made Wines, Cordial Waters, and Malt Liquors. To which is added, Confiderations on Culinary Poifons'; Dirtftions fer Mak- ing Broths, & c. for the Sick; a Lift of Things in Seafon in the different Months of the Year, Marketing Tables, & c. & c. By JOHN FARLEY, Principal Cook at tht London Tavern. Printed for ( Scatcherd and Whitaker, and B. Law, Avc- Maria- lane; and G. Wilkie, St. Paul's Church- yard. Sold by Rofe and Drury, Primers of this Paper ; J. Taylor, Bookfeller, Retford j and moft other Bookfellers in Town and Country. Comfort for the Afflided. . This Day is - publifhed, Price only One Shilling, in Marble Cov$ rS Adorned with a beautifuUFrontifpiece, Finely engraved from an Original Drawing' of the ingenious Mr. D O D. Every Patient his own Do ft or $ The Sick ^ Maa's Triumph over Death and the Grave. CONTAINING THE moft approved Method of curing every Difeafe incident to the human Body, internal or external ; whether owing to Defefts of Nature, oecafioncd by Intem- perance, contrafted by Accident, or caufed by Decay. With the beft Remedies pre- ferred by the Authority of the moft, emi- nent Phyficians for removing each Diforder, reftoting Health, preferving it when rcftered, and extending Life to an honourable Old Age. Including an excellent CoHeftion of the rnoft approved Receipts for making and pre- paring a great number of cheap, eafy, ufeful, and efficacious Medicines. Among thele ai. er Tha^ admirable New Difeovery by which the Scurvy, the Grand Englifh Diforder. ia efTeftvially cured ; and for the fuccefsful I'raft ice of which, Captain Cook received the Premium Medal from the Royal Society, for having fireferved himfetf and all his Men from this dreadful Diftemper, during the. Spaca of Three Years and Eighteen Days, although he paffed throug all the Varieties of Climates and Seafons in his late Voyage round tht World, performed By the Command of his Majefly, Allp, the Methods ufed by the Humane Society for the Recovery of Perfoni appa- rently drowned or fuffocated> — A certain Cure for the Bite of a Mad Dog, Viper, Adder, & c. An infallible Remedy againft the Gaol Diftemper, Plague, or any other doftiiential Diftemper., 4cc. & c. By LEWIS ROBINSON, M. D » Read aud acquire the greiteft worldly Wealth, A flow of Spirits and a flufli of Health ; Triumph o'er Pain, and conquer each Difeafe, Enjoy your Life snd glory in your Eife. Printed for J. COOKI, No. 17. in Pater* nofter- r'pw ; and fold by moft other Book- fellers in England, , r %* Be careful to afk for Robinf « n' » Every Patient his own Doftor, which, for Public Benefit, is fold for, onty One Shlli ling, notwithftanding it eontains more . ufe- ful Matter than ar. y Book of the Kind, though fold at double the Price ; and 1a- cludes, the moft importaut New JDifcovcriw in p, r' | Turnpike Tolls to Let. rptIE Trytlees afting for the Nort'h Diftrift of - i- the Turnpike Road leading from Lincoln Heath fa Peterborough, do hereby give Notice, that the Tolls aiifing at the feveial Bars within the f » id Di- ( trifit will be let by Auition, either together or fepa- . Vately, it the Angel Inn, in Sleaford, in the Count; of Lincoln, on Tuefday the Eighth Day of February ; next, between the Hours of Eleven ' o'Clock in ' th « • Forenoon and Two in the Afternoon in the Manner • dire£ ted by an Aft palled in the Thirteenth Year of the Reign, of his prefent Majefty for legulating thft I Turnpike Roads, and fubjeft to' fuch Conditions a » Ihall be then produced, which Tolls produced laft ' Year the Sums following, via. £ f: f .; New Sleaford Bar - - - - - a(> 8 j 6 Old Sleaford and Willoughby Bars- 119 17 c- f above thcExpences of collefting the fame refpeftively, • and the Money paid for Compofjtiont, and will be • put up at thofe Sums ; whoever is or are the beft Bidder or Bidder* puft , give Security to the Satisfac- tion of the faid Truftees. for the " Payment of the Rent • or Rents agreed for at fuch Times as they fhaU . KJ V..;" • *' I BENJAMIN HANDL" EX » Clerk to the faid-, Tiufteef, Sleaford, Jan. 6, 17J5. oti ns , ti,- % leff. 3c » tchard & Whitaker, Ave- tnarii- i' lane, London, Mr, Ja, cob, Printer, Peterborough. Mr. Cowper, Bookfeller, Cambridge. Mr. Gatliffc, Hair- dreller, Bourn. Mrs. Whaley, Bookfeller, Grmtham. Mr. Rofe, Printer, Sleaford. Mr. Jofhua Drewry, Bookfeller, Lincoln DVERTISEME N T S, Mr; Gregg, Long Sutton Mr. Burgefs, Printer & Bookfeller, Bofton, Mr. Albin, Printer, Spalding, Mr- Dixon, Chequer Inn, Holbtich; Mr. Helton, Market Railin. Mr. Booth, Bookfeller, Caiftor. Mr. Metcalf, Hiir- dreffer, Kirtsn. Mri., Swallow, Boskfeller, Irigg Mr. Cheetham,] Saddler, JBirton. Mr. Ferraby, Printer and Bookfeller, Hull. Mr. Weftern, Hair- dreffer, Wragby. Mr. Ell it and Mr. Weir, Hornciftle. Mr. Gihbont, TitterfliiU. Mr. Marfh snd Mr. Sheardowa, Lsuth. Mrt. Ward, Spilfcy. Mr. Allis, and Meffns. Drary, Nswark Mr. White, Hair- dreffer, Gainfborough. Mr. Clarke, Ironmonger, Tuxford. Mr. Taylor, Printer & Bookreller, Retford Mr. Bai nes, Hair- drefTer, Bawtiy. Mr. Pirker, Ironmonger, Worktop. Mr. Sheppird, Bookfeller, Mansfield. Mr. Turner, Grscer, Ollerton. Mr. Tupaaa, Printer, Nottingham .. by '' , ' Mr, Calow, Che « erfieU. Mr. Drewry, Printer, Derby, Mr. Adams, BookfeUer, LoughWwgbtt Mr. Smith; Bookfeller, Ddncafter, Mr. Gales, Printer d Bookfeller, ShcSel4 Meffrt. Ogle and Smith, Bookfellen, Ltsdf Mr. Wilfon, Bookfeller, Rotbtrhim. md Mr. Spencs, Ysrk. ~ ' " inter, tNottingnam. || Mr. Todd ind Mf. Spencs/ V. i* Alfo at Qirnwiy't Coffee- houfe, Txckisge Alley," Cornhill; tht Londsn Cofte. kssl'e, Luigtte- kjll; tke Ckipter Csfee- himre, Pittr- nsler- rs*; sad the Red Lion Inn Alderfgite- ireet • where it ma h f w tt Tii, P* p, r, mill, tie frctejl S^ tMrt, b ^ adited mj ^ rUhgm tkm+ mttkfiHnl CfMiu $ f lmmkt tottegim, Verfy, 1 ti.& r, Ntr^ m, R* tlmi, Jbmfrjfr,. clrJ^' i" fT
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