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The Edinburgh Evening Courant


Printer / Publisher:  David Ramsay
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 10440
No Pages: 4
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The Edinburgh Evening Courant
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The Edinburgh Evening Courant

Trial of Captain Kenneth McKenzie
Date of Article: 15/12/1784
Printer / Publisher:  David Ramsay
Address: Old Fishmarket Close, Edinburgh
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 10440
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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iwnvpOL Printed for F L E M I N G AND RAMSAY y / ( 0 In the Prefs, y ^ l n d on Monday next, the, aoth of December, will he publifhed, F . BY W I N , I A M C R E EC 1: 1, A Defence of the Perthfhire Refutations, IN ANSWER TO A LETTER UPON THE DISTILLERY. By a Freeholder of Perthjhire. Alfo this Pay is publiihed, by WILLIAM CREECH, A N | N QJJ I KY Into the Nature and Caufes of the Wealth of Nations. Ey ADAM SMITH,. L L . D . and F . R S of London and Edinburgh. The Third Edition, with Additions, in Three Volumes 0< ftav D U N N ' s l ^ J r /, T W E L V E S U B S C R I P T I O N A S S E M B L I ^ f Y J JAMES DUNN, with his moft refpe& ful thanks to the Nihility a t )/ Gentry for' favours formerly received,, takes this method oFtnfofming them, That upon Tuefday the 4th of January 1785, he intends to. OPEN his Affembly Room upon the following plan, which he humbly hopes will he agreeable to the public. Each Gentleman's fubfeription ticket to be, two. guinea', with twelve tickets transferable only to Gentlemen. ' The Laldy's one guinea, with twelve tickets transferable only to Ladies, and each of thefe transferable, tjiekets to pay three ihilliugs at admittance; but the fubfeription tickets not transferable., - ji- ;• •> Mr Dunn humbly hopes, that fuch X. a^ i^ s ,\ vho mean to countenance him will honour the Affembly with their preferice the firft night, for the purpofe of appointing twelve Ladies for direiSt'mg each Affembly in turn, who n-. ay, upon their own nights, make choice of what Gentlemen they pl? afe to,^ flifti. theni. : . . . . . , N. B. The Affemblies1 are , to he held. on TOESDAVS weekly. The fubfeription book is opened > it the Hotel, where the tickets will be given out. ' G E O R G E ' S S q U A t i K A S S E M B L Y R O O M S. AGENERAL MIETINO of the Proprietors will be held at. the Archers Hall on Monday the • 20th of December, at noon; before which day, Proprietor's intending tt> fub& ribe to this Winter's A f f s n t . blies, are requefted to ealliat the Arfhfcrs Hail to fign the fubtoiptiafln paper, which is lodged for that purpofe. / y / /^ Ladies and . Gentlemen not ^ proprietors,' hut^ defirbus of fubBribinyIT, this winter's affemblies, mull fend their . names to' Mr BonnA^ at' tjyr Archers Hall, on or before Saturday the i8th of December, a » 7 af the above meeting, the number of fubfetib'ers for this feafon will be filled up out of ther perfons whofe names are fci fent by ballot. A copy of the regulations, containing the terms of fubfeription, is, lodged at the Archers Hall. : ; •! < • - ' 1 • And at. the above meeting, the committee for direction of the af& mblies, & c. for thisjfeafon will alfo. be chofeii. . N. B. It is intended that the affemblies fhall commence with a dancing affthibly' on Wednefda^ the . jth of January next. M E E T I N G , O F / / T ii C R E D I T O R S of D k U M F 0 R K . / ^ 7 THAT the creditors of: ANDREW SPALDING of D r u l t f o / f f i defired to meet in the, 01d Exchange, Coffcehoufe, upon Thutuiay the 23d of December current, by twelve o'clock noon. As the meafures to be propofed will depend upon the amount, of the debts, the creditors or their daers will bring~ mc8,£ t dates of their feveral . claims, and the hejiuble creators wiil bring their grounds of debt along with them. ^ (/ J, u / gtSl W W fori* F i r i l N o t i c e — - l ) t r i t , T e r m . J - ^ A IN the Procefs of Ranking and Stale at' the . inftance of John tyfflfojff of Murrayfield, late Provoft o( Annan, AGAINST Robert Hnfiidayf only fon and heir of. Simon Holliday, fome time lhip carpenter in Aberdeen, afterwards in Greenock, and ' Ann Gordon of Battlehil,! his ( poufe, and their'Creditors, Lord Kennet' Ordinary, by an interlocutor dated the 8th of December 1784, named Lord Monboddo- Ordinary, of eourfe, ito rank the creditor's; and aflign'ed the 18th day of January, for the : Firft- Term, to. the whole " creditors to produce . all their claims, rights, tand diligences,, competent tO'them'refpei^ iyely againft the bankrupts or • their e( late; and ordained notice. thereof to be iriferted. in the Edinburgh Evening Courant and Caledonian ' Mercury, once every week'for three weeks fucceffivoly, that it might come to the'knowledge of all • concerned. ^ f C l a & fyirU**! Off O. , M. BRUCE. Clk. ESTABLISHMENT"^' F MANUFACTURES. r f f / TIE Proprietor hereby ac^ uVrtitfe the . Piifilic.' that he is wtllmg to • give eveity reafdnabte degree of cncourageirient for the eftabliflimtnt of Maniifa& ures; fuch: as a Bleachgreen.' Blunkfield, Cotconwork, ' Brf> v, ety,.&<:.; for all which, apd others, the tefwn and furronnding igroutids. are particularly, well iituated, bciii}* upon a ^ t e t t turnpikeroad ; clole to the Canal, plentifully- watered, coils and building materials adjoining to the town, and extremely cheap anil convenient. propofals will be received by James Davidfon; writer, Currie's Clofe, Calllchill, Ediuburgh ; and Henry Corhet, buron officer at Kill'yth, will ( how the prcmiles. ^ . • • ' . c ; ., • ' " T — - 7 - — : : : . ' K T l S Y T H . , „ . An Inn propofed to lie Built. T" / / J This is one of the principal dages in Scotland, being the wOMtfla GtafgoW Upon the Edinburgh road by Linlithgow, arid the fartie alfo upon the northern road by sliding. ' The public having long complained • of- the- accommodation here, the prefent proprietor of the eftate propofessieithpr himfelf building an Inn wi, th every fuitable convenience, or' ' feiiing ground to any perfou ptoper for and willing to undertake the fame. N.. B. A confiderable quantity of ground may be had, if defired, very neartWinn, upon leafei • - 11: u ::> ' The . plan, eftimace, and terms, are lodged wijh the faid Jamee DavidfMi, and fhe lituation will'be ihown by the / aid Henry Corbet. .. — 7- 7- 77——— r- ..'; i t f t ^ S V ' l" H. • XstA Coal and Lime to be Let. A ^ / Yy " to he Let by public roup,' at Mr Wright's in Kilfyth, odJ^ OH& f the 16th of March 1785, the different Seams of Coal in the Eaft and Well Barrinies, that now are^ have been, or maybe worked ( except that, ofi Hollandbufli); and liltewifi . the different Lime- ftone Qtiarries ( except tliat now worked by John and Jatnes Patricks far fale, and fome | particular parts of quarries referved to a few of the tenants for tbeufe of their farms only). Both lie in various parts of the eftate, convenient for fale, more efpecially the coal of Arnbrae, where it Is fuppofed a large field may be eufily made workable, and a certainty of a very confiderable faie. : : * • ' . ' ! Tbe . terms and articles nf the roup are lodged in the hands of the faid James. Davidhin, and the faid Henry Corbet will be in couftant attendance to ( how " the premifes. For Martha Brae, Montega Bay, Luiea, and the adjacent Ports I N J A M A I C A, ' 1' HE SHIP AUK OllA/ Jrf J ^ F ^ & K • , NEILI. CAMTBELL Maftcr, I , 7 f j / m^ iWlf tal[!" g B00'' 8 o n board at Greehcfck. ism I 1 O l b e clcar to fail againft the 25th of'De- I eember.' T^ S.. I A e s i f i ^ J P ' r d ^ l - ' tSS; ftSlght or paffage apply to George Brown I ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ and Co: Glafgow, or to Neiii Campbell and C'o. I The Aurora is the faded failing ( hip in tire I river Clyde, and has excellent accosimod.^ i . ma for pa& agen. / / / Wanted to Purchafe, ~ f r N Annuity of One Hundred Pounds Sterling, upon, the life of a Z i . perfon aged Fprty- eigh't years. The annuity to be paid half- yearly. The money is ready. Ugqueftionable fecuritv is expetSted. Apply to Mr fcrllcine. clerlt to tne iignefr y TEAS and SPIRITS for SALE. AT WILLIAM THORBURN's Warehoufe, Kirkgate, Leith, a quantity of Teas and Spirits, at tjie' under- mentioned prices, v i z . Eohea Tea, as 6d per lb. I Rum, - 9s per gal. Congo, 6s I Single ditto, 6s 6d Fined ditto, 6s 6d I Brandy, 6s Souchong, 6s 6d | Foreign ditto, 8s Fined ditto, 7s I Gin, ja Hyfon, 8s | Foreign ditto, 6s Fined ditto, 8s 6d Good'Malt Whilky, 3s y | Good Proof ditto, - js 6d / f f * 1 1 '"" -"• 1 f W / J Sale of a Houfe in Edinburgh. [ rrt/ b^ TSOLD by roup, within the Exchange Coffeehoufe, Edinburgh, ^ fcpon Wednefday the; 29th of December 178.}, betwixt the hours of five and fix afternoon, AHOUSE in the Old Bank Clofe, Edinburgh, poffe( Ted hy Sir James Campbell, confiding of feven fooms, clofets, kitchen, and cellars, infured in the Edinburgh Friendly tnfurance at 4000I. Scots or 353I. 6s. 8d. Sterling, and the premium paid up. The upfet price 3001. , For particulars apply to kobert Stewart writer, who will ( how the title- deeds and articles of roup. f • f 1 / J To be SOLD by Private Bargain, n p ^ f lE Lands of ALTON, otherv/ ife called MARYPORT, lying in J- the pariih of Kirkmaiden and fliire of Wigton. For particulars apnly ty| ^ enrpy Somervillc of Airhoufe, Efq; by Lauder, or to Andrew Blane writer to the fignet.^ 1 > i - L E i T H - F O R LONDON, to ^ y i k 0 * W % E S T A R , ' i f ) f JAMES RITCHIE M a f t e r , ^ r on tbe Birth in I. eith haj- Jtour taking ki ' n R00< I9> . und will fail the 24th of> December. - p T T ^ K w ^ S r N, B. The ( hip has good accommodation lor The Mader to b^ tpok* with at thej^ xchance TT^ v^^ rS^ iv Coffeehoufe. Edir. iwrgh, or at his houfe in F O R E I G N I N T E L L I G E N C E. Vienna, Nov. 7. On the 4th inft. the following Imperial t f t i f t was publilhed here, ftridtly forbidding perfons employed in any department of the State to receive any prefent by Mvay of gratuity. J O S E P F I I I . by the Grace of God; Sec, Although we have every reafon t o fuppofe that the laws of honour, probity, and duty, enforcing the obligations entered into upon oath by the perfons employed in the different departments of the State, are fully fufficient t o prevent their liftenin* t o the voice of felf- intereft, and withltand the means that may be ufed to corrupt and bribe them, yet we think it the more proper to iffue out the prefent edift, t h a t it will confirm them in their duty, by p u t t i n g it out of the power of evil minded parties, or their agents, tp tempt t h em by irnfair or infidiotis means; whereof, See. A r t . I. All perfons in a public employ, of whatever denomination fuch poft may be, either in the law, finances, or police, are ftriftly enjoined never to receive, either mediately or immediately, any fort of prefents, by way of gratuity, in any caufe or tranfaftion whatever, within their refpeftive jurifdiftions— not even under the title of gratitude or reward for their trouble, undtr a penalty of double the fum or value of the pfefent received, befides an immediate difmiffion from their office or employ, as the cafe may require. I I . The donors, whether they were fo perfonally, or by n f f l n s . of an agent or agents, & c. fhall iikewife be fined double the fum or value of the gift. I I I . if any candidate for a'public poft or office fhould at any time prefume to offer a prefent to fuch perfon or perfons as may have influence to procure the fame, he fhall, upon the f a f t being proved, be deemed and declared incapable thenceforward, and for ever, of holding any public office whatever. I V . Employments fo acquired fhall be confidered as void, and the perfon thus introduced become incapable of entering into any other office. V. The agetlts, folicitors, and attornies, who ( hall be convifted of having offered, or. caufed to be offered, any bribe or preftnt, contrary to the meaning and true intent of this edict, fhall bf fufpended for a time from, or entirely divefted nf, their employment, juft as their difobedience fhall appear, f r om circumftances, more or lefs criminal. V I . The edift of the 12th of January 1746, concerning t h t venality of public offices, fhall meanwhile remain in full force and vigour. W « therefore hereby give it in command, & c. ( Signed) JOSEPH. L O N D O N. T H U R S D A Y , DECEMBER g. Advices were yefterday received at St James's from Lord Torrington, our AmbaH'ador at Bruflels, by which channel of conveyance there is faid to b e an account that the Dutch Government had ifftied an order not to o b f t r n f t , or in the leaft offenfive manner moleft the Emperor's fubjefts in any bufinefs that they may be engaged on within the Imperial territories, however near or adjacent. to the Dutch f o r t s ; to a f t upon the dtfenfive only ; to hold no communication with the Auftrian foldiers ; and ftriftly to obferve the orders and inftruftioiis of the States, relative to the examination of all perfons appearing or attempting to pafs t h e boundaries ; and r o t to permit any perfon whatever to go out of Holland without the proper paffports firft examined by the Commandants or principal Magiftrates of the feveral towns or villages, where fuch perfons apply for or attempt a paffage. A l t the ferries are flopped, except that from Ftufhing and that from Heyderfurgch, which ftill continue open, though there are few pcrfons that pafs at either, except fome traders and travellers who are not the fubiefts of Auftria or the States General. Such is the prefent fituation of affairs on the cont i n e n t , in which they are likely to continue for the winter feafon. The French cabinet have determined upon t a k i n g an aftive part in the difpnte between the Emperor and the Dutch, in regard to the rights of navigation. In confequence of this determination, orders have been fent to the Colonels of the different regiments in the fervice of the French King, to call in all abfent officers; who are, without fail, to join their refpeftive corps b y the i j t h of next month. Thefe orders were publicly ifftied on the 28th ult. The Governors and Commandant of the different fea ports of France have alfo had orders to ftimmon a certain proportion of firamen, the ableft that can be felefted, and fend them to Breft,- for the purpofe of manning a fquadron, that will be fitted out to prevent any annoyance at fea. General de Malbois, is to have the chief command of the French army againft the Emp f r o r ; the camp equipage of which is to be furnifhed at the King's expence. The regiments that compofe this force con fill together of 6 0 , c o o men. This refolution of the French Cabinet was made known to the Emperor on the 26th of laft month. At which time, fn. h means were taken, to induce his Imperial Majefty to renounce his intention of opening the Scheldt, as were deemed politic. But he is faid to be fixed in his intentions, of making a grand effort to extend the commerce of his f u b j f f t s , and means t o take the field in time. Captain Sawyer, is now mentioned as the officer who is to h » ve the command in India. This officer has preferved the good opinion of Lord- Howe, during the late war, in an uncommon degree. An accidient which happened laft week at Eton School, has deprived a patent of an only child. After the fchool hours, the boys being at play, a difpute arofe between two of them, which was agreed to be decided direftly, 6y. a boxing match. One of the lads was eleven years old, and the other thirteen. The youngcll being llronger than his antagonilt, threw hipi down,. and falling upon hi 11 with great violence, drove his ncck into his body, which occafioned his, death. The boy t h a t furvives is very much broiled in the face, and is not acquainted as yet with the unfortunate event of t h e quarrel.— The deceafcd was the fon of Mr Wade, an eminent attorney in the country ; the other, the fon of Mr Mailers, at Exeter. T h e tall of fnow yefterday was fo great, that the roads round town are become nearly impaffable, fo t h a t at twelve < v'clock this day no other mails but the Briftol and Chefter were arrived, . ' T h i s morning, at Guildhall; N d 2- 2,395 f a btSnk), was t h e firit drawn ticket, and as fueh entitled to loool, No. 4566, loci. No. 3957, 26,286, 34,359, 217, 13,59.8, 15,649, 2204, 19,361, and 11,433, 50I. each. LLOYD'S MARINE L I S f , December id. ' THE Neutrality, Nichol, from London to Chriftiana, i » on Ihore near the Salt Works, 60 miles from Chriftiana; but it is hoped will be got off.. The Concord, Bentham, ( at Jamaica, failed from I. aflcafter the 2i( t ult. but meeting with bad . weather, put into Wyre- water, the 4th inft. with the lofs of het bqwfprit, and her foremaft fprung, but otherwife very tight. Captain Fredrickfon, of the Princefs Royal, arrived in the Downs from Granada, ( poke the Alfred, Teage, from Alicant to London, 20 leagues weftward of the Lizard, all well. The Dromedary, Carter, from Dover to Bourdeaux, was loft lad Saturday, near Boulogne, and two of the crew drowned. The Captain, mate, and feven others, got afhore on the poop. Whitby, Dec. 4. In a hard gale of wind at N. E. the foilewing Ihips were drove on fhore near this place, viz. the Good- Intent, Suites, of Sunderland ; the Concord, Johnfon, of Margate ; the John, Ramfhurth, of Newcaftle ; the Golflon, Brown, of Yarmouth ; the Thoma* and Alice, Bunneal, of Stears; all the men are faved. The Phcenix, Lowrie, from London to Oftend, is detained at Helyoetfiuys by contrary winds. The Hunter, Kinnear, from Greenock to Philadelphia, after having been as far welt as Terceira, fprung a leak, and put into Cadiz, where fhe muft unload. The Elizabeth, Filher, from Amflerdam to Petcifburgh, is totally loft near the Texel, crew faved. Captain Poller, of the Piedmont, arrived in Stangate Creek from Leghorn and Nice, fpoke the following velTels: 061. 15th, off Cape Pallas, the Jofeph, Adams, of Pool, from Jerfey andGuernfey, for Leghorn, all well. Npv « IJth, inlat. 37. 43 N. long. 10. W. the Hope, Boyn, tof Plymouth, from Malaga fur Plymouth, all well. Nov. 2id, in lat. 46. 23. N. long. 13. W. the Frankland, Lookout, from Newry for Alicant, all well. Winds at Deal,— Dec. 7. S. W. by W. 8. S. E. 9. N. W. Arrived two mails from Holland, and one due. PRICE of STOCKS BANK STOCK, 113 5 per cent. 1784, 4 per cent. 1777; 7isa7* 3 pet cert. conf. 56jaJ 3 per cent. red. 3 per cent. 1726, ——: Long Ann. r jJ Ditto, 1777, Short do. 1778, 12 Kaj- i6ths South Sei Stock, Ditto Old Ann. Ditto New Ann. 3 per cent. I, 7jl, —— India Stock, thii Day at One o'clock India Ann. Ditto Bonds, 3a2 difc. Exchet). Bills, 3 pr.. Navy and Vi. il. Uills, <- y per cent Scrip, 4 per cent ditto, Omnium, Lottery Pickets, 29I. IOS.' EXCHANGES ON Amflerdam, 37 7- 2^ U. Ditto- fight, 37 3 Rotterdam, 37 8 2J U. Hamburgh, 34 10 U. Oporto, 5 2f L O N D O N . F R I D A Y , DECEMBER 10. Extrall of an authentic letter from a Gentleman of difliiicilon, dated Madras, June 2, 1784. " The caufe of Tippoo'sdeliberately murdering our people, while prifoners, is reported t o have arifen from the General having allowed his troops, in the funffiine of his profperity, t o maffacre all the men they found in tbe fortref3 of Onore, on the Mallabar coaft, which he took by ftorm a ( hort time previous to his defeat. The women, in this fcene of ( laught e r , were trecfted with the moft horrid indecency ; and the eldeft of the Bran- vino, with two of his Priefts, deftroyed by the fury of the foldiers. This venerable c h a r a f t e r was idolifcd by the natives for his numerous virtues, and it is faid t he Raja of Ikkariy a powerful ally to Tippoo, infifted on his facrificing General Mathews and his people, by way of lex fa- Jionh." < Anecdote of Monf. Bouganville.— This celebrated navigator, after being made prrfoncr at the reduftion o f Q m t b e c in 1759, embarked for Europe on board a t r a n f p o r t , commanded by one Chrillie, a Scotchman. It happened, that a few days a f t e r ( he failed, the veffel was wrecked uj> on a defert part of Nova Scotia, and though the whole crew got fafely on fhore, a fmall quantity only of provifions could be preftrved. In ' the courfe of their journey back to Quebec, being reduced to the fad neceffity, when their ftock of provifions was expended, of calling lots who ( hould be put to death, Captain Chriftie, with a power of eloquence which would have given reputation to the greateft orator, perftiaded his famrftied comrades t o excufe Monf. Bouganville from drawing at all, " For ( added he) ( hould the fatal lot fall upon him, nothing we ( hall be able to fay will convince his countrymen but that we have murdered h i m . " He was accordingly excufed three fcveral times, for fo often were they obliged, for the fake of fubfiftence, to have recourfe to this dreadful expedient. T h i s day the following numbers were drawn prizes at G u i l d h a l l : No. 8003, a p r i z e o f i o , o o c l . N 0 . 1 9 2 1 , 30,125, 30,684, prizes of 500I. each. No. 16,638, 26,129, 31,438, prizes of 1 c o l . each. No. 4036, 7083, 7126, 8206, 8630, 11,363, 14,780, 15,155, 1 6 , 1 8 0 , 2 2 , 2 6 8 , 2 3 , 3 8 5 , 2 8 , 0 1 8, prizes of 50I. each. 1 ExtraS of a letter from Cumnoci fin Scotland.) " The following extraordinary piece of intelligence you may depend upon as a f a f t : Laft week about f o r t y men, women, and children; palled through this place. They fet off from Irvine on a pilgrimage to Jerufalem, or fome other place unknown : They reprefented thenslelves as the fpiritual offspring of a Mrs Buchan from Glafgow ; her firft born is a Mr White, who lately was minifter of the relief congregation at Irylne ; fhe prgfeffts t o communicate the Holy Ghoft by breathing and laying on her hands; her difciples. believe themfelves to be filled with the Holy G h o f t , and that they neither have nor can commit fin ; they believe themfelves to be immortal; they believe that Chrift is now about to make his appearance on earth, and to reign a thoufand years, and that they are to be the principal members of his kingdom ; they believe that their fpiritual mother, as they call Mrs Buchan, has brought foith children without the knowledge of man, by the fupernatural agency of the Holy Spirit. When they are afked, Where they are going J they anfwer, T h e y are following the Lamb. They do not pray for any thing, becaufe they look upon God as bound to give them all things they need without afking ; their ( Ordinary duties are reading the New Teftament and p r a i f i n g ; this they do at times on the road as they are travelling; it is faid they objeft to the Old Teftament, and it is certain they rejeft all other books ; their flight from Irvine was fo precipitate that they left their houffs _ with their goods in t h e m ; one had a waffling upon the green which ( he did not ftay to dry up, neither did ( he flay tat fettle any other bufinefe. One of them named H , was by warrant carried back from Machlin. e t o fettle his affairs, and his wife ( laid fome nights in this place. Several perfons here converfed with her, in order to difcover her principles, and fome perfons endeavoured to perfuade her t o go back ; but in vain. She is now gone t o join her fpiritual mother, and the other members of their fraternity. Mr White preaches often as he goes along the highway, but will receive no money from the people. Updn the whole, they feem to be a fet of blinded people led by the fpirit of enthufiafm. No perfon need argue with them, for they ft ill maintain themfelres to be led by the S p i r i t ; that it is they only who know the right fenfe of the Scripture ; that the Spirit within them ( hews it in its true fenfe ; that all others are in a ftate of nature, and cannot know the meaning of the Scriptures; t h t y allow that they were in the fame ftate until they were convinced of late, and pity the reft of the world as blind finnets. it • ' ':•*. " They now rdide' in a wood near Dumfries, where Mr White preaches to t h e m ." We would be obliged to any of our correfpondents at Irvine or Dumfries for informatitn whether tbe above account is true or falfe. L O N D O N . S A T U R D A Y , DECEMBER I I. An account of the Trial of Captain Kenneth M' Keniie, yeflerdajj by a fpecial commifjion at the Old Bailey. T h e prifoner was indidted, for that be having the command of the Garrifon and Fort of Moree, on the coaft o f - A f r i c a , did fallen one Murray M'Kenzie to a gun, which he ordered to be fired, whereby the man was blown t o pieces. T h e evidence for the profecntion clearly proved the f a ft chargcd in the indiftineut. By their teftimony it appeared, that M'Kenzie ( the fame perfon related to the domeftie of a Noble Lord, then at the head of Adminiltration, by whofe intereft he was three times refpited from capital p u n i f h t n e n t) was fent from England with other convifts, who, to the number of feventeen, formed, together with five volunteers, . the whole Garrifon of Moree— That the deceafed was f i r tt an Adjutant under the command of Captain M'Kenzie, b ut deferted twice, and was reduced to the ranks— He was t h en a prifoner at large, and deferted a third time— The C a p - - tain fent a party in fearch of him, after a moft fevere andL inhuman correftion of one thoufand five hundred lafhes, which was inflifted for an hour upon the centinel who f u f - fered the deceafed to pafs— the prifoner thinking the deceafed was fecreted by the Blacks, fired into one of their fettlements, which had the defired effeft. When the deceafed was furrendered, the Captain ordered him to be t i e d • to a gun, and the poor wretch begged a fmall fpace of t i me to fay his prayers ; with the gtrooft difficulty he was allowed twenty minutes— Juft before ihe fatal fignal, he cried out, " You tyrant, yoit have your will of me, my comrades farewell." He alfo accounted for his abfence, and faid, be went only t o get a little brandy, and fell alleep— One or two of the men offered their mediation ; the prifoner threatened to blow out their brains, and held a p i f t o l ; he gave the fignal, and the gun was fired, which fcattered his body into inftant diffolution.. Upon crofs examination it turned out, that the deceafed, three days before this execution, had fent his cloaths t o t he D u t c h fort, and. betrayed a difpofition t o defert. Some witneffes were called on behalf of the prifoner to j u f t i fy the aft from neceffity, and in dcfence of the f o r t, which was intended to be given up by the deeeafed and h is confederates, who meditated to murder the Captain ; but it infilled on by the Counfel for the Crown, that the Captain; fliould have fent tbe deceafed to Cape Coaft, and called a Court Martial. On the other hand it was allowed, that t h e re were no officers t o compofe a Court Martial. Why then he fhould ( they contended) have been confined, and fent to E n g - land. At Moree there was not a place of fafety, but at- Cape Coaft there was. Judge Willis, in his charge, faid, the cafe relied on two queffions ; firft, Was the prifoner juftified b y martial law ? Secondly, Was it an a f t of neceffity ?— Moft clearly it was indefenfible b^ the martial law ; the prifoner would not hear the man, but without any form oFlaw put him to death. ^ I f the Jury found liitn guilty, he deferved a fevere' condemnation. < As to the other point the J u r y would maturely confider. T h e y withdrew for above two hours and brought in their verdift guilty, with a recommendation. Sentence of death was immediately pronounced by the Recorder. I n confequence of the recommendation of the J u r y , J u d ge Willis refpited tlie prifoner for a week, to lay his cafe before his Majelty. The above unfortunate gentleman is a native of the H i g h - lands, and has been in the military line from twelve years of age. His charafter was that of a Martinet ( a rigid difciplinarian), too obftinate in his determinations ; but vigilant, active, and undauiited. Captain M'Kenzie was dreffed . yefterday in a full fuit of b l a c k ; hiskaii- powdered, and a la grenadier. He is a wellmade, tall man, much pitted with the fmall- pox, and about 30 years of age. This day the following prizes were drawn at Guildhall ; No. 12,231 a prize of tool. No- 20,150, 16,290, 7316, 8 3 ° S , 33 » 5; o8, 34,545, 5828, 35,475, 29,176, prises of 50I. each. e d i n i T U R G H . The London poft did not arrive till half paft five o ' c l o c k . 1 ExtraS of a letterfrom NeweaJlle, Dec. I t. " On Sunday evening a moft violent ftorm of wind from t h e S . E. attended with a heavy fall of fuow, came on here, which continued armoft without abatement till the T u e f d ay evening, and has been produftive of more damage t o the fhipping on this coaft than can ever before be remembered. T he feverity of the weather has prevented any perfeft accounts being received of the ( hips that have fuffered ; but it is apprehended not lefs than a hundred fail are either totally lore, or driven afhore, many of them in very dangerous fituations, as a fleet of light colliers, amounting to upwards of two hundred fail, came in company from Yarmouth roads, and a very fmall part of them are yet arrived here, though fome of them were in fight of the port when the ftorm arofe. The ' caalt to the fouthward of Blyth on Monday afforded 3 fpectacle of horror almoft too ( hocking t o relate, b^ ing nearly co- , vered with wrecks, and dead bodies walhed frqm them : Nine - of the crew of the Englifh Hero, ftranded near B l y t b , were taken up that day, and buried in Bedlington church- yard. Two boys that were left on board this ( hip, and were laved, fay, that when the other part of the crew took to the boat, they refufed to take them in, and t h a t , before the boat had got many yards from the Ihip, ( he funk inftantly, and all on board ( thirteen in number) perifhed. The body of a young lady, genteelly dreffed in black, was alfo drove aftiore t o the northward of B l y t h : A fum of money was found in her pocket, but her name caaaot yet be difcovered. By the h u - tnsrii exertions rendered by the gentlemen and others in the neighbourhood of the refpeftive veffels, few, if any, have perilhed after going alhure, northward of that place, on the Northumberland coaft ; and that by the benevolent afiittance of J . Widdrington and E. Cooke, Efqrs. and other individuals, every accommodation of cloaths, and other neceffaries; have been afforded the unhappy fufferers in a inoft eminent degree. The, affi! tance- and accommodation rendered at Bamborough Caltle, make us ftill more admire . the excellence of t h a t t r u l y laudable inilitution. The behaviour of fome fifhermen and others, in the neighbourhood of Camoes, was as much a diigrace t o humanity as the other was an honour to i t . " The following is the ftate of fuch veffels as have come to our knowledge: The Reftoration, Hutchinfon, Druridgt Sands— Leoftaff, Tinley, off Sunderland— Hunter, of Sunderh n d, to tlx north- ward— Ills, Ware; Providence, W a t t , Crefswell— Royal Briton, Whitley, northward— Friendfhip, Dean, of Sunderland, Prior's Haven, broke up and the majler drowned— Leighton, Sunderland ; Newcaftle, Redhead, northward, fuppofed will break up— Good Delign, C. Heron ; Elizabeth, Greenwell ; Robert, A.' S c o t t ; northward, lojl— Pallas, Shipley, Hartlepool, broke up— Elizabeth and Mary, Armftrong— Willington, Scott, Herd— Grace, Armftrong, a little to the fouthward of the bar with her majls gone, riding— William and Frances, and Creftent, of Blythe, near Sunderland— Jofeph, 1 ) . Smith, near Hartlepool— Northumberland ( Clarke's) Amble. Pans, broke up— Induftry, Spence; Richard ( Clarke's) ; Thomas and Sarah, Ayre, of Lynn ; a floop, Chapman, of Sunderland, Hawhfly— Margaret, Rayne, fouth of Bondicar —- Elilha, , Hudjlon Rods— Friendfhip, Carling ; Hartley and Brodrick,_/ WA of Hudjlon Rocks— Brodrick, Craifter; Friendfhip, Stevenfon ; Loyalty, Hillyard, Druridge Sands — Jane, of Whitby, ( Clarke's) lojl— Mary, Carling ; Suc- Ccfs, Garbtit ; Venus, Cannaway, CreJJwell— Englilh Hero, ( S t o r y ' s ) 13 drowned and four boys faved— Fame, Scott, Blythe, broke up Good Defign, , Herd, broke up —.— Friends, Wilfon, near Storey's Landing, will be got off Good Agreement, W r i g h t ; Betfey, Tewart, fouth of Sunderland, broke up Good Intent, Ware, northward Chatles and Jane, ( Cunningham's) Hawkefly— Spring, Appleby, Hawkejly, lojl— Happy Return, Barton, Sunderland— Endeavour, Carling, CreJfwell-— Adventure, Carr, ( Rowe's) ; Mercury,: ( H a l l ' s ) Hartlepool, will be got off—- Friendfhip, lojl in the harbour by fome evil difpofed perfons cutting her ropes— T w o Janes, Guy, fouthward, gone to pines— Perfcverance, Jefferfon, of Newcaftle, northward, lojl— Aftive, Gale, Peterfhields, north ward, crewperjjhed in going into Dunbar— Jane, Grindlay, of Borrowftounnefs, with goods, gone to pieces on Crefswell rocks, five men and paffengers drowned— Friends Regard ; Traveller's Reftoration, near Hartlepool— Friendfhip, Coppin, Torkjhire coajl— Dorothy, Scott, near Hartlepool, lojl— Kitty, H. arwood, Hartlepool, gone to pieces— Good Int e n t , Smart, Marjlon— Rochefter, Rippon, fouth of Sunderland— Ann and Mary, Davidfon, fouth of Sunderland, lojl— jSufannah, ( Wallace's) off Tees, lojl— Induftiy, Wood, Cullercoats, feared will not get off-— Folkftone, Robinfon, northward, lojl Two Brothers, Walton, Creffwell— Cromer, Crook, loll wilh all hands making the harbour— Amity, of Ipf w ' c h , Hartley— Hopewell, Scarfe ; Squirrel, ; Fame, M u r r a y ; Brothers, Hall, laden from Peterfburgh, Dunjlanburgh— Elizabeth, Greenwell, north of Sunderland, lojl— Marg a r e t , Curlins j Ifabella, -; Betfey, StOnehoufe; Nancy, Stephenfon ; Brotherly Love, Bell; Ann, Bourn ; Kitt y , Wat fon ; Spring, Hewitfon, all on fhore, but not known • where— Margaret, Alexander Stephenfon, of Shields j Samuel, W. Dee; William, Moor; Martha, H o w e ; Elizab e t h and Hannah, Liddell, of Sunderland ; Adventure, Liddell, of Scarborough J Friends Adventure, Kildin, of Yarmouth ; Granby, Bygate, of Wifbich, majler and one man drowned, all On [ hore off IVarkworth— a floop, attempting to make the harbour, was loft and all hands— a large fhip on the Coquet Ifland, and feveral more, that no accounts can be got o f ; they are all light, and the crews moftly faved, except two veffels, which came on ( hore a mere wreck, and all hands l o f t . — W e are happy? however, in the midft of this fcene of diftrefs to add, that the lofs o f lives are very few compared to what might hav* been expefted. " T h e fcene in Shields harbour, on Monday laft, was truly dreadful ; the ( hips, which with great difficulty got in there, had their malts and yard » all fplit, their fails tore in'pieces, and their crews almoft perifhed with cold and fatigue. " Mr Dean, the mafter of the Friendfhip, which went on fhore in Prior's Haven, was wafhed overboard aud drowned, and two of his feamen nearly fuffered the fame fate, but were thrown back by the next wave. Some men from the fhore humanely lent every afliitance, and particularly one Ralph Franks, who, with equal courage and humanity, dafhed into t h e waves, fwam to the fhip, and, with a rope in his hand, back again to the fhore. To this rope was faftened a large cable, which the people 011 ( hore pulled to them and fecured, and by that means feven of the crew got fafe to land. A fubfcription, it is faid, has been opened for rewarding him. " Mr James Craifter, mafter of the Broderick, was once wafhed overboard, but was thrown back by the next waves. T h e lives of many are owing to the fame providential circumftance. " When the Britifh Hero was call on ( hore at Blythe, the crew took to their boats, and left two boys on board, whom they would not take in ; one of Khem, foon after determined t o follow it, was preparing to throw himfelf in, but was hindered by the other. When he perceived the boat overfet, he told his companion, who kept above board, that he would go down to prayers, where he continued till low tide, when the people came to their affiftance. The boy on deck being afked if any more were on board, told them of his companion, whom he ftippofed was dead, not having feen him fo long ; but on going to the hold, they found the boy fait afleep, as if nothing had happened. " A t the above place, as a poor man was going along the coalt, he faw a dead body lying, and in a pocket found 13I. in cafh ; when, t a k i n g particular notice of the body, he got it conveyed fo the church- yard, t o be ; owned by his friends, and put the money into proper hands for their ufe. " From Sunderland we learn, that on Monday morning above thirty keels were funk in the river, moftly loaden with coals; alfo feveral ( hips broke from their moorings, but received little damage. That day a floop for Leith, lotden with barley, drove on fhore between the p i e r s ; the mafter and mate drowned, but two men, fhip and cargo, faved On Tuefday morning the coaft wore an awful appearance, being • covered with wrecks and dead bodice. Upvvardi of fifty fail are on fhore between that port and Hartlepool, and about fixteen between it and Shields, moftly Shield? fhips; but the names could not be procured. " M o n d a y evening the Friendfhip; George Carr mafter; having loft her fteerage in the ltorm, and receiving much damage on the bar, came intt) this harbour Water logged; and in a fhattefed condition, and moored in the Coble Landing at South Shields, when fome malicious perfbtf or perfons; that night, either cut or threw off , her fhore ropes* and fet her adrift, by which means fhe funk in the . river, and four boys in her were drowned. We hear from Blackney; on the Norfolk coaft, that the Shepherdefs of Stockton, Thomas Bowron mafter, laden with lead and oats for the London market; was lately loft o'ff that place ; the crew were faved. " T h e Royal Oak of Stockton; bound from thence to London, was lately run down on her paffage by a large veffel ; the crew and a woman paffehger were all faved, but the fhip and cargo, which was very valuable, are totally loft. " The body of the late Countefs of Dundonald was in one of the ( hips now on Creffwell fands, bound for Scotland, where it was lent to be interred. It came on fhore, and now lies at a farm houfe in the neighbourhood. " Some ( hips were feen to founder at fea, the crews of which immediately periflied ; and ho doubt but inany others have had the fame iniferable f a t e . v ' 4. " To the difgraCe of humanity, tfpwards of 200 perfons have been bufy on Creffwell Sands, in . ftealfng wreck, and plundering the dead." Laft night, abortt nine o'clock, an alarfhitlg fire broke out on board a floop in Leith harbour, which threatened the deftruftion of the adjoining ( hipping, it being unfortunately low water. By the Angular aftivity and attention, however, of the magillrates, conftables, and inhabitants, it was foon got under. The water engines from Edinburgh were forwarded with great expedition, but the bufinefs was accomplifhed before their arrival. As ufual dn fuch occafions, an immenfe croud of women affembled, and were exceedingly aftive in fupplying the men with water. We are forry to add, that feveral people were much hurt, saving to the confufion. x Yefterday the j u ry on the trial of William Spence, as mentioned in our laft, gave in their verdict, .^ finding, by a great plurality of voices, the prifoner Not Guilty;}, upon which he was difmiffed from the bar. • .-,-. Saturday morning arrived in L e i t h roads, the Danifh Eaft India Company's fhip, Chriftiana Septinis, about 700 tons burden, James Wemyfs commander, from Copenhagen, bound for Tranquebar, laden with iron, wine, geneva, porter, and fome woollen fluffs, See. The above fhip was proceeding north about, but meeting with violent gales of contrary wind, was obliged to bear up for this Frith. The Newcaftle, James T a p p mafter, is arrived in Leith roads from Dantzic ; the 1 o t h inftant fpoke the Integrity Thomas Wilkie, from Petei ( burgh, for Port Glafgow, o the Naze of Norway, al! well. The Livinglton, Stevenfon, from L e i t h , was fafe in Yarmouth roads, 011 Tuefday afternoon, the 7th inftant, having rode out the ftorm. The Betfy and Brothers, Wifhart, from Peterfburgh, is arrived in L e i t h r » ads. Zi^ jQn Monday laft was married here, Major Archibald Ro- ' b e r t f o n , of the Corps of Engineers, to Mifs Catharine - Auftio, daughter of the dece^£ ed D r Ailjiftin, late phylician _ in this cit S H I P A* P. TV S PASSED TLTE S O U N D , .. .. Nov. 17. Speedwell, Rtid, of Peterhead, from Sunderland, for Copenhagen, with coals AftfuvEo AND REMAIN, 16. Dundee, Robfbti, of and for Dundee, from Riga, with wheat 18. William and Mary, I. ogan, of Carron, frdtit Dantzic, for Leith, delf 5 . Betty, Towers, of ditto, from, Koiiigfhergy for ditto, with peafe. t Winds— Nov. 17. W., a W. S. W. a S. W. ig. S. W. i W. ro. ti S. E. a E. N; E. a N. ia. Ni a N, W. , ELSINEUR, .. We a r e , ,& C. Nov. 4o. 1784. BROWltf & LiNrfeNtiAGCN. ARRIVED AT X. ElTH, Dee. U- Robert, Geylcr, from Shetland; with. jjoSds • M'. Diff, Gill, .; from M'Duff, with yarn ; Jairies Pvluclie, from Riga, with goods, Liddel, Wjttlbn, from Onega, With wood; i j . Nelly arid jeSn, Turcan, from Duiidei:, with barley. s A J L E D:, . Fortune, Buchanan, for Hull, with goods; Ifab'il arid Anil, Ferrier, for JLondon, with whifliy J arid feverai Coaiters. • BCS D I S T H i c T 6' RIESTOWN and TEVIOT- ROW. AGeneral Meeting of the Proprietors of the Di( l. ri5t of Laurieftowrt and Teviot row is to be held in John's C'bffeehoufe, on Friday next the 17th ihftant. i- ' 6ne o'clock afternoon, for the purpofe of chufing a Committee to confer With the Magiftratea of Edinburgh with regard, to a fcheme for ereAing a Bridge acrofs the Cowgate, at or near . yiddor^ xWynd, . . JOHN ROBERTSON. Convener. EDINBURGH, DEC. T T ' H J S ^ I . - Committee appointed by the Heritors, Commiifioners of Supply, and Juflices of Peace of the. county of Invernefs, at their meeting at Invernef^, in the month of, OtStober laft; Vit* 1 iniirudtibris to meet with the Committees appointed by other counties, to take tinder confideratiofi the late ail of Parliament made witlt regard to licchfing fmall ( tills ill the Highlands, having ntet in order to take that matter tinder coiifideration, make this public intimation to the Committees appointed by the other counties concerned, that they are again to meet to take that matter under farther conficferation, upon Friday the 24th of December current, at the Royal! Eichange Co'ffeehoiife, by one o'clock in the afternoon ; and they requeft that the Committees, appointed by the other counties affeiSed by the late adt of Parliament, will attend, that the meafutes proper to bepiitfued for obtaining relief may then be concerted. J ' - - Prefent Prices of Teas arid Spirits, & c: PEK LB. as Beft Double Rum, PER GAr.. 8s 2 s 6d Single ditto, 6s 4 s Cogniac Brandy; los Single ditto, 6s Dutch Geneva; 6 s 6s 6d Rtttn Shrub', is » 7s Cherry Brandy; 8s 9s Proof Whilky,. • - 3* String ditto in proportion. BOHEA Tea, Beft ditto, Middling Congo*; Good ditto; Fine ditto, Gbod SouthtSisrZ/ Shrub, Si *- I Fineft ditto, Eineft Hyfon; Port, Sherry, and Lifbon Wines, at Is 8d per bottle. The above goods being bought at the cheapefl ready money markets; ill be- iiund, on trial, full as good pennyworths as any in the trade afiorjy / ied at A r n i e ) ' n e a r ' M a d r a s , on fhe 12th ci? May laft, Captain John M'Alilter, of the Nabob's cavalry, much efteemed as an officer of merit, and j u f t ly regretted, as a man ofjincommon benevolence a n d j j o o d n e f s of heart. < ^ TTicd at Weft Calder ManfeT on Friday the 10th current, tire Reverend Mr Alexander Wardrop, Minifter of the Gofpel, much and j u f t ly regretted. By a letter from Dunbar, dated the 11 th inft. we are informed, that the bodies of feven of the unhappy fufferers, who were on board the Aftive of Shields, Thomas Gale mafter, had been found, and it was fuppofed that feveral others had been on board the veffel, who were not then come on ( hore, J:. On Monday the body of a gentleman dneffed in a duffle great coat, with a ring on his ( finger, and fiWer buttons and buckles, was thrown afhore about two miles from Newhaven. He is fuppofed to be the Captain of one of the fhips t h a t was loft. Yefterday the body of a man was foiirtd. in a park near J o c k ' s Lodge. An enquiry having been made, under the Sheriff's direction, it proves to be the body of an old H i g h - 1 land beggar ; and there being no appearance of violence about him, it is fupp'ofed he muft have perilhed from the feverity of the weather. On Monday, one Ballantine, a carter, received from Meffrs. W h i t e and Mitchel, 312I. Sterling, as his fixteenth fhare of the 5000I. prize, drawn in the prefent Lottery. ExtraB of a letter from Aberdeen, Dec. 13. " About five o'clock on Friday morning, came afhore in the bay of R a t t a r y , and within a mile of the fiflv town of Corfkelly, betwixt Fraferfburgh and Peterhead, the fhip Expedition of Stockton, about 400 tons burden, Samuel Marfhal mafter, from Peterfbutgh, loaded with hemp and iron, bound for Newry in Ireland. The cre^ v are all fafe, t h e fhip lies fair oh fand, and it is thought will be got off, if the weather prove favourable. " The Mercury of Aberdeen, Capt. James Emfiie, from Aberdeen to Halifax, arrived fafe at Halifax the 28th O f t o - ber, after a pafl'age of eight weeks, the paffengers all well, " Since our laft, a great quantity of fnow has fallen, accompanied by ftrong gales at N. and N. E. which has fo choaked up the roads as to render communication with the country very difficult. A chaife and four that fet out on Friday for t h e north, got no farther than a mile or two beyond the bridge of Don, when they found the road imprafticable, and were obliged to return. The Fly was about eleven hours on the road t o Stonehaven, and was feveral times dug out of the fnow in hollow places/ T h e north poft, which fhould have arrived on Thurfday afternoeri, did not come in till Saturday afternoon." - : i . For a fortnight paft, the country around Falkirk has been much alarmed by a banditti of thiewes, who have broke into feveral hoiifes in the night time, and- carried off bed- clothes, butter, and cheefe. They Hole out of Mr John Clark's, farmer in the Mungrels, ten ftoaes ch. eeff, and a quantity of b u t t e r , & c. •.-••• •..-.,. - .-. W E S T K I R K , D e c . 8, 1 ) 8 4. F. REAS the Magiftrafes of Edinburgh, Cano'ngate, and Lei'th, have taken meafures for apprehending vagrants and beggars; within their feveral dittriiSs, which muft materially anedt fhe neighbouring parilhes, in which no fuch meafures are taken, THEREFORE the ^ Heritors of the pariih of St. GUTHBERT'S or W E S T K I R K , at their meeting held this day, RESOLVED, That the parilh officers ( hall be immediately appointed to apprehend all the vagrants of beggars to be found in the parifh of St Cttthbert's or Weft Kirk. That fu'ch as are not intitled to the charity of the parifh will leave it on or before the lll'of January 1785, otherwife they will be apprehended, confined, and fed on bread and water,, till they be conveyed 6> t of the parifh as the - law dire< 5ts. That no perfoti tfiay have reafoh to' complain' of feverit'y of injuftice,' every perfoti in circutrtllances of real neceffity, belonging to the parifh, and intitled to the parifh charity, fhall be ihUantly received into the Charity Work houfe, upon a proper application to the Managers, a « the fole objeit of the Heritors is to relieve the pariffiioners from the • oppreffion of vagrants and begging, while kt the lame time they are affelted for the fupport of the parilh poor ; the Heritors flatter themfelves that the Members of Seilion, and all thofe who wilh well to the intereft of the parifh, will do their utmoft in aflifting them in the profecution1 of this plan. The Heritors are particularly folicitous and hopeful, that all Landlords or others, poffeffors of hotifes, wiH be careful to receive nty perfons or tenants of their property, whofe chara& ers are doubtful or iufpicious, or who belonging to a different quarter of the country, are in danger of becoming a burden upon the charity of this parifh'. And that thofe Landlords, who may, at prefent, have their Houfes occupied by perfons of fuch doubtful and fnfpicious eharaAers; will voluntarily relieve the parilh of them, by obliging them to remove at the term of Whitfunday new, to prevent further trouble to themfelves aiVdto the public. l f H ^ r i t y ? f l i s r x ^ n Y ^ A n v a ! CJJf The Heritors, that none Wiay pretend ig^ brance 6f this their r e f l a - tions, appoint intimation thereof - to be given in the feveral diftritfts of the parilh, at both places of public worflirp, and' hi- the newfpapcrs. Signed by the Prefcs of the meeting, . . JAMEJ, B A L F O U R . N O T I C E the VASSALS of the Lordlhip 6f DUNFERMLINE, ' eeting of tbe vaffals of Dunfermline is to be held in the Exchange Coffeehoufe, Edinburgh; upon Friday 24th ctSrreftt, at one o'clock afternqon, to confider of the propriety ef leading a general valuation of fuch teinds as are at prefent unvalued, and to give other neceffary directions- for carrying into execution the leafe of fhe feuduties and teinds which has lately been obtained from the Crownl A* the bufinefs to be before the meeting is of much importance to the Vatfals, it is rcqucftcd they, or their doers, will attend. » " John 1 air JBHior, Writer W ( lid llgHSB Princes Street, Edinburgh, | / wiHJj^ prm as to- particulars. f ' 4 / f t N O T I C E / ' 0 THE HEIRS OF MRS ELIZABETH DALRYM- PI. E. RS ELIZABETH DALRYaMP'LE, one of tlie four daughters of . the deceafed William Dairymple, Writer to the fighct in Edinburgh, was married to the now deceafed — M'Auiay, taylor thefe, - by whom fhe had one fon, who furvived her. She was afterwards married to a Lieutenant- Courts, alfo now deceafed, by whom fhe had B daughter, who alfo furvived hert Her fon, or, if he is dead without ^ lawful iflue, her daughter, are defired to apply to ' Robert Huffier, wri" ter 111 j'. ainour^ r. T who will inform them of fomething to their ad- / vantage.^ y / I N T I M A T I O N TAIN CREDITORS of the late JOHN CRAIGIE of Kilgraftown. IN the procefs of ranting of the creditors of the faid John Graigie, the Lord Efkgrove, Ordinary thereto, by interlocutor, dated. 7th inft. ordained James M'Keith, merchant in Perth, Mifs Ifabelia Gibfon, daughter of the deceafed Thomas Gififon, Principal Clerk of Seffion, Charles Riddel of Miiflie, John Jamiefon, merchant' in l eith, Ivfargarec Gibbons in Bronmhall, and William Brown in iti^ raftowa, to g'i^ e in " TSnTwers to the objefliori's ft'ated to their intctefts, agaifift the fifft federunt'- day in January next; with certification fo fach of them as fail, that the objediionS t'o their hiterefts will bt} fuftairted : And ordained' Alexander Horfburgh of that Ilk, Efq; Mary and Jean Hoj? gs, daughters of the deceafed John Hogg of Cammo, Jolirt Moir, clerk to the fig-< net, and Meffrs Gloag arid Monro',, merchants in Edinburgh, to obtem- ! per the former interlocutbt, of. the loth December and that againft the faid firft federunt- day in January next; with certification, if thef fail, the objections' ftatedr to their interefo will be fuftained. e . H . e. Clerk ° U m j d ' / H y x t i . ExchaVre FARMS AND BREWERY TO LE'J? be L E T , arid entered - into at tbe term of Whitfunday Si JL for filch a nti'm& T of years as may be agreed upon, The Farm cf ROSERAKM, with the annexed Farm aAeVGrazttpf^ Sf W1MT. BOGG, both lying in the | arHh and '( hire of Croiparty. feofo farm is feffici'eiitly inctofed with Hone dykes, and fubdtridul with ditch • and hetlge, laiia coriBfts of a'jtfat * 00 acres arable ground; he- fides a great deal of paftm- e- grounds.' It has a commodious fet ' of offices, with a neat ehve'il- 3h » - ho » ( e, and lies within tw o miles of the town and harbour of Cromart y , which gives it the command of manure aad market. The Whitebogg lies about two miles well « .- fouth of Rofefarm, and conftfts of a very large • and extenlive traft of arable meadow and pafture grounds, with planta-. ' tion and woods Jit - for liimmcring and wintering great numbers of black " cuttle.' A Sufficient- outer fence of ftone is'now boildiflg, which will be linilhed in courfc of next lealbn. AS ALSO, to he ' LET and entered into at Candlemas or Whitfimday next, as may be agreed- upon, the BREWERY af Cromarty, with Malt- Iiarns and Granaries., This Brewery is a very complete one, it being tailt • on the moft modern and convenient conftruftion ; therefore bufinefs can tie- carried on with few fervants. The wcll- kfiown and frequented bartour of Cromarty gives an opportunity of extending the fales of ( hipping, and affords, likewife an op; x> rtunity of exportation. The dock on hand, Which may not be very great, will be fold by appreciation to any perlon who may offer for this brewer)', and time given for the payment thereof, • cm- finding good i'ecUrity. Any perlbn inclining to offer for the above Farms or Brewery may give in their propofais to Mr P. ofs the proprietor, at his houle in Conduit Street, Loudon, or to Walter Rols, his factor, at Cromarty. Judicial Sale of Factory Subjects in Glafgow, B r A D J O U R N M E N T . And Upfet Price Reduced. *"~ I~' 0 be Sold, within the Parliament or New Selfion H o u k o j f E d i n - - L burgh, upon Wediiefday the 19th of January 17S5, ba? wixt the hours ol four and five afternoon, The whole HOUSES and AREAS lately poffeffed by Meffrs Ayton, Blackburn, and Colvill, partners of the Hacrlem Linen and Dying ManuTadforie's, and extremely well adapted for carrying on bufinefs of that kind, comprehending the dwelling- houfe poffeffed by Mr William Gardrit- r, with the wa'rehotifes, yarn room, heckling houfe, weaving and dying faiJfories, & c. ; the ftable, hay- loft, and cellars, which were formerly'pofiefied Along with the divelling- houfe which belonged to the deceafed Antlrew Ayton, late merchant in Glafgow, are to be fold a'ong with thefe faftory fulsjeifts, and the upfet price ol' the whole is now to be Cool. Sterling. . The articles of roup may be feen'in the office of Mr George Kirltpatrick, depute cjerk of oeflion ; and any other information maybe got, by applying to^ Viuiam Lhclc vvflier to the signer* or Claud Marlhall* writer in Glafgow. ' ' J S A L E O F L A N D S . To be SOLD by public! voluntary roup, within the houfej Bean, vintner in' Montroie, upon Tuefclay the 5th day* 1 7 s i , ' ' THE Town and Lands of FOSTER and WESTER BALLOCHIF., and I. afids called MUIRTOWN, lying withitt. the united parilhes of Logic and Pert, and fhite of- Forfar. Thefe lands confiff Of above 500 Scots acres, nioft arable, divided, and inclofed. There is- upon the premifes a convenient manfioft houfe and offices,' and a well flocked pigeon houfe ; alfo', two excellent farm Heads, all built with Hone and limb, and dated.— Sixty acres or thereby, of the above landsaie planted, and the plantations are in a thriving condition. They lie in a fine country, about two miles from Montrofe, and nearly the fame' difiance from Brechin, which eonfi. derably iticreafcs their value. The title- deeds are in the hands of William I. eflie, writer to the. fignet, Edinburgh ; aiid perfons inclining to purchafe,. may, for further particulars,' apply to James. Gardyne,, Efq; of Middleton, Mr Charles GreenhiU at' Be- au'champ, or Mr I. eflie," cither of whom have power to conclude a bargain. LANDS IQ, ttMCIAL SALE oe m L A N D S OF P I T N A C R E £ , Lyiogi in the parilh of Logierait and ( hire of Perth,. By Adjournment, end Up- fit Price reduced, L ' " TTObe Sold, within the Parliament or NeW Seffion Houf/ of ^ l i p ' 1 burgh,..' upon the 2 y feu and blench tenures,, who have not yet taken entries from the fuperior, but arc liable to enter with him. The comoafitions payable for the entry of the vaffals who hold blench, and of Teveral of thoi'e who hold their lands in feu farm, are very Conficlerahle, as the . lands, from their vicinity to the town of Dumfries, and be-- iiig highly cultivated, yield very high rents. This lot will be,- lor the encouragement of offerers, expofed at the Upfet price of 150I. I. OT IV.— The SUPERIORITY of the Five Pound Land of WI. M- " Tn'HILLS, lying within the united parishes of Glofeburn and Dalgarr o , and f. rire of Dumfries. This fuperiority has annexed to it a fen- . duty of 5I. ICS. Sterling yearly, payable hy the vaffal, and afford? a freehold qualification in the county, the old extent being inftruiftcd - by a retour prior to the year i 6 8 j . A charter of. the, lapds under the Great Seal is ready expedc, and will he conveyed to the purchafer, upon_ which he may be infe- ft immediately. This lot vyill'be expofed at 2jol. ' t he rentals- of the land's, title- deeds, and articles of fale, are to be feen in the hands of U'llliam Uampbcll Wfitef [ 0 ffic to wlionA any perfon defiring farther information may apply. ' > A TAVMN . kfLr. ITH lo be SOLll. To be Sold by pubuc roij$ within the houfe of Mrs Blackball, vintner on the Shore of I. eitb, on Friday the 24th cf December 1784, twelve o'efock noon, r T p H A T well- frequented T AVERN, prefentiy poffeffed by Mrs'Black- JL ball, lying on the Shore of Leith, with the cellars and pertinent thereto belonging. The fubjt& s wiil he fhown by Mrs Btackhall. The progrefs of writs and articles of roup are tO be feen in the hands of Robeit Bell, writer to the fignet. SALE'of the ESTATE of ORCHARD i In Whole or in Lots— By Private Bargain. To be SOLD, ALL and Whole the Lands and Eftate of ORCHARDl within the parifhes of Buitle, Rerrick, and united pari* don and Kelton, and ftewartry of Kirkcudbright. ' This eftate confifts of 3267 acres Scots msafurc, whereof there are 1690 acres of rich arable ground, and 1577 acres of excellent palliire. Aimoftthe whole eftate is . inclofed, and the arable fatms are fubd'ivided with good fences. Thc farm- houfes, which are timbered with the beft foreign wood, and covered with Hates, and office- houfe- i, are in the very beft order, moft of them having been built within . thefe. three or foyr years. The free rent of the eftate is 1014I. Sterling, after deduction of all public burdens, and, by fubdividing the larger farms, a confiderable rife of rent may be obtained. The tenants are in general men of wealth, and are carrying on great improvements by ' means of lime marie, lea- fhells, fleech, & c. with which the lands are plentifully fupplied. ' Fhe natural wood on this eftate is extenfive, and the whole of an age fit for cutting. From a late appretiation it appears, that the value of the wood is upwards of 500I. Sterling. Upon the lands of New Orchardton there has been lately built a large, elegant, and commodious manfion- houfe, with a comple fet of ofbeehonl'es, and houfes for labouring fervants, executed in the moft fubdantial manner, in ercfting and completing which buildings there has been expended upwards of 3C00I. Sterling. There is alio a good garden and orchard, well flocked with fruit- tries. The houfe of Orchardton is delightfully fituated near the hay of Hifton, on the Sokvay frith, and has a commanding profpcift of the coaft of England on the oppofite fliore. Within the bounds of the eftate are ! everal good harbours, fit for receiving veffels of confiderable burden, particularly one within 300 yards of the houfe of Orchardton. From the bay near the houfe, the family refiding there may at all feafons be plentifully fupplied with a variety of fifh, which are taken by the fervants without difficulty, by placing nets at low water. Among the many advantages which this eftate epjoys, it may he remarked, that it lies in a c* iintry where the fpring and funimer are earlier than m any other place in Scotland, and the cold and other difagreeable effects of the eaft wind 4re fcarcdly felt. The whole eflate holds of the Crown for payment of fmall feu and bletichduties, apd ftands valued in the cefs- books at 1047I. Scots, which, with two forty- lhilling lands of old extent, entitles the proprietor to four freehold qualifications The eftate will be either fold altogether, or in the following lots, yiz. I. OT I'.— Mains of Orchardton, Chspelcroft, Blackbelly, & c. New Mill of Orchardton and Glenlhinnoch, and Mill of| A< ichincairn. NOTA, This lot includes the manfion- houfe and'all ther. atural wood. I. OT II.— Thc Farm of Clonyards, lying detached from the reft of the eftate. LOT I ID— Tbe Farm of Caigton. For further particulars enquire at the proprietor at Orchardton- houfe, William Kci, h accountant in Edinburgh, or at James ' Baillie at the Stamp Office, Edinburgh, who will fliow the tacks, rental, progrefs of tvrits, and a plan and meafurement of the eftate.' an3 MXRTBUK.' andTwo Merk Lands of MF. 1KLE DI- BBONS, ' confiding. of 1180 ? cres, partly arable and meadow, grounds, and the remainder paftu'ri. Thefe lands are let fo! r four years from Whitfunday , at the ^ yearly rent of 55L ; tbe. former rent was higher. I They eld of a. fubjeeSt Cuperior tor payment of a fmall feu- duty. LOT X.— Tbe- Lwds. of BREC'HENSIDE, confiding of about 233 acres, whereof upwards of 74 acres are arable, and nearly four acrcs are meadow ground. Thefe lands are tln'derj a teafe, which expires at Whitfunday 1789; the rent, including con verted- cafualties and fcrvices. is g81. 14s. 6d. ;: rhey are holden blench. of the Crown, ' LOT XL— Tfje Dands of . FLEUGHLARG, confiding of 258 acres fend upwards, whereof about 71 ac^ es are arable, and 3 acres . meadow Sgroun'd-. Tbefe lands are under a leafe, current for four years from Whitfuud^ y 1784;' the' prefent rent is j S l . ; they are held of a ft^ hjeit luj^ rior for payment of a trifling feii- duty. 1•" - -• . . . " : DOT XII.- t- rThe. Fifty Shilling J. anefs of- PEILS, TON, confiding of itipwards, of 33Q acrfcs, Whereof awes are arable, and j o , acr? s| mea- : dovy, round, and the remainder good pafture. This farm is under a lcal'e for" four years from Whitfund3y 1782 ; the prefent rent is 54I. res. { Sterling,' aftB there, is'i'ome wood upon i t ; thelands are he^ d of a fubjedl fnperior for payment of a fmall feu- duty. NiB. : Tihc lauds of Peilflon. will either be fold by thenlfelves; feparately, or along with the lands contained, in Lot V. as n a- y be - agreed on. ., ... r i . . . . . . \ r i> il the above lands lie in the pariPa of Gl^ ncairn and ( hire of Dumfries, except the lands, of Craigitivey and Blacjemerk, in Lot IV. which lie in the parilb of Du- rtftore,- in the fame fhire. The lands ' in: general are well inclofed, and fame of them fubdivided. The eftate of Marwelton is valued, in '•( umalo, fo the valuation of the different lots above mentioned cannot at^ prefent be mentioned . with certainty; but a fchetiie, dividing the valuations, is made up upon principles which, it is thought, will be approved of. ' The tiends of the whole lancls above mentioned arc valued, and will he fold a'ong with the lands, excepting only tbe cieirds - of the lands, in " Lot IV. lying in tjie pwifb, of Dunfco « e,; which were valued fo far back as the year 1634, and arc'exhaufted, or pearly fo, by the ftipend payable to the mini'fter. Tbe rental of the lands' is in tbe hinds of Commiffarv Goldie at Dumfries ;•' a ceipy - of lit, with the current leafes, and the plans and meafurcments of the lands, together with the title- deeds.; which are per feflly clear, and the Articles of fale, are in the hands of Wibiain Caniprbell writer to- the figneS to whom any perfon inclining to purchafe at the roup, or wifbing < 9 make a private bargain, may apply for furihei particulars. The tenants will lhow the lands. J U D I C I A L S A L E. There is to be expofed to Sale by public roup, by authority of the Lords of Council and Seffion, within the Parliament or New Sellion Houfe of Edinburgh, upon the 17th day of January 1784, betwixt the hour* Of four and eight in the afternoon, THE following SUBJECTS, belonging to flicHAKr> CAMERON of Carntyne, viz. The Lands of Netherfield or Brandrumhill-, the I. ana9 of Lightburn, the Lands of Rachezie, the Thirty.- tbree Shilling Fouripenny Land, of old extent, in Over Car& tyne, and two Sixteen Shilling and F. ightpenny Land there, with the feat in the barony kirk effeiring thereto ; the I. ands of Wefter'Queenflie, purchafed from Agnes Ronald ; thofc Parts . of the " Croft Lands of Rachezie purehafed from Jofeph M'Kegg; and thoi'e Part's of the Lands of Wefter Queemlie purchafed from John Muir; t h t free rent of alt which, after deducing tiend and feu- duties, * - L 171 3 % 4- 12th s 16 8 The proven value of which, at twenty- four years purchafe, is - - L. 6,507 Item, Certain Cot- houfes on the faid lands of Over Carntyne, yielding an yearly rent of 14I. 2s, 8d. valued at fix years purchafe, being The Feu- duties payable to the Common Debtor by John Simpfon and James Berry, for land* and houfes feued out to them feverally, amovnting yearly to 13). 18s. 4d. Sterling, valued at twenty years purchafe, is Amount of thefe proven values, L. 6870 19 The Tacjc of the Coal ih the Lands of Haghill, fubfet by the common debtor to Andrew Gray for twenty years from i f t January 1778, for'which, arid the machinery thereon, he pays to the common debtor an yearly rent of 6ol. together with the faid machiuery, valued at The Cpal in the Lands of Wefter Queenflie, as fet to the faid Aniirew Gray for thirty years from the' faid ift of January 1778, for which he pays Of yeafl} rent 7I. Sterling; valued at The Coal and Coal Work in the I. ands of Rachezie, poiffeffed by John I. ivingfton, and that part, lately poffeffed by Agnes M'- Hie,. per Jack for thirty- eight years after Whitfunday 1765, yielding a medium yearlyrent, for eight years back, Of l ^ l . 16s. 3d. valued at Item, a Decreet of Adjudication at'the inflance of John Cameron, father to Richard Ca- Jnerein. the: cOriimon - deb'topoagainft- the York Building Company, dated 30th July 1734, adjudging the faid Company's edates. in Scotland for payment Of the accumulatedTum of 647I. Sterling,'" arid intereft from that elate, which is all due,' extending at Lammas 17^ 4 to_ 2264 TO O Pf Total proven value, L. Thefe Tubjefts lie in the Barony parilh of Glafgow a n i fhire of Lanark, aHd the above lands of Over Carntyne hold feu of thc Crown for payment of a feu.- duty, as ftruck in this fale, of 101.18s. od. 3- I2ths of a penny Sterling, and the other lands are held of fuhjefts fuperior. The tiends, in tbe whole lands belong to tbe College of Glal'gow as bifhops tiends, and are let in tack to the town of Glafgow, who draw a tiend tack- duty out of the tiends of the whole forefaid lands of. 10I. 17s. 2d. annually. There is a good manfion- houfe, ofiice- houfes, and garden, upon the lands of Carntyne, and 110 value is put upon the coal in the lands of Carntyne and Dightburn, as poffeffed by James M'Nair; and the other coal- works to be fold have been long wrought to great advantage, as lying in the near neighbourhood of Glafgow. The ftAijidfs will be expofed jointly- or feperaiely, in thc lots above mentioned, as purchafers fhafl' iMirie. * The title- deeds, with the articles of roup, are to be feen in the hands ^ of Mr John Callander, depute'e'erk of " Seffion'; and Copier of the articles of roup, and a plan of the lands, will be feeti in thc bands of Robert Trotter writer to the fignet, and Thomas Buchanan writer in Glal'- gow, faifor 011 the eftate, from whom further particulars may be got on application, 0 E D I N B U R G H , — P r i n t e d and Sold b v F L E M I N G AKD R A M S A Y , Old Fifh Market Clofe, Where Advert'ifements and Commiflions are taken in. The CovKAH r Is publifiled tvety Monday, Weduefday, and S a t u r d a y , - P r i c e 6 d . yearly, tvhtn callrd for,— 40s. ( id. when delivered IU T o w n , — 4 6 s , 6d. when fent by Patl, \
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